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No. 94014


Discuss middle-aged female bloggers snarking on other middle-aged female bloggers here, so we can stop discussing them in the Ginger thread.

No. 94018

IDK why, but GOMI has both Aly and Ashley threads. I don't get it since neither of them are bloggers.

No. 94019

GOMI is a world I can't fathom.

No. 94020

Because they're fascinating.

No. 94022

I agree they're fascinating, but I thought GOMI was only for snarking on bloggers. Or am I wrong?

No. 94028

They recently made an Instagram subforum so they could snark on anyone on Insta too.

No. 94030

That whole site is utter shit because the content is 80% personal stories. I think some of the bloggers are good cows but you will literally have to skim through 10+ pages of personal shit and retarded middle aged housewife Facebook tier jokes to get any good content. For example the taralynn thread.

No. 94032

omg yes. So much spergy middle-aged powerleveling. I already have to deal with that in real life, why do I want my gossip forums that way…

No. 94035

used to follow the londoner thread for a while. There was a lot of bitching about a girl she was friends with who I also went to school with.. that was good for a laugh. It Got too much to keep up with in the end though. They pick fault with the most ridiculous things. Much worse than here

No. 94049

gomi has had many Ashley threads, which tend to vanish as soon as someone mentions Hamtaro-chan and the underage nudes.

No. 94239

I think Rebecca strength and sunshine could get a thread here. She's kind of like ginge-lite. Anorexia posing as food allergy blogger with (less) shitty food. Has no eyebrows and isn't as skinny but is such a cunt sometimes which is the best part.

I also like one-twenty-five just because she's fat as fuck, been trying to lose weight for 5+ years and and is constantly online dating because her standards are ridiculously high. She's mostly boring though and I don't think she's worthy of a thread here.

No. 94243

OSJ is like that, lol. Fat as hell despite shilling for Beachbody.

No. 94333

I read their Worst Fashion Blogging Pictures thread. It's amazing their level of snarkiness on pretty much everyone, but if a blogger is fat or trans they're not allowed to snark.

No. 94363


I've been on GOMI for years and have never seen so much as a mention of transgender stuff. I don't think that side of the internet really makes its way to GOMI's commenters.

You're correct about the fat thing. Most GOMIers are fat.

There is a reddit made up of ex GOMI addicts shitting on GOMI and its commenters and founder. It's called blogsnark.

No. 94366

Fuck, I replied to the wrong post.

No. 94378

Really Partypants is the biggest cow of them all. She starts a website to talk shit about people while being fat, middle aged, lonely, unattractive herself first off, then works herself into a frothing rage any time any prettier, skinnier woman has a successful website about living in NYC, since she's the only one allowed to do that.

She's so cringy, look at any of the NY bloggers threads and she's in there constantly humblebragging about the dive bars she goes to, her bagel places, etc etc etc

No. 94380

It was fairly recent in that thread there was a quarrel between haters because one of them called out a blogger as being 'trans' and a whole pc issue started.

Tbh I don't know why they don't have a thread dedicated to tumblr 'fashion bloggers'. You would think that'd be a goldmine to them.

No. 94383

I am under the impression that Alice is a mentally ill drunk. But yes, I agree with you.

No. 94385

iirc, Strength and Sunshine was discussed in at least one of the Ashley threads here - ctrl-f for Rebecca:

No. 94592


I think it's because the average demographic of gomi are dorky 30-50something office ladies, or younger people who are so basic/vanilla that tumblr fashion stuff is WAY too out there for them, even for snark. The older ones are so far removed from teenz that their shit isnt even on their radar.

No. 94602

Only lurk there because they have an Amber Sarah thread that they actually update/contribute to. Lolcow has one too but its dead. Anyway they all seem very bitter and fat but its a nice break from all the ana-chans here I suppose.

No. 94629

This. The thread should be a 'partypants and gomi' double.

I'm ex-GOMI and also have lurked in blogsnark (the GOMI subreddit).

There are so many stories about Alice… she is most certainly a cow. The site runs like ass.

Right now she's sober (I think?) so the fun/madness has died down a bit. I think she had to get a day job.

BTW someone doxxed her in the subreddit (since deleted) - Alice used to be a cam girl. That reddit is equally uptight as GOMI, IMO, but there are some good stories about Alice in the older threads. The drunken conference calls!

No. 94631

I was there for two years and yes, there's a big contingent of older members. There seems to be a younger bunch though too. I always eyerolled at the fashion critiques. Young or old, they're a bunch of uptight bitches.

No. 94634

Oh and there's this: http://www.warriorelihoax.com/2015/12/03/the-freckled-fox-not-a-hoax/ It basically had to be done becuase of a raging thread on GOMI where posters were 'debunking' this nobody blogger's husband's cancer. The subreddit followed this a bit.

No. 94706

Yes, you're probably very correct in saying that. I just thought that'd tumblr fashion would be so much easier to snark on then the attempts they make on designer ones.

No. 94707

Apologies for the grammar errors. Should have checked that.

No. 94709

Yeah, I've seen their "what I wore today thread" (who the hell is dumb enough to post their pictures and SM stuff on a hate site? Oh yeah, GOMI members…) and it's like A talbots catelog lol. I think most of those members have low-level office jobs that allow them to have time to post a lot.

No. 94739

File: 1455897981472.jpg (43.46 KB, 480x480, image.jpg)

The "everyday catlady fashion" thread is a fucking goldmine and so much worse than anything they snark on.

I used to follow the already pretty thread because Sal is completely delusional. I stopped when I realized that the people on GOMI were exactly the same.

No. 94831

I think this particular photoset was a joke, though - the "Sal-ing it up" captions are something of a giveaway.

No. 95031

She's posted other times in that thread and all her outfits are terrible. Self awareness of how terrible you look is no excuse.

No. 95047

A lot of the 'jokes' on GOMI are not really jokes though, they're just pleas for acceptance via humor.

No. 97124

She looks like Martin Shkreli

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