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File: 1627325893584.jpg (29.29 KB, 474x711, 36769c690cf289850c680229059c25…)

No. 199512

Being a black girl is frustrating as fuck. Being a girl in general is infuriating at times. There's really nowhere to vent about it so I thought I'd make a thread for the black girls who wanna vent and the girls who wanna ask questions or are curious about the black community and all of the fantastic sexism within it! Lol.

No. 199513

One thing I hate about black mothers is the business of humiliating their teenage daughters for clout. Fucked up. Black mothers do this more than anyone. Instagram is there main platform to do this shit. Like black mothers, specifically hood ones,lick the ground their sons walk on but if their daughter so much as sneezes they're main mission is to emotionally break her. It's sick, honestly.

No. 199514

I kinda wish that there was more of a distinction between Black American/Black European/Black Caribbean/African/etc. People on the internet are extremely American-centric and it seems like Black is just short for Black American. I grew up in America but my family came from Ethiopia and I can’t really relate to any culture or experiences expect racism I suppose. Growing up was rough though, I don’t know about the rest of you but I have always struggled with styling my hair. I default to straightening it and I’m bad at taking care of it naturally.

No. 199515

This is an interesting thread, I hope anons don't get weird and race bait. Due to all the racism compounded by the sexism black women face, it seems like you're forced to either find internal confidence or self destruct. I think a lot of black women have risen to the challenge though; this has even been shown in studies where black women (in the U.S.) typically have higher levels of confidence compared to latinas and white women (https://www.glamour.com/story/black-women-more-confident-other-groups-females-survey). For those who feel they've mostly become immune to criticism and pettiness from racists/sexists, how would you say you got there? Was there anything in particular that really opened your eyes or lessons you held close? Did you get to that point on your own or with the help of others? I know being a "strong black women" is a shitty stereotype at times, but for sure the world pushes you to find self confidence and I was wondering how that has worked out for you (or not).

No. 199529

This thread is for sure gonna get locked (a lot of newfag-y threads have been popping up on /g/) but I'm gonna reply anyway This isn't all that related to your post, but your post just reminded me that I actually dislike the term "African-American". It just makes no sense to me. Most black American people don't have any recent African relatives, have never been to Africa, our experiences are different from African people, and to be honest, we don't know much about the continent as a whole. Anyway, I relate hard to the hair part. I cannot my own hair for shit, and I'm super tempted to just relax it but I shaved it all off 2-ish years ago, and I really want to commit to growing it out and not put too many harsh chemicals on it.

No. 199531

OP here! Sorry I should've been a bit more clear, I'd love to hear about what black girls in other countries are going through too

No. 199532

Sadly, I feel like son-worship is pretty much common all around the world, with some exceptions in America and Europe. Even then, religious places in America and eastern european still have this problem

No. 199534

No. 199542

Do you guys use social media? I avoid shit like TikTok like the plague because I've seen so much bullshit and racism/sexism stemming from it. I just don't want to make myself angry or upset. I lurk Twitter accounts, but I see no value in posting "to the void", and I haven't found any community I can feel 100% comfortable participating in.

No. 199543

had my hair relaxed since i was 13. 23 now and i never really had a problem with it. I've heard everything from praise for my choice, to being questioned on why i 'rejected' my natural hair but I don't really care either way. While I didn't have much of a choice in getting it relaxed, I wasn't unhappy with it. It stayed healthy and kept pretty awesome length. but, im getting kind of tired on having to rely on a stylist just to do my own hair. i have to keep it from getting wet, I can't wash it as often as id like, its just… annoying of all the hoops and lack of control I have with it. So, after mulling it over for some time I decided I want to cut it all off. So I guess it'll be going natural. I kind of like the idea of starting over. trust me, it makes me nervous. But it gives me a chance to learn my own hair from the ground up and really take control. wish me luck anons.

No. 199544

Model's name? She looks Asian.

No. 199546

I hope it goes well and you can feel at peace anon that does sound frustrating to not do what you truly wish with your hair.

No. 199548

I'm not black, I'm latina, but I love this thread idea!! just came here to support it

No. 199570

Thanks for your support,anon!

No. 199572

File: 1627351544029.jpeg (106.26 KB, 800x1041, wutingting.jpeg)

No. 199573

Never being able to have cute straight hair without relying on relaxers.

No. 199583

I'm sorry! I thought she was black because of the photo. I wish I'd looked into the photo before using it,my mistake!

No. 199670

My hair really fucks me up sometimes. It's relatively long, but that's because I keep it frankly shitty protective styles all the time. To clarify, they're shitty not because I think the style looks bad, but because I'm doing it myself and am not very good at styling my own hair. I wish I could regularly do interesting/pretty styles that didn't require so much time or that I had the $$$ to pay someone else to do it for me. I constantly think about shaving it and just keeping it short and it's mostly because I don't want to deal with the level maintenance I have to do with it at it's current length. I really really wish it was because I liked the short haired look (I think some women can look really pretty like that, but I don't think I'm one of them), but I'm just a lazy fuck lmao.

No. 199671

Lol it's ok anon. It's actually kind of funny. Someone should make an Asian Girl Problems thread with a black girl as the thread pic.

No. 199677

Are farmers lipstick alley members?

No. 199681

I was thinking about joining but the site seems kinda hard to navigate…

No. 199685

I was for a while, but I had to stop using it because of that shitty update.

No. 199692

I only lurk

No. 199693

File: 1627417487200.jpg (57.06 KB, 474x549, 4300b157b07ccbc461640fdc8fd05f…)

Anon,have you tried putting your hair in cornrows and then having someone put in crochet braids or hair of any sort? It's so much easier! You can keep it in for a couple of months too and it actually looks good if you take care of it. Crochet saved my life lmao. You get to have it in a protective style with little work and still keep a nice appearance!

No. 199698

God this, I also dislike how the black american twitter types constantly speak in "we"s as if everyone is a hivemind and no other black people outside of burgerland exist.

No. 199699

File: 1627420695091.jpg (472.03 KB, 1472x1899, 35e16f781a6cf76d93764543683d9c…)

Get into japanese Straightening nonny

No. 199701

This is the 3rd samefag and I promise it's the last, but I want to take advantage of this thread as long as it's open.
Did any of you try african black soap? If yes, can you recommend any onlineshop selling genuine ones? I keep reading that everyone gets the good ones from their relatives, but that's not an option for everyone.

No. 199706

Sorry if thats ot but is it okay for me as a non black person to compliment black girls hair? I love your hair styles but bc of the internet it feels weird and fetish-y as if it's exoticizing

No. 199712

Yeah, it's fine to compliment our hair. I don't really know what you mean with the last part, but the internet doesn't represent real life. Just compliment black people the same way you would any other race And don't try to touch someone's hair without permission, but that's pretty obvious

No. 199713

Just say "your hair looks nice"/"i like your hair" or something. If you're worried about seeming fetishising keep hair talk short and move on

No. 199715

Of course it is! In fact I'd encourage it,it really makes my day when someone complements my hair. Don't worry about fetishization it's pretty easy to avoid,just don't anything weird like "God I love your African hair chocolate queen" and you'll be okay.

No. 199720

File: 1627428843777.jpg (58.44 KB, 640x640, fwcs-102-unit-02323-1611700195…)

I HATE the way black women are portrayed in media so much. I can't stand it, honestly. Me and my boyfriend watched the Winx club remake out of curiosity and it was so annoying. First of all they white washed Musa for some reason? I guess they couldn't find an Asian actress?? They did Aisha so dirty. She follows Bloom around like a lost dog and plays mom of the group,she barely has a character of her own or a love interest. I know it's shallow but I wish they'd cast a cuter dark skin girl to play Aisha. Also why do they dress the girls like middle aged moms?

No. 199731

I haven't, but I'll definitely look into that. Thanks!

I'd say that it's fine to do that if you genuinely like whatever style you're seeing as long as you're not overemphasizing the blackness of whoever you're complimenting like >>199715 says. I might be in the minority that still finds it flattering at the same time as finding it uncomfortable as fuck lol

No. 199741

The pain knowing that no matter how much time and effort you put into your appearance your race will always be a determining factor on how attractive you are, it’s so exhausting. Also depression being extremely niche and taboo in certain black communities

No. 199746

All the things that made Winx great (fashion, diverse characters with own personalities, fun whimsical setting) is gone in the new one. Honestly I think they made it that way just to spite us. That director was so sure of himself he didn't even care or do any research about what the fans liked. You know how triggered men get when women have a show all to themselves.

No. 199753

I remember this being a talking point of black women online as we moved into the 2010s. I never cared then because I was an ugly teenager, race notwithstanding. Now it's harder to ignore how political people make their attraction/lack thereof when experiencing it firsthand. Always a mention of black people's political troubles, how long did it take to get your hair like that, you're well-spoken, rinse and repeat. There has to be a script when talking to us and it feels like life drifts on in a feedback loop. I think it's better when you speak to less men though. My sympathies for those attracted.

No. 199754

I've heard that it can be extremely damaging…

No. 199760


Aisha was the most annoying character on that show. And it annoyed me even more because ofc it had to be the black chick.

