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No. 203705

I believe we should have a thread about binge eating. A lot of women suffer from this issue and it is very embarrassing to discuss. The rona virus hasn't helped a lot of us binge eaters, and in my case personally, it's only increased my eating.
Feel free to discuss whatever you want, what you binge eat, how long you've been doing it, how does it affect your day to day life, how long have you gone without having a binge etc.

No. 203716

I have been binge eating since I was a child. I am an only child, and my parents were always working during school holidays. So I grew up simply eating whatever I could find. Now in my 20s I continue to do it even in a relationship. I binge eat whatever is high in sugar or salt in my fridge, whether it be pot noodles or candy. I can't stop. The only time I stopped was when I was addicted to weed, but now that I am sober, all I do is eat and eat and eat. I order uber eats at least once a day. I buy junk food and I always cook something fatty for dinner. It's horrible and I hate looking at myself in the mirror but I continue to do it.

No. 203727

I have issues with emotional binge eating too. I used to be bulimic when I was teen. I was able to stop purging, but binging has still been an issue for me. When I’m really sad or stressed out I turn to food like a drug. It’s usually sugary food so I tend to think I have a bad sugar addiction too? I try to avoid all sweets now because I feel like I’m able to curb binges better that way. Yoga helps regulate my hormones and stress a lot too

No. 203735

I've been in extended binge/restrict cycles ever since my first diet about 10 years ago. The cycles are usually 6 months+ long, it randomly switches on and off and I go from 4000 calories a day to being able to easily eat 1200 and lose weight with no issue. Luckily my weight has always been within a healthy BMI range, it's like that switch correlates directly to the upper and lower ends of it.

There's not really any deep emotional component to it, it's obviously a response to restriction. I don't think it will ever go away unless I completely stop caring about reaching/maintaining a lower weight but even then I'm obsessed with food, I feel deprived when I eat like a 'normal person' let alone when I diet.

No. 203787

Binging/purging is my most unfortunate coping habit whenever I go through more intense periods of stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Lately I’ve been struggling with my new job which has lead to binging tons of junk food, freaking out, purging, and then feeling like pure shit. And then the cycle just continues…

No. 203796

thanks for this thread anonita!
i have always loved sugar, especially chocolate so much. when i was a kid i regularly ate whole bags of treat-sized kitkats.

i have chronic depression which ebbs and flows in its severity, and on days i feel bad
i do mini-binges. im not sure if it technically classifies as binges since its definitely more than healthy amount but its also not like eating the entire thing of something. today i felt really bad and ate 3 mochi ice cream from a box of 6, and 3 trader joes peanut butter cups from a bag, so, still definitely not healthy but showing more restraint than i used to. is this binging?

another thing i wanted to ask is if its a good idea to give up sugar cold turkey or to just moderate it. when i live near a gym i count calories and exercise but i have at least one thing of chocolate basically every day. could only 1 thing of chocolate be very bad for my physical and mental health, and require me going cold turkey, or is it ok in moderation? thank you to anyone who replies to me.

No. 203798

>is this binging?
Binging isn't about the amount of food or calories really, it's the loss of control that's the issue. If you overeat by, say, 1000 calories of food that you don't even really want, it's not that good and you're not hungry but you can't help yourself for some reason, that's more of a binge than eating a 2000 calorie meal at a restaurant because that's the food you felt hungry for.

No. 203809

I had issues with emotional binges for years. Honestly the thing that helped the most was finding out that binge eating is a legit mental health problem and not just me being a fatty fatty fat fat. I was stuck in a constant cycle of binging and then beating myself up for binging, which would inevitably lead to another binge. This year I started being kinder to myself and treating it like a self-harm problem instead of a character flaw. When I feel the urge to binge I try to redirect to something comforting/soothing until the urge passes, and when I slip up I move on instead of punishing myself. It's working really well so far, I've lost a bunch of weight and it keeps getting easier because my body is adjusting to the new diet. It's a lot harder to binge when I feel full after 1 treat and sick after 2.

No. 204139

>feel stressed out by school, binge
>feel awful about binging, pressured to exercise it off
>feel like i don't have enough time to exercise, binge again for some reason
>even when i do exercise and resist the urge, i feel like i wasted my time fighting it off anyway, feels inevitable that i'll always relapse and stay stuck
>the immediate relief of a binge is more important to me than trying not to be overweight

Anons who struggled with this, how did you overcome it?

No. 204240

i need help, anons. my binging is completely out of control. has anyone here had success managing or tamping down on a rampant sugar addiction? i know how horrible it is for me but i feel like i can’t stay away

No. 204288

I don’t keep enough food in the house, lol. If I do then it’s stuff that needs cooking and time, which might trump my need to binge. As for ordering out, I tell myself that third-party delivery apps are annoying as fuck to restaurants. I try to also binge on water instead, and oddly enough recipe videos tamp down my urge to eat

My sugar addiction started slowing down when I started to obsess with my teeth. I noticed that after eating/drinking something really sugary, tooth plaque grew almost instantly. Baking/making your own sweets also helped cause you could slowly cut down the sugar in the recipe

No. 204291

File: 1630855552097.jpg (148.5 KB, 785x960, 106982007_10224191655924511_32…)

I’ve had issues with binging since childhood; I grew up poor so my mom would force me to eat everything on my plate even if I threw up after cause the food wouldn’t physically fit in my stomach. I started purging in my early 20s and have only recently recovered at 29. Honestly having a nigel with me who gets emphatically upset at the thought of me purging and doesn’t care about a little midsection pudge does wonders. It’s been over a year since I last purged and I binge a whole lot less too.

I also got a new office-like job, so instead of ravenous hunger from a manual labor work, I have to eat deliberately. Slowing down my eating and savoring my meal (to the point where if I eat socially I’m nearly always the last one still picking away) also helped a lot.

