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File: 1602337547511.jpg (83.83 KB, 564x845, 6 year old me when my mom dres…)

No. 154681

Previous thread: >>124317

No. 154711

Link the new thread in the old thread next time op

No. 154796

Did she break her neck?

No. 154800

File: 1602427817412.jpg (75.08 KB, 1032x1548, 14456b109c70f62084f30ed8b14e77…)

Do any of you have a dream wedding outfit/a peg for it? I'm nowhere close to getting married but I still enjoy looking at bridal collections for fun/daydreaming. Personally I'd like something minimalist and sleek, and pants instead of a skirt. Would love to see others' looks.

No. 154803

File: 1602432669527.jpeg (2.64 MB, 3464x3464, 9877EA4C-B62D-46ED-8548-6AF396…)

I don’t even have a boyfriend but I really love wedding dresses, they’re beautiful. These are the ones I’ve liked the most so far, I can’t really decide on which one i would wear, but i guess i got a silhouette i like.

No. 154817

That thread pic tho lmao

No. 154829

The middle one from the top row is fantastic! I'm not often swayed by weddingdresses but that one is gorgeous and interesting and stunning. Too bad something like that is probably out of my average income's budget range.

No. 154833

Any anons have experience ordering from Instagram “boutiques”? I follow some stores and a lot of new online stores/boutiques have been popping up on my Discover page. Some that are on my discover feed atm are @allprettygirlsboutique, @shopmegoosta, @luminosaclothing and @breathofyouthclothing (which aren’t my aesthetic personally except for maybe luminosa) — all of which look relatively trendy. I’ve heard of newer fashion lines overpricing wholesale items from aliexpress and I’m wondering if this is the case with all of these new boutiques as well?

No. 154838

Fuck yes this is what I needed, thanks anon. I should've quoted that 'twee vintage' anon's post, I like that sort of style with a less lolita lace and adjusted to be more or less 'formal' depending on the occasion.

No. 154840

File: 1602450698085.png (2.29 MB, 1448x1448, Untitled.png)

I love the idea of pants instead of a skirt/dress. I always like those "unconventional" wedding looks.
For me I like those puffy sleeve, flowy kinda lace or mesh dresses? Not sure what to call em. I just think they look delicate. Pretty comfortable and simple.

No. 154844

File: 1602454246997.jpg (93.96 KB, 500x750, 1599619035697_1599619034993_15…)

does anyone know where to find oversized trousers that are also tapered at the ankle? i love the look in pic related and seen similar silhouettes in menswear, but idk where i would get the right kind of pants. ive got an oversized pair of trousers already, but they are straight leg so rolling them at the bottom creates really wide & ugly cuffs

No. 154846

File: 1602455290341.jpg (47.17 KB, 478x632, nina3.jpg)

This might be a vague question but can anyone give me a couple of pointers on how to start my wardrobe transition to goth? What should I start incorporating into my wardrobe?

No. 154853

File: 1602459709419.png (1.02 MB, 946x1202, aligoosta.png)

Ah yeah I follow shopmegoosta, their clothes are cute. I'm always wary of those kind of accounts, most of the time I can reverse image search and find the exact same thing for a fraction of the price on aliexpress
It sucks, their clothes are nice and I feel kinda guilty ordering cheap clothing from aliexpress anyways

No. 154857

File: 1602462848354.jpg (231.71 KB, 1908x1146, 12286528-0-image-a-29_15553181…)

i think you could alter this rubberband trick? like instead of rolling the hem under the pants roll it over?

No. 154858

File: 1602462972776.jpg (25.99 KB, 720x404, pant.jpg)

like this

No. 154861

Anon did you draw that?

No. 154866

I laughed at the toes. Treasures in unusual places

No. 154873

No. 154887

Bless you

No. 154892

why should my drawing have to be a masterpiece if i'm just trying to explain clearly what i meant with the rubber band thing

No. 154896

if you didn't want your drawing to be a masterpiece maybe you shouldn't make it one

No. 154898

I am anon you replied to butI didn't make any of the other comments and you misunderstood, I just think it's so cute you took the time to make a drawing for >>154844. I didn't mean to come across mockingly or anything.

No. 154899

sorry i am esl and i tough bless you is used as an insult or something idk

No. 154902

File: 1602490381601.jpg (38.83 KB, 750x1125, Lucy_And_Yak_12_13_11_1923524_…)

I like this types of trousers too anon. I found a pair I personally really like and though you might be interested to. The waist band I'm unsure on but I'd probably wear a top that covers it anyway.


No. 154910

File: 1602495211753.jpg (45.22 KB, 400x540, Top-Heavy.jpg)

I'm short (158 cm) and chubby (67 kg, still losing tho, goal weight is 55 kg), top heavy with a relatively short torso, not very defined waist and narrow hips. (A bit like Vicky Shingles but my legs aren't as chunky.) I think my boobs and legs are probably my best asset. What kinds of clothes would you recommend for someone with this kind of build? I don't want to draw attention to my flat-ish butt, short torso and big belly.

No. 154919

Imo lose the weight first and then re-evaluate what looks right on you.

No. 154942


Sometimes (in the American south) it is but I don’t think it is here.

No. 154943

This style is very 80s/early 90s. It should be easy to find a pair in a vintage or secondhand clothing store, particularly if you go to the men's section. I have been doing this for years, I just get them tailored at the waist to fit my frame. Obviously most of the men's style trousers that are manufactured for women today are made of cheap, thin fabric, imo this style looks better when it's made with a higher quality material. Also >>154858 is right, you can create that balloon shape very easily with this technique. I think it's called a pin roll

No. 154945

Samefag, but it looks like the woman in your reference pic pinrolled the hem. Beware trousers of this style made from shitty thin fabrics because they risk looking like genie pants

No. 154947

File: 1602520752336.png (702.75 KB, 549x823, tumblr_opccceL2bE1rsyaepo1_640…)

I'm tired of wearing skinny jeans/skinny jeggings. I like the look of looser styles now but I'm so confused by all the types - mom, boyfriend, straight, bootcut, cigarette and so on. I like these kind, any kind anons know what they're called?

No. 154949

Looks straight to me

No. 154952

Those are straight but I think I can describe them for you
Straight: straight leg, loose, usually hip sitting but can be on waist, might have good pockets
Mom: always at waist, hip hugging that tapers to usually a more loose ankle rolled up, usually have amazing pocket space
Cigarette: straight cut that's not as loose as straight, hip or waist
Boyfriend: either another term for straight or shops will sell an even baggier torn version of straight
Bootcut: basically cowboy pants that suck in at the top then taper out starting at the knee, the taper can be very baggy

No. 154953

thanks anons

No. 154956

WHY are male clothes so much more comfortable? I knew they're better quality and more functional but I didn't expect them to be so comfy. I just bought my first pair of men's converse jeans and holy shit they're more comfy than the female jeans I have. The pockets are also much bigger and I don't have to worry my phone or wallet falls out

No. 154966

File: 1602528616969.png (733.26 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20201012-144402~2.p…)

When other women pull of a 3 or 4 inch heel with a day to day ensemble I think yeah, you look great, so put together.
When I do the same I feel like people look at me as if I'm doing too much lol. That being said, I live in a city where there is a lot of conservativism and uniformity in the way people dress because it's full of white collar beaurocrats and college kids. Can't wait to move to a metropolitan city where there a more people who like to dress up and be daring.

No. 154971

Pretty sure it's because they're not designed to look good/hot in the way that women's close do, because that often comes at the cost comfort.

No. 154972

Does anyone know any very good casual shoe brands? I'm a poorfag so dropping a couple hundred is a near-insane purchase for my budget but I'm sick of my ancient tennis shoes from literal middle school. I'm scared of wasting my money on a fashion brands where the price is for the name.

No. 154974

thank you i think i will try this. i attempted to do something similar once before but i used hair ties & they were so tight i undid it within minutes

No. 154977

Although I wear almost exclusively boots, unisex or men's work shoes will always be tough. I got a pair of monkey boots from Amazon for $40. You can get safety sneakers for construction now and they're cheap.
If you want slightly more fancy sneakers then Adidas is pretty long lasting in my experience.

No. 154990

Clarks, Vans, Converse, Vagabond, Onitsuka Tiger are all good brands.

No. 154994

Anyone know of a brand that makes wide toebox (no tapering of the toebox…) shoes that aren't flat and shapeless "" barefoot"" atrocities? I just want normal shoes I can put my pizza shape feet into without dying.

No. 154997

Kswiss Classics and a pair of basic black Pumas are my favorite pairs of shoes I own. I’ve had them both a couple of years now.

No. 155106

File: 1602644924427.jpg (47.29 KB, 520x779, e76981da05cb2cdcee34f7e1314495…)

If you were going for a twin peaks inspired look, where would you get the clothes from?

No. 155107

Grandmas closet

No. 155108

I realize your comment is probably in jest but I am going to also say I would ask my grandmothers to let me have some of their clothes, however one of them only owns trendy, modern stuff and the other owns only t-shirts and sweatpants.

No. 155111

No I was serious, that picture looks like it smells like mothballs

No. 155116

I laughed like a massive retard at this. Thanks

No. 155131

Try thriftstores, esp in villages. This might differ from country to country but where I live old people from the conservative countryside dress like that.

No. 155156

File: 1602685024628.jpg (135.39 KB, 751x751, 7c03c1aed0d25453d2550d661de149…)

Call me a zoomer but I think Dark Academia is so gorgeous and wearable, its like a refreshed version of bougie conceited young adults from the 90s who loved goddard films.

Im pissed I can't wear it because >tropical weather, my city is usually 35 C/95 F.

No. 155157

I love TP but hate this clothing style to death. You do you anon though!

No. 155162

Yes! I'm slowly transitioning my style to something like this (with longer skirts and inspo from the 70s). It's great as a working woman too as a lot of my pieces can now double as office wear.

No. 155167

I love this style aswell!

No. 155183

File: 1602698912143.jpg (48.22 KB, 296x696, tights.jpg)

How do you guys style patterned tights? I usually just wear solid black or white tights, but these look interesting

No. 155184

i usually wear them with a plain black mini dress + a simple belt that is in the same color as the tight pattern. im no fashion expert but i think it looks effortless and cute.

No. 155194

File: 1602709174803.jpg (12.12 KB, 474x316, fishermancap.jpg)

I like the idea of wearing a hat to complete an outfit, but I feel like I would look retarded wearing a hat

No. 155203

same, anon. I wish I was hot enough to wear berets

No. 155207

I've never thought hats were that difficult to pull off unless they're particularly fancy, like why would you have to be hot to wear a beret? I think as long as your outfit matches the 'vibe' of the hat it isn't hard to look decent.

My problem with berets is trying to pick an angle and where it sits, it's not intuitive at all. And hats in general can be kind of uncomfortable and give me a headache no matter how cute it looks.

No. 155212

Do you guys not live somewhere with harsh winters? With the threat of frost bite you're forced to wear some sort of head covering, so it might as well be cute.

No. 155217

Love these fisherman caps, really want one in leather. Anybody can be a hat person if the hat goes with the outfit. It's a rather recent phenomenon in history that not wearing a hat was normalized, like in the 1960s. Ensemble dressing is an art that's been kind of swept aside and minimized in contemporary society

No. 155227

Barefoot shoes are inherently goofy looking because they're so wide at the end. Pic related are 185$ and they're one of Vivobarefoot's most normal looking shoes.

Embrace the clownish aspect or wear regular shoes.

No. 155228

File: 1602738946051.jpg (121.32 KB, 989x1072, Screenshot_2020-10-15-07-11-52…)


Forgot the pic lol

No. 155233

My country gets very little snow but I have an ushanka I wear every chance I get. It's cute as hell. Seems like you'd be limited in hat options if it was really cold though, since you'd wanna cover your ears.

No. 155791

File: 1603151492399.jpg (317.05 KB, 1702x2048, 241eb724640c6134ca0605fd91e7e7…)

This style is great, you're right about how wearable the looks are. I'm a millennial too but am so into the trend this fall.

No. 155792

I guess I'm lucky enough to live in the Northeast where styles like this a wearable nearly year-round. I'm slowly transitioning into wearing this style, I love it because most of the staple pieces are so cheap and easy to find at the thrift store.

No. 155793

where do petite anons find clothes? my measurements are something like 32-22-34 and it's impossible to find skirts that aren't too large. I really enjoy the dark academia style, but it's very hard to find it in my size since most of the skirts aren't belted

No. 155800

I’m same size and I’ve found skirts of YesStyle but make sure to check reviews and reviewers’ pictures to make sure it’s decent quality

No. 155818

anyone like wearing maxi skirts? they're my new thing since I discovered it really doesn’t matter if they’re a size too big. i want to wear them all year long but how do you keep warm in the winter? tights? fleece lined leggings? tell me about your favourite leg coverings for skirts

No. 155827

Secondhand from Japan or Uniqlo

No. 155828

I just wear thermal leggings and usually chunky socks, but it doesn’t get that cold where I’m from.

No. 155833

I love maxi skirts (and maxi dresses)! I wear a pair of thermal thights or leggings if I have to go outside. Winters are mild here though.

No. 155891

I just wear them with fleece lined tights in the winter, and some boots.

No. 155915

File: 1603238728619.jpg (56.18 KB, 920x1380, Flat-Over-The-Knee-Boot.jpg)

I wear over the knee socks including to have sex because I like how they look and I want to get some over the knee boots but I don't want to come across as slutty, and i think my bf associates them with sex and I'm sure other people do too and idk anons, I'm at a cross roads.

No. 155916

File: 1603238803989.jpeg (95.51 KB, 1188x1584, over-the-knee-flat-boot.jpeg)

Samefagging. This is what they look like worn.

No. 155917

No? Where have you been for Christian girl autumn lmao, every normie wears these with skinny jeans and big sweaters or with a miniskirt to go out for the past few years. I’ve never associated them with sex or being kinky, when I see them I just think of sorority girls and education majors

No. 155918

go for it anon, if people get horny/have a certain impression of you bc of a pair of shoes that's their problem

No. 155919

kek anon, just googled christian girl autumn and I feel better now thanks!
yep I'm going to wear them with a big chunky cardigan idc lol

No. 155943

What's zoomer about this? Usually I roll my eyes at people making 1000 names for only slightly different aesthetics but right now I take that back because now I know academia was what I was looking for all along, thanks.

No. 155946

File: 1603259242925.jpg (157.18 KB, 804x1100, _20201021_014902.JPG)

Can short (I'm 5'0) girls pull off midi and longer length skirts/dresses or would they just look silly on me because of my height?

No. 155949

File: 1603261103349.jpeg (29.72 KB, 418x496, 6B2A1113-FB76-46A1-BCB0-C99DAA…)

I generally think 3/4 length (hit around mid calf like your pic) skirts are unflattering on shorter women because they only emphasize the lack of height and appear to cut off the body at an awkward level. But I think anyone can wear full length skirts because they maintain proper visual proportions (lower body consisting of unbroken line from waist or hip to ankle).

If you want to do something similar I would go with a mini or knee length skirt that won’t further appear to shorten the legs.

No. 155950

I’m short but I love these skirts so I normally pair them with tights and pair of lofty heeled boots and I think that helps with the problem of looking squat.

No. 155954

Not sure where to post this, but

are glasses good for people with a small face/eyes?

No. 155958

File: 1603268204251.jpg (175.41 KB, 1920x1681, 61717412_l.jpg)

Yeah you just need to make sure they flatter your face, I personally prefer metal frames so my nose doesn't look like a potato.

No. 155959

They definitely flatter taller girls more than shorter, but if you insist on wearing them you should probably wear skirts that don´t cut off your calves or ankles.

No. 155991

File: 1603294870104.jpeg (118.55 KB, 500x667, D60AEC32-FB9E-4091-8704-47F7D5…)

I’ve seen long skirts in a lot of Asian fashion pictures and they look cute so I’d say yes

No. 156027

File: 1603316359425.jpg (36.09 KB, 500x746, twee.jpg)

I've been actually trying to make a capsule wardrobe into something like this. So far I've been planning some 'basics'and I would like others input.

-red skirt
-black skirt
-navy skirt

-white knee socks
-black tights (already have)
-white tights

-white collared long-sleeved shirts made of natural fibres
-red sweater and cardigan
-white blouse
-yellow sweater (already have)

I plan to add some dresses, patterned collared shirts, and different coloured tights as statement pieces or pieces that help expand my wardrobe. I plan to build this over the course of years so that I don't just end up buying myself a new style I don't like

No. 156044

yeah but only if you're cute enough to pull it off

No. 156049

i’m shorter than you and I fucking love maxi and midi skirts. i personally don’t give a crap if they make me look shorter or “cut me off”. they look cute as fuck and looking shorter than I am because of them isn’t a fashion crime. but if you want to bypass the shortness then wearing them high waisted makes your legs look longer

No. 156050

full offence but a otk boot looks stupid as hell if there’s no heel height. makes you look like a clunky wanna be horse girl. looking at you, knee high brown boots.

No. 156052

NTA but how are stockings a horse girl fashion?

No. 156055

Those aren't stocking, those are boots.

No. 156056

Maybe add in some hats and scarves to accessorize/differentiate outfits? If you live in a cold climate.
Jewelry and little details also make a difference, imo. Just embroidering on a collar or wearing brooches can transform an outfit into something more unique.

No. 156063

Yeah I didn’t wanna say this because subjective taste I guess but i also hate those boots 99% of the time

No. 156085

File: 1603349883385.jpeg (443.4 KB, 2169x1201, 258E8217-EE97-43F1-BC0A-E4AE40…)

I have zero occasion to wear decent clothes anymore but I started putting together outfits (my clothes are not this nice though kek) on a polyvore copycat site and damn I miss getting dressed. Anyway thought I’d share bc this is the closest I’ll get to having people in public see my outfits

No. 156096

What's the website, anon?

No. 156111

Is it a bad idea to buy ankle boots if I have thick ankles?

No. 156113

If it's because your legs swell throughout the day, yes it's a bad idea. If it's just how your legs are shape, it may bring more visual attention to the area. If it's because you're fat, go for it.

No. 156122

It's not swelling and I'm not fat, it's just the way my ankles are shaped, they look thin in the front, but from the side, my heels go straight into my calves. Thanks for your input!

No. 156162

Shoplook. Not the best but it does the job

No. 156174

File: 1603388888913.jpg (53.36 KB, 500x343, pinny.jpg)

Do you guys think there'll be a resurgence in early 2010s indie hipster fashion in the 2030s? What aspects do you think will stay and what parts do you thin will be left behind?

No. 156175

I unironically hope this comes back asap

No. 156177

Everyone where I live still dresses like this lol.

No. 156198

i think those skater skirts will stick around forever

No. 156209

I will be wine-mom aged so who the fuck cares.

No. 156213

but you can pull that hipster look off even at wine mom age

No. 156228

it’s kind of coming back with the rising popularity of 00s fashion and earth toned wardrobes.

No. 156248

They never stopped dressing like this in the midwest lol.

No. 156313

File: 1603472078834.jpeg (Spoiler Image,307.21 KB, 1432x2048, BB40A4FF-3BEE-4568-88D7-0CB23B…)

This post is probably best suited for the stupid questions thread, but unfortunately /ot/ is locked for the time being.

What is that piece of plastic sticking up from the bottom of her bra - right between her cleavage? I’ve never worn anything other than cheap plain bras, so I’m extremely irked that I can’t figure this out.

No. 156315

That image is terrifying wtf

No. 156316

It's underwire that can be removed

No. 156319

Wow, two responses already?! You guys are the best. Thank you for solving the mystery. I agree that the amount of photoshop used is frightening.

No. 156320

looks like she’s wearing a sticky bra/a second bra under the fashion bra. common practice for people who want to fool you into thinking they don’t photoshop their cleavage, they just use other tricks. you can see that it’s a plastic clasp holding something together, which makes me think it’s a sticky bra meant to simulate or enhance cleavage by pulling the boobs closer together. her boobs do not look like they’re full or big enough irl to fill out that bra, it looks like it’s laying almost flat at the bottom but she has cleavage. she probably though no one would notice or forgot to shop it out.

No. 156322

I think it's a second (super push up) bra like you said and that's either a front clasp for that bra or it has those underwires that you can take out before washing.

No. 156326

File: 1603474561399.jpeg (Spoiler Image,211.33 KB, 663x542, FE97FABD-B184-42D2-9A94-6390C3…)

I was just gonna say the same thing, pic related

No. 156335

Are there brands that make dressier looking pants that can handle squatting and moving around a lot? I was thinking Athleta but anything else?

No. 156338

What does everyone wear while working out? Does anyone wear sports dresses? I think they're a bit cute.

No. 156340

File: 1603478423010.jpg (73.2 KB, 580x580, m_5744c6ea713fde5413004a2e.jpg)

Yeah, sport dresses can be cute
I'm obsessed with leg warmers over leggings or leggings with fake leg warmers, no idea why, I don't even wear them but I always thought it looked hot kek

No. 156345

I just wear a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt. I like cute gym looks but I'm not gonna spend that extra money on cute workout gear when I'm gonna be redfaced and sweaty in them.

I've never heard of sportsdresses before, do they have sewn-in shorts or something?

No. 156346

cheap tank top and lululemon shorts with pockets are my go-to

No. 156348

Nice leggings, sports bra, and a loose cotton muscle tank usually. I hate the dri-fit material of workout shirts and don't mind sweatmarks too much. I definitely don't prioritize looking cute, but if I can make my outfits match, I will kek.

No. 156354

Actually yes, fuck looking cute while working out. I want to look badass so I get all hyped up about excercising my barely there biceps.

No. 156363

I legit just wear an oversized grey top and baggy black tracksuit bottoms so I don't get stared at by creeps

No. 156364

Oh absolutely. I am hideous when I work out kek. I grunt (quietly) and get redfaced really easily, but I feel really proud when I can see my sweat marks honestly. Plus with the muscle tanks, my shoulders and biceps pop, so I can admire myself during rest periods. You gotta love those baby biceps to help them grow ♥

No. 156383

File: 1603493077511.jpg (43.24 KB, 385x480, 3126cfa5-3e98-4e63-a4ac-b4ab81…)

Good luck on hunting for your capsule wardrobe anon! I love the twee fashion style and I've been building a capsule wardrobe for the style as well.

For some tips I'd recommend getting some loafers or Mary Jane's for footwear preferably in brown. And for a coat get one in a neutral color like brown or beige. I think peacoats and duffle coats best fit the aesthetic.

No. 156384

At the gym I wear mens workout shorts and an oversized mens t-shirt. I see guys looking at women in leggings and sports bras and I don't want to be feeling those stares myself

No. 156385

Leg warmers are so cute. Luckily I do the two main forms of exercise where they are normal (ballet and skating) and can wear them all the time.

I used to be more into dressing cute while exercising, like wearing skirts and tights but I've gotten lazier over time and just wear normal leggings with whatever tank top or tshirt suits the weather.

Pennyloafers and Mary Janes are the best. You know a shoe is gonna be comfy and durable when it's commonly used for school shoes, they're so sensible.

No. 156395

I think lululemon and beta brand both make pants like this although I’ve not tried either of them

No. 156419

An ancient pink tanktop plus baggy black h&m tracksuit pants

No. 156514

File: 1603587008951.png (433.06 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20201024-203655~2.p…)

Any recommendations on where to find a corset top similar to pic rel, but with more voluminous short puff sleeves? I want something nice and tight in the bodice, but with big structured puffs. Avoiding merchandisers like shein, nasty gal, dolls kill etc. This style of blouse is quite popular right now, but fast fashion retailers seem to manufacture it with little droopy sleeves. Looking for something a bit dramatic

No. 156519

File: 1603595089065.jpeg (249.62 KB, 762x1407, B43B272C-EBED-4DA9-B232-0C9229…)

Reformation, & other stories, and maybe various department stores carry similar tops

No. 156521

check out depop! you can find stuff like that under the milkmaid and cottagecore tags, maybe even puffy white sleeve blouse ? there are people that overcharge but I always feel better buying from people instead of shein/etc.

No. 156526

I think I saw some on asos website recently.

No. 156555

File: 1603621830136.jpg (954.21 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201022_131416_com…)

What kind of cute jacket/coat could go with this? Looking at some black faux fur coat kind of thing now. Probably would wear black boots with it

No. 156557

This is so neutral that anything would go with it, a duffle coat in any color, a fluffy coat, a denim jacket, a cardigan, whatever. I think it would look good however you wore it. I wish I could give you my fluffy duffle coat, I think that would look great.

No. 156606

File: 1603652082468.jpg (33.58 KB, 480x480, 9044678032306ec2a95aa3aff9d3c3…)

Does anyone else think vintage fashion is going to make a HUGE comback after quarantine and the whole corona stuff? Costume-tubers like rachel maksy and bernadette banner got immensly popular and trends like cottagecore also very much point towards old-timey styles, plus they are incredibly flattering for average women differently from the y2k inspired stuff that only flatters anachans.

No. 156611

You're probably right, but it was already gaining popularity before that. Bernadette already had a pretty big following before corona iirc

No. 156623

No, I think it'll remain a niche. I could be wrong but I just think don't think the average woman would actually want to dress like that, but maybe I'm biased because I think most vintage fashion is hideous. Youtubers like Bernadette are popular because they're unusual and different, people gawk at them but don't want to dress like them. And trends have never relied on being flattering.

Just my thoughts tho.

No. 156627

Happened to me, I'm sick of fast fashion, like historical clothing and got into vintage a bit.
As the pandemic is making us consume less fashion for events it might make more women question their choices.

No. 156635

Eh hard disagree, most women I know do like vintage fashion but don't have the guts to wear it due to fear of being seen as too attention-seeking or grandma-ish.
Thats also the majority of the people who comment on Rachel's and Bernadette's videos "oh i think vintage fashion is so beautiful but im too scared to wear it in public! living vicarously thru u xoxo".

