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File: 1619391325786.jpg (268.96 KB, 796x1000, dn.jpg)

No. 181517


Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Opening this thread we have the one and only Hank "is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" Schrader AKA Dean Norris.

No. 181519

Ewww! I don't want to browse /g/ and having to see this moid's face everytime, someone remake the thread

No. 181520

that’s the point of the thread. 90% of the time you don’t want to see those moids and 10% of the time it’s the weird shitty moid you like. just hide the thread

No. 181522

File: 1619391856882.jpg (36.7 KB, 474x632, 66a0fffa2308570d7b0234872ffed5…)

I have been recently getting into old samurai movies, and Toshirô Mifune looks like a homeless man in all of them, and yet…

No. 181524

File: 1619392429154.jpeg (42.32 KB, 604x480, 2E7B48EA-B307-4FB5-8DFA-F12CE3…)

Lmao thanks for the new thread anon

No. 181528

Hide the thread pic, it's not that hard.

No. 181529

File: 1619393253792.jpg (60.33 KB, 633x633, Tumblr_l_225254129526846.jpg)

I'm not even into anything foot related but he could suck my toes all day

No. 181532

I wish I could hide OP image in the catalogue, he is so creepy it’s making me uncomfortable

No. 181533

>just looked him up
ma’am he’s conventionally attractive he just has an ugly neckbeard in that

No. 181534

File: 1619393968180.jpg (33.94 KB, 504x398, 65849375483075.jpg)

He might be scruffy in the samurai movies but he's gorgeous, just check him out in Drunken Angel.

No. 181537

Agreed I scroll past this meme fast every time I see it, wish it was spoilered. What's gonna be next, jeff the killer?

No. 181538

How tf is he unconventional, just because he's dead? Toshiro was gorgeous.

No. 181539

Also samefagging but >>181522 that's not Toshiro Mifune. That's Tatsuya Nakadai from "Harakiri".

No. 181543

File: 1619397247451.png (836.96 KB, 792x598, ryan-colin.png)

my husbands

No. 181557

File: 1619404774357.jpeg (325.41 KB, 1080x619, F5510DDC-83CF-49BE-81E7-30F3F5…)

sorry fellow canadians

we get it, you mfs are obsessed

No. 181558

File: 1619405696704.jpg (324.33 KB, 1080x1350, 01339.jpg)

I don't know how to break it to you anon but this man isn't hot. Not even remotely. Are you just really into twinks or something? Now, punished!Shane on the other hand…

No. 181561

i'd take 100 trillion peepfags and tuckerfags over this

No. 181562

File: 1619408402382.jpeg (108.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1E945FB5-964D-42A1-95E9-2880FC…)

He wasn’t attractive before when he was thin. Now he’s thick and has short hair he looks much better. I’m also kind of a fujo so I like that he’s bi. It would be cool if his punishment arc/cow arc ended up with him making YouTube videos again, but another thing I find attractive is that he clearly doesn’t really care about his past shitty acts. He’s a bad boy who wants to be redeemed but just can’t really be bothered.

No. 181563

Hey it's me the Peep anon, I've heard I've just formed an alliance with >>181524 Tucker anon against Shane lovers?

I mean… kinda? I like men who look they are one cigarette away from dying or in my case with my other number 1 crush Kurt Cobain (but let's be real he's conventionally attractive) maybe I just lean towards drug addicted sad bois to who off themselves way too young.

But also idk Shane looks just like… really boring? Don't get me wrong I was a fan of him back in the days and still got his weird books but like he always just exuded washcloth energy to me.
He looks like a grey towel that's like still OK to use but also not the fluffiest anymore if that makes sense?

But again… I literally am not allowed to judge anyone on their taste in this thread.
I want the skinny drug addicts to gaslight me afterall.
So you do you Shane Anon and tell us more

No. 181564

File: 1619410417614.jpeg (52.3 KB, 720x540, 56FC54D6-2B07-47E4-8E28-BFCB5D…)

you guys stop fighting

No. 181565

File: 1619410589480.jpg (739.89 KB, 1080x1355, PicsArt_04-26-06.14.47.jpg)

So what do you say Tucker Anon?

No. 181566

As a fellow dirty-looking man lover who posted Trippie Redd in the last thread, I too, would like to form an alliance with you.

No. 181567

Anon I’m proud of you for speaking your truth but KEK BAD BOY

No. 181568

File: 1619410721025.jpg (61.99 KB, 424x640, AndreMalraux.JPG)

Why did there have to be a new thread if the old one didn’t even reach 1200 yet?

No. 181570

File: 1619412196372.jpeg (125.14 KB, 429x414, D62CCD1C-2C86-4E91-BA7E-8D464F…)


anyways this guy is pretty cute

No. 181571

File: 1619412799925.jpg (344.58 KB, 2560x1440, h3.jpg)

>Why did there have to be a new thread if the old one didn’t even reach 1200 yet?

Because despite our differences we all love Hank here.

No. 181573

File: 1619413174865.jpg (1.65 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_04-26-06.56.26.jpg)


The gang is all here now
No more fighting over who's got the weirder taste. We're all in this together. Just like need a cool name for this alliance

No. 181574

Can't argue with that.
Not my type but I'd love to talk about minerals over some of his beers with him

No. 181575

File: 1619413438264.jpeg (44.82 KB, 866x362, EF812406-D7F8-4924-9B09-464AED…)

No. 181576

Hard agree.

No. 181577

File: 1619414294868.jpeg (36.77 KB, 412x319, 0BC1A146-7B6F-4258-8E01-46C939…)


No. 181578

How did you feel about him being Robotnik?

No. 181579

You're missing some sort of serial killer in that collage.

No. 181580

>ywn help dean locate the best sex gifs on twitter

No. 181582

File: 1619414896098.jpg (150.27 KB, 1080x1350, thikkashi.jpg)

Based, but aren't you forgetting someone?

No. 181583


I thought that what Shane is for
We got the main gang in the front and we got the good cop and the Dawson

And I definitely had too much fun making this lol

But if you want to suggest a serial killer for the next one..~

No. 181584

I'm never going to drink again because of this pictuee

No. 181585


How could I forget you 6ix9ine Anon!
I'm so sorry.

Well guess I've got something to do while sipping on my coffee any ideas what else to put

No. 181586

thin nikocado avocado from last thread

No. 181587

File: 1619416097124.jpeg (43.32 KB, 466x700, pete-davidson.jpeg)

No. 181589

File: 1619416328638.jpg (48.09 KB, 400x600, 8356e52b5635b78b8b13a65a48d947…)

feel like pure shit just want him back

No. 181591

File: 1619416494786.jpg (87.8 KB, 500x622, tumblr_mj4uthKrBq1qzqju7o1_500…)


No. 181592

File: 1619416749562.jpg (3.96 MB, 4000x1980, PicsArt_04-26-07.56.42.jpg)

How could I forget you two? Definitely invited to the dinner party

No. 181593

File: 1619416905748.png (1.14 MB, 1178x866, 9p8sb4rrl5351.png)

He is so cute and funny!

No. 181594


No. 181595

Amazing. You’re doing god’s work.

No. 181596

i want the epstein/ramirez/bundy and other dipshits one

No. 181597

I'm having way too much fun procrastinating with this but I'm glad if it makes some of you smile ~

No. 181598

They'd be at the kid's table (see what I did there).

No. 181599

File: 1619417931296.jpeg (36.37 KB, 573x349, 482317C4-EAE9-4C7B-8DCE-33C421…)

KEK I love you anon

No. 181600

>no Jim, Jimmy, or Jeffrey
I don't even recognize this thread anymore

No. 181601

The J gang must've been asleep when this went down

No. 181602

as the faggot who posted fatties last thread: shane has the most disgusting body type for a fatty. face would make you think he’s skinny or just chubby but his body is huge, everything is super saggy and his shoulders droop. he looks like a cartoon character made to look pathetic.
anon, take the correct fat-fuck pill.

No. 181603

kek I'm mainly just representing for the Jim Carrey fiend. I don't actually want to see more nasty pedos in this thread.

No. 181604

I'll gladly add Jim Carrey to the next one.
But I feel like if I download any Epstein pics for this I'd curse my phone or something.

No disrespect to the Epstein Anons tho, you guys crack me up.
But all the disrespect towards him

No. 181605

File: 1619418705868.jpeg (69.63 KB, 300x268, 1FA21199-0DBB-4906-96F4-D428D4…)

I swear to god I didn't even realize all their names started with j and Jim isn't as bad as the other two but now I can no longer dissociate from that and I am in pain

that was the first thing that revived my long dormant crush on him. with the second one being filmed I am very excited, hopefully will be released by the time quarantine is over. if quarantine is ever over i am going to risk trying to meet him since i want to work in the cesspit industry anyway

No. 181607

File: 1619419524106.jpeg (643.86 KB, 1700x2550, 24C279D3-E322-4213-9212-4F7DB3…)

I love this dork sm

No. 181609

File: 1619419787997.jpeg (50.49 KB, 395x594, 0B784B88-5C05-4EC0-B3EA-9BA1F6…)

He looks like a gay pornstar now because of plastic surgery but he was pretty hot kek

No. 181610

Dude I just finished rewatching the original Jersey Shore and now watching the Fmaily one and he was so hot when he was younger, while now his face looks fucked UP. I don't know if it's excessive Botox or he got a facelift but his face looks like a Wallet that had its leather pulled too tightly

No. 181612

File: 1619420654519.jpg (889.89 KB, 2048x1080, PicsArt_04-26-09.02.21.jpg)

Ok last one for now, promise

But like… Danny's adventures

No. 181613

it's beautiful kek that suit in the jim pic is so chefskiss

we salute you!!

No. 181614

This is a masterpiece, but we all know Tucker Carlson would never go to Denny's.

No. 181615

the other guys dragged him there by force and made him have fun

No. 181616

Definitely. I mean they had to pick Jim up somewhere and where would you go to in such a fancy suit if not Denny's ?

No. 181617

either that or he's the driver of the party bus who picked everyone up first, he was deffos at some award show mess before this and dipped because it was boring

No. 181618


Let me know where the party bus is heading next! I've made the pics during my smoke or coffee breaks and as I've said it's fun!

Also someone give 6ix9ine a barf bag, he's not feeling so fly like a g6

No. 181619

And of course if they should pick up someone to join the gang

No. 181620

That is spot on with how he looks now. It seems like he got an eyelift and went overboard with botox/fillers. He wasn't aging bad at all so it's kind of sad that he fucked himself up. He should've went the hot italian businessman route instead of chasing his guido youth.

No. 181621

I feel like the J Triad (Jim, Jimmy and Jeffrey) are in another level although i agree carrey is not as bad, it's just for the meme, they probably bully the other ugly men idk
Jim Carrey is probably waving goodbye to meet the rest of the J Triad mafia

No. 181623

Maybe he is waving goodbye to the J Gang. Maybe he is forging his own path, with probable sex offenders instead of convicted ones.

No. 181625

Redemption arc incoming. Not by much, but maybe they have better drugs and are less annoying

No. 181627

And if he misses any of the offender antics I mean we still got Shane and 6ix9ine

A bit worried about Tucker tho but he'll manage. He's out there with them for a new FoxNews special and I bet he'll find something to talk about

No. 181628

Jim and Tucker drunkenly screaming at one another about politics in between snorting blow

No. 181629

And doing blow is something almost all of them have in common!

No. 181641

This one is really shameful

No. 181648

wheres jimmy urine,anon?

No. 181649

PLEASE this is so funny

No. 181654

>if quarantine is ever over i am going to risk trying to meet him since i want to work in the cesspit industry anyway
Oh, what is your plan anon? If you can share the rough outline. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

No. 181668

No. 181680

>Let me know where the party bus is heading next!
Red-light district

No. 181683

File: 1619449892413.jpg (580.16 KB, 3000x1997, 2910347.jpg)

No. 181684

File: 1619449943396.jpg (247.14 KB, 2048x1536, wp4291541.jpg)

No. 181685

File: 1619449958089.jpg (135.9 KB, 1152x864, 2910274.jpg)

No. 181686

No. 181688

I bet he gives great cuddles

No. 181689

i've got a lot more to post, stay tuned

No. 181690

File: 1619450113160.jpg (67.76 KB, 1255x770, wp4291534.jpg)

i love when he had the blonde hair.

No. 181691

File: 1619450144166.jpg (450.82 KB, 3000x2249, 2910259.jpg)

No. 181693

File: 1619450247875.jpg (1.6 MB, 2160x3840, 2809349.jpg)

stfu and take it to meta

No. 181694

I like you tuckerfags. The only anon who should get banned is the one who chose the OP pic

No. 181695

File: 1619450595474.jpg (111.92 KB, 750x731, Tumblr_l_217409789431457.jpg)

It will grow on you eventually!

(Also did delete the post where I was asking because this probably belongs in /meta)
Will be back later with a new collage as some requested but in the meantime… look at this cutie with his cute ass dollar store sombrero

No. 181696

File: 1619450712876.jpg (302.49 KB, 2400x1750, 2910239.jpg)

No. 181698

File: 1619450782431.jpg (160.76 KB, 1280x1024, wp4291574.jpg)

idk, I liked his hair and stache in this movie

No. 181699

kek, asac shrader is hot as fuck.

No. 181700

File: 1619450966595.jpeg (38.83 KB, 482x612, actor-dean-norris-and-actress-…)

forgot to add pic oops!

No. 181701

he looks like a younger piers morgan

No. 181703

File: 1619451027596.jpeg (30.86 KB, 401x612, dean noriss.jpeg)

You retard, you can hide the file. Quit complaining like a newfag and read the info page.

No. 181704

File: 1619451068660.jpeg (39.92 KB, 612x396, bb cast.jpeg)

I wanna say most if not all of these men are uncoventionally attractive

No. 181705

File: 1619451109961.jpg (133.97 KB, 1024x768, 2910275.jpg)

No. 181706

File: 1619451353165.jpg (594.04 KB, 2000x3000, 2910271.jpg)

Okay, last one for now.

No. 181708

File: 1619451593646.jpg (516.37 KB, 2500x2038, jjqDeWG.jpg)

Do we think Eminem is unconventionally attractive, nonnies?

No. 181709

File: 1619451621583.gif (248.51 KB, 220x236, 37550D83-7A91-4826-B6FE-AF481A…)

Tucker when he finds this thread

No. 181710

I think he's conventional

No. 181711

File: 1619451764061.jpg (184.62 KB, 1860x1140, U42F6aB.jpg)

nonny, look closer… are you sure? I never realized it but he looks like he got hit with a brick as a kid (and probably did)

No. 181713

File: 1619451848923.jpg (7.07 KB, 200x243, 076.jpg)

No. 181714

He looks like a rat boy

No. 181715

He's about to drop the spookiest ghost story at the campfire

No. 181716

File: 1619451991463.jpg (29.87 KB, 634x845, 6543824-6420037-image-a-77_154…)

We can't hide it in the catalog so shut up

No. 181717

File: 1619452177451.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.33 KB, 796x1000, 257234-tucker-carlson-shirtles…)

awwww so sad

No. 181718

Ya'll think he'd like the edits anon made of him and others?

No. 181719


The file name tho top kek

No. 181720

File: 1619452305121.jpeg (23.38 KB, 806x452, 1606600664241.jpeg)


No. 181722

File: 1619452567291.jpg (417.66 KB, 800x1200, 083007.jpg)

Hah, I didn't notice the filename but that's hilarious, anon!
Do you think Tucker knows that women find him attractive? Would he be surprised? I always feel bad about the idea of the men posted in this thread finding it because it's unconventional attractions.

No. 181723

Is he missing a toe?

No. 181725

I don’t think so. Why are you looking at his feet that closely tho kek

No. 181726

File: 1619452764077.jpeg (31.34 KB, 408x612, actor-clark-duke-arrives-at-th…)

I want to smother this mad. with a pillow, honestly. But he's still cute imo. Wish he did more films.

No. 181727

File: 1619452778560.jpeg (45.66 KB, 398x612, .jpeg)

No. 181728

File: 1619452801295.jpeg (54.35 KB, 509x612, 12.jpeg)

ew god he looks so disgusting,.

No. 181729

File: 1619452861073.jpeg (23.92 KB, 612x408, troon clark.jpeg)

He's like a few reddit posts away from trooning out kek
but I think it's his personality that makes him fuckable.

No. 181730

File: 1619452863522.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.83 KB, 696x522, media_2019_01_24_15_45_2401_de…)

No. 181731

File: 1619452925363.jpeg (47.71 KB, 417x612, wqq.jpeg)

No. 181733

File: 1619452981930.jpeg (58.38 KB, 440x612, clark duke.jpeg)

the worst part about it is, he has no social media

No. 181734

Don't call me out like that anon

No. 181736

File: 1619453085142.jpg (985.46 KB, 1365x2048, 2048x2048.jpg)

oh my god clark please dont troon out…

No. 181737

File: 1619453119032.jpg (50.28 KB, 677x1200, 1679b16dc418afe04fbb25bf350222…)

He looks so good even with glasses, so smart, so sofisticated so damn sexy no matter what he does

No. 181738

File: 1619453160211.jpeg (35.13 KB, 485x612, 2222.jpeg)

No. 181739

He just has a threatening aura idk. I feel like he suffocated someone with that scarf before

No. 181740

File: 1619453276356.jpeg (54.25 KB, 485x612, (2).jpeg)

OH FUCK He'S NEXT. I'm posting that motherfucker next. I forgot about him heh.

As a matter of fact, all of the guys from workaholics are ugly as sin.

No. 181741

Absolutely. He's so serious in even the comedy movies. Once again, really wish he had a twitter I could stalk or an instagram. But the fact that he doesn't have either of those (rather doesnt actively post on them) makes me respect him even more.

No. 181743

File: 1619453392487.gif (2.65 MB, 363x294, devito my love.gif)

hello fren

No. 181744

File: 1619453463440.png (190.24 KB, 500x375, 535d056f499b77d6df16916f3778a6…)

I think Peep-anon would be into Karl

No. 181746

Peep Anon here!
Idk his eyes are weirdly close together, but damn I'd love to smoke with him. I bet he would bring good snacks but would forget his lighter

No. 181747

File: 1619453883349.jpeg (54.74 KB, 420x612, blake (2).jpeg)

I won't lie, wish I were dating some of these motherfuckers

No. 181748

File: 1619453895132.jpeg (40.58 KB, 612x429, blake.jpeg)

No. 181749

File: 1619453913081.jpeg (64.5 KB, 516x612, beaniiie.jpeg)

No. 181751

i feel you anon. i'd let karl and blake double team me.

