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File: 1622061289063.jpg (1.13 MB, 1431x1662, 229whr8i7zf31.jpg)

No. 187962

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny b*tches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to ganbang me raw

No. 187967

File: 1622061478088.png (287.54 KB, 802x1316, 187F5CB9-46D0-456A-BDA2-AB747D…)

Hell ya baby time to image dump

No. 187969

File: 1622061727681.jpg (1.12 MB, 1748x1181, 83999148_p0.jpg)

i want the jojos to gangbang me raw

No. 187970

File: 1622061730291.jpg (86.18 KB, 780x439, Mgsv tpp comp_ee448e_5676520.j…)

Thank you Hideo.

No. 187971

File: 1622061737279.jpg (1.23 MB, 1018x1454, 61225393_p0.jpg)

If only I could hump his legs.

No. 187972

File: 1622061844443.jpg (64.7 KB, 680x680, E1n-wvBUcAI8FDK.jpg)

Tell me why,
Why can't we have a threeewayyyy

No. 187973

Thanks OP for providing this weeb ovulation outlet btw

No. 187974

File: 1622062103507.jpg (494.83 KB, 1290x1821, 20201211_103746.jpg)

I want to fuck everyone in Jujutsu Kaisen, no exceptions

No. 187977

File: 1622062503417.jpg (37.71 KB, 455x313, EvH5cOZXUAARAY8.jpg)

Not me

…I only want to fuck this dude for some reason.

No. 187980

File: 1622062611554.jpg (121.48 KB, 459x816, c611abe3-9d4b-47cf-8c5b-ebf997…)


No. 187981

File: 1622062652391.jpeg (70.21 KB, 749x562, 569C29AE-DCA6-4C92-8868-616AA1…)

I wish what was me, I really want a threeway with Diluc and Kaeya.
>tfw no fire and ice dp
Like, imagine, I’m sure kaeya must be a bit cold to the touch, and Diluc has to be warm, it would be like having the air conditioning on after taking a warm shower.
would it be bad to warm up a dildo and put another dildo in the freezer? Would it damage my cooch?

No. 187982

File: 1622062668746.jpg (772.71 KB, 1600x1058, FaceApp_1606511084336.jpg)

Mary has great taste

No. 187983

File: 1622062690311.jpeg (227.7 KB, 800x800, 50B4809D-D60D-4628-A71B-1EF14B…)

I need him. I can’t explain it anymore I need him.

No. 187984

is that pewdipie?

No. 187989

File: 1622064028035.gif (2 MB, 938x520, 09990.gif)

unironically found this scene hot despite the context. i want them to fight/simp over me nonstop. even saved some reader-insert fics with that premise

No. 187990

File: 1622064458565.jpg (86.92 KB, 563x846, 9d8376261c54ac268dee994c2829a9…)

i really want to fuck naoya and im tired of pretending its in the "I'm gonna peg the misogyny out of him haha" way. i want him to completely fuck feminism out of me and turn me into his cumslut.

No. 187999

Why don't anons just use the husbando thread in /m/ for this?

No. 188002

1. this is for 3D husbandos as well
2. this is for shitpost
3. this is for hornyposting
4. this thread was requested
5. they were clogging the retard shitpost thread

No. 188003

adding to the reasons mentioned, it also mimicks the thread we had yesterday (was super fun, idk if you were there)

No. 188005

File: 1622068177393.jpg (212.89 KB, 1200x1600, shouji-mezou.jpg)

I know his arms look like a huge ballsack but imagine what he can do with all those hands (and the mouths attached to them)

I want to fuck every male in this series, yes including the worst boys, yes the retarded ones too, yes whichever character you personally hate idc, all except literal shotas and that graperape midget.

No. 188006

He wishes

No. 188008

File: 1622070114090.png (528.63 KB, 598x607, sineeang.png)

how do I stop cringing at myself and embrace the horny since it's anonymous

No. 188009

the matsu brothers in the shitpost thread…
if anyone has horny jysuhi art pls post

No. 188010

File: 1622070591942.jpeg (84.53 KB, 750x383, AFEE15C2-DEA5-43B4-A839-8F8F0C…)

>why is he so perfect?

No. 188011

File: 1622070675735.jpeg (97.6 KB, 600x782, 241F7289-289B-4EBD-A357-A4BDE6…)

I will sametard a lot, I found this retarded picture.

No. 188012

File: 1622070847733.jpeg (105.43 KB, 750x1023, 386A3A63-3D84-4DCE-A949-4E92B8…)

>tfw I will never make him cry because of a dumbass misunderstanding.

No. 188013

ily nonny.
he reminds me sm of my crush irl

No. 188014

File: 1622071251333.png (242.39 KB, 800x409, 6789965321345668.png)

different anon here's one without the watermark

No. 188015

based, thank you op, I'm one of the anons who proposed a /g/ shitpost thread

No. 188016

File: 1622071289764.png (210.86 KB, 800x410, 3680063321235.png)

and the others

No. 188017

File: 1622071358042.png (176.97 KB, 1000x1200, a66bfa7904d15573d8091422b339ad…)

this one's kind of dark

No. 188018

File: 1622071535339.jpg (109.22 KB, 850x1201, sample-1e077f70eae398976c1ffa5…)

want to smear food in almost every part of his body and then lick him clean, mask on of course

will now proceed to bury my head in sand

No. 188021

Anon plz tell me you have links to those fics

No. 188025

File: 1622076569402.png (73.67 KB, 480x640, 13ff8c6610ec3e916a5fbf9e6b9fb1…)

hetafags unite
Turkey is top daddy lol

No. 188027


and this one doesn't really involve fighting over reader-chan but it's a threesome with oso and kara plus it's hot so
looking back on my bookmarks most of the things i saved were focused individual neets besides these two and the one with oso and choro

No. 188028

File: 1622077377527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.52 KB, 1000x800, f72eafd32198fc8f932033811678a4…)

*were focused on
anyway I feel like posting oso now

No. 188029

File: 1622077537387.jpg (158.71 KB, 899x1753, 071ab2406cf6e5bfc1c481a4dd6c11…)

i firmly believe he would make the perfect fuckbuddy as long as you hide your money

No. 188030

File: 1622077671418.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1000x1411, 7ad305649a7f79646d8556eb6ddb78…)

unrelated, an ichi

No. 188031

File: 1622077755641.jpg (92.35 KB, 800x1200, 3e9393ad032bb5748c505f9f1b4ed9…)

No. 188032

stop you're going to make me into otsomatsus

No. 188033

Thank you based yumejoshi anon

No. 188038

File: 1622079839440.jpg (151.2 KB, 850x660, oso-faces.jpg)

come to the dark stinky side nonita

No. 188041

File: 1622080313611.png (421.84 KB, 800x600, 8983279_55769133_13.png)

wait should've posted this, i forgot i got a bunch of yume art lol

No. 188043

File: 1622082126919.jpeg (115.8 KB, 1080x1080, C745E678-36A9-4F79-A591-F4487C…)

>the jyuushi in this and the ichis
Please anon I genuinely feel insane. He’s so undesirable what the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 188044

File: 1622082239727.jpeg (226.43 KB, 850x1129, 521A96B0-8048-4244-A5CB-01E823…)

God I wish this was me

No. 188045

Why did you unlock this turn on for me again, I thought I got over it years ago.

No. 188047

File: 1622082890179.jpg (143.59 KB, 750x957, 6954768_67506974_19.jpg)


No. 188048

File: 1622082919400.jpg (81.8 KB, 748x999, 6954768_67506974_31.jpg)

cute cute cute!

No. 188049

File: 1622082958586.png (243.04 KB, 700x933, 8983279_54763689_8.png)


No. 188050

File: 1622083062475.jpg (191.45 KB, 750x775, 54445228_p15.jpg)

the gang'sbang all here

No. 188053

File: 1622084126304.jpg (22 KB, 275x275, 06bdeb51-1089-4503-8164-ec0638…)

Just a heads up this thread is not just for 2D husbandos and waifus, it is also for 3D real human husbandos and waifus, general hornyposting (ex: I wanna suck a big testicle) and manhate memes

No. 188055

File: 1622084403630.jpeg (164.4 KB, 494x731, 33F5FE58-00E9-44E8-A5FA-93FC5A…)

I actually dislike him so much that that photo made me come to my senses

No. 188056

File: 1622084702927.jpeg (99.12 KB, 850x625, D6B97F3F-DFFF-4D6F-A342-763AD4…)

Back to being retarded because I want him.

No. 188057

post-komaeda clarity

How saucy can the images be? I know no full-on porn but what is the sauce level exactly

No. 188058

File: 1622085109416.jpeg (39.24 KB, 560x794, 5C7B9204-FDD9-4334-95BE-1199C4…)

as long as there’s no genitals or intercourse it should be fine

No. 188059

File: 1622085615401.jpeg (231.05 KB, 750x1062, A43747E2-32A9-43FA-908C-5847E0…)

I want to slap them, but I also want to kiss them and do many things that i probably should post in the sexual fantasies’ thread.

No. 188060

File: 1622085952183.jpeg (46.51 KB, 500x417, D2250907-C94F-45E7-9550-AB03A6…)

You can’t just post this and not say who they are

No. 188061

genitals and nudity should be spoilered obviously
its in the lolcow rules

No. 188063

>is also for 3D real human husbandos and waifus, general hornyposting
What?? Like actors and shit? This is too dangerous

No. 188064

File: 1622087096656.jpeg (132.79 KB, 750x574, 5BEA0496-9F9D-4313-B21C-3C7A9D…)

They’re Floyd and Jade leech from twisted wonderland, two ridiculously tall and shady himbos.

No. 188065

File: 1622087260229.jpeg (209.92 KB, 736x1198, B5D14E82-8B83-4620-B116-19E77E…)

I don’t read moonrunes, but Dios mío ¿qué puede hacer esa lengua? mi amor.

No. 188067

File: 1622089193905.jpg (60.7 KB, 600x849, 27f426cd92cd6f83621b23c6cbc7d7…)

i want to fuck everyone in jjk. holy shit

No. 188070

File: 1622089894666.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.65 KB, 496x701, 6f1840656a95abb9874156ae884425…)

Thanks for letting me know. I took a near year-long break from lc and wanted to be 100% on it. Love how everyone calls each other nonny/anonita now it's cute

the fact that the Hetalia boys aren't real makes me want to cry irl

No. 188071

No. 188072

1st panel:
Right guy: Oh
Left guy: What? Did you find something funny?
Right: Nah, but it's the Floyd-senpais

2nd panel:
Right hand guy: Oh hi
Left hand guy: It's the shrimp
Off-panel top: Uuugh, if they pick a fight with you, I'll just leave you. So annoying.
Off-panel bottom: You're so heartless. Some things don't change…

3rd panel:
The sweet I got. I got this from shrimpie.

4th panel:
Guy: Nnnn
Off-panel top: Floyd, what are you doing? We'll be late to the shop opening!
Off-panel top: Fufu, shrimp was there.

5th panel:
Right guy: Uwa! A sweet! I thought it was something else
Left guy: ?! His tongue is so long!

No. 188073

File: 1622091244808.jpg (435.2 KB, 987x1200, 85821049_p0_master1200.jpg)

Dude I just started reading the manga and the first time this dude takes his fucking blindfold off … Gege what are you doing hiding this angel's face away?!
That said I went to a doujin store the other day and 95% of JJK doujin are Gojo fucking anything that moves. No blindfold in sight. Maybe Gege just wanted us to be able to concentrate?

No. 188074

File: 1622092398792.jpeg (593.24 KB, 1125x1560, 7E5B7498-09AD-4298-B2BD-73C12A…)

ok I don't care anymore. I'll say it in the classiest way I can… nevermind. I want his semen dripping down my thighs. the world couldn't fathom how little I care that he is a ginger, I need him. had this fantasy last night of putting my hand on his face because I want to do that when I see how serious and high-strung he looks. put my palm to his cheek to try and smooth him. but he seizes my wrist and grabs me someplace else I haven't decided yet, let's say waist. except I kinda want his gloved hand gripping my chin in a threatening manner (not harmful since it is a fantasy). it can progress many ways from there. I rewatched the first movie tonight with my father, and I showed no signs of my thirst in his brief on-screen moments. I quietly gave him my devoted attention. the feeling is growing until I can watch the next movie. it's one of life's cruel jokes that he is such a minor character, then again saves me the shame of constant horniness when watching with my family, which is awkward. still he gets all of my attention even when not on screen. his yelling face was kind of ugly but I want him to shout at me passionately, hatefully how he wants to destroy the resistance. I don't know why it's hot that he's authoritarian. I love it and his neat smoothed hair, sneering nose, and sexy sideburns. what I'm scared about is, how many steps removed am I now from a nazi fetish? I should've been a driverfag but kylo is not the same at all, for me. I laughed when he came on screen because I thought of lolcow though. no one else but LC can know of my lust for this creep

No. 188076

unironically based, glad I'm not the only one lusting after this bootleg hugo boss motherfucker

arguably him being a ginger just makes it better

No. 188077

File: 1622094236300.jpg (135.55 KB, 1200x1196, loveofmylife.jpg)

i want to continue his bloodline with him so bad and give him so much children i will become his little housewife i dont care anymore

>Arthur Morgan thread pic

your taste is impeccable op i too want him to bone me

No. 188078

File: 1622094458900.jpeg (328.54 KB, 1125x818, 25F3F933-B217-499D-B725-7F13C1…)

>bootleg hugo boss motherfucker
KEK exactly anon, yet I eat it right up…

also I noticed he looks completely different depending on angles and lighting, can range from looking like a weird naked mole rat to … pic related, swoon. there's no explanation for why I like this quality of his.

he can aim his giant genocidal space laser at me anyday. I'd thank him

No. 188079

i cant play rrd2 anymore cause i get so horny i have to pause and take care of it

No. 188080

File: 1622096165399.jpg (34.43 KB, 736x918, 131289bf36b7a66e1745e5e482580f…)

>what I'm scared about is, how many steps removed am I now from a nazi fetish?
Whenever I showed Hux to my boyfriend, all he would say every single time was "he looks like a Nazi wet dream", so I guess you're halfway there I'm there too fuck

>I should've been a driverfag but kylo is not the same at all, for me. I laughed when he came on screen because I thought of lolcow though.

Kek did your dad questioned why you laughed?

Did you watch the Domhnall Gleeson Burberry ad? I think it's really nice. As a dfag, I'm waiting eagerly for the release of the Kylo one.

Anyway, I'd I want a threesome with Hux and Kylo, but I'd honestly would rather see them bone. Preferably they can fight a bit beforehand to see who's gonna take it up in the ass. Hopefully there's a bit of blood drawn.

No. 188083

Ughhhh why does he look so good even looking away. I can't believe it he's so fucking hooooooooot. This is dangerous

No. 188085

File: 1622098509933.jpeg (47.17 KB, 320x320, 1949B1AA-A765-4788-A90D-1DAA0C…)

husbando x reader (Y/N) and your hot body dreamboat husbando exchange a BIG KISSU. what sexy times.

No. 188093

File: 1622103445515.jpg (26.52 KB, 400x566, 63b93bce134e5dfef4d816fc1e8a3c…)

indirect kiss trope with him after passing the boof

No. 188098

File: 1622105810472.jpg (231.86 KB, 2048x1152, Tumblr_l_535660822607517.jpg)


No. 188103

Damn now that I'm actually horny, properly horny, I'm too embarrassed to post anything anymore

No. 188114

File: 1622115662856.png (2.21 MB, 2560x1440, 445.png)

you know what I just remembered? just how fucking FAT ichi's ass is. like god damn. and it's consistently like that too. same with juicy's

No. 188115

File: 1622115713302.png (Spoiler Image, 215.79 KB, 672x348, e5.png)

Ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody (mwah)
Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody (ah, ah, ah ah)
Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil' waist (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil' waist (mwah)

No. 188123

File: 1622119007487.jpg (28.73 KB, 500x363, choro.jpg)


No. 188132

File: 1622121003273.jpeg (91.05 KB, 910x1310, F572DDA4-0E2D-412D-9F57-334587…)

The worst Matsu
its all about catboy.

No. 188134

why are so many people horny for 6 anime jon arbuckles

No. 188139

I would say that I wish I knew but in reality I don't

No. 188142

Kek, that's what I'm trying to grasp. At first I thought it was the same guy, now I realize these are 6 different brothers, but how are people attracted to these overly stylistic artstyle with no erotic factor?

No. 188144

File: 1622123331198.jpg (62.42 KB, 684x911, f734cab7f5353de.jpg)

i honestly don't know either, there's just something about them..
but i guess one of the appeals is the fact that they're canonically horny and desperate, that's just hot to me for some reason. but i also had crushes on simplified/stylized characters since childhood so it's probably autism.

No. 188149

File: 1622126084534.png (224.98 KB, 490x700, 54358770_p7.png)

I'm glad this is a thread now because I'd been wanting to sperg more in the husbando thread but I felt so bad about the prospect of shitting it up.

I know for a fact there at AT LEAST 2 other Okabefags on this website.
I don't have anything more shitposty to say at the moment.

No. 188154

File: 1622127133305.jpeg (378.73 KB, 2048x2040, 2C9C979B-B055-44F3-86E8-FF83FE…)

This person drew the best tweels. I don’t even care that she was frankentracing, I’m still sad she got ran off twitter by the jp fujo busybodies.

No. 188157

File: 1622127663978.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, 187537633_508165613657481_6028…)

He's so awkward and cute and has the nicest voice…I just want to touch his hair and choke him with his lanyard hhgghhhnngghh

No. 188158

File: 1622127690638.jpg (41.09 KB, 466x700, 5c09c6ef8763871e8e5178c11b9399…)

Shiro from the Voltron reboot as an amputee-war veteran PTSD-soft man-canon gay-asian-bara-mindrape-cloned representation-bingo-from-hell character design was such wasted potential, I wish he was in a good show. I know he's basically decaff-Guts, but I like his soft design better.

No. 188161

>Implying that there aren't people out there who have John Arbuckle as their husbando

No. 188169

File: 1622131073283.jpg (50.09 KB, 363x512, 5c2e4bd72cee462eaa894d0d65adca…)

He always gave me Kaneoya Sachiko vibes, I bet she would draw epic fanart of him.

No. 188170

File: 1622131811238.jpg (20.47 KB, 512x288, 65a620fc91761789720298eaafc489…)

hottest death note character

have imagined a threeway with him and matsuda

No. 188180

File: 1622136067786.gif (7.32 KB, 150x150, dd347w5-818a5e4d-c957-4dd8-bbf…)

Jon Arbuckle bouncing his fat ass on my strapon

No. 188181

File: 1622136138779.jpg (29.17 KB, 480x480, a4064abd1b1c4da94cb46cd914f391…)

I reallyreallyreally want his jacket

No. 188189

I would be the happiest bitch on earth if she ever did fanart of him

No. 188193

tf he's like 10 anon

No. 188201

Who is that kid?

No. 188204

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 188206

that's a pretty generic leather motorcycle jacket
it's just a jacket lmao.

No. 188209

File: 1622147074845.jpg (16.75 KB, 474x572, OIP.jpg)

he's a character from Despicable Me 3

No. 188211

It's kinda suspicious that she posted this kid on a thread about sperging about husbands though

No. 188212

don't be a pedo.

No. 188213

I hate that the husbandos I've had for most of my childhood and up has been tied between Samurai Jack and a goddamn blue circle with a mask. I want to fuck both.

No. 188214

>a goddamn blue circle with a mask
a what

No. 188218

I'm talking about the video-game character named Meta Knight. In my defense, if you listen to his voice lines in SMASH he sounds very hot and in the cartoon his voice is hot as well.

No. 188219

shit, I forgot to sage I apologize for that.

No. 188220

File: 1622149222965.jpg (211.41 KB, 1181x1476, E2X9_wDUYAUS22R.jpg)

tojis big manly milky mommy milkers tojis tittiesvtities milky titiestiti tojis the titiestitiestitiest tiestitiestitiestittities tojis milky tittsies tojis titties tojis milky titties toji the tittiest

No. 188221

File: 1622149258480.jpg (27.78 KB, 282x548, 19e7f332-78a9-42c1-af02-45d923…)

remember we can also post 3D husbands and retarded male memes cause this is /g/

No. 188222

For some reason I thought you were talking about snap from chalkzone.

No. 188223

Nope, but that made me laugh harder than I should've.

No. 188224

File: 1622149596766.jpeg (122.96 KB, 848x1200, 22256AB8-2C3F-4AD0-97C9-4B9E12…)

Nta but when I was a kid, I used to think he was pretty cool, even though I didn’t like the cartoon because I preferred watching normier stuff like those 24hrs marathons of pokemon or Disney series.

No. 188225

File: 1622149596667.jpg (36.7 KB, 636x1024, a023b925a39734dc65639eaff1443a…)

this fucker is who I imagine when I can't sleep. I retract to a safe space in my head where I have a whole detailed universe where we run away together and I fix him, or we an hero together, depends on my mood. I would never let a 3d man mistreat me in the way I'd let Nathan treat me
all his non-yaoi fanarts are butt ugly and his in game model is disgusting but in my head he's gorgeous

No. 188228

Anons when I can't sleep I imagine that I am a space explorer and I work with an alien on a spaceship all alone and I'm so embarrassed to write anything else

No. 188230

File: 1622150277664.jpg (22.17 KB, 634x357, garrus-and-shepard.jpg)

You should play Mass Effect

No. 188235

File: 1622151611402.png (672.49 KB, 1280x725, p kun.png)

i appreciate a good dumbass

No. 188253

I hate this. I hate you.

No. 188279

File: 1622169435788.jpg (76.98 KB, 833x1200, 1e9e75e74e6b5e34af7daf15af7b59…)

austria… wanna see him get railed tbh

No. 188285

File: 1622179716832.jpg (104.42 KB, 580x600, a8d488bd3678efef6de2116cad6316…)

Imagine how tall he is anon his cock would be huge too

No. 188287

File: 1622185533753.gif (545.74 KB, 245x350, b8c07da80b3414f838a9a9de8ef106…)

Folks, who has the best marvel tits?
Cast your votes!

No. 188290

File: 1622188557750.jpg (175.94 KB, 756x838, general_grievous_5__colored__b…)

Are you yelling me i cam post my husbandos outside of /m/ ???? Can I post lewd ones ?

Anyway my #1

No. 188291

File: 1622188671939.jpg (71.18 KB, 500x604, Garrus-Vakarian-Mass-Effect-2-…)

N my #2 , cliche but I love these skinny men with wide hips and shy personality u know?

