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File: 1630046613822.png (55.56 KB, 936x589, wKLCIhV.png)

No. 203317

Share any experiences or thoughts on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically?

Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

Should sex work be legal and regulated? What do you think about Onlyfans and the recent ban reversal on it, etc.

Previous thread >>90992

No. 203320

File: 1630047721468.png (322.16 KB, 834x1156, SqUZWlY.png)

OP here, and I've considered myself anti-SW for a while, especially due to the prevalence of violent pornography, and its effects on our youth. I thought the Children of Pornhub article was a really good mark in raising awareness of Pornhub's indifference to illegal content.

https://web.archive.org/web/20210826184601/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/04/opinion/sunday/pornhub-rape-trafficking.html (article if you haven't read it)

Due to recent events regarding the (reversed) ban of pornographic content on OnlyFans, I remembered Laila Mickelwait's Twitter account and how she seemed to be good at disseminating information about the worst issues with certain platform. I knew Laila was a Mormon or some other kind of fundamentalist pro-life Christian, but I thought her platform was great at raising awareness.

Turns out that recently, she has come under fire for posting uncensored videos of victims being assaulted. As a result, Rose Kalemba (the then 14-year old who had her rape recorded and posted on Pornhub, which was only removed when she emailed them pretending to be a lawyer) and other trafficking victims have distanced themselves from her. You can read her lengthy blog article corroborating this here: https://www.rosekalemba.com/blog/dg05qroc6c9s3m7f1g2m7duv5kaojp

Unfortunately, I'm not terribly surprised by this but it'll definitely help discredit people who are anti-porn/SW/trafficking. It does however make me slightly more accepting of OnlyFans if they have appropriate verification measures in place.

No. 203321

Hold on, she was posting screencaps of the victims videos?? That’s so retarded beyond belief that I have to ask to be sure.

No. 203322

File: 1630049684341.png (105.7 KB, 816x652, r5lfTSE.png)

Yep! Some people on Twitter said that she's done this a few times in the past, but this is the first I've ever heard of it.

No. 203324

File: 1630052895972.jpg (35.76 KB, 1817x92, wut.jpg)

From the last thread

>200kg 40 year old slob

I just think it's funny how half of the last thread was camgirls complaining about swerfs being evil and how we're jealous or something when they often talk about each other worse than we do.

No. 203693

my ex became a sex worker while we were together and not only did it wreck her confidence and made her drop out of college her senior year but it completely destroyed our relationship. She moved in with her "Daddy" (who called himself cannabis Jesus) because I wouldn't let her move into my single dorm room with me. Nothing good came from her making that decision.

No. 203696

I'm the anon that posted that and I'm a SWERF and a victim of CSA, grooming and literal sex trafficking. I was just trying to convince girls wanting to do it not to, it's not a good idea. Working in a field with no objective means to success is very frustrating. Just imagine selling the same product as Momokun while you take care of yourself and are nice looking and you make no money while she's a millionaire. Entering a "work" field where scrotes dictate your income and value is not a very smart idea since as proven countless times they are not very rational beings.

No. 203747

I almost became a stripper when my parents kicked me out, glad I didn’t because I would hate myself even more than I did at the time. I would have sex with guys who were “too embarrassed to date me” so my dumb, easy ass would’ve probably sucked a random customer off.

No. 203790

sorry you went through that but it's weird that you would attack older women when the vast majority of successful onlyfans creators are young. the biggest onlyfans creators either pedobait (belle delphine) have extremely fake plastic bodies (blac chyna) or had a very large fanbase before creating an onlyfans (cardi b and bella thorne) or a combination of those. I've never followed momokun but I was under the impression that she was already somewhat known before she started sex "work" and a lot of people probably bought her onlyfans because of controversy. there is no objective means to success but it's largely marketing, you have to pimp yourself out on social media 10+ hours a day basically.

No. 204974

Documentary about prostitution in Japan

No. 205180

girlies help, my nearly khv -friend is convinced that she could make it as a stripper and keeps talking about it to me, with "no negatives". how do i tell her nicely, that she seems very naive about sex work?

No. 205183

Just look up trauma stories to show her. There is no short supply.

No. 205194

The highest paid prostitute at the bunny ranch looks like a child and goes by "Alice Little". Why am I not shocked.

No. 205196

File: 1631433853959.jpeg (435.14 KB, 750x901, 9D120878-D2D8-4384-A6FB-17F94D…)

Not female sex work but Jade Jolie from drag race did a Nazi porno nearly ten years ago and got ripped into for it on twitter. While it’s definitely a bad look, it also proves that twitter commies who “support sex workers” haven’t got a fucking clue what actual sex work entails. Do they really think every person on a porn shoot has a say on what they’re filming? I wonder if they support the black sex workers who star in master-slave porn, or the latina sex workers who star in immigrant-ICE agent porn (yes it’s real, yes I hate scrotes more and more every day)? They really think sex work consists of sugar babying and posting hole pics on OF, then turn their noses up when confronted with the real thing.
Basically social justice rhetoric and pro-sex work rhetoric are incompatible and pretty soon they’re going to have to pick one.

No. 205198

it's always ironic as fuck to me when woketards get upset at sex work/sex workers doing something "problematic" like when they bullied august ames to the point of suicide because she didn't want to do a scene with a gay porn star who hadn't been tested. they actually expect everything about porn and the porn industry to be 100% politically correct and cater to their feelings and then get all surprised pikachu when it doesn't. like tf did you expect, dumbass. the cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 205200

This and cannot fucking stand when sex workers have that sense of superiority about being in sex work, like “Well I’m making all this money and you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s.” Because the thing is, burger flipping might be shit, but if your coworker at McDonald’s tries to strangle you and shove their fingers up your ass, you can call the police. Sex workers are at the complete mercy of their directors and “agents” and try to paint themselves as boss bitches. It would be funny if it didn’t lead to women being murdered.

No. 205207

I was shocked when I heard about her suicide and I think it's fucked that people gave her shit for it just because she wanted to protect her health in this case. How are a scrote's feeling more important than someone's health??? Woke my ass.

People usually also don't care about sex workers getting abused and killed because "well uh it comes with the territory", so good luck with trying to find someone who's interested in getting justice for a sex worker.

No. 205209

sage for blogposting, but I'm getting re-pissed about the august ames situation. I just looked up some news articles about it and they are obviously biased. the first tweet she put out did seem homophobic but she clarified herself after that, and none of the articles I saw showed her following tweets, only the first tweet. even her wikipedia page is obviously biased. repzion did a really good video on it though. and even if she was being homophobic, why the fuck would they care anyway? why do you have no problem with all the other corrupt things going on in the porn industry or how porn fetishizes incest, sexualizes minors and degrades women but you draw the line at homophobia? I'm against homophobia obviously but their logic with what they think is acceptable and what isn't makes no fucking sense.

>People usually also don't care about sex workers getting abused and killed because "well uh it comes with the territory"

sad but true, I saw a couple videos on youtube dragging lana rhaodes and mia khalifa for saying they felt pressured into doing things. lana rhoades for example got choked to the point of passing out, had a guy make her vomit into a bowl and then he pissed in it and wanted her to drink it. and these guys are just like "no one made you do that, stop trying to blame everyone else for your bad decisions you whore". meanwhile some of the same men are trying to say that women are "forced" into STEM because the government gives student loan forgiveness or something.

No. 205216

File: 1631450981918.gif (1.1 MB, 540x300, Hilarious.gif)

I cammed and sold nudes when I turned 18 and was still in high school. I regret it. It opens your eyes that the odds of finding a boyfriend who won't be into teen girls years down the line are near zero. It was humiliating and sad.

No. 205217

honestly, every job has negatives and I think that would be a good angle to come from? I think when you approach these topics you need to have 'resources' to make your point clear without coming off as opinionated in a way. Maybe finding articles about it and second-hand opinions from other strippers could help show your concern for her. I hope it goes well

No. 205220

theres normies woke strippers on tiktok that talk about the downsides if she's the type of person to be swayed by those types of people. even the wokes will say it's hard if u dig a little

No. 205238

the resources are everywhere

No. 205246

FSSW has given me terminal brain rot, if you're thinking of doing it just DON'T. SWERFS are right about everything.

No. 205287

Thx for linking the video anon.
JFC reading her following tweets made me even more mad about people bullying her into suicide. She was absolutely right about wanting to protect her body and not risking any STD's. It's sad how soon she killed herself after those tweets too, since she was found dead only two days after first tweeting about it and I wish she would've had the mental strength back then to push through it. Fuck that Wheeler guy in particular. God I hate people.

No. 205354

I have several friends who either were dancers, prostitutes, worked in massage parlours or are still actively caming.

A sad reality is that a lot (if not the majority) of men are ok with other men consuming porn and being John’s but will flip their shit when they learn that their partner engaged in that kind of stuff. A friend of mine always disclosed to her partners about her past, but despite that, one of her past client contacted her out of the blue one day and her partner blew up.

So it’s pretty funny to me that woke libs love pretending it’s women and feminists that shame SW. Men LOVE sex workers but they do not want them as their sibling or partner.
I’d recommend not bothering disclosing if you ever did any kind of sex work in the past.

No. 205389

It's the blatant hypocrisy of wanting to gawk at other women and pretending like it's absolutely fine yet they don't dare to admit that they see it as degrading if their partner or family member did it.

Also sucks that men never bear consequences after having sextapes leaked. It's always women who have to fear for their jobs and reputation once a tape surfaces yet with a man everyone's like "meh,whatever" or "Lol cool shit bro". Blegh.

No. 206474

I used to be a sugar baby. I hate how these young girls are making it seem sex work is amazing and empowering. I was desperate for money. For fuck sake I even lost my virginity from a guy on SA. I started to cut myself before I quit. This messes with your mental health and isn’t a game. Clients were weird and one guy couldn’t even get it up and we didn’t have sex besides him swallowing my tongue for $350 each session. There was this one guy like 43 who was obsessed with me. I was so young and easily manipulated by his words. He would be jealous of my other clients. Idk why I didn’t cut it off. He then started saying he wouldn’t be paying me anymore because he doesn’t see me as a sugar baby anymore but still wanted to hang and have sex. That has happened another time where this guy got obsessive and it’s crazy to think he had two kids. He was divorced though now I know why. I have not told anyone about this. I will never.

No. 206483

The girls who say they're gonna quit their dead-end bar/restaurant job and make big money as a stripper are the same girls who cry in the staff bathroom for 15 minutes because a guest made a pass at them. Sex "work" is more physically, emotionally and mentally demanding than almost any other form of work and the girls it attracts don't have the skills or support system to cope.
I would take 100 years of bra-burning radfem protests than other day of the libfem-coated misogynist bullshit that got us here.

No. 206936

File: 1632578347010.png (354.52 KB, 624x358, 3.png)

A guy from Something Awful?

No. 208753

I’ve worked as an escort, a sugar baby, and a stripper at different points in my life. I used to drink the “it’s empowering” kool-aid pretty hardcore when I was in the thick of it, but now that I’ve moved on to a normal life with a career in my chosen field, I have a much more nuanced view I think.
It’s not the empowering haven of feminism that women on Twitter would have you believe, but it got me out of a really rough patch financially and emotionally. It’s fucked up but I was only able to afford to see a therapist, get on medication, and pay off debts after getting into sex work, even though the work itself can also be damaging mentally speaking so it’s kind of a cyclical problem. I was overall pretty unhappy when I was in the business, but there were some aspects that were enjoyable, and I don’t just mean the money. Every once in a while I felt like I made a genuine connection with a client, and actually felt comfortable with them and looked forward to seeing them again. I never faced any violent or dangerous situations and ironically the only verbally abusive client I ever had was another woman. Even still, I drank a ton on and off the job. I kept all of it a secret from most of my friends and family. And it made having an actual romantic relationship more or less impossible. It was really unhealthy and the more I look back, the more I’m glad I got out when I did.
That said I don’t think these women deserve the seething amounts of hate that get heaped on them from places like this site. Sure some of them can get all uppity and “at least I’m not flipping burgers” about it, but most of them (including the uppity ones) are just people in a lot of pain. And they often were like that long before they got into SW.

No. 208840

This 69 Year Old is in OnlyFans Top 1%

No. 208842

Lol you beat me to it, I was gonna post this but I forgot after I got off work.

Crazy ass world we live in..

No. 208846

File: 1633815770011.png (Spoiler Image,255.68 KB, 525x362, 5.png)

Damn it.
I refuse to believe men are that desperate.
"Volunteers age 35 and over"…

No. 208850

Seeking Arrangement. It’s a sugar baby site. Ntayrt though.

No. 208855

File: 1633817121934.png (519.6 KB, 634x644, 6.png)

No. 208856

Now I know what to do for when I get older and nobody feels like hiring me.

No. 208858

The comments remind me of what's wrong with our society

No. 208859

I am pretty sure "top 1% OnlyFans creator" is meaningless. I stg every single OF chick I've ever come across says she's in the top 1% on OF. I think it's just that most people will make an account then not end up using it, so anyone who is very active on there is automatically in the top %. It's basically just the "New York Times bestseller" for thots.

No. 208897

This is really sad, everyone says it’s inspiring but it’s the same as those people who pool all their vacation days so someone can get cancer treatment without being fired. Late stage capitalism shit, we need a better social safety net.

No. 208914

the video was really fucking sad and painful to watch. in part of it she breaks down crying talking about her son, says she's doing onlyfans to take care of him, says "I can't die because I need to stay alive and make sure my son is taken care of" or something like that. even though her son must be at least in his 30's, not sure why he can't take care of himself. the only good part was when she was taking care of stray cats.

No. 209811

Has sex work after the metoo incidents improved?

No. 209829

She mentions he's disabled. Seeing the censored pics looks like it's mentally

No. 210026

Idk how I missed that, but yeah that makes sense. that's unfortunate.

No. 210248

File: 1634733523600.jpeg (74.56 KB, 500x561, 6A3EB7A4-7B89-42FC-BF46-DCCD20…)

‘People’ don’t care, police do and they have to which is what is important. I’ve encountered dangerous situations in SW and there’s usually organisations in most developed countries that enable us to report anonymously, send alerts to other working girls and be put in contact with a (usually female) officer who is trained to interact helpfully and sympathetically with SW.

This - and whilst I’ve never shamed a civilian for making pennies, the uppity behaviour comes from them shaming us for selling pussy. It’s not like these women fire off at non-SW for no reason.

Yeah I’m a prostitute and I have no intention to ever disclose this aspect of my past to anyone, and especially not a boyfriend or husband. I’m in a kind of situationship with someone right now who I met doing this work and even though I’m happy with our arrangement, I sometime fantasise about how different it could have been if I’d never whored myself out and if we’d met under different circumstances. As it is, a relationship was never a possibility even though we both like each other a lot.

No. 210262

Why use this disgusting pedo scrote picture. At least spoiler it.

No. 210271

Nah I’m good lmfao

No. 210290

What's funny?

No. 210344

Pedophilia is posting anime pictures(bait)

No. 210386

This isn't 4chan, scrotery isn't welcome.

No. 210479

Neither is minimodding - if your sensibilities are so easily offended then perhaps you shouldn’t be in a sex work thread?

No. 210673

This video broke my heart. I really cried at the end. America really needs better social support… this woman can’t even age and die in peace because of money and her son.

No. 210697

File: 1635018979122.jpg (217.48 KB, 1690x2560, 71n7icFpJBL.jpg)

anyone read this? give tldr pls

No. 211689

Would read if I could get it for free, there's no way I'm paying for that shit. But something tells me this woman thinks she is way more relevant and interesting than she really is.

No. 212819

Prostitutesm sex workers, and massage parlor workers are tax cheats.
Change my mind

No. 212886

Who cares? Most people who receive casb in hand wouldn’t pay their taxes if they could choose not to.

No. 212888

File: 1636556678943.jpeg (395.96 KB, 1000x1000, 9506FECA-35D5-450F-AD2F-0B3C8F…)

In the US, it seems like there’s a shift towards the wholesale decriminalisation of prostitution. Prostitutes are no longer prosecuted in NY, bills are advancing in CA which include the decriminalisation of loitering with intent and seems other states are following with bills being advanced to slowly strip away laws that punish prostitutes. I think it’ll be a pretty big shift, especially if it can be proven that decriminalising prostitution can be done in a way that protects trafficking victims rather than that hurts them.

No. 212898

Are swinger clubs which allow single people at a high entrance fee considerable as places where prostitution occurs?

No. 212910

I think selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime. At the very least it takes the danger of prosecution away from prostitutes and will hopefully mean they won’t need pimps for protection as much in future. Also idk what criminal charges pimps face currently but if it’s anything less than sex trafficking and slavery it’s not enough.

No. 212930

>I think selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime

The problem with that is that it scares away the "good" clients (rich married men) because they don't want to get arrested and have their image tarnished but doesn't scare off the clients who don't care.

No. 212945

nta but that's a good point, are there alternative ideas? i agree with the nordic model but i also has so many holes but it feels like the only safekeeping we have

No. 212959

But why don't the "good" johns worry about that now, when buying is still very much illegal?

No. 212968

I feel like extreme heavy regulation of prostitution would be a good idea but unrealistic

This includes men having to get licenses before purchasing sex proving they aren't married or in a relationship and are not a sex offender.

