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File: 1605269471961.jpg (202.34 KB, 1880x1409, b882044400z1_20190717155247_00…)

No. 159633

For anyone who is anti-porn, a recovering porn addict, or wants to lower their usage.

>Why are you anti-porn?

>When did you decide to quit?
>Did porn make you depressed?
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
>and whatever else you want to say

No. 159634

Sorry I have nothing relevant to add but the thread pic makes me want to go hiking with my friends… nice pic…

No. 159635

I'm against the porn industry, but not erotic material. Everyone should be against that inhuman industry which is based on misogyny, violence and trafficking. https://traffickinghub.com/

No. 159637

Agreed! I love erotic literature and fan fiction, and imo, even some (not all) taboo fiction is passable since it doesn’t hurt anyone—at least if you aren’t also consuming real porn. I think that is less of a problem for women, though.
I hate porn so much. It’s kind of become a meme amongst my friends, but at the same time, they agree, and even 2 of my male friends have confused about how badly porn has effected them and that they’ve stopped or are trying to stop watching altogether. Good.

No. 159638

I'm not fully anti-porn but have always avoided porn that's created by the porn industry itself. Watched a few documentaries years ago where female porn stars talked about issues like high suicide rates in the industry, that and the amount of drug use from where they are basically traumatised from experiences on set…and they end up needing to carry on doing more extreme scenes just to pay for the drugs that numb them from the pain of doing it. What a vicious cycle to find yourself in. I have my own sexual trauma, up until 30 I still hadn't figured out that most of my adult sex life was me recreating trauma in a misguided attempt to own it. My heart goes out to any woman reliving abuse and not understanding the unconscious process that lures them in to sex work or certain lifestyles.

I do watch some amateur stuff but I look into who is uploading it and why, I watch lesbian couples mostly. Not the porn version of lesbians but real life lesbian couples that don't fuck in a way that screams of performance. I know of some ethical porn companies that are run by women but the ones I've found feature an odd mix of lesbian scenes and then trans scenes. One that I used to like has heavily leaned into the trans stuff so now if you look at the thumbnails you often have no idea what sex either of the perfomers are.

No. 159639

I’m here for this. I used to be a cam girl and I heavily pandered to pedophiles without realized the extent of what I was doing. Now I look back on the way I objectified myself, abused myself, and pandered to men wanting jailbait porn in disgust. I often found myself doing it just to feel wanted and beautiful to men, without realizing those were the exact types of men I shouldn’t want looking at me. Most of the time, I’d have to be drunk or on Xanax to even stomach what I was doing for money. It got to a point where I felt inadequate if I couldn’t pass as a teen on cam. I’m 25 now (21 when I was camming), and so relived it was a one year phase in my life

No. 159642

Good for you for waking up and getting out of it, really. I fell into those habits sexually due to trauma and they were only reinforced by porn consumption that normalized and sexualized what I went through and worse.
I think I could have cammed or gone into porn if OF or other camming sites were on my radar when I was younger. It's why I'm so anti-porn, all porn, including (if not especially) self-produced. When you see other sex workers, do you find it empowering like they try to sell it, or do you think that just about everyone is headed down the same path?

No. 159654

Nah it’s not empowering. That’s what I told myself & others during that time, but as you grow up it becomes evident how degrading it is. I have a friend who cammed with me, decided to do porn, and I can tell she’s miserable now. She also has to deal with a prolapsed ass and only being known for porn

No. 159661

I don't understand why girls think they will be powerful if they perform in porn for men.
Porn only empowers the pimps and the consumers.

No. 159662

Did you get any sense what percentage of girls who willingly put themselves online had a real grasp of the potential permanence of it? I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about the possibility of a picture or video showing up in 40 years, when I have no way of knowing what my life or society will look like

No. 159675

The right devalues women enough that they will never be kind enough to look out for a misguided sex worker, and the left is too spineless to tell a woman what she's doing is harmful lest they be misogynistic. It fucking sucks. There is this very real cope that sex workers in denial perpetuate about how it's empowering and the rest of the left just kinda listens to it due to overestimating "lived experience". The problem is, lived experience is riddled with pathology and you can't take someone's word at face value, even if they're talking about lived experience.

You kinda out yourself as a radfem/swerf if you disclose anti porn views and you may or may not want that label on you depending on your social circle.

No. 159679

1. Women in porn are exploited and some are trafficked (not saying there aren't exceptions to this, but if I'm getting on PornHub for example I'm supporting a platform where this mostly is the case)
2. I learned about sex through porn, and so my ideas about sexuality were distorted to be about pleasing men (this is just the fact, the vast majority of porn is made to be visually enticing to a male consumer) and then in turn my mentality about sex has been to "perform" rather than fostering real intimacy- equally men who learned about sex through porn "perform" what they see in porn which unfortunately is often not actually pleasurable to women and sometimes even painful or humiliating. The difference between sex w and w/o porn in a relationship is actually really remarkably different for me. I can tell you rn, I've had sex w a guy who had porn problems and it is legit like… I cried about it later in private because of how it felt. It was so bad and I got hurt and some of the gross creepy porn-inspired dialogue out of his mouth made it even ickier.
3. It's a distraction- porn does not in any way enhance my ability to bond or connect with others the way other forms of media sometimes do (like a thoughtful movie or a book)
4. If I am turned on and I have a partner, it is better to go to my partner than it is my computer for pleasure. If I do not have a partner, I should focus my energy on forming meaningful relationships or on learning about myself and my wants rather than going to a screen to show me the fantasies of the masses.
5. It also seems to escalate. Either in the form of "need someone new to look at" or "need to watch something I haven't seen before" and I just don't like that. I don't want sex to become a series of novelties I'm trying to collect. I don't want to watch things that are really questionable for the people involved. I don't like any of that.

No. 159681

I've honestly lost friends over having this position, and it is shocking to me.

One of my friends wants to have an OF after Beyonce and Cardi B talked about it. They like to wear lingerie to costume parties and post sexy pics of themselves on their Instagrams- so I unfollowed them and asked my bf to unfollow them since I don't want softcore porn just popping up on my phone whenever.

I never told them they couldn't do that, but when they realized that I didn't want to see it, they called me out for it!

No. 159683

Stopped porn for about… 1 or 2 years ? I still look at Insta thot pictures every few months though :(
Did this for ethical reasons but also because I had porn/thot-induced bisexuality and realized that after sleeping with a woman.

No. 159686

>porn/thot-induced bisexuality
I have limited irl experience with women (two ONSs a decade ago that were just ok) but so much of what I get off to on a screen is just solo female content. My masturbation habits are that of a lesbian and then it doesn't really translate into my real life at all. It feels like a form of pornsickness

No. 159691

Why do you think getting off by watching a woman means you must want to be the one doing it? It seems to me like there's consistently a pretty big gap between what people watch and what they actually want to do, and people are too complicated to assume that the latter will always chase the former. I don't know why people might find something erotic, but I don't buy the idea that it's always just wish-fulfillment.

No. 159697

>Why do you think getting off by watching a woman means you must want to be the one doing it?
Well yeah my point was that it doesn't always translate. I haven't had sex with a woman in over a decade, sex with men was awful and abandoned a few years after that. On a screen I can get off to nearly anything but in real life I couldn't care if I'm never touched again. Different worlds.

No. 159716

I just posted another comment with my main thoughts >>159532 but I agree with you too. So much porn is blatantly pedo-pandering. The amount of barely legal/teen content that's prevalent even on mainstream sites is creepy as hell and I hate how many people defend it.

>But they're over 18! Some women just look young! It's normal to be attracted to youth! Biology!

