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File: 1523110575670.jpg (28.18 KB, 564x704, bella.jpg)

No. 78217

Idea stolen from >/g/res/77493

No. 78220

brie larson. she looks mean and she has no ass.

No. 78221

File: 1523111068603.jpeg (45.38 KB, 800x450, 3CCCA274-9EA7-49CB-9D46-45367D…)

forgot picture

No. 78223

File: 1523113200540.jpg (69.7 KB, 458x591, Blake-Lively-Hairstyles.jpg)

Blake Lively. She's painfully average, and kinda ugly before the nosejob, and yet she's shilled as one of the most beautiful actresses ever. Eh

No. 78225

File: 1523113841075.jpg (15.64 KB, 220x311, 220px-Emma_Watson_Cannes_2013.…)

Emma Watson, sorry not sorry.

>she looks mean and she has no ass.

No. 78227

File: 1523114856737.jpg (103.01 KB, 830x549, beyoncee.jpg)

No. 78228

File: 1523114943339.jpg (1.22 MB, 2000x1500, 102617-julia-roberts-birthday-…)

Julia Roberts

No. 78230

File: 1523115241920.jpg (49.05 KB, 600x800, 166473.jpg)

Anne Hathaway

No. 78232

File: 1523115431519.jpg (99.75 KB, 634x581, 544151545452.jpg)

Yes anon.

No. 78233

File: 1523115503276.jpg (147.09 KB, 1252x1252, Maisie-Williams-Net-Worth-e150…)

I'm not the type who usually bashes girls calling them ugly… unless they're really ugly, like this one. If she wasn't famous, people would call her Quasimodo all the time.

No. 78237

I don't really think anyone outside of 4chan shitposters ironically praising her thinks she's anything but ugly. People rarely comment about her looks and if they do it's usually something like "I like that shade of lipstick" or something innocuous like that.

No. 78238

File: 1523115678753.jpg (65.86 KB, 308x865, 47C5935700000578-5238017-Leadi…)

Emilia Clark has a really cute face, but her body is unfortunate as fuck

>literal box

>tiny boobs on chubby body

No. 78241

File: 1523115890071.jpg (319.08 KB, 1024x768, 6811473685_514a03745b_b.jpg)

No. 78243

File: 1523116067455.jpg (50.16 KB, 405x607, margot-robbie-1-vogue-21sep16-…)

I see people ragging on these two all the time but I genuinely find them pretty. Bella reminds me of an elf though she looked pretty haggard after her surgery. She also looks older than her age, though not in a bad way.

For me it's Margot Robbie. She's got an objectively okay face but it's always so tarted up and to me she always looks like a giant bitch about to roast a fat girl for being at the gym.

No. 78244

File: 1523116327879.jpg (34.66 KB, 750x421, sansa-stark-season-7.jpg)

Also on the fence about her. She looks beautiful on red carpets, and her features are pretty themselves, but in GoT she looks weird? Her face looks really wide and almost bloated sometimes, and she looks dull without red carpet glamorous makeup looks. Granted, it could simply be that they do her makeup to look like that in the show, and that those hairstyles are the most unflattering ones for her face shape, that's why I'm on the fence.

No. 78245

File: 1523116541830.png (534.83 KB, 820x502, WELCOME TO REALITY celebface…)

I've seen many articles and especially comments on various sites calling her beautiful.
I think she gets the pity treatment. People know she's ugly, so they shower her with compliments out of pity.

No. 78246

Who cares about women
this is not a dyke/male board

No. 78248

Kristen Stewart has such a punchable face. Seeing her in the latest Chanel commercial pissed me off

To me, she looks like a prettier version of Bonnie Wright

No. 78251

File: 1523117395498.jpg (72.28 KB, 290x387, m4ofqf8.jpg)

Jennifer Aniston

No. 78252

File: 1523117436836.jpg (2.95 MB, 2808x4240, f52638bd-6018-4640-90ba-714e19…)

The show uses different colour palettes for the different locations. The North's colours are dark and dull, while King's Landing's are a lot brighter. I think she looks much better under brighter colours.
/sorry for the weird tv sperg out

No. 78254

File: 1523117590175.jpg (999.17 KB, 3558x3018, 0FEaXth.jpg)

Heidi Klum. (The one on the right)
She's got such a manly face and a gigantic mouth

No. 78255

File: 1523117670392.jpg (53.17 KB, 618x410, maisie.jpg)

She looks like quasimodo. I'm surprised so many /b/ faggots are drooling over her

No. 78256

True, she looks better in the pic you posted

No. 78257

File: 1523118049121.jpg (132.28 KB, 350x500, troian-bellisario_201612150233…)

her and her shitty character are the definition of overhyped

No. 78259

File: 1523118967388.jpg (38.43 KB, 780x438, screen-shot-2017-07-12-at-11-4…)

>Being this ugly
>Having qt Ollie Jackson as bf


No. 78262

File: 1523120278322.jpg (276.93 KB, 900x1454, Gigi_Hadid_2016.jpg)

I think her face looks bloated.

No. 78263

File: 1523120384673.jpg (68.21 KB, 768x746, jennifer-lawrence-768x746.jpg)

Jennifer lawrence is another one I think has an odd bloated face

No. 78264

Seconding this. Everyone gushes over Rachel in Friends, but I always thought Monica was way prettier. Although I will say Jennifer Aniston aged more gracefully than Courteney Cox, she looks weird now.

No. 78265

I really dont get why people are like 'yaaaas queen slayyyyy'. Prettier black women exist.

No. 78269

lolcow has a pretty good population of lesbians and bi women.

No. 78271

Janelle Monae is never talked about and she's leaps and bounds prettier than Beyonce. It's mostly marketing though.

No. 78278

File: 1523128378629.jpg (40.17 KB, 400x400, 090908_klum_1998_400X400_1.jpg)

This! She's so damn overrated

I think she was super pretty when she was younger and still looks quite good for somebody in her mid 40s

No. 78284

you do realize bisexuals and lesbians exist, right? stop being a cunt.

No. 78285

Janelle always kinda looked like an alien/the grinch to me lol. Pretty but off putting.

No. 78287

File: 1523129268518.jpg (79.39 KB, 767x767, naomi-campbell-s-hair-what-she…)

Never got the hype, plus her personality and behavior is just straight up inacceptable and disgusting.

No. 78290

File: 1523129549086.jpg (34.96 KB, 740x493, 1485116541_39f6c20dc305027d80d…)

I didn't know her before, but imo she looks way too different irl vs. her shooped pictures
Shooped - cute, candid - not so much

No. 78296

File: 1523130544736.jpg (121.21 KB, 500x750, EeiDFmy.jpg)

Sunny from SNSD, she just looks uncomfortably plastic. This could be said for a lot of kpop stars tbh, they're pretty but the standard look for them is incredibly boring (V-line face shape, etc.)
Naomi is gorgeous imo, but yes, her her personality and behavior are def unacceptable. It's odd how she gets a pass for her actions when any other celebrity would be burned at the stake for acting like her.

No. 78297

I bet she only looks good with makeup, her wigs etc. I think her body language is often really beautiful and classy. But I don't get why she is used for the black dont crack stereotype. lol its not the best choice.

sunny used to be so cute imo. but as she got older it does not seem like her style and makeup has matured with her. and I agree, too much plastic

No. 78298

File: 1523130905895.jpg (38.67 KB, 500x430, snsd-Sunny-without-makeup.jpg)

Tbh pretty much everybody in Korea thinks she's ugly and only got in SNSD because of her uncle. Just some foreign fans shield her (but they also do that for even uglier ones, so…)

No. 78301

File: 1523131334968.png (188.16 KB, 563x690, 44BDD4C7-2710-4435-A173-EF7A57…)

Any of the Kardashian-Jenners, except the model one who is okay looking. They all look awful and are the modern equivelent of teased 80s hair and leg warmers.

No. 78302

File: 1523131386306.jpeg (72.24 KB, 1280x720, 1208BD07-0248-4B36-9331-B89001…)

Like come on. Idk why or how this became “goals”

No. 78304

The worshipping of her often strikes me as virtue signalling, especially when done by white people. It's like in their mind, she's been elected as the queen of all black girls so of course you have to love her or how can you say you support black women!!!! Obviously she has tons of sincere fans since the beginning of her fame but the continued extreme fanaticism is a little suspicious to me.

No. 78305

lol she's goals because mediocre and homely women can fantasize about what they'd be like if they had a celeb life, which is sad because that's already how i feel about all he kardashians in general. This one is the goal if the other Kardashians pre-surgery still aren't realistic for you to live vicariously through

No. 78307

File: 1523131884036.jpg (98.8 KB, 480x640, Belle_Beauty_Beast_doll-68.jpg)

YES. Also Keira Knightley. Yikes.
People hate on her all the time but I find her pretty!

No. 78308

File: 1523132255753.jpg (834.22 KB, 2160x1572, OGqxKGM.jpg)

Unpopular? opinion, but I think Kim was cute before all of her surgeries. She's hardly hideous now, but all of her surgeries have made her look alien-esque. I still don't know wtf happened to her philtrum, it's gotten so long. It doesn't help that she's Kanye's own personal Barbie and he has no idea how to dress for her body type (or any woman's lbr).

No. 78309

File: 1523132608285.jpg (223.02 KB, 739x1024, Kate Moss.jpg)


for some reason I always like to forget that heidi is international known not somebody that bothers germany with her low budget version of ANTM once a year …
It's more her personality that bothers me.


>Kim was cute before all of her surgeries.

This so much. A lot of people say that she was super manly before all that but idk she looked more - likable?

For my part I would throw Kate Moss in here - she wasn't never the typical kind of beauty but her best days are long over. She used to be cool.

No. 78310

I don't think that anybody ever claimed that the Kardashians are attractive though?
They're pretty much only known as busted plastic surgery monsters with disgusting giant butts

No. 78316

File: 1523134069923.jpg (17.15 KB, 214x317, MV5BMTM3OTUwMDYwNl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

The only time I've found Scarlett Johansson attractive is in her role as Black Widow.

I don't think she's ugly but I don't get the hype for JL, she looks LIKE any other white girl.

No. 78319

She has no neck and it's mortifying.

No. 78321

File: 1523135108077.jpeg (89.22 KB, 930x1240, E28CFD5D-B6BD-4DF4-8FAC-3028D1…)

No. 78322

File: 1523135188246.jpg (51.19 KB, 780x586, shutterstock_6118628g.jpg)

Her face looks 100% male, even Bruce Jenner comes across as more feminine than that…

No. 78324

File: 1523135734590.jpg (66.47 KB, 780x438, 150222195229-cameron-diaz-exla…)

No. 78327


Lol what? They’re constantly shilled as “goals.” What cave did you crawl out of that the KarJenn cult isn’t being shilled as the hottest shit. I wanna be there.

No. 78328

File: 1523137798981.jpg (81.27 KB, 620x349, The-Kardashian-Butt-Must-Die.j…)

"Goalz" for 13 year olds and dumb insta bitches maybe, but everybody else only makes fun of them and watches them for the lulz.
No real adult would want to look like that and having a big butt is considered undesireable outside of the US.
Where are you from that everybody honestly finds that attractive?

No. 78330

File: 1523138212865.jpeg (966.66 KB, 2100x1500, 816F8BA7-00D2-4555-A092-2AA9CC…)


The thread is about people who are shilled as attractive, not people who are universally attractive. Theyre on so many fucking magazine covers and in so many ads. They’re the definition of shilled. And find them ugly so

No. 78333

File: 1523138638151.jpg (356.95 KB, 1070x602, sansastark.jpg)


Nah, Sophie Turner just gets really unfortunate styling on Thrones. She's a really pretty girl but her recent ugly wigs and hairstyles don't suit her bone structure AT ALL. Plus all of the last season she had the same stupid bland expression on her face (muh acting) so she just looked… not good. They did the same thing on X-men Apocalypse. Don't scrape this girl's hair back.

Pic related. Why.

Saged for sperg.

No. 78337

I always thought so too until recently I finally caught up with her older movies. She was gorgeous with a perfect body when she was young. I think she must look way better in motion because I spent all of Erin Brockovich and Pretty Woman thinking she was beautiful but can't find any screenshots that really back me up.

No. 78342

File: 1523140430637.jpg (37.6 KB, 628x354, Zooey-Deschanel-628x354.jpg)

Deschanel and Katy Perry's blue eyes/dark hair shticks are fading out (Perry fucked up with the Miley Cyrus hair) and I think people are starting to see both the way I've always seen them - average. You can see how boring Deschanel looks when she doesn't have her typical bangs. Maybe its just that they look like every other female celebrity and its very blah.

No. 78343

File: 1523140493081.jpg (81.27 KB, 300x300, bianca-lawson-6.jpg)

Funny thing is, her half sister Bianca is way prettier even though she's older than Beyonce.

Btw I agree with
>>78262 (Not ugly, but I find her very plain to be a model. She would stand out in a crowd, but not next to other models. Her own sister has a more interesting face)
>>78263 (I liked her in her early stuff and Hunger Games, nowadays I find her insufferable though)
>>78316 (I kinda like her, but she's overrated)

No. 78346

I always thought they both look so incredibly average and forgettable. They look ok, not ugly but they're plain.

She reminds me of someone I know irl on this photo and it's creeping me out.

She kind of looks like someone I know irl and really dislike and I can't unsee it. It' not like I would have found her attractive anyway but I don't like her face just because it reminds me of that person. I admit it's really weird though.

No. 78354


I honestly think it's on purpose, to show her character's resemblance to her mother as she grows older.

No. 78355

To me the only one who looks ok is kourtney. Kendall's surgeries make her look fake, even though they're not as obvious as kylie's.

No. 78359

Agreed. Kourtney seems to be the only one allowing herself to at least look like she's aging somewhat. Even though Kendall's rumored to have gotten cheek and lip fillers, and a nose job, at least she still looks somewhat natural. Kim, Kris, and Kylie all look the worst to me.

No. 78362

File: 1523154381025.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2916x2916, FB16DFD8-01D7-44A7-9BE8-5445A3…)


Respectfully disagree.

No. 78371

Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz kind of scare me because of their giant mouths but most women here are really pretty. Well maybe the one playing Arya didn't age that well but most of her fans were pedos.
I mean really do we need another thread bashing women's looks?

No. 78372


> bashes two women's looks

> complains about bashing women's looks

let people talk about what they want, if you don't approve, don't join in.

No. 78375

Do you know where the fuck you are? Probably 75% of this site is for making fun of how other women look.

No. 78379

File: 1523166807215.jpg (36.78 KB, 620x372, img201610162141705.jpg)

I think she has the most average white girl face. SO OVERRATED

No. 78401

In America I've seen her being praised as exotic because of her eye shape. Go to Scandinavia and the average girl has her face. Ofc she probably looks better than most people in the world, but still. Very overrated

No. 78433

There's also the males shilled as attractive thread, which was created earlier and has more posts/activity. Also, both threads say "that YOU find ugly", there's nothing wrong with finding someone less attractive than the media push them to be

No. 78440

File: 1523204355951.jpg (269.62 KB, 1200x1784, iajmLtU.jpg)

What's this crackwhores fucking problem

No. 78441

File: 1523205409134.jpg (41.14 KB, 768x512, britney-spears-baby-one-more-t…)

Britney Spear's face for some reason reminds me of a pig…

No. 78442

File: 1523206104027.jpg (74.72 KB, 850x398, cara-dele-vingne-offi-cia-lise…)

She is really pretty but overrated; I don't really understand why she got so much media attention, a lot of models are more beautiful than her + her acting is fucking shit.
(Love her new short hair though, she suits the tom boy look well. 10/10 would hate fuck)

No. 78443

The fuck? Bianca Lawson is Beyonce and Solange's step sister?
Also, I still can't get over her age.
>39 years old

No. 78444

Exactly. There's no need for yet another of those shit threads.

No. 78455

File: 1523215481820.jpg (49.81 KB, 413x449, 4e3.jpg)

she has a very punchable face, idk why i fucking hate her

No. 78456

As an Eastern European, she looks like every Eastern European girl on the street

No. 78457

This. She's pretty enough that I don't object to her being a successful model but not to the extent that she has. But didn't she get her original gigs and fame from some good ol nepotism? I think people forget that because she has more natural beauty than the kardashians or hadids so it draws less attention

No. 78463

Then go to one of the more wholesome ones if it triggers you so badly.

No. 78466

File: 1523219058759.jpeg (550.89 KB, 1800x2399, 3D910F38-FF6E-43B5-8518-03B818…)

I think Lena Dunham the only person I’ve seen shilled as beautiful that I’m just like, uhhh… no lol. But I’m kinda ugly and kinda gay so.

I mean I guess I thought this with the Williams sisters too, but then I saw what they look like in bikinis.

No. 78468

She's shilled as beautiful? Whenever I see people talking about her they always point out how disgusting and ugly she is

No. 78471

she's really not, not even in a pity way. she's more shilled as strong and intelligent even though she's none of those things either.

No. 78472

She's not shilled as beautiful at all, there was even an arc in Girls that was sort of addressing that (the romance with that older guy and how she doesn't "deserve" him because she looks the way she does, yet According to Jim and similar shows exist)

No. 78475

File: 1523225251055.jpg (90.64 KB, 1599x1142, ZUYgQiM.jpg)

>Even though Kendall's rumored to have gotten cheek and lip fillers, and a nose job, at least she still looks somewhat natural.
Kind of OT, but I just saw this. She's just as bad as the others now

No. 78481

She looks like an Alien wearing a human skin disguise. She kinda behaves that way too she's so out of touch with reality.

No. 78483

File: 1523231214652.jpg (282.77 KB, 1067x1600, Jeongyeon_6.jpg)

Jeongyeon? More like Jeong-yawn.

No. 78485


YES. Came here to say this and was not disappointed. I am glad this was posted so early on. Richard Dawkins' looking mofo.

I think she was prettier when she was younger. But still, not goddess tier as some make her out to be.


OMG yes. Talk about overrated, in looks and personality. The "cool girl" act is just so fake.

I've never seen anyone calling Sunny pretty though lol Everyone I see says she's the ugliest one in SNSD, and that she's an ugly idol in general lol

Jus seen this >>78298 and yeah, this anon is right

Always said that Zooey was painfully avarage and many men got legit angry at me lol

Omg, yes. Her eyebrows are so fucking ugly, yet people keeping saying shit like ~brow game on fleek~ like ???
Also I know it's a meme by now, but holy nasolabial folds. She looks so manly face-wise, imho.
She does look better with dark hair, though >>78442 the eyebrows look less bad.

Same thing about Sunny. I don't think anyone shills her, if anything, she's always called the ugliest from TWICE.

No. 78487

File: 1523233688626.jpg (269.85 KB, 1234x1539, FullSize.jpg)

I'd think she was a below-average 14-year-old fakeboi if I didn't know who she was.

No. 78582

She has such an unfortunate Face… her individual features are kinda cute but for some reason everything together ends up looking so manly…

No. 78583

File: 1523283415686.jpg (178.42 KB, 650x400, MegTurney_KeithBattista.jpg)

The fact that Meg can make a living off of her looks is proof that face doesn't matter only tits and ass.

No. 78592

Now she's the living proof that big lips DON'T look good on everyone. They don't fit her face at all. Hope she lays off fillers, she doesn't need them.

No. 78613

File: 1523295117950.jpg (48.65 KB, 634x460, 489CA1E100000578-5317775-image…)

No. 78652

I love Tati but her philtrum is SO long she's ape like, or like a very old man.

No. 78670

I don't even think she has a cute face. Like it looks all smushy and doughey.

No. 78671

File: 1523337991212.jpg (46.13 KB, 670x503, felicia-day-by-getty-crop.jpg)

Why is is considered a hawt geek girl is beyond me

No. 78672

Bianca Lawson is one of the only women who really does look dramatically younger than her age. Whatever genetic cocktail she is sporting needs to be recorded for the future benefit of our genetically engineered progeny.

I think she needs to be appreciated in historical context. Felicia Day isn't a great beauty but she was a cute redheaded nerd-chick in a time where there really wasn't as much competition. She had a casual, approachable appeal and she walked the walk well enough. I highly doubt she could break out at this point in time though, there is more competition and the target audience has grown more accepting and accustomed to more glamorous looks.

No. 78695

File: 1523363930525.jpg (44.23 KB, 520x279, date-my-avatar.jpg)

She was cute in the guild.
I don't think she ever profiled herself as hot unless in "date my avatar" where that was kind of the whole meaning of the song (my avatar might be really hot but I'm just a regular girl)

No. 78696

Tranny material tbh

She's not that pretty but she looks like she is a nice and genuine woman.

No. 78697

She is so ugly I never noticed her beautiful eye color…

No. 78698

File: 1523365350356.jpg (2.15 MB, 573x367, uvTOq9a.jpg)

Wait, that was her in Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? Man, that brings up memories. She was cute.

No. 78699

File: 1523365418186.jpg (70.45 KB, 640x800, nikki.jpg)

Nikkitutorials. Her facial features are beautiful, but she literally looks like a shiny moon due to her weight and makeup. She is tall (188cm) so her frame is quite big, however that big frame could be reduced if she went down in weight.

I don't get why people take makeup tips from her.

No. 78700

File: 1523365533424.jpg (65.93 KB, 796x431, makeup-looks-1.jpg)

Samefag, but I just want to post another photo comparing her to Jessie J (175cm).

No. 78709

File: 1523368409684.jpg (107.35 KB, 500x704, IMG_8604.JPG)

Never understood this girls appeal. Weird misshapen features that aren't proportional, pointy Pinocchio nose, man jaw effect from overpumping fillers, but "muh feminism".Her body is great is but so fake looking ( not saying it's fake) and her self serving attitude is horrible.

No. 78710

She look like a monkey to me.

No. 78711

File: 1523369008061.jpg (2.61 MB, 1730x1800, emily-ratajkowski-underwear-do…)

her lips look like shit here wow. also her legs are short for her height. she's pretty imo, so I can understand why she is a model. but there are prettier girls around

No. 78716

No offense but I sincerely hope I never meet any of you irl. This thread is such a downer. Sage for off topic.

No. 78720

File: 1523374376970.jpg (70.28 KB, 500x750, MRNgTKm.jpg)

Rachael Taylor

No. 78724

File: 1523375814946.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Her body is fake af though. I used to follow her on ig and she would always brag and bitch about how ~natural~ she is and shit. I think her inital appeal came from being "that pretty girl from the blurred lines video". She should chill tf out on the additional ps and procedures, she's starting to look like a freak.

No. 78725


You sound male. Stop bitching about us being ~so mean~and just get off the thread. There's plenty of others to engage in. Or go back to 4chan to fap over underage Asian girls.

No. 78726

No, she doesn't.
You can say whatever you want about her face, but doing things like nitpicking Emily Ratajkowski's body is just insane…

No. 78731

Go back to PULL.

No. 78732

May i direct you to this site?
There it's completely fine to call a VS model's legs fat and stumpy, you might enjoy their company.

