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File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.

No. 164083

Mine is finding out someone is a kpop Stan.

No. 164088

I just recently found out the dude I've been pining after is a full-cringe stan army on twitter and I'm just…so fucking disappointed. He's tall and hot too, it's such a shame. I'm trying to rationalize that at least he keeps it online and doesn't make his personality about it but it's just not the same anymore. The worst part is that two years ago I was also a ratmy, if I'd met this dude sooner he would have been perfect for me.

My turn-off would be ear piercings on men. I actually think they look good but as soon as I start thinking about it I just assume they don't take good care of them and they smell and I don't want to get close enough to find out. Hypocritical because I have multiple piercings on each ear.

No. 164091

I second the ear piercing on men. Also any type of necklace; dog tags, chains, you name it.

No. 164097


No. 164099

This and guys who full on don't eat anything other than meat and frozen foods. Like seriously, dudes who never drink water or eat vegetables, even a damn fruit!!…have the dirtiest toxic cum. Straight up nuclear waste.

No. 164100

Men who never learnt a second language or are just ignorant swines unable to be able to learn about new shit, that makes me want to run away.
Also men who are way too into femdom and want to be pegged while wearing women’s clothes like, ew, no, that’s not how it works, at least pretend to be somewhat normal.

No. 164102

My bf does this thing when we’re warming up, like asks me “why are you such a naughty little giiirl? What’s happening down there?” Etc. And literally pauses and waits for me to answer. It sends me spiraling. Usually I laugh it off and he’ll add “why are you so giggly, silly girl” and he says this all in a tone that sounds similar to talking to a little child. I mean we have a 22 year age gap, but it really grosses me out

No. 164103


No. 164104

File: 1608683533162.jpg (83.92 KB, 1029x1005, 7e3f6870-aa74-4dc0-8a0c-139e4f…)

No. 164105

When women wax/shave their pubes. Trimming is fine but when they're bald it weirds me out because neoteny is gross, and shaved gets too stubbly and rough.

No. 164106

File: 1608683689575.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, 57ec29fa077dccf2018b8c62.jpeg)

Why are you doing this to yourself? Honest question.

No. 164107

Weird body odour. I don't mind some body odor in general (my oneitis smelled like a dead pigeon rotting in the summer heat), but there are a few guys that have a particular strong smell, a mix of horse and leather, that disgusts me to the core. Also rotten teeth fucking stink.
Slow talkers are fucking annoying. I know it's unfair, but it really makes them sound retarded. Also, hyper talkative funny guys are so just unbearable.

>22 years gap

No. 164110

File: 1608687983201.jpg (30.06 KB, 640x379, Epp6qtVUYAEIqc5.jpg)

No. 164111

Noticeable blackheads, kind of hypocrital as I've dealt with them but they make me feel anxious, seeing all that dirt under the skin…

No. 164115

I find people to be a general turn off. Is that even weird?

No. 164118

Being way too into astrology. I can take light jokes like “lol what a Leo” but anyone who knows their charts beyond that first one (sun?) or genuinely thinks the time and place they were born determines their personality just screams to me that they’re narcissistic and not very smart

No. 164119

a lot of people have mentioned things i don't like already, but i don't like guys who have dogs. i don't hate dogs, but i know they are a big commitment and i don't want to date someone who either 1. is committed to a dog or 2. neglects it because he's not because that's awful. dog owners are a big no for me which eliminates a lot of otherwise fine matches.

No. 164121

Chewing gum

No. 164123

Getting really angry at video games

No. 164125

Fat agree, no bigger turn off for me than a man raging over a video game.

No. 164127

mouth breathing and itching their face roughly.

No. 164129


No. 164130

Being outgoing.
People who regularly speak to more than 3 non-family members and/or attended gatherings pre-'rona are just unattractive sexually and romantically. I can't understand the lifestyle and so it inspires low-level fear in me.

No judgement as people. Extroverts are awesome, just very far from how I think.

No. 164133

Weird sounds?? Like dad noises…..

No. 164142

Moles. It's fine if it's small ones here or there and they're re flat and look like freckles. But if they're are raised or large in diameter or there's a ton of them on their body then I'm completely disgusted. Skin tags too also disgust me.

No. 164146

Facial & body hair, pretty much anywhere that men would judge on women, I judge on men. I just hate the texture and I think skin looks prettier when it's not hidden under hair. The only time I don't mind is when the guy has blonde hair and is reasonably tall/athletic, the combo of dark body hair on a short/skinny guy is my ultimate turn off.

Also guys who are muscular in a really lean, vascular way, including popular traits like adonis belts and ripped abs. It's a visceral kind of disgust rather than thinking it's unattractive though? Like I just don't want to touch those body parts even if they are a conventionally attractive fit guy. I'd still easily pick a body like that over a fat/skinnyfat guy ofc, it's just one of my weirder turn offs.

Also some traits I find obnoxious in men for various reasons, mostly for being pretentious/boring: musicians, outdoorsy types, wannabe philosophers and "intellectuals", hippies

No. 164157

I find blonde and redhead males ugly. Fine with it on women. For men I only like brown or black hair.

No. 164158

Back hair. If a guy has back hair he has tons of hair everywhere and I was looking to date a human, not the sasquatch.
Also, chewing with his mouth open. It's the most disgusting thing.

No. 164172

People who don't like animals, I'm not saying they should be huge animal lovers like me but jokes like "I love animals especially on my plate" turn old very quickly. Also people who are not vegetarians, the possibility of finding chicken bones in my garbage can grosses me out. Ironically I'm also turned off by vegans.

No. 164176

men with blue eyes. also, people who don't wear socks at all times outside of showering or swimming

No. 164178

It's not at all weird to be repulsed by bad body odor and rotting teeth ffs.

No. 164179

Long hair, especially on men but on women too. Most men have really fine hair and they know jack shit about taking care of it so it just kinda hangs there all lifeless and disgusting. Women with long hair look amazing but it's just cumbersome, I guess? It just gets everywhere.

No. 164181

if a guy has a mustache and no beard

No. 164186

Porn addiction, reddit faggot

No. 164187

Those aren't weird at all, anon.

No. 164188

If they walk weird. I don't know what "walking good" though

Also high body count or flings, and the type of people they used to date mean a lot to me. I feel like these days it's too common to excuse it with "it was in the past" but your past partners say a lot about you, so I am very picky in regards to this..

No. 164189

People who are way into animals and are "pet people"

No. 164190

if they are a stoner, i would rather hang out with a meth head than a stoner who just stares at the wall and says 5 words in 10 minutes

No. 164191

>liking star wars or the mcu too much
>overly invested in politics (male only)
>owning at least one funko pop
>hating small dogs or cats
>computer nerd (again, male only)

No. 164192


samefagging but i just remembered

>into philosophy

>too much into football (soccer for y'all burgerfags)

No. 164193

YES! as soon as i see a guy's bare fucking feet just tromping around, i lose 99% attraction to them.

No. 164198


>presumably straight male

>stanning bts


No. 164199

>talking about how school/high school was as an adult
>posting stories on social media that are uptades about life
>general big social media presence
>using phone when we're talking
>leg bouncing
>scratching ears on the inside, with one finger
>runny nose
>men wearing briefs instead of boxers (I'm ESL so I hope I got the difference in terms right; you know, tight undies vs loose boxers)
>men talking how tiny and skinny I am (I'm a little above average height and normal built, so I guess they want to feel big and make me feel small around them which for some reason enrages me)
>men into history
>men being ignorant and mean about cosmetics

No. 164206

>men into history
Really makes me get drier than a desert, those men are always fucking pretentious and tiresome to be around.
>men into religion
Those weirdos who will unitonically say shit like “I hate all religions! I’m agnostic or atheist! Let me explain you all of the religious texts that have ever existed since the beginning of society!” it’s an enormous turn off, I’m glad they always have to bring shit like that up so it’s easier to weed out the lame ones.