No. 212971

they probably do in america (with the exception of nevada), but there are countries where it's decriminalized or legal

I actually don't know unfortunately. I think legalization also sounds bad (legalized means it's regulated by the government), decriminalization (meaning it's not illegal but not regulated) might make it safer, but I feel like it would also have a lot of negative consequences

No. 212973

sadly true, so i'd rather have nordic model with some holes in the logic than full on legalization, since i've read horrible shit about places where it is legal like in germany. this is my opinion but i think a lot of sex work in this day stems from economical issues, but we also can't fix the economy overnight either and give everyone a livable wage so they won't have to resort to onlyfans or escorting. maybe i'm just blackpilled lol

No. 212983

>I think legalization also sounds bad (legalized means it's regulated by the government).
I never understood this. Many types of work are regulated by the government (like needing a license etc). The benefits of regulation (helping fight human trafficking and sexual slavery) far outweigh the drawbacks (inconveniencing camgirls)

No. 212991

I live in a country that has this setup, not a poor one either, relatively speaking. Around prostitutes there's a pimp hiding in every cupboard and closet, supposedly. Almost every story online involving prostitution suggests there's at least one criminal hovering around the sex worker, even if she's not clustered in with others and working "from home". Admittedly I don't have a full picture but I'm guessing not being directly harassed by police doesn't mean illicit activity doesn't attract criminals.
I don't see how regulation is le bad compared to just bare bones decriminalization either. No value in pretending society doesn't let it happen pr that being perpetually outraged at something so pervasive serves any meaningful purpose. Prostitution was regulated even in medieval times, prostitutes over here used to fall under the protection of the executioner and his novices (both being considered disreputable professions), which made them pretty safe, because nobody wanted to get lawfully filleted.

I wonder when this make-pretend purism came about… no, wait, I don't. It was the goddamn 19th century and English influence, I can smell the Victorians all over it.

No. 212996

being petite ≠ looking like a child
she is clearly an adult woman

No. 212998

What the fuck, she does not look like a child, she is just petite. She clearly looks like she's in her 20s.

No. 213003

No. 213018

>looks like a child
she has a full ass, is with a grown woman moon face and wears somewhat classy clothing on the video
stop feeding into the smol bean 'uwu i look like loli because im under 5ft7' meme by sperging about garden gnomesses

No. 213025

File: 1636665810058.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.74 KB, 1024x682, alice-little-201.jpg)

It's mostly her face and her mannerisms that make her seem like she's trying to look like a child, not so much her being petite.

No. 213027

She even has that child like plumpness? You know what I mean. Disturbing.

No. 213067

>I don't see how regulation is le bad compared to just bare bones decriminalization either
Full legalization like they have in Germany leads to mega-brothels and an increase in prostitution on a large scale. Growth is unchecked and sex trafficking from poor countries goes up.

With decrim (or the nordic model) then there's still disincentive, but it's minor enough to be only a mild nuisance. Obviously it's not perfect, but nothing is

No. 213259

File: 1636907092806.png (827.84 KB, 794x924, Untitled.png)


>Durham University has defended its decision to offer training sessions to help students involved in sex work

>Further Education Minister Michelle Donelan had accused it of "legitimising a dangerous industry which thrives on the exploitation of women"
>But the university said it was acting responsibly by offering students advice on how to stay safe
>Last week its students' union offered staff and students guidance for people involved in the sex industry
>Durham University said the courses were launched following requests "from a small number of concerned students"
>"We are emphatically not seeking to encourage sex work but we are seeking to provide support to our students," a spokesman said
>He added the university's intention was to ensure "social stigma" did not stop vulnerable students accessing support and the training session had been "misinterpreted"

Thoughts? I'm supportive of these sessions and feel that they've been massively misrepresented by the media. Nordic Model proponents once again prove themselves to be actively destructive towards prostitutes and victims of the sex trade by trying to shut down every single outreach or initiative which seeks to help prostitutes that isn't 'zomg get out the industry rn!!! (whether you're able to or ready to or not).

No. 213346

New video

No. 213357

Stop shilling your shitty book, please

No. 213385

Back in 2015 a month or two before I turned 18, I joined a sugar daddy site as a catfish. Stayed on there pretty consistently as different girls (and yes I feel guilty about that) until 2018. You always see that it isn’t possible to get money from the men on these sites without meeting or doing anything sexual but I did. At least I did for about the first year. Being on there for those few years I saw the shifts when coomer culture grew, sites like OnlyFans rose, and e-girls like Belle Delphine became a thing. I went from being able to get hundreds a week passively being on the site presenting as a naive “new to this!” girl to having to sext (never sent out pics or vids though) to get around the same amount to eventually giving up. The biggest shift was at the end; men were always shit obviously but receiving a rude message during a conversation didn’t happen often and receiving a rude first out of the blue message was rare. Suddenly at the beginning of 2018 the amount of men on the site seemed to double but so did the graphic and rude first messages. I had learned during the previous years what really worked in terms of pictures, descriptions, and persona personalities. None of that worked anymore. The men were more aggressive and demanding. It was obvious that getting money sexting, let alone noting, was not going to happen. During lockdown last year I joined again out of curiosity. Was able to get $800 for doing nothing again but once things started opening back up it changed back. The men are still incredibly rude and a lot are very clearly inexperienced 30 years who want to “hang out” and “grab some coffee”…. On a sugar daddy site kek Finding a whale was going to be rare at any time but that shit really isn’t going to happen now. The female profiles aren’t any better as it’s mostly girls just wanting free meals or OF girl’s advertising. I wish I took better advantage of being able to do nothing and get money but seeing these shifts and the true nature of men was valuable.

No. 216758

File: 1639126638945.png (62.11 KB, 929x553, wtf.png)

so this camgirl accidentally shot herself in the vagina, or it went off when she was having sex with a guy, the stories are incosistent. she's okay thankfully but just… god damn why was there a gun anywhere near her genitals. I mean I'm pretty sure I know why, but still


No. 216773

Stupid whore

No. 216776

Stupid degenerate scrotes.

No. 216779

I wonder if the scrote who requested this scene felt bad or if he just coomed harder

No. 216780

He needs to be shot in the dick, an eye for an eye..

No. 216809

Men don't feel bad about anything that happens to women unless you are their property

No. 216881

No. 216964

Disclaimer: I've never done sex work.
While I think this is a good thing to do, ultimately it seems more like a bandaid solution. It's great that the university is putting in resources to help out sex workers, but why should students, who are vulnerable, turn to sex work to pay for tuition and their livelihood? I just checked the uni's site for a term's tuition and it was capped at 9250gbp, around 12k usd; for a more extreme example, around 15k cad. (I'm not British though, so my knowledge of this may very be false). It's a lot of money that most students don't have and not everyone's parents are willing/can help and not everyone can get a student loan. To me, education shouldn't be so prohibitively expensive that students, a large majority women, have to put themselves in vulnerable positions just to study. Why can't schools/governments nationalize education?

No. 217422

File: 1639510088351.png (40.66 KB, 680x514, 13.png)

It is a band-aid solution, just like putting Native Americans in reservations has been a band-aid solution.
They're too lazy, inconclusive, and greedy, to nationalize education.

And as long as there are people who know what was, there will always be people who are unable accept what can be. They will resist.

No. 219979

File: 1640737014646.jpeg (87.63 KB, 750x750, 2671D169-79FD-4721-B472-BF9DEF…)

I got robbed by a client some time ago, over two months, and I still feel so much pain and anger over it lol. He was so fucking rude to me the entire time straight off of the bat, really shifty, aggressive, kept asking bizarre questions and seemed weirdly attentive interested in looking around my hotel room. He kept calling me weird over and over again - and I WAS acting weird because of how fucking uncomfortable he was making me. I’ve been a hooker for some years now and have never had this happen to me.

No. 219980

**attentive and interested

No. 219985

it sucks that he robbed you but at least that's all he did. I hope you're taking measures to protect yourself incase a client does get violent

No. 220228

Where can I learn more about the dark side of legalized sex work in Germany? Anytime I try to research it it’s usually articles and forums of burgers saying how the US should adopt the same model bleh

No. 220231

No. 220486

Get a real job.

No. 220765

A semi-decent idea would probably be regulated massage parlors and beauty salons, where the girls working there have a real and legitimate job as masseuses and hair removal / hair styling etc. but they can (if they so choose) also give and sell sex for extra cash to clients on the spot.
That would be a compromise.

No. 220775

Imagine actually assisting moids in becoming more degenerate coombrains who will eventually abuse and rape women.
You are such a dumb fucking idiot.

No. 220848

File: 1641142384759.jpeg (43.66 KB, 500x375, 3709C122-887A-40C0-9ED2-0BE591…)

Most sex buyers are either completely normal, white-collar types who are single/between relationships/having current relationship issues, or they’re awkward men that would be permavirgins if not for hookers.

This incident was exceptional because it’s so uncommon for this to happen. He was by no means a normal sex buyer, he was fundamentally uninterested in fucking me except as an opportunity to steal from me.

No. 220852

>Most sex buyers are either completely normal,
whatever helps you sleep at night
don't be surprised when one of those "completely normal" guys assaults you

No. 220866

>sex buyers are literal scum

No. 220869

And sex sellers are…?

No. 220872

Also, but add some mental illness into the mix

No. 220895

Sure, you can ice it up however you want, but my point still stands, you are assisting moids in becoming more degenerate coombrains who will eventually abuse and rape women.

And you are a dumb fucking idiot no matter how much you justify your precious white collar dick holders.

No. 221161

>selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime
What's the difference between selling sex and buying sex? It depends on who's asking for it?

No. 221164

Women in whatever circumstance. The main problem are the men who think sex is a right and that they are right to buy it.

No. 221165

>The main problem are the men who think sex is a right and that they are right to buy it.
Let them have the right to jerk off

No. 221170

But anything that has to do with sex become a compromise between the two parties. No compromise has to arise when the two parties are alone and separated, and not interacting.

No. 221174

this will sound like a troll but you will legit have to ban jobs like hard manual labor and retail before you can successfully convince people prostitution ought to be banned because it's too dangerous and demeaning

No. 221175

Okay? They can.

No. 221176

Second this; you find disgust in men since they only go for the youngest girls and will always be attracted to teens even when they potentially have teenage children themselves

No. 221177

It means arresting the Johns but not the prostitutes. It’s the same principle as arresting drug dealers but not charging people who show up to the hospital having a heart attack because they took something illegal. If you charge prostitutes as criminals it’s going to make it that much harder for them to re-enter society and start an honest life. By leaving them alone to get what work they can and only arresting Johns when they’re dumb or violent enough to be a problem, it lets them get what money they can without feeling like there’s a target on their backs. Johns can simply choose not to hire a hooker, but a hooker can’t just wake up one morning and decide she’s not going to be a hooker anymore.

No. 221178

>completely normal
as in married men who do not respect women, yes, normal, misogynists

No. 221179

Prostitution will never be successfully banned. It will just go underground and more dangerous. Like drug trade or something.

No. 221180

selling your body out of desperation shouldn't be criminalised, but CHOOSING to buy someone's body who you know is desperate and would never consent to sex with you unless coerced heavily should definitely be

No. 221181

There are countries with those laws in place. The result is a lot of pimps.

No. 221182

That's just men, and it is how men have always been. There were brothels in ancients times and there will be in the future too. Men are just an embarrassment to our species. In Korea, a study said HALF of the men had purchased sex.

No. 221186

I legit have a close friend of mine who cheated on his gf with a prostitute. And she even looked like his gf… just, why?
I am so deeply sadenned that women justify this activity and give men the pleasure of sexual gratification. Women really need to love themselves more, men are NOT worth it.

No. 221188

Where do you draw the line though?
Seriously. There are those things, massage centres, where women work as masseuses, and some of them apparently get naked and offer some sexual activities to the clients.
And I'm not talking about foreign women working in those centres, but local women as well.
Is it any different from, say, a dude taking a girl out for dinner, then she decides to do the deed because she likes him?

No. 221189

That's so pathetic, poor girl. Men really are not worth it. I knew a guy who paid some poor tranny to fuck him despite him being able to easily to have sex with his fwb or something. This same guy was also getting married to his promised virgin wife and offered me that we still could fuck while he got married because that's how much he respected her. I was shocked. And I don't think this is some exceptional case.

No. 221191

File: 1641290889865.png (105.49 KB, 884x753, prec.png)

>muh korea
Korea is mostly Konfusian, so ofc
>muh men
D'uh, for there to even be prostitution there has to be some kind of overarching imbalance

No. 221192

>Is it any different from, say, a dude taking a girl out for dinner, then she decides to do the deed because she likes him?
Yes? That's just courting someone. That's like saying a person makes a personalized doll to give you one because they like you is the same as them making copies of the exact doll to sell them for money. Not the best analogy, but I can't understand how you think the two scenarios are similar.

No. 221193

Taking from someone by coercing them to having sexual or fake romantic interest in you is hardly the same as a date? Have you been that brainwashed nonita?

No. 221194

What's the point of this? You don't disagree with me and I don't disagree with you.

No. 221196

you're very deterministic

No. 221201

I guess you are right. It's probably how my brain copes.

No. 221211

>coercing them
They usually talk and ask… and, is it really a romantic thing to be taken out by a guy, he pays a nice dinner, then out of "I have to pay him back somehow" you end up in his bed?

No. 221227

>is it really a romantic thing to be taken out by a guy, he pays a nice dinner, then out of "I have to pay him back somehow" you end up in his bed?
no, but that's why nobody with a shred of dignity thinks like this
if a guy offers to pay then that's on him and if you sleep with him that early on you've either been groomed from a young age to do so or you have absolutely zero self-esteem and let men walk all over you

No. 221236

It depends: either money enters the equation, or other things enters the equation, when making decisions to have sex. When money enters the equation it's usually called prostitution (and therefore even models on OnlyFans can be called prostitutes).
And what happens when some 50 year old actor loaded with cash is with a 20 year old girl? Just because he's an actor that's somehow ok…

Whether money, social stuff, or beauty/attractiveness/quirkiness, something must click in order for the sexual connection to happen.

And if you do decide to have sex with a guy, and he accepts, then you're going to be picked by him… therefore you become a pickme as you have done things in order to be selected by him

No. 221244

>And what happens when some 50 year old actor loaded with cash is with a 20 year old girl? Just because he's an actor that's somehow ok
only creepy groomer moids and pickmes think so
>Whether money, social stuff, or beauty/attractiveness/quirkiness, something must click in order for the sexual connection to happen
no, infatuation and sexual connection are not mutually inclusive and people have sex without actually being attracted to someone all the time, which has nothing to do with love or relationships
>And if you do decide to have sex with a guy, and he accepts, then you're going to be picked by him… therefore you become a pickme as you have done things in order to be selected by him
that's not how it works and you're putting an awful lot of effort into your mental gymnastics to justify being a whore to yourself

No. 221248

if you see sex after a date as "paying back" your brain has been so fried by sw that you are unable to see any human interaction as anything but transactional

No. 221361

Girlie, if you are genuinely thinking this way then I am concerned for you. My boyfriend didn't buy me food so he could stick his dick in me, I never paid for girls' meals with the intention of getting something sexual from it. You talk like a scrote

No. 224936

File: 1642632084726.jpg (59.15 KB, 732x368, 78452.jpg)

No. 224938

File: 1642632714617.jpg (111.72 KB, 540x718, 20220119_165124.jpg)

I'm an entitled rich bourgeoisie bc I dont agree with making prostitution legal

No. 224939

File: 1642633219386.jpg (25.3 KB, 330x495, Rhea_Perlman.jpg)

As much as i hate these tweets i really think they make sense with the kind of people that get into sex work, they victimize themselves so fUCKING MUCH and talk about how everyone hates them and doesn't respect them, the risk and effort that goes in taking pictures and a second later they're bragging about how "lol i don't do shit and get a lot of money" to keep shitting on people who they deem inferior because they clean a bathroom or cook some fast food

No. 224946

I mean criminalising prostitution within the economic system that forces people into it just makes these women even more vulnerable to abuse.

No. 224948

But acting like taking a stance on sexwork like Germany took is an end be all to the situation is an incredibly naive way of thinking

No. 224968

I feel like the point of the post is that she would rather do sex acts for money than work in a degrading job for less money like McDonald's. I don't see how that's self-victimising, it's more of a point that many low-wage jobs are inherently demoralizing for the pay they give you.

No. 224980

Just realized the tweet is a response to something but anon posted it without context, even if that's what they meant there's better ways of expressing you're against explotaitive jobs.
Also i din't say it was self-victimising i think you need to re-read my post

No. 227879

File: 1643747271188.jpeg (133.83 KB, 694x1106, A0EDB506-90BB-4FE6-86B6-EA6B8F…)

I’ve more or less quit being a hooker. I may have to grind a little for cash in the summer, plus I see my regulars every now and then for rent money but I’m officially retiring completely by September 2022. I have to think back and wonder: was it worth the money? The answer is no. I feel that this job has isolated me, destroyed my relationship to money and made me complacent in developing any actual skills or talent. Anyway, yeah.

No. 227914

I wish you the best in your future endeavours, nona. I'm glad you had the courage to step out of this horrible industry

No. 228108

then there's no point in stopping. you're already fucked

No. 228109

Fuck off and stop being so needlessly cunty, she's in the process of turning her life around and good on her for doing so.

No. 228116

Sure anon just be the reason why more and more sex workers exist and refuse to quit. Sure proves your point

No. 228135

>then there's no point in stopping. you're already fucked
Bet you're posting stuff like this, saying sex workers are already fucked and shouldn't ever try to leave the industry and stop supporting it, and yet also pretend to be a feminist in other threads. Shame on you.

No. 228157

Maybe this is a weird thing to say, but I genuinely hope you feel proud of yourself anon. I hope you're successful in whatever you plan on doing next and don't fall back into the industry once you completely quit.

No. 228293

no sympathy for moid slaves(infighting)

No. 228294

>calling women slaves
Nta, but fuck off already.

No. 228297

nta either, but you're getting out of line

No. 228318

the state. don't ever call yourself a feminist.

No. 228334

>My boyfriend didn't buy me food so he could stick his dick in me
But how can you be 100% sure of that? What are the red flags to notice?

No. 228336

File: 1643891886123.png (38.69 KB, 732x488, e.png)

Well, the State has both moid and femanon slaves.
Sometimes they team up to make ends meet and form arrangements to satisfy needs.
Not much that can be done about that.
The State holds both of them using the chains of healthcare.

No. 228340

Wishing you the best of luck nona. Don't listen to the troll.