I also wish they chose a cuter dark skinned black chick to play her, but since all of them look like soccer moms from the 80s with the exception of bloom (sometimes), I guess it's okay

No. 199836

Growing up I always found black girls extremely beautiful. Then as an adult I realized a lot of people view them as ugly, especially white guys, which was insane to me. The weird thing is, you see guys fawning over girls, who a lot of the time basically just look like depigmented black women and have black features but on a white face with white skin. But as soon as those features are on a black woman; they get called vulgar or ugly. It’s crazy to me.

No. 199845

oh god can we please have a thread on black women without this shit.

No. 199852

Tiktok is just a platform for pedos to jerk off to barely legal blonde chicks twerking, the humor is trash too, black girls have no business using that shitty app you aren’t missing anything sis trust me

No. 199853

I love black e-girls and some of them are incredibly creative and gorgeous, but it really does feel like they have to spend 10x much time and effort on their appearance in order to get noticed, whereas white or Asian e-girls can just throw on some wonky winged eyeliner and a polyester aliexpress dress and still get millions of views or hits. Meanwhile the black girls I see put so much more effort into their hair, makeup, styling, outfits etc and come up with tons of new trends, yet only get a fraction of the credit or attention. It’s unfair.

No. 199856

File: 1627513465082.jpg (76.6 KB, 334x500, undefined - Imgur.jpg)

It's rare for a white girl to look like a depigmented black girl. Having fuller lips or a bigger ass than the average white girl won't make a white girl look black. Also, they almost never have features as large as the average black woman and when they do it's usually disliked. Look up any conversation online about Angelina Jolie and white men are complaining about her lips.

No. 199859

I'm surprised no one has posted any racebait in this thread yet

No. 199867

Do you know where you are lol

No. 199879

File: 1627521478453.jpg (103.42 KB, 745x1200, cf0d7eae665027291db2a0f91b05fa…)

When I was like 15 I got groomed by a racist swedish man and remembering that pictures of my underaged body are in that man's hands makes me wanna die. I was so insecure back then. Any dude showing me any attention back then made me do stupid things. When I got older I kind of grew into my looks. I just remember being young and seeing men say horrible things about women that looked like me and it tore my confidence to shreds at a very young age. Honestly the internet is so toxic to little black girls or atleast it was back then. I really wish my parents were more attentive about that. Just a quick PSA.

No. 199880

Yes? It's not like racebait on LC is unheard of.

No. 199882

Threadpic considered, I thought this was a bait thread tbh. Something about it is weird.

No. 199883

I’m so sorry that happened to you, and i completely agree with you. my mom wouldn’t let me have a phone until 10th grade, but gave me unrestricted access to the internet on my personal laptop at 8 no less…

No. 199889

How is this thread racebaiting? Are you seriously going to fucking deny that it’s hard being a black woman? Fuck off and hide the thread I have no patience for people who are like you.

No. 199890

They get attention but the problem is that they’re always overly complimented. Whenever some black person is on Tiktok the comments always overdo it and it makes it seem like that black person is just an object to oogle at and it a human being, it’s really weird. People only do it to virtue signal and it’s really sad

No. 199891

The pic is literally an Asian woman in black paint. It does look like bait.

No. 199900

Maybe that’s the point anon. Asians are pretty fucking racist towards black people and mock darker skin tones

No. 199903

I feel like as a black woman, you're held up to a certain high standard that you have to uphold and act out otherwise you're seen as just ghetto trash or stereotypical rachet.

No. 199904

Nta, but I don't think it was intentional. See >>199583. Seems like an honest mistake from OP, imo

No. 199934

White men love Russian women and a lot of Russian women have naturally large lips, flat broad noses, round skulls like black women do. But they only like those features on white chicks. It’s weird.

No. 199939

I think is kinda sad and frustrating that everytime I'm browsing through Instagram searching for 4C hair tips or models, the algorithm starts suggesting me misogynistic/racist jokes by scrotes or child abuse references, i hate it here so much.

No. 199957

to me, what helps the most is keeping a clear perspective. i will always be black, i'll always be a woman– of course, i didn't choose to be either of these things, but i'm making the best of it. so if people criticise me for things i didn't choose… how is that my fault? why should i even care? it's not like i can control the thoughts and behaviours of others, just like they can't control mine. it's not my job to cure anybody's bigotry, nor defy their preconceived notions of black women.

you know what my job is? focusing on the shit that actually matters, shit i have some influnece over. i wouldn't describe myself as a "strong black woman" by any means; i don't even know if i'd consider myself confident. what i can say for sure is that, while prioritising my own, i only really care about the opinions of one or two people. everyone else is irrelevant.

i hope that helps at least a little bit, and that maybe some other anons will chime in with their own experiences. at risk of sounding cheesy, i have a message for all the black women in this thread: no matter what other people say about you, you deserve to be happy.

No. 200006

Anon,there's no need to be aggressive. You're free to hang out but you can't be a psycho or anything, alright?

No. 200009

please don't take it the wrong way, I've been on lolcow for a few years now, so I assumed it was just a racebait thread but I am pleasantly suprised there are genuine posts so far.

No. 200224

Russian women have a variety of looks, but big lips are not common. Also, most Western men have never met a single Russian or Eastern European woman anon, nor do the majority of Western men give them a single thought. They have become a meme so you'll see a lot of internet chatter but incel talk is not reality. I think the uncomfortable truth is most white men don't like dark brown skin. It's not so confusing when you understand this.

No. 200364

Struggling to understand how the fact of dark brown skin/brown skin general is viewed unattractive worldwide?

i just find very funny that when you think of how black/darkness it's always associated with something negative then bam here we are…shits irritating

No. 200366

it's unattractive especially in women because it's a masculine trait. no man regardless of race wants a woman darker than he is(racebaiting)

No. 200425

NTA, but no it's not lmao. There's nothing "masculine" about dark skin, this is such a pathetic cope.
Pale women often tan their skin to sometimes extreme levels to look youthful and less wrinkly, and melanin literally increases with estrogen levels.

No. 200443

File: 1627863684191.jpg (110.06 KB, 1241x1173, 1598469103035.jpg)

Men are weird. I don't necessarily think that's true because let's be honest men will fuck anything. Men just like to neg women. They do it with pride when other men are around. Dark skin women are just an easy target. Especially black women,at least in the US.

No. 201187

Weird coincidence that the woman considered the most beautiful white woman in existence has black features but white skin

No. 201199

lmao have you ever been to eastern europe

No. 201235

File: 1628457757198.png (189.1 KB, 316x292, rdtfgz.png)

Yeah, as a tiny-mouthed Slav I call bullshit.

No. 201237

Can you stop saying this tbh it's embarrassing and I really think it's going to attract race-baiters and trigger infighting. Just knock it off. Slavs don't look like us and we don't look like them.

No. 201466

File: 1628640345084.jpg (138.74 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Albanians on the other hand… KIDDING

No. 262092

>As a tiny mouthed, flat-assed black girl, I also call bullshit
anyone can do this

big lips are definitely more common on Slavic people–obviously not to the extent of Black women on average, but definitely larger than anglo europeans or even some other ethnic groups.

No. 262102

File: 1651948842980.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 17898-eza2ud.jpg)

I can't believe someone necroed this thread to talk about this again.

No. 262122

love the catpic

No. 262263

just a reminder: nobody, of no demographic, is entitled to some kind of quotas of such and such suitors. There are many legitimate variables that will freeze you out of dating whole segments of society, especially religion comes to mind

No. 262277

Kill the thread

No. 262332

Those are plastic surgery production lol venus angelic looks slav go off of her lol(internet explorer moment)

No. 262345

women aren't

No. 262353

I love how you posted this in the black women thread because they really need to hear this, most of them are even worse than trannies when it comes to sexual entitlement!(bait)

No. 262355

File: 1652001040664.jpg (76.8 KB, 900x852, 1629818089528.jpg)

>>262353(ignore bait)

No. 262557

Anyone in an interracial relationship? I'm not insecure or anything, or at least, I try not to be. My bf is white and I saw a pic of his ex recently and goddamn… she's fat and ugly but white. Here I am being insecure becasue he told me he didn't want a relationship in the beginning after a while he did. I was like, you were with her but here I am starving myself for what? It's so infuriating living in a world where white women are praised for doing/looking like the bare minimun, but bw and other WOC (esp. dark skinned women) have to jump through hoops just to be treated the same. I'm not shaming this girl for her looks, I don't even know her, but I hate that I feel this way.

No. 262565

File: 1652103810840.jpg (34.63 KB, 564x564, abcc258487d3072cbd75350af5cbaf…)

Please don't starve yourself! If people aren't appreciative, they just have bad taste and they're brainwashed.

No. 262876

I'm a bit slavic and know a lot of slavs, they definitely have huge noses and small lips compared to black people. I'm not saying this to put down black people either as we both know big noses and small lips are considered unattractive. Slavs are only attractive because they have light skin, hair and eyes. They're also very lithe compared to people of color who tend to be curvier or have broadest figures.

I also don't understand why people think black women are unattractive. They're not seen so in my country and most black men and women in my country look like models because they're very beautiful and tall, although it's a middle eastern country so it's given. I think this whole issue is caused by racism as black women are quite beautiful just as any woman and people who tend to disagree are almost always mysteriously racist incels.

