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File: 1576678938207.jpg (252.79 KB, 1900x2168, PicsArt_12-18-08.19.39.jpg)

No. 15

Figured I'd jump the gun before someone tries cluttering up any GC or pp threads with Reddit screenshots (aka me.)

I wanted to draw a tiny, miniscule, micropeen, but I didn't want to have to spoiler this work of art, so we'll just pretend the tiny, miniscule, phallic antenna thing is how a Reddit mascot would masturbate.

No. 18

To be clear, is this just for any stupid bullshit on Reddit, or stuff that pertains to female politics only?
I was under the impression the /ot/ thread was a catch-all "Reddit is a cesspool" space, but it coincidentally got a lot of traffic pertaining to female politics.

No. 19

Reddit shitposts that would be posted in gc or pp threads can go here instead. The idea from the previous amalgamation was meant to keep the thread from getting too clogged with such things. Although, now that I think about it, I guess it doesn't matter since the threads are separated once again. Since we have a whole board to ourselves now though, might as well start to flesh it out.

No. 101

I fucking love the OP image anon. Perfect representation of male redditors.

No. 127

File: 1576930460315.png (14.01 KB, 530x90, reddit.png)

Fucking Reddit
Everything is discrimination against menz, even an Iranian women's site reporting deaths.

No. 129

File: 1576939875541.jpg (360.34 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20191221-085057_Red…)

Of course they don't give a fuck.

No. 130

Samefag to add, but notice that long after an explanation was given as to why the women were focused on, there are still men screeching and whining.

No. 131

Tells you something that they're more upset about the women's deaths being reported in a women's publication than the actual male on male violence that led to the deaths in the first place.
Men killing men, but what do they choose to be upset about? Women reporting the tragedies of women.
They just want all the sympathy and for the women to be invisible. Maybe journalism chooses to report the number of women and children dead in atrocities such as these because, generally speaking, the women and children aren't being the hostile ones and so it would take a force especially heinous to have killed them. With men there's doubt they weren't doing something to instigate a rebuke.

No. 137

They're raally trying to argue that IRANIAN women are privileged because the source was from a woman's news website. Reddit men are a special type of retarded.

No. 140

File: 1577004955057.png (28.89 KB, 1132x294, wtfreddit.PNG)

Saw an r/jokes thread about Billie Eilish turning 18 and the amount of comments that cited her lyrics and went "well but she writes explicit songs so really how can you blame people (*men, they don't say it, but it's men) for counting down till she's 18?"

Gross, how often do men use this excuse for raping children? "Oh but she lied about her age!! she TOTALLY initiated it!!" yeah dude, but if you're an adult it's YOUR responsibility not to reciprocate.

No. 159

gross, but also, it makes me uncomfortable that the brother wasn't like "uh… i think these lyrics are a really bad idea". wtf? and where are her fucking parents?

No. 166

These lyrics are weird as fuck when you take into account her brother wrote them, but also do these scrotes ever consider she's singing about guys her own fucking age and not weird 30=year-old obese reddit shut-ins? She makes music aimed at teens but these scrotes act like she's personally asking to suck them off lmao. It's so weird how men assume everything women do is personally for them.

I lost my shit at a now ex-friend over this the other day when he asked me why I posted a picture with my cleavage out if I didn't want him commenting on it. I asked him if it ever occurred to him I was putting it out there for attractive guys and he blocked me lmao.

No. 195

The 'might seduce your dad type' line is probably why they assume it's old men.

The lyrics are straight up nasty but I would never blame a child for them, there are way too many people involved in/influencing the writing process and creating her persona in general that I wouldn't assume she was legit into it. And even if she was, it's the adult's responsibility to never act on it or entertain the idea.

She seems distinctly uncomfortable with being sexualized, I'm pretty sure she's explicitly said that's why she wears baggy clothes.

No. 196

Also forgot to say
>I asked him if it ever occurred to him I was putting it out there for attractive guys and he blocked me lmao.
fucking rekt lmao

No. 202

File: 1577334985911.jpg (583.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191225-213538.jpg)

No. 203


No. 206

I know this is Reddit but I’m legitimately shocked at all of the responses calling her the asshole. All these men and pick-mes. How dare this wife have some boundaries from her husband?

No. 210

Same, was shocked to see all the YTA comments and the few people who mentioned she's in her third trimester get ripped apart. Even for reddit that was low, and it made me sad to read her edit apologizing and trying to gain their forgiveness explaining how she apologized to her husband. Simply unreal.

