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No. 957599

Asexuals, or “Aces” are people who are supposedly repulsed by sex until they post about how they want to be railed by a ten foot tall monster.

They can be most frequently found on Tumblr and Twitter, talking about made-up victimhood to levels that would make even longtime progressives want to vomit, amongst many wince-worthy attempts to form their own culture mostly based in being pseudo-intellectual fandom-dwelling NEETs. Gay men get killed for loving other men, online Asexuals are asked when they’re getting a boyfriend.

A more recent example of an especially embarrassing Asexual would be The Anonymous Asexual, who has become known for their comics about the woes of their daily life…many of which have been memed to death. The other Farms has covered her here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/luna-tiny-sara-elizabeth-ohern-anonymous-asexual-anonymousartist.46994/

No. 957680

Luna also has a “non sexual kink” vore tumblr. I think it’s “lonely-gentle-giant.tumblr.com”. Not linking bc I’m on mobile at work.

No. 957685

Huh, you really did it lol

No. 957703

I think the only annoying asexual I came across was echo gillette, who not only is annoying and obnoxious about being "oppressed" as an asexual but also complained about asexuals being "completely desexualized" by society, which literally does not even begin to resemble making sense.

No. 957745

I thought they didn’t WANT to be sexualised to begin with?

No. 957753

They want to be seen as sexy, but want to feel some type of control over it guess.

The thing is with asexuality, I personally believe it's valid, however 99% of the people who claim the identity only do so for attention or use the label to hide the fact that they are unsuccessful at obtaining sex/relationships. Some of they people claiming the identity are probably closets, but really it's just straight people searching for woke points.

No. 957900

Echo also said that asexual =/= no libido. Even though I thought that was the definition of asexual? I don't know what asexual means anymore

No. 957904

i think it means not feeling anything sexual in a relationship, anon

No. 957906

I agree with that definition. Asexual should be applied only to individuals who have no sexual desire. People who call themselves ace but parrot shit like “asexuals can enjoy sex!!1!1!” are just doing it for attention. Those types are mostly tumblr asexuals. The asexuals I’ve seen on AVEN seem pretty normal.

No. 957907


"asexuals can enjoy sex" is the most mental gymnastic like shit i've ever heard. you can't enjoy something you have zero feelings for.

No. 957911

Every single asexual on the internet will tell you a different definition of their asexuality:
>no sexual attraction towards other people but masturbates often
>gets regularly sexual with their partner and enjoys it, but still identifies as asexual
>sells nudes and camshows, but still asexual
>draws hentai with their fetishes very apparent, but still asexual

Rarely have I seen people claiming to have 0 sex drive and not have any kind of sexual habits, most of internet aces (especially on Tumblr and twitter) are either straight people in "gay" environments (like the online art community), incels or late blooming teenagers (it's perfectly normal not to have sexual feelings at 13/14).

No. 957920

I've seen some people online identify as asexual because they only want to have sex sometimes (like once a week) instead of 50 times a day. In some cases I think it's genuinely insecure people who see oversexualized representations in media/pop culture and shit and thinking that if they aren't a hypersexual monster with a hard dick 24/7 then there's something wrong with them.

No. 957941

Yep, it's a combination of hypersexualisation in everyday's aspects of life, easy access to pornography and society's huge emphasis put on sex, growing up as an awkward and nerdy teen in this kind of environment is pretty hard. There's a lot of overlap between asexual and fakeboi communities (and let's not even talk about the socalled demisexuals).
There's also the people who became sex repulsed after being sexually abused and not being treated.

Asexuals don't bother me as much as the troons, aside from being obnoxious they are pretty harmless and easy to shut down.

No. 958060

You can eat a cheeseburger and enjoy it, but that doesn't mean you want to fuck the cheeseburger, anon.

No. 958081

That's a pretty nonsensical example.

No. 958169

Psychara from the fake viking gang. She went from eeeeww sex to posting titty bait for attention.

No. 958177

No offense but online asexuals are the same as real life asexuals, you have probably seen women in real life who have never gotten pregnant, and they aren't pregnant because they dont have sex.

I mean, unless you want to claim that everyone is addicted to piv sex which is more cringe than people saying they dont have sex.

Sage, this thread is cringe. Even people who are okay with sex dont go claiming that everyone is a sex addicted monster and that's its impossible to be asexual

No. 958181

>you have probably seen women in real life who have never gotten pregnant, and they aren't pregnant because they dont have sex.

…or they use birth control??
But thanks for the laugh.

No. 958188

I agree. A lot of aces tend to be victims of this hypersexualized culture as well whether its child sex abuse or growing up as a female being viewed largely by society as only worthy if you make someone's dick hard. This in combo with the normalization of porn in teens to an almost unhealthy level imo has manifested and branched off into two ways. Girls who claim theyre asexual because of their aversion to the internet's porn culture and the massive influx of girls who start onlyfans accounts when they're 18/19 because they've been conditioned by the pornsick internet to feel like it's being accepting and body positive.

While there might be few actually asexual people I think it's rare to truly not experience any sexual feelings or attraction and instead this is the end result of a generation growing up surrounding by hypersexualized media that focuses primarily on the objectification of girls. I agree with anon above though when they said aces tend to be less rage inducing than the troons but that's probably because troons tend to be the ones putting out hypersexualized media aimed at kids in the guise of "trauma coping".