No. 78734

As I'm not the person criticizing Emily Ratahjdjsski's body, you may want to visit:
Or even:
Since you're so goddamn sensitive.
saged for infighting

No. 78736

Can you leave now? Stop derailing and just go, we're not interested in what you have to say, moralfag.

No. 78739

What on Earth made you think I was a guy? If anything I was about to ask you the same thing but that's just because I'm so used to seeing guys on the internet pulling the "0/10 wouldn't bang" on supermodels and actresses.

I realize my comment was off topic, I didn't intend to trigger anyone. My problem is not that you don't find someone attractive, it's the way you word it with sort of a vitriol, idk if there's a more suitable word. Personally, all of the women posted here are great looking (except Lena Dunham), but I know that's my opinion and you can think whatever you like.

Anyways, you do you and I'll just hide the thread from hereon.

No. 78742

>acting as if you're too cool to spell that name correctly, but putting in the effort of searching up and linking all these sites, just to "win" an argument…

I don't care what comment you wrote or not. I just agree with the anon that said that now some take it a notch too far.

No. 78744

You know, chronically having to have the last word is pretty unhealthy. Don't make a post over "exiting a thread". Just leave lmao

No. 78749

Then be inspired by >>78739 and hide the thread from now on. Quit shitting up the thread because your SJW ass can't handle women not praising every single other woman on this planet.

No. 78751

File: 1523383533295.png (2.11 MB, 956x1194, Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 2.02…)

Alexis Ren has an absolutely beautiful body, new tits and all, but she would not have gotten as far as she did without the new wave of more homely, accessible models like the Hadids and Kendall Jenner buying their way into the top of the industry. Her face is just too plain, girl-next-doorsy and I feel like she's trying to compensate for that with her recent lip fillers.

No. 78753

>You know, chronically having to have the last word is pretty unhealthy. Don't make a post over "exiting a thread". Just leave lmao

She probably already did - yet you still had to have the last word…

No. 78757

I personally love her face shape and the way her features (minus lip fillers) harmonize with her bone structure though. It may be girl-next-door, but it's practically a perfect heart shape.

No. 78760

File: 1523386310426.jpeg (161.3 KB, 520x308, 88232424-430A-44FE-A6A1-7C4D7A…)

Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr

No. 78761


No. 78762

every girl incel on this board defaults to that cause they can't possibly imagine not being a shitty cunt to everyone.

No. 78763

File: 1523388698995.jpg (99.07 KB, 634x630, 3396D16D00000578-3564230-image…)


Gisele was cute as a teen (when she started working), but as she grew and her face "settled", she became very horsey.

No. 78764

File: 1523388836810.jpg (330.85 KB, 620x930, 21.5615700.jpg)

It's not her face that bothers me. It's her freaking eyes. They are empty and soulless.

Her personality is cringe, too, so that doesn't help.

No. 78771

File: 1523393264497.png (635.03 KB, 469x579, yuck.png)

she's aged like old milk
(she wasn't even cute in The Guild)

No. 78772

File: 1523393637130.jpg (297.04 KB, 966x1168, felicia-day-2.jpg)

the lighting was so bright in the "Do you want to date my avatar" video so you can't see Felicia's hideous face and pug nose

No. 78773

Oh please. I don't think Felicia Day is a great beauty but anyone would look ugly making an ugly face in front of a shitty phone camera.

No. 78774

dude we get it

No. 78780

Sounds weird but this thread makes me more confident actually, in the sense that I can see how these women are imperfect and it makes me feel a bit better about my own imperfections since so many people do think they're beautiful or like them. No one is gonna be liked or admired by everyone, so it also makes me feel less odd about the bitchy thoughts I have about a lot of women who are heavily pushed by social media and conventional media. I know that anon isn't reading this anymore but that's my 2 cents regardles

No. 78789

File: 1523405898216.jpg (68.75 KB, 634x870, o8q74ZW.jpg)

No. 78793

Naw man, doubt she’s ever been shilled as “attractive”. She’s generally laughed at for being hideous

No. 78800

yeah i know what you mean. anons in the ps threads talk about pressure to be flawless in the face in body in order to be somebody, but then here we have all these famous rich women who evidently aren't flawless despite being generally above average.

No. 78802

I feel like she only got popular from yes, nepotism, but also acting all ~*~qUiRkY~*~~ on the runway.

No. 78814

File: 1523422301958.jpeg (33.02 KB, 405x567, 300CB3BE-7E9C-41D6-88AB-E1F1C2…)


Eh she was skinny when skinny was in. Some people/mags shilled her as hot. By today’s standards, she would not be considered or sold as hot, I don’t think

No. 78820

File: 1523437953101.jpg (58.82 KB, 500x750, 57394809BCBH8983BI899S.jpg)

I don't get the "irene is the most beautiful idol ever" meme, her face is incredibly bland to me and she gives strong autistic vibes with her awkwardness. I wish someone would tell her to stop opening her mouth like that in pic it make her look confused and uncomfortable and highlight her nasolabial fold.

No. 78821

samefag but I also don't believe for a second that people took trip to her highschool just to get a glimpse of her face, I cringed so bad when she told this story.

No. 78822

this just in! People in unflattering light doing stupid faces look unattractive!

>where that was kind of the whole meaning of the song

No. 78823

wait so this one and the fatty on the left side of the pic are the same person…in the same timeline?

No. 78826

What about her nose is pug-like? She has a defined bridge.

No. 78827

>Watch some show or the other (e.g. Supernatural, The Magicians)
>This dumb cunt appears as "le quirky hot nerd girl" type
>Start getting an aneurysm
>Have to skip all her scenes
She just goes around and fucks up my shitty shows.
I get it, she was the it girl of mid-early youtube, but now she has nothing, there is an oversaturated market on nerd girls and yet these shows still pick her as if she has any sort of pull or even a fandom than wants to see her subpar acting and camel face in things.

No. 78838


I honestly don't why she hasn't had a rhinoplasty yet. It's not like she needs it totaly redone, she just has to fix the tip/end of her nose. She would seriously look so much better and younger if she got the work done. Aside from that, I think her cheeks and mouth lines add character to her face.

On serious note though I really dont't ubderstand her fame. Similar to >>78827, she's popped up in so many shows I watched and I didn't know who the hell she was till recently, and bonestly I still don't get her. It didn't help that some people I hung with use to esthatically point out her cameos like they were a big deal.

Could someone clue me in on her though? I still feel out of the loop. I'm 24, and never kept up with popular youtubers. Knowing that, is she before my time or something? Or have I been living under a rock.

No. 78839

same.it's not that she is ugly,i just don't find her amazing looking.also there is something about the bottom half of her face that puts me off and it's not the awkwardness.like sometimes it makes her look "old" in a way

No. 78840

she looks frightened

No. 78841

Wow looks like the Felicia Day hater got triggered again.
Stop it already, this thread isn't just for you.

No. 78846

File: 1523459015156.jpg (89.4 KB, 474x750, 92d63bced9cc2a516964af4a52b43c…)

Looks like an alien that got stung by a bee.

No. 78848


Cause her nose is part of her image and getting it "fixed" would be stupid because then she'd be less recognizable. Her face is her brand, to an extent. Its like asking why she wouldn't dye her hair or get braces. Those features are part of how people identify her and relate to her.

Also a nose job isn't like getting a hair cut. It's a relatively big deal. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with getting their face cut open and their cartilage shaved just for societal standards.

No. 78851

This. I’m glad RT doesn’t do shit with her anymore now that she’s aging and scared of losing her betabucks, she’s focusing more on her lingerie cosplay to get her name out there more. I’m surprised at the people I see liking her pics on Instagram, like Yoshiki from X Japan and the white celebs he hangs out with. I’m always disturbed when my unrelated fandoms andnknterests collide in ways that don’t make sense.

Also tbqh Gavin is too cute and youthful for her. She always seems like she’s trying so hard to be the nicest, most bubbly nerd girl in the room regardless of what’s going on or who is talking.

No. 78857

She's only 31. Not that she was very youthful looking to begin with, but not exactly aging

No. 78865

File: 1523475904875.jpg (38.21 KB, 768x435, gettyimages-454909454-15185534…)

Didn't know her, googled her and this is the first picture i found

>Also tbqh Gavin is too cute and youthful for her


No. 78867

File: 1523476237040.jpg (144.76 KB, 1500x1001, e6hET6v.jpg)


She's not my taste either, but at least I like seing a k-pop idol without a super v-line. Joy is RV's visual imho


She's surely more mature looking. In a way I appreciate that.

But this is the Queen of Overrated in k-pop to me. I realy can't see Mina being oh so beautiful and elegant. She looks like a lot of asian teens I studied with.

No. 78869

I wonder if she's physically unable to ever close her mouth…
That shit makes her look so dumb, anybody who calls that sexy must have a screw loose.

No. 78871

That pic is so shopped and airbrushed. Her nose isn't that small in rl, I'm tired of all these kpop fags mass posting pictures of twice.

No. 78874

Yeah I was honestly surprised to find out that she was dating Gavin. (Are they married now? I haven't kept up with any of this tbh) I wouldn't exactly call him a stunning 10/10, but he's funny and actually successful and motivated, I think he could do better than her.

No. 78880

File: 1523483841282.png (696.03 KB, 876x1160, 1476027225868.png)

sorry you're autistic fave can't find work other than bad voice acting

No. 78884

Having a bulbous old man nose is part of her brand? I didn't even realise how bad it was until I saw that profile shot of her.

I think this is a flattering pic of her but her face is so matronly. In her own costhot pics her face is so jarring because it looks way too old for the characters she cosplay, like Tracer.

No. 78887

i see what you mean. tbf, the tracer hairstyle is kind of matronly in a "let me speak to your manager" way unless you have a very youthful face or an edgy fashion face.

No. 78900

File: 1523492560754.jpg (94.4 KB, 1200x800, Cq3_LWgVUAELvId.jpg)

I never thought of her as too matronly until I saw this photo and honestly it's not just that it's extremely unflattering but what she's wearing, her makeup, everything just ages her way in to her 40's. She looks like someone's stepmom

No. 78905

File: 1523494968306.jpg (77.67 KB, 750x400, Felicia-Day.jpg)


>Having a bulbous old man nose is part of her brand?

Her brand is being a "cute," funny, nerdy, and attainable.

Neets literally lost their shit when she had her hair cut. Regardless of if you personally think she's attractive or not, her relevancy and status as a "geek goddess" rely on her and her face.

And maybe she likes her nose? Not everyone has the same tastes. Thats like the point of this whole thread lol

No. 78918


she'd need a lot more work done to reach the "unattainably beautiful" category. her nose is pretty bad, but so is her crooked teeth and massive overbite. fixing her. nose would just make her easier to look at. I think she is genuinely ugly.

>Not everyone has the same tastes. Thats like the point of this whole thread lol

yes, it's the "people whose looks are overhyped" thread, and a bunch of anons think she's overhyped.

No. 78951

File: 1523548097928.jpeg (82.02 KB, 720x810, 11DD857D-ECC7-40A9-A072-DCC811…)


Yah and I agree with them but you asked why she doesn’t just get a nose job and I gave what I thought were pretty reasonable reasons. It’s not this universal quick fix. Again, her fan base lost their minds when she got a haircut. She’d be stupid to get a nose job imo

I feel Swift can look beautiful or really bland. There’s no real inbetween for me. I think it’s just based on her styling and makeup?

No. 78953

Because she uses Botox to achieve those facial features. she explains it and has had up to 11 she mentioned, and fillers. I don't know how to link a video but the title is called "nikkietutorials explains how much botox she uses" no telling how much now though.

No. 78954

Basically her whole face is fake lmao, I think it's sad that she touched things like her "asschin",it's cute to have a little bit of imperfection it can make a face pop.

No. 78965

Felicia cut her hair short, neckbeards don't like when women do that because it makes them "manly."

Her lip fillers look awful and honestly getting Botox when you're fat just gives you a moon face. I don't know why she wouldn't lose weight before going hard with cosmetic procedures, it seems pointless. Her face looks so bloated and the instathot makeup with highlight abuse just makes her look like a big shiny orb.

No. 78966

THANK YOU. That tiny michael jackson nose is the worst part about her. There's a point where you need to stop and balance your beauty ideals before you go ahead and get surgery. It looks like it's going to collapse and crumble and is way too small for her face shape. I thought she was not only ugly, but dull as all fuck and she had horrible taste and opinions on the contestants when she was judging on American Idol recently.

No. 78993

File: 1523570557483.jpg (8.42 KB, 192x211, 86.jpg)

jesus,what an annoying ass face

No. 78994

Thank you! Now I know why I hate her so much, it's those empty, dead-inside eyes.

No. 79003

>Felicia cut her hair short, neckbeards don't like when women do that because it makes them "manly."

not necessarily. i had a misogynist neckbeard bf when i was a teenager who only liked girls with bobs and pressured me to get one because he thought it was more cute,nerdy, quirky,and unintimidating than long hair. it's kind of like how a lot of neckbeards now insist they only like flat chests as if that somehow makes them more deep and intellectual. Some neckbeards only like feminine women because shirking gender roles shows too much independence and confidence, and some DON'T like feminine women because unapologetically doing things deemed vain and frivolous shows too much independence and confidence. They have different MOs but no matter what you look like they'll equate your looks with your brain and judge you for them.

No. 79004

I know you weren't necessarily saying this but i've seen a few people imply that her being tall makes her not actually fat and ime it's the opposite. I'm tall and I need to eat more than short girls just for base requirement and because there's more surface area I can get way into the upper of end of a healthy BMI and still look skinnyfat. It would take SO much overeating to actually have my face neck and wrists look chubby. Maybe she has an unlucky metabolism but she's definitely pretty overweight. If anyone should have the "she's not fat it's just her height" excuse it's short girls.

No. 79008

File: 1523577249238.jpg (15.96 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

Overrated and painfully fake yet still somehow shilled as the most beautiful girl on instagram. Glad she can't get real modeling work.

No. 79021

I honestly wonder if she has PCOS/hypothyroid/some other shitty endocrinal issue that slows down. your metabolism. she just looks like someone who has some kind of underlying health issue. her hair is really thin and her face was super bloated and splotchy even before she got fat.

No. 79076

>her hair is really thin and her face was super bloated and splotchy even before she got fat

Honestly that's just being white. A lot of white people have extremely round and bloated faces, thin hair and small eyes. It's just shitty genes, honestly. Esp. if you live anywhere Northern Europe. Southern Europeans don't seem to have the round bloated face, thin hair and small eyes gene as much. Getting her to race mix would actually benefit her bloodline.

No. 79081

File: 1523625911765.jpg (31.72 KB, 423x346, 50340006.jpg)

>Getting her to race mix would actually benefit her bloodline.
…? She's not some kind of animal that's only allowed to "breed" with the best…

But seriously, you sound like some triggered italian
>All Northern Europeans totez have shitty genes with extremely round and bloated faces, thin hair and small eyes. But not us Southern Europeans!1!1

One day Northern Europeans have old, meagre and haggard faces and the next day they're too round and bloated, please decide, what is it?

No. 79082

Spotted the northern european.

No. 79084

I didn't really hide that fact, did i?
You also wouldn't like it if somebody posted an extremely ugly specimen of your race and said "that's completely normal, they all look like that"…

Nikki is from the Netherlands there your average girl is really tall, but nevertheless, still having that shitty skin in your 20s, such a wide and flat nose and such a big mouth with fat lips on top of being obese is surely not the norm.

No. 79088

How are you not permabanned for your racist bs yet?

No. 79089

File: 1523628345017.jpeg (147.14 KB, 671x896, DDD27C29-80BF-48B7-AA34-70B691…)


>Honestly that's just being white. A lot of white people have extremely round and bloated faces, thin hair and small eyes. It's just shitty genes, honestly. Esp. if you live anywhere Northern Europe.

What are you even talking about?

Audrey Hepburn was of Dutch descent and is widely considered beautiful.

And thin hair where?

No. 79090

File: 1523628484997.jpg (138.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I was the anon that originally posted Nikki.
As an actual half Northern Euro (finnic) and half Southern Euro (with black hair, dark eyes and olive skin, so please don't @ me saying that I'm an ugly old haggard northerner), I can say that Nikki is not representative of Northern Europeans as a whole. She is fucking massive, and her face is bloated because she is obese. It's really not that hard to understand. And being massive and obese is not that common for nordics.

Also The Netherlands aren't even in Northern Europe. And if you mean that she's nordic, than that's one thing. But northern Europeans can actually be turkic, slavic, and finnic.

(Pic related: Nikkie standing next to a guy that I assume must be around 173cm tall and average weight)

No. 79091

Bait or real…?

No. 79092

She's so incredibly ugly it hurts. But at least she's no mongrel.

No. 79094

She look like a drag queen, how could she let herself get so fucking big? I'm sure she would look really nice at a healthier weight, she should focus on that instead of injecting her face non stop.

No. 79096

I also noticed this in other threads, lolcow as a whole seems to have jumped from bashing Americans to Northern Europeans, saying they age the worst etc. But claiming that the whitest of the white have small eyes really makes you wonder…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 79097

Let's cut out the race thing for fucking once. It's so irritating.

No. 79098

Having to read that people like yourself are all ugly and haggard is even more irritating.
Of course anons will say something when useless racist-chans throw in some bullshit.

No. 79131

I said
>a lot
I didn't say
>all of it

Contain your salt, I wasn't saying everyone from Northern Europe are ugly. >>79089 is an exception. It's amazingly funny I am called racist but >>79092 isn't, you all sound like people saying "uwu reverse racism!!", I was just stating it's common, as much as asian women have short square bodies, black women have too strong features, southern european women have excessive body hair.

No. 79190

fuck off with your race-baiting and backpedaling.

No. 79220

>something I said on the first post I did

Lmao anon I know you are salty but don't slash your wrists because I said your race can be ugly.

No. 79227

I met her and her boyfriend (that cheats on her regularly with a smaller spanish(? don't quote me on her being spanish) woman) in person on a flight to New York and she is about twice his size and as tall if not a little taller than him, it's really jarring to see honestly. She doesn't look quite as massive in person until you get up close but that's just her height balancing her out

No. 79275

File: 1523752628102.jpg (10.78 KB, 214x317, merkel.jpg)

Looks like she's wearing an Angela Merkel cosplay. Her stylist needs to be forcibly retired like, NOW

No. 79276

What the fuck that is so accurate!

No. 79277

Lmao I see it

No. 79291

All of you anons are always pointing out her tall height, but that's not something she can change, even if she lost some weight, being nearly 1.90m alone is enough for a women to appear 'massive'…
If he really cheats, i hope to god she leaves that ass

Seeing the two of them side by side made me realize that the Twice girl is just as ugly, only a lot younger lol
One eye seems to be bigger than the other one(?) and god do i height that kpoppers constantly pose with open mouths… that shit is not sexy, it only makes you look dumb

No. 79297

File: 1523782304625.jpeg (172.24 KB, 1200x1200, 63978957-011E-4AC2-80E4-476924…)

No. 79298

File: 1523782382337.jpeg (2.31 MB, 2448x3672, 640E26BF-F1A5-47BD-A964-65D3C6…)

No. 79299

File: 1523782575752.jpeg (51.23 KB, 435x580, 8FEAE9BE-809B-493B-8461-A372ED…)

No. 79300

File: 1523783066361.jpeg (138.94 KB, 1916x1076, 9B6D878B-2149-4087-BF04-95AB40…)

I’m sure she’s a lovely young woman but I just cannot buy her as vixen Veronica at all

No. 79305

lana's nose is honestly terrifying. she looks like she got stung by a bee

No. 79312

File: 1523801255755.jpg (61.71 KB, 644x429, lili-reinhart-reccs-getty-1.jp…)

On the other hand I feel the same for the Betty actress. I don't know why, my brain recognizes that she's objectively pretty but I just… can't feel her as beautiful. Maybe she's lacking charme or something, but I feel like I'm looking at a piece of furniture. I like the Veronica actress more

No. 79330

She looked better before platic surgery. Her nose was cute and round and there was nothing wrong with her lips, now her lips look so lopsided and fake.

No. 79371

I'll never understand why this thin-lipped, tiny-eyed, jowly moonface is supposed to be "hot." Because she's blonde and tan I guess? She's literally so fucking average.

No. 79411


I absolutely agree. It's on purpose. She's not the pretty doll in king's landing any more. no need to be pretty.

No. 79412

I wanna puke everytime I see that woman's face. Like everything. Every. thing. on her face is just off and outright ugly. also she's a child molester.

No. 79413

i think she is absolutely gorgeous. Just her narcism is a huge turn-off. Like that self-regarding smugly glance in the camera each time. seriously, is she masturbating in front of a mirror on a daily basis?
there even was one time on her IG stories when she was out with whatever kind of guy and he was talking about something and she was like "ugh you just destroyed my video, shut the up already" while posing in the camera. like gurl, how self-obsessed can you be?

No. 79414

File: 1523935330097.jpg (356.75 KB, 1608x1344, x_tdy_flashback_tori_spelling_…)

she's always only made it as an actress because of her father.
she always triggered me even back then in beverly hills, especially her tubular boobs.

No. 79416

holy fucking cow. someone really overdid it with plastic surgery.

No. 79421

File: 1523945687233.jpeg (52.15 KB, 375x500, 939BA8D6-F6BF-4A51-9CA5-449EE9…)

Why does everyone on Law and Order SVU act like Rollins is the hottest shit? I think she’s very very plain, bordering on unattractive. She has big ears, flat lips, small eyes, small chin, etc. Her proportions are so unfortunate. And every fucking episode has a reference to her beauty. It makes me feel crazy

No. 79422

File: 1523945770099.jpeg (111.76 KB, 640x640, F09E8A79-25EB-4938-B953-01A723…)

No. 79424

I thought this was Kirsten Dunst at first…a very, very plain Kirsten Dunst.

Nikkitutorials used to be very pretty about ten years ago (I saw an old video and was a bit shocked), now she's absolutely hideous in my opinion.

No. 79428

The entire kardashian/Jenner clan look disgusting and inhuman irl or photoshopped.

Cara d Levine is cute but so bad as a model that it’s literally too embarrassing to watch her clump-clomp down a runway or pull the one stupid expression she has over and over to a mantra of ‘im goofy teehee so real’

Tori spelling has looked like a fire hydrant since birth and it’s amazing she ever acted outside the role of an actual goblin or silent masked villain.

Nikkietutorials is plain af without all the makeup and is approaching a level of obesity where no defined features will remain on that moonface.

Beyoncé has a plain face and a weakass jaw with no cheekbones.

I don’t know why I hate Jennifer Lawrence’s face but I really really do. Maybe that Kirsten Stewart-esque dead fish stare.

Every single Instagram model because they all have the exact same puffy labia looking mouths, same bad jaw edits that make their heads look somehow oversized and undersized at once, and all wear the same tacky, basic, boohoo.com outfits, busting their spines to look like they’ve got a five inch waist and a booty that could smother the hulk.

It’s not even dudes I see lusting after that shit either it’s a crowd of sycophantic women in the same shitty high-heels-with-track-pants style screeching Yass slay girl and whatever outdated memey shit some drag queen might have once said.

