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File: 1581336411902.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2560x2560, 8DCAF649-BA13-45AB-A2C8-5C2902…)

No. 930390

Washed up twitch streamer who used to bring in thousands of viewers, now barely able to keep 100. Dating YouTuber idubbbz for clout and money.

Last time
-Made idubbbz pay for a breast implants to help save her dying twitch career. Documenting her recovery publicly @anniejaytweets
-Obsessed with ex-fling grossgore. Talked shit about his baby and became hated on reddit.
-Constantly taking “breaks” from Twitch to pursue other careers - tattoo artist, selling traced sketches on Etsy, TikTok famous(multiple videos removed bc she kept flashing her boobs)
-Learned how to use a photo timer and now takes PT-tier selfies
-Befriending local cows like MomoKun, sssniperwolf, and Dasha, hinting at future lewd collabs
-Tried to force celery to break up with her GF, friendship ended. Anisa’s only local friend now is her mom.


No. 930391

File: 1581336595647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191.42 KB, 1080x1450, 28E29A16-DF2D-47C8-BA82-8EA352…)

She’s posting nudes publicly to be “honest” and not like the other girls. Comically huge tits

No. 930392

jesus. i can't believe shes still with idubbz. also those titties are so OTT, they will settle and look less like moons eventually but the size is just annoying, good set up for her eventual cam girl career though, gg

No. 930395

File: 1581337401264.jpeg (578.93 KB, 750x1086, 1EB6AE30-36EE-494A-9F08-BDCD06…)

Last Thread >> >>>/snow/751795

Other recent content: Despite constantly saying she’s not like other girls and doesn’t care about numbers, Anisa awkwardly makes fun of paymoneywubby’s follower count. He is now more successful than her on twitch, bringing in at least 20k a month.

No. 930479

poor thing just made her torso look even wider and fatter than it already did. middle aged mom of 4 vibes

No. 930583

File: 1581376103952.jpeg (156.16 KB, 750x429, D78F0672-0685-4BBF-B384-9AB095…)

Does anyone have receipts of her complaining about her “giant DD’s”?

No. 930652

File: 1581384837298.jpg (272.72 KB, 584x965, anisa 5head.jpg)

can't find an exact clip right now but here are tweets to laugh at

No. 930669

oh man I used to follow anisa 2 years ago, good to see shes here. I'm also really surprised to see her and ian are together still? I thought shed hop off once Ian's youtube isnt as popular.
I saw she got a tattoo from someone I dont particularly like, and went to see her new content. what a 180 lmao

No. 930674

File: 1581388254120.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, Anisa Jomha PoliteSlut.png)

Anisa getting a shitty traced anime tattoo with a gun because she's not like other GURLS!!!

No. 930675

literally my last comment, I hate that chicks tats and shes a pretty iffy person too

No. 930677

File: 1581388698753.png (517.38 KB, 750x591, anisa jomha polite slute.png)

since her thread got locked last year, anisa has been become bolder in posting her body because the h8ters were gone

yeah politeslut is a snowflake and deletes any crit about their tattoo designs lol the shakiest fucking lines

No. 930678

Anisa has really come full circle. From "bravely putting on a t-shirt, because no more titty streaming" and hooking up with idubbbz to excel her "dream YouTube career" to getting idubbbz to pay for a boob job so she can continue titty streaming lol

No. 930696

Haha holy shit, can’t believe Pear’s thread is back. The only good thing she did was help be get over my lame internet crush on Ian by showing just how shitty of a boyfriend he is. Has he still refused to move in with her yet?

No. 930705

It's honestly sad she thought her boobs weren't "full" enough. They looked very normal, the implants are incredibly obnoxious.

But obviously her goal is to get more 13 year old boys to follow her, this will certainly help!

