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No. 998558

Last thread >>525536

>Null is planning on leaving the site in search of his tradwaifu

>MirnaMinkoff is one of the most annoying posters to have ever existed(shit OP)

No. 998910

This thread is (obviously) for following current KF drama. There's been lots of late, with Null threatening to shut the site down, bitching out and fucking off to (Eastern European) parts unknown, all due to the fact that he can't stand the userbase he's responsible for cultivating. He's still fighting the losing battle of trying to monetize the site, taking a hit by losing his New Project 2 neetbux, and attempting to get the kooks off the site by creating a newer, better /pol/ at the desolate and tumbleweed-filled 9chan.

As before, this thread is for following your favorite posters/cows, posting internal modmilk, and allowing KF users a space to come here under cover of anon and share the love.

Will Josh become the next Lowtax? We'll see. The site serves a purpose, for better or worse. Stay tuned.

No. 998941

Looks like Josh is back from his search for his European tradwife and has halted registration of new users due to the banwave on Reddit. Probably not the worst idea,tbh. It's funny watching them tard out over the bans though.

No. 998994

I've thought about signing up for KF since the munchie threads left LC. Seeing the chat thete makes glad I didn't. Bad move making that public Null.

I wish the Munchausen thread was as popular as it was a year ago. Kate Farms Shill is my favourite poster. And I'll never run to reddit.

I actually agree with a lot of what Mirna says, and I totally agree with her real-furniture sperg >>998265 here. And I've been told my comments IRL come off annoying or seeming like a know-it-all, so maybe we are similar people. Except I stay anon.

No. 999133

Hi Mirna(hi cow)

No. 999141

Registration should be closed a lot more often, especially since Josh thinks his site isn’t speshul anymore or whatever retarded reason he's leaving. It gets an influx of new users every major happening. The riots should’ve been a sign considering that garnered the most activity ever for KF.

No. 999348

props to josh for closing the gates to redditors. we're gonna get such an influx of assholes.

No. 999408

File: 1593541061820.png (240.73 KB, 1141x662, Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 1.06…)

Mirna is shitting up the Lowtax thread among others.

Mirna technically isn't incorrect here and I can see where she is coming from. But I don't understand why she purports to be so confident in understanding a random girl online. She acts like she is an expert on people with BPD/bipolar for some reason.

No. 999535

File: 1593547138973.png (158.77 KB, 1497x636, lol.png)

You guys really got to her lmao

No. 999562

Good catch. Keep the screencaps rolling

No. 999624

I was indifferent to her up to this point but wow could she be any more butthurt. You'd think someone using Divine as their avatar would have a thicker skin.

No. 999672

Peak scoldy mom energy. She knows everything about everything and won’t shut up.

No. 999736

She's so hateful to Logan in the Lowtax thread. Totally not misogynistic at all guys. Not to mention that KF users…

No. 999897

This is literally why no one likes her. Shut the fuck up already, Christ.

No. 999898

Double post but she thinks she knows EVERYTHING which is why she thinks she needs to share her shitty opinions on every fucking thread. She needs to get over herself.

No. 999904

File: 1593563336453.png (153.66 KB, 1133x404, Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.27…)

Oh no, someone called poor Venus's lips thin. It's not like KF users don't nitpick women's looks all the time. (For example, in the Lowtax thread, people are obsessed with calling Logan fat and ugly even though she looks completely normal) Yeah a lot of posters in the Venus thread are deranged, but Mirna is so hypocritical here lmao.

No. 999910

She really should come and talk here. It's so rude to shout at us from across the room–you'll be anon, loser, we don't bite. Much.

No. 999926

I would bet you she already does. Some posts in the Venus thread are a bit grandiose and kinda fit.

No. 999993

She does know everyone else can come over here and see the bullshit she's spewing, right? Saying we would celebrate if Venus turned up dead is fucking bizarre, and very obviously a lie.

