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File: 1550145834844.jpg (49.9 KB, 350x500, 57c79919aefc4330b1f495876e017e…)

No. 108202

previous thread >>78217

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful and #goals
Is it because of her nasolabial folds? Is it her face without make-up? Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her money or cute bf you're jealous of? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her? Tell us here

No. 108206

File: 1550150441537.jpeg (673.17 KB, 1125x849, 7E4062F9-84D1-4719-AF8F-0730AB…)

I love her music but I wish she styled herself better

No. 108213

This girls baby girl lana del rey asthetic is annoying…

No. 108214

File: 1550169643296.jpg (573.85 KB, 1078x1711, Screenshot_20190214-123615.jpg)

>>108213 oops forgot the pic!

No. 108224

File: 1550175991800.png (1.23 MB, 768x1024, CDE7885E-D361-4B6A-B5E8-C70E54…)

I feel like this one will be controversial but idk I just find her head really long/foot like

No. 108226

It's because of the five head she has

Which is why I like her, got one too kek

No. 108248

File: 1550190822708.jpg (268.99 KB, 820x1154, selena-gomez-at-grammy-awards.…)

(posted this to oldthread in a hurry like an idiot…)
I don't hate Selena but she has no talents and she looks like a kid in the face which makes the it-girl image so absurd for me. her voice has ten years on her face, too

No. 108371

File: 1550305068582.jpeg (17.39 KB, 370x210, 30D5E37E-1125-4F52-94D7-FD82B5…)

Kiko Mizuhara. Still don’t get why she’s so famous. She looks cool with bold make-up but there are way prettier hapas models out there imo

No. 108372

File: 1550305187579.jpeg (156.66 KB, 967x1200, FBBFE008-33AC-413C-A978-FACFAB…)

And when she’s smiling with a more natural-look, she really doesn’t come off as a well-known. Her mouth’s really big and she’s still cute but way more Plain Jane.

No. 108374

I think she's pretty but definitely not with that haircut.

Same, my fivehead is as bad as hers

No. 108389

I find girls with big mouths cute, but jeesh that smile.. it doesn't even look like her own mouth

No. 108390

She got a nose job a few years ago and she still doesn't look good.

No. 108415

File: 1550350261340.png (1.57 MB, 1440x993, Screenshot_20190216-155001~2.p…)

Oh, Kiko. I have the same position as you in which I do think she's pretty but very overrated. She wasn't bought into the industry, probably just got very lucky.

Also sorry I'm combining two different subjects because I don't wanna samefag, but I can't believe Jeff Bezos' mistress (pic related) is considered attractive among most people I've seen comment on her looks, dafuq?

No. 108417

File: 1550350961675.jpeg (220.69 KB, 958x1198, E18D9EC0-9742-4391-A00D-80DF99…)

Another girl is this one Instagram personality I found with 800k+ followers. There’s just something about her eyes and how far apart they are that I don’t find attractive. https://www.instagram.com/chaileeson/?hl=en

Interesting that you’ve heard people say that about Jeff Bezo’s mistress. His poor wife that got cheated on is so much prettier imo

No. 108418

File: 1550351073470.png (391.62 KB, 640x1136, 99D06636-E31D-43F5-9376-0B5DBB…)

There’s also a notable difference in how she looks with less make-up on. Idk maybe it’s because I’m a weeb who lives in a community with lots of Asians but I’ve seen wayyyyyy naturally prettier Asian girls

No. 108426

File: 1550365543118.jpeg (67.81 KB, 660x400, CE2AF7D8-6E94-4443-94E5-502344…)

I feel like she is just very average and has a kind of rat like appearance

No. 108427

File: 1550365570121.jpeg (39.04 KB, 300x300, 00A24EC9-E2AF-4C01-A98A-E6F58C…)

No. 108449

She may not be the most beautiful and perhaps not as much as the wife but within her age range she is an attractive woman. Remember most people don't age well.

No. 108453

File: 1550388285226.jpg (324.9 KB, 2048x1902, AP_100131028175_s2048x1902.jpg)

I dunno, she looks a little like a Bogdanoff to me.

