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No. 170405

This thread is for everyone who is struggling with pornography, sexual frustration, and masturbation addiction. Post sources and information or your personal experience on how to quit or lower your usage.

Antiporn thread (por a more serious discussion about pornography): >>>/g/159633

No. 170407

File: 1612500186838.jpg (44.01 KB, 500x410, 1612404562613.jpg)

I'm addicted to hentai and I want to quit. Looking at hentai (and any kind of porn) makes me feel like a degenerate scrote, I fucking hate myself when I do it. Yet I feel like my brain needs some stimulation when I'm horny, and I'm like… horny everyday

No. 170408

posting this, because this video made me open my eyes in a way

No. 170416

Honestly it's been a hard road for me. Its taken years and years. I was always on the "sw isn't woke" train though. I personally was never "addicted" to porn but potentially had far more horny brain than I wanted.

I read a lot of literature. As someone whose in a professional social science field i read journals and studies in my two fields basically to see if I was wrong and if it was possible to xyz ethically or what is the best way to handle abc. From what I deduced even in the nordic system sex trafficking levels skyrocket becauase they can hide under it being legal. So that was a "no".

I basically weaned myself off from real to drawn then my own writing where I could write out ocs with everything I wanted and i didn't fap to it, I just wrote out everything in my brain.

I would likely still read a fanfic though. Im not as critical of drawn shit becauase its fake. Also likely because i like monster girls (see: moth pussy meme) or other shit that doesn't exist irl. Thus an impossible fetish of human girls with insect wings or a lamia or whatever I do not see as possible thus there is no victim in this situation.

To my current knowledge there is no study on "does your brain register drawn porn the same as real porn" because your brain doesn't register videogame violence as irl (see: video games don't cause violence). However, sexual hormones are very compelling. Thus an argument could be made that your brain can be coomerized this way. Annecdotal for me personally things I would read/view I dont like irl (even mundane things). So I think it depends upon your perspective in how you view porn.

Thus I'd ask yourself "what role am I?" (Do i want to do that/have it done to me/am i a vouyer) etc. This makes it easier to deduce how to best self analyze on curing it.

Also analyze your thoughts behind motives on why you like something. For example, I liked hardcore femdom with 0 piv where men were slaves (and this is not always even inherently sexual) because I hate scrotes LOL.

Tl;dr most harm to least harm pipeline. Self reflection

No. 170417

Honestly i used the thought that scrotes are inherent coomers who cant be trusted ever and women are superior for being able to be sexually responsible and curb their horny brain as motivation. Scrotes are fetishists of everything. Nothing is off limits no matter the harm. Women are not like that. We are not burdened by the disease of penis and testicles and toxic levels of of testosterone . Use your superiority as a female capable of non coomer motives to change.

No. 171201

Guys I'm new to this topic, but there are some times in the month when I'm craving porn because I feel so horny. Could you guys explain more why is porn a bad thing? Even for us ladies.

No. 171213

fuck off scrote

No. 171221

I grew up in a house where one of my parents was so uptight about bodily functions like burping, farting and all that. They were at times so over the top about shaming you for doing either (all while they could openly do it, weird double standard growing up) I think as a consequence of that shame I found weird categories of fetish porn as a teen and found that they got an unexpected reaction out of me. I've always felt alot of shame around that (yay more shame lol) and looking back I wish I hadn't let my pleasure get so intertwined with needing that one fantasy put in front of me.

It's not a fetish I want to indulge in irl. It's not something I would expect to tell a partner about without losing some respect..so it's been kept secretive and indulged in purely through porn. I'm at the point where rather than giving up porn entirely, I would be grateful if I could at least get off to normal categories of porn. That would even be an improvement.

I have sexual abuse in my childhood too which I'ver never linked to this but… in a way it makes sense to get off to something that's technically not even a sex act when the act of sex is something I fear. I hate how much my sexual self is just layers upon layers of shame and fear. It's so far removed from what sex should be.

No. 171236

File: 1612989209440.jpeg (87.34 KB, 453x680, 0199955F-EFF2-4090-8E95-06917F…)

Honestly, what kind of porn? I’m not against erotica, but the problem with porn ive noticed (in others and myself) is that it’s so easy to access and requires no work on your part nor communication with another human being, so it can very easily become a total substitution for actual sex and relationships.

