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No. 199520

came to lolcow specifically to talk to other skinnyfat girls about how to lose weight.. dieting, toning, generally advice on how to be thin(use the catalog)

No. 199522

i am 21 5'5 and i think 125-130 pounds. all of my friends are extremely skinny and through covid I've gained a noticable amount of body fat.. its extremely shameful. I dont know how to get rid of the weight as i dont want to starve myself as i did in the past but poss intermittent fasting? Would walking more help? i saw an archived post about a girl who only ate deli meat and refused to sit down unless sleeping. how did u guys lose like 5-10 pounds in a month??? help….

No. 199524

Take a look at the catalog before you create a thread. >>153564

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