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it was a different tranny, or just the moid who was spamming it since before she got there, as well as spamming several other /ot/ threads, the typing style doesn't match and she also never says that kind of bullshit.

No. 1600862

rita has never spammed the board like that, so i think it is the other troon that's been spamming about killing lesbians since before she even found this thread

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File: 1686208097598.jpg (309.89 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_873656500479324.jpg)

she does seem retarded or severely mentally ill. despite being in her 20s she acts like a preteen
back on topic, does anyone else find this incredibly disgusting and racist? imagine thinking hating trannydom is anything like segregation

No. 1600477

i do that all the time. if i'm late on taking them i end up staying up all night and infighting

No. 1600456

wait you know her?

No. 1600454

cheetahs meow and purr, it's so cute

No. 1600364

i think it's split down the middle between not caring and finding it uncomfortable and eerie

No. 1600343

I haven't brought myself up in weeks when posting. I went weeks without bringing up this subject while constantly posting in /ot/ in several different threads, so I don't understand what you mean by this. You all say I constantly bring myself up, but I almost never do. I will not bring this up again so long as I remember this

No. 58651

That isn't breaking anonymity whatsoever. Unless it explicitly reveals their online handle or real world identity, it is not breaking forum rules in any way, shape, or form. If it is against the rules, cerbmin should make it explicitly clear that it is, not a rule that essentially says so long as their real identity is not revealed it's okay
Never threatened to kill myself, nothing I said even suggested I would do it, and I wasn't the fucking anon who was derailing, blame the women with a stick up their ass thinking everyone who disagrees with them is a threat and decides to start infighting because someone isn't in their fucking hivemind. When I said "I'd rather kill myself," it was a figure of speech meaning I would do anything except for (action). Anything, even kill oneself. Maybe learn English phrases before accusing anons of shit

No. 1600334

Yeah, written by the schizotroon and spammed by him.

No. 1600333

No I fucking don't, I haven't done that once. Especially not in the past week. You're fucking delusional if you think anything I did was AMA shit kek

No. 1600315

I have been posting in dumbass shit, unpopular opinions, and confessions non stop the past week and a half and nobody has said anything. I think it's safe to say I blend. Suddenly it's a problem if I post my real opinions on shit. Like I haven't broken a single fucking rule

No. 58647

1. No, I wasn't breaking anon rule whatsoever. Nothing I said revealed who I was at all.
2. Not a cow
3. Not a troon

No. 1600310

I would sooner kill myself than detransition, actually. Nothing you can say will convince me otherwise, and honestly I find your desperation to convince the mentally ill and vulnerable to join your pussy cult absolutely hilarious, imagine being so unsure of your beliefs you prey on the mentally ill.
I have been posting in dumbass shit, unpopular opinions, and confessions non stop the past week and a half and nobody has said anything. I think it's safe to say I blend.

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Cats are the cutest animals on the planet and if someone doesn't like cats, and doesn't have the excuse of being allergic, they're probably a terrible person and should definitely be avoided at all costs anyways

No. 1600277

Yeah, as I said multiple times I go out of my way not to upset anyone but I really can't help myself when I see someone say something I know, or at least think, is not true. Aside from this subject people seem to like me because I blend, but I find this incredibly interesting and it weirds me out how some anons are so cruel about it

No. 1600276

Same here nona

No. 1600274

I wasn't trolling in any way

No. 1600259

I'm a FtM, not a MtF or typical male. I didn't realize I passed so well over text, I'm sorry if I truly scared or upset you. I also wasn't referring to brain sex. I was thinking about how Autism can cause severe sensory issues, and Autists tend to have sensory related disorders like ADHD, Synthaesia, and such. So a sensory issue related to the body itself would correlate, especially with the statistics available. I'm sorry it didn't come off that way, I think there's a reason for everything and maybe I'm naive for it.
You're right, it was wrong of me to accuse you of faking. I tend to forget my case of dysphoria is a worst-case scenario and the grand majority of individuals with the disorder can live a normal life. My apologies.
Yes, I figured something was wrong even without checking the sources, if I hadn't known better I'd assume it counted British teens who self diagnosed as "systems" with Dream introjects. I know personal experience isn't everything, but the only two trans I knew who had a personality disorder was a FtM with NPD and ASPD, professionally diagnosed but said person was really enjoyable to me, and the other was a detrans lesbian with NPD and DID who blames everything on everyone else and claims to mentally be a child despite being in her 30's. She also detransitioned and became a radfem on a whim after 7 years of no negative effects and loving her transition, then freaked out when people asked if she was sure, due to how sudden it was. This could be why I had such a negative disposition towards detransitioners, but I'll try to learn more and look through it.

No. 58641

Farmhands can check my IP, I'm not a male or TIM. But it is flattering I come off as male

No. 1599798

Would it be annoying for me to say it's actually not a delusion, but a severe side effect of Autism and the way it connects neurons horrifically incorrectly? Also narcissism isn't prevalent in the majority of troons. I see it more often in a small subset of radical feminists who call themselves "rudefems" and said rudefems are why people used to joke at their expense in the 2010s. One rotten apple spoils the bunch, unfortunately. Not that any of you deserve that and I'm probably being a sperg and showing my special interests but whatever

No. 1599788

Two servings of microwave mini pizzas, any less and i end up making myself feel worse

No. 1599753

Fair enough, my apologies.

No. 1599751

Both my parents desperately wanted a boy, my dad having six daughters, my mom having one daughter, and then me and my younger sister together. Neither of them ever got a son and my dad is still kind of sad about it

No. 1599730

Never said she said that. I just know the trannies that lurk would take that out of context and it's best we don't offset that

No. 1599710

Not once did I call them victims or women liars, especially not there. What are you attempting to do?

No. 1599652

Nikocado doesn't seem like a terrible person and he's losing weight. I honestly wish the best for him because he strikes me as having been driven crazy from eating shitty vegan food for years, and that plus his easy views made him develop an eating disorder. He's unhateable to me and I just hope he gets his life back together.

No. 1599639

she's not that bad she's just fixated on how trooning is a mental illness and doesn't know when to drop the subject. she's like kirbychan but with gid, at least now she's trying to not announce herself if that is her.

No. 1599637

What do you mean by it "sounds familiar?" Also you have a good point, sorry nonna. I know I can be really passionate about this because trannies need to regulate who's in their ranks so they're taken seriously for their mental illness, and that includes kicking out pedos and preventing kids from trooning out, and so on. But conversely I end up starting infighting due to my passion and I'm sorry about that. I shouldn't have been so rude or lunged at anons due to thinking differently.

No. 1599628

Worst of all, I started it in the pride thread and then a scrote started spamming so now people think I'm a scrote too

No. 1599626

The funniest part is that I have two X chromosomes
Stop putting words in my mouth, nonna. I never said women are liars and trannies are victims. Hell, I hate most trannies. But hate people for reasons like being annoying not for being mentally ill kek. And actually mentally ill, not self-dx shit.

No. 1599621

File: 1686135082802.jpg (20.65 KB, 680x383, 20230407_004524.jpg)

Me after accidentally causing an infight

No. 1599611

It did nothing because you weren't dysphoric. You were dysmorphic and were whining because you hit puberty. Unless you actively tried to kill or mutilate yourself multiple times over not being male, and aren't actively suffering, you're not really dysphoric. Dysmorphia is cured by therapy, dysphoria doesn't have any positive effects in therapy. You could go for 10+ years and it would do nothing for you.
Not an MRA, not a male.

No. 1599610

It did nothing because you weren't dysphoric. You were dysmorphic and were whining because you hit puberty. Unless you actively tried to kill or mutilate yourself multiple times over not being male, and aren't actively suffering, you're not really dysphoric. Dysmorphia is cured by therapy, dysphoria doesn't have any positive effects in therapy.
Not an MRA, not a male. Wished I was since I was three, though

No. 1599602

Oh right, I forgot radfems are retarded and think just looking a woman in the eyes is misogynistic. Unless someone sees you as subhuman for being a woman or the government forces women to be second class citizens, it's not misogynistic, come the fuck on.

No. 1599596

I've been here for two years. Sorry I wasn't here when burritomin shit her pants the upteenth time.
I was going to jokingly reply "you get it nonna" but I didn't want people to think I actually am gaslighting people

No. 1599592

I'm far from new, and I'd trust doctors over some crunchie munchie who thinks because she doesn't like her boobs she clearly has an exceptionally rare mental disorder and can speak over those with an actual diagnosis. Say what you will about troons, but I think troons have more of a say on their disorder than anyone. Those actually suffering, anyways. And detransitioners don't count because those were the ones that never checked to make sure and lied to their doctors for attention kek

No. 1599533

AYRT, not a newfag. I just find it fun to speak my mind and am too autistic to know the time or place.

No. 1599530

Second AYRT, I agree. Kids should never in a million years be allowed to troon out. I don't mind if 16 year olds have adults call them he or she so long as they aren't getting life changing medical decisions until they're adults, preferably 20 or older. But I'm all for adults transitioning and respecting that so long as they had years of therapy and treatment beforehand so that they are more than certain it's the right decision, because they did it as a last resort. It's always the ones who don't do therapy who end up detransitioning because they didn't check just to make sure it wasn't something else.
I bet you've never faced real misogyny or dysphoria in your life if you think this way. None of this does anything for actual dysphoria, and in fact "improving the mind-body connection" makes them feel significantly worse and closer to killing themselves, so maybe don't be a retard and don't give advice on something you clearly never experienced or know anything about. It's a neurological malformation caused, usually, by Autism or another disorder that changes the wiring of the brain, not misogyny. And brain sex does not exist, but that doesn't mean some nerves and neurons misfire in unexpected ways. It's like how almost every person with Autism or ADHD has a secondary disorder alongside it, often times several more than one. You sound like a crunchy with all this "natural" bullshit. Plus I haven't personally come across troons trying to force themselves on SSA people in years. I'm SSA and never faced that. Much like you were probably a skelly who faked dysphoria for attention in 2014. I still can't feel any sympathy for detransitioners unless their parents forced them to troon out, though.
Then you don't have dysphoria, unless you hate every individual second in your body and are very close to mutilation while awake at any given moment, you aren't dysphoric and it can likely be fixed with therapy. Otherwise it's no help and we need a better way to treat it than suicide or transition

No. 1599527

Usually right before I fall asleep I stop giving any fucks and say my real opinion on something. I tend to get banned for 24h for this but it's usually worth it because some people need to learn what's a popular viewpoint on certain boards is usually considered a blatantly retarded view by the majority of people, especially women who have actually faced what they're discussing. Can't stand /2x/ or the anons that come from there and it's very fun to annoy them by not caring about when it's okay to call them retarded. I don't usually intend to infight but the reactions to how I really feel about things is fun so long as I don't get banned for not breaking site rules. I don't mind bans if I actually did end up breaking rules but most of my recent bans are retarded and clearly not broken rules

No. 1599526

Second AYRT, I agree. Kids should never in a million years be allowed to troon out. I don't mind if 16 year olds have adults call them he or she so long as they aren't getting life changing medical decisions until they're adults, preferably 20 or older. But I'm all for adults transitioning and respecting that so long as they had years of therapy and treatment beforehand so that they are more than certain it's the right decision, because they did it as a last resort. It's always the ones who don't do therapy who end up detransitioning because they didn't check just to make sure it wasn't something else.
You're an actual retard. I bet you've never faced real misogyny or dysphoria in your life if you think this way. None of this does anything for real dysphoria, and in fact "improving the mind-body connection" makes them feel significantly worse and closer to killing themselves, so maybe don't be a retard and don't give advice on something you clearly never experienced or know anything about. "Waah wahhh its misogyny!" Tell me you're incredibly privileged and retarded without telling me you're incredibly privileged and retarded. It's a neurological malformation caused, usually, by Autism or another disorder that changes the wiring of the brain, not misogyny. It's like how almost every person with Autism or ADHD has a secondary disorder alongside it, often times several more than one. You sound like a crunchy. Plus I haven't personally come across troons trying to force themselves on SSA people in years. I'm SSA and never faced that. Much like you were probably a skelly who thought you had or faked dysphoria and deserved whatever was coming to you because you faked it for attention or didn't see a real doctor and not a """naturopath""" kek. God, radical feminism and nondysphoric detransitioners are a disease. Not that dysphoric detransitioners ever stay detransitioned, though.
Then you don't have dysphoria
I know the second thing happens, but a good chunk of the non-terminally online trannies throw out the predators. All of them should, however. No sympathy for predators.

No. 1599523

Second AYRT, I agree. Kids should never in a million years be allowed to troon out. I don't mind if 16 year olds have adults call them he or she so long as they aren't getting life changing medical decisions until they're adults, preferably 20 or older. But I'm all for adults transitioning and respecting that so long as they had years of therapy and treatment beforehand so that they are more than certain it's the right decision, because they did it as a last resort. It's always the ones who don't do therapy who end up detransitioning because they didn't check just to make sure it wasn't something else.
You're an actual retard. I bet you've never faced real misogyny in your life if you think this way. You probably think the word "bitch" is misogynistic, come the fuck on. Literally nobody in my country faces actual misogyny or oppression. None of this does anything for dysphoria, and in fact "improving the mind-body connection" makes them feel significantly worse and closer to killing themselves, so maybe don't be a retard and don't give advice on something you clearly never experienced or know anything about. "Waah wahhh its misogyny!" Tell me you're incredibly privileged and rich without telling me you're incredibly privileged and rich. It's a neurological malformation caused, usually, by autism or another disorder that changes the wiring of the brain, not misogyny. You sound like a crunchy conspiracy theorist.
Then you don't have dysphoria
I know the second thing happens, but a good chunk of the non-terminally online trannies throw out the predators. All of them should, however. No sympathy for predators.

No. 1599438

If you think being hyper aware of your body, and feeling distinctly like every inch of it is somehow wrong is a delusion, you're retarded. It's being hyper aware of reality and like it's different from what they were expecting. It's quite literally the opposite of a delusion and the opposite version of body dysmorphia. Everything that helps dysmorphia, does nothing for gender dysphoria. Everything that helps gender dysphoria, significantly worsens body dysmorphia. That being said, it's more retarded how transition is the only known "way out" because nobody has researched otherwise, and trooning out should only ever be a last resort. All we know about troons, is antipsychotics and therapy don't do anything to help, and in most cases HRT does help, at least a bit. Trannies also need to learn not everyone is going to do as they were told or asked, oftentimes just to get on the tranny's nerves. They need to learn to respect other views or shut up and ignore them if it's too hard for them. The only other thing I believe you may be referring to as a delusion is thinking they're the opposite sex. I can count on one hand the amount of trannies I have met that think that. Most that aren't terminally online don't think they're the opposite sex, in fact most actively admit to it if they're open about being troons. But I don't blame you for thinking that way at all, considering how vocal the truly delusional or fetishistic ones are.
This is why I think radical feminists have no ground to stand on when insulting TRAs, most of you act like you're in a retarded cult and refuse to accept other opinions. It's the same problem trannies have. You don't have to agree with me, just don't jump to conclusions, nonita.

No. 1599408

Agreed completely. Maybe it's because I've mostly been exposed to the more sane part of Tumblr trannies and TRAs, but I see terminally online sites like Twitter and Reddit and what the fuck trannies get up to there and I feel revolted. I honestly miss those 11 year old kids who identified as wolfgender and shit, because they weren't pedophiles or defending pedophiles, and were just playing pretend. The funny part, is I'm almost certain over 90% of those "desisted," even though they were never dysphoric/euphoric in the first place, so there was nothing to desist from. Plus outside of Baeddel and radqueers, Tumblr trannies are surprisingly sane, with exceptions. And those exceptions are pretty insane, but never pedophiles outside of one case I've seen.

No. 1599391

I honestly don't think trannies as a whole are bad and you saying shit like that is why they're crying about genocide where there is none, because in a paranoid sperg's brain it can be taken that way. I think they belong in the community, but that the degenerates and especially the pedophiles need to be culled, because the majority of those who do not regret trooning out are exclusively SSA

No. 1599272

You have to grab lunch with one lolcow of your choosing. They'll pay for everything (somehow) and all you have to do is tolerate them for ~an hour. Who do you choose? I'm going with Nikocado, I can't hate him and he's working on himself plus I think he's funny but not in a sad way, so at least it'll be entertaining

No. 1599080

Only one and I knew him before he was an incel or before that was even a concept because he force fingered me when I was 6 and he was 12, and he became an incel way after the fact. Still lives with his mom in his mid 20's without a disability, has severe Bipolar Type I and threatens to kill his mom and I with a gun in his possession framed in his room with absolutely grotesque amounts of rotting food and used clothing, in a garage without air conditioning. My parents still force me around him and his mom because they're best friends and have been long before my birth, at least his older brother is a great person, who accepts me as a lesbian and hates incels. I do, however, really love the look of fedoras and trilbys from the 2000s and I'm not going to let scrotes ruin it for me. Especially because the incel himself hates them.

No. 1599067

She's saying that pride events aren't sexual and while she knows you're joking, she's upset that you'd "reinforce stigma." Aka make it more sexual than it already is, when she is clearly ignorant to how some parades are very sexual, probably the grand majority in all honesty.

No. 1599053

kiwifag detected

No. 1599056

kiwifag detected

No. 1599055

kiwifag detected

No. 1599021

AYRT, I wasn't the one insisting she was a fetishist or a moid, it just seemed like she was a crunchy oil pyramid scheme type so I had to poke fun at that. Plus, I seldom ever wear deodorant because I don't sweat nearly enough to smell unless I go 3+ days without bathing, in which case I clean myself, and only if I'm pressed for time do I wear deodorant. And I have one of the most unhealthy diets kek. I wear men's deodorant, because it doesn't set off my athsma. Most women's deodorant and all perfume and cologne does, however.

No. 1599013

Imagine being a crunchy kek. Imagine believing in that fake new age bullshit about how chemicals are all terrible or bad for our health when water is a chemical called oxidane, come on now.

No. 1598950

Are the straight nonnas okay?

No. 1598942

Bathing/showering is not necessary every day, especially if you do nothing all day. Unless you get dirty, spend all day in the sun, start to stink, or your hair gets greasy, showers and baths have no purpose and are a waste of valuable time.

No. 1598337

I agree with you on every level, but I wouldn't doubt most "egg crackers" are pedos. There's a reason non-Reddit trans are trying to denounce "egg crackers"

No. 1598039

Are you sure it's not over not being a TRA? If the email you used has any hint of not sucking up to trannies, you're probably not going to get hired unfortunately

No. 1597974

Nonna, it would be very funny at first, but almost immediately become unmanageable and utterly horrifying from what I have observed. Still, in isolated incidents, it can be fun to think about those kind of "what ifs"

No. 1597969

"Latinx" was made by white Americans to not offend troons, not real Latino/as.

No. 1597819

I prefer Monster High and Nendoroid Dolls. We need a playline Kieran Valentine and to finally have Jackson Jekyll and Venus McFlytrap in the new line of MH dolls

File: 1685935699533.jpg (24.06 KB, 863x576, Tumblr_l_1615890609956339.jpg)

No. 1597247[Reply]

Previous thread >>1585531
>Adhere to global and board rules
>Do not respond to bait
>Report and ignore trolls or obvious scrotes instead of replying like a retard

No. 1597030

Every single word you typed makes me think you've never known the friendship or touch of another woman

No. 58582

I've only seen paki do that once, in the Tumblr Hate thread, where she pretended to be Black and racebaited for sympathy, which is fucking gross.
What the fuck? I hate her now.

No. 1596625

Anon, I'm into a myriad of things that would get me looked at weird. If you want to thirstpost there's a "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread in /g/.

No. 1596622

(S)he was writing about how (s)he thought autism didn't exist and how (s)he hoped retarded people were murdered. And that all autists were faking it to be a bum, no matter how severe.

No. 1596497

Good musicians, with a hint of comedy, but the comedy is secondary. Outside of the running over Nazis for fun I can't remember any real comedy movie shenanigans?

No. 1596486

Blues Brothers might not count but I saw National Lampoon and it's also by some of the first 5 SNL members, plus it has a lot of travel in it.

No. 58566

I completely agree with you on that last post. But it seems like TIFchan is trying to integrate, at least for now. I like Kirbyfag but I agree she needs to get incentivized to blend. She can gush over the Kirby Polycule in the husbando thread, and vent in the vent thread, but try not to derail other threads. Maybe 24h bans every time she breaches containment like that would work, and if she doesn't learn after 2 or 3 in quick succession, a week, then a month, then 3, then permanent?

No. 1596463

Yeah, she got into Tumblr slapfights again kek

No. 58563

He's back in /ot/

No. 1596416

Strongly disagree, but this is unpopular opinions.

No. 1596411

File: 1685845401270.jpg (3.21 KB, 1456x864, Tumblr_l_429361084140897.jpg)

The rainbow encompasses the whole community, so the race triangles, intersex, and troon shit makes no sense. The former two aren't included by default, and the latter is shoving politics down the throat of the masses. Even if SSA people aren't fond of trannies, it includes LGB. For TRAs, they believe the rainbow supports them too, so why the fuck does that fugly triangle have to be there? We should have the Gilbert flag again, the purple was so pretty

No. 58562

When was the last time any of them derailed? I think they could stand to get therapy so they stop being terrified of dumb things like someone pretending to be them, or people shittalking Pakistan without them, but the only personalityfag I want permanently banned is Rancefag. TIFchan usually calms down and deletes her rants while stopping when she feels she got her point across. Really, she's just some retarded kid who thinks just because she's legally an adult she can go wherever she wants and ends up being annoying due to that. I don't know as much about Paki but she seems the most attention seeking, albeit more unintentionally. I think she wants to add her own take on things, but struggles to do so without comparing it to her own life experiences or lack thereof, like TIFchan. Maybe I'm naive and assume the best out of people, but unless they're actively causing harm like Rancefag and Japanon, I don't see the point in permanent bans.

No. 1596392

Oh alright, just curious because there was a recent drama with a TIF who was so misogynistic she was confused for a scrote by multiple people, just a coincidence, I guess. The captialization was because it's a play on Tumblr, a proper noun.

No. 1596384

Autism is real and I'm pretty sure you have it yourself if you're this worked up over actual tards. All autism is is the neurons in the brain malforming, in some cases, certain neurons never form at all, causing the brain to have severe sensory issues and in a lot of cases, impede body movement, speech, or hand eye coordination to the point of genuine retardation or being mute

No. 1596342

My parents have told me directly that when they die I'll go to a tard home because my extended family has either disowned me, died, were drug addicts, or don't know how to help me. I'm not severely retarded, but my autism affects my ability to convey topics while speaking, do basic tasks, take care of myself, work, et cetera so they have no choice. My mom is physically disabled and addicted to percocet she was prescribed so taking care of her is my job, essentially. Thankfully not too demanding but I can't touch raw food or waste without trying to take my skin off and having an ensuing panic attack, so if she ever needs help with that, we're fucked.

No. 1596331

Are you on Radblr, perchance?

File: 1685841079083.jpg (33.54 KB, 235x335, Tumblr_l_414072591334906.jpg)

No. 1596323[Reply]

Previous >>1587778
Remember not to respond to baiting moids!

No. 1596318

I personally don't consider myself a lesbian despite being an exclusively SSA female, for mental illness reasons. I believe that trads are a plague on society and, while I won't condone physical violence on them, they should be stamped out via fully legal means, not illegal or violent ones. Like suppressing their ability to speak publicly, denying them job opportunities, banning them from social media, and so on for their misogyny and homophobia. Make sure incels like the baitposter above have absolutely no public footing to stand on and no opportunity to be violent.

No. 1596314

I personally don't consider myself a dyke despite being an exclusively SSA female, for mental illness reasons. I believe that trads are a plague on society and, while I won't condone physical violence on them, they should be stamped out via fully legal means, not illegal or violent ones. Like suppressing their ability to speak publicly, denying them job opportunities, banning them from social media, and so on for their misogyny and homophobia.

No. 1596309

Confession: I respect TIF's pronouns and see them as closer to males than TIMs are to females, but the way TIMs attack TIFs makes me irrationally angry. Most TIFs are actually mentally ill and seeking treatment the best way currently known (which is experimental and attention seeking TIFs always detrans and become GC) and most TIMs are attention seekers trying to attack others however possible. I hate misogynistic scrotes in general, and that includes certain TIMs

No. 58555

Funnily enough, I believed those statistics because of an admitted serial rapist on Radblr taking pride in raping two women also on Radblr, repeatedly, in a relationship. I apologize for not looking further into it, but the point still stands that that's a major problem, albeit not as talked about.
Also speaking of troons, Trumpkun is shitting up unpopular opinions >>>/ot/1596257 because another anon brought up trannies.

No. 58554

She doesn't announce herself very much, her posts are rather obvious and seldom ever does she announce herself unless she was being talked about. For some reason she has some severe phobia about people pretending to be her, so that could be why she does it.

No. 1596289

Dude, queer is a slur that has been used against the SSA for as long as time. Although despite it being obvious you're a tranny, I agree with you that transgenderism needs more support, so long as they don't harass gays and lesbians to get it. But I'm biased, clearly. Let's hope you're female and not male with this opinion, for your sake

No. 1596195

I was looking for two of my stuffed animals that I've had since I was born and I finally found them after a few days of searching and feeling like crying. And now I feel like crying for the opposite reason; because I finally found them.

No. 1596191

/2X/ is a good containment board because nothing of value is ever said there. I do not understand how people can be so hateful towards groups they don't belong to, and furthermore think it's completely fucking retarded that anyone would believe half the shit said there. Semi unrelated but I also don't feel bad for detransitioners whatsoever and most of the time find glee in it because detrans people got what they deserved for being munchies. Except for the ones trying to run from trauma. They're retarded, but not as bad.

No. 58549

I'm getting better at not doing that and not derailing. Caught myself nearly infighting and went to do something else

No. 58548

AYRT, why the fuck would I read 2X when every single post there makes me want to infight?

File: 1685778584619.jpg (106.21 KB, 750x913, Tumblr_l_455623226223899.jpg)

No. 1595652[Reply]

Previous Thread >>1576878

No. 1595637

Saw a Radblr blogger say she was raped and got an award for "sluttiest girl in school" at her graduation ceremony, and that was not only what made her a radfem, but peaked her. She's 22 and the entire story is so deeply in "and everyone clapped" territory I think she faked the entire thing for attention and sympathy from the more retarded side of Radblr (to be honest they're all retarded and insufferable but fuck) and I don't want to claim some girl lied about getting raped if it is true but as an American it was so far from the realm of disbelief. She seems to be BST, would it be safe to assume she's British and that shit absolutely wouldn't fly? And/or that she made it up?

No. 1595565

My dad taught me to solve problems by punching people in the face. This came in handy when I got harassed at age 12 after I told a group of boys I was a lesbian after rejecting them. They never fucked with me again. Thanks, dad!

No. 1595560

My ten year old cat is letting me pick him up now if I drape his head over my shoulder and hold him against my chest. He used to shriek bloody murder when I tried, but now he purrs. I almost cried when I heard him do it the first time, without whining or screaming at the same time.

No. 1595541

Nonna I'm fat too (BMI of over 37) and it doesn't cross my wires by making me confuse worse with worst and vice versa. It also seldom ever fucks up my typing. Most of my grammatical mistakes come from my brain confusing words that sound alike (i.e. i will type wail instead of while, or liar instead of layer or lighter) during a stream of consciousness rant

No. 1595425

Are you lactose intolerant? I had the same problem, arguably worse because I had explosive diarrhea in my pants after I got home from graduation, and a lot throughout my childhood, then when visiting family there was only lactose free milk, and the farts and liquid diarrhea stopped. I only get really bad farts with cheese, but any and all lactose milk is cut out whenever possible.
It might help you, nonna

No. 1595363

The actually dysphoric ones would rather kill themselves and everyone around them than be referred to as women in any capacity, especially not a masculine one, so if they're dysphoric they're a lost cause and nothing you say will make them detrans/desist or listen to you. But the fakebois, the actual majority, have no dysphoria and absolutely see it as a fun fashion trend. These, along with the few trying to escape misogyny, are the ones that detransition and throw a shit fit because they ruined their lives for fun. Honestly I seldom ever feel bad for detransitioners because I know they were absolutely not dysphoric. It's like people who take Adderall without ADHD, what did they expect? Obviously with ones trooning out due to facing actual misogyny I'm not as harsh on but I do still find it amusing that they refused to seek actual help, and jumped straight to trooning out.

