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File: 1634336656671.jpg (66.02 KB, 500x741, boris.jpg)

No. 209605

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

In observance of the Halloween Season: Boris Karloff.

Previous thread >>192694

No. 209608

His arms look about as veiny as his precious grandpa dick

No. 209609

File: 1634339064075.gif (909.28 KB, 325x498, 669d7dca5e06858257d49e3a169fa9…)

I'm very late to the party but fuggg

No. 209613

How dare you, Mads is fiiine

No. 209619

It looks like he's farting kek

No. 209682

I love him, the fact that he was a professional dancer before he became an actor makes him even hotter, he's still in great shape unlike most actors his age, not to mention normal men

No. 209732

File: 1634413233623.jpg (131.13 KB, 905x588, pjimage-90.jpg)

I remain captivated by Jared Harris

No. 209739

No. 209746

File: 1634414708507.jpeg (444.3 KB, 750x751, 3437444E-0556-4A72-B058-C7C404…)

His cock made be riddled with a million STDs pimples and his brain might be microwaved from the constant twitch streaming but damn my cavewoman brain can’t deny that I would love to be fucked by him ruthlessly. I’m relieved that I am at least somewhat better than the epstein anons, dear god agree with me

No. 209757

god he's handsome. Good thing I have a thing for std cocks and prostitution after reading emergence when I was in a vulnerable state. yes I am ashamed. yes I posted this on /ot/ too.

No. 209766

my cavewoman brain still finds him extremely attractive as well, though the brothel stuff has officially made me disgusted enough that I would not fuck him irl. it's freeing, in a way

No. 209768

File: 1634420570519.png (288.07 KB, 485x275, tumblr_a038bc3bfb6861a5f381548…)

this guy from Slumber Party Massacre 2 (I'm putting him under unconventional because he's playing a vile serial killer and I have no idea what he looked like normally lol)

I want this beautiful frog man to be my wife

No. 209793

Damn just looked it up. Disappointing, but not surprised. Always got weird vibes from how he talked about women

No. 209803

File: 1634459790698.jpeg (724.6 KB, 2400x3600, EFAEB368-4557-4999-ADF8-C6AE09…)

He’s probably considered conventionally attractive but he’s not at all my usual type… the things I would do to this man are what makes it shameful kek

No. 209879

File: 1634512359243.jpeg (43.65 KB, 383x507, 347FED27-4D9A-49E2-B41F-04F2BC…)

Not even ashamed tbh

No. 209894

File: 1634521161410.jpg (42.96 KB, 323x393, IMG_20211018_033639.jpg)


great taste nonnie, all my friends clown on me but they don't understand
i could fix him

No. 209897

File: 1634522303510.jpg (77.31 KB, 1200x900, newFile-3.jpg)


No. 209898

I dont ever see the appeal of most famous asian men but hes one I like. The kpop boys are just too soft for me.

No. 209915

File: 1634533310894.jpg (52 KB, 411x600, original.jpg)

I liked him as Raoul

No. 209926

File: 1634538527384.jpg (524.33 KB, 2000x2400, 9335671.jpg)

Magne from Ragnarok

Tbh the whole cast could get it

No. 209931

His acting was kind of bad but he looked really hot

No. 209940

a lot of things about that movie was bad lol, but I really did like his singing

No. 209944

File: 1634547726420.gif (1.23 MB, 640x542, herman-tommeraas-herman.gif)

That guy turns me off so badly, not to mention Laurits. Fjor could get it tho, although he is a bit too pretty for this thread.

No. 209945

File: 1634549553650.jpeg (28.72 KB, 1150x315, 837C3ADE-C327-4D7D-A5C9-F76D14…)

Me during the bathroom fucking scene

No. 209981

I can't decide if he's hot or not. my immediate reaction is yes but the more I look at him the less I like him? also an anon on here once said his head is too small for his body and I agree

No. 209982

File: 1634571390361.gif (1.19 MB, 268x190, 735478b08ed34461a3896e4e9bf3e8…)

>frog man

perfect description. I love this frog man

No. 209996

how anyone is able to look at this ratfaced joke of a man and feel anything other than disgust is beyond me. not to mention how shitty he is

No. 210005

Same, I tend to like middle eastern-ish looking men but the more I stare at him the goofier he looks. He's like a himbo but in a bad way

No. 210009

File: 1634585885973.jpg (25.01 KB, 494x573, MPP-172_0.jpg)

No. 210011

kek is that fucking robert oppenheimer

No. 210013


No. 210016

File: 1634592216121.jpg (6.77 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

its the jewfro

No. 210018

He's so hot and he knows it, that's what makes him less hot imo, I hate cocky guys

No. 210020

yeah I get that he's styled unconventionally but aside from that he is very attractive and when anons call him ugly it feels like a lie, but I guess his style n personality are enough for them to see him that way

No. 210021

File: 1634593339050.jpeg (498.13 KB, 1125x728, 072B2BFF-FF1A-4B6B-8801-477612…)

speaking of that movie, I would've chosen the phantom lol deformity and all

No. 210024

his chiseled jaw/body outshines any "deformity" he had in that movie lmao. but you're not alone, there is (or was) a huge community of phangirls.

No. 210043

Lindsay Ellis was famously a Phantomfag. She met a lot of her friends through the fandom and word has it hooked up with her fat friend.

No. 210056

File: 1634622630393.jpeg (160.99 KB, 519x650, 8AABE4B4-DA87-4D37-BFEC-537887…)

why were the 80's so…

also the thread pic guy looks like a TF2 character

No. 210057

doubleposting to clarify I think his features were conventional but I don't want to get in trouble for liking a dude in makeup kek

No. 210074

File: 1634635894548.jpg (67.9 KB, 736x1104, tumblr_p38mzm5Q2h1rrkislo1_128…)

Here I am again. Where the fuck is the third season of Servant, Shyamalan, I can't wait. There's left nothing decent to watch with this babe.
He's cute and in a quite good shape (well, I assume cause he jogs regularly)

No. 210079

File: 1634640027847.jpeg (52.26 KB, 720x720, ccd97f59ec4b71274c3b51b9c9bfb1…)

Yeah, I know, I would never go for a guy like that irl but he's still eyecandy. (Adding a pic of Laurits, even though I think he's… whatever, there's probably someone here who's into him.)

No. 210084

You're telling me that's not a woman?

No. 210090

I've been watching The Expanse recently and holy fuck

No. 210092

File: 1634649540035.jpg (56.93 KB, 723x740, e0ca5146be837ad7004461f07c942b…)

Unconventional? He was a movie heartthrob

No. 210096

File: 1634652978619.jpeg (163.9 KB, 524x397, B25B3714-879E-4D6F-961E-6671D1…)


No. 210101

File: 1634660510505.gif (1.14 MB, 400x296, michael.gif)

Happy canonical birthday to this king. He's 64 today.

No. 210102

big same. I rewatch the Conjuring films if only to see him

No. 210113

Girl are you lost, this isn't the 'universally and rightfully considered super gorgeous male attractions' thread. Heath is perfection.

No. 210116

File: 1634667859800.gif (3.36 MB, 540x540, 1DEE6720-5194-46B0-B1F9-6BA45E…)

I’ve been binging What We Do In The Shadows and I fancy Kayvan… but really only when he’s dressed as Nandor

No. 210117

File: 1634668459825.jpg (314.41 KB, 1551x2068, 00-promo-jared-kushner.jpg)

I get it, anon. I too love Jewish guys who look like reptilians hiding in human skin.

No. 210118

File: 1634668625185.jpg (207.29 KB, 1280x1586, 7hh4paX.jpg)

Happy birthday Mikey~ I prefer him masked, but god damn, even old, unmasked Michael is hot.

No. 210120

Nah but he's a tranny in the show

No. 210150

File: 1634680003636.jpg (16.21 KB, 300x300, spice-king.jpg)

He's probably least my type, but damn his eyes/mouth are pretty

No. 210153

Based fellow Michaelfag, I couldn't agree more.
The actor James Jude Courtney does such a phenomenal job. His mannerisms make him even sexier.

No. 210165

File: 1634683006395.jpg (17.41 KB, 236x303, 938479237492.jpg)

>the threadpic guy looks like a tf2 character
kek he totally does. It's the long face/tiny cranium combo.

No. 210168

File: 1634683581183.gif (1.83 MB, 303x250, anigif_sub-buzz-30660-14846720…)

>the fact that he was a professional dancer before he became an actor makes him even hotter
bitch was insane

No. 210178

File: 1634686995061.jpg (188.01 KB, 1441x1080, Screenshot_20211020_014247.jpg)

where are my fellow nonnies of culture

No. 210184

File: 1634690102377.jpg (61.84 KB, 1280x720, pt.jpg)

I feel weird admitting it but Oli (PhilosophyTube) is honestly hot to me. tfw no obscenely posh British chaser bf.

No. 210185

File: 1634690631911.jpg (30.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

So true, i just want to squeeze him so hard and hear his little screams i mean play vidya hahaha

No. Up your standards.

No. 210196

File: 1634694717664.jpg (187.6 KB, 800x621, abi-scaled.jpg.pro-cmg.jpg)

Even now, anon?

No. 210197

File: 1634695000260.jpg (40.46 KB, 500x632, d3dd91dae79a4e853dcc3781968d26…)

i wanna get sandwiched between jerry only and doyle wolfgang. one in the ass and one in the pussy

No. 210200

He was the best part of the movie, hands down.

No. 210201

He ironically looks manlier as a woman lmao

No. 210204

File: 1634699313827.gif (1.19 MB, 800x450, 96245cc244755c231c683241ada93a…)

I keep seeing this man on pinterest and I am captivated by him.

No. 210210

Damn look at that mighty masculine jaw, he should just drop his female minstrel costume and go back to being a hot white wanker

No. 210212

File: 1634705780897.gif (537.04 KB, 444x250, UnpleasantCooperativeKingsnake…)

No. 210224

File: 1634719618081.jpg (39.78 KB, 500x525, 8xcaa5bydvw51.jpg)

not a joke

No. 210258


No. 210303

File: 1634753890738.jpeg (27.04 KB, 688x374, 7BADFA6C-FD77-4C53-86AF-AEBEE7…)

Even when he was a cranky old fart he was still sexy as fuck I can’t deny it any longer

No. 210304

File: 1634754199922.jpg (3.7 MB, 3200x4000, Vasily_Perov_-_Портрет_Ф.М.Дос…)

No. 210402

File: 1634829256534.png (8.65 MB, 2048x2036, F3ED8E14-DB27-484B-9CCE-754FDF…)

not into him when he was old but when he was young he was physically the ideal man

No. 210403

File: 1634829490276.jpg (132.84 KB, 866x1390, moshimoshi.jpg)

Moshi moshi this is Tucker-kun

No. 210409

his fat gellatinous hellscape of a face needs to be slapped with a warning label you both need to get some serious help

No. 210419

Why does everyone on PhilosophyTube troon out?

No. 210425

File: 1634842592050.png (640.17 KB, 840x473, tuckerjoewordsalad.png)

I care not

No. 210433

File: 1634846224991.jpg (79.14 KB, 792x540, was er wohl dachte.jpg)

i hate how scrotes made deepfake AI's where u can upload the picture of a woman and see her nude. they should do it for men. its just hard to imagine all by myself while i pleasure myself to his perfect zero-fat face ughhhhhh

No. 210441

File: 1634854137443.jpeg (157.57 KB, 1200x1464, denis-ohare-1.jpeg)

I like him as an actor and think he's part of the "so ugly he's attractive" club but I just found out he's a fag and I honestly don't know how I didn't see it given the characters he plays kek

No. 210442

File: 1634855577838.png (275.64 KB, 1024x768, jlg.png)

young jean-luc godard. ugh

No. 210443


Never stop posting

No. 210448

I want him to Turkey baste me me

No. 210449

File: 1634863235246.jpg (145.42 KB, 400x400, Erlend-Øye.jpg)

Was goofing around listening to a band I liked, and saw the name of this guy who sang the vocals on a song of theirs. Looked him up, and now I'm… intrigued by his face.

No. 210484

File: 1634885774888.jpeg (219.93 KB, 750x635, 0E67F04D-7997-4FB4-97CA-0A1630…)

He reminds me of this guy

No. 210488

File: 1634890822264.jpeg (68.61 KB, 620x420, DB9F66C6-15F5-43B1-A3FB-5FAE87…)

The 35 year age gap between us is brutal but so are my sexual fantasies involving him kek

No. 210493

He’s cute and has the best voice.

No. 210506

you will never be saville-anon

No. 210520

File: 1634917447178.gif (171.59 KB, 240x184, 876C92CE-FF87-4EC8-8B7A-5BC6FB…)

I’ve had wet dreams about Wednesday 13 for over a week straight

No. 210524

File: 1634922607668.jpg (34.96 KB, 420x648, lovecraft.jpg)

I could have changed him

No. 210527

File: 1634923321893.gif (1.1 MB, 498x276, 75277169-969B-439B-A4D7-4603C1…)

One of my favourite villains. I love him, he is so special and perfect. I loved his mask upgrade in Halloween 2018

No. 210530

File: 1634924401102.jpeg (31.29 KB, 736x417, zuccraft.jpeg)

I could have changed him. Could have persuaded him to rename his cat, even…

No. 210531

lovecraft is very beautiful, zucc is awk. Or maybe olden film photographs are just flattering

No. 210538

File: 1634926000522.jpg (4.5 KB, 152x331, index.jpg)

he makes me sooo horni, if only he liked chicks

No. 210541

File: 1634926614394.jpeg (75.31 KB, 494x620, 1.jpeg)

i wonder which is tighter, his mouth or his asshole.
but you do you nonnie.

No. 210542

self post

No. 210543

i highly doubt He posts here

No. 210544

are you subbed to his OF? I bet you aren’t or you would not of posted him here

No. 210546

i HAVE seen leaks, he has the cutest butthole! would peg

No. 210551

He has a 'long butthole'

I dated a guy years ago who had it too.. he was into fisting. Facts that I wish I didn't know… long buttholes are a thing lol

No. 210552

>you’d need some paddle shaped strap on for that

No. 210558

Good luck trying to peg him, his asshole is literally a void

No. 210572

File: 1634932288598.jpeg (17.73 KB, 320x180, CE43B934-CD06-4C5B-A2FC-4488F4…)

he does nothing to me in the photos or even in the interviews and so, but when he plays a character I can’t help myself but feel attracted. he has some weirdly sexy energy or something about him

No. 210575

> but I just found out he's a fag and I honestly don't know how I didn't see it given the characters he plays kek

The fact that he often works with Ryan Murphy should’ve been enough to tell you.

No. 210593

Eh Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock work with him a lot as well and aren’t literal fags

No. 210594

File: 1634945523520.jpg (117.68 KB, 1210x1243, FCBQPwfXEAkCYWn.jpg)


No. 210600

Idk what it is about this guy but yes I too find him oddly sexy..

I must say though.. when I found out he was a ripped gymbro, I was a little disappointed. He'd be cuter just skinny.

No. 210601

File: 1634946667328.jpeg (94.64 KB, 458x410, 2322C915-1131-42BB-B94F-2F0A35…)

I need me a cute sphynx cat-esque bf who looks like he’s plotting to take over the world with his intellectual animu villain demeanor

No. 210602

who is he? i'm aroused

No. 210603

File: 1634946958859.jpeg (27.03 KB, 400x600, FCB3DDF2-B838-42C8-BB75-39EE85…)

Love his acting and he's so damn cute

No. 210604

a plastic surgeon I came across on youtube because of the algorithm but omg he’s so cute he looks like a typical white guy when he had hair but he looks hot as shit bald

No. 210606

File: 1634948842088.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.96 KB, 1583x932, 20211023_022536.jpg)

Does a long butthole look like picture A or picture B? I'm intrigued.

No. 210608

Nta, but A. Not sure what anon meant by "cutest butthole".

No. 210610

A) but horizontally

No. 210612

That sounds… anomalous. Lovecraft would definitely have a butthole like that.

No. 210627

shaved heads are sexy and masculine as fuck tbh

No. 210638

File: 1634974785640.jpg (49.25 KB, 580x885, f8ebb71a918cab2ba90f31fb00760b…)

David Proval in The Sopranos. Don't look at me or talk to me. I already know. I want to give him mediocre head in the back of a strip club, with the lights off, while he is half-flaccid because he can't stop thinking about being in prison and how much he wants to go outside and run a guy over with a car. If I can't tell lolcow about this I can't tell anyone.

No. 210658

No. 210730

wowie xqc and lovecraft. nonnies in this thread have good taste. not even being sarcastic kek

No. 210737

File: 1635038330410.jpg (147.59 KB, 1024x682, prof_moriarty.jpg)

His enthusiasm for physics and music is cute. I wish he was my professor…

No. 210739

Have some standards nonnie he looks like half of anons father

No. 210763

he’s such a cute feminine man honestly, no way that he dominates adept adept dominates him kek

No. 210804

File: 1635108798690.jpeg (57.03 KB, 1200x763, gol3130-1200x0.jpeg)

No. 210812

Please seek help.

No. 210817

File: 1635117911602.jpg (17.42 KB, 474x250, OIP (6).jpg)

100%. He's small, malnourished, and weak. He's definitely getting dominated.

No. 210927

He does! I admire that he sings softly. Wonder if he'd be a good voice actor, too.

No. 210942

File: 1635201176550.jpg (32.2 KB, 640x426, b25lY21zOjZiMjdlZDVjLTkyOTgtND…)

young gordon brown

No. 210951

File: 1635203439109.jpeg (86.94 KB, 505x768, 918CE466-3325-45FB-908C-9FFD50…)

ive loved this insect man since maze runner, the chess show reignited the flame

No. 210952

He was much more attractive than he has any right to be in Queens Gambit, the baby face + pedostache + weird cowboy outfits should have been an absolute no and yet… the confidence of being a chess master must have elevated his appeal.

No. 210955

I always thought his skin was impeccable. I'm kind of jealous.

No. 210956

I have such a weakness for goth guys (and metal heads) that I have refused to accept.

