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File: 1577766318406.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 7879A670-C5B1-46AF-B8FE-355E95…)

No. 911931

> 43 yr old garbage can
> Known for making sexual/explicit videos on TikTok and being an emotional dumpster fire.
https://streamable.com/k7vei https://streamable.com/0qk42

> Regularly spergs about his internet haters that repost his garbage on YouTube and reddit


> Made a rap song about being cyber bullied on Reddit


> cried on camera about being called a manipulative abusive pedo


> Threatens to quit tiktok every week and gets his red neck fan base to suck his dick and convince him to stay every time

> Claims he was a compulsive liar until a year ago
> Literally does nothing but upload tiktok videos all day
> recently started recording a podcast where he rages about people making fun of him online

Snapchat: deviltopayyy

No. 911957

Shit dude has the same fuck boi m look of Shayna’s fupapa. I even thought it was him

No. 911958

Fuck, now that’s all I can see now. He’s right up shays nasty alley

No. 912035


This guy really is hateful to the majority of his fangirls. They are always so quick apologize to him, too, even when all they did was compliment him or post a smile emoji. They’d make great cult members.

> He wants us to meet him outside

I didn’t think it was possible for him to be more cringe, but he keeps proving me wrong


> Also, Free market China


No. 912036

File: 1577803936509.jpeg (231.77 KB, 562x2048, C5388251-5849-4E3B-9695-E9279C…)

No. 912098

File: 1577820030103.jpeg (197.27 KB, 750x1334, C9AA4A81-F61B-4A57-B355-CF600F…)

V inspirational content from his IG

No. 912106

Imagine men that fought in WWII seeing this sadboi and finding out he was in the US military.

No. 913347

File: 1578104175859.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 7F3D7407-87B0-49B3-AA97-563A14…)


Lmao he’s pandering to his old lady fan base talking about ~why he’s single*~ Since he gets so0o0o many comments about it. He’s obviously in high demand. Claims his moods change so0o0o much and he’s a rollercoaster and people can only handle him in short bursts. Aka sounds like an untreated mental illness

The comments are full of these desperate horny women

No. 917984

Awww baby legs over here had a melt down and the Reddit mods gave in.


He truly is pure cringe.

No. 918029

Better be careful, he might threaten to sue this website next lol.

No. 919495

Used to be a fan. Then he hit on my friend who is substantially younger than him and shared explicit messages, images, and videos with her. Made us both uncomfortable. Nothing legally wrong and wouldn’t go as far as to call him a pedo. However when confronted about talking to younger girls he denied it entirely meaning HE thinks there’s something wrong with it. Denying it really lost any remote respect from us lol

No. 919641

this is an imageboard, show caps

No. 956516

File: 1586460153451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 78.36 KB, 750x1334, 8F20DFEE-98AB-4820-BA01-C70E8B…)

This fat cow is selling his porn on onlyfans lol

No. 956526

The shoop on this is hilarious and disturbing.

No. 956530

Lol when he was allowed to be posted on r/tiktokcringe, i legitimately thought this was fupa

No. 956539

File: 1586462468062.jpeg (262.01 KB, 1242x2208, 9C585447-7C5E-454D-A678-796A8E…)

What he actually looks like kek

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