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File: 1690168974658.jpg (38.82 KB, 1200x675, breast_self_exam.jpg)

No. 341574

A thread for any questions you may have in regards for your breasts
>any health concerns, bumps, lumps, dry spots and etc.
>breast surgery such as reduction, lifts or implants
>insecurities with breast size and more
And anything else you can think of.

Previous thread: >>>/g/135394

No. 341576

nooooo not a new thread!

No. 341593

Just a reaction to the boob massage thing from last thread: I've seen that shit a lot on 4chan, anons claiming they could make anyone a "hu-cow" with massages and the right diet. Of course it's massive bullshit, but if any man brought up shit like that, I'd be very worried where he got that bullshit from in the first place.

No. 341594

like induction of lactation specifically for mondo tits? and then what? it's not like you can just not express it out on a regular schedule. i hope these ugly losers like mastitis and get bacterial infections from influencing their poor deluded ekittens into this shit all for weeb fantasies. it's true that you can massage your way into lactation though. also the male imageboards need to be nuked forever.

No. 341599

Nah, not lactation- enlargement. Harmless but useless tit enlargement massages.

No. 341600

File: 1690183989143.jpg (20.53 KB, 386x386, dougie.jpg)

oh so hes a 4chan scrote

No. 341601

oh yeah that's not going to do anything unless you start beginning to lactate. i suppose you could stop periodically before lactation but it's still retarded. i can guarantee your self esteem would go up by 100% if you dumped this loser though. so what if you've been together for years? stop living by a sunk cost fallacy when you have an idiot like this in your life

No. 341602

We who?
It's not sunk cost fallacy. He is not just an endless spewing fountain of dumb shit. Take in mind I am an anonymous person who asked a question involving one dumb thing a person did. It's not an all encompassing failure. If I were to abandon people over them doing a few annoying things I'd never speak to anyone again.

No. 341608

Nta and I wasn't involved with any of the discussion so I don't really have a bone in this but you did phrase it like this in your original post
>Boyfriend is pressuring me to do retarded breast enlarging massages
which obviously gets interpreted as
>bf is pressuring/forcing me to get bigger boobs
and that's not really a silly harmless dumb annoying little thing. Maybe you just worded it in an unfortunate way that doesn't reflect reality but you can't really blame anons for responding the way they did after putting it like that.

No. 341796

i don't see how you can't see that everything you've said are huge red flags. even if he's not an endless fountain of dumb shit, why do you want to date someone who still visits 4chan in 2023 and encourages his girlfriend to take coomer advice from there? this is nuts.

No. 341806

See you in the vent thread in a few months when he dumps you after finding a girl with bigger tits, or when he wants you to change something else about your appearance. But keep being protective over a man who wants you to squish your lymph nodes to the point of pain so he can get his coom on

No. 342988

Would wearing a bra help lessen sagging over time? My boobs are already sagging but I feel like not wearing a bra at home is probably exacerbating aging because there's no support/lift. Otherwise my breast tissue/fat is just pulling the skin down all day. Does that make sense?

No. 343014

No it won't lessen sagging. That's all genetics/lifestyle. The best thing you can do is hydrate,not smoke, avoid sugar, not gain weight. Some chest strength exercises can help a little bit.

No. 343057

How do I tell the difference between lumps and normal gland tissue? Maybe I’m just doing it wrong. I keep thinking I’ve found a tiny lump but then when I try to find it again at the doctor’s office I can’t find it anymore. None of my doctors have ever showed me how to check for breast lumps…

No. 343063

I think losing weight is what usually causes sagging unless it's genetic. Also sagging is normal to an amount and most women don't have perfectly perky breasts after their thirties.

No. 343232

I wore bras for most of my life, stopped wearing them for like a year and there was 0 difference in the sagging. Wear it if you want to, if you don't, it won't make a difference
I wear standart t-shirt bras, no pushup or sports bras

No. 344831

So I'm guessing bad posture has an affect on how your boobs look, huh? I've always had shit posture growing up and my mom would always nag me about it, sometimes bringing up the fact that I'd have saggy boobs when I'm older, but I'd always brush it off assuming she meant when I'm much older and carry on slouching. But I'm not even 20 yet now and my boobs are saggy sacks of shit. To make things worse the sag stretched the bottoms of my areolas and now those look weird too.

No. 344833

No one your age has boob sag from anything like posture or undergarments or similar stuff that moms love to warn you about. It’s not true. It’s like saying “your face will get stuck like that” to a kid making faces. Posture doesn’t affect areolas.
Not to say standing up straight won’t make you look better (it probably will) or that bad posture isn’t bad for you (it is bad for you) but it’s not stretching out your areolas or making the skin on your breasts lose collagen etc.

