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File: 1589149055516.jpg (27.98 KB, 399x399, LdWjobf.jpg)

No. 971997

LanaBeeOfficial who goes by Glitteridiot.official on tiktok posts link to her adult website on tiktok, which has substantial amounts of kids using it.
Her social media links are
https://onlyfans.com/lanabeexo(Shit thread)

No. 971999

Holy fucking new fag. This is one of the laughable worst threads i have seen. Who the fuck cares.

No. 972020

File: 1589151481566.jpg (264.14 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20200510-185719_Chr…)

Is this for real? Does anyone know?

No. 972027

File: 1589152232417.png (886.31 KB, 1312x833, VFpRRLR.png)

Fuck off. Ofc it's fake.

Her laugh is annoying and also, 131 views on her twitch video?

This thread is awful, and probably a selfpost.

No. 972029

File: 1589152292403.png (474.28 KB, 502x887, ET8bQMu.png)

wig wearing ugly bitch

No. 972057

File: 1589155371335.png (27.5 KB, 609x258, q02B0qx.png)

Talking about she's a porn star to kids? She really think that through?

No. 972082

Nearly 40k Twitter followers and single digit retweets on most of her posts? That reeks of bought followers and/or irrelevancy, which is probably the reason for this obvious self post. There are thousands of tiktok thots doing this exact same thing and somehow this girl still manages to seem like one of the least interesting so props.

No. 972087

Go back to Shay’s thread no one gives a fuck about u

No. 972121

File: 1589168934931.png (390.7 KB, 599x740, lana.PNG)

this girl is such a generic, pickme thot

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