No. 224

amItheasshole is always a disgustingly anti-pregnant woman sub

No. 235

So many people are chastising her for “keeping him in the dark” for all of 45 minutes, totally ignoring the fact that he was being so hostile to her while she was visibly upset. Fuck that sub.

No. 244

Lol redditors are fucking weirdos. How is anger be an appropriate response to someone crying?

No. 245

AITA is an anti-woman sub in general.

Post as a man there and you will get a fair and balanced perspective.
Post as a woman there and people will be looking to poke holes in your narrative to find out how you are, in fact, always the asshole.
And so god help you if it's money-related, you gold digging whores.

No. 255

File: 1577434680451.jpg (467.54 KB, 1080x2058, IMG_20191227_011802.jpg)

No. 256

the bar is so fucking low that woman are now expected to accept paedophiles. notice how he was clearly never going to tell her and it was his sister that told him?
I've noticed the same, if it's a man telling the story they accept it as truth, if it's a woman there must be important information that she's left out

No. 259

I can’t believe she’s staying with this guy. Jesus Christ, she’s asking for trouble.

No. 260

Right? It seems like she made such a snap decision to stay, too. His sister is urging him so strongly to leave and she’s just like, “But I love him!”

No. 262

Imagine sleeping with a guy knowing he's probably thinking of little kids

No. 266

Pedophillia can’t be cured. The stupid neckbeard defending him are probably pedos themselves.
The scary thing is the “some pedophiles are actually nice people who haven't molested any kids yet “ thing that everyone is enabling. Pedophiles should be neutered like dogs and watched heavily by authorities (or better yet euthanized) anyone who disagrees is a pedophile themselves

No. 268

Right? One of the top comments on that thread pisses me off because it says something along the lines of “in a couple of years he may end up all over the news and in jail because he slipped up”. Like holy fuck, is that your biggest priority? Feeling ashamed in the rare case he gets caught? How about in a few years you may find out he hurt and traumatized a child for the rest of its life?

No. 280

What the fuck. If this happened to me I'd dump that man so fast and tell everyone EXACTLY why. Even if he's currently being 'good' knowing men the second he's stressed/sad/whatever he will relapse. And OP won't be the only one getting hurt at that point.

No. 326

File: 1577473447958.jpeg (216.35 KB, 640x840, E1E00553-16EC-4C54-A9D9-4DC67A…)


No. 328

File: 1577474130310.jpeg (710.9 KB, 2400x2400, 67100BB8-9626-4558-87CA-30BEA8…)

Someone points out that her “one strike rule” is basically her passively allowing him a chance to rape a child and this is the response

A mans bollocks is more important than a child’s entire life, body, sa free ty and security. What does a man really lose when you lop off his nuts or even his dick as well? In fact, pedophillia is so deeply ingrained that even that won’t cure them. They need to either be locked up for life or killed, only then can they not be a “non offending pedo”

No. 332

And now this woman will probably feel the need to be constantly vigilant. It’s not like she can keep him away from children forever, and if he was looking at child pornography at such a young age, I’d bet he’ll do it again and again. Most of these guys are pretty good at covering their tracks, since they’re doing something illegal. I’m sad for her, but I’m even sadder that she’s putting all this effort to make it work with a fucking pedo. Scrots are gonna scrot, but at least she could find a guy who treats her well and ISN’T an admitted pedo.

No. 335

I'm not trying to tinfoil but holy shit people predicting that the public will be open and emphasize with actual fucking that get sexual enjoyment from abusing children are right. This agenda is pure evil. I don't think there will be proper treatment unless it's a brain transplant

No. 350

>you want to just round up these potential child rapists, castrate them and lock them up for life?

These pedo apologists are so annoying, who cares if you’re “ruining someone’s life” if they have the potential to permanently damage a person and take away an aspect of their childhood. They say they don’t wanna molest kids, fine, take it a step further and chop your testes off, what do you need them for anyways?

No. 363

I can't wrap my head around the absolute cumbrain of it all. To be such a primal piece of shit that an orgasm overrides a CHILD'S wellbeing, safety, and mental health for the rest of their life.

How in the fuck getting off is so important to these people that they're willing to excuse horrific actions is maddening to me. There's no such thing as a non offending pedophile.

No. 386

File: 1577545568199.png (131.77 KB, 1070x660, hmm.PNG)

This was mentioned in the previous thread, but menslib is just MRA in wolfs clothing.

