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File: 1598589873333.jpeg (208.89 KB, 1489x1080, 186005DD-8441-4E25-A87A-9AE4E6…)

No. 149288

Haven’t seen one of these here, and I figured this would be a nice place for us to share support, beauty tips & tricks! As well as vent about the stigma around getting older

No. 149289

This would also be a great thread for sharing older women, or just women over 25 that inspire us and break the stigma about aging and beauty! Is it obvious I’ve hit 25? Let’s all support eachother here

No. 149290

This hits deep, I feel like I'm developing BDD cause I obsess over anti-aging and nitpick at my perceived aging flaws, at the same time I don't want to be old, but I can def see how my ideas of aging have been shaped by social media, filters and internet culture. It doesnt help that my mother is living vicariously thru me at this point and 100% encourages the idea of looksmaxxing even if she has no idea what that is

No. 149291

I think it’s important to accept that we’re all going to age, but we can also do things that allow us to age more gracefully. I don’t take care of myself because I’m trying to stop the inevitable, I do them so that I can continue to be comfortable in my own skin as I transition through life. Some people may think that’s vain, but I have to look at myself every morning and I want to be happy with what I see as the years pass.

My biggest suggestion for anyone concerned about aging skin is always moisturize and wear sun screen. I’m horrible with the latter, but I have yet to find a sunscreen that pairs well with my makeup or doesn’t have a weird smell. Any suggestions for products would be great.

No. 149300

Murad sunscreens are great but pricey. Same with Solar MD

No. 149301

How do y’all feel about tear trough fillers? I feel like it could be a really great option for looking brighter/younger without changing too much about yourself. Really considering blowing my birthday money on some

No. 149310

Idk about attainability in your country but. Garnier's new spf sensitive expert+ is cheap and bomb. I'm using Bioderma photoderm spf and it's nice too, it's shiny itself but works very well under makeup and the bottle is huge.
Imo it's not really worth getting the pricey sunblocks, because the ingredients are mostly the same and it's hard to find a product that will fit your needs and skin, so you have to go through quite few of them until you find your favourite.

No. 149314

File: 1598606119158.jpg (17.27 KB, 474x244, 71c2e09f35e9151fd825fa22b07191…)


I got this down a few weeks ago on the malar groove side. No one realized I got anything down, even my own mother, but def I look better and more refreshed. A+, would buy again, but make sure you find a REAL qualified doctor with a demonstrated history of comestic work/fillers and not a medspa/nurse/dentist whatever doing fillers on the cheap.

No. 149319

I'm planning on getting some within the next year or so. I used to be ambivalent about injectables but the more I get into skincare, the less I see it as a big deal. The only difference between tear trough fillers and my regular skincare is a needle, really. I'm still sort of afraid of lip fillers because they so often look terribly overdone, but I don't see how you could go too far wrong with tear trough fillers as long as you pick a reputable place for them.

No. 149325

I tried tear trough fillers once and I didn't love it tbh. I barely noticed a difference, and such an imperceptible change wasn't worth several hundred dollars for me personally. It also mildly repulsed that I could feel the filler beneath my skin when washing my face or applying skin products. Plus I've read that sometimes filler never fully dissolves over time and it can migrate to other parts of your head. Botox, on the other hand, is a game changer and I get it every few months or so.

Cerave Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion (SPF 30) is my favourite sunscreen currently. Affordable, fragrance free, no white cast, no greasiness, no pilling. I wear it either by itself or underneath Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (SPF 42) and some powder.

No. 149339

Maybe you didn’t really need them! That’s a good thing. I, on the other hand, have deeeep under eye hollowness that’s extremely noticeable. Every year it gets worse, it’s genetic in my family. Concealer doesn’t do anything, I always look like I have a sleepless resting bitch face.

No. 149340

Ive been wanting to try Botox for my forehead/concern lines, they’re not deep but starting to become noticeable this year. Does it really help, without making you expressionless? I’m mostly afraid of looking like I’ve had a lot of work done, I want to look natural despite cheating a bit lol

No. 149347

I'm >>149325 and I, too, have deep under eye hollowness that's extremely noticeable and can't be covered up by concealer because it's part of how my face is structured and it's genetic. So it's not like I wasn't an ideal candidate. Maybe my nurse didn't use enough filler, but then again, I could feel it under my skin so it was definitely there. All I'm saying is don't expect life-changing results, and keep in mind that it is a bit of a riskier procedure due to the proximity to the eyes.

I had the same concern as you about looking overdone but I still have quite a bit of movement in my forehead and it wears off fairly quickly compared to fillers. I can still raise my eyebrows and emote with my face. I can't really frown though, but I like looking like I'm perpetually unfazed by the bullshit life throws at me. Botox also helps to relieve my headaches that I get every so often.

No. 149349

File: 1598628114012.jpg (109.69 KB, 800x800, dark-circles-under-eyes-v2.jpg)

Anybody ever had a lower blepharoplasty or something else to lessen the severity of dark circles? I'm 26 and I have horrible, genetic dark circles like the before picture of this photo, and they've only gotten worse with age.

No. 149350

And by "something else" I mean something semi-permanent or permanent…

No. 149489

If you don’t mind my asking, how old were you when you started doing it? I’m trying to hold off as long as possible - but not really sure whether or not that matters in terms of a little Botox. Fillers for sure, I definitely am trying to wait as long as possible

No. 149494

Does anyone here use collagen peptide powders? So far I’ve actually seen a difference in my skin & hair. What foods or supplements do y’all use for beauty?

No. 149495

Tbh the face changes so much with time and conditions, it’s really hard to do something permanent and not regret it eventually. It’s best to go with the flow of your body imo, and use fillers when needed in small amounts for that sort of thing

No. 149532

I think I was 24 when I first started getting Botox.

No. 149537

I've been taking collagen supplements for a few months now and I haven't really noticed a change in my skin/hair but it really seems to help with muscle soreness after working out.

No. 149538

For anons who want to try sun screens you should know some things. You don't need 1/4 a tsp of sunscreen for your face. The 1/4 measurement was based off of men in the 95th percentile of faces, so pretty big. The average woman just needs 1/6 or 1/8 a tsp of sun screen.
Another thing is you have to apply sun screen to your neck and chest, if it's out in the sun. If you don't your face wont age, but your skin will which starts to look weird after a few years.
Finally anons with darker skin should try out chemical sun screens. Sunscreens based of a titanium and zinc are tinted white and will tint your skin white. This wont be noticeable on light skin, but on dark skin you can sometimes notice it.

No. 149558

When I use the supplements consistently I can feel a difference in my skin. It’s more supple & shaped

No. 149568

File: 1598770189922.jpeg (83.32 KB, 960x960, B49D20B9-7E47-4F1B-8477-69E470…)

It seems really promising if used consistently over the course of months/years tbh, I guess since our body stops making it supplementing it is a good thing to do. It’s also hard to get the proper amount through food, and a lot of collagen powders have vitamins/minerals that help with health as well

No. 149572

apparently the key combo is collagen with hylaurnoic acid.
I bought some on Amazon just a random brand that had a ton of reviews but it didn't turn up :|

No. 149576

Any anons have advice for adult acne? I had clear skin as a teenager, but after 20 I started getting lots of closed comedones on either side of my chin.
I'd hoped it would lessen with age but I suspect it's hormonal bc related so no such luck.

No. 149582

The Vital Proteins mix I’ve been drinking has hyaluronic acid in it! They’re not too pricey and easy to find

No. 149591

There’s this girl that I work with - assumes she was late twenties. She’s pretty ugly tbh, but I found out she’s 37 and looks like she’s in her 20s so now I’m mad and a bit jealous despite her unfortunate features lol

No. 149607

I turn 25 in two days.
I have insomnia and faint lines started to appear right under my eyes when I was 22.
There's now even more of these lines.
Am I screwed or will I look like a 45 year old by the time I hit 30?

No. 149615

I'm looking to get a cushion foundation due to the high SPF content in them, and I've heard that they're pretty good for people with dry or combo skin. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm a NC10/NC15 with dry aging skin.

No. 149616

Any of the Missha cushion foundations should be good

No. 149617

You should get a sunscreen and not rely on the spf in your make-up, it's not enough.

No. 149619

Oh I know, I was just thinking about reapplication of it during the day whilst wearing make up. Having a cushion compact with a high SPF to 'top up' throughout the day might be more beneficial than having to remove my make up to then reapply sunscreen.

No. 149640

I turned 26 last week, and I think I’m doing under eye fillers to lessen the aging around my eyes

No. 149641

Leave her alone then, at least she's got something

No. 149642


I've researched this for myself and apparently it's only relevant if you have a excessive skin or fat pad that's become herniated or something or that nature that they can pull up/tighten. If you have a true tear trough deformity due to underdeveloped eye and cheek bone that doesn't provide enough scaffolding for you midface or congenital lack of fat, blepharosplasty won't do anything for you. The pic you added looks to me like a straight up tear trough deformity. Most doctors specializing in fillers will tell you the best way to deal with tear troughs is to fill them; doctors specializing in plastic surgery will tell you the best way is to get implants that compensate for your flat midface. I guess I'm getting fillers because I don't want to do surgery.

No. 149667

I have a question for the girls on here - I’m 26 this month. My bf is 43. He really adds to my aging insecurities because whenever there’s an actress on television or a coworker at work that’s my age he assumes they’re much younger than me. Does this mean I look like I’m in my 30s to him? It really hurts when he assumes an actress is 20, when she’s actually my age. Wtf is going on here?

No. 149670

This isn’t dumbass shit thread anon, take this shit elsewhere unless you’re gonna spill her skincare routine

No. 149672

You’re dating a gross guy who obviously goes for younger women & he’s projecting his insecurities about being a dinosaur by intentionally making you feel like you look old.
Next time tell him that Woody Harleson looks like he could be his younger brother or some shit

No. 149675

I’m definitely the youngest he’s been with in the last couple decades. His exes were all 30-40. I’m really freaked out and hurt by the thought that he assumes I look way older than women my age… other people assume I’m younger. He knows I’m insecure about aging, too. Sometimes he tells me I look like a kid. But then he does this shit. Maybe I should just be with someone my age

No. 149677

Sounds like he’s gaslighting you. Yeah anon leave that trash behind & find someone your age. He probably holds you back & isn’t as fun as your peers anyway.
Leave his denture wearing ass behind & have a fun life

No. 149680

>Sometimes he tells me I look like a kid
Thats really fucking weird especially because of the huge age gap. Im pretty biased i would never date someone that much older as me, so my advice would just to break up with him kek.

No. 149682

First and foremost you should be with someone who doesn't seek to hit you right where your insecurities are. From what you've said here, I don't think that's him.

No. 149686

Why are you dating someone who was an adult before you could even walk? Ask grandad if he needs some new glasses to go with his limp dick pills. And then dump him

No. 149707

Hi anon. I'm 29 and dating a 43 year old too. Yours is being an asshole. He ought to feel lucky he matched with someone so younger than himself and treat you accordingly. You could easily be with someone your age, but him? Not so much.
You just need to be with someone who doesn't obsess about your age and looks in order to feel secure about their dating decisions. Sounds like he calls you old/young depending on his mood.

No. 149710

Those geriatrics better have money anons

No. 149712

gross, i hope they are rich at least

No. 149713

Mine treats me very well, thankfully.
I've dated some dudes 1 or 2 years older or younger and they've made me feel super fucking old or like a dumb kid depending on what they'd wanna neg me for or feel less insecure about. Men like that just need to be trashed regardless of age and wealth.

No. 149716

Are one of you the anon who posted a picture of her 43 yo boyfriend on the relationship thread

No. 149721

That's me >>149707. If a scrote insulted my age I would dump him.

No. 149736

I’m >>149667

And nope, this is the first time I’ve posted about him here

No. 149737

He’s actually as broke as I am… we’ve been together for over two years now, I’m starting to feel really tired of the age gap & wondering why he’s as broke as I am at his age. I also never spend time with people who are in their 20s like me, and I think the relationship is taking a huge toll on my mental health. I feel ancient and decrepit

No. 149744

Does anyone have any tips for appearing younger? Like, fashion tips or generally how you put yourself together before you go out?

No. 149750

Why would you want to?

My only tip is to not go ham on childish clothing because that ages you further and not have thin hooker brows, but other than that just wear what you like bro.

No. 149752

I guess I’ve given into the whole youth favoritism in our society, and I hate it when I’m in public and people assume I’m older than 21. I have a mental breakdown if I’m not ID’d, too. I have this constant complex about men perceiving me as “hitting the wall”

No. 149754


No. 149755

Don’t really get why you’re “bruh”-ing that

No. 149756

>I hate it when I’m in public and people assume I’m older than 21
I mean… are you not? So what if you are? Do you see 17 year olds fretting about looking older than 13? Assuming you're in your 20s, everyone worships 20-somethings and people tend to look the same ages 20-30, enjoy it and don't worry about things like that.