No. 1595352

Same, sometimes I will listen to the same loop on repeat for an hour because something sounds weird or I can't think of what pattern I want to make next
I wrote one song I'm extremely proud of but I want to rewrite the lyrics because they feel ham fisted and forced despite rhyming every line or so

No. 1595341

Fordola from FFXIV is a victim of misogyny and a beautiful lesbian I want her to step on me

No. 58468

I think Western Vocaloid should be moved to /snow/ at this point. It's not even weeb stuff at this point. Vocaloid is too mainstream in the west and the western community is chock full of /snow/ tier cows. The only one worthy of /w/ at this point is Akiglancy, but she had her first bit of milk in years a few days ago.

No. 1595042

When I was a newfag, it took over 3 months to learn how to sage

No. 58442

Is he the one spamming misogynistic slurs?

No. 1594955

If I'm already uncomfortable with the size of my tits you bet sure as shit I'd kill myself via cutting the implants out. Not to mention I find the idea of myself being thin let alone muscular fucking horrifying, absolutely not.

No. 58432

Spam in the Western Vocaloid thread >>>/w/195091

No. 1594879

As a former Californian I'm sorry for your loss.

No. 58429

It already is in /ot/, /2x/, and /g/ if memory serves

No. 298922

I think most of WG's milk comes from how much she acts and thinks like a child compared to other 20-somethings.

No. 1594735

I want to protect her and help her feel better, because she does vent a lot and, like me, has a noticeable typing style unlike most other anons. Even if she doesn't announce herself, you can tell it's her. I just want her to be okay, you know?

No. 1594707

I never posted that, the fuck is wrong with you? Stop "hi cow"ing everything you see kek. My guess is that was Kirbyanon, who I honestly really like and feel like she lights up the board every time she posts.
To be honest, I have fought with both radblr and radtwt, and while there's a lot of kind radfems in both communities, the majority are very, very fun to argue with and while I can look for a fight, the fights usually come to me or it's accidental. And when looking for an argument out of boredom it's almost exclusively with rudefems. Glad you got out of there.

No. 1594333

We're also getting banned for "ALOGing" trannies. I know the new mods aren't TIMs due to voice verification being the only requirement for being a farmhand it seems. My guess is at least one new mod is a TRA, but not a tranny unless they're a gayden.

No. 1594262

I didn't know the white goopy discharge from my vag was from ovulation until a few months ago. Probably because of how rare my periods are.

No. 1594254

I'm an innie and for the longest time I thought my inner labia had hair on it due to that.

No. 298878

Deplatforming Whiteglove is milky? I'll admit that Aki milk, albeit surprising, was very satisfying as of late. But Whiteglove hasn't been interesting or milky lately and is just a retard with an ego the size of the sun. Or her gut, if you will.

No. 1593968

i wanted marceliene to turn me into a vampire so bad as a kid

No. 1593963

i am too lesbian to truly understand the husbandofagging, but marceline and serana are peak waifus.

No. 58401

Kirbyfag is likeable. I agree that the dumbass shit thread was very severely derailed and is now unreadable for non-husbandofags and something should be done, but personality fagging itself is not explicitly against the rules. If they link their personality to real life information or online handles, and explicitly confirm it, that's breaking the rules, not personalityfagging itself.

No. 1593785

File: 1685600738871.jpg (10.03 KB, 279x234, Tumblr_l_205484708425310.jpg)

No. 1593756

i couldn't do vocaroo because i hate my own voice and my family is also loud, but at least i'm not a scrote

No. 1593738

Nonna, you're not helping. If you're not going to treat them as you would anyone else, no wonder they'd treat you poorly. A lot of gendercrits forget that troons have feelings too, especially FtMs. You're best off calling them "they," avoiding politics, not commenting on their transition in their presence or trying to convince them not to, and interacting as little as possible. If you don't, there's a 50/50 chance of them threatening you somehow, and in person that could be very dangerous due to how testosterone changes muscles. Humor them until they leave, and they won't treat you poorly or try to assault you. The children aren't as big a danger but if a 15 year old gayden comes up to you and starts shit, it would be understandable to tell her to wait until she's an adult and thought it through for a couple years thereafter. Even if you have no intention of ever humoring her. Most minors who are troons desist. Once they're 18, the desist and detransition rate plummets and permanent detransition becomes extremely scarce, albeit heartbreaking when it does in any situation. Also try to get a minor's parent involved if they're threatening you in person or laugh them off/don't interact if they're online.

No. 1593720

i take it the scrotes found this thread and immediately proceeded to shit it up?

No. 58398

I did and I still think the new farmhands are newfags

No. 1593714

tf did i miss i was playing ff14

No. 58396

One of the newfag farmhands banned me for breaking anonymity because I said I wasn't a tranny when an anon accused me of being one of the scrote shitposters from jvlog. My guess? New farmhands are most likely newfags, but a pretty good possibility they were vendettachans seeking out users they dislike still remains. Seemingly, the only requirement is voice verification so there could also be a FtM farmhand trying to fuck with us, but that's unlikely, especially with how quickly testosterone can fuck up a woman's voice. But some never deepen, too.

No. 58395

I think the ones claiming we can't be abusive are the abusers and they're trying to shift the blame onto outside factors. They're also almost always GC, so they make people with genuine concerns over trannies look absolutely insane. Which honestly, isn't surprising. If you care so much about controlling other people, to the point you wish death on all who disagree you're either in a cult, suffer from untreated Cluster B, or an abuser yourself. So are we really shocked so many extremist radfems end up beating their girlfriends then saying it's impossible due to being a real woman? It's the same projections trannies do and I wish other lesbians didn't act so haughty when a portion of us are no better than a good chunk of troons.

No. 1593481

The funny thing is that I have seen that, with my mom. Half Indigenous American and always calls herself a white woman despite only looking that way when she dyes her hair, and people avoid her facial features. She's far from racist, she just doesn't feel like it's her place to talk about BIPOC struggles and tries to avoid the subject by not mentioning being half Indigenous until she knows someone. I just see myself as a person and not a particular race because I have so many different groups in my bloodline. Like my dad, who has dark skin, hinting at being part Latino but never going in detail despite his pride for Colombia, so I don't comment on things that I feel I have no say in, much like my mom.

No. 1593470

NTA, shouldn't both sides claim them? At least with half-black people. I don't know the struggle but it makes me upset that they get so much racist shit thrown their way unless they're perfectly white passing.

No. 58383

Saying this as a lesbian, our domestic abuse rate towards eachother is higher than 50%, which is higher than the tranny suicide attempt rate. It fucking annoys me when other women think that we're innocent angels and incapable of abuse or rape. We still commit statistically far less abuse than moids, but we have a more concentrated problem.

No. 1593384

I don't want to date anyone because I am intensely needy and the relationship would likely devolve into a caretaker situation near instantly. If not I can only imagine what would happen if the woman I develop a crush on ends up being straight or has incompatible opinions on lifestyle. I'm likely overthinking it but I'm much happier cherishing the time with who I yearn for without ever getting attatched or having a commitment.

No. 1593382

I'm glad you found a woman you really, really get along with. Good luck nonna!

No. 1593232

No, I mean a complete removal of the uterus and/or ovaries. She very specifically said a hysterectomy, since getting the tubes tied or removed would not do anything to help. Plus I don't mind going on HRT if it is necessary. Also, if the tubes are tied, pregnancy is still possible albeit significantly rarer

No. 1593226

I was prescribed hormomal BC for my abnormal periods that made multiple doctors very confused since they couldn't figure out wtf caused them to be so painful and spotty (several months in between, no cysts, tumors, and I'm not underweight. So painful I'm bedridden when I do have them.) and I tried to commit a murder-suicide. The doctor laughed me off and told me to keep taking it since this was April~May 2020 so I dumped it, and those thoughts stopped. I saw an actual gyno in person at the beginning of this month, and she has yet to examine me since she noticed how anxious I was. Said that my symptoms qualify for a hysterectomy and that she's also a licensed (reproductive) surgeon, especially if nothing helps, when I'm 21. Only a year to go until I stop suffering, I already have menopause symptoms from my psychiatric medications of the same severity so I'm not too worried especially if she leaves an ovary or two.
I personally think hysterectomies should be more commonplace, especially for women with reproductive disorders like endometriosis or PCOS, where having either ovaries or a uterus is hell on earth, but also as a more "permanent" form of birth control for those with a pregnancy phobia or those incapable of motherhood for one reason or another.

No. 1592714

I was unaware of that, apologies

No. 1592618

Japanon is infinitely more annoying than TiFchan and Rancefag now. At least TiFchan is merely childlike (and annoying due to it) and Rancefag is far from malicious. Japanon is a manipulative, rich, horrible piece of work. Worst of all, she's Brit rich.

No. 1592477

why are straights like this kek

No. 1591892

Fair enough, I suppose. But isn't it also bad to assume all women want to be mothers or are naturally maternal? I go out of my way to avoid children like the plague.

No. 1591891

Japanese sites tend to tag things significantly better than western ones. For example, I used PixiV for years and was completely oblivious to the fucked cumbrained shit on it because I had NSFW off and avoided certain tags or communities, thus cultivating a more wholesome fandom experience. Even found an artist I want to commission, but she uses Skeb and my Twitter is suspended.

No. 1591886

>we're born with the best observational and social skills on a planet
Completely incorrect in my case. I have significantly worse social skills than even the most oblivious middle school scrotes and am far from observant. I never really look deeper and I always say what I feel without thinking through it for a few seconds. Not all women are uber-charismatic girlbosses. Some of us are just autists with the communication abilities of a 4th grader.

No. 1591785

File: 1685426536388.png (1.46 MB, 2000x1600, LC draw room (4).png)

Kek at the anon who thought this was a genuine pro-TIF piece. It was a quote from TIFchan

No. 58278

wtaf are you talking about nonita?

No. 1591520

I probably had a massive argument with you at one point if you were in radblr, and I apologize if so because you seem like one of the few radfems on that site that's actually nice

No. 1591360

I think one of the new farmhands (at minimum) is a 2022/23 newfag, or only volunteered to be a mod to enact a vendetta kek. I heard one of the farmhands of the three new ones is actually good and confirmed not to be a tranny, at least.

No. 1591356

This is giving me opposite vibes that TIFchan has. She (the no1curr ban haver) likely copped a ban because of the new retarded mods. They've been banning people for posting emojis where there are none, "breaking rule 4" by saying they aren't trannies or spammers, and almost all the bans seem to single out specific users and go after them before even taking care of people spamming AI generated kids in caves or CP.

No. 1591352

There was an antique store in the general area I grew up in, split in two shops. One for clothing, dolls, hats, records and other old tech, and some furniture. The other had lots of furniture and statuettes. This is about the former, where I wandered into the building's basement (where the tech was) and over 3 visits, I saw three things; an original XBOX, a copy of The Sims (Livin' Large, I believe.) and a Mid-2000s fedora. All three of these made me feel like a fucking grandma since 99% of what I got from there were 1920s cloches

No. 1591327

AYRT, yes. My astigmatism is also very bad, I'm nearsighted in only one eye but can't see much of anything in either when glasses-less.

No. 1591193

I feel you nonna. I can't wear contacts due to the shape of my eyes, though. And putting my fingers near my eyes is a terrifying concept

No. 1591178

To be fair, I'm the first person to admit she's lazy and gluttonous, and morbidly obese so I can't comment much. Even though I'm a lesbian I find fat scrotes kinda cute in a teddy bear way? Although, not sexually attractive. Fat women, however, I do.

No. 1591172

Is it Pakistan, perchance?

No. 1590983

AYRT, that does make sense, actually! Thinking of the patriarchy more as "systematic misogyny" is much more understandable than thinking of it as some conspiracy-esque organization. I guess the way a lot of feminists describe it is hard for me to understand because I take it too literally.

No. 1590958

I don't think the patriarchy exists in first world countries. Unless you're in Iraq there's no evidence of men controlling the world against women like a secret shadow org out of an anime.

No. 58250

Hey, I waited it out. I just think it's retarded how people actually breaking rules get away with it for hours whereas anons not breaking any get banned almost instantly because anons get mad their schizo theories and "hi cows" got denied or disproved

No. 1590891

I'm in PST right now, but am naturally pretty nocturnal because I don't do anything in the daytime unless I have an appointment or something.

No. 1590863

NTA. Yes, yes, yes, and yes, despite not being a shaytard and not knowing what any of you are talking about. And not infighting about any of the above

No. 58248

So, I get banned for a day for saying I'm not the same anon as >>58244 , absolutely nothing hinting at who I am, for breaking "rule 4," yet this troon is allowed to spam all day and night? Between this and the emoji bullshit, I'm convinced one of the new farmhands is a newfag, troon, has a poor grasp of the English language, or has a vendetta over several different anons.

No. 58167

I wasn't the tranny who was spamming earlier, but I'll cease out of respect

No. 58169

I wasn't the tranny who was spamming earlier, but I'll cease out of respect

No. 1589848

File: 1685246386567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47 KB, 500x502, 1672321617190.jpg)

Occasionally I'll remember Cybersmith exists and start dying laughing and then cry because he left Tumblr

No. 1589846

Nope, wasn't me who was spamming that bullshit. I was actually the anon you're replying to. Been trying to tone it down but it actually fucking annoys me when trannies spam the site or try to cram their opinions down women's throats. I get disagreeing but don't fucking spam links and tranny AI shit especially unsaged

No. 58163

Yeah, I believe in trannies being allowed to troon out just like any other form of bodily autonomy, but only ones that are 18 and older after years of therapy and trying to do anything other than troon out for at least two years past a GID diagnosis. Most regret it because they were forced to as a child, got a cheap back alley surgeon/hormones/et cetera or impulsively made the decision because nobody thought to try deterring it or seeing if it was something else like BIID, an eating disorder, or BDD. But that's a bit off topic.
Agreed sans the misogyny part. I believe only the ones with GID and extensive therapy proving that trooning out is the last resort should be allowed. Then I'll respect the tranny so long as he or she can prove they actually are suffering and mentally ill.

No. 58145

school anon is now spamming pro tranny propaganda in the other /meta/ thread

No. 58144

I agree with you but not only is this off topic but you're clearly a minor, this site is for biological females (FtMs are allowed so long as they don't glorify trooning out) and the grand majority of users on this site hate trannies, both male wnd female, but especially male. It's a site populated mostly by gender critical radical feminists, and you have to be 18 to post here.

No. 1589720

I know, right? So fucking disgusting. If it is for a project (doubtful), the poster is underage and it's horrifying that a school would ever suggest a project to harass women on sites like this

No. 58134

Nah I'm just extremely paranoid about someone pretending to be me

No. 1589424

I use a remote over my underwear. I do get relief but I never end up cumming kek

No. 58122

An anon looked it up and it doesn't exist kek

No. 1589375

I can't get off without a very, very specific story pertaining to my kinks and I also don't know how to schlick so I have to get really creative to satisfy that itch. I also need to imagine myself in the story and the moment a dick is mentioned I lose all interest and I can't get off. I can't use my imagination because I have none, otherwise I would

No. 1589108


No. 58073

I have a question. I'm tired, so I'm probably more retarded than usual. What, specifically, makes me insufferable? I'd like to learn so I can cut that shit out. As far as I know I'm relatively well liked when I'm not posting anything regarding GID or troons, which almost every time is posted on CC by me instead of here, where I'm not dogpiled. The most recent exception is because I let slip an unnecessary detail that I never peaked in the vent thread, which caused several anons to sperg out, in which I further sperged in response. Which was not okay, and caused unnecessary drama.

No. 58066

Hi! TIFchan here. I didn't break the rules hence why I wasn't banned. I backed off when told and the situation is over. Plus I'd prefer if mods cracked down on misogyny towards TIFs like what >>58062 said. I don't really care about if any of you hate trannies? It comes with the territory, and you do you. But consistency is a virtue and if it's misogynistic to say those things about any woman who isn't a TIF, it should not fly for TIFs either. I apologize about causing an uproar, though.

No. 1587921

its 3am and all i want to do is binge eat. why am i like this?

No. 1587730

File: 1685080986301.jpg (55.67 KB, 564x710, 1677070975752.jpg)

OCD makes sleep impossible. I have to keep cracking my kneecaps by stretching my legs out all the way and before I know it the sun's up and I got no sleep because my legs still feel compressed

No. 1587626

Tried to draw TIFchan but my mobilefag ass clearly can't draw on Aggie despite doing all my other art on mobile

No. 1587602

Because I also want to be on HRT the rest of my life, get a legal name change, et cetera? It isn't enough to get a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy, those aren't the only problems I have. Likewise I only tolerate being called "she" on here because of board culture. I also pretend to be a lesbian and not a SSA TIF a lot due to that. I'd forego some comfort for advice.

No. 57964

I posted about my reasoning in >>>/ot/1587414
No lifestyle changes are needed at all, I just need to recognize my own body and voice and use my preferred name and be called a man, etc. I use this site primarily to get help for my female issues, plus I know I'll never be male so it's not a delusional bit. I just feel more comfortable being referred to as a man and looking like one, even if I'm still clockable because a year and a half later and my doctor only just now found one willing to do HRT and even then he keeps rescheduling me meeting her because he "wants to talk" first

No. 57954

I've had intensive outpatient care for 12 years and have been taking Zoloft and Risperdal for 10 and 11 years respectively. Medication and therapy are useless for GID. They help every other problem I have, namely my intense bloodlust, but nothing is done for GID. I have tried every other fucking thing. Curiously, I was prescribed estradiol for an unrelated problem and tried to kill someone, so obviously I have too much estrogen either way

No. 57949

I've been here for two years and even after viewing "peak material" from several different sources all it did was make me more in favor of trooning out. It's a mental disorder, not something that can be controlled. If they don't have the mental disorder they aren't a real troon and are doing it for attention. Literally the only people you have ever peaked don't have GID, it's impossible to peak when peaking is directly contradictory to every single experience you've ever had.

No. 1587568

Oh, really? I profusely apologize. I didn't realize that started it nor that nobody here really hates us. I still stand by my statement that she needed better friends, though

No. 57945

Yes, and? I'm a TIF, not a TIM

No. 1587558

Nonna, not only are mine not at all healthy but they cause me significant distress. If intensive therapy and very strong medication didn't stop me from trying to cut them off while awake, naturally the last resort is a double mastectomy. And that's the one thing that wasn't tried. My uterus and ovaries are easily the most unhealthy part of my body aside from my brain. Extreme, severe cramping, irregular periods (once every few months, usually bleeding for 1-2 hours if that before it going on for a very long time a month or two after) My doctors don't know what's wrong and gave up because my symptoms are so irregular, yet my uterus itself looked normal. I was prescribed estradiol to "help" with that when I was 16 and never saw a gynecologist, and ended up attempting murder suicide, repeatedly. Also self harmed significantly more intensely. I dumped them, and that stopped. I've already received all the mental health care possible, there's only two ways out now; troon out, or kill myself. Otherwise I'd suffer the rest of my life and likely get worse and worse. Unless you have some other brilliant plan, I'd trust the medical professionals and do anything not to kill myself. Thanks.

No. 1587477

I don't want to be married because I hate being touched, am terrified of sex unless I can be clothed from the waist up (and only want to do that with other women) and the relationship would turn more into a caretaker/incompetent adult situation very early on due to my stunted development. It's generally a bad idea.

No. 1587463

As an autist, I hate the rubbery texture of onions. No way of cooking them makes me willing to eat them. I also hate mushrooms. Unhealthy foods I cannot touch for any reason include Flan, unrefrigerated bread, and warm pudding. Typically it's a red flag if they only dislike healthy foods, but I can't really comment as someone who can only eat maybe 5 types of foods all in one specific way. At the very least the healthy/unhealthy is even. Generally speaking, if there's not a single food in either category they will eat they're probably a munchie or have OCD that makes them fear it already went bad, but that's rare.

No. 1587445

Thank you nonna, that's why I've taken to crystal cafe to vent as of late. I understand it's very frowned upon here, but simultaneously I think it proves a point that some women are all about women's rights until some of them decide to make themselves more content with themselves or thinks differently from them. I appreciate you being honest, however. I am the first one to confess I'm a retard, but in a "I always have to be honest and justify everything about myself" and so on. This often results in oversharing in a vain attempt to prove a point that usually ends up not existing in the end. I tend to think through and delete within 30 minutes upon realizing this, though

No. 1587426

You asked for a vent, retard. That was a vent. You're welcome. Now can the scrotes invading this thread and attacking actual females fuck off already

No. 1587414

Nonna, me being a troon has nothing to do with denying my biology. It has everything to do with having a body I do not recognize whatsoever. I'm fully aware it's female, I strongly dislike that and do not remember having my breasts or genitalia whatsoever. It's like my head was ripped off my actual body and put on one with a vaguely similar body, but with a vagina and breasts which I did not remember being there previously. In my memories, in my head, in my dreams, my voice is deeper, my body is male albeit with the same BMI, there's thicker facial and body hair, et cetera. Every time I see myself unclothed I panic. Every time I see or hear the name I was born under it takes a conscious effort to know that's my name because I keep thinking they're talking to or about someone else. 12 years of intensive therapy and medication, and this has not changed. It has always been this way, it is a truly horrifying, disturbing experience I do not wish on my worst enemy. Grabbing a knife and thinking about lopping off your tits and cutting out your uterus at 11, getting caught before you could, having an extremely adverse reaction to estradiol when you were 16 and prescribed it for the most excruciating pain you've felt in your life. Most troons have not had this experience, most troons go for HRT right out the gate. I have always wanted that to be a last resort. I've taken to venting about this shit on CC. I'm honestly extremely glad none of you seem to understand. It's a pain nobody should experience, and I cannot imagine ever wishing it on anyone. I apologize profusely for annoying everyone, but getting this extreme anguish off my chest should calm me down.

No. 1587384

>go back
I bet money I've been here longer than you nonna. Like I said a couple days ago this site isn't limited to politics and I already admitted to being TIFchan a good while back. I don't mind it, as far as personalityfags go I'm far from the worst, just very verbose and socially retarded

No. 57930

I'd prefer to suck frankendicks and eat bio pussy actually. Plus I've been here longer than you kek

No. 1587378

I'm a TIF actually. I can provide proof if needed.

No. 1587357

This post said it >>1587060 otherwise I wouldn't have said shit. I didn't lie about anything that's genuinely how that post reads since I'm not attracted to males and am slated for a full hysterectomy in 2024. Not that any of you knew that but I feel like it's okay to say because it adds context to why I thought that.

No. 57882

Handmaiden is such a misogynistic term. Do you just call every woman who disagrees with you that? I suffer from severe GID. That's why I'm a TRA, it would be hypocritical not to be. I don't think trannies should be in female spaces, but that's also why outside of this anonymous board I refuse to use any whatsoever for any reason. I'd rather suffer, truthfully

No. 57879

Misogynistic insults and threats plus infighting in the vent thread >>>/ot/1587060
The amount of Kiwi scrotes that have invaded that thread should be dealt with somehow. I've seen several anons get away with dogpiling and being very misogynistic in this particular thread. Worst case scenario it may have to be temp locked

No. 57878

I've never used the GC subreddit because I'm a TRA, I just like getting advice for female problems and laughing at cows. Plus I've been here since before GC reddit was banned.

No. 57870

I was the one who reported that. My reasoning being the amount of Kiwifags joining and how many of them resort to violence. There's a difference between the phrase "kill all men" (vent, usually out of frustration) and "trannies get the rope." (almost always said with malice rather than frustration) Furthermore, it was out of left field and in response to me trying to tell a girl to get friends who share her gender critical beliefs, even as someone who is not in any way, shape, or form gender critical. Unlike Kiwifags, we are above mindless violence and witch hunting, and I'd prefer it if we stay that way.

No. 1587028

I'm not a they/them and I'm not ugly, at least I take basic care of myself. Try again kek

No. 1586871

It's because it's cathartic to yell your beliefs once there's no consequences worth a damn. I don't know if it's just my self destructive tendencies but every time I'm not looking back I tend to admit everything down to the most minute detail to the people I'm leaving behind. It feels amazing to get the weight off your soul and be true to yourself and your beliefs.

No. 1586863

Fat moids will always be better than muscular moids cope lol

No. 1586779

AYRT I'm fat and tall myself so I guess it's slightly more different, but you're absolutely right that frail ana kuns aren't threatening unless they're around 6'3 or taller kek

No. 1586769

I find muscle disgusting looking, but I'm also not attracted to moids. I tend to feel safer in the presence of fat moids than muscular moids, though

No. 298575

FtMs almost exclusively project on rapists and murderers because most of them have the same violent ideation as MtFs but are too heavily medicated or weak to act on it. So they express the urge in art rather than violence

No. 1586591

Yes, and? I was trying to give anon sound advice I.E. get new friends because I know those types, they're not going to last as friends. Most pro tranny people would freak the fuck out after finding out, she's better off getting new friends and giving the old ones a final fuck-you. Advice isn't limited to politics, nonna.

No. 1586494

Very true kek

No. 1586472

Are you the same faggot troon who was spamming shit about wishing suicide on trannies, when that's directly contradictory to board culture? We usually hate them, but we never fantasize about their deaths. You're obviously projecting if you're the same tard kek

No. 1586470

We don't alog and tell people to kill themselves here, Kiwi scrote. Fuck off.

No. 1586466

Can the anons in the vent thread stop fucking attacking people because they either have a different opinion and vented about it or lamented about how they feel? Like the thread is infested with an unusual amount of newfags, if not Kiwifags or trannies sperging out at women who, say, have a mental illness or politely disagree with someone. It's fucking annoying and makes me want to scream. Not everyone who isn't a radfem is a newfag and I wished the anons in there knew that, especially since one of the people who called me a newfag admitted she was freshly 18

No. 57815

Not sure if you mean me, but I haven't been in Unpopular Opinions in a good while, so it wasn't me. The tranny shitting shit up is a different person kek

No. 1586460

I've been using the site since 2021, not everyone's gonna be in an echo chamber kek, it's not like being a feminist is a rule to join here, come the fuck on. The only rule for the users themselves is that they have to be female and over 18. Go back to /2x/ if seeing females with different opinions upsets you so much kek. By the way, what's up with all the anons in here attacking everyone? It's the vent thread, get a fucking grip.

No. 1586292

I mean, as an American who supports trannies on a person to person basis, most of us have no problems with an 18 y/o x 20 y/o relationship whatsoever. Plus, I can already tell based on the seeming moral conflict, the smartest route is to find new friends and open up about being GC and other shit to your soon-to-be-ex friends, that you've been suppressing, once your new friend group is set up. I can't imagine forcing yourself to keep that shit silent, else your relations are on the line. It's not healthy, nonna

No. 1585769

kek most of my report reasons are blaine, tranny, scrote, moid etc. if not its lack of sage

No. 57782

Shut the fuck up tranny. He absolutely is a cow who alogs other cows who are infinitely better people in comparison to him

No. 1585471

Wasn't Blanchard's studies disproven as flawed at some point? I agree some TIMs are fetishistic, but I honestly do not understand how anyone can Wholeheartedly call herself a radical feminist and believe in that. No offense meant, though.

No. 330360

I will at my next appointment. I refuse to take estrogen if they suggest it, however. I will never take it, was prescribed estradiol once and had a rather bad mental breakdown on it, on multiple occasions, which stopped after dumping it

No. 1585369

>fat FtM in a fedora
I wonder where I've seen this before

No. 330335

No, I haven't, none of my doctors are willing to do a hormone test, and my other bloodwork was seemingly normal, unless they did the hormones with everything else, which also seemed normal. Weird either way

No. 298187

I honestly don't mind TIFs drawing that. All surgery is invasive, and if they see no problem with it I'm not going to force my beliefs down their throat. That being said, most of the things they do draw are fucking gross.

