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File: 1593444406730.jpg (89.35 KB, 1200x770, Kiwis-Adelgazar.jpg)

No. 998558

Last thread >>525536

>Null is planning on leaving the site in search of his tradwaifu

>MirnaMinkoff is one of the most annoying posters to have ever existed(shit OP)

No. 998910

This thread is (obviously) for following current KF drama. There's been lots of late, with Null threatening to shut the site down, bitching out and fucking off to (Eastern European) parts unknown, all due to the fact that he can't stand the userbase he's responsible for cultivating. He's still fighting the losing battle of trying to monetize the site, taking a hit by losing his New Project 2 neetbux, and attempting to get the kooks off the site by creating a newer, better /pol/ at the desolate and tumbleweed-filled 9chan.

As before, this thread is for following your favorite posters/cows, posting internal modmilk, and allowing KF users a space to come here under cover of anon and share the love.

Will Josh become the next Lowtax? We'll see. The site serves a purpose, for better or worse. Stay tuned.

No. 998941

Looks like Josh is back from his search for his European tradwife and has halted registration of new users due to the banwave on Reddit. Probably not the worst idea,tbh. It's funny watching them tard out over the bans though.

No. 998994

I've thought about signing up for KF since the munchie threads left LC. Seeing the chat thete makes glad I didn't. Bad move making that public Null.

I wish the Munchausen thread was as popular as it was a year ago. Kate Farms Shill is my favourite poster. And I'll never run to reddit.

I actually agree with a lot of what Mirna says, and I totally agree with her real-furniture sperg >>998265 here. And I've been told my comments IRL come off annoying or seeming like a know-it-all, so maybe we are similar people. Except I stay anon.

No. 999133

Hi Mirna(hi cow)

No. 999141

Registration should be closed a lot more often, especially since Josh thinks his site isn’t speshul anymore or whatever retarded reason he's leaving. It gets an influx of new users every major happening. The riots should’ve been a sign considering that garnered the most activity ever for KF.

No. 999348

props to josh for closing the gates to redditors. we're gonna get such an influx of assholes.

No. 999408

File: 1593541061820.png (240.73 KB, 1141x662, Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 1.06…)

Mirna is shitting up the Lowtax thread among others.

Mirna technically isn't incorrect here and I can see where she is coming from. But I don't understand why she purports to be so confident in understanding a random girl online. She acts like she is an expert on people with BPD/bipolar for some reason.

No. 999535

File: 1593547138973.png (158.77 KB, 1497x636, lol.png)

You guys really got to her lmao

No. 999562

Good catch. Keep the screencaps rolling

No. 999624

I was indifferent to her up to this point but wow could she be any more butthurt. You'd think someone using Divine as their avatar would have a thicker skin.

No. 999672

Peak scoldy mom energy. She knows everything about everything and won’t shut up.

No. 999736

She's so hateful to Logan in the Lowtax thread. Totally not misogynistic at all guys. Not to mention that KF users…

No. 999897

This is literally why no one likes her. Shut the fuck up already, Christ.

No. 999898

Double post but she thinks she knows EVERYTHING which is why she thinks she needs to share her shitty opinions on every fucking thread. She needs to get over herself.

No. 999904

File: 1593563336453.png (153.66 KB, 1133x404, Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.27…)

Oh no, someone called poor Venus's lips thin. It's not like KF users don't nitpick women's looks all the time. (For example, in the Lowtax thread, people are obsessed with calling Logan fat and ugly even though she looks completely normal) Yeah a lot of posters in the Venus thread are deranged, but Mirna is so hypocritical here lmao.

No. 999910

She really should come and talk here. It's so rude to shout at us from across the room–you'll be anon, loser, we don't bite. Much.

No. 999926

I would bet you she already does. Some posts in the Venus thread are a bit grandiose and kinda fit.

No. 999993

She does know everyone else can come over here and see the bullshit she's spewing, right? Saying we would celebrate if Venus turned up dead is fucking bizarre, and very obviously a lie.

No. 1000016

Lmao mods tag Mirna's weenus posting when? I can totally see her as the anons who have an absolute hateboner for weenus to the point of nitpicking the type of fake cum she uses for her OF.

No. 1000024

It's insane she thinks lolcow is soooo bad. I just came from the shoeonhead thread on KF and it's full of scrotes saying June is old, dried up, got no time left, a cunt, a whore. The happenings forum is full of /pol/ tards that think (((they))) are behind everything.

There was a post the other day on there about a young black girl being shot to death while eating ice cream in a car and poster a poster said "All women should get this treatment so they don't grow up and hurt men with fake #metoo accusations" and that post had likes etc on it.

Keep in bed with this moids, Mirna. They're so much better than the bitches at lolcow that make fun of Venus's lips

No. 1000030

>Losing New Prokect 2 Neetbucks
Double-posting but, I haven't kept up with Josh's antics in a hot minute. Are you referring to the not!patreon he tried to setup a or where he managed to convince these braindead kiwis that helping him mine for bitcoin would help keep the site going, or is our little entrpreneur going down another get-rich-quick scheme?

No. 1000062

NewProject2 was some Patreon substitute thought up by Dick Masterson/Dax Herrera, and Null was super into it, but neither VISA nor MasterCard would support it for fairly obvious reasons.

Tots and pears.

No. 1000093

I really have no clue why the longtime female users on KF feel so comfortable sticking around when the userbase gets increasingly reactionary. I think she must bitch into the void and doesn't really pay attention to what anyone else says.

No. 1000150

File: 1593574410280.png (125.53 KB, 1504x464, lol.png)

So she definitely has read here because she's made 3 of her long-ass posts today in the Venus thread about how mean lowcow is lmao.

No. 1000152

File: 1593574449511.png (83.46 KB, 1494x283, lol.png)

fucking lol

No. 1000162

I do agree that farmers should tone it down with the nitpicking since it just shits up threads. Especially the milk less ones like Venus.
But also like, has she browsed any of the other KF threads? Some of the threads on there are completely unreadable and filled with pages of shitty sperging that has nothing to do with the topic. The one with the retard incel that murdered that e-girl is full of other retards cheering him on and being depressed that they can't post the dead girl's underaged nudes. The riot thread is full of doomers making autistic crybaby posts. And don't get me started on the giant shitshow that is the Vic Mcnugget thread.

I will say that their Shmorky and Todokaras threads were pretty good at least.

>have you been following the lolcow thread itself for long enough that you're distinguishing individual posters?
Was about to say the same kek

No. 1000163

File: 1593575165138.jpg (36.17 KB, 416x382, 1540872154595.jpg)

kek. imagine being such an ass-chapped attentionwhore you have to shoehorn your complaints about lolcow in a weenus thread on kiwifarms.

No. 1000167

>Vic McNugget thread
Oh anon, don't you love Tyrone jokes and making sure everyone knows that Monica Rial is fat, ugly, and how you would not have sex with her?

No. 1000197

Just to be clear, I've never even looked at the Venus thread here. But Mirna here is so hilariously ass chapped to find herself the subject of mockery on another website that has an almost identical mission statement to KF (eg making fun of lolcows). How dare anyone insinuate she might be a cow herself??

One of many reasons I'd never make an account on KF is because much of it is just dollar store /pol/. There's plenty of idiots on this board, definitely, but KF is even worse.

No. 1000203

File: 1593578651301.png (178.96 KB, 1498x782, mad.png)

KF users get so mad when someone rates them as dumb its hilarious. i love it when they sperg out over it in public

No. 1000237

I'd love to dig up more dirt on Mirna. I'm sure she has some cow tendencies but she was smart not to use a common name. She also doesn't blogpost that much which is surprising.

I made an account on KF because lolcow doesn't like to talk about some of my favorite cows.

No. 1000309

>thin lipped
lol is this Rubber Lips sama?

Mirna and Barbarella are both annoying but Barbarella blogposts more (I mainly stick to the Chantal and DissociaDID threads over yonder but Barbs likes to brag about her designer handbags, how she is too classy to ever eat fast food etc and I could have sworn she recently doxed herself by uploading a screencap from her facebook showing her true Karen form in the user pic. I can't remember what thread it was in but I'm sure many Kiwi users saved the file just in case lol)

No. 1000339

Mirna's not wrong. Lolcow is filled with manhating femcel stereotypes and friendless catty bitches.

However, we don't get off on posting terrorism attack videos, stan serial killers (mostly), or sabotage lawsuits. Hell, as rancid and hateful as the anti-trans threads are, we don't go out of our way to catalog their home address and shit like actual stalkers.

No. 1000374

I would not be surprised if Mirna is like GOMI Alice, especially with the amount of shit she posts on KF all day every day. She doesn't seem to have a lot going for her.

No. 1000382

Tinfoil and not at all important but I strongly suspect Mirna's actually a bitchy middle aged gay man (rather than a bitchy middle aged straight woman) because of the avatar choice & the name; Myrna Minkoff is the sort of character gay men love (ie, overbearing, educated Jewish woman)

I'm sure there are a lot of users here that also post on KF, which makes their claims that "KF people be like THIS but lolcow people be like THAT" even funnier. Like, this is an anonymous image board, we could literally all be Null.

No. 1000384

File: 1593613307376.png (196.64 KB, 1116x521, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.14…)

Here's Barbarella bragging about her bags in the Tess Holliday thread. How dare someone not carry LV like she does.

That would be hilarious because she spends so much time shitting on Alice. And she sounds just like Alice does.

I wish we had an Alice thread here even though she's way past her prime.

No. 1000387

the KF chat is so bad. the people posting there all sound like they're about twelve years old but they're all insufferable know-it-alls. i love how in the onision thread they're debating whether or not taylor is abused but since they're all twelve they don't know that hickeys are not 'choke marks'. why did they want a beauty parlor board there anyhow? it barely fits the rest of the site, idgi

No. 1000389

This. Mirna is not a woman at all. It's pretty obvious.

No. 1000390

The Kiwifarms are an internet shiathole for autistics and Null is a virgin.

Film at eleven.

No. 1000391

File: 1593614483271.png (228.05 KB, 1122x563, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.41…)

Is Mirna a wonk or was she an adult 30 years ago? Your guess is good as mine.

Are you guys saying that Mirna is a guy larping as a woman?

No. 1000396

Not only that, but Mirna is a fiftysomething dude larping as a woman. What a life! And to think, this fiftysomething MAN spends all his time discussing…Venus. What a surprise!

No. 1000397

you could even say that the 50+ dude is simping, i believe that's what the youngsters are calling it these days

No. 1000398

Don't forget her red bottoms!

No. 1000402

File: 1593615588814.png (149.83 KB, 1107x450, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.59…)

>Don't forget her red bottoms!

Pic related

No. 1000412

I think she also alluded to having touched a Birkin bag once.

I love KF because posters there do tend towards actual writing when they have something to say, but a lot of the BP chicks write like the worst ex-GOMI, ex-TWOP, free jinger posters, always catching threadbans for not being able to stay on topic. Basically every single site our moms or grandmas wrote on.

No. 1000416

>Louboutins, of course.

lmao you cannot convince me this isn't purposeful irony posting. it's too cringe.

No. 1000417

That whole weeb wars subforum is 100% cancer. When Zack from ANN died one of the retards there posited that he "killed himself out of guilt for what he did to Vic" which has to be the most profoundly stupid thing I've ever seen anybody write about a total stranger's suicide. They have completely lost any sense of reality, much less perspective. And needless to say this brilliant psychological analysis was given many "winner" ratings by the rest of the KF braintrust.

No. 1000463

>I love KF because posters there do tend towards actual writing when they have something to say, but a lot of the BP chicks write like the worst ex-GOMI, ex-TWOP, free jinger posters, always catching threadbans for not being able to stay on topic. Basically every single site our moms or grandmas wrote on.

Kinda ot, but what is it about GOMI/TWOP posters that are so insufferable? Is it because of the blogposting? I'm annoyed by a lot of shit here on lolcow but after being on other drama forums I'm so glad that blogposting is not a thing here.

No. 1000468

That's my feeling. Null leaves BP alone for the most part and their mods don't crack the whip as much as they should. So it's overrun with Babses and Mirnas all thinking that they are indeed saying something very important.

I think a bunch of them caught fire during the Susan Schofield/Jani/Bodhi drama and couldn't shut the fuck up about how amazing they were after the kids were removed. They did it, reddit! and it gave them all fat fucking heads. Around that same time, a bunch of KF users started a subreddit about them, and there were a bunch of users who double-dipped at KF and reddit who made real asses of themselves.

No. 1000481


hahaha omg this bitch. tries SO hard to act like a superior rich socialite with expensive, exclusive tastes while regularly sperging on a niche shithole dedicated to talking detailed shit about internet nobodies and it's such a dissonance. have fun wearing your timeless chanel suits and your generic politician's wife hairdo while furiously nitpicking some 20-something doing dumb shit on the internet.

No. 1000488

i do love otterly. i think they came from the terven land called mumsnet and they were so calm and thoughtful during the worst parts of the first wave of covid. glad they're feeling better, she and her family had the coof.

kf is interesting because it's a site made up of people who shouldn't get along, but most do. good on them.

No. 1000610

>Tots and Pears
Null wants to be this big bad internet tough guy but shits his pants whenever he might catch heat for the retarded/asinine shit he or his stupid userbase does. He can't have his cake and eat it too. With the great value /pol/ identity the site's adopted, it's like a powderkeg waiting for one of these autistic attention-whores to do something so retarded, their precious Null won't be able to book it to another country to make the bad men go away.

No. 1000619

nuh uh anon, lolcow is worse because we call venus ugly!

Otterly is cool i've learned a lot reading her posts.

lol oh comrade. he's always freaking out. his issue is he hates trannys so spends all his time on the their boards, but he also fucking hates women and can't fr the life of him integrate. This leads to most of his posts getting the dumb/mad rating. He's freaking out right now because one of his posts got enough dumb ratings that it was highlighted lmao

No. 1000763

I'm sure there's plenty of perfectly nice people on KF, though I'm not familiar with Otterly. There's huge swaths of the place I don't read at all, but I do like keeping up with Chantal, Fit Vegan Ginger and Amberlynn, and other cows who either don't have threads here or whose threads don't get updated much. Like >>1000384 says, I wouldn't mind an Alice thread here but she's kind of on her last milk.

I think on any message board with user names, a certain culture forms and anyone who fails to conform or who offers any kind of opposition (whether it's deserved or completely dumb) either leaves or gets hammered until they fit in. So it's not so much about everyone getting along as it is no one wanting to be the square peg in the round hole. Also, in KF's case, ignoring the parts where the "ironic Nazis" post if you don't happen to be a nazi.

No. 1000800

they don't get on though and that's null whole issue. you have half of the site functioning like lolcow and half functioning like /pol/. there's always shit when a /pol/tard enters a tranny thread or a terf the articles and happenings threads.

Even the mods are constantly fighting and having issues with each other.

No. 1000831

File: 1593652969722.png (232.44 KB, 1124x573, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 8.16…)

I'm going to keep sperging about Mirna because she's so fucking annoying. She's acting like she's the expert on American insurance AND graphic design.

And she's also an expert on politics, psychology, prostitution… Also interior decoration and fashion. What doesn't she know about?

No. 1000848

i agree mirna is a very annoying fifty year old man

No. 1000901

She's not wrong about lolcow having some seething, batshit insane posters (and that Venus' thread is a perfect place to see them), but she's a gigantic hypocrite given that KF has much angrier and more unhinged posters. I mean, at least lolcow doesn't have any school shooters attached to it. Mirna seems to have on some major blinders or somehow unaware of what male anger looks like if she believes that kiwis are more reasonable than farmers. Or perhaps lolcow may seem more unhinged to her because the anger on KF is heavily diluted by smugposts and blogging like >>1000402
from retards who feel the need to compare themselves to the absolute dregs of society in order to feel big.
What makes you think so? He/She is definitely older than 40 but doesn't necessarily sound like a man.

No. 1000914

The way KF obsesses over finding dox is so fucking weird. It can be a completely dead, milkless thread, and they'll still make a point to dox someone for teh epic lulz. That and their weirdly dated, very blatant racism make them feel very early 2000s 4chan.

No. 1000917

They dox random people that comment on their cows social media like what is the fucking point.

I hope Josh does name change and gets doxed asap

No. 1000936

File: 1593679421255.jpg (312.24 KB, 720x709, IMG_20200702_013653.jpg)

For the past week reddit subs have been getting sniped, leading to a mass exodus of users. Kiwis are panicking at the of their precious cool kids club being invaded by plebbitors they've shut down new user registration. Cue kiwis pretending their site isn't a shithole suffering from similar problems as reddit. Along with the attention-whores chiming in with their hot new takes
>lol plebbit bad 4chan gud
And reddit refugees who are whining about finding a new site to waste 9+ hours a day on, ala SA Goons.

No. 1000987

this poor summerchild, just don't give the wrong user an autistic rating or the clique of housewives will come for your neck

No. 1000993

also she's wrong at times but isn't bothered by it, delivering with firm authority no matter what. like with this cap just as one example, Amberlynn has 2 different 700lb-limit scales she uses at home but no, Barbarella says here 500lb is definitely the limit. she forms part of the triumvirate of power posting experts, the others of course being mirna and multi.

No. 1000995

multi got a fuck you talking to by some of the newer BP posters and didn't like it.

i wonder what Raven's every day username is there. she's actually good at shitposting and they're not on the hunt for her like we are so i expect to be a pretty high profile poster there. in b4 'they found her alts!' i doubt they got her main, but i'd think she'd post in the same threads at both sites.

No. 1001007

lolcow confirmed mass shooter attempts: 0

KF confirmed mass shooter attempts: 2 and counting.

No. 1001017

Out of interest, what are some threads that you wish could be carried over from the other Farms?

I was surprised when I saw the Haydur Nation Meta crossover, even though it was short-lived. For some reason Amber and Chantal topics always die out pretty fast here.
I also second the wish for an Alice (GOMI) thread, but like people said, her milk is pretty slow at this point.
I guess Kiwi is probably one of the last places people are still archiving and discussing Chris Chan as far as I know.

No. 1001032


Maybe that tumblr girl who planned a mass shooting (but accidentally told some FBI guy larping as an edgy teen first) also posted on here? It's been a few years but the couch cuck didn't even seem that unhinged apart from his avatar.