No. 149758

I’m 26 unfortunately. Deep down I wish I still looked 18, and I feel the fear of 30 looming heavy honestly… people assumed I was 18/19 until about two years ago, and I hate looking older

No. 149759

It’s literally so hard to enjoy my 20s when I know society views it as the “last of my good looks”

No. 149762

Anyone ever tried these serum bottles from Tree of life?
I've also heard about taking MSM supplements to improve the skin, do they work? What other kind of supplements do you anons take for your skin?

No. 149763

I'm 32 and I got ID'd alot up until lately (drinking age is 18 here) I want people to recognise me as a grown ass woman tbh.

18 year olds are babies. I've been through a lot of since turning 18, please world treat me like it lol

No. 149769

Humblebrag lol

No. 149773

Your priorities might be different but 'I wish I looked my age' is not a brag. It's just someone having the opposite problem.

No. 149774

Are you the same 26 year old that was dating a 43 year old and crying about how he comments on how old you look? You sound like her. Even said the same thing about hitting the wall yesterday in that thread

No. 149775

I drink collagen everyday and notice some benefits. I’ve been thinking of MSM myself. Not exactly a supplement, but I drink a green smoothie everyday too (mostly kale, with some fruit and avocado). It’s really great for your skin and health

No. 149778

File: 1598975073179.jpg (70.38 KB, 750x750, almost 50.jpg)

Don't tan. Wear sunscreen. Use lotion. Ignore the jealous bitches who call you Casper because at 30 I still get mistaken for 18 and my coworker, who is 24, has some deep-ass permanent wrinkles on her face from tanning. Don't give in, ladies!

No. 149779

Yeah that’s me. I get scared of “hitting the wall” because I browse 4chan too much and let the men there influence my thinking on accident

No. 149780

why do you care about the opinion of cumbrained assholes?

No. 149781

File: 1598975658180.jpeg (Spoiler Image,120.73 KB, 750x927, 59f93c7a9a96e.jpeg)

>I browse 4chan too much and let the men there influence my thinking on accident
you have to remember what the average user of 4chan is. either underage or a manchild permavirgin who tells himself these things to cope with the fact he repels everyone around him

No. 149782

Ntayrt but because we're conditioned to

No. 149783

No. 149785

I tend to forget that, thank you anon

No. 149786

One of my fave parts of aging is how men don't approach me like I'm some malleable idiot anymore.

Wouldn't want to go back to those days. I'll take looking like a capable adult over that painful phase anyday.

No. 149787

Fuck I wish I could easily adopt your positive attitude

No. 149798

Then don't. They only think 16 year old tiktokers and anime lolis are attractive. Just the same as men on omegle are pedos and will consider you too old. Why would you care about their opinions? Men will fuck anything, you'll be attractive enough to most that aren't degenerates. Not much has changed since your early 20s in that regard.

No. 149800

I’ve been with older men since I was 15. Maybe my views on attractiveness are warped because of this. At 15, I had a 19 year old bf. At 20, a 34 year old. Now at 26, a 43 year old. Maybe I’ve been dating pedos all along

No. 149801

Fuck yes, I feel the same. I used to have trashy men constantly mess with me when I was in my early teens to twenties. They KNEW I was young and would pressure me to do inappropriate things, try to make me "theirs," ask blatantly rude questions.

Now I do still get the odd catcall, but men are typically much less invested in it, so to speak. Before they believed I'd give in with enough pestering, where now I can tell them to fuck off and they actually do as requested. What's more is I can genuinely say I look better now than I ever have. Made me realize that garbage humans like that really don't give two shits about appearance but are seeking girls because they know they're typically less confident and easier to manipulate. It's disgusting but on the personal level, I'm relieved it's so much easier for me to see through that. Funny how every women goes from a gorgeous babe to an ugly bitch the second you stand up to their bullying.

No. 149802

File: 1598987406318.jpeg (64.16 KB, 828x791, ADCB39DF-AFBD-4F2B-AB88-2BFE87…)

No. 149805

Which brand do you use?

No. 149806

That really is not a humblebrag, no one wants to be mistaken as a child as an adult. Its really fucking annoying.

No. 149808

File: 1598994054826.jpg (20.03 KB, 414x277, 391620_10150531385294202_17099…)

>Maybe I’ve been dating pedos all along
No, really? You think so?

No. 149809

File: 1598994452515.jpg (39.87 KB, 1100x1026, 54455482eab8ea361710fecc.jpg)

Reminder that most men are degenerates and you should want to take care of your skin for yourself, not for them!

No. 149810

Same, the amount of skincare with proven efficacy is so freaking small and it can only affect the topmost layers of skin. I don’t blame someone for spending their money on injectables instead. I liked giving advice and stuff on places like reddit but stopped because so many people were expecting miracles out of creams and got offended when I said that no lotion was gonna fix their sagging skin or eyebags or whatever.

No. 149811

I'm 28 and I still get asked for my id in some places. Doesn't have much to do with looking young sometimes it's just required.

No. 149828

My bf is 32 and gets ID'd every time and definitely doesn't look 18 lol. Most places will ID you to be consistent cause it's easier?? Sorry bitch you most likely look your age.

No. 149829

>sorry bitch you look your age

Thats exactly what I said. I said establishments id people because it is required and usually has nothing to do with looking young. Learn to read kek

No. 149830

Sorry anon, I was just piggybacking off of your experience as well lol

No. 149844

This is exactly what makes me insecure. And it’s disgusting

No. 149845

Like literally makes me want to die, knowing most men think I’m unattractive if I look over 20. This is exactly why I’m terrified of aging. And it’s true. Best off myself at 30, tbh.

No. 149852

File: 1599033655100.png (237.31 KB, 974x954, wamen.png)

This is depressing.

No. 149853

>Best off myself at 30, tbh.
Or you could find a reason to live other than male validation, jesus christ. Do you think women are worthless if we're unfuckable?

Get hobbies, learn things, make friends, improve yourself, travel, build a career… there are a million things to do in life other than be hot. And even when you hit the supposed wall, you'll still get 100x more attention than your average scrot because no matter what they say about our age, we have inherent value they will never experience.

No. 149858

I'm gonna risk sounding like men apologist but not all men are like this either. I think the statistics are depressing too but it doesn't appeal strictly to everyone.
If I'm completely honest with myself, I'm terrified of becoming old and not being able to use my looks to my advantage anymore, but right now i'm almost 30 and see no difference in how I'm being treated compared to 10 years ago, so I hope this just keeps going. And maybe when I'm 50 I'll be able to stop caring about stuff like this.

Additional weird thing that kinda helped me with getting a new perspective is a reality tv that's been pretty popular in my country, one season follows about 12 people aged 60 and more, 6 men and 6 women, who are all searching for love. They really are attracted to each other over the course of the show, there are many compliments, seniors getting flustered like teenagers over their new crushes and stuff like this. Made me believe there's a real chance to be able to find a partner when you're old too.

No. 149859

Sounds fun. What's the show's name? Do you think there are subtitles available?

Btw, now that we're at this topic, my boyfriend's grandma just found her true love in the retirement home at 88. He's 84, still has his own house and went to her retirement home to check it out for one or two weeks. They pretty much fell in love instantly and have been inseparable since. My boyfriend and his mom are unable to reach her a lot of the time because she's always out doing stuff with her new boyfriend (which is kind of inconsiderate of the other people at the home because of corona, but that's a whole other story, I mean I probably would have a hard time giving a shit too if I fell madly in love at 88).

No. 149860

Name is "Sanatorium Miłości" ("Health spa of love"? I'm not the most creative translator) No subtitles unfortunately, but while looking for them I found some articles about english-speaking countries being interesting in purchasing a license for the show so there's a chance we will get something similar in a more accessible language than just Polish. It's definitely a very wholesome thing to watch.

Sounds like your bf's grandma is having the best time right now, totally understandable she'd rather focus on a new love. Yet another proof life doesnt end after 30 even though media/popculture try to convince us it does.

No. 149861

File: 1599040627535.jpeg (116.14 KB, 691x1024, FAF344BC-E862-4086-8B03-56B7D2…)

Anyone have any 25+ models or actresses that inspire them in terms of getting older? This is one of my inspirations

No. 149862

Qveen Herby (34), I think she's insanely hot.

No. 149863

File: 1599040942856.jpeg (277.39 KB, 750x1033, 1DACFE89-F131-43F8-AEF9-8A6D8B…)

35 years old in this pic

No. 149864

File: 1599041035850.jpeg (60.85 KB, 565x754, D626107B-C656-41CA-8DC3-31F6A6…)

Late twenties

No. 149865

File: 1599041133826.jpg (79.52 KB, 1082x720, iloveher.jpg)

No. 149866

File: 1599041186988.jpg (260.43 KB, 1023x1600, Jessica-Lange-2003.jpg)

Way older than 25, but Jessica Lange, I think she was around 54 in this picture.
Anyone else think we should have a thread for cool women over the age of 30?

No. 149867

File: 1599041286648.jpg (180.77 KB, 1500x1001, grandmagoals.jpg)

And once skin care doesn't help anymore, I aspire to be like Iris Apfel

No. 149868

That’s a great thread idea. Also I’d let Jessica Lange murder me if she wanted to

No. 149869

File: 1599041418156.jpeg (307.91 KB, 750x729, FBB5582F-BE12-4468-B193-69D1C5…)

34 here

No. 149874

File: 1599043076650.jpg (930.43 KB, 1000x1500, Jennifer-Connelly-2.jpg)

Jennifer Connelly, 49

No. 149877

this, I looked 35 at 19 because I was genuinely ugly as a teen + autistic with no sense of fashion, and men would still approach me because I was demonstrably dumb as fuck.

No. 149878

find some female friends and stop being pathetic, i say this for your own good

No. 149881

Made a thread: >>>/g/149875

No. 149890

> Sorry bitch you most likely look your age.
Weirdly triggered response

IME I've shown my passport to cashiers and they tend to laughingly offer an apology when they see I'm in my thirties. I don't know if your bf gets the same reaction but where I live.. still getting ID'd in your 30s means you definitely have a babyface. They don't just ID everyone here.

No. 149891

I dont care if men find me attractive considering what most of them look like.

No. 149892

Bitch, if you suffer sooo much because of looking sooo young, then literally what are you doing in the thread for anti-aging…?

No. 149893

Girls, if you're 30 and look ugu 18 just start drink hard liquor and smoking everyday. Let soul crushing depression turn your hair grey. It worked for me.

No. 149896

>Bitch, if you suffer sooo much
I didn't say I suffer, I said I get ID'd and laugh it off with the cashier… Maybe you should go chill anon.

No. 149900

I wish I had some girl friends, I literally have 0. That’s why I come here - to chat with girls that I can relate to. It really sucks not having any friends irl, just guy pals and men that are pursuing me. I wish I knew how to make real friends

No. 149904

Being an annoying attention whore is not a cute look for somebody in their mid 30s. Again, this is not the thread for your blogposting, let people who suffer from the opposite of your situation have a space to discuss and try to combat their problems.

No. 149918

Tip. If you tag multiple anons and call em all bitch at the start of each response you'll find the thread will go to shit real fast.

Actual skincare post.
I have a friend requesting an anti-redness product for her bday. We have very different skintones so I don't know where to even start. She's about to turn 30, normally a very low maintenance girl so I think the upcoming birthday has her wanting to take better care of herself.

So do anti redness products actively combat the underlying cause? Is redness condsidered a side effect of aging in fair skinned people? Any product recommendations would be great.

No. 149924

Nothing new but please use sunscreen and don't eat garbage or nothing at all. Eating is crucial, anachans look 50+ although they are only 30. Sunscreen is mandatory, your skin will go to shit fast if you don't protect it.

I'm 33 and I feel SO much more beautiful than when I was in my 20s. My face just looks more sophisticated with every year and my body gets stronger since I eat better and work out more. No humblebrag, just a reminder for the psycho-anon who thinks she's hitting ~the wall~, love yourself gurl, you're only getting better.
Also, when that 'rona shit's over, do some courses, play some sports, pick up a hobby, join a club, that's how you meet new people as an adult.