Honestly I’ve had a lot of other things to think about other than food these days

No. 204330

> binge eating is a legit mental health problem and not just me being a fatty fatty fat fat. I was stuck in a constant cycle of binging and then beating myself up for binging, which would inevitably lead to another binge. This year I started being kinder to myself and treating it like a self-harm problem instead of a character flaw
More details on this?

No. 205760

I'm so close to just taking a fucking overdose just so I'll be stuck in hospital with no access to food or alcohol. Today was definitely a low point, asking my teenage brother to borrow money (my bf has all my money rn so I can't binge eat / drink). I fucking hate it here, I honestly think binging is so much worse than anorexia even though normies don't see it that way. Like half of anorexics enjoy it & like being skinny & getting attention, this is just hell

No. 205768

I used to eat out of boredom, since at least it stimulated some dopamine receptors. I also trained myself to eat while watching TV shows, so I couldn't even sit down to watch something without feeling the need to grab something. What mainly helped me was to start working out. It actually keeps my appetite down, which made me require less to feel full, and now I hate eating over like 70% stomach capacity. Looking into ways to work out also gives me something to mildly obsess over, and I can just work out while watching media, but it's much harder to "overdo" proper training as long as I plan what to do. Also not keeping any food at home that is basically designed for binging helps, like chips and miniature cookies and such.

No. 205770

Not trying to be rude but why are you even comparing your struggle to an anorexics? Like look after yourself right now if you're in a crisis state. Don't turn your frustration into you ranting about other sick people having it so easy. You're only further winding yourself up with that talk.

No. 205777

because both are eating disorders but the way they are viewed is dramatically different (& in a way that kind of doesn't make sense as someone who's been on both ends of the spectrum - I feel like BED deserves more sympathy bc no one truly wants to be that way if that makes sense)

No. 205782

Sure, but plenty of people are disgusted by anorexia. I'm paranoid of my weight reaching a certain low because I'm scared of it due to my past anorexia. I agree anorexia gets romanticized, but it's ridiculous to think people secretly want to be anorexic when in reality many are (rightfully) grossed out by it.

No. 205783

Ayrt. You dont gain empathy or sypmathy from others by showing you yourself can't show empathy for people dealing with a different form of ED. It just feels like misplaced anger to say you're in a crisis and then in the next sentance lash out at others for not having it as bad as you.

No. 207505

File: 1633021089697.jpg (130.48 KB, 640x1065, ktkwkt5fn3161.jpg)

>tfw you binge so bad you vomit and liquid shit your pants
It's bad man. Every time I have access to weed, I binge on it and food for a month. Then I restrict for 2 months to drop the weight. And do it all over again. This time, I don't think I can starve off the weight gain. Not sure I can ever be normal around food.

No. 207539

I love getting stoned but I've limited myself to only smoking payday weekend because of this. I become an absolute hoover until I can barely move. I tell myself it's easier to eat healthy knowing I have a cheat weekend to look forward to, but the truth is I should just quit altogether.

No. 207551

Been badly binge eating for like a week or 2 straight and have gained 8 lbs. I binged last night but ate normally today and tracked my calories for once. I hope this puts me onto a good path but I just hate my life and don't care about myself so I'm not sure what to do.

No. 207554

Try redirecting the bad pain of binge eating to the good pain of weight lifting and exercise.
Boring, I know, but more useful.

No. 207555

When I smoke, my stomach becomes a bottomless pit. I regularly binged for about a 2.5-3 period and stopped for a few months. Last week I got into it again. I'm not sure if it's worse than before or not…but for the first time I polished off two cartons of ice cream in one night..last night was a family size bag of Chex Mix.
I hate to say it, but I think part of the reason I binge eat is so I can stay awake at night.

No. 207560

Not the anon, but that’s a good idea. I struggle with BED and notice, at least for me, it calms me more than making me hungry… but it’s always a good idea to prep a snack before a smoke. Something nice and healthy, ya know? Also, smoking then immediately hitting a trail is always great.

No. 207570

Well, I binge ate again and now I wanna kill myself even more. I truly hate myself and feel so worthless and that causes me to binge. I don't know what to do.

No. 207577

Seriously though how do you get over binge eating without going full anachan? Shit never ends

No. 207587

File: 1633064926440.jpg (43.84 KB, 640x637, pfburz9c1v061.jpg)

Gosh, anon how do you do it? If I have weed in the house, I'm smoking it. If I'm smoking I have to "make the most" of how tasty food tastes.

I think I do it also because I have no hobbies. Shopping for junk food, eating the food in front of the telly is entertainment for me.

No. 208132

I’ve struggled with BED for 12 years and finally have a treatment plan. On Vyvanse, 40 mg and it’s helping so much. It somehow mutes some impulses I have, and it’s helped maintain normal eating. (Also, being therapy for over a year as well.)
I just wanted to share some things that help.
- I keep almonds at work, ready to munch on
- I keep fast proteins around, like protein muffins or Bars. Overnight oats work.
- I get my bf to hide the chocolate and candies in the house accept for sugar free caramels. This seems extreme, until I’m on the edge of the binge and there’s no sweets readily available.
All the teas and coffees

Also, I smoke weed consistently, and site I get munchies, but I notice my binging has always been more frequent when I’m sober. (Weed helps me stay calm) . I also prep a healthy snack before smoking usually, and it helps. An apple, or some carrots, or berries.

No. 208133

Sorry, typo “sometimes I get the munchies”

No. 209767

Been binge eating again due to depression. I really need to get my meds straightened out. And every time I take Xanax I don't give a fuck and pig out. I'm not overweight yet but I'm not at a weight I am comfortable with and want to lose 10 lbs.

