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File: 1585763562768.jpg (84.41 KB, 1000x666, Self Breast Exam - Your How to…)

No. 135394

Didn't see any threads regarding about the breasts. Ask questions about your breasts, any health concerns, implants etc.

I'll start with mine : I have some small eczema going around my areola on my left breast and it sometimes itches

No. 135400

My breast are so saggy and lifeless after pregnancy. I had cute perky b cups ..now they always look sad . Thinking abouth fat transfer to make them a little fuller and less sad.

No. 135408

I've been made fun of for having small breasts before but somehow I don't really mind it? Wish they were flatter actually

So funny to see how SOME women compare each other by breast size, cuz big boobs mean men'll like you

No. 135409

No. 135412

I posted a few days ago in ot that I really like my small breasts, especially how perky they are, but am annoyed at how far apart the are lol. After hearing all those horror stories about back pain, men and sweat idk how I couldn't love them. Tho I do like to look at big boobs.

No. 135419

I hate my boobs so much.
For some time I even thought I must be trans but I actually don't have a problem with being a woman in general, I just don't want tits.
When I was a teen I was ana and was on the small side of a B cup. It was still somewhat alright but I already slouched a bit because I liked my shirts to be just completely flat at the front. I never show cleavage either, that's just the look I prefer. Now I gained weight and they grew to be D cups, which looks and feels gross. They're so much heavier now, I'm probably a saggy mess by the time I hit my 30s.
Other than that they're also not cute, the right one is clearly bigger, my areolas are large, flat and super light (nearly translucent). I have hair on them and if I shave, it get's super itchy and if I pluck, I get ingrowns. I also have fibroadenoma which I regularly need to get checked (plus they hurt).
Why do I have to deal with this shit?

No. 135428

I like my boobs fine but bras are just the worst and I struggle so hard to find good ones. Even reading through stuff like >>135409, using calculators and measuring tape, getting professionally fitted, etc. The only bras I've ever liked are random shitty kmart ones that are ugly but happen to be comfortable. And that's a crapshoot, I'll buy the same size in a different style and it will fit badly. But the time I got professionally fitted and bought a bunch of expensive bras at their recommendation, they were all uncomfortable and poorly fitted. It was such a waste of money I can't bring myself to try anything but cheap bras.

I think the problem is I have a wide ribcage with small boobs and I must be particularly sensitive to tightness in that area. It's the same with sports bras, it feels like it's always too tight, even if I go up multiple sizes. I also feel like straps are often too short and don't extend long enough to sit comfortable.

No. 135430

I relate to this so much anon. I was an AA cup during my preteens and anachan phase, and then when I started eating healthy in my midteens I suddenly became a 32f. I hate it so much. It feels WRONG on my body and all I wear are the most compressing bras possible 24/7 to feel flat-chested, and I even wear a bikini top in the shower to help with the dysmorphia seeing them causes me. I'm hoping to someday have a breast reduction, maybe you could look into that? I'm too poor to ever afford it, but maybe you could.

No. 135433

I have DDD cup size and I used to really like it but the attention and the way people perceive me started to bother me a lot and I always look like a thot unless I rly try to cover up, do any other girls with bigger chests feel like this and how do I feel more confident and wear what I want and not care how people perceive me?

No. 135437

I'm a DD and it's a blessing and a curse. I like how they look on my frame and my bf likes that I'm busty but I did have a hard time with unwanted attention. I go out of my way now to dress pretty modestly for today's standards and I like that I don't really get any looks or anything in public anymore. It sucked when I was younger though because I went to a school with a uniform and had a mean teacher make a comment about how my chest looked in the uniform shirt…..like…..I'm not wearing this because I like it? add in some teasing from boys back then and some other shitty experiences and it gave me a little bit of a complex. It was wild to me because I know DD isn't even THAT big. I feel for the girls with even larger sizes. TL;DR big boobs are fun in private, not so fun in public

Also- for women who are top heavy who sometimes wish they had a smaller bust for fashion purposes- I highly recommend a minimizing bra. I bought an $18 Olga one and it's been a game changer. I don't wear minimizers exclusively but they're nice for when I want to wear a dress or something that has a hem/pattern across the chest.

No. 135438

my breasts are saggy, deflated, far apart, covered in stretch marks, giant areolas. I haven't even been pregnant, or overweight, just very unlucky. I hate my breasts.

No. 135447

File: 1585794486176.jpg (4.95 KB, 342x358, funnel.jpg)

Am kinda happy with my tits but they have rather puffy areolas and when I bend down they look like pic related. Not a concern in my daily virginal life kek but makes me kinda embarrassed thinking about any future partners ever seeing them from that angle. They get less like that when I put on weight but I am like smack dab the middle of BMI so I would rather the fuck not.

Overall I spent many years hating my tits and wishing they were smaller because they developed early and I wanted to reject the notion of me being female (read: sexism and objectification) but I have grown to accept them over the years. Besides the nipples/thing above.

No. 135449

I'm A cup and while I don't really mind their small size, their shape is just… so ugly… They look so childish, and honestly they haven't really changed in shape or size since I was 12 or so.
I've seen lots of women with tits about the same size or even a bit smaller that don't look this childish, so the problem is really just the pre-teen shape.

No. 135458

Same anon, I feel you

I even feel kinda guilty when taking my bra off before sex, they're not prepared for the disappointement.
I couldn't care less about the size, I just want a decent boob shape

No. 135459

I’m the same… I don’t even want to think about how they will look after pregnancy

No. 135464

I'm finally calling the doctor about the lump that's been on my breast for years. I've been in denial and told myself it is harmless and probably just a fat-clump up until now.

Fingers crossed its gonna turn out fine, I'm so scared!

No. 135468

same, except i've been overweight and yet they looked just as shit then. breast tissue just doesn't stick to my body. oh also asymmetric. if they were symmetric i could maybe be ok with it.

No. 135486

I love mines. They're on the smaller side but they fit my frame and they're really perky. Also small boobs are more modelesque to me.

No. 135488

I thought about getting reduction surgery but my mom had to get her breasts removed and then build up again with implants due to health reasons and it didn't turn out well at all, she's super unhappy about it. Plus I'm still a student, so atm I wouldn't have the money for it.
In my country if they're really big, so that you've get back pain, they might grant you surgery for free, but that's certainly not the case for me.
Has anybody had surgery already? Are there good clinics for especially that?

Damn, I'm jealous, that's exactly what I would want.
Having large ones just always makes you look like a bimbo if you attempt to wear something that's not completely baggy.

No. 135492

32C cup.
They’re perky and even. The nipple on my left is a little oddly shapen, but I don’t mind it any more. I hate how my chest is veiny.

No. 135497

i like my boobs, only problem with them is that the right areola is noticeably bigger than the left. left areola is about the size of a 50p piece, right areola is about twice as big. i always wished that they were the same, its no huge issue but i think its my perfectionism, i just dont like the discrepancy. im like the symmetrical guy from soul eater

No. 135501

to any anons considering a breast reduction, i think you should go to a surgeon for a consultation and see how you feel about it. i'm one year post op and i feel great. my boobs were ruining my life before though to be fair

No. 135504

Same here anon. They get stiff when I'm cold and look great for a few minutes, but 99% of the time they're exactly as in your pic. I kinda stopped caring as I grew older. I won't go around without a bra though.

No. 135505

Can I ask you a couple of questions? How old were you when you got it done? What size were you before and after? And how much did it cost?

I know that some people would tell me being a D is still okay, and it's not like I have any pain whatsoever, so I'm a bit worried that a surgeon would just tell me off.
If I got skinnier I might could go back to a C cup but a B like in my earlier teens is probably pretty much impossible.

No. 135589

19. i was a 28h, i'm now a 28d which is the same size as a 32b. my insurance covered it. and yeah, the process is that you go to the consultation, they measure you, and send an application to insurance, so if you don't have any pain you probably wouldn't get approved… perhaps you could come up with a payment plan with a surgeon if it's really something you need anon

No. 135633

A cup here, I don’t /really/ mind the size too much but I would rather be a B at least. I can’t seem to figure out what kind of nipple/areola I have either cause they’re not big but a little puffy and when they get hard it’s just like a dot? With nothing around it? But when I look up puffy nipples they don’t look like mine either so I’m just confused still lol.

No. 135660

Mine are the same as yours I think. 32B with what I call 'soft' nipples. So most of the time they are flat and my areolas look kinda big, that is until I am cold/touched etc then they shrink up and my nipples stand out. I wish I had pokey nipples all the time, I think they look cute as fuck, but I also like that mine can kinda hide away and then be present when I need it.

No. 135665

I relate to this. Also was anorexic throughout my teens and while they not exactly huge now, I live in tight sports bras and wish they weren't there. I've considered saving up, finding a good surgeon willing to do it and getting them removed but I don't think they're small enough to go through the nipple and my hatred of them isn't quite enough that I'd rather have those horrible scars underneath. I can deal with every other part of being a relatively normal weight but I just want to wake up one day and have a nice flat chest.

No. 135699

does anyone else here get a lot of hairs around their areolas? mine can get quite long but thankfully they're light/thin. is this the kind of thing guys do/would notice? I don't mind them really but I'm perma single. I do get one dark one that grows now and then and I pluck it the fuck out when I notice it's reared its ugly head

No. 135707

Yeah, and they're quite dark. Yeah, a guy would notice but if he gives you shit about it then he wasn't worth undressing for.
I pluck them sometimes but they just grow back

No. 135712

Men don't notice shit.

No. 135713

I do, and they’re dark unfortunately (and I have pale skin). Sometimes I tweeze them but it fucking hurts and no one irl is seeing them anyway

No. 135717

A few years ago, i discovered i have tubular breast while i was looking something else up, and my whole world kinda turned upside down.

I always had the feeling my boobs didn't look "right" but i never bothered with it cause i was still a teen, and at that point quite indifferent about my body.
Reading about how my breasts were considered a "deformity" all along really devastated me, as i already deal with a bunch of visible pcos symptoms.

My breasts are wide apart, almost completely flat, triangular with large areolas.
Aesthetic issues aside, i might not even be able to lactate, as they are underdeveloped.

I've never worn a proper bra and i don't like fooling myself by wearing push-up so i just wear sports bras all the time.

I literally haven't felt like a normal woman ever since, and i can never ever imagine showing them to anyone.

I don't have access to plastic surgery and i honestly don't wanna do it either.

Sorry for blogposting but i hope i could make someone feel better about their own breasts after reading this.

No. 135728

Anyone here go braless all the time? Especially with bigger chest. My bras have started to cause back/chest pain, and havent had the time and money to look for new ones. So I have just gone without any, but I have dared to do this only with loose shirts made from thick fabrics. Are people going to care if they notice a nipple?

No. 135729

32f and cannot bear the pain of going braless. It is such an awful pain for me. For lounging, I like wire-free sports bras, the stretchy kind that holds me in without being too shapeless.

No. 135731

I'm exactly the same anon, it's comforting to know somebody else is in the same boat. The only boobs I've ever really seen that look like mine have been early transition trans women.

I started smoking when I was 14 and also had a brief sort-of eating disorder around the same age, I always wonder if either of those things sort of stunted their growth?

No. 135732

I'm a DD and I go braless mostly in the winter months. I have back issues that get worse in the cold but I take advantage of having multiple layers on and go braless whenever I have hoodies or a jacket on anyway.

I feel too exposed doing it in just a t-shirt or single layer.

No. 135734

I have 70I breasts (european size) and I've always felt ugly with them. I am really into cute and pretty clothes but literally nothing fits…It really tugs at my self esteem when I go into a store and they only have max 3 bras in your size and you either look like a fat mess or a thot in every blouse/dress/sweater because your boobs are so big and wide. They make me look super large and I am uncomfortable wearing anything other than black, wide things on my torso because I am afraid that people will stare. My back hurts all the time and 1 good bra costs around 90/100€. I already tried losing weight and doing sports, but my boobs stayed the same (they only began to sag a little when I lost weight). Sometimes I fantasize about just cutting them off…
I really want to have a boob reduction but I am a poor student and probably won't be able to ever afford it.

No. 135738

if it's causing you backpain/problems it might be possible to get it paid for by your health insurance? Idk what health care insurance is like where you are, but it could be worth looking into!

No. 135744

Literally same! I didn't even know there's anything wrong with my boobs until I came across it online one day when looking up something unrelated.
I kinda accepted they will never look "nice" as I would never get breast surgery. I cringe at the thought of having fillers there.

No. 135745

Sorry for doubleposting, I'm the anon from >>135744

If it makes anyone feel better 99% of men will not notice shit. I have never gotten a single comment and all of them were just happy to play with them idk
I am not sure how that would work with women but I can't imagine anyone minding much tbh if they're a decent human being.

No. 135755

I get a lot of long dark hairs around my areolas, which stand out a lot since my skin is pale. Sometimes I dig into ingrowns and leave red marks around my nips. Thank god I'm doing long distance atm, ugh

No. 135756

i fucking hate being an G cup. i have quite a slender frame and all i want is small cute boobs that won't end up getting saggy as i age and causing me back pain. i really really want to look more masculine as well and for the most part i can pull it off but my tits just ruin everything. seriously want to get a binder but i've heard they're really painful and will make them sag faster so i'm not going to. i feel bad because i have nice boobs, and i feel like i should be grateful, but i think about getting reduction surgery all the time. why couldn't god give them to someone who actually wants them??

No. 135758

My mum saw my breasts today and she was just like "how do you walk with those things you need surgery" but I have no idea how bad my breasts affect my back because I already have spinal issues, I'm trying to gauge it because no lie, I'm nothing physically without them.

No. 135768


Wouldn't strengthening and realigning your back through resistance training help? I remember some anecdotes about people getting out of serious posture issues through deadlifts and squats.

No. 135815

I have an average sized chest but my areolas are large and that always makes me hate my boobs. My nipples were also pretty flat until I had them pierced, which brought my confidence up a bit.
I noticed that when I’m cold or my nips feel sensitive, the size my areolas get smaller and my boobs actually look nice and a bit perky, so when I go topless around partners I try to make sure it’s cold lmao

No. 135819

I think almost all boobs look worse when your nipples are flaccid. it's normal

No. 135834

I hate how I have the body of a 12 year old,puberty failed me,and to think I was going to be a late bloomer is hilarious,I just hate how small my breasts are,I'm thin and petite but I wish my breasts were a bit bigger

No. 135836

Anyone else got inverted/flat nips?
I used to really dislike it but now I just think it's funny

No. 135839

Is it possible to get your boobs checked for cancer without having to do the usual chair procedure or gynos trying to talk you into it? If yes, what did you say to them?

No. 135871

I have done doctor mandated physiotherapy before and used to go to a pilates instructor who worked with people with back issues (got too expensive) so I do have some exercises from a doctor in place for my back but if it doesn't get better I may just get spinal surgery. Thanks for the advice.

No. 135885

Your post confused me. Of course you can see an oncologist without seeing a gynecologist. You just ask your GP for a referral to an oncologist to check you boobs. Nobody's going to mention a gynecological exam, what's a vagina got to do with breast cancer…

No. 135887

My mom had a lump checked out at our local family planning centre (probably the equivalent to say planned parenthood in the us?) sadly it did turn out to be cancer and her diagnosis was pretty swift after an exam led to a quick referral to hospital. At no point did they pester her go get a gyno exam. If you have a clear concern over a lump or change in breast tissue they will concentrate on that issue.

Are you overdue for a smear test and worried because of that?

No. 136072

Does anyone else have a breast that is bigger than the other? My left boob is more rounder and I guess more heavier when you put your hand under it compared to the right. Literally my boobs would've been perfect if it weren't for this asymmetrical flaw. It's not noticeable in the mirror but I guess that's only because I'm already aware of it, I wonder if anyone else would notice and care. My ex girlfriend didn't but I did tell her beforehand anyway. Am I just making this a way bigger deal than it needs to be?

No. 136074

>Am I just making this a way bigger deal than it needs to be?

Yes :D Breasts are asymmetrical, just like facial features for example. Sometimes the difference is more pronounced and sometimes less but it's completely natural.>>136072

No. 136078

Everyone has asymmetrical boobs, some moreso than others but no one is going to care unless you've got more than a cup size difference between them and even then I doubt many people would. Probably men but most women know boobs are never identical and I feel like we're generally more forgiving about weird boob stuff. I wouldn't care if I was going to sleep with someone and she took off her top and had noticeably different sized tits. They're still tits.

No. 136108

File: 1586373003936.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.76 KB, 180x144, la-sp-npg.jpg)

my tits have started sagging noticeably. i'm 27 and they look like pic related. is this tragic or is this normal as you get into your late twenties?
they were perfect when i was 20, i considered them my best physical attribute. now they're kind of sad.

No. 136119

reading that I'm not the only one struggling with this, has been really impactful. I'm a DDD and have such a harsh love/hate relationship with with my bust. I hate all the unwanted attention and ugly old lady bras. I also hate that they don't fit into the clothes that I want to wear, so I'm totally going to try out the minimizing bra, I'm really excited about it!

No. 136120

mine are saggier and smaller than the picture and im 21 lmao

I am sure yours are really great anon!

No. 136121

How tf is that saggy, that's normal boob placement…

No. 136129

I think I know what you mean anon, I have B cup and they were so perfectly round and perky, totally making up with these attributes to not being bigger, and now as i'm 28 they're definitely hanging a bit lower than they used to. It's not something someone else would notice but I guess seeing your own body every day you observe the most minor changes. Basically this is how it is, around 30 your breasts are supposed to start sagging a little, it's nothing major though so don't stress over it too much. I've read that doing cold showers is helping with keeping them perkier but it's way too unpleasant for me to be worth trying ;D

No. 136131

if pic related is how your boobs look like, they look perfectly fine. t. a bisexual anon

No. 136323

I have the same problem, OP. Dermatologist said it's seborrheic dermatitis. I have to put two creams on it every day and it never goes away, about the size of a dime or a quarter depending on how bad it is. Right on my areola. It itches, it looks embarrassing and I hate it. Also I hate my ugly boob shape it's like fat girl boobs but also saggy and deflated. I want a breast lift and new skin.

No. 136362

I feel so much less alone now!! I get a decent amount of hair around my nipples too but it's pretty unnoticeable except a few strands, which always end up ingrown. I've had scarring to at least some extent for around two years because it's a never-ending cycle of healing them, getting bothered by the ugly ingrown dots when they grow back, plucking, and repeat. I'm planning on getting laser hair removal once the corona bullshit blows off because I think it'd be a worthwhile investment.

Otherwise, I like my boobs tbh. They're small but perky and getting nipple piercings has helped me feel like they can actually be ~sexy~.

No. 136385

Small ribcage + lots of breast fat here
American bras absolutely suck, I just want to go into a mall, find my size easily and walk out. The closest that fits me is a 34DD but even then it still looks wonky on me and it's hard finding that in the first place, sister sizes can only go down so much (looking at you anons who like to claim 30G girls can wear a 42A). Swimsuit season is going to be hell too now that I'm finally fit and secure enough to go out in a bikini

No. 136478

these are very normal boobs anon

No. 136482

File: 1586698520190.jpeg (104.69 KB, 1080x810, FFF9B088-2DFC-4ABB-BED4-468ED5…)

Anybody here get insecure about their areolae? Mine are quite large and my sister used to call them “burger nipples”.

No. 136488

>sibling knowing about your areaole and breasts and labia too
Jesus can't they just stop peeping

No. 136489

Some can be intrusive and weird as fuck, like full on attempting to touch your breasts as a “joke”.

No. 136511

Who else has nice breasts but is worried about pregnancy?

I've been blessed with very nice and large breasts. Now I'm married and thinking about having a child. If they get too weird I'll get surgery, not gonna lie. I love them too much.

No. 136522

I have many reasons for not wanting kids but maintaining the structural integrity of my vag/boobs is near top of the list. I don't want to fuck them up and I don't want surgery, I can't stand the thought of permanent changes to my body.

I thought big boobs held up better after breastfeeding compared to small boobs though, I have small ones and don't wanna end up looking like gimpgirl.

No. 136523

This is kinda pathetic

No. 136557

I think it depends on genetics. I have two kids (different ages), breastfed them until they were 15 months, and my boobs are as perky as they were before. I went from a 34b to 34F (while breastfeeding) and then down to a 34c. I have just a couple of stretchmarks on each boob but that's it.

My sister had the same results (except her boobs were smaller so after she was done with her kid she got implants).

No. 136666

File: 1586900216300.gif (18.81 KB, 220x149, FEA462CC-DE23-48B5-8D95-D65530…)

Ever since i read about tubular breasts I got anxious to see if mine were. I’m not really sure what my breast shape is tbh since Ive grown up fat all my life but I’m sure that they were meant to be small

No. 136688

Is it normal to have 'bubbly' looking tissue near the areolas? For as long as I could remember I've had this but can't figure out if its an issue. I kind of looks like wrinkles with something underneath but its not hard like lumps. I think they usually appear when my nips are hard but then they randomly go away.

No. 136692

If I'm not mistaken those lump are what keep the skin from drying out. I have them too.

No. 136847

File: 1587064607490.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, IMG_20190108_232404.jpg)

Hairy nip girls, does it ever go away? Have any of you plucked, shaved, waxed, lasered your titty hairs and they STAY gone? I'm just getting real tired of plucking and hoping one day they will be too weak and brittle to even grow back, but this has been going on for some years now…

No. 136848

Plucked mine from my teens til my late twenties and it made no difference here. Always grew back the same.

I leave em alone now, just happy that my body hair stopped bothering me after all those years of obsessing over it

No. 136859

I've plucked mine for years and it seems to have caused them to multiply somehow

No. 136861


I just shave em in the shower, I unfortunately have dark hair so it's super noticable… doesn't really help cuz it just grows back but whatever, I'm not going to pay money to lazer my nip hairs off. Sorry anon, I don't have a better solution!

No. 136876

I hate my size.
I have small big tits. the only reason why I have this is because im like 4'11-5 and I have a small fucking ribcage. they look huge on me, there too big and they hurt my back but like compared to normal women im like a b/c. they look like there not supposed to be on my body. ugh.

No. 136884

I only have hairs on my right nipple, and for a year or so they multiplied, and are now like 7 hairs or so. Could this be a hormonal thing? Or even cancer? Im honestly so afraid of breast cancer. Feels like I have lumps at my niple at both tits. Just like the tissue is not one smooth thing, its a few lumps together. If that makes sense

No. 136896

If you are feeling lumps you should def check with your primary care physician or GP though understandably due to corona that might be difficult at the moment. But they should be able to give you an exam and assess whether you need further investigation or not.

No. 136897

It's normal to have hair where your nips/areolas are. Also those bumps are just glands, all normal.

No. 136900

I'm 4'11 too with G cups on a 27 inch rib cage, it doesn't even look that bad unless I wear something tight, I doubt they look that large on you unless you have the torso of a newborn baby with orange sized tits

No. 136936

Is there a way to "train" your boobs into a certain shape? I know it's mostly fat, but there are certain shapes I want on my body

Also, how easy is it to stay perky
for some reason I have it in my head that you don't have to sag as you age

No. 136939

I fucking hate my tits. They are so hideous. They are tubular, with huge flat nipples, so my boobs look triangular. To make it worse, I have always had a bad relationship with food (eating more than I should and then restricting) so it seems like I have lost a lot of the elasticity in my skin, to the point where there are visible stretch marks on my boobs, and not the kind that are just colour, the kind that are super prominent after you've lost weight and they've dipped. It looks so so bad, and whenever my partner touches my boobs I immediately get turned off and want to cry. I want to cut them off.

No. 136940

If you train your pecs (eg- doing press ups or other exercises that engage them), you can get a little bit of perkiness since it's adding volume to the muscle underneath.

No. 136945

There is no way to avoid age related sagging besides surgery.

No. 136954

This is not true. First thing: don't have kids. Second thing: exercise breast and back muscles (ergometer ftw, also those pulley devices in the gym idk how they're called). Third thing: always wear well-fitting bras.

No. 136961

>always wear well-fitting bras.
that's a meme anon

No. 136963

I'm speaking from personal experience as an oldfag

No. 136993

I got a breast reduction and it drastically improved my life, but now after 6+ months the scars havent improved (including areola residue) despite treatment, so thats cool. They're not saggy or a burden to my back anymore, just visually ugly

No. 136994

Does anyone else have a Pigeon's chest? I didn't even know what it was called until my cousin pointed it out when I was going through puberty. When I was a kid, some girls would ask me what was wrong with my chest and I didn't know wtf they meant. My case isn't severe, my sternum area just pokes out a little and it was less noticeable once I passed puberty. It's still a huge source of insecurity for me, and I wonder why my family never suggested I get the chest plate or surgery. I asked and they said they never noticed anything was wrong. I don't know if I would want to risk scarring by getting surgery now. I should be grateful it's not a serious deformity, but I hate how it looks when I wear a swimsuit or low cut shirt, so I avoid that.

No. 137111

Those actions don't help defy gravity, anon.

No. 137115

what was your size before and after the reduction? how saggy were they compared to now? was it just a reduction, or reduction + lift?

i've thought about it but all the before/after pics i find have had a lift and/or implants…

No. 137132

I always suspected I have it but my family was poor and now as an adult I can live with it.

No. 137165

rip one of my boobs was a bit dry and I itched it way too hard now it has massive red scratches on it and I'm stuck in a cycle of whenever they start to heal they get that healing itch and I scratch it to fuck again

No. 137169

Really? Well then I must have naturally anti-gravity boobs. Which one is more likely?
Jokes aside, the most important part, not having kids, has nothing to do with gravity. I admit the rest could just be lucky genetics, but working out and not having them hang loose surely benefited at least a bit.

No. 137170

Also, you sound as if you don't want to believe it's true, for god knows what reason. Anon asked what she could do to stop sagging, I have her advice according to my experience. If you don't want to follow that advice yourself, fine, but it's ridiculous to claim my experience is somehow invalid.

No. 137173

I'm happy that your tits are so nice

No. 137175

Well, I try to help others with how to maintain theirs to be nice too, but I guess this is a "why I hate my tits and so should you" thread.

No. 137183

Stop being salty sag-chan no one cares how bitter you are

No. 137185

Jokes on you, my tits are too small to even sag

No. 137188

I have pretty small boobs (somewhere between a B/C cup) and they are pretty firm and feel very solid, not really soft at all. Is it normal if they get touched, especially squeezed (like hands or a push-up bra) it hurts me a lot? It’s amplified when I am on my period but it hurts pretty much any time.

No. 137194

i fucking hate my tits, they are the worst part of my body and make me want to kill myself. theyre huge but theyre also saggy as fuck, theyve been this way since puberty, ive never had cute small boobs(maybe when i was 9 if that counts). i think about a reduction or double mastectomy or ftm tranny top surgery all the time. i fucking hate these ugly fat sacks, its not just being ugly too the size impacts how clothes fit and i wear 2 bras for physical activity (and even then bounce STILL isnt reduced enough). i fucking hate them.

any girls here sad about not having a decent size or feeling like they arent woman enough i promise you dont want this shit, be grateful and happy in your own beautiful selves.

No. 137197

How about YOU be grateful and happy in your beautiful self, Anon?

No. 137206

I'm not even that big but I have mild scoliosis so the muscles in my back and shoulders are always fucked. The thought of being flat chested and able to live a life without bras sounds amazing to me. Would trade for A cups any day.

No. 137213

How old are you anon and how much pain are you in? Younger women (like under 30) often have firm, lumpy breast tissue that causes some pain or discomfort when squeezed, but if you're in serious pain you should see a doctor. Do they hurt all the time or only when you apply pressure?

No. 137214

File: 1587498353298.png (116.45 KB, 739x402, drkavalicom_921436998.png)

Has anyone had a breast lift? I had kids stupidly young and now I'm 23 with super saggy boobs (they look like grade 3) I've worked hard to get in shape but my boobs make it all seem pointless. I want to get a breast lift but I'm nervous about it and would like to hear from people who either have really saggy boobs or had them but got them fixed. Any advice on making them look perkier is super welcome.

No. 137229

File: 1587510872461.jpg (97.11 KB, 602x375, Soul-Calibur-breast-chart.jpg)

guess mine are around 75cm
what about you anons

No. 137230

One thing to keep in mind is that breast lift surgery leaves big, hideous scars and weird looking nipples. You have to consider whether that's worse than having saggy breasts.

No. 137232

I just realized that's a SC chart HAH.
I am Tira.

It's tempting anon but really think about it because the scars are pretty bad. Momokun got it and I can see her lollipop scars every now and then even thru her shoop because she redid her areola too.
Note that if you have significant sagging it is impossible to do the breast lift without redoing your areola.

Imo unless you're personally affected because you don't have gravity-defying boobs, no one else cares about the sagging. I've literally had guys tell me it's just because my tits are big. Basically the sagging is expected, anyone who isn't a porn-addicted cumbrain understands how volume and gravity work.

No. 137241

As some one who has a right boob that looks like grade 3 and a left boob that looks like grade 1 a good well fitting t-shirt bra is the best bet for them to look perky and skip out on push-up bras because the're usually counter productive. Also remember that usually the larger the breast more saggy they'll be, it's more rare that some one with a natural d+ cup has perfect round tits than it is for them to sag.

No. 137253

I feel like mine is the last one, they're saggy but my nipples aren't low or pointing downwards…? What causes that?
Also, does anybody else have the problem that their tits sit low in general, like not even sagging, they just naturally grew too low on your ribcage?

No. 137267

Same, anon. Mine are also wide set, I feel it messes up my proportions, makes my torso look wide and dumpy even though I'm slim. I have some bras that fix it by pushing my tits up and to the center of my chest but they're all unlined and give me pointy af nipples. Can't find a proper t shirt bra that does it and don't want a push up with massive padding. Recommendations welcome.

No. 137303

File: 1587609068330.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.7 KB, 900x1600, c0757e9c0533e9545cf2cca3115c54…)

some of you guys need to go look at the types of nudes guys share between each other. Everyones got their own preferences. There is no "perfect ideal"

No. 137304

Because god knows women love their bodies based on whether or not men share nudes of that body type. Who cares about our feelings when we have men's preferences to consider huh?

No. 137305

TBh I'd walk around topless of I didn't live with my family. Theres something really cozy about just not caring about covering up a part of the body that's forbidden for taboo to show for some reason. I wish retards in society wouldn't sexulize breast. Like if you can see my boobs under my shirt it's fine but if you glimse a nipple sunddenly it's lewd? When everyone has nipples?

No. 137307

Men would fap into a Dorito chip, the only reason why they share them is because they like to have power over the poor girl in the nudes.

No. 137314

File: 1587619166671.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.03 KB, 596x297, breast-reduct.jpg)

Oof anon mine are grade 3 too! kinda look like pic related.
I've thought about getting a lift too, but I'd be afraid of them being botched and ending up looking like Himeka/Angela's. Doesn't seem worth it in the end.

I mean I was under the impression that most people don't care. Most decent people anyway.

No. 137316

Men are conditioned by porn to think that large breasts are supposed to be perfectly round and perky, which they rarely are in reality. So some amount of disappointment can be expected the first time they see real big boobs.

No. 137317

God it is really fucking sad when most guys have ugly, flabby skinnyfat bodies. Even the ones with nice faces. Yet almost every woman feels like they have to look like a porn star when the average woman looks 10000 times better than the average man.

No. 137322

Honestly, I would be happier if they looked like theirs, mine fit in a C cup and they look almost deflated. I remember someone comparing laineys tits to tube socks and that’s pretty close to what mine remind me of. Regardless, you guys have made me double think getting surgery so thanks!

No. 137325

that chart is stupid, my breast circumference is ~93cm and I look like the 78cm one.

No. 139134

>Men are conditioned by porn to think that large breasts are supposed to be perfectly round and perky,
Do you really think it's the porn? Most women men see are clothed and wearing bras which pushes breasts upward. The assumption that leaves is the breasts being round and perky even though that may not necessarily be the case once the bra comes off.

No. 139160

Your money would be better spent on a therapist for your body dysphoria and inability to accept the changes it has undergone. Why destroy a genetic gift?

No. 139161

How were they ruining your life, they sounded like a blessing?

Large breasts causing back pain is mostly a myth. Back pain is one of them most common ailments for both men and women and it's usually caused by a mixture of poor posture, pinched nerves, not working on flexibility, and obesity. Getting a breast reduction just for the potential of getting back pain in the future is misguided.

No. 139221

I have most possibly the ugliest breasts in existence and I still need to find a woman with similar ones.