No. 164211

>22 year age gap
God I wish I could kill some of the posters here

No. 164224

File: 1608738023478.png (29.49 KB, 512x512, no.png)

>blonde hair that's translucent
>light wash skinny jeans
>oversized puffy coats
>visits nightclubs
>gets excited about soccer matches on tv
>thinly plucked eyebrows
>shiny ear studs
>too popular with girls
>changes his voice depending on who he talks to
>faded, old, stained clothing
>wears flipflops that go in between the toes

No. 164230

No idea why, but
>men into history
are always fucking terrible. Always.

No. 164231

Because they're not actually into history. They're into one time period where they would've been allowed to abuse anyone they wanted and no one bat an eyelash. They could rape and pillage, take slaves, etc. It's a sort of power fantasy for them.

No. 164232

>being into superhero movies
>being into arthouse too much
>being all about success and ambitions, watching and reading all the lame stuff for "self-improvement"
>bow-ties, to be more specific - nerdy doctorwho-like style
>being too focused on clothes
>being tediously rational and sceptical about everything, including religion, astrology and supernatural stuff (and I'm not even into religion and astrology myself)
>being too picky with food, fragrances etc., unaccepting of "weird" colors for hair, makeup, nail polish

No. 164235

>constantly using quotes from movies and books
>when memes substitute personal ability to joke
>overusing internet slang, especially from russian imageboards and the like
>swearing too much
>being social media active
>having retarded male friends and admitting they're obnoxious etc., but still keeping in touch and not calling out on their stupid shit

And most of all
>believing that men can't and don't have to be visually appealing and seductive, like it's a gay thing or something, inability to be playful in sexual context

No. 164241

File: 1608748390539.gif (7.68 MB, 389x225, 98F3C9A7-0835-485A-90C9-C777A8…)

Oh my god you stupid fucking bitch

No. 164242

this has to be some form of elevated bait

No. 164244

Guys who wear apparel/have tattoos from shows, movies or videogames. So embarassing and immature, it screams lack of personality imo

No. 164245

Playing videogames every single day

No. 164246

Samefag, also vaping. Vaping is a HUGE turn off.
I hate the artificial fruity scent & how they think it's cool to blow FAT CLOUDS. Eugh

No. 164247


tattoos are even worse, at least it's easy to get rid of regular merchandise

No. 164248

Not only turned off by guys who have or have had a beard at some point but I'm also turned off just by seeing the stubble when it's growing back even just after a day. I prefer guys who have no facial hair or have really sparse like 5 hairs total so at least you know they won't even attempt to grow cause it looks so lame.

Also, if he has any social media other than some type of messenger app.

Oh and the biggest turn off has to be guys who don't read books at all or only read shitty fantasy.

No. 164251

Gonna piggyback off of this one, men who pride themselves on having a beard are fucking cringe

No. 164252

File: 1608751851856.jpg (122.65 KB, 1000x1000, Cat_and_Pizza_TS_1024x1024.jpg)

Guys who wear shit like this.
To me this announces that you are a millennial who peaked when you were in highschool in 2010.
Also guys who are super into raves

No. 164253

I don't like guys with facial hair either ! Even if it's 'well kempt'
I hate it when men are rude under the guise of being playful, it's annoying and not sexy or cute.
I also hate overly apologetic men, my ex would say 'sorry' at random intervals but never specify what he was apologizing for. It made me feel like if he ever actually made me upset it'd be harder to forgive him

No. 164254

Where do you live that people still wear shit like that?

No. 164255

Bodybuilders. I'm fine with fit and toned guys, but the ones that are "bulking" seem to only ever fucking talk about it and what they're eating. I was talking to a guy and he was constantly messaging me about what how much he was eating, and one day I had a thought - "This guy must shit a LOT. All he eats is meat and powders, so he his shit must be extra stinky too". It's immature, I know, but after that I just couldn't take him seriously, because I always had this mental image of his spending all his time on the toilet stinking up the place.

No. 164257

The Midwest smh

No. 164259


No. 164262

No. 164264

Men who have the diet of toddlers: exclusively eating highly processed crap; no vegetables; ‘doesn’t like’ things they’ve never even tried; and in worst cases only eats like 5 different meals.

I’m not the most adventurous eater in the world but I’ll give most things a go, I like different flavours, and it’s annoying being held back by someone with the mentality of a child.

No. 164268

Guys who do voice impressions of Rick, Morty, the Joker, etc

No. 164272

Hypochondriacs and any sort of dramatic behavior, jealousy. Excessive worrying just really turns me off in general, i dont like being reassuring and comforting, or “babying” anyone. I hate when men are insecure, nervous, or overly-critical of themselves, its just ugly.

No. 164276

sounds like my bf. hes wonderful, he's a qt, but when it comes to food, he's a child. he's self aware about it at least. still more annoying than i initially thought. a bad diet, especially one high in sugar, is as disgusting to me as smoking tbh

No. 164277

I don't fucking get it either, anon. I guess he could be bi?? I cannot see why a straight man would stan a boy group to that degree.

No. 164283

>hairy buttcrack
>playful rudeness
>plays videogames more than occasionally
>doesn't read or only reads comics/genre fiction
>calls consumers of more "highbrow" fare pretentious
>eats mostly processed junk, is squamish about meat with bones/visible animal parts
>has social media/takes selfies
>likes things "ironically"
>can't drive
>has female friends he sees regularly
>has a pet (usually a turn off)
>has a lower bmi than me
>worries too much, takes safety precautions, carries a weapon
>vanity, especially when combined with bad hygiene (yes, it's a thing)
>judgemental about superficialities

No. 164285

File: 1608761946352.jpg (63.69 KB, 532x741, c1e68d90-0d60-4cb3-aaa3-6a010a…)

big penis

No. 164293

why is having a pet a turn off for you, anon? genuinely curious

No. 164295

..ru…russian imageboards?

this is oddly specific anon… please explain..

No. 164298

>has female friends he sees regularly
Why, you can't handle him having female friends?

No. 164299

nta but its a major red flag when a guy has so many female friends

No. 164300

Anon didn't say "majority female friends," just "female friends he sees regularly."

No. 164301

Nta but I agree, I've experienced myself & witnessed friends get played by guys who fucked their female friends during the relationship. Wouldn't make that mistake again, unless the friendships are very clearly platonic

No. 164302

lmao elevated bait, cant wait to sprinkle that one into conversations

No. 164303

Sorry to hear that, I know guys can be shitty. But like you said, if they're truly just friends, then it's fine.

No. 164308

if he sees them regularly like once a week? no i don't want to deal with that bullshit

No. 164310

how about if they were guys?

No. 164315

>has female friends he sees regularly
That's more of an insecurity than a turn off, surely?

No. 164320

>Getting drunk and being loud and obnoxious especially when I'm sober.
I love drinking with my bf and getting tipsy with him but somehow I can't stand him being like that when I'm sober.
>bald thumb-headed guys
>Shitty taste in music
Only listens to metal, reggae, or some atroshous niche EDM
>Going to the gym is their entire personality
>runny nose
That sniffling noise they make every few minutes when they refuse to blow their nose. It drives me insane.

No. 164331

When they're horny all the time.

No. 164333

nah. the thing is, i've been with this guy who made it clear, that he disliked most people. didn't have any close friends except for his ex. somehow managed to only accept and be friends with her friends who were his type. i don't think i need to say any more

No. 164334

that's fun though. especially if you don't always give them what they want

No. 164344

Guys who brag or front being a male-feminist. Idk why but it gives me sex pest vibes

No. 164357

Same. I immediately assume he's the sex (read: prostitution, porn, kink, hook up etc) positive "feminism is for men too! >:(" kinda guy who's probably realized he can get libfem pussy that way.