No. 262913

Omg thank God I found this thread anyways I would like to give a very massive fuck you to the creators of invincible. The way they handled ambers character was God awful. As soon as that gay character said she was a fourth wave feminist I KNEW that she was going to be a sapphire and I was right. And I don't even need to go looking on the internet to know she was dragged from hell and back cause she's a black girl especially. I think I'm going to write the creators of that show a very angry email. I'm just so pissed. I'm not even finished. Layla from winx should honestly leave the group. She goes blind, her family is turned into fish lizards and her fiancee dies but oh noooo sky didn't reply to a text from bloom how could such evil exist??????? I also think tecna is too good to be in the winx and should move on to better things honestly but that's another convo for another day.

No. 262920

ALSO I hate black girl characters in Hollywood stuff. They're always used as walking psa's for whatever opinion the creators have on black women. I was going to watch lupitas New movie the 355 but when I saw that the other girls got dresses but she got pants I couldn't do it. Ik this seems nitpicky but honestly it's a way for Hollywood to subtly drag black women. I was also going to watch the new batman movie but apparently someone I was talking to online told me not to bother because the black girl character is beyond stupid and is like she was created so that the watchers wouldn't root for her because the decisions she makes are just awful. Lol lemme jog my memory so that I can puke out all my thoughts

No. 262922

Don't get me started on black girl erasure in the media . Whenever there is a chance to get a normal black girl character she is always of mixed race it's so annoying we can never have anything. I hate how people (and it's even more disheartening when it comes from other black women) always say black people can look like anything to further help this erasure. You will have a woman who's great grand dog was black and somehow she's qualified to be a black girl but it's never the same for the boys. Unless you're near charcoal black you aren't a black man. OMGGG and apparently in the new wonder woman comic thing they finally gave nubia her time to shine but they completely ruined it by adding transgender amazonians into the story which to me was honestly a bad idea because it feels like whenever a black girl character is involved in a story it is always politicised and people are going to blame us as if we have anything to do with anything.
I have a love hate relationship with the princess and the frog because I would absolutely poke both of my eyes out for Tiana but her story and movie sucks ASS. it makes zero sense. So they made her struggle her butt off because it was more "realistic" but then her bff in the movie is the daughter of a sugar baron? On top of that her Prince is broker than broke and they didn't even bother to make him from anywhere he is just ambiguously brown. They make her work day and night just for her not to get her restaurant through her own merit. It was the magical crocodile man who intimidated those guys to give her the restaurant.

No. 262924

I miss the 90s. All those black girl groups were sooooo good. I'm sad we don't have that anymore.

No. 262925

Just make it all one post, what are you doing

No. 262929

Sorry for blowing up this thread lmao but being natural was the best decision of my life my hair is so thick and fluffy now and I hate that the only time it's shown in the media is when some dude who wouldn't even pee on them if they were set alight gets killed and it's time to protest with their fists in the air. Why attach such a militant image to yourself when your image is already being dragged through the mud ugh. I'm so proud of black women recently standing up for themselves. That kapernig guy basically said that black women and girls were basically going to fight the system or whatever and the comment section was not having it so I'm glad we're not as brainwashed as we were 10 years ago. Also why do they have so many damn movements in their name. All they do is make noise and no real progress why even bother.
I'm starting college this year and I'm so scared that I'll either get a bunch of micro aggressions or people thinking they're doing charity work by talking to me.
Sorry to be so flip floppy but when I first went natural my mom acted like I had just killed someone and she still does but now that I've gotten past awkward length and have a full fro she wants to parade me around her friends like "look how long my daughter's hair is!" "Shes natural, it's all the rage these days, you know?" Every time someone comes over she always brings up my hair for no reason. Rant over unless I think of something else

No. 262930

Sorry I don't know how this place works I thought there would be a limit or something

No. 262931

How do I put up pics(you're not ready for it)

No. 262933

fuck off back to twitter you gd normie.

No. 262936

I don't have a Twitter.

"Being a black girl is frustrating as fuck. Being a girl in general is infuriating at times. There's really nowhere to vent about it so I thought I'd make a thread for the black girls who wanna vent and the girls who wanna ask questions or are curious about the black community and all of the fantastic sexism within it! Lol."

You came here on a black girl vent thread but you're mad that a black girl is venting.

No. 262938

Anon, read pls
The links don't work so just copy and paste them.

No. 262939

A new thought has popped into my head. What is up with black girls nowadays praising the most mediocre looking white men? There is nothing attractive about Pete Davidson, Ryan Reynolds or Jack Harlow (esp him because he's a wigger)

No. 262940

Thank you <3333(<3333)

No. 262942

I just read the rules and it says that you can't have threads dedicated to specific races? How is this still up?

No. 262943

Targeting specific races. Basically, no racebait threads. That same rule also says no nationality threads, but we still have a ton in /ot/.
The rules are outdated anyway.

No. 262944

I don't mind how natural hair looks but ime it's a pain to comb through and gets tangled too easily. Idk what else to do with it besides shave it off.

No. 262949

Honestly for me it was trial and error. I use olive oils when I do hot oil treatments and use acv with water when I wash it. At night I will either put it in a bun or do cordelettes/ African thread stretching, open them back up in the morning and use a water bottle to revert my hair but not shrink it to my scalp. To get a full rounded fro I use a blowdryer on the strands of my hair closer to my scalp and leave the outer circumference of my hair untouched by heat so that I don't change my coils. When detangling I just use a leave in conditioner and water and brush from tip to root. A lot of the time my hair is in braids especially during colder seasons which helps unload the work load lol. I hope this helped <3

No. 262950

Ah ok thank you for clearing that up.

No. 262971

No biggie

No. 263122

I'm not in an interracial relationship (yet) but I have been in an interracial relationships before. Normally when I saw old pics of my (now ex) bf's ex girlfriends I normally think of how better I am i.e how nice my lips are, how curvy my body is, how fun I am with introducing my exes to new activities and my hobbies etc.

Don't down yourself anon, you're probably an amazing person and the fact that your bf is dating you is an improvement compare to the exes he had. Also dont spend too much time dwelling on his exes, just move on and don't think about it.

No. 263137

File: 1652297873786.jpg (29.63 KB, 480x320, missy and her cousins.jpg)

Does anyone have any advice about how to feel less insecure about my natural hair?

Back in school I used to be made fun of for my hair and hairstyle, I used to either have it in an afro or cornrows. I did ask my mom a few times about getting my hair relaxed and she refused and I'm glad I didn't get it done. Since high school I always been wearing wigs when out in public.

I'm inspired to wear my natural hair out but i have no clue on making it look nice. I also have another problem of my sister pulling my hair every now and then, its too complicated to go into detail, so some parts of my hair is shorter than other parts.

Side note, I kinda relate to the character Missy from Big Mouth. I never really did anything nice and fancy with my hair. My cousin introduced me to wearing extensions but it takes way too long to do and take out.

No. 263141

Ew, please don’t compare black people to those snow barbarians. I think this gets misunderstood often, a lot of black women do not have facial features in common with white people but we look weirdly similar or share facial features and characteristics to those from ethnic groups on the Asian continent. I’ve seen other black girls and women get accused of “asian-fishing” because of this fact, it’s really annoying like the reality is that we don’t resemble or look like nasty ass Russians or Eastern Europeans and if there were why would you ever want that? Stop that anon lol, love yourself

No. 263147

File: 1652299011349.jpeg (229.31 KB, 960x1202, 5B1CFCAD-1D89-4CEC-A057-1C9EF2…)

Kek get fucked angry racist moid

No. 263157

Are you the anon who had a ragefit and spammed weird videos because Russian women were brought up on the beauty standard or whatever thread? Get help. All women are beautiful.

No. 263193

lmao cope, I'm so happy I was born a european woman. we're the gold standard for a reason.

No. 263194

even though you think you're being a hero, you can't racebait in reverse either anon.

No. 263200

>gets compared to slavs
>mistaken for a european
I don’t think that would ever be a compliment to anyone living on this planet except for people who sadly hate their own race.

No. 263202

File: 1652319937507.jpg (44.68 KB, 640x800, beautiful chocolate african go…)

I wish I knew how to be more confident in it. It's a fucking journey, and the way other people (including black people) treat natural hair makes it more difficult. It's like I feel like natural hair is beautiful on everyone but me.

No. 263204

>thinks i'm annoyed because i want black anon to think we and blacks look the same
>ignores the "hehe ewwww who would want to look like them"
black women don't have the privilege of looking like us(bait)

No. 263205

Are you done pretending to be a Russian woman?

No. 263207

im nta, I just saw this this on the home thread. Responding to racebait with more racebait is just retarded

No. 263208

My apologies anon, I thought I clicked on >>263193. They've been doing this in another thread.

No. 263210

Its definitely not a woman posting. Whats funny is im a slav myself and I honestly couldn't give two shits, I think women are beautiful to each culture they're from imo

No. 263217

I'm not russian, but i'm eastern european. and thank god for that! our women are beautiful, really any european woman.

No. 263219

>hehe i'm slav, you can call me an ugly snow barbarian tehe, only a moid wouldn't be ok with that
you're embarrassing lol

No. 263222

The interracial topic upthread has me thinking, I've been seeing a trend where black girls with white boyfriends will call them "master" as a joke and it's like…wtf are you doing? Maybe I'm just being sensitive, but I find jokes like that so tasteless and and demeaning. Just be normal and not weird about being with someone who isn't black. I say this as a woman who is into white guys.

Anyway, sorry if this is veering off into racebait territory. I just wanna get the thread back on topic.

