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File: 1582330930104.png (382.07 KB, 501x557, Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 00.09…)

No. 935041

Jessica Fodera/Jessicka Addams & Christian Hejnal/Xtian Addams

Heaps of cringe, buckets of milk. Welcome to the Teen Drama in Boomer Land that is the world of The Addams family.

Milky as fuck 40 something pig-in-a-wig from low-rent, self proclaimed ‘riotgoth’ band, Jack Off Jill. Popular for 5 mins ‘back in the day’ because of support from Marilyn Manson. Now models herself as Virtuous Spokeswoman #metoo for All Women whilst also publicly dragging and shaming women who dare to say anything against her. Claims to despise social media and all it represents, yet it clearly is her absolute lifeblood and she just can’t help but make herself look like an absolute tool, day in, day out by being a cunt to others in the name of virtuosity.

J’s fucktard husband, visual arts producer for Sony Film, loves to threaten libel and shout law suit at teenage stans of bands he doesn’t like, and anyone who so much give his wife the stink eye. Generally only exists to back up his insane wife.

Current Milk
>Incessant reeeeeeee about alleged abuse of others, by others, constantly threatens to spill tea which is not hers yet cryptically drunk tweets massive clangers then deletes
>Met with criticism, she will play the victim card, her husband then dogpiles, and the pair harass people, even minors, from their multiple social accounts.
>Floods twitter with her idiotic ‘kindness movement’, called #randomhearts, in the hope it will wipe out all ‘@‘s to her, calling out her retarded behaviour.
>Frequently edits own Wiki entry to make ridiculous self-aggrandising claims which lead to more drama and milk
>Repeatedly makes herself look like a total cretin when her various manipulations backfire, claims hacking and whips the victim card out again

(Recent) Historic milk
>Exceptionally nasty streak rarely seen outside of first year of high school
>With her girl gang, the Coven, bullies and online-stalks fans (usually minors) of her and her friends bands
>Publicly falls out with her ‘coven’, previously made up of LA artfags Lyn-Z Way, Chantal Claret, Frances Bean. Shit talks about all of them, spilling way more tea than ever
>Makes total trash art, completely self-absorbed, usually about being sad and/or abuse
>Sells trash art in online shop, House of Addams, gets called out for using stock art. Xtian and Jessicka go on rants about how artists often use stock art and adapt it
>Publicly falls out with all old band members, one by one they all desert her and eventually reveal her shitty ways
>Accuses Gerard Way of being a pedo, posts drunken midnight rants and spurious claims about various cheating MCR band members
>Incurs the wrath of MCR fans who pile on her. She and Xtian pile on back. Two 40 somethings against an army of tweens. Classy.
>Reaches out to anyone who’ll listen, generally to stir shit and bait her many enemies
>Bandwagons #metoo and other DV hashtags for self promotion
>Brags about famous friends for clout, trying to hook them into public convo which often is left on read
>Huge Twitter feud with semi-nobody BDSM ubersped William Control, which spirals into a total shit feast involving many orbiting cows and much milk
>William Control milk stirs up old accusations of J herself being a pedo for asking alleged minors onstage to have a 'Testicle Festival' during a gig in the 90s



Shared accounts:
(old) https://twitter.com/redsquaregvl


No. 935056

File: 1582331859110.jpeg (128.2 KB, 621x978, 0D562AB4-63E2-488D-8D5D-98F5F0…)

What follows is a choice cut of drama. Jessicka snapped up the opportunity to have herself and ‘select’ band members immortalised as a crap cartoon.
Here’s the cartoon itself…

No. 935058

File: 1582331954160.jpeg (251.04 KB, 720x1071, F423F4EE-42D7-414A-88CB-4E8AEC…)

Since she left out a few band members (original and past line-up), it sent the fur flying. Here’s how some band members felt about it all (it escalates…quickly).