No. 387

If it’s good enough for our beloved dogs and cats then for sure it’s good enough for the filthiest scum on the planet, whether they have the guts or the opportunity to offend or not. Not only that but spayed/neutered animals are so much calmer and more content, they also live longer and are less likely to get cancer. So what is so bad about it? They act like it’s inconceivable torture, worse than a child being molested. It affects you less than losing a kidney.

The only reason I’m against castrating pedos is because it doesn’t stop them being pedos. It’s far deeper ingrained. It’s not just a primal physical urge, it’s an obsession, a sickness, a disease of the entire mind, even without sexual pleasure or abilities they will still be pedos. You really got to just lock them up, give them menial factory jobs for the rest of their lives, or just kill them. T he very very least is lifetime probation, banned from being married, banned from all public spaces for the rest of their lives. If they don’t like it they can fucking rope.

No. 434

>The only reason I’m against castrating pedos is because it doesn’t stop them being pedos.

Just curious do you have a sauce on this? I always thought castration would eliminate sexual desire, or at least severely diminish it. Like especially without the testes and testosterone, right?

No. 460

NAYRT but it's true that castration doesn't usually work for sex criminals, because sex crimes aren't always about sexual release, but about having power over someone and hurting them.

No. 461

File: 1577717320884.jpg (40.96 KB, 750x432, cmm992dv8js21.jpg)

It's true, it won't make them stop abusing others since the sickness is in their mind. It's only fair as a punishment though. Misuse you dick and lose it.

No. 464

Why not just kill all pedophiles ?

No. 466

I’m so up for that but it’s easier said than done. Just lock them up in workhouses for the rest of their lives and they can do some really menial job, learn to paint, read, watch tv or whatever, hell let them play fuckinng video games and smoke I don’t care! But they don’t deserve to be in society. They’re monsters. They will never be safe around other people, why not just lock them up forever and make them useful to themselves and others

No. 470

File: 1577736258504.jpg (946.73 KB, 1502x2526, downwiththeclown.jpg)

I really hope you're feeling my cool vibes and want to be my friend, fellow gays

No. 504

That response is amazing. I’m dying.

No. 518

We should tbh. We know there's a high chance that they will reoffend so why not use the death penalty when we know beyond any doubt that a pedophile (or any rapist imo) is guilty? I think the only reason we don't is because there's too many pedos in government and law enforcement, but maybe that's for the conspiracy thread.
Not to sound like a tankie, but I wish we could send pedophiles and rapists to a gulag somewhere inhospitable and away from people they could hurt. Send these freaks into the mines or something. Dangerous but unskilled work.

No. 574

I'd probably get banned for this for being a sAVagE, but I'd castrate them as an humiliation and a torture before executing them, because for a man to be castrated is "dehumanizing" for them in a way we women aren't fully aware off. Men are obsessed with their dicks and worship them. If they use them to take pleasure on hurting and humiliating something as innocent and helpless as a child, it's only fair for them to be hurt and humiliated. A lethal injection or the electric chair is a too gentle way to go for a subhuman psychopath that reaches such extreme of cruelty. And don't moralfag on me how that's ~lowering yourself to their levels~ because a psycho will laugh at you internally for not being as ruthless they are with someone who's helpless; they take mercy and contention for the sake of being civil as a chance and an invitation to hurt more and be more violent. Anyone who has dealt with someone who takes pleasure on hurting is even mildly aware of this fact. They don't deserve anything.

No. 576

Someone notify this obvious straight girl about the hankey code but thats probably a bit too eww icky sexual for her.

No. 581

File: 1577916318834.png (72.9 KB, 1103x474, badumtis.PNG)

His sentence implies being fatherless is worse than being black in the 70's lol.
Besides I think some studies have shown these problems are because poor households are more likely to be father less. It's because they're poor not because they have no dad

No. 583

Well fucking talk about it amongst yourselves then, start shaming other men for being non committal, abandoning their children and shirking responsibility. Start praising and encouraging involved fathers who are exited about parenthood and do 50% of the childcare instead of considering it women's work. But they wont do that, they will just keep blaming and shaming single mothers for not being good enough to keep a man or raise a child, because women are always at fault.

And you're right, it's far more likely to be poverty than the lack of a dad or insufficiency of the mother. Obviously a relationship is more likely to fail when the parents are disadvantaged to begin with, and those disadvantages will be passed on to the child.

No. 619

I agree with you, the mere thought makes me giddy and id probably gleefully inflict prolonged penis torture on a lot of vicious scrotimals that I know of, but it’s not something that I’d ever expect to happen. We will have to settle for a socialist lifelong gulag-esque dystopia.