No. 345595

I see. It might just be genetic for me then, my mom's side of the family all have bigger busts. My breast tissue is kind of dense, and they're on the bigger side, so even though I'm 22, they're already pretty saggy and sad. If I slouch they go past my bellybutton. I can't imagine how they'll get as I get older. I have started working out recently, mostly for posture issues so I'll see if it makes a difference.
Same with me. But I do wear a proper bra when I'm out otherwise my boobs swing about and it feels uncomfortable to me going outside like that. I guess it's just inevitable in my case.

No. 347077

Help… I had a medication abortion (6 weeks along) - my breasts did get quite swollen and large, I’m a B cup and probably could have fit a C cup during the pregnancy. Well… I feel like my breasts are a bit saggier 2 weeks post abortion. Is this in my head? Is there anything I can do to reverse this? I didn’t carry a pregnancy to term, I never lactated, never breastfed. I’ve had no children. I’m 29. Is this all in my head? I’m so insecure right now

No. 347079

Your breasts can grow during pregnancy and go down in size, the sagginess will probably get better and not be noticeable at all, you should consult a doctor to see if there are any ways you can help the process. Wishing well for you, anon. It's a hard process and you should consult every worry of yours like this knew with a doctor, if you feel psychologically weak please also consult a therapist. Get well soon.

No. 347097

This was a really kind response, thank you

No. 349918

File: 1695585368372.gif (52.97 KB, 96x96, 1686315360900.gif)

>got surgery to remove a huge fibroadenoma in November so nearly a year ago
>impossible to tell if it was potentially cancerous or not until after the surgery because of how big it was
>results are that it wasn't cancerous
>everything is fine after surgery except for my left nipple having an ugly scar
>two weeks ago my breast starts hurting even more than usual because of my periods
>no more pain once my period starts, but now it hurts again
>no way of knowing if it's because I'm ovulating, because of something suspicious going on again or if I'm being paranoid
>can't feel any bump when touching my breast, unlike last time when it was super obvious
>on top of that I'm most likely at risk of breast cancer because my great grandma and grandma died from it
What do? Besides hoping that I can get a gynecologist appointment soon enough, I'm scared now. I don't know what's supposed to be normal or not anymore at that point.

No. 350026

I still haven't called my gynecologist, I can only call her when I'm at the office at my job or she's not available and I'm scared of trying to call her there and someone eavedropping and getting me in trouble by spreading rumors that I'll be on sick leave again like last year when I got surgery. There's this faggot piece of shit at my job who tries too hard to befriend me and who sometimes implies shit about a coworker of ours who got pregnant and was on sick leave for months before and after being on maternity leave as if her condition wasn't something to worry about by itself so now I'm wary, especially since she's been absent for nearly a year so whatever she has must be severe but nooo, better spread rumors that she's slacking off and looking for another job. God I hate my life, I'll call when I'll work at home on Wednesday to get an appointment. I'm scared.

No. 350134

I think you should call your doctor if you're worried. The same thing happened to me and the breast pain before my period didn't go away until almost two years later. I didn't contact my doctor though.

No. 350283

I tried to call my surgeon's secretary but she wasn't there but her coworker said I won't have an appointment until the end of january… I'll see with my gp if there's anything she can do for me but yesterday my big sister told me she also just found out she has a lump as well and asked me a bunch of questions on what to do and the health issues in our family, so I want to check when she'll get her appointment with the doctor because we go to the same one. Anons who are at risk of breast cancer because of your shitty genes please do NOT have daughters.

No. 350721

I managed to get an appointment for Tuesday somehow, maybe because my case seems like an emergency. I'm still scared shitless and can't sleep properly from the stress, I hope I'll get all the exams done as soon as possible.

No. 351191

Sorry for spamming but good news, my surgeon told me that the pain most likely comes from a harmless cyst that grew while my scars were healing from the first surgery to remove the fibroadenoma. I'm so relived!

No. 351239

What a relief!!

No. 351382

That's even better actually, I got some ultrasound done today at the hospital and I don't have a cyst. It's just the internal scar that hurts and that's normal even if it's very inconvenient. Now I just have to wait until it doesn't hurt anymore, if it will ever stop hurting but I'm not in danger at all. I wish my surgeon told me that was a possibility earlier so I wouldn't have panicked for several weeks.