No. 108454

I don't know why """thick""" asian women are seen as all that now. Imo their features suit more of an androgynous look.

No. 108456

wtf is that smile? botched lip injections? she looks creepy as.

No. 108464

File: 1550412297519.png (521.28 KB, 473x592, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.03…)

romee strijd has a completely normal face. absolutely nothing special about it

No. 108466

File: 1550412651852.jpg (25.25 KB, 411x411, 25008207_373223956436059_70368…)

this girl too

No. 108467

File: 1550413029178.jpg (80.83 KB, 960x540, p01bql6d.jpg)

Victoria Beckham lol

No. 108469

she's 16

No. 108471

I also find her unattractive and there are absolutely better looking ladies in her age group. Bezos is a billionaire and he still chose her instead of a 20 year old bimbo. She must have other qualities if you know what I mean

She has small beady eyes, idk why people find her attractive. She looks creepy

She's gorgeous imo. A well balanced face with a million dollar smile

No. 108476

the veeners don't freak you out?

No. 108486

File: 1550435638156.jpg (237.21 KB, 1999x1333, gettyimages-927403324.jpg)

I think his exwife is cuter, but her gums freak me out.

No. 108491

File: 1550444747862.jpeg (908 KB, 1125x1276, 389AAC32-81DC-4F7C-9D31-EF43F7…)

Oh, she's a personal favorite cow of mine.

She's only 18 and looks quite a bit older than she is, but I guess that's what happens when your life's pretty shit. (Kidnapped by a pedo at ~15, rumored to have been a pretty hardcore addict for awhile, bouncing around from couch to motel to couch for the past year, mom dying before you get closure over her being kinda shitty, etc. Not to mention her habit for home lip injections kek)

Her PULL thread is interesting but sad.

Ellie only looks good from certain angles and her eyes are small. She still looks a like a 10 compared to her pal Emma Chamberlain.

No. 108494

File: 1550446013926.jpeg (97.7 KB, 1862x1048, B28AB5F6-8DE5-4FBB-802F-A5B866…)

Especially for a 21 year old

No. 108495

She looks like she's playing dress up with her moms' clothes and doesn't look older. I thought she was 16/15 here >>108214

No. 108496

File: 1550446530157.jpeg (763.78 KB, 1242x1860, AB654B2F-58A9-42A2-865C-C8D14F…)

Yeah exactly. OT but i’m confused how/ why she ended up becoming a model when she looks average at best and from a lot of angles not cute at all

No. 108497

Seriously can't believe this girl is a model signed with Next. To be fair I feel bad picking on a 17 y/o girl and she seems to have some YouTube clout but it really shows anyone can model nowadays.

No. 108498

File: 1550447770722.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1401, 8EBCFA34-8E4D-4AF9-AD87-39F694…)

Out of all those teenage girl Youtubers that orbit Emma, Hannah Meloche is probably the best-looking but she's still nothing special. I guess that's part of their appeal, the girl- next-door looks.

No. 108499

File: 1550448595016.jpeg (341.2 KB, 940x1298, 5061E049-E665-4B79-A003-A77456…)

Yes I agree about Hannah, even if she isn’t striking to everyone she’s objectively pretty at least in a girl next door way

Do you think that YouTube clout would be a factor in her getting signed? I guess if so that kind of explains it because other wise I just can not wrap my head around it.

I also think it’s weird that so many of her followers will constantly comment how ‘perfect’ She is and how much they wish they looked like her etc… I don’t get if they genuinely think that or just say it because they think that’s how they’re supposed to feel? Like do that many people actually find her flawlessly beautiful or are people just brainwashed to think that

No. 108500

How do you get rift wrinkles on your temples like that? Why are people moving their foreheads enough for wrinkles to form anyway wtf

No. 108503

File: 1550449290571.jpg (173.29 KB, 1024x1024, gDm8orkS.jpg)

She's definitely not ugly.. she's more cute than pretty though. she's also so young she probably needs to lose some baby fat

No. 108504

She definitely looks better in her IG pictures but I feel like everyone doesn’t look ugly in photoshopped/ filtered pictures. Any videos/ snapchats of her I always feel like she looks unattractive

No. 108507

>people look better in photos of their choosing than in unfiltered pics/videos

That's true of literally everyone. Idk I think it's kind of weird and wrong to bring teenagers into a thread of people we find ugly.

