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File: 1628806871601.jpg (117.2 KB, 1500x1500, 71CxqiJniQL._SL1500_.jpg)

No. 201715

Didn't see a thread like this except a 4 year old one with an anime pic so I decided to make a new one.

A thread to discuss what kind of hygiene products we like (body wash/soap/deodorant) and other things relating to it.

No. 201716

I recently heard that you can rub lemon juice on your armpits and it works as deodorant. is that true? it sounds awful

No. 201720

Good timing to make a thread like this what with the Isabella Bella Janke shit going on and her aversion to personal hygiene

No. 201721

File: 1628812146472.jpeg (52.45 KB, 567x1213, 489FD692-7A66-497A-82E4-5815D4…)

I will always recommend these if you have a really sensitive skin, I always try to have any soap of these or any other similar brands like Cerave because whenever I use any other soap, I feel like my skin is screaming from my pores like little banshee mouths looking for revenge.
Anyways, Cetaphil is great and I also tried using handmade soaps for a while, some were great, others not so much, it was during a time in which I would workout daily and had a great diet so my skin was doing amazing during those days, so I’m not sure if the handmade soaps helped or not, I just know that the one with oatmeal and another one with pink clay felt nice, I compared them with one made with chamomile and yeah, my skin didn’t scream with those unlike with the one made with chamomile, I think I’m a bit allergic to it or something.

No. 201746

File: 1628826740149.jpg (21.14 KB, 580x580, 403600_crystal_deodorant_40360…)

I've been using something very similar to this for a long time now. I know it seems weird and gimmicky to use a crystal as a deodorant. I was skeptical that it would work when I first tried it, but it keeps my pits odour-free for at least 24 hours. I like that it's all natural and it takes me a long time to use it up. I also like that it doesn't leave marks on my clothes, and it doesn't leave me feeling sticky like more conventional deodorants. it needs to be applied to wet skin in order to be effective, but it works really well for me. I highly recommend!

No. 201749

Ive always wondered about those crystal deodorants and if they work or not, I bought one years ago and it didn't work but I think I was putting it on wrong.

No. 201756

i back cetaphil anon. i’m allergic to most skin stuff but cetaphil does the job without my skin freaking out

No. 201787

Even if they work, you'll still sweat. They're not anti-transpirant, they just block the bacteries that cause the odor. Which isn't ideal imo.

No. 201794

You have to have really clean, still damp skin for it to work. It suppresses the growth of bacteria before they multiply, so you have to have washed all the old bacteria off first.
I find it doesn't work so well if I have a particular chemical sweat (like if I'm sick, hungover or nervous, when the smell comes from your body not just normal bacteria)

No. 201805

yeah your skin needs to be very wet when you apply it. I put it on immediately after getting out of the shower.

it's weird but I actually find myself sweating more with antiperspirants. I think this is because most antiperspirants contain aluminum-based compounds which work by blocking the eccrine sweat glands (the sweat glands on the outer part of your body where sweat comes out of). initial use of an aluminum-based antiperspirant will typically cause a reduction in sweat as a result of blocking these ducts, but after prolonged use, a lot of people notice that it doesn't work as well as it did at first. this could be a result of either 1) the body actually unplugging those ducts or 2) the body producing more sweat to compensate for the blockage. the crystal deodorant actually makes me sweat less than antiperspirants, and plus, I'm not absorbing aluminum through my skin every day.

No. 201813

File: 1628876163627.jpeg (16.64 KB, 500x500, 6AD22E54-1A8A-43F3-A741-BE9EF1…)

Have any anons had problems with dove deodorants? I’ve recently had this issue where when I shower (so when they get wet) my underarms become really tacky and have this super odd texture. I’ve tried exfoliating it away but nothing. Outside of the shower it’s normal however. I’ve never had this happen with a deodorant, this one is aluminum free.

I already have so many issues with my armpits. I can step out of the shower after washing them 10 times and they would still smell. I can put on deodorant and they will still smell. I wash throughout the day and still, it’s like I can’t control it. Letting it be to see if my body works itself out also doesn’t work. It’s the only part of my body that I can’t control. I don’t know if this issue is a me problem or if other nonas have had this happen.

No. 201821

I stink like a dirty wet dog unless I use commercial antiperspirants. I've tried organic deodorants with baking soda and crystal deos all that but the only thing that works for me are antiperspirants with aluminium. I use the pear scented Dove one. I wish I had tried it sooner because I was bullied for being super sweaty all throughout high school

>have this super odd texture
Yeah I noticed this too, I think it's the layer of aluminium/antiperspirant repelling the water. I usually use shampoo to remove it or I mix my washgel with baking soda and use that on my pits

No. 201824

How is deoderant even supposed to work, I put it on and I still sweat, but it just smells like deoderant and sweat. Even percription grade deoderants do the same.