No. 351458

Nononono. A lot of this is traced back to NBE, a subreddit that was banned because it was filled with moids bragging about how they demanded their girlfriends to take a bunch of snake pills fucking her shit up, blamed her for having "hormone problems that caused her tits to be small" because she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend, lots of shit hormone understanding, etc. Macromastia fetishists and men wishing their girlfriends had like 50 lb boobs. Of course it didn't work at all and moids continued to blame women and hate on small breasted women for not 'trying hard enough "

No. 351802

my breasts have always been saggy. I remember being 11-12 them growing and immediately sagging. My mom was so confused, she made me sleep in bras and shit, made no difference. Hers are perky asf despite her age. My aerola are huge as fuck too like pepperonis. And i keep getting rashes under my boobs due to sweat despite showering every day + using powder + breathable bras. I honestly consider faking to be a fakeboi to just get them chopped off, i hate them so much. I am so jealous of average women with normal boobs.

No. 351804

Nah don’t chop and don’t compare yourself to anyone even your mom it’s a losing mindset. You’re fine nonna.

No. 351810

I think it has something to do with the strength of your tissue, I forget what it's called but I think I saw something recently about genetically some are more dense than others, your elastin production may have been bad. Were your parents smokers? Were you exposed to any sort of carcinogen?

No. 351835

why is this unbelievable? Other than the fakeboi part, which is actually why I think a lot of women troon out because of breast insecurity

No. 351836

if it happened to her since she developed breasts it's likely just the shape of her breasts. Some women just have saggy breasts since they develop them, there's often no outside force causing it

No. 352058

I'm always confused when people talk about "sagging" breasts because it always turns out that they just have normally shaped breasts that happen to be bigger than average. A friend of mine showed me some before/after surgery pictures because she planned for a breast reduction surgery and she said the before picture was like hers, very saggy and they looked completely normal to me, like to me that's how breasts are supposed to look like. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something?

No. 352188

mines are flat like pancakes and i get rashes between the skin all the time. are they “normal” as in natural? i suppose so. but most people i see around me have round breasts unless they are old. My aerolas are also super big like the half of my boobs. I knoe my boobs are weird, people have commented on them before and I hate it when people try to gaslight me into thinking they are “fine” when they are just not lol

No. 352604

Breastfeeding anons - are there truly not any other ways to built milk supply outside of excess pumping? Everytime I go to an LC I just get hit with power pumping + unrealistic pumping schedules

No. 352612

I’m exclusively pumping bc my nipples aren’t long enough and nipple shields only work about half the time for baby and I.
I pump every two hours. Get a wireless/cordless one. I didn’t and I regret it.
I use lactation vitamins. A fellow mom in the peds unit had a premie and had to induce lactation early and said this worked for her. It works well for me too:
But if you can’t get it just find something else that has the same herbs or whatever.

But talking about boobs and breastfeeding. Idk if it’s hormones or the sexualization of breasts or both but dude why THE FUCK does pumping/nursing feel “dirty” for like half a second?! Fuck the coomer patriarchy.

No. 352636

How many weeks PP are you?
Anyways, try a HaaKaa on the side opposite your baby and drink at least 6 quarts of water every day.

No. 352670

Do you have tuberous breasts?

No. 353323

Any anons here have experience with surgery or any sort of correction for inverted or flat nipples? My nipples aren't completely inverted but they're flat and have trouble "coming out"? I don't mind how they look, but the process of cleaning them feels a lot more complicated than it needs to be and I'm worried about not being able to breastfeed in the future.

No. 353397

nah, just saggy

No. 357356

Nonnas over the past few weeks or so my left boob has gotten noticeably saggier, my nipple is slightly redder than the other, and sometimes it feels warm. It doesn’t hurt though. Should I be concerned? I feel concerned.

No. 357426

You should get that checked for your peace of mind, nonna.

No. 357495

my boobs always used to be the same size but now one looks to be a little bit smaller than the other? I'm 22 so I don't think they're still developing. I do believe I've lost some weight recently (don't have a scale, but judging by appearances + healthier habits) so maybe that's it?

No. 357501

Most likely they have always been very slightly different sizes but when they’re larger it’s harder to tell. I used to have larger breasts and when I got very thin, I noticed that one is a little bit bigger. Nothing to worry about typically!

No. 359139

small vent, my boobs have been hurting for months now. at times it's like flashing pain but at others one of my boobs and my armpit area feel so "congested" and uncomfortably/painfully heavy i can't find a position i can relax in at all and it even keeps me up at night. at first i assumed it was because of my period nearing since my boobs always get sore but it's still going months later and only getting worse (but it comes in flare ups usually, not really the flashes though that's always happening albeit not that intense) it's especially painful around the time my period is nearing i maybe get about a week or less of lessened pain and soreness. i don't know what that could mean but it's freaking me out and i'm too poor to afford getting a check up so i've been hoping i would suffer through this a temporary amount until the pain is gone. it's so annoying. i almost don't want to know if it's dangerous because i know i wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway

No. 359146

I want to go braless but my nipples HURT from the friction a lot. I can put bandages over them but I'd prefer if that was only a temporary solution. Other people with sensitive nipples: did it get more tolerable as time went on? Did you get used to it? And if not, how do I make my nipples less sensitive?

