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File: 1590877078762.png (18.96 KB, 650x450, kate_ass.png)

No. 981279

So, what the fuck happened to Homestuck?
For years, Homestuck has captivated its internet audience both with its seemingly endless creativity and a mile high pile of fandom horror stories. The comic itself may have ended in 2016 but it has been subject to many sub-par spin offs and sequels, like any decent IP. Long story short, Andrew Hussie (creator of MSPaint Adventures) forked over his dry cash cow to a bunch of crazy freaks. Some speculate that the drama surrounding the New Homestuck Team has been manufactured and is an elaborate ruse concocted by the newly married middle-aged man to sink the franchise and pawn the blame off on someone else, thus finally washing his hands of it for good. Hiveswap Act 2 is taking forever to come out, despite being 90% finished for over a year, and Acts 3 & 4 are completely kill. If that indeed was the plan, it has transformed into an out of control whirlwind of faux pas, homophobia, racism, sexism, and every other -ism under the sun. HS^2 has ushered in a new era of Homestuck, where if you scream the loudest you win, and you can only get ahead by hurting others. Enter: Kate Mitchell.

Kate Mitchell is a communist larper who claims to have "radicalized" Andrew Hussie. Mitchell has stated herself on twitter that she had hoarded the "official Homestuck url" until Andrew Hussie asked her to hand it over, which is when they got to talking. After this, Mitchell was tasked to carry on the story of the Homestuck epilogues with a more "progressive" flair that only a trans woman with a history of scamming can bring. Of course, she has since used this opportunity to turn HS^2 into her soapbox, blatantly harass people and be a giant cock in general, getting multiple smaller artists de-platformed for disagreeing with her insane opinions. Don't ask her where the Patreon or Kickstareter money are going, though! She might be blowing it on personal expenses like furry conventions and multiple other plane tickets across America for her and her friends, which is totally acceptable for someone as Brave and Stunning as herself.

So far, in Mitchells quest to end transphobia, she has:
>Scammed people out of jobs
>Scammed people out of money
>Sold nudes to minors
>Harassed said minors for being uncomfortable around her
>Self inserted as Vriska Serket
>Wore Vriska Serket themed panties
>Made Vriska Serket, John Egbert, and Roxy Lalonde trans
>Said anti-pedophiles are TERFS
>Tried to incite violence multiple times
>Gotten multiple people fired from working with her for little to no reason
>Posted her address online, got mad when people found it
>Shoplifted from pharmacies when they delayed her HRT
>Ran for local office
>Lost to a corpse
>Baited someone into suicide
>Left twitter three times already but is gonna leave again for real this time!

Now she complains about AGP rights on shrike.club, her hugbox that only her friends can respond to
Kate's twitter: https://twitter.com/gamblignant8
Mastodon: https://shrike.club/@kate
Appropriate KiwiFarms thread with more in depth info: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/whatpumpkin-llc-homestuck-inc-chuck-tingle-andrew-hussie-and-friends.28105/
A popular callout post against Kate: https://twitter.com/vampwh0re/status/1241133135602913281
A video about Kate scamming people: https://streamable.com/vkoz5
Another video about Kate scamming people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avFslkpECGI

This is a rabbit hole that needs a full day to explain properly, but I got the idea to make this thread after people were talking about Validate(a project run by Dani [@laIonders], a What Pumpkin reject and Kate Mitchell's right hand flying monkey) in /m/. Have fun.

No. 981281

File: 1590877236656.jpg (88.96 KB, 904x763, rbCrR1Vh.jpg)

No. 981282

yikes. glad i stopped reading it a long time ago

No. 981283

File: 1590877287036.png (306.13 KB, 880x669, ETqtVfWWsAEf8Q8.png)

No. 981284

File: 1590877320214.png (543.37 KB, 729x511, unknown-63.png)

I wish I stopped as well, don't look back it's not worth it.

No. 981285

File: 1590877347173.jpg (258.51 KB, 1242x1878, EO5yAh6XkAAXTc-.jpg)

No. 981286

File: 1590877372784.png (10.74 KB, 519x79, f075b07fed6e9d3f5fbbdb640f06f8…)

No. 981287

File: 1590877454575.jpg (12.27 KB, 574x162, EZSjK83UwAAJBzF.jpg)

No. 981288

File: 1590877506699.png (61.25 KB, 514x511, EO0hCObWkAEZ5cL.png)

No. 981290

i still can't believe what they did to my baby roxy

No. 981292

File: 1590877772499.png (88.6 KB, 727x639, EM12S9bU8AES6gV.png)

No. 981293

File: 1590877824762.jpg (151.32 KB, 572x691, 20200319_104458.jpg)

I forgot to mention, she hops fandoms a lot after she fucks them over but that's pretty obvious.

No. 981294

File: 1590877943855.png (29.88 KB, 465x173, grotesque.png)

No. 981297

File: 1590877994898.png (1.07 MB, 1475x1475, 1589934156641.png)

No. 981298

File: 1590878030702.png (Spoiler Image,145.14 KB, 241x358, 1581557049194.png)

No. 981300

File: 1590878135352.png (43.35 KB, 1920x1080, ERuHx4oXUAMdDFR.png)

No. 981301

File: 1590878219335.png (635.16 KB, 790x739, ET0irUJUMAALUXK.png)

I don't know why she thought it was a good idea to sell shitty nudes on the Homestuck business twitter when she has a private NSFW twitter.

No. 981302

File: 1590878246729.png (62.4 KB, 547x174, 1a70307bd7ea75264fe206856abc50…)

No. 981303

File: 1590878305154.png (112.81 KB, 541x475, unknown.png)

She's not Vriska so she can't have anything good.

No. 981305

I still read this comic and I have no idea why. I donate to the Patreon too like a cuck but I'm considering pulling my money if it gets any worse. The candy route is awful shit and keeps getting more and more awful. I wish they would stick to the canon route which I'm sure was written or somewhat written by Hussie. It's just gone so far from it's roots.

No. 981315

>fandom idk anything about
>creep sending nudes to minors
>it's actually a man every fucking time

No. 981320

i wanna say i can't believe they'd do her so dirty…..but i can. ofc it had to be roxy too.

No. 981324

she's female anon

No. 981326

File: 1590883376991.png (1.23 MB, 896x892, 7c4fd22af46630d8.png)

Some people donate to the Patreon just to leak the updates, which is something I appreciate.
She's MTF.

No. 981327

Kate is openly a tranny. He's got a cock, anon.

No. 981329

File: 1590883604244.png (50.83 KB, 592x542, K8 loves dog cocks.png)

She's really dick-obsessed and so are the rest of her troon cabal, but what else is new.

No. 981330

aaah. everything makes sense now

No. 981331

File: 1590883775336.png (504.05 KB, 474x547, 1544accaff55a61a0281cbb067aa89…)

Don't it? This is just the tip of the iceberg, What Pumpkin's all rotten from the head down.

No. 981337

OP, did you ever interact with him?

No. 981340

In the most superficial ways possible, yes.

No. 981371

god. I'm so glad I jumped ship before the comic ended, not that Homestuck had far to fall kek

No. 981399

Who is that character at the top of the horseshoe?

No. 981400

i think it's the troon's homestuck sona

No. 981406

can you guys briefly recap what’s going on re: roxy etc? i haven’t paid attention to homestuck in ages and i’m not going to dip my toe in that saliva-bucket again anytime soon

is everyone just trans? that’s some rowling ass retconning. exhausting.

No. 981409

Agree anon I'd like a recap too. Like, sure I don't hate trans people but that's just retconning to recon and that's just annoying as fuck for people who've been invested for years.

Like. IDGAF is a new character is trans or what the trolls do but really? The humans who are mainly KIDS just so happen to be fully trans? The fuck?

No. 981410

I'd like to add onto this and ask if someone can sum up wtf is going on with Jade too?

God. I really loved HS, and I stand by it–it was a whole lot of fun at its peak with some really strong characters. But it makes complete fucking sense that it's been taken over by an opportunistic fetish-obsessed transbian who kins Vriska (ofc it's Vriska). I wish Hussie would just move onto a totally new project without any of these weird hangers-on that have been shitting up the comic since, like, 2012

No. 981411

Jesus, is this that Kate person? This is like a parody of an mtf, those hips are literally concave

No. 981439

In the web epilogue novel, roxy goes through a phase where she explores her gender. In homestuck2 he appears masculine, and no one comments on his transition.

i don't recall the full situation completely, but I think there was an election and jane won. dirk was influencing jake to run for president but he shat his pants??. Dirk anheros again at one point at that's where homestuck2 starts off

tbh it sounds like a shitty fever dream but hardcore fans stick by it

No. 981440


Fuck I hate Kate. some other writers/artists that were working on HS^2 have stepped away (my bet is to get away from Kate, because they just otherkin COMMUNIST Vriska too hard)

It was a semi-popular headcannon that Roxy was transfem in the initial Homestuck comic. In the Epilogues (specifically the Meat Route) both Roxy and Calliope come out as Non-Binary. later Roxy just transitions to transmasc leading some characters to mistake them for Dave. And nobody questions it.

As for Jade…Because Jade prototyped herself to Becsprite and then went Godtier…she has a dog dick now

In the Candy timeline of HS^2 Jade and Rose end up having a secret baby named…Yiffy.

No. 981442

>she has a dog dick now
i-i thought that was a joke made by the fandom. oh god

No. 981492

File: 1590922525932.png (656.78 KB, 1920x1080, reddit.png)

No. 981512

I used to be the biggest fuckin austist for homestuck so to see Vriska being portrayed as an uwu soft baby who never did anything wrong instead of a total fuckin bitch who helps because she knows she needs to is so pointless
Like the best part about her is that she was THE biggest cunt out of everyone
this is SO much fuckin brainrot
I'm cackling out how fuckin flat he is, he seems like one of those people that they'd say you're jealous they """pass""" as a woman

No. 981516

File: 1590931134413.png (150.18 KB, 645x875, EZUZ2u2XQAA7bC_.png)

I'm incredibly glad that this thread gained traction. Kate has finally went through and deleted suspect tweets, and will probably shut her twitter account down after being revealed to be a revolutionary larper who pretended to participate in the riots.

No. 981521

I'm just glad this isn't really canon so I can just ignore it and continue enjoying homestuck.

No. 981532

didn't Viz Media buy Homestuck? Did they quietly give it back, or are they just unaware that one of their properties is full of dog-dick teenagers being written by crazies?

This is even worse considering the general fanbase is way younger than it used to be. The average Homestuck fan is like 14 now

No. 981562

Viz Media has the publishing rights to Homestuck, but HS^2 is owned and operated by Kate Mitchell's company Snake Solutions. It's not "canon" exactly, but Andrew Hussie and Kate are apparently great friends and he wrote the outline for it.

No. 981578

>’i used to be the biggest autist for homestuck!’
> writes a paragraph of embarrassing blogposting shit about homestuck

i’m not so sure you still aren’t, anon

No. 981608

File: 1590945156685.png (102.74 KB, 647x825, archive_U2f66.png)

No. 981612

File: 1590945368591.png (55.19 KB, 591x657, PesterquestTwitter.png)

After Kate was accused of being behind the Homestuck account and people started to call her out for her exceptional behavior, the Pesterquest account that has been silent for months suddenly came back to life.

No. 981614

I don't like the new crew (esp "Kate") nor their content but this expectation that Homestuck has to keep tweeting about BLM is so dumb. They're a brand and brands always get a lot of shitty comments whenever they try to be woke. And they should, it looks like marketing and I don't really think a brand can have an ideology unless it's a very specific kind of business. If they tweeted more, people would have some shit to nitpick about that too. There's no winning.

People that aren't outside doing shit themselves are the ones policing others' online behavior.

No. 981617

File: 1590945719428.png (13.08 KB, 470x166, laIonders.png)

It was expected because Kate constantly posts about these things on the Homestuck twitter account to "radicalize" people, so her suddenly being quiet about this one raised flags.

Also, Dani is here to defend her BFF. Yes, the same Dani that made an entire dating sim(ValiDate) because nobody was romantically interested in her or her awful friends.

No. 981631

File: 1590947072394.jpg (85.49 KB, 640x853, ox1e4lb320c41.jpg)

Andrew Hussie at a furry con reading Mao while Kate takes a picture.

No. 981633

lol he grew a beard cus he ugly

No. 981638

>Pretending as if anyone doesn't sound like an autist when talking about something they used to like/nostalgia
Yeah anon you sure got me lol

No. 981639

This is a bit unrelated, but didn’t Hussie have a girlfriend around the time HS was still in progress? I could’ve sworn I used to see people talking about how his girlfriend was awful and shitty, but whenever I try to look it up, I can’t find any mention of her. Was this just some weird fever dream my brain thought up, or did it actually happen?

No. 981640

Rachel Rocklin?

No. 981651

Yes, I’m pretty sure it was her, thank you!! Good to know I wasn’t crazy lol. I didn’t remember her name so I would just google “hussie girlfriend” but nothing would ever come up haha

No. 981666

As someone who stopped paying attention to Homestuck after 2014 - what the fuck is happening? Who is this?

No. 981668

A couple things happened to turn the situation into what it currently is. Andrew's dad died, and all the money raised through the Hiveswap kickstarter was stolen by the dev team he hired to make the game. Somewhere along the line he also broke up with Rachel and got together with the sister of Shelby Cragg (who's half his age, I'm not even surprised). These events left him vulnerable to manipulation.

No. 981669

And then, if you read the OP, Kate comes in and starts running things into the ground faster than ever before.

No. 981671

>vulnerable to manipulation
or, OR he never gave a shit about Homestuck and never liked the fandom to begin with. It's not that deep, he's just interested in the $ it generates and nothing more.

