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File: 1642491372944.jpg (56.45 KB, 554x640, 1638918341012.jpg)

No. 224476

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Thread pic is American indie musician Oliver Tree.

Last thread >>209605

No. 224480

File: 1642492021549.jpg (43.87 KB, 480x742, 1498222632-anthony-edwards-in-…)

Starting off with Goose from Top Gun. I personally wouldn't consider him to be unconventional but I know anons in the conventional attractions thread would probably beat my ass if I posted him there

No. 224487

File: 1642494794798.jpg (87.18 KB, 362x385, derek.jpg)

i hate myself

No. 224494

He looks like he buys Shayna's porn

No. 224497

soooo accurate

No. 224502

He looks like Eminem, but if she got into white nationalism instead of rap

No. 224516

File: 1642508065313.jpg (138.82 KB, 1280x685, fYNgfmX.jpg)

apologies for bringing up Glee in current year but Kurt was so hot in season 4

No. 224522

File: 1642509227324.jpg (53.92 KB, 600x599, cosmo-sheldrake.jpg)

>you didn't even understand that the word mycology refers to all study of fungi which means i wasn't excluding his psychedelia research

Uhh you were the one who was like "actually he's a mycologist" when I never said he wasn't, dumb nonnie.

You can have merlin I'll take cosmo.

No. 224528

File: 1642512970745.jpg (137.31 KB, 950x1406, kieran.jpg)

No. 224531

Attractive but nobody is attractive enough to be worth watching Glee

No. 224532

i'm autistic enough to endure it dw

No. 224533

wh-who are you responding to?

No. 224535

File: 1642514711485.jpg (315.71 KB, 720x1079, Screenshot_20220118-061511_Duc…)

Young Trevor Bauer, had a huge crush on him for a while before he went kind of off the rails

No. 224538

Nta but I'm assuming to this post in the last thread >>224449

No. 224551

this just flashed me back to being on a browser game in middle school and asking on the forums if i (obviously female) was GAY because i had a crush on Kurt from Glee.

No. 224564

File: 1642521428507.png (278.69 KB, 612x502, cluniac.png)

Oh no he cute.

No. 224566

Bro stop selfposting, jesus christ. It's so fucking cringe.

No. 224567

Has he been posted before? I felt a bit bad checking out a mentally ill detrans guy.

No. 224568

He looks like Ethan Klein
Based taste, nonnie

No. 224569

File: 1642523132011.jpg (354.1 KB, 970x595, fullwidth.7fc71b6e.jpg)

I will never be him and I will never make love to him so why even live

No. 224571

i actually wasnt sure if this thread pic was oliver tree himself or ethan dressed as oliver tree…. im still not sure

No. 224576

He posts his dumb youtube videos that have like 100 views all over the internet. The first time I pointed this out when he selfposted in the femboy thread he deleted his post out of shame. Basically confirming that it's him selfposting.

I mean does anyone seriously believe that any of us would want to fuck A FUCKING TRANNNY? God I hate this attention whore sperg so much.

No. 224578

I came across that guy for the first time today and thought he looked good for someone who has fucked over his body. Not surprised by the cow-ish behaviour, though.

No. 224580

File: 1642525301561.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.6 KB, 480x548, 1627930361470.jpg)

Yeah right. Totally not a selfpost, just a real and honest woman who wants to fuck a disgusting tranny. lol please LEAVE already

No. 224582

I hate the troon trend, so I'm happy to see detrans people. Still v. shameful, yeah I get it.

No. 224583

File: 1642525489289.jpg (18.76 KB, 640x360, IW0B4HYtu5gOJBgY2ymdZUt2_640x3…)

I found post-transition Contra attractive for a split second, but knowing the fact that he browses imageboards and basically does vanity searches was a big turn off. Now I only really find pre-transition pics of him attractive, because I can pretend in my head he's well-adjusted enough for relationships.

Are they all like this? I just realized that there's been a few transwomen I was attracted to before finding out how maladjusted and self-obsessed they were. I don't even get a Trisha-esque "I'd hit that and then feel guilty afterwards" reaction anymore, it's just nothing. I guess that's what happens when you find out how mentally ill they all are kek

No. 224584

File: 1642525745149.jpg (371.56 KB, 605x791, GO8Z4rU.jpg)

I've been deeply in love with this man since I first saw Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. He was absolutely based too

No. 224587

>Are they all like this?
You need to be on a certain level of self-absorbed and mentally ill to troon out, so yes, very likely.
What based things did he do/say?

No. 224591

File: 1642526302389.jpg (165.16 KB, 2394x522, B4yLwjU.jpg)

Here's one example - an excerpt from a 1941 interview. I dunno, I think he was pretty cool given the time period

No. 224593

File: 1642527249043.jpg (16.35 KB, 320x292, 563a0b27a3447.image.jpg)

kek, I was seriously considering making the new thread with him but it seemed excessive since I made the last one. Classic horror stars were essentially covert sex symbols, though. Even in The Man Who Laughs, he's pursued by that kinky aristocrat lady.

No. 224594

>these are old, worn out prejudices, they do not belong in today
>said in 1941
Oh dear, if only those attitudes died out then.
Gotta be real awkward kissing that guy.

No. 224598

File: 1642527915798.jpg (22.48 KB, 720x556, 6017ae0da7be65001cccd863.jpg)

What a face he had, damn. Also you just reminded me how badly I always wanted to watch The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

No. 224602

Both Hontra and Cluniac/Vanity are gay males so they are bound to be extremely narcissistic, vain and catty and constantly want to compare themselves to women. Just like straight trannies they love invading women's spaces, except they do it to proof to themselves how "fembrained" they are and how they are totally passing as a female in a female space because they like to gossip just like the gurls! Except they of course think they are better than cis women because they do anal.

No. 224603

Literally Tumblr Sexymen 1.0

No. 224605

silent films for lolcow movie night when?

No. 224612

Let's have one nonas!

No. 224629

File: 1642534919096.jpeg (76.15 KB, 500x629, Ash-Evil-Dead-Bruce-Campbell.j…)

Silent movies night FTW

Also, as it seems to me no one has mentioned him yet, I have the pleasure to include Ash Williams AKA Ashy Slashy to our list. This thread has just been deemed groovy.

No. 224630

File: 1642535234748.jpg (41.3 KB, 780x438, romeros-preferred-version-1636…)

i take these horror hotties and raise you martin from martin (1976) my favorite horror movie… he's so cute and sad want him to drink my blood love a good vampyric boy.

No. 224666

File: 1642541416846.png (66.99 KB, 300x346, thumb_wdeo-wntan-mike-stoklasa…)

I want to fuck Mike Stoklasa. I would never admit this outside of anonymous image boards, I mean just look at that fat motherfucker. And yet, I am utterly enamored by his depressed alcoholic charm.

No. 224670

Get in line. There’s a bunch of other anons who want him too lol

No. 224673

I get you anon. I think that a lot of guys who transition are sort of similar(?) in a way that I can't really put my finger on, but it's a type of guy I'm usually attracted to. I also get the same feeling when the mental illness vibes get so strong that all attraction is pretty much immediately lost lol. When Cluniac self-posted in the femboy thread, I thought he looked cute in the thumbnail but after watching the video I wouldn't go near him. The mental illness vibes are so strong in a way that made me feel genuinely unnerved and then I wasn't attracted anymore lol.

No. 224674

File: 1642542801985.jpeg (15.85 KB, 241x209, 7FEE28B3-3713-4908-B73F-748316…)

For me it’s Jay

Although he got kinda ugly the last time I saw him

No. 224679

He was a very cool dude, he used to be a huuuuge romantic lead back in the silent days. He had some choice things to say about women, as well: "When it is said that females cannot be geniuses, that is no longer so, either. The female is different from the male. Because she was born to be a mother. There is no doubt about that. But that does not mean that, in some cases, she is not also born a genius. Not all males are geniuses either."

No. 224680

File: 1642546023659.jpeg (315.22 KB, 750x719, 8CE02969-D3F8-4A96-A95D-AB1A45…)

racist anons pls don’t hound me he looks like a really serious mr. moseby it’s kind of cute

No. 224718

File: 1642556945070.png (2.16 MB, 1593x1065, beter murphy.png)

No. 224725

File: 1642558332669.png (1.9 MB, 1024x768, Data-star-trek-the-next-genera…)

Handsome, smart, respectful and likes cats. The whole package. Also he is "programmed in multiple techniques, a broad variety of pleasuring".

No. 224734

File: 1642562307242.gif (532.47 KB, 500x547, 6U3MJ8r.gif)

These hororbandos are cute, too cute. Give me the big mask-wearing uglies.

No. 224738

you should watch martin nona, he slits his victims wrists with razors and sucks their blood seductively after drugging them

No. 224740

File: 1642562935611.jpg (48.13 KB, 854x480, tumblr_pku5zfMv541wi2zhso1_128…)

Loading that up as we speak! I'm excited.

No. 224749

No. 224751


No. 224753

i feel bad for that lady tho

No. 224756

Based, I’d love to have a super tall strong killer manhandle me and my pussy as well!

