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File: 1542624949794.png (535.56 KB, 565x649, 2018-11-19 21_49_34-skin care …)

No. 101084

Talk about skin stuff here. Old thread is at 1200+ posts.
Last thread: >>45776

Anyone have any experience with rosacea? I'm wondering if I have it. I'm fair skinned and have always flushed easily, but the last couple years I flush very intensely and my cheeks always feel like they're burning, and recently it's been getting even more painful. I'm on a 4 month waiting list for a derm even with a referral and not sure how to cope in the meantime.

No. 101147

Are there any good skincare fixes for prominent nasolabial folds or am I stuck with them until I work up the money and courage for botox?

No. 101168

jesus christ one more time I read about nasolabial folds here, I an hero
It's mostly genetic and won't magically disappear, unless you have shitty skincare. Improve it and they may stop being so prominent; use better moisturizers, incorporate stuff like hialuronic acid, aloe gel and oils into your skincare, don't drink alcohol, drink more water, get enough sleep, don't tan. When I started paying more attention to my routine, my skin improved overall - along with my folds.
If this doesn't help, try to work on your self-image rather than getting botox, coz it's rarely enough and you'll find something else

No. 101203

I honestly DON'T think there is anything wrong with nasolabial folds. Everyone on this site is obsessed with it, the folds are normal and everyone would look weird without them

No. 101207

no one on the site seems to get that everyone has them while smiling. every one. some women get them when they're not smiling, and they usually look fine unless their cheeks are saggy and they just look like jowls.

No. 101208

I felt at home on lolcow when i didn’t need to look up what nasolabial folds were since I obsessed over having them as a teenager lmao

Any other anons on accutane right now? I just started my 2nd course yesterday.

No. 101211

I mean, even at that point, it's fine. It's just what happens with age. It would be cool if we could focus on skincare for this thread. For the most part, things like jowls & nasolabial folds are more suited for the plastic surgery or body image threads.

No. 101212

File: 1542788555727.jpg (57.32 KB, 510x768, BRIDGETTE_BARDOT023_1500_l.jpg)

Since somebody named Brigitte Bardot as an example for nasolabial folds… Even the most beautiful women of the world don't look completely smooth without retouching.

No. 101213

File: 1542788629567.jpg (145.39 KB, 768x1152, 2826959_BRIGITTE_BARDOT_Sex_Sy…)

No. 101218

Any other anons deal with eczma on their eyelids? I use hydrocortizone once a week which works nicely but leaves the skin feeling a bit scaly and red still. What do you use if you have dry skin? Do you wear makeup on your eyes at all? Any brands or ingredients you have found cause flare ups?

No. 101220

I'm on my second course of Accutane too! Tbh I love Accutane, it's a miracle how good my skin looks right now. I just hope that this time it sticks, last time I had good skin for like a year and a half after finishing the course and then the acne came back.

No. 101232

I recently read somewhere that CBD oils could help with rosacea, does anyone here have any experiences with that?

No. 101245

What kind of thing would you recommend for hormonal acne, anons? I've tried spearmint tea, maca, saw palmetto, zinc and DIM in various combinations and haven't seen any change to my skin with any of them. Currently trying evening primrose oil but I haven't been taking it long enough to know if it's making any difference. I don't have much hope though, since none of the other things that are supposedly great for hormonal acne helped.

Has anything worked well for you that I could try? I don't care if it's expensive or tastes disgusting.

No. 101246

Birth control cleared up like 70% of it, but I still break out every month :/
A derm/doctor could possibly help you out since it's hormonal

No. 101249

I did go see a derm but they recommended an incredibly expensive salicylic acid regime. I would be willing to pay that much if it would work, but I already tried salicylic acid for myself and know all it does is make my skin dry, with no improvement to my acne. Derm wouldn't even let me try blue light therapy or anything else without doing six months of his stupid salicylic acid stuff first, and I knew I'd just be spending hundreds of dollars on something that wouldn't work so I peaced out.

No. 101251

anon, if it's hormonal then there's no other solution that getting your hormones right. Don't buy expensive shit for the skin because your problem isn't exactly your skin, you know.
Birth control is a good cheat way to go around it. Did you have the actual tests what hormones are fucking you up? Check this shit and then get on your meds or change your diet accordingly

No. 101252

I've been on 2 different birth control pills (Yaz and Diane45) and sadly neither of them had any effect on my acne. I was on Yaz for 7 months and now have been on Diane45 for 6.

I'm not 100% sure it's hormonal but suspect it is because it gets worse on my period every month. Like I always have acne, but every time my period hits I get even more. I think I'll take your advice and ask for a hormone test. Do I just tell my doctor that, that I want them tested? Or is there a specific test I should be requesting?

No. 101257

File: 1542834855308.jpeg (50.12 KB, 480x542, 07176B47-C29D-480E-967C-D48699…)

How long have you been on your 2nd course anon? I’m so happy it’s working for you!
My first course didn’t work out because I was having a weeklong tension headache and the derm ordered me to stop. I’m paranoid of headaches now and hope I will be able to finish this time. Have you had any bad/persistent headaches, or headaches in general?

No. 101444

I have a huge painful pimple on my jaw (it's that time of the month) but it's under the skin so I can't pop it…but I can feel it rolling around under my finger and it hurts a lot. Is there anything I can do to relieve it or bring it to head or something? I know you're not supposed to pop pimples like that but it's like pulsating.

No. 101464

What are your experiences with tretinoin?

No. 101509

hot and cold compresses

No. 101513

File: 1543288391621.jpg (47.33 KB, 288x216, VAL51601.JPG)

I've used Retin-A (tretinoin) 0.025% cream for the past 5+ years. I love it. I went through the initial "purge" and peeling process so long ago I barely remember it tbh. My skin looks really nice when I drink enough water kek

No. 101514

I heard retin a makes your pores big? Is that true?

No. 101518

Ita & I've never heard that. I don't know if it's true. I use it all over my face and I've only ever noticed the pores on the apples of my cheeks if that helps at all? I'm pretty sure they're normal.

No. 101538

I deadass thought this was J.K. Rowling at first

No. 101836

File: 1543625065004.jpg (77.32 KB, 1000x1000, 61iAJRC3JGL._SL1000_.jpg)

Just wanted to say that if you're looking for an awesome retinol cream Elizavecca Milky Piggy is potent af. I can't even use it more than three times a week, but the results are so fantastic that I don't think I need to. It's also only $16.50 on Amazon so it's not too expensive either. It's really gooey and thick so only use a little or be prepared to feel like you're in a bukkake vid lol. Lasts a super long time because of that though.

No. 101859

Did you drink enough water? Tensions headaches is usually because you're frowning without realising or sitting/sleeping wrong. My tension headaches(from adhd meds) got so bad that I had to get it checked by a neurologist who gave me some VERY strong painkillers I wasn't comfortable with. Tried out botox because I had fine lines from raising my eyebrows too much and my headaches disappeared. I can highly recommend it

No. 101869

My skin seems to reject every product I put on it. I've used different face soaps prescribed by different derms, and they all broke me out to the point that right now I only wash my face with water (and micellar water if I was wearing makeup, the only one that doesn't break me out) and put on a moisturizer for sensitive skin (but not on my cheeks, jaw and chin, because it would break me out too). Now my face is completely clean, not a single pimple in sight. So I either do skincare and get acne, or do the less-than-minimal and get clear skin.
Anyone faced the same problem?

No. 101870

I fail to see how that is a problem

No. 101875

I have similar skin like yours except it's still riddled with acne and any product I tried only made it worse. I wish I had skin exactly like yours though, less to worry about.

No. 101884

It's because my skin has other issues even without acne (it's somehow really oily and dry at the same time, hyperpigmentation/scars from past pimples taking forever to fade away, sebaceous filaments in certain areas, sometimes closed comedones) so I'd like to do proper skincare, BHA/AHA, scrubs, masks and all that jazz to get rid of the other imperfections. Should've explained myself better, sorry

No. 101893

do you put tretinoin in the eye bags?

No. 101899

NTA but I don't, it typically migrates under your eyes naturally depending on where you put it and I don't want to over do it

No. 101914

How long do you use these products before giving up? Sometimes it takes weeks for skin to adjust to a new routine. Try using products that are for sensitive skin only, too.

No. 101922

I love this brand! One of the best face masks I’ve used was by them. Did you buy the retinol cream on Amazon?

No. 102015

I’m the same way, I stopped wearing anything on my face but mascara and just use warm water and I dont get any breakouts anymore.

No. 102216

So I've been using The Ordinary's 2% Retinoid Emulsion serum for about 2 weeks, paired with Cerave's moisturiser to combat dryness, and it's breaking me out something fierce. I know that retinoid purges can happen when you have acne so at first it didn't bother me and I assumed it'd pass, but now I'm getting painful cystic breakouts on areas on my face (and neck!) I don't even normally get acne in. I haven't even been putting the serum on my neck at all and I'm still getting cystic zits there.

Is this normal purging or am I having a bad reaction to the serum?

No. 102217

maybe cerave's the culprit? i know it's supposed to be good for sensitive acne prone skin but it broke me out something bad and i had to drop it :-(

No. 102218

It could be the culprit, I only started using it recently when I saw my regular moisturiser wasn't strong enough to deal with retinoid dryness, and I do use it on my neck. Is there another moisturiser you would recommend?

No. 102235

I have a question about retinol. I've heard there's a "purge" phase, but I've actually never had acne on my face. When I was a teenager, I would break out exclusively on my lower back, but it's been at least 6-7 years since I've had a pimple there. So, will I still get a little bit of acne when I start using retinol or no?

No. 102240

NTAYRT but I recommend Vanicream moisturizers. They have very simple and gentle formulas so they're less likely to break you out. I started Differin a little while ago and I've barely had any dryness or flaking while using Vanicream. Also, I usually mix it with squalane oil, I'd highly recommend finding a good moisturizing oil to help with the dryness if you don't already have one.

No. 102272

ayrt, currently I use bioderma hydrabio gel creme (and layer hempseed oil on top for the night) but I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative as it's like 12 quid for 40ml. I have been using this combo for 6 months or so and it has been really good for me, I have sensitive mixed skin for the ref! argan oil works fine too and is easier to come-by, I usually switch back to that when winter kicks in.

No. 102273

actually maybe consider just layering oil on top of your normal tried and true moisturiser? unless it is very gel-like bc then there's a risk of it pilling up

No. 102310

Depends anon, you “purge” pimples that were under the skin all of a sudden because it increases cell turnover speed, so if you have acne most likely, this is why its often prescribed with bp and/or an anti biotic

No. 102376

A mix of personal stress, change to cold weather, and hormonal bullshit seems to have given me acne and eczema or dry skin at the same time.
Fml, what should I do? I have plenty skincare products including prescription, I just want some guidance. I'm going to try going easier on my skin except for problem spots and maybe just wash my face and spot treat only.

No. 102377

Sage for samefag but I started using it many years ago and didn't find I broke out more. It just irritated my skin badly. It differs person to person, but I hear more about irritation than acne in that phase.

No. 102505

Any sunscreen recs? I'm currently using Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish but I find it too drying and I'm not digging the essential oils it has. Is there anything better with a matte finish? I've heard good things about Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk.

No. 102507

Shisedo was good

No. 102524

File: 1544306873760.gif (1012 KB, 500x375, 42521.gif)

My skin used to be perfect. I never got pimples except for the occasional period pimple. It was neither dry or oily, just perfect.

Last summer something changed. I got bangs and my forehead got a shit ton of pimples which is probably from the bangs. What I don't get is why my whole face suddenly got oily at the same time. My nose literally is soaked in oil after being outside for an hour?! I've got red splotches on my cheeks and tiny pimples all over my cheeks and forehead.

Does anyone know what might have triggered this skin change and what to do about it? I want my perfect skin back ;_;

No. 102536

How old are you? If you always had perfect skin then you probably weren't that dedicated to skin care because you don't needed it. Go to a dermatologist because you might suffer from bacteria that cause acne. Ask for skin care advise and wash your hair daily if you want to keep your bangs. Otherwise let them grow out.

No. 102567

I don't agree, definitely don't wash your hair daily if you don' need to.
There's a chance it may be the shampoo and because of bangs it gets to your face; never let it stream down your face. Wash and rinse with your head down, so there's no contact hair-product.

To be frank though, there may be no specific reason for your skin to become worse. It happens often, especially in early and mid twenties. People even get full-blown cystic acne out of a sudden, after having perfect skin in their teens.
Just invest in some solid skincare and try to manage the damage from there. If good skincare won't help, then it's hormonal and you should check it out with your gyno/derma.

No. 102573

I'm considering buying a cream that contains mucin to use for the night. I have very fair skin and noticed that some parts of my face are more reddish than others, which doesn't look good. I would like my skin tone to be more even. I've read that the snail mucin should help with that, plus also reduce wrinkles. Does anyone have experience with these creams and what brand and particular cream do you recommend? I also have pretty sensitive skin, so the less ingredients the better (and I personally want to avoid stuff such as parabens in my creams).

No. 102609

you go through a slight hormone change in your mid 20s. around the time i turned 25, my cystic acne settled down more than usual and focused itself more around my jaw rather than my forehead and nose. i've had bangs a majority of my life and still do, so bangs might not be the issue.
like other anon said, it might be your shampoo as well as a hormone change.

No. 102618

Can my regular doctor prescribe a retinoid or will I have to go to a derm for that? I now have little wrinkles around my mouth and I'm freaking the fuck out.

No. 102624

Regular dr can prescribe it but if it's for anti aging it is unlikely that they will give you the script and insurance won't cover it. You'll probably need to get the script from a derm, I just buy mine online though.

No. 102633

You can buy prescription strength online?

No. 102832

Is it normal for skin to feel a little tacky after skincare? Not oily, or sticky just.. A bit tacky-ish.

No. 102836

Does anyone have a favorite hand moisturizer ? I wash my hands alot at work and in the winter I get this annoying rash on the top of my hands from wearing gloves, washing, and the cold it's bugging the crap out of me.

No. 102837

File: 1544591296013.jpg (71.89 KB, 900x900, 900.jpg)

I use this one, I get eczema on my hands sometimes and this works well. You can also slather Vaseline on your hands and night and wear old socks over your hands, which seals in the moisture. Hope this helps.

No. 102839

any other anons have psoriasis?
i have it very badly on my feet. used to be in my crotch area as well, but thankfully that's been gone for over 5 years.
my feet get blistery, but the blisters are deep and really itchy at times. also my toenails are ruined. my nail bed is bent due to psoriasis, so the nails only grow thicker rather than longer. it looks like i have constant athletes foot. i've managed to save one toenail, but i don't know how. i think it was from the one time i did a foot bath in diluted apple cider vinegar. the nail grows longer, but it happens extremely slowly, which i'm glad about lol.

No. 102847

YES. foot, toenails and all! my last flare up was a few years ago and one of my nail beds on my big toe is half the length it used to be, so i have some thick, short toenails that are weird and rough. i will try the vinegar soak to see if it works.

No. 102856

Best lotions for KP? I'm using the CeraVe Rough and Bumpy stuff but it's doing absolutely nothing. Been using it for a month and no change.

No. 102900

eucerin or excipial with 10% urea is good but doesn't smell pleasant.
I put it on wet skin after showering.
head and shoulders shampoo on dry skin for 10min also helps. And buffy by lush sometimes. And don't shower too hot.

No. 103064

Is it bad enough so that you'd qualify for some medication? A relative of mine got Stelara and it completely cured the psoriasis. He had the deformed finger and toenails as well, and they turned back to normal.

No. 103315

File: 1544909582462.jpg (724.6 KB, 1282x1288, 20181215_153220.jpg)

Anyone use this stuff? Have you gotten any results?

No. 103316

File: 1544909735823.jpg (69.65 KB, 612x612, 530038_10151135157849014_14686…)

I have some lighter smile lines, similar to the before picture here. I'm 26, so I know it's probably normal to start having signs of aging, but I'm freaking out. I don't have the money for actual fillers right now.

No. 103319

Maybe try a combination of Etude House moistfull collagen series and Nature Republic snail solution products

No. 103320

people buy loreal?

No. 103323

Thanks for the recs!

It was on a list of recommended products I found… Kek Did I mention that I'm desperate?

No. 103326

File: 1544915383409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,587.46 KB, 2048x1365, gross.jpeg)

Is there any way to deal with blackheads and whiteheads?

I can't think of anything that I'm doing to cause them. I only wear makeup on my lips, lashes, and eyebrows. I cleanse and moisturize with non-comedogenic stuff. I change my pillow cases religiously. I've had big patches of them on my forehead and cheeks before I even hit puberty. All of my skin is super dry and if I don't use eucerin intensive repair every day my entire body will be overcome with KP and ingrown hairs. Is there a pill or something that I should be taking to make my skin calm down?

No. 103341

get a retin-a prescription

No. 103383

oh fuck what a triggering image, my hands are trembling with the urge to squeeze that shit

No. 103682

Update: I've been using it morning and night every day and there really is a difference. The lines are a lot less noticeable. Even the ones under my eyes, which I've had for a long time and wasn't even really as worried about getting rid of as the ones next to my mouth. Idk if it's just wish full thinking on my part because I want this to work so badly or if it really does work extremely well. It was pretty cheap at the store, so you don't really have anything to lose by trying it if you're as desperate as I was to do something about any light wrinkling you may have. I should've taken before and after photos. Sorry, anons.

No. 103689

lmao that different lighting.

moisturizers don't get rid of wrinkles. it's a temporary effect. get on retin-a.

No. 103774

File: 1545415114279.jpeg (227.54 KB, 1242x1883, 337F9A39-028B-4060-B0BF-396A89…)

Does anyone have any reccomendations for textured skin? Maybe my foundation just sucks (it shouldn’t, it’s good quality) but I’ve been working really hard on my skin, been using curology with good results and not touching/picking/ etc and my texture looks somewhat better but when I take a photo with makeup I feel like it’s disgustingly highlighted almost. I know acids are usually the solution, but I don’t want to layer too much on and irritate my skin. My curology mix is pictured.

No. 103796

>tfw still have acne
>tfw getting wrinkles
why did I buy into the "don't worry once you become an adult you won't get acne" meme? I'd take wrinkles over acne any day, but both? wtf?

No. 103822

Check out Skyroad exfoliating mitts for KP, they are on Amazon. Someone in the last thread recommended them and they've pretty much cured me of bumps. I use the yellow and blue ones, maybe 3-4 times a week on my upper/outer thighs and arms - towards the end of a hot shower. It's seriously like a night and day difference now, just wish I had discovered it when I was much younger lol.

No. 103881

Can I use azelaic acid in the morning + tretinoin at night? Is there any reason I shouldn't? Both have worked well for my acne.

No. 103889

I would advise using azelaic acid one day, tretinoin the other. Both on the same day may too strong on the skin, but I'm basing it on my experiences and everyone's skin is different so here's that. You can try, but you're risking a painful irritation so maybe do it on the weekend or something, so you'll have a day at home to wait for he tomato face to pass

No. 103941

File: 1545621600712.jpg (61.03 KB, 1235x139, lol.jpg)

Notice fo those with eczema:

I had it for years. All over, specially my hands. after years of trial and error, I found out that the pic related ingredients were the common denominator. They're banned in some countries bc of the harsh effects on skin. Theyre usually in all beauty products; shampoo, soaps and lotions. I have recommendations for products without them, if anyone needs.

No. 103955

File: 1545664241841.jpeg (16.44 KB, 640x390, C007BC07-8186-416D-87C3-1C1635…)

I have this weird problem, I don't know anybody else who has it and I can't seem to find anything on the internet.
Basically, after I move my forehead (frown, emote with my eyebrows) or nasolabial area (smile)… they get red. The longer I do any movement with those areas, the redder they become, and they end up getting even creased (full on creases like the left picture in >>103316, even deeper sometimes). The creases/folds and redness fade away after some minutes, but it's fucking weird and I try to keep my face as neutral as possible to avoid getting this phenomenon in public.
I hate it. Tried to google it, but I could only find some people experiencing the same after having used Accutane. I've never used Accutane though, I have oily skin and I moisturize twice a day.
Is botox/filler the only solution? I want to be able to emote though… I just want to be able to frown, smile and laugh for minutes without looking weird

No. 103961

wait, i'm confused about your problem. the redness could be rosacea but the wrinkles and fine lines could be reduced, and at least prevented, with retin-a and sunscreen.

No. 103965

The wrinkles only form after I smile/move my forehead for 10+ seconds, I don't have them usually. I always use sunscreen. Based on what I've read (the people having this issue after Accutane) I think my skin is somehow oily and dry at the same time, and incredibly sensitive.
Will ask my derm for retin-a

No. 103966

that's normal, anon. even among children…lol

No. 103970

Red, deep creases that stay for even 5 minutes after (not during, that is normal) smiling/laughing/frowning? I don't see them

No. 103972

File: 1545681683783.jpg (149.21 KB, 500x379, B7Ikc1O.jpg)

Samefag, I've found something in case someone else has the issue in pic related (not me, saved from reddit) and needs the info I'm gonna drop it here.
I've been told to try retin-a, drink at least 70 oz of water daily, and use a more powerful moisturizer (I've been advised with the Etude House Collagen one). Let's see what happens!

No. 103981

Thanks, I'll try that. Actually, I've been off tretinoin for a while, so would it be best to apply it every two days? Just until my skin gets acclimated.

No. 103992

cerave in the tub is the best moisturizer. make sure you apply while your skin is still wet.

No. 104004

I pick my skin and because I get shit sleep, have high stress and don't eat a lot of food my skin has trouble healing. It becomes like a raised, scarrish piece of skin for awhile that is hard to cover with makeup. It really sucks and is affecting my life (as in i no longer leave the house). How do i help it heal faster besides the obvious? When i pick I'm almost dissociated so i know stop picking is the most obvious, but it's also the hardest to recognize when I'm in the act of doing it because hours will just pass and then i come to and i have destroyed myself…

No. 104010

you need a mental health professional

No. 104108

File: 1545935803070.jpg (101.88 KB, 900x537, a113.jpg)

These look and sound more like dehydration issues and natural lines everyone one gets after emoting than actual sagging. Like anons have suggested use moisturiser retin-a and drink a lot more water, water helps mine disappear and plump up the next day if I haven't been drinking enough. Also try a micro needle pen or roller to build more collagen in the area.

Anons please don't get fillers for Nasolabial folds. It never works and ends up adding too much volume to your lower face which makes you look older. Fillers also draw water as they are hyaluronic acid based, this makes your face unnaturally swollen and start to sag as you stretch the pocket, then you'll need to keep adding more and more filler. Many doctors refuse to inject the nasolabial area for this reason. Try radio frequency if you want to do a non invasive treatment.

There have been studies that when people look at your face to guess your age they look at whether you have a lot of volume in your lower face, ie mouth and jowl area, not your wrinkles, if there is a lot of volume there then you look older, the last thing you want to be doing is adding more volume in the lower face area because fillers cause swelling.

No. 104110

File: 1545937027420.jpg (131.68 KB, 600x417, cosrx-pimple-patch-inline2.jpg)

I have the same problem on my forehead. Try covering the areas with these cosrx patches it helps it to heal and reminds me to stop when I feel the patches there.

No. 104125

Does anyone else suffer very badly from ingrown hairs or have a good reliable solution to them? My problem is mainly pubes, but I also have 'strawberry legs' and my skin just seems to react badly to hair removal in general.

I have very pale skin and lots of thick dark hair, so I think the two just don't get along. If I ever shave my bikini line, I inevitably end up with huge cysty/boilish ingrowns that don't have a head and can't be removed. I have had one of them for like 3 years at this point. It sometimes weeps and scabs but it has never gone away- I have shaved maybe 4 times in the past 3 years and it is driving me crazy.

No. 104129

I struggle with the same problem. Aquafor has saved my life. It works within hours.

No. 104130

I used to have strawberry legs but I started using an italy towel, red stridex pads every other day, dry brushing my skin and layering coconut oil under aveeno daily moisturiser and they went away. Made my legs so smooth. I think the red stridex pads helped the most. Also use a mens shaver with 3 blades for the legs and bikini line, I find they get a closer shave than the female ones.

For the bikini line I find shaving sideways and coconut oil straight after helps but patch test first.

No. 104151

do NOT dry brush your skin. Use salicylic acid and moisturize with eucerin intensive repair lotion right after you've rinsed your legs while they're still wet.

No. 104162

Can anyone give a suggestion for a moisturizer for the face that is for dry skin but won't make you greasy? Also less than $20 for about a months worse or more though ideally cheaper.

Also unrelated but the area between my eyebrows, under my forehead almost always looks red and hideous. Does anyone know why it might be that way? I don't have redness really anywhere else.

No. 104163

I use nivea pure and natural day cream which moisturizes but dries into my skin pretty nicely, is cheap, and hasn't caused a breakout. Although if you're a greasy person it will happen regardless in my experience. Even when my skin is dry as the desert I'm oily within 6 hours.

Everyone has different skin though!

No. 104169

cerave in the tub, and maybe eczema?

No. 104179

please don't recommend nivea to anyone ever again… let's leave this shit in the past where it belongs. People think it's good for dry skin because it's mostly paraffinum which fakes the smooth effect. Paraffinum isn't inherently bad but it's basically all nivea is, also nivea has Aluminum Stearate which stays and accumulates in your body. It's harmful, increases the likelihood of breast cancer and Alzheimer and more. Please avoid any Aluminum in your creams girls

No. 104188

Thanks for the advice! I'm drinking 1 l of water daily but I'll drink more. I'd hate to become addicted to fillers.

No. 104194

File: 1546012825375.png (42.37 KB, 454x376, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.5…)

Wondering if anyone here has tried Curology?

Asking because I'm 20 and up until about a month ago, I hadn't had any issues with acne since I was 16. Then I started breaking out something fierce on my forehead. I had 3 cystic pimples that have lessened (but not totally gone away) and then just other general zits there. They all mainly start an inch above my eyebrows and then stop about half an inch from my hairline. I have had blunt bangs for about 4 years but have recently decided to grow them out, and so I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with the persistent breakout?

I used Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser when I was on my period, as I always do, and it usually kills the breakout. It didn't this time. Now that my period is over, I've gone back to using African Black Soap and CeraVe PM moisturizer at night. In the morning I'll cleanse with Glossier's Milk Jelly cleanser and moisturize with CeraVe's AM moisturizer.

However, nothing is changing and so I've decided to give Curology a try. The bottle has not arrived yet. There's no tretinoin in my trial formula from them but I figure they'll add it for the next bottle if I ask.

No. 104195

Plus it has fragrance too, which you don't want on your face

No. 104200

hey! i tried curology, but i quit bc too expensive lol. i liked it! i might have been a bit sensitive to the niamacide in my formula, but you can customize it.

i recommend to not use african black soap, it can be too harsh, but it's great for the body.
some good, gentle cleansers are simple moisturizing face wash, vanicream face wash, cerave sa, and bliss makeup melt cleanser (which is a dupe for glossier!)

also, the culprit might be your shampoo or conditioner! especially if it has coconut oil in it, or silicon. maybe try free and clear/ vanicream brand?

also, to every1 in this thread, not to sound like a shill, but i LOVE!!!
chagrin valley soap!!!!!! gr8 stuff!!!!!!! its great because i'm allergic to several preservatives. its like lush, but cheap, family owned and better quality. also, not full of lavender oil, peppermint and coconut for you sensitive gals.

also check out r/skincareaddiction and r/asianbeauty.

No. 104213

Nayrt but kill me, I'm broke and busy and genuinely thought the nivea was doing good for me, my face is soft and looks good and hasn't broken out in weeks. Fml

No. 104216

But the ingredient list for that specific product doesn't include any aluminum or paraffinum.
Unless I'm missing it, I'm no chemist and it may be under another name or something.

No. 104254

nta but most of those ingredients are pefumes or alcohols, it also contains some stuff that's likely neurotoxic


No. 104305

Is it possible to contract athlete's foot by having wet feet from the snow seeping into your boots?
I haven't been anywhere where contact with other feet could occur, but my toes are itchy and red and the bottoms of my feet are shedding skin. This is all I can see it being.
Also scratched them like a dumbass before knowing what it was, will I have it everywhere on my body now? I'm currently using an antifungal cream on my feet (nystatin) but should I pick up some sort of pill to treat my entire body?

kms I try to stay so clean but this happens.

No. 104321

that sounds farfetched tbh. it might be contact dermatitis rather than athletes foot.

No. 104341

Could you possibly have minor frostbite?

No. 104342

Could you possibly have minor frostbite?

No. 104343


i agree with >>104321 this happens to me when my feet get wet or sweaty in socks and sounds like your symptoms.

No. 104346

Can that take affect 3 days after contact to the allergen/irritant? I agree now after panicking it does seem pretty out there that it could be Tinea since I've had many a wet feet over the years and never gotten a bad itch. My mother did suggest I may have an allergy to the glue used in my cheap-o new boots that dissolved a bit when they leaked.

Either that or psoriasis, which I'm also prone to and get around this time of year but always jump to something worse. I thought it was scabies last year kek.

It was actually 3 days before my symptoms, so I don't think so (luckily).

No. 104356

Does anyone have any tips to lighting the inner thigh area? The bendy area where it kind of connects to the groin is the area I mean.

No. 104358

it's not the classic nivea though, it's some aloe vera series which consists of completely different stuff.
Still, a lot of problematic ingredients. Alcohol Denat. is something to avoid in your creams, and it's very high on third place. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is highly comedogenic. Same with Dicaprylyl Ether, you can't go more comedogenic than that. It has a lot of ingredients that create occlusion, which is nice for the winter but along with the comedogenic ingredients it's bound to cause some acne.
And it has not only Parfum, which can be irritating for some people, but 2 other fragrance ingredients.
+ what >>104254
has said.

Better just avoid nivea altogether.

No. 104360

Based skincare master anons, what moisturizer would you recommend that doesn't cause acne or kill you?

No. 104362

that really depends on your skin type, tbh. i'm heavily into korean skincare, here are some of my fave moisturizers:

- dr. jart ceramidin moisture cream
- benton snail bee steam cream
- mizon hyaluronic acid ultra suboon cream

No. 104378

I'm really digging CeraVe moisturizing lotion. It's the EU version so I think it's a bit different from the US formulation.
I also really like Meishoku Ceracolla Perfect Gel. I only use it at night time, but when I wake up my face feels really soft. It's a Japanese moisturizer.

No. 104513

I've been dealing with very persistent acne for almost two years now. I don't know if it's a product I'm using, or if it's a hormonal thing, or something else. Is there a "best" way to figure this out?

I've heard to just go back to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer but I'm not sure if those products might be breaking me out.

Right now I'm using:
- Micellar water (cleanser)
- Witch hazel (toner)
- Stridex pads
- Cosrx Natural BHA Returning A-Sol (at night)
- The Ordinary 10% Lactic Acid HA (at night)
- Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion (moisturizer)

For reference, I have oily skin. I break out on my forehead, sides of my face, and now on my nose just this month. It seems like I break out worse around ovulation but I honestly think I'm always breaking out and probably just looking for some sort of explanation.

I wash my pillow cases & sheets constantly, always clean my phone, never touch my face, etc. If you couldn't already tell, I'm seriously so fucking stressed constantly trying to fix my skin. Is there any advice that anyone can offer? I can't take hormonal BC pills due to other medications that I have to take.

