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No. 203317

Share any experiences or thoughts on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically?

Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

Should sex work be legal and regulated? What do you think about Onlyfans and the recent ban reversal on it, etc.

Previous thread >>90992

No. 203320

File: 1630047721468.png (322.16 KB, 834x1156, SqUZWlY.png)

OP here, and I've considered myself anti-SW for a while, especially due to the prevalence of violent pornography, and its effects on our youth. I thought the Children of Pornhub article was a really good mark in raising awareness of Pornhub's indifference to illegal content.

https://web.archive.org/web/20210826184601/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/04/opinion/sunday/pornhub-rape-trafficking.html (article if you haven't read it)

Due to recent events regarding the (reversed) ban of pornographic content on OnlyFans, I remembered Laila Mickelwait's Twitter account and how she seemed to be good at disseminating information about the worst issues with certain platform. I knew Laila was a Mormon or some other kind of fundamentalist pro-life Christian, but I thought her platform was great at raising awareness.

Turns out that recently, she has come under fire for posting uncensored videos of victims being assaulted. As a result, Rose Kalemba (the then 14-year old who had her rape recorded and posted on Pornhub, which was only removed when she emailed them pretending to be a lawyer) and other trafficking victims have distanced themselves from her. You can read her lengthy blog article corroborating this here: https://www.rosekalemba.com/blog/dg05qroc6c9s3m7f1g2m7duv5kaojp

Unfortunately, I'm not terribly surprised by this but it'll definitely help discredit people who are anti-porn/SW/trafficking. It does however make me slightly more accepting of OnlyFans if they have appropriate verification measures in place.

No. 203321

Hold on, she was posting screencaps of the victims videos?? That’s so retarded beyond belief that I have to ask to be sure.

No. 203322

File: 1630049684341.png (105.7 KB, 816x652, r5lfTSE.png)

Yep! Some people on Twitter said that she's done this a few times in the past, but this is the first I've ever heard of it.

No. 203324

File: 1630052895972.jpg (35.76 KB, 1817x92, wut.jpg)

From the last thread

>200kg 40 year old slob

I just think it's funny how half of the last thread was camgirls complaining about swerfs being evil and how we're jealous or something when they often talk about each other worse than we do.

No. 203693

my ex became a sex worker while we were together and not only did it wreck her confidence and made her drop out of college her senior year but it completely destroyed our relationship. She moved in with her "Daddy" (who called himself cannabis Jesus) because I wouldn't let her move into my single dorm room with me. Nothing good came from her making that decision.

No. 203696

I'm the anon that posted that and I'm a SWERF and a victim of CSA, grooming and literal sex trafficking. I was just trying to convince girls wanting to do it not to, it's not a good idea. Working in a field with no objective means to success is very frustrating. Just imagine selling the same product as Momokun while you take care of yourself and are nice looking and you make no money while she's a millionaire. Entering a "work" field where scrotes dictate your income and value is not a very smart idea since as proven countless times they are not very rational beings.

No. 203747

I almost became a stripper when my parents kicked me out, glad I didn’t because I would hate myself even more than I did at the time. I would have sex with guys who were “too embarrassed to date me” so my dumb, easy ass would’ve probably sucked a random customer off.

No. 203790

sorry you went through that but it's weird that you would attack older women when the vast majority of successful onlyfans creators are young. the biggest onlyfans creators either pedobait (belle delphine) have extremely fake plastic bodies (blac chyna) or had a very large fanbase before creating an onlyfans (cardi b and bella thorne) or a combination of those. I've never followed momokun but I was under the impression that she was already somewhat known before she started sex "work" and a lot of people probably bought her onlyfans because of controversy. there is no objective means to success but it's largely marketing, you have to pimp yourself out on social media 10+ hours a day basically.

No. 204974

Documentary about prostitution in Japan

No. 205180

girlies help, my nearly khv -friend is convinced that she could make it as a stripper and keeps talking about it to me, with "no negatives". how do i tell her nicely, that she seems very naive about sex work?

No. 205183

Just look up trauma stories to show her. There is no short supply.

No. 205194

The highest paid prostitute at the bunny ranch looks like a child and goes by "Alice Little". Why am I not shocked.