They're a D/E cup, saggy as hell, and big. (think >>137314 but more triangular in shape)
However the breast tissue starts under my armpits. I thought with losing weight it would go down but nah, they still start under there.
I can put my whole hand in between my tits, to the point where even if i wear a cute bra and a tight shirt I still have a big ass gap in between them. Even if I squish them together there's still a gap there.
Oh and to end it all, i have pancake nipples.

Even my mother admits my tits are tragic.
I can't wait to get them done.

No. 139236

File: 1589599596657.jpeg (18.85 KB, 250x250, CE0CCD9C-1D99-4CDA-AE00-319AB2…)

My boobs are probably my biggest insecurity. Last time I got them measured they were D cups, but they look pretty average sized. It’s their shape that bothers me, they seem really low-set so there’s this unflattering area of flatness at the top of my chest, and then beneath that my boobs bulge out. My nipples are low on the boob, not facing downwards but kind of outwards, it’s like two water balloons coming off my chest. One of them is a little lower than the other as well. I just wish they were rounder and fuller — actually, I’d rather just be flat. It’s weird how much it bothers me, knowing if it was on another girl I’d see no problem at all.

No. 139237

Hey it's me you're looking for! Exact same description lol, including the the distance between them and the massive hideous areolas. Fuck my entire life honestly, I have never been able to undress with a partner without feeling unbearable shame, and even on my own I'm repulsed if I see myself in the mirror. It sucks the joy out of getting fit or finding cute clothes, what's even the point when no one would ever find me genuinely hot without clothes.

I'm also going to get a lift. I already tried getting the areolas reduced, which was a really quick operation under local analgesia, and it did make them perky enough because so much skin was removed, but who would've guessed it, in a few months they had stretched back to the original size. I stg I'm going to fix them, I don't want to feel like this anymore.

No. 139247

Hey, I'm just a nobody (straight female to boot lol).

But at least that image isn't as bad as you guys seem to make it to be.
I think the ones pictured has some beauty to them, just like many other breasts out there.

Any boy- or girlfriend worth their salt shouldn't complain imo.

No. 139340

Not much can change how you feel but your boobs sound normal. At least you can use push up bras to get them to look better to you. When you're flat chested you can't do anything but stuff bras and that feels really fake and uncomfortable.

No. 139380

Not only do these all apply to my breasts, but they're ALSO two completely different sizes. One huge and one a lot smaller. I think I win.

No. 139635

I'm OP coming with an update cause why not.
Do you girls both also have the "boob starting under armpit" thing too?
Cause it's being my nightmare right now.
They reopened shops here so my mother and I quickly went looking for clothes, I needed new bras. To my surprise I'm a full E cup, not a D. (I didnt gain weight I just forgot lmao) In my country it's very hard to find cute E bras..
However, what is making my shopping journey impossible right now is the under-arm boobs. I hate the fat deposit there. Every bra looks EXTREMELY bad on me unless it has additional vertical underwire on the straps.
My mother even looked confused at me and asked:"Wait why do you have fat there??" out of frustration as everything looked bad on me.
Thanks mother.. I'm build like this. Whatever.
I'm 23 btw I'm just close with her and we like shopping together.

To add, since first anon said she hates her big areolas and got them done: I don't hate mine per se, I think the shape of my boobs and unfortunate structure is far worse than the big areolas. When I talk boob job, I talk a whole re-shaping.. which would probably cost me a fortune :(

I also recently got a small-boobed gf and I already feel like dying at the thought of undressing in front of her.

No. 141198

how do i buy a bra during quarantine? the one bra i've owned that has actually fit was bought from victoria's secret with help from an employee.

No. 141237

Lately my boobs have been hurting really bad. They feel super sore,heavy, almost like they are tearing and they hurt to touch. It only seems to happen when I get up from laying down and after I'm up for a whole the pain subsidies, other than my nipples still kinda ache if I touch them. I wonder if it's just a hormonal thing, I have really irregular periods so it's hard to tell if it might just be related to that. I guess I'll see if it does happen to go away in the next few days, hopefully it does.

No. 141243

>the one bra i've owned that has actually fit was bought from victoria's secret with help from an employee

anon no.

No. 141247

>straight girl talks about and looks at your breasts with you for like 60 quid
should i invest?

No. 141255

NTA but why not?

No. 141277

File: 1591457634928.png (939.78 KB, 1600x1271, IMG_8065.PNG)

Do shallow 28D cup breasts 'look' closer to A-cups or B-cups?

No. 141279

okay so where should i be getting them?

No. 141280

It's been like 3 years since I've had a bra fit me correctly. And it's not because that I not wear them because I wear one at all time and can't stand not having my breast supported. It's almost a painful sensation to me.

Any weight I gain/lose happens there so 1\2 kg make like a very noticeable difference in the cup I should be wearing. And it's always wrong so I just gave up and wear ill fitting bras that are getting worse because I don't want to buy new ones that'll be wrong again. It's my personnal hell.

I have a drawer full of cute (French) 85C/D I used to wear when I was smaller I hope to wear again. I guess the day I give up on them will be the day I give up on life.

No. 141341

Is it possible to avoid getting cone-shape breasts whenever I bend over? Like, does working out and strengthening muscles help?

I’ve always had quite pointy breasts (US 32B or C, depending on where I am in my cycle) but I got used to them over time. But when I bend over, they look like literal piping bags which makes me really self-conscious.
Since I have very little muscle in my arms and torso I was hoping it might get better once I start building muscle in that area? Or will I have to get used to being the personified ‘V V-tits’ meme?

No. 141345

No. 141346

What the hecc anon that's how it's supposed to be and the memes are made by bitter men who want women to feel insecure. Muscle has no impact on this. Please don't make up silly things to hate about yourself and just live your life

No. 141347

Yeah honestly there is no way breasts could physically look that moids wouldn't make memes of, this is just them cataloguing their obsessions. That sounds like the ideal anyway, it sounds like they're fuller at the root which prevents sagging, so I have no idea why the "pointiness" would bother even the spergs online. Like other anon said, just live your life.

No. 141351

Your breasts are normal. Just stop looking at memes that mock women for having completely normal bodies

No. 141363

I'm pretty pleased with my breasts. They're on the larger side of small, about a small handful which of course bothered me when I was in my young teens but there's more positives than negatives as I came to notice. They're really perky and round as well which I'm happy about.
I do have slightly inverted nipples which I didn't even think much of until later in life. So my areolas are kinda puffy and large unless the nipples come out. Also kinda worried they'll give me grief when I have a kid and breastfeed in the future but no use worrying about that before it's time, I guess.

No. 141366

Literally totally normal. I like how mine look normally but they do that weird tube thing when I lean over - complete with visible sagging/stretched titty skin on the sort of top outer part of the titty, as it heads towards my shoulders. It’s totally fine.

No. 141378

I like the shape of my breasts, they've always been somewhat on the bigger side of normal but very full and perky. It seems to be a thing for the women in my family to never really get saggy breasts so I'm happy about that. The one thing I don't really like about them is that every now and then my left nipple randomly inverts, but that's minor.

Lately though I've been worrying about my breasts. I'm 22 and my weight hasn't fluctuated at all but over the past two months they have gotten very noticeably bigger/fuller. I'm fine with the naked aesthetics of that but it's super frustrating because most of my clothes are from Asian brands and definitely look best on a smaller chest. I hate how dresses that fit perfectly fine before are now tight around the chest, it's unflattering as hell.
So my question: is there any logical explanation for the sudden growth? If anything I've lost a bit of weight so I don't think that's it.

No. 141410

not the person you replied to, but i measured myself and recently bought bras off adore me

No. 141440


Fuck I can relate so much. Thank you for making me feel not alone dear anons. I couldn't care less about size, but fuck the deflated sag and huge and wrinkly areolas. They have been like that since earliest development. On top I have such a veiny chest, so I look like a map. I have an hourglass figure, a nice face, but my boobs look like shit, in every position. I hate taking my clothes off, I even look stupid in most bras, I can't find a well looking bikini and push ups don't work for me at all.
I have always felt like I'm the only young person with sad saggers and I've been self conscious for decades now.
I really want surgery but am afraid and poor. fml

No. 141461

Ugh you're not the only one, I always looked like that from the time my breasts developed and I waited for them to become pretty but turns out that's not how it works.

I feel like shit reading the replies to support threads where women with small breasts talk about their insecurities, which are also very valid of course, just the responses are always like "many guys like small breasts, all boobs are great to us so don't worry we're just happy if we get to play with boobs haha! And at least small breasts aren't saggy, that's much worse, saggy boobs are so disgusting and gross and I had an ex whose ugly boobs looked like two oven mitts and I was so revolted. So don't worry, your breasts are good, all boobs are so nice and women stress about this way too much!!!"

I've been saving a bunch of money and will get surgery after this corona shit is over. I hate seeing the moment of hidden disappointment even in kind guys who want to make me feel confident, I just want to enjoy being intimate without all this shame and stress. It makes me cry tears of joy to think it doesn't have to be this way if I get in a relationship again. I've gotten so much stronger and leaner too during quarantine, I would actually love my body so much, finally.

No. 141464

They're not perfectly round though.

No. 141465

Samefag from above, I totally feel you anon, could've written this myself.

> Tears of you joy to think it doesn't have to be this way

I hate waking up naked just to make sure my own bf doesn't see an inch of my breasts in broad daylight.
I hope your surgery goes well and that you can enjoy your new found self-love. I too will save up because honestly, all the scarring and debt couldn't be uglier than what I have now. I've tried so long to love myself and accept my body as it is but I just can't and it's about time to feel secure in my own skin.

No. 141471

Thanks so much anon, I'll try to remember to post an update here after I get it done. I also hope you get the money saved up, and find the best solution for yourself. No one should have to feel like that with the person they love, and sometimes all the body positivity in the world just doesn't help even if we wish it would. Sucks to be in this situation but at least there are ways to fix it, whether it's through surgery or through internal acceptance for the people for whom that works.

No. 141478

File: 1591636015281.jpeg (53.26 KB, 352x440, 22461D31-06FF-46C5-829F-FAF34F…)

I know most breasts are asymmetrical but mine bothers me so much. I think my right was is super nice and I like the way it looks, but my left one sags significantly more. Right is all cute and perky and the left goes almost underneath itself.

No. 141483

You can hack this anon, just always turn yourself so that partners only see your good side. They'll be accommodating because to them you're the girl with perfect boobs.

No. 141495

File: 1591664918658.jpg (106.59 KB, 314x426, 20200609_040448.jpg)

the right side of my face is my good side but my left tit is the better tit

No. 142339

I practically have AA cups, but I wish I never grew breasts. I'm trying to work them away with enough exercise.

They're not visible through my clothes and if tug on an some skin above them, I look flat. But I don't know how flat can plain breast tissue be. Anything related to wanting a flat or smaller chest as a woman now points to FtM shit.

No. 142351

Were going through the same anon. I gained some weight so my chest is a little bit bigger (still an A and pretty flat) but i want to be completely flat. I bought a binder because I have several clothing items I like better with a totally flat chest. I agree It’s sucks that if we told this to anyone they’d think we were ftm or “non-binary”

No. 142362

I don't think you can make your chest flat through excersise? Your boobs aren't completely made out of fat afterall, there's stuff (sorry esl, idk the terms in English) in there to produce milk. That's not gonna disappear.

No. 142370

The term would be breast tissue which I mentioned already.

And it's not easy to tell. There are far more fakebois and FtMs than fitgirls (and fitgirls can get flat). So all the search engine results for getting a flatter chest just point to surgery or FtM stuff.

No. 142623

what will happen to them if i lose 60 pounds?

No. 142639

Maybe they'll get smaller, maybe they'll sag, maybe nothing. Depends from person to person

No. 142711

if not trans then why are you so desperate to be completely flat-chested?

No. 142798


I didn't like them when I was growing them and I still don't like them, it doesn't mean I want to take hormones or graft a sausage made out of my arm skin onto my crotch.

Going to have to question "desperate" or any negative connotation. I find exercise as a healthier way of going about this than going under the knife, or trying to convince myself that I'm the opposite gender and something "wrong" happened just because I'd be androgynous.

No. 142804

File: 1593137979408.png (664.29 KB, 768x537, fig11.png)

Anyone else have axillary/accessory breast tissue? Mine looks like pic related but a bit less noticeable. I went and got it checked out earlier this year because it was a sore lump, and I thought it could be a swollen lymph node or worse. Nope, the doctor told me that during fetal development, we have vestigial mammary stem cells along the "milk line", which runs down each side of the torso like where cat/dog/etc nipples are. Usually these go away leaving only our 2 human breasts but sometimes the process gets fucked up and leaves a patch of breast tissue behind. This is also apparently how some people have 3rd nipples. Mine changes size slightly with my menstrual cycle along with my normal breast tissue.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this, did their tissue change size when they gained weight? I don't mind how mine looks now, it is a bit asymmetrical but not enough that I want surgery, but it does get sore and tender often and if it got much bigger it would start to be a problem aesthetically. Have you had any other problems with it?

No. 142805

That's the exact amount of weight I lost. Obviously it's different for everyone, but mine got significantly smaller, like down 3 cup sizes. They're not as full as they were, but not necessarily saggy either. The biggest bummer is the tiny stretch marks I had there got much more noticeable. Turns out you get stretch marks not only from gaining weight, but from losing it too. Ive still gotten compliments on them, so it can't be that bad I guess.

I've heard microneedling is good for stretch marks, but I'm scared to do that on my tits. Does anybody know anything about that?

No. 142816

You don't get stretch marks from losing weight, its just that they are more noticeable because there is less fat stretching them out.

No. 142822

>Lillee Jean thread
>I hate to talk shit about someone’s tits because you get what you get, but how in the FUCK does this teenager with no kids have such saggy, deflated tits?

It's exactly that shit which makes me hate myself and think that I'm not normal. Yeah anon, it's just how they develop. I was never fat and still have saggy pancakes. Fuck I hate my boobs

No. 142829

Same anon, I have saggy boobs on an otherwise thin body and I know they look bad I don't need to hear it everytime. Biggest insecurity. You can never see me without a bra.

No. 142831

Do you mean derma rolling? I've heard that it does good things but I'm squeamish with blood. I've just learned to live with my stretch marks.

No. 143043

have tried it on stretchmarks once. it's healed over and haven't noticed any real difference.

No. 143051

Excessive nitpicking from cow threads has me feeling the same way anon. My boobs are feeling the second hand dragging from the criticisms towards kiwi sunset’s breasts on shoes thread

No. 143052

I've been arguing with the shitty anons over their nasty posts about Kiwi specifically thinking of posts like >>142822, your reaction is exactly what I was worried about.

Do they really think their words have no impact on anyone other than the person they're criticizing? When you call them out on it, they have every excuse in the book. Like oh, she deserves it because she's a bad person, she deserves it because she's naked on the internet, it's her job to have a perfect body. But that's not how reality works, anyone who looks similar will feel insulted. And the dumbest part is… she has a great body and nice boobs. It's totally unwarranted and I honestly just think they're jealous. They really can't stand girls getting attention from men for any reason and have a knee jerk reaction to pick on anything they possibly can. And since she's got a nice body, they have to go for her nipples.

No. 143057

Ah yes I think I saw you on there
Ya know it’s hypocritical cuz I obviously am on this website, but there is a lot of nasty vibes coming off of some farmers.
There’s a lot of girls who self admittedly like to cause negativity and arguments on the threads, and on top of that imageboard culture thrives on internalized misogyny.
That kiwi chick is cute as hell, she seems annoying but wtf so does everyone else on the Internet. I feel like the people tearing apart her image are feuding for what shoes going through, even though they hate her

No. 143058

getting a reduction this thursday

im a 30H but really i fit into a 34DDD or whatever, cant wait to kill my bdd.

No. 143073

I'm >>142822 anon and I also read the Kiwi nitpick >>143052 mentioned. I wanted to post in here again but whatever, it seems to be a moot point. It's not that I'm not nitpicky myself sometimes, but usually it's about stuff that people could fix. Never about stuff like stretchmarks, cellulite or how someone is built. You can't perk up saggy boobs. There are slim girls with saggy breasts and big nipples. It really makes me sad and I just think that I'm right and no other young person looks like me and can relate. Those boobs are just not seen anywhere. I guess I will just have to spend thousands of dollars to look ok.

No. 143081

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure a lot of the girls here nitpicking saggy breasts and big areolas have those kinds of breasts themselves. Its not rate at all. I have had sagging, big boobs since I was a young teenager. Many, many girls have that. You just never see it because it gets actively censored and shamed out of existence.

I think the most rabid nitpickers have a lot of body and boob anxiety and just go on demon time here to let it out and to feel like they're not on the recieving end for once. Its hard growing up with saggy boobs because men uuuh I mean the media tell us its basically the worst thing you can have as a woman besides being fat. So I wouldn't worry about harsh nitpickings. Th girls doing it sure don't look like petite little perky titted nymphets. They probably look just like you.

No. 143109

It's unnecessary and should be banned imo. The kinds of people that go on and on about a cow's parts (esp vagina and breasts) are doing nothing but clog threads and spread shitty incel tier body image. I don't doubt the people that talk shit have body image issues themselves but it's better to take away their ability to vomit their brain-damage out at everyone. Maybe if they stop being able to nitpick cows, they will learn that nitpicking isn't fruitful to anybody.

Legitimate cows have qualities besides being sort of ugly so it won't degrade board quality to ban these people on-sight.

No. 143139


Good luck with your surgery, anon. One of my friends had a breast reduction a few years back. Needless to say she feels much better.

No. 143140

My left breast has an inverted nipple. It's nothing to be worried about unless it's new.

No. 143243

Anyone here has nipples that are always erect? I'm not aroused or anything all the time but my nipples are always perky. I think up to four times random in a year they are not. But as soon as I spot them being relaxed they get perky again.

I know it's normal (gyno said so) and I don't have a condition but I'm still insecure. None of my friends have nipples that behave like mine.

No. 143246

Mine are like that too, but then again I'm horny 24/7.

No. 143260

Mine are pierced, does that count?

I have to admit that I find erect nipples kind of nicer than inverted ones.

No. 143359

So it can relate to being horny. The more you know.
Glad I'm not alone!

I guess it counts. Perky is perky.

Yeah, they look nice but somehow I still got insecure because I feel different.

No. 143360

Is it normal for your nipples to have the texture of like a pineapple with really deep lines like as if they're cut into a bunch of small pieces but are not cut all the way through just yet
I've had inverted nipples since I was born and I only saw my nipples for the first time recently because I didn't know inverted was a thing and thought they were just flat.. I bought this suction thing and uh yeah
(also maybe more sex related but I'm sad I don't feel anything at all when someone "touches" them)

No. 143428

Google 'nipple close up' and you will see lots of variation, but also some gross stuff.
I have no pleasurable feeling in mine either and know a friend with the same, maybe you will feel something in them one day but maybe not. It's up to you if you want to keep trying to feel something there but just never waste your time by lying about it or forcing yourself to put up with something you don't enjoy.

No. 143748

File: 1594341715507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 3088x2316, C565E693-A39D-4487-ACB1-6B5F68…)

I found this weird scar/blister on my right tit after taking off my shirt to shower. It originally had dark, dead skin over it until I accidentally removed it then it started hurting, I haven’t touched it since then and now it looks infected or something.

I have no idea what’s going on but I hope it’s not breast cancer.

It’s been like that for a few days, please help!

No. 143749

File: 1594341808822.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 3088x2316, E943545C-95DB-4279-8144-0D0B0B…)

No. 143752

Might just be a blister from friction, but id advise to double check with a doctor. Dont wanna risk anything.

No. 143767

Just a blister; keep it clean and let it scab over- try wear things that won't rub against it.
So far it looks very sore so expect to wait a few days for it to heal.

No. 143775

Thanks for the help! Although my bras never caused this but I’ll keep an eye on it for now.

No. 143872



thanks, im still recovering. i feel better in my body though :) totally recommend!

No. 144552

Do you guys also have fine hair on your breasts? I have some on mine but I'm pretty hairy too so maybe it's that. Should I wax them or leave them be? They're barely visible.

No. 144554

Relax anon, everyone has hair on their breasts, I have quite light hair and I have it too

No. 144558

I have a handful of lil dark hairs on each breast, I leave them alone. I don't want to pluck them and start getting ingrown hairs or spots in an area like that.

No. 144580

don't touch them. I pulled out one niphair when I was a teen and the hair that came back was dark. A decade later and I still have one dark hair poking out even though the rest is blonde and I keep pulling it out

also it's normal

No. 144842

I stumbled across a post on r/smallboobproblems where people were saying that they feel uncomfortable watching movies/tv with their SO if the actresses have big boobs, or research what they want to watch before so they can gage boob size, or specifically look for “small boob representation” in media because big boobs are so triggering for their self esteem. I know that this subreddit (and all of Reddit) is shit and full of disgusting males larping as women but I was wondering if any of you feel this way. I have small tits and even though I wish they were bigger, I’ve never felt bothered by the size of other women’s tits, much less tRigGeReD by them so much that I can’t even watch a movie.

No. 144852

saame, i had a single one that I plucked and it's thick and black now (instead of blonde). now I just pluck them all (the long ones at least) but I really wish I never did. boyfriend doesn't care but I find it annoying

No. 144854

I absolutely don't care and have never compared myself to other women in regards to my small boobs

No. 144859


Similarly, I can always tell when a disgusting male is writing a script because in movies, small breasted women will get made fun of by women with bigger boobs which just… doesn't happen??? Not that I've seen in real life ever.

"Itty Bitty Titty Committee" was probably invented by a man. Then make writers inserted it into female dialogue.

No. 144861

That's because your hair gets darker as you get older, not because you plucked it. Shaving or waxing does not make your hair grow back thicker or darker, that is a myth.

Hormonal changes are the reason this happens, also when you shave your hair the ends are blunt instead of pointed, which makes the hair that grows back appear thicker.

No. 144864

I’ve always had small boobs imo and used to be really insecure about it (tbf, I’m really tiny with a small frame so like, now I know d-cups would look absolutely ridiculous on me) but I’ve had partners tell me I had big/perfect tits. It’s one of those things where it’s like, to each their own, I’m not gonna get triggered by girls with big tits cause they’re hot and we just have different looks & different guys will appreciate different things. Being insecure past the age of 19 is so passé lol.

No. 144889

I'm at the point where sometimes I think about cutting my breasts off when I'm in a very low mood. My breasts are making me sick in the head and I need to do something about it, I'm just not sure what. Has anyone else had such an extremely bad reaction to their breasts and if you resolved it how did you do so?

No. 144907

I have this too, to the point i thought i was trans. I stopped taking birth control recently and they shrunk over two cup sizes and I feel much better in my body. Obviously this only works if birth control made your breasts bigger. You seem to dislike them more when you're in a bad mood, so there might be more of a psychological issue behind it. You could solve that with therapy. I've been going to therapy for years (primarily for other issues) and I still don't like them, even if I feel great overall. At best, they just feel "wrong", very uncomfortable, like they don't belong to my body. So I'm saving up for a breast reduction. I might even get one for free if I can prove that they cause back issues, but i haven't looked into that. This could also be an option for you.

No. 144945

This movie actually was written and directed by women

No. 144947

I wasn't talking about that movie.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a phrase that came before the movie. And I'm saying, I think a dude probably invented that phrase.

Additionally, the movie is satirical LGBT movie and the plot doesn't involve women making fun of other smaller breasted women.

No. 145188

good luck if you pursue it anon. mine made me so much more happier

No. 145212

I just got to a point at 26 yrs old where I’ve found my proper bra size (32DD/34D because I can only afford Walmart bras rn), but my left tit is an anomaly that refuses to be tamed. It sits lower than my right side and sags to the side rather that down, and in any bra it takes up more space so it’s noticeably bigger than the other side. I can’t tell if it’s because my right side’s dominant and stronger from carrying my high school backpack on that side or if my genetics just suck. Could there be a way to fix this without considering surgery? I wouldn’t mind getting it maybe lifted and dealing with the scars from it, but goddamn it’s so expensive

No. 145222

It might just depend on how small exactly and your overall looks/self esteem. I have a lot of flaws looks wise and I'm nearly flat too, I can't even buy adult bras because A is way too big for me. I do feel really bad about being flat, it feels weird both physically and mentally that I have basically nothing there, but my looks are fucked up in general so I easily feel bad or envious about things. I also feel bad about my nonexistent flat ass and how people made fun of that before too. Or my ugly teeth that are impossible to hide. If I had something to make up for my flat chest maybe I wouldn't be upset about it but all my flaws upset me a lot because I have so many and I wish I looked normal

No. 145311

i recently measured myself using the abrathatfits calculator and the size i got was 32C/30D while i've been wearing 32A all my life. since it's quarantine i'm not really sure how to figure out my size in person, plus i want to get a sports bra to start losing weight. would it be a good idea to just order a 32C sports bra and use it? i'm worried that it'll be too big and me working out will make my breasts sag more than they already do

No. 145655

Mine are grade 3 since they popped up during puberty.
Truly disgusting and with big areolas too.

No. 145662

Don't trust the calculator, I used it after people told me I might not be as flat as I was thinking but when I ordered other sizes they all ended up being way too big and I still ended up with my old 70AA.. If the size you wear feels right then it probably is right.

No. 145715

sounds like me. Nothing short of surgery will solve it sadly. I wear a bra for my bigger side and the padding sort of evens out the look on the other. Its pretty common though, even down to it being the left breast most commonly. so I wouldn't put it down to unfortunate genetics, just genetics in general. im 29 now and kinda over it to be honest. I feel like I could afford implants, but uplift is a whole other world of expense.

No. 145751

I feel you. Can’t believe mine grew in pre-sagged. As a side note the fact that the first model is “normal” irks me like I already feel crap about how they look

No. 146055

mine already sag from getting fat. what happens if i lose a lot of weight?

No. 146394

i'm gonna keep it real with u; surgery is the only solution if you want to make them less saggy. i had a reduction a couple of months after i turned 18. my boobs were well past grade 3 and i felt so terrible about them, they almost reached my belly button. for almost two years (from age 15-17) i desperately looked for natural ways to change them, but there aren't any if your breasts are that saggy. my best advice is to either learn how to accept & love them or to get surgery.

i got a reduction + a lift 6.5 years ago. i do have some light scarring, but i don't mind. i was past an H cup pre-surgery i think (it's long ago and i don't think i ever found the right bra size), now I use C/D (i have a very wide ribcage btw). my breasts weren't only saggy, they were also way too huge compared to the rest of my body and were a legitimate health issue as they fucked my back up. i got everything covered (except the post-surgery bra lol, that was like $35). however, i would 100% have saved up for the surgery if i had to.

because i was so young when getting a breast reduction (my surgery was like, 3-4 weeks after my consultation) i didn't really have time to think about the risks, i was more focused on my final exams tbh. a part under my nipple on my right breast (where the scar goes straight down) is numb, but i don't mind. my nipples became more sensitive after the surgery, but i have heard that some can lose the feeling in their nipples. i had the "anchor" method done, but know there are other methods that don't leave as much scarring.

truthfully i'm 100% satisfied with my breasts atm, the surgery changed my life for the better.

No. 146396

Should I wear bras or not during quarantine? My mom tells me not wearing them makes it saggy but I had people saying the contrary. So what's the truth?

No. 146452

they get deflated at least mine did… they sag but now they look like cum filled condoms lmfao

No. 146453

personally dont think it does anything either way. I rarely wear a bra and my tits are quite heavy and droopy as it is. but they havent got worse

No. 146644

meh. I haven’t worn a bra casually in five years and i have DDs. i’ve only noticed a mild bit of sagging but it’s mostly due to aging rather than my boobs weighing themselves down. wear a bra, don’t wear a bra, fuck it. if you’re comfortable with people seeing your nipples 24/7 then ditch the bra.

No. 146682

It depends on your posture and how you bear the weight on your chest. If you slouch without a bra of course they'll get saggy. You need to build up the muscle to counter gravity. Bras do that for you.

No. 146683

edit: bras don't build up muscle, they counter gravity in case that was weird.

No. 147130

i'm an F but my posture is shit (maybe due to my size) so it's not really noticeable. i don't know what good posture is and dress like shit so it doesn't really matter, though i should focus more having better posture for my back's sake but i feel like my chest looks weird with the clothes i own!

No. 147432

since I've been little watching my mum nursing my siblings till this day I've been finding breastfeeding absolutely repulsive and if I ever have kids I'd never breastfeed them.

No. 147466

One of my aunts breastfed her son to an unholy age and even though I was a kid too when I saw it.. I still felt sick

No. 147648

I feel the same tbh, I know it's a good and natural thing, but I just cant help finding it awkward and gross to witness. And the entitlement of some of these mothers to just whip a tit out everywhere they go. Idk..not for me

No. 147656

my boobs are so asymmetrical. I know that’s normal but it looks and feells so obvious for me.

my left is a lot bigger than my right and it here are times where I can’t fit certain bras because my right boob doesn’t fill up the cup. i normally wear sports bras which are good for me because they’re stretchy but I still wanna wear cute ones sometimes. I think it may be caused by sleeping on my right side a lot growing up so it might have hindered some of its growth. but it’s just so annoying because it’s just…there

No. 147657


also anon, I know this is months old and you’ll probably never see this but I just had a coughing/cry laughing fit over this so thanks for giving my first hard laugh since this pandemic started

No. 147658

Good luck with your sickly children

No. 147679

Everyone's left boob is slightly bigger, anon. It's supposedly due to bloodflow idk.

No. 147680

my right one is bigger, so I call bullshit on that theory

No. 147741

Same. Just got to wear bras with padded/moulded cups so they at least look even under clothing even if you can press it right in

No. 147779

You're just a flipped image

No. 147781

I have the exact same problem anon. I was gifted a really cute bralette-type top and can't even wear it because my right boob can't fill it out. It's something I'm really embarrassed about, but there's not really anything to do besides surgery, so oh well.

No. 147931

isn't just the boob on the side of your predominant hand the bigger one since the muscle is more defined. Just like how your dominant hand is stronger than the other

No. 147949

My breasts are my biggest complex and sometimes I wonder if I have BDD because I feel completely flat when in reality I'm not. I feel so unattractive and undesireable for having breasts on the smaller side. It lead me to binge eating but nothing changes, I'm depressed about them every day and I hate to shower or look at my body. I know it's not realistic but a lot of the time I feel like everything would be fixed about me and I'd be happy if I just grew my chest size.

No. 148037

What is your actual size, anon?
If they really are small and it's not just your own perception tricking you, maybe consider surgery? I'd usually never recommend this but it sounds like it's a huge deal for your confidence so getting them surgically enhanced might be a game changer in how you feel about yourself.

No. 148053

Did anyones breasts grow around 25 for no real reason??

I didn't gain any noticeable weight since I've been maintaining for a year now (I track calories and go to the gym 3-5 times). They didn't grow much but enough for me to notice that they are somewhat bigger.

No. 148081

I've heard of that happening to some people, and I'm praying it doesn't happen to me. I like my small boobs and would be super upset if they grew lol. I wonder what causes it?

No. 148138

Mine did when I was 20 but because I started taking bc pills. I always had a B cup but then it became a C and somehow they looked so huge that friends were asking me if I got them done

No. 148139

Happened to me when I was 26, they grew about a cup and a half in size. I didn’t gain weight or start birth control or anything that might have affected it. It’s just something that happens to some people. Hormones are weird.

No. 148155

yea, went from a 34B to a 32C
but apparently those are "sister sizes"
i'm dumb. wtf is a sister size?

No. 148156

theyre the same "circumference"
just different ratio of cup size to band size. in that example, 32c is smaller band size and increased cup size, but still the same bust size altogether as 34 b

No. 148163

Bra sizes are one of the banes of human existence I swear to god

No. 148166

I hope this happens to me I hate my tiny boobs

No. 148182

File: 1597830202165.jpg (16.47 KB, 261x261, meeverynight.jpg)

AaH i hate how much smaller my left boob is compared to my right. My bras dont even fit correctly because of it, its like almost 2 cups of difference (well i didnt actually measure it but it feels and seems like it). I hope so much that maybe my left breast will grow a bit bigger so that the difference isnt that bad. Im thinking of doing some exercise for my left breast but im not sure if it will help much.

No. 148192

Decided to lose 15 kilos and get a breast lift and make them even too.

No. 148196

gl on your weight loss, you can do it anon! I hope your surgery goes well to!
Idk how i feel about surgery myself, i just think its annoying that i most bras dont fit properly. I'm hoping that i wont have to get surgery to make the difference smaller. I know most women have different sized breast but i feel like my difference is bigger then most women. I'm also 19 so if i do get surgery it will probably be 10 years later kek.