No. 201825

Deodorant is not supposed to stop sweating. It just serves to make you smell good. What you're looking for is antiperspirant

No. 201828

wouldn't that burn the skin? something so acidic like that? I don't recommedend it

I've used crystal deodorant for years too and it really works (had the same one the whole time)! at least for me it works, someone who isn't especially sweaty

No. 201878

File: 1628933725849.jpg (60.5 KB, 1500x1500, lume_deo.jpg)

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I've heard people say it made them stink worse long after stopping use so I'm skeptical.

No. 201886

tips for keeping your coochie fresh all day (between showers)? i dont have BV/any serious odor thankfully but mostly wondering about stuff like sweat and stuff.

No. 201896

This is possibly bad for you, so use your good judgement, but I do the following. The deodorant and blow-drying is the important bit, so feel free to ignore the rest:
>pH neutral feminine wash with silver particles, I use a scrubbie or flannel and not just my hands. I wash my outer labia and arsehole thoroughly with it
>Inner labia and clit, I use clean hands/flannel and water to gently get rid of any build up
>As soon as out of shower/bath, I begin drying my body immediately - sitting around in a damp towel or dressing gown can make me feel dirty or smelly again quite quickly
>Blow-dry my pubes along with my hair, make sure nooks and crannies aren't damp
>Mitchum unscented roll-on deodorant in my "legpits", along the bikini line from top of my bush to my undercarriage, but never on my labia
>My secret weapon in summer is putting some roll-on deodorant in my bum crack, so that sweat doesn't travel down my body
>Blow-dry the roll-on deodorant - very important otherwise it can just become added moisture in my creases
>I don't use talc anymore but I guess you could use talc at this point if you wanted. I heard it's linked to cancer(?) so I don't wanna advise it to you
>I wear big fresh cotton undies OR sport undies from Decathlon that are designed for runners. I love wearing mom jeans and trackies versus leggings or skinny jeans, because there's a better circulation of air between my clothes and my gusset
It's really basic advice and sorry if you're already doing this stuff, but I think if you're minimising humidity and dampness in the crotchal region, you're minimising bacterial growth and funk. It works really well for me personally. Also finally I just want to stress, I would not recommend putting any products on the vulva itself, just around it. Also use the cool setting on your hairdryer, if that's not obvious.

No. 201900

>you could use talc at this point if you wanted. I heard it's linked to cancer(?) so I don't wanna advise it to you
Nta but talc based baby powder has been indeed linked to cancer, cornstarch based baby powder however are safe. Lush makes a nice jasmine scented one that's called Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

No. 201906

Is a feminine wash a must when washing your bits? Isn't regular shower gel enough?

No. 201907

I shower using baby wash that's free from all sorts of irritants so I just use that all over. I wouldn't feel so great using the average shower gel too close to that area but I feel like owning a whole separate product is too much. Either use a mild product all over or just rinse down there with water. Imo

No. 201908

Every gyno will tell you you should use only water and only on the outside. Every cosmetic brand that makes all of the specific products will try to confuse you with talking about specific PH needs and all the wonder-making actives that will make you feel oh so clean and moisturized but your vagina doesn't need it at all, and it's very often damaging to it's natural protection layers which in turn leads to yeast infections.
If you feel REALLY unfresh, use something with as few ingredients as possible, not too foamy, no additional colors or scents, and do not use it too often or too much of it.

No. 201910

Wich baby wash do you use?
I always assumed that they mean that we shouldn't use shower gel inside the vagina, the outsides are fine. I'm gonna try using just water next time but I have a feeling it's not gonna feel clean enough. Tmi: I have big lips and also sweat a lot 'downstairs'

No. 201911

I've been using crystal deodorants for years as well. I find it more convenient and more comfortable to wear than ordinary deodorant. No gross sticky feeling in my arm pits and no deodorant stains on my clothes. I would never go back to what I was using before.

No. 201913

Do they stop sweating? Or they just stop the smell?

No. 201915

My experience has been that the only time I get wet sweaty arm pits is during physical exertion such a jogging, weight lifting or digging horse shit into the ground.

No. 201962

I did that during my hippie phase. It's not bad and it doesn't burn (even after shaving). But it only works when its aplied right after you shower.
Nowadays I use a homemade deodorant.

