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No. 183281

Previous thread: >>154681

No. 183283

File: 1620027654948.jpg (141.97 KB, 581x1033, pin1.jpg)

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File: 1620027746425.jpg (306.09 KB, 800x1127, pin2.jpg)

No. 183286

File: 1620028254625.jpg (173.5 KB, 750x818, pin3.jpg)

No. 183287

Nailed the Gypsy beggar style

No. 183306

File: 1620041854131.jpg (84.08 KB, 500x623, moon kana chan.jpg)

I still like Moon Kana photoshoots and am into this type of fashion

would like to embody similar vibe in everyday outfits, without replicating stuff 1:1

No. 183307

File: 1620041919511.jpg (1.18 MB, 1000x1534, 208444.jpg)

No. 183308

File: 1620042033423.jpg (203.68 KB, 1024x1366, 20cba3ea-5962-4929-a916-22017f…)

not moon kana, but this is also pretty nice

No. 183366

File: 1620066468536.jpg (111.07 KB, 450x670, 94932_448191_281460.jpg)

Does anyone have a pleated skirt like this? How do you ensure that it remains the same shape?

No. 183369

You don't really have to do anything, even if you iron it it will stay that way

No. 183370

If it's a fabric like that the other anon is right, you don't really have to do anything and it will usually keep its shape.
With sturdier natural fabrics you might want to iron the pleats in the proper place after washing the skirt in order to keep them that way. Either way, the pleats on long skirts like that will be less tight/noticeable towards the bottom just because it moves around more and needs the extra width to accomodate to your legs and stuff while walking. But there's no real way around that.

No. 183375

Oh good to know!! I always assumed that you had to painstakingly recreate the folds and iron them. That was the only thing holding me back from buying one

No. 183377

File: 1620071270310.png (177.3 KB, 333x447, 3 3 13.png)

I love reformation and love and lemons type dresses but they are so pricey. I am wondering if anyone found a way to buy similar dresses for much cheaper. I am not spending over 100$ for a dress I can only wear on occasions.

No. 183378

ebay and thrifting, bro

No. 183379

I'm not familiar with the brand but I'm pretty sure you can find similiar styles to the dress in pic on stores like asos or zalando etc. If you want it to be Reformation specifically you can try your hand at 2nd hand clothing, online it's pretty easy to find the brands you're specifically looking for, or maybe outlet shopping.

No. 183382

I tried to use depop but had no luck as people who sell their dresses second hand always want over hundred dollars for something they wore and rip the tag off?
Have you used asos and zalando before?

No. 183383

why would anyone use depop? look for it on ebay

No. 183386

Aliexpress, just google "love and lemons aliexpress dupe" and a bunch of people have usually already put together links on places like Reddit.

No. 183387

Depop is still pretty overpriced most of the time. If you want truly cheap secondhand clothes you need to go to secondhand sites that aren't exclusively for fashion, especially trendy fashion. I use European sites so idk what to recommend besides Ebay but basically the more literal garbage you have to sift through before you find something you like the higher the chances of getting what you want for dirt cheap.
On sites like Depop most people who use it will already be aware of how much they can ask for their stuff. Big generic sites is where people who are clueless about the secondhand value of their items go. IRL thrift stores are the same way, it's the difference between Goodwill and a place calling itself a 'vintage boutique'.

No. 183388

ebay plaform is cancer to go through and it's why I never gone through it.

No. 183395

This only looks passable on her because she has a pretty face.

No. 183396

This doesn't even look like it was meant to be an outfit, she looks homeless

No. 183423

does "cancer" just mean "not cool and pretty like depop"? yeah baby, you and everyone else thinks that, that's why stuff is 5x the price on depop. Depop sellers legit buy stuff off ebay to sell on depop and make 5x their money, that's how cheap ebay is. Like do you think depoppers just find all that cool stuff themselves? No, they mostly buy it off of ebay, take nicer pictures, and resell. It's a legitimate service because finding the good stuff on ebay takes time most people dont have. But if you want to cut out the middleman go to ebay yourself. Basically on depop ypure always paying the "cool tax".

Ebay hints: in the search sidebar tick "buy it now" only because auctions suck, restrict it to your region to remove international results, and be prepared to scroll like 100 pages. Ypu can try using the search's size filters and stuff but most ebay sellers dont use them right so I wouldn't.

No. 183426

This. It's a sacrifice you need to be willing to make; either you spend the time and effort needed to scroll through a huge amount of listings in exchange for possibly finding a gem, or you decide it's not worth the effort for you and you buy from more expensive but also more user friendly sites.
Yeah, it can suck, but basically everything that makes ebay sucky, like the search filters being useless and half of the listings being the same chinese stock photos, is also what makes it such a promising place to look.
Personally I'm the type to scan every single page for hours on end because the thrill of finding good shit is worth it to me. I can't stand the thought that what I want could be just around the corner so I can do that shit for a really long time. It's really a matter of personal preference, you either have convenience but at a higher price, or a pain in the ass website for a lower price. Either is fine, but if you're outright asking for places to look and then dismissing the most viable options there isn't much else to do about it.

No. 183442

No reformation for you then I guess

No. 183444

I don't understand why you'd say that, I had more troubles looking for what I wanted on depop when I tried it than when I used ebay even 10 years ago lol

No. 183466


Uh no. I have used ebay for work and I have looked there before. I am not a fan of it. Depop is easier if you know how to use their search, it's not a cooler than ebay. It's a fucking website ffs. I don't like shifting through Ebay's layout and through million of stock photos. Not to mention, bidding is something I genuinely don't have time for because I have a life. Most of their listing is bidding if they are not bidding they around the same price on depop only some of the ebay listing are just straight stocks. That is my criticism.

Depop has a better layout and easier to deal with basic things like messaging. I can't imagine scrolling a shit load through ebay. Sure, ebay has them like what maybe 40$ cheaper but I don't have the time to win bids.

No. 183476

File: 1620132633376.jpg (82.3 KB, 571x745, 40c7ab86-79e3-4d6e-a56d-e1c681…)

…ok? So you won't use ebay because it's ugly and not fun? We know that, you said that already. But why are you asserting that ebay isn't much cheaper than depop, when at the same time saying you won't scroll through ebay? If you haven"t done the scrolling, you haven"t found the deals. There's no need to look at auctions, literally filter them out. Like, take the advice or don't, but don't call other people wrong when you literally don't know what you're talking about.

I'm sensing though that the real issue here is that you are shopping on your phone only, in which case, stop doing that or expect a shitty time. In addition to the "cool tax" on depop you're also paying the "people who only use they phone" tax. Yeah the ebay app is probably crap lmao I wouldn't know. Being an adult, I use websites and not apps.

The simple logic is, it's easier for people to list something on ebay and more unpleasant for buyers on ebay, therefore there's more sellers and fewer buyers and prices are therefore lower. The opposite is true on depop.

No. 183478


Hey then pay for internet and a computer for me. Yeah please go ahead

No. 183483

Nta but god that wasn't the point and you know it.

No. 183488

what is that supposed to mean? You are shopping for clothes online, you obviously have some disposable income, buy it your own damn self. Hey guess where you can get a good working used computer for dirt cheap?? ebay!! or literally anywhere!! A 5+ year old working laptop can be got for like $50 on ebay/craigslist with a little patience. If you keep spending money on depop instead of getting a real computer that's on you.

Funny that I hit the truth though…thank god for people who only use their phones to shop, everyone gets to gouge them blind cause they're so god damn stupid.

No. 183489

File: 1620136486203.jpg (33.1 KB, 390x585, 2e935f1367982f50725238ddd761a1…)

No. 183496

Does anyone else find that the clothes that should fit them in theory doesn't suit them at all? I have a pear shaped body and I read everywhere that I should avoid tight fitting jeans and opt for looser and straight cut ones and today I tried some mom jeans on for the first time and it just accentuated my unflattering lower half even more. I feel like skinny or slim fit ones suit me the best…am I a mutant pear or somthing?

No. 183497

Where do you go to shop for clothes that aren't 'fast fashion', both on a budget and if money isn't an issue?

No. 183507

What kind of style are you into?
I shop a lot on Etsy and thrift online (but not on Depop like that other dumbass)

No. 183508

Maybe the fruit shape-theory is just flawed in the first place? I always thought it was strange to categorize all women's bodies in just a handful of shapes.

budget: 2nd hand, not sure if it's possible to shop sustainabe/non-fast fashion on a tight budget.
money isn't an issue: There's (designer) brands like Stella McCartney, Reformation and Armed Angels that are sustainable. Here's a helpful website to find brands: https://www.fairify.io/ You can search for a brand and it has a rating + report on why it is/n't sustainable.

I must say, the label sustainable always remains a bit, uncertain? I can't find the right word. For example, Acne Studios is claimed to be sustainable because it's part of the Fair Wear Foundation which ensures that labor standards are high and adhered to but at the same time they're not transparant about what factories they're using. Often times a brand is sustainable or is working towards more sustainable practices in one area, for example paying living wages for their workers while neglecting other areas for example environmental impact.

No. 183520

The "thrift/shop second hand" is probably getting annoying to hear because it's recommended so often but it's great. If you know where to look and don't mind patience you can great deals. I do 90% of my second hand shopping online and have gotten beautiful pieces that are well constructed and made from nice natural fibers at Zara and H&M prices. It's great.

No. 183524

>What kind of style are you into?
I'm trying to figure that out. I'm about to hit 30 and have been losing a bunch of weight that I gained a few years ago so I'd like to start caring about what I wear + dressing age-appropriately. Stuff like turtlenecks, flannel, more vintage-style dresses that cinch at the waist oh god I have no idea where to even begin
This is extremely helpful info; thanks anon! Are there any red or white flags to look for?

No. 183530


I had no idea people did this tbh. those bastards. I've personally had no issue with ebay, I also encounter less issues with ebay sellers over depop. no one on ebay has ever told me they can't post my item cause their bf broke up with them and they're depressed.

No. 183577

NTA, but maybe you could afford a computer more easily if you didn't waste your money on clothes from ebay that have been marked up 500% on Depop.

No. 183586

File: 1620161622471.jpg (233.93 KB, 1200x1409, GettyImages-1265696338.jpg)

I really miss low rise pants. I know many people find them trashy but I find them a lot more comfortable than high and mid rise. I wear harem pants down low around the house but I was wondering if any of you nonas have found some good quality low rise that could be worn in public (besides thrifting/ebay)? Whenever I search for low rise I only get results for high waist pants and I hate that shit, but I know it has to exist somewhere because picrel is recent and doesn't look thrifted.

No. 183610

The pants those women are wearing are designed to be high or mid rise, you can tell by the length of the crotch seam and the fabric bunching up at the ankle. They're just wearing a bigger size and styled them to sit low at the hips to get that relaxed silhouette. The woman on the right has even folded the waistband over (a risky choice imo, if the rest of the look isn't well-coordinated a folded waistband is going to look really frumpy. The outfit in the pic is tied together by the crisp white shirt, clean trainers, fairly delicate jewellery, fresh hair/makeup, and a bangin body, that's why it works).

Just get a pair of classic cut jeans or trousers with a wider waist than your actual measurements, let them sit where they would naturally fall around the width of your hips. The beige trousers in the pic look like Dickies which are affordable, lightweight work pants. I recommend you reach for the men's section.

No. 183611

Also, this look is straight out of the 90's and would be really easy to thrift.

No. 183612

I love low rise too, I have hated high waisted clothes since about 2010 when those high waisted skinnies started appearing. I don't know why people think they're flattering, but maybe just because I think my body shape suits low rise better. Even in normal jeans I always tug them down a bit lower so they're not riding up my back.

No. 183634

low rise makes torsos look too long imo

No. 183636

Thank you anon, I don't know why I'm so retarded I didn't think of just measuring where I'd like them to sit and ordering a bigger size. The only reason I didn't want to thrift is the pandemic, but that's also retarded because you would wash used clothes before wearing them anyway.
I agree. High waist doesn't work on my proportions either. I think you can pull them off if you have a long torso because it's supposed to give you the illusion of longer legs? But my torso is shorter and my legs are long so the high waist makes me look like all-legs Peter Griffin.

No. 183637

I've long legs compared to my torso, so it makes me look very odd I think.

No. 183646

File: 1620189246377.jpg (163.3 KB, 750x758, lucy liu.jpg)

What brand is the shirt she's wearing/where could I buy one?

No. 183649

Facebook sales groups, Poshmark, subscribe to email list and wait for the sales on sales. I shop pretty frequently from For Love and Lemons. There are brands I would spend $300+ on a dress on. For Love and Lemons is not one of them. Wait for those sales.

No. 183654

Is it possible to pull off a midi skirt plus flats combo without looking frumpy or matronly?

No. 183658

File: 1620194549418.jpeg (132.09 KB, 750x1125, B394987E-38AF-4B37-8552-B2700A…)

I think so and I hope so. pic related is the look I'm hoping to achieve myself lately so it's funny you'd say that. I guess by being modest it could be seen as matronly but I think it's cute and feminine on a young woman or anyone confident enough to put in effort. To me depends on the skirt and what it's paired with. Look at pictures like this one on pinterest and pay attention to what makes them different than the frumpy versions.

No. 183662

File: 1620195633188.jpeg (111.35 KB, 748x748, 1615269110932.jpeg)


As much as I hate to say it, the only way to truly look fashionable in a skirt like that is to be anachan-tier skinny and have the right proportions to "pull it off". I still wear them regardless, but since I'm tall and a healthy weight for my height I always have people assuming I'm a mother (at 19). Ymmv though, of course

No. 183666

I think it helps a lot when they're high waisted like this. A skit sitting at your hips and stopping mid-calf isn't very flattering (unless someone is very tall), but you achieve a longer looking silhouette with this style.

No. 183671

File: 1620198294670.jpg (326.34 KB, 1200x1800, Juny-Breeze-Vintage-Paris_9E6A…)

Yes, it's the materials, silhouettes and accessories you go for that are going to determine the vibe. Either lace up flats or Mary Janes with a low heel and narrow, square toe will look the most stylish while also being comfortable imo. Pic rel is just an idea to bounce off of.

No. 183673

This doesn't look good imo.. And it's not the modesty that makes it matronly/frumpy, it's the style of the skirt, the way it sits nearly below her boobs and the slit, the cardigan, the accessoiries, the colours.

Midi-skirts are difficult to pull of because they cut off the calves which is unflattering on most people. It's easier to just go all the way with a maxi skirt that ends just above the ankles.

No. 183692

everything about this from the colors, materials, cut, styling and accessorize is frumpy. the cherry on top is her hair cut and posture.

No. 183693

File: 1620214522432.jpg (382.9 KB, 1333x2000, P_688988317TM.jpg)

Could this skirt work with white sneakers and a simple, short sleeved white T-shirt? If I was going for a more leisurely look

No. 183694

Also, the skirt is dark blue, although in the pic it looks black

No. 183695

No. 183698

I fucking love that skirt. I want one in faded black and style it with band tees.

No. 183704

File: 1620223562897.jpg (58.88 KB, 600x600, 530793-04.jpg)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but:

I'm a US size small/dress size 4 and looking to buy my first two piece swimsuit ever. I love pic related, but the size chart is throwing me off, especially because I haven't worn j-fashion in years.

I'd feel safer buying size L than size M, especially because I'm tall and don't want to risk it being too tight whatsoever.
It says size L is 85-88cm bust, 92-100cm hips, and 64cm waist for the skirt. Isn't the waist a little small in comparison to the other measurements? Does this seem like it would have stretch to accommodate ~2 extra cm?

I'm just confused because I'm pretty sure my bust and hip measurements are actually smaller, but my waist is probably around 66. I can't imagine myself being an LL, even in Japanese sizing…

Sorry for the stupid question, I have no experience with buying swimsuits.

No. 183707

Well, if it's swimwear, it should be that stretchy plasticy material so I think you could take a smaller size. The measurements you listed seem pretty crazy, I'm sure it's stretchy

No. 183708

>Does this seem like it would have stretch
>Isn't the waist a little small in comparison to the other measurements?
I think that's because the waistband seems to be made from faux/plu leather, which is non-stretch. The material around the bust and hips does seem to be made from stretchy fabric so it makes sense there's more allowance there. To be certain, what does it say it's made from on the website?

Still if you suck in your stomach a little you may be able to just squeeze in the excess 2 centimeters, it's not a whole lot extra.

No. 183711

File: 1620225868808.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x600, 530793-d03.jpg)

Thanks for the input, anons! It's 84% polyester, 16% polyurethane. I'm planning on losing maybe 5-10lb anyway so maybe my waist will shrink by summer either way, but I don't want to fully bank on that in case I fail at dieting.


Well, I'm a bit over 5'7. I have one swimsuit from this brand that's like a mini dress, and it does indeed cover my butt! (It's a size L and fit me at a higher weight, but more stretchy than this looks.)

The top and bottom aren't connected, it just looks that way because of the hanging straps. It's a 3 piece (top, skirt, and a typical swimsuit bottom), so if it's a bit short, I'd probably just buy bottoms that are like black shorts to put underneath the skirt.

No. 183714

>It's 84% polyester, 16% polyurethane
Plu leather is made from polyster and polyurethane so yeah I think it's safe to assume that the skirt's waistband is non-stretch.

No. 183715

File: 1620226460384.png (2.82 MB, 1200x1200, 5f80009b99ebc187a17b0fbea88484…)

What are these types of jackets called and where can I get one?

No. 183719

bomber jacket with uh satin material? Someone correct me.

No. 183720

Those are (baseball) bomberjackets. Not sure where you could get one with that kind of embroidery though.

No. 183723

Scrolling by I thouht this was some kind of S&M lingerie lol

No. 183725

Samefag, actually I think the satin ones with the Japanese-themed embroidery are actually called sukajan jackets. If you're down for second hand, you can easily find them on etsy by searching for sakujan or embroidered bomberjackets.

No. 183727

Thanks, I was searching for bowling jackets with embroidery for some reason.

No. 183729

I don't think so; look at that photo, it's the normal stretchy swimsuit material, see how non rigid it looks and how the waistband looks

No. 183736

I want to buy some litas secondhand, what’s a decent price for them? I never usually buy things used.

No. 183743

There’s a girl I went to high school with who goes to a big fashion school, and I was looking at her ig and other people from her school- but like, their style is no different from any other zoomer? I just found that sad

No. 183762

It's called fashion because it's trendy. I'd expect people in fashion school to most closely follow current trends.
I think you've confused fashion for an art, it's not, it's just an industry.

No. 183814

File: 1620252485025.jpg (535.02 KB, 1920x2623, s20_01_a01_78185_1275_on_a.jpg)

If you wanna wear sneakers I'd recommend high top converse. A white top would work if you go for something with fine details, maybe a slightly cropped, form-fitting knit tee. I think a bit of statement jewelry like chunky hoop earrings and delicate layered necklaces would make it more interesting

No. 183916

I don't have anything to add to the discussion on the cut of the skirt, but the outfit on the left in this pic is so cute

No. 183985

Do any of you use Vinted for 2nd hand shopping? What do 1-star system reviews that say (roughly translated): Automatic evalution, the sale has failed mean? Like what happened there? A seller I want to buy something from has like 6 of those automatic reviews and then 1 5-star review from an actual buyer.

No. 184000

Thank you for the tips!!

No. 184019


Sneakers look good with this length too. Something like AF1 low-tops with a slight platform. Sandals work too. Ballet flats are really dopey looking and hard to pull off in general unless you're a gigastacy imo

No. 184273

I don't use Vinted, but Mercari has something similar to what you are describing and it usually means that the other party in the sale waited too long to rate the item and the website needs to give the buyer and seller an automated rating so they can receive their funds. This is just my best guess at what it could be.

No. 184914

File: 1620728161764.jpg (329.54 KB, 1900x2533, 8909D-99X-003_8.jpg)

Guys what kind of outfits would work with these kind of shoes? Could they work with a skirt, despite being masculine? It'd be for work btw, but I thought about buying the nude version too for casual wear. They are so comfy

No. 184915

File: 1620728230602.jpg (212.44 KB, 1900x2533, 8909D-02X-002_9.jpg)

This is the nude version

No. 184918

Yeah you can pull of a skirt easy, just maybe not super girly flowy ones. I imagine anything suitable for work would be fine with them, especially if you wear black stockings since that kinda hides the more masculine style of the top of them.

No. 184926

I think they work with any skirt that has slightly sharp features (as opposed to flowing or frilly)

No. 184929

File: 1620735900271.jpg (13.94 KB, 370x560, 724285_98f.jpg)

Are A-line skirts considered matronly?

No. 184970

Depends on how you style them and length. The one in pic isn't matronly imo.

No. 185013

File: 1620755260619.jpg (29.33 KB, 332x499, 51mAGa KJwL._SX330_BO1,204,203…)

i can't look at these jackets without being reminded of the legion of mediocre men who bought the Drive jacket in the early 2010's because they thought they were Ryan Gosling's character.

No. 185014

File: 1620755392594.jpg (64.37 KB, 680x726, virgin.jpg)

fem!virgin cosplay

No. 185156

File: 1620788904997.jpeg (22.29 KB, 315x410, 2A4F9679-35D6-4506-A3D0-326666…)

I liked wearing loose pants today like pic related (but they weren't high waist). The ones I have are hand-me-downs and have some flaws however. I wanna get more, I'm wondering are there other names for these? Any stores you recommend?

Please don't say straight or wide leg unless you're sure, but I don't think it's the same fit. My problem is having kinda wide hips and thighs so straight leg for example looks bad on me. Too tight in that region when I really like it loose all over! Just not too broad like wide leg.

No. 185159

File: 1620789223793.jpeg (41.29 KB, 700x855, 667B3C63-5866-4664-A12C-716079…)

Also these are cool. I'm iffy about the bunched bottoms, they're cool but might look weird unless worn with clunky shoes. Not sure about the low crotch region either (sorry forget what it's called lol). Both styles remind me of Kim Possible lol even though hers are too puffy and bunched for my taste irl. If you imagine pic related but with a full inseam and non-bunched at the bottom, that's what I liked wearing. K sorry to sperg about pants just wondering how to find more?

No. 185172

File: 1620798356740.png (480.89 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20210512-013553~2.p…)

I think what you're looking for are tapered cargo pants with a relaxed fit. That's what I searched and I found similar pants made by Levi's (pic rel).

You could also consider buying the straight leg cargo pants by Dickies and modifying them into a tapered leg. They're really affordable, durable utility pants and it would be a simple alteration.

No. 185173

I think they're called perbag pants

No. 185174


No. 185175

I have no fucking idea how to dress myself. Even though I'm average weight, I can't really tell what kind of body shape I have? Definitely not apple anyway. God I feel like such a moron. I really wanna escape the fitted shirt + jeans combo, but nothing quite sits on me right. Ahh! What sucks on top of this is now that I have some spare cash to buy clothes, most stores have their fitting rooms closed, and my sizing can be literally anywhere from small to large.

No. 185176

Double post but this kind of relaxed, straight leg trouser with a pin-rolled cuff also looks good with high-top converse.

No. 185178

File: 1620799754515.jpg (454.74 KB, 800x1200, khaki-tessi-high-waist-paperba…)

No, these are paperbag pants, where the waist is gathered in that very specific way.

No. 185180

If you wanna shop online, you can take your measurements and use the size tables to find out what size to order.

No. 185181

Yeah exactly. Adding to that, paperbag pants are a fast fashion trend whereas the other pants are designed to either resemble or be worn as work wear.

No. 185213

File: 1620822690248.jpg (79.87 KB, 618x771, 466a3a3b0f93ccf0d16a620e934bbc…)

I don't know if that's a reach, but am I the only one who noticed a rebirth of Gyaru because of the mainstream Y2K fashion trend? Here are the similarities that I noticed so far
>hibiscus print, like the gyaru brand AlbaRosa
>leg warmers, printed tennis skirts worn with sweatshirts
>shorts and sexy cuts
>spread of the bimbo/paris hilton look with deep fake tans, long overstylized nails, overly pink and sparkly shit
>big "star shaped" fake lashes
>accent on the eye makeup with a weird mix of dolly + fox eyes trends
>shit ton of hair accessories like snap clips, claw clips and hair beads
>sanrio aesthetic going mainstream because of zoomers, from charms to clothing prints

No. 185218

File: 1620827434735.jpg (300.22 KB, 748x1402, Screenshot_20210512-084747_Pin…)

Anons do you think this is too revealing for a white coat ceremony? I want to wear something sexy but nothing to the point my faculty is going to foam at the mouth

No. 185220

>The White Coat Ceremony is a ritual in our medical school which marks the transition from basic medical studies to practical clinical studies in hospitals.
Is it normal to wear kinda 'high fashion' looking clothes to an official ceremony? IMHO it's too sexy and weird to wear it, but I literally just found out what 'white coat ceremony' is, so I may be wrong

No. 185226

Í'm not familiar with white coat ceremonies in particular but I think the top is kind of too much for a formal event/ceremony, it's basically a bikini. Take with grain of salt though.

No. 185227

eeh it looks like high end beach wear to me

No. 185240

I'm siding with the other anons, I don't think this outfit is appropriate for that kind of event. Do you have to wear white? If you wanna look a bit sexy then I would look for something like a midi dress with a side slit, or something with a bit of an exposed back

No. 185242

File: 1620837178184.jpg (235.07 KB, 1280x1920, 00001-JIL-SANDER-RTW-Fall-21.j…)

Lol no, op was right, it is sad. If you had a friend who went to chef school, but they only ever seemed to want to eat mac n cheese, that would be like, weird, right? Not that crazy but it would make you worried about their future in that field?

To succeed in fashion you have to be ahead of trends and able to predict what is coming next. This is literally true in the sense that you need to have things produced 3-6 months before they will be available for sale, so you need to be targeting what will be popular then rather than what's popular now. Or ypu can make trends happen via promotions/placements but that's big companies only. So for you, being "aware of fashion" is knowing what's trendy now, but for someone in fashion, it means being forward-looking, and what i believe op meant was that their friend is not that.

and also…if fashion isn't art to you… maybe you just aren't an artist? Not everyone has to be. But since you apparently think "fashion" means "I will simply put the trendy massproduced apparel on my body" and there's no art involved, im not sure why you are even here, because what do you even discuss about that?