No. 79440

she legit looks like she has a deformity or something. i don't think anyone's ever called her hot though.

No. 79441

Her face looks and looked so fat and swollen. Losing a few pounds would help.

No. 79442

File: 1523964160090.jpg (232.37 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-Tori_Spelling_at_The_He…)

she looks like an ugly sim lmao

No. 79443

File: 1523964534529.png (208.53 KB, 606x306, Naomi-Campbell-without-makeup.…)

She's not pretty enough to be such a bitch

No. 79445

She's like Shoe; thinks she's prettier and better than other women, yet doesn't even meet the most basic beauty standard: having hair.

No. 79449

back in her prime she was a goddess

No. 79451

File: 1523981111797.jpg (33.89 KB, 560x420, fc51f059-07ca-4af9-a4ce-202388…)

Probably because Olivia got older and was no longer the "hot female cop". I find Rollins really plain too, she has the foundation to be more attractive but I think the makeup choices are too subtle.

And speaking of Olivia, I never got why she was shilled as the hot cop either. Poor Mariska Hargitay did not age well.

No. 79462

How old is she? If she's 45+ I think she looks just fine. No one will look young forever and if I saw her irl I definitely wouldn't go "wow she's ugly" or anything like that

No. 79463

She's 54. I agree, she did not age badly at all.

No. 79470

>Tori spelling has looked like a fire hydrant since birth and it’s amazing she ever acted outside the role of an actual goblin or silent masked villain.
holy fucking kek anon

No. 79471

I think Mariska is fine for her age. She was never the goddess that her mother was, but fine all the same.

No. 79474

File: 1524003308270.jpg (57.96 KB, 700x696, emily-ratajkowski-e14991714917…)

Maybe it's cause she played the mistress in Gone Girl but Emily Ratajkowski looks like a human sex doll to me.
Sidenote, Andie had a really awesome moment in the book where she tells off Nick; I wish they had put that in the movie.

No. 79478

File: 1524003547213.jpg (51.38 KB, 450x300, Kelli-Giddish-Plastic-Surgery.…)



I disagree on basically every front haha. Sorry anon. I think Olivia was gorgeous then and is gorgeous now (even though her character is annoying as all hell lately). There's no way to do Rollin's makeup that will make up for for her small, hooded eyes, deep nasolabial folds, and over-botoxed forehead and cheeks. Normally I wouldn't care how attractive an actress in a show is if she's a cop, but the constant on-screen references to how hot Rollins is drive me up the wall. She looks like an overstuffed balloon. If one more guy hits on her because she's "the most beautiful woman in this joint" I'm going to scream. She had potential once, but fucked it up with plastic surgery.

I'm personally glad Mariska is still on the show because we can do with some more middle-aged women on our screens.

No. 79482

Yikes that michaeel jackson nose on the right. Celebrities straight up fuck themselves up with their extensive nose jobs.

No. 79512

File: 1524033257076.jpg (86.88 KB, 1366x768, lol.jpg)

>watch her clump-clomp down a runway
made me lol irl

No. 79514

She legitimately looks like she should've been born black but by some freak genetic accident she has white skin instead. Seriously, her features would be fine on a curvy black woman, but on a waifish blonde girl? Looks deformed.

No. 79515

File: 1524034875214.jpg (339.31 KB, 1200x1794, rumer-willis-at-the-art-of-ely…)

When are they going to stop shilling this poor creature on the red carpet? She's completely fucking irrelevant except for being Bruce Willis' and Demi Moore's daughter and she got every single bad trait from both parents and none of the good ones. Even after all the plastic surgery she's painful to look at.

No. 79521

Mariska doesnt seem to be aging badly. She has a strong face, so she's never gonna have that super feminine, soft look but for her age she's fine. I think the hot aspect was less her face and more the fact that she's supposed to be a caring but bad-ass female cop.

I try not to nitpick faces but come on, with her money that chin deserves better.

No. 79522

>tfw you're the daughter of one of the sexiest woman alive and your pop out of her vagina looking like that…

She would probably be publicly humiliated if she changed her jaw/chin so I understand why she doesn't touch it.

No. 79524

She should lose some weight.

No. 79525

Are you serious? She's 167cm and 54kg.. She does not need to lose weight.

No. 79531

She is also a daughter of one of the ugliest men, which gives one a lesson to only fuck with hot guys

No. 79532

Which should be obvious

No. 79534

Ikr those arms are humongous.

No. 79536

ok ana-chans
rumer willis' weight is the last of her problems. she really got the worst of both worlds, poor thing lol

No. 79537

I met her in person and she's a huge bitch. I've met several movie stars as a part of my job but she is ugly inside out. When you're close to her irl she's short and chubby and acts like a spoiled brat and treats everyone around her like shit. All other stars I've met have been either great or decent.
I used to think she was nice, boy was I wrong.
Keira Knightley was the complete opposite of her, down to earth with a good sense of humour, nice and polite.
I guess I just needed to vent, I can't stand seeing Scarlett Johansson anymore and the fact that she starred in Ghost in the Shell was such a disappointment, I didn't even bother seeing the movie.

No. 79539

What did she do/say?

No. 79553

Ooh I've heard about that too, like Scarlett treating makeup artists and crew like shit and arriving to events late for vain reasons. Seems like that bad attitude is reflecting on the outside too, she's not looking good to be only 33 years old…

No. 79554

File: 1524074907043.jpg (111.57 KB, 634x940, 3935184D00000578-0-image-m-103…)


Is that a joke? She's at a fine weight. Considering her unfortunate jaw, her body is actually her best asset tbh.

No. 79555

Yeah her body looks fine, her upper arms are kinda soft but it's just her body fat distribution.

No. 79556

File: 1524075362209.jpg (44.74 KB, 500x700, ff13a0f896af33f10228961ce5e370…)


oh i laffed

Worst part is that she has the potential to be cute, but the ~short hair tomboy shtick~ is ruining it. Her hair is very weird right now, I wonder if they are growing it out though.

No. 79558

So cute with long hair

No. 79559

File: 1524077775975.jpg (35.34 KB, 360x480, 00002b649-sangster_6.jpg)


Ok but in that picture she looks like the boy from Love Actually.

No. 79568

I thought that was jojen reed for a second

No. 79571


Well its the same actor. Thomas Brodie-Sangster

No. 79587

>Keira Knightley was the complete opposite of her, down to earth with a good sense of humour, nice and polite.

Ot but thank goodness because I always liked her. she's so elegant and cute

Scarlett's eyes always make her look derpy

No. 79590

File: 1524117612786.gif (194.77 KB, 220x258, wat.gif)

>Bruce Willis

No. 79608

lmao she looks like PT if PT had ever gotten her shit together. what an unfortunate jaw.

same, I think Bruce Willis is pretty handsome, but his genes obviously don't translate well to his kids. ALL of his daughters have his fucking chin.

No. 79613

File: 1524139039085.jpg (82.66 KB, 634x886, Bruce Willis.jpg)

Glad to hear I'm not the only one to appreciate this hunk of pure manlyness.

>but his genes obviously don't translate well to his kids. ALL of his daughters have his fucking chin.

I guess the biggest problem here is that his manly chin just doesn't look good on women.

No. 79627

Please tell us more, Anon! About Scarlett and other movie stars.

No. 79650

I don't see it. There are some 90's star that I feel are very overhype but Liv was quite cute when she was young and I liked her in Stealing Beauty.
That music video she did with alicia silverstone is creepy af nowadays though.

No. 79669

It doesn't help that Demi has a very strong jaw herself. Their genes were never meant to combine.

No. 79698


Who is PT?

No. 79719

File: 1524193013773.jpg (48.6 KB, 768x384, tomi-lahren-1483991023.jpg)

I feel like Tomi Lahren looks like a forest witch preying on wanderers to stay young. Like, the way she looks reminds me of when Mother Gothel is at the beginning stages of the process of turning back into an old hag.

No. 79723

File: 1524193500888.gif (1.69 MB, 332x332, tumblr_p4y188GHOb1uv9gajo1_400…)

… can't tell if troll.

PixiTeri is the legendary overlord of lolcows for over a decade. The very reason why /pt/ is called /pt/.

No. 79726

File: 1524194597439.jpg (22.88 KB, 303x371, DZKjZwUVwAAbKTt.jpg)


nah just a newbie, sorry. I had no idea why pt was called pt.


Without the makeup, she's downright ugly tbh.

No. 79729

jaw shave would do her well

No. 79761

Aren't jaw shaves super dangeroues, potentially paralyzing half your face or something?

No. 79791

If that's true then how are KPop idols still around?

No. 79814

OK gonna defend her. Rollins isn't supposed to be compared against models and capital A actresses. The show is relatively grounded and her colleagues aren't runway models either. If you compare here against the average American woman, she's fine. She's in her 30s, thin, blonde, and hasn't killed her skin via drugs or alcohol so she looks healthy. Her attractiveness makes sense in the context of the show. Compare her to normal run of the mill people and she's alright.

Mariska Hargitay has aged very well IMO.

No. 79822

File: 1524290814348.gif (578.92 KB, 268x150, C31F1DED-70BB-4C12-81C3-E411AE…)

Based Liv defender. Liv a cute. A CUTE!

No. 79824

Looks like review brah

No. 79825

File: 1524292719397.png (16.41 KB, 818x639, AD20A31A-E774-4F59-BF04-E684A0…)

Stop bullying my waifu

No. 79829

I loved Liv in LOTR. She just has this ethereal, almost alien appearance that made her the perfect elf. Same with Cate Blanchett. They really nailed the casting in those movies.


Oof. that just makes it worse. I thought she was mid 40s. I see muddled aged women every day on the streets that are 10 times better looking than her.

No. 79836

She is 38, to be specific. I think she looks good, but a bit aged, because she appears to be using fillers which gives her that stiff plastic face that are associated with older women.

No. 79850

Her lips were a mistake, esp for an acting career. I was watching her in "We are your friends" and I couldn't take her seriously cause her lips are distractingly fake.

No. 79853

Liv looks nothing like reviewbrah, wtf, are you blind? They're both gorgeous though.

No. 79857

File: 1524335820934.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1600, W8eH12U.jpg)

Her eyebrows always freaked me out and her face is really puffy. She's definitely not ugly though, and has a great body. But she's WAY over hyped.

No. 79860

straight eyebrows would look good on her

No. 79886

File: 1524358560469.png (644.82 KB, 461x648, ff.png)

No. 80088

File: 1524471910800.jpg (47.11 KB, 313x505, The_Adversary_Maeve_new_infobo…)

IMO most celebs are just plain without makeup but these two are legit downright unfortunate looking.

And also pic related in commemoration of season 2.

No. 80097

File: 1524509531416.jpg (82.84 KB, 477x636, b3d3a3d5d64d87b035514c6839e882…)

Too manly

No. 80104

Who is that?

No. 80105

Diane Kruger

No. 80123

I can't fucking stand her, much less stomach the idea that people actually think she's attractive. She looks deformed.

No. 80126

No. 80129


No. 80136

File: 1524548788498.png (97.52 KB, 300x206, robot alert.png)

No. 80137

The pic on the left reminds me of an 80s mom wich gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

No. 80139

File: 1524552684883.jpg (286.71 KB, 1073x1254, Kaia Gerber 16.jpg)

No. 80140

Kaia has such a nice face, but her mother force her to starve herself so she can be a model, she would be cute if she didn't look so tired and haggard…

No. 80142

File: 1524553575355.png (537.28 KB, 529x753, Kaiabody.png)

Her body is so weird.

No. 80144

File: 1524554281875.jpg (30.21 KB, 344x317, 1517168086560.jpg)

she's not considered attractive but i do feel sorry for her. genetics suck
not even plastic surgery can help her with that long ass jaw

No. 80145

I can not believe she's 16…all that starvation and pressure makes her look 40.

No. 80155

File: 1524556150824.jpg (117.65 KB, 734x1100, 2-oGpwCm__original__.jpg)

Yeesh she's definitely reaching ana-chan status. I amust admit she has nice long legs, but her body seriously lacks definition.

I think she may be starving herself because she probably has bad weight distribution, similar to Lily Rose Depp, i.e very bottom heavy.(pic related) She should wise up and switch to a healthier life style with excercise, otherwise she'll end up with a thin head of hair like Lily.

No. 80163

File: 1524562863232.jpeg (24.91 KB, 327x450, AF927367-0398-4AD1-8EA1-D7F6CF…)

That is the most unfortunate fucking set of legs compared to the rest of her. Like if you sawed two people in half, one chubby and one skinny, then switched the bottom halves and see them together you’d get this
exact body shape.

>>80142 her body is better than her man face. Too many strong features wth no delicate parts to soften the look. She loses any more weight and she will look like whatshisface from ‘The Machinist’ in her headshots, but imo she’s got a good body for now.

Looks like she’s been really well preserved. Ick.

Miranda Cosgrove’s face looks like it’s a size too small and has been stretched into her skull, leaving the permanently stupid expression and oddly wide features.

Cara Delevingne is a shitty model and her eyebrows are threatening to smother her entire eye socket.

None of them are as fucked up as Lindsay goddamn Wixaon. Face like a pig and peter griffin made a baby then dressed it in a Marilyn Monroe wig.
Her mouth and nose look like she spent the first decade of life kissing a window or suffered a terrible fall that forced her face into some bizarre puckered pig-snout.

I get picking models that are more interesting looking than pretty but this girl is interesting in a way that makes one question whether it’s a deformity or if she’s suing a terrible cosmetic surgeon for negligently turning her into someone who presumably sounds like a pug when she breathes.

Miss piggy would be less unappealing in an editorial.

No. 80166

File: 1524564381138.png (29.28 KB, 154x231, CryPEAR.png)

>That is the most unfortunate fucking set of legs compared to the rest of her.

>tfw pearshaped

>tfw my body is like this
>tfw no amount of weight loss will get my legs to be nice and thin without being ana

No. 80168

Fam I’m the same judgy-ass anon you replied to and lemme tell you, you could be the most chunky legged pear shaped motherfucker out there and you would still be sitting pretty. My weird preference for hungry looking figures doesn’t make your legs ugly.

I’m down to pick on anyone and everyone for their looks but I don’t want people hurting over my dumbass opinions. There’s a million girls like me with zero ass (like making hank hill look like Jennifer Lopez) wishing for a bit of rump meat like pear-shapes has. Grass is always greener y’know?

No. 80171

Pear shape can look great anon, skinny legs are attractive in their own way but having some thigh and butt is very sexy and feminine!

No. 80201

Aw you anons are so nice.
Still I wish I wasn't so curvy. When I was at my lightest people would say my arms and shoulders were too thin but my ass and thighs were still huge.
Grass is greener on the other side I know, but you thin girls look great!

No. 80228

File: 1524582767910.jpeg (160.02 KB, 935x930, FD8CDC9D-5AB8-43AD-9F9D-9537E2…)


And it’s so strange because Crawford wasn’t renowned for being Twiggy thin. She had some curves to her. I don’t know why her daughter would have to be starving herself to be a model when her mom was a supermodel without being a skelly.

No. 80297

File: 1524596223112.jpg (111.88 KB, 1200x800, tumblr_o3kzp0JMCw1v21i8ko1_128…)


I will never understand why Koreans find her obviously plastic face so beautiful. Besides, she seems fake.
pic related, Tzuyu is so much prettier and gets shit for having darker skin. At least she doesn't have a weird egg face and scary bunny teeth like Nayeon.

No. 80496

Keira Knighley, Giselle Bündchen - manly Chins
Alessandra Ambrosio, Salma Hayek - manly Faces
Scarlett Johannson - always reminds me of Miss Piggy, I don´t know, why
Gigi/Bella Hadid - wouldn´t call them ugly, but MODELS? Same goes for the Kardashian/Jenner Clan
Jennifer Lawrence, Liv Tyler - puffy, plain faces
Mila Kunis
And all photoshopped insta models with plastic surgery who look all the same

No. 80509

File: 1524665289250.jpeg (157.93 KB, 1140x798, C1DC08BB-06C9-4146-B14C-C67865…)

No. 80550

File: 1524668774565.jpg (35.65 KB, 400x430, 11_news_mainframe_life_style_p…)

Angelina Jolie. She is ugly big time with her fat lips.

No. 80558

File: 1524669453606.png (327.76 KB, 427x393, mufiic.png)

>septum piercing
>instantly went from 8/10 to 1/10

No. 80569

File: 1524670909194.jpg (34.09 KB, 501x612, 827144026.jpg)

why does she look like a 50 something year old mother, who's desperately trying to cling on to her youth with botox and plastic surgery?

No. 80657

File: 1524678153035.gif (525.8 KB, 275x116, FDC9E91A-975E-4154-A73D-7AFB0F…)

i think she was striking when she was younger but got too much botox

No. 80701

File: 1524681588612.jpg (40.43 KB, 500x625, 699c8070b64ca87df9025fa915fa7c…)

at least her "fat lips" are natural kek. she was absolutely stunning in the 90s.

No. 80778

Ayo hole up. Did she get her nose tip done? Cause her nose now looks great, idk how I never noticed

Agreed on Kunis. She's ok but nothing to lose your mind over

No. 80861

She has probably the most annoying face i've ever seen, so smug looking and extremely punchable

No. 80866

christ Nayeon really shouldn't stand next to Tzuyu, it does her no favours

No. 80886

Really really ugly.

No. 80894

lol i know it's all subjective but how do you even begin to figure

No. 80900

I look at that wide face with weird ass jaw and huge lips. She looks like a cheap Eastern-European hooker to me. Go to Ukraine and there are lots of Women like her around.

No. 80901

Samefagging here
A face like a frying pan with a baboons prolapsed anus as lips. Nothing beautiful about it.

No. 80904

If that's the case then Ukraine sounds like heaven tbh

No. 80905

If all you care about is mongoloid frying pan girls and nothing else then it probably is.

No. 80906

Ukraine does have a lot of beautiful women

>mongoloid frying pan girls

No. 80907

Well looking like Mongolina Jolie

No. 80908

She does not, and stop race baiting

No. 80909

File: 1524738446040.jpeg (7.38 KB, 222x227, images (52).jpeg)

God Jihyo? Really?

No. 80914

Race bating? What? She just has a flat face.

No. 80941

File: 1524756557240.jpeg (56.33 KB, 408x600, 42AFB2F0-9F99-4DF4-81B4-A1D38E…)


>wide face

>weird ass jaw

>A face like a frying pan with a baboons prolapsed anus as lips.

So angry, why?

Have seen a person before, anon? I get taste is subjective but you sound like you don’t know what faces look like. I don’t know how anyone could look at her face and think “frying pan” kek.

No. 80953

Angelina is not really my style. I think its very much okay to have a type and think someone is ugly. But, I don't get why some people feel the need rip a person to shreds who has not done anything lmao.

No. 80973

I assume anon was referring to the mongoloid part.

Yeah, I agree. she's not my cup of tea either but that's personal taste and it's nothing to do with her.

No. 80975

The frying pan thing is a meme among weeaboos i think its supposed to be funny or something but it just makes no sense. Thats why they said her face is wide too when it really isnt lmao.

No. 81009

Oddly I did not find Jolie attractive till she hit her 30s.

No. 81031

aa okay, so it's a weeb. makes sense.

No. 81053

File: 1524846965858.jpg (187.35 KB, 958x1222, yike.jpg)

Chloe fucking Moretz.

I don't think I've ever liked her. Her face seems so punchable and her acting makes me wanna puke tbh. I never understood the hype about her.

No. 81055

nta but i've never heard the frying pan thing. i've only heard of pan-faced, meaning the face and features are flat and round, but as an insult to asians.

No. 81057

She is so unfortunate. Her face kinda looks like it has been photoshopped on, and her neck is so short.

No. 81064

File: 1524854917465.png (703.82 KB, 712x474, 5d3.png)

I love this meme

No. 81069

irl she's so botched, I've seen her 6 times and my friends always made jokes about her lips or how swollen her face is lol nothing like in the pictures

No. 81085

seems like more people make fun of her now. i think she was cute when she was younger but she's really turned…like boxed silly putty

No. 81090


No. 81096

File: 1524894210723.jpeg (18.72 KB, 313x470, images (28).jpeg)

No. 81098

She’s a box-on-legs with a smug lizard face.

No. 81116

File: 1524948550056.jpg (16.99 KB, 331x444, selena.jpg)

I wouldn't go as far as call ter ugly because she can look good.
But I don't understand why they keep selling her as this super sexy woman, which she's not.
She's cute level "girl next door" and that's it.

Also she seems really fucked up with alcohool addiction and everything.

No. 81117

File: 1524948780328.jpg (60.89 KB, 480x732, unnamed-1.jpg)

I simply don't get it… why is this considered beautiful?

No. 81127

Clear skin, nice hair, full lips, not fat, so meets all the basics. Her features aren’t really disproportionate, and nothing is badly formed.
What’s there to dislike so much?

No. 81131

File: 1524969147091.jpeg (59.95 KB, 480x720, 0D353BE3-0C10-4C05-A012-10AA2E…)


Not the anon who posted her but I think her jaw and nose are disproportionate. Is she cross eyed as well?

No. 81132

Even if she’s cross eyed, I think she’s pretty cute here.

No. 81146

Your standards are way too hight anon

No. 81147

She is very cute.

No. 81150

File: 1524992464173.jpg (106.41 KB, 635x811, nayeon_1481041026_c5ee62a18962…)

Post any white girl - nothing happens.
Post k-idol - immediately wk flooding in.
>Your standards are way too hight, she's not even fat!

She has a pig nose (her nostrils are showing even if she's looking straight ahead), her front teeth are way too large (even if her fans say otherwise - that's no longer "cute" on an adult women) and her chin/jaw line is pretty much non-existent.

Do i think she's extremely ugly? No, but she's certainly not as insanely beautiful as that article i linked makes her out to be, she's very much overrated and therefore perfectly fits into this thread.

No. 81152

I was the anon asking why you think she’s ugly but now that I see her profile I can see why she’s cute but not incredible.
That’s one weak chin.

No. 81165


I am really impressed on how she can pull off looking really young, as well as pulling off a sultry sexy look. I wonder if it is her health conditions that causes her to have this youthful face. I am talking about selema Gomez.

No. 81166


She was really cute in Kickass1, she pulled of a sexy underage in Hicks, I think she is going through a meh face, she has the money for a PT etc, so her box like body ( which I have never noticed before) can be transformed. not sure why people are mentioning her face, she has cute face with natural full lips.

No. 81168

she has aged so well and does not look like she has things done, I hope when I am her age I will look as young as her.>>78343

No. 81169


just a bad pic. i think this girl has it all, she has appeared make up free manytimes and it is not fixated on her looks, does not like being a model ( agree her acting needs work) but she is the type of girl i would want to hang with, and to the anon that asked she got the model gig, due yo her best friend mother working for a model agency, her sister was also a model at that time. if she went to a local comp school and did not have rich parents and a sister model, she probs would be working in retail /admin/ any job that pays bills. To mee she is a qt tho

No. 81171

File: 1525003574081.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1080x1080, 43EE2A71-0FF8-4833-A2D7-453567…)

Mount druitt bogan.