This shit is such a cop out, you know these sites would have children on there if they legally could. Muh biology is another shit excuse since most experts say mid-20s is the safest age to give birth while teen pregnancy has a multitude of risks. "Barely legal" wouldn't even be a thing if they didn't already want to fuck teenagers.

No. 160097

is amateur porn bad? i mostly just watch amateur gay male porn, seems entirely consensual. the other kind of porn i consume is all just drawings or sfm shit.

No. 160104

I know that drawings and erotica are often seen as some of the more acceptable forms of porn material here but do any other anons have Aphantasia and find that those options do nothing for them? I'm one of those people when I read a book my mind can't create imagery. In general I just can't read fiction and enjoy it. I take in the information but all the little details describing appearances aren't translated into anything. Theres no picture. When I have a still image in front of me I can't translate that into a moving scene in my head. I can't picture the people I've had sex with in the past. I can't conjure up a mental image of what an attractive man is.

So I do just watch actual porn. While I know it's full of issues.. I also have this mental disconnect because it's my outlet and I've no idea what else would satisfy that when I can't visualise or fantasize. Anyone else in a similar situation? I don't really know the solution here

No. 160105

Wank without porn? It's what people have done since the dawn of time.

No. 160107

File: 1605561966921.jpg (6.22 KB, 229x220, imagesGRO72RSL.jpg)

>you know these sites would have children on there if they legally could
God, reading this and knowing that it's true. I've never actually thought about that, but now I'm sick.

No. 160112

I mean I did before the whole acquired brain injury and aphantasia bs, trust me I would love to be able to come again without voidbrain numbing my genitals out lol

I've just read every masturbation related thread on the aphantasia reddit and it's people saying their genitals are essentially numb if there's no visual put in front of them. So they all watch porn and that's it. I can't even find anyone trying to move away from that as a crutch.

No. 160119

Listen to rated 18 audios and see if you can visualize, they’re all over YouTube. Like Auralescent.

No. 160128

They already have kids on there, it's actually scary how CP is everywhere on the internet even on "big" sites. Its like a dirty secret no one wants to talk about. I mean we have all heard about secret facebook groups, kik groups etc. but I was on 4chan and people on there were reporting profiles on Pornhub that had pictures of kids. I was also on /pol/ and they had a a few tumblr threads before porn was banned and finding literal CP on tumblr was extremely easy, its probably THE reason porn was banned but of course they wouldn't admit that. If you want to throw up check out the app "Likee" on the app store, its like tiktok but its literally all little girls and disgusting old men, I really don't understand how this shit doesn't get more exposure. The internet has been and always will be fucked and I can't believe parents give their kids smartphones in elementary school these days

No. 160146

I was exposed to porn at young age and remember trying to sell "sexy" pictures of myself on the internet as young as 12-13. I wasn't abused or groomed, I was just an overly curious child going through puberty.

It kind of fucked me up. I viewed sex as a commodity, or a performance, and not as something intimate. Intimacy scared me, but I was a cam girl and a stripper for a few years despite remaining a virgin during that time. I'm better now but I'll never have a normal view of sex.

No. 160149

Are you me? When I was 14 I tried to sell my virginity on Craigslist. I was watching porn secretly, and I had an obsession with geishas and thought my virginity had monetary value. My parents found out I was taking to grown ass men in their 30s & 40s online, who were well aware of my age. They had to change our locks, phone numbers and trash the computer hard drive, as I had already provided photos of myself and my address to those creeps, thinking they really “valued my virginity as the most special thing”

No. 160173

im not a big fan of porn obviously but when i watch something of that nature, it's always amateur porn. it makes me feel less of a disgusting cumbrain and as you said, it's entirely consensual. i like when the people involved seem to care for each other in that moment

No. 160183

Thirding this. I try and stick to couples that act like real couples too and not couples trying trying to compete with porn star performances.

That being said there is literally one male porn star on earth that actually appeals to me looks wise so I'm torn between wanting to watch his scenes but knowing he shoots for some of the trashiest producers. Alot of the scenes feature gross themes like stepmom/stepsister or having to manipulate someone into a sexual scenario.. Which snaps me back to reality

No. 160195

I know that it's already on there, but I was thinking more that if it was legal, it'd be a category like "teen". "Child!" God, so fucking sick. You're right, though. It's everywhere, I'm so glad I've never come across it on my years on the internet, even looking at weird shit. I hate people so much. I will never understand. CP/trafficking is one (of the many) huge reason I'm anti porn, full stop. It's insidious and part of the industry even if you aren't looking for it.

No. 160200

>it's entirely consensual
But aren't a great deal of amateur porn clips uploaded without knowledge or consent of both partners, sometimes even recorded secretly? I've read so many stories about girls who thought it would just be a kinky thing to do as a couple, but later found the clips online.

No. 160205

This, most of it is revenge porn.

No. 160207

i watch gay male fetish-based stuff for the most part. faces are either cut off or covered in a mask, generally. i don't watch straight porn lol

No. 160211

You think most amatuer porn online is revenge porn?

No. 160214


I had no fucking clue (different anon btw). I'm glad that I've been able to change my mentality surrounding porn before it's done any major damage. Similar story to a lot of people, I got into porn around age 8 and I was pornsick for fucking years after until I hit senior highschool. I even interacted with people way older than me and didn't realize how wrong it was, but luckily it wasn't anything super serious like sending nudes, and none of them knew my age because I was scared of giving my actual information online thanks to school and my parents warning me about that stuff. It hate thinking about the fact that I had porn and sex on my mind 24/7, which isn't an exaggeration. I never went a second without thinking about it or watching it. Luckily as I started hearing more from people about their experiences with sex I was able to realize quickly that what I looked at was just gross fetishy coomer shit that just rots your brain and didn't resemble what sex is ACTUALLY like for the most part. I'm still fairly young so so are a lot of my friends and I just hope one day they'll realize that porn does nothing for people but hurt them, especially women. They still believe sex work doesn't come with strings attached, that you can live a normal life while camming, running an OF when they don't realize how psychologically damaging it is to women. But God forbid you point any of that shit out to this generation. They'll just accuse you of not supporting women's rights even if this shit clearly isn't healthy.

No. 160216

the problem with amateur porn is that you can never be sure it's consensual, or that all the participants give their permission for it to be shared. I'm not advocating for professional porn (I'm entirely anti-porn anyway), but there you know the participants are aware they're being filmed and it's content that's going to be consumed by random people.

No. 160219

There are kink communities with amatuer clip sharing as part of the profiles and some do verify profiles to make sure the uploader is the same person in the vids and pics they share. It's not a case of never being able to tell. You can be really picky in where you get your porn from.

No. 160223

I think the problem with that is that most people aren't picky. People just want to bust a quick nut and then move on, not verify where the source came from and if its genuine or not. Though I do think thats a smart idea if you're genuinely worried about accidentally consuming revenge porn. A lot of the time it isn't very obvious (except for the motherfuckers that let people know it is indeed revenge porn like its some kind of trophy).

No. 160226

Yeah I absolutely think the vast majority of porn watchers switch off their big brain and their conscience for the purpose of just getting off without having to be picky or limit their options. With others even actively enjoying the revenge aspect or the hidden cam aspect. There are ways to weed out the questionable content if people would just care to do it, it's sad how often they don't.

No. 160273

>the problem with amateur porn is that you can never be sure it's consensual

You also can't be sure it's amateur. All a studio has to do is give the cameraman an iPhone and tell the performers not to talk. How would you know, unless you were the type of elite coomer who can identify actors by their tattoos and date a shoot by the degree of ink fade?

No. 160306

Why would a studio even do that, what would be the benefit if they're not advertising a paid service which in itself gives away the fact that it's pro. This theory makes no sense.