No. 263228

go back to /pol/ scrote

No. 263230

chink defence force

No. 263231

No black women wants the privilege~ to stink like shit from their gaping wound hole. Go 41%

No. 263411

File: 1652395230352.gif (1.58 MB, 496x278, panda-roll.gif)

I've had my braids in for 3 weeks and I really should re-do them but I don't want to

No. 263416

internalized racism.

that's what happens when black girls grow up in majority white suburban schools. black people in general, tbh, since black boys in this dynamic are also weird and let their white gfs call them nwords and slaves.

No. 263647

Yeah same here! I got judged by other black girls when i was in high school and it was them who tried to straighten my hair. They ended up burning my hair and i was even more embarrassed of my hair because of it. Even the basic afro is difficult for me to style and make it look beautiful

No. 263708

Same anon, except I have two stranded twists so it makes me feel even lazier that I don't feel like redoing them lol

No. 265374

File: 1653095917431.jpg (168.4 KB, 1080x1349, peace.jpg)

I hate how black women (usually older ones, ime) will put down other black women for their natural hair. It's like they hate the idea of other women feeling good about their natural hair.
>When are you getting your hair done?
>Your hair is nappy
>Do something to your hair
Let me wear my low-effort fro in peace damn it! Having it out doesn't mean it wasn't styled or isn't "done". No I will not be getting it chemically treated, there's nothing wrong with coils betch.

No. 265386

This hair style is so cute

No. 265392

I personally think that natural curly/kinky hair is really cute and beautiful, although obviously the most important thing here is that you're happy and comfortable. Don't let people bully you into hopping on the latest bandwagon.

I used to get bullied in school for having really thick eyebrows (this was back when tweezing your brows down to tiny sperm shapes was popular) and I'm so glad I didn't give in. All the girls who bullied me permanently ruined their eyebrows by overtweezing them, so now all those girls are dropping tons of money for microblading. Stay true to yourself, and don't let bitter bitches rope you into fads.

No. 265464

Hyperpigmentation, I look horrible , I have it on the side of my face and neck. I just look horrible.

No. 265477

yeah. I have it all over my entire face and body. I've just given up at this point

No. 265495

here’s a video that helped me finally get rid of mine! it’s a routine specifically for us

No. 265499

My mom said it's because me and my sister's necks are dirty, it's annoying. It's not dirt, I'd think a lot of black women would understand this but sadly now I think everyone thinks I look unclean, I also have acne and I'm 27. It's just so sad, I feel so unwanted and ugly.

No. 265582

Wth is wrong with this thread???? You can love yourselves without putting other people down or you can kindly stfu. You'll find beautiful and ugly people anywhere so stop

No. 265591

Who put someone down? This is just a thread for women to talk about their issues.

No. 265599

Anon haven't you learned yet? Kek

No. 265615

You have eyes. Time to put them to good use.

No. 265620

Why not just directly address whatever posts you're talking about instead of being vague? The last few posts before yours were on-topic and just talking about "Black girl problems", which is what this thread is for.

No. 265621

Because this thread isn't that long? Just scroll up if you're that desperate to find them

No. 265622

I'm not desperate to find them, I just don't get the point of vagueposting.

No. 265786

I checked posts and didn't see anything wrong. I don't think that anon saw anything but she(?) dislikes seeing non-white women proud about themselves. There have been a lot of unhinged race baiters lately, probably one of them.

No. 266284

Anon,can you shut the fuck up. I made this thread so black girls can vent wtf do you think you're doing? Filling it with arbitrary racebait like a drooling retard? Fuck off back to lipstick alley or whatever. This isn't for dunking on white women you idiot. By doing that you open this yourself up to aggressively racist responses and then the thread gets filled with people shitting on black women turning it into a really unwelcoming place for black women specifically. So annoying when you do shit like this. Who does it benefit?

No. 266765

Lipstick Alley rant & Lack of black female spaces online rant-

I'm so sick of fonts who become groupies towards other women for having a decent or rich man. I worry about the self esteem of some women on that site, because they genuinely think the biggest accomplishment in life is getting a "high value man" and judge women only on whatever scrote they have and how he treats her. Then I'm not even sure if it's fake "black women" or real black women making some of the most disgusting and discouraging posts anymore.
I'm sick of the constant threads focusing on children.From people justifying why it's okay to call/imply North West is fat, or pretending to be "concerned" about her weight. To freaking out over LeBron's son prom date (while claiming they don't care) and the fact there's a whole thread talking about celebrity children's looks like fucking creeps.
I feel like the site is slowly getting worse. There seems to be a lot of TRA who suddenly popped up. Then there's the gay men who say whatever they want to/about women but get mad, when people talk about troons, gay or bisexual men.
I feel like everything is so male focused. Some fonts don't even hate non-black women because of racism or ill-treatment, it's purely based on them thinking, BM "prefer" them. it's getting to the point where light skinned women with monoracial parents get hate when a bm dates them. Kendrick Lamar's wife is black, but light skinned, yet fonts were dissecting her race & she's not black enough for Kendrick to be "Woke"..
I'm sick of going into threads where the woman is attacked for being chosen by a black man. Almost every non-black woman who dates a BM despite her background or if she's ever said anything about black women, is always getting called, "Basic" and insulted.
I'm sick of seeing young black women being picked apart for the smallest of shit. Or only being praised when they are chosen by men (Lori Harvey) or disliked because they are treated badly by men.
It's becoming the female version of the Coli.
The difference here is I feel solidarity. Even when we don't agree, I know this place is "woman first". Even if we are all different colors and have different opinions. I never feel bad as a black woman or get told, "You'll never be this or that".
It's not scrote based hate if that makes sense.
It's sad because it's not even the scrotes ruining the site for me. It's other women. I wish there was a better place for me as a black woman to discuss shit, without focus on troons or expecting me to be okay with that. It's like the ONE place you can express yourself freely about certain things besides here. I hate the lack of black female spaces online where you can say what you want. Maybe I'm just getting too old.

No. 266766

If this thread gets a second installment, I hope it can be more of a black girl general. Not that I don't like this thread (I've been contributing and posting), but it feels kind of bad to have a thread strictly to talk about negative aspects of being black.

No. 267098

Just to piggyback what you said, I wish more black female youtubers put out content on how to navigate the world as a black girl. Videos about what you can do to spot colourists and how to act accordingly or how to do hair other than lacefronts and fashion advice that isn't fashion nova inspired would be much appreciated. Heck even a 30 witty things to say when someone is being misogynoiristic(?) Video would be a big help but instead omg black man is dating non black woman reee. I was honestly much better off before knowing that type of content because now I feel like everyone is out to get me.

No. 267099

Someone definitely should. I might when I figure out how to

No. 267667

I’m so glad I’m getting braids next week. I’ve been natural for some years now and it’s gotten frustrating as hell having to wash it every week and doing the same style, the LOC method/twist outs being my staple style. I’m thankful that it grew thanks to my routine but I’ve gotten tired of maintaining it and I haven’t washed it in two weeks and I’ve been wearing up in a bun during that time, only spritzing it with water and putting some oil and moisturizer in it. I’ll be washing it for my braids and go back to blowouts or flat ironing it when I take them down.I’m not giving up on being natural, I think I just need a break from it for a while

No. 267697

Is there any black women who got adopted by a white family? If so, what are your experiences (do you have siblings, are they also adopted or bio, did being raised in a white family made you confused regarding your ethnicity)
I'm white and would want to adopt in the future as I don't want to have bio children

No. 267733

File: 1654199046367.png (775.64 KB, 565x787, 34902843029784.png)

I'm not but there are a lot of books on this topic you may want to check out. Take a look at
>Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir by Rebecca Carroll
>In Their Voices: Black Americans on Transracial Adoption by Rhonda M. Roorda
>Raceless: In Search of Family, Identity, and the Truth About Where I Belong by Georgina Lawton

No. 267741

Why would you adopt a black child specifically? I'd understand getting along with a child and adopting them regardless of race but choosing to adopt a child of a specific race irks me. I'm not black but I'm brown by the way.

No. 267743

NTA but I think she is wondering this in the event that she adopts a black child. It doesn't sound to me like she is saying she wants a black child specifically.

No. 267744

.. why not just adopt a white child? you realize how many poor white kids are in the foster system?

but you gotta virtue signal and adopt a black baby lmao

No. 267749

nta. That's not necerssarily how it works depending on where you are. Where I am from the best adoptive parents are chosen for a child not the other way around so adoptive parents don't get to pick and choose a skincolour. You get matched with a child and it's take it or leave it.

It was obvious anon was talking about a potential scenario, not that she's actively looking to adopt a black child specifically for their skin colour. So unnecerssarily catty.

No. 267751

File: 1654203677592.png (102.55 KB, 1308x312, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 5.00…)

>so adoptive parents don't get to pick and choose
that is quite literally not true at all. There's a reason why people complain about the number of kids/teens/disabled/etc stuck in the system without ever finding a home.

No. 267753

In the U.S. 49% of adoptive parents are white yet black children are overrepresented in foster care (23%). Why would it be a bad thing for a child to go to a home that wants them and get out of the abusive foster care system? She's also clearly trying to prepare and be considerate of the child's situation and the confusion it might cause instead of pretending being "colorblind" is a thing.

No. 267760

> This isn't for dunking on white women you idiot

nta and unrelated but god do I wish we could do that in this thread without getting banned

No. 267765

There's always lipstick alley, uwu

No. 267770

nta but did you even read?