No. 164362

Litterers. Had a guy who left his used condom on a tree branch. Fucking disgusting. Now a birds gonna end up drinking that and having humoncoli babies.

No. 164370

I hate people who whistle. Like it makes me wanna punch them and I want to dip real fast. Like Jesus I want to listen to the song not your dumbass whistling it or trying to mimic a bird. Its so common too

No. 164376

My experience is way different, men don't (GENERALLY) have orbiters the way women do. All the guys I know with a ton of female friends are way more likely to treat women like people and respect them because they regularly interact with them on a nonsexual unromantic basis. I will say that this mostly applies to generally outgoing and friendly men – if a dude ONLY has female friends and doesn't seem interested in befriending men at all, and especially if he avoids older/ugly people in general, then he definitely has bad intentions.

No. 164385

This but with men, and it applies to all body hair for me. Makes me think of plastic Ken dolls. Paradoxically, all facial hair longer than stubble is a massive turn off, but not being able to grow facial hair is also a massive turn off.

Also, additional nitpicks:
>being light haired, bald or having a receding hairline of any degree
>hair cut too short or that generic man haircut with the sides shaved
>tryhard 'dom' men
>dom men in general
>high pitched or excessive nervous laughter
>short nailbeds
>thick sausage fingers
>hair in between eyebrows (ok, I lied, this is the one exception where I approve of hair being removed)
>dry skin, but dry lips especially
>being more than 15cm taller than me

No. 164387

It turned me off if they know how to play the ukulele

No. 164389

I have a few.

>Collecting toys/figures is a big no-no. My ex did it and it consumed his life. He dropped £500 on a to-scale action figure vehicle when we were meant to be saving up to move in together. He didn't understand why I was pissed off he spent that amount on a piece of plastic with light up headlights. If I walked into my ideal man/woman's home and they had figures in cases, I'd immediately walk out. I find it abhorrent. No offense if you collect them, I'm just done with dealing with that being in my life.

>Loud dad sneezes. Why do you have to make it so loud and bombastic? You've sneezed - well done. Same goes for farting. Fart all you like, but fuck off if you're purposely cracking them off like it's a sport.
>Facial hair
>Hairless body - a shaved dick/vag looks horrendous. I'd rather deal with a bush.
>Wanting to be a Dad
>Unable to tidy up after themselves
>Will only watch movies they want to watch and isn't willing to give any genre a try
>Doesn't have tattoos/piercings
>Posh accents
>Middle Class (UK standard)
>Dad bods

No. 164395

agree with you on that. men should be able to be friends with women casually. i just don't believe a close friendship with regular one on one meetings between a man and a woman can ever be completely platonic unless the man has 0 physical attraction to her

No. 164396

a nasal voice & mouth breathing

No. 164397

This is the sad truth. I don't believe men are capable of caring about a woman unless they want to fuck her or she's related to them in some way. They don't value women as people enough to be friends with them, they don't find them interesting enough etc. I tried to have male "friends" many times and I was always genuine, but sooner or later they would ALWAYS make some kind of sexual/romantic move on me. They can be your colleagues, but never close friends. Being friends with boys is only possible before they hit puberty and I genuinely miss the times when I was 5-10 kek.

No. 164398

>Being a bukowski stan
>drinks beer but looks down on pot smokers
>thinks their funny or interesting enough to do a podcast (males never are)
>any man that calls himself a feminist but watches porn
>picky eater
Ladies, I wish sexuality was a choice because I feel like most male traits that aren't dick turn me the fuck off.

No. 164404

> being more than 15cm taller than me
Why such a specific number? Not even 16 cm taller?

No. 164407

When men talk about their ex on the first date. Like wow thanks for letting me know there's another woman for my anxiety to fixate on already.

No. 164409

>Having a moustache
I dislike any kind of facial hair but if a man shaves his beard and keeps a patch of hair above his mouth I find it infuriating. Why do that?
>Baggy trousers, dressingly slovenly in general
Guys who wear skin tight jeans are frequently fuckbois and/or hypebeasts but at least they're cute and sometimes have decent hygiene.
>Won't shut up about how "weird" and "not like other people" he is.
His taste in film is every cult flick popular with and often misinterpreted by moids, that features an antihero they idolise and aspire to be like. His taste in music is one playlist full of the most popular songs by the most popular alternative bands. He's soooo different and complex you just wouldn't understand.
>Admits to using imageboards
Why would you ever tell anyone that?
>Plays videogames, or worse, considers them to be "art"
>Spends a lot of time on the internet
>Jordan Peterson fanboy
>Considers himself to be an intellectual after reading 1984, calls everything he doesn't like socialism. Doesn't know George Orwell was a socialist.
>Doesn't have thick, luscious hair.
Hair loss is a common side effect of steroid usage, which just goes to show how laughable it is that scrotes think being a big roided out meathead is attractive.
>Into star wars or funko pops or other reddit tier shit
>Posh or has more money than me
Wouldn't date a scrounger and pay for all his shit but I'm not going to a rich boys house to meet his parents and talk about theatre either.
>Has went out with/had sex with more people than I have
>Has a penis
I'm genuinely attracted to males but not their genitals. I don't want to see it or touch it or even know that it's there. Also
>Expects me to give him head but won't go down on me
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what pussy is way less gross than dick what is wrong with scrotes I don't understand

No. 164412

I have some platonic boy friends but I've known them all since elementary school. Something about growing up together I guess.

No. 164414

File: 1608839970846.png (366.07 KB, 500x586, 420132CE-95ED-4D7C-B92F-8DECFE…)

Excessive body hair only the “excessive” part includes normal and usually unnoticeable shit like knuckles, toes, facial hair outside of eyelashes and eyebrows, but also notable hair near the nape, calf & shin hair, forearm hair, chest hair, stomach hair, and asscheek hair. Especially if it’s got a curl or is a different color than head hair. For this exact reason I’m generally turned off by redheads.
I second this. Picky eaters are fucking annoying. It also turns me off when there’s no adaptability and they can only eat processed foods or they choose to eat that regularly. Especially canned foods. And ranch. I just imagine ranch eaters have the most rancid breath and instantly never want to kiss them again. Or just food in the fridge that I don’t agree with.

>>>Listening to mostly male singers.

>>>Liking popular anime but not when it was only a less popular manga.
>>>Big interests in history, especially of Western and Asian nations.
>>>Watches vtubers, dudebro type vloggers, or comedy channels on youtube that I don’t like.
>>>Guys who own figurines of human female characters.
>>>Any funkopops at all.
>>>MHA/KNY/Star Wars/Star Trek/Marvel movie fans.
>>>Guys with long nails
>>>guys who hate any common pet animal make me feel disgusted. Why should I care that you hate your childhood dog.
>>>Guys who feel “grossed out” by period talk.
>>>Liking porn.
>>>Porn or “lewd” imagery in their likes on social media.
>>>Using the word “lewd” in any way, including literature.
>>>Making lipsync tiktoks unironically.
>>>Being on good terms with people I don’t like at the moment. I’ll get over it eventually, but once I find out I lose at least 70% interest.
>>>Couch isn’t facing the TV. Makes me want to leave.
>>>Didn’t do chores growing up. Usually makes for a very unreliable state of cleanliness in the home.
>>>inability to be shown pixyteri (or adjacent cows) posts and laugh, citing anything along the lines of “we should feel bad for them and not laugh because they seem unwell”
>>>saying “based” or anything else that proves they spend time on the internet like meme references
>>>Lack of interest in the arts

No. 164417

>Big interests in history, especially of Western and Asian nations.
I agree with almost everything you said and oh God, this. Sadly I like history somewhat but guys who like history have bad vibes… I guess it's a certain type of guy with a certain type of history. The vibe is "racist"
Before you say I can't only go off a vibe, it's from experience.