No. 104516

I see one big oopsie - using micellar water as cleanser. So you basically don't wash your face, which can be a big factor to breaking out.
Micellar water is for removing makeup. It's not a cleanser! Don't believe what producents write on the label, it's outdated as hell. It can't work as a lone cleanser. If you don't wash it off with a proper cleansing product, all the dirt collected by the micelles stays on your face. If you have a lot of pimples, you're just spreading the bacteria and all the bad stuff everywhere on your face.

If it doesn't help, if you'll still have a constant severe acne, you need to go to the dermatologist and get meds. Even the best skincare won't help in some cases.

No. 104518

Happy New year everyone!

I have just found a place to buy The Ordinary in my country and I'm so excited, but I can't determine what I should actually get. I've tried diligently reading up on it all and still can't really figure out what my routine should be. I have giant pores and combo skin, and am 22 but having wrinkles around my eyes. I get bad acne on my chin but that is all, the rest of my t zone gets fairly oily. Can anyone advise?

No. 104519

File: 1546349517405.jpg (161.97 KB, 794x882, Screenshot_20190101-125414_Duc…)

Has anyone tried the Physiogel AI Anti-irritation Calming Cream? I've been trying to look for a good moisturiser and wanted to purchase Oilatum repair cream but apparently they discontinued producing it. Now I've found this product with very similar ingredients.

No. 104536

Just wanted to leave this here in case it helps anyone:

Benzoylperoxide (the stronger 100 mg/g kind) just got rid of all my persistent acne over the last few months. I can't believe I'm actually going into 2019 acne free lmfao. The side effects are shit but 100% worth it.

No. 104885

I decided I'm going to get out in the sun more this year, I have a vitamin D deficiency so it'll be beneficial.

My question is how do I tan safely? I haven't been tanned in over 5 years. During my childhood and early teen years I never had sunburn, so I don't burn easily. I don't want to end up looking trashy and don't want to harm my skin.

My skin right now is very pale and I've begun to see why people think I am depressed or sick so it's kinda a downer. I know people will make the "pale is beautiful" argument but in my case I don't think it's true.

No. 104887

you can't tan safely. there are other ways to get vitamin D

No. 104888

There are vitamin D pills, but have fun getting wrinkly and aging badly because you don't like the way pale skin looks.

No. 104892

Everybody ages Anon, no need to be insecure about as something as small as wrinkles when they're bound to happen. There's a thing called overdoing it and I don't want to go over that boundary.

I accepted being pale when I was more of a hermit. The paleness of my skin is not healthy looking at all. I've started making changes. I want to embrace change and not fear it so much. I hope you can as well.

As a side note, my doctor has me taking Vitamin D and has advised me to get outside more as it'll help she said.

Anyone with experience on tanning I'd still love the help. I know tanning isn't 100% good for you but I don't want to overdo it.

No. 104897


I used to intentionally tan when I was a teenager (Stopped when I was 18, 22 now and I have been religiously wearing sun screen and avoiding prolonged contact w sun) and I recently had to have several potentially cancerous moles removed. Tbh I don't think being tan is worth the risk of cancer, it was very scary. Just use a fake tan or something. I get Mystic spray tans, there are other brands of studio spray tans or you can get at home ones like Vita Liberata or St. Tropez. It's fine to spend time in the sun but you need to wear sun screen

No. 104905

but you don't want actual advice anyway. you want an anon to say what you want to hear.

No. 104910

I suspect I have fungal acne after ta king antibiotics, has anyone else dealt with this? What home remedies do you have to combat it to tide me over before I see my derm?

No. 104915

>not wanting to look like a shriveled prune means your insecure
You're going to be insecure when you look like shit for destroying your skin, more like. Don't come here for advice if you can't handle the truth.

No. 104935

Okay, so I’ll give you dangerous advice. I live in an area that gets very little sun outside of the summer, so once summer hits I’ll lay outside in the sun for 20 minute increments a few times. I still use sunscreen because you’ll still tan even with a sunscreen. I also wear sunglasses, eyes are fragile.

Yes, purposefully tanning is dangerous and bad for your skin. So is eating junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking, and wearing products with too much fragrance in it. There’s a risk to everything we do, but it’s up to you to decide if being tan is worth that risk. Going outside in the summer for any period of time puts you at risk for a tan, sunscreen or not. The only way to completely avoid it would be to wear a hat, long sleeves, and a parasol every time you go out, which I’m sure some pale-chans on here do but it’s not realistic.

No. 104952

I don't get why anons are hating on anons who want to tan. I rather go outside and live life than stay inside and obsess over the ~paleness~ of my skin.

No. 104955

File: 1546721446922.jpg (136.55 KB, 1166x613, Sun-damage-Chest-PL.jpg)

The point of staying inside isn't being pale, it's avoiding cancer and, if you're vain like me, wrinkles and sunspots. So many older white women have the most ugly speckled skin from being the sun, not an attractive healthy looking tan.

No. 104959

i live in a high asian populated area and every woman is either wearing a huge hat or using a parasol. it's not really that impractical it just has to do with what you value. those ladies also don't go hiking or bike or do summer sports activities. and in most proper asian countries, girls who want to be pale go to great lengths, but then they're usually trying to be stereotypically feminine. probably why a lot of tomboys or more active characters in asian media have darker skin…

No. 104965

That’s cool for you living in an Asian majority area, but most people don’t live in areas where behavior is the norm. I’ve also seen advice given on lolcow in other skincare threads to avoid going outside at all and even putting special film on windows to block out UV rays. I’m with anon >>104952, living your life stuck inside because you’re afraid of wrinkles is a waste.

No. 104966

File: 1546727318210.jpg (238.32 KB, 1467x1467, skin-cancer-selfie-before-afte…)


Do you think that skin cancer is a meme or something lol? It's fine to spend time outside in the sun, but laying out just to get a tan is stupid, and increases your risk of skin cancer.

From the CDC:
>A tan does not indicate good health. A tan is your skin’s response to injury, because skin cells signal that they have been hurt by UV rays by producing more pigment. Any change in skin color after UV exposure (whether it is a tan or a burn) is a sign of injury, not health. Over time, too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancers including melanoma (the deadliest type of skin cancer), basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. UV exposure can also cause cataracts and cancers of the eye (ocular melanoma). Every time you tan, you increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

I don't think ending up like pic related is worth it, honestly. Just use fake tan if you want to be tan so badly

No. 104968

2/3 people get skin cancer in my country, so no I'm not going to sit around outside to ~live my life~ or whatever you life laugh love bitches think getting burnt to a crisp means.

No. 104971

lmao i don't. i'm perfectly fine going to picnics and the beach under the shade of an umbrella using sunblock. most of us who want to protect our skin, simply want to preserve our health, and aren't crazy anons obsessed with being pale. i'm not going to purposely tan, and will make sure not to be in the sun too long but it's not "wasting my life away".

No. 104985


first of all, i am not the anon who asked about tanning and i said nothing about pale skin being sickly or an indicator of health. all i did was give anon advice about tanning, that it can happen even if you wear sunscreen and if she wants to do it, then its her prerogative.

the only reason i brought up doing outside activities was because of what >>104959 said about the ladies in her area not going hiking, or biking or doing summer sports due to the fear of tanning.

>It's fine to spend time outside in the sun, but laying out just to get a tan is stupid, and increases your risk of skin cancer.

What is the difference between saying you're going to wear some sunscreen and spend some time outside to read/walk/run/swim and just saying you're going to go outside and spent time in the sun? do you think you don't tan if you're doing something else or something? its the same risk whether you're going outside to lay in the sun and do nothing or if you're going outside to do chores.

No. 104987

File: 1546748035257.jpg (68.33 KB, 940x627, 3d031dfaee24ee7e75f964ee7b53c5…)

Fellow aus anon? But yes, fuck risking melanoma just to give the illusion of health. I'd rather actually being healthy, this slogan is stuck in my head forever from the ad campaign kek.

No. 104992

if you're still getting a tan with SPF on, you're not applying it properly or not using a strong enough one. SPF stops/slows the process of tanning. im literally white as snow even though i spend a lot of time outside walking/gardening because i thoroughly apply and reapply SPF. (and yes, i'm capable of tanning because i used to do it years ago before i knew just how bad it was.)

No. 104993

File: 1546760015331.jpg (198.28 KB, 875x1500, 91LJ9xI875L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

It's so crazy to me that tanning beds and tanning in general is promoted so heavily where I live. We need this public safety campaign. A popular, local tanning salon where I live made a Facebook post and did the paid sponsor thing to have it shown on everyone's timeline. I commented some facts about the extremely negative effects of tanning/tanning beds just as an FYI for anyone thinking about doing it and they instantly deleted my comment and blocked me. Almost every woman I know tans yearly at a salon and they all use shit like pic related.

No. 105003

I had a bout of cystic acne last month and I accidentally scratched a zit that was on the tip of my nose. It wound up becoming a cut and healed after a couple weeks, but now the tip of my nose is red like a tumblr drawing. Is there something I could use that would minimize the redness?

No. 105005

Aloe vera gel, fresh ideally! And try tea tree oil, but path trst it first as some people react badly to it.

No. 105008

I told a girl that uses a tanning bed at least weekly that she's risking getting skin cancer. She left me on seen and continues her "best stress reliever, best thing on earth" routine. Smh

No. 105015

File: 1546791636481.jpg (330.76 KB, 1080x1137, 20190106_102021.jpg)

Hope she thinks surgery and chemo are relaxing too.

No. 105016

Jesus I came back to a fire. You guys are implying I'm going to slather myself in gasoline and throw myself in a fire. Somehow tanning or getting outside even for some color = no absolute possible way to care for it and becomes a raisin instantly.

I'm out and won't be returning to this thread, I thank the anon that actually understood me and didn't act like I was going to hell for MY choice.

No. 105017

I have friends who use tanning beds regularly and I just don't understand it. They're otherwise pretty intelligent but they either don't understand or don't care about how damaging it can be. Just get some good quality self-tanner or get a decent spray tan.

No. 105020

good fuck off with your shit choices. you're the one ITT who's acting like people who don't tan are crazy.

No. 105021

good fuck off with your shit choices. you're the one ITT who's acting like people who don't tan are crazy.

No. 105022

No one in this thread has said that about people who don’t want to tan?

There isn’t a single sunscreen that blocks out 100% of the sun so it’s impossible to avoid exposure to UVA and UVB. You’re going to get damage and sun exposure anyway, even with religious applications.

No. 105025

Lotrimin applied nightly for a week. Mix it with your night cream

No. 105028

File: 1546799398111.jpg (8.53 KB, 260x194, 75643657463545.jpg)

Not sure if this is 100% the right thread but I'm gonna ask this here anyway.

I'm naturally very pale, near alabaster skincolor. I've always hated it because I get a lot of negative comments on it (Did you not leave your room this summer, you look like a corpse/sickly pale, girl get a tan etc.) I don't really tan in the sun. A few years ago I got so fed up with it that I spend a few days in a row extremely irresponsible tanning: no sunscreen, lots tanning oil, sunbathing when the sun was at it's highest etc. I got the tiniest bit of a tan that year. I did something similiar the next year again.

I extremely regret tanning that irresponsibly, not just for health reasons and pre-mature skin aging but also because now 2-3ish years later, the tan is still there. It's like some parts have become permanently darker. I can tell the skin on my upper arms, shoulders, and mid-thigh to feet is darker than the parts that didn't get much/any sun exposure. Albeit it's still very light and anyone else might not even notice, I notice it and it bothers me endlessly.

How do I go back to my original skincolor? I dislike my pale ass skin but at least having an even skin color everywhere is better than this patchy mess.

No. 105029

File: 1546799512909.jpg (47.4 KB, 728x546, aid1293106-v4-728px-Reduce-Wri…)

Can someone spoon feed to me what kind of moisturizer or repairing oils I should use with my retin-a 0.025% cream? Been using it for years but idk what else I should be doing to preserve my skin or lessen any negative effects the retin-a might bring. There are so many different opinions online I am overwhelmed!

No. 105031

File: 1546799899352.jpg (26.51 KB, 453x679, 71Vg8MiS8pL._SY679_.jpg)

>105029 samefag
This is the moisturizer I use on my face now. I love it bc it feels like water and absorbs nicely without being greasy. Don't know dick about skincare so I'm worried it may not be good for me despite how well it seems to work. I use Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser as a face wash.

No. 105032

moisturize (cerave in the tub is the best) and let it soak in for 20 mins before applying retin-a

No. 105042

It’s kind of strange to approach someone just to tell them that. I wouldn’t tell a person they are going to rot their teeth if they bought a soda, it’s up to them to decide what they want to do with themselves

No. 105059

File: 1546822910577.jpeg (139.25 KB, 1029x797, 1_lvEDywxZaPYctl1-f3MKrA.jpeg)

Does anyone here use Vitamin C serums like pictured? I have been for a few months now, between toner and moisturize, and I haven't really noticed any difference. I was hoping it would help with a couple hyperpigmentation spots.. but nah. I've tried 3 different ones, sigh.

I am starting to think I would need like a laser treatment, anyone have any experience with that? I've never had any cosmetic procedure and I feel like I would be so embarrassed going in. I'm already kinda self conscious about it, which in itself makes me feel vain and ashamed.

No. 105217

Is there a particular ingredient in Cerave that is beneficial?

Can you do acid exfoliants with retin-a?

Ty anon!

No. 105226

Ceramides and no fragrance and other bullshit ingredients.

Not at the same time, no. Do actives in the morning or alternate night routines.

No. 105233

Anon why don’t you try a mild glycolic essence? Don’t go full on 10% peel or you’ll burn but you can try a brightening essence?

I use Caudalie’s Brightening Essence lotion every other day at night. It’s gentle, and it makes your skin tighter and brighter. I had a really bad stress related breakout and it’s the only thing that won’t irritate my skin that’s fading my hyperpigmentation. Wear sunscreen of course during the day, and don’t mix it with anything else like retrinol or a stronger acid.

No. 105238

Thank you skinpai

No. 105243

>Wear sunscreen of course during the day
Because of the Caudalie’s Brightening Essence lotion or do you mean in general?

Not that anon, btw.

No. 105244

nta but you should always wear sunscreen

No. 105253


Sorry for not clarifying, but yes and just in general since I know sometimes people forget. Glycolic acid may increase sensitivity to the sun, there’s some conflicting research but I prefer to err on the side of caution.

No. 105259

Thank you, based anon!

No. 105323

In the topic of sunscreens,
I can't use them since they break me out so badly that every time I have to battle fucked up skin for months. I don't know what possible ingredient causes the acne in sunscreens, do any of you suncreen-anons know what to look for, what to avoid? Or do you have any recommendations, something very light and not comedogenic?

No. 105437

yo girl hit me with those reccs. I've had eczema worse than ever for about a month and looking for solutions.

No. 105499

File: 1547151674465.jpg (1.67 MB, 2102x1932, rudolph.jpg)

i got this mask from lush, rudolph, and it did wonders for my acne, but apparently it was just a seasonal product. they make similar ones, like the cupcake mask, but i'm allergic to peppermint so i gotta make my own. anyways.

the orange oil in this - can i just get normal orange essential oil at the store and mix it in my own masks?

No. 105500

might as well put fruitopia on your face

No. 105516

How do I stop biting my nails and picking scabs on my scalp so that they never heal? These are both longterm habits of mine and I rarely even notice that I'm doing them or when I do I give in.

No. 105517

you need therapy. i did that and it turned out i have OCD.

No. 105526


Howdy anon! I'd recommend using products with kaolin or bentonite clay. Those are the ingredients that do the heavy lifting, personally, I'm not a huge lush fan, they put too much filler and random stuff in it. I would try out bentonite clay (cheap on amazon) mixed with apple cider vinegar. I also personally like Origins Clear Improvement mask, and Majestic Pure Dead Sea mud mask. Best of luck!

Also, might as well shill Differin while I'm here. I love Differin! It made a big difference for me!

No. 105531

Have you already tried retinol or even a scar gel? Those may help, although most of the hyperpigmentation I've dealt with is from scarring, so idk if that matters in my recommendations. I've heard rosehip oil can help too but that's vitamin C so…
I just started using vit C serum and my skin does already look better, but last night I did like a skin care meganight where I did a mask as well so it could've been that. Will have to see how it goes long term.

No. 105548

Do those charcoal masks you let dry on your face then pull off work well on black heads?

This sucks, I've never had a problem with black heads before and now there is a colony on my chin.

No. 105562

File: 1547218105035.jpg (103.88 KB, 400x400, img_3454.jpg)

Anyone tried Muddy Body masks before? Here are the ingredients of the detox one. I wanted at some point to do my own using this pic, but gave up because I had to make purchases from multiple places and it seemed tedious… So I just continued with my Clinique clay mask.

No. 105576

pull off "masks" are not good for your skin. use chemical exfoliation like salicylic acid instead.

No. 105580

don't do them anon, they make your pores more prominent in long run by wearing them out which in turn will make sebucous filaments/blackheads more prominent too
try bha exfoliant instead, Paula's choices 2% bha liquid honestly changed my life

No. 105625

Ty for the information!

No. 105637

File: 1547268195445.png (426.06 KB, 1708x834, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 10.4…)

What about mud masks? how good are they or damaging?

Would I still damage my skin even if I use the charcoal mask every once and a while?

What could I use in replace of a charcoal mask? in regards to masks?

The charcoal mask to the left is what I have and am using currently

No. 105643

no, charcoal is a meme. there's no science behind it.

i recommend bentonite clay like the aztec healing clay

No. 105658

charcoal is not a meme, what?, but honestly I doubt it works well in masks, there's probably not too much of it/it's not "clean", if you really want to use it just make it yourself. I find it very good for scalp.

As anon above said, clays. Bentonite, kaolin, green, ghassoul, whatever will be fine, try them out and find the best one for your skin. Just don't buy anything in tubes etc, buy "raw" clay to prepare at home yourself. There's no better stuff.

No. 105667

I use just pure argan oil and recommend it greatly. It's not comedogenic, doesn't cause irritation and moisturizes the skill really well. I use it for the night only. For the day, I use CeRaVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion, also recommended.

No. 105683

File: 1547309647602.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.98 KB, 811x960, IMG_20190112_101012.jpg)

Yeah, I disagree. I make my own basic charcoal masks (not pull off, just rinse) and they suck oil out of my pores like nothing else. I use probably once a week and follow normal cleansing daily.

No. 105687

post the links to the studies then

No. 106035

I have super dry, sensitive skin, and every cleanser I try breaks me out horribly (with brands ranging from Neutrogena to Lancome). As of right now, I only use water to wash my face then use a moisturizer afterwards. I still get some acne sometimes, but should I be using a cleanser? Is it bad to not use a cleanser?

No. 106036

water is a cleanser itself. some people don't need anything else, so if it works for you, it works for you.

No. 106037

new products require a period for your skin to get used to them and settle down, so many may break you out at first. but if they still break you out after 2-4 weeks of use then maybe you're just too sensitive for cleanser. like the other anon said, water and moisturizer is fine if you're not having issues otherwise.

No. 106038

you should find out what ingredient you're reacting to regardless

No. 106041

I was curious about this because I've heard we need to wash our face with some sort of cleaner regardless because of pollution, dirt, dead skin etc. But honestly just water works for me too, and most cleansers dry my skin out.

No. 106045

Try not to use cleansers with high pH, find something acidic.

No. 106046

Have you tried cold cream cleanser or authentic african black soap?

No. 106048

it's kind of supposed to, then you use stuff after to rehydrate it.

No. 106051


You might like micellar water. They’re designed for sensitive skin.

I have atopic skin and this doesn’t irritate. Get a good one from places like Avene or Bioderma.

Also, if your skin is dry don’t use foaming cleansers. You need to focus on milk, cream, or balm cleansers. Don’t exfoliate too much, and don’t use hot water to rinse your face. I would also look for unscented products and formulas which repair your skin.

No. 106209

Wanna help me add on to my routine? I started from zero, so it's really basic right now.

>FAB facial cleanser

>Thayer's Witch Hazel
>Cerave PM (1 pump in AM, 2 in PM)

Sunscreen goes on when I go out, but that's not often. Pillowcases get changed every couple days after flipping. Tried a salicylic acid spot treatment but ditched it. Skin feels a lot better than when I wasn't doing anything, but I'm still dealing with acne on my lower part of my face, and I'd like to eventually start with wrinkle prevention. Can't get anything prescription-based right now, but I have a sephora nearby if I need anything better than drugstore-quality.

No. 106211

the only for certain proven thing to prevent wrinkles (except for sunscreen) is tretinoin which requires a prescription.

i would use a salicylic acid cleanser like cerave renewing sa cleanser once a day. if you have persistent acne along your jaw line i would recommend getting your hormone levels checked out as well.

No. 106219


I have super sensitive skin that breaks
out with most products. I would suggest trying out Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser! The first time I used this cleanser my face became clear in under a week, probably because the cleanser is specifically formulated to have little to no irritants. I highly recommend it.

No. 106244

Does jojoba oil works for oily skin and acne? I've read some people saying it gave them more acne and some people saying it was really good for them. If I want to use it, how should I apply it?

No. 106245

Would suggest patch testing it, so if you do break out it wouldn't be your entire face.

No. 106638

I figured out that what I thought were the "fine lines" of aging starting to appear on my face, were actually just from dehydration. Vegetables are maybe 5% of my meals in an entire month and I never drink water. So, I started drinking a bottle of water a day and using better moisturizer and they've started to go away. Is there anything else I can do to help? Any other skin care creams or something that I should be using.

No. 106656

I have moderately oily skin and it works fine for me. I apply only a few drops on my damp skin.

No. 106657

I live in a country that isn't very sunny (central europe) and I want to wear sunscreen daily, but it's really hard to find an SPF that isn't a complete mess. I've given up at this point.

Will I be okay if I wear BB creams with a pretty high SPF number or is that not enough? Do I really need a standalone sunscreen?

No. 106658

yes you need a sunscreen

No. 106900

Does anyone has tried the ordinary's products? I want to try the serum with 2% hyaluronic acid but almost all the reviews I see on internet are clearly fake so I don't know???

No. 106901

its a simple formula and hard to fuck up so TO's serum is probably a good deal. Many brands will offer you the same thing for more money. Hyaluronic acid is only effective at 2% concentration or less (forms a thick gel at higher percentages) so it isn't like it is worth spending more for a higher concentration.

No. 106904

the ordinary has pretty good products but I dont buy from them ever since estee lauder bought them (they still test on animals in china). not trying to moralfag but if you're against animal testing something to consider if you care about that sort of stuff

No. 106924

I can't get my cleanser right, anons.. everything else is right.. but the cleanser is wrong. What should I use? I have been using InstaNatural cleansers from iHerb but I just switched to Raww organics and it SUCKS for my skin. I want something I can purchase easily in Australia bc fuck the 10% overseas tax. Does anyone know of any glycolic or salicylic acid cleansers that work well for combination skin w/ occasional breakouts and won't cost me upwards of $50?

No. 106931

I'd really like to properly start caring about my skin, until now I did close to nothing.

How do I adapt an asian skin care routine (… - steps), like the one in this video, but I'm also not willing to spend a gigantic amount. Are there any good affordable products?

My skin is dry (easily get fine lines), but I also get breakouts, especially on my chin-jaw area.
My eyes are very sensitive, often tear (or itch because I have allergies), so finding a good eye cream seems nearly impossible…
Preferably, I'd like to buy products available in some euro store, but if something is really good and not too expensive I'd be willing to order online as well.

No. 106969

eye cream is a meme

No. 106995

Care to explain?

No. 106996

it's just overpriced moisturizer

No. 106997

NTA but don't be fucking stupid.

No. 107003

No. 107032

I agree. As well as neck cream.

No. 107035

eye cream is different because skin near your eye is thinner, so it is easier on those areas. it's not the same thing as moisturizer at all.

No. 107054

No dermatologist recommends eye cream because it makes no sense. Why would it need to be more gentle? Facial moisturizers are aoready made gentle. You shouldn't put actives on your eyelids, that's it.

No. 107055

that's the first thing you learn in any beauty school/major. This anon is right.
Eye serum - that might be different, for example whitening the dark circles. But in general eye creams are just a way to get more money out of you

No. 107056

that's the first thing you learn in any beauty school/major. This anon is right.
Eye serum - that might be different, for example whitening the dark circles. But in general eye creams are just a way to get more money out of you

No. 107058


nta anon but more gentle could be so it doesn't sting to high heaven if you get it in your eye? although everything has always stung me when I got it in my eye, eyecream or not kek

No. 107063

So, should I just use normal moisturizer for my eyes - or nothing at all?

No. 107088

Use a product made for the eyes, they are designed not to irritate the eye area. When the eye are is irritated, it slighty swells (or swells A LOT). All this swelling over time will develop wrinkles around the eyes.

No. 107089

Normal moisturizer. A good moisturizer with good ingredients should not irritate your skin. Try cerave in the tub, and I recommend you watch dr dray's videos. Stay away from ~natural ingredients and fragrance.

No. 107090

File: 1548952023894.jpg (15.32 KB, 375x375, aveeno-baby-daily-moisture-bod…)

Can someone tell me if this is a good lotion to use long-term on my face? I also use retin-a 0.025% cream nightly.
Dimethicone 1.2%, Water glycerin, distearyldimonium chloride, petrolatum, isopropyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, avena sativa (oat) kernel flour, benzyl alcohol, allantoin, sodium chloride.

Re: eye cream, I caved and bought "Burt's Bees® .5 oz. Intense Hydration Eye Cream" and while it costs fucking $20, it really is nice and gentle and works really well without burning or blurring my eyesight. It smells incredible too. I know Burt's Bees isn't the bastion of skin care it touts itself as, but I am very pleasantly surprised at the quality of this cream.
I started using it bc my eyeshadow was patchy and gross on my eyelids bc the skin was dry. It works!

Also I started putting retin-a nearer to my eyes because I read that it's actually okay to do. Is this true? Kek i fuckin' hope so bc it looks great.

Also also I'm so excited to try The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. Been using retin-a for years now and I realized I still have ever so slightly textured skin bc physical exfoliation (like with those rotating face brush things and washcloths) was not cutting it. Hopefully I won't die bc this is literally babby's first (By myself anyway. One time I got a salicylic acid peel at the dermatologist).

Sorry for the novel.

No. 107092

Samefagging but I once read that a possible explanation for Spontaneous Human Combustion could actually be a result of build up of petroleum and similar chemicals from moisturizers built up on furniture and bedsheets (despite laundering of course) catching fire. Sleep tight!

No. 107095

File: 1548952661713.jpg (23.17 KB, 339x355, 910JWnZAr L._SY355_.jpg)

NTA but this one? There are a few formulations, I think, so I just want to be sure before I pull the trigger. Ty anon

No. 107099

I use retin-a .05% around my eyes, no issues just go slow, don't start applying every day.

No. 107101

ive got terrible scarring across my shoulders, back, and upper arms. it's from acne, scratching my back up during allergic reactions, and anxiously picking at my skin when stressed. i have breakouts from time to time still, but the scarring is so bad, especially since i'm not on birth control anymore.

what are some good affordable products, and any tips to clear them up? I drink water like a motherfucker but i mean that only helps with my breakouts tbh.

No. 107104

File: 1548959977329.jpg (29.1 KB, 680x854, ord028_theordinary_100organicc…)

I had terrible skin full of pimples and oat milk lotion helped
Also rosehip oil makes scars a little less prominent but it will take a while to make them go completely away

No. 107105

yes! make sure you apply while your skin is still damp

No. 107120

Anyone use neutrogena?

No. 107129

specifically what?

No. 107131

Creams and face washes

No. 107137

depends on what it is specifically lmao. check out the ingredients and google them.

No. 107141

>go google it lol!

Don't reply if you can't help or offer insight on products. I'm asking about ANY neutrogena cream or face wash, farmer experiences would be nice.

No. 107142

because there's no answer because that's a stupid fucking question. neutrogena probably has a hundred different products. i know some cleansers have fragrance but some don't. i'm not going to sit here and list each and every product.

No. 107161

Update: I tried AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution from The Ordinary and it made my skin look better immediately. Can't wait to do it again in a day or two! Also as an added bonus it looks like strawberry jam. I was not expecting that lol

No. 107232

File: 1549118495332.jpeg (35.03 KB, 500x500, 610CC2E1-4C77-4499-A7CC-F07FB7…)

I like A’Pieu products because they’re not expensive and, in my experience, they’ve been pretty gentle. You can order them from Yesstyle or even a Missha store if you have one in your area (am also in EU and there’s a Missha store here, but I order online because it’s easier and shipping is free.)

This product is 9 euros, for example.

No. 107236

File: 1549121365243.jpg (16.73 KB, 570x555, il_570xN.1470719169_x7ee.jpg)

update: i got the essential oils and they are fabulous. my masks are now raw honey, bentonite clay, matcha tea, rosehip oil, cocoa powder, and now with tangerine oil, orange oil, and cocoa absolute, they are so nice. mix that up in a shotglass, put it in the fridge for a bit, and you've got two masks for the shower.
i got the oils from MysticMomentsUK on etsy, they've got really cheap raw skincare ingredients. took almost a month to get here but shoutout to them.
between that, and let the good times roll and bunny moon from lush, my acne has just totally up and disappeared. feelsgoodman.

No. 107276

can you really use it that often? i'm trying to decide what TO product to get for exfoliating and since the glycolic acid is out of stock i'm leaning towards this but worried that it might be too harsh to use often enough for my skin to feel/look good every day.

No. 107280

I admit doing it twice within 3 days is a lot. I got a lil overzelous there. The directions say not to use it more than 2× a week, and take it from me– do not leave it on for any longer than 10 minutes. I'm a dumbass and thought 2 extra minutes while I was brushing my teeth would be nbd but I got a lil burn on my cheek. Idiotic lol

No. 107301

Hey guys, could you recommend me some pills/vitamins against acne? I remember I ordered some from Finland years back and they worked perfectly on me, but after that they stopped selling them lol. I'm from EU btw!

No. 107304

Not sure if Maxi Vita sells anywhere other than Slovakia or Czech Republic, but they have an “acne stop” vitamin blend that I’ve been using. Too soon to tell if it’s just a gimmick but it was inexpensive sooo I don’t mind. It’s a blend of a bunch of B vitamins, C/E, zinc, biotin, and some other stuff.

No. 107311

Eek, be careful with that stuff anon. My coworker is a huge essential oil person and she used some pre-mixed combo of essential oils on her face and her face blew up like a balloon. It took probably 2 months for for the swelling and redness to totally go away.

Obviously that's a really specific instance and she had an allergic reaction of some sort, but seeing her face still scared me off of the stuff forever.

No. 107323

NTA but you're supposed to dilute them a lot or they will clog up your skin.

No. 107337

This isn't really skincare, but is there any truth to the weird face exercises that are supposed to make your face slimmer/ reduce your double chin? My face is so long and so round and so chunky around my jaw it kills me. I came across some lookism shit one time that was like CLENCH YOUR JAW 5000 Times a DAY for TONED FACE and I'm just wondering, surely that isn't a thing?