No. 210553

I struggled with binge eating since a was a child. I remember waking up at night to eat. My mom just always said that it's normal to eat a lot cause I was growing. I've never been skinny or obese, just really chubby.
I had it under control for the past 10 years with some relapse that lasted maybe two weeks.
Since the start of the pandemic it's been really bad. I gained around 40lb, I managed to lose 30lb. I can't seem to lose the last 10 cause whenever I lose a pound I just gain it back instantly. I've always been fine with my body but now I hate it. I always feel uncomfortable and been living in oversized clothes. I tell this to my mom and sister and they just tell me that I'm not fat (they are both obese) and that I shouldn't complain. But the point is not that I feel fat is how I gained so much and the lack of control over it, how I am ashamed of what I am doing to my body.
I am obsessed with food and I hate that I have no control over it. I don't keep food in the kitchen cause I know I will eat all of it. I can't even keep flour and sugar cause I will bake cookies at midnight if I crave them.
It doesn't help that I love cooking and baking and it's all so delicious, I wish I wasn't a great cook. I spend a big chunk of my day looking at recipes and bookmarking them. Last week I made a morrocan stew with 2 pounds of beef and I ate it all in the span of two hours. I disgust myself. I'm so glad that I live alone cause nobody can watch me half naked on the couch stuffing my face until I feel sick. Even when I start to feel sick I keep eating.
I'm jealous of people that say they would rather swallow a pill then eat.

No. 210580

File: 1634938408434.jpg (160.66 KB, 1437x1312, 20210920_090937.jpg)

Sorry in advance if this is against the thread rules. I recently realized my friend binge eats. When she comes over I'll know she'll ask for specific snacks and I'll buy them for her in advance. She'll eat what's for me a month's worth of junk food within the span of an evening.

She doesn't purge (whew) and is not overweight, but her impulsive eating habits irritate me, especially when we go to a restaurant. My friend herself refered to it as binge eating but doesn't seem to view it in a negative light. She also has adhd and I get the sense it's almost like stimming because the binge eating seems to comfort her…? Sry for the blogpost…

What do binge eaters find helpful to hear and what not? Does ADHD worsen her impulsive eating? Am I bad for buying her snacks? I thought only bulimics binged (+purged) so I am very confused right now…

No. 210607

I don't get it, what's the real issue here? She doesn't consider it a problem, she doesn't purge, she's not overweight, it seems to be a sporadic thing, I can't tell if you're concerned for her health or it just annoys you to be around it. Stop buying her snacks if you don't wanna fund her binging but how does her eating affect you at restaurants? If she doesn't ask you for help, you don't need to say or do anything about it, it's not really your business.

No. 210633


It's more that the term (which she brought up herself) seemed like it might be a a cause for concern. And just because she's not overweight doesn't mean it's not unhealthy either. But like you say if she has no qualms it's not my business at all. Also the reason it's annoying is because she will push me to eat or drink more as well despite the fact that I constantly tell her that I can't and don't want to. This happens specifically in restaurants.

No. 210636

Hi I just want to recommend Huel to you guys. I've struggled with binge eating since I was a child & recently drinking it for lunch / spread over the afternoon has helped me. Normally just getting hungry during the day triggers a binge because I eat something & then can't stop but drinking Huel doesn't trigger a binge (liquids don't seem to for me) & it is actually satiating unlike other meal replacement drinks like slimfast

No. 211299

File: 1635439410495.jpeg (39.19 KB, 375x375, B8233771-FB78-4B21-8ED4-CB14F3…)

I desperately need advice. For the past half a year to a year, I’ve been restricting myself on what I eat. So on weekdays, I try to avoid junk food, sugary drinks, etc etc and then on weekends I can eat whatever I want, basically. The problem with that is that on weekends I go balls to the wall and binge eat like crazy. Also the fact that sometimes on weekdays I eat a little bit of junk food and immediately start to hate myself for failing at the rules that I set for myself.

What do I do? Should I start letting myself eat a bit more freely on weekdays too? Maybe I wouldn’t binge eat so much on weekends then. I don’t know /:

No. 211333

I would be careful, I drank the strawberry one and even with milk it was fucking disgusting. See if someone can let you try it or if you can buy a single bag from a reseller

No. 211358

I used to struggle with bingeing and purging a lot when I was younger, and I still do sometimes because I feel like I lose control. I haven't purged in months now, and I'm trying to not do it again by practicing mindfulness, but I have a hard time regulating the way I eat. I don't overeat by much, mostly by 500 calories a day, but I consider them binges because its food that I barely even taste, I just eat it as fast as possible despite not even being hungry.
I don't think you should deprive yourself entirely of chocolate, nona. Why don't you try dark chocolate, or one that's lower in sugar, if the normal one makes you feel bad? I think that quitting something you like cold turkey like that could potentially trigger bigger binges in the future.

No. 211367


Restriction is often part of the binging cycle (Restricting/make rules==>Break rules==>Shame/Self-loathing==>Binge to feel better/cope/numbs emotions==>Repeat).

No. 211446

Needless restriction is what creates the urge to binge in the first place. I got a lot better (ironically) when I started calorie counting. As long as it fits within my food budget, I'm good. My intake isn't perfect but it's better than it's been in years and I've lost weight. Give it a try anon, and remember you and your body are a team, don't try to defeat your own teammate.

No. 214859

if you take ssri or medicine, it'll help you lose weight because the void in your heart will be filled and you no longer have to eat to fill it.

No. 214885

no offense but that only works with ssris that suppress appetite (that happened to me while on prozac), otherwise on meds i became so anhedonic that only food was enjoyable :/(:/)

No. 214902

lol felt

No. 224012

I no longer have coverage for my binging medication so they switched me over to adderall.
I binged for the first time in months last night, and it was disgusting. I’m filled with self hatred and too many calories. I know I’ve been overly stressed and dealing with a lot of shit, but I don’t want to relapse. I went months binge free.
I keep crying this morning. Fuck. I’ve worked so hard to lose weight I hope the adderall starts to work better, or my insurance pays for vyvanse like they said they would this year.