No. 205196

File: 1631433853959.jpeg (435.14 KB, 750x901, 9D120878-D2D8-4384-A6FB-17F94D…)

Not female sex work but Jade Jolie from drag race did a Nazi porno nearly ten years ago and got ripped into for it on twitter. While it’s definitely a bad look, it also proves that twitter commies who “support sex workers” haven’t got a fucking clue what actual sex work entails. Do they really think every person on a porn shoot has a say on what they’re filming? I wonder if they support the black sex workers who star in master-slave porn, or the latina sex workers who star in immigrant-ICE agent porn (yes it’s real, yes I hate scrotes more and more every day)? They really think sex work consists of sugar babying and posting hole pics on OF, then turn their noses up when confronted with the real thing.
Basically social justice rhetoric and pro-sex work rhetoric are incompatible and pretty soon they’re going to have to pick one.

No. 205198

it's always ironic as fuck to me when woketards get upset at sex work/sex workers doing something "problematic" like when they bullied august ames to the point of suicide because she didn't want to do a scene with a gay porn star who hadn't been tested. they actually expect everything about porn and the porn industry to be 100% politically correct and cater to their feelings and then get all surprised pikachu when it doesn't. like tf did you expect, dumbass. the cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 205200

This and cannot fucking stand when sex workers have that sense of superiority about being in sex work, like “Well I’m making all this money and you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s.” Because the thing is, burger flipping might be shit, but if your coworker at McDonald’s tries to strangle you and shove their fingers up your ass, you can call the police. Sex workers are at the complete mercy of their directors and “agents” and try to paint themselves as boss bitches. It would be funny if it didn’t lead to women being murdered.

No. 205207

I was shocked when I heard about her suicide and I think it's fucked that people gave her shit for it just because she wanted to protect her health in this case. How are a scrote's feeling more important than someone's health??? Woke my ass.

People usually also don't care about sex workers getting abused and killed because "well uh it comes with the territory", so good luck with trying to find someone who's interested in getting justice for a sex worker.

No. 205209

sage for blogposting, but I'm getting re-pissed about the august ames situation. I just looked up some news articles about it and they are obviously biased. the first tweet she put out did seem homophobic but she clarified herself after that, and none of the articles I saw showed her following tweets, only the first tweet. even her wikipedia page is obviously biased. repzion did a really good video on it though. and even if she was being homophobic, why the fuck would they care anyway? why do you have no problem with all the other corrupt things going on in the porn industry or how porn fetishizes incest, sexualizes minors and degrades women but you draw the line at homophobia? I'm against homophobia obviously but their logic with what they think is acceptable and what isn't makes no fucking sense.

>People usually also don't care about sex workers getting abused and killed because "well uh it comes with the territory"

sad but true, I saw a couple videos on youtube dragging lana rhaodes and mia khalifa for saying they felt pressured into doing things. lana rhoades for example got choked to the point of passing out, had a guy make her vomit into a bowl and then he pissed in it and wanted her to drink it. and these guys are just like "no one made you do that, stop trying to blame everyone else for your bad decisions you whore". meanwhile some of the same men are trying to say that women are "forced" into STEM because the government gives student loan forgiveness or something.

No. 205216

File: 1631450981918.gif (1.1 MB, 540x300, Hilarious.gif)

I cammed and sold nudes when I turned 18 and was still in high school. I regret it. It opens your eyes that the odds of finding a boyfriend who won't be into teen girls years down the line are near zero. It was humiliating and sad.

No. 205217

honestly, every job has negatives and I think that would be a good angle to come from? I think when you approach these topics you need to have 'resources' to make your point clear without coming off as opinionated in a way. Maybe finding articles about it and second-hand opinions from other strippers could help show your concern for her. I hope it goes well

No. 205220

theres normies woke strippers on tiktok that talk about the downsides if she's the type of person to be swayed by those types of people. even the wokes will say it's hard if u dig a little

No. 205238

the resources are everywhere

No. 205246

FSSW has given me terminal brain rot, if you're thinking of doing it just DON'T. SWERFS are right about everything.

No. 205287

Thx for linking the video anon.
JFC reading her following tweets made me even more mad about people bullying her into suicide. She was absolutely right about wanting to protect her body and not risking any STD's. It's sad how soon she killed herself after those tweets too, since she was found dead only two days after first tweeting about it and I wish she would've had the mental strength back then to push through it. Fuck that Wheeler guy in particular. God I hate people.

No. 205354

I have several friends who either were dancers, prostitutes, worked in massage parlours or are still actively caming.