No. 181752

File: 1619454126095.jpg (71.75 KB, 500x500, demamp camp.jpg)

Get amped on Demamp cornhuskers fucking rule tits are rad

No. 181753

I would hate fuck him tbh as in, hate to fuck him and regret it later

No. 181754

File: 1619454873578.jpeg (108.48 KB, 640x626, 3302CAED-E036-4265-A04D-88D899…)

>major is related to media
>plans to enter industry after college
>run the hell away to LA/NYC after quarantine is over and graduation to find internship
>work side job since that probably won't pay shit

currently practicing manifestation in hopes I could run into him before then but doubt

oh no i hope jim hasn't found this site

No. 181757

File: 1619455473611.jpeg (225.38 KB, 589x687, 5D4E801A-E6DB-4E56-8440-D67845…)

sorry for being gone everyone, here’s jimmy !

i think you nonnies don’t understand my attraction to him. i want to cut him up and hang him from the rafters after i violate him.

No. 181758

File: 1619455634649.jpg (37.92 KB, 750x660, bb7b6d81866e1ea0c333d4d684b31a…)

Never thought being in love with a dead guy would have it's perks lol

Also maybe the tattoo was a bit of an ironic choice but damn I want to dig my fingernails into his back so badly

No. 181760

what? he went insane and became an evangelical born-again christian. he's nuts anon

No. 181762

File: 1619456518140.jpeg (112.63 KB, 1021x1024, 6BF2F5B8-3493-4ABE-A7D3-B3AE27…)

worse is that he's supposedly pretty internet savvy for a boomer, would shitpost back when his twitter wasn't obviously run through 10 different members of his pr team

he's probably too, ahem, busy, to be stalking random social media, especially a niche site like lc

No. 181764

>mfw I had an embarrassing crush on Ders a few years back and seeing him with facial hair is brining it all back

I want off this ride

No. 181765

but he's so dreamy anon

No. 181766

File: 1619457437703.gif (4.08 MB, 500x280, Tumblr_l_908694480630277.gif)

Katya is so fucking hot

No. 181767

File: 1619457573982.jpg (56.29 KB, 1040x602, taft.jpg)

Howard Taft.
The greatest US president by volume
By some reason he reminds me of Garfield (the cat)

No. 181768

File: 1619457726595.jpg (44.44 KB, 600x425, CbmF_oLUEAAh-ER.jpg)

i'm such a classic doom nerd i'm completely obsessed with john romero. something about his nerdy ass cross-eyed self is so cute to me.

No. 181769


Fuck I do see the Garfield

No. 181770

File: 1619458615577.gif (9.87 MB, 540x350, Tumblr_l_48368941921749.gif)

Just wanted to say that Ive been loving all of the shameless Carreyfags for years, they are amazing anons and I am surprised that a separate thread doesn't exist, considering that there's a Driverfag one. But it's fine!

I always admired Jim's acting skills, even though growing up (and especially after his ex's suicide note and death) I ended up fearing him. Would still hatefuck only in my dreams / 10.

I really wish he still had the same Robotnik outfit from the beginning of Sonic The Movie, but maybe they will give some flashbacks in the next one…It looked so good!!

After watching the premiere, I spent the whole night reading Jim!Robotnik X reader fanfiction on Tumblr kek.

No. 181771

I thought there was only one Carrey-chan

No. 181777

They grow in power each day that Jim gets posted here.

If the whole J tirad gets posted in one day it will be over for the rest of us. They will be too strong to overcome.

No. 181785

wtf, why does he look so good there? I wanna kiss his neck now

No. 181794

I thought he was pretty hot during that particular period but he’s ugly as hell now that he’s all fat and shit

No. 181798

File: 1619466351393.gif (1.69 MB, 222x200, C65180D6-900B-4279-B272-D9979C…)

I think he would be embarrassed especially at the domination fantasies

No. 181799

I think he's completely clueless, tbh. He married his highschool sweetheart. He also had some insane woman accuse him of raping her (she lived hundreds of miles away and never met him, it was like a fan of a twitch streamer with the whole one-sided relationship thing) and he was pretty shook by that.

No. 181802

File: 1619467819253.gif (699.76 KB, 444x250, josefkun.gif)

Actually, I do have a new unconventional attraction. I got to meet this lovely man once at some games party in the loft below mine. I got to tell him how enthusiastic he made a lot of people, people who were embittered by the shitty games industry. I have a pic of him on my phone. FUCK DE OSCARS.

No. 181806

File: 1619468847479.jpeg (4.84 KB, 166x284, A8CE4423-C379-4429-8213-49FD55…)

I should fear him after all I read, but instead it seems to have made things stronger. it still lingers at the back of my mind. His ex's family being involved with Scientology is extremely sus, though she was said to be estranged from them, the other ex Mark Burton's father is a prominent Scientologist, and so is he, and her mother came across as greedy and only wanting money. The girl said she didn't want money. I'm sure there is a deeper entanglement there, but nobody ever released official court docs like they did for Depp and Heard. It's like everyone wanted to bury it. Deeper tinfoil out there include people alleging he's a Scientology defectee who left years before he dated the dead gf

I do believe that he abused her, he's not a stable man and is alleged by many people (in all my research cannot confirm he verified this) to be undiagnosed bipolar and/or bpd, and they make life hell for everyone when their mood snaps. Jenny McCartney implied in an interview years following their breakup that he abused her without naming names

I'm not surprised, rewatching all his content as an adult, I sensed that he was a twisted and dark human being who used humor to hide it. Then I saw how he behaved in 2017, people were claiming him going on existentialist rants was "woke"… he just sounded like he was drugged up and having a mental breakdown. After I've gone through a lot at the hands of narcs and abusers I should not like someone like him or be attracted to him at all, let alone want to meet him or work with him, or fuck him, after what I've heard and seen. Annnnd yet it's still here. 2017 jim is strangely fuckable to me when he looks and sounds insufferable, i just wanted to feed him cookies or something. Eugh

Back to lighter subject matter, there were some video leaks from the new sonic set in picrel and robotnik's costume appears to be different. From a distance it's looking good! He's bald, but not like he's gained a lot of weight like people were saying he would (to mirror the original eggman), although I can't imagine a bulky Jim (the fattest he looked was around Man on the Moon, about 200 lbs max at 6'2", he's always been a lanky guy). I also was a massive consumer of Jimbotnik x Reader fics back then, there was one that was between him and his assistant that was just… mmmph.

It's been hard for me to find someone who shares my sentiments, since I flip flop and criticize him constantly in my own mind, Jim himself. I did used to converse with some other fans, few of them there were, and had to sever contact with the connection I had with those fans due to mental health issues. I don't know what quarantine did to my brain, as if it could get more scrambled.

Eternal Sunshine if you haven't seen is the one movie that non Jimfags tend to like. If you're an emotional person it will make you bawl, be warned. It's also the movie where a lot of non jimfags think he looks cutest. He had a similar, better flop hair look in The Number 23. I guess I'm not as attracted to joel as a character

sage for retardation I usually don't announce that but i am extra retarded today

No. 181807

File: 1619468968191.png (491.29 KB, 591x593, noname.png)

Ders is so hot as a clown

No. 181810

File: 1619469439791.jpg (8.13 KB, 300x169, 300px-Confused_Nick_Young_(wid…)

No. 181815

File: 1619471175504.jpeg (41.39 KB, 566x568, 3E8B5A8B-D478-4CA0-9033-76995C…)

I am so sorry

No. 181816

File: 1619471369914.gif (599.23 KB, 240x212, 45A9EA41-101E-405A-AAC7-DD4230…)

No. 181824

File: 1619473458691.jpg (43.77 KB, 720x706, e581d2519d7e896e8756a0be0980aa…)

No. 181827

File: 1619473698202.gif (1.73 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

No. 181834

File: 1619476261095.jpg (144.62 KB, 1000x1000, feel like pure shit just want …)

quite based

No. 181838

File: 1619476708800.jpg (3.14 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-27-12.37.21.jpg)

The squad is worried about you anon

No. 181839

I think your retarded self is beautiful anon

No. 181840

how does trippie manage to make all of them look somewhat ok? jesus

No. 181841

File: 1619476893664.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.79 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20210427_001905.jpg)

this kind of turned me on ngl

No. 181842


You're probably the wettest Null has gotten anyone in years.

Still same tho

No. 181844

i love you anon

No. 181845

Wanna give us the good old ranking of the seven?
Is he truly at the bottom?

No. 181846

File: 1619477455625.gif (4.43 MB, 416x398, FU7N.gif)

yes!!! only in drag, though
tfw no russian drag mommy gf

No. 181847

File: 1619477563382.jpg (40.15 KB, 510x679, dlynch.jpg)

I'm just going to admit that I want to peg him. Badly. Plus, can't shake the feeling that he's done some cow-like shit before, but I don't want to find out and let it spoil my enjoyment, kek.

No. 181848

thread pic zaddy > jim carrey > tucker > 6ix9ine > …peep… > shane… > trippie (BARF)
(looks-wise, anyone below tucker is just a huge no for me)

No. 181849

While I don't agree with you I can definitely see where you're coming from.
But don't worry I'll gladly take Peep and hey we even got a Trippie and even weirder modern(?) Shane Anon in this thread. I love the variety I mean there's even >>181806

No. 181851

It's ok I haven't been ok since before I got into jim again. this site is one of the places that gives me the allowance to talk about shit at moments when I've felt too embarrassed to go to people I know personally about my thoughts and feelings, especially irl

love you nonnies

No. 181855

File: 1619479887991.jpg (29.5 KB, 333x500, fc632e3f49e6e5c453f500d43e7244…)

Fucking finally, another woman of taste in this insane asylum.

No. 181870

File: 1619485404854.jpg (222.17 KB, 1400x1400, sporty.0.jpg)

same. but only pre-snl kyle.

No. 181873

i think he broke up with isabella rossellini over the phone while they were making a movie together and generally pretends to be autistic in public so he doesn't have to actually explain his bullshit

No. 181877

File: 1619489029976.gif (747.05 KB, 458x258, 930D9045-D18D-49F7-AF13-8BE99C…)

That prime minister from black mirror that fucked a pig was a qt

No. 181892

File: 1619493321309.jpeg (250.8 KB, 1080x1440, BD338791-D1AE-46CB-8641-429286…)

I’m going to hell for this one

No. 181893

You goddamn sure are, nonny

No. 181897

File: 1619494905226.jpeg (31.38 KB, 640x360, 08D39322-A128-481D-97E9-519E77…)

He’s kinda cute ngl

No. 181899

File: 1619496016581.jpeg (100.79 KB, 976x549, 3857B0B9-20C4-4E1D-9A03-430199…)

do you like Pooh Bear anon

No. 181900

>pretends to be autistic in public
How do you know it's pretend?

No. 181901

Yeah, there’s something sinister yet alluring about him that one can’t shake off, like the many farmers who dreamed about fucking Vladimir Putin

No. 181903

File: 1619497341654.jpg (35.75 KB, 830x476, carlson_514_0574.jpg)

i like to imagine he would be embarrassed at how i'm younger than his children (they're all in their 20s, he had them pretty young)

No. 181904

He’s still just a man. He would like it kek

No. 181908

File: 1619499098177.jpeg (36.46 KB, 480x305, C5074391-A2B8-44E5-A9DA-20D8C3…)

No. 181909

Nonny chill before you get sniped.

No. 181910

File: 1619499369833.gif (2.99 MB, 268x368, 2e56dc25-f6ee-4e0c-99d9-9eab05…)

I'll fuck any man with a pencil stache

No. 181911

File: 1619499395919.gif (2.94 MB, 268x368, 9c8f081b-4a94-4bc4-8128-a55e9d…)

No. 181912

can we have separate thread for faggots? i don't want to look at this shit in here, it' unconventional male thread not AGAP freakshow

No. 181914

anon he's a drag queen not a tranny. chill.

No. 181915

File: 1619500142707.jpeg (42.84 KB, 403x600, 2E9ACA19-9DDD-4C5C-B56A-71C4AB…)

watched that doc about him, crazy how insane he was

No. 181916

so what? they literally dress like females to mock our behaviour and looks,call us ''fishy'' and other misoginistic shit. theres literally a thread to call out shitheads like that and you flick your bean to this monstrosity

No. 181917

I'm not that anon, I was just pointing out

also have you seen the other men that get posted here? "shameful for their reputation" is included in the thread desc. that is the point.

No. 181918

Anon said “faggots” of which he is. I agree they shouldn’t be posted here.

No. 181919

File: 1619501919272.png (10.38 MB, 1242x2208, 68AF7ED7-D509-413B-8AFE-90298B…)

Same fag as >>180873 from prev thread. Craig from Southern Charm probably wouldn’t be considered “unconventional” in terms of looks by most but god these stuck in their frat years past 25 men like Tucker just make me so horny and angry at the same time. I just want to ride the fuck out of them for the two minutes they’d last kek

No. 181923

Why not? They're ugly men aint they?

No. 181924

>Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
Sorry, but they belong here anon. I don't like everything that's posted itt either.

No. 181927

File: 1619505512479.jpeg (156.5 KB, 1486x835, 0B82CAD3-319F-42A7-98C3-23F347…)

Micheal Cohen. He’s so adorable

No. 181928

"i’ll allow ugly far-right men who vote laws against women’s rights but i draw the line at faggots who turned "fish" into a positive word for their crossdressing shit"
this is your brain on lolcow-brand feminism

No. 181933

File: 1619510392722.jpg (35.73 KB, 384x512, Einshine.jpg)

No. 181934

His face would make it feel like a pity-fuck

No. 181941

He looks like Adam Sandler

No. 181944

>lolcow brand feminism
Hey don't group us all in with the retards

No. 181945

File: 1619514351163.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.27 KB, 306x423, 615854A4-0367-4F5E-8D7A-310FDE…)

Please don’t unspoiler if you get triggered by people thirsting after horrible criminals
I always thought David Mulcahy (railway rapist) was hot. I’d love to tie him to a chair and garrotte him to death while I ride his cock

No. 181958

Anon, he looks like the most basic man I've ever met in a Slavic country. You can find billions of these outside.

No. 181962

I feel like someone who say this don't go out much. most people are ugly

No. 181974

He’s English kek.

No. 181976

NTA but I'm from a slavic country (Poland) and it's accurate. Doesn't matter he's English, he still looks like basic slavic guy; and hopefully a basic slavic guy looking like him will not be a rapist and murderer, just a bit of a racist and homophobe.

No. 181977

File: 1619526407922.jpg (71.36 KB, 640x846, steve martin.jpg)

would also fuck present-day steve martin tbh

No. 181978

yessss best taste

No. 181979

File: 1619527148991.gif (4.37 MB, 220x220, D2AE195A-7F77-42BE-A023-D8334A…)

>omg can I post the rapist-murderer I’m attracted to? What if they get mad and say I’m fucked up?
> “anon he’s so basic looking wtf”

No. 181982

awe were you hoping to get asspats for how quirky and different you are

No. 181983

Awe, go have a bath ya grumpy bitch.

No. 182019

tiny tim?

No. 182022

File: 1619539022476.jpg (260.75 KB, 1440x864, mel-gibson-ashtray.jpg)

mel gibson anon reporting for duty

No. 182023

File: 1619539407958.jpg (156.49 KB, 1200x1604, w482uyu29mvz.jpg)

No. 182024

File: 1619539517960.jpg (22.14 KB, 300x300, unnamed.jpg)

don't kill me nonnies

No. 182029

How could we forget about Mel?!
And also like what is he actually up to? Didn't he go on antisemitic rants again some time ago?

No. 182031

His life is literally one long, drunken, neverending anti-Semitic rant. He’s probably sperging about muh kikes right now.

No. 182032


That is the best description of Mel Gibson I've heard so far kek

No. 182033

I regret not adding “coke-fuelled”

No. 182034

hi coke-anon here and mel is not invited to our degenerate party.

No. 182036

why not

No. 182038

File: 1619543953375.jpeg (43.05 KB, 640x360, 7001A353-D72D-425D-B8F2-E3D71B…)

Ok but tucker is though right

No. 182044


Who in this thread is invited to the coke party tho ?

No. 182046

File: 1619545292234.jpg (255.64 KB, 1242x1230, Tumblr_l_252753854522522.jpg)

Peep can come right?
He even bought his own money to snort out of!

No. 182047

I'm sorry peep anon but you are really annoying

No. 182049

Sorry, I'll stop for now
Thanks for having me tho

No. 182054

Fuck off

No. 182065

File: 1619548660419.gif (853.98 KB, 280x237, 174AE462-07BA-48F7-AA13-23C13C…)

Sorry I just wanted to use this reaction gif

No. 182066

File: 1619549377784.gif (1.13 MB, 332x332, e377904e-8692-49cc-91ee-425002…)

Ok but back on topic…
Who is invited to the coke party?
Can Peep and Tucker come or nah?

Also sorry for being annoying >>182047 I can't help myself and I mean… better I contain it in this thread here than let it out irl kek

I have wo many pics of this gorgeous man that I have to share with the world

No. 182067

U guys are so obviously trying to make peep and tucker the next adam driver on here and it's pathetic. Reeks of underage tbh

No. 182068

Naaa I just want to sperg about my love for a dead guy that's all

No. 182070

all of you have shit taste and I hate it

No. 182071

Ok this one actually made me laugh kek

I mean you're not wrong.

No. 182072

These threads were always pathetic anon, but at least now they're funny.

No. 182074

File: 1619551441440.jpg (86.2 KB, 750x750, 2259c450c3a15caadfc4e39e6336ff…)

Thank you Anon!
And I definitely agree
Fun and pathetic > Just pathetic
People in here have weird taste and obsessions. Doesn't mean we want the people we obsess over to become the next AD.
The sperging is contained to this thread after all so I see nothing wrong with it.
I love my Jim, Tucker, Mel, 6ix9ine, Trippie etc. Anons. Even Shane anon is bringing some interesting discussions to the thread!

No. 182076

It's okay peep-fag, we're just bitter because we feel left out

No. 182077

Don't feel left out Anon sperg to your hearts content!
You deserve it

No. 182082

File: 1619552379432.png (816.45 KB, 964x826, my hearto.png)

All I want is to get invited to the snow ball with clown!Ders

No. 182085

File: 1619554019710.jpg (57.1 KB, 768x576, Flawless-109.jpg)

I want to spam more pictures of my boy but he's legitimately too beautiful for this thread full of uggos and rapists.