No. 107338

it's not an allergic reaction for your skin to react that way to undiluted essential oils- essential oils themselves are very potent and you should always dilute them before putting them on your skin. I love essential oils for the smell, but I hate those idiots who shill them for absolutely any problem. They're always the type to think it's perfectly fine to rub it on your skin undiluted! I got a rash doing that just one time. Don't ever do it anons, DILUTE your essential oils, then you're good to go.

No. 107339

it won't spot reduce the fat but it will help strengthen the muscle which will make a difference in some areas.

No. 107342

no. it's bullshit.

No. 107355

File: 1549248902434.jpg (46.88 KB, 1200x675, bliss.jpg)

i've been using Bliss skincare stuff for a while because the packaging stood out to me when i was looking for some new stuff to try, and i really like some of their products. i bought quite a few things and still want to try some other ones. I think atm I have their lip scrub, clay mask, watermelon overnight face mask, whipped face mask, makeup remover, and their exfoliator. my favorites are the exfoliator and watermelon face mask, everything else was just meh and i wouldn't buy again, but they have a lot of stuff i want to try still.

No. 107437

Any anons struggle with deep rolling scars? Have you received treatment for them; if so, what? I'm considering getting fillers in mine, but I'm really nervous about spending the money when I'm unsure of how effective they'll be.

My scars seem to be even more accentuated when I wear foundation; however, I also have extreme discoloration, and since I'd prefer not to look like a walking tomato, I have no choice but to cake my face.

No. 107462

What are the best products to help fade hyperpigmentation from acne? I have an event coming up in a month and I want my skin to look as good as possible. I know no product can work miracles in just like four weeks but I'd still like to fade whatever I can (I'll be wearing makeup anyway lmao).

Unfortunately niacinamide breaks me out so nothing with that. I've started using a vitamin C essence and of course daily sunscreen. Any other ideas?

No. 107468

chemical exfoliators (aha and/or bha), but you have to go slow at first, but idk if a month is enough time for them to have a noticeable effect? it also depends on your skin.

i have an awful and gross habit of picking my skin (sometimes ripping tiny pieces off) if i get acne. my hyperpigmentation from that disappears extremely fast and i think chemical exfoliators and vitamin c play a big part in it. sadly, skin stuff also depends on your genes. some people "heal" faster than others.

good luck though!

No. 107472

File: 1549404818354.jpeg (62.2 KB, 600x337, 1451094901-a5117c94c3fe8d91de3…)

to anons who consider lip fillers:
try a hyaluronic acid serum!
I apply 3-4 layers of hada labo lotion followed by chapstick every night and my lips look a lot bigger and plumper, to the point where people notice.
It's not permanent but It's very much visible and looks more natural + you can just do it along with the rest of your routine.

No. 107474

That Dior lip maximizer works too, believe it or not. When I was using it, my coworker said my lips look poutier and fuller.
Way better than that Buxom brand I kept buying.

No. 107621

It looks like they have a couple different ones, is there a specific hada labo lotion you recommend? Or pretty much just personal preference?

No. 107632

File: 1549579864847.jpg (16.24 KB, 522x579, hadalabo.jpg)

I have this one, I think it's the moist one.
Other serums like The Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum should work since the HA is what binds water under your skin.
But make sure to seal it in with chapstick since it can pull moisture out of the air and dry you out.

No. 107635

that shit is the bomb. i recently switched from it to the one in the orange bottle that has "premium" on the label and has done much better for my skin, though. it's a bit thicker and may take a little longer to dry, but definitely keeps my skin hydrated with the small amount, especially with my lips.
i'd recommend anons go for either, though, and one bottle goes a long way.

No. 107658

I'm a different anon but hell yes, I have this! So I also use an AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution 2x per week and Ceravae moisturizer. And retin-a for the record…
Should I use the Ceravae lotion with the Hada Labo serum? Should one go first onto my skin? Should I use only one or the other in a day?
I really really appreciate the advice itt. I'm extremely overwhelmed by the articles and other info about skincare. Tysm anons

No. 107662

Hey there, if it's for an event you can actually temporarily lighten spots with a mixture of fresh lemon juice and baking soda into a paste. Be careful though, it can burn/itch if you leave it on for longer than maybe 15m. Spot treatment only. It's definitely worked for me in the past with my hyperpigmentation. Good luck!

No. 107664

Stop the vitamin c, it loses its potency after a certain period and doesn't work. It has to be super fresh for it to do anything. Use a niacinimide serum instead.

I used to have the same problem as you. Aha/bha toner, niacinimide serum, manuka honey moisturizer, and sunscreen (don't skip the sunscreen ever!) will get rid of hyperpigmentation and reduce/get rid of acne.

No. 107668

Anon literally said niacinamide doesn't work for her.

No. 107678

You can use both, hada labo first probably since it's thinner.
But listen to your skin, if things are too moist and you feel like theres a shiny layer on your skin that won't absorb that can be the perfect environment for funal infections.

No. 107700

Ewww, I've never even considered this. I will keep that in mind. Thank you for your input! It is very much appreciated

No. 107728

Is broad spectrum moisturizer supposed to burn when you apply it? I started stippling it into my face instead of rubbing it in to avoid microexfoliation but it just burns less than it used to now. I used to use Pond's for the longest time and even though it had alcohol in it I felt fine.

No. 107787

i usually get some deep pimples on my butt cheeks and lower back, rarely do they ever hurt but when they do it's a little uncomfortable. i can't pop them either, they have to go away on their own.
i thought exfoliating would help this issue, but it didn't do anything.

any other anons have this issue? my boyfriend gets them as well.

No. 107814

i have these pimple-like bumps on my neck, probably about five of them in a line. they don't hurt or itch, and they don't have white heads like they're going to pop, but they haven't gone away in about two weeks. any idea what it might be or how to get rid of it?

No. 107827

Are they tiny, hard, skin coloured bumps? They sound like milia and the way I got rid of them was going to a skin clinic and lancing it out.

No. 107831

I get the same thing except only on my butt, no idea what to do because none of my usual skincare products work (and ironically it started just as accutane cured my face acne). They go away on their own eventually but how do I stop them in the first place? I see people say it's a hygiene issue, but I wash myself everywhere with soap and bodywash, I don't know what else I'm supposed to be doing. Exfoliating with an italy towel actually made it worse. I very rarely get acne anywhere else, I really don't think it's actually acne. Maybe some follicle issue?

No. 107832


I think follicle issue is probably correct. I get a similar thing since I was about 13 and tried a lot of different things. I feel like hormones and sweat glands are also related.

No. 107833

Nah, they definitely have a red tint to them. That's why I originally thought that they were pimples but like I said, none of my masks are helping and neither is washing my face and neck every night.

No. 107834

I used to get this so bad, and it was so embarrassing for me since it was in my teens/early-20s and I was still very insecure in sexual situations. I remember one thing that did help for me was rubbing stridex pads on my butt shortly after shower. They were too harsh for my face but I feel like your butt can take anything lol. I also heard tight pants can contribute to this issue.

No. 107835

File: 1549771354531.jpeg (1.98 MB, 4032x3024, 52189227-AA23-464C-991F-398196…)

Same anon you’re replying to, tried to take a photo. Excuse my gross neck.

No. 107839

File: 1549774641959.png (244.51 KB, 500x375, types of acne.png)

I get the same shit anon, they're papules. Basically infected pimple areas that never come to a head and never pop because they're deep into the skin. The infection is inflammation and not pus like a whitehead. I get them behind my ears and sometimes on my back hairline.

Worse yet mine take weeks to go away because I have a pale complexion so even after the bumps settle I have hyper-pigmented spots there for even longer.
Try treating it with a benzyl peroxide wash and lotion.

No. 107848

I used to get these all around my chin area. I even got put on acne medication, worked great until treatment stopped. They disappeared pretty fast(like within 2 weeks) once I stopped eating refined carbs

No. 107856

File: 1549805675388.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.06 KB, 806x415, blackhead.jpg)

off topic but the blackhead part actually shows sebaceous filaments

No. 107859

>tight pants
ah that might be the issue then. i thought maybe i wasn't washing my bedsheets enough, but the tight pants explanation makes sense. they mostly show up around my waist where the pants sit.

No. 107862

Just got this same break out in the same spot. Acne cream should do the trick.

No. 107864

After a couple of years of adult acne, my face is finally clear.
Now I'm getting acne on my neck, back, chest and shoulders/forearms though. I noticed that the sudden acne on my shoulders and forearms, never had before, started exactly when I started wearing fleece pajamas for the winter. What do I do? I don't think I can put acne cream on such a large area…

No. 107869

Forearms? That doesn't sound right at all. Definitely ditch those pyjamas, you can stick to layering a bathrobe, blankets and a hot water bottle in the cold. Make sure you're washing all your houseclothes and sheets regularly but a break out like that could even be an allergy to your bodywash or something.
I always get worse back/shoulder skin in the winter just from piling on the layers and never seeing the sun, but your case seems extreme. If it doesn't clear up I'd suggest a doctor

No. 107873

My mistake, I meant upper arms. It looks like a trail of small pimples, all close to each other, and they can itch sometimes.
Right now I'm putting on a cotton tshirt before the pyjama shirt so that it doesn't touch my skin directly, and it's less bad but it's not completely gone… I'm going to ditch the fleece soon, since it seems to be the culprit

No. 107965

File: 1549915513325.gif (496.35 KB, 500x251, XTSL.gif)

I feel like I already posted here asking for advice, but maybe the post didn't come through, cause I don't see it anywhere….

Do anons have any advice for a really dehydrated forehead? I have those lines and I thought that they are wrinkles but it seems like they are from dehydration because the skin is so parched. What do I do?

No. 107966

Moisturize and get more fluids in

No. 107968

Are you drinking alcohol? Back when I used to be a “heavy” drinker I would get forehead creases. I don’t have them anymore.

No. 107973

Ye, like anons said, drink more water, use hyaluronic acid then a good occlusive so the moisture doesn't escape. Also, try using a retinoid. It could help.

No. 107985

Speaking of alcohol, my skin always looked really nice after a night of heavy drinking. Anyone else experience this?

No. 108009

oh yeah, I remember that happening to me, too. Somehow looked more flush and clearer, too, pores smaller and everything. Selfie game was on point then even if I felt like death actually. I feel like it's probably an illusion of sorts

No. 108018

Does the CeraVe cream in the tub aggravate acne at all? Been using it and it doesn't seem to be, but I'm breaking out and don't want to make it worse.
Am gonna cut back on bad foods/dairy/sugar and drink green tea, but this seems hormonal. I got a couple of deep, cystic or nodule spots and they're really bothering me, every time I kill one of them another pops up and they seem to be worse. I'm using adapalene/benzoyl peroxide and clindamyacin, wash with a hand brush and gentle cleanser, spinning brush a couple times a week, and sometimes use a quick spot cream too, but idk if that helps since these seem deep.

Any tips besides what I'm doing? Also am getting eczema so I have to be careful and keep my skin balanced, fuck combo skin.

Besides water and retinoid, etc, I actually recommend the cream I was asking about: the CeraVe moisturizer in the tub is pretty good. Maybe try layering some oils as well. The other anons are all right about their suggestions.

Not really unless your skin is irritated by something in it. Do you have sensitive skin or any allergies?

No. 108034

i used it for like a year because everyone said it's so gentle and i have a very sensitive acne prone skin so it seemed perfect but it kept giving me these deep, painful pimples, mostly on the jaw area which were very unlike my normal acne (milia and shallow white heads). at first i thought it was hormonal but they dissapeard as i changed my moisturiser and haven't come back still.

No. 108064

this was my experience with it too. I stopped using it after a month or so and my skin is back to normal now.

No. 108123

Anons, i know my question is going to be stupid, but do acne scars ever fade away? Mine do that, but really, really slowly which bothers me. Again, sorry for being stupid. I turned 18 not long time back and been a tomboy for my entire life w/o having mother around. Would be good if you told me some tips or anything about it.

No. 108130

What kind of acne scars are you talking about? If they're pinky kind left after it heals, it does fade away, but slowly. You want to use an AHA (and use sunscreen) as it'll help shed away the skin cells there.
If they're the ice pick, hole-y kind of ones, you'll have to get laser treatment.

No. 108159

File: 1550094705367.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.89 KB, 650x551, ac.jpg)

Yeah… They look like that. Nothing so-disgusting but i putted a spoiler just in case! They bother me alot, honestly. I would have to get laser treatment anyways as far as i understand? Is it even… Alright to have them, thinking about it. They bother me alot looking-wise because of the fact how much media makes everything perfect which makes me hate myself everytime i look in the mirror. Rip. Could you recc any AHA-like stuff? My skins oily n acne-prone, something like that. Been using La roche effaclar for few months now and my skin seems much better than before.

No. 108161

File: 1550096488933.jpg (28.04 KB, 500x500, mixa-hyalurogel-rich-njega-za-…)

Been using pic related for a while and my skin seems to love it. However I have to put on quite a bit of product for my skin not to feel too tight and my skin still absorbs it all and it doesn't seem to be enough. I end up using it up pretty fast. I also drink around 2L of water daily and have a healthy diet so I'm not sure why tf my skin feels so dry?? It's also getting warmer, temperatures are above 0.

So I'm wondering if it would be alright to just switch to some aloe vera gel? I feel like I could get more of it for a similar price, but I'm not sure how moisturizing it is.

No. 108164

not sure, i used to use aloe vera gel from like Holland&barret for a month or two and it just stayed on top like a film, didn't feel moisturising at all, just soothing for like 10-15 min after applying, eventually it would pill up too. on the acne side, it didn't break me out but my skin did feel dehydrated at the end of this stint. could be the specific product i used though!

No. 108174

different anon, you can look into micro needling. Get it done professionally though, it’s less expensive then laser.
I did it myself on my strechmarks and it reduced them significantly.

No. 108176

>stop eating acidic food and wait a week
> up your water intake 1L before bed
> do not consume salty foods after 7 pm

No. 108186

Any recommendations for retinoid brands/products?

Have you thought about using a Vitamin C? It's been helping reduce my cystic acne scarring pretty quickly.

No. 108438

I just found out today that Canada recently banned retinoids a few weeks. My surprise when I went to Deciem to buy some and voilá gone. Sigh

No. 108448

Tretinoin > retinol if your skin can handle it. You can build up tolerance to it via retinol or start on a very low percentage of tret like .001%

No. 108501

Can I treat my acne scars with a surgical procedure (TCA cross, subcision, lasers, etc) if I still sometimes have a pimple or two? Or do I need to wait until my skin is completely clear?

No. 108556

I've been using Nutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser and Eucerin Aquaphor.

Are those good products/are they good to use in tandem? I know very little about skin care- I just use those products because my mom recommended them.

No. 108566

I know a lot of people in here don't enjoy Lush's skincare products, but I started using their "Tea Totaler" cleansing bar and it's the only thing that's been helping me in these dry winter months. My skin doesn't have dry spots anymore and the redness has gone down a LOT. I still get the occasional pimple, but they're very obviously from my pregnancy hormones rather than what I was getting before, and I know this only because it's one rare one rather than my entire cheek breaking out. Along with this, I don't need to use a moisturizer afterwards. I really love it and I'm hoping that doesn't change in the summer when the air is less dry.

No. 108676

File: 1550617924120.png (548.27 KB, 641x643, 2019-02-20 10_11_25-feet exfol…)

I know this thread is probably aimed more towards facial skincare, but…my feet are SO DRY and I don't know how to fix it. I'm especially embarrassed of them because I've started doing yoga and everyone has such cute pedicured feet and mine are crusty as fuck. I use pic related daily then moisturize and put socks on and it doesn't help. I also do epsom salt soaks on weekends and really go to town with the exfoliator. On the occasions I can afford a real pedicure, the results don't last long. I don't walk outside barefoot or anything and wear socks more often than not so I don't get why I have such gross feet.

No. 108683

File: 1550621839710.jpg (15.53 KB, 545x363, dad1590115388daf6b7d014f97a720…)

Try a babyfoot peel, anon. I have thick callouses just like you and even regular sanding with that Scholl thing falls short. It's safe to to do a chemical foot peel once every 30-60 days (depending on how sensitive your skin is), but be warned, it can get pretty gnarly. Your foot will look like a snake shedding its skin. But it's worth it, it doesn't hurt and you'll get results.

No. 108726

I'm wondering, do you know if this is safe for someone with psoriasis? My feet peel in chunks and are dry, but there's a point where I can't rip off excess skin or else I will start bleeding. I feel like this might be a bit too abrasive.

No. 108729

So my skin is usually clear, the only issue is my T-zone is kind of oily (have to use blotting papers) and there are small pores around my nose but not too noticeable. Recently I ordered Hado Labo cleansing oil, but I'm scared to try it. I usually only use makeup removing wipes (Burt's bees) and then follow with a gentle foam cleanser. I read about how bad makeup removing wipes are and that's why I want to try cleansing oil, but I'm so scared it's going to break me out. Have you guys successfully done double cleansing/oil cleansing?

No. 108738

I have eczema and have used it during periods of clear skin with no problem. That being said, I rarely get eczema on my feet and much milder chemical peels make my face/neck break out in a rash if my skin is sensitive that day. I wouldn't recommend it.

No. 108759

File: 1550677054050.jpg (31.26 KB, 500x500, 41Qb3wZLD7L.jpg)

Nayrt but I tried pic related and absolutely nothing happened. I used it exactly as described but the only effect was that my feet felt a bit soggy directly afterwards, like with a regular foot bath. There was no shedding or peeling whatsoever at any point afterwards.

Does this mean I have Foot Skin Of Steel or should I try a different brand?

No. 108798

Did you leave it on for at least 1.5 hours?

No. 108826

Soak your feet for half an hour before applying and then every day after the peel for a week or so.

No. 108840

I am allergic to sulfonamides. My moisturizer does not come with a full list of ingredients, which is scary.

No. 108906

Same. I used a different brand but I left it on for 2 hours and it's been about 3 days with no peeling. I read some people waited up to 2 weeks until they started peeling so here's hoping.

No. 108938

File: 1550857009542.jpg (Spoiler Image,933.75 KB, 1386x1393, 2019-02-22 12.33.51.jpg)

Ack, so I have a rash on the crease of my right elbow and I don't know why I have it. The rash exists only on my right arm but nowhere else. It occurred probably a month ago but it never bothered me until this week. It's itchy only when I scratch it or if I do things that bend my arm. I tried putting some no name brand lotion on my arm yesterday but I think that made it worse… I don't think I have any skin disorders other than acne on my face (lol) so I'm not sure why this is happening or what exactly this type of rash is. Any ideas?

Spoilerd pic because it's groce.

No. 108939

Anon I have this. It is like a weird itchy dry rash thing? I went to the drs and got a steroid cream for it, but it just seems to spread. Idk what to do about it.

No. 108943

Go to the pharmacist and get hydrocortisone! It clears up almost any skin rash (if its not fungal stuff) and it's really gentle on skin

No. 108945

> if it's not fungal stuff

I had a rash like that once (looking exactly like this, appearing in only one spot, not bothering me for weeks but getting itchy when touched) and it was actually fungal

No. 108947

I put on some raw, organic shea but it's still red, but not as itchy.. >>108943
Does the percentage matter? Canada doesn't sell anything higher than 0.01% or something like that without a prescription.
How do you know if it's fungal?

No. 109029

used a few korean sheet masks and my skin turned flakey as hell

No. 109084

Sorry for posting so much, but I'm happy to report that my rash has lessened using shea butter!

No. 109108

Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are both humectants. This means they work by absorbing moisture like a sponge from the environment. If you're in a dry climate onto dry skin, it will absorb moisture from the skin instead, making it ever drier and more parched.

Make sure when you use it you apply it to damp skin, then put something occlusive on after to lock in the moisture.

No. 109109

*if you are in a dry climate and put it directly on dry skin

No. 109111

File: 1550998100075.jpg (39.07 KB, 625x621, 1547071813013.jpg)

I only found out through the lab results after removing it surgically. My dermatologist thought it might be skin cancer (the rash made a birthmark next to it look weird and i'm a high risk patient)

> mfw i found out i could've just put cream on it

No. 109112

i'm really tired of shaving/waxing downstairs (i only do it these days because i feel itchy if i don't). is there a hair removal gel that actually works? i used nair a few times but didn't notice much hair coming off.

No. 109152

Update: My feet started peeling a couple days ago, the less callused one started 1 day before the super gross crusty one, so give it a bit.

No. 109269

Not sure if this belongs in this thread since it doesn't really pertain to skin as much as it does hair on the skin. Basically I have always had hairy arms and a lower back since I was a child (thanks dad) its no where near man level but because the hair Is a light brown its noticeable, its not feasible for me to shave my arms or back so I was wondering if any of you have bleached your body hair before? Would it make it less noticeable do you think? Help my poor hairy soul

No. 109280

Just use nair or something similar on your arms and back while you're showering.

No. 109372

The area in between my eye brows is constantly red, and also the area under my nose, kind if where the nasolabial folds area is. This is very baffling, it doesn't look like rosacea really. It started around age 19, when I moved to another town to start college. This new town has a LOT of cows and cotton fields surrounding, might this be allergies?

No. 109392

could be, try benadryl or something and see if it helps?

No. 109393

Same. The eyebrow part is a little birthmark but around my mouth and nose is always a bit red.
Google says it could be zinc deficiency or perioral dermatitis.

No. 109453

how to deal with eyebags?… I've noticed that I have started to have wrinkles on it and I'm scared it will increase and deepens… I can't say or write on details besides its not dark nor light but in the middle of ish leaning towards the light but I can't say much towards the dark parts… I've started taking ferrous sulfate supplements a day since I heard it will help or something along the likes cause it's likely due to anemia and obviously from the lack of sleep

No. 109458

Has anyone tried this? the sebaceous filaments on my nose aren't even that bad but I want to try this just because it sounds so goddamned satisfying.

>Apply your BHA product. (If you have dry or dehydrated skin, you may want to limit your BHA and the rest of this process to only the areas of your face where your SFs are most visible.) Because BHAs are oil soluble, they’ll be able to penetrate deep into the sebum filling up your pores, loosening the gunk to make it easier to remove with the following steps. Wait 20-25 minutes to allow the BHA to do its job.

>Without washing off the BHA, apply your clay mask. Wait for however long the clay mask instructions specify.
>Rinse off your clay mask with tepid to lukewarm water. Be careful with your water temperature here, as both your BHA and clay mask can be quite drying, and you don’t want to overdry your skin by throwing hot water at it on top of that. Dry your face.
>Apply your cleansing oil or carrier oil. Wait 15 minutes. The oil will help draw the gunk in your pores to the surface.
>Gently massage your face or areas you’re treating for 2-3 minutes. If all has gone well, at this point you’ll feel tiny little grains coming out of your pores! These are the clogs that have been making your pores more visible. Many people call them “grits,” and getting grits out of your face is an amazingly satisfying feeling. Do not apply too much pressure to your skin or massage for longer than 5 minutes, tops. Doing so can result in broken capillaries, and those can’t be fixed without pricey laser treatments. Don’t worry if you don’t feel the grits. Some people don’t, either because the clogs are too small or because there wasn’t enough sebum and dead skin buildup to create grits. Even if you don’t feel any coming out, this process is still clearing your pores and reducing their appearance.
>After the oil massage, emulsify and rinse off your cleansing oil or wash off your carrier oil as usual. Continue with your regular skin care routine.

From here:


No. 109466

File: 1551477554045.jpeg (168.77 KB, 750x725, 3F834E3F-2AA3-4361-9E02-03A4F7…)

what’s an affordable alternative to purity made simple by philosophy?

the large size isn’t sold within the eu and the smaller bottles are expensive for the amount.

i want something that’s gentle enough to use on the eyes like this cleanser is. it’s my holy grail and i’m salty i can’t access the big size anymore.

No. 109469

NTA but I've had eczema around one of my eyes for a while and I'm starting to wonder if there's something in the air where I live that's making me react, or if it's the weather. I've stopped wearing almost any makeup and switched to washing my bedding with gentle detergent…
I may try Benadryl, any other anons suffering from some sort of reaction or with eczema ITT?

No. 109473

might be the weather. i came back from a vacation in a different state and the area under my knees started flaring up like crazy. bumpy and itchy. i guess my skin got used to the summer-y weather and freaked out since it's winter again.

No. 109487

I've tried this method in various versions. Never worked. Oil is fucking useless, I just don't get the hype over oil cleansing and stuff, it just clogs my pores no matter how uncomedogenic it is. I think nothing will help the dirty ass pores on my nose

No. 110616

I have horrendous nose pores. What all have you tried, anon?

No. 110618

I skimmed this thread for the first time, and have just learned about broken capillaries. I've had this small red area under my eye for a little while, thinking it was just discolouration and that it would go away on its own at /some point/… now I know it won't.

This is the price I pay for squeezing my acne. How have I never heard about this before? :(

No. 110646

File: 1551639204975.jpg (43.53 KB, 1280x720, ricci_tensor.jpg)

Can face masks be harmful if I get it in the hair area?
Drying out some important roots or whatever? Thanks.

No. 110673

depends on the mask and your scalp. E.g. salty ocean water does dry skin but can help with certain scalp issues (as long as you don't have a dry scalp). In that sense, a dead sea mud mask getting there maybe isn't bad.
Then again, I'd rather be safe than sorry and there are masks with tons of ingredients, some of which are really aggressive that I wouldn't put near my hairline. Watching your skin and how it feels after applying anything is important, too.

No. 110675

sorry, adding to that. You may want to avoid getting it into your hair but it doesn't do a lot of harm usually. Consider e.g. the effect of hair dye and bleach which is very harsh but often taken very lightly

No. 110684

I have perioral dermatitis and after strict zero therapy it healed up pretty good.

There is still a little bit of redness left on one side and sometimes a few blisters still appear, but in general it looks okayish.

I didnt go to the gym for quite some time now, because I was too scared that heat and sweat will worsen it again

But im srsly starting to go nuts

Does anybody who has had pd knows if its okay for me to start excercising again, without it completely acting up?

The past months have been hard on me and i'd seriously be devasted if it were to break out again

No. 110785

File: 1551787869063.jpeg (359.16 KB, 3300x3300, e3899782-9652-4738-9af1-d9daa0…)

Is this a good sunscreen for daily use, to prevent aging+sun damage?

At the moment, I don't really have access to the east asian brands that a lot of people online recommend.

No. 110789

Is there a good 2019 Biore sunscreen out yet?

No. 110806

What sort of ingredients should you avoid while searching for a new body soap? My skin is a little on the dry and sensitive side and I've been using the cheap stuff for too long.

No. 110810

It's what my dermatologist recommended to me but I didn't like the smell and the texture. I think it stung a bit too (esp. after exfoliation) if I recall correctly but they might have changed the formula.
Also it was hard for me to apply makeup on top of it since it would give me a chalky appearance with creases and now they're saying you have to apply sunblock thickly so that could be an issue if you want to wear makeup with it.
I wasn't a fan of it despite that my dermatologist suggested it. If you are going to buy it and they have different sizes, try the small one first.
I wish I could recommend you a different one but honestly I haven't used sunblock in years.
Here's an article about how to apply sunblock though:

No. 110824

Zero therapy as in not using anything on your face to eliminate irritants causing dermatitis or zero therapy as in whacked out Indian man convinced that sweet foods and bitter foods give you diseases because humours and magic?

No. 110871

File: 1551980903318.png (508.26 KB, 475x473, 8d28f3fa5a719e2ed0cdcb34e38fbd…)

Any experiences on using regular grocery store items as skincare products? I'm kinda on a budget and I've been looking for affordable and accessible alternatives. So far I've been using green tea as a toner, honey and sugar as a face scrub, sunflower oil (I used to use olive oil but apparently it's not good for the skin's moisture barrier) just all over as a "moisturizer", sometimes mixed with sea salt and used as a body scrub. I'm especially trying to get rid of some dehydration lines on my forehead, so I'm interested to see if the green tea and sunflower oil combination will do anything there.

No. 110872

Sugar might be a bit too rough for the skin. And whatever you do, just stay away from lemons

No. 110883

Sugar will destroy your skin, my mother looks 20 years older because she did sugar scrub masks during her teens.

Don’t do it

DYIskincare in reddit is the way to go

No. 110888

Damn, I wasn't aware of that. I looked it up and apparently it's true. Good thing I haven't done the sugar scrubs that often yet.

No. 110890

I use baking power as a exfoliator. It's much more gentle than sugar. Mix it into a paste using a small amount of water and then scrub your face with it.

No. 110916

I've seen some anons in other threads saying clean & clear is really bad, but I used morning burst pretty regularly throughout high school and never had any problems, seemed like it worked pretty well. Can't find anything solid online either. What's the deal?

No. 110922

baking soda is super alkaline, be careful with that. Tbh I'd think superfine sugar would be better than baking soda

Its not gonna destroy your skin but it can dry you out, people who are on strong actives or topical antibiotics can have issues with strong cleansers overstripping their skin or irritating it when it is delicate. If it works for you that's fine but popular consensus has moved towards recommending milder cleansers. Aside from that though Clean and Clear has products that aren't very modern and are usually very harsh. They still sell those high alcohol content toners for instance and other really harsh acne treatments despite gentler, efficacious alternatives existing now.

No. 110925

nta but it's the shape of the crystals that are the issue. superfine still has broken sugar crystals in it.

No. 110933

I've got a lot of pimples on my butt and I have no idea how to get rid of them, help farmers

No. 110935

Do you get your conditioner on your butt when you rinse?

No. 110936

Yes I do, i happen to have really long hair.

No. 110963


wash your body after you condition or pull your hair to the front to rinse it.

No. 110964

How do I get nice smooth spotless legs?

I always get ingrown hairs,strawberry legs or just random bumps and can't seem to get rid of any of them

I just wanna wear skirts without feeling so self-concious

No. 110970

Time to get it cut.

No. 110976

I used to have bumps all over my legs from shaving - this is how I solved it.

Make sure you are always shaving in a warm room (avoid goosebumps). Next - stop using shaving cream. Instead try something smoother or more lubricating. Conditioner, body butter and certain oils (the types that won’t clog pores) have worked for me. You just need to rinse your razor off more often. Don’t apply too much pressure and shave it short motions rather than long dragging motions.

Afterwards (if you didn’t use it earlier) apply lotion or body butter to your shaven skin. You don’t want it to dry out and get irritated.

Also a sharp razor is an important part of avoiding ingrown hair. So is exfoliating.

Hope this made sense! My English is especially bad in the morning.

No. 110981

Hydrating shaving cream a new razor and witch hazel.

No. 111011

Ntayrt but anon uses baking powder which isn't as harsh but is still scary enough that I won't try it.

No. 111049

File: 1552350691170.jpg (301.29 KB, 1285x1162, 201903116577422846993692724__0…)

I have a weird indentation in my right cheek, about half an inch under my orbital bone, curving with the bone. It looks like a wrinkle underneath the typical eye socket crease. If I scrunch my cheeks up, I can feel the indent even more, like it's in the muscle.

What the hell is this and how can I get rid of it? Is it a weird wrinkle, or could it be from physical trauma? I had a pretty bad black eye around half a year ago and I think the crease showed up around that time. I can't find anything at all online though…

Picture attached; put some filters on it to make it stick out more because my phone camera doesn't pick it up. It's the line in the middle. Trust me in that it's really noticable IRL.

No. 111052

File: 1552351641569.jpg (13.62 KB, 378x241, Screenshot_20190311-174658__01…)

Second pic from a more straight angle. With my already prominent eye bags the extra crease makes it look like I have shark gills on one side of my face. Fml.