No. 210960

File: 1635209662224.jpg (194.31 KB, 768x936, Df1Ro-1U0AERz9V.jpg)

how has no one mentioned him?

No. 210963

David thewlis his nose I think about it

No. 210968

File: 1635213138845.jpg (72.81 KB, 344x480, 751623.jpg)

I used to be in love with David Thewlis lol

Are you new? He has been mentioned a bunch of times

No. 210969

File: 1635213159996.jpg (15.24 KB, 350x403, RyKFvbb.jpg)

Another one

No. 210971

File: 1635214052678.jpg (30.15 KB, 438x612, hitoshiheyx3.jpg)

I don't know who this is, but it reminded me of younger me having a weird crush on this old fuck.

No. 210989

No one has been mentioned more often than this weird dude

No. 211001

File: 1635245180590.png (418.04 KB, 813x461, squidgameabdulali.PNG)

This scene alone reignited my love of Indian men.

No. 211003

File: 1635245328350.jpg (61.77 KB, 800x801, a4bf04dab9c44cccb534d50e2b2815…)

My sister keeps telling me "oh nonna you could find a guy who looks just like him at a gas station" okay bitch which gas station???

No. 211006

But a guy like him with his personality???

No. 211014

She's right kek

No. 211030

File: 1635271793951.png (3.85 MB, 2788x1524, 789876789076.png)

lol i posted him in the last thread, he's fucking adorable. finding out he's older than me was a mind fuck. he has beautiful hands.

No. 211031

>good looks
>good job
>kind non-misogynistic heart
No South Asian guy has all three

No. 211033

File: 1635273068313.jpg (31.84 KB, 630x1200, MV5BOTkyNTk0N2ItNWNhOS00ODNjLW…)

His hands are so gorgeous! His personality is so refreshing to me as well. He seems sure of himself and not in any sort of hivemind. Just enjoying his life. I admire him for this.

No. 211036

File: 1635274543218.png (2.54 MB, 2350x1468, cum disaster.png)

If you haven't checked it out yet, his podcast is great background noise. I haven't gotten a chance to check out his radio show yet but I enjoy hearing him respond to emails.

No. 211050

File: 1635279768988.jpg (191.92 KB, 1200x1200, FBNCEmzXIAIQdr5.jpg)

Indian/Pakistani men are based, this year has been good to us.

No. 211051

>height: 1.93m
Mamma mia. Does he do anything sexy in midnight mass or does he just kind of stand there?

No. 211054

He smoulders a lot and does a few action things … But it is pretty unsexy show haha

No. 211056

>Indian/Pakistani men are based
Except for the constant normalized sexual assault and fucked up religion.

No. 211057

kek anon, I thought of this straight away too.

No. 211064

>reviewbrah has groupies
I will never again believe a man when he says women won’t sleep with him because of his looks

No. 211076

File: 1635288778324.jpg (68.46 KB, 684x843, 2165359c284b7327faf8b1fbbe51da…)

I'll check it out. I mostly used to watch his food reviews when I was eating alone, as it helped me relax. Wow that cum picture has to be edited haha

Reviewbrah fits a certain niche, and he is legit handsome. Your post implies that he is unattractive physically which is false.

No. 211079

File: 1635290128313.webm (11.7 MB, KFC Chicken & Donuts Sandwich …)

Here, fellow reviewbrahanon, I had a field day with this.. I don't know why he's so fucking hot, drives me insane.

No. 211080

Doesn't mean they aren't sexy as hell. Also get yourself a non-religious 2nd gen guy and you're good.

No. 211085

When men say that they mean 9s and 10s wont fuck them, they just forget that other women exist

>Your post implies that he is unattractive physically which is false

Nta but it's not false lmao

No. 211087

Disagree but whatever

No. 211094

File: 1635298097713.jpeg (92.24 KB, 678x452, FD6EBC37-D324-46CF-8A4E-DD8CBF…)

>a good looking non-religious 2nd gen Desi guy who isn’t already married or engaged

No. 211095

File: 1635298382584.jpg (1.1 MB, 2400x3600, Rahul Kohli 7.jpg)

This guy is single nonny. But in all seriousness I have met plenty of British Indian dudes who fit that description… I think you might just live in a shitty location friend.

No. 211100

File: 1635301438318.jpeg (226 KB, 486x459, 9A6B1210-B71B-4786-88CA-CDD3C1…)

is that picrel because if so he’s hot as shit

No. 211104

File: 1635303282317.jpg (316.69 KB, 1280x720, NEWS_JagmeetSingh.jpg)

No. 211108

No shit? I thought he was engaged what happened

No. 211109

all these beards are making me nauseous

No. 211111

File: 1635307729969.jpg (111.79 KB, 1200x900, rahul-kohli-the-haunting-of-bl…)

Not confirmed but a lot of folks think they split. They haven't posted eachother on social media in a long time.
Same guy, he's also a cutie in glasses
Don't be racist nonny. All ethnicities have uwus and uggos

No. 211115

Holy shit I almost thought this was a serious post, pleased to see its not

No. 211116

File: 1635308669694.jpeg (29.6 KB, 678x452, CB0FDF00-C506-4C04-A7EC-A3BC06…)


No. 211117

File: 1635309830827.jpeg (14.87 KB, 359x357, 1DEED0AE-A66D-41F5-A8E0-F4833D…)

Damn looks like I’m moving to the UK then kek

No. 211119

I thought he was cute until his weird jk Rowling sperging on twitter.

No. 211121

File: 1635310991630.gif (829.06 KB, 407x230, Desmond-ponders-lost-11496741-…)

Am I the only one who finds Henry Ian Cusick, who played Desmond on Lost, extremely sexy? I thought he was at least relatively conventional but one time I admitted how hot I find him on a long extinct social media site and a girl called him disgusting and said he was the least attractive man on the whole show. Is she right? I think the fact that he is Scottish makes me more attracted to him. He's half Peruvian, but I think that makes him even hotter

This is one of the only non-bearded pics I could find of him, though I think he looks good with a beard too I know a lot of nonas hate beards

No. 211143

Literally never had any interest in watching Lost, but I do now, kek. He looks great in this gif. Whoever replied to you has no taste, he's not the most conventional, but certainly not disgusting.

No. 211147

File: 1635336165469.jpg (26.8 KB, 220x321, LockeLost.jpg)

Kek yeah she said she would rather fuck John Locke, pic related, than fuck Desmond. I was like, am I crazy lol.

Sadly though Desmond is probably not enough of a central character to make it worth watching, he was kind of a side character though got more screentime towards the end. He also reminds me of the dad from The Nanny whom I also had a crush on

No. 211150

That girl is nuts, I've seen so many girls and even guys say how hot Desmond is and how he's the most attractive guy on the show. Scottish accent, tall, intelligent, loyal, what's not to like? He's one of my favourite characters on the show for sure.

Also thanks anon you're making me wanna rewatch Lost kek

No. 211163

File: 1635348230629.jpg (170.16 KB, 522x800, neat tie.jpg)

nta but I think it comes down to wanting to toss him around like a g mod rag doll. and he seems like he'd be really bitchy

No. 211164

File: 1635348384288.gif (3.1 MB, 498x280, im-gonna-fuck-you-up-hutch.gif)

I've had the 5th wet dream of this guy and I would like to it to stop

No. 211182

he doesn't even have lips girl

No. 211190

File: 1635359100789.gif (2.5 MB, 480x269, giphy.gif)

He doesn't need lips to drill me anon.

No. 211196

File: 1635362121244.jpg (169.96 KB, 1420x946, 2e5fcf5a6deb2fba436d11dd2742ff…)

No. 211208

File: 1635369483553.jpg (479.75 KB, 1600x1067, Adrien-Brody-for-GQ-October-20…)

ugh i will never get over him

No. 211216

Desmond is right up there with Sayid and Sawyer imo. So many hotties on Lost.

No. 211218

So much this. Putting on the woman costume only accentuates the hideous moid features. He was cute before imo.

No. 211263

He's so hot. I'd totally let him use me to his advantage

No. 211267

File: 1635421645269.jpeg (35.43 KB, 602x415, 1267DCB8-E952-4872-AB04-501075…)

The only man over 40 I’ve ever been attracted to. His character is completely crazy but so delightful and fun it makes me want to go feral.

No. 211268

File: 1635421919622.jpeg (31.2 KB, 468x655, 93381813-02BC-42CF-BF18-A8DCEE…)

Samefag but his big broad neck and shoulders ughhhhhhhh
I just know he’d have no problem pinning me down and domming the fuck out of me lol

No. 211314

I've always been weirdly attracted to him

I mean he had a Jewish wife and she didn't change him

Everyone makes fun of me for liking him lol

No. 211319

No. 211321

I wanna fuck one of the dudes in the Slipknot masks. Probably the Mick dude or the one with the long nose. You could ride it

No. 211322

Jerry's a trump supporter and literally donated money to him to support anti abortion. Doyle is a cute jacked 6'3" vegan man. Just let Doyle fuck u instead.

No. 211348

Can we post non-3DPG itt?

No. 211350

Please don’t, this is for women who actually aren’t attracted to doodles

No. 211370

That wasn't the drag you think it was, specially coming from someone that uses this thread to begin with

No. 211390

The fuck you mean? Some of the men in this thread are actually hot

No. 211410

AAafgghhghh WHY

No. 211413

File: 1635531232572.jpeg (Spoiler Image,41.38 KB, 692x590, 14A4675F-7C8B-483A-8C80-36A6B3…)

I want a literal sleep paralysis demon with inhuman face physics and it's the perfect season for it


No. 211418

>Some of the men in this thread are actually hot
If you have a grampa fetish

No. 211443

You have good taste Nonna

No. 211445

based… in the social network when he’s in his pajamas? I want to fuck the dorkiness out of him

No. 211484

File: 1635585035591.jpg (164.87 KB, 670x878, William_Frederick_Havemeyer.jp…)

This guy!! I used to be so obsessed with him. Found this photo on accident one day because I love looking at early photos and daguerreotypes. I probably through hundreds before I found this portrait.

Still its all I had.. one photo. My obsession lasted for months. :l He only took one photo in his entire life, and it was this one and I can't forgive him. I stalked him in history books. (Just leaving the sweet details a mystery for anyone who gets it)
The whole ordeal was really frustrating. I felt so dumb for crushing on a dead guy. Thanks for screwing with us all by only taking ONE measly photo William Frederich Havemeyer(don't use emojis)

No. 211494

File: 1635594704243.png (830.98 KB, 771x766, wtfmybrain.PNG)

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but young Noam Chomsky. He is both a linguist who pioneered the now-accepted theory that humans are inherently wired to learn language or something, and an intellectual who criticizes the USA, and capitalism more broadly.

He's 93 years old now, but seeing pictures of him from the late 60s does things to me, especially knowing how smart he is. I feel embarrassed to find him attractive back then because I'm a fan of his political writing and I don't want to be reminded that I'm attracted to a 93 year old 5'6" man's past form when I read his books. wtf being horny for a probably soon to be dead old man.

No. 211524

File: 1635608808689.jpeg (192.45 KB, 1320x743, 5324FFE8-9604-4E54-8424-BA7D3B…)

Ikr he’s so hot look at this one too

No. 211549

File: 1635619767946.jpg (144.79 KB, 1024x683, leonard-nimoy.jpg)

been rewatching star trek tos recently and i seriously can't handle how attractive spock/leonard nimoy is to me lmfao his face, voice, resistance to emotion… ugh

No. 211560

File: 1635629400181.jpg (17.36 KB, 261x400, o1NzMqCw3uDPFOew50sleHTqbVWXNG…)

No. 211564

I used to watch really old interviews of him. I like hearing him talk about linguistics, but not so much about politics. I never found him attractive though, he reminds me too much of Woody Allen.

No. 211568

Kek that's not Noam. It's Michael Douglas in 'Falling down'

No. 211584

Honestly though, men from that time period always looked fine af because they shaved regularly. Also they were always put together nicely.

No. 211587

Still.. the facial hair on this dead guy works excruciatingly well kek

No. 211594

File: 1635642974644.jpeg (55.79 KB, 800x533, lead-1553718154.jpeg)

i'd do unspeakable things to margiela

No. 211595

File: 1635642996043.jpeg (45.35 KB, 960x640, 02margiela-600.jpeg)

he's kinda sexy in a gay way like a homo mate you'd wanna shag

No. 211596

yessss jim carreys fuckin FINE

No. 211598

File: 1635644277068.jpeg (232.76 KB, 750x962, 92B268CB-FC99-4CAF-AEB4-F08B2F…)

No. 211599

File: 1635644420053.jpeg (1.33 MB, 4680x2621, 1391785748000-AP-USA-Germany-T…)

i reserve 'daddy' for only the finest specimens… he's daddy…. zaddy even

No. 211604

he was so hot in house

No. 211606

He was a babe on that show. The makeup oddly worked.

No. 211614

the man knows how to control his face, bet he knows how to use his tongue.

No. 211621

File: 1635653973831.jpeg (32.17 KB, 548x304, BA2D4131-567C-4636-9C04-82C93C…)

Even in the Jumanji reboot when he’s half-dead and talking to bugs he looks good. I would’ve.

No. 211626

File: 1635658541451.gif (2.36 MB, 350x197, F16A1420-8739-499C-BCF2-6F9F2A…)

House season 6 was his peak hotness.

No. 211627

you knew that man was killer in bed with his cocky ass attitude

No. 211633

File: 1635669380976.jpeg (32.22 KB, 561x414, D3FBC958-AE3E-4035-A8C8-FCE44F…)

Tommy Lee Jones but only in The Fugitive. He’s a hardass and determined to get his guy but not a dick about it. Something about his quiet confidence is really hot. Wish someone would put in as much effort for me as he does to find Richard Kimble.

No. 211636

I’ve always liked him. He’s the authentic version of what Sam Elliott thinks he is.

No. 211641

File: 1635674094481.jpg (92.31 KB, 666x666, 241296735_832115157496676_2954…)

It's because of him that I know that sexual attraction isn't a choice. If I could opt out of the hell of having to hear everyone insult his appearance I would. But here I am.

No. 211642

I was really attracted to him in dr. strange garb, not otherwise but damn

No. 211661

File: 1635697271207.jpg (49.68 KB, 612x800, 13bcb0eff85400d7347b5ac41a99d1…)

No. 211662

File: 1635698601063.jpeg (107.32 KB, 600x1065, DD2A27AC-3981-4B8F-9779-5991D4…)

Oh my fucking god me too anon

No. 211705

Looks like harry styles and jack black's love child

No. 211731

File: 1635748055132.jpeg (30.78 KB, 248x375, 6ABEBF80-0B16-4D03-87AC-7F4861…)

Christopher Walken was so pretty in the deer hunter, it was super distracting

No. 211732

File: 1635748889339.jpg (460.93 KB, 1200x1808, MV5BZjEwZmIyZjQtZDc2MS00MzdiLT…)

ok nonnies which defender of justice would u prefer to fuck? i can't decide

p.s. yes assange before he got ugly in captivity

No. 211733

File: 1635748962682.jpeg (663.77 KB, 4134x2706, 64614005-07d0-4e7e-a867-f88a03…)

No. 211734

Snowden for sure, he has puppy eyes and an endearing asperger’s voice while Assange had the prostitute thing

No. 211735

No. 211736


sorry accidentally pressed send lmao forgive me

i get ur point but snowden looks like he'd give u the worst sex possible – at least assange seems quirky like he'd actually be into some good shit

No. 211737

File: 1635749518126.jpg (250.78 KB, 975x693, lovelylittlefella.jpg)

This beaut right here.

No. 211738

File: 1635749544176.jpg (322.12 KB, 3000x2000, 106334564-1578956097232rts2y7v…)

I'd still fuck assange's santa claus looking ass tbh

No. 211946

File: 1635879154773.jpeg (42.18 KB, 469x415, 630DF1E7-4251-4BEF-8193-0D71DD…)

I watched the Elm Street series for the first time this Halloween with my friends, and I think I love Robert England now. There’s just something about crazy campy and out-there characters whose performers are down to earth classically-trained actors that drives me crazy. I wanna smoke a bowl with the version of himself he plays in New Nightmare and have a deep conversation about Shakespeare before having sex in front of a fireplace.

No. 211980

He was so cute in Psycho.

No. 211985

File: 1635893762589.jpg (39.67 KB, 600x456, herb.jpg)

i always thought homer's half brother herb had a nice voice, turns out he was voiced by 90s danny devito. he still doesn't look half bad

No. 212009

File: 1635903248881.jpg (185.99 KB, 683x1024, 8287796467_b43af244f6_b[1].jpg)

I don't know about what he used to do on his social media accounts, and he turned out to be a massive degenerate, but I liked his book reviews on Youtube.

No. 212019

File: 1635911080507.jpg (50.97 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20211001-234632_Ins…)

guy picciotto was so hot. I wish I was alive when he was young but alas I wasn't born yet.

No. 212040

I posted about him last thread too, anon. Goddammit I'd love him to jackhammer me.

No. 212157

File: 1635980090911.jpg (339.65 KB, 2048x1365, peter-dinklage-game-of-thrones…)

Even the book version with the messed up nose.

No. 212188

File: 1635991146025.jpg (23.89 KB, 387x594, gettyimages-2736929-594x594.jp…)

I've always found tom green to be cute in a weird way. he kinda reminds me of 90s Nicolas cage

No. 212280

Came here to post him. I love Tyrion in both the books and show. Love Jaime too but he isn't unconventional.

No. 212286

File: 1636072974397.png (886.46 KB, 877x755, Scr.png)

Yesss, anonnn. I searched this thread last night and was surprised that he hadn't been posted yet. His confidence and face get me. I posted Brienne of Tarth in the attractive women thread, ugh.

Shae missed out, he's gold. I still hope Tysha is actually alive and he gets to be happy at the end of the books.