No. 156640

I love her videos and her style, it's not my style particularly but she's kind of my girl crush at the moment

No. 156667

Anyone know/recommend me some different/interesting/unconventional jewellery brands?

I know this is pretty vague lol but I want to get new jewellery but everything trendy rn is so boring. I want to discover some new brands.

No. 156668

File: 1603739994033.jpeg (91.61 KB, 1000x1000, mg_5579_1_1024x1024.jpeg)

Rogue + Wolf does 3D printed jewelry, its pretty goth-y and minimalistic tho but i find the fact that its 3D printed very amusing.


No. 156686

File: 1603745015652.jpg (64.17 KB, 500x666, 48093276456.jpg)

I think wirewrapped and macrame jewelry are pretty. Handmade so they're typically ooak, interesting shapes, and while they've gained some traction you still don't see people wearing these styles very often.

No. 156690

I think they've definitely influenced the rising popularity of wearing vintage, but it's always going to be a niche interest because many people don't have the patience to source vintage clothing and they'll continue to resort to fast fashion retailers out of convenience. A lot of people simply don't have the confidence to wear vintage either, as another anon pointed out. I find that pretty unfortunate. I almost exclusively wear true vintage from several different time periods and I sincerely appreciate that a growing number of women are getting into fashion history.

No. 156701

File: 1603749975247.jpg (43.6 KB, 567x700, richbitch.jpg)

Is there a name for these types of corset-y tops? I know it's supposed to look like a reformation top, but I want to know if there's a specific name for this

No. 156712

this looks like a tie-front/lace-front top or cardigan

No. 156760

Any tips on where to find a witchy lace up boot with pointy toes and a low heel? I'm basically looking for a repro of victorian boots, but everything I see online has too high of a heel.

No. 156769

No. 156776

Anyone have recommendations for finding cottagecore/vintage stuff like this? >>156606

No. 156788

I would just go clicking through Pinterest til you find similar things and then reverse image search on google to get the sources. That's how I find a lot of good stuff.

No. 156810

Your local vintage shop or online like Etsy.

No. 156817

File: 1603801854406.jpg (136.4 KB, 2400x1600, 2-505-321-205-20-0100_HunterLa…)

I've seen these Royal Republiq Hunter lace up boots at 50%+ discounts at some multibrand stores recently, if you're EU I can send links

No. 156856

Yes please, that shape is exactly what I'm looking for

No. 156904

Do any of your girlses buy from American Eagle? I'm so confused because all of the brand reviews say how true to size the jeans/bottoms are and I just bought some and they run huge? I know that there's a bunch of different types of jeans but I just bought the run of the mill nonstretch mom jeans. I don't know if I lost weight or if they just super vanity size their bottoms I feel like there's no way I'm 2 sizes smaller than I am.

No. 156905

*you girlses

No. 156910

Each style of jeans there just fits differently for me. The mom jeans are definitely big in the waist but the flares are normal size

No. 157018

I'm wearing a white babydoll dress on halloween with black shoes, frilly socks, hat, gloves and tiny handbag. It's cold where I live so my options for outerwear will either be a black motorcycle jacket or a cream coloured faux fur jacket. The faux fur matches the dolly look of the outfit, but what do you think of the colour palette? White, black, and cream just doesn't seem right here

No. 157058

>y2k only flatters anachans
As someone who mostly wears y2k stuff because that's just my style…. I have to laugh

No. 157066

File: 1603887581610.png (1.01 MB, 826x772, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-28 um 1…)

anybody got any ideas on how to dress up my work uniform?

it's a three piece pantsuit kind of like the one in the pic, only with a wider leg and just generally less fitted.

we're allowed to wear any kind of white shirt underneath and any kind of black shoe.

for now i'm just wearing a regular white cotton blouse and black boots, but i'd like to make it look a little cuter. never worn a suit in my life so i'm a little lost on what works with that kind of style.

No. 157076

Sorry to break it to ya, you probably look horrible.

No. 157078

Wow that sucks :( I don't feel the need to tell you your tradlarp grannycore shit probably looks horrible too(:()

No. 157087

No. 157103

>tradlarp grannycore
kek anon, best name for my ~aesthetic~

No. 157113

I admire your bravery anon, you’re so brave and courageous! Just so brave!

No. 157145

File: 1603926057075.jpg (95.16 KB, 563x815, shoes1.jpg)

I need these shoes in my life

No. 157146

File: 1603926088653.jpg (65.77 KB, 545x750, shoes2.jpg)

No. 157149

I didn’t know I needed those as well.
>did you really went to clases at a college if you never wore college heels at college?

No. 157166

File: 1603937337917.jpg (290.13 KB, 1016x1196, Cider_Tan_ODW1_2000x.progressi…)

oh! i got an ad for shoes just like these like a week ago on insta so i went on the hunt to see if i could find them again for you, i've never heard of them before so can't vouch for the quality but the brand is called bait footwear and they have a ton of shoes in this kinda style, pic related is from their store. i wish you well on your hunt for cute shoes!!

No. 157172

File: 1603948094479.jpg (125.61 KB, 1489x1600, oxfords.jpg)

Maybe something ruffly like in your pic or a pussybow blouse? You can go for somewhat sheer fabrics like chiffon since you have to wear a vest. I think that would contrast nicely with the suit.
I also think shiny shoes could look cool for the same reason (contrast). Something like pic rel seems like it would be comfy enough to wear for work. Low heeled close toed shoes like boots or >>157146 look really flattering with looser long pants imo, but may not be comfortable enough if you have to spend time on your feet.

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing anon.

No. 157175


There is a brand called American Duchess that does very high-quality shoes just like these, but they cost over 100 dollars. Supposedly they last for years, though.

No. 157180

Shoes with little bows on them… it’s like your feet are presents. I love them!

No. 157188

These shoes feel so witch-y to me

No. 157226

File: 1603975229135.jpg (85.65 KB, 564x752, collegefirls.jpg)

I know that this was supposed to be a meme about Japanese college girls all looking the same, I still like it. Is there a name for this sorta style?

No. 157249

could be kogal or himekaji, at least that's what I knew it by years ago

No. 157251


I feel so sad because in the early 2010's I used to love this kind of style of shoes (maybe a bit more girly) but then I got into lolita fashion and they always told me they wouldn't look good with it and that they were ugly as fuck. I have no opinion about them really, seeing them just reminds me of that time

No. 157273

File: 1603993365790.jpg (49.27 KB, 600x761, 1950s-teen-fashion-06.jpg)

Grannycore is based anon my style has shifted to that aesthetic and it keeps the moids away compared to when I wore normie clothing. Good riddance.

No. 157290

File: 1603998472507.png (257.14 KB, 548x782, tweed vest outfit women.png)

this outfit is kind of silly but I also like it. When will twee come back

No. 157308

Next year i'm going to be moving to a place that is right on the border of Canada and I need some advice on what kind of winter clothes I should buy. For context, I've only ever lived in states that have a non-existent winter aka super south-west places. I own one truly winter jacket from Uniqlo and I love it. What other places sell good winter clothes that won't completely break my bank? Do I need more than 1 winter jacket? Any thoughts on Uniqlo for winter clothes?
I own a pair of weatherproof Hunter boots that are supposedly good to be worn in the snow.

No. 157309

Wool socks!! You NEED wool socks!

No. 157311

Do you have any brands that you would recommend? Or will any wool sock do?
Also what kind of pants am I supposed to wear in the winter? Will I freeze if I just rely on jeans with maybe some leggings under them for some added warmth?

No. 157312

File: 1604006233629.jpg (55.56 KB, 564x844, tumblr_pw8h25Tvi41xikxkzo3_640…)

I don't live in a very cold place but I'm wearing a vest right now because it's cold, so I recommend a vest too, it's really warming me up; the material is thin but the vest is very tight which makes it so warm. You don't have to get one of those ugly vests, there are many stylish ones too. But definitely get a very tight one because it's so much warmer that way. And watch out that you don't get one that doesn't cover the lower back!

No. 157313

TBH I've only ever had cheap ones from like Costco or Target. I've heard Darn Tough and Bombas are really nice! For your legs, long underwear is what you want. They're warm (much warmer then leggings!) but thin and light enough you should be able to wear them under whatever non-skintight pants you want.

No. 157315

I dunno. It depends. Are you near the Ontario/Michigan border? BC/WA border? Anywhere between those areas? The climate is so variable across the country so it'll be better if you specify because the clothes you buy for BC winter won't be helpful for ON winter, for example.

No. 157316

idk anon but this sustainability YouTuber really likes the brand sock dreams and talks about how long-lasting they are

No. 157317

I'm going to be on the Washington state side of things. I didn't know there was such a difference between the winters depending on the area do you have any more insight?

No. 157332

Yeah! Disclaimer: I haven't lived there but a few of my friends have lived in Vancouver before moving east for school and/or work. From their stories, it won't be cold during winter and it won't snow very much, if at all. It however gets very rainy so you will want to carry an umbrella and/or wear a raincoat there. One of my friends described Vancouver winter as a wet cold: you're first ok with the temperature but the longer you stay out, the colder you get. Despite that, I think it'd be good to have a winter parka in case it gets too cold or if you plan on visiting different provinces out east or to go skiing.

Where I live gets fairly cold (-10 celc or so is the average day) and it snows a lot. For really cold days, I have a long down parka so that I don't die. It won't get as cold as, say Montreal or Edmonton, but I'm always cold.

No. 157356

Ugh fuck anon, that pic just reminded me how much I love structured wool capes. Gonna start looking for one that can look stylish and classic instead of costumey.

No. 157379

Have any of you used thredup? Seems like it has a lot of nice quality clothes. Lots of 100% cashmere, wool, and silk stuff.

No. 157390

You already got good replies, but if you’re anywhere between Alberta and Quebec, you need a down jacket because it gets to -40 (F/C) some nights (and the not so rare day). Fleece tights or leggings (or thermals if you’re into that) for under jeans, and make sure all your skin is covered.

If it’s a west coast or maritime province though, just be ready for assloads of snow on the east, and impossible amounts of rain on the west.

No. 157391

I’ve used it a couple times, it’s hit or miss. I haven’t been able to get a decent pair of pants from it at all but I’ve found a few tops from brands I like that were perfectly fine. You can return stuff but they’ll charge you for shipping/restocking and some things go back as store credit only.

No. 157407

File: 1604069536647.jpg (170.53 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_20201030_155129.jpg)

Bought this beret but can't figure out how to wear it. It keeps looking really bumpy and strange. Suggestions?

No. 157408

just dont

No. 157413

Is it that ugly…

No. 157415

I think it's cute and I absolutely hate animal prints, don't worry anon. You might need to pin it down in certain areas or throw it in the wash to shrink it a bit to get rid of the texture.

No. 157436

What kind of material is it made of?

You might be able to stretch & set it: get it wet in warm soapy water (observe the wash tag though), stretch it over a plate so the hole is centered nicely, and let air dry, then steam it with a steam iron if it can take the heat. That should at least straighten it out a bit.

No. 157437

Damn. I was looking to get some jeans from there. What was wrong with the pants you got? Did they not fit? I've got my eye on a few that have the exact measurements I want. They seem alright.

No. 157767

You know what, I checked my order history and the thing with the pants actually happened with swap.com, not thredup! Looking at the two swap only has the inseam filter and thredup lets you do inseam, rise, cut. So it probably would be fine to order pants with them

No. 157785

I'm not quite sure tbh but it's flat when I don't wear it, it's just when I put it on it gets bumpy and weird. I never had a beret before and never see women with them but even when I Google some images I can't really figure out how to wear this one. I'm also thinking it might not suit my big wide head..?

No. 157789

you just have to try placing it on different areas of your head, like more to the back if you want to create the halo effect, or more to the front, slightly tilted. once you figured out the right placement just pinch the fabric to mold it into the right shape and straighten out any weird folds. should be fairly easy if it's a wool hat. i have a wool beret and it's my go to hat, it looks cool with a lot of different outfits. keep experimenting, maybe even give your hat a steaming if you can, you'll figure it out.

No. 158057

Anons, does anyone know nice e-shops with decent clothing? Stuff like ASOS, MissPatina, etc.

My problem is that I live in eastern EU, a tiny country where there's not many good clothing stores to offer unless u go to mass-market ones like HM, etc which is depressing.

I am a huge fan of elegant short dresses, or just 'classy' stuff in general but anything would work, really.

No. 158073

COS? I dont know if they ship to EE, but it's my favourite shop, really good quality of clothes.

No. 158150

File: 1604421196226.jpg (229.17 KB, 1100x1460, pridi1.jpg)

I'm really in love with basically anything Diana Spencer ever wore. I know its all super dated/questionable now but she just looks so damn cool in everything?

No. 158151

File: 1604421227600.jpg (31.62 KB, 370x666, pridi8.jpg)

No. 158152

File: 1604421391703.jpg (440.55 KB, 2000x3000, pridi.jpg)

No. 158153

File: 1604421532634.jpg (117.79 KB, 750x1109, prid4.jpg)

K done, sorry for the dump

No. 158157

Oh damn, i dont think I've ever seen her in a sporty attire, she looks AMAZING

No. 158199

I love that she wasn't afraid to dress casual and be seen that way. The pressure to be thin was something she couldn't escape though, the figure that everyone admired at the time >>158153
was the result of an eating disorder.

No. 158204

wasn't casual in back then?

No. 158210

Yes but she was royalty so seeing cycling shorts on royalty is different

No. 158211


Oh yeah, I'm aware she had bulimia and really bad mental health. Like she threw herself down the stairs when she was pregnant with William. Really sad

No. 158235

File: 1604446014408.jpeg (40.06 KB, 480x576, Photo (J'adore Street Style).j…)

For anons who care about the longevity of their clothes, where do you guys shop that isn't like $100+ per garment? I want to buy better made clothes (like 100% cotton, wool, denim, etc) without paying out the ass. Picrel is my 'style' which is pretty basic (I like having a capsule wardrobe so I can just assemble outfits without any issues).

Before someone suggests thrifting, I have had literally zero luck doing that. My thrift shops are always full of the same brands typically worn by older people (sidenote: wtf is Coldwater Creek and why is it everywhere in Goodwill) and those clothes aren't particularly good quality either.

No. 158237

The beloved people’s princess! This dress
>>158153 is iconic as it is what she wore when Prince Charles’ affair was made public. It’s known as the revenge dress. I love her. She is treasured here still

No. 158239

Goodwill. You find the best brands there, I once got a calvin klien black turtle neck there, looks chic as fuck and cost me $5. You just have to go to a goodwill in a kind of upper class area

No. 158240

Asos has this believe it or not. Most of their clothes are 100% material.

No. 158254

I know that bike shorts are super in right now. In fact I really like this outfit.

No. 158258

When fashion cycles it tends to come back with the current consumer market in mind.

Y2k fashion has made a comeback but as you can see it's far more inclusive of different bodies than it was back in the day. Low rise pants are an option again but they are not the only pants that are in style for example. With even more people being overweight and older women taking more of an interest in current trends than they did back then the consumer market has had to adjust. It's no longer only slim, young women taking an interest in looking trendy and wanting to feel attractive. The internet and websites such as Instagram are reaching all women and making women from all walks of life want to take part. What used to be known as 'youth fashion' and what was once meant only for the young and thin has expanded to a much wider market.

So when 2010s fashion does cycle around again it will be in line with the current consumer market.

Right now we are starting a sustainability movement when it comes to fashion, along with body inclusivity. This has come at a time where we are going to enter a very possible global recession. More and more people are seeing the impact that fast fashion is having on the people who work in sweatshops and produce these clothes and have to deal with the landfill when we throw them away. I think we are going to see more brands produce sustainably and less reckless buying. We are also going to see far more people swapping clothing and wearing used clothing. With the current global crisis lots of fast brands are actually falling into complete bankruptcy. I think sustainable fashion will only expand as the next fashion cycle comes around.

No. 158277


Anon, look at sweaters and basics from a newish brand called Quince, can also look into Everlane if you don't have issues with them.

In general "boring" "adult" brands like J Crew, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic have a lot of sweaters and basics made of 100% natural whatever- but def look at fabric content, because there's also a lot that aren't. All three of them have huge huge sales and discount code opportunities running almost all the time. Land's End is another one to look at. If all you want is a plain black sweater you have it really easy- you'll get nice clothing at super discount (j crew, banana) or you'll get fairly HQ old school built to last stuff (eddie, lands) at a good price because you arent paying for the brand to fuss with styling, courting tiktok influencers, or whatever else.

Finally, get a sweater shaver, and then search on eBay/poshmark/etc for 100% cashmere, 100% merino, etc. You can get people's gently used HQ basics for thrift store prices (I do all the time).

No. 158280

If it's available in your country, check out Zalando Lounge. They're always selling clothes at discounted rates and I've seen expensive and premium brands selling 100% cotton, cashmere, wool etc. clothes on it somewhat regularly. I've got some really nice, high quality pieces on there for highstreet prices. But you need to keep an eye on it and be patient because every sale only lasts a few days and they add new sales every day.

No. 158291

Their return policy is super sketch and I've had issues with it, it's nothing like regular Zalando. I personally wouldn't recommend it for things that aren't bags and accessories for this reason

No. 158299

if you like misspatina you may appreciate princess highway, joanie clothing too have pieces that I find reminiscent but i think its more on the quirky rather than elegant side.

No. 158307

File: 1604498509280.jpg (44.58 KB, 431x600, SBOqg8jQrZcwL6zRheFdhgFEHuJXId…)

Im not excited for that, sustainability is a fucking fraud for first world countries, I live in south america and legit everything you can reasonably buy is fast-fashion tier stuff, I was actually flabbergasted by the quality of some F21.
Also second hand is ridiculously hard to find something wearable, I have some hand me downs from my mum but our country used to be a dictatorship fairly recent so we genuinely didn't get "fashionable" until the early 2000s, aka thrift shop clothes are just jeans and tshirt, and the weird stretchy polyester dress sometimes.

Im pretty sure the fast fashion will move onto us while it crumbles in the US and Europe.

No. 158310

Anon, Princess Highway is Australian, I can't imagine how expensive the shipping would be to Europe.

No. 158311

I've returned a couple of items over the years and I've personally never had any problems with it. I wouldn't buy those expensive rings and such for hundreds of euros to be safe, but I've had no problems purchasing shoes and clothing from zalando lounge so far. But yeah, it's true that the customer service is completely seperate from the regular Zalando.

No. 158313

> I think we are going to see more brands produce sustainably
I think we're going to see more brands pretend to be sustainable, but there's nothing to gain from being sustainable for the really large brands/companies.

>legit everything you can reasonably buy is fast-fashion tier stuff
>flabbergasted by the quality of some F21
>thrift shop clothes are just jeans and tshirt, and the weird stretchy polyester dress sometimes.
It's not really any different here in (Western) Europe right now though.

No. 158314

Eh I guess only the amerifags get to have nice stuff nowadays then.

Im having more luck buying stuff from asian brands, the shipping is a bit stingy but i love the styles and fabric.

No. 158329

Im aware. And not that expensive speaking as a brit. That being said I probably wouldnt bother for single items

No. 158331

also if they can afford misspatina (where the average dress is about £70. then they can afford the £15 shipping for princesshighway

No. 158334

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Hey anon can you recommend Asian brands. I love their sizing since I'm short with shorter legs but I'm also the anon who likes better fabrics bc they last longer.

No. 158356

I don't think there's such a thing as a 'good' thrift store unless you count antique stores

No. 158369

Tbh Its more about what people wore years ago in my country, there wasn't much focus on fashion and people didn't have acess to "pretty" clothes, dictatorships and self expression don't like eachother.

No. 158386

From the comments I see here or on the internet in general, it just seems to me like people don't know how to thrift and expect to find high quality items for two dollars in shops that already do the picking and sorting for them (which is why they charge more, so that won't happen).

There isn't such a thing as a "good" thrift shop because they all get their clothes from a variety of sources, and "good" is subjective anyway. If by good you mean having higher quality designer items, people usually sell those online or take them to a consignment shop because they get more money for it there and people are better informed in general nowadays. Also, lots of people expect thrifting to be as easy as walking into H&M and picking up a cheap trendy item in your size for tomorrow's date, and then get frustrated when they find nothing.

General tips for thrifting:
>Get your measurements!!!
Take out a tape measure (or a string and a ruler), find out your bust, waist, hips, shoulder, sleeve length, inseam and seat measurements. "I'm an M" or "I'm a size 6" means nothing when cuts are different from brand to brand. Some pants just give me a wedgie because the seat is too shallow for me even though they're technically my size.
So many people who say thrifting sucks do not do this and are shocked when stuff doesn't fit them. Or if an online thrift store has reviews, they will often say "I ordered a medium but it's too small!" which is really stupid.
>Measure a similar garment you already own to see how it will fit, how long it will be on you etc

>Search the name of the brands you like

Ebay, Goodwill, Etsy, swap.com, any of the reselling sites (thredup, depop etc) are good for this, also FB Marketplace, FB pages, Facebook buy/sell/swap groups and Craigslist or whatever local flea market platforms you have
These are good also if you live in Podunk, Alabama or a third world country.
For weeb brands try Rakuten, Yahoo!Auction, Mercari, Zozotown, Ebay

>Example Ebay search:

"Sezane dress 6 -8-4-xs-s-m-34-36-38-red-black" gives you Sezane dresses in size 6 and removes other sizes and those two colors from the search

>Try to already have an idea of what kind of wardrobe you want, what you need for it etc

>Check often and try to learn when they get new items in

For example, my country's online thrift shops put up new stuff on Wednesdays and Thursdays usually. Email them and ask if you can't find out otherwise.

>Look abroad

Especially neighboring countries/cities (or Japan/Korea for weebshit), use Google Translate if necessary.

>Get better at Googling/searching websites for items in your size, colour, brand etc

Nowadays there's search filters but they tend to be broken and stuff is often sorted wrong.

>Buy nice or buy twice, and take care of the stuff you have already

Even if something is used, it's usually better to pay a bit more for something better that will suit you and your wardrobe/lifestyle perfectly. Be picky, don't get things because they look close enough and you can make it work somehow. Inb4 I can't afford it, I live in a third world country on minimum wages and I can afford it so you can too. You don't have to have a huge wardrobe with thousands of options to look good and be comfy.
The one exception is sizing, if you learn how to hem and take in jeans by hand and have chunky thighs or a big ass you can buy a size bigger and alter them to fit you perfectly, and it's super easy, you just need some strong thread and a needle.

You don't have to listen to my advice or anything, but I'm super happy with my wardrobe now, everything fits great and it's all thrifted except for underwear. It takes a bit of work but saves a lot of money in the long run (if only because you're not constantly replacing things and buying them again).

No. 158387

File: 1604521550850.jpg (557.06 KB, 1080x1229, Hhy.jpg)

Unironically I want the 70's to come back. The style really pops to me and I have no idea why. Bell bottoms and flared pants can go straight to hell though.

No. 158390

What people don't know about thrifting is that being fashionable isn't a human right. No 'deserves' clothing that is ethically made, fashionable AND cheap

No. 158391

It is pretty alienating to look "bad" tho, people treat you worse and its a well known and documented thing.

No. 158397

File: 1604527135029.jpg (928.23 KB, 1242x1060, 1604334320524.jpg)

What is this style called? I'm not joking anons

No. 158398

Wow, she is so cool

No. 158399

Me too anon. I think that when the 90s/2000s craze ends in a year or two, the 70s-esque style will prob trend.

I mean weed is now becoming more accepted and guys are letting their hair grow long lmao.

No. 158401

that looks like something cher from clueless would wear

No. 158402

So what are the deets on Korean FW 2020 trends/fashion? What are the best places online to look for keeping up with Korean fashion in particular? I don't use social media aside from pinterest and tumblr, so digital magazines would be preferable.

No. 158450

I unironically want to get this whole outfit.

No. 158470

Same. I found it on another thread.

No. 158478

Not every hyper specific thing/style has a name lol.

No. 158487

I'm not really fashion forward.
Do know what similar style would be called?

No. 158493

File: 1604590981243.png (90.51 KB, 560x315, chanel-oberlin-2.png)

It looks like something Ryan Murphy would have a character played by Emma Roberts wear

No. 158494

I fucking love this style. I wish I could pull it out but I think being blonde and thin with rather narrow proportions is a big part of it.

No. 158496

It's called bimbo nymphette trash

No. 158497

File: 1604593275975.png (263.42 KB, 524x480, sd6yuted7.png)

I live in a third world hispanic country as well and I hope sustainability doesn't become a trend here. I actually feel like most f21 garments are better constructed than most things I see on markets or most clothing departments because they come straight from the lowest quality chinese suppliers. I just wanna dress cute for less, I can't even afford a $20 f21 blouse because in my money that equals a big luxury.

No. 158500

File: 1604595256848.jpg (70.35 KB, 743x743, 52341762_543822999439215_61224…)

Idk if I'm too picky (burgerfag) but I legit cannot buy anything at Forever21 anymore. Let me clarify that I used to buy everything there when I was 12 in 2010, but as I got older and became more practical the more and more I can't find anything to buy. It's not the fabric quality, but the lack of options that they have for when I'm looking for a specific item. Let's say you want to find a plain white button-down, you go to Forever21 and they have like 8 versions of that but each one has something excess (like frills, multi-colored buttons, patterned trim) that basically disqualifies all of their options because the add-ons limit the shirt in terms of styling with multiple outfits. Even novelty t-shirts for music & film are always the least versatile in terms of styling because Forever21 can't make a normal band shirt–they have to add distressing/tears, tie-dye, cut-outs, etc.
That isn't to say that F21 never has staple items, because I actually do own and wear a couple of items from there that are (mainly tops). But I've only found something to buy prob like once out of every twenty times I go there. Especially while they slowly devolved from selling basic sweaters to selling Cheeto bodysuits and denim jackets with "don't taco bout me!" & a ~kawaii~ taco on the back.