A sad reality is that a lot (if not the majority) of men are ok with other men consuming porn and being John’s but will flip their shit when they learn that their partner engaged in that kind of stuff. A friend of mine always disclosed to her partners about her past, but despite that, one of her past client contacted her out of the blue one day and her partner blew up.

So it’s pretty funny to me that woke libs love pretending it’s women and feminists that shame SW. Men LOVE sex workers but they do not want them as their sibling or partner.
I’d recommend not bothering disclosing if you ever did any kind of sex work in the past.

No. 205389

It's the blatant hypocrisy of wanting to gawk at other women and pretending like it's absolutely fine yet they don't dare to admit that they see it as degrading if their partner or family member did it.

Also sucks that men never bear consequences after having sextapes leaked. It's always women who have to fear for their jobs and reputation once a tape surfaces yet with a man everyone's like "meh,whatever" or "Lol cool shit bro". Blegh.

No. 206474

I used to be a sugar baby. I hate how these young girls are making it seem sex work is amazing and empowering. I was desperate for money. For fuck sake I even lost my virginity from a guy on SA. I started to cut myself before I quit. This messes with your mental health and isn’t a game. Clients were weird and one guy couldn’t even get it up and we didn’t have sex besides him swallowing my tongue for $350 each session. There was this one guy like 43 who was obsessed with me. I was so young and easily manipulated by his words. He would be jealous of my other clients. Idk why I didn’t cut it off. He then started saying he wouldn’t be paying me anymore because he doesn’t see me as a sugar baby anymore but still wanted to hang and have sex. That has happened another time where this guy got obsessive and it’s crazy to think he had two kids. He was divorced though now I know why. I have not told anyone about this. I will never.

No. 206483

The girls who say they're gonna quit their dead-end bar/restaurant job and make big money as a stripper are the same girls who cry in the staff bathroom for 15 minutes because a guest made a pass at them. Sex "work" is more physically, emotionally and mentally demanding than almost any other form of work and the girls it attracts don't have the skills or support system to cope.
I would take 100 years of bra-burning radfem protests than other day of the libfem-coated misogynist bullshit that got us here.

No. 206936

File: 1632578347010.png (354.52 KB, 624x358, 3.png)

A guy from Something Awful?

No. 208753

I’ve worked as an escort, a sugar baby, and a stripper at different points in my life. I used to drink the “it’s empowering” kool-aid pretty hardcore when I was in the thick of it, but now that I’ve moved on to a normal life with a career in my chosen field, I have a much more nuanced view I think.
It’s not the empowering haven of feminism that women on Twitter would have you believe, but it got me out of a really rough patch financially and emotionally. It’s fucked up but I was only able to afford to see a therapist, get on medication, and pay off debts after getting into sex work, even though the work itself can also be damaging mentally speaking so it’s kind of a cyclical problem. I was overall pretty unhappy when I was in the business, but there were some aspects that were enjoyable, and I don’t just mean the money. Every once in a while I felt like I made a genuine connection with a client, and actually felt comfortable with them and looked forward to seeing them again. I never faced any violent or dangerous situations and ironically the only verbally abusive client I ever had was another woman. Even still, I drank a ton on and off the job. I kept all of it a secret from most of my friends and family. And it made having an actual romantic relationship more or less impossible. It was really unhealthy and the more I look back, the more I’m glad I got out when I did.
That said I don’t think these women deserve the seething amounts of hate that get heaped on them from places like this site. Sure some of them can get all uppity and “at least I’m not flipping burgers” about it, but most of them (including the uppity ones) are just people in a lot of pain. And they often were like that long before they got into SW.

No. 208840

This 69 Year Old is in OnlyFans Top 1%

No. 208842

Lol you beat me to it, I was gonna post this but I forgot after I got off work.

Crazy ass world we live in..

No. 208846

File: 1633815770011.png (Spoiler Image, 255.68 KB, 525x362, 5.png)

Damn it.
I refuse to believe men are that desperate.
"Volunteers age 35 and over"…

No. 208850

Seeking Arrangement. It’s a sugar baby site. Ntayrt though.

No. 208855

File: 1633817121934.png (519.6 KB, 634x644, 6.png)

No. 208856

Now I know what to do for when I get older and nobody feels like hiring me.