I also noticed that I was more interested in exploring unconventional/ taboo (not anything full on disgusting like loli or scat and stuff) which would then get boring and lead to searching for the next level. Like desensitization of my brain I guess?

But again tbh it’s hard to find good male sexual partners so faced with this total mountain of garbage that is men, I think women utilizing more erotica / porn / dojinshi etc is a bit more understandable, assuming it’s not an addiction. Culture and society is saturated with male coom appeal, anyway

bufftrap not related just amusing.

No. 209014

Just cured my porn addiction. I'd been addicted since the 2000s. After around 15 years I've been cured.

No. 209023

No. 209150

I keep relapsing every 3-7 months or so and I feel awful and ashamed. Does anyone else have this problem? I haven’t watched porn in a month, if I hadn’t relapsed ever it would be a year and a half

No. 209156

I don't, but this caught my eye because I suffer from other unwanted behaviours. Can you identify your triggers? Where are you, how do you feel when you relapse? What can you replace the behaviour with in those moments? Good luck!

No. 215097

I was introduced to porn at an early age but I always felt like using my imagination to get off was ideal so I never formed a reliance on it. I used masturbation as a sleep-aid/anxiety relief for most of my life. Then I started taking hormonal birth control and that killed my perfectly high & healthy sex drive within days. Really struggled to coom without porn after that and that's when my addiction started because I struggled to ween off my natural sleep aid.

That was also the time I learned about how bad the porn industry was so I felt guilty for partaking when I did. I would always go back to using it when my sleeping was really poor and I've had to take a lot of medication in the last few years that gave me bad insomnia.

I think for me the problem was that I wanted to masturbate successfully and I didn't have the imagination to do it as much as I wanted to without pornography. My sex drive never recovered after taking birth control though so I just decided to stop masturbating as much unless I really wanted to because I don't want to watch porn which has worked for me. IDK if it was the birth control though, it could be because I got older (22).

I would have successfully completed no-nut November but I felt like going for it a few days ago so I did. I don't struggle to cum when I'm having sex with someone who knows what they're doing though so maybe this is just normal. I do miss masturbating every night though.

I don't know if this is what people who are currently struggling want to hear though. But if you were like me and you use porn to help you sleep, you need to figure out how to improve your sleep hygiene. COVID made it really difficult for me because it fucked up my circadian rhythm. Regular exercise, adequate sunlight and a good diet with foods that help promote sleep onset helps me. Also I use f.lux because I can't minimize my screentime.

Good luck struggling nonitas.

No. 215113

File: 1638112563066.png (147.4 KB, 500x328, E-QX_s_VIAED1qN.png)

i have a bit of a weird relationship with porn and i don't mean to put out TMI but im just looking for advice
i save a lot of (drawn) porn of media i have a special interest in. sometimes i go out of my way to browse through content of that specific thing. but i dont use it, it doesnt arouse me most of the time looking at it, and i don't even masturbate at all. my best guess is its some sort of weird compulsion coming from autism but idk. i'm a virgin and i don't think i'd have issues with arousal in a real life situation, but i know what i do is really unusual. so what i want to ask is, is this a porn addiction? do the usual downsides of one even apply in this case? i don't know if it's even unhealthy.

No. 215134

I'd like to know too since I used to have a vaguely similar issue

No. 215149

I am only interested in drawn/written porn of media I have a current special interest in. Nothing else does it for me. In my case I actually do use it as porn. IDK if I'd be able to get aroused in a real life scenario, I never have when it came up in the past but there were other factors that could have contributed. I'm trying and failing so far to cut back on it. I've spent this whole weekend reading fanfiction instead of being productive and I feel like garbage.

No. 215178

what changed? and do you think it was harmful to your sexuality, in retrospect?

No. 215182

the changes are a specific situation that would deanon me so i'll skip on it, but it was harmful for my sexuality since the "addiction" was linked to being exposed to rule 34 at a young age and i started obsessively seeking more out. one aspect was the "moral" aspect, i became anti-porn as an adult, blah blah we know the politics behind that, and i technically wouldn't consider drawings to be as bad as real porn, i do support artistic freedom but a part of me got angry at how some artists openly post porn of shit like pokemon, sailor moon, dbz, etc out on the open where anyone can see. i saw rule 34 accidentally, i didn't seek it out initially. the whole concept of rule 34 creeps me out now too, because i don't mind seeing suggestive art of certain attractive adult characters (lmao) it borders on entitled to see artists literally race each other to be the "first" to draw porn of something, especially from a family friendly IP like sonic or pokemon. like i said, i know it's drawings and people will draw what they want and i don't hate some of it but i wish they would try harder to restrict it so only adults into that stuff can find it

No. 215183

nah it doesnt seem to affect your life negatively. i used to collect porn of my fave characters. also not to masturbate to, just to have to look at, idk?