No. 158507

You claim that you like the 70s aesthetic yet dislike their most essential piece to the outfit?

No. 158510

I completely understand you anon, for some reason all stores (not just f21) like adding unnecesary shit to their blouses and shirts instead of making it plain, simple, and cute. I personally hate the big frill and big sleeve trend we're living through right now, idk why they gotta make it a statement piece every time.

No. 158533

Thank you.

No. 158534

File: 1604605999083.jpg (325.17 KB, 1200x720, 755504681584062622153763823488…)

Dios mio anon, I completely feel those prices, my local mall recently has gotten a Cotton On which is basically an Australian Brandy Melville and im legit crying over the clothes, they are mostly cheap-ish cotton and linen but its just glorious to me, i save up my money to get a piece there once or twice the semester.
Tbh I think they sent us less uwu quirky pieces down here in the third worlds, the F21 left here in my region is mostly basic pieces with some statements in a corner.

No. 158537

Amerifag but I used to shop at cotton on and I'm so sad that the only one I know of near me closed. They were about the same price as F21 but I found the quality of their clothes to be so much better, I wish there was one locally because I hate ordering shit online, but I mostly thrift nowadays instead to save money…

No. 158539

File: 1604609994060.jpg (238.37 KB, 1400x1400, uo-herald-square.0.0.146496958…)

I live in France and it's already a big trend here.
Mainly apps like Depop and Vinted. I know some stores like H&M also want to jump in the bandwagon by having second-hand sections.
I almost never buy clothes in physical stores, last time I went it was at Bershka, and it basically was the same trendy zoomer shit that you can buy on Aliexpress for cheaper. I wish we had an Urban Outfitters in my rural city just because their stores are really pleasing to look at

No. 158542

Cotton On isn't an Aussie Brandy Melville, BM just happens to be the popular style they're copying at the moment. I find Cotton On super overpriced for the quality tbh, I like plenty of their clothes but rarely buy anything.

I'd rather shop at BM for real but I better lose weight first kek, there's a store in Bondi.

No. 158553

No brandy melville at my country so my weird boney body is useless, they don’t even ship here which feels so unfair.

No. 158557

God this shit is ugly as hell.

No. 158598

Agreed lol. It's just denim bottoms and boring print t-shirts and hoodies. Who's excited for this?

No. 158638

This, kek. I have a proper hate boner for printed shirts and tween-core in general

No. 158681

I loooove cupcakejemma's style, does anyone know how this might be called?

No. 158810

File: 1604789170831.jpg (154.2 KB, 700x766, 1431866619634.jpg)

I'll probably sound like a weeb for saying this but I really prefer the way Japanese women style their feminine clothing. All the malls and stores where either live sell gimmicky fast fashion club wear or clothes that a Karen would wear.

No. 158811

File: 1604789664046.jpeg (111.05 KB, 1000x1500, agg92942_nude_xl.jpeg)

I don't like the right outfit, but I agree with you. Somehow there's trends of frilly and other feminine details in western fashion recently but somehow it looks incredibly not feminine. I wish we could have more girly, outrageous clothing too. Also, do you mind if I post some photos I have saved? I hope you don't cause I'm going to do it anyway.

No. 158812

File: 1604789762986.jpg (111.97 KB, 964x1280, 78dc448737527daca1ffa70ee61a6e…)

I want to make a skirt like this one

No. 158815

File: 1604790313059.jpg (68.75 KB, 880x560, fdg.jpg)

No. 158821

It can look a bit childish but i prefer it a lot too, it looks so much cuter and comfier.

Also looks unflattering as hell. I think they add frills and bows like that to keep the mature look going on but it just looks weird.

No. 158828

File: 1604797862918.jpg (96.6 KB, 662x1088, Screenshot_20201107-191021.jpg)

Love slip dresses over sweaters

No. 158832

File: 1604799258564.jpg (8.07 KB, 300x300, Tumblr_o0gmgaIEMr1u0zeyqo2_640…)

Ayrt you hit the nail on the head I think since cuteness is extremely popular in Japan they've perfected the aesthetic? Sorry I'm shit at explaining lel. In America sexy and mature is what's most popular and anything really feminine is considered immature or for little girls.

This outfit is so sweet its the perfect blend of cute and feminine without looking like a DDLG monstrosity.

No. 158844

these just look like something you could pull out from shopping at H&M tbh

No. 158846

I feel like I struggle to commit to one style, I like edgy side of things but now I am buying more girly style clothing. So I just have this weird mix of both… How do you guys mix up your clashing items?

No. 158854

The point isn't whether you could find the clothes for it in the West but whether people dress like that in the West, which they don't.

No. 158855

I have two separate capsule wardrobes. They don't usually mix, I tried to do it but it just looked shit since the silhouettes were too different, so I separated them and now everything works great.

No. 158866

File: 1604829370997.jpg (573.22 KB, 1440x1423, Screenshot_20201108-105220.jpg)

Need opinions on pic related, I like the cropped grandma cardigan trend, I already have one in purple and one in black. I saw this monstrosity and I kinda want it

No. 158870


It's a cute pattern/colorway but I think that neckline + white shirt makes her look broadchested in an unflattering way.

Then again in my unpopular opinion, pieces don't have to be flattering to be cool, this with black mock neck, black cigarette pants, black/neon combat boots would get a like from me on Instagram

No. 158871

The cropped grandma cardigan trend is just about the worst trend to put any money into. With other trends, once the trend dies out you're left with a piece of clothing that's simply not trendy anymore but still fine to wear, but after this trend dies out you're left with a piece of clothing that's considered dumpy and grandma-ish again. If you think you'll keep loving it after the trend dies out, do it, but I don't think it's a good purchase. It's also ugly imo.

No. 158890

Only buy weird trendy items if you really love them regardless if they're trendy or not.

No. 158900

It's shapeless, which I'm not a fan of but that's a you decision. The electric green is kind of gross and just reminds me of Billie Eilish hair. In different colors maybe.

No. 159170

That bag, in black, I have been trying to find anything cute with flap and inside zipper. Where to find something similiar?

No. 159341

I'm 28 this year and starting to build out my wardrobe for 30's appropriate clothing.

I just don't quite know what that is, and I don't want to age myself or dress. My style has been sort of alternative. I want to keep it that way but more "grown-up" or "put-together."

I feel like there's a fine line between being the "cool" 30 year old chick who dresses her age and the the 30 year old who desperately wants to be seen as young.

No. 159345

Keep the alternative vibe but accesorize less is usually a good way to keep it tasteful and "grown-up".

No. 159457

I need some help trying to build out my wardrobe. I just gave my sister all my clothes and im changing my style. When you hear “girl next door” what outfits come to mind?

No. 159461

File: 1605152457179.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3464x3464, 538BD365-FC32-49BC-B9B4-45E8D4…)

Idk why I thought of Paris Hilton.
But after looking up the style, I mostly saw depression sweaters, denim pants, skirts with tights and uwu shy poses.
I guess anything with denim pants, skirts that are right over the knee paired with flats or short heels and simple makeup styles with a natural hairstyle.

No. 159463

File: 1605152939383.jpg (109.68 KB, 580x580, m_5d2dfc0f152812a0149923c7.jpg)

I love the brandy Melville and pacsun style even though its basic. I got a bunch of cute pieces and im so happy with them. living my best life. I used to dress so frumpy as a teen and im not sure why I specifically chose to. Never again.

No. 159473

Same. Everyone shits on the brand but the clothes are so cute

No. 159487

Jeans, a shirt and sneakers.

No. 159506

File: 1605184755165.jpg (177.83 KB, 1080x1080, bf2767f4910ca879f8a1870f79846c…)

Not my style, but it's minimalist, youthful and feminine. I feel like BM is the clothing equivalent of Glossier. I think people mainly shit on the brand because of its marketing techniques based on a weird beauty elitism (young, skinny, natural and effortlessly pretty)
Their promo pics have a weird "tween sorority girls" vibe that freak me out
Also Depop BM sellers are fucking insane with their prices

No. 159849

File: 1605428444979.jpeg (Spoiler Image,470.13 KB, 2048x1152, B3A6CCF2-23F9-4BFE-9700-9D2DEE…)

Anyone know where I can find a shirt similar or exactly like this? I tried asking the girl in the picture, but no response.

No. 159853

Search for keyhole shirt/top

No. 159857

File: 1605437483966.png (1.68 MB, 1340x984, slipdress.png)

Same here. I love a ones with patterns it makes organizing outfits easier

No. 159858

File: 1605437670906.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x600, cb41b9f3d41a52a752b6c18a51d82a…)

Check out larme, it's very lady like cute

No. 159861

File: 1605438078384.jpg (20.75 KB, 470x470, 42342.jpg)

I love them too but somehow I don't have the body type to pull it off or something. I tried on pic related recently, and it was absolutely gorgeous on the clothes hanger (pic doesn't convey it honestly) and I loved it so much but once I tried it on it looked so stupid on me. Still sad about that one.

No. 159862

File: 1605438425913.png (870.61 KB, 1276x1786, 2E22968D-C885-4F68-A489-C34BCC…)

Thank you, anon. I was able to find something similar, but not really sheer-looking like hers.

No. 159868

File: 1605441032472.jpg (285.3 KB, 2181x3273, zN063Lm.jpg)

>>159861 I’m in the same boat as you anon and unfortunately it’s just that dresses like these aren’t tailored to suit all body types. If your boobs aren’t too big then your arms are and it throws it off or the rest of your body is too wide/round for the silhouette to translate “correctly”.

What you can try is this style of dress (long, draping, a bit flowy) but with more form fitting design at least on the upper half. It will accentuate your shape and keep you from looking frumpy without it being skin tight. Because in the previous anon’s picture on the right you can see the dress looks like it makes more sense when the person wearing it has a more petit or slim upper body. Picrel is example of the difference in shape I’m talking about from Nastygal (https://www.nastygal.com/let-your-love-flow-midi-slip-dress/AGG68937-105-16.html?)

No. 159869

I totally understand, I'm currently in the process of trimming down and some slip dresses just don't look good right now. Still, I brought them as I don't think they'll be easy to find second hand and I LOVED the colours

No. 159893

Isn’t Larme kind of super dead tho?
Most stores closed or migrated styles.

No. 159899

Does it matter? If it looks cute to you wear it

No. 159904

nta but I think anon means it might be hard to find stores selling the style then, it's niche and 'dead'

No. 159911

It's easy to find second hand on auction sites then, even better.

No. 159927

File: 1605474056538.jpg (76.39 KB, 500x699, tf1.jpg)

I guess I'll post some outfits I sorta like

No. 159928

File: 1605474175231.jpg (56.78 KB, 500x629, tf2.jpg)

No. 159931

File: 1605474718174.jpg (80.41 KB, 564x846, tf3.jpg)

No. 159932

File: 1605475147807.jpg (97.52 KB, 564x846, tf4.jpg)

No. 159933

File: 1605475365523.jpg (90.98 KB, 564x846, tf5.jpg)

No. 159941

the people in these pictures are always so dumpy and short

No. 159942

They are average japanese girls?

No. 159950

Larme isn't dead at all, actually look up some Japanese clothing stores.

No. 159952

File: 1605485443071.jpg (462.77 KB, 895x1280, original.jpg)

And? They still look pretty good in my opinion.

No. 159953

Well, they might need better fit for skirt and some of the skirts can too long for an outfit. If you are short you wanna have a short skirt and avoid stuff that makes your leg look shorter than they are. The girl on the right has too high of socks and too long skirt. It makes an awkward look in general. She should have went with ankle socks or boots with heels. It isn't the fashion but the choices of length on the legs that makes them appear this way.

No. 159955

Because they are and the dimensions and heaviness (layering) of the pieces they wear only accentuate it. >>159932 The one on the right with the blue scarf and black tights looks fine, though. >>159927 In the older photo with the 3 women they also look fine and the coordinations are pretty.

No. 159958

Whoa this is rly cool. What's that sort of style called?

No. 159959

Lmao fr I know it's the same three skirts or maxi dress with creepers. No range at all really

No. 159969


It's just late 70s clothes, probably mid tier designer. Not every outfit is/was "a style".

No. 159972

File: 1605494289811.png (733.22 KB, 516x737, fgdg.PNG)

It has a name, so I did some research. This was part of Beshka by Gianni Penati done in 1970's. According to Vogue's site, this fashion is known as soft retro 70s (When you look it up type fashion at the end). I hope this helps, it is very unpopular but you might be able to find soft retro modern looks that have similar style. Keep in mind though modern day fashion isn't a fan of these color combos.

No. 159981

File: 1605496876121.png (1.67 MB, 1524x1200, fa grid may.png)

I think it's dead on the western world front. I fell in love with it with the black-pink-red aesthetic but most of the japanese brand moved on with their color schemes. Western facebook/online communities tried to force styling rules like lolita but it's a casual style so it was always going to evolve.

I still wear it and there's often great second hand items on auction sites. I personally have evolved my style into a different colour combination but it still involves lot's of texture, defined waist or shape and accessories that aren't found in regular stores (HM, F21, Cotton-on ect)

No. 159991

You can find stuff on second hand selling sites. Most of the time the items are pretty good quality.

No. 160011

Most japanese girls seem to have a short pear shaped body. It's alright but their legs are always so fucking weird, X shaped or with thick ass calves, and sometimes the two combined

No. 160041

File: 1605531791973.jpg (54.14 KB, 640x640, 33af746237199777aa6cd6626ed2d1…)

My grannycore tradlarp heart is crying, why do I have to be too poor to afford those Son de Flor quasi-medieval dresses.

No. 160043

This fit screams weeaboo white girl from Oregon who is getting ready to call me a nigger for not turning at the stop light quick enough. I really adore these shoes though, wouldn't mind picking them up for my yearly conference meetings.

This fit is so cute. Don't care how gaudy the colors are either this is peak butch. Love this retro style back when people didn't care about experimenting with bold colors.

No. 160049

I don't know the 'white girl from oregon' context but what about that outfit screams weeaboo? Genuinely curious, that's just about the last outfit I'd associate with weebiness.

I like the upper half of this outfit set, not so much the brown sweater, shoes or accessories.

No. 160053

>This fit screams weeaboo white girl from Oregon who is getting ready to call me a nigger for not turning at the stop light quick enough.
kek what the absolute fuck anon nothing about this outfit screams those things except maybe "white chick from Oregon"

No. 160056

anon im fucking dying at that comparison. how do you get such a colorful mental image from a basic bitch outfit?

No. 160063

File: 1605544218691.jpg (59.47 KB, 1000x1334, 11411144-BLACK-3914701f-.jpg)

Portland would like to beg to differ. Lmao my description was a little exaggerated but it's akin to someone who hangs around coffee shops way too much if that is a better description.

The basic bitch hairstyle and mousey dress combo translates to undercover weeb. Fuck the wool sweater is even included in the moodboard it's like every stereotype about book worms at once.

Anyone here try Telfar? My go to is YSL but I'm not really liking their recent totes, looks like jansport. Do you anons think the bag above is ugly? think it looks kind of like a grocery shopping bag but idk

No. 160064

How tragic for them lmao

No. 160120

File: 1605571085254.jpeg (38.43 KB, 780x838, e9728d53-0a15-4edf-835e-a2ac59…)

Oh man, you're about 70% right except we say cunt here in Australia. The shoes are by Tory Burch Jessa Hardware heel - Super comfy and they also come in a knee high boot.
I'm working on improving my hair styling so I'm still in 'basic bitch' territory

I'm not a fan of the style but the pre-order option to secure your preferred colour is nice. Have you considered Goyard totes?

No. 160122

Telfar logo looks like essence, i do not get the hype. It's ugly and basic.

No. 160125

I honestly feel like Telfars are kinda ugly and overhyped, but honestly I can't be that mad because of the price point and no bully, and this is a personal bias, but I'm more partial to the idea of supporting a gay, West African designer being African myself lol. Maybe that's a dumb Tumblrina thing to be hung up on, but that's my two cents.

Have you tried looking at Burberry? They have a few big totes on their website rn, but they might be a bit too old lady-ish?

No. 160130

File: 1605574764919.jpg (114.05 KB, 1536x1536, sancia-bags-sancia-camillo-buc…)

No way it's tumblerina, Support small designers and those who lift up your country. I love Sancia & SANS BEAST by both design and that they're Australian

No. 160138

I’ve witnessed this ongoing twitter war on telfar for the last year or so, if someone nonblack is seen with one they’re dogpiled and told telfar is exclusively for black women. I stay away from all that nonsense.

No. 160150

File: 1605601975282.jpg (159.87 KB, 600x400, 9f32kfl.jpg)

I've never heard of Telfar before, but bag in pic is really ugly. Although it'd be less ugly without that atrocious logo. Looks like something you'd find at a market stall for bags at a summer market.

No. 160267

File: 1605671835381.jpg (114.34 KB, 1080x1620, Techwear-Ideas.jpg)

I like teachwear look. But the clothing price are expensive asf

No. 160269

not very environment friendly either, its all synthetic fabric.

No. 160275

this looks like what the homeless men who heckle me on my walk to work wear

No. 160279

this comment had me crying lmao

No. 160291

where do i look for inspo? pinterest? i don't want to create an instagram account

No. 160315

tumblr is pretty good

No. 160319

Pinterest has the best of tumblr and instagran already curated, but you need to spend some time on it

No. 160331

I agree with this, plus pinterest has the added benefit of storing and organizing your images.

No. 160401

this is really nice, anon. I had to google Son de Flor and you were right about the price. wishing you good fortune so you may one day live your dream

pinterest is where I get all my inspo, yeah and like >>160331 said you can organise things better than instagram which has no organisation

No. 160402

File: 1605792186621.jpg (99.51 KB, 1024x1024, iggie_nome_pu_gunmetal_002_102…)

probably basic bitch styling question but what trousers would you wear with a chelsea boot like this?

No. 160454

Either high waisted skinny black jeans or high waisted light wash straight jeans (cuffed).

No. 160455

I think they go with anything– straight leg or skinny jeans, cigarette pants, could work with a flared pant, even shorts with tights honestly. I guess it just depends where the pants hit on the ankle!

No. 160468

nta but you can sort your saved posts into folders on ig.

No. 160534

not sure if this is the right thread but hoping someone can point me to the right place if so.

I want to change my personal style, but I'm 24, I'm not a teen still figuring out what I like, just a shy adult who always wanted to dabble in the kind of big titty goth gf style.

Is there any way to transition to a new style in a way that feels natural and won't make everyone around me think I'm having an identity crisis? I used to wear a lot of chokers and fishnets and I wear mostly black (boring though, long-sleeved tops and leggings mostly) so it's not a massive leap. I just don't have the budget for extravagant clothing and I'm not sure how to transition to it naturally

also not sure where to shop - I'm a UK anon so any UK websites would be amazing if anyone has anything

No. 160539

Maybe get a crazy haircut. But do it progressively like don't dye and cut it all at once, just take your time. That's what I did and everyone is just like "oh I like your hair" and not "WHOOOOAAA what happened to you??" Getting a haircut also inspired me to change my style because crazy hair goes better with weird clothes than cutesy or normal clothes. Also you will look way cooler with crazy hair and wearing office attire or just any classy attire. But maybe that's just my opinion. (I'm biased)

No. 160543

Just slowly add things. Start with something fairly non-offensive like accessories or boots or something like that. Add more and bigger elements of the style you want to achieve as time goes on.

No. 160553

thanks for the advice anon. whereabouts on the ankle should the trousers hit to look best? legit have no idea

was thinking high waisted black skinny jeans thanks!

No. 160587

Ayrt and like just so it’s not an awkward length so your pants don’t bunch under the boots, get caught in the boots while you’re walking, etc. so nothing that hits right at the boot unless they’re flares essentially! Stuff you can either tuck into the boot completely or hit/are rolled up above the top of the boot

No. 160612

How often do you dress up? And where do you go when you're dressed up?

No. 160623

I used to dress up almost every day at college, I just liked walking into every class knowing I was killing it! Now I don’t dress up nearly as much as I used to, sometimes if I really feel like making grocery shopping fun I’ll dress up a little bit, used to dress up for parties, dinner dates, going out to lunch with friends, going to the mall with friends, basically a lot of stuff that doesn’t exist anymore

No. 160636

I dress up every day for college too (well, not anymore, it's online now). I had some dude ask me "why do you dress up everyday" well I didn't buy my clothes to just stuff them in my closet did I? motherfucker

No. 160637

NAYRT but would love to know how you’d dress up every day, maybe example outfits. Does it take you long? Do you have simpler go-to outfits for lazy days or just never have lazy days? Did you notice a difference in the way people treated you vs if you didn’t put effort in? Do you repeat outfits or have a wardrobe you can mix up?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m shit at fashion so rarely bother, people who dress up all the time fascinate me lol.

No. 160638

File: 1605955728174.png (Spoiler Image,24.74 KB, 489x953, Untitled.png)

Hi, I usually dress up everyday because my clothes are just unusual so whatever I put on I'm "dressed up", I have a lot of blouses and dresses, and weird skirts and pants and even if I wear a normal tshirt or sweater I wear a vest or weird jacket over it. I haven't noticed people treating me any different. I just get compliments from girls sometimes.
I try not to repeat outfits, to always try something new, but I've noticed that when I do try something new it just doesn't work so I think I will be sticking to tried and true outfits from now on… I'm not some fashion know it all, I just pick whatever I have in my closet
I tried to draw you some outfits I got a compliment on but I realized I wasn't good at it so I stopped just at this one.

No. 160640

Almost everyday, regardless if I'm leaving the house or not. Dressing up nice just makes me feel really good and productive so I do that even if I'm not leaving the house lol. I have a LOT of repeat outfits though, because I'm very picky with what I buy.

I love it when anons draw for other anons, you're the cutest.

No. 160642

File: 1605960104722.jpeg (108.61 KB, 828x1044, F9DA83CE-CB56-4F27-98B8-EE8BF1…)

ordered some platform mary janes from asos on a whim, are their shoes any good quality-wise or should i just return them?

No. 160643

they look so ugly, like orthopedic shoes

No. 160646

Well she’s ordered them now so give her a break, I think they’re nice. ASOS can be a hit or a miss quality wise but I think their shoes are fairly decent, so you should be all good

No. 160647

i love them, anon! i've been wanting to buy similar ones for so long but i have too many shoes already and nowhere to go to wear them. kek

No. 160650


these are really cute anon, I hope they feel comfortable and fit well etc!

No. 160654

File: 1605971490246.jpg (21.01 KB, 282x532, IMG_20191218_145731.jpg)

Augh these are atrocious, why do adults want to look like children so bad it's weird. If you want higher quality shoes try Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale. A little on the pricey side but worth it. ASOS has too much leeway for quality it's really up in the air when it comes to footwear.

Been watching a lot of 90's shows I love the r&b aesthetic from back then. So comfy and fun I keep going back to pics of Nia Long and Left Eye for my Spring 2021 inspo. Judging by the fashion houses I follow I'm not too far off the mark in trends for the SS21 season, seems to emphasize returning back to basics. Really cool to see the fashion industry finally give in to the demands of the people and switch their main textiles.

No. 160657

>why does anon I replied to want to look like a child?
>posts dungarees as outfit inspo

anon really

No. 160661

I’m the first anon who replied to you! I have a lot of vintage pieces so I’d wear those a lot (lace-up leather knee high boots from the 60s, peasant blouses, tapestry skirts, a big orange brown corduroy coat) and a lot of statement pieces (faux fur leopard jacket, band tshirts, free people bell bottoms). To think of like, outfits, some of my favorites from last year were platform sandal heels with huge free people bells, a band T-shirt and a denim jacket, or a faux fur jacket with a crop tank top, a plaid miniskirt and docs, or a long skirt with a band T-shirt layered over a turtleneck with docs and my leopard print coat.
I’d say I have a wardrobe I can mix up a lot! A lot of my stuff can be paired with more basic pieces to tone it down, or dressed up with similarly out there clothes. I do have lazy days where I wear just jeans and a T-shirt, however I’ve tried to find jeans that I like that are unusual fits to make it stand out a little bit more (low-rise or baggy jeans, button fly flares), and I always try to wear a cute pair of earrings. I also really like juicy tracksuits for my lazy days running errands which are definitely more “dressed up” than standard sweats. I do often get compliments on my dressed up outfits, I think people just like to see outfits that are different and fun!! I guess I feel like I am treated differently solely because my outfits do attract attention, dressing down and not having people approach me can be nice.

No. 160662

Yeah, it’s one thing to rag on a childish (borderline cute) pair of shoes but then to post overalls as outfit inspo? LOL. Also dungarees look completely awful even on willowy tall model types.

No. 160664

I'm not into that anons shoe taste, but to call them childish and post denim dungarees is pretty hypocritical. Dungarees on anyone over the age of 12 look awful. Big dumpy diaper butt looking things.

No. 160676

I wish I could find these at a lower price. I love the narrow square toe, the three straps, the patent look, and the heel is a perfect height for everyday activities. I wear a lot of mod clothes from the 60s and bohemian style dresses from the 70s and these would be perfect. For some reason it's really hard to find this refined style of mary janes, I've only seen retailers selling variations which are really wide and chunky looking, or with a really tall heel

No. 160677

This is an imageboard, add an image.

No. 160678

If you find a dupe in the $100-$200 range post it! These are so cute and seem so easy to dress up or dress down, would love a pair

No. 160683

File: 1605988493060.png (767.72 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20201121-145342~2.p…)

No. 160690

Does this really clean your clothes well? Basically what this guy does is put his clothes submerged in cold(!) water and detergent, let it sit for 4 hours, pour out the water, rinse once more to get all of the detergent out. After that multiple steps to dry.

I kind of want to handwashing to extend the lifetime of my clothes, but I'm sceptical that just dunking your clothes in water and detergent and letting it sit there with virtually no movement cleanses it?

No. 160691

thanks for the clarification anon, will keep this mind!