No. 149926

Vitamin C, azelaic acid and niacinamide are recommended ingredients to reduce redness! Look for creams and serums. All of them have to be used separately though, can be different times of the day, just not two of them at once. You can also pick up some soothing toners or facemasks with ingrediends like aloe vera or cucumber. And, what's probably the most important would be a sunscreen with SPF, you can find some with a green tint which helps a lot with reducing a visibility of red tones, I'm using Avene Redness Relief Soothing Cream but it's just an example of what to look for. From what I know Kiehl's has some nice products too.
There can be a lot of reasons for face redness unfortunately so it's hard to say what is it in case of your friend.

No. 149942

who is on tretinoin? i've been using an AHA since i was 23 but just turned 27 and feel like it's finally time for me to graduate into the big girl actives.

No. 149971

Just commenting because I’m curious about this too. Is it only available with a prescription?

No. 149990


My brother had some when I was in highschool that I used to borrow. It’s prescribed sometimes for really bad acne, which is how he got his hands on it. It’s the strongest form of retinol out there. I think if you ask for a prescription you can get some but it’s pricey even with insurance. If I’m remembering correctly my mom paid around $60 for the tube, but it lasts forever.

No. 149991

I’m that anon and I really appreciate this. Thank you

No. 149993

I quit drinking for 5 months last year and noticed instant change. I started drinking again for the rest of the year. THIS year, I'm quitting for real this time (gods, let this be true), and I've been just over 8 months without a cigarette or drink. I'm 34, and somehow in the last 2 years my face has aged in reverse. I compared myself to various pictures of me at 25, 26, 27, all the way to 32. My face looks younger than it did in my mid-20s, and if that isn't motivation for me to never drink again, I don't know what is. I know that for a lot of ppl, quitting drinking isn't something you're thinking about at all, because you don't have a problem, but even cutting back, I think, can have an effect. Oh, and just don't smoke.

No. 150009

Totally agree–I notice even after one night of drinking, the next morning all my fine lines are much more noticeable and I look haggard. Then after a day or two my skin bounces back. It's dehydrating you–honestly just drinking lots of water can do wonders for the skin.

No. 150012


That may be the most attractive visually, but it doesn't mean they actual try to date 20 year olds, and most guys over 27+ don't actively try to meet that age range because they expect to be turned down. As long as you look hot, men will come to you. My mom told me a story once about a 22 year hitting on her when she was 33 thinking she was his age.

No. 150017

I've been using it for two years now. It is the best thing I have ever bought for my skin. First I ordered it online, then I bought several tubes on a trip abroad and then I was able to convince my GP to prescribe it. It made 90% of my skincare products redundant. It does the job of BHA, AHA and niacinamide. It prevents acne, slows down wrinkles, and refines skin texture.

That said the first 4-6 months were rough. The first month or two my skin was getting 'retinized' and peeled unattractively. After that my skin looked good bare but would show microflakes with makeup (I recommend bb cushions to reduce texture). And then one day my skin felt perfect. It wont make you look airbrushed but its the closest thing we have if you can get past that rough period. Also I got better results from .05% than .025%. I absolutely recommend it. I you have any family in Mexico ask them to mail you some tubes, I bought 5 for $3 USD.

No. 150030

> First I ordered it online
Do you mind telling where?
I'm in the EU so I don't know where to get it. If other eu anons know, please tell.

No. 150035

Would also like to know, I live in a Scandinavian country and all "retinol" products here contain minuscule amounts of retinyl palmitate and nothing stronger, are overpriced as fuck compared to the UK or other countries (The Ordinary 0,5% retinol is ~30€), and to get actual retinoids you have to see a dermatologist, which is on its own expensive since you have to go private, but if you don't have acne and need it for anti-aging they will just refuse to give it to you.

No. 150045

I'm a eurofag too and for some reason The Ordinary doesn't ship to my country, are there any good alternatives?
I used a korean retinal for a year but the amount it contained was so small that it didn't do anything for me, I neither had a "purge" nor did my skin get any better.

I'm also still searching for a sunscreen and an eye cream that don't irritate my eyes.

No. 150062

I’m also interested in knowing where to order online

No. 150066

I think you'll have to get it from one of those Indian online webshops that sell all the good stuff we can't get in the EU without a recipe.

No. 150076

Are they reliable? I feel hesitant putting something on my face that comes from a shady site.
The sitution in the EU is terrible. I don't know why we can't have a simple skin care product without having to jump through hoops to get it.

No. 150079

NTA but yeah they’re fine. In fact the one I order from even has “reliable” in the name lol. Here’s a video where someone talks about their experience: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntoz2NPRQNg

They didn’t steal my info and product works fine. Check ReliableRXPharmacy out on TrustPilot if you’re still nervous, they have plenty of good reviews.

No. 150083

Thank you so much! I will definitely give it a try.

No. 150085

>The sitution in the EU is terrible.
It's well known that the EU is stricter with medicine than a lot of places abroad are, but from a safety perspective I don't think that's necessarily "terrible".

No. 150135

Yeah, you're right. But when it comes to retinoids, it just sucks.

No. 150180


This video is kinda like a mantra I listen to weekly, it really helps with aging related anxiety

No. 150220

Anyone familiar with L'Occitane products? Used their 15% shea lotion for a few years now and I'm getting some Immortelle Divine cream soon (yay for birthdays), not a big deal in any real scheme of things but internally it's so conflicting. It feels like a branching path moment almost, do I really want to start relying on such expensive products for my face? $110USD for 50mls of magic. What the fuck! That cash can be used so much better elsewhere! But the fleeting youth though. Then the guilt of caring about something so frivolous which is also stupid because of course your visage is important… while there being a point of entirely too much and I'm knee-deep in the wrong tax bracket for it. The brightening and smoothing effects are noticeable straight away and fairly significantly however, so I can just save it for special occasions.

I don't know what this post turned into lol #beautyvent

No. 150269

Is this a high end product that really works? I’m really curious about which spends products are actually worth the money as well

No. 150370

Does anyone here have fair skin and dirty blonde hair? My skin is almost translucent in some areas. Any anti-aging tips for very fair skin? Am I fucked?

No. 150490

What diet do y’all follow for maintaining a youthful body/glowy skin? I’ve been really focused on plant based, non-processed eating specifically for beauty purposes

No. 150492

I can't really help you with any of that, but my mom has two sisters who are both blonde with pinkish skin tones and they both look 50 in their mid-60s (one of them has worked in stables without using sun screen her whole life). Look at the women in your family, it has a lot to do with genetics!

No. 150594

I've added sweet potato, broccoli sprouts and fermented foods, I eat kefir milk, homemade yogurt which is piss easy to make. Gonna consider switching kefir milk with something like kimchi or sauerkraut.
I think when I went healthy vegan a few years ago my skin got worse, a lot more dull was really sad because I felt healthy but looked like death.

No. 150601

I have the immortelle divine cream, and i like the smell and the feeling of it, thing is I have oily skin (9 weeks isotretinoin) and after using even a small amount my face feels kind of greasy. Not sure if I'm using it incorrectly or something like that because it happens to me a lot with sunscreens and thick moisturizers, even back when I was a teenager really. If you have dry skin I'd imagine it would do wonders and feel even better on the skin though.

It was kind of expensive though lol, my mom gave it to me as a present and refused to tell me the price. I had to look it up myself.
Seconding this… I have jet black hair but my skin is very fair and translucent as well. I have some spider veins that have been on my face for a long time but are getting darker with age. It's not surprising in a way, my mom has the same spider vein problem, but she seems to not mind it(?). Dad is considerably darker skinned so it's a bit hard to tell, but I only see very slight spider veins.

No. 150605

samefag but lol I just tried blotting the cream with a sheet of toilet paper and the greasy feeling completely went away. Not sure if it's worth the price yet, but it feels amazing now.

No. 150607

Girl wtf, if you have oily skin do NOT use thick moisturizers! gel ones are your best friends. Kiehls has a good one called Calendula serum-infused water cream. Theres a cult one by Clinique, the face gel moisturizer too.

My mother always said if you're going to spend a good amount of money on something, do it on your face! Like get a good/expensive foundation, face creams etc etc.

No. 150613

Yes, I do. I'm aging badly even though I wear factor 50+, don't drink alcohol, and don't smoke - despite this, I don't think we're automatically fucked. I think things like retinol and lots of water and sleep and collagen/hylaronic acid supps can help slow the tide. If you have nice bone structure, that's often a better indicator of how good you'll look as you age.
All we can do is our best.

No. 150632

>do NOT use thick moisturizers! gel ones are your best friends.
Well damn, that's embarrassing, I should have found this out earlier. I should go looking for a good gel that fights hyperpigmentation. Thanks anon!

No. 150643

I think there are instances of "you get what you pay for" when it comes to skincare. A lot is just overhyped, overpriced trash of course, but I look for before/after pics and positive reviews outside of a company's website. Also, sadly even when some people have great results, every product isn't going to be compatible with your skin, so there's still trial and error involved.

Can't comment on L'Occitane, but one of my estheticians recommends Obagi and they do seem to get good results. I was also turned onto an Australian brand called Roccoco Botanicals by another esthetician, and imo some of their serums are worth the price. (They have before/afters on their Instagram.) My skin has a really poor moisture barrier after blasting it with shitty products in my teens, so using their stuff has helped my skin stay plump and smooth without feeling heavy, which has been enough to justify the cost for me.

I also like Korean PLLA products like Sculplla and Caviplla. But overall, I try to save the big bucks for procedures like microneedling and fibroblast tightening, because these have generated the biggest results for me.

No. 150654

Check out biotherm, they have good gel ones that are anti aging as well

No. 150872

What makes you think you’re aging badly? I’m sure you look good anon

Who here has invested money in procedures that are actually worth it? I keep looking into microneedling, ultherapy, dermal fillers etc. but I can’t decide which is worth investing in

No. 150875

My bf does not help my fear of aging. He’s sitting around rn watching a show made for teenagers, with a teenaged cast of 15-18yo girls scantily clad & going through awful lifetime movie coming of age problems. The show and acting is literally fucking terrible, so I know he’s just watching it for the half naked teens

No. 150877

What's the show?

No. 150879

Cobra Kei… lol. Maybe I’m wrong but all I see when I walk in the room is teenage drama and teenage girls, with some karate (teenage boys) I mean he’s 44 for Christ sake

No. 150880

A 44 year old man dating a (presumably) much younger woman, watching a show with halfnaked teens doesn't say much good about him.

No. 150881

I’m 26. Yeah I feel that, heavy. I once looked at his porn history and it was a lot of petite teen videos, very small women dressed in children’s clothing and little girl panties etc. fuck. Just end me. I think I’d feel better about growing older if I wasn’t aware of his turn ons

No. 150899

What are you doing with this waste of a man? I'm not just basing that question on this post but the fact that I've seen your posts about him for weeks now. Why are you with this man?

No. 150901

I don’t know. Because he takes care of me and I’m afraid of being alone, and afraid of losing his affection

No. 150903

dump him and get a therapist instead ffs, the guy is a full on pedophile by the looks of it.

No. 150907

>I’m afraid of being alone
>afraid of losing his affection

anon… that's not healthy.

A middleaged man dating a young woman is always a red flag imo, always question the intentions of a man who dates a woman 15+ years younger than him instead of a peer. On top of that yours evidently has kinks that are pedo-ish.

You should really evaluate yours and his reasons to be in this relationship.

No. 150917

File: 1599754759483.jpeg (17.35 KB, 280x177, 2D7B6855-7BB5-46A4-AE2B-A88203…)

>Who here has invested money in procedures that are actually worth it? I keep looking into microneedling, ultherapy, dermal fillers etc. but I can’t decide which is worth investing in
I can speak to the first two. I like microneedling, it’s been shown time and again to give great results, but you need consistency and patience. After your first few sessions you won’t see much change, but over time it can eliminate wrinkles and improve skin texture. I purchased a dermapen for a couple hundred bucks that I use at home monthly. At one point I paid about $700 for microneedling with radiofrequency from a professional to see how much more quickly the results would come, but while I do believe pairing with RF quickens the process, I believe I would’ve needed a solid 3 sessions and I didn’t have the money for that. As it stands I only saw general improvements in my skin tone and texture (which was something, at least). But having been doing it for a while myself, I do see the fine lines I have becoming less pronounced.

When I saw the esthetician I asked about ultherapy and she said it’s basically the more high powered version of RF and she doesn’t typically recommend it for women who are under 50. It’s more about skin tightening/lifting vs just reducing surface wrinkles. Even the main company (Ulthera) reports that their procedure may cause “muscle weakness, numbness, pain, paresthesia, and tingling that ‘typically’ resolves within 6 weeks“ and I don’t want to fuck with that and give myself nerve damage. If my skin ever gets that far I’ll just have a face lift and be done with it.

