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File: 1592500393808.png (668.33 KB, 993x615, himepen.png)

No. 988979

Is a' VRtuber ' who streams on twitch.tv/himepen . Is a pretentious uwu-tuber who is known for claiming to be that she is a loli chuunibyou and being Futaba Sakura IRL. Filippino who lies to be japanese while having a poor japanese grammar.

Google Document with more details, including her predatory and toxic behaviour, cheating:

Her social media:
https://www.instagram.com/idolkitten/ (posts deleted)

> Summary: Is a pedophile who goes after minors much younger than her, admittedly into incest. Would ERP shotacon (!) with underage boys and send / ask them for nudes.

Took nudes with 8 years old brother and also sent snapchat videos that involved her brother touching her breasts and ass, admittedly lets a 8yo grope her. Runs NSFW accounts with lolicon porn. Gult-trips people into donating while spending the donations for cosplays.

Scams: Lies about donation goals that she would spend on anime merch and cosplay. Guilt-tripped her top donator into donating money to her, saying it was for her college funds or for her brother.
Ran a Depop store in which she would buy cheap items off Aliexpress while reselling them at a much higher price. She tended to sell items for at least twice their original price, and even claimed sometimes that the items sold were a ‘bargain’.
Fake illness:Himepen would often heavily hint towards having an eating disorder, despite multiple of her symptoms and the severity of this disorder not adding up. For example, she would say she passed out frequently and vomited blood, but was still able to competitively dance multiple hours a day. She also posted photos of her fast food lunches on her facebook and twitter, which is uncommon for those with eating disorders. Friends are convinced that she used the topic of an eating disorder to gain sympathy from others, when considering the facts she has consistently lied to everyone around her and that multiple of her symptoms conflicted with her day to day life.
Statements from people who associated with her:

No. 988983

File: 1592500659193.png (120.79 KB, 611x379, himepb.png)

Predatory Behavior:

Mika has participated in multiple e-roleplaying sessions with her ex boyfriend, when he was 14 and she was 16-17. She was aware of his age, and initiated these sessions, in which her ex was “Otochan”, referring to the Japanese word for little brother, “Ototo”. When he told her he felt uncomfortable with it, she brushed away his concerns.

> "Mairi" is the combination of her ex boyfriends first name and her middle name, and was the name she put on her tellonym as the name she'd want to give her child.

> Mika has admitted to having a ‘big brother complex’, and being into incest.

This leads to her most problematic (and illegal) predatory behavior known as of now. Mika has taken extremely inappropriate NSFW ‘lewd’ photos in 2018 with her naked chest exposed and her younger brother, who is 8 years old, leaning on her thigh. She is wearing the same pajamas and the same filter as her brother in the photo of her face. She has sent these photos to multiple friends.

> When confronted about this photo by a close friend, she admits it is real.

> In a statement made by her ex boyfriend, he states that she let her younger brother grope her inappropriately, even in videos.

More screenshots and a photo are in:

No. 988985

Streaming persona and manipulation:

Mika has only recently rebranded and expressed interest in a vtuber, possibly to use the excuses that come with it to her advantage. She can easily manipulate her fans into continuing to support her despite all of the things she has done, and will most likely continue to do. Another possible reason she rebranded is to escape her old alias, “Idolmimi”, and go as “Himari”, as there is gossip on the internet with her old name. She continues to change her social media usernames to avoid things being said about her.

No. 988987

Excuses and Defense:

> Mika claims that in order to get these photos and information (such as location) about her, people have been “doxxing her, invading her privacy, and stalking her family members.“

> However, no doxxing has taken place. Her full name was revealed, but her full name, facebook, and photographs of her were already previously easily accessible by a simple google search.
> She has said to her friends she believes ‘hacking’ of her ICloud or phone had taken place. It did not. All photographs and videos of her were easily accessible on her public facebook, talent agency websites, or youtube.
> Nobody associated with this document has stalked her family. Their full names and faces were posted on her public facebook page, and their pages were public as well. These were used to report her to the authorities, not to harass her.
> Nobody associated with this document has ever harassed vtubers or friends for not believing them, nor threatened to dox them.
> Mika has given information about herself on her public twitter that can make it very easy to find her facebook, such as posting her dance awards and specifics of the event, which could be traced back to the event and her facebook page.