No. 188304

File: 1622201624742.gif (992.22 KB, 500x281, CMZD.gif)

he's so abbdddorable I got mass effect 3 when it was free once but I couldn't get into it because I hadn't played the first two parts so I just went down to talk to Garrus and fawn over him. This is so sad. we will never marry cute tall aliens in huge armor. whyyyyyyy

No. 188309

File: 1622204513993.jpg (62.39 KB, 564x737, ca2c5ecc1a8a033b7e7be7dd7cf92d…)

fantasizing father anderson sending me james joyce-esque pervy letters and sniffing my correspondence..

want him so bad anons

No. 188332

File: 1622213896862.jpg (328.79 KB, 800x639, bb20a75b895dd0994528a10a6ca5be…)

I got you sis

No. 188337

And now I was having a dream about him but my loud ass neighbors woke me up!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!

No. 188390

Nevermind, I just downloaded his costume for the sims 3 heheheheehehehe I'm gonna marry him and we will live in space hehehehe and kiss

No. 188393

Just drinking a beer and looking at mediocre redhead reddit men naked. I just wanna fucking idk, passively inhale scrote dick pics. Only ginger though.


I'm not used to hornyposting, is gayer hornypostin OK?

No. 188409

File: 1622236042675.gif (2.57 MB, 268x300, 8acc4b09b9177ba7004b02fd4d35c3…)

No. 188415

File: 1622237391322.jpg (169.42 KB, 680x1000, 23bdf19e13d368e3807065e9e07594…)

I once read a fanfic where he would use his mind reading/invasion force to give you instant super powerful orgasms, one after another, to the point of utter exhaustion.
I want him to do it to me while dicking me from behind, in the snow of the Starkiller base fields. He could also pin me up against a tree while I'm too tired to protest against the tree bark burns in my skin. I know his 190cm self could handle it no problem.

No. 188426

i can’t stop reading self insert fics about my favourite band members. i feel like a horny teenager with no outlet again except i can fuck whenever i want now but i’m choosing to read about it instead WHY

No. 188446

File: 1622256565370.jpeg (58.31 KB, 529x645, 37FFB970-3B6D-4B68-B712-DBA764…)

Kawaii as fuck. Since someone replied I can justify venting now, and this will be cringe:

I cant believe it they killed him I knew it though that it was coming, but it haplened so fast and I thought okay he's gonna be ok it wasn't clear that he died it was so fast but OF COURSE he did, he's just a minor character anyway fml the rest of the movie was just me waiting for him to come back and slowly realizing oh. he is deceased.

I guess this counts as a venting shitpost. I need to find the content where he has a cat and anything else with him in it… my space nazi husbando.

to finish off with hornyposting, when picrel happened I thought "I wish that were me" including the slap I'm sorry

No. 188454

File: 1622260523243.jpeg (50.83 KB, 500x750, AAF2455C-4E33-4B0A-993A-F81563…)


anon who is this??? i’m such a weakling for dumb guys with red hair. pic related

No. 188455


Reno from FF7

No. 188458

File: 1622261722884.gif (721.72 KB, 444x250, tenor (4).gif)

I felt the sexual tension in this scene
I keep cycling between Kylux and Reylo and Kylo with myself

No. 188460

File: 1622264780391.jpg (65 KB, 696x1138, e5bb8f41805e9be1fa153885a01c23…)

Speaking of Star Wars husbandos

I wouldn't mind being railed by him on top of his ship console for some hours and then dropped off in like batuu or tatooine or whatever and only see him again for another dicking session.
But only with the mask on.

No. 188470


ah anon i meant the dude they posted, i was just posting another hot red haired guy lmao thank you though!

No. 188502

nta but I think it's one of the Hypnosis Mic guys.

No. 188512

File: 1622292617333.jpg (70.73 KB, 735x655, df5f383c8b935710feb55167721a4a…)

Doppo from Hypmic, he isn't dumb just stressed salaryman rapper.

No. 188513

I wish Dice would meow and bark for me btw kek

No. 188528

>But only with the mask on
Sigh, same.
I don't think anyone likes him without the mask lol

No. 188530

That aggressive meow is cute.

No. 188549

File: 1622310887751.jpg (560.43 KB, 1920x1080, dicestretch.jpg)

>ywn ruffle the hair of your cute starving hobo boyfriend while he nyaas aggressively

No. 188550

File: 1622310994990.png (1.93 MB, 1450x2048, Eu1u6rgVcAQffzz.png)

God me too anon, I don't care if he probably has lice or something I wanna kiss him

No. 188556

He looks hungry, he looks like he wants to eat my kitty-cat

No. 188586

File: 1622326745448.jpg (63.12 KB, 500x642, ac7181a098e251cd848e81561c533d…)

I need Koujaku to rip me in half

No. 188590

File: 1622329821472.png (6.74 MB, 2400x2968, 87946963_p2.png)

I love this motherfucker so fucking much, it's like almost all my fetishes were stacked into one character. I'm so glad I managed to snag his very first R-18 doujinshi before he was implemented in the game, it's so expensive nowadays.

No. 188595

File: 1622332266070.jpeg (123.89 KB, 500x414, 6530CF52-6F72-478D-AB2A-EB8A26…)


same but it’s these two freaks. or mizuki and noiz lmao

No. 188604

File: 1622337109631.gif (2.53 MB, 178x285, tumblr_pcmznmbjIU1qdsg0ao8_r1_…)

Tfw no hot douchey southern bf

No. 188605

File: 1622337156566.gif (2.58 MB, 178x285, tumblr_pcmznmbjIU1qdsg0ao3_250…)

Those tight ass pants hnnnng

No. 188626

File: 1622347138286.jpg (32.79 KB, 736x485, 6ec51a519230e52df7ccbe489a2ccb…)

I am horny for this motherfucker again.
I feel like Kylo Ren (not Ben Solo) would be a very selfish fucker, in all meanings possible. He would only give you orgasms as a power trip thing, leaving you exhausted and in tears while he keeps fucking you relentlessly. He doesn't care if you are tired or sore, he'll keep doing it. He'll pin you down or lift you up with the force, he doesn't even have to touch you if he doesn't want to. He'll see what's in your mind, the deepest, dirtiest stuff. And he'll use against you.
He'll be back to hating himself once he's finished and he faces his face own the mirror, but while using you, he's powerful.

No. 188627

File: 1622347292945.jpg (747.67 KB, 2048x1858, Tumblr_l_731272727774112.jpg)

The fact that Arthur doesn't and will never exist makes me want to die

No. 188630

I completely understand Samurai Jack. I don't get Meta Knight, though.

No. 188634

I could masturbate to this one gif for the rest of my life

No. 188635

he literally has tuberculosis sis

No. 188637

File: 1622357088230.jpeg (30.35 KB, 360x574, A016F322-264C-44E9-8B4D-095BF3…)

if anon gets TB she will get her wish of dying while also feeling connected to her ailed husbando, as if he gave it to her

in other words, op >>188627 I suggest contracting tuberculosis

No. 188639

File: 1622358574744.jpg (110.01 KB, 700x920, 1616525471417.jpg)

No. 188663

File: 1622369205445.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x1266, ac861b93-546a-4bc0-a233-97dcc7…)

I have that same pic saved lmao

No. 188666

This pic makes me miss japanese vending machine's hot canned soup so much

No. 188671

File: 1622377579170.jpg (21.16 KB, 480x479, nate-euphoria-1564690779.jpg)

I had a dream that picrel saved me from being stabbed and bled out in my arms. Most romantic thing a scrote has ever done for me.

No. 188676

I read it at first the opposite way
>I feel like Ben Solo (not Kylo Ren) would be a very selfish fucker, in all meanings possible
and I felt offended. Anyway thanks for posting him, I wanted to but wasn't sure if we are allowed to for the obvious reason KEK.
I had a dream about Kylo Ren back when TFA was the only thing. I was full-blown yandere masochist sub for him but he lowkey hated me and only wanted to choke me LMFAO

No. 188699

File: 1622390713460.jpg (193.82 KB, 937x855, CneqsxFVYAARUVc.jpg)

Touken Ranbu finally getting its english release brought me back, and I'm in love with the swords again.
Any other saniwas here?

No. 188703

File: 1622392899984.jpg (73.91 KB, 1024x757, C8u1__ZVwAERHnG.jpg)


Sengo is so fucking fine especially in the musical. I want to touch his bunny tail.

No. 188717

File: 1622402241212.png (721.53 KB, 1000x562, EzFSIGqVgAA_WaH.png)

You can see the outline of Doppos pebis in this card…..

No. 188718

That can looks phallic as well

No. 188721

I don't even want to fuck Doppo, I just want to pat him on the head and tell him it's okay to take a day off work and sleep a lot. He is karoshi waiting to happen.

No. 188759

File: 1622411427341.gif (3.61 MB, 498x276, tenor(1).gif)

it's not a deal breaker tbh

exquisite taste anon

No. 188763

File: 1622412825945.gif (1.84 MB, 245x358, 1622411426433.gif)

I want mads mikkelsen in period costume to cradle my otherworldly body in his arms and stroke me tenderly, then give me the box eating of a lifetime, then never see me again

No. 188769

File: 1622414862650.png (471.94 KB, 640x459, CA858FAA-783E-416A-BB6E-BFAEED…)

I want to fuck the rat.
A-anyone else?

No. 188771

File: 1622414977877.jpg (132.61 KB, 1168x1080, dobe2aig1r361.jpg)

Only if he shaves before and dies after.

No. 188795

File: 1622426026913.png (455.48 KB, 1000x1412, F4EDB1A3-E348-46C0-91EC-DD4929…)

I want him to use me as stress relief so bad.

No. 188812

File: 1622439386736.jpeg (40.66 KB, 670x376, 2D058BF4-B600-4124-BA04-B4AFBD…)

I want him. I always did. Ever since I set foot into that police station I wanted to fuck this hunk of beef.

When I got him as a companion I would make sure to remove that greasy ass hood from his head because he’s so sexy with that full head of hair.

I want him to plow me so hard in a dirty shack

No. 188834

File: 1622452634691.gif (9.73 MB, 540x540, kwiss.gif)

i see him on the fucking screen and i have to stop playing because i am absolutely horny for him i cant keep on doing this nonies

No. 188835

File: 1622453330906.jpg (891.31 KB, 2048x910, Tumblr_l_829266889219584.jpg)

No. 188849

lol, wait that's Chris? How much time has passed canonically between these games.

No. 188853

File: 1622460886306.png (424.14 KB, 640x360, 271F87F0-C16F-454D-A1E3-AB076B…)

I’ve found my people.

No. 188927

File: 1622492419805.png (591.32 KB, 820x879, tumblr_08b6ad688b1fb0c8cdebf3f…)

The autistic himbo of my dreams. Him being a virgin really seals the deal for me tbh.

No. 188945

i'm sure his meat is huge but he's embarrassed of it. i want to suck on his nibbles and toes and teach him how to eat the kitty

No. 188947

>autistic himbo
based, sauce??

No. 188948

Kazuma Kiryu, the one and only Dragon of Dojima

No. 188961

File: 1622500914386.jpg (85.17 KB, 1000x1000, 89dc0f33a671123aa33fe323bee636…)

I think that as long as you focus on the character and not he actor, it's fine. We can always thirst for the actor itself on his thread lol I also won't post pictures of his face, just fanarts or masked.

>I read it at first the opposite way and felt offended.

Oh, no. I think Ben Solo would go in the complete opposite direction, probably to overcompensate. I feel like he would feel very vulnerable; completely unmasked for the first time literally masked and metaphorically.
He would eat you out on his knees for hours, if you asked him too. He would let you be on top, he would touch you, feeling skin to skin for the first time, as himself. He wouldn't do mind tricks or forced orgasms, he would like to try and do it by himself, naturally. But you could still asked for one if you wanted to, just to see him blush and lightly squirm as he feels your pussy tightening with him inside. He would want to look you in the eyes, even if he was a bit embarrassed of it himself. And he would probably hold you a lot afterwards, he doesn't want to lose anyone else, anymore - he still full of parental issues kek
I think he would learn to balance it a bit more later, bringing a bit of Kylo Ren when necessary
RIP Ben Solo

No. 189027

god I've been playing this game recently and I haven't thirsted after a fictional character like this since high school

No. 189033

I had funny feelings when I tried fallout 4 VR. You could experiment with it a bit… I want to be IRL-dicked while I am on the floor of such a dirty shack in VR.

No. 189061

I wanna kiss him, run my fingers down his hair, tell him cute things, god hes perfect

No. 189062

kek seconding the "hidden face" rule on this thread lol

No. 189066

I just want to say that you have single-handedly cured my asexuality. Thank you for that. I definitely need more Kylo Ren/Ben Solo imagines, both kinky and vanilla

No. 189075

File: 1622562030094.jpg (201.04 KB, 510x707, Bo_Burnham_in_Pittsburgh_(crop…)

My dream man, I've had a huge retarded crush on him since I discovered him in high school, he's ten years older than me but I used to spend entire classes just daydreaming about being in an angsty relationship with him where he's a super ~tormented intellectual artist~. He's really smart, funny and tall which is literally everything I find attractive in a man. Knowing m that I'll never have a chance with him makes me actually sad (though I'm very happy for him and his wife. Just googled it and apparently she's 12 years older than him, that makes me like him even more ugh how can a man be this perfect and based)

No. 189077

>12 years age difference with the man being younger
They have a high chance of getting a divorce sometime in the future, nona. As much as that would suck, it would also be your chance kek

No. 189079

Nooo don't say that he deserves to be happy. And it's okay, as a eurofag I've made my peace with the fact that it's never gonna happen, he'll just have to remain a romanticized impossible standard in my head to compare every other man to

No. 189080

I really hope that I'm wrong and he doesn't divorce his wife… Fingers crossed for you to find someone as cute and based as Bo! BTW did you like Eight Grade?

No. 189081

File: 1622564174988.jpg (207.09 KB, 1000x1200, 54d5d3c3b80ebf78cca7e11474026f…)

lmao glad to know that my hornypost(s?) were of help, nonnie.
Lucky for you, Reylo is like the 4th or 5th most popular ship on AO3, so there's a lot of material there. I am a nitpicky bitch when it comes to my fanfic and even I could find something that met my tastes.
Good luck!

No. 189082


No. 189096

I'm a fake fan who hasn't watched it yet lmao. Idk why I have an irrational aversion to any media that's set in high and especially middle school, especially with a female protagonist, I think it's because I don't like comparing those stories to that time in my life? I'll watch it eventually though (or that's what I keep telling myself kek)

No. 189098

never say never nona, some of us be holding out for our celebrity husbandos hard. I believe in you!

No. 189124

>tfw no autistic space bf

No. 189158

File: 1622588366771.jpg (43.33 KB, 500x692, 1a53a04672cad68ae54c44a5560eef…)

No. 189168

Fuck yes I've been having feelings for him lately

No. 189169

>Ben Solo/Kylo Ren is autistic
Hmm definitely not my interpretation of him (if you mean it as diagnosis and not in a "lovable retard" way). I hate being uncomfortable with other people's headcanons of my ~comfort husbandos~ and I don't feel confortable sharing mine but I guess that's what religious people feel when confronted with a different sect's dogma about their god or prophet, so at least I can understand others better through being a sperg I feel you deeply on the tfw when no Kylo Ren bf. Why even live tbh
Ah, that's such a cute fanart! I wanna cry too now, so I'm gonna take a nap and hope Ben comes sheer me up in my dreams. Tomorrow is the day I dive into AO3

No. 189293

File: 1622598869406.jpg (230.8 KB, 1199x1697, f393278dce37619d04975aa82b8f88…)

I'm not >>189124 but I personally interpreted it as loveable retard with some social issues kek I wouldn't think of him as a literal autist as well


No. 189303

File: 1622601918839.jpg (56.36 KB, 894x894, re2_remake_leon_pinup_by_mistf…)

Finally a place to post this lol

No. 189304

File: 1622602575331.jpg (42.27 KB, 736x552, 4d6536859c475d6335eb543fc0c8c2…)

I want him to annihilate me

No. 189306

File: 1622602954977.jpg (285.44 KB, 1920x1921, re2_remake_leon__mr__x__pinup_…)

YES HOLY SHIT GOOD TASTE. His remake look is so adorable and i wanna sit on his face

No. 189318

We're gonna have to share this one.
I'll let you sit on his face first cause you posted first.

No. 189333

oof wowie lord
is there any pics like this with his tiddies out?

No. 189336

I want to sperg about my fav but they're from league of legends and I feel like a total degen for being into that game in the year 2021 kek. i've seen some nonnies post about it recently which makes me feel less autistic, but until i find my big girl pants and get the will to contribute i'm just here to say you lot have top quality tastes! enjoying the RE love specifically, yum. thank you op for making this thread

No. 189345

He is so fine, leave some for me too nonnies.

No. 189426

farmers are into fucking Tucker whatever, I assure you you are nowhere near the most degen

No. 189431

File: 1622626487297.jpg (943.58 KB, 1080x1525, 1618867736227.jpg)

I like fighting games because they're fun

No. 189438

File: 1622634655420.gif (761.65 KB, 384x216, Tumblr_l_150873169801350.gif)

he's so dense and horny it's endearing

No. 189439

Here is a tiddies out mod

No. 189447

hhhnnn anons should write out their tucker fantasies
t. tuckfag I wanna hear em

No. 189453

File: 1622646010347.jpg (285.1 KB, 800x1200, 18v2.jpg)

That's not nearly as degen as wanting to fuck serial killers and diddlers.
Anyway, Joseph Joestar (at any age, really) butters many parsnips for me.

No. 189459

Is he taking part in a anti-wanking challenge or something?

No. 189460

I'll be needing a source of this one anon

No. 189466

question to my Kylofags: does quality drawn erotica porn of him can be found somewhere or is it better to stick to AO3?

No. 189468

I love James Spader so much

No. 189471

where is the rest of this doujin

No. 189472

no nut november for the jojos

No. 189489

>>189453 source?

No. 189495

File: 1622664092605.jpg (158.56 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_41b3c600cf35ff7d71bd7fd…)

This game isn't even out yet but I wanna kiss him on the lips

No. 189499

AYRT, It's called "Blame it on the Boy" by Unky (one of my fave artists when it comes to this special interest literature). Unky's also the reason I fell for fucking Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny, despite never having seen the show.

No. 189512

I want to pet him so badly. Will this game have R18 content?

No. 189518

File: 1622671289055.jpeg (501.77 KB, 1666x1666, 0B7DF21E-4EFA-4926-88F4-CC8B56…)

oh yes I feel less guilty wanting to fuck him when he's like this

No. 189520

It's uncanny how he reminds me of my little brother here

No. 189521

Is that? Is that Jim Carrey?

No. 189522

File: 1622672154786.jpeg (262.33 KB, 1000x844, C81D9B6C-8070-4D02-AB97-35C6D4…)

put through a de-aging filter, yes
which is accurate enough looking like the real thing if you changed his hair color

No. 189525

File: 1622673436288.jpg (47.48 KB, 600x600, poster,504x498,f8f8f8-pad,600x…)

I was going to post the brawny man in this thread, but I found this and it's even better

No. 189528

He has bright puppy eyes here. Sad to see the light has gone from them nowadays.

No. 189529

Please this page is making my nipples hard I need the full doujin

No. 189538

that's a aged down manipulation of an interview from 2018, but I guess the filter brightened them? always thought he had weirdly pretty eyes although sometimes they look my resident sleep paralysis demon.

No. 189547

File: 1622683213416.jpg (144.8 KB, 1000x1050, 31ecc1a8b6ec44be0a6645ef49c6a0…)

i wanna peg him so bad it hurts <3

No. 189548

No. 189552

File: 1622685354269.jpg (37.86 KB, 250x250, Tumblr_l_1122171792289684.jpg)

I know he's probably musty but I want him to sit on me im sorry

No. 189572

File: 1622695693954.png (188.66 KB, 500x675, tumblr_bda2b6c11d93255b98b55e9…)

I enjoy the idea that he is a virgin

No. 189630

File: 1622724643771.gif (1.12 MB, 500x281, 477.gif)

want him to motorboat me and straddling in my lap, caressing him as he's sucking on my breasts

No. 189661

File: 1622740904149.jpg (30.93 KB, 354x750, 0a1ab51ccaf34fdc09350139f92620…)

>>187962 I wanna lay some pipe FUCK FUCK FUCK

No. 189664

File: 1622741621923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 740.35 KB, 825x1275, deiopvy-e8c81afb-2eb7-441d-bbf…)

>ywn grab naked Leon from a bathtub

No. 189675

File: 1622745786637.jpg (153.64 KB, 1280x1280, _re2r__leon_needs_some_break_b…)

I want to manhandle him so badly

No. 189687

File: 1622748796189.jpg (440.16 KB, 633x844, 3535d9c2c433d9ada36ffeee93acaa…)

im so close to getting back into hetalia in 2021

No. 189688

You can't post this and not drop the sauce anon. It's against the rules check on /meta.

No. 189695

File: 1622752430122.jpg (580.6 KB, 825x1275, dejzgec-a8bd8b25-943f-4cf5-aaf…)

This fan comic: https://alamusprime.tumblr.com/tagged/another-dawn
No 18+ action sadly but there is Leon nudity to enjoy.

No. 189911

File: 1622834100501.jpg (107.32 KB, 1024x640, da3a274ae25d67b34335f87014cf05…)

I hate the fanbase but.. Danganronpa is my guilty pleasure, and especially Korekiyo

No. 190021

File: 1622852822178.jpg (70.95 KB, 512x640, 8en853zmud031.jpg)

Girl same holy shit, I actually have a body pillow of him on my couch lmfao. I'm such a bitch for uniforms and 2d men with long hair, he ticks like all of my boxes.

No. 190039

File: 1622858554303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.9 KB, 414x660, 58875447_p12_master1200.jpg)

No. 190047

I always liked him but never realized how hot he was until the special. Is it bad that I got super turned on when he was reprimanding the sock puppet?

No. 190060

File: 1622872561112.jpg (432.96 KB, 1254x1771, E3E8OQ4VkAAxJkq.jpg)

He could pretty much do whatever with me. idc.
Get him out of that fucking cube Gege, I want my husbando back

No. 190087

File: 1622889661993.png (Spoiler Image, 307.68 KB, 737x928, HSUMZ.png)


No. 190089

File: 1622893198004.jpg (273.81 KB, 1864x2048, E2-2r47VIAIwzpC.jpg)

I like his black T-shirt so much. Who knew Gojo was packing so much TITTY

No. 190133

File: 1622906215555.png (747.58 KB, 621x872, i blame chosospammer for the s…)

>I still didn't meet a cute half-curse that I can call nii-san in bed
what the fuck? when will this suffering end??