No. 981673

Can we also discuss the fandom in this thread? Gives me memories of how awful certain communities were. AZ was probably the worst, getting banned from pretty much every public place for being so obnoxious and terrible. And anyone remember Heaven/davespriite and all of her bullshit? Good times

No. 981676

Don't think I remember them - mind elaborating?
Also anyone remember that time a teenager self harmed and carved gamzee's name into their skin, and HS fans all got mad at them saying "you're making the fandom look bad" 2012 - 2015 tumblr was on some crackhead shit

No. 981678

I'd rather have another thread for this tbh

No. 981689

This is a hard question because the people causing 99% of the fandom drama right now are either a part of, or directly related to What Pumpkin.

No. 981690

I don't think that is incorrect, either. He's entering the "sad old man" stage of his life, and is having regrets, and he wants that money.

No. 981714

File: 1590956625191.png (208.18 KB, 589x470, Hiveswap1.png)

People still want the game that they paid for.

No. 981716

File: 1590956771592.png (8.1 KB, 444x76, deserve.png)

But apparently What Pumpkin employees don't think anyone "deserves" Hiveswap.

No. 981732

Was one of the “big” Homestuck cosplayers back in the day. Scammed people with commissions, got called out for it and posted gifs of her crying and breaking down in a Meenah cosplay as a reply.
Also came to a meetup dressed as Damara and flashed her panties at people the whole time

No. 981791

Wtf how did that crazy end up in the OWL??

No. 981803


No. 981868

File: 1590983352309.png (60.62 KB, 360x450, 86F27633-2E63-44F3-9834-C00815…)

HS Epilogue summary on HS^2 site.

Jfc I've seen Kate's acct on twitter but never realized they were on the team, I'm stupid. There are so many twitter callouts for Kate, lol. With Yiffany as an actual character name I'm glad I dropped HS^2.

No. 981874

Nice design, mediocre character.

No. 981883

I agree, it's a cool design. I bothered to look more into it and I never realized so much was on the patreon, which is fair but a bit annoying. Guess I'll see how it goes down in a few years when project either dies or finishes.

No. 981896

File: 1590992278767.png (18.02 KB, 599x273, why.png)

The candy route is just hot garbage. I wish they would stick to the shit happening in the meat route with Dirk. Even trans Roxy is better than Yiffany and the Vriska self-inserting.

No. 981916

What the fuck am I reading. Didn't Rose end up marrying Kanaya or some dumb shit like that because the fandom kept pushing for it??

No. 981999

File: 1591026743487.jpg (58.04 KB, 720x720, idiots.jpg)

Yes, but trannie writer-chan gave Jade A NEON DOG DICK (literally) and made Rose have an affair with Jade, so Rose could get pregnant and have a kid called Yiffany "Yiffy" Longstocking Lalonde Harley. They've been hiding this affair for years, but apparently Kanaya is 'okay' with it.

Yiffy also means Yiff which is antro/animal porn.

TLDR is on picrelated.

No. 982023

Also, Dave and Karkat are in a canon relationship. It's bizarre.

No. 982104

Can you shed any light on what's going on w/ the rest of the What Pumpkin team beyond this Kate person, anon? I've tried to poke my head in but there's so many people, so many storylines, and whatever the fuck is going on with the video game, I can't keep up at all

No. 982105

…..uh, how explicit does it get that Jade has a "neon dog dick," because holy shit that is gross

No. 982111

we see her humping rose's leg at a certain point

No. 982114

File: 1591049871006.png (1.25 MB, 1748x968, rdnviofigf.png)

No. 982134

File: 1591054377117.jpeg (247.27 KB, 750x975, 838C8025-06FD-4C49-8BD5-843871…)

Who the fuck runs this account??? I feel like they’re trying to make up for the backlash they got because they didn’t comment on the protests fast enough.

No. 982140

that made me cringe big time

No. 982188

Christ, this is so fucking uncomfortable and weird. Can't articulate why exactly, and maybe I'm remembering through rose-colored glasses, but HS played around a lot with gross humor, the smuppets, Dave in general, etc, but this….feels different, and so much more gross.

No. 982201

Dog dick Jade was a huge fetish thing in the fandom when it was at its peak, 2012-ish I think. I saw that kind of porn all the time when she merged with Bec and it was fucking gross. It wasn't even a niche fetish from a few artists, there were HUNDREDS of drawings of Jade's knot. They really liked to draw her fucking Davesprite's cloaca.

100% fetish insertion. Hussie did gross humor but you could tell it wasn't to get his rocks off.

No. 982312

I wish Hussie would just let it die instead of letting these sick fucks do this. Yeah, I'm reading every update like an imbecile because I've made the mistake of being invested in some of the characters.

No. 982446

File: 1591116747912.jpg (342.93 KB, 1080x1019, 20200602_095128.jpg)

Same, I hate that he couldn't just finish the comic and work on something else instead of turning it into a mlm scheme.

No. 982447

File: 1591116771462.jpg (353.9 KB, 1080x1372, 20200602_095101.jpg)

No. 982449

File: 1591116868557.jpg (169.12 KB, 1072x603, 20200602_095114.jpg)

Dani is super delusional and her tongue is firmly planted up Kate's asshole. Look at this shit: https://medium.com/@danulmao/being-a-community-organizer-for-a-fandom-that-doesnt-deserve-you-68bb183b987c

No. 982522

>non binary

i hate these retards

No. 982553

I do too. It should be noted that Dani has an obsession with white men who don't want to date her and a lot of her vitriol comes from that, yet she has no problem throwing other Black creators under the bus for disagreeing with Kate.

No. 982555

File: 1591130897538.jpg (39.62 KB, 519x406, EWFjbK0UMAApQ_C.jpg)

No. 982556

File: 1591130937772.png (734.15 KB, 2166x1935, dani.png)

No. 982558

File: 1591131036324.png (49.62 KB, 623x427, what.png)

No. 982559

I don't know why Kate says she was ever poor. Her father is a doctor and she owns a large and expensive house in the suburbs of Seattle.

No. 982563

File: 1591131502293.png (26.29 KB, 639x216, e04365bcd8778087b22bf29dc9f16c…)

Kate lost an election to a dead guy.

No. 982565

File: 1591131852029.png (623.03 KB, 720x764, katestatue.png)

Narcissist/autogynephiliac combo ftw!

No. 982566

File: 1591132024161.jpg (581.3 KB, 1080x2220, K8 dox.jpg)

That one time where she doxxed herself.

No. 982567

File: 1591132151859.png (89.43 KB, 1090x624, uhh.png)

No. 982576

ironically she is what the homestuck fandom absolutely deserves

No. 982585

Wonder if anyone has more details on that connection. Laurelai wasn't associated with Homestuck afaik, but was a serial sexual abuser that begged to live with people in communities he modded.

No. 982594

Jesus, how old is Kate? I'm almost impressed, this is so much scamming in so many different areas in what seems like a short amount of time

No. 982690

Kate deleted the tumblr associated with the Laurelai stuff, unfortunately. She has a habit of wiping all of her social media periodically.


No. 982756

File: 1591170045273.png (66.62 KB, 1136x1083, Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.38…)

Anyone know why she got suspended?

No. 982765

This is all so sad… Homestuck was a nice and bizarre story, at times it was like those "so bad it's so good" movies, and the characters were somewhat charming. Now John is also June (?), Roxy is a man, Jade has a dog dick and fucks Rose, and the daughter is called Yiffy of course. Weren't the original characters enough to please these people? All the trolls where literally non-binary or whatever. Now I know I'll never read this garbage.

No. 982799

Kate and Dani have at least two suspended twitter accounts each, but they keep making mew ones. I'm sure they were suspended repeatedly for harassment.

Kate likes to subject other people to ger fetishes.

No. 983329

File: 1591303224499.png (23.79 KB, 1258x701, EZsf4V6WoAMs2u9.png)

No. 983394

of fucking course. every single ugly nerd who makes a name for himself eventually drops everything and shacks up with a trophy costhot. Bonus points if she cosplayed his characters/fandom before they met.

This. Not that I blame him for hating the fanbase, they were insufferable. Weird that he managed to ally himself with the most degenerate stragglers though. maybe they were the only superfans left.

No. 983417

File: 1591313820415.jpg (309.34 KB, 960x960, h0bnjwng0ax01.jpg)

Haha, how did you know :](:])

No. 983419

Right, the popular theory is that he was blackmailed by Kate for the stupid Homestuck url, but take that with a grain of salt.

No. 983564

File: 1591332663572.jpg (211.11 KB, 1080x837, 27881437_206378269941873_26858…)


Shelby has always been an unfortunate looking woman but this is just rough. If I was her I would have strangled her sister for posting this to her instagram.

No. 983806

Who's this sister exactly? Does she have a username I'd recognize? I remember Shelby Cragg's art but I don't remember anything else related to her

No. 983971

Wasn't that "canon" since the first epilogue?

No. 984748

nayrt but sister’s cosplay ig is mkla.cosplay

No. 985248

File: 1591728665987.png (341.43 KB, 646x428, Berlin Wall.png)

No. 985249

File: 1591728765566.png (437.63 KB, 1168x633, virgin Homestuck.png)

No. 985489

Why are so many anons here enabling Mitchell's delusions? He has a penis.

Is Shelby's sister who V/IPGD is?

That was canon in the original comic, though. Unpopular opinion but I never had any problems with that ship.

No. 985670

Because I was introduced to Kate as a "she" and it stuck.
Shelby's sister is unrelated to V or IPGD, who are two different people.
And last one, DaveKat is shit now because when two people in Homsetuck get in a relationship they become boring and lose their personality because the writers are hacks. DaveKat would have worked better as blackrom anyway.

No. 986651

Yeah, shes definitely not ipgd. ipgd looks different + is a lot mouthier than Shelby's boring sister. Not sure what she's up to these days since shes always renaming and locking accounts. It's easy to mix these people up since they all speak in exactly the same way and orbit each other.

Damn. So few followers and even fewer on twit lmao. Bet this girl thought she'd get a lot more attention for dating has-been Hussie.

No. 986845

Wasn't he dating ipgd at some point?
She drew homestuck scat porn and wrote a "problematic" stridercest rape fic but she was amazing in comparison.

No. 987218

File: 1592140283350.png (243.92 KB, 740x706, image0.png)

A story in 3 pictures

No. 987220

File: 1592140356856.jpg (338.93 KB, 1080x1186, kagpte.jpg)


No. 987221

File: 1592140456150.jpg (75.01 KB, 1080x498, acceptance.jpg)


No. 987271

'mindblowing awesome experience' this is actually comedy gold

No. 987285

To be fair we've seen Davekat maybe ONCE since Homestuck2 started. The writers would way rather right about dog dick Jade and Yiffy and Vriska might as well be the protagonist now.

No. 987286

Imagine admitting to being an AGP. Lmao.

No. 987365

Eh… Honestly I don't want them to ruin Dave and Karkat as characters so I'm enjoying lack of content on those two. So sad about Kanaya and Rose getting completly ruined.

No. 991250

File: 1592804598254.png (158.04 KB, 640x565, done.png)

Well, it was "fun" while it lasted! Kate posted this and then deleted it soon afterwards.

No. 991263

Please be legit.

No. 991280

Thank God.

No. 991332

wonder if she's scared that something will come out about her in this current second wave of metoo, lmfao

No. 994061

bye felicia! hs2 might finally become readable

No. 994997

I sure hope so! Kate wasn't a good writer.

No. 995003

File: 1593096959575.jpg (133.61 KB, 1080x498, lol.jpg)

Now that the dust is settling, Dani of ValiDate is speaking up, sort of. From the gist of her recent posts, she thinks transphobia is worse than racism. I'm not surprised, considering she has the creepiest obsession with white men and the entire crux of her hatred spawns from one man refusing to date her and like an incel she never recovered from it.

No. 995083

>ignoring the history of how black men have treated black women their entire lives and thinking that just because your trans those actions and lifestyle is suddenly gone

Lol I'm black and I'm fine with trans people but to say shit like this as IF black women are suddenly not supposed to feel threatened because you changed pronouns is fuckin whack. Like a good portion of black men (well any group of men of any race lbr) feel entitled to black women's time and attention and thinking that suddenly disappear because they said so is a mental illness and shows they still think they're entitled to anything a woman has like men typically do lmao

No. 995107

Especially since it's a trend for black transwoman to brag how their much more desirable than cis woman because of how hyper feminine and sexual they tend to be. And are then shocked when black women dont like that

No. 995116

Dani sold out for clout and is obsessed with white dudes(and transwomen), I think she's too far gone. Kate's used her as a criticism shield this whole time and she's helped Kate throw three different black women under the bus for disagreeing with her.

No. 995171

Yeah I dont want to turn into a rant about it since this isn't the time or place but this just silences cis black women and any issues we have because, once again, it's us just having a problem to have one instead of maybe there's a culture of shaming/degrading/devaluing cis black women and seen lesser if we're not 1000% accepting and forgiving? But idk the fuck do I know according to Dani I'm ugly and transphobic !!

No. 995397

File: 1593124585531.jpg (489.39 KB, 1080x1655, amazing.jpg)

Dani and people like her are a huge part of the problem, you are welcome to talk about her awful influence here.
Meanwhile, Kate's on her tranny nonsense again. Being trans is a choice.

No. 995425

I hate when they bring communism into their fetish.

No. 995565

Homestuck? I thought the fandom died when everyone jumped shipped to the undertale fandom (Just as shitty community). People still read this crap?

No. 995606

File: 1593135592753.jpg (61.6 KB, 988x340, asd.JPG)

I didn't realize the patreon funding was for things other than HS2 and that the writers weren't dedicated to working on HS2 full time. That certainly explains the shitty pacing.

No. 995873

This looks like a sinking ship the more I look at it…didn't hiveswap had the Kickstarter money tho?

No. 996779

They claimed a good portion of that money was stolen by the original devs they hired to fund their own game. Honestly took this with a grain of salt because orc there was never any proof for it, just one tumblr post from someone who was on the HS team claiming so.

No. 996798

File: 1593230463338.png (102.18 KB, 531x713, bye1.png)

She's gone for good. She posted this a few days ago.

No. 996800

File: 1593230609428.png (2.23 KB, 213x78, katehomestuckisgone.png)

And she's now listed under 'directors emeritus' on the credits page.