No. 224765

File: 1642580961639.gif (1.55 MB, 300x225, tumblr_pxsbjiQlHG1qaox7eo2_400…)

I dunno what the fuck is wrong with me but seeing Baldrick with the beard and the crown and the hairy chest exposed, I… I dunno. I'M NOT GAY

No. 224766

I might be misreading it, but are you a scrote?

No. 224769

please list some other classic horror stars for my uncultured ass

No. 224791

It was great. The whole sequence of him doing his second attack was excellent. Running around in hightops with a syringe in his mouth. Iconic. I also had to hold back tears by the end of it. Poor Martin.

No. 224798

Lots of fucking scrotes ITT recently..

No. 224800

Cluniac/Vanity is also super obviously homosexual and very flamboyant. If you're a woman who is attracted to gay men you need to get mental help because something in your brain is broken.

No. 224813

nta but i'm only attracted to the ones who put effort in their appearance (pretty much the sole reason i find them attractive tbh) and aren't stereotypical. i don't see how that makes a woman broken assuming she doesn't expect any relationship out of it

No. 224818

so glad you enjoyed it ! im anon who posted martin, thats also my favorite scene too

No. 224831

A healthy woman can weed out males not worth reproducing with. Your attraction to homosexuals shows that you lack basic brain functions that your ancestors had.

No. 224835

You're a retard anon. People can find others attractive without wanting to have babies with them. For example, hot women can't make me pregnant but I still find them hot.

No. 224836

This sort of implies that lesbians aren't healthy

No. 224843

oh please, it's biology.

No. 224847

Have we had George Costanza here yet? Specifically the character, with his impotent tantrums and insecure self loathing molested by male neighbor as a child energy makes me want to devour him

No. 224866

Post pics dummy

No. 224876

File: 1642618101977.jpg (50.59 KB, 644x430, download (11).jpg)

No. 224880

Yes. By nature all animals are created to seek out partners to create healthy offspring with. If you want to have sex with women or gay men, as a woman, you are an abnormality and the result of that is you will probably not reproduce, hence your faulty genetic lineage will die out. It's crazy how nature does that, no?

No. 224885

File: 1642620714296.jpg (28.75 KB, 640x490, 8136f82695b7cf249b0b.jpg)

>me, a lesbian.
inb4 someone cries lesbophobia

No. 224887

File: 1642621496647.png (482.34 KB, 868x559, Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 2.43…)

again. please shame me out of this one.

No. 224890

i wanna lick his face

No. 224892

Wow he hit the wall

No. 224893

wasn't he a refugee with an irl tragic backstory too? he played the nazi officer in casablanca, as well as some other nazi parts, but i think he and his wife left germany right when the nazis took over and lost all their money and possessions

No. 224894

Humans also have sex to bond and for pleasure but you probably don't understand those concept.

No. 224895

No. 224896

You sound like a scrote trying to put himself on the intellectual high-ground "Hence, as you'll see, this implies I'm right, no?"

Literally who gives a fuck if their "genetic line" dies out

No. 224897

kek i heard he's real creepy and greasy to women irl

No. 224898

yeah fr…… the whole disheveled ted k hairstyle is def not doing him any favors and i certainly do not like those types of men because i have standards. good talk.

No. 224912

Yeah, go to any Walmart in America and you'll see how only the most genetically stable people manage to reproduce.

No. 224920

Lol no. If it helps explain it I was watching an episode of MST3K and at one point, a character accuses another of "jousting with milkmaids behind the barn", to which one of the bots went, "I'm not gay!" and it made me laugh.

No. 224942

File: 1642634881630.jpeg (678.01 KB, 1691x2295, 4F038619-3CE3-4098-8AA6-83A313…)

he really does resemble mr. moseby, now that you’ve said it

No. 224951

One could say you find hot women hot because they are worth reproducing with - they are healthy, have desirable traits.

No. 224955

File: 1642639085973.jpg (5.53 KB, 225x225, goodquality eh.jpg)

No. 224956

File: 1642640160494.jpeg (188.53 KB, 1040x1350, 2A92520A-8A61-4061-8F8B-192719…)

Obligatory new thread tucker post

No. 224986

File: 1642648349185.jpg (32.39 KB, 828x229, Tumblr_l_185903409672466.jpg)

He looks consumptive lately what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 224996

File: 1642651334085.jpeg (37.15 KB, 700x394, E2DBD232-B19A-4D38-AEBD-E33939…)

Any hispanons here who are about to tell me this guy is a useless commie who’s ruining the country or am I allowed to have this one?

No. 225001

nothing, he's perfect. he's the only good scrote.

No. 225002

i think this one is fair. you can have it imo.

No. 225003

File: 1642657394757.jpg (73.14 KB, 569x1024, HARDAGREE.jpg)

Fuck yeah!

No. 225042

Omg I had a crush on him when I was watching TNG. Also Quark and Odo from DS9 lol

No. 225078

I'm in love with Odo, having a changeling bf is all I need in life

No. 225080

>Any hispanons here who are about to tell me this guy is a useless commie who’s ruining the country
No because I'm not a rightoid. He's not ruining any more shit than any other politician nor is he particularly radical. Whatever.

No. 225134

I'm surprised that's even tucker, he looks unrecognizable there

No. 225135

File: 1642708086690.jpg (84.6 KB, 1140x700, ray-william-johnson.jpg)

He's conventionally attractive but hes so unfunny and such a retarded edgelord that i wish I didn't find him hot af

No. 225182

File: 1642725514863.jpg (15.16 KB, 252x315, 4502f4f2899e06c23b80b57e10b7f5…)

(Sangry guitar)

No. 225194

File: 1642728671012.jpg (986.05 KB, 1080x1229, slgmkslgkm.jpg)

No. 225196

assuming the dog is male that's certainly unconventional even for a dogfucker

No. 225200

File: 1642731654662.png (544.86 KB, 714x485, 1624581931300.png)

He's got them magical genes.

No. 225205

wtf, this looks faceapped

No. 225222

File: 1642740494454.jpeg (36.91 KB, 320x240, fullsizeoutput_a8a9.jpeg)

i think it was run thru an image enhancer, picrel

No. 225223

i'll admit that glasses tucker was hot in the last thread but bow tie tucker looks like a fucking twink.

No. 225226

headcanoning bow tie tucker as a dapper transman actually

No. 225230

File: 1642743911193.jpg (97.43 KB, 650x555, tucker-howl10.jpg)

That would explain the odd hair. Thanks anon!

No. 225237

File: 1642745210784.jpg (18.57 KB, 270x443, a7410331e0d015d2aae29b987a2178…)

I literally never crush on 3d men, he's a creep and an asshole, he has a horrible attitude, he hit the wall, he looks weird, and I hate him. But he still makes my heart flutter. I watch the old interviews featuring him all the time and I even had a dream about him.. I love his voice… idk what to do

No. 225239

Who is Thisss?

No. 225243

NTA but I think it's Gackt

No. 225252

He looks cute here

No. 225286

File: 1642771637626.jpg (29.23 KB, 427x640, Guilliame Depardieu .jpg)

No. 225298

No. 225303

File: 1642779730678.jpg (27.09 KB, 400x600, 534d68757af7e31942283b818c24dc…)

Just finished six feet under and I have a big crush on this little perv

No. 225306

File: 1642781419744.jpg (93.21 KB, 720x720, tumblr_pfl03p5Fz71v57x2mo1_128…)

No. 225321

oh god same, I had a interesting dream about him once

No. 225335

No. 225340

snorting intensifies

No. 225355

File: 1642802694564.jpeg (180.35 KB, 1440x810, mgid_ao_image_mtv.jpeg)

I'm so sorry. I'm an oldfag and have always had some kind of feelings towards Weird Al.

No. 225356

I'd ride this man's mustache into the wild blue yonder.

No. 225358

me too bitch!!!! probably my most enduring celeb crush

No. 225363

Aahh, good. This is where it is for me.

No. 225376

Ngl i would

No. 225472

This is acceptable. I get it.

No. 225566

i had another dream about null but we just cuddled and he called me baby this is getting out of hand it should have been a one-off how do i fix my brain nonnies. if this happens again i think ill have to start looking for a husbando thread to post in

No. 225589

No. 225590

The one in your dreams isn't the same one as in real life.

No. 225604

File: 1642903158727.jpeg (107.03 KB, 389x354, 71FE8AF8-65DB-41FC-82EC-463848…)

i want to see this robotic george of the jungle whimper and cry in fear nonnies

No. 225607

It's interesting, he looks more and more potatoey as he ages. Just very much rounded starchy vibes.

No. 225637

I would tbh I love bulky manlets

No. 225696

his polish roots are showing

No. 225703

don't know if he counts as unconventional

No. 225704

samefag as >>225703 but forgot to reply jfc

No. 225730

this guy single-handedly turned 3 of my friends into fujos in 2010

No. 225757

File: 1642969649877.jpg (112.27 KB, 780x974, 7b956ah487_Crux_Gould_GettyIma…)

glenn gould

No. 225767


No. 225774

File: 1642973691557.jpg (155.88 KB, 600x338, foxing.jpg)

he looks like a chubby little beta retard but god i wanna diddle him

No. 225779

File: 1642974157111.jpeg (422.79 KB, 750x694, C5B2A044-7456-479F-BBF3-CEF678…)

the fact that this twink is actually straight is so hot to me

No. 225798

No. 225803

File: 1642979690276.gif (4.3 MB, 350x409, F1869D53-C391-46C7-9C18-F8F159…)

Maddy Morphosis, a contestant on Rupaul's Drag Race

No. 225806

Glenn Gould? More like uhhh Glenn Could get it

No. 225813

oh wow so hetero men are now accepted to compete? definitely spices up the show i guess.