No. 930706

File: 1581395136153.jpg (518.27 KB, 2048x1536, EGZdq9_UUAANO1t.jpg)

after his first 5-month stint living with her, he only stays in Canada for 1-2 weeks and then goes back to SD for "work"

Anisa's apartment is broken - her hot water doesn't work, her heater/ace is on the fritz. There's no real incentive for him to stay. They made a trip to Vancouver to look for places to rent but Anisa said she couldn't afford anything(apartments were 1k+ and that was out of her budget)

No. 930709

File: 1581395423981.jpg (279.84 KB, 835x544, 1579232597861.jpg)

crosspost from the dasha thread,

Anisa and Dasha being fake as hell and sucking up to eachother

No. 930711

Kek @ the shitty sh00p job on her face width, cheeks, jaw, arms, lower back, piece missing from elbow, and that massive fucking blur spot on th left side where an entire object became blurred to filth. Pathetic.

No. 930726

same, i'm thrilled to see this new thread because recently i read all the old 2016 idubbbz related ones with her milk in them. i can't believe they're apparently still dating lol. and i assumed she had fucked off in the last couple years.

No. 930734

This comment sent me. Can’t believe he bought her titties!

No. 930741

Maybe she did this for him but disguises it as something for herself. She just wants to be everything. I mean, I know she loves attention for her body but… in the beginning she said "ian doesn't like long hair" on stream. Shortly after, she got that awful bob cut. Then later complained about wanting long hair back. On other streams she has said "ian doesn't want me to lose too much weight" and that's around when she started working out, then to make her butt bigger. Recently she started upping her calorie intake, then later admitted she was scared to do it at first. Now she got this done? idk it seems so off to me.

No. 930749

>Dating a gross ugly ass YouTuber for clout and he can’t even give you a non shitty apartment

Was it worth it for the busted fake tits Anisa

No. 930754

File: 1581403625620.jpeg (391.31 KB, 750x925, 2F0D17A6-2958-4720-9D76-9D794A…)

Ian also said she shouldn’t titty stream but I guess he changed his mind if it meant he could have more to play with

Anisa has caveman view on what beauty is: big tits and ass. Which is why she always crops her pictures to include cleavage and never takes care of her face/learn how to dress. She’s already thinking of buying new clothes and look how fucking gaudy it is.

6k tit job can’t buy class…

No. 930765

it's hilarious how pathetic and self hating she is. no personality, no talent, no independent thought, just making herself into a walking pair of male pandering attention whoring tits. so sad anisa

No. 930797

I would say I'm surprised that Ian is still with this idiot, but seeing as how he gets away with treating her like garbage when any other girl would have enough self respect to tell him to fuck off, it makes sense.

No. 930819

lmfao I remember watching drama videos on her I can't believe idubbz actually bought her a pair of tits holy shit they're both such trash
so much for the body positivity eh

No. 930827

Just realized “Annie jay NSFW” lmao is she camming or selling nudes yet?? How long do we bet until she does. Also yeah that pink top is hideous. I’m sure she thinks beauty is what those deformed ass fashion nova models look like. Puke.

No. 930871

File: 1581437053607.jpeg (213.48 KB, 981x1095, E0059F3F-2D20-443D-A027-EC047F…)

Imagine getting a titjob to appease your scrote boyfriend who won’t even move in with you.

No. 931115

File: 1581464887140.png (467.56 KB, 791x444, grossgore anisa jomha idubbbz.…)

No. 931135

she should've gotten something done to her face way before the boobs. there's something so unappealing, almost hick-like and inbred about her facial features. and this heavy makeup somehow makes her look worse than she did 2 years ago

No. 931261

Why would she even post before pics after claiming that they were too big, too uneven (and needing surgery to correct it), etc. They looked average before

No. 931265

I'm pretty sure she doesn't mind being treated like garbage cause Ian is her financial stability and clout
She probably won't leave him cause she's waiting for that ring and green card.

Pearface doesn't have any talent or skill do anything except be an e-thot with shitty "hot-takes" and probably doesn't want to get a side job cause she has too much pride.