No. 1001036

yeah, I dislike this poster, Anon who says, "he hates trans women but also hates women" is right, but I think he hates women a LOT more.

No. 1001134

>For some reason Amber and Chantal topics always die out pretty fast here.
Because they're boring people whose main drama is sabotaging their own weight for adbux. There's only so many ways you can nitpick their waddles, or perform a psychoanalysis of their Taco Bell mukbangs. They're not that deep, and when cancer or some other health malady befalls them they're just pathetic.

Forgot to mention the reason why KF is so obsessed is because they're mostly men who have a fetish for morbidly obese women that they are extremely ashamed of. Which is why they're obsessed with commenting on every single little mouth noise and lip smack. Capturing every minutiae roll jiggle, and shelf ass wobble. Goading ALR's weight loss so she can be groomed into a more 'acceptable' kind of fatty that they wouldn't feel as pathetic for wanting to fuck. Men don't obsess over women they find hideous and unfuckable, lmao.

No. 1001180

I always got the impression that the deathfats board was mostly incredibly boring women criticizing other incredibly boring women, memes about Null being a hamplanet chaser notwithstanding.

No. 1001190

didnt null fuck around with emspex (sp?) who is fat? I totally buy he's into fat chicks because he harbors so much hate for them.
this guy is a moron. he never just posts normally, he's always complaining about women posting on kf despite being there like 6 months himself.
he said in another thread hes disabled so maybe its mentally

No. 1001193

File: 1593724187504.png (191.67 KB, 1109x572, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.08…)

Mirna Minkoff, career advice expert.

And all young women have perfectly squeaky clean social media profiles. Nobody has pictures of them in going out clothes or anything.

No. 1001196

File: 1593724476814.png (74.39 KB, 1109x197, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.14…)

Ironic for Null to be lording over someone for having no support network when he has no friends outside of KF

No. 1001198

So Mirna the Man stans Venus but thinks it's bad optics to get your tits out for cash. Okay, sure.

No. 1001199

Here's Mirna claiming to be a woman. I guess she works in the creative field? Because she mentioned she works with copywriters earlier.

Anyways I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels petty about Mirna. Love to see it.

lmao you're so right. How is she still stanning Venus when Venus has absolutely no education or life skills?

No. 1001201

Reading Mirna posts in a row, the LARP seems incredibly obvious.

No. 1001208

Mirna claims to be an expert in whatever the thread decides is the primary issue for the cow in question and as a result, Mirna knows an awful lot about every topic under the sun.

That, or he's just mansplaining.

I note that Mirna had a lot to say about LCF up until we noted that he is, in fact, an old man who wants to fuck Venus. Suddenly he's now oddly quiet. Gee. What's up with that?

No. 1001211

why did emspex leave and was it weeb wars related? she was so happy to be on nick rekieta and then someone from /cow/ doxed her and it was like she never existed.

No. 1001213

File: 1593725760218.png (133.88 KB, 1115x274, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.21…)

Sorry forgot to post the pic

Who is LCF again?

No. 1001217

Here we see Mirna attempting to trick the crowd into thinking that he is not the boomer! Pay no attention to the MAN behind the curtain, etc.

No. 1001228

What s/he says here is true, tho.

No. 1001244

Yes, people who state the obvious are often correct.

lmao "I am most definitely a woman" reminds me of the old Chris Chan videos where he'd angrily start off by declaring I AM NOT GAY

No. 1001245

Mirna went dead silent on LC as soon as her/his stuff started getting posted here.

idk i'd love more info on what went down. I know she said she fucked null which lmao

No. 1001249

lol that Rekieta fellatio board is hilarious

I have never seen so many ignorant and deluded people in one place

No. 1001254

File: 1593729153173.png (178.66 KB, 1112x386, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.31…)

Is Mirna saying she has a residence in Jackson Hole here?

No. 1001259

File: 1593729357807.png (130.86 KB, 1126x389, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.34…)

Mirna works in the creative field but also needs to own work boots? They work in an office but are a blue-collar laborer too?

I feel like "she" deserves her own thread so I can stop clogging up this one

No. 1001262

File: 1593729732600.png (95.97 KB, 1130x232, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.41…)

Mirna loves multi, shocker

No. 1001265

File: 1593730440220.png (363.52 KB, 1270x1154, 7857676565.png)

sneasel posted this in the supporters board last year. probably just a shitpost, but i felt like posting it anyway as i believe there are some half-truths to this.
what i do know is a lot of now deleted users gathered in a discord together shortly before the leaks.. once null posted the leaks, emspex was pretty vocal about her disappointment (probably because sensitive info about her was made public, including an IP address that traced her back to a university in idaho).
i wouldn't be surprised if she was apart of this KF mass exodus clique discord server.

No. 1001266

samefag, but i also wanted to note that sneasel asked his account to be deleted shortly after he posted this. pretty sure it was the same day, if not the same week.

No. 1001270

Oooh,do you happen to know what thread it was in by chance? I go back and forth on liking Multi. Her updates in the Tess thread are good and she often updates on cows that aren't as active so she's good to follow I'd you're keeping tabs on certain people but she can also be really annoying ala Mirna (though not nearly as bad).

No. 1001273

>she's a TERF and thinks trannies don't pass well!
So, she's based.
>she weighed 350 pounds at 15-16
>she was raised Mormon!
Shit that isn't quite all her fault, tbh if we all knew the childhood and teenage backgrounds of most KF posters I think we'd find most of their upbringings explain why they're fucking losers in the now. They're all throwing rocks from glass houses.
>can you believe she LEFT when she wasn't wanted here?!
I mean…? Why is this faggot even complaining about that as if she'd be less annoying if she'd stayed just to spite everyone? Retards don't even know what they're frothing at the mouth for.

No. 1001274

Samefag but Jesus Christ he never shuts up. I wish we had enough info to make a Mirna thread.

No. 1001275

from what I got Yawning was a chaser, who seemed to get triggered that some chick picked at a trans woman he felt looked better than her (natural women).
Hopefully, this rant WAS trolling because it comes off so retarded.

No. 1001276

i'm surprised the Yandev redraw thread hasn't been brought up yet, somewhat good concept on paper but holy fuck was it executed horribly

No. 1001279

autistic trans sperging shitting up threads is a problem on both lolcow and KF

No. 1001283

Question is News and article section gone? or is it just hidden when you aren't signed in?

No. 1001290

It's not visible if you're not logged in because the section skewed the SEO. Null hid it so search engines would assign KF a higher priority and now he cries that the site became too well known.

No. 1001292

It was on your favorite KF posters thread

No. 1001293

whats the deal with Owo and why do they think everyone hates them? (I saw them whine about this in chat once)

No. 1001297

OwO was made mod over the salt mine back in 2017 and was completly incompetent which resulted in some people disliking her. She also attempted to play the official KF envoy for SA back when a bunch of weird goons were doxed. It was laughable and pretty autistic so it entailed much mockery.

No. 1001302

There obsession with doxxing is insane to me. Mind you, I don't give a shit if they dox an outspoken pedo (like that James Terry Mitchell guy or whatever is name is) but some tranny who's just annoying on Twitter? Get over it and move on.

No. 1001307

The SA doxing spree and the subsequent goon meltdown was a thing of beauty tho.

No. 1001315

I saw them dox someone once that replied to a cow on twitter. They didn't even say anything that bad, just stupid sjw stuff. The biggest irony is null flipped shit when that tranny turned up at his house and hid upstairs while mommy dealt with it. Then he wrote that post saying he was taking a shit and that's why he couldn't come to the door lmao. That tranny was crazy but he would have wooped Josh's manlet ass

No. 1001329

'cordwainers and cobblers'

imagine this blowhard trying to make conversation at a party. on second thought, i doubt they can bear to make eye contact, let alone conversation.

No. 1001341

It was the ego too, which seems to be really common on Kiwi Farms. Give someone a little bit of power and they go apeshit.

No. 1001366

File: 1593745525870.jpeg (305.64 KB, 1094x1600, B8C78172-F495-4935-BBCA-71F736…)

I will never not find this funny. I don’t really keep up with KF but the whole comicsgate/war campaign situation is very interesting.

No. 1001469

I love how like 100 posts in this thread are dedicated to whining about a "literally who" poster. If I didn't know any better I would think it was them attention whoring or the Josh defense squad running interference.

No. 1001471

feel free to add something you consider substantial. or you could scroll.

No. 1001481

and whining about some random user is substantial?

No. 1001507

Are you new here? That's literally what this thread is about. Feel free to contribute or fuck off.

No. 1001508

no. i said feel free to add something of substance. can you read?

No. 1001511

>be a tranny with a furry avatar
>get declared mod
>lord over users
>complain that people dislike you
big brained shit

No. 1001522

Everyone in the zoosadism thread LARPs as a detective or a forensic psychologist and it’s fucking annoying

No. 1001526

The armchair psychology stuff really annoys me in EVERY thread. It contributes nothing to the discussion. I remember in the Schofield thread it would derail the whole thing for like 50 pages. Then you have certain posters who think they're experts on it and speculate really wild shit or speak with absolute authority on a cow's mental state and then other people take their word for it. So frustrating.

No. 1001568

Anyone have any info on former troon mod Feline Darkmage? Not dox, just general potentially milky info or stories

No. 1001574

He usually posts in threads like these asking for info on him because he likes attention and feeling relevant. Don't worry he will be along soon.
I want to hear more about MinkaMirnoff or whatever his name is. He makes me so mad I hope he gets doxxxxxxxed >:(

No. 1001582

Sorry to disappoint anon but not him. I just want info because I’ve always hated him and his stupid biases as he’d always post in the TERF thread but radio silence when it came to threads pointing out other crazy troons kek
Still wondering why nool likes to appoint trannies as mods I mean besides the obvious reasons like he wants to fuck them

No. 1001591

John Goodmanon is welcome and I am sure they have dirt on everyone there. I know they posted here on our terven boards, or so the story went. COME HERE JOHN GOODMANON

No. 1001592

During COVID a lot of posters sort of outed themselves a bit due to the fact that shit was stressful and they were in stressy positions. Oddly (or not) these k-farmers all seem like pretty stand up people and I think they would be interesting to hang with. Otterly is a nurse or does some sort of healthcare where she works with the public in the UK. cuddle striker is awesome as well, and even prior to COVID gave themselves away a bit via comments here and there as well as pfp choice–now it's Quincy, during the initial outbreak it was Ernie from Return of the Living Dead (best choice) and does some sort of autopsy/morgue/mortuary type deal. Said in the last thread but the most enjoyable threads are ones when kiwis are able to lawfag or medfag or whatever without being showy about it. Both Otterly and cuddle are capable of this. Emu Wars Vet is a Spanish poster who did a lot more spergy posting about how shit was going down in Spain, but also interesting to read because I don't know shit about medicine or Spain.

That Drain Todger faggot is maddening though.

No. 1001596

Isn't the person who created the "Nice Girls/Lesbian" thread?

No. 1001632

there's no milk. just another attention whore tranny that has to insert the fact it's a tranny into most of its comments. 41% when?

The fact null has several tranny mods is top kek

No. 1001645

are there currently any?

No. 1001647

I think when the old team left the site quality suffered. Threads now go way off topic too often. I've seen some threads that are almost entirely autistic rambling with no good OP to even let you know what the thread is about or what's going on.

It feels like there are too few mods now and they aren't curbing the autism hard enough.

They should also prune the entire forums dedicated to an entire niche like weebwars. The whole thing needs to be consolodated and cut down. So much irrelevant bullshit and people using threads just as a chat box instead of dumping useful/funny info.

No. 1001652

I don't think it's a matter of quantity but quality when it comes to mods. After the mass walk out, most new mods were chosen from the worst users.

With that said, I don't miss emspex. It's funny that she sent nudes to Josh to get her own subforum but ran away when shit hit the fan kek

No. 1001653

There weren't any good mods who walked out though. Other than Cricket, who was there lol?

No. 1001657

Gengar and Seppeku were way better than the mods they currently have.

No. 1001662

THOTto is actually really good and you can go to her if you ever have a problem. Kamov Ka-52 as well.

No. 1001670

THOTto is a queen and is pretty harmless.

No. 1001696

Is that AnOminous or whatever? It was pretty funny watching him be wrong over & over in the weeb wars legal threads. He'd get so mad over it too lol. I'm sure he's a "legal expert" compared to most farmers but it became obvious pretty quickly he didn't actually know what he was talking about.

No. 1001734

were the photos from /cow right? was she a fat ugly dangerhair or the relatively unassuming mousy blonde?

No. 1001737

The site is too big and just like we see here, the new users refuse to integrate, so it shits everything up.

No. 1001750

I think the biggest mistake was when Null had everyone pivot from relentlessly hazing newfags from different communities (like Gamergate and Tumblr) to actively celebrating them. Now he's clearly regretting it.

No. 1001759

there's too much reddit-tier vaguely social justicey posting for the same reason, i think. nothing is more annoying than people who need a 'valid' reason to laugh at someone. laughing at someone because they're a tard is clearly the superior position. this insistence on binary thinking even when it comes to cows is dumb as hell.

No. 1001763

where did all the BP mods go? why did they leave?

i'm sure mirna the old man who wants to fuck venus would LOVE to be a mod.

No. 1001789

I wish we had a Stephanie Cianfriglia thread here, the womb wizard is a trip and I think she'd post in a thread here under cover of anon. I wish KF had active Taylor Nicole Dean and Shayna Clifford threads. I get why Shayna's thread there never took off, because ours is a shitshow of pissed off camwhores with a vendetta, but even a slowly moving Shayna thread would be great. I don't really get why there's no TND action there, though.

No. 1001856

same, I don't get why staph infection doesn't have a thread here. she's peak LC material and considering how she tries to intersect with many communities she would be peak PT material.

No. 1001863

TND has a thread there. Not recently updated, I think rehab was last milk post. The only updates seem to be from here. A lot like Lillee Jean's thread there.
In both, I've noticed similar posts and/or screenshot posted around the same time. Sometimes within 30 minutes, in the case of LJ.

No. 1001915

Mike Malloy (?) that posts in TFVG threads is a top tier poster, imo. He's one of the few people I feel like isn't just pulling shit out of his ass; I actively look forward to his posts because I feel like I actually learn something new from him.

No. 1005306

File: 1594414625733.png (172.93 KB, 1265x398, Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 3.54…)

Mirna needs work boots as stated in >>1001259 but "she" also works in an office where people constantly fly out AND she is an expert on drug trafficking

Does she think that people fly out to Florida in Cessnas? And there couldn't be any other possible reason to fly there other than drugs?

No. 1005447


Her supposed office story is literally the storyline for the American Greed episode

No matter the thread, Mirna has been to a certain place, knows the laws in every single state or is the absolute expert on everything.

No. 1005866

Who the fuck's venus? I havent followed this shit closely enough.(lurk moar)

No. 1005885

No. 1006377

What happened to KateFarmsShill? They deleted their Reddit account, no longer mods IFGW and hasn't posted at KF in a while. I know they got called out at IFGW for either troll shielding or being too dumb to notice that they were getting used by a munchie but there's some definite drama there. Anyone know?

No. 1006404

Apparently the “in-crowd” at IFGW is going to make their own website, so Kate Farms Shill is probably holding off from Kiwi Farms until she can announce it.

No. 1006480

I wonder what Null thinks of that. There are a ton of munchie threads and I'm assuming deathfats and people like the Schofields overlap?

No. 1006558


Some deathfats are munchies (mostly Jude) but their fatness and shilling of fat acceptance or weight loss attempts are their primary feature.

The Schofields are MPB, people who abuse their children like that deserve to be in the main KF page like they are.

No. 1006578

I agree about the Schofields. I wonder if KFS is thinking of poaching those cows and if so, what Null would think.

No. 1006590


I don't think Josh is that attached to them, + KF can't be the only place they're discussed. I'd be surprised if multiple parenting forums don't talk about them.

I think the Munchies thread will pick up on there too now that IFGW has experienced a mod exodus. It's been pretty consistent compared to the other forums set up since the LC threads were banned + the new forum they're planning seems farfetched, you have to follow this specific reddit user who will at some point apparently give you a link to the discord to prove your IFGW username in order to gain access. People won't be bothered with that if they can just read KF. The alternative is that someone will start yet another Reddit sub for the topic.

No. 1007733

okay. which kiwi is lamegothmom/popsixsquishcicero? that bitch needs a fucking thread here.

No. 1007739

Is she autistic?

No. 1007764


She drones on like one. Another vid had what I assume is her husband in it and he seems like a complete sperg, so that's my official diagnosis.

No. 1008892

File: 1595014151877.png (231.41 KB, 1489x463, dumbass.png)

It always surprises me how fucking stupid men are and the dumb shit they believe, but "feminists are just mad because they want to be men" is really up there. Along with contradicting yourself a sentence later with "they also fucking HATE men too!" Oh, and they also hate women!

The way he says "us that have criticized feminism" like he does anything beyond sitting on kiwifarms typing "lmao women are fucking dumb!". Moids absolutely ruin any tranny discussion thread because they can't stop themselves chimping out about unrelated shit.

No. 1009001

bit late but

not like shes wrong about the weird posting culture esp since riots+twitch metooing, the twitch/youtube threads here have been completely unbearable, shes just a whiny cunt for taking it so personally that "teh lulcowz so mean"

and, arguably, in some threads you can tell when someones posted a little too much since they have the same style of posting over 12 different responses in a thread. like whenever somebody outs that one SW in shayna threads, its bc u can tell by how they seethepost every time they enter. its not different for noticing the same 8 users and their posting style once you get accustomed to threads

No. 1009003

Bad takes. Get out of mirnas ass

No. 1009132

File: 1595047040422.png (35.1 KB, 480x389, 7.2.bitches.png)

This ss is from 2 weeks ago, so this thread is "common knowledge" for whatever that means kek.

No. 1009151

File: 1595051809072.png (634.27 KB, 1485x734, null.png)

He cried about wanting to run away and get a little wife to be trad with and then took a vacation from the site because it's soooo hard for him.

Then he sets up… Minecraft servers? This is what he needed a break from and finds stressful? lmao

No. 1009253


Imagine being the FBI agent assigned to play on that Minecraft server.