There are porn stars that go on to film their own scenes from home and they invite other performers and basically cut out the overheads of a studio and make more profit that way, but they sell those scenes and it's transparent. They have a semi amateur look but nobody is being tricked.

No. 160328

NTA but a company called MindGeek owns all the major LA porn studios and all the major porn tube sites, so they benefit from the advertising revenue of porn clips on pornhub even if they're seemingly pirated from their studio productions or real amateurs.

I think they really do mis-title pro scenes as amateur just because those get more clicks, even though it's obviously inaccurate because they didn't actually film the scene with the idea to make it seem amateur they just titled it that months later when that was the current SEO strat, but it wouldn't surprise me if they out more effort into it.

No. 160343

>Why would a studio even do that,
Because they're catching up on the trend of people being all like "Yeah, I only watch amateur stuff where it's obivous they love each other, I'm not some degenerate uwu"

No. 160376

Holy shit I might actually be hah. I also tried to sell my virginity in my mid teens. My parents were oblivious though.
I did end up "selling it" around age 20 but I actually backed out and didn't. I sort of figured out my weirdness around sex was because I was a lesbian.

No. 160405

I tried doing this as well when I was 10. Luckily, those "sexy" pictures weren't really sexy, just me posing awkwardly and not really showing any skin. I thought being sexy meant just posing confidently if that makes sense kek.

No. 160443


Glad to hear you didn't go through with it and actually found out more about yourself! Its always stuff like this that really scares me about having kids. I was a very well behaved child and really lived by the rules but that still didn't stop me from being put in potentially dangerous situations on the internet because of a porn obsession.

No. 162375

I have never watched much porn so I was always naturally sensitive to seeing naked people and found it disgusting. Once I stopped coming out of my shell I was shocked how normal it seems to people to watch it daily. I've read up on the industry and became an anti-porn almost overnight.

I think our generation is going to be fucked from the amount of porn young people consume nowadays. I am a bit scared of the future because the industry needs to be stopped and there needs to be some limit in how much people can consume it, because our monkey brains are too susceptible to addiction as proven with how quickly smartphones brainrotted the society. But it won't because males won't allow it.

No. 162379

My friend knew the rest of us were anti-porn, and she claimed to be it too, but then she started sharing rape porn and shit and got so pissed that we weren't okay with it that she blocked us all. It's so painful when we've all known each other for so long, most of us are rape victims ourselves (though she was not) and she would still choose rape porn over us. It's been a year or so since it happened, wonder how she's doing now.

No. 162381

I have a fetish and only watch amateur porn of this particular fetish. I don't know how bad that is and the only reason I want to stop is because I used to be able to masturbate using my imagination and now it's mostly these porn clips that enter my head when I'm doing it, assuming I'm not actually watching them while masturbating. I don't like that I struggle this and it feels like a block in my brain.

No. 162383

Haven't watched porn in like a year at this point, since then I have lost my virginity and gotten a bf and at this point in time it feels weird to think I ever actually watched it lol. I stopped because of moral reasons plus being afraid I am becoming dependant on it. Had felt icky about porn for quite a while before that but then I kinda excused myself in my mind by mostly watching gay male porn bc who cares about scrotes lol but the hypocrisy sat wrong with me plus yeah, dependency. I think the most grim thing I have seen was this jav actress wiki? which I went on because I thought one actress was cute and it featured a very grim interview with her where she light heartedly went over how she lost her virginity on a playground aged 12 or something. Pretty sure that was the day I quit het porn.

My bf knows i am very anti porn and I have explained why, in his typical scrote brain he hadn't thought about the industry at depth at all lol. He does get it now and, to my knowledge, is also anti porn (think its partially me but also anti-porn males on chans and such). If he does watch it, he better pray I never see it as it would be a deal breaker, I have told him that too.

Overall def think men are the bigger culprit and up-keepers of the industry's existence but also it's pointless to try and turn them around unless other males also speak out against it. Which there def are pockets of online but not in significant enough numbers to make a difference. Onlyfans culture is so grim and an actual pyramid scheme am not sure if its damage can be undone and I feel terrible for the little zoomer girls growing up in the middle of it all.

No. 162384

Agree. There needs to be more light shone upon the damage porn can cause, and has caused for others. I feel like most people absentmindedly watch it just to get off, and really only limit it to that, but even that could have some issues; people are more than just tools for you to get off and there's a person(s) behind that screen.

Speaking of your experience w/ the wiki (I'm so sorry for that, anon), have any of you encountered something particularly shocking involving pornography? I once saw a video of a guy using his (presumably) daughter's shoe to masturbate. The shoe was so small too so I reported that shit and took a good hour to contemplate on what the fuck is wrong with humanity.

No. 162389

i think the worst actual content-wise was this community on tumblr of korean men sharing videos they have taken with female escorts or like peeping tom videos of men and prostitutes. just the grim-ness of it all, all the women looked so upset or just dead inside. also there was a subset of some sort of SEA country moids sharing what looked like secretly taken videos of their wives, so terribly depressing. thank fuck i haven't seen any videos with/pertaining to children, think i would actually die lol.

No. 162398

I could never get into real porn. I just look at hentai lmao. Yeah hentai is kinda coomer but at least it's made by people who really like what they're doing and no one is getting objectified and abused.

No. 162399

>I have never watched much porn so I was always naturally sensitive to seeing naked people and found it disgusting
idk I'm from a pretty open country so the naked body was never anything to be ashamed of to me and I saw a lot of naked bodies growing up (nude beaches, saunas…), but I think porn is something entirely different. The naked body itself is not sexual, it's just the shell we live in.

When I was 18 (a while ago) I used to watch gay porn. Later I watched female solo stuff. Never quite got why, until I realised that in both scenarios women aren't being maltreated by men on screen.

These days it's mostly drawn stuff, but even then I only look at stuff where the woman is very proactive. As soon as it gets rapey (and it does a lot of the time) it just kills my mood entirely.

No. 162507

Don't even watch it, but I can excuse hentai for the same reasons as you lmao

No. 163192

File: 1607906327298.jpg (117.27 KB, 631x1200, ERAelKcUUAAy2k8.jpg)

1. I'm anti-porn and formed my views after I became a radical feminist; I'm against the sex industry as a whole since it's exploitative and anti-feminist.
2. I decided to quit while in my last relationship because I didn't want my partner to look at porn either. The only reason I had previously watched porn was because I'm a straight woman and always watched lesbian porn, and my ex was a guy. I feel no romantic attraction to women though; porn habits are weird, idk.
3. Nope, porn didn't make me depressed until I learned about it from a radical feminist standpoint. Now it makes me depressed because it's so obviously exploitative and disgusting yet like 98% of men watch it on a routine basis.
4. No, most people laugh and think it's ridiculous–especially men. My female friends are all radfems (from online) and we're all anti-porn. My ex boyfriend understood and came to form the same views as myself when I told him about what I'd learned about the truths of the sex industry.

Except the verification process is always a fucking joke. What most people don't realize is that these "milestones" for the sex industry always cause more harm than good. When prostitution was legalized in European countries, it didn't just 'help' prostitutes, it led to increased human trafficking into those nations so that women could be sexually exploited legally. Same goes for the rise of "amateur porn". The rise of amateur porn not only cuts studios costs but lets shady videos from human trafficking and CP slip through the cracks. While you may feel like your porn more ethical, it's less legit than those nasty studio stepbrother videos where the porn actors are confirmed of age with ID. Pornhub doesn't even require ID to prove age–they use fucking the equivalent of site model Myspace proof pictures which back in the day were always photoshopped by fakers to have other names on the piece of paper. The majority of what is being uploaded is far likely nonconsensual, whether it's hidden cam videos, a trafficked woman (because they do have to pretend to be enthusiastic or they'll be killed obv), revenge porn, child porn, etc. All women who have been trafficked say that they were filmed at one point. For these sick fucks all they have to have is a picture like picrel and the account is verified–most accounts aren't even verified. And when videos are very obviously child porn or rape videos, they remain uploaded to those sites and available for download since cumbrains don't report them but get off to them. In one case, an activist was raped while she was in diapers, and yet she still has her videos reuploaded to popular porn streaming websites. Another was raped several times and had her attackers upload the videos, then had to impersonate a lawyer to get Pornhub to take the videos down since they wouldn't listen to the actual victim.
That brings me to my question of how many of these verified accounts are supposedly run by women but are actually being run by pimps/abusive men? We'll never know.