No. 228383

I don't want to but I left sex work about a year ago and unfortunately will have to get into it again for survival reasons. I've gotten a good job that pays decent but not a lot, but they laid me off yet again for an unknown reason. For reference I'm in the medical field, we were extremely understaffed to begin with, like 1 nurse and CNA for every 8-16 patients who are all in critical care, I've even had several coworkers leave good remarks about it but I notice a lot of nurses here were very careless and it felt it appeared I was "struggling" due to the fact that I would be the only one who would ask questions about what you're supposed to do where as most workers just ignored the patients

It makes me extremely nervous because I had to get my husband's grandpa to partially pay for rent this month and I'm in a new city with no support since husband's parents cut him off once we moved to be closer to him. I fucking hate sex work, I hate creepy men, I hate them touching me, I hate that all of them are married, but it's the only way to get a decent job that actually gives me hours and doesn't fire me after the first month and it's no joke right now I really cannot be without income especially since I'm pregnant
Husband is facing this same issue as well and several of my other friends are, every single place either doesn't pay enough, ghosts after an interview for no apparent despite claiming to be desperate for people, or when you do get the job you get fired shortly after for any reason they possibly can think of

No. 228405

this is a very tricky situation anon.
What does your husbands works as? is there a way for one of you to atleast get a part time job?
I dont know your religious status but if you are in desperation you should try looking into magick and dietys when you have free time.

No. 228406

so easy to say that when you are living a nice cushy comfortable life.
Radfems really are becoming the new nlog pickmes.

No. 228407

cambodia and thailand are not accurate considering the majority of the sexbuyers there are foreign men and sexpats.

No. 228410

So sorry you're in this situation anon, you can and must avoid getting back into SW for your baby's sake. It's not just your body on the line anymore, what if you get an STD that affects baby's health? Let alone the physical danger… You know the risks of course.
Is it too much to ask what city you're in/near? Because there are lots of orgs focused on keeping women out of prostitution (some brand it as human trafficking rescue to avoid libfem bs) and they can help you with getting a job or the right social support. Thing is they are often scattered and small orgs.
Last resort is to go to local (larger) churches and tell them your story, ask around if any of the congregations are willing to pray for you, eventually one will say yes and they will either suggest raising money for you or individuals will come up to you afterward the sermon with donations. It's embarrassing and humbling as fuck but it's better than the alternative. You don't have to believe in God, just the goodness and empathy of people.
Also I hope to hell your husband knows the gravity of the situation and is busting his ass to keep you and his baby out of SW, if he takes a single nap or has a single night out with the boys when you're on the edge of this horrible reality I hope he gets struck by lighting while being kicked in the balls by an angry mule

No. 228412

He's a zookeeper but has been going through restaurant jobs to help pay since there's been a huge problem in my area with this exact thing of people firing quickly. I'm Catholic and am recieving help but I don't want to be needy

No. 228415

i think anon already has/had a job as a nurse and its not enough to survive where she lives.
Churches barely give money anymore, like the max they'll give her is like maybe for something to survive on 2 weeks and then what is she supposed to do.

No anon i dont mean for you to go to churches, im talking about magick and deitys. If you are that desperate you could try looking into deitys related to money and jobs.
>He's a zookeeper but has been going through restaurant jobs to help pay
oof both of those jobs pay very little, is there a way for the two of you to move out to a place that's more financially secure?

No. 228419

If magick worked you wouldn't be posting on lolcow

No. 228420

i like this site anon.

No. 228468

I've contacted basically all the charities in the area and basically none of them help or have extensive waiting lists, it's simply not fast enough to make next months rent. I have the correct qualifications and all but the issue lies in the fact that places here just fire too many people

No. 228473

will your husband be okay with this?

No. 228488

You contacted places and what has your man been doing about this situation?

No. 228940

What do you know about Brooke Magnanti?

Magnanti worked for 14 months as a £300-an-hour prostitute called Taro for a London escort agency from 2003, after submitting her PhD thesis. She did so due to lack of funds before her viva voce at the University of Sheffield in 2003 and is estimated to have earned more than £100,000 in that period.

No. 228949

No. 228965

This is what credit card debt is for. Don't do SW, especially not while pregnant. In the meantime, file for unemployment.

No. 228973

your seriously asking anon to go into credit card debt? there is some shit advice here but this one takes the cake.

No. 229048

Husband doing cam shows for horny old men, I've heard of guys earning like over 400$ a day on good days, not bad
However they probably needed to be in decent shape and with little hair

No. 229057

Sex work is shitty but anons here tend to give god awful financial advice in opposition to sex work reason, I remember an anon advised a stripper to go to a four-year university to just learn a new skill that wasn't career related and that taking a shorter, cheaper class in your spare time was instant gratification. I don't know if these anons are just young and think debt magically disappears but being in mountains of debt is how a lot of women find themselves in the cycle of sex work, encouraging them to take in more debt is not substantial long-term and they will most likely just do sex work again

No. 229068

exactly, if some anons here are priveleged, too young or living comfortably with parents then they shouldn't be giving advice because their advice is utter shit. ''hehe just go into debt or beg churches for money'' what kind of advice is that moron.
lets get back to reality anons, the men who make alot of money doing those cam shows are either extremely handsome or are young twinks which im betting her husband is none of those things.

Now here is actual advice for the anon. Since you are already a nurse try to look into working as a private duty and freelance nurse in your spare time so you can make extra money.

No. 229090

You're right. Most people giving advice are probably from America or some European country and are at least middle class. I also think her husband should look for more jobs though, she won't be able to work when the baby's born and it'll be auler expensive taking care of a baby too. It'd be much better if OPs husband swallowed his pride and made up with his parents so they could help them financially rather than making his pregnant wife do sex work but… Oh well

No. 229154

This smells of scrotum

No. 229442

>you are assisting moids in becoming more degenerate coombrains who will eventually abuse and rape women.

No. 229459

I had a client that looked the guy from human centipede 2 the other week. The joys of escorting, kek.

No. 229460

File: 1644363577288.jpg (37.9 KB, 716x569, 42634046_480788569065053_66583…)

No. 229464

Wouldn't it be easier and safer to have sources of passive income?

No. 247217

Thoughts on vidrel? I thought it was odd that he didn't bring up sex work laws in Germany.

No. 247304

Im going to be a sugar baby and i want to do camming in findom or anything like that. I wanna get paid to insult men

No. 247305

Divorce him. That man doesnt love you. What kind of man would see his pregnant wife struggle and not handle things? Youre struggling now, imagine when youll have kids. Wtf? Dont bring a child into this mess

No. 247334

File: 1646353370439.png (449.46 KB, 2048x2048, AD2165F9-0298-4150-99C6-FD788D…)

What does partially legal mean for some of these countries?
Is it just that prostitutes themselves won’t be locked up but it’s still illegal for someone to solicit sex?

No. 247335

>partially illegal
the prostitutes won't be charged with a crime for prostituting themselves. As much as I hate sex "work" many of the women are in it out of desperation or sex trafficking, so why punish them further when they're already destitute?
>partially legal
You can prostitute and pay for a prostitute but you can't run a business that manages prostitutes i.e. a brothel. I guess the logic behind that would be that it might reduce incidences of sex trafficking (doubt)

No. 247338

anon is currently financially unstable and getting a divorce at this moment isn’t exactly gonna improve things

No. 247413

why do so many anons here think money and debt doesn't exist? divorcing is a shitty idea due to the expenses and anon will most likely continue sex work in order to crawl out of debt you brain dead anons keeps telling her to get into. Also blaming everyone solely on the husband who goes out of his to find work and contact his parents for help isn't a good reason to leave someone wtf, what do you want him to do? wave a magic wand and fix the economy and if he can't do that just leave her in debt and her child fatherless?

No. 248035

If youre broke then dont have children. Its selfish. I have no empathy for her

No. 248279

No. 248283

help, this thread is triggering my misandry

No. 248284

>I've gotten a good job that pays decent but not a lot, but they laid me off yet again for an unknown reason.

Anon was previously doing good but ran into unexpected financial troubles. She doesn't deserve empathy because she was unable to see into the future? Pregnancy lasts for 9 months and you can run into all sorts of difficulties along the way. You just sound young and naive

No. 248285

Men who are taking advantage of and trafficking these women never get punished. Eastern European women have always suffered from western men treating them like objects because no one defends their rights and their economy is so bad its easy to trick those girls into thinking they'd get to live a luxurious lifestyle.

No. 249383

I work full-time and I was doing food delivery on the side but with gas prices I can't do it anymore. What are my options here?

No. 249392

Free Coursera course related to your full time work, put it on your CV, get promoted or find a better paying job.

No. 249482

Im planning to do camming! Imo onlyfans only work if you already have an established fanbase

No. 249483

Also moids are desperate and many buy used panties or socks or shit like that. Definitely look into it

No. 249489

whatever you do, don't get into hardcore porn because you only get paid $400-$500 per scene unless you're willing to do really extreme stuff. camming was already oversaturated before the pandemic and has only gotten moreso, that's not to say you can't make any money off it, but it will probably be a challenge. also if you do camming make sure you switch your location to a different country than the one you live in. I don't have any experience with IRL stripping, but it's probably the most profitable, or at least it was, but with covid restrictions I have no idea.

onlyfans is really unpredictable, the only thing that will guarantee you success is if you have a large following first or are willing to cater to a specific niche. you also have to spend a lot of time everyday talking to your fans since they're mostly there to pay for your attention.

and by "food delivery" I'm guessing you mean doordash? I've never done doordash but places that will actually hire you as an employee like papa john's or domino's are supposed to reimburse you for gas. you could also get a skill like copywriting or photoediting to do on the side. those take a bit of time to do though.

No. 249496

Are we going ironic here? If so, feet, mukbang (eating in front of a camera), weight gain, burping and farting are relatively easy to do and seem to sell well and are very tame, compared to other things
The problem will be competing with many others who do the same thing
It's really better if you get a better paying job, though

No. 249525

Agree with anon and push for more money or a promotion. Boost or rewrite your CV and get a higher paying job. Sex work is a trap that some can make the most of and can lead to you getting fired from your current job. Unless it’s anonymous things like feet or selling underwear (100% untraceably) it’s not worth it.

Do not anon. Become a YouTuber instead, it’s far more profitable for less effort. You can do a variety of things, grow into a real celebrity and your fans will really love you. Consider that every man who might watch you cam would still watch you stream games, review a movie or do mukbangs etc. You can abandon your channel and still get paid for views whereas your cam videos will be reposted around the net in days and you won’t see any profits. People with an existing audience don’t need only fans at all, it doesn’t take 2 seconds to make your own subscription site where you’ll keep all the money. Most of the biggest people on OF are collecting money from smaller accounts, you don’t want to be stuck doing that do you?

No. 249530

So this woman has an Onlyfans so that she can make good money while not working much to be a full-time mom. Which is fucked up on its own but then you have her making a video on barcroft/truly with her face and the face of her children saying that she hides what she actually does for work. And there are more women like her who have done the same thing are they fucking stupid? She is basically asking to be found out and for her kids to be bullied and even approached by weirdos. What is the logic behind it?

I really hope you managed to find another alternative anon. Please don't do that to yourself

No. 249548

>What is the logic behind it?
Only attention whores apply to be on these type of videos. Attention from strangers matters more to the attention whore than literally anything else, including their kids' privacy, safety or happiness.

No. 249560

It would be better to make a TikTok or Instagram for money than YouTube, since YouTube is going to be more effort (longer content) and people are getting demonetized left and right.

No. 250081

This kinda thing happens alot but one incident really sticks out in my mind. Foreigners often come to my country to take advantage of poor local women. A few years ago these two young women slept with some German tourists for the money and the scrotes uploaded it to some porn sites. Within days local scrotes shared the videos and everyone was getting copies, even me. My country is very small so it wasn't hard for people to find out who they were and they were even in the newspapers. One of the girls committed suicide and the other attempted but survived. According to them they were trying to make money the regular way but they just couldn't keep up with the high cost of living and they were the only ones supporting their families, so someone told them to just do one evening of work with those scrotes and make a bunch of cash. And nobody ever blamed the scrotes, it was absolutely the women's faults because "nobody forced them to do it, they could've gotten a regular job uwu". And like I said this happens alot. I often think about these girls/women and wish there was something I could do to help them. This is the reason "sex work is work" makes me irrationally angry when I hear ppl say it.

No. 250232

That's really terrible. Scrotes really don't care if they ruin women's lives huh.

No. 250372

File: 1647527116410.png (19.67 KB, 700x210, 1.png)

>According to them they were trying to make money the regular way but they just couldn't keep up with the high cost of living

That's the problem in a lot of countries now, for example you can work as a cleanster but it really doesn't pay much and you're probabily going to have to live with your parents in order to cut expenses.

Anyway a story from reddit, she did porn for a while but then she quit and became a registered nurse.

No. 250430

I never thought about pink eye being an STD before.

No. 250522

File: 1647604785152.png (14.67 KB, 912x334, 2.png)

Apparently some women manage to get out of the situation and don't suffer permanent damage

No. 250527

Anon you must be insane to believe this magical bullshittery actually works.

No. 254754

It's getting harder to be comfortable doing the job I'm doing.
I never bought into the "sex work is empowering" meme because at the end of the day, it's a job like anything else.
I'm an online domme and so I would say my type of work is the most removed from it all. I don't show any genitalia, or even bare breasts. I chose to be a domme with a specialty in sadism because I do genuinely enjoy it, hurting men for money is fun and I have a good gauge on flicking off clients that aren't worth my time.

But I do follow a lot of sex workers on social media and it often grosses me out how much they degrade themselves on camera, making these male-gazey instagram stories and touting it as some form of sexual liberation.
I want to engage with other women who do this kind of work because it's a niche experience that can feel quite isolating at times, but a lot of the women I'm seeing are disrespecting themselves and slapping on a label of "respect me!" on it.
Choice feminism truly breeds this school of thought and I'm constantly picking it apart in my brain. If women genuinely want to drool in front of their audience of thousands on social media by all means, but I don't know if any of them really do. Are we so poisoned by the male gaze we can't see what our true intentions are?

No. 254776

Damn nonna. I liked hearing your thoughts. I hope you can overcome your loneliness. It's only my opinion but maybe this is your brain telling you a warning. What you're doing is not as bad but is still catering to scrotes' dicks tbh. If you disagree I understand, wish you the best

No. 254860

Nah I get that, being a domme is still catering to scrote fantasies. The good thing I get to do is deny them, and no matter how much they're into it, a lot of them actually don't jerk of as much as you think.

this may be better in the confession thread but one of my favourite clients is a man who plays torturous, saw level games with himself and gets as close to killing himself as he possibly can.
He has a game where he tosses the keys to his handcuffs into a basement, only he's wearing a leather mask that covers his eyes and ears, had a choker connected to an attachment in the middle of the ceiling connected to a bungee cord on his neck, which is connected to the pvc pipe attached to his cuffs.
He also has a cinderblock attached to a rope tied to his balls, and a listerine enema up his ass. I don't want to have to explain that, but you can guess to some extent what it is. He'll wriggle around hands cuffed behind his back, enema in, balls tied to try and find these keys, sometimes for days and only then would he be able to unbind himself. He's literally insane with a suicide fetish and that's why he's so interesting to me. He'll never kill himself, but I wonder what'll push him to the point that he does

No. 254881

File: 1649361853197.png (42.74 KB, 433x632, 1.png)

Prostitution is unequal.

No. 254882

Modern libfem be like : "B-but what about that 11% that didn't want to leave?"

No. 254958

File: 1649375781713.jpg (9.83 KB, 400x400, cringepe.jpg)

pls learn to love yourself anon cause that shit is nasty

No. 254959

I honestly don't think you have much room to judge other women

No. 255001

I'm not judging other women anon, I'm questioning why I do what I do because of what other women do.

No. 256234

No. 256391


Empowerment is such a liberal choice feminist buzzword and it's completely irrelevant. Choices that people make don't exist without 0 influence from their environment. Let's say you're not selling your ass because of pressure from poverty or low self-esteem, but because you simply think it's an easier way of earning money than McDonalds, it still doesn't give any actual power.

Real power is something you have like influence, wealth and control.. which women still don't have a lot of globally. "Empowerment" -at least in the libfem usage of the word, is just a feeling.

No. 256392

It's such a scam. Women should just be satisfied with feeling empowered by meaningless things while men actually have power. If this was super empowering, jeff bezos would have an onlyfans.

No. 256393

Same anon continued;
The fact this is even considered a "feminist issue" is really cringeworthy considering how women in Eastern Europe + Global South have largely been pushed to prostitution because of poverty and trafficking. Like FFS even authoritarian Communist countries are more progressive than most Liberal retards I see advocating for this "sex work is work" shit.

No. 259070

I'm mentally ill, retarded and poor.

No. 263011

late as fuck reply, but I guess one of the arguments against legalization (and in favor of decriminalization) is that it leads to a lot of the same problems that it being totally illegal does.

for example, one of the reasons people want decriminalization is so that prostitutes can call the cops on their johns if the john gets violent, which a prostitute can't do because if prostitution is illegal. but if there are regulations in place she isn't following then that's still not an option (like, Idk, if the law dictates she has to be in a brothel and she's in her home or something like that). or if said prostitute is an illegal alien (which, I could be wrong, but I think the majority of sex workers in the world are women trying to flee third world countries and get into sexwork because they can't legally work or because they got forced into it by the person who smuggled them). I don't have a source on that though so don't quote me.

another argument is that law enforcement abuses sex workers, so making it legal (i.e. regulated) would just give law enforcement more power.

other anons made good points too though. also there was an article a long time ago that I don't have unfortunately, but it was about a woman in germany who could technically "work" at a brothel which was the only available job. the government wouldn't give her benefits because they saw her not wanting to become a prostitute as refusing to work.

No. 263052

File: 1652280169881.webm (1.83 MB, 576x1024, Norman Fucking Rockwell by Lan…)

It all depresses me.