No. 208858

The comments remind me of what's wrong with our society

No. 208859

I am pretty sure "top 1% OnlyFans creator" is meaningless. I stg every single OF chick I've ever come across says she's in the top 1% on OF. I think it's just that most people will make an account then not end up using it, so anyone who is very active on there is automatically in the top %. It's basically just the "New York Times bestseller" for thots.

No. 208897

This is really sad, everyone says it’s inspiring but it’s the same as those people who pool all their vacation days so someone can get cancer treatment without being fired. Late stage capitalism shit, we need a better social safety net.

No. 208914

the video was really fucking sad and painful to watch. in part of it she breaks down crying talking about her son, says she's doing onlyfans to take care of him, says "I can't die because I need to stay alive and make sure my son is taken care of" or something like that. even though her son must be at least in his 30's, not sure why he can't take care of himself. the only good part was when she was taking care of stray cats.

No. 209811

Has sex work after the metoo incidents improved?

No. 209829

She mentions he's disabled. Seeing the censored pics looks like it's mentally

No. 210026

Idk how I missed that, but yeah that makes sense. that's unfortunate.

No. 210248

File: 1634733523600.jpeg (74.56 KB, 500x561, 6A3EB7A4-7B89-42FC-BF46-DCCD20…)

‘People’ don’t care, police do and they have to which is what is important. I’ve encountered dangerous situations in SW and there’s usually organisations in most developed countries that enable us to report anonymously, send alerts to other working girls and be put in contact with a (usually female) officer who is trained to interact helpfully and sympathetically with SW.

This - and whilst I’ve never shamed a civilian for making pennies, the uppity behaviour comes from them shaming us for selling pussy. It’s not like these women fire off at non-SW for no reason.

Yeah I’m a prostitute and I have no intention to ever disclose this aspect of my past to anyone, and especially not a boyfriend or husband. I’m in a kind of situationship with someone right now who I met doing this work and even though I’m happy with our arrangement, I sometime fantasise about how different it could have been if I’d never whored myself out and if we’d met under different circumstances. As it is, a relationship was never a possibility even though we both like each other a lot.

No. 210262

Why use this disgusting pedo scrote picture. At least spoiler it.

No. 210271

Nah I’m good lmfao

No. 210290

What's funny?

No. 210344

Pedophilia is posting anime pictures(bait)

No. 210386

This isn't 4chan, scrotery isn't welcome.

No. 210479

Neither is minimodding - if your sensibilities are so easily offended then perhaps you shouldn’t be in a sex work thread?

No. 210673

This video broke my heart. I really cried at the end. America really needs better social support… this woman can’t even age and die in peace because of money and her son.

No. 210697

File: 1635018979122.jpg (217.48 KB, 1690x2560, 71n7icFpJBL.jpg)

anyone read this? give tldr pls

No. 211689

Would read if I could get it for free, there's no way I'm paying for that shit. But something tells me this woman thinks she is way more relevant and interesting than she really is.

No. 212819

Prostitutesm sex workers, and massage parlor workers are tax cheats.
Change my mind

No. 212886

Who cares? Most people who receive casb in hand wouldn’t pay their taxes if they could choose not to.

No. 212888

File: 1636556678943.jpeg (395.96 KB, 1000x1000, 9506FECA-35D5-450F-AD2F-0B3C8F…)

In the US, it seems like there’s a shift towards the wholesale decriminalisation of prostitution. Prostitutes are no longer prosecuted in NY, bills are advancing in CA which include the decriminalisation of loitering with intent and seems other states are following with bills being advanced to slowly strip away laws that punish prostitutes. I think it’ll be a pretty big shift, especially if it can be proven that decriminalising prostitution can be done in a way that protects trafficking victims rather than that hurts them.

No. 212898

Are swinger clubs which allow single people at a high entrance fee considerable as places where prostitution occurs?

No. 212910

I think selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime. At the very least it takes the danger of prosecution away from prostitutes and will hopefully mean they won’t need pimps for protection as much in future. Also idk what criminal charges pimps face currently but if it’s anything less than sex trafficking and slavery it’s not enough.

No. 212930

>I think selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime

The problem with that is that it scares away the "good" clients (rich married men) because they don't want to get arrested and have their image tarnished but doesn't scare off the clients who don't care.