No. 148215

File: 1597852016416.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.35 KB, 180x147, je-sm-npg.jpg)

I hate how consuming porn in my preteen and early teen years has made me hate my breasts for the longest time. I never saw anyone IRL or even in porn have the same breast/nipple shape and it made me feel so insecure.

They look like something between >>136108 and pic rel and I feel like they're really saggy for my age (I'm almost 20). My nipples are almost always puffy and spherical with big areolas, even more than pic rel. My partner likes them and thinks they're "unique", but god, I would much rather be normal.

What helped me immensely with hating my terrible nipples was getting them pierced, so anons, if your pain tolerance allows for that, I can't recommend that enough. I love how the piercings look on me and they actually made my puffy nipples look a lot more "normal".

No. 148226

…these are not saggy boobs at all.

No offense but some of you need to be slapped lmao.

No. 148227

What the fuck? If these are saggy then I'm a fucking old haggard decrepit woman at the age of 18. Jesus. My boobs can reach my belly button if I slouch a little. If these images are anything to go by, yours aren't saggy at all, plus puffy nips are adorable.

No. 148249

actually can you elaborate how piercings changed your nipples? Also, are they uncomfortable in bras? Are there any particular cons?

No. 148251

File: 1597865152339.jpg (36.54 KB, 600x338, 809432750476.jpg)

Those are perfectly normal and attractive boobs. All natural breasts even on the youngest women have a "slope" to them (unless they're quite small) due to gravity. And I promise, guys aren't picky. Fake and real, large and small, most are into all of them lol. Personally I think the common porn image of balloon tits that don't move and are just kinda mountains stacked on top of a chest look stupid, so I'm glad you realize that stuff isn't typical. And I don't want to link out to it here, but I can assure you there is also a lot of porn with women who have natural breasts.

No. 148260

I have inverted nipples, plus really small boobs. Hardly fills an A cup. Idk why but my boobs literally havent changed since I was 13 in shape too.
Anyway, i basically never felt any arousal when touching my breasts. Could it be related to inverted nipples? Does anyone else have no sensitivity?
Im also a virgin so its not like i did extreme bdsm stuff on my boobs that caused it to not get aroused at normal touch.

No. 148265

You sound fine. I have huge areolas for what that might matter, so you'd think I should have extra reactive nipples, but nothing. I touch myself and I can feel the pressure but there's nothing arousing about it and even the actual touch sensation is minimal. Boyfriend does the same, touches with fingers, tongue, also nothing. Barely feel it even if he literally bites them.

I've actually found that very light, sort of ticklish touching along the sides of my breasts feels nice, so you might need to experiment more or it may be that your breasts just aren't a very sensitive area for you. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 148275

I’m convinced that the whole thing about breasts being sexually sensitive is just a myth men created/sold us on in order to grope them more lmfao

No. 148289

Nta, but I can answer the other two questions:

>Also, are they uncomfortable in bras?

No, you won't notice them at all once the initial pain and sensitivity is gone

>Are there any particular cons?

It takes a year for them to heal and there's always a chance of them getting snagged on stuff if you're not careful, other than that there are really none

Some dudes have really sensitive nipples, wonder if that's maybe where it came from?

No. 148291

My nipples are sensitive, sometimes as sensitive as my vagina. They are very small btw

No. 148296

My nipples are super sensitive, even before exposure to sex. It's not that deep.

No. 148299

File: 1597913855260.png (Spoiler Image,228.3 KB, 418x268, 113800849475.png)


>can you elaborate how piercings changed your nipples?

Of course! Like I said before, I have really puffy nipples 90% of the time. IDK how to explain it better, but before I got the piercings, there would be absolutely no definition between where the nipple part ends and where the areola begins, it felt like the areola was kind of… flowing over into the nipple area? It was just sphere-shaped like in pic related.

After the piercing there's now a noticeable definition between the nipple and areola and if I go braless, my nipples look "normal" through my shirt. Does wonders for my confidence, ngl.

Other than that, what anon in >>148289 says is pretty much true, but I'll elaborate a bit more-

>Are there any particular cons?

The piercing hurt only a little, it feels like someone pinches your nips and that's it. They were a bit sore for like 1-2 weeks after the procedure, though. It hurt when I accidentally slept on them, but other than that, I can't recommend it enough! You gotta avoid swimming in unknown water until they're healed, though. I didn't even let them touch pool water until about 6 months in, and even then, I wore waterproof bandages. You gotta take care of them like a baby!!

>Also, are they uncomfortable in bras?

I can't really say, anon, I didn't really wear bras to begin with (they gave me terrible backaches) and I stopped wearing them completely for the healing process. I'm slowly starting to wear them again for workout reasons (don't like my titties flapping around in the wind), and I don't even notice the piercings being there unless I've snagged them on something. Hope that answers your questions hehe

No. 148320

Youtube recommended me this video, i normally ignore them but I sat and watched it because I've had trouble with my recent bras and was sick of the double boob thing. I've gained weight in lockdown so it's even worse than usual.

and holy shit anons, i thought the whole "most women dont wear correct size bras" thing was mostly bull since other than the double boob i'd always found my bras comfy.
I measured up and went from a 38DD to a fucking 36H. I didn't believe it so i bought a cheap bra on ebay just to see if it was correct, it came today and holy shit, I've never had something fit me so well.

anons if you haven't already, size your bra properly. I actually look less frumpy in clothes now.

No. 148354

I'm a C/D with a small band size. I struggle to look at it objectively so I can't really tell if it is actually that small or not, but I think C/D is not considered small especially for my body type. I've gotten remarks about them being bigger than they look when I wear clothes too. Sometimes my thoughts get really extreme and even suicidal over it, but I've been watching hentai and surrounded by pornsick otaku men since pre-puberty so that probably has something to do with it. I feel like I'll never be good enough unless I magically grow some huge boobs and I do seriously consider surgery but I'm afraid that would just send me into a Momokun spiral of needing more.

No. 148384

Did you get any changes about sensitivity? I have low sensitivity and read somewhere that getting them pierced might increase it (something I'd be willing to try), but I'm not really sure if it is worth it.

No. 148387

we tried to tell u bb.

No. 148394

i really want to go braless but im always insecure about my nips showing through my shirt. my boobs are pretty small too. any other anons gone braless?

No. 148403

Nta, but nothing really changes

I even wear low cut shirts now without a bra (but tuck them in so nothing can accidentally show). If you're worried about nips showing you can get pasties

No. 148407

I’ll do it if the shirt I’m wearing has a detailed enough pattern/print bc then the shadows from your nipples get camouflaged.

No. 148410

How is she measuring her bust size? She says she bends over and measures herself when she's parallel to the floor, but where does she puts the measurement tape? across her nipples and then around her back?

No. 148411

Yes, held slightly lose around the back and across the nipples.

No. 148412

thank you boo <3

Damn Im a 32E. My whole life I thought I was a 34B/ C.

tfw live in japan and theres NO way they'll have that cup size, anywhere.

No. 148417

I used the A Bra That Fits size calculator and it recommended a 30DD/30E. After trying some on, seems like I’m a 30E rather than a 34C. New bra size fits well and is comfortable but I can only buy it online and it’s expensive

My boobs aren’t as massive as they sound but are big for my frame and hurt my back. Also found that breast roots (where the boob attaches to the torso) are different on everyone after thinking I had kinda saggy boobs ever since I got them. They are slowly starting to actually sag though and obviously with starting lower they will look worse

Read about getting a breast lift and reduction - anyone had one in the UK? I’ve read they don’t like to reduce lower than a C and want to leave some overhang to hide the scarring, but I just want small boobs without much give to sag

No. 148423

Does anyone else have like… sensitive breasts? Mine are only sore before my period, but they hurt easily when grabbed or pressed. When my cat gently hops onto my chest, it makes my breasts hurt a little. I always have to hold them if I'm going up/down stairs without a bra, otherwise it hurts.

I'm a C cup if that helps…

No. 148430

Anyone have any tips for being happy with your breast size? I'm what I like to call 'big on tag' as in I wear a 32K but I feel like my breasts are maybe only slightly bigger than average. Some days I feel downright average or small. If I could change anything about my body, it would certainly be bigger boobs but I hate the spherical fake titty look. Sometimes I feel like it's a case of the grass is greener, but when I see women with macromastia I get so jealous. I want that. And no, I don't want bigger breasts for any sort of male validation. I've been fascinated with large breasts my entire life.

No. 148433

Please dont take this in a rude way anon, but could you just have a fetish for extremely large breasts? A quick google on macromastia and it looks incredibly painful and sad to live through.

It is mostly grass is greener. I wish a had smaller cute breasts because you can get really cute bra options.

No. 148434

I don't think it's a fetish since I have no actual sexual feelings towards breasts, just a fascination with large ones. And I don't want them to be unmanageably huge, just maybe 3-4 cup sizes bigger. Anything that interferes with daily life sounds horrific. I've tried nearly every avenue short of surgery. Suppliments, herbal treatments, strength training my pectorals.

As for bras, I've never had much of a problem with the selection for me. Actually finding my band + cup is a challenge (and expensive) but I have no desire to have especially cute or fancy underwear.

No. 148461

Are you me?? it sucks so much! And it’s weird, because I can hold them and such, but it anyone even dares to sightly poke one of my boobs, it hurts like I just got punched in the chest.

No. 148648

I felt the same way when I found out about the condition, anon. Although I did ground myself a bit when I found out that it can cause tears or even death. I also don't like the fake spherical look and wish I just had large, natural looking hanging breasts. I'm envious of that.

No. 148652

are you that anon that posts on lolcow to manipulate people into reading about your fetishes

No. 148685

>they hurt easily when grabbed or pressed. When my cat gently hops onto my chest, it makes my breasts hurt a little. I always have to hold them if I'm going up/down stairs without a bra, otherwise it hurts.
That's not normal. I would chop my tits off no question if I had to live like that. Go see a doctor.

No. 148695

I feel the same exact way about mine anon, I was bullied for my small boobs throughout middle and high school by my stupid coomer friends and I'm 28dd/30d. I get so insecure and upset and sometimes I cant even bare to look at myself naked

No. 148739

That's exactly the way I feel too. I'm sorry you have to experience that, I know how much it hurts. I've tried so hard to change myself with no luck so it feels like I'm stuck in a body I'll forever feel upset about.

No. 148806

I'm A/B and although I don't particularly hate having such small tits, I hate the shape of them so much. They look like they never really grew past pre teen phase (and they really don't look much different from when I was like 10+ years younger). Surgeries are kinda expensive for me, and I don't really complain about them much as I can't really change it, but I hate them so damn much

No. 148837

How do I determine my bra size? I checked all my bras and I have (of those that still have the label) a 75A that fits perfectly, a 75A from the same store that is so big it doesn't even touch my breasts, a 75A that's a bit tight and a 75B that fits nicely. I measured myself and according to measurements my size is 70A. I checked the A bra that fits calculator and it said my size is 65C. I found another website about bra sizing and it also says my size is 65C, because it suggests band size should be a few cm smaller than what you measured so it fits tightly, but some of the bras I have that are 75 cm are already too tight. Who should I trust?

No. 148859

I’m exactly like you anon. Hate them so much too, sometimes I don’t even feel I’m a woman and I get a bit envious seeing other girl’s breasts. I wish I could get a surgery, but I don’t want to have to go to the surgeon every 10/15 years or so. The worst for me is that I am thin but with curves and it just looks odd on me. Like it makes my stomach look bigger and it just doesn’t fit well with my body

No. 149363

I'm not at the point of not watching a movie because of that, but I do feel really insecure and inferior when I see men gushing over big boobs. I've never had a boyfriend but I'm afraid if I ever have one at one point he will leave me for someone with bigger boobs. I'm basically flatchested and it's like nobody will ever find me sexy. It's hard to not be insecure about it when I had people from my family commenting on it several times insinuating I should have breast augmentation.

No. 149371

Did anyone's parents ever make weird/creepy comments about their breasts growing up? My mom talked non-stop to me about how insecure she was about her small boobs, like even before I went through puberty myself. Then when I started growing boobs she started making all these comments about how lucky I was not to have tiny boobs like her. I'm almost 30 now and she still does this, telling me how much she wants a boob job so she can have boobs like mine. She does this to my sister too, who has bigger boobs than both of us kek.

No. 149377

Kek my mom did this shit too, only she has large breasts and would constantly disparage any woman with small tits. Any time she got in an argument or didn't like some random woman (including any female relative), she'd always say they were just jealous of her big boobs.

After I went through puberty, she'd make unsolicited jabs about my breasts, how they're "not really that big," and humblebrag about big boob problems, but "you're only a C cup, so you don't really get it." Weird as hell.

No. 149381

Yes, mine has small boobs like me and she always told me she regrets not having a breast augmentation when she was young. She has also offered to pay one for me several times saying I don't look womanly enough.

No. 149384

My family nickname as a kid was “boobs” and it subsequently lead to me having a severe eating disorder by 13 and a very miserable and self-loathing disposition until I was 18 and cut off contact. That shit will fuck you up.

No. 149397

That's so creepy. Fuck your family. Glad you cut them off.

No. 149484

My grandma always brings up how big a woman's boobs are, like if we're out shopping or she sees someone on the TV. I find it so weird and unnecessary. And she even says it with young teenage girls, like there'd be one on TV and she'd comment on how big her boobs already are and it's just so inappropriate

Fucking sucks you had to go through that anon, I hope you're in a happier place

No. 149498

Does she think she's paying you the best compliment ever cos big boobs are so desirable in her eyes?

My weird memory is when I had grown some c cups and I knew it was time to get a bra. I had to wear my heavy school jumper (school had a uniform) during the summer because my breasts would show through the light coloured shirts that we wore underneath. Other girls could wear just the shirt because they were all wearing bras well before me despite being the same or behind me in terms of development.

I had to ask my mom, she made me strip in front of her to prove I had breasts (you could see I had them even in clothes, I was underweight around the waist and then had these pokey shaped c cup breasts) Only then did she agree and buy me the most childish training bras that you see actual kids wearing. I don't know why she was so reluctant. Looking back I had bigger breasts at that time than half my friends have as adults, there was no need to strip to prove it and no need to get a training bra instead of an actual bra.

When I got my period the same happened, no prep, no giving me products in advance and I had to prove that I had bled in order to get that pack of towels. Then I wasn't allowed try tampons.. I think she wanted to keep me young.

No. 149501

That's so bad. Just because big boobs are considered good doesn't mean kids want to have them so young, and definitely doesn't mean kids want to be indentified as a pair of walking boobs. It's bad enough when men sexualize children for developing early

No. 149535

All the time I wish I never developed so early, the psychological damage was pretty bad, and it took a long time before I finally understood none of it was my fault. My mom would treat me really badly and yell at me a lot, accusing me of strange things I didn’t understand because I was only 11-14 and just wanted to play with my friends. My stepdad would peep on me in the bathroom. I started restricting a lot by 12, tried the whole “chewing and spitting” thing before I became a fullblown bulimic at late 13. It didn’t matter how thin my body got, the breasts and hips were still there and it made me feel disgusting. I stopped wearing shorts and shorts sleeves and wore sweatshirts even when it was hot outside. The way you’re treated as a little girl with breast development can be really scary, I hope that doesn’t sound dramatic but it’s very true, but I guess it varies by what you look like and where you live. Anyways looking back as an adult a lot of things I couldn’t process or understand now make sense and they’re all horrifying lol. I’m angry for the child I was and I don’t think I will ever be able to get back the parts of me that were stolen so early, even now I try my best to rationalise everything but it still makes me sad. I see girls lamenting over being flat and I’m extremely jealous, being sexualised when I didn’t even know anything about sex was really detrimental to me. I recovered from my eating disorder in my early 20s but it’s really hard to reconcile with the self loathing, I still hate that people talk about my chest and I hate the way men look at it. It isn’t complimentary to me because I don’t find the attention flattering, it just makes me feel bad. Idk.

No. 149557

File: 1598761339742.jpeg (109.5 KB, 828x643, F71CF1C1-DA3A-4C7F-96CE-DFF3AD…)

Yeah I definitely think there’s a link between being sexually objectified as a kid and eating disorders. Relevant research paper:

No. 149659

Nta but Jesus this shit pisses me off
Hope it gets better for anons out there struggling.

No. 149825

A friend of mine told me she's insecure about her C-cups and she wants to get plastic surgery. IMO silicon tits always look horribly lumpy and stiff and idk how to convince her not to do it. C is above average but she thinks they're small

No. 149846

This is just a general complaint, but why does everyone seem to think that if someone has a small chest, that they have an uguu uwu small tiny babby frame? Not everyone who wasn't 'blessed' with breasts is a cute pixie. Some are tall and/or broad af. Or even assuming that everyone with a small chest is that way because they are super skinny. Shit happens okay, you can have small breasts and be a healthy weight.
Why are also all tips/advice/positivity content for small chests geared more towards the ugu uwu crowd too? It might be an uncommon sight on social media, because it's not very marketable, but women with an average to big frame, who aren't superskinny, with small chests exist too.

No. 149848

Why am I, a 4’11”, 95lbs, shoe size 3 wearing, asian woman cursed with DD breasts? Why couldn’t I have been part of the stereotype of asian woman having small breasts? All the other women in my family besides me and my sister have small boobs but for some goddamn reason I have to have the largest tits in the family. Not to mention I hit puberty in grade 3 and had full grown breasts by the time I was 12. Life is a nightmare and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve doctor shopped my way to having my boobs cut off without hormone therapy. Fuck this shit. I’d rather not have to deal with the stares and the back pain than try going through therapy to heal from the trauma of being over sexualized (or just sexualized in general) as a child and being treated like a porn category.

No. 149920

Thank you! I'm sick of internet media/society/culture only valuing small breasts on smol ppl like fuck you? I'm tall with broad shoulders and no (basically 0) boobs but not tall or ana enough to be a supermodel so apparently I'm a "fridge" just really rustled my jimmies

I hope you find a decent dr my friend only needed a letter from a therapist no hormones or anything (well cause she's cis) she just wanted a reduction. Fishy how you dont need Jack shit for silicone balloons

No. 149941

Thanks. I’ve already had my consult and I’m just waiting for a call with my surgery date. Probably going to be at least a year but well worth the wait.

No. 150217

Ugh, I had to deal with this too and my boobs are/were pretty average, just had a small frame. My mom would tell me to cover up all the time and wear a bra, and my older sister would squeeze/play with my breasts and laugh when they started filling in. It made me feel so uncomfortable, I remember asking my mom for a binder when I was like 11…

No. 150221

I used to be so fckng embaressed as a child once i got boobs, I was 10 and my body went from 0 to a B in a month and at 11 i had a E cup, I was the only girl that had noticable boobs and I would always during breaks cross my arms to cover them. I used to live near a pool so when i went there with school kids they would ask me to jump while staring at my chest, just being in a bikini was so emberassing. Some girls started calling me a bra slut because at some point i had no choice but to start wearing one. I like my boobs now but honestly if your the only child having them in your eviroment its really hard

No. 150290

My left nipple hurts so much rn anons. I had similiar pain in the beginning of 2020, went to the doc and she found nothing wrong. It happens a week or so before periods. It stopped after two cycles since feb but i'm hurting again in my left nipple, the same type of pain. It's a sharp sort of needle stab…

No. 150291

This is like my cycles this year. I got breast pain start of the year then it calmed down and this month again. I think it's the moon

No. 150292

Holy shit our boobs are telepathic

No. 150336

File: 1599385671184.png (Spoiler Image,87.88 KB, 200x354, what.png)

My boobs used to look like first pic when I was around 18-21, now I'm 25 and they look more like second pic. They've dropped a lot. I gained and lost 10 kg since then (haven't had kids, though I was pregnant until week 12 once and they were swollen af already) but I think it's mostly genetic, my mom has huge saggy boobs too and she's been at her ideal weight her entire life.
I feel so weird about it. I used to really like my boobs and now I don't even recognise them when I look in the mirror. It happened so fast, too. I just feel like a mountain of flubber, especially when I sit down without a bra. I can fit and carry around a whole ass remote control under my boobs.
My boyfriend tells me they're perfect and like his dream boobs, thank god he isn't a coomer. Is this worth considering surgery for? I've read that chest excercise doing wonders for your boobs is a myth.
I'm so scared of what will happen if I ever have children, I don't want them to sag down to my belly button.

No. 150338

Both boobs in the picture are beautiful. I really don't see whats wrong with the second picture. Everyone I know 25+ has those saggier boobs unless they're an A-cup.

I may be biased though as a bisexual.

No. 150374

So… when I massage my breasts in an upward motion, these visible lumps appear in my chest about 2 in above my nipples. When I massage down they go away. Is this breast cancer or lymph nodes? Freaking the fuck out

No. 150375

My tiddies are small btw (B) so I’m wondering if it could just be muscles or lymph nodes showing under my small tits

No. 150376

File: 1599407028550.jpeg (25.84 KB, 617x600, 83C5ABE3-D647-4ECF-BC2D-75103D…)

Just like in pic, for the first time ever when I’m massaging my tiddies I can see the axillary nodes really clearly… losing my marbles over this

No. 150390

You should check it (USG), but maybe it's just fibrocystic. I had some small lumps like in your description, they were gone after couple of months.

No. 150422

Does anyone else get really painful and sore breasts before their period? And does anyone have any tips to treat the pain? It lasts a week for me and if I even lightly touch them I'll be in complete agony, almost makes me want to cry it gets so bad. Even walking without a good supportive bra or any slight movements that'll move my boobs hurts a lot too. I never had this problem up until like a few months ago for some reason.

No. 150435

I don’t know if anyone else has the same issue but I’m kind of saddled with a triple whammy of boobs

> Smallish (B cup-ish)

> Was chubby during childhood and puberty but lost weight after, so kind hanging low-ish
> big areola

They kinda look like Luna’s tits but smaller and maybe not as low because I was never as big as she was/is. But the big areola makes the breasts look saggier because it just feels like my nipple is at the bottom of the breast so to speak.

Wondering if anyone had the chance to do anything about it, I’m currently not on any generous insurance that would cover a totally cosmetic issue and I think a breast lift would cost me around 10k. With coronavirus fucking up a lot of job opportunities, I don’t feel like it’d be a safe thing to spend money on if I ever need it in the future.

Never had any guy mention anything but they could have been polite and I don’t really flaunt them either if I can avoid it.
Anyone in the same kinda situation or who had any procedure done for it?

No. 150441

I have the same issues except they are large and starting to sag due to the cup size. Completely know what you mean re: big areola - if I could just reposition them a little higher or somehow shrink them I’d almost not want the whole breast to be lifted. However I also hate having big boobs so am saving for a reduction/uplift

It’s a big decision to make and you could use the time you spend saving for research. I know YouTube is full of sensationalist storytimes but I do recommend watching Nelly London’s video about her breast surgery. Her surgery went very wrong but it’s informative and not just ‘pity me’. Her body rejected the stitches which messed up her healing massively - that’s a risk you’ll have to consider

Also look at average women’s breasts (online unless you have that kind of access irl lol). It’s a minefield as even then, you get a skewed perspective of women confident enough to share their photos. Even though I don’t follow celebrities, I found that I was basically comparing my body to Barbie and doing that made me guaranteed to find flaws. Get some perspective

Also most guys don’t really care - boobs are boobs. Sure there are some guys with very high standards out there (usually the ones who put fuck all effort in themselves) but if a guy is fucking you, he thinks you’re hot. Forget their feelings and focus on how your boobs make YOU feel

No. 150442

Mine are similar but bigger, always been saggy and wide set too (so I can’t wear anything with cleavage). I’ve had one friend make a mean comment about it once but it didn’t affect me, it says more about her bitchiness than about me. Though I am a bit more careful about turning my back when changing now. No one I’ve slept with ever had a problem with my boobs either, but maybe I have the size going for me in that regard so I don’t know if that’s helpful.

Anon if I may give some unasked for advice - you can always decide to get the surgery later. Please don’t let plastic surgery stand in the way of other, more important life goals in terms of money.

No. 150443

Here's a gallery that features some natural boobs of different shapes and sizes.

This is why I hate titpicking. I'm all for calling out cows for their cowish behaviours but the nitpicking of their boobs is just… too much. Especially considering that boob size and shape is largely genetic, it's not like you have much of a choice.

>you can always decide to get the surgery later. Please don’t let plastic surgery stand in the way of other, more important life goals in terms of money

Also seconding this

No. 150444

Thanks for your feedback. As for the areola, honestly they’re not the biggest but if they were posted here I’d never hear the end of it, kinda like Kiwi’s or a bit bigger? But yeah when I lift my breasts by myself, I’m totally ok with their size suddenly. I realised that they just make my tits saggier compared to gals that have very small areola and same placement.

I know they’re totally normal and healthy boobs, albeit not the best looking out there (not the worst looking either). It sucks that I live in a city where people often re-do their tits, and lots of Brazilians girls live here too. Never seen as many tit jobs before I moved. Even a few friends had one and I think they healed nicely.

Forgot to add but they’re ALSO wide set ahah. Like they’ll never have that cleavage line effect unless I wear a push-up bra. But honestly I don’t mind that issue personally, it’s one of the least offensive trait to me.

Totally agree on the sentiment.
I also know that tits come in a variety of shapes and looks, but honestly as a bi girl, I don’t especially find mine attractive and I’m not sure I’d be attracted if someone had super tubular tits for example.
That makes me even more self-conscious when I’m flirting with women than men. I had one woman call them squishy lovingly (?) but it just made me feel more conscious of them.

No. 150447

They do, just go to Bradelis instead of cheaping out at somewhere like Peach John. They can do really professional, in-depth fittings too.

I swear some English speakers in this country need to learn how to do a proper google search in jp. Just because most cheap shit fast fashion clothes don’t fit doesn’t mean bigger/properly sized options don’t exist.

No. 150455

Not sure if this has been mentioned but does anyone get fine hairs on their tits? I’ve suddenly developed these little hairs in random spots that I literally shave off and I hate it

No. 150465

Yeah, I get random boob hairs and shave them off in the shower. I think it might be one of those things a decent number of people have but are too embarrassed about them to ever bring it up. I’m also very hairy though

No. 150471

I have them, probably around 10-20 around each nipple, most of them are thin but they've gotten increasingly thick over the years, so some of them almost have reached pubic hair thickness. I think it's normal but in my case, it might have to do with the fact that I have slightly heightened testosterone levels.

No. 150477

Can wearing too tight sports bras make your boobs sag like binders do?

I aways wear hand me downs that are too tight and my breasts have some pretty bad sag, not sure if this caused it.

I tried buying actual bras before corona, after measuring and using that subreddit calculator but it just ended up too big and it felt like i was wearing nothing, my boobs were bouncing around. I have a big ribcage and small boobs so maybe that's why it's been hard to get one that fits.

No. 150478

Have you been wearing them regularly throughout the day? I guess that it can be bad for your ribs and your breasts may sag because the support is so strong. I also have a big ribcage and an A cup and I've been doing really well braless. So if that's an option for you maybe try that? I've heard that it helps with the sagging because you will start building up a bit of muscle so that your breasts can support themselves (don't quote me on that though). I only wear sports bras for when I do sports now.

No. 150480

Yea i go braless at home. I've heard about it helping too but honestly i'm confused since some people and articles say gravity is the culprit, too strong support is bad and an unsupportive bra is bad too, i don't know anymore.

Should my bra allow for some bounce or something? What is the truth here

No. 150493

Has anyone gotten a breast reduction?

Im a C cup but I pretty small framed so even if its not a double D Im already having back pain issues, my boobs are also very low on my chest and they look extremely sagged, its not even real sagging they just start like a palm below my chestbone.

Would a doctor agre to give me an A cup, or even an AA?
Im very boyishly ( no hips, waist or butt) shaped and I feel like boobs make my figure look worse.

No. 150497

i got one a year ago and it was the best decision ive made
>Im a C cup but I pretty small framed, would a doctor agree to give me an A cup, or even an AA?
that entirely depends on your body structure and the surgeon them self, i wanted to be an A cup (was a F before + with a small frame) but my doctor took me to a B and mentioned that was as small as he could go; some people with the same proportions have gone done to an AA
i recommend checking out r/reduction on reddit since there are lots of commonly asked questions/concerns that others have experienced and addressed there (+ before/after pictures that can be helpful)

No. 150518

Boobs come in a variety of different shapes it just doesn't make sense to measure by cup size. I wonder if bras could be made different depending on bust shape or whatever. Just knowing the shape of some breasts are cup sizes hindering some women by manipulating the breast muscle odd. Just looking at that gallery if natural breast shapes and seeing the bra sizes in the captions, cup sizes do not make sense to me.

No. 150528

There are different bra styles that are suited for certain shapes though. Examples, balconette and demi bras I think are best suited for boobs that are fuller on the bottom. And some push up bras can help wide set boobs look closer.

Unless you’re talking about the overall shape that bras turn boobs into, because that’s all going to be the same unless you want vintage conical boobs.

No. 150775

I have wide set boobs too and I think its one of the worst issues with my breasts, it makes them look smaller than they probably are because I can't get a cleavage effect and theres just a flat space in the middle of my chest.

No. 151271

I need some advice, is it possible to loose weight while having F cups or would I need to have breast reduction to properly loose weight?

there's a youtuber who I like watching every now and then and she was talking about how she was big before she had her breast reduction and then she started loosing weight. I struggle to find a bra supportive for my chest that isn't too expensive. I already have marks on my shoulder and sides from ill fitted bras and I think its also the reason why I have so much back fat rolls.

No. 151285

Confused about this question but yes, you can lose weight even you have big breasts. I’m not sure why your breast size would affect that as weight loss is basically about your diet.

No. 151324

get front close push up bras (or just front close bras in general) they are amazing.

No. 152319

This is gonna be disgusting but bare with me. I love to pop pimples (gross I know) and ever since I took my nipple piercings out I just love squeezing the gunk out (it's just dead skin cells i swear). Well recently, I have similar stuff, even liquid come out of the front on my nips. It's been like this for years and its kinda embaressing. I tried to figure out why but nothing. I don't have cancer, no pains, no bumbs, no redness. Just Milky looking discharge from the nips (front not the side). Not pregnant and never have been pregnant either for context…yall wtf do i do

No. 152377

I can't find any bras in my band size(28) and I feel like a malformed freak. I just want a cute front closure bra that fits me without having to spend a million dollars buying from a special retailer. Why is everyone in cheeseburgerland so fat?

No. 152378

Even when I was young with sicky-out ribs from being a lil underweight, I still wore a 32 band because my skeleton alone is more than a 28. Just look for places with petite ranges or teen ranges

No. 152380

File: 1600870962935.jpg (68.87 KB, 799x751, 1344487_67722091.jpg)

32 is too loose and my tits fall out through the bottom. And teen/petite sizes have really small cup volumes.

No. 152447

good luck anon. i’m a 25DD and i’ve accepted the fact that I will never find anything that fits other than a sports bra. lately i’ve just been going braless because fuck bras.

No. 152453

File: 1600928379012.jpeg (605.18 KB, 1242x1686, 80B803D2-5E0D-44D6-BF70-067496…)

I know I already shilled it to another anon earlier in the thread, but if you’re a burger you can try checking out Bradelis

No. 152454

I’m in the same boat. Just recently decided to size myself properly because none of my bras have been fitting right after my weight changed. Turns out I’m 28dd and not 32c like I’ve been wearing. I want to buy something in my proper size instead of a sister size (30d) but everything is wayyyy overpriced and most of them look like nursing bras anyways so idk what to do about it. I’m probably gonna figure out how to make my own since I can sew and I’m not working anyways since this Covid shit so I have the time.

No. 152476

i have weird wide set boobs that look like they hate each other, ill definitely check this out, thank you anon. wish it wasnt so expensive though
you can cut the band on the 32c to make it smaller and re-sew it into a 28 band size. it kind of sucks to do but it helps a lot

No. 152480

Go to Amazon. Look for 28DD cleo, panache, fantasie, or Freya. I have or have had bras in all of these, purchased at $20 up in 28FF-30F. Wash them in bra bags on cold and hang them on a clothes hanger to dry. They will last for years.