No. 264492

this is a really good video breaking down how onlyfans works, I think you should watch the whole video but here are some footnotes

>the top 1% of OF creators make 1/3 of the income

>the top 10% makes 3/4 of the money
>90% of the creators are making the last 1/4 of the money
>the average OF creator makes 180$ a month
>OF offers a 5% commission for year long earnings of anyone you get to sign up using your referral link
>this is why so many OF creators make videos talking about how great onlyfans is and hype it up, because they're trying to get you to use their referral link
>a youtube video promoting an OF referral link that has a lot of views can potentially yield tens of thousands of dollars or more for that creator

No. 264496

you forgot to add
>With OF, you will gain dead eyes forever!

No. 264506

This almost never gets mentioned when people talk about sex work. The only stories you hear about sex work are the top earners who make the big bucks, “I was a cashier, now I earn a gajillion dollars a month selling feet pics” not the lowly 90% making less than $200 a month. I hate how onlyfans is hyped up to sound like some easy get rich quick scheme when the majority of creators are making less than minimum wage.

No. 264508

Yeah. It all makes sense now why they hype it up to be so great. They want other people to join. I knew they made a commission off of referral links but I didn't know they could make commissions off it for a whole year.

No. 264510

ngl this feels like a pick-me-ish thing to say. Reminds me of that subreddit mocking women with ‘hundred cock stare’, even if they’re just looking normally

No. 264514

>hundred cock state
Everyone knows that’s just PTSD that often comes with getting into porn and sex work. Anon makes a good point.
What they don’t mention is the 1000 coom stare that men get when they do nothing but watch porn and stare at instathots all day because it rots their brains from the inside out and turns them into mindless instinct driven animals.

No. 264584

I agree anon, I don’t like when people say someone has “dead eyes” or “no light in their eyes” when they just have a neutral or unhappy expression. Feels overdramatic and male gaze-y, “she doesn’t look happy so she must be dead inside.”

No. 264654

Pyramid scheme

No. 264670

File: 1652819639657.jpg (88.9 KB, 733x411, woke.jpg)

Woke pro rape activism is here.

No. 264696

Its not male gazey or pickme, its ptsd

No. 264711

AYRT, you can’t tell if someone has PTSD just from looking at them though. I’m hardly pro-sex work, but it’s ridiculous to say women have “dead eyes” like an anime character. Real life people aren’t that simple.

No. 264716

you're on lolcow a site notorious for pointing out cows in sex work and how empty and lifeless they seem especially when compared to photos of their lives before sex work. Get real.

No. 264719

Agree to disagree, I still wanted to voice my opinion with the other anon.

No. 264723

Yeah I can tell that a woman who looks dead inside after showing her gaping ruined asshole for pennies is probably dead inside. Just look at how many ex prostitutes, cam girls and content sellers who talk about just how dead inside they feel after doing such deeds.

No. 264727

just go look at momo or shayna and tell me they're glowing with happiness.

No. 264780

Nta but dead inside =/= PTSD

No. 264785

This is the obviously spicy straight woman who wrote an entire article about how mad she was that men can pay to rape women but she had a hard time finding a woman to pay to rape for her "queer experience"

No. 265183

How would you feel about a woman paying another woman for intimate times? Or a woman subscribing to another woman's onlyfracks account?

No. 265184

The job you're doing requires no interviews and no specific preparation to get hired, and it drops fairly large amounts of cash in a relatively short timespan. Compare it to an average fixed 1200$ a month retail job or desk job.

No. 265191

Those women don't actually think like that, it's just advertisement for men. Don't get involved with anyone or engage with anyone in that persona as they could easily doxx you.

No. 265788

It's still gross tbh

No. 265796

Absolutely no one should be paying for sex, It's barely even consent.
I don't really know how I feel about people buying things like Onlyfans subscriptions since I feel like it's so different from IRL sex work.

No. 265966

Nope, nope, nope. Either it is because she is too autistic, or too braindead and coombrained, neither options are appealing. When I cammed, the only women I had interacted with in the sphere were other camgirls.

No. 265984

It isn't really different because they're paying for pictures of naked subjects and naked body parts which wouldn't otherwise be shown.
"You'll get access to these pictures if you pay 200$ a month" - "I'll have sex with you if you pay me 200$" - "I'll have sex with you if you buy me a nice dinner"
Money is still involved in all situations

No. 265988

>Implying that you're required to fuck a guy if he buys you dinner
Scrote logic. In fact, if a guy views dates as a vending machine where you put food in and get pussy out, it's a huge red flag.

When you tell a guy you'll fuck him for money, that's a service you're advertising and/or providing. Agreeing to go on a date is not a "service" you exchange for food, for fuck's sake. It's no wonder you guys do sex work– your perception of relationships is totally fucked.

I agree with the other anon that prostitution is a form of coercion. Like, you wouldn't fuck this guy in a million years, but now you have to in order to feed your kids/pay rent/whatever. Say what you want about working at McDonalds, at least there's no risk of getting AIDS doing it.

No. 266011

It's a sad reality when every person has to work in order to feed the kids/pay rent/whatever.
If you can go without feeding/whatever for long times, then you can do little work to sustain yourself.

No. 266020

Any ex-swers here? Will you tell your partner about your past? I don't think I will ever share it with someone, it is in the past and very personal. I don't think anyone would love me if I told the truth… I know it's like, "well if they don't accept your past then they don't deserve you" but like, I know many good people and loving partners who would not be okay with it, and I get it completely. I don't care if I'm 'living a lie' because I'm not in that place anymore. What do you guys think?

No. 266037

Not a sw but I wouldn't tell. That's a sensitive information and as long as you don't have stds, it'll be no use to your partner. Men will either fetishize or hate you for it.

No. 266286

Imo it depends on if you were an irl sex worker or on the internet. If you were a porn star and all your stuff is all over the internet it might be better to be upfront about it. If not then it's a different story.

I've heard stories of women who were sex workers (sometimes for a very short time) and people will find evidence that they were an escort or whatever and send it to their partners/employees/family as blackmail.

Personally if I didn't think blackmail was likely I'd just keep it to myself as people are rather judgemental. But ultimately it's up to you.

No. 266313

Idk, from the sex workers I've spoken to and read about when it comes to female clients it's usually women who've discovered their attraction to women at a later age but don't have the confidence to approach women given their lack of experience.

No. 266426

>I think selling sex should be decriminalised but buying sex should still be a crime.
You can't sell something if there's no one to buy it…

No. 266443

No shit. The point is to put an end to prostitution altogether by criminalizing nasty scrotes who view women as a commodity. Desperate women willing to do anything for money are clearly being taken advantage of here, and are often trafficked or mentally ill.

Functionally, how is "fuck me or you'll starve" any different from "fuck me or I'll blackmail you?" You're being coerced into sex you don't want either way.

No. 266455

I know I'll get hate for this but I'm a SW and spent money for other female sex workers. At least strippers and sugar babies anyway. They're always pretty excited and calm since they know women are way more respectful of other women even when it comes to SW. For me it's about the dynamic of spoiling someone with or without anything sexual but most lesbians just want a normal 50/50 type relationship, which is respectful. I also have "unconventional" tastes and usually women who fit my type are insecure so it's a lot more fun to date a confident girl with the features I like

No. 266456

nta but is this supposed to be some sort of gotcha

No. 268320

File: 1654454076892.jpg (26.78 KB, 500x535, exhausted.jpg)

Huge post incoming:

I feel like I have gone through a huge shift in my views on the sex industry and sex work recently, although I guess it's been an ongoing thing throughout my adult life. I was exposed to porn from an early age and groomed online and always had a lot of fear and dislike of men. It continued this way, with me too scared to say no to them, until I was manipulated into exposing myself for money as soon as I turned 18, and then I quit for good after having horrible experiences that made me want to harm myself. After that I tried to have a normal relationship but was cheated on with a sw, and during the breakdown of that relationship I found lolcow. I stayed here for years and years and then of course over time there was more feminist discussion that followed and sex work started to get discussed more and more. The way anons talked about women who did online sw totally fed into my feelings of pain and betrayal from being cheated on with one in the past and my own painful experiences being a commodity. While I have never identified with a political label I took a lot of what radfem anons said at face value and started directing my self hatred at the sex industry, but sadly the women in it instead of focusing on the scumbag scrotes as is too common on lolcow. I still have disdain for pedo promoters like Shayna, but in all the infighting over the last months about it I realized I was totally in the wrong to be listening to and regurgitating some of the stuff I was about women in the sex industry. Not every sex worker is Shayna or some other pedo. A while ago I started talking to women who are actually in sex work currently and realized I was letting these women be built up as total boogeymen to me by lc hot takes, but they were actually normal people just like I had been in their position. All of them also came from troubled homes and had very real problems and reasons for doing what they were doing. The ones who do irl sex work as well are big supporters of decriminalization because as >>266426 mentioned, the Nordic model has huge gaps. I started researching what sw policies actually exist because of that. Not every woman can or is ready to leave the industry, or even wants to because for some of them it is all they know, the difference between life and starvation. If only buyers are criminalized then women have to risk being murdered in highly secretive meetings just to stay alive, and I realized it’s not ok to support policies that kill women if you truly care for women more than men. Criminalizing buyers forces women underground (and I know nonas know how this works, it's basically the same as how you can't ban abortion but only safe abortions. You can’t ban prostitution, only prostitution where the women can seek help and care if something goes wrong.) Legalizing it at a government level is also shitty for women as it allows stuff like Germany to happen with ultra exploitative megabrothels. I know I'm probably going to get called a libfem and maybe I am(?) if supporting decrim makes you one, I still don't really identify with political labels and hate liberal warhawks and people like troons and redditors who want to paint sex work as empowering, it definitely isn't. It's a sad fact of life and I wish we could wake up tomorrow in a world where the sex industry didn't exist at all. I hate the men who run the industry, I hate pimps, and I even hate the buyers. But I refuse to hate these heavily exploited women as a group now, or ever again. Most of them do not groom other women into it and just want to live their lives. I condemn the few groomers there are but they are not and will never be the majority. I wanted to talk about it because I know there are some anons who feel the same way I do and have been struggling with it, and I feel like writing this might help someone. If not and I just get flamed, then oh well. I don't think of these women as whores anymore, I can't. I can't even in good conscience say what they are doing is not "work" anymore, it’s how they’re supporting themselves and their families. I was really misguided and wrong, projecting my anger where I had no place doing so. Something else I now see is that it seems the kind of cheating that happened to me isn't uncommon, anons bring up men cheating with sw often and it makes me sad because I feel like some of you are hating these women for the same misguided reasons I did, trying to justify your anger and pain and self hatred with a rational, ideological argument. Please just consider that maybe it isn’t all so black and white.

No. 268495

I've always shit on people who do online sex 'work' (at least the ones that brag about it) but I am absolutely broke, need money and can just not find a job in the few stores around me because I have no qualifications for anything and at this point I've found myself considering it. I think it's completely degrading but if I could suck out even just a few hundred bucks out of some scrote I'd be set. I'd leave my face out obviously, and any evidence that it is me (I have no tattoos or piercings except some facial piercings and won't use my real name because I'm not retarded). I don't think it's 'empowering' or some bullshit and won't plan to do it regularly, just once a month or something because I really do need the money. The only thing I have that's worth anything are my vinyl collection (I play them daily) and a few dolls, but all of them have sentimental value and I doubt I could even squeeze a 100 bucks out of them so it's just not worth it. The internet never forgets, but I wouldn't have to go through the hell that actual prostitution is. I will read the thread to see experiences, but anons what am I to do?

No. 268499

As an ex sw, thank you for your empathy. It’s mature of you to realize the blame can’t fall solely on the women, but the systemic issues that drive them to it (and the men that keep up the demand for it). Sorry you were cheated on, but you’re better off without the kind of scrote that would patronize the sex trade.

No. 268502

Thank you, anon! In the end the actual catalyst that was the cheating was a really long time ago, and I definitely know I am better off that I didn't keep dating someone like that. I think the anger and self hatred I felt from that made it easier for me to accept these ideas about sex workers initially, and then when saying those things gave me acceptance from the women here it gave me a sense of validation and righteousness in my anger. I clung to it because it made me feel better about myself. By the time I realized that and what I was doing, it was far from being about that guy. It was just a lot of negative feelings vented in one direction that started from that one thing, and I truly believe it's the same for some other women here. Now that I had this epiphany about it I don't even understand how I was blaming the women in sw at all, let alone as much as I was. Thank you for taking the time to respond so kindly, I was really nervous to check back on this post.

No. 268521

Hi anon, I appreciate your opinion. I've never been a sex worker or cheated on with one. Overall, I agree with your opinion. I don't fault, dislike, or hate sex workers. Especially the ones who are teens, especially in a world where only fans are advertised everywhere on social media. However, there are a few points I somewhat disagree with:
>If only buyers are criminalized then women have to risk being murdered in highly secretive meetings just to stay alive
Prostitutes are already murdered at a high rate. I don't think any policy, criminalized or not, will lessen the amount of prostitute related deaths.
>Criminalizing buyers forces women underground
They're already underground to an extent. Why would criminalizing buyers be taken any more seriously than the criminalization of prostitutes in this current atmosphere? I'm just speaking from experience having lived in a huge American city. Prostitutes are largely left alone in comparison to the amount on the streets by the police. Overall, no one is wasting ridiculous resources on arresting prostitutes, so why would they go after buyers any more aggressively? If anything, I bet they would be more lax on buyers regardless if the penalty was worse.

Regardless, I understand where you're coming from. Again, I really am disgusted with how prostitutes get treated by women. I still personally think it should be decriminalized for buyers. Once society says they are okay with women selling their bodies, in my opinion, you reach a point of no return.

I appreciate also what you are saying about many sex workers being disadvantaged - but the truth is, now, sex work is being promoted as a job for women who have the intelligence and resources to do other sorts of work that contributes to society. What I mean is that only fans has absolutely reached the middle class, even the upper middle class, and I think that is a shame. I suspect that is related to less college enrollment among gen z as well. I really appreciated one ex-only fans worker's perspective when she talked about one of the reasons she stopped was because she realized that more and more women were moving towards sex work who weren't in desperate situations and consequently women are/will be inhabiting less influential and directly useful jobs. It's a bit conspiracy theorist, but it is an interesting perspective. Anyway.

>Most of them do not groom other women into it and just want to live their lives

Not sure what your definition of most is, but I think a larger amount groom other women into it than you think, especially with the advent of Only fans promo codes. I also have worked/volunteered in homeless shelters/rehab facilities and you see a lot of female pimps and groomers, far more than you might think. I live in Los Angeles so that may be why I have this perspective. But it is what I have seen a fair amount of. So I'm not sure I can totally agree with this statement in one sense, though yes, perhaps you could argue by a small percentage men groom more women into the trade than women, but irl, it's a slim percentage. For the record, these groomers, I still have sympathy for - many of them just see them as boosting their own business or giving to others what to them is good advice.

In terms of the bitterness other anons have towards sw who their partners have cheated on them with, I personally agree it's misdirected. At the same time, I can understand where that bitterness comes from - it is humiliating having your partner cheat on you for someone who sees him as a check. Survivalist or not, many sex workers would be quite hurt if their partners cheated on them, too. So it just is what it is. People tend to misdirect anger in general towards people their partner has cheated on them with - blondes, white girls, poc, whatever label they can attach to the cheater. I guess I don't read it as that deep when I see an anon seething at that.

Anyway, it was nice reading your opinion.

No. 268536

File: 1654536323411.jpg (163.68 KB, 800x1131, MV5BMDk1NmQzYmEtZmE5Yi00NWI5LT…)

>Not sure what your definition of most is, but I think a larger amount groom other women into it than you think, especially with the advent of Only fans promo codes. I also have worked/volunteered in homeless shelters/rehab facilities and you see a lot of female pimps and groomers, far more than you might think. I live in Los Angeles so that may be why I have this perspective. But it is what I have seen a fair amount of. So I'm not sure I can totally agree with this statement in one sense, though yes, perhaps you could argue by a small percentage men groom more women into the trade than women, but irl, it's a slim percentage. For the record, these groomers, I still have sympathy for - many of them just see them as boosting their own business or giving to others what to them is good advice.
NTA, in my country we call them Lovergirls
>A lovergirl acts like a girl's friend. She starts conflict between the parents and their daughter so that their bond becomes bad, making the girl more involved with the lovergirl. The victims then start to see the lovergirl as a good friend, because the victims often look up to the lovergirls. As a result, they do what the lovergirl asks of them. Another way in which lover girls entice their "girlfriends" into prostitution is by giving them expensive things. At a later time they use these gifts as blackmail; they then state that the victim must do something in return for these gifts.
>Because of this friendship between the lovergirl and the victim, the victim does not often talk about the situation with anyone else, if at all. This makes it difficult for assistance to help the victim.
>The lover girls themselves are also often seen as victims, because it is claimed that they do it mainly to avoid getting into prostitution themselves.
All you can really do against these things is education education education. We even have movies targeted towards teens about how loverboys (Romeo pimps) target women and girls. Lovergirls are lesser known, but there are educational shortfilms about them too. Criminalizing anything after 20 years of legality would just destroy the protections and possible ways out built up for prostitutes. I also think it's hypocritical, I'm probably going to be attacked for this, but a lot of marriages and relationships are not much different from prostitution. Instead of selling yourself for sex to dozens of men, it's just to the one, but it's a monetary transaction for sex nonetheless. Especially with the housing crisis and how poly has become very popular as a result, having to have sex to become a roommate, since it's so competitive. Women dating men they don't even really like, just to be able to move out of their parent's home. Society has always been okay with women selling their bodies, just mainly in the form of a relationship not based purely on love, in a way where the transaction isn't more obvious. The cultural problem has always already been there. I really only see this problem going away once patriarchy and capitalism is gone (or that there's at least UBI). The sex industry is just one of the many ways women are bartered as commodities and merely a symptom of a larger disease. One of the reasons Onlyfans was probably so palatable to many women, was because many have gotten used to sending nudes to boyfriends.