No. 1000016

Lmao mods tag Mirna's weenus posting when? I can totally see her as the anons who have an absolute hateboner for weenus to the point of nitpicking the type of fake cum she uses for her OF.

No. 1000024

It's insane she thinks lolcow is soooo bad. I just came from the shoeonhead thread on KF and it's full of scrotes saying June is old, dried up, got no time left, a cunt, a whore. The happenings forum is full of /pol/ tards that think (((they))) are behind everything.

There was a post the other day on there about a young black girl being shot to death while eating ice cream in a car and poster a poster said "All women should get this treatment so they don't grow up and hurt men with fake #metoo accusations" and that post had likes etc on it.

Keep in bed with this moids, Mirna. They're so much better than the bitches at lolcow that make fun of Venus's lips

No. 1000030

>Losing New Prokect 2 Neetbucks
Double-posting but, I haven't kept up with Josh's antics in a hot minute. Are you referring to the not!patreon he tried to setup a or where he managed to convince these braindead kiwis that helping him mine for bitcoin would help keep the site going, or is our little entrpreneur going down another get-rich-quick scheme?

No. 1000062

NewProject2 was some Patreon substitute thought up by Dick Masterson/Dax Herrera, and Null was super into it, but neither VISA nor MasterCard would support it for fairly obvious reasons.

Tots and pears.

No. 1000093

I really have no clue why the longtime female users on KF feel so comfortable sticking around when the userbase gets increasingly reactionary. I think she must bitch into the void and doesn't really pay attention to what anyone else says.

No. 1000150

File: 1593574410280.png (125.53 KB, 1504x464, lol.png)

So she definitely has read here because she's made 3 of her long-ass posts today in the Venus thread about how mean lowcow is lmao.

No. 1000152

File: 1593574449511.png (83.46 KB, 1494x283, lol.png)

fucking lol

No. 1000162

I do agree that farmers should tone it down with the nitpicking since it just shits up threads. Especially the milk less ones like Venus.
But also like, has she browsed any of the other KF threads? Some of the threads on there are completely unreadable and filled with pages of shitty sperging that has nothing to do with the topic. The one with the retard incel that murdered that e-girl is full of other retards cheering him on and being depressed that they can't post the dead girl's underaged nudes. The riot thread is full of doomers making autistic crybaby posts. And don't get me started on the giant shitshow that is the Vic Mcnugget thread.

I will say that their Shmorky and Todokaras threads were pretty good at least.

>have you been following the lolcow thread itself for long enough that you're distinguishing individual posters?
Was about to say the same kek

No. 1000163

File: 1593575165138.jpg (36.17 KB, 416x382, 1540872154595.jpg)

kek. imagine being such an ass-chapped attentionwhore you have to shoehorn your complaints about lolcow in a weenus thread on kiwifarms.

No. 1000167

>Vic McNugget thread
Oh anon, don't you love Tyrone jokes and making sure everyone knows that Monica Rial is fat, ugly, and how you would not have sex with her?

No. 1000197

Just to be clear, I've never even looked at the Venus thread here. But Mirna here is so hilariously ass chapped to find herself the subject of mockery on another website that has an almost identical mission statement to KF (eg making fun of lolcows). How dare anyone insinuate she might be a cow herself??

One of many reasons I'd never make an account on KF is because much of it is just dollar store /pol/. There's plenty of idiots on this board, definitely, but KF is even worse.

No. 1000203

File: 1593578651301.png (178.96 KB, 1498x782, mad.png)

KF users get so mad when someone rates them as dumb its hilarious. i love it when they sperg out over it in public

No. 1000237

I'd love to dig up more dirt on Mirna. I'm sure she has some cow tendencies but she was smart not to use a common name. She also doesn't blogpost that much which is surprising.

I made an account on KF because lolcow doesn't like to talk about some of my favorite cows.

No. 1000309

>thin lipped
lol is this Rubber Lips sama?