No. 185243

File: 1620837219173.jpeg (129.13 KB, 600x822, EBD68E14-CF79-47B6-8D9E-75820B…)

It’s not a reach. I noticed it too, with zoomers becoming interested in gyaru styles and gal centric media like anime and magazines. I guess it makes sense because of the way jfashion can reflect what goes on across the ocean, and the influences gyaru took on during it’s inceptions in the first place. Gyaru’s also been a bit more popular in scrote/degenerate anime and as a result, the degenerates who consume it (aka weeb zoomers, including nlogs) also want more of it or to emulate it. I think it will reach it’s second peak with either an actual gyaru figure, reference (like in a song), or a new shojo manga focused on a gal becoming popular. But again this seems strictly zoomers, I can’t imagine any regular person over the age of 26 discovering it within this year because of social media and choosing to revamp their entire closet to emulate 00s nostalgia when they likely already dressed normally through that phase at the time. It’s like how with the 90s resurgence we didn’t have people who lived as impressionable young adults at that time participating; either they were already dressing that way still or they were completely over the fads from their younger days.

No. 185247

zoomers love gyaru but theyre hating on ganguro for doing blackface kek

No. 185249

File: 1620838368523.jpg (446.45 KB, 566x860, 03_PressImage-l-Punk-Weekender…)

You're misunderstanding that anon. She's not saying that fashion isn't an art, but that the fashion industry is a commercial industry that makes a profit by capitalizing on current trends. The average person wants to wear what is popular right now, they don't want to go against the grain. The experimental, cutting-edge sector of the fashion world is a niche that's a lot harder to break into by comparison. If the majority of fashion school students are either more interested in making money or not imaginative enough to push the envelope, I don't think that's surprising.

No. 185257

No I get that, but literally to work in fashion at all even for mainstream commercial whatever stuff, you have to be ahead of trends because you have to produce before you can sell. Even in fast fashion that has as little as a 2 month lead time, you want to be targetting what will be trendy 2 months from now. So its not about wanting to push the envelope, it's that predicting future trends is itself the business. Especially as trends are changing ever faster due to internet stuff. Basically saying "well if i want to make money i should make what's currently trendy" is misguided because by the time your stuff gets made in 3-6 months it won't be trendy anymore and it won't even be the same season anymore.

If you mean that someone's gonna be making and selling the same leggings, graphic tees and floral blouses at target forever, well yes, bit i would call that the apparel industry rather than fashion. It is meaningfully different because that kind of thing is way lower margin since there's so many brands competing in the same field, whereas with per-se fashion your margins are waay higher because people will pay more for something new & different.

I think you're missing the space between apparel-industry and haute-couture. I'm not talking about "experimental" or runway fashion, I'm talking about normal fashionforawrd-y midtier clothing brands. Like a designer for zara or aritzia or such would right now be asking "ok, what will be cool next fall/winter so we can start production?" and getting that right is the difficult part.

Also that anon did in fact literally say that fashion is not an art…

No. 185259

indeed, i'm a zoomer who just discovered the gyaru scene and i like it a lot, to me gyaru is this perfect center in between cute and hot. I think my dreamed gyaru look is quite far away from the trad one, but still, i like the makeup and general style a lot. I know it's a meme ref but 2021's yukapee/natalia is unironically a big inspo for me, kek

No. 185262

File: 1620846335368.jpg (335.13 KB, 1298x2048, unknown.jpg)

dropped my gyaru pee pic

No. 185263

Fast fashion literally just copies luxury brands. There is no originality, or staying ahead of trends. You're daft if you think designers at Zara do anything but look at runways and copy what's already trending.

No. 185264

Ok yeah, that makes a lot more sense and I agree that it's an important distinction. Don't low and mid-range clothing brands largely base their collections off of what high-end labels released the previous year? My impression is that trends trickle down in a way that makes trend forecasting a lot more predictable for the designers at aritzia or h&m, and that's partly why luxury brands are shrouded in prestige. It's luxury designers that spot the trend first.

No. 185266

File: 1620847322693.jpg (201.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You're 100% right, fast fashion and mid tier brands don't create trends, they just merely copy them. Sometimes they'll alter the designs to make it more friendly for mass consumption or to avoid getting sued.

No. 185267

This also has me thinking about where trends originate from, and in my biased opinion, the most fashion-forward people with the sharpest eye for aesthetics aren't even fashion designers or celebrities. It's artists or people involved in underground subcultures that have their ear to the street and are interested in experimenting with clothes. Correct me if I'm wrong but this basically describes the origins of Vivienne West for example, and you can see this playing out in the streets of big cities with vibrant artist communities like London and NYC.

No. 185274

I don't want to sound mean but this is like…fashion/art 101. Subcultures and underground artists have always been at the forefront of trend creation.

No. 185322

Wow the “dupes” look like actual garbage

No. 185328

I have a short torso and hate high-waisted things because then it's like I'm boobs + legs. I think it is hard to understand the other side when it comes to preferences about where the waist should sit. It's highly individual and not generational imho. Once you find out what you personally like, you can mitigate the negative aspects of that style.

No. 185330

I knew a guy who raved about this movie, so I watched it. What a collection of tired stereotypes about men and women. Why was this movie so popular?

No. 185333

File: 1620868348980.jpg (26.72 KB, 474x711, cute.jpg)

I super like clogs in theory, they are cute but I have no idea if they'd actually work in an outfit. I knew this pretty and fashionable girl who wore them with a flowy dress, she definitely pulled it off.

No. 185336

Not my style but I'd think the person wearing this is cool. I don't think it looks like a bikini. To me beachwear is made so by the amount of leg and belly and chest you show off at once. A ribcage-height pair of pants and a thick strap top with barely any leg or belly is not beachwear.

No. 185346

ok but can you imagine someone wearing this to an official, work/study related event? Ridiculous

No. 185350

god no. It's really inappropriate.

I'm in a phd program. I'd never show that much skin at any university event, let alone something that should be a celebration of my academic achievement. Do not do it.

No. 185375

I could actually. I don't see why this outfit is inappropriate, when open back dresses were recommended upthread. If that is okay why aren't arms and 5 cm of sternum? Sounds like a bunch of internalized misogyny fueled respectability politics to me.

No. 185382

Before I read the end of your sentence I was 100% thinking 'that would look so cute with a flowy dress'. I wanna get me some, I don't like open toed shoes but they're still summery.

>Sounds like a bunch of internalized misogyny fueled respectability politics to me.
A formal event related to your education or career is not a good place to push the boundaries of what clothes are considered respectable or not. It's not a skimpy or slutty outfit in the least and I can't imagine a woman getting judged for it harshly in most settings, it's just a little too casual and a little too much skin for a ceremony like that. Not the feminist hill I'd want to die on personally.

No. 185386

File: 1620893947999.jpg (134.93 KB, 853x1280, HTB1zbJ2bDjxK1Rjy0Fnq6yBaFXaf.…)

>If that is okay why aren't arms and 5 cm of sternum?
kek, to me it's not about "modesty" at all. It's just that it looks like proper beachwear like picrel. If anon really likes it tho, I don't think it would look shocking, just out of place

No. 185421

Same anon, I have never owned a pair of clogs but have been heavily considering getting some for a few months now

No. 185448

Just because some people recommended "sexy" things for this professional academic event does not mean this is good advice. Wear sexy things at private gatherings. This is a ceremony and career event.

Obviously every woman should wear what she likes. But I don't teach with my midriff showing. I don't wear backless dresses to conferences. That's called dressing appropriately. Not misogyny.

Personally, I would wear a suit to the ceremony. There are stylish choices out there that would be good to wear for presentations in the future or for job interviews.

No. 185458

Are skinny jeans still cool or are they seen as outdated and only something millennials wear?

No. 185462

the latest, esp the high rise ones. They're probably gonna come back in 5 years though kek

No. 185465

>I don't see why this outfit is inappropriate, when open back dresses were recommended upthread
Maybe it's different in your and OP's country, but in mine nobody is wearing open back dresses to academic events…
>Sounds like a bunch of internalized misogyny fueled respectability politics to me.
Are you retarded? Anon can well that thing if she wants, though I think it would be better if she left it for her spare time. In her place I would feel fucking stupid if I came in that while every other woman came dressed in a (more or less appropriate) dress, suit etc. Wear this shit in your free time. Is picking up your diploma really the time to flex your attractiveness/sexuality (don't come at me, anon said she wants to look sexy)? Hell, why do you want to look fuckable during a professional event if you are not a sex worker?
That's like… wtf. Why is not looking pretty/nice not enough for anon? There is time and place for everything, and a ceremony during which you become a doctor isn't a time for that. I feel like if anon wanted to wear a black version of that thing to her grandma's funeral, you would still say it's ~internalized misogyny~ to say it's not appropriate. Not everything is about feminism and empowerment, sometimes others try to help you not to embarrass yourself.
>Personally, I would wear a suit to the ceremony. There are stylish choices out there that would be good to wear for presentations in the future or for job interviews.
Honestly that's also a good idea. A two-piece dress suit also would be nice.

No. 185472

>are they seen as outdated and only something millennials wear?
Yeah, younger people all wear baggy/wider cuts.

No. 185480

what am I supposed to wear to be current if I hate pants that are baggy, especially near my ankle?

No. 185483

Pants that end above the ankle? Or just don't give a fuck and wear skinny jeans

No. 185539

File: 1620939782312.jpg (171.97 KB, 1000x1500, everlanejeansreview.jpg)

I personally still like skinny jeans because I think a lot of my shoes just look better with them. I only wear wider cut pants once in awhile. Try going for a slim, straight leg instead of super skinny? That way you're still sort of on trend with the wider cut, but the jeans still have the slim look you like.

No. 185542

Nta do you think this look works for women with curves? Her legs are so skinny and pretty but I have big thighs, would skinny jeans make me look disproportionate because they stick out? & I'm insecure about my flat butt showing aaa fuck fashion is so much about the figure

No. 185547

Idk but as a skinny and small framed woman these kinds of jeans make me look even smaller in the hips

No. 185560

File: 1620951282274.jpeg (194.17 KB, 1920x1280, E2CB2B17-6F8D-45C8-B139-C4E4B2…)

if this is a big event go big or go home. i think it's appropriate enough, in most places women's dresses show skin. now, if the ceremony involves you wearing a white coat i think the style of flowy pants with a lab-style coat would look bad. maybe a more fitter pantsuit would be better.

No. 185565

I know you were talking about her pants but Jesus Christ those shoes are ugly. Kitten… flats? Eugh.

No. 185593

My thighs are big and straight leg jeans don't look good on me. My thighs bulge through the denim. I think these will only look good if you can find a pair with a wide enough upperthigh area that your thighs don't stretch the denim, if that makes sense?

No. 185636

They’re just pointy flats lmao. Kitten refers to low heel. Are you the pointy shoe sperg

No. 185655

come on. none of these women are wearing what looks like a bikini top and showing their midriff.

This pic is kind of depressing if these are actually future doctors but I cannot be arsed to reverse image search it on mobile so w/e

No. 185656

fucking hell even anon's beachwear fit looks more fashionable than whatever is going on in this pic. Even if the pic was from 2010, it would still be shit

No. 185666

agreed, and I'm one of the anons arguing against the beachwear. I see those hideous cage sandals and stretchy dresses, and in the background the banner says something about nurses. So I hope this is just a very outdated pic.

No. 185669

While the dresses are frumpy or whatever, I feel pity for anons that are so fucked in the brain that they buy into this shit where people will see us as professional as long as we cover up or act serious. They never will, sweater.

No. 185691

File: 1621025027227.jpeg (264.35 KB, 600x900, nikita dress.jpeg)

This is sound advice. By open back I met something like pic rel, and I was also taking into consideration that it would be covered by a lab coat. Where I live this kind of dress is acceptable for a professional/ceremonial event as long as the print and accessories aren't flashy.

No. 185706

You do know there is a difference between being a prude or "covering up" and dressing appropriately for an event, especially one that will be documented? The issue with that picture in >>185560 is that some of those dresses and especially footwear are also not fitting for a ceremony where you're standing on stage. But everyone there looks kind of young, I can't tell what that is even for.

Dressing appropriately does not mean dressing like a prude. But like it or not, there is value in showing that you understand the social and professional code for your field. Artists have one type of code. Tech people have another. Academics, doctors, lawyers - they all have some basic understanding of what constitutes formal/professional dress. My professor told a story of how one of her (very smart) grad students showed up for her Harvard interview in a miniskirt and black fishnets. I'm sure she looked great - but not for the occasion.

I bought my interview suit a couple years ago. The one issue is that it's not ideal for summer (it's an interesting tweedy brown/grey - sounds dorky but actually it's not at all, because the fabric isn't that heavy). I wear it with a floaty jewel-toned shell underneath usually. So if you think, when I say "get a suit!", that you need to buy a lawyery boring one, you don't. I think mine is from Elie Tahari.

A good resource is https://corporette.com/shop-page/shopping-guides/guide-to-basic-womens-suiting/
Now, this site is very conservative - it's too conservative for my field as a general rule, but still a decent resource that I share with other women on the job market. There are other parts of the site that talk about more casual kinds of business dress.

This dress has a much different feel and I could see that being OK for a spring/summer ceremony depending on the front.

My sticking point with >>185218 is really that bra/bikini top with exposed middle. (Out of curiosity, do you have boobs, because that is also too low-cut imho.) That's not something - again imho - for work or university. But I'd wear the shit out of it on my own time if it looked good on me!

I'm totally in favor of abolishing dress codes, but I don't see the point in pushing boundaries at an event where the point is to celebrate a great accomplishment with your friends and professors. They are not going to turn and look at you like that cringe harry potter scene where Hermione is suddenly a woman (puke). They will wonder why on earth that's what you're wearing.

Can I ask why OP wants to look sexy at this event? I guess maybe this wall of text demonstrates that I can't quite understand wanting to show off sex appeal when this is a time for celebrating your intelligence and hard work. Just wear something else to the white coat ceremony, then change into >>185218 and go party. You deserve it.

No. 185726

Congratulations! Where did you find this jumpsuit? First, this is from Rosie Assoulin's Summer 2016 Resort collection. Resort collections are for the beach, not for your white coat ceremony. Second, whatever site you found this on is not going to give you anything that looks remotely like this.

No. 185728

File: 1621046499319.jpg (147.08 KB, 840x1147, f20_01_a02_55975_3030_on_a.jpg)

> a lawyery boring one
cries in law student
all jokes aside, I could use your advice, nonnalina. do you think something like this is too low-cut to wear under a blazer for job interviews? I've only ever worn high-neck shirts underneath for professional occasions because I'm self-conscious of showing too much skin. I don't have a large chest but it's something that I'm worried about anyway. also I'm very fair-skinned so I don't know if white would be a good option for me or if it would wash me out. I can't try it on before buying and returns aren't free so I want to be sure it'll look okay. or do you think a pale blue would be better? something else I'm wondering is whether a string of small pearls would be appropriate or if it would look weird with this top for an interview?

No. 185737

I feel like the v-neck is harsh, you could probably find a shell showing the same amount of collarbone with a scoop neck that would look more appropriate.

No. 185740

Fellow curvy anon here, straight leg is my favorite cut of denim! You should try buying a pair that fits specifically at the thig/hip and get the waist tailored. That is how I shop for my straight leg denim, get that shit fitted to my thick part and then define the waist with the alteration. I'd also say stretch fabric is a meme, I wear 100% cotton personally. I buy them true to size and then after the first couple washes I wear them ever-so-slightly damp to get them to conform to my shape as they dry. I've gotten so many compliments on the fit of my jeans and people can't believe they're just regular Levi's that I simply got the waist altered of, at the store.

No. 185753

no! that looks fine to me, I'd wear it!

I just meant a stereotypical boring suit, no hate for lawyers. Politicians wear way worse.

No. 185758

samefag on mobile

Are you cool or warm pale? I kind of like white on everyone; it just had to be the right white for each person.

I'm a paler olive skin (nc20-25, would classify myself as autumn) and find that baby blue and cool pastel tones make me look sallow, and white/ivory gives me more of a glow. This is a little depressing because I like the color blue a lot, and I had such an urge to buy this beautiful icy blue suit in 2020. Then covid happened and it looks like I might have a cool temporary fellowship (vs. going on the market) in the fall. So I just gave up on that suit. But I'm not sure it would have worked for me anyway.

One surprise color that worked for me was a pale lavender/grey. I expected it to make me sallow but it was nice.

Attitudes might vary but I wear 28-30E bras so a v-neck takes the emphasis off my chest (which I like). It breaks up the space better. Anything that looks like it might gape can work if you use fashion tape or tailor it. I had my interview suit tailored (mostly waist/hem stuff) and a couple other things. I never regretted that.

Pearls would look good, I think! Trust your instincts about accessories. I think you have good taste anon. Now I want to date the model you posted…

No. 185763

does anyone know this >>181804 dress type's name?

No. 185764

File: 1621083824152.jpg (124.17 KB, 794x910, il_794xN.2645680816_pmc9.jpg)

I've been searching for something similar to picrel and I think they might called pinafore dress? I know it's a bit of a broad term

No. 185779

"midi pinafore dress v-neck" should get you similiar results.

No. 185790

thank you! I’ve fallen into a pinafore rabbit hole now lol

No. 185901

What can I wear under a thick cable knit sweater besides a button-down?

No. 185903

Maybe a thin turtle neck?

No. 185904

Oo, nice

No. 185909

Pinafores are the cutest and they give you so many options for outfits just by changing the top underneath. I've kept some for like a decade even as my style changed because I could just swap my old shirts for something more my current taste.

No. 185938

File: 1621148118149.jpeg (244.2 KB, 1360x1997, 44A092E3-4722-410D-83DE-C526EA…)

Sky Ferreira is my biggest fashion inspo lol. I love her style. Can anyone ID her boots in this pic?
Also, what shoes could you absolutely not live without? I wanna get some new pairs for every occasion, looking for some nice tennis shoe and boot reccs

No. 185949

Jeffrey Campbell VING boots, discontinued.

No. 185956

File: 1621155939449.jpg (38.61 KB, 299x548, unnamed.jpg)

Oh no! it's netflix Winx kei

No. 185962

Terrible comparison and unfunny. I don't know from when that outfit is but it looks like early to mid 10's tumblr fashion to me. Not my thing but I like it tbh, better than the retro throwback we have going on rn.

No. 185976

>Terrible comparison and unfunny
ok legit sorry i hurt your tastes anon, it was a harmless joke
>better than the retro throwback we have going on rn
I actually disagree, y2k is shit but you gotta admit that it was so much more groundbreaking and original that the 2010s, and you don't have to work in fashion to agree with that opinion

No. 186011

File: 1621183629123.jpg (91.07 KB, 480x718, BLOG_Culture_Didyouknow_The_Ye…)

It's an accurate comparison, they're both really boring and dated outfits styled in the same way.
This is great advice, it's exactly what I do too. Having a good tailor is a game changer.

No. 186056

I recently bought a short-sleeved navy smock dress with a ruffled sailor collar because it looked cute, but it dawned on me that I'm unsure how to style I, especially since the best feature of my figure is my waist, which would be obfuscated. Ignoring this, how would you go about styling this sorta thing?

No. 186057

I thought it was funny kek

No. 186062

Is there any chance you could post a picture of the dress/screenshot of it from the site you bought it from?

No. 186080

File: 1621203237727.jpg (39.34 KB, 1000x1000, dress.jpg)

I feel uncomfortable showing the real image of the dress, so here's a vaguely traced drawing of it to give an idea

No. 186088

im amazed by just how unhelpful you were able to make this image

No. 186098

This kind of nonsense is why I love image boards

No. 186100

I can see what sort of dress you mean but idk why you'd be uncomfortable showing a dress that is presumably publically available online…

Anyway Smock dresses look cute with chunky shoes to balance them out, and a big baggy cardigan if it's cold. I liked wearing longer socks with them but that does make the look even more childish, so it depends on your taste.

No. 186109

I choked on my drink suppressing a laugh, but I kinda get what you mean haha. It looks like a cute dress. I agree with >>186100, chunky shoes are your friend with smock dresses

No. 186124

File: 1621224955639.jpeg (95.21 KB, 500x750, 88F02C3F-26BD-48EB-B9E5-59DA55…)

Thanks anon
Kek she generally looks better to me, it's kind of a bad pic of Sky's style but I wanted to post a good one where you can see her boots cause I couldn't find them anywhere lol.

No. 186131

I fucking love Jeffrey Campbell. Always size UP, though. Also if you have Nordstrom gift cards (I've noticed a lot of companies offer Nordstrom as an option in the usual array of employee appreciation gift cards so maybe yours does too), Nordstrom carries a lot of the styles as well.

No. 186132


No. 186151

File: 1621240407601.jpeg (102.6 KB, 424x640, 1EE7DEA9-E629-462D-A004-3CB827…)

I mean like I said in my previous post, I wanted to post a pic where you could really see the boots cause I couldn't find an ID on them anywhere, and someone in this thread IDed them instantly lol
I like how her style tends to have the combination of tiny legs + baggy top, I've always loved how that looks. It definitely is very 2010s tumblr, but yeah my style hasn't changed much since I was 16 kek. I was always too uncomfy in my body to dress the way I wanted to as a tumblr retard and now that I'm older idgaf and dress how I want to

No. 186165

File: 1621251363992.jpg (69.93 KB, 500x667, fb3a9dd6fa65677d53c82cf85c7d3f…)

I don't think it looks bad, it reminds me of Tumblr casual grunge. I feel like it works on her because she's a pretty and skinny girl

No. 186170

That is legit what elementary school horse girls used to wear (maybe with longer pants) and not Sky Ferreira

No. 186171

File: 1621261816988.png (1.09 MB, 800x800, 7e60d9d1a5e6acc4556882147de5a2…)

Flared pants revival baby, lesssgooo

No. 186172

Why do anons think is the cause of the 70s second revival? Do you think the recent revival is going to be short-lived?

No. 186181

File: 1621264076180.jpg (146.43 KB, 800x800, striped-blue-flare-jeans-cosmi…)

Many different factors I guess, alongside the usual fashion cyclicality

>Hippy lifestyle revival

With the second rise of New Age and Gen Zs + Millenials caring more about the environment alongside new concerns like clothing sustainability

>Covid, quarantine and the economic crisis that will follow

It has been found that people want to dress up more/try different styles as a form of escapism. The 70's are also known for their high platform mules and boots; studies have been linking the height of heels with economic crisis (really tall heels and platforms seem to become in-fashion during economic recessions), ModernGurlz made a YT vid about it if you're interrested

I guess there's also the fact that the cut of the pants and skirts also goes well with Y2K pieces like halter cropped tops and corsets.
I like it but I'm mainly happy about the flared jeans and platform mules. Not a huge fan of the 70s squiggly lines/waves design like the top in picrel

No. 186295

flared pants look so bad on anyone without model-length legs. zoomers can go ahead & wear whatever but im not gonna pretend that 90% of the population doesnt look dumpy

No. 186319

File: 1621303524098.jpg (217.26 KB, 384x1000, florou13.jpg)

could be the wrong thread, but look at this (presumably) newspaper cutout showcasing different traditional clothing from my country

No. 186322

File: 1621304163150.jpg (59.13 KB, 413x623, dec3e8565cee0fd8940411f35d7fe7…)

last outfit

No. 186323

i just bought a ton of clothes off yahoo jp auctions. idk why i didn't sooner, usually just buy weird merch there.
also saw the ssense sale going on rn, got my eye on some loafers that hopefully will drop in price some more b4 i cop.

No. 186326

File: 1621306600615.jpeg (68.16 KB, 500x667, 8EAC1E55-C166-4CDB-B21B-E2C178…)

My measurements are around 32- 24 -40 and I'm 5'5. I feel like when I wear what I want to wear (long skirts with sweaters tucked in or cropped like pic rel) my hips make me look absurdly frumpy and my whole silhouette looks 20 lbs heavier than I am. When I wear clothes that are form fitting I just look slutty due to the nature of where my weight is and I feel like a fashion nova model in the worst way possible. I feel like I should know how to dress myself by now but I always feel myself gravitating back to just living the frumpy life and looking fat all of the time. I feel like Kim Kardashian trying to do mori and it aint workin.

No. 186346

How do other women with similiar body type dress? Surely there must be something inbetween frumpy and Kardashion fashion nova-esque that looks good?

No. 186351

wide leg pants are also in, it's a better option for short or chubby women
Tbh, thick tucked in sweaters in skirts are a pain and look goofy unless you have a rectangle body type. I'd recommend staying away from korean and jap fashion then, but if you really insist on it you should try more bodycon cuts for the skirt or the top. Maybe a tight turtle neck on the top with a long a-line skirt?

No. 186359

These are beautiful, thank you for sharing anon

>ssense sale going on
Omw over there asap then, last time they did a sale I got some amazing shoes

No. 186401

Wide leg pants are definitely not better on shorties or chubbies, what are you saying. Not that super skinnies are great but wide leg pants make people look shorter and wider

No. 186406

Always thought skinny jeans made you look fat even when you're normal weight or they made your legs look like proper toothpicks when you're skinny

No. 186410

>they made your legs look like proper toothpicks when you're skinny
Isn't that the point when you're skinny wearing skinnies?

No. 186413

Yes and the point of colorblock hoodies is to make you look like a kindergarden autistic kid, doesn't mean it's a good look

No. 186415

Long skinny legs have been desirable, especially in fashion, for a long time.
Seems like a lot of fashion can be boiled down to whether or not the person is wearing it is attractive. Ugly zoomer clothes still look great on hot girls but most look retarded in them.

No. 186422

>Long skinny legs have been desirable, especially in fashion, for a long time
Isn't it the exact reason why skinny jeans are out and flares are in? Always thought that skinny jeans only make your legs look long if they're high-rise, they also do that weird thing of bunching up around the knee area. Despite the fact that they're seen as dated because they were part of the 80's revival of the boring 2010's, they'll probably be back but in a less jeggings tier/tight cut

No. 186426

also part of the 90s fashion was hippie/70s fashion revival already, see flared pants, flower patterns, platforms etc. and 90s fashion was/is in style.

No. 186439

File: 1621358278424.jpeg (497.92 KB, 677x657, 525A9FE3-1851-4081-A779-3FF5A6…)

I can never figure out what my body type is, can any anons help? I don’t know what to wear to flatter my body, I feel like I always look frumpy because of it pls no booly for the the ugly unmatchable underwear and scars

No. 186440

Pear with violin dips.