No. 182086

yes and he is ugly.

No. 182090

ayrt, just realised I implied that he was good looking. yikes, apparently I find him attractive

No. 182093

No. 182097

File: 1619555930192.jpeg (224.54 KB, 1296x730, 831D1B34-E436-4D80-8A98-A86E58…)

Only reason I put up with this shit tv show. And Rick before he looked homeless

No. 182098

Is that Tucker Carlson?

No. 182099

File: 1619556136118.jpeg (578.76 KB, 1280x1280, FF792A81-DABE-4B2C-8D8B-09D862…)

He’s just so cuddly!

No. 182102

was watching old snl skits the other night and yes I understand this

No. 182103

yeah tucker's fine, he was first on the list. just no holocaust deniers or pedos allowed

No. 182104

KEK it’s the governor from walking dead but now that you point it out I guess I have a particular taste in men

No. 182107

File: 1619557240241.gif (56.83 KB, 220x220, 386E9C31-9FE0-4E1E-BE32-9CFB0B…)

my, my, my heccin cute tyrant


No. 182108

hide the thread then bitch

No. 182111

>tfw doomed catalog browser

No. 182114

Anon he looks like your average tunglr lesbian. What's the appeal?

No. 182118

he looks like what my body dysmorphia tells me I look like

No. 182120

I bet if you hug him he feels like a marshmallow


No. 182121

You could drive go karts on his forehead

No. 182123

File: 1619560835327.jpg (68.84 KB, 650x650, Chillss-22nd-birthday.jpg)

mfw no dumpy autistic native youtuber making bank off retarded content.

No. 182125

same anon i meant mfw no (…) bf
chills i'm a little retarded too please love meeeeee

No. 182128

anon you're really pushing the grey area between being the occasional peepfag and namefagging

No. 182130

No. 182132

my thoughts exactly, but with avatarfagging kek
Treading the line there

No. 182134

File: 1619563214438.jpg (257.25 KB, 1200x1200, file-20171126-21805-ao52xg.jpg)

Ngl I kinda get how he was able to start a cult looking like this

No. 182135

File: 1619563320487.png (1.16 MB, 1526x870, dreamman.png)

Fat ex frat boy Tucker and young twink Tucker are both equally dreamy imho

No. 182142

File: 1619564825759.jpeg (36.91 KB, 320x240, fullsizeoutput_a8a9.jpeg)

twink tucker was so adorable

No. 182145

samefag but have any anons found any good old videos of him? I've seen a lot of interviews, the video quality is shit but tucker looks cute here kek

No. 182146

File: 1619565691580.jpeg (96.33 KB, 1000x562, C46F853E-A888-459F-9584-0F7969…)

Tucker “I don’t drink” Carlson

No. 182148

back again to post my bb

No. 182149

File: 1619566140382.jpg (158.62 KB, 1673x1254, wp4291537.jpg)

No. 182150

File: 1619566152494.jpg (343.86 KB, 2048x1656, wp4291622.jpg)

No. 182151

File: 1619566182200.jpg (131.9 KB, 1600x1200, wp4291543.jpg)

whoa actually this is kinda hot. especially the nipple hair. didn't realize!

No. 182153

File: 1619566282548.jpg (82.31 KB, 1000x868, wp4291616.jpg)

No. 182155

File: 1619566631080.png (1.55 MB, 1520x1112, cutie.png)

CSPAN has some videos of him from the late 90s-early 2000s. Idk what is up with their search but I found a few good clips https://www.c-span.org/search/?searchtype=Clips&sort=Best+Match&all%5B%5D=Tucker&all%5B%5D=Carlson

No. 182165

i never understood why he had such a large female following until i listened to his album. i know a lot of people think its mediocre, but i just couldn't stop listening to it and it made me view him in a completely different light. i think i read someone compare him to the human embodiment of a siren. had a hearty kek because they might be right.

No. 182166

File: 1619569603375.jpg (23.45 KB, 442x719, jesuschristdude.jpg)

Bet you've never seen this Tucker, then.

No. 182169

File: 1619570201452.jpg (64.02 KB, 297x396, tuckermane.jpg)

Or this one. He should grow his hair long again.

No. 182172

File: 1619570791180.jpg (111.32 KB, 1244x700, 2910255.jpg)

No. 182173

File: 1619570799298.jpg (52.21 KB, 1000x1156, 709766.jpg)

No. 182174

File: 1619570815866.jpg (649.37 KB, 1280x2120, 2910351.jpg)

hmmm my thoughts on him in this movie? meh

No. 182175

File: 1619570835894.jpg (291.64 KB, 1920x1080, 2910278.jpg)

But he does look cute when trying to play the nerdy role.

No. 182176

File: 1619570862451.jpg (1.21 MB, 2812x1982, wp4291538.jpg)

likewise here

No. 182177

File: 1619570886894.jpg (421.85 KB, 3010x2007, wp4291535.jpg)

No. 182178

File: 1619570907149.jpg (5.07 MB, 4978x7722, wp4291533.jpg)

No. 182180

File: 1619571468151.jpeg (129.1 KB, 619x881, BDB0EC00-61F1-4942-B5AB-FF677C…)

this suit does live rent free in my brain

No. 182189

File: 1619572359336.jpg (147.13 KB, 1080x1350, 84893214_608127223078692_49683…)

I have created a fun short "who would you rather fuck" game that includes some of the unconventional male attractions thread's favorites. Please feel free to reply with your answers! Would you rather…

>Lil Peep or 6ix9ine

>Shane Dawson or Nikocado Avocado
>Hank Schrader or Walter White
>Tucker Carlson or Trippie Redd (this one's random I know)
>Jim Carrey or Jack Black
>Mel Gibson or George W Bush

No. 182190

HanK schrader only. Him and I have similar personalities

No. 182191

>lil peep
>neither.. even in the name of shits and giggles I genuinely can’t stomach imagining either option.

No. 182193

>neither, shane if I have to choose

No. 182198

If I can’t kill myself instead I guess Shane Dawson
Hank Schrader
Tucker Carlson
Jack Black
Mel Gibson

No. 182199

File: 1619575940129.jpeg (331.82 KB, 2000x1333, 0E371CD6-6CE2-499F-ACD4-46A8B0…)

Samefag but I never wanted to bang dubya literally ever but sam Rockwell playing dubya is a different story

No. 182201


No. 182204

No. 182210

michael dukakis my beloved..

us presidential debates are fucking shitshows

No. 182212

>Shane (gag)

I need to shower now

No. 182216

File: 1619582850347.gif (487.79 KB, 460x336, FAE4FC8A-3F93-4B20-B5CC-A9C35C…)

>mfw this thread is now a containment zone for retarded nonnies who want to sperg about what ugly and horrible men they want to fuck

please post some new guys holy fuck

yes, sadly

No. 182218

No. 182219

File: 1619583630691.jpg (42.67 KB, 660x370, 77233.jpg)

>just remembered 6ix9ine and trippie redd have a social media feud that involved trippie calling 6ix9ine a gay pedophile, arguing on instagram and twitter and each of them allegedly sending people to assault the other

Battle of the Heartthrobs

No. 182220

Dude if you think >>181802 is ugly we can step the fuck outside.

No. 182221

File: 1619583894526.jpeg (439.64 KB, 940x1376, 3A9EFEF4-083D-4765-86F8-2B4963…)

it was always weird but now the threads are dedicated to the same 3 anons posting their obsessions in a completely unironic and deranged way

>mfw i will start doing the same

No. 182226

smh at these damn kids

No. 182228

hey, there is definitely more than one tuckerfag!

No. 182229

File: 1619585350591.jpeg (52.33 KB, 497x460, 43B91096-64E8-482E-8598-B22F27…)

between wageslave hours, college hours, and daydreaming I was somewhere else by means of staring at my phone hours because during those hours I am not being milked for my labor somehow and I waste them mercilessly idk how you all have the time to post multiple pics in a row

No. 182231

File: 1619585463213.jpeg (18.15 KB, 600x400, 832BEEC6-BBEF-4CAC-B7D5-71A6EA…)

Each tuckerfag post a tucker pic we will find out how many there are

But we do need some fresh meat in here

No. 182232

File: 1619585572816.gif (638.37 KB, 245x200, 286F09C7-676D-432B-BF4B-1339AA…)

I want roose to flay me

No. 182233

File: 1619585637941.jpg (38.65 KB, 255x393, tyrion.jpg)

wtf anon i was just about to post a game of thrones guy. is roose really unconventional though?

No. 182234

File: 1619585724407.jpeg (51.86 KB, 541x454, A394A70A-0DD5-49F4-BE87-3EA875…)

I say as I have a 500 plus picture album dedicated to this man's freaky mask of a face

okay time to stop now

No. 182235

File: 1619586840383.png (1.16 MB, 764x995, 612A9FC1-C772-4E0E-AE9B-CB19AD…)

Everytime i brought him up during the show I heard ~he’s gross anon ew

My thrones boos are roose and stannis

No. 182236

File: 1619587106400.png (498.78 KB, 438x658, 23E79B34-B0E4-4E56-8D9D-5EB53E…)

Can someone confirm if lalo from better call Saul is unconventional he’s like a Mexican version of Trevor Phillips

No. 182238

File: 1619588513202.jpeg (54.62 KB, 480x480, 1F87B56E-9EA6-4AC1-8DF8-D87C15…)

Running on the GoT tails.

Yes for Roose tho

No. 182239

definitely unconventional but i could see a lot of people understanding his appeal

No. 182241

File: 1619589827198.jpeg (36.83 KB, 768x574, EADA86B4-8E96-4BC0-98DF-EC8BBB…)

His son turned out to be a druggie mess but he can be cute sometimes too

No. 182253

File: 1619592986052.png (14.95 KB, 334x77, Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 11.5…)

Uh oh what did he do now

No. 182255

Imagine a cocaine party with tucker and all of us tucker anons (I think there’s at least 3 - 5 of them) I think he’s man enough to fuck all of us.

No. 182260

File: 1619596018476.jpeg (70.38 KB, 385x626, 3B1A98B0-AC8F-4369-A9B0-F02A7B…)

Oh yeah. Id take it from the back just like this

No. 182264

File: 1619596500429.png (3.97 MB, 2048x4096, 2b3c91aa68262f101ab611d5e3a363…)

Imagine this hunk standing over your bed and making you give him a good bj. Imagine if his parts could be heated or cooled for your optimal comfort during a more cuddly sex session (rare, but possible).

No. 182269

File: 1619597620973.png (1.39 MB, 1100x1000, MachineReplacement-WotF.png)

This thread started out pretty wholesome and qt, tbhq but then it turned to like 4 people same fagging for 200 post and this thread was ruined.

But then this angel was posted.

A man's brain in a robotic cyborg body.
A cyborg body with multiple arms and functioning toes, if you're into that.
A man who only aims to please his superiors.

Imagine an incels brain who only watches porn and it gets put into this body. Just a brain. No dick. A lot of hands. All it can do is touch you because it's the program

No. 182271

Okay what is that? Is it a star wars thing?

No. 182275

File: 1619598708432.jpeg (45.66 KB, 590x350, 8F8CAF6B-2824-4AC1-8A11-59D866…)

Fuck yes grievous is where it’s at but maul is my boo

No. 182277


>Lil Peep

>Shane Dawson (I feel like he is less whiney)
>Walter White (we know it's canon that he doesn't last long so I can get this over with fast)
>Trippie Redd
>Jim Carrey
>George W Bush (gross)

No. 182278

File: 1619599112397.jpeg (4.47 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

the guy from breaking benjamin is kinda hot, he also reminds me of a teacher i used to habe a crush on

No. 182279

File: 1619599136075.jpg (77.08 KB, 640x800, Benjamin-Burnley.jpg)

No. 182280

Maul is just an old guy in cool make up.

No. 182300

File: 1619614222757.jpg (109.39 KB, 751x1064, 20210428_075008.jpg)

i get you

No. 182306

File: 1619619111502.jpg (141.52 KB, 587x1200, EeGCz43XYAAtWaI.jpg)

checking in

No. 182308

pls check out

No. 182330

yeah idk what is going on but lil peep and jack black anon are fucking annoying because it's obviously just one person spamming for each. at least there are multiple tucker anons, and savile + carrey anons don't overdo it kek

No. 182332

File: 1619626262369.jpg (103.07 KB, 640x1136, ELDXdckXUAAW-Xo.jpg)

No. 182338

File: 1619628482393.jpg (58.49 KB, 600x741, Guardiola-Mourinhos-Daddy-e147…)

Mou's Real and Pep's Barcelona was probably the kinoest rivarly in football history. I miss it.

No. 182339

Yes, it's a cyborg general from Star Wars

No. 182340

File: 1619628631435.jpg (173.31 KB, 1440x958, kimi.jpg)

I love angry finnish man

No. 182341

im sorry but this caption and image are so funny this is such an unsexy photo

No. 182349

you'll have to be more specific kek

No. 182354

aren't all finnish men 90% pent up anger?

No. 182356

File: 1619633915642.jpg (29.76 KB, 396x594, 2ffd15d372a4dbcf1933d3b28795a7…)

I was obsessed with him during my edgy atheist phase

No. 182370

This is so fucking weird because I was JUST thinking of postiing him here.

Great minds think alike.

No. 182384

File: 1619641714587.jpg (85.44 KB, 644x869, otto rehhagel.jpg)

this guy is actually the same age as my grandparents

can't say if I am genuinely attracted to him or I feel attached cause he was managing our national team when we won euro 2004 kek

No. 182401

File: 1619651452415.jpg (275.14 KB, 1000x563, luke-wilson.jpg)

I just wanna cuddle with him even though he's older than my dad

No. 182406

File: 1619652143542.jpeg (66.66 KB, 598x444, 4495AA61-4504-4FF3-8B51-DCDD2A…)

Holy shit anon I had such a crush on him as a kid when he was in Charlie’s angles lmao. Not sure if he’s considered unconventional by society, did he do something shameful? Besides being Owen Wilson’s brother kek

No. 182409

File: 1619654437046.gif (3.45 MB, 273x227, 1607390496813.gif)

He called kids who wear masks outdoors "child abuse" (which I agree, it is), and said the CDC never cared about protecting children, they just want power.

No. 182410

It looks like he gained a bunch of weight in recent years but he was so cute. Actually had no idea he was Owens brother until I rewatched Charlie's Angels last year kek

No. 182413

No he hasn't done anything shameful that I'm aware of, the other thread is just so picky lol

No. 182415

File: 1619656478027.jpg (15.12 KB, 321x500, god tier.jpg)

I want to suck his dick while he's got his getup on

No. 182417

Omg is the Mana???

No. 182419

No. 182428

File: 1619664653713.jpg (1.41 MB, 1408x2112, JohnKricfalusi.jpg)

too bad he's a piece of shit. i would peg him.

No. 182430

File: 1619665412607.jpg (145.33 KB, 553x797, Hillary_Mnchstr0638_Tucker_Car…)

he's got such nice hair, i want to run my hands through it

No. 182432

File: 1619665763892.jpg (103.07 KB, 1024x1019, 9a6247ad0ca7179a502a7b6822a023…)

That smile, ugh, melts my heart

No. 182433

agree sadly

No. 182435

File: 1619667418714.jpeg (78.69 KB, 600x400, 45C197FA-6300-4770-82C4-97FDB6…)

All of his dancing with the stars shots looks like he has a boner

No. 182437

he was cute, especially when younger. before his billionth facelift

No. 182438

Not picking Mika, 0/10
Mika fucked with reporters and had a great a sense of humor.

No. 182442

File: 1619675985675.gif (624.03 KB, 462x311, nin.gif)

90s trent reznor was so hot

No. 182443

You dirty bitch, get him out of this thread now.

No. 182445

Oof fucking yes
Agree with this anon tho >>182443

No. 182446

i agree with you guys but anons in the other thread absolutely sperg out if you post anyone who isn't a gigachad beefcake

No. 182447

Hell yes anon, hopefully he takes up more pundit work so we can see him more often than on the sidelines and post/pre match interviews.

No. 182448

I’m afraid to go to the other thread if Luke Wilson is considered ugly

No. 182449

We only sperg out when anon post "ugly, ugly" without posting any men themselves. Like, don't come just to talk shit. Post men

No. 182454

This, its so fucking annoying when they do that.

No. 182455

File: 1619678728732.png (2.06 MB, 1175x856, 22CB6214-38FD-4D16-95E1-A604E7…)

I want to cuddle with him

No. 182456


No. 182461

He looks good in the previews for his new movie! I mean he’s beat up through it all but still looks good.

No. 182477

File: 1619694265897.jpeg (67.43 KB, 1004x600, 9F0244AE-1145-4B3C-AEE1-85690F…)

No. 182478

Yesss, nice taste, anon

No. 182492

File: 1619699987804.png (580.77 KB, 800x628, boner.png)

I remember people commenting on that when it aired kek. Also his outfits were so horrible and baggy on that show.

No. 182514

fun game! it's like the kind where you have to chose between being stung by bees all over your body or dunked in a vat of shit



No. 182517

i personally find that one blonde gigachad guy that keeps getting posted in there unattractive, but ain't saying shit about it because that'd be stooping to their level

No. 182534

File: 1619720934837.jpeg (480.52 KB, 2676x1584, 1D1CAB35-F7AF-4B57-A782-AF8E6A…)

fucking dudley from harry potter. such a cutie

No. 182537

he looks like he has smelly feet

No. 182542

File: 1619722603394.jpeg (62.71 KB, 683x1024, A23DCDE8-E7E2-40A9-977E-C0F841…)

Gawd yes.

No. 182549

File: 1619725117680.jpg (84.61 KB, 600x814, old-picture-of-young-jim-carre…)

500 plus pictures is insane kek

but perhaps Carrey anon is on to something, if only when he was younger

No. 182552

He looks like the kid from This is England

No. 182553

File: 1619725553417.jpg (106.25 KB, 768x576, jimcarreyandotherstars-1307291…)

he was really cute, he just seems to be an asshole, like most comedians

No. 182557

Ewww he looks like my annoying overachiever classmate from highschool

No. 182558

that’s every man

No. 182560

File: 1619727585009.jpeg (199.23 KB, 952x945, F1955436-2B77-47E4-9E53-B3C56F…)

tbf a lot of them are screencaps, I find his expressive ability fascinating to look at, and it's not only bc i'm attracted to him, he genuinely has an interesting face

I find old carrey hot, I'm so brainwashed. the drugs deffos caught up with him but I still find him attractive in an uncanny, strange way

For me early to mid 00s jim was peak jim, from about 2002-2008, especially when he had long hair, or around Bruce Almighty, though 90s Jim was cute.

