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File: 1589962070205.jpg (34.68 KB, 540x376, c4624da89ff44e790315572e1a513f…)

No. 139461

post your experiences with plastic surgery or future plans
I plan on getting full face fat graft, a nose job and lip fillers

what about you guys

would you get anything done

I hate the stigma about plastic surgery and I hate being average/unattractive, I want to be pretty

No. 139463

I really want to get chin filler because i was unfortunate to be born with a weak chin but I'm worried filler will deform my face long-term, like when you look at celebs using fillers and their faces look all bloated? But maybe if I find a specialist I can trust, I'll go with it.

I hate the stigma about plastic surgery too, it's amazing that you can just go and change a thing you dislike about yourself.

No. 139464

I would like to get lip fillers but only to smooth out the deep lines in my lips. Not to make them fuller/bigger. Unfortunately I don't like needles, can't really justify spending the money and I also don't want to commit to a lifetime getting my lips injected every few months. So I'll probably never actually do it.

No. 139465

I would only ever do it if I had extra money, but I think a subtle nose job would be nice. I like what my nose looks like in profile, but I just don't like how wide it looks from the front. I want narrower nostrils. The price and recovery time are pretty big obstacles unfortunately, but there's a reputable PS practice near where I live, so at least there's that.

Some undereye fillers also might be nice to try. They only last a year or two, but they get rid of dark circles.

No. 139473

I think the biggest problem with ps is the maintenance it requires long after you get it done, particularly with surgeries like nose jobs that re-sculpt the face and boob jobs. I don’t think this applies to fillers but idk.

Maintenance isn’t just necessary to keep the results, you literally need to do it or your face/body will crumble and look awful, and even if you can keep up on maintenance, ps makes you age kinda weirdly.
I don’t hate or even dislike ps btw

No. 139476

>5 posts
>all start with "I"

No. 139477

another sad and pathetic thread for femcels

No. 139490

I’ve had Botox done before 25 for preventative measures, it’s actually brilliant and the lines/wrinkles won’t hace a chance to ever form. Plus, it isn’t so costly and only needs to be done about twice a year.
People always shit on preventative Botox, but then go spend the same amount of money on creams and serums that won’t actualy do much good. Doesn’t make any sense, I’ll stick to what works and fuck the stigma

No. 139491

so? OP specifically asked for personal experiences and/or plans. What should posters do then, talk from a third person perspective about their plans?

No. 139500

there are a lot of surgeries I'd get if I had the money. but I think the top of my list would be the surgery that turns brown eyes blue by lasering off the brown pigment. I've heard it's dangerous though

No. 139515

In Iran almost every woman gets a nose job. If the surgeon does a good job there is no maintenance after it has healed.

No. 139517

do you actually live in iran

No. 139519

My dad is Iranian. Every woman on that side of the family got nose jobs from age 18-60, as is commonplace. Only one looks slightly botched with uneven nostrils, the others are almost perfect and some of theirs were done like 30 years ago. No further maintenance that I know of. Of course any rhinoplasty can carry risks.

No. 139538

If it was dangerous then the people who had such surgery would have been suing those companies for making them blind by now

No. 139550

It does, depending on the filler it might be up to half a year before you'd need another touch up. It migrates from the intended spot eventually.

No. 139584

One I think is really necessary for me to be happy is a breast lift and dramatically decreased areola size. Maybe also a nose job to make it smaller and straighter, but that's not as important to me.

Lol wtf? Just wear colored contacts.

No. 139586

are you that specific anon who keeps sperging about blue eyes?

No. 139588

No, I take care of myself but I honestly judge people who value their looks so much that they would get an invasive, risky, and expensive procedure to fix a superficial concern. I wouldn't judge someone for getting a little botox or for something that is truly damaging to their self esteem though.

No. 139598

um, no? the majority of the population has brown eyes and it's pretty common to want a different color

No. 139600

mmkay. why do u guys only want blue eyes, not green ones

No. 139601

I just said blue because when they laser off the pigment I'm not sure if they can make it green. but I'd take green eyes too

No. 139637

File: 1590048578310.jpg (49.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

damn, before this surgery was available (and seemingly less than 40 people have got it so far, and not long enough yet to see potential complications) the only alternative was to implant a eye lense in the desired color below the eye skin, and everyone who got that surgery ended up blind, because it does allow your iris to shrink or expand, and they lose their sight because of it. its actually so insane.
Lasering off the pigment sounds safer, its basically like a tattoo removal. But why? Are brown eyes worse than blue ones? Is this some internatal racism?

No. 139644

It always looks fake, never like real blue eyes. Just learn to like your eyes and accentuate them with makeup.

For example, blue eyes are gorgeous but would not suit me. They would make my eyes look too small and I'd look more evil.

No. 139653

I don't get this obsession with blue eyes some anons here seem to have. I have blue eyes like half my damn country and have never given it a second thought. Literally no one cares about your eye color.

No. 139654

This has to be the most vapid kind of plastic surgery along with the genital ones. Ffs, don't mess with your eyes if there's nothing wrong with them.

No. 139669

File: 1590064401307.jpg (13.61 KB, 500x369, fsdfdsfds.jpg)


That kind of is stupid, some people are naturally born with eye colors that don't suit them, im really pale but i have black-brown eyes, it makes me look awful and unfriendly, i always get "hahaha you have such an intense look, it looks like you want to kill me" as a backhanded compliment.

I started dying my hair jet black so my coloring would make more sense but people keep asking if im half asian or something so it makes me feel like im one of those racefaking weebs, If i had the cash and it was safe i would get the blue eye surgery in a heartbeat.

No. 139670

losing your vision to pander idiots, no wonder ppl think women are brain dead

No. 139671

lmao men lose their limbs injecting mineral oil for fake muscles so?

human beings care about appearance, it has always been like that

No. 139672

yeah but unlike men we other women have to deal with idiot women's shit decisions because everyone gonna stereotype us based on girls who will go blind because their "eye color doesn't fit them"

No. 139673


Boohoo individuals aren’t allowed to make decisions about their appearance because you care about scrotes thinking women are vain.

No. 139676


>candidly talking about undergoing an operation that could leave you disfigured for life


No. 139679

Its a non invasive procedure that if you do in a shady ass place may or may not cause vision loss, in most of the cases that went wrong because people didn’t want to wait until the procedure is correctly tested and had it done in back end turkish clinics.

Sperg harder radfem, i just want to look good.(hi radfem)

No. 139684

why would that make them a radfem

No. 139691

There's a reason that no reputable clinics in first-world countries offer this procedure.

No. 139694

Christ alive you’re so vapid, how are you going to fuck around with your eyes to fit some kind of ideal you have of yourself while casually dismissing the very real risk of this. You sound young and dumb af.

No. 139695

There's nothing wrong with your eye color. If you went through the trouble of that janky procedure and got your blue eyes you'd probably still be called intense. Conceptions like that are more to do with facial structure than eye color, and you'd know this if you'd have bothered to google this before committing yourself to a drastic measure. It's kind of embarrassing that you're this insecure.

No. 139724

>anons getting triggered by people saying what plastic surgeries they'd get in the plastic surgery thread

Yeah but we're the spergs..

No. 139727

oh anon, nobody thought you were a sperg - just a severely insecure retard.

No. 139730

sorry people saying they want to change their eye color is so horrendously offensive to you. makes me wonder how you feel about your own eye color to care so much.

why is it completely fine to want nose jobs, boob jobs etc but saying you want to change your eye color triggers everyone?

No. 139737

Why do you keep insisting people are ‘triggered’ instead of accepting people are calling you dumb as fuck for risking an entire sense for such a minor cosmetic change…Simply because it is dumb as fuck? But no, clearly all those who think that are just insecure of their eyes too, outstanding logic, I’d expect nothing less from you at this point.

No. 139741

>stop calling me triggered reeeeeeee

Love how you completely avoided my question too lmao.

No. 139754

I did answer you, I said it’s dumb as fuck for risking an entire sense for such a minor cosmetic change, and none of that implies I’m okay with other surgery either, so nice deflect. You just have to be another level of stupid to think changing your eye colour with such invasive surgery will 1) make your face any less intense and 2) is a worthwhile risk.

Brown or blue eyes, you’re still a dumb fuck anon.

No. 139948

Not a surgery but I want to try having my face muscles electrically stimulated to see if it makes me look less sullen/resting bitch face-y..

No. 140687

Has anyone had cheek liposuction? How has your face held up? Have you had premature aging? How is the maintenance (fillers, botox, whatever)?

I have super chubby cheeks and a short chin and I hate them. My face is literally the shape of a circle. I want to get cheek/jaw lipo + chin fillers but I'm afraid it will do more damage in the long run since I know any kind of face lipo can cause premature aging.

No. 140689

Anyone here have experience with brow lifts?
I have very heavily hooded eyes and low eyebrows, like so low my eyelashes touch my eyebrows when I curl them.
I never considered surgery for my hooded eyed much because I thought that would mean eyelid surgery but I've realised my eyes look so much better when I just hold my eyebrows up so now I'm thinking a brow lift might be good.

No. 140699

is there an age too young to get fillers? im 21 and looking to smooth out some fine lines under the eye. any recommendations?

No. 140704

No. 140708

whenever i see someone mention they have fillers or plastic surgery anywhere in some thread online, someone's always there to judge the shit out of them. except if it's a nose job, for some reason that seems to be completely fine with people

tbh that is a little too young unless you have insane eye bags

No. 140719

I was 20 when I got my under eye fillers. I had the worst eye bags. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

No. 140731

File: 1590887822275.jpg (192.22 KB, 1765x2640, pnkuvnli3fe41.jpg)

Brachioplasty probably, I lost a shit ton of weight (went from whale to normal) and my arms are flabby af. I exercised and while it helped tone them up, they are still massive and make me extremely uncomfortable. I don't think I will do it though, I looked at enough pictures to realize that 7 out of 10 times the scar is usually terrible. Take care of your bodies people, once you get past a certain point there's no going back.

If there was a surgery that could change the colour of my eyes without any danger I would do it in a heartbeat tbh, I can't wear contacts and my eyes are the dullest brown colour you can imagine. We will have to wait I guess.

No. 140732

no but ive always struggled with self image. small regions under my eyes arent the same color as the rest of my skin

No. 141047

File: 1591260040289.jpg (48.05 KB, 640x640, 97376305_274128190402195_69591…)

Does anybody else think there's a trend for "botched" lips and they're actually a statement in some cases? People talk shit about pic related and Nika Petrova because the assumption is that they wanted a natural look and it failed but I can't see how hofmannita here didn't do it on purpose, she wears jewellery to accentuate her mouth, it's her defining feature. Is it a mild form of bimbofication that goth girls and their ilk can indulge in without having to go the conventionally sexy route? Can it be a good feature? Is it purposeful, to show that they have had surgery very obviously? Do I have latent homosexual feelings for some of these women? Let me know your thoughts and if any of you have also noticed this trend.

No. 141051

File: 1591263132094.jpg (221.2 KB, 1000x1391, nose-job.jpg)

Absolutely. It reminds me of how something I read about how women in Iran had a trend (maybe still do) of leaving their nose surgery plaster on for as long as possible as a status symbol.

To a lesser extent it also reminds me of that trend in the UK where school girls would leave a deliberate line where their dark foundation ended instead of blending it into their neck.

I don't hate these brash statements, plastic surgery isn't great but being obvious about it feels shady than trying to pretend that you naturally look like that.

No. 141055

I don’t think Nika was making a statement , a better example would be pnp

No. 141058

I actually didn't mean pnp but i appreciate your contribution. I feel like pnp genuinely botched herself due to bdd and now is going for insta baddie surgery girl as a cope whereas a lot of these quite young, slightly alternative girls are going immediately from flat to huge lips, skipping the whole "botched" requirements of one too many surgeries trying to look perfect when in the case of hofmannita she had already covered herself in tattoos and was clearly not hoping for perfection. I just find it interesting how plastic surgery is supposed to correct imperfection and make you fit in but people are using it to stand out and create imperfection where it wasn't before. I'm probably reading too deep when I tinfoil that some people are doing it ironically though

No. 141501

I've been saving up for a nose job, but I've seen so many girls that looked better before they got them that I'm kind of worried I'll regret it. How do I tell that I actually have an out of proportion nose and not just BDD?

Since fillers require upkeep, 21 seems really young. Especially because no matter how nice fillers look at first, they tend to migrate and make people look bloated. Not to sound condescending, but are you eating well and staying hydrated? I'm 23 and have fine lines that come and go depending on the time of day and whether I've been drinking enough water.

There was a study a while ago that found that when the same images are edited to have brown or blue eyes, most people find the brown eyes more attractive. I'd link it but I forgot the source lmao

No. 141522

how is it that k pop idols look so good after surgery, but when white people go out there to get surgery the results are less good.

does korean plastic surgery only really wok for asians?

No. 141529

Take this with a grain of salt but my best guess is that it's because the facial structure/bone structure of caucasians differ from asians, so the surgeons are simply not as experienced with ps on white people's faces.

No. 141534

File: 1591741071808.jpg (139.25 KB, 1198x1508, elelfanning.jpg)


Im the op of the blue eyes post you quoted and ironically the only study i found says the exactly contrary, blue and green eyes are prefered over brown eyes but blue eyes top green as most attractive.
I've settle for buying realistic lenses, not the same thing but its an improvement, i have no idea why people are so defensive over eyecolor here.
(but tbh i have to admit my issue has a bit to do with internalized racism since im mixed race and the less i look like my non white abusive father the fucking better.)

No. 141536

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I don't think most kpop idols look good with their ps. It's a major hit or miss.

No. 141576

File: 1591793179747.png (29.72 KB, 388x364, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.PNG)

is there a procedure i can get for a slightly off center chin/jaw? i don't know if it's a matter of orthodontics or ps. it's not super noticeable irl but in photos my face shape can be reminiscent of the rage comic trollface.

pic related, send help

No. 141577

jawshave to reduce the excess or an implant to balance out the asymmetry. could also try filler sculpting. confirm with your orthodontist first if it's something to do with your bite/oral posture.

I wouldnt say they look good. just improved from before. asians tend to have flat/mild features which is more compatible for plastic surgery than white people.

No. 141581


Just get braces, usually its a problem of jaw misalignment and you don’t even have to go under the knife.

No. 141612

this is probably extreme sounding, but I hate the shape of my head and have always wondered about some kind of skull reshaping surgery. I swear my head is a weird shape, like I look like a neanderthal or something

No. 141624

Fellow neanderthal-chan
I've looked into it and it's very risky. If we only had flat heads, it'd be easy because they'd just stick silicone in the back and that's it.

No. 141883

no offense but i hate people with opinions like this

No. 142019

Girl on the left looks completely fine. She just had to be as airbrushed as she was on the right.

No. 142192

I didn’t get it From the pic you used but I see what you mean on other ones on ig, are their other girls who are going that far? I know some alt girls get huge hella fake lips but not the that extent

No. 142248

does anyone know what a lip flip is? i've tried researching it and i know botox is used…
how is it different from fillers and what exactly does the procedure do?

No. 142330

getting a breast reduction next month, hope it cures my bdd and ed.

No. 142719

File: 1593049588018.jpg (504.61 KB, 1914x901, Untitled.jpg)

what kind of work did mary-kate get done… ? her eyes are what freaks me out, they used to be big and round and they've progressively gotten squintier. why?

No. 142720

those are two different people anon

No. 142722

No. 142724

idk if this is a joke or you think left is a pic of ashley but it's mary-kate

No. 142725

Could be the way she's posing? I don't doubt she's had some stuff, but the whole "smize" thing is popular. A lot of people pose with dumb sleepy slightly closed eyes.

No. 142726

File: 1593058974086.jpg (135.78 KB, 1024x682, 2020_05_14_95253_1589449279._l…)

i'm not sure. she might in some pics but she doesn't seem to be in others and they are still oddly smaller, even though they used to look exactly like ashley's years ago. i have never seen someone's eyes just change shape so much as an adult but i can't think of what kind of work you'd have done for this

No. 142755

So I’m 25

I’ve gotten a nose job, chin implant (surgically) few years ago

Lip fillers (once a year / 3 years ongoing)

Recently i got a little Botox over my brows.

I always read about fillers migrating and not “really dissolving”. Lip fillers may cause scar tissue that will keep your lips looking “bigger” (than natural but not the same as a full injection look). I HAVE had fillers not placed properly which moved a bit , but after waiting a while the “look” went away and since then I’ve been seeing an MD for lip fillers /injectables. It’s more expensive but an experienced injector makes all the difference

I also have my under eyes filled to reduce the volume loss /shallowness there

I’m happy with everything. I use to have a hump on my nose but I got it straightened out/removed the hump/made the tip a little more defined. It’s still a “big” nose but I’m much happier with it

Chin implant helped a lot bc I had an underdeveloped chin and it was uneven.Lip injections, love them 100%. I never had tiny tiny lips but I like them more “plump and round”

Sometimes I play around in my head with the idea of “fox eye” threads but I don’t think I’ll actually do it . It’s a little too expensive (for me) for it to possibly not past too long.

No. 142769


Hey so, since you're already considering fat grafts for your face, I would also recommend at least looking into fat grafts for your lips. This is the only procedure I've done so far after a lot of research and it's some of the best money I've ever spent. I love my lips now and get compliments on them unprompted - and in the cases I've told people I had them "done" I've always gotten surprised reactions, so they look natural.

I'd always wanted fuller lips even before it became a trend, but I didn't want the constant time/money suck of getting fillers every few months. Heard a lot of back and forth from docs about whether fat grafts to the mouth were actually long lasting, because there's so much motion in the area and a chance for re-absorption. But I found a reputable doc in the area who had done a lot of them, had great before/afters, and assured me that the way he preps and injects the fat is long lasting.

It's obviously more expensive than injections up front (several thousand) but it's amazing having the lips I've always wanted and, years later, not having to worry about them disappearing on me without constant upkeep. Basically the only loss of volume is going to come from natural aging over time.

I will say - yes, there's a much bigger recovery period as compared to fillers. Your lips will be MASSIVE for several weeks, like a botched D-list celebrity. Combination of overfilling the fat since some does get absorbed early on and swelling from the procedure. It wasn't painful, but it made eating/drinking difficult for a while. Even after 1-2 months, you're going to look "off." (Thankfully/surprisingly, no strangers commented and my family and friends were supportive.) You also have to avoid heavy exercise for several months. My lips fully "settled" to the point they are now about a year in, but I'd say at 6 months I at least looked natural.

So it's a trade-off of looking janky for a while, but you basically never have to think about them (or pay for them) again. Bonus that you use your own fat so they're as "natural" as plastic surgery can be and feel great.

No. 142782

I have a theory that MK got plastic surgery to look more homely. Seriously. They're all into the ~high fashion world~ aesthetic

No. 142786

MK & Ashley aren't identical twins, believe it or not. I don't doubt that MK has had work done, but her eyes have always looked more subtle and stoner-ish in comparison to Ashley, whose eyes look much more wide and intense. You can see this difference even going back to their early teen years, it's just gotten more noticeable as they've aged.

No. 142788

I recently got my under eyes fat grafted. Bruising mostly subsided with 2 lymphatic drainage massages in the first week after surgery and also this pineapple water tincture. The skin of a pineapple is full of bromelain which helps with post-op inflammation, anyone here considering surgery (especially liposuction) should try it. You boil the skin of a pineapple for 20 minutes and then cool it and replace your normal water with it. Anyway, best decision ever. I don’t look like a tired skeleton anymore.

No. 142810

I read somewhere that she got a facelift at an early age. Like in her late 20s or something

No. 143162

I went to korea for a nose job and was gonna go back for other stuff and then Corona happened and its really bumming me out. I'm even tempted to find a doc in LA but they all seem to have very hit or miss reviews.

No. 143231

Anons… I'm finally getting a consultation to get a nose job. I feel so excited I could cry. I have a really bulbous tip and a hump. I've hated my nose since I was 13 and just the idea that I can exist without being self conscious about my nose is making me emotional… I feel like I might have a chance for a better life.

The reason I haven't gotten it yet is because I always had boyfriends and family who were against it. But I am dating someone who is finally supportive, and I finally have the guts to do it. I knew I would regret it if I didn't finally look into it. I want to live for myself now.

Right now I have a consultation with a doctor that uses Vectra 3d imaging. Do you guys know of any other great rhinoplasty surgeons in the US that uses Vectra? I prefer to find a doctor that can show me what to expect. It's kind of tricky to find them. I am willing to travel for this. I may even consider Korea if you guys know of any good doctors that don't just seem like nose job factories.

No. 143355

Where do I begin with a erm nose job? I’ve decided to get one but where do I start , I’ve saved up about $800 (I know it’s not even close to the usual price) I’m getting there but I’m scared of economic inflation. Also I don’t have a deviated septum or anything just a humpy Arab nose. I’d like to hear real tips and advice from farmers rather than a promotional site or whatever. I would like to get a small, cute bulby nose. I have a hawk like nose now and it’s very harsh looking on my otherwise soft and undefined features.

No. 143356

Samefagging to say I’m scared of economic inflation as in when I finally do get enough money the price will go up

No. 143358

prices are going up every year… but if you're in a country with a stable economy, inflation shouldn't be so drastic that you can't bridge the difference between prices now and prices in say, 5 years time. Especially if you hold a job, wages usually go up along with inflation.

No. 143361

Which clinic?

No. 143385

I will get a nose job, my nose combined with me weak ass chin makes me look like a middle aged Indian woman, which is pretty bad for a hispanic woman in their mid 20’s, after I lose some weight, I will also get some chin filler, maybe also a boob lift since I like the size I already got.

Then there’s the laser hair removal thing, I will get as much hair removed as possible, I hate shaving all of the time because it fucks up my skin but I hate having hairy legs even more.

No. 143405

Just come to Mexico and get everything you want done for cheap lmao

No. 143422

don't they butcher you down there though?

No. 143467

Jin Hong ryul

No. 143484

Anyone tried Profhilo or Teosyal Redensity I? It's not available to burgers yet, so I'm hoping there are some eurofags here who are familiar with these treatments.

No. 143539

Speaking of, does anyone have experience with going abroad for plastic surgery? I saw someone in one of these threads say they were considering going to poland for a nose job a while back. I would be so scared of something going wrong and not having any recourse.

No. 143556

cheers anon
yeah I wouldn't go for bigger procedures that require lots of downtime since I'd prefer to relax at home but for stuff like fillers and other in-office treatments, sign me up

No. 143571

Is there a non-surgical method for reducing cankles?

No. 144079

File: 1594749931385.jpg (56.28 KB, 512x447, unnamed.jpg)

I really want to have forehead reduction surgery. I got a massive 5head and I'm really self conscious about it

No. 144210

Anyone know any websites or ways where I can find the best plastic surgeons near me?

No. 144211

When you go for a consultation do that show you like a 3d model of yourself to show you what you will look like afterward?

No. 144216

Do not get fillers! They migrate over time, and wind up looking like cheap trash. Anyone I know who gets over half a syringe in their lips looks awful within two years. Injectors market filler as an alternative to surgical procedures when it’s really just a cheap shortcut that doesn’t work well. There are a few exceptions to this (lip filler half a syringe and under, tear trough filler) but other than that it’s a waste. Things like cheek filler will look good for a few months, but the filler will eventually migrate and give you a fat face. The idea that fillers dissipate over time is a myth, they just migrate and go all over your face.

No. 144217

Real self. It has the best reviews and you can search by area, preferred cost, and what the surgeon specializes in

No. 144218

You don’t need to have the full amount. A good nose job will run you 8k minimum, if you need bridge work not just tip 10k plus. Most surgeons do in house financing, or they accept medical credit cards. You need a score around 650 to qualify for a medical card, If you have bad credit just get a secured credit card for a few months and build it. Don’t go to a discount surgeon, and don’t go to anyone who doesn’t specialize in facial plastic surgery. If someone does noses and breasts it’s a bad sign. If you don’t live in a major city I would recommend traveling to one and going to a well known doctor.

No. 144919

File: 1595574066567.jpg (48.48 KB, 750x530, img-fece-philtrum-07.jpg)

I've got a long philtrum, but I'm already showing a lot of teeth so a lip lift would be out of the question. Is there a way to create an illusion of a shorter philtrum? Maybe lip filler in the upper lip?

No. 144973

File: 1595613804473.jpg (106.22 KB, 654x960, 855edf2c011849219d62eb7cc0e4c2…)

What work did she get done to go from this…

No. 144974

File: 1595613882512.jpg (263.76 KB, 1280x1736, amber_heard_the_art_of_elysium…)

…to this? She looks completely different but can't put my finger on what she changed on herself

No. 145062

Maybe I'm not seeing right but she looks the exact same to me. Just a different makeup, hair style and expression but all her features look the same

No. 145063

What do we think of bichectomies? My chubby cheeks are the only part of my face I'm a little bit self-conscious and I doubt I can lose them if I lose weigh

No. 145078

I think chubby cheeks are cute and makes people look more youthful

No. 145079

She may have had some work done, but this is 90% makeup. Makeup can change a LOT and she is wearing two very different styles of makeup in these pics.

No. 145168

I had the same problem and lip filler in the upper lip helped quite a bit. It’s obviously not the same effect as a lip lift but it did improve it somewhat.

No. 145337

Lori Hill has recently done a video about her

No. 145595

All of my Iranian co-workers had nose jobs and other PS procedures, one of them had their whole family done by the same surgeon.

No. 145827

This might be a stupid question but does Botox erase existing fine lines? Or it just prevents new ones from forming?

No. 146322

Lines can be dynamic (appear as a result of facial movements) or static (you still see them when your face is neutral). Botox will fix the former and hopefully prevent the latter from happening, or if you already have them stop them from getting any deeper/more prominent, but can’t reverse static lines with just Botox. However it could still help as a lot of the time what people think are static lines are actually dynamic and people are just unaware of how much they’re moving their face.

No. 146413

Not a surgical option but tastefully overdrawing your top lip, particularly at the cupid's bow gives the illusion of a shorter philtrum.

No. 147381

Isn't hairline lowering pretty expensive? Why not just get bangs?

They give you model tier cheekbones, but you'll age really poorly.

No. 147382

Has anyone gotten surgery on their nose for a deviated septum? I have a severe deviated septum and I'm trying to fix my crooked outer nose at the same time

No. 147400

It is and I'll probably never going to be able to afford it lmao. I tried bangs but my hair is super fine and my forehead is oily, so in a couple of hours I usually end up looking really disgusting. The other thing I thought about is getting my hairline microbladed but I am not sure if it doesn't look weird up close

No. 147429

I was thinking of maybe getting some fat dissolvers on my double chin. I'm gonna wait until I get to my goal weight because it may be gone by then

No. 147509

i actually came here to talk about this, i just got referred to an ENT doctor and was told my sleep/breathing issues are due to a deviated septum and collapsing nostrils (they sink in when i breathe). he said the septoplasty will straighten my nose and make it less crooked looking in general. i have to decide if i just want that or to get a rhinoplasty to make it cuter (if anyone has experience with this please let me know). what do you mean crooked outer nose anon? like a bump on the bridge?

No. 147615

I had a nose job a few years ago when I was 18, and it was a great experience, but over the past few years I've been feeling like I want to get a second one done. There's nothing wrong with the nose they gave me, I just really want a cute, ski-slope nose and I feel it'll fit my face a bit more. I will say though, my surgeon did miracle work on my nose. Before, it was basically a giant bulbous triangle with nose shape if you saw me from head-on, and now it's a fairly well defined, smaller button nose. Unfortunately it doesn't look that way from the side, which is what I want to get fixed.

No. 149761

File: 1598971011552.jpg (114.79 KB, 510x926, img1.jpg)

Not sure if I should be posting this pic here but what would you all recommend I do to my nose? I really want a cute sloped nose (just like everyone). I dont know if I should get fillers for my bridge or just get a full rhinoplasty.