No. 164947

I remember some time ago seeing a study linked somewhere which described the relationship between the ban/legalization of porn and sex crimes but can't seem to find it anymore. Does anybody know what I'm talking about and has a link?

No. 164978

When my husband and I got together we would watch porn together sometimes. I was into lesbian porn and so was he. I didn’t care at the time if he watched it without me either, I didn’t see it as degrading at that time. About a year into the relationship it was really hard to get him to have sex with me and I figured he was cheating, so I went through his phone. It turns out, he wasn’t cheating, just religiously masturbating daily when I was at work or even sleeping sometimes?? When I confronted him he admitted he was tired and lazy after working and just wanted to get himself off. It was utterly pathetic and I realized how degenerate and stupid porn really is. We are Christians and got heavily involved in the church after that. We took premarital classes, worked on our sex life together, and found ways to exclusively get off to each other. Now tbh we make sex tapes for each other incase we get the urge to masturbate if we can’t have sex!! I mean it happens sometimes, and I don’t feel bad about it. It sounds lame and like something old people do lol but I’d much rather him be getting off to me than some exploited nasty ass whore (and tbh it’s kind of hot to make sex tapes together idk) Now we laugh at coomer memes together and have sex everyday if not multiple times a day. I feel like he’s so much more attracted to me these days possibly just because I’m the only way he is cumming? He’s told me that sex feels so much better to him because he doesn’t just succumb to instant gratification every time he gets the urge. Porn sickness is real, and our sex life is so much more active and healthy now that he doesn’t watch it anymore. Sometimes when he slips up and does watch it he tells me because he feels bad and I really respect that (honestly I can’t say I haven’t done the same thing haha!) Essentially all it took was him facing his porn sickness and me standing up for my newfound anti-porn beliefs to address the problem and move forward. I feel bad for people in relationships who can’t talk about porn addiction honestly because it is very real. Good luck to all anti-porn women and don’t ever let a man tell you that you can’t be together if he isn’t allowed to watch porn!! I promise you’ll find someone who respects your values and knows the damage porn sickness causes in men. Fuck coomers

No. 165518

Anons I need to vent.
I like audio erotica, and found /r/gonewildaudio on Reddit. Huge community. It's full of people uploading erotic audio of themselves because they enjoy it, completely ethical right?
Except it's frightening how much is roleplay of incestous childabuse. Have everyone lost their fucking minds? Why is DDLG suddenly normal?
All these men wanking to the fantasy of raping their kids…holy shit…I'm so worried for the actual little girls out there.

No. 165537

It's been going on for a few years and is completely insane. I remember reading some articles analyzing the trend once incest tags were on top of pornhub annual stats for the first time despite never scoring so high in any years prior and it was associated with porn being something that was always kinda pushing the taboo; but now when we can get a fairly explicit sex scenes in literally any movie or tv show, porn had to push even further, so the rise of incest roleplay happened. And then, the typical demand-supply scenario, more incest scenario stuff would come up on front pages, more people get intrigued and check and the more they're exposed to this degenerate concept the more they lose interest in the "boring, normal porn", so demand increases, more incest porn gets made, more people get addicted to it and so it's going until today.
There was always degeneracy in porn, but usually hidden away from "normal" consumers going to the well known big sites, but now even these places push towards most degenerate stuff, which makes me terrified what's gonna be next after consumers get bored with "just incest"

No. 165541

>I’d much rather him be getting off to me than some exploited nasty ass whore
>I trust my husband with our sex tapes
Let's just hope you can really trust him and neither of you get hacked, or else you'll be an exploited nasty ass whore too

No. 165543

So you understand that women in porn are exploited but you still call them "nasty ass whores"? As >>165541
says you could easily become one too if your videos get leaked.

Is there something we could do about the incest and child abuse trend? It's fucking scary how so many just went yup, this is now totally hot and fine to get off to.

No. 189511

I'm really starting to think that there's no porn star that actually just decides to do porn. Like I used to think that there were some who just decided to do it by choice but I find that even the most beautiful ones have some sort of sexual trauma.
If there is a girl who is just like "I'll try porn" I think she'd only do a handful of videos max. You have to be psychologically worn down to accept the abuse and trauma in porn. Can I also just say that I hate moids who shame these women for returning back to the industry? Yes they may have spoken out how it traumatized them but once you've done porn you basically have two options: 1) keep doing it and 'own' it or 2) admit your shame and try to get out of it. So many women end up returning to it because the latter is easier said than done. It also makes more money, especially if you make an Onlyfans like Lana Rhoades, Leah Gotti, and Bree Olson have done. If you don't 'own' the porn career and keep doing it, people still watch your videos and you make no money. They're out there forever. OF is actually much better even if I hate SW entirely. But imagine having no job prospects and no way to escape your past and having people snicker about you being a hoe when you're shopping for groceries or picking up your dry cleaning. Lana Rhoades in particular dropped out of school at 13, got into a bad crowd and started doing hardcore drugs like heroin, went to fucking prison, was married at 18, etc. Leah Gotti was sexually abused at 6 years old and then later on in her teens. Porn was apparently her only way out fyi because she was drug addicted like Lana up until 18 years old. See vidrel for her actual life which she tried to advocate for but later gave up on because she got harassed enough while trying to go 'clear' that now she's back on OF.

No. 189531

Been like a month without porn now, I feel so much better. My mind is so much more at ease, I still have my libido but I can do more stuff now than masturbating (it used to be painfully distracting). I feel no guilt, no paranoia, no panic anymore. Freeing myself from porn was the best choice I've made, I'm proud of myself.

No. 189565

>Why are you anti-porn?
After getting more into radical feminism and becoming aware of all the exploitative stuff that goes on in the industry, probably like most anons here.
>When did you decide to quit?
A few years ago but I've struggled with it since then. I'm a zillenial so I've been watching porn since I was 10 and it's really hard to quit something that became ingrained in me over the years. I realized that I also need to stop smoking weed for awhile too because it lowers my inhibitions and makes it a lot harder to resist temptation. I've been sober for almost a month now and I can feel my sexuality slowly going back to normal.
>Did porn make you depressed?
Even when I was a sex-posi liberal and completely sure that what I was doing was normal a part of me still felt disgusted after cooming. After I decided to quit I feel shame and guilt when I relapse but I try not to dwell on it because I know that if I don't give up I can completely kick the habit eventually.
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
I don't really talk about it with anyone.

No. 189571

I kinda had this epiphany when I was younger, but yeah, even the most sexposi libfem doesn’t want to be a professional porn star. I watched a documentary several years ago about the porn industry and how most young women are coerced into it by initially being promised a legit modeling/acting gig then after they sign contracts or whatever, they find they agreed to do a certain number of porn videos. This was back in the early 2000s so it’s likely different now, more “amateur” stuff or whatever, but any industry that needs to outright lie to get people isn’t a good one.

And yes, I know lots of industries suck and will exploit your labor, but being coerced into having sex for videos that stay online forever is just different.