No. 212338

File: 1636141983150.jpeg (85.65 KB, 1024x777, Siegel-UCLA-clusc_8_1_00326236…)

Probably not unconventional in terms of looks but definitely in career choice kek I'd hit it at least once just to see

No. 212349

File: 1636146566822.png (259.5 KB, 853x480, buscemii.png)

steve buscemi. he's hot and i won't apologize

No. 212362

I'm not sure the Tysha question will ever be resolved but I totally believe he'll survive to the end of the series. His haters can get rekt

No. 212371

File: 1636161255214.jpg (35.17 KB, 630x1200, MV5BYTdmNzM4MmItNjYzOC00NTVjLW…)

No. 212410

I am screaming anon I never thought I’d see this creep in here. He looks and reminds me too much of my brother so I can’t see the appeal, but I am so nostalgic about his dramas and fights with the other equally degenerate Dalas.
Last year someone hacked his girlfriend’s social media and said that he died, but unfortunately he’s probably still being a degenerate somewhere in London’s goth clubs

No. 212427

File: 1636223777567.jpg (26.58 KB, 603x467, hawkeye x hunnicutt.jpg)

both of them
you know he'll ask you to stick a pinky up his bum though

No. 212441

File: 1636231081437.jpg (35.72 KB, 800x426, 44c0ef65-9d3d-466d-92d2-7cb0d7…)

Been watching the office and i like his voice

No. 212476

As long as he doesn't order four naan, it's all good

No. 212487

File: 1636263444032.jpeg (32.89 KB, 700x400, ACE386A4-2347-47C3-8DE6-0A2298…)

god i want him to break me in two but i really don’t want the uti

No. 212488

File: 1636264115507.jpeg (34.16 KB, 495x247, awk.jpeg)

for him i'd risk everything

No. 212501

Who is this?? need to know

No. 212502

Matt Walsh

No. 212507


Um this is Andrew WK

No. 212514

File: 1636281094753.jpeg (23.72 KB, 678x452, BC890A60-7854-4714-9790-CCC854…)

I had an embarrassingly huge crush on him in junior high, right before the date rape/shitty boyfriend allegations came out. Now he’s gone full alt-right grifter and I just want to go back in time and tell myself that he’s not worth it and I should just crush on Zayn instead so at least I would have something into talk about with my classmates.

No. 212524

always spooked me how much he looked like julian casablancas but like, only in this album cover

No. 212536

Me too nonna…I was in middle school and completely obsessed. I even won a t-shirt one time and wore it around proudly. No wonder I was bullied.

No. 212537

File: 1636299154584.png (280.96 KB, 790x395, cfe1946d.png)

I want to make him cry

No. 212540

File: 1636300091956.jpg (112.48 KB, 832x1390, paul-joseph-goebbels-a9x0pa.jp…)

i should be studying but nope. instead im crying that i will never ever get to meet him…

No. 212559

File: 1636313160761.jpeg (673.71 KB, 2560x1707, D2888F4E-D4C6-4D14-8078-F5CCA9…)

ilu goebbels anon, glad to have you back.

No. 212569

File: 1636320192726.jpg (13.68 KB, 286x296, b8a68268c3df706d9ba865282b94ff…)

>Last year someone hacked his girlfriend’s social media and said that he died, but unfortunately he’s probably still being a degenerate somewhere in London’s goth clubs.
Excuse me? I haven't heard of that one! I actually found out about him for the fighting with Dallas, it feels like, so long ago but also recent? Oh god, I lost complete track of Dallas and all the people involved on his dramas.

No. 212577

File: 1636323552648.jpg (27.86 KB, 600x449, max.jpg)

Growing up, I had (and maybe still kinda have idk) the worst crush on Max Green from Escape the Fate lmaoooo. He was like the perfect 'emo' guy of my dreams when he was in his early to mid 20s too bad his hard drug addiction ruined him and his pretty boy looks

No. 212614

File: 1636333653561.png (405.38 KB, 647x562, Screenshot_20211107-200612_(1)…)

I'm sorry

No. 212616

File: 1636334029912.jpg (955.15 KB, 1079x1080, Screenshot_20211107-214353_Ins…)

No. 212619

Yes ma'am. Especially on the walking dead

No. 212634

No. 212642

File: 1636365902177.jpeg (36.46 KB, 554x554, E172F623-D337-4DA7-974C-CB2A1E…)

>tfw no psycho hitchhiker bf who would have no problem killing another man to defend you

No. 212680

File: 1636387905848.jpg (91.62 KB, 1077x1354, Screenshot_20211001-235447_Ins…)

No. 212695

File: 1636395697487.jpeg (63.63 KB, 1023x582, media0(5).jpeg)

You can email/write/call/visit him, nonna. (Links: https://original.lolcow.farm/ot/res/962958.html#q962958)

Doooooo eeeeeeeeet.

(Kai discussion Y/Y?)

No. 212724

Fuck, anon I totally forgot he existed until now. Honestly, he looks like the exact type of guy I would have crushed on when I was 12 so no shame lol. Do you have a crush on him as he is now or do you just mean that you still find the 2000s version of him hot? I don't think there's been a single emo/scene guy who has aged well except maybe Andy Biersack.

No. 212737

File: 1636423793421.jpg (63.04 KB, 720x960, 1605923112378.jpg)

Recently heard he got emergency back surgery and got fucked up on all sorts of painkillers. Feel better, Tucker.

No. 212743

File: 1636430098119.jpeg (80.91 KB, 596x395, 4A96A365-2611-4589-B7D0-6438FC…)

Hoping he’s a grow-er not a show-er but I’d let his eccentric ass rail me

No. 212747

>tfw he will never call you brotha

Lost has tonnes of qts, I'm only halfway through so I can't definitively rank them yet but his accent definitely makes him top tier so far

No. 212748

File: 1636433491834.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, ed-kemper.png)

the other day i rewatched the 1984 interview he gave when he was incarcerated and couldn't help but think he was attractive… i really am the worst.

No. 212749

Eddy Burback or whatever his name is looks like him so just go for him instead lol

No. 212754

File: 1636440189368.gif (492.41 KB, 440x378, BA85A36F-E21F-48F9-9C8C-6626C6…)

I can’t take any character with the voice of or played by Danny Devito seriously since It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

No. 212757

File: 1636440704085.png (248.83 KB, 284x515, C635D3AB-7225-4590-BAD6-C33D5F…)

Jeff Goldblum is such a perfect nerd. Need that lanky man cock

No. 212770

He skeeves me out so much and I don’t know why (outside of his gross age gap relationship). He seems like such a slime ball that would say anything to bed a woman.

No. 212779

Same, he gives off sex offender vibes

No. 212782

Same! He’s just too fascinating. His mommy issues are intense too.

No. 212786

File: 1636462974711.jpg (183.47 KB, 1600x900, joji-filthy-frank-cancelled-tw…)

Back in the day I could not stop thinking about him

No. 212792

File: 1636470451561.gif (2.66 MB, 480x270, filthy-frank.gif)

damn bitch me too

No. 212796

File: 1636472456033.jpeg (126.87 KB, 676x826, 1.40524750_10217328283268924_2…)

he wasn't bad looking when he was younger either… i'd say i could've saved him but i really don't think there is anything that could have saved him lol.

No. 212798

Fuck the rumors about him and his weird alleged daddy kink, I would

No. 212800

This. I don’t like the old scrot he’s become but I like him in the 80s

No. 212801

Based and girapilled. Wtf is that haircut though, where's your retarded sweaty brimmed cowboy hat you never take off babe

No. 212803

File: 1636478644405.jpg (37.35 KB, 452x678, Tumblr_l_707221944069655.jpg)

I thought he was more attractive in the 80s before he started wearing the hat but I would still fuck him with it on. So jealous of Jarboe she probably got to do unspeakable things to him when he was in his peak

No. 212805

File: 1636480130748.jpg (421.52 KB, 2000x1125, Sergio-Perez-with-his-crash-he…)

his wife has struck gold

No. 212808

Aw I’ve never seen that pic of him. He must be pretty terrifying at 6’9”. Yeah I can’t tell if he is a product of his environment or if he was just born messed up. His mom tormented him his whole life, but he did start killing animals pretty early. I also can’t tell if he truly feels remorse for his actions and is deeply introspective or if he’s a total manipulative psychopath. He’s definitely the most fascinating serial killer to listen to.

No. 212813

He's got that classical American appearance I'm weak for this historical very American dude.

No. 212820

yeah, all the layers make his case really interesting. personally i think it was both genetics and environment. his mom was pretty messed up herself and some of it might have been hereditary. i don't think he was doomed from birth but he might have been predisposed to be a certain way (that could have been corrected) and that got even worse with childhood abuse and neglect. then locking him away during his adolescence with a bunch of criminals 10+ years older than him probably fucked him up even more. i think any young person would come out of that with issues much less someone who was already displaying traits of psychopathy to begin with. i don't think he felt sorry for what he did, but i also don't think he ever had a chance to grow up to be a well-adjusted human being with empathy given the circumstances of his life. not that it excuses his actions of course. you can have no empathy and also not kill people kek.

sorry for ed sperging

No. 212822

File: 1636489325538.jpg (96.9 KB, 750x754, 9tiivqldit471.jpg)

Anyone else have an irresistible urge to slap him around and suck on his nipples?

No. 212832

Don’t worry noni, I enjoy it. I kind of want to listen to some of the audiobooks he narrated.

No. 212846

I jut realised this guy is the guy who played a game with Achievement Hunter, same name, same face. That's why he's such a retard, he's a fucking woke streamer.

No. 212854

File: 1636516906600.jpg (26.98 KB, 486x480, 857f7f53348e396f3478dacf9f17bd…)

>I thought he was more attractive in the 80s
I mean, clearly, yeah. I'd still be terrified to fuck him though, but that's the same thing that piques my interest in him.

No. 212873

File: 1636539746003.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.2 KB, 348x504, 1e8ccbypxot01.jpg)

I can't find him sexually intimidating at all after seeing his micropenis lol. And in his books he always self-inserts as a really wimpy masochist (even in his most recent one from 2018 which is pretty sexless he has these weird fantasies about being sexually dominated by his wife and getting fucked and humiliated in public) so he seems to be all bark and no bite

No. 212882

>>212786 yoo i had a sex dream about him once and since then he's in my heart!

No. 212911

Damn, I had no idea. That's kinda hot. I think I'm going to listen to his cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog now kek.

No. 212921

File: 1636578938225.jpg (106.8 KB, 1420x946, efdb1d35106618febef8d42e65f283…)

he's vegan btw

No. 212923

File: 1636581106400.jpeg (218.26 KB, 757x952, Eric_Andre.jpeg)

No. 212924

Hang on anon I'm almost done being autistic about him, his most masochistic lyrics are in this unfinished version of Sealed in Skin which is honestly the most erotic thing in the world to me. I wish he wrote more songs with lyrics this blunt lol I imagine he probably toned them all down like he did in the final version of this song.

No. 212933

I'm having a hard time accepting this

No. 212937

File: 1636590016246.jpeg (93.74 KB, 550x367, Harris_and_Klebold.jpeg)

nonnies. would u rather harris or klebold? im team dylan personally

No. 212938

None you are a gonorrhea whore

No. 212939

relax i was watching a documentary lmfao

No. 212942

neither since i wouldn't fuck a high schooler.

No. 212943

Hahah no worries, I was enjoying the sperg, I'm not a huge Swans fan so I didn't know much about Mike, this gave me great insight into just how subby he is, which im pretty happy to find out about.

No. 212946

White patty melt looking bitch

No. 212950

Right? He's gorgeous, and I love the way he speaks. I have an immense fear of death and usually stay for away from this sort of content, but I'll watch it just for his dapper sexiness.

No. 212953


No. 212957

File: 1636606768234.jpeg (85.45 KB, 682x1024, 12MORRIS1-jumbo.jpeg)

i want that twink ass

No. 212965

They don't make men like this anymore these days

No. 213038

did he do stuff with AH? I thought he was more FunHaus, and I liked/started following him because I thought he meshed well with them (and because he was attractive)but his Twitter has become so off-putting for me.

No. 213040


Most agreed

No. 213054

File: 1636697334711.jpeg (457.94 KB, 943x828, A6399E7C-E306-4B4E-9BFF-AE2BC8…)

only realized I was attracted to him when he started crying, I want to bully him.

No. 213059

I only watched AH so I have no idea about Funhaus. I felt bad for him in the game of Murder they played because they didn't explain the rules to him, but obviously his Twitter outs him as retarded as most gamers, so I no longer feel sympathy kek.

No. 213068

god this little fucker is so ugly he actually makes me ill

No. 213071

Isn't he a minor?

No. 213074

I get it tbh, if he were a couple years older I'd be with you
he's turning 19 in january

No. 213082

File: 1636733971720.jpg (73.97 KB, 1080x1077, lindemann.jpg)

No. 213088

File: 1636735247647.jpg (222.85 KB, 1125x1935, dkctn0vckub41.jpg)

please lord help me

No. 213092

I mean he's ripped i kinda get it

No. 213100

god anon same. have you seen his porno?

No. 213103

File: 1636744912376.jpg (223.46 KB, 2252x1165, pathetic.jpg)

He was already posted in the last thread but still. Even with his moon face, scrote lids and balding I can't help but feel like he can be really handsome. Also got the cutest little dimples.

No. 213105

the moment he started crying i wanted to punch him

No. 213107

File: 1636746333158.png (309.17 KB, 723x690, 19AEBA10-3148-4625-B44F-732AB2…)

if he was in an alternative universe when he wasn’t a dirty filthy pedophile that deserves the bullet he would be cute

No. 213118

Feel free to enlighten me

No. 213119

same but those pants ruin it

No. 213199

heck yes. I love his sleazy look

he's absolutely fucking batshit insane though anon

No. 213205

Fucking dying at this reply on my lunch break kek

No. 213243

File: 1636870086944.jpg (297.27 KB, 960x642, enhanced-buzz-orig-2951-136932…)

I have a crush on Ron Paul.

No. 213261

Anon, please love yourself. He looks FTM.

No. 213278

But a lot of ftms are cute. Before balding and growing a neckbeard.

No. 213288

nta but it doesn't matter, anyone claiming attraction towards shittenhouse needs to have their head examined. Ugly little bastard is so chinless he makes Heinrich Himmler look like Jay Leno.

No. 213328

File: 1636962048124.jpg (69.16 KB, 768x576, Elon-Musk-late-1990´s-768x576.…)

His face needs to be between my legs.

No. 213329

His son looked pretty good in his younger days, too.

No. 213331

A few years ago a Youtuber I watch did a face reveal and a Q&A. I was kinda taken aback by how attractive he is. He's a very mellow Let's Player, mostly city builders and RPGs like Shadowrun. But he's a cool dude. And kinda cute.

No. 213332

File: 1636963843717.jpg (44.26 KB, 510x600, 7IZ02Zdbce3ZUNwv9TkBnnYmCVo6HD…)

Rand definitely takes after him in a lot of ways.

No. 213387

Is it unconventional if he's conventionally hot but gay? I love Dan Howell, my Brit bong prince

No. 213506


No. 213507

File: 1637109509539.jpg (354.51 KB, 1024x1200, conan-obrien-ends-show-after-2…)

ravish me you weirdo

No. 213508

i hate that he dates younger women but god fucking damn if i wouldn't

No. 213635

File: 1637186205130.jpg (52.66 KB, 1200x675, Maxmoefoe-net-worth-1200x675.j…)

No. 213638

File: 1637187229189.png (1.48 MB, 1424x926, 634747615919850.png)

this what u like?

No. 213642

No. 213643

File: 1637187441886.jpg (33.57 KB, 660x717, 2fb4904aa8db805ad03d6af91a177a…)

It was picrel for me back in the day, cringe as hell. 2016 feels so long ago damn

No. 213646

File: 1637188323941.jpg (60.74 KB, 500x633, tumblr_pi5j8b2LB31vc6mhy_500.j…)

Everyone drools over Peter Steele but I had my own small obssession over Josh Silver and his extremely long black curls. I used to imagine I had sex with him in a park late at night. The fact that he's now a family guy and works as a paramedic… 1/2

No. 213647

File: 1637188353785.jpg (18.1 KB, 374x374, ca55feb5f80f671d318fce303457e7…)

He's in the middle 2/2

No. 213667

File: 1637191483237.jpg (79.41 KB, 477x750, ghostinthehallway.jpg)

Those long delicate limbs, ghastly complexion and makeup, thin black hair around his unique features, slightly protruding ears. On top of that, sensual voice and gentle disposition. I am attracted to a sleep paralysis demon.

No. 213670

Oh he was such a cutie

No. 213672

I still would

No. 213685


Beautiful hands, the best I have seen among famous people.

No. 213694

now post current day idubbz

No. 213756

Well that's depressing. At what age are we estimating max lost it?

No. 213928

File: 1637345733949.png (309 KB, 932x463, 45.png)

He ticks some boxes for me and looks approachable, it would be nice if he loses some weight tho.

No. 213932

looks like gibby from iCarly

No. 213935

He never had it.

No. 213936

Damn girl ikr. Peter doesn't do anything for me and looks like a GI joe character but not even hot. Something abt the eyebrow area and nose don't do it for me with him. Or lips.

Josh is cute as hell though and I thought his sense of humor/demeanor was funnier

No. 213947

File: 1637356261181.jpg (178.51 KB, 1420x1945, b417abf4bd02740d89b414b327f219…)

Something about bug-eyed men just does it for me

No. 213949

Same, I find him so attractive. My ex legit got mad at me for thinking he was hot just bc he found him super ugly kek

No. 213961

File: 1637367096213.gif (2.64 MB, 540x329, tumblr_88f1882d6f16a784e309edc…)

No. 213968

Fuck yes, I think he's conventionally hot though. Just has unconventional facial hair that bizarrely enhances his appeal.

No. 213975

File: 1637374414666.gif (1.89 MB, 245x162, pl21ogdq-ZD1wwtai70.gif)

Me three, plus his voice is hot

No. 213979

File: 1637375764010.gif (2.78 MB, 320x176, 9E48E3CE-9A6B-4365-9096-750708…)

Me too. I think he peaked visually in the 90s and early 00s. Though, I really loved his beard fase. He’s such a goofy thing. Charming as fuck too. Binged all of his material on YouTube during the beginning of quarantine. I was obsessed.