No. 215188

Don't know if that's the common experience and how helpful this is for your situation, but I noticed that when I started to read erotica for the literal plot I couldn't really get off by myself afterwards without reading anything, even though before it was imagination-only for me. So I guess even stuff like that can desensitize you, which for me personally is annoying af, so I'm trying to wane off of it again to get back to how it was before.

No. 215197

thats exactly what i do so its reassuring to see someone else share the same experience. thanks!
these are also true. i feel it can really stunt the sexuality of still-developing people who consume that sort of content regularly.

No. 215206

exactly, i'm not completely against drawn/written/animated porn (it's a case-by-case basis but i think self-expression is a good thing in general) but i think over-indulgence and early exposure is just as harmful as getting addicted to the real thing. i only recently started slowly recovering from the effects, but it feels too late now, especially when i had experiences in fandoms that led to grooming and being encouraged to look at this stuff more

No. 217521

Ugh. I stopped watching any kind of visual porn about 6 months ago.
But what should I do if I keep fantasizing about fucked up shit? I can't come unless I do. At one point I went weeks unable to come, trying for a couple hours at night, until I got bored/ cried/ or fell asleep.
During all these months I tried reading erotica ONCE and somehow ended up reading some fucked up shit, so no more written porn for me.
The worst part is that I didn't even start watching porn at a young age. The very first time I ever watched a porn video was at 17 or 18. But I quickly fell into watching increasingly fucked up shit, and now my brain is wrecked.
On top of that, since I grew up in an extremely religious family and I was taught that sex is wrong, I became weirdly detached from sex altogether. And as I watched more and more harmful porn, I became more and more detached to cope with what I was seeing and getting off to.
So when I finally moved away from my household and started having a sexual life, I discovered I had vaginismus. My vaginismus has gotten a lot better but I still feel very detached from sex, and that prevents me from getting into the moment and from enjoying irl sex.
I'm in a relationship with a man I crushed on for years. He does anything I ask for. But I can only come when I imagine some random detached fucked up fantasy that doesn't involve neither of us.
Is it even possible to detox from all that shit? How long does it take? Is my brain too far gone?

No. 217531

You say your partner does whatever you ask, so what do you ask him to do? Is it all just about trying different positions or have you done other stuff? I'm not asking in a voyeuristic way, it just comes across to me like you're trying to overcome a disconnect from sex by imagining a "normal" sex scenario rather than exploring intimacy in general. And your idea of what sex is consists of visual/fucked up scenario → orgasm. Stop thinking it has to end in orgasm. I'm willing to bet the orgasm doesn't even feel very satisfying due to the guilt and disgust you feel at the lead up. Try to determine what you like outside of penis in vagina. Do you like when your bf massages you? Making out? Oral on you? Watching him masturbate? Are you able to relax while he plays with you and actually focus on how it feels versus frantically trying to think of something fucked up? Just slow it down. Yeah, you probably won't orgasm every time you try one of these things but that's not the point, the point is getting comfortable with being intimate and undoing the "sex = bad" teachings you grew up with. Some part of you probably feels sex has to be weird and degenerate because that's essentially what you were told as a kid, when in fact it can be loving and sweet and still really hot. Don't be afraid to have fun with it, because that's something it really seems your sex life lacks right now.

Also, do you have any toys that work for you? I don't know about you but using my hand or having to position myself just so on a partner can be tiring, where just holding a good vibe on my clit is almost always a guaranteed orgasm even when I start out not feeling like I'm in the mood. That can help give relief and ease the overall pressure as well.

No. 219516

Not really about porn addiction but still related. I've been actively stopping myself from fantasizing about fucked up scenarios and my libido is gone. I got memed into the whole cope-with-trauma-through-bdsm and I really want to rewire my brain into being normal. It began when I was in middle school so I knew fixing it will be hard but I didn't expect to just never feel horny. Is this just a part of the process?