No. 996802

this is pretty much an open secret now. the money was stolen to make some king’s quest game, but nobody in a position of authority can actually comment on the matter because of NDA/legal reasons.

No. 1000404

File: 1593615987470.png (172.49 KB, 789x526, Ebz9b6CXsAEIvs5 (1).png)

Kate, the massive communist larper, got banned from the communism reddit page.

No. 1000405

Imagine thinking that getting banned off some random subreddit is a nice achievement. He really has nothing to do

No. 1004091

And then there's THIS fucking nutcase. Kate and this guy are super best friends, and even though Kate is so poor after voluntarily quitting one of his free money gigs (HS2), he still has the money to fly his horrible friend across the country on a regular basis.

Abraxasgrip might be even crazier than Kate, and wears his homophobia and misogyny on his crusty sleeve.

No. 1004092

File: 1594228069827.jpg (185.08 KB, 1080x640, gross.jpg)

Fotgot the pic.

No. 1004096

File: 1594228379559.jpg (550.58 KB, 1080x1546, crazy.jpg)

No. 1004103

File: 1594228980759.jpg (344.77 KB, 1076x1210, cock fetishist.jpg)

No. 1004105

File: 1594229018188.jpg (203.39 KB, 1080x735, i hate women so much that i wa…)

No. 1004107

File: 1594229041118.jpg (221.14 KB, 1074x563, cause.jpg)

No. 1004111

File: 1594229475004.jpg (363.26 KB, 1074x1034, effect.jpg)

No. 1004113

File: 1594229553978.jpeg (256.86 KB, 1536x2048, EcMgcJxUwAMuEmP.jpeg)

This is so brave, being a woman means having long hair.

No. 1004468


Absolutely fascinating to see someone gassing themselves up on God I'm Such A Fucking Revolutionary Unlike These Soft Lib Babies fumes…………..and it's all about fucking Homestuck fandom. Like goddamn, the tenor of this is someone rallying their fellow sweatshop laborers but the content is a fucking dead-end webcomic fandom. "I'm tired of coddling these mother fuckers and trying to gently herd them into not being bigots" is like, someone talking about their work with abusive husbands or getting new laws about voter suppression on the books. I know commie larping isn't exactly unheard of among lefty trans geek dude twitter, but jesus, at least most of them pretend to not be pouring their energies into…..yelling at girls for liking fictional alien kids the wrong way

No. 1004639

my god I’m too fucking old for this shit. when did john become a woman? i’m glad to be this far removed from the homestuck cesspool but wtf is this autist sperging about?

No. 1004640

is this supposed to be some sort of “gotcha” or smth? we all know how terfs work. but i guess anything is fair game when you have to convince people on the internet that kinnies are oppressing you.

No. 1004729

File: 1594309401947.png (243.34 KB, 478x660, ahrsdb.PNG)

Hussie went out into the world and hid some toblerones, whoever found them could make some wish or some stupid ass shit and it'd be canon. One person said they wanted John to be trans (and named June because Vriska calls him June at some point in the original comic), so Hussie declared it canon.

No. 1005193

File: 1594401007717.jpg (536.95 KB, 1080x1920, ew.jpg)

No. 1005203

but worded so ambiguously, an argument can be made that john is a trans man and not a trans woman? and vriska was then misgendering and dead naming john? i hate fandom people, why do they always have to ruin shit

No. 1005224


Is this supposed to be about tenta-dick/nook combo that the xeno side of the fandom invented? The origin of retractable tentacle junk was because monster fuckers are horny, it had nothing to do with whatever hysterical inter-trans arguments are going on here. Why do trans people have to make literally everything about themselves.

No. 1005231

Transwomen are usually narcissists so everything must revolve around cock.

No. 1005340

I dunno what's worse, hussie or his insane retarded fandom. jfc

No. 1005622

File: 1594506538234.png (72.64 KB, 529x595, pt1.png)

No. 1005623

File: 1594506579955.png (237.02 KB, 697x514, pt2.png)

Trans-misogyny is a meme.

No. 1006266

We are in the doomed timeline aren't we?

No. 1008601

41% my friend, they will off themselves before they achieve any meaningful dominance over us.

No. 1008882

A friend who doesn't pay attention to drama linked to a bunch of leaked emails between Hussie and Makin.


I don't have the context to figure it out but Hussie calling anybody tone deaf while keeping Kate employed is rich.

No. 1008970

only the first few are between hussie and makin, the rest is between hussie and drew linky, and then between drew linky and a name-omitted liaison between the Actual Homestuck Staff and HSD. at the end of the email exchanges is kate's statement, "a formal complaint about kate" from the HSD, and an "explanation on modding" from drew linky to the liaison. it's really fucking long and homestuck people always type novels in correspondence, so some of this shit is really tedious to get through.

No. 1009190

Man, Drew's rambling walls of text. At first Hussie sounded pretty reasonable for most of the exchange, even though he never should have hired reactionary shitters like Kate to begin with.

>drew posts on reddit, gloating about Kate being FORBIDDEN from posting about them EVAR AGAIN!!

Holy shit dude they can NOT stop being lolcows.

>Hussie asks about gender makeup of mod team after they pursued a formal complaint against Kate

fucking… what

>Wall of text from Huss about how Kate's rant was good actually and asking people's genders was totally normal behavior

well, ok lol. he really doesn't see why this is offensive as shit.

Wow what a wild ride. Looking forward to Post-Kate HS^2 regardles.

No. 1009616

Honestly? Kudos to Phoebe, everybody else sounds like a stark raving lunatic. Drew and Makin have a strange borderline-abusive bromance and I don't know what Hussie was smoking to make him want to hire these crazy trannies in the first place.

No. 1010028

Can't believe I read them all to the end.

No. 1010542

Does anyone know ipgd's new name, I miss her art

No. 1012806

File: 1595726404001.jpg (367.39 KB, 1075x1277, vomit.jpg)

The troon cabal has finally found the thread! I guess Kyle and the Violent Manjaw are boyfriends.

No. 1012841


>dudes & others

lolcow is a board populated by women, but since trannies only see women as fetish fuel instead of actual three-dimensional human beings i guess it makes sense that he wouldn't be able to tell

No. 1012869

Love to deliberately seek out a gossip chan and read through a huge chunk of the thread to find something to post on Twitter. At least these freaks self sterilize and date each other.

No. 1012875

This kind of stuff is so pathetic, either he was actively searching what where people saying about kate or he knows ppl that browse here.

Outside of circle jerking about their narrative genius do they have an actual job or do they live throuhg e-begging?

No. 1013271

I wonder how many trannies are among us at this point. Meta is swarming with crying troons and handmaidens it looks like.

No. 1013609

They're all e-beggars, I seriously doubt that a single one of these buffoons has ever had a real day job.

No. 1013877

the gendercrit containment board was it's own mess but atleast having a radfem enclave gave made it easy for people that don't read the rules to know that this place is like 90% women

No. 1014045

Not to mention she always got in fights that were fun to watch. I’m sure she’s around because she can’t resist yelling her opinions on an unlocked account but I dunno which one is her rebrand. An anon mentioned she dated Hussie in the past. Anyone have any proof beyond speculation?

No. 1015157

I don't believe they ever dated, but I am also interested in what happened to ipgd.

No. 1015163

File: 1596206291732.png (2.96 MB, 1109x1478, 3430caac42bfbce1.png)

I think this puts the number of people Kyle is in a relationship with at three. He's dating two female enbies as well, but they don't seem as involved.

No. 1015652

File: 1596303261581.jpg (525.88 KB, 1080x1717, troon.jpg)

More words of wisdom from Kyle "I Don't Care About Homestuck Any More" Mitchell.

No. 1015654

File: 1596303658562.jpg (445.76 KB, 1080x1353, dont do kanaya like this.jpg)

What the fuck did he mean by this?

No. 1015655

File: 1596303738510.jpg (147.38 KB, 1076x479, jesus.jpg)

Haha, not even fictional women are allowed to have hobbies without it being a sign of trannydom.

No. 1015689

wow, i remember reading this person's scps years ago. i didn't know they were a creep. is there more on this?

No. 1017991

File: 1596651473370.jpg (311.22 KB, 1080x1127, theft.jpg)

Abraxas steals art and then claims it was because of transphobia. His simps then start railing on a rando because they referred to Kate as a woman. Is it transmisogyny to call a trans woman a woman? Make up your minds already!

No. 1017992

File: 1596651511660.png (64.93 KB, 699x793, Eeo1jTLXgAAx_0h.png)

No. 1017994

File: 1596651708855.jpg (439.14 KB, 1080x1623, uh huh.jpg)

No. 1017999

File: 1596651804622.jpg (268.96 KB, 1080x1127, what2.jpg)

No. 1020529

>the man
HOLY SHIT TERF!!!!!!!!!!! block and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!! eat shit!!!!
>the woman
nice transmisogyny dipstick

how do you even win with these inbreds?

No. 1021813

Man I'm actually really happy with the latest upd8. Idk who wrote it or what changed or if nothing changed about the team behind closed doors but that Dave dialogue hit so much like Dave from OG Homestuck to me. I've been having issues with the writers not really replicating Dave's "voice" properly in the epilogue and hs2 for a while and now it seems fixed? Really fucking happy with it. It's also nice to see Aradia speak a lot more and to see alt!Calliope break away from her narrating fancy.

Whatever it is that made the new update so good, hope they keep it up.

No. 1022661

James Roach is writing now. I'm amused that the mediocre musician and sexist creep is the best author they've had in a hot while.

No. 1023286

Explains why Robot Dave made no mention of Karkat even if that was that version of Dave's sole obsession, instead talking about just leaving Jade behind. Roach is known to put that down in favor of Dave and Jade which is hilariously hypocritical.

No. 1023341

I haven’t been into Homestuck since long before it ended, but holy shit this dude is still around? I’ve only met him once, but what an absolute cow.

He was a friend of a friend and when I met him he expected me to know him. As soon as he figured out I had no idea who the fuck he was, he tried to ice me out of conversation despite there only being like 5 of us total. He went on to later tell us about his wife(?) who he “couldn’t” divorce because her dad was Russian mafia and threatened to kill him or something. He spent that same weekend trying to fuck my 16yo acquaintance too.

Sorry, had to spill since somehow this dipshit has stayed in my long term memory for whatever reason.

No. 1023506

is there more about roach? i kept thinking he was an alright gay man.

No. 1023664

Yeah I was under the same impression. Not that you can’t be gay and also been previously unhappily married.
I’m curious to know how James has been misogynistic, though. I haven’t followed him for years and I do remember him acting like a cow by constantly getting drunk and whining about private business and shit talking others.

No. 1023675

He's bisexual, not gay.

He is a whiny piece of shit that is incredibly rude if you try to interact with him. Be just a tad casual? He'll shittalk you to your face. Be normal? He'll take it in the worst possible way and also shittalk you. You'll notice that most of his replies are people walking on eggshells and acting so ridiculously polite it's cringe. He definitely comes across as thinking he's a fucking god.

No. 1023681

same, also her blogging about realizing she was bisexual bc of transformer pussy porn was hilarious, i wanna know whats shes up to now

No. 1023716

I bet they would have complained if the guy said "person," or "trans woman," too. Any excuse to bully a fourteen year old whose art you stole. God I'm so glad I'm not part of this community anymore.

I can't believe people are still caping for DaveJade after all these years. You guys really don't know when to take the L and just enjoy something as fanfic, do you?

No. 1023782

Homestuck : The fandom where people REALLY care which characters you imagine fucking.

I still haven't finished the epilogue. It was hot flaming garbage. Hussie has needed a manager for ten years, he lets these kids walk all over him.

No. 1024057

File: 1597632983224.png (67.04 KB, 650x1550, 1463007942484.png)

It's a stand out because it was never really "shut down" super hard until Davekat came along at the end of the comic, and it's the favorite of redditors that self insert into Dave and want a MPDG. It's the only one they're still REEEEEE'ing over years later, even if the epilogues shat all over it! Pic related

No. 1024062

Didn't people used to ship Dave and Jade?

No. 1024072

Read the post I was replying to, that was the whole point of what I said??

No. 1024079

I don't really care about ships anymore, but god did it feel pandery when Homestuck started having every other character be gay when they had been teasing straight ships for the past 5 years. Rosemary was fine but everything else felt like it came out of left field. It feels like Hussie or whoever was/is writing hs decided that it was a more viable strategy for maintaining fan interest than actually writing a good story.

No. 1024112

Seems that's all they care about, even the epilogue feels like an a easy way to maintain their presence and profit from it, which I hope I'm wrong because it would been infinitely easier to present parallel stories( or previous ones) like hiveswap and friendsim.

It doesn't help that homestuck fandom spaces are mostly cesspools where shipping is seen as valid activism. I wonder how long can hussie milk this…

No. 1024480

Shipping as activism? Woow.

Early in the comic, Huss contacted young artists and got them to sign contracts to work for him for barely any pay. It's karma that now he's getting taken advantage of by having kids wreck his story with their shipping fanfiction. He dug his own grave. Homestuck should have ended when the comic ended. He clearly doesn't care about it anymore and they're just beating money out of a dead horse.

No. 1028942

This week's non-robo Dave dialogue was not very good, felt stilted once again so the previous upd8's robodave hope has faded a little. I feel like the writer was not the same person. I don't mind the "character growth" parts (i.e. how he is very frank about his feelings instead of hiding behind too many layers of irony) but the speech patterns did not feel natural, this Dave reminded me of the epilogue Daves in the writing. It's hard to explain but maybe I'll make a comparison doc between all the works sometime. Karkat also seemed to speak out of character, the voice wasn't right. Whoever this upd8's writer was, I feel like they write characters in their own voice and don't pay attention to a character's unique speech patterns and vocabularies. There were some Pesterquest moments that sounded a lot like this upd8.

Rosemary was such a nice ship until the retjohn. It has not been the same since, such a shame. Add the extremely unpleasant garbage they added in the epilogue and beyond… It's a complete trainwreck and I feel bad for Rose fans.