No. 1584759

AYRT, far from it. I'm actually obese, at 5'8 and 240 pounds, but that isn't fat enough to stop a period, if that's even possible. That's why I'm confused. It isn't my weight, vitamins, or a uteran problem, so it's very…odd.

No. 1584709

I've been waiting for my period for almost a month. I'm a virgin, my vitamin levels showed as normal during my recent blood draw, my premenstrual symptoms have been occurring for nearly three weeks. I bleed a couple "lines" onto toilet paper a few days back, put on pads, nothing happened. It stopped completely. It happened again today, with less blood, but all my other symptoms of having a period, including intense pain, are there. My ultrasound was normal, despite my doc expecting cancer. What is going on?

No. 330182

My period has been due for a very long time now, I'm cramping really bad like I'm on it, but my body is not bleeding. I bled a very, very small amount three days ago, it completely stopped. It happens again today, and there's no blood an hour later. None even got on my pad. I have all the other period symptoms, it hurts excruciatingly like I am, but nothing. I had all the premenstrual symptoms, and it's fucking up. They hurt. I want to know what the fuck is going on, because my ultrasound came back completely normal, and my previous vitamin D deficiency is now at a normal level. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm a lesbian and a virgin, so it isn't pregnancy.

No. 330179

Thank you anon, I can't use a stove or oven, I never learned how and the idea of getting near one deeply scares me, and I still live with my mom because of my specific health problems. She does a lot of "fend for yourself" nights, in other words, she doesn't make or order dinner (completely understandable), so you have to either make your own food or go hungry, and in either situation I instantly feel like I'm famished an hour later and eat until I get tired or feel too comfortable to get up. Cutting back on soda would likely also help, but I take two psychiatric medications that are infamous for dramatically increasing appetite and nearly halting metabolism; Risperdal, and Zoloft. This, combined with not being allowed to eat until my grandparents fell asleep and couldn't abuse me for a year and a half before I got kicked out for being lesbian, have both made binging not only a habit, but a habit that makes my body freak out if I don't continue. Salivation, jittering so bad walking is very hard, nausea, and feeling very dizzy and unable to speak properly. It will take a lot to "normalize" my eating habits, especially since my mom doesn't buy much of any actual "meals" and the majority of food in the house is snacks she wants.

No. 1584696

I have the same extreme fear of pregnancy and disgust with being near dick (but I'm lesbian), and I have horrific reactions to hormonal birth control so I told my gyno all those symptoms, she said since birth control is a no-go I'll get extremely powerful pain meds for my (very erratic and unpredictable) period and I qualify for a hysterectomy next year, when I'm 21, which is covered by insurance. I honestly can't wait. Anything is better than being capable of pregnancy or to suffer from debilitating pain until I'm 50 or 60

No. 1584641

AYRT, I've taken to Crystal Cafe's feels board when I need to vent because the majority of things that make my life hell causes anons to try to pick a fight with me or tell me to "go back" when I didn't break any rules and just have rather severe mental illness, probably because while it's female only, women of gender and those suffering from the disorder WoG have are allowed to talk freely about it in certain spaces. Plus the vent threads, as of late, are full of prissy fucking mean girls that harass people who are already suffering, and the poor girl who got banned is easily included in the "actually suffering" bit. I don't care about people's personal beliefs, but being a rudefem is fucking inexcusable in a thread like this one, or being rude in general, really.

No. 1584059

Yes, Estradiol is the very first thing gynecologists try before even examining your reproductive system. They literally prescribe the pill and some, if it doesn't work, refuse to listen and say it "works for everyone." Others will look further into it, but seldom ever. If you don't take the pill, they'll recommend an IUD or depo shot next, often giving up hope if you refuse or it does not work. I was prescribed it at 16 and it made my chest grow, feel like my breast tissue was on fire, and I was constantly both homicidal and suicidal, trying to attack my dad with a knife at one point, quickly getting taken off of it. Dumping the pills instantly corrected my mental state, and when brought up to my first gynecologist (who refused to see me in person because it was around the time of May 2020) and he told me I must have been faking it and so on. My new gynecologist is going to do her first examination of me in August, and with my documented severe period cramps and absolutely abnormal cycle (35-50 days instead of the standard 28, usually closer to 45-50 and in rare cases way longer with maybe 2 hours or less of bleeding per month, followed by an intensely heavy, excruciating 7 days) I may have to get a hysterectomy in 2024/2025, but we won't know the extent of the horrors until I get my first examination.

No. 1583928

I know a tradfem who's extremely obsessed with Lore Olympus, but I don't know anything about the series.

No. 1583909

5 million is not enough. A trillion is not enough, nothing is enough. No way in hell would I let him cum anywhere near me, let alone on me. And I'm not his type, thank God.

No. 1583712

>local farm
Not all of us live in an area where that's an option, nonna. Not in a city per se, but the environment I'm in makes it inhospitable for meat farming

No. 1583703

which one?

No. 1583696

It's because of belligerent vegans like yourself that almost everything I eat has some sort of animal product in it, if not outright meat. Usually from corporations because it makes you more upset

No. 1583688

File: 1684702859566.png (628.5 KB, 931x657, 01b99a1d-f9c6-408e-9d6a-a8a314…)

No. 1583269

It could also work for women who have to wear men's shoes because they run a woman's size 12+, but I think you're right that they're meant for males.

No. 1583030

I was such a weeb that I took actual Japanese classes to gain access to more media, it was well worth it. While I forgot a lot, I remember enough to navigate most things in it

No. 1583027

Yeah, I haven't seen people be so aggressive until just a few weeks ago. I'm sorry nona

No. 1582972

im the one who vented about that, you're correct, my mom is friends with his mom, its been well over 10 years and only just now has he & his mom decided to cut contact.
i have no fucking idea if they'll ever come back, but considering our parents have been buddy-buddy since before i was even born, it's a matter of time until her clinically insane son forces himself back into my life no matter what i do

No. 1582871

the guy who child-on-child diddled me had a freakout to his mom on me today
basement dwelling, greasy, fugly mother fucker apparently got mad over an argument i had, refused to specify, and now him and his mom cut me out of their life kek. good fucking riddance.
i'm only worried because my mom is her best friend and if his mom rats to mine (unlikely) i fear the worst.
this guy is uber misogynistic and homophobic and has fantasies about killing lesbians in particular, with firearms in his house, fantasizing about killing us online. and lives nearby. very fucking scary.

No. 1582560

Thank you nona

No. 1582297

Yes, why? Was I taking something too seriously? Sorry.

No. 1582275

I would rather die than ever wear a dress, plus the waist on most of these seems more befitting of my thighs than my stomach and hips.
I don't get drawing it as porn. Vent art over dysphoria, however, is understandable to me, as are anatomical drawings. FtMs could be doing much worse than trooning out, and as cringe and retarded as cuntboy art is, the grand majority is drawn by pornsick men, although the typical FtM artstyle combined with that type of porn is physically revolting.

No. 57627

His obsession with harassing regular site users for "milk" has always been appalling to me. Far from the worst part about him, but easily up there.

No. 1582172

I've known several parents who support their child's troonout as soon as they're legal age, even going as far as to attack others for "not respecting them."
It's likely the mom is fully supportive, and the daughter wants to feel persecuted, despite not having the troon disorder, and not facing real discrimination

No. 1582099

I'm also a zoomer (nearly 20) and very nostalgic for the Early 2000s, my earliest memories are playing on the original XBox and Sims lol

No. 1581971

I'm not even a TIM and I don't know any makeup brands or lines, I don't wear it. I don't think it's fair to expect people to remember all the extensive specifics, troon or not. Both TIMs and TIFs are prone to things like Autism and ADHD, so that could also be why. As an autist, if you ask us point blank something, unless it's something we're fixated on, it tends to provoke an "I don't know?" of some variety.

No. 57597

There wasn't any, it was her, saged, bitching about a cow and demanding mods ban them. Said anon also posted on Crystal Cafe, with the implication they weren't actually a "she," getting banned for being male.

No. 297171

Is that fucking Gravity Falls?

No. 57571

At what point are threads consider "dead?" I saw what seems like a necro in a cow thread, and they bumped it with no contribution, and it's been dead for almost two months. I reported it, but it is annoying to see anons get very upset about cows, especially on dead threads.

No. 1580505

fedoras themselves are nice hats, but the people (especially men) who wear them are the ugly part

No. 1580482

NTA but not all of us are radfems

No. 296969

File: 1684367046577.jpg (491.72 KB, 1735x1731, Tumblr_l_1540415107202111.jpg)

Part 2, one on the left is a TIM (canonically moid), right is a TIF (canonical woman)

No. 296968

File: 1684366977629.jpg (118.86 KB, 1082x786, Tumblr_l_1615873004461295.jpg)

99% sure this artist is GC larping as a tranny to make troons infight. These are supposed to be TIFs

No. 1579872

OA (Original Autist) do not steal

No. 1579822

I actually do not hate troons, nor do I hate moids. I use the terms playfully and don't judge others for their mental or physical state.

No. 1579724

>They're all TIFs, what does it matter?
if you're saying they're all part of the same group, yes, they are. but to generalize an entire group of people like that is kinda gross to me? i don't know, i feel the same about when women generalize moids. but i stay quiet due to board culture
thank you nonna, i do need to get out more, but i also am a firm believer in psychology/neurology and believe troons are not all bad or "victims of misogyny" depending on their sex, if anything i'd be a tra if i wasn't anti fakeboi. in reality, it doesn't matter and mental illness is a varied subject

No. 1579693

ayrt, no. you're incorrect. i specifically said fakeboi because real tifs make an effort and don't draw themselves or moids with tits, because they're actually mentally ill and suffering, and they see trooning as the only way out. fakebois are not like that, you described fakebois, not most tifs.

No. 1579634

File: 1684283311016.jpg (491.72 KB, 1735x1731, Tumblr_l_1540415107202111.jpg)

why do fakeboi-type tifs (usually enbies) occasionally draw trans men with giant boobs? i thought they wanted them gone?

No. 1579593

Based. Wish you luck nonna!

No. 1579512

Holy shit nonna that's foul. If they ask for a reason as to why they were all turned down or you need to provide a reason, say that it's because they refused to give a tenancy history, that's a guaranteed way to bypass that. Although, if somehow they still miraculously moved in I'd call the MtFs "he" and the FtM "she" just to be a thorn in their sides. I highly doubt any of them have actual GID anyways based on their description, I'm sure even TRAs refuse to humor them.

No. 1578778

nonna if i was unmedicated i'd probably be a spree killer right now, or dead, or in a cell of some sort for another violent crime. medication and therapy isn't for everyone but for some of us it's an actual life saver, both for ourselves and others.

No. 1578773

Sometimes I check cow twitter accounts and one's been spamming revenge pornography all day, why do scrotes hate women so much?

No. 1578770

Sometimes I check schizotranny's twitter to see what he's having a meltdown over and he's been spamming cow nudes all day. Had I not been suspended I'd report for revenge porn ngl

No. 1578767

I do 2, problem is I have a chance of getting dandruff in my eye

No. 1578628

its because of the tripfag who spammed her nudes on the husbando thread

No. 1578626

is that the fucking "my leg!" fish

No. 1827910

Kiwifarms is arguably good for troons, by pointing out the malicious or vile ones so that other troons can blacklist them, but I guess because Kiwis don't give a fuck about pronouns, suddenly they're "evil," despite them being a net good for most groups. I may not personally like the site, but I have to admire that it's like the Library of Alexandria, but specifically documenting retards.
Doxbin is politically neutral, and doesn't take a stance on things. Troons dox other troons on there a lot, for things like being sexpests, or ones the other troons personally dislike. It doesn't play favorites in any capacity, not even individual users. Therefore, troons care less about it.

No. 57451

Don't reply to Blaine, he's sperging and baiting right now.

No. 296481

shes so pretty omg, ty!

No. 57409

File: 1684127785353.jpg (60.78 KB, 619x826, Screenshot_20230514_221606_Chr…)

blaine, you're so obvious when you post kek fuck off tranny

No. 57408

File: 1684127727379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.78 KB, 619x826, Screenshot_20230514_221606_Chr…)

blaine that's your twitter icon. retard

No. 57407

I agree, I read it in a trad voice because the way he writes is like a stereotypical Karen, and not what troons tried to turn that word into

No. 296468

File: 1684120368199.jpg (1.54 MB, 1230x2048, Tumblr_l_225907930098038.jpg)

No. 57377

Anorectal Violence-Kun? Every time I see his disgusting spam I giggle a little because I read it in a tradthot voice mentally

No. 1577880

any youtuber, period

No. 57353

she posted her what

No. 57349

fuck off tranny

No. 57343

Hi, Cerbmin. I apologize for being one of the people who reports people with the "moid/tranny" reasoning. I specifically report for Blaine when he's very easily recognizable, like when he was posting a lolcalf's revenge porn on twitter as well as her dox, because he got mad her thread died and he thought only said cow and Rachael hated him and "everyone else knows better than to fuck with me." Thank you for getting rid of that shit, and sorry for the short reasoning.

No. 328351

Anyone else dissociate while binging? I'll be sitting there, full plate of food or with a soda or something, and when I look down, suddenly it's all gone. So I get another soda. This leads to me drinking around 4L a day and the chastization makes me want to fade to nothing

No. 296425

I like high-energy girls, but not necessarily active. Evil, vampire, or mage, etc preferred, but I also like antiheroes. Intelligent, shy or passionate about something they believe in, very loving to those they like and cold to those they don't. But I really like fantasy characters, preferably from a game or something because I seldom ever watch TV or anime.

No. 296421

File: 1684102421461.png (Spoiler Image, 163.07 KB, 1000x1294, 5f2de3f3-8453-49eb-a302-51588f…)

No. 1577223

saw anorectal violence-kun the first time today. wtf?

No. 1577052

File: 1684026901423.jpg (166.93 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20230513_181528_Chr…)

Part 4, here's him confirming the delusions. He's so fucking retarded kek

No. 1577050

File: 1684026762055.jpg (84.07 KB, 1080x697, Screenshot_20230513_131931_Chr…)

Part 3, he seems to think only his personal cows hate him kek

No. 1577048

File: 1684026715474.jpg (86.45 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20230513_131755_Chr…)

Part 2

No. 1577046

File: 1684026627400.jpg (71.2 KB, 1080x437, Screenshot_20230513_131840_Chr…)

Not on the thread itself, but he was sperging about Rachael and WG, posting revenge porn of WG as well as a partially redacted dox on the images of this post
The original thread is here >>56933

No. 1577039

I have no hips and no ass, but I've got goddess thighs and it's so pretty to me, all women's bodies should be celebrated.

No. 57285

Thank you, farmhands, for doing your best. The mess in the thread the past few days must have been hell.

No. 1577007

Blaine was having a slapfight in /meta/ and he blamed all his individual personal cows (all women, unlike him) when they were most likely asleep

No. 1577003

I woke up to schizotroon having a meltdown, and I had a good laugh. I didn't do shit and yet the tranny still whines kek

No. 57259

Thank you, nonita. I wasn't thinking about it that way

No. 1826606

Luna is a severely mentally ill Austrian woman from the Telegram. All she posts about is fangirling about Null.

No. 57257

File: 1684011569828.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.2 KB, 1080x437, Screenshot_20230513_131840_Chr…)

I'm not blaine, I'm the TIF he sperged out about and tried to pull an Ethan Ralph over this morning. I posted about him because I woke up to this trashfire of a thread and thought it was funny. He's just mad I was born with a vagina and he'll never have one.

No. 57255

I wake up to Blaine the pedophile sperging about me while I was asleep, cope, retard.

No. 57254

File: 1684009377823.jpg (71.2 KB, 1080x437, Screenshot_20230513_131840_Chr…)

Blaine, I was asleep when you were sperging about me on Twitter, I always sage in /meta/, and the funny part is that you contradict seemingly all of your fake morals about troons the moment you bring me up and attempt to dox me, sperging when I blocked out the address and shit kek. Cope, pedophile. I wasn't online when you sperged about me

No. 1576811

Anyone here like cats? I like cats.

No. 1576256

scrote, if in a cow board, unsaged, but only if actually unsaged

No. 1576193

Yes, that's about me, and yes, those are my posts. No promises on learning entirely yet, I'm pretty socially inept, but there will be no deception on my part, I promise.

No. 1576129

Yes, I'm so, so sorry. It wasn't okay, I'm too honest for my own good, and I wanted to lend credence to the Blaine shit because I don't know anyone else who hates me to that extent, and it scared me, because truthfully I love the women here and don't understand why I'm so hated? Therefore, when panicking, there was only one dot to connect, and it wasn't okay, but it seemed fully logical in the moment.

No. 1576065

i report people who mildly annoy me and they usually get banned

No. 1576063

>>1576062 wrong on who i am and let the farmhands check if youre telling the truth kek. cope tranny

No. 1576059

>>1576056 if im wrong, no harm in mods checking, in fact i beg them to, but the fag uses vpns, but it's very obvious when tranny starts a-logging personal cows of his.

No. 57147

blaine in /ot/'s dumbass shit thread >>>/ot/1571598

No. 1576053

File: 1683954171164.png (187.61 KB, 1024x682, 1677460079235.png)

these posts:
blaine also admitted to making the thread here, i doubt the nonitas here would care so much about the sperg: >>>/meta/53895
him threatening cow: >>>/meta/53629
a good guide to spotting blaine in threads:
it's almost certain he was in the tripfag sperging this afternoon, too

No. 1576042

can someone get blaine out of this fucking thread? who gives a shit about some sperg, and i do not believe anyone schizoposts like the infighters in this thread

No. 1576037

>>1576030 Thank you, sorry I got so upset. If there's anything I can't stand, it's lying, and liars. Being anonymous is very hard because I'm so prone to correcting everone on the finest detail. I need to learn to let things go without blowing up at everyone.

No. 1576031

>>1576028 How in any way was I ever a fujo? Every single thing I've ever done is explicitly anti Fujo. I swear to you, all I want is a cure for my mental illness, I will do anything to get it

No. 1576027

Incorrect, on the Vocaloid thread I would specifically insult myself in great detail, only when brought up first, and often used said insulting to correct certain things, because the truth was worse than what they thought, and I'd rathet be honest even if it hurts me

No. 1576023

You know most of that is blatantly untrue. One, I haven't self posted in a very long time and only did it once. Two, I never switch up my aliases, and I'm trying to be nice here. Three, I don't want attention, if anything this feels like a projection from you. Four, I have apologized profusely for my freakout on KF, it was not okay and never will be okay, besides, you're all so much more kind than the Kiwi tards 99% of the time. Furthermore, I quit Kiwi because I was told to by all my friends, not because I was chased off. You seem way too upset at me to be one of the women here, are you schizotroon?
I find fujoshis fucking annoying, and I very specifically only like women.

No. 1576013

Fallout: New Vegas actually. There's also my tumblr half-troll half-discourse neckbeard larp account and my abandoned permanently KF account.

No. 1576008

>>1576005 Should I be less verbose? Is it my manner of speaking? It happens with other personalityfags, so I'm assuming it's my manner of speaking.

No. 1576002

>>1575969 I go out of my way to blend in, but I'm too autistic and instantly get recognized as [personality]chan (or one of my various aliases off-site.) Sometimes I blend perfectly, but usually far from it, which makes me sad. Because I am trying my best, do I need to be less passionate and prone to correcting people on various mental disorders?

No. 57125

Farmhands, can you come online? Blaine's shitting up every thread with his Kiwifag Brigade and Kiwis are spamming threads with blogposts and unsaged bullshit in /snow/

No. 1826032

>>1826018 fuck off blaine.

No. 57116

It took them over 12 hours to ban the unsaged posters, and Blaine is still shitting up /meta/. Least the farmhands can do is lock the Kiwi thread, it'd fix everything but the troon problem

No. 1575404


No. 1575401

No, it means "nonbinary," and almost all enbies are TIFs

No. 1575393

File: 1683919388004.jpg (55.67 KB, 564x710, 1677070975752.jpg)


No. 1575390

Fuck off, newfag. Nobody gives a fuck about your troon friends, especially not a TIF who "gasses up" pb&js

No. 1575361

>>1575332 I have a lot of names. But I'm an incel larper because it's funny and I unironically love fedoras. I used to attack Tumblr Radfems in vile ways and I feel bad about it.

No. 1575296

so, we've had romanichan, kirbychan, drakechan, tifchan, maybe some others, all in this thread? is that normal?

No. 1575283

File: 1683916602727.jpg (48.56 KB, 800x450, patrick.jpg)

what in the absolute fuck is happening in here?

No. 57072

where the fuck have the farmhands been all day?

No. 1574669

>>1574649 not an /ot/ girl so idk but i giggle every time i see the term "anorectal violence"

No. 1825568

The troon mods were all demoted before, and sometimes immediately after, coming out if memory serves. But Null is notably softer on TIFs

No. 1574455

>>1574453 both are true, and both are autists. unless you're planning to mod games like the sims or minecraft or join an all female team, you're fucked sadly.

No. 57053

>>57052 thats so much better if true. tcc mfers freak me the fuck out

No. 57051

the columbine shooter? you're right but you shouldn't say it kek

No. 57047

you know the cp spam? he's the one who does that. he also is a schizo narcissist

No. 1574345

every time one of my feminist mutuals puts a tradwife on my dash i write about how much i loathe religion and how badly i want to fuck women in their inbox. they whine so hard about it kek

No. 1574337

>>1574202 …because its full of sugar? not mad or upset, or being accusatory, are you recovering from an eating disorder?

No. 57037

he camps out in every thread he makes, the rachael thread, the rita thread before it died, et cetera.

No. 57035

take your abilify, blaine.

No. 1825176

Null discourages using throwaway e-mails because if it gets hacked they can't receive a recovery e-mail; which says a lot

No. 1825121

>>1825049 if that's his best, i'd hate to see his worst kek

No. 1573629

i wish trumpchan was in threads other than celebricows, as i have no interest in 60 year old scrotes being terrible, but her schizoposts are so fucking funny

No. 56880

both of these are fair enough, i honestly didn't see how i did any of those at the time, but now that it's pointed out i can see how i broke the rules. it was retarded most of all, because i asked a question and took the corresponding bait. i wouldn't say i peaked whatsoever, moreso that i'm surprised by how much we have in common and i could peak soon although rather unlikely, hence why i didn't go in /2x/, as i figured it would be considered bait. and the lack of greentext was about as retarded as revoking anonymity, even indirectly. i'm also a 2021 user, but a newfag in terms of non-cow threads.

No. 1573616

File: 1683776779459.jpg (24.42 KB, 757x179, Screenshot_20230420_122913_Coo…)

cringe and retarded mobile game but how can i block obvious scrotes on cookie run kingdom?

No. 56874

File: 1683776608020.jpg (182.36 KB, 911x1505, Screenshot_20230510_204201_Chr…)

>>56872 sure, i think of all things, this is proof i shouldn't ever post when off my meds, i'd argue its cringe and sort of tmi, my only possible tip offs are the tif shit and manic reddit spacing

No. 56870

File: 1683776255341.jpg (108 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20230510_005910_Chr…)

now that im unbanned, is it normal to ban people for failing to integrate in /ot?/ because i read both the global and /ot/ rules repeatedly and i didn't see any rules i supposedly broke. closest was infighting, but i clearly was the only one banned in that situation kek

No. 1572803

I hate wearing socks

No. 1572801

i'm so autistic i can't blend because i have very specific typing quirks that make me stick out and the only chance i have is using site slang i fucking hate that

No. 1572781

No hard feelings, and thank you. I've learned "scrote" and "moid" helps, but I should learn not to speak in proper English mixed with slang and things like "kek"

No. 1572773

You couldn't be more wrong kek. I quit Kiwi for two reasons; one, I was told by multiple people I had to for them to stay, and two, I promised the one who originally brought it up while he tried to guide me to not be a cow and get my threads killed. Which worked, may I add? It's simple, not sperging out has benefits.
Two, I came here primarily to watch my thread like a hawk out of paranoia (before it died) and stayed to get advice and vent.
Furthermore, I have never said that shit, nor have I defended it, and in fact I tried to kill my neighbor for saying that shit about women but was stopped by my dad. I still fantasize about his diabetes and heart issues catching up to him because he thinks keto cured him lmao. I've talked about this a lot. Another funny thing, is that schizotroon got my address wrong and sperged out because he didn't know sideblogs on Tumblr can be password-locked. I hope he reads this and spergs out again, since I know he's ITT, I don't think he's you, but I'd laugh if he was.

No. 1572754

Yes; however I learned I love it here, and I love the women here. Most of you are very kind people and I've learned to blend, but if it's relevant I'll hint at who I am, but is it just me, or are you samefagging?
As I said in >>1572600 , I'm surprised by how much I agree with everyone here and the amount of help I've gotten with female-only problems truly cannot be thanked enough. In fact, the women here have helped me with both my female health and coping with my GID when HRT was not an option. I have no ill will towards radical feminism now, between both that and finding out how much I agree with some parts of your views on women. On troons, we agree on some things, like female only spaces. However, I do not see eye to eye with female seperatists who think males should be culled, but they should be allowed to make areas where no males are permitted.

No. 1572695

Are you schizophrenic, or type one bipolar? No hate, but there are signs.

No. 1572690

I hope mods ban transvestigation kek, there's already enough FtMs and MtFs to make fun of, they don't need to make shit the fuck up in order to like a scrote celebrity kek.

No. 1572600

AYRT, I am a TIF, and I'm surprised by how much I agree with everyone here and the amount of help I've gotten with female-only problems truly cannot be thanked enough

No. 1572595

As a csa victim and someone who has had a shitty 6th grade teacher who verbally abused me every day and pit students against me so I'd be bullied because she didn't like that an autist was in her class– I legitimately hope hell is real, if only so you can rot there, and I'm not even religious.

No. 1572577

Not the anon, but yes? I just don't think one is called "femcel-chan" exactly, at least I wasn't. I'm usually just called by my online handle or some variant of it followed by "-chan" (on occasion "-kun" as a sarcastic joke, as I'm female) and one of those handles has people who twist the last word into "femcel," most referenced in the Tumblr thread, I believe?
Probably replying to bait, but there are a lot of TIFs and trads alike on here, we just don't announce ourselves unless it's inherently relevant to the conversation, and we don't shame women for disagreeing with us. I used to be actively anti radfem and well known for constantly shitting on and going after them on every site I used, someone mentioned it in Stupid Questions, but I warmed up to the others here, and found out we agree on a lot. I can see why you get shat on.

No. 1572541

AYRT, troon lied then. I shouldn't be shocked by anything except him not wanting the HRT. You'd think if he had GID, he'd want that fixed, apparently not.

No. 1572409

Do you expect anything else from a rapist?

No. 1572053

I'm not seal-chan, but I'm also a less known personality poster

No. 1571674

Someone who is recognizable, often by personality alone. Trumpchan, Pakichan, CAPSLOCKchan, Rancechan, and so on

No. 1571671

I had a thread, it was made by schizotroon and has been dead for a little over a month, dying soon after he admitted it. Oddly, I don't hate radfems anymore. At least, not as a whole. I learned we agree on a lot of things, although most sentiments on transsexuals we strongly disagree on. I say most for a reason, as I do believe in sex segregated spaces, and GIDs having their own third spaces would benefit everyone except the AGPs and fakebois, as that would be beneficial to people with GID, women, and men alike. Simultaneously, I ran because a good friend advised me to. If anyone knows anything about me, I don't back down from a fight unless told or forced. I have, however, mostly calmed down and unless explicitly hint at it, blend perfectly on here. I also want to become a better person, and quitting Kiwi entirely does wonders. I like Null, I think he has a good heart. I don't like the shit attitude of the people on his site. I hate to admit it but I'd rather be around women who hate me, than around unironic neonazis who want me dead at best, and raped at worst. And, this site makes me pissed sometimes, but the amount of women who have helped me cannot be thanked enough. I have likewise cut down a lot on my usage of this site, only really venting and occasionally shitposting

No. 1571663

Sometimes I like being a personalityfag because it gives me opportunities to make jokes and terrible puns at my own expense. Like a not fucked up form of self harm

No. 1571661

In all seriousness, I'm so glad I'm banned from Kiwigram, does wonders for my brain meats. But every man who threatened to rape me there should get… "iced."