No. 212945

nta but that's a good point, are there alternative ideas? i agree with the nordic model but i also has so many holes but it feels like the only safekeeping we have

No. 212959

But why don't the "good" johns worry about that now, when buying is still very much illegal?

No. 212968

I feel like extreme heavy regulation of prostitution would be a good idea but unrealistic

This includes men having to get licenses before purchasing sex proving they aren't married or in a relationship and are not a sex offender.

No. 212971

they probably do in america (with the exception of nevada), but there are countries where it's decriminalized or legal

I actually don't know unfortunately. I think legalization also sounds bad (legalized means it's regulated by the government), decriminalization (meaning it's not illegal but not regulated) might make it safer, but I feel like it would also have a lot of negative consequences

No. 212973

sadly true, so i'd rather have nordic model with some holes in the logic than full on legalization, since i've read horrible shit about places where it is legal like in germany. this is my opinion but i think a lot of sex work in this day stems from economical issues, but we also can't fix the economy overnight either and give everyone a livable wage so they won't have to resort to onlyfans or escorting. maybe i'm just blackpilled lol

No. 212983

>I think legalization also sounds bad (legalized means it's regulated by the government).
I never understood this. Many types of work are regulated by the government (like needing a license etc). The benefits of regulation (helping fight human trafficking and sexual slavery) far outweigh the drawbacks (inconveniencing camgirls)

No. 212991

I live in a country that has this setup, not a poor one either, relatively speaking. Around prostitutes there's a pimp hiding in every cupboard and closet, supposedly. Almost every story online involving prostitution suggests there's at least one criminal hovering around the sex worker, even if she's not clustered in with others and working "from home". Admittedly I don't have a full picture but I'm guessing not being directly harassed by police doesn't mean illicit activity doesn't attract criminals.
I don't see how regulation is le bad compared to just bare bones decriminalization either. No value in pretending society doesn't let it happen pr that being perpetually outraged at something so pervasive serves any meaningful purpose. Prostitution was regulated even in medieval times, prostitutes over here used to fall under the protection of the executioner and his novices (both being considered disreputable professions), which made them pretty safe, because nobody wanted to get lawfully filleted.

I wonder when this make-pretend purism came about… no, wait, I don't. It was the goddamn 19th century and English influence, I can smell the Victorians all over it.

No. 212996

being petite ≠ looking like a child
she is clearly an adult woman

No. 212998

What the fuck, she does not look like a child, she is just petite. She clearly looks like she's in her 20s.

No. 213003

No. 213018

>looks like a child
she has a full ass, is with a grown woman moon face and wears somewhat classy clothing on the video
stop feeding into the smol bean 'uwu i look like loli because im under 5ft7' meme by sperging about garden gnomesses

No. 213025

File: 1636665810058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.74 KB, 1024x682, alice-little-201.jpg)

It's mostly her face and her mannerisms that make her seem like she's trying to look like a child, not so much her being petite.

No. 213027

She even has that child like plumpness? You know what I mean. Disturbing.

No. 213067

>I don't see how regulation is le bad compared to just bare bones decriminalization either
Full legalization like they have in Germany leads to mega-brothels and an increase in prostitution on a large scale. Growth is unchecked and sex trafficking from poor countries goes up.

With decrim (or the nordic model) then there's still disincentive, but it's minor enough to be only a mild nuisance. Obviously it's not perfect, but nothing is

No. 213259

File: 1636907092806.png (827.84 KB, 794x924, Untitled.png)


>Durham University has defended its decision to offer training sessions to help students involved in sex work

>Further Education Minister Michelle Donelan had accused it of "legitimising a dangerous industry which thrives on the exploitation of women"
>But the university said it was acting responsibly by offering students advice on how to stay safe
>Last week its students' union offered staff and students guidance for people involved in the sex industry
>Durham University said the courses were launched following requests "from a small number of concerned students"
>"We are emphatically not seeking to encourage sex work but we are seeking to provide support to our students," a spokesman said
>He added the university's intention was to ensure "social stigma" did not stop vulnerable students accessing support and the training session had been "misinterpreted"

Thoughts? I'm supportive of these sessions and feel that they've been massively misrepresented by the media. Nordic Model proponents once again prove themselves to be actively destructive towards prostitutes and victims of the sex trade by trying to shut down every single outreach or initiative which seeks to help prostitutes that isn't 'zomg get out the industry rn!!! (whether you're able to or ready to or not).