No. 213982

I thought that was sam hyde at first

No. 213995

File: 1637385567084.gif (879.01 KB, 500x269, tumblr_inline_o14nmm4FnU1snuov…)

literally unparalleled in night at the museum

No. 214001

File: 1637390784535.jpeg (250.58 KB, 770x1191, Zach_Braff.jpeg)

ooooooga booooga

No. 214002

Garden State seriously had me fucked up and I'm embarrassed

No. 214018


Makes me think of some mobster or detective from a 40s movie

No. 214037

File: 1637419681047.jpeg (248.34 KB, 589x736, 390BBA7B-28AB-4B6B-B9D1-D507EC…)

damn he still looks kind of cute and didn’t age like complete shit

No. 214040

File: 1637423886478.jpg (43.74 KB, 800x500, sal-2021-11-12T122500.185.jpg)

For me it's the prosecutor.
I appreciate him for mocking redpillers and other moronsphere tards on his channel, not many scrotes doing that.

No. 214043

He’s a fucking asshole and always been ugly manlet

No. 214052

Anon, get help. Binger's argument was "Why didn't you just let the mob kill you?" He's not a nice man.

No. 214080

File: 1637445136349.jpg (481.67 KB, 3000x1988, thicc twink.jpg)

For me it's a tough choice between Kyle and any of the guys he shot. I might still pick Kyle just because he's less likely to have STDs, although he actually gives me gay/bi twink vibes. Remember this post in a few years when he appears in gay porn.

This guy looks like Christian Slater.

No. 214086

he is cute tbh, he probably has groupies on tumblr/twitter/tiktok/wherever mentally ill teenage girls assemble these days

No. 214087

File: 1637446945172.jpeg (786.36 KB, 2142x2836, 1637438650585.jpeg)

No. 214088

No. 214089

I think he's genuinely hot anon, i don't who he is tho i jut saw this pic at the frontpage, i'm assuming he's related to some cow?

No. 214093

File: 1637451156098.jpeg (121.51 KB, 500x737, 38DFB4AF-F0FC-4FE9-92D3-E41A6E…)

I will forever be deeply enamored with Neil Cicierega and his imaginative body of work. He’s brilliant

No. 214094

He looks so cute here. How can someone take a better mugshot than normal photos? Was it all the stress from the trial and time leading up to it?

No. 214096

No. 214104

It's not that deep, i don't even know who he is

No. 214110

he reminds me of the sad dog from tom and jerry. Despite being 5"8, he looks very small and puntable.

No. 214122

File: 1637471128694.jpeg (46.03 KB, 300x449, 364F0544-EEBE-4889-81B9-E290BD…)

Manson is such a fucking weirdo but I’m so into hhgggnnn

No. 214126

File: 1637477963460.png (772.55 KB, 726x856, DHotILq.png)

I'm ashamed about this one but I genuinely think null is cute. His personality is generally shitty but in some of his streams he's ok, I also like his laugh a lot.
I don't know man, maybe I could fix him…

No. 214127

He's a cutie and funny. The fact that a dude is behind one of the biggest gossip websites is strangely endearing.

No. 214131

I think he's cute. not like attractive cute, but like "I want to pat him on the head and call him a goodboy" kind of cute.

No. 214136

he looks like a fat baby missing half it's chromosomes. acts like one too.

No. 214139

I agree with you, I think that's precisely why I like him (not saying i'm proud of it) the fact that he acts like a retard, goes on psychotic rants about the most menial shit and a lot of people consider him to be a horrible evil monster versus what he looks like, puffy pink tinted cheeks and girly eyes. It's an interesting contrast lol

No. 214148

tbh if he lost weight he'd probably be conventionally hot

No. 214152

same. He is cute. A bit retarded but aren't we all

No. 214155

with those sid the sloth eyes? really? some of you nonnas are delusional

No. 214178

File: 1637518429527.jpeg (80.89 KB, 1000x560, intro-1607489242.jpeg)

Todd Alquist/Meth Damon. For some reason the scene where he's helping Lydia through the field of bodies really did something to me. Too bad he got fat lol

No. 214186

nonas did you watch this ? i found him to be super cute though i dont even like celebrities much less male celebrities but kind of in a boyish way. i love his nervous laugh LOL. dont know anything else about him though i have never watched any of his other material

No. 214216

File: 1637552834407.jpeg (251.87 KB, 640x711, 1637536150674.jpeg)

I want to bury my face into those pecs, also he's somewhat muscly which is nice

No. 214291

File: 1637607435445.jpeg (22.8 KB, 220x299, 32C2449D-3602-44BD-9385-2E7BAC…)

Can’t even explain this one

No. 214297

File: 1637611338544.jpeg (199.52 KB, 1280x720, FCD3CB61-5BCA-4310-9E2B-5DA951…)

Why does Internet Shaquille do things to me? He almost comes off as gay (although he has a hot lawyer wife) and has the personality of a smug house cat. Even when he grows that dumb stache, I can’t help myself.

No. 214315

is that fucking tesla

No. 214316

NTA, I think that's George Orwell. Based socialist libertarian

No. 214331

File: 1637629101458.jpeg (147.54 KB, 980x980, 9B3BA439-A861-4AD0-9DD4-76E7C4…)

i have quite the crush on the guy who was in dunkirk and bandersnatch. loved him in voyagers as well

No. 214385

I think he's really hot for some reason, I have a thing for britbong looking dads
>t. french

No. 214398

File: 1637681103451.jpg (69.02 KB, 615x924, HarryBrant.jpg)

I wish he did my make-up

No. 214401

is that elliot page

No. 214406

harry styles

No. 214454

I don’t like that kinda tawlk

No. 214627

File: 1637815872479.jpeg (35.34 KB, 640x480, EF562917-BBF8-4B13-A0E6-578BEA…)

Has Tom Scott been posted in this thread? I just fell into a rabbit hole of his videos this week and he’s such a cutie. I’ve never seen a white man age well but he mig he be by bucking the trend.

No. 214628

I had to watch one of his videos the other day for an assignment kek

No. 214725

Agreed. I also had a childhood crush on Huey from the Boondocks, who is apparently named after Huey P. Newton, kek

No. 214797

Same, I wouldn't fuck him, but I'd invite him home for dinner like once a week and be nice to him.

I somehow expected someone to post him lately, kek.

No. 214801

File: 1637920840072.jpeg (34.02 KB, 739x415, 74863AB3-D95A-416D-BC6A-2FFE4B…)

Based taste nona. I hate how ground down and consumable his image has begun. I miss the edgy 2000s Vin Diesel characters. I would 100% fuck Riddick over Dom Torreto solely because he’s a little bit freaky.

No. 214804

Funny you post this because I just watched a lecture of his that was recommended to me and all I could think about was his odd appearance. Something about his extremely generic name and body proportions, the small shoulders, big head, manlet height, and feminine eyes, put him in the uncanny valley for me, kinda has an FtM vibe. And looks young and old at the same time too. My visceral reaction is that there is something disturbing about him, but I guess we all really do see things differently.

No. 214805

I heard he was a womanizer so you are not the only one

No. 214923

No. 214925

File: 1637975918750.jpeg (171.88 KB, 1200x627, 862214B4-FBB8-4158-B971-C83653…)

Co-worker went to high school with him and I’ve wanted a threesome ever since

No. 214952

File: 1637991373427.jpg (1.05 MB, 2000x1500, Niles-Crane.jpg)

I want to peg this small ant-like man

No. 214960

No. 214963

File: 1637995330649.jpg (81.1 KB, 539x562, EC hh.jpg)

His regular self is just eh, but the pornstache and the bad wig drives me crazy

No. 214972

guy from kyle rittenhouse case the idiot who said he pointed the gun at kyle first

No. 214973

File: 1638003128709.jpeg (75 KB, 1000x518, hank-green.jpeg)


tom scott and hank green <3

No. 215036

im baffled by anyone thinking this pudgy low-test child is attractive

No. 215038

File: 1638043506612.gif (1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

No. 215039

grrl get some help

No. 215050

tfw no fat schizo bf to hole up in a commieblock and sperg about trannies with

No. 215060

File: 1638071376980.jpeg (68.91 KB, 512x512, 2530CF1A-50E8-4CF0-9356-2AF288…)

He’s a meme but this is Christian Bale’s best look by far, I’d let him chase me with a chainsaw

No. 215062

Wrong. The Machinist is his best look

No. 215064

He was way too skinny there, and not a fan of facial hair

No. 215066

File: 1638075794384.png (691.95 KB, 1214x933, 5364084A-4F9B-4573-BA83-05D33A…)

I think michael burry was a way cuter role…. Tfw no millionaire autist husband

No. 215069

Thank you for sharing! It’s amazing to see how far he has come. I agree, his little nervous giggles are adorable. I think he was around 30 years old when this aired. He’s so likable even when he’s nervous as fuck.

No. 215071

It's either bateman or shaved down batman bale for me

No. 215077

File: 1638085225744.jpg (101.28 KB, 768x767, tgr-107-ou-00507rt-1-159465558…)

Only the character is unconventional ofc, not the actor. But he's like, idk, an evil himbo, if that's not too contradictory a concept? I'm into it regardless. The obsession with eating pussy and Catherine using him for it helps.

No. 215087

Just started the new season! You're right, there's something about that fucking enthusiasm he has about it.

No. 215090

based skelly appreciator

No. 215095

File: 1638096533825.jpg (251.07 KB, 2500x1875, Matthias Schoenaerts.jpg)

Matthias Schoenaerts in Suite Française was hot.

No. 215132

ew anon he seems like such a pushover and is childish though

No. 215185

File: 1638140295889.jpg (105.75 KB, 465x310, borisj.jpg)

Sure, he might be mildly unconventional physically, but he's also a bad boy with power who doesn't get intimidated by EU thugs like Macron. I'd love to have gotten up to no good with him back in his Eton boarding school days.

No. 215235

i swear this is the highlight of coming back and checking this thread. his age is catching up with him a bit i think, but he's still infectiously cute.

No. 215265

File: 1638172271238.jpg (173.56 KB, 3724x2034, MV5BNzZhMjgyZTYtYjBhYy00NWQxLT…)


He's the only British youtuber that aged well imo.

No. 215271

I was going to say, but what about Charlie? Just checked his yt and he's gotten flabby!

No. 215274

File: 1638177004392.png (982.06 KB, 1136x640, 9D73C2F0-AF47-4B42-A41C-74F0DD…)

Smallant, devotedly watches northernlion just like me and talks with his intonation and picks up nl's words its so cute, and his cover of fly me to the moon is so nice, he's so sweet and actually very skilled at speedrunning, humble which is a change with twitch streamers, his mom is super sweet too, watching his stream and supporting him, endearingly funny, i just found him out yesterday i just want to meet him and give him compliments so he blushes im also just glad i can watch someone other than nl on twitch

No. 215324

File: 1638221464913.jpg (66.94 KB, 650x467, kyle.jpg)

No. 215331

File: 1638224272281.jpeg (112.72 KB, 737x1024, 458C082D-5544-487F-B043-1448DB…)

I’d hit it once lol

No. 215373

samefag as this i am hooked and cant stop watching. wtf did you do to me nonas.

No. 215374

Knowing what anyone does about this grown ass man makes him probably the worst one on here to me. Owning one of the most cancerous gossip sites is an attempt at compensating for something

No. 215375

Thought this was Vladimir Putin.

No. 215394

Logan paul? Ew

No. 215395

he is funny as hell

also damn baby jon stewart is kinda hot

No. 215408

It's fun to look at pictures of this guy and imagine new, non repulsive identities for him. That way I don't feel bad about finding him insanely hot.

No. 215411

funny enough, anon, he might be a newly-turned coffee drinker.

No. 215438

Welcome to our cult! If you liked that interview, I’m sure you’ll like this too. This is one of the funniest remotes he did on his show. The plane scene and his interactions with the shy girl had me in shambles.

No. 215447

File: 1638311972215.jpg (564.83 KB, 1100x619, 6.jpg)

I wish the guys Kyle Rittenhouse shot would tag team me.

No. 215450

Isn't that just something conservatives made up to make Kyle look innocent?

No. 215458

File: 1638315113887.jpeg (31.24 KB, 500x401, 259A9446-EF2C-49C2-8494-414F45…)

True. I never knew young Jon Stewart was so pretty

No. 215462

this isn't an "unconventional attraction", this is a mental illness
one of them is a domestic abuser too. for fuck's sake, get yourself together.

No. 215506

You and >>213107 should be lashed

No. 215520

File: 1638343628043.jpg (61.03 KB, 696x442, 01_01_Succession_S02-696x442.j…)

i just love how broken he is

No. 215544

Kek. What a fucking manlet

Honestly, everyone in that situation seems like a shitty person. Let’s not forget that Jacob Blake is also a rapist.

No. 215588

gives off strong but feminine vibes, rumour is that he's…you know,

No. 215603

File: 1638396078405.gif (1.94 MB, 498x280, flat-gang-baby-andrew-callagha…)

has he been posted yet?

No. 215604

No way is Ken Doll unconventional. Tom is much more unconventional because he's so gay.

No. 215607

yes he’s so adorable and funny, good choice

No. 215657

Tom should end up with Greg

No. 215716

Maybe Tom should ask for a threesome with Greg and Shiv. I'd fuck cousin Greg too.

No. 215718

greg and shiv are cousins nona

No. 215720

I'm not sure Tom would let them actually touch.

No. 216101

File: 1638724539115.png (3.17 MB, 1583x827, 1638642718696.png)

Every time someone posts him in /w my loins get ignited

No. 216176

File: 1638750617634.jpg (1.05 MB, 1280x1598, J._Robert_Oppenheimer_at_the_G…)

Agree nonna, Oppenheimer can fucking get it

No. 216195

I only know him from Yakuza 0 but I think he's really cute too
And with that body he has both cute old man and hot muscular shirtless man appeal

No. 216202

File: 1638765433557.jpeg (66.27 KB, 1280x720, 36DD00A5-5A7B-4E71-B945-003303…)

erwin leder
i have a weakness for large-eyed, goblin-faced white men

No. 216204

He looks EXACTLY like if moot and Mark Zuckerberg had a baby.

No. 216212

are you chinese?

No. 216250

File: 1638803848779.jpeg (112.25 KB, 800x461, D1D00386-66C6-4637-A21A-1EF9BD…)

no, i’m black. i’ve failed my ancestors

No. 216269

File: 1638817316638.jpeg (61.84 KB, 353x372, C16AC4A4-AFDB-4A29-BC3C-16588D…)

I have a huge crush on him, everything about him is so attractive!! I even know a guy who looks really similar to Andrew irl, facial + height wise, too bad he’s a complete bore

No. 216300

idk who this is but he's legit hot, especially compared to the rest of the creaturas in this thread. if farmers can get off to shit like this >>212957 then us goblin fans should be allowed to live

No. 216303

File: 1638833604492.jpg (28.93 KB, 328x262, hpl_speaking.jpg)

I really hope this isn't just me.

No. 216323

Samefagging my old post but I'm extra horny today so just gonna let it out. This whole vid is just.. hnnnnggg. I've been attracted to him for a while before tbh though never got that invested but a few weeks ago I binged through some videos of him and now I'm a full fledged simp. Also just found out he voiced Tahno from LoK and now he's even hotter to me

No. 216346

Been binge watching his videos while I’ve been at home with covid and anon I feel you

No. 216379

File: 1638901242074.jpg (481.06 KB, 2048x2915, Jamie-Demetriou-as-Gerald.jpg)

he's so handsome to me. I also didn't mind him in fleabag with his crazy teeth kek

No. 216391

File: 1638909561337.gif (7.76 MB, 540x500, tumblr_e6d6c7ea6849321712f9ec6…)

I could fix this rat-faced mess.
(Actor is adam nagaitis, from the terror series)

No. 216410

File: 1638918341012.jpg (56.45 KB, 554x640, 7c40fb045f71d4b041aaf1da862599…)

He's cute, i would fuck him and then wear his jacket/bomber

No. 216421

Same tbh. Absolutely wreck the fella then leave with his hideous tracksuit on

No. 216430

File: 1638935256425.jpeg (4.49 MB, 2000x3000, 75B79990-0434-434B-B263-5E7B5D…)

he looks almost exactly like this guy i used to work with, who was always really quiet and brooding. and who i really wanted to fuck

No. 216444

File: 1638943601865.jpeg (17.67 KB, 500x281, AE695551-8802-43AE-AC36-ABF4F1…)

god he used to be so beautiful for someone who became a insufferable cultist piece of shit

No. 216446

I can barely recognize him in older films, it’s sad because he was very pretty and had great bone structure

No. 216448

i was shocked to learn he's from a shitty ass state like louisana. you don't find a lot of men who look like him down here, like at all, lots of busted light haired squinty uggos but few brunette pretty boys

ever since his cult thing it's hard to be able to look at him. any looks he has are wasted on him knowing that he's a hack who's been repeatedly accused of abusing underage and barely legal girls and is never punished for it

No. 216559

File: 1639032222670.jpeg (114.47 KB, 1200x797, F5E2F8A0-0E86-4B0B-90FB-8B982A…)

Stannis the mannis

No. 216561

File: 1639037153367.jpeg (97.5 KB, 802x1080, F066764D-2B8B-4DBA-B2EA-E35900…)

Great taste anon, and may I add Tywin

No. 216562

Oh seven hells yes

Also no shame but tormund. So massive, so ginger, so fucking stupid.

No. 216564

File: 1639043602315.jpg (65.69 KB, 780x438, intro-1550632823.jpg)

For me, it's the Hound.

No. 216568

Yeah the hound is god tier choice anon. I’m a slut for the seven kingdoms tbh. I’d even give bobby b one

No. 216578

File: 1639054442557.jpg (758.68 KB, 1400x2104, got-game-of-thrones-30909250-1…)

based connoisseurs
cringe and basic

No. 216579

File: 1639055559800.jpeg (2.25 MB, 4250x2825, 862B5436-4660-456D-82DF-7529B8…)

since we’re doing our GoT crushes…

No. 216613

File: 1639070660591.jpeg (15.63 KB, 512x184, 50206F57-F4FF-442D-BADF-6BC2A2…)

I don’t even know where I belong.
I’m too far gone.