No. 164419

Fair enough, it's an approximation, could work with 16cm I guess. Basically around half a head taller is the cutoff. More than that just turns it awkward for me, I don't wanna have to look up at them when I speak. It starts evoking 'parent figure' in my head instead of 'hot'.

No. 164420

won't let me suck on his nibbles

No. 164424

That one voice guys use when they talk dirty. I can't tell if it's on purpose or from pleasure but it's sooo cringe and awful,ew.
>Good girll-uh, keep sssucking my dickk-uh. ~optional creepy chuckle~
Drawing out consonants might be why but I'm not sure. Women online said they loved audio porn so I looked it up and holy shit, the cringe. I hope it's forced and not the way all men sound talking dirty, but even my ex did that voice. Disgusting

No. 164427

Ironically I know a guy who studied history in undergrad, big history freak, but he's also the biggest anti-racist leftist I've ever met.

No. 164435

I'll hook up with women with dyed hair if it's at their place, but I won't date them. It's purely a functional thing, my ex had blue hair and she left blue stains on all my pillows / towels / the part of the wall above the couch the rested her head on lol. It's a cool look, but more trouble than it's worth. Other than that:
>Long nails
>Knife collections (it's not a fear thing, they're just obnoxiously try hard imo)
>Militant atheist
>Can't shut up about politics
>Thinks loud = funny

No. 164446

Bitty & face tattoos. Social awkwardness, being emotionally unavailable or a brick as I like to call it lol.
Biggest turn off is laziness

No. 164473

If a guy has a white collar job like a lawyer or a businessman

No. 164486

Same. As soon as a man dons a suit, they turn into an asexual drone in my eyes.

No. 164488

guys with big beards, guys who wear glasses. whenever i see a guy wearing glasses, i just wanna punch them in the face.

No. 164493

no lips

No. 164494

no eyebrows

No. 164496

no dick

No. 164502


No. 164504

no coochie

No. 164507

>guys who wear glasses. whenever i see a guy wearing glasses, i just wanna punch them in the face.
This one killed me lmao it's so petty and I love it. Mf is just trying to see.

No. 164509

>Men with no facial and body hair
>Wannabe philosophers
>Men who are blonde and skinny with a pinkish skin tone
>Men who are taller than 190 cm

No. 164510

>imageboard posters complaining about potential dates spending "too much time on the internet"
i see a lot of self-loathing ITT

No. 164535

>hair sticking out from nostrils

>long shorts (bonus for cargo shorts)

>guys who are too insecure to do "girly" stuff like watching a Disney movie, using a selfie stick or dress up for a costume party because they think it makes them less manly.

>Doesn't care about style, wears ugly clothes.

>Excessive gaming. Bonus points for FPS and MMO games.

>Doesn't like traveling

>Doesn't like leaving the house at all

>Doesn't eat fruits and vegetables

>Obsessed with politics

>Hates religion/astrology/spirituality and takes pride in being rational.

No. 164540

>>Wannabe philosophers
Yes. I don't like when men think they are the most profound beings ever. It's insufferable.

No. 164562

Glad I'm not the only one. Suits are such a sterotypical turn on but I think they immediately transform a man into a boring, middle aged salary man. Youthful urban fashion >>>

No. 164689

using the word "comfy" or other meme'd internet degeneracy. i shudder. it creeps me the fuck out.

No. 164720

bald white men who aren't agent 47. especially balding men, they remind me of my dad

No. 164727

>being too religious, especially if muslim
but also
>being a "rational" militant atheist
>intentionally converting to some unusual/rare (for their backgroud) religion

No. 164728

guys that spit on the street, I don't think there's anything that I hate more.

No. 164730

Body hair. Chest hair, armpit hair, leghair, ballhair etc, I hate body hair on men so much. I don't know why but body hair grosses me out, especially when it's dark and long or curly. If a guy is really handsome and fit but he has chesthair I just want to look way, it's that bad. The only pass I'll give is for hair on his arms if it's blonde or not too offensive.

I want them as prim and perfectly hairless as women. Big plus if he doesn't grow facial hair either.

No. 164735

Chads and in general conventionally attractive men. I don't like ugly men either but I want them to have some weird striking feature, I'd choose Adam Driver over Ryan Gosling anytime.

No. 164746

Ryan Gosling is pretty weird looking, too, tbh.

No. 164748

>I don't like ugly men either
>I'd choose Adam Driver

No. 164750

Presence in social media. I can accept an instagram account with a few pictures posted ages ago, like I have, but I don't like men with twitter accounts shouting their opinions or sharing irrelevant information about themselves. Even more if he has a tiktok, youtube, reddit account, it's going to dry me up so fast

No. 164755

Yeah but among normies he is constantly pushed as this sex symbol.
AYRT and what I meant were objectively gross dudes like the fat bastards in hentai. I don't find Driver particularly hot, he was just the first name that came to my mind when I think of "unconventional" (this is going to turn into one of those driverposting infights right?)

No. 164756

What about Benedict Cumberbatch?
I mean some people also call him ugly.

>this is going to turn into one of those driverposting infights right?

Or Jannies be pissed

No. 164777

I second this, general presence in social media within reason is fine but being with someone who tries to keep up an "online presence", overshares about everything in their life would be so weird. Tiktok being especially unimaginable, I guess I'm a bit of a boomer about this one especially; but while others may be more or less excused as "staying in touch with friends" or "engaging in hobby circles", tiktok feels like pure narcissism.

No. 164783

I HATE when guys have hairy butts. It's so gross.

No. 164788

UGh yeah. some of them look like they have shit, instead of hair, terminally stuck in their cracks.

No. 164826

AYRT and he looks weird, that's for sure, but he's definitely not the garbage pail kid some people make him out to be, I think he looks fine as Doctor Strange, I'd place him in the same unconventional category as Driver. I'm barely attracted to men though, maybe that's why most attractive men do absolutely nothing for me.

No. 164890

File: 1609206556495.jpg (361.41 KB, 1477x1600, BillProfile.jpg)

i hate this style of beard SO much and i hate how so many people love it and it's a trend now. they never take care of them properly.

No. 164891

I don't give a shit how many oils they douse these things in, they always end up smelling like earrings that have been left in too long. They're gross.

No. 164899

I fucking hate all beards. They make guys’ jaws look weirdly long and they all look like grotesque pubic hair

No. 164913

Amazingly accurate description anon

No. 164914

Apologizes too much

No. 164915

That or doesn't apologize at all

No. 164917

It's a general one for women I think, but "gaming" as a personality or god save us all, a profession. I like videogames, but I play like the same few games over the years on and off. People who MUST buy the most "photorealistic" graphical new games the day they come out weird me out.

No. 165072

File: 1609358181416.jpg (146.08 KB, 1067x1700, depositphotos_161099892-stock-…)

i don't find this type of body attractive. i can admire the work put into it, but it's almost too perfect? i like my men to have some body hair and to maybe skip the six-pack.

No. 165080

Hairless men (or men with very little body hair)
Too muscular men
Men with broad faces
Men who care about their height
Men with poor hygiene
Men whose natural stank doesn't smell good to me (I care about poor hygiene for the practice of it; truthfully, the right stinky man will smell good to me)
Men with big asses
Men with too thick eyebrows
Men with ungroomed eyebrows
Arrogant men

There's more. I should compile a list for the ladies next

No. 165082

File: 1609362803076.jpg (925.53 KB, 2448x3264, 4e01005d25fa3260eeb36275f331d8…)

Women with this hair. I just imagine they smell like hairspray and expired makeup and have no personality. Probably because I usually see girls with this hair style in groups. Plus I assume they are aggressively heterosexual lol.