No. 213346

New video

No. 213357

Stop shilling your shitty book, please

No. 213385

Back in 2015 a month or two before I turned 18, I joined a sugar daddy site as a catfish. Stayed on there pretty consistently as different girls (and yes I feel guilty about that) until 2018. You always see that it isn’t possible to get money from the men on these sites without meeting or doing anything sexual but I did. At least I did for about the first year. Being on there for those few years I saw the shifts when coomer culture grew, sites like OnlyFans rose, and e-girls like Belle Delphine became a thing. I went from being able to get hundreds a week passively being on the site presenting as a naive “new to this!” girl to having to sext (never sent out pics or vids though) to get around the same amount to eventually giving up. The biggest shift was at the end; men were always shit obviously but receiving a rude message during a conversation didn’t happen often and receiving a rude first out of the blue message was rare. Suddenly at the beginning of 2018 the amount of men on the site seemed to double but so did the graphic and rude first messages. I had learned during the previous years what really worked in terms of pictures, descriptions, and persona personalities. None of that worked anymore. The men were more aggressive and demanding. It was obvious that getting money sexting, let alone noting, was not going to happen. During lockdown last year I joined again out of curiosity. Was able to get $800 for doing nothing again but once things started opening back up it changed back. The men are still incredibly rude and a lot are very clearly inexperienced 30 years who want to “hang out” and “grab some coffee”…. On a sugar daddy site kek Finding a whale was going to be rare at any time but that shit really isn’t going to happen now. The female profiles aren’t any better as it’s mostly girls just wanting free meals or OF girl’s advertising. I wish I took better advantage of being able to do nothing and get money but seeing these shifts and the true nature of men was valuable.

No. 216758

File: 1639126638945.png (62.11 KB, 929x553, wtf.png)

so this camgirl accidentally shot herself in the vagina, or it went off when she was having sex with a guy, the stories are incosistent. she's okay thankfully but just… god damn why was there a gun anywhere near her genitals. I mean I'm pretty sure I know why, but still


No. 216773

Stupid whore

No. 216776

Stupid degenerate scrotes.

No. 216779

I wonder if the scrote who requested this scene felt bad or if he just coomed harder

No. 216780

He needs to be shot in the dick, an eye for an eye..

No. 216809

Men don't feel bad about anything that happens to women unless you are their property

No. 216881

No. 216964

Disclaimer: I've never done sex work.
While I think this is a good thing to do, ultimately it seems more like a bandaid solution. It's great that the university is putting in resources to help out sex workers, but why should students, who are vulnerable, turn to sex work to pay for tuition and their livelihood? I just checked the uni's site for a term's tuition and it was capped at 9250gbp, around 12k usd; for a more extreme example, around 15k cad. (I'm not British though, so my knowledge of this may very be false). It's a lot of money that most students don't have and not everyone's parents are willing/can help and not everyone can get a student loan. To me, education shouldn't be so prohibitively expensive that students, a large majority women, have to put themselves in vulnerable positions just to study. Why can't schools/governments nationalize education?

No. 217422

File: 1639510088351.png (40.66 KB, 680x514, 13.png)

It is a band-aid solution, just like putting Native Americans in reservations has been a band-aid solution.
They're too lazy, inconclusive, and greedy, to nationalize education.

And as long as there are people who know what was, there will always be people who are unable accept what can be. They will resist.

No. 219979

File: 1640737014646.jpeg (87.63 KB, 750x750, 2671D169-79FD-4721-B472-BF9DEF…)

I got robbed by a client some time ago, over two months, and I still feel so much pain and anger over it lol. He was so fucking rude to me the entire time straight off of the bat, really shifty, aggressive, kept asking bizarre questions and seemed weirdly attentive interested in looking around my hotel room. He kept calling me weird over and over again - and I WAS acting weird because of how fucking uncomfortable he was making me. I’ve been a hooker for some years now and have never had this happen to me.

No. 219980

**attentive and interested

No. 219985

it sucks that he robbed you but at least that's all he did. I hope you're taking measures to protect yourself incase a client does get violent

No. 220228

Where can I learn more about the dark side of legalized sex work in Germany? Anytime I try to research it it’s usually articles and forums of burgers saying how the US should adopt the same model bleh

No. 220231

No. 220486

Get a real job.