No. 186446


No. 186448

If you go by the kibbe system you look like either a Romantic or Soft Natural.
>I don’t know what to wear to flatter my body, I feel like I always look frumpy because of it
I have a similar body to you, and boy do I fucking feel you. A lot of my insecurities pertaining to my fat distribution/bone structure (and i don't mean being a fatass) kind of went away when i started looking at certain celebrities with a similar body structure instead of looking through the lens of 'skinny or fat', when the women i saw on screen were always 'thin' and i was always 'fat'. Clothes look like shit when you don't follow certain rules to your body type. I still feel like crap when i try to pull off a pantsuit that has no waist emphasis, but on the bright side, fuck do i look good in a bodycon.
Anyways, you got a good figure anon.

No. 186451

You have such a nice figure, anonita. Thirding pear or maybe an hourglass, your shoulders aren't straight on in that pic so it's a little hard to tell.

No. 186459

I wish I had this figure, clothing that hugs the waist and hips are going to look great on your frame. A lot of 1970s trends are flattering for curvy body types. Consider getting your clothes altered so they fit you just right. You'll find you have more options it you shop for bottoms that fit the width of your hips, then have the waist taken in by a tailor. It's usually a straightforward and inexpensive alteration.

No. 186473

File: 1621370124965.jpg (66.25 KB, 381x600, th-11608892734-381x600.jpg)

No. 186479

Honestly FUCK kibbe it’s like an autistic virus women keep catching

No. 186483

I don't get the hate against Kibbe. His theory is by no means faultless but he does make good points regarding lines and shapes of the body and clothes. His theory made me understand in concrete terms why tall western women tend to look awkward in frilly j-fashion for example. I actually think for a lot of women his advice as a general broad outline is helpful. Just don't stop using your eyes and common sense to judge if something actually looks good or not.

No. 186488

I wonder if Kibbe will be helpful to me once I lose weight. Now that I am a fattie, it's unable to give me my type. Kinda retarded. Not that I care that much, I want to wear clothes that make me happy…

No. 186490

My major gripe with it is that it’s way too prescriptive and limiting. Also outdated as fuck, Kibbe can’t dress himself or his wife well. Also feels like a bizarre cope that you can make yourself look as good as the famous women of your type if you just follow his rules. Not to mention it’s impossible to follow the rules to a T and even Kibbe contradicts himself and many of the celebrity examples break the rules.
Trust me there’s no actually fashionable women who endorse kibbe, in fact they probably don’t even know what it is. The community is full of women who are clearly dissatisfied about something about themselves and see Kibbe as a way to improve themselves. Also there have been lots of western women who look great in dolly inspired fashions (think Gemma Ward and the other baby dolls of the 2000s). Kibbe was a huge waste of time for me. Ditched that nonsense and I focused on clearing my skin, eating healthy and going from skinny to toned and now I just wear whatever I like and feel content while others are still trying to figure out if they’re a Fg or N or whatever

No. 186496

for me kibbe was helpful because i kept dressing in dramatic lines and wondering why i look like shit when i have a romantic body type. sad fact just is that i look frumpy in clothes that look elegant in more androgynous women.

like just use your common sense and don't make these things your religion?

No. 186504

I have a body type similar to >>186439 but clothing that actually fits me or looks 'better' feels super uncomfortable and restricting like I'm gonna burst out despite being thin, and feels revealing in a way even if I'm covered up. Pretty much the only thing that feels right are clothes that are 3 times bigger/baggier than my actual size.

No. 186524

Kibbe is unhelpful because the advice and types are vague, contradicting and yet it doesn't include anyone over like 5'6". It also describes androgynous and masculine women with much harsher and "uglier" language than the romantic waifs or whatever. It's very clear to see the bias in the scrotes wording. Besides why would you let a a no name unfashionable scrote tell you anything about what you should wear?

No. 186525

Yahoo jp auctions-anon, any chance you can post a picture of your clothes haul? With an outline of how much it costed in total after all fees? I've been interested in jp auctions but the treshold of not really nowing what to expect or how it exactly works has been holding me back.

No. 186536

>yet it doesn't include anyone over like 5'6"

yes it does, the dramatics. also i never thought they were described as ugly, like honestly are you sure you're not projecting your own insecurities.

No. 186538

File: 1621418924475.jpg (101.99 KB, 1242x1025, i_didnt_knew_if_anyo.jpg)

Being confined to 1 type sure is inclusive.

No. 186542

i wrote dramarics because there is more dramatics than one, and naturals and flamboyants don't need to be short too.

i find that image funny because as a tr i always felt like it's described as this very outdated femme fatale type and the clothes often recommended look like shit. but honestly, you're projecting if you think every other body type is treated like shit.

No. 186548

Not really interested in Kibbe, always seemed incredibly pseudoscience-ish, almost like physiognomy. Isn't it basically the unfashionables' fashion astrology?
But I'd be really into hearing about how it helped you and how you dress now because of Kibbe, kek

No. 186550

>Isn't it basically the unfashionables' fashion astrology?
Yep. Everyone I've seen who buys into this theory looks godawful especially the bloggers and youtubers who act like experts on the subject and try to do makeovers. They don't even dress for the type they supposedly have lmao.

No. 186551

Women tend to over or under estimate their body types so kibbe ends up being extremely inaccurate

No. 186557

It helps a lot if you get other people to type you. The kibbe subreddit isn’t the greatest but it does point you in the right direction

No. 186560

File: 1621437195966.jpg (99.22 KB, 700x1070, 41385a68f8fdd3afb64ab06a978fcd…)

>Taking fashion advice from reddit
I feel like a lot of kibbe fashion recommendations are outdated or overly dressy/not used for daily wear. No one goes grocery shopping and to walk their dog in a prom dress. Not to mention styles that aren't curvy are often told to pretty much drape themselves and it doesn't help much with skin tone. Just fashion in general I feel tells women to hide their curves which is weird because western women are usually told they're not curvy enough and are given workouts/tips/surgery to help make their boobs and butt even bigger but also tell women to wear pants that minimize their butts and hips and shirts that make them look flat chested

No. 186561

File: 1621437449251.jpg (42.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Another example of what I mean
Insecurity and modesty is one thing but what's the point of trying to convince women that it looked like better to hide themselves? It just looks unflattering

No. 186563

Eugh, that phrasing weirds me out. "How to dress a pear shaped body". Like it's not YOUR body, it's an ugly doll you're trying to work with and make look presentable

No. 186565

those outfits are sad and dated, can't picture someone under the age of 60 wear them

No. 186568

Same. It’s depressing

No. 186569

File: 1621438265143.jpg (95.77 KB, 1200x900, aid119366-v4-1200px-Get-Wider-…)

Yep. I also find it annoying how men are always encouraged to emphasize masculine features and make their body look more flattering but women are told to look taller, broader and less curvy

It works if that's what you want but most women I know prefer feeling feminine. I find it sexist and petty and sometimes it feels passive aggressive of women to tell other women to wear unflattering outfits

No. 186572

File: 1621439128820.jpg (270.21 KB, 1920x2880, uxS5DOY.jpg)

You seriously think the flimsy cami is flattering over the normal t-shirt? It's not about covering up, it just looks better. Tank tops can look nice like picrel (better fabric, wider straps) but when it's flimsy spaghetti straps it just looks trashy. Plus the neckline doesn't flatter her bust at all.

No. 186575

I mean it's a matter of opinion. She also isn't wearing the right bra if she's even wearing one
>But it's flimsy
What? What do you think about strapless? Sounds like you just don't like bare shoulders

Also don't act like fashion media doesn't tell women in order to be flattering they need to hide themselves

No. 186576

>Two skirts
>The rest of the bottoms are ugly bell bottom yoga pants
Whoever made this is probably retarded.

No. 186583

File: 1621440259929.jpg (96.66 KB, 640x641, XUtaHnX.jpg)

No, it just looks like cheap undergarments. Not something to be worn on its own. I think picrel looks nicer, you can tell it's supposed to be a top and not a layering piece.

Fashion media loves exploiting the female body in any way it can and pushes revealing clothes on younger and younger generations but ok.

No. 186584

So your issue is modesty, now how it actually looks

No. 186585

Also forgot to mention, I'd love to see these magical boob shrinking flat chest illusion shirts anon. I wish that shit was real.

No. 186586

You're actually retarded huh. Learn to read

No. 186587

File: 1621440748895.png (899.69 KB, 1038x1080, 3s6OuPp98gxU99R-VEtnFdz2wPiCiY…)

>Shirts that minimize boobs don't exist
I'm a double D and can wear clothes that make me look almost flat chested
>Inb4 she has plastic surgery
Yeah no shit but she can still minimize her tits. What planet do you live on where you apparently can't emphasize or minimize parts of your body with clothes?

No. 186588

this has got to be the most retarded post I've seen all day

No. 186589

This just makes her look fat not flat.

No. 186590

File: 1621441027788.jpg (48.64 KB, 341x512, unnamed (4).jpg)

I did, just seems like you prefer a modest outfit which is fine but that's like saying all outfits that aren't your style are horrible

Spaghetti straps are fine for casual things like going to the park, gym, and doing everyday stuff. I can see where you're coming from if it's to a formal event or business setting but that doesn't make it trashy or gross. Just means there's a time and place for it

No. 186591

>That makes her look fat
Okay you have got to be trolling

No. 186592

You can cover up boobs but you can't make yourself look actually flat lmao boobs will always stick out from some angle. There's a difference between de-emphasizing boobs by putting fabric over them and saying a double d can look flat chested.

No. 186593

But the ones you linked now look like actual tops, and not undergarments. I'm not against spaghetti straps or tank tops, just the specific combo from the first pic. I even included a nice spaghettis strap top pic how can you miss the point this badly.

No. 186594

I guess you're flat, big chested women always complain about their boobs making them look fat in clothes.

No. 186595

I didn't say it can make me look flat chested I said almost flat, aka it minimizes my size. Haven't you ever seen the FtM dressing tips (infighting against troons aside)? If girls who want to be guys can hide big boobs then why does it magically not apply to women as well?

No. 186597

>Girl with big tits points out that she can look flat or small boobed in some clothes
>Hmm you must be flat

Have you never seen a woman in a loose tank top? Not everyone who sees a woman in loose clothes automatically thinks fat. You sound insecure

No. 186598

I saw a video once talking about essence in a wardrobe and that helped me more than Kibbe tbh. I always wondered why I look like shit and it was because I dressed like a fashion nova babe when it didn't flatter my popsicle stick body kek. Now I dress in stuff that flatters my lines although I do wish I could pull off looking like a sexy baddie.

No. 186599

You sound like a scrote

No. 186603

If you can actually make yourself look somewhat flat without a binder while also not just wearing potato sacks which de-emphasize everything else along with your boobs you're a magician.

No. 186604

..that's the point. Most of the clothes I wear that minimizes my boobs are potato sacks. This entire fight started because an anon claimed that minimizing clothes don't exist and if they do then it makes you look fat. I don't know a single person who sees girls in loose clothing and thinks fat unless you have fat arms and everything else

No. 186613

File: 1621444785373.jpg (336.31 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20210519-190616_Chr…)

Maybe fat is too harsh but big boobs fuck with your overall silhoutte. Plenty of other women complain about this, not sure why it's so controversial.

No. 186615

File: 1621445064416.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1080x1059, RDT_20210519_12233162482311132…)

Everyone can tell the difference between a skinny girl with big tits and a fat girl who looks even fatter because of their tits

If people are mistaking you for fat when you wear loose clothes its probably because you are. Skinny girls with big tits just look skinny in loose clothes unless you have a weird view on women's bodies. You can tell if they're skinny by looking at arms, legs, face, etc. If you have fat arms, face, etc and loose clothes make you look even fatter it's because you're probably fat then

No. 186618

Why not just wear it if you like it? Unless you felt uncomfortable/ugly. I’ve seen lots of skinny Asian girls rock the baddie look despite not being voluptuous

No. 186620

File: 1621448203671.jpg (2.56 MB, 2700x3300, tights.jpg)

What denier do you guys think these tights/socks are? I hear that ballet tights are like this, in the sense that they're not sheer at all

No. 186626

File: 1621449461829.jpg (171.72 KB, 1170x1130, 100-vs-140-denier-black-low-re…)

Like 80-100ish mostly? But sheer/opaque-ness also depends on how the fabric is woven, not just the denier.

No. 186631

Any store/brand recommendations for office attire suited for small curvy figures? I have trouble finding the fine line between fitted and skin tight when shoping for professional attire. Anything that's too loose makes me look frumpy and too tight makes me look slutty. So far I've been sticking to turtle necks with some type of fitted dress pants but want to switch it up. If it helps, I used to buy my clothes at a store called dynamite but they've been phasing out their office attire and I haven't explored other brands yet.

No. 186633

Ntayrt (obviously) but I have big boobs and you're absolutely right–certain garments will make you look bigger. Particularly ones that are looser because they'll be tight around your chest and then drape loosely over the midsection making you look wider/bigger. I also have a slightly inverted triangle body shape which I feel like looks worse with looser tops. And I'm near underweight but this is still one of my issues.

To the other anon who wanted to know about minimizing, the best bet is a minimizing bra that actually fits or if you dgaf about breast tissue migration then really tight sports bras. You're not going to find a best-fitting bra that minimizes your chest unless your boobs are naturally shallow to begin with. If you're projected by default then keep in mind that shallow/minimizing bras will just smoosh your boobs to flatten them into a wider, shallower cup. You'll probably have some fit issues. I used to be self-conscious of my body, wore sports bras for the longest time, and now that I own proper fitting bras (Panache, Freya, the like) my boobs are more projected than ever in clothes. I think it's a small price to pay considering I used to wear 32 bands bc it was the smallest VS had but now I'm indisputably somewhere between a 28 or 30 which isn't sold in many affordable major retailers.
I've heard shallower bras like the Fantasie Rebecca Spacer bra have a minimizing effect but haven't tried it out myself. Maybe give that a shot?

No. 186635


No. 186636

thank you for your detailed advice, nonita! I went with the baby blue colour and it looks amazing under a blazer with my pearls. it hits near the top of my breastbone and doesn't show any cleavage at all. it's quite appropriate and classy imo. you're right that a slight v-neck breaks up the space; the lines look much more flattering than the dressy high-neck t-shirts that I'm accustomed to. I'm feeling much more confident about interviews now! I'm thinking of buying one in white next time. I have neutral undertones, and thanks to your encouragement, I think I could pull it off.

No. 186638

>Lesbians don't exist
You sound like the scrote here if you think women being attracted to other women/having nude photos of women only exist in porn

No. 186657

ot but I don't know a single lesbian that keeps a porn folder.

No. 186663

Do you have a link to the video? I am curious about it

No. 186664

I frequent subreddits or Twitter girls but I don't have a literal porn folder like the anon was saying. If you're gonna claim lesbians and bi sexual girls don't follow female lewd accounts then that's pretty laughable

No. 186665

Thanks for the advice and understanding nonny. A well fitted bra definitely helps, the more lift and separation the better. I've wanted to try minimizers but they're hard to find here. Are there any you think are particularly effective? I haven't had luck with sports bras, they just give me one big boob loaf. Honestly I've been thinking of getting a binder just for certain outfits like button downs and the like.

No. 186671

Here you go anon most of kibbe is gibberish to me but her videos and explanations made more sense

No. 186683

File: 1621470777303.jpg (70.08 KB, 1000x1000, download (5).jpg)

Tbh this will probably kill your boobs but the most effective method by far was to use an XS sports bra from Nike. Something for high impact and possibly in a size smaller than what you should wear kek. It worked when a 28F in UK sizing and my boobs are definitely projected when supported. While the sports bra didn't make me flat chested, it held everything in to where my bf at that time was shocked when he first saw me naked bc I always wore sports bras which made him think my chest was on the smaller side. BUT it does give uniboob so that's not going to work for you I suppose.
If you don't want uniboob then you'll need something with a gore that 'tacks' to separate the boobs–this is typically not found in sports bras that will minimize your boobs. So my advice is to try looking for bras that are advertised as minimizing. T-shirt bras are generally good as well, except I wouldn't recommend Freya's Deco Vibe. I'd use bratabase if you want to check reviews on how the bra fits and whether it'll work for your shape.
Oh btw I just checked Herroom and it seems that they're having a sale atm, so try looking there and let me know if it helps.

No. 186770

File: 1621527146962.jpg (43.35 KB, 360x540, 212b41477e4b7347065d1eb35e81cc…)

What do you think about wearing shorts with leggings / thighs? When I was much younger I ran into an opinion it's a no-go and shows complete lack of taste and somehow it shamed me into never dressing like that anymore, but honestly looking at it I can't really see anything wrong with the look.

No. 186771

I always thought it was cute personally but it does remind me of the 2010's, but since we always end up forgiving the last decades trends I think it'll be fine.

No. 186773

I like the look but I wish those tights in the pic were sheerer.

No. 186774

File: 1621528030637.jpg (58.17 KB, 560x544, 806173547a7d81a5c9c33459cc537b…)

Meh. It just reminds me of a very specific phase of tumblr/lookbook indie fashion from the early 2010's. I don't think it's ugly necessarily when styled right but it's a very dated look. If you have skinny legs you can probably get away with it.

No. 186775


I think this look is styled better with boots, adding some weight to the bottom of the look (if that makes sense) balances out the volume on top. I also just think it makes legs look thinner but they're also just thin girls lol

No. 186782

I think it's a cute look honestly and you can make it work, but to me it feels like a pretty teenagery style. I feel like it might look a bit tacky to wear them past your mid 20s or so. But that's just me

No. 186791

It's fine, very 2010 grunge tumblr like anons said but nothing wrong with that
I actually went out drinking recently and a girl that's usually a bit pretty alt wore shorts and pantyhose and reminded me of how cute it can look.

No. 186792

File: 1621535286606.jpg (51.73 KB, 400x579, 2DoIoNN.jpg)

It's not bad but it does look dated. I still see young adults wearing the specific indie/hipster look a lot. Tbh it's a great alternative to skirts if you're worried about creeps. It also works for many different aesthetics from your basic indie lookbook girl to j-fashion and alt.

No. 186793

I hate wearing jeans because I need a belt to keep them high. But I also hate belts because as a kid I'd wrap my chain belt so tight that it would hurt. What should I do as my last boss got me in trouble for never wearing proper pants?

No. 186794

Buy jeans that fit? Or get them taken in at the waist?

No. 186795

Imo it only looks good with black shorts

No. 186872

File: 1621569801827.jpg (77.76 KB, 564x800, 5e1506e87d2529ddc6f28d0d9198a8…)

So I've read the book, which was a lot clearer than any of the info I've seen online about it (and seemed way less about putting people into boxes). For me personally, I liked the idea of dressing to harmonize with/celebrate what's unique about your body, rather than breaking it down into parts you have to camouflage. For example, I'm pretty curvy and petite, and I look 10x better in the types of fabrics that kibbe suggests for Rs, especially if I stick to cuts that softly hug my figure or have ruching/draping to emphasize my curves without adding a lot of excess fabric. I used to try to make my legs look longer and minimize my chest, and I think that dressing for the body as a whole (which is a big thing kibbe talks about) looks a lot nicer and has made me more confident.

Similarly, I have a friend who is a kibbe FN and I think she dresses really perfectly for it and looks amazing. She's very tall with pretty broad shoulders and I think it's very common for women with builds like that to be insecure and try to dress in ways that hide it, but she looks great in outfits like pic related that show off her height and strong shoulders.

I think that the celebrities and descriptors like "elegant lady" or "Spitfire chic" are mostly just fun and there to help you embrace the unique strengths of a specific type. Overall though, if you're good looking and have a good eye for style, you don't really need kibbe imo.


Find a good tailor or learn how to take in waistbands and add darts, nona. Some of my favorite stores for professionalwear are uniqlo and ann taylor. I also like department stores. Keep an eye out for soft fabrics that aren't super flimsy and construction details that indicate the piece was designed for someone curvy.

No. 186895

What is the precise name of the type of ballet flats the girl on the left is wearing ? You know, with ribbon thingie ?

No. 186899

File: 1621585171065.jpg (89.05 KB, 682x1023, ea0acf5d0283d3bc10b581cc935fa5…)


No. 186901

File: 1621585880854.jpg (73.24 KB, 800x1127, steve-madden-steve-madden-bloo…)

Lace-up ballet flats

No. 186907

Dark colours like navy, forest green, burgundy, etc work too imo

No. 186927

>mfw I love the tights + shorts look but my legs are my worst feature and look terrible in it
why did god have to make me knock kneed

No. 186937

File: 1621604513766.png (429.19 KB, 766x562, dress1.PNG)

I really like both these dresses and can't decide between them, what do you think? And should I buy either full price or just stick them in my karma list and wait for a sale?

No. 186942

I like the yellow one better because of the neckline and wrapping.

No. 186949

I like the left one much more. The right one looks like something you would wear to not ruin your good clothes while painting walls in your home

No. 186960

I see so many "is this dated" posts but the truth is that it's just about your appearance and not the clothes. The difference between "dated" and "style" will always be whether you look hot in the clothes. If you're conventionally attractive in some way, you can wear stuff from whatever era you want and look cool. Of course you'll need to pick pieces that are good looking so you do need to coordinate an outfit that is a good incarnation of the past trend you're replicating but other than that… yeah you just need to be hot.

No. 186972

I like the yellow one more but I would personally choose green because I don't like my giraffe neck. I agree with the other anon that it looks like an artist smock, but that's also what's so cool about it

No. 186975

>I agree with the other anon that it looks like an artist smock, but that's also what's so cool about it
It's like the dress version of the 'skinny people in white t-shirts and jeans is FASHION' meme so at least I hope anon will not pay much for it.

No. 187007

ngl sounds like bait. Pretty people will look pretty in trashbags. A clothing style/trend can still be dated, yet look good on a pretty person, like crocs. Your hot take is not as controversial as it sounds, and it sounds like you're trying to start unnecessary infighting and drama. Sorry if my post seems aggressive, it's just that I'm sick and tired of all the baiting and infighting

No. 187009

Nah, based opinion.

No. 187010

NTA but there was nothing wrong with her post, how does complaining about a post not contribute to infighting? Senseless lol

No. 187011

you're doing the exact same thing

No. 187013

Not based

No. 187039

File: 1621648640676.jpg (86.02 KB, 1000x1066, hotping_slacksfit.jpg)

Any Korean speakers know what this says

No. 187062

The google translation app translates shit on pictures if you want

No. 187066

used newocr and google translate.

>Overall Relaxed fit To Lower Body
Good fit
Lower body pain recommendation

>Thighs and hem
A little leisurely falling
Natural straight fit

>From the thigh to the hem
Falling slim
Flesh Cover Fit

Semi boot cut
>From the waist to the thigh line
Sticks slim
Slightly below the knee
A relaxed fit
Recommended for calf pain

No. 187212

it was ugly in 2008-2012
and it is ugly now

Honestly, it doesn't really make legs look thinner either. My eye gets drawn to the tights, and most girls wearing this had semi-shiny tights on. Ugh I'm getting goosebumps remembering this look. Was esp popular in southern England.

No. 187259

In most cases it just doesn't add anything interesting to the look. When it comes down to it though, the nylons aren't going to make as much of an impact as the rest of the clothing, styling and accessories that make up the look. For example I don't like the outfit in that pic, and it's not really because the woman is wearing tights with shorts, but because all the other elements remind me of an era in fashion that imo is very dull and frumpish. If I saw someone wearing this today I would assume that she's not interested in looking stylish, she dresses to blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed, which is completely fine if that's what you're aiming for.

No. 187395

File: 1621877248434.jpg (87.53 KB, 800x800, 11.jpg)

No. 187396

File: 1621877279162.jpg (72.3 KB, 558x557, 12.jpg)

No. 187397

File: 1621877303881.jpg (93.69 KB, 800x800, 13.jpg)

No. 187399

File: 1621877364303.jpg (193.67 KB, 1280x1281, 16.jpg)

No. 187400

File: 1621877437367.jpg (44.3 KB, 564x564, 86f5bb9fbd13ae5f920289ca6a08ba…)

No. 187405

I love this so much.

No. 187415

File: 1621889212185.jpg (23.65 KB, 385x500, c6dad9730cab139161e6512212f370…)

I wish I could pull this off but I would probably end up looking like picrel

No. 187444

File: 1621909540011.jpg (87.99 KB, 800x450, Pop-Blue-Accessories.jpg)

What the fuck even looks good anymore? The last time I cared about dressing nice, I think arthoe tumblr was just getting big and skater skirts were still a thing. Looking at what fashionable people my age (early twenties) are wearing now, I feel like I must have fucking Rip Van Winkled through a major shift in trends. Lately I've been seeing a lot of Y2K/late 90's larp and extremely drapey neutrals with weird sandals or platforms, neither of which really appeals to me. Maybe I'm just being salty because I don't know what's going on anymore, but a lot of current trends just look 3edgy5me.

Do any of you nonnies follow fashion bloggers/instagrams/andean smoke signallers with a nice, unique sense of style? I'm willing to try anything at this point as long as it's not wack shit like picrel or worse.

No. 187457

File: 1621915010435.jpg (57.75 KB, 800x800, 8d50dddfca90c46aa3d5a71eb46239…)

I know the Rip van Winkle feeling, anon. I just look for clothes based on my art and my influences that created my artistic style. Picrel is a shirt I got from ebay. Haven't worn it, still need to get it altered. But I treasure it.

No. 187458

there is this girl on tumblr whose style i became a little bit obsessed with, she shaped a lot of fashion blogging/posting microtrends on ig down to the way she poses for her "out and about" walking photos, panning down and capturing herself in motion like a candid photo by a friend. i wish i could remember her url, she had timeless and elegant sartorial looks which focused on crisp or breezy materials, luxurious fits and slightly andro silhouettes. it looks effortless but is kind of the pinnacle of style to me
the trends we are seeing right now feel cheap, gaudy, and like they will date themselves within less than two years (being very generous about it). neon checkers, cheap polyester garbage, egirl runoff, wanting to signal some element of self expression without any real self expression, regurgitating tiktok stars who are bastardizing dead subcultures with aliexpress UO-core nonsense… revival of a revival of a revival of a dead trend, cycling between 60s-70s-80s to, now, 90s-y2k nostalgia endlessly.
anyways, i think what "looks good" now isn't any of that, but also isn't the reactionary "who cares? i give up." normcore aversion to it. i think what looks good is something chic but simple, personal but effortless, it's hard to define it without sounding more pretentious than i already do because i think it comes down to refining and understanding your personal tastes, what works for you, and investing in quality pieces for something very wearable that will stand the tests of time. i think the only "trends" anybody should really subscribe to are personal trends from season to season, nothing to do with the lowbrow cultural runoff that people our age get sucked into and overpay for (like paloma wool's gaudy tiktok-core sweaters which don't even use enough natural fibres to warrant the price…)
i'll see if i can find that girl's sm handles for you because i think you would love her.
TLDR i guess i think we should mine from various decades (or even centuries), subcultures, art scenes, cinema stills, dead trends, things that we have never even really seen executed well, divorced from the "millennial marketing racket" (do you remember that article from the cut about the way that millennial design markets first, designs the product itself as an afterthought, and the approach to design we have right now is going to look garish as fuck and awful in a decade? it's all just manufactured to look good on a screen and entice you to buy subpar products. anyway.)
i think everyone should create their own approach to style, design, home decor, art that isn't beholden to all of this. whether that be timelessly chic or authentically quirked up. sorry for sounding insufferable…
i think everything that really takes off and becomes a viral meme trend is basically a marketing psyop. think about what will look and feel great in 5, 8, 10, 12 years. and what you love, feel attracted to. how you can make that work for you (body type, overall features, budget, lifestyle, the way your tastes are realistically going to change over time).