No. 935060

File: 1582332071042.jpeg (148.14 KB, 750x998, FE7EF382-EFFD-42C6-817C-ABDCDC…)

No. 935061

File: 1582332164494.jpeg (152.5 KB, 750x987, B308BB0A-ABC8-41A0-859C-9CA5E3…)

No. 935063

File: 1582332319963.jpeg (154.09 KB, 750x1043, DF64C5EC-ECB1-472D-AC51-B4E732…)

No. 935065

File: 1582332449035.jpeg (98.81 KB, 750x869, 7A964CEB-80AC-45D2-B839-265597…)

No. 935066

File: 1582332545211.jpeg (184.1 KB, 750x1008, 33EFAC44-06AA-437A-96C7-33AAD5…)

No. 935071

File: 1582332900493.jpeg (159.94 KB, 750x968, 19672E8B-00BB-4ACF-A27A-B86472…)

No. 935073

File: 1582333029292.jpeg (129.47 KB, 749x910, 1C52638F-408F-4A7A-BF67-8ED527…)

No. 935077

File: 1582333684574.jpeg (163.92 KB, 749x857, 3587D86B-CAE7-4253-8150-7825F4…)

Troll bait 101. Brag about my famous friend. Open flood gates to obsessed fans. Complain that obsessed fans are contacting you. Asks them to respect privacy.

No. 935087

File: 1582334762669.jpeg (342.48 KB, 750x870, A998B4A7-926E-46E7-A5F9-3F36FF…)

No. 935094

Do you have caps of the lynz drama at all? I've been half assedly looking for them for a while.

No. 935107

Yes. It’s a lot. Will post tomorrow when I’ve collated it all. So juicy.

No. 935108

Although, if you can’t wait, you can search through this dossier…

No. 935144


I just replied in the wrong thread because I'm an idiot too, but OP, this is Gen X drama, not "Boomer land" and your error is really fucking with me.

No. 935164

She always rubbed me the wrong way which is sad because I really liked Jack off Jill when I was younger. The way she always talks about herself on the JoJ fb page comes off as super narcissistic considering it’s the band page.
Also, I don’t have the screenshots but a tumblr user (jackoffpill ?) called Jessicka our for molesting a 14 year old boy on stage during the JoJ days and Jessicka went after her on Twitter continuously.

No. 935169

Jessicka has always been cow. I remember the edgelord crap she would pull back in JOJ her days. Though that's a given considering she used to hang out with M. Manson and co. Back in a day. Robin Moulder was the reason JOJ music was half decent back then.

No. 935198

She's really out here trying to say calling a woman a liar is un-feminist, therefore it's impossible she (or any woman) has ever lied.

Mab Graves is connected to her via Bitter Squeaks (another woman who bought rights to kitsch old toys and resells them), and it seems to be a garbage heap of miserable, ugly women arguing in Jessicka-land. (Not including Mab in miserable and ugly, but the company she keeps certainly is)

No. 935209

Same here. I've loved JOJ's music since I was very young, but my image of it and Jessicka are kind of falling off because of all this.
It first kind of went sour for me when I watched vid related (at 2:45) years back.
She really paused the whole song/concert to make such a lame speech. I don't even disagree with anything she actually said, but it all seemed so disingenuous. Her whole demeanor here reminds me of Onision when he's pretending to be a moralfag.
Lyn-z Way is kind of an awful person, too, but I guess that gets swept under the rug.

No. 935285

>testicle festival
>molesting a 14yo on stage
What the actual fuck? Hope it doesn’t come off as a spoonfeeding request, but are there receipts? What did she say when people initially brought it up?
That’s so nasty. I shouldn’t expect anything else from a friend of Marilyn Manson, though.

No. 935354

File: 1582387698431.jpg (397.59 KB, 595x842, J v Lyn-Z.jpg)

Here's some J Lyn-Z sperging.
In short, they were thick as thieves until around 2016. Shared an art studio. Hung out constantly. Fractures appeared for various reasons (tinfoil but think they basically got sick of each other because they are both hideous and it was only a matter of time until the friendship imploded).

J is prone to this kind of midnight tweeting, and when it goes down, it is fabulous…

No. 935360

Same for me too. OP here btw. I adored this band in the late 90s. But J is full of self-aggrandising bullshit, a genuine all round narc.

No. 935361

Right as you are about Gen X, boomer is the expression, and that's what I'm calling it.