No. 160693

As someone who has had to hand wash clothes many times in life, yeah, that sounds a little off. If the clothes are not too dirty, then yes the detergent does most of the work, hand/machine agitation is for dislodging dirt and stuff. I've washed entire loads of filthy clothes by hand and hung to dry them & they came out clean and fresh, so it's absolutely possible, but not just by leaving them in detergent+water. Washing machines spin and agitate for a reason, after all.

His clothes must not get much use other than casual wear, but this is a YMMV kind of thing.

No. 160694

one of their shoes i ordered in the past were hard as hell I had to return them, but my feet are so damn sensitive and picky i hate it kek

No. 160709

This tbh. While I agree that’s it’s her decision and style. I bought docs in this shape thinking they were adorable but they just looked like orthopaedic clumpy shit when I wore them

No. 160714

Yeah no, this wouldn’t work at all, your clothes would smell like a weird mix of sweat and detergent and not be clean at all, you need to at least rub them against a stone/metal surface for a few minutes.

No. 160745

This is what I was thinking aswell, thanks for confirming I'm not being dumb lol.

No. 160756

File: 1606050019669.jpg (113.14 KB, 640x960, 8d238c8f2703315c34b4e730756781…)

Would really love to start dressing like this but im not sure if it would look good on me as im very short. I'd love to look more androgynous/butch now that ive lost weight and a short haircut

No. 160764

I think it could definitely look good especially if you have a flatter chest! The girl in the pic doesn't look too tall - I would go for it! Congrats on your weight loss

No. 160786

Congrats on weight loss! What's your body type? This style typically flatters all body types, save for those a little more busty, so I wouldn't worry about height or anything like that. Very cute I love the look you're going for, update us on what you get if you decide to go through with buying the items.

No. 160789

>This style typically flatters all body types
It really doesn't.

No. 160795

Mind explaining why you think otherwise?

No. 160844

nta but this kind of fit usually looks terrible on pear shaped women, its almost impossible to make straight pants look decent when you have wide hips and most of your fat goes to your thighs.

No. 160846

You’re right but I have zero clue what kind of pants fit this type of figure. Could anyone help?

No. 160910

File: 1606148169351.jpg (59.81 KB, 564x928, notgoth.jpg)

This is retarded but I feel like I'm in an awkward position where normies perceive me as goth or emo or whatever when my style is more of a casual dark witch type stuff, I wear dark practical clothes and silver jewelry, black dyed hair with shaved sides and some sliver/blonde streaks, and earplugs and piercings so I kind of see where they're coming from but I don't to have my style mixed up or get compared to TikTok kids trends and I don't wanna be that person, does anyone else have this problem? do I just embrace it?

No. 160912

Just roll with it.
I used to just like wearing black and everyone asked if I was emo or goth anyways.

No. 160913

Normies think wearing plain black clothes is goth, don't worry about what they think because they don't know a thing. People say I'm a "darker" because I like "scary" things. What the hell even is a darker? Anyway, I bet you look very cool anon.

No. 160916

What they call it doesn't really matter, does it? Because whether they call it 'goth' or 'casual dark witch' or something else entirely, in all instances they see the same outfit. And that's what it is about right, what the outfit looks like. If that makes sense lol.

I think most people just jump to 'goth' or 'emo' because those are the only names they can think of for a dark alt fashionstyle.

No. 160926

Just wanted to add that I think your style sounds very nice. Pic seems like one of @catinawitchhat's looks, love seeing her stuff. She's so good at putting outfits together and layering.

No. 160929

seconding this question but if the answer is skinny jeans is there an alternative?

No. 160932

File: 1606165335144.jpg (68.7 KB, 563x655, highwasted.jpg)


No. 161001

I've heard on multiple occasions that you can get 2nd hand brands for good prices on yahoo jp auctions, does anyone have personal experience with that? If so, can you tell me about how it went, how much you bought and how much you ended up averaging per item? Was it overall cheaper than sourcing the items from ebay and etsy and places that sell 2nd hand designer etc.? I'm not looking for niche jfashion stuff like lolita or himekaji but mostly european and japanese designers like Margiela and CDG.

No. 161011

International shipping from Japan is very restricted right now so depending on where you live it might wind up costing a lot to have it shipped.

No. 161021

live your best witchy life, anon! i absolutely love that outfit btw

No. 161025

What physical stores do you guys buy clothes from? I need a new outfit to impress my bf's rich family at Thanksgiving, but am sorta broke (only just recently got a job) and have been wearing the same five shirts since high school.

I want to get into turtlenecks and high waisted pants and maybe even skirts. I don't generally like crazy patterns or frills, I'm a simple gal but want to look nice and like an adult

I'm American btw

No. 161032

Depending on if you live in/around a city, I’d go to Aritzia (more expensive, but decent stuff on sale usually) or a Nordstrom rack (quality and price vary greatly). Urban outfitters also has decent basics nowadays, I hated them for years but I actually find good stuff there now as long as you avoid the i.am.gia tier stuff

No. 161033

Yeah I heard JP post is restricted rn, I'm not planning to buy anything until corona is largely resolved. Thanks for the resource!

No. 161036

i get 95% of my clothes from thrift stores (savers & goodwill mostly) but its not always easy to shop at one if you dont have a good grasp on your style, i used to come home w/ a lot of bullshit until i more clearly defined to myself what fit into my wardrobe & what didnt. i know your probably thinking you wont find anything at a thrift store that will impress yuppies, but thats entirely up to what you chose & how you style it. if you dont care about any of that just grab any dress from express & leave the tags on so you can bring the boring thing back

No. 161037

Why don't you want to buy online? It's much easier to specifically find what you're looking for and filter within your budget and you don't have to go outside with covid.

No. 161038

>I need a new outfit to impress my bf's rich family at Thanksgiving,
I don't have time to buy online unfortunately

No. 161054

Oh sorry, I'm not from America, the thanksgiving part was lost on me. Idk when that is.

Hope you find something nice in time!

No. 161073

File: 1606246239430.jpeg (40.44 KB, 794x727, 64EB08B3-6D5E-4DED-AE62-C98773…)

Anyone no where I can find a pair like the pants pictured. I ordered some off Etsy but got some cheapass pants that looked nothing like the pic.

No. 161084


can you order from the UK? if so, Zara do culottes like these and they're decent quality

No. 161106

File: 1606260419608.jpg (453.22 KB, 1441x1800, 1594316222791.jpg)

Does the way you dress garner lots of stares? How do you not let it get to you? I don't dress the way I want because I don't want to get stared at. It makes me anxious.

No. 161110

File: 1606263967066.png (994.26 KB, 1125x1176, View recent photos.png)

Got these Buffalo London shoes on sale for 50% off during Black Friday and am so excited to get them in the mail. I think they’ll look cool with my baggy long jeans and I like the height they’ll give me.

No. 161117

File: 1606270381497.png (Spoiler Image,647.02 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20201124-210330~2.p…)

Does anyone know where I can find a metal chain link bikini top like pic rel? I ordered that specific set from a retailer in the summer, but it got lost in the post and sent back to the seller. They've been terrible at communicating so I'd like to request a refund from them, but I really want to find this style of bikini top to basically wear as jewelery on top of puff-sleeve blouses. Haven't seen anything that hit the mark on Etsy

No. 161121

Try aliexpress

No. 161124

File: 1606274272096.jpg (474.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201125-051616_Ali…)

Idk how to link from the app without it being weird but here € 12,97 3%OFF | Sexy Woman Metal Chained Body Harness Open Breast Halter Bra Top with Open Crotch Thong Bikini Lingerie Set Fetish Costume

No. 161127

Lol so are you gonna supply any deets on what context you’re planning to wear this in? Barbarian woman fantasy for a partner? Chainmail bikini pin-up calendar shoot?

No. 161129

i have the sparkly version of these, i love them and wear them everywhere

No. 161130

File: 1606275826577.jpg (146.57 KB, 800x800, greta_sq-f8bcb05a56393751fd2ff…)

I like that this design also features the O rings, thanks for your help

I was thinking that I would wear it to parties as statement jewelery on top of a blouse. One of the costumes in Russian Doll actually features a similar chain link bra styled this way (pic rel). I'll probably wear it to seduce my s/o at some point too, so it's actually more versatile than it seems lol

No. 161135

Aah I see, that’s actually a really cute idea anon. Thanks for sharing!

No. 161139

File: 1606282144789.jpg (212.16 KB, 750x1000, carel-dupe.jpg)

No. 161144

You won't get what you ordered

No. 161145

Is there a rule to how to wear many rings at once? When I see it on others it always looks consistent and efortless, but when I try to mix my rings they always end up looking out of place

No. 161146

Anon idk if I can help you but im a goth who almost always wears 5 inch platforms and outlandish makeup and the trick is to either 1. not care because you're dressing for you and others should mind their business, logically as long as you're not butt naked or have anything offensive no one should actually care OR 2. enjoy the attention, which I do because I love being the centre of attention

No. 161148


No. 161155

Look at photos of the look you’re trying to emulate to figure out what’s different about what you’re doing.

It’s hard to give advice without a pic but some ideas:

- if you’re mixing different styles, make sure they compliment each other, are a balanced ratio, evenly distributed
- not too many statement pieces
- limit your colour palette
- ensure the look goes with any other jewellery and your outfit as a whole

No. 161157

Attention is unavoidable but it can be a good thing even if the concept is making you feel anxious. I felt very uncomfortable getting noticed when I started dressing as I wanted and being forced to confront that actually made me become more confident. Sometimes it's really good to leave the comfort zone.

No. 161161

I honestly feel like that depends on where you live? In a large city no body's going to look twice, in a small town people probably would.

No. 161167

this is old but no one answered this properly–pin rolling is the answer

No. 161170

Milanoo is a scam site, if you ordered it cancel it immediately anon.

No. 161174

What country are you from?
Im not a big help; i looked but found because im in europe it was cheaper for me to just buy them here and not deal with VAT and shipping. It seems to be worth it for Australians though.
I recently watched a youtubers video about this. I dont want to shill it but you can probably find googling second hand luxury brand in tokyo videos. She gives a handful of the shop names and links their ebay links. I would try to only buy from physical stores with ebay/jahoo auctions only though because friends have still gotten good looking knockoffs. The stores always verify that its authentic and usually really picky with their quality ratings. Whenever you find a good deal; double check ebay/2nd hand online shops and compare shipping and potential custom fees.
In my experience the few hundred bucks i "Save" i would have to pay in VAT. I know americas custom limits are much higher but if youre buying a 2k+ purse, i would check the tax rate AND fees. Ive bought niche japanese stuff like lolita and paid 70 euros on a $200 dress because of the handling fees but again Americans dont have this problem.

No. 161176


Theyre all basics but look nice and mature but not old lady. Definitely try everything on and make sure it fits well and you like it. I love some jeans from uniqlo which has horrible ratings saying theyre incredibly unflattering and i hate their skinny skinny jeans which everyone raves about.
They have incredibly soft sweaters now that i love but the could be too warm for christmas dinner with too many people.
im trying to get away from graphic tees so i mainly shop there now.
The only thing i dont have experience with is their underwear and im not a huge fan of their bras because theyre all wireless.

No. 161177

>Theyre all basics but look nice and mature but not old lady.
>huge fan of their bras because theyre all wireless.

They often have great quality clothing compared to other fashion brands for basic stuff. I'm a bit weak when it comes to the graphics tees because when they tend to Collab with others to make it's usually not in your face huge weeb fan way.

Highly recommend their inner wear especially their heattech

No. 161192

File: 1606326150214.jpg (57.35 KB, 564x827, f4a36e8700885ac186556cf1295ecf…)

Just wanted to share, there are fucking cool.

No. 161193

Do you guys stick to one single, cohesive style or have a variety of different styles?

No. 161199

I've been moving into more of a single, cohesive style as I've been paying more attention to quality and quality of quantity recently. But it takes time to build that.

No. 161202

Variety, but i'd like to stick with a single one

No. 161206

Trouser cuff anon Google "pinrolling" it's what I do with wider leg jeans for that tapered cuff

No. 161223

Are (pure) white sneakers a wardrobe necessity?
I keep seeing them recommended as a staple but with size US9.50/10 or EU41 they make my feet look like long clown feet.
I tried the recommended adidas and nike styles as they seem to be the recommended ones but i prefer something a little more chunkier to balance out my feet size.

No. 161225

if you want really chunky ones go for filas, I have eu 39 feet and they make them look about 15cm long lol. other chunky ones are airmax 90 and 97, maybe even try new balance? ime superstars have the same effect of somehow making your feet look smaller although they are less chunky. AF1s or converse are def clown shoe territory however.
As for if you need them - that's for you to decide! i personally love them and think they are nice to make any outfit more "dressed down" and young/sporty but if those are not the vibes you are going for/just don't like the look, don't bother.

No. 161229

File: 1606342513772.jpeg (100.81 KB, 580x580, D923559E-D6C7-404F-87BA-55078C…)

I wouldn’t say they are a necessity but different iterations of the white sneaker have been on trend for like 8 years now and they match with a lot of diff outfits so they
are fairly ubiquitous
I have the same size feet as you and have had like 10 different styles of white sneakers over the years, so apologies in advance for going into mini review mode. honestly I lean into the bratz doll feet proportions pretty hard. Converse are a hardddd no for me. Nike AF-1s are probably the least chunky sneaker I’ve really liked over the years. Fila disruptors had a moment there but they aren’t as versatile as I’d want them to be as an everyday wear with my current style. I have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers that give off the same vibe but aren’t as aggressively sporty. I’ve owned a few diff adidas styles and they are comfy but just okay imo. Common Projects and Golden Goose are wayyyy too pricey and aren’t chunky enough. In fact I sold my Common Projects a while ago. if you’re looking for something chunky but wearable maybe try superga’s platform sneakers? There are also a lot of smaller brands doing their takes on the chunky white sneaker that could possibly work for you better than the extremely mainstream brands

No. 161232

Thank you for all your opinions/mini reviews this is what i was looking for.
Maybe i should try airmax but superstars are def one of the ones that made me look like a clown. Especially since theyre more rounded toe boxes.

I bought the Fila disruptors but in pastel colors not too long ago and they arent very versatile.
I thought the AF1 were also too long looking but court visions were by far the worst. I havent worn converse in years and they didnt look bad but they just werent nice on my feet.

No. 161259

File: 1606362836453.jpg (165.27 KB, 960x1280, rsadm304w_mediummarblewash__39…)

This is basic but does anyone know a good place to get high waisted straight leg denim, a la mom jeans? I used to get mine from American Apparel back when it actually had an online store until I grew out of them. I tried to replace them with a bigger size but the pair I got from their Amazon store were super cheap and ripped after less than 4 hours of wear, and in the most random places not even at the seams. I guess I need to accept the old AA is dead and gone.

I'm returning them and want to upgrade but stuff like Madewell and is out of my price range.

Looking to spend max $75

No. 161260

>for when you want a long ass instead of a phat ass

No. 161263

the men's section at your nearest thrift store

No. 161272

I wear EU41 aswell and I don't feel white sneakers make my feet look like that. But even if they do I don't think people notice? I assume you're on the taller side so I think height and feet size balance eachother out?

No. 161286

most of the recommended "staples" are horseshit and only work if you want to look basic. what is a staple for you depends on your wardrobe.

i don't own anything white so they're not a staple for me, but red converse high tops are. i hate leather jackets and think they're super basic and tacky, but there might be some girl who loves them and wears them all the time and it works for her, so they would be her staple, etc you get the point.

No. 161292

mom jeans are called mom jeans because they're made to fit women, not men

I'm pretty sure most inditex stores (bershka, zara, pull and bear, stradivarius) still carry mom jeans at decent prices. All of their mom jeans I got were 100% cotton and lasted me for a couple of years of constant wear so they're pretty decent for the price. I think only one pair thinned out significantly between my thighs the rest are still perfectly wearable

No. 161312

I love buffalo london! are you the anon from further up the page asking about chunky shoes like those. if so, good choice! the ones you chose are really nice too, hope you love em

nayrt but thank you for this

No. 161383

How do you wear tight skirts on a bike? Especially short ones? Like if the skirt isn't stretchy isn't it just going to move up and either way people would see your underwear? I can't drive so I have no other options but I'd like to wear skirts..

No. 161385

File: 1606482338735.jpg (25.48 KB, 431x404, 414108257.g_520-w_g.jpg)

Wear shorts underneath.

No. 161392


No. 161396

No. 161413

Change when you get to where you go or wear shorts under. Standing the whole time is a little unrealistic but if you insist on not changing when you arrive or wearing shorts, its your only option.

No. 161452

File: 1606556499967.jpg (52.75 KB, 500x551, 7beaf95e9d7bdf1e038656188f5e9b…)

Fishnets really bring a boring outfit to another level but holy shit am I worried about wearing them in public

No. 161457

File: 1606561804195.jpeg (152.67 KB, 750x712, A1316234-F091-405F-884A-97C699…)

someone help, i‘ve found this on aliexpress but there‘s gotta be an original brand/store that sells these kind of shirts

No. 161476

Late but anon did you know American apparel is still around? When the CEO got booted he started Los Angeles Apparel, literally identical to American apparel but iirc the quality is better than the current AA

No. 161497

Kek well you're definitely missing out then. I've found plenty of "mom style" jeans in the men's section.

No. 161506

On the topic of mom jeans do those even work for very skinny girls with absolutely no ass or hips? They look like they would be uncomfortable for sticks

No. 161508

Okay and another question, should you pull your skirt up yourself or will it naturally ride up when you get on a bike? because I wouldn't want to destroy and tear the skirt :')

No. 161515

I didn't miss out on anything, I thrift men's jeans too. But what makes mom jeans mom jeans is the tighter fitting waist which male jeans don't have.

No. 161520

Your skirt isn't going to tear from wearing it on the bike like normal.

No. 161524

Fair enough! I find that men's jeans look "mom-y" on me enough and the slightly bigger waist is a nice change from skinny jeans.

No. 161683

How can I dress more elegant but still comfortable? Sometimes I wanna dress like a casual princess but sometimes i just need to be comfy in the office when I’m stressed. My safe colour is black but I’d love to wear more pink and red

No. 161686

Is oxfam a decent place to get secondhand clothing? What are other anons' experiences?

No. 161705

File: 1606703439189.jpg (69.51 KB, 830x1154, 148542345.jpg)

sweater dresses, babydoll cut dresses (but not like full poof, just like free fall from the tits down i mean), fitted over the knee skirts and comfy sweaters, slacks and comfy sweaters, more fitted dresses and a nice long cardigan and so on. i think buying bigger pieces that are black (such as any fo the aforementioned dresses) and pairing them with bolder accessories could be a good safe babby step (obvi nothing insane, like a red organza scrunchie or something). or yeah, black bottoms and coloured tops or vice versa. really depends on how strict your office is wrt dress code.

No. 161706

I wear fishnets constantly and haven't ever really received any unwanted attention specifically because of them, if that's what you're worried about?

No. 161736

depends where you live. i noticed charity shops in places like the lace market in nottingham were well curated and had lots of cool stuff, probably also because they had younger people on staff. ones in my hometown are run by domineering old ladies and autists so they're usually a bust.

No. 161740

File: 1606760245585.jpg (100.27 KB, 750x750, DS7m9To.jpg)

Since dying my hair a cool-toned purple like pic related, my wardrobe has mostly consisted of black, gray, navy, and lavender. However, I would like to start wearing a few more colors again, but I'm not sure which ones would look nice with my hair? I have fair skin with cool undertones. Would love some advice.

No. 161759

File: 1606770275528.jpg (30.74 KB, 1024x768, Shades-of-Green-1024x768.jpg)

I'd suggest mint, light pink shades, sage green, pale yellow, soft blue, ivory, different shades of teal, cool dark green (forest/pine green?idk)
Not sure about these ones (considering your complexion), but would like to add: coral, turquoise, "parakeet" and "lime" from picrel

No. 161761

Theoratically, any color that matches your haircolor in coolness and brightness should look good with your hair because they'd be in harmony.

No. 161769

That ancient meme has completely ruined that purple and green color combination for me.

No. 161791

Does anyone have any experience with Madewell’s jeans and how they run? I bought a pair of their vintage mom jeans on sale just in my regular size 27 that their size guide matched me to but now I’m nervous they won’t fit. I just realized that they’re final sale and after reading reviews about 1/6th of them said they run big just want to know how fucked I am

No. 161811


I wouldn't freak out. I've bought jeans from Madewell in the past and they've always been true to size. All jeans stretch out over time because cotton can expand but can't retract very well. Most of the mom jeans on Madewell have a high cotton content, so it will be a stiffer fit that will kind of mold to your body over time. I think you made a better call than buying some cheap jegging shit that'll wear out and look bad quickly–just take care of them and wash them properly.

No. 161817

Do you guys think the tiny backpack trend will stay?

No. 161829

Yes it is, in my rural city you already get unwanted attention if you wear short shorts or skirts

No. 161831

Kind of random but what happens to clothes on markdown that get removed from a store’s site before they sell out? I know some brands like Coach and Madewell show up on Nordstrom after a few months, but there was something on Carhartt WIP I wanted to buy and they took it down. I’m pretty sure the product didn’t sell out in my size though.

No. 161833

I think (some of) it goes to outlets but I've also heard about unsold clothing simply getting destroyed.

No. 161837

No idea how all companies do it but i think majority of it goes to their outlet stores and general outlets like Marshalls/Ross/ TJ/K Maxx.

Ive noticed some stores, such as Victoria secret, save it for their Annual sales. My country has its own version of ASOS online only retailer and its returned products, slightly damaged or stuff that doesnt sell goes to its own branded in person outlet shop.

When i worked at a department store we were required to ship it back to the vendor if it didnt sell after being on clearance for a certain amount of time; the vendor gathers and sorts all their product and then its shipped out to outlets. I can imagine that if they dont gather enough of the same product they may just destroy it. No idea how it works for online shops; it could be that the product is just returned to vendor or it could be sent to its outlet shop if theyre low on stock/doing well.

No. 161855

They will pry my tiny backpack from my cold dead hands

No. 162026

File: 1607001979000.jpg (19.57 KB, 500x613, peter pan collar.jpg)

Does anyone know where to buy a black top with white collar like this pic? I remember last time an anon posted a website that sold these types of tops with customable collar. I think it was an alt fashion website? I regret not saving the website link. But any recs of online shop that ships internationally is fine tbh

No. 162028

Just google search or etsy search for detachable peter pan collar. You can get a basic black top anywhere.

I don't think it has the qualities to remain a long lasting trend, so no.

No. 162031

File: 1607009215470.jpg (362.81 KB, 1588x1059, il_1588xN.1739379699_bapn.jpg)

https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartsandFound?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=747523839 I really like the styles of dress in this shop, how does one wear clothes like these without it looking like the trashy rockabilly stuff discussed in the fashion we hate thread? is there a way I can tell when it'll start looking trashy? also if anyone knows more stores like this, I'd love to see them!

No. 162035

Research rockabilly fashion, if you follow the rules/dress like was the custom back then it’s less likely you’ll look like you’re wearing a costume (or at least look like you’re wearing a non-tacky costume).

No. 162043

File: 1607016307750.jpg (229.25 KB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.2425265007_8gh3.jpg)

anon UK or Europe based anons know any stores that sell knitted (or thick material) crop tops with a collar, like pic related? I really want one, but I can only find em on dodgy Chinese sites.

No. 162044

Try beyond retro or an instagram vintage shop. These were big some decades ago so now stores crop them and sell them as reworked crop tops.

No. 162048

i think they sell similar ones at brandy Melville but not sure if they're in stock atm and it's one size so not sure if it would work

No. 162053

if you don't mind secondhand, try depop.

No. 162055

Honestly I'd go to a second hand store, pick one up for 5 euro and crop it yourself. You can't do that with a knitted one (I think?) but one made out of fabric should do.

No. 162096

File: 1607083770321.jpeg (128.19 KB, 828x838, 9A22CD83-FE12-4299-8F1F-5DB577…)

Do you guys think MCM looks tacky? I basically just want a smaller purse on a chain preferably pink so my friend showed me those. I’m not sure if they have a reputation like Louis Vuitton

No. 162101

I personally do find these tacky, yes

No. 162105

I think the middle row looks nice but not the rest

No. 162107

I´m not familiar with the brand, I don't think these look tacky as much as they look a bit teen-ish and outdated to me. The most center one is allright.

No. 162108

would you guys be interested in a thread for like tomboy-ish style so we can share inspo that isnt the normal shitty stuff you find online (suspenders, flannels, chinos kek)?

No. 162112

File: 1607093076536.jpeg (47.8 KB, 828x950, 675F4F22-1198-4505-A581-8372F0…)

I’m the op and i think I’d prefer Ted Baker purses. I think the MCM is too loud for my personal style

No. 162113

Don't divide the fashion thread(s) even further please. There's already a seperate vintage fashion thread and fashion image inspo thread that both go largely unused and I don't think another seperate thread exlusively for tomboy inspo would do any better.

Just keep it in here, everything fashion-related can go in here. Having fashion topics fragmented over many different inactive threads is annoying and inefficient.

No. 162133

Does anyone have any recommendations for trendy brands with tall sizes? I love miniskirts, but I'm 5'8" and it is 20 inches from my waist to the tip of my finger while most normal size miniskirts are about 15 inches in length. ASOS and Topshop have really limited supply when it comes to their tall skirts. I'm starting to think I should buy normal size midi skirts and just hem them.

No. 162165

File: 1607133955534.jpg (43.58 KB, 400x600, GettyImages-1205897570.jpg)

Anyone knows any inexpensive brands that look boujee and sophisticated but not give off instagram thot vibes like Fashion Nova?

No. 162166

They look tacky and busy, yeah. Also something about them screams poor quality.

No. 162167

What does boujee mean?
Mango, &Other Stories, Naf Naf, sometimes even Zara have nice pieces. Most of the time they're kind of trendy-looking though, you get what you pay for.