No. 187465

Link on that Tumblr girl?

No. 187472

anon we have a fashion inspo thread for photo dumps

No. 187473

File: 1621928018119.jpeg (44.89 KB, 768x1152, B1BB5FD5-A29A-499E-8F0A-790B6A…)

I’m going window shopping but might buy some things. Do anons have any recommended stores or specific items? I mainly want basics, a hoodie with a satin drawstring, preferably yellow and a maroon pleated skirt. But I’m open to considering anything else farmers suggest.

No. 187476

>i wish i could remember her url

No. 187965

I wish I could wear cute 60s style clothes but my chest is too big and makes everything look awful. Help!

No. 187968

I feel you. I also always wanted to wear a shirt like this to channel my inner Tom-Cruise-as-Lestat-de-Lioncourt but I would probably also look like the pic kek

No. 187978

Like Twiggy moddresses and miniskirts?

No. 187988

Yes, I love mod dresses!

No. 187991

Mod dresses can look good on a bigger chest as long as they're somewhat tight and not just a rectangle of fabric. If there's darts and stuff they work just fine.

No. 187997

File: 1622066022840.jpeg (504.93 KB, 750x842, EC8D1CA3-CAEA-4F3F-9FCB-E9F875…)

I absolutely hate high fashion brands with the atrocious symbols they put in their decent pieces but why is this kind of a vibe, I know anons hate crocs but I love the matching metal

No. 188022

File: 1622073000013.jpg (14.45 KB, 332x443, B_HFKpeW8AAgDqm.jpg)

what are some cool and not very expensive brands that have interesting designs? i'm 23 and my wardrobe is just graphic t-shirts and pants from pull&bear and bershka my style is a mess my clothes are all random shit or stuff from when i was 12. I want to have a chic wardrobe with less but quality items that are cohesive and i can mix and match easily, ideally no t-shirts and no cheap fast fashion teen brands but i also dont want boring business casual type of clothing, is there a way to purchase clothing from fashion students? are there any good subreddits for female fashion advice? what are essential pieces of a wardrobe?

No. 188024

> are there any good subreddits for female fashion advice?
Yes, literally /r/femalefashionadvice and I cannot emphasize enough how often your exact question is asked on there. Half the people on ffa don't care about fashion and don't have a sense of style but want a quick and easy list of ~timeless essentials~ to buy so they can look decent but don't have to develop taste or figure out what they like.

But anyway, just look up capsule wardrobes in general. They seem to be what you're after.

No. 188035

File: 1622079143189.jpg (396.8 KB, 2000x3000, hbz-70s-fashion-1970-gettyimag…)

Wardrobe essentials are going to depend on the function you need your clothes to serve in relation to your lifestyle. You mentioned that you want to avoid looking either too formal or too juvenile, but what kind of looks are you drawn to? Without visual references "chic" is a bit vague. If your goal is to look stylish and not just decent, then creating a mood board of outfits that you like would help you develop a sense of your aesthetic values. Pic rel is something that I would include in my mood board because I like 60s/70s mod fashion and it works with my lifestyle.

No. 188046

Any good reccs for some sheer dark tights?

No. 188082

fully honest, Leg Avenue

No. 188092

How is anyone supposed to know what constitutes as cool/chic to you? You can't have a wardrobe that's really unique, cool and interesting while also being cohesive and easy to mix and match. A cool wardrobe requires you to know how to style clothes and put them together. A capsule wardrobe with some interesting accessories(just look up indie shops, etsy, local artists etc) might be better suited for your needs.

No. 188105

>interesting designs
>mix and match easily
I'm not sure if you can have all at once anon. Cool and chic are kinda contradicting and it's tough to incorporate a lot of interesting designs while also mixing and matching easily (depending on what you think are interesting designs I guess). I agree with other anons saying that a capsule wardobe may be fitting for you.

No. 188155

File: 1622127499609.jpg (214.63 KB, 1210x941, 20210527_105254.jpg)

they said good subreddits so… no, there aren't any. This thread is better b/c unlike reddit ppl can disagree and call spades spades.

To build a capsule you need to have a starting point to work from. Like you have to start with something to match other things to. Treat it like pizza and ask questions in order - classic or thin crust? (Where you're at right now is like chicago pizza mess pie). And by crust of course i mean shoes, since shoes are probably the thing you will have the fewest of (2-3 pairs or so vs 4-5 pants/skirts and 5-10 tops, which are like the sauce options and toppings respectively) - so it's the easiest place to start, and once you have the shoes you have a direction to go in terms of looking for other stuff. Shoes set the tone in other words. So from pic, what kind of shoes are you feeling? Just google the names and scroll through images. They're all valid so it's literally just what speaks to you, that's all that matters.

Also if i had to make just one suggestion, and this works with ypur current closet, find/buy a tan or dark-color tweed or plaid professor type blazer, and a pair of loafers, oxfords or saddle shoes in a brown/tan color. With those shoes you can just wear the blazer over your graphic tees and people will think you're kinda cool. It's kind of a classic hipster look (a lot of this look in portlandia) and maybe a bit girlboss but it works very well with graphic tees.

No. 188174

File: 1622134582600.jpeg (185.98 KB, 1169x1719, FD5E0335-D4B2-442D-A752-FFFB38…)

what are your preferred ways to add long sleeves to dresses? i just bought this dress that i love thinking i could make it work with some sort of long sleeve shirt underneath but it ended up looking bad. i know cropped cardigans exist but i’ve also seen interesting cropped mesh tops/shags/jackets on other looks. not sure what would look good with this specific dress though

No. 188176


this dress would look good with a ribbed turtleneck or a marine serre shirt underneath it, it's a punk styled dress so if you want some kind of cardigan it should be oversized or a flannel

No. 188179

because you mentioned bersha amd pull & bear ill assume youre in Europe.
Ive had the most luck with youtube. If you care about your countries fashion, watch videos from you country/ in your native tongue but if you also come from a country with bad taste, you can also watch in english. Try to focus on UK or europe based youtubers because ive noticed american, austrlian, singapore etc brands are either not here or dont have the same stock in.
If youre not set on staying in trend, watch older youtubers 30+, 40+ crowd. They often have more fashionable but not newest trend content.
Also look up capsule wardrobe, or wardrobe essentials videos just to get an idea.

Once you start being redirected on youtube for similar interests, sometimes you can find your style or brands better. I ended up on abercrombie hauls (from 40+ a fashion youtuber, despite being mid 20s myself)and i discovered i like a lot of their stuff.

I've only found femalefashionaddvice subreddit for specific items, but it seems like 90% of the users are from America and often suggest US based brands. They were helpful when ive asked but in the end finding a nice leather crossbody from an american company that charged $50 for shipping and it didnt include VAT, wasnt that helpful…

No. 188187

File: 1622139190483.jpeg (538.02 KB, 1537x2000, image-3.jpeg)

i'm really into smocked dresses right now, it's nice bc the smocking is tight enough that I can go braless so it's so comfortable. so nice for summer, it gets so hot where I live and these are so breathable and lightweight

I got like 6 in different styles and prints from this one company called hill house, definitely recommend if you want to look feminine in summer without sweating your ass off

No. 188188

I think a thin sweater or turtleneck is super cute underneath slipdresses (but on me it looks terrible idek why)

No. 188190

I'm wondering if long boots would look bad on girls who are on the shorter side. I'm not super short but I don't think I'm quite tall enough to pull off boots. Would it just end up looking goofy on me?

No. 188195

File: 1622142437670.jpg (58.56 KB, 1080x1082, Tights as tops-Tout.jpg)

It looks the material is really light so that makes layering a bit tricky, if you wear a shirt underneath it has to be super light and form fitting so that it doesn't disrupt the lines of the dress. This is just an idea but if you really want to wear a mesh-style shirt underneath, you could take a pair of nylons and turn them into a crop top like picrel

No. 188208

I've had my eye on those dresses by the shipping to Canada is wack for how expensive the dresses are. Is the quality worth the price?

No. 188255

What types of pants are in style? How can I wear baggier pants and still look elegant? not to be mean but a lot of fashion now just looks frumpy and lazy

No. 188261

File: 1622156524769.jpg (30.87 KB, 600x799, Solid_Boxy_Pleated_Wide_Leg_Pa…)

nta but i don't think baggy pants are flattering unless you have very long legs like picrel. most people do not have these incredibly long legs

No. 188262

File: 1622157922200.jpg (81.71 KB, 800x1000, lucky-vintage-seattle-1970s-bl…)

Baggy implies a relaxed and oversized fit, whereas wide leg pants are supposed to hug the hips and waist while creating a more structured and voluminous silhouette.

No. 188280

File: 1622169959358.jpg (30.77 KB, 834x1043, 3_da9b4fd9-17a2-4ab7-9cbd-550d…)

imo, definitely. I wear them a ton and even the ones i've had for over a year don't show any signs of wear

there's a company called fewmoda that has knock-offs of some of the styles for less money, you have to have a subscription though and i'm not sure about shipping to canada - it might come out cheaper for you. I can't speak to the quality of those, though. They have a lot of cute dresses, i'm thinking of trying a subscription

pic is dress from fewmoda

No. 188298

Those look okay but I really don't like when it's wide at the bottom.

No. 188338

Well you asked what's trendy. Wide leg jeans are. Flares are also popular.

No. 188341

How can I salvage all my normal length tops to look good with high waist pants or shorts? Is this even doable? Should I be doing a french tuck? Where do I even find tops of a fashionable length that aren't hand wash only midriff-baring stuff that is too revealing for even a casual workplace? I can't just wear crop tops.

No. 188353

File: 1622219279319.jpg (42.29 KB, 500x683, f20_04_a06_78028_1274_on_a.jpg)

Slim and straight leg pants are the alternative to skin tight jeans

No. 188359

Just tuck them in. It's not rocket surgery.

No. 188365

Okay, I like those a bit better. I really don't like flares and wide leg stuff for some reason, unless it's cuffed at the bottom. Maybe I'm turning into the type gen z makes fun of.

No. 188379

You can tuck it in or if you have basic sewing skills, you could just shorten them fairly easily.

No. 188382

This video is really cool, I think Karolina did a great job at replicating the general style trends from these different eras. It's interesting how the 90s communicated this carefree exuberance while the 2000s became more neutralized and austere.

No. 188387

My grandmom was a model in the 50s and she taught me her walk, you have to act like you're walking a tightrope with a penny between your buttcheeks lol

No. 188391

Me too, anon! It's so comfortable to not have to wear a bra and for the hot weather because it's usually breathable

No. 188476

not a huge fan of Karolina but I always thought she was so pretty, I love her long face

No. 188477

File: 1622275031524.jpg (13.45 KB, 400x400, jeans.jpg)

Why is it impossible to find wide leg/flared jeans with white fur? Picrel is exactly what I want expect not leopard print. Do they not exist or

No. 188478

kek you absolute degen why would you want WHITE fur at the bottom of flares? Aren't you scared it's gonna get all dirty super quickly

No. 188479

samefag but I can't find either. There's y2k styled jean skirts with white leopard fur tho if you want

No. 188480

Do it yourself, nonnies'
This is a super quick and easy sewing job

No. 188569

Looks cheap and hideous

No. 188613

No. 188623

bros do u have any tips on developing an actual style/wardrobe? all my clothes are super and shapeless (i literally just wear leggings and a huge zip-up jacket most of the time), and i haven’t really cared about how i looked until now. idk, i recently read a book called pretty honest which was pretty much just this lady giving the foundations of skincare, makeup whatever - like she made reason of everything of that made sense. and the book really opened up my eyes about how looking good isn’t some chore or something that’s only for particular people, but something fun and a way to make yourself feel better even if everything else is going to shit (you can have control over how you look if nothing else i guess). also, as retarded and autistic as this sounds, i’ve never really seen women openly expressing/ talking about attraction to men, and i’ve always felt uncomfortable with feeling attraction towards boys for some reason (maybe bc my dad’s always been really crazy abt keeping me separate from boys?) but this site really opened up my eyes to how it’s alright and normal to feel certain ways - so i think part of the reason i wanna look better is to look cuter i guess? idk

SO ANYWAY, now i want to put effort into what i wear i guess. the issues i’m having with getting into it is (1) idk why but i’m scared to stop dressing completely horribly, like every time i gets actually dressed nice for whatever event i get super embarrassed if someone compliments me and i’m worried how other people might react if i start dressing differently (even if it’s for the better) - so how can i stop with my way self-conscious thinking?, and (2) i’ve gained like ~30 pounds over the past year, and am pretty chubby - i mean i’ve always had issues with my thighs/arms but now they’re even worse - so i’ve always had issues (even before gaining even more weight) dressing myself properly without defaulting to my comfy homeless-person esque look, so any tips for finding the most flattering clothes for a chubby person (especially pants - i can never fucking figure out flattering pants)? if it helps i think i’m pretty much a pear - when i measure myself i get 36-28-43.

side-note: what are some cute places to get summer dresses?

anyways i don’t even know if i should post this here, but i don’t care and if i can’t it’s just gonna get deleted so that’s fine and i think this site is actually totally changing my perspective on many topics so thank u very much people! good night and thank uuuu!!

No. 188625

My style has evolved in relation to my interests, they provide a starting point where you can begin to consider what you think looks good and the image that you wanna get across. So what do you like? Are you into an alternative subculture that you wanna draw inspiration from? Is there a particular period in fashion that you admire? Do you wanna stand out or just look put together and on trend? Do you wanna accumulate more casual outfits, or clothes that you can dress up? I feel like these are pretty central questions when you're in the early stages of developing a sense of style.

No. 188638

Agreed with this >>188625. Also if you're completely clueless about what you want or like, you could browse pinterest for a while and save images of outfits you like. Always keep in mind it has to work for your lifestyle though. Or go to the stores and just spend a day trying on different types on clothes and styles, to see what you like and looks good on you.

No. 188645

>scared to stop dressing completely horribly, like every time i gets actually dressed nice for whatever event i get super embarrassed if someone compliments me and i’m worried how other people might react if i start dressing differently
I also wonder about this, I feel embarassed to try new things or just "stand out" a little. I absolutely feel you nonny and would love if some other anon already got over it or could help us with that feeling

No. 188649

You should probably just gradually start incorporating more 'dressy' items into your outfits until it's not jarring to see you fully dressed up. Eg rather than wearing a dress and heels, you wear a dress with flats and heels with jeans until you're comfortable enough to go for the combination. I've been dressing up my entire adult life and don't wear casual clothes much, but when I don't want to look like I tried too hard I take off accessories and jewellery, leave my hair out/unstyled and wear light or no makeup.

But tbh if you're just starting to develop a sense of style and build up a wardrobe you kinda need to accept that sometimes you'll look weird or bad or people won't react how you want. Nobody is born stylish, we all have blunder years and moments of shitty taste and cringe outfits, it's part of the process.

No. 188677

File: 1622381194508.jpg (43.65 KB, 479x720, 441b43a0a74e495bf890779b7f318f…)

A small, shoe-related vent: I love the look of ballet flats but can't for the love of God wear them. I have pizza-shaped feet - super narrow at the heels, wide at the front - and flats either rub off the skin off of my heels or I just walk right out of them. And I tried those adhesive pads and heel grips and what have you, but they just don't work for me. Anyone else have this problem? I guess I should wear loafers instead but they don't look as feminine as ballet flats. Fuck my deformed feet

No. 188681

File: 1622382311556.png (Spoiler Image,24.23 KB, 1700x591, thehorror.png)

Samefag, I also don't have an indentation above my heel, which is I guess the main reason why they always fall off. End of feettalk

No. 188683

File: 1622383205093.jpeg (23.97 KB, 612x612, 7ed1681e-7482-4cf9-bf9f-c571a0…)

How about a pair of flats with a strap around the ankle to keep them up? Pic rel is just the first I saw on google, you can get nicer ones.

No. 188694

File: 1622390163980.jpg (186.57 KB, 1200x735, e105d9ce77f64bf08e7ec82cf9474b…)

I don't understand what Americans mean by "petite", I thought it was referring to skinny and short women but I noticed that on some sites pants that are a 32/34 (0-2) are all put in the "petite" category. So is it just petite weight wise or petite weight+height wise (meaning that skinny women above 5'5 can go fuck themselves then I guess kek)

Idk how people can manage to wear those without having their heel soles hurting. I have to at least have a weewee heels like picrel otherwise it hurts

No. 188723

File: 1622403084051.jpg (79.56 KB, 598x900, pretty-victorian-woman-with-a-…)

Parasols and bonnets, anons could they ever be made cool again?

No. 188726

Bonnets no, parasols yes. Parasols could become fashionable during heatwaves.

No. 188727

don't think they will be so mainstream that everyone will wear them but seeing how fashion similar to those has been trendy for a while, yes! quite soon too, i imagine influencers start wearing them first and then it becomes popular in fashion circles.

No. 188728

File: 1622404382242.jpg (52.84 KB, 521x695, 23ac7ad2c0f777e5f6258b5722b731…)

Picrel. I could see influencers wearing small, straw discrete ones.

No. 188729

File: 1622404387287.jpg (36.91 KB, 423x640, carolinabonaparte.jpg)

I wish empire dresses made a comeback. They look SO comfy and elegant.

No. 188730

Those would look great with the puffy sundresses that are currently in

No. 188733

Oh yeah, I could see that too.
Don't bonnets limit your vision though? Like you have to turn your head to look at things.

It was a cute fashion but sadly the cut also make you look pregnant.

No. 188736

File: 1622406406704.png (1.47 MB, 546x1336, Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 21.10…)

The only authentic empire dresses I can find are designer. Too expensive. Cheaper variations (picrel) with a modified empire bust line and shorter hem are likely just as comfortable and definitely wouldn't stand out or look weird. They can look old fashioned (and in a bad way) when in floral print, but a plain one with sandals looks cute, usually.

Um, I don't know, good question. Depends on the style, I guess. I've seen vintage bonnets shaped more like a cap or visor. But I think most old-style bonnets curved down at the sides while projecting far, so yes maybe they do limit vision. The one I posted wouldn't, but it also wouldn't protect from the sun either. It's probably why old school bonnets have never made a come-back, they look dorky. A lot of head accessories and hats these days are much smaller, worn lower on the head, or if big, worn tilted.

No. 188737

File: 1622407141818.jpg (469.52 KB, 1080x1080, 0ab134c4cf507378cbdd39c83b7811…)

Saw some straw ones at the height of cottagecore last summer. I don't really picture a lot of people wearing straw bonnets since their general style looks too historical fashion tier or country lolita, maybe something like picrel will gain general popularity idk
Let's hope the hype surrounding lady dimitrescu will make these more available

No. 188741

File: 1622407834597.jpg (72.81 KB, 500x750, a274654c5dea81ec0e96348c618356…)

Speaking of Dimitrescu, I love a big hat. How do you feel about wearing them, anons?

No. 188742

Petite sizing is typically dictated by height (under 5’4” is the standard, I think), though some brands do sort of stretch the original meaning to include taller/only thin people sizes.

No. 188744

File: 1622408192905.jpg (175.1 KB, 472x1106, 5.jpg)

I remember Tammy Blanchard wearing a cool empire waist dress in The Invitation, it also looked really nice from the back

No. 188749

She looks fantastic! The monochrome colours prevent it looking like cosplay. Minimalistic straw accessories could become fashionable in the UK. Cottagecore is slightly surreal to me, as the majority of what passes for CC is and has always been normal everyday clothing and house deco in the UK, especially in rural areas. It's not a trend or anachronistic in the same way.

I hope corsets never make a comeback.

No. 188751

This is pretty, probably the first time I've ever found myself liking this style. I generally think empire waists make women look dumpy, but the deep v neckline and extra accents that travel nearer to her natural waist at the sides add a lot.

No. 188775

File: 1622416026931.jpeg (216.21 KB, 592x889, 48367F61-6628-46A4-B889-25DBD7…)

I love the shit out of them but it’s hard to find appropriate moments to wear them whereas I don’t feel overdressed and dumb lol

No. 188780

File: 1622418196866.jpg (40.92 KB, 349x500, 50s.womensfashion.jpg)

anyone know where i can find a princess (?) coat in this design? kinda poncho like? but ofcourse shorter

No. 188790

Have you checked vintage-inspired brands already? I had one from Vivien of Holloway way back and Collectif might have some.

No. 188791

>>188790 here >>188780 picrel coats are called swing coats. Princess coats are the kind with a belt and fitted upper body, I think.

No. 188799

rip, the store is not available where i live
i live in sweden and theres no online shops that offer vintage clothings that actually ship here except etsy and the coats i saw on there look awful lol

No. 188837

>I hope corsets never make a comeback
I have some news for you anon, but you're not going to like them…

No. 188844

File: 1622458879288.jpg (14.4 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2787839038_ncu5.jpg)

Yep. Wanted to get picrel to live my best meadow bitch larp life but it's like 316 euros so fuck that

No. 188845

File: 1622458887789.jpg (41.98 KB, 450x600, swagger-jacket-camel-p862-2374…)

Oh, I ordered online, at least Vivien of Holloway shipped to Finland, I think they ship to Sweden also if you contact them about it. Though I don't know how expensive it would be, hmm.

Picrel is the coat I had once upon a time. I don't think they have the exact same one anymore for sale though.

No. 188848

Are there any people except those into historical fashion who wear corsets as underwear these days?
Btw I'm fine with stays coming back, corsets can fuck off.

No. 188850

I'm into vintage fashion and wish I had the money to wear a corset daily. I really enjoy the feeling of the corset, the hug, and the curves it gives me since I have no waist, never have, skinny or fat. But I think vintage is historical, so… I think Lucy's Corsetry (a youtube channel) wore them even though she wasn't wearing them with historical garments.

And of course, there are the extreme body-mod people and fetishists wearing corsets but let's leave that at that.

No. 188854

File: 1622461429859.jpeg (142.39 KB, 675x1078, AF79D10D-2C4B-4774-B2E9-67FEC1…)

Man I love this. I’m with you anon, cottagewhore is my desired aesthetic and I’m currently looking for a “corset” like in your picrel.

No. 188856

File: 1622462509860.jpg (89.52 KB, 794x1138, il_794xN.2535566592_9tuc.jpg)

Not really into historical fashion but I do like glamourous 50's cuts. I'm a skinny rectangle and I have to wear one for dresses with a vintage cut like picrel. Otherwise it ruins the fit completly imo + corsets are also useful if you have a wonky waistline from a scoliosis (like one side deeper than the other)
The pic was from French Meadows (Etsy), there are less pricy alternatives but imo it's not as pretty as FM's stays:
>ValRok (Etsy)
>OpulentDesignsStore (Etsy)

No. 188862

Oh my god, she looks amazing and the blue does wonders for her skin tone

Her legs are beautiful, too, she looks just like a 50s magazine model. Props to her.

No. 188884

The big question is, when will capes be back in fashion?

No. 188888

I wear a corset sometimes for special events. it really adds that "wow" factor. I actually like how it feels too. it improves my posture and I just feel more graceful and put together when I'm wearing one.

No. 188889

I've only tried to wear a corset once as goth party wear and it felt claustrophobic.
What kind do you wear?

No. 188898

File: 1622475305053.png (1.17 MB, 1042x1216, seasoning.png)

I bought mine from Orchard Corset. it's very important to get the correct size and "season" it (i.e. break it in) before wearing it for long periods of time. the steel bones need time to mold to your shape. the seasoning process also gives your body some time to adjust to the pressure of a corset. the Orchard Corset website has a ton of great resources on sizing, fabric selection, corset care, etc.

No. 188899

samefagging to add that I went with a mesh corset because it's more breathable and flexible than satin or other materials

No. 188907

I wear a corset daily, about 4-6 hours. Orchard Corset isn't the worst, but they pattern their corsets wrong and long term they can cause nerve damage. Be careful anons! Instead of OC, I really recommend Mystic City Corsets, I get all mine OTR and custom from her, and she does a really stellar job.

No. 188915

Nta but i'll check it out. Also, I know you might not be medically qualified to respond to this question but I feel like if you're wearing corsets daily your opinion would be interresting nevertheless; do you think corsets (alongside back exercises) help with improving posture on a long term scale? By "corsets" I obviously mean ones with some kind of boning structure, not fashion ones

No. 188917

Don’t corsets cause the back and abdominal muscles to weaken over time since the corset holds you in and up?

No. 188918

They do but maybe anon exercises, it would be fine then. Relying just on the corset for good posture will mess it up long term though

No. 188933

File: 1622494718336.jpg (40.43 KB, 564x884, 0319190890dba533780dd01e3df545…)

People won't really care. I went from looking like a teenage boy to wearing dresses every day and all I got was compliments.

It's up to us to bring it back nona.

No. 188936

>It's up to us to bring it back nona.

True. We are apparantly already bringing back parasols for summer 2021 so it'll be capes for AW 21.

No. 188940

File: 1622495816356.jpeg (323.15 KB, 1280x1920, alexa demie.jpeg)

I've heard this from women who are into fashion history and it makes a lot of sense. I don't wear bras, most of my clothes are from the 60s and 70s so it works, but I also have dresses from the 30s/40s/50s and it just looks off without the added structure of a corset underneath. I'm going to invest in one at some point, something cute and a bit lightweight.

I really like clothes that have decorative, corset-like elements which I noticed has been trending recently. Details like lace-up strings, sweetheart necklines, silky materials, or boning-like seams in the bodice similar to picrel can look dreamy and romantic. If it was made from a cotton fabric this blouse would look more pastoral and fit right in with the milkmaid trope that cottagecore draws inspiration from.