>Where I am from the best adoptive parents are chosen

Its the same here, you can't pick and chose a child, you have no say in skin color or sex

No. 267773

sometimes I forget that I lurk there kek

No. 267778

I love when people dunk on me solely for my race, really dehumanizes me

No. 267813

Do what? Be racist?

No. 267833

File: 1654238549809.jpg (21.81 KB, 460x457, awXqrW4_460s.jpg)

>tfw this thread will probably be locked because every 5 posts is someone coming in to racebait
Pls nonnas, keep it civil. We're all farmers at the end of the day!

No. 267860

File: 1654256038691.jpg (59.42 KB, 564x752, xNopxsZ.jpg)

Any black nonnies that love their hair but hate how much work they have to put into taking care of it. I love my hair on its own but i don't like how it gets dry and tangled easily. It makes combing and styling such a pain. I'm over styling it in braids and cornrows because removing those is also a pain.
I think dreadlocks are the easiest because they do need moisturizing but you don't have to comb your hair and you can dye it without worrying about hair breaking. Planning on getting locks and dying it like picrel

No. 272261

File: 1656302794597.jpg (29.79 KB, 700x537, black-cat-comics-jenny-jinya-9…)

Wish I had a normal, non-woke black female therapist to help my with my problems. I feel embarrassed to even speak to a white therapist. I know most therapists and doctors make fun of you behind your back, but I have this belief that black therapists are more likely to see you as a normal person with struggles than as spectacle to be mocked. Crazy thought.

No. 275484

I was talking to a friend i have online, she's mostly woke and she said to me The amount of black men I run into, that I find out are into trans with penises or like gay/trans porn on social media scares me".
It just made me realize that while We don't have to worry about black moids trooning out unless they are gay, a lot of black moids are either bisexual on the low. I don't know if it's a "pornsick" thing, or if it's just the community CAN be homophobic a lot, but I don't think it's all that. Men can kill, rape and cheat, but they can't come out about their sexuality? I'm so sick of coddling black Downlow moids. Homophobia isn't an excuse anymore, when some of them freely do whatever they want towards women anyway. If you are brave enough to cheat, beat and kill, then you should be brave enough to be honest about your sexuality or date/fuck your "preference" in public.
Dating for some black women in certain areas already is shitty, now I feel like every other dude is a trans chasers or DL in general. Or has multiple kids etc.. I wish I could talk about this more, because I DO believe different women have different unique situations when it comes to navigating the world/men of their race/ethinicty. It just turns into race bait so much and nonnies are rightfully put on alarm, because they think it's a racists moid/women venting.
I just feel like the way I am, and with how pornsick & disgusting men are, I just wish they'd be honest. Let me know whose into what so I can avoid. Where I live has the most bottom of the barrel MOC & I wish I could be attracted/open to other kinds of men, but I know what I truly like. I need to move.

No. 276951

>whites complaining about wokes in a black girl thread

No. 296385

I fucking hate snow bunnies and ppl who get into relationships with black people and make dating a black person their personality.

No. 296399

You mean non-black women who try to emulate the characteristics they associate with the black people they date? Or non-black women who think they're special for dating black people because it's basically a fetish for them?

No. 296400

sounds more like the latter but i guess it can also involve the former

No. 296703

Believe me, white moids don't like the snow bunnies about as much as you do. They call them mudsharks. Horseshoe theory in action.

No. 304132

The Megan thee stallion thing is disturbing me to my core. It is a black issue this isn't just simply, "oh a woman being treated like shit because she's a woman"
True. The people attacking her has been the black community. Simply because she's not the perfect victim but get this, Torey isn't the perfect person either.
I'm watching today some rapper who was apart of a a criminal organization get happy responses because he got out, despite the fact the gang he was on being linked to multiple deaths of black people, but meanwhile MtS is a hoe and she lied about sleeping with Torey. So that means we need to not believe her, but a man connected to deaths of black men even if he didn't do it, oh that's okay. Whatever, free young thug! Even if people said he tried to kill someone, free Gunna. Even a confirmed killer, who rapped about the death of a underaged black boy. Was mourned when he passed. Doctor Dre beat black women, who cares.
Da baby killed a black mam and slapped a woman? Who cares.
People can look past their flaws because they like their music but MTS flaws cannot be ignored. Even if she's a pick me, I do not care.
I just feel like crying. Nobody cares about us, even other black women don't care unless we are perfect.
But will throw on a cape for a dick haver. Nonnies got mad at the person in ot who said that black female pick me-ism is different. IT IS.
You know how people look at women who thirst after serial killers? We have confirmed killers who create music or are in violent gangs who are looked up to and idolized. Yet a black woman says she's shot by a man with a violent past and she has to PROVE to us she deserves sympathy and respect. R keys biggest supporters are black women. People don't understand how much support men get in our community and how much women suffer from our brains of pick meism.
I can't describe It but I know what I see and feel.
I know the community I grew up in. It's getting worse for black women. The only community is the black male community and the women who defend them.
You have to find those who want the best for you. I feel so bad.

No. 304205

It disturbing, but not surprising. I hope black women never forget this incident and peak. Holy shit do we really need black women to wake the fuck up to this bullshit, it's been too long!

No. 317447

sis same. pictures of my 16 year old self with my face in them are on some turkish bastard's hard drive to this day. i was emotionally blackmailed into dating his mid-20s ass because he'd "kill himself if i, his only love, dont give him a chance and be his girlfriend". obviously he didnt kill himself when i broke up with him soon after turning 18. i wish he did. wasted my youth and innocence.

No. 321971

File: 1681686277256.png (Spoiler Image, 7.9 MB, 2134x3978, 320230416190155.png)

Sound like a such cope(global rule #7)

No. 322060

my biggest struggle right now is not knowing how to cornrow. cornrowing unlocks so many different hairstyles/crocheting but I can't do it! Did anyone else struggle and learn how? any tips? I've watched so many YouTube videos and I just can't get it

No. 322997

File: 1682209425902.jpg (166.74 KB, 1150x1795, download (3).jpg)

I get so tired of discourse about how other women do their hair. Literally who cares if you're natural, or if you relax, or if you wear weaves, or if you wear wigs. WHO CARES! When when black people get tired of criticizing and scrutinizing other black people for how we do our hair? You can't win either way. Just do what you like. There was a time in my life where I was so deeply insecure about my hair because of stuff like that, that I shaved it completely off. I'm glad I learned to ignore the BS and do what I please. Live and let live.

No. 323094

Nice try, you’re very obviously picking the least attractive people from one race and then picking the most attractive from another race. And you put women with albinism also there, you’re a complete fool.

No. 323104

I'm neither black nor white so I'm not biased but girl, we both know this isn't true. Judging from the foreigners I've seen in my country, most white people are objectively more unattractive and look nothing like the photos you sent. They look MUCH worse than the average black foreigner in my country. I've only seen one or two obese black women in my country for example but %70 of whites I see are obese and literally a disgusting shade of red because they're sunburnt.
It's ok to be proud of your ethnicity or whatever but if you have to pick models for your race and random people with albinism(although fetishized by white supremacists, it's still a birth defect that leaves people vulnerable to skin cancer and such) for black people while arguing about attractiveness, you're probably not attractive.

Also I bet the black women with albinism you posted to mock look 100 times better than you. Even when placed next to literal models, they manage to look cute while your mug would probably look deformed when compared to models.

No. 323131

That post is from a week ago, replying to a post from a year ago, and already got redtexted for racebait. Why is it so hard to fucking ignore instead of continuing the BS?

No. 323441

File: 1682366022610.jpeg (70.95 KB, 1600x1052, 213920472620472.jpeg)

>Has to wear fake hair to even compete 
Cope and seethe(global rule #7)

No. 323460

File: 1682370675350.png (1008.79 KB, 652x1744, 2023048494929224165928.png)

>random people with albinism
They're literally
professional models
>fetishized by white supremacists
it's joggers who spread the "whitez iz dravidian albinoz we wuz real euroz" drivel and afrikangz iz the most diverze, right?(racebaiting)

No. 323462

File: 1682371423322.jpg (63.06 KB, 736x775, 52162086182d8fa5b0f60d87a09e6f…)

I agree. I am so grateful for the natural hair movement and for all the education and brands that we have now. My hair is longer than it has ever been in my whole life. But looking at a lot of straight naturals on youtube, they still get a lot of hate for no reason, they all seem happy. I hate that changing something about ourselves so harmless as hair is suddenly self-hate or anti-black. smh. I still view relaxers as the devil though.

Week late, but my cousins always practised them on those doll heads. I really wish i knew how to cornrow myself, so many possibilities and doors close when you don't know how to do it as a black woman and hair dressers nowadays are getting very bougie. Ngl, i only want to know so i can fit a wig on my head lmao.

No. 327776

Sometimes I feel like companies purposefully make the price of beauty products (especially hair products) for black women super expensive cause they know that we're willing to shell out the money for it.

No. 327788

They definitely do. Black women have a lot more spending power than expected, but these hair cair companies and such are aware. And they're also aware of the attitude lots of black women hold towards our hair..double whammy.

No. 327790

This post is old as hell so I'm saging but lurking white women wondering: please don't unless you have a lot of black friends or something. Black kids raised by white parents almost always have weird ass complexes and identity issues from it and when they become adults they become extremely unbearable to be around.