No. 149764

i have this nose too. why don't you want it?

No. 149765

I don't like the little "hump" and my nostrils are somewhat wide. I don't think it's horrible but it doesn't suit my face

No. 149767

Nothing.. your nose is completely fine. I can guarantee no one notices your nose is not completely straight/sloped and the fact you talk about a sloped nose "like everyone else" proves you didn't even notice that most people around you don't have perfectly sloped noses.

Your nose is so completely inoffensive that'd be a total waste of your money to get it "fixed".

No. 149768

You know that's actually such a nice thing to hear. I see a ton of bad in my nose and it's the thing on my face that bothers me the most. I spend so much time worrying about it that yeah I guess I don't realize how it looks to other people. Thank you.

No. 149771

Your nose is a gorgeous shape anon, I really wouldn’t worry about doing anything to it..

No. 149815

I don't know if you're still here, but maybe you could try this, anon?

I would pay money for this nose anon. Also I think a lot of women with natural noses like yours literally look worse after rhinoplasty because it changes the proportions of their face too much. If you do get something done, maybe you could get a tiny little implant to correct the bump? It's hard to tell if your nostrils are too wide from a side profile, but they're probably fine. You don't want a Michael Jackson nose.

No. 149820

If you insist you don't like this beautiful nose, i'd absolutely suggest filler, it can do wonders. After watching this, it really turned me off from nosejobs even though she was kind of dumb from the get go with the surgeon choice.

No. 149909

So I've read that fillers tend to migrate. Does this depend on where the filler is injected? If I got undereye fillers, is there a possibility that it would go to my cheeks?

No. 150251

File: 1599295371574.jpg (81.04 KB, 750x700, ciin15051802-01-Bella-Hadid-Ca…)

Can we all agree on how creepy it is that Bella Hadid's plastic surgeon basically just copied Carla Bruni's features??

No. 150318

Also interested because I’m having my eye hollows filled soon

No. 150320

anon your nose is super cute!

No. 150321

File: 1599370440120.jpeg (103.29 KB, 749x619, ADBD73C3-164B-49E2-B7A8-F45904…)

This is the pic that proved to me she’s low key botched. Her eyebrows are so high

No. 150324

This is late but I like your nose anon, it's really cute. Idk I find the little bump adorable tbh.

No. 150329

File: 1599379750416.jpeg (837.31 KB, 1242x1205, 4EE2667B-AE0D-45FF-B14D-EBCC59…)

This only happens if you get injected by a shit beautifician. Filler only migrates if they use a bad one like juvaderm, that one moves like crazy.
I’ve been injected by actual DOCTORS and not “beauticians” and my filler didn’t move, they look like I was born with them and they would never do anything that doesn’t look natural.
I recommend Consultant clinic for this yall should look them up or research a good injector in your city/country, if you pay cheap for filler your will get a cheap result

No. 150562

File: 1599542098322.jpeg (Spoiler Image,30.3 KB, 281x496, 0C0E5C5C-B22F-4B71-9ECF-BC8F5C…)

I need a nose job so fucking badly. I honestly have the worst nose I could possibly imagine. Why does it look like the bell in the Taco Bell logo? It makes me want to kill myself. I have cried for hours on end because of how much I hate it. I hope I'll have enough money to fix it one day. I'll probably neck myself if I can't, honestly

No. 150564

File: 1599544749989.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.93 KB, 281x496, 924D6C21-8A98-4835-8CB2-F5CFEE…)

I really think your nose is fine and doesn’t warrant a nose job. If you’re convinced you need to alter your appearance, though, you could look into non-surgical nose jobs. You would get filler in the upper bridge of your nose which would then give it a straight appearance, like pic related. It’s cheaper than traditional rhinoplasty, but the money is better spent on therapy for fostering self acceptance and other self care.

No. 150566

it’s a beautifully strong nose that defines your entire face, it makes you you. learn to love it please because i’d kill for such power

No. 150571

I'm already in therapy. I just cannot stand my appearance and it's all I think about 24/7 basically
I'd like anything that would change how it looks, but fillers not being permanent makes me not want them. Because I could use that money on rhinoplasty instead of yearly fillers. Your edit is basically exactly how I'd like it to look though, maybe a tiny bit upturned but fucking anything is an improvement at this point
I appreciate your kind words, anon. I really do. I think it is easier to compliment it based on the photo I posted, where you can't see my entire face. It's just honestly…so atrocious in every sense of the word on my face. Like, there are some really beautiful women with similar noses as I have. But on me, it just makes me look like some fucking inbred abomination. My profile looks extremely wrong. I've had a complex about it and my nose since I was 11…forgetting what it's like to not depise my face tbh

No. 150572

I forgot to thank you for what you said. Thank you anon, it means more to me than you know. I hope I can learn to at least not utterly despise it, someday.

No. 150573

That sounds like body dysmorphic disorder to me.
Your nose is beautiful, it makes you YOU! It's so sad that so many women with stronger features want plastic surgery to end up looking all the same.
I've always hated my nose as well, it's big and asymmetrical, I wanted surgery since I was 9, but when I became an adult old enough to actually go through with it, I decided to start accepting myself and working with what I got instead.
Think about it, anon. You would look like a whole other person with a new nose.

No. 150575

I have very similar intense body dysmorphia, but mine is related to aging. Funny thing, I started worrying about aging and developing the dysmorphia when I was only 16. Wasted my youth fretting age.

Anyways, I only wish you the best anon. I know how hard it can be

No. 150576

Does anyone know what Taylor R has done? I unironically want to follow her lead. We have a similar face (pre-injections) and I think she looks great

No. 150577

Who's Taylor R?

No. 150578

I think Botox in the forehead, and fillers in the undereye+cheek area

No. 150583

Also mayyyyybe a subtle Botox eyebrow lift? The distance between her eyebrows and her eyes seemed to have grown a bit but it could easily be just a makeup or a camera angle thing. The fillers and the forehead Botox I'm 100% sure about

No. 150584

it’s a tragedy because your perception of a beautiful feature is corrupted. society’s fault. i hope one day you can see your nose the way i do. perfect

No. 150587

Wow, both of those things I was already planning on (under eye/cheek filler & forehead Botox). I’m excited lol. I hope I can pull it off as tastefully as her

No. 150599

Anon, wtheck! Your nose is great and unique, please don't let media fool you. I hope one day you will be able to accept yourself.

I think it's better to spend a long journey on self-acceptance because in the end one plastic surgery can just turn into a big pile of plastic-surgery-addiction hell.

No. 150614

Don't do anything. There's objectively nothing wrong with your nose, it's small and nice.
Don't even think of nose fillers, you risk going blind. Not worth it.

No. 150627

File: 1599583359915.jpg (60.69 KB, 640x452, hpb61us77bw11.jpg)

Everyone generally assumes she has fillers but I always thought she got a fat graft considering how close she lives to Korea and how swollen she looked in pic related.

No. 150693

Anyone here who did jaw slimming with botox? My masseters are huge

No. 150719

What is a fat graft and is it worth it?

No. 150722

It's a procedure where they take fat from another part of your body (usually thighs, stomach or buttocks) and inject it in whatever spot you want to fill in. It's more of an invasive surgery than fillers obviously but it doesn't wear off, doesn't migrate and doesn't carry the risk of an allergic reaction.

No. 150724

I think you're right, I looked it up and swelling is extremely common after fat grafting

No. 150727

I’d go for this in a heartbeat if it wasn’t so expensive. How do normal working people afford this shit? I can barely entertain the idea of paying for fillers

No. 150770

You are blind if you think she looks great. She looks like a clown when she smiles.

No. 150793

She used to be a cute girl but she looks absolutely horrific now, don't do this to yourself anon.

No. 150794

File: 1599680523858.jpg (33.86 KB, 465x612, gettyimages-80035641-612x612.j…)

I fillers in my midface/cheek yesterday for youthful volume/projection and had some filler left over so I impulsively asked the doctor to put it my upper eye area and today I look like a fucking goul, I wanted to have nice volume "swoosh" inbetween my eyes and eyebrows but I feel I just look like he put in directly under my eyebrows so I look like a fakeboi mtf trying to look more masculine, also one side is way more swollen then the other so my eyes looks wonky. Everybody is telling me to wait until the swelling goes down but I feel like I just want this shit out of of face, it wasn't even what I wanted. I feel like the MF basically gave me a eyebrow lift which I don't understand given that only old woman in their 50s with droppy eyebrows ask for that. My right cheek (the only thing that isn't swollen for some reason) looks great though, exactly what I wanted. Super refreshed. I really wish I had just stuck to my original plan w/o getting greedy, I choose this doctor based on his cheek filler photos and wasn't going to ask for anything else. Advice to all anons, don't make my mistake and don't make random decisions based on the fact that you have extra product left.

No. 151009

File: 1599788177294.jpg (62.75 KB, 400x600, Girls Sun Les Filles Du Soleil…)


I think she had some kind of botched cheekbone implants because of side of her face has a weird indent, but I think that was after your later photo. Besides that she has also clearly had veneers and a lot of botox esp around her midface which looks weird and frozen when she smiles now. I think besides that her beauty is natural, shame she is psycho and clearly had a shitty lifestyle which ruined her beauty.

No. 151257

I got fat grafting to my cheeks + lip lift a week ago and I'm so happy. I know these procedures are a bit risky when it comes to results and I literally bawled my eyes out the night before, thinking this is it, this is the surgery that'll leave me botched. Despite not being able to get a refund ($5700), I seriously considered cancelling the surgery.

My cheeks are still swollen (but way less than those Taylor R pics). I know a lot will get absorbed so I hope not too much of it fades.

The lip lift looks really cute and made me look much more feminine. My philtrum went from 16mm to 9-10mm. I can't wait to do my makeup again and see what my new everyday look will be. (I remember contouring my nose for the first time after my nose job, literally couldn't stop looking at myself lol) On day 3-4 I thought I'd ruined my nose job because my nose was looking really distorted and I've seen patients who get permanent pig noses from lip lift. Thank fucking god my nose is nearly back to normal now.

I'm not sure why fat grafting gets so much hate. I've had cheek fillers and they did nearly nothing, but cost a shit ton. I wanted lip filler, but now I don't need that either because of the lip lift.

No. 151267

File: 1600004420183.jpg (48.55 KB, 1024x576, EWWY63MUcAAFj2x.jpg)

I have the typical mouthbreather facial structure with basically no chin, weak jaw line, and a persistent fat pocket under my chin even at a low weight. Is something like cool sculpting or chin lipo a waste of time?

I don't care about it enough to go for a corrective jaw surgery as that's painful and expensive, but just for cosmetic reasons I'm considering lipo and possibly a chin implant or fillers in the future if just removing the extra fat isn't enough.

No. 151279

Unrelated, but I cackled at how even though the filename is obvious gibberish, it begins with EWW. Describes the picture pretty well

No. 151286

Which kind of lip lift did you get? And does it make your teeth show when your mouth is at rest?

No. 151290

I got lip injections recently (last month) and HATE them with a passion. I always thought I had normal lips but lost some volume from aging (i'm 40) so I thought going 1ml would be fine and not much of a change. They are HUGE now. They stick out like fish lips and gave me a "i still suck my thumb at night" look. I highly suggest going less than 1ml if you're unsure. My nurse talked me out of going any less than 1ml because she said it'd just cause trauma to the lips and wouldnt make any difference look wise.

No. 151291

File: 1600020765838.jpg (992.03 KB, 1587x1426, lips.jpg)

Here's my lips from 1ml of Juvederm Ultra. Its been 1 month since I got it so the swelling should be done with. I'll probably get them dissolved next week. I went to a popular plastic surgeon in my town. So disappointed. They look awful in person.

No. 151292

I like it, although your natural lips are fine

No. 151294


haha thanks. :)
They don't look that bad alone but I'm really petite and they look huge/silly on me. Just went back to work and everyone was like "OMG you got lip fillers!" I wanted more of a natural look. I think 0.5 ml would have worked way better.
I considered trying the botox lip flip at first but my doctor said most of her patients that got it hated it. According to her, it'll lift your lip up and show your teeth. lol So be careful with that!

No. 151295

Your natural lips are so pretty

No. 151308

Your nose is super elegant and pretty to me. I hate mine because the nostril is too turned up and visible from the side so I would kill for that. The grass is always greener

No. 151316


Try getting fillers into the chin/jaw to build it up before removing anything. When you have a weak chin, it gives the illusion to everything else around it being flabby/saggy.

No. 151345

Bullhorn lip lift. And yes it does make your teeth show. I had slight tooth show already but not enough.

They look super cute though

No. 151348

Pretty! Was it 1ml in each lip or 1ml altogether?

No. 151350

File: 1600086641339.png (408.23 KB, 581x581, fe89c9e86bc007a34dfe179746c174…)

Does anyone have any experience with tear trough fillers?

I have horrible hollow eye sockets, it makes me look tired and older than my age its also really jarring because aside from that my face is very round and full.

No. 151358

I can see why you'd want them dissolved, they're really overdone. I don't think the doctor did a good job.

No. 151382


I got it done about a month ago but I only opted for the outer rim. Best decision ever. I still have my inner tear troughs that I've had since childhood so literally everyone perceives me as the same person, but somehow, I look "so nice and young and healthy" kekeke. Even my own mother is oblivious.

No. 151385

File: 1600112860779.jpg (9.9 KB, 270x85, bh.jpg)

Has anyone done anything to change the shape/position of their brows? I have straight brows, but they have almost no shape or tilt so they don't look cool like Bella Hadid or any of the straight brow celebrity/kpop looks, they just look pic related (that is me). I hate it because it's one of my least flattering features IMO and just looks weird with my rounded eyes, if I had long almond eyes maybe it would vibe better. I don't think brow shaping or even Botox Brow lift would be enough to give me an arch but I'm open to suggestions

No. 151387

I think you have a nice eyebrow shape, they complement your eyes. Before committing to a filler you can always shave the ends off and draw the line out higher/longer than your natural brow.

No. 151388

i think you're nitpicking, your eyebrows look good with your eyes.

No. 151389

Kinda looks like billie eilish… anywaya your brows look really flattering but as the other anon said, you could shave off the ends a little and draw them going more higher? Doesn't hurt to experiment

No. 151390

File: 1600114605484.jpeg (391 KB, 1158x1260, 645B2A6D-98CF-457B-B3DD-CBC607…)

Please ignore my terrible skin lol. Over the last year I’ve lost a lot of volume to my face. I think my fat has always positioned lower (with higher but flat cheekbones) so when I lost a lot of weight due to illness I became very sullen looking. I’m close to biting the bullet and getting a consultation, but has anyone here sought treatment for something similar? What were your results, the cost, and are you happy with it? I’ve heard fillers in the cheeks will also help with the naso lines which have gotten a lot worse for me since weight loss. I feel like my whole face shape looks weird and it causes me a lot of grief

No. 151393

Fox eyelift i guess but that tends to look like shit, see kendall jenner but more importantly: anon you're so beautiful give me a kith

No. 151395

I legit think there is nothing wrong with you. You look gorgeous.

No. 151400

Not to try and invalidate you but your skin looks excellent (clear, smooth, and glowing) and judging by the fullness of your lips and the shape of your jaw, you look way too young for fillers imo. I know there's a plethora of info in this thread but from everything I've read if you get them too young they can actually age you by stretching out your skin prematurely and also making you look like an older woman trying to recapture her youth (that you actually already have) .. just something to think about.

I'm in my mid-30s with pretty deep naso folds and sullen cheeks - I also lost a bunch of weight a few years back - and I still don't think I look bad enough for fillers.. but it's all subjective. You look great I think but you should do what makes ya happy.

No. 151401

Can you all believe we all sit here and browse this imageboard alongside anons this beautiful? Your skin looks amazing, that glow is everything. Sorry for not being helpful, make sure whoever you seek consultation has good reviews so you don't end up with anything you'd regret.

No. 151405

>terrible skin
Anon please

No. 151416


aw thanks. Im going to get an eyebrow shaping done, maybe that will be good enough.

No. 151429

You might be turned away during a consultation. Despite being 26, when I went in for a consult in regards to fillers & Botox, the doctor turned me down. Despite my own personal nitpickiness about my own face, doc said I had no visible signs of aging and to inject anything would be a horrible idea. At the very least going in and hearing that boosted my confidence, so if you’re insistent on changing your face maybe just go to the consult and you’ll be told the same thing (if it’s a reputable doctor not out for your money)

No. 151434

Damn, your ear is tiny

No. 151455

I feel like these are troll posts. You literally don't need to do anything.
In case they aren't troll posts, what you actually need is therapy.

No. 151599

File: 1600286331302.jpg (100.38 KB, 1822x303, IMG_20200916_202941.jpg)

Can I do anything to fix asymmetrical lips?

No. 151600

are those your lips? they're freaking adorable and honestly very barely look asymmetrical. everyone's face has slight asymmetry that nobody really notices. I wouldn't do anything unless it REALLY bothers you

No. 151604

I think your lips are cute and it's unnecessary, but filler or fat graft would do it.

No. 151605

this level of asymmetry is really minor anon, I bet it's completely unnoticeable when you're talking or smiling. I know you asked for recommendations to 'fix' it but my opinion is that your natural lips are lovely and need no altering - certainly the risks of doing so outweigh the actually need for any kind of correction.

No. 151611

i think your lips are fine, but it is more than likely a jaw thing. see an orthodontist or get invisaligN!

No. 151643

It looks like this girl got her upper eyelids filled too.

No. 151645

Which doctor did you see anon? I am wanting to get these two exact procedures but finding a doctor that does both has been tricky. Miguel Mascaro seems perfect for the lip lift though

No. 151692

These look like two different people

No. 152513

Not true, it's only affluent and westernized people from Tehran that do that.

No. 152523

i've had a nosejob and honestly unless your nose is REALLY bad (mine was, think it was broken at an early age or im part bird) i honestly don't reccommend it. i thought i'd get a perfect nose like everyone hypes up with nosejobs but then I realized it takes at least two nosejobs or an extreme doctor to get some perfect button fairy nose, my nose just looks normal now, still not super small, not a ski slope (i did run into face first a wall while it was healing but i already knew my nose wasnt perfect before that event) i've considered undereye fillers but the migration and kind of permanent factor of them possibly never dissolving right, and then needing to get them done all the time, is off putting. if you don't have something super obviously wrong surgery is not gonna fix your self esteem magically, in my case i was just able to look at my side profile and not wanna kms, but im still not lana del rey

No. 152545

I'm going to get braces and see how much it changes the shape of my face, but I'm going to get a chin implant eventually. I got little jowls from my mom's side and a weak/double chin from my dad's, the lower third of my face make me super uncomfortable. It won't be a huge change but I feel like it will give my face the structure to age really well. Otherwise, I'm enjoying compulsory mask wearing.

No. 152547

just curious, what is this procedure meant to accomplish? is it like tear trough fillers but with natural fat? is it meant to create a rouder face? to give the impression of cheekbones? i just dgi

No. 152555

>normal working people
Well there you go, that's one thing Taylor isn't nor has ever been.

No. 152557

That depends on your expectations, I had a nose job and I'm happy with the results, but I never wanted a cute uwu egirl nose, just one that's not hooked and large. My nose still projects very far from my face and that will never change unless I go under the knife again, but at least now I can contour the tip to make it less bulbous, before I just looked like a witch 100% of the time. Still, even if I did want a cute button nose, thinking about all the nausea after the procedure and the healing process makes me never want to do it again.

No. 152565

>Please ignore my terrible skin lol
>Has near perfect skin with miniscule imperfections that can hardly be seen even with arrows pointing them out.
Quit your bullshit. Way to make anons with real skin issues or actual terrible skin feel like shit. This has to be humblebragging.

>perfect button fairy nose
I can't be the only one who thinks those obviously fake perfect tiny button noses with perfect slopes are really ugly? A normal, average sized nose that no one is going to take a second look at is 100% the best nose to have imo unless you by chance happen to be born with a tiny nose naturally. A perfect tiny fake nose stands out just as much as a disproportionally large hawknose.

No. 152566

Please help me gals. I’ve had great skin all my life. 25 years old now, and suddenly I’m getting zits and little bumps all over my face and sometimes neck

I did notice this started after doing some b-12 injections, thinking it’d help my skin & hair. Wtf is going on? I’ve had smooth, flawless skin forever, but now I have… adult acne? Fucking kill me

No. 152567

too much vitamin b12 can give you acne

No. 152579

Yes b12 can cause that. Also, if by any chance you are taking biotin supplements, hair follicles can get plugged by the excess biotin and form little bumps.

The arrows are pointing to where anon thinks she needs fillers, not her skin blemishes

No. 152965

Would Botox or filler be better to treat a weak chin?

No. 154078

Anyone here tried Profhilo?

No. 154080

It could, but you might want to look into orthotropics for a more permanent and satisfactory result. It may be more expensive but long term it’s worth it.

No. 154100

Never heard of this before but I'm gonna check it out, thank you!!

No. 154200

File: 1602038113778.jpeg (226.15 KB, 750x1036, FF6D0C64-19BF-429F-AA97-14BCA4…)

Why would anyone get work done to look like this? Idgi. For anyone who is confused she obviously has filler or implants in her jaw and cheeks, then a cartoonish nose job, and her lips are a little off as well.

No. 154207

Does anyone here feel like their “attractive” features aren’t enough because of the extremity of beauty with plastic surgery nowadays? Like for me, I have naturally high cheekbones but they’re nowhere near the level of the celebrities who get filler to their cheekbones. I have sort of thin lips but could imagine that women with naturally full lips might feel the same if their natural lips aren’t as pouty or full as women with lip filler. Or women with curvy bodies and naturally round butts. Anyway I feel kind of plain Jane atm because while I am naturally attractive, it seems like society (both men and women) prefers these overdone versions of women with ideal features. And just for the record I’m not against PS as I do want a chin implant and botox. I just feel like the beauty standards for women aren’t even naturally attainable at this point.

No. 154208

Did she also get nose bridge filters to look like the blue monkeys from avatar

No. 154211

Literally yes, like a hammerhead shark

No. 154216

Beauty standards aren't there to be met and be content with yourself, nowadays they're used and created by the beauty industry to sell. There's no finish line for them, they're limitless. Of course they aren't attainable and the best thing we could is to not give a shit about them and focus on doing what we genuinely want for our bodies as long as we're healthy

No. 154221

Yeah so many girls I know who already have really pretty and trendy features have gotten procedures to look more like the ideal instagram pouty lip snatched face look to the point it’s like a parody. There will never be a finish line and I’m not stressing over catching up.

No. 154223

There will absolutely be a trend against it soon anyways, when the trend swings one way it eventually swings the polar opposite again. People will be so sick of it that these kinds of procedures will be ridiculed and shunned. Can’t wait.

No. 154225

God I fucking hope so. I used to actually like the way I look. Now I feel like I'll never be enough without surgery of some kind.

No. 154226

I want a thread on this bitch. Were you inspired to post her after that string of milky posts in the dumbass shit thread on /ot/?

No. 154227

Same. I actually didn't hate my looks, but now, after spending too much time on social media, I almost feel like I look disfigured in comparison.

No. 154229

Nta but I’m the one who originally posted her and it’s be a nice thought but there isn’t a single new thing that could be posted in it. Her family isn’t like Sarah krotchy’s, luckily for her.

No. 154239

I’ve never been against plastic surgery/filler/enhancements but I also don’t like how it’s being so normalized to the point a teenage girl can just go get her lips and face injected for the hell of it (don’t get me started on how the “doctors“ point out even more things to fix and create insecurities about) and everyone is like omg how empowering!!! Majority of the time it’s so unnecessary and just grows their insecurities and obsession over appearance even more.
The only things I would think about fixing are asymmetries like my nostrils and lips because almost every one of my features is skewed and becomes so glaring in photos.

No. 154268

File: 1602085300665.png (137.95 KB, 272x412, nose.png)

I've been wanting to get a nose job for a while to make my nostrils and overall nose tip narrower, however I'm unsure if such nose jobs are often successful because it's not just shaving off bone. what would farmers advise I do or ask for?

No. 154271

i know this isn’t what you asked to hear anon but you have a really cute nose

No. 154276

Why do anons with such normal looking noses want to get nosejobs done? No one bats a second eye at these plain, normal looking noses and that's so much better than ending up with either a fucked up ps nose or a cute but obviously fake nose people are gonna stare at.

No. 154278

File: 1602089077532.png (293.36 KB, 1150x389, da gucci bags.png)

what procedures are available for dealing with a severe case of eye bags?
I've basically had these super puffy undereye bags since my childhood; I think they're genetic since my mom's got them, too. They're somewhat minimized through basic self-care (hydration, rest, etc.), but I've tried and there's DIY home remedy that can get rid of these for good. Though I've gotta admit that I haven't done a ton of research into what causes my undereyes to look this way, so I don't really know what it is that would get them fixed. It's not really something I'd kill myself over, but it's definitely prominent enough that other people have pointed them out in the past (including a dude on a first date one time, ugh…) and I think it would definitely lift my confidence if they were gone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

No. 154285

i'd kill a man for this nose

as for nosejobs, it wont make a huge difference unless you go to an absolute butcher. nostril work is hard to pull off

No. 154286

fillers anon. theres a permanent surgery for this, i forget the name, but its really only for old ladies who need facelifts.

start with the fillers from a good doctor because they are (mostly) reversible if something goes wrong

No. 154313

My first post was retarded so we're going to try this again. Are you getting enough water? Too much salt? Thyroid problems?

No. 154315

Original anon and NO lol I had no idea that she’s basically a cow. She just popped up on my IG discover page bc I like a lot of fashion/model accounts/pages. Idk how this girl is a model though, she looks disfigured. What kind of procedure even widens your nose bridge like that?

No. 154322

File: 1602098678798.png (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 1360x874, Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 3.23…)

> There will absolutely be a trend against it soon anyways, when the trend swings one way it eventually swings the polar opposite again.
People have been saying that since 2015 about giant asses, pouty lips, general Kardashian aesthetic but imo it's just gotten worse in 2020–probably because the Kartrashians keep reinventing their styles to remain relevant. Girls my age (I was 14 in 2012) definitely were inspired by their aesthetic but weren't as successful in copying them. Nowadays literal CHILDREN are emulating the Kardashian look whereas kids in my teenage years from the early to mid 2010s at worst looked like this when sexualizing themselves.

No. 154338

File: 1602103868662.jpeg (109.12 KB, 600x256, C6AF6F99-053E-4181-AEAA-3EC180…)

Sorry for the mega closeup. To be honest I think I’d be a million times happier with my face if my lips were symmetrical. I don’t think I’ll ever get fillers or anything because I don’t control my own money, but it really kills me to look at them. Somewhat unrelated, does anyone else have the problem where their lips seem thinner or thicker depending on that time of month? I feel like mine fluctuate with hormones and it makes me anxious when they look so different in my selfies. I admit I shoop them to get rid of the sag on the side but I’m not out here inflating them in Facetune and shit.

No. 154344

my measurements are 35/25/36 and yet i feel like shapeless fridge sometimes because nowadays you're supposed to have so extreme body shape lol

No. 154347

Anon, I'm not shitting you, I cannot see wtf you're talking about. Your lips look perfectly symmetrical to me. If I study them for minutes maybe there's slightly less volume near the top of your lips on the left side? But seriously, that's me really straining to see it, and it's so minor it doesn't take away from the attractiveness of your mouth. You have an absolutely killer cupid's bow most people would have to pay to get and a nice level of volume, full but not Bratz doll. I know we all have our insecurities but this is so not worth stressing over.

No. 154353

As someone with wonky ass face, I do not see ANYTHING going on here? I don't want to minimize your feelings but these are perfectly normal, pretty lips.

No. 154354

Same! I’m 30/26/37, pear shaped, literally have to change sizes between my upper and lower half, and I can clock every person who needs to get off Instagram and cut back on anime when body types come up cause they don’t believe I could be a pear without a massive kardashian ass lol

No. 154356

Maybe it's just my BDD jumping out then lol I'm gonna try to spend less time staring at my face in the mirror

No. 154360

You are me. I am 28-27-38. Buying clothes is a nightmare.