Mirna and Barbarella are both annoying but Barbarella blogposts more (I mainly stick to the Chantal and DissociaDID threads over yonder but Barbs likes to brag about her designer handbags, how she is too classy to ever eat fast food etc and I could have sworn she recently doxed herself by uploading a screencap from her facebook showing her true Karen form in the user pic. I can't remember what thread it was in but I'm sure many Kiwi users saved the file just in case lol)

No. 1000339

Mirna's not wrong. Lolcow is filled with manhating femcel stereotypes and friendless catty bitches.

However, we don't get off on posting terrorism attack videos, stan serial killers (mostly), or sabotage lawsuits. Hell, as rancid and hateful as the anti-trans threads are, we don't go out of our way to catalog their home address and shit like actual stalkers.

No. 1000374

I would not be surprised if Mirna is like GOMI Alice, especially with the amount of shit she posts on KF all day every day. She doesn't seem to have a lot going for her.

No. 1000382

Tinfoil and not at all important but I strongly suspect Mirna's actually a bitchy middle aged gay man (rather than a bitchy middle aged straight woman) because of the avatar choice & the name; Myrna Minkoff is the sort of character gay men love (ie, overbearing, educated Jewish woman)

I'm sure there are a lot of users here that also post on KF, which makes their claims that "KF people be like THIS but lolcow people be like THAT" even funnier. Like, this is an anonymous image board, we could literally all be Null.

No. 1000384

File: 1593613307376.png (196.64 KB, 1116x521, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.14…)

Here's Barbarella bragging about her bags in the Tess Holliday thread. How dare someone not carry LV like she does.

That would be hilarious because she spends so much time shitting on Alice. And she sounds just like Alice does.

I wish we had an Alice thread here even though she's way past her prime.

No. 1000387

the KF chat is so bad. the people posting there all sound like they're about twelve years old but they're all insufferable know-it-alls. i love how in the onision thread they're debating whether or not taylor is abused but since they're all twelve they don't know that hickeys are not 'choke marks'. why did they want a beauty parlor board there anyhow? it barely fits the rest of the site, idgi

No. 1000389

This. Mirna is not a woman at all. It's pretty obvious.

No. 1000390

The Kiwifarms are an internet shiathole for autistics and Null is a virgin.

Film at eleven.

No. 1000391

File: 1593614483271.png (228.05 KB, 1122x563, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.41…)

Is Mirna a wonk or was she an adult 30 years ago? Your guess is good as mine.

Are you guys saying that Mirna is a guy larping as a woman?

No. 1000396

Not only that, but Mirna is a fiftysomething dude larping as a woman. What a life! And to think, this fiftysomething MAN spends all his time discussing…Venus. What a surprise!

No. 1000397

you could even say that the 50+ dude is simping, i believe that's what the youngsters are calling it these days

No. 1000398

Don't forget her red bottoms!

No. 1000402

File: 1593615588814.png (149.83 KB, 1107x450, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.59…)

>Don't forget her red bottoms!

Pic related

No. 1000412

I think she also alluded to having touched a Birkin bag once.

I love KF because posters there do tend towards actual writing when they have something to say, but a lot of the BP chicks write like the worst ex-GOMI, ex-TWOP, free jinger posters, always catching threadbans for not being able to stay on topic. Basically every single site our moms or grandmas wrote on.

No. 1000416

>Louboutins, of course.

lmao you cannot convince me this isn't purposeful irony posting. it's too cringe.

No. 1000417

That whole weeb wars subforum is 100% cancer. When Zack from ANN died one of the retards there posited that he "killed himself out of guilt for what he did to Vic" which has to be the most profoundly stupid thing I've ever seen anybody write about a total stranger's suicide. They have completely lost any sense of reality, much less perspective. And needless to say this brilliant psychological analysis was given many "winner" ratings by the rest of the KF braintrust.

No. 1000463

>I love KF because posters there do tend towards actual writing when they have something to say, but a lot of the BP chicks write like the worst ex-GOMI, ex-TWOP, free jinger posters, always catching threadbans for not being able to stay on topic. Basically every single site our moms or grandmas wrote on.