No. 188956

I fear for you, nonnie this looks atrocious. It looks like the designer raided a toddler's room and cut up her Disney curtains.

Even with the corset she still looks like a fridge.

No. 188972

ntayrt but I don't think Alexa is wearing an actual corset in that photo, it's only a corset-inspired top. I quite like it.

No. 188998

It's not a corset, that's an interesting pov though. What about it looks childish to you? The colours? I don't see it personally. The corset elements in the blouse indicate that it's made for a grown woman and not a child. Ruffles, animal print and pastels frequently appear in women's fashion too. I can't imagine a little kid in this outfit, it would look way too grown up. All in all I think it's a cool, bold look and the shades of purple complement her skin tone.

No. 189036

I hate milkmaid tops, they make your tits look deflated. This looks cheap as fuck.

No. 189049

File: 1622535912536.jpg (82.21 KB, 580x580, m_5da642862e7c2f2d26dd7746.jpg)

I have this one and yeah they really do kek

No. 189073

File: 1622560634999.png (398.54 KB, 771x1161, dress.png)

Should I wear a corset with my wedding dress? I have to decide before my next fitting. Pic rel is what I'll be wearing.

No. 189112

that's really pretty anon. I just went to my last wedding fitting today. I'm wearing a skims bodysuit and it is great!

No. 189131

File: 1622578911704.jpeg (114.88 KB, 640x948, leatherbardot.jpeg)

Idk how I never noticed this before but you're right, it's because of the ruching in the chest seams. I don't find it that distracting myself but I can see how someone would think it's the result of bad construction

On another note, I wanna reproduce this outfit for next fall. It seems like my country will be back to normal-ish by then and I'm looking forward to dressing up

No. 189171

That's such a cute outfit, nonna!

No. 189294

File: 1622599037205.jpg (53.24 KB, 410x615, foxtights.jpg)

Does anyone know where to get tights like pic related? Or any cute patterned knit/opaque tights in general… the only tights I can literally find anywhere are either sheer or kids size.

No. 189313

File: 1622605711312.jpg (31.81 KB, 500x606, a56368402726ec26b041df37866712…)

No I'm talking like ACTUAL empire dresses. Like the 1800's style exactly. Complete with coral necklaces and shawls.

No. 189437

anon, out of curiosity, why do you wear them daily? is it a special fashion style? some body-forming thing?

No. 189446

If you raise the hemline a little most Empire stuff passes as frilly summer sun dresses. I made myself a 1790s round gown (worn over modern bra and not my stays) with a mid-calf hemline instead of full length and style it with all the shawls/coral and floral hair pieces. I’ve even seen robe en chemise/chemise a la reine type dresses with cropped hems at LoveShackFancy and Target. Live your best life, anon.

No. 189450

Oooh do you have a picture of your dress anon?

No. 189524


No. 189667

File: 1622743923750.png (1.53 MB, 874x892, fghjbfjhg.png)

what do you think of these thong pants? they're everywhere after that euphoria girl wore it, i find them tacky but i found this one kinda cool it has the old charliexbarker/health goth vibe but my body isnt very curvy so i'm afraid the straps will make me look more boxy with my hip dips should i get them or no? (w:27 h:37 and flat ass no tits for reference)

No. 189669

Are these trendy? I've legit never seen anyone, internet or otherwise, sporting thong pants

No. 189670

File: 1622744524897.jpg (62.95 KB, 580x580, m_5ecf994069141237a94977cc.jpg)

this is the original one, i dont know what they're called exactly but maddy wore this outfit on euphoria and it blew up after that ive seen it on so many people look up diy maddy pants on youtube tons of vids come up

No. 189671

Absolutely disgustingly ugly. It's like someone put bicyclewear, bootcut jeans and a bdsm thong in a digital blender and a stupid AI created this. I can not believe that human intention was behind this design. And a waste of money, these are going to be out of style and ridiculed as fast as they came into style.

No. 189672

Anon I think they’re very hard to pull off and look incredibly tacky most of the time, I’d say hold off getting then

No. 189673

thanks girls i needed to hear this i was legit about to click purchase

No. 189678

these look hideous on anyone regardless of body type

No. 189681

I would wear this if it didn't call attention to the thong aspect by literally outlining it in black. So a mix of this and the original design, where the straps are higher on the waist rather than showing your hips but without the underwear design.

No. 189692

i think if you have a small waist it can accentuate it and compliment your body but it does look cheap most of the time cause material is usually the scuba fabric

same you get what i had in mind right? it looks very motorcycle-y and sexy i like that but the thong outline is too much i agree and it goes to the back too so it does look like you're wearing a literal thong on top, what i envisioned was this bottom with an oversized cropped simple white tee, now i'm trying to find a similar print without the straps anyways what do you all wear when you go out clubbing? i need inspo

No. 189701

Huge agree

No. 189707

This whole interaction was so brutally honest yet wholesome I love this site sometimes man

No. 189790

File: 1622807687260.jpg (171.26 KB, 1149x773, vinted_article4577642.jpg)

Bershka are selling these rn and I saw one girl wearing them irl. It was ugly as shit but her confidence was kinda based

Bought those Princess Polly rompers second hand. I don't know what possessed me, they looked cute on her picrel listing even though she conveniently didn't show from the back. Then I tried them on and realised I looked like an overgrown baby dumbass in them.
I can't wear a bra under them either so when I go to the toilets I'm sitting there, completely naked, looking like a proper retard

No. 189810

File: 1622812798202.jpg (242.34 KB, 1620x1080, 0a1c0bb2226e5e5dc871eb2c98e929…)

I have a love/hate relationship with Kate Middleton and her fascinators. They make everyone look like they are a balancing a little baked good on top of their head. Nonnies opinions?

No. 189812

Gimmicky but cute in a whimsical grandma way. I think it'd be fun to see more women wearing them but it's definitely a princess tea party or Kentucky Derby sort of look.

No. 189814

They look exactly like something balancing on her head. The last one is really nice though, I just don't understand why they wear these things. Large hats can make a face look more delicate though, I get that.

Unrelated but I love Kate and wish the vampire theories about the royals were true so she would suck my blood <3

No. 189818

File: 1622815152280.jpg (31.97 KB, 500x358, 2a71a8b79b0408f14835fa4362e930…)

Lipstickalley has a style appreciation thread on her for anyone interested. I like her too! She gets a weird amount of hate for someone who seems friendly and cute.

No. 189826

In the UK they're really only worn by posh people go to Ascot.

No. 189830

hey girls - any tips on shopping for vintage clothes/shoes jewelry on etsy? like finding cool, weird, quality stuff?

No. 189831

People wear them at the horse racing events here

No. 189841

Idk what kind of jewelry you're into but I recently won a Saudi Arabian silver necklace (at least 40-50 years old, could be older) from an estate sale auction. It'd be best to do some research first into what you're looking for, and then look up which countries made them. Ex. Hungary was very famous for its amber jewelry.

No. 189856


In the UK they're very popular as part of those 'mother of the bride/groom' outfit at weddings, so most people tend to associate them with that sort of older, frumpier fashion. They make Kate look dated too, though it's her thing now and I kind of appreciate that she isn't trying to be too trendy or 'young'.

No. 189869

Looking like a naked retard when you go pee is part of the romper experience, anon

I had a phase in high school where I used to like wearing vintage fascinators and I styled them as well as you would expect at that age (which is to say, it looked awful) so I cannot see fascinators to this day without memories of embarrassment. But she looks very beautiful in these pics in spite of how triggered fascinators make me

No. 189870

File: 1622827121977.jpg (224.36 KB, 904x1356, sun-hat-resort-sumatra.jpg)

Beautiful sun hat recommendations? I liked Lorna Murray's hats in pics, then saw models wearing them. They look like literal lamp shades kek.

No. 189871

They're hideous hats/outfits that only completely out-of-touch elite women wear.

No. 189875

File: 1622828690526.jpg (146.34 KB, 800x1200, hbz-kate-middleton-2005-gettyi…)

Nah, she has no choice. There's a public dress code for members of the royal family. Style is traditional and conservative, including some nitpicky stuff; women are not allowed to wear coloured nail polish, skirts are to be knee length and tights worn at all times, even in summer, no matter how hot it is kek. Picrel Kate before marriage. She used to wear a lot of cami tops, jeans, ugg boots, short summer dresses. Nights out: low v-tops, mini skirts, heels. Normal modern clothing basically.

No. 189876

File: 1622828785549.jpg (145.91 KB, 767x1227, 0_KATE-MIDDLETON-SHOPPING-AT-W…)

Samefag. Doing the food shop in her trackies kek. So weird seeing her dressed like that when she's polished 24/7 now.

No. 189884

File: 1622830992035.png (618.96 KB, 960x960, JjjIOxih.png)

Yes I noticed and I fucking hate it

No. 189885

What are some good high rise summer pants that work in the heat? I need something I can toss in the dryer.

No. 189891

Strange to see but I am nonetheless grateful for this image

No. 189895

File: 1622832748425.jpg (268.07 KB, 1000x1550, tumblr_op30wkQ44w1qc5i9so1_128…)

I'm so happy that y2k fashion is back. It's so casual and fun and girly. I watched this y2k thrift haul on yt and the girl said something like ''I hope people get that this is a look, and that I haven't just kept these pants since 8th grade''. That's my only problem with it, you kinda have to go all out and make a statement with it or you just look way outdated or broke.

No. 189903

File: 1622833034586.jpg (139.46 KB, 624x758, weirdwalmart28.jpg)

Why is dressing like shit to go to the store seem to be a stapple in the US and UK, like why. Don't you guys go see people afterwards or just hang out in town and even if you don't, do people realize that you can still be comfy while having an ok fit?

No. 189905

File: 1622833664897.jpg (34.05 KB, 250x323, 0914-Feed-Sack-Fashions-1930s.…)

Am I the only one that wans to make a floursack dress?

No. 189907

They're genuinely quite pretty. As much as I feel delighted to live in the age of fast fashion, I do kinda yearn for more "complete" looking things like handmade dresses

No. 189917

Looking for flipflop/sandal recommendations. I used to wear those Havaianas but they fall apart too easily. Leather ones would be better, since they probably get softer over time.

No. 189918

Those look like the dresses my 100 years old grandma used to wear. I love them, what kind of fabric do I need to make one of those?

No. 189920

Anons post this vintage shit every now and then and it really makes me question with what kind of women I interact on this website. I know of absolutely not a single soul irl who'd like this but somehow there's a whole bunch of you here.

No. 189922

I think a lot of women secretly like vintage cuts. It's really pretty but I don't see myself wearing it to college so yeah

No. 189923

Idk, all this stuff used to be made in the US back when we had a booming textile industry.

No. 189938

>dressing like shit
She's wearing normal human clothing anon

No. 189939

yes, do you think people who are "dressed like shit" are wearing proper shit costumes or something

No. 189943

>Don't you guys go see people afterwards or just hang out in town
lol what i'm doing chores not fucking socializing with strangers

No. 189945

people who process information like you should neck themselves

No. 189946

so you do really wear 80's sweatpants and autism sneakers to do you chores?

No. 189948

>autism sneakers

Anon keeeeek

No. 189954

nta but what's the point in dressing up for chores? your clothes will get messy anyway

No. 189955

How messy do you get when you buy groceries?

No. 189956

She still looks nice.

No. 189957

File: 1622839508190.jpg (643.04 KB, 1228x2504, 1508469635410.jpg)

Yes anon I understand that, but for me >>189876 isn't even "not dressed up", it's just pure IT scrote tier
well, fucking hell

No. 189963

K Jacques?

No. 189964

>your clothes will get messy anyway
What? You don't get dirty or messy from grocery shopping.
Personally I think it's just normal to be presentable in public. And that doesn't mean wearing a full face of makeup, a dress and a pair of heels. But brush your hair and don't wear lounge wear ffs.

No. 189965

My grandma used to live in Appalachia, a lot of Appalachian women, and those generally in rural areas from the early 1900s to the 60s would make dresses out of feed sacks, it was actually such a big thing back in the day that the manufactures of the packaging for feed sacks would market it with femimine patterns for women, so these dresses depending one where you see the wearer wearing a dress like that its was probably made from literal sacks.

No. 189966

Agree. I'll go further and say I think the average woman likes a lot of vintage era femininity and sort of yearns for it. Something about it resonates. Does that make sense? I get the feeling most women are actually quite feminine in a particular kind of way, but feel self conscious about it for some reason. It tends to come out when we discuss things we feel nostalgia for, like toys. Do any anons know what I'm trying to get at and are able to articulate it better than me? kek.

No. 189967

Same fag, I have few vintage dresses from the 50s that I update with certain accesories to wear to the office. so yeah I wear vintage pieces occasionally.

No. 189968

Not sure, but I enjoy the glamour and well-constructed garments actually created to suit the female body. I'm glad we have comfy practical sportswear these days but I think we lost something with the modern fast fashion.

No. 189969

well thoughtful craftmentship and timeless fashion in exchange for CONSSSSOOOOM. that is what we lost.

No. 189971

she's pretty though, it's a waitrose not a catwalk. some of you took the "i must be the most fuckable person at the supermarket" meme to heart, all your boyfriends look worse

No. 189975

File: 1622842533214.jpg (237.62 KB, 1200x1800, tesco.jpg)

>anon in the Tesco parking lot at 11am

No. 189977

>some of you took the "i must be the most fuckable person at the supermarket" meme to heart
Kek I wanted to wear jeans and a shirt but tbh you're so right! I can't wait to look normal at Lidl tomorrow in my full hobo fit. Omw to cope NB shoes and Decathlon sweatpants rn actually
I think it's slowly coming back, people are starting to invest in durable clothes by privileging thrifting and local businesses

No. 189978

I don't understand this obsession with dressing the fuck up when women who dress casually but nicely get yelled the fuck at. I mean, yeah, you still will get catcalled and asked out if you dress like shit, but I can't imagine dressing up every time you go out. Scrotes slow you down with their dumb conversations, I want to buy my shit and leave.

No. 189979

you sound like you're really into rockabilly

No. 189980

Anon wtf do I sound fat or something

No. 189981

No. 189982

Delete this right now or I'm gonna trace your IP and send you chain mails

No. 189983

No. 189984

Why is Secretions Magnifiques the male autism signature scent? Isn't that the Epstein perfume? I'm so confused

No. 189987

>Secretions Magnifiques
>Epstein perfume
Wait are you for real, my fucking sides. because if it's true it's hilarious
And it's just a meme perfume advertised for smelling "lewd" that some /fa/ggots unironically like

No. 189993

File: 1622846105545.jpg (25.41 KB, 340x270, 1930s dress.jpg)

It's not hard to modernize vintage clothes, some day dresses from the 1930s can be styled in a way that makes it look young and modern. The jewelry and shoes you pair with it and the way you style your hair are going to determine the vibe. People would be surprised by the extent to which current trends like cottagecore are based on early and midcentury women's fashion.

I agree with this. I make a distinction between lounge clothes, workout clothes, casual clothes for running errands, etc. I don't do it for other people, I do it because I don't want to look sloppy if I can help it. I feel more confident when I'm dressed for the circumstances or activity at hand, which isn't remotely the same thing as "dressing up". People can do whatever they want but that's just my take on it.

No. 189996

She looks fucking gorgeous here omg

No. 189997

do you have a distinction for 2 am don't really want to change but really want a fountain drink from gas station clothes?

No. 189999

The plastic bags' symmetry really helps and uplifts the whole outfit. The green lettering is also reminiscent of her eye color

No. 190001

I don't get this conversation, what exactly are you supposed to wear for fucking grocery shopping of all things, it's not a special important event

No. 190003

Yeah, it's known as being the signature scent Epstein wore for years. I had no idea it had some degree of fandom on 4chan, wild

No. 190004

>it's not a special important event
Speak for yourself, I want to fuck the store boulanger

No. 190006

Practical casual clothes. The way I read it OP was just suggesting that if you're gonna be out in public for a reasonable amount of time it makes sense to switch out of the pajamas and flip flops you were wearing at home and put on actual clothes like jeans and a t shirt. If you don't care about that stuff then that's fine, but I don't think this is a hot take, especially in a fashion thread.

No. 190007

sweatpants are way more comfortable and practical than jeans tbh, and sneakers have the same effect and are also considered casual so I don't see the problem with that. kate wasn't out in literal pjs lol

No. 190011

Rainbow. Hands down the most comfortable, longest lasting flip flops

No. 190023

File: 1622853835898.png (272.04 KB, 320x518, 40893205873564653.png)

Yeah I get what you were going for. Have you seen jeans from the brand Revice? They have styles like picrel where the waistband is cut in that sexy v-cut which I think is interesting. So no actual straps and more modest but you still get a similar effect. They also have a lot of patchy or color blocked jeans similar to your original image. Fair warning - I haven't purchased anything from them due to some dodgy reviews. They seem to order from China based on demand so sometimes deliveries take months or just never arrive. Although some people have gotten their stuff fine. Sucks because I'd like to order some things but it makes me hesitant.

No. 190025

File: 1622854091897.png (287.7 KB, 332x515, 5743895743095323.png)

If you don't want to show as much skin they also have this which creates the v with an overlaid waistband rather than dipping so low. (https://www.revicedenim.com/collections/high-waisted/products/90s-baby-extra-perks-wash)

No. 190030

yes i do and it's comfy

No. 190035

Those look perfect for women with hip dips.

No. 190054

That’s unironically based

No. 190063

i love 2000's fashion too, i'm trying to incorporate elements from it to my personal style

No. 190127

Yeah, the clothing of the day was lovely (at times) but we also love not ironing and of course not being forced to wear any particular thing. I still yearn for clothes I had as a child.

No. 190139

So I've been browsing around for jewelry and I came across a surprising amount of expensive jewelry made from stainless steel. Think expensive as in 80 euro for a simple ring, 160-300 euro for a necklace etc. For that kind of money you can also buy sterling silver. In my mind stainless steel jewelry is cheap jewelry from China purchased on a summermarket or on aliexpress. Was I wrong and is stainless steel a material worth paying a lot of money for or are they just reselling aliexpress shit?

No. 190147

File: 1622907439860.jpg (94.11 KB, 564x1002, a6f5eeafcb3117cc746984f5d36cc8…)

penny lane's clothes from almost famous will always be part of my style inspo, forever channeling my inner rocker hippie look through this and the kinderwhore aesthetic

No. 190159

File: 1622909314696.jpg (209.9 KB, 629x692, 20210605_213737.jpg)

got this on an impulse hope I. Don't regret it

No. 190161

Why are you so green?
Zombie anon?

No. 190162

File: 1622909853545.jpg (129.78 KB, 1200x900, avril-lavigne-corset-girls-dre…)

Avril Lavigne core. Do you like gyaru?
Murdoc anon

No. 190165

File: 1622911183704.jpg (29.52 KB, 563x761, b3d830d36357892655f39058e0681a…)

kek that's not me it's the insta-thrift store model wish i had some green tinges tho

yes like a mix of the two but in a casual / low effort way

i'm just a slut for delicate black and pink things, will probably style it like pic rel at first and see what else i can pull it off w

No. 190173

I'm invited to a marriage this summer, and the dress code is hippie for women. I've never worn something like this before. Do you have any idea noonas? I don't want to look like a clown.

No. 190177

File: 1622913716006.jpg (109.96 KB, 750x750, ezgif-3-59bd88a4f20e.jpg)

I've never heard of or been to a wedding with a dresscode like that, but I think I'd wear a long flowy boho-chic type of dress.

No. 190178

File: 1622913834307.jpg (113.79 KB, 600x1200, 673cbb155865516b3526a57dd268f7…)

or this but not in white.
It's probably not ultra-hippie but it gets the long, flowy, relaxed silhouette right without looking completely ridiculous

No. 190184

File: 1622915455591.jpg (401.58 KB, 1754x2048, rawImage.jpg)

>don't want to look like a clown
Pick one.
Anyway, just dress like Janis Joplin. Bonus points if you can find embroidered Hindu-inspired pants like hers.

No. 190281

A maxi dress or a floral print can be hippie. Are they having a Pinterest wedding?

No. 190282

File: 1622945019717.jpeg (47.15 KB, 474x789, OIP.jpeg)

Googling "wedding guest maxi dresses" brings up good results. I wouldn't fully go hippie leave that for the bridal party lol

No. 190293

File: 1622949481907.jpg (57.29 KB, 563x776, e619e63ff9ade887cced7ef9da365f…)

omg fun. so much you can do. how bout some cute flower power prints. channel some kate hudson from almost famous. look up woodstock vids.

or you could switch it up and dress like hippie dudes.

No. 190347

I wouldn't wear that for a wedding but I sure would for daily wear, it's a really cute outfit

No. 190372

Thank you so much noonas!

I think I'll go with long and flowy! Maybe I'll add a print, not sure yet.

I did look it up, I love it on her, and hate it on me. But her vest is amazing. I'll do something more safe, I'm really a classic style person.

Actually the theme is military hippie. When I asked wtf she meant she said most girls are going hippie and most men in uniform. Wtf are they doing I don't know! I'm not really close with the bride.

Yes I've been looking Woodstock pictures for references. I'll go with a long dress, maybe with the famous cashmere print. For the rest I don't know yet!

No. 190382

most are going to be resellers online.
The high cost is probably due to the tiktoker thirst trap boy trend of a bunch of big silver rings.
Its not worth it at all…
The actual scrap worth of those things are nothing. Most silver rings scrap for like less than 20 bucks.
Check out a local antique store, thrift shop or if you have them, flea markets. They usually will have some antique booth or jewelery section of nice silver rings for 5-20 bucks. Unless its designer or a design you really love, its not worth it, buy silver.

No. 190404

>military hippie dresscode for a wedding
Some people shouldn't be allowed to have ideas lmao

No. 190418

Modern fashion is soulless

No. 190419

normie fashion is, but there are lots of fashion subcultures out there that have personality, even though they often have boring tropes within them as well

No. 190421

How can I develop my personal style? I find basically all of fashion trends charming, but at the same time I feel like they're not for me. Idk what to wear

No. 190422

Unpopular opinion: 1950's fashion was soulless and boring.

No. 190424

File: 1622999170362.jpg (221.96 KB, 696x903, 514541541541545.jpg)

No. 190429

I think style is you wearing the clothes and not the other way around. Don't follow trends so much as know what styles and cuts suit you. Then you can mix up that with different prints, colours and textures and you'll start to gravitate towards what you personally prefer.

No. 190431

Sometimes I wanna go back in time and kick Christian Dior's ass.

No. 190432

File: 1623000033263.jpg (56.97 KB, 563x615, boys.jpg)

to an extent, I agree. '50s Fashion, as portrayed by magazines, looks pretty boring and soulless, but at least men dressed better

No. 190451

cries in mendressingsofuckinguglynowadays

No. 190458

I disagree but tbh ty anon for this actually unpopular opinion

No. 190513

You confirmed by suspicions. The antiques stores and flea markets are actually a really good tip, I'm going to do that. Thanks anon!

No. 190646

I agree about men's fashion, I hate how fucking tight men's clothing tends to be these days.

No. 190652

Nta but I thought it was the opposite unless it varies between locations. Seems like men wore tighter clothes in the 70s-80s the most and then it was considered "gay" by the 2000s.

No. 190685

File: 1623054742501.jpg (57.79 KB, 600x860, YOttk8W.jpg)

casual 70's men fashion was based

No. 190686

Word. I want to see those moose knuckles hnnnngh

No. 190687

>Actually the theme is military hippie. When I asked wtf she meant she said most girls are going hippie and most men in uniform.
wtaf lmao is it meant to be a joke…? I'm just imagining a bunch of guys dressed up as vietnam vets and a bunch of women holding up signs protesting them.

No. 190692

Now this is good male style. I mean it.

No. 190718

No. 190734

Do you own anything floral?

No. 190738

How do I wear rain boots with shorts in summer?

No. 190740

File: 1623079416857.jpg (549.44 KB, 2925x1967, 69c7662420fd754fbacfcc9fbb14cd…)

I think it's hard to make taller boots look good with shorts unless you have really skinny legs, so maybe try some of those chelsea rain boots with some socks peeking out

No. 190742

File: 1623079607581.jpg (802.1 KB, 2000x980, hunter-boots-summer-outfits.jp…)

If you only have access to taller ones maybe try to balance it out with a lightweight rain coat unless it's too hot

No. 190743

Thanks, I'm in the market for summer rain boots. Any brand/model recs? They are mostly for commuting to and from work, but I change into normal shoes when I get there.

No. 190746

File: 1623080696165.jpg (23.36 KB, 236x440, 80e9dba89bb09b5a1335fed6cac7f0…)

Hunter boots seem to be the most worn brand.

I wonder if extremely flamboyant male fashion will ever come back. Kinda crazy to think about how 18th and 19th century scrotes didn't regard makeup, heels or waist emphasis as "too feminine" or "gay". Wtf happened?

No. 190748

File: 1623082002952.jpg (164.44 KB, 1280x1902, 292c7be7db88caf683925114328177…)

I love the flamboyant male look of the 1700s.
Men turned into identical black and white suit penguins somewhere after 1860, while women were the ones doing all the peacocking. Bring back the male glam!

No. 190749

File: 1623082569947.jpg (45.11 KB, 500x550, cfa95bd065169b3ae53bf1739b0dcf…)

I know circa Louis XVI Versailles' court fashion is a proper meme considering it was just a rich people circle and didn't apply to France as a whole but holy shit, it was the pinnacle of flamboyant kek

No. 190772

I was having sweat issues with my clothes. Tried so many deodorants, was mitculous with cleaning there and shaving away hair and still it pursisted. Started checking the labels on my clothes. Everything was made out of inorganic material. Switched to cotton only for my tops and holy shit I haven't had any pit stains. Why the hell have we as a society moved away from natural fibres? I will die for cotton.

No. 190787

Had the same issue, then I tried men stick deodorant. Never happened again, even with polyester or other hell spawned fabric

No. 190906

Where can I buy some cute lingerie for my wedding night?