No. 220765

A semi-decent idea would probably be regulated massage parlors and beauty salons, where the girls working there have a real and legitimate job as masseuses and hair removal / hair styling etc. but they can (if they so choose) also give and sell sex for extra cash to clients on the spot.
That would be a compromise.

No. 220775

Imagine actually assisting moids in becoming more degenerate coombrains who will eventually abuse and rape women.
You are such a dumb fucking idiot.

No. 220848

File: 1641142384759.jpeg (43.66 KB, 500x375, 3709C122-887A-40C0-9ED2-0BE591…)

Most sex buyers are either completely normal, white-collar types who are single/between relationships/having current relationship issues, or they’re awkward men that would be permavirgins if not for hookers.

This incident was exceptional because it’s so uncommon for this to happen. He was by no means a normal sex buyer, he was fundamentally uninterested in fucking me except as an opportunity to steal from me.

No. 220852

>Most sex buyers are either completely normal,
whatever helps you sleep at night
don't be surprised when one of those "completely normal" guys assaults you

No. 220866

>sex buyers are literal scum

No. 220869

And sex sellers are…?

No. 220872

Also, but add some mental illness into the mix

No. 220895

Sure, you can ice it up however you want, but my point still stands, you are assisting moids in becoming more degenerate coombrains who will eventually abuse and rape women.

And you are a dumb fucking idiot no matter how much you justify your precious white collar dick holders.

No. 221161

>selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime
What's the difference between selling sex and buying sex? It depends on who's asking for it?

No. 221164

Women in whatever circumstance. The main problem are the men who think sex is a right and that they are right to buy it.

No. 221165

>The main problem are the men who think sex is a right and that they are right to buy it.
Let them have the right to jerk off

No. 221170

But anything that has to do with sex become a compromise between the two parties. No compromise has to arise when the two parties are alone and separated, and not interacting.

No. 221174

this will sound like a troll but you will legit have to ban jobs like hard manual labor and retail before you can successfully convince people prostitution ought to be banned because it's too dangerous and demeaning

No. 221175

Okay? They can.

No. 221176

Second this; you find disgust in men since they only go for the youngest girls and will always be attracted to teens even when they potentially have teenage children themselves

No. 221177

It means arresting the Johns but not the prostitutes. It’s the same principle as arresting drug dealers but not charging people who show up to the hospital having a heart attack because they took something illegal. If you charge prostitutes as criminals it’s going to make it that much harder for them to re-enter society and start an honest life. By leaving them alone to get what work they can and only arresting Johns when they’re dumb or violent enough to be a problem, it lets them get what money they can without feeling like there’s a target on their backs. Johns can simply choose not to hire a hooker, but a hooker can’t just wake up one morning and decide she’s not going to be a hooker anymore.

No. 221178

>completely normal
as in married men who do not respect women, yes, normal, misogynists

No. 221179

Prostitution will never be successfully banned. It will just go underground and more dangerous. Like drug trade or something.

No. 221180

selling your body out of desperation shouldn't be criminalised, but CHOOSING to buy someone's body who you know is desperate and would never consent to sex with you unless coerced heavily should definitely be

No. 221181

There are countries with those laws in place. The result is a lot of pimps.

No. 221182

That's just men, and it is how men have always been. There were brothels in ancients times and there will be in the future too. Men are just an embarrassment to our species. In Korea, a study said HALF of the men had purchased sex.

No. 221186

I legit have a close friend of mine who cheated on his gf with a prostitute. And she even looked like his gf… just, why?
I am so deeply sadenned that women justify this activity and give men the pleasure of sexual gratification. Women really need to love themselves more, men are NOT worth it.

No. 221188

Where do you draw the line though?
Seriously. There are those things, massage centres, where women work as masseuses, and some of them apparently get naked and offer some sexual activities to the clients.
And I'm not talking about foreign women working in those centres, but local women as well.
Is it any different from, say, a dude taking a girl out for dinner, then she decides to do the deed because she likes him?

No. 221189

That's so pathetic, poor girl. Men really are not worth it. I knew a guy who paid some poor tranny to fuck him despite him being able to easily to have sex with his fwb or something. This same guy was also getting married to his promised virgin wife and offered me that we still could fuck while he got married because that's how much he respected her. I was shocked. And I don't think this is some exceptional case.