No. 1009533

the fact that you immediately disagreed without actually contributing anything just proves my point retard

No. 1010224

So - Kate Farms Shill got doxed? Anyone know anything about that?

No. 1010240

No, but they’ve been kind of high profile lately on reddit so maybe not surprising? Hopefully they keep going, they’re good at cataloging munchies. Where’d you see this?

No. 1010245

So - Kate Farms Shill got doxed? Anyone know anything about that?>>1010240


No. 1010251

All the mods of Illness Fakers Gone Wild got doxxed on the Discord.

No. 1010263


let's see the dox then lol

No. 1010285

my god this woman is slow lol

No. 1010326

read the rules lol

No. 1010340

File: 1595272986254.png (130.78 KB, 480x789, Screenshot_20200718-181045_1.p…)

I like KFS, she is a munchie guru. But she was asking for this being high profile & reveling in her status as hated by munchies.

Also, pretty funny how a whole page of replys are users simping for her. She doesn't venture out of BP so I guess the posters there are a little different than KF as a whole. Probably why Null likes it best.

This is an image board.

No. 1010354

your points are stupid and so are you for agreeing with mirna, tard.

No. 1010355

she's "poor me"ing all over her profile kek. This is a great example of why you shouldn't get too involved with cow culture

lolcow has always been full of winey little cunts just like you.

No. 1010619


No. 1010771

vomit.brat aka princess pierrot has read the room entirely incorrectly in the PULL thread and thinks kiwis make fun of people for 'the right reasons' instead of 'laughing at tards'. i predict an unpleasant wakeup call for kiwis if they don't nip this in the bud, they'll get overrun. some A&H poster is going to have to create a splinter board.

No. 1010773

I don't think any of them will create a new board because most of them were teenagers or lurkers with no real ties to the site. I see them all grouping off and going to different boards and sites.

No. 1010793

Most kiwis aren't teenagers.

No. 1010833

Anon meant refugees from PULL, a dying drama board.
I hope Kiwi gets their fair share of them. Have a look at /w/ to see what that's going to look like.

No. 1011048


Maybe they should go to the new ownership SA forums.

No. 1011053

File: 1595429144956.jpg (741.5 KB, 1049x1685, Screenshot_20200722-064133_Chr…)

Topkek that they think KF is like the real world because they can call people niggerfaggots and be openly racist without any repercussions.

No. 1011063

> Chris deserves to be held accountable for his actions but none of us do!

This reads like a 13-year-olds idea of a deep post.

/w/ is fucking unreadable right now. Kiwi farms deserves some of this.

No. 1011154

Kiwifarms doesn't police language? The same website that filters "retard" into "exceptional individual"? lol ok

No. 1011173

No, see, it’s fine for Null to set word filters because ordinary words annoy him or whatever (god forbid anyone see the word milk or the phrase hash browns) but anyone who doesn’t want their forums to turn into a pottymouthed middle-school locker room is “cancel culture SJW soycuck.”

No. 1011181

If I’m not mistaken, she deliberately doxed herself on IFGW. My sister watched it go down and told me about it but I didn’t care enough to go and screenshot it. I participated in the munchie threads here but was opposed to the discussion moving over to reddit because of how easy it is to get things deleted and subs banned.

No. 1011250

90% of the word filters were cleared a month or two ago

No. 1011257

the point is they do police language "90% cleared a month ago" or not.

No. 1011364

Do you have anymore info or sister have screenshots? What circumstances led to willingly self doxxing?
Anyone who gets too into the cow herd ends up smelling like a cow themselves. As an older internet autist KFS, I find her "downfall" and the weird simping after the fact to be prime cow material. But she really is just another alcoholic kiwifarms autist that sacrifices herself on the lolcow altar so that we all may bathe in milk. All hail cows of all sizes!

Sidenote, can we please get Munchie threads back Admin? Pleaseeeee. It can't be worse than /w/ after pullfags.

No. 1011367

File: 1595478691111.png (59.25 KB, 845x243, Capture.PNG)

>data breach in 2019
>takes his new server like 2 months to set up
>takes another 2 months for merch to be set up to fund said server
>now has failed at hosting a minecraft server
Absolutely exceptional that Null managed to fuck up hosting a Minecraft server. Literal children can do that and he managed to fuck it up.

No. 1011598

How in the FUCK do you fuck up an anarchy server that badly

No. 1011610

No. 1011618

Most anarchy servers have a spawn that is protected so people don't get instantly killed after entering the world. How retarded are you that you think that would be fun?

He set up a small protected area to give people beginner tools and boats to leave the island and then it's everyone for themselves.

Some idiot decided to spend days on end lavacasting until it reached the spawn. How is that Null fucking anything up?

No. 1011673

Yeah ngl I don't like the guy but it seems like he was actually doing the one reasonable thing to prevent the edgelords from just going ballistic on the spawn area and guffawing about it

No. 1011684


The reasonable thing would be to ask a local 12 year old to set up your anarchy minecraft server if you're too useless to know you'd need to have a protected spawn area that works.

No. 1011730


And let me guess, you are one of those autistic 12 year olds who knows every possible exploit in Minecraft that could ruin other people having a fun time?

Oh no he didn't know that you could use flowing lava to encroach on a protected spawn area… haha what a noob! Seriously.

No. 1011746


I don't know what to tell you. It's a good job Josh knows how to protect his users where it really matters, on Kiwifar… oh, wait.

No. 1011754

Just seems like you are seething and grasping at straws. "Josh sucks because… well… someone found an exploit on his Minecraft server! Hahaha he really can't do anything right!"

What has Josh really done to you? Do you have a thread on the site?

No. 1011757

i'm crying

it's not an exploit it's an easily fixable feature of the game you retard. literal 13 year old autistic children can figure this out.

No. 1011862

Omg the ads on KF are so pathetic! Yes, I definitely want to buy cheap gift cards with bitcoin, there’s nothing shady about that.

No. 1011915

And it was fixed… he is currently setting up a non-anarchy server with people who know more about Minecraft than him. I just really don't see how "he didn't know every exploit in a children's game" is in any way a gotcha. Out of all the things you could say about Josh, this seems like an incredibly pathetic nitpick.

No. 1011940

can you go back to KF/PULL whenever you came from you unsaging retard.

No. 1011989

Is it just me or are KF users more openly hostile to Null now?

There's def still a bunch of asskissers who thinks he's Free Speech Jesus, but a lot of the old timer left on KF are getting testy with Lil' Josh

No. 1012000

You can tell a lot of KF posters are bitter about being unpopular on or banned from Reddit.

No. 1012046

I feel like people started to turn on him when he turned into a pissbaby over Trump threatening to cut down the internet. It was hard to deny his hypocrisy at that point.

No. 1012077

he's been trying to rid the site of users that "he doesn't like", and has banned quite a few people for basically nothing recently. he's acting like a tyrant man child pissbaby and it's really annoying. if you so much as slight him or @ him in chat when he's in a pissy mood, he'll ban you for a week. he's been like this since the 2019 leaks and it's getting old.

No. 1012317

File: 1595643454691.png (176.38 KB, 863x337, DiscordSurvur.png)

So the Kiwis have a discord server set up to use to collect doxxes.

No. 1012409

I am perpetually amazed at how oblivious to Internet security unsafe communities most Kiwi Farmers are

Doxxing each other is practically mandatory for KF

No. 1012522

>What has Josh really done to you?

None of the cows on this site have a thread because they’ve personally hurt a user. If he doesn’t want people to point and laugh at him, he shouldn’t be such such a mess. He’s sabotaged every viable means of income for his ego. Any TikTok zoomer could create and order merch in less than a day, but somehow it takes him months. Now he thinks his only way out is a trad family, but we all know that will go about as well as all of his other projects

No. 1012565

>None of the cows on this site have a thread because they’ve personally hurt a user.
What are you refering to?

>Any TikTok zoomer could create and order merch in less than a day, but somehow it takes him months.

Cause he's banned from almost every payment processor.

>Now he thinks his only way out is a trad family, but we all know that will go about as well as all of his other projects

What does that have to do with you tho? I understand if you don't like Kiwifarms or how he runs the site but your anger at Josh seems personal with how nitpicky all of this is. What's your thread?

No. 1012566

What is the name of the server?

Using a username you use for personal accounts in a KF discord server is pretty retarded tbh. Even if you make an account on the site it tells you to use a username you don't use elsewhere.

(btw there is no official Kiwifarms server)

No. 1012578

learn to integrate, kiwifag

No. 1012585

No screenshots but my sister said she remembers the name being Lucy Davis. I’m not really sure if it was a real dox or a misdirection. Also, I thought munchie threads were unbanned along when new admin came in? It’s been bumped a few times over the past year but no one responds.

No. 1012717

File: 1595714429958.png (2.76 MB, 1176x4588, 0010201111.png)

lmao. dropping some screencaps from the supporters board.

No. 1012718

File: 1595714459547.png (1.54 MB, 1176x4118, 0010201222.png)

No. 1012719

File: 1595714503130.png (2.04 MB, 1176x4448, 0010201333.png)

god bless jsgoti for moving this from the mod board

No. 1012804

no idea what’s going on but if any of that shit about thotto is true I hope she’s doxed. Sounds like a true cow.

Are thotto and kamov actually married or is that one of the lies?

No. 1012815

Null recently removed the paywall from his personal blog. Enjoy: https://archive.is/zTbzR

Highlights include blaming "female empowerment and birth control" for the downfall of the nuclear family, sperging about "the gays," and waxing poetic about his dreams of one day "paying lip-service to a religion" for the benefit of his future children.

Imagine paying to read this shit.

No. 1012820

>Highlights include blaming "female empowerment and birth control" for the downfall of the nuclear family
>implying the nuclear family structure was ever a good thing or beneficial to society

No. 1012833

>Women are happiest as mothers, yet most western woman would resent that statement. They have been told since childhood that what they need is a college degree, a job, and independent wealth. The desire to not become dependent on a man is an embedded fear in virtually all western women coming of age today. Birth control and abortion have made accidental families (and then the accidental discovery of the fulfillment of parenthood) a less likely occurrence.

But this only proves his point: why would any of us want to become dependant on a man who views us as baby factories? Why would we ever want to give up our careers to please a man who cries and whines over the danger of a career woman?

Also, many of us have been told since childhood that our roles are to settle down and start a family. But Null wouldn't know that since he's never spoken to a real woman.

No. 1012845

>Also, many of us have been told since childhood that our roles are to settle down and start a family. But Null wouldn't know that since he's never spoken to a real woman.
Exactly. "They have been told since childhood that what they need is a college degree, a job, and independent wealth"… lmao, what? Not only are the majority of women (throughout the world, not just the west, mind you) not taught that, and instead are taught to be housewives and baby ovens, but even if these women were taught to seek education and a career, there's… nothing wrong with that?

No. 1012853

This is so bad it almost seems like a parody. This is how you differentiate functioning members of society with healthy social lives and basic self-esteem from isolated scrotes who have never had a girlfriend.

Why would a woman want to tie herself to Null's sinking ship? His wet dream about a "traditional" relationship wouldn't even work because he's penniless and has no prospects

No. 1012866

The worst thing about the new KF layout is that you have to see the stupid chat as it happens. Like I want to see idiot Incels’ banal opinions when I’m checking in on Amberlynn Reid or whatever.

No. 1012895

it as beneficial to men which is why josh likes it. he can not succeed in a society that veers even close to fairness. He needs all the help he can get.
He has no job and is in debt thousands. But yes, in a traditional society women would be wanting to date josh and not a man that could provide for her and their children kek

No. 1012897


Laughing at how oopsie-babies are a great thing in his mind. A sane person would understand that unwanted and unexpected pregnancies don't always end well for the parents or the child.

For someone who preaches about traditional nuclear families, he really doesn't understand how important family planning is for the emotional, mental, and financial wellbeing of a family unit. And it isn't just the ~*evul career women*~ who seek out birth control and abortions, the housewives of his dreams also access them because sometimes people just aren't ready for a baby. And saying that people will accidentally discover the fulfilment of parenthood is naive at best and retarded at worst: some people will never love their children. Some people will continue to repeat the abuse they faced in their own childhood. Some people are just incapable of basic human empathy and shouldn't have access to a child that trusts them without question.

Forcing these people to have a baby is gambling with their own physical and mental health (considering so many women die in childbirth and/or are affected by PPD), but also with their child's emotional and mental wellbeing, all in the hopes that the ~maternal instincts~ will kick in.

Although, creating a new generation of poorly socialised and unloved kids who hate their parents and the world will keep the traffic on his website stable, so.

No. 1012926


I think his point is that only westerners think like this. Black and brown people are still having tons of babies despite being poor and not "ready". Which is why to people like him this sort of thinking is dangerous to "the white race".

The only people who think about how responsible it would be to have a child are the ones who SHOULD be having children. But they aren't, meanwhile in the ghetto there are families of 8 that live on foodstamps.

I mean have you ever watched Idiocracy? The intro is basically what's happening in the world.

No. 1012930

Because Josh's penis gets hard at the idea of a ~traditional~ slavic tranny waifu who does everything his mom did for him, with the added bonus of banging her whenever he sees fit.

No. 1012934


Very unusual desire for a man to have indeed.

No. 1012946

then go poop out some babies and stop working about what the fuck other people are doing.

No. 1012949

Will do.

You know there's still women out there who enjoy being homemakers and raising children. Idk what's wrong with wanting to do that or wanting a woman who wants that.

You don't have to look down on traditional families just cause it's not what you want to do.

Unless you're a tranny, then I guess you have every right to be triggered cause you'll never have any of that and I understand how it would upset you.

No. 1012951

i love how there was actual modmilk which sounded pretty good, and it was dropped to…talk about josh having conservative beliefs? lol is this for real?

you may think he sucks but everything he said in that essay is the truth. women are happiest when they have families and run households. lmao, ever met a happy female exec? all they do is cry about muh babies and how lonely they are while they stuff cash into every open hole to ease the pain. go show your ass on OF and make that paper, let’s see where you are in five years amirite(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1012955

the chat is great. these people are so fucking stupid that they can’t wait to jump in and start powerleveling for the world to see. when you see people like sigseg v or whatever their name is proudly proclaiming that they believe both bestiality and pedophilia to be healthy sexual orientations and not the degeneracy it is? good to know.

No. 1012962

I get that the kiwi thread is going to attract people from the other farms, but talking about “ women are happiest when they have families and run households” makes you stand out.
If you want the mod milk you can just lurk instead of sucking Josh off every time he’s criticized.

No. 1012963

>women are happiest when they have families and run households.
Then instead of typing on anon imageboards, go have a kid and run a household. Why are you here defending fat, worthless neckbeards who run online forums? Does that really bring you more happiness than the female exec you mentioned?
Ironically, it's usually the OF thots who pander as hard as you do to ugly men and can't help sucking their dicks even anonymously, kek.

No. 1012964

never said it was wrong. You just seem awfully pressed about the choices of other people.

No. 1012967

>women are happiest when they have families and run households
This is typical scrote propaganda. Studies show that married women with children live shorter than their single, childless counterparts, while the opposite is true for married vs. single men. Moids are literal parasites who are desperately trying to keep their hosts.



No. 1012968

C'mon Kiwifag. I know you wanna shit on Josh, and his harem of fuckwits, without getting banned from your precious cool kids club but, there's not much else to say other than, "Who's honestly surprised."

All the competent mods left and numods are basically rehashing the same autistic highschool tier drama the old mods went through.

No. 1012976


The thing is it is nice to be a homemaker and have a wonderful husband. The problem is Null and the type of men like him aren’t worth being “subservient” to.

Women want men (or women). Not children who sperg about muh culture war all day.

No. 1012991

File: 1595777962913.png (544.49 KB, 930x998, dyke.png)


lol. Look at that dyke, she sure looks happy. She is so happy that she has to write books and fabcricate studies to convince the whole world how happy she is to be forever alone. You should also be alone, don't make any white babies fellow wimmin.


No. 1012995

Kill yourself scrote. You have no power and you’re obsolete.

No. 1012998

You’re just lashing out At us due to bitterness probably because of all the disrespect you quietly endure from your inferior incel husband. Enjoy taking his little pencil dick until you die with no wealth and nothing to say for yourself except for how easy you made a mans life. You’re a tool. You’re the one lashing out at career women because you resent them. You could never do what they do so you pretend that you never wanted it in the first place.

No. 1012999

this modmilk is ficking delicious lmao

why the fuck would you shre your personal probelms with kiwifags hellbent on doxxing the hell out of each other 24/7

No. 1013004

Definitely seems happier than you, screencapping away and permanently seething about her (and all other women) not wanting your babydick.

No. 1013009

>You don't want to be a mother instead of a single catlady, you must be a man!

lol ok, I didn't know you had to be a bitter lesbian to use this site

>your inferior incel husband
>Enjoy taking his little pencil dick until you die with no wealth and nothing to say for yourself
>You’re a tool
>You’re the one lashing out

Do you guys even hear yourself talk? Jesus. I don't think I am the bitter one here.(ban evasion)

No. 1013021

At this point I have no idea why anyone would want to be a user on that site.

No. 1013023

>I don't think I am the bitter one here
>evading a ban just to say that
Kek. Males.

No. 1013024

>Fuck incels or you're a bitter lesbian!! >:(
You know who's angriest about lesbians? Desperate males.

No. 1013028

To laugh at the kiwi mod drama and Josh's incompetence.
I sent him money two years ago so I gotta get my money's worth unfortunately.

No. 1013029

>Do you guys even hear yourself talk? Jesus. I don't think I am the bitter one here.

The irony of using Kiwi Farms but still getting your feelings hurt on an anon image board. You can cry about career women and lesbians for karma points on the other farms, but it won't help you in the real world

No. 1013037

File: 1595786014756.png (2.27 MB, 1202x3405, 1.png)

lol one of the mods socked so they could leak more of that thread jsgoti moved to supporters into the public general board

a lot of the posts are the same/repeats, but ill include it anyway just to make it a bit easier to read through

No. 1013038

File: 1595786045203.png (2.38 MB, 1207x4696, 2.png)

No. 1013040

File: 1595786070509.png (2.32 MB, 1205x4400, 3.png)

No. 1013041

File: 1595786107823.png (780.63 KB, 1203x1513, 4.png)

No. 1013042

File: 1595786137227.png (2.8 MB, 1207x6305, 5.png)

No. 1013045

twinkie needs to lolcalmdown and log off for awhile, jesus christ.