No. 224017

what is the bed medication? vyvanse?

No. 224020

No one will take me seriously, but I think psychs and therapists are just fighting poison with poison. These cunts love selling you drugs and they love you paying for more appointments.
You literally have the ability to stop yourself, you just don't believe in yourself. Don't pay some stranger to tell you that you should believe in yourself.
You binged once, who cares? Stop consuming so much media and just fucking relax aye?

No. 224023

It is vyvanse. It was helping mute my urges, even at a very low dose. There’s no generic of it on the market, and insurance won’t cover it now, after 6 months for no apparent reason. My doc is working on an appeal.

Hey homie, I hear you. I’m not sure that applies to my position completely. I’ve done therapy, but the first -real- help I’ve gotten (medicine wise) has come from the help of a doctor who specializes in binge eating. I’ve tried non prescription routes for 15 years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to be consistent. I understand everyone is different, but I hope to get back on it. My doc and I have a plan for me eventually get off of it, and I’m still going to therapy and working on the triggers and such.

No. 224025

its all in your head. believe in yourself and dont live in this post freudian society, its a bullshit rabbit hole. good luck anon.

No. 224031

Are there any over the counter options to help with binging? I don't do well on medication in general, I would love to try Vyvanse but it's expensive and the psychiatrists I see don't give stimulants to adults (I am diagnosed with ADHD)

No. 224032

File: 1642349546842.jpeg (38.85 KB, 351x499, 393E97EE-7D8E-4BA2-BED4-1F1BCE…)

Nonnies, I want us all to get better. Unless you don’t want, it’s a free country do what you want.

Highly recommend reading Overcoming Binge Eating disorder.

I’ve been following the program in the book for 40 days. Only binged 5 times. Compared to binging everyday it’s progress. Also losing weight.

No. 224053

I’m glad it’s working for you, I’ll check it out.

I’m curious for other’s experiences, but I feel like binging is related to high stress moments and by the time I register the binge happening it feels “too late”, ya know?

No. 224077

Anon, do you have editable files of the tables that you are supposed to fill in (weight monitoring, check ins etc)? I'm stuck because I don't have the tables printed. I guess I should either print it or make a gdrive sheet. But tbh I don't like doing that on a computer as much

No. 224097

melatonin is honestly awesome if you're prone to night binging. even when it doesn't make me sleepy it makes my brain loopy in a way where i don't think about eating(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224214

AYRT, i can't tell if this is serious or not but i take melatonin for sleep at night and it only works for that half of the time on that front. supplements tend to not have an affect on me but i want a supressant because last time i was on one i stopped caring about food entirely and it was awesome, but besides ADHD meds i'm not sure what else can do it (antidepressants fucked up my brain and body so i'm not going back on them and caffeine doesn't help)

No. 224226


I downloaded the files off the site then made them editable: https://www.credo-oxford.com/6.2.html

I'm finding recovery a bit boring like I am stuck in the same loop. I wish I was losing weight faster even though I know that wouldn't be healthy. I wish I never had an ED.

No. 225631

This is my issue too, the stress comes and I autopilot to the kitchen.
I've tried to make notes like : if I eat unplanned and I eat more than 3 different foods in 1 meal usually its a binge.

Reflecting on why I binge has helped me a lot. I don't know how to explain it, but when I want to eat, in a matter of seconds I can literally FEEL myself eating what I'm thinking about and digesting it. I can feel it, smell it, just as soon as the thought pops into my brain. I feel like I'll die if I don't just eat.
Also please let me know if the book is working.

No. 226904

All the love to my fellow struggling nonnies

No. 247094

i'm so sorry for bumping this thread, but i know one nona on here was able to get prescribed vyvanse for a period of time for binge eating, does anyone else have experience with that? i haven't binged in a month which is great but i was diagnosed with obesity (despite trying to diet/exercise as much as i can) and it's really getting me down. i think my weight gain might be from more reasons besides "eating too much"

i have diagnosed adhd but it's really hard for adults to get adhd treatment where i live and i've been refused even when i bring my diagnosis as proof and explain how bad my attention span is. my insurance also doesn't cover stimulants but i could probably afford adderall out of pocket. would stimulants meds for weight loss purposes combined with untreated adhd be a compelling reason to have a psychiatrist to prescribe me? i'm really lost here and don't know where else to ask since most friends with adhd and/or weight issues live in places where it's easy to get

No. 247100

From 5 months ago but are you me? I hope you've found some hobbies. I need some. I buy food when I'm bored.

I ruined my appetite and hunger cues by fasting and binge eating. I can't eat a substantial amount of calories unless I binge eat, so I'll usually have one big binge meal for about a week straight every month or two.
I don't keep snacks in the house other than fruit because I know they'll be gone that night otherwise.

No. 247186

I can't stop binge eating. I also have PCOS. I go through phases where I almost have zero appetite and wonder why I would ever even binge, then I have phases (usually the second half of my menstrual cycle) where I feel like a fucking werewolf. I'm trying inositol now, I hope it will help.

No. 249568

Does anyone know of a good appetite supressant that's over the counter or something that acts similar to one? I can't be prescribed any medications that do it as a side effect. I was so proud of myself for controlling my eating (less junk, controlling binges, more healthy meats and less carbs) the last few months but every time I get weighed at a doctor's appointment I actually end up gaining weight. I'm so lost

No. 249569

I've heard apple cider vinegar can suppress appetite. I've never tried it though.