No. 111058

How old are you? Have you lost any weight? It could just be aging. You could try fillers or something that "pumps" your skin.

No. 111064

I'm 23, and I haven't lost any weight.

I guess it does match fat loss under the skin that comes with aging. Now that you bring it up, that has to be what it is. Never even crossed my mind, didn't think that would effect me so young when I don't smoke or drink or anything.

Thanks for responding. Don't really want to do cosmetic procedures; think I'm too young for it and it's also just not something I would invest in for something so relatively small. Maybe when I'm a lot older. For now, going to try using retinol and stepping up my antioxidant intake.

No. 111070

I have milia and sope painful occasional pimples, is there anything for this? My esthetician recommended a peel every week (I use the ordinary's AHA - BHA solution but I haven't seen improvement (using for a whole month )

No. 111087

Do you have glasses? I had a pair of large rimmed glasses that I wore one summer and I got something almost identical under my eye because when I smiled that part of my cheek touched the glasses which were hot from the sun. By the end of the whole summer I got basically a permanent burn mark there. My mom got one similar a few years before. I don't think it was from her cheek touching the glasses though but just because the sun reflected to that point

No. 111091

Try getting the milia lanced. I had them for… ugh… two years… gross right? But after the lancing, they went away immediately.

No. 111095

File: 1552471663398.jpeg (35.2 KB, 546x546, shopping.jpeg)

This shit is a miracle in a jar if you have dehydrated skin.

No. 111096

personally I wouldn't use it, haven't seen a face cream with more silicones than this one. So it makes the skin look extremely nice but suffocates it and the bacteria grows. Wouldn't recommend if one's prone to acne.
Laureth-7 is potentially dangerous, it can release the by-product that causes cancer.

No. 111098

I've never had acne in my life, so I guess that's why it hasn't bothered me thus far. Thanks for the info about the other thing, though. I'll look into it

No. 111109

Neutrogena is the McDonalds of skincare.

No. 111171

I've been told to use retina/ol (is there a difference?) by so many people that I've decided to give it a go.

But there's just so many different information out there: some say it's against wrinkles, some say against acne (I have both). Why does everybody talk about "being able to handle it"? What happens if the dosage is too high? And what exactly does purge mean, will my skin look like shit after starting?
As far as I've understood you use it additionally, together with a normal moisturizer, so does it very drying?
I just don't want to fuck up my skin…

No. 111172

Basically, retinoids are a bit milder, whereas retinOLs are stronger. People tend to prefer retinoids because they're not as irritating but gives the same results as retinols.

You're right! There is a lot of different info out there, but the gist of retinoids/retinols is that they increase skin cell turnover, which kills off old, dead skin cells and generate new skin cells, collagen, etc. That being said, it can sometimes make your skin "release" all the clogged oil that was trapped before the old skins were turned over, etc. Does that make sense?

I'm not too sure, to be honest, as everyone's skin is a bit different. I personally haven't really noticed a purging, but it has been really helpful to decrease those pesky, hormonal, cystic acne.

Right now, I'm using TO's 2% retinol with squalane, and my skin hasn't been irritated, but that could be because I have continually used a retinoid. If you're just starting, wear a moisturizer first and then apply the retinoid after. Don't use it everyday; use it every other day (or even less) just so your skin gets used to it.

No. 111173

Thank you so much for the detailed answer, anon! Now I understand it a lot better lol
Can I ask which brand of retinoid you've used before?

No. 111174

I used to use The Ordinary (the same brand of my current retinol) Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion before Canada banned OTC retinoids. If you live in the States or Europe, you can still find them, I believe.

No. 111297

Just bought Cosrx BHA and AHA. I don't have acne but heard that they help with making skin tone more even and reducing the appearance of SFs among other things. Did I fuck up? Should I have looked for Paula's choice instead?

No. 111299

File: 1552816752248.jpg (63.45 KB, 765x1500, s-l1600.jpg)

Does your dermatologist know the PPD of that sunscreen? "Broad spectrum" is pretty vague. And I agree with >>110810. I've used that sunscreen before and "Ultra Sheer" and "Dry-touch" are complete and utter lies.

I live in bumfuck New Zealand and get my Jap sunscreens from Ebay. Haven't had any problems thus far.

Be better than Biore, anon.

No. 111300

File: 1552818770109.jpg (25.31 KB, 205x461, yay.jpg)

You should also not mix acids (AHA/BHA) with it. I use
The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion every other evening and it is not drying out my skin at all.

BHA and AHA products indeed make your skin more even and help with blackheads/big pores. I think Paula’s Choice still is the holy grail, it’s just soo expensive. I recently tried some other products because of that and still went back to PC. The products arrived one week ago and I am already in love with my skin again.

I don’t really like the COSRX BHA/AHA products. They are just not very effective. Their only good product is the Triple C Lightning Liquid imho, which I love. But if you’re a beginner and don’t have huge skin problems, you’ll perhaps like them. If not, try PC or The Ordinary, which has some great products as well and is really affordable.

No. 111301

Thanks anon. But what do you mean by not very effective? Will I not see changes, or just not as quickly as PC?

No. 111308

They're just very mild. The BHA CosRX uses is betaine salicylate, which is much gentler than the salicylic acid used in western BHAs. They're probably a good idea if you're completely new to acids. It's just you might need something with a bit more oomph later on.

No. 111309

Dropped all of my usually cleansers, and started using a plain bar of soap (dove sensitive or whatever). Using a lot more moisturizers, no spot treating acne, and sunscreen. I also bought a 40 OZ hydro to encourage myself to drink more water. Skin is doing a lot better, and my oil production is at the lowest it's ever been.
Is the bar of soap stupid as hell? I just worry about issues I'm potentially creating for the future.
They say, "don't fix what's not broke."
But I'm not sure if it's ok.

No. 111310

File: 1552838295466.jpeg (96.68 KB, 1200x675, PS50_Featurelead.0.jpeg)

I have been using Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 non-phenol formula for about a month now and holy shit it is life changing. I thought it was going to do nothing and was only hype but it has changed my skin completely. My stubborn red spots from acne are gone completely and my skin feels so soft. Light wrinkles I had around my mouth are barely visible. I haven't gotten a single zit in weeks

It's expensive but 100% worth it IMO. You can get a small bottle which will last anywhere from 1-3 months depending on how often you use it and how much you use for about $30.

No. 111320

Alright, thank you.

No. 111330

Diet always helps. What's it like rn? Try to go for a Paleo diet.

No. 111333

>suggesting meme diets instead of calling out specific food groups that liekly contribute to acne

No. 111343

File: 1552887234261.jpg (76.12 KB, 1000x1000, s-l1600.jpg)

I recently got a couple of the Rohto Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence and while it's decent I felt it hasn't quite lived up to the skin tone changing hype. And while the texture isn't anywhere near terrible, it kind of pales in comparison to many other Japanese sunscreens including Biore. Anyone else tried this? What's the verdict?

No. 111363

"Avoid overprocessed foods,dairy, and grains"
It targets all the food groups that cause acne lol. Besides you don't have to strictly follow it, it's just a good rule to follow.

No. 111364

So I got a prescription for tretinoin for my acne but I've seen it works for anti-aging as well. Is there anyway that it could help with my forehead lines if they're pronounced like the picture attached? Pic isn't me but just one I found off of google.

No. 111365

File: 1552936099201.jpg (410.26 KB, 745x433, 8d0972f0a85611e790ceff5ffa94cc…)

Whoops I posted without attaching the picture. Here's what they look like.

No. 111366

nta but do you know what paleo diet is?

No. 111369

Reccomendations from the body shop? Its a UK brand i think its available in america. Is it a good brand, or is it over priced? Their styff smells real good but im nervous to buy it incase its just nice smelling and not realy that beneficial

No. 111375

It's better to avoid (most) soaps for your face since they have a high pH (basic) while your face has a more acidic pH, or even neutral. That's just the general thing I can say about soaps, though some people have used more specialty soaps (ie. black soap, honey glycerine, etc) with degrees of success.

No. 111376

A meme?

No. 111382

I've been using Retin-A 0.1% for about a year now and the only thing that fixed my wrinkles on my forehead was Botox.

In any case, I don't think Retin-A can fix your forehead wrinkles when you scrunch up like that, but it may lessen some of the ones at rest.

No. 111395

You might want to look into matrixyl, since those look like dynamic wrinkles rather than the static kind.
Deciem makes affordable ones.

No. 111403

friendly reminder to keep up with your routine if it works for you!

sincerely, a dumb anon who stopped for 2 days out of a laziness binge and now has a face full of acne.

No. 111432

For a long time I just used the unscented dove soap and ponds dry skin cream and my skin looked beautiful. I have since switched to doing the caveman regimen but the dove and ponds worked nicely

No. 111452

Any good, affordable sun cream specifically for your face that is pretty strong?
I currently use the vichy velvety face 50 spf stuff but my pores are feeling fairly clogged, not sure if I should get another or this is just the norm

No. 111458

etude house airy sun milk:

Not sure if that's what you're looking for but I love mine

No. 111473

I'm going to korea in April. Does anyone have recommend any skincare products to pick up? I have sensitive skin and mostly concerned with dark circles, blackheads and dullness

No. 111475

Heimish all clean green foam is a cleanser for sensitive skin. Have fun in Korea.

No. 111482

Go to Olive Young, get:
Hada Labo's Gokujun Cleansing Oil
Is Tree's Hyaluronic acid toner
Hada Labo's Rohto Gokujun Perfect Gel

and for masks, the Mediheal brand as well as the boH brand masks.

I have the same issues and my skin went from dull as shit with clogged pores to glowing and clear within 2 weeks.

I also recommend TonyMoly's black tea foaming cleanser as it doesn't leave me feeling dry.

No. 111512

Thanks anon! I'll give it a go on payday.

No. 111513


Thanks a lot anons!! I'll be sure to look for those. I didn't know olive young carried hadolabo but I've always wanted to try out their products!

No. 111523

Any tips for dealing with very dry skin on my nose in winter?
Rest of my face is fine with my normal routine, but the skin on my nose really suffers in the cold weather.

No. 111547

You could apply dimethicone primer after moisturizing and putting on sunscreen.

No. 111570

does anyone know how to get rid of those brown dots along the lip line?

No. 111578

Shea butter.

No. 111584

Sounds like you need an occlusive. Vaseline is one you might already have at home (and true vaseline is non comedogenic). Or look into cerave's moisturizing cream. Oils are a good idea too.

Try googling different kinds of occlusives. Only thing is because a lot of them are heavy and will make you look oily, you might just wanna use them before you go to bed instead of during the day.

No. 111589

I have acne and have been prescribed Retin-A and clindamycin alcohol as topicals.
My skin care routine is just:
- CeraVe Gentle Cleanser
- Clindamycin (morning and night)
- Retin-A on spots (night, usually every other night if I can)
- Vanicream Lite Lotion Moisturizer

My skin is really drying out and is flaking from the prescriptions. I was wondering if there's some way that I could combat that but not buy a bunch of products as I want to keep the routine minimal while I'm getting treated.

The moisturizer helps my skin from feeling tight and I've done an Aztec Healing Clay mask once a week to 'clean' my pores. But I still have so much dead skin that the other day I gave in and scrubbed my face with a charcoal sugar exfoliating scrub from Freeman. I've heard that sugar scrubs are bad but it really helped as I immediately could see after exfoliating that I had pimples that I couldn't see before due to the skin build-up.

Is there a better way to do this, or should I make a change to my routine? I'm using the prescriptions as my doctor recommended btw.

No. 111636

I never really did much skincare stuff until a year or so ago.
right now i do
morning: cleanser, salycilic pads, benzoyl peroxide, then moisturizer w/ sunscreen
night: salicilic pads, moisturizer

Sometimes if my skin gets a bit dry I'll skip the benzoyl peroxide for a couple days or only do it every other day for a week. I guess my skin is fine(my bacne is mostly cleared up) but I don't really know where to go from here to make it nicer. Like I've heard about masks and stuff but I don't even know where to begin with that and it took me so long to find out what to do the first time

No. 111641

File: 1553352967971.png (111.83 KB, 477x556, clindamycin.png)

I'd say to use clindamycin less, start by once a day.

No. 111643

What kind of things were you wanting to improve on though?

No. 111695

I'd omit the Aztec clay mask since it's so strong and drying. The scrubs are really not that bad but you might be interested in the newer st Ives scrubs with hydrated silica, they can be gentler than sugar scrubs.

You can buffer retin-a, meaning you apply lotion first and then the retin-a on top of the moisturizer. I think applying it every 3 days like that is a good way for beginners to ease into it.

Gonna be honest but I've had such good results from retin a alone that I'd suggest cutting back on the clindamycin instead. Instead of applying nightly apply it only during the day using your retin-a at night.

No. 111728

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out and see how it works out.
Do you care to elaborate on what results you've had with Retin-A? I'm interested to know how it's helped other people since I've only been using it for like three weeks but haven't noticed anything yet except my skin peeling. I've been breaking out on my chin/jaw where I typically hardly break out in comparison to my forehead.

No. 111731

It just makes your skin texture so fucking smooth and your complexion look incredibly even. I love it. Granted I use a higher strength and wear it daily but I worked up to that. I peeled for about 2-3 weeks but wasn't using anything else harsh and wore sunscreen every day. Strangely I find I peel less If I use it daily compared to every few days but your mileage will vary.

No. 111734

I just started accutane and I need recommendations for good moisturizers and calming face toners because my face literally fucking burns if I use the same moisturizer I used to use before starting accutane

No. 111735

nta but what retin-a are you using? I tried the ordinary's 0.2 retinol a while back but it didn't do much besides irritating my skin. I'm using Paula's choices bha liquid for like a year now and, while my face is as acne free as it has ever been rn, I'm very expressive with my eyebrows and my baby forehead wrinkles scare me kek

No. 111737

I just started using Paula's Choice calming facial toner, it's specifically made for sensitive and very dry skin. It doesn't dry out my skin and leaves a sort of silky hydrated feel different from any other toner I've used. Also go for moisturizers without any fragrance if you aren't already, and the least amount of harsh chemicals the better. I have pretty sensitive/reactive + dry skin and am super picky about what I can use and I usually find richer non fragranced stuff works best.

I've tried First Aid Beauty's ultra repair cream and now I use paula's choice retinol barrier repair moisturizer (not sure if you wanna use a retinol on top of accutane though). FABs moisturizer is pretty gentle and has colloidal oatmeal in it iirc which helps to sooth the skin even more, it's a more creamy not as thick moisturizer. It kinda leaves this weird feeling on my skin for me though so I go in with an occlusive afterwards when I do use it just to seal everything in and help it sink in a little better. Cerave's moisturizing cream is super rich and thick and will help keep the moisture from leaving your skin if you use it after moisturizer, occlusives like this aren't really meant to soak into the skin like a normal moisturizer though so it's more of a nighttime final step kinda thing.

Oils aren't a bad idea either. Grapeseed and evening primrose sooth my skin SO well when it's flaring up or especially dry.

No. 111755

File: 1553527988435.jpg (37.96 KB, 665x503, oDA5xTX.jpg)

How much do you guys usually pay for microneedling?
I talked to an aesthetician and they told me that for my acne scars (very very mild, just a lot of PIH) I need 8mm needles and anesthetics. Is that bull? They recommended a peeling that would cost me 700 bucks instead.
Should I talk to someone else?

No. 111868

For that amount of money you might as well get IPL.

No. 111964

Can you use hyaluronic acid without putting moisturiser on afterwards, but just adding sun protection? Moisturiser on top of it clogs me tf up but I dont know anyone who doesn't use like 7 other things with their hyaluronic acid or serums or shit

No. 112131

No don't trust her and don't spend your money on a 700$ peeling. Go see someone else

No. 112326

This thread is awesome. I have a question for based skincare anon-sama.

I recently hit 27 and got off contraceptives. My skin dramatically worsened and I got diagnozed with PCOS.

I'm currently 2 months on Zalna (klindamicin 10mg, tretinoin 0.25mg per g) and my acne improved significantly and scars started fading slowly. I'm very concerned the breakout will get worse as soon as I get off Zalna treatment. Did some PCOS research and cleaned up my diet a bit, but I'm wondering if theres specific products you'd recommend me to help keep up better skin? I also have mild seborrheic dermatitis, so my current product list is as follows;

Avene Antirougeurs Cleansing Lotion
Ducray Kelual DS Cream
Biore Watery Gel SPF 50
HadaLabo Moisturizing Lotion
(Used Paula's Choice BHA 2% and AHA 8% when I wasn't on Zalna)

I'm struggling to find a moisturizer that won't make me oily. Basically my skin is criminally dry after shower, but becomes disgustingly oily in the middle of the day. To top everything off I developed a vertical frown line bump between my brows and it's really prominent and driving me insane. Idk what to do about it, but squishing my face against the pillow during sleep seems to be a big problem.

No. 112331

>To top everything off I developed a vertical frown line bump between my brows and it's really prominent and driving me insane. Idk what to do about it, but squishing my face against the pillow during sleep seems to be a big problem.

Invest in silk pillowcases, anon. Not only do they absorb far less oil, they are less abrasive on the skin, so help with preventing wrinkles.

No. 112336

No, because if you don't have anything to seal the HA in, it can actually rob you of your moisture barrier as it dries. Sounds crazy but it's true. Use a quick barrier cream after your HA and you should be good without anything else if you want to go minimal.

No. 112343

… Is this why my HA always peels?

No. 112351

Do you mean pilling? It’s becsuse something in your skincare products is reacting to another ingredient in another. Silicone does this to me. It could also be that you’re not waiting for products to be properly absorbed into your skin

No. 112385

File: 1554268276210.png (18.91 KB, 128x128, tumblr_inline_plavvwK1ox1rfvc1…)

I never even considered this, wow! My skin has been getting drier and drier since I added HA to my routine and I literally never thought it could be causing it, I'm so dumb…thanks anon!

I break out at the fucking drop of a hat so most moisturizers terrify me, but I really need to give it a shot. Any recommendations for a moisturizer I can pop on over it?

No. 113019

Any recommendations for k-beauty products for oily/sensitive skin?

No. 113032

What do you guys use for the skin on your feet? Any recs for foot creams? I have calluses on my big toes, they're not very visible or big so I just wanna use something to soften the skin. I have a pumice stone but it's cheap and I don't think it's working very well.

No. 113034

Depends on your skin condition and climate you live in. If you live in a humid place it's fine but if you live in a dry area consider some other humectant like glycerin. Never use HA on its own (it should be in a cream that has other moisturising ingredients) and if you use a sunscreen with lots of alcohol and no moisturising agents that's NG.

No. 113035


Also interested in an answer to this. Pumice stones never worked very well for me, either.

No. 113036


What's NG?

No. 113047

Any idea of what to do against very oily skin? I wake up everyday with a literal greasy face and it makes me selfconscious to the point that I refuse to sleep with my partner.
My derm doesn't know what the fuck to do with oily skin and only gives me a meme soap that dries the oil temporarily, but I can literally have the same effect by washing my face with water or applying powder. I want something that can adjust the sebum levels and bring them to normal levels, permanently.

No. 113048

The pumice stone is usually not enough for me. I have a tool like this that works much better than the stone. If your calluses are reeeally bad you can always shave/cut them off but be careful!

No. 113057

File: 1555172604484.jpeg (137.3 KB, 1200x628, B1D3555D-74C1-4D24-8251-177CA4…)

Any recommendations for self-tanner that won’t have me looking like Donald Trump? I’m one of those ghostly pale people that can’t even find makeup fair enough at the drugstore (NARS Siberia for reference). I want to foray into fake baking but not sure I’m willing to dish $50/month or whatever it costs to go do it professionally, and even if I did I have no idea where I’d begin.

No. 113058

File: 1555173228869.jpg (352.2 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20190413-113324_Chr…)

Oops forgot to attach!

No. 113059

File: 1555174012000.jpeg (17.08 KB, 450x450, 0454bc17-92c4-4662-a23e-038a29…)

I'd look into one of those fake tan moisturizers like the ones Jergens makes (pic related). I think it gives a natural look without being cheeto dusty and definitely the most cost effective option

No. 113060

File: 1555174599878.jpg (71.83 KB, 600x800, 3a67a28e7280bd062ab59fe6b6324b…)

have you had any issue with streaking or missing spots? i've been actually considering the jergen's wet skin+firming for fair skin but i'm not sure if i need to go all out and get like the mitt and all that? i know you need to exfoliate beforehand at least.

No. 113063

To be honest I haven't used it in a really long time so I don't really remember but it's a pretty subtle/gradual color so it's much more forgiving if you miss a spot. I don't ever remember it streaking on me but I didn't use very much, only a light layer or two so I had a nice subtle glow and didn't look like a corpse lol. I don't think a mitt would be necessary, just don't be too sloppy and make sure you're getting even coverage

No. 113065

thanks! did you use it on your face as well or a different product?

No. 113075

no I never did, I have really sensitive acne prone skin and I try to avoid putting shit on it as much as possible, I just used bronzer to bring color to my face. Jergens does make a specific face version of the natural glow moisturizer though, seems like it has good reviews

No. 113077

Had nice skin with zero spots for months, then got two monstrous ones on my chin, then a ton of tiny tiny ones scattered around there, and now more deep under the skin ones and ones with heads keep multiplying and appearing every time I look in the mirror theres like two more. I eat healthy, exercise, and have made no changes really so idk what the fuck went wrong.

No. 113089

Ooh I actually have one of those, is there a specific order you should use the different sides in?

No. 113138

i think you use the file first and the brush second. i believe with the metal files they say to use them on dry skin so you don't cut your healthy skin off, but i've only used pumice so don't quote me on that.

No. 113139

Do you guys wash your face once or twice a day? I can never seem to decide what's best for me so I'm hoping I can get some advice on what's best in the long run. I've heard people who are prone to acne should probably wash twice a day, but then there are people who say their acne cleared up once they started washing once a day instead of twice.

My skin isn't too bad, I get a few pimples here and there but it's nothing crazy. I wish the pores in my t-zone weren't as noticeable (I know there's nothing that can be done about the size of them, but I would like to lesson the appearance somehow. I've heard that the more hydrated your face is, the less noticeable your pores are? Not sure if this is true). I don't wear makeup, just sunscreen daily. Right now I wash twice a day (I use moisturizer after) but I feel like it might be unnecessary and could potentially damage/dry out my skin in the long run. What are your guys' thoughts?

No. 113141

I only do it in the evening to be on the safe side. I don't have acne anymore but I'll take the occasional pimple over dry skin any day, anti aging is more of a priority now.

I did just buy Ponds cold cream though and I'm amazed at how rich and moisturizing it is when you cleanse with it, so I might use it in the mornings.

No. 113142

I personally use a cleanser and exfoliator at night with a night cream, then I use a face wipe in the morning before I apply a moisturiser + sunscreen. :)
It is possible to wash your face too much.

No. 113146

Morning and evening. Depending how often you wash your bedding it’s possible to get dirt from your pillows on your face while sleeping.

No. 113147


honestly it's more important that you keep your hands out of your face, hydrate externally and internally and change your pillowcase every week. avoid sls's and alcohol in skincare products and get a water based moisturizer, since silicone based can be really rough on your skin.
for minimizing your pores appareance, i would recommend either a lactid acid (5% at most) or a BHA acid. i use mine from time to time and my pores are tiny, so it's a good exfoliator, you don't really need a face scrub or things like that.

when it comes to oils, they can hydrate even better when layering with a moisturizer, as to look in the hydration. essentials oils are a no go and stay away from anything with perfume in it. rose hip oil and safflower oil are cheap and last for a long time. just use them 2-3 times a week.

and you shouldn't really wash your face with anything but water in the morning, as you'll rid the skin of its natural oils and dry it out faster.
i only wash my face in the evening where i can take my time and really go into depth and use the serums and oils as i need.

No. 113176


Thanks for all of these tips! If you had to choose between the lactic acid and BHA which one do you recommend? Also, do you apply it over your entire face or just the areas that are prone to having more noticeable pores? I tried an acid exfoliator once (Strata Soft Touch AHA) and it dried out my skin horribly so I'm kinda nervous about trying acids again… I hear so many good things about them though and I'd do anything at this point to minimize the appearance of my pores.

Thanks for the oil recommendations I'll look into them.

No. 113184

File: 1555363750535.png (45.26 KB, 533x900, rdn-aha-30pct-bha-2pct-peeling…)

NTA but I swear by the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution by TheOrdinary and I've seen a huge difference with my pores. They have an inexpensive lactic acid too, but it can be a lot harsher (in my experience). I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and use their lactic acid solution for that, but it's too harsh for my face.

No. 113185

What do you recommend for KP?

No. 113187

File: 1555364460974.jpg (29.42 KB, 283x500, 41dQY9FzKCL.jpg)

I use the 10% LA from TheOrdinary (it's a small bottle but it's only like $7 so that's nice) and another lifesaver (for me) is using an exfoliating cloth/towel in the shower. The one in the pic is what I use and they're like $5 on amazon, but be forewarned it is an intense exfoliant lol they might have slightly smoother grains if you're concerned about it being too rough, but it really helps the KP (for me). I use the original Hempz body lotion after the LA dries but I don't think that really makes a difference in my skin, you just want to make sure you're moisturizing after exfoliating and I like the smell of it lol. If you're really sun sensitive I would use a sunscreen lotion after the LA instead because all of those acids make you more prone to burning, etc.

No. 113205


What face wipe do you use?

What do other anons use? I am looking for something that won't be too irritating as I am acne prone but I feel like I need to wash my face in the morning before sunscreen and makeup but feel like I have to wash my face to do this…

No. 113206

I personally just use witch hazel and a cotton pad, there are hardly any makeup wipes I’ve found that don’t make me feel sticky afterward

No. 113238


you're welcome! i use a lactid acid from the ordinary and sometimes i like to use some witch hazel serum if my skin feels unclear. i apply it all over my face and down my neck, i don't wash it off or anything. at first you do have to build up a tolerance, so you start off 2 times a week with it on for like 1 hour, then cleanse. it only takes a few times for your skin to be able to tolerate it fx overnight and such.

snail serum and hyaluronic acid/serums are wonders for any skin and i can also recommend carrot oil for a deep moisturizing feeling.

No. 113240

Either QV wipes which are very basic or anything in the neutrogena hydroboost range.

No. 113261

File: 1555434820060.jpg (92.53 KB, 704x1154, IMG_20190416_121238.jpg)

Guys, does this work?

No. 113270

i've never used it, but looking at the ingredients it's basically just witch hazel, some essential oils, caffeine and salicylic acid. so no miracle ingredients or anything, but a lot of people like SA for blemishes (it's not as great for my skin personally).

No. 113289


Thank you, anon. Do you think $18 is a good price or nah.

No. 113293

File: 1555458910461.jpeg (23.33 KB, 600x900, 31571805_000_b.jpeg)

I haven't used this, but can vouch for Mario Badescu's drying lotion which I assume has the same intended effect (get pimples to go away). It's priced similarly.

No. 113348

Help anons, I search for a good sunscreen that I can wear during exercises without feeling greasy and white mask effect. Also, I search for some good anti-aging eye cream. Any recommendations? It can be Asian (Korean or Japanese) cosmetics.

No. 113362

Should I use my burt's bees complexion stick before or after moisturizing?

No. 113381

I've been mostly following Byrdie's skincare routine for combination skin [ https://www.byrdie.com/daily-skincare-routine ] with pretty great results, especially as I've ditched all parabens, silicones, sulfates, etc.

I want to move beyond the basic cleanse-tone-moisturize and start to add the aha/bha serum and the retinol/retinoid, as I start to age. Does anyone have any advice on paraben-free, sulfate-free, etc/all natural products of this nature? And which work best with combination skin?

Also is that aztec clay mask a meme or not?

No. 113383

Biore watery gel sunscreen
Nivea Sun Protect Super Water Gel SPF 50/PA+++
I use nivea right now.
Aztec claymask works but it will clog your drain. I don't think it's needed unless you have acne or something. AHA / BHA should help keep your skin clear if you have a bit of blackheads.
I have combination skin as well. The rule of thumb is to know not all areas of your face need the same treatment or moisture.

No. 113391

I used it before moisturize, let it fully set at least 5m, applied moisturizer and then added a bit on top. Maybe it was overkill but I had like 3-4 severe cystic acnes on my cheek and it helped clear them up in about a week.

No. 113396

Really suffering lately bc of my forehead.
It’s breaking out in these weird bumps, like goosebumps, and I’ve beem getting more fine lines in that area suddenly. It’s also dryer on more forehead area. The texture is just awful. I’ve never had this problem with my forehead before. My skin everywhere else (on my face) is great

Does any know what could be causing this? The fine lines are really bugging me and I’m seriously considering jumping the gun and getting botox soon

No. 113440

I have problems with my forehead too, it's prone to dryness in the middle and oiliness at the hairline. I think it's just naturally like that, but I also assume it's partly because of my hair. Obviously it can get greasy, and I use dry shampoo in my bangs which I think is causing some dryness in my skin too.

Sorry no real answers for you, I'm just doubling up on the moisturizing.

No. 113446

>bumps like goosebumps
Those are clogged pores, most likely. Maybe it's only on your forehead because only this area is prone to clogging for you. If it's also dry it's probably your problematic area in general. Check your skincare - do you use a lot of cosmetics with comedogenic ingredients(clogging)? Do you use too much of anti-acne "for oily skin" products with alcohol in it(over-drying the skin)?
Try moisturizing more intensely, for example use hialuronic acid before moisturizer (or mix the two). Drink more water, less alcohol, eat less sweets/sugar. And for the bumps to disappear faster, use acid exfoliants like AHA/BHA peeling from The Ordinary (but remember to use sun protection if you don't already).

No. 113674

For the most part, my skin has cleared up and been pretty good. But the past week I've been breaking out and my skin feels irritated and dry. Like scaly and itchy, with some acne. I want to pamper it but I don't know what to use. I feel like I need some extra moisture. Does anyone have any recs?

No. 113773

idk if any of you had the same experience as i am but i need another opinion besides my own that is really shady and can be dangerous to an extent to the client or patient.

Okay, so I have a nasty breakout and have had acne for my entire teen years so i was introduced to this dermatologist two years ago and while i was hesitant i was willing to change my face to a cleaner and less of a trash look.

Anyways, she recommended a lot of products and so my mom and i was willing to buy all of those if it helps but once i saw the packaging of the products i became hesitant. The bottles were white, a simple paper glued to it with names cream and lotions and etc but there weren't a list of ingredients, any indication that the product was safe to use and etc.

While I was reluctant to use it, my mother forced me and a few weeks later it bear great results. My face was clear, less oily that it used be and etc. However, as months passed by and my face was acne free. The products became irritating to use, like it burns my face and sometimes turns it red. I even have to sit down and close my eyes because it was unbearable for a few second then i apply it once again.

I managed to stop using the products the dermatologists gave me, never even bothering to come back for another appointment. Idk why im spouting all of this but i guess i need to let it all out in my chest.

I bought drugstore products since then and while it's a trial and error kind of situation i began to learn more and more about skincare and etc. So yeah, thanks for reading or not.

No. 113774

>>113674 how about cetaphil's Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15? cetaphil is safe to use even to the most sensitive of skin

No. 113786

I second this, it's the only moisturizer that doesn't break me out. Even helped with cheek acne, actually.