No. 225816

is it the picture or is he fat? i don't think he looks like a twink (?)

No. 225830

I'm so attracted to him

No. 225832

File: 1642986156973.png (348.68 KB, 648x364, 5081a398-d504-408b-9814-fe4b5c…)

Mmm Amish boys

No. 225834

File: 1642988034177.jpeg (862.2 KB, 750x1272, FE4CFB7E-BCB3-47F7-AD96-1DDA65…)

he's petite, that picture was just taken at an awkward angle

is this photoshopped? what is this anon

No. 225838

guy fieri themed drag look is a fantastic idea, I dig him for this already

No. 225839

File: 1642995606277.png (200.53 KB, 592x351, 7r47qju1e4m71.png)

his death still makes me so fucking sad, that being said i found his chubby vaping dad bod era so hot

No. 225840

File: 1642995983429.jpg (307.74 KB, 1079x1483, Screenshot_20220123-214607.jpg)

No. 225843

distinctly remember being heartbroken at 13 when I found out he was married

No. 225844

They all look like randomized Dark Souls characters. Petrus of Thorolund looking mfs

It's what happens when your parents have the same last name before getting married

No. 225846

I know this is late but he literally looks exactly like my mess of a bf (don't bother anons, I'm breaking up with him soon because he's incompetent and too autistic)

They even have the same hairline….lol

No. 225847

Get your eyes checked, damn. He looked terrible recently. Personally, his appeal was because he was frighteningly skinny and dorky with long hair way back when, so I had assumed he was going to be the least gross out of everyone in the group, but having watched the streams recently, he was always gross and seemed to be the most sleazy out of all the guys. Very very misogynistic and he has been going to strip clubs like crazy for forever. He visited strip clubs A LOT. No idea why the fuck his wife would want to tolerate that, especially considering she's a decent hitting player in production and development of film. Sucks he died ig but he was pretty sleazy.

No. 225849

File: 1643001033056.png (438.16 KB, 649x432, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 12.0…)

yeah anon you're 100% not wrong thats why i posted him in the unconventional thread, i already know i have a thing for nasty alcoholic sleazy scrotes kek its my burden to carry. he used to look like a prisoner of war though i'd prefer him to not look like he's about to snap in half
god same he was one of my first major crushes ever

No. 225850

yep, definitely unconventional imo to choose the chubby alkie vape dad era over picrel. the POW frame is comparatively adorable.

No. 225900

File: 1643038609426.jpg (46.65 KB, 768x432, mr-lawrence-spongebob.jpg)

mr. lawrence who provides voices on spongebob and other things… he's adorable

No. 225901

File: 1643038838099.jpg (21.96 KB, 629x352, Naked Lunch 1991 (8).jpg)

wow holy shit. he reminds me of peter weller playing bill in cronenberg's naked lunch. sexy weird grimy daddy

No. 225902

File: 1643039094221.jpg (90.59 KB, 952x636, Untitled.jpg)

cody has never been hotter than he was here. looking like gorgeous white trash.

No. 225903

honey please never be ashamed of this

No. 225906

gift for tom scott anons :)

No. 225937

File: 1643051588561.jpg (435.1 KB, 1440x1440, jakkyboiii_188620942_292301655…)

jakkyboí. i think he's hella cute, he make music and some random tiktoks. he also is smrtdeath's friend who i think is hot too :p(:p)

No. 225943

trent reznor but especially in this video.

No. 225944

>American indie musician Oliver Tree
He's signed to Atlantic records, just saying

No. 225945

No. 225990

File: 1643065616892.jpg (99.46 KB, 900x750, Jean.jpg)

I am surprised I haven't seen him in these treads (at least I don't remember). He seems to be kind and his face looks like one from an antique painting.

No. 225993

File: 1643067487363.jpg (86.94 KB, 564x678, c074e7c386ece4290133ad93331b69…)

No. 226003

No. 226009

Steve Howe, when he was younger of course (1970's probably)

No. 226029

Are you that anon who posted him before and said you're way out of his league? 'Cause I still remember you for that (it slayed me).

No. 226067

lmao it was probably me, i go back and watch his interviews every now and then and get reminded of how cute he is… but yes… he would be shocked if i approached him

No. 226118

same, he's so cute, based nona
kek I wanna read that post

No. 226120

i posted him nona! but he was in character as louis from les visiteurs lol

No. 226122

File: 1643153327543.jpg (50.38 KB, 847x570, 61a7b7aa38a38.image.jpg)

I find Hunter really beautiful and cute. I know he's just a gay guy on hormones. He's the only person which I can't really perceive as either femininine or masculine, he's like completely in the middle. I kinda regret he's gay but that's with all passing trans males. The straight ones are always autogynephylic.

No. 226123

good looking human, I strongly dislike the scrote but can't deny a good surgeon when I see one

No. 226126

im the anon who dreamt of him this week. i think its his androgyny that fucks with my mind.

No. 226127

What do you mean passing. This dude doesn't pass at all. He is ok looking but I would never confuse him for a girl.

No. 226133

I want to beat him up absolutely hurt him. He gives me the heebis-jeebis down to by subconscious core. I'm pretty sure I've also had dreams about him but they weren't sexy dreams they were nightmares because he is so viscerally disgusting.

No. 226136

File: 1643159045916.jpg (101.32 KB, 1162x384, wtf.jpg)

i found it… oh god i'm cringing at myself but it was pretty funny. i sound like a bitch who thinks shes the main character lmao. i must like that pic a whole lot bc i used the same one too

No. 226138

i think this is possible. i had a sex dream about elon musk once. elon musk is in like, my top 5 people i hate the most in the entire world. i figure it was just my brain obsessing and being confused or something

No. 226140

Don't worry nona, I totally understand the obsession, I only found out who Plankton's VA was when this video appeared in my recommended and of course I had to lust after him ever since I saw the thumbnail
The hypothetical scenario you mentioned sounds pretty nice

No. 226141

just imagine going to a convention or something and seeing him there and subtly hitting on him, he just smiles and acts awkward because he doesn't think a young woman would be into him, but you keep pushing it and get him all flustered. sooo cute

No. 226142

In my nightmares, Hunter is a nuisance and a threat and his presence is just unsettling. I think it's evidence of his naturally evil aura honestly. It's like how I've had home invasion type nightmares about Kim Jong Un.

No. 226146

Fuck that's hot
Please anon I beg you, I don't like fantasizing about married men

No. 226150

File: 1643161881794.jpeg (496.42 KB, 813x1219, D4354438-121A-4F8C-B1FC-0E0FC9…)

I want to fuck Dan Povenmire.

No. 226155

oh you want the doof dick

No. 226158

File: 1643166352427.jpg (36.51 KB, 640x360, 10201.jpg)

it's pretty bad. he's not attractive at all yet i find him so fucking hot…

No. 226159

this is how he looks without any hair or mustache or glasses
he's also a sweetie-pie and i've loved him since i was 12

No. 226160

you thought he would be the least gross?? i could tell by his conventional high school attractiveness that he was the most gross. unthreateningly skinny, but from his pretty face i knew he had a massive ego.
still so hot in his 20s though. he aged like shit.

No. 226162

File: 1643168991601.jpg (220.76 KB, 640x442, you can see the strings.jpg)

weller was crazy hot in any movie

No. 226165

File: 1643169700210.gif (6.57 MB, 540x270, tumblr_de661117b8d818c8060e1ba…)

he can scan my pussy

No. 226170

File: 1643173106231.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

>passing trans

No. 226201

Your brain is broken, tragic.

No. 226220

File: 1643207147519.jpeg (36.25 KB, 750x750, 773E6195-48A9-44BA-A3DA-E0638C…)

new crush alert, ethan from euphoria. little mouse man

No. 226245

Why are nonnies itt watching euphoria

No. 226249


No. 226265

i’m 28 actually :-p(:-p)

No. 226272

Ah, a fellow David enjoyer. Good taste anon!

No. 226280


No. 226286

I was convinced I was the only person in the world who wanted to fuck this guy

No. 226319

File: 1643230391404.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1643094587840.gif)

No. 226327

File: 1643230753636.jpg (241.75 KB, 736x1024, tumblr_a941a607e3f4c0ee9b91187…)

Fucking kill yourself literally please just fucking go back to twitter with your lab grown disgusting plastic inhuman la creatura men

No. 226343

File: 1643231576464.gif (3.17 MB, 700x700, original.gif)

>calling someone la creatura while posting a neanderthal that looks like he hasn't showered in 2 months

No. 226347

Fuck you I hope you go to Korea and stumble across the lab where they mass produce kpop boys and get so fucking heartbroken and distraught that you die on the spot

No. 226359

Wouldn't that be their dream though?