No. 1571649

Josh doesn't hate all troons, he's fine with most TIFs, stating it just confuses him because he thinks women are treated better than men. Maybe I'm biased because I've spoken to Null and he's very kind-hearted and avoids confrontation unless absolutely necessary, but he hates TIMs– not TIFs. He usually gives TIFs on the trutrans side far more respect than most trannies, albeit steadfast in his beliefs, and who can blame him when people like Elliot Fong No-Dong are pulling this shit, yet TIFs would seldom do more than get mildly upset and move on?

No. 1571642

i hate when i find a good song and the creator is a troon who supposedly writes about women but literally all of said women are the ugliest tims youve ever fucking seen, no tifs, no women, just tims and the occasional scrote but at least the scrotes don't look like agp caricatures

No. 1571610

I was in there when I was very unstable and every day there was a minimum of 20 actives fantasizing about conversion raping me, haven't been there since October and am doing leagues better.

No. 1571601

The telegram is a misogynistic hellscape who wishes violence (especially rape) on mentally ill women and lesbians, but I enjoy the TG updates so I only follow the update channel
I hope every individual moid in there gets neutered

No. 1571503

If I say much of anything to this I'd get called a personalityfag and I don't want to annoy some of the only tolerable radfems I've seen.

No. 1571502

I love starting shit with radblr every few days because occasionally a supposed radfem (actually just a libfem) like her (and actually her very recently!) will whine at me and I get some milk. It's never fun when they have me blocked first, which is pretty much a 50/50 chance as of late

No. 1571493

>>1571485 Thank you nonita. It's such a severe fear that I seldom leave the house unless I absolutely have to, because I'm scared of getting raped and getting pregnant. I already feel like my body is not my own so that sounds like hell, and I'd rather never leave the house and never risk it as a result. Sorry about the sudden vent, but it's a relief some of you are of the "I don't care what you do to your body" variety instead of larping as Regina George like in the confessions thread.
>>1571489 I'm legally incapable of driving or ever getting a license due to brain and eye problems, and the only people I know who are capable of doing so where I am are vehemently pro life and would sooner have me thrown into a ditch than get an abortion, so like I said, I refuse to risk it.

No. 1571487

Sometimes I think nonitas switch the sexes of the people in their vents to either get better advice or bash someone respectively and this partially confirms it >>1571324
For example, an abusive mother becomes an abusive father or grandfather, or when they want actual advice that isn't "lol dump him," they larp as a lesbian to try and get real answers

No. 1571481

Nearest place offering abortions is over 3 hours away and they offer hysterectomies, not anything else here except for birth control and that doesn't play well with my severe emotional and mental instability. Getting any medical care whatsoever takes months as well, and funnily enough, I ran out of my antipsychotics on Friday and will have them either tonight or tomorrow night if all goes well.
When I was on birth control I had a psychotic episode and lunged at my dad with a ritual daggar at 16. I was taken off that shit and me acting on said thoughts dropped off dramatically, only being turned towards myself. And I'd glady take the hysterectomy and HRT over literally everything else because I've got actual, severe problems for my uterus and qualify for a mostly covered hysterectomy at 21 due to that. I also have no moral qualms with taking medication the rest of my life, as I've been on heavy psychiatric medication since I was 9.

No. 1571370

Easy; the ones only doing it to seek help for their GID and want nothing to do with the "community" are normally fine, if not enjoyable, but the AGPs and fujo-gaydens are fucking insufferable and I actively hate them.
The former, I'll be polite to them, so long as they respect me too. The latter, I go out of my way to poke fun at or even bully them. Overall, it rounds out to neutral. They don't bother me, I don't bother them. Same with radfems, even if we disagree on a lot, we can agree on women's only spaces (trannies need their own tranny-only spaces, not to invade female or male ones) and women's right to choose. At least for me, it's a relief to not give a shit so long as I'm not in active danger.

No. 1571261

I exclusively use male bathrooms because I live in a very homophobic area, and they're actually far cleaner than the woman's a majority of the time. Plus most men either don't give a shit or think I'm a little boy.
Back on topic, as an autist that doesn't come out backhanded whatsoever. You probably thought you were hot shit in the moment; but a backhanded compliment is very specifically an insult presented as a compliment, I.e. "You don't look as fat today!" or "Better outfit than yesterday!" You gave a hollow compliment. Also, did you ever start doing drugs or alcohol underage? You seem stunted. Maybe I'm biased because I'm completely neutral on troons and apathetic to both sides, or I say that but some radfems are chill but I hate a lot of them as well, probably hate more than I like but this site (exception of noni) is more understandable than the batshit insanity of radtwt, radblr, and r/detrans so that could change, given time.

No. 1571213

Yeah but I don't want a uterus or ovaries, or any risk of having kids and I will go to any length to 100% guarantee sterilization. If I ever got pregnant, I would kill the embryo and then myself. If I was forced through, I'd kill the child after birth and then myself. If I couldn't and I couldn't put it up for adoption, I'd be horrifically abusive, be it due to psychosis/mania, depression, or pure anger from the horrible noise and bodily waste. I hate children. I find heterosexual sex a horrific act because it creates children. I avoid children very obsessively until they're about 8 and I no longer get urges to get them to shut up in any way possible. I'm scared of the germs they produce and their bodily waste. I'd rather die than have the permanent body changes. I cannot tolerate noise any louder than a modern A/C on most days. I can't leave the house because I can't tolerate the noise outside it. I enjoy parties because at least then most people there are fully developed mentally and physically. And while yes, mass-neutering males would fix a lot of that, it doesn't stop period cramps so intense I have to lie in bed for a week or more once every 35-50 days because the pain is so severe I'm practically immobilized.

No. 1571204

Wholeheartedly agreed. I also think hysterectomies should be just as, if not more common than vasectomies. Firstly, in case of rape, a woman cannot get pregnant if there's no uterus. Second, less kids. Third, it should be done by force to women who fail the test, and for men, a vasectomy, or an oriechtomy. As well as felons.

No. 295855

I was banned 2 years and a half ago for telling someone on Twitter I wasn't going to use their neopronouns, getting blocked by the entire mod team without a chance to explain, and Monstrosity whined about me by name, publicly, for months on end. I'm over it, though, as I recognize as an adult that I was being very rude and started the fight, anyways. I deserved to be exiled from the community for my reaction to the ban above all else.
I think Magical Rye and Monstrosity may have broken up, but in either situation, Rye, who banned me, DFE'd out of nowhere. Either way, I don't want to tinfoil. Anything could have happened.
I also really, really adore the elements system, but because Monstrosity shuts out everyone who is not in her server from learning anything about the series, and never updates public records for any reason. If you're not in the server, you know absolutely nothing as a result.
I do, however, really like the series. I wish it was set in stone and actually available to the public.

No. 1570728

Yes because the chance of them being able to hurt me is low if they're unable to run and have no muscle. Also, being around them usually doesn't scare me like being around a muscular or skelly scrote.
But fat women are some of the nicest I've met.

No. 1570620

I never learned how to masturbate with my hands and used to make makeshift dildos out of old remotes to rub on the outside of my underwear

No. 1570614

My opinion is very unpopular: fat women are inherently hot, and while I'm not attracted to scrotes, them having any muscle, and on occasion visible bone, is extremely repulsive to me. Straight women have some of the worst taste I've ever seen.

No. 1570379

Yeah that's retarded, gives me Menalez vibes if she knew how to use a fucking theme right.

No. 1570372

does anyone in this thread smoke weed?

No. 1570364

File: 1683483830670.png (86.54 KB, 600x843, 69336079_p0.png)

I love that artist's work so much. Last I recall, none of their art was R-18 so anons have no fucking right to insult you about that kek. Also, maybe I'm a tard but I always forget the SP kids are underage due to how they're written, then I see them at school/with their parents and I remember

No. 1569788

I want a 2b2t GF; all the pros of a cyber criminal but not malicious or hanging around rapists; literally just jailbreaking minecraft to dupe & sell items for maximum profit, selling fucking obsidian for real money to neckbeards and stealing their money lol

No. 1569762

Last time I went to the dentist was two years ago, they said I had six cavities, and they tried to do it without anesthesia all in one go. The numbing agent was applied wrong and wore off halfway through. I had a panic attack, passed out, stopped breathing and started choking on my own spit all during one tooth. When that was done, they stopped, talked to my dad (I was barely 18) and asked if I had an anxiety disorder, and when my dad begrudgingly said yes, they said they couldn't fix my teeth because they needed anesthesia and that dentist had none, for some reason they refused to use it. I guess none of the dentists were trained in it. Two years later and the pain fucking sucks but I can't risk not breathing mid tooth drilling from the sudden pain due to them not numbing it right.

No. 1569685

Was gonna vent about something slightly more serious but someone keeps playing music loudly in their garage or some shit. Like a start up garage band. They've been at it almost non stop and it makes me really anxious because I love music but not when I feel like my thunder is being stolen and I can't hear my mom or sister talking over the loud banging of drums. It started out with someone playing the guitar, and the guitar only, so I thought it was a hobo or starving artist trying to make some money, but no. I'm 95% certain it's one of the scrote neighbors. I'd still take the endless noise over the other scrote neighbor who lost his wife over being an abusive incel and has yelled to every woman in the complex that we're just holes and the nuclear family needs to be enforced via government, and this man threatened me because I let him know he was saying violent things about the LGB, to a lesbian.
I hope he either gets evicted or dies of a heart attack/beetus since he thinks his diabetes and heart problems can be cured with keto and god kek

No. 295741

Late, but were you banned or something?

No. 1569660

Can't read some of this but the size of the "o's" and "e's" are making me laugh harder than I should. We literally learned cursive for a month before my school removed it from the curriculum out of fucking nowhere, in the middle of the school year.

No. 1569588

Yeah, radblr was so bad that when I was 17 I larped as an incel and would fuck with them for laughs. I posted pictures of my face and it took over a year for them to realize I'm female. Anons here are much, much better at clocking and more rational a lot of the time so I can usually discuss things without a problem. Good times, I still have an ironic URL despite the reveal because it makes all sides freak out and when I'm unmedicated or manic the peak of comedy is someone going "oh god, not you again." I try to be charitable to radblr now, with exceptions as stated in previous anons, but I mainly go after cathblr now because they're obsessed with harassing SSA women, and yet a lot of radblr still blindly reblogs their anti troon posts.

No. 1569575

When I was 15-16 I would go out of my way to harass radfems, I lived in a ghetto in a mold-ridden tiny apartment my dad paid $1400/mo for and everything expensive we had was either a gift or a prize (slot machines was her focus; a gift from someone for my dad's job), sans his WoW laptop and katanas, and he was blowing all his funds on everything that wasn't a bill.
So she accused me of being rich because her impression of where I lived was "rich celebrities and toootally awesome mansions!!!" due to a reality TV show from 2002, when it has one of the highest crime rates in the country (On a scale of 1-100 with 1 being the most violent crime, it was officially rated 18 for gang violence and homeless people) He was forced to move us after a pipe burst and we all got brain & lung damage from mold, so no Menalez, I am not nor was I ever rich. There's also a big difference between the north and south cities in the county there. Although, this is 2019 drama so it's far from recent.

No. 1569528

Fair enough, ironically when I had a thread the writer was schizotroon and he fucking admitted it both in /meta/ and the thread itself so it died very fast. So I don't blame you for being wary between him and the /pol/ spammers.

No. 1569519

Fair enough, I was very rabidly anti-rf until a few months ago, but they'll occasionally still say shit that makes me MATI. I hate Terfectly and Menalez with a passion, but most of radblr I partially/wholly agree with or at least don't hate them. Avesbues and her tradwhore brigade and EroticCannibal (Scottish personal cow) are both very different politically and I send them the most fucked up anons and they usually give me a reaction so lol. I switch it up but with tradthots I usually write about my fantasies w/ other women or insult god, and with EC I usually tell her she'll never be a man, clearly does not have GID so no doctor would ever let her troon, and she should lose custody for abusing her daughter in various ways

No. 1569497

Oh, alright. Well, that wasn't me. I'm just a tumblr user and former KF user (and ex-thread haver), and if I don't segment into paragraphs I have a lot of trouble reading what I wrote due to my eyes skipping like I'm dyslexic, but I think it's just Astigmatism. Anyways, I'm not racechan, and I'll work on reducing the number of paragraphs I use to not get confused for her. I'm so sorry that I was accusatory without recognizing what you were talking about something wholly different.

No. 1569468

Oh my god, we might share a personal cow, is she Scottish and started trooning a few years after having her daughter, and homeschooling her because they won't use her "it" or whatever pronouns and her kid is tooooootally Autistic and nonverbal? I have other personal cows, but I also recognize that I'm one of radblr in general's personal cows. I've been trying to be less unhinged but I used to go after radblr daily before learning some radblr people are actually some of the kindest, most enjoyable people on the site, and have since made me not hate them. With exceptions, clearly.
I'll occasionally remember the dumb ways I used to "own" radblr at 16 and either cringe or laugh.

No. 1569461

Sorry for the double post, but thank you! That's why I removed the bit at the end that accidentally revoked my anonymity. And why I'll probably be more obsessive about saging in OT and avoiding infighting

No. 1569460

AYRT, this is specifically about >>1569063
The irony is that that wasn't me, and I have no idea who she's talking about, because I was banned for a month due to self posting about how horrible I am, etc etc when I was having a panic attack kek. A deserved ban, but I've been here since 2021 and type in semi-proper English to preserve my identity, although before my month ban I was accused of being a personfag, which I cannot deny but I sure as hell am not that personalityfag
Partially agree, although my personal favorite Vocaloid ship is Miki x whoever the hell her voice works with.

No. 1569453

AYRT, this is specifically about >>1569063
The irony is that that wasn't me, and I have no idea who she's talking about, because I was banned for a month due to self posting about how horrible I am, etc etc when I was having a panic attack kek. A deserved ban, but I've been here since 2021 and type in semi-proper English to preserve my identity, although before my month ban I was accused of being a personfag, which I cannot deny but I sure as hell am not that personalityfag. At least I try to blend, although when I get upset it's obvious who I am because I obsessively bash myself. The irony, is that I'm not interesting enough and the source of my early April freakout will now get people banned for necroposting kek.

No. 1569443

sometimes i send tradthots and ancap christmoids on tumblr very crass anons about how if god is real why doesn't he fix their mental illness, but conversion therapy works? and i keep being extremely annoying in their askbox including writing about how hot women are until i either get blocked or they have a homophobic meltdown kek
anons are fun

No. 1569413

Every time an anon confuses me for someone I'm not I get the insatiable urge to break anonymity against all logic
I never do, but fuck, it bothers me.

No. 1569131

I'm aware, that's why I know most terms/etiquette from that era, and when I hear about anorectal violence scrote I get really fucking confused because one, that's a hilarious name for a scrote, but two, I bet his posts are revolting and much worse in text form. Surprised I haven't seen him yet, but it also took until late 2022 to see schizotroon's CP spam so I guess I'm just lucky? On the plus side I'm learning to blend better daily but can stumble into annoying territory completely on accident, and paranoid/accusatory/mean girl anons see that as an opportunity.

No. 56221

Bait/schizo anon in unpopular opinions thread >>>/ot/1569063

No. 1569114

Haven't used it, heard it's full of pyramid scheme shills using it to pretend to be your friend to get a downline then dumping you if you refuse

No. 1569112

Same anon as >>1569050 but I find it incredibly annoying when anons accuse me of being a liar or accuse me of being a personalityfag that I'm not– not that I tend to do so, but I get confused for a newfag (I'm from 2021) or a handmaiden bihet when I'm a lesbian who refuses to show skin whatsoever.
I feel like anons would make the site better had they not accused everyone they disagree with of being a scrote/handmaid/liar et cetera

No. 1569106

No, Schizochan. I was banned for a month, getting unbanned two days ago. Take your meds. PS; I'm a lesbian and a virgin, you got the wrong woman.

No. 1569050

very small problem but some anons have no reading comprehension and/or lunge at the throat over percieved wrongs. and it pisses me off more than it should.

No. 1569048

I did not do that anywhere, I was just recalling something that happened years ago. Nobody got hurt, but nothing got stolen for awhile, either.
I don't think it was smart nor moral, but it worked

No. 1569039

AYRT, I've been using the site for 2 years or so and only ventured into OT in November. I was also banned for a month and the last insane anon I saw before the ban was the return of Pringle Fucker

No. 1569037

Thanks for the laugh nonna. Sidenote, hope your impending hangover passes soon.

No. 1569035

Same nona. Back when I was in the ghetto, homeless guys with bike chains broke into our apartment mailboxes and parking structure nightly. My dad came up with "homeless hunting" while drunk and learned wielding a fire axe and having a knife holster visible, even when empty, scared off this particular gaggle of hobos.
They have also threatened, watched, and stalked my family and I beforehand.
Homeless men, and some homeless women, are the worst human beings I've had the displeasure of coming across.
I feel like hobos are usually criminal creeps because they're trying to get a place to sleep at night, even if it's a cot in federal prison. But maybe I'm optimistic.

No. 1569031

Thicker material, more durable, better elastic, more space for pads, and I have a wide waist, very large thighs, no ass and small hips so men's underwear fits my body type right. It's also got sizing in actual inches around the waist/hips so there's little to no guesswork involved.
Also, I'm butch so it helps me feel less vulnerable.

No. 1568991

I was afraid of germs and plant life because my grandma gave us inchworm-infested flowers and the unnatural shaking of plant life combined with finding little green worms everywhere for the next year scarred me pretty bad and, while no longer deathly afraid of plants I am not exactly able to touch some or any raw meat without feeling my skin catch fire out of my brain going haywire when confronted with a phobia

No. 1568963

I used to live in a ghetto because white flight made living in a dingy apartment 15 minutes from a massively expensive theme park seem doable to my parents because my grandmother was the worse option– and for 14 years, we could not afford to move for any reason because everywhere in the surrounding area ranged from double to triple the cost of a $1400 mold covered shithole.
And my dad spent most of the money on weeb shit, WoW, or weaponry so moving took forever.

No. 1568961

Occasionally I think about OCD riddled 8 year old me and how she would consider "touch grass" a death threat.
This gets worse in the annoying mental disorders/disorders you can't stand thread.

No. 1568959

what the FUCK is anorectal and why are half this week's complaints in /meta/ about it?

No. 1568892

File: 1683334082115.jpg (56.73 KB, 750x998, Tumblr_l_117391486745686.jpg)

No. 295627

File: 1683332844912.png (225.04 KB, 926x1373, 2012tei2.png)

Yeah, and the best designed ones are almost entirely Japanese or Russian. Self inserts that don't go above and beyond usually are designed alright. They don't look bad at all but they aren't creative genius, either. Sukone Tei has my favorite UTAU design as basic as that is

No. 1568514

I knew a troon from Czechia and he was a violent psycho who lived in a hoarders den and showered less than once a month. Czechia, Poland, and Russia ban trooning out, or at least HRT/Surgeries. My guess is that it's probably Europeans from less accepting countries/areas that move to ones that tolerate or legalize trooning. No clue why an American, Canadian, Brit or other first worlder would, however.

No. 1568515

I knew a troon from Czechia and he was a violent psycho who lived in a hoarders den and showered less than once a month. Czechia, Poland, and Russia ban trooning out, or at least HRT/Surgeries. My guess is that it's probably Europeans from less accepting countries/areas that move to ones that tolerate or legalize trooning. No clue why an American, Canadian, Brit or other first worlder would, however.

No. 1568500

Late, but I tend to wear moid briefs because they don't cut into my thigh/groin meet and they give me adequate pad space on my period. All women's underwear I've seen cuts into my uppermost inner thigh and bleeds on the side of my legs, onto my clothes and everything below. Briefs do wonders for that. I also have less than 10 pairs of underwear and most of them are dark patterned, blue, green, and/or black

No. 1568485

Recent small YouTube commentary drama between BunkPolitics and his ex-gf Clancy, had a sex tape as soon as both turned 18 (I believe Clancy is a month or two older but I could be incorrect), turned into an actual relationship full of suicide threats, sexual harassment, hurting herself and blaming him, et cetera. Clancy makes no attempt to look masculine, and in fact, became far more feminine after coming out and calling herself gay. Wants to be called "it/he," recently became just as hated as Repzion's ex for the same behavior, and Repzion is arguably a fag too.
Bunk isn't necessarily gay but he is highly effeminate without going full troon.
I also knew a radfem couple where one would rape her disabled GF nightly and beat her senseless, and now the rapist trooned out herself.

No. 1568389

That makes it funnier to me, that he likely isn't playing it up. Cow material

No. 1568378

Almost every video game I like is from the 2000s or early 2010s, so unless it uses javascript or something I could use a toaster for them, I get it. I love my beat-up 16GB laptop with no dedicated VRAM. I can't see why consoomer moids need 64GB raytracing bullshit? 16GB is plenty of RAM? Most things load almost instantly and that's probably the most RAM old programs can run on since they can only use 4GB of space and tend to run terribly on newer systems as is.
I pity everyone who tries to play Sims 1-3 or New Vegas, or any notably unstable/abandonware 32x programs on newer systems.

No. 1568371

>they don't have rapist ftm who could force them down, beat them, kill them, impregnate them and scream in their face how they're a real man.
Yes, they do, sans the impregnation part for obvious reasons. But I've seen a shockingly large number of them be extremely abusive or violent when they're treated as women. On Tumblr, on Discord, on Twitter, hell, even YouTube. I've seen them act on it and beat, rape/SA, and pull strings with their partners. Some even threaten to kill themselves and blame it on their partners or friends, or even fucking strangers. I've seen this multiple times and it's almost always a fakeboi, on exceedingly rare occasions, a trutrans. I've seen some violent trutrans on Tumblr almost exclusively.

No. 1568275

Not to tip my fedora but I hate religion and refer to myself as an anti theist because of every Christian I have ever met, only two accepted me as a lesbian. A Christian family member tried to sign me up for conversion therapy behind my back after findijg out, and my moid neighbor implied he would rape me to have me learn my place.
Essentially, religious nonnas I know you're probably not like that but I fear some of you are the "kill the gays" types every time I see you and will never be able to trust you by virtue of your spirituality.
If it helps, I grew up Southern Baptist.

No. 1568077

The appointment went great, funnily enough. She was one of the few supportive (of lesbians) gynos and noticed my symptoms were eligible for a hysterectomy if they're still horrible when I'm older, and we had a talk appointment today.
I will keep in mind to ask my sister if she can help and mom isn't available, thank you!

No. 1568032

ultrasound gel looks like it tastes like otter pops/ice pops and the 5 year old that still occupies my impulse control keeps telling me to drink it when i see my gynecologist

No. 1568020

I'm at my first gynecologist appointment. Never had one growing up but I'm waiting for the doc because I'm actively panicking. They found nothing wrong with my uterus but my symptoms sre so bad they wanted to check downstairs because they want to make sure i'm not having some weird vaginal deformity that causes the pain.
I am deeply uncomfortable with my female body or another person touching me in any way, and if they find out i'm a lesbian, i've heard horror stories of them getting dropped for the crime of, gasp! liking pussy! So i feel sick and neededvto let it out because my mom couldn't help me out because our psychiatrist fucked up her psych med prescription and her withdrawal symptoms are severe
come to tgink of it, it's embarrassing how i'm nearly 20 and i still need my mother's help with everything because she babied me and refused to take me to a gyno before

No. 56171

I was banned for a month and know I get unbanned today, but I don't remember the hour and I'm a mobilefag so I have a dynamic IP. Is it okay for me to post?

No. 55182

I only type in lowercase when I'm in /ot/, /m/, or /g/ and am making a 1-2 sentence or partial sentence response.
If I'm in a cow board, /2x/, or meta, or if I'm typing a serious response or vent, I type in proper English.
Users who type in lowercase when it's not socially acceptable to do so are typically newfags. But the RadTwT/RadBlr ones are very different from the troons, because troons discovering the site often ends in a massive spergout while everyone laughs at and reports the troon.

No. 320193

Yeah I bring that up a lot when I'm PMSing. I've seen other anons have similar fantasies in the ashamed fetish threads so I know I'm not completely out of luck kek

No. 320191

I want a hot girl to force me to eat until I physically can't anymore. I've got a basically nonexistent gag reflex, a massive appetite, a WG/stuffing fetish, and it makes me so fucking mad that the majority of people into it are moids and I'm not just a lesbian, but I am one to the point male anatomy repulses me, so the needle-in-haystack women into this tend to get sexually harassed into shutting down and I highly doubt I can actually find a woman into the only thing that turns me on.

No. 55165

Bold move, tripfagging in /meta/

No. 1541018

Most of my favorite worlds are small worlds; Forgotten Hollow, Evergreen Harbor, Strangerville, Moonlight Mill are all in there. Simultaneously, I love bigger worlds like San Myshuno. They should really make another city world, but set it in the desert or something.

No. 1541013

I draw that constantly but unless I'm super proud of it, I never post it publicly out of courtesy.

No. 1541014

I draw that constantly but unless I'm super proud of it, I never post it publicly out of courtesy.

No. 287398

yes. they turned the think tank from fallout into ponies

No. 55146

Pakichan gets banned every time I've seen, Trumpchan gets banned occasionally, I have no clue if other personalityfags have gotten banned. I'm pretty sure personalityfagging itself isn't banned, however personalityfags usually end up breaking rules in other way, like Pakichan being racist, for example.

No. 287377

File: 1680593144243.png (36.11 KB, 800x356, medium.png)

No. 320017

I get so incredibly horny while PMSing which lasts like 1-2 weeks, to the point of frustration because nothing satisfies me and it happens several times a day. It takes too long to feel satisfied and I usually "lose it."
Then my period finally hits and it's so excruciating I'm stuck in bed for a week, or else I risk collapsing from the pain or being a burden to whoever I go out in public with. I have to wear pads too because some fucky shit happens with my vaginal muscles, or I'm just too tight, and I can't fit a tampon or cup in there, so I'd take the bleed risk over very bad vaginal/cervical pain any day.
I'm suffering and will continue suffering because I'm on week two of PMS and know the worst pain ever is gonna fucking destroy any chance I have of enjoying this week (and maybe next week)

No. 287355

File: 1680588116963.png (198.95 KB, 960x544, Danganronpa_2_CG_-_Nagito_Koma…)

I want to stab him 50 million times in the face for causing Imposter's death and eventually leading to the deaths of Hiyoko, Ibuki, and Mikan I hate him so fucking much it's irrational.
I know a lot of people simp for him but I hope someone mods the game or something where Nagito dies instead in Chapter 1. Yes I know it'll change everything. But he deserves to die fuck him

No. 287352

File: 1680587723806.jpg (250.69 KB, 1230x1670, Natalie_x_Anna.jpg)

No. 1540508

Yeah and the pic I posted wasn't even an anime character or yumejo? She's a flash game character from the late 2000s who gets so little art from people who aren't moids or people who aren't drawing straight up porn and it's frustrating because her personality is very relatable (germaphobe, shy, likes cozy & casual video games, but knows how to stand up for herself) and all people focus on is her body and it angers me.
It's also intimidating to post an obscure character and feel like you're being judged.
Maybe I should just wing it and go in, though.

No. 55144

Bullshit, I never mentioned nor defended the shooter once. I was not talking about her at all, merely referring to troons in general because, contrary to popular opinion here, not everything is men's fault, sometimes it's purely mental illness, likely due to poor genetics and not because some man was being misogynistic.
That's all I wanted to say. Now can we stop infighting?