No. 154369

I have the same bottom measurements as you. It's pants mostly. Most things that I can afford that big enough to fit my ass and hips looks sloppy and baggy around my thighs and waist.
I have large boobs, but a small ribcage and fat upper arms, so shirts are a mystery sometimes too outside of stretchy material.

No. 154371

>I don’t think I’ll ever get fillers or anything because I don’t control my own money
Britney, is that you?

No. 154379

Well yeah, it doesn’t happen overnight. Literally just ten years ago the girls that have fake asses were shitting themselves over pictures of collarbones.

No. 154380

Do people already ask you if you’d had fillers? Even an injector would think so going from this photo kek they’re really smooth and the cupids bow looks manufactured. Not a bad thing tho, not muppet like. Fillers would probably just emphasize this and make you look really augmented.

No. 154387

I've never had anyone ask me that but I have a horrible phobia of doctors and needles, so it might be that I don't come across as someone who would ever get them? I think I just have a really awkward smile and press my lips weirdly, if that makes any sense. I honestly would wanna get rid of the cupids bow/make it way less pronounced if I did get fillers tho, it's one of the parts my mother obsessed over me having so I kinda hate it.

No. 154392

I’m not alluding that you’re lying or anything, your lips just naturally look like something from a Russian injector ig account. I wouldn’t worry about the asymmetric cupids bow. Your only two options to ‘fix’ it would be either a liplift that cuts along your lipline which would leave a big scar and there’s no guarantee it’d actually be symmetric, or injections which also don’t guarantee symmetry and over time the filler could migrate and make them look worse than before.

What I can recommend for you is manual exfoliation on only your lips, if you use a little wet Italy towel and go in small circles once or twice a day it will bring a lot of blood flow and color to your lips and make them look less pale and more juicy I guess. You can use a dermastamping tool on them as well but if you have to wear a mask often I wouldn’t recommend it and save that for post-pandemic so they stay clean.

No. 154403

No worries, I see what you mean lmfao. I'll look into your suggestions!

No. 154412

Yeha, buying pants is the worst. As you say, I can get things to fit my bum/hips but then it's baggy on my waist, but pants I can get to fit my waist wont pull up over my thighs/bum/hips. It's fucking infuriating. I have no tits, but big mega shoulders. They're probably as wide as my hips. So while tops fit me in their length/bust, my shoulders always make sleeves fit weird, so I often just wear vests a lot, but then I feel they make my shoulders look even wider. It's depressing.

No. 154438



Where the fuck do you girls buy your bras from ????? Nevermind pants lets talk about bras. I literally can't find any retail or online shop that sells a nice 30 bra size or smaller. I have to alter so many 32's and the number of times I stab my finger with a needle.

Also, back on the plastic surgery topic. How do some of you deal with family/loved ones being extremely against it? I've wanted to get work done since I was 16, I'm 28 turning 29 soon. The only thing that holds me back from doing it is the fear of what they'll think of me. I've tried gaging my boyfriend's opinion on it without actually telling him that I want to get it done by watching shows about plastic surgery. Kinda sad watching him rip girls apart and insinuating they're lesser humans and have lesser "worth" in his eyes. I feel like I'm trapped in a shitty cycle of appeasing them by dressing a certain way, not wearing makeup, not having an opinion, not being allowed to be sad. I don't feel like me and all I daydream about is creating a new me.

No. 154463

>I feel like I'm trapped in a shitty cycle of appeasing them by dressing a certain way, not wearing makeup, not having an opinion, not being allowed to be sad.
Because all this is telling me that they're shitty, invalidating people. You have nothing to prove to them and you shouldn't seek to console/support others when it comes to YOUR body. You're a grown woman and you can do whatever you want anon. I do sometimes understand people being concerned about loved ones wanting surgery when (as frequently evidenced here) the things they want "corrected" are incredibly minor and only visible to the person themselves. That's dysmorphic and speaks to an underlying mental health issue that wouldn't be solved by tweaking a physical feature alone. But if you just like the look of bigger boobs, or fuller lips or a different nose, etc, that's your business and anyone who truly loves you would support you in doing something that could safely improve your level of self esteem, contentment and happiness. These people don't even allow you to feel sad or have opinions. I shouldn't need to say this, but that's incredibly abnormal and unhealthy. I know they're familiar and so it's hard to break those ties, but you deserve to be surrounded by people who support you rather than tear you down.

No. 154484

I buy mine off ebay. I know that sounds weird, but I got some really good fitting smaller band bras on there. Brand new, in their packaging and the real deal! Just plug your size in and see what comes up!

No. 154485

I'm >>154354 and I only wear really light sports bras. I don't have tits, I don't wear formfitting tops, and I despise being uncomfortable, so it's just the best option for me. Also, your boyfriend sounds a little too eager to tear women down. I'm not even necessarily pro-ps myself but I couldn't imagine being that cruel to women who've gotten it, it just shows a lack of empathy.

No. 154543

This. Natori is a great brand for smaller band sizes.

No. 154559

Boux Avenue has size 28 band bras; however, the bands are a bit tighter. It's a UK brand but can ship in US. Also look at r/abrathatfits. The subreddit has names of brands and what sizes they carry.

No. 154626

>>154268 your nose is so cute, don't get rhinoplasty, you really don't need it

No. 155021

I'd totally get a nose job but even though I could afford it feels like wasting money. Also I don't want to be known as the one who got plastic surgery in my company. Maybe next time I change my worklpace… Whixh means in 2 years at the earliest…

No. 155024

wtf why

No. 155026

Yeah those are fairly deep bags. I have some as well. I got fillers for the crease and it looked much better for about a year+. Find someone good who doesn't overfill. Using a cannula instead of a fine tip needle is safer since there is a tiny risk of blindness if filler gets injected into a blood vessel that feeds the eye. So find someone board certified, obviously. Its practically painless and cost like 500$ for under eye and cheek fillers (2 separate sessions)

Fillers in the upper cheeks and around the cheekbones also fill out the area. My doc told me there is a permanent surgery to remove the fatpads under the eye, but I am too nervous to do it at this point. You might want to see if you're a candidate.

No. 155036

I'm another anon who wants to get undereye filler and I'm freaking out so much about the possibility of going blind…I don't have bags, only really dark circles, and the place under my eye is super hollow, you can easily feel the bone there

No. 155080

Same anon here. Even if you don't have the 'perfect' type of undereye structure to correct with fillers, it can help a bit with careful application. I did my cheeks first cause I was really scared of the blindness risk too, since eye/nose area carries the highest risk. Cannula is safer bc it has a rounded softer tip, so it is much more difficult to pierce and inject into a blood vessel. Just insist on cannula only and don't go to some discount injector doc.

Also, I know that this is insane, but it actually made me feel better to know, there is a theoretical treatment for that emergency. Basically, the doctor could immediately inject filler dissolver behind the eye and save it before too much damage is done by the blockage. Almost definitely will not happen, but interesting to know.

No. 155195


I feel like I'll be more confident to move forward with it once I'm further from my family's grasp, but due to covid, I've been back at home. I wholeheartedly believe that I could sway my BFs beliefs and opinions as a lot of it was put in his head by his religious family and catholic schools as a kid. He does tend to listen to me, but the conversation still scares me to have.

Also…. it's not really just a small minor thing like a nose job or boob job. I wanna morph everything. It's weird to say this while also admittedly not hating or disliking a single thing about my face. ( I kinda want a similar aesthetic as Sayathefox ). I've always loved unrealistic looks.


Thank you. Will check these options out for sure. I was almost contemplating buying off of Asian sites as I heard many people say they fitted much smaller than normal bras.

No. 155315

are you not supposed to feel the bone?

No. 155321

Sounds like a good move to wait until you're further away from family. Surgery is stressful enough to go through even if it's voluntary, and having to deal with their judgment on top of things would be unpleasant to say the least.

I do ask, not necessarily to dissuade you, but why do you feel the need to have surgery to achieve the look you want when you could get something very similar with makeup? You say you don't even wear makeup right now, so it seems that you could possibly get the look you enjoy with less expense simply through that? Especially if you don't outright dislike any of your features, it's something you could easily switch between depending on your mood. The pictures on that girl's Instagram are 100% heavily edited with lots of makeup so even she doesn't look like that 24/7.

No. 155343


Makeup would only strengthen my desires for surgery tbh. Plus at the moment I've developed some problems with my eyes making it impossible to wear any makeup around them. I'd like to play around with makeup more, and actually one of the things on my list was because of that which was a brow lift. I want more lid space/space between my brows and eyes as I'm lacking. I just have to resolve my eye issues first before anything. I want a more interesting face to play around with different looks as a lot of makeup styles simply don't suit me due to my features. I've thought really long and hard about everything and ultimately decided it's something I still really want to get done for myself. However, the fear of being humiliated and personally attacked by family always terrified me and held me back.

No. 155438

sry but i call bullshit, this is someone with fillers who wants to know whether people can tell or not/whether people think the fillers were done asymmetrical. The slight slope at the corners of the mouth is a pretty certain give-away. Also, only someone that has gotten fillers neurotically obsesses about tiny, minor asymmetries like that. So, anon, to most probably address your initial motive of your post: yes, we can see you got fillers, but they're nice, your lips look good and the asymmetry is totally neglectable.

No. 155441

I had a nose job to correct a broken nose (the fracture happened years before so it was all healed by then) but I wanted some additional aesthetic work done aswell, like, make it overall a bit smaller, and add a little more slope. I discussed this with my doctor and I was under the impression that we had an understanding, but in the end, it looked like he mostly just carved off the broken bone part and straightened out the septum internally (the fracture of the septum wasn't really visible from the outside to me). I'm fine with it and I like my nose better than before but I do occassionally resent that only so little seemed to have been optically changed during the procedure. I was too chickened-out to complain, also I was just so relieved that everything went fine and nothing grotesque happened. My nose just looks like a very natural, normal person nose, still including imperfections like a slight asymmetry of the slope (idk whether the doctor fucked this up or whether it's genetic. I think it's the latter because my brother has an asymmetrical slope too). I do sometimes wonder whether I should consider a second nose job but getting a bone broken for the third time sounds too spooky to me. Does someone know anything about the risks of multiple nose jobs?
Excuse the english, this is an eurofag anon

No. 155625

I’m curious, what do you think would be the point of me lying about that? I feel like I admitted to something way more embarrassing when I said I shop them in my regular selfies, and wouldn’t the suggestions on how to fix naturally uneven lips be really different than suggestions on fixing uneven injections? I’m just not quite sure why I would lie about that here when I could just ask if my injections looked alright. I do appreciate the feedback though, looks like the general consensus is that I’m obsessing over minor shit

No. 155769

My biggest issue with my cheeks is that i've always been skinny and healthy, but my face looks bloated and fatter than the rest of my body because of them. I just started saving up for a buccal fat removal surgery because they are huuge. I'm convinced that I want to get the procedure done after some months of considering it, but i'm not sure how to talk about it with my family. They have always been very understanding about everything but when it comes to beauty/plastic surgery stuff they are against it. Anyone has any advice on how to talk about it? Thank you

No. 155770

How old are you, I used to be moonfaced as a teenager and 10 years and some weight fluactuations later I have the cheekbones of a skeleton.
Bloated face might be a sign of some endocrine problems too.

No. 155782

File: 1603145585774.jpg (1.12 MB, 1723x1000, wow.jpg)

I saw this on lipstick alley and this has to be the worst i've seen someone look from fillers she really ruined her face.
This is Mehgan James from Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives she's not really well known but wow.

No. 155783

File: 1603145638622.jpg (7.46 KB, 201x251, download.jpg)

This is how she used to look

No. 155784

File: 1603145660164.jpg (8.35 KB, 205x246, download (1).jpg)

No. 155788

It looks like a caricature, like she's wearing a prosthetic over her real jawline. She was beautiful and now it just looks like she gained a Y chromosome.

No. 155789

File: 1603150631559.jpg (136.19 KB, 1040x1390, djd.jpg)

If you told me that this >>155782 was her twin brother who trooned out to look like her, I'd believe you.
Even without the bad make up it looks horrible.

No. 155813


Do people like this know that they messed up or do they think it’s an improvement?

No. 155822

This concept is something that scares me about ps. True horror material to imagine looking in the mirror and seeing someone different and deformed staring back. And you can't turn back time.

No. 155830

Why would she do this to herself?

No. 155846

I have a small mouth and my dentist wants to remove 3 teeth from the left side, one in the upper back and 2 from the lower jaw, and on my right side one tooth from lower back of my mouth, I asked the dentist if this would effect the way I look and he said NO!. When I smile these teeth would not be noticible, but surely my already small jaw would look strange it lopsided? The only other alternative is to have teeth implants that are very expensive. I was due to have them removed before Covid ( under the NHS for free) but that was canceled, I saw a private dentist and he says he may be able to save for a short time ( months to possibly a approx 3/4 years) via root filling ( which the NHS won't do) again this will cost money. Has any anons had teeth removed and did it effect their mouth / jaw shape. I am happy with my jaw/chin area and I don't want to mess it up.

No. 155847

I'm getting an implant tbqh, I'm not going to wait long enough to notice a difference, because it can happen quite fast.

No. 155850

I like my nose for the most part, but I’d love the slightest nose job to narrow it a smidge. My fear is
1) getting a whole different nose and not looking like myself anymore (Jennifer Grey)
2) the change is slight but it looks ugly
3) ending up w a white girl nose.

No shade to whites, but a white nose would look weird on my face w my other black features. I’m not self-hating, just vain lmao. I should prob leave well enough alone and not do something I have a 70% chance of regretting…

No. 155851

I had 4 wisdom teeth out last year and my cheeks/jaw look more defined, but that is probably because my face is no longer constantly swelling up and down with the inflammation from them.

No. 155858


Hard to say tbh. If it's fillers I'd assume she could just easily have them dissolved, but if she's keeping them then maybe she does like the appearance of it. Tbh without reading any of the comments first I initially thought she was trans of some sort, either MTF or FTM.


It's why it's better to start really small and accept that perfect doesn't exist. I always find people who chase this idea of " just a little more and I'll be perfect" tend to go overboard. Whenever I hear that sentence I've always found it's coming from someone with an addiction.

No. 155889

My mom has had a few back teeth removed and it didn’t really affect her face but it made her rely on her other teeth to chew which was a problem. I think she had to get bridges

No. 156489

anon, i had the exact same teeth you described removed a couple year ago. it has not changed my jaw or face much (that i can notice)
i am, however, planning on 1-2 implants when i can afford it.

No. 156541

File: 1603609557122.jpg (203.98 KB, 1080x1089, GaURLC.jpg)


Theres a trend in former USSR right now called "jolie angles" where they inject filler to give themselves a literal t-square face, and a ridiculous pointy witch chin. I thought it was just contained to trashier sectors of russian instagram culture but I guess not lol

I feel like the MUA instagram trend of the 2010s is clearly going downhill, and to some extent these skincare/plastic surgery trends have emerged to filled the gap. The comestic procedure construct is a mixture of legit need, the is the desire to "perfect" one'self, and the desire to project certain a certains status under capitalist that shows the ability to use money to get "done"- irregardless if it is really needed, just to get that trendy procedure done. The way that woman 60 years ago were obsessed with obtaining diamonds and mink furs to show they had the money or someone around them had and was willing to spend that money, is now lip fillers, BBL and chin implants. That's why so many woman seem to want the "fake" look on purpose.

No. 156542


NTA but buccal fat pads and baby fat are apparently not related. Buccal fat pads are specifically in the lower half on your cheek and seems to be fairly stable throughout life. I too had moonface as a teen, lost baby fat volume since I pass early 20s and not longer moonface, but still have the same chubby lower face that I did at 14. I've also thought about getting some partially removed on and off but the price is so high.

No. 156582

you sound pretty, anon

No. 156583

File: 1603638266857.jpg (928.44 KB, 2576x1932, IMG_1689.JPG)

i have fillers in my lips and they do wonders. i nearly flew to lithuania for a budget nose job before cancelling it last minute after it seemed a bit shady.

i pay about £300 every 6-9 months for my fillers and they're beautiful, but i do want them more permanent and cost effective, i am considering a lip implant to save money. but the lip implant sizes they offer arent really big enough.

also, i only have it in my bottom lip, not the top lip otherwise it looks ridiculous. top lip filler almost never looks good.

i also had a little in my jaw and chin.

No. 156609

I don't support PS but I want to explore all of my options to fix the results of poor childhood habits/lifestyle. My biggest complex is my weak chin and jaw. In my youth I suffered from mouth breathing which affected my facial development. My lower jaw is too small which causes further breathing issues affecting my sleeping/throat/voice as well as face and teeth alignment. I already improved my diet and work on my tongue posture, as well as sleep with tape to fix sleep apnea. However, my chin and jaw are still the way they are and I doubt they will change much. I don't have enough money for braces and my insurance doesn't cover it until two years from now (don't ask). Even then, I don't know how much it would fix… I will try anything, but similarly I don't want to risk messing my face up even more/be completely fake. I don't know what route to go down… What is your experience with recessed jaw/chin and a poor bite? What are your ideas about the best way to fix it? I found one amazing procedure but it is about 3,500(0?) a tooth.

No. 156610

Samefagging, but I have the same and work hard on losing weight. However, because my lower jaw is so weak, there is no proper support for the fat in my face, causing it to sag prematurely, so maybe this is an issue you have too and could help you in navigating your possibilities? Because it is also so that full cheeks keep you young when you age.

No. 156713

i think you should talk to an ENT about your breathing issues, you can probably get insurance to cover this type of work with the right referral!

No. 156724

It's not just in Russia anon, it's become very popular in the UK as well. It looks terrible and very masculine.

No. 156732

Your lip shape is gorgeous, love it. Does it feel much different to the touch with the filler as opposed to natural lip?
What did you change about the chin? Looks very natural.

No. 156796

I think women with a naturally andro/masc look can be quite attracive but that's just the gay in me. A square jaw is still one of the last things I'd ever expect an otherwise feminine and looks-concsious woman to want. Honestly, looks like something an ftm might want to persue.

No. 156801

I think the popularity of drag and tranny-trend has influenced this trend. There's a lot of social media fixation on men who're trying to camouflage/counteract their masculanity with hyper feminine clothing, make-up and cosmetic procedures, resulting in strange and extreme clashes of hyper feminity and hyper masculanity in one person. I don't think it's a coincidence that there's now a trend amongst women that results in that same strange clash of hyper feminity and hyper masculanity.

No. 156992


I don’t know about UK and other places, but I know in Russia it’s a attempt to look like Angelina Jolie, and a belief that such a unnatural pointy lower face is more somehow youthful. Thats why it’s call “Jolie angles” or “youth angles”.

It’s very bizarre when you consider that in Korea/Asia, they are trying shave down their naturally square faces as much a possible under the impression that looks youthful- in Europe they want to turn them into tsquares for the same reason- neither really looks natural or good on the majority of clients.

No. 159628

File: 1605266536040.png (578.27 KB, 585x439, shoe0nhead.PNG)

What would you do to fix too much space between lips and nose, pic rel? Upper lip fillers? I have even less fortunate nose than Shoe's and we can all agree that this stupid lips-nose distance fucks up entire face.

No. 159631

lip lift

No. 159632


No. 159643

If it makes you feel better I genuinely think June is cute

No. 159653

This. She looks fine. If she wasn't such a cow her personality wouldn't ruin her looks like it does. Your nose is probably fine.

No. 159663

I have the same feature and my nose is more upturned so I even get some Who comparisons from coworkers lol
Plus my upper lip is pretty pale/flesh toned at the top so from a distance my lips look even smaller ugh

No. 159674

Did you end up getting it?

I really want a rhinoplasty. My nose is so big and has an ugly round tip. I don't mind any of my other facial features, the rest of my bone structure is pretty good. I feel like my nose ruins it though.

I don't trust any of the doctors in my area to really do a good job and plan on traveling if I decide to go through with the surgery. Any anons still lurking on this thread who got a nose job that care to share their experience?

No. 159701

Lip lift and sometimes I've heard lip fillers have helped some. Be careful about the lip lift, though, as it could leave some pretty noticeable scars. I've seen some pretty mixed reviews on real self, so make sure to go to someone reputable and experienced. Try experimenting with filler first before doing anything permanent.

No. 159725

I have the same issue, really bad, but it doesn't seem like there are any procedures that are reliable enough with the results. Fillers won't help and lip lifts are like 50/50 chance of fucking you up worse. So I just gave up and learned to live with it. Probably the best option.

No. 159731

I want breast implants because I want more breast to play with during sex. I'm so turned on by breasts and since I'm in a straight relationship, I just want to see more breasts in general. My boyfriend wasn't for it initially, but he sees how much I love my breasts having any part of sex, so he's become a lot more okay with that. That, and I wear double push up bras so he's gotten used to the idea of me having knockers all the time. I feel like a degenerate because it's almost like I sexualize myself in lieu of ever having had a sexual relationship with a woman.

No. 159749

mento iwness luv xx

No. 159766

>someone reputable and experienced
I've heard very good things about Dr Osuch in Poland, he's apparently the best in Europe and with it being Poland, the surgery is pretty cheap as well. A friend of mine was visited by him, he sent her back because "her philtrum wasn't long enough to warrant a lip lift". But I mean, it's good that he was honest with her instead of just taking the money and do the deed.

No. 159906

I had a breast reduction last year and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Have any of you anons had a breast reduction too?

No. 159930

Way to sexdollify yourself but at least you're honest.

No. 160052

me!! mine was almost 2 years ago. do you still wear bras and have any recs? mine irritate my skin too much.

No. 160373

File: 1605764749963.jpeg (24.02 KB, 480x281, 54823f8a0ae7a_-_mc_eyebrows03.…)

Which do you guys think looks better - a low or a high brow position?

No. 160374

No. 160375

what about middle? one looks surprised and one angry

No. 160378

I like high usually but low can look great on some faces. It depends on the vertical and horizontal spacing of the features as well as jaw/forehead shape imo.

No. 160393

middle is ideal but if I have to choose between high and low; definitely low

No. 160422

I prefer low tbh

No. 160428

It depends on your facial symmetry. Some people have a longer midface and a lower brow can help shorten it, which makes a face more attractive.
Some people have a midface that’s too short, or a larger forehead, and high brows can help with that
If you have perfectly balanced facial thirds, going with your natural brow shape and position is the best option

No. 162091

So I recently learned that fillers do not get absorbed and stay much longer in the body than they say…is there a way to avoid accumulation?

No. 162590

File: 1607438712154.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1080, f4f31fb39687b5bc2b1475378dd126…)

the dip right under my brow ridge makes my nose look almost hooked, my nose would look so much better if this area wasn't like that. most of the results I find are from MtFs or some shit getting brow shaves. I've read about nonsurgical nose jobs to do this, which essentially seems to be filler around the bridge of your nose, but in general I avoid filler like the plague and can just imagine it migrating around my already round face. any advice?

No. 165727

File: 1609865517798.jpg (7.28 KB, 279x181, 8704a0278712f663081aebc82cc217…)

I think everyday about when I was 18 and opted to get upper and lower jaw reconstruction and saw two consults and the first one wanted to give me a chin implant as well but my fam convinced me to not get it an to go with the second dr who just fixed my bite and not my facial aesthetics and it was all paid for by my family's healthcare co-op so I couldve gotten a chin implant for fucking free but instead I just looked a little different after surgery and retained basically the same profile, which is pic related the before FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

i want chin fillers or something like wtf

No. 165785

im seriously thinking of getting a calf reduction. i have such weirdly muscular calves because genetics + sports + wearing heels. my legs look slim from the front, but from the side it's just BOOM POW HERCULEAN CALVES

from what i've read invasive procedures are around ~6k. i'll have an income that can spare it next year but i wonder if it's worth it for something so frivolous… ugh. plus the recovery time, and it being my fucking legs.

No. 165787

What the fuck am I reading, that sounds like a terrible idea. Not only are your calves well within your control, you even say they only look big from a certain angle. Don't waste 6k on a horrible sounding procedure to fix a minor flaw nobody cares about which you could fix by eating and exercising less.

No. 165788

i don't excercise my legs anymore, but the muscle lump is just residual if that makes sense… and already low BMI at about 18.7 so losing weight isn't going to do much for me either unless i go full ana

you might be very right that i'm stupid though, it's 3 AM and i hate my calves

No. 165790

File: 1609925171266.jpg (50.05 KB, 512x341, unnamed.jpg)

Did Gal Gadot have anything done? Or she just lucked out in the genetics department?

No. 165795

Doesn't seem like it. Maybe some fillers or something in the later years to retain her appearance? All I see is different eyebrow shape and lipstick.

No. 165812

File: 1609945287064.png (244.14 KB, 512x399, lips.png)

i have been insecure since a while about my lips and after seeing this picture it has made me think about getting lipfillers

No. 165814

Anon I feel the same way, I actually have fairly slim legs but my calves are so big and I hate them. I can't wear dresses anymore because I'm too self conscious- didn't know calf reduction was a thing

No. 165825

Skip rope

No. 165827

wouldn't that build the calves?

No. 165837

File: 1609963180284.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x2048, 1609963030318.jpg)

yeah, there's several different procedures but one in particular like… selectively damages the nerves on purpose so that the calf muscle atrophies and gets thinner.

pic related are my cursed calves, i feel like with a reduction they would look so much slimmer from the front and side. they're tight/muscular and just a weird shape, and i'm short so they make me look stockier

No. 165839

Those legs look fine and have a nice shape. I was really expecting you have those calf balls or something. Please don't fuck around with your legs, it's really not worth it.

No. 165840

Your legs are gorgeous, anon. I know you might have hang ups about them, but I would kill for legs like yours. My calves are shapeless sticks with knobbly knees.

No. 165841

Honestly, I would never look at them and think 'wow they are huge'. Ofc I don't know how it compares to the rest of your body, but looks fine to me in this pic.

No. 165842


Why not just wear heels nonny?

No. 165845

File: 1609969717470.jpeg (57.09 KB, 600x354, 1D07070A-18FB-417E-9579-ED0E2C…)

I have a rather terrible complexion so excuse the shit skin, but I have always felt like I've had an unfortunate upper lip compared to my bottom lip and overall smaller lips that aren't helped by having a long philtrum and my nose. I assume fillers would fix this?

No. 165846

File: 1609969973151.jpeg (68.67 KB, 600x490, 3960FD41-7D91-4B12-83C3-CC9C84…)

a less unfortunate pic with mouth open

No. 165849

You should consider a lip lift. I don't think fillers alone will be of much help to you.

No. 165850

I don‘t know, anon, I‘ve always found lips like yours very pretty but you do you.

No. 165852

looks cute to me

No. 165854

she had a nose done like everybody in Hollywood

No. 165856

You have cute calves. I also feel insecure about mine, and I’ve found that wearing certain thigh high boots paired with short dresses/skirts looks really cute and “hides” my insecurity.

No. 165857

I often find lips like these look quite youthful. The short philtrum thing is a newer meme. I myself have fallen victim to it - but honestly, nobody is looking irl. Facial symmetry is the most important thing. Trying to shorten certain parts of your face can end up making you look uncanny and unbalanced

No. 165859

Does anyone here browse vindicta on Reddit? I find that sub so fucking toxic. It seems like everyone’s end goal there is to look like a scrote approved blow up doll

No. 165896

anon pls don't you ever worry about your legs ever again! those are some perfectly fine calves and they do not need any slimming, let alone nerve damaging procedures?! they aren't big or weird in any way, seriously, they look great

No. 166149


Seriously this. If you want plastic surgery you need to be in the correct mindset to get it.