No. 190158

File: 1622909077945.jpg (181.4 KB, 1920x1080, Tumblr_l_1101710229583871.jpg)

>"Good news, looks like you just got a cold. Get some rest, son."

No. 190187

File: 1622915957756.jpg (323.15 KB, 1700x2300, 1622485282634.jpg)

his douchey (young DMC3 Dante)behavior only makes me want to dom him more

No. 190204

I have loved the idea of Dante getting femdommed since DMC1. Probably because of the intro scene with Trish.

No. 190251

File: 1622928882085.gif (1.23 MB, 728x408, DjMEpeI.gif)

i am now a robot fucker

flawless taste!

No. 190254

File: 1622929552360.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.61 KB, 885x1194, Kg3fqdh.jpg)

I want to crush his big ass head with my thighs and then take a nap on those succulent tits.

No. 190255

kek anon I love you

No. 190262

File: 1622932257297.gif (1.73 MB, 500x260, 38bc33c03bade16c6ff6810fb1f74a…)

another day goes by with no cuddles from cyborg cop and gym equipment hoarder boyfriend

No. 190283

I want to say that I am so glad that this thread exists. I have spent several years fujoposting over multiple male characters across various boards on 4chan. I haven't done it in a while but this thread absolutely embodies what I loved doing on 4chan, which was shitting up threads with my endless thirst for Vergil and Kylo Ren. keep it up ladies! I'm proud of you all.

No. 190298

File: 1622950720863.jpg (51.67 KB, 659x560, 060292451e283282d265eac11cc1d2…)


No. 190391

File: 1622988980712.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 500x281, 56a00d2043c45b64cf4fe43bfbcabe…)


No. 190430

File: 1622999834093.jpg (47.51 KB, 236x372, 15415411541541541.jpg)

>great cook
>protects you at all costs
>you could sleep hearing his singing
>pets you
>observant and understanding
>sexy eye shape

No. 190436

File: 1623000374433.jpg (322.15 KB, 1364x1018, ESvfpbRUEAEn7e9.jpg)

Aidens in /cm/ got upset with me for hornyposting. Glad we can unleash our female thirst here.

No. 190439

Forgot to add the very important info that I wanna touch the boobies of all the muscle sword guys in this pic-

No. 190472

File: 1623006307108.png (Spoiler Image, 307.68 KB, 501x896, ce1058af708533f2a9a855d43aaf13…)


No. 190845

File: 1623125610713.png (53.4 KB, 216x214, s904638228373737373.png.png)

I want to FUCK him so badly. GODDDDDDDD I wanna corrupt him. I wanna throw his legs over my shoulder and go to town. I wanna suck his pecs. Look at his pretty ass. God I just wanna peg him, ride him, anythingggggggggggg FUCK. He's so pretty fuck me dude

No. 190866

File: 1623139447280.jpg (49.25 KB, 499x283, 6839230044_4be66d27db.jpg)

i'd punch my dad (not my mom tho, not going THAT far) if that meant i got the chance to suck on any yakuza man's uncut dick. if any of them called me slurs or even slapped me in the face i'd say thank you sir

No. 190867

why you gotta use a dead souls pic for this

same tho

No. 190868

File: 1623139936546.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.99 MB, 540x350, C13FE4A4-D602-465E-A9AC-966927…)

well I never figured someone would gif this scene from eternal sunshine but I was wrong. the quality too damn

No. 190869

File: 1623140115453.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.53 KB, 1500x1625, E3D16668-016A-4D90-B326-A88E19…)

this isn't even my fav movie of his but i would be lying if i said it didnt tickle my ladyboner a little

No. 190896

Kiryu is sweet and pure, he wouldn't call you slurs, slap you, or make you suck his dick. And that's why he's best boy.

No. 190915

Interesting how punching your dad is part of your sexual fantasy.

No. 190924

NTA, Dead Souls is when the characters are most vulnerable. We get to see Akiyama's romantic side and Majima's allergic side

No. 190959

File: 1623179347790.jpg (27.07 KB, 462x308, 31p5.jpg)

i don't know what came over me but i really want to fuck 2005 era willy wonka. i can't imagine what the sex would even be like, he seems like the type who's scared of it tbh

No. 190967

File: 1623181956132.png (Spoiler Image, 494.06 KB, 500x561, 1623018765044.png)

>lurk Stacy thread looking for inspo
>it's autistic marina screeching
>pic related

No. 190972

I imagine he would want to do cringe shit like put gobstoppers in your ass and suck them out. It would be terrible.

No. 190986

File: 1623187223054.jpg (59.02 KB, 567x900, 2aac1e8b36f00cdb2cf07b05b2609a…)

tfw no butler to get eloped with out of an arranged marriage

No. 191001

File: 1623189415974.jpg (443.39 KB, 1280x1828, Tumblr_l_149869755224078.jpg)

What id do to get smothered by her boobs…

No. 191025

File: 1623195053079.jpg (503.13 KB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.2864136064_18wb.jpg)

I was looking around Etsy for necklaces and forgot about this listing. I am so upset I didn't screencap a review on another sd necklace that was 10 times lewder than this and showed half the boy cleavage. Tan skin and neck stubble are my kryptonite.

No. 191034

the horny is gone now thank you anon

No. 191039

Sauce, please, I'm not up on my weebery

No. 191047

it's walter from hellsing

No. 191054

File: 1623210321506.jpeg (125.74 KB, 750x970, 4CC6476C-CABC-4CDF-AD85-9FD5BB…)

>tfw no yandere hot bf
He would probably tell me that he won’t give my heart to the queen if we do some consensual, missionary love making with the lights on as we hold hands.

No. 191061

Sorry nonny, thought this was the unconventional thread. My bad

No. 191082

lmao it's fine, i don't want to turn into a filthy wonkafag

No. 191179

File: 1623267532816.jpg (296.53 KB, 1240x1754, 1622669626323.jpg)

no thoughts. just sukuna and his two dicks

No. 191200

File: 1623273858861.jpg (62.93 KB, 640x474, F93_hs.jpg)

bingewatched those last sac episodes and I think I'm in love

No. 191234

>tfw I will never get dickslapped by all three of them
Why even live?

No. 191236

File: 1623295001075.gif (777.14 KB, 250x276, Michael Myers.gif)

I can fix him.

No. 191237


No. 191242

File: 1623298433651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 391.56 KB, 900x1200, 90137288_p0_master1200.jpg)

Everything on pixiv only has one dick. Disappointing.

No. 191248

File: 1623300774586.jpg (63.65 KB, 720x718, f40a4f2a91bc2a4705586f135999a9…)

He's. Perfect. He's cute, hot and can't talk too much which is the worst sin of males. I'd love to make him hold back moans. I'd peg him all night. I'd make him eat me out and he would tank me for it. I'd him warm and safe and Id feed him all his favourite meals.

No. 191249

I never got into this show but I can almost guarantee I would simp for this character just based on his design.

No. 191357

File: 1623360888129.gif (668.6 KB, 400x323, 10db17474b1d65b78292ac542a6b71…)

>ywn feel Kylo Ren's gloved fingers inside you
Why live

No. 191368

reading this post gave me a uti

No. 191376

File: 1623365033754.png (Spoiler Image, 683.35 KB, 1298x668, screenshot-www.youtube.com-202…)

Thank you Mark.

No. 191384

File: 1623366165534.jpeg (79.75 KB, 1000x1000, severus-snap-goodhousekeepingu…)

Snape is the only reason I ever cared at all about Harry Potter. In the books I skipped paragraphs to get to the bits where he spoke - every word possessing a sensual power over me. A few years ago there was a fanfic about him I read over and over, obsessively, almost nightly. He is the best (and hottest, dracofags can kill themselves) character in Harry Potter. I could make him forget about lily.

After he inevitably admits to himself he's taken a liking to me (after months and months of excessive eye contact in class and an uncharacteristic sympathy growing for me), I'd find myself making my way to his classroom everyday after school (first only occasionally at his order, later as a daily ritual). Sitting on his lap at his desk, just making potions and kissing him sporadically, his husky voice praising and criticising me alternately, almost as if he's holding himself back from telling me how much he loves me. Sometimes we'd venture into something more, but I'd always leave just as it starts to get exciting, teasing him. Sometimes the most intimate thing we'd do would be not to do anything physical at all and instead talk about fears, loves, trivialities of the day, that bitch hermione, anything on our mind at that moment - all whilst in each other's arms. We would be each other's confidants and recognise that, even though that we're both cynical outcasts, we can be cynical outcasts together. We'd scathingly stare each other in the corridors as a sort of in-joke, but occasionally the stare would admit a deep yearning between us, which would, of course, be satiated that evening. God I want him so bad…

No. 191393

I'm saving this to my personal lc cap folder, thank you nonny and wishing you the best with your sallow, hook-nosed, cranky goth bf

No. 191395

I've never had any interest in Snape in this way, but reading your fic made me realise I could be into Snape too.
As in an AU where I'm a teacher, possibly leading the department, and I get to just bully him relentlessly in front of all the kids that were originally scared of him. I would also call him a poser at the staff party and demand he name real goth bands, or something, before making him go fetch my drinks
This is the most cringe thing I've typed in a while so help me god

No. 191397

> This is the most cringe thing I've typed in a while so help me god

This is quickly turning into my favorite thread kek

No. 191399

File: 1623370286874.jpeg (117.45 KB, 748x421, 13F0C5E3-848B-4B7B-9A00-06890F…)

I had this dumbass dream this morning in which I knew I was dreaming but I couldn’t control anything.
At the beginning, Lucifer was fucking me, it was nice, cozy, he has a nice voice. He came too fast though, like in two minutes, and he was completely ashamed, he apologized a lot and we cuddled for a really long time, it was sweet.
But my second alarm woke me up, so I turned it off since it was too early, during the second kind of awake, kind of sleepy dream Beelzebub was there, he told me that he could workout with me and that he had a nice idea, so he told me that we should have sex.
Of course I told him it was a great idea even if it was quite embarrassing, but I still gave him a blowjob, it was weird because I could feel the tip of his dick kind of rubbing against my palate? And it had this texture like rubbery I guess, I’ve never had sex so I don’t even get how my brain said “yeah, this is how a dick feels like or something”
I woke up and spent the whole day like a zombie while thinking about that dream.

No. 191403

Tell us more about your love for Snape I love your love for him.

No. 191404

File: 1623372074768.gif (577.44 KB, 500x206, 2382715eeedde5d0425eab26e5ee88…)

Small price to pay
He could use even picrel if he wanted, I would look him in the eyes or mask and thank him

No. 191408

File: 1623373405184.gif (907.11 KB, 220x275, mfw.gif)

>mfw I'm just getting over a uti

No. 191410

Wow Snapesnogger, welcome to lolcow

No. 191419

Is Obey Me good? I've never played an otoge before, but I need some escape from reality lol

No. 191420

This post removed my nose

No. 191422

File: 1623379656789.jpg (48.54 KB, 678x1024, da6dcdbd14c21e1f1bfec7bc3bc7cf…)

Ugh you just reminded me of all my detailed fantasies i had about Sirius as a teenager. Never got so far as to write them out which i kind of regret.

No. 191424

File: 1623379970589.jpg (98.76 KB, 589x948, 4276b2e436bbf70c936f4ae6efee69…)


No. 191430

Ugh, no. He's so ugly and old. Sirius in the book is a dreamboat, and still meant to be way better looking than that even after Azkaban. The movies cast actors MUCH older than their parents generation should have been, Sirius was only mid 30s.

No. 191436

I know he's way older than in the books but i was already in love with gary, i used to be obsessed with older british men as a teen

No. 191438

File: 1623385585946.jpeg (90.46 KB, 960x960, ADD560D4-8974-43CD-A393-759B7D…)

I have such a huge parasocial crush on Jerma. There are so many elaborate fantasies that I’ve come up with in my head and they’re all so viscerally embarrassing. He’s everything I look for in a guy but because he’s so… like that I’m afraid I’ll never find anyone who I could actually date who’s like this. I hate being fixated on real people and miss 2D crushes because obsessing over people who don’t exist feels way less weird to me.

No. 191439

I never knew who jerma was before lolcow (still don't really know who he is, tbh) but I remember an anon saying in the confession thread they were losing weight because they wanted to fuck him and honestly I'm rooting for her

No. 191440

FUCK me too anon, I was just making retarded scenarios about him earlier today. It seems like there's an influx of Jerma fangirls lately

No. 191442

i hate this guy's face, something about it looks very punchable

No. 191446

It’s okay, it gets a bit slow from time to time but I like the plot and the guys are pretty cute.

No. 191457

Can we also just make horny shitposts with no husbando attatched?
I want any of them right now to rub my clit with the tip of their penis

No. 191460

He doesn't wear glasses, kek. But I wanna punch him, too. He supports troons.

No. 191469

File: 1623396384946.png (1.05 MB, 820x1106, Time_to_Paint-1.png)

It's a gacha game with terrible writing. I want to fuck the hot angel though. Don't tell me he isn't a huge slut for humans.

No. 191517

File: 1623419683743.png (1.09 MB, 820x1106, Skating_and_Sentiments.png)

Sorry for the autism but technically Obey Me isn't an otome game, it's a joseimuke. Even though they advertise it as an otome, it's technically not, which annoys me. There aren't any routes or clear reciprocated romance, nor is there much of a deep story. If you want thaty stuff and want to get into otoge I'd recommend playing console or PC games over anything you'd find on mobile, the mobile situation for otome games is kind of awful with bad translations and all the companies being greedy. As for Obey Me's quality/enjoyment, it's not great and the cards are kind of hard to get for f2p players but the guys are really cute and there's funny moments so I still play it anyways. I just refuse to spend money on lesser quality mobile games.

No. 191539

File: 1623430110155.gif (1.39 MB, 480x270, tumblr_8abd923dc26d23788741126…)

Office worker is hot anime only ofc

No. 191579

nta but wow I always thought Obey Me was mobile otome. People always made it sound like all the guys are into your player.

No. 191588

Well, they are into the player and there's flirting but it's in a harem anime sort of way

No. 191639

File: 1623462612643.png (1.44 MB, 820x1106, A_Sacrifice_for_Mammon_Unlocke…)


NTA but harem anime is exactly how I'd describe it. Speaking of which, an Obey Me anime is apparently coming out this year.


I get you, bad writing but the hot angel and some of the hot demons are worth. Picrel I adore this dumbass

No. 191677

I'm obsessed with those cute ass selfies and pictures he took with his ex god I just want the simple life WITH HIM

No. 191681

File: 1623488146797.jpg (43.77 KB, 500x700, ugh.jpg)

god i just want to dom a guy in a military unifrom

No. 191698

File: 1623502584538.png (608.23 KB, 647x738, get that sniffer up my pussy.p…)

Same. Mainly I just want to make Captain Hadley 'sob like a little girl' kek

No. 191720

ah sleepy sex with the husbando on a cozy cloudy day

No. 191737

File: 1623518952814.png (2.03 MB, 754x704, om dbnyfsavbjhgfaxrrrrrrrbarkb…)

wanna dive face/tongue first into that v-line

No. 191776

File: 1623534684989.gif (4.28 MB, 540x350, Tumblr_l_1499494607416621.gif)

>tfw your husbando has only one good fic

No. 191777

why is your pic cropped like that

No. 191780

Holy based, Clancy is too handsome.

No. 191790

File: 1623542003615.jpeg (66.43 KB, 800x1000, DB8B685E-22FE-44FC-A25C-D22E6D…)

Something bout him in this game was so sexy and I wish I knew why, literally a drunken depressed old man
When he pushes the player up against the wall and threatens you tho…damn

No. 191794

Man cleavage is such an untapped character design feature.

No. 191807

File: 1623548511044.png (221.5 KB, 440x558, mylady.png)

Lady and Maid is fucking amazing I want the tan one as my personal slave to bathe me and eat my pussy on call whenever I wish

No. 191808

why do the male party members in yakuza like a dragon wear socks when their shoes are off but the women are barefoot it's not fair i want to see men toes and especially han joon-gi's and zhao tianyou's toes waaaah it's almost 5am and i'm thinking about yakuza man toes again

No. 191809

File: 1623548938796.jpg (64.5 KB, 640x480, EhlsRua.jpg)

weapon-wielding priests > anything else this world has to offer

No. 191810

any priest kink>

No. 191819

this isn't jerma, it's some guy from 4chan who looks like him

No. 191820

File: 1623555102126.jpg (571.89 KB, 1280x1920, 03-watermark-jordan-peterson-g…)

looks terrible at 59 but happy birthday

No. 191821

don't forget to eat some meat to celebrate!!

No. 191829

God I can't wait till JP inevitably gets himself hospitalized from his retarded carnivore diet. My bet is it'll be scurvy but there's plenty of other minerals he's likely deficient in. Wonder if he'll insist on seeing some crackpot Russian "doctor" the way he did when he was detoxing from benzos, kek.

No. 191834

Happy birthday, you autistic handsome devil, you.

No. 191836

File: 1623566524456.jpg (28.42 KB, 621x414, Lt Dan in Forrest Gump.jpg)

Holy shit why is Lt Dan in this scene so fucking hot. Its something about how his dog tags look on his neck and shoulders. I feel so fucking dumb for thirsting so hard for chains on muscular men but holy shit

No. 191838

No. 191839

I don't get how anyone could find him attractive at this point. like, I'm usually into older men but he looks too old and frail even for me. wonder if he can even sustain an erection.

No. 191842

He can't, that's why all he does is keeps washing his penis every single hour

No. 191844

File: 1623567481385.gif (995.07 KB, 245x245, DC1F2C8E-8755-416F-A081-F6354C…)

Bobby Goren- chronic sadboi. I want to cook him dinner and read poetry to him. He’s misunderstood and angry, super weird and also a momma’s boy. His sad smiles are so adorable and his voice is so sexy. He’s also a giant and has handcuffs…he probably wouldn’t use them in bed but he could pin me against a wall with my hands behind my back. Whisper dirty things to me in that deep, raspy voice.

Pls let me make you a lasagna and ride your dick detective goren. Don’t be sad anymore.

No. 191847

File: 1623569134393.jpeg (504.74 KB, 750x728, C2338FBD-9CB5-4D5D-BD42-E58B49…)

I offer seteth from fe

No. 191851

File: 1623572307864.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, The Outer Worlds_2021060715005…)

oh yeah my current flavor of the month fits that category.

No. 191875

Based and Clancypilled. If you've ever had the unfortunate displeasure of watching Pet Sematary 2 he carries the whole movie on his back (by being hot and by being a funny wacky zombie in the second part), you can tell he really had fun with it too, which is cute.

No. 191878

File: 1623589848964.jpg (70.14 KB, 960x500, elden-ring-knight-character.jp…)

Sigh why can't I live in dark souls/elden ring and fuck my knight husbandos…..

No. 191880

File: 1623591229026.jpg (415.87 KB, 600x1067, 508-1.jpg)

foodgasm or whatever it's called

No. 191928

File: 1623609851808.gif (755.09 KB, 400x168, 346B3A42-BB56-436E-A669-AF6185…)

Military is almost always instant sex appeal for me.

No. 191941

File: 1623616745467.png (507.11 KB, 700x1250, d8hcsu2-311ea1a5-cd31-4266-bfe…)

I'm not into femdom but I want to bully him so badly, especially to get some healthier habits.

No. 191944

File: 1623618228230.gif (1.14 MB, 400x400, 3911e219300f035fca2a7f3658b008…)

One of my favorite Clancy performances, unironically. Pretty forgettable movie, aside from his really goofy and fun scenes kek

No. 191953

ayrt and I need to know your other fav performances for research purposes to fill the coid

No. 191954

*void, fuck

No. 191968

File: 1623624591644.jpg (148.48 KB, 939x1200, 95bfe10410a09df1a4eea84ab16880…)

I've got good news for you if you're into priest kink, because he's pretty great in carnivale. He's great in Earth 2 (picrel) too, but it didn't last long. He's adorable in ambition too, but good luck finding that.

No. 192003

oh shit yessss, i love priests, thanks anon for sharing some knowledge on our shared semi-obscure husbando

No. 192044

File: 1623652629356.jpg (1.22 MB, 1232x1748, 72964292_p9.jpg)

I pasted parts of the screencap on a blank background, didn't like the big empty white space at the bottom and had nothing else to put there so I made it transparent

No. 192045


No. 192069

File: 1623664144410.jpeg (405.01 KB, 2048x2048, ERDsWwsU4AE_-Yo.jpeg)

brb reality shifting to a dimension where Kylo Ren and Ben Solo will fight for my pussy

No. 192070


No. 192081

be careful, there is literally zero reason to come back

No. 192092

No. 192096

File: 1623682740308.jpeg (107.82 KB, 333x1000, 695CD248-FFDD-4DC1-9B62-1EFC99…)

>tfw Kaeya will never lay on my bed asking if he can get some cuddles after a long day of work with the knights of favonious
Why live? Seriously, this reality is shit.

No. 192104

File: 1623686832777.gif (2 MB, 500x281, literally me.gif)

dicks dicks anime dicks

No. 192123

File: 1623695138825.jpg (93.85 KB, 674x1000, MV5BMjM2OTIwNTcxM15BMl5BanBnXk…)

When I was 14 I actually had a huge crush on George from Of Mice and Men

No. 192135

File: 1623699004590.jpeg (156.52 KB, 1766x1089, EpITwK3U8AAKlL6.jpeg)

Not a Huxfag but I thought this fanart was nice

No. 192136

File: 1623699287510.jpg (124.85 KB, 477x550, 1203612_p0_master1200.jpg)

why am i so horny for a guy with three chins and why is there so little content

No. 192137

File: 1623699772849.jpg (294.93 KB, 1934x1256, 20210519_231730.jpg)

I want to peg him so so badly.

No. 192148

File: 1623702088145.jpg (78.09 KB, 600x410, IMG_20210614_231103.jpg)

want to kiss his hands and sleep in his arms

No. 192165

File: 1623707719327.png (2.34 MB, 1661x937, Untitled.png)

✓ sexy voice
✓ bougie
✓ big tits
✓ smol legs
✓ has cat

No. 192169

File: 1623708614107.jpeg (179.16 KB, 733x1000, DE8E7E07-3678-43F3-83A6-0717D3…)

I want to be double sandwiched by saint 14 and shaxx even if it kills me.