No. 113789

I don’t have any skin care products except a sensitive skin moisturizer. However my skin is in terrible condition and after doing a lot of research it seems I have oily skin that is severely dehydrated.

My question is: if I can’t afford all the skin care products I need - which should I start with? I can buy maybe one product up to 30 bucks the next two months.

Should invest in moisturizer first? Or maybe the acids first?

No. 113808

>>113789 try cleanser first to be honest with that 30 bucks alone you can afford great drugstore products near you… try cetaphil's oily skin cleanser since that's the only thing i can think of for oily skin. I'm not so much sure on how many times you can use it though since i haven't used it myself… but try

No. 113821

File: 1556288409586.jpg (17.33 KB, 500x679, 61i-i6CA7iL._SY679_.jpg)

Is there a good body sunscreen? I might be working outside again at my summer job and I want to prepare myself just in case it gets too hot for me to wear my uv hoodie from uniqlo.

I know Riemann helped me last summer, but I didn't like how it stained clothes. I'm eyeing the supergoop because it comes in a large size. It may be a bit pricy for the biggest size, but it's cheaper compared to the bottles of Riemann I spent on last summer.

No. 113828

>>113821 hi anon! I'm not so much familiar with sunscreen to be honest since I rarely used it but I'm giving you a link on the best sunscreen for 2019 and the importance and the correct application of sunscreen as well… I could also be bias but I've used other products from neutrogena and their products are great too… https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/anti-aging/g1288/best-sunscreens/

No. 113961

The 2019 ratings aren't in yet, but the Consumer Reports sunscreen ratings from last year are how I decided.
I bought all three recommended sunscreens from 2018.https://www.webmd.com/melanoma-skin-cancer/news/20180511/consumer-reports-ranks-top-sunscreens-for-2018
>All the recommended products scored 81 or higher overall and were rated excellent or very good for UVA and UVB protection:
>La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-in Sunscreen Milk SPF 60 ($36, or $7.20 an ounce, score of 100).
>Equate Sport Lotion SPF 50 ($5, or 63 cents an ounce, score of 99). Also a ''best buy."
>BullFrog Land Sport Quik Gel SPF 50 ($8.50, or $1.70 cents an ounce, score of 95)
The La Roche-Posay was purchased for my face, but I ended up hating the feel and use the Biore Sarasara Perfect Milk. It's fine for the rest of the body, but pricey compared to the other options.
I bought the Equate Sport and the Bullfrog for myself, my brother, and my boyfriend. They both preferred the Bullfrog because the texture is unlike most sunscreens, and not greasy. I like both and will use the Equate more often in the morning because I have a huge pump bottle in the bathroom. It's a little greasy like any lotion, but nothing awful. It's fine for keeping your hands and other skin protected. None of the sunscreens have been difficult to get out in the wash, and I've never had to use any stain treatment.

No. 113993

File: 1556540403664.jpeg (74.31 KB, 658x1200, 5061B240-8625-4669-A0D8-E1B636…)

idk if this is available outside of sweden but this is hands-down my new favorite sunscreen — it’s gentle enough to use on the face, the mousse doesn’t streak or make you feel greasy and absorbs quickly + is easy to distribute evenly, and the bottle lasts for a really really long time. it’s been a lifesaver for me.

i use the kids’ version because i’m extra sensitive and the bottle is bigger but there’s an adult version too.

No. 113997

Farmers! Gonna be stupid, but can I transform my micellar cleansing milk from one bottle (original one) to the other?

No. 113998

Yes anon

No. 114003

Thank you dear! I am so sorry for such silly question.

No. 114293

Anons, do you know of a way to safely extract blemishes in a way that's better than popping pimples with your fingers? I know it increases risk of infection and scarring but I had one that literally did not go away for a month or more with treatment until I extracted it. I had several other spots that disappeared in that same time using the same treatment.
Side note: I started using small amounts of tea tree oil and it has been a godsend for shrinking pimples quickly along with my usual regimen! Just use it with moisturizer/oil and in very small amounts.

No. 114302

File: 1556955316389.jpg (14.7 KB, 280x300, arthritis-trigger-finger_trigg…)


tbh, I use the back of my index fingers in a trigger hold to squeeze like in pic related (only example I could find to explain what I mean) I use them like you would the tips of your index fingers. it feels a bit more hygienic to me but I don't know. If it's really small pimple, I gently squeeze with q-tips. I know it's better to just leave them but they heal faster when I pop them so cbf waiting and I haven't had scarring before but that's just me.

No. 114327

Anyone have any good drugstore moisturizer recommendations? I’m just looking for something really basic but theres so many idk which one to try. Ive been using argan oil but its a fucking mess and it doesn’t seem to be doing much for me anymore

No. 114329

File: 1556981892407.jpg (26.22 KB, 488x658, 057165a5f3376e9eca297e5094abe4…)

I'm really into this stuff lately. It has a white cast which I personally like a lot since I have a fair but sometimes uneven skintone. The non-spf Cetaphil daily moisturizer is also very nice imo.

No. 114367

for a few days now i have this underlying pimple(?) that won't suface, there's a noticeable bump but i obviously can't pop it since it's too deep. It doesn't hurt but it's bothering me

No. 114462

Any of you girls have suggestions for fading old stretchmarks? I have a great bum/thighs otherwise but it's ruined by them. I've heard moisturisers, Bio-oil, retinol, work, as do laser and chemical peels. I want something I can do at home without a ton of fuss so the latter two aren't my first choices.

No. 114470

I do the >>114302 thing as well just with tissue wrapped around my fingers, and apply tea tree or whatever afterwards. Mine also dont go away unless I pop the stupid things. Sometimes if I'm worried that the stuff will seep out i put a tiny band aid on it, especially when I sleep

Where is it anon? I get those sort of things on my chin around period time or something similar, like a welt, with my allergies.

On another note, my skin was great for months and then I got this insanely stubborn patch of awful and noticable spots of varying sizes on the side of my chin. I tried EVERYTHING and couldnt get them to subside, another one would pop up within a few hours and it was so annoying. I ended up finding a master sheet on how you can actually have fungal acne rather than bacterial. I am an anon from the hair thread who has sebhorreic dermatitis, basically permanently in the beginning stage of dandruff where your scalp is oily and waxy as fuck. Which is exactly what also happened to my face. Now I use anti dandruff mens shampoo on my hair and my face and I shit you not, it's going away. Turns out theres a list of stuff like fatty acids and most oils you need to avoid for it, and shit like zinc and squalene is great. If you have stubborn acne I'm gonna link the blog here because I'm so fucking grateful I stumbled on it and it's really thorough on products


I even started using a thin layer of vaseline as an occlusive, something I would never have done before, and it's fantastic

No. 114476

I've tried everythingggg to get rid of my chapped lips, vitamin e, b vitamins, b12 shots, chapstick, scrubs, oils etc etc. But they never go away. It's my biggest insecurity tbh. Does anyone else have chronic chapped lips? Or any tips? My lips have been like this since i was a kid

No. 114483

do you drink enough water or drink a lot of alcohol? cutting back on booze fixed my chronic chapped lips.

No. 114487

Lanolin saved mine. It's in a tube and usually for breastfeeding mothers but I put it on my lips over night and it works wonders. (I also tried a lip product with lanolin in it but it wasnt as good)

No. 114489

Do you live in a really dry climate? You could look into getting a humidifier for your room to get some moisture. And of course drink lots of water.

Something that worked really well for me was applying a few thin layers of hyaluronic acid to my lips at night and then sealing it in with Aquaphor.

No. 114502

I've heard good things about dermarolling for scars and stretch marks. Since yours are on more meatier parts, you can probably get away with a longer (more effective) needle, but read up on it. You can find some people have had amazing results.

No. 114503

your toothpaste might be too strong for your lips. try switching to a toothpaste without sulfates and see if that helps!

not sure if you've used it before, but aquaphor lip therapy (i think that's what it's called) is really great. i use it every night and i live in a dry climate.

No. 114544

Anyone have recommendations for good retinol products?

No. 114545

File: 1557406518054.jpeg (345.73 KB, 2048x2048, ED4324A6-571F-4BAF-A701-8F7D37…)

Splurge: Paula’s choice retinol serum
Budget: ordinary retinol 1% (they have different percentages depending on your skin)

No. 114556

File: 1557435896340.png (285.66 KB, 496x958, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 5.03…)

Any of you anons try this face wash? I bought it last night and for the first use I really like it! My skin has been hectically dry lately, even with putting moisturizer on it (I think it's because my other cleanser was specifically for acne, but my acne has calmed significantly since I bought it half a year ago.) I'm just curious to know your experiences with it!

No. 114713

does anyone here use evening primrose oil? i've been taking tabs for it for a little over 2 weeks and i can't tell if it's helping my skin or just making me break out more. i've heard it does wonders for most people.

No. 114716

Hit or miss, it worked for me for about a month but the month after that I still had a hormonal breakout and monster cramps/flow.
It really is the sort of thing you have to try yourself. Hope it ends up working for you!

No. 114736

File: 1557735456923.jpeg (19.94 KB, 400x305, C73E2AEF-E2B1-46A3-B81C-6992C3…)

Posting this from my phone so hopefully the image shows.

But I have discoloration above my mouth, near my nostrils just like the picture above. I hate foundation/makeup but want to be more confident with my bare face as the redness really stands out against my super pale skin. Other than this, my skin on my bare face is pretty even except for my deep eye circles as a result of genetics.

Is there any way to get this area more even? Like a product that could potentially lighten this area specifically?

And I guess also, maybe if there’s something that might lighten purple circles under ones eyes. I know my bone structure is probably to blame but if I can minimize the prominence of my under eyes without resorting to filler or makeup then even the smallest difference would make me so happy.

No. 114909

The eye circle caused by deep set eyes/low facial fat around eyes… you can circumvent with plumping products under the eye but nothing will work as well as fillers.

The redness depends on what it is caused by. Seborrheic dermatitis is a pretty common culprit for that and there's a fuckton of literature on what can be done about it. Basically you're gonna need antifungals and stop using things that could be feeding the fungus on your face. Fun!Might also be sensitivity or surface redness, but it being around the nose makes me think it's SB.

No. 114933

So I've tried everything OTC related to skincare since I was a teenager, tried the anti-fungal shampoo on face, tried an elimination diet for a month, and my acne hasn't budged. In over a decade, it hasn't gotten worse, it hasn't gotten better, it just cycles through like 5-10 zits on each side under my cheekbones. It's not lifestyle because I change pillowcases every two days after flipping once, I wash towels every two days, I change the sheets and wipe down stuff I touch every week. It's not touching because I rest my hands under my chin, and I don't get acne there. I am so so so frustrated. I've put off seeing a dermatologist because I have no insurance, but I guess I have to save up and go. Should I tell them what I've eliminated as possibilities? I'm guessing it's both hormonal and genetic since my dad had really bad acne too, should I tell them my suspicions? Or would it just not be helpful to their diagnosing process? I'm nervous about the cost too..

No. 114938

I hate to say it because I'm avoiding it myself (currently trying antifungal routine), but accutane might be your only choice. It's a miracle for many although it dries you out and may trigger depression amongst other risks.
So yes, save up for the derm if it's that meaningful for you.

No. 114943

Best of luck to your anti-fungal trials! I feel like Accutane might be a bit overkill since I'm definitely not as bad as those before/after pics. Hopefully they'll prescribe something else, because I'm a little wary of it.

No. 114947

This probably isn't the case for you, but I've always had patches of acne under my cheekbones and along my jawline and was recently diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Since I started inhaling menthol and steam daily and doing sinus clearing massages the acne has pretty much disappeared (the scarring hasn't though, RIP). It's a long shot but it might also be the case for you so I thought I'd mention it. Good luck!

No. 114949

Wow I should try this actually. I have a birth defect which blocks my right nostril and makes it really hard to breathe through my nose. I didn't know it could be tied to acne. It's worth a shot! Thanks!

No. 114952

NTA, I'm doing an antifungal overhaul too, so far it seems to have helped already. My sunscreen contains stearic acid which bums me the fuck out but I don't think I can swap that at the moment so…

No. 114956

Fillers are like my last resort but I know my dark circles are bad since concealers do not help my dark circles at all. It’s clearly a bone structure issue :(

Also for the seborrheic dermatitis thing, it looks like that’s a peeling condition. What i have is just darkened pinkish/reddish skin around the area. Generally I don’t even break out there but I want to lighten the area so it doesn’t stand out so much compared to the rest of my face.

Is there a good lightening product for pigmentation?

No. 114958

I got under eye fillers and it honestly changed my life. I always had very deep dark circles, even as a baby and it made me look so tired, no matter how hard I tried to color correct and conceal. Now I can put on concealer in the morning and actually look fresh and healthy lol

No. 114961

Hi anon, I'm intrigued..
How long does it last?
Have you had to get it re-done yet?

No. 114962

Do under eye fillers hurt? Did you get it done with a cannula or just a needle? Can you feel the fillers under your skin?

No. 114965

Nah it doesn't have to get to the peeling stage, sometimes it's just blotchy and sometimes it comes with some skin colored bumps etc. It is usually at least a little itchy though.

If you're 100% sure it's just pigmentation then you can look into exfoliating with an AHA and brightening the area with vitamin C. You'll need religious sunscreen usage if you do decide to use brightening actives, do bear that in mind. Rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil are both said to be good for evening out coloring though oils are very YMMV. Vitamin C always works afaik.

No. 114966

Nah it doesn't have to get to the peeling stage, sometimes it's just blotchy and sometimes it comes with some skin colored bumps etc. It is usually at least a little itchy though.

If you're 100% sure it's just pigmentation then you can look into exfoliating with an AHA and brightening the area with vitamin C. You'll need religious sunscreen usage if you do decide to use brightening actives, do bear that in mind. Rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil are both said to be good for evening out coloring though oils are very YMMV. Vitamin C always works afaik.

No. 114990

Wtf anon are you me? I have that same problem of redness around my nose and also really bad dark circles that are a result of bone structure.

There's a really good article on reddit's asianbeauty subreddit about fungal acne, maybe it's time we both give it a try and see how we feel?

For dark circles, the only thing that helps is a salmon-based concealer. I reeealllly love Pixi's under eye corrector under my foundation. Of course you're still gonna have that "line" from your bone structure, but tbh almost every single guy I've dated has cited that as one of my most attractive features. Emilia Clarke even has 'em and looks bomb!

No. 115001

Recs for a PM moisturizer for someone with skin that is dry but prone to blocked pores?
It's not sensitive in the way of getting red and rashy, but I think I'm sensitive to silicones. I tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost and after a couple weeks of regular use, I was itchy and had a bunch of closed comedones.

SPF need not apply, this is for nighttime.

No. 115044

It's not SD then. I'll take your suggestion though and report back after trying some remedies out.

Do any of you guys have a suggested AHA that doesn't have filler comedogenic stuff in it? My skincare routine is super simple and it's done wonders for my skin but I'm terrified of adding stuff and breaking out again.

I'm gonna try out that concealer. Also I tried Nizoral Shampoo and tried an anti-fungal routine but didn't notice any difference. I think it's just the coloring of my skin there so I'm probably going to try out something that will brighten the area like vitamin C.

No. 115295

Idk where is best to ask this, here or makeup thread, but how do you anons pack for international travel? I'm going to be away from home for a few months, and I have a lot of products at home that I like to switch up. I have some travel size bottles I can put products into, but I don't want to pack too much stuff. At the same time I know this stuff goes bad after a while, so I want to use it up, and I'll be in the sun and don't want to have to rebuy stuff in a foreign country. I'm planning on blending my hemp seed and argan oil in one, a body lotion in another, and a spray bottle of witch hazel, and taking my moisturizing cream, a small mask kit, some rose water, and sunscreen. My prescriptions can go carryon so idc. Plus I need to take makeup stuff too and maybe my cleanser. Is this overkill or does it sound similar to what you do?

No. 115305

How to deal with scaly looking hands? It's just my hands too. Like wrinkly almost, not skin falling off or anything. My hands have been known to be baby soft for years so IDK what could be causing this.

No. 115310

Depends what sort of travel. If you're moving around the whole time and have to carry it around with you, it's probably overkill tbh… idk your skin though, is it gonna freak out without masks and rose water and witch hazel etc? But if you're in one spot the whole time, you may as well just keep whatever regime you have at home.

I only travel for a few weeks at a time so I tend to just simplify my routine to cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen because I hate overpacking and extra weight. I only need travel sized cleanser and body lotion, I buy a specific The Ordinary moisturizer that comes in a small tube, and I use smallish Japanese sunscreen bottles. Oh and I bring the little hydrocolloid pimple patches just in case.

No. 115329

I was thinking of getting a derma roller/micro needle roller for face to enhance collagen production.

Is there anything else that I should look into for maintaining smooth elastic skin?

I'm afraid of using retinol or anything that's too harsh on the skin.

No. 115332

Nevermind, I'm going to try out rosehip seed oil as a non-irritating alternative to retinol. If anyone has something else to recommend please do.

No. 115335

If you aren't using them already, I've read that glycolic acid exfoliation or peels can help with collagen production. And they're safe to use with rosehip oil and if you have dry skin.
I got mine for scars but it's also started to minimize some fine lines and big pores as well.

No. 115336

Thank you! I've just found a nice toning solution with glycolic acid for 13 bucks. Can't wait to try it out.

No. 115468

I was freaking out over in the dumbass shit thread because I suddenly got self conscious about the amount of oil my forehead/nose produce over the course of a regular day and opened up a rabbit hole for myself down r/skincareaddiction. After delving deeper, I think I do have dehydrated skin (very fine lines that appear when I pinch my cheek/smile) even though I previously didn't think I did since my skin doesn't really look dull and doesn't feel tight/shitty after a long day. I'm gonna try and add more hydrating products into my routine since it wouldn't hurt anyway, but I wanted to hear from you anons what your favorite hydrating products are!

I'm mainly looking for cleansers and toners. I have a set moisturizer that I've been using for years and I honestly can't change it even if I want to because my skin starts getting itchy and these tiny hard white balls start forming (especially around my eyes). Everything else is pretty much free game though. Currently looking to buy cerave's hydrating cleanser, and probably some hado labo toners/lotions (namely hyalutonic lotion or the premium lotion if I can find it).

No. 115920


TL;DR use an occlusive (oil, vaseline etc) on damp skin shortly after washing to trap the moisture (aka literal water) and you're gucci. Anything else is marketing bullshit.

No. 115923


Might sound strange but I started using this a few weeks ago and my skin has never been better. Less oily (but not dry), pores are cleaner, and it's the only cleanser I can use twice a day that doesn't dry out my skin. For reference my skin type is also dehydrated and I'm prone to acne. Since I started using this my skin keeps improving.

Not sure where you live but where I'm from you can sometimes find this in travel size bottles. The regular size is only around $7 though and if it doesn't work out for you it makes a great hand soap since it's not drying on the skin. Highly recommend giving this a shot!

No. 115985

I had considered using oil on my face before but I'm worried about it clogging, what are non-comedogenic oils i could use?

No. 115988

Why are you linking a reddit comment as a source, and one whose claims were later disproved further down in the comments at that?

No. 115992

hempseed is nice and lightweight but bit greenish so will tint your pillowcases if they're white kek, argan is ok too and easier to get but bit heavy, jojoba is slightly acne causing but not too bad. rosehip is good for brightening and on the lighter side too!

No. 116007

From personal experience SqualAne (NOT olive derived and not squalEne.) is the best one. No color, absorbs well, fungal acne safe, doesn't clog anything in my experience, and I'm hella clog prone. I also like rosehip and sea buckthorn fruit oil but they both stain the skin and you will look bright yellow. Jojoba is said to be good, as is sweet almond oil. Mineral is also always an option. You could also go for something like Aquaphor or Vaseline. Whatever occlusive works for you skin, which you'll need to mainly test to see if it works fine. Patch testing is good to do.

Personally I let my shower run hot so the bathroom is nice and misty (i guess a humidifier would work too lel), then i wash my face as normal, with lukewarm water. I very lightly pat with a towel (just to get some excess water off) and then I drop 4-6 drops of squalane on my palm and rub it on my wet face. Similar to how you'd apply baby oil straight after the shower on a wet body. I'll massage and gently press the oil in and stay in the misty bathroom for a few minutes, until it all settles.

You can definitely add a humectant as well, but do bear in mind, it's just attracting moisture to the outer dead layers of skin. It does even out texture and plump it up though so could be worthwhile if you've got uneven-ness there. If you're flaking despite the occlusive and humectant, it might just be that you need to exfoliate a little. Or your cleanser/water is too harsh. There are some creams that claim to plump the skin and while they do often include humectants they also have irritants which trigger your immune response and that swells the skin. It's not dangerous but it's not a benefit of "hydration", it's something else entirely.

Basically skincare is a huge mess and it's hard to pin down what is causing what cause there are too many variables and no two humans live in the same exact conditions. Yay.

No. 116263

does acne cream that dries out your skin cause premature aging?

i have such shit skin. its a never-ending cycle of acne and acne scars. even when i have no acne, it still looks like i have acne because of all the scarring and blemishes. im going to do a sephora haul soon so anyone know any good blemish/scarring + anti-acne products that doesn't dry/age your skin?

i think i have really greasy/oily skin for sure because im pass my teen years and still get zits all the time. and im also on the pill just for acne reasons and i still get zits on my chin around my period. and i do all the preventative measures: good diet, changing my bedsheets every week, getting out of sweaty gym clothes asap… why. just why do i still have pizza face.

why does my skin hate me so much

No. 116264


do you moisturise? it sounds silly but dehydrated skin can promote acne

No. 116266

are you sure the pill is making your acne better not worse? but yeah, as the other anon said, moisturise! acne bring caused by oily skin is s myth, just as often it is due to dehydrated skin. does your skin feel "tight" a minute or so after washing and drying it (without applying anything else)? if so, get a good humecant or a heavy moisturizer.

No. 116267

NTAYRT but I've heard humectants are useless or can even make your skin drier if you live in a dry region but if you live in a humid area it'll work (basically it needs a humid environment to draw moisture in otherwise it'd work in the opposite way) so just something to know for other anons

No. 116271

yeah, that is true, in a dry environment they will draw the moisture from your face to the environment, however, you can reverse this if you apply them on a slightly damp face. bit impossible though if you also have an acne medication step or something else that needs to go directly on the skin before the humectant layer.

oh also I don't recommend the ordinary's 2% HA, not sure why that was, but it gave me a rash all over. tbf i do have a very sensitive skin.

No. 116297

Yeah I’m moisturizing. My routine is ordinary hydraulic acid and surface hydration in the morning and before bed. I always wash my face before then too with drunken elephants cantaloupe face wash.

Also to the other anon asking about the BC pill, I think it helps a lot because before I took it my acne was x1000 times worse and now I just get chin acne around my period. I tried to get a better stronger pill but my doc said to try acne cream combined with the lowest BC pill dosage. I’m thinking of getting a stronger pill because I don’t want my skin to age from Tactuo and Biacna

No. 116343

Anyone ever had tinea versicolor and what did you do to get rid of the discoloration?

No. 116399

Does anyone use essences similar to the ones that Koreans use? I've watched enough kdramas to see that an essence is basically a staple product, and these actors have really good skin so I'm wondering if these are a good add-on to a routine.

No. 116620

What do you guys use to take off your makeup? I've used makeup wipes for the longest time, then switched to Hada Labo Moisturizing Cleansing Oil. I tried it for at least a month and liked it at first, but I am pretty sure it caused me to break out on my forehead. I thought cleansing oil would help combat my oily t-zone, but nope, made it worse. So now I am back on Burt's Bees wipes which I really love and don't irritate my skin. I still hate wasting wipes tho, so what is another alternative to removing makeup that is good for combo skin? I might try micellar water but that also requires cotton pads.

No. 116621

I use softymo speedy cleansing oil. It's great.

No. 116624

I love Pond's cold cream!

No. 116676

I use one of those makeup remover clothes. Sephora sells them under makeup eraser, but honestly any microfiber cloth works the same. You just wet it with water and gently rub like a wipe. I do suggest using a facewash that lathers up to get rid of any excess makeup left over! It gets off like 90% of my makeup.

No. 116728

any recommendations for under eye cream? i don't have any eye bags or dark circles but i have very fine lines from excessive eyeliner and aggressive eye makeup removal. im looking for something that prevents wrinkles coz it looks like the area around my eyes form very fine lines.

No. 116781

You can use micellar water with a microfiber cloth that you can keep washing to reuse. I'd buy a few so you don't have to wash every day.

No. 116784

i do. i use japanese skincare stuff, which tends to be better value since korean skincare companies are shitting out cheap, trendy products for the west. i have to say it works really well! i'm 30 and a lot of my friends and co-workers always ask me what i'm doing.

No. 116836

What essence do you use if you don't mind me asking?

No. 116838

i use tunemakers.there's have a japanese beauty shop in my town, but it looks like it's available online as well. not shilling the shop since they are a bit pricy, but this looks like a pretty competent guide.


the essence on that page is listed as "moisturizing lotion" i have the water type. and i also have a few of their serums, the yuzu which is anti aging (not on the site i linked) and the hyaluronic acid for dryness.

i hope that helps!

No. 116862

What's a good face cream with high SPF that doesn't make you oily and break out? I'm trying out La Roche Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine and I have to say I don't really like it, it becomes super flaky when I spread it on the skin.

No. 116935

You might get better results from dotting it all over then gently pressing it in, rather than spreading. Some products pill and flake when you try to rub.

No. 117026

Is Ipsy still owned by Michelle Phan? I don't like MP at all but I'm interested in trying Ipsy, I heard that she left the company awhile ago but idk if that's true. Anyone know?

No. 117036

Best eye cream suggestions or suggestions how to reduce fine lines under my eyes? More noticeable when I smile. I'm only 28, do smoke though, think it's time to cut out to the tobacco and vape the green only now.

Also any recommendations for make up to cover up fine lines under eyes? Should I use less or more product I usually hurt use my liquid concealer but do have an illuminator for under my eyes but thought it didn't do much, but maybe less is more and heavy concealer is making the lines more permanent idk! I don't want to get botox but this is what ages me.

No. 117149

A silicone-containing primer that fills pores (but put under the eye) and then a light layer of concealer might do a better job than thick concealer. The idea is that the cracks get filled with the silicone and then the concealer is just there to even out color and polish.

Plumping products in general will give you temporary but noticeable wrinkle dispersion. They all work differently but the most common technology they employ is either attracting moisture or harmlessly irritating the skin so the immune system triggers and slightly swells the area.

Exfoliation or those needle facials are said to help with wrinkles, though I haven't looked into those methods at all.

No. 117348

anyone else dealing with spider veins at a young age? i've had them popping up since i was 14 or 15, and now at 21 i have larger patches appearing on my legs. i'm not overweight or pregnant, so i'm not sure why i'm getting them. i know that people can't really notice them but i still feel pretty upset about them, as i always associated spider veins with old women.

would it be stupid to try one of those tan lotions like jergens natural glow to try to disguise them a little?

No. 117382

I'm same as >>117036 anon except i don't smoke. just shitty genetics and stress. Any products to recommend that have retinol OTC and have good reviews? Also, any recs on which exfoliants that are safe for use under the eye? I'm 26 and desperate

No. 117399

I come from a family with dark circles and my mom swears by Laura Mercier concealer: https://www.lauramercier.com/makeup/face/concealer/secret-concealer-12610894.html
As for treatments, what >>117149 said is right, but what I do for myself is use heavy oils and creams, and hyaluronic acid/vitamin c should help. I usually use straight oils like coconut, argan, or hempseed, or use Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum. I have used eye creams but have found using CeraVe cream or straight oils have worked fine for my needs. Their eye cream is pretty cheap though and I liked it a lot.
I've heard the Paula's Choice retinol serum is good. I use prescription strength so it may be a bit too strong for under my eyes, I stick with the vit c/hyarulonic serum or use eye masks if I want a boost. Other anons also recommend The Ordinary for serums/products. I use prescription retinoids so I can't really provide firsthand experiences for OTC. What you need to do is stimulate collagen production and lock in moisture. The skin under the eyes is delicate so be mindful of how rough you are on it…however, microdermabrasion or gentle exfoliation done properly could help.

No. 117497

What works for heat burns? I burned myself on an oven rack a few days ago. I have burn cream and some other stuff but don't want to have to take a separate tube of stuff traveling. I am already taking a mix of hempseed/argan oil, a vitamin c serum with hyarulonic acid, and retinol, I feel like these should work?

No. 117500

I have the same problem anon. I started using the ordinary buffet, hyaluronic acid %2 + B5 and noticed a difference within a month. I also use their retinoid every few nights now as well and they're the only products that have made a noticeable difference for me. Hope this helps!

No. 117501

Not that anon but I've had my under eyes done twice. Mine lasted around two years the first time, but it can depend on your metabolism (mine is pretty slow).

Depending on how severe yours are/how fast your body metabolises the filler, you probably will have to get them re-done at some point but it's worth it.

As for pain, I had mine done with a needle and it didn't really hurt at all. You can't feel the filler under your skin, everything feels normal.

In my experience it did not completely get rid of my dark circles but it did make a very noticeable improvement. Mine were terrible though.

Make sure you do your research and go to a doctor with positive reviews - check realself.

No. 117788

I’ve had it done three times and also agree eye fillers are so worth it. I had awful genetic tear troughs and I look wayyyy better now

No. 117810

You guys are making me want to get it too… My partner hates the idea of anything cosmetic but honestly I do not share that outlook and would like to look less tired even when well rested.

No. 117811

File: 1561837595522.jpg (1.48 MB, 4096x2304, DSC_3300.JPG)

A few weeks ago I tripped and cut my knee open, it's now pink like this, how do I heal it so it doesn't scar?

No. 117815

Your partner doesn't own you, get it if you want it.

No. 117819

keep it clean and massage it with a cream/oil 2-3 times a day(blood flow is the most important thing for scar healing) also there are creams that help with scarring but tbh regular moisturing creams or oils like jojoba,cocoa work same

No. 117826

Thank you so much anon! I've got cocoa butter so I'm hoping that helps!

No. 117841

Anons, i need a new moisturizer. Preferably something light, more of a lotion than a cream, what are your favorites? Also prefer without spf, as i have a sunscreen i have been using for years and really like

No. 117851

I recently moved to an extremely hot and humid location and my skin is going nuts. When I moisturize it's a disaster but my skin is too dry not to do it. I'm not sure how to fix the problem, I use sensitive skin moisturizer so it's not very heavy but it still seems like too much in this climate. Do any humid weather anons have any skincare tips? Or specifically anyone who has moved from dry heat to wet heat? I'm not sure what kind of change I need to make. My pores look clogged and I'm breaking out after having perfect skin for a couple of years. Any help would be appreciated. I feel desperate.

No. 117858

Same!!! I got them done and I'm so glad I did. The best part is only needing it done about once a year. I feel like eyes are the first sign of aging. My under eyes have always been deep and hollow looking even with concealer and a good skincare routine. Nothing helps it when it is genetic. I'm 26 now and it started getting bad and depression wasn't helping them either (constantly tired and eyes burning). Sometimes I still get darkness under there but it took away the rings I used to have and I just love it now. Gonna super recommend like the other anons.