It’s a pity that pedos seem to get more protection than victims of stalkers, because it’s exillerating when these people get their comeuppance, after dedicating their lives to the sexual degradation of innocents.

No. 620

File: 1577969373744.jpg (330.52 KB, 1080x1659, IMG_20200102_134829.jpg)

No. 621

What the fuck. Please be fake.

No. 628

Don't know who's worse, the bf or the gf lmao

No. 632

File: 1577978838359.png (60.83 KB, 1037x289, Capture.PNG)

This sounds like a legit mental illness, but the comments are full of 'you're this random sexuality!'

No. 635

I used to say shit like this back when I was still dealing with a ton of internalized misogyny and 'not like other girls!' syndrome.

t. lesbian

No. 647

she's definitely gay but conditioned to date men.

No. 677

File: 1578030757980.png (118.14 KB, 771x914, 51e97f0f487ad5ce859bc03d844e44…)

OP himself isn't bad in this, but holy fuck the comments are cancerous.

Yet somehow this shit:
is totally acceptable.

No. 678

how is the girlfriend bad at all in this situation?

No. 679

You're joking right? She makes more money than he does but expects him to give her allowances. I'm sorry, but that's not reasonable.

No. 680

that anon is replying to >>628

No. 681

That's a lesbian experiencing compulsory heterosexuality and in denial about her homosexuality. The split attraction model is bullshit.

No. 683

I bet any money they’re downplaying it as “typical father son bonding” and calling her a controlling prude

No. 684

I think men as a group have proven themselves unable to handle the 'privilege' of getting nudes, but maybe that's just me.

No. 686

The amount of Le Reddit Karen I've been seeing here on lolcow.farm has been disheartening. Calling someone "a Karen" should be fucking outlawed and punishable by gulag.

No. 693

The Karen meme is overused and unfunny at this point, not to mention men can be extremely rude to retail employees too but no one jokes about them because men being aggressive isn’t punished by society.

No. 703

Women can be shrill and annoying when they don’t get that way, men straight up go for low blow insults and shout at the top of their lungs; they also constantly flirt with very young women because they know that the poor women has to continue to be polite. They literally stalk and harass women doing their jobs, but yeah “Karen”

There are too many negative Male stereotypes to assign one male name to the behaviour.

No. 728

Honestly, she's not really wrong, but she should've just had a hidden personal account like a lot of women have.
If you send a moid a nude, you have to assume at least all his friends are going to see it. Showing his dad seems weird and almost incestuous to me though. Why does he want his dad to want to fuck his girlfriend so badly? Degenerate.

No. 737

off topic, but what's up with queers who think just because you're both LGBT you'll automatically be cool or vibe well? and why are these people always stupid Tumblr gays? why are there so many stupid Tumblr gays?

No. 764

Any one else dislike justice served/justice porn/pussy pass denied. This may be because I'm queesy, but this is stuff only some one with issues would enjoy. Yes the people did bad things, but anyone with basic emotional intelligence would be able de escalate the fight, realize it isn't worth punching, or control their emotions. it's even worse when you see something about some girl cheating and the 'justice' is literally them being hit so hard they fall head first into cement.

No. 768

the reddit thread on /ot/ is locked. can we post something here from reddit if it doesn't directly have to do with man hate or feminism?

No. 771

It's literally just a joke

No. 776

I mostly agree. on the one hand it feels misogynistic and scapegoat-y, on the other hand I have definitely dealt with "karens" before..

No. 796

No. 806

That's a new one tbh.

No. 822

Comment >>501262 in the /OT/ reddit thread made me think of Carys Whittaker, a former fitness and current fashion youtuber.

There is an entire subreddit dedicated to her of coomers just going through her fashion hauls and vlogs with her husband to find nip slips and things and talk about jerking off to her.

It's especially gross cause her audience skews young and can easily find this subreddit that contains even edits of her face onto porn bodies and men talking about cumming by simply googling her name.


No. 837

>I mostly agree. on the one hand it feels misogynistic and scapegoat-y, on the other hand I have definitely dealt with "karens" before..
Of course there are plenty of annoying 40 something women but with redditors any middle-aged woman that dares existing is a Karen.

No. 838

>One of these fuckers used Vaush to convince his wife

I seriously wonder how many of these women just sigh and go along with things so their husband doesn't constantly sperg at them.