No. 81375

I feel bad for Chloe. Was a prime example of a child actress who was weird looking but still kinda cute. Once she got older; she lost her pedo fanbase and her acting skills never got better; so shes terrible now.

No. 81387

>so her box like body ( which I have never noticed before) can be transformed
how? i look just like her, body-wise and i've been anywhere from skelly to chubby and i still look like a weird square

No. 81403

File: 1525219014514.jpeg (280.88 KB, 280x503, FAFFFCE0-587B-4B08-AEE4-3F5EFF…)


I think it’s less transforming your body and more dressing in a flattering way. She looks fine is some outfits. I think attached pic is a nice choice.

No. 81404

File: 1525219044408.jpeg (717.19 KB, 1918x3000, 419DB13E-3BEC-47A6-B15B-FB3475…)


While this one was a mistake in every regard

No. 81409

I think Chloe is very pretty, I'm sure she had some kind of ps/procedure and it really fucked up her face

No. 81414

File: 1525233918147.jpg (274.8 KB, 750x500, s-4aef03439058eb3dde58e1ec4fe7…)


Her (estranged) dad, Dr McCoy Moretz, is a plastic surgeon so I don't doubt it. Her lips suited her face way more before she got them injected.

I think Blake Lively is really beautiful and elegant now, but boy did she go through a transformation.

No. 81416

File: 1525234719008.jpg (36.62 KB, 610x407, twice.jpg)

No. 81419

She has always looked kinda old to me, even in gossip girl playing a school kid she looked in her 30s. She's cute in an awkward kinda way though.

No. 81420

right? she kinda looks like a 12y/o boy.

No. 81431

she's like kate hudson - nothing special at all. tiny lips and eyes, mediocre face in general. i assume people go nuts for her because she's a beachy blonde type.

No. 81594

God she looks so haggard, the makeup makes it so much worse. She looks ill.

No. 81597

She looks so fucking dopey, I can't put my finger on it but he reminds me of a Jim Henson puppet but I can't think which

No. 81601

File: 1525397703456.jpg (95.38 KB, 574x610, Moon Face.jpg)

Yeah, the meds for the lupus have an infamous side effect called 'moon face'. Fullness of the face (when paired with a slender body) looks more youthful. Without the prednisone Selena would have a thinner face.

No. 81605

File: 1525400158983.jpeg (75.13 KB, 500x500, CB285E50-D921-4C97-A8B6-2B85CF…)


Wow I had no idea. The round face is such a part of her image, it’s hard to imagine her without it. I think it makes her look unique compared to a lot of other celebrities, and definitely adds to the youthful look.

No. 81622

I have friends and family who use those meds either for lupus or other conditions and it also just makes you fatter in general so I have no idea how she's pulling it off.

No. 81629

Sage for off-topic/blog, but this made me consider taking prednisone more often. I need it from time to time but always avoided it if possible, because of the weight gain. But if it might help with my thin horseface…


Agree. I don't usually find people ugly even if they "objectively" are, but Johansson looks busted as hell. Literally, she looks like she was beaten up then had her face poorly reconstructed. I can't even guess what makes people think she looks good in any way.

No. 81632

File: 1525439874972.jpg (220.1 KB, 1200x1630, scarlett-johansson-in-californ…)

I actually do quite like her; I also remember my art teacher saying her face is the best amongst nowadays actresses, since it's very classically beautiful and symmetrical.
However, her lesbo haircut needs to go.

No. 81708


Yeah, I know 2 people on this drug and they have gained weight all over as well as having a rounded face, one of them is 18 and she looks like a chubby 14 year old. ( she is on 1200 cal a diet as well) I am guessing Gomez has a Personal Trainer etc, as she has a good figure. Or maybe she can afford different types of meds, I really don't know.

No. 81960

Her face is really punchable. Especially the nose, and the mouth. What's up with that weirdass bird looking upper lip?

No. 82018

File: 1525738129176.jpeg (41.67 KB, 638x960, 0E84C7B8-90AA-4594-AB84-45C51B…)

No. 82019

People find her attractive? Oh dear.

No. 82046

She is ridiculously unattractive, both looks and personality wise.

No. 82052

She looks like a badly made Sim character.

No. 82062

File: 1525795572994.jpeg (19.58 KB, 485x303, 669AE306-3664-4783-9BC6-69C98C…)

Horrible looking and sounds retarded when she speaks.

No. 82066

I don't know what is about Anna Kendrick, but she has a punchable face. Feel kinda bad since she seems pretty cool.

No. 82081

ahh i actually think shes kinda cute

No. 82082

same here! I don't know what it is about her but I think she's pretty. in an odd way, but pretty nonetheless

No. 82083

see, before i had heard her speak i just thought she was busted, but the things she says and her voice make her kind of endearing to me and it makes her look cuter.

No. 82096

File: 1525828914069.jpg (31.11 KB, 488x612, gc.jpg)

Emilia isn't so bad, never got the appeal of Gwen.

No. 82108

easy, she's tall af and i want her to carry me across the doorstep on our wedding day

No. 82116

File: 1525844517889.jpg (208.77 KB, 934x1399, Emilia-Clarke-GQ-Men-Year-Awar…)

It's always amazed me how trim Emilia looks on GoT when she's a total chunkster irl

No. 82117

File: 1525844696921.jpg (327.57 KB, 634x1002, 9f98ff87d3e7afabf4cbe3be045f17…)

lol her body looks fine, its just an unflattering dress. She looks fine in every other dress google image returns.

No. 82126

she looks like a cartoon character, and it's not a copliment

No. 82189

A character from Bob's Burgers

No. 82400

File: 1526136119052.jpg (52.74 KB, 467x700, thylane.jpg)

Thylane Blondeau AKA most beautiful girl in the world.


I don't find her ugly but she's so overrated IMO.

No. 82401

She has the charisma of an oyster.

No. 82403

She looks bloated

No. 82411

File: 1526143705431.png (907.52 KB, 1080x1088, IMG_20180512_174534.png)

She always looks so derpy and plain, even in her most glam looks there's always just something off about her. I know beauty guru's don't necessarily need to be beautiful but people gush over her all the time and I don't get it.

No. 82413

Looks like Gigi hadid

No. 82421

File: 1526149638694.jpeg (354.43 KB, 1280x1920, 0AD1CB53-6EB8-4593-A40F-67C432…)

Agreed. At best she looks ordinary and at worst she looks ugly.

No. 82462

File: 1526173022640.gif (127.81 KB, 240x136, WhisperedDarkEmperorpenguin-ma…)


No. 82464

Why do i feel like this is momokunt projecting

No. 82471

>Seen pics

You only saw a few people's eyes, judging by the salty crazy comment you left on the eye makeup recommend thread. Who hurt you Anon? Does our attractiveness validate or invalidate our words?

No. 82488

Damn girl, how many procedures are you planning on getting? Your projection is showing

No. 82495

File: 1526206589555.png (72.17 KB, 215x235, img.png)

She looks so much like Spoony it's uncanny

No. 82519

File: 1526235103796.jpg (61.25 KB, 450x450, Hanne Gaby Odiele.jpg)

I see this model everywhere now, I don't know if people really find her attractive or if it's more the model ugly-pretty thing, but I think she looks really uncanny. She's intersex so that might explain it.

No. 82520

File: 1526235113078.jpg (200.77 KB, 1080x1350, tmxji67nzch01.jpg)

saging since the post I'm replying to is a month old.

But when I saw this picture she did with Wes Ellis, one of the comments was along the lines of "Oh my god! You look like a hot 70s Mom about to pick up their kids from school and make the PTO jealous!" and I died laughing.

I honestly don't know how she makes the Patreon money she does. Her content is low-effort and her panels at conventions are her name dropping every semi-famous person she's worked with.

No. 82529

Fuck, that is one ugly broad

No. 82560

Mmmm, I love that Emilia Clarke is "chubby" by Hollywood standards. Seeing her in person she probably seems like a rather petite individual, but I guess it's not very waif like. Her body seems so soft and feminine without being a lard ass.

No. 82568

'Broad' is right, she looks like a mini fridge

No. 82575

Whoa same here. It's so weird to see someone else say that. I've seen her when she was younger and she was too sultry looking, like she was trying too had to push her lips out and be sexy. When she got older and aged a bit something so much more elegant and refined came out. I find her so much more beautiful now that she's older.

No. 83121

Good lord anon thank you i've been laughing for a good ten minutes.

No. 83268

File: 1527143982629.png (224.21 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-7259b54c1fa14dd85bf9…)

pic related. actually kinda surprised she hasn't been posted yet. I hate her smug faces, stupid songs and something about all her features together just pisses me off - I can't pin point it down to one thing. also hate how she's represented as 'super hot' and 'sexy' when she's flat as a board all around and ugly as shit in candids

holy fuck, same. I'm dying

man, I feel mean but she looks like she has some kind of genetic disorder (I mean, other than being intersexed, unless that causes weird faces like that?). It honestly looks like one of those things where you photoshop a celebrity's face super small.

No. 83269

File: 1527144083512.jpg (96.5 KB, 600x1304, 12518_normal.jpg)

had to post another just to be a spiteful bitch. she looks like a caveman

No. 83270

File: 1527145225201.jpeg (854.78 KB, 1000x1500, A8FBD9FC-9471-4AFF-9781-4BAE1F…)

Those legs tho. Holy fuck. Hate her all you want but I would steal her legs in a heartbeat. Why do good legs happen to annoying people?

No. 83271

Her posture is atrocious.

No. 83273

unless you're talking about their length they aren't that special, anon

pretty easy to obtain with some basic exercises, light weights and cardio

but I hate her with such a raging passion I'm sure she could have objectively the best legs in the world and I'd still be unable to see them in a great light

also her face in that picture distracts me so much, I had to zoom in and scroll down to even pay attention to her legs lol

yeah she's got like scoliosis levels of hunchback

everything about her appearance bothers the shit out of me, and everything I hear about her makes her sound unbearable.

No. 83274

File: 1527146851139.jpeg (62.93 KB, 466x700, 6D98D2AA-AEB9-4255-BCD5-7D849B…)

Cardio ain’t gonna elongate my stumps, but I appreciate the encouragement.

I don’t give a crap about her one way or the other, but why doesn’t she just hire a personal trainer to fix her “tech neck.” I can’t imagine why she’d still have it unless she actually… likes how it looks? She has enough money and time. It’s baffling

No. 83287

Her legs look goofy though. Those look ridic.

No. 83294

She's nothing special but I think she looks like a cute normal girl here, and she's clearly not flat as a board in the tits department. Her personality pulls her way down though

No. 83304

File: 1527180075219.png (1.56 MB, 828x1104, daisy-ridley-875171_828x1104.p…)

Daisy ridley is so average and her acting is not good.
There's also plenty of Kpop women (and men tbh) who are really bland but people love them because kpop

No. 83308

aww I think she's cute and seems really nice and down to earth. I do think she's NOT a drop-dead beauty but the girl next door.

No. 83316

File: 1527186763389.jpg (70.92 KB, 563x910, 1c3e4ee76a260aaccfaacd92f0ff95…)

Demi Lovato is proportioned so weirdly

No. 83318

Agreed. She's let herself go but no one's allowed to say anything because muh bulimia recovery.

No. 83362

Does she usually wear her hair long and straight like that? It seems unflattering for her face.

No. 83376

File: 1527225669189.jpg (93.92 KB, 1044x812, 1523483350755.jpg)

Amen. Her missing neck, square head, and huge shoulders make her look so graceless… Her acting is shit for sure, every single expression is just flared eyes and gaping mouth. Her nasally accent also sounds ridiculously out of place in Star Wars.

No. 83413

File: 1527280533002.jpg (845.25 KB, 2000x3037, ariana-grande2.jpg)

I know that many farmers find her very cute, but imo looking young and cutish is the only thing she's got going for her.
Again, some (especially here lol) might like her extremely short and petite body, but I think that it looks completely unproportional. It's so tiny, that her head looks nearly too big in comparison.

No. 83414

File: 1527280612330.jpg (837.26 KB, 2396x3600, ariana-grande-short.jpg)

No. 83425

Thank you, to me she looks very basic. If I saw her in real life, she'd probably be a 5/6 depending on her makeup and hair because she's so forgettable.

No. 83426

Call me nuts, but it's my sneaking suspicion that Chloe Moretz was born a male. Broad shoulders, boxy body, tiny tits, huge hands and feet. If America had ladyboys, she'd fit the profile. Feminine looking as a young child to pass as a girl and just kept it going from there on out.

No. 83431

File: 1527292947710.jpeg (57.26 KB, 332x443, DFA43170-AC14-4006-B9B1-856E36…)

Fuck this expressionless granite-woman.

No. 83454

I do think Ariana Grande is very pretty but she needs to chill with the tight pony tail. She already has traction alopecia from it, it’s super obvious in this pic especially.

No. 83455

She’s too dorky looking to be hot. Even though she has a great body and decent style her awful posture and dweeby face just ruin it.

No. 83460

File: 1527326369860.jpeg (393.08 KB, 1824x1824, 3F049872-82AA-40D2-9611-17B897…)

The love for Ariana Grande on here is bizarre. If she was anyone else, anons would rip her to shreds for being a skelly thot.

No. 83461

File: 1527326763814.jpg (230.6 KB, 1080x1080, Ariana_Grande_2017_(11).jpg)

She's stuck on it being her "signature" which is unfortunate because I agree. It's effecting her hair and she still looks pretty with it down imo. I miss the days she'd at least do it half up and half down.

No. 83462

File: 1527326807982.jpeg (100.5 KB, 600x393, 405D1098-0A59-451B-9AB8-ACA6DD…)

Not to mention she doesn’t even look like the same person as she used to

No. 83463

File: 1527326904400.jpeg (632.57 KB, 1080x566, 40046269-CD14-4F5E-879D-151F73…)

Ok my last one. Sorry guys. I just don’t get it

No. 83464

File: 1527327116901.jpeg (286.97 KB, 600x665, D3129F63-0AD5-4A59-96C7-305C7B…)

No. 83466

lol i remember bringing this up on the ariana thread in temp and the anons there said it was because of weightloss rather than something like plastic surgery, which i still find hard to believe.

No. 83467

File: 1527328102869.jpg (52.15 KB, 494x526, ariana-grande-bts-part-2-youtu…)

I don't remember where but it's been discussed before. I think in the plastic surgery thread? It's just a drastic change from tanning, weight loss, hollywood make up, and hair. In pics and videos without all that she looks exactly the same in my opinion.

No. 83468

File: 1527328510990.jpg (166.52 KB, 1200x1800, ariana-grande-leaves-a-recordi…)

I was convinced of plastic surgery until I saw a pic of her looking more casual but I'm still skeptical at times myself lol

No. 83469

File: 1527329377097.png (572.15 KB, 581x525, 7AB3F30C-D74C-4A50-91EE-B53B5C…)

“Weightloss” changed her nose, chin, lips, and eye shape

No. 83470

She learned how to smile less, she definitly had something done to the tip of her nose, I don't think her eyes changed but her eyebrows did, maybe a brow lift?

No. 83471

File: 1527329831250.jpg (121.08 KB, 900x600, 18.jpg)

>She looks very basic

Sorry for the late reply. I can get behind all the criticisms of her appearance except this one. Compare her to "average" women instead of celebs and tell me if she looks bland? (This is from her cousin's wedding)

No. 83472

File: 1527329918105.jpg (23.39 KB, 434x418, 4c46938313859792fd775818f9d30e…)

And she has her lips overlined a lot. When she does that big smile you can tell her chin and nose are the same. I have a weird bulb nose that flares when I smile too big, so maybe hers is like that? Brow lift is something I always thought tho.

No. 83473

File: 1527330601287.jpg (130.26 KB, 1024x682, 6d839e59601217476f7247b8848b47…)

I'm the same anon. I get the criticisms or even those who think she is ugly because people have different tastes but I can never think basic. She's always stuck out and had that star quality to me.

No. 83474

I agree that she's a cute girl but she look like an oompa loompa in your pic.

No. 83475

File: 1527331780683.jpg (207.72 KB, 1470x2205, edaeb7f983d2c6dfec50a0b385fa3c…)

Yeah idk why she likes being orange so much. You figure she could afford better lol

No. 83476

File: 1527332199978.jpg (137.91 KB, 957x426, ariana-chia.jpg)

Uhm, yes? At first I didn't even notice her. You'd think with the way people act she'd be the one who stands out the most immediately, but she doesn't. The bride is just as pretty.
The only reasons she might stand out (and that not even in a positive sense) are because
a) she looks younger than her age
b) is far more tan than the other girls
c) always has the same goddamn hairstyle and head tilting pose

Proofing her 'superiority' by comparing her to some school kids without makeup and undyed, unstyled hair…

No. 83477

She's tilting her head the opposite way of almost everyone because she want to show her good side lmao. Sad.

No. 83479

File: 1527333575056.jpg (58.72 KB, 640x640, 561bcc915d8c0add076fab2d019767…)

Idk why that's a big deal. I think most people wanna do what they can to look good in pictures and have a side they prefer or are more confident in. I see how she's basic and get the other critiques but I think that's kinda nitpicky lol.

No. 83480

I just looks weird when she's surrounded by regular people looking normal for the pic.

No. 83481

Oh boy, if god curses you to be a 188cm tall woman AND you get fat on top of that… Can't imagine lol

No. 83482

I think the girl to the right of her facing the camera head on looks "not normal" since she's the only one. Idk how her facing a different way for a quick pic means she isn't looking normal.

No. 83483

File: 1527336325166.jpg (82.42 KB, 1074x1074, 30923435_425336884603704_73174…)

Madison Beer looks like she wants to be Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande in one. At 19 she looks like she got work done already but she seems to be rising in popularity.

No. 83484

she’s being awfully extra in this pic? the nonconformimg pose, the hand on the brides shoulder and the stupid trashy ponytail all draw your eye away from the person who is supposed to be the ceter or attention and directly to her. she really couldn’t chill with the ratty “signature” hair and having to show her good side for her own cousin’s wedding? id be pretty mad if one of my bridesmaids tried to attention whore in my own damn wedding photos.

No. 83485

File: 1527340261120.jpg (116.66 KB, 460x680, attention whores touch the bri…)

Okay it is getting nitpicky lol. For my sisters wedding we coordinated our "better sides" so it was easier to get pictures where we all looked good. Also it's her cousin so it's not weird to be touching her and most of the bridesmaids have their hair up. It's not that deep. I personally first saw the bride since she's in the middle and she looks very cute.

No. 83486

File: 1527341715713.jpg (108.57 KB, 1000x1249, fb2CdSm.jpg)

She legit looks like an alien.

No. 83487

File: 1527342073875.jpg (115.88 KB, 930x1154, Iu7z8QX.jpg)

I've never understood the hype. Ever.

No. 83488

File: 1527343005747.jpg (118.45 KB, 1207x611, maxresdefault.jpg)

She's gotten triggered on younw before when people call her out lol. It's sad her parents let her do this just to sell her out

No. 83489

I didn’t spot her until I saw her hairstyle, I think your bias is showing. Doesn’t mean she has star quality, just means you like her which is fine
Yeah but that was for one pic. Now imagine you’re famous and you have photos taken constantly if you but you still always only show that side. It seems insecure and robotic

No. 83490

Such a boring face

No. 83491

File: 1527344124141.jpeg (191.74 KB, 980x1225, C1948E39-802E-4E45-A02A-F096CD…)

She’s the perfect amount of beautiful imo. Not too much to be threatening or seem vain/materialistic, and her beauty shines when she smiles. And she has very English features and conforms to our standards of beauty

No. 83492

not even just lolcow, the entire internet seems to suddenly be in love with her lately. her personality is pretty annoying and her music is shit, so i'm not sure why she's being treated better than every other popstar rn? she's not ugly at all, but if ariana were a cow herself people here would be making fun of her edges, makeup, etc.
yeah? she blends right in minus the ponytail and different pose

No. 83495

File: 1527350178240.jpg (21.2 KB, 715x402, sub-buzz-19270-1506941703-1.pn…)

I definitely wouldn't call her ugly but Kendall is being hard shilled as this high fashion model with unreal beauty when she's just basic and dull.

Fashion magazines and ads shoop her face into something more interesting and pretty but still nothing special - and IRL she just looks like Kris Jenner lite - boring and meh.

No. 83497

I've known about her since she was on broadway and I wish she stayed there. She's watered down and completely wasted her talent. You'd never know she actually had a voice with her trash songs.

No. 83500

Ariana Grande had so much plastic surgery I had no clue she was the same person from Victorious. She def lowkey is into ddlg shit and what's up with celeb weeb? Ariana, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani are weebs.

No. 83502

File: 1527357065810.jpeg (195.15 KB, 620x324, 4A871014-AE0B-4FAF-BEE6-60C347…)

No one in that family is attractive.

No. 83506

File: 1527360733678.jpg (128.09 KB, 965x1200, Jm4rcIX.jpg)

Also let's not forget how much shit she's had done. It really annoys me when everyone praises her for being the ~natural and down to earth kardashian sister~ when she's had just as much PS as the others.
>Nose Job
>Lip fillers
>Eyebrow lift
>Lip injections
>Probably cheek fillers
And these are just the obvious ones.

No. 83507

i think she recently got an ass lift.

No. 83509

File: 1527362218261.jpg (40.62 KB, 471x686, 8L1QkRn.jpg)

No. 83513

I absolutely agree. They only like her because she's so uwu tiny and eternally youthful looking kek

This whole board, especially this thread is hella nitpicky - it only bothers you because you're her fan.

And on top of having the same taste in style and music like your average 13-year-old, it seems you also thought it's funny to name that pic "attention whores touching the bride"…

No. 83514

She just looks like Pumpy and i cannot look at her without our fave skelly camgirl coming to mind

No. 83516

File: 1527369702935.jpg (7.43 KB, 191x264, images.jpg)

I noticed the girl to the left of the bride, first. Ariana does stand out, but not for good reasons, imo
>tan looks almost cool-toned and is more extreme compared to the bridesmaids and the bride
>hair pulled back in that god forsaken hairstyle that should have been left in 2003
>body and face are turned almost directly sideways whereas every other girl is facing the camera more
I feel like people underestimate how much her hairstyle is into play with her "standing out" even though she looks very basic. Anyone with that hairstyle looks out of place and noticeable. There is this ugly as fuck girl I know who looks dorky as hell, glasses, pimples, and all, but people notice her because of her blonde hair that is pulled back so tight it's noticeably receding her hairline.

No. 83520

Damn that woman you posted looks unfortunate

No. 83532

Lmao that's Christina Aguilera

No. 83534

I feel like posting any of these plastic apes is cheating. Nobody actually thinks any of them are good looking outside of Kanye fanboys and the middle aged fat ladies who watch their shows.

No. 83536

Most people I know find her unattractive, actually. I find her very cute in an unconventional way.

She's usually awkward and stoic because she's nervous as fuck. She isn't someone that should be in front of a camera but she chose to be an actor for some fucking reason.
I like her as a human but think she's a bad actor.