No. 359387

I had a pea sized hard lump under my boob for the past couple weeks and was freaking out. Yesterday I just decided to randomly squeeze to see what would happen and a bunch of pus squirted out and now it’s flat again. Turns out it was just an infected cystic pimple. False alarm.

No. 359405

In my experience it becomes more tolerable which can affect erotic sensation from nipple play if ur into that, but you can't have it both ways I guess. Sensitivity returns to normal when you start wearing bras again.

No. 359414

Thank you for letting me know

No. 361459

Hi! I'm here to ask about boob size and advice for it. I'm 18, undergoing puberty still and I feel like my boobs are not developing and are stuck in a B cup. I tried asking my mom and she says I would complain if I had bigger ones but I just want them to grow since it's my biggest insecurity. I healed from an ED and really bad eating habits so I thought it was just that, my body still recovering from it, but still no changes. Can anybody help?

No. 361461

Most women's chests have stopped developing by 18. Another growth burst in your early 20s isn't completely unheard of but I wouldn't bet on it. Some women just have smaller chests, it doesn't have to have been caused by your ED.

No. 361462

I have heard of that. Do genetics play a big role on this? My family has all a really big chest size and one had to get a reduction for it, it runs in the family. Am I just unlucky?

No. 361474

As far as i know, an ED does not influence your genetics, Anon. It's important to love yourself for who you naturally are!

No. 361490

Genetics can play a role, but it's not completely determinative. For example, I'm 25, I have two sisters and they're both pretty busty but I'm still a B cup and have been since I was 13. I used to be really insecure about it as well, but now I love how I look and I wouldn't want to look any different. Women who have bigger breasts have their own insecurities as well, so I think it's a case of the grass always being greener. There are lots of advantages to being smaller-chested as well:
>we never have to worry about tops/dresses fitting us right
>button-ups and low cut tops always look professional and appropriate on us
>can sleep comfortably on stomach
>no back pain
>can exercise more comfortably
>no underboob sweat
>no trouble finding bras that fit
Try to focus on the upsides, and also keep in mind that even the people who have all the traits you wish you had have their own insecurities and anxieties. I know it's hard to get to a place of acceptance, but you'll be much happier in the long run if you learn to love what you have. The fact that you had the strength and courage to recover from an ED tells me you can absolutely conquer another body-focused insecurity. Small breasts are normal, natural, healthy, and beautiful. Good luck nona.

No. 361515

I recovered from an ED at 19 and was a 34B. Fast forward 8 years and I'm a 34D. Idk, growth can happen

No. 361542

File: 1701141783854.jpg (72.84 KB, 500x582, 1839859045843095.jpg)

i got a semi-botched breast reduction and at first it didn't bother me but now i cant stand it. functionally everything is fine but the surgeon fucked up my nipples.

No. 361899

i want a reduction so bad, but I’m scared i’ll get botched. Maybe they will settle in time nonna?

No. 364416

I've lost and gained weight a couple of times over the last 15 years, and while my breasts look good while I stand up straight, they have quite a lot of excess skin that looks especially horrifying in certain lighting because of the stretchmarks. Like I can pinch my tits and pull the skin quite far granny style. When I wear any underwear that pushes breasts down, all the skin wrinkles up and it look awful. It doesn't bother me enough now to go under the knife anytime soon, but it makes me sad sometimes.

No. 371601

Started taking ssri meds a week or so ago and my boobs hurt a lot today. I've started having gastrointestinal side affects the first days so I don't think it's too early for this to be related to the drug either. Did anyone else on ssris have similar issues? Saw other women talk about it online as well.

No. 371602

Samefag, I doubt it's because of my period, my boobs never hurt during my period.

No. 371608

Isn't it common for SSRIs to mess up permanently your digestive system? An old friend got a Crohn's disease diagnosis and another severe strange complication related to her stomach (not her bowels) at 21-22 after 7 years on depression and BPD meds. No family history of such digestive diseases. Even some migraine medication (not mental health related but it acts on the brain as well) increases your chances of getting Alzehimer's.

No. 371620

Never heard of that side effect (gastrointestinal issues yes but not boob pain). Maybe. One year I had a lot of breast pain and my doctor told me it was from excessive caffeine use. It was just a guess after she asked me a few questions, not like there was a test for that, but she was right. Do you drink a lot of caffeine?

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