No. 165087

> Plus I assume they are aggressively heterosexual lol.
99 of the time the ones with the same or similar hair I met were proud pickmetradthots

No. 165099

I never knew how to word this, blessed post anon!

No. 165116

> dad bod, pot belly and man tits
> mouthbreathing
> dry elbows
> cringy-ass "dom" men
> hairy, black hole-like buttcracks

No. 165122

File: 1609384967939.jpeg (480.08 KB, 1001x1001, ECD2247A-C938-4DCA-8ADF-AB7FC5…)

All tennis shoes. I just don’t like the “S” shape of them. They look especially horrid with jeans. Sneakers with a flat bottom look way better imo.

No. 165129

>plays video games regularly
>follows e celebs and talks about them irl
>Has social media and posts on it
>Doesn't know how to cook, only orders food
>Irrationally hates any girly thing - the color pink, pop music, etc
>calls women bitches, even as a joke
>Has an immense hatred for their ex
>Laziness - isn't responsible for things like budget, healthy diet, going to bed on time

No. 165130

I swear there was a meme on 4chan years ago about them being 'autism shoes' which was 100% accurate. They were always paired with ugly baggy jeans and worn by teenage boys who would probably die virgins.

No. 165149

Well defined asses and bubble butts, I have a visceral disgust of it, like when people couldn't stop calling Steve Rogers America's Ass or something. WAP's music video really grosses me out for this reason.

No. 165150

How are these weird, especially the dadbod

No. 165153

I can't stand body hair on guys. Most guys just don't groom/tidy the hair properly so it just looks like an unkempt mess.

No. 165164

narrow waist makes them look fragile and weak.

No. 165178

File: 1609424178289.jpg (65.8 KB, 500x480, original.jpg)

>wearing snapbacks
>wearing tracksuits all the time, especially when pants are skinny and shortish and there are garish socks peeking out
>making stupid poses like pic related for photo
>when he loves being melancholic and just everything melancholic in general
>when he gets easily upset with some petty chagrins
>using loud phrases when expressing his feelings. like saying he's dying without you, or even just talking about love too often. bullshit that doesn't mean a thing, but he probably thinks it must be impressive

No. 165188

They use the phrase “my dude”

No. 165212

anon please never say this around men, it'll just reaffirm mediocre chubby white men in their conviction that women akshually like barrel-shaped dadbods because it makes them feel like liddle girls uwu

No. 165217

Thicc waists are acceptable with muscle and maybe a layer of fat over their abdomen but still a flat stomach. Dad bods are out of the question because they always have a nasty beer belly regardless of their waist size.

No. 165244

Telling me to "take my medication"

No. 165251

No. 165258

>picky eaters
>slobs, guys with wrinkled musty clothes, basically iffy grooming in general
>guys who stalk your SM but can't reply to a messgae with anything but "sup" "wyd" "same" "lmao haha"
>guys with Adult Swim/animetext/ringtones
>obsessive interest in any entertainment media originally aimed at an age group younger than the one they belong to
>long nails that are only long bc he doesn't trim or clean them
>guys who wear shoes but no socks

No. 165284

-very light and/or sparse body hair, especially arms
-being picky about food, especially vegetables
-not believing in friendship between men and women
-piercings, though I guess that might not be considered a weird turn-off(?)
-cares a lot about clothes and style
-surfer boi hair
-being a huge extrovert
-being a fotographer
-riding a racing bike

No. 165285

>being a huge extrovert
Agreed. There was this guy at my work who always tried making small talk with me. He told me how he used to be “shy” like me when he was in high school and how now he was “making an effort to open up more.” I just thought, “I don’t give a shit, it just makes me like you even less.” Ofc I didn’t say that, though.

No. 165287

Damn, why do people like that think that others are in need of their stupid tutorship? Like, who told you I want to be "open" or why do you think it's something everyone should strive for?

No. 165289

Holy shit that's so patronising, he might as well have just said "I think there's something wrong with you, let ME help you!"

No. 165300

File: 1609512899873.jpeg (174.12 KB, 1920x1080, 6D99C5B7-E66F-4AE8-9A6A-92A7B8…)

Ikr lmao. I remember once I also mentioned that I’m a homebody, and he said something like “I gotta get you out into the world!” and I was just like “haha no thanks.” It’s so painful when a guy doesn’t get the hint you aren’t into him…

Also, to add to the thread, guys whose favorite movie is Fight Club

No. 165387

agreed. stubble is cute, but beards are so fucking hideous. all styles.

No. 167579

Any form of activism in a man. Nothing angers me more than going on about political shite or veganism. This is difficult for me because I want both a kind man, but also a strong willed, non BS type. Unfortunately they're either saps or outright racists.

>long hair or facial hair beyond stubble

fucking shave

No. 167596

Back when i was still dating scrotes I fucking hated any facial hair and pubes on men but on women pubes/armpit hair etc is cute.

No. 167597

I can't fw hiking lesbians. That's too much. I can't walk them I just want a house trained indoor one

No. 167658

Males turn me off

No. 167663

File: 1610962268063.jpg (106.36 KB, 800x800, Valencia-VC103.jpg)

guys who play this type of guitar

No. 167668

Left handedness is a huge turn off for me

No. 167669

>unsolicited advice
This happens so often and pisses me off so much. I remeber talking to a guy about work and him being like "just brush up your cv", "just get that extra cet :)". Like wow thanks you really think I didn't already try the most obvious shit?

>casual sexism

>not being aware how careful women have to be while dealing with strangers and other situations like walking at night

Had dudes be all "haha I can pick you up, no problem!" we exchanged four sentences and then wonder why I don't want to get in your car.

No. 167699

This is so funny and specific, anon is the reincarnation of some roman from the third century.

it's irational but I do agree that lefthanded people have a different vibe so I can understand

No. 167708

What vibe is that? Asking for a friend

No. 167709

NTA, can't describe it but I know what she means

No. 167719

I actually meant it in a positive way, I know it's probably stupid and based on nothing scientific but litteraly all the left handed people that I have met where really really creative and also a bit unhinged. Love those weirdos

No. 167721

What's wrong with activism?

No. 167730

It's annoying. Always looking for reasons to preach to me about something. Even if I support whatever you're going on about, I don't want anyone so fired up about it.

No. 167734

baby i'll go rightie for you. brb writing an unreadable love letter

No. 167751

can confirm

No. 167756

Rooting for a rival team in soccer

No. 167760

Pleb taste.

No. 167762

This is going to be awfully specific, but my ex had a lot of these traits.

> Pretending to be gangster (throwing gang signs for no apparent reason as there is no gangs in my country)

> guys into making rap music or beats
> guys into street fashion
> guys with too long nails
> belittling attitude towards women
> women or men that are waaay too into anime. (99% of the time it’s a bad sign)
> men with piercings
> car guys. They’re annoying and many times doubt my ability as a mechanics student.
> boys under the age of 25 annoys me a lot. Not all of them of course, and not all men above 25 is okay.
> guys that are too hairy.

And this one is PARTICULARLY annoying
> when men use too much space, or pushes women away by taking up space that is already used by a woman or several women. This happens to me regularly at school. I’ll be standing somewhere, and suddenly lots of guys are standing around me, which makes me uncomfortable, so I have to move.

No. 167765

when they do a big gasp before they speak in that childish voice to say "i LOVE you~~~" or something. i don't want to feel like your mother or like we've been together 30 years.

maybe this is just specific to me lmao

No. 167780

Seeming too much into a certain game, like completely revolving their life around said game, bonus points if the userbase is toxic and full of pedophiles like DND and league of legends

Not taking care of themselves

Bad money habits
Calling women "females" or being that guy who always has to mention that his ex girlfriend is hot

No. 167881

thin turtle lips. sorry but i'm thinking about my children and don't want that

No. 167891

Playing online multiplayer video games on a regular basis

No. 167904

There’s a very specific body odor that reminds me a little bit of cooked broccoli.