No. 190908

File: 1623159637744.jpg (125.86 KB, 1024x682, Evzones-Uniform-Officer-Greek-…)

scrotes on tiktok wearing skirts wish they were them

No. 190934

If you don't wear cute lingerie to begin with or if it's a one time thing I'd just buy on shein or something

No. 190953

File: 1623177713430.jpeg (61.15 KB, 444x768, 289453BD-CAEA-465D-84AD-AF4108…)

I feel kinda stupid, but here it goes.
I'm fairly muscular + stout because of my last job, MMA/wrestling, and because I've been a fucking stupid meathead for the past decade or so, and I like to pick up heavy things and put them down when I'm stressed.
My personal taste is hyper feminine so I feel like a fucking idiot trying to dress up the way I'd like. Every other month I end up ordering myself a dress and then I put it on and look like bacon in shrink wrapped in plastic.
I think I dress okay, but I don't find it really true to myself and I'm fucking bored of it. I almost always end up resorting to something like picrel after larping as swole miss piggy for a spell before going out and then resigning myself back to my softcore butch librarian clothes. I guess I could try to get more femme accessories like ascots or bigger earrings, but I guess it's just annoying. I don't want to stop working out but I seriously have no idea what to do lol. it doesn't help that I feel so fucking short. I think I just look like a a fucking financial-advisor dwarf at this point.

No. 191012

I think you sound cool anona. I'm sure there's a style or silhouette that would make you feel feminine and confident. Are there particular areas of your body that you wanna minimize? If you post an example of the kind of body type you're working with and a reference pic of the styles you like then maybe anons can provide helpful suggestions?

No. 191108

File: 1623246039724.jpg (52 KB, 633x876, 5100-101-20.jpg)

has anyone bought from Vagabond? I just found their website and I immediately fell in love with their shoes

No. 191110

Eurofag here, we have a lot of stores here selling Vagabond shoes and they are excellent quality, I'm really pleased with them

No. 191111

lift me when you're stressed mommy

No. 191114

Im sorry anon, but the way you describe yourself is so funny lmao
>swole miss piggy
>bacon in shrink wrapped in plastic.
>financial-advisor dwarf
Quit roasting yourself, you sexy buff lady

No. 191117

Girl, I wish I buff, stop degrading yourself.
But I also don't quite understand what you're asking. Do you feel the disconnect between the clothes that you want to wear/the clothes that look good on you? In that case, just wear whatever you want. Yeah, easier said than done, but if you think about it, clothing is just drapes for your body. In general, if your body is fat, you'll have to work around it with different shapes and fabric (if you want to appear slimmer), but if you aren't overweight/you feel like you don't have to hide some parts, just wear whatever you feel like. Seriously, that's most of what getting (ordinary, untailored) clothes to look good on you takes - being at a normal weight or having a good body. And people can tell a fit/curvy person wearing unflattering clothes isn't the same as a fat peron.
I have some pretty pronounced curves, but I always liked masculine styles and suits more. So after a while of wearing hyperfeminine things that I didn't like at all just because they fit my body and after getting over hating my figure, I said 'fuck it' and started wearing more androgynous styles, and I feel way happier now.
I guess it'd help to have some style icons whose body and style you feel closest to - mine is HBC in the 80s. I dont know if you know Reika but she's a japanese muslce idol and wears pretty hyperfeminine clothing a lot. Idk, check her out. Also, apologies if this was an answer to a quiestion you didnt even ask lol.

No. 191118

If they ship to your country, check out eShakti. Make sure you enter all the optional measurements, and spring for the size customization. Wait for one of their 30% off sales, since they have those a lot.

No. 191125

File: 1623251048508.jpg (136.9 KB, 680x1024, 23b113c4130d07f6364347179cf8ab…)

…vagabond shoes?

No. 191148

File: 1623259601742.jpg (155.87 KB, 750x1000, imago0100016714w.jpg)

There's an episode of what not to wear with a bodybuilder - "Season 7 • Episode 23. A woman searches for a balance between bulging biceps and feminine fashion." Sometimes their specifc recommendations are a little wack/dated (this is from 2010) but worth watching. This show can be hard to find, but also, i want to see this person because her biceps are huge, so i will probably try to find it myself, and if i do ill post it here.

No. 191158

Look on soap2day and see if you can find it! I'm nta, but I'm interested in this episode

No. 191162

don't they just put them in whatever Macys travesty they can put them in?

No. 191191

No, and if that's your takeaway from the show, i don't think you actually watched it attentively or openmindedly. they literally gp to different stores every time, and usually multiple types, retail stores vs boutiques vs dept stores, within each episode so the people can see a variety of stuff and it doesn't get stale.

I will say, once you're out of the first 3 or so seasons (2003-5ish), the style gets more dated looking and there are a lot of very ugly dresses, but thats just what 2010 was like. And of course most things on the show arent still being made so you cant get the exact stuff (unless secondhand somehow), but the style stuff is usually pretty straightforward personal stylist stuff that remains true in terms of body type and personality etc, and its a fun portal into 00s adult fashion which i at least wasnt really old enough to experience fully at the time.

No. 191235

File: 1623292132251.png (362.71 KB, 1656x860, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 7.09…)

hey just saw this. here's the breakdown of what i ended up paying fee wise. i use dejapan, which i really prefer bc they don't make u load up ur account with money before buying, you can just buy directly from ur card.

spent like $180 total on yahoo jp for my 14 items (including domestic shipping). international shipping was like $80. got lots of clothes/somewhat heavy fabrics included, and i should've opted for the regular packing, but i decided to do double packing just bc, i think that also ended up making it heavier/more shipping cost. but whatever, for the amount of stuff i bought i was fine w/ the price.

the fees on dejapan are not bad at all imo, so long as ur buying lots of stuff, since atm international shipping is quite expensive, so if ur gonna buy, go all out.

No. 191267

vagabond is great anon, I definitely recommend their shoes.

No. 191307

sorry for late reply! I do think they help somewhat with posture. When I'm not wearing it and I begin to slouch I can almost feel something is off if that makes sense? It gives you some good body awareness imo.

You are correct! You shouldn't really just wear a corset, you should be doing core exercises when you take it off. I work out 5-6 days a week in addition to wearing it. Also when you're wearing it, you have to almost train yourself not to just lean back against it, but rather to engage your abs for good posture. It's easy and lazy to let the correct do the work, really it should be a bit of a guide and a reminder to sit up straight. It's a tool, not a crutch.

For a number of reasons. I have really bad anxiety and it may sound retarded but the compression can help calm me down if I'm having an especially bad day. It also is a good reminder to have good posture, and I just love being able to have a slightly more exaggerated hour glass shape.

No. 191500

File: 1623412024262.png (299.58 KB, 540x720, tumblr_pfxnpmbc3e1uqjq4po1_540…)

No. 191501

>it may sound retarded but the compression can help calm me down if I'm having an especially bad day.

It's not retarded, I've been thinking about this. Personally I hate pressure on my chest - that makes me anxious as it feels like my breathing is restricted. So I didn't get why women find corsets comfy like certain pro-corset youtubers. But people have different sensatory issues. I know that for example that some people with autism find tight pressure comforting. And I bet alot of ladies into historical clothing are autistic and have it as their special interest.

No. 191507

File: 1623415450771.jpeg (228.38 KB, 750x1125, 2ECF3DBF-25D6-47BE-9AEC-447441…)

i miss this shit

No. 191535

File: 1623428796660.jpg (83.39 KB, 781x1098, 3a4818e0d0af165ef34422c9eb0f10…)

Me too nona, rich girl grunge seemed so cool and effortless in 2014. OT but Kylie used to be so cute back then.

No. 191604

She truly paved the way for the posers in this current era tbh lmao and now she’s kind of ahead of them, even though I absolutely hate her current looks now. I think it has something to do with her being in close proximity with Kanye West and his fashion shenanigans that made them suddenly dress in more updated styles that no ordinary person could keep up with, I remember Kim mentioning something like that in one of her videos.

No. 191615

File: 1623448912013.jpeg (191.11 KB, 894x1225, the supremes.jpeg)

I finally found the perfect pair of knee-high 60's style high gloss leather gogo boots. Really wanted something with a low-ish heel that gives me extra height but still works for day to day wear. I'm really excited about all of the cute outfits I have planned for fall when life returns to normal

No. 191658

Do any anons know of a good archive or blog of 1970's to early 80's punk fashion? I've been searching for pics to get inspiration for outfits but I keep coming across the same images

No. 191669

Use Yandex.

No. 191682

File: 1623488419478.jpg (11.88 KB, 236x233, jnco.jpg)

these types of pants are the best thing to come out of the late 90's

No. 191693

File: 1623499542952.jpg (144.84 KB, 736x1177, 7323e2fa02ee82284be10c44c28fde…)

My taste in fashion has changed dramatically in the last year. I'm buying mostly red, white and black pieces with gold accents, green here and there; blazers with nipped in waists, tailored suits, comfortable heels, leather skirts and pants, even some latex pieces.

I'm heavily influenced by 90s Mugler, Chanel, Dior and Alexander McQueen. I'm tired of looking like a child.

No. 191695

So true. I bought myself a pair recently after wanting them so much as a kid (not tripp brand bc ausfag shipping rates) and I love them so so much!

No. 191721

Love that outfit, has a vampiric vibe to it

No. 191757

File: 1623528612813.png (379.41 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20210612-160319~2.p…)

I ordered these because I wanted a sleeker alternative to my platform doc martens for casual daily wear. I thought the rugged sole would be good because I live in a place that gets a lot for rain and snow. I mostly wear wide leg pants but I also have some cigarette pants that I thought would look good with these, so I'm pretty confident that it was good choice. Curious to hear what anons think of this style though

No. 191823

a hundred times yes anon! wear these with long skirts, wear these with flared pants, wear these with flowy or straight structured silhouettes - this is one shoe IMO no one can go wrong with. I love the sleekness of this pair, could you link it?

No. 191861

Here's the link anon, I have other shoes by this retailer and I really like the quality of materials and construction

No. 192064

You just convinced me to buy these on a whim, I really hope I can pull these off because there’s no returns on them!

No. 192098

thank you, i bought them too!

they're a lovely pair, i'm sure they'll look fantastic on you!

No. 192193

I hope you love them! I really like how the design incorporates a sturdy platform without looking clunky. That's something that started to bother me about my doc martens, the eyelets create this bulky silhouette that diminishes the vibe of some of my outfits, idk how to describe it. I still like docs, they're perfect for a casual 90's look, but I feel like a refined platform boot will make more sense with my 70's inspired fall/winter outfits.

No. 192442

I immediately knew those were l'intervalle. Their sizing sucks though, most boots run super small. Bigfoot nonas stay away from them.

No. 192472

File: 1623849519251.png (1.15 MB, 654x1026, Untitled.png)

I love this dress (?) does anyone know the label? Lookalikes?

No. 192517

Really? I've seen most people say that they run true to size, although tbh I'm a half size and find that with l'intervalle 36 is usually too snug while 37 is slightly too big.

No. 192523

I have a pear shaped body with short legs - my hips, thighs and calves are the bigger part of my body while my upper half is smaller with a smaller waist and long-ish torso. I already figured out that I should be wearing high-waisted pants but what kind of pant-shape would fit my legs best? I have noticed that the wider pants are now more fashionable and I need help.

No. 192525

File: 1623870372089.jpg (67.67 KB, 320x480, katy-bvs13.jpg)


Could be previously bought on Net-a-Porter.com. I'll have to see if I can find a good dupe.

No. 192526

File: 1623870483188.jpeg (154.08 KB, 1300x1750, michael-by-michael-kors-Black-…)

Close, but not quite

No. 192530

omg i need that dress

No. 192630

Thank you anon, you're so sweet!

No. 192631

File: 1623918193393.jpg (143.57 KB, 680x680, Katy perry in blue floral flow…)

katy looks fantastic in it, from anon's link.

No. 193018

File: 1624042213147.png (582.65 KB, 1060x1590, pgfn024105i1_navy_1_x100.png)

I bought this swan dress from Princess Highway. I like this brand's style but it's pretty expensive, but this was like 70% off. Do y'all like it?

No. 193023

I think the neckline, length and pattern make it look a bit old lady-ish sorry

No. 193027

That's actually kinda of good. I'm tall so it'll probably be shorter on me. And I have an office job so I gotta dress kinda old lady.

No. 193032

Well that works out for you then, hope you get a lot of wear out of it!

No. 193057

I love the pattern anon, the swan print is so cute

No. 193066

I actually like the cut of this dress a lot and think it looks very figure flattering on the model, but then again I also love dressing old lady-core too anon. Not crazy about the bird print, but the colors in this dress are rich but not too loud and I think it looks like a good purchase, especially for office wear.

No. 193205

File: 1624116333812.jpg (53.63 KB, 355x500, dead-fruit.jpg)

hey nonnies! i'm a hopeless textiles design/fashion student and I want to stay ahead of the trends to build up a portfolio. Can you guys recommend any underground/alt fashion mags to get design inspo from??

No. 193218

File: 1624122209449.jpg (56.56 KB, 358x512, unnamed.jpg)

I'd forgotten about this trend kek. He looks good, but I expect few men or women pull it off.

No. 193221

>He looks good

No. 193222

I meant he still looks hot considering his ridiculous outfit. I agree it's ugly kek.

No. 193223

File: 1624123525998.jpg (36.67 KB, 740x986, Katherine_Moennig.jpg)

There's only one mess in a vest I'll accept

No. 193226

Hi nonny I work in fashion too

I love alt fashion mags too but tbh if your objective is to stay ahead of the trends you should just be logging onto depop and tiktok and Instagram. print is dead.

No. 193236

cargo shorts and a vest was never a trend

No. 193247

File: 1624128912677.png (340.75 KB, 214x746, Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 19.51…)

a smart tuxedo vest, without a shirt, plus casual style shorts was a summer trend in the UK at one point. I didn't specify cargo. Both men and women wore this look.

No. 193251

File: 1624129408573.png (112 KB, 400x232, g - Fashion General.png)

>he still looks hot

No. 193252

> I didn't specify cargo
> posted a photo of a man wearing cargo shorts and a vest and called it a "trend" saying he looks good

No. 193272

Browse western social media to stay ahead of trends. If you like Japanese magazines try Kera or Zipper.

nta but stfu and learn to read before posting

No. 193274

Late reply, but I’m also short/pear shaped and I don’t wear wide legged pants at all. They’re just way too unflattering and make me feel huge kek. High waist and boot cut pants look the best on me, especially paired with some kind of heel. I much prefer dressing for my body type than wearing trends. I think most people tend to notice if your clothes look good and fit well rather than if they’re on trend.

No. 193291

Fellow pear here, I usually wear high waisted slim or straight-cut pants. I keep reading everywhere that wider pants are supposed to look good on us, but I have the opposite experience

No. 193313

I'm a pear and I feel like the only reason higher waist works on me is because I have normal to short length legs and it helps hide my shit proportions

No. 193368

sadly that's not even gyaru, just random y2k stuff
there are real gals out there, just not on TikTok ffs

No. 193443

What would anons here wear to a work related event that is by no means formal enough for dresses etc (it's not a party or anything, more like a get-together to discuss work related things)? They told us to dress "summery". At first I thought I could just wear a neat shirt and jeans but we're in the middle of a heatwave like every place is rn kek so it's probably too hot for that. Any ideas are appreciated!

No. 193444

I'd just wear a summerdress, maybe a wrapdress or a maxi dress/maxi blouse dress with a nice pair of sandals.

No. 193448

I'm not at all like you except probably in the shoulder/clavicle department. I recommend boatneck anything.

No. 193480

File: 1624226509244.jpg (70.24 KB, 533x400, tumblr_lfc9wtRL851qgoqaeo1_540…)

No. 193534

Help, I have a dress with a faux leather belt and I can't figure out how best to tie it. Two regular knots make it look really bulky and I don't want to tie it in a how, the material doesn't really lend itself to it. It's just one straight piece of leather, no buckle or rings or whatever.

No. 193540

File: 1624259768855.jpg (37.3 KB, 400x400, Square-Knot-S.jpg)

How about a square knot like pic related (not a fashion pic obviously but you get the idea)? It will look a lot flatter than going with regular knots and it's a nice looking knot imo. You can also go with a carrick bend but the belt might be too bulky for that.

No. 193636

Without context of your normal work dress code, its kind of hard to suggest.
I have an office job which doesnt have a dress code but the bosses clearly prefer business casual over casual casual. During our heat wave i got a few pairs of bermuda shorts. They make womens chino bermuda shorts, which often come with belts that can look very work appropriate but also still fashionable. Ive been wearing them with embroidered tees which is still kind of cute without looking like im in my 50s. If i had to dress less casual i would probably go with a short sleeve button up.
I feel like bermudas look a lot better than longer jean shorts. I couldnt find any in person when i went shopping recently that werent skin tight skinny, trying to mimic bike shorts and or meant for older ladies.
I have a pair of longer dark wash jean shorts from Levi from a few years ago but they look more casual and frumpy.
I couldnt find any cute summer dresses lately that dont have any cut outs, slits or string straps or that are too sheer to be work appropriate.

No. 193725

Are belts worth it? I don't think I normally see anyone wear a belt with their pants/jeans. Every time I think of buying one I then realise how distracting and annoying they'd be, and how weirdly expensive they are

No. 193726

I see a lot of men wearing them, likely because their pants are baggier and would be falling down their ass if they didn't (thank god that look has mostly gone out of style). I typically don't since most of my pants are fitted enough not to have to worry about that, but I do have one looser pair that slides down my hips unless I wear a belt with it. I just wear a fabric Arcade belt with a plastic buckle since they're easy to adjust, washable and you don't have to take it off at the airport. They're not very expensive, I think I got mine on sale for $20-something. Although if you don't have any technical issues with your pants then no, you don't need one, it would just be for fashion's sake if you like the look.

No. 193739

I only wear belts with dresses, never pants. A nice belt can completely change the look of a dress. If you have a few different styles if belts you can mix and match with your dresses. I'd say it's worth it for that. For pants, nope.

No. 193740

Sorry for samefagging, I forgot to reply to this post
Men probably need belts on pants because they have no hips to keep pants from just sliding down

No. 193750

What makes a dress matronly in your opinions?

No. 193755

Big garish flower prints.
Current fashion with long shapeless dresses is pretty old lady-ish so it's hard to say.

No. 193761

Belts can look so cute on dresses but they always make my waist sweaty in the summer. Belts on pants are annoying imo unless you need it to hold up the garment because it takes so much longer to go pee when you are undoing and redoing a belt

No. 193762

Just wear a professional enough dress. Don't worry about looking summery, as long as the fabric is breathable.

No. 193766

File: 1624372682103.jpg (39.36 KB, 512x342, visor.jpg)

How would you style a straw visor? They're kind of more awkward than hats

No. 193774

>WHY would you style a straw visor

No. 193777

Become a 90 year old Chinese lady

No. 193785

No. 193787

Okay, fair enough kek

No. 193796

I like it nonna. Pair it with something really summery and feminine, don't cover too much skin if you don't wanna look grannyish. But grannies are cool.

No. 193797

File: 1624387785943.jpg (219.45 KB, 1080x1652, ac7bb67751b4c2e19728ee8ba17e38…)

Kek, the same way you would style a straw hat or a headscarf I guess, so with a summer prairie looking dress

No. 193798

Not trying to be sassy but why would you try to style a hat that you already think is a bit awkward, when there's plenty of beautiful summer hats to choose from?

No. 193799

Wear two around your face and pretend you're a giant duck.

No. 193839

Yasss Queen churn that butter #slay

No. 194023

I know someone who got one and it kind of piqued my interest in them, fair point

Holy shit anon your reply is my favorite

No. 194266

I am garbage at finding flattering colors for myself, and cannot tell what color season I am. Is there something cheaper than a $250 color analysis I can do?

No. 194267

Maybe grab some paint swatches at a hardware store and compare them to your skin tone? Idk

No. 194271

don't ppl suggest comparing cloth of different colors by your face to figure out what tone you are? try going to the thrift store if you don't have clothes in those colors.

No. 194284

Nta but that's useless for people who have a hard time recognizing differences in colours in terms of cool/warm, clear/muted, bright/soft and how different colours make the face appear. Which sounds like is the case for anon since she said she can't figure out her season.

No. 194356

If you dont need it, in dont think its that worth it.
Here, girls do wear belts with high waisted jeans. Its always tshirt, high wasited jeans, white nikes or adidas with a belt on.
Personally, 90% of the time im wearing a belt its at work and with (long) shorts. Either its when wearing slacks a bit to big for an interview or im wearing mens cargo pants because it was hot and it was the only work length approved shorts i could find when i was working food service.
I do sometimes wear a belt with high waisted jeans because two of the pairs i have look a bit weird and i feel a belt distracts from my long torso. I do have a nice leather belt but 9/10 times i wear a cheap thin braided belt i got from uniqlo becuase i dont have to worry about finding the belt hole and they work well with high waist, low waist and dresses.
I wouldnt recommend spending more than 20 bucks on a belt unless you wear it enough that you break a cheaper belt first.

No. 194369

Maybe it's helpful to ask people you know about what kind of colors they think look best on you? I feel like it's often easier to tell for other people than it is for yourself. I have the same issue with finding colors that look good on me and what I do know (that black hair looks absolutely garbage on me and that I suit dark brown makeup/clothes) is from other peoples comments mostly.
Chances are also that you don't fit any particular season and that's messing with your judgment. My hair is a weird mix of dark & ashy and bright & vivid, and my skin is very pale and cool in winter but more warm and gold-ish in summer. Every quiz on color season gives me a different result so I don't think I fit any particular one.

No. 194378

More of a fashion related rant, but anon upthread who loves Hill House got me into them because I adore smocked dresses and tops, and I always check to see if I can buy things cheaper preloved before shelling out for brand new. But people who have this brand's clothes on the secondhand market are insane, they do "rare depop" style markups on these things even on fucking ebay, even when the item is still in stock on the official website for 1/2 the price they are asking. Do these sellers on ebay and Mercari seriously think someone is going to pay $200+ for a used dress when they can buy it from the brand directly for $100-$125? I noticed a lot of Mercari sellers doing the same thing with the H&M wildflower collection which I hate because I have no desire to shop from H&M directly due to their practices and would have loved to take unwanted pieces off someone's hands, but I am not about to pay $80 for something that they got for $25-$40 and already wore.

No. 194546

File: 1624811927763.jpg (236.5 KB, 1200x900, IMG_0367.JPG)

No. 194548

File: 1624812081945.png (398.8 KB, 1186x1185, IMG_8596.PNG)

No. 194550

File: 1624812185151.jpg (136.36 KB, 749x529, IMG_0252.JPG)

No. 194553

File: 1624814145114.jpg (51.29 KB, 500x500, stijlboek.jpg)

This reminded me of the late 00's/early 10's when my friends and I would cut and collect pictures from magazines and create "stylebooks". Almost no images survive of it on the internet today unfortunately.

No. 194554

File: 1624814172279.jpg (29.99 KB, 422x336, stijlboek.large.jpg)

No. 194578

File: 1624824332398.jpg (34.02 KB, 188x250, IMG_7417.JPG)

No. 194582

File: 1624825224135.jpg (168.34 KB, 720x961, IMG_9479.JPG)

No. 194603

Wow she looks amazing

No. 194646

How do you wear flared/loose pants on a bike without the pants getting stuck in the wheels? I can't drive and public transport is bad in my village

No. 194649

Is this a problem you have? I wear bootcut jeans on a bike without issue, but never tried flares. Are you worried about potentially looking like a dork while riding, because if not, I'd fold the material tight round your shin and tie some sort of band round it to keep it in place. Just untie it again when you get to your location.

No. 194653

If she keeps it tied while riding they will probably look creased and in dire need of ironing when she unites them. Not to mention they can untie themselves accidentally in a very inconvenient moment.
You don't, that's dangerous. Seriously.

No. 194665

File: 1624890028936.jpg (237.16 KB, 1200x600, introduction_shirts.jpg)

Thoughts on Original Stitch Pokemon shirts? I want to get some but I have no idea what to wear with them without looking retarded.

No. 194668

Bicycle trouser clips are cheap to order, please do get some because at the very least you'll fuck up your trousers, if not your skull

No. 194669

I usually wear short sleeved ones unbuttoned with a crop top and linen straight cut pants but mine don't have busy patterns like that, still I feel like it should work

No. 194670

File: 1624892568002.png (544.48 KB, 544x439, IMG_1175.PNG)

You have to just play the waiting game until it's no longer trendy, anon, but don't be disheartened. Just give it 2 years, at most

No. 194683

It looks like menswear tbh.. I'm not familiar with it, is it supposed to be unisex? I don't like that sort of cut for women personally.

No. 194684

File: 1624901335374.png (224.24 KB, 1090x625, shirt.png)

You can get them in women's cuts too, they're customizable.

No. 194694

ntayrt. Where are you from? They still look like men's shirts to me.

No. 194695

samefag. I should clarify, those cuts would be typically coded as "masculine" in the West. So it's interesting they look feminine to you. Unless by cut you mean something akin to "women's option". It's pretty interesting what's coded as masc/fem globally, hence my question. I hope it didn't sound rude.

No. 194696

I just meant that there are options that should fit a woman's body properly vs how it would look for a woman to wear a shirt intended for a man, that's all.

No. 194701

hmm I really don't like any the cuts to be honest. Do you like the cuts? I think they're such weird choices for pokemon merch..

No. 194745

they're fugly

No. 194766

File: 1624940266598.jpeg (33.61 KB, 400x533, tumblr_on9l40QUXf1sy33o9o1_400…)

what clothes compliment a skinny body with small boobs? i only wear baggy t-shirts because i thought there's no point trying to look hot with bony shoulders and no cleavage, but i've been seeing some ista girls with this body type that use small tight clothes that i guess plays on the dainty aesthetic of it, and that might be a good route to take. any advice?

No. 194774

File: 1624948412200.jpg (20.66 KB, 612x611, gettyimages-888838536-612x612.…)

I don't wanna say "you can literally wear anything" but like…most clothing is modelled on thin body types with a small bust. I have this body type as well, it's pretty easy to wear all sorts of different styles.

No. 194775

Are you blind or dumb? Every single fashion retailer uses small boobed, skinny women to show of clothing. And everything looks pretty damn good on them.

No. 194843

ugh! That outfit is so cute. I could never wear it with my body type though :(

No. 194847

No. 194849

Everything, kek.
For some reason I find deep V necks/revealing necks even sexier on tiny boobs, while big boobs look hot as fuck in a turtleneck to me

No. 194850

Calf-length pants are called "pedal pushers" for a reason.

I agree, I think there's a good balance of sexiness without being overdone in both cases.