No. 216621

Nonnies like you will always have a special place in my heart

No. 216622

It's the voice isn't it.

No. 216633

Tf is that even

No. 216639

Kitt from knight rider. He’s a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, and a hot piece of ass.

No. 216641

Oh ok, I thought it was a goofy looking robot sticking its tongue out

No. 216700

File: 1639089176473.jpg (1.13 MB, 1285x1863, Alfie_Allen_by_Gage_Skidmore_2…)

For me it's Theon. It makes me sad to think he never had sex again after Ramsay cut his dick off, he's much sexier than Jon or Robb too

No. 216703

how do you fuck the car

No. 216717

File: 1639094418319.jpg (57.72 KB, 640x360, irircfe5-640.jpg)

not the character obviously

No. 216736

very slowly

No. 216738

File: 1639107345075.gif (482.39 KB, 494x247, 1985460C-D6F5-4B85-ACC4-932D27…)

justin hawkins from the darkness. i had the biggest crush on him as a kid, especially in this music video.

he’s also aged wonderfully and i would still shag him

No. 216739

your taste is IMPECCABLE anon

No. 216740

Isn’t he like 12 tho? Jojen is ew

No. 216742

He was fucking 24 when filming GOT

No. 216745

File: 1639115318591.jpeg (56.32 KB, 316x469, BB532F9C-AFFA-46CA-A851-68EE63…)

Bronn anyone?

I know the actor is fug but there’s something about him. If Game of Thrones was good for one thing, it was god tier husbandos.

No. 216752

A guy I dated briefly in highschool looked like him but a bit uglier. All I could think about when I watched that mv.

No. 216842

File: 1639189083024.gif (1.72 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

No. 216844

File: 1639190247058.png (476.34 KB, 602x630, 1639079314250.png)

Only looks, i would kill him if i had the chance

No. 216855

File: 1639198537880.jpg (22.92 KB, 480x300, matt_hancock.jpg)

im so ashamed but i just find him really cute for some reason

No. 216860

Who dis

No. 216910

File: 1639238495384.jpg (91.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 216943

File: 1639255792813.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1387, 7546BC46-CC68-4EFB-A1BD-04AFF1…)

Ой так нравится ммм долбиться в задницу

No. 216952

Don't be sorry, Nonnie

No. 216960

My love is pure
Kit doesn’t have a stick shift or a handbrake, so if you can’t get off to his silky smooth british computer voice like anyone would, you’d have to make do with the steering wheel, or go down a really bumpy mountain road at night. Personally, I’d sit on the hood while that delicious 5.0L V8 165hp chevvy engine roars and get absolutely third degree burned but we are devolving into embarrassing fetish thread material so i will stop here

No. 216966

Same but with hunter schafer. I would commission a clone to be raised without the delusions.

No. 216974

File: 1639271448385.jpg (71 KB, 1030x615, jack-1030x615.jpg)

Matt Dillon in The House That Jack Built ♥

No. 217033

Thought he had a Spock haircut until I realised it was a hat kek.

No. 217043

i sometimes get horny listening to him talk on cumtown tbh

No. 217060

you should watch titane (2021)

No. 217087

I watched this recently when I was horny and thought the same thing, made me feel icky since the movie gets progressively more fucked up though

No. 217088

File: 1639339926130.jpg (17.04 KB, 282x406, 56bac8ceb534cda8a1430779cbb85a…)

lmao anon I used to have a crush on him in that video too. I loved glam rock men like picrel

No. 217108

File: 1639342532140.jpeg (86.71 KB, 770x770, 2ce85b6d444f73a10f0c54a65ef955…)

sucks that he actually could be cute if he wasn't a raging sperg. listening to him talk on the podcast ruins it though since he sounds like an absolute nightmare to be around

No. 217155

File: 1639374549014.gif (3.06 MB, 540x400, bo.gif)

Bo Burnham went from the annoying spergy twerp who looked like he could be an alternative casting choice for Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory, to a disgusting sweaty hairy towering giant that I want to climb. I am ashamed to be so horny for this 4/10 unkempt moid.

No. 217158

File: 1639381336832.jpg (278.45 KB, 1200x900, IMG_3456.jpg)

There's something powerful and terrifying about bald men who don't shave their sides. Like they have nothing left to lose and could snap and kill me at any moment. Well half of them. The other half look like pedophiles.

No. 217160

He was posted on the other thread, you didn't have to trash him like this kek

No. 217167

I'm sorry, NOW is the time you find him attractive? not when he was actually decent looking for a man?

No. 217174

File: 1639397244996.gif (3.45 MB, 540x233, tumblr_81399c19ad26df0196e11e5…)

nta but he was so cute in Promising Young Woman

No. 217188

File: 1639408201017.jpeg (461.13 KB, 828x837, ADA7A299-9AFE-422A-B3B7-EE1EC5…)

I used to have the biggest crush on Gary from bully

No. 217267

File: 1639434808406.jpg (242.98 KB, 1200x1600, Mr-Gold-rumpelstiltskin-mr-gol…)

the nonnas in the celebricow thread talking about once upon a time reminded me how bad I wanted to fuck him

No. 217349

Same, he'd make the perfect bratty sub

No. 217356

File: 1639479746417.jpg (188.76 KB, 1200x900, EswUsgtU0AMr9Re.jpg)

I hate how hot he is to me

No. 217462

File: 1639520127401.jpg (66.39 KB, 960x640, travis.jpg)

As a GNC bi, Joe Exotic's husbands are both trashy style goals and gross hookup goals. Too bad I'm a bong and we don't have hicks over here.


No. 217463

File: 1639520201498.png (427.31 KB, 429x443, dillon.png)

Dillon too.

No. 217466

what about chavs, are chavs still a thing

No. 217484


that's the thing… he was never decent-looking, nonna. the more of that no-lip twerpy face obscured the better ig

No. 217488

File: 1639530182709.jpg (402.67 KB, 1200x1523, 7VBw7ti.jpg)

I have found my worst one yet. But only in picrel and a couple of other portraits, he is too ugly in the other ones.

No. 217493

That's a first. How come?

No. 217500

Lol I read an article about the Habsburg inbreeding and that painting was in it and my first impression was that he looks pretty good (considering his background.) After that I looked up more paintings and he looks terrible in most (unsurprisingly).

But then I read a lot about his life and health issues and found it very intriguing. Obviously most of it is really unappealing, especially if you read his autopsy record. But there is conflicting information about his mental deficiencies, and according to some sources he was depressed and was generally oppressed by his very authoritative mother that made his mental issues seem worse. But he seemed to have really cared for his first wife and was devastated when she died.

His character seems really melancholy to me which I find interesting. I write short stories and have a tendency to write about frail/sickly/depressed characters and he reminds me of that. In reality, he probably looked much worse than his best portraits and his issues that came from the generations of inbreeding were beyond what anyone could find attractive, especially if you couple that with the fact that he may have been as mentally deficient as some sources suggest. But that and some other portraits are kinda cute, lol

No. 217502

It's Repzion, a YouTuber known for calling out Onision, he even has a thread on /snow/

Off topic but that tiger cub is so cute, I want to snuggle it

No. 217523

man is trying so hard to stand out KEK like you fucking weak little faggot you’re the same slimey little hollywood shill as the rest, nothing you do will be inventive

No. 217536

yeah I don't get anons fawning over this guy like he's so much more special and understanding than every other gross b-list male celeb out there

No. 217584

Good taste, anon. When Tiger King came out, I posted about Travis in these threads.

Although as a burger, I can tell you that an overwhelming majority of hicks are straight up repulsive and don’t even have that oddly hot factor that Travis had.

No. 217603

File: 1639593740841.jpg (249.18 KB, 1280x720, 903605.jpg)

Oh no
I blame the voice

No. 217617

Check out that DRIP tho

No. 217629

made me laugh out loud nonnie

No. 217644

File: 1639607270046.jpg (10.56 KB, 236x236, techie.jpg)

Ok hear me out - I know that Domhnall Gleeson is a pretty attractive guy now, but I was the most attracted to him when he was the techie guy in Dredd. I can fix him (and put some shampoo on that greasy head in the shower)

No. 217673


Except I posted him to this thread specifically because he's a basic slimy little worm. I don't think he's special or cool I just want to bonk his nasty ass.

No. 217674


This is what I imagine 40yo british methheads who were big in the 90s cyber rave scene look like

No. 217681

some of you guys will just accept anything huh

No. 217703

File: 1639638056253.jpeg (409.04 KB, 3840x2160, D081EE02-6275-4E71-849F-F9ED61…)

Hard agree.

No. 217710

calm down tinfoiltard

No. 217724

pretty sure it's a dude

No. 217760

learn to read

No. 217765

i am sorry for the intensity of this post but i need someone to put me out of my misery. i had a wet dream about joshua moon and i am shocked and appalled because of all of my conventional and unconventional attractions i cannot fathom why my brain would choose joshua fucking moon. i have dreams where i am actively having sex with someone like twice a year and my brain chose him last night. i need guidance. i'm losing my mind. i can't listen to his streams for a month minimum as penance, to keep this from happening again. i dont even have the mental fortitude to google his face to post a picture along with this confession as would generally be expected in this thread because of the sheer amount of shame i am experiencing.

No. 217771

File: 1639676720286.jpg (47.87 KB, 728x410, movie-the-usual-suspects-kevin…)

I found him attractive before the allegations. I liked his intense eyes and the element of danger to them. Smarter than he lets on, stealthy and sort of tense like he is repressing his energy. I’ve found gay/bi men to have sex appeal in spades. Turns out that hot sexual energy was the narc charisma/glare and the insatiable sexual appetite of a molester

No. 217773

File: 1639677995725.jpg (22.83 KB, 285x400, FREDDIE-MERCURY-QUEEN-SEXY-vin…)


No. 217776

Null a cute. I'm actually jealous, sounds like a fun dream.

No. 217778

File: 1639678509005.gif (999.15 KB, 267x200, 200.gif)

prince- another hot slutty talented little thing

No. 217779

File: 1639679381968.jpg (44.15 KB, 640x480, IMG_6029.JPG)

Is Charlie unconventional? He's my biggest 3D crush.

No. 217780

What’s unconventional about these two? they were two of the biggest male sex symbols of their era

No. 217782

nothing actually but I'm gonna get a ton of shit if I post them in the conventional thread nitpicking their teeth/height. Even mads mikkelsen gets booed out of that thread

No. 217785

File: 1639682023837.jpg (31.49 KB, 720x540, 6b78f9592debed4c.jpg)

I will admit, I think Ben Shapiro is so cute. I wanna fugg.

No. 217795

He's so cute. I loved the scenes between him and Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses.

No. 217809

pls anon i thought i was the only one…

No. 217813

Just try not to get wet, he will think you have an infection.

No. 217817

>Even mads mikkelsen gets booed out of that thread

Because he's middle aged.

No. 217825

Most of the male characters on IASIP have been posted here a lot. But I agree. Early seasons Charlie was a qt.

No. 217837

File: 1639692162761.jpg (647.42 KB, 1366x2048, whew lad.jpg)

David Thewlis AKA Professor Lupin from Harry Potter is 58 and still hot. He's one of the two boomers I know I'd fuck, the other one is Gerri from Succession.

No. 217845

He looks like a frog that's why

No. 217863

File: 1639704939118.png (473.87 KB, 701x526, 7D9B82ED-D621-4E62-8C3E-88E58D…)

It was so fun but it was so vivid, more vivid than most of my other dreams and especially my wet dreams, it freaked me the fuck out. His laugh is embedded in my brain and i remember looking in his very very blue eyes it was so crazy i feel like i need to do like 50 hail marys though why do i feel so dirty about a really intense intimate dream with a guy i will never interact with. i miss null talking about his birds. including a picture this time so my lunacy is easier to spot and more people can mock me

No. 217864

Come on nonnie, give us the play by play, in detail.

No. 217865

haha aww nonnie, enjoy your dream!! just know that real null would probably strangle you to death over chicken nuggies or something

No. 217866

>would probably strangle you to death over chicken nuggies or something

No. 217868

i'd fuck him and justin trudeau and macron

No. 217869

he looks like a marshmallow to me i am incapable of thinking of him committing any physical act of violence. squishy baby marshmallow man who can’t say the word ever. this is fine

No. 217872

>>217863 Share the details nonnie, for us fellow null simps women of culture

No. 217873

File: 1639708022458.jpeg (75.69 KB, 600x709, tumblr_n4axdyIwq41qjro8fo1_640…)

Is it bad that I think Arin Hanson was kinda cute when he was younger

No. 217876

How did they not get cancelled for the shnazi uniform?

No. 217878

Early Sunny was wild.

No. 217882

Because it was 2005 and nobody gave a shit, anon.

No. 217883

Man the fucking delusion and ignorance, dude.

No. 217885

File: 1639711427709.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x300, head-rip.jpg)

The car was voiced by this guy lol, the principal from "Boy Meets World".

No. 217886

it feels too intimate and personal to share like im violating imaginary nulls trust and privacy. if i hadnt looked into his eyes it probably wouldve registered in my brain differently but being on him like that and staring into his pretty blue eyes just made it that much weirder. i also only remember bits and pieces of it anyway, but looking at him especially is burned into my mind.

No. 217887

>being on him like that and staring into his pretty blue eyes
Ahh sounds nice

No. 217888

Damn, I'm jelly, you're lucky anon.

No. 217889

I wonder if Null ever reads posts like these and what he thinks.

No. 217899

Late but it's Chris Broad from the Abroad in Japan channel

No. 217903

I want to kill myself sm cause i'm into this

No. 217908

yeah age 40 seems to be the expiration date for "attractiveness" in those threads, if not earlier, like 30-35

No. 217949

god i wish that were me

No. 217953

Isn't it because of this thread? A few people here expressed his attraction to him, you read it and subconsciously began to associate him with attractiveness and then voila, the dream.

No. 217955

Poor soul, I wish I had taken care of him and backstabbed his cruel mother.

No. 217962

And what's wrong with that?

No. 217963

me too, anon. me too

No. 217987

no i already had an unironic attraction towards him before i saw anyone else post in this thread about him, and i personally posted about him several months ago. I also havent checked this thread in a couple months prior. i wasn't listening to his streams or anything while i was falling asleep, he's not someone i actively think about, there are people i find more attractive. it was an insanely weird choice for my brain to make everything considered
hes a shy boy he can hardly handle jokes about his own lolcows wanting to fuck him i dont think he would ever want to acknowledge his genuine 'fangirl' farmers. but i'd be happy if he proved me wrong.

also i just want to add that this was not at all the reaction i was expecting i didnt think there were so many other women into null, but now i know i have even less reason to be ashamed so thank you nonnies. still really weird and i dont know why it happened! but maybe it was a blessing and not a curse

No. 218015

It was a blessing, now bless us all with cute Null dreams, Allah willing.

No. 218068

deserved men age like milk

No. 218075

i think girls are liking him because he’s the only person talking some SENSE! like a real man!

No. 218076

File: 1639797458017.jpg (396.53 KB, 1684x1420, 163976459698.jpg)

sometimes i can't tell if you nonas are joking or if null is furiously self-posting

No. 218078

no i’m not him. but like i’m serious about my hypothesis at to why so many girls are getting hot for him. also, that shit’s like wayyyy old - like when he was 16 or something. he’s a grown MAN now! living in YUGOSLAVIA!

No. 218079

*as to why

No. 218080

scrotes like him rarely change anon

No. 218083

>mommy issues
Stop, you’re just making him hotter

No. 218085

but you can’t live life thinking that about everyone! what’s the point in living if all you do is assume the worst and that nobody ever becomes better? you have to have some sort of faith (whether it be humanity, religion, or even just your own reasoning system) to stay sane dawg!

No. 218086

File: 1639798970287.jpg (45.64 KB, 978x241, 129048345936874.jpg)

You forgot to include the best one. What he's saying makes him look a bit retarded but it's way too cute to me for some reason.

No. 218087

Hnmnggg what the fuck that’s so cute

No. 218088

that is literally adorable i think

No. 218089

well i did say 'like him' in particular, not everyone. but have fun waking up in a ditch someday nonnerella..

No. 218091

well okay i meant everyone as in “scrotes like him,” but also that stuff was a while ago and his streams are funny and he sounds cute, so who really even cares?

No. 218095

Null is fat, ugly and i wouldn't fuck him

No. 218116

Now you all have got me thinking about raping Null and making him call me mommy.

No. 218122

you bitches should know way better than to ever entertain distasteful intrusive thoughts of diddling obese muffin man, j—-a m–n, let alone to actually go semi-public with these. this is the shit that goes with you to your grave

No. 218125

I love what I did to this thread. null hates trannies, porn, and knows that not alienating women is key to success. the bar could not be lower but here i am wetter than ever. it’s not too complicated.
i don’t think null would have the desire to self post here let alone have the capacity to self post about how attractive he is. i think he thinks he’s gross currently because of weight gain from how he talks about it. id still fuck him tbh

No. 218131

Null is anti porn?

I still wouldn't have sex him.

No. 218133

No. 218134

I bet he's only against it because of limp dick from jerking off too much

No. 218143

I’d be his abusive girlfriend that bullies him into being hotter if there was something in it for me

No. 218157

When men are against porn 9/10 times it's either because of bro productivity reasons (can't hustle when you're thinking of beating your dick all day) or because they got a baby daughter and suddenly realize women (and unfortunately girls) in porn are human or because they're religious. None of them desirable reasons.