There are two guys who I’ve been attracted to. Had a good time hanging out. Then I smelled them as we are kissing and there was literally something in my body that is like, “Leave and never talk to him again.” It happened like that both times.

It’s so weird! I tried to get over it with the first guy because he was a great dude. But it’s like his scent filled the room for me when he was around.

I think it’s just something happening at a biological level.

No. 167915

I’ve experienced the same with an ex, but just with a garlic adjacent smell.

Also my boyfriend is a chef, it’s annoying when he comes home from work and smells food lmao

No. 167916

Strange as this is, it reminded me of when I was younger and visiting other peoples houses. There was always this vague smell like they had cooked onions and the smell was just sticking around forever and turning stale. Nearly every house had the exact same smell.

No. 167936

People who put their political beliefs in their dating app bio (no matter what they are). Automatic turn off/dealbreaker.

No. 168022

File: 1611121706812.jpg (30.98 KB, 308x315, 1584104215411.jpg)

>'asks me “why are you such a naughty little giiirl? What’s happening down there?” Etc.'
>hahaha wtf
>I mean we have a 22 year age gap

No. 168036

sarazanmai, poggers

No. 168086

Have quite a few strange turn offs so here we go
>if they make their own music when they aren't well known/famous
>if they do youtube/streaming when they aren't well known/famous
>overly romantic
>if they have social media
>if they have any form of muscular physique
>watches any anime like jojo, mha, dn, aot etc
>if they are european

No. 168087

Samefag but forgot some of my major ones
>if they use reddit
>if they are an activist
>if they are antifa
>if they are left wing
>if they are alt right

No. 168093

So you want a guy who has never used the internet and doesn't intend to

No. 168096

Yes, but sadly i can't find one

No. 168100

>if they make their own music when they aren't well known/famous
But some people can do artistic hobbies just for themselves. This is even more likely if they're anti-social media.

No. 168101

>man buns
>men who won't fuck if you're on your period
>women with layers of clown makeup
>polyamorous straight men

No. 168105

A weird turn off for me it's men that work as software developers

No. 168130

bad experience with one?

No. 168131

I feel like a lot of these are super reasonable/common sense turn offs. I'm trying to think of one that's actually weird. Maybe wanting to be a dad? I know a lot of women see that as ideal/wholesome but as someone who's been childfree since I was a kid myself, I find it gross even if a guy's intentions are actually good. I also had an ex who tried to entrap me by saying we should have a kid together when I'd told him from day one that would be a dealbreaker and years later he kept pushing for it, even the month before I had my fallopian tubes surgically removed kek. Now I get triggered even when males I'm not interested in bring it up, because I feel they want to use it to lock down a woman's presence in their lives. I have a friend with an abusive (of course) narc ex as well who is literally stuck communicating and interacting with him for the next decade due to them having a baby together, so it creeps me out.

No. 168140

>I feel like a lot of these are super reasonable/common sense turn offs.
tbh and no offense to OP, but it doesn't make much sense to have a 'weird turn offs' thread when we don't even have a normal turn offs thread. That would be interesting enough on it's own, makes sense people are just chiming in with whatever turns them off rather than weird things specifically.

No. 168146

I'm a software dev and I feel the same about software dev men. It's all they talk about, even after work. They all have hard ons for Elon Musk and "fun" for them is picking up some stupid esoteric programming language to make a dumb project they think will change the world once they toss it on github.

No. 168155

No! Guess that's the weirdest part
Yeah, they seem insufferable. I think women in your field are cool, but not men kek

No. 168158

>if they make their own music when they aren't well known/famous

so you'd be ok with a famous musician? everybody has to start somewhere anon

No. 168171

I've wanted to join in but I can't think of any specific weird things that turn me off. Unless crooked/chipped teeth but I think that's normal too.

I like feet but hate when men have weird toes. Lol I told a guy I liked feet and he sent me a photo and they were awful. I went off him so maybe that's mine

No. 168176

Men being vulnerable and pathetic. I try not to be so judgemental but it generates sandy vagina no matter how much I try to sympathise.

No. 168186

Can confirm.

It works out in my relationship. We work on side-projects together + we want to start a business down the line. But our work is a huge part of the relationship.

For me that's kind of the ideal, and there's always something we are excited about building together. But I know for most people it isn't.

No. 168188

This tbh I get being turned off by a cringy soundcloud rapper or somebody who is clinging to a desire for fame to an unrealistic degree but someone having a creative hobby for themselves especially if they don't try to get attention for it online would be pretty attractive imo. Actually weird turnoff I guess.

No. 168195

Idk I kinda get where anon is coming from.

I dated + hung around musicians in my early 20's, and these are your options:

1. Good musician who doesn't really care about "making it." They just want to live the bohemian party life indefinitely. These bf's are extremely fun, but also, nothing serious. All they care about is their freedom, and you're a loser if you try to tie them down. Sometimes they grow up tho, but usually it takes someone dying or an accidental pregnancy.

2. Good musician who is trying to "make it" despite the odds being stacked against them. These bf's are pretty much all egomaniacs, workaholics, narcs. Their work will come first 100% of the time because they're aware talent alone isn't what makes someone famous. These BF's expect you to primarily care about THEM succeeding. Then if they do succeed, you will lose even more priority in their lives.

3. Bad musician. Uhhh nobody wants to be with this person whether they are trying to make it or not. They are embarrassing and annoying. Nothing worse than sitting there saying, "You were great babe," when the last thing you want to do is encourage this behavior in any capacity.

Imo the only acceptable musician to be with is the one who doesn't identify themselves as a musician because it's just a hobby. Maybe they are in a band with their friends, but past age 24 that gets embarrassing too.

No. 168208

Being into anime.

Maybe I don't understand it because I didn't grow up with it. But it's boring, exaggerated, really can't see the appeal, and a grown man watching it is just weird to me.

No. 168233

>I like feet but hate when men have weird toes. Lol I told a guy I liked feet and he sent me a photo and they were awful.
This actually made me giggle, thanks nonny. Just imagining you being all, "I'm into this!" Then the guy sends a gross picture and internally you're going, "Uhm but not like that." Kek

No. 168324

Men who use emojis

No. 168326

I'm glad you laughed! I remember feeling extremely stressed after receiving that photo. We were having a flirty back and forth and then that just stopped it dead but I didn't want to be rude and say you have ugly feet and am disgusted so I we still are friendly lol

No. 169329

Men working in software or automotive engineering. Also add any job that has to do with cars.

No. 169339

Men's selfies. Men do not know how to take a good selfie and I honestly don't get it. Like half the time they make a stupid serious face/don't smile, or they take the photo from below so it looks like you're looking up from being forced to fellate them or something

No. 169342

Conventionally attractive guys. It makes me kind of uncomfortable

No. 169344

I think I get what you mean. It's like a reverse halo-effect. I don't find hot people more likeable or kind, I actually assume they're secretly assholes because they can get away with it.

No. 169346

I was at a fair in a cosplay costume once and this dude comes up to me "can I take a photo with you?" and stands next to me and raises the camera a meter above us. Wtf man it was so hard looking so high up I doubt anyone looks good from that giga myspace angle

No. 169348

This made me laugh hard because I like feet too. It's sort of like how you're straight so they assume you like all dicks, of course you have to like all feet too. Gross.

No. 169351

When I realize they're an actual living and breathing human

No. 169383

File: 1611875464528.jpg (31.95 KB, 800x533, bingo.jpg)

No. 169414

“hunter eyes” my ass. looks weird and like you’re squinting like a retard.