No. 189581

Definitely. I also used to believed that people did it willingly (Sasha is particularly famous for saying that she chose porn for sexual self-exploration and her own enjoyment but if you do a bit of Google search you can find out that she asked for a yearlong restraining order against her ex-boyfriend because he was abusive and he was the one who forced her to do porn). Supersad

No. 189597

I think Mia Khalifa did porn willingly and unforced but she quit very quickly and in the interviews she criticizes the porn industry and says that she wouldn't do it again and it wasn't the best choice.

No. 189600

If the porn your watching is not on the original website and you didn't pay for it, and they are not being paid for it, it doesn't matter.

No. 189607

What does she critizise though? She wasn't forced into anything and deliberately seeked out the porn "experience".

No. 189608

You can still critizise things even if you did them seemingly willingly.

No. 189612

File: 1622716840458.jpeg (125.89 KB, 952x1600, Mia.jpeg)


A thread from someone who used to date her. He leaks a lot of stuff about her that she doesn't want people to know.
Supposedly she dated people without telling them she was married and shared videos of them with reddit and her husband without asking for consent.
She's not really in a position to critizise anyone.

No. 189613

What does this has to do with criticizing the porn industry?

No. 189615

How can she critizise the porn industry when she herself produced porn and distributed it without consent?

No. 189618

File: 1622719009611.jpg (41.27 KB, 589x248, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Nta, but I think anon is trying to point out the disconnect between her saying in interviews that she felt trapped by her contract and forced to do porn, yet on the image she's laughing at the scene she's about to do that later became a huge scandal

No. 189619

Exactly, she tries so hard to project that image of herself as an innocent lamb that in a moment of vulnerability got trapped and exploited by evil porn companies.
In reality she long produced amateur porn, not telling the other person she'd share the material with the public, which is arguably worse than whatever the porn companies are doing. She also worked as a stripper.

No. 189620

I don't get it… she was happy BEFORE she was about to do a bad scene happened so that means she was not forced into it?

I can understand the hypocrisy, but what does the porn whore being a stripper in the past have to do with it?

No. 189623

>I can understand the hypocrisy
You seem to understand it a little too well.

No. 189626

Nta but what does this even mean kek

No. 189627

No. 189632

>Why are you anti-porn?
Porn is unethical, makes you a sexual degenerate, and promotes misogyny

>When did you decide to quit?

Long time ago, I can't remember

>Did porn make you depressed?

No, but I developed some disgusting fetishes that were gone once I stopped watching it

>Are people around you supportive?

Absolutely. The people around me are aware of how toxic porn is

>And whatever else you want to say

Fuck porn

No. 189642

It’s called an “illusion of choice,” wherein people have no true decision to make but still perceive themselves as having made one anyway. Lots of sex workers have very little other viable economic alternative (poverty, being transient, drug addictions, etc), but because theoretically they could decide not to (even though they may have no realistic other choice, or be pressured/abused into making this choice) they feel like they’ve picked their path for themselves. Susan Dewey has written several great papers on her anthropological research into sex workers and talks about the much more grim realities of it. It’s part of what got me to quit altogether instead of trying to find a mythical “ethical” alternative.

No. 190352

I rarely watch, mainly I just imagine things in my mind when I’m horny and do it that way. But my first boyfriend would do weird things he saw in porn (he admitted to it) and would pressure/abuse/sexually assault me whenever he wanted. Then years later he called and apologized for raping me lol so it’s just sick to me that my first relationship was tarnished in part (obviously it’s his own fucked up brain and lack of listening to consent) by what porn presents as the norm. I would even go watch it when we were still dating because I wanted to be good enough and know I’m doing the right thing. Ew, I wish I could wipe it off the earth completely.

No. 190407

always been disgusted by porn. why would i want to watch other people fuck? i am anti masturbation too but if i'm sitting there fantasizing i just think about myself and a guy i find attractive. been that way forever. touching yourself to random people fucking = cucking yourself.

No. 190463

>empowered making porn for men's money
its funny when they say that when the men who pay them are making so much more than them. i read somewhere a lot of cons00mers of OF are engineers. girl you arent making shit off these guys, my dad and bf are engineers and make bank. so these coomers arent losing jack shit, but you are losing dignity just for pennies. sex work isnt "winning" like stealing money from coomers. most of these guys are giving you crumbs of their income. how many men go broke from paying girls they simp for? only the really dumb ones who dont make much either way.

No. 192387

is it hypocritical to be against live-action porn but not give a shit about drawings and stories etc.? i know it can be unhealthy to consume in excess (i've known hentai/furry porn addicts that act just as bad as onlyfans/pornhub coomers and there is a huge overlap) but if it doesn't involve real people getting trafficked and coerced idgaf

No. 192399

Drawings are only bad because they still make men degenerate and pressure their gf/wife to do degrading shit.

No. 192434

yeah, and some would argue it's not the artist's responsibility if people "use" their art wrong

men will be degenerates anyway, i'd rather some scrote wank off to shit like mlp futa inflation to the point he loses interest in having real sex (one less person out of the gene pool and dating scene is a win) than exploiting freshly 18 year old highschoolers with an onlyfans

No. 195187

I think in a few years we are going to see suicide rates spike due to all those people who regret having Onlyfans or posting amateur porn (like those who post on Reddit). In the past it was mainly people who worked in the actual industry but now there are tons of average people who are producing porn from their own homes. They often start before their brains are finished developing and don't understand the consequences, now that content is out there until the end of time.

No. 195212

I wouldn't be sure how to class myself, I think at the very least the idea I have is that I'm pro sex worker but not pro sex work if that can make sense, I think it's something that can take advantage of people and cause immense damage and issues but I can't ever see something as sex work or porn in general ever going away, its a vice or a crutch for some people and tool to exploit others.

I don't go out og my way to watch porn either, I find a lot of it unappealing and fake but I admit that I do like amateur but by that I usually find a channel shared by a couple, check to see if they have chemistry and enjoy one another and that's what makes it appealing to me to watch, I suppose in my own way I'm using it for my own lack of intimacy while single.

>It's a bubbly Domme and sub couple

I think porn as a whole isn't a bad thing, but it's like alcohol where it causes a lot of problems, easily abused and can and does ruin lives.

>Why are you anti-porn?

I think it can often be abused and cause more harm than good.
>When did you decide to quit?
I still watch but maybe a couple times a month, really depends on my mood but most of the time I prefer reading a kink story.
>Did porn make you depressed?
No but the lack of intimacy I found from it did and feeling like I needed to behave like X or do Y acts.
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
I think a lot of people don't examine it on a deeper level even the idea of consenting porn or sex work needs to be critically examined
>and whatever else you want to say
I didn't mean to go on a ramble but I think my main view overall is for sex work, I'd want it to be safe and regulated , but I think that may be me living in a fantasy land where the idea of someone doing this isn't really consent if the choice is between not paying rent or bills.

For porn I think it needs to be made safer or focus needs to be on changing its image or focus, safe, consent and a actually couple loving one another seems more enjoyable to me than some generic random porno.

>I feel dumb saying this but its like instead of factory farming porn it should be free range porn.

No. 195213

Last night I was looking up whether a certain male porn star had retired or not (don't lecture me. I know lol) I found a discussion on some porn message boards and yeah apparently he has moved on from it.

It was in the middle of a discussion where a bunch of guys were discussing 'young male performers in scenes with milfs' Some asking for links to who looks the youngest… ugh. They were straight guys lusting after how young you can go with a male performer. Some were crying over a bunch of young guys who've entered and left the industry again. Some thought that many left because staying hard was difficult for them and it showed in their scenes. Then it turned into some weird woke 'don't shame men who can't perform on cue!' chat. A board that is 99percent men lusting over the most unrealistic female bodies and unrealistic types of gape you out sex with projectile squirting and assgasms galore… Gotta stay senstitive to the one struggle a man might have. Sooo unrealistic to expect a man who is paid to have sex for a living to have an erection on set. Just thought it was funny. All this in the middle of a pedo sounding chat.