No. 150922

I've always been scared to try home micro needling. How have you been doing it safely? What pen do you use?

No. 150929

Is it safe to do at home?

No. 150930

Well, I'm no professional but I've tried to follow as many safety procedures as I can. I toss my needles after every session, and even though each cartridge is individually sealed, I also soak them in isopropyl alcohol before use. I cleanse my face normally then use a cotton swab with alcohol on my face as well. This is drying, but I'd rather make sure I don't incidentally jab bacteria into my skin, so worth. I haven't had any negative reactions or infections yet. After you're finished you should either leave your face alone or apply something gentle like a hyaluronic acid serum, but nothing like Retin-A (until several days afterwards) that could cause inflammation.

I know you can buy numbing creams but it's just another step I don't want to have to deal with and the pain isn't too bad imo. (Though I do have a fairly high pain tolerance.) I really don't feel much in fattier areas like my cheeks, the worst is usually the forehead since there's less "padding" there, but it's still nothing intolerable.

I have a "Dr. Pen" (https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Microneedling-Wireless-Electric-Cartridges/dp/B07J468Y9N), there are some nice before/afters from a customer on Amazon too.

No. 150934

How do you find out if you have thick or thin skin?

No. 150941

File: 1599765205578.jpg (11.48 KB, 640x213, 15ed89f0ced85b9c904b3f316456c7…)

I can't believe I'm an old Christmas Cake and still have oily/acne prone skin. I thought I would outgrow it eventually, but noooo I just get acne and wrinkles now. Get me off this ride.

No. 150943

Oily skin is genetic and never goes away. Your acne might, but definitely don't expect your skin type to change. My mom is 60 and still has oily af skin. I'll be that way too. You must accept your fate anon I'm sorry.

No. 150945

If it helps, people who still get acne tend/have oilier skin tend to get less wrinkles? Maybe you just need to moisturize more! Here's hoping us oilynons get less wrinkles as we age. Cheers!

No. 150952

I have this too and I'm so fucking pissed. Acne since age 10, so I never got to experience nice, clear skin before getting fine lines. Fml.

No. 150953

The "people with oily skin get less wrinkles" is mostly an old wives' tale. It might help against some fine lines/forehead wrinkles, but it's pretty negligible.

Same anon, acne hit me hard at the start of puberty. It definitely subsided in my early 20s, but I was really hoping I'd stop being so greasy and needing oil blotting sheets 3x a day.

No. 150969

File: 1599774545825.jpeg (7.75 KB, 230x219, images (4).jpeg)

For the anons talking about ultherapy, please don't ever do it. It's intense heat that essentially destroys the fat in your face. Fat makes you look younger and gives plump skin. What do you think happens when fat and flesh is exposed to high heat? It cooks and burns. It should ONLY be used as a means to reduce fat if you have too much, say for that pesky fat under the chin but never used for the whole face and definitely should never be used for the midface either. It causes permanent damage, including but not limited to permanent nerve damage.
Pic related.

No. 150970

Samefag but here is more info on the damage ultherapy causes.

You'd be better with facelifts and prp fat grafts for effective anti aging and rejuvenation.

No. 150971

Cerave urea moisturiser has been a life changer. Never had smooth skin before, always bumpy and rough esp the sebaceous areas on the chin and nose.

Anyone else get negligible results from aha/bha?

No. 150972

Wow, anon, this gives me anxiety. That poor woman.

No. 151006

anyone else's main problem is just really rough, orange peel texture/large pores? I don't even have wrinkles, I just hate how rough my skin is on my nose and cheeks. I'm thinking of doing a chemical peel but am afraid of the potential to get burned. I've tried retinol/tretinol and it just made me really red and irritated.

No. 151008

Anon are you me? Literally haven't had smooth, blemish free skin since I was a kid. And now that my breakouts and hyperpigmentation are finally subsiding, it's not even worth it because I've got worry lines. Just fucking end me already.

No. 151015

I share thy pain, anon. Mine got way smaller after going foundation free, using strong vitamin c products and aha bha exfoliant on top of my normal routine. I also use retinoid but not that often.

No. 151020

This is exactly my problem and it drives me mad. I've used AHA BHA products which have helped a tiny bit, cleansing for at least 60 seconds also can help. But retinol/salicylic acid/niacinamide have made no difference.

I've read Q switch laser is the best for pore size so it's next on my list once my city is out of lockdown.

No. 151067

Does anyone else have very irritable skin? Sometimes I have redness in my nasolabial folds/laugh lines area after I smile or when it's hot outside. Same for my forehead, it becomes red if I frown. My visits to multiple derms have been useless, they don't know what to do about it and don't consider it a concern, but I would like to emote and go out in the sun like normal people without worrying of instantly getting beet red "wrinkles" for smiling for 3 seconds. It's been like this for years and years.
I have oily skin, use cleanser and a gel moisturizer twice a day.

No. 151071

See a cosmetologist, they'd have a better idea how to take care of your skin issue. Dermatologist are often not that well educaded on skincare.

No. 152894

Does anyone know what Ariana Grande does, or if she’s had plastic surgery/injections of any kind? She looks sooo young, and she’s 27

No. 152907

She's had a brow lift and a nose job for sure, lip fillers too. Otherwise she looks young because she is.

No. 152910

27 is young, and you know she has the best skin care regimen that money can buy

No. 152914

Childish face, low body fat, the best nutritionist and trainers, regular expensive beauty treatments, photoshoop, and plastic surgery. Honestly just eat well work out and wear sunscreen, not much else the average person can do. You're not a sex symbol, relax, not everyone has to look forever 16.

No. 153134

Browlift, lip injections, nosejob and fuckton of fillers

No. 153551

File: 1601597421886.jpg (30.41 KB, 828x497, EjD5sqoUwAEu7EG.jpg)

hey you guys, i found something i think is interesting, thoughts?


we all know collagen and elastin are very important, and fat loss is just as important. I didn’t think there was much we could do prevention-wise like we can with collagen and elastin, but the small article i linked seems to suggest otherwise.
I found the discussion or whatever while looking for anti aging prevention that didn’t revolve around skin texture but more so volume and density, which is managed by our dermal fatty tissue. I know of facial exercises and cutting down sugar, but wanted some more proactive info.

No. 153552

I looove how my face looks now that I’m losing my baby fat. My features looked awkward before. Now you can actually see my bone structure and things like my nose somehow fit my face more (I have sharper features which didn’t look good as good with the roundness)

The only thing is that my skin now wrinkles noticeably. I don’t have any wrinkles quite yet, but when I love my face there are creases where there didn’t used to be.

Toying with the idea of Botox, but my mom insisted I wait until 40. She started when I was 50 and insists it will look more natural/less plastic.

I’m going to give it a few more years before I decide (I’m 28) but wondering what other anons think? Are your 20s too soon?

No. 153555

Since when is 25 old? The internet is breaking everyone's minds jesus

No. 153585

Anon, your post gives me hope. I have an ugly ass, round baby-face and am working on lowering my body fat percentage. My features are pretty average and boring, ngl, but I'd hope losing the fat on my face will help me look a bit better.

About the botox, I heard it's actually recommended for you to start treating the lines/wrinkles in your 20s. It's more like a preventative measure rather than "treatment." Definitely talk with your dermatologist first though.

No. 153592

No. 153602

Ok I’ll bite, but I’m not good with the scientific terminology. What is this suggesting we do?

No. 153637

It’s not suggesting you do anything, they just discovered that suppressing some protein would help keep skin youthful but as of now there’s too many side effects for that to be used as an actual treatment

No. 153652

the only useful thing i took from it was mixing raspberry extract with dmso, and taking ursolic acid supplements, everything else carries possible side effects.

No. 153918

I always had clear skin without any effort, the only thing I had to do with my face was to wash it. And then suddenly right around my 25th birthday I started having first symptoms of rosacea. Nothing in my life changed except the amount of stress. My mother also had it, is it possible that this shitty gene was activated by high stress or was it meant to happen regardless? The stuff prescribed by my dermatologist doesn't really do much. It got better only now when there's less sunlight (during summer my face was turning red after spending like 10 minutes in the open air). I basically eliminated sugar from my diet but I can't go without a strong coffee, I don't have much time and strenght for preparing healthy meals. Any tips?

No. 153927


Green tinted primers or concealers? Those are usually recommended for redness.

No. 153949

If it's genetic no diet is gonna help you - although avoid spicy food for obvious reasons. Unfortunately high SPF protection and concealer are your only friends now.

No. 154015


I did botox a few time around my eyes and I regret it. I feel like it mildly but def weakened the muscles around that area which made my cheeks less defined. IDK my eye/cheek area is sunken by nature, my craniofacial structure is trash, but maybe if you have good cheekbones it wont matter for you.

I also had it done in my jawline twice to shrink my jaw muscle which is overdeveloped, so I don't believe doctors who claim it doesn't shrink the muscles at all.

No. 154023

File: 1601936597041.gif (208.52 KB, 632x480, original.gif)

So my mom has been looking at my face cream descriptions and realized they're anti-aging and said i'm too young to start worrying about wrinkles. I turned 25 this year btw. Any chance she may be right? I don't even do too much to my face other than use aha, firming serum, moisturizer, vitamin c, eye cream and sunscreen, and dermaroll once a month. she says instead of looking younger I'll end up looking like I'm 80 by the time i'm 30 lol.

No. 154024

What difference between regular skin care and anti aging skincare is she concerned about, exactly? Retinoids are the only proven anti aging product, everything else is just normal moisturizing, exfoliating, etc which will benefit you at any age.

No. 154025

everything i have in my bathroom basically because almost all have anti aging ingredients. like my vit c also has red algae extract, and my moisturizer has squalane. I don't even have retinoid products

No. 154037

Totally disagree with your mother, it sounds like she doesn't know what she's talking about. The sooner you start with anti-aging skincare the better chance you have of preventing signs of aging versus having to get rid of those signs once they're already there (which is harder). Nothing in your regimen sounds harmful, in fact you seem to be setting yourself up for success. You can even start Retin-A now if you like. The only thing I can think of for older women that would be harmful to someone your age would be extreme measures like a bunch of fillers, lasers, ultherapy, etc.

No. 154099

My dad says the exact same shit. He gives me a hard time about hyaluronic acid because “I’m rubbing a foreign acidic substance all over my body that’s bound to cause health problems and leathery skin with time”. It’s absolutely bullshit. He says I am going to destroy my skin with skincare, yet I have the best skin in the family, in his idea of skincare is “getting sun” and not wearing sunscreen

No. 154105

How the heck do I get my hands on retin-a if I don't have acne/a prescription? I use the Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane by The Ordinary at the moment. I live in Germany btw, I have no idea how to get it here. Or do you guys think the retinol products that are lower in concentration are effective enough if you're just looking to prevent aging?

No. 154106

ReliableRX, but I've been using the corona epidemic to order it from a pharmacy (now you can do that in my country and they will prescribe it to you without you having to see them).
Otherwise only by appointment unfortunately, but dermatologists in my country literally say no, send you home and charge you for asking unless you have severe acne.

No. 154111

Lol I'm just like your dad, and age is proving me right. How did the for-profit companies manage to get you all to trust them so much? They care only about you goving them money but care nothing about your health and you still trust them with it? Amazing.

No. 154119


scrote cope detected.

My dad also believes in the "sun is good for you/sunscreen bad" bs but at least he has no delusions that it makes you look better, just that tanning is healthy or something.

No. 154120

Don't believe me? Don't have to.

But calling me a scrote just for saying something you don't agree with? Weak.

No. 154123


only a scrote would think topical skincare products sold over the counter had anything to do with health, or have any influence over your health

No. 154124

Only a total retard would trust a business conglomerate to be ethical in providing skincare.

No. 154125


what do they need to be ethical about exactly? Their job is to create products that make the dead, cornified outer later of my epidermis look good. The few products that work anywhere beyond that layer, like tretinol, aren't sold by commercial skincare companies, at least not in the US.

No. 154129

I hope you're not entirely serious, the skin is by far the largest organ in the body and it's porous. Putting stuff on it definitely affects your health. Now I'm not saying they're loading all the cosmetics with lead, but companies are well known to ignore all adverse health effects until someone literally sues them for millions. It's as wise to be cautious as it is foolish to take any company's marketing claims at face value.

No. 154130

these companies wouldnt make money if they all worked that way. i mean sure, your skin can dictate your health and topicals can influence that blah blah, but the sun can also give you cancer kek. health wont mean shit when you get fucking cancer moles eating away at your skin because you thought you were too good for sunscreen.