No. 152847

Ok fam, have you had any success with beautifying boob treatments? I'm really unhappy with my sagging mess, I tried exercises, bodylotions, oils, massages, nothing seems to really work. I wouldn't even want more in size, just a little less sagging or more volume in the top part of the breast for it not to look like a pudding-filled sock. I know there's a lot of tipps online, but did anything really work for you personally? If so, what was it and what did you achieve? I'm really considering changing my birth control/hormones to get more volume or even surgery, but I'm afraid of having implants in my body

No. 152871

You could try taking fenugreek or something, but it might fuck with your birth control and you're going to have to accept life smelling like a McDonald's hotcake breakfast that someone drowned in syrup

No. 152873

Anon, oh anon.. did you find a bra? I went and bought one for $18 after posting about the Amazon bs, and I need validation for my attempts to help you. Thanks in advance

No. 152939

File: 1601251756658.png (91.23 KB, 543x599, i bought bras.png)

I am >>152454 and I ended up buying a few things from Amazon.

No. 152941

So-and this goes to anyone here-visit bratabase.com. Measure up those tots in various completely absurd and unflattering positions that may require the help of someone else with some cloth measuring tape. You can refer back to the database of bras and see what types are best for wide-set, narrow-set, upside down, whatever the fuck kinda teats you've got. It's a great site. Congrats on your purchases though, I'm glad you found something.

No. 152946

I have a spot on my left boob that is the exact size and color of my nipple. It doesn't protrude out nor have extra feeling when I touch it and I've pretty much had it since I developed breast. I'm wondering if it was the leftover remnants of a nipple forming there and just never fully devolved. I also have a more moles on my left side than right for whatever reason, and there's one underneath my boob there too. I heard that sometimes if you have 'moles' down the sides of your stomach or milk lines that they may be extra nipples. I haven't seen a dermatologist about them since they haven't grown or looked weird but I do want to ask someone if I really do have multiple nipples kek

No. 153070

I mean unless you post a picture, we can't really know (you should really see somebody about it, even your general doctor kek) but I'd heard that they're very common

No. 153122

It's really recommended you do breast USG annualy for cancer prevention, so do that and once you're at it, ask about this thing!

No. 153506

anyone else here not wear bras, and how long have you been not wearing them? i'm on year 5 i think. if anything, especially while working, i put on a t-shirt or sports bra. obviously i have smaller breasts so i understand why people with bigger boobs cant go braless, but i feel like going braless has made my boobs compensate and build muscle in themselves if that makes sense.

how has it affected your boobs perkiness and size? i feel like my boobs feel and look better than ever tbh, i have almost no pain from chaffing and i no longer suffer from rib tightness, if that's a thing. my mom and sister think it's weird and think me not wearing one is some feminist thing, it's really not. i just dont like them

No. 153507

I'm so curious about what's better to not have saggy breasts, if using bras or not. I'm a medium size, I think, but I feel uncomfortable if they're just hanging there and I have to move. I really like the support bras give, only wear sports bras and recently started taking their pads off and it's even more comfortable but after your experience I might go braless more often when I'm alone

No. 153513

File: 1601574681200.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.32 KB, 180x158, breasts-kcx-npg.jpg)

i don't know my measurements, as ive never had the need for them kek, but i'd say my boobs look like pic above.

my boobs have gotten both bigger and smaller while braless, but it had to do more with losing and gaining weight than not wearing a bra. their shape has remained the same though, and i'd say they are tougher if anything, like they act more like muscle than fat. obviously i wont run or jump around braless, but i dont feel like my boobs are floppin around when using the stairs or walking around. when i wore bras, my aereolas were way bigger and i remember it being uncomfortable for a while. either they got smaller or my breasts got bigger, idk. don't know the studies between being braless versus wearing a bra, but if you are on the smaller side i definitely recommend it as much as possible. could be an anxiety thing but i feel like i can actually breathe normally without having a band around my chest. i also like the toughness my nipples have attained, im not bothered by most tshirt materials and barely deal with any dryness or chaffing which is a godsend.

No. 153518

I've gone braless, I love it. My boobs are not small but not super big either, more like a C/D range. Personally I've never had issue with needing support but I could see people with bigger breast might need it. I feel so much more comfortable now that I don't have a tight thing constricting me under my clothes. I've gotten rid of all my bras tbh and I'm happy I don't have to spend so much money/time trying them on for the right fit only to have them cutting into months later. I also would get stupid hot in the summer with that added extra layer always underneath. The only downside is going out in public, we don't live in a society that is ready to stop sexualizing breast. I went braless before quarantine, but when we got back to work we couldn't wear out aprons on the job so I attracted some stares from my male coworkers. But now we wear aprons again so it's easier to get away with. I have some cropped undershirts that I wear under my regular shirts too. Looking forward to winter when I can just throw on some sweaters/coats over myself.

No. 153519

That sounds freeing I'm happy for you! may be a dumb question but how do you not worry about your nipples showing through a shirt? I would gladly go braless but (maybe thanks to my religious mom) I'm scared of people knowing by seeing the nip protrusions lol

No. 153535

I have a relatively small underbust (like 27 in?) but every bra feels so uncomfortable around that part. Even my size 32 bras feel uncomfortable (and I did the trick where you try it on upside down so I know it’s not bc of cup size). I haven’t worn an underwire bra in 2 years and since quarantine I’ve worn a bralette once or twice, but even those elastic sports bras/bralettes feel so tight and constricting. The only one that felt comfy was too loose around the underbust which I know means theres no support so I was basically wearing it to cover my nips lol. Am I doomed to feel uncomfy in bras forever?

No. 153613

half the people in this thread sound neurotic. What the hell are you comparing things to? The 3 porn movies with the same porn star? Some drawing you saw on tumblr? I've seen people who've said they need a Breast reduction or lift and I've literally wanted to choke the life out of these people when they've had boobs I'd kill for. Sound slike they are all fucking delusional.

No. 153615

>half the people in this thread sound neurotic.
I mean… where do you think you are? Neurotypical hangout club?

No. 153621

get a size 26 or 28 band with a higher cup size

No. 153649

Staged porn, "normal" amateur porn, instagram, movies, tv shows, everywhere we see perfectly shaped breasts. Mine look like those pics and i still hate how they sag because the ideal were sold is nipples pointing up with the underboob not touching the ribcage.

No. 153903

Does anyone know how to deal with TBD or to promote tissue growth. I've asked some tranners before since I also need HRT thanks to shit genetics but want to know other womens experiences

No. 153905

I have a really nice Wacoal (32G) bra that fits wonderfully and is nice and comfortable but I have this weird problem. When I'm standing up or sitting with good posture it fits perfectly, but the second I lay back or slouch my boobs like deflate and it looks like my bra is only half full. Wtf? I have a lot of side boob, but its' not coming out the side or anywhere? What is happening? Where are my boobs going? Does this happen to everyone or am I just dumb?

No. 153908

this happens to me too, no idea if it’s supposed to or not. boobie expert anons enlighten us.

No. 153915

Mine do the same, and I think it is because mine are wide set and quite shallow with most of the mass being at the bottom. So stood up in the bra they are supported nice and fill out the cups, but as you say, if I like down or bend forward, the cups become loose. I have been fitted properly, but I am thinking it may just be the cup type I am wearing. I am going to try a balconette and see if that helps, as I currently wear non-padded full cups. I am thinking I'm just too shallowly built for them! Might be worth trying some new shapes?

No. 153923

It's just them losing volume due to gravity. When you lay back, the fat on top is able to disperse more over the top of your chest. It's why push-up bras work.

No. 153924

Demi-cups and balconettes work nicely, but sometimes balconettes can be sort of shallow-cupped. Bratabase, y'all. There's a buy/sell/exchange section there too.

No. 154088

I hate bras so much. All the bras I own are now uncomfortable, even the ones that used to fit well enough. I try to avoid wearing them as much as I can, basically only outside with sheer enough clothes, just to avoid scrote behaviour.

However, I can't help but keep worrying about my breasts sagging. I keep hearing both "not wearing bras makes your breasts sag faster" and "wearing bras too much makes your breasts sag faster".


No. 154089

Boobs sag because of genetics, gravity, age, breastfeeding, weightloss, and 99% of the time there ain't shit you can do about it so just wear what you find comfortable. No point suffering through bras solely to avoid sagging when chances are you will sag regardless, and they probably have minimal impact on your boobs to begin with.

No. 154117

Is it true that MSM supplements cause breast growth?

No. 154131

I took msm daily for 2 months or so before I ran out and I did not notice any growth.

No. 155176

I am usually too ashamed to ask about this but after seeing revolting moobs in /snow/ I'm riding a little titty confidence boost so I can finally ask this stupid boob question

I know that it's normal to have some bumps (Montgomery's tubercles?) on the areola, but my areolas are covered in them. I have 30+ very prominent nodules on each nip. My areolas are I guess average size for small breasts, a little bigger than a quarter? But they are soooo bumpy. Google tells me that it's normal to have around 8-20 but should I be medically concerned if I have way way more than that?? I can't even find a photo of comparably bumpy nips online. They don't hurt or itch. I didn't get my period until very late teens and no one in my family has small breasts but me so I'm concerned that something is fucky with my hormones but idk if it's worth getting checked. I've never been pregnant so idk why I have so many of these. Any of you ladies have experience with this issue?

No. 155276

they’re pretty normal to have at any point in life. even men have them, and nipple size is not indicative of how many you will get. they’re just oil glands on the areola and appear as small bumps. i wouldn’t be too concerned, they probably popped up during puberty and there’s not much you can do to get rid of them. i would be more concerned if they suddenly started looking like a whitehead or become inflamed, usually means the gland has been blocked and is infected.
if you’re really worried about the state of your nipples, i’d see a doctor. there’s nothing they can do to reduce the appearance or number, but an examination can ease your nerves if you’re super worried. on the plus side if you ever decide to have children, women with more nodules are shown to have healthier, faster growing babies compared to women who do not.

No. 155426

So… someone please help me. Is having some dark hairs around the nipple normal? And can I just get these lasered off? I feel disgusting

No. 155435

All humans have varying degrees of hair around the areola, depending on hormones, genetics, etc. You could get them lasered off, but it's such a normal human thing that it'd be a waste of money..

No. 155436

That's completely normal, stuff you see in porn isn't comparable to the real world and how real bodies work. I promise you no one will notice the hairs. If they really bother you, you can try plucking or shaving maybe

No. 155445

It's just hormones, anon. Pluck them out.

No. 155649

Normal, or at least I have them. I just pluck them, and even have to check my underboob for them because there might be one in hiding.

No. 155660

Not a question, I just need to vent. I really, really, hate my small breasts. I'm an A cup. I've never had a bra fit me, and I shop at the preteen section. I can't help but cringe when I remember my past sexual partners teasing my breasts and the memory makes me want to tear them off. To remember that other people touched my breasts, makes me want to vomit from shame.
I can't shower or look at myself in the mirror without hating myself. I became addicted to porn as a preteen so that made my insecurities worse.
To top it off, my boyfriend likes to grab my boob and say how i'm "not an adult yet" because i'm flat. (i'm 19)
Someone on this thread talked about how ridiculous it is to compare yourself to and judge other women because of breast size. But honestly, i'm guilty. All my friends are so well endowed and i'm over here looking like a 10 year old.
I felt at home at r/smallboobproblems until I found out it was ran by a man with a boob envy fetish. Great…

No. 155666

Posts like these are funny to me, I remember being younger and these kinds of things being the absolute end of the world to me. It’s nice to smile back on knowing I was just young and neurotic, you eventually grow into yourself and stop being such a baby about normal human functioning.

No. 155672

>To top it off, my boyfriend likes to grab my boob and say how i'm "not an adult yet" because i'm flat. (i'm 19)
Why are you dating such a tard? Say the same thing to him about his penis

No. 155704

Embrace your flatness anon. Small breasts are more convenient, depending on your body type they make you look more slim, elegant and you can enjoy braless life.
I had the same thoughts as you did when I was a teen, I tried buying overpadded a cup bras that barely fit me, was always depressed I couldn't have cleavage, was porn addicted and obsessed with breast centric porn but suddenly as I aged I started giving less of a shit when it came to what people think about me and now I'm content. Idk how it happened but it did and I'm glad. I hope you go through the same.

No. 155820

no offence intended anon, just genuinely curious, but what is the point of wasting money on bras if you don’t even need them? small boobs don’t need support or anything and bras cause nothing but back and shoulder pain. also your bf is a dick if he says that to you and probably does it to keep your confidence low so you’ll stay with him. dump that garbage and get someone who appreciates your body for what it is, your self esteem will thank you.

No. 155825

Kek seconded

No. 155842

ntayrt but for me it was basically to make my breasts seem bigger. Nowadays I'm braless most of the time or just wear bralettes if I don't want my nipples to be too visible and that's it.
I think small breasted girls sometimes don't realize how much of a blessing it is, grass is greener on the other side etc.

No. 156517

has anyone had similar issues? I am experiencing pain in the behind the nipple area, especially when touched/lying down/etc. am not breastfeeding and def not pregnant. at first I thought it was just hormonal bs despite never having period associated tit issues as it started mid cycle but rn I have had my period and am like 10 days inside the new cycle and the pain hasn't subsided. I cannot feel any lumps but maybe some of the milk glands are bit enlarged? no redness or anything though.

all I can think of is maybe mastitis from my bf sucking on my nipples but yeah, no redness or anything like that. ftr am 23 and not breastfeeding lol.

No. 156540

> maybe mastitis from my bf sucking on my nipples
You answered your own question. Take care of it quick so you don't get that fever.

No. 156567

File: 1603627144605.png (208.6 KB, 1178x622, Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 11.57…)




i have the smallest tits ever and i would love to be able to switch between big and small tits. this is an amazing invention. d'you think it's realistic? it might only look god for photos which would be a shame but i wonder if i got it in silicone and could be blended well it might work fo IRL too, or maybe for use under dresses and such.

No. 156568

Wouldn't it freak out the people around you though? I'd be a bit wary of people talking behind my back for wearing one of these. Even if it's realistic, people will realize you are suddenly growing tits. Or are you moving into a new city and want people to think you have big tits for some reason?

No. 156607

I've seen these up close (at gay bars) and they look like shit.

No. 156626

wtf anon no, just get push up bra like the rest of us. who raised you

No. 156634

wtf anon those are for trannies……

No. 156641

The only time I've seen women wear these is for cosplaying anime characters with giant tits. They look okay from that cartoony perspective, but not if you want to look realistic at all.

No. 156643

It’s for fucking drag queens. There’s nothing realistic about drag queens.

No. 156703

nooo anon they will look awful. also really heavy too, I've seen those flung around on the drag race tv show and they look like they weigh a tonne. not worth it

I have them but they're not super dark. I do get one thick dark one like grows now and then and I pluck it out. don't feel disgusting anon! it's totally normal, it's such a small area I'd just pluck if you really don't like them. I imagine the areola/nipple would be a very sensitive place for laser too

No. 157527

Have any big breasted anons felt physical pain in their chest (not breasts) after not wearing a bra for an extended period of time?

No. 160015

In need of anons advices

I think I’m set in my decision to redo my tits sometime next year. I finally saved up enough money to be able to pay for the average price for the operation in my country (between 6 to 10k seems to be the norm).

Now it’s going to sound a bit dumb but for anons who had a breast lift, or even breast implants, or reduction, how do you go about finding the right surgeon for you? Obviously every surgeon will claim the best results, but how do you make an informed choice? Or pick between 2 or 3 of them? Should I especially steer clear of clinics trying to make it sound cheap (like pay $X per week!) or the higher price isn’t always the best?

Also I don’t want my tits to look fake, or bigger. I want them to not be saggy anymore (something they’ve been ever since I grew tits). The city I live in is popular for tit jobs and they often look like bolt ons. I’m kinda scared the surgeon would go for a “popular” look when all I want is perkier tits.

I’d love to have anyone experience with a mastopexy too in particular.

No. 160017

Can only pass on advice as I am currently in the same position as you, but in my country there are very commercial clinics that put out adverts and are popular with the women who like the obvious plastic surgery look. Then there are clinics which are more… medical? More expensive and boring looking. If this is the same where you are, then the second bet is better. The first type are used to everyone wanting the same boobs (normally as X celebrity) so will give you the bolt on look. The second will pay more attention to what is achievable with your body type, what will look best, they will advise against something you like if they don’t think it’ll work.

Check the realself website for specific surgeons results. Have consultations with several before choosing. Make sure they listen to you and understand what you want. Check the surgeons register and research their name to check if they have been involved in any controversies.

Hope someone with real experience comes along soon. Good luck!

No. 160029

yes, your skin gets pulled down by the weight which causes the chest pain. don't really have any great advice other than maybe try wearing tank tops/bralettes if you don't want to wear a bra.

No. 160040

Does anyone else have small breasts that hurt all the time, and if so have you ever seen a doctor about it? Does anyone have any pain relief tips? I have wanted to see a doctor about it for a long time but corona

For me it is in both and gets worse with my cycle but never fully goes away so I think it is probably Fibrocystic breasts, which are just lumpy sore breasts. Fortunately I don't have any discharge but on the down side my all searching has turned up that all I can do is need take pain killers until maybe one day goes away. Also to avoid caffeine, which is never going to happen.

I wonder if this anons tits ever calmed down

No. 160045

I'm so sick and tired of my tits. Ngl they give me a big ego boost since I have large breasts with an athletic body but I can't do it anymore my back pain is at an all time high. All my clothes fit like a grandma since my breasts are so large, finding a good bra is next to impossible for my cup size. I want a reduction but wanted to ask any anons if they experienced a reduction. I'm terrified of the doctor giving me more CC in my tits instead of reducing them and I don't want to pay America's fucked medical prices to go down to a D cup. Being a health professional doesn't help either, paranoid about surgery since I'm so used to working on patients with fucked up trauma it's always in the back of my mind my tits might come out like a mortal kombat character.

No. 160083

Most stores don't sell my size which is AA/AAA and it makes me feel even more horrible about my flat chest. I once tried A and it was absolutely huge on me. Sigh

No. 160084

My friend is this size and she doesn't even own bras but she tapes her nipples so that they don't stick out

No. 160088

Yeah I have those soft nipple covers but you can often see that I'm wearing them because the fabric of my shirt is often thin enough, so I wish I could just buy bras because that wouldn't look as weird

No. 160089

how about a bandeau or bralette?

No. 160363

I have inverted nipples and I havent met anyone else who has them too. I used to be self conscious about them and wanted to get nipple piercings to "fix" it but now i dont care

No. 160371

I might’ve already said this in this thread like months ago (I forget) but I’m also an aa/aaa and don’t bother with bras, there’s no point. I’m lucky I don’t have to dress professionally bc then I don’t know how I’d do it but for now I’ve just been collecting those tshirts with thick screenprinted designs/letters/etc across the nipple area, your nips can’t poke through that material. Comfy.

No. 160383

Am I misunderstanding something about inverted nipples, isn't it completely normal for one or both to be inverted right up until it's cold or something touches them? Or do inverted nipples not pop out at all? I have one that inverts and never thought anything of it because stimulation makes it look like the other one. It's obviously not a health concern or deformity or anything.

No. 160386

They do pop out

No. 160392

Then why on earth do so many women act like it's worth worrying about?? That's normal nipple function

No. 160417

File: 1605796230124.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.48 KB, 306x396, 41EC773300000578-4655630-These…)

because it looks kind of weird and men are mean about it.

No. 160419

shit. i have one inverted nipple but it never pops out at all

No. 160665

>men are mean about it
And the only reason I know some people have those is because of guys who have a fetish for it.

No. 161017

I have very inverted nipples that dont really pop out and guys have only ever been nice about it. I used to feel bad about them but now I think it's kinda cool.

No. 161040

guys have inverted nipples too, it's normal nipple stuff

No. 161043

i have one inverted nipple and the other one is normal which kind of bothers me. i wish they were both inverted, i like the look of it lmao

No. 161045

you're probably not still around but i'm a similar size, 30k, and i feel this a lot. i've been saving up for implants

No. 161965

In terms of lifting the breast tissue, have you done any weight lifting at all? Pushups and bench presses might help simply by strengthening the muscles under and above them. Additionally stuff like posture really helps overall appearance, so don't forget ones to strengthen your back muscles like flys and, you know, simpler stuff by rolling your shoulders back while sitting. I know this comes off as frivolous but it's simple enough that anyone can do it and less expensive than surgery etc. etc. As for the overall appearance, though, I think that's normal and not even bad? Don't let hypersexualized media get you down anon

I feel so awkward about those random strays, but I usually just pluck them. I tried sugaring once but for lack of better terminology that shit hurted

From what I've read, a lot of bras that boast support/reshaping (think VS Bombshell Bra types) are actually bad and slowly degrade or destroy the connective tissue. I wear sports bras while working out and that's about it.

No. 162083

some people in this thread have a fucking psychosis with the pic examples of """"saggy"""" boobs.

No. 162127

Inverted nipples are normal. The serious problem is when your entire areola sunk in. Then it’s breast cancer. It’s a finding associated with inflammatory type. If your breasts look like the picture, then I wouldn’t worry. Just get mammo every 2 year starting 40/50 year old.

No. 162245

I only like how my boobs look when my nipples are at a very specific level of hard bc I have puffy ass nipples that make my boobs look super pointy/triangular when they’re soft. I can’t get away with not wearing a bra and I wouldn’t wanna take my shirt off if I ever manage to have sex. I’ve spent so much time searching for ways to fix it but surgery is super impractical for me financially and the scarring would prob make them look just as bad. I even got them pierced at 17 because I heard it makes your nipples “permanently hard” which I later found to be not the case. Sometimes I look through puffy nipple fetish forums just to feel better about myself (lol). It doesn’t plague my life as much as I’m probably making it seem but I just wish I could one day be comfortably naked

No. 162274

Anons, my tits and I are having an identity crisis. I just measured and I should be wearing 32F but my boobs are literally so small for my body, how can that be right?? How can I be an F cup but look so flat?? Did I measure wrong? I'm wearing 34D at the moment, I've literally never seen F cup in a shop before.

No. 162276

Amazon. Look for Freya, Fantasie, Panache, and Cleo. The lower the backsize, lower the cup volume of tit that fits in there

No. 162277

Bless you anon, I googled Fantasie and found a shop selling some 50% off in a shop in my country!

No. 162278

I'm so embarrassed about being a 32A. Every time I go to victoria's secret with my friends, they rarely even carry bras in my size. I feel insecure whenever I'm dating someone. I just want a boob job already.

No. 162391

Love yourself Anon. Victorias Secret is a soulless corporation and men who judge you for your boobs aren't worth dating.

No. 162393

my boobs increased what feels like a full cup size after taking spironolactone for like 7 months. i'm still trying to get used to them. they're always sore around the edges, which is normal for this medication, but man. i don't quite feel dysmorphic, just weird? it's weird to see your boobs get bigger at 30 years old.

No. 162394

File: 1607316729998.jpg (29.14 KB, 500x750, 5345435254542.jpg)

Be proud of your cute nips and give up and wear these hookless babies. They're all I wear now, they're so comfy and the SO loves them

No. 162406

Wear bralettes and go braless, fuck what everyone thinks. A flat chest is so comfortable and based. Don't wear padded ultra pushup shit its sad and pathetic. Flaunt your chest that allows you to comfortably sleep on your stomach kek

No. 162560

Boob sweat is seriously the bane of my existence and I have never been able to troubleshoot it.

I'm a saggy G cup and even my bras get drenched. The sweat also smells of vinegar for some reason.

This is the only way in which my boobs bother me.

I have tried talc and deodorant but the sweat soaks through everything within an hour.

The only way not to sweat is to make the temperature around me cold and put extra clothing on on other parts of my body. As soon as I'm warm my boobs start sweating so I'm either cold or I have sweaty boobs.

I live in Eastern Europe at the moment and I haven't seen any fancy products here.

No. 162564

Have you considered botox? I know it’s used for excessive underarm sweating and a quick Google search suggests it can also treat boob sweat. Expensive but sounds like it’d be worth it to you.

No. 162569

Ok, so first off are you on medication that could cause it? I smell awful when I take my Adderall. Second, look into witchhazel pads first, then applying deodorant. Or even glycolic acid in an extremely low percentage. From what I've read, there's a lot that has to do with the ph of the skin's surface and how bacteria thrives in higher alkaline environments for some people, making deodorant less effective.
Ok, I just now thought about this, but my husband is actually from Eastern Europe too and I remember when he first came here he would soak spots on the bed that smelled like straight up diluted vinegar of some kind while he was sleeping. It took a long time for it to stop too, over a year. I don't know what that means for you, but I thought that I might mention it

No. 162593

File: 1607442213363.jpeg (72.11 KB, 800x800, 3BCream.jpeg)

All of the women I know use this cream including myself, I live in Australia and this gets me through 40 degree heat, it's called 3B cream and I bet you could find it online somewhere

No. 162598

i have/had the same feelings about mine, turns out I had tuberous breasts. I even got them pierced because of the "always hard" nip thing but it also didn't work. I have had surgery (multiple surgeries ugh) to correct them but now I have scarred up titties. I couldn't win either way and now I kinda miss my small boobs lmao

No. 162627

I have really puffy areola on smallish breasts (like, a 32B at aerie) and I used to hate them but honestly guys really won't care if you have sex. I've had guys tell me my titties are perfect, that they're cute and perky etc, even though I always thought they were small and looked like triangles pointing in two different directions. Guys really don't care, they just want to succ titty.

No. 162628

I did too but then I pierced them both.

No. 162744

File: 1607555230851.jpeg (56.17 KB, 719x791, DB0BC730-46B4-4841-B0BB-8FFD55…)

I have this problem that is hard to describe. I'm not sure if it's actually a problem but my chest/breast shape makes me really insecure. They are small, but normally I find women with small breasts cute. However, above my breasts is rather bony and has a weird shape. It's super hard to put to words so I tried to draw it in the pic. It's not part of the boob itself, but my chest has this angle to it I'm not sure is normal. You can see it when I turn sideways a bit, even in clothes. As you can hopefully tell, my breasts are small so they start under that area.
I was worried I have pectus excavatum or something at first. I have this strange memory of a doctor saying I did, but never doing anything about it. However, I looked up pics on females and I don't look like that. There is no real indent that I can tell like it's carved out, so either I don't have it or it's very slight. That worry may be completely unrelated but I thought I'd mention in case. thanks for reading I hope someone knows if this is normal

No. 162745

same anon I want to add that fitting bras are hard to find, not sure if related. Maybe it's my boobs being small or shaped like they are more round on the bottom. So bras puff out on the top and don't fit in that part. My best luck is sports bras. not sure if relates but mentioning as well

No. 162749

File: 1607561682843.jpg (14.48 KB, 467x657, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

you should try balconette bras, they don't have the triangle area at the top so nothing to puff out

No. 162774

Your bones probably just stick out more there. Try to minimize it with upper chest exercises.

No. 162777

Same, I just have a big rib cage with low set breasts and also lose weight on my chest first. It's probably nothing to worry about, just different bodies.

It's one of those things I doubt anyone really notices but you.

No. 162778

thanks, I hope there are ones that are not the uncomfortable "lingerie" style but they're hard to find
makes sense thank you. I'll google it but I'm still kind of wondering if i have mild pectus excavatum after all. maybe can ask a doctor

No. 162779

ty anon, in that case we are probably normal… I sure hope it's no big deal like you said, if that's true I feel loads better lol

No. 162875

I know it's normal for boobs to not be the exact same size but my left boob is so much bigger than my right one it'd need a separate size of bra
Idk if they make custom bras with two size cups tbh I feel sad everytime I look at them, they'd be perfect for a freakshow in a circus

No. 163035

i hate that it took seeing a popular pornstar with the same breast shape as i have for me to stop obsessing over how saggy or perky my boobs are. i just want to be happy with myself regardless of whether people deem my chest good enough for them

No. 163787

Both my breasts have been feeling rock hard and painful for a week now and according to my period tracking app my period is in exactly seven days and my breasts never felt like this so early on, I tried looking online but no luck, is this normal? If so is there a way to make it less painful?

No. 163788

File: 1608479912422.jpeg (58.74 KB, 600x419, B59C50E9-0DE9-46D9-866F-8FEA76…)

Any anons struggling with chest acne, I just wanted to give a shout-out to Tretinoin 0.05%. I used to have spots all over my cleavage and after 5 months of using this it’s completely clear.

I’m a 30D and I wear Aerie, Freya and Lepel, they all carry 28 & 30 band sizes. I usually buy from figleaves because they have always had a huge selection of those “rare” sizes. They’re becoming more common everywhere though, I work for a fashion retailer and their lingerie label recently added 30 bands to their lineup. Have hope anon

No. 163798

Anon, any masses or lump? Any changes on your skin? Any fever recently? Any swelling around your armpits? Currently breastfeeding? Any recent abnormal US or mammogram?

If none to that and size changes with menses, it’s probably benign fibrocystic changes. See your doctor when you can so they can keep track of it. It’s probably benign.

No. 163807

Anon, this month was the same for me. 2 weeks of rock hard swollen breasts, it felt horrible. Now my period came and passed and the they're not swollen anymore. It's normal for my breasts to swell when I'm pmsing, that's how I know I'm getting my period and i like that but this month was insanely painful for me too.
Sadly I don't have any advice to give you but I would appreciate if any anons know remedies for this stuff because wow, my breasts felt like they would burst out of my skin kek

No. 163922

try crystal body deodorant i picked some up in the baltics and now use it all the time. its a salt and while doesnt stop you sweating it will stop the smell. to stop sweating you want an anti-perspirant, these work by clogging up the sweat glands so they cant secrete sweat. not really healthy to use tho. try airier looser fitting clothing. cool down sprays or creams

No. 163967

Anon, same advice I gave for the other anon. There’s a wide range of breast conditions that can causes cyclical breast pain. Thing that need to be rule out is malignancy. If it’s not, then here are the following things you can try:

1●Support garments – A well-fitting brassiere to better support the breast is the best. Avoid bra with steel underwire if you have pendulous breasts. Sport bra for exercise can reduce pain related to breast movement. Wearing a soft, supportive bra at nighthelps you sleep better. If you asymmetric breasts, find special bra that accommodate yours.

2●Compresses – Some get relief from warm compresses or ice packs or gentle massage.

3.Acetaminophen or NSAID or topical NSAID.

Try 1, 2, 3 for 6 months. If that doesn’t work time to escalate treatment with your doctor help.

Try tamoxifen > danazol. These are hormonal therapy that comes with some nasty side effects. Avoid them if you can. Other treatments which are not clearly proven like OCP and progestin are sometimes used. The rationale is to prevent the burst of estrogen during your cycles.

Maybe I should open a thread for these medical problems so that I filter for problems I can give advice.

No. 163971

To everyone with a large chest: Try the brand called "Primadonna". Their bras are expensive but they fit really well and lift a large chest (I wear a EU size 70I) while also making it appear a little smaller. Their sizes go up to a J cup.

No. 164476

IDK if this is the right thread to post it in but does any one have recommended sites to buy bras online? I don't have massive boobs but I'm always apprehensive to buying online since different companies have different sizing charts.

No. 164563

File: 1608931217919.png (Spoiler Image,554.25 KB, 750x1624, 956B39CA-E94C-4092-886F-2BA9A7…)

I’m 19, never had a baby (lol), and my breasts are so fucked up due to poor posture, genetics, and weight fluctuations. Drew an outline of what they actually look like. They look and feel horrible, the sagging makes it sore and uncomfortable when I’m not wearing a bra i often have to tuck my shirt under the shirt sag fold just to reduce the pain. It really sucks. My bf has no idea they’re even like this because i wear lingerie when we have sex. Saving up for a breast lift and reduction, just want them gone

No. 164567

I don't have any advice but I feel your pain, I'm 26 and my breasts are like this too (but they've been this way as long as I've had them) I've never cared about having big breasts, I just want a damn breast lift.

No. 164575

So, something a little cheaper that might be an option is reducing areolar size. They can take the tissue around it and connect it back to the smaller areola. If it's giving you guys enough of a problem with pain and skin issues, you might be able to get it covered by insurance. If you tell a doctor that you have some money set aside for it, they might try to get through the paperwork quicker to help bullshit your way through getting it covered too.

No. 164580

These are normal breasts. There's an actual advantage of "droopy" nipples and it's genetic. They're actually ideal for breastfeeding.

No. 164584

>droopy nipples are ideal for breastfeeding
jesus that's disgusting. fuck this bitch of an earth

No. 164912

I’m a 28ddd/e but one of my boobs is visibly larger than the other side wise, its more fuller wider and it sent carry as much weight on top as my right one does, i wish i didn’t have weird boobs and i get super jealous of girls with nice natural somewhat even titties. Why does god hate me

No. 168426

I know this thread is a bit dead but I legit need a place to vent, any female I know has cute, perky B cups and I am a saggy D cup.