No. 108510

I'm guessing you are pretty young and that you (like me) don't move your forehead much. Pay attentions and you'll notice how people are expressive in different ways; people not only have different body language styles but even how they move their face can vary. Some people scrunch their noses, some people smile so strongly they squint, some people have very expressive hands and lots of people scrunch up their foreheads a lot.

Once you start noticing you'll never stop noticing but other people scrunch their foreheads a lot and I'd just never paid attention. Its kind of weird once you realize.

Agreed, teens aren't done cooking and often look weird because of that. Not fair to criticize, I don't think. They often can't help it.

No. 108512

Yeah I guess when you put it that way I agree with the age thing, but I think a lot of the people who even know about her/ post people like her are very close in age to her, at least that’s why I personally didn’t really find it weird

No. 108521

I don't know why they are pushing this girl so hard. I think she is super sweet though (just watched the Vogue 73 questions, video related)

No. 108526

Now everybody comes off nice and sympathetic in this series kek. That's the reason why the celebs are doing this. Don't be naive anon.

No. 108528

she looks like what asian people get surgery and use make up tricks to look like, when they aren't trying for korean sameface.

No. 108529

Whatever. she genuinely seems like a nice girl and not bitchy like the other vogue questions ones. It's just she has a joker mouth and she sort of looks like a doberman dog. no offense to doberman dogs they are good dogs lol. She is not ugly per say but she is not a looker. I guess that's normal for top models?

No. 108554

She's so boring and average, I almost wanna believe she is a beard. Hillsong match-making 4 lyfe. I'm not particulary fond of Selena and she's an ex now but at least she was somewhat interestingly.

No. 108559

Hailey Baldwin looks good in some photos but she looks so mannish most of the time. Idk why she’s often pushed as being so beautiful. Her and Sofia Riche.

No. 108573

Whats up with those weird lips tho and that chola lip liner

No. 108575

File: 1550531481097.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1529, 075A6B54-8D42-4B3F-9F3E-EF64B3…)

I always felt like stassiebaby had a really manish/ long face and the lumpy botched lip fillers just made her look worse

No. 108576

File: 1550531531066.jpeg (68.75 KB, 619x761, 49AAB2E9-6AE7-466B-A2D4-A0D14F…)

It’s easier to see in motion but you can see the lumps here. I don’t get why people with money have fillers that look like this nor why you wouldn’t just get them dissolved

No. 108587

File: 1550540623150.jpg (72.4 KB, 720x707, mdkeyia40wd11.jpg)

how is this the same person holy shit

No. 108594

That pure look before was cuter. Now she looks like every other ps blow up doll looking for the ~LA life~

No. 108608

That lipstick is a really nice color.

I think she looks very pretty but the lip fillers are too much, I didn't know it was possible for them to look lumpy like that.

No. 108614

File: 1550573453103.jpg (1.09 MB, 1334x2000, Kendall-Jenner-Runway-Versace-…)

she was so cute with just some surgery but now she looks completely plastic like the others. Surgery addiction is real. Part of me hopes she will stop here but probably not. I'd kill for her body, too

No. 108626

File: 1550590591482.jpg (79.94 KB, 700x1049, funny-ugly-people-pictures.jpg)

No. 108631

I love watching kuwtk and its pissing me off there has not been an episode were Kylie bitches at Kendall for her being so mean about her fillers when she looks a mess now. I need this addressed. Kendall always bullied poor Kylie lol

No. 108651

I feel like no one addresses Kendall's completely different face bc of the "chill" image she had compared to her sisters like 5 years ago. Obviously she's always been a dumb superficial bitch like the others but there used to be this regurgitated shit like, "Kendall's the only bearable one because she's nice unlike the rest of them."

She's such an attention whore with basic looks. I mean honestly all of the Kartrashians look way worse now but I absolutely hate how Kendall gets no shit for it.

No. 108652

Samefag but maybe her "nice" image is bc she used to get like 5 seconds of screen time. Idk if that's still the case but she's obviously had a fucking nose job for a while now.