No. 1029505

Would you mind laying out wtf happened to Rosemary beyond the insanely stupid idea of the Rose/Jade and Jade dog dick thing? I am having so much trouble figuring out what the fuck went on.

No. 1029897

Well first of all back in canonland, retjohn caused Vriska to be the reason Rose's alcoholism was fixed instead of her relationship with Kanaya making a difference.

Then dog dick Jade happened as you said, which Kanaya was for some reason okay with so now we have cuck Kanaya.

And THEN, Dirk tricks Rose who is going through a slow death because her human body is breaking down due to her slowly becoming her Ultimate Self (some metabullshit they've been pushing for a long time even in the original) into running away with him, leaving kanaya behind. Dirk and Rose end up on a spaceship and her consciousness is transferred into a robot body that can support her Ultimate Self so Rosemary is officially split up with Rose leaving Kanaya.

No. 1029907

nta but i loved rose/kanaya… why are they doing this

No. 1029913

there wasnt enough dong in their relationship, so they had to split.

No. 1030075

One of the annoying parts of Jade/Rose is that they didn't need to even fuck for Rose to be a surrogate mother to Jade's baby. Jade has space powers. She could have moved her (gag) dog sperm into Rose with her space powers instead of having sex with her. They specifically made Rose secretly cheat on Kanaya for a stupid reason.

Davekat meanwhile is extremely canon and nothing can split them up. There is a timeline where Jade and Dave get together and Dave is miserable because Jade isn't Right For Him, he just loves Karkat too much. Barf, they even gave Jade a penis and that wasn't enough for the fagworshippers, her marriage to Dave has to fail because she isn't male enough.

No. 1030078

Also Dave always struck me as asexual biromantic. He never really seemed to have sexual chemistry with anybody but cared a lot about them.

No. 1030477

The comic teased stuff like that earlier in its run that plebbiters prefer to remember. The whole reason Karkat trolled John backwards in the first place was because he was embarrassed about making a blackrom advance on John and getting shot down. Also, Kanaya had a one-sided thing for Vriska and Gamzee hit on Tavros. It was established pretty early on that trolls are basically a bisexual species.

As for the main characters, there were gay jokes and Freudian slips with Dave's character from the word go. I think it actually makes sense to have him be bisexual. I say all this as someone who was honestly expecting him and Terezi to be endgame. That said, Karkat and Dave makes a little more sense than people give it credit for. In the pre-retcon timeline, Karkat and Dave had become friends by the end of the three-year journey. The only reason they ever disliked each other to begin with was because of their shared interest in Terezi. Remove her romantic interest in either of them from the equation, and they'd hit it off just fine. I'm not sure that would automatically equal romantic relationship, but I can buy that they'd be close.

The dancestors are more egregious pandering in my opinion. They're all extremely cringey two dimensional characters introduced simply because the original trolls were so popular.

I think we can all agree everything after the credits was a giant trashfire that doesn't warrant existing, though.

No. 1032070

File: 1599002038526.png (130.52 KB, 369x289, jr1.png)

Here's James being creepy, controlling, and disrespectful to his own family.

No. 1032072

File: 1599002065766.png (28.26 KB, 346x308, jr2.png)

No. 1032073

File: 1599002188544.png (45.37 KB, 592x474, jr3.png)

No. 1032074

File: 1599002249038.png (17.87 KB, 336x218, jr4.png)

No. 1032075

File: 1599002282869.png (23.65 KB, 599x206, jr5.png)

No. 1032076

File: 1599002310969.png (48.32 KB, 882x369, jr6.png)

No. 1032081

This nasty scrot also has a kid.

No. 1032085

File: 1599002492207.png (9.92 KB, 733x83, dropoutofscholarship1.png)

No. 1032086

File: 1599002528180.png (9.3 KB, 510x80, dropoutofscholarship2.png)

No. 1032087

File: 1599002563673.png (5.42 KB, 465x48, dropoutofscholarship3.png)

No. 1032089

File: 1599002611270.png (13.73 KB, 455x165, dropoutofscholarship4.png)

No. 1032095

File: 1599002877953.png (25.52 KB, 648x213, scholarship1.png)

Context for this

No. 1032212

It seems to me that James is a petty and super jealous incel-kun who wishes his life was like her. I kekd while reading all of this. Trooning out when?

No. 1062115


blog post linked on KF about hiveswap development

No. 1156636

god I have been trying to find out what the fuck happened to homestuck ever since the ending fucked everything up and then suddenly people were trans with no background and I have to say I am on one hand happy that it wasn't hussie losing his fucking mind and just giving up but on the other hand now knowing that it all fell under because of the fucking communist radicalization and crazy trans people it makes a little bit more sense.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157340

This game development process makes Alex of YandereSim look like top tier project manager. Especially if the follow up post in this blog is true and instead of stealing money, first gamedev studio simply never got the documents they needed to start their work

No. 1157342

Thing is the game also just doesn't seem to be that good?
4-5 hours of gameplay in Act 2 is not a lot. I remember a lot of people hoping the next Acts after 1 would be longer and flesh everything out a bit more, but also I've seen reviews say that it's pretty obvious they had to prolong the second half of the game just to drag it out to 4-5 hours of gameplay.

No. 1157532

The ridiculous thing is that they dug this hole for themselves. Splitting the game in 4 sounds great when you short on time and money, but no way it is actually less work in the long run

No. 1157539

The game is pretty meh at best.
It kinda feels like more of a visual novel rather than an actual point n click. The only real minigame (the trial) is kinda shitty too. Also homestuck^2 is probably going to be cancelled.

No. 1157643

They've been missing updates for a while but I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, the evil is defeated, on the other hand….Homestuck will finally be coming to an end. I would've been perfectly okay with a sequel written by Hussie himself but he seems completely done with it at this point.

No. 1207944

holy FUCK i'm glad i'm nothing like these freaks(sure)

No. 1208265

File: 1618418202618.png (22.24 KB, 600x210, bf2d6ffbacd1b51465139d0a8e222b…)

I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet but Sarah Z did a huge video on Homestuck, a video about the series/fandom/history as a whole. It's brought up some controversy around the Hiveswap stuff, but she generated this response to what she said about Homestuck 2 in her video.

No. 1208378

I thought it was disrespectful enough he was talking about his own sister like this but even worse she passed away?

No. 1208451

File: 1618430024891.png (34.88 KB, 667x430, kate mitchell mastodon.png)

Kate is seething about the Sarah Z video. Even though she was charitable enough to exclude any of Kate's fuck up and actual controversies from the vid, Kate is out here with the rape and death threats

No. 1208456

File: 1618430251468.png (23.57 KB, 674x189, sarah z thread.png)

Also Sarah Z is getting legal threats from whom people assume to be WP

No. 1208729

Holy fuck how do they not realize this is worse than just leaving it alone?

No. 1209059

Sarah Z has a whole section in the video talking about how "If you're problem with homestuck 2 is trans rep then you can fuck off"

they're not going to watch the video but you couldn't get any more charitable then that

No. 1209072

I watched the whole video and Sarah Z specifies on like 3 different occasions that all the trans stuff was written by her co-writer who is a trans woman apparently. Idrgaf about the situation but death threats over something that can be disproven in seconds is topkek

No. 1209137

File: 1618504008567.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2021-04-15-12-00-06…)

Proving how immature the people working on the homestuck team are once again. They even had a disclaimer to send complaints to her trans co-writer and not Sarah. Overall Sarah had fairly soft and neutral stance in the video talking about focusing the property of homestuck and not the crazy/stupid things the people working on it have done.

No. 1209384

File: 1618520940536.png (38.4 KB, 725x363, 235212352344.png)

FUCK HOMESTUCK I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR THIS SHIT AT ALL… lemme post a lil more about it completely unprompted though so i can say my piece ;)

No. 1209643

I can't believe the email chain between Andrew and the Reddit admin is what tanked the patreon and ultimately ended Homestuck^2. What a glorious trash fire.

Here's some extra reading for extra credit.

No. 1210845

File: 1618703693106.jpg (304.39 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20210417-183648_Ins…)

Welp. Andrew Hussie is trooning out.

No. 1210853

for real??? Hideous

No. 1210854


god let this just be some ~gender fluid~ phase lol

No. 1210855

kek this has to be some kind of shitpost.

No. 1210885

I know hussie is fucked but PLEASE GOD NO

No. 1210890

File: 1618707980009.png (1.96 MB, 1440x1761, clown_Hussie.png)

Well in his recent VN Psycholonials he came out as clown gender.

No. 1210895

what am I fucking looking at this is jokes right?


No. 1210900

Get your autism levels checked

>Clowngender and horsegender
>the insane graph

If it's real that'd only make it more amazing

No. 1210934

Kek. Hussie has always managed to be ridiculously on-the-nose when it comes to current internet culture and trends, Homestuck was pretty reflective of that in it's prime. This looks like a subtle jab at neopronoun shit. If true, ridiculously based.

No. 1210976

>Chamomile Giddyup
KEK even after all these years he’s still got it.

No. 1210984

Judging by the parade of morons he vehemently supports and constantly surrounds himself with, I think he might be serious this time. If he was joking about his gender shart he wouldn't have defended K8 and Abraxas so hard.

No. 1210990

I seriously can't fathom what I'm looking at. Of all the crazy things happening in this timeline this is what has me floored…

No. 1211017

According to Psycholonials (I've only read the wikia), that's Hussie's clownsona and paralleling the main character of his story, is part of a bigger plan to release a "clown manifesto". I don't think he's actually coming out as trans or anything like that. It's part of his current project and likely all will be meant as a commentary of sorts about current online culture, which Psycholonials seems to be. Or at least an exploration.

No. 1211349

I want to hope but I've lost faith in him ever since he buckled for "CAUCASIAN".

No. 1213334

>chamomile giddyup
i would die for her and i dont even know her yet

No. 1213832

File: 1619047775887.jpg (106.44 KB, 750x956, 0fpaji77oiu61.jpg)

kinda unrelated but in the statement it keeps saying they instead he/him. is he non-binary or something?

No. 1213835

Maybe he didn't put his pronouns in bio or some shit, so they just used they?

No. 1213871

imagine if he'd moved on years ago instead of dragging shit out and letting his brain rot.

No. 1213982

More details? Source? Who wrote this? It's possible the author, like us, doesn't know what to make of hussie's behavior. I genuinely think he is not serious though. In the posts wearing that outfit he is playing basketball and posing cartoonishly. Not to mention the BTS faces on his clothes. No, it's 100% a joke in my view and it's his "clownsona." His new story's characters are women who have clownsonas with "clown genders" iirc, and the thing's jam-packed with mocking references to online culture like callouts, being cancelled, simps, BTS stan fanfiction, all of it. It reads like he is messing around with it all, seeing what he can make that's relevant to today's internet. When he was making jade a furry and caliborn draw fanart, he was being ironic for laughs and this is something similar. Just my two cents though. Unfortunately these days, it's hard to tell if anyone is joking when they act insane, but I bet he is banking on that.

No. 1214195

it's from the whatpumpkin website

No. 1268543

Sarah Z posted a new video of the Homestuck team attempting to passive-aggressively browbeat her into submission.

No. 1268567

>openly admitting to not crediting someone who worked on the game because they didn’t like her
>openly admitting to not even watching Sarah’s previous video and just throwing a potential lawsuit at her to silence any potential criticism
>trying to paint themselves in a good light by saying an extra big meanie who use to work for the company is why they weren’t able to create the first game
>“we have no proof just trust us they’re totes a stalker and stuff”
>admit they only made an update for the fans because of her video. said update was already prewritten a long time ago but was changed to fit the narrative of Sarah’s video being made hurting them somehow
>previous employees contacted Sarah and talked about the lack of a HR department, not getting severance pay, and being threatened with legal action if they spoke out against the company
This is a total clusterfuck. Way to bring light to how shitty of a company Whatpumpkin actually is behind the scenes. They really shot themselves in the foot with this one.

No. 1268591

Hussie seems actually insane for this. He got his feefees THAT hurt over a video he didn't even watch lmfao

No. 1268651

the way hussie worded his emails and spoke to sarah was exasperating, too. he sounded like an incel trying to emulate a badass anime villain.

No. 1268708

>Caters to trannies by clarifying that she's giving the benefit of the doubt to the team largely comprised of TIMs
>"My co-writer is trans (TIM)!"
>Still gets told to suck girldick by trannies
>Still gets told her video and concerns are invalid because she's cis
>Tranny-filled company repeatedly treating her like shit and threatening her, even when she asks them their side of the story
Just peak already.

No. 1268720

File: 1625111671455.jpeg (217.44 KB, 750x767, 491559FE-A984-4EB0-A433-234F85…)

Gio (@giovan_h on twitter) uploaded an blog post about this, a lot of recap of the video with some of his own insight with his research and the stalker allegatiom from Aysha. Sarah talked with more ex WP employees than he did. https://blog.giovanh.com/blog/2021/06/30/the-sarah-z-video-fallout/

No. 1268721

File: 1625111950359.jpeg (271 KB, 750x513, 475DF1BF-DDFD-4688-B836-9F9D10…)

I didn't pay attention and catch Cindy Dominguez's name and role before so learning she's been around as executive producer and the figure who sent the stupid emails/is current CEO makes a lot of sense.

No. 1269359

Man, isn't Hussie like 40? You'd think after all the drama from HS he's been through over the years he would've handled this better.

No. 1269518

Hussie's idea of damage control has always been condescending but this is a new low. I'm glad Sarah didn't take their shit, especially with that tone.

Also what kinda retarded company acts like former employees are crazy exes? That is not how any of that should work lol.

No. 1271830

Most funny part, is that he, for whatever reason, instantly believes everything he hears from his friends. It is this time and the reddit email chain one: he is like "yeah, I don't know anything but my friends are upset and claim to be bullied, so here am I"

No. 1271897

The behind-the-scenes for the Reddit emails was insane, I'm surprised nobody covered it.