Also kek at "I have to tell her I think women are people" since that's such a basic take. They don't realize how much little shit wears away at that conception of humanity. They think that by not going full Handmaiden's Tale with it that they're looking out for women while still projecting coomer mindsets and worse.

Being married to someone like that is so crazy to me. I guess things don't come up too often so there's not a huge conflict but I don't know how they don't reconsider things or feel terrible once they realize their husband doesn't think women go through some shit.

No. 892

File: 1578302537743.jpg (131.15 KB, 720x897, ykqo6h8fpc541.jpg)

tbf both IRL and online I have more commonly seen the seen reverse of this situation, hyper woke libfem feminist women dating bland vanilla men who are more or less indifferent to thier wives/girlfriends activism but don't ever argue with them, don't comment on politics just keeping quiet, smiling and nodding and doing the bare minimum

No. 948

I also don't really get how the hell men can be okay in relationships like that but then I guess they're happy as long as they're laid.

As for the flipside I'm pretty sure reddit bro dick is nowhere near worth being shit on. I'm glad it's rare but it's still baffling.

No. 1114

File: 1578522829097.png (81.68 KB, 885x266, Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.34…)

Another gem from there. How dumb can you be?

No. 1134

File: 1578526582413.jpg (144.28 KB, 694x900, ENx-si4W4AEQEx3.jpg)

No. 1141

Moids have no sense of humor.

No. 1144

That's fucking hilarious. Learn to appreciate, nudeman88.

No. 1152

this whole thread is blaming women for men taking 0 responsibility for their choices in life. There literally a gilded post saying that the reason the UK has so many single moms is that it's "easier to be a single mom than work" and they "substitute a father with the state."

Men need to ask themselves why they're so easily substituted, apparently.

No. 1165

both of them honestly seems like degenerates

No. 1181

this is hilarious

No. 1222

No one cares about your lack of sense of humor, anon. Making a joke with your bf privately doesn't make someone a degenerate for god sake

No. 1265

Anon probably meant the sharing nudes part is degenerate.

No. 1275

How dare she not take his supreme and mighty staff seriously at all times

No. 1286

This particular take its not wrong, being a geek in public would get you outcasted.

No. 1288

I mean if your choices are between a rightwinger who thinks feminism is literally cancer or a male feminist who will 9/10 times be a pervert and support troons, then the guy whose apathetic towards femnism might be the best and only option

No. 1290

Having a job in STEM was always prestigious beacuse it implied you were smart and making good money. No one in the 70s would snigger when finding out an adult works in a field that just put a man on the moon. Redditors who think STEM had some social stigma to it are conflating it with being a geek in highschool who got mocked for still liking then (and still) childish things like comic books, cartoons, video games, roleplaying games, ect as a teen. Only thing that changed is now everyone is arrested development enough to still like those things well into adulthood so it's not abnormal anymore.

No. 1293

Yeah exactly. Most scientists aren't overgrown manchildren. If you simply look at Nobel Prize winners, for example, you'll see most of them have normal, regular lives and hobbies, because heaven forbid your hobbies don't dictate your work choices, unlike what these neckbeards think. I'd say most geek culture scrotes are in comp sci anyway.

No. 1295

He pulled this entire argument out of his ass. The idea that the petty concept of social popularity is why women didn't want to go into STEM more in the past is peak delusion, and as >>1290 explains, STEM always had prestige. It's also an incredibly wide, diverse, and practical group of fields that goes far beyond being a "computer nerd." He calls out "massive ignorance of social history" but doesn't even seem to understand that STEM goes back for ages, it means teams of scientists working in labs with limited dependence on and before the introduction of computers, it means field engineers who do manual labor at male-dominated and remote sites, academia, medicine, and a lot more. He's basing his whole concept of the progression and historical gender imbalance of the field on his very recent little bubble of web-based employment and experiences growing up feeling weird for being a "nerd" paired with his total obliviousness to any of the experiences of the women around and before him.

No. 1302

thats right ladies, according to reddit you now have to accept and ignore it if your boyfriend looks at loli and borderline underage porn. there are even people in the comments saying that the boyfriend should be uncomfortable not her kek

why is everyone on this website so degenerate and out of touch with reality


No. 1348

File: 1578612940491.jpg (74.03 KB, 640x853, reddit.jpg)

I'm sorry for shitposting but I know there are some Finnish anons here and I really want to share this. I found a troon that looks exactly like Juha Sipilä.

No. 1349

She should just leave him full stop, nobody who looks at any of that shit is going to "improve with communication" like the commentators are suggesting. She needs to run far and fast.

No. 1434

No hyi vittu!