No. 218158

that last one isn't a thing for them

No. 218167

how is owning kiwifarms changing? you know how kiwitards are and I doubt null is any different. i haven't been obsessively watching his posts, since I have better shit to do. What I know is that kiwifarms is a cesspool of misogyny and not that long ago Null was whining about not getting a trad waifu. Go figure.
God, that's pathetic. Does anyone have the pic of him admitting being into shotacon? Wonder if he still faps to that crap
Based, love when anons use kiwitards' retarded memes against them
Is there even a proof of him being antiporn? Curious what he has to say on that topic. No, I still wouldn't find farmers' obsession with fucking him any less cringe/gross

No. 218178

ahh wtf that's so cute…nonnies I can fix him…..
he is anti porn, I've heard him criticize the over sexualisation of media multiple time on stream, shame it's wasted on his braindead coomer audience

No. 218183

File: 1639837481779.jpeg (173.53 KB, 890x890, 1E6AB867-5DBA-406D-9829-47B350…)

this pic kinda changed me

No. 218184

I always thought he was an annoying douche until I started watching his yt videos I'm in love

No. 218185

Doesn't he have retarded, conservative outlook on life? Genuine question.

No. 218202

he looks like ethan klein in the second pic

No. 218219

File: 1639855180761.jpg (63.29 KB, 844x620, col.jpg)

Young Peter Falk in Columbo is perfection.

So charismatic, bold, smart and sassy.

No. 218225

His criticisms of the current administration are hardly a stretch for most Americans tbh. And his social issues are only as controversial as anyone who refuses to endorse pronoun games. He's a Jewish upper class guy not a redneck kkk member, most of his personal beliefs aren't really far from anyone of his demographic

No. 218229

had an opposite reaction lol. thought he looked okay but the second i heard his voice i wanted to shove him in a locker

No. 218236

File: 1639863847694.png (765.63 KB, 793x534, nathan.png)

young nathan fielder was very cute with this haircut (younger, chubby nathan fielder was also adorable)
current nathan is deliberately cultivating his creepiness and could no longer get it

No. 218247

File: 1639868684906.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.03 KB, 736x722, 1639848673562.jpg)

No. 218257

he was super cute. too bad he became such a fag about filthy frank

No. 218269

>him admitting being into shotacon
My brain is so broken, this just makes me want him more.

No. 218270

He looks so cute there.
I unironically love his voice. For some reason nasally, nerdy, or somewhat high voices do it for me.

No. 218273

what's with so many anons being into pedos

No. 218283

I haven’t kept up with him, has he disavowed Franku?

No. 218306

Many anons are pedophiles themselves
Joji has stated that he never wanted to do filthy frank skits again, as he now was famous enough to be able to live off his music

No. 218322

File: 1639941842514.jpg (136.53 KB, 2207x811, Ramiroylupe1.jpg)

I know this is bottom of the barrel but Lupe(right) and Ramiro(left) but mostly Lupe. His voice and way of being in motion honestly when "younger" which was really him in his 40s compared to today. The cameraman in their movie really seems to love Lupe's ass. Ramiro is more conventionally attractive especially when his hair was longer and he was younger, but I'm not attracted to tall people in person. Kind of hot but trashy how he fathered 27 kids overall

No. 218345

what do you think about david lynch?

No. 218375

I was ashamed for how much I found repzion sexy but anons openly thirsting after null has abolished my guilt

No. 218409

File: 1640011019965.jpg (47.58 KB, 540x540, tumblr_ee971905fd75fa0da99be8a…)

Chile's new president omg. Posting in this thread because for all I know his politics are awful I just randomly stumbled on these pics of him.

No. 218410

File: 1640011065344.jpg (38.09 KB, 399x399, tumblr_d428c8424a912c0552c328d…)

No. 218415

He looks like a ftm kek

No. 218418

Hmm, didn't think about it but maybe thats why I like him? I'm like a kinsey 4-5 haha

No. 218421

This mf is going to let 14yo teens change their name and sex, i can't believe the globohomo got latam

No. 218456

File: 1640028717637.gif (180.84 KB, 300x100, 1436977127528.gif)

The guy drinking milk on this banner is so hot but I don't know who he is tho. I thought he would fit in this thread cause I dont really know if he counts as conventionally attractive because that /pt/ sign is covering his face. I like his body shape and his smile hnnng

No. 218458

a smelly moid movie called "A Clockwork Orange"

No. 218460

File: 1640029544527.jpeg (24.25 KB, 736x485, https___1428elm.com_wp-content…)

God I Googled him, he's so fucking ugly without the /pt/ sign on his face wtf?, thanks for enlightening me, nonita.

No. 218461

it's worse when you actually watch the film. the character is horrific and makes malcolm mcdowell look 10000000000000000000x more hideous, and he already was not cute

No. 218471

File: 1640035416758.jpg (411.79 KB, 1403x1037, The-Collection-malcolm-mcdowel…)

That movie is a shitfest and I noticed Malcolm actually looks better in literally any setting but this movie while Googling him, is almost as if this degenerate scrote of a character corrupted his looks.

No. 218472

For some reason I didn't know it was Malcolm McDowell in that film, huh. I never watched it.

No. 218477

it is a smelly moid movie, ugh. I tried to convince myself that i enjoyed it as a teenager because I thought I had to to have "good taste", but I never really could

No. 218480

File: 1640038603980.png (1.24 MB, 1320x635, 652386890.png)

No. 218496

is that nail polish or tangerine bits?

No. 218510

File: 1640046746686.jpeg (516.79 KB, 878x871, 21BB94B9-65CB-4629-BCF5-D61E85…)


No. 218514

is that lynch or kyle mclaughlin? if it's lynch himself then damn he looks like kyle there

No. 218520

its Lynch i know that nose

No. 218524

who's the chick though? his gf at the time?

No. 218529

File: 1640058861047.jpg (61.49 KB, 620x413, breaking-bad-408-saul-goodman-…)

Something about him is so attractive to me. I know I shouldn't but I think I could fix him.

No. 218532

I think it’s isabella rossellini

No. 218536

File: 1640061234621.jpeg (27.41 KB, 610x503, 5E9EA909-22EA-4172-BAFF-24048C…)

I had a sex dream about him last night

No. 218541

File: 1640063473223.jpg (23.23 KB, 310x410, jwlciquqwe.jpg)

looked up pics of him younger because I only know him as a crusty old man and hey, he was a looker back in the day

No. 218543

File: 1640063946938.jpg (508.32 KB, 1280x1920, 20200408-saul-08.jpg)

Hell yeah nonna, several of us have a thing for Saul. Posted this in the last thread but here it is again for our viewing pleasure. Since he refuses to give up on anything he sets his mind to, guarantee he would be an amazing lover.

No. 218576

File: 1640089799717.png (792.94 KB, 618x937, 1832489036578.png)

He is so fucking hot it's retarded, his hands in this photo make me weak, and the ring… I'm just… he's so hot Nona's I can't stand it

No. 218579

File: 1640091071121.png (921.28 KB, 1005x617, 19365908234890.png)

I was torn between posting this photo or the one above so I thought I'd post both. He's so cute his face is like a painting, and I'm not usually one to care about men's fashion but his outfits are always so good and make him look so fucking hot, I want to know if he chooses them himself or someone else does. I've never had such affection for some random old scrote I stg I would cut off my right arm just to sit on his lap lol

No. 218600

I will never forgive jordan peterson for what he did to an entire generation of men

No. 218601

File: 1640103701828.png (1.71 MB, 1280x1306, 3634F84D-173C-4A30-80FF-FF7528…)

Incredibly based, he’s disgusting on succession.
Something about the awful facial hair does it for me. He looks like some kind of homophobic redditor.

No. 218609

File: 1640109044373.jpeg (50.34 KB, 684x558, 0C4786ED-F4F8-475C-ADB9-3D91EF…)

bruhhhh why do i wanna fuck anthony fantano so bad kek i used to hate him for years and refused to watch his videos but he kept getting recommended lately so i gave it a go and he got me HORNY horny wtfff

No. 218617

File: 1640111653025.jpeg (63.54 KB, 780x438, 02C54D62-2857-4ECE-8D50-9DE0CC…)

i was obsessed with that movie and book in my teens. i had a huge crush on malcolm macdowell too kek his character is awful but he played it so well and he was weirdly cute imo

No. 218619

I think I’m fucked in the head bc I always found him attractive and even though the movie is very violent and sexually fueled still. Idk something about him does it for me.

No. 218666

File: 1640128440449.jpeg (43.98 KB, 800x600, 8A6DF32F-FC29-4359-A53B-293E9D…)

No. 218670

Is there an unconventional/unpopular cartoon husbando thread?

No. 218671

I want to hate fuck Ben Shapiro.

No. 218674

Well they are both of the same tribe. But Ethan is fat and hairy and I don’t like curly hair.

No. 218676

The hornyposting husbando thread on here is nice and has people talking about wanting to fuck all sorts of characters.

No. 218740

File: 1640167724544.jpg (69.48 KB, 600x600, tumblr_c3dadac01badb90024e2979…)

President of Chile sexy

No. 218840

File: 1640208901799.jpeg (141.58 KB, 1024x1035, 3AD2A859-04D2-4C10-9FFC-B0223F…)

zoltan kocsis the hungarian pianist

No. 218842

Idk i only see bishies and generic anime/videogame guys being posted there

No. 218843

with the exception of Spamton lol

No. 218848

And the ice age ferret

No. 218849

and several furries

No. 218853

File: 1640212888916.jpg (59.36 KB, 640x493, 681.jpg)

>ben shapiro agrees to fuck you but only if it's in a threesome with him and jordan peterson

Would you?

No. 218854

Anon’s literally talking about wanting to fuck a talking car in there. I would love to talk with you about unconventional cartoon characters.

No. 218855

I think I would. I don’t find Peterson unattractive, and if it means I get to absolutely ravage Ben.

No. 218856

what about those who want to fuck peterson but not benny

No. 218857

In this threesome everyone would have to fuck each other, meaning you'd have to watch Peterson and Ben fucking.

No. 218858

Honestly I feel kind of ashamed of posting there, most characters in that thread are very hot and some of my husbandos are very…. questionable looks wise, i don't want to stand out too much

No. 218859

>>209881 will have your back nonny, we salute you

No. 218860

I am behind you 100%. I’m not into bishies and I’m probably attracted to the same characters you are. I should post some more Dan Vs. or Villainous thirsting in there.

No. 218863

I'll have your back too, anon. You might even convince me of posting my own cartoony/unconventional husbandos there.

based grandpa fucker

No. 218880

File: 1640224528971.jpg (53.47 KB, 578x800, 4702eaafef8d78d81ad377fe8548c0…)

wow he was really freaking cute. Thanks for sharing

No. 218888

File: 1640226689612.jpg (295.37 KB, 1000x563, car-seat-headrest-will-toledo1…)

Has he been posted here? Was obsessed with this gay furry twink nerd. His songs make me feel like a horny feral teenager

No. 218896

gross. go to hell.

No. 218899

File: 1640235855204.jpeg (331.87 KB, 1280x720, ACE81773-73F1-481A-AC0E-08FAA2…)

TFW no tall retarded French Canadian bf who will whisper sweet nothings about J seeking his fortune and Henry Averies (1994) in your ear as you watch Master Chef

No. 218901

kind of like brunette evan peters

No. 218903

File: 1640239595201.jpg (769.66 KB, 2000x3000, GettyImages-1006158592.jpg)

Genuinely ashamed that I'm so attracted to this very mainstream stereotypically hot guy. It only makes it worse that he's rumored to be a pedo (I'm only attracted to him looks-wise)

But god, every time I see him my body starts doing things

No. 218908

Ugh I know right, I need him. The dreams where we're snuggling and playing vidya aren't enough. I need to see this man naked and I need to see it now.

No. 218909

Ew no. I just want to dom Ben.

No. 218911

File: 1640245055140.jpg (13.36 KB, 235x274, 64edb5b24f8926f1109309f19d4ebf…)

nah i get it

im sick of meaning i just wanna HOOLD YOOU

No. 218913

File: 1640245434220.jpg (18.21 KB, 480x320, terror_102_am_1114_0070-rt.jpg)

Mr Hickey, get out of this thread this instant!

No. 218914

File: 1640245600469.png (552.09 KB, 540x700, tumblr_p9usspiKTo1wx0gc7o1_540…)

Hickey was the absolute best character of a great show and somehow hot as hell.
I once had a sex dream about him when I fell asleep while reading a terror thread on /tv/

No. 218936

His gf is so fucking hot and like twice his size

No. 218939

Listening to this album during my last break up fucked my brain chemistry

No. 218954

i know right. I will never find a malnourished himbo bf like him
pretty sure they broke up

No. 218958

Sorry anon but they've been back together for a while now

No. 218979

oh my b I didn't know, good for them

No. 219000

File: 1640281884387.jpeg (84.79 KB, 750x750, 15B34715-A519-426F-83F8-3E3477…)

Did anyone catch tucker coke rambling at this stupid shit? Tuck comes in around 1:02:00

No. 219015

I love Tom. his videos are so cosy, when I first found his channel I bingewacthed for days. I saw a video recently where he admitted he can't ride a bike and I found the fact strangely cute. good choice!

No. 219017

File: 1640292190524.gif (2.58 MB, 500x270, tumblr_pu0ljlnrpj1snk8roo7_r7_…)

I love this rat. Absolute best performance on The Terror. Speaking of, I have the biggest crush on Collins, it must mostly be his facial hair (I love the muttonchops) because without it his attractiveness diminishes for me. There are so many fuckable guys on the The Terror, I want Collins but I'd also take Jopson, Le Vesconte, Little, Armitage, Tozer, even Crozier.


No. 219019

File: 1640292631762.jpg (1.33 MB, 2000x1333, 181114-chris-watts.jpg)

lolcow is the only place I would ever dream of admitting to this and but Chris Watts. I hate myself, anons.

No. 219031

You should commit

No. 219033

File: 1640296193672.jpg (Spoiler Image,227.21 KB, 596x743, die.jpg)

may your post history be revealed to your family and friends

No. 219037

File: 1640297979183.jpg (72.3 KB, 491x491, mfw.jpg)

Mfw reading this post

No. 219041

File: 1640300157703.jpg (5.16 KB, 168x300, download.jpg)

Null is super cute, but I think he already has a gf that he keeps secret, which is why he rebuffs all advances and is less cringe now and parrots TERF talking points. He also sometimes says "we" when he talks about things he did irl.

No. 219042

i want to peg him

No. 219043

Stop with this psyop shit, that white pillsbury dough pedo will never be cute or wholesome like girl you gotta stop

No. 219046

Hi Admin uwu

No. 219056

File: 1640302441012.jpg (68.41 KB, 460x460, _randyp_gbx_sml.jpg)

i know hes scummy but i have a thing for dorky dad types…

No. 219058

File: 1640302860057.png (120.28 KB, 379x424, image_2021-12-24_003247.png)

for years on an off Ive been obsessed with matt, even if his neck posture is so gross and he always looks like hes about to cry and being so so boney he still got my socks off sooo bad UNTIL I saw him on that stupid maxmoefoe podcast where he behaved like an actual 4 year old the entire time after having 3 drinks…. Im still angry

No. 219060

File: 1640303623870.png (471.63 KB, 442x569, saveme.png)

You love rats and muttonchops? What do you think of this officer?

No. 219061

He looks so greasy

No. 219064

He used to be cute but he looks like an actual heroin addict now. Meanwhile Ryan used to be the shlubby one, but now has gotten better looking.

No. 219071

looks like a ftm

No. 219073

File: 1640307676045.jpg (148.93 KB, 640x853, 1640131929133.jpg)

Sometimes I like to go to /soc/ and save pictures of insecure boys I think are cute from the rate threads.

No. 219075

File: 1640307896189.jpg (929.25 KB, 1371x3046, 1640134121430.jpg)

No. 219077

File: 1640308099017.jpg (80 KB, 359x466, 1640118172626.jpg)

These are my latest findings.

No. 219079

So, this is what the average 4chan user looks like…

No. 219081

i could fix him
no one could fix these

No. 219085

If he cleaned up his skin, he’d look cute. He also has really nice hair. Seems like a chill guy.
I had an ex that looked like this guy. Cute. There’s something about his facial expression that puts me off, though.
Pretty cute. Looks a little shy.

Overall, a lot better than what I would expect from 4chan of all places. I don’t really see the reason why these guys feel the need to ask internet strangers to rate them (especially because I’ve noticed other guys are usually pretty shit at determining how attractive you are to the other sex).

No. 219086

I don't even find him attractive, but for some reason I really really want to dom him so hard. There's something in his voice that makes me want to hear him begging me for mercy.

No. 219087

No. 219089

so true nonna

No. 219090

i like both the old look and heroin look tbh

No. 219093

>insecure boys
You wish.

No. 219095

As a Richard Ramirez-fag, you're horrible.

No. 219104

File: 1640312908585.jpeg (41.39 KB, 310x475, 2288F471-9DE2-436C-8B33-BAE363…)

I still hate how attractive I have found David Walliams and it increased after reading his biography because I learned how sad and broken he is and it gives me the feeling like I can fix him.

No. 219110

No. 219111

File: 1640316660553.jpg (47.7 KB, 600x800, mmmalik.jpg)

No. 219115

File: 1640317582494.jpg (58.25 KB, 600x600, jpegmafia-interview-05.jpg)

No. 219119

File: 1640322287658.jpg (9.23 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

I'm sorry

No. 219121

File: 1640324888696.gif (Spoiler Image,14.19 MB, 540x386, 3eceb88194.gif)

Another woman of culture, now I have an excuse to post these

No. 219122

File: 1640325395214.gif (Spoiler Image,15.05 MB, 540x386, 95c890a9bb.gif)

No. 219123

File: 1640325873856.gif (Spoiler Image,6.86 MB, 607x312, rami-malek-need-for-speed-01.g…)


No. 219125

File: 1640326260648.gif (Spoiler Image,3.03 MB, 186x291, rami-malek-need-for-speed-02.g…)

No. 219126

File: 1640326532947.gif (Spoiler Image,3.23 MB, 258x314, rami-malek-need-for-speed-03.g…)

I have more but I'll stop for now. unless..

No. 219137

Hall & Oates, a lot of people seemed to think Hall was the hotter one. But Oates was more attractive by far. Hall looks like a neanderthal. I hate facial hair, and tbh, I don't really find Oates that attractive. But, I just for the life of me can't see how Hall could ever been seen as hot.