No. 219524

I have a deep set fetish that I'm forever half assedly trying to move away from. The moment I get horny that plan goes out the window. But lately I have both a new irl crush and a new celeb crush. I'm fickle so I'm aware my crushes have an expiry date. I'm trying to use my excitement over these guys to wean myself off the gross kink stuff. This is an opportunity to rewire my brain into recognizing sex.. as sex again lol

The hardest part is just not letting myself mix the kink in with the thoughts of either guy… trying to purely think of normal sex acts with them and nothing else. I might be getting somewhere. I've dreamt of bjs lately. I'm in my 30s and I've never had a normal sex dream about piv or just giving some head. Now I've had multiple in the last few weeks. Goes to show that what you 'let yourself' fantasize about does get deep rooted after just a short period of time.

I spent 3 years living with a guy, having sex, giving alot of oral, no dead bedroom or anything but I had a whole seperate time when I got myself off to my weird kink in private and that was my source of satisfaction. I satisfied him and the sex was ok but my orgasm was tied to porn and in no way tied to him. I never faked orgasms and my partner never found it odd that I just never had them with him? He never said anything in 3 years of no orgasms. It's weird to look back on. I was going through the motions with him in a way. I initiated sex all the fucking time but I knew I was moreso just performing a duty. I never dreamt about the oral I gave him right before bed. It never followed over like that. Now I fantasize about doing that with my crush and later that night it makes it into a dream too. So this is what it's like to actually engage with normal sex acts as if they're satisfying to me too… and not only a performance to look normal in front of a guy. hmm

My head is more fucked up than I ever realized, but I'm slowly getting somewhere.

No. 219526

I stopped watching porn 2 years ago and my libido never recovered. I am finally starting to address it by trying to reconnect with my body with meditation and yoga, and I am starting to get horny again, little by little. I expected that stopping porn was enough but the issue is much more deeply rooted for me, it really conditionned me to dissociate sex with physical sensations.

No. 219975

one of my new year's resolutions is to stop all porn consumption. I hardly watch any, it's a couple of times a month kind of thing but I always feel bad after, sometimes even during. I got into using so called 'female friendly' sites with specially curated videos that involved no abusive looking material or anything too 'heavy' like bdsm or whatever. I'd watch arty massage videos and lesbian only to help ease my conscious. I would think 'well at least this porn isn't likely to involve abuse' but in reality I had no way of knowing that. I would also feel dreadful about myself after watching, comparing my body to the women in the videos. I started watching the kind with more normal/average girls with body hair and the like, who looked more like me, but again, it made me feel guilty since it's still porn. I've read enough criticisms of the porn industry and agree in its inherent exploitive nature and damage it has on society, I feel like a hypocrite every time I watch.

I'm going to install an addon to block the sites and keep reminding myself to stop being such a hypocrite.

No. 220610

sage for what's probably shit advice but this is why i exclusively turned to "fictional" (drawn/written/etc) porn for a long time. it's still unhealthy on an individual level (in my opinion) but after being educated about and more critical of porn, i felt 90% less guilty and almost thankful that the worst i ever watched was hentai and therefore doesn't involve real people being hurt. i have issues involving sexual anhedonia so porn isn't something i seek out for libido/pleasure reasons (it's just a very bad behavioral habit) but i've considered learning human anatomy better and drawing my own in private as some kind of outlet

No. 237853

File: 1645231665016.jpeg (32.5 KB, 640x484, d2d.jpeg)

How can I remove all the disgusting things I've seen on pornography sites from my memories? Sometimes the most degenerate things come back to haunt me and I can't stand it.

No. 241913

How do I stop fantasizing about porn? I hate thinking of old videos to get off and like I feel guilty because I question myself like what if the girls in those videos regret doing that and if they were possibly groomed? And I just hate being desensitized. I just want to get off to my simple little fantasies

No. 242189

destroy your pc, take a year long journey into the Mojave desert. Godspeed nonnie

No. 242277

does audio porn count?

No. 242443

I don’t know nonnie i have the same issue, but it helps to know youre not the only one who was subjected to it

No. 242469

The way I view it is like this, from most damaging to least damaging ignoring the content of course:
>Still pictures
The content will make it more or less disgusting, but I honestly think that having visuals makes stuff more addictive and damaging than it just being the voice of some ugly ass moid.
It’s like, when I look at hot people having sex, I want to be there and be a degenerate, but when I listen to sex sounds, I can’t help but think that it’s some ugly moid beating his dick and whispering nasty shit on a microphone in the dark of his mom’s basement. And sometimes I also can’t help but think that it’s someone sticking a finger in a jar of hair gel and doing random moaning sounds just to get over with it.
When it’s written it all depends on your imagination and you can just stop it whenever you want, you can control it and if you don’t like where is it going, you can just rewrite it yourself in your mind.