No. 1355006

Dear Kyle “Kate” Mitchell

My secret Female Equius x Me fanfic is more canon than the entirety of homestuck^2



P..S.: “Vriska did nothing wrong” was something Hussie said ironically from the very beginning and the fact you can’t see that proves you’re even more detached fron reality than the average transvestite.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1355308

File: 1635139662299.jpg (107.33 KB, 640x567, =).jpg)

>is he non-binary or something?
he is(don't use emojis)

No. 1355407

oh Jonny I wish you'd saged because this post was fucking gold

No. 1355419

hehehe lulz



No. 1355422

sorry babe ill try better next time(ban-evading dumbass )

No. 1355435

happy cascade fuckers(no)

No. 1355465

well fuck you


No. 1355637

I don't get why people give this fan comic so much clout. Yeah, I get that some popular members of the community worked on it for a quick minute and that it has 2 in the title, but at the end of the day, it's just another fan comic.

No. 1355676

didnt hussie like give it his blessing and say it was canon

No. 1355679

(I'm over a year late but) tell that to Andrew "Dave has a gay watersports fetish" Hussie(autism)

No. 1355687

Supposedly, he wrote the story outline. The problem is that Andrew's always been terrible at writing a cohesive plot. He's much better at character writing and comedy, so it's bizarre to me that he chose to do the thing he sucks at and outsourced the thing he excelled at.

The cluttered mess of a plot worked for Problem Sleuth because it meshed well with the humor. In a more serious story like Homestuck, it was problematic because the pacing was inconsistent and confusing. Homestuck is like three different graphic novels worth of ideas crammed into one story, which is probably why it took Andrew so long to move on– he wasted all his best ideas on Homestuck. He should have transitioned to a new project years ago. His buddy Ryan North writes for Marvel, and all he got famous for was Dinosaur Comics. Imagine what Andrew could have done with his career if he moved on after the credits, back when Homestuck generally still had good will.

People read Homestuck for the characters, full stop. As much of an overstuffed mess the story was, it has some really funny, memorable, well-written teenage characters (along with some shitty tertiary ones no one likes.) The second the characters started being written by people with ulterior motives (hatred of fans in V's case, narcissistic wish fulfilment in "Kate's", etc) they lost their charm. Frankly, the sequel deserves to lose its funding and get discontinued. You can't just strip away everything people liked about the original and expect people to buy into it based on the IP alone.

No. 1355690

File: 1635194788174.jpeg (5.78 KB, 257x196, download.jpeg)

No. 1355692

personally in my opinion john should fuck rose

No. 1355695

Personally in my opinion, you should sage your autism.

No. 1355704

why are you oppressing me(sage your shit )

No. 1356355

my shit(ban evading )

No. 1484989


No. 1506135

File: 1650417804719.jpeg (37.93 KB, 400x400, 22FEBA05-BBAE-4035-870D-B86519…)

I feel like whatever insanity Hussie is up to right now is a result of clown world mentality (which as you can see he's embraced). Not to excuse his faults but imagine being the guy who spawned the Homestuck fandom. You pour yourself into creating an entire super long webcomic only for it to serve as a(n internet) cultural atomic bomb. I would either lose my mind to cope, or start acting like a full blown clown since that's what they made of me anyway. Whatever he subsequently creates is going to draw those same kinds of people so he's just leaning into it. Hussie has embraced clown world, that's my thesis.
This is the cherry on top, and its awfulness is precisely why he gave it his blessing imo. They have fucking destroyed Homestuck but it was already destroyed. I admit this is all speculation but how can these events be anything but a big laugh for him? Everything has been peak farce. Look at this man, he's chosen to just go with it.

No. 1784872

File: 1678267105220.jpeg (1.38 MB, 828x1534, B45A78B5-99C8-46EC-B081-D839D0…)

This post is so dramatic
Hussie is just shitposting again like he has always done.

Seems like he deleted these pics. But I still wonder what he’s up to these days?

No. 1785128

Hiveswap: Act 3 is still in the works apparently. There's also going to be some official Homestuck cafe event in Anaheim, CA. The cafe that is hosting is the same one that hosted the official Undertale cafe. I can't imagine the Homestuck cafe will do as well as the Undertale one though which had 3 to 5 hour wait times and would have food, drink, and merchandise sold out constantly. Guess Hussie is just trying to scrounge up some cash off of people's fandom nostalgia at this point.

No. 1785151

File: 1678306180065.png (536.48 KB, 591x601, ffg.png)

No. 1785163

Hussie, if you're gonna try and use the farms to cpr your dead career, could you at least learn2sage?

No. 1785165

Hussie would never sage, like he would never date a woman his age.

No. 1785169

I hope he's no longer dancing in a clown costume for troons half his age and has gone to some corporation to be a nameless mid level programmer. It's what would be best for everyone involved.

No. 1785185

Hussie is so gross

No. 1785716

File: 1678395373907.png (35.99 KB, 712x237, VE drama.png)

I'm expanding this thread to include general fandom drama and lolcows. Pic related, old post but it's new milk to me.(new milk to you is not new milk, sage your shit)

No. 1785717

File: 1678395526927.png (33.79 KB, 720x307, VE drama2.png)

Valerie is already known to be insane, but Xamag coercing a minor to draw porn is also wildly disgusting.

No. 1819169

>(new milk to you is not new milk, sage your shit)
I'm sure it's new to you too, but sure sorry my man.

No. 1819696

File: 1683119007630.png (203.27 KB, 1044x2384, Screenshot_20230403-002704.png)


No. 1825082

File: 1683810550783.jpg (124.65 KB, 720x1600, e6b2df4d19ad9a7f1801016a6deff6…)

No. 1825522

What is he even talking about? Is he getting this mad at random other people's fanart not matching his headcanons?

No. 1826594

File: 1684008656387.jpg (739.5 KB, 4000x3000, y45dd4r9vqta1.jpg)

There was a Homestuck related "event" at a coffee shop last month where an "official height chart" for all the characters was revealed. The artist was Asian and drew them "too short" (I'm mid 20's and 60 inches tall, which I thought was completely average) and vaguely Asian looking for the Godfeels enjoyers. The hulking trannoid who fucks K8 is mad because he's fat, ugly, racist, and irrelevant.

No. 1826595

File: 1684008692376.jpg (967.73 KB, 4000x3000, hxa5ejt8vqta1.jpg)

No. 1826597

File: 1684008974111.jpg (794.71 KB, 4000x3000, ifrn7rlavqta1.jpg)

No. 1826612

Most of the male heights would be pretty short for adults but I assume they're meant to be 13-16 here

No. 1826630

The children are child height, abraxsas is just butthurt over having less troon goon fuel. I can't even imagine getting that angry over something so inconsequential.

No. 1826632

No. 1830214

2 years late but she changed her name to ctset and used an anonymous username by the name of vfromhomestuck to write the epilogues hiveswap 1 and 2 and marvus and lanque's route in Hiveswap friendsim also she is absolutely a lolcow in my opinion(sage your shit)

No. 1830538

File: 1684525716103.gif (479.75 KB, 300x225, 1614839638672.gif)

God, this tranny is so fucking annoying. Vriska isn't a tranny no matter how much he shouts about it on twitter. I'm glad female Vriska cosplayers make his ass seethe.

Short or not they all look really cute. Tranny is ass blasted over nothing as per usual

No. 1831235

I heard from a little bird years ago that ipgd groomed Hussie sexually and I believe it completely.

No. 1831533

File: 1684678696273.jpeg (63 KB, 828x763, 65FF4C71-9585-4FE6-8E56-E52EBD…)

I remember her Tumblr blogposts where she just utterly idolizes Hussie. In retrospect, it was creepy as fuck how utterly obsessed she was with this man and it was clear as day she had a massive crush on him.

For sure she was a bit of a lolcow. Her massive Stridercest fanfic was apparently based off her emotionally abusive relationship with her late mother. Plus, there was her whole fixation on animal genitalia as a source of "humor" to the point where she even made them the focus of an art school assignment and blogged about that. I also remember the meltdown she had over HS fans speculating on the Homestuck staff's personal lives.

She also to this day has an old /ic/ anon, now /co/ schizo creep who is still obsessed with her known as guy a.k.a. manlyburger. I guess it’s understandable why she's dropped off the face of the Earth because of stuff like this but her cowish behavior attracted crazies.

No. 1831811

File: 1684706856239.png (70.08 KB, 1045x1269, archive.is_khxei (1).png)

So this is probably really old news but it's recently been revealed by a Homestuck^2 writer that all the post-Homestuck stuff was done just to repay debts owed to Viz.

No. 1831854

On the one hand, I feel kind of bad for these folks. He really did hand them a smoldering pile of garbage and say, "make this profitable, and appease all the people I pissed off without retconning any of the things that pissed them off. Also, follow my shitty outline that is somehow even worse." I'm not sure even a really talented veteran writer could make something good out of that, let alone the group of random Twitter autists Andrew dug up for the project.

Andrew totally shat up his own story with the epilogues, which he's quick to say were written by other people, but the reality is that he wrote the outline and approved everything, and I'm willing to bet some of the worst ideas were his. This is the same guy who wrote about 16-year-old Jake Harley seducing a then-in-his-thirties Laurel or Hardy (don't remember which, don't care to look it up.) After Homestuck ended, Andrew's writing abilities were totally shot for several years, basically because he disappeared up his own ass and got irony poisoning while retards like V and ipgd enabled him. I'm glad the epilogues and sequel went down in flames, it's what Andrew deserves for his hubris. Psycholonials seems to indicate that it impacted him in some way, and the writing is those games is less shit than the epilogues, so there's that.

No. 1832301

I still can't tell if his writing genuinely got that bad or if he made the epilogues awful on purpose to kill the IP so he could be done with it

No. 1832325

late as fuck, but did homestuck2/the epilogues get cancelled/retconned?

No. 1832907

Please you beautiful person tell me more about her or post any archive photos/info about her

No. 1832910

it wasn't really retconned because it was never canon in the first place.
And no it isn't cancelled.
Nevermind that second part yes it is 100% genuinely cancelled the only reason Hussie didn't officially say it's cancelled is because he doesn't like taking criticism and will never admit he made a mistake.

No. 1832915

File: 1684863444334.jpg (85.66 KB, 720x1103, IMG_20230523_200957.jpg)

This is not speculation at this point just facts also on that schizo stalker of hers I personally asked him about the whole ipgd = ctset =vfromhomestuck theory do you all think he's telling the truth?

No. 1832929

funny that they said they were going to continue working on it in private kek. I wonder if this is the real end of homestuck as a webcomic or will they try and do another reboot in a 5-10 years for more money.

No. 1832944

I’m pretty certain that all three are the same person. People forget that ipgd went an east coast art school, Massart, with inheritance money from her late mother. If you look up ctset, you’ll see links to Massart. Furthermore, the vfromhomestuck account admitted to being the author of the Stridercest stories that ipgd wrote under her embarrassingfanfiction handle. Guy is a massive schizo but he is right about these details and even has her real name if you look hard enough.

No. 1832946

I think it's a little bit of both. Again, V and CephiedVariable wrote the epilogues; Hussie just gave them his outline and oversaw the work, with the exception of a few scenes he wrote himself. Hussie's writing was declining in quality even towards the end of Homestuck. While there's still some good stuff later on (Roxy's character arc and the interaction with Dirk and Dave spring to mind) it's buried in awful stuff, like the Dancestors, trickster mode, Jasprosesprite, etc.
Psycholonials is his first attempt post-Homestuck to write something in earnest, and it's still just not as good as Problem Sleuth or the first half of Homestuck. It's not as shit as the epilogues, but that's a pretty low bar to clear. The epilogues are a mix of awful on purpose (dog dick nympho Jade, Jake shitting his pants, Jane being a fascist, Roxy trooning out) and awful on accident (Dirk has no clear character motivation, the tone is all over the place, continuity errors everywhere, the change of medium being a terrible choice, irony poisoning.) I think it's terrible in part because Hussie didn't have very much feedback while he was writing it; it was just him and two of his biggest ass-kissers. Because Homestuck proper was partially written on the fly, Hussie could actually see fandom feedback and integrate fans' ideas into the story. That was a big part of Homestuck in the beginning, hence the command prompt. Fans named the original four kids and twelve trolls, lest we forget. Without outside input, Hussie disappears up his own ass in a haze of pretention. Also choosing to make the epilogues a novel instead of a comic was a terrible choice made entirely so they could shit it out faster with less effort. Homestuck was tailored to the medium of webcomics specifically. It's like if someone tried to make a sequel to Citizen Kane in some medium other than film. Medium matters, and while Homestuck is wordier than most comics by a wide margin, it still relies on its visuals and sound to communicate the story, characters, and humor effectively. The epilogues are truly just Hussie playing himself– he wanted to say "fuck you," to fans, but all he ended up doing was putting his own company in debt.

No. 1832950

File: 1684867624359.jpg (81.16 KB, 640x815, 0fpaji77oiu61.jpg)

>funny that they said they were going to continue working on it in private kek.
Who is "they", I'm pretty sure every person who worked on it quit by the time they announced that it was pure cope.
>I wonder if this is the real end of homestuck as a webcomic or will they try and do another reboot in a 5-10 years for more money.
Andrew Hussie left (pic related)
Snake solutions the studio responsible for homestuck^2 shut down years ago
Whatpumpkin is dead and out of business
Combine all this with the recent news that Andrew bussie is balls deep in debt and you have the ultimate proof that Homestuck is dead at last, and all that remains is nostalgia and sad decade-past memories.

No. 1832953

>vfromhomestuck account admitted to being the author of the Stridercest stories that ipgd wrote under her embarrassingfanfiction handle.
Screenshot or archive link?