No. 935411

File: 1582396349258.jpeg (71.27 KB, 1024x445, A9B8970F-637A-49FF-BA56-EC23B4…)

I tried finding the YouTube interview but it looks like it’s protected so here’s the manuscript

No. 935412

File: 1582396455893.jpeg (132.31 KB, 709x999, EF0F3F82-49AB-428B-990A-566FB0…)

No. 935413

File: 1582396539725.jpg (610.41 KB, 1070x842, J Scott Matthew.jpg)

You beat me to it…yeah, they've had the video blocked.
Anyway, here's some caps for you…

No. 935417

File: 1582397117515.jpg (621.3 KB, 1112x1052, J Apol.jpg)

Jessicka's public 'apology'
btw there's so many caps out there showing her and Xtian's campaign of harrassment against the accusers. Although this is historic milk, good to get the background. Am poised for her to have a new meltdown. It's about time…

No. 935420

File: 1582397408160.png (195.64 KB, 322x554, Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 18.49…)

>"My close friend Scott Putesky had died…"

Okay. Your close friend?

No. 935454

File: 1582400710805.jpeg (488.12 KB, 750x1079, 83377BD8-3485-4E6C-979B-52496B…)

Here she goes again, replying to years old tweets, using the JoJ account. While it does look like someone else is tweeting this particular stuff, she does 100% use this account to sperg. Even if this isn’t her typing, it’s certainly under her direction. Refuelling trolls from 2017 hardly smacks of wanting to live a drama free life.

No. 935480

File: 1582402658669.jpeg (153.85 KB, 746x890, E4CAEA16-3F28-4A5F-A39E-F6E070…)

The cringe levels…

No. 936385

File: 1582560924296.jpeg (186.74 KB, 750x1087, 2522ACC8-0908-4D79-B37E-5E7A87…)

The self milking cow is lactating again. She got bored in the stalls and has starting hoofing at them. It’s a physical impossibility for her to keep quiet.

No. 936386

File: 1582560952882.jpeg (203.45 KB, 750x1145, 0645D7A8-DFD6-48D6-A83A-5C3E43…)

No. 936387

File: 1582561062618.jpeg (505.58 KB, 750x1223, F11952DD-B7A8-4873-BCF5-7A4D95…)

No. 936388

File: 1582561158645.jpeg (178.41 KB, 750x1081, EC8E3C11-441D-485B-96DD-C47D78…)

No. 936407

File: 1582563004669.jpeg (395.33 KB, 750x943, 674D331B-FAC9-4A82-B88D-C5AA7B…)

Xtian. Every time he says “raunchy” I visualise a bleach haired geriatric romping around to Tina Turner. Vomit.

No. 936466

Jesus fucking Christ that's so disgusting! I cannot believe I used to like this garbage human being. Thank you for posting.

No. 936541

This response is excellent, she really is an insufferable bore. She must've loved it when the internet started to consider SJW attacks as legitimate discourse, (the height being around 2018) but must've missed when that became over (around the time Zoe Quinn definitely did not incite a guy to khs due to her "cancelling" him in 2019).

Reading people's pages when all they do is preach positivity interspersed with drama and rape discussion: nobody wants it, Jessicka

No. 936551

File: 1582581962949.png (180.99 KB, 627x540, Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 22.03…)

ugh…she'll be all over this like fly on a turd ffs

No. 936553

File: 1582582091146.png (106.39 KB, 558x513, Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 22.07…)

Stinson Hunter now at her kekek

No. 936555

File: 1582582192275.png (119.47 KB, 559x583, Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 22.09…)

Al Pinches got me kekekekeketc

No. 936619

I don't know what you're seeing but there aren't any winners in that exchange.
It reads like a JoySparklesBS/Onision slapfight.

No. 936633

It’s true. They are both hideous. Each in their own special way.

No. 936641

I know y’all are all about the cow and her sperg but seriously fuck william control and his retarded orbiters. He’s a fucking parasite and a psycho. Please don’t start defending him just because Jessicka is a psycho cow.

No. 936647

Clearly…it’s obvious that he’s a fucking grotesque moron too. His cringe levels are stratospheric. That also extends to his nasty coterie.

No. 936771

William Control is an actual rapist, abuser and a huge narcissist, though. It fucks with me that some of the same people (rightly) calling out Jessicka for what she did are staunch defenders of him.

No. 936922

File: 1582659388033.jpeg (313.16 KB, 750x935, 5E115E7F-63F6-425D-AAEA-DC2C7D…)

This. This is what she does.
Spergs year old news about (yes, also a douchebag) William C from JOJ ac, which he of course replies to, then she piles on from her Jessicka acc, tagging in people from 20 odd years ago, bands, journalists etc.
Then her partner in douchebaggery pops up with this.
She’s a grade A cow.

No. 936938

Has she always done this, or was she recently triggered by something?