I also have a massive gap in between my boobs. Honestly they look great in push up or a nice bra, but as soon as I take it off, each nipple is fucking looking the other way and the gap prevents me from having a nice cleavage.

During sex its so embarrasing, they flop to each side and it is the ugliest thing that I constantly have to have my arms pressed against them to keep the nipples up when im on my back.


No. 168438

File: 1611379193668.gif (1.34 MB, 550x550, dolphin_dance.gif)

Are most people's nipples inverted most of the time? I find mine stay pretty flat (like you can't see them through a shirt) but pop out randomly

No. 168443

I have 'perky' B's but they are wide set so I never have cleavage at all, unless I absolutely smash them together and it looks atrocious. I am sure your boobs are just fine anon.

Mine aren't inverted but are always flat unless it's cold/they have been touched. It makes my tits look a bit of a different shape. It's like they change shape entirely depending on what my nipples are deciding to do.

No. 168444

>It makes my tits look a bit of a different shape
nta but same, same. I feel like they look rounder when my nipples get hard??

No. 168500


One time while laying in bed without a shirt on I noticed my nips had that flattish cushy look. I touched one with my cold hand and then watched up close all the little muscles contract as it perkified itself. Trippy experience, would recommend to any bored lady.

No. 168530

That's exactly it. They look more 'conical' I guess when they are flat. It's like when my nipples perk up it draws up the skin around them and makes my boobs look cute.

No. 168532

Neat, I know what I'm doing next time I do mdma

No. 168574

I often have a sharp stabbing pain in my breast. Its always the same spot, on my right boob where the boob meets my chest muscle. Went to the doctor with it, had an ultrasound and everything was fine except I have some granules there (can't remember what the hell they called it) because apparently I'm still young (I'm turning 25). The gynaecologist said its hormonal as the pain is at its worst during ovulation and the week before I get my period, but it is unbearably sore sometimes and I worry. The only thing that has helped me is wearing a good support bra, probably because my boobs are naturally quite low set and droopy.

Is there any chance this could be something like a blocked milk duct even though I've never had kids? Or even a chest muscle sprain? I know the doctors said nothing is wrong but I can't help but worry when its so painful and always in the same spot. It started a few months after I went off birth control in 2019 after being on it for 4 years and has just gotten worse.

PS: I've also had a painless fibroadenoma in the same breast but that disappeared before my consultation for surgical removal.

No. 168576

I think I have genuinely inverted nipples or something. But they’re not completely inward, it’s just like I don’t have a defined nipples. Like how nipples look when you first hit puberty, just flat with some areola. Maybe it’s a subcategory of inverted nipples.

No. 169396

Well, let me offer my opinion. There are some possibilities. You could have benign cyst or recurring fibroadenoma. Both can cause cyclical pain due to the surge in the estrogen. I do not have your record so can’t comment on what the heck they saw in the US.

There are some ways to treat it. First try supportive care with bra. NSAID like ibuprofen is second line. OCP is next if that doesn’t work. I’ll leave some other fun medication to your doc if you find no relief with current treatment.

Considering your age and no hx of breast cancer from your family (I assumed), these pain should go away on its own.

You mentioned about plugged duct. Well, it’s a possibility, but it’s unlikely. Considering you are not breast feeding and have no interesting pathology like prolactinoma, it’s unlikely.

There’s no chest muscle sprain. The closer alternative is costochondritis aka inflammation at junction between your rib and the joint. Could it be the cause? Only your doctor who did physical exam on you know. Sorry to bust your bubble but the treatment for costochondritis is simply NSAID. I prefer the topical one. Again, this is unlikely based on your history.

tldr: try supportive bra, give it a few weeks -> try topical nsaid, give it a few week -> try OCP long term. -> ask your doctor for an extensive work (MRI). -> if that doesn’t work, maybe you’re one of the “special” that benefit from having a psychiatrist.

No. 169424

38B and I also go braless. I was a 34B up until last year and then I was a 34A prior to that. Its always been the norm.

No. 171048

File: 1612895631274.jpg (51.49 KB, 620x451, i hve a quston.jpg)

Why do I get back/neck pains from wearing bras? The bras used to be just fine and my boobs havent changed size. I wore the same brand of sports bras for years, replacing them when they got too loose. I actually like going braless most of the time, but I would prefer to wear a bra with some of my shirts, and bikini tops hurt as well.

No. 171051

it might be because you are wearing too tight of a bra in straps and band. I would suggest trying other sizes out and measuring yourself. When you measure give yourself an inch wiggle room.
If you don't think it is that, try bralettes and cloth bras over sport and normal bras.

No. 171082

My boobs look so much bigger with a bra on, I feel like I'm gonna disappoint whoever I have sex with because they're deflated looking from weight loss.

No. 171447

File: 1613128955511.png (162.75 KB, 820x885, OOGAOOGA.png)

LADIES MY TITS STARTED FUCKING LEAKING WHITE LIQUID STUFF IM NOT PREGNANT AND IM SCARED IT COULD BE breast cancer related stuff because our family has a history of it…….what's happeniing to my breasts help

No. 171448

Calm down anon! It can be milk if it's white. But it doesn't mean you're pregnant. Do you have any hormonal problem? Take a deep breath, and call your gyno. It's going to be alright.

No. 171449

Hormonal problem? I dont think I have one but my mom has thyroid issues… Yeah it was white but it didn't smell like anything

No. 171450

Do you take any medication that could cause lactation? Read every single secondary effet, maybe it's that simple.

No. 171451

I take some antidepressants and thats about it. But i read that my medicine doesn't do this but tomorrow ill go get it checked out and crossing my fingers it isn't anything too serious…

No. 171471

>thyroid problems in the family
>breast leakage
Call your usual doctor, ask for a referral to an endocrinologist, tell them what's happening
You are probably fine

No. 171639

For a few years I've wanted to get my nipples removed. I don't have much sensation anyway (I've told partners to squeeze them as hard as they can and felt nothing different to a pinch on the arm) and I never want to have kids anyway. the idea of just a nipple-less mound of fat on my chest is just kinda funny. Does anyone know anyone else who's done something like this before?

No. 172778

Felt this, I can never go braless and it was so horrible to live during "free the nipple" era.
I hate my breasts so much.

No. 172840

Im in my late teens (yes I am 18+) and my boobs are like super small. i never really ate properly and had problems with eating but ever since i started eating healthily this year and gained weight, my butt has got bigger etc. i keep getting this random sharp pain in one of my boobs like underneath my boob. could this possibly be boob growth? i think my boobs have got a teeny bit bigger anyway but i'm just wondering if my boobs could possibly be getting bigger at my age

No. 172846

File: 1614125656546.png (1.59 MB, 1352x1328, 1390954987211.png)

>wanting to look abnormal because a body part doesn't feel much
You don't see me trying to remove my elbows.

Boobs can get bigger at any age due to weight and exercise. Make sure to regularly self-check for breast cancer!

No. 172988

I lost 30 lbs in a month recently, making me go down a cup size. I now have grade 1 sagging which is hideous to me. I have no clue how I'm going to bear with this, I genuinely feel so ugly. Does the skin eventually retract or are my tits ruined for life?

No. 173078

File: 1614281561720.jpg (145.96 KB, 1080x509, Screenshot_20210225-192833_Chr…)

These fucking 'ptosis' charts make me wanna die ngl. I swear most boobs above a certain size just do not look like the 'normal' examples

No. 173080

File: 1614281621030.jpg (123.29 KB, 1080x397, Screenshot_20210225-193328_Chr…)

No. 173081

File: 1614281936040.jpg (44.74 KB, 317x525, Screenshot_20210225-193641_Chr…)

I have grade 4 pseudoptosis, it's terminal and I can't afford treatment. Time to start writing my will I guess

No. 173083

What's the issue? Is not having porn boobs a deformity now?

No. 173093

Tbh the ones on the right look off to me

No. 173095

Wait so is ptosis supposed to be measured by your nipple placement? I don’t get it

No. 173098

TIL that my breasts are ptopic. Should I cut them off?

No. 173105

Those all come from plastic surgery websites trying to improve business by calling normal tits saggy. That's all it is.

No. 173109

we all should
just lop off every tit and throw them on the tit pile
pick yourself out a new pair from the tit pile, mix n match if you want, sew em on how ever, take a little off the bottom

No. 173110

This. Breasts are a ball of glands and fat that are on your chest. There is no way your boobs are "supposed" to be shaped unless they're seriously deformed which just means there could be other issues like hormone problems or cancer, having saggy or asymmetrical tits isn't that

No. 173824

I had a breast exam one week ago and my tits are still fucking sore from it. Is this normal? Was my gyno too rough?

No. 174039

Wtf the ones on the left are normal unless you have tiny teeny 14 year old boobs anon.

No. 174043

Can nipple piercings make my nipples look better, or the areolas smaller? Mine are kinda medium sized but get really small when it's cold, would piercing them make them look more like that? I have small boobs but they are round and I only really dislike them when I feel like the areolas look too big, but I don't want to get surgery for that because it's not like they are huge and they always look unnatural after surgery (at least in photos I've seen).

No. 174048

Would a nose piercing make a nose look smaller? No, but it may look cuter.

No. 174056

I mean that is different, I heard some people say it made their nipples hard all the time, just not sure if that always happens.

No. 174184

File: 1614991783175.jpg (255.95 KB, 748x748, cheesecrumble0.jpg)

Does anyone else have chunks of crust on their nips? I don't mean on the areola, like right in the middle of the nipple? It looks similar to pic related. I've had them for like 15 years without much changing. I guess the chunks aren't as big anymore? Just kind of small flaky pieces.

No. 174186

have you asked a doctor about that at all? sounds fungal.

No. 174187

i got a scar revision done for my breast reduction and i’m already worried that i’ve been moving around too much/probably fucked the incisions. welp

No. 174190

Areola and nipples are different things but yea, it may make them stay erect at all times but the effect may end once you take the jewelry out.

No. 174248

Do you mean underneath the skin?

No. 174257

could it be dry skin flaking off?

No. 174261

I have the same thing and comes right out the nipple like dried milk or something (even though I never breastfed before) Idk what it exactly is.

No. 174266

ctrl-f "sugery" in this thread

No. 174272

what about it anon. what's your conclusion.

No. 174291

Why is plastic surgery such a cure-all for women?

No. 174318

In 500 posts thread surgery comes up 60 times, many of these posts are either anti surgery, or about breast reduction, or about non-breast related surgery. Where is the conclusion that plastic surgery is a cure-all coming from?

No. 174338

>up 60 times
Meaning over 10% of the posts, and that's a lot. Why aren't men as eager to have surgery done on them?

No. 174377

>ignoring the point about most of the surgery mentions being specifically anti-surgery or using surgery in a medical sense to reduce pain

No. 174630

Googled this and now I feel like I wanna die. I didn’t even have this insecurity before smh

No. 177715

I'm obsessed with touching my nipples and I want to stop. It's not pleasurable, they're completely numb by now, I don't know why I do it, either just to occupy my hands or for the textural interest? But it's a deeply odd, antisocial habit, and I do catch myself doing it in public occasionally. I'd say it even distracts me from getting things done alone. I wear a bra as often as I can but I stretch them out. Don't know what the fuck to do lol

No. 177722

Dae get absolutely no pleasure from touching their nipples/having their nipples touched? It's like my nipples are dead

No. 177723

Yes. It's the only way I can come, is if I am touching my nipples.

No. 177729

I wish I could trade with you, anon. Mine are hypersensitive and constantly erect. I hate it and have so much trauma from scrotes using them as “instant arousal” buttons to justify whatever other shit they did to me that I didn’t enjoy. And I can’t fully enjoy being braless because they’re always fucking with the lines of my shirts. Sometimes I think about having them surgically removed.

No. 177730

Nope, does nothing for me either.

No. 177732

This. Omg. I came here to say the same thing. My boyfriend loves them, lost weight from a big C (almost D) and now I barely fill B-cups because the fat in my upper chest has depleted so much. I feel so ugly, but my boyfriend always says he lovese, boobs are boobs, but it sure feels bad when he never looks at girls with tits like mine. He really loves big, juicy tits, fake or not. He loves the cleavage (which my saggy tits look embarrassing trying to create since they are also wide set) and the plumpness. I'm over here barely with any bottom tit plump anymore too. Surgery scares me. My mom has had 3 jobs, and as you are its very clear you can't avoid the thinning of skin that makes the implant look like shit. Its so hard to believe that when I turn to the side and I look flat. Wearing pushup bras constantly is so painful, I hate the advice people give about just "wear different clothes". It's not that easy because out of the clothes, I look horrible. It's been such a horrifying BDD that I've never had before to the point I've started cutting my upper thighs to cope. I dint want surgery, but I hate how I look. I dint know what to do..

No. 177733

Same, not just the nipples but breasts in general. I also have them pierced was low key hoping it miiight change something, it didn't

No. 178082

Did anyone else have really dark stretch marks on their boobs that are barely visible anymore? They used to make me insecure and I even thought something was wrong with me because they were really obvious, but it's like they've almost totally faded away over the years

No. 178093

That's normal for stretch marks anywhere. They start off red, turn purple, then eventually fade to silvery white.

No. 178097

File: 1617715419092.png (52.44 KB, 750x1334, zLsNmLd.png)

wanted to have some body positivity but apparently we can't have nice things. fuck you insta

No. 178098

Dae feel content with their boobs?
I have perky B cup and cute puffy nipples. My fiancee finds them perfect and i grew to like them as well. I hope everyone else comes to term with their boobs. I might just be a dyke but i really love all boobs.

No. 178100

Lucky you, anon. Sounds perfect.
I have saggy B cups with huge nipples (huge and deflated when soft, too large oval pyramid when hard) and a third boob would fit between my boobs. Even with a push up bra, I don't gain much volume in the upper chest part. It has been like this since I was a teenager and my weight never fluctuated much. I feel so ugly, I don't want to wear tanktops or bathing suits, I never want to have sex naked or in broad daylight. I hate my boobs so much and I really want to get surgery. Even a botchered boobjob would be better than this mess.

No. 178107

I have this, I went to the doctor about it and it said I had slightly higher than normal levels of prolactin which is the hormone which produces milk (as a teenager, never pregnant before, but still have it aged 20), but that it was okay and posed no health risk

No. 178116

I'm coming to like my boobs. I've committed the monumentally faggot act of going out of my way to learn self love. A lot of things I hated about myself are started to look cute.

I started looking at more natural looking women on social media. It's kind of sad that it's only now aged 21 do I see that boobs are supposed to have variety. The space between my breasts bothers me a lot less and the fact they're not on my collar bones doesn't upset me

No. 178134

I like my boobs. I'm an a cup and yes I do wish I had big ones sometimes, but I still like the ones I have. I started going braless a few years ago and my relationship with my body improved quite a bit. I won't lie though, if there was a way to minimize the appearance of the bumps on my aereolas, I'd go for it. I've still yet to see one with more bumps than mine. I've asked about them in this thread before and supposedly they're good for breastfeeding, but I don't want children so they're useless to me. I'm sure I'll get over it one of these days.

No. 178141

Try wearing silicone adhesive nipple covers until you break the habit.

No. 178148

So my tits randomly grew like 2 cup sizes and I'm 23.

They hurt for 2 weeks. I was almost flat chested before now I have good sized tits. I didn't gain weight, didn't change anything in my life.

I mean I'm definitely not complaining. But it's weird. Has anyone else had this happen?

No. 178220

I wish I could learn to love my boobs but I've struggled all my life. They're different cup sizes completely and it's noticable when I look in the mirror and when I wear form fitting clothes. I hate that I feel I have to wear baggy shirts and hoodies all the time just to feel less insecure about it. I want surgery to fix them and I'd want one to be sized down so it matches the small one but it's just not possible for me to do that financially right now. Having my boobs be so different honestly makes me feel like less of a woman and it hurts.

No. 178229

my boobs aren't exactly saggy, but with a long torso, they're placed lower on my torso and makes it look like it. Any advice on how to not make it look so saggy? Push up bras don't work cause its the whole tit placed lower.

No. 178245

i think my boobs got perkier over pandemic even with weight loss since i don't wear a bra anymore? is that a thing?

No. 178253

could be you have developed some pecs? but slay, truly an inspiration

No. 178257

I feel better about my boobs at 28 than I felt at 19. Weird, because my breasts probably looked objectively "better" back then, but I thought they looked saggy and was obsessed about how they looked when I leaned forward and didn't want to have sex without a bra on. Now I look into the mirror and think I have pretty cute breasts.

No. 178258

Apparently there's a thing called the second puberty when you enter your early 20s. Lucky us, I gained weight but it all went into my ass and thighs so I'm not complaining.

No. 178309

File: 1617817577595.png (282.82 KB, 537x829, how to perk boobs up.png)

Can you not shorten bra straps? You could also do upper chest exercises. I posted pic related before but here you go

Yes. it strengthens the area pulling up your boobs because it doesn't have a crutch anymore. The "not-wearing bra makes your boobs saggy, just look at village African women" thing is a myth, the main reason boobs get saggy like that is because of getting pregnant and breastfeeding kids

No. 178338

Tell me more. Why must I suffer more.

No. 178655

File: 1617987211424.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.91 KB, 200x169, mi-ro-npg.jpg)

how to stop feeling insecure of literal mosquito bite boobs and being 5ft? i just want to feel like a woman.

No. 178656

I guess it's not "real" per se, it's more like your body is always developing and you reach your peak bone mass in your 20s, along with the usual weight gain etc.

No. 178657

Have you been to the doctors for this? It could be your growth was stunted or something

No. 178674

i haven't, even though i've suspected the same thing. i don't see how it'd help, they couldn't do anything to fix it really could they? i've considered boob job but i can't afford that shit and if i'm honest i don't really want one, it just sucks that they couldn't be just the slightest bit bigger.

No. 178721

I genuinely hope this doesn't sound rude, but would a boob job even help? If you have no titty fat, then I believe you would just end up with very, very obvious and painful-looking implants because of how they stretch the skin.

No. 178764

File: 1618044761852.jpeg (278.74 KB, 1001x1200, 42A76033-164D-4F36-B658-6F4E1D…)

I really love dresses like picrel but I hate wearing them. I feel like after a certain size it’s not possible to wear dresses and tops like these with bigger breasts. At least not without having to order larger sizes and get them tailored. Every dress like this that would normally be my size ends with a giant seem in the middle of my chest squishing me and I can’t go braless because they’ll just misshape the bust portion of the dress and eventually fall out. Probably because the dress doesn’t have as much support as a bra or something? I don’t fucking know. I don’t really like my boobs and the unfortunate dress situation just makes me upset. I want a reduction for christmas.

No. 178774

File: 1618050880564.jpg (86.05 KB, 474x591, 8e2e146ecdb4c9a4d9c48063b76dee…)

Wrap dresses and v necks usually fit better and are more comfortable. Sweetheart necklines can be fine but for the perfect fit you'd probably have to get them tailored unless they have shirring in the back or side panels.

No. 178776

you're probably right. im just trying to come to terms with it at this point

No. 178779

File: 1618056253810.png (Spoiler Image,643.02 KB, 748x490, breastimplants.PNG)

I'm no expert but I know women get a boob job after having breasts fully removed because of cancer, why then wouldnt tiny titted anon be able to do the same with her body? Would be even easier since the nipple is already there, and 1-2 sizes up wouldnt be too much of a stretch.

No. 178781

ot but how did they do the nipples?? Literally transplanting? I wasn't aware they could even make nipples without it being all fucked up looking

No. 178782

File: 1618057166799.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.69 KB, 700x350, Breast-Augmentation-Patient-1b…)

Ayrt, you're right! I googled a little for micromastia implants earlier and found stuff like pic rel. I'm not good at judging how realistic boob jobs look, but pic doesn't look uncomfortable or anything. I just wasn't sure if mosquito bite boobs would be able to handle implants.
Maybe it's a tattoo?

No. 178785

They look very natural, actually pretty similar to my own boobs! Skin can handle a lot, some type ot breasts for example tend to grow rapidly when the woman is pregnant and it's a fully natural process, so there's no reason your boobs wouldn't be able to handle a small growth. I'm sure a plastic surgeon would walk you through it until you feel fully confident about the process too.

No. 179072

File: 1618215575675.jpeg (407.74 KB, 1344x1820, 8D047C4B-9075-4692-84DA-9D024A…)

Does anyone have advice on how to make bandana tops work if you’re top heavy? They usually tie with string in the back, and sometimes go over the shoulder with support straps. But my boobs are kind of just free falling and it’s painful and unflattering. Do you think if I added a reinforcement stitch to where underwires would be it would help? I don’t know how it’s stop my boobs from popping out on the sides but my strapless bra is probably the wrong size which is why there’s so much spillage(the stores clerk told me it was the right size though.)

No. 179074

File: 1618216320251.jpeg (41.12 KB, 400x542, 57BF7E22-E1C7-4541-BCD5-0A9B5B…)

Also thank you >>178774 for this but I hate v necks at the moment, I bought a dress with a deep v neck and had to stitch it up because it can’t be worn with a bra and athletic tape hurts. I would try pasties and SKIMS body tape but it’s all sold out.

I know this is more challenging, but if you have any advice on how to wear this kind of top without your breasts completely controlling them it’d be appreciated greatly! I feel like I should accept this but there really is no point. I guess it could work like a strapless bra that closes in the front? Basically another DIY/tailor job. Fucking hell.

No. 181949

I love that lady gaga flaunts her boobs and doesn't get them altered, it gave me some confidence back then since I have similar boobs but farther apart and with bigger and oval nipples/areolas. I can't get myself to accept my breasts, I really hate them and want something done but I'm scared of foreign matter in my body. Anons, what do you do for self love? I already tried finding flattering angles, nice underwear but I really hate getting undressed in front of my bf. I want sex with lights on ffs

No. 184973

Does anyone else have quite big boobs but they're never experienced any back pain? I feel like that's a very common complaint for women with larger breasts but honestly I can't relate, I really can't remember any time where my back hurt and the cause was the size of my boobs.

Also, unrelated, but does anyone else feel like most of the weight they put on goes to their boobs? I really feel like that's the case for me because I'm kinda a stick but it's like my breasts just keep on growing, and it might be that most the weight goes directly to them? It's like jeez share it a little more and spread it evenly throughout my body pls

No. 185009

File: 1620754942267.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.8 KB, 1200x628, nippletattoo.jpg)

it is, indeed, a tattoo! there are tattoo artists that specialize in hyper-realistic nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors. pretty interesting stuff.

No. 185038

this is cool as shit, thanks anon!

No. 187282

Is the area around/under the areola supposed to be harder than the rest of the tit

No. 187286

I don't think so, my areola skin feels like the rest of my breast. Could you possibly mean the ducts/tissue? Those are hard

No. 187382

I dont see enough talk about this and unfortunately my friends cannot relate. Never wore a bra in my life not even a sports bra and never will. Id say it was a pretty based move from my 12 yr self. When my mom would tell me to go bra shopping I would refuse because I thought it was dumb seeing as if cave women didnt wear any and survived then so could I and cause I heard bras were expensive and that investment in my future didnt look fun. But I think that the real reason behind it all is because my femininity was something that I felt was never taken seriously and I felt objectified whenever I showed it. I was always the only girl in a group of boys and so I was a bit boyish in nature. Growing up with only my brothers to play with definitely contributed. Things like makeup and dresses always made me feel uncomfortable because my dad always wolf whistled at me when I would wear that stuff and my mom obsessed in a cheesy way and it always made me feel gross and objectified. Bras were just another symbol of the feminine image I hated. I remember wishing for and constantly think of getting breast reduction surgery in my preteen/early teens because I knew that having boobs or just the thought of it would mean that I would be treated different and the chances of me being objectified and sexualised even further really sickened me. Now that Im older Ive learned to live with and love my boobs and I dont think Id trade them for the world. Some nice side affects of not wearing bras for me are having pretty perky breast and not being able to relate to the pain that girls get when they run or jump because my boobs never hurt at all during any physical activity.

No. 187389

>Could you possibly mean the ducts/tissue? Those are hard
That's probably it then

No. 187850

Good for you but no pain isn't because you never wore bras…they're just not big enough to hurt. And the whole 'bras effect sagging' thing has been disproven ten times over. There's no evidence wearing or not wearing a bra does anything to combat sagging.

No. 187858

Idk anon i've got a couple friends with smaller boobs than me and they say their tits hurt during workouts just as much as my bigger titty friends do.

No. 187896

My breasts are pretty large and look even larger on my thin, lanky body. I hate them. I've begun embracing a more masc style recently and while I feel more comfortable and better dressed in it, it also brings back uncomfortable feelings that I don't want to face. Elliot Page's recent topless photos have made it all that's on my mind recently. I don't have a gender identity or whatever the fuck it is kids have to get their tits chopped off but I have considered a double mastectomy. Except most turn out horrible and I don't want to risk it. I know I don't have EP's money to find a good surgeon lol

No. 187897

What about a breast reduction?

No. 187898

ive considered it but in all the before/after pictures i see, the nipples look horribly unnatural, like you got cheap implants. And even if i got the best, most natural results ever, I just ask myself the question of how small I would go and what size breast I would be comfortable with and in the end I always just end up wondering why not get rid of the whole thing.

No. 187901

If it's not a gender thing, do you hate your breasts because men stare at them? Or because they make you more attractive to them?
I understand it sucks but if you don't have any physical pains, I don't know if it's wise to have surgery just because scrotes are shitty. Fuck them.

No. 187903

How long after weaning do breasts take to go back to the way they were, when happens? I know not every woman reverts to the pre-pregnancy shape and the stretch marks never go away, but some do, I just never asked to them

No. 187928

Nonnie, may I suggest therapy before you lop your tits off permanently? Or literally anything else less drastic?

No. 187960

I hate my large chest too and it is def. not a gender thing. I do not want to get stared at and have back pain and I hate that i cannot wear cute clothes without looking ridiculous and that the bras are so fucking expensive. If I should ever decide to get surgery, I will just get a reduction. Get a reduction so your chest size will actually fit to your body and live your life wearing the clothes you want, freely liking the things you do and embracing your personality. Lopping off your tits completely won't change anything about nasty men being disgusting assholes that objectify women. They won't think any different about you trying to "change" your gender. Clothes are clothes, and personality traits are personality traits. They do define you as an individual but not your gender. Be glad that you were born a woman and never even had the possibility to become as deranged as the nasty perverts. Develop good friendships with other women in your life and make them your family - together you will be a strong force.

No. 188052

i am definitely in therapy and know in the end that surgically altering my body to fix a problem thats in my brain isnt going to help. its just a thought i cant sahke away

No. 188145

I used to wear push up bras when I was younger because I was insecure of my breasts. After dating for a few months, my first boyfriend asked me to take off my bra. He looked at my breasts and seemed disappointed. After that, he started to take longer to answer my texts and we saw each other less often. One day, my friends told me that they have been seeing him with other women. I confronted him and we broke up.

This was a long time ago, but it has made me feel even worse about my body. I don't wear push up bras anymore because I blame myself for what happened. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't made him believe I have bigger breasts that what I really have (I am 36A). I don't want to get surgery or anything, but I don't know how to love myself nor my breasts.

No. 188146

Never blame yourself for the scrotoid inability to handle normal looking breasts. At the end of the day, he didn't see who you were as a person and only had his mind on the perfect fuck. You dodged a bullet with that guy and I promise you if that's the kind of "person" he was then he hurt those other women too

No. 188150

Anyone else's boobs swell a lot during their period? Mine do and they hurt like a bitch and I even had to buy a period bra that's a larger cup size than my normal ones. I hate it so much I feel so self conscious having such a big chest all of a sudden. Then when the swelling does down they look all deflated and sad. They're covered in strech marks too but luckily they're pale and shallow.
Idk what's the point of posting this I guess I just need to know I'm not alone with this struggle.

No. 188178

Yes nonnie, this happens to majority of girls and women if not all

No. 188239

problem puffs

No. 188397

Why can't I find before and after breastfeeding pics to know if I should freak out or not (currently am)

No. 188421

I don't have this

No. 188504

Definately not all. Sometimes my boobs can be a little tender, but I've never noticed them swelling.

No. 188651

https://www.007b.com/ has a breast gallery.
It doesn't look as if they have a dedicated post-pregnancy section, but some women have stated in their bio whether they have breastfed or not.

No. 189001

File: 1622509473381.png (63.69 KB, 468x342, 3432324D-3A32-495D-8E8D-E3B0B1…)

To what extent is it normal to not have feeling in your breast? When I look up “numbness” it’s associated with tingling, but I mean close to no feeling in the skin at all. I can pinch a lot of my breast skin (like 1/6th - 1/4th) at my underboob really, really hard to where my hand is actually shaking and feel practically nothing. I assume it related to my period because that’s what my doctor and google said, and it’s not like I’ve regularly pinched my skin long enough to know when it does end up hurting.

I figure the lack of feeling in my breasts isn’t too much to worry about since the nipples and areolae still feel, but if I do get a breast reduction I feel like my boobs will be even more fucked regarding sensation. At this point I could get stabbed in my breast and barely notice it. I worry that this is potentially dangerous.

No. 189072

At least the scrote saved you the headache of dating a retard.
Also seeking a before and after gallery.

No. 189135

For whatever it's worth several larger breasted women I know have told me that they don't have any feeling in their breasts. That is not my experience but mine are small which might make a difference idk. At least it is a reason that my larger breasted friends give me to not have boob envy. Still have boob envy though. I'm trying to teach my scrote that pushing my tit into my armpit while cuddling is painful. I wish these shits could just be numb instead of having to teach my little retard how to hold them.

No. 193304

Sorry to necro but I 100% believe that 'ptosis' is what natural breasts look like and the medical industry is marketing it knowing that the condition is more common than not, with the goal of making as many women feel insecure as possible. Everyone's boobs will look like extreme cases of ptosis when you're past a certain age due to aging so it's guilting ALL women into feeling we have to get their boobs done. Not to mention that there's no actual downsides to having saggy boobs other than aesthetics and inconveniences with clothing. Imo this is so fucked up considering some implants have been proven to be correlated with cancer.
Breasts aren't even supposed to be sexually attractive in the first place. I remember an anthropologist on tiktok saying that this is observable in isolated tribal villages in which the female villagers have their boobs out with no issue. The same villagers couldn't even imagine boobs as a 'turn on' or in a sexual capacity bc they see boobs as being used explicitly for feeding babies. His assertion was that the only visual that is supposed to turn humans on is actual sexual intercourse itself–everything else, including boobs & ass in clothes and women's bodies in general, was invented by men and conditioned into all of us.
I have the same issue. I wonder if the arousal that others have might be a symptom of birth control, PMS, or a symptom of hormones in general? I used to have different PMS symptoms before I tried birth control and one of them was nipple and boob sensitivity. Ever since I came off birth control and my PMS symptoms changed (now I have cramps), my boobs have barely any feeling–even when I'm horny. I get off more visually by the sight of a guy kissing/fondling my boobs than turned on by the actual sensation.

No. 196217

Where are the fucking pics??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 196519

How much pain in your boobs is normal? I know a bit is normal due to hormonal fluctuations but at this point they're hurting about three weeks out of four, and I'm not sure if them hurting 70% of all time is how it's supposed to be like. Though I wanna add that they only hurt when something touches/presses onto them (tight clothing doesn't count though, makes it more bearable even).

No. 196522

Yeah, not normal at all, usually they'll just be sore and hurt around your period. Are you pregnant maybe?

No. 196599

Not normal, the only time I had breast pain that often was during puberty. Now it’s hardly ever.

No. 198741

I've always had breast tenderness in the days leading up to my period and sometimes during, which I know is normal but these last maybe four periods I've had one of my breasts has an area that isn't just tender/uncomfortable, it's painful to touch but after my period ends the pain in that area goes away entirely. I have really small boobs and when I try to feel to see if it's a lump I mainly feel my ribcage lol and I find it hard to pin point since my entire boob feels like it's made of a lumpy structure and has always been this way.

maybe a dumb question but should I get this looked at? or is it probably nothing to worry about since it only feels this way before/during my period. anyone experienced something similar?