No. 327797

that's worse than aging out of govt programs with nothing and no one?

No. 327815

This isn't a black issue but issue for anyone who's not white/from a western culture. There used to be a lot of Germans who adopted muslim kids for example and made them eat pork and drink alcohol against the children's wishes, making a child drink alcohol alone is child abuse. Some parents are just not fit for it but a good adopter family who's willing to learn about a children's culture and such can be a good parent imo.
Is right and nonwhite kids already have a hard time getting adopted(I'm nonwhite as well) so a white family adopting a child is probably better than a child never getting adopted.

No. 327838

Honestly I think adoption is all around predatory and gross. A black kid never getting adopted and ending up alone in the system vs a black kid growing up in an environment where literally no one looks like them or knows what it’s like to navigate life black and what that does to the psyche early on is like being asked to pick between regular shit and diarrhea. But I’m just anti adoption as a whole especially if you look into adoptions origins and how transracial adoptions actually impacts the kids into adulthood. Spoiler it impacts them extremely negatively.

I honestly can’t imagine being forced to be raised by a white family I don’t care how well off they are personally. You’ll never truly feel included even if they do everything right because society will remind you every step of the way you are different from the time you are a kid. Hearing testimonials from transracial adoptees I just can’t condone it. Also I just don’t trust white people who take it upon themselves to adopt black children because it’s rarely black American children they are adopting they would rather wait DECADES to adopt an “African child” than a black American living in equal amounts of squalor here in the USA. They literally adopt Africans or Asians from Asia because it makes them sound like super heroes at dinner parties. It’s gross. Especially when one look into adoption you can see that there are so many black American kids who end up alone in the system anyway because white adopters would rather black children from Africa. Not only are blaxk american kids competing with white children to be adopted they are also competing with black children from Africa and Asians from Asia etc etc. it’s disgusting duck adoption!

No. 327839

Another thing to your final point I don’t believe that. Especially after hearing thst case of the 2 white lesbians adopting a bunch of black kids, treating them like slaves and then killing all of them by driving off a cliff. I’m sure those kids would’ve rather stayed in the system then be subjected to that trauma and terrible death. Again FUCK adoption

No. 327840

Wouldn’t even NEED adoption fr if the government actually helped parents with their children instead of taking them away for daring to be poor and giving all the money to strangers to take care of them lol. Weird behavior!

No. 327855

>You’ll never truly feel included
I don't know, I feel very included. I'm not black, I'm Peruvian/Mestiza but my family is white. I live in a country full of blonde white people and my parents were very honest with me from the get go about what happened and why I look different. They didn't treat me like a circus freak or have any racist motives, they just wanted a child. If your parents aren't crazy, there's no reason why you as a child of a different ethnicity would suffer more than an orphan.

Do you have any idea how traumatizing it is to be all alone with nobody to care for you? And on top of that imagine living in a shitty orphanage where you may or may not be bullied by kids who were left there for god knows which reasons. And imagine you get really sick, and you're just a kid and can't take care of yourself. And you don't know if you will ever be happy. I have terrible abandonment issues and don't know how I will cope when my mom and dad and older siblings die, I'm so grateful to have this family because only someone lucky and privileged enough to not know otherwise would think orphans fare better on their own.

No. 327923

I'm the poster you're replying to, yeah I agree with you on the matter that adoption is predatory. I've literally seen white women say they'll adopt from eastern euro/asian countries so it'd be harder for the parent to try and reach out if they wanted to. White people who adopt nonwhite children sometimes have really bad intentions and government can take children away from their homes for very minor issues just for the child to get abused/traumatized/etc. much worse in the adopted family or the system.
Wtf that's evil. I've also heard of cases like that but didn't know of any that led to murder, adoption is such a dangerous industry, especially for minorities.
Fr! They'll take kids from families away because they're poor, place them with abusive families and think they fixed an issue.

No. 328421

File: 1684125290208.jpg (138.98 KB, 1600x2000, 71JZLYB0X8L.jpg)

If any of you do your own hair, get one of these mirrors.

No. 328657

I'm the original person who said white people should avoid adopting POC kids. I think I should have explained better. Don't adopt any POC kids unless you're willing to understand the culture and help that kid navigate growing up through it. And yeah, there's actually a heart breaking amount of cases where a white family adopts the black kid to be the "servant" child/treat them like a lesser and don't help them navigate life as a black child. Tbh adoption as a while is fucked and should be an absolute last resort.

>I'm not black but
Respectfully, your experience in the system won't be the same as a black kids, because you weren't one. I don't think all white families adopting POC children are ill meaning, but even the most well meaning ones just usually aren't equipped to help a black kid navigate through life as a black person. Unless they have a black friend or spouse or something around. There's a social hierarchy to race, and blacks at the very bottom. Not to be a pessimist or race bait or anything, and this doesn't mean that I feel like a lesser being because I'm black, but I'm definitely aware of the sheer amount of people who believe it and want me to believe it. The whole concept of "code switching" for example.

No. 329913

thank you you're a life saver!

No. 332100

How do you anons feel about divestors?

I personally think the overall message of only giving time to men who will treat you correctly and not being a servant for men is good, but I think a lot of divestors are actually pretty toxic and parrot trad shit. It's like a lot of them don't think "stop being a handmaiden for men" they just think "stop being a handmaiden for black men" and also blatantly ignore problems with men of other races. I also notice that a lot of them talk down on other black women, and while I think some black women do deserve criticism, I can't really get behind it. I exclusively date interracially so I don't have a problem with that, but I can't vibe with the divest community. But I'm here for more young black women realizing that they don't have to take a bunch of shit and also I hate the people who are anti-divest even more.

No. 332116

I’m sorry but I’ve been living that way my whole life, both my mum and dad have taught me to disengage from the “black community” yes, group with fellow Africans and protect our name, but never make it your one sole goal. We as black people are really on our own here, it’s literally fight to survive and as much as I feel betrayed by black men and their constant scapegoating they do to black women I can’t help but pity them and pray they heal. Beloved by Toni Morrisons really did shift my view on this whole matter

No. 332591

I can see the appeal but, some of them are so bent on completely disengaging from the Black community that they delude themselves into thinking that cheering for far rightoids is their ticket to salvation because they’re, “one of the good ones”. It makes divestors look like a bunch of naïve, hurt women who just want to prove they can bag a non Black guy.

No. 332595

File: 1685693716524.jpg (152.05 KB, 1600x900, 150408121847-almost-black-spli…)

I have a question for you all
>I am white, my husband is Brown (South Asian) but I have several close Black friends that I am embarrassed to bring my husband around because he identifies with Black culture

My husband loves all things Black American and for the most part it's harmless but when my Black friends are around he does not shut up about how brilliant Jordan Peele or childish Gambino is, and stuff like that. It's honestly kind of embarrassing and I'm worried my Black friends are going to hate him. It's especially annoying when he acts like being Brown in America is the same as being Black when it comes to discrimination. His brothers are the same way and I think it's because they grew up in a town with only white people.

My question is, do I need to talk to him about this or am I over thinking it? Is this a known issue that exists and has a name?

Image for attention, he is luckily no where this bad

No. 332708

A lot of nonwhite women believe a random white man is going to come and fix it all because white men aren't as bad(misogynistic) as men from their race, it's not true though. I don't think white men are anywhere as good as most make them out to be. Don't forget that white men have always committed the worst crimes against nonwhite women, don't you know that double eyelid surgery for asian women was literally invented and practiced without any proper painkillers by white American men because they wanted the Asian war slaves they kept to have bigger eyes? Don't you know that they still travel to third world countries to rape underage girls in disguise of sex work? That there used to be an epidemic of white single man coming to Thailand alone and leaving with a baby/kid?
Don't you know how many nonwhite women get hurt by white men and they never get their justice? Yeah black men might be bad but don't trust white men either. Men of all races are dangerous.
I agree with you, the far right weird white men are really insidious as well and I wouldn't trust one of those guys.

No. 333470

it’s cringe seeing them interacting with rightoids and parroting they way they speak for internet points. Their racism to Africans and worship of European culture makes me uncomfortable tbh

No. 334083

I am so tired of black moids always feeling the need to remind black women how unattracted to us they are. They always want us to fight and speak up for them but they have no problem being so open about how much they hate us unprovoked. No, we’re not acting like the world revolves around us.. especially when you’re the ones who don’t let us forget that you don’t like the women of your own race.

No. 334084

Same anon but it’s even more depressing watching your fellow women worship these men and coddle them for even the worst mistakes meanwhile they would never do the same for us

No. 334984

Idk if anyone else has noticed it, but I honestly kind of hate how black people are dragged into everything on the internet. It could be a topic about literally anything and someone will mention black people. I won't give a specific example cause what I'm thinking of would probably cause infighting, but I feel like anons in this thread would get what I mean. Things like assholes bringing up black people to say "b-but if it was a black person!" or people comparing our struggles to other groups to "validate" them.

No. 334987

I know what you mean and it's seriously frustrating, and it seems it applies even more so to black women. It's as if we aren't actual people to them but tokens/symbols of social justice, for both lefties and righties.

No. 334991

I know what you're talking about. It's a weird resentment/envy thing

No. 335263

This is super true. I've even recently seen someone (a divester) say they no longer care about black femicide. I can't relate to that type of feminism.