French brands are a bit more expensive but they have quality clothes without the luxury price tag.

No. 162222

Is downsizing garments hard? Especially jeans? I have some basic sewing skills but I've never tried to downsize anything.

No. 162259

Not really an answer but I’m convinced anything to do with sewing in particular to pants is a witch’s craft lol. Once I turned these fucking cargo shorts double my waist size into cute shorts but it was so much fucking weird trial and error, and lots of weird crotch V that I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on. Denim also just sounds like a fucking headache to deal with since it can be so thick.

No. 162270

For denim? Yeah, it’s a nightmare. You have to take the jeans apart and then stitch them and fell them, if you want it to actually look good. Unless you have a heavy duty machine or no feeling in your hands, I wouldn’t recommend it.
Other pants, like slacks made of thinner material, are much easier to alter because of the constructions. Denim jeans are essentially sewn at least twice on each seam.

No. 162314

Thanks! How about say a regular top or a simple dress? Is sizing down something like that relatively easy to master?

No. 162318

File: 1607268166081.jpg (43.5 KB, 564x564, 579365f76ee3d8eac8f8ff709cf213…)

What is a good alternative to polyvore for making outfit sets/collages? Are there any? Or should I just get a photo editor app?

No. 162346

It depends on the exact item, its material, and the existing shaping/darts/seams/etc. Generally, yes, I’d say anything sort of formalwear alterations is easier than denim (I do professional bridal alterations for a living but would never touch jeans). Adding a bust dart to a dress with no lining, taking in a side seam, hemming something, etc are easy starter alterations a beginner level seamstress can do with practice. Adding side seam pockets to dresses is also a good way to practice and there’s plenty of free YouTube tutorials for it.
It’s a little corny and vague dated (shoulder pads) but Judith Turner’s “The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations” is a really good basic primer and is easily found at hobby stores or online for like $25 USD.

No. 162349

Thanks for the detailed info! I'm definitely going to check that book out.

No. 162351

Shoplook and fashmates. shoplook is a little better tho.

No. 162405

Can I wear grey if I have a pale but warm olive skintone?

No. 162427

yes, if it's a warm toned grey, and not a cool toned grey. olive is generally warm toned. are you an autumn or a spring?

No. 162434

Autumn with very dark brown hair

No. 162437

then I'd say go for it.it shouldnt be too hard to find as a neutral.
and for any anons who're curious;
autumn = warm toned, low-contrast
spring = warm toned, high-contrast
summer = cool toned, low-contrast
winter = cool toned, high-contrast

No. 162464

File: 1607369441765.png (254.74 KB, 1000x1154, 5ee26532016730a9d7662b11_Dark …)

I think you mixed up autumn and spring, autumns are usually high in contrast

No. 162515

Muted means low contrast, so there is a bit of variety in each seasons contrast. Autumn is just generally lower contrast than spring.

No. 162568

>Autumn is just generally lower contrast than spring
I don't mean to nitpick, but that's simply not true. The stereotypical autumn type is light-skinned and dark-haired while spring is light-haired and light-skinned - whixh means autumn has more contrast

No. 162573

I thought muted meant grey-ish colours as opposed to bright, clear colours

No. 162614

File: 1607453087638.png (1 MB, 798x742, dresses.png)

what shoes should i get that match both of these dresses

No. 162615

not a fan of the seasons system tbh

No. 162616

File: 1607453692588.png (261.44 KB, 750x1334, 2EC1464B-FC6F-4F87-BA26-590867…)

They’re really hard to find at this time of year but I think a delicate white strappy sandal heel would go really well with the early 2000s vibes in these dresses. Picrel is the only one I can find on Steve madden rn but during the spring/summer it’s way easier to find ones with lower heels

No. 162625

Why not?

No. 162633

These are cute anon would you mind sharing where you got them?

No. 162654

these are perfect anon ily ♥
they are for love and lemons knockoffs from aliexpress (pls no bully), the shop is called "SS&DD Store." i've ordered from them a couple of times and love them. my only warning is that if you're tall (5'8+) the dresses might be too short. fits true to american sizing

No. 162696

but if somethings grey-ish all over/muted,then it's low-contrast. it's just a way of wording the same thing.
sorry if this is geting argumentative or off-topic anons.

No. 162697

thats fair. it can get weird when people obsess over it. but its just a simplified way of telling apart contrasts and colour tones for clothes. like how some colours will look sickly on one person but pop on another.

No. 162700

Is there a style that's a combination of alternative/edgy and elegant?

No. 162704

Not really fashion but don't know where to ask

I measured my hip circumference and it's only 80cm max no matter where I measure it, I'm underweight and have a very flat straight body type so this isn't surprising, but I'm looking at this site with panties and their XS size is already 89-93 CM, are their sizes just really big or am I just super narrow due to having no curves and being ~5kg underweight?

No. 162711

I think it's a combination of skewed sizing and you being underweight.

No. 162764

First collect inspo and make a mood board or something that you can base your looks off of. Next look into rockabilly groups online and avoid doing the things they suggest. I know >>162035 says the opposite, but I think she means vintage communities, not rockabilly.
For example, if you like this pic, you could reproduce it with a similar dress and hairstyle, but you would want to avoid rockabilly style victory rolls or caked makeup. Tacky rockabilly also tends to have a lot of edgy/quirky motifs and bold color combinations, so part of the reason this piece works is because it's just flowers with a cohesive color scheme.

the year 2013

I'd love some tomboy inspo/discussion here anon. I don't think it's worth making a thread for though unless it gets a lot of interest.

No. 162808

For Nordstrom they either go to the rank if they aren't damaged out or they go to another outlet entirely if they've been damaged out

No. 162810

i see this brand a lot in germany/europe. I think it looks tacky but im also not a huge LV fan.

Ted baker and non logo designer bags arent bad though.

No. 162832

File: 1607615530490.jpg (96.2 KB, 1080x1080, Women's Faux Leather Slim Fitt…)

i know its controversial but im a big fan of tik tok and egirl fashion

No. 162834

I'm sorry anon, but this outfit looks like backalley Chinese Hot Topic couture

No. 162835

I like it, but this particular outfit seems very costume-y/performative to me. Like it just exists for instagram/tiktok.

No. 162836

No. 162837

I am disproportionately bothered by how the top and skirt don't touch, exposing the white shirt underneath.

No. 162841

I hate how this type of fashion is never cohesive. It's just random shit thrown together.

No. 162945

how do people figure out their seasonal color system. i think i am cool toned but if i wear blue it makes me look yellow and sick. my veins look both green and blue depending from the light, like at my wrist my veins look more blue but further down my arm they look green.

No. 163072

File: 1607797534874.png (844.87 KB, 621x889, McDean_Anna_Molinari_Spring_Su…)

This is so cute to me.

No. 163074

Blue isn't exclusively cool, so it's not going to look great if you wear a warm blue on a cool toned skin.

I am cool toned too but I have veins like you too. According to my seasonal color (12 not 4) I can also wear some gold but silver is the safer choice. Which makes sense with my veins. So I think it's a bit more nuanced than the typical "blue veins = cool, green = warm" you always hear about.

If you know how to tell cool and warm colors apart in clothing you already have, try putting them around your face without make-up on and in natural light. You should be able to tell what flatters you and what doesn't.

No. 163077

i look better on gold than silver, cool colors tend to make me look kinda yellow and ill so i guess i'm some sort of warm color then. i guess i thought i would be cool since i am pale and have dark hair for my ethnicity.

No. 163078

i like some of it too, but the pic you posted is a bad example tbh

No. 163168

File: 1607886267785.png (1.36 MB, 902x1152, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 2.01…)

Lately I've really been living for rich-goth-chinese-girl core fashion. (I know Fernanda Ly is Australian but I see this genre of style all over Shanghai street fashion snap places)

There are definitely Etsy sellers who make nice versions of this if you're willing to spend some money. Imo if you plan on wearing this on your bare skin I wouldn't want random aliexpress metal touching my hoo ha

No. 163169

File: 1607886987181.png (740.01 KB, 626x1014, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 2.08…)

one more pic of goth daughter of taobao executive core. I bought a fuckton of berets this year in my quest to dress like this

No. 163180

> rich-goth-chinese-girl core fashion
I love everything about this. do you have any more pics you can share?

No. 163229

seconding this please

No. 163278

File: 1608032108184.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1550x1550, aaaaa.jpeg)

I got this bitch last week and I can't stop wearing it. I look like a caterpillar but it's the comfiest I've ever been.

Also a great scrote repellant that still allows you to dress up underneath but not attract too much attention of strangers.

No. 163287

File: 1608047334849.jpg (154.89 KB, 977x1200, 3984834848.jpg)

i love combining cute and "grungier" items. i'm obsessed w cute floral dresses and love the contrast when i wear it w chunky military boots or a black leather jacket. what is this style called?indie band female lead singer cosplay?

i also love long boots and will be wearing more of them with dresses! i feel like they are great for winter. im so happy i have experimented w different styles for a couple of years now and finally found one i'm really comfortable in (even tho it's kinda basic i love it).

No. 163288

File: 1608047367858.jpg (182.06 KB, 807x1200, 8493843848.jpg)

i also love baek yerin's style, she inspires me to get more tattoos lol.

No. 163295

This looks kind of meh to me. It's cute I guess but if you really pay attention you see it's just a bunch of random pieces thrown together. It works because the individual pieces don't really clash but there's also no real coordination going on. It's mostly cute because it's on a cute girl.

No. 163319

File: 1608069732153.png (1.2 MB, 742x992, Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 4.58…)

This is just grunge fashion but you're zeroing in on the feminine elements of it. You may get some relevant hits with the keyword "kinderwhore" which iirc was coined by courtney love

Here's another pic! I would post more but I'm on desktop and most of my pics of this are on mobile because I pull them from Xiaohongshu, which is like Chinese instagram. I would recommend checking that app out if you're interested in this type of style!

No. 163429

Is cashmere worth the money? Is it as warm and amazing as people say? Also what is a good brand to buy cashmere sweaters from? I've been looking at Everlane and JCrew and seriously debating on whether or not to buy.

No. 163433

I don't own cashmere because I can't be assed to properly launder it, but as someone who used to work at Uniqlo, I would recommend you check out Uniqlo's cashmere. It's some of the cheapest you can find (although I see right now Jcrew has some on sale for cheaper). It's one of Uniqlo's biggest items, I used to even have people ask me when we were getting some in the summertime lol. People fucking love it and always raved to me about how much they liked Uniqlo's cashmeres, so I guess it was good! We usually have cashmere go on markdown around Jan-Feb when spring stuff starts getting released. Sizes are extremely limited, but you can find sometimes cashmere on markdown for as little as $20 if you're really lucky.

I promise I'm not trying to just up Uniqlo's sales, I don't work there anymore and hated working there but I think it's worth mentioning since customers really seemed to love the cashmere

No. 163434

Samefagging, but I just checked Uniqlo's US website and it looks like their regular collection cashmere has already gone on markdown for $60 with lots of colors and sizes available if you want to check it out! I'm not counting the +J collection, but there's some (full price) cashmeres offered there too.

No. 163444

File: 1608151412192.jpeg (743.7 KB, 828x1217, 7994987A-0B45-49F0-98EE-559F35…)

Technical apparel designer here. The appeal of cashmere is that is much softer than “regular” wool because the fibers are incredibly fine. Personally I love cashmere for sweaters because I find most wool scratchy but cashmere and angora are the only kinds soft enough to wear without it being uncomfortable. I’m not rich enough to buy high end cashmere for retail prices so I usually buy if from consignment shops or vintage stores.

Not all cashmere is created equal, so just because something is “cashmere” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily well made. The grade of the cashmere fibers can vary a lot. If you’re buying it from a fast fashion brand, it may feel soft initially but it’s likely to pill and not age well. There’s so much important info that you can’t get from just looking at fiber content unfortunately.

Also, there are times when poly or acrylic fibers or blends are totally appropriate for a sweater! It sort of depends on what style you’re looking for. You can’t get a “chunky knit” look from cashmere because it’s too fine. Some times a sweater doesn’t need to be buttery soft to look and feel nice. (See pic related, which looks cotton or acrylic to me.)

No. 163448

Where are your holy grail, most favorite pair of jeans from? Mine are the vintage mom jeans from Madewell. I fucking love them so much.

No. 163497

File: 1608190606749.png (547.03 KB, 579x612, k29sknwk.png)

does anyone know what i could search to find something similar to this two piece Jeanette is wearing here? i absolutely love it, it reminds me of a gunne sax style dress

No. 163523

I love free people bells cause they fit so tightly on my stick thighs but I have to wear them with heels, so my day to day favorite jeans of all time are button fly flares from banana republic. I get endless compliments and they’re the perfect straight leg/but tight on the ass jeans

No. 163601

File: 1608289670452.jpg (98.38 KB, 920x984, morph8ne-cs02-2-scaled-1-920x9…)

Check out the brand MORPH8NE, It's Thai and they do amazing goth grungy style

No. 163928

that's adorable anon.

I follow her on ig. She has a lot of interesting styles. Sadly I could never pull them off.

No. 163984

File: 1608600385376.jpg (98.83 KB, 425x639, d7a9e9dded7cc462056bffa66030c9…)

I don't know if I'm just going with the trend since plaid and the whole dark academia trend is pretty in right now but I've been really into 70s fashion esp outfits like this recently

No. 163985

If you're going to invest in cashmere, don't buy it under fast-fashion (Uniqlo, J-Crew, L.L. Bean), please. I gently advise looking into a brand with sustainable practices—not one that's manufacturing 40 seasons a year.

No. 163988

anon do you have any recommendations for non-fast fashion brands? I have not shopped for cashmere before so I'm not sure where to look.

No. 163990

I saw some fashion article earlier today predicting that the 70s will come back hard in 2021
I can't find it, but found these instead

No. 163994

It's not a shock honestly est with stuff like dark academia(clothes wide) and the 80s and 90s being popular. I'm an elitist personally and would probably invest in genuine vintage rather than inspired stuff

No. 163997

I mean the 80s/90s/2000s fashion hype is simmering down. Guys are growing out their hair, and women seem to be embracing their bodyhair–plus weed is getting legalized lol. I for one cannot wait bc I love turtlenecks.

No. 164025

you could say some of 90s fashion was inspired by the 70s though, flared pants, some flowery patterns, etc hippie kind of stuff

No. 164027

File: 1608635107266.jpg (89.93 KB, 564x551, bdab128ed58e33042502481ac271fd…)

I like just about nothing of these trends. The pastel trend is nice I guess, pastels tend to look good on my skintone. But that's it.

I'm weirdly nostalgic for (some) early 10's fashion, maybe it's because I was in my teens then.

I'm not the person who asked, but is there any non-fast fashion cashmere that isn't sold for premium prices? I imagine there's not?

No. 164032

File: 1608642018114.jpg (88.03 KB, 766x543, 4c720f41e159ee67c1b51190906347…)

Ah yes, my worst nightmare…..
Is there anyone else who looks atrocious in 70s colors? Color palette wise im a dark winter so all those browns and beiges have been a real hassle to me fashion-wise.

No. 164039

can someone please give me general advice on building a wardrobe that FLATTERS ME but also is trendy/stylish? I cannot decide on an aesthetic but i also don't want to go for one that doesn't flatter me. I want to wear flattering clothes that fit my body shape and face.

my question is that… the people who have aesthetics who post on instagram, how? it seems very time consuming. i am 23 yo and I want to have a nice wardrobe but it seems like a lot of effort to maintain an aesthetic.

i was overweight my whole life but recently lost weight and just want to express myself and feel confident and beautiful. thank you.

No. 164041

You can't build a wardrobe that's truly trendy unless you have the money to replace all your clothes every season. If you want to build a longlasting warderobe it's better to focus on either timeless pieces that you know you'll wear for a long time regardless of trends and/or your long-term style.

There's a kibbe thread floating around somewhere in the /g/ catalog, if you can figure out your type it can really help you recognize what clothes pieces work on your face and body-type. The examples are often a bit outdated/unfashionable imo so you need to be able to take the abstract info and apply it to clothes yourself. For me it really helped me recognize what clothes work on me but also understand why certain styles of clothing (for example skater skirts and babydoll dresses) really don't look that good on me even though I badly wanted them to.

If you're also interested in color-theory, look into the 4 or 12 season palletes. Like someone above said, it's a bit of a meme but it's definitely grounded in truth.

> I want to have a nice wardrobe but it seems like a lot of effort to maintain an aesthetic.

Building a nice wardrobe that works for your body and/or personal aesthetic IS a lot of effort, both in terms of researching what flatters you and also actually finding and buying those clothes. But definitely worth it if you like fashion and want to represent yourself in the best way possible.

No. 164044

>I'm not the person who asked, but is there any non-fast fashion cashmere that isn't sold for premium prices? I imagine there's not?
try thrifting, also check secondhand apps like mercari/poshmark/depop. occasionally i'll see cashmere on them for dirt cheap since there are a lot of people on there who don't take materials into account when pricing items

No. 164116

ah yeah, so I guess fashion cycles every 25 years? with some alterations.

No. 164195

What makes an outfit costume-y in your opinions?

No. 164203

Where can I find a cute pinafore dress that will look good on a large chest

No. 164207

When everything is too exaggerated, it’s okay to have one, maybe two statement pieces in an outfit, but any more than that feels like someone is ready to get on a stage and serve a cool monologue.
Even though some costume-y outfits looks nice, it can get tiresome to wear or to look at depending on the statement pieces and where are you wearing it to.

No. 164358

How do you guys feel about people dressing in a nice outfit but just don't have the energy to do the hair/makeup too match? I have so many clothes I want to wear but I'm also in a hick town which makes that hard because it's standing out, but also does it look messy from an outside perspective when someone dies that with a hot fit?

No. 164361

Makeup shouldn't be considered necessary for anything tbh, and as long as your hair is neat and clean I'm sure it's fine.

No. 164378

I was typed as a Kibbe Romantic. How do I combine well fitting and flattering clothes for a romantic with “grunge” and “soft girl” types of clothes? A lot of it is very shapeless and baggy. Any good influencers on IG for romantics?

No. 164379

File: 1608811552272.png (274.42 KB, 435x700, d1757ba228790cdc01b7adda9f2b90…)

I don't know who to point you to, but mixing core elements with grunge neutrals can give you a soft romantic look but not overdone. Does image help at all?

No. 164381

Agree with >>164358 as long as you look clean and tidy, it’s fine. If you’re really self conscious you could just do very simple make up, literally 2-3 products, but that would be more for your confidence than other people. I never look at a make-upless girl dressed cute and think she should be wearing make up.

No. 164390

File: 1608822690448.jpg (334.38 KB, 955x936, Screenshot_20191211-083936_Bra…)

In a platform boots kick for the winter. I wish these came in black they're so adorable!

No. 164391

File: 1608823526985.jpg (470.77 KB, 546x1585, Screenshot_20201224-091902_Pin…)

Sorry for flooding but I had a question for those who live in warmer climates; how often do you wear leather and do you get overheated a lot in them? Planning my wardrobe for the spring and I don't want to get too many pieces of one type and end up hating it. Also worried about moisture getting trapped within the fabric and stinking, a bitch be sweating half the atlantic in the summer time

No. 164392

You can easily find something similiar in black.

No. 164393


Google “black combat boots with heel” for lots of them.

No. 164513

Yes, that helps a lot. I love that jacket.
I was worried I couldn’t wear Docs anymore tbh because they don’t seem like they’re for romantics.

No. 164547

>I was worried I couldn’t wear Docs anymore tbh because they don’t seem like they’re for romantics
wow this shit is retarded for real

No. 164564

Literally lol I read this earlier and I get dressing for your body type but kibbe is ridiculously retarded, just develop a sense of style based off what you like? And what looks good on you through experience?

No. 164583

As a person who's really been into kibbe, can you please explain why it's bad?

No. 164598

I just think it’s a lot of aesthetic pseudo-science and some anons take it like it’s the absolute Bible on how to dress, like saying they can’t wear something they like anymore cause it doesn’t fit their “type”. Like using it for guidance if you’re completely clueless makes sense, but trying to adhere to it to the point where it overpowers your own personal style makes no sense.

No. 164614

Do you have to carry around a wine bottle everywhere you go to pull off this aesthetic? It'd be pretty funny

No. 164615

i love this trend too

No. 164618

Anyone into designer bags? I just realized a “Prada” purse I got as a gift from a relative a really long time ago isn’t real, I only carried it once because I was so afraid of messing it up but now I realized how cheap it is! Would an authentic Prada nylon bag be worth it? Scouring therealreal and it would set me back 400-600, which is a lot less than I’ve ever considered paying for a bag (planning on getting a Goyard after graduation), but do you think Prada nylon bags are worth it? (My daily carry is an Angela Roi satchel atm)

No. 164623

Now you know your other bag is fake does it not make more sense to get the most use out of it now you're not afraid of bashing it?

No. 164628

If you buy from them, still check that your bag isn't a fake. The Real Real has a pretty shit authentication process.

No. 164656

It just looks cheap and I think carrying a knockoff is really tacky, tbh it was hard to carry cause it was astral blue and match a lot of my clothes! I’d probably get a black minibag if I did go all in for a real bag. >>164628
Okay duly noted! I had never heard that abt therealreal, any other suggestions for 2nd hand designer?

No. 164657

So it looks cheap but you didn't realize it was fake for a really long time?

Anyway if you want opinions from people who know a lot about designer bags you could ask on the purseblog forum.

No. 164663

I got it as a gift when I was 13 from a wealthy relative so I thought it was real lol, and like I said I only carried it once so it spent most of the time on a shelf in my closet. I didn’t have a real designer purse until this year so I had nothing to compare the quality to. But thanks, I’ll definitely check that out.

No. 164866

ok so i really need some fashion advice. I'm a total fashion noob, never been into fashion and only
wore what I liked. So I recently got rid of all my cartoon animal printed shirts amd got some new stuff.
Now my wardrobe consists of mostly black turtle neck pullovers. Boring.
I'd love to get some more exciting clothes, but I don't know where to start. I'm afraid if I just create a moodboard
I will never leave my black-turtleneck comfort zone.

So where can I start?

Also does anyone know a website or blog where I can find a list of fashion styles?

No. 164870

Hi anon, I use shoplook to make moodboards and find inspo for IRL outfits. It's got a pretty extensive collection and searching up different styles is p easy. Hope I helped & good luck

No. 164920

File: 1609231084217.jpeg (38.9 KB, 533x576, images (9) (6).jpeg)

What do you think of fashion glasses? the ones that aren't prescription/ophthalmological glasses. I have a pair and the times i've worn them i have received lots of compliments. Personally i think that with a nice outfit they look great as an accessory, but for some reason i feel dumb for wearing them since those are like "fake" glasses lol.

No. 164927

File: 1609234866813.jpg (525.81 KB, 1900x2533, SKIRT.jpg)

I'm thinking about buying this skirt, but I'm wondering if this style will look dated a year from now?

No. 164928

It will. I don’t see this trend lasting anywhere for a while after spring. But just because it’s not trendy anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t wearable. In the fall it would still be cute. If you can afford it and still have other options in your closet it wouldn’t hurt to buy it imo.

No. 164929

Buy it anon. I wear these skirts all year round. They look cute with t-shirts, sweaters, button-down shirts. Same goes for different shoes. I wear mine with Dr. Martens or Adidas and they look cute together! They're really versatile. Who cares if it looks dated if you like it?

No. 164931

>never been into fashion and only
wore what I liked.
I mean that's ultimately what fashio is, wearing what you like. There's nothing wrong with wearing black turtlenecks, minimalistic black clothing is also a style.

You could google search for a list of fashion styles but that's never going to complete you know. If I where you I'd just hop on pinterest and browse through fashion boards, browse through fashion tags on instagram, maybe follow some fashion blogs or youtubers. Just explore for a while and see what's out there and surely you'll find something that catches your attention.

It's trendy rn for sure but the cut and pattern itself are pretty timeless. I think it's non-offensive and timeless enough to buy it. It's also a versatile piece so you can easily pair it with newer trendy items next season(s). Not that you should get too caught up in wearing what's trendy anyway.

No. 164935

I'm on the verge of being legally blind and can't stress how little of a fuck I give, people who cry about fake glasses and freckles are stupid and looking for attention, you shouldn't listen to them.

No. 164937

>I'm wondering if this style will look dated a year from now?
Would you seriously refrain from wearing/buying clothes you like because it may not be trendy in a year? I don't get this mindset but so many people have it… I mean, either you like something and want to wear it or you don't. What difference does it make if other people are wearing it or think it looks outdated?

Not to mention it's a very normal looking skirt, when has it ever been considered a fashion faux pas to wear something like that?

No. 165024

File: 1609305123022.jpg (13.58 KB, 570x570, 08_423875.jpg)

I just found out sunglasses with clear lenses exist, bought this pair from Uniqlo. I've always liked how glasses looked despite not needing them and sometimes wore fake ones in high school, but I never felt like I could get away with it as an adult. This solves my problem because they are actually useful and I have an excuse kek.

No. 165044

Do they turn darker in the sun or are they genuinely clear while protecting from sun rays?

No. 165417

Im looking for a crossbody bag or one of those wallets on a chain purses that also can fit a phone and its case. Im in europe; so preferably something sold here or a european brand. Ive been suggested Dagne Dover and STatus anxiety and really like Dagne Dovers clutch wallet but with Vat and covid i'd prefer to buy within EU.

I prefer quality over brand name too. It doesnt have to be leather but should be in something neutral like brown, black, navy etc and im looking to spend 65-200 euros. To be extra specific ones with zippers instead of just a single clasp as i find when theyre too full/heavy the weight is just too much for the magnets it stays open. Two clasps might be okay.

Any brand suggestions would be the best help.