No. 182562

"eww" anon you are annoying and clogging up the thread with your stupid takes. you sound 14

No. 182570

Impeccable taste but wrong thread. I think he gives most ladyboners lol

No. 182586

File: 1619737402017.jpg (34.44 KB, 333x500, damnjimmy.jpg)

I'm surprised none of you Carreyfags have posted pictures of him from the vampire movie he made in the 80's. I've never seen it but he looks pretty fine in all the stills I've seen.

No. 182587

File: 1619737828318.jpeg (73.75 KB, 973x730, 509BCF56-F2A2-45FB-A891-E3C304…)

I was scrolling quickly and thought someone posted Johnny depp in black mass

No. 182588

File: 1619737850641.jpeg (56.28 KB, 720x720, 560DA866-D4DC-4C4D-BDFD-9096DF…)

forgive me, I want to sleep on his pasty butt

No. 182589

>forgive me

No. 182592

>trippie redd
>jack black

No. 182593

File: 1619739050837.jpeg (79.67 KB, 750x754, 85B2FB8F-B26B-4A4A-A03C-67762C…)

Of course he was prom king of his high school… he’s such a chad

No. 182594

File: 1619739664382.jpeg (103.03 KB, 600x470, 793903E3-F3C6-45B5-84F1-0F7660…)

Would 100% recommend Once Bitten and Earth Girls Are Easy to anyone who likes 80s cheese, bonus points for the other hunky aliens in Earth Girls.

Depp… another mighty one who has fallen

No. 182599

some crimes may never be forgiven, i'm sorry anon. do you want him to keep ypu in the loop heh

No. 182600

nta but
>a single post=clogging up the thread
lmao carreyfags seem sensitive

No. 182604

kek i've always had a thing for tim, even after he got fat. my fave is how he looks in his trial

No. 182606

File: 1619748419369.jpeg (62.54 KB, 800x500, zac-posen-project-runway.jpeg)

Ladies, help me out on this one. I get so many mixed reactions.

No. 182607

File: 1619749581556.jpg (32.58 KB, 720x960, Dil0ArNVMAAFLIz.jpg)

i think carreyfag was referring to how >>182557 >>182552 >>182537 look like they were made by the same person. feel like it'd clog up the thread if one anon was just giving all their takes on everyone's husbandos but they stopped so it's fine.

anyway i don't know if i'd ever hate myself enough to fuck or date pic related (not that i'd ever have the chance to), but i definitely don't watch his streams for his personality lol

No. 182609

File: 1619750210453.jpg (29.76 KB, 750x715, 82ab3e0de6b6f3a3d57d3fa91d4e9f…)

unsure if jerma has been posted here before but i love both his looks and personality…

No. 182610

File: 1619750649534.jpg (411.82 KB, 1600x899, dinoDNA.jpg)


No. 182611

File: 1619751065234.jpeg (299.65 KB, 1300x964, 2C05748E-77D7-4AA4-AE65-50D7A5…)

I think goldblum is considered ugly hot by most right? God I’d let him hit so hard in life aquatic in the speedo

No. 182613

File: 1619751340579.jpeg (110.81 KB, 700x882, 29E3A0CA-0448-40DC-9E94-2C758B…)

Kinda wished he'd stayed with Geena Davis, they were so cute together

I've heard a lot of rumors about him being creepy with younger women and his current wife is significantly younger than him. Why are men

No. 182614

File: 1619751447829.jpg (475.31 KB, 1628x1734, Untitled.jpg)

mike judge looks damn fucking good for almost 60, and he seems like such a genuinely nice dude. love his cartoons

No. 182615

File: 1619751534648.jpg (46.61 KB, 1215x561, 7959avhpswv51.jpg)

excellent taste anon! i posted him in the last thread and i think others have posted him in threads before. when im gross and depressed the only thing that keeps me functioning is watching jerma streams/videos. it's really pathetic but he is a gem.

No. 182616

goldblum is normie tier

No. 182618

I feel like he'd be useless in any situation, though.

No. 182619

File: 1619751994258.png (120.58 KB, 300x300, nlcw7dx2sfn41.png)

i dont think its pathetic, use whatever you can to lift your spirits anon! i think the fancams made of him are funny & cute. cringe, but maybe youll enjoy it as well (i sure do)!

No. 182624

File: 1619752880694.png (300.91 KB, 500x333, 76EFF016-5A10-4613-B557-CB24CB…)

I’ve barely been watching Jerma for a month and I think he’s great. One of the funniest people on Twitch and even content creators in general IMO. Uniroincally my dream man.

No. 182625

File: 1619753208353.png (453.2 KB, 1334x750, 3DD265BB-8CD8-4E95-B14E-089638…)

don't think I'll ever stop feeling shame over the crush i have on this man

all because my type is skinny with a big forehead and glasses

No. 182630

KEK he's allowed to be useless as long as he makes me smile.

fuck i do watch the fancams and i enjoy them immensely. they are cringe, but i can't stop watching them!!!

No. 182631

He’s gay as hell so why do you expect ladies to help you out here?

No. 182648

I meant if he's conventional or unconventional looking, sexuality aside.

No. 182653

no hes not conventional. hes not ugly but hes not conventionally attractive

No. 182660

I’ll help you out anon, I agree that he’s good looking

No. 182691

File: 1619799550055.png (1014.77 KB, 1334x750, E6235E71-9EC0-4451-9ABB-BA3BFF…)

I want to braid flowers into jonathan coulton’s hair. He will always be my imaginary hubby.

No. 182692

File: 1619799666522.jpeg (173.68 KB, 527x874, D42EA3C3-67D0-457E-B5CE-BE6973…)


No. 182698

moot looks more fucked up imo

No. 182700

File: 1619803050048.jpg (5.15 KB, 198x255, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

Idk who this is, but he looks like Moot to me. You'll a bunch of weirdos

No. 182716

Just another unimpressive FOTM white guy

No. 182720

File: 1619808046677.jpg (30.91 KB, 480x640, idubbbztv.jpg)


No. 182755

File: 1619823971720.jpg (80.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Ben Stiller with this hair has REALLY been doing it for me. I know he's an ass but damn.

No. 182759

Jesus it’s like he aged 75 years

No. 182766

File: 1619829264283.png (1.05 MB, 567x808, A17C04D1-9A99-4988-B084-97939A…)

Out of curiosity does anyone remember their first unconventional male attraction? Mine was Jonathan Davis kek

No. 182769

File: 1619830322032.jpeg (123.59 KB, 1400x1400, 6D65038C-AC75-4312-9438-8E0FA2…)

Moot is so hot.

No. 182770

He looks like a nerdy version of Scout from tf2

No. 182773

File: 1619832805970.jpg (62.64 KB, 450x600, michael-emerson-ap-450x600.jpg)

Idk because Ive had so many, but the earliest that comes to mind would be henry from lost

No. 182778

File: 1619835848733.gif (1.68 MB, 375x249, 4BC9F693-76CD-4DF8-ADEE-D78BED…)

Do you want to put his ham in your oven anon

No. 182780


No. 182781

File: 1619837307898.gif (262.74 KB, 500x255, C5447FB8-00A1-4298-836A-DEB003…)

No. 182782

wasn't he in person of interest? I fucking loved that show

No. 182783

the guy from Saw??

No. 182784

yeah he was and I totally forgot until you mentioned it. james caviziel (jesus christ) was in that show too lol.

No. 182788

Good for him for letting himself go grey

No. 182791

File: 1619841042559.jpeg (22.13 KB, 600x400, 19105502-688C-49B4-BCE7-8D8502…)

Speaking of saw

No. 182792

File: 1619841874845.png (1.14 MB, 1380x976, Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 12.0…)

oh! i used to get do coke with the guy who dies on the rack in saw 3! not my type though, he's like 5'6"

No. 182797

File: 1619846225584.jpg (155.16 KB, 960x1280, 5037b99af4188d1a4139160dbaa164…)

i want green and red neets, maybe blue and purple too. fuck i want neets

No. 182798

File: 1619846300225.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1764, tumblr_pmn18v2Wn81voxvwfo1_128…)

No. 182809

File: 1619850897496.jpg (220.45 KB, 1800x1800, 13foxnews-carlson-02-mediumSqu…)

godfuck tucker is so handsome, i want him to hold me down

No. 182811

You’ve had your fun anon.

No. 182835

File: 1619865904550.jpeg (1.44 MB, 2824x2118, 57819A66-B64D-4235-B95B-02EFDF…)

I like him better with hair, but… idk why, I find him semi-fuckable. Maybe it’s his womanly hips.

No. 182836

File: 1619866037539.jpeg (82.39 KB, 630x1200, FFA56218-6FC2-4549-B706-067957…)

No. 182837

what the hell is this creature

No. 182840

He just seem like someone you can have judgement free disgusting sex with. The ideal man.

No. 182841

File: 1619868426601.jpeg (24.45 KB, 306x400, CA7D8982-3B42-4AE0-93D3-72FBDA…)

You get me, anon.

No. 182849

File: 1619870291089.png (466.98 KB, 825x617, 2.png)

No. 182851

Saw is (semi ironically) one of my favorite horror franchises and this is a fun tidbit of information topkek

No. 182852

File: 1619870922155.jpeg (136.24 KB, 630x1200, 84091079-7CA0-48A5-87EB-1D88C2…)

Dennis in his glam rock attire does it for me

No. 182853

File: 1619871077962.gif (5.59 MB, 480x474, 77cd3ea6f9f05453f690bcfaa7b4f0…)

Let's just get all of them in here

No. 182854

File: 1619872926500.jpg (37.34 KB, 720x540, 3m5Q29r.jpg)

almost as hot as the characters they voice

No. 182855

top tier. i seriously swoon whenever he's on screen

No. 182856

File: 1619874636199.gif (2.08 MB, 275x229, tumblr_d0a44166e6babfb923a36a5…)

speaking of saw
hoffman is almost the only reason why i've watched the movies multiple times

No. 182857

File: 1619874740261.png (938.03 KB, 800x544, A8NPTEp.png)

seth from saw 5 being the other reason
his last groan before he dies is just chef's kiss

No. 182858

He looks like Jimmy Fallon with coke bloat

No. 182859

can't blame you anon, ugaki's delivery is impressive

No. 182865

i also unironically love those movies and that dude should tell people he was in Saw if he wants to get girls, not brag about his max landis tv show or whatever. one drug dealer in town hates him so much he won't even come to clubs where mpho is known to hang out because he's "gonna hit that guy"

No. 182866

i used to think he was super hot but he's aged terribly. sad

No. 182867

File: 1619881617536.jpeg (20.81 KB, 340x191, F73E23BB-47CE-4921-AD7A-BF648A…)

Forgive me…

No. 182869

File: 1619883668173.jpg (52.22 KB, 564x564, schlatt.jpg)

probably not unconventional, but im so enamored by him

No. 182871

File: 1619884568462.jpg (2.78 MB, 3008x1960, hal.jpg)

i want to do things to picrel
He isn't my type, but I am surprised by this. He really is looking good and radiant. Good for him.
who is this?
stop this is literally my ideal

No. 182877

hal was perfect himbo dad bait

No. 182896

File: 1619891522586.jpg (140.15 KB, 1024x798, fffffuhrobert.jpg)

Is it unconventional if they've been dead for a long time? Robert Mitchum, specifically in "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison".

No. 182899

Nah. A conventionally attractive person doesn't immediately unconventional just because they died. Don't know about how conventional the guy in the pic is, though.

No. 182903

Stop trying to normalize necrophilia

No. 182906

samee i cant watch his youtube videos anymore though because I feel like his sense of humor has been rapidly descending into underage redditor territory and it breaks my heart

No. 182913

No. 182929

File: 1619899684307.jpg (72.74 KB, 500x656, 81786918290208bd460967f1516b09…)

Jack White with his guitar would have me doing anything for him. Fuck his little teeth tho.

No. 182930

careful with that thinking because he will kill someone no questions asked kek

No. 182940

File: 1619904075142.jpeg (46.38 KB, 531x800, 4D3A7A07-74D8-4199-9522-05A1FD…)

Hoffman is cute I thought jill’s Jew lawyer was appealing, he was also that guy in breaking bad that Walt said to ~say my name

No. 182942

If he does i just ask he writes a song about it kek

No. 182970

File: 1619918570175.jpeg (463.54 KB, 750x1000, Karl Pilkington Portrait Sitti…)

No. 182971

same karls so cute. wish i could marry him

No. 182972

File: 1619919790485.gif (751.01 KB, 320x180, shane and greg kiss.gif)

Would you rather get pregnant with Shane or Onision's baby?

No. 182978

File: 1619922419697.jpg (8.77 KB, 810x450, 51iGsTPsimL._AC_SY450_.jpg)

No. 182990

File: 1619925765455.jpg (1.8 MB, 1377x2000, Martin_Luther.jpg)

I'm not even lutherian

No. 182992

you mean kittens?

No. 183007

I don't find him physically attractive in the slightest but the idea of debauching a very religiously devout man is sexy

No. 183012

File: 1619933780951.jpeg (84.23 KB, 805x371, AC1EFCD3-869A-4BE7-A0A5-3AC16E…)

Do you also find rickety cricket attractive anon

No. 183013

I don't know who that is but based off the images no; his hair/eyebrow coloring is odd

No. 183033

File: 1619949095490.jpg (396.1 KB, 768x432, will_poulter_bandersnatch_coli…)

I want him to eat me out and tickle my pussy with his eyebrows while he's doing it

No. 183046

File: 1619952655433.jpg (161.02 KB, 1440x1206, EWdnfMHXYAYAoG1.jpg)

falling asleep next to him as he's narrating his bizarre encounters at job…

No. 183118

File: 1619970154083.jpg (318.44 KB, 1527x1085, i want.jpg)


No. 183140

File: 1619976520693.jpg (895.72 KB, 2000x1270, Akira-Yamaoka-photo@2000x1270.…)

No. 183158

Ngl Cricket was cute up until he did a bunch of coke and the mobsters broke his legs

No. 183161

File: 1619980827730.jpeg (402.38 KB, 1027x1404, EEF9440B-7852-429F-BE7F-FDDA0B…)

Davey Havok from AFI is ageing so nicely but the mullet has got to go

No. 183171

File: 1619983112021.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.74 KB, 800x1054, Davey-Havok.jpg)

I agree with you! Really happy he is okay being metrosexual/gnc man (or whatever you wanna call it). Agree about the mullet, though. Also he really shouldn't write any more novels, since it's clearly not his forte

No. 183179

he's such a sweet little bunny. my sister is mad for him but i just wanna pack him a lunch and read him a bedtime story kek

No. 183198

Is that what people call butthole-eyes?

No. 183204

File: 1619993533698.gif (3.99 MB, 540x400, heart eyes motherfucker.gif)

I love Matthew Lillard and he makes me smile in every role he plays. I know his eyes are far apart and he has a gummy smile w/e I don't care he looks so genuinely cute I want to hang out with him and let him fuck me while he does his Shaggy voice. He was especially hot in his younger punk roles imo.
I feel sorry for him because his career isn't the greatest and he's unhappy with himself and his work and it shows.

(Blake Anderson has been mentioned already but I second him, I'd fuck that man 24/7.)

No. 183205

File: 1619994065954.jpg (75.92 KB, 680x1027, b7006281c2e9f57fbac5535840c99d…)


No. 183206

File: 1619994280239.png (95.48 KB, 758x426, 9A46E94C-8AEE-42C4-8AC1-25D658…)


You’re not alone guys I’ve fancied the fuck out of him ever since the Scooby Doo movie and he’s so beautiful in Scream w Skeet Ulrich too. Sexy bastards the pair of them.

No. 183207

lmao I'm sorry but this dude's name is Skeet???

No. 183208

File: 1619994910888.gif (5.04 MB, 540x350, tumblr_816d3586fb47893a6f5888b…)

I read every single Stu MacherxReader fanfiction I could find

No. 183209

Oh my god yes nonnies. yes.

No. 183211

File: 1619995179537.jpg (599.01 KB, 700x976, matthew-lillard.jpg)

I'm not sure what is happening right now but I like it

No. 183216

File: 1619998016600.jpg (47.7 KB, 600x800, mmmalik.jpg)

I don't find him that attractive outside of his Mr.Robot character but something about the "doomer" look and his weird / absent eyes is soooooo damn hot to me.

No. 183223

He was fucking 5’2 and he raped and sodomized one of his followers when she was literally 13. His followers were all sexually abused drug addicts he literally hated because he was in his 30s and part of whatever generation was before them. He did in fact end up feeding the world from his garbage dump, his garbage being his psychosis so there’s that. He spent his first prison sentence reading and memorizing dale carnegie’s social manipulation work, he’s just a vintage incel, love yourself

No. 183226

no butthole eyes is like pete davidson. davey havok is what people call "thicc," i believe

No. 183232

He was super cute in Mr robot, one of the few examples of when being a manlet actually increases someone's appeal. I find him attractive in general though.

No. 183236

File: 1620007615577.jpg (23.87 KB, 360x450, Sam_Trammell.jpg)

Probably not unconventional but the things I would do with Sam Trammell are definitely shameful

No. 183238

File: 1620009571956.jpg (63.89 KB, 1000x700, elliot-profile_display_horizon…)

i miss him

No. 183239

File: 1620009760687.jpg (28.88 KB, 524x393, Elliott-Smith.jpg)

No. 183240

Def unconventional, but I would love to kiss him. Rip

No. 183242

File: 1620010915239.jpg (29.75 KB, 450x450, afx.jpg)

Don't think I'll ever get over RDJ.

No. 183246

he was actually successful, so i would say he was a vintage PUA

No. 183248

File: 1620014908177.webm (7.97 MB, 886x882, RPReplay_Final1619757778.webm)

No. 183250

Ugh yes. Crushed on him so hard when I was like 10 kek. He’s not really my type but he still cute af

No. 183263

File: 1620019501341.jpeg (133.34 KB, 960x1438, GettyImages-620655970-58459418…)

No. 183264

im not a turncoat but i watch the his streams and his laugh's got me like a slip n slide and i hate it

No. 183271

At least the Tuckeranons haven't fallen this low yet.