Im a fattie whose had weight loss/gain issues and my loose skin is terrible. I don't give a shit about scars and know I'll always look botched even if I spent tens of thousands of dollars to fix my melty skin I'll never look "natural" or be able to flaunt looking "good". I prefer scars to what it is now and always get super envious seeing girls upper arms when they look normal because mine always look fat and afterwards they're just gonna have a fat scar on them.

Im serious like other brachioplasty anon when she says "point of no return"

Basically everything I want is to fix my damage. I also always have had a fupa and would want that reduced to be reasonable because i look dumb in 90% of pants and leggings that are cut on that bias. I also would consider fixing the side tips of my nose a bit because i feel its a bit bulbous but i think im knitpicking myself.

I worry deeply about my neck and chin the most and want laser lipo to tighten the skin there or maybe a necklift. That and jowls as a result of facial fat. So i want to do nasolabial fillers. My ex gf used to do it and it looked amazing.

Tl;dr i need my whole body nip tucked because of excess skin

No. 166152

Scars aren't just about looks, they also feel awful

Breast reduction scars are the absolute worst

No. 166153

why is it that men always try to discourage women from getting plastic surgery?

No. 166154


I didn't even think of this tbh. Like at the end id have scars across my braline, upper arm, under stomach, inner thighs…. Id probably leave my breasts because the skin there is so thin but i can imagine it.

My mom has had a cancer removal on her nose and is using silicone patches which are expensive as fuck to flatten the scar and it just looks uncomfortable and like a lot of work.

No. 166157

why are there so few female plastic surgeons?

No. 166182

File: 1610216537316.png (246.39 KB, 425x297, Capture.PNG)

i have this at 29 and it's making me look miserable. i honestly spend a lot of time being conscious of the lighting and if my frow line is visible

i also sleep with frownies but i have a feeling it's making it worse in the long run

should i fix it? is botox the best way to go? i'm pretty scared of further fucking up my appearance by mistake

No. 166190

File: 1610220214424.jpg (1.37 MB, 4007x3522, 20210109_192245.jpg)

Please excuse how awful my skin/ dark circles look but I've always absolutely hated my nose and want a nose job. I want it to be straighter and narrower, as well for the tip to generally be more defined.

No. 166191

?? Your nose is literally perfect

No. 166193

Please don't do anything to your nose. This is what people strive for

No. 166194


Stop breathing through your mouth, then you wouldn't need a chin implant.

No. 166196

I would pay to have your nose

No. 166197

If I had to do a rhinoplasty, I would show your nose to my plastic surgeon

No. 166198

anon don’t b silly! your nose is beautiful and your skin looks healthy and glowy. dont be so hard on yourself <3

No. 166199

she thinks any change at all will make her better

No. 166200

are there breast implants that don't look like cheap hooker tits? something that lets fat naturally grow inside it or whatever

No. 166203

Yeah, just show your surgeon photos of what you want, get under the muscle saline.
I got a lift an implants and specifically discussed wanting very natural looking results and showed him photos of other women post-op who looked natural.

No. 166205

I think weak chin can be genetical/from bad posture or lack of exercise

No. 166217

I don't know about anything that lets fat grow inside but a if you go to a good surgeon and show them the shape that you're looking for they should be able to get you similar results depending on the amount of breast tissue you have and your current shape. I'd check out realself.com and look at some before and afters to get an idea of what you want. I had a breast aug about 4 years ago, I got the tear drop shape I was looking for but my only regret is not having them put in through the armpit. I got inframammary incisions that scarred pretty bad and I'll have to go drop another 1.5k on top of the 7k I paid initially to get the scars removed.

No. 166225

File: 1610232140031.jpg (111.04 KB, 720x480, aa4.jpg)

Nah, those things have nothing to do with weak chin, they can give you a double chin but leafyface is mostly about bone and teeth, source is that my spine is absolutely ridiculous and I look like nosferatu, BUT jawline still looking good.

No. 166227

I too have disproportionately large calves but the idea of getting them surgically cut down is gruesome. That's hella invasive

>damages the nerves so the muscle atrophies
anon wtf you do not want to purposely inflict nerve damage or muscle atrophy on yourself at such a young age. your calves are totally fine.

No. 166242

File: 1610235780585.jpg (184.44 KB, 900x903, raise-your-cup.jpg)

looks like it's possible to do a fat transplant
so they'll feel real and not like boiled starch or a balloon filled with salt water

No. 166243

>and showed him photos
photos don't show how hard and fake they feel

No. 166253

I've thought of getting breast surgery since I was 17. I try a lot to not let it get to me by thinking it doesn't matter that much, not everyone has perfect breasts etc but I've never seen any uglier than mine and it's frankly depressing sometimes. They're saggy as hell and my areolas are huge so they look like shit. I think a lot about getting a reduction/lift etc but that wouldn't even fix my issue with my areolas. I'm also terrified of losing feeling in the area and surgery is expensive too so idk if I'd like to risk it.

No. 166254

are you fucking retarded kek
you have muscle there for a reason. it's to help you WALK. only women could ever be convinced that have extra strong legs is a bad thing jesus christ

No. 166255

just get one its pretty safe and simple as far as facial surgeries. no fucking with airways or sawing bone down and shit.

No. 166310

my best friend has absolutely nothing wrong with her face. no big / wonky features, she’s thin, she’s conventionally attractive. she has been saying things about botox or nose jobs (her nose is small) or even jaw surgery if she has the money because she “doesn’t look like the girls on social media.” i think it would absolutely ruin her beautiful face.
i fucking really hate these instagram standards, it’s bizarre that people feel the need to look like photoshop IRL for approval.
you have a perfect nose already, this is literally the ideal, please don’t do anything to it. based on the photos your eyes match with it well and i can tell you’re beautiful and glowing as your natural self.

No. 166313

I have the same thing anon. I hate it. I'm considering botox but I saw a derm and she said it won't fill the line that's already there, just prevent it from getting worse. Maybe filling it somehow would work better for us.

No. 166317

it would look unnatural if you messed with an already pretty, slim nose like that anon please don't consider surgery

No. 166322

You can get a fat transfer to your breasts and they look perfectly natural but also you can look for a surgeon that specializes in natural looking implants. If you have breast tissue already it's even easier to make them look natural but one of the biggest problems with implants on a flat chest is you can see them even if they're sub pectoral. I got mine done by a surgeon that had very natural looking results and doesn't do huge implants, he measures the body and makes sure they don't look too top heavy, usually using round silicone implants.

saline implants are the most unnatural looking of the implant types unless you already have decent sized breasts they're just the safest and cheaper.

teardrop implants have a high rate of cancer because they're textured and also have a solid core so they don't feel as natural as a fat transfer or round silicone. Also implants put in through the armpit have higher risk of complications because they surgeon has to essentially dig through the body to get to the breast/muscle. Incisions under the breasts are ugly, but by far the safest method with peri areolar being second safest (but then you have a scar around your areola)

sorry to drop stupid tons of info I just worked with my surgeon for months after researching doctors for years because I needed a tuberous breast correction, lift, and implants and my surgeon is also a professor of plastic surgery and leads a lot of scar FDA studies

No. 166323

Sounds like you have tuberous breasts, anon. If you're serious about getting surgery to correct it make sure to find someone who specializes in tuberous breast corrections because it's a difficult surgery BUT can look pretty good if it's done well.

Tuberous breasts have a restrictive tissue that makes them grow outward and stretch the areolas like fucking crazy and they get saggy and ugly (I had them too it ruined my body image for 12 years until I fixed them). A surgeon has to know how to go in, sever the tissue, remove the scar tissue that's left, and then perform a lift with an areola reduction. I highly recommend going through with it I have never felt so comfortable in my body like I do now, it's expensive as hell but absolutely worth it just plan ahead and make sure you can use carecredit.

No. 166324

You could always get lip fillers anon. Have a look at the consultant clinic on Instagram, they have some great before/afters with people from similar lips.

No. 166337

body dysmorphic anon, you woold look terrible with a narrower tip. it doesn't look like it's straight as a ruler but it's naturally straight.

No. 166373

This type of approach never works, it only makes them want to have surgery even more

No. 166392

Your nose is super cute anon

Also for anons here who want breast implants be careful and do untextured if you must. My ex got very large high profile implants which were awesome but got breast implant illness from them (some women just get it and id research it and all complications before commiting) To me, the risks seem bigger than the reward due to need to replace them every 10 years etc. She went to THE BEST cosmetic surgeon with every credential and issues still happened . Also your implants go where your natural breasts are so if they are low on your chest they will be low etc. So she paid 10k to get chronically ill for years and that is just a possibility that can happen and your surgeon should warn you.

Also, on sites for finding surgeons look for surgeons that are certified by aesthetic plastic surgery only boards. American Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is one for example.

No. 166402

I'm the anon that mentioned the teardrop shape and just to clarify I have round silicone implants that gave me the shape I wanted after they dropped. lol

No. 166405

Leave it like it is. Your nose is stunning

No. 166406

i think if you're going to get anything done a lip lift rather than fillers would probably give you the result you're looking for

No. 166409

File: 1610317940364.png (Spoiler Image,87.56 KB, 300x215, Charles_tuberousbreasts-surger…)

I googled it and it sure sounds like I could have that… Picture related looks exactly like mine. I feel both relieved to know I'm not the only one, and depressed to think it's an actual deformity lol. But I guess that also makes me feel justified to want surgery…
Well do you feel like you lost any sensation after you got the surgery done? And also does the surgery leave scars around the areola and do they look bad?

No. 166411

What kind of procedure can help with hip dips? Mine are pretty severe and they stop me from being a tru sexi hourglass and it's really fucking annoying.

No. 166419

is rib removal surgery worth it or would i be better off corseting to get the result i want? i have a blocky/square looking waist despite being at a low weight and it makes me want to kms

No. 166425

sis don't take out your ribs that's not an approved of surgery and also ribs exist to save your lungs …. if you want just do corset waist training…I mean a real steel bone corset not the kim k shit.

No. 166438

please share details of the procedure… does it involve implants? I want to fix mine so badly but don't like the idea of implants… idk how else it would be corrected though

No. 166439

File: 1610329162525.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.46 KB, 560x800, d14dd6c321558facb9c0131e06b1ac…)

My face grown downwards and my side profile looks similar to pic rel, would I benefit from a genioplasty?

No. 166446

That type of scar is awful in person

No. 166450

its not like people walk around with their tits out tho, you sound like a scrote

No. 166454

File: 1610335119297.png (37.1 KB, 850x669, Classification-of-the-tuberous…)

I totally understand that feeling, tbh. When I looked into it apparently most women are so embarrassed by how their breasts look no one really reports/talks about it so there isn't even a clear percentage of women with the birth defect because they don't have the data. Although it's oddly comforting when you find out you're not alone.

I haven't had much loss of feeling other than some numbness on the top of one of my breasts but luckily no loss to any of the nipple sensation! My surgeon told me that loss of feeling is rare (especially if you have a good doctor) and that most people regain feeling after a few months to a year post op. Also I don't have the lollipop scarring that's shown in the picture because my lift was completely peri-areolar but honestly the scarring isn't bad at all. Get mederma and silicone tape to help the healing process and the scars fade VERY quickly. The scars around my areolas are still a light pink but I can't even see them when I look in a mirror I only really see them when I'm super close.

Originally I was just getting the correction and lift done but I opted for also getting implants because I thought fuck it I went so long in my life with ugly tits I deserved them being a little bigger lol. Depending on the severity of the deformation really determines what would work best for you. Pic related I was between a type 2 and 3 (large areolas and saggy breasts that sat at kind of a 90 degree angle, very ugly) but I was also relatively symmetrical. If you have bad symmetry issues which is pretty common you might need a small implant to keep them looking the same post op.
Essentially, to expand on what I said before the surgery is mostly the surgeon going in (peri areolar), severing the restrictive tissue and removing scar tissue buildup, and then reducing the size of the areola before closing it up (gluing them back on in my case haha). Think of the restrictive tissue like a tight piece of clothing where when you take it off your body relaxes and your skin feels super tender after. It's like that but your breast and the skin relaxes and stretches how it would have/should have when they developed.

I went on longer than I intended but absolutely let me know if you have other questions (I'm actually seeing my surgeon for a post op visit tomorrow so if there's anything I don't know I could also ask!)

No. 166466

Some of you really have issues. Did you post this just to fish for compliments?

No. 166467


I figured out i have this and am so upset about it but also somewhat relieved its a actual deformity in a way, not just me being ugly. does it mean you can never be able to breastfeed? also can i ask how much yours was and what country your in? im in canada and apparently breast surgery here is very out of date technology so its better other places. my tits make me so so sad honestly :(>>166454

No. 166470

Nose anon here (I hate that I'm calling myself that). You're honestly right about me having issues, my self esteem is basically non-existent and I have a weird obsession with my nose in particular. I haven't shared a picture where it's clearly visible without editing since I was like 13, only felt able to do it because of the anonymity here and was fully expecting to get torn apart for my appearance.

No. 166471

I find your nose very cute. Your self-esteem needs modification, not your body

No. 166476


nose anon, your nose is adorable and your soul needs surgery, not your nose.

No. 166483

File: 1610375297588.jpg (Spoiler Image,17.56 KB, 450x482, ptosis-scale.jpg)

well looking into it I'm unsure if they're actually tuberous… seems like they're just saggy :( mine look like the far right… well, one of them does. they're asymmetrical, one of them looks like the third one

it's a long shot but can you ask your surgeon is those kind could be fixed without implants? or is that a pipe dream of mine?

I genuinely hate them so much

No. 166489

Really informative, thank you anon. I think I'm between 2 and 3 as well. Seconding >>166467 would also like to know how much the procedure was. Though this shit is super expensive in my country and probably not covered by insurance.

No. 166490

she always looks desperately unhappy, as if she is never really there.

No. 166491

really cute, def no reason to change.

No. 166511

File: 1610389147794.jpg (18.57 KB, 460x356, 9690.jpg)

Hello, I'm this anon from an older thread >>129755
I finally went to a doctor today to talk about a potential nose job. Because my bumps are so… visible (?), it's actually possible to get them removed without breaking my nose. However, he recommended other things which I could also do to "fix" my nose (turns out I do have a hump and my nose is too prominent for my face so it could be "pushed back"). He gave me printouts of simulations he did as well and I showed them to my parents+brother+boyfriend. My parents are saying that I should do the whole procedure, while my brother and boyfriend are saying that I should only get the bumps removed (like I originally planned to do).
I feel a bit like shit and insecure now, because there is apparently so much wrong with my nose. I'm unsure what to do now. Pic related is very similar to what my nose looks like from the side now (not including the bumps on the bridge i have) vs. what the doctor said what was also possible. Idk anons, should I go for the whole procedure or just remove the bumps like in the old pic? I appreciate any response and I'm sorry for my english!

No. 166514

What would make you happy anon? Do you like your nose besides the bumps? Personally I wouldn’t go through with the whole procedure unless you were super excited about the results. You can always have another procedure done, but can’t add flesh back to your nose!

No. 166518

File: 1610392535572.png (357.77 KB, 680x390, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 2.04…)

I want a nosejob but I feel like the one on the right looks really weird with my face. Like all of a sudden I notice how long my jawline is and the shape of my forehead. I'm worried that it will make the rest of my face look out of balance and I will get addicted to surgery.

No. 166519

Get the bumps removed if you want, but a pronounced nose is hot

No. 166522

Agree with anon above. Just get rid of the bump if you don't like it, but shaving off your nose would throw off the balance of your face, especially the lower half – just like you said.

A good surgeon would warn you about this btw.

No. 166526

how do i get rid of chubby cheeks? people call them cute but i personally loathe mine. i'm not even fat…

No. 166528

the one on the right looks good imo

No. 166534

What age are you?

I used to hate mine (same thing where I'm not fat but my face seemed like that of a fatter person) Now that I'm 33 they have slimmed ever so slightly and I think I'm going to age well thanks to them. People always told me that I'd be thankful for them one day and I guess they were right.

No. 166537

The right style doesn't suit your face. I think you should have a little more bump in the middle so it just looks like a smaller version of the left picture.

No. 166543

just contour for now if you hate them. chubby cheeks usually go away with age

No. 166548

>not a disease
>"diagnosis chart"

No. 166558

File: 1610403282136.jpg (51.96 KB, 736x554, a05ee35ace332e5364f019b17ac0eb…)

I feel you. I've been debating if I want to get a buccal fat removal for so long… I hate my cheeks but it's true that in most cases, they reduce with age and let you keep a youthful face for longer, so I'm really conflicted

No. 166594

I don't think you should have any problem breastfeeding but I've also never asked about that because I have no intention of having kids but that's definitely something to talk to a doctor/potential surgeon about at a consultation!
and to answer you and >>166489 my surgery was roughly $16,000 (I'm in the US and I had my procedure done in Beverly Hills but my surgeon also has a practice in Dubai) which was for the tuberous correction, mastopexy (lift), and the implants. The implants on their own were probably around $8,000 but every surgeon charges a little different but I always recommend spending extra to get the results you want.

Technically my surgery was labeled as "breast reconstruction" and potentially could be covered by insurance (not the implants just the correction) but I went with a doctor that wasn't a part of my plan because his work was amazing and I didn't want to trust someone less skilled to take on my uggo tits lmao. Not sure what is offered where you are but I used CareCredit for about half of the cost (I paid the rest upfront) and they have specials with lower/no interest that makes the cost a lot more doable!

You can have one tuberous breast or one that's more tuberous than the other but you'd have to do a proper consultation with a surgeon to know for sure. I had one breast more constricted than the other and it needed more work done on it. You could absolutely fix asymmetry without implants with a reduction+lift of the larger breast but you need to definitely do a consult to know what would be recommended (sorry I wish I could help more with that one!)

No. 166598

Ugh this gets me, most of these "deformities" are perfectly natural but they're not what the average man finds attractive so they must be treated like a disease. Same with the violin hips.

No. 166602

>Violin hips
That's one is just something we invented to hate ourselves for
Most men don't even realise what that is, they just see hips lol

No. 166623

I'm gonna chime in too and say your nose is perfect, maybe the "problem" you perceive is it's position on your face more than the shape? Like if it's too close or too far from your upper lip. Otherwise idk anon you sound crazy.

No. 166636

the woman in the pic also got a chin implant

No. 166748

is it normal to have one eyebag that's slightly bigger than the other, or is that something I should look into fixing? one of my eyes has a slightly bigger line / bag next to the nose than the other and it feels like it only started to develop recently, and I'm wondering if I should go to a dermatologist to see if it's a problem and if it needs any kind of corrective procedure, it might've always been there and I might be nitpicking my appearance out of insecurity. or maybe I'm sleeping on the wrong side of my face, either way hoping that someone could weigh in on whether it's an issue that could be fixed naturally or not. should be of note that I do have naturally uneven lids but it's pretty slight and this seems like a recent development

No. 166771

chiming in to say i have this too and i have no idea what is wrong/why this happens but if anyone knows i'd love help

No. 166807

File: 1610547599015.jpeg (738.04 KB, 2316x2102, 125F1C20-0483-40E7-B8B4-734C61…)

Should I get chin fillers? I like the way I look from the front but my side profile is awful. Sorry about the weird crusty pic.

No. 166808

Your chin is literally perfect, anon

No. 166809

Nothing wrong with your chin.

No. 166815

Oh anon what I'd give for a chin like this. Please don't change

No. 166818

This might be a bottom pit cesspool of the internet but no one is going to tell you to fuck that up


Also chin filler migrates

No. 166841

I feel like it matches your nose and lips, you look beautiful anon!

No. 166853

i would cut off both of my arms to have a chin like this anon

No. 166871

File: 1610584054775.jpeg (38.78 KB, 294x520, 18B1069C-BD68-40F5-B9E7-23B6A4…)

Ok if we’re talking chin fillers, do you anons think I should get them? Ideally ofc I’d get a chin implant but ya girl is poor

(Picrel is me)

No. 166879

Gonna go with the usual, try mewing and maybe even some lipo could help but if you're poorfag idk. Dental surgery might be your best bet, cute cat though!

No. 166884

No, if you want to spend money on your face, get orthodontia.

No. 166885

Shouldve included this above but I already had double jaw realignment surgery when I was 18 and part of my parent's co-op insurance so the surgery was covered 100%. Surgeon was an orthodontal surgeon though so he wasnt going for aesthetics, just trying to fix my bite.

No. 166887

File: 1610586591624.png (911.09 KB, 1178x358, OUGcXG7.png)

Is my philtrum really bad? I wanted a lip lift for a long time but read some bad reviews (even from people who went to surgeons who specialize in this procedure) and I don't really want to risk it. But I was thinking russian lip fillers might work, I've seen a lot of photos where the philtrum is shortened a lot, just not sure if it still looks good in person.
Or is there anything else I can do? I have a small face and the long philtrum just doesn't look balanced on it I think.

No. 166895

I’m on the same boat anon. I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but lip flips might be the way to go. I heard they don’t last for a long time so it might be worth to just try it out, but you look fine either way imo.

No. 166905

If you've already had something done, you're better off leaving it all alone. Work on your posture and try mewing.

No. 166928

If your bite has been fixed and functional, then you don't need orthodontic work. I think fillers would help aesthetic-wise

No. 166930

I think filler in your upper lip would help balancing things out

No. 166931

File: 1610611290760.jpeg (90.2 KB, 1109x616, 49DBB380-4F71-4EDC-BACC-306D91…)

samefag, dropping pic to show what I mean, note how one eyebag is deeper than the other

No. 166959

I’m sorry anon but this picture made me think of the real world equivalent of “O_o” I’m dying

Seriously though did you take the picture at a weird angle or hold one eye open wider than the other? Odd perspective aside, your eyes are very pretty and I barely see the “bag” you’re talking about. I don’t think it needs addressing and no one would notice or care. Those just seem like the natural contours of your eyeball under the skin…

No. 166963


Seconding that I don't see any eye bags, just the natural sort of lower lid contour that comes with having round eyes. Can relate, mine are huge. Anon, saying this gently, you may want to look up some facial anatomy references. Eye bags are like, a puffy saggy skin thing.

No. 166982

I think you look good anon, from that angle it's normal to see more philtrum.

No. 166993

You have pretty eyes anon.

I use Khiels eye de-puffer to keep bags away. Also sometimes allergies make eye bags way worse. (Also i kekd hard at O_o)

No. 166994

I think it's charming tbh. You have nicely shaped :3 lips. You're cute as hell (from what i see) don't fuck up your body with unnecessary procedures.

No. 166996

Aw thanks. Unfortunately a couple of years ago I spent a lot of time reading about stuff like this and people often said that a long philtrum is like the worst trait ever especially for a woman. I've seen unattractive girls with short philtrums and attractive ones with longer ones so I know there is more to it, but it still really stuck with me.

No. 167000

fellow long philtrum anon and I feel your pain, if it's any validation I've seen anons itt say that they don't think it's ugly at all. there's a lot of beautiful actresses who also don't have a short philtrum either, and a similar lip shape to yours

No. 167007

I haven't found a lot of well known conventionally attractive women who have it (though sometimes I see random girls who look cute with it). But some days I just hate it on myself lol. So far I've only found Natalie Wood, maybe Amber Heard and Ashe Maree who have it. Also Lady Olenna lmao, but that doesn't make me feel better.

No. 167083

File: 1610681597096.jpeg (326.64 KB, 2000x1834, 0D284C3A-8AC1-42A6-B765-6F7F8D…)

She's probably not considered "conventional" by some but your lips remind me a little of Anya Taylor Joy, and she's always been gorgeous imo

No. 167095

> but they're not what the average man finds attractive so they must be treated like a disease
There goes the "I'm doing it for myself"

No. 167096

You need an eye socket filler

No. 167099

kek it is at a very awkward angle but the O_o made me laugh, it's very hard for me to take straight on pics that don't look like shit and my eyes dart all over the place so it's hard to take a picture where they're actually looking at the camera in a straight angle

anon with the eye product rec, thank you for that! I feel like isolation has made me super nitpicky about my appearance so I'm probably being hypersensitive but I'll see if I want to try what you're recommending, if I do, I'll see if it works!

No. 167101

I think Carey mulligan, Elle fanning, and vanessa hudgens have slightly long upper lips. The reason I’ve noticed this is because I also have a long philtrum and I’ve searched for celebs lol

No. 167109

god i would also kill for a chin implant

No. 167115

this is pretty much my situation too. I think the right picture looks fine but it sounds like you have a bit of a fixation. I know how it feels lol. it's difficult, but try not to make your end goal perfection. also, I would get professional imaging from a surgeon. what they give you will likely be more objectively balanced than what you can edit on your own.

No. 167116

Nta but I think the link between male preference, beauty standards, and the resulting female preference is too great to even worry about whether or not someone is truly "doing it for themselves." I've gone too long being disregarded/bullied by men for looking subpar to care about their feelings anymore, but it still hurts and that's why I want ps
Sorry for unnecessary opinion

No. 167121

You desire to be put under general anesthesia — where you're not even breathing by yourself and therefore is the ultimate form of objectification — because you were disregarded by men in the past

No. 167125

File: 1610714506973.jpg (72.35 KB, 1024x1024, lip lift.jpg)

probably a lip lift because fillers seem like a waste of money to me, also maybe some chin shaving and breast implants? but idk

No. 167128

Left is ok
Right is best
But if you are still unsatisfied stick with left. Bdd is a bitch.

No. 167129

People itt will say left is ok and right is bad because le scar tissue
Deformed breasts are stinky and ugly, and they hurt. Hurt a lot. To look at and to have them. My back. My neck. However I have no money to fix them

No. 167133

Agreed anon… idk it's easy to say there's nothing wrong with them when you don't look like that… I never ever see any women who have breasts who look like mine be it in media or my girl friends. Finding a bra that fits me and looks ok sucks because I have so much soft tissue, they all end up looking hollow and weird idk. It can be so alienating sometimes.
Sorry for ramble/blog post.

No. 167154

The procedure is to wear an a line skirt/dress

No. 167162

Is there any point getting a breast lift in your early to mid 20's? I used to want breast implants but after reading up on the amount of complications and health problems some women have after them I don't think it's worth it. I'm not too bothered with having smaller boobs, I just wish they were perkier. Obviously gravity always takes effect so is there even a point in getting a breast lift at this age?

No. 167169

I almost posted boobie on here to ask your opinion then I realised i’m getting way too fucking comfortable on this site

No. 167170

are lip lift scars always visibly bad like pnp's?

No. 167171

lmaoooo so cute

No. 167179

don't do surgery on your boobie. all booby are better natural unless they're painful

t. small chested f

No. 167233

File: 1610756675678.png (605.92 KB, 1038x605, poo.png)

pls help anons. I had convinced myself lip filler would help fix my unfortunate side profile but i'm realising everything about my face is uneven and i have a really prominent nose and witch chin. I haven't had anything done yet. should I just try lip filler first or save money for a chin reduction/nose job? fyi the chin is even worse when i smile. ty for any advice

No. 167234

you look fine, don't change anything ):

No. 167241

Anon your profile is beautiful, you have a very classic and elegant look. Spend less time on IG of Tiktok or whatever is causing this dysmorphia and understand that having a bloated face with a Michael Jackson nose and fishlips is not a good look unless you want to cater to scrotes' bimbofication fetishes.

No. 167244

I think you could look cute with plumper lips, but your face is fine. Your chin is not witchy at all and your nose is fine imo

I will say though (and this isn't related to the post I replied to), It's hard for anons actually evaluate whether or not someone should get PS, cause we only see one part of your face. One part by itself could be cute, but then once you reveal the entire face it could be ugly. I'm not saying post your entire face, but I hope the anons self-posting here are getting second opinions. I think realself lets people post themselves for PS advice as well?