No. 249582

I have the opposite problem of rarely feeling properly hungry and my dietitian made me drink apple cider vinegar every morning to "awaken" and prep stomach for breakfast and it does work so I'd say it's definitely not this. I'm usually losing any interest in eating for hours after strong coffee or yerba mate, so maybe these would be worth a shot? But I'm sure given these are so basic you've already tried.

No. 249589

AYRT, yeah, I consume caffeine a lot, I know it's supposed to suppress appetite but it doesn't do that for me sadly (it doesn't help or hurt my eating issues). I saw a previous post in this thread suggest melatonin too but that doesn't make sense since that makes me sleep. My doctor is making me keep a food diary for a few weeks until my next appointment and gave me a meal planning guide, but eating properly 3 times a day doesn't make my stomach not want to eat randomly or out of whack portions. And every time I exercise I usually get hungry after. I wish my doctor could've just given me a suppressant since my blood work was actually pretty good.

No. 249593

Antacids or chalk tablets help me, they do the opposite of the vinegar by suppressing your stomach getting over acidic in preparation for eating just don’t have too many at once or you’ll get bloated instead

No. 249598

Samefag I remembered you can get slightly sweetened ones too so it’s like having a tiny snack to stem cravings mentally too

No. 249614

I recently binge ate out of stress with family and volunteering work while being recently unemployed. I ended up crying to myself because I feel like I won't loose weight if I am still living with my parents. I might be feeling like this because it's coming to my time of the month.

No. 249645

AYRT, that's interesting, is it okay to take willy-nilly if you don't have heartburn and whatnot? I'm hesitant but desperate, I wish my doctor took me more seriously but she wants to monitor me "naturally" even though I've struggled with binging my whole life and my weight gain feels stuck on my body (I can't just get a new doctor)

No. 253389

Just had a binge because I was craving some fats and I felt like I was going insane. I tried to pick fatty foods to satisfy the craving but it felt like each one was doing nothing so I had to keep going until I was too full. Other times I binge I also follow this pattern but with sugary and salty food cravings.

No. 253396

i dont binge but recently i've been hormonal and binging "salad" (mostly roma tomatoes, tiny hass avocados, tons of cucumber and bibb lettuce, sometimes i'm just eating huge plates of straight tomato) with zesty 25 cal "italian" dressing. i feel so HORRIFICALLY full despite these binges not being calorically dense at all, like, at all. but let me tell you: it is kind of a good smug and altogether disgusting feeling to know you are getting your veggies in while getting to "pig out" and not feeling any need to necessarily throw up and feeling secure that you aren't gaining

i feel like i'm going to explode. burgers, buy the walmart zesty light italian dressing, anons. it is amazing and makes every vegetable delicious with 0 guilt

No. 253402

these days i binge on eating kfc meals. i feel disgusted with myself afterwards but i figure if that’s the only food i eat all day than it can’t be that bad for me

No. 253547

I haven't binged in a week. Even though plenty of days were shit, I didn't feel the urge. Today I indulged in a small portion of my favorite breakfast food, had 2 extra cookies and splurged on strawberries. I probably overate but I felt in control and was fully aware and enjoyed what I ate. Cooking real meals I like helped a lot during the week. Being able to just take a salad out of the fridge or reheat a stew and be done with it is so helpful. I think what triggers episodes for me is unplanned events, even minor ones like a class getting cancelled. Anything that disrupts the "plan" I made in my mind for that day. Breakfast is my biggest weakness. I'm not actually hungry in the morning and I eat an early lunch but I love sugary oats with fruit, smoothies, cereal, bread with jam etc…I just can't fit it well into my calorie budget.
I wish I could go back to militantly sticking to 1200 cals a day without breakfast and snacks but I'm afraid it will just lead to a bigger disaster currently.

No. 253599

First off, WAY 2 GO!
Amazing, youre on the right track.
I think its important to not restrict too much, because that can also cause the binge cycle to start again, you know? The way I see it, going binge free for longer periods of time will allow you to get back to a norm without it. Once youre there, then the calories wont be such a daunting goal to reach.
I dont know about you, but growing up Id punish myself with these low caloric limits for being fat, and then I would lose control and binge for days, then restrict as punishment, so on so forth. Its such a hard cycle to break, and i think by making the main objective being binge free you are doing so!

No. 255826

My psychiatrist suggested I go to get tested for thyroid issues and diabetes especially since my mom has thyroid problems and it can be genetic. However I'm really afraid of going to the doctor, I go down a bad spiral since I know they will weigh me and see I'm overweight, and knowing the number on the scale is going to make me really frustrated and angry at myself. I know it's stupid but I hate going to the doctor. They just suggest I go on weight watchers or exercise more. Thankfully I'm on vyvanse now which has been helpful but I'm still really insecure about my body.

No. 255858

Was getting prescribed Vyvanse easy? I really want to try it for ADHD+weight loss reasons but my state is really strict about prescribing controlled substances even though I'm diagnosed with ADHD and a weight issue.

No. 256463

I was in a strict state too but I got referred to a prescriber in a near by state that was more lax. I just had to visit in person once every few months but all other visits were virtual. Apparently a lot of people do this to bypass shitty state laws

No. 256532

That's interesting, is the other state close enough? I worry that will be my only way to get prescribed ADHD meds but I can't really afford or have time to travel out far for a script.

No. 259410

Yeah about an hour. I would just keep trying for a different psych if you can, find someone more sympathetic and write down your issues so you can explain how you really need help for it.

No. 261576

my binge eating disorder is putting me in debt. I use food delivery services because I'm ashamed of the amount of food I consume for one person, so on top of what I'm paying for an unhealthy amount of food, I'm paying like 30-40% more for the delivery. I have no idea how to stop

No. 275597

I work alone with tons of unhealthy food and it’s really hard not to binge, I hate this. It’s like an urge, a compulsion and I rarely ever make it through a day without sneaking something. I only became a binge eater after I stopped being a restricter, why is there no fucking in between for me?