Hall is the blond one. (newfaggotry)

No. 219138


No. 219140

File: 1640344010394.jpg (2.85 MB, 3000x4000, 1631224345077.jpg)

same. picrel is really cute to me but the gist of his presentation was something like "depressed weeb neet" which in my head automatically translates to pedophile (when applied to channer men)

No. 219142

I liked him until I saw his phone cover

No. 219143

I LOVED him in Se7en, such a good movie in terms of sets. The movie itself moved too slowly. Tbh, like I was agreeing with him until he mentioned pride. And you know, it's like, I'm sorry you're ugly, but if you had my face, you'd be vain too. I don't know why everyone hates vanity so much.

No. 219147

no, the bad skin adds to his charm

No. 219148

another rapist? gj lolcow

No. 219149

future troon

No. 219150

anon I lov him too

No. 219151

No. 219152

File: 1640349334648.jpeg (70.85 KB, 1280x720, AC70421D-AAC0-4B2D-994A-DACE1C…)

chubby paul dano in love & mercy

No. 219153

File: 1640349725637.jpeg (303.63 KB, 960x500, 9B436DB1-77CF-4764-A309-C53F2A…)

since you mentioned /tv/ the terror/chernobyl threads were the only ones i ever liked posting in on that board since there was clearly a higher femanon presence in those

i remember the peak of hickeylust. one kind anon even drew hickey erotica for us
in conclusion adam nagaitis is cute as fuck

No. 219156

File: 1640350679998.jpg (243.61 KB, 1744x1424, göbbelz.jpg)

i hope my future husband will be as accomplished as he was <3

No. 219157

Omg yes Paul Dano was sooooo adorable in little miss sunshine. He's got Bo Burnham vibes

No. 219158

File: 1640352203366.gif (6.99 MB, 430x346, 5C8DA6FB-9FAA-4FFE-8536-68D4CE…)

you’re right, there’s something specifically about chubby brian wilson paul dano that really gets me tho.

idk why because i normally only like skinny guys. he looks cute and cuddly

No. 219167

File: 1640357080008.jpeg (168.03 KB, 634x1028, FC913687-8105-4265-A046-F88036…)

samefag for cute belly

No. 219171

File: 1640360818851.jpg (78.85 KB, 563x1003, ae47ca0cbaa3901d76a623ec953b84…)

I am not ashamed. way better characters than the protagonists btw
I also want to dominate lucious malfoy but I believe thats conventional

No. 219178

the guy looks like donald trump kek

No. 219204

Holy shit this post, I’m crying.

No. 219205

File: 1640374674410.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.35 KB, 806x404, the-fly-1986-21514394.jpg)

Yes I'm into him throughout his whole transformation

No. 219215

Details?? I only listen to his music sometimes and don't know what he did.

No. 219216

File: 1640378717125.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.46 KB, 1125x2436, a20xi6z75kq51[1].jpg)

sorry to samefag but the rape allegations were a story by some 4chan troll, unless there was something new? Spoiling image because it's not relevant to the thread.

No. 219217

Top right is literally just jim carrey

No. 219224

Indeed, I can see what you mean

No. 219237

Based. They would be fun in a threesome.

No. 219240

Nona please this is too much

No. 219328

what the fuck

this is the christmas present i didn't ask for kek

fun fact: he auditioned for the role of ian malcom in jurassic park. i wonder if my rubbery hubby auditioned for any other roles that were given to goldblum

No. 219329

File: 1640449654110.jpg (295.53 KB, 752x1128, 20140419113054.jpg)

old photo of my gamedev attraction Lucas Pope

No. 219361

File: 1640473309938.jpg (183.83 KB, 681x383, Alfred-Molina-Doctor-Octopus-S…)

No. 219367

File: 1640475803404.jpg (195.29 KB, 1320x743, 16075102827799.jpg)

He's so hot, i wonder what those tentacles can do repost cause i forgot to attach picrel

No. 219387

No. 219395

File: 1640493575174.jpeg (65.19 KB, 680x680, EEA47D35-6D84-438D-A5BB-419171…)

yes yes yes yes andrew garfield baby

No. 219396

File: 1640494113589.jpg (71.58 KB, 648x960, Georgemckay.jpg)

he looks like the cow from the barnyard but i can't deny that i want to fuck him.

No. 219401

I couldn't stop staring at him during the new movie. I would never admit this to anyone other than here. Time to re-watch the original trilogy.

No. 219403

He kinda looks like Oney, or he just reminds me of him i guess

No. 219410

File: 1640511801029.jpeg (33.7 KB, 739x415, 2FF0AFF9-1F76-49DB-BD7A-135082…)

I’ve watched tones of oneyplays and never bothered looking up his face but goddamn, this is what he looked/looks like? Why do I have a crush on a fucking newgrounds OG now?

No. 219412

File: 1640518260510.png (1.25 MB, 1194x800, chirs.png)

he hasn't aged very nicely
I'd still shamelessly fug him tho, he very funny and cute boi

No. 219420

File: 1640521162140.jpeg (23.02 KB, 738x416, 16664548-FF7D-4A28-8DD4-4DAE9B…)

No. 219452

chris is such a fucked up giant but that's why i love him. goblin king zach could get it too tbh

No. 219458

File: 1640534204491.png (165.03 KB, 261x455, nncVu1d_NDClw86pCVF1ArOM9zq0mc…)

I'll never get to squeeze his giant soft but strong ape hands…
I'll never chill on a couch while he and zach play and make me die laughing…
why live?

No. 219474

never a dull moment with those two. real life is too painful nona

No. 219477

I get this one, and I'd also fuck the shit out of Willem Dafoe

honestly I never would've guessed he's 38

No. 219514

File: 1640556881434.png (577.04 KB, 745x1036, 66747A20-F99B-468F-BCCA-35EBEA…)

Zach is my #1. I love that little rat so much. But Chris is super qt. The way he always sexually harasses Jeff so devilishly makes me blush. Jeff can also get it.

No. 220269

File: 1640843514886.jpeg (744.83 KB, 750x937, D986320F-EF4A-4784-92CE-56EE84…)

you know what…

No. 220271

idk who this is but he looks like he's about to ask if I have any games on my phone

No. 220282

Twomad, some streamer who films himself acting retarded in public and loves antagonizing kpop fans

No. 220292

File: 1640864351633.jpg (86.96 KB, 1080x594, r3i7fuqpp0541.jpg)

have some self respect nonna, I'm concerned.
at least joji could sperg in a masculine way and didn't have moobs

No. 220293

No i don't know actually

No. 220296

lmao, why is this so funny, thank you for the kek nonnie

now that's a bold opinion!

No. 220345

File: 1640883910249.jpg (2.01 MB, 2655x1561, jack-quaid.jpg)

Idk what it is but guys with weird noses get me.
Jack Quaid & Joshua Jackson are top tier for me

No. 220351

Who is this?

No. 220353

Nta but I tried reverse searching the gif and it led me to some rapper named "bbnos"

No. 220360

Get off lolcow, Florence

No. 220606

File: 1641016507561.jpg (20.49 KB, 450x450, 41K0JBt SqL._AC_SY450_.jpg)

my god was he sexy

No. 220614

File: 1641022902336.gif (13.92 MB, 540x540, B50AA0CE-E786-4428-9D8C-B5A894…)

god he hit the wall hard

but i would peg him in the late 60s early 70s

No. 220621

theres a particular reason why i chose that photo, like lennon at 40 was peak sexy. he has such an old mans face imo he just needed to grow into it. hes kinda like a gets hotter with age case

No. 220631

Good joke, made me burst out of laughter

No. 220632

He might look good, but I bet that if you somehow teleported him into present he would be just your run of the mill Incel with massive Reddit retardation and complete lack of world understanding. But he could write you some poems about monsters tho.

No. 220647

hard disagree, lennon was objectively a feminist post-yoko, he wrote that entire 'woman is the nigger of the world' song and hmm, idk, seems to get the world. he hit women tho, but not in a sexist way imho

No. 220661

Stop baiting

No. 220672

File: 1641059246966.jpg (711.16 KB, 904x1322, Screenshot_20220101-124530_Fir…)

I love him, his huge schnozz, and his weird gangly proportions.

No. 220681

ewwww wtf nonnie

No. 220682

i agree, it's wtf to post him in the unconventional thread when he's objectively hot

No. 220688

File: 1641063515750.png (517.49 KB, 566x654, ted-kaczynski.png)

Not even that ashamed, he was genuinely cute when he was younger.

No. 220689

File: 1641064930821.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1200x1068, 5F1AD942-E9D9-40E3-9619-9D7764…)

Lol yea

No. 220710

File: 1641071140761.png (911.18 KB, 1104x619, 98586D5F-CAEC-409B-8264-6AED9B…)

that artwork is too flattering imo. he was a bit homely but very distinct looking, like an aristocratic fairy prince. but he aged like most anglo men did (badly)
chris watts is literally posted in this thread i think lennon is not controversial in the least

No. 220727

Too bad he was always a giant sperg

No. 220849

File: 1641142609127.jpeg (66.81 KB, 1280x523, 0F97028E-07EF-462C-8DD6-B07C71…)

paul dano fag checking back in to say there will be blood dano is top tier and highly fuckable

No. 220878

Absolutely agreed. That said I can't for the life of me understand why I find him so cute.

No. 220941

File: 1641205248349.png (171.27 KB, 468x342, fatherdougal.png)

maybe its just his retardation but hes cute

No. 220949

File: 1641210038869.jpg (24.77 KB, 563x428, trrtt.jpg)

I always found his goofy ass to be so cute. But the fact that he's so educated and eloquent behind the character is super endearing.

No. 220958

I find it so funny that James Acaster's girlfriend left him for Mr Bean

No. 221009

Wtf that’s hilarious! I did not know that

No. 221111

File: 1641264559666.jpeg (136.41 KB, 1200x1200, DBC3F667-B721-444F-8965-811ADE…)

eyedress is so cute wtf?

No. 221162

File: 1641285029492.gif (1.42 MB, 250x245, 3723FEC4-8377-42BC-BC80-0152BF…)

I think Michael Shannon is so fucking beautiful. I’ve seen people describe his features as “bug eyed” “old” and “creepy”, but I could care less. I have large eyes myself, so it’s somewhat of a cope in hindsight.

No. 221173

No I understand, especially as he's lost weight and actually shows some intelligence lately he's cute

No. 221206

File: 1641294191410.jpg (142.11 KB, 806x855, unknown.JPG)

listen I hate his stupid fans but he's genuinely so hot

No. 221213

It’s a shame he’s not taller

No. 221270

File: 1641316081103.jpeg (136 KB, 460x394, 047FACCE-FC1B-4F5E-B8F0-DE07F9…)

him <3

No. 221303

File: 1641324976487.gif (494.3 KB, 500x223, 054FC4C8-0580-4116-937A-F532E8…)

Martin Freeman was a cutie pie
Too bad he's a snappy high strung asshole with anger issues

No. 221444

File: 1641371702573.gif (1.7 MB, 500x281, BBF4A693-20F8-40D7-9528-08EEDE…)

His teen heartthrob days did nothing for me, but I can't get enough of Leo as a chubby nerd who gets panic attacks. I only want to see him play losers from now on, shit is hot af

No. 221449

I've never understood how his face shape changed quite so much, he gained weight but it feels like a disproportionate change in the face

No. 221459

he’s so pretentious tho

No. 221469

did you like him in once upon a time in hollywood too then?

No. 221488

It's the Slavic moonface gene, when you're young/skinny you have bishi bone structure because high cheekbones and narrow jaw, but maturing eventually just leads to weight settling on your face. He's looking puffy as hell though so I wonder if he's been drinking/drugging hard the last few years..

No. 221515

There was a Michael Shannon anon in the earlier threads

No. 221533

A fellow sister in arms

No. 221586

that was me!

hey sis, Michael Shannon makes me feral! he's not conventionally good looking but god damn, he is a stunner!

No. 221610

He hasn’t been hot since 2013 but your description of him makes him seem fun to dom at least.

No. 221612

File: 1641421139810.jpeg (110.42 KB, 900x678, 1C563B14-DD90-4B70-9AB6-80421E…)

Bump gore below

No. 221615

File: 1641421513527.jpg (185.59 KB, 1080x1309, dd09c88_8.jpg)

more gore BUMP

No. 221616

hard disagree, he looks so repulsive his face is so bloated, beard looks like pubic hair, hairline all fucked up. he was ugly as a teen too he was like the dollar store river phoenix, does anyone know if he has a medical condition? it looks like he has clinical manifestations of liver cirrhosis

No. 221619

File: 1641422547848.gif (787.88 KB, 446x251, 16421E7D-509D-4284-AC41-4A141B…)

He absolutely is. I see your a woman of culture. I could get lost staring into his eyes.

No. 221652

he looks like colonel sanders what the fuck

No. 221685

File: 1641440847674.png (464.66 KB, 800x444, 85248217-officespace06tf3.png)

I want to FUCK Michael Bolton from Office Space. And peg him, why not.

Dunno who this is but I see the appeal

No. 221708

File: 1641451121124.jpeg (77.66 KB, 1024x813, 4364925E-3281-4547-8F23-8F289F…)

this but with ron livingston in that movie

No. 221722

Agreed. I remember thinking he was really cute when I watched Office Space as a kid. Still think he’s underrated.

No. 221727

File: 1641461320565.png (368.58 KB, 640x605, 4cea64ba8ba74b64b6024755e9980a…)

can't help but think he's cute

No. 221731

physically he's whatever but i like his voice kind of. regardless he is irredeemable because he is extremely irresponsible and when criticized by other chemists he gets entirely too defensive without care for the impact his actions have on potential retards starting street-spanning catastrophes. not hot.

No. 221740

I always thought he was a dilf

No. 221752

He is adorable. TFW no rule breaking cute chemist bf :(

No. 221754

samefag, this is so dumb, I'm sorry. If some idiot starts making cancerogenic liquids in his mom's backyard because it looked cool in a youtube video, that's just natural selection. Unless there was some 'street-spanning' incident I don't know about?

No. 221810

Country boyyyy I love youuuuu aeugh

No. 221823

File: 1641490337229.jpeg (902.94 KB, 2000x1333, the-terror-episode-10-crozier.…)

i’ve been into harris since chernobyl but something about crozier just sets my lizard brain off.

he was so good as smiling devil emoji, i can't believe he was poor little ignatenko

No. 221851

File: 1641498668836.jpg (25.24 KB, 511x536, 1519689907634.jpg)

No. 221975

File: 1641557326116.gif (593.31 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

Same here. He isn't for everyone, but I can dig that. It's his mean look that I love. Gives me shivers.

No. 222019

File: 1641576825918.jpeg (165.7 KB, 538x394, 46DFC9CD-EA8E-4B4C-852E-332BA9…)

mm schizoid intj men… MMM MMM MMMMMMMM

No. 222023

this but with the dude who plays dr cox idk his name

No. 222075

File: 1641597637388.gif (1.14 MB, 480x266, mj.gif)

Matt Johnson, so much.

No. 222125

File: 1641613028277.jpeg (138.24 KB, 616x414, C214AA71-CD2C-4026-B771-F7BB86…)

he looked so cute in his new video

No. 222129

Seeing Louis here is uncomfortable leave my internet dad alone

No. 222136

File: 1641616572880.png (340.22 KB, 565x565, GG hottie.png)

Pre shit flinger GG Allin was a hottie,dont look at me

No. 222172

he was alright, but i can't unsee him covered in shite or his funeral pictures.

No. 222184

File: 1641643569473.png (4.4 MB, 1334x750, 9AB86ADA-2543-4171-87D9-6EF9A4…)

I haven't seen that one but I assumed he played a typical douche who let fame get to his head. If you tell me he's actually a loser I'll watch that shit right now. Any more recs nonnie?

Oh yeah, bullying/domming him was the only thing I could think of. He's a total pushover the entire movie so it's not hard to imagine

I love hearing other people call him ugly kek, makes him feel more attainable in my headcanon

No. 222187

File: 1641643780091.gif (4.39 MB, 330x315, 66C89639-CD13-480C-9A0F-F5333E…)

I’m looking directly at you

No. 222196

File: 1641647286804.png (394.42 KB, 526x586, y gg.png)


No. 222197

File: 1641647673829.jpg (56.6 KB, 1200x600, EUo3OiuU8AAULAs.jpg)

anons forgive me….

No. 222199

Have you posted him before? I remember someone doing so years ago.

No. 222203

holy shit, my sides

No. 222207

File: 1641652058346.jpg (370.97 KB, 381x468, Tumblr_l_47496216746989.jpg)

Not too shabby ngl

No. 222210

hot, who is it?

No. 222211

The troon from dysphoria

No. 222223

I'm not familiar with that show/movie(?). So that's a trans"woman" then?

No. 222231

Euphoria* lol dysphoria was just a bad joke. Yeah a moid basically

No. 222232

i think he’s very beautiful. he has that ugly-pretty high fashion look.
kek at how much more male he looks as he ages

No. 222292

File: 1641680755308.png (3.92 MB, 1334x750, AFB03146-E85E-4DB2-83AA-6282D9…)

i want him

No. 222294

once upon a time in hollywood anon here, he plays a massive loser who stutters and is highly dependent on brad pitt for all of his needs. highly recommend

No. 222300

File: 1641681614028.jpeg (37.25 KB, 720x540, B2E91922-B74C-415C-9A91-286BEB…)

Imhotep is supreme husbando material anyone that says otherwise is a fucking liar

No. 222304

File: 1641681897133.jpg (286.91 KB, 917x1080, cutie.jpg)

God he is so fucking cute I can't stand it

No. 222311

i was so shook when he removed his tie in the latest review, he looks surprisingly s*xy unbuttoned

No. 222312

The open collar nearly took me out, not sure what my problem is. I’m withering with the podcast being on indefinite hiatus.

No. 222316

File: 1641684864245.jpg (16.29 KB, 360x260, a37f1e144a1d801584df9aafb2168c…)

rewatching red dwarf and he was a cutie

No. 222326

File: 1641687376551.jpg (57.1 KB, 760x506, arnold-vosloo-body-2.jpg)

>Loincloth and jewelry
>Clean shaven everywhere
>Would do anything for his gf
>Knows magic and shit

No. 222331

File: 1641688804951.gif (2.05 MB, 245x160, 8A9B1201-264E-4152-9BBB-4558DE…)

>tfw you’ll never be someone’s Ancksunamun that you literally walk though hell for to bring back from the dead

No. 222337

i don't even care about the shit, his mind was just so repulsive and hideous. horrible person.