No. 936969

OP here. She has a long history of shit stirring. Goes back years. 2009 hits, she signs up for Twitter, the perfect platform to sperg. She adores calling people out, but ends up looking like an ass every time.
I’ve skirted around her 2017 allegations as its super muddy. To cut a long story short, she alleged her ex, Jeordie White, sexually assaulted her 20 years ago. Hopping on the #metoo wagon, she made a big, detailed announcement about that time, which culminated in Manson firing Jeordie from the band (this is also mired in cloak and dagger misdirections, can elaborate if needed).
What’s interesting about the allegations, when quizzed why she has never come out before, and why so many receipts of her reminiscing over good times with Jeordie post alleged SA, she basically says…she had buried the memory and it wasn’t until she went for therapy on her ELBOW which triggered the memory.
There is so much to this, hence why I skirted around the subject.
FWIW my tinfoil about the assault is that she was in a fucked up scene doing fucked up things, on smack etc, it was a mess. They all joked about rape and abuse etc, fetishised it in their songs and imagery. Now paints herself as a virtuous woman who once wronged, blames everyone else around her for previous behaviour. Inc Jeordie.

Saged for blogpost

No. 936976

File: 1582666158729.jpeg (390.55 KB, 750x915, 798D1C1B-7BCD-493C-9FBF-39DF28…)

Here she is, from two different accounts, soliciting her superior skills as a rape recovery advisor. Hoovering up any misery to promote herself. Why do this publicly? Why not set up something privately? Or better still gtfo Twitter and do something in real life to help the cause. Moron.

No. 936990

Soz for the soon feed request but does anyone have receipts on what she said about Frances Bean? I thought they were still friendly and I'm sure FBs still friends with Lyn-Z

No. 937035

File: 1582674862847.png (26.85 KB, 509x95, Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 23.52…)

FBC still friends with Lyn-z and Chantal etc, yes. Here's the basic reason…Jessicka made some of FBC's DMs public to further her cause.
See this link here for heaps more: https://loverofmenartandpasta.tumblr.com/post/178648867973/this-latest-statement-from-the-pathological-liar

No. 937037

File: 1582674970521.png (301.69 KB, 904x607, Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 23.43…)

making a dig that if Jess is being dragged, FBC should be, too.

No. 937039

File: 1582675032056.png (161.69 KB, 546x401, Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 23.43…)

No. 937144

NTA, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jeordie did rape her. Can't comment on how she used to act, but some JOJ songs seemed like angry revenge songs about being raped ("I know who you are, you left a big black scar"), and "Boy Grinder" even seems to reference Jeordie ("We all like it more when we get raped"/"Strolls on south, steals my old clothes").
I can't think of any real reason she'd be exempt from the typical exploitation most girls and women would face in Marilyn Manson's fucked up scene.

No. 941036

File: 1583364599421.jpeg (352.54 KB, 750x828, 21079F71-0926-459C-AD47-54E3D7…)

Back on her shit again, thinks the world is dumb.
Some Keanu fan, who J recently berated and patronised for dragging her into her fan beef with her ‘second family’’, despite earlier that day waving a “I am friends with famous film actors” wand around by way of posting images with KR, tweets J a photo of herself with Keanu wearing one of Japan’s doctored clip art hoodies.
Minutes later cropped version of photo is used for self promotion on another of the many twitter profiles she controls.

No. 941037

File: 1583364636885.jpeg (195.84 KB, 750x624, 74D8C10F-A263-43D4-838D-0E553B…)

Then says this…

No. 941041

File: 1583365015285.jpeg (303.68 KB, 750x742, 93EA212B-6662-4543-94C5-C50479…)

This bitch is a revolving door of self facilitating bullshit. She literally has conversations with herself from various accounts which all lead back to her and her massive ego then expects no one to see through her lunacy. In addition to this shit she’s still out there picking fights with Other Scumbag William Control and has this very evening managed to pick a losing battle with a NA anti-Warren fan…now ex fan.
Where there should be nuance and consideration there is none. She’s a fucking car crash disaster.

No. 941042

File: 1583365122196.jpeg (435 KB, 750x1055, F6BF9414-7DCC-48D4-9987-B2FDB4…)

No. 946870

i'd like more jeordie/mm era milk if possible(necro)

No. 964830

File: 1587771190805.png (342.68 KB, 750x1334, 57A6BAC0-35DE-4973-9F5C-01AE50…)

Despite the pandemic she’s back on her bullshit of bickering with teenage critics, retweeting years old statements to drive more interest in her me me me stories, and basically telling everyone how to live their lives.