No. 275621

Nonna, I say this with all the love, but you are still self destructive either way the pendulum swings. Restricting or binging, either way you are sabotaging your health and your happiness.
Is it possible to find a different job, somewhere less triggering? Have you ever considered therapy for your ED, or a group support?
Let us know if you need some resources. I myself wont be able to compile them till my day off on Monday, but if youre in the states, “project heal” is a great place to start. Earlier in the thread I posted a link.
Take care and try to approach each meal with a clean slate.

No. 275706

NTA but this was nice to read, I'm starting a new job at an unhealthy student snack place soon and I'm worried but I'm trying to equip myself to cope. Clean slate x

No. 275710

It’s hard for me to keep jobs and I like this one somewhat because I’m by myself. I was doing therapy a while ago for anxiety and brought up food issues once but it just feels so embarrassing to talk about, I’m just a fatty who can’t stop eating. I don’t eat to the point of being in pain but still find it hard to control myself sometimes. It just doesn’t feel that serious, I have a hard time reaching out or doing anything for myself really so I probably won’t do therapy or anything, thanks though, just wanted to vent a little.

No. 278016

Hi, nonnies. Just wanted to say that, starting from tomorrow, I’m going to attempt recovery from binge eating. Posting this so I can feel accountable. Good luck to me and everyone else who’s trying to stop binging!

No. 278036

Yes, good for you anon!!! Proud of you. Be sure to treat yourself with the patience and kindness you deserve.

No. 278044

Thanks!! This motivated be to not binge just now.

No. 279222

Hey, I suffer from bulimia, recently my binge eatings gotten really bad and im really struggling to stop. My entire face is in pain, i binge 3 times a night up to 12k calories daily. I crave food so strongly and i cant control my cravings and i generally get an urge to binge thats hard to ignore

today i really want to try and go atleast one day without binging and purging, my face is in so much fucking pain. Wish me luck.

No. 279373

I hope you were successful, nonnie. Wishing you strength!

No. 282428

Spent 2 weeks eating no carb/sugar diet with 3L of water a day plus no stop green tea. Was doing so well until I ended up having a night drinking which resulted in binging for 3 days straight of full sugar, high carb and high fat foods. Feeling super disappointed.

No. 282447

>goes on extreme crash diet
Not sure what you expected anon, just eat carbs and sugar in moderation

No. 283082

>Not sure what you expected anon
not sure why do people always smugly act like this is some inevitably, cutting certain foods out completely has been one of the only few things that helped my bingeing. obviously making it a permanent change is hard as with any permanent change but "moderation" can be equally as hard to stick to when you're inclined towards bingeing.

No. 283088

have you thought about incorporating exercise like cardio and weights to counterbalance the eating?

No. 283529

I don't know which post this is replying to, but DA, I started exercising as a way to "make up" for eating crap, and while it turned into an unhealthy cycle (basically purging without throwing up) sometimes, I think this is what works for me. However I've controlled myself so I only binge once a month.

No. 283530

Cutting out sugar and carbs itself isn't a crash diet, it's only a crash diet if you undereat by a lot.

No. 283543

just accepted and admitted to another person that I'm a binge eater…or something. I like restricting more but my cycle is -> eat normally enough for a while -> overeat once -> get triggered and go on an X days long binge -> heavily restrict for a while before repeating the cycle. somehow I'm just skinnyfat from this and not overweight. it doesn't really matter but it's hard to differentiate things like this. like anorexia binge/purge subtype vs bulimia (I don't vomit anymore though) vs plain ol disordered eating habits. regardless all of them are embarrassing and hard to talk about, I'm at a loss as to what to do about it now

No. 285787

I spit and chew (less than before, trying to stop completely) and binge sometimes. I've developed heartburn which really scares me. I mean, even when I eat perfectly for weeks, I still get it.

Has anyone ever had heartburn and gotten rid of it completely?

No. 285797

It depends, some variables interact, have you also been consuming anything that could aggravate it? We need to check on those first to see if there could be another culprit other than them and your (mostly inactive?) habit.

No. 285799

I just stopped drinking coffee. I would drink it all day, literally all day non stop. I'm sure it made the heartburn worse, but the spit & chew started it I think.

I used to spit and chew several times a day, now it's like once every 5 days. I'm stopping completely because I'm terrified it'll cause like…cancer or some irreversible damage.

No. 285801

I'd also eat in the middle of the night, or eat all my meals in one go rather than throughout the whole day.

All terrible habits, I'm so ashamed of myself. I just hope I can cure whatever's wrong with me.

No. 285803

Do you use artificial sweetners? I used to have terrible heartburn because of them, once I stopped using them all symptoms went away in less than 2 weeks.

No. 285804

I used to but quite long ago, now I just use the tiny sugar capsules.

No. 285815

sorry for replying to an old entry but i have the same problem. Everyone in my family is fat and they won’t stop buying junk food. There was this one time where both of my parents were super busy so no one would go grocery shopping we would all eat by ourselves i lost so much weight back then. I gained it all abcl during covid and now my mom works only part time so she keeps buying junk food and cooking fatty meals, she gets pissed if i don’t eat her food. Also as a family we don’t have nat commin hobbies the only thing we do together is to go to restaurants and get food, so many times i stick to a diet fight the binge urges then bam weekend comes and my parents order takeout of my favorite foods, then i find myself eating shredded cheese at 3am like the fatty i am. In this economy it doesn’t look like i can get my place any time soon….