No. 958207

What even is this gibberish supposed to mean

No. 958227

Shouldn’t this be in general

No. 958252

Tell that to the asexual community on tumblr that thinks it’s okay for them to talk to minors about sex and their sexual experience bc “uwu it’s not pedophillia if I’m asexual”

No. 958286

Implying Asexuals are fake is the same as implying that everyone has a uncontrollable addiction to sex when its obvious no one is going out and fucking every single day

No. 958337

I'm surprised that there's so many people defending this community. Asexuals definitely exist, and there is a spectrum, but most online asexuals are cringy, fakebois. Or act just as cringy.

Yes you can be sex repulsed, asexual or not. You can be asexual and have sex. It just means there's a lack of desire for any gender. Often times, orgasm inn these cases, outside trauma asexuals, iis a biological urge versus an attraction.

However, tumblr asexuals like to claim being uwu soft beans or uwu my trauma. They like the claim oppression points by saying that they are ignored, people don't want to date them, or a myriad of things other LGBT people face that simply aren't actually an issue Asexual people face. They aren't oppressed by anyone.

Then you get the fake ones with mogai genders, like they're asexual but attracted to situations in fantasy bit not in person. They claim to be asexual but constantly talk about being attracted to other people, post hentai, even list fetishes. The make allosexuals out to be villains and post manifestos on "boundaries" and how allosexuals need to realize everyone should be okay with not having sex in a relationship ever.

The act like cry babies and poor mes ad nauseam. No one cares if you don't want to have sex. And not wanting to have sex doesn't make you oppressed. That's a libido issue not a sexuality issue and real asexuals aren't parading about like they're special uwu snowflakes

No. 958346

On this note, can someone explain what a "non-sexual kink" is? I've seen some people claiming to be aces use the term, and it seems like a complete oxymoron.
I found some dumbass Buzzfeed article that tried to claim liking puppies and astronomy were "non-sexual kinks", but I don't know it was serious.

No. 958394

asexuality isnt real

No. 958404

>a biological urge versus an attraction
Do you realize how dumb you sound right now? Attraction is a biological urge. Attraction is a feeling caused by biological processes. It's like you're trying to conflate something like rape victims having orgasms during rape to """asexuals""" feeling attraction.

Asexuals online act like having little to no sex drive makes them special. It's just like other mental gymnastics people with no personality use to cope. Lots of straights try to act like asexuality is another sexuality alongside hetero, bi, and homo. It's not. Having little to no interest in sex is not LGB. It's a preference.

Think of it like this, atheism is not a religion. Anyone trying to say it is is either stupid or being malicious. It's the same thing with asexuality. I

No. 958408

Glad this thread is here, I hate aces tbh. Incoming autistic sperg
I especially have a bone to pick with the whole graysexual and demisexual community (which are considered to be under the "ace umbrella"). Graysexuals believe that they're different because they don't want to fuck someone every week. Basically, to them, having a low-libido is a sexual identity they should take pride in. Similar case with the demis. They believe that their sexual preference of not wanting to fuck strangers is, once again, a sexual identity. That one is truly kekworthy, since 80-90% of people I know IRL would be "demi." As mentioned by other anons, many "aces" are girls who want to be lgbt without being lgbt, bitter incels, those who confuse it with disgust for hypersexualization, attention whores who want points for being oppressed, etc. Even those who don't fall into the above category are still usually fucking awful. They have retarded pandering beliefs that that completely demean what the term means by saying aces can want/enjoy sex, be sexual beings, and whatever else. What I find to be truly ironic about those who won't stfu about being ace is they're essentially sexualizing themselves by fixating on their sexuality (or lack thereof) and making it their personality.
Another thing that gets me is the ones that won't shut up about aphobia and the "oppression." By far they have it the least worse out of any group. Furthermore, it wouldn't even be an issue if they just wouldn't talk about it. No-one would know shit since it doesn't affect who they date, their appearance, or really much of anything else. They also like bitching that the lgbt group excludes them. You'd think they wouldn't want to associate themselves with something that opposite of their nature, but it's quite a large group that complains.
This last one is a major nitpick, but I fucking hate the cake and garlic bread memes. "Teehee I'm so quirky! I don't like sex, I just want to eat garlic bread :3c"
There's a lot more I could bitch about or expand upon, but this is already long enough

No. 958411

It means they want to post vore fetish art but you can't judge them because it's non-sexual!

No. 958432

I non-ironically agree with you. I think it's just an extreme form of intimacy phobia. Anecdotally, I don't know a single person claiming to be asexual, or uninterested in having sex for the most part, that didn't also have an extremely fucked up childhood.

No. 958471

God, anon i feel you, i'm freinds with a "demisexual" fujoshi, she wants to be part of the lgb, but can't becase she only likes dick or well her boyfiends dick , she even tells me about her sex life and how she lost her virginty to him, she is super sexual making nsfw art and even gifs or her ocs, but insist in ther been in the asexual umbrella and how especial she is becase she is demisexual, i also know a asexual girl, that love to tell the chat about her sexlive with her new boyfriend, non of them are part of the lbg but they LOVE to police what can be say about it

No. 958488

This thread fails to meet the thread criteria. No cows are being discussed, linking a thread is low effort. You can have this nonsensical discussion in /ot/ where it started.

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