No. 1832955

File: 1684868046831.png (50.19 KB, 603x862, Screenshot_6.png)

i'm just sad that homestuck as an ip couldn't age gracefully. the og comic is still fun and whimsical but the fandom which surrounds it is a cesspit of troonism and shit like picrel. they have no sense of fun or humor. here's the entire post: https://burn-the-retcon.tumblr.com/post/718129089588887552/more-reminders

No. 1832961

File: 1684868491353.png (23.27 KB, 617x398, 58C57546-7A5E-4820-902F-7D4DDD…)

Closest I can find. Wish I can find an actual archived link to the entirety of the Google Doc. I guess I misremembered details since the actual v account didn't seem to have confessed to it but ipgd came out of nowhere after years of inactivity to post this when the accusations started flying that v is the writer of the Stridercest fics.

No. 1832970

Lol I knew about this way back I was just wondering if the actual @vfromhomestuck account confessed to it
>Wish I can find an actual archived link to the entirety of the Google Doc
Here you go https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1UOIg1v7Ut1lmI0pyWbrNhQAUa_vRz1vbeyszEk310xQ/mobilebasic

No. 1833001

lol I remember reading this and thinking she is so full of shit here since her interest in Stridercest seemed to go beyond just condemning it. She followed a ton of Stridercest artists and was besties with Sugoihime, one of the biggest Stridercest artists, to the point where I remembered she'd actively engage with her on her personal Tumblr account (dessirsucres or something like that) that was all about her college FWB sex life. She definitely got off to Stridercest with the sheer amount of references she made to it on her Tumblr account but hid that interest behind layers of irony.

No. 1833022

>Gamzee is intended to be a satirization of black people
How did this person manage to read Homestuck without learning what a Juggalo is, or that it's a real subculture consisting mostly of white people?
Incredibly, I was looking at the notes, and someone else already pointed this out to the OP, whose response was
>ICP might be white, but rap is a black genre
>Gamzee has an absentee father and messy hair
>Gamzee hits on a bunch of female characters who I've arbitrarily decided are coded white.
Absolutely braindead. I'll post a screencap later, I'm phonefagging right now and I can't.

No. 1833025

Even as a fujo I never understood the hype for Stridercest (which was very popular in 2012.) Even now I mostly just chalk it up to horny teenage autists enabling each other's weird behavior in fandom spaces.

No. 1833061

Ugh I'm the post you're replying to so I hope this doesn't out me, BUT

They are the same person. My roommate is "the little bird" who used to be IPGDs roommate as well.

No. 1833143

"sexually predatory behaviour towards white-coded women and children" this sounds like something you'd see on a sjw parody account. I almost don't believe it but I can't imagine being bored enough to make a troll blog about homestuck in 2023..
>Andrew bussie is balls deep in debt
He really screwed the pooch. Sad!

No. 1833165

The Stridercest fandom back then was utter cancer. I remember reading complaints that there were GIFs of underaged Dirk and Dave fujo cosplayers making out being posted in the tag.

No. 1833311


Back in the day cgl had a compilation gif of those all mashed together to see if we could slowly build the worst gif in the world.

No. 1833581

This is probably probing a bit too deeply but did she contribute to Hussie breaking up with Rachel/halftruth? I remember she pretty much got into Hussie's circle by being friends with Rachel and her interactions always felt forced and unnatural around her since she was clearly more fixated on Andrew.

No. 1833644

File: 1684950807128.png (592.79 KB, 1280x960, 1666565405118.png)

in 2017 there was some kind of autistic conspiracy surrounding the /co/ Homestuck threads and the Hussie gang. Apparently, this weird spergy Tumblry post https://archive.is/FT5BG#selection-13.25-17.1
I can't confirm it and I also don't know if ipgd is involved take it how you wil.
>I remember she pretty much got into Hussie's circle by being friends with Rachel
Really I thought she only got in because she sent him pic related? Enlighten me if I'm wrong

No. 1833677

File: 1684952452719.png (108.14 KB, 789x847, d4yk732-88c35bf1-7f2f-4cd6-a3f…)

The gift box established contact between them but she kept buttering up to Rachel after that. She drew fanart of her characters (pic related, Rachel's character Kitten Legs drawn by IPGD) and constantly engaged with her on Tumblr when Rachel would typically spurn contact from other fans. She slowly distanced herself from /hsg/ during that time until I assume she got into Hussie's private circle when she moved from Florida to the east coast where he resides. This was all years ago so I'm just basing this off my own impression of events.

No. 1833701

Piggy didn't break up Hussie and Rachel, Hussie broke up with Rachel after Shelby pimped her (at the time)16 year old sister out to him for a chance at Homestuck Artist Clout. Hussie and Shelby's sister are married now. This information leak actually caused a friend of mine to get doxxed and harassed off the internet by Hussie's orbiters.


No. 1833708

I remember wondering if the woman who rejected Hussie was Piggy but I assume now that Shelby's sister probably initially rejected him. Utterly disgusting situation in any case.

No. 1833714

I don't have pics, but was Rachel the ex who got a SBAHJ tattoo? I wonder if she still has it lmao

No. 1833720

What the fuck, wasn't Andrew in his thirties at the time? Fucking sicko, dating teenagers half his age.
So this is why Shelby basically got her own self-insert character (Calliope) in the comic? She just groomed her sister into dating Hussie? Good lord. Imagine pawning your underage sister off on a guy twice her age so you can cash in on his internet fame.

No. 1833730

Yep, that's the whole disgusting fucking gist of it. Hussie was in his mid 30's when this happened and it puts a new spin on him trying to put a ring on 13-year-old Ghost Vriska.

No. 1833752

Since Hussie still owns the IP and is apparently in debt, I'm calling him coming back with a reboot for some quick cash someday

No. 1833756

File: 1684957643677.jpg (103.8 KB, 577x1024, DZGKU4GVQAAxGPE.jpg)

Isn't Shelby's sister a Vriska cosplayer too? IIRC, she cosplayed as fairy Vriska here.

No. 1833757

File: 1684957717636.png (427.58 KB, 490x583, 1501785184229.png)

Pic for comparison.

No. 1833811

Yep, that is the same woman. Coulda sworn I answered already, but I gueaa not.

No. 1833824

dirk and dave were some of the most popular male characters in the fandom. i don't think it's too deep outside of women and girls wanting to see cute males kiss

No. 1833836

It gave a generation of women AAP.

No. 1833844

Wasn't most Stridercest pedo abuse stuff with Dave and Bro?

No. 1833847

stridercest alone didn't make women troon out. you can enjoy that type of content without projecting onto it, or otherwise letting it color other aspects of your life

No. 1833873

Okay, not every single strider yaoi incest fan trooned out… But I'd be flat out lying if I said a portion of them didn't troon out because of that. Incest fans are usually retarded, anyway.

No. 1833906

The word you're looking for is "all." It's literally a preteen boy and his neglectful father, who he thinks is his brother.

No. 1833909

The fuck is wrong with his mother? If I had a son who dated a teenage girl in his thirties, he'd be fucking dead to me.

No. 1833918

She probably spoiled him growing up and enables a lot of his scummy behavior.

No. 1833927


She allowed him to grow into the adult he was so clearly she's a shit mom to begin with…..

No. 1833929

Anyone have deets on Hussie’s debt? Is it debt he acquired through mishandling Homestuck/Hiveswap or some unrelated personal debt? I wonder what he’s doing for money these days

No. 1834055

i wonder how toby fox went from living in hussie's basement to escaping with critically acclaimed and beloved videogames under his belt compared to whatever the hell happened to homestuck

No. 1834059

He released a finished product in one go and didn't interact with his fanbase

No. 1834072

Compare that to Hussie wasting nearly $2.5 million on a game that isn’t finished even after over a decade. Undertale only cost around $50,000.

No. 1834186

1.he is extremely talented.
2.he's a professional and only let's talented game developers work with him or he just works by himself.
3.he completely ignores his cancerous fandom.
4.He is humble
5.he's not retarded and actually listens to criticism.

No. 1834286

Reading this was definitely interesting… I used to be a part of the /hsg/ Skype group (hopefully won't doxx myself too hard here), and I remember halftruth joining it in her crusade to shut down 4chan, and ending up gaining some friends there when she realised most of us were relatively normal at least.
It's really sad to see how much she suffered. Even though I found her a bit obnoxious and it's clear she is still mentally unwell, I don't think she deserved this, I hope she's doing better these days.

No. 1834309

I felt bad for her too. I remember she’d get into polite conversations with fans on tumblr or twitter and then suddenly decide that they were horrible evil people and write these long therapy-speak rants about how she didn’t owe them her time or energy even though the person she’d been talking to hadn’t been acting weird or entitled at all. She was definitely not mentally well enough to cope with having so many eyes on her.

No. 1835558

Did Andrew have a day job before the kickstarter? I remember I actually dropped the comic right around the kickstarter because the dancestor walkaround flash games sucked ass and felt like they only existed to be part of the kickstarter cashgrab (backers got early access to them) and to drive more troll shirt sales. The first five acts and very early act 6 felt much more like a passion project.

No. 1835707

Scamdrew Hussie has never had a day job, he is a trust fund baby. The dancestor flash was when he really, REALLY started outsourcing work to fujoshits.

No. 1843068

File: 1686264170050.jpg (61.74 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mded3oA1wC1rhpyywo1_500…)

You're right (especially about the Dancestor flashes sucking), but for fuck's sake, lets not start Fujoshi Discourse Part 72256 in this thread.

No. 1843071

Supposedly his dad owned a lot of patents or something and was really well off, so yeah, he never had to work afaik. He various comic projects over the years were basically his "job" and he never actually had to earn a living, which helps explain why he managed the kickstarter money so poorly. I'm honestly jealous, I wish I had the luxury of living off of someone else's dime and spending all my waking time on art.

No. 1843659

fujoshits killed homofaggot no opinion here just facts

No. 1843933

????(sage your shit)

No. 1843937

Hussie killed homestuck you retard. Read the thread.

It honestly isn’t. Shipping all the characters was normal at the time and no one took it seriously.

No. 1843975

I'd argue that the Kickstarter and the ensuing drama "killed it" (i.e., caused the quality to drop and made Hussie resent the fanbase, eventually resulting in the Epilogues) but go off I guess.

No. 1844151

File: 1686414307493.gif (61.01 KB, 650x450, 02447.gif)

Act 6 killed it, Act 5 was the introduction of the decline even if it had some really strong points.

picrel deserved better.

No. 1844220

I'll always wonder what Homestuck would've looked like if Hussie had paid less attention to the fandom and not tried to monetize the IP before the comic was done

No. 1844611

unrelated but how would you fix/change it?

No. 1845306

It would have still been shit because by then, he was going overdrive into the alternate universe/time travel stuff which made the comic hard to follow and didn't add to many jokes. And the story was clearly meandering with nowhere to go. Its obvious Hussie only planned out so far in the plot if at all. He would always have hire ghost writers, or just cancel the comic.

No. 1845345

This thread got me nostalgic for 2011. Are any of the post-canon works or video games worth engaging with at all?

No. 1845444

No. 1845583

File: 1686620179873.gif (23.21 KB, 650x450, 0163.gif)

Some of HS^2 have really good art by xamag, if you are familiar with their work. Other than that, no. All post-canon plot sucks.

No. 1845893

Xamag sucks and is a groomer, it's a shame her art is good.

No. 1845894

Xamag sucks and is a groomer, it's a shame her art is good.

No. 1846013

>Xamag sucks and is a groomer
Great, the homestuck train never stops being shit.

No. 1846050

Source? Google's not giving me anything about this

She joined the art team at 15 so I'd assume she was the one getting groomed if anything

No. 1846592

Elaborate holy shit you can't just say someone is a groomer without proof

No. 1846672

File: 1686779598649.jpg (101.23 KB, 1080x1020, EbYBMu_VAAAHah4.jpg)

Most of it's been deleted off twitter, but the story is that Xamag does the art for a popular fan adventure and encouraged a minor to draw pornography in their diacord server. Censored because use your brain.

No. 1846673

File: 1686779799402.jpg (28.09 KB, 720x307, Xamag(1).jpg)

No. 1847007

iirc xamag herself would be barely 18 around that time…

No. 1847064

These screenshots are from the last two years (2021-2022), she's in her mid 20's.

No. 1847067

Maybe I'm a retard, but somehow I just don't really support an 18 year old pressuring 14-16 year olds to draw porn to get in their clique.

No. 1847843

people keep saying this but it just sounds like fanfiction. especially coming from an account called hstwt exposed

No. 1848096

File: 1687011501433.jpg (79.51 KB, 720x967, Hmmm.jpg)

Sorry, nona.

No. 1848488

Maybe I'm just not understanding the whole picture here, but it just seems like a teenager drawing shitty smut art of a fan adventure? I don't really see any evidence that they were instructed to do it by Xamag. Also I'm not trying to make excuses for this behavior, but at the fandom's peak, teenagers were drawing so much porn. You had to have been there, but it was pretty normalized at the time and nobody really gave a crap, which obviously was a problem because it opens the artists up to grooming and such.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that the post canon stuff was so awful it actually ruined the original for a lot of people. Do not ever read it, even as a morbid curiosity it's a complete waste of time written by fans with big egos who don't understand Homestuck and hate other fans.

No. 1848672

Haha ok weirdo. Everyone's got their (wrong) opinion I guess.

No. 1849551

nta but lolcow isn't twitter. you need actual receipts if you want to claim things about someone.

No. 1849945

Darn, my bad. Please ignore the Cp drawn by a minor, then.

No. 1850067

This is all pretty confusing. Apparently this story starts with some troon sending a kid a dick pic over discord and the singular tweet mentioning Xamag doesn't make it clear how she fits into the picture at all. It sounds more like "Valerie" convinced the minor to commission Xamag or something?

No. 1850132

File: 1687283528103.png (114.98 KB, 581x610, hmmm.png)

>pic related as a reply to the tweet
These posts are all over the place but from what I gather in some HScommwatch twitter acc these users are angry about some egdy mods in a HS discord and spotty drama that happened in like 2016-2019. No solid screenshots though, only screenshots of anonymous messages.

No. 1850216

The Homestuck Discord drama was a different thing that involved minors being exposed to gore and porn.