No. 170497

>What’s happening down there?

No. 170538

File: 1612571902498.jpg (536.75 KB, 1080x1080, tadr5tg8j9sz.jpg)

>picky eaters
>hates cats
indifference is fine with me but I've met way too many men who are downright hostile towards an animal that mostly just minds its own buisiness.
>beards that are longer than a five o'clock shadow
I don't care how much he says he upkeeps it beards just unhygenic to me. I can't help but think about all the grease from foods he eats that leak onto it. Plus there's a huge chance he's hiding his no-chin

No. 170559

people who wear those big, plastic, clunky ass watches

No. 170561

Men with a large social media presence. They're always super full of themselves and/or a coomer

Men who self-identify as "feminists" they're usually just fake woke chauvinists

No. 170572

God, yes. The squinting is so offputting. It makes them look idiotic and try-hard. So many hot model pictures ruined by them pulling that retarded face.

No. 170586

Tbh I only consider it a red flag when the female friends are clearly annoyed by my existence (they're preying on him) and/or the man doesn't want me to get to know them (he's fucking them and hiding it). If the girls are nice and cordial to me and he is fine with me interacting with them it's usually fine.

No. 170621

Guys who can't be bothered to speak in complete sentences or talk to me like I'm their dude bro. I swear if I get one more "ye" or have a guy call me "fren" or "dude" again I will lose it, especially if they proceed to flirt with me later. They seriously wonder why they're alone when they come off as incredibly trashy.

No. 170624

Mine are redneck boys who deck out their trucks, and have highschool education but brag about how much they make despite that.

No. 170632

Not using things like chapstick/lotion. My ex had massively chapped lips and dry hands but insisted he “didn’t like the feel of lotion” or whatever.

No. 177425

File: 1617269269306.jpeg (35.34 KB, 236x330, DAA7DC49-E553-4109-966E-D5A298…)

Guys with light hair and/or eyes. Even when I can recognize that they’re conventionally attractive (picrel) they’re still just not attractive to me personally. Hazel eyes and light brown hair are the absolute lightest I can go, but I prefer brown eyes and dark brown or black hair.

No. 177430

>red flag for paedo right here

No. 177456

I'm the same. I can't get behind light hair and eyes, there have been exceptions but in general I'm all about dark hair and eyes. brown eyes are my favourite

No. 177457

I can't picture this, not heard of 'hunter eyes', example?

No. 177458

I would rather take the dudebro talk than spamming emojis and calling me pet names ew. Or just talking to me like I am stupid I hate that shit.

No. 177476

Nurses. I can't stand nurses.

No. 177499

Bald heads and green eyes . No thank you

No. 177509

Men who think they have a sense of humor. Any guy who is relatively outgoing usually believes he's a comedic genius because he's been rewarded for reciting generic, tired and vaguely offensive jokes and women have giggled in response because of female socialization and masked discomfort. The scrote then leans into it harder believing he's successfully dazzled the group. These types suddenly get very uncomfortable when you don't fall over yourself to laugh with them one on one, thinking you're just a stick in the mud rather than the only person being honest about their idiocy.

To me the only acceptable form of humor from men is self deprecation because it means they realize they're shit and actively invite others to laugh at their inadequacy. That and Mitch Hedberg's style because his absurdism is endearing and pure.

No. 177543

people who act like they're attractive. doesn't matter if i find them hot or not in the first place. if they post thirst traps, make "look at me now" tiktoks or say anything that sounds too conceited i'll immediately stop finding them attractive.
when philosophy tube started getting bold and acting conceited in his videos i regretted ever thinking he was kinda cute, lmfao. (it's even worse now, barf)

No. 177552

Same boat anon! I hate those type of men who rely on ""dark"" humour theyre overdone, disgusting and gives off bad vibes in general.

Another weird turn off is when dudes cant dress for shit but make fun of women who like chunky sneakers, crop tops, etc. Another one is if they have blond hair and blue eyes.

That combination always scares me for some reason

No. 177557

>guys obsessed with the gym/ lifting, they are usually weird/incel/gay/overcompensation for having an ugly face
>beards - they almost always overcompensating for something like weak jaw/no chin/bald/manlet
>obsessed with history, they mansplain everything and are very supremacist/sexist
>hairy guys - so disgusting - back hair, belly hair, chest hair - all so nasty
>muh dick guys - all they talk about is how big their dick is but have no idea how to find the clit
>guys that bash women for having a career but if you expect them to pay for dinner and cover your bills they call you gold digger - an insecurity that they can't provide and be truly masculine
>coomers - dont need to explain this

No. 177566

File: 1617376341619.jpg (33.22 KB, 500x750, haircut.jpg)

Pixie cuts. I like my women with long hair or a buzzcut, no inbetween.

Also, men with long hair. And beards.

No. 177618

File: 1617398815841.jpg (159.41 KB, 1600x1156, No Thanks Denial Refusal.jpg)

I'm sure some of these aren't particularly weird but

>being indecisive or socially submissive

>blonde hair colour. I'd say eyes too but that only applies to very light blue
>unfunny but doesn't realise how everyone around them isn't enjoying their 'jokes'
>overly groomed. 'manscaped' facial hair, removing their body hair
>strong colognes/aftershave smells
>peircings and jewellery
>boring or basic taste in music, movies and tv

No. 177619

>hairy guys
send them my way lmao

wholly agree about beards though, I much prefer scruff. I feel like a bitch for saying this but I want to immediately see what they look like without because beards really do hide a multitude of sins

No. 177658

They recommend on pickupartist forums to grow a beard if a guy has a weak jaw or underdeveloped chin. A guy with a good profile usually wouldn't hide it behind a heavy long beard.

No. 177674

Men being vulnerable or submissive during sex.

No. 177676

>being indecisive
This. Even worse if they insist I choose and refuse to make a decision

No. 177770

>blond hair (weird how unpopular blond guys are in this thread)
>ever talking about pooping, poop or other body functions
>wants to try porn shit like watch it during sex, film it, pegging…
>too many female friends - they absolutely have them to feed their ego, badmouth you to them and use them in case you break up. Never had a good experience when my bf had a lot of female friends.
>dudebro friends
>can see head skin through short hair
>eczema, pimples, dry skin
>wears onesie or "dress" pajama, always only wears pajama/old clothes with holes when hanging out with you at home
>sleeps during the day
>snoring, moving during sleep
>waking up in the middle of every single fucking night to pee loudly
>forces you to cuddle during sleep
>eating food with too strong odor
>eating food before they try to kiss you, fuck that shit, vomit-inducing to me
>extrovert or introvert that tries to be extroverted with a lot of friends - always tries so hard to please and call attention to himself, pathetic
>lawyers - manipulative pieces of shit
>doctors - ego too high, it's such a turn off
>dick picks, jerk off vids

No. 177828

>blond hair
>too much body hair or not enough body hair
>beards, though stubble is ok
>skinny jeans, tight fitting clothes in general
>wears gold jewellery/watches
>leftist, liberal, Conservative (apolitical with a slight lean to either side is ideal)
>too muscular or has bmi over 23
>atheism. he must be Christian even if not practicing properly, there's nothing worse than a male atheist
>feminine nose, I like Roman/aquiline noses
>vapes. smoking is fine, I smoke sometimes, but vaping/juuling is so emasculating, lol

No. 177845

>>feminine nose, I like Roman/aquiline noses

this. a small, dainty feminine nose is the worst. give me a big honker

No. 177864

It's probably not "weird" at all, but I'm really turned off by having to take care of a man. He immediately ceases to be a sexual being to me and gets sorted into "dumbass offspring/burden" category. I firmly believe this is why le dead bedrooms exist. Men don't understand that women aren't as into incest as men are, and we're either sexual/adventurous or doting/caring, not both.