No. 221191

File: 1641290889865.png (105.49 KB, 884x753, prec.png)

>muh korea
Korea is mostly Konfusian, so ofc
>muh men
D'uh, for there to even be prostitution there has to be some kind of overarching imbalance

No. 221192

>Is it any different from, say, a dude taking a girl out for dinner, then she decides to do the deed because she likes him?
Yes? That's just courting someone. That's like saying a person makes a personalized doll to give you one because they like you is the same as them making copies of the exact doll to sell them for money. Not the best analogy, but I can't understand how you think the two scenarios are similar.

No. 221193

Taking from someone by coercing them to having sexual or fake romantic interest in you is hardly the same as a date? Have you been that brainwashed nonita?

No. 221194

What's the point of this? You don't disagree with me and I don't disagree with you.

No. 221196

you're very deterministic

No. 221201

I guess you are right. It's probably how my brain copes.

No. 221211

>coercing them
They usually talk and ask… and, is it really a romantic thing to be taken out by a guy, he pays a nice dinner, then out of "I have to pay him back somehow" you end up in his bed?

No. 221227

>is it really a romantic thing to be taken out by a guy, he pays a nice dinner, then out of "I have to pay him back somehow" you end up in his bed?
no, but that's why nobody with a shred of dignity thinks like this
if a guy offers to pay then that's on him and if you sleep with him that early on you've either been groomed from a young age to do so or you have absolutely zero self-esteem and let men walk all over you

No. 221236

It depends: either money enters the equation, or other things enters the equation, when making decisions to have sex. When money enters the equation it's usually called prostitution (and therefore even models on OnlyFans can be called prostitutes).
And what happens when some 50 year old actor loaded with cash is with a 20 year old girl? Just because he's an actor that's somehow ok…

Whether money, social stuff, or beauty/attractiveness/quirkiness, something must click in order for the sexual connection to happen.

And if you do decide to have sex with a guy, and he accepts, then you're going to be picked by him… therefore you become a pickme as you have done things in order to be selected by him

No. 221244

>And what happens when some 50 year old actor loaded with cash is with a 20 year old girl? Just because he's an actor that's somehow ok
only creepy groomer moids and pickmes think so
>Whether money, social stuff, or beauty/attractiveness/quirkiness, something must click in order for the sexual connection to happen
no, infatuation and sexual connection are not mutually inclusive and people have sex without actually being attracted to someone all the time, which has nothing to do with love or relationships
>And if you do decide to have sex with a guy, and he accepts, then you're going to be picked by him… therefore you become a pickme as you have done things in order to be selected by him
that's not how it works and you're putting an awful lot of effort into your mental gymnastics to justify being a whore to yourself

No. 221248

if you see sex after a date as "paying back" your brain has been so fried by sw that you are unable to see any human interaction as anything but transactional

No. 221361

Girlie, if you are genuinely thinking this way then I am concerned for you. My boyfriend didn't buy me food so he could stick his dick in me, I never paid for girls' meals with the intention of getting something sexual from it. You talk like a scrote

No. 224936

File: 1642632084726.jpg (59.15 KB, 732x368, 78452.jpg)

No. 224938

File: 1642632714617.jpg (111.72 KB, 540x718, 20220119_165124.jpg)

I'm an entitled rich bourgeoisie bc I dont agree with making prostitution legal

No. 224939

File: 1642633219386.jpg (25.3 KB, 330x495, Rhea_Perlman.jpg)

As much as i hate these tweets i really think they make sense with the kind of people that get into sex work, they victimize themselves so fUCKING MUCH and talk about how everyone hates them and doesn't respect them, the risk and effort that goes in taking pictures and a second later they're bragging about how "lol i don't do shit and get a lot of money" to keep shitting on people who they deem inferior because they clean a bathroom or cook some fast food

No. 224946

I mean criminalising prostitution within the economic system that forces people into it just makes these women even more vulnerable to abuse.

No. 224948

But acting like taking a stance on sexwork like Germany took is an end be all to the situation is an incredibly naive way of thinking

No. 224968

I feel like the point of the post is that she would rather do sex acts for money than work in a degrading job for less money like McDonald's. I don't see how that's self-victimising, it's more of a point that many low-wage jobs are inherently demoralizing for the pay they give you.

No. 224980

Just realized the tweet is a response to something but anon posted it without context, even if that's what they meant there's better ways of expressing you're against explotaitive jobs.
Also i din't say it was self-victimising i think you need to re-read my post

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