No. 198883

File: 1626919714618.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 4032x3024, 8E88A369-3B50-493E-B5D7-AD99A3…)

Are my boobs sagging? I’m really concerned about it especially as I’m only 18, whenever I see women’s breasts in movies or whatever they seem much firmer, rounder and higher up than mine, like when I lie on my back my boobs sort of flop to the sides but in other women they stay in place. I’ve fluctuated in weight a lot especially in the past couple of years and I’m afraid I’ve done permanent damage to them. Please don’t give me bodyposi cope just tell it to me straight. Pic is my boobs from the side idk what stage of ptosis I am.

No. 198884

Noo anon delete this asap, don't post yourself here.
But to answer you quickly, breasts have a natural drop. Don't worry about it, you seriously look normal

No. 198886

File: 1626921008876.jpg (38.07 KB, 300x300, 15251543.jpg)

My boobs don't seem to have a defined areolas?? Like my skin tone literally fades into my nipples. I've never seen anyone else that has this irl. I'm pretty pale so maybe it's just extremely subtle but it looks weird to me. I only notice a slight change in color when I'm really warm.

No. 198891

Your boobs look perfectly normal. Not particularly saggy at all. You look really nice, honestly.
Just to add since you mentioned boobs flopping to the sides when you're on the back instead of "staying in place" I have a small handful myself that are very perky and my boobs will still flop to the sides when I lie on my back. I think when they don't flop while laying down breast implants are usually involved.

No. 198896

I'm so happy that I wasn't this stupid at 18
Ok now I'm curious what tf they look like cuz that sounds insane

No. 198901

I have that too and girl we're just pale lmao it's not some mysterious abnormal phenomenon

No. 198933

My areola are bloody massive literally like half my tit and not even circular, I'd get them fixed but all surgery nips look botched to me, even with dermabrasion. Feel cursed to always have ugly breasts.

No. 198948

File: 1626961203359.png (784.87 KB, 1024x862, d737e50202cf99d63c4d57f6ee04fa…)

Now why did this bitch post herself on here

No. 198949

Delete this. Also I’m 19 and mine look the same. It’s fine.

No. 198955

delete this, anon. For your own safety

No. 198960

You can't delet anything after 30 minutes, newfags. It's been 14 hours

No. 198961

I have saggy post weight loss boobs (100lbs+), and some loose skin around the sideboob. Any bra advice? They all hurt and dig in

No. 198989

why did you censor the light switch and door knob?

No. 199000

Anon might live in a country with distinct looking doorknobs/light switches. Idk though.

No. 199195

Yes I will admit, I am a lazy bastard. I hate push ups and I hate any kind of exercise that isn't long walks, which I do often. Whats a natural way you can suggest to perk up your boobs? They are just so damn saggy.

No. 199203

I hate how I break out in hives super easily and mostly on my boobs because they take forever to go away. It only started happening to me in the past few years. Gonna buy some Benadryl today

No. 199248

File: 1627159694320.jpg (393.49 KB, 1536x2304, miracle.jpg)

Recently i bought this shitty 8 euro bralette in H&M and it's by far the best bra I had in my 30 years of life. Feels like nothing (no hook closure) but also doesn't roll up anywhere like most soft bras and actually holds shape. It has removable padding and though usually I remove pads cause they never sit well with my boobs these for some reason don't cause weird squishing. Probably not a great option if you still have a bigger cup size but for my floppy conical tits this is a godsent.

No. 199730

I have one boob at least a cup bigger than the other and I absolutely hate it. Even letting aside the ugly visual aspect of it, it still is a fucking pain in the ass. I can never find a good enough bra and my right shoulder is always sore because of the weight imbalance (I tilt without noticing while I sit). I fucking hate the smaller one, on the left side. It has an ugly oblong format like a deflating party balloon and it's the first one to shrive when I lose weight. Also for some reason whenever I bump my chest into something the victim is always the lefty.
Whereas the right one is just right for me: roundish, fits nice on bras and on my hand, smooth texture, bigger and prettier.
I don't have any disease and apparently my grandmother had the same problem. Idk how to cope honestly. I wish breast implants were an easier procedure to get.

No. 199733

Would a breast lift/reduction affect pregnancies or nipple sensation?

I don't plan on touching my areolas (although I wish I could without any side effects), but my boob sag is unreal. My nipples face my fucking toes, are only an inch away from my belly button and my boobs in general look deflated. I'm 22 and it's been sagging extremely like this for as long as I can remember. I definitely want a lift and possibly reduction (currently HH-J cup), but I'm worried about pregnancy in the future and nipple sensation. Anyone with experience or knowledge here?

No. 199748

File: 1627439678402.jpg (Spoiler Image,17.89 KB, 369x369, A-19-year-old-patient-with-bil…)

im really sorry nonny, i feel your pain. i had the same situation (maybe even two cup size difference and tuberous basically like picrel) but hated the larger one as i prefer a flatchested look with my frame. my parents helped me cover the costs and i was able to get a breast reduction on my larger breast in a cheap state and it has helped a lot because i had the same issues with pain and discomfort pre-op. i'm still not happy with how i look topless and am insecure about it for other reasons but i'm thankful regardless. i feel like it should be covered by insurance because it honestly causes real pain and feels mentally debilitating at times (especially when i had to wear bathing suits around people etc). anyway i hope you are able to get a procedure done sometime in the future and have a better go of things. just wanted you to know you're not alone. interestingly enough my mother also had the same problem but not as severe. must be a genetic thing.

No. 199936

I have saggy breasts too but I’m really really hesitant about getting a breast lift. The scars are very ugly and they cut your nips off and reattach them. There’s some other techniques available with less scarring like the internal bra lift, but very few surgeons are willing to perform those because they risk complications and also they have to attack these kinds of biomesh threads/straps and anchor them in place by screwing them to your ribs. It’s risky for infection so a lot of surgeons simply wont do it. It also doesn’t lift as fully as the traditional anchor scar breast lift. It’s also twice as expensive. Idk, maybe you should just learn to love them and find someone who loves big saggy tits, a lot of people do actually.

I also can’t find any good doctors whose work I am pleased with. If anyone knows or has had a breast lift and can recommend a good doctor I would be interested in hearing about it.

No. 199954

How have surgeons not come up with a surefire safe way to do these surgeries yet? Fucking hell, people have been getting them for a long time now.

Thank you for the response anon, I think none of those risks are worth it and I'll just have to suck it up. It's my biggest insecurity but I feel like it'll only make me feel worse if I get a lift and the nipples/scarring end up looking botched

No. 199962

Yes it’s annoying as fuck that surgeons haven’t come up with a way to lift the breasts but without those big lollipop/anchor shape scars. They look ok in pictures but under harsh lighting I think they would look pretty gnarly.

I also want my nipples a bit smaller as they are pretty huge from the stretch and weight of my boobs, and I thought there was a way of doing that with lasers, but apparently the only way doctors can really do it is to physically cut them suture the nipple back on, so there would always be a scar. I know how you feel, I’m also insecure about my saggy boobs and am frustrated there aren’t more options apart from developing frankentitties. If your sagging is really really bad and the weight is hurting your back. Then a traditional breast lift might be worth it, scars and all.

considered putting an implant in to stretch out the excess and just going for massive boobs, but the surgeon told me that if the nipple is dropping too low then they need to do the lift as well, they can’t just stick an implant in there or it makes it even heavier and droopier. Super annoying.

No. 199965

me too! my left one is a cup size bigger. they're both small so i can get away with wearing no bras, but literally only bralettes feel comfortable to me. swimsuits are my biggest insecurity
i want to get them evened out one day but i'm afraid they're not big enough to get a breast reduction. i also heard stories of nipples falling off after that procedure, but i absolutely don't want to make the other one bigger. not sure if i will ever get them fixed

No. 200003

That should absolutely be covered by insurance, such a shame its not. Im glad you were able to get some sort of solution

No. 200007

thank you! i couldn't believe it wasn't covered by insurance either kek i was like bitch cant you see im deformed

No. 200378

File: 1627836916918.png (41.46 KB, 462x246, BB51CC8A-3533-42E5-9BB0-0A5EA3…)

I'm only not even 25 and I've got mild sagging according to this. I can't stand to look at my boobs. I haven't even lost large amounts of weight to warrant this. How do people deal with sagging?

No. 200382

I have had grade 3 since my boobs grew, and my boobs aren't very big, maybe one cup size bigger than average. My boobs aren't flat but nipples point to the ground. It sucks.

No. 200384

How can you deal with something you can't change? It is what it is Wear a good, supportive bra (check out r/abrathatfits) and live your life. That picture is bullshit though, it's just surgery propaganda. "Sagging" is normal and sometimes it has nothing to do with your age.

No. 200385

I've only barely got a C cup… it sucks so much.

No. 200386

I truly believe there is like a massive plastic surgery lobby or something because it's pushed so much these days.

No. 200389

No doubt

No. 200396

I'm 20 and mine look like the "mild sagging" drawing too, they're also pretty small (like just below a b cup)

No. 200407

same boat– my breasts grew in saggy. i don't love the way they look, but i'm ~at peace with their appearance. there really isn't much you can do aside from acceptance or surgery. you can fake perkiness with bras or tape for when you can't wear a bra. if you're worried about partners judging your breasts when you're naked, then they're not the right partner for you anyway.

i am going to start looking into lifts, not because of bullshit aesthetic reasons but more so because i cannot keep dealing with perpetual bra fitting problems and constant underboob rash.

>>200384 is right, though. eventually all breasts will sag to some degree, even if you get a lift. so acceptance is something that you can either focus on now or later, depending on your own personal reasons.

i'm also worried about scarring, but i've come to terms with the fact that i'll never have "ideal" breasts, which is a nonexistent thing anyway. either my breasts will sag or they will have scars. i think my comfort (less rashes) and the ability to go braless without my breasts hanging uncomfortably will make it worth it for me.

No. 200427

Do most women seriously have breasts like the "normal" one? What the fuck?

No. 200436

File: 1627856710289.jpg (129.15 KB, 364x500, henriettamaria.jpg)

Artist here. There is nothing wrong with any of these breasts. In fact, I definitely recall seeing paintings of nude women with "grade 1" breasts. Nobody cares, trust me.

No. 201096

Has anyone ever done or looked into Threading or aptos threads for breast lifts?

I’ve been contemplating having a breast lift since forever but id rather not have implants or spend a fortune on it.
Mastopexy without implants are still really expensive and honestly the results are very meh.
I’ve read some review on threading which seems to insert threads that dissolve after a while but can lift parts of the body. Some results look pretty interesting but I can’t find anything substantial about breast lift (it’s mainly about face lifting)

Some surgeons call it a gimmick but their mastopexy isn’t crazy either. Even if it’s cheaper, I’d rather not spend 3k on something that yield absolutely no results. Any anon that looked into it or talked about it with their surgeon?

No. 201123

Mine are the Grade 1 boobs in the pic ever since I was like 16 (i'm 22). It makes me want to get a breast lift after I have my future kids.

No. 201125

TMI ahead:
i'm really insecure about nipple hair. what's a proper way of getting rid of it? so far i've only cut them and it seems fine but you can still tell a hair was there.
i might get intimate for the first time and i'm scared if he will find me unattractive

No. 201127

Anon, do you think he's concerned about his nipple hair? Do you think he's asking advice about how to best remove his nipple hair? He's not. The average man won't shave his pits or balls for you and here you are concerned about cutting your nipple hair off not being good enough. He's not going to hold a magnifying glass to your nips, they're fine just the way they naturally are or the way you choose to remove the hair now. Try to be rational.

No. 201128

Pluck it

No. 201132

I've just been trimming mine for years. I've even been lazy at that. I went through a whole sleeping around phase and then 2 long term relationships and nobody ever nitpicked the fact that you can usually tell I have like a handful of lil hairs per nipple.

No. 201145

I pluck mine, shave them if I'm lazy but want them gone and let them grow if no one's going to be seeing my tits. Nipple hairs are normal, I only bother removing mine because they grow thick, dark and to half an inch long. If your hair is fine or shorter, it might not even be noticable to people who aren't you.

No. 201152

mine grows thick like eyebrow hair lmao and i pluck it, i love it actually its very enjoyable especially when i get ingrown ones.

No. 201317

I got this random huge splotch to the left bottom side of my left boob. Almost above my ribcage. Its a kind of light red/brown colour and I would say about an inch high/wide. Its flat and almost just looks like a birthmark or something. My boobs are quite biggish and saggy, so could it be due to sweat or something? Its not really under my boob so I am a little worried as to why it appeared over the last few years, its gotten bigger too? Can birthmarks just appear like that? I am seeing a doc but she's only available in a month, so wanted to ask here first and see if anyone else has experienced this.

No. 201322

i dont mind the actual shape of my boobs, they sit quite nicely on my chest and are good handfuls. but my nipples are just so fucking big and kind of oval shaped? when theyre erect its almost okay but i just feel like theyre so big and uncanny looking. bc they're very central i feel like looking into my chest is like a pair of eyeballs staring back at you. i just wish they looked less intense

No. 201328

Autoimmune or melanoma
Birthmarks don't appear like that

No. 201388

I have a BMI of 18 and am 22 years old, my breasts look like the last one. they're small too. Most of the weight is on the bottom and they're shaped like cones. I've had so many dudes mock them. It doesn't help one is slightly larger than the other and pointed down. Even my mom makes fun of how much they sag and tells me they look older than hers, and she's in her 50s. I know mine are normal (thank you african tribeswomen), western media just sells an ideal. It just sucks. I have broad ribs and they're far apart too. I never wear swimsuits and stopped wearing regular bras. I just bind them so I can at least rock an androgynous look. Women's clothing do not fit well otherwise.

No. 201517

File: 1628685447223.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.4 KB, 1367x1230, 20210811_115405_882~2.jpg)

anons i'm 29, recently lost 100lbs, and my breasts look like picrel. are they really really bad? i don't see a lot of natural ones, i just want another woman to tell me straight please.

No. 201519

They are very cute. You have nothing to worry about.

No. 201522

I don't see anything wrong with them. If we're talking about gravity or perkiness then that's just normal tits right there.

No. 201533

I love my breasts and you should too

No. 201551

thanks anons, i thought i'd get a little bullied. my sister's are more full and cone-shaped, but she's 5 years younger and she's never been as fat as me (antipsychotics). i know they're flat but good to know they're not unusually ugly-looking thank you so much

No. 201566

Congratulation on your weight loss, nonny.

No. 201567

They look totally fine, also if these are yours you might not want to post nude pictures in the future even though it's anonymous. We already know men lurk here and are waiting for these pictures so they can jerk off to them >>196217

No. 201603

I feel like I got the pseudo. There's a ridiculous long space between my collarbones and my boobs actually starting.

No. 201664

File: 1628777339405.png (Spoiler Image,315.51 KB, 2000x1500, sad face.png)

i hate my breasts. the two partners i've had didn't care and said they liked them (though the first one did jokingly point out that they sagged even worse before i found a properly fitting bra for the first time). i can't tell if it's just me being mentally ill or if i should get a lift. i hate going braless, the feeling of them hanging disgusts me. the right one is a lot worse than the left, i don't want perfect perky tits, i think i'd be satisfied if they were at least the same height and size. it bothers me so, so much. can i get some honest opinions? picrel is a stupid trace i did.

No. 201666

and is a lift/reduction just for my right one even possible? it seems like at my size you would need an implant to get a nice shape but i really don't want an implant. i'd be fine if it looked like the left one did. it's bothered me for years. and if anyone knows of a sports bra for saggy breasts that would be great as well. i like to workout and feeling them bounce around freaks me out

No. 201672

Boobs are never identical and they're literally sacks of fat, they're supposed to hang down anon. I'm sure theyre perfectly fine and cute even if they're slightly different

No. 201673

Don't worry too much, anon! I know that feeling but there's nothing wrong with your boobs. Don't undergo surgery and waste a bunch of money just so you can have perky boobs. I mean, do it if you want but it'd be much better if you worked on your selfesteem instead.

No. 201674

Damn, I've lost 15 lbs with 9 lbs left to go until I reach my goal weight and my boobs have already dropped by like 10 cm in the last couple of years. Your boobs look good.

No. 201676

It is possible, and if the difference between your breasts is severe enough it may even be covered (at least, it was for a woman in my family, this might be different depending on where you are).

That said there's nothing wrong with your breasts, asymmetry is perfectly normal! I second trying to embrace yourself and your body before jumping to solutions like surgery.

No. 201679

how did that work? were they causing her pain or anything? mine don't cause any physical problems so i don't know if that would be covered. did she get implants? is she happy with the result? how different were they?

how do i work on my self-esteem about them in particular though? i've started taking better care of myself and working out and it's helped my general self-esteem but i still honestly hate them so much. when i was younger and heard about trans shit i thought i had to not be a girl because i hated them THAT much. i'm mostly fine with everything else but my breasts cause me so much distress, i really do cry often over them

sorry to be so dramatic i'm venting a bit

No. 201692

Have you ever been in therapy?

No. 201698

File: 1628792002298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,290.55 KB, 1170x484, F19F7387-D7E3-492E-BA05-6A768D…)


No. 201699

yes but not for the body issues. I thought I'd grow out of them as I aged or that it was just a part of my depression but the self hate has only gotten more neurotic with time

No. 201708

I know asymmetry is normal, but is new asymmetry in my thirties something I should be concerned about? I gained a few lbs and one of my breasts is now noticably larger than the other. Never been pregnant and no possibility of being pregnant. Fwiw I have always been pretty flat-chested.

No. 201807

I love my tits and I'm very happy with them. They're not huge or anything, but they're cute and I'm very happy with my genetics. B cup ftw

No. 201818

I occasionally have to squeeze white, thick stringy stuff out of a bump that’s on my left areola. Sometimes there’s a bit that comes out of a bump on my right areola too. I wear sports bras all the time and it’s hot as fuck out here. Could this be the reason why?

No. 201819

No those are normal but I heard you shouldn't squeeze them. I used to and got an infection that really hurt. If you leave them long enough they'll stop being big red swollen zits and they'll calm down eventually.

No. 201867

So I’ve lost around 45 pounds this past year and now my breasts are saggy and I feel like shit.
They aren’t lucidia tier but they are still pretty bad (to me at least ). My weight has always fluctuated throughout the years and as a result they weren’t super perky prior to this recent weight loss , which obviously didn’t help.
Ive heard/read shit constantly about how grossed out scrotes are by saggy breasts , which contributed to my fear of taking off my bra when hooking up with someone because I’m afraid they wouldn’t be attracted to me. I don’t really have the money for surgery right now but I’m considering stashing some away and getting a breast lift when the time is right and I have the funds. I’m terrified of surgery though and feel like any cosmetic procedure Isn’t worth spending 5-10k on , despite being disgusted by my body nearly 24/7.
Does working out make any difference in how they look? Should I just embrace them and if so…how?

No. 201895

Scrotes who dislike saggy boobs are pornsick males so why would you care about them? Males who are valuable partners know female anatomy and how sagging is normal and harmless. Consider it a blessing, it allows you to filter men quickly. Boobs are beautiful no matter what. Thats like scrotes being upset at his wifes body being different after being pregnant. There are guys who will love you no matter what you look like. I hope you will find a guy who will love everything about your bidy and personality, anon. Please do not stress about it. I have saggy big boobs and my bf loves me the way i am.

No. 201899

I posted here before about a pain in my breast. how I'd had pain and not just normal sensitivity in the days leading up to my last few periods. well, feeling my breast the pain is actually now a very hard area of my breast, very touch and rigid to the touch. I'm worried and have been thinking about this a lot but I'm pleased to say I have a doctor's appointment next week. reading about this there are so many other things it could be other than breast cancer, especially since I'm only in my early 30s. but I feel confident in my decision to get it checked out. wish me luck, ladies!!

No. 201902

Wishing you luck anon, the vast majority of these things turn out to be benign but still better to play it safe.

I lost my mom to breast cancer when she had some seriously big warning signs and ignored them, her nipple inverted, started to ooze a foul smelling liquid and then the skin around it puckered and had an orange peel texture to it. I look back and I know she was scared of intimate exams but she ignored so many alarming symptoms. Her cancer was advanced but never created a lump because it was a flat shaped tumour that had sprouted tentacles into the surrounding areas (there's names for this stuff but I can't remember all these years later) Those are some symptoms to never ignore if anyone here ever gets them. Not all tumours create a lump.

No. 202085

Hi, maybe an overthinking farmer here but I'm still worried

I have rather large breasts. Like G cup ones and I've always had nearly inverted nipples. I was looking at them in the mirror after some news that my mum might possibly have a cyst or cancer again and noticed how near each nipple where tje aereolas are, I have a tiny small bump in the same place on each. I read about Montgomery glands but I'm 27 and not pregnant. Is this normal? Should I be worried? I recall one breast having this but can't remember the other and I'm a bit panicked

No. 202129

By all means get checked, but it is most likely Montgomery glands. I'm 27, never been pregnant either but I have 3 on one side that have been there since the beginning, and one on the other side that appeared when I was 25. Second puberty is weird but you're probably fine.

No. 202132

Bless you I'll get it checked but try to not worry, I'm on my peroid which might be why they feel a little tender too. I always thought they only appeared during pregnancy!

No. 202136

(no native english speaker)
Hello, I am relatively new to this site, I have been reading the threads for two years and just now I dare to comment on the page since this particular topic made me interesting.

I know many people online and offline who have complexes about their breasts because of the most ridiculous things that exist, and I have not come here to define myself as a special case and worse than the rest, I know that we all feel the same here. Just to vent..
So, in short, I have tuberous breasts (i could add a photo of a case that I find on the internet exactly the same as mine, but I'm not sure how to do it, heh) and a slight pectus excavatum that makes one look very noticeably bigger than the other. They are horrible af (in my opinion) and every time I see them I just want to cut my neck with an electric saw. Lately I am a bit receptive to them since I do not have a partner and because looking at them from the front does not show the deformity too much, but it also causes me a lot of insecurity and I do not know other cases besides mine. As if that were not enough, the only way to fix all my chest and breasts is with surgery, but I fear even of syringes and I'm ridiculously poor, so I'm not really interested in that, besides they are so small and irregulars that they don't fit harmoniously into a 32A at least (yeah, I don't wear a bra and actually hate it since I like lingerie). I just agree to live with it, sadly, and I guess without a partner for life lol.Therefore, if at any time remembering that this condition exists or my personal case makes you feel better about your breasts, you're welcome!

No. 202138

I'm 19 and i have 9 in one areola and 5 in the other, lol. it's completely normal

No. 202173

did you have to count them just for this post or do you know that off by heart? either way i love it

No. 202309

I would say both? I knew I had some in both areolas but I had to take the time to count how many they were exactly hahaha

No. 202547

I'm so jealous, anons. I have around 40 of these on each areola. I know they're normal but I find them hideous just because I have SO many. Never been pregnant and don't want children. I have heard that they can be surgically removed. Has any anon done this or talked to a doctor about this?

No. 203937

I'm having a hard time accepting the way I look and how it affects my sex life. I've only been with one person ever and he obviously hates my breasts. My boobs are pretty big which means they do sag quite a bit and I've always been self conscious about it but thought men didn't really care because they would be glad they are at least getting sex, right? My boyfriend of two years made it a point for the entire beginning of our relationship not to touch my breasts at all and I used to try to tell him I like it, move his hand there, even going as far as having a crying meltdown several times about how it makes me feel so ugly or how sex hurts because I'm not turned on. He did eventually start touching me after that but it never felt right with me, almost like I was being molested because I knew he didn't like it, it made me feel gross.

Point is that right now, years later I'm thinking so much about it and how ugly I feel and there's not anything I can realistically do to fix the sagging. I don't have the money for a reduction or a lift and I have inflammatory issues that make it harder to respond well to surgeries anyway. I started looking at advice columns and message boards online and it seems like big boobs are really looked down on and considered ugly now as a trend. I can't express how depressed I feel that men who don't even try to look nice think that I look disgusting. I just wanted to have sex one time with someone who doesn't think I'm ugly. Maybe this should be in the sex advice thread but I think it's more attune to this one since the issue is my self esteem and the insecurity over my breasts. Idk I feel dumb and shallow but also I can't stand feeling this ugly.

Sorry for the pity post, I can see how obnoxious it is already because I sound like the ultimate pick-me.

No. 203943

>mfw I have tons of them and never ever thought it was weird or out of the ordinary and now I realize how insane female body standards are for people to be so insecure about an insignificant thing like this
clown world

No. 204008

Any nonnies with small breasts also completely stopped wearing bras? It's not noticeable and has improved my quality of life so much

No. 204014

Yes, unless I go to the gym I don't wear a bra. I just wish my didn't look like they had an argument and aren't talking to each other anymore lol. Started avoiding wearing tight clothing tho

No. 204038

Ohhh man do I feel this post anon. I wanted to get a lift and still might at some point. I keep thinking about the relief I would feel afterwards, how the years of shame and disgust would finally be over and I could just forget all that and be fully present, fun, and confident. I don't care about scars, I can't imagine they would be worse than two floppy mittens with huge areolas. One half of my sex life has always revolved around shame and worry about how my breasts look, praying that my partner doesn't want me to undress completely, and if naked, always managing my posture and position to minimize how awful they look. I never got any mean comments (some thoughtless ones though, ouch) and my exes mostly acted normal, but it's hard to believe it's sincere when someone wants to touch or see them, I just hate them so much myself and can't find myself sexy or attractive while naked. 2 out of 4 of my exes never even saw them, I just got so tired of the process.

On the other hand, I feel a bit better these days after finding the right partner. It took me weeks to take my bra off but since then he has always been consistent about how much he wishes I wouldn't worry, he loves my breasts and everything about my body. He can't keep his hands off me and understands that undressing during sex is sometimes overwhelming to me, but always reassures me that I have no reason to feel that way.

It's rarer in guys, but I guess for some emotionally stable, well-adjusted, and non-pornsick ones, most of the sexual attraction comes from how much they love you instead of direct visual input. So if you find a guy like this, your physical flaws will just not be salient to him at all, he will just see your body as perfect. I still find it hard to not be self-conscious, but some part of it is sinking in, and I found some well fitting sexy bras for when I want to hide a bit more. He proposed this summer and we got a dog instead of me saving for surgery lol, tbh life can be pretty good even with saggy boobs.

No. 204081

Yes! It was a real blessing during the heatwaves this summer. Nowadays I just wear a little camisole if I need an extra layer, which is rare considering my tops are never form-fitting.

No. 204096

Do any nonnas here recommend a type of bra for small, wideset, saggy breasts?
I have my measurements but I have no idea what type of bra to start with and am kinda overwhelmed.

No. 204130

Lifts are really complicated, dangerous and don't provide a long-term solution. There's also a big chance you'll lose nipple sensation.

No. 204194

I'm a big fan of bralettes, theyre so comfy for small boobetties like us. Regular bras are always off in size for me and annoying to unhook/hook, so I've given up one them

No. 204200

Awwww nonnie I'm so happy for you! Your bf sounds lovely, I hope you enjoy raising your dog together.

No. 204202

has anyone else tried the abrathatfits.org calculator? I'm confused because it puts me at a 30dd/32d when every other measurement chart puts me at a 34a. My boobs are objectively small, to give you an idea i was flat chested at bmi 20, there is no way they're a d cup now. I own a bunch of 34b bras from when I was heavier and the're all too large im sharing this information bc I need you to believe that it isn't my perception that's wrong, there is just no way I'm a d cup. My boobs are kind of pointy (?? like they're not very full at the top. I think this is normal for small boobs tho) and maybe a bit wide set, which I understand can cause to overestimate cup size but from an a to a d cup seems excessive. Could the fact that I'm tall be influencing it? Like maybe they assume someone with my ribcage size simply cannot have small boobs kek. Dae have a similar experience? Is it accurate for you?

No. 204214

I'm a d-cup but my boobs are wideset and saggy. For me the style that works best is balconette.

No. 204217

That sounds about right to me. To put it bluntly, my tits are small and I'm naturally just a very shrimpy person but my bra size is similar to yours. The cup sizes are proportionate to the band, so the cup on your size would be way smaller than what you think of when you hear "d-cup". I'd recommend buying one in the size it gave you and seeing what you think, I know it was life changing for me to actually have a bra that doesn't ride halfway up my tits. It's like that because most women wear a band size that's just plain too big and when you downsize that, the cup size has to increase in proportion.

No. 204244

Oh man I feel you nonette.

I keep getting tempted to get a breast lift but it cost about 10k and damn that’s a lot of tattoo money.
Same as you I never got any mean comments on it, but had a few “nice” comments around it like describing my boobs a squishy (I lost weight and they have this squishy, part empty feel).

In the end, I don’t think I can justify spending 10k on a boob job that might not even look that good. I know a woman who also lost a ton of weight and it’s pretty obvious that she had a lift + implant, it doesn’t look too bad per se, but it has that “random ball” on her chest look.

I recently had them pierced, which was a major step to me to basically be naked and lie on my back in front of a stranger, but I gotta say they look way cuter and cost less than surgery. If you’re not against piercings and can tolerate a bit of pain, I’d recommend it to love your body a bit more.

No. 204246

Had the same exact thing happen to me. If I wear a bra other than a sports bra, I usually wear a 32A (even some of my old bras with AA cups fit) and it told me I should be wearing a 30D. It was almost impossible, but I found and bought a 30D pushup bra. Stores like Victoria's Secret or Aerie typically don't carry such rare sizes, but I found one at a department store. My tits definitely filled out the cups completely for the first time, but the band was way too tight. I think the calculator relies on twin sizing and it's not usually a representation of what size you actually are since most bras are built only for that conventional teardrop shape we're all told we'll grow into eventually, but I'd give it a try if you're curious.

No. 204260

huh interesting, thanks for your insight nonas. I'm still skeptical tbh but I will try something with bigger cups

No. 204362

I went from a c/d to an f. It's just sticker shock, don't pay attention to it. Try the recced size and if it doesn't work out you can then troubleshoot (try a sister size, different style etc.)

No. 204423

I think I could cope with my saggy, less full at the top breasts if my nipples weren't so large. it feels like I have the nipples of someone with a much fuller bust. I fill my bra fine (30E uk size) but when my tits are hanging free the top of my breast looks so deflated that my nipples look comically big. if my nipples are hard they look smaller but I hate catching sight of my pancake nips and I have no idea how to stop hating them

No. 204441

Anyone know of the cheapest possible place for weird bra sizes? Mine is fucking 50-52 B and I have no idea where to get it.

No. 204654

My boobs look like a baseball in a sock when in bend over

No. 204655

As most natural boobs do. Don't beat yourself up girl.

No. 204670

I wish I had the confidence to do that but I'm too self conscious about the shape of my breasts to go completely braless with most shirts. They're kinda pointy and my areolas are a lil puffy which makes the shape look weird. They look kinda good naked but not so much clothed. Or maybe they actually don't look that bad and I'm just self conscious, idk. But I do wish my boobs were more like the flatter, round kind of boobs I see a lot of other small chested women have.

No. 204683

It sounds like we have the exact same breast shape and I go braless all the time. I promise you nobody notices your "flaws" or nitpicks them as severely as you do. If anyone even realises you have no bra on, they're most likely to note that fact yet completely disregard the actual shape of your breasts. It does sound like a self-confidence issue, especially when you compare yourself to other women. If I were you I'd start looking into a way to improve your self-esteem and examine the events that kicked off your streak of self-criticism. And I'd go braless all the while. It's more comfortable that way.

No. 204853

I also have the same breast shape, and although I myself hate it because it kinda looks rather childish (imo at least, they haven't really changed either size or shape ever since I was like 13) I also switched to wearing no bras or just a sport bra most of the time. Can confirm that no one really notices it, or at least they thankfully never brought it up or anything lol.

No. 205863

I have really small breasts. It makes me feel weird. I have a babyface too, so I think I just feel like a kid. It'd be nice to look at my body and feel like an adult

No. 205888

i have the same issue. my body looks pretty much the same as it did at 11 years old, just with more scars. what helps me is remembering i have grown and changed a lot since i was a child, that i have many responsibilities that adults have, and thinking about that progress while looking in the mirror. all around the world, there are tons of women with bodies like ours. they turned out fine, too.

No. 206000

Same. I once posted a photo online (lol) because I was trying to decide if I should get implants, and a lot of people told me to wait, because they would grow since I'm a teen. I'm mid twenties though and my weight is stable so that's not going to happen. One time they got bigger for a week and I was so happy, but then they went back to their original size. I'm still considering implants tbh, just scared of the complications. I want to feel more feminine. Also, it tends to attract older men who are creepily into girls a lot younger than them and idk what to do with that.

No. 206006

I have slight innie nipples. No one I slept with ever pointed it out but I just noticed it was kind of weird, so I google imaged to see whether mine were an extreme case or normal.
The second top image result was a thumbnail for innie-nipple porn.
I fucking hate scrotes.