I just got off of birth control and my skin has been breaking out every month. I've been using the curology thing and it has been helping except for the hormonal break outs so I just messaged them and she updated my formula but I haven't finished my current formula yet. She also gave me good recommendations and mentioned the spearmint tea. I actually used to drink it and I feel like it helped but couldn't keep it up. So I had the good idea of just buying a spearmint supplement off amazon (and it's only about $6). So I can't wait to see how my skin clears up (hopefully, but I'm optimistic about it)

No. 117895

Is it true that under eye fillers “stretch out” the area because they never fully dissolve?

No. 117906

Can you fade sun spots/those brown spots from sun exposure and ingrown hairs? If so how?

No. 117913

File: 1561949207430.jpeg (373.8 KB, 3300x3300, d708f31e-d366-474e-af25-1e7b3f…)

It's like water for my skin

No. 117928

Vitamin c might be worth giving a try and use sunscreen, obviously

No. 117933

Wow, literally the first ingredient FOR BABIES is dimethicone. I hate how all moisturizers use dimethicone because they want to trick us into thinking their products are effective.

No. 117940

I have terrible acne scars around my chin from hormonal acne plus compulsive picking behaviors.

Anyone recommend anything to reduce the scaring?

No. 117959

Damn, I just kmew posting that lotion here would reveal it's actually trash.

>I hate how all moisturizers use dimethicone because they want to trick us into thinking their products are effective.

Can you elaborate anon? Tia

No. 117965

Nta but dimethicone is a silicone. It's also used in primers to smooth out the skin, so you get the picture.

No. 117968

Yeah, that lotion is total trash. I wouldn't buy it, personally. Most companies will toss silicones into moisturizers to trick you into thinking their products are immediately effective and are immediately smoothing your skin by moisturizing it. So, rather than you seeing a difference in your skin because the lotion has hydrated it and/or exfoliated and hydrated it, what you're seeing is that you've just smeared a fuckton of silicone on your legs (which has that obviously immediate smoothing effect). It really disgusts me and I'm very sensitive to silicone. I really hate the feeling of them on my skin and it breaks me out. It's in almost all moisturizers.

No. 117969

File: 1561992368168.jpg (86.17 KB, 946x800, 2078389.jpg)

No. 117989

So to be blunt, these products will not help retain skin elasticity, look, and health?

Do you guys have any decent drugstore recommendations? I'm so sad that my beloved lotion is crap but I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 118006

Where did you hear that dimethicone is bad? It's a great ingredient for locking in moisture, but it's mainly meant to be used after showers/baths. Too many people dislike 'unatural ingredients' - so many essential oils and fragrances are incredibly irritating to the skin, just because they're natural doesn't mean they're necessarily good! Vid related.

No. 118025

Dimethicone shouldn't be the FIRST ingredient, anon. Silicones break me out, as I already said. They're terrible for anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin, in my experience. I didn't say dimethicone was terrible, but it being the first ingredient is truly terrible. There are some ok moisturizers that contain it in small amounts that are okay for me (Cerave). It's not about wanting to avoid "unnatural" ingredients, but that it's the literal worst occlusive agent for me. Mineral oil or petrolateum are miles better for me, and are less comedogenic.

No. 118047

Aveeno anon here and this is very interesting! That's kinda why I asked in >>117989 if the dimethicone is actually negatively affecting my skin or if it's just personal preference. I guess I'll continue to use it after washing my face and applying makeup in particular, and perhaps use a more restorative lotion at night? Thanks for the info anons

No. 118052

Double posting but here is a tldr of the video in >>118006

silicone-based products and oil-free moisturizers:

>non-toxic with 0 reports of negative effects in humans to date

>lightweight compared to other moisturizing agents (mineral oil, petroleum)
>soften edges of and flatten skin cells, allowing top layer of skin to lie down smoothly, adding luminosity
>slows transdermal(? I'm a noob) water loss, aka retains moisture
>less occlusive than mineral oil and petroleum, not ideal for dry skin, but good for people with oily skin
>water insoluable - stays on skin to retain moisture
>low allergy, do not exacerbate acne
>often in trentnoin cream bc the active ingredients in such products are drying, silicone helps keep moisture and heal acne
>less of an oily cast
>mixes with our sebum on skin and makes us look less greasy (this is true from my personal experience too)

Sounds pretty good to me… What is the drawback?

In 10 years I'll come back and let you guys know how I fare lol

No. 118059

most aren't water soluble (dimethicone included) so even though they aren't technically comedogenic, they have a tendency to build up and clog your skin because of the fact that they're a bit difficult to remove

No. 118062

This is invaluable information ty farmer

No. 118165

Help! I’m having a skin care emergency. I recently got a derma roller and used it for the first time the other day. I was stupid and also used my retinol cream which never made me peel before, but the last few days my entire face has been like… scaly? I don’t know how to explain it but it sucks. Makeup won’t even sit on my face and everything looks crusty. What can I do??! I am still moisturizing and it’s not making a difference.

No. 118170

dermarolling can cause skin peeling so that may be what that is. but also retinol is way too harsh so your skin is probably extremely dry since the dermarolling can magnify the effects of treatments. i'd say dermaroll again and use something that's high moisturizing.

No. 118172

>taking any advice from an obvious anachan

No. 118178

but she's a professional dermatologist. she deletes all the comments about her being obviously emaciated though, so yea almost def anachan

No. 118217

The only thing you should really be putting on following a derma roll is something very much "non-active" and moisturizing like hyaluronic acid. Your skin is super sensitive after a roll and you should treat it kind of like a wound. As the other anon said, retinol would be a bit harsh.

The scaly texture is normal, I've experienced it before if I go to hard/fast with the roller or if I accidentally overexfoliate at any point in my routine. Just keep up the (gentle) moisturizer and you'll be back to normal within a few days, promise.

No. 118555

Which moisturizer would you recommend for very oily skin that's also pretty sensitive and acne prone?

No. 118560

No. 118565

>all those olive derivatives
I think not

No. 118567

Is that bad or something?

No. 118574

bioderma shill >>102272 reporting back again, still stand by this moisturiser, think it could work for oilier skin too as it's so lightweight. for a bit cheaper one, yes to carrots night cream could also work as I've currently switched to that for money saving reasons and I feel it being bit drying for me on it's own (sorta makes your face feel as if you've put classic Nivea creme on if you know what I mean). both are as non comedogenic as can be and I haven't gotten any breakouts still and cerave used to give me cystic acne for comparison lol.

No. 118621

Thanks for the rec, I'll look it out.

I've actually used Bioderma Sensibio before, didn't cause me any breakout and it was pretty good but felt a bit greasy. Is the Hydrabio one any different?

Since I'm at it, I'm gonna ask my fellow oily skin anons ITT: is there anything to make it better, aside from temporary fixes like powder? I'm in the same situation as >>113047 and it's seriously annoying.

No. 118626

Thought I had a cold sore. Turns out it's likely a white pimple near my lip. That doesn't alleviate how disgusting it looks. Concealer can't salvage it. Rip. Thinking of visiting the derma to have it extracted, since I don't want to buy a lot of OTC product for something that I'll only use while that shithead's around.

No. 118638

best non-tacky lotions for body, girls? i can't deal with the stickiness, i want to blow my brains out

No. 118641

don't know how it compares to sensibio line anon, sorry! it's like inbetween a gel and a cream though so it doesn't feel greasy at all, just well moisturised. do have combination skin though, maybe you can get some samples?

No. 118648

aveeno baby lotion

No. 118659

Aloe vera gel. Dries down great, full of vitamins, cheap as fuck.

No. 118660

I have no idea why but I only get pimples on my cheeks and they won't stop ever since I turned 19. Every face map thing says that cheeks is because of dirt and not hormonal but I clean my phone often and always change my pillow cases. All I can think of is hormones. I don't eat like shit either. No chips, no soda.

No. 118662

File: 1562612082021.jpg (113.15 KB, 1258x1173, 61k5S2GUWbL.jpg)

I mostly use Lacura to wash my face since it hydrates my face, I really should wash my face more since it's always dry.
>I think it's a good fave cleaner.

No. 118663


No. 118731

Could be clog related so you might wanna look into exfoliating and getting rid of clogging ingredients.

No. 118743

How do you go about removing body sunscreen, anons? I notice that no matter how hard I lather, the sunscreens I've used so far all leave films on my skin and I can't get them off without severe exfoliation, which is unreasonable to do every time I use sunscreen. that can't possibly be my only option…

Maybe OCM on the body? Sounds like a great way to slip and die in the shower.

No. 118744

it would probably help if you just mixed a bit of body oil in with your body wash to help emulsify it. but yeah don't slip and fall lol.

No. 118751

File: 1562710920489.jpg (52.81 KB, 900x900, 900.jpg)

Pic related is a gel, so it washes off more easily.

No. 118754

Alright, I'll look into skin exfoliating products. I use that cosrx bha/aha toner thing but I guess it's not good enough.

No. 118760

File: 1562723855194.jpg (17.88 KB, 275x550, spf.jpg)

Not a bad idea. I just bought Garnier's Ombrelle in picrelated today, it seems like it's easier to get off than my previous paste-like sunscreens so far. I've even tried shit like Etude's Sunprise mild airy on my legs (yep the tiny face spf) and that was a complete nightmare to take off. Aveeno's mineral one is also super difficult to remove. I'll try adding a tiny bit of oil to the body wash but I'm a bit spooked by the idea still lol.

Also broke out in a horrid heat rash on my legs today and I want to kms.

No. 118782

I got acne strictly on my cheeks, face was totally clear everywhere else. I was very clean.

It was 100% hormonal, didn't stop until I went to the dermatologist and went on some mild medication. Off medication now, no more acne because my hormones balanced out in this stage in my life.

No. 118828

Anyone know of any good korean moisturizers for dry/combination/acne prone skin?

No. 118830

>dry/combination/acne prone
that's just every type of skin kek

No. 118837

stop being a shitlord if you can't help her.

what price range do you want, anon? just off the top of my head i can recommend tonymoly tony lab AC control serum. it's pretty good for even sensitive skin.

No. 118842

File: 1562813852630.jpg (8.69 KB, 235x232, d85d42d6764d293cb86346c572ce80…)

>that's just every type of skin kek
Hmm…yeah combination includes dry and oily patches. Who would have thought? Wow you're so witty and clever lmfao you fucking turbo loser.

No. 118855

I’m trying to improve my skin because I have keratin buildup around my chin area. Just using glycolic peels and cerave pm lotion and hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin c powder. I can’t wear any sunscreen that is chemical so I end up just using mineral baby sunscreen. Hopefully my skin gets better

No. 118880

Moisturizers… so like oil adding, maybe a little occlusive, but not too heavy on the already-oily parts? I've used Mizon Black Snail with some success, but it's easy to use too much. The Mizon pink tube is also fine if it's seasonal dryness. Stratia Liquid Gold is my HG but if you're very dry that may not be enough. If you want a thick cream just to hold serums and oils in place, I know it hasn't been popular for a few years, but the TCFS Pumpkin Sleeping Pack does it for me. The Hada Labo milks aren't bad either, the Premium is good too, and I've heard great things about the Benton Snail Bee stuff, but I'm allergic to propolis, so try it out I guess?

Idk, let me know if you have any ingredient sensitivities and I can try to find you something.

No. 118931

su:m37 flawless regenerating lotion, or saem urban eco waratah essence lotion. first one's more like a moisturizing toner, the saem one is thicker. I still use whatever cream I have on hand (right now cerave) for really really dry patches but they layer extremely well.

No. 118949

I have that on my chin too! Glycolic seemed to help immensely for me!

No. 119042

I have this weird pimple near my mouth. It's a single large red bump but with 2 whiteheads on it. It feels really sore. Does anyone know what this is? I cant find anything online and dont know what I should do to treat it.

No. 119051


No. 119054

You mean like cold sores? No, I do get those sometimes and its definitely not those. This is more like a raised bump (like a pimple), but with two whiteheads. I also rarely get pimples so I have no idea where this came from.

No. 119055

Just two connected pimples most likely, treat them like you would any other.
I pop mine and fill em with peroxide because I live recklessly. I hate the pain more than I care about appearances.

No. 119056

Could be that your toothpaste irritated your skin. If I accidentally get toothpaste around my lips and I don't wash it off thoroughly enough then I get a pimple from it.

No. 119070

Try getting toothpaste that is SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) free. You might have an allergy. It helped me when I switched after my dentist recommended it. I was also getting weird bumps on/near my lips.

No. 119077


zendium is really the only toothpaste worth trusting. i get blisters inside my mouth pretty easily but zendium makes them go away in less than 12 hours.

No. 119111

File: 1563116040194.jpg (121.05 KB, 1080x600, 0a29fcdb-db9a-4230-b061-668de1…)

to all my oily-skinned, acne-prone anons, i think i found a very good cleanser! it's about $50 so it is a bit pricey. i've been using it for a few months now and i haven't broken out or dehydrated my skin yet. it foams so well you just need to use a tiny speck for your entire face. it also smells very yummy. cruelty free and vegan. i highly recommend it!

Water, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Panthenol (Vitamin B5),Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Butylene Glycol, Brassica Oleracea(Kale) Leaf Extract, Spinacia Oleracea (Spinach) Leaf Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea)Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Extract,Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Natural Fragrance, Lecithin, HydroxypropylMethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Chlorophyll.

>shit i can't pronounce half of these ingredients; are any of these problematic?

No. 119146

File: 1563133125784.jpg (20.55 KB, 553x360, scab.jpg)

Anyone have any experience with dealing with scab-picking? I already pick my pimples(bad and disgusting already) and then once it starts to crust and dry, I start peeling the red skin/scab off. Is there any way to get rid of them with moisturizing/exfoliating?
How do people deal with acne? Do you just let it calm down? Is it still red even if you don't pick it?

my skin looks like pic related, less severe though.

No. 119176

File: 1563145291172.png (78.39 KB, 240x360, Untitled.png)

whenever i shave my legs, this specific area gets extremely itchy. i use tons of shave gel and i barely touch my legs, even trying to go with the grain. the rest of my legs are fine, but it's only these specific areas on the shin that get super itchy. does that sound like eczema or something to you guys? i don't see any physical signs of a skin condition but they even itch through an eczema-specific cream i put on them. it drives me crazy and i have marks on my legs from itching so much i break the skin, ugh.

No. 119199

biore aqua uv gel
nivea water gel (cheaper)

layer up on ceramides, kiku sake toner is great
most importantly, drink water
Try BHA, paulas choice and stridex can do the job
drink more water, acne there stems from dehydration
No cleanser is worth $50 lmao
It would be less painful if your skin is moisturized so you won't pick. Try the scnic honey ampoule to help heal your scars and acne.
just moisturize after, happens to me too sometimes

No. 119212

For me, Cerave after the shower helped.

No. 119214

Oh man, me too. I have a massive scrape up one shin from how hard I scratched recently, it sucks.

I use cocoa butter after shaving but maybe I should use a milder moisturizer. Though it doesn't happen all the time, I feel like it's worse in winter when I wear long pants. Maybe heat or contact affect it?

No. 119216

I don't shave, yet I still have two patches of skin in exactly the same place on my shins where not much hair grows. My smoothbrain theory is that it's due to the friction of living in skinny jeans 90% of my life and the constant abrasion wears the hair down. Consequently I have these two, like, baldish strips in my legbeards. It kinda makes sense that girls who shave their legs and wear similar clothes would get irritated skin in exactly the same spots?

No. 119230

My mom has those bald strips from being fashionable in the 60s and wearing boots all the time so your theory holds up

No. 119231


a little late but grapeseed oil should help you anon :)

No. 119233

Do you work a job where you are on your feet all day? I noticed I am getting small ones because I work 8 + hours a day on my feet…sucks :( I'm 28 if that helps…i noticed them around 26

No. 119235

My dermatologist just prescribed my the european counterpart to accutane for some rather mild acne compared to other cases. I am 20 now and only have it around my jawline, should I just say fuck it and use accutane or is it overkill ?

No. 119244

~sigh~ I blow my money on skincare too much. I should probably get cheaper stuff but I have the mentality that expensive is better

No. 119255

Not necessarily. Whether or not a product is "good" depends on its ingredients, and if the ingredients are a good match for your skin type. If you're in your 20s you don't even need to consider anti aging so you could just get by with the cheaper stuff. For cleansers it could be as low as like 10-30.
I'm 24 rn with combo skin and I personally use the cosrx cleanser which is just under 15 on Amazon.

No. 119259

i've only heard horror stories about accutane, but i've never used it myself. if it's something manageable i wouldn't risk it, only because i've read lots of stuff about people trying to recover the state of their skin afterward.

No. 119268

I finally started buying sunblock for my face. I'm using the Innisfree sebum care one because my friend who works there recommended it to me because she uses it too and it works well for her skin (we both have oily skin, though mine is also acne prone). Besides the unfortunate bit of whitecast, I'm curious as to if it'll fuck up the oil production on my face in the long run? I used to have super oily skin at the end of the day but after adding some hydration products into my skincare routine its died down to just a bit of shine. With this sunblock it's really well under control but I can't help but feel like blocking my skin getting oily might be bad… sort of like how I've heard that using blotting papers to soak up excess oil will only increase oil production because you're stripping your skin of it? Not sure how true that is though.

No. 119279

farmers, how do you exfoliate your face?
I have a gross habit of picking/rubbing dead skin when I’m anxious (right now it’s my cheeks/chin), and I need a better way to get rid of all the dry flakiness. I’ve never been able to find a good facial scrub that wasn’t stupidly pricy. I like facial scrubs that have a minty/tingly sensation, but idk if that’s actually bad for you or not.

No. 119281

Look up chemical exfoliation, like AHAs and BHAs. Physical facial scrubs aren't good.

No. 119353

File: 1563294946892.jpg (17.59 KB, 550x532, flat,550x550,075,f.u7.jpg)

Recommendations for healing face scars?
I got chicken pox as a adult early this year. I had my vaccinations as a kid, but i was that lucky 10% to get it as an adult…

I've been using The Ordinary's 0.2% retinol (i might be a bit mixed up of the percentage) to spot treat the scars and it's been working pretty well, as well as using sunscreen in the daytime. The scars are healed, but they're kinda.. crater like.

Is there anything else that can help? Anyone have the same experience?

No. 119354

Or use whole milk if you have sensitive skin, the lactic acid will get rid of the dead cells and not irritate your skin. Add 1 tbsp of honey and warm it in the microwave for 5 seconds, too.

No. 119355

don't do this. buy a product that contains lactic acid. there's a reason we make skin care products that utilize ingredients. i hate all these retarded home remedies ITT and on the site in general.

No. 119357

What's so bad about it?

No. 119358

It's one thing to use ~cream of wheat~ for a stomach tumor but putting milk and honey on your face has literally no downside?

No. 119359

home remedies are shit, that's why we have products to do what they do but better.

No. 119361

They work really well for me, and presumably for a lot of other farmers, too, if they're mentioned so often that you're getting upset by it.

No. 119362

nta but like, yogurt and oat crap really does work. some home remedies are alright, some are shit. a lot of products are better, but plenty are worse, too. some people can't handle the acid and combinations in products and do better using yogurt.

No. 119378

Many derms in my country recommend honey and oatmeal face masks and say they can help calm down irritated skin. What now?

No. 119715

Can someone recommend me some EU acne safe detergents or at least what to look for when buying new laundry detergent?

I washed my stuff with some new detergent and noticed that I got acne on the side I sleep on (and my usual hormonal acne).

No. 119716

Err not that anon but just because a natural solution could have beneficial effects doesn't mean it's the most effective option. Besides I don't think any of us are studied in what xyz natural thing does to the skin and a random article on the internet isn't a proper source, so should you really be putting yoghurt on your face? Natural isn't always the (best) way to go and non-natural solutions aren't automatically evil because they're not natural.

No. 119757

Does anyone else's skin break out the moment they skip their skin routine?

>Skin clears up after I start a skin care ritual that I do at least once day

>Have been doing the routine pretty much everyday for months
>Spends a weekend at a friend's house, don't take any skincare–my skin breaks out by the time I'm back home

I didn't think to much about it, and the break out was gone once I did the routine again. But yesterday I was too tired to do my skin care and today my skin had broken out again. Is that normal? It seems weird that my skin reverses that fast, perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

No. 119800

I don't know if I'm any healthier than you, but the turnaround is pretty quick for me too. Exfoliation and moisturizer every day, no problems - if I ever go swimming or skip an evening, by the morning I've got dry patches and a few closed comedones. My skin loves clogging its pores for some reason.

No. 119955

All you really need is for it to be fragrance free. I don't think the rest of the ingredients really matter, since detergents generally use the same chemicals to wash your stuff effectively.

Mine fucks up if I skip some stuff as well. Even just staying indoors all day builds up enough garbage for my skin to get irritated by. Exfoliation I can absolutely do without, but I have to wash my face and moisturize. Plus it feels good to do skincare at night before bed! I bring my products with me when I plan to stay over somewhere.

No. 120191

Is korean double cleansing bullshit or does it actually help?

No. 120208

File: 1564205051314.jpg (17.01 KB, 355x355, 712Rrf-RnjL._SY355_.jpg)

Does anybody have any recommendations for night creams / lotions that are also anti-aging and moisturizing?

I've done well so far staying out of the sun & putting on sunscreen everyday and using an alpha hydroxy cream (pic shown).

However, I use the alpha hydroxy cream sparingly, because I've heard of pushing the rate of cell turnover is bad for the skin. The rest of the time, I've been using the Egyptian magic cream but I feel like it's too greasy and because I toss & turn when I sleep, my pillowcases get gross quickly.

I did try the CeraVe night lotion for a while back but I've notice that there's some kind of ingredient in it that gives my skin white bumps all over my skin every time I use it.

No. 120209

It's just cleansing once to get rid of makeup and sunscreen then cleansing again to get the skin, it's not questionable pseudoscience or anything.

No. 120210

If you wear waterproof or heavy makeup it's worth trying out. If you skin tolerates oil, it'll probably appreciate the extra help.

I prefer micellar water+microfiber cloth personally.

No. 120213

Corx nightcreams (honey)

No. 120215

i don't wear heavy makeup (just sunscreen, bb cream and mascara) and double cleansing is great for me, personally. i use the softymo speedy cleansing oil and it removes waterproof mascara and makeup without having to rub your eyes like with micellar water, so my lashes have grown longer and thicker bc of that. it's also good to have an oily 'barrier' for when you put your cleanser on. another good oil cleanser is the hada labo one, i've heard. it hasn't broke me out even though i have super sensitive skin because you wash it all off immediately and it doesnt leave a greasy residue. id def recommend it

No. 120223

Are those good for combo skin with very dry cheeks? I hate that super dry, squeaky clean feelings I can get from some cleansers.

I bought the Klavuu Pearlisation Oil Cleanser and it has mineral oil in it and some people are saying it's bad while others say it's just a myth. What's the truth?

No. 120224

no, mineral oil is fine as long as it's washed off your face. it's a great cleanser for gentle removing makeup, and i'm not left with a stripped feeling when i use it. there's probably some people out there who react to mineral oil but that's basically the same for every skincare ingredient, it helps to reduce transepidermal water loss so i recommend it. i use my oil cleanser first, add a bit of water to my face and then go in with my cerave moisturising cleanser and all my makeup is removed without my skin feeling overly dry or tight. for reference, i have combo skin with a very dry t-zone and oily chin (gross ik lol)

No. 120227

Alright, thanks anon! I'm going to give that hado labo oil cleanser and their tokyo foaming cleanser a go since people on reddit seem to really like those even for dry skin (and the foaming cleanser I was using keeps annoyingly changing packaging). I just bought them!

No. 120231

I can’t find my post so I guess I’ll ask again. My lips have lots of deep, hard to disguise lines from years of no moisturising and skin picking and it looks really bad if I try to wear lipstick. I’m dealing with it by gently exfoliating when needed and wearing lip balm when possible but can I do anything more to improve or reverse things? They look dry and wrinkly even if I slather on the chapstick.

No. 120236

Maybe your brand of chapstick isnt working for you. Try Nivea and Blistex medicated chapstick if you have these, this is what only works for my horrid, dry lips. Then secure it with Vaseline's tiny lip care jars (this works wonders for my lips), I like to use the rosy lips one. You can also try out lip masks to hydrate your lips.

No. 120238

At night time I like to apply a few layers of hyaluronic acid and seal it in with a thick layer of Aquaphor while I sleep. It helps a lot. Also kinda obvious but make sure you're drinking tons of water if you aren't already.

No. 120266

Nivea's the one I'm using, it's even the rosy one! I think it is working since it only dries up after a night's sleep but during the day I end up smudging or taking it off to eat (I can't stand the greasy feeling of things on my lips). I never really considered skin care for the lips before but I'll consider a lip mask, some of them look fun to do.

I usually don't drink enough, but even when I have dozens of glasses a day to deal with the heat it doesn't change much. Do you think it's okay to use other kinds of acids? I have some products from The Ordinary, but not hyaluronic.

No. 120278

File: 1564295805704.jpg (92.45 KB, 1200x1443, 6811047_0.jpg)

i don't know what it is about this moisturizer (Neutrogena hydro boost water gel) that does my skin so good. i tried switching to a cheaper face lotion a while ago but my skin started flaking like a motherfucker. i caved and went back to this water gel, and my skin is perfect again! i love it but i'm also mad at how expensive it can be at some stores. sigh

No. 120281


No. 120449

File: 1564502087860.jpg (93.78 KB, 864x1152, 8ebfc0396089c327e97d21049aa40a…)

i bought this a month ago and always stored it away from light - now i'm on holiday and left it out in my room for a 4 days. i just read you're supposed to buy in in a light blocking container and this is not so optimal… can i still use this? i mean the bottle is kinda hazy and it wasn't in direct sun light…

No. 120455

it should be fine. it's not going to hurt you, it just might not be as effective.

No. 120561

I've never given much of a fuck about skincare until recently but have been nailing myself down to a routine of proper deep cleanses and moisturiser. It's not a lot, but fuck, it's an improvement. I'm kind of grossed out I wasn't doing this before.

If you have big skincare energy, I'd be keen to know what you might recommend to someone trying out new products and trying to look slightly less like an old handbag.

I'm combination-type-skin I think? Not a particularly heavy makeup user, tend to gravitate towards anything with SPF protection as I'm pretty outdoorsy.

Any help appreciated.

No. 120592

File: 1564669259224.jpeg (53.95 KB, 828x969, Kermit05.jpeg)

I'm freaking out a bit. I've been doing sugar scrubs twice a week for years now, probably since I was 15 (21 now), but people keep saying they're bad for you, even in this thread. They make my skin super soft and smooth, so I kept doing them. I usually just mix (white) sugar with water and scrub my face with that in the shower. Do they really age your skin? People always assume I'm underage, so I don't think they have aged me so far. Are there any studies on this? I'm horrified of premature aging, so this is very worrying.

No. 120633

They're fine, unless you're going ham and your skin is responding poorly. Exfoliation can be overdone, forsure, and this goes for chemical exfoliation too. Make sure you're giving your skin the rest it needs (or it can thin out) and you should be fine. Some people have sensitive skin that gets really irritated through abrasion so those people need to avoid scrubs.

No. 120640

any recs for stretch marks? i just recently had a baby and my stomach is looking pretty rough.

No. 120642

How often should you use a mask?

No. 120644

There's nothing you can to make them go away. They will fade and become hardly noticeable in time, but they're literally deep tissue scars. Dermarolling is a shit meme, don't buy into it. You could also get laser or peel to fade them faster, if they really bother you. Otherwise, aside from getting a tummy tuck, they're with you for life.

Also if you JUST had a baby give yourself a break. No one's stomach looks good after that.

No. 120655

unsure if it belongs here but whatever
yesterday i tried out an epilator for the first time (a good quality one), i epilated my legs mostly in the afternoon but also a bit in the evening, now it's 12 pm and i still have red bumps on my legs. when are they supposed to go away? my legs might have less stubble than shaving but these bumps aren't attractive either lol

No. 120658

Try running cold water on your legs and see if it goes down. Moisturize them as well. It would happen to me a lot right after switching from shaving to epilating, and it will do it again if I shave once before epilating again, but it usually goes back to normal by the morning if I epilate at night. It doesn't really happen anymore since I've entirely stopped shaving, tho.

No. 120659

I put body lotion on it, it does look a lot better but I'm still covered in red bumps..

No. 120662

For me it's usually the next day, they do get better in the evening though but don't completely disappear

No. 120664

so the next day they're completely gone?
I'm assuming it will get better after a few times but I was planning on seeing my bf this weekend and the red bumps are just embarrassing lol

No. 120782

Recs for best balm for chronically-dry lips? I'm on medication that dehydrates me slightly so I'm always feeling dried out. I drink tons of water and pee every ten minutes, but my old Burts Bees is only just keeping it at bay.
Aquaphor need not apply. Imo it's pretty overrated. It's just petroleum jelly in a tube and didn't help any more than others.

I bought this because everyone loves it so much and it taught me that I'm sensitive to silicone. All my usual acne areas were clogged within two weeks of regular use.

No. 120855

after epilating my legs I see a bunch of hairs that were just cut off instead pulled out, is that normal? I got a good brand etc.
other girls who have this, do you just shave afterwards or do you keep epilating every few days (the stubble is too short to epilate) until everything is gone?

No. 120863

Happens a lot, it's just bad luck. Try to play with how you're epilating to see when you get less cut offs, from example mine works best after a really hot shower and well dried legs but some work better under the shower if they have a water mode.

I completely avoid shaving so if it happens usually I'll either get a tweezer and take care of the hair (if it's quite dark) or just leave it, who cares about a few hairs.

No. 120894

File: 1564941384981.jpg (31.95 KB, 940x940, i-033072-ddhj-w-pump-125ml-1-9…)

I have a terrible fear of moisturizer.
My acne was super bad and sensitive growing up so I constantly put drying products on my face so that I wouldn't get acne… Now I'm worried that I've permanently damaged my skin into aging earlier. Currently using pic related but I'm still terrified that my acne will immediately come back!

No. 120899

I had the same psychological issue, but having dry skin can actually make acne worse. I remind myself of that every time I feel like slathering myself in hydrogen peroxide gel again (which I can't even use since my acne is fungal now lmao) instead of an acne-friendly moisturizer.

No. 120900

bioderma hydrabio gel-creme shill here again, it's still really good for sensitive-very acne prone skin! you can also enter the ingredients of anything in cosdna for a complete break-down of how comedogenic or irritating they are.

No. 120901

File: 1564947009646.png (738.12 KB, 681x455, 2019-08-04 15_28_48-Window.png)

i was the same way but unfortunately clinique products break me out too
i definitely think gel cremes are the way to go though and along with >>120900 's suggestion, i'm a trader joes moisturizer shill so i recommend their gel moisturizer

No. 120907

I went camping for five days and now my skin is ruined. It's so flaky and burns when anything touches it. I'm trying to heal it with aloe and jojoba. It's been about 3 days since then and the burning has gone down, but it's still pretty flaky and I'm breaking out like hell.

No. 120911

File: 1564951818187.jpg (34.06 KB, 550x550, Benton-Aloe-Propolis-Soothing-…)

I hate moisturisers too for similar reasons, except i'm a greasy mess. Benton aloe soothing gel is that only thing i like.