No. 1013053

equating femcels to incels says enough about you. Other anons were right, you're bitter af toward women, must have a real small dick lol

No. 1013060

why do men think they always know what makes women happiest? Even when women tell you that no, that doesn't make us happy you still fucking insist you know better. this is why moids flunk out of college so much and are basically obselete at this point. I guess that's why moids desperatly want to convince women to return to traditional values, so they can have the upper hand again kek


>ban evades
>here for hours sperging

I bet your baking is shit and your trad daddy is out fucking a hooker right now so you're here mad at us lmao

No. 1013061

>Is it really so fucking alien to you to you that a woman likes doing maternal stuff and wants to raise a family? Guess what, I like baking too. Crucify me.

No one has a problem with this, the problem is that you think your interests are universal. It's ironic that you're so angry other women don't share your worldview while claiming we're the meanies who can't understand you.
I do believe you when you say you're not a male because I've encountered plenty of women as insufferable as you.

No. 1013062

Ngl I kinda feel bad for Twinkie

No. 1013067

To add:
>women are happiest when they have families and run households.
>you guys hate me because i like BAKING and girly things!
Big difference between these points. Calm down and consider it.

No. 1013087

can someone give a tl;dr of this twinkie drama? i don't understand what's going on in these screenshots. i checked twinkie's kf profile and it's full of angry moids reeeing about her getting someone called rat banned.

lmao she deleted

No. 1013104

what I'm getting is
>twinkie accused rat speaker of doing some bullshit in discord
>null banned him over it, partially because he doesn't like bitter oldfags anyway
>JSGOTI and thotto said the accusations were overblown
>twinkie started flinging shit everywhere and tried to halal thotto
>JSGOTI shared the thread in supporters to get her to shut up and now she's angry about the backlash
never bothered touching kf's garbage discords so someone else will have to fill in that part

No. 1013110

Before I start, you need to know that the 2019 leak drama still low-key rumbles on, a not insignificant portion of the userbase is now actively hostile to null, and null himself has been super paranoid of any (ex)KF discords ever since then. Both those factors have basically colored most of his big moderation decisions this year and beyond.

From what I can see, Twinkie was part of a discord server with kamov and thotto (who are husband and wife respectively), discord things ensued, and she was led to believe that rat speaker was part of a cabal that was going to dox her or some other person (not sure really), so he got banned. When users asked about the reason in the supporters lounge, she started chimping at anything that moves and claiming that she had receipts of everything (still dropped nothing as I write this).

More arguing happened and shit got corraled to the mod board, where more Twinkie chimping happened, including her turning on kamov and thotto, claiming that they are junkies and that they bought and sold drugs to/from other kiwis, claiming that kamov likes to use buttplugs, claiming that thotto scammed a cancer patient..etc

JSGOTI got null's ok to make a big post in supporters explaining what happened with some caps from modboard. In addition, rat got restored (he's probably innocent anyways), and promptly started trolling twinkie along with some other ppl, so twinkie chimped some more.

In response to this, null suddenly decided that Twinkie was the best mod that ever modded, and decided to start banning anyone who shittalked or trolled her in any way from here out (current account death count is like 4-6 ppl afaik), this prompted users to start trolling both him and Twinkie even more, which caused more chimping from her part.

Now someone has been leaking the entirety of the modboard into gen discussion, causing Twinkie to chimp out even more at both JSGOTI and null (and anyone trying to give advice really), and it seems that null has been confusing it for the earlier supporters thread wehich he okayed, so he's beginning to turn on Twinkie now, even incelwhining in chat that women make the worst mods ever ever etc.

Drama has subsided for now, but who knows what will happen later on?

tl;dr is probably gonna boil down to >>1013104

No. 1013117

I agree with both. I think Null was probably showing her favoritism that was becoming more and more obvious, which made a couple other mods conspire to screw with her so she'd voluntarily fuck off, though I'm not sure if the public embarrassment was preplanned or just last minute icing on the cake. Either way, she's clearly playing right into a trap and the incessant rage posting is only making it worse. Relax, girl. It's just a fucking website.

No. 1013205

thank you anons for the breakdown of this fucking mess kek

Null deserves people to be hostile towards him after the leak. It was such a complete fuck up and he acted like it was no big deal. I mean, yeah you're a fucking idiot to post on KF, but Null knows people gun for him and still let the site leak.

Then when he was on "vacation" another mini-leak happened, or was threatened to happen idk, and he logged on and basically said he doesn't give a shit.

Is twinkie e-fucking null? I remember him being super weird about that other mod that ended up leaving before this. A fat danger hair that claimed she fucked null irl.

No. 1013298

>Then when he was on "vacation" another mini-leak happened

Not it didn't. That was a false alarm.

No. 1013358

File: 1595858757731.png (154.19 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200727-080732.png)

Wow, Null I wonder what happened?

No. 1013433

A woman accidentally bumped into him at the Kraljevo market and he thinks he's engaged now.

No. 1013458

and he still responded by saying "lol idc". he didn't even check the supposed leaked log until his fat ass got done with his vacation.

he gunna break soon

No. 1013661

No. 1013673

gb2 kf or learn to integrate newfag. this is an imageboard first of all and second you linked to a post on a private board. great job.

No. 1013677

And the archived copy doesn't even work because Supporters is a private paypig board, goddammit. At least drop screencaps or something bro

No. 1013803

These guys really just pull stuff from their ass, huh? Most anorexic women I've seen are definitely not super feminine.

No. 1013804

File: 1595927079187.jpg (80.3 KB, 1038x168, Screenshot_20200728-040310_Chr…)

Dropped my picture

No. 1013828

>and he still responded by saying "lol idc". he didn't even check the supposed leaked log until his fat ass got done with his vacation.

He looked into it as soon as he found out. despite being on vacation. There was no leaked log, it was just like 2 people who had someone log into their account cause they used easy to guess passwords like "Password" or "1234". If you consider that a "leak" or a "hack" then idk what to tell you.

And he obviously doesn't care about the site anymore, he made it pretty clear in his "essay" that's being discussed here that he's not having fun with the site anymore and is sick of dealing with stuff like the mod drama.

No. 1013883

> despite being on vacation
lmao he was on a staycation in some Serbian shithole, you make it sound like he had to go through 5 layovers to do it when he just had to get back to the hotel and turn his computer on.

Also any sane admin of a hacked website would notify the specific users that got hacked and force password resets on them. Of course that would necessitate not leaking it yourself in the 1st place but what do I know?

No. 1013941

lmao he was sitting in his bedroom jacking off to hentai not on a real vacation. he doesn't have a job where the fuck he gonna go. as soon as there were rumblings about a hack he should have been online telling people he's looking into it. Not saying he'll look into it for realz when he's back from vacation

No. 1013947

File: 1595957677434.png (1022.91 KB, 1237x960, ulooking4luvbb.png)

This was posted in /pt/ by whoever tried to make a null thread there. idk if it's real but kek he looks like a middle-aged cherub


No. 1013951

>what do I know?

Nothing apparently. Nobody was hacked. Some users contacted him cause someone has signed into their accounts, it turned out that someone was trying easy-to guess passwords on a couple (like 2 or 3) accounts, if your password is "password" and someone guesses it, you can't really call it a hack.

Do any of you have any proof that he didn't immediately look into it when he found out about it?

Also jfc, everyone deserves a break from their job once in a while. And it turned out to be nothing at all anyways. Sorry but you're all talking out of your ass and have no proof of any of these claims.

No. 1014003

Lmao at running a shitty gossiping/doxxing website is a "job". He gets by with paypigs not investors and customers.

No. 1014009

>OMG Josh how dare you go away for 1 week a year?! The site got haxxed! Do your job!
>lol running Kiwifarms is not a job

idk make up your mind

No. 1014017


aren't you meanto be make money at a job instead of putting yourself in crippling debt?

Anyway whiteknighting Josh has to be the lowest bar i've seen in a while. good job.

No. 1014028

His only source of income from the farms is e-begging and a half-assed merch line. He's bungled every other opportunity to monetize the site. At this point it's a toxic money pit, so it's no wonder he's over it.
He also ruined any chance of walking away from the site with a clean slate and is living penniless in Eastern Europe. So is anyone surprised he couldn't care less about any "leaks" or "hacks" or whatever we want to call them? He's wallowing in his own bad choices

No. 1014034

It's always the soyest of the soyboys that worship the nuclear family.

Yeah, it would be great to have a nice traditional family. Believe it or not, Josh, that's a goal for tons of women, feminists included. But the traditional family starts with a traditional man. Whiny faggots wanna blame ~muh feminism~ for encouraging women to become better, more rounded people instead of looking at themselves & realizing they could never be respected as the head of a household. Josh is an internet dwelling loser who's clearly never done an ounce of physical labour in his life. Never taken apart an engine, built a house, gutted a fish, or any other hot trad male shit.

Good luck finding your trad waifu when you've got more estrogen pumping through you than she does.

No. 1014052

My favorite part about null’s idiocy is when he claims that he’s a well-rounded, employable individual because he was on payroll for like McDonald’s as a teenager and 8chan before fucking both of those up. How can you honestly be a white nationalist when you’re like the most pathetic version of your own race? He’s a fucking mong.

No. 1014055



Has he even lived in the US while Trump was president? I get that his KoP-esque hardon for Trump didn't even last the first term but still.

No. 1014073

File: 1595975181749.png (1.32 MB, 1056x3280, lolkf.png)

how is this gay discord drama not over yet

No. 1014090

File: 1595976529089.png (263.05 KB, 1052x1059, 345234535.png)

lmao vertexwindi just outed themselves as the leaker of the mod posts on GD

No. 1014093

>anorexic women tend to be very feminine

Found the fetishist.

We always wondered who the audience was for the Fit Vegan Ginger's totally unappealing yet weirdly sexual pictures with food - no surprise there's an overlap with the KF userbase.

No. 1014099

I'm laughing at how long this is lol

No. 1014107

File: 1595979184914.png (1.79 MB, 1508x6514, sup01.png)

finally got around clipping out the important posts from ~5 pages of the thread this newfag linked >>1013661

No. 1014108

File: 1595979223158.png (1.07 MB, 1500x4626, sup02.png)

No. 1014125

>Tfw kiwis are such attention seeking autists mod drama gets a paragraphs long post
Why do these people riff on cows again?

No. 1014127

Oh my god what a bunch of losers.
It's gay enough to spend chunks of your time discussing mentally ill people online (trust me, I know lol), but the fact that they give enough of a shit about lolcows to have extended slapfights, discord chats & relationships with each other is just terminally autistic.

Also kek at the fact that this meaningless drama was all kicked off by someone trying to doxx the jannies. You know, like they have a hard-on for doing to everyone else.
If you're dumb enough to have your dox easily available then git doxxed son.

No. 1014140

File: 1595983795936.png (75.5 KB, 1418x80, oo.png)

This is one of my favorite parts. That, and this said about null:

>I live in fear of an obese nazi who hides in the bathroom and makes mammy fight his battles for him

No. 1014285


Running screaming from the completely degenerate cancer of Discord is at least one thing Null gets right.

No. 1014293

lol he runs his own discord server tho

No. 1014498

Not a newfag just didn't want to clip the posts.
Thank you for helping.

No. 1015172

File: 1596208175610.jpg (494.23 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20200731-100828_Chr…)

I know we say stupid shit a lot here, but I like to think we aren't legitimately racist like a lot of people over there are.

No. 1015398

>post from 2019
Are you going to post actual milk?

No. 1015564

That's why it's saged, goddamn. My bad for wanting a conversation starter after three days.

No. 1016156

File: 1596391128342.png (214.8 KB, 748x874, 1.png)

null rolling over on his users again and framing it as noncompliance.

No. 1016158

File: 1596391160075.png (237 KB, 746x870, 2.png)

No. 1016169

>Joshua Moon, Custodian of Records for Lolcow LLC
Crying. This whole thing must be a joke considering the "King of England"

No. 1016170

>null rolling over on his users again and framing it as noncompliance.

What are you even talking about? This guy asked him to confirm that he doesn't have an account on the farms and that's what he did.

All these recent posts just reek of seethe, there is no milk and just a bunch of false information.

No. 1016188

what false info? why is he complying with a foriegn court at all? Why are you still in here whiteknighting josh after weeks?

No. 1016204

He is not complying with a foreign court. Idk why you even post something you didn't even bother to read.

This guy is being sued for posts made by an account on the kiwifarms that was made in his name. The account did not belong to him. He asked Josh "can you please make a statement for the judge that this account is not mine and I am not liable for what is being posted on it" so Josh looked into it, found out the account was in fact made by someone who was trying to smear this guy and stated that to the judge.

Like, it's literally a nice thing he did for the guy. The "King of England" shit is cringe but you are just being a nitpick trying to bump this thread by giving a completely false narrative.

No. 1016225

Why should he let an asshole get away with spoofing some dude’s name to get him in legal trouble? Freeze peach is one thing, troll shielding is another.

No. 1016230

Because Null = evil and everything he does is bad!

Seriously this thread is shit. You posted about a "second hack" that never happened and now this, which you didn't even bother to read or find out the context to.
I am starting to think all these posts are made by someone with a grudge who has a thread on the site.

All you accomplished was making Null look like a good guy cause he did something nice for a british person despite hating them, congrats.

No. 1016241

what is with the fucking null defenders in this thresd? It's been unreadable for a while because everytime someone posts something they're attacked.

there's more than one person that posts here you fucking retard

No. 1016248

who gives a shit about some tranny drama. why is he even responding to this shit and talking about user accounts. why is he even looking into ips of users and talking to foreign counts about it.
no one apart from you thinks null is a good guy. i don't know why your pathetic ass has been in this thread for weeks trying to protect null but its honestly one of the saddest things i've fucking seen. if this thraad upsets your sensitive ass so much hide it you absolute moron. im so sick of newfags coming into threads and decrying them as "not milky" or something else. no one asked for you to be here you dripping clunge.

No. 1016255

If its about that why look into and tell them about 3 other users. Keep up.

No. 1016257

Pointing out that someone is posting something completely inaccurate is being a "defender" how? This thread could be funny, there's plenty of milk about Null, even recently if any of you idiots would pay any attention.

>who gives a shit about some tranny drama. why is he even responding to this shit and talking about user accounts. why is he even looking into ips of users and talking to foreign counts about it.

Ok once again for the slow people in the back, since you still don't get it.

>be retarded britbong and get sued

>wait… y am I being sued???
>someone has been making posts on the internet (kiwifarms) with your real life name as their user account
>wait a second mister british judge, that was not me!
>Hello Null, it's me, a british person, someone on your forum is using my name as their account name and posting stuff that I am now getting sued for, can you confirm it's not me?
>Yes hello it's me Null, here is a statement of me saying this accout is not in fact you, show this to your judge so you can no longer be sued
>thank you Null, very nice, the judge accepted your letter and I am no longer being sued

Next time you try to add to his thread, try to actually read what you're posting about?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016273

people understand it just fine. we just dont want to suck nulls dick like you. as >>1016255 said why look into the other accounts? nice that you dodged that. fuck outta here cunt

No. 1016278

Why do you keep responding like everyone is the same person? Do you need your meds? Because you keep shitting up this thread. I know PULL being shut down bums you out but we don't want you here, either.

No. 1016292

Did you read the letter before you started sperging?

>The claimant asserts the Defendant has engaged in cyberstalking and defamatory harassment campaign on my website using four different user accounts

He then looked into the 4 accounts and responded. Why this case? The onus of proof is on the plaintiff. This complaint was made my Stephanie Hayden I believe, the british tranny that sues everyone. Most if not all of her cases get dismissed. null didn't have to look into 4 accounts to clear this guys name. The case had no weight to begin with.

No. 1016340

>This thread could be funny, there's plenty of milk about Null, even recently if any of you idiots would pay any attention.
Then stop ban evading to fight with randoms and just post it ya dumbass

No. 1016494

>Why this case?
Cause the guy asked him nicely?

>we just dont want to suck nulls dick like you. as
I'm telling you that what you posted was wrong, how is that sucking someone's dick? I'm glad to know I'm arguing with a mod tho and that pointing out that information provided is wrong is a bannable offense.

>why look into the other accounts? nice that you dodged that. fuck outta here cunt

Because the 4 accounts were all alledged to be him. It literally says so in the document. You really only have to read what was posted to understand this.

No. 1016521

imagine ban evading so you can keep sucking nulls dick kek

null shouldn't be checking the ip of user accounts because a foreign court asks him to. That goes against everything he spews. How may times has your retarded ass gotta be banned?

No. 1016523

Are you stupid? I'm genuinely asking because you keep accusing everyone else of not reading the document when you're the only one that obviously hasn't. no one agrees with you. null breaking his years of dedication to this very topic because "he was asked nicely" is a bullshit defense. go back and read the letter because you look insane right now.
you have this crazy paranoia that there's only one other person in this thread outside of you and that person is a mod too. you need serious help.
interestingly you type exactly the same as pedo-chan from the /ot/ true crime thread that had a breakdown when people disagreed with her dumb views over there and told her hanging out in a pedo discord wasn't as cool as she thought it was.

No. 1016531

are you gonna post any of this milk on josh you keep moaning about or are you gonna keep bumping this thread with this shit because you got boring 2 days ago

No. 1016600

>a foreign court asked him to
They didn't. The guy who is being sued for posts made on the site in his name asked him. He is trying to defend himself in court against a litigious tranny.

>Are you stupid?
Probably, cause I keep trying to explain what actually happened, which you could figure out just by reading the document. I'm all for shitting on Null, but when you're posting stuff that's just completely inaccurate then it's not even funny. It just makes this whole thread look retarded cause none of the information is credible. As much as you shit on the Kiwifarms, at least people there make fun of a-logging.

No, I could post a picture of Null holding a puppy with a message saying "I just adopted this puppy!" and you guys would say "Wow how dare Null murder a puppy?!" Not interested to give you any information because it's obviously wasted here.