Kinda ot, but what is it about GOMI/TWOP posters that are so insufferable? Is it because of the blogposting? I'm annoyed by a lot of shit here on lolcow but after being on other drama forums I'm so glad that blogposting is not a thing here.

No. 1000468

That's my feeling. Null leaves BP alone for the most part and their mods don't crack the whip as much as they should. So it's overrun with Babses and Mirnas all thinking that they are indeed saying something very important.

I think a bunch of them caught fire during the Susan Schofield/Jani/Bodhi drama and couldn't shut the fuck up about how amazing they were after the kids were removed. They did it, reddit! and it gave them all fat fucking heads. Around that same time, a bunch of KF users started a subreddit about them, and there were a bunch of users who double-dipped at KF and reddit who made real asses of themselves.

No. 1000481


hahaha omg this bitch. tries SO hard to act like a superior rich socialite with expensive, exclusive tastes while regularly sperging on a niche shithole dedicated to talking detailed shit about internet nobodies and it's such a dissonance. have fun wearing your timeless chanel suits and your generic politician's wife hairdo while furiously nitpicking some 20-something doing dumb shit on the internet.

No. 1000488

i do love otterly. i think they came from the terven land called mumsnet and they were so calm and thoughtful during the worst parts of the first wave of covid. glad they're feeling better, she and her family had the coof.

kf is interesting because it's a site made up of people who shouldn't get along, but most do. good on them.

No. 1000610

>Tots and Pears
Null wants to be this big bad internet tough guy but shits his pants whenever he might catch heat for the retarded/asinine shit he or his stupid userbase does. He can't have his cake and eat it too. With the great value /pol/ identity the site's adopted, it's like a powderkeg waiting for one of these autistic attention-whores to do something so retarded, their precious Null won't be able to book it to another country to make the bad men go away.

No. 1000619

nuh uh anon, lolcow is worse because we call venus ugly!

Otterly is cool i've learned a lot reading her posts.

lol oh comrade. he's always freaking out. his issue is he hates trannys so spends all his time on the their boards, but he also fucking hates women and can't fr the life of him integrate. This leads to most of his posts getting the dumb/mad rating. He's freaking out right now because one of his posts got enough dumb ratings that it was highlighted lmao

No. 1000763

I'm sure there's plenty of perfectly nice people on KF, though I'm not familiar with Otterly. There's huge swaths of the place I don't read at all, but I do like keeping up with Chantal, Fit Vegan Ginger and Amberlynn, and other cows who either don't have threads here or whose threads don't get updated much. Like >>1000384 says, I wouldn't mind an Alice thread here but she's kind of on her last milk.

I think on any message board with user names, a certain culture forms and anyone who fails to conform or who offers any kind of opposition (whether it's deserved or completely dumb) either leaves or gets hammered until they fit in. So it's not so much about everyone getting along as it is no one wanting to be the square peg in the round hole. Also, in KF's case, ignoring the parts where the "ironic Nazis" post if you don't happen to be a nazi.

No. 1000800

they don't get on though and that's null whole issue. you have half of the site functioning like lolcow and half functioning like /pol/. there's always shit when a /pol/tard enters a tranny thread or a terf the articles and happenings threads.

Even the mods are constantly fighting and having issues with each other.

No. 1000831

File: 1593652969722.png (232.44 KB, 1124x573, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 8.16…)

I'm going to keep sperging about Mirna because she's so fucking annoying. She's acting like she's the expert on American insurance AND graphic design.

And she's also an expert on politics, psychology, prostitution… Also interior decoration and fashion. What doesn't she know about?