No. 226369

Lmao anon

No. 226370

Not when they don't know how to turn them on and program them to say their name

No. 226393

wait till they discover that south korea installed an additional, uncontrollable misogyny switch in every kpopbot

No. 226404


No. 226408

File: 1643232806858.png (86.3 KB, 512x512, you.png)


No. 226446

File: 1643233967059.png (67.8 KB, 431x299, Jeff_Dee.png)

No. 226513

looks like downy mark whalberg

No. 226514

File: 1643237153932.jpg (125.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

diff anon but I loved this guy pretty much immediately because he's so nonchalant in this scene. i'd let him impregnate me with an evil scanner baby

No. 226560

File: 1643242411469.jpg (181.22 KB, 960x540, MV5BYmM4M2NjMDMtODVmMC00NTU0LW…)

lets hold hands anons. revok radiates alpha energy. love me a questionable skeezy asshole with strong features. i can trace this back to peter stormare's character in jurassic park 2, which was quite honestly a sexual awakening for me for this type of character.

No. 226580

File: 1643245499534.jpeg (57.74 KB, 500x667, FEBD8BE1-F952-420F-8885-FB5C1A…)

need a man with this haircut fr i love goofy 70s men’s hair

No. 226587

File: 1643246108187.gif (2.89 MB, 400x298, mike_young.gif)

Absolutely true, lotta nonnas would, me included lmao. He was also really conventionally attractive in his younger years imo, so it's not that surprising people are still into his looks.

No. 226633

File: 1643258808480.jpg (61.79 KB, 700x620, nfubgsyf78ay.jpg)


No. 226646

File: 1643265894240.jpeg (33.94 KB, 300x400, 36FF9007-4F81-418D-B856-1A9234…)

Oh fuck yeah I’m into stormare as well, I was like 12 watching Constantine and had a sexual awakening as well

No. 226647

File: 1643265986742.jpeg (100.99 KB, 630x916, ECC4958E-22B5-4653-92F8-D0DBA7…)

Not sure if I want to fuck graham elliot or just cuddle with him and listen to him talk about food

No. 226649

God damn he was a certifiable qt! If he was born 15-20 years later he would be a twitter podcast bro kek

No. 226651

File: 1643267862345.jpeg (250.67 KB, 1024x1024, 41202E34-B490-48FF-A2A7-3A99AD…)

canadian nerdy guy who adopted his video greeting from yo gabba gabba

No. 226653

I like his hair.
The cookie looks delicious

No. 226654

I like JJ too but his hair here looks ridiculous
I'm afraid to watch his political beliefs video for fear of disappointing myself but I've likes his ones about Canadian politics that I've seen

No. 226663

Goddamn it I just saved a gif of mike to post after watching the 2021 round up

No. 226668

File: 1643274305612.png (367.35 KB, 398x386, philosophy..PNG)

Tuckeranons make room you've got company.
The Fox host who interviewed the antiwork admin is cute. People just look great doing what they love kek

No. 226669

I mentioned Bruce a few threads back. He's gorgeous, then and now.

No. 226670

File: 1643274999998.jpg (101.41 KB, 1200x900, 0_IM-ALAN-PARTRIDGE-NEW-SERIES…)

All I see is Alan Partridge.

No. 226679

File: 1643279474769.jpeg (131.87 KB, 1000x600, C9E65AB8-2EB1-484B-8A82-F15D70…)

Sup, I’m here to post sexyama

No. 226683

You say that like he doesn't fit in this thread perfectly, nonny

No. 226686

I'm not criticising. Alan is a babe. Weird, but a babe nonetheless.

No. 226693

File: 1643286902220.jpeg (439.08 KB, 1500x2048, 0F891BCE-40C1-45F2-9FC8-AD3772…)

i’m a full on lesbian but five months ago i had the worlds smallest sexuality crisis over dylan minette and i still feel embarrassed. i know he’s got a somewhat pretty face but i think the rest of what he has going on qualifies him for this

No. 226695

nothing odd about this, he looks like a lesbian

No. 226700

File: 1643291473067.jpg (125.95 KB, 640x512, tumblr_li49x9hJtX1qz4rlzo1_640…)

No. 226703

yeah, I want her too

No. 226716

I had no idea he was gay

No. 226717

I thought for sure this was Chris Pratt

No. 226736

File: 1643303161459.jpg (63.86 KB, 250x247, 526268_1295255305075_250_247.j…)

he scared me as a kid. his features looked uncanny im glad his face grew out of the chronic-porcelain-doll expression.

No. 226750

I can kinda see that

No. 226763

who is that?

No. 226784

File: 1643319954188.jpg (106.5 KB, 550x552, My_Bloody_Valentine_Old_Shot_1…)

No tall shoogaze guitar bf

No. 226795

He looks like Sarah Schauer

No. 226809

Merlin Mann, productivity guru

No. 226820

File: 1643333657280.jpg (14.53 KB, 400x250, nenenenenene.jpg)

idk nonnnies, i like little stephen lack more

No. 226821

that's a pedo

No. 226822

i can't find the day today clip where chris kisses him and then alan does the sports update like normal.

No. 226823

No. 226833

havent seen it but based, stormare is hot in every role.

hes cute but what the hell was his acting in that movie, he seemed like he was on sedatives lmao

No. 226840

File: 1643341277227.jpg (65.83 KB, 1136x852, 611a9b42a4b07b0018adc9a4.jpg)

Receding hairline goblin. Sometimes he's obnoxious and annoying, but other times he can be cute. Was just watching him play a game where he had to remember a code so he sang it to himself until he could remember. I hate to admit that I thought something so arbitrary was so endearing lol.

No. 226841

oh he's just bad at acting/pretending/whatever. he's super spaced out in everything. personally i like it, it reflects an actual surreal aspect of living in toronto that i can't quite describe. you meet and have intense interactions/conversations with total strangers and then smile and wave goodbye at each other, never to meet again.

No. 226848

File: 1643349641661.jpeg (74.02 KB, 1280x720, EA3972BB-8A51-4D5B-A3F2-82B0B0…)

Please prescribe me multiple downers dr spaceman

No. 226850

Ewww this dude is so ugly he makes me want this site deleted entirely. He’s not just ugly but also annoying and his songs are shitty,

No. 226852

If you hate seeing it so much just hide the pic and/or thread, it's not that hard.

No. 226858

holy shit I never knew I'd see this guy in this thread. Absolute YES anon, I love his personality too, seems super friendly.

No. 226860

File: 1643356902124.png (708.09 KB, 640x639, BBCC34D1-21C1-4AA7-94D9-E42B04…)

That weak chin and gapped teeth and awful eye bags just do something for me

No. 226865

Fucking same. Pudgy ass nerd looking cutie.

No. 226868

>he tries to do home repairs but fails constantly is what made me start lusting for him
Kek anon. Who is it?

No. 226886

File: 1643376927586.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.64 KB, 600x600, 5b9b27daded09.image.jpg)

I'm not into femdom at all usually but I'll make an exception for him. He needs to be bullied

No. 226897

lmao I love his fishing channel as well, didn’t even know about the second one. I love how he’s so talkative in all of his videos and outdoorsy. His tan and body is super hot while not being too muscular

No. 226901

He's gay.

No. 226903

It's near the end of the last ep, about 21:49

No. 226907

sounds like he needs to get pegged into accepting it

No. 226908

File: 1643385032890.png (325.89 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2020-02-16-18-56-38…)

I wanna fuck Dwight tbh he's the sole reason why I continued to watch The Office for more than 1 episode
I really love the way he says "idiot", because he's such a fucking insufferable nerd (they really ruined him in the latter seasons though)

No. 226910

File: 1643385229496.png (406.26 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2020-02-16-19-37-04…)

I also think this guy, Toby (that was his name, right?) was pretty cute lol
I remember liking this episode because the two of them interact

No. 226941

chris parnell is hot

No. 226942

YES thank you anon. hah i like that you can tell it was improv and steve's just like ??? not even mad

No. 226945

rainn wilson is a real interesting looking dude and dwight is a chad, great taste

No. 226954

File: 1643402703372.jpg (187.08 KB, 540x720, tumblr_d0d7a1f205650efbc8a1586…)

kinda cool though, it for sure added to the overall strange and eerie vibe of the movie

No. 226974

he's like that in dead ringers too, when he's the guy with the studio on bloor st. again, i think it works.

No. 226989

File: 1643410712122.jpg (57.72 KB, 466x519, tumblr_paffssF3An1ut5m5ao1_500…)

Once again, I'm a desperate rat-fucker but I just can't help myself.
It was a fatal mistake to read these few Adam's interviews and listen to "the terror" podcast 'cause, considering them, he comes across as such an intelligent, insightful, funny, cute and slightly shy person. And now I'm sad because I'll never have such bf.
Still I do acknowledge that he's not conventionally attractive since 1) a manlet (5'3); 2) a massive nose and jaw. But fuck I absolutely love it and his silky-smooth hair.
Plus, Adam's an outstanding actor. I really recommend "the terror" and "to walk invisible" (a great movie about the Brontë sisters).