No. 1540486

File: 1680582388011.png (840.6 KB, 1936x2976, 1 (1).png)

I LOVE TUMBLR SEXYMEN (culture)!!! But maybe we need a cringe waifu thread, too? I feel like SSA nonitas get left out a lot.

No. 55141

You know what? That's actually a really good point. I know people tend to not hate me when I avoid the troon subject, so that'll be what I'll try to remember to do.
Although, it is something I'm trying to unlearn, but I feel like being anonymous, while freeing, can be interpreted as a lie so I tend to do everything just short of tripfagging mid-meltdown.
I will stop, though. I won't bring it up anymore and I'll attempt to blend better.
Of course, part of me thinks it was always obvious, instead of just recently.

No. 55138

I post constantly about other topics and nobody cares. I listen to the rest of you on radical feminism and try to get your point of view, I can understand I probably come off as forceful or annoying, when I'm really not trying to. Regardless, if I think it's relevant, I'm going to reply without giving a shit about your opinion. If you can share yours, I can share mine. Besides, I really am not constantly talking about it at all. Compared to how frequently I post, I very rarely post about or lament about that delusion.
I just think you don't like diversity of thought on a women's only space, even if it's another woman after all. So long as I have XX chromosomes and don't break forum rules, what's the problem? Genuine question, because it seems like only 1-3 anons have an issue with me and they're always the ones calling for tranny death kek. I won't shut you up, but I will laugh at you.

No. 55135

Logically, I know I didn't start it. But I still feel like absolute fucking shit that I accidentally caused it to continue because I tried to explain the horrors of GID and that it's not "made up to escape sexism." It's a delusion, not a cope, and I now know to never post in or look at that thread ever again because this behavior is fucking insufferable.

No. 1540393

Maybe. There's at least one cow that has changed, but got a thread too late after changing, literally just because she dresses as and larps as an incel kek. And the OP later admitted to being Blaine and vendetta posting, which is why half the "thread rules" are just "DO NOT ACCUSE ANYONE OF BEING BLAINE" Like?? It's fucking hilarious. TIM cow on TIF cow violence.

No. 1540357

Ok yeah he's just a retard and the male equivalent of a fakeboi. A tucute, I suppose? I'm a TIF but I see it all as a severe mental illness that needs a cure or some other way to treat GID that doesn't involve HRT or surgeries, but having a 50% or so success rate is unfortunately the best odds yet, so doctors are throwing their hats in the ring & putting all their bets on HRT. I think it's fine if grown adults do it as a last report, who cares, but nobody should ever troon out children, especially because the desist rate is ~90% and it just feels like parental abuse.

No. 1540345

Maybe it's my American interpretation of this, but maybe he means his parents insulted, berated, etc him when he was young and wanted dolls or other girl-centric toys. While yes, toys aren't needed to live, American families are still terrified of having gay sons & lesbian daughters, forcing them to be gender-conforming.
He could have real GID, like me(I'm a female, XX chromosomes, the opposite kind of tranny but a real lesbian), but while I don't know him and therefore cannot gage the creepy level, he just seems like a rare case of an effeminate straight guy acting out because he had a pretty shitty childhood for a first-worlder and not a dysphoric, suffering tranny. It's pretty much a guarantee that the more obsessed they are with sex and female anatomy the less likely they actually are mentally ill.

No. 1540261

I'm an American, and just hate candles in general. If I was forced to choose between floral or sweet, and there was no way out, I'd choose the sweet smells, only because floral scents make my athsma act up without fail, candle or not.

No. 1539907

I think crating is humane in certain circumstances, like only keeping them crated for a couple hours with beds, pads, et cetera, only crating if they're a small dog, and crating is okay if they have a bladder or kidney disorder, have to piss every couple hours, and you need to sleep.
People who keep large dogs in crates, keep them crated all day, or keep them in a crate with no bedding should be charged with animal abuse

No. 1539879

As the TIF who accidentally blogposted (the no1curr redtext) and a resident cow, you have my word I left the thread when told to fuck off, and it helped clear my head. I think I'd benefit by not discussing semantics while on one hour of sleep. What I said made no sense, but in an autist's sleep deprived brain it seems plausible in the moment.
I think detransitioners have a very good reason to discuss the dangers of transitioning, but them acting like just because it was right for them doesn't mean it's right for others, is retarded. Trooning out should be the very last resort, when all options were exhausted, for full grown adults, and nothing else, but it should not be banned. Risperidone, for example, worked for me when all therapy options were exhausted with little to no results. But that finally did the trick. I feel like detransitioners would benefit by realizing all things have nuance, as should other troons.
That's why I like the radfems here. Outside of /2x/ and the tranny threads, they're usually very insightful and help me learn both about radical feminism, and of their takes on everything. I genuinely love the nonnas here and want the best for them, even if they disagree with me on some things.

No. 55124

that thread was always insufferable but got so much worse after the shooting
tifs showing up in the thread are much more pleasant than the tradthots, as long as they sage and respect others. which is rare but usually nice

No. 1801419

To be fair, that's correct kek

No. 1539804

I'm about as big a cat person as possible w/o hoarding and this hurts my soul

No. 1539802

I thought people, especially women, outgrew this at 16 kek
I used to run some pretty infamous anti-terf blogs before calming down & trying to understand them around that age.
Still am not "TE" or "RF", but I do agree with them on some things, and I certainly don't wish harm on them for having opinions and wanting a better world.

No. 1539752

For the most part, it was fine. Sports are sex segregated, locker rooms are sex segregated, games are played with both sexes on both teams, and the teachers try to make it as equal as possible. The teams I was on mostly lost due to my permanent ankle injury mentioned in an anon above making running impossible without risking tearing or breaking it again.
The biggest problem with public schools having gym class, is that the teachers consistently insult, talk shit about, and compare students. They get very pissy and angry, and mald if you have any sort of disability or injury, blaming you for it or forcing you to exercise even if you have a doctor's note saying you can't run or participate. I had walking pneumonia in 7th grade, with a note saying I needed a week off gym, and the teacher discarded it and said I had to do it anyways. Fucking bullshit I hope he gets a heart attack

No. 1539744

Are you autistic? My dad, sister, and I all are and the only one with legible handwriting is my sister. Even then, it's sloppy, just not illegible.

No. 1539551

I think I only dislike it because I never felt this way until I stopped having vitamin deficiencies, so despite being 20 it's foreign. And a love-hate relationship

No. 1539518

My biggest PMS syndrome is getting extremely horny 24/7 and having to masturbate multiple times a day, which is weird because I usually find sexual content repulsive. I wish I got the fun and pretty symptoms and not, "I need another woman to top me NOW NOW NOW!!!"

No. 1539515

This is why trutrans are at least better than whatever the fuck this is.
"Being a tranny is a mental illness"
"Yes, and I'm seeking help for it"

No. 1539510

Is it weird that I hate big dogs infinitely worse than small dogs? My mom has a chihuahua terrier and she is the sweetest dog ever. I have met a total of one big dog I liked.
One of my mom's friends has a giant one year old German sheppard she refuses to train, she lets the dog do whatever he wants, including harassing her cats, trying to knock people over, shoving his head into women's crotches, humping people's legs, pissing all over the floor, stealing food off plates, I can go on.
When asked to train him, she goes all "not my baby!" and acts like it's the other person's fault for not accepting her dog being a dog.

No. 1539502

I struggle pretty severely with binge eating too, the only way to stop it is to force myself to sleep.
I hate when trauma and stress cause eating disorders. Hope this helps, nonna.

No. 1539499

Yes, and while I'm NTA I still got very serious ankle injuries that never healed right and got screeched at for having athsma and panic attacks by every gym teacher I ever had, so while kids do need exercise, the least the teachers can do is make it more accessible for injured and ill students without placing them with the disabled kids. Even further, the physically disabled and mentally disabled should be separated and not share a class together, I've seen a lot of very bad things happen with that.
I also went to a ghetto school, the same as a famous singer so they always hyped it up as her school when I was probably one of the only people who knew who she was because she faded into irrelevancy by the time we were in Kindergarten in the late 2000s. And they never fixed anything up, there was fucking mold and asbestos everywhere, all the tech was from the mid to late 2000s, curriculum was a mix of common core and outdated shit, they put a lot of effort into health classes, gym classes, and nothing else. But, the aforementioned problems with injuries and being told to walk off torn ligaments was undoing all the good in that area.

No. 1539481

Pretty sure that was WhiteGlove due to the autistic mix of vulgarity and politeness, as well as the disdain for radfems while hearing out some on occasion.
Plus that "Which Pooner are You" image was in the Vocaloid thread before she got her own.
She unironically wears fedoras and larps as an incel on Tumblr, and elsewhere, but mostly Tumblr on her Count-Incel blog.
A lot of Radblr thought she was a radfem larping as a trutrans to get a rise out of them before her previous blog (Incxl) came to light.

No. 1539404

Oh, I hate that too. At least some troons get sent real anon hate and publish it with a sense of humor, it's like a 1% chance, though.

No. 1539396

very autistic, but when minecraft crashes with a "mixin error."
mixin errors don't tell you which mod is crashing your game

No. 1539073

you're retarded i literally have a thread in /snow/ and it's obvious who i am if you notice my mannerisms. born female, xx chromosomes. just exclusively same sex attracted and that kinda makes being a handmaiden impossible

No. 1539066

Sorry for the double post. Yes, that was me, but no, I am not a newfag. I just find people, women or men, who speak on things they know nothing about insufferable. Radfems are like this on just about every subject on /2X/ and the TIF thread, as well as radblr and radtwt.
Maybe you'd come off less like a moid larping if you didn't take out your own insecurity on mentally ill girls. It drives people away from peaking and makes you look bad. I feel like a lot of the women in that thread don't care about other women unless they agree with everything they say, and if a woman disagrees with them on anything, they're worth less than dirt, and a "pickme" or "handmaiden."
No, I do not have any interest in males. I don't want to interact with dicks in any way, I just want a cure for my mental illness, especially if it doesn't involve taking HRT…but that seems unlikely. If you listened to what I said, you'd fucking realize that.
Oh, and not everything has to do with misogyny. Most women know that.

No. 1539064

Yeah, I'm sorry for the accidental derailment. I thought I made sense, but reading back it was pretty obvious I was half asleep and shitting it up. Not my intention, sorry. Honestly, I need to learn how to explain things right, and when to just shut up.
Certainly. I can understand why a lot of people hate TIFs, especially when so many aren't actually mentally ill and try to act like yaoi boys. Never liked those TIFs myself, other kinds, while rare, can be alright regardless of if we see eye to eye otherwise.

No. 1539046

The TIF thread, I heard of some slapfight happening, and decided to poke my head in.
It was worse than ever. Wishing violence on TIFs, wishing they all killed themselves, saying they deserve whatever happens to them, then turning around and accusing them of misogyny and saying several false things about them.
I go in to correct them, I don't want them to change their minds and I just want them to try to understand the experience. They don't have to like TIFs or accept them, but they can sure fucking stand to not be so misogynistic they seem like scrotes larping as radfems and not real women.
I fucking hate most radfems. Legit, the /ot/ and /g/ girls are awesome, and even if we disagree on most things, they aren't actively wishing death or worse (rape, for example) on troons. /2x/ girls and the TIF thread girls honestly need to run into the wrong woman and get their ass handed to them. But they'd probably still blame men for that, instead of realizing most of them are more misogynistic than any TIF can hope to be. Even the fedora'd one.
Like I know I'm repeating myself, but terms like "pickme" and "handmaiden" have lost all meaning. Having a severe, incurable mental disorder doesn't make women pickmes or handmaidens. Whatever the opposite of peaking is, that thread makes me come really fucking close. If there's a good argument to turn into a TRA, one browse of the latest thread is enough.

No. 1800774

No such thing as a troon, TIF or otherwise, who is not a lost cause. Don't try to convince them to detransition because they'll try to silence you in any way they can, namely deplatforming and life ruination.
The ones who detransition are very rare and you're best off cutting the TIFs out and assuming all of them will never change.

No. 1538973

Nah, NezumiVA

No. 1538931

Same, except with music, and occasionally with things like commentary.
There's a TIM that does amazing deep dives into Danganronpa, if you ignore the occasional troon rants, but they aren't necessary to watch and can be skipped safely. His voice is extremely distracting if you don't expect him to be a TIM, though.

No. 1800603

Personally I just think I need to hear out other women's opinions and try to find another way out. Even if there's no proven other way out, I'm willing to try anything at this point. I wish it was a "last resort" and not a "first response" to troon out and I think radfems are right on at least the part that teens see it as a trend and not an extremely severe mental illness.
I feel like TIFs need to listen to detrans women and radfems since most come from a place of caring and wanting better than hatred and malice. Can't say the same about radblr and radtwt, but the radfems here have good points on TIFs a good 75% of the time.

No. 1538664

"Squick." It's an old fandom/internet associated term for something that disgusts you to your very core, but doesn't set off trauma or cause panic attack.

No. 1538661

Yes, and? I'm still female, aren't I? I feel bad for accidentally shitting the thread up with insomniac ramblings better fit for a vent thread post. I'm so sorry, genuinely.
I gotta stop being a cow recognizably, tbh.

No. 1538646

I think proship discourse is retarded because as long as it's not lolicon or feral, it's a non-issue. One of my favorite ships is from Danganronpa and is mutually abusive, but it's helped me cope with my rather bad attatchment issues. For those curious, it's Junkan (Junko x Mikan) and I don't post about it because I'm scared of scrotes and children trying to harass me off platform over it. I also can't post any Vocaloid or Utau ships I like because the fandom is infamous for blacklisting and harassing proship and ship neutral community members.

No. 1800564

If anon is who I think (all descriptions match) she's a cow who's deeply terrified of grass, ironically. >>1778636
I'd argue she's a very rare case of genuine mental illness, not trying to "escape misogyny" if so. She's got like 6 fucking mental disorders and a good chunk of them significantly reduce QoL (BED, MDD, CIAD [GAD but exasperated by caffeine addiction], OCD, and GID. Everything but Autism)
I'm kinda shocked she was only posted in the Vocaloid thread and not in any of the previous TIF thread before getting one of her own, especially with her track record of threatening to rape & murder radblr bloggers.

No. 1538578

File: 1680366786636.jpg (67.24 KB, 640x500, which-pooner-are-you-v0-qr9x57…)

I dunno, maybe drawing depictions of women with gigantic asses and vulvas bulging out their pants seems like it's misogynistic, I wonder why? Keep in mind I think this is a good example, the left being a bad pooner drawing, the rest at least being funny and not actually sexualizing, save for Aiden but at least it's accurate

No. 1800509

To be fair, I think that was a TIF who has her own thread and she larps as an incel both irl and on tumblr, soooo

No. 1800471

My source is personal experience. I didn't troon out, but I feel like if I felt this exact way, of worsening intensity for over 10 years and had a GID diagnosis for 3, and tested negative for schizophrenia on multiple occasions, it was relevant. I also have Autism and OCD on top, diagnosed for 12 years, so I have no doubt they both make the symptoms more severe.
I was just trying to shine some light on how it feels, I did not mean to start a fight nor did I mean to derail, I merely saw an incorrect detail and tried to correct it. I apologize

No. 1800462

It's moreso hyperbole than anything, but dysphoria can first be spotted at puberty and properly diagnosed only after it's done. I'm extremely tired and probably making 0 sense, but it's like your head was transplanted to another body, and you have no recollection of that, or your voice, and every time you get called your legal name or referred to by your sex, it's confusing at best.
Not condoning trooning out or trying to derail, but in most cases misogyny has nothing to do with it, and in the cases it does they're usually enbies, not fakebois, and never trutrans.
But to wrap this shit back, we need a containment thread or ban on the shooting. It feels like Kiwi scrotes are half the posters and tinfoils are annoying, honestly.

No. 1800454

You clearly have never experienced dysphoria in your life. Which is a good thing, but outside of enbies this is blatantly fucking untrue kek
Imagine waking up, and seeing a woman's body and hearing a woman's voice when all your memories have a man's body and man's voice. The terror is something nobody should experience.
Honestly, trooning out should be the very last resort, if allowed at all, but at least try to understand the mental disorder and don't pin it all on the opposite sex. I get that we're all terfy but there's a point where it comes off borderline scrotish.

No. 1538443

Maybe I'm biased due to my own GID, but they really don't deserve to be compared to a mass shooter. There's a difference between having panic attacks & suicidal thoughts due to a foreign-feeling body, and being fucking evil.
There needs to be an autosaged containment thread for the Nashville discussion, or ban it outright.
At least they banned pooners, pooner "art" is so fucking misogynistic it should have been banned since day one.

No. 1538337

That makes sense, too. I have a lot of other problems, like autism that was diagnosed over a decade ago. I don't have any trauma related to being female whatsoever, so it isn't that. My dysphoria is so severe that most people struggle to understand it, on top of that, taking basic care of myself is very hard because seeing my breasts, vagina, and lack of body hair makes me panic due to feeling like my head was screwed on some innocent woman's body.
But, I'm glad you're doing better detransitioned. We need more methods of treatment than jumping straight to HRT.

No. 1538315

Because I like hearing out the opinions of others and part of me hopes there's another way out than permanent alterations to my body, although my expectations are low. Very, very low. In fact, I hold significant doubt another way out exists and I'm actively suicidal every moment of every day because I do not recognize the body I am in as my own, but it's exclusively affecting the female exclusive bits, and I haven't taken HRT because I have to travel over 3 hours just to see a doctor for it.
Yes, this is based on personal experience, the only other detrans people I've ran into detransitioned after getting into radical feminism and feeling it was hypocritical to not detransition. I hold no ill will to detransitioners, and I think their stories are worth just as much as people who still troon out. I understand the horrors of dysphoria, just like I understand that some doctors force transition on people that don't need it. It's interesting that you had a completely different experience. The only times I think detransitioners are full of it and need to fuck off are when they think it isn't right for anybody and should be banned for adults. I understand why they think that, but that's selfish and retarded.

No. 1538274

an ml/pol/ style crossover with two new boards would have been funnier tbh. an anti troon and troon board cross would have been a shitshow but i'd watch

No. 1538273

I'm going to preface this by saying that I myself am a TIF. If you have Bulimia or Anorexia, you probably do not have dysphoria whatsoever and moreso have a problem with your fat deposits, which can be fixed with therapy. If you do have dysphoria, no amount of therapy has any scientific evidence to help, and HRT is not much better in terms of research, but since it's 50/50, I guess that means most doctors jumped on it instead of doing actual research on other methods or considering trying everything in the book before settling on something permanent.
Essentially, try everything you can besides trooning. Usually people detransition because it was another issue than dysphoria, they ran out of money, or they had such severe side effects they could not continue. If it helps, that's lucky. If it hurts, it's permanent. So rambling aside, try to recover from your ED first before bringing up your dysphoria whatsoever. If it helps it go away, you were dysmorphic, not gender dysphoric, and you dodged a bullet.
Most therapy offices in the states fire TERFy therapists on the spot if they ever say anything even mildly anti-troon. Like, it's explicitly against most offices ethics codes, so the grand majority are pro-troon and those that are not usually get fired and blacklisted the moment they say anything. The exceptions, I think, are Oklahoma, Florida, and Utah which are massive shitholes for women, especially lesbians and GNC women.
It's sad, really. I think they should at least be critical of children trooning, even if they're fine with or support adults doing it.

No. 1538268

Most therapy offices in the states fire TERFy therapists on the spot if they ever say anything even mildly anti-troon. Like, it's explicitly against most offices ethics codes, so the grand majority are pro-troon and those that are not usually get fired and blacklisted the moment they say anything. The exceptions, I think, are Oklahoma, Florida, and Utah which are massive shitholes for women, especially lesbians and GNC women.
It's sad, really. I think they should at least be critical of children trooning, even if they're fine with or support adults doing it.

No. 12676

I mean yeah, and there's already terms for the sexes; female, and male. If trannies still want to sperg about being called male/female, that's their problem, because sex is immutable. Even TRAs, at least the trutrans variant, are aware of and okay with that.
So that's another reason why it's bad, thank you for adding to that.

No. 1538161

semi unrelated but i want the mysims games on switch so fucking bad without finding a laggy homebrew based emulator to sort of do the job

No. 12666

I see the phrase "people with penises" significantly more often, but I don't get why trannies find terms like "women" and "men" so offensive when GID is present in only 1% of the population? That means outside of "trenders" it's around 99% of the population that would fucking hate those terms. If not due to sexism and objectification, then due to the redundancy and clunkiness when used. I'd understand if someone called them a man or woman to their face, but not in any other case.

No. 1537893

I was born in 2003, but was glued to a screen by 2009, playing flash games, virtual worlds, The Sims 2, and internet-less console games like Jet Set Radio. I still voluntarily played outside and did shit like snail races and playing with snails in dollhouses. I really liked snails. Until I developed a severe fear of plants and "dirty" things and things along those lines. Then I seldom left the house and had to get a tard wrangler so I can do the bare minimum of functionality at school. No shock I was an Autist with severe OCD.
I didn't have a phone until middle school, said phone was exclusively for contacting my parents, but I still ended up getting groomed because I didn't listen, but compared to the kids of today I ended up pretty unscathed because my parents taught me net safety after realizing their fuckup. Although, it's kinda sad that's the case. I hope that TikTok really does end up getting banned here because it's done nothing but harm people younger than me.

No. 1537581

I was a "child genius" that was in gifted classes & things like that.
I wasn't fully potty trained until I was 6, and only started to get the hang of it at 4 because my grandma my parents moved in with soon after my birth screamed at me for peeing in the bathroom and demanded I went outside like an animal. We moved out soon after.
I also barely passed high school with a 0.5-1.0ish GPA because the gifted classes and my parents never taught me how to study and I ended up having 6 different mental disorders, including autism, depression, and anxiety.
I wonder how many other kids who pissed themselves had that issue.

No. 1537501

cloudflare glitched out & my internet has been shit all day im so sorry

No. 1537498

im sorry nony. in america you can tell students to fuck off in those exact words once you get tenure, so long as you teach middle school or high school.
the tradeoff is you can still get fired for not bending the knee to troons, sadly

No. 1537450

im sorry nony. in america you can tell students to fuck off in those exact words once you get tenure, so long as you teach middle school or high school.
the tradeoff is you can still get fired for not bending the knee to troons, sadly

No. 1537451

im sorry nony. in america you can tell students to fuck off in those exact words once you get tenure, so long as you teach middle school or high school.
the tradeoff is you can still get fired for not bending the knee to troons, sadly

No. 1537452

im sorry nony. in america you can tell students to fuck off in those exact words once you get tenure, so long as you teach middle school or high school.
the tradeoff is you can still get fired for not bending the knee to troons, sadly

No. 1537454

im sorry nony. in america you can tell students to fuck off in those exact words once you get tenure, so long as you teach middle school or high school.
the tradeoff is you can still get fired for not bending the knee to troons, sadly

No. 1537456

im sorry nony. in america you can tell students to fuck off in those exact words once you get tenure, so long as you teach middle school or high school.
the tradeoff is you can still get fired for not bending the knee to troons, sadly

No. 1537378

I kinda always knew I was into chubby girls and unfortunately moids took advantage of that when I was 12.
I really hope OP wasn't groomed but it seems pretty likely, sadly.

No. 1537210

My aunt had 3 kids, her mom died, her husband beat her, her sons (her daughter was in nursing school), and tried to rape my father and I. And instead of divorcing him, she begged for him to stay, they still divorced, her mom died, she takes a trip back to Indonesia (born & raised there), comes back to America and decides she'd abandon and neglect her youngest son, the only one still living with her while she's very rich, and decides to blow all her money on mass quantities of meth with him having no family to live with. His GF's family took him in and it's been 2, maybe 3 years now and I haven't heard anything from him. I know he really wants to be a soldier but holy shit I'm just glad he isn't dead. He just turned 18 in September.

No. 1537145

Agreed that she shouldn't have a thread, her thread is dead anyways because the moment she got a thread she privated everything and people were scared she would DFE because the moids raiding her thread revealed themselves too soon.
Due to this, I think she absolutely does not want to be a lolcow.
Also agreed, because everyone says she wrote the ED page because "her name is on it" when there's overwhelming evidence it was either Madiicakes/Karen or Jason Metloney pretending to be her to provoke her.
Wendi or Madii should have got a thread, not some morbidly obese 19 year old lesbian-in-denial

No. 55023

can schizotroon kill himself already he's been shitting up the site for way too long

No. 1798729

I'm saying that the majority of trannies I've seen are accusing her of "trending" or "not being dysphoric," not that I agree with them. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 1798711

Probably gonna get me a permanent thread ban, but the few sane troons I have met generally agree that if you live your adult life without trooning as soon as they're around 18-21ish it's likely a stunt for attention or a completely different mental illness.
Killing children definitely doesn't help that depiction. My guess is untreated OCD and intrusive thoughts so severe she had a psychotic meltdown, as she reminds me of a cow on this board, just much older and much slimmer.

No. 1536481

Not buying junk is only hard if you have BED. My family are all very concerned and begging me to stop because I eat so much and drink 2+ bottles of soda a day and it's compulsive, and honestly it would probably take going to a psych ward just to get it under control. But I'm pretty sure people with eating disorders and not actively suicidal or in immediate danger aren't acceptable as impatients and I also think it's not covered by insurance, sadly

No. 1536395

This kept happening, I switched to men's boxers and I'd take constant vaginal sweat over exposing my pussy on my period and bleeding so much I can make a serial killer's slip-n'-slide.

No. 1535703

Am I wrong for finding her drop-dead gorgeous? I know child murder is fucking disgusting but the amount of horrific sexism I have seen against her is unironically infuriating. I don't care what a woman does. Wishing for her to get raped (dicked down) is insufferable and they should probably be shot instead.

No. 1535543

Honestly I just wish it was used as it's original meaning; I.E., women and men without GID(Comfortable In Skin). It's a useless description, but at least back then it had a meaning.

No. 1535386

I can get being annoyed when called a Karen or "cis" but neither are slurs. Tranny isn't either but I wish it was, they sure act like it is kek

No. 289326

Monstrosity's inability to tell a consistent story and ruining all her talent by self destructively attacking fans, publicly, repeatedly and trooning out are all rather relevant. She's not even properly edgy and tries to shoehorn troons in her series, then freaks the fuck out when someone makes a joke about it.
I'm shocked she's seldom mentioned

No. 1535301

I'm fat but if you told me that I'd take no offense to it. In fact, I'd probably laugh and joke about how much I eat.
If she got hurt, you can of course apologize, but don't panic about it! I'm sure she'll be fine.

No. 1534933

I hate moids. Let nonna live her life, it's not meth

No. 1534664

AYRT, not just yet. I'm just staying in one place & trying to ignore my suffering for the time being. I'm still miserable, but not actively suicidal thankfully

No. 1796618

File: 1679968735260.jpg (119.43 KB, 1080x497, 1102023.jpg)

This was posted in a GC a few months ago when WhiteGlove was sperging out at someone. I figured it was relevant. WG said the person doing the psych eval refused to listen to her and told her she was too talkative, so some things in it may not be accurate.

No. 1534478

My TIM friend recently peaked & desisted but he's been annoying the fucking piss out of me. I had to unfollow him on everything because he keeps "caring" about radfem topics and inadvertently insulting me for my severe GID. I'm in the process of finding a non-troon way to cope but god I'm tired of him insulting and harassing dysphoric females and having a superiority complex over them. This is over the Nashville situation, which all I know is that a TIF did it. I'm completely disgusted by his sudden shift in personality, although I'm glad he isn't skinwalking.

No. 1533728

'Dysphoria' is a synonym for Gender Identity Disorder, or at least the extreme, severe malcontent with their body and how they're referred to from said disorder.
Despite the name, one doesn't need to be a troon to have it, props to the people who do and don't troon out, unfortunately there's nothing known that fixes it and it's painful to see and experience.