What's the most unrealistic thing in porn? Keeping an erection. ok lol

There was also a discussion on how shemales look better than the real deal. I nearly screenshotted it because it was just perfect. From memory;
> 5 years ago I would've never touched trans porn! Now it's the main thing I watch. I hate the term she-male and think it should be removed from our vocab. Trans women are real women. Most of them look better than other women do. I just love the thought of being with a woman who I view as all-woman and her having this absurd thing dangling between her legs.

No. 195224

Yeah your brain only finishes developing around 25, part of the reason why I don't see 18 year old teenagers as adults..

No. 195426

I'd like to lower my usage of porn mostly. Especially the visual ones. It gets borderline nasty and violent that it completely fucks up my brain. Both drawn/animated and real life ones. Written porn is nice imo because the ones I've read are mostly reader inserts that are written by women in fandom spaces and it sort of warped my perception of how my partner should be kek

>Why are you anti-porn?

50/50. I enjoy porn as stated from above but I'm also against porn that's directed to the male audience because it gets so disgusting/violent that it seeps into some scrote's way of thinking. Example are porn sick male weaboos who develop a fetish for, in my case, east asian women. Porn in my country is either : a leaked/revenge porn video, a white expat who fucks and films escorts in some dingy hotel or just straight up cp or minors who are forced/enticed to do it

>Did porn make you depressed?

Both anger and sadness. You never know if it was consensually released, the woman or man is of legal age, was exploited, etc. Aside from that it just gives me short bursts of happiness and it completely drains me right after.

No. 203055

File: 1629839647547.jpg (210.09 KB, 923x631, 476.jpg)

No. 203056

>Why are you anti-porn?
I'm more anti sex industry. all the nightmare stories told by many former porn actress who've undergo so many horrors just make ends meet disgust me.
>When did you decide to quit?
It was a gradual process and since a lot of what I like is barely getting produced in ways I normally enjoy it, I Rarely consume sexual content.
>Did porn make you depressed?
At times yes especially with a lot of drawn hentai depicting all their characters as 10/10 underage bimbo balloon animals rather than people. That shit can lower someone's self esteem real quick. I'm not expecting a lot of artist to bend over and draw woke body positive hippos for brownie points, but I do hope some reform normalizes average people doing average non-kinky things.
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
not that I know but I've known a few who respect my boundaries and understand that porn isn't for everyone and that's fine. I don't like making a big deal out of it.

No. 203062

Link to article?

No. 203064

>Why are you anti-porn?
I am anti-porn because of the pain it has and continues to cause on such a massive scale (testimonies of porn actresses having to drug themselves or being drugged forcibly to get through scenes, the trafficking and coercion of vulnerable women across the world, the terrible misogyny and taboos it normalizes, and so much more). For more personal reasons, I was groomed by porn as a pre-teen and was sexually abused. Ever since I grew up to understand what that fully meant I've been anti-porn.

>When did you decide to quit?

When I read a reddit comment a few years back (the thread was something like "what's the weirdest porn video you've ever seen" or something) and someone mentioned seeing a video of a woman who had a live eel forcibly put inside her.

>Did porn make you depressed?

Yes, more than words can describe nonnies.

>Are people around you supportive of this choice?

I don't talk about this with people since it's kind of weird to bring up kek. The subject hasn't really come up around my friends luckily, and I haven't brought it up personally cause I kind of get emotional about this if you can't tell.

>and whatever else you want to say

Kind of a hot take on this website, but I firmly believe sex should solely and only be between you and someone you love and are committed to. As soon as that idea gets muddled at all, it seems to cause a lot of pain in the relationship and/or just delves into degeneracy rather than a loving relationship and commitment to each other. You can call me delusional for believing the world should or even can live up to that standard, that would be fair, but it's something I firmly believe that should ought to be. We should respect our own bodies enough to only share the most private and intense of experiences with someone we trust a lot, not random strangers on the internet or irl. Especially since having sex with a man as a woman carries a chance of pregnancy. I will say I'd never shame a woman for not living up to this standard, since these are just my personal thoughts and opinions and it's none of my business anyway. I will shame the men though kek.

Pornography and prostitution should also be made illegal, or at least very highly regulated (and if illegal, the prostitutes and actresses and sometimes actors are not punished but only the producers, consumers, buyers, and pimps). And people who consume porn or are "sex buyers" should not be allowed in certain jobs, especially if those jobs involve being around children at all.

No. 203082

>Why are you anti-porn?
I just see what it does to men's perception. Men's minds are made of a fine pink putty and cannot be trusted. They are most susceptible to consoomerism. It can and will alter how they perceive women. They always then take out their frustrations on people they perceive as "whores" (women in the sex industry) or "roasties" (perfectly normal adult women) that rightfully won't date their revolting porn rot brains. They have no sense of self-accountability, and don't seem to understand porn is made exclusively in mind for men. If they don't like it, they must stop cold turkey. By passively watching what they think are "free" sites like pornhub, they prop up sex work, the porn industry, and human trafficking.
>When did you decide to quit?
I never really started. It's all gross and all meant for the male gaze. No idea how women become porn addicts.
>Did porn make you depressed?
It was only after many years did I realize how interconnected porn is to sexual abuse, human trafficking, child porn, and ruining the fabric of how men and women even interact with each other.
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
If they weren't, I'd be the one giving them a talk, not the other way around.
>and whatever else you want to say
The silent victim of porn is children. You can pretend it's not, but it is.

No. 203086

I’m so glad my bf is anti-porn. He knew I didn’t like that stuff. Wish all men were like this and can see the sick twisted side of porn, but they rather get their penises pulled by the teen category.

No. 203088

check his internt history kek

No. 203151

No. 203173

I do. He has nothing to hide. Most men are scrotes. Find one with similar values and talk about shit that bothers you.

No. 204860

Some time ago my ex bf told me he basically had a porn addiction during our relationship and at the same time I felt shocked but not really since lack of intimacy had been a big issue. I feel so disgusted at him and depressed that he would consume porn on the daily rather than spend a moment with me. It makes me feel so disgusting and utterly unlovable.

No. 204861

He's the unlovable one, not you. Don't blame yourself for anyone else's actions, especially not the bad behaviour of disgusting scrotes.

No. 204864

Could he be retrained?

No. 204866

Would you think the same if your boyfriend was addicted to weed or alcohol? This thread description talks about porn addicts, which is a real thing.

His brain got used to a quick dopamine fix, which doesn’t have to say anything about how he feels about you. Oh

No. 204867

Of course. Any addiction can be broken. The fact that he’s willing to acknowledge it instead of going “So I fap six times a day! What’s the harm?!” Is a good sign.

No. 204871

Bf was a "former" porn addict and 4chan scrote. Would start joking about how traps aren't gay and talked about going to thailand/southeast asia with his crypto gains someday(asian fetish too naturally)

I didn't have to guess why he wanted to go to the tranny hooker capital of the world.

Yeah don't fuck with porn

No. 204874

Who cares, anon said he's an ex boyfriend. Don't go back for trash you've already tossed. If he cared he should've been open about it and actually attempted to improve during the relationship, not disclosing all this to her after the fact

No. 204885

I'm anti porn for same reason as most of us ladies here, are.
The exploitation and commodification of women really upsets me. The industry as a whole is harmful as women may be trafficked, underage, have dubious consent, be vulnerable, or all and all display harmful perceptions of violent sex.

I always see people argue that 'but that's a small minority' blah blah. But why would anyone want to take the risk that the video they are watching is at the expense of women who may be forced or trafficked or underage?? Its because most men care more about their sexual gratification then the possible exploitation of women.