No. 154133

>these companies wouldnt make money if they all worked that way
Sure, sure, tell that to Phillip Morris and BAT. Since we're on the subject of cancer already…

No. 154136


are you literally comparing inhaling tobacco to rubbing hlyauronic acid (a natural substance found in the human body) on your outer skin? wtf am I even reading lmao

I'm assuming you don't ever wear makeup either

No. 154137

I'm not comparing the products, I'm highlighting company priorities which are the same for every larger business - profit before safety. Profit before health. Profit above all else, basically. They're not trustworthy. But not only do you trust them, you fervently defend them, while the only thing they care about is making your wallet thinner. Such displaced loyalty.

>I'm assuming you don't ever wear makeup either


No. 154140

Wouldn't it make more sense to them to make something that works so you keep using it…? Why would they ruin your skin on purpose? If it's shit and you see your skin getting worse, you stop buying. My skin doesn't agree with some ingredients like caffeine so I avoid them.

No. 154142

Companies will do whatever makes them money. They won't give health issues like cancer to anyone deliberately… unless they profit from it like Phillip Morris. For me that's more than enough not to trust them.
Can I ask where does your trust of companies come from? Trust is usually earned. What made you trust cosmetic companies?

No. 154145


bro you can literally apply that logic to most things you come in contact with, your toothpaste, laundry detergent, food, medication.

I don't go out my way to "trust" these companies, I expect them to provide me a service (making my skin look better), and as long they are providing me that service I'm satisfied. The problem IMO is a 75% of it is just placebo/waste of money, selling a feeling and fancy packaging, glycerin gel with random cool sound plant extracts that you could make yourself at home with a blender that don't do anything. Not the fear that lactic acid or green tea extract is going to give me cancer somewhere 40 years down the line.

No. 154146

Nta but this is weird because the logical thing to do is make a product that works, but then customers buy less. Someone once ezplained to me that chapstick for example only makes your lips dryer with time and you end up hooked on them, same with shampoo and conditioner with certain ingredients that make your hair look great externally for a while but actually damages it in the long run.

No. 156053

Anyone else feel borderline suicidal when they think about hitting “the wall”?

No. 156069

No, because I don't let fringe male opinions on the internet dictate my self worth. Please distance yourself from whatever incel garbage you've been reading and work on your self esteem, get hobbies, make female friends etc.

No. 156079

Not anymore, thankfully. Anon, you should want to meet your own standards, not the standards of some basement dwelling misogynistic incel

No. 156100

No. I'm excited to live a life that becomes fuller every year. It's definitely something you grow into, as you become more confident and give less of a fuck what people think about you.
Men made up "the wall" as if they don't age and become less virile over time as well. It's really their way to say, "women my age won't put up with my bullshit".

All the best anon, and as the others said, stop reading incel drivel and pick up a cool new hobby.

No. 156108

No, I'm 32 and random men still bug me all the time. I wish I had become invisable at 30 lol

No. 156132

Not at all. I'm happier now at 26 than I ever have been, and I only have greater plans for my future. I can't wait to be in my 30s honestly. Why do you feel this way, anon?

No. 156237

Can any US gals recommend a reputable place to order tretinoin online? I don’t have time or $$$ to set up an appt. & ask my derm for it.

No. 156239

I already hit it. I'm constantly unhappy, but I probably won't seriously kill myself.

No. 156240

Agreed, my life has improved a lot as I've furthered into my twenties and I know it'll get even better in my thirties. I focus on me and what I value for myself and my life. I live for my own enjoyment and happiness, it's not dependent on wether a man thinks I've hit the fictional wall or not.

Make your own life valuable for yourself, don't let others dictate your value for you.

No. 156247

My mother found a single white hair on my head in the summer, and the first time ever it made me feel something about my age, but I got over it pretty fast. I'm honestly just more worried about developing any kind of health issue and having crappy stamina and strength in my older days than I am about looking my age. I'm too lazy to keep a skin care routine, I honestly don't know what half of the stuff even means. Like I'll look at some basic level stuff, and it already requires 5-6 different kinds of products, and I just think "fuck that shit". How do you guys do it?

No. 156270

I recently started looking into retinol and i’m feeling pretty confused about it. I use rosehip oil and i know it has some anti aging properties, but i want something stronger. Where should i start?

No. 156272

I have some white hairs coming in the last year or so. I only really see them when I'm brushing my hair in the morning but I kind of wish they'd grow in a bit faster. I feel like strangers take me for being much younger so a sprinkling of gray hairs would be welcome. Might even get less customers talking down to me at work lol

No. 156350

I use vitamin c serum, a cereve hyaluronic acid moisturizer during the day, and the same vit c serum but with a cereve anti aging retinol moisturizer at night. I think it works well for me. I don't use sunscreen as much as I should unless I know I'll be in the sun specifically, but I love the Neutrogena hydroboost one because it smells good and feels like nothing. I dunno, I think keeping it super basic but using effective products should help you! I cant keep up with the 8+ step skincare routines either. You don't even have to use 2 different moisturizers for the times of day. Cereve is a super basic, simple dermatologist recommended brand, and you can probably find whatever you need for your skin type!

No. 156400

How do you know you hit it? How old are you?

No. 156547

I have strong laugh lines and am curious if there are any decently priced products to help smooth them out a bit. Whenever I smile they're super prominent and I'm really self conscious about it, I especially worry about what they'll look like when I'm older. I'm 25 now and my auto immune disease is starting to really affect my health and skin, so I want to do what I can now for future me.

No. 156548

I have strong laugh lines and am curious if there are any decently priced products to help smooth them out a bit. Whenever I smile they're super prominent and I'm really self conscious about it, I especially worry about what they'll look like when I'm older. I'm 25 now and my auto immune disease is starting to really affect my health and skin, so I want to do what I can now for future me.

No. 156550

I have strong laugh lines and am curious if there are any decently priced products to help smooth them out a bit. Whenever I smile they're super prominent and I'm really self conscious about it, I especially worry about what they'll look like when I'm older. I'm 25 now and my auto immune disease is starting to really affect my health and skin, so I want to do what I can now for future me.

No. 156558

Your best bet is tretinoin or Botox. I really feel you about the autoimmune disease. I’m 26 with an autoimmune issue as well, and I can tell it’s effecting my appearance. The best thing we can do is eat healthy, avoid toxins and unfortunately work harder than our peers on our bodies and immune systems. This year my immune system caused hair loss quite suddenly, and I’m still coping with that + regrowing the hair that was lost. I feel like vitamins and proper lifestyle are sooo important for us. You’re not alone & we got this

No. 156589

I've been heavily drinking (1-2 bottles of wine) almost every day for almost 4 years. I decided to stop cold turkey fpr long term health and also because recently I've been getting tiny crows feet esque lines in the mornings after drinking. They go away after a few hours, but still.

I was told that as long as I stop now before any lines become permanent and start a really good skin care routine, I'll be fine and can still age well. Is this true or are they just trying to make me feel better about drinking my looks away?

I'm 28 btw.

No. 156597

I’ve been considering CORE2 laser resurfacing recently, primarily to tackle large pores leftover from teenage acne, and now that I’m in my early thirties to give myself a general freshen up. Has anyone undergone this? Would love a farmer’s perspective rather than just googling for reviews…

No. 157828

Don't be afraid, "the wall" is major scrote cope. Have you ever actually seen it in person? Incels just use it to pretend like they'll ever have any sort of visual advantage over women.

No. 157832


Fillers by a good doctor that understands facial anatomy, but I also heard repeated (2-3) PRP facelifts can actually "tighten" your skin and soften smile lines

No. 157838

quitting alcohol cold turkey is actually pretty dangerous and you should wean yourself off of it; the withdrawals could be fatal.

No. 158963

I'm 35. I can practically feel the collagen draining out of my hands. It's been three years since a man looked at me with desire, and it turned out he was faking it because of a mental illness. I like men my own age and even older, but they're all getting twentysomethings and don't need to settle for me.

No. 158977

File: 1604903595943.jpeg (95.62 KB, 666x1000, 18E43D61-6DBD-40E4-A79B-6B5B53…)

This is so negative. It’s likely not your age alone. Do you take care of your health, mind your weight, take care of your skin and dress well? I’ve seen plenty of 30-somethings heavily pursued by men their age, as well as younger men.

Pic slightly related, Laura Gordon is 50 here and I doubt she has any trouble attracting men. She obviously minds her physique and skin, dresses well, etc

No. 158978

Inb4 she has fillers or Botox… probably. And sometimes having tasteful work done is a fantastic move, it’s 2020 after all. The stigma surrounding that is nearly gone

No. 158979

I have one more question for you - did you spend your 20s drinking alcohol and overeating? Being in the sun without sunscreen? Not working out, etc?

No. 158982

I doubt any of that is the issue. Men will look at nearly anything 'with desire' and she's claiming no guys have been attracted to her past 32? I call bullshit, my bets are on body dysmorphia, mental illness and an unhealthy amount of time reading incel rhetoric rather than her physical aging. I mean, she actually believes old men are dating young girls en masse… they wish lmao.

No. 158984

Yeah, it’s just not happening. Generally younger women go for younger men, as they’re more spontaneous, have more in common, and better bodies imo. As well as still having their hair.

Also, I know it’s an awful reference, but just look at the top videos on porn sites. More than 50% of the videos are women over 30. “Milf” videos get equal if not more traction than “teen”

No. 159020

Any done prp? I just got one treatment done last Friday, and besides swelling, I haven’t seen any change (I know it takes time). I am wondering if anyone has done the 3 session treatment for texture/pores/fine lines and not acne scars?

No. 159027

I'm honestly thinking of saving up for those $500 salon grade microderm devices. Does anyone have one? I would break even on the value after 10 uses on it, and I refuse to go to a clinic because people touching my face makes me sperg.

No. 159038

God, I’d love to. Doesn’t it cost thousands? I’m just investing in tretinoin and soon, Botox

No. 159040


I went with a groupon so it cost $315, and the office promised to honor the rate. No, the person who did it was not a doctor. Yes, she did fuck a few time and leave puncture marks all around my eyes. But, it doesn't seem like something you can really fuck up (like ruin my face) unless you literally don't know how to use a needle so I'll accept it.

No. 159041


I have heard a lot of really negative stuff about microderming in general, and how it's just destroying healthy collagen for a temporary inflammatory response, but doing it at home seems to be the worst of all, because you really have no way of quality control. I would go to dermatologist.

No. 159044

I’m jealous! I’d buy that Groupon in a heartbeat. Best groupons in my area are for fillers and microneedling. Since I’m doing tret right now, I’m afraid to go for the microneedling just yet. I do plan on being a tret vet and using it well into old age, lol. It seems to be one of the only “proven” things out there in terms of anti-aging benefits

No. 159054

I wouldn't do it… at all… I've read up a bunch on dermarolling before and professionals don't seem to agree on whether it's beneficial or harmful for your skin. There's other effective and safe options available, just go with one of those.

No. 159063

NTA but do you mean microdermabrasion or microneedling? Since you mention at-home treatments and I've never heard the former being offered in the form of at-home kits

No. 159203

File: 1605032594796.png (118.46 KB, 895x751, tcd.PNG)

Not OP but microneedling is legit. It's also not a new fad by any means. However, depending on what you want to fix the results may be better or worse than other treatments.

No. 159204

I think it's a man trolling, personally.
Fillers, retinol, mesothreads if you can do that where you live.

No. 159491

No. 159492

What other options are there?

No. 159584

I recently noticed my face sagging and I'm not even 25 yet. Can someone link a very basic 101 on skincare to avoid more damage?

No. 159586

are collagen supplements snake oil or acc something worth looking into? i can def see some loss in skin elasticity plus my tendons hurt any given moment despite maintaining the same (previously totally ok) level of activeness the last 5 years or so lol.

No. 159596

Tretinoin, long term use. Proper nutrition and hydration. No alcohol, smoking, or sun exposure without protection. Get enough sleep, minimize stress, exercise. That basically sums it all up

No. 159598

Does applying stuff on the skin work? Or all it does is "hydrating" the skin?

No. 159600

Nta, but I cannot stress enough how the most important thing is what you put into your body. What you put onto your skin is totally negligible compared to that, and is not what you should be concentrating on.
Eat clean, don't drink and smoke, sleep well and exercise and stop thinking about skin products until you have all of that covered.

No. 160915

I'm 25 and I've suffered with insomnia since I was 21.
I'm trying to fix my sleeping but the only way to do that is to sleep less.
I've slowly been getting wrinkles under my eyes since I was 22 and now they're even worse.
Can I stop these wrinkles? Skin products seem to clear them up but they're still there
I feel awful about them

No. 161226

Have any of you tried red light collagen therapy? Is it the same as ultherapy?