No. 192175

File: 1623710839248.jpg (12.1 KB, 250x188, Quackerjack.jpg)

His sexy, colorful, tinkling harlequin outfit, his devilish gaze that seems to mischievously observe my deepest perversions, his smile…he's just so tantalizing. Like the villain he is, I want him to kidnap me and take me to his lair full of toys where he will fuck me non-stop until I lose consciousness, I want him to play with me, i want to be be his…"toy". I often fantasize with corrupting his adorable, cartoonish self by filling him with pleasure.

And no, I'm not a furry, i don't even like animals that much but Quackerjack? of fucking course.

No. 192176

yes give me rat pp

No. 192187

I want the whole bumpy snoozer in my vgg

No. 192189

Too bad Saint's gay for Osiris, and who knows if exo's are fully functional.

No. 192191

File: 1623716041240.jpg (1.63 MB, 1988x3056, Darth-Vader-001-Cover.jpg)

Any version of him tbh, burnt/unburnt idgaf
Big tough guy who loves his wife

>inb4 choke me daddy

No. 192192

File: 1623716524805.jpeg (589 KB, 1125x643, 6067A325-7000-49A9-9258-39BDFA…)

Osiris out here looking like hide the pain Harold manages to bag a man like saint has me seething

No. 192226

File: 1623729915567.png (346.08 KB, 485x686, 1549831023357.png)

bump out of spite

No. 192227

File: 1623729957671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.6 KB, 759x566, 1528349898179.jpg)

No. 192231

File: 1623730066340.png (554.04 KB, 800x800, 63794494_p9.png)

No. 192234

File: 1623731720630.png (2.85 MB, 3592x2280, scotttt.png)

please help me i am autistically in love and horny for this fucking nerd. He's just so cute and passionate about his hobbies.

No. 192235

File: 1623732121833.gif (724.84 KB, 400x400, 644.gif)

need some skinny alt boys with big peepees NOW. but where to find them

No. 192236

File: 1623732169504.jpg (240.52 KB, 1300x2012, 14435215945724.jpg)

No. 192241

who is this?

No. 192252

I am so embarrassed to admit it but same, anon. Guys who sperg about their interests are so hot

No. 192253

NTAYRT but I think it's Kise Ryota from Kuroko no Basuke fanart, unfortunately the saucenao search only leeds to a deleted picture.

No. 192335

File: 1623780927506.jpg (43.81 KB, 701x502, IMG-20210615-WA0031.jpg)


No. 192336

I hate how the face is drawn compared to the body

No. 192367

File: 1623794504381.jpg (44.85 KB, 382x587, Shin.(Dorohedoro).600.2719425.…)

Fuck me, kill me

No. 192370

which anime is he from?

No. 192371

Dorohedoro. It's on Netflix and it's really good imo.

No. 192373

i agree anon, shin is so hot. the glasses really seal the deal for me.

No. 192404

File: 1623805302997.jpeg (583.83 KB, 823x980, 8E52D7BA-6ECA-4C59-8A83-A91BE8…)

Childe baby pls come home I love you so much I just wanna hear your cute voice everyday as I play and watch you do your thing

No. 192416

File: 1623808766624.jpeg (68.62 KB, 866x1300, 8C0B579B-730C-42E9-AC59-0A7CAD…)

Going brrr because of the sightly badly written Genshin impact self-insert fanfics I found.

No. 192417

That just makes my post so much funnier.

No. 192429

File: 1623813825085.jpeg (354.13 KB, 750x516, 83A8BFF8-B022-4DD7-9E25-59194D…)

loosing my mind over this. SIR PLEASE BE MY STEPPING STOOL

No. 192432

Kiryu was made to be dommed.

No. 192449

File: 1623831742416.jpeg (106.82 KB, 600x800, 637A3106-2EB6-4F5C-A12E-8C81AB…)

John Marston in rdr1 could get it, not second one though.

No. 192457

File: 1623835848177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 386.37 KB, 712x800, E1xX5NnUYAA60v0.jpg)

for whom…? kaeya has some of the best ones

her art is based

No. 192483

File: 1623854978564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.38 MB, 1748x2480, media-Ef-KKG9-Xg-AEz0-F8.jpg)


No. 192519

File: 1623867129117.jpeg (121.7 KB, 750x789, 2E386C38-F495-4386-9409-C3986E…)

I know this will sound autistic as fuck, but I’ve been reading basically anything with a yandere trope and while yes, most of them are extremely cringy, some of them are kind of nice, specially those with Zhongli, Tartaglia or Diluc, they somehow go well with that trope.

No. 192528

Kinda wanna get into genshin just because he's cute and voiced by my absolute favorite seiyuu in the jpn dub. Hope you get him nona!

No. 192659

File: 1623927047757.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20210612020956.png)

Two seconds before dom or two seconds before, 'Guardian what are you doing akward noises.

Even though I already have a husbando from this game I couldn't stop thinking lewd about him and it was messing up my grind.

No. 192668

File: 1623933723759.jpg (52.09 KB, 600x914, f9653cec1431c770c3f595f03160c1…)

happy birthday daddy i want to lick this literally perfect gilf all over

No. 192676

File: 1623936931533.jpg (58.44 KB, 461x599, Variks_Grimoire_Card.jpg)

Variks is the best Destiny husbando, hope this is who you mean saying you already have one. His voice is soooo hot

No. 192689

File: 1623940510413.jpg (60.17 KB, 600x480, Mugen.(Samurai.Champloo).600.2…)

getting doubleteamed by mugen and spike hhhhhhhhh

No. 192700

File: 1623942039679.jpg (12.6 KB, 225x350, 379d9986059408a1975f039361efa9…)


Oh ffffuccck anon I've had a serious crush on Spike since forever. Just listening to his sexy deep voice makes me melt. The fluffy hair, the suit, the long lanky legs….this man is perfection. Mugen is cool too kek

No. 192711

File: 1623949147917.png (37.68 KB, 500x225, 0f5fd5c5263b43400213eaeb5285b3…)

>tfw no electric slimbo bf to buzz your nipples and charge your phone whenever you want

No. 192714

File: 1623949615207.jpg (242.73 KB, 1192x1453, MV5BNjMwYjUzZWYtYTI5Ny00YjUzLT…)


No. 192718

File: 1623950847952.gif (297.16 KB, 511x288, 6c2bda5.gif)

WHERE ARE THE BIG DICKED GOFFS BOYS I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED I am summoning all /m/ drawfags. I repeat: all drawfags arrive to this thread immediately

No. 192719

*goff (goth) boys
I got too excited but yn what I mean

No. 192723

File: 1623952036896.png (965.19 KB, 600x1000, Teldryn_Sero.png)

I liked the fact I never saw his face, I was into that, I made sure to only give him armor with a face covering. I was still completely smitten. Then one day I accidentally removed all his armor, and he was no longer Teldryn Sero, the man, the myth, the legend. Only the man.
(Although I was releived to find out he was actually hot under it all and I really liked the face tats)

No. 192724

Electric slimbo big dick goth boy pls

No. 192728

File: 1623952725659.png (876.45 KB, 645x1080, The_Scarlet_Judge_(Quest)_7.pn…)

You reminded me of the Scarlet Judge of ESO. Sure he is the cliche masked antihero but I didn't think twice about him until I met him again in prison with his disguise removed and his legs broken and he's not this cool noble hero anymore just a wounded vulnerable man, I'm not a sadist tho I swear

No. 192734

I downloaded a mod that gave him a much longer backstory and it made the quest so tedious, but damn is he worth it.

No. 192740

File: 1623958365676.jpeg (210.37 KB, 1473x1709, EqsMfuhVgAE8E-c.jpeg)

Pay me, bitch

No. 192748

File: 1623960254613.gif (2.2 MB, 498x361, tenor.gif)

I didn't realise it was a national holiday today. Happy birthday, Daddy of Dojima.

No. 192751

I will take one, thanks

No. 192787

File: 1623971017361.jpeg (801.47 KB, 1920x2400, brian-moncus-the-mountaintop.j…)

>who knows if exos are fully functional.
They likely are, since the clovis journals go into detail about how they go crazy if they can't do normal human things. Also, daily reminder Clovis canonically built his grand daughter a stacked stacy robot body.
So yes, while it's not officially confirmed they can fuck, it's pretty heavily implied.


No. 192829

File: 1623977350236.png (110.93 KB, 365x198, warlock compare.png)

I love Variks, but he's on the 'if only he was human' side of the husbando chart.
My Destiny husbando is my secondary character Awoken Warlock. It was love at first sight from the Xbox 360 Beta character creator.

No. 192844

File: 1623978716405.jpeg (97.91 KB, 1200x848, FB00E60D-0662-4177-9E08-96C820…)

>tfw this venti will never exist
Fucking hell, adult venti is superior and I want him to sing a ballad of how he would be amazing at fucking.

No. 192891

File: 1623999162936.jpg (206.24 KB, 1200x800, Screenshot_2017_09_15_16.55.26…)

Aren't you all forgetting a certain someone?

No. 192908

File: 1624006226688.gif (3.37 MB, 700x532, b5a7f3c32b89208938a261db83bc1b…)


No. 192910

File: 1624006284203.gif (253.22 KB, 500x280, 47d7968c1e32662034bd95d88f9d82…)

>ywn make them blush

No. 192912

He already has a husband though and a very cool adoptive daughter, out of respect for him I only look respectfully
also Bungie is rumored to remove EDZ so we better hurry with our respectful appreciation just in case
TBH as simple as it is, character creator is love, understandable choice anon.

So many Destiny anons in the thread btw, ILY all

No. 192933

>So many Destiny anons in the thread btw, ILY all
Remember to do your VOG runs on all three characters, nonnie.

The amount of robot fuckers in these threads always surprises me.

No. 192936

Nice. very nice

No. 192942

File: 1624018716294.jpeg (60.17 KB, 640x640, 00C73BA7-07E8-48E1-A044-58478A…)

A farmer vog raid team would be my dream, sigh. Please destiny nonas, I’ll run relic on Templar.

No. 192950

Same! I've only done raids in d1, then my clan fell apart and since I didn't want to match up with some strangers I've never done any in d2. Please carry me sweet anons

No. 192956

File: 1624022215941.gif (4.88 MB, 268x402, t0b0f6194690b87fa51c4f58c3ed27…)

Yes I know I know it's cliche but idgaf. Heath Ledger's Joker is insanely hot and i'd fuck him til kingdom come. Even if he looks like he hasn't bathed in several months

No. 192957

File: 1624022365983.gif (2.99 MB, 500x317, mpd9ec4834a893cdb8877f22e2c96b…)

Lick me up psycho clown

No. 192967

File: 1624028057261.jpg (164.66 KB, 560x680, otto (130).jpg)

My husband. I currently have 1053 images of him saved.

No. 192986

Last wish and leviathan was ass(except for Calus boss fight) but scourge of the past was fun as hell. Now there’s Garden of salvation(trash) and deep stone crypt that’s honestly one of the best raids they’ve made.

No. 193001

Lady, that is a drawing.

No. 193003

File: 1624037390428.png (4.52 KB, 276x146, my collection.png)

Real men will never be as perfect as him.

No. 193020

File: 1624042938769.jpg (68.23 KB, 640x640, acc3ee0bb3f6e6ba8a1c5c791680c5…)

This man I swear, he even made the joker attractive

No. 193025

delete them, anon. its time.

No. 193026

heath ledger is so fucking hot, first time i saw him mudbone jake gyllenhaals bussy up on bareback mountain with nothing but sweat, determination and sheep guts for lube i knew he was the man for me. shame he died.

No. 193028

File: 1624043804647.png (374.6 KB, 670x613, __matsuno_karamatsu_matsuno_ju…)

this thread convinced me to watch osomatsu

No. 193034

File: 1624044418537.jpg (16.33 KB, 239x400, me.jpg)

No. 193038

you don't understand

No. 193039

File: 1624045331444.jpeg (45.37 KB, 531x531, 68A42094-8B47-426B-84D3-51C1B8…)

I’m crying and laughing

No. 193040

File: 1624045376844.gif (4.69 MB, 450x449, tumblr_3e22ecd6b0c74ce001520cb…)

i would let this man do inhuman things to me

also unpopular opinion but i like his design in tlou better than in part 2

No. 193053

I would eat mud if it meant I could get a whiff of his BO.

No. 193062

There's a lot of stuff better about TLOU1…

No. 193084

I really like last wish, it's up there in terms of best made raids. Garden is so bad though, which is a shame because it's really pretty. I want to just hangout there and look at the cool plants. And yeah deep stone is amazing, and scourge was a ton of fun. VOG is fun too.

No. 193199

File: 1624112699086.jpg (119.54 KB, 1241x627, dorohedoro.jpg)

coochie shroomies

No. 193200

Yesss, I love him so fucking much. I'm kinda glad he was not popular with the anime fandom, at least I didn't see any disgusting fanarts or dumb opinions about him.

No. 193204

my ladies of patrician taste

No. 193207

Nice taste, I love him too but not in a husbando way
>disgusting fanarts
Hell, the bane of any popular character. It‘s always a pain to dig through mountains of disgusting, disrespectful ooc shit to find some good stuff.

No. 193265

File: 1624133727457.jpg (718.17 KB, 1966x2464, 82591940_p5.jpg)

I love him idk

No. 193283

File: 1624138648844.jpg (28.18 KB, 491x543, 3a067132e48a293a33467918e92f18…)

I want to touch his titties. Sigh
Where can I find fanart of his titties?

No. 193321

File: 1624150539866.jpg (145.89 KB, 1074x1074, Tumblr_l_224955627037329.jpg)

I have been gone for a while due to uni but finally… a place to sperg about my undying love for this dead, drug addicted and simply in my opinion perfect guy. God I want him to do a line of whatever he wants off my ass, just bang me all night long. Go ahead like… Gaslight me Daddy. Ruin my life. Write a song about it calling me a heartless bitch. If that means I could spend the night, I'll be alright.

Joking aside.
Thank you guys for giving me this thread so I don't annoy other with peep too much, or weird edits

No. 193322


you should make a peepfag thread, the adam girls get one. I love him too and want to endlessly discuss his songs and his sadness and what songs are about what etc

No. 193324

File: 1624151841207.jpg (86.2 KB, 750x750, MeandAnon.jpg)

I love you anon!
but this also kind of feels like a trick to get me banned kek
And while I'd love to autistically and anonymously (not sure how Anonymous I even am at this point in that regard but eh you win some you lose some) sperg about him all day…
I don't want to lose my shit talking privileges.
Or the possibility to sperg about him at all.

No. 193325

File: 1624152233313.jpeg (122.29 KB, 1024x836, 66D7DF62-3309-4A81-82AC-710043…)

I feel like Carreyfags aren't worthy of a thread, we are not worthy. Still gonna sperg about him on occasion though

No. 193330

File: 1624154298171.jpg (652.02 KB, 1793x1080, PicsArt_06-20-03.54.56.jpg)

No worries Carrey Anon.
We may not have our own thread. But we will always have each other.

No. 193338


Not bait haha I'm being sincere idk if it would be allowed tho, altho I suspect there's a lot of peepfags on here. I reread thru all the soundcloud threads every 6 months and always cry seeing people realize he's really dead :( big brown eyes angel.

No. 193341

You sound absolutely underaged

No. 193345

Gotta agree with you on this one.

I'll stick to this thread for my sperges about how all I've ever wanted was this Junkie Mess to ruin my life. I adore this man but >>193338 this is Lolcow.
Also echo chambers are boring! Who could I badly photoshop Peep next to if not other people anons thirst over?

No. 193347


(Samefag and Saged.)
But I didn't mean to come off as rude by saying any of this. Let's be real I definitely agree with you and I think it's awesome to find other fans and like minded people! You seem really sweet and sensitive anon and I'm always happy to know I'm not the only Peepfag. There is at least 2 of us now!
And I mean we do have this thread now! So yay for that.

No. 193351

You sound embarrassing asf…

No. 193353

File: 1624173042584.jpg (410.12 KB, 2000x1366, 2385118.jpg)

I miss my boys

No. 193382

File: 1624189991055.png (1.13 MB, 1076x1114, thighs.png)

jack grealish has the hottest body ever. he is dumb af, god bless, but who needs a brain when ur thighs look like this. my goal in life is to get a bf with his body type and have him walk around the house in tiny shorts. god bless.

No. 193385

Mmm fat thigh himbo bf…I respect your taste anonita.

No. 193401

I want to bite his thighs.

No. 193442

hot. isn't he a footballer? and how do you know he's dumb kek

No. 193472

He's a footballer

No. 193474

File: 1624225755955.png (244.81 KB, 700x867, 1622757816771.png)

I want gojo to suck on my titties so fucking badly… nonettes, why cant he be real?

No. 193476

File: 1624226190770.jpg (67.84 KB, 950x745, DnEUr4KVYAA1q14.jpg)

pls fuck me through the tv adachi

No. 193483

File: 1624230080945.gif (622.91 KB, 237x200, aa7d699459b95fe2a901762107ec27…)

Happy father's day to this fat piece of cock. I wish I had his kids

No. 193485

File: 1624231545437.jpeg (54.81 KB, 453x807, E5066E9A-3311-481E-9DDB-0EF863…)

Fellow Peep anon reporting in

No. 193632

File: 1624303032981.png (706.45 KB, 740x860, 1594923181040.png)

Don't listen to that other anon, you have great taste. No one can compare to Otto.

No. 193651

File: 1624308690161.gif (147.68 KB, 600x600, himbo_rights.gif)

he doesn't know what the word "encyclopedia" means….

No. 193652

I want to draw my husbando but I'm too embarrassed even if nobody else sees it. I start a new file, stare at it, maybe draw some nondescript lines, feel retarded, close file. How do I obtain the willpower?

No. 193655

Pretend to draw a nondescript person for "practice" "reasons" and then in the last minute BAM make it look like your husbando

No. 193660

File: 1624312146584.png (1.37 MB, 1280x902, 7b44ecbef3b69f79c75b307d7145fa…)

MGSVfags or just MGS anons are so rare but always have good taste.

No. 193664

File: 1624315934519.jpg (51.5 KB, 473x565, IMG_20210622_015054.jpg)

cuffed sex with adachi and dojima would be a dream

No. 193668

File: 1624319138386.jpg (115.13 KB, 984x2048, 88119869_p39.jpg)

Nonny, it's because we're not worthy. We'll have to do good in this life to ascend to a plane in which Gojo exists.
But let's be honest, we're on lolcow so it's never going to happen.

No. 193672

File: 1624320267500.jpg (335.63 KB, 2048x1152, ExfJjuqVIAcb9zp.jpg)

He has no right being so fucking gorgeous and perfect hhhghnghhh please sir let me touch your hair

No. 193712

File: 1624338538124.gif (1.92 MB, 500x230, holyshitKAZmgsv.gif)

Original MGS anon here, nice to meet another lady of excellent taste. And I only like poly when it involves these three guys.

No. 193746

ugh i want to fuck him so bad…

No. 193754

File: 1624364011542.png (259.56 KB, 1174x500, 34607-Y3138904-E01-L86.png)

i feel like no one else can live up to these degenerate neets. other anime guys feel so sterile in comparison. tired of that "i'm too ~cool and mysterious~ for pussy" bullshit, make them horny and wild damn it. like me. and the matsus of course

No. 193835

File: 1624400685756.jpg (201.12 KB, 2026x1486, 78gb9tk41sx41.jpg)

majima this and kiryu that… what about prosthetic hand estate agent?

No. 193847



here you go nonnies

No. 193848



i mean this, whoops

No. 193857

File: 1624412330999.jpg (54.97 KB, 635x900, 1624155598703.jpg)

I wanna fuck Diluc SO fucking bad. One of the few Genshin characters I like.

No. 193868

this is making me uncomfortable, they look like shotacon

No. 193869

File: 1624418908003.jpeg (76.8 KB, 736x413, AE1291F5-FD51-4ADA-8CB6-2394BD…)

Nta, but there are clear differences between the originals and the sequels. The older matsus are in their 20’s.

No. 193870

File: 1624421190230.gif (2.29 MB, 553x309, punch him.gif)

His ass is so fine I love his mustache

No. 193896

File: 1624435708137.jpg (44.36 KB, 390x280, father-son-cowboy-260nw-113764…)

I'm really struggling with my hormones right now, like I've been fantasizing about being married and becoming pregnant for a while now but it's been getting pretty intense recently and I doesn't help that I'm in my fertile days of the cycle. I'm so pathetic like any talk of babies and families get me literally physically aroused. Last night I was talking with this friend about how he wanted to settle down and find a nice lady and you know start a family and my ladyparts where vert intensely stimulated. It was so embarrassing like he was just innocently talking about how he would be a good husband and dad and I was being a degenerate fuck. BTW all of this was via text. Is it normal to be this horny. You know I literally had to excuse myself and go get a cold shower, it doesn't help that I can't relieve myself as I iam religious. Do any of you struggle with this(subjectfag)

No. 193901

Me too I don't even know what cartoon that is nor do I care but every time I see an image with him I think, nice.

No. 193904

He's from the show Invincible, only know him because of the memes. Ngl the first time I saw him I thought he was like an AU version of J.Jonah Jameson as a superhero, probably because he is voiced by J.K. Simmons.

No. 193906

nta thanks, I've seen so many gifs from that show, gotta check it now.

No. 193919

Yes watch it!! If you had any stake in the original Justice League cartoon it’s very reminiscent. There are a couple of iconic fight scenes than freaked me the fuck out because of how it goes down… Just watch the full first episode and see what you think

No. 193922

I never understood this, every time I see someone raving about these characters I wonder what their appeal is. I don't watch anime, is it their personalities or something? They look so ugly. They look like Steven Universe beanheads combined with Jon Arbuckle's eyes. I don't get it man.

No. 193927

Same sis, they look gross.

No. 193928

File: 1624459656823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.56 KB, 567x719, 6efd600af333616c33bb755eed3a17…)

>is it their personalities or something?
basically this, and I like that they're gross and so desperate all the time lol. i want more anime guys to canonically fap, have fetishes and/or act desperate for sex. even besides that they feel more flawed to me, in a good way. like someone i could hang out and drink with.

No. 193931

samefag what I mean is they're not overly idealized? so that's part of it combined with their grossness. i want them to be nasty. plus they can shoot drinks out their nipples.

No. 193934

File: 1624462752837.jpg (72.97 KB, 678x1200, 074f4fc37cde24169ed7592b63c49b…)

No. 193937

is that tachibana

No. 193950

File: 1624469110353.gif (9.96 MB, 540x400, Tumblr_l_2206699274490289.gif)


No. 193960

STOOOP I don't wanna watch it!!! you're makiing me wanna watch it!!!! I wanna see desperate cute men fapping but you won't make me watch it!!!!!!!!