Since the Manson thread is going strong, wanted to bump this to see if any of you have access to milk from her FB group. I just can’t believe that it’s not still milky af.


No. 965285

File: 1587858609709.jpeg (465.62 KB, 750x738, 901FC7AE-560F-49E4-B4BD-9C90FA…)

When it all goes quiet she feels it’s necessary to remind us that she his famous friends. Why even do this?

No. 965288

File: 1587859000335.jpeg (324.67 KB, 750x933, 4C19D74D-8E8E-42B2-9334-8F0D5A…)

Grown ass husband of grown ass Jessicka losing his shit at kids on the internet…again. They so thirsty for it.

No. 965291

File: 1587859077153.jpeg (357.4 KB, 750x892, D80A02CF-7BAD-4C14-8D10-1B375D…)

No. 965871

File: 1587967913545.png (2.26 MB, 1120x1984, 26561ddf81f213969240f2249d2614…)

didnt keanus fiance die in a car crash after being at a party with marilyn manson and jessicka?
i could have sworn he blamed them for her death and i know her and jen were close friends

No. 966034

She was trashed, crashed her car, died. Her mother tried to sue Manson but nothing stuck. Tbh it couldn’t really be pinned on him. Don’t take drugs and drive, kids.

No. 966044

i thought the story was she had been sober a long time but manson and his friends purposely got her to break her sobriety idk

No. 966694

File: 1588172900290.jpeg (50.46 KB, 452x194, 8E6B3FCB-1201-4C69-9FDC-ABADBE…)


I really don't think Xtian runs that account. There's too much overlap in vocabulary re: "raunchy." All these accounts have to be Jessicka responding to herself.

No. 966697

True, she’s been caught out tweeting from Xtian, JoJ, HoA and Scarling before, whilst pretending it wasn’t her.

No. 966833

File: 1588196690942.jpeg (298.03 KB, 750x748, 61E4B9D3-DD29-4849-984B-377612…)

Her narcissism and total lack of self awareness makes me want to burn my eyes.

No. 967144

File: 1588262404276.jpeg (261.5 KB, 750x1238, 6415EC97-D335-48A1-87A6-EE076C…)

Here’s a taste of the Jessicka milk you get when you join her Sparkle in Darkness FB group…


No. 967145

File: 1588262428446.jpeg (248.57 KB, 750x1244, 7881AB66-4297-4C90-AE29-24ABA9…)

No. 967148

File: 1588262569120.jpeg (229.45 KB, 750x1223, 39A2F1E3-208A-4DB1-960D-B66BD5…)

No. 967151

File: 1588262686434.jpeg (216.39 KB, 750x1252, D720B2F9-A6E6-43E4-B140-8D396C…)

No. 967152

File: 1588262783480.jpeg (218.08 KB, 750x1243, F6FE010B-2F45-4983-9FC7-C21DBB…)

No. 967154

File: 1588262874839.jpeg (252.32 KB, 750x1243, 531DA66B-C333-4B31-9F2B-553387…)

No. 972706

Hahaha, i know for a FACT Jessicka posts as Xtian. I know for a fact. I’m not even a hater. I think she’s severely mentally ill and I feel bad. I will say she’s acting really fucked up, and I’m a fan and I have to admit the behaviour is so…childish. But I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She loves ass kissers.

Also, sorry for this but can someone show the stock art? I’m really curious.

No. 975488

File: 1589762240721.jpeg (427.12 KB, 750x1030, 508252D0-6F50-45BC-9CE4-A1E6F9…)

Jessicka is reeeeing over on Twitter right now.

>Lyndz’s sister and mum have made videos ebegging for healthcare funds. Vids and tweets states obvs that Lyndz is trash and refuses to help despite being married to rockstar.

>MCR fan base is unleashed
>Jesstard involves herself, reeeeeing at all ensues
>MCR/JoJ/general fucktards enter the room

Catch it quick before Jesstard goes too far and starts deleting

No. 975489

File: 1589762293269.jpeg (530.96 KB, 750x1057, EB379F57-5C9A-4A13-82C4-75AF43…)

>you know I can kick box
Quote of the year

No. 975490

File: 1589762390590.jpeg (402.68 KB, 750x976, BD28DCC3-9597-49CE-9363-5BC8DD…)

No. 975492

How do you know for a fact?
Do you mean the stock art eyes thing?