No. 120912

some of the stubbles are so short I can't even pull them out with tweezers yet, seems like days work lol. here I was imagining an epilator would just be a once a week thing

No. 120975

File: 1565023400042.jpg (17.03 KB, 220x243, 220px-PerfectStrawberry.jpg)

My nose looks like a damn strawberry because of how enlarged my pores are. How do I shrink them to a normal size at least? I've heard of laser, but I'm open to any suggestion.

No. 120977

File: 1565024199603.png (32.27 KB, 360x360, skin-perfecting-2-percent-bha-…)

have you tried any aha or bha chemical peels?
i've been using this from paula's choice lately and it's been helping the noticeable pores on my nose a lot.
unfortunately a lot of that is genetics so you might have to go the way of the laser when it's all said and done, but it's worth trying.

No. 121321

No. 121337

It's a little pricey but this stuff cures me of enlarged nose pores and also closed comedones. I use it about once a week.

No. 121542

File: 1565811138568.jpg (149.44 KB, 807x1434, 20190814_143236.jpg)

Whoops, forgot the pic lol

No. 121752

How do i get rid of the tiny red bumps under your skin that aren't like millia or capable of being popped? like under skin whiteheads that will stay under your skin forever

No. 121766

If you're referring to closed comedones, I use Mizon 8% AHA, or any of the AHA/BHA peels referred to upthread would probably do it. Tbh I like mine because it works fine and it's cheaper. If you're referring to skin texture, I've still got some of that after the peels, and it really isn't going anywhere :( General skin maintenance is probably the best thing for that really - water-adding toner, oil-adding moisturizer, maybe a night mask, drink plenty of water.

No. 121937

My head/face is a lot darker than the rest of my body. It's almost definitely because I never wear hats despite wearing long sleeves even on the hottest days.

Would sunscreen help with this? I'd love to have a more even tone without the use of skin whiteners or anything.
I'm not looking for an instant fix, but I just want to know that if I start wearing sunscreen now, it will help over the next 6 months - 2 years.

No. 121956

Has anyone here tried Aczone? If so, what experiences did you have, and did it help?

No. 121978

Yup sunscreen. But you'll get mileage out of some kind of brightener like Vitamin C coupled with sunscreen.

No. 121981

Thanks, just wanted a confirmation.

Would it be possible to go past my skin tone and get lighter? I'm not really looking to do this, so if I should switch to a normal sunscreen once I'm even, let me know.

No. 121984

You can't really get paler than your actual natural skintone, i.e. where you're lightest (around your bum for instance) unless you are skin bleaching. Sunscreen will just prevent further tanning and your skin will lighten to its normal color over time by shedding the tanned skin cells.

No. 122335

If I haven't fully shaved all over, but I'm trying a new regiment to help my skin out, would that interfere or would I be able to continue applying everything through all the hair?
Just stuff like lotions, sunscreens, etc

No. 122624

Do any of you guys have tips in dealing with blackheads? I've been using the Bioré witch hazel salicylic acid treatment cleanser and toner on and off for bout a week and nothing is really changing

No. 122738

Anyone have experience taking spironolactone for hormonal acne?

I dont get any spots anywhere on my face, ever, unless I dont wash my bangs and get a forehead spot. The exception is my chin. The left and right side of my chin, almost like two lines down from the corners of my mouth, are constantly covered in spots. Shallow, deep, cystic, one on top of the other and at least one new one developing every day when I wake up. It's really denting my self confidence plus its just generally really painful. I've read tons of accounts of women prescribed spironolactone for hormonal acne and how it's a miracle game changer but I'm a bit nervous to ask my doctor for it.

No. 122830

File: 1567731538113.jpg (47.35 KB, 600x419, derm001k.jpg)

Any of you anons use derma smooth? My doctor prescribed it, but I'm kind of scared of the side effects. Its my first steroid, so I'm paranoid in general. Also my it's partly for moderate eczema on my armpit, but it says dont put on armpits. Can I put it on my back?

No. 122833

Give azelaic acid a shot first. I've used spiro, and it's great, but when you stop your acne will come back with vengeance.

No. 122834

Samefag, and late response but get gel nails. Or acrylics, and hydrocolloid patches. There's a "compulsive skin picking" thread I'm on, and it really seems to help people.

No. 122835

Don't be nervous, they are there to help! I had your exact same issue. Same area and cystic. I seriously tried every topical treatment under the sun. Finally, once I realized this was a thing that wasn't going away (it suddenly came about after decades of clear skin), I went to see a derm (it was about $50 for the visit) and she prescribed Spiro. I've been on it since April and can say I haven't had one single breakout since about June. The first few months I didn't see much change but I stuck with it, so glad I did. I still have some scarring but it's much preferred to painful acne that's impossible to cover.

No. 122840

what should I put on with this? cerave?

No. 122843

Really helped me. No side effects. No cysts. Maybe 1 pimple a month

No. 122864

any tips for sun damage?

No. 122875

any advice for red/flushed cheeks? my left cheek, and only my left cheek, is ALWAYS red. i just bought Prosacea and got it in the mail today. i'm hoping this will work but i have no idea if it's actually rosacea.

No. 122912

use aloe vera gel

No. 122959


My mountain range face thanks you my angels, I'll try the acid in the run up to my appointment for the spiro.

No. 122980

Can your hair be too long for use with hair removal cream? My veet product doesn't give me any info about that and my pubic hair is pretty long atm lol

No. 122981

you can use it

No. 122982

Has anyone had any adverse side effects with spiro? Does it need some test/ monitoring like Accutane does?

No. 122990

i had to get monitored like once a yr and it can easily make you constipated from dehydration but other than that, no. just dont eat high potassium foods often and yioure fine

No. 123062

I'm getting tons of bug bites and it feels like some of them are taking a while to go away. They might be fleas but seem a bit too big and might be something else…what's the best way to treat them to make them go down? I'm assuming they won't leave a mark but would be scared of that too lmao

No. 123071

I used hair removal cream on my pubes and it didn't work properly on some parts, any girls have any tips on the matter in general + what to do when you miss some hairs, like do you just shave the hairs it missed? I hate the stubble from shaving so much I was really hoping this would work..

No. 123080

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the advice given in these skin care threads, my skin has been better than ever and the oiliness is not so bad. Also people I haven't seen in a while say my skin is glowing so I guess I'm doing something right.

No. 123105

Here to say Blistex has saved my crusty lips. I don’t think the menthol in similar products really does anything but I found the tingling helped me judge whether I applied it to every spot (which might be the point but it’s still neat!) now I’m gonna reply to some old ass comments and ask: any anons know what to do about ‘chicken skin’? I have it on my neck and my upper arm skin like the strawberry problem some anons describe but I dont even shave there.

The smell and color remind me of pickled beetroots but hey, it actually does something to the pores/black heads on my nose. It’s much better than cheap drugstore nose strips. My skin is combo oily in the T zone which I use their niacinimide for which worked really well for me. I must have bought 4 or 5 bottles of it by now amd I can make it last for months. >>113047 maybe this anon should try it, my skin is never that oily but I used to come home every day with a shining nose even if I tried to cover it with product.

And I hope this works for someone: I used to make DIY facemasks out of stuff, one day I made a coffee paste with the really powder granules and tried it and I’m convinced it made my dark circles 90% less visible but I don’t have eye bags, just temporary smudges from lack of sleep so idk if caffeine would work on genetic pigmentation there

No. 123106

File: 1568102551037.jpeg (60.58 KB, 720x600, 1905AE06-288F-481A-B5EE-845ADC…)

Samefagging to an old post but I use kojic acid soap and recommended it to my pasty Irish friend who said she had a weird tan around her ankles and the soap "worked in like a week".

Does anyone else use kojic acid soap/can vouch for it here? Or tell me if it’s actually really bad for me? I’ve been using it for like 3 years now and it took me from A5 to B3 on this chart (was trying to get rid of a tan because I refused sunscreen for years over the texture) and unlike some people it didn’t dry me out or make me react, at least after the first week.

No. 123113

Does wearing makeup age you? I've noticed fine lines under my eyes ever since I started wearing eyeliner and mascara.

No. 123127

are you sure you didn't just not see them before because you weren't paying close attention to your eyes? I don't know about skin make-up, but mascara and eyeliner that doesn't even go on the skin underneath your eyes isn't going to affect it as long as you take it off and don't sleep with panda eyes

No. 123128

I used kojic soap in an attempt to get rid of a tan, didn't work for me.

No. 123347

Can any anons help me? I don't wear makeup, cleanse my face twice a day, have minimal sugar in my diet, drink lots of water, take vitamin supplements, try to keep my hands/phone off my face - but my skin is still shit. Like I constantly have blackheads and little whiteheads all over my face. It's been like this since I hit puberty 15 years ago and now my skin texture is like sandpaper. I just want nice skin for a little bit before wrinkles set in ffs :(

No. 123348

Samefag but I don't use hormonal BC and won't take it either.

No. 123354

You might not need to cleanse twice a day especially if you're not using a gentle product, stripping your skin of moisture is not helpful even though it seems counter intuitive when you're getting pimples. Do you use any other products? Moisturizer and sun screen are the bare minimum along with a cleanser but if you're serious about improving your skin, read https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/wiki/expanding_your_routine (and the rest of the subreddit in general).

No. 123357

I have pretty much the same skin except I'm on BC (that hasn't changed anything btw). What kind of moisturiser are you using? I haven't got my face entirely clear but I find gels & serums much nicer to my face than creams & lotions.

No. 123364

Sandpaper like skin means your natural moisture barrier is fucked. The same thing happened to me even though I treat my skin the same way you do.

No. 123387

I'm using Boots Botanical cream cleanser, toning spray, and facial oil. At night I use the cream and toner, then use The Ordinary lactic acid solution and azaleic acid suspension instead of oil. I'm trying to clear spots, but also improve texture and elasticity because I'm nearly 30 and have not been kind to my skin over the years. It definitely shows.

I just don't know how to fix it at this point. I wish I'd been more dedicated when it first started going shit…

No. 123389

can someone pls recommend me a birth control that isn't like, diane 35 or yaz for my acne

No. 123390

Calamine lotion. Also a glycerin toner or physical exfoliant after they're flattened and dried. If they're really full of fluid put on some salicylic acid and then calamine lotion.

No. 123394

File: 1568461559820.jpg (456.7 KB, 2448x3264, 0964e381eada9c165f64965946a442…)

Are you guys talking about something like pic related?

No. 123425

I'm >>123347 and yes, that's what I was talking about. Lots of little pits that just never go away. Just means that dirt and oil is constantly getting trapped. So frustrating.

No. 123428

I have face pitting too from acne. I think the only thing that will help are chemical exfoliants with acid to reduce the pitting over time. Or else it's just natural that oils and sebum will accumulate in the pits.

No. 123431

Oh, I was referring to those tiny white bumps. I thought it might be something similar when 'sandpaper' was mentioned.
Does anyone know what the bumps are?

No. 123432

They look like sebaceous plugs. When you squeeze them do white plugs or strings ooze out?
The only way to treat it is with exfoliation and moisturizer.

No. 123435

can i use a dermaroller with vitamin c for pitted scars?

No. 123436

Thank you!

No. 123463

Fuck, sorry. The white things are so tiny I didn't see them until I came back, read your comment, and maximised the photo to look for them!

Yeah, I've been a habitual picker since my teens and it's destroyed my skin texture.

No. 123475

My skin is immaculate on my period. It was also amazing for almost the entire time I was pregnant. As soon as my period ends, I break out and my skin is a mess. Being on the mini pill also made my skin the worst it's ever been. Every resource I look at talks about skin being awful on your period, but I have the opposite issue. Like my skin cant handle androgens or some shit, hence it being amazing on period/pregnant and particularly shit, really really shit, on cerazette? Trying to decode hormone related acne is annoying af and my doctor is p useless about it and cant afford a derm

No. 123550

Mine is appalling just before period and was also amazing I was pregnant. Sadly fucking with your hormones is going to fuck you up, so I've resigned myself to awful skin.

No. 123600

Yes definitely, but you'll need longer needle (1mm+) for results. IME, at that length you will also need a topical numbing cream. Just make sure you wipe it off after 20m before rolling, then apply the vitC and I usually also put a collagen mask on over that to help cool down.

No. 123616

i'm slowly losing the will to live while searching for a suitable sunscreen… pls help

i'm fair, burn easily (so need lots of protection), i'm also very dry and have acne/fungal acne prone skin.. struggling to find something w high protection thats also anti-FA and won't dry me out

No. 123619

can't you use something seperate for your fungal acne?

No. 123621

i've already started treating it with several products but need a sunscreen without any ingredients that would feed the FA - while also being compatible with my skin type/other issues

No. 123626

Have you checked out the simpleskincarescience post on fungal acne? It's massive and has fungal acne safe recommendations for basically every type of product, including sunscreen.

No. 123636

this, i use shiseido senka mineral water uv essence, since they reformulated biores watery essence

all of the products i use are from his list and it has helped me immensely

No. 123656

The ingredients look good on that one, though the alcohol can be irritating and it has chemical filters in it, not just mineral like the name would lead one to believe.

No. 123670

File: 1568766163842.png (383.29 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190917-191943.png)

Have you looked at the Canmake Mermaid Gel UV, it was mentioned in another thread not too long ago. I'm pretty sure it is alcohol free and fragrance free. I use it every day and absolutely love it. Great for an everyday primer too just really makes my skin pop.

No. 123673

nta but i got a sample of this and haven't tried it yet so i'm going to now!

No. 123705

File: 1568805335654.png (742.32 KB, 1120x607, serum2-600x350.png)

have anyone tried any of the pure and care serums? I´ve got a small bunch, but it can sometimes take time to see results when it comes to skin. My main problem are my huge pores (my skin literally looks like orange peels), and they're constantly clogged bc of my oily skin. Constant blackheads that are super hard to get rid of. I feel a bit alone, bc no products seems to help at all and the only way to get rid of them is to squeeze them out. I'm currently testing the 2% BHA serum, hoping it will easy it up a. bit

No. 123829

Farmers, any advice for someone with rough/aged/orange skin skin from smoking? (Weed every day almost for 2 years). I quit 3 weeks ago, vaped for on and off then quit that too last week b/c it gave me horrible sore throat. I don’t really need to smoke weed , I was just doing it as a habit and it did help a lot permanently with severe anxiety I had but it totally wrecked my appearance. I’m actually shocked how bad it got in such a short period of time because I know people who smoke tobacco for 10+ years and they look better then me. My teeth are yellow too, but they were always sort of off white. My skin was ideally before this, zero wrinkles, no sunspots, no acne.

No. 123840

Are you insinuating that smoking weed for 2 years gave you sun spots and wrinkles? And orange skin? Wut

No. 123846

I think most of your problems come from not wearing proper spf rather than the smoking

No. 123858

You can get your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist and it doesn't cost that much these days. Charcoal works too but it's very temporary.

No. 123997

I've been on the search for a more affordable moisturizer, since the ones I've used are too expensive - could anyone recommend me one? I used Lancome Hydra Zen cream for years and recently changed to Clinique Moisture Surge, but that too is kinda expensive over here so I'd rather change to something more affordable, maybe a korean or japanese brand (those are easy to get off ebay.)

I have ''normal'' skin and I used to suffer from acne. More on the oily side. I usually stick to sensitive skin products. Oils break me out, so it has to be oil-free. I like day creams than contain silicone, because I don't use primer separately :) Any tips are well appreciated!!

No. 124117

File: 1569417133674.png (935.34 KB, 1440x964, Screenshot_2019-09-25-09-09-05…)

Do LED beauty devices really work? I've seen one piece led masks and the sticks advertised all over the place. Apparently this shit will magically solve every skin problem you have! Is there even scientific proof to back the claims?

No. 124119

Any fungal acne sufferers here try oral antifungal? How did it work for you? Is it gone "permanently" now (along with topical upkeep of course)?

I'm currently taking fluconazole 150 every other day for a week along with 2-3 sulfur mask sessions a day in hopes it will kick start its death, if not kill it completely. So far it's weird in that it's taken the pain away from all of my eruptions, but not the swelling. It also stalled all of them and nothing is getting worse.

I was able to get rid of the fungus on my body (this was all caused by antibiotics), so I'm crossing my fingers this will finish off my face. I'm so tired of having the worst skin I've ever had at 22.

No. 124165

I'm not sure this belongs here but I don't know where to ask lol. I know you're actually not supposed to clean your ears especially not with cotton swabs and stuff since it just pushes in the wax further but every time I take my earphones out in the train I see disgusting wax in them and I feel a bit embarrassed openly cleaning them in the train when there are other people around so I'm wondering how other people deal with this..

No. 124169

There are these oil drops you can buy that soften the wax, then you syringe it out with water in these squeezy bulbs. Vague description, sorry, but it's all sold at supermarkets and the packaging makes it obvious what they are. I get the nurse to do mine occasionally, it's so good.

No. 124177

In the last few weeks I once used hair removal cream and an epilator on my pubic area and for some reason days later my skin started peeling off and has been doing that for a few days. Is this bad? Should I not shave for a while until it's back to normal?

No. 124178

Definitely don't shave!

No. 124192

so i recently tried to replace my curology formula (azelalic acid 4%, cindamycin 1%, zinc 0.25%) with the ordinary products, as my skin isn't having any of the same troubles i needed curology for + i can't justify the price now.

i'm 21 and my main skincare concerns currently are dullness and my veiny, dark under-eye circles. my skin is combination. after a lot of research into their products, i finally bought: glycolic acid 7% toner, "buffet", niacinimide 10% + zinc 1%, hyaluronic acid 2% + b5, caffeine solution 5% + egcg, and one of their vitamin c suspensions.

the only problem i have is how many new products i have and i'm a bit lost on what order to apply them in, mainly the serums. i know to apply toner right after cleansing, and to apply vitamin last, before moisturizer, and never alongside the niacinimide. i just worry that i won't apply the serums in the right "order" so to speak. any opinions?

No. 124195

there's an app called skincare routine thats great for this but it's paid which is annoying. otherwise just email deciem they're super helpful

No. 124209

the ordinary has a product regimen guide for this! the link is super long but just google the ordinary regimen guide and it's right on their website, and will help you figure out in what order to apply the products.

No. 124211

What works for bad body acne/ass acne? Mine is worse than it's been almost ever and it's upsetting me. My face is mostly clear too, adding insult to injury. I've got prescription medications but feel like I need to add in something else or try other stuff. I was even going commando at night but can't now because I'm on my period. Also, does anything work for old stretchmarks? I might have cellulite but I think all of the weird textures are from stretchmarks…I hate it. I know it's normal and maybe it just looks bad to me under the bathroom light.

No. 124233

Have you considered that it may be fungal acne? It tends more towards being on the body.
>don't let hair or shampoo ever touch body in the shower
>salicylic acid
>cut out dairy
The last one was the cause for me and now my back is clear which it hasn't been for YEARS. Chest was fungal though.

Good luck anon! I know bacne (and assne) hurt like hell and feel for anyone suffering with it.

No. 124236

How do you get rid of fungal acne? Can you treat it OTC?

No. 124237

Depends on severity, but using nizoral as a "mask" a couple times a week and/or applying sulfur ointment with an otherwise fungal safe routine should do it for most.
Big list of fungal safe products on this page:

Personally cleared up my chest which was borderline body horror level disgusting to start with. Although my face fungus is hanging on harder (I'm also this >>124119 anon) so drugs are sadly what I'm resorting to.

No. 124251

I have these tiny bumps on my chin and forehead that just don't go away. I thought it was fungal acne so I got medication for it at the pharmacy, but that did nothing. What else could it be?

No. 124272

Are they colorless bumps? If so, I've had them all over my forehead for the past 10 years. I've tried putting Nizoral on my forehead and it never got better. There aren't any good dermatologists in my area so I'm dying to find a solution.

No. 124283

File: 1569672963479.png (1.43 MB, 1440x1760, led.png)

Anyone tried led eye thing?

No. 124285

LED works for general skin

No. 124287

Have you two tried AHAs? And using non-comedogenic products only?
It sounds like closed comedones to me.

No. 124322

I've been through a bottle of lactid acid before, that's an AHA right? That didn't do anything for the bumps.

I know not to slap coconut oil for example on my face but I'm not sure how to check if my store-bought products are non-comedogenic.

No. 124331

Mine went away with niacinamide+zinc, salicylic acid and the AHA+BHA, all from the ordinary. But it took a purging period and like 4 months. Now I barely get one or two bumps, they're my holy grail

No. 124352

I'm going to look into that stuff and give it a try, thanks!

No. 124361

Any super pale/fair anons with suggestions for concealer for blemishes? I usually don’t wear foundation, but I get some hormonal breakouts around my period and I have trouble finding anything decent to cover the couple of spots I have that doesn’t oxidize into an orange color. I’m willing to pay if it works well.

No. 124368

Lancome's Teint Idole works well for covering spots (not well for dark circles though) and has a lot of shades, but it sounds like you need a setting spray/powder more. Make sure you test them in different lights before buying. Get a color match at Sephora (or another makeup shop). Any concealer should do the job without looking orange later.

No. 124387

Is there an age where it's abnormal for you to still have issues with acne? I'm 23, which isn't old, but I can't stand the thought of dealing with this into my 30s. I've been seeing a dermatologist for years now. Starting to consider accutane but given my issues with depression and the monthly pregnancy tests/two forms of birth control, I'm scared, and I also don't know if my dermatologist will prescribe it if he hasn't in something like five years of seeing him? It feels like whenever my acne gets better, I start getting cysts or they pop up all over me. This time it was fucking body acne and small zits on my cheeks/jawline, both places I have never really gotten it on. The body acne mostly fucked off after my teens and very early 20s. I've taken low-dose antibiotics that would make this a little better for a while, but I'm also prone to yeast infections, so that sucks too.
I just want this to end, holy fuck, why do I still get acne this bad if I'm using prescription topicals?

No. 124397

I also don't wear foundation, just concealer for problematic areas. Haven't found better shit than Maybelline Affinitone concealer - it blends with your skin like no other, perfect for no foundation look. I don't use powder etc, it sticks to skin alright

No. 124398

I also don't wear foundation, just concealer for problematic areas. Haven't found better shit than Maybelline Affinitone concealer - it blends with your skin like no other, perfect for no foundation look. I don't use powder etc, it sticks to skin alright

No. 124670

I'm getting mixed opinions online, but does azelaic acid have similar anti-aging properties as tretinoin?

No. 124672

I had the same problem. I was having awful acne into my late 20s. Try spironolactone.

No. 124679

from what i'm reading it seems like azelaic acid is more for blemishes and general skin texture/brightening rather than the anti-aging properties that tretinoin has

No. 124694

It helps with rosacea or general redness and smooths the skin, all short term effects

No. 124774

i’m looking for a skin whitening cream for armpits and private parts. any farmers know anything worth trying out? preferably not very expensive!

No. 124776

I want to try hard wax and specifically on my pubes but how the hell do people wax their labia? Mine are so hairy but it seems hard to do that part

No. 124777

you have to pull the skin extremely tight or you'll risk ripping your skin off, that's really the only trick i can think of. invest in a mirror so you can see what you're doing.

No. 124800

File: 1570395842256.jpeg (373.69 KB, 1125x1513, 0670477C-7838-4437-9FD6-C10122…)

i'm >>124192 and deciem did get back to me with a recommended routine, which is fine, but i find that my serums are really prone to pilling, especially with either of my day moisturizers (both have spf). i've spoken with a friend who also uses their products and she says the hyaluronic acid pills up on her, too. since my skin type is combo i think i can get away with just not using it anymore.

i'm probably not going to use the vitamin c serum anymore since it pills, too. i'd try their azelalic acid (one of my old curology formula's components) if half the reviews didn't complain of pilling.

No. 124886

File: 1570556212707.png (89.53 KB, 285x532, 2019-10-08 13_33_10-Amazon.com…)

so i've had the same issues with deciem's serums pilling up, and what i have found that helps immensely is using a water-based mosturizer/spf after applying the serums. i don't use their spf because it's way too heavy for me.

this korean moisturizer is working great for me on top of their serums and pretty much prevents them pilling (i'm assuming because of something to do with the water content). ~$15USD on Amazon. only bad thing is it's not waterproof so be careful using vitamin c under it if you'll be sweating. nice thing is it also has HA and niacinamide.

Water,Butylene Glycol, Butyloctyl Salicylate, Glycerin,Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate,Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Acrylates Copolymer, Silica,1,2-Hexanediol, Niacinamide,Dibutyl Adipate,Ethylhexyl Triazone,Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Cetearyl Olivate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Sorbitan Olivate, Glyceryl Stearate, Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate, Sorbitan Stearate, Centella Asiatica Extract, Madecassoside, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Disodium EDTA, Adenosine, Hyaluronic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopherol

No. 124887

do you wear sunscreen on top or underneath skincare?

No. 124888

What about applying the wax though like how do you get the insides of your labia too
Idk how to explain it but like there's hair in the folds too and I have to pull my labia to get to that hair when I shave and I can't imagine properly putting wax on there

No. 124890

Sunscreen is always the last step unless you’re wearing makeup over it

No. 124894

but what if your skincare has SPF in it? I read somewhere that the first layer of SPF you apply to your face is the SPF that counts, so if you apply spf 30 first and then spf 50, you have spf 30 protection. is this complete bs?

No. 124896

i'm not an expert, but multiple spf products sounds like overkill to me. i don't really see how the 30 would cancel out the 50 but maybe another anon is more knowledgeable and can clear it up…

No. 124925

I started using benzoyl peroxide two months ago, and while it helps keep my acne at bay (at least the big red and cystic ones) it gave me little bumps all over my face. It's not really visible but annoying since I didn't have them before. Anything that could help to make them go away?
Also is there anything else I could use, besides moisturizer and sunscreen that would go along with the benzoyl peroxide? I really want to get rid of the redness.

No. 124943

thanks so much! i'll have to try it. at this point, though, i'm so fed up with my serums pilling no matter what i do that i might just go back to curology. the only serum i have that i'd consider buying again is the caffeine solution.

No. 124952

who had tried the laneige lipmask? is it worth getting?

No. 124953

i've been using it for about a year now and it's amazing. the little tub lasts forever.

No. 125129

>had very good skin with a painstakingly specific skincare routine
>Last winter started getting tiny bumps
>Bumps multiplied and flakiness/irritation from treatments ensued, looked all over for answers and even tried to treat it as fungal to no avail
>Kept taking one product away and substituting others, trying to find out the issue and for many months wavering between 3-8 products
>Recently go through a depression episode of immense proportion in which I didn't want to look in the mirror for a few weeks and washed my face with hot water in the shower and then applied one moisturizer
>Irritation is completely gone, bumps are still there a bit but less of them

I'm fine with this. I don't think I can go back to my skin from 2017-18 where I used to get compliments from people. I'm gonna take what I can get.

No. 125159

I have redness in very specific areas of my face and it drives me crazy. Below the corners of my lips, nostrils, and outer corners of my eyes. Any redness stands out like a sore thumb because im very pale.

I have shitty teeth that make me drool sometimes, so could the lip redness just be yeast? There are so many different things it could be its confusing.

Ive tried applying nivea cream nightly and after showers and it worked for a few weeks but it still flares up.

No. 126146

Alright so I just watched this Bella Thorne skincare routine that everyone was talking about. Every one kept saying it was really disgusting and horrible advice, saying shes going to age like milk etc. and there are tons of comments saying the same thing, just acting completely repulsed by it and saying they should take the video down but I don't understand whats so bad about it? She just uses a a diy scrub on her face then rubs some crushed up cherries on her face? Like its probably not the best thing for your skin but I don't get why its so revolting?

No. 126169

if you have sensitive and/or acne prone scan, rough exfoliants and sugar can make the problem worse, but people are probably overreacting to show off how much they know about skincare.

it's kind of like people into nails acting HORRIFIED to see a rough cuticle on a manicure or something.

No. 126172

>putting lemon on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin, is a terrible idea. it will fuck up your ph balance.
>she is over-exfoliating her face by using sugar.
>olive oil is not good for your face.

ironically, natural skincare shit like this is damaging. natural skincare is not better. her routine is very harsh and going to damage her skin long-term.

No. 126608

i made the mistake of using a hair removal cream on my brow and upper lip that was out of date (i know i'm an idiot and i should have checked) and it's left a burn between my eyebrows at the bridge of my nose, and at the corner of my top lip. it's green and gunky and painful as all fuck. is there any creams i can use to speed up the healing process? i don't want to go back to work with this looking as bad as it does.

No. 126609

get some sort of antibacterial cream like germolene or streptocide or whatever you have at your location to prevent it getting infected, germolene also numbs the area a bit so it's my fav. otherwise just repent your sins and hope for the best. if you have aloe gel, can try layering that on top as a cooling layer for your own comfort but tbh layering shit will do the opposite of help.
source: long history of picking

No. 126610


No. 126615

She prob has thick skin that has trouble shedding, her face looks fine so people are clearly overreacting.

No. 126644

A&D ointment!

No. 126671

>her face looks fine so people are clearly overreacting

her face looks fine now but I think people are concerned she's going to damage her skin longterm

No. 126675

File: 1572876611716.jpg (51.08 KB, 800x600, ebjj1g.jpg)

I'm a complete beginner when it comes to skincare and I'd appreciate some pointers

my skin type is acne prone, maybe combination? I have an oily forehead and nose but my cheeks and chin can get dry patches I guess. my skin looks awful with bb cream or foundation on top of it (very bumpy. I just don't know the first thing about exfoliation) my main issue is small closed comedones on my cheeks and chin, and the odd whitehead. but generally feeling like I never truly exfoliate properly

my current routine below (pls no bully)

I've been doing the oil cleanse method for a few years and I like it. I use low comedogenic grapeseed oil (but thinking of moving to jojoba then I remove the oil with trilogy cream cleanser
(I think I need something less oily here to help remove the initial oil, cause this cleanser has rosehip seed oil in it) I give my face a kind of gentle scrub with a flannel at this point

once I'm done I either use a rosehip seed oil to moisturise or the ordinary's natural moisturising factors + HA (which I just finished) I also often add diluted tea tree oil into my moisturiser cause my face always does better acne wise when I include this. I don't put anything else on my skin and I wear makeup less than once a month.

any recommendations for products? especially a cleanser and a…. exfoliant of some sort? cruelty free options if possible. bonus point if vegan too. thank you!

No. 126679

it is bit pricey but I recommend Paula's choice liquid bha exfoliant so much! Not the gel, the liquid. I have a similar skin type as you (very acne prone and somewhat mixed) and had these really stubborn, almost milia like bumps all over and it took them away in like a month. It is bit drying so keep the oils in. I did try jojoba for a bit but I found it tad too heavy, if you can find it, hempseed oil is a lighter non comedogenic alternative. Also if you introduce an exfoliant, a SPF would be a must during the day, biore watery one (like blue tube, idk the precise word salad by heart) is my fav bc it's very moisturising and doesn't irritate me or give a white cast.

No. 126680

I had similar issues with texture and using a glycolic acid toner has really helped. Nothing else I've used has been as effective or fast-working as glycolic acid. I use the one by The Ordinary since it's cheap and does the job but I know there are other products with glycolic acid that people like, like the Pixi glow tonic.