She gives me Amber Heard vibes idk

No. 931446

I just realized that too. She really did make a whole new twitter just to talk about her tits.
I thought she had gone back to school at least lol. I guess fake tits will be her personality for a while

And Ian won't pull the plug either. His first serious relationship and already paid for a boob job. I didn't see them lasting but strangely I think it will go on for a while and will end by anisa if shes successful at titty streaming and doesnt need his money anymore

No. 931962

Anisa is getting recognized and roasted by drama channels lol(9 minutes in)

No. 932064

Is pear still obsessed with that Laci chick and her boyfriend? (If they're still dating).

No. 932074

Laci and Chris broke up amicably last year.

anisa was bursting with happiness on stream when someone mentioned it. Chris and kailey flew to Canada to hangout with anisa, and a few months later anisa took a train to stay in an Airbnb with Chris and kailey. The entire time anisa was glued to Chris(they even sang a duet together)

Chris has been dating around, notably he was dating a heavily tatooed, big boobed streamer based in LA

No. 933576

File: 1582080276428.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 50129690-0B9D-4A63-88D2-74F278…)

She’s starting her first cosplay, thot patreon lewds coming soon

No. 933592

tinfoil but chris really likes scott pilgrim so i wouldnt be surprised she's cosplaying ramona randomly

No. 934278

File: 1582228609843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.53 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20200220_145343.jpg)

Thankfully her father has alzheimer

No. 934304

They’ve supposedly dropped and they look WORSE?? This is so sad

No. 934319

it really looks like she put her head on someone else's body

No. 934322

File: 1582231463956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3 MB, 3004x1536, anisa jomha nudes lewd naked i…)

Her on stream:

No. 934333

Okay so now she looks like a pear-headed tank with 2 fake tits instead of just the pear-headed tank. What gets me is that empty look in her eyes. It's like all she needs in life is approval for her vanity. That gross little glimmer she gets when her followers tell her she's doing something.

No. 934335

File: 1582233874290.jpeg (470.57 KB, 828x1092, F1AAA197-DBEB-429F-9814-C4CEFE…)

Twitchcon parties?! Big dreams! Keep dreaming big, Anisa! Lmao

No. 934340

All these stupid bitches get the worst fake tits. They are literally floating on her body.

No. 934343

she cuts that shit over computer? i fucking hate gross unhygienic bitches with zero sense of space nor cleanliness

No. 934358

Pearnisa thread is back! God bless
Any anons have links to the previous discussion/thread?

No. 934362

I was thinking the same thing. Nasty dust and wig fibers all over her desk and keyboard. Looks like shit anyway

No. 934367

I feel like Ian’s internet persona is all about being this edgy but self-aware funnyguy, so seeing this just confuses me. I don’t understand how he’s not embarrassed being associated with her? I feel like if they weren’t together, she’d be the type of person he’d make fun of.

No. 934381


Because everyone who hides behind that edgy persona is precisely faking to have a superior understanding of the world but is actually very insecure. Who is idubbbz today? Apart from the fanboys with the same edgy personality that can’t let go, no one is talking about him. What is he doing? Nothing! His façade was revealed to everyone the moment he decided to date a titty streamer (who then decided she was too good to be a titty streamer but now is making a comeback). Besides, he knows well no girl with actual values, goals and self-respect would give him a chance.

No. 934389

Last thread was here >>>/snow/751795

You can find the rest there too

No. 934500

wowww is the BBL next? after the euphoria of the boobjob wears off, she's going to notice how bad it looks alongside her flat ass.

No. 934503

File: 1582254140620.png (693.58 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20200220-190036~2.p…)

she's claiming she lost boobage due to her weight loss.

No. 934533

I seriously thought this was a joke edited by a farmer at first. She looks like a complete joke. No better word to describe it.

Why do they look way better in the before picture lmao. Stupid airhead has retarded bolt ons now wew lads.
Yeah idubbbz is/was a fake inauthentic poser. I can’t believe so many people bought his persona in 2016 when he kinda peaked in popularity.