No. 976964

easy. look at how he talks on instagram and then how he talks when jessicka is threatened. it's not the same at all, it's not him. christian is actually passive majority of the time, probably to offset jessicka.

No. 978248

File: 1590278075068.jpeg (335.45 KB, 750x1083, 239D0B09-C214-46FA-8D27-7EC6C5…)

I’m not saying I don’t also think that, would be great to have a solid receipt though. She does have a particular way with typos and using cringe words/phrases that she has suddenly latched onto, that are visible in tweets from all the accounts. She’s so fucking salty that she can’t let anything drop. It’s all flaring up again on Twitter, lol.
Not sure exactly when this cap dates from, could have been previous beef but I know she and Lyndz had another battle the other day.

No. 978250

File: 1590278403096.jpeg (368.03 KB, 750x1140, 039AA31B-010D-402D-91FE-8DC73F…)

To recap, an MCR fan tweeted Lynz on 16/05 to ask about Gerard ped0 allegations, to which Lynz did a hard pass back to Jessicka. MCR and Jessicka fans now battling again, with a few new leaked caps from Jessicka’s private FB group.


No. 978252

File: 1590278479749.jpeg (375.99 KB, 750x1110, 1B3496B0-ACAF-41D8-A161-6D9FB3…)

In addition, some pushing from Jessicka still about Jimmy Urine with a minor allegations.

No. 978516

How can Keanu Reeves still be friends with this human garbage?

No. 978536

More to the point how can anyone be friends with this dumb piece of garbage?

No. 982349

How sad she became the the definition of two songs from JOJ, horrible and hypocrite….

No. 982375

File: 1591106145449.jpeg (554.11 KB, 750x1040, 761802CC-40FE-44E5-90B9-50D3FE…)

She managed to keep her profile on protected for like 5 days, then couldn’t bear not sperging her opinions out into the world, or trying to be the next saviour of humankind (whilst also promoting herself and her boring friends).
Love it when she tags semi-famous people like Fairuza in and they never reply. Even worse constantly tagging in Dita and Kelly O to receive only crickets. Cringe.

No. 1005344

File: 1594421647806.jpeg (240.88 KB, 750x614, 71559CBF-0A6C-4BFF-B3BF-6D66ED…)

Jessicunt having a field day with BLM, inserting herself into drama with K Reeve’s sister, reigniting Lyn-z/coven drama, jumping on the back on teen MCR stans.
Always a supply of milk with this cow.

Here’s her latest on being an empath…

No. 1005664

File: 1594514870739.jpeg (275.76 KB, 750x752, 324C1138-AACF-4F91-986E-B65B33…)

No. 1005666

File: 1594515008849.jpeg (440.59 KB, 750x1066, D4FA9461-9180-4FF3-9EF9-B5711D…)

It’s flaring up again. This one isn’t going to die, since neither side will let it drop.

No. 1742180

File: 1673476960116.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2097, C96CAB62-B736-46CD-92DB-83A829…)

Necro but I do wonder especially since DvT won’t comment on Manson

No. 1742303

A stopped clock is right twice a day

No. 1742310

im not mad at you for raising the dead, nonna

any updates on the jimmy urine case?

No. 1742428

File: 1673500733821.png (90.33 KB, 278x187, ECF97E60-ECD0-4609-A85D-27EFCB…)

Any idea what JOJ song(s) are about Courtney? I know they met at least once(pic related) but I have no idea if this was before or after she shacked up with Twiggy(barf). A lot of Sexless Demons & Scars/ Clear Hearts are about Twiggy and even Manson so it makes me wonder…

No. 1742463

File: 1673507510662.png (158.46 KB, 1200x800, image-aef5935b4ca872f28746172c…)

She did make a statement on the situation but deleted it pretty quickly afters. It was hypocritical to what she has said her relationship with him was like and a little victim blame-y

No. 1742555

Honestly pathetic and depressing that she wasted 7 prime years of her life on that disgusting asshole incel in drag

No. 1742595

She still hangs around him sometimes too

No. 1742738

Tough to say, Courtney looks 2000+ or 1998+ at least, now idk what year Jessica looks here. Courtney Love toured with Manson and NIN first in 1994 and fucked Twiggy first in 1994/1995, then fucked Trent Reznor, then prob Twiggy again when Hole toured with Manson again in 1998. Total starfucked btw, iirc CL also fucked a guy from Bush on several occasions at the time when he was married to Gwen Stefani, and she's still boastin about it on Hole fan instagrams and all.