No. 242484

gradually start reading vanilla erotica and vanilla porn(have it pre-downloaded) over the course of some months
go from periods of no porn usage to vanilla porn, eventually your brain rot will be healed

No. 242535

Ayrt, I saw something screwed up while browsing porn a few days before posting that. Nothing illegal but just highly degenerate. I felt sick and closed everything immediately and haven't felt the urge to watch anything since. But still what I saw keeps popping into my head and scaring me. Maybe this spook has cured the addiction but if I get the urge again I'll do the vanilla thing.

No. 242550

That's how I fixed myself(believe me, I was into really fucked up and violent porn cause I had my own issues) and even when I tried quitting porn, It never worked long term
by replacing my urges with Vanilla Porn, I fixed myself

I'd go from periods of not watching porn at all(3 days) then mastrubate to my pre-downloaded vanilla porn once a day for 5 days total, then I'd stop watching for 9 days and repeated the same schedule with 5 days, even when I'd fail, I would still always use the vanilla porn
eventually 9 goes to 12, then to 15, to 20, then to 30, then 40 and finally after 45 I was finally healed

No. 244484

I've once again fixed my desire for external stimulation but that means I think a lot about an ex I'm struggling to get over and my mind sometimes wants to ruin everything. Found out about something very obvious that may be helpful to more nonas: using both of your hands makes it easier to not have intrusive thoughts because you focus more on what you are doing.

No. 245291

I hope it's not too off topic as I don't consider myself an addict but I think I've stunted my sexual attraction by only masturbating to hentai doujinshis. I started late (at 19 or so) and I only do it like 5 times or less a month, so it's not like I'm off the deep end, but I tend to get off to mildly degen shit (mostly dub/non-con), and I genuinely have no desire to have sex with another person. It might be because I got zero attention as a teenager and it fucked my perceptions of relationships and I turned to escapism. I'm content with this situation but I know most people will consider it alarming, so I wanted your opinion on that.

No. 245298

I don't want to have porn downloaded on my phone but I think this may be necessary. I go through long periods of not watching porn for weeks, but whenever I get the urge to watch porn in a moment of weakness seeing all the degenerate stuff when I'm searching for vanilla is way too tempting. I've been trying to fully kick the habit for years but I have noticed my sexuality slowly reverting back to normal so I'm not giving up.

No. 245300

I have it pre-downloaded stuff on my laptop, keeping it on a phone might be risky, also some Vanilla written erotica or audio will also have a positive impact on you

No. 245473

I've been clean from porn for the most part since New Years. Fell once or twice with some vanilla art, but otherwise been doing good. Unfollowed everyone who posted nsfw online, and stopped going to porn sites.

About a year ago I was in really deep. I spent all day browsing and at one point I was paying about $90 a month on patreon subbed to nsfw artists. It completely distorted my views of reality and I became destructively sexual around my partner and honestly a bit manic IMO.

But, I have two friends who consume porn often. In the past, at my worst, one of them I barely even spoke to and all we did all day was exchange nsfw of characters we liked. She was also fond of sending extremely violent and graphic nsfw art. I need to stop associating with these two but I don't know how. They don't understand why im quitting and think im just being some "Puritan Christian". They become aggressive and insist im insulting them when I ask them not to send me porn.

I know I just need to cut them off but im scared about them talking about me badly behind my back, to other friends and community members. How can I get past this, nonnies? How do you deal with people making fun of you for choosing to not engage with nsfw content anymore…

No. 245536

I have so many confusing feelings and impulses. I’m so addicted to porn and masturbating. I have been sexually abused pretty badly in the past and I feel like I constantly think about sex now and porn/masturbating is the only way I can free myself of these disturbing thoughts. I’m also a girl and I’ve always had this mentality that it’s weird for girls to be horny especially when I have the sex drive of a porn sick scrote.

No. 245552

I think this fucked me up too, but with BL doujinshi and fanfic. I can have sex with my partner but it’s not pleasurable and I don’t seek it out on my own.