No. 226991

File: 1643411061974.jpg (35.59 KB, 650x366, 839ec42a17267f1977f46731d0031e…)

I can't be the only one

No. 227013

File: 1643424300402.gif (2.12 MB, 268x200, Lee Van Cleef in For a Few Dol…)

I watch cowboy movies for the plot

No. 227030

File: 1643437010119.jpg (108.16 KB, 430x600, 1643355619572.jpg)

No. 227032

File: 1643439362378.jpeg (175.07 KB, 1181x649, 3142296B-A8B0-404F-A9C9-2C6397…)

Yes. The plot. Me too nonnie.

No. 227033

File: 1643439829040.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1142x1924, 3971AB78-9358-41FC-AA0A-3E9605…)

Also, speaking of cowboy movies, John Wayne was cute in his super early years.

No. 227036

File: 1643447291341.png (295.97 KB, 475x487, image_2022-01-29_200822.png)

I love eastwood as a cowboy

No. 227037

I literally have this pic in another tab as a reference. Freaky.
Agreed, though (he wasn't unconventional when young, imo)

No. 227059

File: 1643459342594.jpg (69.4 KB, 640x485, a479281e8f4ae088860c4d89def4c9…)

Finally! Some good taste

No. 227061

Idk how this is even possible but he simultaneously looks handsome and like a rat

No. 227089

Maybe because his face is gaunt and he has elongated eyes.

No. 227091

File: 1643471574059.jpg (101.07 KB, 736x1174, 50ce52be4c669e6bf212bdfdf2d1f2…)

That's what this thread's all about

No. 227104

When I was watching For a Few Dollars More, I kept jokingly calling him a rat. But I think his features suit his face. I can't say the same for other actors who look "rat-like", but maybe I'm just biased.

No. 227115

Is that the dude from High Noon?

No. 227121

File: 1643478924283.gif (1.97 MB, 500x400, 75649480-A4A8-4351-8363-CACD86…)

I always thought Eastwood looked like a rat too but I found him hot as a cowboy and only a cowboy.


No. 227134

File: 1643482869067.gif (1.74 MB, 279x279, 5824949b-6e58-49f1-a9c6-a53ed2…)

Eastwood was hot when he was young, but he got famous later in life so we missed the prime

No. 227143

Why are you guys talking about conventionally attractive men in the unconventional male attractions thread

No. 227153

File: 1643490124727.gif (1.88 MB, 498x278, moonmoon9356.gif)


No. 227160

File: 1643491786138.jpeg (337.75 KB, 2028x2808, 924CE4C1-DE6A-4319-8B0D-E0989C…)


No. 227161

File: 1643491969060.jpeg (138.58 KB, 900x899, 06C54ED3-F781-489C-ACD1-65F7D9…)

i am deeply ashamed of myself

No. 227166

File: 1643493569469.gif (2.97 MB, 442x445, tumblr_87bc44fb7d9adbad3fbbeb3…)

hi beautifuls, this guy probably belongs in the attractive thread but that place is full of infighting and immaturity so enjoy my gift to you all instead

No. 227171

File: 1643494277975.png (774.74 KB, 1263x700, Screenshot (21).png)

holy shit I've also been watching that same guy and thinking about posting him here kek. I find him attractive and his content is interesting. I never thought I'd be into videos about fishing but he makes it absolutely riveting, like the fishing footage, what's essentially a biology lesson, and cooking, along with his friendly personality…I love Masuru lol. I never bothered watching his second channel though since there's no English subtitles.

No. 227173

File: 1643494470057.jpg (34.97 KB, 600x416, IMG_8047.jpg)

young nardwuar makes my kitty throb

No. 227178

You're not allowed to post Asians on these threads anymore

Polite report & sage

No. 227179

why the fuck not

No. 227181

No. 227182

nardwuar is sooooo cute, so daddy

No. 227183

some retard from the attractive males thread. just report and ignore them

No. 227184

No. 227185

File: 1643496949810.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2017-12-26-17h11m26s73…)

Barney is so fucking hot since losing weight. Although, I think it's because he was really nice to me and we talked about industrial and veganism.

No. 227194

File: 1643498598104.jpeg (121.17 KB, 640x828, 01041128_61d3b0e221aff.jpeg)

I know he's been mentioned a million times before, but my lust for him has been reignited lately and I want to domme him so badly

No. 227205

Have you been to that thread? Unless you’re posting about young Dolph Lundgren they don’t want it. Plus the guy can be conventionally attractive but his actions/personality may be controversial or considered unconventional. Also it’s a mess in there rn

No. 227223

his mannerisms are so hot to me. also his voice is really calming. id kiss him

No. 227224

After he stopped doing FF he started looking and acting like "that Discord e-daddy dom who is writing incredibly cringe RP messages and is horrible at sex".

No. 227227


No. 227238

I know, I know, but I still want to slap him around and fuck his brains out

No. 227292

File: 1643557067300.jpg (40.56 KB, 549x413, frank_zappa.jpg)

I love his nose so much.

No. 227294

File: 1643557233812.jpg (209.25 KB, 1600x1067, Zappa-on-Miami-Vice.jpg)

He looked so good in that Miami Vice cameo he did when he was older.

No. 227295

I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks nona

No. 227296

File: 1643557552881.jpg (47.32 KB, 471x480, zappa-and-cat.jpg)

Yessss nona

No. 227297

File: 1643557574182.jpg (37.94 KB, 318x480, frank-zappa-cat.jpg)

No. 227299

Hot gaze and cute kitties.

No. 227301

File: 1643559526830.jpg (20.95 KB, 600x338, brian_cox_hannibal1.jpg)

Brian Cox as Hannibal, his thick eyebrows and receeding hairline make the weirdest combo but it's great.

No. 227302

File: 1643559672405.gif (703.16 KB, 500x213, hannibal_briancox.gif)

Never enjoyed big lips on men but they make his face so unique paired with his general mean expression.

No. 227303

brian cox is my favorite hannibal. he’s the least cartoonish out of the rest of them

No. 227306

Is he? Great taste, nona! I haven't watched Manhunter yet, maybe I'll watch it this afternoon.

No. 227396

File: 1643576161684.jpg (19.67 KB, 563x738, 7a0b6a1f2273488951c7172b8834c8…)

No. 227403

File: 1643576878078.jpg (119.56 KB, 764x1024, angry.jpg)

i love him

No. 227410

hey anon with good taste, I see you. ot but I was baked many years ago and I was listening to his partitas with my headphones. After a while, I got freaked out because I thought someone had broken into the house because I heard some voices in the background. Turns out he sang every time he played the piano and that's what I was hearing. tfw no glenn gould to serenade you while he plays the partitas

No. 227460

File: 1643590734587.jpeg (555.69 KB, 808x1200, 270D3732-99DD-4665-8AD4-35363F…)

No. 227465

never knew he was in a cowboy movie, let alone one he directed himself. Now I gotta watch for research purposes kek

No. 227472

File: 1643595111848.jpeg (662.16 KB, 1242x872, 847C10B4-B6FD-4BFF-8365-8F233E…)

It’s a long one, so buckle up. It’s actually pretty good for an old western.

repost because my sexy Brando gif didn’t work but none of them are for some reason

No. 227534

nta but manhunter is better than SOTL imo

No. 227596

File: 1643641298766.jpeg (61.12 KB, 780x1080, 28D2CBCC-05B4-4EC3-BB92-B4EE4C…)

Stay mad

No. 227693

wow marlon was gorgeous

No. 227750

Hard worker, provider, loyal, protector, what's not to love?

No. 227751

Nice taste, nonna.

No. 227757

File: 1643694602493.jpeg (167.53 KB, 1366x768, A5FE0C20-E52C-43AE-8C19-93F70B…)

He’s physically not my type at all, but seeing how awkward and nerdy he was on taskmaster did things to me

No. 227805

File: 1643729919481.png (234.99 KB, 400x400, bs.png)

i admit i also think he's kinda cute but before the trans-detrans phase he really wasn't. i hope he doesn't regrow his beard.

No. 227817

File: 1643734205066.jpg (304.53 KB, 879x483, thereheis.jpg)

Tucker dunking on Trudeau last night made me remember why I'm fond of him.

LOL it was only a matter of time.

No. 227818

I liked when he just nonchalantly jumps into the water off the boat

No. 227820

AYRT YESSSSS HAHAHAHHAHAA I fucking love it. (Also I like that you use the banana theme, feels appropriate for a Spongebob fan)

No. 227858

I can't believe there are women who actually prefer trooned out HRT faggots with limp dicks over a normal man. Idk what kind of yaoi brainrot you have, but you need to get help.

No. 227878

Didn't anons say he detransitioned though?

No. 227926

File: 1643751459677.jpg (810.95 KB, 2000x3000, trevor-moore-death-accident-06…)

I loved young Trevor, in his twenties in the early WKUK seasons, can't relate to liking him in his 30s though, he got so bloated. RIP though, what a shame

No. 227934

You can't "detransition" because you can't transition from a man into a woman in the first place. He's still a pornsick freak who wants to wear women's skins.

No. 227940

File: 1643752616810.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.07 KB, 615x923, 0_PROD-22470871-high_res-the-n…)

Colin Farrell on The North Water. It's the role he put on a load of weight for, he has a scene with his belly out and he really did fatten up. His character is so disgusting but I still find him so hot. I'm not attracted to him usually since he's too clean, groomed and pretty. Though I did enjoy him in The Killing of a Sacred Deer too so maybe it's the beard.

