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File: 1612499926562.png (20.25 KB, 601x512, 4-causes-of-porn-addiction.png)

No. 170405

This thread is for everyone who is struggling with pornography, sexual frustration, and masturbation addiction. Post sources and information or your personal experience on how to quit or lower your usage.

Antiporn thread (por a more serious discussion about pornography): >>>/g/159633

No. 170407

File: 1612500186838.jpg (44.01 KB, 500x410, 1612404562613.jpg)

I'm addicted to hentai and I want to quit. Looking at hentai (and any kind of porn) makes me feel like a degenerate scrote, I fucking hate myself when I do it. Yet I feel like my brain needs some stimulation when I'm horny, and I'm like… horny everyday

No. 170408

posting this, because this video made me open my eyes in a way

No. 170416

Honestly it's been a hard road for me. Its taken years and years. I was always on the "sw isn't woke" train though. I personally was never "addicted" to porn but potentially had far more horny brain than I wanted.

I read a lot of literature. As someone whose in a professional social science field i read journals and studies in my two fields basically to see if I was wrong and if it was possible to xyz ethically or what is the best way to handle abc. From what I deduced even in the nordic system sex trafficking levels skyrocket becauase they can hide under it being legal. So that was a "no".

I basically weaned myself off from real to drawn then my own writing where I could write out ocs with everything I wanted and i didn't fap to it, I just wrote out everything in my brain.

I would likely still read a fanfic though. Im not as critical of drawn shit becauase its fake. Also likely because i like monster girls (see: moth pussy meme) or other shit that doesn't exist irl. Thus an impossible fetish of human girls with insect wings or a lamia or whatever I do not see as possible thus there is no victim in this situation.

To my current knowledge there is no study on "does your brain register drawn porn the same as real porn" because your brain doesn't register videogame violence as irl (see: video games don't cause violence). However, sexual hormones are very compelling. Thus an argument could be made that your brain can be coomerized this way. Annecdotal for me personally things I would read/view I dont like irl (even mundane things). So I think it depends upon your perspective in how you view porn.

Thus I'd ask yourself "what role am I?" (Do i want to do that/have it done to me/am i a vouyer) etc. This makes it easier to deduce how to best self analyze on curing it.

Also analyze your thoughts behind motives on why you like something. For example, I liked hardcore femdom with 0 piv where men were slaves (and this is not always even inherently sexual) because I hate scrotes LOL.

Tl;dr most harm to least harm pipeline. Self reflection

No. 170417

Honestly i used the thought that scrotes are inherent coomers who cant be trusted ever and women are superior for being able to be sexually responsible and curb their horny brain as motivation. Scrotes are fetishists of everything. Nothing is off limits no matter the harm. Women are not like that. We are not burdened by the disease of penis and testicles and toxic levels of of testosterone . Use your superiority as a female capable of non coomer motives to change.

No. 171201

Guys I'm new to this topic, but there are some times in the month when I'm craving porn because I feel so horny. Could you guys explain more why is porn a bad thing? Even for us ladies.

No. 171213

fuck off scrote

No. 171221

I grew up in a house where one of my parents was so uptight about bodily functions like burping, farting and all that. They were at times so over the top about shaming you for doing either (all while they could openly do it, weird double standard growing up) I think as a consequence of that shame I found weird categories of fetish porn as a teen and found that they got an unexpected reaction out of me. I've always felt alot of shame around that (yay more shame lol) and looking back I wish I hadn't let my pleasure get so intertwined with needing that one fantasy put in front of me.

It's not a fetish I want to indulge in irl. It's not something I would expect to tell a partner about without losing some respect..so it's been kept secretive and indulged in purely through porn. I'm at the point where rather than giving up porn entirely, I would be grateful if I could at least get off to normal categories of porn. That would even be an improvement.

I have sexual abuse in my childhood too which I'ver never linked to this but… in a way it makes sense to get off to something that's technically not even a sex act when the act of sex is something I fear. I hate how much my sexual self is just layers upon layers of shame and fear. It's so far removed from what sex should be.

No. 171236

File: 1612989209440.jpeg (87.34 KB, 453x680, 0199955F-EFF2-4090-8E95-06917F…)

Honestly, what kind of porn? I’m not against erotica, but the problem with porn ive noticed (in others and myself) is that it’s so easy to access and requires no work on your part nor communication with another human being, so it can very easily become a total substitution for actual sex and relationships.

I also noticed that I was more interested in exploring unconventional/ taboo (not anything full on disgusting like loli or scat and stuff) which would then get boring and lead to searching for the next level. Like desensitization of my brain I guess?

But again tbh it’s hard to find good male sexual partners so faced with this total mountain of garbage that is men, I think women utilizing more erotica / porn / dojinshi etc is a bit more understandable, assuming it’s not an addiction. Culture and society is saturated with male coom appeal, anyway

bufftrap not related just amusing.

No. 209014

Just cured my porn addiction. I'd been addicted since the 2000s. After around 15 years I've been cured.