> Nobody associated with this document has tried to find or has in possession her phone number, personal email, or home address, besides close friends she has given these to.

> Mika has posted her city on her public depop page.

No. 988988


> “Fictionkins” characters such as Touka Nijou, an underaged character in a Henreader doujin. She has stated that it’s only because she found the character cute, but still posts the name of the doujin without seeming to see any issue with it)

> Claims to not use the word ‘loli’ sexually, stating that in her ‘culture’ (Japanese) it’s alright to use the word. However, she has admitted herself to lying about being half Japanese. Also has a NSFW instagram account, with pictures of nude lolis on it, which is brought up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hvlskjUA52zRBOSfxYICNJDX7n4JuZLkcwKBOy4eF3c/edit#heading=h.gesfg2isu2sy

> “Loli refers to the Japanese discourse or media pertaining to the attraction of young looking cute girls that blend slightly erotic characteristics to form this intriguing sub culture.” She tries to deny such definitions by bringing up "her culture" and refuses to acknowledge how problematic lolicon is.

> However, she had the contradictory statement of “Don’t call me a loli” on her twitch page. She’ll presumably add it later, as she’s updating her panels right now.

No. 988993

>less than 2K followers

Is this a selfpost?

No. 989021

This is a lot of effort for a selfpost.

No. 989022

Agreed. I want to see where this goes. Plenty of cringe, scandals, and horrorcow behavior.

No. 989034

jfc this is cringe.

No. 989141

Why the fuck you brought this cringe here? Is pull not good enough anymore or what?

> openly dates a kid

> "friends" don't care at all, in fact some of them give her relationship advice
> blatantly fakes her voice and wants to be viewed as "loli"
> "friends" go along with it
> lolicon hentai on social media
> no, nothing wrong with that
> one day "friends" have a fight with her
> UH OH vendetta time uwu

You're as much a piece of shit as she is, if not worse. You slander her for for being a pedo when she was "almost 18", yet you leak her nudes in which she's 17.

The reason your attempt to ruin her reputation amongst vtuber community has failed is that nobody wants to associate with you, honestly you look more creepy than she is.

No. 989328

Why are you so bothered by this thread?

No. 989379

Calm down, WK-chan. You really think it's okay to scam people, be openly about incest fetish and do nudes with your own brother involved? Damn, poor you. Just hide the thread.

No. 989473

Newsflash, being a bad person doesn’t necessarily make them funny or interesting

No. 989937

Oh that's new
>Incest with her 8 years old bro
Holly fuck that's new
>Already a WK who claims (an actually, quite possible) vendetta
Plug this shit into my veins. What a time to be in quarantine and just downloaded twitch and twitter again

But it is indeed curious how much is there archived, considering her low numbers in following. You definetly are/were close to her. What went wrong? If it's not too personal (I guess) (I don't mind not knowing)

Is there any opinion of her parents about the "bond" between these two?

No. 989954

hi anon, there was already a PULL thread up and various people who have been compiling evidence :) thats why there is so much

No. 989987

File: 1592654913385.gif (658.93 KB, 300x224, police.gif)

this is serious cringe horrorcow shit. Reading her sexting makes me want to gouge out my eyes. It's like those daddy's cummies memes but completely unironic.

No. 989991

Anime has ruined generations.
I feel so sad for her little brother.

No. 990019

My bad, I just went there and even her ex is talking.
In case anyone wants to know, the same people who compiled the screens and info are looking for someone to make a video exposing her predatory behaviour.

No. 990135

Moved to >>>/w/101667.

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