No. 1000848

i agree mirna is a very annoying fifty year old man

No. 1000901

She's not wrong about lolcow having some seething, batshit insane posters (and that Venus' thread is a perfect place to see them), but she's a gigantic hypocrite given that KF has much angrier and more unhinged posters. I mean, at least lolcow doesn't have any school shooters attached to it. Mirna seems to have on some major blinders or somehow unaware of what male anger looks like if she believes that kiwis are more reasonable than farmers. Or perhaps lolcow may seem more unhinged to her because the anger on KF is heavily diluted by smugposts and blogging like >>1000402
from retards who feel the need to compare themselves to the absolute dregs of society in order to feel big.
What makes you think so? He/She is definitely older than 40 but doesn't necessarily sound like a man.

No. 1000914

The way KF obsesses over finding dox is so fucking weird. It can be a completely dead, milkless thread, and they'll still make a point to dox someone for teh epic lulz. That and their weirdly dated, very blatant racism make them feel very early 2000s 4chan.

No. 1000917

They dox random people that comment on their cows social media like what is the fucking point.

I hope Josh does name change and gets doxed asap

No. 1000936

File: 1593679421255.jpg (312.24 KB, 720x709, IMG_20200702_013653.jpg)

For the past week reddit subs have been getting sniped, leading to a mass exodus of users. Kiwis are panicking at the of their precious cool kids club being invaded by plebbitors they've shut down new user registration. Cue kiwis pretending their site isn't a shithole suffering from similar problems as reddit. Along with the attention-whores chiming in with their hot new takes
>lol plebbit bad 4chan gud
And reddit refugees who are whining about finding a new site to waste 9+ hours a day on, ala SA Goons.

No. 1000987

this poor summerchild, just don't give the wrong user an autistic rating or the clique of housewives will come for your neck

No. 1000993

also she's wrong at times but isn't bothered by it, delivering with firm authority no matter what. like with this cap just as one example, Amberlynn has 2 different 700lb-limit scales she uses at home but no, Barbarella says here 500lb is definitely the limit. she forms part of the triumvirate of power posting experts, the others of course being mirna and multi.

No. 1000995

multi got a fuck you talking to by some of the newer BP posters and didn't like it.

i wonder what Raven's every day username is there. she's actually good at shitposting and they're not on the hunt for her like we are so i expect to be a pretty high profile poster there. in b4 'they found her alts!' i doubt they got her main, but i'd think she'd post in the same threads at both sites.

No. 1001007

lolcow confirmed mass shooter attempts: 0

KF confirmed mass shooter attempts: 2 and counting.

No. 1001017

Out of interest, what are some threads that you wish could be carried over from the other Farms?

I was surprised when I saw the Haydur Nation Meta crossover, even though it was short-lived. For some reason Amber and Chantal topics always die out pretty fast here.
I also second the wish for an Alice (GOMI) thread, but like people said, her milk is pretty slow at this point.
I guess Kiwi is probably one of the last places people are still archiving and discussing Chris Chan as far as I know.

No. 1001032


Maybe that tumblr girl who planned a mass shooting (but accidentally told some FBI guy larping as an edgy teen first) also posted on here? It's been a few years but the couch cuck didn't even seem that unhinged apart from his avatar.

No. 1001036

yeah, I dislike this poster, Anon who says, "he hates trans women but also hates women" is right, but I think he hates women a LOT more.

No. 1001043

File: 1593705221564.png (90.69 KB, 1499x232, 1.png)

I don't really give a shit about his terf hatred because yeah, they can be annoying, but this guy joined in Aug 2019 and wants to dictate who is/isn't on the board? Most terfs have been on KF longer than him.

This guy is super close to having a public breakdown on KF, he's going through everyones profiles that rates him dumb and is attacking them on their comments and on the forum posts themselves.

I think this is what happens when you get too invested in any community, but being that invested in KF will just make you full on retarded, such as case in point.

He wants all women off of KF, which is funny because null has already said the only section of the site he likes is the beauty parlor which is overrun by women.

He seems like he's new to KF, assumed when the culture was like and is now just trying to force that on everyone.

No. 1001134

>For some reason Amber and Chantal topics always die out pretty fast here.
Because they're boring people whose main drama is sabotaging their own weight for adbux. There's only so many ways you can nitpick their waddles, or perform a psychoanalysis of their Taco Bell mukbangs. They're not that deep, and when cancer or some other health malady befalls them they're just pathetic.