No. 1850220

I have found a related missing link from the guy this is about.

tl;dr: minors are allowed to draw porn and entice other minors to draw porn because it's "normal" and "everyone does it", but a grown adult viewing porn is wrong. News flash: they're both wrong and they're both bad. Sorry about your blorbo.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1850372

Nta but she's not calling you a liar, you fucking idiot. She's just asking for pics (of the Discord conversations) because this is a fucking imageboard. Just looking at their crappy art on a Booru doesn't give context as to why they drew it.

Again, this is an imageboard.

No. 1857847

File: 1688439713015.jpg (7.13 MB, 1470x9800, od.jpg)

OptimisticDuelist, a former HS^2 writer, went absolutely insane over a shitpost comic where his favorite character turns into a jpeg explosion stock image and then deleted everything except his tumblr where he changed his url to PessimisticUtopian and ranted about how the epilogues sucked so bad they caused suicides

It's starting to look like none of the people who worked on the epilogues or the sequel actually liked them at all

No. 1857933

File: 1688455412794.jpeg (111.01 KB, 1349x387, 2799FB2C-4488-4D8D-8C9A-011AB2…)

Jfc, this is so funny, the level of autism here is barely believable. Picrel is peak ironic. I love every bit of this. Especially about “this is pointless” bit. Because yeah: that’s what epilogues was - fucking pointless. Never there was “that’s why”, are you kidding me?
Also - I am not very familiar with him as a persona - is it really “him”? I mean all those speech patterns, fragile tortured artist soul LITERALLY DEAD and the whole Dirkfaggotry kinda paints me a portrait of a ftm fujo with a gay man larp. Is there a photo of him anywhere?

No. 1857934

Sorry samefag, I’m blind: she(?) is not an epilogues writer, but a hs2 one, this is just much more hilarious on the “pointless” bit, lmao

No. 1857948

Optimisticduelist is a 30 year old man.(sage your shit)

No. 1857952

“Vriska or fucking CALIBORN HIMSELF” sent me
These dumb webcomic characters are satan irl

No. 1858050

The amount of times he used "literally" for dramatic effect is making me laugh

No. 1858118

I think he's an actual gay guy from a homophobic religious family

He wrote an article on how Earthbound helped him survive being a gay Catholic kid https://medium.com/mammon-machine-zeal/a-light-in-the-dark-f958a9f51298

No. 1858261

No. 1858284

This guy needs to take his meds, holy shit. Dirk is my favorite, too, but I have no fucking clue what OD is on about. The explosion comic is clearly just… making a joke about "bury your gays" and/or pride month ending. The bit with Dave and the piñata is clearly also just part of a running gag about how Dirk keeps getting decapitated, and you'd have to be profoundly autistic to read it as serious. It's kind of ironic that he's tilted about kinning when he's projecting onto a character to a similarly unhealthy degree. He's almost acting as though Dirk is a real person with feelings and not just a character from a webcomic. Who cares if someone draws him blowing up? He's not real.

OD's right that kinning is fucking retarded, but there's not much point in complaining about it because teenagers and turbo spergs are going to continue to do so. Everyone knows it's stupid, but no one cares to get into arguments with the sort of speds who are into it.

No. 1858287

>Earthbound helped him survive being a gay Catholic kid
Crazy how the same people who complain about capitalism also often overvalue the significance of consoomer goods. It's a good game, don't get me wrong, but it didn't save your life, ffs.

No. 1860849

No. 1860946

So many words to say "you need to apologize for not liking our bad fanfic".
What these trannoids don't realize is the reason people dislike Kate is because she's a grifter who has a history of scamming people.

No. 1861072

>the epilogues are a complicated, challenging text that no one is obligated to like. they are MEANT to be divisive.
it was babby's first edgy fic, on the same level artistically as an average robot chicken parody skit

No. 1861122

>we called andrew out after the skaianet debacle and you know fucking what? she LISTENED.
Oh boy, is Hussie an official troon now instead of a halfassed enby?

No. 1861283

File: 1688951965013.jpg (167.19 KB, 1080x1310, IMG_20230709_222056.jpg)

No. 1862266

File: 1689094924031.gif (1.88 MB, 400x224, not_the_fat_terezi!.GIF)

>your official merch is now a bougie cafe in california where terezi is no longer short and fat

No. 1862279

tldr - milk?

No. 1862283

Both are fucking retarded anon

No. 1862284

>bougie cafe
where did all these trannoids meet up for their pgenpod live bullshit, then? the same kind of cafes? a different state every month? yes? i hate these fags so much.

also, of course the hulking bald neanderthal "sarah" is mad that a female Asian artist got to draw the "official" height chart. again, i hate these fags so much.

>tHIs iS aN iMaGeBoArD
post a screenshot of the article because clicking a button once is way easier than clicking a button once.

No. 1862286

>three year old post

No. 1862399

>balls deep in debt
Maybe he’ll pull a lowtax and kill himself
Infact all goons should do that SJWbeef and Dumbassabetus included
It won’t end the horrors they’ve created but it will certainly make me feel better

No. 1862477

Is everyone who worked on HS except Toby Fox a troon now? I guess the postcanon people were always troons and were hired as such but even most of the original comic's team seems to have trooned since it ended. Hussie, Gankro, Xamag, George Buzinkai, etc.

No. 1862478

I hope not I do not want Andrew hussie to die I want that lying scamming sack of creepy malformed-looking shit to live as long as is humanly possible to see everything he touch turn into ashes in his mouth to see his former music basement goblin pass him in life in everyway possible.

No. 1862485

File: 1689110930330.jpeg (5.91 KB, 248x204, download.jpeg)

This guy dodged a bullet then (deep Andrew hussie lore for those who know)

No. 1862486

File: 1689111002192.jpeg (516.55 KB, 1825x2048, IMG_8409.jpeg)

>hulking bald neanderthal "sarah"
I didn’t know what he looked like so I googled him… lmao

No. 1862488

Hussie really didn't have what it took to talk professionalism…

No. 1862491

Trannies crying that Homestuck^2 is cancelled forever and also spreading around the delusion that Kate Mitchell is a good person.

No. 1862497

I unironically hope he's doing great wherever he is right now.

His last appearance
>Do not associate me with Andrew Hussie in any way in a public sector.
I am sick and tired of being dragged back to your fucked up fandom because you don't seem to get the idea that I want nothing to do with what he is doing.
Wish I left the place earlier on, but can you blame me for being decieved, needing to actually experience that the man did not live up to his carefully crafted image? Please stop disallowing me to live down this mistake.

No. 1862517

>tHIs iS aN iMaGeBoArD post a screenshot of the article because clicking a button once is way easier than clicking a button once.
Screencaps are better for archiving things all in one place.

No. 1862652

Can someone spoon feed me into about hussie dating and underage girl and marrying her? (From my limited understanding) that sounds insane

No. 1862955

File: 1689178905255.jpg (4.27 MB, 1141x5980, Screenshot (270).jpg)

OD coming in hot with a project he's billing as "the only post-Epilogues timeline narrative currently being maintained by a former HS^2 writer" as if that is a good thing


No. 1863012

This is honestly so weird and sad. I was actually a fan of his youtube Homestuck analysis videos before he was drafted into writing HS^2 so it's really bizarre to see someone who I thought had some really good takes on the original work to essentially having a psychotic break from being too obsessed with it. Instead of writing a new fanfic he should be logging off and making some friends who don't know anything about Homestuck.

No. 1863059

He was always a schizocow waiting to explode don't try to deny it

No. 1863110

Read the thread, it's Shelby Cragg's younger sister.

No. 1863311

>cascade of coloUrs and rhythmically violent divine yaoiyuri lovesavagery
can’t tell if genuine schizo or just trying really hard to sound like an elder scrolls lore writer

No. 1863402

I never followed him on twitter so idk about there but like 3-4 years ago I really thought he was just another harmless autist that really liked Homestuck. Maybe things got worse over time on twitter or something but just from youtube I didn't think he was much different than any other person who makes analysis vids on nerd stuff, let alone actually capable of having a psychotic/manic break because of a shitpost of all things. Plus he had the same favorite characters as me and liked other series I like so I kinda related to him.

No. 1863409

>Plus he had the same favorite characters as me and liked other series I like so I kinda related to him
I feel that, Dirk is my fav too and I share his obsession with Revolutionary Girl Utena
I genuinely hope he gets help

No. 1863683


>"Radically empathetic queer humanist"

Homestuck is a webcomic where sexy puppets are a constant punchline and the plot of Con Air features prominently. These people are so desperate to avoid therapy they'd rather pretend Andrew Hussie personally spit in their coffee.

Why does it seem like all the prime crazies are all fans from the Epilogues/HS2 era? What happened to the great drama cows of 2012-2017 when the fandom was huge and unavoidable? Have they all faded away?

No. 1863701

>Why does it seem like all the prime crazies are all fans from the Epilogues/HS2 era? What happened to the great drama cows of 2012-2017 when the fandom was huge and unavoidable? Have they all faded away?

No. 1863775

File: 1689274454753.jpg (1.41 MB, 575x2480, od.jpg)

OD commenting on his original meltdown over the shitpost comic

Apparently someone he knew did commit suicide over the epilogues and he also considered suicide over them

No. 1863880

>Have they all faded away?
They all moved on to different fandoms, or grew up and started acting normal.

No. 1863959

>suicide over fanfic

No. 1864022

If someone was so fragile that they killed themselves over the epilogues, that's just natural selection tbh. That's assuming it happened, though, which it didn't.

No. 1864023

>What happened to the great drama cows of 2012-2017
They either grew up or trooned out, pretty much. Throughout all the TiM and TiF threads, I've seen many ugly selfies where the person has Homestuck tattoos, kek.

No. 1864289

File: 1689359013051.png (5.71 KB, 645x449, oscar wilde is turning in his …)

>dirk is one of the most empathetic and tenderly rendered portrayals of gay manhood ever put to literature

this guy?? you have got to be shitting me

No. 1864303

I like Dirk but I'm honestly surprised ultrawoke types like OD don't find him offensive

The only gay character being an overbearing and manipulative guy with a bunch of weird fetishes who we're explicitly told was a child abuser in another life sounds fairly homophobic on paper

No. 1864585

File: 1689380258783.jpg (459.64 KB, 664x901, od2.jpg)

More suicide baiting but with a MGTOW flavor this time

Gotta love how even the super enlightened and sensitive ~kweer~ moids still think women are to blame for all of society's problems. Yes, OD, I'm sure all the dictators and warmongers would kock it off if only women were nicer.

No. 1864619

File: 1689383176716.jpg (378.46 KB, 720x1257, insane person.jpg)

I honestly hate Dirk homos. Hear that, ladies? The relationship you have with your daughters, sisters, and mothers is less important and real than the relationship of two anonymous sweaty war fags. BTW, video game amirite?

No. 1864651

Child support and alimony being the examples of how men are used and discarded lol. People like this always talk about these supposed amazing and intimate male friendships they have that women could never possibly comprehend but still spend a good portion of their time complaining about every 'evil' woman that won't kiss their ass. Hope this means they are both on their way to the nearest army recruitment office to fulfill their duties.

No. 1864652

i can't take this military fanfic seriously coming from dirk self inserters of all people holy shit. this is so embarrassing to read.

No. 1864658

Why do all these guys kin Dirk when Caliborn was practically made for them? Maybe he’s too funny and not pretentious enough.

No. 1864661

caliborn isn't a gay depressed irony poisoned anime twink first of all.
but also caliborn is portrayed as being kind of a dumbass and i suspect these people think they're actually smart and woefully misunderstood, just like their idol kek.

No. 1864663

He's too obviously designed to make fun of them.
Dirk and Eridan are the MRA favorites because it's possible to interpret them as not being parodies of their beliefs.

No. 1864711

File: 1689395602618.jpeg (409.42 KB, 828x1319, IMG_8412.jpeg)

Homestuck seems to genuinely be this guy’s religion

I never watched his videos, was he always like this or has he developed a new mental illness?

No. 1864778

No. 1864788

File: 1689417036899.jpg (84.81 KB, 320x447, k6sy58h6mf8a1.jpg)

Tensei the music team member? What did he do to piss this guy off?

No. 1864795

I have no clue

No. 1864796

File: 1689421477699.jpg (275.42 KB, 640x925, Tumblr_l_44099869286628.jpg)

What a drama queen holy shit.
Walk away from the screen, OD. Close your eyes. Touch grass.

No. 1864799

File: 1689422100460.png (544.98 KB, 1250x698, export202307150755583682.png)

samefag but

No. 1864876


No. 1864884

Jesus what compelled Andrew to hire these people? Was he trying to kill his company on purpose?

No. 1864930

Od is just Like That(tm), but Tensei is also a down syndrome, woman-hating, racist manchild like the rest of r/Homestuck and associated cesspits.

No. 1864931

He needed various woke patsies to take the fall for him.

No. 1864971

Idk if he really wanted people say "noo it's not hussie it's his parasites who killed a franchise" he shouldn't write psycholonials, kek

No. 1865002

That's the actual message I got from Psycholonials, Hussie stepping out after a shitfest to let other people fight/take his blame like the tard cult leader he wanted to be.

No. 1865480

File: 1689501007774.jpg (209.54 KB, 768x797, Picsart_23-07-15_14-26-57-101.…)

Time is a flat circle

No. 1865745

I wonder how deep in debt Hussie is. I know his late father patented some color correcting systems so he can't be that poor. It just makes no sense to me that he'd deliberately kill his own IP in such a retarded manner if he really was that screwed over by debt.

On another note, I was wondering if IPGD was up to anything these days and based on Googling her name, it seems like she might have moved to the west coast. Wonder if she's completely done with Hussie's shit and broke away from him.

No. 1865832

File: 1689536946464.jpg (86.17 KB, 509x331, shadow clown nazis.jpg)

Speaking of reddit, does anyone here know anything about the mod Makin? He seems to be utterly despised and seen as a bigot by everyone who worked on HS2, but the writers said the same shit about Sarah Z, so that doesn't mean much.