No. 167245

>having a bloated face with a Michael Jackson nose and fishlips is not a good look
Anon, not all PS looks like that. Stop getting your idea of what an average cosmetic surgery looks like from botched ig models lmao

No. 167248

Anon your profile is very pretty! Don't do anything with your chin and nose. Lip fillers would look really good imo. Just make sure you go to a proper doctor

No. 167249

I don't think so. Have a look at Dr Miguel Mascaro on realself/instagram. Pnp's is extremely botched

No. 167251

I've had fat transfer to my lips, I'm not anti plastic surgery. I'm advising restraint in the case of an already attractive girl referring to a normal, even smaller than average chin as a "witch chin," small straight nose as overly prominent and nicely shaped lips as too small. It's a clear case of nitpicking and unnecessary excess.

No. 167266

dude it hurts what do you want me to say? it's not like only men have hurt my feelings because of my looks, everyone always has to make a little comment about it and I just wanna move on lol. just wanted to mention that male feelings are tied to our own perceptions of beauty…

No. 167267

anon you look pretty! your nose is straight and chin isn't witchy at all

No. 167276

I think your nose and lips are fine. Your nose is larger than average to me, but it's shaped nicely and it's very cute. Your lips, though small, look like they compliment your face. I suppose some filler could help, but I wouldn't mess with that given how your lips are in proportion to your nose from the profile view.

I see why you think your chin looks witchy. However, it isn't pointed enough to be classified as such though I do agree it has an unusual shape and I feel like if you shaved it, it would mess the proportions of your face up given the general size of your nose. It fits your face and I would tread extremely carefully on PS because I think you'd need a highly skilled aesthetically based surgeon to do so.

In other words, I like the nose, lips fit the face, and the chin is what it is.

I hope my bluntness does not offend you.

No. 167299

File: 1610796981209.jpg (141.75 KB, 933x1400, Lindsey-Wixson-Versace-Spring-…)

Does any of you have any experience with filling chin dimple like pic rel? I'm worried about fillers migrating and changing the face shape overall but maybe since it's a very small amount it could be fine? It's minor but at the same time so annoying, I feel like it ruins entire face somehow.

No. 167302

Of anything, just go for the lip fillers. You have a really pretty face. I don’t get why everyone wants to get rid of their unique features nowadays.

No. 167401

File: 1610835266134.jpeg (390.95 KB, 750x956, 75116679-0EFD-4908-B796-EB1698…)

I have breakouts and bad skin I need to fix I know but I’ve also been thinking that my chin is kind of weak. I haven’t thought of plastic surgery before but I’m thinking that maybe I’d benefit from filler there (and maybe in my cheekbones bc I have like none). But then I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about fillers not looking good and migrating to other parts of the face so idk if that would be worth it. Also don’t love how my nose looks in profile either but I think I’ll leave that alone

No. 167404

Your chin is fine, anon, it just doesn't project outwards. We have opposite problems in that my chin/jaw is very short, but my chin juts out quite severely. I think you look good and you should stop being so harsh on yourself.

No. 167406

>>167404 Thanks, I think I've just been scrutinizing myself a lot lately hopefully I'll get over that

No. 167425

Try a calcium based filler anon.

No. 167437

I’m almost 3 weeks into recovering from my Asian blepharoplasty. It didn’t go super smooth because apparently I had hidden ptosis in one eye. One eye started dropping mid-surgery, but thank god my surgeon was specialized and the best in my area. It was a complex surgery to fix. Now that my eyes are settling (still very early) I am so glad I finally got the guts to do what made me happy, despite what anyone else says. I held off on doing surgery because I was worried about what people think. But I finally decided fuck it. This is my only life and chance to feel confidence. COVID helped me do this discreetly. I have my rhinoplasty this year and I’m so excited. After the rhino, I will probably be done with surgery other than addressing aging.

I hate that I lack confidence but bullying as a kid and my own personal preferences never went away. People tell me I’m pretty today and I can attract guys, but I still have a hard time believing any compliments. Like it’s a trick or they don’t know any better.

My eyes look so much bigger and bright. Ahh sorry for writing so much nonsense I just wanted to express how happy I am with my choice

No. 167438

I am no plastic surgeon but it's probably a combination of a downward tilting chin and a far too forward lower lip. I think if your lower lip were brought back, even with the same chin, your face would look much better.

No. 167439

This procedure while having a simple result looks absolutely horrifying and complicated. I am imagining the surgeon opening up this girl's hairline with a fucking pizza cutter then yanking it down and stitching it lower on her scalp…. Or it could just be a radical hair transplant.

No. 167445

File: 1610853793756.jpg (1.22 MB, 3264x3264, beforeafter.jpg)

You and I have somewhat similar features anon. I got a chin implant a while back, pic related is my before and after (plus a revision rhinoplasty). I definitely think it helped though I sometimes wish I had pursued jaw surgery instead since my face still doesn't have a lot of projection (especially in the midface) and is fairly long.

Obviously that's an extreme procedure so not necessarily recommending that for you, just sharing my experience. You can judge for yourself if the results of the implant are worth it. And definitely leave your nose alone it looks very refined and lovely!

No. 167455


That looks super lovely anon! You look really pretty

No. 167456


Anon literally everyone has facial asymmetry to some extent…. You're really beautiful don't change your looks!

No. 167463

I haven't mastered the art of replying to multiple posts so i'll just reply to my post lol. thank you all for your advice! I really wanted some objective opinions cos the spirit of self-hatred is alive and well in me. If anything, I'll try a small amount of lip filler when the world is less contagious and will post a before and after here

No. 167786

Anon I’ve been thinking about a small chin implant but have heard that they can be visible somewhat when you smile, have you noticed that at all?

No. 168318

hahahahaha relatable

No. 169754

File: 1612147272533.png (Spoiler Image,2.26 MB, 1080x1080, 1612146078871-0.png)

>pay to get implants installed for sElF eStEeM
>doctor didn't tell you about capsular contracture
>implants end up looking like horrible tranny tits
>pay to have the implants uninstalled


No. 170118

Do you think breast implants are worth it? My boobs are small but don't sag (although one of my nipples is a bit lower and it reallyyy bothers me). But generally they are an ok shape. I really like how big boobs look but I've read about so many potential complications that I'm kind of unsure. I think my general body shape is good, I have a small waist with wider hips and my boobs don't really look out of proportion, I just prefer bigger boobs. Not sure if I should just focus on weight training instead. My boyfriend has been discouraging me because he thinks it's scary and unpredictable, but I don't know.

No. 170119

If you can live on without getting them, you don't seem to be needing them? You can never know how your body reacts and you'd have to get them redone at some point anyways. Not worth it for you, imo.

No. 170121

Sorry for the late reply! But no I can't say I've noticed that, I honestly can't tell it's there at all.

No. 170122

I really really wanted them for about 2-3 years, but didn't have the money, and now that I finally do I'm just unsure. It's weird because I was so sure I wanted them and wasn't even very concerned about scars or anything, though maybe that's because it feels more real now (I had a surgery date booked but I rescheduled then cancelled it because I wasn't sure).

No. 170125

You sound like you have an amazing body, cute tiddies and a supportive boyfriend anon. I don’t think it’s worth the risk unless you want to become a tv entertainer of some sort, stripper or sex worker.

No. 170126

You’re pretty Anon. You have an oval face, not an oblong face.

No. 170127

Anon you’re super cute. You remind me of Allison Hannigan when she was young. Like the other anons said, you might go for a little bit of lip filler but you’re fine anyway. What you see on tiktok and Instagram is heavily filtered and in reality doesn’t look as good.

No. 170128

Can you share your surgeon? I need this too

No. 170134

File: 1612383381596.jpeg (204.82 KB, 960x1792, 902DB561-6AF5-45FF-B95E-3AA2CB…)

is there any way to fix the way my lips look from the side? it looks so retarded like i’m pursing my lips all the time. is there anything i could do to other parts of my face to make it more balanced?? idk please help.

No. 170135

File: 1612383610402.jpg (84.23 KB, 1080x1080, doctor said nothing about the …)

Lots of people are explanting them.

See: >>169754

You ALWAYS get capsular contracture, but there's no way of predicting if it's going to be a hard capsule or a soft capsule. Your body squishes the implant into a ball shape. You do what you want with your body, but guess what? Your body does what it wants with foreign bodies.

No. 170136

anon, i think your side profile looks so dainty and pretty. your lips look normal. i feel like a lot of influencers pay to get fillers so their lips can look "pursed".

No. 170142

You look really pretty and really shouldn't be worried about your side profile. You're fixated on it but everyone else sees you in 3d motion so no one's going to notice (but again I think there's nothing to be fixed there to begin with)

No. 170146

You look queenly and I’m not just saying this to be a stupid “yaaass queen” or whatever, like your profile is actually regal. It’s really nice. I hope you don’t change it to get a duck pout or whatever the fuck is in now.

No. 171137

File: 1612945910044.png (1.33 MB, 1228x836, Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 2.33…)

Is this a bad nose job?

No. 171382

Iktf I lost a bunch of weight, my tits went from a DD to a B, got super saggy and my areolas that were once stretched and looked somewhat proportional before suddenly looked huge. When I bend over they literally look like two socks half filled with sand. I hate the way I look naked and wont let anyone see me naked. The only solution is a breast lift but to be honest, although the shape is impressive afterwards, the anchor scars around the areoles and the long vertical scar underneath are really unsightly. Also my skin does not scar well and I know it will look obvious and red and ugly especially in natural daylight. I really don’t know want to do.

No. 171383

Pretty sure this is just a form of mental illness/attention seeking

No. 171399

The nostrils are quite triangle-y, not awful but not all that natural

No. 171406

I hate how men supposedly hate nothing more than fake boobs but they also have no idea how to tell they're fake, like in this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/RealGirls/comments/lhiovd/i_heard_rrealgirls_likes_boobs_so_i_figured_id/
I don't think natural boobs ever have that shape, and someone wrote he feels sorry for all the girls who don't look like that. And then when they find out they aren't real they are suddenly act like it's not good enough anymore. I want implants sometimes because I think they could look really nice and I'd like to have bigger boobs, but it seems like you'll be judged and made to feel like you're not good enough either way. I know random men's opinion doesn't matter but it just annoys me.

No. 171415

Yeah honestly men are retards who cant even tell a tit job fraud, they want women to have perfectly perky tits BUT ALSO they must be 100% natural. Same way they call girls without makeup on ugly then claim they hate makeup, while also praising ‘natural girls’ who are clearly wearing a ton of makeup. You will never win with scrotes so just do whatever the fuck you want.

No. 171485

File: 1613172378109.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.55 KB, 900x300, seins-tubereux-3-face.jpg)

I saw a couple anons talking about surgery for tuberous/tubular breasts upthread so I wanted to share. Mine used to look like picrel, more like the right boob on the "before" pic: like big socks filled with sand, really uneven, with huge areola.

Had a breast lift to fix the tubular deformity 3 weeks ago (no implants). 100% worth it IMO, and without implants it wasn't too expensive either. I only needed incisions around the areola so once everything heals there shouldn't be much visible scarring. My boobs always made me depressed to see them, but now they're boob-shaped rather than gross cone-shaped things, and the areola is in the center rather than hanging at the bottom. Recovery and pain haven't been too bad, no infections or other complications. Still numb but I expected that, and it seems to be going away.

But the surgery made me aware of another problem: my nips are almost nonexistent, lol. Before surgery I avoided looking at my chest as much as possible, everything was so fucked-looking. Now that I have somewhat normal-size areola, I'm bugged by how the right areola is still a little bigger than the left (right boob was always the worst). My nips lay entirely flat when they're not hard, which makes both areola look bigger than they really are, and I hate that too. (This isn't a result of the surgery, I always had super-flat nips.)

I really can't stand the idea of needing a 2nd surgery to either reduce the areola further, or to grant me some permanently visible nipples. When my nips are hard everything looks great and I have no complaints. I've considered getting piercings but I'm not a fan of the look, and I also heard that they don't keep your nips hard forever. Right now I'm wondering about nipple pumps or suckers; I hear that if you use them regularly they have a somewhat permanent effect and your nips really will get longer and more prominent. I don't want anything crazy, even 0.5mm length would be better than the 0mm I have right now.

No. 171533

I know that you said you don't like how they look but, while it may just be scar tissue from the peircings causing it, I had peirced nipples to combat flatness for a couple of years and 7 years after taking them out, still have a small defined lump of nipple as opposed to absolutely nothing when not hard. So in my experience it was effective however I can't speak for everyone. Most girls I know who've also had peircings got them because they thought they were sexy, not because their nipples looked sad.

No. 171558

Tip shape is kinda undefined and nostrils look straight up bad. Triangle nostrils are one of my biggest fears when it comes to a nosejob.
Noses like this might look fine-ish from the front, but once you look at them from below you can see the botched nostrils.

No. 171582

Thanks for the info. I'm not 100% opposed to nipple piercings and will probably get them if the suction thing I bought doesn't do the trick after several months of use. I don't mind scar tissue and I'm kind of indifferent to increased/decreased sensitivity as long as things look semi-normal.

Don't answer if you don't want, but I'm curious whether the piercings kept your nipples hard for any length of time, or whether they "looked" semi-hard from the piercings even when they weren't. I don't think I have seen any pics of healed flat nipple piercings online. I'm worried that I would get my nips pierced, but after healing my nipple would still go flat, so it would look like some kind of weird-ass subdermal skin piercing on the end of my nipple-less boob. (Lol.)

No. 171619

They kept them looking semi-hard. There was still a definite difference between fully hard and when they weren't but since they had to sit over the bar inside them, it made it look like there was some life to them.

No. 171622

That's a relief to hear, thanks again. Will go for this option if nothing else works out.

No. 172045

Wondering if you guys prefer very pointy Avril Lavigne type nose tips or softer rounder noses like Jessica Albas? I noticed some rhinoplasty surgeons do very pointy ski slope noses while others do rounder ones and I can’t really decide which looks better. I am worried the surgeons rounder noses could easily look potatoish but I also feel like if it’s too pointy it might look unnatural. Personally I feel like Avrils nose (at least in her early twenties) was pretty much perfect.

No. 172046

And btw I am talking about pointy from the side profile. Avrils nose was always quite bulbous from the front but from the side and 3/4 it’s a lot sharper and ski slopeish.

No. 172055

i got lip fillers last month. it was to see if i wanted to go with surgery. when i was 18 i binge ate a lot, got to be 190 lbs, got stretch marks on my stomach, lost the weight to be 110. (i'm 5'1) but now i just have loose skin and marks. i hate it. i want a tummy tuck so bad.

No. 172178

as someone of blue eyes experience i really wish i had cute brown eyes, blue eyes are like ugly and vacant looking to me. i hear that i look intense a lot too and tend to think that a lighter eye color lends itself more to an intense look. try not to worry i think its a grass is always greener situation

No. 172179

i am about to get a nose job. have a consultation next thursday. im really nervous but my nose is definitely pretty big and i have to get a septoplasty anyway. anyone who has experience/advice/words of comfort or warning would be really appreciated (:

No. 172181

your nose is so cute i'd literally find out who you are and kill you if you got a nose job

No. 172182

tbh you should get one! as far as plastic surgeries go its usually done well and not super expensive, and itll allow u to feel more confident in ur weight loss which is a huge accomplishment (:

No. 172266

I have long saggy loose tubular breasts (much worse than that example pic) and I want the surgery so bad. I wonder if the doctor can also remove my ancillary breast tissue (massive armpit rolls that stick out if I wear tank tops) or if I’d have to do that separately. All i know is when I get those issues fixed I’ll feel sooooooo much better.

No. 172294

Both of their noses are fine, but I like Jessica Alba's better. Avril Lavigne looks kinda like a meerkat in profile imo and it's because of the nose lol.

No. 174523

File: 1615211485164.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.57 KB, 1080x1104, 151325670_122284649799463_4287…)

>but they also have no idea how to tell they're fake
99% of the time they're very obvious. e.g: when a brazilian doctor does it, he tries to stretch the skin as much as possible and they like to use "ultra high profile for maximum projection". I read about a case of a girl who had 200ml implanted, then regreted it, went to the doctor to change the implants for smaller ones, but then he replaced them with one that had twice the volume because he thought she would change her mind, so she stayed with those until she had enough money to get them taken out.

The shape you see in that girl's pictures isn't what doctors usually go for. You can't create that shape. They need to have that shape in first place and then you put something to fill it a bit.

No. 174526

They don't hate fake boobs, not visually anyway. It's about natural boobs being "superior" because they're natural and fake boobs being "inferior" because they're fake, in their minds.

No. 174557

Men want boobs to look fake while being natural. A lot of men will masturbate to clearly fake boobs then get upset at the idea of implants. They just don't like hearing they're fake

No. 174631


No. 174639

What is "looking fake"?

No. 174652

File: 1615299774854.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.9 KB, 304x228, unnamed (4).jpg)

Big, round, symmetrical but really high and perky with a proportionally small nipple and on a very skinny body

Ask men what their perfect tits look like and they'll show you implants

No. 174656

And who says that's perfect? sub 80-iq men?

No. 174658

File: 1615301181039.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.9 KB, 590x335, before&after-590x335.jpg)

Plus, those don't even look fake. They're big but have different sizes and don't have the "projection" or shape of 99% of implants.

No. 174661

ngl they are pretty nice

No. 174666

This is from a female camgirl who had plastic surgery. Implants can look good but it's still easy to clock what's fake and what's not. Men want women to have very low body fat that somehow only goes to their ass and tits while maintaining no sagging, small nipples and a good shape

Women with nice boobs naturally is common but most men would choose natural looking fake boobs than a nice pair of natural boobs simply because no matter how lucky someone is boobs can only get so big on very skinny women all while maintaining perkiness

No. 174668

>natural looking fake boobs
The one out of 9999

No. 174673

File: 1615305867594.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.58 KB, 1564x1564, AXVdXaSnpWODeaMxA8_Iijvcj37v1T…)

Not necessarily. Especially if the woman has lots of breast tissue pre implants. I'm a dancer and a model and I've met a ton of girls with implants and only one was really clockable only because she was practically flat chested before and went to G cups and nipple placement usually gives it away since cheap shitty surgeons usually place the nipple way too high. I feel like people really underestimate the amount of everyday women who have breast implants

No. 174675

Do you live in LA?

No. 174676

Nope, a midwest city actually. I also grew up in the booneys and still knew women with breast implants

Given they weren't as common as bigger cities with women who work in the entertainment industry but it's not like breast implants are practically unheard of everywhere except LA

No. 174693

I thought this was Pewdiepie's gf lmao

No. 174841

seconding this super old post because my side profile looks just like this, would an implant or fillers be the best bet?

No. 174954

Does anyone have pictures of GOOD breast reduction results? I really want a reduction but I feel like 99% of the results look weirdly square or unnaturally u-shaped and deflated. Something just looks off, especially when the change in volume is drastic.

Is that just how it is? Am I being too picky?

No. 174992

They look like hentai tits, weeb

No. 175003

File: 1615554670765.png (Spoiler Image,270.66 KB, 402x440, OpcUmm6.png)

If my boobs look like this, would it be possible at all to have natural looking implants that have a bit of 'sag' and don't look super round and stuck on? I just noticed that most women with natural results already have a moderate amount of breast tissue and didn't have perky boobs before. https://i.imgur.com/MpvQM7C.jpg <- this girl had implants and I like this shape, but she had them removed and her natural shape looks very different to mine so I'm not sure if it's even achievable.

No. 175004

OT but damn anon is picrel you? If so, you're so skinny, I'm jelly…

No. 175006

File: 1615555098751.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.6 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20210312-141615_Fir…)

Tear shaped implants?

No. 175088

I know this is an old post, but if you really feel like your lips are permanently pursed, you should look into dental work, especially since you have a (really slight) overbite based on this photo.

No. 175098

Fat graft, maybe
Implants, nope

No. 175137

Anon NO your boobs are so perky and cute that I'm highkey so jealous. They look like they suit your frame. Do you need a boob job? OT but I'm also so jealous of your waistline omfg. You honestly don't need any body work and I'm as critical as they come (as a former ballet dancer who is obsessed with body lines).

No. 175147

Thanks so much! I wanted to get a boob job for about 2 years, but then started really researching and got kind of unsure. There are so many risks and not just soon after the surgery. I still really like big boobs though, but hate it when they look fake (obviously nothing against fake boobs, I just don't like how a lot of them look). So rn I'm leaning towards not doing anything, but sometimes I still really want it lol.

But I also noticed my boyfriend wasn't really a fan of the idea. I think he cares more about girls being fit and having good proportions than boob size, and he said before that he likes more than one thing, but for a while I got convinced that he'd only be attracted to me if I had big boobs, though now I realize that is dumb. But he kept saying that it seems risky and unpredictable, or that there could be bad scars or they could move or feel weird, so he wasn't encouraging it at all which made me even more unsure.

No. 175151

Glad to hear anon. Honestly you don't have enough tissue or fat in that area so any big size is going to look unnatural. The implants will be jarring to be frank. I love big boobs on women too but tbh the risks and chance of getting botched just isn't worth it for me. And my boobs are much worse than yours–deflated, sagging, and look out of place on my fridge torso. So don't feel pressured to change your body.

No. 175154

Also male opinions are shit, do what makes YOU happy. I'm not trying to make you feel bad bc I notice a lot of other anons in here do the same thing but why should it matter what our male partners think? It's not their body. Why are we so damn considerate of men's feelings when it's ultimately our own confidence in our body that matters with the surgery?
I mean you could always break up later on down the line and then their opinion literally does not matter at all bc you're not even fucking anymore. At least in your case he isn't telling you that you need the surgery. Imo the worst case is always the stories of insecure women whose abusive male partners manipulate into feeling even more insecure and pressure to get a boob job or tummy tuck or BBL or w/e so she can compete with his porn addiction and/or wandering eye. Random but I honestly wish those women would post here so we could set them straight before they ultimately commit to surgeries that they do not personally need without an annoying ass male telling them they're deficient in some way.

No. 175156

You're giving your bf too much say over your body here. Even if you were married I would still think this is too much. Bfs usually come and go. Think for yourself when it comes to something this major and this personal.

No. 175158

Honestly, I don't think he is bad in this regard. I talked a lot about getting a boob job at one point and sent him before afters so he was just telling me his opinion. Which most often was that they look too fake. And he said I definitely shouldn't do it because of him. But I'm not a confident person and he is not one to give a lot of compliments. He helped me to get into weightlifting though which I really love, and never was critical about my body. I think it's more of my fault that I wanted to make a decision based on what I thought his preferences were.

I had an appointment booked at one point and was supposed to pay but was still unsure and stressing about it, and he told me to just cancel it and think about it more. I also listed him all the risks and he was just like yeah you probably shouldn't do this.

But in a more general sense, I also wanted it because I assumed men would like it more. And thinking about that made me pretty pissed off sometimes lol, I mean why do I have to take so many risks just to please men I don't even want to be with. And I also read a lot of men say stuff like, 'small boobs are not a dealbreaker, big saggy boobs are way worse'. Which is crazy because most big boobs that are natural will sag at least a bit and I think that looks nice, but they are basically saying only fake boobs are good, except they shouldn't be fake because that is bad. It's all so dumb, and it's still hard not to care.

No. 175159

File: 1615661814326.png (2.71 MB, 1456x830, literalperfection.png)

Anyone else like nose bumps? I posted about this in the Unpopular Opinion thread but I love dorsal hump noses if they're not overly bulbous like mine is. If I could I would get some tip work done and leave the rest of my nose alone.
But a majority of surgeons in the US are bridge focused and in a lot of cases, somehow make the nose look wider from the front despite shaving down cartilage and the bone. The best way I can describe it is that it looks waxy.
The natural nose has visible bone and the cartilage is a bit angular/not so rounded. I think most doctors in the US just slap the cookie-cutter nose on any patient and it looks really odd because the patients' old nose had characteristics that suited their face. Like ik things like a triangle shaped nose aren't attractive but that typical straight nose with a small tip and alars that are not much smaller than the tip is going to look out of place on the patient's face.
To avoid those doctors who literally copy and paste noses, there's some research there's a specific procedure for Hispanics called Hispanic rhinoplasty where they leave the nose in tact modestly while also giving nice results. The difference is actually is very minimal, like as if they just shaved the tiniest bit of cartilage everywhere to make the nose more petite but preserve its natural shape. I'm white but kek if I get my nose done I wanna ask for the same work on my nose tip because this girl's nose job is so well done imo.

No. 175161

Also the thing that pisses me off is that for every surgeon there's one amazing before/after patient and then there's one before/after that has the look that you don't want and are scared of ending up with. And this includes the doctors who do Hispanic rhinoplasties, they have cases where they also take off too much off of the nose tip in comparison to the cartilage of the alars which gives that weird nose job look.

No. 175163

Again you're depending way too much on weighing in with your bfs opinions or having him tell you to wait, or tell you not to do it, or to cancel your appointments. Whether he's a nice guy or not…you need to learn not to be so dependant on a partner like that. Work on your mindset before you commit to any procedures. With the mindset you're currently in you're equally at risk of dating an asshole next and taking orders that aren't so nice and aren't in your best interest. This isn't the relationship thread so we're probably getting OT but something isn't right with that dynamic. You're only setting yourself up to chase him away with all that dependancy.

No. 175166

>bf says it's risky and unpredictable clearly becaus ehe's worried about her wellbeing, both physical and mental health
>"nah, ditch him, he's having too much say, he's an abusive partner, you go girl, do what makes YOU happy, it's your body, it's not their body"

Usually it's the ones that insist on you having them done that you should stay away from, that's a new one for me

No. 175168

Before there was youtube and instagram people only ever heard what the doctors said, so they were the ultimate authority on the matter. You could blindly trust a doctor. With so many women having experiencing side effects and having to remove implants, having them done in first place shouldn't even be a possibility. That shit is bad for you. A lot of pain for no gain. There's nothing to be happy about it.

No. 175173

I never said a single bad thing about her bf, I never said to ditch him. I never got any vibes that he's not a good guy. I said she's too dependant on the opinions of others and she replied adding that yeah that's a thing she deals with in general with men.

Stop rewording entire conversations just to get upset over shit nobody said.

No. 175175

Too much say? She says he doesn't agree and isn't encouraging of it (for very good reasons!). That's not the same as being controlling over her body. Going by your logic he's not allowed to have an opinion of his own otherwise it's controlling her body wtf.

No. 175176

Even before social media there have been TV shows and articles about botched surgeries and the like, and clowning on celebrities getting shit looking implants. I assume the field of plastic surgery did make stides forward in the last 20-30 years so people's implants don't just rot out of their bodies if they go to a reputable surgeon.
I do agree with you though, the downsides of surgery usually heavily outweight the upside. Like even if there's only 0.0……01% chance you might die on the surgical table for a tummy tuck, it's not worth it to the alternative of learning to live with an unfirm stomach for another 40 years. Obviously extreme cases are different, but most beauty surgeries are not worth it.

No. 175177

I read it that way too at first, but I think she just meant that I think too much about what he wants or what he would find attractive and let that influence me instead of thinking about what I want. Which is true, because if he was super encouraging of me getting surgery I would've probably went through with it despite my doubts, but that has to do with my own insecurities rather than him being controlling.

No. 175187

>Even before social media there have been TV shows and articles about botched surgeries and the like, and clowning on celebrities getting shit looking implants

100% right, but I had no idea how common implant rejection, capsular contracture and other "adverse events" were. It's not a 0.1% chance like doctors say, it's in the 20-50% and higher. If you get capsular contracture and want to keep implants, you're going to be on an operating table every 5 years or so for the rest of your life. How good is that for the self esteem, huh?

No. 175709

I had a breast augmentation almost exactly 10 years ago and I am 1000% happy with them still. They look brand new and I’ve never had issues. But I also heavily researched my doctor, went with a “normal size” and followed after care instructions obsessively.

I knew girls that went to my doctor and didn’t do proper aftercare and ended up with fucked tits.

No. 175767

I don’t have a recessive chin but my chin is really small/short, esp compared to my upper and middle third. I’m wondering if any of you think there’s an obvious choice between a genioplasty, chin implant, or chin fillers (semi permanent I guess)? The main thing is making my chin look longer from the front as well as balancing out my profile a bit.