No. 1533677

You the man who told lesbians to kill themselves, a tranny, or just a dysphoric female? If it's the latter, yeah same

No. 1533658

I think the reason he said "people" instead of "women" is because he was angry typing and not because he's a troon or supports them.

No. 1533579

Yeah, like I'm incapable of working and breeding due to my disabilities, and a lesbian to boot, so I'm the scrote troll's worst nightmare lol

No. 1533575

This is a female-only website.

No. 54891

'Anti' usually refers to people who are anti-pedo, anti-zoo, or anti-loli/shota. The only other thing I know it refers to, is people who whine and cry about shipping an abusive couple in fiction. Only the last one, I'd consider retarded.

No. 1533349

I don't mean to insult you, but do you have BPD?

No. 1533345

It meant Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist until around 2019-2020
Beforehand, trannies who thought it was a mental disorder and most other trannies were "faking" were called "truscum/transmed" and trannyhaters were called "twansphobic"
Past then it lost meaning due to zoomers entering spaces they don't belong kek

No. 1533262

AYRT, I lived in a slum apartment for 14 years, from the ages of 3 to 17, developed severe athsma and some brain damage, because it was full of stachybotrys (black mold, infamous for causing brain damage, memory loss, and retardation) and aspergillis (that white/green mold that causes athsma and emphysema)
I'm glad your health got so much better!
They added so many new ones since my younger sister was in it! I remember when we were kids, mom would promise us a box each and I would be torn between Tagalongs and Thin Mints. However, Tagalongs and the toast ones are fucking amazing. Too bad they're insanely expensive and the scouts as an org are involved in shady shit. I've also seen the moms of scouts get extremely pissy and aggravated at both their child and passerbys if someone doesn't buy the cookies. I was in the scouts for like a year before deciding it was encroaching on my free time and I was, as mentioned before, a massive fucking mysophobe and botanophobe so I couldn't enjoy any of the group activities whatsoever.

No. 1532982

I used to wash my skin off due to a fear of viruses, plants, fungi, dirt, and bacteria, but the pandemic has helped me not be as scared. I still refuse to touch anything I even suspect has mold, and I still completely and utterly refuse to touch raw food, but I can't care less about viruses.

No. 1532977

Same nona. I don't post in the dog hate thread for that reason, but I'm deeply terrified of them. They're ugly, they smell like death, most are untrainable and those that can be trained are still utterly disgusting and irritating. They're dirty. They're legitimately the most disgusting looking animals. They are a blight on the world. I can count on one hand the amount of dogs I have liked for any reason, and only one was a big dog. I love cats, though. I have a giant 10 year old one, and he's not as smart as my late cat born in 2011, but he's very loving in a way that no dog has ever or can ever be.
Animal abuse is not okay, but jesus christ does it piss me off when they refuse to fucking take care of or train or fix their mutants.

No. 1532741

>Claims to feel "neutral"
>No dysphoria
Yeah, its either a fetish or he got manipulated into this. He's either going to detransition or kill himself.
You should tell him, straight up, you are terfy and refuse to be with a troon. His reaction will make which one it is blatantly clear.

No. 1532610

NTA, but I do not believe you. One, you need to learn not everyone will peak and two, all you're doing is actively harming radical feminists by making them all look bad. If you want people to peak, the most effective way is being polite, nice, and dropping little crypto hints until you can get them to think critically for once.
Even then, the success rate is relatively poor, but they'll (mostly) still end up hating troons in some capacity

No. 1532553

I don't usually mind being fatter, but I'm not used to my face being round. I have a naturally large head, but my upper head is rather narrow and I have high cheekbones, so the cheek fat looks very slightly off from how it should, and it agitates me. It's such a small detail, too, so like nobody but me notices it.

No. 1532533

how the hell is this girl one-upping count-incel?

No. 1532365

I take Sertraline for OCD. I stopped ripping & washing my skin off, and have significantly less panic attacks than before, as I've been on it for 11 years. It kinda upsets moids when I mention I started it at 9, but considering I would wash my skin off my hands because I minorly grazed a blade of grass, or touched another person's backpack on accident, I think it's only done good.
Here's to hoping the same works for you, nona!

No. 1532290

AYRT. My pain never went away, it only got worse. Nothing helps, it's horrible.
I have MDD so the depression is constant with occasional breaks, sadly.
I'm glad your pain got better, though

No. 1532289

NTA, also never went to private school (so saged) but my public school was severely ran down & girls would stab eachother with any sharp objects they could find because their moid decided to cheat on both simultaneously, there was also frequent gang violence, asbestos, mold, rotting walls, expired, packaged food, and so on. I went to school in a burger ghetto & while I'm white, I was in a significant minority, as 80% of the school was Latino/a. Next was the Asian students, at about 10%, the other 10% were white, black, or Middle Eastern.
I heard the private school right next to our shithole had a good education, at the price of having the cruelest Lutheran student shitheads in the entire county

No. 1532285

Samefag, I forgot to mention I was prescribed the pill for the severe period pain at 16, had severe suicidal breakdowns, felt like my body was betraying me, and ended up having a psychotic breakdown & tried to kill myself with a ritual knife. So after that, I swiftly stopped taking it when the doctor told me I was bullshitting and to "just keep taking it." I took it a total of 2 months, dumping it like a couple weeks after turning 17.

No. 1532279

I was the first to get my period at 10, and god, the smell was revolting. I was often soaked in my own blood because it was severely heavy and painful right out the gate, and the school nurse thought I was exaggerating the severe pain as well, so that wasn't fun.
I was bullied for having a full figure, but not fat, from 12-16. I'm 20, and skip to the end of the pandemic I was smirking so big because the head cheerleader Cholla was a minimum of 170lbs. I was still bigger due to at-the-time unknown BED, but the catharsis was well worth it. The mean skinny bitch getting a taste of her own medicine was like. The coolest shit to a 17 year old me. I got on the front page of the newspaper at graduation, too, so that was also a nice little one-up.
So trust me nonna, I get it. It's the best shit that can happen.

No. 1532083

I saw a car with radfem stickers in a parking lot in town. Most people here are aggressively trad/tradthot so I'm honestly surprised there were some out here.

No. 1531942

Thanks nonna! GNC women are absolutely needed, and it's so gross that trooning out is portrayed as the first and only treatment, when permanent things such as that, it should be a last resort, for the most severe cases, and only for grown adults who have undergone years of therapy, if at all.
I wish other solutions were researched and pushed instead.
To me, it sounds like she's got either bipolar or some form of personality disorder. I've dealt with BPDchans, and most of them weren't anything like the stereotype only because they sought DBT and medications. Unmedicated, they do brash shit like this, but so do bipolar type Is. It's hard to say since I've never met her.

No. 1531897

Yeah, I'm a lesbian and know I'll never be male. I think the main catalyst for my dysphoria is not that I'll never be male, but that my body expects male features, and I don't have any sans the height, large skull, and broad shoulders. I get confused for a 12 year old boy a lot, but I've stopped trying to "correct" people about being a troon or my age.
I noticed that I can be attracted to FtMs and women as a whole (not just FtMs), but not MtFs or men in general. I feel I may be happy without HRT if I can do voice training and get a breast reduction rather than a chop, as well as find a way to guarantee infertility and not having a period without damaging my health.
Honestly, I think my voice and average breasts, as well as being called feminine terms are my biggest gripes. Otherwise, I think I'm a typical stone butch. The mental illness aspect just makes my brain panic at female features, that I cannot change, especially not at this time. OCD makes that even worse. So the severity is amped up only because it's a constant thought and I can't be normal about it.
Unlike other troons in my general age range, I knew I could never be male. Biology was never my strong suit, but I find genetics very interesting so I know changing them is completely impossible, and would be catastrophic if it ever was. That also helps a bit, so I guess we're similar like that.

No. 1531892

Thank you! If psychedelics really can help me feel at peace, maybe I'll find a way to have shrooms. I know they're legal a couple states away, where I have family. My grandmother wanted to do shrooms with mom & I as they both thought that we'd benefit. Considering both of them were hippies at one point and have done everything under the sun in their youth, I trust their judgement. My entire maternal side is super into psychedelics kek.
That aside, I'm extremely happy about that advice, and I've noticed thinking with a biological lens has made me at some level of peace compared to a few months ago. Much appreciated!

No. 1531806

I really like the women here and learning their point of view! Part of me also hopes nonnas here can help me learn to manage my dysphoria without HRT, at least for the meantime. I know most of them don't understand the extreme panic and anguish it can cause, but I really hope I can improve otherwise. Hence why I feel the suffering is important for them to know that like 0.1% of trannies are genuinely suffering and not doing it for a fetish. Those that do understand it, but still hate trannies or at least what they do are really cool to me. It's only the ones that refuse to understand it that irritate me.
I also announce myself because I feel like, as long as it's not OT, different points of view from women could help anons see multiple sides. I'm probably annoying people, if so I apologize profusely, but at least to me it's beneficial to see how everyone here thinks about things and maybe learn a lot.
Maybe I'm just a mega autist too eager to learn, I don't know.

No. 1531777

I'm in a politically mixed state, it's fucking hard for me because unless I go down to the state capital several hours away, most people in my city are openly extremely homophobic and anti LGB, let alone T. Technically speaking, I am a TiF but people usually pick up that I'm a butch lesbian and threaten to hurt me and women tend to give me the side eye since I'm in one of the deepest red areas of the state. I've been told by several people that I should have a husband & be his slave. Generally, I'm pretty uncomfortable with both libfems & radfems, but the radfems here are wonderful people and occasionally I feel like going on a feminist rant to the men in town who see me as an object "disobeying" them. I grew up in a very notoriously blue state so the absolute vitriol I've gotten in this city is frustrating.
I typically hate TiMs, too. They're insufferable. I can't relate to the majority because they are usually doing it for a fetish and not actually suffering from the same mental illness. I do, however, get along with most respectful men. They're just hard to find when I'm a shut in due to my horrifically sexist neighbor
There's a gay/lesbian club in town but I'm only 20 so I'm unsure if under 21's are allowed.

No. 1531773

Why, of all the things I have to be allergic to, latex is one of them. I get a nasty rash for a day or two if I have a fucking bandaid on for a couple hours. And I can't wear tampons or cups, so pads make me get a very severe rash from hell that lasts like a week after my period ends. I can't move my legs certain ways or sit down in certain places during that because it feels like my vulva and ass are on fire. I'm lucky I'm lesbian, because I'd imagine condoms may send me to the ER.

No. 1531659

Paki, just drop it. Your cover has been blown, and everyone already knows you're not going to America.

No. 1531414

WhiteGlove is not evil. She's just some obese autist with a bad temper. I genuinely don't believe she's a danger to anyone but herself, and she's got some completely insane A-Loggers that threaten to rape her day in and day out for being a lesbian TIF. I agree she's a cow and needs a thread, but until her A-Logs calm down and stop scaring her off, milk will not be present until she gets fed up with being quiet, unprivates her shit, and gets into an argument with Radblr or something.
It's also odd how she claimed the OP of her thread was Tranny, and he admitted he was, so it was a vendetta thread. She's among the more paranoid, timid cows so the fact she was actually right is unnerving in a roundabout way.

No. 1793916

File: 1679597307544.jpg (403.36 KB, 1078x3445, Screenshot_20230323_114048_Chr…)

Kek, looks like we found who spammed the thread and posted a personal army request on Kiwifarms.
I also think it's funny that they think she's banned in the comments because she ran from public eye.

No. 1793905

File: 1679596622839.png (118.67 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20230323_113205_Chr…)

It turns out the faggot that shat up this thread goes by "Waffle Stompin' Waffen.' He posted the same faildox and spammed the board the same day. It, oddly, was not Boolio, and has been confirmed not to be Blaine by the admins of Kiwifarms.
It's on her Kiwifarms page; Mr. Cool ICE
Keep in mind, that I have him muted because he shits up every thread he enters.

No. 1530802

Not everyone is a seperatist, nonna.

No. 1530789

Take it from a FtM tranny. They are very, very real. I cannot fucking STAND tucutes they are so fucking annoying. Those are the ones that think that dysphoria isn't needed and all you have to do is "identify" as something.
I know most nonnas hate trannies, whole cloth. I just hate certain types. He likely doesn't have dysphoria and is acting out because he felt not included when he was "comfortable" as a man. Or he has a fetish & is trying to pretend he's dysphoric so he's taken seriously. If he was truly dysphoric, he would have never spent a moment past 18 as a man, either. Plus skinwalkers are the type to jack it in women's underwear, be they their family's, or their lover's. Watch yourself, nonna.

No. 1530776

pads also make me break out, but it's because i'm allergic to latex. unfortunately, i cannot wear tampons or cups, so i'll take the rashes from hell.

No. 1530094

maybe youre autistic

No. 1530074

Astrology is fun. Every individual person has a different chart determined by several different factors, from the time we're born to the individual cities and towns. Nobody has the exact same chart, and they're incredibly accurate. Just because your sun sign isn't 100% accurate doesn't mean the entire chart isn't
Nobody's forcing you to believe astrology. Like, at all. I understand the need to know everything, as a Gemini it drives me up the wall to not know every individual detail about everything so I get it. But let nonnas have their own beliefs. It hurts nobody.

No. 1530061

I'm a gemini sun, virgo moon, and scorpio rising and this is so fucking hilariously accurate it hurts. I try to be as honest as humanly possible and I straight up admit to being lazy & overly trusting & stubborn and it gets on everyone's nerves but I'm not gonna lie to preserve people's feelings. Also I tend to apologize profusely if someone proves me wrong but if they don't I'm just too stubborn lmfao

No. 1529999

Most girls I like that I know the birthdays of are either Aries or Pisces. Occasionally Scorpio or Sagittarius. Funnily enough, I'm a Gemini. So not really, sadly.

No. 1529498

It's been ~a month since a thread on a cow I was interested in finally dropped and it was raided by moids threatening to rape her and was later revealed that the tranny himself made the thread because she blocked him kek
So disappointing. It was a good OP until you got to the "rules of discussion."
And now it's dead because she keeps privating/unprivating her Tumblr and relocking it when she feels she's testing her luck
I hate moids so much. I just want to laugh at a fatty who thinks she's an incel and runs a blog larping as one.

No. 1529097

Same. Kiwi moids invaded one of my favorite threads, as well as a splinter thread of the original thread as a personal army/A-Log request with a link posted publicly, and both threads were filled with her dox and violent rape threats. One posted his dick, one got banned from KF and spammed the threads because he learned of the no moid rule and got offended, there were a few other incidents but her splinter thread off from the community thread died because she ran from social media and the spam was, to an extent, the killing blow. There's posts here and there, but not constant anymore

No. 1528807

Not to defend it, but have you considered most autists find the idea of being a parent or being fertile whatsoever deeply disgusting and disturbing? I don't think that's why some autists troon out, but as an autistic person I think sterilization should be far easier to obtain without trooning out, as long as it's done exclusively to adults who have been thoroughly explained to what that entails.
I feel like if that happened, and if people stopped respecting "nonbinary" whatsoever, the trooning rates, especially of autists, would plummet to a very small portion of the human population.

No. 1528234

File: 1679250717600.jpg (130.28 KB, 945x600, Tumblr_l_1192338321176406.jpg)

i s2g im gonna end up killing my moid neighbor one of these days
he had a conversation with a close family member, and it was a conversation that was extremely misogynistic, antisemitic, and homophobic
when i tried to calmly explain how he was wrong and poked holes in his argument, he tried to forcefully use god to scare me
when he realized i wasn't christian he flipped the fuck out, and started being even worse. claiming women were breeding stock and that the only reason a woman would ever not want a family is if she was "denying god."
the funny part is his ex wife divorced him and took his son, so i can't exactly say he's an incel, just scary close
he then started talking about how lesbians "choose to be attracted to the same sex" and that we'd all burn, and that being homosexual is "delusional."
the funny part is i almost did strike him in the face for that but was held back & threatened by someone.
yesterday he went to the hospital for heart problems and he refuses to take medication for that so i hope it takes him soon lmfao

No. 1791542

Correct me if wrong, but didn't she confirm that she did actively use the men's bathroom? Otherwise accurate kek

No. 1527934

An American men's size 46 means she has a 46 inch (117cm) waist. Which is very fucking abysmal and nonna should take better care of herself, but it's not life threatening unless she's been that size for several years and/or is older than 30 in most cases.

No. 1791209

I'm pretty certain she's one of those people who is so lonely she thinks every waking second someone isn't talking to her is a personal sleight.
So if she is in other threads and cries about her (near perfect) life, I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 1527928

occasionally i'll be really sad and think about killing myself over the most minor of fuckups, but then i'll think about how my cat would die soon after and be even more hurt so i keep going

No. 1527873

why do moids never ever blend

No. 1527858

Nonna I think you forgot that some women have fetishes for that shit, myself included. Go rattle elsewhere.

No. 1527847

AYRT, there's definitely a lot worse things I could talk about, like how not even 10 minutes after making this post I may have ended up making myself homeless, I don't know yet, though.
But back on topic, it's because I love being this size. The thought of me being thin is deeply repulsive to me, partially because I don't like having breasts whatsoever and the tit chop is too drastic, and partially because I just like it for a lack of better words.

No. 1527809

I mean, I'm very butch so I wear men's clothes, and I'm plus-sized so a waist 46 fits me perfectly, but women's clothing is always so fucking different even if I liked being feminine I wouldn't risk it.
The problem, is that even in big & tall sections, they scarcely sell size 46 clothes. Usually, 44 is the biggest you can find and that's way too small.
I know most women like to be "small," but I like being fat. I'll lose weight if it's imperative to my health, but my blood work was top notch, so I think my current diet works fine. I don't gain anything, but I don't lose anything. And a good 230lbs is perfect to me.
Finding men's shirts that fit is impossible unless they're a 4x. Which is weird, because my chest is tiny

No. 1527648

NTA, but she does match the description of the subject of >>>/snow/1778636 which ironically missed one of her handles (count-incel) but I can see why anon thought that.
That doesn't change the fact that the thread was written by the pedophile tranny and was killed because some moid started spamming her address and threatened to rape her. So it's a dead thread, but there's a few interesting things in there.
While she deserves a thread, absolutely, I feel bad for her. She's rude, she's very obviously uncaring for others, and so on but it's not like she's a pedophile like Shayna or anything along those lines, so the logic of moid alogs raiding her thread is nonexistent.

No. 286656

Shit like this makes me want to reupload The Wonderful Human Body just to get on her nerves.
I also think it's funny that she hates her old fans and constantly attacks anyone who dares to say they like everything from Communications to Arc and Say.
Probably a popular opinion at this point, but I fucking hate Ghost's new songs. Like, a lot. Her old songs were, for the most part, better in every way except for mixing because she used to actively use music theory and eventually threw it out the window to replace it with brownie points and """humor""" that appeals to straight TIF 12 year olds and nobody else.
It makes me sad, she used to tell actually good stories with beautiful art and you could tell her work had a heart back then.
Damn, now I'm pissed. It's like she became close friends with her fans and made them her entire personality.

No. 1527012

I disagree with you on (TIF) trannies but agree with you on this. As a lesbian, I hate the ones that hate straight women. I may not find them relatable whatsoever, and that's why I tend to confide in people like my mom (who is bisexual) who understand my attraction to women and go above and beyond to be supportive. It's funny too, because she could tell I was a lesbian well before I did.
I get that, nonna. I don't have a regular period, it's extremely spotty and happens at completely random times, the only time I don't PMS or have varying levels of tit pain is the week after my last period. It's really bad, too. It hurts. I know I don't have any uteran and ovarian problems, but I just learned that some young adult women still have a few years before their period "normalizes." It doesn't make it any less frustrating, though.

No. 54727

god yeah the moid pretending to be a seperatist anti-straight made me want to pull my hair out

No. 1526555

Seperatism is even more unfortunate and insufferable tbh
And I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to get picked if I find males physically repulsive?

No. 1526532

Seperatism is even more unfortunate and insufferable tbh
And I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to get picked if I find males physically repulsive?

No. 1526534

Seperatism is even more unfortunate and insufferable tbh
And I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to get picked if I find males physically repulsive?

No. 1526466

Yeah, the patriarchy doesn't exist and because of that feminism really does nothing but make people more apathetic of women's issues in my experience. Men aren't handed everything in first world countries. Lastly, they chose that. Women need to stop trying to control other women's lives. I don't give a fuck if they're settling down with a man, trooning out, smoking weed or constantly partying. It's their choices and I'm not going to act like a controlling, histrionic, BPDchan stereotype because "muh patriarchy." Most women want nothing to do with radical feminism, because people like you drive us away.

No. 1526438

I was only old enough to browse LCF in 2021, but I've been part of internet discourse since around 2018, exclusively because some kid was getting harassed by they/thems and I wanted to make sure he was okay. It kinda all went downhill from there, since I'm very adamantly anti-radfem still but not wishing death on them. I just want to understand how their brains work. And thankfully, I understand bits and pieces now, but it seems we disagree on basic fundamentals that make having any sort of discussion very hard. So in the few cases that I can have a basic conversation with them, I do learn a bit.
If it helps you feel any better, the only radfems I've seen go "not all men" are Menalez's clique, and she's insufferable for different reasons to me. Namely her constant race and oppression baiting.
And how are women responsible for something that doesn't exist?

No. 1526418

Pretty sure you're a moid larping as a woman now tbh

No. 1526334

Women aren't causing oppression by dating men. Women aren't spreading it either. Men being mean to you also isn't oppression. Maybe this is why I have no female friends but my god I'd fucking take it if it meant never having to hear some discriminatory woman bitching about men ever again. Most of the feminists here are fine. The ones that hate men regardless of nuance are not.
Just let straight and bi nonnas date guys if they want to. It isn't affecting you, it isn't affecting society, it only affects them. For example, I choose not to date women because I'll get extremely obsessive and jealous and generally a nuisance and a dead weight, and it isn't fair to the other woman. If a nonna feels like she can't date a man due to her feminist beliefs, that's her choice. Nobody's forcing that on you, except for random incels and trads on 4chan and the odd troon.
So you're right that nobody's forcing them. But they should do whatever they want. If they want to find their nigel, let them. This is such a non issue kek

No. 1526282

AYRT, I'm a lesbian, retard. Not into dicks. But you're acting like straight women choose to be straight. Thirty years ago, and you'd be insisting that lesbians choose to like pussy. You understand how that's the exact same shit, and how that makes you come off as a polilez, right?

No. 54723

I'm not even a celebricow user and this is actually so fucking frustrating. I hate when moids or schizos pretend to be frequenters of the site. My bet is that "Trumpchan" is a /pol/ moid

No. 1526272

Or maybe being straight isn't a choice. You act like a polilez, or hell, Christian women who think being lesbian is "just a phase" and that they can un-lesbian their daughters. Have you considered not being hypocritical?

No. 1526223

I know you don't care and I know I'm a woman to 99.9% of the userbase here, I enjoy being able to have a place where I can speak my mind, though. And I'm not a narc, just an autist who thought what I said was 100% relevant, plus I have a habit of explaining everything I experience or see in great detail, which tends to annoy others but other autists usually appreciate it. Which is one of several reasons why I'm lucky if a friendship lasts longer than a month if I make one at all.
Essentially, I don't care that you don't care, and I don't care that you think I'm a woman. Free speech is important and I enjoy hearing the opinions of the women here. Just know that the reason for the "long spergs" is because I am a sperg. There's a reason it's called "sperging."
I'm pretty sure (s)he's either a polilez or MtF sperging now. If he's a MtF I hope a farmhand deals with him, although if she is a "true and honest" woman she still needs to be dealt with. Just less so.

No. 1526208

I'm the TIF that started it. I hate enbies and fetishists, regardless of TIM or TIF. Actually dysphoric people regardless of sex I tend to respect, but I can't fucking stand people like the resident cp spammer, Dylan Mulvaney, anyone who goes by anything other than he or she. I don't give a fuck what somebody chooses to do to their body, it's bodily autonomy, but if you're gonna be a disingenuous piece of shit and say it's not a mental illness, or dysphoria does not exist, or other things that are blatantly untrue for the point of virtue signaling, it pisses me off. I agree with radfems that female only spaces should exist, with the caveat that both TIMs and TIFs be banned and forced to make their own spaces. Generally, I don't mind troons as long as they aren't being sex pests, denying the reality of dysphoria, and/or pretend to be a real troon for attention, or sex or whatever. I can't look at the TIF thread because I'm always tempted to hunt down their accounts and harass them into no longer faking being trans. The TIM thread makes me violently ill because most of them are sex pests or look terrible. I'm no expert in fashion, fuck, how I dress is very exceptional and a dead giveaway of who I am, but there's a point where even I draw a line lol
Back on topic, I agree with you in small chunks, I guess my standards are just different.

No. 1526130

Fair enough, I forgot about that. But I'm not into males and not in a high crime area so I apologize for not remembering that happened. Good point, even if I have some…choice thoughts on most straight women, they shouldn't have to suffer for something they don't even want.

No. 1526125

I thought this was the vent thread. I'm not breaking any rules, plus I'm still female. I swear to god if you're that same tard that screeched about how semen is addictive or whatever I'm going to piss myself laughing.
If you want to mald about this, /2x/ and the TIF thread are open. There's also another thread in /snow/ that may be very obviously connected if you look closer.

No. 1526121

No, not "NLOG." I have an actual incurable mental disorder (gender dysphoria) and simply want to neutralize the pain no matter what I have to do. TIFs who wear makeup or dress up feminine or lust after men or call themselves "totes kweer" are genuinely enough to make me say things that'd count as fedposting. I fucking hate every single fucking troon without the dysphoria that makes you not regret it it's so fucking annoying.
I can also go in depth about everything I hate about feminism, both libfem and radfem but mostly radfem. Most of the radfems here are awesome despite our differences, and I can get along with them. It's the ones that think they're always right or that it's some conspiracy against women instead of a severe mental disorder with no known cure, that piss me off.
I just wanted to relate to a nonna, and correct some dumbass on why she's speaking out her ass, but apparently you're too stupid to be able to comprehend that.
I know you're being sarcastic but I am a trutrans and go out of my way to avoid other troons, mostly for their safety and to prevent me from getting banned from social media for thought crimes. Trust me, if it was possible, and scientifically proven, that there was a way for me not to troon out, I would take it.

No. 1526112

I plan on getting a breast reduction rather than a full on chop– just removing the ducts and most of the breast fat, but simultaneously the entire problem I have with being female are my voice, my name, my lack of body & facial hair. It's like my brain was transplanted into another body, I've felt this way my entire life. I got diagnosed with GID several years ago, it's horrible.
First, I'm not a feminist, nor do I find feminism to be a good thing whatsoever in western countries. In 2nd and 3rd world countries its needed, but in places like the US its finding problems where there are none at best. Second, my GID was prevalent long before puberty, and has nothing to do with being sexualized. Contrary to popular belief, not all TIFs are victims of "the male gaze." I've always been extremely ugly and I've always taken great pride in that. I need a deep voice, a hairy body, generally fucked up & greasy test skin for my own sake. A mere reduction would not cut it. Although, like I said above I don't want all my breast tissue gone nor do I want the scars. My weight would make a double mastectomy the world's worst idea. Next, I have seeked help. I have tried every other alternative, I have had mental health treatments for a decade. I want to do proven things. I also know I will never be male. Anyone who troons out without knowing they can't change their sex is a fucking retard and deserves to feel regret when they realize they fucked their body up.