No. 183301

I thought this was Jim Carrey at first

No. 183304

File: 1620040218715.jpeg (478.38 KB, 1125x1106, A90551AD-80D8-4F3A-BCDB-14B89C…)

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam.
Man what a beaut

No. 183315

File: 1620047870353.jpeg (60.84 KB, 352x512, 23798096-8069-4DB1-9BCA-BEF418…)

I’m obsessed with young Cal Ripken, he never had hair during my lifetime so I never knew he was hot

No. 183333

Guess who's back?

No. 183347

I have no idea who sam is, but he could pass for his relative

No. 183381

Time to visit the optometrist

No. 183384

File: 1620072670654.png (700.61 KB, 608x645, Capture.PNG)

No. 183407

Is this the man from the video where a person is shooting at his truck?

No. 183417

i'm so glad it wasn't just me lmao

No. 183428

File: 1620104032811.jpg (14.74 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2824609249_o874.jpg)

Bobby Gillespie from very early 90s to early 2000s

I have tgt work cant go find some pics I had in mind so just posting these

No. 183429

File: 1620104216571.jpg (288.67 KB, 1800x1219, bobbykylie2.jpg)

I'm biased cause I'm SO into guys with this look (and semi adjacent)

No. 183430

File: 1620104449006.jpg (103.95 KB, 640x640, 02972d6985ce9decc7db42d29f3e7f…)

other anons feel the same?
I mean I love Primal Scream and his voice but is not the reason for my strong attraction I swear

No. 183435

right there with you anon, this genre of man is one of my favorites

No. 183436

File: 1620106954096.png (804.34 KB, 900x794, Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 11.11…)

samefag, ken andrews used to be a fucking dreamboat (and could be aging worse than he is i guess?)

No. 183456

File: 1620122377740.jpg (84.83 KB, 550x303, 16159426254980.jpg)

This german actor has a really weird and kinda ugly face but I can't help finding young him attractive (from some camera angles lol)
It's August Diehl if someone got interested

No. 183518


No. 183531

Null was never funny

No. 183546

File: 1620149998990.jpeg (794.79 KB, 1242x1183, 2A37253A-43CC-45B3-B8DA-12604C…)

He’s aged like milk recently but I used to crush on him hard. Him opening up an animal sanctuary makes me love him more.

No. 183559

File: 1620152448222.jpg (52.99 KB, 576x432, jerry.jpg)

Does anyone else find Jerry Seinfeld really, really cute? Especially in the earlier episodes of Seinfeld. Something about that shorter hair + his younger looks is irresistible to me.

No. 183560

File: 1620153295851.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x1067, 88rising-boiler-room-los-angel…)

Joji. Even back in his Filthy Frank/Pink Guy days he was cute but I'm loving his looks as a musician.

No. 183561

Samefag but YES! I rewatched The Sopranos lately and idk what it is but Gandolfini actually kinda does it for me? He's a handsome man in a not-normally-handsome kinda way if that makes sense. Also what interviews I've seen of him and how his cast mates speak of him he seemed like a really funny and caring guy. RIP legend, gone way too soon.

No. 183564

File: 1620154782746.jpg (23.65 KB, 385x500, c6dad9730cab139161e6512212f370…)

yes but only in this episode

No. 183566

his awful personality both off and on screen has always made him extremely unattractive to me

No. 183567

he's a huge pitbull activist/breeder kek is it a pitbull sanctuary?

No. 183568

joji isn't considered conventional? he is thin, has cheekbones, TV-acceptable face when he shaves. i mean i guess he's kind of short? is he really not considered to be a normal, fairly cute guy?

No. 183570

File: 1620155548680.jpg (35.82 KB, 500x500, artworks-000170404765-tmabfe-t…)

his youtube career is why he is considered unconventional

No. 183571

File: 1620155557457.jpg (54.82 KB, 640x775, e79205c3573103c2d2d1edb56f3d32…)

Honestly idk, like it's not hard to find people attracted to him online but every time I've brought him up irl the reactions have ranged from "meh" to "ew". I feel like he's on the fence between conventionally attractive and unconventionally attractive. IMO it depends on a lot of factors, like I actually prefer his patchy, almost pube-like hobo beard to clean shaven, picrel.

No. 183572

i didn't know a cute boy who looks like shit if he doesn't shave was considered so unusual kek

No. 183576

he looks like shit either way and acts like an obnoxious sadboi

No. 183578

The sad little fuckboy act is annoying but I'd still smash and dash.

No. 183588

File: 1620163406691.jpg (26.08 KB, 388x600, hotdiggitydawg.jpg)

Ah, yes, a woman of culture.
Honestly, he could've aged way worse, but he's been fuckable for most of his life, which is way more than what most scrotes have to offer, kek. I still miss the old Daily Show too.

No. 183589

Woah. I had no idea Jon Stewart used to be actually fuckable. He’s a manlet tho…

No. 183590

File: 1620163862999.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1921, E5D45B24-B8E7-4548-AFB2-FE6037…)

I didn’t know about the pitty thing. I have mixed feels about that. Definitely don’t need to be breeding more that’s for sure. But anyways, no, it’s an abused/neglected animal sanctuary mostly for farm animals.

I feel like only the last year or so he really started to curdle. Otherwise, yea, he’s been fuckable for a long ass time kek

No. 183596

oh yeah he's been on his pitbull shit since i was in high school aka 15 years ago. sperged about how they're unfairly maligned right on his show

No. 183599

File: 1620168526955.jpeg (942.35 KB, 750x694, 8F7157F2-1701-4751-9FBC-85069D…)

This is man destroys adam driver and his droopy moobies

No. 183608

File: 1620174701443.jpeg (28.22 KB, 188x267, E22528C9-BA0E-4439-B331-8921C4…)

He looked pretty hot when he was younger

No. 183624

oh damn I don't think I knew what he looked like but for being both male and almost 60?

He looks good.

No. 183627

File: 1620181823397.jpeg (204.05 KB, 900x1200, D3F5E866-071D-41DC-8157-EF3F3D…)

I want him so bad oh my god

No. 183628

File: 1620182106695.jpeg (218.24 KB, 1825x1217, A7040849-C47C-4CC0-92C6-AB3AAA…)

No. 183629

File: 1620182395450.jpeg (88.9 KB, 1920x1080, CD6071BD-7B0A-4BD6-B269-15FFE1…)

Fat tucker is so cute

No. 183630

File: 1620182567122.jpg (23.69 KB, 650x366, kimjongun.jpg)

why do they always blimp up? picrel

No. 183631

i'm calling it, tucker will make headlines when he enters rehab for drinking. i don't care what he says, he's been gettin' trashed since the day he turned 18

No. 183632

wouldn't fat tucker shortened just be "fucker"

No. 183644

File: 1620188834467.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 46E9E058-8D68-448B-A8B4-5813FD…)

Whatever fucker is eating it’s going straight to his hips

No. 183650

Oh no… thicc

No. 183669

File: 1620197890693.png (1.13 MB, 1600x900, punishedtucklip.png)

Last week he got a cold sore or something right on his lip. This week it scarred, but it's oddly attractive.

No. 183674

Ew no anon love yourself a little more kek

No. 183676

idk what the case is with the chinese president but with kim jongun i heard that he deliberately got fat to resemble his grandfather kim ilsung

No. 183680

I know this is OT but why are female standards for men so much lower than for other women? You would never see the female equivalents of the ugly fucks posted here in the unconventional female thread or women you're ashamed you'd fuck thread

No. 183682

Patriarchal conditioning. People are subjected to a barrage of cultural and social norms from a young age that state a woman's main worth is in her appearance, that we must fit within the confines of mainstream beauty to hold any value, and if we don't, then we should spend inordinate amounts of energy and resources making ourselves fit that norm so we can be as appealing to men as possible. Even though it all centers around male wants and desires, we rarely see anything that runs contrary to them, so we absorb those concepts and expect the same of other women as well. Many women conflate physical appearance with their own and others' identities. Therefore, a woman who doesn't cater to societal standards must be a failure/miserable/unattractive.

No. 183684

This is true but also women going for unattractive men is shilled as virtuous and praiseworthy while we're shamed for being shallow if we have standards or are told we deserve to be treated like shit if we enjoy conventionally hot Chads. It seems like when a woman happens to find an unconventional/ugly guy attractive (which is not THAT unusual when you consider the shit men fap to), they get even more enthusiastic about it than if he was stereotypically hot… this thread is faster than the hot guy thread, for example. I can only assume it's because women subconsciously feel good about themselves when they go for uggos and want to share it when they do.

No. 183688

>You would never see the female equivalents of the ugly fucks posted here in the unconventional female thread
Even ugly woman is not as ugly as average man

No. 183689

> I can only assume it's because women subconsciously feel good about themselves when they go for uggos and want to share it when they do.
Idk about that last bit. I post here because I feel too ashamed to like the guys I do like. I'd tell anyone about my conventional crushes but the unconventional ones are mostly contained to this thread, so I can tell someone about it even if it's just random anons who think he's ugly as shit.

No. 183691

Yes I was going to say the same. I think it’s more active because there are way more opportunities to talk about crushes on conventionally attractive men. And also because it’s largely just the same handful of anons spamming the same men. I also honestly disagree with the original post because I think a lot of women in the “women you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck” thread are just as ugly as the men in this thread.

No. 183699

File: 1620219756352.jpeg (28.19 KB, 853x480, BB665984-F243-4CBC-B52D-8714A8…)

young jay baruchel. need me a fidgety skinny guy, really feel like they’ll love you the hardest

No. 183705

I love him! He's exactly my type lol

No. 183712

Also, I never saw men posting ugly/unconventional women, and I spent a lot of time on imageboards in the past. Sure they would fuck almost everything but they don't obsess over uggo actresses the way women obsess over uggo actors. It's sad.
I don't want to go full evopsych but unfortunately it has some explanation in biology. Looks is all men truly care about, meanwhile women care about looks and also status. Men can aquire status even if they're not physically attractive and strong and there will always be women attracted to them just because they can see them on tv or something.

No. 183717

I'm a tuckerfag but this is just sad, anon.

No. 183730

File: 1620231062213.jpeg (328.4 KB, 2048x1365, BE1CA73E-561C-48E9-B50D-348220…)

I’m the fat tucker anon and even I’m confused on punishedtucklip (kek at the file name though lol)

No. 183758

File: 1620238557186.jpg (87.79 KB, 1064x1079, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Early 2010s Brandon Rogers was disgustingly hot

No. 183761

File: 1620239042081.jpg (73.14 KB, 581x880, Screenshot_20.jpg)

also he reminds a little bit of Jhonen Vasquez whom I also find attractive

No. 183763

I've been in communities and witnessed men create threads about unconventional women, but these men had also accepted they were ugly so idk lol

No. 183764

File: 1620239183578.jpg (182.96 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_20Shot_202016-09-27_20a…)

…and Jurassic Park era Jeff Goldblum. I just realized I have a very specific type lmao

No. 183766

File: 1620239333673.jpeg (57.62 KB, 512x222, 58DE702D-90D6-4EA1-B861-D4C3F8…)

I don’t usually find Steve Buscemi attractive at all, but in this one specific nineties movie called Living in Oblivion, I am weirdly attracted to him when I watch the movie. I think it is just because of his character’s personality or something though, because honestly he’s a rather unfortunate looking gentleman. I like his movies a lot though, and it’s always an odd feeling when I watch this one an temporarily find him dreamy for the duration of it. (It’s a really good movie by the way.)

No. 183768

oh jhonen, why do you keep hiring shmorky? it makes me sad

No. 183769

that movie was so bad. top-tier 90s "i'm an invidiual, MAAAN" cringe. peter dinklage yelling is funny though.

No. 183770

Least you don't fancy him in Ghost World like me. Now I've a sudden desire to go to a rummage sale.

No. 183771

That guy is such an asshole. Ask anyone who has had to do conventions with him. He’s got a miserable personality and an oddly feminine voice.

No. 183772

I just re-watched that movie a few days ago! Such a good movie. I can’t really figure out why I don’t find him attractive in that one but I do find him attractive in Living in Oblivion. Maybe I just pity his character too much.

No. 183773

Can you elaborate? I always assumed that it was just his persona

No. 183775

You never see an equivalent because it doesn’t exist. The “ugliest” or most unconventional woman still isn’t as bad as some of the ugliest men. It has nothing to do with the standards being different and everything to do with women being better looking overall.

No. 183776

If it were just his persona for social media or whatever, I’d get that. But he’s rude and miserable to not just his fans (whom he openly finds very annoying, which is all kind of understandable) but also convention staffers and volunteers. He acts like everything he does is a humongous chore even when he’s just getting paid to sit on his ass and sign shit. He’s just constantly dour and sour. If he hates conventions so much he should probably stop doing them.

No. 183793

'Ey, compared to the anons on that fetish board who post about how hot it is for guys to be bruised and have open wounds and shit, this is tame! I can't explain the attraction, I think the lip scar and the little indent on his nose add a bit of character.

No. 183812

he's got contractual obligation to do them and is probably pissy to staff because he really did have a fanbase of almost all insane stalkers for 15 years. i would guess that he couldn't just walk through a comics convention to go get a sandwich alone until about 2014.

No. 183813

some of the men in this thread aren't even hideous or have really bad personalities that counteract what looks they do have, or they're just not young or pretty enough for the attractive thread, it's not like every one of them is irredeemably hideous

this is a dumb question but does anyone else after being into a guy for some time start to notice minute details like moles and such? I feel so creepy but I also feel like I'm not the only one

No. 183816

File: 1620254283916.jpg (25.17 KB, 420x350, 91e14c3b595817925f5c486590a8ef…)

ugly prog rock bf

No. 183820

File: 1620255409832.jpg (41.45 KB, 540x540, 108614_ver1594726221.jpg)

barely prog, radio friendly pop garbage. come back when you have some taste, loser

No. 183827

File: 1620257988750.jpg (68.61 KB, 427x640, 616b66a7c52a8741eb198d8ce52b1b…)

excuse me rude anon, sorry I indulge in contemporary prog rock from time to time

No. 183828

No. 183845

File: 1620261732759.jpg (106.42 KB, 550x785, billbruford550jzu.jpg)

brb gonna go pick up bill so he can come smack you right in the head with his sticks you dilettante

No. 183846

File: 1620261955027.png (468.92 KB, 518x687, 0a69c8a9ef4898bab15eba37f88627…)

Cedric had the ability to look hot (with a beard at least), but oh boy has he aged so poorly.

No. 183848

Ok this man is attractive

No. 183851

File: 1620263134058.jpg (51.33 KB, 500x704, 6625ded8ac84965365017843078c14…)

he's also the greatest drummer to ever walk the earth. anyone who knows the bare minimum about ACTUAL prog rock (fight me geddy lee. or give me your jays tickets) neil peart only technically held the title because bruford "retired" in 2009.

No. 183853

File: 1620264660134.gif (2.06 MB, 300x415, 1DB569C3-5C03-4736-B5D6-33657B…)

obsessed with the guy from bandersnatch and his fucked up teeth

No. 183854

I respect him but I can't take him seriously after hearing him try to play with the buddy rich big band. Swings like a fucking brick.

No. 183856

File: 1620271069419.png (439.34 KB, 968x934, Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 11.1…)

madam, i will see you at dawn.

No. 183862

But can he do the Purdie Shuffle?

No. 183867

File: 1620275931913.png (540.13 KB, 962x1130, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.3…)

this man.

No. 183868

this man scared me so much back in the day. still does tbh

No. 183869

Anon, I am begging you to spoiler this next time

No. 183875

because he makes you so wet?

No. 183878

That's…terrifying, anon

No. 183892

File: 1620292099341.jpg (52.6 KB, 636x421, keith-emerson.jpg)

I see you anon and I raise you my own prog rock BB.
I want those hands to do to me what they did to that Moog.

No. 183894

who dis and what's wrong with you?

No. 183901

fuck you

No. 183902

File: 1620300876780.gif (939.4 KB, 245x207, 94ab9e7467ff80d1cde334f767fce5…)

Hey anon, that gum you like is going to come back in style

No. 183904

Anon I just started listening to The Mars Volta again. Cedric was a high school crush of mine.

No. 183908

File: 1620303343101.jpeg (94.94 KB, 683x505, B02C1ABA-2917-4180-A9F4-B85D2C…)

I have all the books from the boondocks (from back when it was a newspaper comic) and I’ve always thought that the author looks really cute in his tiny 2inch x 2inch author photo on the back of the book.
Posting this as unconventional because I guess it’s kind of weird to think a guy is cute based on only ever seeing a tiny thumbnail photo of him from 20 years ago. I don’t know what he looks like in real life or if he has a weird voice or anything.

No. 183922

File: 1620310457906.png (1.77 MB, 1620x2160, D0A77DC9-4967-49FB-951E-471E82…)

My first crush was watching Kramer ‘the n’ Cosmo

No. 183945

File: 1620316263290.png (2.51 MB, 1674x1070, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.5…)

this is him in 2019 kek the rhyme is true

No. 183946

File: 1620316420697.jpg (303.86 KB, 2472x1545, NvBQzQNjv4BqKQ5Yvlf_tS7m85BSV1…)


No. 183954

File: 1620318240432.jpg (44.32 KB, 600x549, 1620229721104.jpg)

I just know he's sexy as hell underneath all that gross facial hair

No. 183961

Yep! God, I love his voice. It's a shame he got so fat later in life because he was a major cutie too. I also love that he and his wife seemed to have such a solid lifelong relationship. A+ man, RIP.

No. 183970

File: 1620322499624.jpg (63.43 KB, 500x500, artworks-yORWeFkm0kvNVBIN-Wode…)

A virtual rose for all the beautiful people in this thread thirsting over ugly boiiis

No. 183978

File: 1620324711802.jpg (79.63 KB, 600x741, a526720eb9657403dea18c95163043…)

No. 183979

File: 1620324810880.jpg (49.37 KB, 323x500, tumblr_mdzk5zdLoX1rlif9vo1_400…)

No. 183984

File: 1620328071228.jpg (56.85 KB, 642x980, 1.-Frank-Zappa-1978.jpg)

excellent taste anon. he was hot in a sleazy way

No. 183986

File: 1620328170661.jpg (105.34 KB, 600x724, 320vinrel.don.jpg)

samefag but I have always preferred don

No. 184007

File: 1620336824142.jpg (47.01 KB, 780x438, brody.jpg)

ashamed cause I've seen somewhat of a resemblance to my father who I am not in great terms with.

No. 184012

I mean I feel, a lot of guys I end up liking also look like and remind me of mine, and my relationship with my dad has been very up and down my entire life. yet he's still the more favorable parent to my mom who's psychotic as shit so it's no wonder

No. 184021

Haha wow he’s aged like 5 years in 20 years time. I think he’s very cute, but not in a celebrity way. In like a normal guy I’d see around town way.