At this point you're making /cow/ look like a more interesting site, despite the threads being derailed by porn all the time at least they don't ban you for pointing out "Actually, that's not what happened."(ban evasion)

No. 1016644

Then by all means go there, don't let the door hit you on the ass when you walk out

No. 1016660

Why are you so invested in this? Everyone has told you you're wrong and you've been banned yet you're still thinking you're right.go and hang out on cow no one wants you here

No. 1016663

multiple people have shown you over multiple days where you are wrong. I'm sorry you're not smart enough to read and fully understand a 2-page document written by a retard like null.

No. 1016680

File: 1596464680237.png (83.12 KB, 1501x322, 1.png)

loling that that retard is still posting here

anyway, black guy tries to steal white couples car, beats 2 of them to death. Only 2 adults, and 2 male children at scene.
kiwifarms realises they also have a daughter. This is therefore all her fault because of personal anecdotes. even though nothing has been mentioned of her anywhere and they stalked the families facebooks to find out she even existed.

It's hilarious to me these autists don't see these kind of posts are just as cringey as the powerleveling PULLtards do on the regular.

No. 1016777


Usually kiwifarms autists would drag that out into a 300 word sperging.

Hm yeah maybe the gate security is shit like everything else and it didn't take some teen girl mole to let them in.

No. 1016810

They're talking about a woman in her 30s is the funniest thing.

No. 1016951

File: 1596501586192.png (87.51 KB, 454x608, josh_cant_coom.png)

lol imagine simping for Josh

No. 1016995

lmao he death gripped his dick for years because he's a dumb coomer fuck and now he's brain damaged

No. 1017172

and he wants the trad waifu and children now lol, how are you going to make that familiy josh?

No. 1017312

everytime these guys lose control of their dicks and can't get hard they blame circumsicion rather than the copious amounts of porn they watched lol

No. 1017326

muh foreskin

No. 1017333


Does he live near some old soviet era nuclear power station? Coomer - the call of Pripyat.

No. 1017401

File: 1596561938470.jpg (16.05 KB, 143x261, ss (2020-08-04 at 01.24.18).jp…)

Someone should dig into this retard's post history regarding Fentanyl Floyd. I'm not sure if he's just simping for arch grifter Nicky Rackets or if he's actually as stupid as he seems, but holy shit for a man who talks about this topic nearly nonstop he sure hasn't read the autopsy or watched any of the videos. If he's done this kind of stupid shit for other things he might be some kind of minor political cow.

No. 1017402

You go do it

I wonder if his problems have to do with him being chubby.

No. 1017414

I can't remember where but I heard him talk about this recently while drunk on some podcast where he was asked by the host about these screenshots and he pretty much said that it was an issue with not being super attracted to the people he was having sex with at the time and it has since resolved itself or whatever. (Josh is pretty much demisexual lel)

There was also a screenshot floating around of him talking about it on 4chan. I think it's somewhere in the /Josh/ board on 9chan but I am not gonna dig through that crap.

No. 1017510

> he pretty much said that it was an issue with not being super attracted to the people he was having sex with

But he says in the screenshot he hasn't had sex in a couple of years? He can't keep his story straight kek

No. 1017541

The screenshots are not recent

No. 1017637

right but he was asked recently about the screenshots…..

No. 1017882

Right… but how does what he said in some discord screenshots 3 or 4 years ago negate what he said recently when asked about them?

This is old milk it has even been posted in an old thread about him before if I remember correctly, but people keep reposting it just like the stuff from his ED article. It's funny and all but not news.

New milk would I guess be what he recently said but I can't remember whose show it was on and I don't care enough about Nulls penis to look it up.

No. 1018166

are you slow? anon is saying he was asked about them screenshots recently. he says in the screenshots he hasn't had sex in years.

also stop posting if you have nothing to contribute. if you don't care to post milk fuck off

No. 1018170

are they a guy or a girl? i see them post in tranny threads a lot
this is an imageboard newfag. if you're not going to post proof don't post.

No. 1018305

null recently permabanned 3 well-liked users for insulting him and his girl mod twinkie. he can't handle criticism of any kind at all

No. 1018307

he's a guy.

No. 1018310

love that null always has a token girl he's e-fucking and will nuke the site for on his mod team

No. 1018312

two of his other mods also quit because of twinkie's grand spergout

No. 1018385

no they quit because they almost doxed themselves in some retarded KF offshoot discord. the logs were already posted. read the thread or go back to KF, newfag.

No. 1018414

OK, sure. I see you must be new here.

See that "Retired Staff" banner? This fellow was a janitor on KF when, in the run up to the 2016 US presidential election, Null threw its doors wide open to unironic right-wing morons (muh freeze peach). He felt like Null was coddling angry idiots as they shit up the site, got Actually Mad On The Internet about it, resigned his staff position, and left KF for a while.

Then he calmed down and came back with a sense of humor. He has repeatedly acknowledged that his actual political views lean left, but you won't find a coherent politics in his post history - it is largely baitposting.

There's obviously something strange about the guy - what normal person would spend so much time on KF making so many posts at all hours of the day and night? - and you could almost certainly cherrypick his prolific post history to paint him as a minor political cow, if that's the kind of thing you find entertaining. Just don't take any of this too seriously.

No. 1018418

File: 1596721032978.png (96.99 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20200806-063814~2.p…)

Null is looking into getting a sweetheart visa from Denmark.

No. 1018438

File: 1596726208142.jpg (128.79 KB, 329x439, bodyoddy-2.jpg)

No. 1018488

File: 1596733480999.png (1.35 MB, 1238x1654, alr clone.png)

That attempt at a pout… she really thinks this looks attractive LMAO

No. 1018489

File: 1596733495374.png (598.46 KB, 609x817, fewff.png)

LMAO shittttt the fact this dumbass used the same name outside of kf. no sympathy. Those eyebrows are a hatecrime.

>keep in mind this is the same bitch that has the audacity to dunk on chantal and amber constantly for being fat.

This is how I see everyone obsessed with Amberlynn.

No. 1018490

we posted this dumbster fire at the same time. It's so tragic.

No. 1018492

File: 1596733707894.png (1.66 MB, 1288x1720, lol fat sperg.png)

And here's her equally obese husband looking like the WoW guy from South Park

Tragic, yet so validating lol. It's always the most hardcore haters that are fat losers themselves.
Did you catch her wearing a fitbit too? kek

No. 1018493

because of course. Someone on KF said she looks like she wakes up and just throws another of layer of makeup on top kek

Her husband looks mentally slow

No. 1018498

>Unblended eyeshadow
>Sharpie eyebrows are running away from each other
>The overlined lips
>Trying to be sexy with her dirty bra strap showing
>ugly tattoos
>Stomach hanging out the shirt
>Arching her back in a desperate attempt to make the illusion of shape on her sloppy body
>Holding her phone at an awkward angle to hide her meaty arms


No. 1018512

File: 1596735348355.jpg (32.25 KB, 680x492, 635.jpg)

omg she looks like Raven Sparks

And the dude looks like the potion seller

No. 1018519

they did that way before they quit.

No. 1018529

File: 1596736934479.jpg (55.9 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20200806-140027_Bra…)


No. 1018533

Yeah she married Kamov (another janny). He's the fatass in the pic at the bottom of that linked KF post

No. 1018536

File: 1596737543075.png (108.54 KB, 898x514, Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 11.0…)

Even worse, they put it in their user descriptions like it was something to be proud of.
Pic is THOTto's. Kamov went DFE when he ragequit, but his used to say "wedded to THOTto".

Like, imagine getting married to someone that you janny a deathfat forum with and NOT hiding that shit out of sheer embarrassment.

I bet they both catfished each other.

No. 1018541

File: 1596737991208.jpg (237.96 KB, 1080x1350, dd710f2aa750edd7eabb2464a999de…)

This is exactly how I imagine all KF mods look like tbh.

Here's one of former moderator Emspex

No. 1018545

incredible that they look exactly like chantal and peetz

No. 1018547

im aware. but it being brought to the forums (mod forum at least) was what made them quit. again, its because they basically doxed themselves and it was becoming public knowledge.

No. 1018548

No. 1018550

I want to see pics of the A&N regulars. I’m sure an A&N group pic would be indistinguishable from a Reddit meetup pic.

No. 1018553

is this is nice trad wife null wants? cute

No. 1018583

i hope kf halals thotto and kamov

No. 1018594

File: 1596745150196.png (171 KB, 1915x497, tatty.png)

Saged since it's an older post, but as far as insufferable KF users go I cannot stand TastyTatty. Yes we all know you hate those nasty feminists and they give Good Women like you a bad name, but keep your sperging to the TERF thread instead of ranting in random female cow's threads.

No. 1018618

lmao she's such a retard. She always drops her husband into conversation like that means something.

No. 1018628

File: 1596751799290.jpg (105.53 KB, 1920x1080, fgspZEV.jpg)

wait nvm, he's an Oblivion NPC

No. 1018794

Literal Peter Griffin chin

No. 1018858

File: 1596774717650.jpg (765.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200806-143345_Chr…)

No. 1018874

KF users get so fucking butthurt about ratings. "QQ she rated my posts retarded" does she hear herself?

I've never posted once on KF but I have an account to read the closed boards. I neg rated one fucking post by some user and he went and collected 5 of his buddies to sperg in my profile about it and how I should "come out and face them". The autism of it all over little stickers.

No. 1018973

the nice gals thread was meowthkip/catbountry.

No. 1024247

File: 1597664992809.png (2.95 MB, 1217x6432, 345343r34.png)

more discord drama in the supporters board

No. 1024249

File: 1597665106651.png (128.15 KB, 1054x481, 0001.png)

associated screenshots in OP's post. 1/7

No. 1024250

File: 1597665167248.png (83.36 KB, 1051x316, 0002.png)


No. 1024251

File: 1597665296582.png (160.83 KB, 1057x568, 0003.png)


No. 1024252

File: 1597665397745.png (130.49 KB, 1056x484, 0004.png)


No. 1024254

File: 1597665502017.png (140.21 KB, 1059x529, 0005.png)


No. 1024256

File: 1597665616016.png (73.83 KB, 1055x220, 0006.png)


god i hate the flood detection on here (constantly detects it despite me waiting 2+ minutes between posts), fix this shit admin-sama

No. 1024258

File: 1597665659783.png (131.02 KB, 1022x217, 0007.png)


No. 1024260

File: 1597665841993.png (649.95 KB, 1496x2368, 0008.png)

null responds, demods twinkie for asking a question lol

No. 1024263

samefag but i also want to note that null has been crying for weeks in chat about how the previous discord drama was going to run twinkie off the site, she was going to step down as mod, how necessary she was to the site because she's the only one who has been able to take control of beauty parlor, he was going to lose her because of fags starting drama, etc… then just ends up de-modding her himself. absolutely retarded lmao.

No. 1024269

It's the _same_ discord drama. What the fuck is even going on over there?

No. 1024270

File: 1597667331309.png (59.14 KB, 1043x201, lolnullwe.png)

this is embarrassing

No. 1024274


Null (and orders of magnitude more) Lowtax whining about how their site to dunk on the losers "isn't fun anymore" reminds me of the whiners from Jackass no longer laughing hoo-hoo I damn near broke my spine. Actually this sounds almost entirely about Lowtax but Null should just delete the whole thing before he becomes him.

No. 1024275

Wow, for once I agree with trad daddy soy king.
This is all fucking gay and embarrassing.
Why would you try to form genuine connections on a lolcow forum? Why would you give a shit if users there "harass" you? These people all need to get outside.

You know that you have no life when even Josh seems less invested in internet faggotry than you.

No. 1024279

File: 1597668867640.png (316.6 KB, 1491x1551, 0009.png)

more replies

No. 1024282

File: 1597669743296.png (55.27 KB, 680x572, Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 6.09…)

Josh now raging in BP chat after calling everyone else emotional & overinvested lmao

No. 1024283

im fucking crying, what a wonderful way to start the week.

No. 1024285

File: 1597670020123.png (167.81 KB, 1990x784, Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 6.12…)

He tells his jannies to stop infighting & ignore bait, then he gets baited into a frothing rage himself because anger isn't an emotion, silly wamanz. He's not emotional. Stg.

No. 1024287

File: 1597670497647.jpg (2.05 MB, 810x9095, Screenshot_20200817-091919_Chr…)

more chat sperging. sorry for the retarded dimensions, i'm not the one who took the screencap.

No. 1024288

Lmao, I love how he tries to play like he would NEVER act like Twinkie & get emotionally pulled into user drama while he simultaneously gets emotionally pulled into user drama.

Never change, Josh.
The whole site is full of the exact same personalities, clashing in predictable ways because they all hate people who behave like themselves.

No. 1024307

Idk all this drama is really gay and boring and I dont blame Null for not wanting to put up with it and not wanting to invest time into finding out who instigated what.

Getting involved in personal drama and running discords where you discuss things from your personal life and dox yourself while youre a mod on the Kiwifarms shows youre retarded.

And they expect Null to act like a parent that will resolve their infighting and try to make him "chose a side" its stupid and I think he did the right thing by just demodding the people involved cause they are just causing drama for no reason thats not even entertaining.

I was on Twinkies side the first time but she keeps stirring up shit in the back and getting involved in it so she hasnt learned her lesson.

No. 1024311

I'm fucking HOWLING. I want this to be documented and made into a banner, because every time I read this I lose it

On a side note, what the hell happened? I read through everything and I'm still confused and don't really understand who's right and who's wrong.

No. 1024320


basically, everybody's wrong. null took the site in a direction that a lot of people didnt like (politics), and it enraged a shitload of older users. tensions had been mild at that point, but when the leaks were dropped & null chose to host them himself despite the document containing sensitive information about users (who were absolutely in the wrong for using real emails & not taking enough precautions in terms of the IP addresses they used) shit absolutely hit the fan. the day the leaks were dropped, stranger neighbor (now banned) created a discord channel and invited a bunch of their friends (mostly oldfags) into it. a shitload of those users deleted their accounts during that period of time, but a hand-full later returned (stranger neighbor included) because they can't just 100% leave the website like a well adjusted person - instead they sit on the site, bitch about everything, and try to start shit with null until they end up getting banned.

anyway; being discord, it naturally devolved into drama and doxing.. its all coming to light now after twinkie tried to out rat speaker for participating in the dox of a mod. null banned rat speaker, and several others trying to start shit with him, twinkie proceeded to flip out in the mod board because they were being called out for infighting with users, the conversation was made public in the supporters board by jsgotti in an attempt at transparency or some shit, another mod leaked the entire convo to general discussion (a 100% public board), someone doxed kamov & thotto in an ALR thread, rat speaker went after xenomorph by trying to start shit on their profile comments, null banned rat speaker again, and here we are now.

it should also be noted that null went on a huge rant in chat after the initial twinkie drama, crying about how he never wants women to mod his website again or at least never be promoted beyond jannie. so that probably played a heavy hand in him demodding twinkie, he probably summed the entire thing up as "women being crazy".

tl;dr everyone is retarded. null has been shit at running KF and its taken its toll on the pre-2016 users on the forum. oldfags that feel burned about the leaks being hosted are running gay ops in a discord server, which is spilling over to the site because these faggots just cannot stay out of KF drama and completely leave the site. null has had enough of it and is handing out punishments all across the board.

this is just my basic understanding as an outsider who has never participated in any of this; i've just been watching it go down. correct me if i'm wrong about anything. it's kinda hard to keep track of all this shit.

No. 1024322

File: 1597677937164.png (88.45 KB, 1463x671, 43523452345.png)

just for context, this is the comment rat speaker left on xenomorph's profile.

No. 1024324

Thanks for summing it all up for me anon, I just couldn't understand what was going on in those screencaps beyond all the screeching from Null and crying mods. That site is a mess.

No. 1024328

Are Twinkie and Xeno actually two different people? This particular interaction screams sock to me, as opposed to the obvious storyline that is "she is my Cancer Girlfriend and she has Cancer and she is an Angel and you are not allowed to attack her when she parrots every word I say because she has Cancer and she is definitely Not Me just my Real (Cancer) Girlfriend that I met on Kiwi fucking Farms of all places."

>xeno why are you on hun

>no one blames you

Just text her you clown.

No. 1024376

Is Twinkie one of those posters who park themselves in Beauty Parlor and never leave? I realize she was a mod but I’ve never heard of her despite having at been at KF for years. Same with this Rat Speaker person. No clue who that is.

This drama is retarded and lame. It is not surprising to see KF users acting dramatically for attention. This isn’t quite as funny as the retard who wanted to fight people IRL over an A&N thread.

No. 1024378

makes no sense to me they expect Null or anyone on that site to have loyality or care for eachother.

No. 1024379

yes, that's basically twinkie.
rat speaker doesn't really post outside of the hidden boards anymore unless its profile comments.

No. 1024386

"I am an open book about my illness" lmao maybe that's the problem you jackass. How do these idiots not get that giving away all this personal info is what's causing them all this retarded grief? I guess it's not surprising that they are dumb enough to expect Null to act like a Responsible Daddy, since they're also dumb enough to expect loyalty on a site that was created to make fun of Crazy Internet People.

No. 1024794


Got it in one.
The line between farmer and cow is a thin one.

No. 1025138

File: 1597758815227.jpg (1.09 MB, 810x14585, Screenshot_20200817-125534_Chr…)

>long and gay and long PM chain about Discord drama
>disseminating their 'friend's cancer diagnosis
>implying that two of them have seen what each other looks like
>"Can I send him the screenshots of her medical records?"

How does any of this shit even happen? Literally all they had to do was laugh at spergs.

No. 1025147

Because people on gossip websites are obsessive and make the dramamongering part of their identity. You see it here too but the fact we can be anon helps a lot.

KF is full of idiots with recognizable names who want to be respected as celebs for cataloguing some e-spergery.

No. 1025211

>you never cared

the fuck is this romcom shit kek null stop e-fucking your mods it always ends this way

Also I'm not buying Xeno's "uwu im so sorry guys I accidently caused so much drama I'm just a poor ill girl" bullshit act.

No. 1025302


Xeno has been a relentless a-log of Amberlynn for years. She's not innocent and there's no way in hell she's not fat. It's funny that these idiots are defending her so hard because she's omg siiiccck but yet the entire Amberlynn board acts like AL having cancer is not an excuse to go easy on her.