No. 193964

Describe their personalities to me and tell me who's the best and MAYBE I'll check it out

No. 193965

>AU version of J.Jonah Jameson
I thought so too and now I wish it was the case

No. 193993

No. 194040

File: 1624502394132.png (1.45 MB, 1280x1462, tumblr_9d02d22460364fc77d5a94c…)


Late, but I agree and have a gift for you nonny.

No. 194098

Looks like we are fucking in heaven kek.
I like how he is still wearing the gloves.

No. 194127

File: 1624554801204.gif (5.18 MB, 480x360, take-on-me-2.gif)

a-ha's take on me music video was my awakening to 2D husbandos tbh

No. 194132

File: 1624558663191.jpg (15.81 KB, 225x350, konakawa.jpg)

What the fuck, isn't that the detective from Paprika?

No. 194141

File: 1624562355523.jpg (68.84 KB, 650x650, Chillss-22nd-birthday.jpg)

I want Chills to put on a few pounds + I want to domme him. I want him to suck my fingers desperately and whimper under me even though he's so much bigger. In winter (which is most of the year in Canada anyway kek) I want him to wear a collar under his scarf/turtleneck. No one should ever know he wears it but he would come back home equal parts embarrassed and proud to be my little pet even outside the house. Craving my approval for wearing it the whole time he was out, quickly finding his way under my skirt because he's been thinking about pleasuring his mistress all day.
This one beer I had is hitting different holy shit

No. 194154

File: 1624566819919.jpg (268.44 KB, 727x1045, sghkne_p022.jpg)

I like his regular hairstyle too but he's so cute here

No. 194156

adding that I autistically pieced this together in photoshop from mangafox screencaps because I wanted to post it here

No. 194169

File: 1624572895830.jpg (63.01 KB, 691x972, dac58a1ec941a270320b209fadaf1b…)

he doesn't speak much and that makes things easier for my autist self

No. 194242

File: 1624626516719.jpg (45.55 KB, 627x767, 4e212cfeaa0d842ada54dd03e756f6…)

I found this and I am completely in love.

No. 194243

File: 1624626715360.png (1.02 MB, 840x1188, d6tdio2-3b777c08-a64e-48de-9e6…)

choke me daddy uwu

No. 194244

ah nicolas and his yaoi hands

No. 194245

File: 1624626775751.jpg (448.63 KB, 2795x1573, tumblr_78ffb13623a81190fd3f3f7…)

>tfw when your man will never do this over losing you
why even live

No. 194247

Kek but girl… Do you think he ever really cared about her? My own interpretation is the shit that goes inside of his head has always been his main focus, not his wife

No. 194251

Didn't he kill his wife because he was tired of her being ill and unsexy?

No. 194254

His motivation depends on the ending you got iirc

No. 194283

File: 1624643161329.gif (624.03 KB, 462x311, tumblr_n2vfd9pVTS1tr9rb8o1_500…)

Looks like young Trent Reznor

No. 194323

File: 1624673979122.jpeg (68.22 KB, 750x750, 4250DBD5-9027-4282-B055-15699B…)

this is the prettiest 2d man I’ve ever seen

No. 194327

Been reading lewd manga/hentai made by women for women and I am horny af for these men, why can't men be like them? Literally want to femdom them and yeah

No. 194344

who's this?

No. 194347

He looks very punchable

No. 194348

Nta but it's James from Silent Hill 2

No. 194351

File: 1624691223342.jpg (449.41 KB, 2217x2212, 20210613_104631.jpg)

You are right anon and you should be louder about this.

No. 194366

File: 1624706370675.gif (1.09 MB, 540x304, 6fcd80fc7f45db7d189ac2383c5c31…)

No. 194368

File: 1624708497400.jpeg (202.14 KB, 750x1011, 67D94BC7-DEAC-4959-9A43-1F9344…)

I just had a great dream about Lucifer not the hot religion twink tho he was wearing some leather underwear and he was laying on my bed, I was fully dressed though with my long sleeve pajamas, and he was frustrated because I was just kissing him and teasing him, never letting him cum or even take off his underwear.
He was so angry it was cute and he would just keep trying to find a way to make me touch his dick, but I would just caress him a bit and go back to his delicious pecs.
In the end I only gave him some kisses and sucked on his nipples because he looked amazing like that, he was heavily breathing.
I wish I could go back.
The weird thing was that he was speaking German, like what?? I never even tried learning German but it was fluid as hell, probably gibberish if I tried remembering what he was saying exactly, was it hot in the dream itself? Fuck yes, I want to try that again.
>tfw no hot subby demon bf who speaks in different languages when he’s embarrassed

No. 194371

File: 1624711747422.jpg (68.08 KB, 959x839, Medium_gojo-20.jpg)

In the manga when they finally did his face reveal I was so mad that they had hidden this gem from us for all this time that I fell in love instantly.

No. 194438

File: 1624745014401.jpg (96.03 KB, 735x903, 95d1def78d9f36bdfa2d766355e856…)

pointing a gun at tanigaki and scaring him shitless after hearing 'shots' being fired

it's his shirt buttons catapulting all over

No. 194481

Just imagine this faggot trying to talking dirty. Can you honestly say you'd find it hot?
>Anon dominÃEte me harder I'm gÃEtting turned on. I want it to hurt even wÖErse

No. 194517

Why did you make me read that…

No. 194575

File: 1624824106623.jpg (251.58 KB, 1104x2048, 1570864729378.jpg)

I kek'd

No. 194576

sauce for the art?

No. 194579

File: 1624824629780.jpg (216.74 KB, 2732x1695, relationshipgoals.jpg)

Gomen, saved it from a friend so not sure about the source but the character is ケリン/@Kerin_Vtuber.

Have drac and his wife as an apology (god i wish that were me)

No. 194583

NTA, but it seems the artist isn't active much online. Not sure what happened, but their bio on Pixiv probably explains it.

No. 194585

Thank god he doesn't actually talk like that, then. Even if he still sounds a little sped-y.
Thanks for the laugh though kek

No. 194610

File: 1624846110733.png (6.69 MB, 4500x6500, 1624846004676.png)

Do you have a favorite husbando from the series? Mine was solid snake at first but ever since PW Kazuhira has been my #1.

No. 194631

File: 1624860838214.jpg (111.37 KB, 500x667, YESgoodonyasnake.jpg)

Big Boss. Far and away. MGS3 was the first time I saw a muscular guy in a video game and became attracted. But then, everything in that game was tailored to make him appealing. The intimate codec calls, the sexy Thunderball-style music, camo suits, throwing snakes onto soldiers, eating dumb shit, molding the C4 into a butterfly shape, etc. Even the stupid Ape Escape game.

CQCing Kaz on the beach in PW was… Kojima knew what he was doing when he ordered that.

No. 194734

File: 1624915998626.jpg (41.13 KB, 910x839, 20210607_113253.jpg)

His face was spoiled to me by pretty much every artist on twt before i picked up jjk kek. When he finally took off his mask I was so shocked that he really looked like that because i already had tons of his fanarts saved before knowing he was gojo…

No. 194751

File: 1624926086924.jpg (237.99 KB, 850x945, __astel_leda_kagami_kira_and_k…)

yes i am creepy

No. 194753

File: 1624926908494.png (425.7 KB, 974x598, Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 9.35…)

With JJK because it's so popular and because Gojo is probably the most popular character there's so much high quality art out there it's crazy.
Not that I'm complaining.

No. 194952

File: 1625030093377.jpg (427 KB, 2048x1536, E5GUuVUVEAEzmoc.jpg)

i only love him more and more with each passing year

No. 194980

File: 1625045511008.jpeg (179.05 KB, 1000x939, 5F0B6BC0-E601-46AF-B353-0B843F…)

Gentle on the streets, rip and tear in the sheets

No. 194981

File: 1625045876469.png (249.32 KB, 400x337, 64465D8E-7A6D-4358-99C8-56083A…)

Anon! He’s my new obsession, my friend gifted me doom 2016 and he is absolutely perfect.

No. 195173

File: 1625132736537.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.64 KB, 1000x1000, Ez_C2Y5VkAUXi_L.jpeg)

I'm not memeing, I'm so down bad for this angel that I have briefly considered buying this figurine just so that I can sit on it. The only thing that put me off is the thought that I'd end up in A+E having to get him surgically removed from my cervix.

No. 195174

File: 1625133011598.png (Spoiler Image, 214.86 KB, 600x551, tumblr_nt1zghfUpF1udfawho2_640…)

samefagging but you just know it'd be good. He'd be up for basically anything. I'd make him lick my crocs.

No. 195178

File: 1625133427965.png (Spoiler Image, 405.38 KB, 700x961, 2914731 - Genjirou_Tanigaki Go…)

wanna massage his titties till he lactates

No. 195179

>I have briefly considered buying this figurine just so that I can sit on it. The only thing that put me off is the thought that I'd end up in A+E having to get him surgically removed from my cervix.
This is peak retarded weeb hornyposting. The rest of us can go home now. We can't beat this.

No. 195185

File: 1625141560902.png (1.11 MB, 600x1159, AB1F7C35-1931-4D33-9B91-D72CB8…)

this thread is probably filled with my retarded horny dreams about my husbandos but I have nowhere else to post them
>tfw no hot robot bf
I had a dream about walking around some huge offices’ building with Rung Rong, Ring in the dream it seemed like I was his human assistant of some sorts, he was constantly telling me some stuff about his patients and his routine.
He was then talking with another colleague of his, an old bot, they were mixing psychology and physiatrics, maybe they were trying to understand how to work better with patients that are in need of both branches of medicine.
The other doctor kept glancing at me and Rung was constantly trying to get his attention on other stuff.
I tried to focus on just taking notes and figuring out how to help them with a different input, but Rung got sightly annoyed at the other bot and told him that we had things to do.
I was actually confused because I thought we were supposed to keep on with the meeting, but Rung actually lifted me something he seemed not to do often because I yelped and told the other bot that he would see him later.
When we were back to his office he actually took off his glasses and we fucked.
I wonder just how it must hurt because giant robots are huge, he was sweet the whole time and he admitted that he was jealous while hugging me.
>TFFW no hot robot bf

No. 195194

nice I hope you dream of him again

No. 195196

File: 1625146825415.jpg (40.29 KB, 460x734, jcSKP5t.jpg)

I want to dom him so much hhhhnnnnnng

No. 195223

File: 1625158365861.gif (720.58 KB, 480x227, 1624669764737.gif)

I need an intervention

No. 195228

File: 1625159467470.jpg (163.86 KB, 1024x1603, satoru_gojo_by_sofijakpop18_de…)

The blindfold stays ON during sex

No. 195281

File: 1625172241871.jpg (Spoiler Image, 828.28 KB, 1255x936, 70240933_p3.jpg)

Happy birthday to my favorite sleepy emo. There was some other stuff I was gonna say even made a dumbass list of fantasies but I got too embarrassed so I'll just drop this pic and run. love you tho

No. 195284

He's 16….

No. 195285

He's also not real and not coded likhe a real child.

No. 195287

He looks hot, amazing taste, nonnie.

No. 195290

so are half the characters here and in the husbando thread. i'm sensing a word that rhymes with 'litter'…

No. 195306

File: 1625178121514.jpg (53.78 KB, 564x831, d865355458d34cd5576225f2d5ba09…)

lmao gonna post one more just to trigger her

No. 195313

Komaeda-kun, your ahoge…! It's penetrating my womb! So good~♥

No. 195362

File: 1625200398079.png (367.55 KB, 674x716, 0d34e03c-2bc6-4c6f-9ed9-b8cfba…)

God, the things I would give to just be in Solaire's presence, just to be able to photosynthesize in the warm and friendly glow of his presence.
I don't care how autistic it is, but back when I was a teenager in 2012 he ruined men for me because they all feel rotten in comparison. He has a truly pure soul, devotion to his cause and a beautiful heart. I wouldn't even care if he didn't love me romantically just being viewed as his friend and being able to support him would be enough. Though he showed many times during his journey that he is a strong man I wish I could be there for him. When he's at his lowest, I want to be a pillar, a constant in his life that would encourage him to keep standing proudly. Even if his quest can't be completed, even if he can't find his sun, Solaire has so much to be proud of, but he always stays humble. Solaire is a true beacon of warmth and unrelenting kindness, and in a world as miserable as in the Souls games, there is something special to it. It inspires me to be better.

Tldr. I simp for Solaire, he would treat me right.

No. 195363

File: 1625200473346.jpeg (102.99 KB, 900x900, 3C32BC9C-E3E6-47B1-A73F-6A9556…)


No. 195367

I have no idea who this character is but your post resonates with me

No. 195369

KEK I was about to say the same thing. He sounds 100% worth simping for.

No. 195387

File: 1625210942185.jpg (650.67 KB, 1200x1697, 1314234.jpg)

Solaire would be amazing, but my heart belongs to Siegmeyer. His voice, his outlook on life and everything else make me so happy. Not to mention his storyline with Sieglinde. Ugh. Anon I wish we knew each other irl so we could thirst over our DS husbands together.

No. 195398

File: 1625218711892.jpg (51.29 KB, 493x600, 757285.jpg)

I want snipey to take me to his camper van where he lit candles to try to make it cozy. And I want to take off his hat and glasses and shirt and have him lick me and I would stroke his hair. and in the end he would look at me with a dumb smile on his face, god please save me for I am disgusting

No. 195399

Stop making me horny.

No. 195407

This is just me fanficing but I feel like Solaire would feel very charmed and enamoured that he won the favour of a lady but would gently let them down saying his quest is the utmost of importance and his life is dedicated to it, but if not for that he would follow her and see her as bright as the sun he covets.

hmmm mmmmh closed hmmmm mmmm oooooh

did you two like pyrobro at all ?

>And don't you dare go hollow

No. 195414

File: 1625226978445.png (4.01 MB, 3500x4500, 1625226562267.png)

You are the most based MGSfag i've ever met Anon. Makes my day honestly. Love how you described BBs appeal personality wise cause that the reason why I love these beauties so much. You deserve all Lucid MGS dreams in the world.

No. 195469

File: 1625263452873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.68 KB, 720x815, 89606649_2815705958488658_4600…)

I've been having more detailed fantasies about him lately. My precious, lanky boy. I'm sorry. Please don't read this, I just need to express how much I love him.
He'd hold hands a lot with me, wherever we go. He's canonically loaded, so he'd probably spoil me - buying me cute toys, curating my outfits and accessories, decorating the little house we'd share. He's gentle with his suggestions and aesthetically inclined, so I wouldn't mind him styling me, but it might get annoying when he gets snobby over my preference to wear grotty casual clothes around the house.
We'd probably not listen to music or the radio or the TV a lot, our house would be quiet. Everyday life together would be full of small, intimate moments. Bathing together and washing each other, conversations in the tub and backrubs. Reading together with my head in his lap. He'd play with my hair absent-mindedly, putting it in braids when we're in a playful mood. He'd let me put his hair in a ponytail, but would refuse to let me brush it.
He's a horrible cook but he's good at cleaning, so I'll cook for us most of the time. He'd try to make pancakes at the weekend to wake me up with breakfast in bed, but I'd be woken up by the smell of burning instead. I'd wrap my arms around his waist and he wouldn't say anything, just kiss the top of my head. I'd set him making us a pot of tea instead while I rescue breakfast for us both. He'd be appreciative of any scrap of care, and he'd eat anything and everything I put in front of him. He'd start to look healthier after a few months together, and our friends will comment about how domestic life suits him.
His sex drive would be through the roof and he'd be into a lot of strange stuff, because he's been touch-starved and has an inferiority complex. Even the lightest touches make him groan a little. He's extremely easy and doesn't last long, but the foreplay and intensity makes up for it. He's really fucking loud. He eats pussy like a man possessed and has literally no hang ups or shame. He humps the bed desperately with his head between my legs. He loves to be fingered and does it to himself while he masturbates. He might have watched porn once or twice as a teen but found it less satisfying than his own fantasies.
He wants kids together more than anything, but is horrified at himself for having such selfish wants. We'll compromise, and get a dog - a Dalmatian or a golden retriever. The dog wouldn't be called "Hope" or "Lucky" or anything too obvious like that. He doesn't want to be constantly reminded of his luck, hope, or despair. Instead he'd pick a basic "Christian" name, like Dorothy (Dotty) for a Dalmatian or Blondie/Goldie for a retriever, but he'd call the dog something weird and affectionate most of the time. Like "Grunch" or "Scrumpy" or something.
He'd be very gentle and reassuring with me when I spin out and he'd look after my tablets for me. When he starts to spiral I wouldn't know what to do, so I'd just hug him really really tightly while he shakes and sweats. Sometimes it would bring him back to earth and sometimes it wouldn't, but he's not scary or dangerous. He's just had a rough life and it catches up with him now and then.
He'd constantly tell me how much he loves me and how kind I am for pitying him, and I'd tell him he's an idiot, it's not pity, I love him too. I'd apologise constantly for not being good enough and taking up space, and he'd shut me up by hugging my head to his chest and kissing my crown.
We'd elope and have a secret wedding when the right time comes. We don't have many friends because of the kind of people we are, and we don't have much family left between us, so we have an intimate little marriage at Gretna Green.
We'd have pet names for each other. I'd be bunny, angel, princess, "mine nonnie". He'd be sweetheart, darling, string bean, slenderman, cryptid, git, snowball… all depending on what the mood is like.
He'd let me put makeup on him from time to time, but it doesn't ever look very good because I'm really bad at makeup. He likes the closeness and attention, though, and gets off on it a bit because he's very into being drawn on.
God, I have so many more but I need to pee and go to bed. I hope I dream of him tonight, anons ♥

No. 195474


No. 195478

>He's canonically loaded
Yeah, with a spear to his chest

No. 195479

File: 1625269349081.png (Spoiler Image, 7.3 MB, 2893x4092, 3032232 - Ace_Attorney Godot k…)

his cum would taste bad given how much coffee he drinks on a regular basis

No. 195480

File: 1625269865619.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.12 KB, 850x674, tumblr_odmb3kopbV1udfawho1_128…)

You think that's funny and clever, huh? You think you can hurt me? It was his "suicide" that made me this way. It was the single most erotic thing I have ever witnessed in my life. My simp origin story.

No. 195481

Morrowind did it better.

No. 195487

File: 1625276451766.jpg (18.86 KB, 298x506, Hidanthehottestman.jpg)

Anime boys aren't really my thing but I just started reading Naruto and I can't get this man out of my head. I wish he was in the story for longer! Idk if it's because I had a thing for Papa Emeritus a few years ago also? Maybe I just like skeleton men.

No. 195489

File: 1625278841385.jpeg (103.84 KB, 800x1008, C6A5097E-FD4B-408E-A848-B85608…)

>I just started reading Naruto
This is unironically endearing and based. More intellectuals should discover Naruto in current year. Zetsu is an ikemen and one of my favorite naruto husbandos. His pea-like body is intriguing and sensual.

No. 195495

File: 1625281584496.jpeg (53.23 KB, 529x559, 36C30E50-B3E5-43D9-9D45-4EF935…)

fucck clawed hands are so so hot.. i would realistically die of pussy hemorrhage but it would be worth it please finger me

No. 195501

File: 1625285144991.png (1.31 MB, 820x1106, Living_the_Dream.png)

He's like…disgusting but god the things I'd do to him ywn get sore knees from riding demon dick in a bathtub, why live

No. 195505

File: 1625288477828.jpg (47.03 KB, 720x700, 20210630_125320.jpg)

I don't understand why I'm so horny for him, help me anons

No. 195508

File: 1625294333697.gif (980.51 KB, 500x375, A23B5792-29DA-4CEF-B1C1-46422F…)

I want a hot giant robot boyfriend and I want him now.
I want Megatron’s megadong and megaload inside me.

No. 195509

Why is he disgusting? I only played for a few months after initial release and he seemed weeby but not gross. Was there a certain arc where he went full degenerate?

No. 195513

File: 1625299101747.png (1.15 MB, 732x987, A0E88A6A-E7B9-4657-B08C-D56CE4…)

nta he’s incredibly rude (and ugly) and unkempt, with otaku behavior. I get why anon likes him as an ichimatsufag, but he’s too bratty so beezlebub was my obey me! choice. I want him to cook for me.

No. 195534

File: 1625316850721.png (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 3053x2411, Foul_Murder.png)

I am not the only one who is perversely fascinated by this image? I feel a bit better about that now

No. 195554

File: 1625328733900.jpg (40.03 KB, 653x703, mfw.jpg)

sounds like bullying/domming material tbh

No. 195558

File: 1625336484326.jpeg (69.75 KB, 502x421, 45495DB5-3CEF-4087-866A-757677…)

I unapologetically just wanna sit on his lap and cuddle his blubbery, lardy, soft warm body.

No. 195559

No. 195561

Assuming this isn't bait - why husbandofag this coomer lardass when you can easily get one just like this irl?

No. 195594

Knowing Kirkbride, everyone fucked Nerevar, in a lot of weird ways.

No. 195601

never watched jjk but i'm love with him

No. 196066

File: 1625410001839.jpeg (33.96 KB, 720x405, images - 2021-07-04T224335.302…)

I want to fuck him every night and tell him that I love his cute little stutters. After that, I'll make him pork chops and I will personally spoon feed him and then fuck again until I drain his balls

FUCK what a mood. I'd like to get into Transformers because of all the robotfuckers I keep seeing online but my knowledge of the series only stops at Michael Bay's movies

No. 196086

File: 1625417300084.jpeg (128.18 KB, 464x715, 2E660EAE-7677-4662-9016-BA5A53…)

Imo, More than meets the eye is the best version of the bots, Milne took all of the frumpy robots and made them hotter in a kind of bishie way.
So you could read those comics, the plot is also nice and more than
>emergency, decepticons are doing bad stuff
>autobots roll out
>Battle, beep and laser noises
>good job guys

No. 196192

File: 1625451771754.png (Spoiler Image, 347.66 KB, 439x503, shinyaaaaaa.PNG)

Any anime boys that look similar that female anons can recommend? I'm running out of psycho pass material to read and we all could use a harem anyways

No. 196352

File: 1625543008152.jpg (163.88 KB, 637x615, tumblr_9f6805b241c831bcfed6c58…)

Pro volleyball player thighs wrapped around my face

No. 196372

File: 1625552537758.png (1.07 MB, 1196x1456, imagen_2021-07-06_012224.png)

botw link is SO HOT

No. 196391

I love your post and I love him.