No. 184028

your dad single?

No. 184048

File: 1620349360556.png (410.74 KB, 440x601, Capture.PNG)

He really was adorable, so much potential. Not enough appreciation outside of specifically your obsessive peep posting.

No. 184056

Thank you for sharing this adorable picture anon!
It's going directly into the folder with all the others kek~

Also thank you~!

No. 184066

Using "~" nonstop really marks your posts…

No. 184070

File: 1620364296643.jpeg (655.03 KB, 1728x2592, DDC1AC3F-AC72-453D-A614-842478…)

I had a dream about Dennis and now I can’t stop thinking about him and I hate myself

No. 184071

File: 1620365232399.jpg (93.51 KB, 1024x712, tumblr_o1zgdsZzVk1s3qr5xo1_128…)

i dont really think she cares but i agree, the tildeposting is a bit much

No. 184080

File: 1620367319627.jpeg (83.17 KB, 749x863, 2AFBE388-87E3-47B6-AA82-1B2A48…)

i keep catching these on the front page every time even though i never really look, obviously a sign

No. 184081

File: 1620367480947.jpeg (208.51 KB, 1000x1079, 4C737F68-7352-422E-823A-0BE2DA…)

there will never be another

No. 184082

File: 1620367946519.gif (1.99 MB, 500x201, tumblr_f86028e23d6a6cc95d15e2a…)

It is a sign. And if crust ass Carey can have heaps of positive engagement on his praise posts then why shouldn't top tier trash boy peep have it? Thank you for your contribution.

No. 184084

File: 1620368470113.jpeg (228.95 KB, 1280x1280, DFD07007-45A9-4120-9697-E672AC…)

I want to get alex Jones coked up and have a nasty three way with him and a Russian hooker

No. 184085

File: 1620369479056.jpeg (143.25 KB, 736x726, C0B04FCC-9753-4C94-A02F-24F50E…)

No. 184086

File: 1620369604475.jpeg (70.44 KB, 633x491, 8FC6E58E-C3CD-4E92-BFAB-9140E8…)

i love my crusty husband and his leather jackets i cannot tell a lie

No. 184088

File: 1620369963014.png (364.82 KB, 474x593, Lil-Peep_PrettyPuke_Photoshoot…)

i'm sorry but i must cleanse the lingering flavor of his wrinkled aged ballsack from our collective palates

No. 184089

File: 1620370088109.jpeg (59.63 KB, 627x389, 0A493C4F-E367-4B11-9E80-D71FDB…)

boohoo boohoo
i would steal clothes out of his basic ass wardrobe, i basically live in t-shirts, the jackets are just an added bonus
and he would yell at me for it

No. 184092

File: 1620370689649.jpeg (92.08 KB, 750x730, 23AB3431-E357-44F4-99BA-FF9CC6…)

an angel for ur literal devil

No. 184094

File: 1620371470500.gif (1.2 MB, 344x344, original.gif)

Carey is straight demon energy

No. 184101

File: 1620375584114.jpg (62.73 KB, 627x684, kjm.jpg)

what an unflattering angle, he looks retarded

No. 184107

I love this Gif so much
Also good to know that someone else is obsessed with him kek

No. 184109

We need a Peep containment thread

No. 184111

Pls no.

No. 184113

what if we just banned peepfagging
kojima is so cute ngl

No. 184127

File: 1620391603058.jpg (46.38 KB, 500x625, 322b7cb7e0c31a91f65e66bc1efaf2…)

he's been my biggest crush ever since I saw him in King Kong when I was a kid and now I'm exclusively attracted to guys who look like birds

No. 184130

File: 1620392526116.jpg (32.96 KB, 397x594, 9915e4e259ee990034a9a61dc7a63f…)

My Brody awakening was when I saw him kiss Haley at the Oscars and I thought she was really lucky
Then I forgot about it until I became obsessed in like 2010-2013

No. 184134



No. 184196

File: 1620420664883.jpg (51.4 KB, 768x813, alec-badwin-beetlejuice-2.jpg)

My dad shares a resemblance to Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice… and I, in general, find Baldwin attractive, even if he is an ass.

No. 184199

File: 1620421044181.jpeg (44.66 KB, 696x392, CB6C8847-AF78-411D-A43A-9A11AF…)

Baldwin is so hot

No. 184201

File: 1620421485180.png (863.66 KB, 1475x963, bakedbeans.png)

my dad looks like this and i have found him at restaurants by asking an employee if they have seen an old man who looks like harrison ford anywhere. i really don't get the boner people have for ford in the orignal trilogy, it just looks like i'm watching my parents argue kek

No. 184206

File: 1620424024944.jpg (1002.62 KB, 1860x3000, MV5BZmNiZmMzN2MtOTNkMy00YjA1LT…)

He'll be 70 this year but Michael Keaton could get it at any time. He aged incredibly well and looked better 50+

No. 184272

File: 1620462131068.jpeg (81.61 KB, 747x1024, 65F27E00-8A4F-479B-B101-14370C…)

demons >>>> angels
the inhuman face contortion just adds to the allure

brodyfags are in good taste

No. 184275

File: 1620470997418.gif (3.92 MB, 320x215, 341.gif)

love you carreyfag <3

I had developed a crush on him as a kid thanks to this certain channel airing the truman show almost every other weekend

No. 184276

File: 1620473011978.gif (2.42 MB, 480x320, Tumblr_l_65135601355833.gif)

Jim would make a nice Bowler Hat Guy if Disney ever wanted to make a "Meet The Robinsons" LA tbh

No. 184285

File: 1620484501951.jpeg (149.43 KB, 765x1000, B39DE234-5280-4296-9C94-03963D…)

I'd also seen fancasts for doof from phineas and ferb & rick sanchez. the older he gets the more suited he is to play villains and jerkasses, especially the hammy kind.

there's something strangely appealing about his face to me, especially his eyes. even in unflattering pictures or pics where he's utilizing his gurn ability I find myself drawn into staring at him

I used to be into cartoons and anime, gone cold turkey on the latter. I gushed over characters I found attractive making warped or ugly faces, even though that wasn't their default facial expression. if they were assholes or villains all the better, this has clearly trailed into my 3d taste although my crush on 90s-00s jim predates my 2d venture into weebshit so worse yet he's likely the catalyst

liar liar is to me what truman is to you, I would watch it over and over and over on vhs, I don't know how that tape stayed intact. fletcher screaming about how the goddamn pen is blue will always be iconically cringe

No. 184289

File: 1620486402770.png (1.12 MB, 1160x1514, Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 11.0…)

No. 184291

No. 184357

File: 1620535620783.jpeg (220.63 KB, 1367x2048, 1208457.jpeg)

Idk I think he can look really pretty, he is a weirdo tho.

No. 184358

This. I understand tucker-anons, Carrey-anons…I don’t get the peep-anons. He looks like your average under-weight trailer park tweaker with scratcher tattoos.

No. 184361

anons might live in small cities with lots of fat fucks. i have travelled to north america and in the car-lands dwell many landwhales

No. 184363

File: 1620539544177.png (1.09 MB, 706x1128, F75A8486-378A-41BE-9E3B-39A27E…)

idk if one of the legends of hammer horror is THAT unconventional but
carrey is sex (new term for very attractive to me personally) tucker can lose a few pounds tho

No. 184365

Is that not a girl? That's a bra underneath the blouse right? Who is that?

No. 184367

File: 1620540766752.jpeg (145.75 KB, 1200x800, E468C7E7-7621-45B8-BDF9-219355…)

Yeah he could use some kybella

No. 184369

He was so hot as a vampire so coy and boyishly charming I just wanna hold him and caress him. I had no idea he went on to do gay porn. i will try to flick my bean to that later tonight

No. 184371

File: 1620544041460.jpeg (36.97 KB, 300x372, 3DB69F64-CB9C-4A9E-87C5-53C612…)

Nic cage but only with the mustache

No. 184372

File: 1620544829115.png (4.28 MB, 2208x1242, E781D363-7B42-4359-A337-181EBC…)

Can’t lie, this did it for me tonight. He looked hot as hell with this facial hair and I’m not one typically into that.

No. 184373

Do the Carreyfags realize that he has several incurable STDs/STIs? And not disclosing them helped drive his ex to suicide?

No. 184374

anon did you forget about trannies on lolcow dot farm?

No. 184375

Who dis

No. 184378

Anon…that's literally why he's in this thread.

No. 184380

File: 1620550167665.jpeg (293.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1EED3C47-E229-4E55-A523-8904F2…)

Nice guy Eddie can put it in me

No. 184388

File: 1620556332597.jpeg (96.66 KB, 734x734, 7E2E5CA8-7396-49E9-9EBA-9348B6…)

Yes. I actually learned about the girlfriend thing from lc of all places. She seems like she didn't have a good support system overall and everyone treated her like crap. That poor woman. I don't condone what he did to her at all

would still fuck him because I don't plan to live long anyway, I still think he's talented and am unfortunately attracted to him, but that doesn't mean I think he's a good person


Is that fucking elon? I saw that skit on twitter a few hours ago and was trying to decipher whether it was him or not kek

No. 184399

I like how he doesn't have extremely fakeass white teeth like the other tv news personalities

No. 184404

Ayrt It's Hunter Schafer, MtF troon from the show Euphoria.

This is the first pic I saw of him and I thought he was a really pretty woman, I'm terrible at clocking though.

No. 184407

Summer bodies are made in winter.

No. 184413

pls don't die carrey-chan, you're cool

No. 184424

File: 1620577101235.jpg (69.47 KB, 630x630, 95a465e3a6d60bdfb02a40a13bcfb2…)

No. 184434

File: 1620578998467.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1360, Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 12.5…)

oh he's been posted before, we love him. peter cushing, robert powell, all the amicus bois are welcome here.

No. 184435

what's fucked is he didn't just say "she was already depressed and getting my STDs just pushed her over the edge" he literally claimed she FAKED test results for both of them for the purposes of extortion. none of thta ever happened but it's now the mainstream narrative about the relationship.

No. 184438

wow his long nails are so kawaii uwu.
carreyfags are supreme, peepfags are just literal 17 year olds

No. 184441

I don't think anyone will ever be worse than shanefags tbh

No. 184444

Cat White's other ex Mark Burton was a generational Scientologist, I'm not gonna leave this one un-gray because the organization is fucking batshit insane scrote who came across as very greedy and her mother smelled of narcissist parent, doesn't mean that some of what they said wasn't right, I do believe Cat was abused and infected, but I wouldn't put it past the other shitty ex to have put something in the documents that was false for money reasons. Even if the majority was real (the texts and the handwritten suicide note seemed legit). I don't trust the Scientologist son of a bitch's intentions were good, a stopped clock is right once a day but he came across as a vile, slimy person who was in it for the money, and that discredited the status of the allegations in the eyes of people who found out his status as a Scio member. The fact that both of them were estranged from her is the main thing.

This is not justifying she dealt with or the infections, it goes to show how badly everyone in her life treated her

None of this is on the dead woman, Cat couldn't speak for herself by the time this unfolded. She'd sunk into an industry and world, possibly an organization laden with lies and deceit, and she could not get out of it. if she were still alive and had gotten a chance to speak up, since this was pre metoo, I wonder what she would've said. would've handled it differently than her family, I imagine

admitting you have an STD even though most of Hollywood's infected also is a thing that nobody does, especially if you're a scrote. jim, or any man in Hollywood for that matter, would never admit it unless they could no longer deflect it. It's an open secret that the industry is wrought with STDs, nobody ever talks about it publicly. Admitting you have an STD is considered even worse than admitting you have a mental illness in the industry

wish there were court documents beyond the things included in the news articles, the Depp/Heard trial had some of its docs online. doubt the ones from Jim/Cat will see the light of day in full form. This case is interesting (in a morbidly sad way) and it probs goes far deeper than its surface level details

No. 184455

No. 184473

Elon Musk

No. 184508

he straight up looks like fupa here

No. 184512

File: 1620607122968.png (696.12 KB, 1280x720, GMCleOe.png)

I don't know why but he makes me wet af

No. 184522

Are you blind?

No. 184530

no I agree it really with nonnie it really does

No. 184533

File: 1620615995173.jpeg (491.74 KB, 1990x1326, 7EE89E1D-B561-4FDB-9C18-754CC2…)

I thought it was alex Jones at first when I was scrolling tbh

No. 184549

version of the gen z hospital skit where elon is replaced with alex jones

No. 184571

File: 1620635810741.jpg (223.91 KB, 1200x960, ayrton-senna.jpg)

No. 184572

File: 1620638537248.jpeg (60.73 KB, 640x1136, 2F32B641-7A41-4101-AD80-6B091D…)

> attractive
> intelligent
> talented
> palpably weird

But ruins it all because

> an extreme creep that makes everyone uncomfortable

> hits on underaged girls
> literally sets up college course in order to take advantage of girls
> stalker that writes a book about conversations he had in his head with LDR

?????? Why ??????? He could’ve had it all

No. 184574

I honestly find his brother cuter

No. 184575

wrong thread imo. he was conventially attractive.. also rip

No. 184609

File: 1620655306195.jpg (50.16 KB, 500x500, avatars-000439076832-aygvqd-t5…)

precious baby boi

No. 184611

He looks like he has Down’s syndrome

No. 184616

uh no, down's babies are cute, like all brand-new babies. this is a gross adult man. don't do babies dirty like that young lady.

No. 184630

You opened a wound, anon. His looks and acting are wonderful and charming, but of course he has to be a horrible creep because men do nothing but abuse their power. Last movie I watched with him was "Why Him" and it was comfy tbh

No. 184631

File: 1620661417854.jpg (198.5 KB, 475x585, melgibsonmug1.jpg)

Gibson anon just checking in

No. 184633

File: 1620661441516.jpg (55.02 KB, 450x614, eb99a250006fab878289b54380d275…)

happy Monday, wear sunscreen

No. 184641

I hope nothing comes out about Dave in light of this, but the bar is set in hell at this point

No. 184644

Why's he look cute tho

No. 184646

does "unconventional" on lolcow just mean "any man under 150lbs who is less than 6ft tall"

No. 184680

File: 1620670232006.jpeg (79.67 KB, 706x900, EBB87067-BB72-4051-BA25-B4DE00…)

Anon, you know Mel doesn’t belong here. He’s hotter than fuck.

No. 184681

Something like that. I literally get roasted anytime I post any man in the 'conventional' thread so anons just come here to post so they don't get roasted for having so called low standards.

No. 184682

He has some strong Onision brows here

No. 184684

Onision is actually kind of blessed gene-wise. However he would belong in this thread indefinitely because of… well you know.

No. 184685

my problem is that I prefer old, bearded Mel

No. 184689

That is a problem… but good contribution to this thread.

No. 184691

File: 1620671591851.jpeg (34.69 KB, 300x300, 47609463-A0D4-421E-A003-D2E813…)

No. 184701

> “Post men who are… creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.”

Learn to read thread descriptions.

No. 184704

>Onision is actually kind of blessed gene-wise.
What are you smoking? He used to be blessed by filters and emo fashion allowing him to hide his ugliness. Also, by teens being too retarded to realize he's gross under the eyeliner and hair.

No. 184724

Rip, he was pretty.

No. 184880

File: 1620715092327.jpeg (26.68 KB, 372x250, C9C2AA99-5385-474F-B9AB-AF1C79…)

I think this is the best he’s ever looked in his faggy little bow tie

No. 184886

File: 1620715650160.jpg (164.99 KB, 471x384, Untitled-1.jpg)

How 'bout this?

No. 184893

If you're going to Tuckerfag, at least sage it, and preferably spoiler the image.

No. 184895

File: 1620718598040.gif (701.6 KB, 499x315, GIF Sagan.gif)

not sure if conventional or not, but carl sagan was weirdly handsome. I feel like he's been posted here before by someone else, but I can't really remember

No. 184897

File: 1620718797028.jpg (25.25 KB, 900x750, carl-sagan-8.jpg)

No. 184902

I clicked this thinking this was some butch lesbian and what i got was a parody video of many things i hate about scrotes from some guy that looks like bjork turning into handsome squidward

but anyway he is cute as shit i'd smash(and his other friend too but im attracted to this square-ass head and the pretty features)

No. 184931

File: 1620736243594.jpg (220.19 KB, 1078x1069, EjlEnrtXYAADtCO.jpg)

He's simply perfect
I wanna join him in his tub

No. 184933

>does "unconventional" on lolcow just mean "any man who is less than 6ft tall"

No. 184934

my ideal man, not even mentally, but physically. i posted him awhile ago bc i love men with bob hair cuts.

No. 184936

No. 184938

File: 1620738016901.jpg (14.82 KB, 216x300, ExhzlVUWgBEA1pz.jpg)

for you, my dear

No. 184947

Wait… You people actually find men attractive?? As in, genuinely so?? O.o

No. 184950

you're probably posting old looking men, hairy cavemen, or inbred-tier neanderthals, all which are unconventional even outside of lolcow

No. 184974

he looks like if a hamburger was a person

No. 184980

Not even a tucker-fag but after seeing peep’s gross junky face a bunch of times, tucker is looking pretty hot. I wonder if he angry fucks or cry fucks.

No. 184986

cry fucks, 100%

No. 184988

I think young Tucker would be conventionally attractive if it wasn't for his reputation? He needs kybella so badly these days, though, I don't see why he doesn't do it. Other than that, he's aged pretty well, seeing as he still has all his hair.
t. tuckfag

No. 185003

idg how he can be considered unconventional when millions of teens are obsessed with him and he's conventionally good looking

No. 185031

He's pretty hot here. I feel like this is my type of man, oh well

No. 185032

This same video was recommended to me last night, wtf

No. 185113

File: 1620772345707.png (3.91 MB, 2880x1392, baby.png)

robert powell is baby. he is everyone's type of man

No. 185114

File: 1620772581553.png (1.67 MB, 1220x1178, guineapig.png)

No. 185116

He has caveman structures and was close to being born as a retard baby (p.s newfag he didn’t get enough oxygen). At least pick someone like Tucker who has money and at least pretends to be intelligent on Fox News

No. 185121

Nah man, let him be himself with all his imperfections. Plus I'd rather he exercised to lose the double chin than just cheat it away.

No. 185123

He does now. He was hot as fuck during the 80s and 90s but he now looks like an alcoholic mall santa.