No. 175904

Did you know that people who do "proper aftercare" can also end up with fucked up tits because of the way their body reacts? Doctors solution in this case is to replace them every 5 vears.

No. 175907

Does anyone have any experience with cheekbone filler? I am considering getting cheekbone filler but I am scared of it migrating. I was also considering fat grafting but I am wary of not liking how it looks.

No. 175912

I've had my cheeks and chin filled and honestly they look fine. No migration so far (had them done nearly 3 years ago) and it looks natural. If you're unsure of the risk, then don't do it, but if you can live with potential migration then do what you like.

No. 176267

File: 1616495178155.jpg (56.53 KB, 1178x495, kalel.jpg)

Wtf did she have done? Or is it just aging+bad lighting?

No. 176271


Jesus, seeing that side-by-side is something else. Looks like poorly done and migrated fillers to me. She seems to have gotten cheek or tear trough fillers a while ago? Aging plays a role too, especially around her forehead. Maybe a bad lip lift as well?

No. 176286


I think Kalel's face has looked like this for a long time so if there is "work" its not new, but the makeup she's been doing over the past couple yearsish just really doesn't suit her as well as her 2018 look. She used to have lighter hair, a tan and do matte makeup that enlarged her eyes, which was quite flattering. I think she's trying for a kind of natural Korean beauty look here but it just doesn't suit her and makes her look older.

No. 176289

this looks more like a case of glass skin trend not working out.

No. 176298

I think it just looks that bad because she looks so shiny and it makes her skin look way worse. It also kind of looks like she had a third nose job and her lips look different but I'm not sure, that could just be the lighting. I think her current styling is making her look older, she looked really pretty about a year ago around the time she did that ASMR video. Her hair was longer then, I think her eyebrows looked better too and she didn't do this horrible shiny makeup or whatever that is lol. She still looks better than when she had platinum blonde hair, that was so bad.

No. 176316

looks like nothing, the first photo has a heavy smoothing filter

No. 176441

When will the FDA fucking approve botox for TMJ? Apparently insurance won't cover botox injections into the muscle for people with teeth grinding because the FDA hasn't fucking approved it!!! I'm so sick of being in pain because of my teeth grinding. I've been trying to massage my masseter muscle but it hurts so bad anons, I seriously want to cry just thinking of how much it pains me. At one point I got through the pain and it stopped hurting as much when I massaged it, then I missed a few days and now it's back to hurting like a bitch again.
Everything else for TMJ "treatment" just protects your teeth which apparently doesn't even matter because my canine teeth flattened as a kid and I swear my bottom teeth have gotten shorter in recent years despite me wearing my retainer/guard. Out of all the shit the FDA needs to do (like banning the additives in US foods) this is something that so many people with TMJ would benefit from. We're talking a huge reduction from getting it covered by insurance instead of paying $300 multiple times a year for botox injections. FML.
> Botox may be effective in treating TMJ in some people. However, this treatment for TMJ disorders is experimental. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved Botox for use in TMJ disorders.
> A 2012 study found that Botox could significantly decrease pain and increase mouth movements for three months following treatment. This was a small study that had only 26 participants.
> The results of two other studies, one published in 2003, and the other published in 2008, were similar. In the 2003 study, there was improvement of symptoms in up to 90 percent of participants who didn’t respond to conservative treatments. Despite encouraging study results, researchers still recommend more studies to help better understand the full effectiveness of Botox treatment for TMJ disorders.
If anyone knows of any way to get this covered by insurance please LMK.

No. 176444

Also just adding that my bruxism has been an issue for my entire life since my case is genetic. My teeth have visible signs of wear like flat canines as I mentioned.

No. 176483

I'm getting a fleur-de-les Abdominoplasty, breast lift, thigh tuck and eventually going to get my double chin done and some fillers to smooth out my chin as it's very prominent. I lost a lot of weight so a lot of it is health based (gross rashes and shit form in skin folds) but the neck lift/chin shit is optional, itll just make me a lot happier.

Stigma around Plastic Surgery is rapidly falling, especially in millenias and with the rise of insta. Insta is normalizing it at a rapid pace and you find most american plastic surgeons on insta now. (its a great way to search and vet them, as you can see their results)

my sisters are both very classically attractive but are both have surgeries to correct things they dont like about themselves. A lot of women are doing it these days if they can afford it.

No. 176559

I really sympathize bc I also have tmj, though no bruxism. I’ve heard of something called the Botox savings program, maybe you can apply if you’re eligible? I often wonder what my face would look like if I didn’t have tmj, so if I could get the masseter botox I’d also be interested in the aesthetic effects kek

No. 176804

Would you trust Mascaro with your rhinoplasty? I want to get a lip lift and a rhinoplasty but I'm not sure if having them both done at the same time is a good idea.

No. 176921

File: 1616937234740.jpg (175.87 KB, 1080x720, 1288071.jpg)

>Stigma around Plastic Surgery is rapidly falling, especially in millenias and with the rise of insta. Insta is normalizing it at a rapid pace and you find most american plastic surgeons on insta now

And that's a good thing

No. 176923

File: 1616937425463.jpg (240.18 KB, 1080x1349, 1288070.jpg)

>yeah I did it for my self esteem

No. 176931

This reminds me of that anon who was shaming women for not getting boob jobs, going on about how science has crafted "the perfect boobs", like they're for anything except feeding babies.
Getting plastic surgery is one thing, but when you've turned it into some bizarre philosophy like that and you're arguing with people about your own decisions, you're really living a sad porn star mannequin nightmare.

No. 176935

Reminds me of some of the freakish bods that were in 6ix9ines Yaya vid.

No. 177040

File: 1617025001199.png (Spoiler Image,91.4 KB, 300x168, 1616985643450-1.png)

>the perfect boobs, as crafted by science

No. 177101

I'm in the same boat and I was wondering the exact same thing, anon. A lip lift and rhino are the only two surgeries I want and it would be so convenient to get them done at one time.

I haven't had a consultation with him yet, but he seems like a really responsible doctor, and he's not exactly hurting for work, so I feel like he'd let you know if you came in asking for something he knew he couldn't do. If you see him you could ask him about his rhinoplasty experience or enquire with his office to see if they have more pictures of his rhinoplasties.

No. 178153

I'm having v line surgery in 1 week! I'm nervous about getting underwhelming results because I know the pain will be pretty extreme.

No. 178168

don't do it anon, save your money. remember that you only want plastic surgery to appeal to men subconsciously. pls don't

No. 178171

>remember that you only want plastic surgery to appeal to men subconsciously.
Well yeah that's kinda the entire point. I don't see what's wrong with that to be honest.

No. 178172

why would you put yourself through pain and spend supreme amounts of money for no other purpose than catching a scrap of cock. please. come to terms with your natural features bro

i understand plastic surgery if it's to correct like a medical issue, but if it's just for cosmetic purposes…why

No. 178175

It's not even just ending up looking like that, but many surgeries have a lot of risks and you can't avoid them just by going to a good surgeon. I'm not against surgery but there can be so many complications that I don't like that people treat major surgeries like a minor thing. It's not like getting a haircut. I almost got breast implants and the risks really put me off. I read about so many women having endless complications and having multiple surgeries within a year, it really sucks. I'm at a point now where I like the way they look now, but I was really obsessed with getting implants a while ago and really expected it to solve all of my insecurities. I think I would've been very disappointed. I'm sure surgery helps some people, but I don't think it should be normalized to the point where it's a decision you make spontaneously like getting new clothes or something.

No. 178183

Nayrt, but women don't owe you a good reason for their decisions about their own bodies. Try enjoying your own natural features instead of lecturing anons who choose to change theirs. I don't even have PS or plan to but this kind of argument against PS drives me batty. "Hurr durr just love yourself save money and pain" as if anyone who gets cosmetic surgeries has never considered that.

No. 178204

You can't reason with them. They would rather mutilate their bodies for random scrotes than prioritize themselves.

No. 178219

If only men were prescribed plastic surgery for their uggoness. Always gotta make women insecure and advertise it like its some magic cure. Wish we could all just be happy looking out natural selves.

No. 178221

Stunning women settling for uggo men because men arw allowed to be ugly people who want something better while women are condemned to want what is on mens insides (usually ugly too)

No. 178259

isn't that stupid dangerous. what happens when you are older and your bones get weaker

No. 178260

why is that women always choose to liberally choosy choicecally choose exact same surgeries instead of choosing to choosy chooselly choose something that isn't copying everyone else

are women too stupid to choose choices that other choosy choise choosically haven't chosen

No. 178262

are people supposed to invent new ps procedures or something

No. 178263

that hurt to read

No. 178265

I think anon means that everyone goes for the same look, i.e. everyone's getting the same small nose, no one's getting a nose with an interesting shape to it or whatever.

(Not stating my opinion on the matter here so don't attack me)

No. 178268

Don't get plastic surgery at all retard

No. 178270

Why do you want to undertake plastic surgery? What are you insecure and anxious about?

No. 178298

It's risky, yes. But I have too much bone so I figure removing some is okay? I'm not getting one of those super tiny v-shaped faces like Koreans do.

No. 178313

wont it make your jaw and neck area look saggy since your skin grew to accomodate your current jaw? I saw some pics of a youtuber after vline surgery and it made her look weird af

No. 178358

NTA but wtf is this scrote logic? It astounds me how men really think we do everything for them but 95% of them are balding, ugly, and fat with no intent of ever changing that. I want plastic surgery for myself. So do most of these women, especially ones who are addicted to plastic surgery because their motivation is all internal. Not because of fugly ass moids, ffs.

No. 178360

It's impossible to separate 'internal' motivation and patriarchal society influence on how we perceive what beauty is. A person may think this is what they want but why? Unless it's linked to some medical issues (changing a nose shape to deal with breating issues or so), it's to appeal to modern beauty standards unfortunately dictated by what men judge as attractive.
I think everyone should do whatever they want, but let's not delude ourselves here.

No. 178458

There might be slight sagging. Most I've seen turned out just fine but I'm prepared to get a face lift if needed. Do you remember the YouTubers name?

No. 178615

No. 180014

One of my eyes is bigger than the other since I was born. It's mostly obvious in photos and I tend to avoid being photographed because of it but it's also more pronounced when I'm tired or have an allergic reaction. I don't think it's an eye-size issue, more like ptosis of the lid. It's not as obvious for most people but I have a pretty big complex because of it.
I've been thinking of getting a blepharoplasty on the smaller eye but man, I'm so afraid I'm gonna scar or they mess it up and it's gonna look much more uneven than now.
Anyone has any info or experience with this?

No. 180036

File: 1618695893434.jpg (23 KB, 454x246, instantsurgery.jpg)

I used to have mild ptosis as a teenager and it went away on its own as I aged into adulthood. I wasn't born with it though, so your mileage may vary. have you tried using makeup to hide it?

No. 180668

I literally don't know, just decided to have a boob job as soon as I got the money for it. Zero thought went into it.

No. 180669

>I want plastic surgery for myself

No. 180671

File: 1619034334962.jpg (1.49 MB, 1125x2055, IMG_1152.jpg)

im sure this isnt what u want to hear and im sorry if this comes off annoying but ptosis is sooooooo seeeeexy and super unique if i were you i'd accentuate it but i totally respect how you feel about it, i think you should try what this anon said >>180036 before considering surgery especially since its a mild case

No. 180675

Not that anon but of course it’s sexy if the rest of your face is also conventionally attractive like that girl you posted lol

No. 180677

Reddit is cancer but I sometimes check r/plasticsurgery for before and afters. Bleph seems to be rising in popularity but a lot of redditors who get it seem to expect perfect or near-perfect symmetry when healed. If that is your expectation or desire I would recommend you not get it because it's not very realistic and because yours is mild. But you might check some before and afters there and see if you would be satisfied with that level of improvement. I have mild ptosis but don't plan on getting it corrected because like >>180671 I think it is cute.

No. 180679

File: 1619039056809.jpeg (192.93 KB, 1200x800, 3585E1AF-8122-4651-89AB-EDB41C…)

it's not much consolation, but if I had that I'd pretend I was Thom Yorke

No. 180686

>i'm gonna have the surgery for ME, not for a scrote
>pays money to a scrote in a scrote dominated field so that scrotes in scrote-led medical devices make money using scrote-designed procedures and instruments so that scrote shareholders make money

No. 180688

that is probably true i dont want to post ppl's before and after pics but when i look up ptosis surgery pics i find the before pic attractive every time even if they're conventionally unattractive but i get that its probably just my taste, i think it looks sultry especially on women, i also find thom yorke hot because of his eyes, just wanted to show her a different perspective

No. 180706

> assuming that all plastic surgeons and shareholders are scrotes
your internalized misogyny is showing, nonnie

No. 180708

99% of them are. Check how this one marks the woman's body like he's about to customize a motorcycle or car.

No. 180710

>the hypoplasia is not too severe
>i'll make markings with this vernier caliper so that the future patient knows it's all scientific
>yeah I'll just stuff this bag in here
>give her really big melons, that's what women should be like

No. 180711

File: 1619052323138.jpg (172.51 KB, 1298x1300, 75307663-laying-ceramic-floor-…)

Yes, that's how breast augmentation is done. By measuring and making marks like you're going to cut a piece of floor tile. A woman's body is a rough stone to be lapidated by the hands of a skilled scrote

No. 180731

You know that there’s female surgeons right? Why are you so pressed about plastic surgery in a thread for people to discuss it? Take your shaming to one of the /ot/ threads and stop derailing. What are the odds that anon who shames women for plastic surgery also nitpicks the fuck out of cows on /pt/ or /snow/?

No. 180765

1 out of 100 are women
>points out it's a grotesque surgery devised by scrotes and performed by scrotes
>"you're shaming women!"

No. 180769

>Check how this one marks the woman's body like he's about to customize a motorcycle or car.
Ok you can totally think cosmetic surgeons are mysoginists but this take is so retarded, do you want a surgeon cut blindly without planning it out first??

No. 180812

Yeah, I'll try more to mask it with makeup first. I would definitely be upset if I end up having a bigger asymmetry because now it's quite mild so I'm not gonna risk surgery.
That girl looks very cute but I think I'm not brave enough to accentuate it hah
Nice to hear someone finds it interesting and not a flaw though.

No. 180900

File: 1619128805282.png (138.19 KB, 315x206, plastic surgeon.PNG)

Imagine a scrote that looks like this being the supreme authority of what a woman should look like

No. 180907

You can sage, anon. That’s not really milk.
You seem lost. You know this is the plastic surgery thread, right? That’s why people are discussing plastic surgery in it. If you hate plastic surgery so much maybe this isn’t the best thread for you.

No. 180921

And who performs plastic surgery? A bunch of old fat scrotes that make how much money off women's insecurities?

No. 180926

Damn, who let Chris-Chan become a plastic surgeon?

No. 181016

Anon I get your point, you don't like plastic surgery and oppose it. But what do you want to achieve with your posting? Your aggressive insulting everyone here isn't gonna change anyone's mind, it only shits up the thread.

And where I'm from, plastic surgery is being more and more dominated by women and considering most med students here are female, it's not that much of a men only field anymore.
It's not important anyway, do you boycott every company owned by men? Do you always check before you buy your food, clothes or anything else because if not, you're giving scrotes your money. Don't be a hypocrite nonnie

No. 181020

>Your aggressive insulting everyone
Where are the insults?

>men grow and produce all the food we consume, so we should desire to be operated on by men so that we fit standards created by men

Do you not realize how fucked up this is?

No. 181024

>men grow and produce all the food we consume, so we should desire to be operated on by men so that we fit standards created by men
Nta, but oh my god, how do you manage to twist everything around and make reaches like this?

No. 181028

I finally got the rhinoplasty I’ve been wanting for so long and holy fuck, it was so worth it! I’m so happy with the results and I can breathe much better. I would have gotten it done years ago if it wasn’t for my scrote exes ‘forbidding’ me from having plastic surgery.

No. 181030

Am I mad to consider some kind of chin reduction surgery? I recently got my braces off, and it made my chin protrude out even more than pre-orthodontics. Now my chin juts further out than my lips and combined with my big ass nose, I am the definition of witchy. My nose, lips, and chin literally form a crescent moon.

But I'm only 21 and people around me keep telling me 'you'll grow into it' as if I'm still a teenager. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but your facial shape surely doesn't change after puberty? Do I just go for it or should I listen to them? It's really taken a massive toll on my self-esteem and mental health as I had the idea in my head that orthodontics would fix it all.

No. 181040

Check this ig profile out

No. 181048

no. post caps or fuck off

No. 181050

File: 1619196249014.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 999x638, j chun md.PNG)

It's a plastic surgeon that only does explants. Shows what they look like down the line, like 10, 15, 20 years on, ie, what scrotes like this >>180900 don't

No. 181056

At 21 you still have "baby fat" in your face that you may lose in the next 5-10 years which can significantly change the overall look of your face. That's why people are telling you you'll grow into it. No idea about the chin though sorry anon. I personally don't think people should get surgery that young based on that fact alone but I also don't believe in telling people what to do with their own damn self. In the end you gotta make the call but I'd recommend you try to ride it out for 5+ years and revisit how you feel about it if it's not going to make you totally miserable.

No. 181074

I've always had a small chin and a double chin, it's genetic unfortunately. It only goes away when I'm under bmi 20, when the rest of my face looks vastly better too. Unfortunately I feel better in general and my body looks better above this bmi.
I'm average height and ectomorphic, I just have a face that's 20kgs ahead of the rest of me, and I'm 26 now so I've settled into my adult body, with no baby fat lost. The extra face weight is starting to age me horribly, I know I'm going to get jowls and a flabby neck early.
I've looked into chin implants but I'm not convinced this would be the answer, does anyone have any experience with facial liposuction? Does it come back if you gain weight or does it come back no matter what?

No. 181086

File: 1619204220690.jpg (280.05 KB, 771x514, kybella.jpg)

look into kybella. it's a non-surgical injection so it's cheaper and less invasive than lipo.

No. 181087

who's this?

No. 181124

Deoxycholic acid is an acid that you have inside your gallbladder. It emulsifies fats. Interesting to see it being used like that.

No. 181170

U guys all need orthognathic surgery

No. 181192

What do you ladies think about vaginal rejuvenation? I seriously hate the idea of it but reading about it made me want it. I have a kid and I’ve been kegeling but I still want a brand new pussy.

No. 181194

Sorry but no amount of surgery will give you a "new pussy", at least in a positive way.

No. 181211

It's all bs that doesn't work from what I've heard. Kegels are said to be the most effective.
But why? You won't even see it or feel it, it's not for you at all.
It's just so some hairy scrote will feel a teeny bit tighter hole for 3 mins before you relax and get wider anyway.

No. 181226

Just seems like a gimmick to make women feel inadequate and upsell them on shit based on manufactured insecurity.

No. 181233

Blog but I went to get nasolabial wrinkles filled in (late 20s) and consult what to do about starting forehead wrinkles. The doctor just sent me home saying I look beautiful and she doesn't really see anything that would need changing and thinks I need to wait a few years before coming again.
Feels really good, both my ex bfs always called out my light wrinkles either as an insult (wrinkly old hag) or a constant neg (love your smile/other wrinkles!) because they knew I cared about my skin a lot. So now I have it doctor-certified that I look okay lol

No. 181246

Anon don't fall for this marketing bs. The only thing that's going to give you is a scar, painful sex and a hole in your pocket.

No. 181270

Aside from a change in color, i pushed out two kids and two fingers are still a tight fit. Child birth doesn’t make you “wide”. Vaginal rejuvenation is just a scam. Why do you think you need a “new” vagina? Your vag is fine and you should love and cherish the transformation.
You can buy kegel balls if you feel the need to exercise the muscle.

No. 181294

Literal babies get their pussy cut with razor blade in some cultures and adult women in the west are brainwashed to get surgery to fix something that isn’t broken

I can recommend kegels for everyone. Better orgasms!

No. 181300

how is your tongue posture? your tongue should rest on your palate, wrong tongue posture can give you a touble chin and weak jaw.

No. 181358

imagine willingly wanting your pussy cut

No. 182479

My friend had a lip filler procedure done, it looks terrible. Why would someone want to have lips that look like they have an infection?

No. 182672

Guess this doesn't really fit here but has anyone had surgery to correct ankyloglossia/tongue ties? I want to get it done just for aesthetic reasons (it doesn't bother me at all otherwise) but hear horror stories about people not being able to speak or articulate as well post-surgery.

No. 183156

Did anyone here choose to transfer fat to the breasts instead of implants? Is it worth it or does the body absorb everything? Is it possible to significantly increase the cup size?

No. 183191

Awww, it’s brittany from VPR!!! I think she looks great except for her insanely high eyebrows.

No. 183210

Lip fillers and excessive fillers in general are going to go down as one of the worst trends of the late 2010's/early 2020's; they look horrendous on virtually everyone who isn't just embracing a full-on bimbo aesthetic.

No. 183261

I used to be dead set on getting a lip lift cuz of my super long philtrum. Long philtrum is, I think, the most un-workaroundable facial trait. It literally cancels out any other nice traits you have cuz it's that noticeable, even people who don't know what it is will still be like "yeah there's something wrong with her face". Almost all women considered truly ugly have a long philtrum.
Sometimes i wish I never "woke up" to feminism so I could have gotten the lip lift, cuz I know it would drastically improve my appearance. But now I really just can't bring myself to do it, it'd make me feel like a sell-out hypocrite, and failing other women and girls. I just can't justify playing into the ps industry (which is already expanding super fast, especially for young women) and playing into the idea that women have to be beautiful to be valuable.
Anybody else going through something similar?

No. 183270

I just want to say that no one feature makes someone irremediably ugly, you simply think that because you are hyperfixating on it.I used to be the same with my bumpy nose. I would see women with bumpy nose being called beautiful and I would never truly believe it. I got the nose job, of course it was discrete and well done, and it literally didn't change how others perceive me at all. It did make me feel better because I was incapable of loving that part of me, but legit people barely noticed anything had changed and it definitely didn't make me prettier although I now have a more conventional nose profile.

One little detail doesn't make or break a face. Yes, it's an unconventional and not celebrated feature. And yes, fixing it will make you fit the mold a tiny bit better. So what? Unless you have an actual medical deformity, or you are buying yourself a whole new face to fix everything (which you'll be tempted to do, trust me), it won't be a whole lot useful.

And to finish off I can think of Elle Fanning (maybe more of a short nose situation) and honestly quite a few of the before picture in lip lift as pretty women with long philtrums, and I've definitely seen ugly women without them.

No. 183412

File: 1620086695059.gif (521.89 KB, 400x224, ED85D360-BA24-434E-8D71-439895…)

enjoying a bath before i get a vertical thigh lift thursday. i cant take a bath or work out for a month, the one month i have work only and no classes. but i am so happy that the crazy old purple stretch marks will be replaced with a vertical scar i can treat after, my one huge killer insecurity. i hope i will be more comfortable in the bedroom to finally let go and have my first big orgasm. i hope i will be comfortable to not have to wear tights every single day. will finally feel good about my entire body instead of everything but the giant stretch marks. i am sometimes nervous but aftercare shouldnt be too bad and it will be worth it. ive slowly been taking better care of myself and will happily spend the next years trying to improve the things i dont like about myself. sorry had to sperg because im comfy and high in the bath. my bf is even taking days off work to help me with things. i feel good about it all. dealt with ED and BDD and these stupid fucking flappy granny saggy looking marks all over my thighs when i try to hard and spend so much money to take care of my skin and it does pay off but stretch marks can only really be excised completely to remove them. im so happy these things that have haunted me will fuck off somewhat soon. have to get the surgery twice.

sorry nonnies i just… needed to talk to a girl oriented place about it bc all my coworkers and family are male. please wish me luck in my sexy thigh quest. only cosmetic surgery ive wanted for YEARS. it feels so good to work for it all too.

No. 183759

hi anon, i work at a compounding pharmacy. have you tried topical creams for that? they can be expensive but really soothe the pain. sorry if it sounds like i'm advertising, we do have a lot of patients who say it helps but we are in the US

No. 183774

what if a woman sees something in the mirror she doesn't like but her bf or some guy says there's nothing wrong with it? im getting surgery and my bf says i don't need to but he is supporting me anyway (its nothing crazy anyway it is just corrective) what's the problem with a woman not liking a flaw she has herself regardless of what men say?

No. 183795

Topical creams? I have not looked into that. Do you have any suggestions?
I'm supposed to be getting a bite guard that's lower in the back so that all of the pressure goes on my back teeth. It should change my bite when I'm sleeping. Hopefully it'll help but it's been taking forever to get an insurance quote on it.

No. 183800

we make this one cream at my job, i think it would be worth discussing w/ a specialist for pain management reasons. i dont think it would make any aesthetic differences but we have hundreds of patients get this every month, most have told me it seriously helps.

if you can't find a prescriber that uses the rx i link down below, bring up these ingredients because these are what is helping a lot of people with TMJ:
>lidocaine (topical anesthetic), >cyclobenazaprine (muscle relaxant) >ketoprofen (anti-inflammatory)
http://www.tmjpharmaceuticals.com/ (and no this is not where i work, we do work with the dr though not directly)

No. 184013

i got my stretch marks mostly excised via thigh lift today and it feels great, just stinging a little. it went very well, can’t wait to start working on the other stretch marks later. hopefully once im healed up i can start feeling and looking hot about myself from hips down for the first time as an adult. feelsgoodman
also cant believe people get addicted to oxy, it literally just feels like a weed edible lmao.

No. 184015


People only notice the bad filler. I've been getting a subtle amount of filler in my lips for a few years, before I did it all my friends were like "oh be careful, yeah I'd never do that" but as soon as I actually got it 2 of them decided to get it done too kek. I have a nice natural lip shape and it's just some extra oomph that balances out my face a bit more and makes my lips look tasty

Good injectors are skilled at working with the natural lip shape and proportions and you're unlikely to have a bad or obvious result unless you go in and demand the full Kylie Jenner.

No. 184026

>what if a woman sees something in the mirror she doesn't like but her bf or some guy says there's nothing wrong with it?
That's the literal definition of body dysmorphic disorder

No. 184040

Nta, but insecurity is not bdd

No. 184050

well shit u might be right sis

No. 184301

Google the term. Literal definition.


Is this how it's supposed to be? If so, I don't want it anymore

No. 184303

No Greg, being insecure about something that a man thinks is ok is not the literal definition of BDD. Insecurity is not the same as being obsessed with a real or imagined physical flaw to the point that you can not function normally. You gotta stop getting your fax from Google and learn that this is an imageboard.

No. 184347

What if a woman doesn't notice the flaw either?

No. 184350

It doesn't matter. Having insecurities is normal. Having BDD is not. BDD is an all-consuming obsession with the thought that some real or imagined flaw/s makes you appear monstrous and disgusting. Many people with BDD feel that their appearance is so revolting that it is a source of other people's distress or entertainment or both. It causes major disruption to your normal life, such as skipping out on your responsibilities like work or school due to obsessions and accompanying compulsive behaviors. BDD is not a woman who is insecure about her breasts and chooses to get a breast augmentation or reduction, even if everyone around her tells her that her breasts look fine. That is insecurity and it's normal. BDD is a woman who would get a back alley breast surgery from an untrained person with full knowledge that she may die. It's a woman who would be willing to attempt a breast surgery on herself with no training. It's a woman who can't stop imagining what her life would be like if she had breast cancer and had to get them removed, because anything would be an improvement from what she has now. It's really irritating to have BDD thrown around at every woman with an insecurity because it implies that if you're insecure about something you're a nutjob (as a former BDD fag, it is literal insanity), while you're constantly being assaulted with marketing that is aimed at convincing you that you you aren't good enough the way you are. If you don't have any insecurities props to you, but dunking on women who are always being told they ought to be ashamed of their imperfections isn't helping anyone. I'll gladly take my infight ban for this.