I'm also really repulsed by the way dicks look and smell, and I absolutely hate the huge overstretched balls. Tight, dainty and perky balls are much less of an eyesore.

No. 177865

My ex turned into this. I played along for a while, but then it really started taking over the relationship. I couldn't handle it any longer.

No. 177889

being an actor. i don't care how hot or cool someone is, if they're an actor i dislike them

No. 177898

No. 177913

Nta but actors are notoriously manipulative alcoholics, megalomaniacs who want to be famous, people pleasers or tortured "artists". I've never met a normal actor.

No. 177918

Selfies with filters on them, or just any type of photoshop. Being silly with selfies is one thing. But using them to make yourself look better is cringe imo

No. 177936

File: 1617620578362.jpg (134.99 KB, 2000x1333, hairstyles-for-men-with-fine-h…)

I think I'm realizing I just don't like most modern male hairdos, especially those for straight hair. Doesn't really help that men usually don't take care of it, so it just looks brittle and weak, curly hair at least usually has some natural volume.

No. 177978

same anon. actors are professional liars after all.

No. 177980

Jewellery. don't like it on men or women.

No. 177985

That's me with politicians. If you're a politician I automatically do not trust you.

Yes. Or in general guys who pose/set up a photoshoot/dress-up for their social media shots. That screams high maintenance to me, a woman who doesn't even take selfies.

No. 177989

Besides the obvious of simping over other girls, bad hygiene, poor sexual performance, being rapey etc
>Loudness, like talking loud, moaning loud, etc
>Trying to do things from porn like fingering from the back, just fingering in general is done pretty shitty by men, I only ever genuinely enjoyed being fingered once by a man
>Grabbing boobs from weird angles
>Trimming body hair too much or trimming it wrong
If I hook up with a hairy man and he shaves or waxes his body hair and it grows back sharp it will irritate my skin
>When they get poop stuck in their butthole hair like a dog
>Expecting you to cum on command or expecting all girls to be squirters
>Driving obnoxious cars, I appreciate a man with a nice truck but having like hundreds of mods on it unless you live in the mountains or something is useless and comes off as attention whorey
>Weed breath, dip or tobacco breath, menthol breath

No. 178004

Wait is
>fingering from the back
porn stuff? lmao

No. 178055

No. 178106

I mean men never did it much until porn made it more common

No. 178147

Well thank god for porn in this case because fingering from the back is awesome as long as their technique is right.

Come to think of it, most men's techniques for everything is horribly wrong.

Anyways, guys who have "the boys"- kind of humor just make me cringe. Just comes off as so juvenile and you just know he's gonna make sexist jokes eventually.

Also, men who are a normal height but complain about being short. 5'7 is not short, Tyler! Actually short men complain less about their height.

No. 178159

File: 1617745122302.jpg (35.02 KB, 320x290, poi.jpg)

Showing off.

greentext for keks
>ex was picking me up from work in the middle of nowhere at night for our 3rd date
>weird light in the distance where we're supposed to meet
>get closer
>he was literally swinging fireballs like picrel

No. 178727

Men with pasty,white skin (I'm dating a man not a ghost)
Ugly,gross feet (says a lot about their hygiene)
Men who Wears those awful slide sandals especially with socks (absolutely trashy,wear normal shoes please)
Facial hair
Obsessed with Sports or Video games
Watching anime
Hairy (reminds me too much of The Sasquatch)
Listens to rap (come on now)
Watches porn
Men who have a Twitter account
Uses a lot of slangs
Speaks in a ghetto manner
Being fat or having a dad body
Being chubby
Having a grotesque muscular body instead of a natural one(stop it with the steroids,you look awful)
Men who smoke marijuana or men who are stoners (smoking smelly grass won't make all of your problems disappear,also these types of men are lazy and have very short tempers)
Men being too tall (fucking giant)
Long hair
Men who take selfies

No. 178731

File: 1618017257914.jpg (51.71 KB, 1500x671, abibas.jpg)

>Men who Wears those awful slide sandals

No. 178734

Yes (it also irks me how guys wear those out in public,really sloppy.)

No. 178754

>facial hair
Same. I don't care it's natural, thank Gilette for razors.

No. 178761

>people who are grossed out by cigarettes but smoke weed
>people who are grossed out by cigarettes in general
>people who watch poverty porn tv shows
>men who collect ww2 memorabilia
>people who are really into true crime. it always comes off as some kind of fetish.

No. 178762

>Obsessed with Sports or Video games
This 1000%

No. 178809

>people who are grossed out by cigarettes in general
Isn't that everyone

No. 178812

Being male
Cargo shorts

No. 178934

spelling the word thick as thicc

No. 179116

I find those pics of men wearing lingerie disgusting, it doesn't suit them at all and it looks like a step away from troonery (then again I find 99% of men ugly, I just might be a lesbian after all).

No. 179192

>no facial/body hair
>straight hair
>too muscular
>weirdly opinionated about religion
>talking a lot about non mutual interests
>round faces
>trendy clothes
>eating fast food more than once a week
>not eating fruit, not drinking water
>this is a no brainer, but acting disinterested because they think it makes them cool. what kind of high school shit is that

No. 179416

>guys with no friends at all
>expects his mum to do all the work for him (cleaning.. etc)
>still lives with his parents
>has no future
>when he is very close friends with an ex
>smokes and drinks excessively

No. 179631

If they watch pewdiepie, man or woman.

No. 179647

shh you're gonna awaken the resident pewdiepie simp lol

No. 179683

people who can't laugh at themselves. most of the time it's because they have a low self-esteem. i fucking hate it when you make a small joke about someone and they get all defensive. it's literally not that important and i don't actually care, i just like joking around

No. 179703

>actively using social media
Being an internet attention seeker can ruin the appeal of the hottest person to me.

No. 188394

that's just farts anon

No. 188400

people who constantly insult others and then hide behind the "but I was just joking maaaan!" excuse

No. 188485

People that take pictures of their food. It's so annoying taking someone out, making a point of putting my phone down to give them my attention, only for them to photograph and post their food online, LIVE IN THE NOW! Also literally no one cares. I hate getting pictures of food or seeing them on people social media it's BORING. Your dinner isn't that special, you're just pretentious.

No. 188493

nta i love banter. so many girls can only give it and will really dish it out but can't self-deprecate whatsoever and it's so lame/a red flag to me now: clowns others about things they've never been through and refuses to clown themselves. they're insecure assholes whose "jokes" are real digs so they get hurt by your counter jokes. banter eludes bitches

No. 188531

cannot stand a man that thinks he's smart, all they do is patronize & mansplaine & "well actually" you. my husband thinks he's way more "no thoughts, head empty" than he actually is which makes him pleasantly humble, unlike any man ive ever met who's been to college

No. 188540

I broke up with my kid’s father early last year and I was having a hard time getting over it. And then he became a Q-tard during the pandemic and I was instantly over him.

He told me kids were being sold on wayfair and I literally laughed in his face. He was dead serious and I was like oh. Aaaaand that’s that.

QAnons are an instant turn off.

No. 188542

wait some straight/bi women find men in lingerie attractive? it's really fucking weird to me. total turn on a major red flag as you said, sounds like a stepping stone on the path to full on trooning out

No. 188543

samefag I meant *total turn off and major red flag

No. 188587

nta but when other women say that I go ahead and assume they are weebs who saw 2d men drawn in lingerie and think it translates as well to real life. (it doesn't, and yes, many do troon out, if there's any portion of the ones who don't that can also look good in it it is probably very very small)

No. 188609

Men who haven't been to college are sometimes even worse. My ex was a NEET who didn't graduate college or HS. Yet he thought he was super intelligent and would blatantly call himself smart. One time he said "you're the only woman Ive met who is as smart as i am".

He was insufferable.

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