Close people around me know that I am anti porn. A male in my life actively tried to argue with me about my choice. "Sexual pleasure and watching porn is normal…" "The violent stuff is only a small minority" "How do you get off?" Ughhhhh and he couldn't understand that with the amateur stuff the consent of that video being online is really unclear.
I mean wtf nonnies. SOrry mini rant but yeah. fuck porn.

No. 204892

>he couldn't understand that with the amateur stuff the consent of that video being online is really unclear
I used to watch amateur stuff without much thought going to this. Like I would see clips clearly titled
>my slutty ex does x y and z
and of course I'd know to avoid those. I thought that was enough. It took me a while to realize just how much amateur shit is scrotes sharing their trophy clips that are left behind after a really bitter break up. Oh my naive mind at the time.

You'd scroll down to the comments on a normal looking couples vid with a normal title and it'd only become clear when they're replying to comments underneath by boasting that the woman hates their guts now but they'll still always have 'the memories to fap to' and she was the best fuck because she was so 'insert crude and creepy comment about an ex from 5 fucking years ago' Sad sad shit.

The fact that you need to carefully try and research whether a clip is shared with consent or not ..should be enough for any decent person to lose arousal. You can't be certain, no matter how a clip is presented to you. For every man stupidly boasting about it there are ones covering their tracks better. That or a clip has been ripped down and reshared a thousand times and nobody know the origin of it.

No. 204898

File: 1631229478058.gif (447.01 KB, 480x340, received_121640861603235.gif)

It's cool to see this thread at the top of the board right now. I just got off the phone with my mom and her boyfriend she's had for 20 years is chronically addicted to porn. He also tries to force her into a threesomes and other weird shit and will not have sex with her otherwise. He spends hours a day watching porn and when she tried to say something about it he shouted at and threatened her. Not much I can do about it because she won't listen to my advice about leaving him and he mocks people who hate pornography so you can't talk to him either. I have nothing to do or ask here I am just sad, angry and disgusted. When I think of men addicted to porn and react that way when confronted I just want to fight them. I literally yell rant about porn on the phone to my mom and it makes her laugh when she's crying which I guess is good but I just feel so genuinely pissed. When I think of such men it makes me feel like I want to throw on a head/face covering so that Western men may never look upon me again.

No. 204902

Boyfriend that watches porn/hentai: dumped. It's very simple, i don't want to be the girlfriend of a scrote. Men that see porn are ill disgusting pornsicks.

No. 205010

It feels like its literally impossible to find a man who doesn't consume it though

No. 205024

I hate Sasha though, even now that she is a Twitch streamer she talks very nicely about the porn industry and says it has helped her discover herself and her sexuality. When there are confessions made by her ex manager about how she would have these meltdowns and cry and hurt herself and scream that porn has ruined her life. I think she alone has groomed more than 10 girls to become porn stars by lying about the industry and painting it in pink.

No. 205025

I also don't get why you criticize Mia so much. She's doing the world a favor by warning girls about the porn industry.

No. 205027

I thought that way too. I didn’t believe my boyfriend when he said he doesn’t. I think rather than stressing ourselves out about whether they are lying or not, pay careful attention to how they act and your gut instinct will tell you whether he is lying or not. Any signs of being pornsick, don’t bother.

Here’s some things you should just avoid if you’re trying to find a man who doesn’t watch it:
- Plays video games
- Follows girls who post provocative images on social media (or even uses social media at all tbh. Instagram is basically soft core porn at this point)
- Just treats themselves like shit in general. Like if a man has bad habits like drinking and drugs you can bet he’s a porn addict too.
- Asks for nudes.
- Pay attention if you’re making out with him. If he’s a healthy man he will be hard, and if he’s not that’s 100% porn addiction and he can’t get hard with real women anymore
- Doesn’t care about pleasing you during sex (preferably you wouldn’t get to this stage with a man who watches porn tho) and sex lacks passion

I don’t really know what else to say. A man could have all of those things I listed and still watch porn infrequently, but I think that will at least get rid of the worst ones. Again, your gut instinct will tell you the truth about whether he watches porn or not, so don’t worry too much about it.

No. 205031

I found 2. One was a virgin Mormon and the other was really into femdom and asked me if all his orgasms belonged to me and I said of course, if I deny him he actually enjoys it.

No. 205077

What should I do with a man that watches porn infrequently because he knows the dangers of being addicted to porn, PIED, lack of motivation, etc, so he limits his consumption to a low amount, but doesn’t really see anything wrong with it so he won’t stop? He doesn’t get the ethical part of it (doesn’t watch corporate porn, apparently, because it’s « obviously disgusting »), and he denies the influence it could have on how he views sex because he says he can distinguish between what works well in porn and what works well irl. He said I was welcome to try and change his mind but that he thinks it’s unlikely. He watches hentai and amateur/homemade, doesn’t like it when it’s violent, overproduced, and I honestly think I’ve watched worse shit than him (rape, incest, inflation, bimboification, etc). He’s good in bed, focuses on my pleasure and doesn’t really asks for anything in particular except the occasional weird position.

It doesn’t really feel like his porn consumption is very problematic, and while I think I can turn him off some types of porn for good (he didn’t even know about revenge porn and he said he’d try to be careful) but I don’t really know if he would ever give it up entirely.

For now, I trust him because his behavior matches his words. I’m worried it could change, but I don’t what to do except wait and see, and try to introduce him to the other negatives of the porn industry.

No. 205078

he's still a rape apologist

No. 205079

Personally I just don't like the concept of my boyfriend fapping to other women and the concept of watching porn in general is kind of cuck-tier to me.

No. 205080

the more i think about it the more it pisses me off actually. so he cares about stuff like pied and lack of motivation etc, all the stuff that affects him, but when it's about the fact that he supports one of the biggest human trafficking monopols where actresses have higher rates of ptsd than viet vets you never know? even if he only watches amateur stuff (the "i like it because it's genuine uwu" is so old and tired already btw) he still supports the hosting websites by visiting. even if he rationally knows that porn is unrealistic and it doesn't work that way in real life, it still makes him less likely to believe rape victims (as you can see by his defending of the industry) and more likely to believe the victim enjoyed the act. he can say that he knows as much he wants, but this trash pollutes his mind either way. his "you can try to change my mind" sounds like he's set in his way and knows he just has to satisfy with you with a few set phrases to get you off his back when you nag him about porn for five minutes and that's it.

No. 205083

It's very common on the subreddits like r/NoFap and r/PornFree. Men only care because it broke their dick. Sometimes they even develop a hatred of women in porn as a result, those slutty temptresses, when they have no one but themselves to blame.

No. 205085

File: 1631348998032.jpeg (27.66 KB, 400x447, received_743869439092188.jpeg)

While ultimately everyone is responsible for their decisions I do sort of blame society. Society acts like porn is the normalest thing on earth and men and women alike will mock you for being against it. Even I used to watch some pretty degenerate shit before I had an understanding of how fucked porn is.
But yeah, it's always weird to me that people hate on the women and not the directors and producers of the porn.
This is slightly off topic but we have a local film producer who was dating a lady with an autistic son and my cousin recently found out he was putting videos he made of these fucked up orgy parties he has in his house on the 9 year old autistic boy's phone. I'm ver distressed about it but telling the law is useless because he has too much power and notoriety. I now have a vibe he probably is secretly a porn producer as well and I just hate him so much. The girl recently died and I'm concerned the kid will be in his care but I don't know him like that to know what's happening. My cousin's best friend baby sits the kid.
FUCK porn producers (and most film producers in general honestly)

No. 205088

I know this might sound stupid or extreme but I'm considering dating right wing authoritarian men or very religious men because literally all left wingers watch porn and promote the industry. I'd rather have him think I should be in the kitchen than have him think I should be in a porn. The world is too ideologized and I have 2 options.