No. 161238

File: 1606344652735.png (113.46 KB, 286x272, 7895620573024.png)

No definitely not the same. RLT you lay under a panel of LEDs that flash on and off like you're going through some sci-fi procedure and it's really bright even though your eyes are closed. It was originally developed by NASA for plant growth on shuttle missions but since they later found it was helpful for wound treatment, some people are using it on the skin for anti-aging in general. It's a very gentle treatment as compared to chemical peels, lasers and ultherapy, so much so that the results (that I've seen at least) aren't too dramatic, but you may get some general evening of skin tone.

Ultherapy can cause permanent nerve damage to your face, vision loss, muscle deterioration and chronic pain. It's usually only used on women 60+ and even then it's not a safe procedure. Pic is someone on RealSelf who got ultherapy at 24 for general tightening of the jawline, no wrinkles or sagging at the time. She is now 27 and has loose skin, frequent pain and likely trauma to her face that cannot be undone except through invasive procedures. What it does is use ultrasound to intentionally burn the deeper layers of the skin (which is supposed to trigger the body's healing response to create more collagen, but frequently causes damage instead).

If you want something stronger than RLT but less dangerous than ultherapy, look into radiofrequency microneedling. Same general principal but it causes less extreme damage and doesn't target as deeply in the skin. Results are good but you usually need around 3 treatments for max effects and they're not cheap, ~$800+ for a full face session each.

No. 161370

For the past few days, I’ve had a ton of peeling skin on my lips. I’ve been gently exfoliating them with a soft toothbrush and then piling on Vaseline, but it’s not helping at all. Any suggestions?

No. 161381

vaseline doesn't moisturize, so maybe get a moisturising lipbalm and apply a layer of vaseline on top of the lipbalm.

No. 161962

File: 1606943892326.png (1.83 MB, 2288x1424, neutrogena.png)

I get confused for younger decently often and I can attribute most/all of it to just wearing good SPF and not wrecking my skin in the sun. I have undereye circles and pasty skin but it's still smooth. Also neutrogena makes good non-comedeogenic sunscreens and their hyaluronic acid cream is also pretty solid. I swear I'm not sponsored or anything, Neutrogena has always just been a really solid brand for me from 18 yrs when I got acne to the present, pic related, all products I mentioned. You can use other brands or whatever, this just worked well for me. Also, unless you're high altitude or somewhere super sunny (coastal regions, snowy regions) there's no real need to go above 30 SPF. A lot of foundations also incorporate SPF, so look for those.

No. 161963

eugh yeah seconding this one, avoid petrolatum as an ingredient in products; while it momentarily seems to hydrate it actually dries your shit out a lot – avoid it in like, as many things as possible, lip balms too etc. burts bees or EOS are my drugstore go-tos for winter lip dryness

No. 161966

>don't tan
of course not, self tan btw

No. 161970

Petrolatum is an occlusive, you can't use it on its own, it doesn't actually "dry your shit out"

No. 161973

Started taking a collagen supplement and it made me break out. Just a warning

No. 161988

How tf will I know when it’s retinol related purging or just my skin freaking out? I started on adapalene gel 0.1 because my dermatitis was easily flared by the generally recommended OTC retinols, but I’m going on 26 and still have periodic acne that has never cleared up. I’ve doing every other day of the gel for over a month now, but I feel like my skin has never looked worse—I’ve had actual cystic pustules, on my chin, something I haven’t had since I was a teenager. Is this really just purging? It’s all been concentrated on areas I generally break out in (my chin and jawline, caused by having to wear a mask 8 hours a day 6 days a week for work). I’ve gone through a 24 pack of CosRX pimple patches in a week and a half.
Is it worth it, anons, to try to weather it out for the full 3 months they recommend, or have I fucked my skin up irreparably and need to quit? I already don’t do dairy, use SPF and Vanicream cleanser with Cetaphil moisturizer (literally everything else I’ve tried triggers my dermatitis), etc.

>cross posting in skincare thread because I’m desperate

No. 162007

I’m getting really tired of society being hard on white women to lift up POC. What particularly annoys me is the common insult women of color seem to cling to, which is that they “don’t age” and white women age like milk. They act as though they’re superior, and like white women wrinkle up like raisins starting at 25.

I’m not trying to be racist, in fact I think women of color are becoming more and more racists towards white women especially in regard to aging. I don’t think women of color are ugly or lesser than white women, but how the hell do they not notice that fine lines and wrinkles are only a part of aging (which they, too, eventually face). Do they not notice their weight gain and droopy faces tell their age, whether or not muhhh melanin hides sun damage? Saged for rant

No. 162011

NTA but I second the Neutrogena recommendation. Their products have been good for my terribly oily skin, and it's all extremely affordable. Also who would shill for Neutrogena on lolcow? kek

No. 162018

I feel for you anon, this sounds awful. General rule is that if you have break outs in your usual break outs areas it is indeed purging; although I wonder if maaaybe you didnt go too hardcore on yourself. Everyone is different, but usually is recommended to introdute retinol really slowly, once a week for starters, then twice, then maybe every other day. Also what is your after-care? Since retinol can be irritating it may be that you're not moisturizing enough after, and then put a mask that is never perfectly clean on a skin that has been stripped off it's defense layers by retinol irritation and all the dirt has even easier way in than usually. Try maybe looking into moisturizing night cream masks or something like that. I'm not an expert of course but these are things i'd personally look into, hope it clears up soon!

No. 162027


Ok, I may switch to every third or fourth night. It is reassuring to hear that it may be purging.
ngl I went hard at the beginning because it’s what my Derm recommended but I also haven’t been able to see him since October because of new lockdown rules. I know it’s doing something because I went from “Deepwater Horizon oil spill” to “matte finish house paint” but in my hesitation I have been layering on my thin moisturizer (I slather my face, wait 5 minutes, put on a second layer so thick it doesn’t absorb, then sleep) instead of…… just getting a new moisturizer because I’m stupid

No. 162030

>put on a second layer so thick it doesn’t absorb
Ohh it may be not good too;
if you have an access to a good cosmetologist I'd advise getting a consulatation with them, maybe not instead dermatologist but as a second opinion, it's not a rule but usually cosmetologists know more about skincare and dermatologists are more focused on diseases and curing which is similar but a bit different.

No. 162046

As fucking usual women are being conned into thinking other women are the enemy rather than the scrotes screaming that appearance is the most important thing about us. Picking at someone's looks in an unrelated argument is always a cheap shot regardless of where it's coming from.

No. 162940

Thanks, anons! I wound up purchasing some Aquaphor and lip balm. I’m curious, though, as to why the dryness cleared up in 24 hours after using ONLY the Aquaphor. Isn’t it also an occlusive - basically the same thing as Vaseline? As I mentioned previously, the Vaseline had NO effect whatsoever (which makes sense).

No. 163519

I'm 25, I never used any cosmetics. What are the basic anti-aging products I should use? Some retinol serum? There's so many to choose from and idk which one to buy

No. 163537

First you need to figure out what type of skin you have, what are your problems and so on so you don't do damage. Retinoids are friends.

No. 163749

What are your favorite beginner-friendly skincare YouTube channels? I really want to learn more about skincare but never know whose advice I can trust.

No. 163775

Many praise Hyram but personallyi hate the rat looking twink

No. 163799

Hyram has given wrong advice in the past and demonizes brands for wrong reasons for the sake of being controversial.
At best he just repeats what skincare redditors say, at worst he spreads myths and misinformation.
He has no real knowledge on dermatology or chemistry, so he can't verify sources, he doesn't know how to actually read a study, how to check if it's misleading or if it's relevant to a real life setting.
This wouldn't be a problem if he didn't call himself the """skincare specialist""", and made a lot of videos titled "skincare specialist reacts to". He's purposely really vague about what kind of "training" he has. It's pretty obvious that he was like a manager at sephora and thinks that makes him a "specialist" lmao, like check your dunning kruger effect dude.
Now if you want to watch youtubers that actually have degrees and are actually knowledgeable about dermatology an biochemistry, check out dr. dray and lab muffin.

No. 163803

>Dr. Dray

I mean… while she does have a degree and has definitely worked as a dermatologist before, she's gone downhill quite a lot lately. She's clearly suffering an ED and she's now shilling for youtube channel (since she's doing that full time now.) She's got a thread on lipstick alley, if you want to go read up on her.

No. 163814

So I'm an absolute noob when it comes to skincare.
Quizzes tell me my skin type is a combination of oily and dry but I don't know how to care for it properly. The bits that tend to get dry are around my nostrils where my nose connects to my face, and around my mouth. Weirdly enough those are also the areas where I get the most blackheads and greasy sebum buildup. That means that I don't know whether to moisturize or to exfoliate there - when I moisturize it I feel like I'm just making my pores more oily, but when I exfoliate I'm definitely worsening the dryness.
I have a bit of a problem with picking my skin, which obviously makes it worse, but the issue persists even when I leave my skin alone.

No. 163815

consult a derma

No. 163832

Knew i hated the rat twink for a reason, all i know is that he keeps whining about scented shit. Yea that can be bad and unnecessary for some but it doesn't mean it cannot work for someone out there, for fucks sake.

No. 163834

lab muffin was my hs chem tutor

No. 163942

google r/skincareaddiction and read the faq for a basic routine (just sounds like you have dry skin which = oil) it's very helpful to get a simple consistent routine going, i wouldn't exfoliate yet since that'd be even more drying = oil = clogged pores. focus on improving the moisture barrier first. try avene gentle cleanser in the morning with the avene spray mist to wipe it off (no tap water, idk why it's so stripping) and moisturise when your face is still wet. sometimes i apply only a matte sunscreen to reduce shine. at night double cleanse with an oil and use a stronger moisturising cream, this reduced dryness and oiliness for me

No. 164064

Do any other noobs feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of skincare information available? For every article/recommendation/tip/video that I come across, I see another completely contradicting it. This even applies to advice from dermatologists - both in person and online. How does one rest assured that they’re using the correct methods and products?

No. 164238

This general can replace the othe skincare general lol. Even 18 year olds should better post here.

Btw I have a question how often shpuld one scrub their lips? With a lip scrub stick

No. 164993

What are you supposed to eat to avoid wrinkles? Everything seems to give you wrinkles, even coffee and butter. Then you're supposed to eat fruit, but not too much because there's a lot of sugar in them. Exhausting.

No. 165000

Yeah, maybe it's better to talk to a dermatologist and trust their words as well as their realistic advice, sometimes we get so caught up on ~the perfect skin~ and we get obsessive about all of this.
And if you can't contact one at the moment, I think it's better to keep it simple and lean over the most loved products or ingredients by customers. I think that with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, a serum and retinoids, you have the whole routine covered, but everyone has different needs and worries regarding their skin, that's why asking a professional is always better!
I do it once every week
I think it's more about what you shouldn't eat: processed foods, articial sugar, salt, fried stuff, white bread/pastas, red meat. Go for foods with antioxidants, healthy fats and water such as fruit and veggies (the dark green ones, pepper, berries, papaya, avocado, citrics), nuts and fish.

No. 165101

Any recommendations for a retinol cosmetic? Which brand, what do you anons use? I want to start but idk which I should try first.
Also, it would be good if it's easily available to buy in Europe.

No. 165327

labmuffin and simpleskincarescience are the best no-nonsense resources IMO. they know have to read studies and provide evidence, without fear mongering or click bait.
there's only so much skincare can do, so i wouldn't worry about getting more than a few staples, and diverting the rest of the money to health stuff

No. 165352

I know this is an old post, but Elta MD makes pretty great sunscreens as well.

Do you mean a cream or serum? I've been using the Tree of Life retinol serum for like three years now and its my go-to. I also like this https://www.formula1006.com/products/night-work-vitamin-a and A313.

No. 165353

I always liked babeandbeauty for this reason. She makes these simple, infographic posts that are pretty easy to understand even for complete newbies and she's been licensed since 2004. She has her own preferred products as anyone does, but I've never seen her shill anything excessively.


No. 165416

anyone else trying some sort of facial massage? I've been doing the Tanaka Contouring one for a few days. Not sure if I'm doing it completely right but it does feel nice. I want to at least give it a month to see how it looks, but sometimes I worry it may be bad for the skin or it doesn't really do much? Do you guys know of any other? I remember lisa eldridge uploaded one too.

No. 165420

I have been doing basic facial massage for 8 years. Unfortunately, I can't find a video with massage technique I'm using now. I massage my face similar to video rel (I start with massage similar around 0:55), but I don't press so hard and I use a gentle face wash for massage. The point is, to massage all parts of your face upward.