No. 202006

So I'm gonna preface this by saying I shower every day and I'm a clean person but when it's really hot and I'm sweaty I can smell my crotch. Can this be avoided somehow? Should/Can I apply deodorant in my bikini line area?

No. 202028

Are you wearing cotton underwear and either a skirt or cotton trousers?

No. 202030

I always wear cotton underwear and either jeans or a skirt, yes. It's more noticeable when I'm wearing a skirt though

No. 202033

File: 1629052862169.jpg (84.15 KB, 580x1500, 71zsRfDekfL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

has anyone else had weird experiences with gel antiperspirants? I accidentally bought pic rel because I'd use this scent but the non-gel one and didn't notice when I bought it until I opened it. But it would randomly make my underarms start dripping with sweat when I wasn't hot/physically exerting myself/etc. Like, I'd be driving and suddenly my armpits were sopping wet. I switched back to a standard stick and I have not had that problem.

Is gel just weird?

No. 202058

hey so I have big thighs and they rub. I get a an armpit-like environment once I rub my naked thighs together (big part of the reason why I wear tights often) and the bacteria often migrates to my cooch. Deodorant on the thigh skin that touches each other helps a lot. Also thoroughly soap up on the outside and scrub the bacteria off in the shower. If I half-ass it always quickly comes back

No. 202081

I’m actually surprised no one has answered this. I fucking love Lume, ive been using it for about a year now. I really genuinely dont smell using it, unless i wipe an area i have been sweating many times. I live in the desert and im active so i sweat a LOT and this is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Unscented is the best!! I also love the owner and creator, amazing woman

No. 202097

How long does one package of crystal deo last?

No. 202098

How do I stop sweating so much under my chest it is really annoying.

No. 202099

NTA but i’ve been using the same crystal deodorant for a year and have barely made a dent in it. I really like the crystal deodorant, I just use unscented and it works great. I still sweat but my pits don’t stink and I don’t get residue on my clothes.

No. 202102

Same for me. I've always had bad luck with gel. Solid is preferred

No. 202108

Any other hyperhydrosis anons here? Drysol has helped the sweating in my pits drastically, I rarely need to use it anymore, thankfully.
My biggest problem area now is my face. It's almost constantly dripping, doesn't even need to be hot out. Stress and anxiety make it much worse. I really don't want to use drysol on my face, that shit burns and seems way too harsh to be using on such a sensitive area. Especially near my eyes.
I'd love to know if any of you have dealt with this, and would especially love suggestions.
The constant face drippage is super embarrassing and makes me feel disgusting, I know I can't really help it but it kills my self esteem.

No. 202221

File: 1629163690196.jpg (92.25 KB, 871x871, 223808935_10160174668820676_89…)

I love Tom's of Maine Tea Tree and Lavender deodorants. Maybe it's dumb but I've always been a lil skeeved out by how anti-persperants work.

During the pandemic I've gotten way too into Bath and Body Works body care stuff, but it's nice to actually look forward to showers now. I'm currently loving their new Honey Wildflower and Open Sky scents. Definitely recommend, but do NOT buy full price, there are sales every few weeks.

No. 202224

Funny enough, I have the opposite experience. I think different bodies just react to different products in weird ways sometimes.

No. 202311

are their shower gels moisturizing? i have been having a real hard time finding a shower gel or soap that doesn't leave me feeling super dry

No. 202321

File: 1629234191013.png (121.66 KB, 307x398, refresh-tears-hero-packaging.p…)

Not necessarily hygiene but when I was having some eye problems these were the only drops that helped me, they worked instantly

No. 202344

File: 1629254827119.jpeg (126.89 KB, 930x1489, C31635DE-5111-4293-9845-1D87B7…)

I sweat so horribly and it ruins everything for me. I dress up and do my makeup and put on my perfume and within an hour I stink even after putting on normal deodorant. a lot of antiperspirants made my underarms itch so I can’t use them. I started using the ordinary’s glycolic acid on my underarms bc of tiktok and it saved my ass. I still sweat a little but the smell is literally gone! All stinky nonitas should try this any glycolic acid should work if the ordinary isn’t available

No. 202401

I need to try this. I started a new medication that makes the sweat in my underarms smell really unusual, and deodorant just isn't cutting it.

No. 202419

Thanks nonita, I'll try this out next. I've had the same experience with salicylic acid serum, it literally works better than any deodorant I've tried BUT if I overdo it my underarms get slightly burned. Glycolic acid sounds gentler.