No. 165418

also sage to add;
Im not into coach, MK, etc. I dont mind Ralph laurens style but theres nothing i really like atm. I also dont like Tommy hilfigers, calvin klein etcs offerings atm and rather not pay for a name as i feel theyre nore branding than quality.

Im sick of buying bags that peel or wear down/off super quickly.

No. 165432

Nat et Nin is good quality, French brand

No. 165464

What sort of outdated stuff should I avoid wearing? Like peplum tops. Are skinny jeans outdated yet?

No. 165902

What do you guys wear in the office in winter?

No. 166016

What’s a normal amount of bras to own? Besides gym clothes I’ve pretty much only used two cheap Target t shirt bras for years, and then replaced them once in a while but I want to buy some nicer underwear for myself.

No. 166039

Probably 6, black, white, nude, strapless and 2 sports bras so you can wear one while the other is getting washed.
I particularly like having a bunch of them because I enjoy wearing cute ones with lace, different cuts and such for different tops/dresses and different textures/builds depending on how I feel like dressing up that day.

No. 166090

Thanks, this is really helpful. I had a couple different styles with sports bras but I’ll look out for normal racerback and strapless bras.

No. 166102

You could even skip white.

No. 166107

It’s true, you can just have a nice nude bra that can be turned into a strapless so you can just have 4 bras: black, nude that can be strapless and 2 sports bras that you can use alternatively.

No. 166142

When i was a non standard size, i had two not counting sports bras.

now that im a standard size and can buy my bras anywhere that sells bras….
I have a few tshirt bras (grey, white, black), three wireless bras/bralettes that i use if i have a sheer shirt/tank that im ok with people seeing that looks purposeful because i dont like wearing layers in summer, a strapless in nude, 3-4 cotton sports bras for post gym or sleeping in front of others/friends and lots (7+) of sports bras that are meant for working out.

No. 166183

I miss shopping in Europe. I feel like it was a lot easier to find clothes for my body type there. I'm tall and skinny, and here in America it's impossible to find pants that fit me. I was born in Europe so it makes sense that my body type is similar to what is sold over there.

No. 166222

Most Europeans aren't tall, or even skinny nowadays. You just wanted to humblebrag.

No. 166228

wtf just go to brandy melville

No. 166233

I'm not sure what you consider tall but im 175cm and I live in europe and i absolutely don't fit into a good majority of pants and back when I weighed 55kg and wore size S pants they'd always be too short for me
My mom is even taller and she struggled with that shit for her whole life so no, europe doesn't cater to taller women

No. 166246

I'm not tall, but it's nearly impossible to find clothes in America that are small enough to fit me. Everyone here is obese.

No. 166252

ok anachan. The only place that's true is Old Navy

No. 166258

No. 166286

"Oh God, I'm too TALL and SKINNY to shop where all the FATTY americans shop! It's such tragedy, I wish my body wasn't so PERFECT if only I was OBESE and GROSS like all of you, things would be so much easier!"

No. 166289

File: 1610248363103.jpeg (46.26 KB, 400x400, 014D3058-0C0F-48D2-A6D1-E3BAE3…)

I absolutely adore Victorian/Edwarian, and especially Renaissance fashion. Period pieces always leave me swooning because I wish I could get away with wearing the exact same outfits

Is it possible to wear these sorts of things in a modern way, without looking like you’re about to go to a Renaissance fair or cosplaying?

No. 166291

File: 1610248415209.jpeg (164.41 KB, 430x644, 92CA00D7-38FB-41DF-B75A-248C3E…)

No. 166293

File: 1610248601104.jpeg (38.87 KB, 236x352, DACFF5E7-FFFB-402C-BCA5-F7B12F…)

No. 166294

File: 1610248685235.jpeg (149.68 KB, 750x988, 476C11A0-8725-4FD5-8FF1-3782EB…)

I’d pay top dollar for an outfit like this if I felt there was an acceptable way of wearing it casually

No. 166298

File: 1610250086629.jpeg (143.22 KB, 654x1000, 536E9157-2E59-4BC0-88BC-A4C9B4…)

would die for this but she pulls it off better than my short frame probably can!

No. 166314

Everlane and Madewell are also far too big for me. I'm not anachan, just not huge.

No. 166326

Madewell and everlane go down to a 23. High chance you're anachan even if not by intention eg genetics

No. 166327

The 23 isn't a true 23, it's more like a 24.

No. 166435

24 still a small size and if it's huge on you then you're anachan. Just get your stuff tailer or learn to sew.

No. 166441

File: 1610330233435.jpg (71.77 KB, 564x849, 1f02372154d6c209efa226c3ad8f07…)

What would this be called? a veiled halo tiara? doubt they sell them but then you never know(?

No. 166457

That’s more of a head dress. So maybe a veiled-head dress.

No. 166463

ot but I love religious imagery-inspired fashion. This Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show is one of my favourites. I also loved that MET gala from a couple years ago

No. 166486

tried searching for it, I feel as though I'd have to diy it myself, can't find one that looks like the one in the picture :(
So do I! It's so so beautiful. I was asking because if I ever get married, that's what I'd want my headpiece to look like. I feel as though it's blasphemous but not as much because I'm actually a virgin lol. Maybe it's a little extra as well but It's a one day thing and I would wanna wow since ordinary me dresses like an old lady/tomboy. I want to feel special. Do I sound underaged? lol

No. 166553

File: 1610402352393.jpg (352.16 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_9160.JPG)

No. 166555

File: 1610402482581.png (646.78 KB, 703x997, IMG_9164.PNG)

No. 166557

File: 1610403107559.jpg (468.91 KB, 658x970, 120859403.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this look is based off a Spanish mantilla veil, specifically one being worn with a peineta (a high, kind of tiara like hair comb)

No. 166576

File: 1610410896921.jpg (51.7 KB, 480x480, 127242238_2126191554180612_444…)

i love you anon!!!!, you're the best

No. 166596

Seems like fairy core/forest nymph or something not sure but I love it

No. 166597

post apocalyptic fashion?

No. 166600

File: 1610422043369.jpg (85.82 KB, 564x894, 269e22c4011d8591506122f9947f5e…)

The black one reminds me of strega.

No. 166656

File: 1610467662541.jpeg (42.53 KB, 400x457, 30E280F5-25D2-40FF-BED5-37C4D8…)

i love everything about this collection

No. 166659

Oh my god. That’s adorable, anon, who’s collection is that?

No. 166671

File: 1610473136937.jpeg (457.83 KB, 2136x3201, D37C8E4E-B7EC-4024-8193-C87C2B…)

Liz Lisa Spring / Summer 2011 in Tokyo!

No. 166679

No. 166696

I love this! I used to say I wanted to wear clothes that looked like they'd 'grown in nature', I used to have a top that reminded me of moss. sorry though I have no idea what the style is called

No. 166699

How do you build up a basic closet? I've been dressing like the mentally ill autist that I am and I just want to seem somewhat put together when I leave my apartment. What do I need to search for to get an idea or a list of basic items to put together ok outfits? When I search for "wardrobe essentials" I just get magazine articles telling me that I NEED a big beige bag that looks like a ballsack for 1200$ in my closet.

No. 166700

Does anyone have suggestions for websites that center on fashion discussion? I actually really enjoy lolcow's fashion threads, but /g/ and this thread are particularly slow moving. The same goes for /fa/ except that it's too scrotey and spergy to be usable. Pinterest and IG are good for inspiration, but not so much for discussion and input.

No. 166703

Join a discord server

No. 166706

Seconding what >>166703 said. /fa/ has always been useless for women's fashion, its been that way for years. Alternatively, you could make your own Discord server for it or find a sub over on Reddit.

No. 166709

No. 166710

This video and >>166709 might help.

No. 166778

How do you keep a synthetic sweater looking good? Is it even possible?

I buy a sweater or two every winter and after every season I have to throw it out because it's just become so worn out. The yarn looks dull and even after using a fabricshaver there's fuzz and pills left.

>Most Europeans aren't tall, or even skinny
Nta but the tallest countries are literally all in Europe and obesity isn't by far as bad or widespread as in America so that's objectively not true

No. 166779

You don't need a ballsack bag, but you may need the idea of a ballsack bag. Or rather, you may need the idea of a 'little black dress'-it doesn't have to be black or even a dress, it just needs to fulfil the function of 'oh, I need to go somewhere, I can just slip into this'

Closet essentials will vary a lot based on your personal taste, and what looks flattering on you. It's better to think of the function of the garment within your wardrobe

No. 166785

Okay, so that's like what, three countries out of how many in Europe?
And skinnier than Americans means nothing, the whole world is skinnier than Americans. Doesn't make fat Europeans any less real. The whole thing just sounds like a shitpost by someone who hasn't been to Europe and thinks all Europeans are the same.

No. 166787

do you think common eastern european is a fatty

europe has more contries than uk, france and germany

No. 166788

Anon-chan ive been travelling to 6 eastern europe countries for many years and live in one of them, I've seen huge fatties mostly in Czech rep out of everything, and you can still barely see em. Most of the women are tall as hell unless they are immigrants. Or old ladies. Whats your deal?

No. 166789

Eastern Europeans can't afford to eat so they don't count.
I live in Scandinavia, lots of fat people here even if it isn't the majority. Short girls are also very common.

No. 166791

Look up the statistics. In my country, around 50% of population is overweight, but vast vast majority is people 40+ that have packed on the pounds through the years. 18-24 yo are 80% normal weight. In USA you have 20% obesity alone for that age group and I couldn't even find the overweight rate. My country is fat but USA is a puddle a grease.

No. 166799

> e-europe is full of fatties!
> eastern europe doesn't count!

No. 166820

>Eastern Europeans can't afford to eat so they don't count.
Sorry anon but if there's anything eastern euros can afford, it's food. Even the poor villagers without water and electricity will have their own meat and grow their veggies

No. 166823

>or find a sub over on Reddit
Absolutely not. fashion redditors don't know how to dress.

No. 166828

Ok Svetlana, don't forget to save some of your two monthly turnips for tomorrow

No. 166832

I don't like the place anymore than you seem to, but I'd rather lurk there as opposed to listening to people who still buy things off of aliexpress and taobao while shitting on everyone else. 5-10 years ago it may have been funny, but now its just sad.

No. 166835

Alright Samantha, stop eating in McDonalds everyday

No. 166892

I still have this really weird sweater from middle/high school. It's a bright, mossy green. It looks like grass. It's soft. I don't wear it often, but when I do I get comments about it, usually slightly negative / in awe of my grass sweater. I think I'll keep it as long as possible.

No. 166893

File: 1610588360884.jpg (466.78 KB, 870x759, concept art.jpg)

I'm not a Disney whore by any means, but I like the shape and concept of Elsa's traveling outfit in Frozen 2. I kind of wish there were some normal professional clothing like this.

Not so gauzy, obviously not like a cartoon, but I'm a little obsessed with how "in charge" this silhouette could be with the right materials.

Am I the only one? I think it's the long blazer/jacket/cape with structured shoulders (those aren't actually apparent in the pic I attached), plus the fact that the outfit is flowy and not body-conscious.

No. 166894

"Elsa’s travel outfit includes a coat, dress, pants, and boots. The coat has very structured shoulders and epaulets to telegraph that she is the queen—anyone who meets her knows she’s the one in charge. The epaulets are meant to feel a bit like armor, imposing and strong, and were originally part of an earlier outfit that was designed but not used in the film. But they created such a beautiful silhouette that we wanted to incorporate them somewhere, and they ultimately became the element we designed her travel outfit around."

A quotation from the art book. I think they really nailed it about how this is elegant but still gives a light "armour" feel, and that's why I dream of an adaptation of this look for business.

No. 167041

I know reddit is horrid but /femalefashionadvice at least in the comments has always been really helpful for me. Ive never created a thread but normally get great advice in all the weekly/daily question threads.

Im not sure what country youre in and im not in the US so idk specifics for you but maybe fashion magazines webpage? Glamour/vogue/cosmo in some countries have forum pages.

I had a random site i found googling fashion forum but it was mainly ladies over 50+. They were fashionable but not on young people trends. It had light blue logos and headers

The fashion spot keeps popping up for me but i have no experience with it.

there are also more indepth forums for certain styles or luxury goods/purses.

I normally click around on youtube and read comments. Sometimes they have discussions on them.

No. 167200

File: 1610741817934.jpeg (647.22 KB, 1242x1557, 7DDDB94C-05A2-4EB9-973B-EE2C59…)

Anon, if you're interested in wearing casual fits with this I think this one of the easier pieces to do it with rn. Apparently corsets are on trend too?? (But ppl are wearing it horribly over some oversize white t-shirt.) I was curious about casual fits with this bodice in particular from French Meadows, so I checked their tagged pics to see if anyone had an "out and about" photo. I attached what I think is a super cute casual outfit with it.

No. 167206

That is so adorable I think I will try to make one. I'm sure it's hard but I'm broke and fearless

No. 167210

File: 1610745795194.jpg (27.47 KB, 400x400, klaus.jpg)


>Am I the only one?

Nein, Ich feel ze same vay about ze jedi robe aesthetic. Sehr cute.

No. 167214

Right! I'm thinking of saving up to get one since all of their corsets are amazing and I've been eyeballing them for at least a year now. Go for it!! There are so many tutorials on YT about how to make one (casual and more complex/historical), you're bound to get something cute with diligence.

No. 167217

Thanks, I will try my best! I hope you get one and I make one and then we'll be twinning… in spirit… sort of

No. 167242

where can i buy the pieces for her outfit, it's so cute. any ideas?

No. 167289

File: 1610791793714.jpeg (447.97 KB, 1242x2081, 83515BA7-52C5-4F24-B5A1-5EA776…)

Yes, I like that lol.
The corset you can get from French Meadows! (Attached pic.) You can find them on etsy. For handmade/tailored corsets I think they're pretty affordable imo!

As for the shorts I'd look up something like: brown or terracotta, linen paperbag shorts. (Paperbag tends to have that nice relaxed fit and the texture looks linen-y to me but a cotton look would work too, of course.)
But paperbag obviously has the paperbag waist, so a more seamless fit if desired could be a-line shorts instead.

No. 167291

aren't these stays, rather than a corset?

No. 167295

Prolly, I'm just going with what the shop calls them. I know a lot of historical garment makers and the like refer to stays as corsets for ease of communication with those not in the know/casual convo for ppl not as well-versed. I admittedly haven't looked into the difference.

No. 167305

File: 1610799230951.jpeg (1.67 MB, 3000x1996, 1600202637572-almost-famous199…)

been chasing the almost famous/penny lane look since i saw it 10 years ago… that plus kinderwhore + matrix + the indian hippie/psy party look… is where im tryna get

No. 167308

File: 1610801941592.png (164.56 KB, 2343x1561, Tallest-People-in-the-World.pn…)

If ""Ëurope"" isn't tall then literally no one in the world is. In pic rel. out of 25 countries each and every one of those except for the shortest two, Israel and Russia aren't (entirely) in Europe. This picture isn't cherrypicking, any top ## tallest countries you'll look up will consist out of almost exclusively European countries. Yes Europe is more than those 10/20 countries but stop bundling 40+ countries together as one if you want to be more accurate ffs.

I'll take the ban for derailing farmhands.

No. 167333

File: 1610815740603.jpg (98.1 KB, 1280x720, witchhat.jpg)

I've wanted a comfy pointy witch hat ever since I saw pic related, but how to actually pull it off? I'm afraid of it looking costumey no matter what I pair it with. My wardrobe is mostly black and mostly skirts/dresses, for the record.

I think most people find it hard to imagine that the average height or weight is really all that different from what they're used to, and that goes both ways. You have to see it for yourself to understand that there are huge variations in what the average people walking down the street look like in different countries. I factually knew that the average person in the US was way shorter and heavier than in my country, but only when I actually went there did I truly realize it.

No. 167362

a hat like that is always going to look a little twee/costumey, so trying to play it down with something more casual/normal will just make it look more awkward. put together a cute outfit(s) around it and just own looking a little twee.

No. 167509

I wasn't sure where to ask, but who do you recommend to follow for upcycling or tailoring off the rack clothing? I'm trying to find people right now, but it's a bunch of taking ugly dresses and making them ugly but in a different way. I have two giant garbage bags full of clothes that are cute but too big for me now and was wanting some inspo.

No. 167592

Have you seen "the DIY designer" on youtube? I liked a few of her easy DIY clothing alternations.
Its probably a bit of work to go thru ugly and cute though.

No. 167612

File: 1610931740193.jpg (166.67 KB, 700x718, IMG_0633.JPG)

I'm trying to go through the Pinterest route for finding my style but idk if I even want a wardrobe that reflects my tastes or if I just like looking at pretty photos. I used to save a bunch of twee fashion photos like >>156027 but now I'm disinterested in it completely, then I moved on to dolly Kei, classic lolita and cult party kei (all at the same time, not separately) ,though I dislike how pastels look on me and I dislike the idea of an overly bulky silhouette, particularly on my lower half , but I feel like I'm getting bored of that too. Should I just continue until I find a style that I like for over a year and then try it out, should I give up and settle with a normie wardrobe that is more utilitarian and function that I'm just okay with, or should I do something else entirely?

No. 167613

File: 1610931794355.jpg (48.38 KB, 339x452, IMG_0646.JPG)

And oldschool Lolita too, I should add as what I've been interested in recently

No. 167614

File: 1610932382924.jpg (84.77 KB, 474x700, IMG_0800.JPG)

Some more examples of stuff I like I guess

No. 167615

File: 1610932472031.jpg (68.54 KB, 667x1000, IMG_0804.JPG)

No. 167617

File: 1610932792504.jpg (42.71 KB, 467x700, IMG_0810.JPG)

No. 167618

File: 1610932958157.jpg (164.48 KB, 488x1208, IMG_0809.JPG)

No. 167619

File: 1610933062263.jpg (154.02 KB, 417x1086, IMG_0812.JPG)

No. 167622

File: 1610933564040.jpg (151.7 KB, 1200x900, IMG_0797.JPG)

No. 167623

File: 1610933657272.jpg (176.72 KB, 853x1280, IMG_0811.JPG)

No. 167667

File: 1610965441658.jpg (87.65 KB, 1000x1000, puma-select-ralph-sampson-mid-…)

anons I copped these puma japanoramas on black friday, how to style?

No. 167700

i have no advice to give but these are really cool anon!

No. 167775

They remind me of space jam kek, still cute tho

No. 167811

Kind of reminds me of strega and mori-kei.

No. 167896

File: 1611064194969.jpg (107.74 KB, 564x937, 6d636f478a0d8d6686f362be11296f…)

I hope this doesn't sound shallow but is anyone else glad to be female because we can wear so many more things? We have such a diverse array of clothing and items to wear and choose from and so many different things can look good on us. I feel like female fashion is a lot more interesting that way

No. 167907

Men have as many options for clothing as women do, they just don't consider fashion and clothing priorities and most men settle for casual normie shit; men who dress up and put effort into their outfits are mocked by lazy men with no style so they keep to their own circles away from the majority of tasteless scrotes wearing slifes and hoodies. This reads like a weird scrote LARP post tbh.

No. 167912

Nah I would still prefer to be born male and have more opportunities in life.

No. 167924

This and clothing that's actually comfortable and/or practical (like real pockets for example)

No. 167946

Lol, yes. I know the other anons basically said no, but I love getting dressed and am glad it's more socially acceptable to give a fuck and be ott since I enjoy indulging. Trying to see the silver lining, y'know.

Side note, but it's hilarious when men seem jealous of all our clothing options, and it's just like "you can do whatever you want? But also… do you want to take this away too?? You're already getting accolades for doing the most basic makeup look. What more attention could you possibly need?"

No. 168071

obvious scrotes spotted

No. 168133

> we can wear so many more things?
> can
Men are men, if they want something they'll take it or do it. If men genuinely wanted to dress in more interesting clothing they'd do it and the options would be/are there, the average man just doesn't want to. Therefore you don't have to be flad you're female for that reason.

If anything I think we're at a massive disadvantage, because a girl or woman who doesn't pay attention to how she dresses is a "tomboy" or "frumpy" but a guy who doesn't pay attention how he dresses gets no such commentary.

No. 168191

I'm not a scrote, but okay.
I see what you're saying.

No. 168246

eh, i think if a man wanted to dress with a wider array of clothing he def would, but men are socialized so far from caring for things like fashion/how they look + clothing is often tied to identity and most men don't wanna be percieved as "queer" or w/e + societal pressures blah blah blah, so they don't.

tbh i do wish society, both western and eastern, was a lot more accepting when it came to fashion and looks bc i feel like a lot more men would be a lot less compelled to fit into specific labels if they were just allowed to dress however and it wasn't a big deal. like say, a normie high school jock wearing a skirt like it's nothing but he doesn't have a whole identity crisis over it, and it doesn't imply anything about his sexuality. idk if i explained myself properly.

No. 168471

File: 1611411768291.png (78.61 KB, 249x442, IMG_20210123_091528.png)

I honestly miss wearing shit like this. This kind of style/silhouette is all I wore as a teen. I somehow ended up wearing simple/boring clothes as an adult and I'm reminiscing.

No. 168474

ok roasties. nice meat flaps lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 168476

This is 30 year old horse owning girl outfit ime. Maybe its the boots and dark outfit though.

No. 168483

why are you here? are you lost?:

No. 168490

Anons what fashion youtubers (any style) do you watch?

No. 168492

I only watch Shea Whitney somewhat regularly.

No. 168495

I want to start dressing like picrel but I feel bad buying new clothes since I already have a wardrobe and a half's worth of em. Most of my clothes are frumpy though and you can't make a decent outfit out of them. Should I donate my shit to whoever'll take them and start over?

Also someone teach me how to tuck in tops without looking like a potato sack

No. 168496

File: 1611431356473.jpeg (115.8 KB, 1080x1294, new clothes.jpeg)

oops forgot to attach the pic

No. 168497

Yes you should restart, try downloading a neighbor app and leave out your clothes for people to pick them up for free. Try thrifting for clothes before you buy brand new.

No. 168498

I'd be careful getting rid of all your clothes just to buy into that specific style. Since it's so trendy it's also going to be out of style soon. Personally I'd take it slow and buy a few new pieces at a time and get rid of old clothes slowly by selling/donating them.

Why do you feel bad about buying new clothes? Is it the money or sustainability?

No. 168513

File: 1611435783307.jpeg (41.38 KB, 474x711, th (22).jpeg)

Ur right, I thought about leaving them in thrift shops but neighbor apps might be a better place to start esp. since its not a good time to have yard sales.
I don't want that specific style but just an edgier style, and I've been wanting to dress "edgy" and dark my whole life but I've always been too autistic to do it. I want to focus on basics that I can dress up or down and a few statement pieces. The edgiest pieces I own are skeleton shirts like picrel

For me its both, I don't have a stable job(ima student) and I feel like buying more would be a waste of my "perfectly good" clothes. And if I go thrifting I'd be taking clothes from people who really need them.

No. 168516

for your last point anon, don't feel guilty for thrifting. thrift stores receive a surplus of donations, more than they can ever put on the salesfloor.

No. 168526

>And if I go thrifting I'd be taking clothes from people who really need them.
There's an extreme surplus is second hand clothes, so much that even poor countries won't always take second hand clothing from us rich western countries anymore. So you're hardly taking anything away from people who have no choice but to thrift.

No. 168581

dont fall for plus size community bullying people who upcycle bigger clothing meme either.
Usually upcyclers are taking unwearable clothes and repurposing them or some thrift shops have an abundance of larger sizes and have pickers who pick all better "straight sizes" for online resale. At least ime locally in the midwest.

If you're really concerned about taking from those in need only visit chain thrift shops like savers, gooodwill, salvation army and avoid church thrift shops who might give those in need free clothing. Though the chains usually are known for shady practices and supporting local church thrift stores would likely give back more to local families in need.

No. 168727

File: 1611549437248.jpeg (363.28 KB, 2880x3840, tabi's.jpeg)

I know a lot of people think tabi's in any style by Maison Margiela are seriously ugly but I am thinking of shelling out for a pair. Probably unwise because they are really expensive even on sale and I would be scared to scuff of damage them in any way. I like the mary jane ballerina flats, ballerina flats, babouche loafers, ankle strap heels, and mary jane heels. I am so indecisive about style and colour. I really love the grey but I don't know. The black is also nice.


No. 168746

File: 1611558357506.jpg (102.58 KB, 560x758, crop top.jpg)

Anons where can I find cute, simple crop tops like pictured that aren't cheap and going to fall apart or shrink after like two washes? So basically, where can I buy something like this that isn't a fast fashion outlet? This one is from dollskill and I don't want to buy it because their practices are shit.

No. 168749

I buy a lot of designer shoes and purses, and the resell market on Poshmark is excellent. I normally buy stuff on sale, enjoy it for a year or so, and then when it's impossible to find anywhere, off to Poshmark it goes for more than what I paid for it but less than the original price (unless it's a coveted piece, in which case yeah I'm scalping). You can easily flip these for more than $433CAD, and yes, that's taking normal wear and tear into account. No one is going to buy shoes with a giant tear and a broken heel though, so don't have TOO much fun.

No. 168754

I’m 25 and I still dress like this

No. 168755

Look for thermal/fruit of the loom type of longsleeves in a similar style, then tailor them yourself.

No. 168757

Thanks for the advice. I am pretty careful with my stuff, I'm very OCD (actually, not in a cute way) to the point of not really enjoying my purchases. I saw some on Poshmark right now, going for around that much but the seller was like "I don't know if they are authentic lol", so I am assuming they have changed hands several times already. I just love that tabi's make your feet look like animal hooves. They go quick on the real real and the sizes are often a bit wonky for my feet but I was looking there too.

No. 168775

do those shoes seriously have a cameltoe? what the fuck

No. 168788

Tabi shoes are traditional Japanese footwear, the split toe was believed to provide extra stability for workers. That's why it has a 'cameltoe'. Of course no one wearing a Maison Margiela tabi shoe today wears it for that reason.