No. 206011

Google clocked my nudes as cp. Feelsbadman.

No. 206702

I get reoccurring ingrown hairs around my areola, I pluck them which is probably not helping but idk what else to do, they're painful if I leave them alone & while they do eventually grow out & sort themselves out I don't like having a few dark, course hairs there. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?

No. 206704

I admittedly have a pretty relaxed attitude towards body hair lately but I just snip mine short and remind myself that realistically most women do have some hair there. Nipples aren't an area where I want to risk scarring or an infection from constantly regrowing hairs.

I have a lil white and dimpled piece of scar tissue on my crotch, like right in the centre of my mound from an ingrown hair that got real hard to dig out years ago. It looks like someone put a cigarette out on my crotch lol

No. 206733

File: 1632433837860.gif (2.02 MB, 480x270, ftK846u.gif)

I absolutely ruined my boobs with fakeboi binding as a teenager. I smashed my perfectly normal breasts down into pancakes every single morning of my freshman year of high school. If there is anything I regret in life, it's this. The feeling of sitting down without a bra on makes me feel like a disgusting ogre and I have come full circle from detransitioning back to female to now just wanting them cut off sometimes. I try to look at a lot of body positive stuff regarding boobs, but it never makes me feel better. I've come to love my face, body, skin color, hair, wholeheartedly, but my boobs feel doomed to dysphoric hatred. I honestly can't even look at them when I bend over without feeling devastating grief, and I know that is dramatic and stupid. I've been pretty opposed to getting plastic surgery because it has always seemed sad to me, but I think I'm going to have to do it. Also as a side note, the ""saggy"" breasts in this thread I would (and probably will) pay $10,000 to have.

No. 206735

Stop molesting your breasts, leave them alone

No. 206736

I stopped binding many years ago. What?

No. 206737

Fucking read anon.

No. 206739

I semi-binded my chest for about 2 years as an adult. The thing that probably saved me was me having a back problem. I have scoliosis so I couldn't go nuts with the tightness of binders or wear them for too long either.

I've seen some detrans women who went ahead and had them removed (even after detransitioning) purely because they knew their breasts had been so badly changed that for them removing still made sense. It's a rough spot to be in. I've seen testosterone use cause less permanent damage than binding caused.

No. 206740

Plastic surgery on healthy body parts is just as much, if not worse molestation with many risks and consequences.
Leave them alone.

No. 206746

Does wearing a bra make your tits sag, or is that just a myth my grandma told me growing up?

No. 206747

Anon, no one fucking disagreed. Did you even read the fucking post? Shut the fuck up already.

No. 206748

I sure did. She said
>but I think I'm going to have to do it
I told her to quit it.
Her only reason against surgery was she thought "it was sad". No mention of concern for her health at all.

Idk what your reason for trying to silence me is or for the adverse reaction. But I bet it's personal.

No. 206752

Never heard that before but it's for sure a myth

No. 206761

It's mostly genetics, motherhood, and age. Tits can sag from bras because they weaken the muscle that keeps your boobs up from disuse, but I don't think it's to the extent you're thinking of.

No. 206802

I get all my pre period pain in one tit and never in the other. Just wondering how common that is?

No. 206810

Idk if it’s common, but I get the same thing anon. Like a shooting pain on the outer side of my left breast, it always scares me before I remember it’s a period thing

No. 207426

File: 1632956768574.png (309.09 KB, 560x287, 162D3B3A-C712-4091-841F-9B14D4…)

I have big saggy boobs my bf doesn’t seem to mind but when we have sex, and I am on top leaning over him and kissing him he’s always trying to whip them out. I’ve come to terms with how floppy they are when my back is straight but leaning forward they look like tube socks stuffed with mashed potatoes how do anons with saggy boobs go bra less and have sex?

No. 207449

Just asking - would there be a way to make ones boobs small but not saggy by binding? or at least a sports bra?

No. 207450

On the topic of bras? <28 Band size bras, better if 26 (USA) and H> cups? I've only ever found curvy kate bras and they make my boobs look pointy but give good support so I usually wear my curvy kate bra with smoothing shapewear so I don't have torpedo tits. Anything else with a flattering shape that comes in very small bands + very large cups?

No. 207494

Same boob situation lol. On top I'm sitting straight up or even leaning slightly back, or I'm laying over him with my boobs touching his chest. It's the bent over, but not making contact angle that's not exactly flattering, not just being on top or being braless in general. But idk, my boobs have changed a lot so I am sad that they're not as round and full as they used to be, but eh, they're still boobs and boobs are hot so it doesn't really bother me that much.
And don't worry about him judging you nonita, he's having sex with a hot woman, he couldn't pull enough brain cells together to count to five at that point

No. 207668

ngl, I use my bf's face as my bra

No. 207913

Do bras really help shape breasts? Idk if it's just aging but I barely wear a bra as much as I use to and my breasts are way more saggy

No. 207916

muscles do. Funny anecdote, I have a bra that is so ill-fitting that it would strain my boobs and cause them to be sore after a day, like I worked them out or something. My boobs would then temporarily get lifted

>I realized how retarded it was to rely on the bra for perky boobs so now I just do chest exercises lol

No. 207920

Ah makes senses. Will definitely try that. Did it help with the roundness at all or is it more of genetics?

No. 207968

File: 1633352595802.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.75 KB, 750x567, 164971_41f308a7-b605-4e8e-be71…)

The ill-fitting bra? Well kinda? I think it was the muscle rounding and filling them out more than the bra. I did eventually gained a little more weight/muscle and the bra started to temporarily shape my boobs into Michael Angelo boobs lololol

No. 209082

I've never had nice breasts, ever. not even when I was young. as soon as they got larger they sagged, a LOT, and losing/gaining weight so rapidly during my teen ana-chan phase certainly didn't help. I don't know if I was doomed to have ugly breasts (my mother and sister both had/have small perky breasts so I have no one to compare it to) or if I irreversibly fucked up my body. i don't know which is worse. I hate them so much. I want to get work done on them so much. I can't go braless at home because the feeling of them dangling makes me want to cut them off. I don't think I'd be a candidate for a lift because anyone with any decency would call it body dysmorphia, but they're really not nice looking. I get so envious looking at pictures of women with nice breasts, ones that I know for a fact haven't gotten any work done and just had good genetics. I never got to experience that. I think they're so ugly and I don't know how to cope. the people I've been with have said my breasts are normal but I really can't believe them, they are saggy, and they have always been saggy, they have NEVER been perky or full like a young woman's "should" be. I hate them and myself.

sorry for the vent/blogpost. I'm going crazy over this and I don't know what to do.

No. 209141

>like a young woman's "should" be
I think your expectations are unrealistic anon. I do know what you mean, I’ve never had perky breasts either, but it sounds like you’re being way too hard on yourself. Even as a younger teenager, my body basically developed over night and I went from a training bra to D cups (that definitely needed a bra) and stretch marks on my thighs. I was a normal weight throughout my teenage years, no major weight fluctuations, but everyone’s body is different. I used to think I had saggy breasts too until I met someone who was crazy about my body and constantly complimenting my breasts, it kind of opened my eyes to how ridiculous I was being. There is no “standard” body for a young woman, having slightly lower set breasts doesn’t make you haggard or whatever. I’m sure you look great anon.

No. 210645

Is it normal for us to get the occasional shiny white stuff on the very, very inside of our nipples? I'm 27 with pretty big breasts and inverted nipples that puff out more in cold and I keep noticing it since a breast cancer scare (I was clear though)

No. 210651

Saggy is a type of boob. It's not a deformity, or a result of something. Small boobs can be saggy too. It's just how it is, and it's not something to be fixed. I've also never had perky boobs, but after talking to some friends I realized it's a common experience. And please don't get surgery. At least wait until you're in your 40s because boob lifts aren't effective and don't last long. The current methods are pretty shit for big boobs while newer techniques are extremely dangerous and not well researched.

No. 210662

File: 1634986548468.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.23 KB, 1154x1521, _20211023_115401.JPG)

Are these little bumps around the nipple normal? I'm nearly thirty and not pregnant, but I'm really concious of them. I think they appeared in the last half year.

Spoilered for photo but I hope it's okay to share. Genuinely wasn't sure if I should worry though.

No. 210668

nothing to worry about. I mean I have those, maybe because I have the same type of nipple (lol) but I never worried about that, doesn't everybody have them?

No. 210669

all kinds of (real) boobs look weird in that position, nonita, dont overthink

No. 210670

Same. I really hate mine too and considered chopping them off. Large breasts are a common trait in my family but my sister has nice shapely ones while I have droopy cow udders and giant areolas. Since puberty, every day has been a struggle for me to accept them. I don't like taking off my bra during sex. I wish I could wake up and find them changed or gone for good.

No. 210671

By reading your comment it seems as if you have tubular/tuberous breasts. I have them too and while I'm not happy with them I don't want to get a boob job because I'm afraid I'll be allergic to silicone breast implants.

No. 210680

I’m dreading my boobs getting extremely saggy when I’m older since I wear a DDD cup. Large breasts usually don’t age well at all.

No. 210720


Thanks for the reassurance, I only got those prominent bumps recently, what would you say our kind of nipple is? Inverted? Mine protrude in cold and such but relaxed or whatnot they're like little bits.

No. 210729

Ugh anon it sounds like we have the exact same boobs. It's awful, isn't it? Feeling like you're undesirable and unconfident because the most shilled 'attractive' part of a woman looks absolutely disgusting on you. It's easy to say that it's natural and normal they look different but being the one to actually live with these ugly sacks makes you feel like shit, especially during sex when you're supposed to be feeling your best.

No. 210731

>It's easy to say that it's natural and normal they look different but being the one to actually live with these ugly sack
You can accept yourself dummy. My tits are saggy and big and I don't give a fuck. Implying that people replying to you couldn't possibly know what you're going through is dumb. Saggy tits are normal, and I hope you can accept yourself one day and stop thinking about yourself through the lense of scrotes and what they think a woman should look like.

No. 210764

NTAYRT but how do I develop this sense you have, it's infectious and I would like to one day grow to the point you are at now.b

No. 210774

My titties are so flat I think I could go shirtless and no one would notice lmao. Mosquito bites? Its me. I've tried AAA bras and they still have a gap when I bend over. When I was in high-school it bugged the shit out of me and I always felt like ~less of a woman~ especially because every single woman in my family has D cups or higher. But once I hit 20 or so it became something I became so incredibly grateful for. The comfort (no bras ever, no sagging, no pain when running, sleeping, ovulating.) A significant lack of leering and cat calling, the style and fashion sense I developed having to dress around my breasts, my bf. All owed to my flat chest. My lil melted Hershey kisses are comfy and cute and I love them so much.

No. 210775

you own your bf to your small chest? what?

No. 210782

It's a long story but to shorten it, yes. I grew up with him since elementary school and we've been close friends throughout. In HS I confided in him about my ex cheating on me with a girl with huge boobs, how it made me feel etc. Anyways some years later we reconnected and he confessed his attraction, said he always felt really bad about that situation because he's always thought I was perfect, shouldn't compare, blah blah blah. I had 0 idea he felt that way so it totally came out of left field but I think it's safe to say I was probably too absorbed in my "hurr dur I'm flat and ugly" mindset to notice his advances back then. However I asked him about it and he point blank told me he was a pussy who was too afraid of rejection lmao. I told him since then I've stopped giving a shit about my boobs at all, and he responded by saying the confidence made me all that more attractive. Anyways we've been together 4 years now and we are getting married next year.

No. 210793

Read about body neutrality. My body doesn't exist too look a certain way. As long as it functions and I'm healthy that's all that matters. If you're frequently distraught over your looks I would suggest therapy. Doesn't have to target body dysmorphia but when you're generally happy and sane you won't think about the unimportant things as much.

No. 210797

>childhood friends
What a cute fucking story anon. Wishing you both the best of luck for the future.

No. 210887

I'm 18 and a late bloomer (I got my period at 15, and started developing breasts at 12-13.) I want to grow my breasts quite a bit. I'm not sure how american sizing works, but I think I'm a 30 or 34B cup. Is it possible to grow them considerably or is it too late? I don't want any kind of surgery for this.

No. 210888

I forgot to mention that every few months I still get stretch marks from growing. I also have perky/firm breasts and I would rather have small breasts that can stand on their own, rather than "saggy" bigger ones.

No. 210891

I'm sorry Instagram lifehacks lied to you, your body isn't build-a-bear and you can't control the size and perkiness of your developing boobs lol. It's down to genetics, you'll just have to wait and see if they keep growing.

No. 210962

Check for hormonal issues but I'm in a similar situation as you, I was a B-C all throughout high school, became a D cup after high school and I'm 22 now with a full I cup, with little to no weight gain

bigger doesn't mean better though, I'd honestly take my B cup appearance without a bra any day of the week, my boobs aren't even saggy or anything, I just prefer how small boobs look

No. 210966

Nta but I cup and not saggy? Well damn, I'm jelly. J cup here and it's not looking good. Only 21.

No. 210983

I have like, really weird boobs. They're kind of ugly. I have tubular breasts and my nipples are kind of weird and splotchy. My left boob is marginally bigger than my right boob.
Also not sure if this is important or not, kek, but when my boobs started growing during puberty I would beat them up maybe that's why they are so fucked.

No. 210985

nonny most womens left boobs are bigger than the right boobs thats a biological thing. i honestly started looking at titties from national geographic to compare to and now i feel much more normal. embrace it. we got primordial tits. whatever. its fine

No. 211009

nta but isn't it supposed to be the right one that's bigger

No. 211013

No yeah, I know, but most boobs are like slightly bigger. Mine is like really noticeabl. Also, tubular boobs and what I already mentioned.

No. 211029

Left usually because it's closer in proximity to the heart.

No. 211065

it's usually the left one that's bigger but my right one is bigger, I've heard that people with a bigger right boob also tend to be left handed (though I'm not)

No. 211220

Eh it's kinda saggy in a natural boob sort of way but it doesn't droop if that makes sense. I also don't wear bras which helped a lot and do push ups and when they were growing I moisturized a lot. I'm pregnant now and they didn't grow a lot but they're weirdly firm and almost hard to the touch

No. 211434

Sometimes I hate how it feels like my breasts don't even have the same zip code. I'd gladly have smaller breasts if they didn't droop to the sides so heavily, instead I have breasts that attract attention when clothed but I'm not that confident about them naked and always used to wear a bra when having sex, even though they were probably less droopy back then.

No. 211702

I already said it in one of the vent thread, but last night I tried to sleep and felt a lump in my left breast. It's not painful but I jave very small breasts so it's hard to gauge its size. I'm scared shitless, my big sister has had a big lump in her breast for like 10 years and thankfully doctors found out it was harmless but my grandma died of breast cancer and when it comes to health I'm so unlucky I can't help but think anything is possible for me. I managed to get an appointment with my GP for November 19th and I'm worried it's going to be too long until then. And on top of that I have no idea since when I have this, maybe it was there way before I noticed. Just touching it makes me want to throw up. I don't know what else I could possibly do now.

No. 211739

You'll probably be fine, anon. If its something bad I bet you caught it early. Could also be a benign mass. Happened to my best friend. Crossing my fingers for you.

No. 212030

I'd get a mammogram every few months if I were you, if you're in america plenty of places have urgent cares that can refer you to get a mammogram ASAP

No. 212187

Nonnas, does anybody know what moisturisers or balms are good to use for dry nipples? The skin is so raw and dry from nipple play and having to keep high heating on where I live which dries my skin out generally, and it makes chafing so much worse (I usually go bra-less). Advice please

No. 212203

Shouldn’t vaseline do the trick for the chafing?

No. 212205

NTA, doesn't vaseline just trap moisture instead of providing it?

No. 212213

File: 1636014985769.jpeg (217.04 KB, 1000x1000, 12F48866-683F-439F-9DFE-03F3A0…)

There’s a pretty wide variety of nipple balms for nursing mothers that would probably do the job. Personally, I’ve always been curious about udder balm (they also use it on cows!)

No. 212215

Try ointments with lanolin.

No. 212226

My mom uses a type of handcream that's also used on animals (she actually gets it at the vet), when she mentioned this to some people in the medical field they said to be careful with products like that because they could contain hormones that aren't okay for humans.

No. 212253

I'm not in the USA so I'll have to see how that works with my GP first, and I'll ask her where I can get a mammogram. I have no idea how long it can be to get an appointment but I hope it's not too long.

Your best friend seems to have what my big sister has too. I talked about it with my mother yesterday and she told me that apparently it's hereditary in our case and that's why she's not too worried about me. My big sister never had her tumor removed according to her.

No. 212425

my left boob hurts + feels weird to me after I ovulate and it's freaking me out. it's been going on a few months but i haven't gone to the doctor hopefully it isn't cancer lmao

No. 212511

Would this be the correct thread anons?
My breast size has fluctuations dramatically and a lot. Yet it seems like when I feel like my breasts are most attractive that's when my partner is least likely to play with them? I've been with a lot of people and it seems when I'm slimmer and my boobs are a bit smaller that's when my partners enjoy playing with them most but when my breasts get larger they either completely ignore them or don't play with them in a way that's pleasing to me (grabbing way too rough, sucking obnoxiously, tittyfucking, etc). It just makes me feel so unattractive and disgusted with myself even though I've always wanted larger breasts and now that I finally have them there's no use since no one knows how to use them
>Inb4 cOmMuNiCaTE
It's so embarrassing if I have to tell men that I like being played with like a human being capable of feeling pleasure and not a damn punching bag, at that point if you can't figure out that ignoring my breasts or grabbing them like you're trying to pop them open isn't giving me any pleasure you're either not attracted to me or don't even care

No. 212516

>you're either not attracted to me or don't even care
If you've already come to that realization, why are you still with your bf who causes you discomfort..

Rough titplay is a sign he's getting his ideas about what women like from watching porn, not from communicating with his female bed partners.

No. 212517

>Inb4 cOmMuNiCaTE
>It's so embarrassing to communicate, how I feel should be obvious
Good luck searching for that perfect psychic bf anon

No. 212518

Men are retarded if you can't figure out no one likes their boob grabbed that hard

No. 212573

My left breast is starting to hurt and I have no idea if it's because of the lump/tumor/whatever this is or if I'm so paranoid and scared that I'm imagining the pain. My appointment at the doctor's will be in 2 weeks but I'm considering moving the appointment for an ealier date.

No. 212625

Totally ask for an earlier appointment if this is causing you anxiety. I wish you the best.

No. 212651

I managed to change the appointment for next Monday, so I'll go in exactly one week. Can't go earlier because my doctor is booked.

No. 213366

Update: the doctor told me it's most likely not a cancerous mass but the lump is bigger than average so I need to see a specialist asap. Just knowing that makes me so relieved I want to cry.

No. 213430

File: 1637058932890.jpg (162.05 KB, 634x1033, kendall-jenner-nipple-piercing…)

I'm not sure if this is the right thread since I couldn't find any piercing related threads on /g/ but since its breast related, im thinking about getting some nipple piercings done. any nonas here who got them as well? tips? advice?

No. 213435

Yea, what do you want to know?

General advice: do some research on the piercer, get straight implant grade titanium bars, use only saline spray and water to clean them no soap or other shit, don't touch them, no swimming or nipple play for a few months, they take up to a year to heal no not anytime sooner, get them downsized on time and the bar should NOT go through the areola

You can wear whatever you want to the appointment, after getting them done wear whatever feels comfortable for you - bra or no bra

No. 213436

On the scale of 1 to 10 how much did it hurt? Also would it be ok to put gauze on top of them right you got them done?

No. 213437

There is no universal answer for pain. For me it was: left 7/10, right 8/10. The second one usually hurts more.

It would be fine just don't squeez them with it and don't wear it 24/7 in case you'll bleed or sweat through the day, let them breath a bit lol

No. 213448

it wasn’t painful for me but i found the aftercare to be annoying. the other anon is right, it takes about a year for them to fully heal. i took mine out after like 6 months because they were not healing properly even though i was very careful with them. one was extremely painful 24/7 and i couldn’t handle it, while the other was just not healing right.

No. 213452

I got mine done when I was 19 and it hurt so so fucking bad and I have quite a high pain/discomfort tolerance. The healing wasn’t as bad as just getting them pierced. I didn’t keep them, but they were cute and healed fine—getting caught on my bra, shirts, or towels hurt like a mf regardless of how healed they got though.

No. 213455

Why didn't it ever heal anon? Still in the questioning phase of getting my nipples pierced and this is holding me back a bit (and plus i read you cant workout for a few weeks after you have them done rip)

No. 213457

I only got one pierced, I knew the healing time was long and I wanted one untouched nipple in case it was a rough heal or in case my sensitivity was affected or lost. I was sexually active and didn't want two nipples off the plate at once.

I'm tatted and pierced in lots of places and ime the pain level was up there. Out of all my piercings it was number one for pain. Didn't exactly have a rough time healing it but I just remember I didn't want someone putting their mouth near it during that time. I was scared of shit getting caught up in it. I'm well used to having percings but this one if anything negatively affected my sex life because I was scared of anything going near it. And that was with just a bar in. I took it out pretty soon after it would've been healed anyway. I do have increased sensitivity in it now since it's been retired?? It's my good nipple now that the bar is out. In a roundabout way there was technically a net gain then I guess..but only in the very long run and only because I retired it lol

No. 213460

Aerie makes nice soft no padding no underwire bras you should invest in if you're gonna pierce the girls. I did mine at like 21 but between the bars always falling out and my toxic ex whining about how only whores have nipple rings I ended up letting the holes close. The pain I'd say was like 6ish. And I only say that because it's fast, it hurt like hell to get them done the first time. And that's also the only reason I wouldn't do it again. I used to soak them in warm salt water to clean the hole. (Use a shot glass lmao)

No. 213462

You can work out the same day if it doesn't hurt, just spray them with saline after and rinse in the shower

Soaking is actually outdated advice not trying to be rude, just fyi

No. 213464

>Soaking is actually outdated advice
for nipple piercings or piercings in general? I find it to be most effective

No. 213468

NTA but piercings in general. Saline wound wash is much more sanitary than soaking. There is less risk of infection and irritation.

No. 213512

File: 1637111605294.jpg (98.8 KB, 632x1052, 09_sodium_chloride_nacl_pnss_5…)

oh so i should just spray the new piercing instead?

also pic related is what the piercer i asked recommended for aftercare. im not from america and stuff like neilmed is expensive and scarce here. she told me its medical grade saline solution that i can buy from drug stores

No. 213613

That is saline solution. Try to look for one with a spray nozzle if you can find it. For your regular shower schedule: spray it down well and leave the solution to break down the crust for a couple minutes before taking a warm shower. Rinse the piercing site very thoroughly in the shower without touching it. Resist the urge to remove any crusties manually or to touch your jewelry with your hands. You can spray saline again after your shower if you feel it may help dislodge any remaining debris. For daily care: try not to overwash the piercing site because that could make it dry and itchy. Morning and night is usually enough, but you can spray again if you happen to touch your jewelry during the day. Hopefully your piercer told you this already and it's just a confirmation. Happy healing nona.

No. 213905

It turns out that the tumor I thought I had in my left breast is actually two pretty big tumors next to each other and even though they're harmless I need to get them removed with surgery. Of course it happens now that I finally got a nice job, I'm worried I'll give a bad impression for being absent a few times to get more doc appointments and surgery and my employers won't want to renew my work contract. At least I'm not actively dying and in pain.

No. 214120

Any breastfeeding anons here? I've been leaking colostrum and I swear that shit is liquid gold. I don't wanna sound like those crazy moms obsessed with their own tits or anything but it's amazing for stomach issues

No. 214149

i was an anachan at 13/14 and lost a lot of weight and became underweight which ended up in me not having boobs.
then after i regained all my weight and more (and became overweight lol) my boobs grew to be huge but now not only are they way too big for my liking, they are also incredibly saggy. like i'm talking pointing towards the floor saggy. when i lay on the bed they drop towards my armpits.
at some point when i stop being a femcel and have to start caring about how i look naked, i'll probably get a breast lift. it's not only aesthetically unpleasing but also kinda annoying in my day to day life.

No. 214165

is it worth it at all to try tittyfucking if you aren't that big? I'm only a 34c but my bf insists on wanting to try it and thinks it would work.

No. 214168

Get some syringes and freeze it for when your baby arrives! It will tide them over until your milk comes in fully.

No. 214169

Wow you guys are having some shitty sex lmfao. Tell your bf to learn how to fuck.

No. 214205

Titty fucking is easy since you can mold the tissue around the dick and I've heard it actually feels better with medium sized boobs. Unless you're seriously small/almost flat it shouldn't be hard or anything. It's also fun since small and medium boobs tend to have smaller nipples which feels good when you brush it against their dick

No. 214327

Yeah just don't expect it to feel as good for you. Use oil or your mouth for lubricant to make it go by faster.

No. 214330

Do it if you're curious and want to do it, not because your leech scrote "insists" on it. If your breasts are sensitive make him rub his dick on them instead of treating them like a fleshlight, it'll feel better.

No. 214346

i have bigger breasts but when i tried, i gained no pleasure from it and it made me feel icky. though this was not with a long term boyfriend, that might change things. doesn't hurt to try, if it doesn't work out then that's that.

No. 214355

File: 1637646609355.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.62 KB, 700x700, sub-buzz-5198-1605310077-2.jpg)

Apologizes for porn drawing but is this what you mean by tittyfucking? Like most sex acts it's more for a show and not supposed to be pleasurable. I'm a handful (so like a C?) and I'm usually lazy so I'll let men titty fucking me, most of them get off very quick and on that alone so it's always my go-to if I just wanna gtfo or something so it' a good move to use if you aren't enjoying yourself and don't want him to fuck you

Would boob size even matter? I feel like as long as if you can wrap your boobs around the dick then it's fine? I feel like tissue density would matter more since denser/firmer tissue would create a more tight feeling

No. 214367

>I'll let
>my go-to if I just wanna gtfo
>if you aren't enjoying yourself
>don't want him to fuck you
I know this might seem sarcastic, but I'm seriously so sad for you nona, what the hell…

No. 214374

Sorry not everyone has mind-boggling orgasms anytime they have sex like you apparently

No. 214378

it's not about orgasming, it's about the fact that you're put in situations where you feel like having sex you don't even like is the easiest way out

No. 214400

Who said there's no easy way out? I still want him to cum, it's just sometimes I'm not in the mood so I'd rather just give a quick handjob or let him titty fuck me. It's also great if you happen to have a yeast infection or UTI that day. It just sounds like you've never been in a LTR before. Wanting to get your partner off even if you're not aroused yourself =\= putting yourself in a rapey situation

No. 214418

Not any of the anons you replied to, but you sound in denial. And you're not in a position to tell anyone whether they've had a LTR before just because you're having bad sex. Grow up.

No. 214420

NTA and I don't even like sex acts like that but some people just have low sex drives but still want to do something intimate with a partner

No. 214441

don't be a bitch. wanting to please your partner and make them feel good, even if you "don't get anything out of it" (and you should if you love them..), is a staple of all healthy relationships.

No. 214445

>wanting to please your partner and make them feel good, even if you "don't get anything out of it" (and you should if you love them..), is a staple of all healthy relationships.
No offense, but this line of thinking has made so many women miserable. The guy is sticking his dick in her breasts using her as a fleshlight, not even thinking about her pleasure, let's not have to try romantic notions about "healthy relationships." You can bet he never does anything solely "for her pleasure" and would whine incessantly if he didn't get to cum.

No. 214447

it was specifically mentioned that they were quickies. the notion of it being a normal thing to do in any healthy relationship applies both ways, why do you think I would give any scrote a pass for it? you don't have to tell me twice that most scrotes just want to use women and have trouble even fingering or eating out their gf without any strings attached. I'm defending the relationships in where that doesn't exist and where two people just want to make the other feel better.
that's the only kind of romance I can have, because otherwise I don't want to deal with some selfish moidchild that has no interest in my body feeling good/bad.

for what it's worth I do agree that it can make women miserable, but only if they continuously pursue something with a bf that couldn't give less of a shit about them getting off over himself.

No. 214449

no it's not. good sex comes from intimacy, it's always awkward when one person is clearly not enjoying themselves. and in these situations it's healthier to just get yourself off than make getting off feel like a chore. why would you want to view your bf's dick as an annoying task to get out of the way?

No. 214450

no one said do it at the cost of your own enjoyment or pleasure. I don't know how you can pretend there's no intimacy to wanting to please your partner without expecting anything in return, and having that go both ways. obviously it's a bad thing if one person isn't of that mindset or isn't enjoying themselves as you said.

No. 214458

Why not? He eats me out and gets me off when I'm in the mood and he's not. I can leave or call quits if I want to but I simply don't. Just because you don't understand other people's relationships doesn't mean they're being abused or stupid

No. 214460

I'm not having sex when I don't want to, I mentioned that I don't let him fuck me if I don't want to which idk why you ignored it. Literally every single person I know personally have done sexual things without actually being turned on. I mentioned that you sound like you've never been in a LTR because you just sound inexperienced especially in the idea that sex isn't always dreamy fun that you want all the time nor does everyone turn into nuns when they're not aroused, are you also saying women who make sexual and flirtatious jokes towards their boyfriends are stupid for putting themselves in sexual situations they don't actually want to be in at the time? Why is it so bad that someone would want to finish their partner off quickly when they're no longer aroused?

No. 217038

File: 1639324287102.gif (565.86 KB, 266x200, chewing-gum-raven.gif)

OKAY same anon as these posts. I have a question. Im already booked and ready to go for nipple piercings and my concern is that I bought saline solution for an IV Bag for my piercing aftercare. My piercer said that I should dispose the liquid of saline solution once its opened within 24 hrs and then it goes bad then I found another piercer selling saline solution in spray bottles says that that it lasts for a month before it goes bad. Uhhh medical anons with experience in IV solutions how long does an opened bottle of IV fluids last? Is it really 24 hrs or just a month?

No. 217045

If you bought an IV bag, you can only open that once and use it at that exact moment as once the bag has been open then the saline solution has been exposed to a non-sterile environment and if you continue to use it then you have greater risk on getting an infection with your new piercing. If you can return IV bag and instead get the spray bottle which can keep the solution uncompromised and sterile in each use although it is still not a fail-safe to keep it sterile beyond it's expiration date.

No. 217049

I've always just made my own saltwater at home

No. 217051

As >>217045 said, the container and delivery method makes a difference in how long the solution will remain sterile. Don't listen to this retard >>217049 unless you want a higher risk of infection. It's all fun and games until you end up not being one of the lucky ones and getting an infected nipple. Get you a spray can.

No. 217055

Alot of piercers will send you home with a leaflet that instructs you on how to make it yourself. I've had nearly every type of piercing done including nipples and I think in twenty years of getting piercings I used store bought solution once when I got my very first piercing.

No. 217058

then they fucking sit in your unsterile bra or do you think nipple piercings get sterile bandages packed onto them or something?

nonna you just need saline solution, it doesn't have to be sterile because you arent fucking injecting it.

dont touch your piercings unless you have clean hands. soak them in salt water nightly for the first few weeks to help with the crusties. dont wiggle your jewelry around. just leave your piercings the fuck alone and they will heal fine.

No. 217059

>Make a soaking solution by mixing sea salt and distilled water. Use pure sea salt (non-iodized) and not table salt, which contains extra chemicals that can irritate your piercing and dextrose (sugar) that can cause yeast infections. When buying salt, read the label: it should contain only salt (sodium chloride) and possibly an anti-caking agent (often calcium phosphate, calcium silicate, or prussiate of soda). Do not use Epsom salts, as this is a completely different chemical compound. Make sure your salt-to- water ratio is correct…

No. 217077

>then they fucking sit in your unsterile bra or do you think nipple piercings get sterile bandages packed onto them or something?
I don't know what your deal is. I was just advising her on not using an IV bag multiple times and between the two choices that she presented, I myself would have chosen the spray bottle.
No item of clothing can be sterile the only importance is that it is clean. Unless >>217038 has only one bra and wears that daily then that would be what you would deem unsterile as wearing a bra for 2-3 day would still be clean unless she drops food down her shirt and exercises with it on .
>you just need saline solution, it doesn't have to be sterile because you arent fucking injecting it. Saline solution
is by default sterile once made and only deemed unsterile if mishandled e.g. If one were to use an IV bag by opening it, scooping out a bit for use and then just closing back shut with tape then that would be unsterile and adds on the possibility of bacteria breeding in the IV bag as there is kind of bacteria that thrives in salty conditions. By soaking the piercing and nipple you are letting the solution get in-between the piercing and the insides of the nipple that is pierced.
Also if one were to "fucking inject it" the solution to the piercing then it would just go out the other side of the opening unless she has shit aim and injects herself in the breast

No. 217092

Nta but I assumed she meant like 'you're not injecting it into your (fucking) veins' seeing as it's IV bags and saline being discussed?