No. 1025394

My sides. This is absolutely hilarious. I don't recognize any of these names except Twinkie and Xenomorph and while I hadn't given it any thought before, I'm now fully convinced Xeno is faking cancer just because of how hard Twinkie's pushing it here.

No. 1025581

Vertexwindi was the mod who posted leaks in general, and did it because he didn't like Null giving Twinkie protection when he thought she was in the wrong. Rat Speaker went after Xeno because Twinkie was celebrating Thotto and Kamov getting doxed. Its suspected Twinkie leaked the stuff because it was dms with Thotto that the new user that posted it would never have had access to. Xeno came in to shitpost defending her "girlfriend" and Rat Speaker decided to go shitpost on her profile.

Server involved also wasn't old fag gay op server. Literally just a discord server where several gay users could hold their drama spaghetti to themselves.

No. 1025585

I need Xeno's pic kek. Obsessive AL people are always the milkiest and ugliest.

No. 1026115

"A huge surge of outbound email caused the harddrive of the email server to fill up in a matter of hours and get Yahoo, Cock.li, and other large providers to stop communicating with the mail server entirely. I'm disabling email confirmations until some time has passed and this issue is resolved. When the email server works, email confirmations will be required again, so do not use a burner to register."

This seems totally fine and not suspicious at all.

No. 1026132

I can just imagine due to "muh health conditions" shes close to 300 lbs, scraggly frizzy hair that's naturally brown (maybe bleached or dyed red) black plastic rimmed glasses, bad acne, and an ugly pick me. Oh, and lives off of disability gimmies.

No. 1026165

There was a massive PM chain going with about 1600 participants. All these people started receiving email notifications about the PM chain. I’m guessing that probably played some part in the email server fiasco.

Also I learned that KF users are stupid enough to signup with an email account they actually use.

No. 1026269

File: 1597958779413.png (547.26 KB, 1180x1394, abloo.png)

Janny drama's not over: Twinkie got tempbanned because she was still not letting go of the drama and got mad when people asked for reciepts.

No. 1026291

she needs to stop. She's so invested in this it makes me think Xeno really is her alt account like another anon said

No. 1026424


who goes on KF to get the actual forum drama? aren't the actual cows enough?

No. 1026498

Well some of the users can be pretty cow-ish themselves…
I didn't even pay attention to the mod drama at first but Twinkie kept embarrassing herself all over the place and shit got milky

No. 1026547

File: 1598007313351.png (9.89 KB, 297x95, supechet.png)

The autism is spilling over to Nick Rekieta's stream

No. 1026573

This is just embarassing for her. She got way too invested in the forum. Part of what made her a good mod and made people like her was that she was on top of everything, she always knew the newest drama and archived it as it happened. (That's why Null modded her, nobody in the Beauty Parlor knew how to archive shit except for her and none of the guy mods wanted to delve into there too much and Emspex who did it before had quit).

But that's because she LIVES on the forum and that is unhealthy, because as evident in her behavior she centered her whole life and existence around e-drama and got way too personal with people on a fucking gossip website. I mean it's not like anyone normal would want to be a mod on the KF so what can you expect really?

No. 1026932

It is fucking hilarious how they’ve decided that trust fund lolyer Nicky Rackets is their dad substitute, even though he was wrong every time about Vic Magoo’s stupid lawsuit.

No. 1029098

I would love more milk on Rackets if you have it. I've tried dipping my toes in his KF thread but it's too autistic to comprehend.

No. 1031037

how was it exactly that Yawning Sneasel revealed himself while a-logging at/on Tooter? Can't find the relevant information/threads

No. 1031205

accidentally posted in his YT chat while on a personal account afaik

No. 1031334

Answering an old post but it was Thotto and Twinkie lol. More Thotto.
I hadn't realised Kamov was a mod at the time.

No. 1031353

Ahhh and any screenshots of that have probably been wiped from the site, along with his dox? I want to see if he ever got legal consequences lol.

People always say he has a sock account on there but that account joined in 2016, and he left in 2019, I think

Twinkie was probably the best mod BP had, and the least melodramatic possible for a mod in that forum/area of the site

No. 1031365

the 2016 account (daisymae) is 100% sneasel's sock

No. 1031384

>Twinkie was probably the best mod BP had, and the least melodramatic possible for a mod in that forum/area of the site

She was. Until she started getting into drama all the time. It's a shame.

No. 1031410

File: 1598891770336.jpg (208.77 KB, 1466x755, hNv2Nob.jpg)

Lucky for him he had that one fired up and active for a few years then when he "left" lol.
I'll never understand autistic 4d chess moves lol, pic related

No. 1031470

I mean… it wouldn't be too crazy of an idea to me that there are more than one crazy tranny diaper furry lovers on KF. I'd be more shocked if sneasle was the only mega degenerate.

No. 1031624

You ever hear about the "I'm not like the other girls" trope? Kiwi Farms is basically the scrote version of that. The site is basically Retarddit in the form of an internet forum, and they pat themselves on the back like they're better than "normies" just because they know about shit like Chris Chan. That's why I can't take 'em seriously - they're trying way too hard to seem like they're not just a scrote version of Lipstick Alley, Guru Gossip, or some other gossip site.

No. 1032224

Twinkie was a good mod for BP, I agree. But I've read through all the caps here and can see why she got demodded in the end. It's a shame she couldn't calm down about a few things. And she got in a bit deep with Thotto before they fell out.

No. 1032830

I'd say the life cycle of a post 2016 kiwi is like this:
>have edgier humor than your average redditor but be equally degenerate as deviantartfags
>wanna get in good with the chan crowd
>namefags usually have their posts hidden and anonymity means you can't attentionwhore at your fullest potential
>8chan is filled with full on schizos and too much for you to handle
>lolcow has zero tolerance for scrotes and is completely anon too
>other drama sites that would allow you to attentionwhore are dominated by women and focus on shit you don't care about
>enter kiwifarms
>is a good mix of chan and reddit humor with a healthy dose of /pol/ (thanks josh!)
>non-anon means you can also attentionwhore to your hearts content
>comes with shitty little post "ratings" that serve the same purpose as reddit's "upvote" "downvote" system
>with a userbase equally degenerate, retarded, and "normie"-free you can feel like one of the cool kids in ~muh sekrit club~
>without being labelled "plebbitor"
>or told "stfu namefag"

No. 1032979

idg twinkie, you can see her holding court for hours on end in BP chat, eating it up while losers brownnose her, it’s sad that’s her life tbh

No. 1033518


Touche, but I'd say that was also their life cycle prior to 2016 - the place just got worse when Trump got in.


>How does any of this shit even happen? Literally all they had to do was laugh at spergs.

It's like how 4chan/8chan anons will whine about "roasties" but every time they make a post and randomly attach an anime girl to it that has nothing to do with the actual post, the girl always looks like, by their own standards, a "roastie."

It's generic superiority complex BS as always. Gotta live up to Joshie's ideal that the Farms is somehow the last defender of freeze peach on the internet, even if all they care about is the ability to use nigger in their usernames.


>KF is full of idiots with recognizable names who want to be respected as celebs for cataloguing some e-spergery.

They think they're better than normies because they know said e-spergery, but yet if you look at the Farms as a whole, pretty much all of them qualify as normies. Like, they play the same games normies do, watch the same sports normies do, write crass posts about women who play beach volleyball like normies do. Just because you know Chris Chan doesn't mean you're not a normie yourself.

No. 1033542

Nah, their spergery about wignat shit like “name the Jew” and hard-r gamer word is not normal outside of their retard bubble.

They’re also consumed with daddy issues and always crushed when the loser they’ve elected as Daddy Substitute (Jordan Peterson, Mister Metokur, Dick Masterson) turns out to be a pathetic chode.

No. 1033604

The funniest thing about KF to me is how they will freak out over ratings. They will go to peoples profiles and tell them to kill themsleves over a little trash can sticker lmao

No. 1033789


>The funniest thing about KF to me is how they will freak out over ratings

For me, it's the OBVIOUS LARPing as women/boomers/married people/etc. You're a bunch of wagecucks/NEETs sperging about wignat shit, not grown men and women with actual lives, because I HIGHLY doubt the latter would give a shit this much about e-spergery lmao

No. 1033924

Something that always amused me other than the sperging out over ratings was how they gatekeep on what makes a cow. Most of the lolcow threads pre-2016 were basically "hey guys look at this idiot let's laugh at them" and that was that. But now you need to jump through so many hoops with an OP it usually ends up not being worth the time and effort they demand. It's ironic that a place dedicated to laughing and having fun looking at lolcows would have autistic meltdowns over what makes a cow or not.

No. 1033993

>They’re also consumed with daddy issues and always crushed when the loser they’ve elected as Daddy Substitute (Jordan Peterson, Mister Metokur, Dick Masterson) turns out to be a pathetic chode.
Absolutely. Their severe daddy issues are the most laughable and pitiable thing to witness. Metokur's thread in particular is a garbage fire, they're mad that Daddy Jim doesn't update anymore (because he has fucking cancer) and are reeing their asses off for it. 800 fucking pages in his thread and not an ounce of interesting milk besides his partial doxx. Why doesn't this seriously ill guy almost in his 40s dedicate his life to internet drama and laughing at deviantart autists anymore waaahhh!!!!!

No. 1034062

There's some interesting cows on KF that have weird merged threads with other cows. The Adrian Harrop thread is a good example of that. Why would you have a thread dedicated to a crazy TRA merged with a thread about an ultra conservative christian terf? They have no overlap other than some lazy mod thought them both being british was enough to link them. It sucks because Harrop is a hilarious cow.

Every now and then I'll see someone say they started a thread and it didn't get out of proving grounds. Jeffree Star's thread was stuck in there forever because all of the mods except twinkie think beauty parlor cows are automatically just "chick stuff" so they call it retarded and not milky and ignore it. Which is hilarious when BP has a thread on lovelypeaches, easily one of the most disgusting, fucked up and sad cows I've ever read about here or on KF.

No. 1034104


>It's ironic that a place dedicated to laughing and having fun looking at lolcows would have autistic meltdowns over what makes a cow or not.

They've become what they hate. They trash Retarddit all the time, but yet they act just like 'em over there. You could put the two side by side and the only difference is that Reddit doesn't let you openly post wignat shit (although misogynistic shit or just dumb shit in general is fine and dandy).

No. 1042562

You know, I think Kiwi Farms has always been like this. The crybabies and snowflakes simply started to crawl out after a young female user started giving out bad stickers and hurting their fragile 30 year old incel egos.

Maybe I'm looking too much into it and the userbase naturally got more faggy over time.

No. 1042581

And what young female user might that be? Yourself? lmao. Sage your posts and stop self-posting and thinking you influenced an entire website by giving out "stickers".

No. 1042715

God, they're so autistic about this it's fucking embarassing. You can't have anything to do with chris chan lest you trigger their collective autism because all of us filthy normies don't get that Chris is Josh's personal make a wish kid, whom he's going to exploit for mone- I mean, help into bettering himself. At least until Josh realizes that Chris is a lost cause who can't earn him the big bucks.

No. 1042724

>whom he's going to exploit for mone-

you got any details on that?

No. 1042763

No it hasn't. It's always been a shit hole but it got 100x worse after the mosque shooting video and Null's run-in with the New Zealand government. Some normie news sites covered it and a bunch of hard-right mommys boys joined and made their home in articles + happenings. Idk wtf you're talking about "young female user giving out bad stickers" but KF has always had a female userbase, especially in BP, no one person influenced the site other than null's bad decisions. I truly hope you're not talking about yourself lol.

The thing that gets me is null cries he hates that part of the site + the only part he can tolerate anymore is Beauty Parlor. But he allowed these newfags to come in and shit over the original userbase. I see people with accounts made in early 2020 acting like they own the site and complaining about "too many females here" like who he fuck are you? null would only have to publicly smack a few down but instead he lets it fester and the result is the users he DOES like leaving the site=, then he cries about it kek

No. 1042788

You sound like a triggered moid.
Oh, he has simps. A few months back he publicly asked for a few "kind" people to give him $100 a month. The thing is, there are already tons of people who pay for True & Honest status so frankly I find it sad that Josh feels the need to milk his dying userbase even more. What do they get in return, anyway? A kind email?

No. 1042881

You get access to the secret boards which turns out is a waste of $20.

No. 1042901

OT, but didn't a similar thing happen with 4chan and attract a bunch of dudes who bought into the myth?

No. 1042963

>You sound like a triggered moid.

Cause I'm calling you out for your not at all subtle selfposting? You really think the stickers you give to posts on KF has an affect on the whole website? How many hours do you spend giving stickers?

I was asking about how he was exploiting Chris-Chan for money, since I wasn't aware of that happening.

No. 1043123

I wouldn't pay money for it, but it was funny when a mod briefly leaked the thread where they make fun of other users into OT.

No. 1043781

Have you NOT seen the neg rating spergs? They're the best part of the site.

No. 1044097

File: 1600907494367.jpeg (147.66 KB, 750x715, DF10481F-FD25-40DD-B6BF-05D58A…)

pic attached is Kiwi Farms ban message

It’s one of the best boards on the site but is completely ruined by trigger happy mods

It’s like your having a good laugh with friends and some cunt constantly comes in and ruins it for some arbitrary bullshit rule

I was perma’d in it for having a joke at poor josh’s expense

It’s pretty shit because I like the user base and have had good times there but I fucking hate Josh.

I wish he would give up the site to someone more competent (especially through this shitty midlife crisis he is going through due to wasting his youth on a shitty website)

No. 1044106

>wasting his youth
what youth?
realistically, do you actually think he’s ever going to be any more than this? his future is bleak as fuck. nobody envies him. if he won’t run the site, who on earth would willingly want to inherit the reputation of being the owner of kiwifarms? how incredibly embarrassing.

No. 1044147

File: 1600911877783.jpeg (305.34 KB, 653x883, 551A02C5-3A71-41DD-AB3F-3C44E0…)

It’s still the best resource for lolcows and is starting to become more mainstream with the yandev thread and such

There’s plenty who would be happy to take the reigns and I think most users wouldn’t care either way if null was gone since he contributes absolutely nothing to the site but frivolous bans

No. 1044242

Are there any mods or former mods who could even do a good job or at least turn it around?

No. 1044292

Lately this thread has just filled been with people like you who are butthurt over being banned and former mods who are butthurt about being demodded. Where is the actual milk? "Boohoo KF sucks cause they banned me and I hate Jewsh" is not milk. Stop bumping this shit thread and learn how to sage, kiwisperg.

No. 1044708

Absolutely. 4chan was always shit but tolerable shit. Then the media caught wind of this underground hacker den and their terrorist group, Anonymous, and a legion of edgelord kids with low self esteem and identity issues latched on to the site like maggots on a corpse.

Once the 2016 election was in full swing, we then got full blown wignats, conspiracy nutters and self hating nonwhites. The overwhelming majority of "good" 4chan posters left the site eons ago.

No. 1044719

File: 1600985853701.png (325.57 KB, 720x551, EU4MrrKXQAIe8oM.png)


I know I'm not the first to say it, but I believe KF isn't going to be around in a few years.

Null is having this mid-life crisis and its setting in hard. The community hates him more then ever (and he's given them even more ammo with his broken dick and fattie chasing). The mods have gone extra sperg. He's caught up in gay feuds with IBS types like Dick Masterson and Ethan Ralph, who are sending their autistic commandos to shit on Null and the Farms.

He's become entirely disillusioned with the US rightwing. He's also let a ton of rightwing spergs devour the forums and now regrets it. He's getting DDoSed. The accounts got hacked in 2019. It's only a matter of time before his current server host drops him. And with the death of PULL and r/drama, there's even more exceptionals flooding the Farms.

There has never been a worser time to be Null and I cannot think of any exit strategy for him.

No. 1044731

He likes being looked up to by people as “based josh” and likes having all that “power” but he really needs to screw his head on and stop thinking he’s so special

The Rat Speaker ban was when I lost my last shred of respect for him - I don’t know if it’s been covered here but he banned a user (Rat Speaker) for commenting on Xenogears (attention seeking literal who constantly powerlevels about having cancer - he pfp is an anime schoolgirl with two heads) that he hopes she died over some gay feud they were having (that I don’t know or care the details of)

He then made a post in supporters telling everyone who “disagreed” with the ban to “get the fuck off my site”

If I ever get unbanned I will post the screenshot here because it’s the most arrogant and delusional thing he’s ever posted.

And before you ask no I did not pay for supporters. 90% of the people you see with that banner have been gifted it by a bitcoin larper who plays the markets.

No. 1044737

go back to KF or learn to sage your posts, sperg

No. 1044766

File: 1600988991182.png (99.14 KB, 1071x272, lolbanned.png)

You mean this post?

I promise you Josh has said more arrogant and delusional things than this, though.

No. 1044767

Yeah thats it.

"There are no rules for language on this site"

No. 1044844

You forgot ED forums, which were pretty much KF 1.0, with a bit more vitriol. Then again, ED is practically a zombie now.

No. 1044923

I remember a lot a Kiwis registered accounts there during the whole Vordak shutdown in January 2017

They even changed the forum icon on the main page to the kiwi logo

No. 1044951

I've seen a lot of forums like this and KF come and go over the years- emphasis on "go" because eventually every single one of them becomes more trouble than they are worth for their hapless owners. As we all know lolcows love to threaten lawsuits, and some of them even try to follow through, and after a certain point keeping up a forum for spergs to laugh at other spergs turns into a gigantic albatross around the neck of whoever's running it.

No. 1045007

I mean we have seen this drama unfold in this very thread and he later backtracked on this saying it was Twinkie who told him this, he trusted her cause she was one of the few good mods on the site and he ended up demodding Twinkie cause she kept causing drama like this.

I think he also hated Rat Speaker and was just jumping on any excuse to ban him cause he saw him as a troublemaker.

Ok listen Kiwisperg. You obviously took the ban notice to be serious and went to this site instead.