No. 1450

File: 1578689124471.jpg (242.82 KB, 2031x2031, 46c33ce.jpg)

Just fucking gross

No. 1453

File: 1578690902397.png (474.63 KB, 1529x699, 3344554.PNG)

No. 1454

>get free drinks uwu
>reject all the boys
>flash boobs at everyone
so men fantasize about doing stupid stupid shit they accuse women of doing.
I feel awful for his wife, if he's not lying

No. 1460

>wash my vag thoroughly
He'd have a nice yeast infection or BV the whole time anyway.

No. 1466

>vaginal soap

No. 1468

tbh if I turned into a guy I'd probably just masturbate and stare at my body all week too.

No. 1472

like stare at it bc youre attracted to them or just because you're in awe of the fact that you've somehow exchanged bodies with a man? im straight but their bodies look stupid. they don't make sense and look deformed. i would masturbate like once just to compare our orgasms and would probably spend the rest of my time trying to find some kind of underwear that sufficiently compresses/cradles my freakishly weird dangling appendages so i'm not hyper aware of the skin sock and meatballs hanging off the lower end of my torso

No. 1510

deformed? It's all the same basic human anatomy.

No. 1534

File: 1578780711398.jpg (735.14 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20200111-161157_Red…)

No. 1537

File: 1578781415402.png (12.44 KB, 801x121, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-11_2223…)


No. 1539

>I'm straight but men don't find men attractive

No. 1541

Men should have never learned the word "Mary Sue" because they use it for every female character that exists.

No. 1542

>I don't find men attractive
Sorry, I'm rarted.

No. 1543

their bodies look weird and the design is dumb. if i "fall in love" i can be attracted to them physically but overall they are unattractive. sometimes if they are so thin that it makes their body look proportional they can look okay. their bodies look proportionally off/inherently non-sexual to me, and it's weird as fuck to have a dick and balls hanging off your torso. i'd be permanently uncomfortable.

No. 1546

I see. Men are in general less aesthetically pleasing than women to me, too, but I still find them hot regardless.
But if your attraction is more personality-first then that explains it.

And getting a dick is probably about as uncomfortable as suddenly having boobs. It would definitely be weird/take some getting used to.

No. 1547

I wonder if society has conditioned us to think of women as sexy and that's why women also put more effort into looking good while the standards for men are low

No. 1549

Almost definitely. If men put effort the same into shaving, fashion, and hair and skin care that women do they'd probably look better on average.
They'd still be top heavy and roughly angular compared to many women, but they'd be closer to "pretty."

No. 1551

i think so. i don't see women as sexy, just more normal looking, but i think society has conditioned even women, into thinking they're overall sexy. i think this is maybe the reason why they say women are bi, not because they really are, but because they've internalized the male gaze so hard.

i dont find either sex sexually attractive, personally, but men are truly strange looking. facially they can be cute, but the rest is a turn off, especially their legs. they shouldn't even have legs. theyre just so bizarre.

No. 1583

It's the same thing
>girl on reddit expresses feeling bad about herself because she's comparing herself to her bfs porn since that's what he likes and is jerking off to it
>reddit tells her porn has nothing to do with her and it's her insecurity and self esteem issues that's the problem

Then go look through anti porn/porn free subs. men flat out admit that their porn caused them to see their gfs/wives as unattractive compared to porn. Yet cumbrains can't connect the two dots or read the literature behind porn addiction ruining their brains and dicks

No. 1584

File: 1578791563286.png (154.89 KB, 1092x753, 355365636.PNG)

CMV is full of cringy 'let's debate' redditors using it as their soap box, but the comments are always fun because they gtfo the Op's most of the time.

No. 1585

File: 1578791694907.png (40.77 KB, 1084x267, 24554245.PNG)

Dude trust me

No. 1586

>i think this is maybe the reason why they say women are bi, not because they really are, but because they've internalized the male gaze so hard.

A lot of sexologists think that bi women are vastly overcounted while bi men are undercounted. Female sexuality is much more performative and you have stuff like straight women watching lesbian porn but straight men thinking gay male porn is disgusting (but they are ok with watching women being beaten, electrocuted and fucked by machines). Also lesbians like watching gay male porn but I don’t know why that is.

No. 1587

In all the media you will see 2000 naked or half naked women for every 1 naked man.

No. 1588

sorry, i meant to say "maybe this is why they say all women are bi", but yeah, you're right that it is performative to a degree for sure. i meant to address the "all women are bi" thing though, damnit

No. 1589

Honestly feels more like 10,000 to 1.