Yes, it helped a lot. It especially helps my skin get a healthy glow (because it helps with circulation). My skin is overall in perfect condition and massage helped a lot. Also, because my face is heavier on the bottom, massage pushes the lymph and all that meat up into place.

I also recommend to use your hands, don't buy massage devices, it's a waste of money.

No. 165421

I am forever jealous of asians and their skin wow. I will try this massage tonight instead of the Tanaka one, seems a lot more detailed. Tanaka's has a lot of downward movements but mostly at the sides of the face and lowered to the neck, so not sure if that's bad or not? I have one of those zerio balms that koreans use, so it's very slippery, and I always use my hands.

If anyone has any other routines please do share. Maybe I'll try to do both, one per day.

No. 165423

>I am forever jealous of asians and their skin wow
Remember that these photos and videos are heavily edited. Also, Asian take care of their skin way earlier than us and they do it better.

> Tanaka's has a lot of downward movements but mostly at the sides of the face and lowered to the neck, so not sure if that's bad or not?

These downward movements pushes lypmh down into your body, so your body can take care of it. I do similar way, I push all that lymph from my face to ear area. Then I push it to sides of my neck and from my neck to my collarbones. Pushing lymph out makes your face slimmer and less puffy.
Your lymph move naturally in your body by exercising btw.

>so it's very slippery

That's good. The only danger of these massages is pulling your skin that can cause wrinkles. But if you use something slippery, the problem is fixed.

Also, massages are safe but you can overdo if you do it too often. In my case daily massage is too much and make my face too skinny. It doesn't look good and I look too "boney". But it doesn't need to be in your case, observe your face and take pics to see the effects better.

No. 165425

>massage pushes the lymph and all that meat up into place.

Do you have any articles or anything legit that prove that massages work? I do believe it helps with circulation but everything else just sounds exaggerated.

Not trying to be mean, just really interested!

No. 165429

nta but


I learned about how exercise helps with circulation from estheticians but lymph movement (basically taking the garbage out- skin wise) is very well aided by massage

No. 165430

as an asian with not so good skin, i can tell you it's not magical Asian genes, these girls put in a ton of work into their appearance

No. 165431

Oh I know didn't mean to imply all have great skin, but the ones that work a lot for it are just uncanny. I don't know if they naturally have smaller pores, but yeah there's a lot of editing involved too.

Thank you for the info! I have a naturally skinny face so I didn't really think how skinny it would make it, I just was thinking about avoiding wrinkles. I'll see after a few weeks how I look with daily massages. I need to exercise more too.

No. 165434

File: 1609620178980.jpg (64.86 KB, 1024x526, fatpadsage8.jpg)

>Do you have any articles or anything legit that prove that massages work?
Honestly, I have not been interesed in skincare that deep for 3-4 years now. My face/skin is in good state so I just use my old methods that works for me now.
So if you asked me same question years ago I would actually show you legit research articles and experiments done on that topic.

But, if you would take knowledge on how lymph "works" it would make sense.
Lymph move in our body by exercises or by "pushing" it with massages. It moves in our lymph vessels (you can see how our lymphatic system looks in google).
Just by pushing in with hand it removes puffiness, you can try it by yourself just by massaging face (especially if you wake up with swollen face, because lymph "stagnate" in our body during sleep).

By "meat" I mean muscules, retaining ligaments, adipose tissue. Logically, gravity pulls everything down and so does our face. By using massage we push it by into "place". It's not big changes but doing it over the years can help our facial tissues stay in place. Though, it's not perfect solution, so our face will drop down. (also, face exercises are as important as massages. what actually causes us to look older is not actually wrinkles or skin skin discoloration, but all these tissues that start to drop).

If I will find some publications and research about it I will post it in this thread.
So sorry anon, but for now I have nothing to actually prove this lol.

Also, from what I remember, massages improve production of collagen and elastin. But I just take it from my memory lol.

Though, do your own research anons, don't take any words from anons as truth.
Also, I don't want to confuse someone if what I'm writing isn't actually accurate, as I said it's been years when I touched this topic an my memory is shit lol.

No. 165445

a lot of it must be diet too, their skin looks almost translucent

No. 165450

Autoimmune laugh line anon here -
Been keeping hydrated and sleeping as best I can. I’m at an all time low with my physical and mental health so it’s hard keeping a skin routine. Washing my face nightly(on a good day,) drinking water, avoiding inflammatory foods, and using retinol cream has seemed to do a lot for my face (and weight.) When I was eating poorly years ago my skin was actually doing a lot better but I wasn’t diagnosed yet and my life was entirely different.

Now I’m curious how to help my dark circles. Can consult google but I like personal opinions and experiences. I’m a raccoon no matter how little or much sleep I get, it’s like permanent makeup.

No. 165452

>Tfw have always looked like #3
This is unfair.

No. 165458

Vitamin C serum is supposed to help a lot. I have permanent, prominent dark circles so began using the serum. After a couple weeks they seemed to look noticeably better, but in comparison photos I saw any difference was tiny. Worth noting that I used a shit brand and I’ve seen many other people have good results. I plan to try again with a better product but my main conclusion is that they’re not actually that bad lol

No. 165473

Does simpleskincarescience go by “malezia” now? I’m always hesitant to follow people who shill their own products.

Should I avoid massaging if I already have a dreadfully long/skinny face? Are there any methods that will give me a fuller look?

Also, is it safe to apply tretinoin on your eyelids/under your eyes? While googling this question, I saw some derms recommending it and others warning not to. My Curology formula currently has 5% azelaic acid, 1% clindamycin, and 0.09% tret.

No. 165477

i think he started a fungal acne skincare line called malezia because there's a huge hole in the market, but all the articles and recs are solid

No. 165505

>If I will find some publications and research about it I will post it in this thread.
Please do! I used to do these massages and have heard of lymphatic drainage but am not totally convinced of its efficacy. I also have concerns about potentially stretching the skin - most say to do these gently but I don't know if the skin could still be stretched.

No. 165574

Do any EU anons get anything in DM? Considering I can order stuff online from them and they have affordable prices, I was wondering if there's anything worth getting from them in terms of basic skincare?

No. 165606

I recently have been using squalane on my skin, and the different is crazy. My skin looks so dewy and glowy, like the photos of me when i was a kid. I think the vitamin C/lactic acid serum i use also helps with it. But wow, i am really impressed with how youthful and dewy my skin looks with squalane.

No. 165612

That's awesome, anon! Good on you. Was it from The Ordinary? I haven't tried their squalene yet, but I do like their other products and the Hylamide line eye serum.

No. 165614

I buy all of my stuff there except The Ordinary. Balea has some hit or miss products, Afrodita and Mixa are good tho.

No. 165650

I’ve already expressed this a few times, but it only gets worse every day. I’m 26 and I’m so upset about aging that I plan on killing myself over the next year or so. Every single aspect of time passing makes me want to slit my own throat, and I just can’t handle it anymore. I’m sorry I’m not strong like some of the women here - I wish I could be. I just can’t let myself live after a certain point

No. 165655

Time to get therapy, anon

No. 165659

Ive wanted to for a few years, but I lost my insurance and can’t afford it.

No. 165661

Then in that case, devote your time to reading about human psychology, marketing psychology, and social/culture means of propaganda.

If you feel this terrible, you should at least understand why, how and who is behind these forces.
You will be able to see a completely different world, and much of the propaganda's effects can be reduced, with the new insights and actions you can take.

Edward Bernays' book, "Propaganda" is a good start.

No. 165671

Hey me too anon! I remember being 9 years old in bed thinking one night: "One day I'm going to be 30 (the age my dad was when his dad died) and my whole family will be dead of old age. And then I'll be alone. Well, I better kil myself before that happens."
That fear never really went away, it's just now compounded with FOMO, scared of being ugly and weak, fear of losing my autonomy. The idea alone of needing someone to walk me to the bathroom or God forbid help me wipe my ass makes me want to off myself. I have a very strong fear cancer and dementia and other things, to the point where I would rather kill myself than think about living to an age range where those things are more of a risk. My birthday was this month and its honestly one of the worst days of my life.

No. 165689

there are tons of healthy elderly people. if you take care of yourself mentally and physically all your life you'll be fine

No. 165699

Thanks! I'm just looking for some basic skincare and a lot of their products including Balea keep getting recommended to me, so I'll give it a try.

No. 165866

No. 165986

File: 1610094750474.jpeg (78.1 KB, 750x646, 03330185-1583-440A-9422-8671F2…)

Just started using this and its really nice, I wanted a gentle retinol and its very gentle but I can tell its working. I use a silicone face scrubber thing to exfoliate and i had way more dead skin than usual. Has anyone else ever used derma-e products that work for them? I also like their body lotion but thats all ive tried

No. 173600

File: 1614605265030.jpg (85.95 KB, 1024x1024, Ageing-Gracefully-1.jpg)

I'm 30 now and think it's time to start using anti-aging products. my skin isn't too bad at all (just still dealing with hormonal acne) the only wrinkles I have are laugh lines/nasolabial folds which I hate and spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about

I'm trying to up my game with sunscreen, don't drink or tan and am trying to eat less processed junk. my current skincare is just a basic cleanser, then I moisturise with either the ordinary's rosehip seed oil or the ordinary's natural moisturizing factors + HA. I also use their hyaluronic acid but I don't think that's the best thing for preventing wrinkles or helping minimize my laugh lines.

I keep hearing the terms retionol/retionoids and vitamin c for anti aging, can anyone recommend products and how best to use them? I like the ordinary and paula's choice, do those brands do anything that'll help me? thanks in advance, anons

No. 173604

I use the Ordinary's 2% retinoid (not retinol), I have really sensitive skin and never had a problem with it. They have a whole range of strengths to choose from, they're super easy to start using.
Idk of this will help you, but I found that hyaluronic acid works way better if i mix it with water or use it on damp /wet skin. Otherwise it just seems to leave a slightly sticky layer on my skin.

No. 173605

I like Bliss AHA+BHA and Honest retinol. I also use oil of olay with spf as an everyday moisturizer. I'd avoid the ordinary's AHA+BHA cause I've read some reviews about chemical burns with it (apparently its like a 7% formula which is higher than most other over the counter products) but I haven't had any problem with bliss's

No. 173606

Vitamin C serums should be used in the morning, before your sunscreen (Use at least spf 30). Sunscreen is very important because Vitamin C makes the skin photosensitive. I'd recommend starting with a serum that's between 9 and 15% in strength, I personally like The Ordinary's Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% (ascorbyl glucoside is the most stable form of vit C). ALWAYS KEEP IT IN THE FRIDGE, otherwise it will oxidize and lose its potency.

About Retinol: depending on how sensitive your skin is, it might freak out when you first start using it and you might get a rash. This is called the purging and will last for a few weeks. I would recommend starting with a low percentage strength, I personally started with La Roche Posay's Redermic R, which has 0,3% Retinol in it. Later you can start using higher percentage retinol serums (the Ordinary has some nice ones).

No. 173609

samefag, forgot to add that it is recommended to use Retinol at night

No. 173757

I highly, highly recommend the French pharmacy product A313 for a retinol, you can buy it from French pharmacy websites or even Amazon for a cheap price similar to The Ordinary, about $13 USD. I have noticed a lot of positive difference in my skin since I started using it at night last year.

No. 175642

>but I found that hyaluronic acid works way better if i mix it with water or use it on damp /wet skin

I actually just read about this the other day! I've been using it all wrong on my dry skin thanks for reminding me

thanks for the info. yeah I actually decided to go with paula's choice's 2% bha since I used it before years back and like the results then. I'll also look into Bliss in the future. the ordinary's formula is 7%?! woah

thanks for the info on vit c. I took your advice too and went for the lowest strentgh retinol, it's only 0.2% and is the retinol in squalane from the ordinary

thanks for the recommendation anon, I'll write the name down for future reference

No. 175758

Is there a way to tell if a new routine is creating problems or just revealing shit hiding under dead skin?

No. 175773

I'm 18 and i have rly bad prominent smile line wrinkles help

No. 175794

Don’t know anything about the woman in the video but I just want to say I think she looks great even if she doesn’t look 17. Stuff like nasolabial folds or face lines in general don’t make people any less good looking in my eyes, and yet I’m so harsh about my own (I’m 27). I wish I could worry less about myself cause it’s not something I judge other people for at all.

No. 175990

>mfw I am 25 years old and I look like a 15 year old still but I have no money to wear designer to look mature
What do? How do I look more my age? I’d say I’m traditionally quite beautiful but I have a youthful look in me which gives me the opportunity to get babytalked and humiliated by complete retards. Help? Should I bodybuild and pump in steroids? Draw wrinkles with makeup?