No. 126689

File: 1572908241771.jpg (309.75 KB, 960x1280, IMG_6818.JPG)

my closed comedones are like this pic and do look kind of like milia, they seem to be reasonably deep in the skin but I can 'pop' them and really stringy, thin pus comes out (sorry for tmi). I've actually tried a Paula's Choice things in the past and liked them so I'll look into the bha exfoliant - thanks for the recc! would this be classed as an exfoliant?

I already bought some jojoba oil lol oop, but I can always use it to moisturise my body. I'll keep an eye out for hempseed because I do want to continue my oil cleansing

thanks for reminding me about spf! I've heard good things about biore but they're not cruelty free unfortunately, which is a must for me :( thanks for your recc anyway though! my main issue (after the dreaded white cast) with spf is stinging of the eyes tbh. I've not managed to find one that doesn't hurt my eyes if I get a tiny bit in them during the day :(

No. 126690

thanks for your reccs, I've heard great things about Pixi glow tonic and I'm into the Ordinary since they're reasonably inexpensive and easy to find.

would using a glycolic acid be safe to use at the same time as the Paula's Choice bha exfoliant another anon reccomended, or would that be overkill?

No. 126694

I'm turning 30 next year, what things do I need to keep in mind when caring for 30+ year old skin?

I luckily don't have wrinkles yet (other than nasolabial folds lol) but I want to try to keep them away for as long as possible. is spf all you really need? I've heard using a vitamin c serum can help with ageing - is this true? do any farmers use serums for this purpose?

No. 126698

Sunscreen, retinol and vitamin c are the only things that work besides plastic surgery and fillers.

No. 126723

yeah, I had those same things but mostly on my forehead! still idk whether they'd be classified as emilia or no. so annoying bc you could never pop them and they just sat there. But yeah, saint Paula took them away kek. Yes, it does count as an exfoliant bc it's a mild acid essentially. I don't think it's recommended to use both at once? But check it w a more reputable source lol

Jojoba was perfectly fine too, I just found I couldn't use it during the day as it would be too oily you know what I mean? Hempseed absorbs much quicker. But then again if you're in the northern hemisphere, perfect timing for winter lol

For sunscreen you could try eltamd? I don't remember which one I had but it's a physical black and while it does leave a white cast, it had no comedogenic ingredients, I think they're also cruelty free! I changed to biore bc elta's was like over 20 quid for a thing and like am not that rich haha

No. 126754

thanks for the info. I'll look into retinol as well

No. 126756

File: 1572990089582.jpg (57 KB, 742x954, Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 21.40…)

yeah from what I've read I shouldn't use both at the same time! I might try one for a period of time and see how it turns out.

I know what you mean about being TOO oily. luckily I only ever cleanse that way (w. oil) at night so I'm not to fussed about being a greaseball while I'm home lol. I will definitely keep hempseed in mind for the future though.

yeah eltamd is pricy, at least on amazon - it's like £35 lmao. thanks anyway anon. I'm also looking into Paula's Choice spf (again pricy but easy to find in the uk), luckily they do samples so I'm gonna try a few of them. thanks again for all your insight anon

No. 126758

Fucking hell, 35£ is extra steep, I got mine like 2-3 years ago and it was 23 quid or so back then and I already felt like committing a sin of some sort when buying it kek.
Looking forward to your report on paula's choice sunscreen, I frankly didn't know they made that but I'm interested!

No. 127050

I am back to using benzoylperoxide because my acne came back again. Looks like I have to keep using it to keep acne at bay (but even then it's not 100% gone).

Anyway my skin has started flaking again because of it which is absolutely hideous. Now I'm wondering: will my skin get used to it and stop flaking after a while of daily use? Or am I stuck between choosing (worse) acne or flaky skin?

No. 127055

if your acne is persistent/keeps coming back then the treatment you're currently using isn't right for you, or your daily skincare routine isn't effective. what's you r morning and night routine?

No. 127058


I've used Reishi powder to suppress my hormonal acne that tends to flare up around my period and it seems to have worked decently. I think it helps with the excess testosterone production

No. 127065

File: 1573434753388.jpg (35.65 KB, 563x551, 8e169d37b6bfe09c1c1b89bf33e52a…)

Hey guys, so I think I have a mixture of dry and oily skin. I have a huge habit of picking at my face and I recently got acne scars. Im 16, and I just wanna know how i can clear up my face and maybe lighten my acne scars a little? I tried black african soap, and it made my face break out. Ive been using a characol japanese face soap my mom got me, and it's been working pretty well, but I broke out again when i got on my period again.

No. 127073


We have pretty similar skin. What helped me was ditching traditional face cleansers and using Bioderma's micellar water (pink cap, sensitive skin) morning and night. I go over my face twice in the evening to make sure my sunscreen is fully removed.

I use Derma E's Tea Tree & Vitamin E cream all over my face twice a day. To help fade acne scars, I use Skin Food Fix's "MSM cream" (you can buy this on Etsy.)

Remember to use sunscreen daily otherwise the scars will get darker! I hope this helps you out. Also quick note I don't wear any makeup so if you wear a lot of makeup this routine might not work for you. Anyway my skin is super clear and healthy now after using this routine for a few weeks so I just thought I would share.

No. 127091

i have this same exact problem but my acne is still popping up with the scaliness & dried skin flakes. its super gross.

i told my dermatologist and she said to just apply moisturizer 30 minutes before the acne cream. this just gives me more acne and i still get scaly skin. you're supposed to get used to it within 1-3 months but if the scaliness persists, give it up. it'll only get worse like mine.

what do i do? i've been thinking about getting stronger birth control to prevent cystic acne around my chin/jaw/cheek area. right now i'm on ortho tri-cyclen (the mini-pill).

No. 127109

get a foreo/whatever copy with safe silicone you can get, some gentle face soap and moisturizing, religiously wash your face in the morning at at night and moisturize afterwards. you are only 16 so it should stabilize in a few years

No. 127362

So I just discovered biotin is the cause of my cystic acne all over the lower portion of my face, not my hormones.

What’s the best way to get rid of acne scars? They’re all blemishes and dark spots. I don’t have any pits or anything like that.

No. 127409

vitamin c, the ordinary has many cheap versions

No. 127456

Anyone has any experience with urea moisturizers? I just bough one with urea 5%.

It's supposed to be used on really dry scaly skin but I'm about to start using tretinoin so.

I also bough the cicaplast b5 from la roche posay to use at night after tretinoin. The only thing stopping me from starting tretinoin right now is that I don't want to have a purge face on Christmas.

No. 127484

File: 1573774918751.png (657.94 KB, 600x600, 1559332355082.png)

I live in the states and whenever I visit Japan my hair and skin just starts looking & feeling amazing. My skin isn't horrible but I have some issues with dryness, a tiny bit of acne, and skin texture, but it completely goes away and my skin is so close to perfect in Japan. Same goes for my hair- usually a little coarse and dry, in Asia, perfect, everyday is a good hair day. I would pay good money for these perfect skin days to last in the US.

My skin and hair care doesn't change when I'm abroad at all. My diet doesn't change too much in Japan (if anything it's a little worse because I eat more sugar).

Could it be water hardness? And if so, is there some way to "soften" my water? Any other theories are very welcome.

No. 127490

It could be the weather/humidity, but if you believe that the water is different then you can try installing a filter on your showerhead to see if it makes a difference. There are whole house water solftener systems as well but I think they get pricey.

No. 127491

When my (ex)bf went to Japan his acne was magically almost gone and after being back for a week or two it started coming back. He said that they don't use as much soap there and I wondered if maybe the soap he was using at home dried his skin out and gave him zits or something like that. I have no idea though.

Also you'd probably need a water filter for that. There are ones for faucets, but I don't know about shower heads.

No. 127492

File: 1573789119511.png (663.73 KB, 1734x986, skinroutine.png)

Just wondering if anyone else used either of these two? Had a glowing recommendation from a friend, and using them in tandem (niacinamide for the AM and vit C for the PM) have been fantastic for my fine line face wrinkles, I'm smooth as ever. The Vit C burns like a motherfucker though so definitely be mixing that with some decent moisturizer (it's suggested to apply moisturizer on top of the niacinamide too~)

No. 127493

I think it could be the lack of humidity, I start to break out when it gets dry, especially during the winter because we have the heater on and stuff. Maybe investing in a humidifier or two can help your skin. I have one in my bedroom and another for my living room and have felt the benefits, including not waking up feeling like I'm choking lol. There isn't really much you can do with showers because actually softening water takes longer than having your water go through a bunch of filters in the showerhead, you'll have to buy a home water softener attached to your piping if you want to truly soften your water.

No. 127497

Water sources in Japan are naturally more acidic, and therefore closer to the natural pH of skin & nails (3.5-4.5), than water found in many western countries.

Try products designed to lower the pH of your hair. A professional stylist can recommend ones available in your country.

If you suspect hard water, try demineralizing treatments on your hair (again, ask a local experienced stylist) before springing for a home water filter.

No. 127498

Sorry for samefag but presumably a dermatologist or esthetician would be able to make good skincare recommendations to counteract your area's climate and environmental factors. I just know hair - but the same principles apply. Balance that pH & manage buildup.

No. 127501

this is my favourite brand and my two favourite products.. along with spearmint tea the niacinamide cleared up my hormonal acne and the vit c faded the scars

No. 127507

It's crazy you say that because I was just in Japan for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I had the complete opposite reaction, my skin was the worst it's been since I was a young teenager, I had at least 4 or 5 large painful pimples at a time the entire time I was there and I have no idea why because my skincare routine was exactly the same as at home and I never missed any steps. As soon I got back home within a couple days I had no acne at all and I haven't gotten but one pimple since I've been back home. I'm also from the US. I don't think it has anything to do with the water to be honest.

I've used the niacinamide for a couple of years now and it's incredible but I use it for acne and oily skin rather than wrinkles.

No. 127528

what is your favorite daily sunscreen? i bought this knock-off one from target's own brand with the same ingredients as the Cera-Ve moisturizer with 30 SPF but i'm paranoid this isn't enough

if it matters, i have really dry skin and cystic hormonal acne

No. 127558

I really like A'pieu Soo Boo Ji Sun Cotton. It's like I'm not wearing anything, it has a pretty natural finish.

No. 127621

Is it true that using peptides in your 20s is too early and will make your skin to go into overdrive, causing it to be dull later?

I'm 25, started using The Ordinary's "Buffet" and I love the results but I'm seeing conflicting articles over the matter.

No. 127622

You should try checking this out >>123670. I have it too and think it works great, and I love how it has no fragrance

No. 127641

I have this same problem anon. I've been putting my prescription creme and it helps a bit, but currently it's so bad that my usual go to colloidal oatmeal lotion burns; if you've found any clever solutions in the last months lmk

No. 127643

Hello anons, I'm trying to figure out a skin care routine for my face and I'm at a loss. I have eczema and very dry skin, which makes my skin very sensitive. Currently my go-to colloidal oatmeal creme is even bothering me. I'm also developing dark circles around my eyes (combo of allergies, insomnia, eczema, and genetics) and wondering if there's anything I can do to maybe keep it from getting too bad.

(My face is very clear and I rarely get acne as a rare positive tho)

I'm also trying to find a good make up remover, I've tried multiple brands 'sensitive skin' wipes and they still burn. The only thing that hasn't burned is some oil thing I borrowed from a friend while I was in Europe (I could probably find out what it was from her, but no guarantees it's available in the US, and it was a bit of a pain to use)

No. 127652

wrt makeup remover, have you tried micellar water or cold cream?

No. 127653

If your eczema is caused by malassezia try products from this list (the title says fungal acne but many conditions can be caused by malassezia, including eczema):


And if you have the time read this article about malassezia, it helped understand a lot of things I was doing wrong:


Hope it helps!

No. 127657

I have not, I'm a bit of a make up baby and haven't heard those words before. Is there a particular type/brand of those you would recommend I try

You know, I have never actually thought to try and find out what's causing my eczema, I will check these out, thank you

No. 127658

i personally have 0 experience w cold cream so i cannot recommend specific products, but i have heard it is good for people with dry skin. with micellar water, i usually go for the pink garnier one, no complaints, but my skin is not that dry but rather acne-prone and sensitive.

No. 127706

Just a heads up about the micellar water mentioned >>127658
I bought it when I ran out of my old micellar water that was discontinued and it wreaked havoc on my dry skin. It didn't have any immediate adverse effects, but after 4-5 days, my skin was so flaky and sensitive, especially on my eyelids. It took almost a month for my skin to fully recover after I discontinued use.

My boyfriend tried to use it because he didn't want to waste anything and I have sensitive skin where he doesn't, but it dried him out too.

I don't have anything to suggest otherwise though. I still haven't found another makeup remover that works for me.

No. 127723

Long story short, won't bore you with the details, but does spironolactone/ aldactone show in a blood test? I.e will my doctor see that I've been taking it?

No. 127727

If you specifically want miscellar water maybe try the bioderma sensibio h2o? It's the one I've seen most recommended for sensitive skin and also for retinol users.

And if nothing else works, pure mineral oil is a great makeup remover because it's very neutral and doesn't interact with skin at all. The problem is that you need to wash it off with another cleanser/gentle soap because it just sits over your skin.

No. 127752

I stopped picking at my chest and back and I'm very proud of myself because I've been picking hardcore since I was a preteen. This has left me with large surface areas on my chest and shoulders with hyperpigmentation due to picking. Any products or regiments to try? I never wear shirts that show my shoulders or chest and I rarely wear any that show my collarbones (I'm VERY self conscious about the picking marks) so I'm not sure if sunscreen would do a whole lot in that area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

No. 127782

So I started using prescription tretinoin and now everything I put on my face burns a bit. The moisturizer the dermatologist recommended burns. Sunscreen burns too. And I've only used tretinoin twice with a couple days in between. But I didn't have any sensitivity to harsh products before this.

Did some research on the internet and the only thing that I've tried that doesn't burn is la roche posay cicaplast b5 but I had to pay $30 for the tiniest tube of 1.35 fl oz because that's how much it costs in my country (I think the original price is like $12). It's also pretty difficult to find and it's so tiny that I'll go through it in less than a month.

Have you guys experienced this? Will it get better? Will I develop a permanent sensitivity? I wish I had left my face alone but now that we're at it idk if I might as well just try and push through.

Tretinoin/retin-a/retinol are mentioned so many times in this thread that I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the side effects they've experienced.

No. 127920


You might be using it too much of it and/or too often? Tretinoin is the mildest retin-a product afak. Your skin will be sensitive for ~month but should get used to it over time. I usually start w/ once a week until the side effects go away.

If you have Amazon prime try Aromatica 95% aloe cream (the one that's EWG rated). It's not as emollient but it should be soothing.

No. 127939

If you don't have any zits on those areas and your skin isn't too sensitive, try microdermabrasion. If you want something a bit more gentle try exfoliating the skin, physical and chemical exfoliation would work, it might take a while to see which products are right for your skin type.
Moisturising and drinking water regularly also helps a lot.

No. 127971

I was trying to apply it every 3 days but I'll change it to once a week instead. Thank you.
Tretinoin is more aggressive than retinol, that's why it's prescription only in most countries. That'd explain why my skin is being so crazy.
Thanks for the rec!

No. 127972

How often should you use retinol products? I use a 1% booster, started really slow and I'm up to three times a week. It's been about 2-3 months and I think I can see a small difference, but should I be using it more often by now? No irritation so far.

No. 128008


I use Suntegirty tinted SPF 30. It's the only physical sunscreen that doesn't break me out and doesn't have a really bad white tint. I wasn't sure if the SPF was high enough either so I've been using Supergoop SPF 45 powder on top of it which is just ok. If anyone has any reccs for more mattifying SPF powders lmk


Sorry I meant the mildest RX retinoid, but that actually might be adapalene. IDK, I "graduated" to tazarotene and I've never used any OTC products. Hope things get better!

No. 128018

Try using unscented diaper rash cream, the zinc in it is skin calming and can help burning/ peeling that comes with intro to retinoids.
For the first 3-4 weeks I used adapalene all but two of my products burned but it got better, your skin can take a full cycle (shedding -> new skin cells = 30ish days) or more to get used to it.

Most over the counter retinols can be used everyday once you've introduced them into your routine.

No. 128025

Is the acne.org benzyl peroxide good? I've used azelaic acid for about 2 years (the Israeli gigi bioplasma tube) but I still have about ~3 pimples at any given time. Maybe I should try the acne.org routine? Has it worked for anyone here? I'd probably still use my CeraVe cream as the moisturizer though - unless the acne.org one is better.

No. 128038

>get a cold sore on the edge of my upper lip
>it swells enough to look like I got lip filler
>tfw actually looks better than my normal lip


No. 128047

File: 1574705097392.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 8BA0CE49-48C1-49F1-92B5-F2310E…)

So, out of nowhere i get those ingrown fucks that you can’t pop like a normal zit, like 4 of them at same time at my cheek area. First I was patient and tried getting them to go away on their own, but you know ya girl drank her dumb bitch juice and just went apeshit on them after a week of waiting. Now the biggest one is bleeding obviously but is there anything else I can do next time this happens?

No. 128050

File: 1574707137356.jpeg (234.77 KB, 901x1200, 3A5C2A11-0E88-4FEE-A40C-05DAC2…)

I have sensitive and dry skin and the only parts of my face that get oily are my forehead and nose. I use blotting sheets to help with my oily problem, but I’m not sure what facial cleanser and moisturizer to use since the last products I used either made my skin drier and peeled, or burn. I just use water to wash my face and occasionally I’ll use a face mask.

So to those of you with the same type of skin I have:

>What are some of your favorite products to use and would recommend?

No. 128052

I have pretty oily forehead and nose. I don't know if it's this that helps specifically, but I use an exfoliating face scrub every night. Something like this: https://www.boots.com/clean-and-clear-exfoliating-daily-wash-150ml-10005211.

Do you keep your makeup on all day? I notice if I keep it on too long my face gets oilier.

No. 128056

Yes, usually till late at night.

No. 128057

That may be it - my skin is significantly worse if I wear it all day. If you can, take it off as soon as you get home. I used to get home from work/wherever and just sit in it until I got ready for bed.

No. 128060

Ahhh I just gotta stop being such a lazy ass. Thank you for your help. I’m going to try to self-discipline myself.

No. 128069

oh I really like niacinamide and the same vit c suspension, but I have an issue with the suspension because it feels like it gets more and more texture and said texture looks like my dead skin, is it supposed to be like that?

No. 128126

File: 1574866005367.jpeg (85.97 KB, 780x520, D9AFC801-1B15-4642-B207-B659EC…)

I posted this in the PS thread but it’s locked. Can anyone tell me what happened to her face? Her rapid descent into hideousness terrifies me to my core

No. 128132

Looks like she's had too many fillers? She's got that pillowy face going on.

No. 128138

Harsh lightning, she got older, botox and fillers

No. 128155

File: 1574887097986.jpeg (72.88 KB, 650x791, 07D2D1CE-2025-4F4E-B554-074CEF…)

So, I probably deserve this as I should’ve been more careful, but I tried the ordinary salicylic acid to get rid of 2 stubborn pimples and I got some kind of chemical burn. NOT as bad as in pic related but like 2cm blister looking shit where I put a drop on each pimple.

So yeah, learned my lesson, is there anything I can do to speed up healing process?

No. 128158

Maybe aloe?

No. 128163

A&D ointment works miracles imo, you just need a very thin layer. GL!

No. 128167


I would definitely stop using any actives/exfoliating products for now. Simplify your routine to cleansing, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

If you feel discomfort or pain, I really like Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

No. 128221

I have a really, really bad case of stretch marks. I gained 20lbs out of nowhere from medication and my hips, inner and behind my thighs are full of them, and what's worse is they're bright red. It looks unsightly and they bring me down to the point where I refuse to wear shorts and be naked around partners cause I have got questions like "what are those lines?" or "do you cut yourself?".
Is there any hope to treat them or should I wait a year for them to finally turn white?

No. 128222

Unless you want to try something heavy duty like lasers, your best bets to help speed up the healing process are moisturizing & silicone sheets/gel. They won't totally get rid of the marks but in general moisturizing is helpful for stretch mark and scar healing (And don't waste your time with expensive anti-stretchmark creams or oils, they've not been shown to help more than any other moisturizing product).

No. 128225

What are some acne prone & sensitive skin products I can buy from YesStyle? I’m so bad at skincare in general and don’t know where to start. I heard the Korean skincare regime is the best so I might buy toner/serum/essence/moisturizer etc

No. 128241

vit c is supposed to be helpful. I think retinol might be as well? I have pigmentation from burns/cuts or scars and vitamin c serum has helped fade it. I've used scar creams as well, and retinol, those also seemed to work. I think the creams may have vit c and some other stuff in it, but I was using it for fresher scars and cuts so ymmv there
my derm always recommended using retin-A on scars, and unless I'm wrong about red stretch marks, you're in the sweet spot where you still have a chance to fade them. rosehip oil may help with the stretch marks as well. I believe they use it with burn patients. once they become white/raised I think lasers are the only option that definitely work (maybe microdermabrasion or peels?) But that's more intensive and you need to really consider your budget and needs. >>128222's advice is good too, make sure you stay moisturized most of all and silicone is supposed to be great!

No. 128402

File: 1575306937166.jpg (32.7 KB, 358x550, nivea.jpg)

Nivea Sun Water Gel for Kids. I liked it even more than the often-recommended Biore UV Watery Essence, which I personally found kinda drying. It really feels like nothing is on my skin.

No. 128643

File: 1575610319258.jpeg (22.94 KB, 275x269, 0942CB02-7FB2-4A99-9BCC-E84374…)

Anyone know any quick and affordable ways I can get rid of this butt acne? It doesn’t hurt and there are just a few pimples here and there. I used to not have this, wtf is going on?

No. 128648

File: 1575618902061.jpeg (40.37 KB, 500x500, A19E2FD6-90F1-476F-9BF7-FA1774…)

No. 128675

File: 1575653979967.jpeg (549.24 KB, 1080x680, stridex.jpeg)

wipe a pad on your ass every night or morning

No. 128677

Oh my god thank you, Anons.

No. 128678

assne lmao

No. 128693

Skincare anons I need your help.

Does benzoyl peroxide gel that you keep on overnight at 5% interfere with these products I’m going to buy: The Ordinary rose seed oil, vitamin c suspension, niacinamide and zinc, and 1% retinol.

Everything I put on my face burns with benzoyl peroxide. The acne just keeps coming even though it’s supposed to prevent breakouts. My self esteem is at an all time low because of the scars, the flaking, the redness. I only want an acne-free face but my skin is fucked up because my dermatologist is shit and keeps telling me to take fucking benzoyl peroxide even though it causes the flakiness and the redness and I still get giant cysts!

What to do??

No. 128695

File: 1575688471061.jpeg (22.31 KB, 253x275, 6EF4B4D8-90ED-4125-9CB4-ABB1AD…)

No. 128881

recently my chest has become covered in tiny fleshcolored bumps and I'm not sure what I did to suddenly deserve them? I always make sure to wash off any shampoo/showergel residue so I'm pretty sure it's not that and I haven really changed anything in my habits or lifestyle.

No. 129066

Does anyone have any tips for hormonal acne? I want to try spearmint tea but i heard it can make your period late? I’m just tired of getting cysts all over my chin every month

No. 129073

idk benzoyl peroxide never ever worked for me. def don't do it together w retinol, both are strong "skin peely" substances and prolly an overkill. have you tried silicic acid before? that's the only thing that has worked for me and I used to get these deep cysts along my jawline. also avoiding sls.

No. 129131

S.O.S. chapped lips

I can't seem to moisturize my lips. I've tried lipbalms and aquaphor. I apply every night and during the day, but i still wake up with dry lips. It's gotten so bad I've got comments about my lips being chapped. Wtf do I do?

No. 129132

For chapped lips, drink more water. Chapstick companies make it so that you are constantly moisturizing your lips and without constant reapplication of the product, your lips become dry. I’d go for organic chapsticks or the ones that are medicated. They sting and are minty in smell and taste. Idk what it’s called

No. 129136

Idk how long you tried benzoyl for, but I really had to stick with it for a long time before I got any results.

I had to go through two months of applying 10% twice a day (5% did not do shit) with horrific side effects (burning skin, red and irritated, my skin literally peeling off in patches the size of my fingernails) BUT it did eventually clear up and the sideeffects almost completely stopped. Now I use every other day/every two days to maintain and I'm acne-free most of the time. (the acne does come back when I stop using it unfortunately)

No. 129143

Hydrate, take an iron supplement, and use lanolin as a lip balm.

No. 129144

>Chapstick companies make it so that you are constantly moisturizing your lips and without constant reapplication of the product, your lips become dry.

that's not true, your body just gets used to the constant application. just like if you start drinking more water, and then drink less suddenly, your lips and skin feel more dry.

No. 129155

oops, you were very right about drinking more water! After reading your reply yesterday, I drank a lot of water, scrubbed my lips, applied aquaphor and I woke up with moisturized lips this morning for the first time in weeks. I guess I didn't realise how little water I've been drinking. Thanks!

No. 129166

>tfw addicted to both water AND chapstick
It's a pain in the ass but my body is so used to getting both on demand that I get crazy thirsty and my lips feel tight if I ease up at all. I just drink and pee and reapply constantly.

No. 129224

I have severe boxcar/rolling scars (pitted acne scars) on my cheeks, chin, and temples and am unbelievably insecure about them. Despite doing endless research on my own and speaking to various dermatologists in person, I am still at a complete loss as to how to go about treating them.

One derm recommended several sessions of (very expensive) laser treatments; however, he admitted that the probability of them healing fully was extremely low. Another derm suggested chemical peels, in combination with microneedling OR fillers. The latter appeals to me the most, but I’m also concerned about the fillers looking obvious/strange.

I’ve also spoken to numerous people who have tried all of the above and been met with no success, which has just left me feeling even more confused and hopeless. I’m on an incredibly tight budget and can’t afford to experiment willy-nilly. Has anyone else with pitted scarring had any of these treatments done? If so, what was your experience like, and how were the results?

As an aside, I apparently had the worst case of cystic acne that my doctors had ever seen as a teenager and had to do three rounds of Accutane over the course of four years. Thankfully, my skin appears to have since calmed down, save for the occasional zit. Other than the area around my eyes growing dry in the winter, it’s fairly balanced at this point. I’m not sure if any of this information matters in regard to treatment methods, but I figured that I’d throw in it, just to be safe.

No. 129429

File: 1576793222971.jpg (45.81 KB, 1024x1024, new.jpg)

Skincare thots pls help me,

My skin has always been relatively clear although this past year I keep getting repeated zits on my chin. There's usually only one or two at a time but pretty much as soon as they heal up after a few days another one appears and I really want to get rid of them. I'm thinking what could help with them is by switching my face wash but I'm not sure what the good stuff is. At the moment I use clean and clear deep action face wash which I've used since high school to prevent acne but it obviously isn't working as well as it used to, any recommendations to replace it? I was also thinking about using a water/oil based cleanser rather than a wash as it would likely be softer on the skin although I'm not sure how much difference that would make to get rid of the pimples.

No. 129441

I never had undereye wrinkles, even when I was sleep-deprived and/or stressed, but now it seems like I suddenly grew them. For context I'm 25 (look younger for my age), started work about 3 weeks ago, live in a cold dry location, and sleep about 5 - 7 hours everyday excluding weekends. My diet is decent and I drink lots of water, and my skincare is pretty decent too, moisturizing heavily everyday and use retinol every so often.

Would more sleep help the wrinkles disappear? They literally creeped up only this week; I've never had them this prominent before.

Ty anons!

No. 129442

Vaseline. The only thing that works for me.

No. 129449

I hate to break it to you, but that sounds like normal aging wrinkles unless they are super prominent.

No. 129450

no it doesnt

No. 129486

From looking at this product it seems that the main acne fighting ingredient in it is salicylic acid, which is fine but might not be enough. I get on well with niacinamide products. la roche posay effaclar duo (it's like half acne treatment, half moisturiser) and the cerave foaming cleanser are both good. If it's just your chin, it could be hormonal. Might be worth getting some bloods done.

No. 129489

Can any anons give me product recommendations from The Ordinary? I'm not sure what to get. It's a bit overwhelming.

My main issue is that I get mild acne papules and redness in my cheeks, I also have a lot of PIH on certain places.

Been to a doctor and two derms. Benzoyl peroxide helped a tiny bit but it didn't really change anything, salicylic acid seems to break me out badly and right now I'm on some special salve that the derm gave me but I don't have high hopes it will help because the shit is so greasy and I already have oily skin.

My skin looked the best when I was doing my own thing tbh so if this doesn't work I want to try again. My current routine is just the salve, moisturizer and sunscreen.

No. 129491

What are the best water-based sunscreens to wear under full-coverage (water-based) foundation? What is the recommended SPF?

No. 129492

I break out every time I dye my hair and I have no idea why. I try to wash out all the dye as much as possible…

No. 129514

File: 1576938444757.jpg (200.13 KB, 3008x1943, pd.jpg)

my face: around the mouth, along my jaw, my chin looks like this and itchy. i've been to a dermatologist, she called them acne and gave me skin-drying face-wash, a moisturiser that does nothing, and a cream from la roshe posay that i do find soothing. i find the areas to be very dry, itchy. sometimes they get too badi especially when i scratch them. but they're not acne, i don't think, they never go above the skin and they don't feel like they have anything in them.

my skin was usually mixed-oily: nose extremely oily (even now) but chin-forehead dry. i never had any acne problems, i probably had 3 pimples on my face in my whole life.

what is this? what kind of ingredients would help this issue? pls recommend ingredients instead of products, i might not find them here.

No. 129515

that wording makes it sound like the pic is my face, it isn't.

No. 129516

Check if you have pityrosporum folliculitis (fungal acne) or another condition associated with malassezia.

No. 129538

I have the worst dark circles ever I'm currently using a eye roller but it's no use,I'm too poor to afford any collagen products I'm lucky enough no one makes fun of my shitty skin and dark circles at work

No. 129541

Same anon. No eye cream/roller/mask has ever remotely helped my raccoon eyes. I've pretty much given up and resigned to a life of people telling me I look tired.

No. 129557


This sounds a lot like Perioral Dermatitis. The only thing that helped me get rid of mine was to not use any products (makeup, skincare products etc) on the affected areas for like a month.
I would be careful with putting new products on it because that might actually make it worse..

No. 129563

File: 1577015402153.png (33.04 KB, 646x90, Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 14.4…)

thanks anons. i also think it might be Perioral Dermatitis. i'll go to my dermatologist one more time, see what she says, and if she still gives me things that dry out my skin, i'll just find a solution myself.

No. 129566

File: 1577025387221.jpg (175.95 KB, 922x692, f87c0e7ce08b5f55e5e414f531d8ca…)

How do i get rid of black heads?
They are so noticeable and it makes me feel so gross.

No. 129570

I just squeeze out the ones on my nose kek. Just make sure to wash your face and hands before and after. It's risky because if you squeeze too hard you could harm your skin but it's the only way I know.
p.s. great image I'm saving it

No. 129572

File: 1577032838360.jpg (24.13 KB, 640x640, 75244352_214090026272547_89237…)

A skincare routine with salicylic acid and pore strips.

No. 129573

No. 129592

much of the science in this article is like the opposite of how it actually works. plus, they cited studies that have to do with trauma and not dermarolling.

dermarolling has been used in dermatology for decades now, and is based in science. read articles that actually reference micr