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File: 1591475242036.png (22.94 KB, 580x358, 1AEB1EA7-2FA5-463D-87C2-078618…)

No. 984132

why don’t we have a tiktok general for all the fakebois/pick mes/e-girls on there? seems a little past due(shit thread)

No. 984142

there's already a thread for e-girls and another for fakebois

No. 984145

Who even keeps up with timtonk exclusive drama? This would just draw cancer to the site. Aren’t they all too underaged to be posted anyway?

No. 1047785

Videos of minors are being uploaded to pornhub compilations and anyone who point's it out is called a "pickme" or victim blamer


No. 1047801

pornhub compilation of TikToks…? What?

Also I thought TikTok was banned in America now.

No. 1047861

Why would they be called pickmes for calling this out. I'm confused.

Federal judge stopped it. And iirc as long as you have it downloaded already, you can keep it. I don't know though.

No. 1048290

scrotes are calling women pickmes and men simps for telling children NOT to sexualize themselves. the line of logic is “you’re the adult, don’t sexualize a minor’s behaviour” which is true, but in context they’re talking about a trend that is explicitly sexual. literally the whole point is to show off your ass, so pedos on the app are angry that people are discouraging kids from participating. most of the videos are taken down now but it’s too late bc there’s dedicated gangs of scrotes who trawl through the app for shit to upload to pornhub, much the same way they do with instagram and shit. it’s all so fucking depressing and disgusting but at least large creators were doing what the app’s support team wouldn’t which is make it very obvious this shit is serious

No. 1049680

File: 1601601534294.webm (8.51 MB, 576x1024, 42baa9133a3a2a33dc408bfeff4133…)

I accidentally posted this in the Bonita thread. It still makes me laugh

No. 1049699

GOD this is hilarious in the worst way possible.

No. 1049705

What is even going on?

No. 1049733

badly attempted kink. the dom looks like their aunt or grandma which makes this worse lmao.

No. 1049775

File: 1601611832273.gif (1.52 MB, 498x278, lol.gif)

I'm actually dying.

No. 1050479

File: 1601686575651.gif (699.58 KB, 272x480, 6879035958633778438.gif)

Some egirls pretending to have autism again


No. 1050484

File: 1601686777635.jpg (329.05 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20201002-180014.jpg)

Also that Willy wonka dude is being cancelled for saying "hola soy willy wonka" while eating chips and salsa while coco plays in the background. Zoomers are so dumb,

No. 1050542

Ugh, no actual high-functioning autistic person obnoxiously flaps around their arms like this.

No. 1050544

Are they legit on tiktok just to be offended for no reason?

No. 1050546

the willy wonka guy should've been canceled for being ugly as sin

No. 1050604

Honestly good. Not because of that but because he keeps posting tiktoks with other "famous" people on tiktok where none of them are wearing masks, just acting like we aren't in a pandemic. He's a huge dumb ass.

No. 1050628

This is so uncomfortable and I honestly can't tell if that's a man or woman?

No. 1050849

It's a fat FTM

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