No. 934535

File: 1582258647258.png (767.62 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20200220-201550~2.p…)

ain't a pickme anymore gals, close up shop and go home

No. 934536


Jfc he looks like a sex offender

No. 934537

yeah idubbbz is fucking awkward as a guest in most videos. In a group full of talent he gets lost easily, the only way he becomes noticeable is by making others uncomfortable.

No. 934559

File: 1582262969610.jpeg (134.25 KB, 828x547, 0EA1850D-72B3-4450-B6BB-C1DA9C…)

One of Anisa’s worst crimes against humanity is trying to emulate that edgy humor and failing because not only does she lack authenticity but also wittiness and substance. 159 likes. Ouch!

No. 934568

she made a lot of WW3 memes about how stupid it was/how much she didn't care. The jokes were so fucking bad she deleted it because of the backlash.

Later tweets out instead: "I'm so afraid of WW3 guys : ("

No. 934593

File: 1582271033431.png (17.25 KB, 600x108, 184258.png)

No. 934597

I guess being a Twitch Thot isn't working out for her anymore huh and becoming a twitter "sex worker"

Tinfoiling but it sounds like she's going open an onlyfans for $1 uncensored nip picks

Idubbbz really picked out a prize piggy.

No. 934598

Lmao, When did she drop it? Wouldn't she always shit on Laci for dating Chris and was always obviously upset over their relationship?

Can't wait for her account to have a link to her onlyfans every tweet with a pic of her mediocre cosplay attached.

No. 934609

She already deleted this tweet LOL
Sounds like she’s starting to regret it

No. 934614

Did she change her name to "Annie Jay NSFW" as an attempt at a pseuodonym? I thought the whole point of a pseodonym was so you wouldn't be easily identified by people you know but she's using her same twitter account that her mum follows along with everyone else who already knows her

No. 934619

I'm guessing she's going to go down the cos-thot road and open a patreon for lewds >>933576

No. 934670

hilarious. checking out this thread and the old one. i had no idea idubbz had a gf. i used to watch his content cop vids despite him being a massive prick.

his blatant misogyny, "wokeness," and arrogance explains his past collabs with h3h3. at lease ethan seems to love hila although idk what she sees in his retarded fat ass.

No. 934723

File: 1582300275408.jpeg (434.26 KB, 828x1274, 1CADB039-00C6-48C8-A4A6-CE3BB1…)

Well well well…

No. 934786


Girls with square waists need to stop getting giant boob jobs. It just makes them look fat when they're in clothes. She needed a breast lift, not a size increase.

No. 934906

Agreed. It just makes them look bigger and more bulky? More stumpy/squat too. Her waist to hip ratio is unfortunate, but her boobs really weren't the problem.

No. 935007

File: 1582326374710.jpeg (83.04 KB, 750x594, 52A5D921-B8A7-47F1-A8EF-60D2AE…)

She’s liked every “OnlyFans” comments… I WONDERRR…

No. 935028

i see why people wanted this thread back. you truly cannot get more hypocritical than reeeing for months on end about titty streamers and then becoming momokun 2.0 in a matter of, what, a year? the milk floweth.

No. 935029

I can't wait for her to become depressed after realizing big tits=/= a flourishing career LOL

No. 935035

File: 1582329994182.jpg (347.21 KB, 613x749, 003.jpg.25b82be022e1eafa45a8fb…)

she didn't need a boob job, she just needed to learn how to dress better

No. 935074

she didn't need one but clearly did it for her future "career" in cam whoring because she has a boxy body and generally bland appearance(aside from her pear head, of course), fake tits will at least get teen boys wanting to pay to see her nudes and she has plenty of them already following her thanks to idubbbz.