No. 184370

I kinda want to get my nostrils and i suppose hump done but that's extremely hard to work on due to the size and look. Ive already imagined it smaller and smoother but it looks so weird and fake on my face. I do however would love to have hair laser removal. Although it wouldn't work well due to my skin color and the thickness of my follicles. I'm adrogynous looking but damn sometimes I think it would be much easier being a moid, not trans nor will ever be.

No. 184397

NAYRT but I think it's a spectrum, a lot of the obsessive microanalysis some anons go into about their perceived flaws and saving to spend thousands on "correcting" tiny details when nobody else will ever notice a difference screams disordered. Some are just more extreme. Marketing creates insecurities by distorting the way women view themselves. It causes picking apart normal aspects of one's body by comparing it with other women who have plastic surgery, expensive and professional makeup that took hours to apply, Instagram filters, whatever. It surely is a form of normalized BDD to devote yourself to chasing these illusions.

No. 184414

Ok so surgery is now an acceptable treatment for insecurity

No. 184425

Anons I'm going to get boob implants next month but what do I ask for exactly? I think I have nice boobs but I feel like they're weirdly placed on my chest? Idk how to describe it they're far apart but large

No. 184472

I’m diagnosed BDD, and have struggled with BDD related agoraphobia since I was a child, and this really hit home. I agree with you. It’s a really intense sickness that isn’t just “insecurity”. It’s completely destroyed my life and ability to interact with literally anyone at

No. 184498

Does anyone here have experience with tear trough filler? It’s the one thing I KNOW would improve my face so so so much, but I’m so afraid to go for it

No. 184543

Idk if there’s a term for it, but you can definitely inform your surgeon and describe what you want. Also I’ve noticed the teardrop implants look the most natural, I think they should become the standard shape.

No. 184639

Look at the link in this post >>184301

No. 184651

Those are cheap implants, if you get it under the muscle and workout your pecs they stay put well. And if you get fat injections

No. 184660

I tried it once a while ago. imo, it wasn't really worth the cost or the pain. the results were barely noticeable for me, and it's super uncomfortable having a cannula in your undereye skin because the area is so delicate.

No. 184672

Submuscular placement has its own oddities

No. 184674

I mean they look normal unless you flex your chest often. the more breast tissue you have the better it looks. I have big boobs already so it shouldnt be a big deal

No. 184679

File: 1620669911112.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.98 KB, 1240x699, bottomed out.jpg)

You flex your chest muscles all the time, and that flexing pushes the implant out over time

No. 184695

File: 1620671914583.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.76 KB, 1088x487, submuscular placement is a dum…)

Imagine dissecting a muscle just to look good in clothes

No. 184697

File: 1620672658925.png (113.71 KB, 812x889, doctors don't agree.PNG)

Takes a lot of courage to just go to a doctor and trust whatever he says

No. 184702

Y'all bitches will demand death to all chestlets no exceptions but when women get surgery to fixed the issue you claimed they're in the wrong to? What do you want?

No. 184707

>Y'all bitches will demand death to all chestlets no exceptions
Nta but who does that here??

No. 184709

Are you new? Ever since like 2016 anons would be getting into dumb infights for days over boob size

No. 184713

nta Try therapy? Idk instead of blaming lolcow for being a retard

No. 184715

Literally never. At least not in the non-gossip thread.

No. 184725

Then you haven't been here often considering how psycho bitches here act over small titties existing
I'm just pointing out hypocrisy. You can't nitpick small boobs all day then turn on women considering surgery

No. 184731

I never see small breast hate aimed at other women. I'd say you're obsessed and project, but I guess I should just look at the thread title.

No. 184734

It's men who like small tits, women always want to have bigger tits than their friends

No. 184739

You know anons aren't actually all the same person right

No. 184742

My boyfriend hates big tits on women. I’ve also found them to be a bit jarring and just not cute. I’m happy with my always perky, round little B cup handfuls. Why women actually want large tits is beyond me. They look disgusting to me and I pity women who have them. Just nah no thanks. I’m not porn sick enough to think that looks attractive, I guess.

No. 184745

Some women have big tits, women exist outside of porn you know and aren't defined by it. Calling liking mature womanly bodies pornsickness then saying those women are disgusting and below you because yours are "little and cute" is laughably creepy, you have obvious internalised misogyny good god

No. 184748

>Anons like this are the ones giving you advice on other threads.
What a joke

No. 184768

File: 1620684795260.jpeg (789 KB, 865x1375, EEBF6D79-6668-4A72-B5E5-BB2345…)

Large breasts are a sign of fertility… same with hips and all. It’s okay for women’s bodies to be mixed and matched so if you really have to shame other women’s bodies to make yourself feel better then so be it. Big breasts are hot af.

No. 184769

Well no shit
We went from
>People infight over boobs
>No they don't
>Big boobs are better
>No they're not
>Small boobs are the best
>Women don't hate other women for their boob size
>Yes they do

There's one main issue however - anons always HAVE to invalidate other anons experiences over personal opinions. I don't know why it's such a hard pill for you to swallow that people experience different things than you.

No. 184770

>Muh fertility
Go away scrote

No. 184772

So many anons in here insecure over their small boobs kek. Boobs are boobs kek

No. 184773

nta but aren't most of straight men's beauty standards based on perceived fertity?

No. 184774

Yes anon. There’s a scientific reason behind their attraction, and it’s obviously the samefag smol b cup titty anon that’s getting bent out of shape.

No. 184776

Who cares what your boyfriend likes. The irony of thinking praise from a man somehow makes your body the more valid type.

It's pretty undeniable that women with big boobs get more attention from men- often unwanted too which sucks.

I have small boobs, but I don't find big boobs "jarring" and "disgusting." I'm ultimately happy with my own boobs because I think women with bigger boobs have to deal with more negatives. But sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to be able to pull off certain fashions because I had more curves.

No. 184777

I'd like to have a gf with boobs bigger than mine but when I had bigger boobs I HATED it. I was always slim and my bra was like 70B, so I wasn't completely flat but it still felt like I had no boobs at all, I could run without this dangling sensation, I could sleep on my belly etc. Then I gained like 13 kg and my boobs got bigger and it felt like I suddenly got two tumors on my chest, it made me dysphoric as fuck, the dangling was pissing me off, it was fucking terrible. Now I lost all that weight and I'm 50kg again and my boobs are small and perky and it feels perfect. Can't imagine living with big milkers 24h per day

No. 184781

>Pretending like men aren't attracted to whatever porn tells them to be attracted to at the time

No. 184784

So what the fuck do you want them to be attracted to Cathy??

No. 184785

>small boobs aren't bad nonnie! Don't get surgery, small boob shaming doesn't happen
>Continues to shame an anon for liking her small boobs
Biggest hypocrites alive

No. 184786

If she really liked her body she wouldn’t have to come for other girls, it’s so transparent.

No. 184787

She sounds insecure and so do you. I have small boobs and I'm fine with it, I think average/big boobs are attractive but I've accepted I'll never have them and that's fine. I don't feel the need to shame other women to feel better about myself, or victimize myself like you

No. 184788

File: 1620687535968.jpg (87.28 KB, 1155x648, this turns you into a woman.jp…)

How many of you lack the confidence because you don't have a pair of plastic bags inside you?

No. 184791

What are you saying lmao. Naturally large breasts exist

No. 184796

This. I’m the anon who loves her B cups and I’m sorry but everyone has preferences, I personally find big boobs disgusting looking. Didn’t expect all the nonnies here to sperg simply because I expressed that my bf and I both find big boobs nasty. No offense intended towards naturally big breasted women, I’m just very happy with my own and would hate to have large ones. Is that a problem? Kek

No. 184797

Scrote detected

No. 184799

File: 1620688292377.jpg (54.09 KB, 600x450, f0cbc3d23f60d1621d71be67252c63…)

> pointing to Kate Upton as the epitome of feminine health
definitely a scrote

No. 184802

File: 1620688422365.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.45 KB, 400x300, becoming a woman.jpg)

I think it's the slowly leaking immunogenic gel that increases the woman's self esteem and confidence

Bigger is always better, so even if you have big boobs, you can make them better by making them bigger with the patented self esteem gel implant

No. 184805

You could just say you like your small breast and go. No need to drag you and your pet scrote’s preferences into it. Though I assure you his brain does go brrrrrr when he sees nice big tits. He’s male.
>t. Another happy B cup girl

No. 184806

Are you a scrote or a troon? Hard to tell at this point. But you’re obviously not a woman so gtfo lol

No. 184809

I think it's the dig at large busted women having a "pornsick" body that got the anons.
>my boyfriend
Just phrasing.
The equivalent would be saying "I don't like small breasts because I'm not a pedophile ew and also my boyfriend loves my mommy milkers!!"
t. flat4flat btw

No. 184810

flatter bodies used to be considered attractive around the 1920s

No. 184811

File: 1620688804924.png (36.5 KB, 931x331, atrophyu.PNG)

Do you consider breast implants to be a good thing in the long run? That just replacing them with a larger one every few years ia good thing for the patient? I thought by now we'd be done with silicone implants

No. 184814

>my bf and I
Well that legitimizes your opinion. Don't y'all worry your pretty little heads now, she's got a MAN on her side.

No. 184817

My entire point was that men have varying preferences as well and some men aren’t into big breasts regardless of how you feel about it. Y’all really be acting like men are biological robots kek. It’s so obvious that some of you are femcels, go outside

No. 184818

File: 1620689324267.gif (76.49 KB, 326x610, A320558_1_En_27_Fig6_HTML.gif)

The problem:
Mild ptosis

The fix:
Upper pole fullness
Perky and round

When it's time for revision surgery:
Waterfall deformity
Double bubble effect
Capsular contracture
Horizontal displacement
Silent rupture
Snoopy deformity

It's a cicle that only ends when the patient dies

No. 184819

No one is shaming her for liking her boobs, they're shaming her for shaming and insulting other women's breasts.

No. 184821

I’ve got a boyfriend too, who’s very happy with my body. I just feel zero desire to bring him up to prove a point. Keep injecting that copium tho. Shaming women who don’t look like you ain’t cute

No. 184823

File: 1620689976691.gif (176.54 KB, 1280x720, 853620.gif)

When I went to the surgeon office he showed me a promotional video that had a car driving over an implant and it still being intact. if i get run over by a car, my implants would be just fine. Ok, but what will they look like after being inside my body for 20, 30 years? Turns out there were a lot of patients that received that specific brand he was going to use in me that experienced "silent ruptures" after less than 5 years. I had even made the deposit, so I cancelled 21 days before the surgery was going to take place. I don't even know why I felt so bad about my breasts in first place. That shit is not for me. Any of you can have my implants.

No. 184828

As they come for her, don't be a hypocrite

No. 184829

Why are so many men into jailbait then? Those girls don't have big boobs

No. 184834

They’re mentally ill and brainwashed. I’d steer clear from any man who’s into jailbait

No. 184836

>mentally ill and brainwashed
Describes half of this site's userbase

No. 184847

>being a pedo is the same as hating men!!!
What is with this flame today

No. 184848

So anyways, would any of you get botox in your face?

No. 184851

Place* Fuck autocorrect

No. 184864

Hey thanks for changing the subject.

I’m planning on doing Botox soon. I don’t have any wrinkles or lines yet but forehead lines run in my family so I’m taking preventative measures before it happens. In this day and age, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little preventative Botox. Apparently it’s better to get it before the lines begin, because correcting damage that’s already done is harder. I would never do it anywhere other than my forehead though

No. 184871

File: 1620710039228.jpg (63.2 KB, 927x1138, frozen.jpg)

I've gotten Botox countless times in my forehead, mostly for the lines between the eyebrows. I love it. I tend to get headaches from holding tension in my face but Botox fixes that right up. the only downside for me is that I look unnatural when crying really hard like pic related, as if I'm faking tears. but I like the feeling that nothing can make me frown anymore.

No. 184878

So the only love women with small breasts are able to find are pedophiles? Sure talking those dumb chestlets out of surgery huh

No. 184899

bitter breastlet screeching is always hilarious. t godtier 30F, big on my frame, no drooping.

No. 184903

File: 1620721848268.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210511-032802.png)

Lolcow is hilarious in terms of you guys will blantantly deny that something happens but the next few posts will be the exact thing you guys just claimed didn't happen
>Still pretending that like bra sizing is a reliable way to tell if your tits are big
Great, Emily Ratajkowski is a 32C/30D, this girl is a 30F. Boobs are weird and you sound like a scrote or like you have weird internal problems that you need to work out

No. 184905

your face from the side has nothing wrong with it and you look great. You have nothing to worry about :)

No. 184906

File: 1620724864873.jpeg (Spoiler Image,290.65 KB, 1280x720, 4EDFC984-037F-465A-8DD6-4E53CC…)

This. This girl is a 32ff

No. 184907

>no offence
>disgusting big boobs, I pity them

No. 184908

It's almost like anonymous is not one gal. I originally said I don't see any small boob hate (only self-hate) and then someone successfully baited anons by calling big breasts disgusting.

No. 184910

If you don't see small boob hate you're either blind or privileged. The implant industry would die completely if small boob hate didn't exist or was very little

No. 184916

Anon was originally criticizing this site, not hollywood media.

No. 184919

I'm sorry you have to cope this hard kek I hope you stop hating yourself
>my bf finds big boobs nasty
He's lying to you

t. b cup

No. 184921

File: 1620733973352.gif (Spoiler Image,12.13 MB, 566x400, ezgif-3-e96bf7112817.gif)

Just get implants

No. 184922

File: 1620734101743.png (80.43 KB, 598x800, 1618269979148.png)

>I'm sorry you have to cope this hard kek I hope you stop hating yourself
>my bf finds big boobs nasty
>He's lying to you
>t. b cup

No. 184923

jesus at least spoiler if you're gonna shitpost like this

No. 184924

File: 1620734576707.gif (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 500x281, ezgif-2-ac8e95ad3f8f.gif)

Why? It's an informative medical gif. And anons that think submuscular is more natural need to see this one.

No. 184925

Why is it waving at me?

No. 184928

It's still titties, spoiler that shit

No. 184935

Then you're blind too
My thoughts exactly. They talk like a neck beard scrote

No. 184944

Fix your reading comprehension. I’m specifically talking to the anon who brought up men liking jailbait girls as evidence that men like small boobs.
Keep thinking that anyone who disagrees with you is a scrote, whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 184953

What a party trick this would be. I see no issue

No. 184962

Wat. It's not about "them disagreeing with me" it's that they type like a /b/tard and use their lingo. "Chestlets", "t.". Also what woman randomly attacks small boobed girls to brag about having big boobs? Either very very childish and delusional woman and scrote from 4chan with a boob shaming fetish

No. 184964

> Also what woman randomly attacks small boobed girls to brag about having big boobs?
Half of them in high school

No. 184965

Those are children. Not women. Also most of those girls were extremely insecure about sagging and nipple size. That's why they clinged to their boob size for feelings of worth and put down women who did have those things that they wanted.

I also noticed in high school they always put down attractive girls with small or medium boobs but never ugly or average looking girls with small boobs. Just a form of jealousy and cope

No. 184967

Some of the users here actually use 4chan or used to use 4chan, so it makes sense that some do type like that. Is “kek” the signifier of a scrote now?
Anyways there’s no point in arguing about big vs small boobs. Both can look great and neither should be deal breakers for self esteem. Complexes about being bullied or overlooked for small boobs aren’t be an excuse to put down women who have different body parts than you. The desire to be hot to males and compete with other women is one hell of a drug, it seems.

No. 184968

do you not realize the person spamming wojaks throughout the site is an actual scrote anon? they just greentext any random thing regardless of context

No. 184975

Obviously lol, I’m talking about how the women who took issue with the B cup anon and her bf’s take on big boobs and went t. chest let or whatever are probably actually female. I was one of them. Where did I mention the wojak spammer? Not sure why people love putting words in other people’s mouths in this thread.

No. 184977

Kek I've seen more catty small boob women come for big boob women. It’s ok to admit you want bigger boobs, or you could just accept having your small ones. I can tell you as someone with large breasts I couldn’t give a fuck about small boobs enough to attack other women. I’ve had way more jealous girls come for me by asking me if my back hurts and if my shirt is too tight. I’m not pointing this out because these women have small boobs, I’m pointing it out because a vast number of them are always so vindictive and jealous. Boobs are boobs, just be happy with them. If you want implants cool, if you don’t that’s also cool. These anons here debating it and shaming other women for their natural bodies is troglodyte behavior.

Anyways, >>184871
Don’t you have to get Botox for the rest of your life or something? No judgment, just wondering if the commitment is worth it because I feel like I look older than I actually am and maybe Botox would help in the long run?

No. 184978

I bought up the spammer because you quoted their post, wasn't sure if you were agreeing with them or not

No. 184981

re: Botox, you're not obligated to commit to it for the long-term. it's totally fine to try it once and decide it's not for you. all it does is immobilize your muscles. when it wears off, it doesn't make the lines more prominent than they were before, and it doesn't accelerate the appearance of aging. some people might perceive themselves as looking "older" when it wears off or when they don't get it for awhile, but that's only because they've gotten used to how they look when the Botox is in effect. it's like if you don't moisturize for awhile and your skin dries out, it's obviously not the moisturizer that causes your skin to dry out, but instead it's the absence of moisturizer.

No. 184982

File: 1620750662730.jpg (122.93 KB, 1180x1458, bbpfn4tktp151.jpg)

Is this a joke are do we just have different experiences? Small boobs are like the butt of every joke and there's been situations where men and women take pictures of small boobed women existing just to shame them and bring it up in irrelevant conversations just to shame a girl with small boobs. Maybe here or niche corners of the internet will big boobs get shamed but in most of the USA having small boobs is considered the biggest sin to commit as a woman. And women are just as ruthless and nasty over it like men

No. 184984

Are you in high school anon? That would explain a lot

No. 184992

That pic lol. She may have boobs but they're not big enough to help distract from her man face.

No. 185000

You sound ugly

No. 185005

I'm guessing you look like her?

No. 185010

>biggest sin to commit as a woman
Your natural breast size isn’t a choice, tard.

No. 185011

Insecure women always pull out the “man face” card. Just get over the fact you have small boobs who cares but you and other insecure people??

No. 185015


unlearn the man that is inside your head, watching you and informing how you treat the women you interact with. Also, read Margaret Atwood and gain some semblance of self-esteem

nta but they probably were trying to say 'society hates women with small breasts to the extent that they act like it's reflective of your character, and act like women with small breasts are bad'

No. 185016

I'm not insecure because my breasts are big. I just don't think it's fair she put down her friend down to impress scrotes on a dating app when she, herself, looks like a scrote.

No. 185021

Do you ever go outside? I’ve never once been made to feel that way for having small tits until I came to THIS thread. I’ve never, ever been discriminated against or talked down to about it. I’ve only had men fetishize my small tits. I’ve literally never seen this weird toxic attitude anywhere. You ok?

No. 185025

I stand by finding big boobs disgusting. The women in my family end up with huge breasts but only after having kids. I don’t mind waiting as long as possible for mine. To me large boobs have always looked saggy, they tend to have stretch marks, be really uneven, and have big nipples and areolas more often than not. I’m not going to apologize for appreciating my own petite frame and cute, perky tits. Big boob girls are just constantly seething because they could never look as cute or cough young as us small boobed girls

I remember 2 of my friends in highschool with D cups getting breast reductions to B and C the minute they turned 18. One of them explained to me that she was already having sagging in her teens due to the size and felt insecure about how gross her big boobs looked

Sorry but not sorry. In my head and the heads of many others, smaller perky breasts win.

No. 185026

There are surgical procedures for that

No. 185027

Women like their double dees only when they're silicone bags inflated with saline solution

No. 185028

Not everyone wants mommy milkers nonnie. Get over it. Go fill your milf mommy milker porn niche and act superior while we look cute and go without a bra because our perky tits are cuter AND more functional

No. 185033

This. Why is it that big boob girls feel so superior they really think their face doesn’t matter at all? Lol

No. 185040

>Doesn't happen to me, you must be crazy
Did mods making "that didn't happen" a bannable offense not show you bitches already?

Explain to me this: if small boob shaming never happens outside of the internet then why exactly do so many small boobed women get body dysmorphia because of their boob size and why is the breast implant industry raking in billions? Surely if it was all in women's head it wouldn't be that booming

No. 185041

I’m talking about calling someone man faced. Cope.

No. 185043

File: 1620760926482.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454 (1).png)

Hasn't the man hating thread shown any of you anything?

No. 185044

I will. You’re a obviously mad enough to think that women with big boobs don’t exist outside of porn. Must be hard being an insecure wretch such as yourself

No. 185045

Does anybody have any experience with rhinoplasty? I wanna shave down the small hump on my nose and maybe make it more upturned. What are your experiences?

No. 185046

>Ugly girl is ugly
>You're ugly!! This is cope!!
What? Her face makes her look like a child molester. It doesn't take an insecure chestlet to point that out. Even men in the reddit thread this was posted to called her ugly. Are they insecure about their boob size too anon?

No. 185047

>Even men called her ugly
Just admit you want make validation for your boobs and leave kek

No. 185048

File: 1620761402722.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.42 KB, 523x800, veiny_tits_larg-5578.jpg)

They think their tits don't matter either nor the rest of their body. Half of them end up with Chris Chan tier males because they really thought having big tits alone would give them everything while the flat bitches they hate so much like belle Delphine and most celebrities are living in luxury with billions of men and women worshipping them daily

No. 185049

Lmao the point just flew right over your head. Keep seething over someone not liking or wanting boobs like yours. Surely anyone who doesn’t want your mommie milkers is an insecure wretch. Copium maximum

No. 185051

Okay anon you caught me she's clearly a goddess and model tier and everyone is just so jealous of her. I pointed out men also agreed she was ugly because you kept claiming that only insecure women would find her ugly but you took that out of context well. Do you look like her or something? Why are you so mad people think she's hideous?

No. 185052

What else really gets me laughing is that the majority of women with huge breasts are at least a little overweight. I guess I could increase my BMI to an unhealthy point and have some really big boobs to go along with it. Luckily I didn’t fall for the thicc trend and prefer being slender and in shape rather than overweight with muhhh curves and DDs

No. 185053

I think rhinoplasty is a great procedure and it helped my hump, but of course the healing process is lengthy. If you have a big nose, no it won’t really reduce the size too much but if all you want is some shaping it should go well for you. (Not to say big noses all need to be fixed!)

No. 185054

That looks so disgusting lol. My point exactly

No. 185055

File: 1620761757005.jpeg (130.52 KB, 850x1069, 826506D6-DDEF-4122-B707-31D0C6…)

This is kind of what my nose looks like and the results after.

No. 185056

Nobody is denying that there are men who fetishize big breasts. Just like there are men who fetishize small breasts, and there are men who simply like boobs in general.

Christ y’all really obsess over incels opinions online

No. 185057

Kek I love the infighting this turned into just from talking about breast implants. Just leave other women alone Idk why it got so big.

No. 185058

I’ve never once seen this happen anywhere other than online, so again, you’ve rotted your brain with media and are convinced girls with small boobs suffer somehow in reality. Your femcel is showing. Go outside.

No. 185059

Exactly. I think I have big boobs for my body and live in one of the fattest states in America. I literally got denied breast implants by 2 doctors because they said I didn't need it (I'm 38 inches around my boobs and 27 around my ribs for reference)and I'm still considered flat chested to a lot of these lardasses just because my tits don't look like I stuffed a bunch of meat in a pillow case and taped it to my chest kek. I noticed a lot of fatties with big tits seeth even more when they see skinny girls with nice tits as well, screaming for days about how they're small and unwomanly or even accusing them of plastic surgery

I also have too many hobbies and don't wanna give it up just to please fat American losers and I like being about to travel via plane, ride rollercoasters, parasail, and not order special clothes

No. 185060

File: 1620762052022.jpeg (506.08 KB, 1242x879, 68FFBAF3-CF3F-45C3-BFF3-C1201F…)

Neither big nor small boobs win. All of you thirsty for scrote attention can shitting up the plastic surgery thread now. Boobs are boobs. Would you rather have an empty space of skin on your chest?

No. 185061

Imagine being about to deny other people's struggles, relationship issues, abuse, etc just because you yourself haven't seen it. I would love to live that kind of life. Unfortunately I've seen too much shit in this world to scream liar at people who experience things I don't

I guess hundreds of people daily who either brag about hurting women with small tits or women with small boobs who have stories about people hurting them are all just in one big conspiracy trying to trick you

No. 185062

Also I'd like to add - if I say my stories, you'll say I'm lying, but I show you compiles of other people either admitting to doing this or having experienced this and "it's all on the internet and never in real life" as if the internet and real life are never ever connected kek

No. 185063

File: 1620762472059.jpeg (35.49 KB, 400x400, D695058F-2512-4D6B-A906-B11168…)

How did it go?
>It's a cycle that only ends when the patient dies
I’m stupid, but can you please explain? What does this mean? Does this only apply to hypoplasia + ptosis? I need a reduction and considered implants for upper pole fullness but
>When it's time for revision surgery:
>Waterfall deformity
>Double bubble effect
>Capsular contracture
>Horizontal displacement
>Silent rupture
>Snoopy deformity
Aren’t these all possible symptoms from boob jobs? Am I going to be a patient for life? This fucking sucks.

No. 185064

Is 75B small or average?

No. 185065

I'm unironically a 5'3" asian girl. You still sound ugly.

No. 185066

Probably close to average. Don’t listen to these seething anons, your natural boob size doesn’t matter and if you want surgery for it that’s your choice (whether it’s a breast reduction or implants) don’t let these tists influence you somehow from their infighting pls

No. 185067

Nah. If you go to a high quality surgeon and take the after care seriously you'll be fine. I've known many of women with implants and I haven't met a single one who had issues or even had to go back.

No. 185070


No. 185071

So you're an ugly 5'3 asian girl with her features. So sorry for your hair line and jaw

No. 185072

Has anyone with a nose job noticed any changes with their breathing? I don't want to get a nose job (atleast not anymore), but I remember seeing a rhinoplasty picture where a bunch of the patient's nose was just gone. Her nose looked fine, but I always wondered if she could breathe normally.

No. 185073

Seethe fatty. You’re shitting up the thread no one cares

No. 185074

Kepp coping. I don't look like her at all. I said you sound ugly because women who are happy about their looks don't attack random women online to make themselves feel better. Keep babysitting this thread to try to one up the people who disagree with you, but don't forget to drink some water every so often.

No. 185075

File: 1620762940892.jpeg (59.07 KB, 740x740, 5820C30B-BC40-4904-9052-68FE49…)

I have not! It depends on how many procedures. Never go over 1-2, it gets risky after that. You can continue to break down your nose and soon you’ll be left looking like this man from botched.

No. 185076

Randon women's looks I mean*. See how no one else tried coming for your appearance?

No. 185077

I agree anon. It’s kekable when they have to talk about how much prettier and better their features are as if they’re trying to reassure themselves.

No. 185079

Ok? lol
The anon you're replying to isn't me. So she can insult her friend to make herself look good for men, but once someone else insults her all of a sudden it's not okay? She still has a man face.

No. 185080

>Well your fat
Oh I am laffing. As if the fatty defense wasn't over used and watered down throughout lolcow
So what are you holier than thou? You can insult people, she can insult her friends appearance, but if we say anything about her we're wrong? Is this what the zero tolerance policy is doing to gen z?

No. 185081

It's okay I know you're stumpy.

No. 185082

File: 1620763568303.gif (514.28 KB, 220x220, 0F179AB0-31A7-47EB-BD87-BD75DD…)

Let's go back to PS

No. 185083

>mUh gEn Z
you’re probably like 30 sperging on an online forum lol get real. or are you one of those ~born in the wrong generation~ tards? it’s obviously just you crying over the boob topic now.