No. 217094

That's great and my cousin got his ears pierced with heavy hoops and he cleaned it with alcohol and nothing happened. Different things work for different people but simply using a spray is easier and safer because you just can't fuck that up.

No. 217113

People can choose either bought solutions or homemade. Both are perfectly fine. You've got options.

It's just dumb how quick some anons are to screech retard and talk about incoming infected breasts at the mention of home-made when experienced piercers, piercing sites, health sites all say its safe and a well known thing to make it at home if you want to. It's not some crazy retard thing. Pick whichever suits you better but neither are dangerous like anon above was weirdly claiming.

No. 217118

"saline solution" is salt water you retard

its salt. in water. which you can make at home. and you don't need fucking sterile solution because it's a topical application. "i don't know what your problem is" kek

No. 217164

Breastfeeding anons - how do you stop your nipples from crusting? Anytime I leak or feed the milk will dry over my nipples and become painful and itchy even if I wear nursing pads

No. 217192

i have heard lanolin helps with this a lot (though some people are allergic)

No. 218189

File: 1639839168203.jpeg (8.46 KB, 236x289, images - 2021-12-18T225144.602…)

Wish me luck nonas im about to get them pierced tomorrow. Pray for me and my nipples. I have a can of NeilMed ready and I'm nervous as to how long will this can last me.

No. 218190

why do you hate yourself

No. 218195

Good luck, hope you like them!

No. 218244

Careful of seatbelts and loofahs! Good luck Nona

No. 218250

when it's cold one of my nipples gets really hard but the other doesn't or doesn't as much? is this normal?

No. 218268

Yes my nipples get hard at uneven rates

No. 218293

I'm not sure if this is better suited for the dysmorphia thread but has anyone learned to make peace with having huge breasts without getting surgery (can't afford it and I have addiction problems and I know if I change that I'll want to change my next insecurity)? I can tolerate back pain most days but I've been sexually harassed and gotten envy and backhanded compliments for it since I was 12 and it's hard to see myself as a natural whole person and not some human cow or something. I tried talking about it to a therapist and she agreed when I gave an example of the ways people insulted me. It also makes me scared that no one will be attracted to me outside of a fetish, since it's never something people expressed to me respectfully. Most lesbians/bisexual in my experience openly talk about liking boobs smaller, and I can't blame them for it, but I just feel like I'm destined to only date coomers who like big boobs because they see it in porn.

No. 218294

Anons, any way to deal with saggy breast after weight lost? I used to be on obese weight and now I have lost 45 pounds. Currently my weight bmi is 26. Note: My breast has lot of white/mature strecthmark because of it.

No. 218300

Howdy nona i too was overweight and my breast sagged after weightloss and tbh i just stopped caring about it. Wear push up bras if you want if it boosts your confidence or maybe a sports bra thats nicely padded. Oddly enough, i look to doja cat as inspo as she has the same kind of breasts like mine. There's also like a breast lift augmentation if you have money to spare. I thought about it once but i dropped it.

No. 218301

Does anyone else hate what their nipples look like when they’re hard? I feel like I have gum drops attached to my tits sometimes

No. 218308

>as a natural whole person and not some human cow or something
What the fuck, I feel this so much. Like, even looking at my breasts makes me feel weird because all I can think of is how other people see me as a goddamned cow. I developed disordered eating to get rid of them but they didn't budge. All I can say is, I really can relate to what you wrote. I see when people want to compliment girls with smaller breasts, they feel the need to lightly insult the look of bigger breasts ("They all get saggy and gross anyways haha") and it made me feel worse. The pain and swollenness during PMS literally makes me want to rip them out.
I'm far from accepting my body as is but honestly, what helps me is wearing flattering clothes that do not make them so prominent. Focusing on other parts of me, so I don't have my mind on only my boobs, you know what I mean? I hope you know there's people out there who'd be attracted to you not because of the size of your breasts, like really, for more well-adjusted people, it'd not mean much. Don't date some weirdo coomer, you'll find your guy.

No. 218309

kek yes, i think my nips look nicer soft. when they get hard they get wrinklier and scrunched and meh

No. 218310

AYRT, glad you feel less alone. I accepted them as a part of me but more in the way someone would accepting having a harmless tumor, I'm not happy about it but else can I do? I know surgeries aren't the answer since my body is healthy (I have weight issues but even when I was skinny my tits were huge) but at the same time if someone gave me 20k I would get a boobs, ass, and stomach reduction lmao.

I don't like guys, which is why I mention how most lesbians/bi women I notice like smaller breasts, which more power to them, but it still makes me feel insecure about myself since I've had the misfortune of knowing female coomers who were into "thicc mommy milkers" shit. Makes my skin crawl lmao, I don't get much attention anymore now that I'm not a teenager but it feels like I have to choose between someone settling for me when she really wants something better or a pervert

No. 218312

Oh, I have also noticed most women into women preferring small or at least proportionate boobs. I can understand your insecurities in that case. I wish this mommy shit never got popularized, it's so gross. Honestly, as long as you don't get with some weirdo like that you'd be fine. Why would you think your partner would be settling for you? Why would they do that? No woman will be with you if they do not want to be, you shouldn't sabotage yourself by thinking like that. Besides, since you're into women you'd be in better luck since the worst of coomers are men.

No. 218329

I honestly disagree, a lot of my bad self esteem and why I keep to myself is the worst attention I've gotten was from women, adult family members were inappropriate, I was constantly negged by both skinny flat chested girls or fat girls without big boobs/butt. Just because I don't have to deal with dating scrote-y guys (and guys have harrassed me too) doesn't mean women can't be monsters too

No. 218371

>I can tolerate back pain most days
Have you measured yourself using the r/abrathatfits guide? Often backpain can be caused from wearing the wrong size. Have you seen a physio too?

No. 218403

Whoops, I thought you were specifiying dating which is why I said you shouldn't worry about wondering if whoever you'd be dating would be 'settling' for you or just into you because of fetish reasons, which you'd you'd probably sniff out in the beginning.

No. 218542

I actually have a good bra, and it's mainly why my back pain is manageable most times. I haven't seen a physio though since it doesn't interfere with my life.

I am referring to dating, but my non-relationship interactions with women are why it's something I have serious issues with among other things. I have weirdos on apps (not TIMs, shockingly), so it just makes me feel like a magnet for pervs.

No. 219461

Who lied and said big boobs = lots of milk? I'm barely a handful and am producing an ungodly amount to the point where it seeps through my bra

No. 219463

My mom always told me the opposite. She works on the maternity ward and says that the more endowed ladies have trouble producing a lot of milk for their babies. Meanwhile some of her smaller friends could pump out more. It might have something to do with the amount of fat restricting the milk glands. Might not always be the case but it makes sense to me

No. 219556

I think it's because people assume that because womens breasts get bigger before a feeding then big breasts must mean full of milk, they also assume breast size is related to hormones too which isn't true in the slightest

No. 219563

My sister has the smallest breastfeeding boobs I've ever seen but she produces so much so easily that she donates it.

No. 221289

File: 1641320396881.jpg (43.5 KB, 538x693, 9826c59d5194fc64cb0f9a3663dbe6…)

My breasts get too sore and painful during PMS (so, right now) and even just moving is such a pain. Can I do something about it? I'm braless and it fucking hurts to even walk but I know if I wear a bra, it will also hurt. I'm usually okay with having a larger bust but times like these I actually cry wishing my size was something like picrel, it's literally ideal. I know this feeling will pass once I start my period and this tenderness and soreness goes down but right now, I just want them gone so bad, it just hurts.
Do any anons here know how to soothe or lessen the pain? Anything except otc painkillers?

No. 221292

painful breasts before periods can be caused by low progesterone


see if you have any of the other symptoms

No. 221305

Can't help you unfortunately, but I have the same thing and can't sleep on my stomach at all before my period and sometimes I even have to take painkillers because it's so bad. I usually wear a bra, but at that time, putting it on and removing is also super painful. They also swell up and I literally look like I had a boobjob

No. 221429

I've wondered about hormonal issues due to a few other reasons too, maybe I'll take this to a doctor. I actually did once when I was having really bad, sharp pain in one of my breasts but the doc said it's probably nothing. Lol.
I feel you so much, anon. God, wish we didn't have to struggle through this pain.

No. 221456

doctors are usually infuriatingly dismissive and completely worthless. They usually gaslight patients saying they're hypochondriacs or it's anxiety or it's nothing to worry about. And the rare times that they actually do something the condition is usually related to lifestyle and can be fixed with no medication but they decide to prescribe pharmaceuticals anyway
Nowadays I only use them to get blood work done

No. 221497

it was a male doctor, wasn't it?

No. 221539

Female doctors can honestly be even more dismissive. I've been told I'm lying about my pain or that I need to suck it up because every woman goes through it.

No. 222614

File: 1641785722981.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.99 KB, 294x222, 53D50038-EA9E-425C-A183-7555EA…)

do any other anons have hyper keratosis nipples? i never knew i had them until i got curious and started googling why my nipples looked like that. i went to the gyno and asked her if my nipple were normal bc i’ve never seen my type on anyone else. she said there was nothing wrong with them, and no one’s ever asked me anything about them. but it does make me insecure that im the only person i know that has them like this. picrel (nipple with hyperkeratosis)

No. 222629

Depends on your experience, I had a male doctor for the longest time who threw me on birth control and never gave me any sound advice for endo or pcos, all of this I ended up researching myself. Also never bothered letting me know there needs to be more testing. This dude was so bad I didn't even know what a laproscopy, metformin, or any other medication was until recently kek

I moved and got a female doctor, she immediately told me options I can have without birth control, and always scheduled follow ups

No. 222630

File: 1641794781851.jpeg (38.58 KB, 612x612, f3c46331-0454-4881-b77c-ca8656…)

Is it just me or are vanity sizing really taking effects on bras? My boobs are by no means big (I also have body dysmorphia from being called flat chested throughout high school and college so don't take my word on that) and I got a damn XL sports bra from Walmart similar to picrel and I'm literally bursting out of it. I also remember easily fitting into a 32D or 32C and now I'm on the verge of breaking these things? I got measured at a lingerie store and was told I was a 36B or something like that and my stupid ass actually got the B cup which the middle ended up having a 6 inch gap after a few months from stretching. Like I said my boobs are in no means large but it was never this bad? I could only imagine the pain for legitimately large boobed girls

No. 222634

idk i think maybe just a few certain products are "off" on sizing. i recently purchased a set of hanes underwires and for the first time ever the 34 was actually like a 30 though the cup was appropriately sized, which was a great surprise bc i only buy 34s because they're cheap and available. idk i would venture to say XLs would not usually be becoming smaller from walmart

No. 222640

I find that cup sizes are fine but bands are sooo much tighter than they should be for my measurements. Like, I got professionally fitted but the bands felt so tight it hurt and I couldn't wear them. I buy cheaper bras that come in generic clothes sizes, and I have to go 2 sizes up from my shirt size in the same brand, even after sizing up I prefer using an extender. This applies to regular bras, sports bras, bralettes etc, and has been true whether I was at the higher or lower end of a healthy BMI. I can't tell if I'm just hyper sensitive to tightness around my ribs or it's genuinely just shitty sizing. Or maybe I'm more of a fatass than I realized and shirts are forgiving so I can wear smaller sizes than I should, idk.

I just go braless as often as possible tbh.

No. 222662

i was lurking and checked this out of curiosity, now i think i should get my thyroid checked because of the symptoms + my mother had to operate on hers due to issues.
thank you so much nona for bringing this to my attention

No. 222681

My nipples look like that too. Nobody else has ever cared, and I've never felt bothered by them either. It's common enough that it has a name, so we're not alone and you have no reason to feel insecure. Not to overstep but you sound pretty young/immature, or at least fixated on feeling like you belong. No shade, I sincerely hope you get some help with that.

No. 222721

you’re right, thank you :-). most of my insecurities are trivial and i’ve got to get over them(:-))

No. 222914

Anyone else here had saggy tits since they were a teenager? How do you get over it?

No. 222928

Just don't care about it. Noone is going to turn you down after you take your bra off and they find out your tits sag, and if you really don't like them you can always just wear a bra at all times.

No. 222945

Had to get a breast exam today from my doctor, found a lump at Christmas just below the nipple and it's leaking pus slightly (sorry for the gross imagery). Being put on penicillin just in case it's an infection but they're also sending me to a breast clinic for a proper check. I'm 29 and fucking terrified.

No. 222946

Don't worry anon! You are doing the right thing, seeing someone about it asap, and that's all you can do! Sending good wishes and health nonnie!

No. 222948

I had a breast reduction back in 2019. Best decision I ever made for many reasons. However, I still have scars. They are still quite red too. I worry a little and I am embarrassed at the thought of a future partner seeing them. But a positive is that I am not embarrassed and uncomfortable I was on the outside because of them.

No. 222949


Thanks anon, I appreciate it. No family history and I do checks in the shower very regularly so even worst case it's been caught early - trying to stay positive but the waiting is getting in my head, argh!

No. 223144

My husband felt a small lump in one of my breasts a few days ago. I don't really want to get it checked out yet since we had some other truly crazy life stuff happen the past three weeks and I'm worried about a more pressing health issue. How long can I procrastinate on this?

No. 223147

You shouldn't procrastinate on it at all. Do it ASAP.

No. 223158

Don't wait to get tests for this. I had the same problem not that long ago and talked about it in this thread, and since my grandmother died of breast cancer it was very stressful, so when I went to my gp to explain everything she told me get an appointment at the hospital for an echography and a biopsy asap. She told me to make sure I had that first appointment within the same week. I actually just have a fibroadenoma but it's large enough to require surgery, but just knowing that it's harmless instantly made me feel better. At the very least go see your gp, depending on how the lump feels to the touch, if your gp is specialized in gynecology like mine she can easily guess if it's cancer or something harmless.

No. 223361

Thanks nannies. I can't feel the lump now; I only could find it once and my husband also had trouble locating it again. It's probably a normal lobe, but I'll be getting it check early next month. I was hoping to use my freebie annual exam for an IUD removal, but I won't delay getting this checked out. Thanks for all your help.
How do you tell a doctor when your husband found the lump? Just avoid mentioning it unless asked? Say you felt a lump in the shower? I've never had to talk about something like this before.

No. 223372

"Hey my husband felt a lump in my breast, can you check it out?"

No. 223431

When you're at the doctor's office you leave your pride outside and tell the truth. Say your husband found it and explain where and that you have a hard time locating it exactly. I found my lump myself because I was using earphones and the cable touched it and it felt weird so I checked to make sure I wasn't imagining things and believe me I sounded stupid when explaining it. Your husband touching your breasts sounds completely normal to me and will probably sound normal to the doctor as well.

No. 223515

My nipples look kind of like this to anon, I didn't even realise that wasn't the norm. Are nipples supposed to be smooth?

No. 223577

Throw some vitamin C on the scars, as well as rosehip oil.

No. 224621

Is it normal to have sensitive boobs when you're not on your period? Since two years or so I sometimes get tender boobs just before and during my period but this time the pain didn't leave. It's been two weeks since my period and my boobs are still tender. It's not downright painful but I can feel it when I push my arms into my boobs or sleep on my side, hug someone etc. I did check the local breast cancer organisation's website for a selfcheck and nothing seems to indicate breast cancer, but still I'm concerned..

No. 224651

you may be sick or have a virus that causes swollen lymph nodes

No. 224994

Have you increased your caffeine or nicotine intake? I had a mystery boob pain that turned out to be this, no clue it could happen.

No. 229171

I absolutely hate my breasts. I know that they are normal but I just hate them.
I am a A to B cup but my rib cage is so broad, it looks like they had an argument and won't talk to each other anymore. Also they look in my eyes half empty. Like a ski jump hill.
I just hate them. I wish I could have bigger ones, that look better on me. Not these half-assed lumps of disappointment. I don't want to look good or attractive for someone.
I just want to look in the mirror and be like:"Yeah, that is good."

But I guess Bigger breasts won't look good on my small rectangle body, I would probably look like a boy with tits.
I just hate my body.

No. 229178

>>229171 my breasts are very similar nonna, never noticed them being very far apart until I gained weight. I also have a rectangular body shape and wide-set breasts or just a wide ribcage in general I guess.

Mine also have that ski-slope half full thing you describe and it looks stupid in shirts imo.

All of this stuff is like you said completely normal, but I hate how we have to think of ourselves negatively because our body doesn't fit whatever we see online or in media etc.

No. 229181

File: 1644222047803.jpeg (16.37 KB, 474x382, th.jpeg)

yeah,media is super bad. I watched too much anime. My standards for pretty are not real and therefore can't be reached.

Thank you I feel not alone. I am more skinny, because I thought that I just need to be slimmer to get some curves. Well turns out there are no curves for me. Even if I would get more weight I would only be on the stomach.

No. 229920

i have been suffering from heavy periods all my life, and recently discovered i'm anemic, so i wanted to check if it was related to my period. I went to a obygyn for the first time and told her everything (i mentioned how my breast is always tender and painful, anger issues, heavy painful periods ,low sex drive etc) .to my big surprise my uterus is fine but i have a shittone of cysts in my boobs like one next to another that were even noticeable to touch (i always thought it was normal texture) ,but it came out i have high estrogen levels which mess up with my body! did any of you anons go through something like this and if so ,how did treatment go ? please anything will help

No. 230199

What can I expect if I go to the doctor about returning breast pain? I don't care if it's prude, I'm not really comfortable with baring my torso for the doctor to look at my boob.

No. 230213

They're gonna look at them and touch them. It's just how it's gonna be.

No. 230217

Go to a female doctor? My gynecologist checks my boobs at the yearly check-up. It takes only a minute where they prod them a little bit and they don't touch your nips.

Could the boob pain be related to your period? Some women get pain in the breasts right before their period, it's a hormonal thing.

No. 230794

File: 1644876525736.gif (570.12 KB, 360x246, tumblr_inline_mqzwtr0csj1qegv2…)

Well, looks like I have to make an appointment to the gyno tomorrow bc while scratching myself I came across this lil lump in the top area of my left breast and I do not have the time nor energy for breast cancer FUCK

No. 230901

obviously go get it checked, but don't be too worried sometimes it turns out to be nothing. Best of luck nona please keep us updates

No. 232098

Hopefully you'll have the exact same problem as me and just have a harmless lump. I found out the exact same way you did, too. Mine is so big that I was told I should still get surgery in case it gets bigger and I get a visible bump on my breast, I'm still hesitating because surgery scares me.

No. 236347

One nip is CONSTANTLY itchy and I figured it was just the dry, cold winter causing problems. However, I notice on my areola, there’s some reddish discoloration and it seems raised when my nip is perked up. Any idea what could cause this or how to remedy it? Hoping it’s nothing to worry about…

No. 236352

No. 236412

File: 1645146460214.jpg (82.47 KB, 1000x1000, 61S7BrCBj7L._SL1000_.jpg)

this happens to me, it's psoriasis. i use picrel on my nipples every night after i shower and it stops the itching and redness completely. otherwise my nips are crazy dry and itchy, eventually they develop a bumpy rash and cracked skin. for me it's mostly my left nipple but they both itch sometimes.

No. 236461

my nipples itch around my period and it annoys me because I don't like my nipples to be touched they are too sensitive.

No. 246685

Is it normal for one breast to be harder than the other? I've been checking breasts recently and I've noticed my right one being much firmer on the side. No lumps whatsover but it's making me worried a bit

No. 247119

I'm sure this is normal but.. I hate my boobs. They're so flat and low. It's like they grew too low on my body, so they hang very low on my sternum and the top part is completely flat when I sit straight. If I bend over they just hang and dangle and all the fat pools into a gross flat ball, with nothing sitting at the top. If I push all the fat up they have a nice shape, but there's just so much skin with so little boob or volume.
Someone please tell me it's common and not disgusting because I hate them and they never change, just stay ugly.

No. 247121

It’s totally common and normal anon. Think about what boobs are, what skin is, how body parts grow over time. They’re going to come down, move, pool etc. Everyone thinks their boobs are weird at some point but others can find the exact same pair really pretty/sexy, so don’t worry about them op. You don’t exist to meet any standard, you’re just a physical expression of human female dna, mkay?

No. 247130

It's very very normal and common nonnie and I also have quite low-scoring breasts even though they aren't big. Mine also angle outwards like this < > and have that flat top part you also mentioned.

No. 247131

low-hanging not low scoring kek

No. 247140

so…my underboob area. the pores are all kind of..sticking out? I can squeeze them all like a pimple and almost solid white comes out, not a lot. has anyone had this? im not sure what to do to get rid of it.

No. 247144

I have somewhat big low hanging boobs but I have a huge gap in the middle? I really hate it and I barely ever get cleavage unless I use a really tight push up bra. Any way to minimise the gap?

No. 247147

could it be keratosis pilaris? the white stuff would be dry skin. everyone has differed remedies for it but the thing that helped me the most was almond oil

No. 247163

Mine are exactly like this, anon. They are big in the sense that there is a lot of it but without a bra, they sit flat and low. Also, I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one who thinks they look really weird when I bend down and they just… dangle like that.

No. 247164

>You don’t exist to meet any standard, you’re just a physical expression of human female dna, mkay?
Nta but I kind of needed this… this is what I'll be telling myself everytime I feel weird about my body kek. Thanks.

No. 247165

i have this same thing nona and unfortunately i don't think there's a way to fix it without surgery

No. 247166

I can't tell if it's my bdd terrorizing me or if my boobs actually just look like fat man boobs. They don't have a natural round curve to them, it looks like all the fat just sunk to the bottom and then decided to grow sideways so they look like fat little tubular torpedoes. I'm assuming it's because I'm overweight and that a lot of it is fat, not breast tissue, but holy shit does it make me feel insecure.

No. 247183

I started doing upper body workouts no weights yet lol, and I've noticed my boobs sit better.

No. 247294

One of my breasts looks bigger but the other women in my family don't have asssymetrical breasts, the bigger one has like this weird shape in the nipple part and it's because of this weird bulge in it but i don't know what it is. It's like a ball and it feels kind of like fat but a little bit more solid. hlp

No. 247295

See a doctor, it could be a harmless lump. I have this and I'm considering surgery to remove it but it's not mandatory because it's harmless.

No. 247341

Samefagging just to say thank you for everyone's comments. It honestly makes me feel better to know a few people here are the same as me and I reaaallly want to take it to heart and slowly learn to just accept it instead of feeling bad.

No. 248119

breastfeeding anons - how do you collect colostrum? I want to sell mine because I produce way too much, like 50-60 ml a day and i heard you can get 1k per 25 ml

No. 248252

‘little’ vent but god I hate my tits. They’re small and look like moobs, and my areolas take up so much space. I’m slightly overweight, curvy if you will, so I can’t even call myself petite and cute. If I lose weight they’ll just get smaller, because I seem to have no fat in my chest area. Even when I was at my fattest they’d stay small, never gaining a bit of mass. It just sucks never being desired for your tits, I wish I had the same attention that large-breasted women get. My ex never fondled or played with them so I’ve just been beating myself up for being unattractive and boring. I want to be bouncy, it’s not fair.

No. 248253

Pump or hand express into a sterile container. Buy 1ml colostrum syringes and fill them and freeze them. You may not respond to a pump but it takes time for your body to respond to it. I never had the patience and only pumped for an emergency supply. I preferred to hand express but it’s tiring tugging on your tits all day.

No. 252984

This is kinda fuckin weird but pertains to the topic- my boobs don't feel that sensitive unless I have something over them. Like if they're being rubbed directly its doesn't feel good but when I have shirt on its extra sensitive. I don't wear bras so maybe it's the friction of the fabric?

No. 252996

Where can I get that kind of cash for colostrum?

No. 252998

I just want a boob job why is it expensive

No. 256811

Oh jeez anons, I will go to the doctor asap next week but just let me vent here. Found a lump while scratching myself, while touching around the area more I came across more lumps underneath it. At first I freaked out but it was before my period so I thought I will keep an eye on that. Shortly before my period said lumps are hard af, the day my period came I got a sharp pain in said right breast as well. Lumps still felt hard but the Morning after I got my period it felt softer and smaller, you can still feel it but it's less like super hard, the pain started to appear less two days into my period. On the other side I've also noticed that my right breast is much more tender than the left one and it looks asymmetrical now. My breast were never really symmetric but it is def more visible now, it also moves different than the left one. On top of that it started to get itchy. So I have several symptoms that could be cancer related and idk how to cope with it. Of course I asked dr. google in the meantime what it could be and everything says it's cancer. It also reminds me of how I felt so tired in the past months, shortly before my period I had a moment during the evening when I got super dizzy and body felt super warm for a long moment. Idk what it is at this point but I mentally prepare myself for the worst.

No. 256996

I had the same train of thought in the past. I don't wear bras either, and I feel pretty much nothing in my boobs lol. Over clothes I feel something ~sometimes~, but even then it's more like a tickle.

No. 257125

why tf are my boobs more sensitive than my vag. is it because im virgin

No. 257461

I'm not a virgin but same. My boobs are so sensitive I only let other people touch them very gently.

No. 258741

Does anyone know of a strapless bra that can hold up E cups? I doubt it exists but I hope so. Even a sports bra in lieu of a top I dress like trash leave me alone would open a whole new world for me. I've never been able to find one, I'll never get a breast reduction (or any type of surgery) but I just want to wear bra's that don't have an underwire.

No. 258756

does anyone else dislike having their nipples touched or played with? it gives me the feeling of being touched by a creepy uncle and i wasn't even molested by a man ever. the feeling is so deeply uncomfortable it makes me want to throw up. it's not pleasurable, it's like the exact feeling of when you stick your finger in your bellybutton and it makes you feel sick

No. 258757

>it's like the exact feeling of when you stick your finger in your bellybutton and it makes you feel sick
I've never felt this before. Why would that make you sick?

No. 258758

i'm not sure why it does but it does for me. have you done it? stick your finger a little deep in your belly button and see how it feels. it feels awful. not like a sick sick but like very uncomfortable and kind of like you want to throw up from the discomfort

No. 258760

I thought I was alone with the belly button thing. I get the same sensation when others touch my nipples, but I feel fine when I touch them. Is it the same for you?

No. 258764

we're definitely not alone on the bellybutton thing, i just spoke to my mom on the phone and asked her how she feels when she sticks her finger in her bellybutton and she said it makes her nauseous, so i think it's definitely a thing. for me, i feel uncomfortable and molested whether or not it's me or someone else but it's 100x worse when it's someone else.

No. 258799

just stumbled upon this thread but want to contribute to this tangent (sorry if i go off topic). i don't feel exactly nauseous when poking my bellybutton, but it feels extremely weird and sometimes i get this weird tiny but sort of sharp pain that shoots directly down to my butt which makes cleaning it when i need to fucking annoying. i don't know why and never thought this was a problem but describing it now does sound like one. it only occurs when i go in it though, which i've only ever done to clean.

having my nipples touched/played with on the other hand, most times it is uncomfortable for me as well. i only enjoy it incredibly rarely but more often even when turned on it'll feel super weird.

No. 258800

I think cause your belly button backs on to the lining of your stomach and the nerves connect to your bladder and spine you get that violated strange feeling

No. 258804

interesting and would make sense. it's also interesting to hear other anons takes on things that seem to give us different physical feelings

No. 258814

Oh my GOD, this is exactly how I've felt about both those sensations. It feels like you're violating yourself, which makes no sense because you're touch more intimate and sexual areas. It's so weird.

No. 258820

Same but I like when they get kissed softly. Like pls no hands but lips are fine. I feel like mine are too sensitive when touched or pulled and it makes me nauseous.

No. 258823

The bellybutton thing… yeah there's a pretty similar uncomfortable feeling from both for me. Gives me the bad type of chills. I had one of my nipples pierced at one point and the guy doing it warned me not to mess with them for a few months. I got it as a visual thing and not for stim so that was easy.

I had never given much thought to nipple stim, it's just never been my thing but then a few years ago my bf att had an affair and while we were stuck living together for a few weeks afterwards he made stabs here and there at me and his new gf liking nipple stim was made out to be a huge deal. I know scrotes have their obsessions, mostly around buttplay but I'd never thought of nipple play as the height of what men want lol. Well tough luck. I still don't like it. Still won't partake in it. I don't feel I'm missing out tbh.

No. 258989

you know what's fucked up? my mom got a boob job right after i was born and so i always assumed she was just naturally stacked. i was a really late bloomer (period at 15, completely flat until 18/19) and i used to cry to my mom all the time about how i hated how flat my chest was. she told me how she was a late bloomer too and was ABSOLUTELY leading me on to believe that my own set of giant tiddies would find their way to me one day. i found out years later her tits were fake when my grandma (her mom) just casually tossed it into a conversation. i felt betrayed and when i confronted her she got all pissed and said how it wasn't anyone else's business. the worst part is before her boob job her boobs were almost the exact same size mine ended up being in adulthood. i just wanted to rant about this because i remembered it this afternoon and got mad all over again. One time (years after all this) she tried to make a jab at my boob size and I said 'well at least I didn't have to buy mine' and she had a nuclear meltdown.

On that note, I had a baby and part of me wants to just love my body the way it is but another part of me just wants like the tiniest boob job just to round my boobs back out again. but i also feel like it's in some way admitting defeat. autistic rambling but i have no friends. anyone who's gotten a boob job have any advice? or anyone who considered one and didn't get one?

No. 259112

My breasts look as saggy and deflated as Luna's and seeing her recent pics is making me insecure. I'm older than her and I recently lost 45 lbs back to my pre-alcholic so I'm trying to tell myself my body is ok, but I legit have to almost roll up one of my titties like she does to fit in a bra. Windsock titties. They aren't even fun to grab anymore.
I look good in clothing. But the next time I get naked with a man I'm going to be embarrassed of my loose skin, sad tits and hairiness (PCOS) and I haven't acknowledged this outside of my head until now.

No. 259116

Same anon but I wanted to mention that I've accepted my body hair and my very dark & hairy "Happy Trail", and crazy bush that goes to my midthighs as being part of my female body and do my best to feel no shame. Because the rest of my body was decent, it felt empowering to wear my hair. But that now combined with my saggy baggy elephant body makes me feel like I've lost some sexual power in my insecurities.

No. 259122

remember nona that we make fun of luna on here because she's a cow, yes people nitpick at cows appearances, but we wouldn't just do this to a random woman. your body is beautiful! people are mean to luna because she's a bad person. im sure other anons making fun of her have similar breasts, butts, and bodies. a lot of what people say online is projection and because of their own self esteem. women can be mean, especially when its anonymous. don't worry about your body. when it comes to men, they're just happy to see you naked and be close to you! they really don't care much about what your boobs look like, and if you get with some idiot who does he's not worth your time! i have saggy breasts too, low nipples, and mine are small, far apart, and have stretch marks from gaining and losing weight! i can never even make cleavage ! and that's ok! everyones bodies are different and beautiful and someone will love to see your boobs and love you! i hope you can gain some more self love nona, sending you good vibes!

No. 260688

I once knew a widower with 2 daughters whose wife passed away after having a botched breast augmentation fwiw nonnie

No. 260700

Also, don't forget that Luna is nasty and her hygiene magnifies her flaws 100 times. If you a regular, clean girl who simply has saggy boobs, it isn't that big of a deal because you're not a horrendously-smelling drug addict. We laugh at cows like her because even if we have some of their flaws, our life, hygiene, and behavior is not nearly as bad as them.

No. 260736

i have acne on my bobbies even though i wash with soap every day. it's mild, but it's there. i feel like such a tramp. does anyone know how to get rid of it?

No. 260737

Mine are super saggy too and its my biggest insecurity. Im hideous even when I try to be pretty

No. 260786

i managed to clear up my chest acne with this: "Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Original Emu Bar Soap, 3.25 oz" on amazon.

holy shit. yeah my mom never got her implants even replaced, she's had the same ones for almost 30 years. i tried to talk to her about it but she got weirdly defensive and wouldn't listen. even though they're supposed to be replaced every like 10 years or so.

No. 260842

I got a random red bump on the under side of my boob!!! Its about 1cm. What is it!