No. 196553

File: 1625610238247.jpeg (140.15 KB, 1920x1080, 78C45D93-C9D4-468B-8255-06AA6F…)

he could get it. and I guess the retards can watch

No. 196605

File: 1625631925497.jpg (23.58 KB, 844x475, Odd-Taxi-05-08.jpg)


No. 196832

File: 1625719905234.jpg (350.03 KB, 698x750, snakebutt.jpg)

Thank you anon! It's a great game and he's a fantastic character. He's very multifaceted (like a diamond, hohohoho see what I did there). And thank you, I've yet to have an MGS dream, kek, but I hope it's a doozy!

No. 196861

yes odokawa is hot

No. 196862

Lon'qu from Fire Emblem. dangerously good taste, nonnie

No. 196984

File: 1625775810475.png (359.17 KB, 419x630, unknown.png)


No. 197018

You're wanted for my murder

No. 197035

File: 1625795675251.jpg (262.79 KB, 682x1024, Jumin15.JPG.jpg)

On one hand, he's mature, stoic, and a bit cold. The pressure to succeed in a multinational company and being somewhat in the public eye has forced him to become emotionally unavailable, preferring instead to bury himself in work. It doesn't help that his father was not a good masculine role model who has chosen to chase young, money-hungry women in a shallow pursuit. He has seen the damage it has caused his father. However, he has a deep, almost strange connection with his cat where he is able to fully express an uncharacteristic affection, showing that he is in fact capable of having deep bonds. He has never been privy to the type of unconditional, honest love between two people, only between him and his cat. Although he treats his assistant a bit like a slave and is a bit socially out of touch with his younger group members, he does have a sense of humor and also can see beauty in the simple things in life. As you court him, he would slowly start to become warmer and nicer to you, despite being his cold self to everyone else. He is also clueless about flirting or how to romance you, because of his lack of experience and suppressed emotions. However, once you can break through his hard exterior, he becomes enamored with you. If you indulge him too much, he becomes absolutely obsessed and entraps you in an attempt to shield you from the outside world, where you can be put in harms way. But if you are there to help ease his paranoia and stay calm, reminding him that you will be there for him as he makes tough decisions about his family, career, and future, he will have the most absolute pure love and respect for you and your relationship. He does not hesitate to propose and marry you, committing himself to loyalty as long as you both live.

No other 2D man has stolen my heart like this. My one true husbando. I'm tempted to download the app and play his route again lol, sorry if it's cringe

No. 197036

New copypasta.

No. 197049

name please.

No. 197082

Forgot his name but he's the ML from The Villainess is a Marionette, best manhwa ever drawn the art is stunning.

No. 197149

File: 1625858985698.jpg (304.57 KB, 1000x1313, 12752504_p0.jpg)

I used to have a huge crush on him when i was really young and into the naruto manga. I ended up watching the anime too just to see him talking and moving. Anyways you have very based taste and it makes me happy to hear someone would get into the series in modern day

No. 197152

Good taste. Hidan was totally handsome. I remember him having this stoner goth jock attitude kek.

No. 197210

isn't his whole personality being angry or something, the opposite of a stoner

No. 197231

File: 1625906662641.jpeg (212.27 KB, 1920x1280, E37-6F6WQAAAsfZ.jpeg)

I don't know if I'm more turned on at the thought of being him or being with him to be honest.
I've been reading these really disgusting fics on AO3 where he's a horrible desperate little man who humps the reader's leg to completion, and I'm more excited about the thought of being the humper than the humpee.
"Are you okay?" no babe I'm really not

No. 197233

File: 1625910986958.jpg (862.37 KB, 1200x686, 12781728_p0.jpg)

His reaction when using his vodoo technique is like taking drugs.
I like how his reaction to getting attacked otherwise including beheaded is just "ugh can you stop that it hurts damn it"

No. 197268

File: 1625935259529.png (310.04 KB, 425x696, 1.PNG)

I'm sucking his dick in my head rn

No. 197272

same anon I'm going to need that fic link pls

No. 197311

File: 1625957156832.png (269.03 KB, 780x527, Cody-4.png)

I want to shove this loser into a locker so bad

No. 197370

I was never really a fan of the series mainly because of the annoying ass mc and shit writing, although I admit it’s quite good if you compare it with current popular series. Anyway this made me remember a very hot doujin featuring him and the other guy he worked with, it was drawn exceptionally good and was one of my faves back then. And yep he’s a really cute character.

No. 197386

>it’s quite good if you compare it with current popular series.
I don't see any difference tbh, seems like nostalgia goggles

No. 197390

ninja world war comes to mind
Now that I think about it without the nostalgia you’re right, it really turned into shit after the timeskip and even before it was full off ridiculous asspulls. There were some interesting characters but they never got developed any further

No. 197425

Anon, post the doujin immediately
This is the horny thread, not Naruto debate thread. I demand naked Hidan.

No. 197536

I’m sorry, I’ll see if I find it somewhere but maybe it takes a while

No. 197578

File: 1626135255216.png (258.12 KB, 207x450, RyujiRender.png)

big boy

No. 197775

No spoilers but you should play Ai Somnium Files

No. 197876

File: 1626304097619.png (3.49 MB, 1536x2048, Harbinger_Retaliation.png)

I know you feel this

No. 197909

How the fuck do you fuck a spaceship

No. 197928

not that anon but I've read some fanfics

No. 197968

File: 1626367970515.jpg (26.91 KB, 640x359, 348824.jpg)

id go to church for him

No. 197999

File: 1626380479222.jpg (112.11 KB, 1280x720, vergil-is-coming-to-devil-may-…)

his human half is uggo tho

No. 198011

lmao looks like jake munro anon

No. 198057

Lmaooooo he does

No. 198233

File: 1626498799266.jpg (49.43 KB, 735x406, 653edcfa84f5902775f5f2b4adeb1f…)

He's my love,my light, my moon and stars. I'd do anything for him! I'd do anything to smell his blonde sweaty pubes, tie him up and suck his cock. I have a ongoing fantasy with him that I live in Hyrule and we are in love with each other but is a secred love BC in my fantasy princess Zelda loves him and would execute me if she found out. He has selective mutism and only communicates with me. Whenever he goes in a mission he comes home and eats my pussy for hours. I bought a Clit sucker and sometimeI use it s I play clips of Link moaning while I use it.

No. 198234

File: 1626499302581.jpeg (274.83 KB, 1151x2048, C3FAAE0B-7DE3-457F-8856-DE6CD3…)

Baby boyy lemme kiss your handddddd~ Lemme feel you bodyyyyyy

No. 198237

File: 1626501865871.jpg (122.14 KB, 780x1200, 861a107cc28ee56371965b58ccd22d…)

clueless, adult virgin boyfriend who's good at karaoke….

No. 198247

he's gay lol y'all are freaks

No. 198248

No. 198249

you have a conversion therapy fetish or summ?

No. 198250

File: 1626510570240.jpeg (42.05 KB, 527x645, 000000008448.jpeg)

back to twitter you go

No. 198251

He's fictional, anon. Did you get lost on your way to Twitter?

No. 198253

File: 1626510792266.jpg (872.75 KB, 2559x3840, 9eb37d6f896a1101ab982873222f1f…)

I cant wait to hatecrime this fictional hottie tonight

No. 198254

not y'all defending homophobia with the "it's fiction!" excuse…

No. 198256

>y'all are freaks
>he's gay lol
He's fictional lol

No. 198257

File: 1626513040192.jpg (81.44 KB, 748x686, back you go.jpg)

Return from whence thou cam'st

No. 198258

Twitter anon has convinced me to masturbate to some fictional gay guys tonight. Who should I choose?

No. 198261

File: 1626515104659.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.68 KB, 800x576, 5d0843fa69c1870c139aaa4de2421e…)

let me put this in words you'll understand, twitfag: so y'all really not including qpoc in ur very empowering and poggers porn consumption? UM chile anyways so I exclusively masturbate to 100% LGBTQ+ porn drawings by female artists of colour, you exclusionists could NEVER

let's tag team komaeda

had a little giggle at this, enjoy anon

No. 198262

Are you the Komaeda audio porn anon? Not my thing but keep up your despair wanking I guess.
>LGBTQ+ porn drawings by female artists of colour
Well played.

No. 198263

File: 1626517326367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.55 KB, 800x821, CsJ9owXXYAAe43b.jpg)

KEK yes, that's me. Thanks! I don't think I could stop if I tried!

No. 198266

File: 1626520184402.jpeg (141.97 KB, 954x540, ECA81FD3-4D17-438B-8302-DD18C2…)

What is it with twt fags that constantly say the men from the yakuza series are totes homos? As if Kiryu and all of his other spin off personas aren’t out here being fuckboys and having tons of female love interests thrown at them both canon and side story.

No. 198267

So the character isn't even gay? How embarassing for twitter fujo aiden.

No. 198268

File: 1626521242129.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 650x365, BC55AB62-D838-4E9A-B759-29F93D…)

Yeah that fujo probably doesn’t play the games or completely undermines the main story and focuses on the men fighting each other in the background. Spoilered image for those that haven’t played yakuza 2 but kiryu is pretty straight, just a big virgin who doesn’t know how to handle women well and that’s why he seems “gay” to alot of fans.

No. 198269

Oooh nice. I like the clothed woman, naked man titty combo.

No. 198273

>Jerks off to softcore porn of woman
>Goes on dates with 'call women' (idk how its called, it was a thing before camgirls)
>Was in love with a woman
>Had a potential 2nd romance that got dramatically nuked because of 'the one' woman above
>Literally fucked one later in the series
And of course, the one and only
>Ends up making his lover pregnant and takes care of their daughter

Okay, totez gay-chan! Are you salty that the only homos in the series got killed? Are you one of those people who think that Majima is a tranny n 'totez gay'?

Twitterfags never spend any time playing the series, let alone watch cutscenes.

No. 198298

Minor correction: Haruka isn't Kiryu's biological daughter (he does take her in and raise her as his own because he loved her mother though) , her father is revealed in the first game.

Still not gay though.

No. 198329

File: 1626560290499.png (186.76 KB, 434x434, imagen_2021-07-17_171802.png)

would you peg?

No. 198343

File: 1626575833371.jpg (83.81 KB, 500x716, 7cda957e-c5ff-4352-8edf-28d34e…)

I want him to read me the Bible

No. 198425

Can't expect God to do all the work.

No. 198482

File: 1626660925999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.97 KB, 677x953, frieza_1.jpg)

I wish I could just be normal, I am way too old to still have a husbando, but it's coming back to my brain like mental illness relapsing
even if I was the normal age for this, I don't think scary anime alien would be acceptable anyway
Ryūsei Nakao's voice is hot it's not my fault

No. 198550

File: 1626727987225.jpeg (725.63 KB, 4160x3120, wbm0zut0yry21.jpeg)

Paya, is that you?

No. 198588

File: 1626743305969.jpeg (292.25 KB, 1106x1800, E6lGMrcVoAcWmQS.jpeg)

he's perfect trash

No. 198594

File: 1626748254979.png (Spoiler Image, 9.96 MB, 2208x1242, 22CB748F-F43E-494D-9F48-796483…)

i will sit on their faces thats it

No. 198595

File: 1626749869419.jpg (164.36 KB, 500x769, 1601867.jpg)

superb taste nonnie. he's such a perfect himbo.

No. 198609

seek mental help

No. 198614

He is NOT trash, he shoots up vampires with a fucking machine gun, no modern anime "husbando" could even come close to that

No. 198618

File: 1626767654525.jpg (831.91 KB, 1200x1200, okabereeves.jpg)

A girl can only dream

No. 198632

yeah but he cheats on his wife

No. 198638

File: 1626790281268.gif (2.99 MB, 295x370, 36b33465-1f2c-4da9-abbb-d73cac…)

Arthur looks like he would give the best bear hugs

No. 198690

File: 1626817655804.gif (4.4 MB, 268x395, 819A9A12-558C-4014-AAD2-FDCFAA…)

Every day I have to wake up and realize Arthur Morgan isn’t real and be okay with the fact that I will never suck his massive cowboy dong. It’s the cruelest punishment I’ll ever have to endure.

No. 198751

File: 1626863751877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.52 KB, 850x486, sample_a49a39a2746f6e781bc3455…)

This could be us but my tits are saggy and I'm too shy to reply to your DMs, and you're literally psychotic and probably not the giving type.
Ow oof ouch Fem!Komahina hits my longing bone ♥

No. 198788

File: 1626880817249.gif (2.19 MB, 295x370, ce3dbf3b-1028-4215-8867-c45fab…)

The cruelest fate

No. 198811

File: 1626890588007.jpeg (26.86 KB, 250x320, EF44D94B-EA6D-4B06-95B7-F24F3E…)

I want him to crawl up my coochie and wriggle around until I reach the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving.

No. 198813

File: 1626890950459.jpeg (130.92 KB, 750x750, 117876B3-C94F-401D-9DF3-13C6DB…)

I want to bully Leviathan into going to a nightclub, he would be extremely awkward because he would be surrounded by normies, we could dance and have a good time, of course I would spend the whole time groping him and then i want to ride his nerd dick as I tease him because he had lots of fun even if he didn’t want to go to a normie den.

No. 198822

File: 1626894843973.jpg (36.71 KB, 500x500, earthwormjim.jpg)

No. 198878

File: 1626918337941.gif (2.37 MB, 250x314, 75786cae8a06aeefd85034129e99ce…)

every day i am reminded that i'll never have a hunky kind cowboy himbo fall in love with me

No. 198885

Please stop my pussy can only get so wet anons.

No. 198890

File: 1626923099074.jpg (475.75 KB, 1920x1080, zenkai14-(1007).jpg)

I'm going to bully and fuck this little chuuni. I'm going to hold him and not let go no matter how furious and embarrassed he gets. I'm going to take advantage of his mommy issues by giving him lots of praise and attention. Then I'm going to find out exactly how sexually repressed he is and fuck him stupid.

No. 198893

File: 1626923906449.jpg (473.29 KB, 800x756, a0azQ2Z.jpg)

Gentle and slightly retarded pretty man. I don’t even like pokemon but I want to ruin his life. I can change him. I don’t even want to change him I want him to be obsessed with me and do whatever I say. We can retire to a nice little cottage kn the prairie. He’d be my Howl and we won’t need a moving castle.
Your life is falling apart.

No. 198898

God I wanna fuck Levi so bad its not even funny. I wanna make him cum in his pants and embarrass and tease him until he's a mess. You know he'd beg for it too

No. 198899

>I want to ruin his life. I want him to be obsessed with me and do whatever I say.
Kek, this pretty much sums up how I feel whenever I get a crush or fall in love with someone.

No. 198902

File: 1626927341355.jpg (46.64 KB, 500x694, G9SKDdx.jpg)

I need him.
Kek the only time I ever had a man do that irl, he was younger than me and sincerely too stupid so I lost feelings for him very quickly. He didn’t understand the concept of rape culture and tried to convince me it didn’t exist, he also hated his own dog and didn’t know how to take care of himself. N would never act like this.

No. 198919

>B-but anon, sex is for normies!

No. 198969

File: 1626977597109.jpg (496.99 KB, 1400x1626, Tumblr_l_66104181385641.jpg)

I have to unload my image collection somewhere

No. 198970

File: 1626978043179.jpg (71.62 KB, 750x741, 20210723_021951.jpg)

Nona his fucking shoulders and back are so large Im gonna fucking faint look how strong he looks I bet he can carry me and the 10 children I'm about to let him put in me

No. 198973

File: 1626981667908.png (515.7 KB, 868x655, jiwoo.png)

I want to pull on his bunny ears

No. 198974

Are those his real ears?

No. 198977

File: 1626983735522.png (635.89 KB, 866x651, Tumblr_ne8omsRH1L1tgbyobo3_128…)

yes, he's part rabbit

No. 198982

File: 1626985944054.jpg (298.89 KB, 1052x1087, Drool.jpg)

switching to john was such a whiplash i felt so bare without arthurs large frame protecting me

No. 198987

He looks so tsundere, does he you know, act like a rabbit too?

No. 198998

I want to domesticate Tarzan. I want to be the first human woman he ever knows. I want him to teach me how to love

No. 199002

File: 1626998197720.jpeg (261.31 KB, 1125x1103, 865F60C1-EF1B-4115-874F-4135FD…)

anon I’m weak but also same

No. 199012

File: 1627008500424.jpg (75.41 KB, 736x734, f496ff7b4b846f525b3ecfab073575…)

>he will never be my petit maitre/cicisbeo who I end up eloping with

No. 199013

File: 1627009329050.gif (10.66 MB, 540x325, 0B550D99-7C81-49D6-ADE6-3756EA…)

excellent taste nonny

No. 199045

File: 1627031053724.jpg (108.99 KB, 890x500, CsmLOlVbKSXnKQT-1600x900-noPad…)

Have you watched George of the jungle anon?

No. 199160

File: 1627105883914.jpeg (59.96 KB, 568x495, DA2C74B1-C67E-409D-8FE6-FA9699…)

I used to say mmmm bara tiddies as a joke, but bro,,,,,;;;; I don’t think it’s a joke anymore……

No. 199171

File: 1627107916822.jpg (71.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Embrace it anon big tits big heart.

No. 199176

Can someone recommend a good playthrough of yakuza? I want to see what all the husbandos are about

No. 199179

JJK makes me one horny gal

No. 199204

>that scene when they are dancing around the fire
Thanks I really enjoyed it

No. 199205

Try to find a long play video/cutscene compilation if you just want the in game story.

No. 199260

File: 1627169094515.jpg (125.17 KB, 735x1103, 6362c268da64671d881c89d6bb0030…)

He's cute in an malnourished child, rodent like way. I'd fuck him and them get tested for chlamydia. He's so cute I'd consider eating his booty hole. His dick is apparently pretty big and skinny guys with big dicks are the best. Just wanna dom him. Sigh

No. 199276

File: 1627174649435.jpeg (57.24 KB, 640x398, F2C626A8-E6F0-41C9-B891-1E29FB…)

I just wanna thank the country of Tonga for once again blessing us during the Olympics

No. 199278

I just want to slurp all that shiny from him, then keep slurping while he moans mhm

No. 199321

File: 1627218963484.jpeg (566.19 KB, 1079x1543, 91CC7C70-848D-4028-9B45-C0F50B…)

Morgan hoes, there’s a very realistic modded picture with Arthur sucking on toes or did my horny fever dream make it up? Please help

No. 199351

File: 1627231430740.png (440.82 KB, 1920x1080, adab0ef6-bf56-4c38-9432-cb9d00…)

If you didn't make it up it's probably somewhere on deviantart

No. 199386

I want to dream about my husbando tonight, please make it happen brain. Goodnight anons

No. 199399

File: 1627253466853.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.72 KB, 889x500, F6DA2D51-033F-472C-A047-970DA3…)

No. 199404

File: 1627255161137.gif (2.91 MB, 295x370, f989a5da-bb9e-4bbd-b448-961504…)

Excuse you, sauce???

No. 199405

God same, I see mine everyday on Twitter, spend a lot of my free time translating comics where he appears and exclusively masturbate to him and yet I've never dreamt of him even once, instead it's mundane shit or dead people.

No. 199408

Who is he nonners??

No. 199419

It’s happened a few times with me but not often. I find looking at pictures or episodes(video clips, whatever) just before bed for a few minutes helps. Thinking about him all day doesn’t really matter to your brain.

The worst is when you finally dream about him and he doesn’t like you.

No. 199420

>The worst is when you finally dream about him and he doesn’t like you.
That sucks so much, it happened to me when I had a dream about Megatron, it was G1, so it was the shit version, he shot me on the leg and told me that he never loved me.
Fucking G1 Megatron, this is why the Autobot Megatron from MTMTE is the best Megatron including edgy insane Prime Megatron.
>tfw Megatron will never fuck me

No. 199423

File: 1627268690570.jpeg (55.78 KB, 465x700, 057D54ED-49FD-423F-BD33-3592C5…)

Need a threesome with these two

No. 199448

Update it didn't work I dreamed that I made wooden dragon wings to fly with and that I accidentally flushed a live pigeon down the toilet. We'll get em next time

No. 199450

File: 1627286064646.gif (832.76 KB, 400x220, tenor (1).gif)

I fell asleep wondering what his cum tastes like. I think it's on the thicker side, but still smooth, and the taste is a bit like coconut water with a little salt in it.
I think he'd probably be super sensitive and loud, too. And really grateful. How can one 2D man be so perfect? ♥

No. 199454

i bet it tastes like hope

No. 199457

File: 1627292729516.gif (1.04 MB, 540x304, 9db954712316b23c70b184fe8c85e3…)

When he's in his emo phase though I reckon his cum is absolutely rancid. Hideously bitter, probably tastes like an ashtray. Actually have to chew before you can swallow. Still would.

No. 199466

File: 1627298269876.png (652.53 KB, 677x508, 928272828.png)

>tfw he will never eat your pussy while you grab ahold of his horns
Feels bad.

No. 199493

File: 1627317281251.jpg (207.32 KB, 1280x2000, 1619158508711.jpg)

lee hoon my beloved

No. 199494

File: 1627317956000.gif (4.22 MB, 540x300, woof.gif)


No. 199503

>have to chew his cum before you can swallow
what the fuck is wrong with komaedafags

No. 199505

They're Danganronpa fans.

No. 199558

File: 1627344857016.jpg (328.69 KB, 922x1200, 90341125_p0_master1200.jpg)

You just know he has a nice dick.

No. 199610

File: 1627366144623.gif (2.69 MB, 500x510, 2da7e659f026ebef06001f8719299a…)


No. 199615

File: 1627370441413.png (1.58 MB, 1142x1335, collage1.png)

I want to turn his own mindgames and plots around on him to catch him off guard. To get him completely defenseless and see what he would do when bullied. I want to sit on his face and use him like the most exquisite toy money can buy. I'd get him close to the edge over and over but leave him unsatisfied while I freely cum all over him until I can't anymore. I wonder what he'd do in retaliation to get himself off before inevitably turning me into one of his works of art?

When I heard his voice lines I fell in love despite him not being my usual type at all. He has some moaning ones that sealed the deal even further. I bet he's an amazing dirty talker. The thought of him whispering into my ear alone gets me so excited. anyways i'm thankful for this thread so i have some place to get this horny sperging off my chest kek

No. 199624

File: 1627381639054.webm (59.27 KB, 80x60, unicorn_scopekill06.webm)

Anons how can I become a unicorn queen

No. 199652

File: 1627398626153.png (1.89 MB, 864x1080, 9975DFD7-C0C4-43B6-9B18-AE4F31…)

It was posted to a Facebook group, have no idea what the source is. But uuhh deets on the fic?