No. 83538

I have no issue with her as a person but fuck me why be an actor if you can’t make facial expressions? She just looks bored and snobby all the time, and I’ve seen a dead fish with more screen presence and acting ability.

No. 83539

Nah, just a really unfortunate body type. I've met women that are built the same.

No. 83540

File: 1527381193844.jpg (756.34 KB, 2320x2320, scarlett-johansson-april-2010.…)

No. 83541

The left picture is so pretty! The lack of top lip is unfortunate but the rest of the package is so gorgeous I'm willing to look past it. I wish she kept herself natty.

Wow, that woman has such a natural glow!

No. 83550

their hair isn’t up in a trashy pony on top of their heads, they have soft chignons or twists…there’s a difference between thrown your hair in a ponytail and actually having an elegant, wedding appropriate hair style. and no one else is touching the bride in that pic and her pose stands out way too much compared to the rest of the maids. it’s just not a good look.

No. 83552

Her dye job is awful, which is surprising as she has the money to fix whatever mistakes are made so clunky chunks of highlight and half assed ombre just isn't necessary

No. 83553

Oh but anon she's SO strong and innovative and amazing because she has made a career of one expression and took her high heels off on the red carpet.

No. 83558

her hair is a fucking wreck in general. it looks so grotty

No. 83561

Shoes off on the red carpet? Oh boy she’s not just untalented she’s unprofessional to boot.

I think the ugly cholo looking dye job is part of the ‘signature look’ because the constant ponytail isn’t enough.

No. 83563

File: 1527419636866.jpg (30.52 KB, 408x612, 960634918.jpg)

A news portal I occasionally check named Hailey Baldwin "the most beautiful woman in the world"….

It was a dumb clickbait article but still what the fuck man

No. 83584

She looks like a sad, half assed drag queen

No. 83606

File: 1527451214646.jpeg (184.71 KB, 860x1024, A420BF61-80B1-48F5-A0F4-942750…)

Her and Sofia Richie baffles me. Everyone says they’re stunning but I don’t see it

No. 83613

File: 1527455418803.jpg (38.45 KB, 750x736, X6po8nnzseEGaRRgyFm10ibDlVsCrA…)


Kim was the only one that was attractive in her pre-plastic youth day. That's why her narc mother made her the golden child.

Other sisters' natural looks range from ugly to homely at most.

No. 83616

I fully believe that Kris is actually old scratch himself. She’s the devil you guys.

No. 83622

wasnt that the harry potter girl?

No. 83625


This, the Kardashians are pretty much the Ostrengas of the celebrity world.

No. 84023

File: 1527848662362.jpg (41.85 KB, 500x542, lily.JPG)

No. 84039

THANK YOU. She's always been so ugly to me, her face is oddly shaped imo. She should go back to her bob, her hair is too thin and lifeless to really be any longer than shoulder-length.

No. 84040

File: 1527873200448.jpg (14.2 KB, 235x336, jxKLd4q.jpg)

Her make up is always straight up terrible. She's not ugly otherwise, but definitely way over hyped.

No. 84043

she was so cute in camp rock

No. 84045

File: 1527879766193.jpg (41.35 KB, 480x401, maggie lindemann unphotoshoppe…)

maggie lindemann really looks like a bargain selena gomez without photoshop. sorry to sound horrible but maybe she shouldnt use so much shoop and accuse people of lying about rape

No. 84046

File: 1527880047786.jpg (44.25 KB, 609x610, 403acf0aacd209e363c0214a266898…)

im sorry but kylie is such a fucking catfish. looks absolutely nothing like her photos in real life, is in fact unrecognisable. just so much editing, like a different human being. everyone knows shes photoshopped to shit so i dont see why she even bothers at this point

No. 84048

File: 1527880843898.jpg (90.07 KB, 800x999, zPFtRF8.jpg)

Damn…how is that the same person as pic related? She's wearing a mask.
I actually think she looks much better without Make up.

No. 84051

Photoshop and extreme control over any video media shared of her. There are like, no fan pics of her at concerts. She's a catfish and a half and has an entire PR team to prevent close up photos and shit

No. 84053

File: 1527881578608.jpg (178.89 KB, 640x960, Lily_Rose_Depp_n_pples_1.jpg)

I saw this pic in another thread. I had no idea her legs are so stumpy. Although when I googled for it, other pics of her look normal.

No. 84057

File: 1527889079694.jpg (32.11 KB, 634x910, lilly2018.jpg)

Lily indeed gained some weight. Some celeb news outlets reported not long ago something like "oh look, she looks healthy now!"

No. 84062

Every time I see Kylie's non-photoshopped face I can't put my finger on what's wrong with it. Maybe it's like an uncanny valley feeling, I haven't a clue.

Anyone else feel this way?

No. 84067

File: 1527909026475.jpg (72.58 KB, 634x644, 4CBC97BC00000578-5785915-image…)

There aren't too many candid photos of her this year, I guess she's avoiding the spotlight. This is the most recent photo of her. Honestly I think she's kinda cute although not really deserving of all the attention she gets. If it weren't for her parents no one would give her a second look though.

Now that she's put on weight I can kinda see why she struggled with her body image before, she has strange weight distribution. I can relate, with distribution like hers you either border on anachan status or looking kinda stocky. One thing I don't understand is why her hair looks even thinner after gaining weight. It's been about a year since she's recovered from anorexia yet her hair looks worst. Is the damage to hair permanent?

No. 84096

I don't mind her weight gain and still think her body isn't that bad but I just can't get over how square and small her face is.
Also her hair, I certainly hope it will get thicker now that she actually gets some nutrition

No. 84097

She looks like someones baptist mom in that pic, oh no.

No. 84102


I actually think her legs are very shapely, I'd love to have that instead of my bony stick legs. Her weirs alien baby face is a bigger problem.

No. 84106

I don't see the problem with her weight either. What I find more irritating is the thickness of her ankles. They look so massive for her delicate height and yeah a bit like stomps therefore

No. 85570

File: 1529259789626.jpg (32.19 KB, 433x562, xwJVAMB.jpg)

No. 85874

File: 1529601636437.jpg (32.67 KB, 520x280, 13955845_f520.jpg)

pretty much any Kpop idol, the plastic surgery and makeup is just too much fakeness

disagree, she is elegant dignified and 100x better than meghan markle

No. 85908

File: 1529626543838.jpg (13.92 KB, 150x230, emily-ohara-ratajkowski.jpg)

She has a nice body and I don't think she's completely hideous but I never really got the hype about Emily Ratajkowski. Her face isn't anything special and her lips just look odd to me but her profile especially looks kind of ugly.

No. 85909

File: 1529626573118.jpg (159.03 KB, 750x1097, Emily Ratajkowski) - 2015 MTV …)

No. 85910

File: 1529626944805.jpg (243.99 KB, 670x971, Penélope_Cruz_2003.jpg)

She always had the kind of face I can't really get into, like the features are too big and smooshed together too tight on a too small head. Penelope Cruz has it too, I find, so that's my contribution.
But Emily's profile is especially unfortunate, didn't expect it to be that bad.

No. 85916

File: 1529631807281.jpg (459.85 KB, 1080x1440, 777506_v9_bb.jpg)

Ruby rose looks like she dosent bathe and i dont get why so many straight girls found her so hot

No. 85917

File: 1529635150997.jpg (322.22 KB, 1800x1200, 2e4cac51a1d36e1528127172d34546…)


they freak me the fuck out because of the two girls who are obviously really underweight. i mean, they're good looking on their music videos yes. but actually seeing their performances/practices and seeing their bones and shit trigger me.

a lot of kpop people i know are wannarexics and they shill blackpink as the most gorgeous women ever. and they're okay looking, but kfags legit idolize their skelly bodies and it just freaks me out. idk someone i'm close to struggles with anorexia so this type of things grosses me out and its not "GOALS AF" at all.

No. 85918

File: 1529635276812.jpg (75.17 KB, 618x413, s1FW-fyiavtv5087697.jpg)


just a terrible industry all around

No. 85921

>But Emily's profile is especially unfortunate, didn't expect it to be that bad.
That’s so funny cause it’s my ideal profile. I’d love to have one like hers. Anyway, I’m pretty sure she’s only famous because she was in the music video for Blurred Lines which got a shit ton of negative attention. I’d never heard of her before and now I can’t go anywhere without hearing about her.

No. 85940

File: 1529656012267.jpg (57.65 KB, 480x853, unnamed.jpg)

No. 85941

File: 1529656039612.jpg (29.17 KB, 281x431, acb8c90f672d410f29c4235d6054ba…)

No. 85944

for me it's just that the type of beauty they celebrate is trying their hardest to look exactly the same, if you look at the girls throughout this thread you find so much variation where uniqueness is celebrated but it seems in korea they just keep on getting surgery and doing makeup to conform to the same beauty standard
it feels artificial

No. 85954

File: 1529661499097.jpeg (88.48 KB, 481x691, FB2A139F-37BA-457F-9168-942321…)

This bitch

No. 85960

File: 1529664509607.jpeg (91.56 KB, 1000x1500, 092E0110-8F02-4F79-BFC2-EF5DB3…)

I don’t dislike her but she has such a man face to me which is fine since they seem to be going for the whole girl crush thing but seeing her stans masturbating over how superior her beauty is gets grating. Just say you want her to dick you and go.

No. 85961

File: 1529664526972.jpeg (208.55 KB, 1366x2048, 59F4CA45-9FAA-484D-B26A-E2BA74…)

No. 85962

She has the prettiest name in existence and a fugly man face to go with it. Such a waste.

No. 85964


>Ruby Rose

basic ass name sorry lol

No. 85965

File: 1529665905972.jpg (374.19 KB, 1280x1920, bella.jpg)

She probably had highish levels of androgens during puberty which make her look a bit masculine sometimes, but I think she was pretty just a few years ago (picture is from 2014). She'd look pretty again if she stopped drugs and ugly makeup, and generally took care of herself. But I assume she won't.

No. 85966

File: 1529666645673.jpg (137.18 KB, 800x450, a919e891-205b-4180-ba0c-226c0d…)

i was trying to remember who she reminded me of and it was this actor. She really does have a boy-ish face

No. 85968

File: 1529672245775.jpeg (818.72 KB, 1280x1920, 9A1BA1AB-B9A2-4299-99D6-0301C6…)

Rosé is insanely skinny and weighs the least in BP despite being the tallest (IIRC) but your pic doesn’t look too bad. She just looks thin, not spoopy. I think this one is a better example.

I personally find her gorgeous but I can see where people are coming from in regards to the Ana-ness.

No. 85969

File: 1529672326244.jpg (92.34 KB, 639x907, 3043688_7d6a3.jpg)

her faced is shaped like a potatoe

No. 85970

File: 1529673781770.jpeg (280.71 KB, 848x1199, 819BB290-FCB1-4011-8FC9-D36568…)

Dahyun reminds me of a Neanderthal. I feel like an awful bitch for thinking that way and wish I was exaggerating with the comparison.

No. 85971

File: 1529673837753.jpeg (104.63 KB, 690x1024, B25D4717-24C0-4A14-A9DE-B952CD…)

No. 85972

File: 1529673858035.jpeg (89 KB, 900x600, F9CCA43C-5CAD-4440-BF27-379123…)

No. 85973

Rosé and Lisa look especially spoopy in this fancam. They barely have any muscle on their legs.

No. 85975

How can they even walk like that? Every time I see an spoopy person with 0 muscle I feel so grossed out, the same feeling you get seeing an obese one.

No. 85983

Lisa is always the spoopiest.

Out of curiosity, what does a nice thin non-spoopy body look like to you guys?

No. 85984

File: 1529681468614.jpg (401.01 KB, 2046x3000, 7nsjE39.jpg)

Some will probably disagree with me and say she's too thin, but I think Candice has a fantastic body. Very slim but not ana-tier and slightly toned.

No. 85990

File: 1529685763105.jpg (66.18 KB, 620x789, yu-me-emily-rata-16.jpg)

There's just something so bird like about it to me but I guess it goes to show how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I always thought she was more well known for having big boobs which explains why her fans seem to be mostly male.

I found young Bella to be kinda cute but now she looks so dirty and gross. I think she's also a prime example of people who suit smaller lips better than big lips. The lip fillers and nose job fucked her face.

No. 85991

File: 1529686800191.jpg (124.89 KB, 894x1200, elisabeth-moss-attends-the-90t…)

Elizabeth Moss.
Don't know why in Handmaidens Tale she's pushed as like "so sexy, everyone wanna fuck her"

No. 85993

I’m always stunned by Emily (Alexis Bledel) whenever I see her in The Handmaid’s Tale. She’s by far the prettiest in the show and her acting is incredible. I also like her character far more than June. I would’ve preferred if she played the main character instead of Moss honestly, especially since her character is supposed to be all sexy and ~irresistible~ like you said. It just doesn’t work with Moss since she looks so average and the setting+styling only accentuates that despite her being a decent actress.

But then I don’t watch the show for eye candy, so.

(sage for ot sperging)

No. 85994

I think she would be hot if she would change her look from edgy genderqueer to no-shit corporate lawyer/tough female cop on a crime procedural. It would suit her much better, she has a beautiful mature face.

No. 85996

File: 1529688975986.jpg (39.86 KB, 500x370, antm_chantal04.jpg)

> bird like
Yes! That was what I was trying to describe further up. >>85910
I remember there was always one girl every cycle of ANTM where Tyra would cream herself how she had "bird-like qualities" I and was always thinking wtf she uggo. Pic related is cycle 9's Chantal, she wasn't the worst one but the only one I can remember right now.

No. 85998


I didn't get the impression from the books that June was supposed to be especially sexy or beautiful. I think it's perfectly appropriate that they picked a regular looking woman for her (Moss is a good actress too). I think her appeal to Gileadan men lies more in the knowledge that she is fertile, and a "forbidden fruit". There are not many available women to any of the men, so they'd all be a bit desperate. I'm sure all the other handmaids get their fair share of attention, it's just not what's shown.
I do think June is quite pretty in the flashbacks with the blonde hair.

sage for mega-sperg

No. 86005

File: 1529693324408.jpeg (134.9 KB, 1080x1350, 4AFC84AB-A228-496D-85D6-07B325…)

She has thousands of followers yet her face is downsy

No. 86006

File: 1529693483089.jpeg (310.69 KB, 1425x1800, EE94BDEF-F780-4669-9A3A-433238…)

This is exactly right. She’s never described as exceptionally pretty. It makes sense to cast an average woman when her story is supposed to be of the average fertile woman

Her styling in MadMen was inexcusably awful, though

No. 86007

>Her styling in MadMen was inexcusably awful, though
Peggy was supposed to be kind of unfashionable and less pretty (to contrast with Joan, who would occasionally make a bitchy comment about her appearance/dress); even some of the guys made fun of her appearance, when they weren't trying to fuck her at the start. She was from a working class family and wasn't naturally a feminine woman.

No. 86010

those bangs are atrocious. there’s no excuse for that kind of crime. yuck.

No. 86018

File: 1529703756753.jpg (1.06 MB, 2000x3000, 190229a8-a5fa-4ca8-be28-d5630f…)

Alexis has beautiful features and as Rory she was everything I wanted to look like, but she's only 36 and her skin is aging really prematurely. It's really obvious in the handmaiden thanks to unflattering lighting, 'natural' makeup etc, it's kind of distracting.

No. 86020

File: 1529706742360.gif (496.41 KB, 500x275, 5ccbpeggy-new-girl.gif)

they didn't have to make her look like a clown though. Her bangs were honestly distracting.

No. 86021

File: 1529707093086.jpg (190.78 KB, 682x1024, pfE7g_DSRZGYrZFWo1vW8A.jpg)

Sarah Jessica Parker is aging into an absolute horrorshow.
That said, I didn't think she was cute when young either, despite all the shilling from Sex and the City.

She's only 53, how the fuck did this happen.

No. 86022

Holy fuck I'm speechless, what is she doing to be so prematurely aged? I always assumed due to her fair complexion she was really good about skincare and sunscreen.

No. 86023

I never found her 'cute' or attractive during Sex in the city as well. She was in her late 20s during that show? Either way, she's always looked like a foot to me, but she looks really awful lately.

No. 86025

That's sad. I had a super crush on her during Gilmore girls and Sin city and wanted to look like her so much. She looks closer to mid 40s with that skin damage. It's crazy

No. 86027

File: 1529711297803.jpeg (155.93 KB, 640x640, 69AE7C75-6C60-4A6C-8599-59CBE8…)

Whew lad

No. 86028

Eh, I dunno. That's a terrible picture of her and I honestly think she's quite a good looking woman in motion.

No. 86031

File: 1529713749264.gif (2.93 MB, 540x216, tumblr_oxahiyUjGg1rourwbo1_540…)

I'm not really familiar with her work but I will say I've always loved her in pic related.

No. 86032

Maybe she looks old by Hollywood standards but by normal ppl standards she looks good for 36 years old

No. 86033

To me she looks old in general. I rarely see normal women at her age who have all of those wrinkles and considering she's rich I would assume she would have better skin than the average 36 year old women especially when her appearance plays an important role in her earning a living.

No. 86034

At best you could say she looks like an average mid-late 30s woman, but definitely not good for 36.

No. 86037

File: 1529724795495.jpg (297.31 KB, 817x1222, nicole-scherzinger-elisabeth-m…)

She is soooooo unfortunate looking. And she's a psycho scientologist (ironic given the plot of the show)

No. 86039

File: 1529726214959.jpeg (23.2 KB, 329x447, 2447872B-3077-4FD6-849B-7C7C20…)

Like a Halloween witch mask glued to a potato.

Helps that she’s got that massive hooded getup. The face is too pinched down for the size of her head. Looks like a living caricature of every middle class white mum.

I think lady Gaga looks average at best and at worst like a methhead who was born a dude. Even surgery couldn’t fix that honker and her lips look like she’s allergic to her own bullshit.

No. 86041

File: 1529727109984.jpg (34.83 KB, 520x338, allison-harvard-underwater-.jp…)

Allison Harvard (Model)

I've never understood the hype for her. Her body is meh and her runway walk isn't even good. I get that her big eyes make her special but it hurts to look at her with her bug-eyed face.

No. 86047

B-but she’s the original creepy chan ;-;

No. 86048

Nah you're deluded. Go to your local department store, non of the women in their late 30's look that

No. 86049

That's definitely from years of vacation sun damage ageing her.

No. 86050

My 70 yrs old grandma look nicer than she does…

No. 86051

File: 1529736970579.jpeg (143.16 KB, 550x827, A5F32591-E662-433A-89C8-3B7995…)

I think that’s just bad makeup settling in her fine lines. She looks fine in other photos and her wrinkles are nowhere near as bad as that photo makes them look.

No. 86053

That's still pretty bad for mid 30's.

Wear your spf, people.

No. 86068

File: 1529751284450.jpeg (49.93 KB, 640x472, BD7009C8-04F2-4530-9766-125359…)

I was really fond of her because of her acting in ‘Top of the Lake’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and when I found out about the Scientology thing I lost most of my respect for her. How can such a great actress be so fucking stupid.

Back on topic- Mina from Twice. All of Twice really, except for maybe Sana and Tzuyu, but people are always frothing at the mouth over Mina’s supposed ~superior natural ballerina uwu~ beauty. I just don’t see it.

No. 86080

Talk shit post pics

No. 86085

File: 1529775417266.png (1.04 MB, 800x1245, Gg.png)

Maybe that photo exaggerates it but look at how wrinkled her hands are. Lauren Graham is about 15 years older than her and still looks better. She either smokes a lot or she spent years baking herself in the sun without any spf.

No. 86087

I noticed her early aging too while watching the show. Damn, such pretty features, I wonder how it's possible. This is literally Olsen twins-tier…

No. 86089

File: 1529778953315.jpeg (35.04 KB, 400x298, C2330D0A-727E-4145-ADCA-18F93D…)

Her mom is a natural red head. She might have just inherited delicate, fair skin. I can’t find any info on her smoking and she’s relatively pale. Some people just don’t have great aging skin, genetically.

No. 86095

Mina's chin is definitely an implant. Look at her other pics, it's way too pointy to be natural. Everyone in Twice including Tzuyu had something done

No. 86098

File: 1529786577176.jpg (89.33 KB, 630x839, 58e681b22c00006568ff2ac7.jpg)

i love these threads because it really shows how everyone has different ideas of beauty. i love gaga's nose, she's italian right? i always thought it was cool she never got surgery to get a smaller nose. i myself have your typical small ski slope nose but i LOVE prominent noses on other people. something about it is so classic and mature, like a roman sculpture.

No. 86099

File: 1529786648586.jpeg (86.29 KB, 750x750, 7BED96F8-180F-4C20-B29C-4D600E…)

Yeah, the man chin/jaw and big nose combo isn’t a good look. When I first saw her I figured she’s be ripped apart by netizens for being fug- especially in SK of all places- but it turned out quite the opposite. Good for her.

Oddly enough I think her side profile is quite nice. Never before have I seen someone I’ve found ugly from the front and pretty from the side. Pic related.

No. 86101

I agree. To me, her nose gives her kind of an elegant look, I don't know how to describe it. Very pretty.

No. 86102

>How can they even walk
jesus christ some of you act so retarded every time a skinny girl gets posted on this site. Yeah, those girls are really thin but they don’t look sick or whatever like people are saying, you guys are acting like they’re fucking eugenia cooney. Newsflash: not every skinny girl is anorexic or bulemic or struggling with body issues or sick. Some girls are just skinny! I know, hard to imagine for some of you.

No. 86103

They’re kpop stars. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just google “kpop anorexic” or “kpop diet”

No. 86105

>man jaw
Fucking hell, I get that this is a thread for shitting on people's looks but have some restraint with your hyperbole please

No. 86107

same here. there was a girl on my bus line at my old job who was spoopy. she wore long flowy skirts in summer to hid her legs but in winter holy shit, i know uggs aren't tight, but her legs were so thin, it looked like a baby in her mom's shoes!

No. 86108

I agree, larger noses are under appreciated

No. 86120

I don't know why, objectively I have to say she's not that pretty, but all her features together just work for me and I really like looking at her. Same with Jennifer Lawrence, who I find has a bit of a downsy moonface, but I just enjoy her appearance.

No. 86121

Fully agreed, this is a hype that I can't get behind. Personality-wise she seemed a bit tryhard too.

No. 86125

It’s honestly so ridiculous. Yes they’re thin. No they’re not concentration camp or Ashley Isaacs emaciated.
This is not alarmingly underweight. Thinking it is shows how distorted the public view is now that the majority of people are overweight.

Skinny isn’t automatically alarming, and you guys really need to get a reality check if you think that kpop skinny is too skinny to walk. You’ve gone wrong. Most anorexics can walk and talk just fine. You’re deluded if you think they’re all wheelchair bound crones rattling to the grave. Fuck me the ignorance.

It’s great seeing just how varied everyone’s opinions are. I can see your point about having an aquiline nose and honestly if she hadn’t fucked up with lip fillers she’d be fine imo. It’s the combo of the strong nose and the atrocious lip fillers that make it too much imo. The angle of a photo matters so much as well, in the pic you posted she looks so much better than I recalled.