No. 268567

Thank you both for your perspectives and to adding to the conversation so thoughtfully and with so much detail. Both have given me some new info and things to think about and it's much appreciated. There were a few things I wanted to respond to in particular
>I don't think any policy, criminalized or not, will lessen the amount of prostitute related deaths.
Maybe you're right, I could simply be looking at it too idealistically and am ultimately still learning. But it's important to keep an eye on things that can be done to change that and I do hope that eventually there's something that can be done on a broad scale so fewer women will die that way.
>In terms of the bitterness other anons have towards sw who their partners have cheated on them with, I personally agree it's misdirected. At the same time, I can understand where that bitterness comes from - it is humiliating having your partner cheat on you for someone who sees him as a check. Survivalist or not, many sex workers would be quite hurt if their partners cheated on them, too.
I totally agree with that, I think the reason I wanted to talk about it specifically is because with me that initial feeling of bitterness spiraled really far out of control without me even understanding why. But anyone has a right to be angry about being cheated on. It's just how we use that anger that matters, and we shouldn't use it to hurt ourselves or others if we can avoid it. I don't want someone to have to spend as much time doing that as I did.
I did not know about this specific name for this sort of thing and will definitely research it more, it's terrifying that this is so widespread. You're right, education is the best weapon against something like that.

No. 268704

I've been a full-service SW for 5 years. I don't have a goal or agenda for this post I'd just like to share my experiences. I just want to point out before I begin that I am a white woman that works with a brothel in a state that has passed its first stage of decriminalisation, The reason I say 'work with is that I am legally classed as an independent contractor where I have my business number, pay my taxes etc. In summary, all that means legally speaking is that the broth can't tell me to do jack shit.

Unfortunately, though, this may not be the case for quite a lot of workers. Internationally owned brothels with-hold girls' passports and make girls live at the brothels and work 12 hours shifts back to back. There are infamous brothel owners in the city that prey on barely legal girls who have applied to be strippers, only for them to show up to a brothel for an interview and are convinced by the supposed "$2k a night" by just sucking dick instead. (This dude has also lurked on underage Facebook groups as well)

I started when I was 20 and have experienced some pretty terrible conditions but I am grateful that it doesn't compare to what I just described. At my current place though, If I have to kick 7 dudes barely 5 minutes into their hour bookings because they keep asking me to suck their dick without a condom (1. Gross dudes genuinely don't wash their dicks 2. Its illegal), management doesn't even bat an eyelid and call the police if the Johns argues. Oh, and they don't get any of their money back either, as soon as they break the rules they agreed to before anything happens, that's on them.

With all this being said I'm I getting tired of this job? Sure. I started in the industry trying to get a job as a brothel receptionist, had boring sex with a dude and was like fuck it I might as well get paid for it, then I jumped the desk. I've worked with some incredible ladies over the years, I've got a house deposit all ready but holy fuck my body hurts and I look forward to having a calm 9-5 desk job. Yeah, some parts of the job are annoying sometimes but I still say I enjoy coming to work, even if it's a dead night and all I do is chain smoke ciggies and chat shit with my friends.

Whatever your views about this clusterfuck of an essay, it's a perspective coming from "white girl" sex work. Street workers may not be as lucky, and POC workers may not be as lucky. I don't expect all of you to agree with my life choices and that's fine, I didn't write this to change minds so absolutely no hard feelings. I am willing to answer questions btw so feel free to ask, I might not answer though. :^)

No. 268705

Also! One last thing now everyone has their own moral code but I've this pop up a bit.

The whole "dudes cheating on their misses with a hooker" thing. I under stand and empathise that being cheated on is a massive breach of trust in a relationship but it really isn't a hookers fault

Quite frankly it's the bloke's decision whether or not he's going to fuck one of us and that's that, we aren't going to interview him about his family life before a booking.

Now imagine for a sec you're a horny dude and your wife hasn't touched your dick for 10 years (again their problem, not ours, go to marriage counselling). You can either A. Put in the emotional labour, spend $400 on wooing a lady behind your partner's back and you might still not get laid.

Or B. Pay to fuck a hot chick where you know you aren't going to bring any diseases home to your partner (did you know you can get/ STIs by sucking bare dick? You'd be surprised how many don't know that), and the lack of emotional intimacy which means you never have to see each other again.

Regardless if you are monogamous relationship and you'd rather have 30 minutes of bliss for $400 while also completed destroying the trust of the person you are apparently in love with, that just shows you are a piece of shit and the partner deserves better, you can't blame the hooker who just wants to buy her cats a fancy litter box or a gaming PC.

No. 268718

I'd blame a sex worker who only did sex work to buy a stupid gaming pc or a consoomer cat litterbox. They're putting their lives in danger and a lot of them get stds, it's not worth it. Though I do agree the man who cheats is the only to blame, doing sw just to buy useless stuff is too dangerous and I'd rather worry about the woman's safety than some dumb scrote.

No. 268727

I mean rent and life necessities are absolutely paid off too, I just think it's a little boring having that as the only think your money goes too. I can only speak from my experience but I've seen enough black encrusted smegma under foreskin during during pre-booking health checks to never put one are their bare dicks In any of my holes

No. 268731

Just become a dominatrix retard. That way you don't even need to touch them.

No. 268733

yeah domme work takes years of apprenticeships and in my country they also 9 times out of 10 provide full service too. Maybe 4 years ago but I'm on my way out in a year or so there isn't any real point. It's a really oversaturated market.

No. 268742

I had some more thoughts this morning about the Onlyfans referral code thing from >>268521

>I think a larger amount groom other women into it than you think, especially with the advent of Only fans promo codes

So basically when I think more deeply about this, Onlyfans is running itself like a multilevel marketing structure, or to put it more bluntly, a pyramid scheme. Throughout the entire history of pyramid schemes, the people these companies (almost always owned by men, with an exception or two) target the most to exploit are women. Especially women who have bad economic situations or unstable living situations, just like the ones those higher up in the sex industry target. I'm not an expert on Onlyfans, but if I remember correctly the codes are a newer thing and have not always been part of the platform. So some of the women using them could have been on Onlyfans pre-code, and now the system has changed in such a way that to keep making ends meet is to use this multilevel system. To me that means that Onlyfans, the predatory company, is more to blame for the grooming. They are setting up an entire structure that uses women against one another, just like these scams always do. When I see women in multilevel marketing trying to recruit others, it's annoying, but I don't think it's exactly comparable to grooming even though they're still fucking up someone else's life. Ultimately those women are still being taken advantage of too by something bigger than them to put food on the table, just like young women and young mothers who get trapped in a pyramid scheme. I think it's really, really awful that this is happening because it will result in more women joining this exploitative site and thinking the sex industry is something easy and safe when it is not. But I also think that the women who are sharing these codes are probably either ignorant to what they are actually participating in (companies like this create a culture of denial to fool those on the lowest rungs) or at least stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to pay the bills. It's a bad thing, but I also do not believe that it should be treated as grooming on the same level as the kind of prolific female groomers >>268536 described.

Ultimately every woman on onlyfans except maybe a select few who are at the top and/or have a role in the company side is still being exploited by the website. Also I'm so sorry I fucked up this post so many times trying not to make it a brick of text, please don't skin me alive kek.

No. 268753

Literally. The whole idea that "you'll be racking in millions" is ridiculous especially with the overflow of women and a lot of onlyfans influencers have like 90% of bot followers. I actually feel bad for young girls who risk their futures and sometimes won't even make any money at all regardless of how hot they are and what they're willing to do. And with sex work it's easy to blame the woman's appearance / "effort" if she doesn't make enough money than the fact everyone and their moms has OF now. Even with reddit it seems like anytime you click a female profile it leads to someone's onlyfans

No. 268762

Lots of excuses here, just say you want to be a proper whore and that you don't have the balls to beat men.

No. 268763

Would it still be the scrots fault if the SWer already somehow knew he was cheating?

No. 268771

If you have no qualifications, try cleaning jobs which don't require experience or need little experience to have your foot into the door

No. 268775

>I've been a full service sw for 5 years.

Lol yea wasn't really denying it. I just don't want to be sued tbh BC I don't know how to do it safely.

No. 268776

Sometimes they flat out talk shit about their partners or get off on the fact they are direspecting their partner and act all proud. Again, not my problem, it just reflects that they are a shit cunt

No. 268777

It's ok if you didn't get hurt. A lot of sw women get hurt in my country so I was only scared for your safety. Take care.

No. 268788

Yes absolutely. The scrote has to consciously seek out a woman and go through her booking process. It’s premeditated and intentional. The sw is just trying to pay rent. One is trying to survive, the other is explicitly deciding to cheat on their partner.

No. 268789

>And with sex work it's easy to blame the woman's appearance / "effort"
For real, the scrotes who pimp women on their websites always have an easy out because they can just blame the lack of stability on the woman's looks or person, making her more desperate and driving her into a deeper hole. It's sick, I hate the architects of these hellholes.

No. 268796

gtfo you capitalist patriarchal piggie

No. 268828

Oh no need to be sorry no harm done!:) I understand that things work completely different in other parts of the world and how dangerous full service sex work can actually be. There are many street based workers in my city that have limited assistance/resources that put themselves in genuine danger every time they work. Thank you for your concern, well wishes to you too.

No. 268830

integrate newfag

No. 268985


I think in some cases it might be just like the Grant Amato case.

Bailey Sarian did a great one in this.(learn2embed)

No. 268995


Christ, Dude! Calm you tits.

No. 269099

You're not going to just make a few hundred straight away unless you already have a substantional internet following. Not to mention it destroys you mentally, i'm currently a fssw and it's destroyed what little positivity I had towards moids. I started off selling a few pictures but it nearly always falls into fssw, especially if you're desperate for money. I don't know how old you are but I fell into this as a mentally ill impressionable teen, I fell for the bs liberal agenda. Luckily i'm a fairly strong person and never got into drugs/drinking to make it easier but nearly all girl I know that do this end up hooked on something to get throught it. Please literally do ANYTHING else, fuck i'd even go as far as recommending grafting before doing sex work.

No. 269105

I doubt you’d make much not showing your face, that makes it less personal and then you’re at a disadvantage already because there’s girls with the whole package already doing all that and more for 3 bucks

No. 269130

Phone sex is probably the way to go. You can do it without showing your face, and if you do dominatrix phone work like I do, you're essentially just telling men they're worthless and get paid by the minute for it. Not here to encourage you, but if it's one of your only options, this is the most removed you can get.

No. 269132

kek, Ausfag? I reception at a brothel in a state that's just started the decrim process, I wonder if we've run into each other nonnie

No. 269147

Not being rude this is a genuine question but wtf lead you to work reception at a brothel? Reception work is so mundane and available everywhere. I just can't imagine being like 'hmm, I wanna get into admin, time to apply somewhere with creepy customers who are here specifically for sex'. Like why not reception at a doctors office or accountants or something, it's seems like such a strange choice if you're not specifically looking to get into prostitution.

No. 269154

Not rude at all. I don't know why tbh, I was looking for a job after covid lockdowns and a girl I knew who worked there said they were looking for receptionists. I've been there a while now and the girls who work there are fun to chat to. Sure the moids are creepy but I'm good at putting them in their place and kicking them out. For the most part it's actually a fairly cruisy job.

No. 270321

hey anons i made this post on /ot/ and was recommended to go here; >>1224017
"i'm genuinely looking into selling feet pics now and i was wondering if anyone here knows of a good place to get started
there was a video on tiktok before that gave you the low down but it got removed (ofc), but i could really use the extra cash and feet pic are so low effort"

i could also sell used underwear and stuff like that, but under no circumstances do i want to show my face. i was considering wearing a mask at most if full-body stuff were to happen, but i don't have an attractive body, i'm not shapeless but i'm fridge as fuck.

i just really need extra income and learning a new skill isn't viable because of untreated mental shit (trying to get that sorted at least)

No. 270413

Not trying to be mean but if mental health problems is keeping you from learning marketable skills what makes you think you're going to be able to drum up business selling feet pics and panties? Do you have experience with marketing or professional social media or something like that?

No. 270453

i'll try to explain it without giving away too much, but for me there's a difference in spending years getting an education vs. actively doing something and making money off of it in real time. my mental health problems hinder me from learning, plus due to circumstances i can't afford to study.
i have some experience with marketing/social media through my full time job, nothing massive though, and i'd probably have to learn a lot while doing it.

No. 270773

Is it even possible to make big money on cam sites like people claim? Most tipping options are in the cents and even popular girls don't seem to make more than a few bucks. Why are less than a dollar tips even an option???

No. 270784

If you don’t already have a decent sized following and no one knows who you are then no, you will not likely make money from these sites. They are essentially pyramid schemes, except that they also can damage your potential to get real jobs in the future and those pictures will be on the internet forever.

No. 270787

Camming is very oversaturated and most sites take a huge cut, like the ones I've heard of take a 50% cut

No. 270788

At this point I'm convinced men are getting off on the idea of women whoring themselves for literal pennies

No. 270811

File: 1655543029349.png (14.45 KB, 850x130, n.png)

If they can throw pennies at you, it means they have all the power over you

No. 270845

File: 1655559250737.gif (2.23 MB, 260x195, 9B0FA20D-DCA3-4C38-9253-292F35…)

They ABSOLUTELY are, anon. It's pretty obvious to me that this is exactly why some moids are still trying to trick women into onlyfans even though everyone knows it's no longer a viable strategy… They aren't delusional. They pretend they are, but it's really because they love the power rush of "punishing" women by making them beg for scraps

No. 270894

so she had to work 4 or 5 years working hard just to be able to make a living off of it… she probably could have learned some other monetizable skill in less time than that.

No. 271012

i cammed for like one month when i was 18 and i literally cringe thinking back to it. it was good money like one of my best nights was 500 bucks in a 4 hour period but of course there was at least one bot recording every single video and they are all still out there on the internet for anyone to see. now im very anti porn which feels much better. the only thing i miss is the money but easy money is never truly easy. very degrading and just skin crawling and ughhhh

No. 271015

also sorry for samefagging but i saw someone else asking if camming is really profitable, i think i got into it before onlyfans and instahoes took off so it was a little easier to make money then. but i noticed a big part of the money making came from extraneous sources. the most popular girls would charge thousands of dollars to actually MEET their simps in real life… so yeah it was lowkey a brothel. and i made the most money doing stuff on skype where i could charge whatever i wanted, just via the website. and honestly no one really cared that women were prostituting themselves as long as the sites got money

No. 272369

not an answer, instead I want to ask:
Isn't the foot fetish thing basically a meme? I think perhaps some did take it seriously when, in truth, it is 100% said as a joke.

Sure in the age of coomerism interest in foot stuff will also see an increase, but a negligible one.
this whole idea is just too silly

No. 273395

Yes and no. It's weird enough and uncommon enough that people meme on it, but some people are seriously into feet.

No. 275045

Saw this trainwreck essay

>mentally abusive moid doesn’t fuck his gf

>fucks prettier girls instead
>the girl starts escorting because it gives her validation from men
>” escorting cured me from using sex as validation!”

Astounding mental gymnastics i must say


No. 275214

aella needs her own thread, she spends all day on twitter posing hypotheticals about when its ok to fuck dogs

No. 276761

File: 1658351360876.gif (420.81 KB, 220x219, 88733BD2-332F-4EE3-8711-B86FAE…)

I got robbed today. And the man who did was so fucking rude the entire time, I’ve never felt so degraded in my life. Of course he made sure to fuck me beforehand though. Told him my price, he gave me a disgusted look and said “$* for minutes?” so I bartered down because I was immediately intimidated by his strange aggressive attitude and wanted him gone ASAP. He kept calling me a weirdo and asking me if I was on drugs, when the only reason I was behaving weird was because he made me so nervous with his shifty and rude words. Of course he came specifically to rob me so that’s probably why. Maximum pain.

No. 276818

You don't communicate beforehand? I have moids try to barter or manipulate but I set my boundaries very clear and block if they break rules. I'm very firm about stating my prices and that I'm not full service. I could write clear as day "no full service, non negotiable pricing" and then they'll text back "hmm full service for $50" KEK. I also get annoyed at retards who don't show up or confirm and wonder why they're blocked. The worst ones are the ones who try to manipulate to get free stuff. I had a guy cancel an hour before because "my main girl gives me full service gave me a deal I couldn't pass up". Wondered why he got blocked too.had another guy beg for nudes daily "because he needs to know I'm not a scam because he got violently abused last time he tried to do this". I see way too many clients to deal with this foolishness

No. 276819

File: 1658369951999.png (534.12 KB, 672x1176, Screenshot_20220720-211834.png)

Is this her? Taken from her Twitter
If so this moid had no room constantly rambling about how he needs to fuck hot girls because he didn't find her sexually attractive. Beautiful women always have self esteem on the floor

No. 276831

Anon please be careful

No. 276845

who would have thought that men who pay women for sex are bad people? Nobody could have seen this coming.

No. 276858

anons aren’t doing this for fun, retard,

No. 276911

anyone have an OF here? can you make serious money off it? (at least enough to make rent)
I used to do sugar dating, but going to different places to meet different men was just a pain in the ass and sometimes borderline dangerous
I keep seeing people on r/onlyfansadvice telling women to not get their hopes up and that they probably won't make anything, but like I'm skinny/5'2/neet so I can pump out a lot of content

No. 276932

Even the ‘top paid’ contributors rarely make much money off onlyfans. They pretend to because they make their real $$ off getting other women signed up through their links. You can’t even afford to buy a new vibe with the money, let alone RENT MONEY.

No. 276958

No. 277119

It doesn't matter how hot you are, literally ALL that matters is how good you are at social media marketing

No. 279208

mini documentary about sex slavery in europe. I only watched 5 minutes, it is deprssing af

No. 279211

awful idea. most 'models' lie about their income to groom young girls into sex work. youre essentially selling your body to coombrains who are only gonna think of you as a cheap whore and nothing else. youll have way more success getting a job as a cashier or something.