No. 286025

sorry for the vent i just needed somewhere to get this out
i feel so fucking ashamed of myself, for the past week i've been stuck in a non-stop cycle of literally sitting on my ass and eating as much junk as i can for no good reason. i'm so upset as for the past 3 months i've been eating under 800 cals a day and exercising daily for like 2 hours. i started living like that because i wanted to look good for my vacation at the end of august, and i lost around 15kg over 3 months. i was finally starting to like my body.
but whaddaya fuckin know as soon as i got home from the vacation i inhale all the junk i've been restricting because my brain is like "you don't have a goal for anymore, might as well eat it all now" and welp this is how it's ended up, i feel so gross and fat. i felt healthy when i was working out every day but i've eaten so much crap i genuinely cannot fathom how it's all inside me. i've had liquid diarrhoea draining out my ass since 3am last night and i think all this chocolate, chips, bread, dairy, cheese, cookies, and god knows what else is finally catching up to my body.
i truly want my old ways back, but getting stuck in a binge cycle at the point where you just think "fuck it" seriously sucks.
/saged for slight sperg

No. 286026

samefag, but does anyone else find slipping into a binge easier when you're alone? i find myself looking for food more when everyone in my house is gone

No. 286635

i used to love binge eating. i don’t really binge anymore but i love the feeling of being full after eating.

No. 286916

progress isn't linear, nona. you will be ok <3

No. 288775

Does anyone have experience with Wellbutrin as an appetite suppressant combined with exercise and attempts at portion control (I relapse once a month)? I can't afford Vyvanse so this may be my only option.

No. 288778

Under 800 sounds super restrictive

No. 288847

I currently use 150mg and I guess it's somewhat effective. You still need to have your own sense of self control not to eat when you are not hungry.

No. 300694

Any ideas how to stop eating at night when waking up in middle of night to pee

No. 300724


Not sure if this would be helpful in any way but if you live alone, would it be possible for you to only have food that takes time to cook, or only have quick snacks which are healthy? It might deter you if you actually need to spend time to prepare something, so might be easier just to go back to bed.
If you feel the need to eat while just getting up to pee in the middle of the night, are you eating enough during the day? If you're really hungry maybe try eating a bit more during the day, or even have a snack before going to bed, and keeping water by your bed so there's no reason to go into the kitchen. But at first maybe try to figure out why you're feeling hungry at night in the first place.

No. 300751

I just grab an apple and drink some hot tea. Hot tea will make you feel a little but dizzy, cause you just got up, so then you go to bed right away and you will quickly fall asleep.

No. 311370

sorry ancient post but caffeine pills, ECA stack and yohimbine.

No. 327098

My mom just bought new groceries and I binged a lot of it. I feel so bad and don't want her to come home and see. For some reason the guilt hits different when its new groceries.

No. 327160

I've posted in this thread in the past, but I'm proud to say despite not being able to afford medication or get a doctor, I managed to cull my habit a lot. I ended up relapsing a bit when I went to a party, and I'm still reeling from the consequences and hating myself for it. My last bad binge was on New Years Eve in 2021, which is really good. My way of managing my minor binges is to do a "name and shame" to myself and marking it in my calendar, and I'm starting to exercise daily to make up for the calorie. Just sharing this to potentially give hope, if anyone has advice for making up for minor relapses I'd like to hear it.

No. 327665

I've always had issues with food, but after my best friend died two years ago I've been binging uncontrollably and gained over 20 pounds. I've been trying to mitigate that with intermittent fasting, but I feel like I manage to overeat even within the tiny window I allow myself to eat.

I get irrationally angry when all the appetite-suppressant that actually work keep getting banned. I'd rather live with a risk of stroke than keep doing this.

No. 328351

Anyone else dissociate while binging? I'll be sitting there, full plate of food or with a soda or something, and when I look down, suddenly it's all gone. So I get another soda. This leads to me drinking around 4L a day and the chastization makes me want to fade to nothing

No. 329115

cosigning eca stacks. holy hell it's amazing to not be hungry all the time.

No. 330141

I’m pushing 30 and was obese until I was 17 due to binging in addition to just eating too much. I definitely remember feeling dissociated or just completely out of control while binging alone late at night but when not binging I’ve always been a slow eater. Breaking the weird dissociative binges was probably the hardest because even though it’s like I was screaming “STOPPPP AHHH STOP!” at myself inside my head I couldn’t stop the mechanical shoving shit in my mouth. My mom was always on weird diets and we generally only had healthy food in the house so I was one of those weirdos who’d binge on nuts or protein bars. I think what stopped it for me was realizing I only did it at night after I had gone to sleep so I simply stopped going anywhere near the kitchen for any reason in the middle of the night and eventually it worked.

Try to cut out or seriously cut back on soda even if it’s diet. That quantity of carbonated shit is absolutely stretching out your stomach and making it harder for you to feel full.

No. 330179

Thank you anon, I can't use a stove or oven, I never learned how and the idea of getting near one deeply scares me, and I still live with my mom because of my specific health problems. She does a lot of "fend for yourself" nights, in other words, she doesn't make or order dinner (completely understandable), so you have to either make your own food or go hungry, and in either situation I instantly feel like I'm famished an hour later and eat until I get tired or feel too comfortable to get up. Cutting back on soda would likely also help, but I take two psychiatric medications that are infamous for dramatically increasing appetite and nearly halting metabolism; Risperdal, and Zoloft. This, combined with not being allowed to eat until my grandparents fell asleep and couldn't abuse me for a year and a half before I got kicked out for being lesbian, have both made binging not only a habit, but a habit that makes my body freak out if I don't continue. Salivation, jittering so bad walking is very hard, nausea, and feeling very dizzy and unable to speak properly. It will take a lot to "normalize" my eating habits, especially since my mom doesn't buy much of any actual "meals" and the majority of food in the house is snacks she wants.