No. 335442

Exactly. I've seen this exact phenomenon HAPPEN on lolcow. Which makes me have a love/hate relationship with it.

No. 335482

I’m latin american, but I do agree with this. I feel like the reason why so many women of color think white men are pure angels is because they aren’t as likely to manifest their misogyny through violence towards their partners as men of other races are, as well as the whole economic situation. This leads to young women from developing countries and their families (especially the ones that are actually poor in their home countries) will bend themselves over backwards for a guy who is seen as a complete loser in his country of origin and risk possibly very large language barriers as well as getting involved in human trafficking just because that guy is a white westerner (and to a lesser degree, East Asian).

No. 335527

tbh it's not like whites hate dark skinned Indians any less than they hate Black people, or that police officers are going to not shoot him because they microanalyzed his hair texture lmfao

as long as he's not literally claiming to be black, I personally don't see a problem. Others might. I've seen some hoteps claim dark skinned Indians as "black" lol

I would try to tell him something like "yeah you're right, but don't bring it up or don't force the issue" because a lot of people would probably get needlessly offended over nothing

No. 335545

I don't like their energy. I like the fact that they spread awareness about domestic violence that black women face and being the only ones who criticise sjws and libs in general for acting like black men are immune from criticism and the such. Their other saving grace is that anti-divestors are vehemently vitriolic pickmes and men and many of which i generally evil and nasty people. In comparison, divestors are going to look like saints no matter what. I do think that the divestment movement has the issue similar to what you see with radfems. Many women who consumer either ideology will dispose of it the moment they get men, or in the case of divestment, black men, to be their prince charming. They are only in it because they feel bitter and scorned, not because they want to personally improve their lives in anyway. I also feel like if you hang around them and tell them you have white/latina female friends, they get really triggered because they see them as competition. I understand that a lot of non-black women are racist towards black women, but at least i can differentiate between a normal woman and some gross trad thot, but of course i don't really relate to feeling jealous of tradthots. Their jealousy is definitely evident in their pandering the "white zaddies". Sure they might call out the powdered doughnuts, but admitting that all men are bad kind of defeats the points that they are trying to shill.
A lot of divestors will proudly proclaim how anti-feminist they are. Imo, the whole movement is purely about dick, that's why i don't feel engaged in it.

No. 336607

File: 1687223145292.png (3.5 MB, 2000x2000, walmart-juneteenth-icecream-05…)

Would y'all try the Juneteenth ice cream Walmart was selling (and had to apologize for kek) last year? I would. Ok yes it's an obvious cash grab, but I fucking love cheesecake and red velvet and I love them even more as ice cream flavors. I hope they bring it back without the Juneteenth branding.

This is true America.

No. 336621

Why did they have to apologize? Maybe if it was watermelon and fried chicken flavor it would be offensive, but whats wrong with this? Hows this different than the pride shit everywhere?

No. 336623

Well, I mean it's pretty bizarre, obvious pandering and super corporate to have a juneteenth ice cream. They did also have a pride ice cream, and I'm pretty sure people made fun of them and gave negative feedback to that as well.

No. 336633

>Ok yes it's an obvious cash grab
Go the FUCK back to Twitter. Fuck you and the genderspecial, white-guilt-ridden horse you rode in on. Fucking idiot.

No. 336635

Well theres ice cream flavors for chritmas, 4th of july, just about all other holidays

No. 336636

y’all is not a twitter word…

No. 336639

Ayrt, I've been on this site for years and I don't know how long it will take for farmers to realize "y'all" is not from twitter. I'm not gonna stop using a word that people where I'm from have been using for decades just because you use the internet too much and associate with Twitter.
I'm not white, dummy. Hence why the post is in this thread.
…What? Are you just throwing things and hoping something sticks?

No. 336641

Been saying yall here for a decade. Have to consciously stop myself now.

No. 336642

>muh twitter
at what point do you realize that once something becomes a holiday companies jump to commercialize it. it's not even a woke thing cause they do it to st patricks, mothers day, valentines etc.

No. 336644

>I'm not gonna stop using a word that people where I'm from have been using for decades
Nta but this is supposed to be an anonymous imageboard

No. 336647

I used to avoid it too but tbh after being here for so long, I don't care if it slips. I "talk" here as casually as I would with friends.

No. 336649

Yes, it is. It's not breaking any rules to use terms or slang from where you're from, anons from all over the world use this site and do it all the time. I'm also not the only anon who uses y'all and I really only do it occasionally so it doesn't make me identifiable.

No. 336831

There is no way there's a debate on whether or not 'ya'll' is a twitter term. It's not. If anything we should be complaining about how those crackers and faggots watching how we talk online and irl (lol) are co-opting our slang and ruining the original meanings in the process.(racebaiting)

No. 336850

This thread should be locked since it just invites racebaiting

No. 337079

Why even was >>336831 redtexted but not this retarded, aggressive post that was only meant to derail? Oh nooo, someone used "y'all" (a word used by all races of people from the south) and wanted to talk about ice cream for some American holiday. Call the cops, this is ackchual genocide nooooo lmao. Was it "cracker"? I've seen anons go unbanned for using the n-word openly. Please be fucking consistent jannies.

No. 337499

black girls deserve to have a thread. Race baiters should be ignored, it’s the only way unless people just enjoy getting pissed and arguing.

No. 337508

I don't think it will be a problem as long as it's not allowed to get out of control like what happened to the LSA thread. Anons just need to ignore bait and report, and mods have to stay on top of it.

No. 338300

File: 1688110089334.jpg (185.97 KB, 736x1036, painting with a cat.jpg)

Have any of you ever experienced any hatred from your mother as you grew up? I notice that a lot of black girls have the experience of their mothers being in a "competition" with them, especially if they have brothers or if their mother is in a relationship with a man (who's not the daughter's father, obviously). I also experienced it a little with my own mother, but she was overall just super mentally ill. I have to be super careful how I word this because I don't want someone to sperg at me and say I'm just trying to make it seem like older women are jealous of young women. To clarify, that is not the case here.. In general I think a lot of black moms seem to have rocky relationships with their daughters.

Pic unrelated

No. 338312

Unrelated but that is a beautiful picture

No. 338331

Yes, I can say for fact she's jealous of me and mad I'm not a pickme who won't make nice with her sperm donor

No. 338332

Nah, fuck that. I've been on this hellsite since it was first made and in the beginning no one cared. It's literally newfag race-baiting tards that complain about it

No. 338371

im black and my mom is white, i am certain she resents me and has always viewed me as a servant/competition.

No. 338427

Is your mom Gen X? It's super common for them to be competitive in this era

No. 338442

My mom is a schizo but she loves me a lot and I've never had any doubt about that, she is in fact my biggest cheerleader. Some of my friends have awful mothers though, for some the jealousy is just projecting their own insecurities onto their daughter and others see their daughters as competition. From my limited sample size it's moms who had them very young and didn't get to live out their youth, or comforted themselves by thinking they'd be the 'hot young mom' only to change a lot physically and… not be that.

No. 338506

>it's moms who had them very young and didn't get to live out their youth
This is interesting, you could be right. I don't think it would be farfetched to say that some women might just feel salty seeing their "mini-me"s living the youth that they wish they got to enjoy longer. I hope more women will realize that it's better to advise young girls so that less of them will make the same mistakes, and also that life doesn't end once you become a mom. I'm thankful that my grandmother has told me since I was a teenager to not get married young and to have my own money/career before I get tied down.

No. 340512

I really can't relate to the talk regarding anxiety with ageing. I feel like my 30s will be the exact same as my 20s. I think its because I never really saw myself as a sexual being or pretty etc, as a woman. I first realized this when my friend asked me if I feel good with makeup on and I said "nope, I just feel like there is stuff on my face". I feel like black girls have to be hyper feminine to be acknowledged. Thank god for social media because I managed to find other black women that are similar to me. idk if I make sense, just wanted to vent,I guess.

No. 342928

File: 1690971492821.jpg (253.3 KB, 1280x1280, trannies vs black women.jpg)

I've had these thoughts brewing in my mind for a while. I've wanted to vent about it for the longest time, but was scared that a janny would decide it's just "racebait" and ban me, or that some bad actors would take it the wrong way somehow and run with it. I hope this is okay to post here, since this is a thread for black girl problems.

I'm just really tired of seeing racist trannies and their pickme retards insisting "Black women face transphobia too". It's just another dimension of the "You don't like misogyny? You sound like a trans man sweety". They're conflating oppression with manhood, reducing traumatic female experiences with class/race/socialization to "being a man on the inside" or "being seen as a man by society". Next, they'll be claiming that if you, as a woman, have faced any kind of abuse, it's because you're seen as a man. Domestic violence victims are treated as men. Autistic women are treated as men. Poor women are treated as men. Businesswomen are treated as men. Anorexic women are treated as men. NEET women are treated as men. It will never end.

Every single "White people see black women as men, and you black women MUST support trannies" post I've seen is made by either a hideous (generally, but not always) white AGP who wishes he'd be seen on the same level as a "different" (ie nonwhite) woman who's often neglected or abused, or insecure black and brown women who think feeling unattractive means being treated like a literal scrote. If you grill them, they start spewing actual racism and misogyny every single time. All the insecurities come out. Some will outright claim black women are somehow "inherently" masculine (which is something with zero biological/scientific or aesthetic basis - we're literally even stereotyped as being "thicc"/"curvy" with thick lips and shorter, rounder features), others will try to skirt around it by inisting that's what "everyone else" thinks. It's so obvious they're trying to trigger young black girls and build a sense of dysmorphia and paranoia with this, too. It's a fucked up, manipulative attempt to call us inherently unattractive (complete with moving goalposts), and control us at the same time. It's almost like a try at mass trauma bonding.