No. 1591

I was just pulling random numbers out of the air. It is a very massive difference though.

No. 1608

Bi men are the least likely to come out as well, since a lot of gay men and straight (and even bi) women alike dislike them and society overall doesn't really accept men being gay in general.

No. 1612

I’ve noticed bi women have the most negative reactions to bi men since they actively seek out straight men. Straight women don’t think about them since they usually don’t hang around that type of community or don’t know they exist.

No. 1614

Yeah a lot of straight women don't even think men can be bisexual at all, and automatically think they're gay if they like men at all.

No. 1622

I never understood how het couples apparently hate each other's genitals like what do you all get out of sex then? Why not just date some fakeboi if you think dick is gross? Genuinely, I don't understand how straight people are revolted by what they're supposed to be attracted to.

No. 1623

File: 1578835880078.png (68.23 KB, 1104x395, 46e356.PNG)

No. 1624

File: 1578836416716.png (75.94 KB, 1098x515, 35345.PNG)

sorry for same fagging, but why name your movement after a gay perfume?

No. 1625

>Also lesbians like watching gay male porn but I don’t know why that is.
Nah, that's bs

No. 1627

i mean, theyre not wrong in a way… americans need to stop acting like theyre living in a syrian war zone lmao

No. 1630

americans aren't acting like that. americans are paying much, much, much more for much worse outcomes in healthcare. that's a huge problem. when people are struggling to pay for healthcare and the outcomes are literally much worse, yeah, that's a terrible thing to live with. they're essentially getting a beat up 1996 toyota corolla with the bumper torn off for the price of a corvette. there's 0 reason why americans should have to live like this and suffer. people die every day because of the fact that they can't afford healthcare. it's a pretty big deal considering that america is not malawi.

No. 1631

> posted in r/unpopular opinion
> is literally one of the most popular opinions in America

No. 1637

I am a lesbian and I I don’t watch porn myself but it’s very common.

No. 1652

>"boys are second class citizens now!"

Seriously how do they believe this

No. 1653

the irony of him posting this on reddit, which is cuckquean pickme central and you can't sneeze without a shuwu caping for poor oppressed menz.

No. 1674

She's the same girl who says that pooping is underrated

No. 1679

I've never heard of this. It would be very weird for a lesbian to feel aroused by watching men having sex….

No. 1695

excuse me she what

No. 1803

It's definitely a thing. They watch it because they want to see some sex but feel bad when they see a woman because of the misogyny she is experiencing on screen or that she could have been coerced into doing it. There's also how straight porn is gross or triggering, while lesbian porn is made for straight men and nothing like what lesbians actually do (they stick every random object in their vaginas in lesbian porn). I think the joke that lesbians watch gay male porn was even in some movies directed by lesbians.

No. 1864

File: 1578985159048.jpeg (183.59 KB, 640x512, 870A1F58-6097-4C14-B427-C790E9…)

Reddit is where memes go to die

No. 1992

Kinda sad when even the neckbeard doesn't cover the entire double chin. He looks like a soiled dinner plate.

No. 2204

File: 1579125700948.jpg (100.06 KB, 620x1024, 45737547.jpg)

I'm not one for 'you're going to regret it', but the way reddit treats vasectomies they are going to regret it.

No. 2207

They can just reverse it.

No. 2208

The downvotes on the second post lmao. Who gives a shit, it's easy to freeze your sperm.

No. 2217

This is one of these things you see referenced in media but I've never talked to an actual real lesbian that did that. I assume it's one of these ideas about porn like german porn being super gross that's a social meme from the like 70s that boomers think is still real so put in the media they make. If you're aroused by seeing two men having sex you're not an exlusively gay woman.

No. 2227

The men getting this don't care. It reduces their liability in sleeping around. Especially if they would be deadbeats and abandon the woman and baby anyway. Sperm can be frozen and vasectomies are easier reversed. If anything their gfs/wives might come to regret it if they change minds and want kids later.

I actually like it when men volunteer this information. They tend to be douche canoes who don't want responsibility which translates to overall lack of ambition in every aspect of their life. It's different when a woman says she doesn't want children because let's face it, pregnancy is risky and we'd get stuck will all the work of raising a child. When a man says he doesn't want children, he's saying he doesn't want to have to step up. Likely the same kind of man who would blow off his obligations if they became inconvenient, or divorce you if you developed a chronic illness that required care from your spouse.

I cheer that these men won't reproduce. And in theory, they're doing the right thing by not propagating their genes.