No. 202421


I love their packaging, I might try it just based off that because I'm a sucker. Lately I've been using lime/lemon on my armpits and then my deodorant/antiperspirant. The smell is gone but I still sweat.

No. 202426

File: 1629312595717.jpg (109.82 KB, 800x800, soap.jpg)

Have any of you used Aleppo soap? I'm a big fan of washing my face with natural soaps so I got my first bar recently (25% laurel oil) and I'm a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I've heard people absolutely raving about it but it doesn't do much for me, apart from keeping my skin decently clean, altough I still need to use something else to deep-clean my pores every once in a while. I don't think it prevents pimples from forming, nor helps them heal faster, like it's apparently supposed to, either. And weirdly enough, it fucking stinks. When it's dry it has an earthy, cardboard-ish smell which I don't mind, but as soon as I put it on wet skin it seriously reeks of spoiled goat milk. I think it might be a skin pH thing because no one I've asked has had the same experience. Anyway, as soon as I'm done with this giant bar I'll stick to my favorite green clay soap which works wonders and I'd recommend it to anyone.

For anons who've had good results with crystal alum deodorant but find it too much of a hassle like me, I recommend liquid alum deodorant. It can be a spray or roll-on, so it's much easier to use and you don't need to wet your skin beforehand. It's my favourite type of deodorant atm and I don't think I'll be looking for anything else unless the brand that I use gets discontinued or something.

No. 202428

ive used it because im middle eastern and my mom would keep one at all times its like a grandma thing here(not in a bad way) for me it dries my skin a lot so when i was a teenager and had really oily skin i'd wash my face with it and it would help with acne to an extent now my skin is mixed and it feels too drying for me, ive used it for a while to wash my bangs because they would get oily fast and it worked wonders for that, now i occasionally use it as a body wash when i want to feel squeky clean, i get what you mean with the smell though when i use it on myself i smell myself and it smells clean and fresh but when i smell it on other people i smell a rancid smell

No. 202436

That's interesting because I don't find the soap particularly drying and I have dry skin. I actually wish it was a little harsher because sometimes I don't feel like it cleans my skin enough. Maybe yours had more laurel oil in it? Or maybe the quality varies depending on the manufacturer altough it says on mine that it's a proper handmade one from Syria. I wouldn't be surprised if soaps that are produced and sold in thd Middle East were better than the ones that get exported.

No. 202445

Idk but I wash my dishes with it because its too harsh for my face lol. I've heard good things about African black soap, Dove beauty bars and Nivea MagicBar though.

No. 202450

generally bar soap is going to be really harsh on your face. as for natural cleansers, when i had dry skin i would oil-cleanse only and had great results

No. 202581

Holy shit thanks for this tip nonnie, I can’t believe this worked so well. I’ve been using this stuff as a face toner for months with meh results. My pits always smell onion-y a couple hours after showering (even with very minimal activity) but now 10 hours later they don’t smell at all. I can’t believe my pits have a neutral smell for once.

No. 202590

It really depends on the bar soap, they're not all the same

No. 202628

they all pretty much are unless you get something like dove, cerave, ect… and that anon wants "natural" soap

No. 202798

I'm the natural soap anon and I've been using nothing but oils and soap bars on my face for 2 years and I don't complain lmao, the only one I didn't like was Aleppo soap. Not because of harshness but because it was generally subpar and stinky compared to others. There are plenty of traditionally handmade soaps with added oils and herb extracts, that don't contain harsh surfactants. As long as you know how to choose stuff that doesn't irritate your skin you're good.

No. 202799

You're wrong though.

No. 202801

the chemical components that make soap soap are in all of them the same

No. 202826

And not all soap is drying and harsh, learn how to read.

No. 202827

Yeah but you can either have a standard cheap soap packed with synthetic stuff like fragrance or EDTA or a nice soap with essential oils, clays and other additives that offset any harshness and actually help with stuff like dry skin and acne, that's the difference.

No. 202850

Any reccomendations on toothpaste and mouthwash with no menthol?
II hAtE menthol it makes me want to puke. Please tell me i'm not the only one.
Sometimes I find those 'cinnamon' toothpastes such as the crest one but its got that same exaggerated minty freshness and none of the cinnamon warmth.