No. 194883

As someone with the same body type, literally anything looks fine as long as you know how to coordinate clothes. It’s busty/curvy girls who get the short end of the stick with clothing. I can even buy clothes online from cheap asian sites and they always fit as long as I pick the smallest size. You should start there if you haven’t tried fashion at all so you can figure out what you like without wasting money. Just try not to get scammed.

No. 194901

What pants other than skinny jeans and leggings look good with rain boots and leather boots?

No. 194902

Definitely play up the dainty look to your advantage. Small boobs/frame is still THEE beauty standard. Sure, it might feel a little awkward or impossible to fill out certain tops or clothing from retailers like FashionNova that are more curvy girl-orientated, but for the most part the fashion world is literally your oyster. It seems like you just need to work on being more confident overall. Good luck!

No. 194906

File: 1625006695817.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1569, EE3197AC-3FBE-4073-A08F-788F6D…)

Apologies for samefagging. Obviously I don’t know your age, personal/general fashion style, but I might suggest looking towards Brandy Melville for some inspo as it seems like a good fit for you body-wise. They have a variety of basics that allow for as much skin showing as you’re personally comfortable with. The quality of their clothing isn’t especially great, but you could probably find & buy from their retailer(s) directly on Aliexpress or something. I also have small boobs and the Brandy tops I own are pretty flattering.

No. 194921

ntayrt but I was just browsing through tops on the Brandy Melville website and none of the models are wearing bras. like, maybe one or two of the tank tops look like it's even remotely possible to wear a bra underneath. I've noticed this phenomenon with other brands as well. does anyone even wear bras anymore? I'm self-conscious of how I look without one but it's getting really challenging to find a cute shirt to wear to a bar or patio that I can wear with a bra.

No. 194931

Nta but bump. I work in an environment where I need to wear water proof shoes (boots) and want to know what to pair them with besides the mentioned bottoms.

No. 194989

This picture is so cute, ily anon

No. 195319

File: 1625180827884.png (613.17 KB, 529x821, Capture.PNG)

My friends are getting married in Iceland early Fall. We're going to be doing photos in areas that will require some hiking, I don't think anything major but appropriate shoes are needed. My dress is pic related, does anyone have suggestions for cute hiking shoes that would go with it (suggestions for accessories, coats, etc. to pull the look together would be helpful too)?

No. 195329

I’m sorry it’s not the advice that you want, but don’t do it to yourself. Have you consulted with others on incorporating coats and boots into the shoot? If not, just additionally take some normal sneakers or trekking shoes if you have them. Also, check the temperatures for the month you’ll be there. It will probably be cold and windy as hell. Get a normal warm coat, normal shoes, maybe some leg warmers and just change for the shoot.

No. 195343

Yeah the bride was the one who said to wear hiking shoes, it's a pretty non-traditional wedding with only a very small group and our outfits for the shoot aren't coordinated beyond wear something nice enough for a wedding lol. I asked if I should bring a change of normal shoes because hiking shoes are obviously not going to be the cutest but she said the hiking shoes should be fine so just trying to find something that doesn't look completely goofy if I can.

No. 195356

Is the bride punishing you guys

No. 195392

Why would they take photos during the hike? Common sense says you wear appropriate stuff to get there and then change into photo worthy outfits.

No. 195427


Yeah that makes more sense to me but maybe I should clarify, we're doing a tour of a bunch of locations and going to be stopping along the way for photos, some of which will require some low-key hiking to get to. I guess they think it's just easier for us all to wear our outfits with easy to walk in shoes instead of changing at each stop? lol I dunno I'm just trying to follow the instructions I'll probably bring a change of cute shoes anyways jic

No. 195433

It's gonna be windy on top of being already cold, you all will be miserable rip

No. 195436

Well, that's one way to make the wedding truly memorable…

No. 195488


Your friends sound like retards and this is borderline dangerous anon

No. 195518

Idk anon you may want to discuss the wiseness of these plans with your friend

No. 195531

File: 1625315025098.jpeg (264.97 KB, 2000x2000, sorry anon.jpeg)

The dress is really cute (love the sleeves especially) but I don't think you can wear it with flat/hiking shoes. It would look frumpy and could potentially be dangerous.
What are the others wearing? What is the bride wearing while hiking? Is the hike difficult?
If everyone is wearing goofy hiking shoes then I guess that's okay, though I think I'd still ditch the dress and go for a jumpsuit or a midi dress from a stiffer fabric so you minimize the risk of getting caught in rocks or shrubbery while hiking.
Picrel is the least ugly pair of hiking boots I could find, the dress is long enough to cover them while taking the pictures anyway. I think it would look pretty badass with a pantsuit or a jumpsuit and a fancy wool trench coat on top maybe?

No. 195568


Lmao thanks anons I'll try to talk to the bride and groom a little bit more about the plans and maybe subtly bring up my concerns. I was totally focused on the fashion aspect of it I didn't even think about it being potentially dangerous.

>sorry anon.jpeg
kek, thanks for the suggestion! From what the bride said it sounds like everyone is going to be wearing hiking shoes but like I said I'm going to triple check on the plan because it's totally possible she just means a lot of walking/walking on rough terrain?? When I asked about bringing cute back up shoes she said she wanted us to be comfortable since we're going to be going to a lot of different locations. So idk but I'll consider changing the dress to a paintsuit or something that will be more practical.

No. 196693

File: 1625681622531.jpg (86.92 KB, 1050x1313, 25656001.82.jpg)

I love me some good boots but for some reason Docs never did it for me. Something bugs me about the design, it's the bulky stiffyness I think. I just recently stumbled upon picrel, the Combs II Tech utility model, and I kinda dig it. They seem like they could withstand some light hiking too. My fashion sense is disastrous however, what do you think?

No. 196708

I like the overal shape and size, but they would've been nicer if they were satin/leather all over, those matte fabric(?) panels remind me of workboots.

No. 196717

I like an industrial-style boot and I wear a similar style hiking boot with dresses & skirts.

No. 196736

I like it but the solid black is too much,I would love these in brown. They would be absolutely fine with a dress or a skirt.

No. 197076

File: 1625817102223.jpg (1.01 MB, 1900x2534, 0688E-99X-050-1_1.jpg)

I see these types of skirts everywhere and I like them but I feel like if I wore them I would look like a wandering gypsy. What should I pay attention to if I want to avoid this effect?

No. 197083

It's a normal floral skirt that is currently in fashion, I don't see how anyone would mistake you for a gypsy unless you wore like a peasant blouse and head scarf with it. Any plain top would work.

No. 197144

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I really like this type of skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers.

No. 197146

I dislike how busy this is

No. 197150

I was thinking the same thing. Actually I think that's one of the more common ways to wear it.

No. 197156

I layered one of these under a solid black tshirt dress with once and thought it looked cute. I agree with >>197146 that the print is very busy so layering something over it helped.

No. 197160

File: 1625862629576.jpg (844.67 KB, 1900x2533, 0688E-99M-050-1.jpg)

You mean colorwise or patternwise? This is the other version. I prefer this tbh but thought I would make myself wear something colorful for once because I don't really wear color

No. 197165

I like both but prefer the one with color. Good for you trying something a little out of your comfort zone, anon!

No. 197225

File: 1625902168897.jpg (139.93 KB, 1308x1308, return-to-tiffanyheart-tag-tog…)

Thoughts? I love it so much, thinking about buying a used one.

No. 197226

File: 1625902881550.jpeg (47.64 KB, 640x360, 03F12635-1A3E-4E13-B855-C513DB…)

I loved these and I want to get an old one too, I want to channel my inner Elle Woods

No. 197229

I think they're super cute. Be careful though, RTT has a lot of fakes on the 2ndhand market.

No. 197265


No. 197293

I love this necklace and the bracelet so much. Go for it anon, I would too if I wasn't broke

No. 197315

File: 1625959346436.jpg (209.16 KB, 1062x1600, Collaborator_Girls (15).jpg)

No. 197328

looks like a fancy dog collar

No. 197336

File: 1625976187552.png (666.3 KB, 936x900, shoe.png)

I was waiting for my check to come in because I wanted to buy these shoes, but after 2 days I checked and they were out of stock of this color in my size. They only have the color white in my size, but I really would like this in black…

Is it a stupid idea to buy it in white and paint the sandals black? Please forgive me as I have a small brain. I really just want these shoes……

No. 197340

i don't know how you expect to paint the shoes black, but i'd imagine the attempt would just make them look worse.

let it go, find some shiny shit you like, and glue those onto another pair of sandals you like.

No. 197341

Hmmmm… True!!! I never really thought of that… Thank you anon, I will try finding another cute pair and some cute shiny shit. Thank you for talking my brain out of being dumb!

No. 197342

I wanna be her, she's so cute. something about this hits all my favorite points of old timey looks

No. 197344

File: 1625978063643.jpeg (485.71 KB, 990x1155, BA1D3E71-B0F6-43F6-9650-A27F04…)

man fuck these, I actually liked the look and got some cheap but they are too hard to walk around in. something about the bottoms feels like you're in danger of slipping on most floors. I'm too tall for this style anyway.

No. 197351

I would instead buy similar sandals in black and use my dyi powers to attatch similar jewels on it. I think when people paint shoes it always comes out as streaky and the paint peels off fairly quick

No. 197357

I think the paint would chip and crack quickly, footwear gets to endure a lot I doubt it would hold up well. This >>197351 sounds like a better plan.

No. 197420

With these cheap ones you first need to get the soles all scratched up on the pavement and then they slip less. It might not work as much as you want it to at the end, but it's worth giving it a shot imo
I'm sorry nonnie but you can't paint shoes in the color you want, the paint just doesn't hold up

No. 197574

File: 1626134178559.png (892.01 KB, 745x745, swimsuit.png)

Hope this is the right thread, but does anybody have experience with swimsuits like this bought from places like Yesstyle and Aliexpress? I think they're super cute (and I want a long sleeved swimsuit because my arms always get cold in the sea) but I do kayaking and other watersports so I need a swimsuit that won't rip, tear, or disintegrate after a few uses. Will the swimsuits hold up, or should I just go for an ugly but more durable rashguard from a local beach shop?

No. 197581

I can't speak for the ones that you mentioned, but Amazon has SO many bathing suit sets like that for around $18-$30 USD. With normal activity you'll get 2-3+ years out of them. This is especially true if you like it for the high waisted bottoms.
If not, then you'll have a harder time because pretty much all of them are high waisted. But you could also buy the suits just for the tops and pair another set of bottoms with it.
I personally do not like high waisted bottoms so I had to get some just for the tops. They remind me of a diaper. I hate how they look on me too, so I go with a low or mid cut. They're more flattering on me.

No. 197597

File: 1626148866296.jpeg (694.59 KB, 828x1126, 9297CE5D-2A8E-45FC-A71A-19840D…)

I hate how much I like the outfit in this one Dollskill ad I keep getting. Mainly the shirt/vest. I know they have an iffy reputation, but I kind of want to get it.

No. 197599

Outfit is cute but god that's the wrong model for that look. Do they just not hire girls who don't look like dead fishes with lip filler?

No. 197612

I don't really care about their "racism" and all of that because all clothing companies have shit wrong with them but be super careful because when I ordered tripp pants from them(it was the cheapest way to get it to my country at the time) I got completely different pants and never got a reply from customer service!

No. 197613

I hear a lot of their stuff is shit-quality too. like they won't last a week, let alone a second in a washing machine

No. 197619

File: 1626180848918.jpg (242.11 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20210713-135139_Chr…)

I'm looking for a trouser/jean shape that will suit me. I'm very pear shaped and I have a short torso, mom jeans make me look dumpy af. I'm thinking high waisted isn't for me anymore and I should try midrise like pic related. I love the look of straight leg jeans but the difference in size between my thighs and calves is ridiculous. Can any anons offer me advice?

You can find a blouse like this secondhand on depop or a similar site by searching for 80s vintage tie neck blouse. Other key words: bishop sleeve, semi-sheer/sheer.

No. 197626

idk why you would think those pants are midrise when they come up to the models belly button. my advice, find some jeans that are 100% cotton, the structure is what keeps them from looking frumpy

No. 197750

You know, I legitimately thought about cropping her head out because it does not fit… but do you really expect model diversity from an e-girl/goth-thot brand?

I'm in the US so hopefully I won't run into issues? But good to know their customer service isn't good.

F. I'll have to see if the brand making the pieces is sold outside of there.

I'll check second-hand! I thought depop typically ended up being overpriced? Or is that a different resale app? Thank you for the search term tips! The top is definitely the piece I would want to get.

No. 197774

I'm >>197612 so I may be an off-base ausfag but with depop you just have to know your worth. ALWAYS research about the brands you might buy, it's how you avoid overpricing and scamming. Honestly for something like that I think it'll be easy to find something relatively cheap(~20-30USD) but nice because it's not in super high demand so you don't get a lot of resellers. Make sure to also check eBay too.

No. 197801

It can be expensive if you buy from established shops, you can find really good deals from regular people clearing out their wardrobes. I really just use it for the convenience, eBay is your best bet for a good deal. Either way, spending a little more on a quality vintage piece is probably going to be better than whatever shite Dollskill churns out. Good luck anon!!

No. 197942

File: 1626356930471.jpg (464.48 KB, 1434x1857, Screenshot_20210715-143346_Chr…)

I've been eyeing chunky boots that are just below the knee like picrel but since I'm 5'3 I'm scared they'll make my legs stumpy. I don't know if I should just go for it or settle on another type of boots.

No. 197948

Why does everyone here always assume second-hand means Depop? Depop is a shit platform full of scalpers. Check literally any local op shop website, eBay, even Facebook Marketplace.

No. 197969

Hey anon, 5'1 boot lover here, imo the platform heels will actually elongate and make your legs look very nice, have fun!

No. 198164

Depop is the worst, ebay and mercari are far better

No. 198320

I have a jumpsuit that is a little wrinkly but it has some folds/creases that are supposed to be in there, am I going to ruin those if I iron it?

No. 198340

Not if its part of the design

No. 198371

its been a few years since i tried buying from aliexpress but dont risk it. I ordered something similar for a music festival and if it got wet it wouldve been trash. It was a bit more costume looking than your pic…but since you can see the models bra lines under the bathing suit in that pic, i think its safe to say this one is probably not that quality.
I also found all their bottoms to be very ill fitting.
I would say youre better off at a local beach shop unless youre buying something with a lot of photos and detailed reviews.

No. 198412

File: 1626626492370.jpg (178 KB, 1024x683, 16zJPNOTEBOOK3-jumbo.jpg)

Serious question: why do American men wear such baggy suits? Looks like pyjamas. Doesn't that defeat the point of looking smart? What makes an outfit look smart is the neatness, the tailoring. Is there a historical reason for this? US is an outlier on this. And don't say it's because the men are fat, because men are fat everywhere in the West and suits are still slim-fit.

No. 198414

I'm guessing it's because they think those suits are uncomfortable to wear. So they get them looser.

And also it's definitely a fat guy thing.

No. 198418

So do you think suits became loose to look good on fat men then the style spread? Because skinny US guys wear baggy suits in European workplaces, making it doubly weird. Like, you're slim AND you're in a country with a different professional standard of dress, yet you're wearing a suit so big two men could fit in it? It looks hilarious to us, like a suit a comedian would wear.

No. 198419

File: 1626628180041.png (870.92 KB, 778x1124, Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 9.06…)

Hi ladies, just bought this dress and was wondering what colour jackets would go best with this? And also, would a corduroy jacket with this be acceptable? I just love corduroy but unsure about the texture mixing(can post examples of the ones im considering)

No. 198421

File: 1626628680700.jpg (57.72 KB, 694x359, 3236af71739e9dcdb436375b70541e…)

I think it's a US fashion thing, up until maybe the 80s suits used to be wider and fit looser, because men had to wear suits more often in daily life and hence had to be more comfortable. Picrel is what was considered fashionable to wear in the 40s-50s. Also, if you remember Reviewbrah, he prefers pretty much the same type of style of suits (specifically not slim fit), and even though he said he wears a size or two bigger than himself, they still would probably look very wide on his frame. These are all just my guesses though.

No. 198422

File: 1626628700667.png (3.63 MB, 2032x1266, Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 3.15…)

Samefag, here's my main contenders and from the same brand and i'm certain I would get the black. I could be overthinking it but I just want to be sure in my purchase…the brand is pretty expensive

No. 198426

That's not necessarily true. In the 60's, for instance, the European styles (Italy, for example) came to influence American styles. Men's suits became slimmer and cut to be more flattering. In the 70's, bellbottoms and big collars influenced suits, as well. The 50's just stuck out because it was supposed to be a period of economic growth for America, hence bigger suits with more fabric. That's why cars were massive, too.

No. 198431

Whats the brand anon?
My only concern would be that the patterns/texture might clash like you said. I like the jacket though. Cant go wrong with black. I think a solid red would be cool too. What shoes do you think you'd wear with it

No. 198433

I'd go with a shorter jacket that doesn't cover the high waist emphasis.

No. 198434

Is buying a pair of dr. martens 2ndhand a bad idea? Are there a lot of fakes of those?

No. 198446

It's an Australian brand called "Afends"! I went ahead and bought the black one…worst comes to worst i'll just return it and get store credit. Might be a mistake because I decided to buy it at 3am but we will see..! I think with shoes I'm going to go with either Jadon max Docs my friend said would go well with the dress or just general black lace up boots.

I was considering that but I actually don't mind the waist emphasis not showing if I wear the jacket, I always feel frumpy in cropped jackets and I like the oversized "grungy" look.

No. 198449

I hope you’re built like a fashion model because otherwise you could end up looking like a substitute teacher from the 90s

No. 198450

if anything it's a good idea since they'll have been broken in and you won't get blisters
they'll also likely have older ones from back when they were still made in the uk

No. 198453

Sorry, can you ttell me more about that? Was that long ago they stopped producing them in the UK? Are newer ones worse quality? I've only had one pair before so idk much about the brand to be honest.

No. 198457

Cause amerifug men think fitted clothes look gay

No. 198473

yes, quite a while ago. they do have a made in uk limited vintage collection but those are even more expensive and worse quality that the og ones, as they didn't use the original materials. in general newer ones are harder to break in and more stiff, older ones are more supple and better quality. so it's absolutely worth it buying them second hand, if you can find them, if only for the fact that you won't have to spend time breaking them in.

No. 198488

I was about to post this. most dudes think looking like they care at all about what they're wearing makes them gay. that and washing their asses

No. 198492

File: 1626681394711.jpg (71.86 KB, 1024x1024, krk9eji.jpg)

Look up Solovair. Docs used to be made in their factory, and they make their own boots that are virtually identical to docs but far superior in quality.

No. 198493

>>198492 Second this.

Bought docs. The heel counter broke in less than a year on one of them. If you really just got to have docs though go with the “Made in England” ones. Yea they’re super pricey but they’re the ones that have the same quality everyone expects from Docs.

No. 198681

File: 1626812750150.jpg (120.44 KB, 570x981, 6ec45eb684cc488d3568f4d3192c39…)

No. 198682

File: 1626812774579.jpg (105.59 KB, 861x1396, 0303f90373a76e474a3f7c8f380a4d…)

No. 198683

Rocking the sunbrella. Are YOU using yours this summer, anons?

No. 198966

Just a cute outfit video I wanted to share

No. 198975

shit clothes and dull asf don't bother nonnys

No. 199051

I wish I had to confidence to get a little umbrella for shade but I'm already self conscious enough lmao I don't want to give people anymore reason to look at me. very good idea though, I wish this was a commonplace thing people did!

No. 199100

I didn’t like all the outfits but they definitely weren’t boring…unless you have a different definition for boring clothes than most people?

No. 199146

> I'm very pear shaped
You may want to look into "curvy" jeans. A&F and Hollister both sell decent ones, as well as American Eagle. I know those aren't 'cool' brands but the jeans are pretty good.

>idk why you would think those pants are midrise when they come up to the models belly button
My suspicion is that you're a millenial & the person you're replying to is gen z. I work in fashion and there are totally different understandings between these two generations of what "low" and "Mid" rises are. Us millenials still recall when low meant like 3" above the crotch but to a gen z low rise just means "shows belly button"

No. 199429

File: 1627271992504.jpg (1016.19 KB, 1800x2500, 1443665941227.jpg)

I've been really into techwear recently, but I feel like it's starting to look dated. Any nonettes have suggestions for where I could look into more current slightly alt trends? I mostly wear softgirl looks so I don't really know where to start.

I thought it was cute.

I think you're onto something there. I recently bought a pair of "midrise" jeans online and they turned out to barely cover my hip bones. I complained to the seller and lo and behold she was in her 40s.

No. 199430

File: 1627273757492.jpeg (28.66 KB, 474x474, 58848965866.jpeg)

>goes shopping
>there is only jeans pants and lame printed shirts

No. 199439

Where do you shop?..

No. 199467

effay techwear styling is out but most techwear clothes are pretty basic and can just be styled differently e.g. wear the same jacket with wide leg trousers and platforms instead of 2015's tapered pants and sock boots. Futuristic/ technical clothes never truly go away, they just take on different forms. Hyein seo and shiisaid are examples of techy inspired stuff in womenswear.

Charlotte knowles and nensi dojaka are my favs right now.

No. 199473

I am going to start my first job in a month in an office and I have no idea what I should wear. The problem is also that I have a very large chest that I want to look smaller. I need to wear a 70i bra (eu size) and I am afraid that I am going to look absolutely dumpy in blazers and dress shirt. So what can I wear that will make me look professional and fashionable?

No. 199477

go thrifting/garage sale'ing silly, or buy shit off ebay

No. 199484

I can't imagine how it would look because I'm flat but try on a dress vest. I love vests

No. 199490

File: 1627313879021.jpg (84.12 KB, 1000x1289, 100155333pnk_1.jpg)

I once found this jacquemus dress at a vintage shop, it was going for something like $300 and it fit me perfectly but I decided not to buy it in the end. Don't even remember why I passed on it, kind of regret it.

No. 199511

Not saying aMaZinG outfits or whatever before anyone attacks but I thought this was interesting, it's a video displaying some outfits from teens around Stockholm. The description mentions FRUiTS magazine too which I thought was cool.

No. 199628

File: 1627385686463.jpg (587.09 KB, 1073x1366, Screenshot_20210727-133446_Fir…)

Any video, channel etc recs on how to keep various clothing items in good shape?

Also how to wear pic related in summer when your feet sweat? Is that even possible lol?

No. 199783

seems like those wouldn't be too awful for sweaty feet, as far as sandals go. you've got a strap around your ankle and a low heel so your foot won't slide too far forward, and it's closed behind the heel so it won't slide back. some slipping around is sadly inevitable in sandals unless you get something very practical like birks.

I dont know about youtube channels but my number one advice to preserve clothes is to not put them in the dryer. heat destroys. I put t-shirts in the dryer just enough that they won't get wrinkly. I also put in thick durable stuff like sweatpants that would take so long to line dry it isn't worth it. my second most important advice is to put anything strappy like bras or anything of a delicate material into garment bags while you wash them.

No. 199806

I started the habit of "home clothes" and "outside clothes". When I get home I immediately change into a set of lazy clothes to minimize wear of my things. Am poorfag so everything needs to last and that works well for me since I'm p clumsy at home. I don't have any other advice but I'll be watching closely cause this a useful question

No. 199813

Is it worth investing into more expensive tights? Do they last longer, do you get your money's worth out of them as opposed to buying a new pair of tights every 1-2 or so weeks?

No. 199815

I haven't tried them yet, but the entire concept of swedishstockings.com is that they're supposed to last a long time. So if you break yours easily it could be worth trying this brand or similar.

No. 199816


Yeah, if you're someone who primarily wears leggings it makes sense to invest in some from a brand known for durability. 5 bucks every week adds up way more than like 30 for the year (or at least 4-6 months, not sure how long quality leggings will last you)

No. 199912

Congratulations, you have discovered what the rest of the world has been doing for centuries. Let me guess, you also wear shoes indoors?

No. 199943

File: 1627567569911.jpg (38.76 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.3085301243_b9uz.jpg)

Are name necklaces tacky? For some stupid reason I really want one.

No. 199948

I think they're sorta teenager-ish but if you like them then do it. You can't really go wrong with such a small, basic necklace.

No. 199958

If you get one with the wrong name it becomes funny.

No. 199971

No need to be this bitchy, damn

No. 199972

Yes but don't let that put you off! Lean into it! I bought one. I was in the hospital and a nurse asked me my name.
"Anon, is it? Well that won't be hard to remember, since you've got a necklace…" and she full on stopped mid-sentence and recoiled when she saw it read "babygirl". I'm not even a DDLGer, it's just what my ex-gf used to call me, but I may as well have had "anorectal violence" around my neck given her reaction.

No. 199984

oh my god i need an anorectal violence necklace. what a way to identify farmers in the wild

No. 200029

Anons where do you shop for bags? I'm looking for a new bag to take with me to uni but I can't find something that meets my requirements on websites like zalando and asos or second hand.

No. 200034

Kek this reminds me of when I started hanging out more with my best friend in high school, I was shocked to find that she would get dressed in the morning before school and then only change into PJs after her evening shower before bed – and she would do this on weekends, too. She would just hang out at home in jeans, which was so weird to me as someone who got home and instantly put on pajamas for years. I innocently thought, "Huh, must be a white people thing, the more you know!" (I'm a burger raised by a Pacific Islander mom). Then as an adult I met my white bf and he also wears shit clothes around the house and then gets dressed when he has somewhere to be, and once again my fragile worldview was shaken.

No. 200035

Every time I've seen someone wearing one of those I assumed it was a gift, which I would not judge someone for wearing.

No. 200036

Wait people really hang around in their pyjamas at home?

No. 200038

Imo it's tacky, but having nothing but only a first letter of the name is much worse. At the end of the day you wear what you like.

No. 200039

What to do when shoes come back sticky out of the washing machine?

No. 200040

nta, but yes, I personally do it but then before bed switch into new ones. Then again my "pjs" are just old oversized shirts and pj bottoms so it's not super obvious what they are.

No. 200046

Why on earth would you wear anything else, don't you wanna be comfy?

No. 200049

I don't know what kind of shoes they are but I was able to remove stickiness from some used clogs with rubbing alcohol swabs before, might work for you

No. 200051

That was fun, thanks for posting.

No. 200052

I know this is late but damn those tights are cute, link?

No. 200054

File: 1627648065385.jpg (121.05 KB, 768x616, feat-m.jpg)

for anons who wear jeans made of 100% cotton - how do you do it? how do you do anything except stand still? I've been looking for new jeans recently and so many are pure cotton with no elastane and while they fit me, I can't even bend me knees in them they're so rigid and have no give whatsoever. am I missing something here? how do people wear jeans like this?