No. 261087

The fucking stupid antifujo sperg literally copied and pasted this thread's OP and made a dumb thread on /ot/ kek. What an idiot.
Anyways, this is a good thread.

No. 261419

Is watching yaoi better than irl porn?

No. 261424

It is because no real person gets hurt but any addiction is bad, careful not to ruin your life for it.

No. 261544

yes, because it's not real, but make sure you don't overindulge to the point it becomes identical to an actual porn addiction and be critical of content with toxic tropes

No. 261773

Send me good yaoi

No. 264784

File: 1652874157010.jpeg (90.27 KB, 828x1600, 575D1D62-A328-4643-BEEB-3402FD…)

I'm trying to cure my addiction so I downloaded this app, took a quiz and this is the result I got. Jeez, I had no idea it was that bad but I'm not surprised TBH

No. 264789

what app?

No. 264791

Brainbuddy but don't even bother if you aren't willing to pay, I had to uninstall it right after I made that post because of this. Guess I'm going to stay being a coomer.

No. 272857

Bumping this thread for help. I don't want to fix with vanilla porn I just want to quit. I'm addicted to disgusting degen shit and I don't know what to do to fix it. I always relapse.

No. 272860

Please someone recommend some good sexy online books lesbian ones and not deku fan fiction I get so bored of it and I just eventually click on porn

No. 272876

Am I the only one who feels like this thread is 90% scrotes?

No. 272880

Don't know how helpful it'd be, but can't you install some site blocker and set the needed password to some keysmashing?

No. 272881

I don't know about 90% but the request for "some sexy lesbian stuff" might be.

Just have to ignore it at this point and never speak to them.

No. 272886

I just feel like porn-addiction is something that mostly affects men, I don't see how women could get addicted to it. We already know a lot of trannies hate-read this section after they found it through the mtf thread and of course they would be drawn to a board called "girl-talk". Also trannies are all porn addicts.

No. 272893

NTA but I’ve dated Porn addicted Bi girls as a women. They definitely exist and can be very moid light about it

No. 272904

While men are the biggest coomers for obvious reasons, women can be affected by porn culture and be pornsick too. I'm glad anons itt are doing something about it.

No. 272909

I had porn addiction that started as a teen, just like men I couldn't get off without it. But as a woman it was due to internalized misogyny and low self-esteem, seeing how horrifically women in porn are treated and how soulless the sex is.

No. 272911

File: 1656691641235.jpeg (88.57 KB, 750x449, 4B5C0343-3595-4D3F-952E-DFB134…)

No. 272916

porn addiction is observable in the brain and psyche. women can absolutely become addicted, as humans with brains and psyches.

maybe they don't act like male coomers, but female coomers definitely exist.

No. 272929

I was just always told womens arousal is less visual based than men's and more emotional based. It's definitely true for me, I don't understand how anyone can get off to porn since it's so superficial and focuses only on the pleasure of the man, it really is made for men, by men without women in mind. Why would I flick my bean to some whore faking an orgasm as she gets violated by a gross moid who probably has AIDS? I just don't get how any woman can find it appealing at all. I guess you got to be really fucked in the head, probably even more than moids who are coomers since to them it kind of comes natural and is catered to them.

No. 272931

But that is just you nonna. Not everyone is like you. Sure men are more visual in general, but it's not a hard line between sexes. It's more like two overlapping clusters, where some women are more inclined to watch porn than the males that are least likely to. Do you get what I mean? My point is that not every woman has the exact same qualities as you do, we are not robots made in a factory.

No. 272938

There is a huge difference between how men and women function and how our brains are wired, denying this honestly just makes me think that you're just a tranny if you're addicted to porn more.

No. 272940

>I was just always told womens arousal is less visual based than men's and more emotional based. It's definitely true for me
Women are individuals and can also be very visual. I'm very visual and used to watch porn in the past - I avoid it now though.
This is not a helpful comment at all. Like it or not, there are women out there watching porn and they should be encouraged in their struggle to quit.

No. 272942

Nta, stop trying to start an infight. Anon replied to you calmly and respectfully and now you're accusing her of being a troon. Chill. Yes there are female coomers, if you've spent any amount of time at all in /g/ then you've experienced them firsthand. Like >>272909 said many of us got into porn as teens because it's hugely normalized in society and you're not normal/a coolgirl unless you watch it. Do that enough and you condition your body and mind to get off to it until you work to undo that conditioning. End of story. If you think someone in this thread is a scrote report and move on.