No. 202855

my gf has the same problem and she uses kids toothpaste, any brand is fine, just choose whatever flavour doesn't offend you (she uses vademecum, or whichever one is with the crocodile mascot)

No. 202861

my mom uses kid toothpaste too, I wonder if this is why

No. 202865

Ahhhh the memories!! I used to use that when I was a kid and LOVED the taste haha

No. 202911

Tom's of Maine fennel

No. 211602

File: 1635645102108.jpg (86.73 KB, 1500x1500, 714wjfMHauS._SL1500_.jpg)

So I bought Irish Spring body wash because all the other body washes at the store were either ridiculously expensive or heavily scented with fruit/lavender/coconut which I hate. The soap itself is alright but I kinda feel like it doesn't actually wash my BO away. If anyone has some recommendations for either charcoal or unscented body wash that is reasonably priced I'd appreciate it.

No. 211619

I love their bar soap version, but I can't use it often because it irritates my skin. I heard that their liquid version you have in picrel is weaker than the bar, so maybe try that. It's still a pretty cheap soap. Otherwise, I've had pretty good luck with African black soap from Lidl.

No. 211631

Irish spring is drying as fuck. I like olay products and dial for body odor. Dove is also nice too. Castille soap never cleans me right but it's so hyped up but aren't vegetable soaps supposed to be good to wash the outside of your vulva?

No. 211632

Suave spray deodorant is the best deodorant I've ever used for an athletic girl. I used the secret aluminum free clinical strength with essential oils which is supposedly the best one on the market and it doesn't do much. Most deodorants for women suck so that's usually the best one for me and a lot of women I know use nice smelling men's deodorant. Teen spirit was nice too back in the day

No. 212934

Try Nablus soap, I have acne-prone skin and love it. It's a Palestinian soap. Nablus was an ancient soap-maminng city, they even excavated an ancient soapmaking "factory" there recently.

Nablus soap doesn't smell really.

I like Aleppo soap but mine has an earthy scent. Unless what I bought wasn't Aleppo soap (but it does look like this one you posted). I bought it at a souq in the middle east and didn't ask questions, just thought "oh there's those soaps I wanted" and started negotiating price (ended up at $0.75 a bar kek). The Nablus soap has a wrapper so that one I can identify without a doubt. But the others don't. I also got a big apricot oil & honey soap, or that's I think the sign said.

No. 223154

is there such thing as deodorant that's not powdery, not a paste and not a gross slimy gel? because that has been my experience trying to find deodorants.. I just want on that is solid and clear, basically. and actually I'd be fine using a paste if it absorbed into my skin and didn't leave marks all over my clothes (this is what charcoal deodorant does). I'd prefer if it didn't have aluminum but I'm also not opposed to using it

No. 223156

File: 1642028826513.png (382.54 KB, 385x392, creamy.PNG)

No. 223157

Try a salt crystal deodorant, I still sweat but it doesn't smell like anything.

No. 223163

Time for some sperging about soap and why you might not want to use it on your face. Soap, as in bar soap made from oils saponified with lye, is alkaline, whereas human skin is mildly acidic. Unless your skin barrier is compromised somehow (eczema, irritation, dryness, etc), your skin should return to its normal acidity after exposure to alkaline products. If you have sensitive skin or some kind of skin condition like eczema, however, using alkaline cleansers is not recommended because they disrupt your skin's outer barrier and that causes dehydration and irritation. The other problem with soaps isn't just that they're alkaline; they're also surfactants. Again, some people have pretty resilient skin and surfactants don't really bother them, but if your skin is sensitive they can also disrupt your skin's barrier and cause irritation. Now, if you have oily skin, you may be drawn to soaps because they're very good at removing oil. However, oily skin is prone to producing more oil when dehydrated and irritated, so using a harsh cleanser might actually increase oil production. Hence, you should probably stick to gentler cleansers than bar soap if you have oily skin, especially for your face, which has thinner skin than the rest of your body. There are nicer bar soaps that are formulated with extra emollients and stuff like glycerin that may reduce irritation, but like >>202801 said, the chemical makeup and cleansing action of true soaps is more or less the same so these additions might not help that much. Of course, humans have made and used soap for millenia, so I'm not saying soap is bad because cHeMiCaLs or whatever. It's just not always a great idea to use soap as a facial cleanser, especially if you notice that it leaves your skin feeling tight or it stings your face.

No. 223178

There's pH balanced facial cleansing bars now, it's 2022. Go back to Reddit.

No. 223188

File: 1642038798400.jpg (35.55 KB, 1024x683, closer-part-of-tube-1024x683.j…)

Yes, and they are pH-balanced specifically because they are not the type of soap I was talking about. I was referring to 'natural' soaps like African black soap or Aleppo soap, or drugstore bar soaps like Ivory and Dr. Bronner's. A famous example of a not-soap, pH-balanced bar cleanser is picrel, the SU:M37 Rose cleansing stick.

