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File: 1591977485058.jpeg (302.81 KB, 1280x1089, D95BD619-63CC-4C22-8846-BADE8D…)

No. 986457

Can we talk about this couple? They are a bipolar, laughably bad passing trans couple (pic is Liara Roux, a "man") who recently divorced and are being messy on twitter about it.

Liara Roux is a stoner activist promoting sex work despite having been taken advantage of sexually herself when working. Ashley Lake was her photographer but also has his own OnlyFans for some reason. Now they fighting over money and are both claiming to have been repeatedly raped and controlled by the other.

Social media
https://twitter.com/_ashlake_(shit thread)

No. 986458

File: 1591977550118.jpeg (580.29 KB, 1125x1209, D79D6AF1-D516-45A5-943A-D57819…)

This is Ashley Lake, a woman.

No. 986461

File: 1591977604348.jpeg (686.91 KB, 1125x1266, 7699C56B-CE4A-40E1-83B1-EBDEEF…)

No. 986462

File: 1591977658207.jpeg (939.62 KB, 1125x1982, 8519B480-009A-45B7-A6DA-4CAE6B…)

No. 986463

File: 1591977702271.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x2001, B9CD3F47-AEA1-488F-BBE9-982BBA…)

No. 986464

File: 1591977744962.jpeg (606.08 KB, 1125x2246, 20CA88D4-7153-422F-B583-3BD915…)

No. 986465

File: 1591977802361.jpeg (607.31 KB, 1125x1256, 6FAE6989-2CE3-4CBE-82ED-28CA65…)

No. 986466

File: 1591977870739.jpeg (447.81 KB, 1125x925, D10EDD2D-167B-478F-826E-553CA2…)

No. 986467

File: 1591977932705.jpeg (521.96 KB, 1125x1079, 8A66E442-4313-434D-B92D-9B920C…)

No. 986470

File: 1591978288445.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1954, A00DDD17-3613-47CB-BCE0-61DA2D…)

No. 986471

File: 1591978310059.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1944, 8EF83DDD-62DD-4B8C-BAB5-371E4A…)

No. 986472

File: 1591978359657.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1948, 116709C7-FA23-42B4-9193-B630F8…)

No. 986473

File: 1591978402839.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1954, 8F4B7824-9DD5-4120-8A00-97B2CF…)

No. 986476

File: 1591978677254.jpeg (842.21 KB, 1125x1593, FA9A30CC-B28B-409D-97AD-6B4D14…)

No. 986477

File: 1591978869894.jpeg (464.86 KB, 1125x1033, C7F68BAF-F017-4E4E-816B-B0A51B…)

Yikes. Ash is a serial rapist and Liara is a rapist/apologiser.

No. 986486

I'm not really seeing anything particularly milky about either of them, just a typical meltdown breakup between two narcissists with OnlyFans.

No. 986499

Other than being a fakeboi prostitute wheres the milk here

No. 986503

Tranny hookers breaking up publicly just doesn't cut it anymore.

No. 986522

Liara Roux is known for promoting sex work, even going so far as to speak with government representatives. She brands herself an activist and is well known within sex worker circles and is probably one of the highest earners in the business. It’s now coming out that she is a rapist, rape apologist, and generally awful person for with-holding money and trying to smear her ex-husband. Ashley Lake is being confirmed as a serial rapist and abuser and is trying to smear Liara in return. They were both held in high regard and now are being petty and exposing each other as being awful unstable people.

Here’s a reddit IAmA they organised together showing how influential they are:

No. 986524

Lira roux is a complete idiot cow. The problem with posting her is the complete band of idiots this will bring.

One example. This idiot went on reddit to proclaim herself an all knowing sexworker and to speak for everyone about sesta/foesta. She schedules an official ama. Then wont answer any questions. Then gets some other people to answer questions. During this whole thing she is advertising. Yep. The whole ama was an ad. I doubted she is a escort but since op is touching for her I will go with it.

I would bet that the trans crazies will be in her to defend.

No. 986526

She started as an escort and got noticed because she showed her face and Ashley Lake did a lot of film shoots with her. She then leveraged this into being an egirl. I don’t know if she sees many men anymore as she charges $1500 for one hour but in one of the screencaps she mentions Ashley pushing her to see 3 men per day on 3 week tours.

No. 986532

Sage as I forgot to add that this whole thing just shows that she was yet another “independent” escort being manipulated by a guy behind the scenes. This and her complaint about a film making taking advantage of here just shows that sex work is just not as safe or normal an occupation as people like her make it out to be.


No. 986539

A SWERF thread OK(>>tumblr)

No. 986540

ESL sperg

No. 986546

You do know that words have meaning, right? What about this website leads you to believe we’re “radical feminists?”

Hell week can’t come soon enough.

No. 986551

Not SWERF, just showing what she claimed to be true wasn’t even true for her. I meant that to show what a hypocrite she is.

No. 986555

Whoulda guessed a wealthy white woman LARPing as a man while working as a "high end escort" is a hypocrite?

No. 986562

File: 1591994164901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,848.28 KB, 828x1495, B5FB2DC7-7B33-4E5F-A9D9-F0DA5B…)

Oh I’m sorry anon, I thought you were calling us SWERFs and I was like… lol welcome to the farms. My bad!