No. 1525986

AYRT, because I'm a tif and can't control being mentally ill. Being anti troon would be hypocritical because of my own experiences with dealing with dysphoria. Obviously I fucking hate troons who say that "lesbians can like dick" or "gay men can like vagina," especially as a female exclusively attracted to other females & would sooner blow my brains out then touch a penis.
Point being, I tend to get along with the women here more than I do other tifs. Especially because I only respect the he/him Kalvin Garrah or Buck Angel types and refuse to entertain the ones not obviously suffering from GID.
I wish there was a way to cure it and I wouldn't have to transition, but I've tried every other thing suggested to me and my mental health is jumping off a fucking cliff. I'd rather be comfortable in my body, without having a panic attack or considering self harm every time I take off my shirt. Contrary to popular belief, therapy doesn't do jack shit to cure dysphoria. It's the worst mental pain I have ever experienced. Worse than my depression, my OCD, my severe anxiety disorder. It's horrible and I would not wish it on anyone. We need another way to "cure" it that isn't permanent alterations to the body, but it's the only thing that shows any sign of improving anyone, even if it's only half, so doctors have put all their eggs in one basket, for the worst.
Sorry if my response got rambly or OT. I hope you can understand it's not like that for some of us.

No. 1525882

Oh hey, I'm 19 going on 20 and I usually relate to people in their late 20s and early 30s despite my extremely childlike nature that offputs both them and people my age. Most people around my age are insufferable, tiktok using slacktivists who do shit like using "meowself" pronouns or veer in the complete opposite direction and are trads who wish death on lesbians so I feel quite out of place as someone stuck relatively in the center. I'm more pro troon than most nonnas here, but I also really hate the enbies and transbians so much. It's hard being a zoomer because most will socially isolate from you if you wrongthink.

No. 1525878

do i count if i'm a lesbian that does not relate to or enjoy the company of most other women? i'm attracted to them and only them, but i can't maintain a friendship, let alone a relationship with them, and i also tend to be politically at odds with most other lesbians to make matters worse. i know "internalized misogyny" and all that but it's basically external at points and very noticeable before i even open my mouth.
i decided it's best for other women as a whole if i don't get in relationships with them, as i know it will end poorly and it'll hurt them, so it isn't worth the risk

No. 1525628

the irony in your retarded post is that, yes, this is a "safe haven" from males. no tims, no gay males, let alone bihet males. just, no males whatsoever. you're not allowed here.

No. 1524827

As a fat girl attracted to fat girls, I fucking hate how people like her popularized fetishizing us then suddenly don't like it when it happens to them. Although I definitely react similar upon seeing a hot girl, I keep it in my head.

No. 1524644

Thank you! I know some of it is somewhat normal, but most women aren't bedridden from pain every day on their period. I've only had this doctor since July since my father moved us to a very backwoods, medically inept area. When I tell people that yes, technically it's a city, but there are no resources for the disabled, nothing for the autistic, hell, nothing for women either. If you want an abortion, or if you're a troon, or if you're sick with female-only disorders, you have to go to Phoenix. I know I'm probably revealing who I am but it's legit horrible. I love the view, but it's not worth having no medical care and waiting 4+ months for a doctor to even talk to you. It's not worth the suffering, or the pain, and I know most nonnas aren't fans of TIFs and I don't blame them, but GID makes all female disorders much more taxing mentally, and people think you're a hysterical woman faking your suffering to be an NLOG. I'm glad the radfems here are so understanding towards people like me and the women here have helped me with so much.
TL;DR thank you so much for the advice, genuinely. I took Vitamin D and it made my periods a normal length and only once a month, so Vitamin C may help with the pain.

No. 1524477

I'm the US anon from before. The doctor just called back and said that I was just being overly dramatic and that there was nothing wrong, and that having "heavy and painful" periods is normal for a 19 year old and apparently the tech didn't even check my ovaries, just the uterus. And that my blood work showed that the excessive blood loss wasn't a "danger" because I had such good health. He also said I should either try hormonal pills (which I had a suicide attempt when I tried them last) or get an IUD if it's "that bad."
He also claims he got me a gynecologist, but he never did. Mom yelled at me for panicking over the idea of having an IUD, and honestly I'd probably need to be chained down or otherwise restrained just to see a gyno in the first place regardless of if they're a woman or not due to the severity of my GID, but I'm not on hormones or anything especially because I have to go 3 hours away to see a doctor for that.
I've never faced this kind of discrimination due to my sex before. I hate that.

No. 1523926

Your first problem is that you claim to hate men but this is the most misogynistic post I have ever seen from an (assumed) woman on this site. More women would want to be your friend if you didn't automatically assume permiscuity because they're heterosexual.

No. 1523667

I got an US last week after years of severe, painful, spotty periods. I only had one gyn before, and he refused to see me in person due to covid. He prescribed me estrogen and I attempted to kill myself repeatedly. I brought up the severe emotional stability and he essentially called me a liar. I haven't seen one since.

No. 1523497

I feel like most of those anons are either detrans or TIFs larping as feminists.
In the first case, they go way too far in going against troon ideology that they in turn deny blatant truths, like femininity existing.
In the second, they're trying to blend and failing.

No. 1522239

Most of the women in my area are fat boomers who wear clothes several sizes too small or wear bathing suits outside of the pool or river. American fashion is horrible, especially waterside boomer fashion.
Like I'm fat myself, but it's very hard to fuck up what you wear. Brightly colored leggings that show off curves and clothes too small are the two instant fails for me.
So, >>1522214 , those are very cute dresses! I'm sorry everyone's so cruel to you nonna.

No. 1787356

She has an artistic talent, she just tends to squander it or draw cringy bullshit

No. 1521709

No, it wasn't. Tumblr has a feature only available on desktop called password locking. You have to be logged in, on desktop, and guess the password to view the blog, and it displays deleted on mobile. On desktop, it is completely visible after guessing what the lock is.

No. 1521555

I know count-incel has her own thread now, but has anyone found out what to enter to view her blog?

No. 54415

Oh, yeah no clue then sorry. I wish someone finds him and brings him to justice.

No. 54413

Here you go: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/unabashedhermaphrodite-belial-the-actual-queen-actuallybella1-autisticaizen-blaine-gaven-ross-jess-ross-erika-starling.99380/
He also wrote a couple threads and admitted it, namely the Rachael and Rita threads, because they told him to fuck off. Both are still cows, but it explains a lot.

No. 54411

Isn't he in Wisconsin? His dox is on Kiwi because he willingly posted his ID. He's like 30 or 40

No. 54386

/pol/ moid in the vent thread: >>>/ot/1520342

No. 1519908

Yeah, it looked like white fuzzballs were all over the top of my uterus, rather than gigantic pods. They looked fibrous in nature and I'm genetically guaranteed either fibroids, endo, or tumors so either way I kinda hope I have to get the whole thing cut out even if it means starting the hell on earth called menopause. I'm only 19 though so it's unlikely. I've had hot flashes before due to a severe Vitamin D deficiency that's since been dealt with, but I wouldn't be shocked if my reproductive health also contributed significantly.

No. 1519841

i got a long overdue ultrasound to see why my periods were so bad, they're not allowed to tell me what's wrong until next week, and i got a quick glance
white fuzzies all over the top of it, i'm no doctor but it seems like cysts of some kind. no wonder i get completely incapacitated for a week or more every month

No. 1518999

My maternal grandma was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I've been grieving all day, she's the coolest person I've ever met and now she's in the ICU, likely going to die in the hospital bed she's currently residing in. I want to tell her I love her but have no way of reaching her. She accepted me immediately upon me coming out as a lesbian and went to bat for me, she taught me a lot about my family & about my Indigenous bloodline (I wasn't raised in it, but she & to a lesser extent my mom was), and she opened my eyes to a lot of different cultures and experiences, and her sudden decline in health is really hard to accept, like I just got punched in the face. And the heart a few thousand times.
I feel so lost, I spent around a month with her slightly over a year ago, and she was so excited about the legalization of shrooms, and talked about how she'd love to have some with the rest of my family, including me.
I'm sorry for being mopey, nonnas, it's the first time I've (almost) lost someone close to me and I'm trying to cope the best I can.

No. 54297

No wonder it died for a week, it must've been discovered around then kek

No. 54290

Kiwi newfag tinfoiling, unsaged in the Rita thread >>>/snow/1778636
I'm not sure if male but they definitely type like one

No. 1785433

File: 1678352765471.jpg (24.11 KB, 1080x222, Screenshot_20230309_020618_Chr…)

Kek what the fuck are you talking about? Do you actually have photographic evidence of her ID with the address uncensored, or that 02 coached her? Or are you just spreading disinformation for attention and clout?
Unlike Kiwifarms, we don't like when people say shit without evidence, you must provide evidence for everything, or "milk" if you will, especially when unsaged.
You see this little part up here? Do this.

No. 1785367

File: 1678332219849.jpg (201.76 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20230226_140301_Chr…)

Rita wasn't banned from Kiwifarms, Rita's thread was shut down by Null himself, and learn to sage.
Plus, wasn't that dox confirmed a faildox? I don't know about that last part but she was clearly told by someone else to shut up. It has nothing to do with what you said, because everything you said was wrong.

No. 284887

Even Chaos Theory was more listenable. Can we just keep whichever one of the troons that allowed the loud noise away from a DAW?

No. 284714

She has her own thread now on >>>/snow/1778636

No. 54171

And all that cow did is larp as an incel and act like a child, not even anything serious, and the male keeps sexually harassing her and bragging about how she "totally ran" because of him when in reality she likely was told to go MIA by someone.

No. 54117

hi tranny

No. 54063

That usually happens when anons confuse you for a moid, more often than not a TIM.
It still isn't OK, though.

No. 284414

That's why she has her own thread now ( >>>/snow/1778636 ) even though she still does covers and is still heavily involved in Vocaloid despite being excommunicated and constantly referenced/laughed at by producers like Zion, Vane, Carbon, and on exceedingly rare occasions, GHOST.
Although I agree she needed her own thread a long time ago as she has her hands in several other communities and this should only be for Vocaloid drama, even if she is a Vocaloid coverer and occasional producer.
They failed when nonnas started bringing up non-Vocaloid drama with her.

No. 284323

Do you not know what "samefag" means? It means WG didn't write it and those 3 posts were made by someone else pretending to be her.

No. 53998

She's a misanthropic little pig, but she doesn't deserve to have her address spammed and be threatened with rape repeatedly.
I hope he didn't mean it, but he's insane so he likely did.

No. 53996

Is it the scrote that shat up the Rita thread?

No. 1780403

She later found out/admitted she's 5'7 and well over 250lbs.

No. 53894

doesnt it make the wg thread a vendetta thread made because she blocked him though?
one of the thread rules is "dont accuse anyone of being blaine," then it flip flops to "if you arent actively shitting on her you must be rita"
otherwise it's a good thread. but that's likely why blaine got a red text.
anyways, unless blaine posted her address on alogspace in a tranny spammy meltdown i don't know who else it could be other than the chodeposter, but chodeposter isn't that smart.
rita is a retard (ritard) but she isn't the type to pull this shit and i doubt she'd befriend someone who would.
plus rape moid admitted to being a lolcow himself.

No. 53889

did you just admit to being blaine lmfao

No. 53887

im 95% sure he's the tranny because he keeps mentioning alogspace and her "posting her address on alogspace" with no evidence lmfao
it reads like he's sperging out over not being allowed to post doxes, real or fail, about somebody who told him to fuck off.

No. 284094

and the rape ape is shitting up wg's thread again. the farmhands need to fucking ban vpns or range ips or whatever the fuck

No. 53885

rape moid is shitting up the rita thread again >>>/snow/1778636
i just want the spam to stop.
the same moid posted his tiny chode in the vocaloid thread and her now defunct kiwi thread.
can we ban whatever the fuck hes using to shit it up?

No. 53884

rape moid is shitting up the rita thread again >>1778636
i just want to post about my favorite cow in peace

No. 284032

Should a new thread be made, or no? It's unlocked, by the way.

No. 53842

I'm pretty sure they weren't samefagging, but I could be wrong. Either way somebody really hates this poor girl (probably due to her XX chromosomes)

No. 283992


No. 53840

(fail)doxing by the moid pepe spammer in >>>/w/195091
farmhands, i think that a lockdown is necessary if you don't want to ban vpns (temporarily at least) its clearly a vendetta poster or algs spammer

No. 283984

WG would not do that. She has done nothing of the sort in the past, nor do I think she would start now. She also never uses VPNs. The scrote faildox spammer is obviously either Blaine or Hot Fire, more than likely MHF judging by his sperging over the dox ban.

No. 53836

I know who she (WG, fitting nickname kek) is. I know she's a greasy little edgelord TIF, and I know she's done a lot of threadworthy things.
The OP was mostly good, but the "no WKs they must be Rita!" Rule is so hypocritical it makes it blatantly obvious her paranoia about the troon is on some level weighted (like her pooch)
Plus after the thread raid and leaks it seems blatantly like it's a cowtip by a vendetta poster.

No. 53834

Fuck off tranny, you shat up 3 threads today at a bare minimum

No. 53789

It's pretty obvious you're deflecting, fuck off tranny. You just admitted to writing the thread as if the rules on it weren't blatant enough lmfao.
Who's to say you weren't the one spamming it? What about us nonnas who want to laugh at the fat pig? We don't want it to be a vendetta thread, we want real milk. Maybe the OP can be rewritten someday, or maybe the farmhands will unlock it after some time. Either way, you were clearly trying to cowtip.

No. 53787

Those weren't the whole logs lmfao you're clearly Blaine. If not, where's the HTML?

No. 53785

Oh cool, where can I find it?

No. 53782

How would you know that if you're not Blaine?

No. 53777

Seriously, I think WG definitely deserves a thread. I do not think her A-Logs make sense compared to what she has done. Read: being an edgelord TIF who's ego and whimsy outweigh her gut tenfold. That doesn't deserve doxing, threats, spam, et cetera.
Maybe she's a personal cow he's upset isn't personal anymore.

No. 53774

It's still going, but now he's spamming the thread with Pepe because of the no doxing and no scrote rules

No. 1779300

No, this thread happened a little under a month later

No. 1779251

Wasn't that from 2016-17?

No. 53750

I'm not Rita, retard.

No. 53748

You posted it in gahooles thread lmfao Blaine, you're fucking terrible at doxing btw, it doesn't match her at all you fucking retard. Just because she's scared of her mummy getting contacted doesn't mean it's the correct address. Remember, cow is a paranoid basketcase

No. 53746

I read Alogspace, he didn't post shit. Plus, what proof is there that that's even her address?

No. 1779208

>Ban anyone claiming OP is schizotroon
>"Everyone I don't like is Rita!"

No. 53743

Someone posted a cow's address >>>/snow/1779197
If this is a faildox, that's actually hilarious but I hope the person who lives there is okay.

No. 53739

I agree her and her WKs need to be wrangled a bit. My main gripe is people attacking anyone but her. Even then cow tipping is wrong, but at least it's kept exclusively to cow.

No. 53737

Sure, I personally don't think it was cow, but definitely still a WK and should be dealt with for both that and derailing.

No. 1779176

Not the cow, scrote.

No. 53735

Not Rita, but could it be any more obvious you're a newfag and a scrote?

No. 1779172

Just so you know, contacting a cow's family is not only forbidden on this thread and site, but it's generally fucked up and looked down upon. This isn't Kiwi, you should lurkmoar.

No. 53731

somebody's threatening to contact a cow's family in >>>/snow/1779160

No. 53717

the ID she posted had the address censored when she posted it.

No. 53715

She never leaked her address. Her city and name, but not her address.

No. 53704

Yes, but cow herself never leaked her own address, and in the Vocaloid thread, the same anon threatened to contact her family while sperging and samefagging.

No. 53701

sorry for samefagging but i forgot the link

No. 53699

File: 1677551356103.jpg (178.97 KB, 847x434, Screenshot_20230227_192824_Chr…)

someone's doxing a cow in /snow/ when the cow herself never revealed her street address

No. 10894

I was never a radfem, and I know I'm never going to peak. The thing that scared me away from radfems entirely was Kennysblog3 and Toppdyke. I had disliked radfems before 2019, but Kenny fantasizing about a 16 year old girl getting raped by a MtF because she disagreed with her made me, also 16 at the time, so repulsed I'd actively say revolting shit to radfems unprompted, growing out of it around age 17-18.
This is probably a bit too strawmannish to some women, but there's a few other isolated incidents. Like radfems preaching about body positivity for adult human females, until a FtM comes around and they start gawking at them. Or, a woman who simply strongly disagrees with radical feminism, and they insult her the same way and tag her as "fatspo." This has happened more times than I can count. I know there's probably a few FtM and MtF bloggers that peaked some people just by being vile, but I want to remind current radfems that there's a fine line between "criticizing a male for going into female spaces," and fantasizing about murder and rape of troons. As long as you don't cross that line, you might be able to have fruitful discussions with all sides. Once you threaten violence though, it defaults to the troons. Vice versa for any troons seething at the thread; threatening women over the internet only makes you look worse.

No. 53671

Same anon, thanks farmhands. The image being titled after song lyrics and unspoiled NSFW was uncomfortable considering the spam in the Vocaloid thread reeking of troon, making the thread rules hypocritical.
I will give the nonna a thumbs up for making harassing cow and her family against the rules, though

No. 283847

You got almost all the online handles wrong and also her troon name. Why are you making a thread on a cow you know nothing about?

No. 53666

Where are the mods today?

No. 53664

Someone made a garbage thread in /Snow/ with a poorly censored inappropriate image and rules that make it very obvious that it's both a vendetta post and made by someone who doesn't want criticism for their shit thread and attitude
They didn't even get her online handles correct and wrote it like a Kiwi WIP

No. 1778641

Shit thread.

No. 53659

the schizotroon is threatening a cow with their dox, samefagging, threatening her and even dropping his troon name unprovoked in >>>/w/195091
he threatened to go after her family and is having a power trip by samefagging and deleting posts

No. 283825

File: 1677522969542.jpg (488.75 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20230227_113438_Chr…)

Nice gayop, and nice namefagging, not saging et cetera while being a moid dating a TIF that makes no attempt to pass

No. 53652

yeah but he always seems to run the bot after getting called out on lying/running ops/shitting up a cow's thread. every fucking time lmfao

No. 53650

i knew schizotroon would do that after getting caught in the fuckin /w/ thread

No. 1510818

Why are /w/ farmhands so slow? They left a dick pick and rape threats up for 5 hours yesterday, even after posting about it in the complaints thread. It hurts to see every other board get moderated well and /w/ to get thrown to the wayside. Now there's a tranny shitting up the complaints thread because he got clocked. What to do, nonnas?

No. 53641

Same troon is schizzing out. Where are the admins on /w/? They left a troon dick up for 5 fucking hours yesterday.

No. 283809

Do you have any actual proof? Rita doesn't have the same typing style or vernacular. Quit making shit up, troon.

No. 53634

the denial and >>53631 throws a wrench in that. now go dilate

No. 53630

i'm not rita, troon. stop shitting up the vocaloid thread because she refused to dilate you

No. 53627

tranny is sperging out, samefagging, and vendettaposting in >>>/w/195091 after getting two of his socks banned from kiwifarms

No. 283804

are you retarded? post milk and evidence for your claims. you can't just say obvious bullshit and expect farmers to buy it lmfao
just because she has bragged about snitching to jannies doesn't mean she got told to dfe. also, if you check her urls on desktop, she just locked them like a privated twitter. tumblr mobile displays deleted blogs the same as privated ones. she got banned from a lot of sites in 2022, including twitter, so no she doesn't dfe.
plus, in the logs, didn't she mention her friend was a kiwi? it's guaranteed the user was from before 2023, likely before 2022.
>he adopted the trannys alogspace
ah, so he's a friend of the tranny. does that mean you're the tranny?
>Oh god yeah that's pretty bad to admit but Rita lies for sympathy and I've seen meth babies
>we all have a hard time gaining weight so she is lying like always.
which is it? are you a meth baby or have you seen meth babies? you're clearly making shit up to make her look worse. just display milk and don't make things up, it shoots your credibility in the foot.
at this point, i think everything you say is the opposite of what's the case. you have no evidence of her "lying" or any milk to base anything off of. all you have are posts of a young woman and her various mental breakdowns when she was a child. seems like a vendetta.
it's like when you claimed she got hacked, blaine. you can't pass over text i can smell your xy chromosomes from here lmfao

No. 283801

you realize she has never dfed right kek
she just privates her accounts and gets banned constantly. if an account is deleted, assume she got banned.

No. 283753

My apologies, if you aren't actually Blaine, but do you have an e-mail or PM from Null detailing the ban reasoning? It's pretty suspicious to be within 10 minutes of MHF.

No. 283745

Bullshit. You were both of them. The site admins had an extensive investigation on the newfags in the thread, and all evidence points to socking, as they confirmed who was/was not a sock.
Plus, as a long time Kiwi, all they do when you spam reactions is make you unable to react.

No. 283743

File: 1677467230107.png (158.57 KB, 1080x290, Untitled622_20230226182024.png)

(I fucking did this twice kek)
Didn't you get banned under this username and Mrs. Hot Fire? They don't ban like this unless you're a sock of a banned user. Care to say anything, Blaine?

No. 283742

Didn't you get banned under this username and Mrs. Hot Fire? They don't ban like this unless you're a sock of a banned user. Care to say anything, Blaine?

No. 283740

File: 1677467062598.png (158.57 KB, 1080x290, Untitled622_20230226182024.png)

Didn't you get banned under this username and Mrs. Hot Fire? They don't ban like this unless you're a sock of a banned user. Care to say anything, Blaine?

No. 1510378

Nobody should generalize anybody, nonna. I think that's why radfems have lost so much support over the years in favor of TRAs, although TRAs are losing support now very few of the people who don't support them are radfems.
Radfems are fun to be around when they're not constantly shitting themselves over breathing around the opposite sex.

No. 283716

Whichever moid linked this to where the rapist could see it, kill yourself.

No. 53614

He came back and posted his dick, without a spoiler

No. 1510259

I have a narc grandmother(grandma) who abused me for years, and a really, really sweet grandmother (nanna)
I just learned that Nanna has lung cancer. They're going to do a biopsy to find out what kind it is, or if it was just a scary looking benign tumor. She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met, she lives on a mountain in a giant fir forest, she feeds the squirrels, raccoons, and birds while smoking her own joints, and is generally one of the few people I've met who has a genuine hippie "everyone should love who they want & do what they want" attitude. She's an old school feminist & one of the toughest people I have ever met. I really don't want her to die, and it isn't fair that she's dying from one of the most painful conditions out there, when my grandma is still fantasizing about killing me for being lesbian, talking shit to her neighbors, and refusing to speak to me or confront me over it because I'm a "demon." Dementia is not enough I need her to get bone cancer or into diabetic shock.

No. 53610

I don't believe you're a woman. Your posts were very blatantly a parody of actual TERFs and tryhard as hell. You filled her thread with blatant gayops and poo touching, and considering Kiwi only nukes accounts of banned users like that… I think it's obvious you're the schizotroon

No. 53608

That's not her friend. Mrs. Hot Fire, the rape guy, and Muskie all got banned within 10 minutes of eachother. A jannie went into the schizotroon thread and heavily implied the three, if not MHF and Muskie, were said troon.

No. 53606

moid posting rape fantasies in

No. 278732

It's very cute, but the textures are FUCKED and it's so obvious she can't texture right, why would I pay $100 for this? It's not even worth $5.

No. 1509952

>abused pitbull
>abusive moid
Match made in hell. Your neighbor should die.

No. 1509915

As someone who can smell, flowers & perfumes smell extremely overwhelming to me. Other people tend to love them but my lungs seize up and I have to take an inhaler due to the strength of it. I don't think a single flower smells good to me, but some perfumes are subtle and nice.

No. 1509879

Monat? Mary Kay? YL or DoTerra? Sure as shit isn't Shaklee or Beach Body

No. 1777614

The girl who "called out peaches" is ironically known for directly interacting with cows to "get milk" & wanting to get attention by being a pickme. I think she's awful herself, but she did the right thing for once.

No. 1509611

Thank you! in two weeks I get an US and find out if it's necessary, hopefully

No. 1509588

I've been in therapy for just about 12 years at this point, they never found a way to fix the dysphoria. I've also been on antidepressants and antipsychotics for around 10 years, it doesn't fix it. I've tried religion, I've tried embracing femininity, I've tried being a tomboy, I've tried embracing my lesbianism.
At this point, I think its either due to a hormone imbalance, fucked up karotype, or something. Maybe a brain structure anomaly. I want it to be cured and while I know the regret rate for TIFs going on HRT is low, I'd rather try everything else before making permanent decisions.

No. 53559

You're supposed to sage in 100% of lolcow threads, and when being OT in non-lolcow threads

No. 1509522

My problem isn't about how I dress or being gnc or whatever, my problem is that I have breasts, that I don't have a dick, that I don't have a deep voice or facial hair. Simply dressing masculine won't fix that, and THIS is why, as >>1509466 said, I usually hate radfems. The radfems here are much different from the radblr ones, kinder, better, more understanding. I want to be seen as a man, desperately, but put that aside because that's not the site culture. Here, I am a woman. I abide by the rules & move on. I like watching cows & interacting with the girls, I just avoid politics. But back on topic, I can't be comfortable as a woman, but I know I can't stop being one. I wish I could be comfortable, though, and hopefully I can find out what's causing the hormonal imbalance and won't troon out medically. Thank you for the kind words, nonnas

No. 1509455

AYRT, I am a TIF. I know I'm female and will never be male, but I'm a "transmed" TIF. AKA the type of TIF that constantly gets called "TERF" regardless of if they actually are or not.
The radfems here are nice even if I disagree with them on a lot. It's not as simple as "loving one's female body" or not. I really wish I could be happy as a woman, but I can't and it's like telling someone to "just stop being autistic," as they're both mental conditions.
It's like if you woke up and someone did surgery you didn't consent to, so now you have a third arm and desperately want it gone. I don't know how else to explain being a TIF, and I mean a real one, other than "deep seated agony."
There's only one thing I haven't done to try and "cure" the dysphoria before trooning (I haven't done anything permanent), I have an upcoming ultrasound appointment, but I heard something about uteran tumors & fibroids being able to cause hormone imbalances? I don't know, but the doctor thinks it's either/or and a hysterectomy is the last thing I can think of possibly curing the dysphoria.
I know the site culture is that female = woman, so I conflate the two here and here alone. I've heard there's a few TIF and detrans users, and that's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who hates echo chambers.
You don't have to accept TIFs or see them as anything other than women, you just have to let us live our lives and not try to take our rights away.
Sage for unintended vent post. I just figured you'd like to hear my point of view and why I disagreed with nonna

No. 1509436

AYRT, I'm pretty sure I looked myself in the mirror before kek.

No. 1509372

I disagree with the diet culture bit (although being fat IS unhealthy, people do promote fad diets that don't work a lot), I'm not gender critical, but I have no problems with women who are. I don't like TIMs/MtFs but I think FtMs deserve to be treated like men if they aren't obvious AAPs or doing it for attention, hence Why I tend to hide the troon threads in /snow/ and seldom go to /2x/, I'm autistic and while I don't like being around mid & low functioning autists, high functioning & aspies are usually fun to hang around in my opinion. Some downies are surprisingly fun to be around, usually the fun ones are mosaic, meaning they only look retarded but their brain is intact.

No. 1509349

Funnily enough, I disagree with you on more than half of this kek, maybe it's because I'm an autist, prude, and am not a fan of rattles but you do you nonna, just don't try to fuck over other people and you're good in most people's books.

No. 1508707

Don't trannies already have a month?

No. 1508660

I accidentally wrote this in /w/ (whoops) but I have an ultrasound on March 9th and I'm super excited, albeit nervous to figure out what is wrong. I have a thick, long hair right above my right aeola, my breasts, especially my right, is constantly sore (not just before my period), my periods are extremely sporadic and happen at any time of the month, sometimes two in a month, sometimes once every two months, sometimes once a month, I'm constantly in sharp pains on my right ovary and a dull pain in my groin, I'd post this in a relevant /g/ thread but it legitimately feels like hell on earth and I don't know what to do, other than wait for the appointment. I have a genetic predisposition to a uterine tumor, endometriosis, and fibroids. When I was 4, my mom had to get emergency surgery to get a hysterectomy when she bled for 4 weeks straight, through literal garbage bags.
I honestly hope I get a hysterectomy. It'd fix the pain, permanently. And I have no intention to ever have kids, so all I'd have to deal with is menopause. Which I've heard is hell but I've had hot flashes before, so I know how to deal with those at least
I'm only 19, nonnas. Why must I suffer?