No. 223205

A woman after my own active tabs.

That, and pH balanced still ends up being higher than normal skin pH with a lot of brands. Personally, I shoot for brands that run in the 4.5-5.5 range for all cleansing and lotion. Shampoo should reasonably run closer to the pH of the scalp and hair shaft. It's harder with a lot of surfactants to lower the pH too much because they can lose the bubbling effect and even break down or separate other ingredients in the wash.

No. 271821

File: 1656016967806.jpg (193.29 KB, 1500x1500, 811XIOxVX6L._SL1500_.jpg)

Anyone use deodorant wipes? I just got a pack from Pacifica off Amazon. I mostly wanted them for some problem areas other than underarms but I'm unsure if I'm able to.
I came across this brand too that you can allegedly use any part of your body, which might be more beneficial for me. Not a fan of the name and not discrete packaging kek. Any experiences or recommendations?

No. 271837

File: 1656025923484.jpeg (172.95 KB, 1920x2560, 11514B8A-875A-4067-8027-6AAEFD…)

I bought this deodorant like two or three weeks ago and I don’t have any problems with it so far, but my complaints are that it’s sometimes hard to get the tube of product out and product buildup is hard to remove when washing it out. I thought this brand was aluminum free?

No. 271842

No experience but I am intrigued. I go through aerosols so fast I feel bad but my pits like to misbehave idk if its anxiety driven. I thought u had it under control when I started working out and getting rid of my pit fat but nope

No. 272315

File: 1656340901986.jpg (104.73 KB, 1500x1500, deo.jpg)

I've been using this, no aluminum and even if I'm working I don't sweat a lot with it on and it keeps my stink away lol. I have the aloe and it smells so nice

No. 272360

File: 1656372550758.jpg (3.26 MB, 2617x4138, Alfons_Mucha_-_Fruit2.jpg)

Hope it's okay to post in this thread about shaving. I don't shave every part of my body, but out of the ones I do, only my coochie and my knees get ingrown hairs. I usually exfoliate before and after shaving, so I don't know why I still get red bumps. Are sugar scrubs not good for shaving? Should I use witch hazel afterwards as well?

Secondly, any tips for getting rid of inner thigh and butt hair? It's so itchy when I shave with a regular razor, but I'd rather not wax or go to a salon. I heard that nair isn't very safe for private parts, but has anyone else tried it or have experience with it? I just wanna get rid of my butt tassels.

No. 272367

I just started using that brand, too. I cut around the top to make it shorter but still couldn’t get the deodorant to push up. It seems to work fine if I spread a bit with my fingers instead, it’s a little annoying but I like that the packaging has no plastic

No. 272377

I've got KP so I know aaaall about ingrown hairs. I use a lotion afterwards that's either A: super hydrating or B: super exfoliating (I'm talking lactic acid, mandelic acid, battery acid). You can exfoliate all you want but afterwards, the hair follicle will want to grow out of the skin, and if the skin is too dry and irritated, it'll cause problems.

No. 272382

Their body washes are great

No. 272394

Might be a better fit for you nonners

No. 272493

please do not put this in your cooch anons i beg of you wtf

No. 272499

Uh it's not meant to go in your cooch. It's for your crotch area and ass crack.
Why do anons think everything is a douche

No. 274158

File: 1657299072039.jpg (161.38 KB, 890x1042, Screenshot_20220708-174424_Duc…)

If you're from Europe and hate roll on deodorant, buy some American stick deodorant online. It really works. I tried that super expensive €15 roll on persperex stuff and another blue one that did nothing but burn my pits. American stuff is relatively cheap but works a charm.
You can scan the ingredients list and make an informed decision, but degree works really well for me.

No. 274196

Anyone else use their Head and Shoulders shampoo as a 4 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash?

No. 274224

I don't throw this around lightly but this is actual moid behavior

No. 274241

This made me chortle nonnie, also you aren't wrong

No. 274272

well tbf it says "privates" which is pretty ambiguous

No. 274280

I haven’t shaved my pits in like a year and a half. What kind of deodorant should I use that won’t build up in the hair and make a mess?

No. 274282

At a very dark point in my life I did it.. Not as conidtioner though, head and shoulders is drying af. In fact, it is very good for bacne.

Nowadays I'd only use it for washing my back if I got breakouts again. The lemon one can also feel cooling on a hot day but I hate the smell. Can also help remove direct dye from hair because it's so stripping.