Anyway OPs not great but I don’t blame them because this is a big heaping pile of shit. I’ll try to make a decent synopsis because this is interesting to me and both of them have like 50-tweet long threads about it pinned.

OT nitpick but here’s the dumpy scoliosis body that makes like $200k a year.

No. 986563

Reposted to spoiler and forgot to sage. Can’t win today.

No. 986566

Why are we believing a scrote pimp claiming she raped him? Lol

No. 986570

File: 1591995449653.jpeg (435.67 KB, 1125x892, CF2B6877-8757-4B13-875E-1F1518…)

$500,000 per year. It’s in one of the screencaps >>986463

I don’t completely believe that she raped him as it’s a common rapist DARVO tactic for abusers to claim that they are actually the victim. Apparently he has done it before and maybe another anon can did find the forum post detailing this mentioned here >>986471 He also began dating her when she was 18 and he was 27 which is pretty creepy. Probably groomed her into sex work.

Even if it isn’t true though, she does admit to being a rape apologist here >>986477 and doesn’t seem to have apologised for it. I’m surprised she’s not getting backlash for it considering she gives talks about consent.

No. 986571

Meant this for >>986566

No. 986572

File: 1591995961069.jpeg (832.71 KB, 1125x1814, A06128BD-5FE2-49D3-B902-478290…)

There’s a long thread here too:

I’m guessing this is Ashley’s new gf.

No. 986575

Do people believe that? Like >>986570 said, the age gap is creepy and he’s admitted to being a rapist before, but what seems to be happening is he’s moving the goalposts to define rape as anything from pantsing someone to eating someone out on their period while they didn’t “technically” say no, and failing to distinguish that while this shit is embarrassing or possibly traumatizing, it isn’t rape.

The only account he’s given of the matter so far seems to be >>986462, which just confuses me with the censorship and the wording. It doesn’t seem like he was involved in whatever this experience was.

No. 986576

There was big milk about her on lipstick alley, but the first thread about professional companions got deleted. Here’s the next one:


Allegedly she belongs to the ketamine crew. I wouldn’t doubt it because of her sallow face, girl is aging like Iggy pop.

I don’t think she’s still raking in 500k a year. Maybe in her prime she was able to make that amount but lately her work schedule is pretty erratic due to her health issues.

No. 986583

No. 986585

File: 1591997596142.jpeg (37.07 KB, 700x404, D803C674-755D-48B1-B0BA-6F3D77…)


Jfc Ashley looks like Conchita Wurst

The whole they / them bs makes it so hard to grasp the drama I’m sorry

No. 986587

Thank you anon, I didn't have the willpower to read the whole thing over again.

No. 986588

File: 1591997744278.jpeg (181.5 KB, 828x364, 0D01026D-85F6-4C80-84D3-4103B8…)

This bitch is obnoxious with the way she frames things. If you don’t do your job you lose your job. Yeah I guess technically she’s “threatening his livelihood” by firing him but why exactly is it so difficult for him to post a web comic?

No. 986592

File: 1591998842094.jpeg (560.28 KB, 1125x1278, FE70972C-901E-4A04-B8B7-A99C63…)

Really not surprised by this. I listened to her give an interview about FOSTA/SESTA and she kept giggling while they talked about sex workers dying. When she did talk she sounded completely high off her face and had nothing to contribute.

No. 986652

File: 1592013103910.jpeg (130.38 KB, 640x869, 4A17CB4D-5A94-49C4-BA40-F4B5C8…)

How does she attract clients with this elementary school logic, a sunk in face and scoliosis body? Girl looks like she doesn’t shower in her pics

No. 986724


Lemme get this straight… Liara is a biological woman, but says she's a trans man (who talks openly about needing to ice her vagina without any self loathing or dysphoria) and Ashley is a biological man, who says he's a trans woman.

What a mess.

No. 986735

I remember reading about this chick on the lipstickalley escorts thread. She’s claiming she’s a man now? Lol

No. 986774

No. 986813

There’s also Ashley’s new gf who is a pre-surgery trans woman as well.

No. 986849

Lolcow needs an escorts / professional girlfriend thread of its own.. this shit is milky

No. 986948

The camwhore thread is at post limit and needs to be remade. Pretty much all of these escorts are online on OF nowadays.

No. 987956

Yeah, marketing.

No. 987959

sound pressed af.
And even more, plus has a high roller bf, apparently.

No. 987962

Previous LSA thread got deleted, but I read it whole. She got mentioned a few times, nothing milky, just snarked at cause white and with her shtick/gimmick going on, and that she marketed as "she" to her escorting clients.

No. 988003

She was pretty successful from what I remember. They were surprised she was doing well with the armpit hair lol.

No. 988093

Omg juicy. I’ve seen these two floating around in the past and something never really struck me as being quite right. This is the hoe drama i needed in my morning.

No. 988325

https://twitter.com/_AshLake_/status/1191502012019609601 FYI the "husband" is already castrated lol(newfag)

No. 989520

File: 1592582943759.jpeg (373.62 KB, 1125x1415, 38B50E97-6784-47E6-BC2A-1CE0DD…)

Ashley is a total creep.

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