No. 2285

Vasectomies are reversible and these people shouldn't be parents anyway. I get why straight couples who don't want kids would look into vasectomies over female birth control options too.

No. 2301

No. 2306

You can reverse vasectomies. They are far less invasive than hysterectomies and have a short recovery time. The fact that vasectomies and other contraceptives for men aren't more encouraged is really telling of how much men prioritize their power to impregnate or they would feel like "less of a man". Governments with drastic population control methods like South Korea, China, and India all forcibly sterilized women while leaving men alone. Even though men are a way bigger problem for population growth since men can impregnate many women in a single day while a woman can generally only have one child a year and they are only fertile for a few days a month. A population with more men in it is also vastly more unstable than one with more women but every single one of these countries was aborting or murdering female babies because they valued males more which led to a male surplus. And now these males are kidnapping girls or trafficking women from poorer neighboring countries so they can have a wife to be their live-in maid and bear their children (which means even more useless males since there's still that son preference).

No. 3352

File: 1580243959886.jpg (119.02 KB, 1242x1122, kvltx8rv35d41.jpg)

From r/iamverybadass

No. 3451

muslim men are the worst possible garbage known to my imagination.
I genuinely feel happy when i hear some of them dying, Religion itself is a cult but the men into them are horrid and deserve to die.(Race-baiting)

No. 3475

No. 3490

File: 1580406392033.png (70.91 KB, 915x740, oh no no no.PNG)

One of reddit's most liberal subreddit shuts down 'men are trash' with the most basic bitch MGTOW tier arguments.
>I'm nonbinary. Can I say women are trash since people with binary privilege oppress me? Just wonderin'
>This is some borderline personality shit.
>(men are trash) can also be indistinguishable from - and lead to - actual misandry (as opposed to just a transitory generalized release of anger)

No. 3492

SJWs have really come full circle into being man worshippers. Their most hated enemy several years ago was the MRAs, now it’s women who speak about sex based oppression and the right to female only spaces, and they use MRA talking points constantly to put down these women. The bastardization of intersectionality (which was originally meant to just give a platform for minority women to speak about how their race or ethnicity and sex combine to effect their experiences of oppression as women) basically guaranteed this would happen.

No. 3504

Go full liberal so hard that you find yourself to be very conservative in your actions. One response got it right. You can have super liberal subs but at the end of the day, reddit is still the majority college ages white males a d they don't want to listen to women talking about how awful men have treated women since the dawn of time

No. 3537

Lmao men crying about misandry and bigotry as if they have any idea what actual sexism feels like is the funniest thing. Show me any point in history where men were socially, economically, and legally oppressed on the basis of sex like women have been for over thousands of years in multiple cultures and maybe I'd take these claims seriously. In the meantine they're just assblasted because a 17 year old libfem tweeted "men are trash."

No. 3622

File: 1580662051683.jpg (605.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200202-174822.jpg)

No. 3627

They both kinda sound like dumbfucks tbh.

Clearly the men commenting are just pissed that a woman would rather carry someone else's child to help out their situation than carry and birth their genes. The comments are just a manifestation of their primal outrage at that level of rejection lol.

But the woman in this story just doesn't make sense either.
If she's never been pregnant before then how would she qualify for surrogacy? Sounds like a shady dealing to start with, possibly cheating?
If there's money involved, I can't imagine it being all that worth it in the grand scheme considering a bad pregnancy can mean nine months of suffering, permanent bodily harm, or in the worst case–death.
Also pregnancy hormones do batshit things to the brain insofar as bonding. She should realize there may be lifelong mental problems if she experiences depression or anxiety post partum. For someone who doesn't want kids, it's fucked that she's being so nonchalant about the negative outcomes here.

It almost reads like fiction writing because the scenario doesn't make sense.

No. 3639

I can imagine a situation where a woman wouldn't want to raise kids herself but would love her friend enough to be a surrogate, but yeah surrogates are usually only first time pregnancies in third world countries where the doctors let any shit happen so it seems like your typical ragebait reddit shitpost where you just have to ask "woman bad?" and rake in the upvotes.

No. 3648

It's a fake story posted for outrage on Reddit.

No. 3666

Sounds to me like they simply don't have a lot of money, and know they don't, but the husband is insistent on having kids, and being a surrogate also gets a lot of money which is why it may seem like a better option

Men are so selfish and fixated on their crotch goblins they don't care about the money situation, if they even want to stay, the woman's physical and mental health, etc

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