No. 274289

It also says feet and armpits so I mean I'd assume anyone with half a brain would know it would go on your crotch area and not inside your snatch. Vaginal odor generally comes from the outside anyway

No. 276433

Just wanted to share that Dove "Men" deo/antiperspirant in the scent orange + sandalwood is a great deodorant. Not overscented or aggressive, it's mild, moisturizing, and a great choice for women. I love sandalwood as a scent and think it shouldn't be associated with men at all. iirc citrus and sandalwood were important to some goddess cult in antiquity, I'll look it up later

No. 276435

I had something that might have been the beginning of toenail fungus on my big toenail. (Not sure, was too depressed to go to dr.) I washed it with Head & Shoulders shampoo, which I use once a week as a clarifying shampoo. It disappeared entirely after a few weeks of doing that, so either H&S cleared it up or it wasn't fungal. I suspect the latter, though. (Still don't know how I got that during lockdown, but it cropped up after I was hospitalized on heavy antibiotics, so maybe that was the cause?)

No. 276505

Isabella LJ ily ♥

No. 298211

Bumping. I got put on a medication that apparently fucks with my hormones and I straight up smell like a moid in my pits now. The upside is this med prevents me from sweating but my fumes are ungodly. So I'm not sure if anti antiperspirant is the way or if I should opt for something else? I know there are special body washes for menopausal women so maybe deodorants exist too that might work on this?

No. 298243

I used one of those all natural bicarb schmidts deodorants and it gave me a horrible peeling bloody skin rash after a week of consistent use

For the record I don’t have any other skin allergies

No. 298361

Do people use panty liners?
I have a memory from when I was younger (33 now) that my mom always had panty liners and she would wear them every day. I'm just thinking of it now but should I have been wearing those this whole time?

No. 298503

I wear them at the end of my period + about 4 days after my period ends when I turn into a snail. I personally don't really have need to wear them outside of that, wearing them daily sounds unnescessary.

No. 299070

Same. Goddammit, I was fucking annoyed when it started happening. I used the Schmidt's Bergamot and Lime. Smells so refreshing. I can use it here and there and it works but if I use only that consistently my armpits get so irritated and itchy. Perfect for sensitive skin my entire ASS.

No. 299079

File: 1668345086462.jpg (444.71 KB, 1439x2013, Screenshot_20221113_070940_Ama…)

I use this one and it doesn't have baking soda. Used to use old spice and this has actually worked better. But I'm not someone who smells a lot and don't like antiperspirants.

No. 299080

I wear them all the time when I’m not on my period because I’m unfortunately always over lubricated. It runs in my family, my mom has gone through menopause and STILL has to. sigh
Nonna, have you tried Lume? I love the vanilla scent and it eradicated my horrible stress sweat smell from the groin and pits and actually does not irritated my insanely sensitive ginger skin.

No. 299727

I started wearing them regularly since I got my period at 13 (and every day since ~14) to deal with excess discharge during ovulation and spotting after my period. On one hand it can definitely seem excessive & maybe wasteful (looking at investing in reusable ones) but I hate the feeling of discharge. I also recommend because it keeps your underwear from looking visibly dirty or gross. Additionally, zero worries about irregular cycles. I am a major clean freak though so to each their own.

I also haven't lost a pair of underwear to my mom's dog in 5-6 years, she used to go hunting through my laundry if I didn't completely close every door, so that's a plus

No. 305723

Try hello humans if you are American and have targets. It works very well, I had the same issues.

No. 362368

File: 1701576085721.jpeg (25.25 KB, 450x450, shopping.jpeg)

Necroing to recommend this deodorant if you have a strong odor. I'm not sure how or why, but this deodorant works so well. It's super light and you don't have to apply much at all. After I put it on, it basically feels like my bare armpit. It isn't very white so you don't get powdered donut armpits. It completely blocks any scent and lasts ALL DAY without re-applying, even through sweating in my experience. This particular scent is not very strong either, it's literally just a light fresh scent and won't interfere with any other fragrances you may wear. I think my sweating has also gone down since I started using this, but I wasn't focused on sweat so I'm not completely sure yet. Anyway, it's the best deodorant I've ever tried. I'll go crazy if they ever change the formula.