No. 205090

File: 1631354053104.jpg (24.48 KB, 400x300, doubt.jpg)

Sad news, anon. Most my friends are full right wing extremists because they suit my prudish societal ways and even most of them watch porn if not AT LEAST hentai or look at lewd images but usually porn. Even this guy I know who is so Puritan and gentlemanly that my other friends call him a pussy. It is inescapable but I guess you will find it easier to find one among righties.
That's a thought though. I think there's a sad likelihood I'd put up with actual abuse if I felt someone was truly absolutely loyal to me but alas; it is a useless endeavor.

No. 205091

anon I still have found a bit of hope I've been talking with this right wing guy but he is from Eastern Europe and he is very traditional and religious, he is still a virgin and he said he doesn't want to have sex until he marries and he doesn't masturbate either. I have a huge crush on him but I don't know if he will ever want to be with me. I would marry him in a minute. I've talked with so many left wingers, even the less extreme ones and they all are obsessed with porn and have malfunctioning dicks

No. 205092

Oh no I wasn't trying to convince you away from right wingers, just saying not to get your hopes up about finding many who don't watch porn. Eastern Europeans are probably less tainted. I couldn't see myself marrying a non-"right wing" guy. Well, unless I just snap entirely and just decide to have some lefty le feminist guy who will shut up and do as I say because I'm so tired of hoping. But I can't wholly see that because I don't want to share a house with those people lole

No. 205094

Would you be ok with guys who just fantasize and don't watch videos?

No. 205096

It depends to what extent he does it. Fantasizing is way more normal than porn, I think we all have sexual fantazies. But even with those there's a limit. If he constantly fantasized about brutal, violent sex I think it would bleed through his actions and mindset. I don't think it's normal to entertain all of our fantasies, we must stop them at a point, stop letting our minds think about those things. Fantasies about normal consensual sex are cute imo even attractive

No. 205099

yeah, not just ok but ideal

No. 205102

>The world is too ideologized and I have 2 options.
What? You have the option to be single. Why would you put up with a misogynist?

No. 205104

I don't think there's a person on earth who doesnt fantasize about dreamlike scenarios happening to them, both sexually and otherwise. With the exception of a guy maybe telling you he obsesses over someone you know irl or over immoral acts… I think it's mostly healthy.

And I'm not about to try and control someone elses inner thoughts or interrogate them to know what they're always thinking about.

No. 205114

Absolutely. That's basically what I do although I agree with >>205096 hopefully he would just be fantasizing about normal sex and not something creepy

No. 205143

That's why I asked if it's possible to gradually retrain the guy and make him fantasize through the experience of real stimuli by (penis in vagina, blowjob, kisses, caressing, body scent) instead of videos depicting constructed non-real scenarios

No. 205472

File: 1631573520395.jpg (213.1 KB, 2000x2000, Playboy_Hat.jpg)

anyone else who grew up in the early 2000s remember playboy merch was seen as "cool"?

I remember girls that were like 9 having hats like picrel and thinking back on it makes me want to puke

No. 205475

I hated it so fucking much. I wasn't even a libfem then, very much in my "ugh feminism" years, but this was just such an insane and gross insult. I think it's one of the first things that made me feel like, actual despair over being a woman.

No. 205483

They’re trying to revive this with zoomers too, I see tons of Playboy stuff for sale at my mall in places like PacSun and Tilly’s

No. 205487

Anyways I'm glad that Hugh Hefner is burning in hell.

No. 205488

Ew, I hope their wokeism is good for something and saves them from it, on top of everything it's tacky

No. 205493

It won't, because zoomers think it's woke to be a "bimbo", and bigoted to call out porn companies

No. 205496

File: 1631599178101.jpeg (172.33 KB, 1124x655, C3D4C930-33C0-4D1C-B598-472315…)

will a man like this ever exist nonnies

No. 205527

All the rich popular girls at my middleschool had some Playboy merch (one even had a F* me I'm Famous cap at 13) and even back then it made me feel uneasy, I was not yet aware of all the fucked up gender dynamics. I can't even imagine what it's like to grow up as a teen now.

No. 206342

Most men watch it for the exploitation part, so no.

No. 206349

From what I've seen, when men stop watching porn it's for self improvement reasons, cuz you know when their brains are filled with coomerthoughts 24/7 they're not exactly productive, not for ethical reasons.

That's why if you ever meet a man who says he gave up on porn, ask him for his reasons (and realize it's probably not because he cares about the well-being of women but for his own profit)

No. 206357

Yeah, everytime I see a guy (usually on reddit because of course) talking about nofap or quitting his porn addiction, I just cringe thinking how he even got to that point to start with

No. 206374

My bf wants to give up porn for me, but I don’t think he understands the ethical concerns, he just sees that it’s upsetting to me, or he is pissed that I am nagging him about it. I don’t believe you can give up something you don’t think is wrong for someone else. It’s disheartening to be in love with a scrote.

No. 206375

My bf realized that it rewires your brain for sex and it does make sex less enjoyable if you watch porn. Let them have their reasons, if they're willing to do if for you then that is all that really matters.

No. 206396

It took a while (partly because I didn't speak up sooner) but eventually my bf came to understand the ethical issues with porn in addition to not wanting to engage with it personally. Vast majority of men just don't think about how it harms women, which is stupid and lazy, but oftentimes they're in echo chambers with other men saying there's nothing wrong with it. Encountering a woman who is staunchly against it and brings up those concerns may be their first exposure to any thoughts that express otherwise. Not that it's your or any woman's job to teach them, but if you're involved with a scrote that usually comes with the territory. Personally I don't find it worthwhile to be that person for them anymore, but it is possible.

Same, I've been seeing a lot of this even among millennials. Let it fucking die already. I hate liberal feminism and "sex positivity" being code word for porn, the cheapest and most degrading form of sex.

No. 206411

> my bf came to understand the ethical issues with porn in addition to not wanting to engage with it personally. Vast majority of men just don't think
I hate to be that anon but.. you're kidding yourself. He's kidding you too just because it seems easier that way.

No. 206417

Oh I had access to every piece of tech he owned (which he was not aware of) so I knew when he was watching and when he stopped throughout the entire relationship before he said a word. I was a psycho bpd girlfriend but only on the down low. But don't worry, I broke up with him due to other shitty traits and these days I don't bother with men in general

No. 208090

I didn't like how it took me so long to find a video I liked, and every porn video no matter how vanilla has this cringe screaming and moaning.

I just use my imagination now.

No. 208110

>took me so long to find a video I liked
Yeah years ago (before I thought about this much, the morality of it etc) I would spent so fucking long trying to find one scene that actually worked for me. It was all off-putting in one way or another and I found I would end up watching the same scene every time til I had every moan and movement in it memorized.

It's strange, in one way you're spoiled for choice but then everything is shit in some way. The make up is nuts, the moans are beyond anything real, the guy pulls some random violent move that ruins the mood. Millions of clips out there and so few that will appeal to a woman or pull off a realistic depiction of sex.

No. 208663

File: 1633724840273.jpg (88.23 KB, 740x424, coomers.jpg)

Coomers mad at this.

No. 208667

File: 1633725901451.jpg (61.58 KB, 739x291, pornaddict.jpg)


No. 208669

I mean at least he's removing himself from the gene pool

No. 208676

What's worse is how many of them say they just deleted their 1 TB+ porn collections. I wonder how they managed to save so much.

No. 208714

If they are young, I feel a bit bad knowing they were bascially groomed into a porn addiction as literal children being unsupervised on the internet.

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