No. 86135

File: 1529812889716.jpg (745.47 KB, 2038x3000, aaca522c05707b1fcd56b227d2d912…)

I actually think she is straight-up GORGEOUS beneath the horrid styling/lifestyle choices. What a shame.

No. 86136

File: 1529815742043.jpeg (40.91 KB, 479x720, 4B20D287-3367-4C91-9A76-FA6F99…)

>what is hyperbole
>what is researching a topic before sperging about it
>what is contributing nothing

Also if you seriously don’t see how these girls are too thin and think it’s just because “we’re all just fat these days!!!” You have issues.

No. 86146

File: 1529825764340.jpg (57.18 KB, 500x750, 359522675a4fcc6b270e6f2b858a62…)

i'm pressing X to doubt, anon.

No. 86147

I never called them healthy or implied there isn’t a huge issue with eating disorders amongst kpop stars. I’m simply pointing out that they are not so emaciated that it is surprising that they are still capable of moving themselves. If you see a girl with a bmi of around 17 and think they look so thin they could drop dead then yes, you have a distorted view of what actual emaciation is.

Hyperbole is one thing. Saying things that are just wrong is another.

No. 86148

File: 1529828999382.jpeg (38.85 KB, 259x480, 1CC127F2-63EF-4096-A793-D2A765…)

>This is not alarmingly underweight. >Thinking it is shows how distorted the public view is now that the majority of people are overweight.
>Skinny isn’t automatically alarming
But they are alarmingly skinny. And who the fuck made literal death camp victims the bar for “too skinny.” Anon was saying they found anachans irl to be gross and asked a rhetorical question to point out how ridiculous they look. Have you never heard someone ask a question like
>how can you even walk in those shoes??
Isn’t asked by people who literally don’t understand how they are walking in those shoes. They’re not actually questioning whether the shoes are able to be walked in, they’re calling attention to the ridiculousness and extreme nature of them.

No. 86149

Nobody made it the bar.. I said people are overreacting and speaking as though these girls are in the same state as someone like Ashley Isaacs. I’m simply saying that they are not so wasted away that it’s of any surprise that they can walk. That much hyperbole is silly.

Why are you so personally upset over this? If someone had said ‘lmao these fatties are fat’ okay, but calling someone’s over exaggerated comment silly is no reason to be this defensive.

No. 86180

File: 1529859542167.jpeg (63.15 KB, 550x783, C51B5D84-E31E-49E0-AFB2-29FDA0…)

>sperg about a rehetorical, hyperbolic question
>get shut down
>respond with why you so mad tho????

You called anon deluded and ignorant with a distorted view and in need of a reality check because you think kpop stars aren’t “alarmingly skinny.” Don’t get all sanctimonious and “why so mad bro?” now. Reread the thread and realize how dumb you’re being.

No. 86188

Korean women just aren't pretty to me, they're all spindly like mannequine dolls

before you all start calling me racist i'm latina

No. 86191

File: 1529866347648.jpeg (29.21 KB, 313x470, 1D1D2A08-A6A0-44E7-A0A6-7624C5…)

As a fellow Latina shut the fuck up.

Gtfo summer fag.

No. 86192

File: 1529866462196.gif (784.58 KB, 400x225, D2D3813B-7CBC-40E5-87FB-2B7D6A…)

>before you call me racist iM lAtInA !!

Tf as if colorism/racism isn’t a massive thing in latinoamerica

No. 86193

>before you all start calling me racist i'm latina
Don't forget to collect your oppression points everyday!

No. 86194

So because you're Latina its okay tobe racist? Is it because you're not white? Because if that's the case let me remind you that Latinas aren't all poc and can be white.

Anyway, a bit of but I actually find Koreans so gorgeous. One time I encountered a group of Korean women and they had the most beautiful skin ever.

No. 86196

>before you all start calling me racist i'm latina
latina is not a race my dude
even if it was, you still have the ability to be racist, regardless of your race. try again.

No. 86197

File: 1529868872949.jpg (221.86 KB, 670x409, 324645.jpg)

I'm just saying

No. 86199

File: 1529870566569.jpg (115.72 KB, 468x784, article-0-0E5A8A3400000578-998…)

What's up with her front teeth? Her teeth remind me of Lindsay Lohans although still not as bad. I think you can be as pretty as you want to but bad teeth will ruin it.

No. 86200

Looks like enamel erosion and possibly some stained white fillings on her front teeth.

No. 86206

Bella's teeth look like they have lipstick on them, but Lindsay's do look stained here

No. 86209

I like her. Like a little alien.
Give it a rest. Your obsession is boring af and there are plenty of tumblrs to sperg our about this on.

Imagine how much nicotine, puke, and amphetamines those teeth have endured. I’m amazed they’re still there.

No. 86220

Ewwww anon…but you are right. She lives a very unhealthy lifestyle and her teeth are showing. I still remember the glorious mid-2000s where Lindsay was the next hot thing. She was cute but overrated back then.

No. 86345

File: 1529999027094.jpeg (557.62 KB, 2048x3072, 3B9A06D4-2745-41F1-9010-42E87B…)

No. 86358

are you russell greer

No. 86391

you put that in your mouth anon?

No. 86393

actually she got them fixed years ago

No. 86403

File: 1530051807514.jpg (131.24 KB, 799x1280, db1989205705fc138c8f5e80eea5cc…)

have you never heard of parachuting drugs. also
>what is gurning

No. 86422

even if you parachute them it doesnt harm your teeth. i think most people prefer to snort speed though you get that extra adrenaline rush

No. 86426

Where I’m from, people will snort it, shelf it, eat it, inject it, and smoke it. It’s a junkie town to the point where more than one person is crushing up seroquel and smoking it with their weed.

But yes, amphetamines can absolutely be taken orally. Ritalin abuse my friend.

No. 86428

People willingly take Seroquel? That shit is horrible

No. 86432

Not only willingly took it, willingly abused so much that you can now no longer get quick-release seroquel here. Only extended. And they still abuse it.

Shits evil. I was on 800mg and like a fuckin puddle mumbling about how soft my slippers feel.

After pseudoephedrine and codeine got taken back to prescription only, people started taking literally anything they could get their hands on. (There’s a tv show called ‘Housos’ and it’s meant to be a comedy but it is closer to a documentary about this town.)(Off topic)

No. 86452

File: 1530102777269.jpg (141.39 KB, 960x1280, 35198978_440522999744432_43499…)

No. 86453

File: 1530103939230.jpeg (38.58 KB, 600x350, 2C5BEF8B-B66E-4B2B-B9A4-B999C0…)

No. 86454

File: 1530104203282.jpg (8.47 KB, 267x189, download.jpg)

Yeah, her front teeth look kind of off. And I don't like it.

No. 86463

File: 1530108927202.png (629.57 KB, 1080x1070, IMG_20180627_151516.png)

She's psychotic

No. 86465

File: 1530116020699.jpeg (113.77 KB, 1200x800, 9CA90F32-D0AE-4BDE-9448-B69491…)

pig faced

No. 86518

who is this?

No. 86565

Big ugly

No. 86569

no unironically that chick is a literal who to me. is this vendetta?

No. 86581

File: 1530208232598.png (136.84 KB, 306x353, 983URNKEFNKE2I.png)

No. 86615

who dis

No. 86623

I find her lips so gross tbh that being said I'm really impressed about how good she makes herself look in photos compared to how she actually looks in real life

No. 86634

>>86615 SECRET's hyosung

No. 86653

File: 1530277986533.jpg (435.58 KB, 1955x1445, captionthis.jpg)

She's not a famous person. Google reverse search just bring a 4chan thread made yesterday: http://archive.is/5gqIQ
Either this is a vendetta, or the pictures (and 4chan thread) are Anon herself and she has some mental problems. I think it's more likely to be a vendetta than a self-post because most of the pictures in the 4chan thread were taken off facebook (look at the filenames).
After googling her name from one of the filenames in the 4chan thread, she appears to be a woman in her early 30's who live in the Shetland Islands (https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-42856264). I also found her facebook and most of it is private so she doesn't appear to be a crazy attention whore like the 4chan thread would want you to believe. So it's probably a vendetta indeed.

No. 86668

The 4chan thread is crazy. I'm 100% sure this is some rejected asshole trying to post her details to get 4chan to harass her.

No. 86695

she got fake tits a while back, js

No. 86717

Why do I feel like if a man voiced any of the criticisms in this thread you'd all call him a basement-dwelling neckbeard. >>80136

No. 86742

File: 1530387408804.jpg (161.54 KB, 1080x1350, 29740403_243855002847015_84113…)

Sonia Ben Ammar looks generic as fuck. Wouldn't be out of place on a college campus in America. The lip fillers are atrocious as well.

But she, like Cara Delevingne and the Hadid/Jenner sisters all have powerful parents giving them a huge boost into the modelling industry.

No. 86755

File: 1530393959069.jpg (177.89 KB, 917x1222, brooklyn-beckham-sonia-ben-amm…)

Part of me thinks she's gorgeous and part of me is reminded of that one lady judge from Chopped.

No. 86764

>implying men don't already tear women apart for how they look
shut up or sage your bullshit lol

No. 86792

File: 1530422244609.jpg (61.15 KB, 640x640, marzia.jpg)

Tbh I don't find her ugly, but I can't bring myself to like the crookedness of her nose and mouth and the large underbite. Not a fan of asymmetry.

No. 86793

File: 1530422328066.jpg (9.87 KB, 300x300, marzia2.jpg)

I mean, she also had a few surgeries so far, and none of them improved that…

No. 86794

life is full of double standards get over it

No. 86830

she doesn’t have a man jaw but her surgery made her chin look massive which in turn gives off the illusion that she has a man jaw from certain angles

No. 86860

Jfc THANK YOU, I never really understood people acting like she became some kind of goddess during the later half of Harry Potter. I think right when the movies ended and she had short hair she was pretty, but in a girl-next-door kind of way. To me, she needs to have a very certain look or style to look nice, but she has never been beautiful to me. They fact that she was Belle in that live action Beauty and the Beast was so weird to me, she's a plain jane.

No. 86905

If there's only a few young female characters in a movie or TV cast their looks tend to be overrated by men. Much like a bottle of cold water is overrated by someone dying of thirst in a desert. The scarcity creates a halo effect around them, massively amplifying their looks.

Because of that, women like Emma Watson, Felicia Day and Sophie Turner are seen as beautiful rather than plain.

No. 86908

Men are actually wayy more nitpicky towards celebrities, but I don't know why you don't think men may have standards of their own and the only possible reason they may fawn over a conventionally attractive woman that you don't find attractive must be because they're dying of thirst, those two things don't even make sense in comparison because the amount of attractive female celebrities is endless and even men I knew who had sex daily found women like emma watson to be attractive, but this is lolcow and people here think all girls who don't look exactly like ball jointed dolls is ugly

Also I never seen anyone go crazy over felicia or sophie, just emma, keep in mind women starring in things that attract nerdy dudes like harry potter and game of thrones are obviously gonna have more attention, the same reason why so many women wanted to fuck Luke Skywalker despite him being mediocre

No. 86917

File: 1530535900026.jpg (47.64 KB, 512x800, IMG_2653.JPG)

I would add Hayley Williams to that group but for emo/pop punk bands instead of TV/film. She was one of very few women in that scene so every edgy pop punk bro thought she was the hottest woman alive. She's still cute, but being one girl in a sea of dudes made her seem next level

No. 86949

i agree. she's a cute girl but something about her face is off, like it's really obvious she had her nose done and the way she smiles in pics and her nostrils and weird lips just draw attention to it idk.

No. 86951

File: 1530549971627.jpg (38.88 KB, 297x313, 1517243768785_zpsm10j3dqn.jpg)

I agree women can judge hard too especially on this forum, but men have some weird opinions too. I have snooped around on /tv/ and many of the actresses worshiped there are under 20. Their "waifu" and ideal of perfection last winter I recall was Sophia Lillis, who is like 15/16. No one else is good enough, everyone is too old too fat too ethnic etc., even women who are in amazing shape for their age they call dusty hags. Instead they fawn over the next upcoming child star and find something to nitpick and assume about every woman, like how her vagina might be brown or an outie (??). But then again they are 4chan guys, what do we expect.

No. 86955

File: 1530551461844.jpg (398.03 KB, 1000x1498, GDY_6404.jpg)


ah that's a pic from more than ten years ago. a bad day on her scene phase.

she doesn't look like that at all. she's a legit cutie in my opinion. albeit not a model attractive type, and more a cute girl next door type. different strokes tho

No. 86966

File: 1530557625212.png (2.09 MB, 1505x854, BCC62116-44BF-4C38-9864-DD7710…)

Nah I find Sophia Turner absolutely stunning. Also it’s weird you use GOT as an example when there’s more female characters on there than a lot of shows. Different strokes. Most like Wmma Watson because childish crushes (I still have a soft spot for Tom Felton for the exact same reason). As for Felicia Day, she’s funny and awkward and attainable. Some guys go gaga for those three qualities alone. Personality counts.

No. 86967

This comes up a lot. She had a fucked up nose since childhood and has had failed surgeries to fix it. You can find her blog post on here or from a google search

No. 87012

Thanks for telling me this, I had no idea. I only know her face because my bf sometimes watches Pewds stuff.

No. 87080

I think she’s really pretty as well. She has a classic look to her—not like a classic movie star, but she reminds me of old oil paintings.

No. 87279

07/08 was her cutest time, then after that she starts looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein with more money

No. 87294

Wow, fucking love this site. Yall might be the craziest community I have seen. Its like the female version of incels. Everyone here must be looking like legit goddesses or you think you guys are ugly yourself.

No. 87295

stop worshipping celebs, the majority here are just boring basic ass white girls everyone hypes over for no reason.

Actually I am prettier than a lot of those posted in this thread, I wouldn't call myself a goddess though

No. 87296

Sure, they look like basic beckys, but that doesnt make them ugly tho. Like if this is ugly pretty much every is women ugly, which is of course not true. But congrats on being that good looking.

No. 87298

File: 1530835224338.jpg (90.17 KB, 720x960, hhhhh.jpg)

basic beckys are ugly, remember they aren't average looking, they're average looking for white girls(Racebaiting)

No. 87299

People have different preferences. It’s not that deep

No. 87302

Still seems kinda crazy, didnt expect that from radfems. At first I thought that this is the perfect example of how high the standards of beauty are for women and how they warp perceptions of what is considered normal, but then I remembered that this is not representative of anything but this small community. So its all good.

No. 87441

>thinking everyone here is a radfem

No. 87478

Um what went wrong with her jaw and lips…? That’s unreal

No. 87490

File: 1530873608351.jpg (44.05 KB, 600x462, hero-13817-782993237.jpg)

billie eillish, all thos weird features and faces make her look down syndrome or close to it

No. 87491

File: 1530873721534.jpg (69.42 KB, 1200x892, 100d0aba87a81cff2c477d623fe37a…)

also it's scary how her right eye is so much higher than her left one

No. 87493

I dig it. You’re not wrong about the dopey expression though. Sad-modeling-face is awful.

No. 87549

you dont have to be a good chef to know if a dish is gross. you dont have to be beautiful to know if someone else isn't.

No. 87550

all of those girls are pretty imo

No. 87555

I see whitegirl-vendetta chan is back.
Fuck off, the pathetic attempts at racebating in these threads are getting insufferable.

No. 87578

File: 1530904823559.jpg (115.94 KB, 576x724, EMGNbrownandblue14.jpg)

Blue eyes is such a fucking cheat code, I'm bitter as fuck.

No. 87580

imo she looks better with dark eyes

No. 87590

File: 1530915094687.jpeg (64.62 KB, 480x640, 9DD2908C-D135-41DC-BCCE-2B86BA…)

That’s an unattractive photo regardless of eye color.
I have light eyes but I think dark eyes are mysterious and sexy.

No. 87598

File: 1530917998763.png (324.32 KB, 362x483, 98w9r898.png)

It depends on the person but I tend to think people look good with their naturally eye color. Kiera Knightley with blue eyes doesn't look bad but IMO the brown eyes suit her features more.

No. 87612

She looks cuter with brown

No. 87615

cold undertone works well with light eyes, warm undertone works well with dark eyes

No. 87617

File: 1530927237442.jpg (872.83 KB, 1920x2556, nicholas-jiang-anne-hathaway.j…)

she looks awful in comparison though, her brown eyes just really suit her. I think the same goes for Anne Hathaway, even just imagining her with blue eyes is strange.
interesting theory I hadn't heard before but I buy it. I'm sure there's some exceptions.

No. 87648

File: 1530930591849.png (214.92 KB, 499x385, shit job.png)

i know i did a shit job but i still seem to think dark eyes fit cool undertones better, too.

No. 87677

she looks way better on the right. More natural and open/fresh.

No. 87692

File: 1530937422703.png (189.94 KB, 480x362, seyfried.png)

i went pretty dark there. what about something like hathaway's color? i think it looks a lot more striking, personally. the light hair, light skin, and light eyes kind of wash her out imo. on topic now but i also dont think shes as attractive as people say.

No. 87782

Ntayrt but beautiful people are just going to be beautiful regardless of eye color imho

No. 87924

Whoa, she just looks like Katherine Heigl when you take away the eye color.

No. 88035

File: 1531243915283.jpg (83.1 KB, 612x918, lol.jpg)

This yawn-inducing broad would never be even glanced at walking down the street if she wasn't Kate's sister. Face like a beaten up leather bag, looks literally 50+ in her 30s. Also can't dress for shit, pic related.

No. 88183

File: 1531399955974.jpg (93.54 KB, 767x767, zzZ5Mc1.jpg)

Victoria Beckham was always super unattractive in my opinion, even when she was young. It's those weird shaped brows and her pig nose that are just not appealing.

No. 88185

File: 1531400152626.jpg (154.6 KB, 1132x1000, slide_221014_878774_free.jpg)

The fact that people lost their collective shit over her incredibly average ass baffles me. Is the bar really that low for white women?

No. 88187

File: 1531400793707.jpg (54.02 KB, 615x918, QAf8jUW.jpg)

>Is the bar really that low for white women?
Nah, has nothing to do with that. She was simply wearing a tight-fitting dress and everyone flipped shit because she's Kate's sister and it's normally not the appropriate dress for a royal wedding.

I agree with you though, the fuss people made about her 100% average shaped butt was fucking retarded. I remember hearing about it on TV every day for like two weeks straight. People need to chill with their obsession with these lame ass monarchs

No. 88206

> Is the bar really that low for white women?

lel, for how long will women of color have to resort to cheap insults and catty remarks on white women to make themselves feel better?

You're really pathetic.

No. 88212

I'm not a WOC, I was just speculating on why people went crazy for what look like a flat ass to me.
You sound batshit and insecure.

No. 88213

People are going to respond like that when you unnecessarily bring race into a conversation

No. 88253

Was she ever considered attractive? I never heard that anyone gushed about how sexy the spice girls were. They all look mediocre at best to be honest. I think they were seen as a gimmick back in the day

No. 88312


Fuckin exactly.

iS tHe BaR reaLLy tHaT loW foR WhitE WoMeN?? Durrr? Lol, fuck off.

No. 88359

her ass is board flat anon give it a rest

No. 88360

Why are you so butthurt? White women aren't know for having big asses, nothing wrong with that and no reason to lose your shit over it.

No. 88364

Her ass could be the flattest on earth, I don't care but it was completely uncalled for to bring white women into it as if women have lower expectations to meet.

> I'm not a WOC
Yeah, sure. This is precisely sort of thing I see woc on social media saying. It's not enough that there are all these unrealistic beauty standards to meet and men picking looks apart but now you have other women shitting on us too just because we're white.

No. 88366

Nta but it’s not about Pippa’a ass in particular, it’s just annoying to bring race into the discussion when it’s completely irrelevant.

The anon that posted the original comment about “muh white women” knew exactly what they were doing, it’s silly to get mad at people for being “butthurt” when the intent of the comment was to provoke.

No. 88368

You're insane lol I didn't even think that anon could be a woc. It's okay that you have a flat ass, let it go.

No. 88377

File: 1531582028233.png (1.97 MB, 1116x1032, Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 11.2…)

she looked a lot better a few years ago imo

No. 88384

File: 1531586704507.jpg (129.3 KB, 634x953, 4E2ED72900000578-5949837-image…)

Joy Corrigan. She's 23, VS and SI model, but looks well into her thirties. I also think she's had her boobs done and they look baaaad.

No. 88385

File: 1531586742506.png (1.34 MB, 944x1178, Joy corrigan.png)

Her face is tragic

No. 88386

File: 1531586868599.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.82 KB, 977x1280, 07-Joy-Corrigan-Nude-Leaked.jp…)

She also claims to be an underprivileged poor farm girl but grew up in Raleigh NC… which is definitely not a hillbilly town

No. 88417

i had a lezbo hard on for her until i realized how tiny her head is

No. 88428

File: 1531641360492.jpg (198.43 KB, 1280x1903, 120803f5860cb61c42a3134c226db1…)

Super unpopular probably but her face has always seemed really plain to me for the way a lot of people talk about her as a great beauty. Like she's always perfectly put together and has great body but her actual features are almost too small for her long rectangle face. Amazing skin though.

No. 88430

>>88428 she has said herself that she doesn't consider herself very beautiful but makes herself look good with make up and how she presents herself.
it's more how she carries herself rathen than how she looks and she does that very well

No. 88432

Good for her. I never claimed that she considered herself beautiful, It's just that that she's often shilled as a goddess or a classic beauty and I don't see it. I said in my post that she has a nice body and good style. It's just her face tends to remind me of Rumer Willis.

No. 88439

In person she is beautiful. We are just used to seeing women with inflated features portrayed as beautiful, she looks very natural and has elegance and poise. Classic beauty vs modern.

No. 88444

File: 1531659901764.jpg (34.08 KB, 499x399, yiEeZEd.jpg)

No. 88451

she looks like a horse tbh

No. 88452

File: 1531665495132.jpg (20.77 KB, 300x300, zendaya-coleman-3.jpg)

Those eyebrows are almost touching each other

No. 88477

I will never understand why she is shilled as the light skinned/mixed "It girl" at the moment. I see cuter half black girls at the gas station. I don't think Zendaya is ugly at all, plus she styles herself well. But her features to me are very robust and harsh looking, which is weird since she's supposed to represent ~brown femininity or something.

No. 88480

File: 1531694819548.jpg (99.26 KB, 1280x720, ugly_smile.jpg)

German fitness instagram model Pamela Reif. I can't believe how many people fall for her photoshopped pics when in reality she looks like this

No. 88481

File: 1531695074591.jpg (306.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-005113.jpg)

Nice bum.. oh why does the tub look so wobbly kek

No. 88483

Can a German anon explain to me why German chicks always overdo their plastic surgery like that? I was always under the impression that ps in Germany was frowned upon

>t. dumbass foreigner

No. 88485

it's not a german thing, more like a big city thing in my experience. im not german but norwegian and i see girls in oslo like that all the time but none in my hillbilly hometown

No. 88487

File: 1531697398193.jpg (210 KB, 1200x909, kim gloss.jpg)

I am German and I can only guess. Our plastic surgeons are just really shitty. And if I ever wanted ps, I would never ever get it done in Germany.