No. 199660

File: 1627399209803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.1 KB, 1920x1080, EKqFUDLX0AAxuOt.jpeg.jpg)

I have a pic that is kinda similar to it so i thought it was from the same place. I dont remember where i got my from

No. 199676

File: 1627407062091.gif (2.43 MB, 500x259, 3d74951310ec13ce6ca9097b8b360b…)

>Arthur admits he has a foot fetish and thinks reader's feet are pretty
>Reader ask him if he wants to suck on her toes,rub her foot, etc.
>He obliges
>Ends with a footjob

You can find it under the Arthur Morgan/Reader on AO3 just add in the foot fetish tag and I'm sure you'll see it kek


No. 199683

File: 1627409489815.jpg (24.35 KB, 400x400, OxJdBpLf_400x400.jpg)

Ok i was able to find it it's mrskroozy on twitter

No. 199728

File: 1627433340428.png (1.16 MB, 820x1106, Make_Solomon_Cry!.png)

I wanna tease him until he's crying but still talking back with that cocky attitude

No. 199763

So many obey me fans here. Watch your wallets anons. That game sucks money.

No. 199776

File: 1627469944886.jpeg (1020.05 KB, 1125x1342, AD1A02FA-2781-4CFD-B591-10535E…)

feet are disgusting but anything for my himbo husband. Hell I’d die an honorable death by letting him sit on my face and slowly suffocate by his meaty thighs.

No. 199790

File: 1627484823542.jpg (44.24 KB, 1280x720, 34978yrfhe9t4867596.jpg)

I don't necessarily like tormented emo Okabe more than retard chuuni Okabe but I feel like they drew him to look more handsome in 0

Keanu looks a little too much like someone I know irl for me to relate him to Okabe

No. 199988

File: 1627599194478.gif (9.01 MB, 540x680, Tumblr_l_12328789886373.gif)

Cute but problematic

No. 199990

File: 1627601291773.jpeg (237.78 KB, 750x1011, 9423B7B5-550C-4181-87AE-F82592…)

The real reason he got sent to hell was because he has a huge dick, that’s my headcanon and I wish he could fuck me.

No. 199993

You won't be disappointed

No. 200068

He's the avatar of lust so his cock has to be canonically huge. It wouldn't be right if it wasn't.

No. 200088

>clothed woman, naked man titty
Good taste

No. 200089

I make an unimpressed face at him when we make love. It makes him incredibly insecure. He cries at the end when I cum.

No. 200205

File: 1627750742573.png (12.81 KB, 783x600, E5a9T5GVUAQ7rTj.png)

At my first con in a decade modelling a costume my best friend made and every single Danganronpa fan is a literal child. My husbando is walking around all over the place here, wearing clothes from H&M kids and wigs from eBay. I am genuinely heartbroken. I got the very last keychain of him left in the building. The vendor said, "You guys love him!"
I nearly said, "I'm not like them! I'm not like those children! I had a job once and I've even had sex a few times!"
But it would be wrong. Oh no. I'll be OK eventually, but don't wait up.

No. 200240

File: 1627770513767.png (1.32 MB, 820x1106, 9765567898655.png)

I know he loves eating pussy, I just know it!

No. 200322

File: 1627808037775.jpg (48.25 KB, 600x476, 2at6Kon.jpg)

I want to dominate him so bad! I want to test all his sex-related talents but I also want to take care of him…

I feel you…

No. 200351

File: 1627820840097.jpg (18.59 KB, 310x357, 8482ae740cf4be5190dad2d602e1ec…)

I wish this pic was scratch-n-sniff. I bet he smells so damn good. My sweet, boring husband

No. 200352

File: 1627820873448.png (1.52 MB, 1810x2048, Screenshot_20210728-061328.png)

doubleposting the truth

No. 200353

Dunno why people seem to hate him so much, he is perfect

No. 200354

His dynamic with a renegade shep is God-tier

No. 200363

NTA but he's always struck me (and most people) as a gay (or asexual?) man desperately trying to straighten himself out. As much as SEGA tried so hard to make him "awkward around women but still straight" he just doesn't come across as believably attracted to women. Honestly literally all het relationships in the Yakuza games are rushed and poorly written and only there for the "no homo" factor. Never understood why there are so many het shippers (including self shippers) in this fandom either. Most of the guys in these games are (unintentionally) gay as fuck and everyone except SEGA and brainless het shippers can see that.

No. 200400

File: 1627842350124.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.23 KB, 352x550, 155741213-352-k334752.jpg)

Excellent taste, nonnie. You could teach him what despair love feels like, kek
Do you ship Kamukoma too?

No. 200405

File: 1627846179514.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.08 KB, 256x400, 3X2bjyT.jpg)

Yes, that would be so great… Sigh A woman can always dream and go to Ao3.
Of course! It´s pretty nice
On a similar note, I also ship Kamukura x Kaede, because I can self insert, kek

No. 200409

File: 1627847558465.jpg (177.12 KB, 770x1120, 64629239_p0.jpg)

>brainless het shippers
Brainless heterosexual horniness is what this thread is about, thanks for noticing.

No. 200420

You know they aren't real people right?

No. 200424

t. retarded aiden

No. 200447

Oh my god this unlocked some memories from 2013 to me. Is this a good ship? someone explain it to me please

No. 200463

Omg bless you two

No. 200482

File: 1627883510139.jpg (382.54 KB, 626x864, 34234674456.jpg)

I'd eat rats with him.

But in all seriousness, he's really so cute and it's a shame he gets such a bad rap in the fandom even if it's to be expected. Seeing his progression throughout the story is so heartwarming… I want to hold him.

No. 200511

File: 1627899504692.jpeg (157.95 KB, 600x1200, humidifier_加湿器 on Twitter.jpeg)

Oh, that's a real rarepair! Is there a lot of content out there for that? Hope you're living your best self-inserting life.
Btw do you like husbando ASMRs? I came across one the other day, if you do. You might have listened already though… It's Seikyuu, his (her?) Servant one is pretty good, but I didn't listen to this one all the way so sorry in advance if you don't like it!

It kind of revolves around the Ultimate Despair Girls arc. They're both roaming around Towa city during the events of the game. Servant/Komaeda is literally and figuratively dirty, he's listed as a masochist in the art book and walks around with a collar and chain. Kurokuma/Junko outs him as gay, and he doesn't say anything. He yeets himself from Monaca's plan at the point he discovers that a mysterious person has entered the perimeter of Towa City. You learn that the person is Izuru, and he's violent and silent and kind of dominant, I guess. They're also some of the very few adult main characters. So when you kind of put it all together it's pretty easy to have a picture of Servant and Izuru having this illicit, animalistic, fucked up, BDSM relationship. Especially since they're bonded with/drawn to each other in every version of reality they encounter together.
Also in the anime, when Komaeda first lays eyes on Izuru, they try to shoot each other. Only Izuru succeeds and it leaves Komaeda ecstatic and blushing as he passes out. It's probably pretty one-sided, Komaeda being confused and hopelessly obsessed with Izuru but Izuru feeling nothing in return for him. He might even just use Komaeda/Servant to vent his frustrations, or as an unsatisfactory substitute for Chiaki.


No. 200540

I had a dream about Okabe and I still feel warm & fuzzy.

No. 200547

Cope and seethe, at the end they are still written as heterosexual. the quality of the writing is irrelevant

No. 200596

File: 1627957394353.jpg (78.66 KB, 583x728, skN6K0E.jpg)

It kind of is! It isn't the most popular ship but there's a decent amount of content scattered around different sites. But yes… I hope you also enjoy content of your husbando!
I do listen to ASMR quite a bit, but I haven't hear this one, and don't worry! I liked it a whole lot, thank you so much for the recommendation, I will get this saved for special moments, kek. ♥

Thank you! Bless you too ♥

No. 200619

The swedish pole vaulter is so fucking hot. Ahhh I can't keep watching this with my family present.

No. 200624

File: 1627999742489.jpg (591.67 KB, 2048x2048, 232c0ed404dc76afc1ad904dcf3ee6…)

absolutely losing my mind to unexpectedly see kamukoma on the farms. i love the earnestness of this thread

in other news, i love steven stone. i think he's really hot in a sperg kind of way. i wish he would ramble to me about stones and steel-type pokemon while petting my hair

No. 200636

File: 1628010287950.jpg (217.5 KB, 960x1200, E6lSVjKUYAAx0II.jpg)

Oh fuck, he is cute.

No. 200638

File: 1628010553074.png (1.01 MB, 985x1231, 39A587F9-8C40-4706-899A-5C3012…)

Mayoi is cute. Mao will always be my best Enstar boy, though.

No. 200639

He looks like his armpits smell

No. 200640

>i wish he would ramble to me about stones and steel-type pokemon while petting my hair
my kind of husband

No. 200642

>They're also some of the very few adult main characters.
how old are they in this game?

No. 200643

never played it but i think they're supposed to be in high school

No. 200644

File: 1628012618060.png (754.71 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-08-03_124349.png)

Oh my god this gives me Yami Bakura x Ryou Bakura vibes and that is my favorite ship ever. Please post more I need to see more so I can determine if I like it lol

No. 200649

This is a husbando thread not a ship thread. Go to /m/

No. 200652

It's the shitpost hornyposting thread, it also goes here
I'm OP btw

No. 200659

File: 1628021123690.jpeg (33.13 KB, 679x615, E4BZC6IVEAEr1S2.jpeg)

i have a bunch of questions: do you think he dyes his pubes too? does he shave it all off? does he wear a blond merkin? is there such thing as merkins for men? or does he just not care and the carpet does not match the drapes? also do you think he's cut or not? most Korean men apparently are but he was born and raised in Japan where the vast majority of men aren't. myself i vote for uncut with bleached blond pubes.

No. 200664

File: 1628023130610.jpeg (277.91 KB, 708x1024, E0040C33-F313-473B-B410-EF5D6C…)


No. 200697

Mmmm, that's the best part

No. 200723

File: 1628054782249.jpg (49.47 KB, 357x400, U6JYojp.jpg)

Kek, sure! I don't think I can't spam, but I hope you like this ship ♥

No. 200725

File: 1628055837554.jpg (1.02 MB, 683x884, ZQ1gKeU.jpg)

No. 200764

Sometimes I get really horny and just go on fanfiction.net and read the most disgusting slash crack fics

No. 200773

File: 1628099796398.jpeg (141.84 KB, 750x974, C0B61A2D-BE76-4ADF-B143-A61E01…)

Me and gojo are literally made for each other. Born in December? Same bestie. We can celebrate on the same day. Hates alcohol? Hell yeah me too. Most favourite food is sweets? Omg same we can go out and get cakes and ice cream and shit. We can go out on cute little dates to the ice cream shop and hold hands while we walk. All my baby boy needs to do is manifest in my room and we can go at it all night. I want him to fuck me raw with his huge cock and have his semen dripping out my pussy. Knowing him and his big dick energy, mans can go at it all night without breaking a sweat. He’ll probably even use his infinite void so everything can hit all at once when we’re out. He’ll fuck me raw until I get pregnant with his baby, and we’ll have cute little children running around the house. It’ll be perfect.

No. 200793

File: 1628115225934.jpg (111.89 KB, 1144x1200, EQuQkUQVUAE2BRd.jpg)

I want my dumb rich english himbo Bertie Wooster

No. 200826

Bertie anon… I feel you

No. 200857

File: 1628173175384.jpeg (134.01 KB, 750x964, 3D3D13B8-05D5-4D8B-A71B-FBE8AC…)

I don’t really know where is he from, but I want to ride his dick.

No. 200867

My husbando visited me in my dreams last night and we finally fucked. It was everything I hoped it would be.
I’ve had a rough couple days but my brain rewarded me. Thanks brain.

No. 200868

It's Kanae, a Nijisanji JP Vtuber.
I hope you like watching Apex if you wanna check him out.

No. 200956

File: 1628227543109.jpg (41.7 KB, 580x318, download (15).jpg)

Geralt all the way. Played through this game more times than I can count.

I want this man so fucking badly.

No. 200957

File: 1628227724216.jpg (164.72 KB, 687x1023, download (16).jpg)

L from Death Note. RIP you sexy shut in.

No. 200963

I feel so sad they got henry pedoville to play him in the show

No. 201000

I couldn’t finish the show because I stopped watching when he died

No. 201071

File: 1628302462542.jpg (726.15 KB, 2000x4414, 299276L.jpg)

Absolutely, I remember crying so hard about him. I also remember how all the girls preferred N, but he just didn't have anything I liked about L, though I tried researching him a bit to see if I'd also like him, but to no avail. Though I am glad he wasn't resurrected or some dumb shit, would have cheapened him for me.

No. 201077

No. 201197

File: 1628433052154.jpeg (149.87 KB, 989x1200, nagito komaeda.jpeg)

I will methodically lick all the body fluids off this sickly, disgusting, mentally ill man. His delicious salty fever sweat, the drool which runs out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. The tears which pour down his face at random. I'll suck on all of his wounds and nibble them just enough to make them bleed a little into my mouth. Little beads of precum and slick off his pearly tip. Maybe I could start him on hormones or stimulate his tender little pink nipples enough that he'll lactate a bit for me. I just want all of it on my tongue and down my gullet, yum yum yum yummy yum

No. 201205

File: 1628438404842.png (591.23 KB, 500x748, Kylo.Ren.full.2679738 (1).png)

Does anyone else feel that they have found their peak husbando and will never fall in love with any other character again? In my case it's not only a matter of him being everything I've ever dreamed of and my obsession being a cope for a trauma. I feel like I'm mentally getting old and I don't feel as emotional about characters as I used to. It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy character-driven stories or empathize with fictional people. It's just that they no longer stick in my mind and none of them is special to me. When the story ends, I forget about them. I just don't have it in me anymore. Of course there is always a 0,0001% of a chance that a character will impress me enough for me to carry them with me everyday, but I doubt that and I'm fine with it. This doesn't only affect husbandos, I doubt I will care about relatable female characters as much as I used to as well.

No. 201206

I demand that ecchi (non yaoi) mango be made by women for women. I just really want realistic stuff so I can self insert myself with my otome game husband.

No. 201208

I don't see how ecchi could ever be made realistically, regardless of who makes it.

No. 201215

File: 1628445174098.jpg (89 KB, 750x874, IMG_6733.JPG)

i love pieck but i kinda wish she was male because she would be my husbando

No. 201216

Wait wait he has a robot hand here thats kinda hot

No. 201219

There are other characters I think are attractive but I wouldn't really call them husbandos. I think different people seem to have different definitions of what a husbando is ranging from "I think he's cute" to going full yumejoshi. I definitely fall more into the latter category myself and I don't see how any other character could come close to how I feel about my husbando any time soon.
I've posted him several times but somehow too embarrassed to include a pic with this one kek

No. 201221

File: 1628446295735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.69 KB, 794x1007, il_794xN.2866979974_r4hi.jpg)

Obviously I meant long-term interest in a particular character (though it's obviously not wrong to have lots of passing crushes, it's just not what I had in mind). TBH I've only had 2 characters that I truly loved (I still do, the other one was female and I relate(d) deeply to her, so it was different). The more fiction I see, the less impressed and emotionally engaged I am. I guess it comes with gaining more experience, but it kind of sucks. Though maybe it's a blessing if it keeps me from obsessing about characters I would be deeply ashamed of (lol).

No. 201223

>Obviously I meant long-term interest in a particular character (though it's obviously not wrong to have lots of passing crushes, it's just not what I had in mind)
Oh, yeah. I was just making a distinction between the different types of people in this particular thread.
>Though maybe it's a blessing if it keeps me from obsessing about characters I would be deeply ashamed of (lol).
If I'd found my husbando sooner then maybe I could have avoided dealing with shitty 3D men.

No. 201246

File: 1628462555680.gif (1.1 MB, 400x225, tumblr_oeakbdDKAr1qamdcwo4_400…)

Maybe it has a warming filament and soft silicone fingertips for massages. It almost certainly has insane robot strength for holding you down if you're into that. The very best thing is, though, I bet it has a vibrate/pulse function.
Can you imagine? Because I can. Skilled robot fingers curling up inside you and rumbling with a buzzy thumb on your clit? All while he drools and shakes and sweats all over you. Genuinely magical. Now unimagine it, because that's my husband you creep.

No. 201255

File: 1628466533154.jpg (52.73 KB, 736x414, 95d354b272e6ba4d09bf78186b6270…)

meet me behind the trashcans, let's get unsanitary baby xoxo

No. 201276

File: 1628486720909.jpg (18.52 KB, 225x350, 9482c37edfb20f9af83098b957096a…)

With all the anons itt posting trendy zoomer era husbandos, I feel too retarded even for the retarded hornyposting thread but I never got over my Diabolik Lovers phase, specifically over Ayato
>Looks like a faggot
>Has incel-tier BDSM fetishes

Yet I never found anything more "exciting" than this edgy tard's CD drama content

No. 201281

i have an internet crush on this moid, i'm too scared to add him on discord and i can't get over him

i think he might like me too but i'm not gonna chase a man. i really really have an unhealthy infatuation with him tho.

please help me deal with this autism

No. 201302

File: 1628510226951.jpg (111.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>With all the anons itt posting trendy zoomer era husbandos, I feel too retarded even for the retarded hornyposting thread
You shouldn't! All husbandos are valid and I think it's especially admirable if someone has one that isn't from trendy media… I no longer crush on those characters and even then I wasn't as serious as with my current husbando, but my past ones were Shinji from NGE (omg no!!!! I was 13, so you can imagine why I had low standards), Endrance from .hack//GU (still enjoy his male yandere personality, but lack of content is a big problem) and Cloud Strife (maybe it doesn't count because of FFVIIR, but hey, his original game came out in 1997. I still adore his looks and personality, but don't have a strong enough emotional connection to call him a husbando. He's a character that I greatly enjoy, tho).
>Diabolik Lovers
I want to play this game so bad, but I'm not gonna buy a Vita for that… it's too expensive. Really hope I either find a deal someday or DL gets released on PC or Switch.
Wrong thread, real people cannot be husbandos, especially not crusty discord incels. Find a fictional love interest to be obsessed with, at least he will not take advantage of your feelings.

No. 201307

File: 1628512599590.png (1.18 MB, 640x900, Laito_Sakamaki.png)

Based as hell anon, I feel like such a sperg for still liking Dialovers in 2021 after everyone else has moved on but the games are just so scrumptious. I just want these disgusting vampires to bully me.

No. 201311

File: 1628513882685.jpg (208.63 KB, 1024x636, image.jpg)

Leon is my favourite husbando to hornypost about, he is def oldschool at this point.
I wish there were more sexy fanart of him out there.

No. 201315

File: 1628515203597.jpg (166.92 KB, 1280x1776, tumblr_c1277e229243215c9dd430e…)

Leon Ass Kennedy

No. 201316

Best ass

No. 201319

HNNNG…Leon in bondage is the ultimate.

No. 201320

Imagine if Leon was in bondage AND you could touch his butt.

No. 201333

Are we really pretending DL (and Eva and FF) wasn't trendy at some point

No. 201335

File: 1628518901774.jpeg (121.96 KB, 1065x670, Dzyu4e7WsAEd67w.jpeg)

Chris is my fave

No. 201336

File: 1628519008927.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.91 KB, 953x1389, Dzyu3jYX4AACl98.jpeg)


No. 201337

I'm jealous anon, I wish Leon had a tiny sailor costume.

No. 201345

Of course I am not! I understood that anon is ashamed cause her husbandos are not recent. Also, when I was husbanding those characters, they were kind of forgotten (at least in my native anime fandom).

No. 201354

File: 1628533602133.jpg (165.13 KB, 980x1140, R.6c79c97043f3cdf5833ed77b56b7…)

Speaking of older husbandos. I always thought Richter Belmont was handsome, especially the young Kojima version. I both look forward to, and dread, the coming Netflix CV adaption with him in it. Hope they don't screw him up and make him ugly like Trevor or fucked over like Hector.

No. 201356

>tips fedora

No. 201359

Yeah, I never got the appeal of those abusive fedora vampire guys.

No. 201373

File: 1628550162776.jpg (15.67 KB, 225x350, f84b874fa0d3632e115a029b42e1ee…)

I'm into them just never understood fedora-kun and shota-kun. Fedora has a gay laugh and was raped by his mom and the shota one is a bad behaved brat. Give me pic related or Ayato anytime

No. 201384

File: 1628558259164.png (Spoiler Image, 196.38 KB, 506x709, 28a586f0-36f0-4c7b-9436-eb1470…)

No. 201390

I love fedora-kun because he's voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa. It's like 80% the voice for me ngl

No. 201394

Extremely based anon. I don't like fedora-kun but I'm also mostly cooming to CD dramas of the husbandos

No. 201437

File: 1628617501705.jpg (264.29 KB, 800x1333, E8a9FQBUUAQCsXk.jpg)

Look at this new Touken Rambu cutie, I can't wait to waste all my resources trying to smith him and possibly fail in attempts to add him to my harem.

No. 201441

He looks beautiful.

No. 201481

File: 1628660227094.gif (2.99 MB, 450x269, MAJI.gif)

Why is everyone in Yakuza so hot? Seriously, everyone. Kiryu, Majima, Nishikiyama, Nishitani, Oda, Tachibana, Ryuji, Akiyama, Kashiwagi, and more people I'm forgetting. It's painful because real life 3D men could never come close. Not in personality, charm, looks or anything at all.

No. 201496

File: 1628669684858.jpg (431.96 KB, 755x801, Tumblr_l_1158876673919275.jpg)

Please tell me who voiced Syndrome cause his voice is making me weak now

No. 201497

does being horny prevent you from being able to google things, nonna?

No. 201498

Jason Lee, My Name is Earl kek.

No. 201503

This was one of the rare movie where I absolutely felt for the villain and rooted for him throughout the whole film kek

No. 201507

Reality tends to be disappointing.