No. 279507

You can make good money via e-SW…but not on OF alone. OF necessitates you bring your own traffic, so if you don't already have a huge online presence you won't make a penny. Camming & selling videos are waaaaaay more profitable. Once you have a sw fanbase, you can funnel them into OF subs…but you simply CAN'T just make an OF.

No. 279557

This ^ is a demon talking to you. Don’t trust him

No. 279706

Hi Debbie Eckert! Makes sense you're here

No. 280518

a little bit late but maybe try to find a homeoffice job in a normal service hotline or so. They are often desperate for people

No. 281646

The vast majority of sex "work" is slavery or something close to it. Anyone who is pro-prostitution is a fucking idiot or profiting from pushing that idea, whether monetarily or being legally allowed to rape women.

No. 281852

fuck off

No. 287483

File: 1662989742035.png (72.74 KB, 504x206, 2.png)

No. 288385

File: 1663275129936.jpeg (91.75 KB, 1280x720, 984023EF-030D-40FA-8FA7-DD3F8F…)

Tfw finally going back to being a hooker next week. Tfw will finally have money again and I can work on getting a new apartment, Pomeranian puppy, taxes paid off and a thread lift/lip lift. Feels good, man.

Whorenonas, pls learn from me and never quit for a man.

No. 288395

File: 1663278209574.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, image0.jpg)

No. 288426

Selling myself got me into the depths of depression and misery I'm in right now. It feels like shit, no purpose in life, and you can no longer enjoy sincere sex anymore. It's as if I signed contract with the devil, pray for me…

No. 288904

>Camming & selling videos are waaaaaay more profitable

Idk about selling videos but camming is probably the most oversaturated form of SW not to mention most sites take a 50% cut of your earnings. It's probably still better than making onlyfans because you don't have to advertise it as much on other platforms and you can change your IP so that you're camming in a different country but still.

No. 288913

Feel the same nonnie, genuinely considering joining a nunnery at this point. No but in all serious i fucking despise sw, but with rising bills and inflation in the UK I can't see myself getting out of it anytime soon. Thinking about restarting my open uni degree though.

No. 288915

Really don't want to wk moids but 99% of the people I see memeing other women and young girls into sw are other female sw's moids only care about consoooooming porn, unless it's a literal pimp (on lolcow??) I doubt a scrote is going to sit writing out paragraphs encouraging us to join OF, there's plenty of whores on there already.

No. 289029

True. Men jerk off to women being degraded and dehumanized then turn around and shame women for getting into porn the first place. They can't take accountability for anything and have to do mental gymnastics to blame their disgusting sexualities on us.

No. 289042

>but with rising bills and inflation in the UK I can't see myself getting out of it anytime soon
How much are those bills each month?
Is any other form of employment profitable enough right now to cover them?
For example:
Being a cleanster
Being a bartender
Working in a warehouse
Being a programmer
Being a computer technician
Being a beautician

No. 289055

File: 1663687603713.jpeg (96.56 KB, 995x641, 2D1375DD-8E90-4ED0-9E51-F1C7D7…)

No. 289057

Calling OnlyFans "sex work" is some stolen valor shit when there are women risking their health and lives out on the street.

No. 289141

Onlyfans is a huge umbrella, some of them do hardcore porn and risk getting STDs and some just do lewd cosplay. I think it makes sense to generally refer to onlyfans as sex work even though a lot of it arguably isn't.

No. 289220

Sex work = paid sex with men, with the woman being well off (generally white)
Prostitution and whoring out = paid sex with men, with the woman not being all that well off (possibly white but more frequently non white)
The difference is in whether she's wealthy enough to support herself without working a normal job or not

No. 289225

You’re talking about escorting versus prostitution both of those are sex work.

No. 289341

You're not from the uk are you nona? lmao

No. 289467

Nta but why can't these occupations work in the UK?

No. 289989

>Sex work = paid sex with men

Uhh no, it doesn't mean just that. Sex work can mean the exchange of sexual services or performances too. Therefore camming and stripping and even just selling nudes can count as sex work.

No. 290271

I told my partner up front. No way am I leaving anything like that up for potential blackmail when I want a family in the future; no risks this way

No. 290273

Why do so many of you jump to sex-work, I can almost guarantee you that your local area will have some shitty rundown factory or fruit-cutting, fruit-picking, house-cleaning jobs available that are not dangerous and don't involve having to cater to scrotes. Please do some research, prostituting anything about yourself should only be last resort

No. 290298

Really don't want to sound race baity but a lot of those jobs don't even take on British people anymore.

No. 290301

Nta and whilst I do agree I don't think it's as black and white as how you're putting it. I started sex work when I was 18/19, still had the mind of a 14 yo tbh because mental illness, was groomed and raped by various men before and during this time. Also let's not forget our western culture really glamourizes and glorifies sw/prostitution especially the past few years at this point popular culture is basically a pimp/groomer. It's sadly veru easy for sexually traumatized young women and girls to get sucked into sex work, espically if your come from a poorer background or an area with few oppurtunities. When I first started I lived in a shitty little village, with no car and any jobs I applied for turned me down, my benefits got cut and all the aforementioned things I feel pushed me into sex work but it's the biggest regret of my life, I really wish I'd stuck at college/uni. Honestly to any girls considering getting into sexwork just DON'T!! It is the absolute biggest regret of my life, truly not worth it whatsoever, i'm 27 and feel like my life is ruined.

No. 290319

Who would want to buy a british persons OnlyFans? Gross.

No. 290366

No, they do, it's just that british people are up their arse and don't want to do those jobs because they tend to think they are too good for them. I'd imagine they are in abundance after brexit. Nonetheless, i still think anon should still try.

No. 290383

From what I’ve seen, only girls with super incredible bodies (usually surgically enhanced too, or just won some kind of one in a billion genetic lottery) actually become popular enough to make very good money. The most famous amateur porn girls I see always have insanely good boobs and hips and waists, often with almost impossible seeming proportions (and probably are, shooped or filtered to hell)

The other girls that get famous but have mediocre bodies have to have some kind of niche, gimmick, a strong personality that makes them stand out and be very good at marketing and promoting themselves (like Belle Delphine), or just be famous full stop (like Bella Thorne).

No. 290427

I understand when people are pushed into it; I was myself although if I were to type it out it'd sound like I have no braincells (substance abuse needed funding whilst full time student)
But I guess I just get triggered seeing the posts from nonnies like "need money this winter I'm gonna try selling my body" PLEASEEEEE last resort, you will not recover, your perception of men will NEVER recover from this

No. 290428

You are right in a sense.
I work manual labour, there are no customers typically and the shifts are hard work and antisocial hours, the majority of my colleagues every time are not native, the companies don't tend to advertise through normal channels, mostly word of mouth so it stays within certain communities. The jobs are there though and they are a godsend

No. 290509

Pretending to be a MTF troon on the internet and posting unhinged rants about how JKR personally attacked you in an alley can get you a surprising amount of cash.
If you're not looking to scam troon supporters, a lot of job agencies are looking for staff for the Christmas period, I've seen some where I live looking for temps for food factories. Pubs and restaurants are also looking for people, and since their workers have been leaving in droves it's possible it'll turn into a permanent job. I've also seen a lot of call centre jobs and some WFH jobs being advertised in agencies.

No. 297606

I’m finally done with prostitution after five years. I worked my last “shift” yesterday. I’m anxious but I’m happy. I can finally live a proper life.

No. 297607

Congratulations nona! Wish you all the best!

No. 297727

Congrats nona, I’m super proud of you and happy for you!!

No. 297755

this is amazing news, i wish you the best.

No. 297786

Hoping to get here soon. I've been on and off with sex work due to shit economy

No. 298065

File: 1667773741376.jpg (110.46 KB, 855x412, 7548.jpg)

Prostitution should be banned.

No. 298073

Banning it won't do anything unless people are actively monitoring everything and putting a stop to everything that leads to prostitution. No one cares that everything is about sex, all ads on social media are porn and any sort of entertainment marketed to teens now is just softcore porn until they watch how hypersexual we've all become.

No. 298526

This interview was very biased but still interesting to watch none the less

No. 299866

Is it still possible to make a modest bit of extra income selling panties and other used goods online, or has the OF saturation flooded that market too? I used to make a very humble ($100 or so a month) amount of money selling used socks with extremely minimal effort and if I'd put more hustle into it or sold panties and other such items I could've tripled or more that amount.

But there's only so many scrotes who wanna pay to have that stuff shipped out and if the ratio of sellers to buyers is as skewed as it is on OF I feel like I'd be mostly wasting my time.

No. 299872

Most sex work nowadays is oversaturated unless you're giving rub and tugs, actually escorting (please don't) or sugar babying but even sugar babying now has been overrun by scammers (seriously stop falling for the check jumping scam, sure you can brag about a man wanting to be your sugar daddy but it's only a brag until you see the money) or moids who essentially want women to beg for peanuts and expect sex. The second best option would be moids paying for dates like on whatsyourprice. I also feel like a lot of incel moids use these marketplaces to troll desperate women all day but you can make good money and all you have to do is go eat dinner with someone. Id talk more about it but you have to walk on eggshells here or else anons will start a shit flinging fest about sex work

No. 299873

>Bella Thorne and belle Delphine have medicore bodies
You can't be serious. You're right moids thirst over extreme unnatural proportions but skinny women with nice proportions are still above average

No. 299915

Shut up retard, stop excusing men cheating. Some of them have daughters that are teenagers and go to young sex workers, and you know some of them are married. So you should feel complicit.

No. 299916

The woman isn’t doing anything, it’s the man who should be stoned to death.

No. 299917

Nta, but if you choose to have sex with a man who's in a relationship, then yes you are also at fault. Maybe less than the man, but take responsibilities for your own actions. Especially when you're putting another woman's health at risk.

No. 299925

Ntayrt it's amazing what kind of mental gymnastics a whore will do to tell themselves they're not complicit in cheating. They know it's a low dirty thing to do but they don't want to acknowledge their shitty behavior contributes to an innocent woman's eventual heartbreak/a whole family falling apart

No. 299980

What do you want them to do? Go online stalk every man that gives them money? I hate cheating as much as the next gal but a lot of sex workers either don't have a choice because they have a pimp or simply don't care enough to do a deep online stalk just to make sure their client isn't in a relationship. In situations of getting hookers the man is definitely the responsible party, this isn't some moids hooking up with his fat co worker at the Christmas party who knows damn well he's married, these are women who are strangers, are usually pawned off business style to men they know nothing about

No. 300002

NTA I think it’s okay to dislike women who take money or “cheat” with men in relationships but it feels like when most women focus on it. They’re doing it to redirect the anger away from the dude because they know he won’t stop and they won’t leave so it has to be that’s “whores” fault! I’ve been cheated on. I’m not friends with the women, but I’m not going to go out of my way to attack them. They didn’t promise me anything. If they knew about me it was disrespectful, but the dickhead was the one at fault and I dropped them like hot potatoes. If you’re dude pays another women or cheats with another women it’s because he wanted to and he shouldn’t be your dude.

No. 300020

Definitely hate women who purposely seek men who are in relationships and thrive on being the other woman but most sex workers (at least actual prostitutes/strippers/whatever, this doesn't include brain dead uggos onlyfans thots). Usually when moids see hookers or something they'll use fake names, meet in an isolated location and give no other information about themselves, on top of that these women are often controlled by pimps so even if she wanted to stop seeing him because he's married she cant

No. 300024

What mental gymnastics? The man is the only responsible party because he’s the one who’s violated the trust of his partner, he’s the one who made a vow of sexual exclusivity and the onus is on him to respect it. I used to be a prostitute and marital status is not something you ask about, it’s part of the discretion to not probe into personal matters which is a huge incentive for men to see hookers as opposed to dumping their cum into some normalfag sidepiece. It’s not like they see us to talk about the wives and girlfriends they’re trying to escape from. Concerning STD risks, the vast majority of non-trafficked prostitutes will take a hardline concerning protection, even asking for bareback over text or phone will have you blocked and blacklisted as a potential client.

No. 300030

Yeah. I give rub and tugs and asking for full service and pushing it will get black listed. I also knew a girl who had a man who started insulting her and almost got violent because she asked him if he was married. Prostitutes and other sex workers aren't normie women who knew your dude was married and fucked him anyway, some of these men go to great lengths to conceal their identity. You don't get mad at store clerks for selling alcoholics vodka but it's better to be mad at the alcoholics friends who take him out drinking despite knowing he has a problem

No. 301379

God you're so fucking stupid. You're as bad as the men who blame their porn addictions on women and not themselves or the men who exploit them (the porn producers who are often extremely predatory). If a man is going to cheat with a prostitute he's gonna cheat regardless, if one doesn't do it another one will. If it breaks up his marriage/family it's because he chose to risk that in favor of getting a blowjob from a stranger. Not to mention prostitutes are often in desperate situations financially and otherwise (they often have drug/mental health issues, trauma etc) and men take advantage of that. A man pays to rent a woman's body like she's an object and you still try to blame the woman. Typical pickme always trying to shift the blame onto other women instead of holding men responsible. Women like you are part of the reason why society hates "whores" yet it's totally acceptable to be a John.

No. 301381

You can hold both men and women accountable for their shitty actions. That doesn't make someone a pickme.

No. 301468

I agree with holding both parties accountable when it comes to regular cheating (no sex workers involved) but if a man deliberately seeks out a sex worker to cheat with I have a really hard time blaming the woman. The women aren't seeking out married men specifically (at least I've never heard of them doing that) the man is just a paycheck to them. The sex industry only exists because of demand, in other words they're just taking advantage of the fact that men are gross rather than causing men to be gross. Also like the other anons said half of the time sex workers probably don't even know the man is married. Prostitutes often do background screenings of johns which would probably tell them if they're married, but those are the more privileged ones. I honestly think female sex workers (the ones who do it willingly and shout SWIW, anyway) should be more ashamed of the fact that they're telling men it's okay to treat women like commodities, that really does more harm to women in the long term imo. And yeah it might break up their marriage but I wouldn't want to be married to or have a family with a man who thinks it's okay to pay women for sexual favors anyway.

No. 304255

File: 1671198263929.png (26.78 KB, 852x284, 1.png)

Hmmm it's either that or going back to cleaning kennels with dignity

No. 304846

>Alina sometimes visits the AIDrom, a counseling center for victims of human trafficking in the western Romanian city of Timisoara, where she speaks with psychologist Georgiana Palcu, who is trying to find her a training position as a hairdresser or a cook. Palcu says that the conversations with young women who have returned from Germany are "endless and difficult." She encourages them to be optimistic.

>But Palcu has no illusions. Even if a girl could find a training position, she probably wouldn't take the job, because such positions offer no more than €200 for a 40-hour workweek. As a result, says Palcu, many of those who returned from Germany after being mistreated there are working as prostitutes again. "What can I tell them?" she asks. "This is reality. You can't live on €200."

No. 304903

I got into sugaring around June.
I go through episodes of depressions and when I'm not feeling like self harming I instead get unhealthy sexual urges, and I thought it would be a good idea to open a seeking account since I'm feeling lonely.
Meet this guy who creeped me out, kept being in contact with him because I was lowkey scared to say I hated him, he usually said degrading things about what I was studying in uni, said I was going to end up in mcDonalds and just made me feel like a fucking retard. I blocked him on everything and he tried to contact me even through my bank account and I genuinely felt scared, I was sleepless and when I went out I was constantly watching over my shoulder, I told my sister I thought I was gonna die just because.

Did I learnt something? No, I met other old guy, I hooked up with him and still have his number, he even has my direction since he called me an Uber. Some days ago I told him about a concert in the country next to mine and he told me to send him the concert info.

I felt a sudden euphoria and couldn't stop jumping and celebrating.
But still, some nights I cry because I'm scared something will happen to me, but other nights I pray something bad happens to me because I deserve it and I'm a sick bad person, and finally my parents will be free from such a mediocre useless daughter.

(sorry for the long blog post)

No. 305267

I don't see how buying sex could ever be seen as acceptable at all. It isn't a necessity. If you can't get someone to have sex with you for free you shouldn't be having sex at all until you fix whatever's making you so unappealing. I feel like the only reason """sex work""" is even a concept that we entertain is because of our scrote brainrot infested society that acts like moids nEeD sEx.

No. 305271

Not to schizo tinhat, but I really wonder if the rise of more people watching porn and pushing sex work is correlated with the whole incel-friendzone thing and how Millennials and Gen Z are having the least amount of sex and lasting relationships compared to other generations when they were under 40. Especially with how OnlyFans and e-girl simp stuff is basically combining watching porn, the idea that it's "compensating a hard worker" and a fake relationship with someone who pays attention to you.

I don't believe that having sex is a need like eating food, but the majority of the population aren't asexual (if anything this stuff is making more people meme themselves into it), many people do desire sex and relationships after puberty. But I notice dating is hard for this generation, from what I learned talking to both gay and straight people, and my own experiences with trying to find a relationship. I know I have a hard time connecting with and talking to people despite wanting to have intimacy and sex. I find watching porn and OnlyFans immoral so don't do it and I refuse to be friends with people who do (I guess that's why I'm here lmao), but I guess for people less "enlightened" just paying someone for nudes and have them talk to you, or watching porn alone if you're horny is "the easy way out". That's likely why there's such a high demand, besides the economy being shitty.

No. 305275

Is sugaring even worth it anymore? From what I've seen its just scammers preying on young girls and old moids trying to hook up for cheap

No. 305276

That's what it's always been.