No. 272952

Speaking as a female coomer it almost always comes from being terminally online. I knew and know many other coomer girls and they were always the type to be terminally online. Never met a "normal" woman like this. It's less common but doesn't make us male or a troon. I actually did struggle with gender dysphoria and one of the things that had some weight for me were my pornsickness and this kind of view that only men can be get to this level of perversion and coomerism

No. 272958

Men being more visual is a lie. You literally look at people and think they’re hot, that is being turned on. Men say that because they don’t wanna out effort into their appearance and think they deserve sex for just existing while we have pressure to shave, workout, get plastic surgery. All of these things reinforced by pornography I started watching porn as a teenager, while my mind was still developing. I’m so confused sexually now. And I can’t orgasm without my mind flashing back to some porn scenes ingrained in my memory. I’ve internalized some of the things growing up and I thought choking and slapping was normal so I let my boyfriends do that to me. I shudder when I think about it. I almost tried anal but thank god that man who I attempted it with was an actual retard Virgin who thought my vagina was really my asshole, and I didn’t tell him otherwise.

No. 272960

Adding to this, porn is really easy to access, anyone with a phone can watch it.

No. 272961

Many coomers being on /g/ doesn't make them women. I mean you have to be pretty naive to think only women post on here.

No. 272968

File: 1656712773475.png (156.24 KB, 800x580, D177BE51-24A3-4AE6-B384-9A3773…)

>Why would I flick my bean to some whore faking an orgasm as she gets violated by a gross moid who probably has AIDS? I just don't get how any woman can find it appealing at all.
Most popular porn category for women is "lesbian" porn. Most women don't want to watch gross men either.

No. 272970

Sorry I'm dying at the thought of that one little country (Uzbekistan?) being obsessed with milfs kek

No. 272976

Why are MENA women so into anal? Why do African and East Asian and South Asian women just search their own respective races? How can they even be sure those watchers even are women?

No. 272977

And it's a category by women… so women into MILF's. The women watching those videos probably are milfs

No. 272981

>How can they even be sure those watchers even are women?
probably by the profiles that are created for each of us while browsing nearly anywhere on the internet

No. 272982

>You literally look at people and think they’re hot
NTA but I don't. It takes a long time for me to actually be turned on by someone or find someone attractive, just looking at them doesn't work.

No. 272983

Not me, I use incognito mode whenever possible. Fuck your cookies.

No. 272986

>ebony porn being the most popular in North Korea

No. 272988

Coomers are created from porn + lack of access to actual sex. "Normal" women probably have the greatest access to irl sex, so are least likely to replace intimacy with porn.

No. 272990

wdym by profiles, accounts? if it's from cookies how do they tell someone's sex from that

No. 273007

samefag here's a link to the article. https://www.pornhub.com/insights/women-of-the-world

Other people asked this online, probably Google Analytics and advertising profiles.

No. 273029

I assume those statistics come from porn profiles where you chose if you are male or female upon signing up. I also assume that out of those who sign up porn accounts and chose "woman" maybe 1% were not born with a penis. You moron.

No. 273030

>Men being more visual is a lie. You literally look at people and think they’re hot, that is being turned on.
kek, trannies really have zero understanding of female sexuality, that's how you always tell on yourselves.

No. 273036

Fucking stop it, you sound like those ugly moids who can't accept that there are women out there who are visual and into sexy people.

No. 273037

Yeah according to some there are even women with penises.

No. 273039

Please explain what are TRUE AND HONEST women supposed to be aroused by since you're such an expert on every single woman ever. Maybe you are indeed correct and I do need to get the tit chop and arm sausage so my outsides match my insides.

No. 273057

Individually different of course, but if your sexuality is truly like a moids and you see a big dong and go "unga bunga, me want sex right now" and immediately wet your panties and you can't orgasm unless you watch women being raped, drugged and abused by gorillas on pornhub then yeah, maybe you do have a male brain.

No. 273118


You have got to be some kind of retard.

Firstly: Have you ever heard of sex without a penis? Some people don't like those, idiot.

You are the one that's just as bad as moids. Just as retarded and just as utterly bullheaded. Just as willing to shit yourself to talk over women telling you something other than what you swear you know. Go shit yourself in another thread.

No. 273119

Also, most porn addicted women were abused, groomed or otherwise exposed to it at some point in their lives against their will.