No. 209023

No. 209150

I keep relapsing every 3-7 months or so and I feel awful and ashamed. Does anyone else have this problem? I haven’t watched porn in a month, if I hadn’t relapsed ever it would be a year and a half

No. 209156

I don't, but this caught my eye because I suffer from other unwanted behaviours. Can you identify your triggers? Where are you, how do you feel when you relapse? What can you replace the behaviour with in those moments? Good luck!

No. 215097

I was introduced to porn at an early age but I always felt like using my imagination to get off was ideal so I never formed a reliance on it. I used masturbation as a sleep-aid/anxiety relief for most of my life. Then I started taking hormonal birth control and that killed my perfectly high & healthy sex drive within days. Really struggled to coom without porn after that and that's when my addiction started because I struggled to ween off my natural sleep aid.

That was also the time I learned about how bad the porn industry was so I felt guilty for partaking when I did. I would always go back to using it when my sleeping was really poor and I've had to take a lot of medication in the last few years that gave me bad insomnia.

I think for me the problem was that I wanted to masturbate successfully and I didn't have the imagination to do it as much as I wanted to without pornography. My sex drive never recovered after taking birth control though so I just decided to stop masturbating as much unless I really wanted to because I don't want to watch porn which has worked for me. IDK if it was the birth control though, it could be because I got older (22).

I would have successfully completed no-nut November but I felt like going for it a few days ago so I did. I don't struggle to cum when I'm having sex with someone who knows what they're doing though so maybe this is just normal. I do miss masturbating every night though.

I don't know if this is what people who are currently struggling want to hear though. But if you were like me and you use porn to help you sleep, you need to figure out how to improve your sleep hygiene. COVID made it really difficult for me because it fucked up my circadian rhythm. Regular exercise, adequate sunlight and a good diet with foods that help promote sleep onset helps me. Also I use f.lux because I can't minimize my screentime.

Good luck struggling nonitas.

No. 215113

File: 1638112563066.png (147.4 KB, 500x328, E-QX_s_VIAED1qN.png)

i have a bit of a weird relationship with porn and i don't mean to put out TMI but im just looking for advice
i save a lot of (drawn) porn of media i have a special interest in. sometimes i go out of my way to browse through content of that specific thing. but i dont use it, it doesnt arouse me most of the time looking at it, and i don't even masturbate at all. my best guess is its some sort of weird compulsion coming from autism but idk. i'm a virgin and i don't think i'd have issues with arousal in a real life situation, but i know what i do is really unusual. so what i want to ask is, is this a porn addiction? do the usual downsides of one even apply in this case? i don't know if it's even unhealthy.

No. 215134

I'd like to know too since I used to have a vaguely similar issue

No. 215149

I am only interested in drawn/written porn of media I have a current special interest in. Nothing else does it for me. In my case I actually do use it as porn. IDK if I'd be able to get aroused in a real life scenario, I never have when it came up in the past but there were other factors that could have contributed. I'm trying and failing so far to cut back on it. I've spent this whole weekend reading fanfiction instead of being productive and I feel like garbage.

No. 215178

what changed? and do you think it was harmful to your sexuality, in retrospect?

No. 215182

the changes are a specific situation that would deanon me so i'll skip on it, but it was harmful for my sexuality since the "addiction" was linked to being exposed to rule 34 at a young age and i started obsessively seeking more out. one aspect was the "moral" aspect, i became anti-porn as an adult, blah blah we know the politics behind that, and i technically wouldn't consider drawings to be as bad as real porn, i do support artistic freedom but a part of me got angry at how some artists openly post porn of shit like pokemon, sailor moon, dbz, etc out on the open where anyone can see. i saw rule 34 accidentally, i didn't seek it out initially. the whole concept of rule 34 creeps me out now too, because i don't mind seeing suggestive art of certain attractive adult characters (lmao) it borders on entitled to see artists literally race each other to be the "first" to draw porn of something, especially from a family friendly IP like sonic or pokemon. like i said, i know it's drawings and people will draw what they want and i don't hate some of it but i wish they would try harder to restrict it so only adults into that stuff can find it

No. 215183

nah it doesnt seem to affect your life negatively. i used to collect porn of my fave characters. also not to masturbate to, just to have to look at, idk?

No. 215188

Don't know if that's the common experience and how helpful this is for your situation, but I noticed that when I started to read erotica for the literal plot I couldn't really get off by myself afterwards without reading anything, even though before it was imagination-only for me. So I guess even stuff like that can desensitize you, which for me personally is annoying af, so I'm trying to wane off of it again to get back to how it was before.

No. 215197

thats exactly what i do so its reassuring to see someone else share the same experience. thanks!
these are also true. i feel it can really stunt the sexuality of still-developing people who consume that sort of content regularly.

No. 215206

exactly, i'm not completely against drawn/written/animated porn (it's a case-by-case basis but i think self-expression is a good thing in general) but i think over-indulgence and early exposure is just as harmful as getting addicted to the real thing. i only recently started slowly recovering from the effects, but it feels too late now, especially when i had experiences in fandoms that led to grooming and being encouraged to look at this stuff more

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