No. 283499

File: 1677299258716.png (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 3072x4096, Untitled614_20230224211035.png)

I'm so fucking excited to get my first ultrasound!!! I'll finally get to figure out why my lower body lights up in pain. Because I'm only 19 and my entire torso is in disrepair. My right breast is sore & has a thick, long hair growing out of it right above the aeriola, my left ovary is always in more pain than my right, my groin hurts constantly… No clue why I have to hurt so bad, so young. I have a genetic predisposition with a very high chance of fibroids & a moderate chance of a uterine tumor, and I can at least see the good in getting a hysterectomy young. In fact, I hope it's a medical necessity. I know menopause is terrible & all, but a hysterectomy will hopefully cure my discomfort with my body, or at least treat it somewhat, and it will definitely fix the pain. I'd take hot flashes over a deep fear of pregnancy, GID, and constant, unwavering pain. Maybe I'd finally be comfortable in my body, as much as I want to troon out, I know it's permanent and has adverse effects. I think that it's caused by my very obvious reproductive health problems, at least in part.
Sorry for borderline blog posting. Also, I know nonnas will sperg at the TIF shit, but I honestly want to be comfortable as a woman & I see the hysterectomy as my only other option than trooning.
The ultrasound is on March 9th, I'll post an update when it happens. I just wanna love my body, and I want to not constantly be in intense pain.

No. 1508610

True, at least OC has bike areas

No. 1508537

Thank you!

No. 1508521

I was discussed beforehand (and it was funny), but I pissed off the troon & he vendetta posts & tries to shift the blame in /w/, /snow/, and /meta/. Nonnas always call him out on it, so he spams CP when it happens. It got especially bad when he brought me up in the Rachael thread and anons told him off, so he tried to claim I was the spammer, and that me & Rachael were involved or some shit(I have literally never heard of her), but he got laughed out of the thread since. When it's not the troon, I can usually laugh with nonnas at my fuckups. Seeing what the troon does, and has done on places like KF, scares me shitless. So I've been completely silent online outside of here.

No. 1508511

Yeah, I've been staying silent publicly. Everything false or retarded being said is by a troon who's ban-on-site and pretty obvious to spot, report & post in /meta/ (he then proceeds to spam porn when caught), so the actual women discussing me tend to be right about me and easy to take advice from or just making amusing jokes. I'm mostly unnerved by a thread because of said troon, there's other things on occasion but it's the troon shitting it up that's most disturbing.
TL;DR I pissed off the troon

No. 1508479

If moving to another area in the UK isn't worth it, what about immigrating to another country? I know America is really hard to move to, but I feel like there's a lot of radfem-friendly little towns. Avoid the South, especially the deep South if you're lesbian or Abortion Rights are important to you, never go to Utah, LA and NYC are shitholes, but other than that, you're likely going to have a good experience. I'd recommend Southern Oregon or Orange County, CA to radfems. Although, OC has a lot of godawful areas (like Anaheim) places like Orange are nice and have a lot of relaxing areas.

No. 1508466

File: 1677283587646.jpg (185.93 KB, 800x450, patrick.jpg)

I've been discussed all over this site (despite not having a thread) and all I can think is "Who are you people??!?" every time my name gets brought up.
I'm also afraid of eventually getting a thread because I'm an autistic, eccentric woman.

No. 10782

Exactly who I wanted to draw over her, but I'm scared of my art style getting recognized or making her not obese enough lmfao

No. 1508308

when I was 16 I called a Middle Eastern radfem slurs on Tumblr and she started calling me rich (despite living in a shit area) and screeching at me and still spergs out about me to this day. It's been 4 years.
Do I regret saying it? Yes, but she is kinda a radblr lolcow now so fucking kek

No. 278169

The only Sims games worth paying for are not Sims 4. I haven't paid since 2017, nor do I plan to ever again. It gets overwhelming to have so much content it lags, but I also really think this pack would be fun to test. When it releases, (and all my mods update, last one broke most of the fun ones) I'll write back here with pros & cons and if I think it's worth it for legal players.

No. 10778

I want to preface this by saying that I'm not GC or a radfem in the slightest, but get called a TERF a lot by MtFs because I hold the sentiment that lesbians don't like penises, and gay guys don't like vaginas and what have you. I'm more of a "transmed" I guess, which is only critical of certain aspects of gender.
I recently had an unhinged MtF in my Tumblr inbox calling me a TERF because I said the idea of having sex with a male revolted me, and he tried to use a bunch of fuckin insane leaps in logic to harass me. I don't believe in respecting pronouns other than "he" or "she," but site culture and the lack of GID from this moid makes me lean on "he."
I don't think I will ever peak, because I have been treated like shit by people who have, and other personal experiences. But my god, do I hate MtFs most of the time. I've met a couple chill ones but most are the most perverted, insane "people" I have ever met. I run a (now dead) Tumblr blog where I used to larp as an incel but now I think I need to target MtFs instead

No. 283462

Kiwifarmers don't take the "lol I have to find a femoid to groom hue hue" shit seriously with any cow. Until they have actually done something, they don't give a shit. Plus, while there are some radfem Kiwis, they're typically laughed off or chased away from any board that isn't BP. So it'd be like walking into a valley of wolves.
If you truly feel like she needs her own thread, why not make one in /snow/?
Rita's thread on KF is already plagued with ""newfags"" who's only posts are about her, and most of them seem to have had the exact same experience. Jannies are already trying to sweep up the thread, but I'd recommend posting on LCF due to both this and the wildly different site culture.

No. 1507819

Sorry for the samefag, but I want to add that >>1507794 is NOT me, I actually prefer the company of transmed/semi-gendercrit TIFs to most conservative moids like how anon comes off

No. 1507815

I'm the anon that said the "TIFs shouldn't be included" bit, my reasoning being that they're more misogynistic and hateful than most males in my experience, and actively fight against women's rights because they don't want to be included.
Maybe I'm stupid, but I would like to understand why include them in feminism? I'm not a radfem myself, but it seems counterproductive to me

No. 1507779

As a woman who thinks TIFs should be excluded from feminism and generally holds a very negative sentiment for it in the first place, what is a handmaiden? I'd like to hear it out and understand radfem beliefs before I say something retarded

No. 1507729

ayrt, sorry for the anger. i should've thought it through, as the radfems here are actually nice.
however, it just doesn't correlate to me how women being self loathing is the fault of men. it seems more like seething and coping because they don't feel as worthy, which no woman should have to go through.

No. 1507724

i know this is vent but that seems like a /2x/ topic. not an /ot/ topic.
this is also why i used to have violent spergouts at radfems on tumblr, you're not giving women any sort of agency and it feels like you bounce back to being sexist yourself by acting like women can do no wrong.
we can do wrong, and 99% of the time men have absolutely no part in it

No. 10697

Classic Pooner actually trooned out, Ayden is an enby with no intention of doing so.
Whereas Discord Mod and Gunther are transmeds, Pooner and Ayden hate them and call them "gendercrit"

No. 53504

She only talked to him for 3(?) days before blocking him upon realizing he was being manipulative then started sperging hard about her lmfao
She's a dumb, fat pig with the social awareness of a doormat

No. 1507565

yeah, i made my latest tumblr account initially to go after radfems but it got boring and emotionally draining
only so many times i can fuck with menalez & her followers or the anotomia clique before i get bored or feel remorse

No. 53501

I think she (WhiteGlove) deletes her own posts when she feels like she took the bait. Whereas Blaine vendetta posting both on /W/ and her Kiwi thread (which is full of misinformation anyone from Vocaloid can point out lmfao) is seemingly not dealt with. No idea why

No. 1507549

idk shit about dworkin but she hasn't done anything actively evil to my knowledge. could be a lot worse, she couldve attempted murder (not that warhol was a good guy. he deserved to die but im just saying)

No. 1507546

i used to hate radfems but you all seem really nice when on this site. is radblr just a bad representation? because i legit cannot stand radblr and was an active thorn in its side for a good while

No. 283353

Blaine, do you have any proof for any of this, or are you trying to shift the blame for your CP spam and/or distract from it?
Everyone knows she's a vampire larper, everyone knows she doesn't spam CP and larps as an incel because she finds iy funny.
Cry as you might, you're still not going to convince anyone she's the one spamming CP or that she's hacked.

No. 283347

File: 1677189355459.jpg (278.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230223_145522_Twi…)

blaine you are so fucking stupid. i wasn't hacked you lying retard LOL and i'm not a pedophile
you're just mad you got called out on your gayops and are trying to pin your shit on me
and i'm not glowie. glowie is a faggot gayopper from the telegram who malded because im a tif that doesn't want to detransition.
also nice job accusing me of verifiably false shit
also everyone knows im extremely obsessed with vampires

No. 53498

Blaine gayopping in the Vocaloid thread again. Can this faggot stop shitting it up?

No. 53486

Like WhiteGlove when the derailing happened? Honestly shocked she has no thread to herself yet.

No. 283304

File: 1677167662103.jpg (151.47 KB, 1080x633, Screenshot_20230223_085137_Chr…)

Someone wrote a shit thread on her, and the person who wrote is made an obvious vendetta post "in collaboration" with 2+ newfags who's post history almost all is about her.
I don't think she got hacked. I think she turned tail and ran from public eye.

No. 10586

File: 1677145319002.jpg (70.36 KB, 640x500, which-pooner-are-you-v0-qr9x57…)

ive met all of these unfortunately. kinda wanna do it w/ cows/mini cows on the lc threads
my only idea is for "discord mod" and shes a minor cow in a community thread

No. 1506925

File: 1677129487780.jpg (67.39 KB, 720x550, Tumblr_l_121938426107598.jpg)

it hurts really bad to pee and idk if my reproductive problems are encroaching on my uteran tract or if i have a uti again from holding it one too many times
which is kinda funny because i haven't held it that often lately, its just a dull pain where my groin is every time i try to

No. 1506924

File: 1677129308258.jpg (81.77 KB, 700x1000, Tumblr_l_335554177704285.jpg)

cats are my favorite animals and i feel like they're such a basic favorite animal, i feel a bit of shame from it & it isn't the world's biggest confession, but i feel like i have to put it somewhere

No. 1506919

it hurts really bad to pee and idk if my reproductive problems are encroaching on my uteran tract or if i have a uti again from holding it one too many times

No. 277537

Essentially, the social situation of the sim would be modified, so their reputation vastly proceeds them, made more likely by certain careers, traits, and life choices

No. 277496

Is there a Sims 4 mod that lets you play as a lolcow? I know you can just make an infamous newcomer who constantly betrays trust using Get Famous/HSY, but it feels hollow sometimes.

No. 53437

pedo tranny spams cp every time he gets caught in a thread. vocaloid and rachael are the ones i know of

No. 277490

Yep, that specifically being her designs of Sonia x Imposter. She basically makes imposter a girl then insists "they're totally nonbinary guise!"

No. 1774008

Signifigantly fatter, paranoid, and angrier than rachael is what I've gathered from the neckbeard TIF

No. 1773998

im from a /w/ thread the schizo started shitting up. last comment here as i don't want to derail too hard. idk shit about rachael i just saw someone say the tranny was here, got curious, and saw my name with some unscrupulous shit attatched.

No. 1773990

no, if you're referring to the schizo tranny shittalker, it's not rachael. i am still pretty mad at the schizo tranny for OT gayops, so just wanted to clarify that.

No. 53421

schizo tranny derailing the Rachael thread again

No. 277485

File: 1677047292621.jpg (1.3 MB, 1463x2048, Tumblr_l_547793408758893.jpg)

artist is a nonbinary TIF who self inserts over Ultimate Imposter and draws all the characters like that

No. 53416

same thing in the voca thread earlier, schizo tranny got banned for derailing lol

No. 277469

File: 1677041213811.jpg (506.3 KB, 2048x1638, Tumblr_l_394615249281547.jpg)

tumblr is full of this

No. 1506056

Some scrotes accused me of "consenting" to be raped by my brother in law im so fucking mad i want to fucki g kill them fucking END them

No. 277332

File: 1677006958541.png (8.49 MB, 6183x3700, ebfparty2.png)

Epic Battle Fantasy, this specifically is from the 4th game.
If you like old, edgy flash games with minimal story, do 3. If you want it slightly toned down but with a very expansive story, do 5. 4 is a balance of both. 5 has a few jabs at troons and wokeoids, but "tism" is often used instead of "retard."
Here's some more bad art. The greenhair is white in game.

No. 53384

Blaine, the tranny CP spammer, is gayopping a cow in >>>/w/195091

No. 282932

I never uploaded the whole thing, you're free to check if you'd like. Plus, I'm in MST, Blaine is in Central.(derailing)

No. 282929

File: 1676993201757.jpg (465.05 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230221_082530_Dri…)

Nope, also not true. These are my only screenshots in the Google Drive, and a link to it is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UH1_xn2RXfgyeDjAs2WLhQmTckR98l-z

No. 282927

File: 1676992918300.jpg (547.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230221_082148_Chr…)

There's a timezone discrepancy. On my end, it says 9PM. On Blaine's, it says 10PM. Plus, those screenshots don't match the size of my phone screen, like so.

No. 282925

File: 1676992713811.jpg (164.4 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20230221_081624_Dis…)

Hi blaine! Nice gayop! Unfortunately for you, you just revealed yourself by posting screenshots otherwise never revealed to the public. Here's what it looks like on my end. Sorry for revoking my anonymity, but you're a fucking retard.

No. 282923

I don't think she's lying about any of that. Remember, in March 2020 she was 16 and would need parental consent to do anything. If one parent disagrees, it makes the parent who does agree unable to do anything. So while I think she's telling the truth about it, she likely never had a choice in any of it even if she wasn't. Judging by the way she talks, it's likely she still has her mother at the very least in charge of everything medical.
If I'm misunderstanding and you're saying that she was likely never abused you're a rape apologist

No. 282914

Yes, she does, but she's stated a list of reasons why she hasn't gotten on testosterone yet. Starting with getting forced to live with her "insane religious grandma" from September 2020 until December 2021, living with her brother in law in Oregon for a bit, moving to LHC in February, not getting any sort of medical care until July because her insurance & medical office had a waiting list, her doctors having her run around in circles, until she finally got a referral to an endocrinologist in December 2022, in which they responded by saying they don't cater to troons. Most of which being stated on her Kiwi page, and those that weren't on Tumblr and Twitter. I don't know if she pestered her primary doctor for another endo yet, but had this been a runaround for any other condition I'm certain they'd get bad press.

No. 282908

She has been openly a troon since around March 2020 and was abused sometime in December 2021 if I've got my information right. He lives somewhere in Oregon and is a meth addict. If that's true, he's likely a hobo with faggy attire.

No. 282906

File: 1676989426537.jpg (70.36 KB, 640x500, which-pooner-are-you-v0-qr9x57…)

Logically, I know a lesbian or TIF would never touch her, she's similar to the furthest right girl on this image, but much fatter. And I cannot think of a single woman who would be attracted to a girl with the brain of a child and emotional control of a rabid dog, let alone one who's pushing 300 pounds and dresses the way she does.
But had she gotten into a relationship, she seems like she would only care about herself and verbally abuse her partner while being unaware she ever did it in the first place. Then panic and try to force her to stay.

No. 282904

Most of her being cruel in those screenshots seem to be internalized misogyny, but of course she'd deny that even exists kek

No. 282900

Half the time she seems completely unaware she's even burning them in the first place. The only times I can think of where she knowingly does so is if they tell her to detransition. Every time that happens, she spergs out at them.

No. 282894

Absolutely. She seems to be clawing for an escape from the people laughing at her.

No. 282889

I think she's just paranoid, I doubt she would knowingly falsely accuse everyone of being Blaine.

No. 277245

File: 1676980473442.png (1.56 MB, 2724x3064, SPOILER_halloween.png)

Art by a she/her ""nonbinary"" TIF I shared a server with a few years ago. She got admin and I quickly stopped posting my art there. No clue how those types can like a game with a canonical nazi and several uses of the word "retard

No. 277243

File: 1676979709936.jpg (93.49 KB, 828x821, 20220405_104213.jpg)

No. 282875

Is it hot fire?

No. 282839

That response was good compared to her standard.
The screencaps may not be concrete, but they show a parallel to the other users' typing style and that user (Waffle) revealed his hand too early with the schizo posts on her profile ligning up with the DMs when she didn't state it publicly previously. Correct me if needed.

No. 53371

kiwi moid (likely the cp spammer) sighting in >>>/ot/1499715

No. 282776

I think she's claified it's only at the bottom and not going very far internally, but I could be wrong

No. 282650

If she really did have that happen, it would be very fucking weird

No. 282628

I don't think she's ever explained if it was chopped or a deformity. She has stated that she grows hair internally and has no visible labia, so either she had some sort of surgical work as a baby, Money-style, or she has some fucked up deformity. She has also said she has severe uteran cramps to the point of being unable to move, so I think it was the latter unless she had absorbed a twin.

No. 53266

It's all but confirmed the tranny in /w/ is Blaine. Coincidence at best.

No. 53260

There's a MtF trying to claim he's the only real troon in the Vocaloid thread. >>>/w/195091

No. 282561

Kek, are you a moid or a troon? Maybe both. I highly doubt she's an abuse victim, but I do think she's genuinely just an autistic FtM. About as close to a real tranny as possible, and she's admitted she doesn't have a clitoris on Kiwi, so maybe that's why she's so opposed to taking a dick, or maybe, being a lesbian in denial has a lot to do with it. You speak like a scrote that wants to force lesbians to take your girlcock.
That doesn't mean I respect tranny's pronouns. I think transition is a terrible idea and not at all the solution to GD. Its risks are too high, and the sooner we point out the delusions of troons the better.

No. 282548

File: 1676822792033.jpg (436.03 KB, 2417x2736, 20220407_164823.jpg)

I know she probably doesn't realize it, but her art of herself is shockingly accurate. Most artists tend to make themselves seem more attractive or "good" than they are. Meanwhile, she's drawing herself as a morbidly obese (probably not fat enough) pale little evil slob. Asterik, an artist in Rogue's community, drew her as the Hamburglar. Her art is a self-own but this is still more accurate

No. 282537

She is not 225lbs lmfao. At least she admitted she's 5'7 if memory serves. Probably close to 300lbs if I had to eyeball.

No. 282500

Even more of a reason for her to have a thread. A threadpic & every account being listed will be hard, though

No. 282444

And if someone does make it, they should probably link it here. She started in this community but is hated by so many that it's getting off topic.

No. 282247

I have never seen a more misogynistic woman in my life, I have no doubt she's suppressing her homosexuality as a defense mechanism.

No. 282236

I'm glad she's at least finding an outlet, she used to sperg out constantly because she had none. I doubt she has Cotard's, and I think she probably quit therapy or something on a whim, if she was in it at all.
Death Body has some good musical elements but parts of it feel unlistenable.
I wish The Human Body was released because so much of her modern music is unlistenable or at least mediocre

No. 281334

Yeah, GHOST could probably pull it off in her style, R.I.P or Carbon could probably do it for her despite being worse artists, at least R.I.P seems to understand color theory.
Agreed, but that's probably because Vane actually knows music theory whereas GHOST took a high school class at most

No. 280954

GHOST released a new song in collaboration with Carbon (barely-18 TIF) and Vane (race-obsessed TIM) It seems to be about suicide, but the art is so unappealing it's nauseating.

No. 909301

Sorry I keep asking. Is anyone working on the Rogue general thread? Whiteglove, while arguably worthy of a thread in her own right, is in the Rogue community, which is full of cows.

No. 909145

I really hope his job finds out he's been a-logging a retarded girl. That'd be a fun conversation to listen to
Back on topic; someone please make the thread

No. 280405

File: 1675654373063.jpg (110.24 KB, 933x914, 43f64741-ccc2-4a19-8869-1232b5…)

i come back from life shit and it turns out caustic and emoto are taking turns self posting with caustic doing doxes. what the shit?

No. 280194

if its really true that most producers use lcf or kf to watch her thats hilarious lmfao
imagine being that hated

No. 280149

its fine, its to be expected from this community

No. 280147

lmfao that's nothing like rip's voice. rip livestreams all the time (unfortunately she takes them down afterwards) but she sounds like a fat tif and not a wannabe shannon

No. 280073

kek she looks more like a sandy milonakis to me, except i'm pretty sure andy has xxy chromosomes or something

No. 909016

I second for either a Rogue General or whatever thread, I just realized my response earlier made it sound like I'd write it. Sorry nonna!

No. 909002

yeah, that's a good idea

No. 280038

I guess. He is, at the very least an ALOG of rogue's detractors and even some of his fans. Every time he tries to act it reminds me of a dying animal. At least Furski has the excuse of being retarded.
YouTube changed the URLs for VODs which requires an update in the imbed system, so here's an example of his shit acting: https://www.youtube.com/live/tltgvuaE2tI?feature=share

No. 908995

whiteglove/cool ice is a cow in and of herself. too notable for the vocaloid thread, but rogue's community as a whole also deserves a thread. idk where the thread would even belong, regardless of if she's her own cow or if her roguesphere gets a thread.

No. 280028

Don't forget Bag, Kit Riker, and the girl who helped Wendi dox someone. I can't think of any others, though.

No. 279976

Do you have some links to the White Glove gag streams, or at least clips?

No. 279909

Yes, but the threads are dead and White Glove has consistently denied any and all involvement, even sharing the delusion that she "scared Rogue and made him go away" because she had been ALOGging him relentlessly until the dox released. She proceeded to cry about guilt and say he "didn't deserve that," causing JasonMetloney to sperg out and tell her she'd regret it. I'm the anon, but the screenshot I posted at >>279796 has her "proof Jason wrote the ED page." The link is here: https://twitter.com/vampincxl/status/1620949224321085440?t=sE5X5M5TxGwj1K08drBXeQ&s=19
An interesting fact about Rogue is that he doesn't like troons and has made that clear by calling White 'she' and even referring to her as a "morbidly obese woman who tries to control the lives of other troons.

No. 279892

That sucks, but please post evidence if you ever come across it. We'd all be interested in seeing that
She's been a lolcow in internet circles since around 2016. I know 13 year olds can't necessarily be lolcows, but she grew very little in terms of maturity and also tends to hold those same grudges

No. 279835

KEK anyways when's the halal going up?

No. 279800

So her name is Rita Page Griffin. What is this, 1957?
I know her dox is the most important aspect, but that triple chin is just hilarious.

No. 279796

File: 1675314985381.jpg (400.01 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20230201_221324_Chr…)

She's been sperging about how everyone's lying about her and that she was framed and she stopped ALOGging Rogue and she "lost her friends" (in the Rogue community) to her own Rogue fan ALOGs
She seems to trust everyone she meets without any sort of thought about it. No wonder she gets "screwed over" a lot.

No. 279793

File: 1675312465576.jpg (490.4 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20230201_213140_Chr…)

Most of her requests for the past two years involve fedoras or trilbys. I've seen a lot of autists get obsessed over weird things, but this is a new one.

No. 279774

Yeah. I definitely think none of those are hers.

No. 279769

Doubtful. It's a reference to an abridged Anime dub, the Twitter is the promotional account for it.
I don't think she's willing to sit through actual anime series considering how short-lived her attention span is. She has also expressed a hatred for reading, so the AO3 wouldn't be hers either.
I have noticed, she does look like The Major from it, but with blue eyes and brown hair.

No. 279766

No clue what she means by 8w7, but ENTP is accurate considering how much bullshit she starts out of what I can only guess is boredom. Also how she constantly has a rotating door of people trolling her that she thinks are friends, who eventually decide she's more trouble than she's worth.

No. 279764

It looks like her art from 2020-21 if I had to guess, which I have not seen an identity crisis from her in 2022. It's safe to say she's one of the trutrans fakebois today, rather than the more common types.

No. 279762

File: 1675293107191.jpg (120.33 KB, 1080x1416, 20230201_161005.jpg)

She's 5'7 and 260lbs, according to what she said after seeing a doctor for the first time in months.
This was posted to Twitter during one of her spergouts: https://twitter.com/izi_kun/status/1619157899426795520?t=tlKgr-TDteZmwEwWAeVUBw&s=19

No. 279737

No problem. Her most active social media is her discourse Tumblr, which is very unhinged.

No. 279733

You're slightly late, but there are a few notable things
She has a second containment thread - https://kiwifarms.net/threads/debate-mr-cool-ice-on-how-artificial-hormones-are-totally-the-solution-to-her-being-a-fat-chick-with-gotis.123435/
She has two Tumblr accounts, one for discourse - https://at.tumblr.com/count-incel/o600jsm8lpcg
And one for art, which is mostly inactive - https://at.tumblr.com/white-glovian/1gqxln2sebvf
She also has a Twitter - https://twitter.com/vampincxl?t=vTsL7Bya1EHdtS6XLLxuRA&s=09
Her YouTube is here - https://youtube.com/@whiteglovian

No. 279710

what happened now? care to share some screenshots?

No. 52391

Some moid is spamming either vendetta posts or self posts in the Vocaloid thread, thread spam in that particular thread has been on and off for several months. But this is the first time farmhands have been slow to it. I know the new admins are probably well over their heads right now, sorry.

No. 278436

File: 1674529448797.jpg (404.21 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20230123_200327_Twi…)

Yeah, plus vendetta posts aren't milk. Blog posts are against the rules (if memory serves) and I think that post is treading the line just close enough that Farmhands find it okay.
In other news, White Glove sure seems to spurt constant milk.

No. 277955

It getting normalized can be both good, and bad, we'll have to wait and see, but I sense a shitstorm
In other news, I made a 13k step VB out of 19 samples to test it. The UTAU used had no v's or l's and it unfortunately sounded like Daina (but better quality)

No. 277906

Sorry for being cautious after Emoto self posted and spammed the thread, moid.

No. 277831

It's an image board, retard. Just post the image directly instead of a link.

No. 277571

It could always be worse, be glad it didn't go the Emvoice route

No. 274607

Are you sure you're in the right thread? I'm pretty sure Maxwell has nothing to do with Vocaloid.

No. 274394

How come every time somebody brings up Tora and Mia I lose more faith in humanity?

No. 274203

If so, he misses why White Glove is funny; she's an actual schizo

No. 274034

Yeah. Maybe a self post, then

No. 274007

No, that was Wendi Diego. Rogue even confirmed it, in this video she flagged down. The most WhiteGlove did was have a delusional episode, which they have since apologized for and stopped going after Rogue after finding out he was doxed.
WhiteGlove was innocent in that situation, with the exception of delusionally commenting on Dillin's content and ranting aimlessly
Please, get evidence for your claims. This is an image board.

No. 273862

Saging because Vane deleted their stream right after it ended, but GHOST said that they based Scapegoat on "Being villainized until you finally snap," so I think it may have been GHOST threatening us over posting about their shitty degradation in art, among other things. Rather than some slapfight.

No. 273777

Between those two and Mado's clique I'm not sure which moid spammers were worse

No. 273736

Do we even know Emoto's age? I'd wager the photo is of a 40-something
The way that the poster of the photo worded it, I'm assuming the poster is of Moros or Emoto attempting to gain a personal army against nonna. Maybe a falling out?

No. 273663

Her old art style was genuinely very beautiful, in my eyes. Because it has a heart. Her new style looks like she traces real people in photographs

No. 273652

I can only think of two people this seems pointed at; Glove, and Little Bear/Mado

No. 273644

Looks like GHOST dropped a new song. It feels like a cross between a vent song and a diss track of a violent, paranoid fan who "exists out of spite." Anyone feel the same about it?

No. 273194

File: 1671821222821.jpg (427.71 KB, 967x2412, Screenshot_20221223_114647_Chr…)

Good to be back, nonnas! Our favorite morbidly obese troon has been getting absolutely demolished on Tumblr again.