No. 200060

I'm comfortable in my clothes.. and I like my clothes, they're beautiful so I want to wear them. And I just think it's weird-ish to wear pyjama's when you're up but I guess I just didn't grow up that way. When I was at an age I'd sleep over at friends' places some of their parents would have breakfast with us in their pyjamas which mine have absolutely never ever done including in private. I dress before leaving my bedroom like everyone did when I still lived at home.

No. 200062

As a 30 year old should you just force yourself to dress as a 30 year old if you would want to wear clothes suited for idk 18-25 year olds? Lmao

No. 200063

File: 1627654969999.jpg (220.28 KB, 2048x2328, 16788147_33078046_2048.jpg)

I've decided to forgo 100% cotton jeans. Not only are they uncomfortable, they're also really unflattering on my pear shaped figure. I feel like you need to have no thighs/arse to look good in 100% cotton jeans.

I recently bought jeans from the designer Paige, they have like 5% polyester and 2% spandex and fit so well. They're also so comfy to wear.

No. 200064

How do you dress like a 30 yo specifically?

No. 200065

I don't know, like an old mature person. Wearing casual more formal older looking clothes? I have no idea I don't even know any 30 year old women..

No. 200081

Personally I think how you dress is way more dependent on your lifestyle than your age. Yes a 60 y/o should probably not dress in most clothes made for young adult but imo I think say a fit, childfree 30 y/o woman who doesn't spend 40 hours a week at a very formal office can easily dress in the same clothes as 20 something women.

No. 200083

What if you're "fit" but you don't look all that young anymore? Like some 30 year olds have wrinkles already and clearly look 30, if they wear crop tops and stuff it looks silly doesn't it?

No. 200085

30 y/o's who have wrinkles don't look like 30, they look older. You're not supposed to have wrinkles at 30 unless you've prematurely aged terribly. Also idk why people always bring up specifically crop tops when the topic of what adult women "can't wear". As if there isn't a whole array of different styles and types of clothes normie young adult women wear.

No. 200086

It was just an example, every time I see a crop top I want to buy it and think I'm getting too old for it, but I feel that way with a bunch of other clothes too. And I got at least 3 lines under each eye already.. Is that premature aging?

No. 200092

Really weird how anons itt think the only clothing options for 30 year olds is either crop tops or old lady clothes.

No. 200096

Black & white thinking like thod is one of thw majpr issues the younger gens face now, and it's part of the transcult takeover as well. "I can only be/do A or B, so if I don't fit into one box perfectly then I have to rigidly conform to the other!"

No. 200100

I'm totally with you both - wanting one and finding them kinda tacky/teen-y too.

I'm still gonna get one as soon as I find the "right" one.
As >>200035 said, people are gonna think it's a gift anyway.

No. 200110

I personally just have an immature taste and I don't know what would still be appropriate to wear.

No. 200111

some people have wrinkles since childhood, it's not that uncommon

No. 200118

Which platform is best for SELLING clothes? Ik Ebay is best for buying but wb selling?

No. 200121

Is bodyline roughly the same these days as say… 10 years ago? I want a new seifuku and damn those thick polyester ones i bought from bodyline back in the day were a dream. No wrinkles,impossible to stain, all fluid just pours off it. Lasted close to a decade as well. The pictures and vibe off the website sure looks the same, but dare i dream whatever that boat sail polyester was havent been outlawed by climate activists or att least changed to cheaper thin shit?

No. 200137

Honestly I can never tell if someone is 30+ I only seem to run into wrinkle free 35 year olds and completely busted lined 27 year olds (mostly males)
My style has changed a lot from 21-30 but I’ve never not bought something because I thought I was too old for it. I just can’t tolerate cheap, tacky or ugly which is most under 21 trendy stuff.
Dress how you like nonnies, unless you’re really wrinkled from binge drinking while sunbathing 24 hours a day for ten years, chances are you look almost the same and nobody has noticed those small wrinkles.

No. 200190

If you're in Europe, I like Vinted.

No. 200192

Nta but it's an UK site, can people in the EU also use this? I'm thinking of Brexit issues.

No. 200194

Vinted is Lithuanian, not from the UK although active there. And brexit only matters if you were to purchase from the UK. I'm in the EU and only purchase from and sell to sellers in the EU without issues. Vinted limits the countries you can purchase from/sell to though because they're active in 10+ European countries but I can only purchase from and sell to 4 (fellow EU) nearby countries, that's sort of a downside but it does get you a targeted audience with solid and affordable shipping between the countries so I personally don't mind it.

No. 200206

File: 1627753761674.jpeg (98.2 KB, 450x678, 742B7FBC-98E2-410B-8961-25630D…)

What the fuck do I wear on top of jeans? Especially in warm weather (I’m in California)
I definitely get tees and sweaters but I need more ideas.

No. 200209

Pretty much everything goes with jeans, doesn't it? Might not be to your taste, but a peter pan collar blouse? What do you like?

No. 200214

Yeah I should have been more specific. How to dress them up a bit and make them into a cute “lunch date with the girls” type outfit?

No. 200216

>old mature person
some of yall need mental help

No. 200217

I think you need to stop visiting this website, go offline and get some irl friends your age

No. 200222

File: 1627761117510.jpg (28.78 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

An idea?

No. 200227

I bought 3 pairs of 100% cotton levis last year and I'll never go back to stretchy jeans again. theyre mad stiff after they come out of the wash and I air-dry them, but honestly just by the end of walking around the house while getting ready theyve lost that stiffness.
idk if it's the brand that makes a huge difference since I've only owned the one type (most 100% cotton jeans are well out of my price range), but I'm also one of those weird people that find jeans comfortable & wear them around the house. if you really feel like you can't move in the pair you bought I think you should try sizing up before you write them off completely. 100% cotton jeans can't be as skin tight on you as ones with stretch to them

No. 200228

look for nicer tank tops & suuuper thin blouses. i really think to dress jeans up the details are super important (think a basic cotton tank vs a satin one with lace trim), your shoes & jewlery make a similarly big impact. like in the pic you posted, if she was wearing flat sneakers so much would be lost

No. 200233

That's not how making friends works unless you're the average woman who clicks with all the other average women. I don't click with anyone.

No. 200299


30 isn't old ffs. 30 year olds aren't even middle aged yet, do all the women around some of y'all just drop dead at 60 or what?

It's like women get 5 years to enjoy their youth and then it's all over… Get a grip ladies. If you have the body for a crop top, go for it.

Most of y'all probably don't look as old as you think, and the average person isn't going to give a shit when there's literally 300+ pounders wandering about in booty shorts and sports bras only. That's way worse than a 30 something thin chick in a crop top/cutesy dress/whatever you're too insecure to wear.

No. 200317

Everyone I knows wears loungewear around the house. Old shirts, shorts, sweatpants etc. Comfy things you don't mind getting dirty. Wearing outside clothes indoors is wild to me. You just wear out your nice clothes faster. Though I don't know what constitutes as 'nice' for burgerland anons.

No. 200318

Well with that attitude I can't possibly imagine why you don't have friends.

No. 200401

So I bought a few bralettes because I was struggling with regular bras. The underwires are uncomfortable and I just couldn't find one that doesn't have the lines of the cups show through t-shirts tighter tops. The bralettes have solved both problems but now I have my nipples poke through instead lmao. Is there any way to remedy that?

No. 200402

I don't wear bras anymore, I tape my nipples with medical tape so they don't show; just put a piece of toilet paper in the middle of a piece of tape so it doesn't stick to your nipple because dude trust me

No. 200403

File: 1627844613608.jpg (1.32 MB, 2174x2174, P0.jpg)

I recently purchased a pair of swing 220 demonias secondhand and I am super excited for them to arrive. I've been wanting to get a pair of platform boots like this for awhile. I have a few outfits in mind for them already, but I was curious, does anyone have any experience coming up with everyday goth/alt looks involving shoes like this?

No. 200414

File: 1627848416469.jpg (41.58 KB, 630x1024, f7b5fab4ac3d8f71c6b5a8e24b0ecd…)

Agreed. Also, crop tops aren't inherently immature. It's about the silhouette, not showing off your entire stomach.

No. 200417

File: 1627849105303.jpg (158.29 KB, 1200x1622, B-UNIF_BECCA_SKIRT_3.jpg)

Is stuff from UNIF worth it? Paying $100 for a skirt seems kinda bad, I bought some dupes that had good reviews but not sure if they'll suck and I should just buy the real version. Are there any other stores with similar stuff that is a bit less expensive? Doesn't have to be shein prices obviously just a bit more reasonable.

No. 200421

Maybe try padded ones? These have been safe for me (though I also have inverted-ish nips, so I have no idea how much of a remedy it is for normal ones…)

No. 200432

It 100% is not worth it. I bought a couple pairs of trousers and a top from them a couple years back, which was like a $250ish order, it took nearly a month to arrive and when it did the fit was awful and the materials were horrible, like no better than Forever21. It’s a shame because they sell really cute designs but you’re better off either buying it secondhand (if at all) or just buying the real vintage stuff they’re knocking off

No. 200496

ayrt, idk why it's about burgers now, I'm not one. People differentiating between "inside clothes" and "outside clothes" is wild to me. No shade, just find it curious lol.

No. 200499

What do you clean and cook in? Don't tell me you're like that person from reddit doing manual labor in $200 silk blouses.

No. 200521

How the fuck do I fold a fake leather dress with long sleeves? I don't remember how it arrived and I don't want to fuck the shape up

No. 200524


why can't you hang it? Are you moving or something? Probably better to ask Google directly on that one

No. 200525


So you just hang around the house in jeans and your nice work/going out tops? That's kinda gross when you think about all the surfaces you interact with when you go outside… Bringing all of those germs right back into your house instead of shedding them off and throwing them in the wash.

And also, don't you find that your clothes stop being nice faster?

No. 200527

kek anon, I loved that post

No. 200531

No. 200539

You could watch an unboxing video of a similar dress kek

No. 200546

It depends on how much clothes you're selling, and how long you want to wait before getting paid. If you want to build a regular business, use etsy, as the fees are low and you can set prices reasonably high, but things will take a bit of time to sell and you'll need a sizable inventory (500+) to sell things with regularity. And you'll have to keep the stuff around until it sells. If you just want to get rid of a batch of stuff one time or once a year or so, your best bet is something like therealreal or thredup where ypu just mail in your batch of clothes and dont have to think about it (check if they already carry the brands you have, because then they'll probably take more stuff from those brands). They pay you less per thing than you would make selling it yourself, but unless you're running a regular side hustle and have a good workflow already, or your items are worth like $150 each, its probably not worth your time on your own. But if you do want to make it a regular hustle, AMA i guess, i have some experience.

No. 200549

Nta but I wear an apron and if it's a too delicate garment then I'll change it.

No. 200560

No, because I don't have a closet where you can hang stuff? My clothes are inside a "closet" that my TV is on. It's way too low to hang things.

No. 200563

Nta but I got a cheap clothing rail from ikea a few months back, cost like 15 quid and its not bulky. There's some cheap options out there if you do want to switch to hanging some pieces

No. 200566

My family was the opposite, we'd be in our PJs around breakfast time. But I don't wear "lounge" clothing at home, except for shorts.

No. 200567

A shirt, and, if it's winter, a hoodie and flip flops. It's California's traditional costume.

No. 200572

I would love to hang clothes but I don't have any space left in my bedroom sadly. When I can finally afford to move out in 10 years I plan on hanging as much as possible :')

No. 200575

I did this growing up, since I had less than 5 tops and 2 pants, so I couldn't afford to ruin what I owned.

No. 200583

File: 1627951305142.jpeg (5.1 KB, 360x360, download.jpeg)

You can't even fit one of those rolling racks into your room, or anywhere else in your house? Sheesh.

Good luck with your dress. Like someone said, best bet is to watch an unboxing video or ask Google.

No. 200688

>I have no idea I don't even know any 30 year old women..
I know this is late but how tf do you have absolutely zero female friends and peers? Do you leave the house at all?

No. 200750

Did you think there's not a middle ground between pyjamas/lounge clothing and super fancy, expensive clothes?

No. 200769

File: 1628098545882.jpg (145.19 KB, 965x1024, 85082518_3076300225737272_1173…)

What is this top?

No. 200770

i'd like to marry her tbh

No. 200776

Faux-Civil War 1940s-does-1860s Swiss waist-style top with ruching/gathering. It’s probably a highly fitted lining with those gathered pieces appliquéd on top, and then that ribbon/tape is stitched over to hide the piecing.

No. 200780

Thank you so much anon!

No. 200801

I'm similar to you and keep my "normal' clothes on when I come home from work/school/errands/whatever until I am ready to shower and go to bed. There's no need to change because I'm comfortable in what I'm choosing to wear.

However, we do differ in the not wearing pjs when you're awake. If I'm not planning on going out or being active, then they stay on. No need to dirty other clothes if I'm just going to stay around the house.

No. 200803

ohh! I have some like that. They're not the patent-leather looking ones but same giant-ass platform. I tended to go the (p)leather leggings or ripped tights/baggy sweater (with or without rips/skull(s)/stripes) and chunkier chain necklaces to make it more causal. You just kind of have to feel it out.

Gosh you're making me want to wear them tomorrow.

No. 200847

No, my small room is full already. The only place would be the attic maybe but my dad doesn't want me to store my stuff everywhere outside of my own room. I tried to Google it but I couldn't find anything..

No. 200911

If you're in the US and you can return easily then some pieces are worth it. I just made a big order from the UK and they sent me faulty items, and i had to pay £60 in customs & duties that I can't get refunded. The ty cardigan is super cute and worth it but everything else i got was too pricey

No. 200971

File: 1628234820591.jpg (22.59 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

lol what is this? it's tagged under vintage, retro and lolita on ebay. I think it's kind of cute but it's definitely not vintage or retro and I don't think it's lolita either.

No. 200974

It's a techwear pinafore dress, so I guess in a sense it's "retro" cuz pinafores feel very vintage, but the actual details are 100% techwear

No. 200975

yeah it has a vintage silhouette but it's a streetwear/techwear outfit for sure

No. 200983

Not the point but this looks pretty cool tbh

No. 200984

I usually think techwear/"utilitarian" streetwear looks retarded but this is cute

No. 201058

not sure if this question belongs itt, but do any anons know where to find cute cardholders (preferably with cute patterns)? i've really liked some of estella bartlett's previous collabs with urban outfitters but they're impossible to find and all of the other ones i can find are so plain and boring.

No. 201207

File: 1628439689416.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1472, 275DFC90-038D-416C-A6A2-23C82F…)

Bought this sweater and realized it looked absolutely ridiculous on me. It’s still brand new with tags. It’s from Sugar Thrillz on Dollskill. Where do you think I should try and resell it, eBay?

No. 201212

Ebay or try a local app most popular in your area/country like Vinted

No. 201256

No. 201301

For selling I find mercari easiest to use, but eBay, poshmark, and depop are all options

No. 201303

I always buy the smallest size of jeans I can still pull up all the way, but because of my completely flat ass the ass/crotch area is always too big and empty, and the fabric folds and sometimes even makes noise when I walk. Do I just have to give up on skinny jeans? They're the only pants I really like..

No. 201341

they make undergarments with pads in the butt jus saying

No. 201402

im becoming a FATASS again because covid forces me to stay at home and I cant hit up the pool like I used to. Can anyone recommend any sites for bigger girls (Like sizes L and XL) with a vintage/floral aesthetic? I love long dresses or any kind of comfy clothing that really covers up a lot like jumpers and long pants.

No. 201403

you can try facebook marketplace

No. 201405

File: 1628579863013.jpg (14.83 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.3029489054_468l.jpg)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone know if these agate rings hold up? They look really pretty and you can get them for fairly cheap (I think people buy them bulk on aliexpress but w/e) but I'm concerned they may break easily. Anyone have a clue?

No. 201571

File: 1628712940913.png (585.68 KB, 474x876, hh.PNG)

Hill House's new collab campaign that sold out and ended up being "broken" by high traffic today was suspicious to me. I know their releases are popular, but the recent trellis re-release did not sell out as fast as anyone was claiming it would and the 4 o'clock relaunch of today's failed launch doesn't seem to be moving very quickly now at 4:10 when they were suggesting everyone be ready in the first couple of minutes. I like the dresses, but I feel like this was a stunt to give people more FOMO about the collection and making them jump to buy them in case they "sell out" in under one minute again. I know probably all companies do shit like this but this is one of those times I really had to stop myself in real life and question if I was being messed with by a marketing team.
tl;dr non-earthshattering fashion tinfoil

No. 201608


They can break easily if, lets say, they have a hard fall or if you were to accidentally smack them on a table or something like that. I'd still say to go for it though.

No. 201610

By nature it’s a brittle material so yes, it’ll break easily. It’s the equivalent of having a ring made of glass. A lot of the cheaper ones are glass.

No. 201625

>Your traffic broke the internet so let's do the exact same thing again instead of phased releases!
Sounds like bullshit

No. 201638

File: 1628761427665.png (300.5 KB, 800x800, e915b5320c8cf8e8d6154c45e39066…)

I'm getting a pair of boots like picrel in the mail soon and was wondering if any anons had advice on what to wear them with.
Especially since they're knee-high boots and I usually wear longer skirts, but I think a skirt that comes down to my knees or lower might look odd combined with boots that high. I think pairing them with a shorter skirt is a safe bet, but when it comes to pants idk what to do. I really don't like skinny jeans so all of my pants are at least somewhat loose and cargo pants-esque.

No. 201647

I don't think I'd pair them with anything except a dress, but in my head even a skirt that goes a bit further past your knee should still work, as long as it's not going all the way on the ground otherwise it's kinda pointless - the contrast of a dress that has feminine conotations and heavy boots like that should make it very appealing. I don't know what kind of aesthetic you're going for but pairing them with cargo pants would probably make the silhouette look a bit odd since they're pretty tall(almost under the knee, right?)

No. 201775

File: 1628845758617.jpg (45.82 KB, 564x852, 3608b9c19f9e35a4f7ee492f1065f1…)

I think any black skirt would go with these, but obviously a short skirt is the best way to show these off. The only possible way I can think of pants working is wearing tripp pants though you wouldn't be showing them off to the fullest extent,(picrel) and even then im not sure how it would look with these specific boots. It depends on your style/subculture, I think so I recommend just trolling though pinterest to find inspo.

No. 201950

File: 1628978367451.jpg (27.43 KB, 888x1110, 26725001.80.jpg)

I know doc martens are shit but I was desperate for some cute platform sandals so I bought picrel. They're cute and comfy but after only 3 days of wearing them the sole is starting to tear near the toe. I'm really careful about not dragging my feet to prevent wear and tear, but these simply aren't sturdy at all. Any anons have suggestions for platform/alt shoes or brands that will look nice for longer than a week? I'm okay with paying a lot for it, I just want cute shoes that are made to last.

No. 201952

Too tight bottoms completely flatten my ass. Doesn't matter if it's jeans, pants, trousers. Is this normal? I feel like too tight bottoms only outline the ass on other people but for me it makes it a fucking pancake

No. 201991

You just have a low, flat ass. Can't accentuate something that's not there.
source: i too have a low flat ass

No. 201992

Platform shoes never last long because there's no way to prevent bending but they should last longer than 3 days. You probably got a defective pair.

No. 201993

I have this problem with some pants. It's why I never buy pants online and always try them on before buying, that's the only advice I can offer.
It's like a 50/50 chance that they'll either squish my ass and make it look like a pancake or make it look amazing since I have a pretty big ass.

No. 202022

Hard to tell without knowing your body, if your waist is considerably smaller than your hips, maybe buying a size larger and then tighten the waist?

No. 202140

Hi. I ordered from an online store 2 pair of vivienne westwood earrings. Am i supposed two get two authenticity cards or just one?
Luxury brand lovers gather together si vou pla

No. 202146

File: 1629133148168.jpg (29.03 KB, 580x580, 46133a7f3f7a70a6af6f067e73e480…)

Two cards, they'll come in different small boxes, with their own packaging, velvet pouch etc.

No. 202148

Is that your pic?
>two cards
I feel sick to the stomach suddenly..

No. 202149

>velvet pouch
Wait, ayrt, opinion discarded, pls don’t give incorrect information.

No. 202151

>si vou pla

No. 202155

File: 1629138384009.jpg (395.48 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

>Is that your pic?
Nope just nabbed from google, Vivienne Westwood packaging is super standardized.
>velvet pouch
>incorrect information
have you ever bought actual jewlery? if the earrings are originals the branded Vivienne Westwood pouch should also come with the box.
Vivienne Westwood used to use white dustjackets but the newer products all come with velvet pouches, unless the earrings are from 20 years ago they should be on this exact packaging.

No. 202157

Just curious, why do they come in seperate bags and with two cards? Is it to prevent scratching or something?

No. 202161

Anon bought two pairs of earrings, so four separate earrings, two for each box.

No. 202166

oops I'm stupid lmao sorry

No. 202171

Maybe invest in your linguistic abilities before buying luxury goods

No. 202177

My apologies.
>20 years ago
Seriously? are the petra earrings that old?
Nice reasoning skills bro

No. 202236

nayrt, just adding to this anon, fake vivienne dust jackets and pouches are really really easy to get now

No. 202320

How, if at all important is country of manufacture to you? I would love to support local clothing businesses but the market for women is abysmal. Men's is superb, however.

No. 202330

File: 1629243835699.jpg (52.05 KB, 700x326, Vimma.jpg)

In my country it's easy enough to buy local but for women that mostly means boxy, overpriced geometric print 'fun aunt' muumuus and similar.
Etsy is an option but some of them lie about where their clothes are made and are just dropshipping storefronts.

These days I mostly thrift flip clothes because it's easier and just as ethical.

No. 202332

File: 1629246045623.jpeg (127.16 KB, 827x732, B5D85682-06A0-4A38-9DD8-D6ABD5…)

Where can I find one of these exact style corset bodices for a reasonable price? Etsy has them for like $300… even $100 is too much for me. I'm poor

No. 202333

I got one pretty similar to this a few years ago off of eBay for $50. Ill look if I can find it for you

No. 202335

Ty nonny that would be great

No. 202337

File: 1629247193750.png (422.06 KB, 580x583, Screenshot_2021-08-17-16-32-04…)

Sorry this was the closest thing I could find. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Medieval-Wench-Pirate-Renaissance-Cosplay-Costume-Reversible-Peasant-Bodice-/352993996930?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0

My only suggestion is too look on eBay. You could also try medievalcollectibles.com but im not sure if they have the exact style you're looking for.

No. 202338

Thank you! It's almost what I'm looking for, I might end up getting one like this if I can't find one with the tied on straps

No. 202422

File: 1629309366681.png (5.59 MB, 1170x2532, C7E71505-84A8-473D-B727-2F7FBD…)


Watch out, those images are not of the product you’re getting. Those are made by Period Corsets, and also run about 300$. Picrel is the same model in a photo from their shop. I made my own at one point using a simplicity pattern (number 5582) and quilting cotton, and while it wasn’t the best, it looked pretty nice and ran me maybe 50$ in total for the pattern and materials and I looked cute at the renaissance faire.

No. 202429

Is there a way to prevent sweaters from stretching/becoming baggy around the waist/stomach area? (not sure how else to describe it). I read about drying the sweater on a flat surface so the fibers don't stretch while drying but I still ended up with a baggy sweater anyway.

No. 202453

File: 1629346364837.jpg (120.38 KB, 640x928, dd9c51fcf6af208796f815c53637f8…)

What would you call a jean fit like image related? I keep searching, but every store only has straight or boyfriend fits
I also kinda like those ribbed 90s pants that had this velour denim mix texture, I have no idea what their name is either though

No. 202454

They look like plain old wide leg pants that are SUPER oversized, with a belt. Also, corduroy pants?

No. 202455

Yeah corduroy pants is it
With wide leg pants these days they always sell them so the bottom of the jeans always flare like bell bottom jeans and its not flattering with my form

No. 202457

They look like men's straight leg trousers. The reason they're draping over like that is because there's so much extra fabric in proportion to that woman's frame. If you live near a secondhand store just look through the men's wear aisle and try stuff on. Cuff the hem so it sits just below your ankle like the girl in your pic and you'll get the same relaxed shape.

No. 202481

What are some glasses styles that suit elegant/fancy or kawaii/himekaji fashion? I don't like glasses on anyone and they look particularly bad on me because my strong prescription makes my face look distorted through the lenses, but I can't fix that anyway.

No. 202483

wear contact lenses

No. 202515

Round glasses with a thin frame would be cute, maybe you could experiment with decorative glasses chains too

No. 202553

You can get lenses that are thinner depending on the brand/maker, I believe, but they will be more expensive. But the wider the frames are the larger the lenses need to be. I'd be more concerned with the frames matching my face shape. Or wear contacts…

No. 202584

How do I wear sweaters on relaxed fit jeans? I feel like it makes me look like a potatoe sack but I want to be able to wear sweaters this winter.

No. 202593

just tug the sweater inside the pants and wear a belt so it gives you some more interesting silhouette

No. 202625

File: 1629473505979.jpeg (102.88 KB, 828x219, 0CEF1355-2439-4ACD-908D-4BBC09…)

I quite like Mina Le but this video is just not it. No, don't let men wear dresses. Gendered clothing is a thing for a reason, because some clothing is more feminine and it never will be on men. I don't need to see men in dresses ever thanks.

No. 202626

Her facial expressions in the thumbnails are so annoying. I have never and will never click on her videos because of that.

No. 202627

I think they call that style balloon!

No. 202649

Anon is right, and I've also seen a few modern stores call them jogger jeans. You can modify wide leg pants to look like this by taking in the ankle or even adding elastic to it. Or if you want you can wear wider leg pants with ankle boots and fold the ankle tuck them in before lacing them up. I remember doing that in the 90s kek. That's only if you can't find the color or style in the cut you want, but I've seen them around more and more lately, I wish I could remember where exactly or had a link for you.

No. 202662

There’s a seller on Amazon that has pretty nice ones. They have not too much boning so it’s just like a bodice and not a corset, but I’m thinking about ordering one because they don’t look like cheap crap like some of these other places.


I also like this place. I know they sell at ren faires too I think. Probably worth the money and the bodices aren’t too expensive.


I really want to invest in one of those expensive bodices, though. The look is just so much better.

No. 202664

Men in dresses is an assault on our eyes