No. 185084

oh god that’s sickening. his nose is slowly disintegrating

No. 185087

File: 1620763896752.jpeg (65.04 KB, 870x524, 892A2649-EDD6-423B-9553-E9AEDE…)

This body dysmorphia has him in a headlock.

No. 185088

What are the downsides of getting under eye fillings I have awful deep set eyes and always wondered what could be done for it. Are there better options for it?

No. 185089

It’s stupid and hypocritical to tear women apart for their looks when you’re a woman yourself. I’m not being holier than thou, it’s just senseless and a waste of energy. Just because people do it to you or others doesn’t make it acceptable. We’re not a hive mind on here and I’m free to express what I think, tho clearly I’m just as retarded as you for wasting my time with this discussion

No. 185090

Meant to reply to you too.

No. 185091

File: 1620764466188.png (781.82 KB, 577x590, nose job.PNG)

I see! Thank you anon.
just to try to change the topic, picrel is the rhinoplasty I saw I don't mind the nose, but I hate that the lip fillers made her look like a generic instagram "influencer", and the fact that a doctor is using that blurry ass after photo to promote his work

No. 185092

>Would you rather have an empty space of skin on your chest?
This is literally what breast implants give you over time

Skip to 13:15

No. 185093

>I’m free to express what I think
And so am I. Which I did. And I didn't tell anyone to reply and I wasn't looking for one either. Just move on, smelly.

No. 185095

Oh I feel bad because her lips were already nice. I personally don’t see a point in getting a lot of filler in your lips when they’re not even Amy Schumer papercut lips.

No. 185096

I’m sorry you were fetishized wtf but I’ve personally been bullied about it since about middle school. everyone would call me a boy and say “there’s nothing there” even my friends would poke fun at it so I was insecure as a younger girl who was already thin and wanted to be developing like other girls. Now I really don’t care and I’m fine with being able to sleep on my stomach.

No. 185102

her lips and chin looked fine before, she doesn't look like herself anymore. It makes me sad that women do this. those lips definitely look awful irl too

No. 185107

She's getting torn apart because she bashed another woman's look. Welcome to reality you don't get to be treated like a delicate little princess when you're a huge cunt. Being a woman doesn't remove responsibility from you

No. 185109

What are you talking about? We’re on the same side lmao. She was the one calling someone a man face and I told her it was ugly.

No. 185122

I have big boobs and can sleep on my stomach lol what?

No. 185125

Hold your horses y’all we have a petite Asian here everyone lick her ass for being uwu so special and generic. Lol. Nobody gives a fuck. What point are you trying to make?

No. 185126

I’ve never experienced any bullying at all for my tits that’s psycho, I’m sorry. Though I’m not FLAT I guess, just on the small side of average (B cup but can fill a C when they’re swollen or if I gain weight).
They look worse when I’m near a C so I mind my weight to maintain a B cup and a slightly underweight BMI

No. 185127

I want the same thing done. Also looking for answers

No. 185128


No. 185133

Anon was accusing her of looking like the girl in the tinder pic.

No. 185134

Wrong post?

No. 185135

5'3 Asians aren't immune to man face. I've seen Asians with worse facial features than her

No. 185136

And lucky you but that's like claiming shoplifting doesn't happen because you've never been stolen from before. What exactly have you been taught when it's okay to be a dick to others just because they've been through something you haven't? Also what exactly goes through your head when you've seen the tons and tons of people who explain their anti small boob experiences? Just genuinely curious

No. 185141

No one cares

No. 185145

What a weird way of saying "Im ugly and have no defense"

No. 185146

There are multiple anons replying to you, you know. Let it go

No. 185149

Then what do you look like? Only ugly ratty bitches screech about looks on an anonymous forum. Pish posh

No. 185150

It’s kind of sad that there are women who change their face so much with surgery and then reproduce with an unsuspecting man… the kids tho lol

No. 185155

(thigh lift anon) went really well actually. went back to work today and showed my friend who said there's a huge difference and even with the swelling and bruising it already looks much better. i think it looks great too, even though the stitches and tape are still a bit uncomfortable for some reason i am psychologically more comfortable in my body already. they even gave me lipo and its crazy, i already felt good about my body shape overall but it just made it even better and i definitely do feel crazy for doing it, first big purchase of my adult life, but i have had a great feeling about getting it ever since i got out of surgery. so glad i got it done and so glad to see the final results in 6 mo-a year.

No. 185158

You don't even know what posts I made. Chill

No. 185171

If a man gets with a woman just because she looks hot and will bear beautiful children, it's his divine punishment.

No. 185184

Idk, I've seen both. Just depends on the environment. Though I have to say most of the small chest jokes came from insecure women with small chests. Big boob hate came from all sides, even adults when i was in high school.

No. 185185

Biggest risk is that you can go blind if the filler isn't injected in the right spot. I also have deepset eyes and tear throughs but I'd never consider filler, it's too much of a risk for me.

No. 185187

You do all realize some scrote larping a small tittied uwu princess managed to shit up the entire thread and get you to infight over pointless shit? Has the filler gone to your brains nonas?

No. 185205

That one reminds me of a asian plastic surgery before and after I saw. Where the before was a beautiful woman with a strong angular jaw and fox like features and the after looked like a blurry budget jpop idol. Sadly I can't seem to find it anymore.

No. 185208

Yep this isn't a woman so why are y'all feeding obvious bait

No. 185214

Worrying about the attractiveness of your children in general to the extent of purposely picking out certain partners to have physical features you want on your children is a flaming pedo red flag anyway

No. 185224

Would you want your son to be an incel, nonnie?

No. 185229

Overly filtered clearly edited "after" pictures are one of the biggest red flags in a surgeon

No. 185236

That makes no sense. Like, at all.

No. 185241

No but who cares if your kids are just average looking?it would make more sense to look for genetically superior people mindwise and athletic instead of just being hot

>I want my kids to be hot as fuck!
>thats creepy
>that makes no sense!

No. 185245

being attractive won't prevent that tbh, some incels aren't that ugly to begin with

No. 185248

This is such a strange thing to say, everyone picks out certain partners for features they want in their kids, that's the point of attraction. Some people are just more conscious about it which is good because they won't settle for a fuggo for his heart

No. 185252

Caring about your kids being attractive is the natural want of hoping they attract suitable mates. It’s not a bad thing, don’t be a troglodyte by coming to a conclusion that has nothing to back it up

No. 185258

File: 1620845418405.png (672.43 KB, 799x533, 1620845194981-0.png)

Sure but beautiful people are just born winners. You don't want your children to be a bunch of losers, do you? If your face is mangled beyond recognition, what will people expect your children to look like?

No. 185261

Stop replying to bait you plastic brained retards.

No. 185268

If you only want an attractive partner so your kids can be sexy then you shouldn't have kids

No. 185269

have you ever considered that… being attracted to someone is important in s e x u a l a t t r a c t i o n a n d r e p r o d u c t i o n

No. 185270

File: 1620849407029.jpeg (68.03 KB, 741x734, 2CAB8B6C-FC9D-4A04-A123-8F1689…)

Personally I wouldn’t want to have kids with a scrote who had jaw surgery only for all my kids to come out looking deformed with a tiny jaw and chin like this. This is also why I don’t date guys with a full beard because usually they’re hiding disgusting features like this under the facial hair.

No. 185273

Post more plastic surgery videos(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 185287

>Plastic surgery looks weird
Anon ALL surgery looks weird. Instead of attacking women for having surgery why not just tackle the main reason why they have to get it in the first place? But most of you can't even admit that small boob shaming exists. Anything to punish women for existing I guess

No. 185288

Being attracted to them because of their features and wanting kids =/= being attracted to them because you want to be attracted to your children.

Learn the difference

No. 185289

Not the uwu oppressed small cute perky tit princess again… not you…

No. 185291

What the hell are you talking about? Do you believe that anyone who says they face problems for their body part is a giant conspiracy against you?

No. 185294

Maybe if you pearl clutching small titty bitches didn't use the entire thread to shit all over women with big tits and women in general you'd have a point but alas

No. 185295

One. It was one anon. Get over yourself. Keep screaming about boob implants and you'd have a point if you actually addressed why women get them instead of acting psycho

No. 185301

One anon ranting about big breasted women being an ugly milf porn niche and one anon posting a video about the reality of surgery isn't equal. And I haven't screamed about boob implants however you girls contribute to the problem either way so it's fake tears to play oppression olympics about small tits

If your point is women aren't the ones driving you to get plastic surgery why are you still blaming them for "punishing" you??

No. 185302

wow zac efron really went down hill

No. 185304

>Boob implants bad
>Small tits also bad
>Don't you dare say that you faced any sort of struggles for small boobs though!

What exactly do you want? Did you want all women to be born perfect? Did you want women to shut the fuck up and sit down when they face problems that you don't relate to?

No. 185306

File: 1620860596886.jpg (36.73 KB, 600x537, isleep.jpg)

Oh my god, are /g/ jannies dead or something

No. 185308

Nobody said small tits are bad except for you you self-obsessed BPD victim

No. 185309

>why they have to get it in the first place?
I was going to get implants because of clothing, does that make any sense to you?

No. 185310

>Small titty bitches
>Accused me of having small tits because I said something you disagree with
You keep referring to small tits being bad. So yes you did

I again, will ask you. What exactly do you want? Your biggest issue is that you're defensive about women saying that they struggle with something. One person even posted a page of screenshots of people doing things like breaking up with women for having small boobs. Why do you have an issue with women with small boobs saying they have problems because of it? What do you want to happen?

No. 185311

Oh I'm sure you're spending several grand and having a high risk procedure because of clothing. Sure convinced us

No. 185312

File: 1620861198484.jpg (83.05 KB, 498x332, breast-augmentation.jpg)

Why was I going to have a boob job in first place? Because other women I knew had it done to them. I didn't stop to think that it would mean someone tearing my skin away from my muscle with his fingers to make a pocket for something that has no purpose other than making me use something that I don't need to use because I have nothing that requires supporting

Best of luck to you nonnies who want to undergo surgery nevertheless

No. 185313

File: 1620861469415.jpeg (235.88 KB, 1319x1143, 564F837C-C116-41F1-9978-C8F519…)

I'm dead. This is so entertaining.
You're on an anonymous image forum, in a plastic surgery thread…

No. 185319

There was some other retard shitting up the thread, anon probably assumed you’re the same person

No. 185374

If you think that means you want to be attracted to your children I’m going to assume you’re mentally incapacitated

No. 185376

Mosquito bite anon I know it’s you

No. 185377

Exactly. They talk about how perfect their tits are but are the only ones getting defensive and putting other women down for their natural bodies. Obviously some insecurity there they should fix, big boobed women aren’t the problem it’s themselves. It’s funnier when they also correlate being fat with having big boobs… news flash Nancy there are plenty of fat bitches with small tits like

No. 185380

Wrong anon actually. I'm not that insecure.

No. 185398

I'm 11 weeks post rhinoplasty and regret my decision so much. Wanted one for years, went to several consultations, picked a very highly rated doctor in my city. My nose wasn't bad before, I just wanted it to be better. It looks so much worse now and I feel like an idiot.

No. 185410

In what way did you want it to be better, and how is it worse now?

No. 185453

>I want my kids to be hot but that doesn't mean I want to be attracted to my kids

you're right, sorry I thought that wanting your kids to be attractive doesn't mean that you want your kids to be attractive

paranoid and unhinged

No. 185454

I've only seen one anon put down women with small boobs but that for some reason lead to an outbreak where any woman who has small boobs if they're insecure or say that they face problems such as bullying due to their boobs they're immediately attacked. No one should be bashing anyones boobs but you're a total piece of shit if you try to kick people who are already down who haven't done a single thing wrong outside of venting about things they've encountered

No. 185455

Anon most fat girls have big boobs. It's very rare that you see a fat girl with small boobs. Isn't it funny how countries that are fatter also have larger bra sizes but somehow it's not related? Care to explain?

No. 185456

They have big boobs— but not in ratio with their body. Just admit you’re a man pushing his preferences onto a female thread. I’m not believing any girl is this insecure unless she herself is built like a man.

No. 185457

Read >>185252 instead of ignoring it to come off as retarded as you have been.

No. 185459

Jesus Christ stop acting batshit insane for five minutes. They have big boobs but not really? I'm a man because I want to hear your logic behind why obese areas have bigger bra sizes but somehow it's not connected? You're chasing yourself into circles over what? I'm supposedly the insecure one but you play mental gymnastics over the fact that most girls with what Americans consider big boobs are indeed at least overweight BMI

No. 185460

Okay then you explain what it means that you want attractive children but you don't want attractive children

No. 185461

>>185459 stop replying to bait nonnie, everyone else knows that big boobs and obesity are related, they're just projecting and insecure

can we move on ffs

No. 185463

Bra size measures both bust and cup sizes, so yes by default a fatty would have a bigger overall bra size. Men wouldn’t know anything about bras and here you are, not knowing anything about bra sizes

No. 185464

You're right, people infight here so insanely. They're straight up scream to the air about how the sky is green just because someone they're infighting with said the sky is blue. I probably need a break from this place, it's like talking to a children's psych ward sometimes

No. 185466

Anons, what are your ideal noses? Please no autistic infighting over what nose shapes are better please. I just wanna see other people’s thoughts and what they would do for their nose.

No. 185467

So fattys don't have bigger bra sizes.. they just have…bigger bra sizes…
one minute
>It’s funnier when they also correlate being fat with having big boobs… news flash Nancy there are plenty of fat bitches with small tits like
next minute
>Bra size measures both bust and cup sizes, so yes by default a fatty would have a bigger overall bra size.
You're a living contradiction

No. 185468

File: 1620922146208.jpeg (269.47 KB, 1242x545, 1ADDBE48-3BA0-444C-99A4-5AB749…)

No, you’re just a retard man who doesn’t know anything about bras

No. 185470

Boobs are fat. Most girls outside of like 1% if they get fat, get bigger boobs. How does this "prove" I am a man who doesn't know anything about bras? and you have yet to explain why when obese countries have bigger boobs and less obese countries dont… or your logic behind "fat girls have big boobs but you're a man if you say fat girls have big boobs"

No. 185471

File: 1620922381679.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1104x1564, 1522F5C2-D672-4139-A55E-40CBCC…)

I have a small nose but it has a hump. Though I wouldn’t really change it because I don’t want it to disappear or something, having a small nose and getting rhinoplasty is a risk.

However, if I could change my nose completely in some kind of make believe way, I would choose a nose smooth upturned nose, like the actress in Midsommar.

No. 185473

I’m talking about in ratio with their body— but you read over that. So you have to be dumb somehow.

No. 185474

Anyways, shouldn’t you be done arguing with someone in the child psych ward, nonnie?

No. 185475

isn't it funny how literally everyone else agrees that getting fat means bigger boobs but you refuse to explain logic behind that and then you bring up bra measurements for some reason and just mindlessly scream about me being a man.

we weren't talking about ratio to body, you brought it up for no reason. we were talking about big boobs. Big boobs are correlated to fat, yes when you put two saggy watermelons on a landwhale it doesn't measure but they still have big boobs.

which is why the theory about how "being fat isn't connected to having big boobs" is false. You admitted it yourself. Now you're pathetically reaching because you're insecure and are upset someone hurt your feefees on lolcow

No. 185479

Let me guide you through the argument
post where they denied being fat was connected to having big boobs
Me saying most fat girls have big boobs
you saying that they have big boobs but not in ratio to their body, which is correct but you transcended into insanity by thinking "HA YOU STUPID INSECURE FLAT MAN FAT GIRLS DON'T HAVE BIG TITS THEY JUST HAVE BIG TITS JUST NOT IN RATIO IN THEIR BODY SEE YOU'RE A STUPID MAN!"

what even possesses this sort of delusion? we're literally on the same page - fat girls have big tits. what even are you on about? are you also a man who doesn't understand how bra sizes work by your own logic?

No. 185481

kek reading this but didn’t you yourself bring up bra sizes first?

No. 185482

that is a nice nose, i do wonder if it’s plastic surgery though? does she have any before pictures

No. 185484

let me copy and paste since you read but you didn't apparently
>we weren't talking about ratio to body, you brought it up for no reason
We were talking about bra sizes, just not in ratio to the body. Yes a 44G on a hambeast doesn't look as big in compared to the ratio of like a 30F on a slim girl, but fatty still has bigger tits. Having big boobs is connected to being fat. Not all fatties have big boobs and some skinny girls can have big boobs. But in general being fat is connected to having big boobs, which is what the entire argument was about. So we are on the same page, being fat is connected to having big boobs, can we please move on instead of hopelessly digging for something to infight about?

No. 185486

also in b4 the repeat of
>you're a man!
this is a 44g
clearly has more boob mass than

this site is also good to prove my point, cup size and ratio does matter but the actual mass gets bigger as well. Fat girls have bigger boobs and more mass but also have bigger everything else. Most women are also wearing just commercially brought bras like a 30F girl is most likely wearing like a 36C and a girl whos a 40JJ is most likely wearing a 48DDD. You would have known this if you knew anything about bra sizing. Actual mass varies however and while cup size can give you a general idea of the mass it isn't the determining factor. And most commercial clothing stores like victoria secret or soma do not measure bras correctly.

Fat girls have bigger boobs, yes their bodies are also bigger, but the whole OP "fatness and boob size aren't connected" is wrong.

No. 185531

Idk anon, I’ve tried looking that up but got nothing

No. 185550

anons here be like:
>muh infighting!!!!
>continues to infight and sperg with useless paragraphs

No. 185651

>bring up infighting almost a day after people stopped infighting

No. 185665

What's wrong with you all. Jannies even cleaned up the thread and you all go crazy stupid again. Have you no respect nonas?

No. 185667

Some people purposely carry on infighting for days on end and over nothing. They were literally fighting over the exact same thing. You can tell who they are because they all have the same argument styles
>If you disagree you're flat/fat/a man/a tranny/etc, even if it's over something stupid like food
>That doesn't happen
>Denying things that are blantantly fact just because the anon they were fighting with said it

No. 185690

aren't you doing the same thing, especially by bumping the thread

No. 185695

File: 1621026872493.jpg (29.16 KB, 475x383, 4bbe9847661a1cf7713a9d487981db…)

>magically grow bigger tits in her late 20s
>Deny implant claims as if we're all blind
Why are celebrities like this

No. 185698

Tbh I'm pretty sure she was both skinnier and photoshopped to be even smaller in Playboy photoshoot. Not to mention she always wears pretty extreme push-up bras nowadays as opposed to the old photoshoot in the most unflattering bikini top ever. I find it hard to believe a woman would make breasts already so big even bigger too.

No. 185721

File: 1621038430940.jpg (135.1 KB, 690x400, Christina-Hendricks-Boob-Job.j…)

>Girls with big breasts don't get boob implants
Have you met strippers, porn stars and most celebrities anon?
>She was skinny
She didn't gain THAT much weight not to mention this isn't anime lol you don't just gain 20 lbs and it just magically goes all to your tits. Also her boobs are extremely hard and round at the top boobs don't do that even if you push them up

No. 185722

IDK what this collage was supposed to prove because her boobs look identical size-wise, they're just placed differently.

No. 185784

Which filler is less likely to migrate for cheekbones? I am doing my cheekbones and considering Restalyne but I have heard Juvaderm is better for that. Any anons have any experiences with either?

No. 185862

File: 1621113825899.jpg (58.59 KB, 341x512, unnamed (4).jpg)

That still doesn't explain the massive boob size change with her first playboy shoot vs now. No one gains weight and has it magically go all to their tits. The top of her boobs are a massive give away, you can literally see the implant line. Don't know how anyone believes they're not fake

No. 185865

File: 1621114102969.jpg (31.37 KB, 650x366, 00a16dd30c0a4e00ad528ee2ced05f…)

Here's what I mean, big natural boobs don't do that even in push up bras. There's usually a small crease on top but it wouldn't be that prominent or hard

No. 185902

File: 1621126304216.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.54 KB, 391x261, 10-1055-b-004-140249_c023_f001…)

That upper curve is how high the implant pocket goes. Really creepy if you think about it.

No. 185925

File: 1621139600826.jpg (64.88 KB, 615x781, 0_Zara-McDermott.jpg)

No point in caring when there's enough people dumb enough to believe that it's all just the work of a push up bra/tight shirt. 4% of American women have had a boob job, meaning that a good dozen girls in your high school have probably gotten a boob job if you have a moderate size school. Not to mention women who lie to their SOs about having work done and leaving men to believe that boobs are supposed to be naturally big round watermelons and everyone else just has bad genetics. Usually the bigger your tits are the better your implants turn out so

No. 185928

is that jafar star??

No. 185932

Wow her makeup is really unflattering in the picture on the left. Makes her look like a tranny.

No. 185942

Most porn related industries will purposely give women shit tier unflattering photoshoots to weed them out

No. 185943

File: 1621149941415.jpeg (516.31 KB, 2000x3000, 9D6D9AC3-08BD-4185-A72A-C2B4EA…)

Sure they do? Women with big boobs have more mass they’re pushing up and it creates a pretty clear line (picrel). I think if Hendricks still had that defined orb shape in clothes without support it would be a giveaway, but she’s worn plenty of low cut dresses where her boobs aren’t being mashed up and back, and the lines aren’t there.

No. 186017

File: 1621185443113.jpg (156.97 KB, 1000x1658, ashley-21.jpg)

Ashley graham had implants too, she was fat with small tits originally so she can't use the weight gain excuse either. My friend has big boobs and it even when she wears a push up bra and tight shirt , it pushes her boobs up but doesn't give a hard sharp appearance on top

You forget plastic surgery is extremely common in the modeling industry. Don't know why people think women in those industries never have implants

No. 186405

File: 1621347197630.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 2048x3048, overs.jpg)

I'd like to see a debate between a pro-overs and pro-unders surgeons

I've seen in person this thing where the natural breast sags but the implant stayed in the same place for 17 years, but subglandular implants look awful if you don't have tissue to hide them in first place, and if you do have tissue, what is the benefit?

No. 186414

File: 1621348705917.png (917.25 KB, 800x1413, ashley-graham-baby-bump-ldw-3.…)

Ah yes clearly has implants. Just say you've never seen real big tits in your life and go, instead of suspecting everyone of plastic surgery.

No. 186420

Came back to see if there was some real discourse going on, saw it is was still being shat up by insecure women on both sides still

No. 186421

>Natural looking boob jobs don't exist
Okay anon why did her tits magically triple in size even before her pregnancy despite little to no weight gain

No. 186424

Under looks better if you naturally have lots of breast tissue and over is better if you don't. Although I would recommend girls who don't have a lot of breast tissue get a fat transfer first

I also feel like most American women underestimate how much breast tissue they actually have which is probably why so many of them will already have big boobs but be convinced they're flat and need implants

No. 186432

File: 1621354229199.png (84.06 KB, 500x666, ashleyg.png)

2012 photo, identical tits as she has on the pregnancy photo, stop having implants paranoia.

No. 186434

>Same tits
Bitch are you blind?
You also used a photo of her that's been warped to hell and back as well as filtered. Models entire income in fame is their body. Ashley graham needs to maintain a curvy but fat body in order to keep her position. She already admits to getting various treatments done and her entire selling point is big tits and ass. Of course she would try to make her tits even bigger. Don't know why all of you think that it's impossible for your waifu to ever get implants or any other surgery as if the amount of plastic surgery centers in LA and New York will ever stand if it's only the Kardashians and playmates who get work done. Y'all are ridiculous

No. 186444


No. 186452

>Bio women don't use weeb terms, especially in sarcasm
How can you frequent lolcow and then say that?

No. 186457

File: 1621363308750.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, 1616763736552.png)

>Bio woman

No. 186461

Okay anon you got me I'm nothing but a big fat troon because a woman apparently never said the word "waifu" in her entire life

You're clearly trying to derail the conversation because you know you're wrong

No. 186714

kek I'm a radfem and lowkey weeb, "waifu" is nothing. stop calling women men for having non characteristic interests/grammar you weirdo

No. 186940

File: 1621605916279.png (2.03 MB, 1851x2048, 1621605616913.png)

I feel like I can always tell when someone has work done even if they try to keep it a secret. You can try and argue that "you just don't notice the natural results!!!1" but it's like tattooed makeup, there ARE no natural results

No. 186943

File: 1621606216136.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.43 KB, 1080x959, 187671563_274599487688282_2756…)

>oh it's cohesive gel, nothing happens if the implant breaks
>it's totally inert, bro, trust me bro

5 year old very modern implants for you

No. 186997

Something tells me you're one of those people that think every attractive person you see has had work done.

Anyway either I'm just only noticing it now or lip injections have gotten out of control lately. Non-black girls really striving for that black girl look lately and all I think when I see them is "man they really want that BBC".

No. 187044

Gross I don’t think anyone should get implants no matter their insecurities. They’ll never look or feel natural

No. 187718

File: 1621971439109.jpg (233.21 KB, 720x1095, 20210523_193630.jpg)

Spotted this abomination in a Danny video recently.

I was so up for getting cosmetic surgery until I seen her. Its put me right off getting anything done.

Every movement of her face, every slight shift in expression, resulted in some horrific looking thing like picrel

No. 187732

Are collagen injection fully safe?
When did y'all start if you did

No. 187830

there's a reason a considerable portion of female celebrities have mysterious, chronic illness. breast implant illness can have symptoms similar to otherwise difficult to diagnose diseases like lyme disease, lupus, and various other autoimmune diseases

for example, yolanda hadid: she apparently had lyme disease. she got her implants removed and now she's "in remission."

No. 187838

It is but it's expensive and broken down by the body

Then why don't more women have it

No. 187993

google "breast implant illness," more women are starting to get their implants removed as it's getting more coverage. lots of women who have symptoms ranging from very mild like fatigue, headaches to more severe. symptoms disappear after getting implants removed - within hours

No. 187998

I can speak to having seen this happen personally. My esthetician was giving me a face mask and explaining that she was going to take a month-long break soon. Turned out she was having surgery to remove her implants because she developed "mysterious" symptoms that were deeply impacting her quality of life including joint pain, headaches, fatigue and hair loss, which were only getting worse. This was several years after she first got her boobs. She had no clue what was going on because everything else in her life had remained relatively stable. She happened across another woman on social media saying how she'd discovered her similar problems were due to implants and it seemed too much of a coincidence not to be the same issue. She got them out and a couple months down the road she's feeling way better overall. This is definitely real.

No. 188026

File: 1622076742377.png (150.38 KB, 850x294, Ultrasonographic-and-computed-…)

It makes sense that it's real because a local immune reaction can definitely have systemic effects, but why aren't all of them developing symptoms? Every single breast implant leaks a bit of silicone, so why isn't every breast-implanted woman sick?

No. 188036

And what about saline implants? I think those are more common nowadays does it make women sick as well?

No. 188084

Anon every person's immune system and reactions are different. Of course not everyone is going to have the same reaction.

No. 188276

I don't know if this is the thread I should ask this in or if it belongs in the skincare thread.

Korean skin clinics always list Korean made botox and imported botox. Is there any real difference outcome wise like lasting longer/shorter etc?

No. 188534

Going to have my boobs done this monday

Talke me out of it

No. 188536

im thigh lift anon and im like 4 wks post op and saw the incision yesterday when they changed my tape (covering incision to protect it) and it looks SO good, like they practically erased my stretch marks wtf. even the incision is way skinnier and less red than i pictured and it's literally only 4 weeks after? i have scar cream (mederma) and silicone tape for when it is healed up too, i feel so good about getting this done.

too bad i still can't take a bath (yes i can shower) and can't exercise or have sex still.

No. 188537

>Talke me out of it
you joking? assuming the surgery is scheduled and you already paid, why would you cancel now lol…

No. 188583

File: 1622325205454.jpg (32.08 KB, 480x360, carla and her skinwalker.jpg)

How does extensive plastic surgery to look like someone else work? I see a lot of videos and news articles of stuff like
>man gets PS to look like Justin Bieber
>woman gets surgery to look like Kim Kar