No. 362504

Ive been using dove deodorant forever it seems, but the last month or 2 it's like my armpits get BO within 12 hours no matter how much I apply. Never been like that before. Might try this one next time, thanks nona

No. 362755

Bicarbonate of soda based natural deodorants are amazing for blocking smell but I noticed after a few weeks of using them I developed a terrible skin peeling angry red rash under my arms because the bicarb was too harsh in my skin, I had to go back to using chemical deodorants. Dove and mitchum rollons work great for me, I have very strong body odor unfortunately but they block the smell well. Spray on deodorants arent very effective for me.

No. 362757

Funny you say that, it was the Schmidts one that caused my armpits to peel too. A shame because I loved the smell.

No. 363309

Oh yeah, if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't really recommend it. I have heard of some people getting irritation, but it wasn't too many so I didn't mention it. I have pretty resilient skin so I haven't had any issues so far.

No. 371327

Hi anon, I've had this problem most of my life. I felt terrible about it because I was trying different brands. An online friend recommended certain-dri. The active ingredient is Aluminum Chlorohydrate, so I think that's what helped me. It's an antipersperant and it's a spray.

The gels always are terrible on me. They clump up while I sweat somehow and roll off (wtf), or they don't do their job and I smell like hot garbage.

No. 371357

This is going to sound very disgusting, but I don’t regularly use deodorant and never have except on a few very hot summer days. Nobody has ever told me I smelled bad, not even my irl enemies who chewed me up for other things.

No. 371374

Hey, if you don't stink, you don't stink.

No. 371375

I don’t know why but I think some people’s sweat just don’t smell very strongly. When I sweat I really don’t stink as far as I know, unless I really bury my nose in my pit trying to detect it. I asked my family to be honest if I smell when I swear and they said no. Idk

No. 371383

You’re one of the lucky few! Enjoy it nonna, my dad is one and I’m endlessly jealous; he is a hockey ref whose hockey gear doesn’t even smell bad bc of his non stinky sweat.

No. 371384

There are a lot of things that can affect how much sweat smells. For example reducing your intake of meat, pungent foods (like garlic and onion) and having a higher intake of fruits and vegetables usually makes you smell pretty undetectable. Overweight people tend to smell a little more too.

No. 371386

Me neither, I dont stink and I dont sweat. I dont sweat at the gym, I dont sweat in the sauna, I dont sweat during hot days. Asked many boyfriends if I smell and everyone says I smell like nothing.

No. 371387

Oooo I’ve been a vegetarian for years now so maybe this is why

No. 371508

That's very likely it. Even when I was slightly overweight, I had the same happening when I ate very low-carb/sugar for 2 years. It's honestly a crime how the huge influence of our diet on things like sweat, skin quality or even teeth quality only ever gets mentioned as a side note. Instead we get bombarded with "use this product to fix it!" advice.

No. 371547

im not vegetarian but my BO reduced by 90% when I stopped weed and coffee. I only get it when I "freakout stress sweat" now and not regular exertion sweat.

No. 371614

Weedheads sweat smell so bad for real

No. 371915

Weed and coffee also makes my BO smell disgusting

No. 375845

File: 1706312686966.jpg (204.95 KB, 1024x1024, Dr.-Bronner_s-Soap-16-oz..jpg)

sorry to bump an old thread but I wanted to ask about soap bar/body washes. I usually go for bath and bodyworks shower gel or homemade bars from a local shop. I've tried Lush bars but it felt like they didn't wash off fully and left a film. I also keep a bottle of dr bronners around but it's like a weapons grade soap that's way too strong to use everyday… My skin's been super dry and irritated lately so I'm on the hunt for something mild

No. 375846

File: 1706312820957.jpg (169.87 KB, 1500x1500, 71B-LafN2XL.jpg)

I have super dry and sensitive skin and Olay is my favorite. I feel clean and hydrated.

No. 375854

I love Dove Bar Soaps. And also a humidifier in your room if the air is dry. Or just suffer if you’re in a winter climate cause nothing helps me in the winter to get moisture, I just am dry until summer where I’m soft but oily kek

No. 375888

I really like the cerave soap bars.

No. 376942

I use Dove's lavender scented body wash and it's gentle enough to not trigger my ezcema. Or maybe you can dilute your current bodywash like 1:4 parts water.
For dry and irritated skin, I've been applying a mix of Cetaphil's moisturizing lotion and Nivea's Creme 1:1 at night and it's been a game-changer for me.

No. 376952

Dove makes a really nice hydrating cream wash, I like the coconut one but there’s lots of good scents that aren’t too overpowering. If you don’t already, try putting lotion on in the shower right after and without fully drying off. I’ve found it keeps my skin from drying in winter better. Olay and Dove like the other nonnas said are also good options, with a wide range to choose from of products and scents.

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