Personally, I've literally never been equated to a man by any right winger or racist online or offline. I've only ever seen leftists online try to pull this on black women as a collective under some sort of concern troll act. They keep pulling out the "Michelle Obama is a man" conspiracy theory that some right wing boomers regurgitate as "proof", but it's so fucking old and tired. Those RWs don't even seem to think she's a man, it's just their roundabout way of calling her ugly and seething that a woman can become first lady and be classy without pandering to their dicks. Notice those same boomer men don't insist the Obama daughters are trannies? Instead, they like to sexualize them and talk about how the tall/skinny one is a "slut". Are they suddenly not black, even when tall and not "thicc"? Another thing the "black women are seen the same as trannies" gang like to bring up is transvestigators nitpicking black female celebrities, quietly leaving out that those types like to insist that way more white female celebrities are trannies than black ones. They also bring up Caster Semanya and some other intersex, male athletes and start malding when you point out that they aren't women and also look like what they are (male) when standing next to normal black women.

If we want to take it back to history, the difference in how female slaves were treated (raped, forced to care for slavemaster's babies, experimented on to create the modern gynecology system as we know it, specific stereotypes that aren't applied to black men - mammy, sapphire and jezebel, etc) vs male ones, it's glaringly obvious that the "Black women are seen as men" thing is nothing but a mix of projection and wishful thinking for trannies, and the self-flagellations of black women who hate themselves and have a warped sense of reality. It's never been about "not being seen as women", it's always been about being outright dehumanized because we are both female and black, facing the burden of misogyny and racism simultaneously. It's not "man" we're seen as under a racist, male-operated system, it's "servant-woman"/"animal" hybrid. This is a unique experience that no male of any race could possibly understand. The whole concept that being seen as female necessarily means being protected is one step away from saying "female privilege" exists, but I know the modern tranny movement is largely by and for incels anyway. Hell, like I said before, they're probably doing it on purpose in a bid to gaslight the very concept of female oppression away. I'm just sick of it. Trannies are literally getting away with racially abusing women because it's "woke" now.

No. 342951

I'm not black but I'm Middle Eastern and a lot of trannies love asking middle eastern women if they're trans because they have big noses, etc. It's just hilarious tbh, not only are the trannies showing their racist/neonazi roots but they're seething at women who although don't fit their porn addicted beauty standards, look much more womanly than they ever could. They're mad that they've spent so much money on plastic surgery, cheap clothes and bad makeup yet natural looking black and brown woman will always look more feminine than they ever will.

Also if you're seeing this online report their posts for racism, they'll have their accounts wiped

No. 342967

this isn't really a serious problem, just stuff lingering in my mind
>tfw have a thing for old timey men (yes retarded i know. there's my first mistake)
>randomly went down a rabbit hole of learning about how certain races (mostly mine) were treated and viewed in those time periods because i'm bored
>already knew the obvious stuff but not all the nitty gritty details
>also noticed the sheer amount of actors and actresses doing blackface
>like i know it was common but sheesh, some of these were people i was not expecting at all
>now i'm completely bummed out for the past week or so
>can't properly fantasize anymore because all i think about is how those people would realistically view me at that time
>these old dead fuckers are literally the only type of men i'm attracted to
even in my fantasies i cannot do a suspension of disbelief when it's a world based on reality. i cannot "headcanon" my way out of real people and settings. idk what to do, just come up with retarded copes i guess. literally every man I like is unattainable reeeeeeeee

i have conflicted feelings about the media from back then too because some of it is decent, it's just the one or two questionable scenes that ruins it. i really want to like some of those films but i can't ignore those other aspects in them even if the rest of the film is literally perfect and well done. i both love and hate it at the same time.

No. 342969

samefag i just noticed the amount of times i used "literally" kek sorry

No. 345346

I don't want this to sound like racebait and I apologize if it does, but has anyone noticed that a lot of other communities "co-opt" (for lack of a better term) terms that are typically used to talk about black issues for themselves? E.g. today I saw someone say that an actor was in Jew-face cause they wore a nose prosthetic.

No. 345348

File: 1692394680823.jpg (249.46 KB, 1016x1024, jones-5.jpg)

Late but if you're curious it's of Lois Mailou Jones, a painter. I'm not sure if it's her cat though, I can't find any other pictures of her with it.

No. 345374

No you’re right it’s annoying and lazy and also invalidates the term just like the term woke become cancer when white people started using it

No. 345386

People think an issue will be taken more seriously if they can compare it to the struggles of black people since we've been in the shit the longest/hardest. Then again, they also like to compare everything to the Holocaust so like, they really couldn't think of anything else to call it?

No. 345857

File: 1692669991455.png (187.5 KB, 1384x516, Screenshot 2023-08-21 220032.p…)

Every time i see posts like this i want to alog so fucking bad. It's bad enough you can't go to black spaces without everyone hating on black women ALL THE FUCKING TIME because we need to be worshiping black men at all times or taking the blame for things that they do, you come here and get blamed for this things that random hoteps/sjws say just by the virtue of sharing the same skin colour as them. There's literally no peace anywhere and all i wanted to do was laugh at retards because i was feeling a little stressed.

No. 345864

I'm tired of the increase in racebait, antisemitism and tradshit, especially when it's so thinly veiled

No. 345868

I understand, but don't. Ignore it. If you reply it will be an endless loop and it falls on deaf ears. I felt the same twinge of irritation when I saw it but I've learned that you cannot entertain these anons because you should not be putting that stress on yourself.

No. 346294

I’m a million years late but I agree with you 100% about divest. Its pathetic and self hating, I’ve only seen it crop up during quarantine and they couldn’t even give the movement a full year of pretending to be feminist before making it clear they just delusionally idealize white people. They tend to stay anonymous so its hard to tell but I’m convinced that not all of them are black women because they talk about the community in such a vile degrading way (calling black women ‘mammies’ and all sorts of weird /b/ tier racialized insults). I don’t even know why they’re mad at black men anymore because they clearly believe the same shit that the moids do. Most of my dating experience has been interracial (I travel internationally frequently) but I can’t imagine caring enough about what BM think to do it to spite them or something

No. 346302

I don't know where else to put this but I hate that my Dad, who is black, had the gall to say that "75% of black women belong in the garbage". He's black with no education and is married to my mother, a black woman, who has a very high paying job and has a degree in a very intense and smart field. I don't know why but that pissed me off fierce because he's apart of the same statistic of black men who're uneducated and would be in poor financials without my breadwinner of a mother but has the gall to shit on black women in the same breath to my face. I hate how casual it was to him to just shit on black women like that.

No. 346839

i have this same sentiment, i love old-timey (pre 1930s) aesthetics and art. it just sucks to know that any actor or artist i could ever enjoy would be casually racist as hell and crazy misogynistic. i like to channel my interests into art and implement the aesthetics i like into OCs instead of idolizing real people.

TLDR; reality sucks, fiction reigns supreme as per usual

No. 348260

It's weird isn't it, especially since black women have been shown to have higher rates of employment, which is unusual compared to other races. It is common for black women to be the breadwinner, hell, look at my family for example! It's just comforting to beat down on the people below you. You make be black, but at least you are not also a woman.

No. 348369

Hope your mom leave his broke ass. The we'll really see who belongs in the garbage, lol.

No. 348612

File: 1694654838652.webm (16.02 MB, 720x1280, People asking to cut my hair o…)

Just saw a video with an account I get a lot of hairstyle inspiration from and she's making a video about these men who keep pressuring her to cut her hair. Apparently it's some sort of fetish? God I hate it here sometimes

No. 348623

i don't even go here but saw this and had to comment my disgust. yeah, men have a fetish for literally everything, but this one in particular feels like it ties into humiliation fetish and "putting her in her place". it's giving very much slave owner.

No. 348634

I saw this fetish in haircare subreddits where men would advise women to get buzzcuts etc. idk how that fetish works, maybe it's about controlling a woman?

No. 348655

Probably a form of humiliation, considering how many women take pride in their hair. In their tiny peanut brains they think it's the same as destroying a woman's confidence.

No. 348666

File: 1694696936907.webm (11.72 MB, 720x1280, PT.2People asking to cut my ha…)

I forgot to post the part two. Apparently it's also common for natural hair content creators to get messages like these. Why are men like this.

No. 348680

Probably a humiliation thing, you'll see it in other contexts like narcos or kidnappers shaving someone's head off and asian idols when they're apologizing for a scandal, in this case a fetish with bonus racism.

No. 348705

I'm not black but I have noticed that usually cool-toned black girlies get a lot more compliments and are usually passed around as the beauty standard for black women a lot more than warm-toned black women. It's honestly kind of sad that even in blackness you gotta resemble white people in some way.

No. 349021

It's a common humiliation tactic, shaving or cutting a woman's hair, some gangs do that here as punishment if a wife or girlfriend leave one of the members. We tend to be very prideful of our hair and take well care of it, so it is an attack on her self esteem and appearance, plus if they are white moids asking for it, there is a hint of racism on it

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