No. 1742739

She's pathetic, she alluded to abuse in 00s interviews. She said (about a bf after Manson) it was good to date a guy who says basic words like thank you, please etc., who doesn't scream and throw things in a rage fit etc. Also said something about Manson smashed all the windows with a chair. All that came to waste bc she was still hanging around with him in years 2014+. she just won't support ERW and others bc she's still bitter.

No. 1742740

Jessika is no better though, she first spilled all truth on Twiggy and talked shit on Manson, but when Manson fired Twiggy, she was suddenly all fine with Manson. She even went to Manson's birthday party as if nothing happened.

No. 1742829

Oh you were thinking that late? I was thinking 1993-1994 bc Courtney still has “brassy” blonde choppy hair. It would be weird as hell to be buddy buddy w her after she was fucking Twiggy(although I genuinely wonder if Courtney knew who she was). But then again she was friends with Frances Bean which I always found very bizarre. Why would you be friends w the daughter of the chick your abusive ex was banging?

No. 1742851

Hmmm perhaps you're right? I can be mistaken bc i remember her wearing a similar yellow shirt in 00's, but looking at her face closely she's pre-major surgery and pale, while in 98 she had shitty fake tan. I wish another angle of this existed, i would be able to guess based on her nose, kek. So could be 94, and it looks like Courtney is signing autographs and Jessica shows her album. Agreed it's fucky also how old is Jessica? she must've been significantly older than Frances Beans so thats even weirder.

No. 1742932

Everyone fucked Gavin Rossdale, he was a massive manwhore who swung both ways. Gwen was an absolute idiot for marrying him and wasting so many years on him, he ended up finding out he was Daisy Lowe’s dad during their marriage, poor Gwen she was horrifically naive and always goes for the shittiest scrotes.

No. 1743000

She was born in 1975 so she is pushing 50. There is this older punk on TikTok named Lexavonn who claims she worked for Jessicka in the late 90s and that she’s very vindictive/careerist/user of people. If she is telling the truth, Jessicka befriended FBC could be some sort of long game “fuck you” to Clove, as FBC and Clove have a… complicated relationship. I don’t know how to embed TikTok’s but that user has a whole series on Jessicka

No. 1743054

Could be, wouldn't be surprised. Lexa Vonn is a cow on her own right though, with a dramatic milky past as well. I posted about her on lolcow before: >>1618901

>how to embed TikTok’

i usually just copy the link from the bar and paste bc there's no way to embed tiktoks to LC so that it could be playable.

No. 1743228

File: 1673564526974.jpeg (429.57 KB, 1242x1449, 0E217A20-7C3E-479E-BFD9-418622…)


1st vid details her first encounter with Jessicka and confirms that J was seething about Clove/Twiggy/Manson which I always picked up on. Second explains the weird petty shit between JOJ/Manson. She has some more comments about J/Manson that raise some questions… again who knows how true this is. Someone should link her TikToks to Jessicka bc that’s pretty fucking bogus if she used this chick for free labor… allegedly.

No. 1745287

>william control
Jesus you just reminded me of that dogshit band kek. He’s so fucking disgusting.

No. 1865922

File: 1689542697184.jpeg (432.84 KB, 828x1453, AADA93D0-4D91-4BA2-8DCD-BE5773…)

Leaving this here for posterity. Jessicka chimping out about Mark Ryder again.

No. 1865924

File: 1689542760929.jpeg (277.38 KB, 828x1456, 4EE85246-1E26-45D1-99FE-9929C8…)

I clearly meant Ryden. She goes quiet for a while then all of a sudden unleashes another sperg.

No. 1865926

File: 1689542837673.jpeg (275.58 KB, 828x1408, 2B75D6E7-A685-4FF5-A719-5F828B…)

Simp husbando Xtian is just as bad. How he doesn’t die of embarrassment is what secures his status as megatard.

No. 1871020


i'm glad someone's posting about her. it's difficult to find discussion online because she's largely irrelevant. i noticed she has attached herself to Brody Dalle in the midst of her divorce/custody battle. Jessicka loves drama.

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