No. 185144

File: 1620783074597.jpg (16.87 KB, 236x326, c8eefd1009b0d16c01f60740b6e355…)

I see you Mars Volta anon. I'd hit em both

No. 185152

File: 1620788213264.jpeg (927.2 KB, 1125x1640, 49588585-CB6B-44EB-89E1-6381AB…)

usually he’s a little too quirky dad-core for me but damn he looks fine

No. 185153

File: 1620788491812.jpeg (82.99 KB, 630x1200, CE878D3F-BDB5-49CE-8F68-CAD946…)

apologies for samefagging, but i pinpointed my attraction to the specific hunter s thompson vibes of that photo lmao

No. 185179

File: 1620799854031.jpg (166.65 KB, 360x426, Jesus-Robert-P.jpg)


i havent seen powell in any other media aside from the jesus of nazareth miniseries and seeing him not being jesus is weird kek

No. 185206

he is so gorgeous

No. 185222

File: 1620828706874.jpg (31.07 KB, 695x375, asylum-1972-11.jpg)

he is so smol and pretty

No. 185239

File: 1620836223802.jpeg (406.08 KB, 1600x1070, 725B98EE-90BF-432E-B900-D710DA…)

I said what I said.

No. 185244

File: 1620837426217.png (2.22 MB, 1072x1344, 7A43E46B-3A0A-4191-A152-B5AB44…)

1) handsome 2) a look

No. 185246

I was going to bully you until I saw the name of the thread

No. 185251

whoaa that dude has weird stubby arms. trippy.

No. 185271

I actually like this outfit wtf, a lot of his outfits are a miss but with some alteration this one is pretty nice

No. 185276

smores vibes

No. 185277

He's carrying a purse.

No. 185297

oh, that's probably for putting his stuff in. like his wallet, a book, folding umbrella etc.

No. 185321

No. 185325

File: 1620864946921.jpg (58.07 KB, 458x597, aca41e8bee0bd0490052adb5cda73b…)

so many men here are under 6'7 which is, frankly, disgusting

No. 185340

i don't like men who don't fit in a washing machine. they can't be trusted to clean themselves and dry cleaning's expensive so i only like ones that i can machine wash&dry

No. 185342

who's this? he cute af

No. 185344

it's the large nirvana man

No. 185356

you just need a really big bucket and a toilet plunger, didn't you know?

No. 185359

File: 1620879002616.jpg (1.85 MB, 2362x3544, MV5BMTEzNjU3OTQzMjBeQTJeQWpwZ1…)

I watched House of Wax and the dirty road kill brother just got me.

No. 185369

File: 1620883600575.jpeg (341.34 KB, 2048x2048, 847066A9-5A4B-408E-9E22-FC0A14…)

I don’t care what anyone says about him. He could hit it 24/7.

No. 185408

File: 1620900282609.gif (Spoiler Image,3.52 MB, 377x289, 1606429154445.gif)

Gotta post my favourite gif

No. 185432

File: 1620913756592.jpg (20.78 KB, 750x490, husbando.jpg)

he's genuinely excited about financially empowering and developing war torn nations through infrastructure that is built off of ether.

he recently also donated ~1 billion in total to a few charities. he sent ether to most charities but gave the shitcoins he was given to charities managed by seasoned traders who would be able to liquidate them to its fullest affect.

would procreate with/10

No. 185437

Excellent taste in movies and trashy characters anon

No. 185447

File: 1620919899603.gif (3.57 MB, 550x268, gif.gif)

Owen Teague version of Harold Lauder in The Stand

No. 185495

File: 1620927533219.jpeg (64.18 KB, 640x640, CFC65C1A-3786-4A95-B343-F6D9F7…)

kurtis conner, he's so fucking ugly and hot at the same time. 5'7 but more like 5'6 or less, how unfortunate

No. 185496

But why does he looks like that girl from stranger things tho

No. 185497

File: 1620927884133.jpeg (368.36 KB, 1538x2048, 6CEBC9DC-36FE-47BD-BAFA-7E3343…)

he looks proper ugly rn making himself look like a nonce, but the teen girls are still calling him daddy on twitter so all good lmao

No. 185501

he's got sociopath/rape face. seems like the kind of guy too small and weak to do the murdering he wants to do so he awkwardly rapes a woman who hasn't come forward yet, but i bet she will soon.

No. 185504

I think the mullet he has in his most recent video is kind of cute on him but I absolutely hate the mustache.

Kind of irrelevant but I thought he was mixed race when I first started watching him because of the lighting in his older videos and his curly hair.

No. 185517

Doesn't he have legions of fangirls specifically because he's cute…? He's been making himself look worse with the gross facial hair and all but he has a nice face, manlets can be attractive sometimes.

No. 185530

I think anons have compared him to Evan Peters and Bill Skarsgard as someone with obviously tired looking deep set eyes, that makes him unconventional, but I find him more attractive than both of them.

Out of the white boy youtube triad of Drew, Danny, and him, I think Kurtis is the cutest. A friend of mine also said there's a hint of James Franco in stoner mode there (creep or not there's been instances where I found him hot too).

No. 185532

Ew. Men with makeup look disgusting 99.9% of the time

No. 185556

File: 1620950158776.jpg (253.32 KB, 1944x1944, EL69zUfUYAAqhmc.jpg)

DeadwingDork. I love his weird nasal voice and his claw hand.

No. 185561

File: 1620951502826.jpg (21 KB, 400x400, TQ7UO-5i_400x400.jpg)

I have legitimately never met another Deadwingdork fan out in the wild. YES! he's a neet but hes cute and I love his whole semi-cynical dork personality

No. 185564

For a second I thought this was Null from Kiwifarms.

No. 185566

File: 1620953072044.png (171.47 KB, 399x655, jm-e1527175750863.png)

I have never actually seen Nulls face despite tuning into his shitty streams sometimes. I had to Google it, holy fuck, they do look similar!

No. 185568

Same but platonic. He reminds me of my high school guy friends, so I half watch his streams for the cows and half for the terminally-online-neckbeard-lite vibes. Comfy.

No. 185570

File: 1620956648625.png (538.34 KB, 839x623, rick-5.png)

I can't be the only one

No. 185575

I thought this was Anne Hathaway

No. 185578

No. 185580

The guy that shot Drake on Degrassi

No. 185581

You're not alone anon

No. 185582

File: 1620964541547.jpg (64.42 KB, 650x650, 143f0d78f841b3a790cb0d27a5c534…)

Sometimes he looks fine but most of the time…oof
lmao anon my sides

No. 185586

File: 1620969651521.gif (336.34 KB, 220x200, slowtuck.gif)

No. 185604

File: 1620977793709.jpg (76.21 KB, 500x703, 39fc6061202ede469a12473ef753f4…)

He's a pretty man

No. 185605

File: 1620977903611.jpg (26.42 KB, 280x420, 5296485.jpg)

No. 185643

He looks like he smells like body odor, ketchup, dried cum and weed

No. 185660

File: 1621011347666.jpg (99.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Moses is kind of hot tbh

No. 185670

he looks like he regretted releasing a fart.

No. 185675

File: 1621017590570.jpeg (15.72 KB, 299x168, 4E08A826-8677-40AF-B8C9-BF58A1…)

Pics from 15 years ago don’t count kek

No. 185676

He’s Trisha’s feeder

No. 185682

File: 1621019369082.jpg (16.04 KB, 200x200, tumblr_ngahwrh18k1slwqaco3_250…)

No. 185685

ice boi so hot he frosts dis pussy and makes her sweat.

No. 185688

I surely wans't expecting a reply much less this one but ok i guess

No. 185689

File: 1621023816482.jpeg (709.1 KB, 828x1679, 65BB3E7E-BD48-40AE-BB8A-668CC8…)

someone please tell me why lee byung hun is here

No. 185692

Ice man makes me wet, freezes the icicle that forms from my pussy, breaks it off and uses it to penetrate me

No. 185693

sage - i can't explain it but i get bad vibes from him

No. 185697

aw, he looks so cute in that first image

No. 185709

Once again recommending Once Bitten to everyone

Also dumb side note but I also used to be into LBH, until I learned much more recently than I should have that he cheated on his wife and did other horrible things. Goddamn I hate scrotes. Interesting the bot related Carrey's face so close to his, I guess there's similarity despite them not being the same ethnicity.

No. 185724

not feeling it he looks like a greasy mini hontrapoints

No. 185768

File: 1621085527017.jpeg (35.75 KB, 432x710, images (30).jpeg)

based progposters
i would let tony banks raw me

No. 185770

File: 1621085795529.gif (1.85 MB, 366x280, ezgif-3-306c8e7022b9.gif)

idk what it is about his grey temples but they drive me wild

No. 185832

File: 1621104467490.jpg (63.5 KB, 770x983, a4eead2a7725409abb7a2e785dcd4b…)

Holy fucking shit anon, I need to listen to Genesis some more.

No. 185843

File: 1621107032697.png (95.5 KB, 473x496, gamer_boys.png)

what on earth is the conext

unironically picrel. my partner is an adorbale kind man want to stay with this one forever tbh, not cheating just to clarify here but current crush is 1/10 6'infinity sad boy who doesnt have his shit together but I think he's a virgin and I feel like I could convince him to be mean to me in bed

No. 185868

I was going to post him too! He’s so adorable and funny, I can deal with a hook hand if the guy has a good sense of humor

No. 185870

File: 1621116075885.jpeg (71.23 KB, 590x350, 17942D60-51C2-4EF8-A334-819FDA…)

I’d let Night King hit it, the actor too but would prefer he was in night king getup

No. 185884

File: 1621120062518.jpeg (113.16 KB, 1600x1067, descarga.jpeg)

I wasn't that attracted to him the first time i posted, but today i rewatched the movie and i really want him to tease me using his ice powers and then fuck me very hard, i don't know what the fuck it's going on with me but he just turns me on instantly, please God forgive me

No. 185898

What is the source of pic? I've read the manga but don't remember the title or anything. Google has failed me

No. 185944

File: 1621150019353.png (621.7 KB, 454x640, IMG_8160.PNG)

you absolutely do

No. 185952

File: 1621154965112.jpeg (140.71 KB, 800x1161, FF6C9452-9C9B-4463-B699-7857B2…)

Somehow makes really cute babies even though he’s a deadbeat who never see them. I’d still let him knock me up tho ngl

No. 185958

No. 185981

File: 1621176462859.jpeg (153.98 KB, 385x400, 4EF9B9FF-1B62-4638-992D-E08FCC…)

the troubles of liking someone like hasan piker

attractive but ungodly obnoxious and screams the holy trinity of red flags: abusive anger issues, objectifying, and male feminist

No. 185983

File: 1621176708692.jpg (396.29 KB, 1600x2000, hasan-piker-interview-05.jpg)

Ahhh he's so hott <33

No. 185986

I hate him so much. I use to watch poptrigger, I think they were part of the the young turks network and hasan is the nephew of some man I don't knows name. I hate them all. I hate their awful dumb views that they will contradict often. Hasan is a stupid fuck. All the other hosts on pop trigger hated him you could tell. He would "Wells actually" every talking point and go off on completely unrelated tangents and you could tell he thought he was so fucking intelligent but he was just rambling absolute shit. I assume he's only become worse because he would take insults as compliments. The delusion is intense.

No. 185987

Well yeah, somewhat hes so annoying

No. 186028

File: 1621189187498.jpg (2.08 MB, 3241x1823, gettyimages-85790213-cropped.j…)

only in these outfits

No. 186039

File: 1621193774191.jpg (704.5 KB, 1800x2250, merlin_163140570_28e225b2-ad69…)

I literally don't know a single thing able Flea besides he's in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I've always thought he's handsome.

No. 186046

smallest head in the game

No. 186052

He’s borderline retarded and a pedophile like the rest of the group.

No. 186058

Are you serious? I'm extra glad I picked this thread then bc wtf???

No. 186127

Yeah it's a dark rabbit hole to go down and they are very open with it. They pretty much kidnapped and raped a 14 year old on their first tour when they we're in their 20's and it's just been downhill from there. There are many videos of them making female reporters uncomfortable and just being sleazy in general. Not sure if the Epstein flight logs were real or not but he's on there as well if they are real.

No. 186137

Damn. I knew Anthony Kiedis was a creep but didn’t know about the rest.

No. 186139

Looking at him makes me realize that Hila’s features look a lot better on a man.

No. 186140

AND a Deadhead. That's a fourth red flag. (Actually Tucker Carlson is a Deadhead too kek)

No. 186185

The Flight Log list is Q-anon shit. there’s an actual archive of handwritten logs released by the FBI out there and IIRC it’s mostly politicians and technocrats

No. 186199

File: 1621272814148.jpeg (632.67 KB, 1200x630, D8C0FA4F-F94A-494F-AD9E-BBE25D…)

More proof tucker likes to get more twisted than he lets on

No. 186284

Anthony Kiedis, Michael Balzary, and Chad Smith are on the handwritten flight logs.

No. 186291

did epstein hang out with every washed up 90s nobodies?

No. 186306

File: 1621299118670.png (3.15 MB, 1334x750, 620451C0-8356-462B-8F6C-553620…)

No. 186312

Most of his shit went down in the 90’s so pretty much lol

No. 186324

File: 1621305235088.jpeg (70.99 KB, 720x405, EBCA20B3-0DE3-4274-ACB1-A35450…)

Cute nerdy technocrat colonizers always get me.

No. 186328

ot but does anyone have the handwritten lists at all with tangible proof the names are correct and not the qanon bullshit one

curious who else is on the handwritten logs, I didn't see them when I read court docs at all

No. 186333

you should feel bad

No. 186334

speaking of tucker, he's been looking a little tan/sunburnt lately, I don't like it

No. 186336

he puts the rat in technocrat

No. 186343

If he's like any other dad, he probably doesn't put on sunscreen when he goes outside.

No. 186344

hhhhnn i wanna put sunscreen on him

No. 186516

File: 1621397630198.jpeg (166.06 KB, 720x890, AE631CBA-A494-4BDF-8435-CA408B…)

Silvio had great hair

No. 186522

File: 1621404869249.jpeg (65.04 KB, 673x1023, 35BBA3FB-E9BB-4241-8730-26167D…)

No. 186523

File: 1621405266258.jpeg (20.47 KB, 236x488, BE637174-44B6-4359-B3B7-AA5A38…)

Aged like milk (especially compared to gorgeous Gillian) but I’d still let him hit it at least once

No. 186533

No. 186534

Reminds me of John Mulaney tbh

No. 186549

hot damn

No. 186578

Him and Tom Cruise both have that “generic man” look. You could say he’s your cousin, a Boy Scout troop leader, or presidential advisor and no one would question it. Fits almost every descriptor…. should rob a bank kek

No. 186596

File: 1621441379770.jpg (124.66 KB, 1067x800, serhat.jpg)

well hello there

No. 186600

In what way is he unconventional, except his horrible taste in footwear?

No. 186622

Nta but he is bald and old.

No. 186704

No. 186720

File: 1621496930336.png (331.73 KB, 340x449, MichaelS.png)

I have a crush on michael from vsauce, though I recently discovered he's only 35, which makes him only 8 years older than me. I thought he was way older than that, and that means in his older videos he was my age. and now I feel old as the fuck.

No. 186745

not him being one of my first childhood crushes (like very very childhood) what kind of taste from the very start

No. 186753

File: 1621521388048.jpg (97.91 KB, 600x750, merlin_176525556_b616eff2-a691…)

He's very cringy and cowish but he has a nice body type and his voice relaxes me.

No. 186801

>nice body type

babe he's obese

No. 186805

hate this mf so much god hes so cringe. he really gives off predator vibes ngl

No. 186812

he has a normal sized head on a brick wall body. some girls like the humpty dumpty look

No. 186813

File: 1621547507734.jpeg (481.8 KB, 750x951, 8696DBB5-E77E-471E-9E8F-398E96…)

Edgar wright bitches (warning: don’t Google pictures of him smiling with his teeth, it’ll show he’s br*tish)

No. 186815

File: 1621547803407.jpeg (42.88 KB, 635x425, 5F68852E-6148-40F1-91C9-19326E…)

Billy Leroy from baggage wars

No. 186816

>brick wall body
>humpty dumpty look
so obese then lol

No. 186834

File: 1621556700511.jpg (149.71 KB, 819x1024, How-Did-Fantano-Start-His-Care…)

i don't give a single fuck, he's fine af

No. 186856

File: 1621565282444.jpg (279.08 KB, 1357x2048, Fred-Armisen.jpg)

Cant remember of i posted him here or not but… Yeah

No. 186880

File: 1621572841829.jpeg (31.29 KB, 320x400, 6F7B5A19-C7B9-44C7-8A21-10CDF2…)

I have no idea who this is but I’ve always been into men in track suits since Jonathan Davis when I was a teen so I can at least appreciate the aesthetic

No. 186887

File: 1621576948666.jpeg (118.05 KB, 736x605, E2C7B1BC-5103-4489-9B3E-10D497…)

I normally like him fat and I know they photoshopped the hell out of him here to not look that way but god damn tucker

No. 186888

File: 1621578352475.jpg (65.01 KB, 433x433, DXOnmNOVQAE_TAu.jpg)

thank you daddy for my life

No. 186898

who's this guy?

No. 186902

File: 1621586175889.jpg (518.26 KB, 915x1427, Kisenosato_08_Sep.jpg)

No. 186904

Someone's gay uncle I think

No. 186905

what a thicc boi

No. 186955

File: 1621609175388.jpg (90.59 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

i got sucked into a tom scott rabbit hole on youtube around this time last year and i still have a crush on this age-defying targetemployee-core sperg

send fucking help

No. 186970

The only man I'd save during male genocide

No. 187000

File: 1621625097138.jpg (17.98 KB, 341x400, nightynightpwince.jpg)

The only decent man in the whole whoreson play. Huge sub energy, so how can I not?


No. 187001

File: 1621625442155.jpg (60.79 KB, 770x963, c7b2695ae68242ac8f1a0bdd029d66…)

Young maynard james keenan from the 90s (tool, a perfect circle, puscifer) does things to me

No. 187002

File: 1621625467538.jpg (32.8 KB, 500x667, b1c07f58edf2f03d661020fb0c96e2…)

Mfw no degenerate prog rock bf

No. 187003

Who is this gentleman?

No. 187004

File: 1621626431221.gif (449.55 KB, 250x157, dkdjc.gif)

Nicholas Farrell playing Horatio in the 1996 adaptation of Hamlet!