No. 108657

I agree. I symphatise with her a bit because it's probably hard to grow up in this narcissistic family without absorbing it all. And all she had to do for her brand was to be a little more reserved than the rest of them, that's true. I don't think she is a supermodel but I found her really pretty with a bigger nose and smaller lips and a more flexible face. But she's just as bad as the others and it was only a matter of time until she fucked it up

No. 108671

Kendall was shy growing up, she didn't want the screen time. Kylie was always amping it up and they even got little gigs at teen vogue and Kylie had to take the lead from her big sister. And I also think Kylie was always prettier. Maybe not as tall and waif like since she had a fuller figure, but even their childhood photos Kylie was an adorable little girl. Kendall looked frogish or something in comparison, she got a nose job at like 16 or something.

She's not outgoing and she showed an interest in modeling she wasn't even keen to do runways and now she boasts that she's selective over her deals. Kylie put herself out there and now she's sitting comfortable with nearly a billion dollar networth that's she's now bought her privacy. She hid her pregnancy. She's basically not on kuwtk anymore. The older sisters have stated that the tv show is still a big income maker for them. They still need the show to sell their name. Kylie could retire.

Kendall will probably be chasing her looks for the next few decades. I'm sure her face will keep changing

No. 108704

File: 1550632376102.jpeg (68.1 KB, 634x609, 0BA28F51-B5B4-49A4-AF1A-EE5622…)

Another ‘model’ - Natalia Taylor

No. 108712

I think she still looks pretty, but she's almost to the point of no return. And she definitely looked better before.

No. 108815

File: 1550728164056.png (162.52 KB, 492x245, ou-th-kylie-jenner-kylie-jenne…)

No. 108829

File: 1550759985623.jpeg (52.5 KB, 750x552, 790552F5-A0AB-4B90-8A65-B1F848…)

I don’t see Charlotte D’Alessio as attractive at all. Her face looks plastic and she fake tans wayyyy too much. I dunno just don’t see the aesthetic appeal of her

No. 108836

this is just scary but people be blind sometimes

No. 108893

File: 1550804325765.jpg (77.07 KB, 401x600, Jordyn Woods Bella Hadid x Tru…)

This has to be the fiftieth time she's been posted in these threads, but I just do not get the appeal of Bella Hadid's appearance. She looks like an old drag queen.

No. 108896

Its the very long face and nose

No. 108897

more like YOU fucked up.

No. 108902

I actually think she does have nice features but those lip fillers are unfortunate.

No. 108904

she looks striking and beautiful with good styling. she just does not suit bangs at all.

No. 108907

Nah shes ugly without bangs too

No. 108928

I always thought she was pretty in a conventional, natural way. She has a lot of drama though iirc.

No. 108929

ot but is the body of the woman on the left considered fat?
On my recent photos, that's pretty much how I look. I'm comfortable with my weight but if others perceive me as a fatty, I'd rather lose a few pounds then.

No. 108930

Nah, You're good.

No. 108932

Thanks, anon!

No. 108952

this is the most oddly heartwarming exchange I’ve witnessed on lolcow

No. 108954

Same tbh

No. 108961

Maybe chubby, but not fat

No. 109016

File: 1550937430710.jpeg (50.55 KB, 480x480, 9A1ABF49-D389-4D60-B0B2-70C6B8…)

Ily anon thank you for being nice on this unholy place

No. 109017

File: 1550937503343.jpeg (252.48 KB, 1080x1080, B8E9E977-A8B6-4279-9DD0-FD1446…)

Her profile on Instagram is more photoshopped than a monolingual shoot

No. 109019

That’s the same person? Her face looks completely different. Shooped the nose a lot, jaw, forehead length, chin, face width, bits of the mouth, …and she photoshopped her godamn tear ducts, I will never understand why that’s a “thing” to shoop in pointy tear ducts.

No. 109343

Nope I totally agree. I love her style and confidence, but I don't find her face pretty, edgy, cool or anything.

No. 109367

she's likely had tons of plastic surgery in addition to using photoshop excessively

No. 109413

Moved to >>>/ot/381271.

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