While I'm not attracted to Adam I'm 100% with you on him being an outstanding actor, after watching The Terror three times now (lmao I love it) I always find something new to appreciate about Hickey. Have you seen Chernobyl? He plays a firefighter and I wish he'd had more scenes. I might have to watch To Walk Invisible since I'm currenly reading Jane Eyre and interested in learning more about the Brontë sisters.

Kip Sabian??

No. 227944

nta but it's just easier to say 'detransitioner' that 'person who thought they were a different gender then realised it was merely delusion and changed their mind'

No. 228057

calm down

No. 228080

File: 1643760059119.png (276.95 KB, 620x343, tumblr_mg1iohwmrU1r35f9ao1_640…)

agree, he already peaked well before this tho. so sad he was skanky.

No. 228084

lmao I remember my moonmoon phase

No. 228085

wow, wtf, he really looked different. might be because he was thinner here. he said how he is now is the heaviest he has been so maybe the weight is softening his sharp chin. he's cute but i really like that he's soft spoken and sometimes seems like he might be kind (when not going through episodes), that's what makes him largely appealing. too bad he was a tranner and sucked ugly male speedrunner dick. his obsession with taking care of that fugly, hopeless loser troon was almost cute. and yet he could've cared for an actual woman rather than a psychotic, pornsick ogre.

No. 228089

Why is the speedrunning community so full of them? Unfortunately that's where I used to find lots of nerdy guys I found cute, and now I feel that any of them could troon out at any moment.

Holy shit this is what Contra used to look like?

No. 228098

File: 1643765358691.jpg (48.23 KB, 640x640, a0919ec92d7f9683.jpg)

idk how the average nona feels about him but……….. i dunno if it's just because i've been watching him for 11 years and am the same age as him and feel like i grew up watching him but i am grossly in love with this greasy tiny hobo man

No. 228099

He fell off

No. 228103

File: 1643767912561.jpg (62.5 KB, 500x500, avatars-000238886924-9hggyy-t5…)

No. 228104

File: 1643768057059.jpg (35.54 KB, 760x493, a-g-cook.jpg)

No. 228105

Best A. G. Cook look. He doesn't look good right now though.

No. 228107

File: 1643768843146.gif (1.55 MB, 320x180, AypnCk.gif)

No. 228111

Same, anon

No. 228120

File: 1643776652601.jpeg (77.69 KB, 960x902, Qa1zsul.jpeg)

i want him to be my teddy bear

No. 228125

File: 1643779492314.jpeg (41.93 KB, 800x600, 6742F34B-F169-4471-BB0F-5000CA…)

I’ll never have him so what’s the point

No. 228127

I bet he has diarrhea every day

No. 228128

That’s just dumb he’d be dead already. Dehydration is no joke.

No. 228139

He has diarrhea and then drinks mountain dew code red, duh

No. 228148

No. 228175

File: 1643813087241.png (85.7 KB, 498x306, E01C6F0B-7318-489F-83E7-27FFE9…)

idk if this is unconventional but i want him

No. 228180

does this man own one single hoodie? anyway there's probably like 10 guys lurking rn who are just like him so don't lose hope nonnie

No. 228181

It's no use. OP probably is like those scrotes getting off on fucking THE REAL Olsen twins. Anon's attraction stems from fantasizing about fucking THE REAL Null, god of Kiwifarms.

No. 228184

File: 1643817435775.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 1526303071084.gif)

I would let Fupa be my daddy Dom. Way sexier than Null tbh.

No. 228187

True Null fans know that he only drinks diet coke and undisclosed local sodiepops.

No. 228190

all of you are absolutely haram, fupafags and nullfags alike

No. 228204

Thank God I got it wrong then

No. 228205

File: 1643821316751.gif (1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

No thread is complete without someone posting Null, but you didn't even post the good pic.

No. 228209

He has so many women lining up willing to get with him, why is he single? Or is he secretly dating someone?

No. 228210

I refuse to believe this is anything but bait.

No. 228216

He has beautiful blue eyes, i wish i could rip his eyeballs off and put them in a jar so i could look at them whenever i want

No. 228218

He'd be 8.5/10 if he worked his fat ass out. Speaking of which, does he have a nice big ass?

No. 228219

Alright don't you think 8.5 is a little too high? He'd maybe be a 6.3 if he got skinny, though his anti-troon and anti-pedophile stance does give him a few more points

No. 228222

He says that youtubers shouldn't date their fans and apparently anons who tried to hit on him only got back a clip of Nick Fuentes saying "NO e-girls! Never!". Though I think in the last thread some have been speculating that he has a girlfriend and is just keeping it quiet because people like Ralph and Vordrak and the million pissed of trannies would immediately try to figure out who she is and ruin her life. It would be the smartest decision for him to just not tell anyone.

No. 228226

For all we know Null is already married to a nice slavic waifu and they grow banana peppers and raise pigeons together. The gardening arc and the pro-TERF stance seems very much inspired by a woman if you ask me.

No. 228228

how tall is null does anyone know? i might find him attractive if he's under 5'7 so i could tower over him and make him feel scared but just a little bit

No. 228230

File: 1643825291785.png (63.77 KB, 1495x325, height.png)

Literally took me 5 seconds to google.

No. 228232

ok I'm one of the anons who like him so I don't mean this in a rude way but I genuinely think that if he had a gf he wouldn't be as obsessed as he is with that fat retard Ralph. Like featuring him going on a trip on the front page?? when I saw that my first thought was "someone needs to have sex with this man right now"

No. 228233

Why? Making fun of Ralph is hilarious. The purpose of the site is to make fun of lolcows and Ralph is the biggest lolcow of all. Personally very much enjoy the weekly Ralph segments, he somehow manages to self-destruct more and more it's truly amazing.

No. 228237

People literally beg him to feature stuff, like currently they are begging him to feature Ralph and Jim having a falling out and he said he won't feature it cause everyone already knows. I mean making fun of lolcows is literally his job and people pay him to do it.

No. 228238

Samefag to add that all moderators can feature posts and not all happenings are featured by Null.

No. 228240

I enjoy those segments too, but i think he pays him way more attention than he'd warrant, like overanalyzing his clothes, meals etc. I guess he has history with Ralph so it's personal, but still. Just taking a vacation woudnt be considered milk for any other cow

No. 228241

I think if Chris went on vacation to Europe and got his manpurse stolen and beat up by an underaged prostitute it would also be news. I really don't understand how people can not see what a gigantic clown Ralph is and how funny everything he does is. He really took over Chris' spot of top lolcow after he went to jail. I think the reason he focuses on Ralph a lot is because not a lot of other shit is going on most of the time and Ralph ALWAYS manages to have a fuck up every single week.

No. 228250

>He'd be 8.5/10 if he worked his fat ass out.
No he wouldn't lol. That still won't fix his eyes being in 2 different continents, he needs surgery.

No. 228258

>he needs surgery
kpop fan spotted

No. 228259


No. 228261

Missing sense of humor spotted

No. 228271

File: 1643834555261.jpg (38.39 KB, 500x284, EO5bRjBVAAE-WAk.jpg)

feel like pure SHIT just want him BACK x

No. 228275

File: 1643835910075.jpg (16.97 KB, 280x373, Philip_Seymour_Hoffman.jpg)

I honestly feel like there are just 2 of us

No. 228281

File: 1643839955185.jpeg (375.24 KB, 2442x2607, rs-164928-2639080.jpeg)

No. 228282

who the fuck is this autist spoiler that shit

No. 228284

>bob dylan
come on you've graduated to the conventional male attractions thread
that's nully-wully

No. 228292

File: 1643847651196.jpg (79.1 KB, 667x1000, 1643751657562.jpg)

No. 228309

blonde timmy chalamet??

No. 228315

File: 1643862459220.jpg (157.57 KB, 925x1104, FaceApp_1643862322324__01.jpg)

No. 228328

Grown-up Null when he's done with his weight-loss JOuRnEy

No. 228416

File: 1643918693131.png (38.5 KB, 455x455, birdymacg_20220124_10.png)

Ofc I've seen Chernobyl as well I've seen everything with Adam (unfortunately, so little stuff with him it hurts me). He was marvelous in it. Absolutely nailed every scene his is in and created great chemistry with the actress who played Ludmila. Their story is just heartbreaking. Btw, this radiation makeup was being applied for 13 hours. Poor Adam.
You really should watch "to walk invisible"! It perfectly pictures sisters' lives and their relationships and their art. The cast is incredible. The way Adam plays Branwell is terrific. The delivery of character is exquisite. And his hair in it is so red… agh
I mean, you'll definitely enjoy the film.

No. 228429

No. 228571

File: 1643961294314.jpg (448.27 KB, 1600x1058, 1 (1).jpg)

Late as shit but Terence Hill in any spaghetti western was my kryptonite.

No. 228639

some of us like short kings with fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 228691

I agree he was hot but there’s something very off-putting about him. I think it’s his massive 5 head. He only looks good with a tan and cowboy hat on.