Even those who weren't were exposed due to the ease and normalcy of pornographic materials which is because of the degeneracy of moids in the first place.

God you are such a fuck up.

No. 273122

>God you are such a fuck up

No. 273330

Moving on.


Good article about porn addiction and recovery tips from a radfem perspective.

No. 273462

I was exposed to porn when I was 8. I didn't really understand it growing up.

I thankfully didn't watch a lot of porn in my teen years, it was like once a month thing and happened during my periods (but not every period). Once I learned how bad the porn industry was for women and found swerfs I cut it out.

However, I find myself reading hentai manga aimed towards women nowadays. Its hard for me to cut it off.. I honestly have never successfully masturbated in my life, I like to read these stories and then fantasize in my head. But I don't think I've ever made myself came or anything. I just get tired and fall asleep. I am too scared to have sex with boyfriends and have remained a virgin so I don't really know much about sex at all.

I am worried my sexuality is being warped becaude some of these stories include rape or manipulation, but its more subtle I guess instead of hentai for men where its just brutal. Regardless even if its written for women by women that doesn't mean its always healthy. I feel like my brain was already fried being exposed to hardcore porn at 8 and being molested as a child. I don't want to find these stories hot.

I am just glad I no longer watch real life porn and no one is being hurt in these fictional stories but I know my sexuality isn't healthy.

No. 274681

I was doing real good at the beginning of this year but then I relapsed and struggled since. I hate myself every time I use porn to masturbate. It may be 2D only now, but it still brain damaging and supports the industry via ads when it's on a hosting site. I also suffer from early porn exposure. When I look back at my childhood, I can practically see the correlation between I was first shown porn and negative changes in my behavior around that time that shaped my personality. Anyway, starting this week, I'm cutting myself cold turkey for masturbating then I will try to condition myself with fic or my imagination.

No. 278225

Another early porn exposure anon here, I'm also a survivor of CSA. After I got raped I started viewing rape hentai, but then I found audio porn and started consuming it. When I got into my older teens I started viewing video porn again. My porn consumption has escalated to quckquean shit, and I always get a wave of shame and disgust after I come. I'm trying to replace the videos I consume to SFM porn, but I still relapse ever so often. I'm doing better than a year ago, thankfully.
Here's a good article or blogpost about fetishes and if they're induced by porn or not, it has some good tips of getting off from porn as well: https://web.archive.org/web/20180824010704/https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/are-fetishes-innate
Here's also general resources and a wall of text how porn addicts you: https://web.archive.org/web/20180824010704/https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/are-fetishes-innate

No. 278313

Porn addicted men ruined my porn addiction. I'm unable to fantasize about sex without getting turned off about the moid comparing me or exaggerating details to tell to other girls

No. 278320

File: 1658966567725.png (1.2 MB, 960x960, 1636483272974.png)

>watching porn on popular normie porn site
>gross "teen" ads surrounding the video i'm watching
>try to ignore them while watching my video
>click one by accident
>jailbait porn with girls who look 16
>try to exit, my porn addicted self is annoyed bc it turned me off
>get automatically redirected to another jailbait site with girls who look even younger, literally 11-13 years old
>feel a huge pit in my stomach because for a second i thought i was looking at actual child porn
>close all tabs and put my phone down

I haven't watched it since then, like 3 weeks ago. I'm done with all of it. This was a super popular normie site. It made me realize that no matter what kind of porn site you might only be 2 or 3 clicks away from actual child porn. Knowing I was so close to it makes me sick. No matter what I watched the surrounding ads would most of the time be ALMOST violence or ALMOST underage actors. Because that's what men really want to watch. Porn with violence and kids.

No. 278401

Has anyone tried blocking the sites?

No. 281691

I've been off hardcore porn with the exception of lesbian porn since the beginning of the year with only one relapse. It's so nice seeing my sexuality go back to normal and not get turned on by weird degenerate shit anymore. Praying that everyone else ITT meets their goals too.

No. 281700

All pornography money goes to the same men, the same men who traffic women & rape them. It doesn’t matter if the video itself is tame, sadly.

No. 281701

I know all porn is bad, but watching sensual, vanilla porn when you're trying to quit is way more preferable to the degen stuff.

No. 281720

No. 281722

For what? Watching vanilla porn is just a stepping stone to quitting altogether.

No. 281723

It's a slow process for some people anon. The further she gets from degen shit the closer she gets to being completely porn free.

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