No. 222339

File: 1641690725025.gif (899.04 KB, 500x200, 9fa9.gif)

It seems so stupid to me but when Tobias Forge from the band Ghost was in his Papa Emeritus II era, I really wanted to fuck him. Just for that mask and satanic pope robe. Not him as himself, not him in his other masks/identities. Just that one. And when he changed it I was genuinely sad, like how can you take it away? Anyway, I am unreasonably dumb. It's A MASK.

No. 222354

youre not alone anon

No. 222367

File: 1641700526635.png (294.08 KB, 457x465, gg allin hotawhat.png)

Thats why hes in this thread ,lol

No. 222370

What do you think of Jimmy Urine?
Same antics, lighting their dicks on fire n all that

No. 222372

>>222370 Haha,i used to have a crush on Jimmy when i was younger.Yeah i know all about him and his stage acts.Hes even a fan of GG too lol

No. 222384

File: 1641703157477.jpeg (120.53 KB, 600x600, 025A9347-E00B-4A14-982B-55BC6D…)

We are now besties nonnie.
ever since the news came out I’ve had kind of an unhealthy obsession with him, I don’t think it’s true and if it isn’t, it only further demonstrates how punks and deviants are unreasonably vilified

No. 222432

Kek I'm also not familiar with that show (only from seeing it mentioned here and there) so I didn't realize it was a joke. I absolutely did not get "this is trying to be a woman" from that pic, what a waste of a beautiful male face smh.

No. 222534

yes yes. Dirty devil pope fantasy. I loved III too. All the Papas have their pros and cons but II was such a lad.

No. 222535

File: 1641761640643.png (284.41 KB, 500x888, clay olsenArtboard 251.png)

this fucking chad

No. 222537

File: 1641762360456.jpg (1.56 MB, 3200x2138, 463194495.jpg)

THANK YOU. I love his gaze tbh. And now that I read my post again. I take back it being stupid cause it's a mask. Having a dirty devil pope fantasy is completely reasonable ackshwally.
I'm really only into II, I thought he looked really stern and perfectly evil. I was especially annoyed at Cardinal Copia. I was like…he looks like an evil panda, I can't masturbate to that.

No. 222655

I agree with all my heart.

No. 222661

File: 1641814148654.png (969.4 KB, 915x763, pls.png)

Nothernlion. He is married with a child, shame on meeeeeee

No. 222674

Yeah he has that 'bitch don't test me' look and I am into it. he's cool as shit too. Copia is a goof but I find him odd to look at. Would still bang though tbh! No shame here.

No. 222687

This is your man

No. 222694

Yikes. Jimmy is a pedophile who preyed on the girl from the nation of crackerz shirt. I read the legal document and as a former paralegal, there is more than enough specific details and evidence to know the victim is telling the truth. Not to mention his weird attendance of a pedophile themed party.

No. 222695

File: 1641832064176.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, 1641416542306.jpg)

>Probably has a lot of money

No. 222697

File: 1641832314688.gif (686.86 KB, 209x149, zwbwfk45oda01.gif)

Based fellow NL nonna. Ryan is cute and funny and a good dad

No. 222714

File: 1641840095752.jpg (61.21 KB, 608x461, 1485018884643.jpg)

2000's Thom Yorke. He has the face and voice of a literal angel. Every time I see a picture of him it melts my heart

No. 222716

File: 1641840385281.jpg (18.65 KB, 336x336, tankian-serj.jpg)

Also I'm surprised how no one has posted about Serj Tankian yet.

No. 222719

I posted him once before. I think it was the last thread. Nonnies were talking about Maynard and other y2k metal artists. He was a big crush of mine in middle school

No. 222732

File: 1641845614786.jpeg (150.96 KB, 1200x1200, 2_Dermot-Morgan.jpeg)

Dougal is cute, and I agree his cuteness is mostly due to him being bit slow. But for me, in terms of attraction, It's Father Ted himself


No. 222738

Yes, all day long. He has beautiful hair, aquiline nose, impressive voice, somewhat weird and generous personality. Ugh. I saw him in concert a few months ago and it's all I ever wanted since I was 11 years old. Love everyone in System of a Down, but he's the finest. Would make babies with/10.

No. 222747

File: 1641848098037.png (7.29 MB, 4000x2000, kevin.png)

I haven't read the news in a bit, but from what I've heard, he seems like a great guy.

No. 222759

File: 1641850451807.jpeg (353.77 KB, 1242x909, E482635E-F591-41AE-8483-4B9079…)

He was so creepy yet so good playing his character in Seven that it’s literally no surprise he’s a likely sociopath.

No. 222760

it's the priest effect. stick almost any many in a cassock and there you have it

No. 222775

anon how the fuck is he unconventional

No. 222784

File: 1641860594840.png (2.68 MB, 1792x828, 8BAE9D2B-363D-418E-B688-20D34C…)

This youtuber I’ve been watching Dantavius is weirdly cute and I feel like nobody else would think so

No. 222785

showing this thread to my bf to prove i'm not the only one with fucked up taste

No. 222786

NO I almost had to hide this thread bc this looks so much like my ex.

No. 222787

he's a literal pedo anon…

No. 222788

Sorry anon, was he…huggable?

No. 222789

I didn’t say I was attracted to him or anything. I’m saying he was good at playing creeps and sociopaths because he clearly is one.

I hope he gets pancreatic cancer and rots from the inside out slowly.

No. 222809

File: 1641875346241.jpg (17.05 KB, 297x421, Vincent Price.jpg)

No. 222812

File: 1641877444751.jpg (176.59 KB, 1327x964, 34590682059360256.jpg)

I refuse to drag this lunacy into the next edition of this thread so I'll just post it now I want him so bad it's ridiculous.

No. 222815

>Probably has a lot of money
That he spends all on plastic figurines

No. 222843

is that who I think it is

No. 222850

File: 1641904979087.png (2.36 MB, 2000x1140, Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 12.42…)


No. 222851

File: 1641905078813.jpeg (54.02 KB, 640x471, 1543952607797-lazar2.jpeg)

i'd fuck him at 63 over 20s

No. 222858

File: 1641909684569.jpg (32.79 KB, 436x394, f15480f.jpg)

I need this freak

No. 222863

Damn he's cute as fuck, kinda reminds me of John Carmack and how I'd fuck him both young and old

No. 222866

Aphex Twin

No. 222870

rare fuckable male redhead
also sick beats

No. 222876

>hot and british
Fun. I do love a euro accent

No. 222882

No. 222897

No. 222907

understandable, have a nice day

No. 222913

File: 1641931554095.jpg (36.5 KB, 640x360, stewartlee.jpg)

stewart lee. sorry.

No. 222917

File: 1641932202377.jpg (24.06 KB, 341x486, tumblr_9cee4704f8a88bd197edcca…)

would youse?

No. 222919

File: 1641934208557.webm (2.38 MB, 576x1024, over40.webm)

No. 222930

Is this a selfpost, WTF?

No. 222935

yes, prototypical according to whom and what army

No. 222955

It's Limmy

No. 222970

File: 1641943375364.png (908.34 KB, 615x618, 0_Screenshot-2020-09-18-at-105…)

Young Limmy, Aphex Twin/Thom Yorke vibe

No. 222973

I though this was the guy from korn for a sec

No. 223032

File: 1641972001046.jpeg (57.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

Is Lex Fridman unconventionally attractive?

In any case I find the way he holds himself and the way he speaks extremely attractive and cozy, and he's intelligent.

>tfw no lex fridman bf hold you and to tell you it's going to be okay

No. 223041

File: 1641976905988.gif (955.4 KB, 500x281, 797EF02B-DC89-4788-B520-3595C4…)

I quite like him but his treatment of women was very poor and screams heartless fuckboy

>in his 20s and at the peak of his fame and looks he fucked 14 year old star struck groupie virgins. It was a very important and probably traumatic event for them while for him it was just another lay that he had no memory of because he was mindlessly high/drunk like a hedonistic pig

> the one unconventional looking woman he
was with he made her his baby mama. forced her into an open marriage right after they married, made her take part in threesomes, he was performing all kinds of degenerate acts and fucking men while she was raising his son, left her
> once he was washed up, past his prime and prematurely aged he used his money and fame to be with women who were young and WAY above his current league

he basically enacted every scumbag incel's perfect vision of life- fuck around and walk all over women all his life and only commit to one that's a supermodel in a time of his life when he was no longer beautiful

No. 223047

anon David bowie is not unconventional at all.

No. 223048

his treatment of women makes him unconventional

No. 223049

Damn, cute

No. 223053

Doesn’t surprise me at all. Every guy I’ve ever met who was a Bowie fan or tried to “channel” a Bowie aesthetic was either massive narc or a thin-wristsd self-titled dom who got joy out of seeing women unhappy.

No. 223059

>creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
old thread titles got the point across better tbh

No. 223061

yes, he's short.

No. 223062

And ugly

No. 223067

File: 1641991160428.jpg (260.71 KB, 1200x1200, D0a4YnSXgAg1Zjk.jpg)

No. 223099

Horse is cuter

No. 223100

he just had nice cheekbones, but overall was ugly until he was middle aged, then he had nice teeth, wrinkles, and gained some weight

No. 223111


I'd still snuggle with him ngl.

No. 223116

Ok you can have him, I will take the horse for a ride on the beach while you snuggle.

No. 223122

didn’t his wife or fiancé or whatever allow him to have sex with multiple underaged girls?

No. 223123

forever weirded out about Sable Starr to this day (?) praising him for sleeping with her. WTF
Surely not Iman, aka the supermodel wife. Doubt that Angie did too, but Bowie anon probably knows better

No. 223129

File: 1642016085858.jpg (65.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

He has such a raw, chaotic sexual energy, i don't know how to explain it

No. 223137

anon, that was iggy. i’ve read about the whole lori/sable thing and it does seem ambiguous if bowie actually slept with them or not, considering that there’s basically tons of photos of lori with jimmy page (confirmed) but none with bowie which seems sus because they loved taking photos of themselves with rockstar conquests. not saying he did or didn’t, but it seems odd with everything i’ve read.

also he settled down with iman when he was old and tired. angie is a bit of a clout chaser who didn’t have a modelling career outside of being bowie’s wife but i’ve never heard her talk about lori/sable groupies unless it was to sell the story that she caught jagger and bowie in bed together.

No. 223159

File: 1642030267653.jpeg (615.79 KB, 2981x4187, husbando.jpeg)

I've been watching a lot of Great British Baking Show and I just think he's precious and I love him.

No. 223166

File: 1642032489303.jpeg (119.74 KB, 750x1105, EBA084E9-7B46-4796-8FF5-7CBC5B…)

Jeremy brett as Sherlock Holmes

No. 223167

File: 1642032682725.png (1.2 MB, 679x858, qt.png)

I've always loved Shane even though he's done a lot of questionable things (I've posted him in these threads before too) and if his husband wasn't gay the two of them would be my dream threesome

No. 223169

worst post yet, seek help

No. 223170

File: 1642033291330.gif (1.04 MB, 400x300, e2bb71a1657e492d7e1a10b6564ed0…)

i keep watching the mvs for him

No. 223171

He's funny and personable in a way I wish more men were.

No. 223172

File: 1642033819103.png (1.36 MB, 811x908, 34.png)

The truth is that people exaggerate Shane's wrongdoing in a way they wouldn't if he was (more) conventionally attractive and straight

No. 223175

He made jokes about fucking his pets and kissed teens on camera apart from that disgusting video of him pretending to masturbate to a little girl. Stfu

No. 223176

didn't he also make out with a german shepherd or something? a lot of genuinely perverse people 'joke' like this. idk if he's a pedo but the gay-furry terminally online archetype is not even remotely uncommon

No. 223177

File: 1642035417690.png (1008 KB, 1390x790, 3456678890124.png)

Not 100% sure he counts as unconventional when young but whatever

This made me happy to see as I had such a crush on him as a child kek

No. 223181

File: 1642037103035.png (519.04 KB, 978x762, fef828ed4dfde732ae8839b89b1c36…)

Joe Hawley, member of Tally Hall

No. 223192

File: 1642039684832.jpeg (59.47 KB, 500x432, 3E681C25-DED5-43CD-871C-7C2F21…)

Ive had the most inexplicable crush on him for years now, he was extremely cute when he was young too in his Mighty Boosh days. His side profile reminds me of roman coins, it’s really pretty. Also like >>223171 said he’s funny and has a great personality. I really enjoy watching him overall.

No. 223193

Wtf that side profile is godly, an actual sculpture.

No. 223194

bowie fucked lori, iggy pop is the one who did the weird praise for sable starr. jimmy page basically kidnapped her, bowie fucked her before fucking sable on the same night when it was basically her (lori's) first time ever going to a party

No. 223201

Uhhh how he is unconventional, anon? He's very conventionally hot

No. 223202

how is this an unconventionally attractive man? looks like every generic male art hoe that tik tok girls wet themselves over

No. 223206

File: 1642044088511.gif (2.01 MB, 640x480, joe-hawley-dimden.gif)

there were rumours that he went for younger girls (19 or something i think?) and i don't know if he ever did or still does but he's 39 and the idea of a 39 year old going for a girl who admires for his music just seems creepy, i wouldn't say i find a man like that attractive… but physically he's really cute

No. 223208

why is like half of this thread pedophiles/groomers?

No. 223209

Cause that half of the male population

No. 223216

You’re disgusting and your taste is shit, fuck off anon

No. 223221

Oh shit, that makes sense. Ty anon

No. 223233

Right either she’s underage or trolling.

No. 223256

How exactly do you exaggerate being a pedo?

No. 223257

File: 1642059785812.jpg (28.5 KB, 480x480, stoopidcooper.jpg)

I'm not like WILDLY attracted to him, but I'm only 3 episodes in and I'm warming to him. I like all the dumb shit he does like tweaking Harry's nose, roping everyone into his Tibetan truth-seeking, rock-throwing shenanigans, and eating pie and donuts. There's also one scene where he's dreaming in bed, and he really makes that bed look comfy and plush. That's great acting.

No. 223262

File: 1642061793342.jpg (77.79 KB, 1050x591, EMvGEIxXsAE3n9o.jpg)

No. 223263

File: 1642063350302.jpg (110.13 KB, 1024x874, 1629850717886.jpg)

I just now saw this, it's a bit… odd. (The coke rambling is a little true kek) There's a part where he mentions family obligation, and how you "can't get out of it… even if you want to". I'm wondering if he's still hurting from his mother leaving him as a child to go pursue an art career in France. Kinda feel bad for him, he's a lovely fella and he doesn't talk about it all that often, but he mentions family so often that maybe its subconsciously still nibbling away inside.

No. 223264

Just one more thing, anon… what was your favorite episode?

No. 223267

How irreconcilably stupid are you??
Why don't you just line up to be raped while you're at it?? This is filthy.

No. 223269

Only a bimbo would utter any of this. Trying to dress it up as normal and all, trying to draw people into that sort of twisted normal… Get back into the kitchen while you're at it.

No. 223270

File: 1642065536178.jpg (11.7 KB, 384x216, 190918_gma_connelly4_0739_hpMa…)

rip ♥

No. 223272

The trashy women itt need to sign up for lobotomies and get it over with. What difference would it make? I'm questioning whether these are actually women at all though.

No. 223273

Dealing a pretty massive violation to every woman here. Get fucked.

No. 223275

Ohoho no the sobstory of tucker carlson, pardon my hurl

No. 223277

he is very hot yes

No. 223288

File: 1642075776808.gif (70.55 KB, 450x320, despacito.gif)

aww poor baby his mother left him as a child approximately one million years ago

No. 223290

File: 1642076076349.jpg (113.36 KB, 720x900, The-Mighty-Boosh-Julian-Barrat…)

I'm more of a Howard Moon girl myself. I've got a thing for pitiful autistic men who wear corduroy.

No. 223293

File: 1642078080547.jpg (39.59 KB, 918x689, 1HYCQD2_001_lt.jpg)

The intelligence and the bandana

No. 223294

File: 1642078268188.jpg (127.3 KB, 736x1024, 890f2c71439fcd7ce44ee6bd7ccfe1…)

Segel as Wallace is also pretty cute

No. 223296

he was actually kind of gross

No. 223297


No. 223300

No. 223302

Wallace threw his girlfriend into a glass coffee table and stalked her when she was walking her kid home from school.
He’s also a beacon for lit bros. That’s why a lot of women meme about men recommending them Infinite Jest.

No. 223303

I don’t care or want to sympathize with a right wing piece of shit or looks like a flattened piece of dog crap on city pavement. Up your taste and stop being such a moron, you disgust me

No. 223305

pushed her out of a car too, also slept with his students and he was a huge whore who played the tortured genius card, not hot

No. 223308

lmao i posted him in the last thread, nice

the amount of moralfagging in this thread is getting tiring (guessing by newfags). the thread is literally about men you’re ASHAMED to want to fuck, not handsome nice guys you would marry. and I don’t want him to fuck me, i want him to bend over

No. 223309

true, but different to a lot of men because not only was he shitty but he was also a pockmarked piece of shit who wore a terminally gay bandana

No. 223310

I have a weird fantasy of stringing him up with a paddle and beating him, i’m not exactly interested in how pretty he was. it’s more about domination point blank

No. 223314


Ok? Didn't realise men had to be nice to fuckable

No. 223317

well, a lot of people do think these "smart" uggo men tend to be nicer on average. just saying, could factor in to why he's fuckable for those out of the loop

No. 223327

>every other thread on the board is for complaining about men, how terrible your relationships with them are, etc.
>both threads dedicated to male attractions reveal most farmers fantasize about rapists, pedophiles and domestic abusers
straightoids just do it to themselves at this point.

No. 223328

>most farmers

No. 223332

Lol you guys really don't like it when someone has