No. 935115

File: 1582337807858.png (696.65 KB, 633x653, Untitled.png)

No. 935121

File: 1582338388190.png (1.38 MB, 756x755, pear face.PNG)

Nice photoshop skills Pear face
Half of your jowl is missing

Why is she so mediocre at everything she does?

No. 935129

How can she look 35 at 19??

No. 935142

OP, these aren't Boomers, these people are Gen X. Idiot.

No. 935158

>”my boobs were bigger when i was younger!!”
>19, boobs pushed up to Oblivion

What a fucking liar, dude. What a fucking, weaselly little, liar, dude. What a fucking, weaselly little LIAR, dude. Holy shit, dude. Holy fucking shit, dude. Literally lying, STILL LYING… What a fucking liar, dude. What a fucking, weaselly little, liar, dude. What a fucking, weaselly little LIAR, dude. Holy shit, dude. Holy fucking shit, dude. Literally lying, STILL LYING…

No. 935172

source in case anons think you're going insane

No. 935179

Damn this bitch 19

No. 935239

File: 1582358018286.jpeg (148.82 KB, 750x728, F9EC1A37-B7A6-4265-8D35-230899…)

Wow anisa is going to release nudes without even reaching 1 million subs. We stan this queen.

No. 935262

After getting your breasts done, you're not supposed to lift your armes that high. You're also supposed to wear a support bra for at least a month.

Where did she get them done? Canada or the States?
Getting botched there is pretty normal.

No. 935508

File: 1582407487371.jpeg (430.88 KB, 750x989, F7642386-6917-41F0-82A2-E61288…)

She’s really embracing her new only fans career lol

No. 936933

File: 1582661033161.jpg (352 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200225_113910.jpg)

No. 936936

there is a video of her squeezing her titty but i cant get it to upload.


No. 936941

>Squeeze test! Only 2 and a half weeks and they're already doing great

They look so hard wtf lol

No. 936947

File: 1582662978943.gif (14.91 MB, 320x569, Anisa Jomha Idubbz Girlfriend.…)

No. 936949

File: 1582663480579.png (145.48 KB, 888x612, idubbbz onlyfans.png)

No. 936956

File: 1582664389216.jpeg (229.76 KB, 648x744, EA41465A-2D1D-4F30-A993-045827…)

All I see is a silicone blob squishing around.

No. 937004

File: 1582671355134.png (131.05 KB, 293x350, 745894590845.PNG)

she looks so dead inside

No. 937011

>when Show less is the most tempting option on the entire page

No. 937202

It looks so unnatural by her armpit. Like unrealistic anime anatomy
Holy shit that's unappealing. Why would she post that when they're still so hard? How do you look at that and think "oh yeah this looks good".

She should have gotten boob fillers. They transplant fat from other parts of your body to your tits, just like bbl. Would've been a good opportunity for her to get fuller boobs and lose a few pounds.

No. 937393


kek she's so gross and pathetically attention seeking

No. 937419

that stubbly armpit, eww.
she should've gotten her gross belly moles removed before ever worrying about her boobs.

No. 937459

Is that a filter I'm seeing around her finger? Or is she E.T.?

No. 937467

it's just the background blur fucking shit up

No. 937503

Those fat transfers/stem cell enlargement procedures give you something more natural. But Anisa wanted to go full on fake titty cam girl with an OnlyFans route as an identity now.

It's kinda crazy how we got here from reading old anisa threads lol

No. 938155

File: 1582860375596.png (34.84 KB, 639x381, Untitled.png)

No. 938173

imagine getting a piercing just because some rando on the net said it would look good on you… plenty educated anisa shining through

No. 938194

I unlocked this thread because because there was supposedly new milk. All I see is nitpicking a twitch thot's boob job. This brings me to my next question, would anyone give a fuck if she wasn't dating idubbbz? I've decided to lock this thread again because anisia does not even meet one of the snow thread creation criteria. The only thing this girl has is her fame by association, and she doesn't even display bizarre behavior. Concerns, questions, and criticism regarding this subject can be taken to /meta/.

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