No. 228698

I take back what I said about Null, seeing him simp for that vtuber attention whore despite shitting on vtubers and anime for months made me lose attraction and respect for him. Seems he only talked about that stuff to be contrarian and as soon as a vtuber is nice to him he has to advertise the tranny bunny on stream. Embarassing.

No. 228703

File: 1644004368193.jpg (286.36 KB, 1920x1131, IP.jpg)

he's an ass but honestly good on him for scamming cryptobros

No. 228708

File: 1644005342857.jpg (19.41 KB, 500x352, tumblr_bd93dc2a47ac3decae14afc…)

Did Ster have a glow up? He looked great on Jerma's last stream

No. 228851

he was so attractive in the movie "Happiness"

No. 228862

File: 1644034927681.jpg (61.54 KB, 1200x675, gg.jpg)

throwing another Fox News host into the mix. He's honestly the only reason I tolerate watching The Five when I visit my parents.

No. 228909

I don't like dudes with pubes on their face, it's not that crazy. I'm not into the skinny arms and BPD behaviors though.

No. 228937

File: 1644079633393.png (837.61 KB, 1360x768, peter.png)

I think Peter from The Room is so hot

Though I can't fully enjoy this scene since I learned that he had just had a concussion when they filmed it (and that asshole Tommy wouldn't let him see a doctor, allegedly)

No. 228947

He did, but I think he'd look even better without the beard. Jerma looked good, as always.

No. 228954

Stop responding to aging fat men who look like shit and are jealous of young sexy men.

No. 228959

he's pretty cute he looks kinda similar to my bf

No. 228964

Holy shit, stop shitting up every thread you fucking schizoes. (OK, the other anon was being aggressive, but the argument died down pretty quickly.)
Some women don't like feminine twinks, some women instead like older men, or chubby men, or men with facial hair, deal with it. Doesn't mean that you're being forced to like it.
You're fucking obsessed I swear. You and >>227858 who needs to understand that some women simply can't like any kind of man other than young ones who shave. It's not that hard to accept, I don't know why you people can't.

No. 228968

Laughing at this. I have a thing for glasses too and found him attractive. Tommy is a psycho, I had no idea he had an actual concussion.

No. 228974

nta but these arguments only start because of one anon making a big deal over anons into twinks and occasionally calling them "pedos" and insisting their preference for older guys is "normal". no one would've cared about their taste if it weren't for that.

No. 228975

Yeah, apparently that's the reason he's seen touching random stuff in the background during that scene. He was, in his own words, "Trying not to fall over".

Also, the guy who played Kyle Vogt playing Peter in Disaster Artist was hot too.

No. 229005

File: 1644117983103.jpeg (43.7 KB, 650x385, D253F2A7-3CF3-4739-AD31-461655…)

fuck the anti-asian anons this man fucks

No. 229007

It’s funny that he looked more feminine before trooning out, it’s really sad tbh.

No. 229009

Get over it

No. 229010

the same could be said for you

No. 229011

I had such a crush on him in middle school. I miss when youtubers were legit just college guys making videos for their friends and not constantly grtting in influencer shitfights and grooming little girls

No. 229014

File: 1644122348439.jpg (1.55 MB, 1934x1088, djangocoffin2big.jpg)

LOL fivehead. Agreed, he was cool as the second Django.

No. 229015

I have a pic of him from Twitchcon after he got punched in the eye, made me laugh. I told him to put aloe vera on it

No. 229016

File: 1644122485013.jpg (287.53 KB, 904x757, stupidsexytucker.jpg)

I never thought I'd see the day when Greg fucking Gutfeld was posted here. And I say this as a Tuckeranon

No. 229023

File: 1644127684175.jpg (170.97 KB, 524x757, MV5BMzA3NDUzYjctZTQzMS00MDkzLW…)

he's so creepy and on-human seeming i want to tie him up and poke him with various medical implements

No. 229134

which nazi is this? he looks like a bull terrier

No. 229142

Reinhard Heydrich and kek u right

No. 229153

File: 1644200771531.jpeg (242.19 KB, 1920x1080, 126652CA-324D-4C72-8AAD-0E263D…)

Sorry nonnas

No. 229155

ashton kutcher has aged horribly

No. 229156

File: 1644202605673.jpg (233.51 KB, 958x632, tumblr_nkr08pT19H1tqds0wo1_128…)

>we jus talkin about woman
I notice autistic males don't know the difference between "woman" and "women"
Anyway I have like 203 images of this moid so

No. 229157

No. 229158

File: 1644204601841.jpeg (187.59 KB, 1300x956, 095491F6-C00A-40D8-B7CA-C02EEB…)

No bully. He was legit hot when he was younger (ignore the watermark and shitty quality)

No. 229176

File: 1644217231036.gif (991.74 KB, 500x281, 0108E312-4830-41B2-AA32-DDF2A0…)

Want Joe bastianich to eat my pussy

No. 229189

one of the better men in this whole ass board

No. 229215

what's good about him? never seen him. i like lidia bastianich though.

No. 229221

He’s a judge on masterchef who dramatically looks you in the eye as he tastes your food, it’s very sensual

No. 229247

File: 1644265781979.png (840.91 KB, 900x692, nilered.png)


No. 229248

same! he's really cute

No. 229251

È come film di orore.

No. 229289

File: 1644280328975.jpg (79.44 KB, 426x600, actor-bill-the-butcher-234130_…)

the only good part of the movie

No. 229304

File: 1644294919239.jpg (101.33 KB, 1280x720, 3624101-audiologs_thumb_discoe…)

No. 229333

File: 1644317824025.jpg (531.87 KB, 2048x1452, adams.jpg)

would fuck this irishman

No. 229334

File: 1644318282707.jpeg (362.72 KB, 1200x1565, B01CD7A3-434F-4892-8B5D-42148A…)

I want Paul Dano so bad guys


No. 229337

Is that the retarded kid from Making a Murderer? Anon… he's mentally a child.

No. 229339

Would trad wife for this small, dapper rat man.

No. 229350

he is too short

No. 229366

He's literally an actor

No. 229368

I genuinely can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

No. 229372

File: 1644340806898.jpg (66.94 KB, 500x712, 235d8739d442804f8759720078ee7c…)

I just googled this guy's name and he looks so different in all of the pics. A shame, I would love to fuck him but only if he looked like this. He's perfect in whatever this movie is.

No. 229375

>whatever movie this is
I'm sure it's Ruby Sparks. Interesting film. The female lead of the novel(?) he's writing comes to life and he dates her, controls her, and manipulates her through his writing. His glasses are more flattering here

No. 229377

File: 1644342377445.jpg (37.99 KB, 355x599, 355px-Buster_Keaton_WWI.jpg)

God's most perfect creation was only 5'5" so manlet hate is actually blasphemy

No. 229378

File: 1644343022516.jpeg (373.61 KB, 1170x859, 3894EEDD-18F1-4A95-9B19-544889…)

i came to shamefully post >>224564 after becoming familiar with him in the detrans thread after watching his drugged out video. i’m shocked that somebody beat me to it, maybe it was a self post and i’m all alone in this kek. i’m so attracted to his voice and mannerisms, but i’m bi so i think that explains it.

No. 229381

File: 1644343675493.jpg (48.9 KB, 564x846, lillmans.jpg)

That was me nona, I only heard his voice in a GC video and when I checked out his yt account I thought he kinda looked like a cute metal guy (love cute metal guys). But really, he is too mentally ill to be completely attractive.

Posting an actual metal artist.

No. 229382

File: 1644343751491.jpg (136.7 KB, 863x1200, DFmNu5uWAAQjPz4.jpg)

No. 229389

>5'5'' little army man
Gimme gimme gimme!

No. 229396

Vreth belongs in the attractive male thread.

No. 229397

File: 1644346898949.gif (1.48 MB, 250x379, beautiful little weasel.gif)

5'5" little army man who entertained at officer parties with his 'snake dance' kek

No. 229400

he has a very unique, un-usually soft voice for a guy. also long curly hair and obvious support/empathy towards women.

No. 229416

File: 1644350902791.gif (2 MB, 540x225, tumblr_pqly0ei2e31ujntzgo5_r2_…)

This man….

No. 229420


No. 229423

yeah no he's definitely cute and he seems like he might be a considerate bf. he seems fairly rational when he's not breaking down. such a shame he was a troon and his sex life and interests are probably all fucked up. he claims he has never felt AGP fetishy stuff but based on his behavior while he was a troon, i'm not so sure. maybe he was just acting like a stereotype to fit in with his disgusting troon friends.

No. 229430

File: 1644356018379.jpg (75.02 KB, 1280x688, maxresdefault.jpg)

I actually like the glasses in the other pic more, though he looks super cute in that movie with those glasses too.
And thanks for the heads up, I guess? Quite different from what I imagined that movie would be like. Funny that apparently it was written by this guy's IRL girlfriend and she also plays the character that his character created. Hopefully the ending is good

No. 229434

Stop advertising this dumb tranny.

No. 229435

File: 1644357352688.jpg (38.1 KB, 694x463, download.jpg)

I seriously thought that was Brendan Dassey. He looks like he could be his twin.

No. 229437

He isn't a tranny anymore.

No. 229438

Once a tranny, always a tranny.

No. 229439

You kinda sound like a troon when you say that.