No. 305277

It depends person to person, I don't have sex but I give erotic massages and it's so much better than the constant anxiety working normal jobs. I live in a racist area and I'm very obviously middle eastern so getting a job was practically impossible and keeping one down was harder (fuck right to work states) I've literally been fired due to customers complaining about my ethnicity before and it was legal because I didn't pass the 90 days yet. I also grew up poor and my parents aren't willing to let me move in while I finish school so this is the only option I had to get a lot of money in a short amount of time so I can finish school work plus I'm able to set my own limits unlike other jobs that just straight up allowed people to sexually harass and bully me. It's also nice to be able to go get the medical needs done without it costing an arm and a leg. I don't care if it pisses anons off but this is a lot better than only being able to get 2 hours of sleep max a night to barely scrape by, although this makes me question how many women who are suspiciously rich out of nowhere are doing something similar

No. 305278

Scammers weren't that bad then though, now it seems like any average teen - college age girl is posting bragging about how "they have sugar daddys flooding their DMs begging to pay bills" but don't show the rest of the conversation where they get ghosted after sending a "verification fee" kekk

No. 305656

do you mind if I ask what area you live in? also not sure how much "erotic massage" entails, if you're not actually giving handjobs Idk if I would actually call that sex work

No. 305666

I live in a country part of a Midwestern state but I don't live far from a major city. I do give handjobs but that's as far as I'll go. I'm definitely looking for my next move to a state with more workers rights but it seems like there's always some sort of issue with other states and areas

No. 305669

To add to this - the first time I discussed this with a lawyer I explained to them what happened, just for them to ask me how long I worked there and when I told them he laughed and screamed "no case" and slammed the phone

No. 314449

Day one of sugaring and I already regret it. It’s supposed to be a weeklong vacation, I got off the plane today and just haven’t been feeling it.

What do I do? I would feel bad for leaving early.

No. 314450

Day one of sugaring and I already regret it. It’s supposed to be a weeklong vacation, I got off the plane today and just haven’t been feeling it.

What do I do? I would feel bad for leaving early.

No. 315365

Welcome to the world of adult transactions involving money, company, and sex: you gotta do the job and it sometimes sucks!

No. 315437

If you are worried about offending your sd by making him feel bad for changing your mind, you're not ready for this and will suffer the consequences if you lead by feelings and caring. Your an object now, nona.

Live up to your job description like >>315365 or make other life plans for money.

It's your first day, but you feeling bad for your sd means he already has all the power over you.

Take care and stay safe Nona.

No. 315655

is there anything sadder than a woman with a small onlyfans following? watching this woman who's genuinely so pretty degrading herself for 2,000 followers, for 10 "likes"… so fucking depressing.

No. 316608

The point is that Internet is a magic world, a girl can create an account to post bare tits in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, however those pictures will remain on the Internet should she decide she doesn't want them on there anymore and wants them removed.

No. 316868

File: 1678793970829.png (91.67 KB, 580x576, 3.png)

No. 317875

File: 1679376786040.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.36 KB, 1080x1850, IMG_20230321_082344.jpg)

No. 317876

File: 1679376816181.jpg (155.33 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_2023-03-21-08-20-33…)

The absolute hypocrisy of the scrotes

No. 317877

File: 1679376844131.jpg (139.59 KB, 1080x1686, IMG_20230321_082410.jpg)

No. 317884

Anyone could work at a grocery store, does it mean that it's not real work? That logic isn't working at all, especially from scrotes using those services. I'm not pro-sex work myself but obviously it is work, even if it is dangerous and I would not advise anyone does it.

No. 317897

Men get really mad at the idea of a woman randomly being able to sell her body and make a ton of money while having sex, they dont understand most SW don't enjoy themselves and don't get to keep most of the money. So men see sexwork as some fun little scheme for women to fuck successful men and get free money while the reality is much different.

No. 320467

Only problem here is that The SW in question knew about whats happening. And even his family tried contacting her to stop. So thats wrong oyour part.

I would say both of them them a pieces of shits.

No. 320468

Online legalized pimping? OH MY GOD

No. 320473

Nta but most men who pay for sex are married. If escorts stopped servicing married men they'd have almost no one left. Most men see paying for sex work as super humiliating so young single guys would rather fuck a random girl than pay for sw but married men can't get laid so they end up going to escorts.

No. 320474

I understand the hassle of working 9 to 5 jobs but the constant demonizing of blue collar working jobs needs to fucking stop. Jesus christ!

No. 320475

Self harming? Oh my god. Girl i think that work is doing more harm to you.

No. 320478

And also on a double edged sword on sending a message that women are only successful when you sell your body.

No. 320479

this is why im all for accelerating sex robots and AI

No. 320485

You came back 9 months later to bump this near-dead thread?

No. 321411

Does being a stripper count as sex work? I need money like bad, I have huge knockers that are a little saggy will they reject me for being gross kek

No. 321819

Stripping does count as SW and every single moid will catch onto your insecurities and do their best to make you hate yourself even more to get freebies. Don't do it. They won't reject you for being gross, but you probably won't make much money and you need to pay the club to work there regardless of whether you make any money or not.

No. 337584

I used to strip. Not worth it anymore. I stripped when tinder was becoming standard, and as it grew in popularity (one night stands) money dried up. I stripped in an area with very strict laws reguarding no contact and nipples covered. I travelled once to a place that was a touch less strict, and I was hit and slapped so much my first stage I went in the back and refused to come out til close, so I didnt have to pay an early exit fee. I feel I kept a level head about things, but I am also an autist so I think I just didnt absorb the culture. I never drank or did drugs. But I saw many girls come in and fall down that path and believe so and so would 'take care of them'…girls died sometimes from drugs. When OnlyFans and sex work positivity kinda escalated, strip clubs began shutting down. Why pay 20 dollars for 2 minutes of tits when its 6 dollars a month from a girl you actually know? Or much easier to find a ons? I quit before only fans got big, it was just a rumor or niche thing when I did quit. Some of the women who had stripped for 20+ years told me when I started that money used to be incredible for them for decades, because of the taboo. Now, they make pennies it seemed. And I dont believe it was because of their age, they were good at their job. They had regular customers for years. Customers dried up. Every club I worked at has now shut down despite at the time of my being there having been open 20, 30 years. It isnt worth it. 10+ years ago maybe it was, depending on your circumstances. Youre honestly better off getting a welding license or into a trade for more money and similar work ethic kek or some random factory job… stripping is NOT as easy as it seems.

No. 337776

Secret life of coomers that I learned during my time camming: Tons of men are bisexual. Many Asians and white men are obsessed with BBC and use “cuck” fetish as a way to mask their bisexuality and desire to fuck a black man. Most black men want to be called the Hard R/slave/etc (not race bait I’m 100% serious). Even though age play is prohibited on all cam sites there are unsurprisingly many pedophiles who say disgusting shit. However you’d be surprised by how well old women do on those sites and how just as many men have mommy/grandma kinks. Many men happily eat their own cum after jerking off. Possibly even your Nigel or your dad. I now side-eye every man I see thinking “u sick bitch”, especially the most normie looking white guys.

No. 337794

I can believe this I found granny porn on an exes tablet. Gilf in stockings was his specific searches. I also went down a rabbit hole on Reddit found the selfsuck subreddit and swear to god my ex has a video on it. I found it a year or two ago. Wearing the jumper my mum got him from Next

No. 337795

Plus a balaclava. We're from Northern Ireland. I do wonder if he's got mixed up with paramilitaries wouldn't be surprised. He told me once he took coke in some crackhouse with gang members and there was a child hanging out.

No. 337856

jesus fucking christ, the type of men you girls manage to find. at least it's an 'ex', hope you don't put up with these creatures anymore.

No. 343419

I need some advice on a potential sugar situation, I've never done sex work but have always been open to it and I feel like this is an opportunity I can't pass up. Older man that I met at work and have been talking to, as friends, for the last couple of years. He always messages me and does not mind when I don't respond, has been very (almost overly) respectful throughout. I am definitely attracted to him and he has shown interest in mentoring me as he works and socialises in similar circles to me. Recently has been making efforts to meet up that I kept turning down, but again he's very respectful even when I do. I'm thinking of just asking him if he wants an arrangement because if not I would still appreciate the clarity. Does anyone have advice on how to broach this or signs to look out for finding an sd in the wild like this

No. 343423

File: 1691325595519.jpg (121.27 KB, 634x467, timbo.jpg)

Just drink as much soda as possible. Then once you develop diabetes they can amputate your foot and then you can collect disability. Pretty simple.

No. 343425

How do you know this could be a potential sugar situation? Just sounds like an old moid likes you. He wants to mentor you to feel smart and fuel his ego, women his age likely don't put up with his shit.

No. 343426

Every man is a potential sugar situation. If he's fucking you subconsciously he's going to be acting like you have his child inside you, which means unless he is a legitimate psychopath (which probably is the only kind of guy that wouldn't be put off by the kinds of girls ITT) he will be strongly driven to do whatever he can for you as though you were his child.

No. 343432

nta but you gotta lay off these psychoanalysis books (or drugs)

No. 343435

Why are men willing to "pay" for sex in a way that women are not? It's not that men are actually willing to pay, most actually find it shameful and think it's unfair that they're expected to pay for women if you sit them down and talk about it rationally, but once you put an attractive woman in front of them money becomes no object to them (in their own minds).
Why are men more willing to sacrifice resources for women than the other way around?

No. 343438

Because in this patriarchal system men get more resources than women and are therefore more willing to trade them, you got 1000 dollars a month you can give 10 a day, you got 100k dollars a month you can give 100 a day and it wouldn't have a huge impact on finances

No. 343442

>Because in this patriarchal system men get more resources than women
Which are mostly spent on things which single to women that they have resources until they find a woman and then he starts giving the resources to her as a way to retain her.
The only reason men hoard resources is to hoard women by proxy.
Also notice how men who take a vow of celibacy traditionally also take a vow of poverty. If a man isn't trying to get sex he has no need for anything beyond his most basic sustenance.
Stop thinking in transactional terms. The man isn't actually getting anything in return except "pleasure" which is just the sensation of your body reinforcing a behavior in your mind.
There is no transaction. Men just do what they are biologically programmed to do for you (bring you the hunted animal) as long as you let them.

No. 343482

It's crazy to think how hard it must be for girls nowadays. Back when cam girling was starting its decline but even a moderately attractive woman could still make $50-$100 an hour, I talked to the other models who were transitioning from stripping to camming and the stories they told were crazy. Back in the 1980s, it wasn't uncommon for the financial sector to have business meetings in strip clubs because you could write it all off on your taxes. So a stripper took home $1200 a night minimum. But they tightened tax laws and sexual harassment became an actual legal threat so they stopped and then the market got flooded and pornography became more accessible so now the gig is beyond garbage. I honestly don't know how anyone does it anymore.

No. 343618

He definitely is wealthy at the least but does give off vibes of extreme wealth. He has always shown an interest in my life and yes I may be oblivious but I have always been open to age gap friendships with women, and again he has been classy and respectful which is why I have probably stayed oblivious for so long.

No. 343627

Only the most mentally ill anons would straight up think about sugarbaby stuff when an older guy shows interest in them. Most older men prey on young unattractive women because they're easier to manipulate and cheaper to please than women their age. And I'm 21 myself so I'm not a bitter older woman or something

No. 343685

Am I missing something? How does this translate to "he wants to fund my life." That's what YOU want him to do, and so far nothing you've said indicates that's what he wants

No. 343751

If I tell people I used to be a stripper in college they almost always store it away and use it against me later because now I’m a teacher, and people have even called me a pedophile because of it. i’m so tired

No. 343759

Don't tell people. I don't tell people I did it because I know I'll be judged and if you're telling people and you're a teacher of all things then you're being completely retarded in thinking people won't find a way to use it against you.

No. 343761

You're the same teacher anon that accused 10 year old boys of feeling sexual stuff towards you because you're hawt while posting your complaint with a hot anime picture. You're a pedophile and shouldn't be a teacher. How would you feel if your kids had a teacher that thought your 10 year old daughter was in love with him? You literally only thought they loved you because they asked you your name which is something normal to ask a teacher while introducing themselves

No. 357996

what are some ways to exploit moids for money that don’t involve fucking them, camming, or stripping?

No. 358000

Rob them in an alleyway

No. 358010

Seconding what nona said. Drug them and rob them.

No. 358198

Sell bikini pics on digital platforms

No. 358202

not a lot of money, but I put a message about how I'm not interested in talking to men on my fetlife profile unless they send money to my revolut account, posted a couple of reworded nsfw twitter posts in the femdom, male sub, etc tags, and a couple of guys actually did send me money just to have a conversation with me. I made €70 off it altogether.
the funny thing is I wasn't even trying to be an online dominatrix or anything, I was just trying to ward off creepy male doms from messaging me

you could also try selling worn underwear, heels, socks, pantyhose, etc. a few weeks ago a guy messaged me asking if he could buy some gross things off me like used pads and vials of spit, which if it wasn't for the fact I don't want fetlife moids finding out my address when I send the stuff, I would have done because coomers are willing to drop a good bit of cash on them. in my country paying for a p.o box is expensive so it's not worth bothering with unless you own a business, but if it's cheap where you live, I'd recommend making a fetlife account (or just posting on a nsfw twitter account if you have one with a couple of hundreds followers), posting some mean femdom posts paraphrased from nsfw twitter/tumblr posts, putting your pfp as a picture of you in a corset or your feet on heels or something else that lets them know you're an attractive woman, and the sub males do bite. it's not enough to earn a living on but you can make a decent bit of pocket money if you want

No. 358204

Ah, the ol’ Cardi B Maneuver.

No. 358209

since this seems like a unserious thread, there's this moid on social media i see from time to time. cheesy as fuck but he has a nice face and body. he never shows his dick on onlyfans from what i can tell and just keeps baiting people

have you ever seen an instance of a woman getting away with this because it sounds impossible? i bet moids would straight up unfollow and refuse to give money

No. 358308

I know someone that does very advanced clown make-up that never gets nude. In a niche you can bait for years.

No. 358636

belle delphine went a full 4 years baiting before she went nude

No. 359957

idk if this is the appropiate thread, but getting some anon opinions and advice would be great, since I cannot afford therapy rn. I used to be a sex worker (it was mainly (just oral sex tho) when I was having cocaine abuse issues. Back then I couldnt care less because I was being extremely self destructive, I wanted to die. Now (2 years later) I dont do cocaine anymore, and I have a good job. I have been dating my boyfriend for 1.5 year and each day I feel more miserable regarding my past. I have never told him anything about it, but because I know that he would feel as repulsed as I am about it. I dont know what to do, I dont want to lose him but I feel so fake

No. 359961

I am not going to lie nonna, you will never owe any moid an explanation for anything. I understand completely why you feel this way, but what is in the past should be left in the past. You are not a bad person for your past work, and if he does not love you the same if he found out, he does not love you.

No. 359965

Thanks for your reply!
There is virtually no way for him to find out, but I feel like Im hiding that from him. He knows that I have a relatively high (20 something) body count, but in one ocassion he told me that he doesnt want to know the number… But I feel like he should know about this, but at the same time I dont want to ruin everything. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing that

No. 359966

make fake accounts on escort sites, have them send a "security deposit" then block them

No. 359971

You said you used to be self destructive and it sounds like you haven't moved on from that. You have a steady relationship with a moid who doesn't want to pry into your past. Like the other anon said you don't owe him an explanation for anything. You've stopped doing sex work and coke, you're not doing anything you're ashamed of right now. And you still feel the need to ruin that by spilling your spaghetti all over your new life.
I get that you can't afford therapy but there are millions of free online resources you can use to give you some sort of framework to work your way through your past. Use them before you fuck up even more.
Also 2 years is not a long time to leave that sort of destructive lifestyle behind. You might feel like you're in a totally different place now but chances are you still have the same issues you did back then that led you down the cocaine hooker route, they're just manifesting in a different way. You need to sort that shit out or it might come back and REALLY fuck things up.
I'm proud of you for coming this far, what you've done is not easy and it's fantastic that you pulled yourself out of that shit and presumably stayed clean for 2 years.

No. 359977

Thanks for your words!
By "afford" I mean that I currently have no time due to working long hours, I can economically afford it. Do you know any other alternatives (e.g., a specific self help book)? However I dont even know if therapy will help me regarding this specific thing (therapy was pretty useless in the past), I think I just need someone to erase my memories or something.
And Im not as self destructive as I used to be (I still do drugs tho but no cocaine, just mdma occasionally and at parties - not addicted to that at all), sometimes I think about relapsing but then I realise that would be pretty dumb. You are right about that tho, sometimes Im afraid of going back to that lifestyle

No. 360100

I agree with the other nonas that you don't have to tell him anything. It sounds like you have a lot of self hate about your past and that's a very vulnerable position to be in to confess something to a loved one, especially if there's a chance they might react badly to what you're telling them. I'd be worried for you that his possible negative reaction would "confirm" all your self hating beliefs and send you spiraling to a darker place. You don't deserve that.
I hope you can forgive yourself, nona. It's in the past and you did what you did to survive, your addiction issues and self-hate drove you to make choices that were detrimental to your well-being. Sounds like you were in a lot of pain and I'm really sorry you had to go through all that. But you got yourself out and that's amazing. You've made such an effort to turn your life around, you should be proud of yourself.
When you mentioned that "I just need someone to erase my memories or something", is it that the encounters themselves were traumatic (this is probably a very stupid question since I'm sure interacting with degenerate johns would be damaging to any woman) or is it more that your current feeling of shame and unease with the situation is because of the societal stigma regarding prostitution and the fear that your bf would think of you with contempt if he knew?
If it's more the first part, I wanted to mention something even though you said that therapy hasn't been helpful in the past. I have a friend who had a lot of childhood trauma and her therapist did EMDR sessions with her. She found that to be really helpful and the memories kind of lost the emotional grip they had on her, she could recall those things in the present in a neutral way without the past emotion being entangled there.
I don't know if this type of therapy could be helpful to you and sorry if it's useless advice - I know you mentioned that you're very busy currently. Whatever you decide to do moving forward, I wish you the best and I hope you can find peace within yourself. You've come so far and you don't need to "atone" for anything, you don't need to confess any "sins" to your bf. You deserve the good life you've built for yourself and you deserve to feel good about yourself. Your past doesn't taint you.
Sorry I can't offer any practical advice on self-help books or online resources. I just read your message and it moved me so I wanted to echo the other anons' sentiment and give some encouragement.