1. We don't want you here
2. If you are gonna stay here anyways, learn how to fucking SAGE YOUR POSTS! Since you still can't figure it out: you type "sage" into the e-mail field and it will make it so this thread does not get bumped every time you reply to it with something that is not news or interesting. Read the rules. I think it's starting to dawn on me why you got banned on KF, you can not follow rules and all your posts are fucking whining.

No. 1045086

its extensively covered in this thread you absolute mongoloid, and the user was xenomorph, not xenogears.
sage your autism or go back to KF if you're not going to take the 5 minutes required to read the damn thread.

No. 1045089


samefagging, but if this is {o}P II, nobody wants you here. and i'm 99% sure it is you as all you did on KF was bitch and whine about being banned from chat, so of course you'd drag your 'woe is me, josh is mean!' bullshit here.
make a sock on KF and fuck off.

No. 1045127

Shit I was typing it into the subject field I’m sorry.

No. 1045158

Rat Speaker was the kinda guy who wanted to cause trouble, but he wasn't especially good at it. Some retards would respond to his bait, but he would toss out so much shit he considered bait that its no wonder he would find someone who would respond to it from time to time.
The guy's deal was posting insults on profiles and sending PMs to people to try and rile them up. He wasn't especially good at it and his efforts to copy dynastia's playbook consistently failed from what I saw.
He was also a bit of a creepy guy. He would try to send users gifts through the mail. He sent one guy a bong. Incidentally, the guy he sent the bong to was pretty much like him: A creeper looking for the attention of women on a forum where people harass the retarded.
He isn't all bad. After he cut back on the booze he seemed to know when to stop harassing people but his fixation with contacting female users was just weird.

No. 1045169

Bitch, who the fuck is "we"? Let anon stay if she wants to. It's a public and anonymous site and anyone can post if they want to. I shit on your site culture.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1045170

Then I don't see an issue with him being banned. Literally nothing new has happened on KF aside from some sperg being banned from the site and coming here to whine about it so STOP BUMPING THIS SHIT THREAD.

"REEEEEEEEEEE Joshie mean and I am banned and he banned my fwends too" is NOT interesting.

No. 1045172

fuck off, I just fucking told you how to sage and you still refuse to, you are outing yourself as the same newfag sperg just by continuing to be unable to use this site

>I shit on your site culture

Ok bye

No. 1045189

>reeing at shit tier bait
>want the thread to die

pick one you fucking autists

No. 1045193

That’s not me.

No. 1045302

File: 1601071823864.jpeg (450.37 KB, 750x821, CE25670E-41C7-4C25-A07F-C817F6…)

Also sorry for the mad autism posting.

No. 1045545

So what is posted on the secret boards? I heard it has no rules at all?

Does Null post there and is any of it interesting?

No. 1045617

File: 1601131611888.jpeg (362.26 KB, 750x1240, A0D2C987-674D-4D3C-82A2-2D2E45…)

There is two “secret” boards

Top Secret Inner Circle:
Your account needs to be six months old to view and post in this.Originally started off as a secret cwc trolling board around the before null made it public and is now exclusively shitposting. Think spergatory without posts being locked

This is a board that you can only view and post in if you either give null 20USD in crypto or someone gives him it on your behalf.

Threads include “look at this spiderman faggot” a thread on autistic posts on Kiwi Farms, “Boldyspicy dating adventures” were boldlyspicy looks through lesbians dating apps and screenshots persons of intrest (trannys, crazy people, attention seekers etc), thread about people whining about there bans and discord drama.

Yes null posts there and besides the ratspeaker post which I already mentioned the only other thing of intrest I can remember is when he tried to start a nigger chain in someone random thread because he has the sense of humor of a 15 year old.

No. 1045669

Any adventures of Null on Serbian/Ukranian dating apps? Now that would be interesting.

No. 1045696

josh is gonna snap real fucking soon. the site's ruined beyond repair, and he knows it, but won't admit it's because he can't run a site worth shit

he wants to be proud of it so bad but he's getting pissier and pissier because the site's sucking his soul out but he won't pull the fucking plug. it's dawning on him that he and his circlejerk are the exact types that get threads on there, and the userbase is realizing it too, so he's getting hysterical and paranoid

most drama forums go this way because they for some reason think it's a good idea to instill a user hierarchy which is bloated-ego retard fodder. chan boards have anonymity so they have the upper hand. but kf has run its course like sa and ed in almost identical fashion. another site will come along and replace kf's position as the go-to internet drama forum and the cycle will continue until these forums become a dead genre and people realize they're suckers for running them or getting invested in them

No. 1045697

He only really talks about his personal life in chat

Only interesting info I can is that he is currently living in Belgrade. I was also there for the “no female Jannies” thing and I can remember him saying that the “block land drama” will be older than he was when it happened and people will still be “using it against” him.

No. 1046225

Nothing he posts there will ever be as cringy as him crying publicly over not being happy with the way farms are and wanting a trad slav waifu.

No. 1046280

Idk, I feel like that just shows that he has actually grown up a bit from being an internet edgelord. Him realizing that he doesn't want to do this job forever, that being an autist-wrangler is not fulfilling and that he'd rather have a family instead is kind of a natural conclusion to his character arc.

The essay about it was pretty cringe tho and he should just keep that to himself and shut it down if he wants to instead of threatening it. I wouldn't blame him at all if he had enough of this and walked away to live a normie life.

No. 1046352

Josh could have been a contender, he could have been Q, raking in that boomer coin. Instead he's a bum letting unlimited numbers of housewives join BP to laugh at fat people in the hope they'll drop a coin on the way through.

No. 1047015

ITT butthurt leftists.

No. 1047020

you might be illiterate, newfriend

No. 1047031

butthurt over what? null's broken dick?

No. 1047071

Blaming the jews and calling people niggers is for faggots

No. 1047112

The Kiwi site felt like it is dying for the past year now. I don't really think that its because of the hack, either. I just think that its become watered down a bit and everything null does to draw in more users just pushes it into a space where there are other sites already.

Example: All the youtubers and F-list celebs. There's nothing new about any of that, but he has made that a key feature of the site. For outside observers, Kiwi doesn't look like a site to go to for talk about weird people. Its more a site to use as a compliment to YouTube comment boxes.

The politics stuff is a huge turn off. No one wants to post on a website where people are unironically using racial slurs and getting legitimately mad about race.

Null likes to say that every time there is change, that old users get upset about it, but the problem with that argument is that in the past, the change has been towards more lolcows and funny content. Now, change is toward stupid arguments and basement dwellers stomping their feet about politics. Of course going in other directions will increase users but its gonna decrease engagement. Null sees people as lines on a graph so i don't think he cares.

No. 1047124

why do you KF refugees always type these long ass unsaged novels? literally nobody cares

No. 1047129

I used to lurk a few cow threads on KF's Beauty Parlour, never made an account. I stopped ever since PULL got closed down. The immigrants from there ruined the threads, they're now full of wall-of-text blogposting and armchairing, I'm not sifting through all that shit to find milk. BP used to be the best part of the site, but I'm glad the pulltards ended up there instead of here.
And as a final nail in the coffin, the closer the US elections are, the more the racists from A&H spill out their bullshit onto other boards. They'll find a way to turn talking about a cow's tit-job into a tirade about "damn niggers on welfare" or similar.
I just don't belong among pulltards and racists.

No. 1047168

Every time this thread gets bumped its because some Kiwifag needs to whine about the good old days, about how they god banned or about how much they hate Null. Learn to sage Kiwifags.

>No one wants to post on a website where people are unironically using racial slurs and getting legitimately mad about race.

No. 1047278

the site is routinely ddos’ed and every single time, people say it’s the end. the recent blowout with dick masterson was interesting and probably the biggest deal for kf, he stood his ground and told dick that defending loli and cuties was fucking stupid and because of that he wasn’t going to continue to associate with him. but he needs to get rid of the trash on kf too, there are still users in chat talking about being pedos and nomaps and all this other shit.

No. 1047790

name them. who are the pedos and nomaps?

No. 1047800

You know you can just report that to the mods or Null instead of complaining about it on a different site.

No. 1051535

File: 1601826382137.jpeg (103.09 KB, 496x490, 4571CEC5-4597-49E2-A613-F708B0…)

He has no job
He has no friends
Eastern Europe’s where he makes his bed

He drinks Coke Zero
And runs his site
His penis is broken cause it’s circumcised

Josh Moon
What a fag
Josh Moon
What a massive fag

No. 1052889

File: 1601992195800.png (114.24 KB, 1496x340, underage duck sex.png)

I love to lurk on KiwiFarms

(yes, I know everyone there is laughing at him, but still says a lot about the kind of people that site attracts)

No. 1052902

I mean it started off as a site about Chris-Chan, who is equally delusional. A lot of cows can't help but make accounts and start posting.

No. 1052904


Delusional autistic lolcows sperging about how they're somehow different from and so much better than other delusional autistic lolcows are my favorite kind, to be frank. See all the "halal" threads, as well as A-Log if you're looking for a blast from the past

No. 1052906

my favorite is the schizo girl who thinks everyone is Harvey Weinstein

No. 1054069

Does anyone know why that whole website is convinced Patton Oswalt murdered his wife? They seem to accept it as fact that he's the new OJ

No. 1054547

She died of a drug overdose and he remarried less than a year after her death

No. 1055556

yeah I know that but I don't see why that means he killed her. Hollywood sadsacks are all serial monogamists.

No. 1061332

He made some tweets making fun of Trump shortly before his wife died.
He wasn't bawling his eyes out in public like a North Korean at Kim Jong Il's funeral and found another girlfriend shortly afterward. Obviously this must mean he killed her.

No. 1061358

There's no proof. She OD'd because she was abusing prescription pills after inserting herself into the LISK crime case. Patton remarried super quick which is typical of males.

No. 1061497

they make shit up about anyone who dares to criticize Trump

she was a fat prescription drug abuser in her forties who overdosed, husband found a new mommy for himself and the little girl asap

they’re jelly because he is a ugly nerd like them, but is rich and famous and married

No. 1062277


If Trump loses in a couple of weeks I can see Kiwifarms "getting hacked" and taken down forever because they can't cope with reality.

No. 1062967

File: 1603289159989.png (124.18 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20201021-160021.png)

No. 1062984

Is job4_2 null?

No. 1062999

yes, his other twitter got b& a week or so ago.

No. 1063117


I could too, but I think for all his tradcuck blabber, Null will go onto the very end just to feed his martyr complex.

No. 1065383

I hope he does lose so we can watch the kiwi meltdowns lmao

No. 1066061


They're already at the "we can make fun of them for never moving to Canada as they said they would while we say we're moving ourselves (but we never will) if Trump loses" stage.

No. 1066211

Do you think Null is gonna kill himself if Trump loses?

No. 1066246

he drags trump all the time. i doubt he cares.

No. 1066265

File: 1603456918712.png (1.12 MB, 819x842, pattonkyanka.png)

he looks a little like Lowtax, may also be a factor

No. 1066387


He only drags him because he finally realized he got played just like the rest of Trump's supporters (well, the ones who actually thought he was "based and redpilled" anyway).

No. 1066402

File: 1603475776635.png (13.42 KB, 626x344, pleasesageyourautism.png)

Please. I am begging you. Sage your autistic posts about Trump.

No. 1066732

why are like 15% of the posts in this thread some autist whining about sageing posts? Do women not know how to scroll things that look disinteresting? Do they not see a preview of the past few posts in a thread? So many questions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1066739

File: 1603503197348.jpg (98.49 KB, 1343x499, dunk.jpg)

God, I'd love to see Null's reaction to a Trump loss and doing damage control.

He fucking knows KF would become a full disaster and some mong would end up posting a manifesto on the site because their god didn't win.

No. 1066740

kek well now it makes sense


Why do males think women are a monolith? Why can males never obey basic fucking rules in the places they want to sperg? Why do kf users keep using this thread as their personal KF complaint board?

Fuck off scrote. This place isn't for you.

No. 1066742

behaving like this only encourages people to not sage because your overly-aggravated reaction is amusing. You know that right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1066766

ah yes, r9k for example is so much more intelligent and mature, stupid wimin XDD

No. 1066882

Nobody here gives a shit about your autistic hateboner for Trump and Null. Fuck off, scrote.

No. 1067759

Its honestly hilarious how polarized the userbase is. You've got people who hate Null and use the website for its communities, and then you have the cult-of-personality users that suck the shit out of his asshole at every occasion they get.

One funny thing I learned recently is a few weeks ago, Josh was measured to be a little above 280 pounds. He's not a tall dude either, so he's morbidly obese, and he probably ain't stopping.
What does Josh expect out of his life? He's constantly angry and sperging out at his users because he has nothing himself. He's fat, alone, delusional, paranoid, genuinely mentally ill, and only cares about the website because of the numbers and power. He has nothing away from KF. If you know anything about his work on Infinity you'll know he's a complete joke in terms of being a sysadmin and his website is broken in significant ways. Hell, the individual forum icons on the front page don't even work. A few weeks ago the website had extremely poor database performance.

The site probably won't survive more than 2 years. Josh crippled his own users, and he himself is unsustainable. It will either end with his suicide or him closing down the website in a fit of sperging, but probably trying to say relevant with his streams and other services. I absolutely cannot imagine Josh just disappearing without a trace and leaving all the power he has from KF on the table.

No. 1068064

File: 1603678940921.jpg (416 KB, 3796x2531, afp_philippines_Fredrick Brenn…)


>280 pounds

>not a tall dude

He's too retarded to go full Frederick Brennan, but it screams the same energy.

No. 1068727

did kf finally die?

No. 1068894


No. 1069703

File: 1603915003591.png (925.52 KB, 1263x3733, Bryan.png)

"True lolcows reject advice" and Null just proved it.

Bryan would unironically make a good staff member. Dude didn't get offended or angry at all in the conversation, and understood why Josh had acted in such angry and hateful ways. Pretty damn observant with good judgement to make the posts he did.

Shame Josh and his lackeys don't give a fuck at all.

No. 1072035

File: 1604189938568.jpeg (729.46 KB, 750x983, 8C3D67B2-7C61-447C-B031-0BB58E…)

This is your average Kiwi Farms user (@horrorfan89)

No. 1072744

File: 1604272844700.png (210.31 KB, 1261x820, Screenshot_2020-11-01 Official…)


Makes thread about US Election

No. 1072756

TBF he probably had to, otherwise they just shit up the threads about it. Ralph's thread is a prime example of being derailed for politic shit slinging.

No. 1072900


Holy fuck, this made me cry in laughter.

No. 1073933

We all know null is a retard, Bryan. The only bigger retards than null are those who want to janny that site.

Also, good job getting baited by retards, retard.

No. 1074175

File: 1604432003228.png (637.24 KB, 809x1326, 36463646.png)

lol i fucking knew it was him >>1045089

No. 1074607

File: 1604472298409.png (42.32 KB, 480x205, kiwimemeteor.png)

Josh's election Moon is autistic but it matched up so well with this random.txt I had to share bc I am also a bit of an autist.

No. 1074624

File: 1604476962610.png (692.07 KB, 645x546, Screenshot_63.png)

Well this shit totally isn't obnoxious.

Saging because I'm a fag, but ever since the 2016 elections the site has gone downhill. Ignoring the fact that a growing percentage of the community is turning on Null, the staff seem to be faggots who are publicly revered because they're staff, Null being Null, the site and it's userbase are a fucking dumpster fire.

One of the rules is that you have to read the entire thread before commenting. This would be fine if the threads weren't hundreds of pages long with very little milk and spergs being armchair psychologists, and most of the time the OP is outdated by several years. (I think the Sargon thread is the best example. OP is from 4 years ago, and there is over 1000 pages.)

Josh likes to complain about how he hates KiwiFarms becoming more popular and gaining more members because lolcows aren't a niche hobby for him anymore, yet he'll try to make it more newbie accessible (the Weebwars forum immediately comes to mind).

The users seem to be "larping" as racists, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, god just anything that's considered "liberal" will get them shitting up threads with offtopic shit about how this is clearly the work of "da joos" and start slinging the n-word as if it's candy.

KiwiFarms is still the best place to get info about lolcows but fuck it is so god damn stupid. They've truly become what they hated the most.

/end fag blog.

No. 1074867

File: 1604515988795.png (33.26 KB, 1258x209, Screenshot_2020-11-04 Official…)

>Put up obnoxious moon in corner
>Website used by all types of people, some of which are genuinely curious what the moon symbolizes
>A few dozen posts out of thousands in the election thread reference the moon
>Feels x 105
>Likes x 25
>Agree x 15
>MATI x 11

What an actual child.

No. 1074940

The election thread is a shitshow lol

No. 1075033

if he thinks a few posts (out of the billion posted on the forums every day) is "running the joke into the ground" he needs to just quit already.

No. 1075176

File: 1604542990186.png (32.69 KB, 850x173, Screenshot_20201104-191446_1.p…)

So, the Kiwi Beauty Parlor forum is basically just a bunch of fat Karens that comment about other Fat Karens? (Example Thotto)
Because of chat I know some idiot is going to harvest cattails on the side of the road with all the toxic runoff to make "low carb" pasta bc diabeetus, as suggested by another diabetic member. Another is soaking her scalp in castor oil and massaging it upside down on her bed because she saw someone grow an inch a month. And everyone in chat is supporting these low IQ basic bitches, that are probably fatter than BP's new fave cow Jodee (mine too tbh).

But seriously, the Jodee thread is great milk, I'd def recommend it to anons. She was an Onion stan that joined as "Greg's Delusional GF" to sperg & defend herself, but powerleveled so much she was easily doxxed and oh wow her milky history. Then Onion disowned her. Somehow involved in the Aaron Carter Universe. Best fresh milk like this in a long time! https://kiwifarms.net/threads/jodee-norene-kalra-royal-black-royallyyoursrb-chillinwithrb-jyoti-kaur-rodriguez-kalra-jyoti-aishani-kalra-domina-amore.75294/

Also, I'm really thinking Mirna is an effeminate gay guy born to high-middle class family on the East Coast, that was surrounded by upper class people. Like a dentist's kid sent to better schools.

No. 1075448


Kiwifarmers on suicide watch

No. 1075553

>Bryan would unironically make a good staff member.
Bryan Dunn is a mega lolcow who unironically wants to fuck Null. He has made 11 sock acounts on Kiwifarms and sperged out so hard that Null filed a cease and desist against him. Read his thread. Unless this is just a dumb selfpost by Bryan.