No. 1866045

Nobody likes Makin, he's the literal definition of a soulless greedy bugman.

No. 1866054

Any milk to see? Or is he just not that likable in a way that isn't funny or interesting?

No. 1866066

A little bit of Makin drama was posted upthread here >>1008882 but kiwifarms has a better recap of Makin's insanity with more info.

No. 1866444

This is the hag's last sighting before deleting everything(imageboard)

No. 1866521

well, yes, I believe that was his intention, but I mean the MC is batshit crazy dumb asshole nevertheless, so

No. 1866974

File: 1689628676974.png (220.64 KB, 676x972, Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 7.19…)

this doo is 2 milliseconds from becoming an ernst junger/yukio mishima reading esoteric hitlerist, maybe keeping him zeroed in on homestuck is for the best kek
cap it next time

No. 1866984

Dirk is the more likeable character, and like other anons have said, he doesn't solely exist to lampoon a certain type of fan the way Caliborn does. Dirk is just popular in general because his arc with the splinter stuff is interesting, and also because he's a gay sadboi who is infatuated with his best friend. That shit is like catnip to nerds.

No. 1866990

She's not even wrong, but she comes across so whiny here. She's the one who chose to insert herself into Hussie's life knowing full well this sort of thing was liable to happen. She damn well knew what the fanbase was like when she accepted the job of writing the epilogues, and went out of her way to use the project as a way to torment fans.

Once she wormed her way into Hussie's social circle, she decided she was "better" than all the other fans and started treating them like shit on Hussie's behalf. As if her own parasocial obsession with him wasn't the reason she was able to meet him in the first place. Maybe the delusion of superiority over other fans is why she thought she was qualified to work on Homestuck when her only experience with writing before that was a melodramatic Stridercest fanfic. As far as I'm concerned, being a middle-aged man's groupie because you mailed him a horse dildo is just as pathetic and cringe as bathing in sharpies. You don't get to cry about being boolied by the evil fans when A) you are one and B) you went out of your way to antagonize them. IPGD reaped what she sowed and I have zero sympathy.

No. 1866999

Is Caliborn supposed to represent 4channers/redditors who think the early acts are better and that the comic ends up too serious with too much shipping and emotional stuff? From what I've seen those fans do actually like him.

No. 1867001

Agree completely. I used to be an /hsg/ lurker and it was incredible how insufferable she became when she finally broke into Hussie's circle. I'm remembering a Tumblr post she made prior to working with him about how she and Hussie were SO ALIKE in their sense of humor and how she understood him and his work on a deep level. Extremely fucking cringe and really foretold her later attitude towards the fandom.

No. 1867317

>Is Caliborn supposed to represent 4channers/redditors who think the early acts are better and that the comic ends up too serious with too much shipping and emotional stuff?
And he's the bad guy?? No wonder this comic went to shit

No. 1867460

What a whiny bitch, Dirk would've been far more interesting as a girl anyway

No. 1868437

OptimisticDeulist re-enabled his twitter like a true terminally online addict. Couldn't let those 3k followers go to waste.

No. 1868446

I've had this spegout on my mind since I saw this the other day. Peak lolcow behavior, freaking out over THE MOST inoffensive meme I've ever seen. Continuing the spergout on his blog, acting like Homestuck is a divine text and not some scrote's shitty webcomic….Almost brings me back to the days of lolcow watching pre Trump before everyone decided to only care about trannies fsr. Put this image in the MOMA

No. 1868520

File: 1689897825050.jpg (593.53 KB, 592x1570, od twt.jpg)

Still insane it seems

No. 1868567

>I have been performing constant self-care
Apparently that doesn't include taking your anti-psychotics if you're still acting like this lmao.

No. 1868568

>Girl Dirk
So Vriska

No. 1868888

File: 1689966502133.jpg (738.42 KB, 572x1217, Screenshot (301).jpg)

His parents got him sent to a psych ward apparently

No. 1868936

I love how he admits he's psychotic and a danger and still blames it on retarded twitter kids

No. 1871081

Typical bipolar male behaviour, nothing can ever be his fault.

No. 1871595

He definitely strikes me as the type who’d refuse to take his meds because he thinks they take away hid creative genius or whatever

No. 1878007

This dumb motherfucker has never killed anything larger than a moth in his life(necromancy: bumping an inactive thread despite having nothing new of interest to share)

No. 1880264

File: 1691843769185.png (241.52 KB, 560x960, Screenshot (323).png)

oD jumps in on a post about cult deprogramming to talk about how Homestuck could have changed the world if only Andrew Hussie had been braver

No. 1881321

>cults fuck your brain up
"well MY cult of choice could have been better and actually did shit if people weren't pussies"

Sweetheart. Honey. You're dreaming of a Bigger Better Cult. It is still a fucking cult.

No. 1892533

I wish there were more openly trans-apathetic and transphobic women homestuck fans on tumblr it's impossible to enjoy in public online with how obnoxious the fandom atmosphere has been for the past near decade

No. 1893040

Same, I miss when the HS fandom was mostly normal fannish women.
The HS fandom now seems to be almost 100% trans aside from a weird subsection of the fandom made up of alt-right guys who make comics about John killing gay people. I guess it makes sense that not a lot of well-adjusted people would still be fixated on a webcomic this old though.

No. 1894215

>alt-right guys who make comics about John killing gay people
I haven't seen any of them in like 5 years
The only Homestuck fans I see in the wild are teens on Twitter who are somehow still discovering Homestuck

No. 1894685

No. 1894696

I always thought it was weird how so much of the HS fandom is trans since the original comic on its own doesn't really have any trans characters–as far as I recall, anyway. Seems like it is mostly due to the gender craze kind of catching fire after the bulk of the comic was over. So the O.G. material doesn't really touch on that stuff (for the better, really).

If Homestuck were started today/within the past 5 years it would be verrry different

No. 1894704

I do remember Dave being huge with fakebois as far back as 2012, but they were a lot more uncommon then. If only things had stayed that way.

No. 1894706

The shit Hussie pulled back in the day would never ever fly on the internet post-2014 imagine the Kickstarter shit happening in 2017 he would've became a laughing stock commentary channels from around the world would dunk on him.(unsaged autism)

No. 1894749

Still a better place than r/homestuck, KEK

No. 1894755

>post from a TIM about how hs needs better trans representation with a bunch of upvotes
I don’t think these are the 4chan guys of old

No. 1894758

I mean, 4chan is definitely a tranny breeding ground these days.

No. 1894800

We kind of have an idea of what HS would be like if it continued to today, through the epilogues, Friendsim, and HS2. I think Hussie giving trannies like K8 the reigns after the original comic ended is what primarily resulted in the fandom becoming a trandom later on.

No. 1894912

Yeah Homestuck didn't have any trans characters because it wasn't the right time like you said. When Rosemary was made canon that was considered a "big thing" just because it was a canon gay ship, Hussie would totally do a trans character now. I feel like the only reason the fandom got to this state is because of how loose Hussie was with the race of the kids and said that they could be any race (except black) which snowballed into the fandom ignoring canon and projecting any and every sort of identity onto the characters. And now that the fandom is in control of Homestuck they put all of the trans stuff into the new content or even retroactively imply that someone from the original cast was trans all along.

No. 1895268

what a weird sub.
posting edgy comics and jokes about how the characters are chads or whatever (even though its hs and theyre talking about a bunch of kids at the end of the day kek), but in a recent thread i see people calling kate a she & not even making a single tranny joke, despite their alleged hatred of 'her'

No. 1895333

It's male solidarity. Scrotes stick together, so long as they have women as a mutual target of hate and obsession.

No. 1895518

Making fun of troons is an instaban on reddit isn't it? I've seen other edgy subs specifically tell users not to misgender the people they're laughing at because it'll get the sub banned.

No. 1895813

nah as far back as 2012 ppl were rabid about trans headcanons you have to remember it was peak Tumblr when the trolls started getting popular

No. 1911207

No. 1911287

File: 1696888265749.png (90.44 KB, 616x910, Screenshot (20).png)

at least provide a screencap?

No. 1911378

>fat, ugly, spouse abusing cow Dick Roach still in charge
I sleep

No. 1911404

So they fired all the trannies?

No. 1911415

File: 1696905496763.png (192.75 KB, 640x456, k8.png)

Kate Mitchell approves of the new team and was apparently asked to return but declined
Wouldn't get your hopes up

No. 1911775

He has gotta be bullshitting or the new team is really fucking stupid to even ask this tranny to come back.

No. 1911829

File: 1696977096356.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, 1611554705232.jpeg)

God why. Why not just let it die. It's awful to the point of being unfixable, and all of these people are wasting their time.

No. 1913463

File: 1697289080745.jpg (58.48 KB, 1024x1024, let-it-die-201612511933_8.jpg)

>>1911287(unsaged low effort post)

No. 1921057

File: 1698548170027.jpg (106.7 KB, 665x382, roach.jpg)

James Roach is taking questions on Reddit right now and claims that he didn't ask Kate back


No. 1921126

Lmao of course Kate was lying about being asked back. It's nice to have it confirmed, but we all knew the second he said it that he was trying to save face and pretend he wasn't roundly hated even by other HS^2-liking trannies.

No. 1921836

File: 1698705216172.png (147.51 KB, 550x693, F9tr8VIXYAAvabe.png)

No. 1921901

they really should have just retconned all the horrible pervert tranny stuff, this shit is going to be even more tonally confused than actual Homestuck

No. 1944459

>HSBC is going to be LONG, for sure, at the very least temporally. Looking at our plans for the plot structure right now I can’t imagine it’s going to take us less than three years of regular updates, but it could end up stretching longer.

Just. why
wrap it up, three plus years, what for

No. 1944463

File: 1702860808775.jpg (148.44 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_20231218_054956.jpg)

oh fuck off

No. 1946375

Welp, I was willing to give the new team a chance but the updates have been underwhelming and pushing this ideology is gonna be it for me. It's a shame that a comic with so many good female and same sex attracted characters started embracing this sexist and homophobic bs.

No. 1946577

File: 1703335692319.jpg (79.05 KB, 481x796, Screenshot_2023_1222_122221.jp…)

Viz media dumped Homestuck apparently

No. 1946584

>always the plan

No. 1946629

Oh fuck right off. Are they seriously trying to convince everyone that John "I am not a homosexual" Egbert, the most vanilla nerd everyman MC ever has always been a totally legit transgrrrl. This wasn't hinted at a single time in the entirety of the comic. This is so insulting to the fans who actually read the comics and didn't just jerk off about LGBTQIALMFAO on Tumblr all day. Homestuck is dead and I blame Hussie entirely for not having a backbone and let these retards make their autistic fanfic headcanons canon.

No. 1946647

Yes, of course, the plan was always to listen to the whims of trannitards who found shitty candy in a cave.

No. 1946651

File: 1703361185496.jpg (48.44 KB, 720x430, Screenshot_20231222_122758~2.j…)

Yep confirmed.

No. 1946653

barf. Are they also gonna make Dave, Roxy and Jade trannies too? Is it really just gonna become Trannystuck 2 just like the prologue?(Sage)

No. 1946654

Roxy's already nonbinary and Jade has a dog penis
I don't know why Hussie hasn't given Dave a pussy yet though, ftm Dave was a massive fakeboi headcanon at the comic's peak. I guess it's because nobody cares about female troons.

No. 1946670

is hiveswap act 3 ever coming out

No. 1946733

No. 1946765

As if I needed yet another reason not to read the postcanon trash. Homestuck is too offensive for trannies but gives too much fanservice to troons to be appealing to anyone else. They're just going to keep alienating people until there's no one left. They never should've picked James Roach either, he's a thief and a douche in general.

No. 1946817

MtF Roxy was a fairly popular homestuck troon headcanon back in the day, when the epilogues dropped I remember some people theorizing that he made her an FtM specifically to fuck with those people by shooting down the headcanon in such a way that they couldn't complain about it without being branded transphobic. Personally i think it's highly unlikely, if hussie really wanted to fuck with his troon fanbase he would've made Dave and MtF, but you never know with him.

No. 1946971

>he's a thief
Are some of his songs plagiarized? I haven’t heard about this.
I do think his tweets are annoying and that he tries too hard to type like Dave but just isn’t that funny.

No. 1947093

Pandering to troons has gotta be the worst possible media strategy. They viciously turn on creators over the pettiest things and fill fandoms with discourse and fetish art. If the new HS team had any sense they'd be trying to win back normal people who liked the comic a decade ago and feel nostalgic now.

No. 1947125

Troons are the only ones left "normal people" who liked Homestuck in it's height a decade ago all moved on with their life and zoomers nowadays don't read webcomics it's a completely dead medium and even if they did they'll get bored naturally Homestuck takes weeks to read and no one has time for that
>So, do I recommend Homestuck? Should you drop everything and start reading it?

>You can’t. Homestuck is over, and I mean over, not just that it isn’t updating. “Homestuck,” the masterpiece, was the event, the community, the shifting pace of updates, the constant chatter between fandom and author. Homestuck is done. If you missed it, you missed it. It may still be worth reading the comic, but it won’t be Homestuck. Despite the Internet’s ability to catalog forever all pre-existing forms of art, all audio and video and text, humans have a knack for making art out of whatever can’t be preserved. Hussie was a sculptor of communities, and this community has dissipated -Writer Ben Tolkien

That's whole point of this June Egbert thing hussie and the new team know Homestuck will never be relevant again the only thing they can do now is rape it's corpse by doing shitty fan service to trannies to milk every cent out of them.

No. 1947161

I read homestuck a decade ago but even then as a teenager I didn’t care as much about the comic itself but more the fandom and community for it. Can’t say I’m nostalgic enough to revisit honestuck because the writing choices have bothered me since then and I gave up during the part 6 shit with the terrible new troll characters. I’m honestly more nostalgic for old cosplay videos

No. 1948053


No. 1948065

No. 1948155

Oh thank God I thought for a moment I had lost my mind.

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