No. 360148

Dumb question, but how attractive do you really have to be to do sex work (not street walking)? I see some girls that are pretty out of shape and/or are uglier than me doing it. But my issue is that my breast are saggy and uneven af and I'm really insecure about them.
They look decent with a bra on though

No. 360169

File: 1700510723047.jpeg (328.95 KB, 480x771, F639280B-C023-4E57-9ED2-2AAC14…)

I don’t think you need to be that hot, Trisha Paytas was a stripper and most strippers Ive seen irl (I went to a club I was considering working at, it was in a small town btw) had older women and young ones with chubby-average bodies and stretch marks and somewhat pudgy bodies, they were super nice and charming tho. That’s their job is to sweet talk men out of their money and writhe around on them. A smile is the sexiest thing they can do. They were drunk too. As for cam girls men will jerk off to any videos online, midgets, fatties, etc. but I think it’s over saturated so you have to find a niche. Saggy boobs are not as bad as people make them out to be. This video makes me laugh, people in the comments said they don’t allow coins at strip clubs and this lady had them chucked at her naked body. If you can contrort yourself well enough to expose them but not have them just flip out maybe you should, like lying on your back on stage or upside down. I wouldn’t if I were you though, just do some bartending if you’re attractive and push your boobs up you’ll get tips from drunk men and you can charm them into giving lots of money. It’s also not as embarrassing if your family finds out


No. 360190

That is almost all $1 bills and coins kek

No. 360194

Omg thanks for taking your time to write that long message, fr !!!
I know, going back in time is impossible so I have to face it, but sometimes I overthink about it too much.
I feel both dirty and traumatized tbh. For example, sometimes when Im visiting my grandparents I feel like if only they knew who I really am, they wouldnt want to see me anymore, but well they will never find out about this.
I will look into EMDR therapy, thanks for the advice! Yall have been very supportive and kind, I really appreciate that <3

No. 360205

Capitalistic feminism

No. 360578

if you're in a strip club that's fairly lively you'll do fine. I've seen fat strippers with saggy boobs do good, strippers with no boobs at all, strippers with cellulite, wrinkly baby tummies, etc who all did fine. Weirdly enough I've seen beautiful strippers with great bodies go home empty handed if they're simply not socialable

No. 365513

you sold your consent, think about that

No. 365551

I've never been more suicidal in my life. Everyday I puke after clients from how bad they smell, I get constant infections and am always sick because of how many will rub my urethra extremely hard with dirty fingers and it hurts so bad I will bleed. I have been so depressed I never have styled hair and haven't eaten a healthy meal in months. I hide so much I just want a safe car and safe living conditions but no place can fucking hire me and pay me something liveable without firing me every other week even if I do nothing wrong. I want to kill myself so badly

No. 365563

Keep looking for jobs you can do and don't give up

No. 365575

Nonnie please consider counseling. The right therapist could help you pinpoint why you struggle to keep these other jobs. Use the money from your clients to invest in job training, certificates, whatever might give you a leg up in the hiring process. And in the meantime….start making your clients shower or at least wash their hands first. It’s not a big ask.
Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

No. 365690

I wish I could hug you and take away your pain, nonna. I’m so sorry it’s so hard.

No. 369272

How's she going to afford counselling if she can't even afford decent meals wtf

No. 385063

You're setting yourself up for catastrophic failure by lying about something like that.

No. 385067

How so? It's not like they'll find out, and when you're way past that time of your life, it doesn't matter, I don't think. What are your thoughts?

No. 385076

Would you really want to be in a relationship with someone who would dump you if they found out? You're basically living a lie, even if they don't find out.

No. 385104

> Pretending to be a MTF troon on the internet and posting unhinged rants about how JKR personally attacked you in an alley can get you a surprising amount of cash.
I’m so late but can you please explain this? I’m not in sex work but pretended to be a tranny before successfully. A second stream of income for my unconventional talents would be nice.

No. 385140

As long as if you didn't use any real information on you there's no chance of anyone finding out. There's moids who have entire secret families and live their entire life with no one finding out yet you think it's impossible for an ex SW to have a relationship without a man finding out?

No. 386103

I'm open about my past stripping to my partner and close friends. While it's something that in the end traumatized me due to the nature of the last club I worked at, it's also one of the reasons I developed the personality I did. I went from naïve to hardened and very street savvy and people close to me were noticing. If you can admit it without being judged to close friends (not men, only other women) and your partner then life will be a lot easier.
Sadly I keep thinking I may have to go back to it because I don't know if I can remain with my partner and if I can do Fridays and Saturdays then I can do it on top of my day job, this has nothing to do with my past, we are just incompatible life goals wise and I'm with a woman who thinks barely 6 figures means a sugar mommy in this economy and that she doesn't need to have a savings account. I always was a good earner but after the last club, with full nude spas, extras everywhere from the younger girls on top of my joints now being fucked from being a huge stage centric girl in my early 20s I kind of dread the idea.

No. 386166

I'm not saying they will find out. It's more the idea of "if they knew this one thing I did they wouldn't love me and wouldn't want to be with me" that is the issue. You are not being true to yourself. You deserve someone who can accept and love you, past and all.

No. 387190

I remember wanting to hook when I was younger due to hypersexuality and being attracted to most men at the time. I didn’t do it because while I’m thin I’m genuinely ugly not even half conventionally attractive. I have a pretty weird face. It probably would have fucked with my self esteem so badly that not even punters would want to bone me. I’m glad I never did it because of that and also it sounds incredibly dangerous. Im ugly and somehow married so someone who loves me and I doubt that would have happened with a past of hooking. Seems to only happen for hot women who hook. Would have been a double con for me for sure lol

No. 387192

Honestly don’t tell him. The average man does so many depraved things. They consume extreme stuff often and very few of them stop. They hide soooooo many things from women. Most men who have visited a prostitute in the past don’t dare tell their partner about it. I’ve used spying software on so many boyfriends and the things they do, did, and continued to do that they didn’t even hint at to me were unendingly shocking. Im convinced that almost every man has some sort of skeleton in his closet due to my intense snooping. As long as you are std free just keep it to yourself.

No. 387283

>spying software
tips on getting info on men? i'm intrigued.

No. 387284

I agree with the other posters saying don't tell him. As long as you don't have STDs, your past does not affect him whatsoever and is none of his business.

Having a past of SW can be a heavy burden and I understand the urge to "come clean" to those closest to you, but to any anons reading this struggling with the same thing: please go to a therapist instead. Even a man you truly love and trust may not see you the same way again, and otherwise good people will use it against you the first chance they get. Casual "whore"s the first time you anger them at best, blackmail or attempts to ruin your life & reputation at worst. Think of even the CHANCE of people closest to you/your job/any future career being made aware of your SW past, and weigh whether telling this person is worth risking that. Once you tell them, you can't take it back. What if you have a bad breakup and they're feeling petty? What if they threaten to tell your parents if you try to leave them? Weigh even the tiniest chance that you may not be able to trust this person someday. People can change, feelings can change.

This is coming from a former escort though. From my understanding, stripping and camming are seen as slightly less of a huge deal, less despised by society since you're not having explicit sex for money. But that's only slightly - many men see all women in any form of SW as whores and heavily look down on them. Even subconsciously.

Only you can make the decision, but prioritize yourself and your future always.

No. 387291

I’m so sorry girlie. It’s 3 months later and I hope things are better for you. I want to hug you and give you a warm meal and a bed.

No. 387709

Keyloggers and screen grabbers. Getting their passwords from their saved passwords on their computer to see what sites they frequent and log into. Logging into dating apps with this info to see if they use it. Recording them unlocking their phone so you know the code. Activating location tracking or purchasing a device. They even make usb dongles that find hidden pornography on phones and pcs by just plugging it in. It uses an algorithm to search for skin tones in images. There are hundreds of methods to get information if you dare to seek it. It will forever change your opinion on men and relationships though. I don’t even dare to do these things to my husband because I’m actually happily married now and like my living arrangement… plus all of his devices are unlocked by default. but if I have suspicions I won’t hold back. Though sometimes you can’t catch a cheater or weirdo because they are smart enough to use devices that you don’t know about to cheat or do whatever nefarious thing they are doing. Only way to find those devices is to know a lot about routers or use a device to detect devices that have wireless signals. Or just set up hidden cameras to catch them in the act, that’s a favorite. A lot of scrotes will just keep these secret devices in their offices even going as far as to hide them in the ceiling panel. I honestly wish I could start a business helping women do these things but of course it would be illegal because moids want to get away with everything forever.

No. 387919

Thank you nona, I did not realize so much went into it!

No. 396993

so i am in dire straights and i need rent money bad, i need like all my rent by the end of the month my family isnt helping and i am looking for a straight job but man i am out of luck i guess, just the worst things are happening to me, i lost my job, my car broke down. Anons how did you start selling ass? this is my last resort.

No. 396997

scam moids instead. dont actually sell ass

No. 396999

This is like a second job at this point. Better to just always use a condom and cheat on him first imo.

No. 397073

you don't have to sell ass per say, but you can become an "erotic masseuse" and make the same amount as most prostitutes do without actually having sex although you may have to give the clients handjobs you basically do the same as a massage therapist and just wear lingerie, you don't even have to let them touch your downstairs

No. 397074

ill catfish some old dudes
do i sign up for an agency? Advertise on craigslist or?

No. 397077

Without getting into many details, a lot of escort sites have options for non full service (aka sex) massages. I did this when I was short on rent, I brought a cheap table on Facebook marketplace and signed up, made my rent in the day. While it is better to have a second location sometimes you just have to do what you have to do

No. 397080

do not fucking do this, are you retarded? Turning tricks from YOUR OWN HOME is incredibly fucking dangerous. Any weirdo you service now knows exactly where you live and even the layout of your home. My god. Jesus christ.

No. 397082

Not as dangerous as being homeless. Unfortunately this is the reality of a lot of sex workers, you have to choose between operating in your own home vs homelessness, starving, etc

No. 397107

then go with starvation and homelessness

No. 397119

To be honest, you really shouldn't be giving your input/"advice" if your best option is to "just potentially die"

No. 397165

nta but the options here are both "potentially die"

No. 397167

so there's no right or wrong option? evictions will make it damn near impossible for her to rent again or find other housing, which is already hard to do, if she uses proper security precautions the chance of anything going wrong is next to none, especially since she's not an ~actual~ prostitute. kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place here but saying "just starve" is ridiculous, you're giving her a situation that WILL fuck over her future, health and possibly kill her and a situation that only has a small chance of that

No. 397170

sage for samefag but the murder rate for homeless people was way, way higher than it was for sex workers, and that's not even including the fact majority of sex work-related deaths were the "druggie prostitute in the streets" type, none of them were erotic masseuses who operated in their own apartment. This statistic also doesn't even include more homeless people who die from malnourishment, disease, lack of shelter and freezing/overheating, etc

there's a whole "community" of erotic masseuses, almost all of them are independent and operate in their own apartments, despite this sort of thing going on for more than a decade-I've never heard of a single one of the girls being murdered or stalked- and I use to do this in one of the most dangerous cities in the US too.

No. 397202

Please not this shit again, there is nothing that hasn’t already been said ITT.
Is there seriously zero social safety net in your shithole? Because destitute women are who housing/food assistance and work programs supposed to help.

No. 397203

Do you know what survivorship bias is?

No. 397272

Have you ever tried to use these programs anon? Majority of the time you have to jump through hoops IF you even qualify. When I was homeless my city ate up the "poor men don't get help" meme hard, a lot of women's shelters got shut down or turned super exclusive (the only available women's shelter here only allowed you in if you were addicted to drugs), other programs will scream at you about how you don't need help if you e beg everyone in your life first
I understand what it is, but as the statistics I stated, the chances of getting murdered because you ran an erotic massage clinic out of your home is next to none, the chances of being homeless and getting trafficked, murdered, sick etc is through the roof

No. 397285

Why not just tell your family that you’re literally considering prostitution? It sounds like they don’t understand the gravity of the situation. You do not want to get raped for pay. I feel like anons understate how much the industry will change you. There is no going back to who you were previously. Everything changes for the worst.

No. 397295

>Why not just tell your family that you’re literally considering prostitution?
Nta but if this was an option for women considering prostitution they wouldn't be here at all, and depending on the family they'd cut you off for considering it too so then you really won't be getting help at all - it's just risk after risk after risk

No. 398174

How do people get donations on Twitch?

No. 405818

how do you handle time wasters, pic collectors, address collectors, etc? lately ive been so fucking tired ive just been doxxing them and letting their wives/employers know they contacted me

No. 405848

Stop being a whore? Get a real job.

No. 405851


No. 405852

You should always let their wives know they contacted you

No. 405853

>stop being a whore
just because she refuses to submit to capitalist slavery doesn't make her a whore. At least she is working for herself instead of prostituting her time and life force for our corporate overlords

No. 405854

If I could be a capitalist slave I would. thousands of job applications monthly and I hear absolutely nothing back. I'd scoop shit out of toilet water with my bare hands 18 hours a day if it got me out of this, too bad employers cant be bothered to email me back though so I just scam their husbands for overpriced handjobs

No. 405855

I've just been so fucking done with everyone this is my go-to, and if they don't have wives I just let their jobs/families know. Time wasters, low ballers, everyone fuck them all

No. 405857

lolcow has always been radfem and anti sex work, newfag zoomie

No. 405861

1. if you want to do sex work, there is way more money in stripping than in camwhoring
2. You. do. not. get. jobs. by. sending. out. applications. That shit doesn't work. It amazes me how many people don't understand this. If you want a job, you read the job listing and then find the contact info of the person doing the hiring and reach out to them directly. If the person doing the hiring is a man, you physically go over to the office and introduce yourself. It's a non sex work way of making your looks work for you. Being an attractive woman is hell, so you may as well get something out of it.
3. If you want to do OnlyFans, you don't start with OnlyFans. You start a YouTube channel of just you talking to the camera, dressed in modest clothing. You have to make the pay pigs come to you (no pun intended). And believe me, they will
4. You might want to consider a sales job. It is the only field that is always hiring

No. 405863

File: 1718319093408.jpg (83.92 KB, 750x1000, fposter,small,wall_texture,pro…)

most radfem beliefs around sex work are that women are forced into by poverty, childhood trauma, trafficking, etc, while anti-SW their first responses are to typically push women into safe situations not penalize them for being a "stupid whore that isn't trying hard enough", that's just an alpha male-esque belief

No. 405867

>there is way more money in stripping than in camwhoring
I do massages, I tried stripping but strip clubs here are dead
>If you want a job, you read the job listing and then find the contact info of the person doing the hiring and reach out to them directly.
There were days I literally spent walking around my city handing out applications, before SW my feet would literally start bleeding because I was walking around talking to people who claimed to be hiring just to get hit with "apply online" or got ghosted yet again

>You might want to consider a sales job. It is the only field that is always hiring

Yeah I've been looking into getting various licenses for sales, of course since I need money now for rent I can't just drop this right now, it also is hell looking for sales jobs since researching alone brings you pages and pages of scam shit like cutco

No. 405885

>There were days I literally spent walking around my city handing out applications
That's hardcore and I admire the effort but I was thinking of something a bit more targeted: find an online job listing and send in the resume but then immediately call the boss at that place or, better yet, go in and visit. However, I will admit this probably only works for the shitty low end jobs that I work, I doubt it would work for a professional job.
Another thing you can do is to keep striking up conversations with professional looking men. One of them will eventually offer you a job.

No. 405889

I've done this many, many times, the age old "we'll call back", even used the interview set up, I did get interviews but either got ghosted or baited in switched (spent all the time doing the interview just for them to claim they're not hiring)

Strangely enough I did get my sister a job working as a sales person of a brand she really likes because one of my johns owns the shop, but I doubt this could ever land me a position there

No. 406580

Most sexwork buyers are married ugly losers, their wives don't care if they're cheating because they're THAT useless.
This attitude makes u sound like one of the ugly married men who pay to see women's tits while his wife is cheating on him anf refusing to fuck him.

No. 406592

You're a retard, do something with your life beyond spreading your legs for stinky old men you pathetic pickme.(infighting)

No. 407084

How are you having so much trouble finding a job? Where do you live? I've been applying places online and now I have to turn down jobs because multiple offers. Sometimes I think the internet is some kind of portal to an alternate universe because everyone's experience is vastly different from my own.

No. 407111

It might just be a thing in your area? I see a lot of people reporting this same thing, not just SWers. There could also be a lot of other factors, I live in a very conservative area and my legal name is middle eastern so I get applications thrown out a lot

No. 407157

Off topic but if you are having trouble finding a job by applying directly, try going to a temp agency. A lot of companies hire from their pool of temp workers because then they can just not renew the contract instead of going through the firing process if the new hire is a mess

No. 407257

what to invest in to eventually leave SW? I make about 1k daily, I've been investing in div yields + I was going to flip cars

No. 407264

damn how do you get into 1k daily range? and put some money long term into sp500

No. 407287

is this from online or irl?

No. 407294

File: 1718772883442.png (940.58 KB, 603x913, hsdtzghe.png)

How do disabled thirdie nonas here survive without sw?

Genuinely am too (diagnosed as a child)autistic to work cause sensory processing and concentration issues. Country barely offers disability benefits but atleast it is cheap enough to survive by doing online sw without having to do any degrading stuff. So i have to do it, not going to lie i have been lurking for a decade now and although i dislike the ableism/bodyshaming/misogyny some nonnys display i am pretty envious of you for being non disabled. Must be nice having a normie job,loving family, a bf.

Though being a sw here was a troon tier ban-able offence lol
I understand why most women here including mods hate us swers because we literally do sell out not to just capitalism like everyone else but also to moids, but you do what you have to do to survive

sorry can not type, too much lack of sleep

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