No. 1075902

It is. He was probably hoping to get asspats for being the only one brave enough to call put Josh instead of the attenwhoring sped he comes across as. Friendly reminder to all the kiwifags ITT who think you're being slick, it's common knowledge you all shit on Josh here, in your gay little discords, or on /cow/ then proceed to suck his dick the minute you go back to your shithole of a site because for some autistic reason you all want to be jannies and besties with Josh.

Kiwifags are easy to clock because they can't help but, post shit they wouldn't know unless they were a user of the site, a selfposter, or my personal favorite, write a reddit-tier essay that regurgitates everything we've already discussed about josh and the site while also reminiscing of the "good ol' days".

No. 1076089

my favorite example of politics utterly ruining a thread is the Andrew Dobson thread. It's still active on a daily basis despite Dobson being completely gone from the internet for like the past year. It's just the same spergs sperging about muh sjws, reduced to dredging up old Dobson strips from a half decade ago just to try to keep it nominally on topic. Dobson was a genuinely entertaining cow in his heyday but that thread has always been shit.

No. 1076968


This place is the only gossip forum I've been to where the regulars are this terrified of people actually coming to their site

No. 1077829

File: 1604826860437.png (127.58 KB, 1247x503, Screenshot_2020-11-07 Pyrocyni…)


No. 1077834

Because Kiwitards don't understand the site culture, don't know how to sage their autism and post shit literally nobody cares about like >>1077829 this. Almost 90% of posts in this thread are Kiwifarmers looking to complain about something that personally happened to them "Null banned me, Null didn't take my advice, Politics are ruining the site REEEEE!" This isn't your support group.

No. 1077871

Has null shit down registrations for anyone else or is it just me?

No. 1077874

It's just you.

Also, he's doing you a favor.

No. 1078095

File: 1604869129725.png (104.72 KB, 1524x290, Untitled.png)

You people should peek into the 2020 Election Thread. Shit is going down and over half the posters are dooming over the inevitable collapse of the West from our Jew overlords.

No. 1078099


Tankers full of andrenocope being produced. Hopefully no more of them go full school shooter.

No. 1078132

>Not wanting to read 300+ posts of "The 2016 election is what really killed the site…"
>"Josh is SO incompetent as an admin… Here's screengrabs from MUH SECRET BOARD… that I pay to be apart of… B-but that's not the point! Josh is shit!"
>"J-josh doesn't want to take part in our yearly discord drama! God, I've lost so much respect for him!!"
>"Y'know I would- I mean this user would be amazing as a mod… TOO BAD JOSH IS AN INCOMPETENT FUCKUP! …Amiright ladies?"
>makes me a gate-keeping manhater
You fags wanna vent? Larp as a woman and do it on /ot/.

No. 1078202

File: 1604880095485.jpg (58.08 KB, 1100x134, int.jpg)

Shit's hilarious. After being completely wrong about how things would go for Vic Mignona, they decided to try out being wrong about the election. At least they were a little closer with "no clear answer Nov 3"…?

No. 1078228

As much as Josh is a big dumbass, he was right when he said hell no there is not gonna be a civil war because no pampered american will give up their comforts to fight in a trench. Broken clocks,etc.

No. 1078244

anyone have any dox for sigsegv, cuddlypirate, troondraugur, fuckedup? or any of the janny faggots that keep banning me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1078247

this autistic sperg. Someone wasnt allowed to play with the other karens kek

This thread is always full of angry scrotes that complain about women on muh kiwi farms but desperately want us to listen to their sad story about how a fat nazi pudding boy banned them from his internet bullying site.

No. 1078250

If you managed to get yourself banned on there, you should seriously commit suicide.

>anyone have any dox for sigsegv, cuddlypirate, troondraugur, fuckedup? or any of the janny faggots that keep banning me?

Do it yourself faggot.

No. 1078288

File: 1604889874951.jpeg (95.6 KB, 549x1072, 6DDA3F8D-815F-45AA-86E0-F22D1F…)

Why is their people trying to imitate me ?

No. 1078319

File: 1604892434679.png (54.17 KB, 537x244, time.png)

I'm going to give you this advice because no one else will.

Stop going back to Kiwifarms. Stop posting here about being banned.
You are not going to be unbanned and continuing to bring it up, both on here and on Josh's pet project will only cause you to make more of a fool out of yourself.

You are losing _Nothing_ by not being on it. Seriously.

Trolls have already started impersonating you with sock accounts to fuck with Josh and the users and those gullible faggots believe its you every time. Even if you went back with a fresh identity you wouldn't be able to contain your autism, you'd be discovered, then BAM!, banned.

Why do you want to go back so much anyways?

No. 1078326

>Trolls have started impersonating you with
sock accounts
Most of those are mine lol - i make socks because its fun to post random nonsense and the most effort it takes is fucking around with protonmail’s verification system

Though it is really funny for every random newfag shit post to be assumed to be me

>Why do you want to go back so much anyway

Because i really liked posting posts and reading posts there and some users are easy targets for intentional annoyance(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1078337

The amount of asspain coming from you, I wouldn't be surprised if you were Josh or one of his orbiters

No. 1078346

Its common for complete retards to get banned from KF for being said complete retards, then coming here and venting, only to return to their daddy Josh whom they graciously shelled out $20 dollars for. They keep repeating shit that everyone knows already, no one cares about, and consistently whiteknight for Josh.

Its obvious when a kiwi is posting because they don't just treat Josh and the website as funny things to laugh at, but instead have to give an entire monologue about how the site is obviously dying (As if it was ever good), shit they don't like about Josh and the website, getting banned, stupid "theories" and "predictions", etc.

Fuckers don't even lurk long enough to sage their posts.

The website is a cult of personality. Real big shocker huh?
Its understandable why you'd care about Josh since every user sucks his dick and you'd have to be pretty blind or apathetic to integrate there in the first place, and as a result the stage is set for you to never really learn about all the shit he's done.
Read these threads. Get some different perspectives and make the decision for yourself as to how you want to proceed. Don't immediately jump to the conclusion that everything you read on here is either fabricated lies or people trying to spite Josh (But don't immediately accept it as truth either). The evidence is there.

No. 1078358

File: 1604899596330.png (2.75 KB, 420x430, trashfire.png)

jfc just ignore the thread if you hate it so much

No. 1078454

nta, but it's hard to ignore when the Kiwifags who come here to whine don't know how to sage, so it's constantly on top of the page with yet another "blublublu Josh banned me, he is so evil, also have you heard about the election?" retard post

No. 1078525

I reported these posts 10 hours ago and the mods did nothing so I guess they want this shitshow on the frontpage. Scrotes gonna scrote,

No. 1078537

File: 1604932995958.png (280.86 KB, 640x326, op_is_a_faggot[1].png)

You made over 40 socks asking to be unbanned, crying like a two year old. If anything you're a lolcow.

No. 1078602

Sigs a nigger

No. 1078604

Sigs is a really cool guy and I consider him a freind.

No. 1078753

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved SIGSEGV so much, I had all the shitposts and copypasta
>I pray to SIGSEGV every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given
>"SIGSEGV is love" I say; "SIGSEGV is life"
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for SIGSEGV
>I called him a cunt
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I'm crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it's really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear "This is my thread."
>He grabs me with his powerful gigachad hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I'm ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for SIGSEGV
>He penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for SIGSEGV
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please SIGSEGV
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love
>My dad walks in
>SIGSEGV looks him straight in the eyes and says "Your son is a faggot lol."
>SIGSEGV leaves through my window
>SIGSEGV is love. SIGSEGV is life.

No. 1078765

No. 1078769

check 'em

No. 1080266

Lol imagine asking about cuddly pirate's dox when he has a whole thread on KF already?

Also at this point, I am %100 sure that the more people speculate about when a cow is going to die/go broke/become homeless etc they actually stick around longer.

Cows just thrive on negative energy no matter how unhealthy, retarded or old they are.

No. 1082345

File: 1605391402215.gif (1.2 MB, 640x360, o6HTRUs.gif)


Moon derangement syndrome. Trump and Brexit are going to save the west, KF told me so.

No. 1086167

File: 1605795013439.png (Spoiler Image, 172.58 KB, 1251x682, Screenshot_2020-11-19 EvaXepho…)


No. 1088764

Chill. I agree with a lot of what you're saying but anon is clearly not a moid and you're ignoring that kf & lc share a lot of their userbase. Yeah, there's a lot of posters who are kiwi-only (and as you said, they out themselves) but a lolcow is a lolcow is a lolcow. Most people who visit one lolcow/gossip site visit multiple. That includes lc, kf, pull, gomi…
You can't get the Chantal thread over here & you can't get the Shayna thread over there.

No. 1091029

File: 1606269225766.jpg (11.23 KB, 241x400, real image (1).jpg)

lmao user "dinoman"/soft kitty socked for 2 years until he revealed himself as a lolcow in a galaxy-brained move


No. 1091032

File: 1606269467764.jpg (184.81 KB, 1080x1410, 20201124_205716.jpg)

the post in question:

No. 1091058

LOL. Knew something was up with the dude with how many profile posts he made, along with how angry he'd get at trivial bullshit.
Makes me curious now about how many of the users on KF are socking cows. I'd bet if you looked into most users' lives you'd uncover plenty of new cows to make threads on, considering what type of people the site attracts, not just socks, though.

No. 1091270

This is the typical KF user. They can make fun of this fat autistic incel all they like but the truth is half the userbase could have a thread there.

No. 1091632

Have you guys got any threads you like or do you think the site is past redeemable?

I like both here and there for different/ threads reason

No. 1091919

It's getting ridiculous with how many times these faggots a log. Almost every thread is unreadable with Wikipedia sperging. Nobody gives a fuck about your autistic stalker commentary or anything that has to do with it post the milk or shut up

No. 1091972

Site is past redeemable. It was a long time ago actually.
KF is the "go to" lolcow forum only because of how strongly Josh has shilled it and expanded the lolcow ecosystem with his streams and shit. Their threads are good quality since they have at least some standards for posting, but pretty consistently users ignore the guidelines and post shit no one cares about, usually armchair psychology or trying to predict the future for the 1000th time. Those posts plague pretty much every thread and rarely bring anything new to the table.
On average though threads are becoming more and more shit quality and the definition of what makes a lolcow becomes more watered down as time goes on. So much so that random irrelevant twitter trannies can get their own threads.

Here's my take on the average KF user:
>Friendless virgin. Very likely to be autistic and degenerated, both physically and mentally.
>Barely aware of imageboards. Extent of understanding is either fucking around on modern 4chan or 8chan. Active Discord/Reddit user.
>Barely smarter than the average normalfag, but still far behind seasoned anons and actual, mature thinking people.
>Get onto KF and immediately witness every user acting as edgy as possible. Both as troll-shielding and a product of their deep shame and embarrassment with themselves,
>Equate being edgy to being cool. Pick up the traits yourself and glorify Josh for the internet tough guy persona he's put on.
>Get to using lolcow terminology like Powerleveling or Weening without actually knowing what any of it means. Believe that bringing up anything about real life, even if its relevant to the discussion or innocuous, is powerleveling. Accept and aggressively enforce the sites shitty no fun allowed "guidelines".
>Enough of a problem that even Josh has whined about it.
>End up giving credence to the stickers and reaction score and subconsciously cater your posts to maximize coverage, ending up with armies of low-effort shitposters like SIGSEGV who repost the same copypastas for the 10th time and always communicate in a degrading and hostile manner to garner the support of everyone else.
>User autism is so strong that meta discussion is constant. Rather than using it to just laugh at cows, users talk about the janitors and Josh on a consistent basis, giving birth to constant internal drama such as what happened in July. Some users so absolutely retarded that they even manage to get banned on a place where calling the owner a nigger is allowed and normal.
>Have shit like TSIC, donator banners, and join dates that gives users unwarranted self-importance.
>Treated as a second-class citizen if you're a new user. Accused of "socking" if you make informative, excellent posts with a young account. Same vindictiveness as reddit actually in terms of judging posts by the creator instead of its content.
>Brainwashed into believing that KF is the last bastion of free speech, and that everyone detesting it is just angry trolls/Vordrak. Some even go as far as to become janitors and immediately find themselves to be superior to every other user that not even a few days ago they were exactly the same as.
>Get angry at other sites like lolcow because Josh doesn't own it, and because its "owned by those damn wammans" despite Josh trying to blackmail the owner months after making a thread bashing it by offering free servers/infinity never, and later opening BP to appeal to female users.

In short, the forum is trash because of terminally autistic namefags who can't think for themselves, and is plagued by the same problems that Reddit has. Users treat it as some close-knit community instead of a place to laugh at eccentric lulzy people on the internet.

No. 1092068

File: 1606389280851.png (253.54 KB, 2018x1351, Screenshot_2020-11-26 Spergato…)

Anyone else notice that troll and garbage threads are in high production lately?

No. 1092194

Ngl you summed up some of the thoughts i had when looking at certain threads like the George Floyd one- that was a mess of doom sperging and racism that annoyed me lol.
I still follow some threads and interact there and there but have to limit time or otherwise I'd get ass mad
( wonder if other users get this too)

No. 1092615

File: 1606461919110.jpg (59.87 KB, 634x624, EV4_sFqX0AQ2EZg.jpg)

Internet Famous is wonderful right now. Watching Internet Bloodsports spergs and alt right grifters finally get exposed as fat, drug addicted, pedo losers is cathartic, and both Dick Masterson and Ethan Ralph are doing good at eating their own shit.

And if you hate the left, there's a place for you there too.

As a whole, the place is done. Josh didn't gatekeep enough or reinforce rules against a-logging and general autism, so now it's taken over KF like AIDS. We're waiting on an unseen countdown to Null either trooning out, going for a suicide, actually getting rammed by the law somehow, or some combo of the three.

No. 1092836

File: 1606497973759.jpg (367.76 KB, 1080x1996, 20201127_110908.jpg)

Josh really thinks he's some bastion of free speech. Picrel are leaks from upcoming Capcom projects. Capcom then issues a DMCA for hosting the leaks to the farms and Josh being the autistic ring leader that he is thinks refusing to take the content down is how to stick it to those anti freeze peachers. The content in the leak itself isn't even noteworthy, Kiwifags are sperging about a Japanese company issuing guidelines on how to conduct business internationally. This is somehow relevant and cow worthy enough to headline the front page. These basement dwellers can't dig their nose out of their own asshole for one second to realize this is a standard procedure for large corporations and nothing of real note. Kiwifags are no different than the cows they want to laugh at lmao

No. 1092848

He chooses the dumbest shit to go to bat for. Then in the next month or two he's going to go on a huge rant again about how he hates all the site users and how they don't suck his dick hard enough anymore.

No. 1092936

I say let him continue to be autistic with these companies. He's going to get his ass handed to him eventually.

No. 1093165

File: 1606520613476.png (554.91 KB, 1263x4122, santa.png)

It doesn't matter who issues the DMCA when it comes to Kiwis. The threads get filled with dozens of edgy faggots that praise their dear leader for being hostile to some faceless organization, and, even more specifically, some well-paid legal adviser who's never even heard of a "Kiwifarms" ever in their life. Pretty pathetic actually.

Secret Santa is in! for some reason, but no goatse or trolling allowed! Wouldn't want to send anyone into an autistic rage now would we? And of course it wouldn't be complete without people powerleveling openly about their personal lives on a lolcow website!

No. 1093172

If I was rich I'd send all of those queers interracial gay porn.

No. 1093254

They compile their own with the flimsy excuse of "archiving." Check how meticulously updated the Onision and HiMR threads are and the views of those threads.

No. 1093304

Don't have an account there but I do enjoy the Chantal and Fit Vegan Ginger threads. I used to like the Iconoclast thread but it's pretty much dead unfortunately. Though I guess it's not the Chantal thread I like so much as following the cow herself; the thread is one of those "let me tell you how not as fat as Chantal I am" things but they're good at archiving and recapping her vids.

Any of the remotely political threads are a cancerous nightmare, but tbf that's probably true of most internet discussion boards, including this one. But I agree with anons saying Null is his own worst enemy by picking the dumbest imaginable hills to die on.

No. 1093306

lmao can't wait to join a secret Santa where I might have the opportunity to buy a gift for an edgy Nazi sperg

No. 1093425

you're not supposed to spend money on the gift

No. 1093456

too bad, there goes my plan to plant a tree in Israel in honor of Arm Pit Cream

No. 1093485

ILY spiteful-philanthropist-anon.

No. 1093617

>Get angry at other sites like lolcow because Josh doesn't own it, and because its "owned by those damn wammans" despite Josh trying to blackmail the owner months after making a thread bashing it by offering free servers/infinity never, and later opening BP to appeal to female users.
>despite Josh trying to blackmail the owner months after making a thread bashing it by offering free servers/infinity never
Holy shit, what lmao? Can someone give me the rundown on this?

No. 1093629

Kf users make me lol how they refer to this place as "girlfarms" even though we were around first. Kf is scrotefarm.

No. 1093742

https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/ https://archive.is/KhoaV
>August 23rd, 2015

>>>>/meta/1254 https://archive.is/w4Ets

>September 25th, 2015


>"This is entirely because I want to consume the catty, destructive /cgl/-based lolcow communities."
>"There have been several times when people expected acquisitions from these websites but they never come around. Most people are very aware how gluttonous I am about getting new users and new communities to merge in, and those from 8chan/lolcowfarm are fiercely contrarian to that intent."
Also of note is that Josh rushed in to make the 2nd post in that thread around 8 minutes after it was made if you hover over the timestamps.
It was said earlier but lolcows and KF are his entire legacy.

No. 1093743

Ah, broken link
https://lolcow farm/meta/res/1183.html#1254

No. 1093852

Most people are very aware how gluttonous I am about getting new users and new communities to merge in

Josh that's exactly why your forum is collapsing and you hate it now.

No. 1094490

>lolcowfarms is going down! they'll be begging us for new accounts any day now!!

>4 years later: lolcow dot farms still around, pretty much same as ever

Nice to see KF doing what they do best: being wrong.
Though PULL did eventually shut down, so uh, there's that. It only took 4 years!

No. 1094733

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