No. 168894

>tailor them yourself
Is this bait?

No. 168896


No. 168898

that's not a traditional japanese shoe, that's a mary jane shoe with a japanese cameltoe that doesn't belong there.

No. 168899

nta but tailoring a shirt is super cheap

No. 168949

I love these overpriced pussy shoes, okay? Pls don't bully me…

No. 168987

Oh let me rephrase it for you nitpick

The Maison Margiela tabi shoe is inspired by traditional Japanese tabis.

No. 169065

File: 1611683615984.jpg (62.92 KB, 564x846, e44369b14d1c6c315a392727a6949f…)

Can you rock the try hard "french girl" look if you're not lanky af? I want to look put together yet casual, but I have big ass legs, I'm trying to picture myself in ankle pants and loafers and it seems like it's going to look ridiculous with my callipygous (kek) body.

No. 169073

i think it’s still attainable! there’s no reason why you can’t get a pair of looser fitting jeans in a cut that you like to pair with the average loafers/shirt/blazer combo. maybe cropped mom jeans or boyfriend jeans could work?

i understand what you mean because i have a small waist, giant thighs, and small calves, and even jeans that are supposed to fit loosely tend to stick to my thigh and then billow out at the knee and the silhouette can be really weird and embarrassing, but i think it comes to a point where you just have to say fuck it and just wear what you want anyway. if you style your outfit well with nice accent pieces, i’m sure you’ll look good!

No. 169081

Us lesbians should start wearing these shoes, or tabi footwear rly, to identify each other.. kek

No. 169095

Anons who wore this - does it chafe the skin between your toes? I can't wear flip flops at all because they'll scrape me bloody after just walking to the store and back, and I'm afraid the same would happen with these. But I've dreamed my whole life about shoes like these with a separate toe!

No. 169103

Try yesstyle. They give discounts and coupons and stuff too

No. 169118


No. 169119

Bad idea, the good brands are super overpriced and the shit brands are just cheap taobao garbage that's also overpriced.

Either buy secondhand from japan if you're a weeb or directly from a Korean store (stylenanda, chuu, myfiona) if you're a kboo.

No. 169121

File: 1611704574203.jpg (424.63 KB, 1280x1920, lea-seydoux-james-bond-no-time…)

Nah, anon. There are actually some french actresses who, though not overweight, aren't lanky skelly ana-chans. People have had the audacity to call Lea Seydoux "chunky" before. More curated vintage shops are good for this. They often have tailored looking pieces with old school charm, and not just in like only xxs these days. If you can't find good shops anywhere you live even etsy is a good bet lol. Wide legged pants look good with this style. You can get them high waisted and pleated and in all different styles.

No. 169126

File: 1611705332394.jpeg (46.66 KB, 609x705, download.jpeg)

I covet them but have never worn the Margiela's. I don't like plastic flip flops. The straps really annoy me. I have worn lots of tabi socks to go with geta footwear though and they never bothered me. The straps on the geta I wear are always soft fabric though. I have never had particularly dry feet and moisturized. Hard to say if they would bother you.

No. 169131

Tbh, i use them to buy skincare because usually it's cheaper priced, i've never noticed things being overpriced - except these shoes and bucket hat i bought, which thinking back were kinda too much. probably best to just stick to skincare on yesstyle. japanese sunscreens are wayyy better than american

No. 169133

File: 1611708023468.png (1.72 MB, 1122x1374, womn.png)

i want a pair of soviet's women boots. I want to dress like picrel. Like in this video https://youtu.be/iYLTuodRfNc?t=101
Does anybody know where I could find old soviet boots (that would fit, i found only men's boots on etsy)

No. 169134

Someone pls start this thread

No. 169143

File: 1611715010466.jpg (114.95 KB, 736x1156, 1609555767538.jpg)

I've posted in /ot/ about this before but can't find the response someone gave me, so I hope some of you anons can help.
My body shape is pretty much like pic related but I don't know how to dress it, what styles/cuts would look best?

Right now I dress pretty tomboyishly (mom jeans, band tees, flannel shirts) and I feel like it looks very frumpy on my body shape.
I also live in Alaska and have to wear drab puffer coats and layers of ugly dad clothing a lot of the year, and indoors I just wear pajamas or whatever old T-shirt I can dig up.

I want to look cute and feminine for once in my life but I don't know how, a lot of the things I try on in store look terrible on me because I'm not tall and thin and I have a prominent belly (not weight related). Does anyone have any tips?

No. 169144

Samefagging to add, if anyone knows what Kibbe body type this is that would also be a good starting point.

No. 169150

What do anons think about wearing cottagecore fashion as a 25yo? It’s my favorite style right now but being 25 I’m not sure if I’m youthful enough to pull it off without looking stupid

No. 169152

>>young enough

Anon cottagecore fashion literally looks like its meant for 65 year old women. If you like it and you feel you're too old looking well then you will fit right in

No. 169153

I truly cannot imagine a woman of any age looking inappropriate in cottagecore.

No. 169155

This is a relief. Most of the models I’ve been seeing when shopping for cottagecore dresses look like teens

No. 169160

Don't take my word for it but I think it's classic

No. 169199

25 is a baby

We're all gonna die, cover your body in whatever you wanna wear

No. 169221

>We're all gonna die
10/10 peptalk, very motivating

No. 169222

Well yeah, cottagecore is a grandma style after all.

No. 169364

File: 1611870909759.jpeg (23.13 KB, 400x400, APRIL NEW 2020 · FE CLOTHING ·…)

Any slow fashion brands to recommend that sell items similar to Brandy Melville (nicely fitted girly clothes, sometimes with floral prints or a bow)? Otherwise any favorite sustainable brands that sell useful basics? I really like basic brands of good material as well, because you can style them in various ways. Please share your favorites

I would say it's romantic.

No. 169413

Not wide and soft enough to be a romantic imo.

No. 169464

File: 1611935125502.jpg (220.84 KB, 1080x1078, 20210129_094055.jpg)

Where all my autistic sneakerheads at?? Got into shoes again, what do you all think of this? I was either going to shell out for the Balenciaga sock shoes or these y2k rip offs.

No. 169475

File: 1611943755854.jpg (28.04 KB, 649x807, b189b420bb4fc95ddacf900f58ab03…)

I'm not in to shoes much, but I want a pair of the Nike x FOG shoes so bad. They're just…so clean. So sleek.

No. 169483

maybe reformation and rouje? more womanly than girly tho

No. 169485

these things look like a fucking fax machine from the 90s and not in a sexy way

No. 169491

File: 1611958186402.jpg (190.83 KB, 1080x903, 20210129_160803.jpg)

I caved and bought these too. Not to be a brandfag but I rarely buy sneakers not made by Nike, glad to see other brands are catching up design wise.
Im different these are cute as hell I support you wearing these shoes anon. I don't know when so many shoes went minimalist in design but it's great.

No. 169495

implying 90s fax machines can be sexy? a-anon

No. 169498

File: 1611960536685.jpg (9.05 KB, 395x247, 81uiWMk9dnL._AC_UX395_.jpg)

Does any anons have any recommendations of shoes that are similar to pic related? Air force 1's have been absolutely milked to death in my area and I need something new.

No. 169505

File: 1611962440614.jpg (44.75 KB, 784x489, clog.jpg)

Can clogs ever work ?? with anything? i think they're soooo ugly. how would you even wear this with something

No. 169508

How about white Pumas or Vans?

No. 169511

Check out Adidas' Sambarose shoe. I have a pair of original Sambas, but I think my next pair of shoes will be the Sambarose style! They are cute and come in some nice colourways.

No. 169516

I agree, >>169143 seems more like soft classic or even soft gamine depending on the height and face.

No. 169523

I wore these when I worked in fast food.

No. 169525

File: 1611978247768.jpg (206.5 KB, 700x933, how-to-wear-clogs-258242-15269…)

70s style clogs can look good

No. 169528

File: 1611979960801.jpg (773.61 KB, 1565x2361, Lambda-2.jpg)

How versatile are bright/multicolor shoes? Do you think it will be hard to put together an outfit with pic related?

No. 169540

Another alaska anon! I'm not in the coldest part of the state, but hopefully I can help a little. The figure in the pic has a defined waist, so if you're trying to hide your belly, I'd suggest flared(a-line, circle, etc.) skirts with waistbands that hit at your smallest point, and tuck in your shirt. It helps hide a tummy without making you look shapeless or frumpy, and I don't think you have to be thin for it to be flattering. I usually keep warm with thick wool tights or leggings underneath and wool or cashmere sweaters (thrift them, online thrift stores like thredup are great for this if you know what you're looking for), and my big puffer jacket for when I'm outside. Nice skirts made from thicker fabrics tend to drape really nicely, so don't be afraid of tucking in oversized sweaters, it shouldn't look lumpy. I'm kind of tall, so I normally go for midi skirts, but knee length might be better for you if you're worried about looking short.
Of course this is all kind of assuming we have similar fashion tastes, so I apologize if it doesn't work for you. I do get compliments on how I dress pretty often, though, and it isn't expensive if you can thrift shop.

No. 169546

File: 1611999620363.jpg (41.66 KB, 1050x1050, reebok-classics-club-c-85-vint…)

I really love these because they're off white and really comfy.
I'm thinking of buying another pair because I'm so happy with them

No. 169556

The colours and patchwork style would make it easier to match I think, depending on your personal style. Something basic black or white would let them be the focal point, but I can also imagine them looking nice with some brighter contrasting colours (just make sure it’s a similar colour group, like don’t wear a super bright royal blue with that turquoise obviously.)

No. 169572

File: 1612023476696.jpg (2.64 MB, 3000x1997, sub-buzz-16360-1605837649-10.j…)

Advice on where to find oversized hoop earrings with a wide band in gold like pic rel? I'm only finding small chunky hoops in my search results

No. 169598

Have you tried Etsy? I've had good luck there

No. 169602

Literally any black hair supply store sells these

No. 169603

Maybe try googling for a specific diameter?

No. 169613

yeah, if you want to look like a middle school teacher

No. 169615

File: 1612035103609.jpg (198.37 KB, 683x1024, R67ac733b8f09c4f2a0b0f3eb8ef93…)

Swedish hasbeens are nice.

No. 169617

File: 1612035621208.jpg (15.41 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2801694198_ijko.jpg)

A lot of fashion clogs can be styled the same way as mules

No. 169745

File: 1612136088528.jpg (52.39 KB, 720x889, FB_IMG_1611776170055.jpg)

We all know about vanity sizing and just how sizing is fucked in general, but shoe sizes have their moments as well.
Was gonna get a new pair of air forces since mine were busted as fuck but was like nah since the original price went up. As I was gonna go off the site I saw that they have a "older kids" section, I converted the sizes and I only had to go up half a size (and my feet arent uwu smol either). They were half the price tf.
So if you are gonna buy shoes check to see if they have them in older kids/teen sizes, it could save you a lot of money.

No. 169753

Wow I thought my feet were too big for kid sizes but I just checked Nike’s site and their largest kids size is my size. thank you love I can’t wait till I need to buy new shoes now

No. 169761

Godamn what a life hack. Same here. The biggest size is an average ladies size too.. can’t believe I just bought an adult pair of Air Force

No. 169769

The largest size they carry for older kids is EU40?? holy shit, those are full-on female adult-sizes?? Too small for me unfortunately but most women I know wear like EU38 or 39..

What an actual scam. I had no fucking clue.

No. 169771

I've been buying designer clothes in kid sizes for years (don't expect like a $100 dress but it's definitely cheaper) now but never knew about the shoes. Thank you, anon.

No. 169795

oh wow. i'm either a 40 or a 41 and i never knew this. even as a teen i went for adult sizes assuming teen sizes never went up to 39 or 40…

No. 169885

File: 1612242473645.jpg (371.29 KB, 1080x1349, mirandacosgrove_CJe_1BohZ6b.jp…)

Dropped pic, where can I get a dress like this + what is this type of dress called? Is it a babydoll?

No. 169886

trapeze or swing dress

No. 169888

Thanks anon, found some nice ones :)

No. 169889

Happy to help! Share pics of the cute dresses you found. I am in a style/shopping slump since I'm working remotely and don't have a reason to dress up, so would love to get some more inspo. Plus those dresses are comfy af.

No. 169890

File: 1612248195770.jpg (472.42 KB, 1386x1669, IMG_20210202_063948.jpg)

Unfortunately I haven't found anything as nice as the pic but the closest I've got so far is a tiered smock dress.

No. 169891

Samefag I'm definitely going to order a few because they look really comfortable and cute + I want some more feminine clothing.

No. 170191

File: 1612415082692.jpg (56.52 KB, 508x534, 62b5ea17bdbb16f0209959310632bd…)

love alexa in a clog. with a pair of tights and a cute dress.

No. 170195

try rouje, Sézane, realisation..

No. 170196

File: 1612417552898.jpg (35.08 KB, 600x600, 7d45a28eaf19ff25ec4a06a8711a1d…)

just do a french capsule wardrobe and you'll look good no matter what. invest in a few quality pieces and you can mix and match.

No. 170257

If you wanna look frumpy this is how you do it

No. 170258

accidently clicked the new reply button before saging, sorry

No. 170260

Darling, it's frumpy only if it doesn’t fit. If it fits well, you’ll look great.

No. 170262

No one's going to look great in skinny jeans, a t-shirt and balletflats unless you're model-tier skinny and pretty.

No. 170266

Not true, it's completely dependent on your hair and makeup.

No. 170267

I guess it's a matter of taste but with the shirt tucked and some - even minimal - jewelry to accesorize, everyone would look good in these, no need to be model-tier.

No. 170278

>Darling, it's frumpy only if it doesn’t fit


Fuck off with this Justine Leconte energy seriously. >>170196 isn't stylish it's just bland NPC background clothes. Who's told you in black skinny jeans and a grey slub top that you look GREAT? Let's stop pretending that just because a style is boring as hell doesn't mean it's chic/minimalist, this shit is just dull, it's just a way to dress without getting noticed, it's the capsule wardrobe you pack for the witness protection program

No. 170280

nta, but why the hell are you so upset about clothing lmao

No. 170284

I think it’s more how smarmy and condescending calling someone “darling” is, especially when you’re a French capsule wardrobe shill

No. 170306


No. 170308

NTA but isn't she giving suggestions for someone who wants to look decent without much effort? i don't think anyone was shilling that as the epitome of fashion

No. 170309

Agree that it's dull and boring but it's not a bad start for this anon >>166699 she asked for essentials.

No. 170310

also agree, >>170196 is really bland. I mean for suck sake color won't kill you. Patterns won't kill you. This is such a 'I don't give a fuck about fashion' wardrobe.

No. 170314

OP literally asked for a basic closet.

No. 170333

Basic doesn't have to be bland anon. Tbh this is exactly why I hate the concept of capsule wardrobes. You're better off having 5 or 6 base pieces (simple but flattering cuts in neutral colours) and then several unique pieces that show off your personally to match with them.

No. 170419

But maybe OP don't care about fashion and just want an easy straight forward wardrobe? I mean not everyone gives a fuck about everything you personally like.

No. 170453

what you're describing is still a capsule wardrobe lol

No. 170455

shame stuff like >>170196 is what's used to represent it then.

No. 170456

samefag but like I said, basic akak 'easy straight forward wardrobe' doesn't have to mean boring.
>I mean not everyone gives a fuck about everything you personally like.
What are you even talking about? Are you trying to imply people in the fashion general thread don't care about general fashion? I don't see how it's unreasonable to assume they probably do lol

No. 170457

Why are capsule wardrobes being bashed so hard? Looking at them on pinterest has really helped me figure out my style

No. 170466

i tried to get into it but living in an area of Canada that gets -25C winters and 30C summers makes it impossible. plus the weird transitional weather. most of the women i see pushing for capsule wardrobes live in mild areas in Europe or California.

No. 170470

I hate the ones that are black and white. I wish people would wear more color and use a capsule if they want but make it out of colors that go together instead of being cowards.

No. 170472

Because it's not ~ unique ~ and ~ brave ~ enough, as if people don't have other shit to do.

No. 170491

File: 1612553954377.jpg (2.02 MB, 1700x3133, COLOUR-TRIADIC-autumn-2019_out…)

i mean, there are colorful capsule wardrobes too.

No. 170600

Aren't Capsule warderobe's supposed to be split into 4 different seasons?

No. 170818

unironically, Macy's sells similar clothing that will fit more ranged body types than petite tall girls.

No. 170912

How do I dress up confidently in clothes I like without being a cow?

No. 170913

Just don't act crazy, mission accomplished.

No. 170926

Don't act like a cow. Are you planning to dress outrageously or what that you ask this question?

No. 170927

I don't understand. Sorry English is not my native tongue.

No. 170930

Which part do you not understand?
I said
1. If you don't want to be a cow, don't behave like a cow.
2. Why are you asking this? Do you want to dress in a way that is cowish?

No. 170936

You could call it that. I'm obese female, but I still like J fashion.

No. 170938

lose weight first

No. 171000

I don't think wearing j-fashion itself makes you a cow but most people around you are still going to think you're weird if you dress up in like Lolita or Decora. Although if you look at Japanese streetwear, imo some of it is more wearable than others.

Personally I think that j-fashion is something that should remain something to enjoy looking at on the internet if you're concerned with what other people think. You have to be able to give 0 shits about what other people think of your outfit. If you can't do that you're going to be uncomfortable all day wearing it.

No. 171007

This board just criticizes everyone over 25 wearing anything "e-girl" or j fashion related.

No. 171013

does it really? I've seen over and over again in this thread women telling other women that age means nothing when it comes to fashion. Girls itt are constantly asking 'I'm 25+ can I still wear a mini skirt' only to receive multiple replies telling them it should be more acceptable for a grown woman to wear something short or revealing than a teen. Anons will call an outfit trashy if it is, not if it's being worn by an ~older woman~.

No. 171014

This was never about age though so why do you bring it up? Also >>171013 is right.

No. 171046

literally where

No. 171128

File: 1612937902028.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.26 KB, 750x725, 5738B373-CDE6-4ABB-8EEB-A59307…)

I just ordered this bathing suit- it’s basic but I haven’t bought anything other than a black one piece in years. Anons is it cute?

No. 171133

Seems fine? As you said it's simple but not boring. I like that the top is sports bra-ish and not the little triangles so prone to malfunction. The ties on the bottoms always worry me in the sense they could come undone when you're actually swimming but hopefully if you knot them it'll be okay.

No. 171269

I feel like the capsule linked here >>170196
is missing a lot. Yes, I know it's meant to be basic. But I see exactly one "nice" item (the black dress). The rest is skinny jeans + boxy top. Maybe it's a step toward dressing better, but I think it's helpful for people in transition to start incorporating more business or professional clothing into everyday clothes (even if you're just going to uni). Start experimenting with a blazer, buy a couple nice collared shirts that fit your breasts and are not see-through (outlets are good for this if you are in the US). Go to a quiet store and try on different styles of jeans. Don't cheap out on jeans. Places like Primark have shit quality jeans, and their skinny jeans / jeggings are so unflattering. People wear them because they are cheap, not because they look good.

Skinny jeans are on their way out if you care about fashion - I'll still wear mine sometimes, but I kept hand-me-down bootcuts from my sister so I'm one of those horrible hoarders I guess. I really like the look of narrow bootcut jeans in a darker wash. I'm going to sound very mid-2000s here, but you really can dress that up or down easily. Skinny jeans are just never great outside of casual situations. I ended up at a club once in them (no time to change) and I remember how gross I felt for some reason, even though other people were dressed more casually than I was.

Another thing to do is think about what colors work for you. Sometimes these aren't your favorite colors. I wear more brown than the average person, probably. I can't wear millennial pink or baby pastels - I look sick. The capsule linked above could make certain complexions look sickly.

When you are going from no wardrobe to the next step, I think you can do it gradually, considering the value of things as you go.

Do you have a bra that fits you - 100% without a doubt fits you? That is more valuable than all the ballsack bags in the world. That is the first thing you need. It sucks getting groped by a bra fitter, but go do it, and buy some new bras if you have any doubt. Since I vaguely remember how many small band size + larger cup size women are here, this is my favorite bra: https://www.bravissimo.com/products/rebecca-bra-faj1/#beige-faj1nu
It's cute even in beige, never shows through, is soft and comfortable, and comes in 30 band size. I feel a little better about my shit life when I wear this one.

No. 171271

samefag but this, well, I see it's from Denmark

it gives me primary school teacher / mormon mom blogger vibes. If someone handed me this blueprint, I would be horrified. I guess I'm not into this kind of colorblocking.

Where you live may be a factor too. I'm not studying in my home country, and here too much color is uncommon. You'd get a lot of attention dressing like this in winter where I am. Once I realized I was the only one in an entire lecture hall wearing a bright color (red sweater). It was kind of weird.

No. 171332

It's pretty cute, anon!

No. 171915

Do you think it's bad to wear workout/gym clothes casually? I have a lot of things from brands like Bombshell sportswear, CLS, alphalete and gymshark, I just genuinely like how they look and it's comfortable. It's not all I wear but I really like it, is it considered really sloppy?

No. 171916

Out of curiosity, does anyone else here crossdress? Nearly all my clothes are menswear.

No. 171943

Wym 'Can I wear this' anon, athleisure has been in-style for years now.

No. 171969

It's sloppy if it doesn't look intentional. If you're going to wear athleisure (or anything, really) and not look sloppy, you need to make sure that your hair/face/nails all look well maintained.

These are both hideous for different reasons. A good capsule wardrobe will have an item for every need you might have. Mine is

>one black dress

>one summer dress
>two plain t-shirts (white and black)
>two knit turtleneck sweaters (camel, taupe)
>two turtleneck tops (black, white)
>two crewneck knit sweaters (white, grey)
>two warm cardigans (white, black)
>one white button-up shirt
>one black button-up half-sleeve shirt
>two "cute" tops with nice necklines that show off my decolletage (dusty rose, black)
>one pair of straight-leg blue jeans (I turn these up at the ends so my ankles are visible as I am petite and they didn't come in a short inseam)
>one pair of slightly wide-leg black jeans (already ankle length)
>two pairs of ankle-length ponte pants in black and grey for lazy/travel days (these have a seam down the middle of the front of each leg so they look pleated from a distance) - I will try to avoid wearing these since they're not "real" pants, but on my period I often can't wear buttoned/zipped pants due to cramps and bloating.

For summer I additionally have two pairs of shorts in black linen and denim, and I have two wool coats in camel and forest green. I have a pair of boat-neck tops in taupe and black that I've been thinking about phasing out of my wardrobe since they don't really have a role.

Another important thing to note is that I only purchase natural fibers and get my clothes tailored to fit me perfectly if they do not do so already off-the-rack. Tailoring is really cheap.

No. 171984

No? Anons itt are so weird about dressing down it doesn't matter if you wear athletic wear or sweatpants to run errands just make sure the shit matches.
This is a thread for fashion, what do you expect. Like >>171000 said it looks ridiculous in person and doesn't do anything to flatter the form.

No. 172000

File: 1613583277310.jpg (62.53 KB, 696x1024, 1.jpg)

No. 172011

This outfit is atrocious. I am not sure what point you're trying to make?

No. 172197

File: 1613679828099.jpg (22.8 KB, 600x600, b9bfe49d0b30d6fe672077b78887e1…)

Anyone know wear to get some decently quality pants like this or what to search for other than "suede flared bellbottoms" my old as shit F21 pair don't fit me anymore and I want to get something similar but nicer.

No. 172199

How incredibly boring.

No. 172211

This looks like the kind of thing you could find at Urban Outfitters since they're kind of that vintage style UO sells a lot of these days. You might also have some luck with ASOS.

No. 172251

Nta but boring is kind of inevitable with a capsule wardrobe. It'd be very difficult to have a small wardrobe with exciting pieces that you can all mix and match easily.

Imo there's only two reasons to have a capsule wardrobe: you're a super busy mom or carreer woman and simply don't have time to waste on clothes or you give 0 shits about fashion and just want to get over dressing yourself in the morning as easy and quickly as possible. So I don't understand why capsule wardrobes are a much discussed topic in this thread.

No. 172255

Anon some people just want to be comfy and look put together without having to think about it. Also some of us are broke.

No. 172269

I have deja vu because I swear that whole interaction happened a few months ago too. Someone wanted help with just looking presentable and well put together while keeping it simple…they got some capsule wardrobe based replies that they sounded pretty excited about… and then came the stuck up replies ignoring the fact that she got the very advice she had asked for and she seemed happy.

No. 172333

File: 1613771740693.jpg (200.29 KB, 592x1218, iouygfdesrtyu.jpg)

How would you style white jeans so you don't end up looking like a gen-x housewife with kids named Breighden and Meighlee? Preferably with more of a glam/rock chic edge?

No. 172334

bump because accidental sage

No. 172350

File: 1613783064316.jpeg (41.73 KB, 475x604, 0FFDD57D-153F-42A4-BAB3-47494B…)

Any anons here with canada goose jackets? are they worth it? looking into investing in one

No. 172354

Flare white denim with boots. Wear a tricked-out belt too.

No. 172356

yes they're comfortable and last a long time. keeps you warm too. get the ones where it extends past your butt if you're somewhere cold. keeps you toasty warm for months.

No. 172360

god damn that was a good year for sweet

No. 172377

yes they’re the best out there, accept no substitutes. Sure, they’re expensive, but I plan on wearing mine for the rest of my life

No. 172410

File: 1613834838348.jpeg (70.81 KB, 341x512, 0CDED62E-A07E-4BCB-8A57-DD91E6…)

I love this purse so much, can’t find anything similar though? Is it like a structured suede satchel or what?

No. 172415

I'm pretty sure that's a Chloe Faye bag if that helps. They're described as "accordion-shaped style" bags made from smooth and suede calfskin. If you google search for Chloe faye bag dupes you'll probably find dupes in a more affordable pricerange.