Forgot to mention the reason why KF is so obsessed is because they're mostly men who have a fetish for morbidly obese women that they are extremely ashamed of. Which is why they're obsessed with commenting on every single little mouth noise and lip smack. Capturing every minutiae roll jiggle, and shelf ass wobble. Goading ALR's weight loss so she can be groomed into a more 'acceptable' kind of fatty that they wouldn't feel as pathetic for wanting to fuck. Men don't obsess over women they find hideous and unfuckable, lmao.

No. 1001180

I always got the impression that the deathfats board was mostly incredibly boring women criticizing other incredibly boring women, memes about Null being a hamplanet chaser notwithstanding.

No. 1001190

didnt null fuck around with emspex (sp?) who is fat? I totally buy he's into fat chicks because he harbors so much hate for them.
this guy is a moron. he never just posts normally, he's always complaining about women posting on kf despite being there like 6 months himself.
he said in another thread hes disabled so maybe its mentally

No. 1001193

File: 1593724187504.png (191.67 KB, 1109x572, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.08…)

Mirna Minkoff, career advice expert.

And all young women have perfectly squeaky clean social media profiles. Nobody has pictures of them in going out clothes or anything.

No. 1001196

File: 1593724476814.png (74.39 KB, 1109x197, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.14…)

Ironic for Null to be lording over someone for having no support network when he has no friends outside of KF

No. 1001198

So Mirna the Man stans Venus but thinks it's bad optics to get your tits out for cash. Okay, sure.

No. 1001199

Here's Mirna claiming to be a woman. I guess she works in the creative field? Because she mentioned she works with copywriters earlier.

Anyways I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels petty about Mirna. Love to see it.

lmao you're so right. How is she still stanning Venus when Venus has absolutely no education or life skills?

No. 1001201

Reading Mirna posts in a row, the LARP seems incredibly obvious.

No. 1001208

Mirna claims to be an expert in whatever the thread decides is the primary issue for the cow in question and as a result, Mirna knows an awful lot about every topic under the sun.

That, or he's just mansplaining.

I note that Mirna had a lot to say about LCF up until we noted that he is, in fact, an old man who wants to fuck Venus. Suddenly he's now oddly quiet. Gee. What's up with that?

No. 1001211

why did emspex leave and was it weeb wars related? she was so happy to be on nick rekieta and then someone from /cow/ doxed her and it was like she never existed.

No. 1001213

File: 1593725760218.png (133.88 KB, 1115x274, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.21…)

Sorry forgot to post the pic

Who is LCF again?

No. 1001217

Here we see Mirna attempting to trick the crowd into thinking that he is not the boomer! Pay no attention to the MAN behind the curtain, etc.

No. 1001228

What s/he says here is true, tho.

No. 1001244

Yes, people who state the obvious are often correct.

lmao "I am most definitely a woman" reminds me of the old Chris Chan videos where he'd angrily start off by declaring I AM NOT GAY

No. 1001245

Mirna went dead silent on LC as soon as her/his stuff started getting posted here.

idk i'd love more info on what went down. I know she said she fucked null which lmao

No. 1001249

lol that Rekieta fellatio board is hilarious

I have never seen so many ignorant and deluded people in one place

No. 1001254

File: 1593729153173.png (178.66 KB, 1112x386, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.31…)

Is Mirna saying she has a residence in Jackson Hole here?

No. 1001259

File: 1593729357807.png (130.86 KB, 1126x389, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.34…)

Mirna works in the creative field but also needs to own work boots? They work in an office but are a blue-collar laborer too?