No. 175992

How do you even age like left? Wtf. Is she lying about her age because of commercial reasons or does this actually happen?

No. 176143

Chain smoking and binge drinking maybe? Either way it looks pretty dire.

No. 176144

I don't get this, most women don't wear designer either? Just start shopping at like, nordstrom rack or Macys instead of F21 if you want more mature clothes

No. 176148

File: 1616381506752.png (49.91 KB, 412x268, 4789632046324723890.png)

The idea that these results were due to liquid collagen is absolutely retarded. The participant (if they didn't just steal her image) may be taking useless supplements now, but results like this can only be achieved by peels, lasers and/or injections, maybe aggressive and frequent microneedling. When you consume collagen it's broken down and goes to various parts of the body as needed; it isn't magically directed towards the skin. It becomes individual amino acids. This particular brand is sold by a MLM company that's using it as an overhyped marketing gimmick. Their most recent study failed to show a statistically significant difference between it and the placebo (https://abbylangernutrition.com/is-biocell-collagen-a-breakthrough-or-an-empty-promise/), even when the researchers were bending over backwards trying to give it credit since they're on the company's payroll.

Anyway, original pic looks like wrinkles caused by sun damage. Wear sunscreen and start using tretinoin when you're in mid 20s to early 30s. Opt for more serious treatments as needed, don't buy into scams.

No. 176262

File: 1616491942676.jpg (621.37 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20210323-103041_Fir…)

Anons, I'm close to having "perfect" (by my standards) skin but somewhere I'm going wrong and I can't figure out where or with what. Still waiting for the weekend to ask on SCA but I thought it might not hurt to post here too.

My skin is dehydrated,on some places a bit red, large pores, uneven skin tone (pih) around mouth with 1-2 random blemishes.

Mixa cleansing milk
Mixa hyalurogel rich moisturizer
Mixa anti redness (niacinamide)*
LRP shaka fluid

Mixa cleansing milk
TO lactic acid 5%**
Mixa moisturizer

*I'll probably stop using it because it's too gel like.
**I use AHA ever 2-3 days because in the past I overdid it by using it daily. Also anything stronger seems to mess up my skin.

I plan to start using TOs 2% retinoid emulsion again, although I feel like it didn't do anything after using up a bottle. Maybe add vit C? Idk really because I'm not seeing any kind of results.

No. 176269

Are you drinking enough water?

No. 176277

Yup, about 2L+ daily

No. 176312

My guess would be to change up your moisturizer or apply a heavier occlusive that's going to form a barrier over your skin after the moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid temporarily draws in moisture from its surroundings (humectant) so if you apply it to dry skin and/or are in a dry environment, it can actually end up pulling moisture from your skin rather than towards it, and you can end up worse off than before. Try something with petrolatum like Aquaphor, especially at night (it's goopy so can be a bit much for the day). Lanolin could be a good one for the day as it forms a barrier without being as heavy, same with a light oil, maybe squalane.

If you want the benefits of tretinoin (smaller pores, even skin tone, anti-aging) you should just use it rather than a different, weak retinoid. You will likely peel until your skin gets acclimatized and should stop AHAs if you go this route as it will be too irritating otherwise. Otherwise a vitamin C serum isn't a bad idea for similar benefits without being as intense.

No. 176364

just curious, what's wrong with using AHA daily?

No. 176366

You don't want to over-exfoliate because it can be irritating and lead to dryness, inflammation, breakouts and skin sensitivity

No. 176385

Thank you anon, I'll give it a try

No. 176395

I've been using Dear, Klairs sunscreen for a year. I also use benzoyl peroxide. I just discovered that it's not as advertised. Can anyone recommend something to use between now and when I can get a recommendation from my dermatologist? In the US and done with foreign products for now.

No. 176415

Any burger anons have good recommendations for shampoos for thin, wavy, and low porosity hair? Preferably something under $7, I can stretch under $11.
I've noticing I've been having to shampoo twice because the shampoo isn't cleaning well enough, and I want to stop wasting it and get something more effective and hydrating.

No. 176416

thanks, I didn't know this. would it be safe to use BHA daily?

No. 176434

File: 1616620313794.jpeg (95.66 KB, 1102x707, 1B0EBF23-3593-4BAA-BDDE-717A0A…)

Any tretfags? I’ve been using the mildest percent only a few times a week, hasn’t given me any purging or anything major but it dries my skin out so much. I can’t ever wear foundation or even Bb cream because it’s sticking to dry flaky patches. I’m putting homeoplasmine on at night, exfoliating, moisturizing so many ways, even mixing my bb cream with oil and I’m still getting flaky, dry, pilling skin around my mouth, chin and nose

Does your skin eventually get used to it? Any products that would be holy grail for tret dryness?

No. 176435

It kind of depends. If it's in a cleanser it's likely fine because it's not going to be on your skin for very long. If it's a leave-on product, so long as it's a lower strength (like 1-4%) it should be fine to use daily if you're not experiencing any irritation.

No. 176438

>Does your skin eventually get used to it?
After about 2 months it should stop peeling to such a large extent.
>Any products that would be holy grail for tret dryness?
Not really. Slap some vaseline or aquaphor on at night and that might help reduce its intensity but the flaking is kind of the point. Means it's working and clearing away old skin cells so you can get to the pretty new layer below. When I was in the thick of it I just had to give up any sort of foundation for a while and get used to wiping away flakes throughout the day before it calmed down.

No. 176451

Shea moisture has big pump bottles for $11 at Costco.

No. 176478

it takes time but it will ajdist, but if you go up in strength you need to adjust again. t. 0.1% tretfriend
i would recommend applying it after moisturizer if you really can't handle the dryness, it "buffers" the tret so it goes into the skin more slowly. i always make surey eye area is covered in cream before i apply just in case it migrates there (i gave myself painful eczema under my eye by accident and it took weeks to heal). if the flakiness and dryness is really bad you should try to lessen the frequency and build up again. it's been two months for me and i still can't use it more than a few times a week

No. 176489

> i always make surey eye area is covered in cream before i apply just in case it migrates there
Wait, so the cream can physically migrate to areas you didn't apply it? I've been using tret recently, my skin copes very well for the most part except the skin under my eyebrows. Obviously after the first time I noticed flaking I avoided the area completely, but it still fucking flakes weeks later no matter how much I moisturize! Maybe I'll moisturize it first as a barrier just in case.

No. 179705

Is it normal to have some nasolabial folds/laugh lines when you're in your mid 20s? Right now they're all I have.

No. 179711

Anon, I've seen girls in high school having them, it's totally normal.

No. 179721

I've had them since I was a kid, it's chill

No. 179758

File: 1618555764513.png (236.47 KB, 321x315, not my pores but here.PNG)

There's a lot of advice for this problem online but I'd love to hear from other people who had this issue and overcome it personally..

Anyone here have orange peel texture / large sunken pores and fix it somehow? Not visible sebaceous filaments that need cleaned out (I do that via oil cleansing x2/week) but actual large sunken pores.

I'm 31, but my whole life I've had decent skincare including sunscreen and also tretinoin for the past 4 years. I thought at first maybe my oily-combo skin was dehydrated, so multiple times I've taken 1-2 months off of tret + actives and only cleansed + moisturized + spf but nothing really changed.

Right now I cleanse with water in the AM, vitamin C, moisturizer, SPF. At night I use a hydrating cleanser, apply tret, moisturize, snail serum on top. Dermaroll with a dermapen once a month and a BHA once a week.

Any advice is appreciated, sorry for blogging. Thanks in advance. (not my pic but an example)

No. 179762

Yer doing it wrong. Should go cleanse, moisturize, wait 15-20 minutes for product to be absorbed, THEN apply tret, then a layer of vaseline. Also if you can, get a humidifier. I've been a lazy idiot so I haven't been using mine but it really does help.

No. 179763

Also I should point out this fixed it mostly for my cheeks but my forehead is still fucked. Tonight I tried applying urea cream to it, let's see if it does anything.

No. 179805

urea, like the stuff that's in your pee?

No. 179934

Yes but these days we have this thing called "science" where we have isolated the ingredient and you don't need to piss on yourself anymore.

No. 180067

>you don't need to piss on yourself anymore
why didn't you tell me this earlier

No. 180471

Can you apply retin-A around your eyes? I noticed my undereyes are getting more creases even though I've been applying niacinamide serum in the morning and HA in the evening, so it's probably time to move on to something stronger.

No. 180497

Anyone experience wrinkle deepening and general tired skin after covid? I need to rework my skin care routine to target my wrinkles more now, this sucks (26 yo).

And do you know the app Skin Bliss? Is it any good?

No. 180533

Because that area is thin and sensitive, it's recommended you use a small amount and mix it with moisturizer if you're going to apply it near the eyes.

No. 180618

Thanks! Maybe I'm overanalyzing it but it seems that my fine lines have multiplied since I started using those serums. I don't know, it's weird.

No. 180634

your skin might just be dehydrated because of the acids, since you do need some dead skin for your skin to hold onto moisture. I really wouldn't recommend using tret around the eye area…it can thin the skin and that area is already thin. whenever I accidentally get tret near my eyes the skin gets dry and raw and I even develop eczema.

No. 180635

oops I just realized you write HA and not AHA.
glyercin and HA can actually dry the skin if you don't seal in the moisture. it could pull the moisture from your skin into the air if you live in a dry environment

No. 180637

25 and i think i'm starting to see nasolabial folds developing and i cried myself to sleep last night over it please tell me what to do to keep them from getting worse i'm too young to look this old i already have saggy eyebags (thx genetics)

No. 180644

even literal children have nasolabial folds and eyebags nonny

No. 180645

I see… By sealing in the moisture what do you mean? I apply moisturizer after the serum every time. I also live in a pretty humid environment.

No. 180889

mine are starting to set in too and what I've decided to start using, or have been using I should say, is a retinol. it's meant to help soften light wrinkles. I started with a 1% solution and am going to work up to high dosages. if you do decide to use one you must use sun protection. I would say use sun protection anyway, if you don't already, it'll help combat wrinkles.

No. 181667

File: 1619443787331.png (31.97 KB, 360x444, Argireline.png)

Is there any consensus on if argireline actually does anything or not? Claiming to be "botox in a bottle" sounds awfully shady.

No. 181670

This is the result of cancers like Instagram

No. 181672

It's confirmed to work, of course it's nothing like actual botox injection when it comes to how visible the effects will be but it still relaxes the muscle which will help with not too deep wrinkles

No. 181697

Never heard of this before and just looked into it, and although it does seem to work I'm reading some people have complaints of drooping (probably because of the botox like paralysis not helping your facial muscles). Some people seem more affected than others, so use it with caution. I'm also reading that the Buffet contains argeriline as well. I religiously use that product and can't say whether it gave me droopage or not since I've always assumed my face was naturally like that lmao. So I may just find another alternative.

No. 181702

The drooping is what kind of scared me. I mostly want to use it for my forehead. Is it really possible for your forehead to droop?

No. 181707

Well, I'm guessing if you have a significant amount of forehead muscle it could be possible. Just be careful about going close to the eyes as that seems to be where some people are noticing droopage.

No. 181797

Can I replace Tactupump with Benzagel when I run out? Would I have to use retinol alongside it? I just don't want my acne to flare up again later

No. 182979

What are the best types of moisturizer to use? I have both Vanicream Moisturizing Cream and No7 Day Cream. I was thinking of using the day cream in the morning and the vanicream at night, but does it really make any difference? I'm also agoraphobic and go weeks without leaving the house so I don't use any sunscreen currently. Any advice appreciated!

No. 182983

I was also wondering what the ideal ingredients are to look for in moisturizer if my main goal is anti-aging?

No. 183039

This is straight terrifying. Anon do you know any other things that could cause drooping? Skincare products can be so sketchy

No. 183967

My face is pretty much wrinkle free and I'm 32 yet my forehead is concerning. There are a few fine lines on there that aren't that visible but they're probably going to get bigger and more noticeable with each year. What are the best ways to remedy it? I already moisturize and exfoliate. Will retinoids make it less noticeable?

No. 183983

I think it depends on the kind of wrinkles. If they're dynamic (caused by moving your face), only botox can fix that. If they're static (shows up when your face is relaxed), retinoids/tret is probably the best thing you can do along with sleeping well, eating well, exercising, moisturizing etc.

No. 183989


No. 184128

Thanks anons! I will look into it!

No. 184161

has anyone tried tca crossing for dark spots??? I used it for icepick scars, but now i have some flat hyperpigmentation areas i want to lighten and wonder if it would work to fade them?

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