If you look at Germanys top plastic surgeons, you will see for example the name Afshin Fatemi. He has many prominent clients who are obviously his business card such as Kim Gloss. It is either bad taste or really bad skills.

No. 88494

File: 1531707751338.jpg (35.54 KB, 500x650, 2.-Scarlett-Johansson_1.jpg)

That makes a lot of sense. In my country (Burgerland) a good 80% of our plastic surgeons are awful and give results similar to the picture you posted. (Imo that girl was really cute before she got work done, I wonder why she did that to herself)

Anyway to stay on topic I don't think Scarlett Johansson is all that pretty. She's someone who actually has benefited from ps but there's still something off about her face

No. 88517

File: 1531724194096.jpg (578.95 KB, 984x984, 20180716_025614.jpg)

The girl from Kick Ass, Chloe Grace Moretz. Idk why, but something about her face in motion just looks off to me.

No. 88521

File: 1531725491958.png (570.9 KB, 818x594, 687474703a2f2f6673352e64697265…)

Multiculturalism. Even though there aren't that many foreigers living here, the entertainment industry is full of them. (Just look at their names, you won't make it with a traditonal one) They always copy American TV shows and throw in some English whenever they can. Being ethnic is simply super trendy nowadays. So you'll have cute normal girls trying to get a 'curvy' body, get extreme tans and pump their lips full of shit to seem sexy and exotic. (Worst example is obviously Martina Big)

>Our plastic surgeons are just really shitty
I have to disagree on that. Studying medicine will take you 10+ years, our doctors are very good in comparison to many other countries, so I don't see how it should be any different for plastic surgeons. These bitches just ask for weird shit and then they get it.

No. 88522

Also, forgot to add: yes, it is very frowned upon by normal people lol
I got a shock when I saw how many farmers consider/have done/advice others to get it.

No. 88528

It's not a german thing tbh, some people just overdo it way too much with the surgeries and they end up looking like poor Kim does >>88487. Happens everywhere.

Plastic surgery is still uncommon here and also heavily frowned upon, like >>88522 said.

No. 88550

She is kind of plain, she has admitted it herself that her lips are too thin &c&c, but she doesn't mind it and has made peace with the fact that that's what she has to work with. She's beautiful because she carries herself with confidence and isn't afraid to be who she wants to be. Instead of looking plain, she's made herself unique by finding what works for her.

No. 88551

I agree. I would do anything to have her skin. She is nearly 50 and looks early 30s without looking like a botoxy muppet.

No. 88554

File: 1531742977610.jpg (96.29 KB, 950x1252, caradelelvdjhkfd.jpg)

I don't know if this one is popular anymore, but I couldn't stop hearing about her and her stupid eyebrows a while back.

No. 88566

I find her cute, only the lips look off… If it's injections then it's easy, she could just tone down or get rid of them

No. 88568

File: 1531756415300.jpg (286.35 KB, 1024x684, 841605430.jpg)

Her mouth is always closed when she smiles which makes her filler lips look worse. She should show her teeth more, then she wouldn't look so unnatural. But then again she looks 40+ when she smiles with her teeth…very unfortunate

No. 88570

wow she's only 21 and the wrinkles under her eyes are horrendous

No. 88602

File: 1531775633128.jpeg (4.08 MB, 1600x2600, 54E10EDF-BA8C-490B-B74B-54205C…)

I always see Ariel Winter being applauded as a style icon and beautiful, but she has the most unfortunate body type I’ve ever scene on a celebrity.

No. 88616

File: 1531778328326.jpg (154.89 KB, 1024x1575, 55490895f3df38dbb021e638659048…)

I saw this and was like there's no way her body looks like this, it must be an unflattering photo, but it does? can someone please tell her to stop dressing like this

No. 88617

The curse of having an apple body type. You have to be on the low end of normal body weight to even look good.

No. 88622

File: 1531784410595.jpg (69.32 KB, 600x450, kate upton.jpg)

What the… she looks like a hooker! Tell me it is for a photoshoot and not her everyday outfit

Another celeb woman who is chilled as the sexiest of all times is Kate Upton. She is ordinary and tacky af.

No. 88629

agree. her face is gross to me. it lacks any hard edges but it's also not cute so she doesnt fit any type very well.

did she have lipo? i've never seen someone gain visible fat in their upper torso area before gaining any real tummy fat. ever. even if she just has a rare pattern of weight gain her stomach is way too flat for her bodyfat percentage to make any sense

No. 88637

File: 1531795515079.jpg (35.79 KB, 500x315, seolplaceofangels-e14170941955…)

I see how people can find her pretty but to me she just screams horse face

No. 88638

File: 1531795817796.png (853.37 KB, 900x888, 6a8ea1bffac34291ec3e662192945c…)


she's built like chloe moretz (fridge) but with tits, i legit can't tell who looks worse between the two. both looked normal growing up and then went full fugly as soon as puberty hit.

No. 88641

File: 1531797266358.jpg (169.29 KB, 962x736, 4E504D6000000578-5958861-image…)

Ashley Graham. This is just disgusting.

No. 88642

Does she still look like this? She had a boob reduction, no? It must be horrible to have boobs literally the size of your head

No. 88644

Kind of unrelated, but what kind of outfits would flatter this body shape? Asking for a friend… Thanks, anons

No. 88648

File: 1531801147051.jpeg (43.63 KB, 554x554, AD29ACC2-0EE9-4357-A381-D03115…)

Pic related

She looks like a melting candle. Absolutely foul.

No. 88649

It’s hilarious how short that outfit makes her look. It makes her legs look like they start under her butt (where the shorts end) instead of up by her waist (where the shorts start). The opposite optical illusion she was going for, I bet.

No. 88651

File: 1531801466938.jpeg (646.37 KB, 1602x1740, DB59978B-C8D8-4CA0-8C65-737E2F…)

Nah Chloë Moretz looks exactly how I thought she’d look grown up. She had those unfortunate features as a kid and just didn’t grow into them like the lucky do.

No. 88652

File: 1531801662832.png (101.06 KB, 222x279, 118EFCB3-F997-4928-B8DA-DB097E…)

No. 88663

holy fuck….how was she born in 1998?? just…gross

No. 88682

File: 1531826114641.jpeg (135.26 KB, 600x600, 578c8faab0ec0.jpeg)

No. 88683

File: 1531826976417.jpg (22.91 KB, 220x313, clcsorn.jpg)

what's your guys' opinion on Sorn from CLC? she seems like a nice person but her appearance is just… uncomfortable looking?

No. 88684

File: 1531827555074.png (1.16 MB, 1067x1600, CLC_Sorn_Question_promotional_…)

Does she bleach her skin or something? She looks like she's meant to be darker.
I think she'd look better that way, honestly. I image searched "sorn clc" and found pic related. IMO this tan/warm-toned sort of look suits her more.

No. 88685

File: 1531827693526.png (27.53 KB, 288x514, 09003FCB-7EC1-4098-95AD-0D1ADE…)

She looks like a bad photoshop in every unedited photo. Mind blowing just how weird her body is and sad that she looks like multiple family guy characters.

No. 88693

File: 1531832764052.jpg (590.42 KB, 2200x3300, sfDzE9i.jpg)

it's clearly not unedited though… here's the original

No. 88695

File: 1531834673078.jpg (209.54 KB, 1600x900, 692715794.jpg)

The features worked when she was a kid, she looked really cute. Somehow her face got a lot wider and her features just aren't proportionate. Add in her unfortunate body type and it's like some witch cursed her before she hit puberty.

No. 88698

Chloe's body is fucked because of the Kick Ass movies, she had to do intensive training and roids (iirc) at a young age and it fucked her body growing up.

No. 88705

File: 1531843697758.jpg (162 KB, 634x893, article-2731045-20B1C53E000005…)

Once I discovered several discussions and videos about Chloe being transgender. Because she is broad, moves manly, big hands, boyish face. She could just have bad genetics in my opinion. Her two brothers are both gay btw

No. 88706

My bad, she has 4 brothers. I just was surprised that 2 of them were gay since I thought homosexuality is rare. Whatever sry for my autism and being ot

No. 88711

Tbh I think her features are really pretty, it's just her face shape (and body type as you said) that look off. I think with really strict hair and clothes styling she could look good

No. 88813

I know but even the original just looks odd. Her face is gorgeous imo, but she’s built like a male swimmer, wide shoulders and slim hips. The way she dresses doesn’t help, she emphasises her short torso so much.

No. 88842

i think it's just the styling.she used to be cuter till they turned the group turned sexy and edgier after they had to become the new 4minute of their company.i haven't looked into what clc have done recently,but the edgy style doesnt seem to suit all of them

No. 88919


she is trying too hard with those expressions but honestly i find her gorgeous

No. 88929

damn so are we just going to start accusing all women who arent stereotypically feminine looking as being trans?? should i be scared im going to get "clocked" because i have broad shoulders???

No. 88931

Yes it is disgusting. But here is nobody accusing her to look trans, there was just the remark that you can find certain discussions and videos on the internet about this topic.

No. 88940

It's not disgusting, jfc. It's fine.

No. 88947

Lol I thought the same thing. Her body doesn't even look that "mannish" to me she just looks rather plain.

No. 89185

File: 1532140055374.jpg (253.54 KB, 1200x2242, LILY_DEPP_Ass-Outfit-2-1200x22…)

She really did gain a lot of weight. I wonder what's up with her because I admired her elf like appearance

No. 89210

File: 1532175111032.jpg (58.1 KB, 950x534, H2ROKiV.jpg)

I don't find her ugly at all, but I find her overhyped and her features are a bit too strong for me, but she's still good looking.

Her body is amazing, though.

No. 89212

She had anorexia for years and recovered. It's so cunty of me to say, but her recovery body is one I'd never wish on anyone. Her weight distribution is so intensely lower-body that it shocks me every time I see recent photos of her. Could she just be pear-shaped?

No. 89213

File: 1532177012834.jpg (219.31 KB, 1470x2206, zk5BSQs.jpg)

I honestly think it's just her body type, her ankles/calves are a bit thicker and she tends to easily gain weight in her legs.
She has a really nice body in my opinion.

No. 89215

File: 1532177203440.jpg (164.93 KB, 734x1100, g_babeef127539d90dc01aece1b4eb…)

I think her body is cute too, in a cartoony kind of way;

The only way she can have skinny legs is if she's so tiny that she looks like she's on the verge of death.

No. 89227

I would be so happy if I could have her body

No. 89235

I think even with the cankles she looks tons better than >>89215 She's a cutie imo

No. 89240

File: 1532204008521.png (75.65 KB, 734x287, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 21.1…)

No. 89242

i have the same body type as chloe, short torso long legs
however this body is deemed unfortunate on women, it is indeed a body with muscular definition that suits its aesthetics the best

No. 89243

Wow I didn't know that. I though she was naturally that thin since she is still a teenager and her mom Vanessa is also very thin.

No. 89250

She's looking like an old witch

No. 89256

she's actually pretty good looking for her age, considering she's 51.

No. 89267

Damn she looks like Winona Ryder a lot here

No. 89418

I’m so late but YES!

No. 89784

Why do women slutshame each other? What is the benefit in doing that? I would expect that from men but not people of your own gender.

No. 89790

well, it could be internalized misogyny or projected shame, or it could just be that hookers are known as dressing trashy. if you say someone's dressed like a hobo because they're unkempt with a lot of grungy layers is that classist?

No. 89796

there's nothing really wrong with not liking certain people's habits. people who are hypocrites (men can be sluts but women can't etc) are stupid though.

No. 89798

I guess the difference is that there shouldnt be anything inherently negative about sexuality. Of course if you are unkempt and unhygienic that will have negative consequneces as its quite unhealthy. But the person in question was shamed due to how they decided to express themself sexually. Which is why I am wondering why a woman would resort to slutshaming them.

I guess its just internalized misogyny.

No. 89807

yeah, but i feel like that anon was too dense to understand that Kate is a model on a cat walk. ''is that her everyday outfit'' lolwhat

No. 89814

What? That anon was talking about this >>88616

No. 89887

She needs to stop dressing like that because it looks bad on her imo, if anon was calling her slutty then fuck her but you're blind if you think that looks good

No. 89888

>But the person in question was shamed due to how they decided to express themself sexually.
Tumblr is leaking.

No. 89897

i think she meant accusing non-feminine women of being trans is disgusting, not her body

No. 89914

File: 1532710422570.jpg (82.11 KB, 465x600, Shannyn-sossamon-tie.jpg)

yeah but there are plenty of very sexual revealing outfits that look interesting, fashionable, maybe even tasteful. dressing like a hooker implies it's sexual, revealing, and in poor taste/tacky. of all the instances of slut shaming you could have i think what anon said is a non-issue. we don't even know what anon thinks about actual hookers. lol what if you were wearing a brown skirt and button down top and your friend made fun of you saying you look like a girl scout? doesn't automatically mean she thinks girl scouts are little shits. it's just classic What not to Wear tier outfit roasting.

No. 89938

Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, Heidi Klum, Cara De Lavine, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Scarlett Johanssen, Kate Upton, Beyonce, Every Kardasian (Honestly, Cait looks better than all of them), Any K-Pop Star (They all look identical, and I don't mean that in the "all asians look the same" way. They're all pale with disturbing contact eyes and shaved jawlines. They look like pasty dolls).

No. 89995

she looked the best when she was on a shooting Hunt with Price Phllip, she was not so fine then, she is a huge fan of orgabic rosehip hip oil which is not expensive it gives the skin a nice glow, I hhave used it an seen an improvement.

No. 89999

I will have a chance to speak to my endo gdoc he wants me on this. I am already underweight and used to have a round face, look young as a child, but when I had renal failure I looked and smelt like a blaoted corspe. it be interesting if these meds make may face younger looking.

No. 90003

woah since when have her teeth been so dark? Dentist in the uk charge 300 - 500GBP to lighten teeth,

No. 90018


She looks like she has mild lipedema, I have the same body type and suspect I have it

No. 90046

No. 90057

File: 1532789020413.gif (806.08 KB, 432x277, lorde.gif)

Lorde for me

No. 90063

File: 1532792968275.jpg (57.1 KB, 790x444, qcraOpV.jpg)

agreed. she's not cute and comes off as a really insufferable person.

No. 90066

File: 1532793906763.jpg (140.35 KB, 820x820, 8zsQvyY.jpg)

So many people find her attractive and tbh I just don't see it

No. 90089

I don’t think Lorde is bad looking (she has really amazing hair, actually) but she comes off as super narcissistic. The video for Tennis Court is just a three and a half minutes of a clos up on her face. How could she thought that was a good idea unless she has her head so far up her ass?
She has nice features. I feel like she would be a lot prettier if it weren’t for her shitastic personality.

No. 90139

I refuse to believe she’s only 21. What happened?

No. 90180

File: 1532867438704.gif (965.94 KB, 500x279, tumblr_inline_p7j8a56uNH1swvuw…)

Even when she was 17 she looked really old. I find her so goddamn annoying. She's not ugly but I don't find her attractive whatsoever.
She literally started her career with a song about how she will never be rich (while the song made her rich) and attacked literally everyone for not being a perf feminist like she is.
She's like the Hermione Granger of pop music, and I don't mean it in a good way.

No. 90185

File: 1532875896297.png (936.49 KB, 924x632, tae.png)

I don't think there's a kpop celeb as overhyped as Taeyeon. I know they style her very well and SM put more money and push her more than the whole SNSD put together, but her face is just so ugly, and everyone praise her like a goddess.

No. 90206

File: 1532884831305.png (151 KB, 710x473, 16-apeshit.w710.h473.png)

I'm sorry anons but she's not good and she's not pretty.

No. 90208

yeah, but was she ever shilled as attractive? I don't remember ever seeing that.

No. 90221

File: 1532892523272.jpg (51.13 KB, 401x600, 2011__.jpg)

I think objectively I know she is good-looking.

But just so… plain and boring? She has a pretty but forgettable face.

OT: Katy Perry. Her face shape reminds me of a foot.

No. 90223

File: 1532895048229.jpg (33.33 KB, 333x500, 88917310.jpg)

Estella Warren, she looks like a comic book character come to life which sounds like it would look good but there's just something off about her face she usually looks kinda dirty, too, for some reason

No. 90234

I dont think she got ugly until recently, with her heinous short hair. But she has looked so fucking old for ages and nobody seems to point it out. I only find that weird because stan culture is full of people who love dragging white women for aging badly, and she is always given a pass for some reason.

No. 90270

she used to look cute in the early snsd days. most netizens have been calling her a plastic monster for years now. translated pann comments aren't indicative of what koreans think lol

No. 91814

File: 1533998328313.jpg (193.91 KB, 1200x1806, 98678565454.jpg)

Elle Fanning.
I do think she is pretty, just not as exceptionally gorgeous as people make her out to be. She's kinda plain.

No. 91816

she looks half normal and half down syndrome

No. 91820

Her jaw shape is really unfortunate. I feel like her features are pretty enough but her head is too weird.

No. 91824

File: 1534008416834.jpg (293.59 KB, 1200x1652, 68e2783469326498.jpg)

Saoirse Ronan, i like her but she's pretty ugly

No. 91825

Jesus. Such a narrow view that it has to be >jealousy or >projected shame and that's it. Promiscuity does have it's negatives, emotional and physical not to mention a lot of times promiscuity does stem from emotional trauma which promiscuity does nothing to help but worsen instead.

If you honestly think that those are the only two reasons. Wooo boy. That's such a self-absorbed way of thinking.

No. 91826

File: 1534009782379.jpg (255.62 KB, 1080x1440, yhInWki.jpg)

No. 91831

Promiscuity is negative, not sexuality. It devalues women and encourages irresponsible behaviour. That goes for men and women.

No. 91833

Why is she so popular again? There are articles about her and her tweets or whatever everyday and she always looks so botched and bloated

No. 91836

because she’s ~clapping back at da haturz~ on twitter and people think she is so “iconic” because she replied to a disrespectful tweet in an equally disrespectful manner. Yeah, what a queen. I don’t get the celebrity obsession.

No. 91842

Is this that Chrissy Tiegan chick bc I’ve never understood the obsession

No. 91850

oh shut up, prude-chan

No. 91887

File: 1534058935995.jpeg (20.5 KB, 194x259, F70D177E-D966-4BDC-8F5E-9F5089…)

People in the celeb cow thread talk about how pretty Billie Eilish is and I honestly don’t see it.

She would look a lot better if her eyebrows weren’t so dark though.

No. 91888

lol it looks like her fucking face has been photoshop resized wtf, how is that real?

No. 91889

File: 1534061543722.jpg (38.83 KB, 500x377, ariana-grande-nose-job.jpg)

I was never sure if she self tanned or if it was makeup, she basically became a different person after leaving disney

No. 91890

agreed, I have no idea why she wanted to be a singer so bad, and then waste it on shit even club DJ wouldn't bother playing.

No. 91891

File: 1534062554351.png (443.07 KB, 449x531, KMcxs9G.png)

Probably unpopular, but I never got why Gal Gadot was considered the hottest thing ever.

Shes been a model so she knows her good angles, knows her makeup, but if you catch her at a bad angle or without padding, shes a beanpole. No boobs at all no ass at all, all padding and photoshop.

No. 91895

File: 1534067334919.jpg (44.8 KB, 408x600, 8eVTKDy.jpg)

No. 91912

File: 1534079735271.png (1.6 MB, 986x1466, nicki-minaj-fake-butt.png)

god yes I never fathomed why any guy thought her the hottest thing ever.

No. 91916

cause she's slutty and trashy. so are the dudes who think she's hot.

No. 91920


Is nicki still a thing? Idk I feel like she happened in 2012 and kind of stayed there. All those chicks were about how ~thicc~ and curvy she was, even when she looked deformed af >>91912 in real life.

No. 91921


It's kind of hilarious that she's 5'1, her body must look even more ridic in person

No. 91929

She looked so awkward and uncomfortable in the fefe video, those implants must be a nightmare, idk why anyone would do this to themself.

No. 91930

Mental illness for real. I wondered if Nicki was ever sexually abused by her child rapist brother as a kid.

No. 91934

File: 1534092480474.jpg (77.6 KB, 600x900, natalie-4566.jpg)

I usually like wide-set eyes but I don't understand her appeal.

No. 91943

File: 1534098607159.jpeg (28.31 KB, 200x318, 49F20DB6-FB6B-4362-ABF5-D485DE…)

In any of her phases, even when she was a teenager. I can’t find her beautiful or even cute, she’s really ugly

No. 91944

File: 1534098716470.jpeg (33.37 KB, 240x322, D0B78F75-4464-4AF4-8740-CE6717…)

I get people love her because of Hermione, I love Harry Potter movies too, I grew up watching them and I really enjoy Emma Watson but I can’t find her nice looking

No. 91952

File: 1534102144132.jpg (41.22 KB, 945x630, zarr.jpg)

I just don't get it???

No. 91965

I don't find her ugly but she always looks really bitchy and mean

No. 91980

File: 1534110977440.jpg (202.12 KB, 1280x1920, emma-watson-golden-globe-award…)

Ugh I can't stand her. She is so average looking and her "activism" is cringe
Also she can't act at all. She was bad enough as a kid and is even worse now. Her "acting" is basically just moving her eyebrows.

No. 91984

seeing her 'act' makes me want to punch her in the face (not that I would do it). it's like she never stopped playing the know-it-all smartass Hermione from the first movie. She's so annoying and unattractive

No. 91986

I think she’s pretty but in an average way

No. 91995

Imo I think she’s cute. I share a similar nose and general look so maybe just biased. Any source for her?

No. 91997

Oh, I've seen her before. She's some girl from R9K.

No. 91998

the kind of face that ages terribly.

No. 91999

Sage for double posting, but I remembered her name. She's known as Zarr.

No. 92014

File: 1534145381070.png (880.89 KB, 945x574, 93a34280-9264-4773-ac8e-7abae7…)

Justin Bieber's fiancee looks rlly weird to me. I mean whoever styles her does a great job. No doubt.

No. 92038

File: 1534173619126.jpg (68.99 KB, 640x640, B93fnTe.jpg)

mia khalifa. she's kind of cute in a nerdy way but she does not have a forehead and it majorly freaks me out.

No. 92040

She has no lips either

No. 92041

Her lips look fine to me but idk I guess nowadays you need a puckered butthole on your face to ''have lips''.

No. 92043

I don't get why people who have low foreheads don't just shave the baby hairs off and create a new hairline. It's so easy. Saw a blonde girl on Instagram who had this problem. Just bring the hairline up. Free surgery.

No. 92045

File: 1534177670875.jpg (136.96 KB, 682x1024, Sarah-played-Sarah-Jessica-Par…)


It kind of trips me out how hot i used to find her in hocus pocus. Maybe it was the heavy makeup and the contrast with her "sisters"

No. 92046


Does anyone know what the name is for whatever she did to her eyes? Might be similar to what Kylie J did

No. 92047

File: 1534180617492.jpeg (88.79 KB, 800x534, 9734EFC5-78ED-4161-81ED-2F7254…)

She does. Like the other poster said, they’re just not puckered anus style.
I have such a 5head and would kill for small forehead problems.