No. 187005

File: 1621626541945.jpeg (24.13 KB, 216x400, 9A90ACD6-2ABB-4B30-A834-7B6A38…)

His long hair got me when I was in high school. Huge crush. I wish I had a CD player right now kek

No. 187008

Damn who’s this plank?

No. 187021

maynard james keenan

No. 187022

>ywn be in a threeway with early 90s David Duchovny and early 90s Kyle Maclaughlin
Kill me now
My fucking eyes. Spoil that shit next time.

No. 187023

File: 1621634363456.jpg (186.74 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 187024

File: 1621634386087.jpg (135.65 KB, 1150x1500, 9e55a6e33b1aa4b7436cac8051a10c…)

No. 187025

File: 1621634445947.jpg (144.19 KB, 1200x1200, 3648.jpg)

He didn't age too badly all things considered either

No. 187027


Spiral out. Nonny you've made my daaaay

No. 187030

File: 1621636391203.jpg (37.46 KB, 600x760, 6a00d83451c29169e201538e95ef92…)

No. 187042

I have no idea who this is but I used to work with a gay southern man who looked almost exactly like this. I did a double take lmao

No. 187057

File: 1621668976867.jpeg (50.56 KB, 400x400, 226AD4C2-4BDB-4659-B49C-B940F5…)

He seems like a freak and I am feeling it

No. 187147

based anon, it's the tattoos and fashion choices for me

No. 187162

File: 1621753095950.jpeg (26.96 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpeg)

He aged like all men do, poorly, but I'd sit on young Dwight's face

No. 187184

Man, his music sucked ass.

No. 187194

File: 1621786141268.jpg (33.22 KB, 350x349, aamsF1Ql_t.jpg)

Richard Ramirez, the most gorgeous man to ever exist. He's an evil pedophile and would definitely murder me, I'm not some delusional tumblr whore who thinks I could fix him. I don't love him, I just want to have sex with him. I'd pay thousands to have sex with him. If I could have sex with him, I'd never need to have sex ever again. I could live off that memory for the rest of my life. It hurts to look at him because he's so handsome, sexy and hot. I wish I could post multiple files in one post because you need to see him in motion to understand. I'd only ever seen pictures of him until I watched the Night Stalker documentary and saw his mannerisms, the way he smiled and the way he walked. That's when I realized how perfect he is. Now I finally understand male simps and their desire for sex robots. Actually I'd pay ANYTHING for a Richard Ramirez sex robot. I'm not trying to be weird or anything, it honestly hurts that my wish will never come true.

No. 187195

You could sex up the actor for him in AHS.

No. 187198

File: 1621787167894.jpg (143.61 KB, 1400x1000, 64368985433.jpg)

>I'm not some delusional tumblr whore

No. 187199

Can kind of relate, even though im not attracted to Richard, that's basically how i feel about a certain actor who was really attractive when he was younger. Hurts that ill never have him lmao.

No. 187203

he's ugly, looks like a caveman

No. 187204

File: 1621788855262.gif (1.95 MB, 400x224, tumblr_o2e7m8NMoM1uvtpv2o1_400…)

He looks like a humble, shy angel here.

No. 187205

The cheekbones and eyebrows make him look botched to me idk

No. 187207

File: 1621790299483.jpeg (388.31 KB, 1125x836, FB42F7A2-4584-40C2-9ACB-D6EC55…)

lol anon, i know how you feel about wanting to fuck a dude but never marry him, and dreaming of having a sex robot of him. i need me a 1968 lennon sexbot (because i’m quirky)

No. 187208

Even with his rank breath? Gross

No. 187209

the fact that he smelled like wet leather and had his teeth rotting out of his skull isn't turning you off?

No. 187216

your crazy

No. 187223

her crazy what?

No. 187231

File: 1621800869393.gif (607.78 KB, 320x240, KADday.gif)

Unacceptable. Go to the naughty stool with Epstein-chan, Saville-chan and think about what you did. Bad anon, bad.

No. 187234

this. who in their right mind would want a universally known smelly person

No. 187235

Would a bad body odor stop you from fucking your personal 10/10? Didn't think so.

No. 187249

Massive kek for the drawn together reference anon

No. 187251

File: 1621809288156.png (793.37 KB, 841x693, 1620954035704.png)

He kinda looks like one of those "Single men in your area" ads, kek (Not dunking on him, I like him too)

No. 187270

File: 1621820408195.jpeg (91.78 KB, 633x800, 04271C6A-B19E-46B8-82FF-E1D848…)

feed nana

No. 187281

Go back to tumblr

No. 187304

I don't know why I thought this was rdj at first

No. 187307

File: 1621834586340.jpg (64.74 KB, 397x438, Gowron.jpg)

Klingon forehead

No. 187367

Nta, but yes, because if he can't wash himself he's not 10/10

No. 187406

File: 1621881818144.jpg (102.49 KB, 1469x828, ordinarysausage.jpg)

Lets sausage!

No. 187417

File: 1621890229986.jpg (90.29 KB, 500x392, kacz_030.jpg)

>wanting to fuck a renowned smelly serial killer
>it's not teddy kaczynski
for shame, anon. just joking, i am way more autistic about ted kaczynski so you do you

No. 187424

File: 1621893804160.gif (8.58 MB, 540x400, tumblr_60c40b4a30462933d00625c…)

I'm sure he already has a following on tumblr or some shit lol but I found him really cute, kind of wanted to kiss him

No. 187425

File: 1621893892681.gif (377.94 KB, 490x290, tumblr_lnn1d04mjL1ql6i76o1_500…)

scared boy

No. 187426

I love it when guys are afraid.

No. 187429

File: 1621894963350.jpg (71.41 KB, 287x425, i8mot2ywdut41.jpg)

I love my neofolk-fashion-trendsetter/terrorist husbando

No. 187432

cute who is he?

No. 187436

File: 1621897705643.jpeg (119.22 KB, 500x346, ted.jpeg)

based ted appreciator. he was a skinny manlet and i love him all the more for it.
nta but it's ted kaczynski

No. 187440

i guess ethan hawke is typically regarded as good looking, especially when he was younger, but i've never found him particularly attractive until I stumbled upon his "what's in my bag" video with amoeba from 2 years ago

he comes across so charming, genuine, knowledgeable, and passionate about music and it's completely captivating. the level of authenticity feels so rare for such a high-caliber celebrity to show, he really seems like a cool guy and it made me really attracted to him lmao. could watch him talk about anything for hours

No. 187446

File: 1621911079029.jpeg (89.48 KB, 817x817, 08FC580B-56F5-426A-B697-17B0FB…)

rewatching iron man 2 I am once again reminded of my desires for Sam Rockwell

No. 187450

You know there are like a million native guys in Canada that look just like that right

No. 187464

File: 1621920200122.jpg (211.43 KB, 1155x1921, Screenshot_20170213-073301.jpg)

why is this whole thread just people wanting to fuck tucker carlson
anyway im putting alex jones here not necessarily because he's my type in any capacity i just want to know. i want to know so badly what this man fucks like. he's fucking insane and i live for it. i have to know if he's really bill hicks. we gotta go undercover. i'm on a mission

No. 187470

Out of all serial killers I thought Kaczynski was the only one deserving of some sympathy until I learned that when his girlfiend decided to call it quits he started posting nasty notes about her, all over their shared workplace, for everyone to see. Nasty enough that his own brother fired him when he refused to stop doing that. If he were a young man today, he'd 100% run with the incel crowd.

No. 187482

I feel really bad but I really like the singer in this video

No. 187489

Would anyone be interested in a trashy hot men thread? Like the trashy lady boners sub on reddit altho I hate that name. Does anyone else find crackheads hot?

No. 187494

Wouldn’t that just fall under unconventional attractions? That we have

No. 187511

Oh right his ‘limericks’ lmao. Somehow the way he responded to her breaking up with him (I don’t even think she was his gf but they had gone on a few qt dates) is so autistic that it only makes him more endearing to me kek. But yeah he was definitely a proto-incel of sorts, although not as violently misogynistic- and at least he wrote her an apology letter later.

No. 187543

God yes. Had it bad for him ever since Charlie's Angels.

No. 187544

File: 1621957613700.jpg (60.21 KB, 586x552, y2k-rapper.jpg)

producer/rapper Y2K is… intriguing

No. 187551

File: 1621960356049.jpg (142.31 KB, 1280x720, wawawa.jpg)

Mommy y2k

No. 187577

File: 1621963624482.jpg (212.57 KB, 1200x1200, ted-kaczynski-578450-1-420.jpg)

Ted is a top tier cutie as well. Even as an old wrinkly man there's still something about him. Has a spark in his eyes and looks like he could see right through you. Unfortunately Richard aged like pure shit.

No. 187854

File: 1622013014699.png (32.34 KB, 160x131, SAMURAI SWORD & MAYO - SUPERME…)

the superior tucker

No. 187859

It’s not his fault that he was MKULTRA-ed while in college. He is a terrorist but I have some sympathy for him because they had a part in turning him into one.

No. 187861

File: 1622014842467.jpeg (45.24 KB, 400x500, 2FF645AB-FF66-42CE-A713-97495B…)

I bet he was legitimately handsome when he was younger.

No. 187866

having the hots for abraham lincoln is hilarious anon i love it

No. 187869

File: 1622017292410.jpeg (902.36 KB, 1709x2655, lf.jpeg)

This is the youngest pic I could find. He mostly just looks like Bill Nye. Do you also simp for Bill Nye, anon?

No. 187887

File: 1622034011008.jpeg (122.28 KB, 828x1440, 454B792E-E386-4A81-8EB2-E5C9A9…)

I feel it anon. I just want to hit it once to know. I feel like he would say alex Jones esque things in bed though and probably be incredibly degrading

No. 187888

I think if Abe wasn’t a skeletor he’d fill out nicely.

He has such intense facial features that being so skinny makes him look older.

No. 187902

File: 1622038567508.jpg (116.59 KB, 400x400, chandler.jpg)

sid from ice age looking ass…

No. 187905

He grew his beard because a girl wrote to him and told him women like a man with whiskers, kek. Ain't that cute?

No. 187938

He’s actually kinda attractive compared to most U.S presidents. At least he was tall. But that skin….I know skincare was nonexistent in the 19th century but still.

No. 188020

File: 1622072101050.jpeg (49.13 KB, 600x397, 02A28C3E-2737-411A-8BFC-A1099B…)

James Buchanan was sexy even with the incel chin but I recently heard he was secretly gay. What a shame

No. 188039

File: 1622079861069.png (218.01 KB, 498x562, 14asd.png)

Adding one more… Young Nixon was psycho-hot

No. 188185

File: 1622138309786.jpg (39.36 KB, 341x512, unnamed.jpg)

He's a narcissistic cheating POS but ugh I'm attracted to him

No. 188226

>that look just like that
Show me one (1) who looks just like Richard.

No. 188243

File: 1622152330811.png (1.77 MB, 1939x1121, fares fares bacho.png)

bacho from chernobyl. one of the soliders tasked with shooting all the stray cats and dogs in the area. I like how he's compassionate towards the animals, warning the other soilider to not let the dogs suffer. he's a strong man doing a hard job and he deserves a blowjob from me. I love his massive nose too

No. 188246

File: 1622152697741.png (872.87 KB, 1575x1166, jared harris valery legasov.pn…)

samefag but valery legasov also deserves a blowjob for his monumental effort and self sacrifice. I was so horny while watching this show even for men I'd usually find gross. anyone find that during certain times in their cycle (for me right before I have my period) their taste in men becomes way broader than usual and men they'd usually find revolting become fuckable?

No. 188257

File: 1622155846534.jpeg (235.52 KB, 1071x1500, 3A19C8FD-AF40-409B-9D95-C8C8E1…)

This guy, speaking of Chernobyl

No. 188259

File: 1622156279614.jpg (18.66 KB, 564x423, original.jpg)

i hate david lynch and his stupid movies but i want to fuck his character in twin peaks

No. 188263

File: 1622158300731.jpg (95.33 KB, 1097x774, DxcyvctXQAA068R.jpg)

It cannot be overstated how attractive I find Boris Karloff.

No. 188271

He was hot as lane in mad men, too

No. 188281

This dude looks like sad Russian Bubbles
Ngl tho I’d fuck him too.

No. 188282

Ramirez is a supreme smelly uggo and all you whores have been memed into being attracted to him.

No. 188284

File: 1622178847826.jpeg (276.66 KB, 828x606, DAD0DB68-E85B-4C02-852D-C7E551…)

Billionaire hedge fund daddy, fulfils the only
Purpose of a man which is to
Provide, and he looks like he smells really good. He is the only man i have been attracted to in the past year.

No. 188293

File: 1622189736675.png (157.13 KB, 347x596, unknown.png)

Hi bestie
I'm a sinner so I'd just fuck him in any iteration.

No. 188313

File: 1622207097033.jpg (34.18 KB, 700x394, gc.jpg)

my italian husbando…

No. 188342

File: 1622217074146.jpg (43.55 KB, 1086x652, Bolsonaro-vai-ao-velorio-de-Al…)

fascist husbando
>In a June 2011 interview with Playboy, Bolsonaro said that "I would be incapable of loving a gay son", and added that he would prefer any gay son of his "to die in an accident".

No. 188354

File: 1622219335252.jpeg (83.03 KB, 602x346, 5ABD648A-9881-44CA-8E76-F48B91…)

lol i was just about to post him. he was more attractive when younger

No. 188355

File: 1622219553549.jpeg (923.2 KB, 1948x2493, 0E2230EF-496C-456D-8E9A-6BBAAB…)

also young gaddafi too if we’re talking about extreme political figures

No. 188364

File: 1622221741269.jpg (163.23 KB, 900x1251, 754385459843750435435.jpg)

Damn. Men really do age like milk, never would've expected him to have been hot. He looks like he could've been an early leading man.

No. 188367

File: 1622221903673.jpg (101.2 KB, 417x1024, 8940358493085435346.jpg)

Speaking of political figures holy shit, look at young Netanyahu. Model material

No. 188373

File: 1622223344515.jpg (123.07 KB, 976x549, mj.jpg)

young moon jae-in was cute

No. 188383

Never would have guessed this was him holy shit

No. 188386

Damn, Bibi got back

No. 188408

Holy fuck

No. 188428

File: 1622250438363.jpeg (84.83 KB, 634x775, 35148CAA00000578-3633264-Anima…)

No. 188430

noooooo nonny love yourself

No. 188628

He loves his dead gay son!

No. 188643

File: 1622359102642.jpeg (103.97 KB, 1023x915, 7A8FFEEB-8B19-40B6-A700-BB9DF1…)

well, to any carreyfags I have found a fansite with a massive trove of images!

the site format is obviously outdated as fuck, but the sheer amount of pics and how long the collections date back, how theyre sorted so meticulously, how they covered so many appearances, events and shoots, surprised me. I did not expect to find this at all kek


No. 188652

He's cute, verging on adowable

No. 188653

God my vagina dries out and falls off just by looking at his pathetic punchable face. Not to mention his whiny ass voice, and his weak degrading body. Dude can't even lift a grape without tearing a muscle, how is tf he gonna throw you around in bed? He wouldn't even fuck you, just whore you out on onlyfans like he does to his poor wife.

No. 188655

I wonder why playboy was interviewing him, that seems so random

No. 188657

File: 1622365334873.jpeg (98.51 KB, 774x1200, 0AE6F6B0-079A-4755-AD84-BEEDF0…)

Zoned out during a zoom course today and couldn’t stop daydreaming about…. auditioning to be this man’s wife. I have a bad habit of romanticizing and this was a wake up call because damn that’s too much crazy even for me kek

No. 188659

File: 1622367794543.jpg (146.05 KB, 1200x675, 1_PAY-Nicole-Kidman-overjoyed-…)

>wanting to be his wife

But he was really hot and is apparently super nice in person so I don't blame you for the general fantasy kek

No. 188660

he was honestly so hot, especially blonde. too bad he's such a nutter

No. 188667

Unironically I like Nicole Kidman so it’s like “girl snap out of it” because of those pics after the divorce was finalized kek. If Scientology didn’t get their claws into him, he would be super high value material because everyone likes him. That cult ruins everything.

No. 188679

It's strange reading this opinion everywhere, a lot of anons share it. I think he's pretty obviously a narc. I don't believe he was groomed.

No. 188682

File: 1622382921219.png (418.3 KB, 1000x562, 3e4e079c315f3eee50db77c309fdd1…)


No. 188739

Oh he’s definitely a narc but they used that to get him by treating him like a demigod

No. 188770

Is he really that unconventional looking? I've always thought he was really cute, especially his lips for some reason.

No. 188860

File: 1622464975692.jpg (14.78 KB, 284x359, alessandro-juliani-01.jpg)

I thought I'd post him here because well…he let himself go a little lol. He used to be a snack though

No. 188891

File: 1622470816820.jpg (47.82 KB, 800x802, wtf is wrong w me.jpg)

I'm always saying I need to raise my standards so I hate that I still find quackity really cute. No I definitely don't mean his personality as I'm more mature now to recognize that due to his career and environment he'll definitely be a manchild for the rest of his life. From what I gather his ego is definitely more inflated now considering how much his fans thirst over his attractiveness and gas him up. Some of which are really pretty girls with no self-esteem apparently kek.
It might lowkey come down to me liking hispanic guys because shamefully I would go for him if he wasn't on YT.

No. 188892

This looks like a butch girl. Who is he

No. 188893

he's a Youtuber called quackity

No. 188904

File: 1622480244603.jpeg (25.51 KB, 383x594, images - 2021-06-01T005717.367…)

Young fidel castro. I feel horrible lmao

No. 188919

File: 1622486262793.png (338.25 KB, 640x325, bc.png)

Don't touch that… mouse
You're watching Badlands Chugs

No. 188921

Hm you might have a point, I think butch girls (and even ftm troons sometimes) are cute.

No. 188941

lmao I kind of understand this. he's ugly but seems sweet

No. 188943

File: 1622496009878.jpg (122.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

He exudes wholesome dad energy and the way he screams at literally every little jump scare during dark rides and haunted houses is cute. 10/10 unconventional male

No. 188965

File: 1622503940881.png (232.07 KB, 715x462, Tyler-In.png)

He's attractive like a Disney princess version of an indie boy. But mostly it's his mannerisms that are so soothing and charming. He's unbearably delightful. (Ghosthoney on tiktok)

No. 188967

Is he the guy that always talks with a really low and light voice?

No. 188990

I love him but I also low key hate him because him and his partner seem to have such a beautiful home and life