I feel like "she" deserves her own thread so I can stop clogging up this one

No. 1001262

File: 1593729732600.png (95.97 KB, 1130x232, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.41…)

Mirna loves multi, shocker

No. 1001265

File: 1593730440220.png (363.52 KB, 1270x1154, 7857676565.png)

sneasel posted this in the supporters board last year. probably just a shitpost, but i felt like posting it anyway as i believe there are some half-truths to this.
what i do know is a lot of now deleted users gathered in a discord together shortly before the leaks.. once null posted the leaks, emspex was pretty vocal about her disappointment (probably because sensitive info about her was made public, including an IP address that traced her back to a university in idaho).
i wouldn't be surprised if she was apart of this KF mass exodus clique discord server.

No. 1001266

samefag, but i also wanted to note that sneasel asked his account to be deleted shortly after he posted this. pretty sure it was the same day, if not the same week.

No. 1001270

Oooh,do you happen to know what thread it was in by chance? I go back and forth on liking Multi. Her updates in the Tess thread are good and she often updates on cows that aren't as active so she's good to follow I'd you're keeping tabs on certain people but she can also be really annoying ala Mirna (though not nearly as bad).

No. 1001273

>she's a TERF and thinks trannies don't pass well!
So, she's based.
>she weighed 350 pounds at 15-16
>she was raised Mormon!
Shit that isn't quite all her fault, tbh if we all knew the childhood and teenage backgrounds of most KF posters I think we'd find most of their upbringings explain why they're fucking losers in the now. They're all throwing rocks from glass houses.
>can you believe she LEFT when she wasn't wanted here?!
I mean…? Why is this faggot even complaining about that as if she'd be less annoying if she'd stayed just to spite everyone? Retards don't even know what they're frothing at the mouth for.

No. 1001274

Samefag but Jesus Christ he never shuts up. I wish we had enough info to make a Mirna thread.

No. 1001275

from what I got Yawning was a chaser, who seemed to get triggered that some chick picked at a trans woman he felt looked better than her (natural women).
Hopefully, this rant WAS trolling because it comes off so retarded.

No. 1001276

i'm surprised the Yandev redraw thread hasn't been brought up yet, somewhat good concept on paper but holy fuck was it executed horribly

No. 1001279

autistic trans sperging shitting up threads is a problem on both lolcow and KF

No. 1001283

Question is News and article section gone? or is it just hidden when you aren't signed in?

No. 1001290

It's not visible if you're not logged in because the section skewed the SEO. Null hid it so search engines would assign KF a higher priority and now he cries that the site became too well known.

No. 1001292

It was on your favorite KF posters thread

No. 1001293

whats the deal with Owo and why do they think everyone hates them? (I saw them whine about this in chat once)

No. 1001297

OwO was made mod over the salt mine back in 2017 and was completly incompetent which resulted in some people disliking her. She also attempted to play the official KF envoy for SA back when a bunch of weird goons were doxed. It was laughable and pretty autistic so it entailed much mockery.

No. 1001302

There obsession with doxxing is insane to me. Mind you, I don't give a shit if they dox an outspoken pedo (like that James Terry Mitchell guy or whatever is name is) but some tranny who's just annoying on Twitter? Get over it and move on.

No. 1001307

The SA doxing spree and the subsequent goon meltdown was a thing of beauty tho.

No. 1001315

I saw them dox someone once that replied to a cow on twitter. They didn't even say anything that bad, just stupid sjw stuff. The biggest irony is null flipped shit when that tranny turned up at his house and hid upstairs while mommy dealt with it. Then he wrote that post saying he was taking a shit and that's why he couldn't come to the door lmao. That tranny was crazy but he would have wooped Josh's manlet ass

No. 1001329

'cordwainers and cobblers'

imagine this blowhard trying to make conversation at a party. on second thought, i doubt they can bear to make eye contact, let alone conversation.

No. 1001341

It was the ego too, which seems to be really common on Kiwi Farms. Give someone a little bit of power and they go apeshit.

No. 1001366

File: 1593745525870.jpeg (305.64 KB, 1094x1600, B8C78172-F495-4935-BBCA-71F736…)

I will never not find this funny. I don’t really keep up with KF but the whole comicsgate/war campaign situation is very interesting.

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