No. 201536

File: 1628701496754.jpg (136.67 KB, 736x1070, 46369e262e348500d2339e186c46b2…)

No. 201577

I hate to say it but his dynamics with Mirage were steamy fanfiction worthy

No. 201587

File: 1628720473928.jpeg (113.3 KB, 1300x1472, EvUp__fVoAM5_JG.jpeg)

He's the perfect weapon. Designed to improve Japanese birth rates by making fujos desperate enough to have sex with 3D men, while also memeing the West (me) into degeneracy. That is to say, I don't even like real men but I can't stop thinking about a very specific piss scenario with this two dimensional man. He's so fucking disgusting and perfect. Oh god, I want him to tie me up and embarrass me, tell me how pathetic I must be if I'm lower than trash like him. And he'll just watch me and watch me until I start to fidget and cry. I'll hold it as well as I can and he'll come in close and start whispering abuse in my ear and start roughly kneading my abdomen and pussy, humiliating me for being wet. The shock of the intimate touch and the pressure on my bladder would probably make me piss myself, and I'd hear him laugh disgustedly while I snivel and squeeze my eyes shut. After a few moments, he'll say, "anon, look at me" and as I look up from my soaking lap, a few ropes of hot cum will splash across my sweaty, tear-stained face. But just as soon as he's caught his breath he'd be apologising, licking his own cum off my face and calling me beautiful and untying me.
"Thank you so much, anon," he'll whisper while chastely kissing my shaky shoulder. "Thank you for indulging scum like me. If you'll allow me, let me take care of you now." And I would get the fingering of a lifetime. He probably has really lovely hands - long, strong, knobbly fingers. I'd love to put them in my mouth but that's another post. The end.

No. 201595

oh komaeda anon, you are a poète maudit of our times

No. 201710

File: 1628801364499.jpeg (71.62 KB, 540x675, 999A5067-49AD-435B-81A6-07A206…)


No. 201740

i have no idea who this anime man is but i live for your posts. theyre so cute and funny

No. 201793

File: 1628862702991.jpg (932.95 KB, 2027x2027, Tumblr_l_395780881015529.jpg)

Oh to take a nap on Arthurs chest

No. 201798

>Designed to improve Japanese birth rates by making fujos desperate enough to have sex with 3D men

How is Komaeda making fujos have sex with real dudes? It doesn't seem to be working on you judging by all the obsessed posts.

No. 201806

How do I live on without him anon?

No. 201809

File: 1628873044762.jpg (170.91 KB, 650x650, E8a-i4KUcAoqDih.jpg)

Mr Hime finally decided to come home to my citadel! Welcome to the harem!
Damn he moans a lot kek

No. 201812

File: 1628875329368.jpeg (201.64 KB, 750x1040, 02D172C5-F94F-4130-91AB-DE87D0…)

Nonnies I literally have a mental disability for this one but I can’t get enough

No. 201814

Is that undead Komaeda

No. 201815

Thank you. I simply can't help myself, I am a woman in love.

By making them very unbearably thirsty for his thick, creamy seed, obviously. But you knew that, you just wanted to make fun of me for not having sex with 3D men.
>implying that having sex with men isn't shameful and shouldn't be avoided at all costs
OK, anon. I personally refuse to lower myself for mortal men, because I have self-respect. Also, nobody in their right mind wants to fuck me because of my terminal autism and degeneracy, but that's besides the point.

No. 201822

File: 1628879587589.jpeg (102.27 KB, 749x1077, F0307F1B-6EE1-4947-BE05-110D77…)

I think Diluc would be an amazing hugger, I want to cuddle with him and feel his warm body against mine as we’re covered in blankets and wear cozy pajamas with the air conditioner really cold.
I want to kiss his neck and jaw as he gropes me, he would be shy at first but then he would get bolder and he would put his hands under my clothes, we would just cuddle like that until we fall asleep, I would give him a sleepy good night kiss on the lips and he would tell me that he loves me.
Life would be great, then I wake up with 10.000.000 dollars in my bank account and Diluc is still there with me.

No. 201877

File: 1628931859834.gif (2.94 MB, 500x324, tumblr_ddaf7742d03fd242937a4c3…)

no real man will ever compare to him, might just die anons

No. 201916

He's a manlet tho

No. 201925

he's an entire foot taller than me… (ntayrt)

No. 201928

File: 1628962127695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.88 KB, 1112x1200, 91799656_p0_master1200.jpg)

Bara tiddies are trending lately but what about the flat tiddies.

No. 201943

5'10 is a bit over our national average here, c'mon anon

No. 201951

Shorter and skinny just seems to boyish. Lanklets might be OK.

No. 201957

OT but do u think moobies will ever become a trend¿

No. 201966

No. 202002

File: 1629032707350.png (235.78 KB, 401x560, byakuya.png)

this one sprite

No. 202011

looks like he realized filthy Komaeda is giving him a bj

No. 202065

File: 1629074959031.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 893.58 KB, 2139x1792, 1CA6A8C7-1DED-43B3-987C-B5BBE1…)

I drew a picture of us as a special treat, as a belated birthday present to us both. I like to think that in a parallel universe, he’s crytyping about me on the reg on that Hope’s Peak gossip forum that Naegi checks right at the start of THH. I’ve been listening to Golden Trunks by the Arctic Monkeys and now the phrase “sometimes I shitpost about you too” is burnt into my brain. I love you, Nagito ♥
IDK how to digital art, hence spoiler. Sorry, talented anons

He should be so lucky, though I wouldn’t mind getting cucked by Ko as long as I could watch.

No. 202066

Awesome, nonnie, i wish I had the artistic faculties to do art of me with my husbandos.

No. 202068

File: 1629077613481.png (61.03 KB, 480x280, tumblr_e862344c919221acea04c40…)

Thank you, anon. I'm learning too, let's both practise hard!

No. 202072

cute! and also i like your hair

No. 202087

Aww you are so cute you crazy woman it looks great

No. 202110

File: 1629112164138.jpg (96.44 KB, 590x590, 30089847_p0_master1200~2.jpg)

Thank you so much, nonnies ♥♥♥ I wasn't expecting that. I came back into this thread just now to hornypost, but you're so sweet and wholesome that I (almost) feel too awkward to go ahead with it

Anyway, I want him to stuff me full of his delectable cream, like a profiterole. He's going to knock me up. His big, spidery hands will gently cup my breasts and he'll whisper with quiet awe and excitement that they're going to get so big and full once he gets me pregnant. I'll feel him twitch inside me at the prospect and he'll start suckling hard on my nipples and making the most disgusting moans. When I start to panic because I'm not ready to be a mother, he'll hold my hands above my head in just one of his and pin me there with all of his weight while he starts getting shaky and feverish and sticky. He tells me excitedly to please struggle and panic and cry as much as I want, but he won't stop because it means that our child truly will be a dazzling hope born from my despair. His already-huge, throbbing cock could crush diamonds when he starts thinking about hope, and he starts to fuck my body with total abandon. He'll lovingly rest his other hand on my lower abdomen, where my womb is, as if trying to feel the exact moment he impregnates me. He'll rut hard enough to feel his own thrusts through my belly, and when I start to cry he'll start to cum, thinking about how how much hope we're going to bring into the world. He'll bury himself so deeply inside me that I can feel his balls contract against me when he soaks my cervix with his milky, sweet and sour semen. He'll fall, boneless and panting, on top of me, kissing my face and neck tenderly and telling me I did so well and that he's going to take care of me, I'm his wife and now the mother of his child, I'll never want for anything ever again. When I calm down, he'll withdraw and plug my stretched out and sore pussy with a toy to keep the cum inside. He'll prop my hips up with a pillow and sink his head between my legs, cleaning up our stray juices with his tongue. Soothingly, he tells me to relax, the next part is going to be a lot more fun for me. Without hesitation he'll start chowing down on my pussy, slurping on my clit and humming appreciatively, like he's enjoying a world-class meal. He'll roll my pearl expertly with the tip of his tongue over and over, and between that and the weight of the heavy plug in my body, I'll orgasm ferociously. I'll claw at his candyfloss hair and enjoy his cries of pain, pushing his snout hard into my clit as I squirt against his stupid, sweaty face. I'll feel my whole body contract and release, and I can almost feel my uterus sucking hard, my vagina clenching and involuntarily squeezing all of Komaeda's cum into my fertile body, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste into my greedy womb. I know he knows what I can feel, because he's still between my legs with this stupid smug look on his face, as well as my nectar. He'll crawl up and over me slowly, drooling, pressing skin to skin, both of us sweaty and flushed. He'll tonguefuck my ear passionately, knowing that it makes me clench involuntarily and I'll snap at him, annoyed and overstimulated. He'll do his gentle little chuckle, and he'll tease me by telling me how I'm already glowing. He'll pet my hair, huffing the crown of my head deeply as he curls around me, desperately trying to inhale all the neurotransmitters and hormones my body starts to pump out.
"I know until now, the past has been cruel to both of us, anon, it's been so hard. But that just was our down payment for an amazing future together. That's how luck works. I'm going to look after both of you so well. I'll protect you to my dying breath. You are my ultimate hope, anon."
"You're so weird, Nagito." I'll mutter fondly and sleepily into his sticky, stringy hair. "I love you so, so much." He starts to shake, and though I can't see his face, I'll feel the tears flowing from him and the puffs of his silent sobs. I know exactly what it means to him.
"I love you too, anon"

No. 202113

Are you Finnish? I'm getting some weird Finn energy from you.

No. 202114

That's interesting. Why's that?
I'm English by birth. If you're talking about my hair and skin colour, my family is Scandinavian-Italian. It's actually tragic, the only Mediterranean genes I got were ones for intense and overwhelming facial hair. Maybe it skips a generation, and Komaeda and I will have children with lovely olive skin and pretty dark hair/eyes, like my mum.

No. 202116

I'm Finnish and nothing about that hilarious piece of autism reads as Finnish expect the art style sort of I guess.

But godspeed anon, I was crying laughing thinking about Komaeda crytyping about anon on the Hope's Peak gossip forum

No. 202117

Something about the art, idk maybe my Scandi genes detected your Scandi genes magically. But it's obvious by your uh…verbose prose that you're a native english speaker.

No. 202121

have you ever done wikihow illustrations?

No. 202122

I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad kek

No. 202123

You should illustrate a Wikihow: How to make your animu husbando fall for you and have hot sex

No. 202127

anon i’m actually sad that he’s not a real man. it sounds like you two would be so happy together and i know you would be a great mother to his child

No. 202137

That makes me feel disgusted but also touched. I am glad you are here with us on lolcow.

No. 202143

same, that is an awesome artwork. I wish I could do that… I am in awe of Komaeda-chan.
Can I ask you for advice on how to be able to imagine your husbando better? I mean, like how he would treat you, how would your life look together etc… I want it so bad, but I have a big problem with visualizing it. Makes me feel like a fraud. You have so many headcanons about Komaeda and I'm so envious!

No. 202144

damn I'm starting to think italian genes are just weak af, my mom is 1/2 italian 1/2 irish and is a blue-eyed, freckled redhead, I'm 3/4 italian and I also look fully Irish didn't get her hair or her eyes though, rip

No. 202165

File: 1629141428158.jpg (128.51 KB, 768x1024, 49184304416_73809dc820_b.jpg)

I'm replaying 2016 DOOM and only now I realized how sexy Dr. Hayden is! Now I understand General Grievous anon, sort of.

No. 202167

thanks for giving me a new fetish, anon. i'm gonna name him vibe-o-rator

No. 202168

File: 1629142273507.jpg (118.88 KB, 1152x864, manray.jpg)

why was this guy from spongebob kinda sexy…..

No. 202170

File: 1629143377631.png (360.45 KB, 743x514, untitled.png)

Agghhhh I saw a stupid video about this guy today I never knew who he was before (I'm into robots too) it was this but voiced over

No. 202195

This legit made me blush. So hot

No. 202201

I'll just add a video so other anons can hear his voice too, 11/10

No. 202203

i really wonder what it is about robots that are so attractive. is it because they're so far from actual moids while still having the physical form? or kind of like a lack of intimacy because you know it's not a real person?

No. 202205

For me - I'm into robots and aliens since I remember - it's definitely about the former because fantasy of intimacy is there for sure, I wonder how it is for other anons though.

No. 202208

OP Samuel Hayden anon here, I'm not even that much into robots, that's why my attraction surprised me! Guess it's the voice? The Marauders (even though I haven't played Eternal yet) and the Slayer himself can get it too. Other nonhumans I've found attractive were Devil Trigger forms, but those characters are really hot as humans too. I guess some Mass Effect aliens I've seen in other husbando threads were kinda hot? Might get around to playing those games in the future. I also have to mention that I'm hardly ever attracted to real life men though.

No. 202219

Yes, me too; they have the nice male shape but it's important to me that they have a non-human face, so they don't resemble real men.

No. 202230

File: 1629165658410.png (581.61 KB, 753x985, 90bca3f8891d431f7b3c12c9882288…)


No. 202231

Kane-san so handsome, love the strategically placed cloth damage.

No. 202232

File: 1629166793883.jpg (59.87 KB, 431x692, 6309.jpg)

I want to be locked up with Jolyne. I want her to hold me tight while I caress her perfect jojo body. I want her to kiss me with her big juicy green lips.

No. 202242

File: 1629172932414.jpg (127.06 KB, 710x338, tumblr_c508941b27cc094e1822d58…)

get this man some carmex pleawse
moderately related but i would let pic related absolutely destroy me in every way imaginable i keep rewatching his arc like the autist i am hes so fucking pretty

No. 202243

How does one use them love handles for the sex protocol?

No. 202246

I just want to rescue this poor ojisan from that woman and make him smile…

No. 202251

File: 1629187405422.gif (982.23 KB, 320x180, 0f65ffff370c1820d4632f0d0f3e72…)

he's so stupid and horny, I want to suck him off

No. 202281

File: 1629214144404.jpg (80.88 KB, 736x601, 6d6b8714a5b00dd595e19bb1a8c6e8…)

Do I want Childe to pin me down during a fight and fuck me into the ground or do I want to tie him to a chair and ride his dick while slicing his clothes off with a knife? Decisions decisions

No. 202282

File: 1629214851035.jpeg (209.69 KB, 915x806, FD0B696D-E178-4B01-9ACA-EEF485…)

I don’t know I got so obsessed with the CEO of eczema but I want to be his gf so bad and force him to do face masks with me and give him kisses
Overhaul is so cute too honestly good taste - I basically speedrun the manga and only pay a lot of attention to the villain parts bc of shigaraki overhaul and dabi

No. 202289

File: 1629218806958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.57 KB, 1200x900, 91799656_p1_master1200.jpg)

That's wholesome anon.

No. 202367

File: 1629272122231.png (540 KB, 691x682, mammoney.png)

God I want to sit on his face so bad and see his cute tsundere reaction to me stripping off my panties.
>A-a-anon w-what are you doing?!
>I'm going to ride your face until I cum.
>Well jeez warn a guy. You can't just do that kinda stuff out of nowhere y'know… Okay if you really gotta. Come here.

No. 202369

File: 1629273289636.jpeg (298.6 KB, 820x1191, 23-239468_general-hux-domhnall…)


No. 202375

File: 1629275838906.jpg (34.02 KB, 544x354, aby30mX_700b.jpg)

just got reminded of that nonny who said benedict cumberbatch looked like a skyrim high elf, apparently she was not the only one. is it weird that I actually find the high elf more attractive?

also I'm so sad there are no marriable male high elves in skyrim

No. 202391

File: 1629290914668.gif (455.31 KB, 200x150, 383828282847.gif)

Just when I thought that you couldn't sink any lower. You're a CUCK?

No. 202411

File: 1629304094206.jpg (1.1 MB, 1646x2199, IMG_20210818_175413_066.jpg)

These are the facts as I understand them: my husbando is very hot and he loves me very much. I would do anything for him. I would drink his jarate if I had to. I would drink it if I didn't have to. I don't even know what to say my heart is going to burst from love

No. 202418

I thought this was Tilda Swinton in a tight black suit kek

No. 202424

who is this anons?

No. 202433

File: 1629317207923.jpg (661.44 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_818e0ba18c8ca46de8a2528…)

horikoshi had no right to make these evil men so so slutty. thinking about dabi & overhaul speeds up the liquefaction of my brain by about 200%

No. 202439

File: 1629323114259.jpg (607.78 KB, 1820x1078, 222e259e-8723-46b9-ae4e-c92277…)

What is it about cowboys nonas?

No. 202448

Some pixiv rando's OC.

No. 202460

File: 1629353873833.jpeg (211.08 KB, 700x951, 2BE378B0-9A91-4D95-8B7F-B886EA…)

Ughnnnnnnnn I need a gang bang pwease~

No. 202463

File: 1629354173703.jpeg (221.79 KB, 750x1334, A4117A84-CD9A-434B-BCCC-499F33…)

>tfw no yandere mammon to fuck me as he tells me that he won’t let me go until he has enough of me which will be never because he’s greedy as fuck and he will want to lick my pussy after cumming inside me.

No. 202464

File: 1629354465653.jpeg (155 KB, 750x1038, 5C519145-2746-4E31-A7B8-032694…)

But also this.

No. 202479

File: 1629373632913.jpg (100.23 KB, 720x672, 6d87de9376459c74b11ef1a091cfd1…)

thank you
for a mere second, I was under the impression it was picrel

No. 202484

So who is this then?

No. 202529

Source please.

No. 202536

No. 202549

File: 1629413311356.jpg (204.44 KB, 1047x1500, 71Xy3O9rQSL.jpg)

No. 202614

File: 1629468098756.gif (6.36 MB, 540x228, tumblr_aa0f9e6a176b3d734bc2621…)

I want a foursome with them and Zhao but I'd also fuck pretty much everyone in this game

No. 202619

File: 1629472796335.jpeg (41.48 KB, 750x741, 72FB54F7-9E36-42B3-95D4-6EAB75…)


what game are they from anon

No. 202620

File: 1629473097730.gif (6.2 MB, 268x320, tumblr_63faefdc013c59ba53780a6…)

The man is Han Joon-gi and the woman is Seong-hui from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, gifrel is Zhao Tianyou from the same game

No. 202621

Yes. I accidentally (?) read reader insert fanfiction about him when I was originally looking for something else and ever since then I can't look at him without having naughty thoughts

No. 202622

Samefag, sorry for sounding retarded, I only just realized he's been posted before, I'm new to /g/

No. 202678

File: 1629519820587.jpg (43.68 KB, 480x852, a27327f1acfc7499e958a0dd2a5bfb…)

I just love him, I'm not very creative

No. 202691

He looks like he has at least 3 STDs

No. 202692

and I still would

No. 202728

File: 1629569158657.jpg (173.79 KB, 767x654, Tumblr_l_239545449806476.jpg)

I'd make him lose his status as head of his clan because he'd be too busy worshipping my pussy in our yurt 24/7

No. 202743

File: 1629583874418.gif (2.68 MB, 540x265, 1628043980174.gif)

I need this mildly autistic man on my life. I want him to be my house husband that eats my pussy everyday after I get home

No. 202754

File: 1629595176998.png (1.15 MB, 2216x968, imagen_2021-08-21_201826.png)

I bet this mustachoed man has a big dick. A massive girth with big balls. I want him to fuck me raw and hardcore as he embraces me. I'll be his bitch and get my cunt slapped by his enourmous dangling soft balls. Hggn

No. 202755

Forgot to add, look at his big manly hands he can manhandle me with. Grab my leg, spread me out and enter me as he grunts and sweats. Animalistic sex with this man please

No. 202756

I love reading this thread from time to time. Makes me feel better about my life choices.

No. 202757

I bet his big dick is curved down like the chad he is. So I would love if he placed his dick and balls on my forehead and lips and started rubbing himself on my face. Then he would say "open wide" and put his head with a bit of foreskin on my tongue and tell me to suck. I bet he has a delicious musk that smells of watery rice and pine wood. I want his balls and dick on my face.

No. 202768

>watery rice and pine wood
lost my shit at this
also what the fuck is that female Cyrus? I fell out of Pokemon years ago, why is there a genderbent Cyrus.

No. 202770

nta but that's apparently one of his ancestors, the game she's from takes place in the past

No. 202794

I'm ayrt and I was thinking. I would add morning dew cucumber to the list of musk odor. It just makes sense to me.

No. 202834

File: 1629663043329.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.14 KB, 439x700, 13165664642.jpg)

God damn it I love him so much I don't know what to do my heart feels like it's going to burst from love hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 202884

File: 1629732112326.png (402.73 KB, 431x512, f92.png)

bathing with his smelly ass

No. 202887

i want to bathe with ichiban kasuga

No. 202912

File: 1629758945227.gif (2.83 MB, 268x200, Tumblr_l_1024701680023005.gif)

God it's so fucking hot when he cries.

No. 202926

File: 1629762717105.png (396.49 KB, 623x665, E9U-VMoWYAMb1w_.png)

ive never watched a jerma stream before but when he came on like this my clit said 'its go time' he looks so broken wearing a fucking christian slater cosplay (also a retarded husbando of mine) im fucking, i cant stop thinking about it. jerma in these cheap goddamn dollar store glasses with bouncy hair not a single fucking knot in it & in a arm sling FUCK

No. 202941

File: 1629781387242.gif (1.82 MB, 498x312, jerma-jerma985.gif)

Same, and I rarely crush on people. Jermy's like a discount Christian Bale crossed with pure PSYCHO. Uniquely attractive. That said, I like his unwashed uncle look the best.

No. 202942

Sorry, wasn't horny enough i mean i'd like to catch that stream if yannowwhatimean

No. 202945

He looks like a slightly more evolved Onision, it’s his personality that’s attractive

No. 202946

File: 1629783669641.gif (876.98 KB, 220x165, CourageousTeemingBarebirdbat-m…)

Now that you mention it, he does. Gonna put that thought away, but yeah you're probably right. Still cute though, looks are a bonus.

No. 202947

File: 1629783929979.jpeg (24.01 KB, 320x480, 6DDCD113-86DF-4960-A0EF-5CA76F…)

One of my first crushes,oh my god that laugh. Too bad he is gay.. and old.

No. 202949

File: 1629785734194.jpeg (89.79 KB, 650x1446, b1237f7b30d8266bb4629497472ab8…)

I am extremely attracted to Wallace from Scott Pilgrim. Only problem is is he is canonically extremely gay, and I'm a girl. Doesn't help that Keiran Culkin plays him in the movie

No. 202956

File: 1629791615684.png (Spoiler Image, 938.11 KB, 720x944, brett.png)

so horny for him I fantasize about travelling to Canada just to answer one of PhilipSoloTV's craigslist ads he does for videos (he invites random girls all the time) for shit like eating Burger King or having a room party. I'd hit it off perfectly with Brett and afterwards he'd offer to drive me back to my place and it's just a hotel room I rented. He'd come inside, we'd make out and grind in the bed while Corner Gas plays on the TV or some shit, he smells like cigarettes and a Hot Topic. Then he'd tonguefuck my pussy and seal his mouth on my clit until I'd come multiple times, only then would he flip me like a toy and fuck me into the sheets, and when he grabs my ass he probably has a ton of rings on his fingers. Probably nipple piercings and a dick piercing too let's be real. I probably wouldn't see him again but it'd be worth it. Or he would move to the US to be with me because my pussy is so amazing

No. 20