No. 92049

Most likely an eyebrow lift. I’m 99% sure both kylie and Ariana had it done.
When the eyebrow is lifted with a Botox filler the eyelid is more exposed, creating a result similar to what they have.

No. 92053

File: 1534183431175.jpg (90.6 KB, 715x1073, fivehead.jpg)

>I have such a 5head and would kill for small forehead problems.
I don't think a fivehead is unattractive (provided it's not, well, a sixhead). It makes one look youthful and/or nerdy, see pic related. If it bothers you you can play with your haircut to makes your forehead seems shorter.
Threeheads are really unattractive and unintelligent looking though.

No. 92056

Is it just me or are 2heads very common amongst Mediterraneans? (I know because I have one and never really found it weird until I moved abroad and started seeing people with bigger foreheads)

No. 92065

Yeah, I noticed the same.

No. 92066

What makes a face to age badly? Sorry for my autism but I am really curious since a lot of people use this phrase but I never got it lol

No. 92067

I thought I was the only one and good to know I am not alone. I think she looks like a trannie. She is so big and wide with no curves and small beady eyes. Absolutely unattractive for me.

No. 92073

Lmfao I never got the appeal of Hailey Baldwin. She looks exactly like her dad facial wise and that’s not a good thing.

No. 92085

i don't think she's ugly but she's a very generic cookie cutter pretty to me and i don't get why guys and girls alike are acting like she's so incredibly beautiful and sexy is it israel virtue signalling lol
she gets so much more attention than the dozens of actresses with the same type of look as her, so to me she's the perfect example of being overly shilled.
her slanty forehead also bugs me but tbf i didn't notice it before farmers pointed it out

No. 92104

She isn't even chilled as attractive, people are always giving her shit for her "horse face"

No. 92107

I never understood how people can think that stripper girl dita van these is pretty. She looks like an old plastic hag.

No. 92114

File: 1534253809030.jpg (98.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

she looks cute without makeup

No. 92180

File: 1534311795493.jpg (135.62 KB, 468x393, ditavonteeseSPL_468x393.jpg)

I don't think she looks old, especially considering she's 45. She's just sort of plain looking to me and relies on the pin-up gimmick to be attractive. To be fair to her, she totally admits this and has even said she doesn't view herself as being particularly beautiful. She says she instead relies on confidence and her specific style, which I can respect.

No. 92182

i agree. she doesn't look old, it's just that the styling is so severe and associated with old women. not many women can pull off that styling without looking aged and totally ridiculous. she doesn't have the features for it. if she kept her blonde hair or just, a less severe color, she'd look much more youthful

No. 92184

She has styled herself like this since age 19 or something. Something about how she finally got confidence after dying her hair black and wearing red lipstick. She's never wanted to be a cookie cutter blonde, she's doing the severe thing on purpose.

No. 92187

Good bait kek

No. 92239

i think so too, looks like a lost puppy a little bit but then again bieber is no god's gift either kek

No. 92272

she looks so russian to me

No. 92402

File: 1534527643115.png (1.26 MB, 1207x581, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 18.3…)

thin as fuck, balding hair and looks nothing like her pictures in real life because of extreme photoshopping.

only about 4 paparazzi images of her exist, and it's for a reason. shes like a Wolfie Cindy 2.0

No. 92403

She also endorses the murder of Palestinian children

No. 92406

Why do girls think those giant lash extensions look good ??? also those yellow teeth kek

No. 92409

What yellow teeth, anon?

I know this is the Overrated Female Celebs thread, but jeez. Some of you people are nitpicking.

No. 92411

File: 1534536284715.jpg (41.63 KB, 490x612, maggie.jpg)

There are a lot of paparazzi pictures of her anon…
But yeah she photoshops herself in Wolfy Cindy style. I find her pretty anyways, it is your taste if you find her overrated

No. 92419

Lol what's her name? she sounds so milky, there is a thread about her?

No. 92424

maggie lindemann

No. 92433

yeah but those lips are a huge departure to the ones she posts online. either thats an inbetween injection photo, or she's shooping the shit out of them online

No. 92438

File: 1534564128714.png (23.18 KB, 176x64, 2937483902.png)

sorry, I should've clarified **brown

No. 92444

Butthurt yank

No. 92446

they're fine lol chill

No. 92447

File: 1534575403671.jpeg (108.01 KB, 767x767, image.jpeg)

elizabeth olsen. i dont really find her ugly, but i don't get the hype around her. she certainly looks cuter without so much eye makeup, though

No. 92465

Same. I like the twins more

No. 92743

File: 1534845528482.jpg (110.96 KB, 1366x768, vivi.jpg)

loona is supposedly a group full of visuals, but damn, Vivi is strange looking. It's like she used to have a recessed jaw and got a chin implant instead of orthodontic work.

No. 92760

I know I'm late but

>being in your prime when you're 16

I'm sure she will look great by the time she's 30

No. 92778

agreed. a lot of people obsess over her visuals but all i see when i look at her face is yumi king.

No. 92897

File: 1534966150417.jpg (83.08 KB, 922x620, UL6d39C.jpg)

No. 92900

i honestly thought she was in her 20s. she doesn't seem to have any baby fat

No. 93452

File: 1535463980806.jpg (21.86 KB, 474x574, 1116249374.jpg)

Lily James
There's something really off about her face

No. 93481

I feel like she's really unphotogenic. Every picture I see of her I think she's ugly but in movies/tv she looks cute. like in mamma mia 2 she looked cute imo

No. 93596

Emily Ratajkowski is not good looking, she has a punchable face actually. I think she is the most overrated model after Kate Upton.

No. 93604

File: 1535577775072.jpg (40.42 KB, 474x677, 6876987.jpg)

Agreed yet all the guys I know think she's the hottest girl in the world ffs

No. 93613

File: 1535587362714.png (419.51 KB, 604x600, jessica-nigri.png)

Oh yes I also think she has an ugly face but her body is great though.

I find Nigri extremely overrated. In my class every (nerd)guy would swoon over her. They called us girls jealous and ugly if we showed them pictures of Nigri without photoshop. Big tits and that's enough for some guys.

No. 93636

Men have the weirdest most disgusting taste in the world, a literal pair of tits on leg is enough to forget an ugly busted face.(take it to the man-hate thread)

No. 93694

This is mine, I couldn't understand watching Gossip Girl how Serena was meant to look better than or even as good as Blair.

No. 93696

she looks like a drowned rat

No. 93701

she has a great body though gotta give her that

No. 93708

Same, the actress playing Blair was really pretty and elegant looking, then Serena who was supposed to be the Miss "Steal Your Man" was that average blonde

No. 93740

Same. I always thought Blaire was much more attractive. I guess they thought any blonde average girl could be 'the hottest one'??

No. 93744

File: 1535695286324.jpg (65.1 KB, 467x320, 1328636016_leighton-meester-ar…)

i remember watching a GG behind the scenes thing and they said when leighton meester auditioned for the show she was blonde and tan but they wanted her to change it for blaire. so they don't even have the excuse that they were biased towards picking blake for the hot role because of hair color.

No. 94468

File: 1536264650792.jpeg (45 KB, 720x540, 42B1F8CB-F8D5-4E40-A551-A078E4…)

Olivia Hussey.

No. 94469

File: 1536264689508.jpeg (28.71 KB, 300x240, 5EF1DA5F-9352-453C-BA1F-7D300A…)

No. 94482

i agree, these younger photos of her look like every punchable 12 year old girl ever and she looked like a boring mom once she aged.

No. 94520

she looks like a discount olsen twin. which i guess is what she is kek. just without all the drugs.

No. 94609

File: 1536379204985.jpg (56.28 KB, 700x437, saoirse-ronan-1.jpg)

Her face really bugs me for some reason, I think it's her nose. Sometimes I think she has the "quirky" look going for her and can look pretty, but most of the time I find her unpleasant to watch.

No. 94610

she just looks like a young kate winslet to me and if she ages to be half as annoying as kate it wont surprise me

No. 94634

She looks a little dorky (definitely the nose) but she's cute in her own way. I get tired of seeing button nosed plastic hollywood actresses.

No. 94687

she needs to wear mascara or something her eyes look weird

No. 94688

Insane how perceived attractiveness varies from person to person. Taken aback by these two because I’ve always found both actresses absolutely stunning (especially in motion)

No. 94692

File: 1536473409244.jpg (120.86 KB, 700x437, 2018-09-09-06-58-04-248.jpg)

She is, her lashes just point downwards.

Same pic with a pair of subtle falsies.

No. 94706

Their like two of the few actually unnattractive women being posted in this thread though

No. 94715

No joke every time I see her I feel the strong urge to take a shower. She's just so trashy to me

No. 94716


I agree, I had to look twice because I thought I was scrolling past the "cute girls" thread.

But I think it's good thing that what people think is attractive can vary to such a degree. It's fascinating.

No. 94718

she looks good here but in this >>91824
she looks genuinely ugly

No. 94734

File: 1536524265096.jpg (33.12 KB, 698x364, lindsay_adler2.jpg)

I think this photo has a bad lens chosen

No. 94748

ot but is there any app or attachment i can get for my phone that'll make selfies look more like the right two lenses? selfie cameras are so ugly and even if i stretch my arm really far back i still don't look my best

No. 94853

No. 95030

File: 1536782101296.jpg (32.54 KB, 500x404, 980x.jpg)

I don't see a point in people posting famous women who are 25 years beyond their prime (Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, etc.)

With 16-18 we are grown out and fertile, and after 23 fetility slips down sharply. The average "MILF" in porn is 31.
You have 14 year old school boys mastrubating to 19 year old women, 19 year old guys masturbating to 19 year old women, 30 year old men masturbating to 19 year old women and your dad would also want to fuck a 19 year old, if he could. You're average 19 year old instagram model is hot now and men won't change their attraction to what they see there.

Jennifer Aniston was objectively not "ugly" in her early twenties and wether a woman ages gracefully is mostly a function of whether she is strict with her diet or not.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 95031

File: 1536782323337.jpg (29.39 KB, 400x267, 36tqkZbc1uwb3qko2_400.jpg)

Robot bait are getting worse by the days.

No. 95035

File: 1536784842570.png (292.03 KB, 286x600, f1a.png)

Lmao cuck off

No. 95046

File: 1536794466300.jpg (10.52 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

>With 16-18 (((we))) are grown out and fertile

No. 95062

this reaffirms my radical feminism.

No. 95076

this post just reminded my how unsexy i was at 16.

No. 95077

File: 1536816358447.jpg (41.35 KB, 800x450, pfctnvnbflbifoqfjvyt.jpg)

I don't necessarily find her hideous but Gal Gadot is so homely and rat-like in the face. I don't see how she is considered beautiful, nor do I understand her being cast as Wonder Woman.

No. 95079

Tbh I find her very pretty.

No. 95080

I hate her tiny skull and her flat forehead. And her retarded cutesy sleek smile.

No. 95082

nice larping there

I think she's pretty and looked badass in her wonder woman costume but I hated how "cutesy" she acted.

No. 95088

I just don’t find her feminine. She has a husky body imo

No. 96871

File: 1537964911127.jpg (81.02 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0061.JPG)

Hayley Williams from Paramore. I don't find her hideous, but I never understood why seemingly everyone finds her super cute. She's pretty basic imo; a lot of girls look like her (ironically, especially her biggest stans who sigh, "I wish I looked like her!") Just…bleh.

No. 96885

feminine =/= good-looking

No. 96886

As someone who thinks she's pretty, I think most of her appeal comes from the fact that she's short, petite and has a really genuine smile. She has dark eyes which look really youthful. At the time, she really stood out in the alt community for being a really energetic, bold woman but now that type is a dime a dozen from copycat bands. I don't like how she's styled now.

No. 96890

I think she's cute, especially at the beginning of her career with red hair
But every other styling i saw after that was terrible

No. 96891

it's because she has girl next door appeal, just alt version. guys crush on her because she seems attainable and girls like her because she's relatable.

No. 96902

File: 1537993748809.jpg (45.73 KB, 474x711, th.jpg)

good actress. i just never got the hype about her "beauty."

No. 96903

She has good, strong features and looks great for her age to boot. How do you not think cate blanchett is attractive?

No. 96927

File: 1538011666266.jpeg (168.51 KB, 791x1053, 8B249CBF-000E-49BA-B213-C92D35…)

She’s hot anon

No. 96943

for the same reason other people in this thread don't find these women attractive.
i just don't see it.
she's not unattractive, i just never thought she was as stunning as people make her out to be.

No. 96962

If I could choose an older woman to dominate me, it would be her. Heart eyes

No. 97429

File: 1538595521764.jpg (203.99 KB, 1450x2179, Lily-Rose-Depp-Enrages-012.jpg)

I don't understand why people think Lily Rose Depp is soooo beautiful, she looks so plain to borderline ugly sometimes to me, her forehead is huge and her hair so thin. There's no way she would ever be a model if it weren't for her parents with that body.
She's just so unlikable

No. 97438

she looks like her mom, but without any sharp angles, which is the main thing that made her mom attractive

No. 97456

File: 1538623279574.jpg (63.68 KB, 480x720, 19536169.jpg-r_1280_720-f_jpg-…)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I remember every guy thought she was the hottest thing ever in Scott Pilgrim. For me her face is so basic that even speciul ~violet hair can't save her from being boring and plain. Overrated af

No. 97458

she's a literal "manic pixie dream girl" the guys you knew were all cuck fuccbois.

No. 97478

File: 1538662198354.jpg (40.22 KB, 612x406, 599763455-612x612.jpg)

I know a lot of farmers won't agree with me because she is a legend and part of the 90s supermodels squad but I think Claudia Schiffer is really ugly. She only looks good with heavy makeup, good lightening and her baby Bardot styling. She isn't versatile enough and without makeup and styling, she can't hide her ugly features like big horse teeth and small beady hooded eyes. I like her personality very much but that's it.

No. 97479

File: 1538662224535.jpg (102.65 KB, 1200x816, claudia-schiffer.jpg)

No. 97487

I think she's pretty actually but German women really do have the most unfortunate teeth

No. 97491

File: 1538680433363.jpg (52.57 KB, 920x584, 2018_JorjaSmith_Press_060618-9…)

I don't get it. She's funny-looking to me.

No. 97492

File: 1538680976596.jpeg (128.03 KB, 767x1023, 8FB0E636-FF99-4FD5-8102-9824DE…)

Was watching that Spike Jonze ApplePod commercial starring >pic related and my friend said she found her to be pretty. Love her music but she’s very strange-looking in my opinion.

No. 97493

File: 1538681735918.jpg (45.92 KB, 700x394, gwha.fka_twigs.jpg)

agree with this one. i get she's going for with the super artsy exaggerated styling to make her look like a baby alien, but in candids she looks dumpy and weird but not in a quirky way.
i know this is just an unflattering candid but her features aren't the crazy anime features that her makeup and editing makes people believe.

No. 97496

File: 1538690479262.jpeg (352.22 KB, 1125x1391, ECC7FC35-8D82-424C-A001-048D6A…)

I don’t know what it is about her face but it makes me uncomfortable

No. 99717

File: 1540872130726.jpeg (576.04 KB, 1920x1080, C4B642D5-051A-4EE5-B0CC-A22984…)

Maybe because I find 13 Reasons Why to be overrated but here’s my contribution. At the risk of sounding like a incel, she looks a lot better when she smiles rather than that open mouth, dead eyed stare she usually does.

No. 99748

File: 1540917678920.jpg (221.59 KB, 1200x909, Megan-Fox-1_image_1200.jpg)

Megan Fox

I don't even know what exactly upsets me so much about her face, but I really don't like it.

No. 99750

She has really nice features but her face isn't that pretty imo. Maybe she's too bland but definitely not ugly.
I agree that she looks better when she smiles though, she has rbf.

No. 99767

I feel like she was pretty before but due to too much plastic surgery, she looks like an alien now. Same with Kim Kardashian.

No. 99783

File: 1540952001862.gif (1.86 MB, 245x200, tumblr_n63q0wdyO21tqaeybo4_250…)

I feel like she looks better in motion

No. 99787

File: 1540958688448.jpg (78.76 KB, 683x1024, 86aa06ebe53320248fc242e5a074c7…)

But that's not her current face. I think she looked best in 2008/2009 (which is basically your gif) and I think 2010 was the beginning of her excessive plastic surgery. Before 2010 she had only a nose job and lip fillers. Now she looks like a cat lady and 20 years older.

No. 99788

File: 1540958583946.jpg (3.66 MB, 1806x1355, megan-fox-is-being-mom-shamed-…)

But that's not her current face. I think she looked best in 2008/2009 (which is basically your gif) and I think 2010 was the beginning of her excessive plastic surgery. Before 2010 she had only a nose job and lip fillers. Now she looks like a cat lady and 20 years older.

No. 99799

still makes me want to punch her.

Maybe it's because I'm not that much into the stereotypical hot girl look and plump lips in general.
Now that I think about it, it really might be the lips that I don't like.

I don't know. I just don't find her pretty at all. In neither state of her plastic surgeries.

No. 99807

File: 1540988317753.jpg (215.24 KB, 1920x1080, 1531669522261.jpg)

Her round face has always made me think of a bored goldfish

No. 99808

File: 1540990122234.jpg (43.9 KB, 590x350, Ivanka-Trump-plastic-surgery-s…)

She has spent a lot of her family's money to not look like a Trump but it hasn't worked. There are so many pictures where she isn't posing carefully where she looks like her father. It's just something gross in the trump DNA. Some families don't have the close resemblance they all do. At least she's gotten rid of the weak chin and her lips don't have that weird moist look anymore. In the old pics when I looked at her all I could think about is that she looks like she covers you in spit when she talks. I guess that was because of that fucked up jaw and gigantic teeth.

No. 99812

I agree. It's definitely the cheek fillers that fucked her face up. Such a shame.

No. 99815

File: 1540992951549.jpg (35.17 KB, 540x540, k.jpg)

Kali Uchis. I dislike her overly sexual act the most, it's so annoying. I like her voice but her face and the way she presents herself just ruins it.

No. 99838

Her cheeks and chin are really weird and her eyes aren't very nice either. She also needs better styling, her 50s babydoll lolita aesthetic doesn't suit her at all.

Her music is also very bland and ingenuine, I'd say her only good song is Melting.

No. 99892

i think her plastic surgeon did a good job considering what they had to work with lol.

No. 100156

The bar is extremely low in alt scenes.

I think she looks absolutely regal, love her.

She might get better with age, once her facial fat leaves the building. I think she has nice eyes despite her broad face. Honestly feels like people are too obsessed with her looks and began to sexualize her too soon. I'm glad she's recovered from her ED and truckin on, bless her cankles.

Oof, I never bothered to look her pre-surgery pics up but this is wild. People criticize man-jaws so often but underdeveloped jaws look 1000 times worse. You can't style this jaw to look good, like you can a long face.

No. 100256

File: 1541488363460.jpg (41.06 KB, 675x506, 08f99eabb10f3741ac8eb41f2cf63d…)

I also think Allessandra Ambrosio is overrated. She is very masculine looking with and without makeup. Plus she has unfortunate body proportions…her legs are very very short for a model

No. 100257

File: 1541488484483.png (90.65 KB, 174x320, alessandra.ambrosio-long.torso…)

No. 100263

File: 1541496704922.jpg (102.32 KB, 1080x1080, 2018-11-06_10.28.01.jpg)

Jennifer Garner
Especially after watching 13 going on 30 I think she looks plain dumb 90% of the time. I think it's something about her eyes. But I find her to be really unattractive.

And, I know she has been mentioned before, Anne Hathaway.
Everyone and their dog has praised her for how well she pulled of the short hair and how she just looks so flawless with any haircut and I just sat here like… no… it just draws even more attention to her horrible face and overexaggerated features.
She looks okay with a decent amount of weight, tan and long hair but I still would never call her pretty. Yet everyone seems to lose their shit about how hot she is. I don't get it.

No. 100264

Anne is very girl next door and her doe eyes are cute, but I'd never call her hot.

No. 100271

I hate those kind of eyes, but for some reason Anne still looks cute to me. I think she's a very good woman to cast for roles in movies that are targeted towards young girls like The Princess Diaries. She just looks very soft and wholesome instead of like a straight over the top model or celeb.

No. 100273

File: 1541514670806.gif (474.96 KB, 220x153, Oh.gif)

To me she looks like someone used the liquifying tool or content aware scale on her face.
Her eyes, nose and mouth are way too big for her face.

No. 100303

jennifer hands down. but anne has always had this sim-like quality to her features. it all looks like the "random girl" setting to me…with a bad haircut most of the time

No. 101019

File: 1542540535973.jpeg (283.6 KB, 640x634, 1FF37B68-E71E-44D4-9335-49022D…)

Not really a celeb but I see this girl everywhere on instagram and it just annoys me for some reason. She has major manface

No. 101467

They're overrated, but they really have an interesting "look" (if you know what I mean). I guess I'd need to look at more middle eastern + white mixes.

No. 101475

anon, do you know what manface means? it seems like you dont lmao

No. 101476

File: 1543233497525.jpeg (48.34 KB, 858x782, s-l1600_clipped_rev_1_15_d1296…)

Pam Anderson. Even at her peak she looked like a orange, tranny Britney Spears.

No. 101482

I agree as I've never understood her appeal but I guess it were different times.
Sure, her boobs are pretty huge compared to the rest of her body but it also makes her look disproportional.

No. 101491

Because she is hot.
Lots of hair on her head, nice features, nice curvy body proportions, great skin

No. 101516

File: 1543289338270.jpg (3.07 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20181126_192233349.j…)

She has had a lot of different looks throughout the years. I think she can look quite beautiful at times. Then again at other times, not so much. Even the beanie pic in the collage is kinda trashy-hot imo

I think she recently got a bunch more plastic surgery and is basically unrecognizable à la Renee Zellweger

edited to add bottom left pic is (a very flattering pic of) her new face apparently

No. 101517

File: 1543289399314.jpg (182.12 KB, 1200x1200, Pamela-Anderson-Plastic-Surger…)

Adding one more pic for reference. She was in cat-lady territory for a hot second there

No. 101537

okay you're right about her face looking nice in some of those pics. Just not the ones where she looks kind of "bimbo-ish" (nothing against pam an but sometimes her face look like that to me)
I still don't really like the way her body looks though.

No. 101583

That was the style of the time, though.

I'd say she looks better now than she has in a long time, probably because she's finally gotten used to no longer being a current celebrity.

No. 101584

File: 1543357032710.jpg (117.81 KB, 634x1075, dua.jpg)

Dua Lipa's face is average but what tf are those weird indentions on her stomach

No. 101589

those are just some abs muscles on a skinny girl lol. I was weirded out by them a bit too when I started to exercise and they appeared like this. She seems like she's flexing super hard.
What are those pants tho, especially near the waist area