No. 172425

You’re the best! Thanks

No. 172437

if you have android just reverse search the image and you will get the product name and offers

No. 172515

How difficult and expensive is it to dye clothing? I have a couple of white clothing items I don't wear because they're white, so I've been thinking about dying them, how doable is that?

No. 172518

File: 1613923725929.jpg (38.05 KB, 399x700, 1809_textilfarbe_intensiv_roya…)

easy peasy and cheap if you buy a washing machine dye like pic related

No. 172521

I dye things all the time, it's fun, just pop it in the washing machine. You can also buy "back to black" and "back to white" dyes for items that are starting to look too grey and shabby.

No. 172523

As said above but with added: depends on the fabrics and thread used.

No. 172596

No. 172627

Anon this is so gorgeous, why did you have to introduce me to such an expensive bag??

No. 172682

Do you think going to a personal shopper for fashion advice is worth it? I feel like I have no time to figure out what suits me. What I do know is that I like checkered stuff, colorful stuff, and short dresses. Can't make a wardrobe out of that. I hoped the Kibbe system would help streamline the process but no.

Money not an issue from the prices I've seen online.

No. 172697

I think it could be worth it if you can find a good one. I don't have personal experience with one but I'd look at reviews and go with one that has experience dressing your bodytype.

Why did Kibbe not work out for you?

No. 172708

First I can't tell my type (FG, D or DC), second I have a hard time translating the recommendations into clothes that fit my lifestyle, age and taste, not to mention the advice available on the Internet is contradictory and Kibbe himself on Facebook is impossible to understand. I do believe it is a useful categorization as several women I know identify strongly with their Kibbe type description and find the recommandations great for them. But they already knew what suited them and Kibbe was just a confirmation of that.

I'll update the thread if I bite the bullet.

No. 172709

Samefag, do you mean experience dressing my Kibbe bodytype or general letter-shape body type? I can't even tell my letter shape type, I am inbetween X, H and V I think.

No. 172715

I see, that makes sense. No I just meant body type in the broad sense. Like curvy/plussize, petite or athletic etc.

Let us know how it went if you decide to do it!

No. 172736

Kind of a weird question, but my mom who’s in her 60s is looking for new clothes and I want to help but don’t really know where to look for stuff that’s not typical ugly old lady clothes but will also be age appropriate. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thx

No. 172821

File: 1614112113475.jpg (242.29 KB, 600x600, kntf001mn.jpg)

I need help trying to find any specific sites or brands that sell decent-quality tops, similar to Boden. I'm a sucker for floral patterns, or just patterns that aren't goddamn stripes or lame-ass graphic tees.

No. 172824

Sounds lame but maybe look up bloggers, especially those western us mommy bloggers, they usually have codes and shit like that. My mom is in her 60s and shops mostly at asos, our local fancy department store and ellos though and looks age appropriate yet cool in my opinion! What kinda style does you mom lean towards to, like leather jackets and weird earrings or more softer?

No. 172936

are you in the uk? white stuff and fat face come to mind

No. 172939

File: 1614191011408.png (518.31 KB, 596x598, wrapdress.PNG)

I wear mostly floral wrap dresses (mini or midi cut) or other fit and flare dresses since they're so easy and cute, and a couple of my favorites are getting pretty worn out. I don't want to just get new ones from F21 or somewhere cheap cause I don't want to keep wearing them out all the time. Do anons have any recommendations for the best sites/brands to get these sorts of dresses? I keep seeing Reformation mentioned online but I have never been a fan of that brand for a variety of reasons

No. 172940

Samefag but I am especially looking for ones with nice, good quality materials since I can finally really invest in that

No. 172941

Have a look at Etsy and consider buying vintage, the difference in quality between clothing made today and clothing made 50 years ago is incredible. It feels good to wear something that's one of a kind too.

No. 172942

Naw, US, alas. But I'll take a look at them (maybe shipping fees and export fees won't be TOO ridiculous). Thanks anon!

No. 172956

That's a great idea anon, thank you! I'll go do that right now

No. 173085

Wrap-dresses are really in rn (or at least they where last year, I assume that trend hasn't faded yet). I'm pretty sure you could just google for high quality brands for your demographic and they'd carry them.

No. 173089

Oh yah ASOS might be good to check out. She was considering maybe boho or something along those lines. She definitely identified with the hippie stuff in her youth and she doesn’t dye her hair or anything so I guess more so casual but with neutral colors mostly.

No. 173154

Anyone here use Shoptagr? Does anyone know how to save things from Asos in your preffered valuta? It keeps saving things in pounds for me even though I set the settings on Asos to Euro before saving it to Shoptagr. Not to mention that when you set it to pounds the articles have a different stock so I'm not even sure if I'm getting the right stock info, it's really annoying.

No. 173172

File: 1614340856127.jpeg (69.67 KB, 749x928, 4055D571-29B8-47A5-8A50-ECE800…)

Does anyone know if there’s a way to purchase from Korea internationally? I’m obsessed with all the Naver shops, and sites like 66girls and Mixxmix just don’t have the same kinds of pieces. (Pic rel is the style I’m obsessed with atm)

No. 173178

you read my mind anon, that is the first thing that popped in my head.

No. 173208

Yeah check the clearance section in Forever 21 it's the same shit

No. 173219

Does anyone know where to buy Vivienne Westwood dupes when you're an eurofag? Pls don't judge me I'm poor but I love this one specific piece of jewelry

No. 173243

I bought all my dupes off ebay a few years back. I wore one around a friend who collects VW and she couldn't tell the difference. There are some good forgers out there!

No. 173277

The necklaces I assume? You can cheaply get them from China on aliexpress or ebay. Or search for fakes being sold on the 2nd market if you don't feel like waiting for a month. Since they're so popular rn they're pretty easy to find.

No. 173569

File: 1614571153087.png (949.45 KB, 606x840, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 10.5…)

Does anyone know where I can get shirts like pic rel or even >>171587 ?
I really like the "dad" style and Hawaiian shirts. Thrifting is out of the question because I've tried that and they don't really have anything interesting in my area.

No. 173572

>>173569 every single middle aged male clothing store I've been to sells those shirts

No. 173583

what is this kind of jacket called?

No. 173588

Noted. Thank you. I now know what I must do.

No. 173822

I used to like thinking about fashion and clothes. Now it feels so pointless. It's depressing.

Are any stores having massive sales to move unpurchased inventory? I've googled but can't really narrow down the results. There are some basics I need but I'm open to more fanciful things too. Can ship to US or EU.

No. 174075

go to any thrift store

No. 174094

i find that just starting out with some pretty standard everyday black pieces like black skirts, shirts (for me personally turtlenecks) or pants if that's your thing are a good base, goth outfits are usually made a little more bold with accessories, maybe some fishnets, belts, necklaces, painted nails, chains etc etc
but you don't need to go crazy and honestly I think it's a lot more classic goth than those brands that try to go crazy with lace

No. 174220

Anons, can you help me find some style of jeans/trousers that will suit me? I’m pretty sure I’m a pear shape since my bottom half is bigger than the top. Now the problem I have is, that any style of trousers/jeans I wear bunches up around the knees because of my big calves. I found that something like chinos are the worst because of their light fabric and I’m really self conscious about wearing skirts or dresses. Could a tailor do something about it? Do you have any recommendations for brands or a certain style of jeans? Any help is appreciated!
I’ve uploaded some pictures of me in different jeans, so you can have an idea what I mean, here: https://imgur.com/a/VX4tozS

No. 174227

Your legs look absolutely fine and the majority of your trousers suit you.

No. 174237

File: 1615039474895.jpg (135.04 KB, 579x1074, pic rel.jpg)

Aliexpress dress that looks good with small breasts? I'm thinking of a black, low neck dress, but when I search for that term I only find whorish dresses, or dresses made for bigger busts. I'm between a and b cup.

No. 174246

File: 1615043442735.jpg (475.59 KB, 1080x1359, 1615018365984.jpg)

Need it or keep it?

No. 174249

Isn't the bunching around the knees kind of normal since that's where the joint of the leg is and that needs extra room (fabric) to move? I could be wrong. I'd suggest just going to a store (if/when you can) and trying on a bunch of different styles.

No. 174256

I feel like I'm having a stroke

No. 174276

aliexpress clothing is awful quality and will sit poorly on anyone who doesn't naturally have an instathot body (which is nobody)
why do so many people here buy clothes from there? just thrift or buy better quality clothes, it will flatter you more and last longer

No. 174286

>why do so many people here buy clothes from there?
Because this is literally false?
>aliexpress clothing is awful quality
All your clothes come from China anyway

No. 174296

Nta but China is actually perfectly capable of producing decent clothing and does so, but what you buy on aliexpress is guaranteed to be shit.

No. 174339

>but what you buy on aliexpress is guaranteed to be shit
well that may be why I asked for recommendations instead of just buying at random

No. 174369

Just look at reviews if you're that insistent on buying a dress from ali then. I highly doubt there's anyone here who's bought exactly what you're looking for.

No. 174474

File: 1615178361020.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.41 KB, 695x403, Untitled.jpg)

I have an ugly scar in the pic related area.

If anyone has any swimsuit recommendations that sit low enough to cover that area, I'd appreciate the suggestions. One pieces preferred.

No. 174603

I need some new sneakers for casual wear that can make any outfit look effortlessly put together. Anyone has any favorites atm or opinions? Idk what to buy

No. 174611

why not try a retro one piece swim suit? you might look a lil rockabilly but they're still cute.

No. 174613

File: 1615259811724.jpg (53.02 KB, 418x600, 5f67d1f2e0e3992ffa8ecd8b38918b…)

if you dont mind something sporty(but its a 2 piece usually) i think these surfer 2 pieces are cute and the bottoms can be more like shorts than a bikini bottom. it protects more of your skin which is a huge plus but probably not great if youre trying to get some sun.

No. 174620

File: 1615273378335.jpg (22.31 KB, 400x400, 4e135597aa335f58f8ea8e5f4002da…)

I feel like you could get some womens swim trunks and wear them over a one piece if you wanted something more sporty and functional-looking. Swimdresses are a thing though if that's more your style! The only problem is that obviously the skirt portion would lift up when you get in the water, so it depends on how thoroughly you want the scar to be covered and whether or not you'll be getting into the actual water much. Picrel is just as example, I've seen some swimdresses with longer skirts.

No. 174621

Nta but where do you find these types of bikinis in Europe, anyone know? Whenever I search for this type I get Korean websites like Yesstyle or sheinside/zaful crap. The few stores/brands accesible here that I've found so far only carry maybe two or three styles that aren't that nice.

No. 174622

File: 1615278998678.png (339.55 KB, 570x579, kfdjslafkjda.png)

Samefag, I just need a bikini top that covers the area in picrelated (I have acne scars there I'd rather not show or expose to the sun), it doesn't have to be a full sleeve surftop. It's just really hard to find anything that covers up the back and isn't ugly as sin or sold out.

No. 174623

This combination is a long sleeve rashie, and high waisted bikini bottoms. Search those two things individually and combine them.

No. 174731

File: 1615329704446.jpeg (20.77 KB, 304x304, 1B87C14C-1A25-495F-87D0-E799AE…)

Board shorts?

No. 174797

File: 1615396734415.jpg (713.73 KB, 2316x3088, k0cdlygclrt51.jpg)

What type/cut of jeans would you recommend if you have narrow hips and no waist? Pic isn't mine, but my body type is pretty similar and I feel like I look blocky as fuck in skinny jeans, especially when I'm wearing a tight-fitting shirt. It's something I noticed a while ago and it's been bothering me since. I look like Roblox character.

No. 174800

File: 1615398269126.jpg (64.63 KB, 634x811, http___static.theiconic.com.au…)

I think you'll benefit from something quite structured, I'd recommend a high waisted, wide leg pair of Levi's. It's a classic 70s look but it's really versatile imo, they can be styled to look more 90s or whatever

No. 174802

File: 1615400883426.jpg (226.55 KB, 1128x2000, wranglerdenim.jpg)

samefag but I found these jeans by Wrangler and I think the cut and quality are really nice, the pic also illustrates the versatility of this style. Hope this helps, I know some people hate wide leg pants but imo they're more flattering, comfortable and aesthetically interesting than skinny jeans.

No. 174815

I want that dress

No. 174859

File: 1615443207479.jpeg (62.25 KB, 828x978, 1FF46F26-6D8D-4AE6-8210-2F2976…)

Had a lapse of judgement and bought these because I think cow print is cute, but I’m not sure how to style them without looking costumey. Did I done goofed? Are these too garish to make a nice outfit with?

No. 174860

Wear them with jeans?

No. 174868

There's no way to wear these and not look like a wannabe e-girl.

No. 174870

how did you get into sewing? I kind of have a sewing machine at my disposal and I'd love to get into it but I'm lazy and don't know what would be a good starting point. I already put so much of my clothing aside that I would like to change a bit and tailor it etc.

No. 174876

NTA but I started by upcycling old clothes. That way if I fuck up I haven't just wasted a bunch of money + fabric. If you want a good starting place, this channel is pretty straight-foward & has non-upcycling guides too for when you feel confident enough to graduate to that. Good luck anon!

No. 174877

wear them with anything black and white and it will fit well. Don't worry about your styling looking a bit costumey, nothing wrong with that! At least you'll look fun. But like other anon said, even if you just go for, for example, black yeans and white shirt it will already fit well. They're cool, don't second guess yourself!

No. 174884

File: 1615464001440.jpeg (213.42 KB, 750x683, 6272710A-8B2F-4D15-9202-CB4C84…)

I learned the very very basics in high school. But not a lot. Let’s just say I had to relearn everything.
So I hope this info I have found will find you well.

YouTube helped so much. Seriously, it would be such a struggle without it. Here are some of my favorite sewing instructors on YouTubers:
Threads sewing
Evelyn Wood
Professor Pincushion

There’s many free sewing books to check out on archive.org. My recommendations are the Singer sewing reference library series. They’re pretty dated but the information is still really good and super helpful. Basically just search sewing in all books/texts.

Here are some places that I buy extremely inexpensive but exceptional quality fabric or notions:
https://www.wawak.com/ - notions and supplies
https://fabriclore.com/ -from India. I’ve done the math. Buy purchasing around $USD100 it approximately makes each item regardless of yardage around or under $5. Figure it out by cart total ÷ total number of items. So, even though it’s $20 shipping it’s still worth it because you’re still getting a better deal than most other places.
https://www.dharmatrading.com/fabric/fabric-from-dharma-trading-co.html -best prices on silk. I don’t dye fabric so I buy their colored silk.
https://buttonsgaloreandmore.com/ -buttons are cool. These are bulk buttons that can be used for sewing or craft projects.
https://laceheaven.com/ -lace is sexy idc what you say.

Finally, skirts are the best starting point.

I hope you find any of this helpful. Sorry for the blogpost.

Happy sewing, anons.

No. 174913

File: 1615488651530.png (600.54 KB, 542x724, example.PNG)

Why do I look like a clown in floral patterns, and what to do about it if I want to go for a kinda romantic sundress look? I love solid colour dresses, esp dark ones, and look absolutely bomb in horizontal stripes, but honestly it gets boring and I crave some botanical vibes.

I have a wide af jaw and my face has been called "severe" lol, I look a lot like a dirt blonde younger Miranda Otto (not Eowyn young unfortunately). I'm wide-shouldered but hourglassy so everything has to be pretty fitted, height is 5'6, Kibbe type is all over the place but dramatic classic is the closest probably.

I recently got pic rel and it works okay, it may just be my lack of confidence wrt florals but something still feels a bit off. Wat do? How much does it depend on the size of the floral pattern, right colour combo, and styling, or do I just need to accept that I'll always look like an evil career stepmom with no chill or interest in plants?

No. 174916

File: 1615491382801.jpeg (217.73 KB, 1020x1300, FF816C9A-B20C-4DC6-8666-730099…)

I’m not sure if it’s a set-in-stone rule, but for ladies with more bold classic features, I like to see them in smallish, well spaced florals like picrel. Something about a classic woman in those big bulky florals tends to lean a little intense or soccer mom-ish.

No. 174922

this, I would like a wideleg black or darkgray/darkblue jeans or trousers with those, the top could be black/white as anon said but I think also any beige-brown-tan color would be cute for the top. I'd like a more serious top like a buttonup or thick-ribbed fitted sweater to balance with the slightly wild shoes. I think a fringed suede jacket would be a nice extra since itd give you a real woman-cattleman kinda vibe but not on the nose, and you could take off the jacket if you didn't want to go full cowboy. More broadly I like the idea of taking a cowboy-boots-casual type of outfit and wearing these instead of the boots.

Pretty jealous actually because several years ago at a thrift store I passed on a pair of mule clogs with cowhide like that (it was real…very nice feel) cause they were a whole $20…big regret

No. 174944

File: 1615502599731.png (1.04 MB, 870x1182, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 2.33…)

pls no bully but anyone here like aritzia? I used to rag on them all the time for their random high prices but I think I might cave and buy a few things. I'm trying to find cute, simple, feminine but adult clothes like pic rel but I'm having a hard time finding things I like. I checked out rouje and sezane but their style is too boho for me. I also like missguided (lol) and reformation but I'm just generally a bad shopper because I'm so picky and set in my ways I unconsciously pick a lot of clothes I'm trying to grow out of.

No. 174945

They have cute clothes like you said, from my experince the quality is good so I wouldnt ponder on the price too much anon. That dress is so pretty just in time for summer!

No. 174947

thank you for the reassurance anon!! This dress is so cute but I'm only a little skeptical because it's mostly polyester but I can always return it if I end up hating it. Do you also happen to know where I can find cute sandal heels like the model is wearing? I see cute ones all over ig but I never know what brands to trust.

No. 174951

as the other anon said, smaller florals will probably be better. imo big, bold florals often end up looking like you turned your grandma's old couch into a dress.

No. 174953

File: 1615508192360.jpg (146.42 KB, 1040x1300, bottega-veneta-SLIPPER-The-Lid…)

nta but they are or are imitating bottega veneta intrecciato woven leather mules.

No. 174963

Raid are currently doing a lot of sandals in a similar style and always check places like asos or even depop

No. 174965

damn good eye anon
thanks for the tip!!

No. 175371

File: 1615821937131.jpg (673.36 KB, 2100x2940, 3ff88f225bff30c99a9c02a899ab78…)

I love Aritzia, a lot of my favorite pieces are from there. But I do find them a little overpriced for what a lot of the clothes are. Their sales are really good when they have them though, if I see new season items from there that I really love I just bookmark them until sale season happens. They're also a high price point, but you might like the brand & other stories if you are an Aritzia fan

No. 175376

Thank you for the help nonnies

No. 175392

File: 1615840693016.jpg (87.44 KB, 640x800, 48480ba65fa0603a3e2bfbf926ad0c…)

I'm looking for affordable dupes/alternatives to these bracelets. I just can't find any chains that are quite as feminine and nice as these. Anyone know of any brands that may sell something like this for a reasonable price?

No. 175419

If you google silver chain bracelet (sometimes called link bracelet), there are a lot of results. There’s even one on Wish for $1. It’s a popular style for men so you might also be able to find it cheaper in the men’s jewelry section.

No. 175442

They're just curb chains, anon. You can get them on places like aliexpress etc.

No. 175566

File: 1615959866906.jpg (367.64 KB, 1536x2048, 1615917664773.jpg)

Sorry if this is a retarded question but can anyone ID ellen page's shoes in this pic?

No. 175568

File: 1615960949155.jpg (155.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210317-020006_Gal…)

Saye Modelo '89 Leather Garnet

No. 175570

Thank you so much!!

No. 175576

Ladies, what percent of your income is okay to spend on your wardrobe? How often do you add new pieces to your collection? I'm looking for some perspective!

Growing up poor meant that I bought utility-only pieces for YEARS even while I was earning my own money, and I'm only now realizing it's possible for me to create my own look and buy things i actually like. I'm still feeling some resistance though, because I've never really entertained the idea of spending more than $20 on a shirt. (thrifting is not a thing where i am from)

Help me understand different spending habits!

No. 175581

I don't have a specific percentage in mind. If I need something, I buy it. If I want something and I can justify it by it's price, quality and how much wear I expect to get out of it, I buy it. There's a difference between needing and wanting.

As for adding new pieces to my warderobe, I go shopping for the sake of really getting clothes twice a year, once for spring/summer and once for autumn/winter. Beforehand I inventarise what I have and what's missing for the new season so I can get it on my shopping trip. Usually I buy 1 to 3 new outfits or a few single pieces. The rest of the year I do a lot of online window-shopping because I find that enjoyable and I occasionally order something if I want it and can justify it.

This sounds kind of excessive but I actually spend way less on clothes than most other people I know. (This is my perspective as a student though, I don't have a full-time wage)

>because I've never really entertained the idea of spending more than $20 on a shirt

And you don't have to if you don't want to. But if you want to buy more pieces than the bare minimum to dress yourself in your day to day life, then I think it's important to remember that's a different mindset of buying clothes. If you then buy, let's say a 40 dollar t-shirt, you didn't buy it because you NEEDED something to dress your torso in, you buy it for your enjoyment and satisfaction you'll get out of wearing that t-shirt. And it's okay to spend money on that if you can afford it. People spend money on hobbies and other luxuries all the time, this is the same. For example, I bought a beautiful summerdress last week for about 60 euro. I didn't NEED it, I have enough clothes and dresses to dress myself in this summer, but I wanted it because it was beautiful and fit my style perfectly. I justified buying it because I had the room in my budget to spend that money on it, I knew I am going to get a lot of wear out of it and I knew I am going to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. So it was worth it to buy for me. I hope that makes sense lol.

No. 175622

>thrifting is not a thing where I am from
what do people do with old clothes, just burn them? There might be hospital charity shops or church sales rather than a "thrift store" but I'm pretty sure secondhand clothing is a thing everywhere…although if you dont have a lot of time to spend looking then it's a gamble finding anything good of course.

No. 175635

Thanks anon! Definitely makes sense. I'll consider this (and then do some shopping!)

They donate them to hospitals, shelters etc. We also have a substantial homeless population and needy people so no, there's no clothes burning, just passing your old stuff down to someone who can use it. The whole concept of thrifting is still not very popular here, although I asked around and found out there's exactly one thrift store in my city. Going to check it out soon

No. 175636

what's a cheaper version of stores like reformation, realisation par, for love and lemons?? decent quality and not too pricy

No. 175637

Generally I save money by buying out of season and personalizing them myself, since I also used to feel weird about it.

How I usually spend is once a month or so I just window shop and only pick up pieces that speak to me AND are cohesive with my established style. It has to be both. Then I wait until a sale and buy it. I don't go on big trips, just one or two items once in a while. It takes longer to build a wardrobe this way but after a year and a half I've switched over to something I'm pretty comfortable with.

Budget-wise it's the same as going on a big trip 2-3 times a year, but psychologically I feel better about not spending over $100 on one transaction. So that may work for you, too!

No. 175639

>only pick up pieces that speak to me AND are cohesive with my established style. It has to be both.
Winner. If the piece requires you to buy additional pieces to make it work, it's a no go. If it's not the perfect cut/style for you, no go. Don't bother buying shit that only kinda work.

No. 175652

File: 1616007229358.jpg (170.46 KB, 1888x1244, Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 18.52…)

which pair would you go for?

No. 175654

The right one. I would've liked the left one the best if it wasn't so short, but it's so short that it's going to look really off with sneakers/low shoes.

No. 175655

Samefag, no scrap that I'd go with the left one, the right one's just a boring skinny

No. 175658

Depends on the buyer's body shape but I wouldn't buy the right one even if I were on the market for a blakc skinny because of the ugly texture they have right under the pockets. The wrinkly texture from the wash looks dated.

No. 175716


No. 175729

You have to be petite to wear pants like that

No. 175733

Neither, left is that weird cropped length that will only look decent if you're petite and wear boots all the time. Flat shoes will just look off. They're a nice color tho. The right ones look like they'll fit weird, they're super skinny on top but not on the bottom.

No. 175742

File: 1616071768070.jpg (416.15 KB, 1600x1600, trend-backpack-green--19549970…)

I'm in the market for a practical (preferably black) backpack that also doesn't look awful.
So, I've been into fashion for a long while now but for some reason bags just don't interest me at all. That means I've just been using an ugly worn down backpack like pic related for way too long and I want something that looks nicer. I'm done with having to pair good outfits with a bag that screams "autistic kid with velcro shoes". Thing is, I like backpacks the best because I walk a lot and usually take my laptop with me, which is pretty big and heavy. Where should I look for sturdy yet aesthetic options?

No. 175755

File: 1616078431579.png (199.32 KB, 642x540, lepliagepack.PNG)

Not sure about the others, but For Love & Lemons is really easy to find secondhand for reduced prices on ebay and thredup. Maybe mercari as well, but people overcharge on apps like that more often than ebay sellers.

If you're looking for something that is a bit of an investment piece, I feel like Longchamp's Le Pliage style of backpack is a really durable yet cute option. And their look is pretty classic and functional, so it doesn't go out of style, picrel

No. 175762

File: 1616081028289.jpg (111.17 KB, 750x1000, kaya-laptop-backpack-modelled_…)

Idk what your budget is but I like this one. It's a laptop backpack and it comes in a range of colours too.


No. 175766

File: 1616084493610.jpg (372.6 KB, 1920x1440, 3939992-p-4x.jpg)

Also in the market, please keep suggestions coming. Overall it needs to be durable, I want to invest in something. I liked some of the Dr Martens backpacks but they're over my budget when new. Picrel
Love this one so much

No. 175781

File: 1616092288845.jpeg (88.56 KB, 1000x1250, 3CA7C0F9-B7B7-4D6E-9BF3-19D03E…)

I know the kanken backpack is overdone but I have a fjallraven raven 20L and it’s lasted me a while… idk how stylish it is though, it’s more utilitarian but I like it personally