No. 330190

I have been binge eating since I started my depression therapy and now with grief, I'm trying to tell myself to do not eat if I don't feel hungry at all. Drinking water and doing some dance helps a little.

Seeing his posts make me feel better, I'm not even thinking "if I eat this unhealthy thing, I'll fail even more" but "Ok, I can have this as a treat but remember to keep drinking water and keep exercise".

No. 330197

It has been hard to stop the “binge” in binge/purge recovery. Haven’t thrown up in 6 years but I definitely binged. Doing generic healthy stuff to not become overweight is working fine but I wish I could stop wanting to overeat because of mental stress especially because it doesn’t make me feel better without the other part but I guess my lizard brain thinks it will

No. 330235

I used to binge for like 2-3 years and suddenly stopped, around 7 years ago or so. I kind of weirdly miss it sometimes but I literally just can’t force myself to over eat. Besides feeling disgusting by the end of it, it felt good to get those endorphins and enjoyment from food. I used to eat an entire package of Oreos and then go puke in the shower (gross I know) now I can only eat like 3 kek

No. 330253

puking up oreos holds a special place in my heart. I haven’t done it in years but I can still taste it kek. first thing I ever purged was one of those oreo ice cream sandwiches when I was 13.

No. 334070

What method of healthy eating works best for you to prevent binging? Omad, intuitive, intermittant fast, eating within certain hours etc

No. 334166

ive been doing so well for so long but just now i ate an entire pack of cookies…
Feels awful to relapse after such a long period of doing well (which is only cus my meds make me lose appetite)

No. 383299

Bumping thread to update my binge eating treatment that has been successful. Doc switched me to Wellbutrin/ naltrexone combo (generic contrave) and I have noticed an immediate stop on binging! Its been only a week but I can see the difference in my eating habits already.
The naltrexone part is used for other treatments like alcoholism/ smoking. It also removes the “reward” feeling of eating too much.
I hope this helps other nonnas who are struggling!

No. 383325

I used that same combo in 2022. It worked really well for me for a month or two - my binges are driven by self harm urges and wanting to kms and the wellbutrin/ naltrexone combo wasnt enough to overcome poorly managed depression. It made me realize how much of a dopamine monkey i truly am though. My impulse shopping and cell phone use tanked.

No. 383338

Thats interesting- even with the Wellbutrin playing its role? Did you ever up your dose?

No. 383357

Eating a little low calorie snacks regularly like every 2 hours or so works best for me. My stomach really hurts when I’m hungry and it just makes me want to eat more to make the sick feeling go away, so I’ll usually just eat some carrot sticks or a small salad or some olives or something instead of going for chips and fried meat.

No. 383436

I have been on wellbutrin since high school so my neurotransmitters could just be fried. I couldve upped my dose but i wanted to try adding a second antidepressant to my mix that didnt vibe with naltrexone. Taking naltrexone with DMX or ketamine made me super ill. I started taking a glp-1 instead

No. 385016

I've been suffering from binge eating for almost 5 years now. I suffered many years earlier but I then got addicted to weed and stopped eating entirely. Then I dated a fucked up retard who made me binge all over again.
Binge eating has got to be one of the hardest addictions to fight because you still have to eat every day. You can never get rid of the 'drug'. The only thing that works for me is not eating at all, and when I dont I start feeling like shit. So I try moderation which works for a while, then something emotional happens in my life and I binge again. I hate being in this constant cycle. My psych won't help either so I just feel helpless.

No. 386536

I've been doing so well with calorie deficits, weighing my food and eating better. I've even learnt that I can bave 'bad food' as long as I'm careful and I monitor it. I don't buy total junk food or I know I will get triggered but things in between like low fat ice cream or something like that. Sadly had a binge today, I started with my normal breakfast but my mind kept circling about this treat I bought out of the blue. I thought I would moderate with it but I ended up eating the whole container of these treats and the rest of the day was spent eating every hour and binging on horrible foods. I feel so awful because this always reverses my progress from the gym and weight loss. I hate this addiction so much because I know I have to eat every day to survive and the minute I do something askew to a routine I design, my mind just breaks. I wish I knew a solution that would last.

No. 386554

I'm sorry to hear that anon. I'm curious as to what you would consider bad foods. I started avoiding everything ultra-processed and, in addition to doing some lowkey time restricted eating (having my first meal around lunch and not eating after 7pm) I have successfully eliminated my binging issues. UPF often has a lot of added fructose which is highly addictive, but the other additives are bad as well, some have been found to disrupt the gut microbiome. Plain vanilla ice cream is actually a food I enjoy keeping around now that I have control over my binging, but I buy the premium stuff with real cream because I wanna have delicious sugared milk fat with egg yolks once in a while, not flavored plant cellulose. Think about what they need to add to your low fat ice cream in order for it to still be delicious, oftentimes it's like 10 types of emulsifiers which are terrible for your gut. I think you should try looking into eating more whole foods. Read or watch videos about what UPF is and about how addictive but also terrible fructose is. After I implemented the no UPF rule for myself, it became a lot easier to make good food decisions. If you tend to eat whole foods, then there aren't really "bad foods" because overeating is gonna be hard. I'm not afraid of fat or carbs or whatever, it's usually the UPF that makes us prone to overeating (and maybe wheat products lol, I try to limit that as well). I don't count my calories, I have two meals a day and eat until I'm satisfied, and might have a couple of snacks such as some nuts, cheese or the occasional scoops of ice cream. I've been at a stable weight within the healthy BMI for two years and feeling better and better.

No. 386594

nta but thanks for sharing this, it gives me hope.

No. 400199

nona i'm no help but i'm in the exact same boat. the only way i can get myself to stop binging is by stopping eating altogether, and from there it's hard to eat anything at all because i'm afraid i'll binge again.

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