No. 229440

Go away Vanity/Cluniac or whatever you call yourself now. You're a creepy piece of shit and you will never get a redemption arc.

No. 229441

Yep, still sounds like a troon salty about detrans people.

No. 229450

I mean you're right kek

No. 229455

for real, who is this clown? talking about >>229440 not (you). it's the unconventional male attractions thread, you had your few "your moid is shit" posts, fuck off or post your fav already for someone else to roast

No. 229462

File: 1644364830864.jpg (2.35 MB, 3024x4032, 1644276329146(1).jpg)

apparently it's some scrote from leftypol who posted his selfie

No. 229463

how long before he inevitably troons out?

No. 229465

Gross. Who the fuck would post their face on an anonymous imageboard? Nothing turns me off more than men who are attention seeking. He looks bland

No. 229469

5 minutes.

No. 229470

is this the one who posted his pic here from the other day that wanted farmers to roast him or did you take this from leftypol?

No. 229473

>Who the fuck would post their face on an anonymous imageboard? Nothing turns me off more than men who are attention seeking.
yeah, he's pretty cute imo, but according to his description and the fact that he posted that selfie and dating profile at all (unprompted) he's most likely an attention whore, which is always a turnoff.
kek he's looking for a gf that wants to marry and have kids so idk
took it from leftypol, thought he was cute
there was some other guy with long hair and kinda pretty face who posted his selfie there but I didn't save that one and he already has a gf lmao
>the one who posted his pic here from the other day that wanted farmers to roast him
kek I didn't see that one

No. 229475


No. 229477

i think it's crispin glover?

No. 229478

ntayrt but tysm, does anyone know what movie/show this is from??

No. 229479

I'm pretty sure that's him in the 00s Charlie's Angels movies. He plays a villain called the Thin Man

No. 229482

File: 1644372046976.png (522.39 KB, 980x703, 40FF276E-57BA-4094-8CD5-8D3E4E…)

He’s so cute. I loved him in the Willard remake.

No. 229486

Why does everyone look so much hotter with rats on their shoulders

No. 229488

i hate that even an out and out eccentric weirdo like crispin glover, who everyone in the industry acknowledges as a potentially autistic weirdo, ended up having his most notable public relationship w a playboy playmate… as a kid i loved his nerdy and shy behavior in back to the future

No. 229498

File: 1644385960109.gif (6.85 MB, 498x280, crispin-glover-friday-the13th.…)

Whenever I see him, all I can think about is his dance in Friday the 13th Part 4.

No. 229520

File: 1644395726060.gif (1.48 MB, 320x212, 91E69DA2-1D9A-4551-8A73-AA00EC…)

Not nearly as good as his dance in Epic Movie as Willy Wonka. Terrible movie but his wonka was much hotter than depp’s.

No. 229532

File: 1644403829226.gif (6.86 MB, 600x338, internetcomment.gif)

I have had a thing for this dude ever since his old salvia videos, and I don't even care how fat he's gotten now, he still makes me laugh. Something about his chest hair and how he makes fun of Redditors gets me wet

No. 229535

File: 1644404862869.gif (1.62 MB, 250x250, tumblr_pd5jt3650F1vyzez4o4_r1_…)

Herr Flick is kinda cute. For a nazi

No. 229536

Nah, I will call you out for selfposting your ugly tranny-mug all over the internet every time I see it. You do it on Kiwifarms, 4chan and now here. Everyone who isn't a dumbass can see that your "detransition" is just a grift to get internet famous like your tranny ex Narcissa Wright.

No. 229537

He was posted by an actual farmer here (me) can't verify the others discussing him though but god, chill.

No. 229539

I only rly like his voice tbh, its soothing

No. 229542

>I'm totally a real woman posting him, source: just trust me bro!
nah, fuck off

No. 229543

File: 1644411175800.png (219.2 KB, 812x472, Untitled.png)

No. 229551

his sense of humor is kind of childish but he can still get it

No. 229554

multiple anons have posted him, it's not a reach. he's cute and is respectful of women at least publicly. his criticisms come from the right place and he doesn't hold hypocritical viewpoints like most men do on gender stereotypes, trannyism and sex. not really that surprising that a few people would think he's attractive. you seem oddly upset. you sound like a jealous man.

No. 229555

nta and I'm not attracted to him either but I don't see why it's so unrealistic

No. 229565

At least he's not a real Nazi. Also he's hot as fuck.

No. 229578

Oh God this is a shameful crush of mine, I can't believe I'm not alone. Especially when he was more in shape and groomed his facial hair he was so hot to me. I know it's parasocial but anyone who can make me laugh like he has and isn't afraid to have unpopular opinions is pretty hot regardless of looks. But he is also hot when he's taking care of himself, I would definitely try fuck him if I ran into him. (Garrett Watts is the only other internet man in this category, but of course he's gay so Erik will have to bear the burden.)
For the record I'm one of the anons others call moid psyops because I don't find the roided up Marvel body type attractive, genuinely guys like Erik (when he's not in complete alcoholic slob mode) are my type because they are clearly masculine but have a cuddly gentle quality.

No. 229582

File: 1644422849742.jpg (72.68 KB, 500x334, kacz_023.jpg)

pour one out for the ted anons, our boy has terminal cancer

No. 229583

Really? I can't find any articles about it

No. 229584

File: 1644423448338.jpg (93.05 KB, 1080x1096, 20220209_171231.jpg)

apparently, could be a fake letter tho kek

No. 229585

There have been a lot of hoaxes and I can't really tell whether the letters on internet are real in the first place to compare. We will know at some point if it's true… Anyway I really like this handwriting, whoever has it.

No. 229586


No. 229595

Not sure if the letter is real, but I don’t doubt that he’s sick or something. I saw this article that he was transferred to a hospital late last year: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/unabomber-kaczynski-hospital-ill/2021/12/22/4f773f82-6367-11ec-8ce3-9454d0b46d42_story.html

No. 229601

He's a hideous mentally ill schizo tranny, I will never buy that a woman, let alone multiple women are attracted to him, lol.

No. 229604

File: 1644430170370.jpg (31.38 KB, 625x626, d3f.jpg)

No. 229607

File: 1644430868932.jpeg (206.45 KB, 741x381, 1641989176718.jpeg)

Maybe you should know who you are talking about before you simp >>1416254


Cluniac aka Isaac is a lolcow. He used to e-date another famous tranny called Narcissa. His mission before he "detransitioned" was to get Kiwifarms taken down for transphobia. He had a huge meltdown at Null (owner of KF) on twitter where he offered to be his tranny girlfriend. Then he got Null banned from twitter for transphobia when he laughed at him. He then tried to harass Cloudflare into removing DDOS protection from Kiwifarms. He also left Null a bunch of schizo voicemails threatening him. He is unhinged.

Like all lolcows he lives off attention, positive or negative. His newest ploy to get attention is "detransitioning" to get attention from TERF audiences. He has been posting his videos on here, 4chan and Kiwifarms, which is the only reason you even know he exists. He's a mentally ill freak and you're giving him jerk-off material by talking about him.

No. 229609

This is the unconventional attraction thread. Stop talking about him then, let it go.

No. 229610

File: 1644431040056.png (259.44 KB, 472x696, Untitled.png)

https://youtu.be/hBa4uWU1NMo?t=2007 33:23 Null tells the story about this tranny harassing him on twitter.(derailing)

No. 229611

Nah, whenever you keep self-posting your dumb face I will remind everyone who you are.

No. 229614

Find to explain the fetishization of short moids?
I don't get it.

No. 229616

File: 1644431410506.png (410.76 KB, 800x700, Untitled.png)

Here's a creepy message chain with Cluniac obsessing over Narcissa and being a sexpest. Picrel is Narcissa, if you look like this you can have a chance!


ValidVanity01:57 PM
Help me get Narcissa back.
Something happened in my brain and I’ll never stop wanting her. She is perfection incarnate.

mdr4life01:58 PM
lol I am probably the last person on the face of the planet that would ever get cosmo back
he hates me, and I only fascinated by him for the cringe factor
I don't want him to ever have any "redemption arc", I'd be happy if he an-heroe-ed himself on stream

ValidVanity01:59 PM
She hates me too, but I must be with her. I want to marry her and get my duplex. We can do this. Together, nothing can stop us. Think about it. I got an appointment.

mdr4life02:00 PM
his meltdowns and convoluted ways of thinking are impossible to turn away from, for sure
what do you mean appointment? if you want to talk to cosmo just DM his mom
his mom is active on twitter
are you Isaac?

ValidVanity03:17 PM
I’ve always wondered: why do you dislike her so much? Also are you cute?
I’m Vanity, formerly Issac, yes.

No. 229619

File: 1644431655703.jpg (173.61 KB, 640x937, 367241.jpg)

nta but how is this any different from the schizos who accuse everyone posting null of being a man? some women just have shit taste. anyway back on topic

No. 229620

Because he's a tranny. Posting trannies ITT is crossing the line.

No. 229622

to me he looks the same as every other emo long haired effeminate moid anons seem to like so much, it's not surprising they'd be attracted to him even if he's crazy

No. 229624

File: 1644432569626.jpeg (52.24 KB, 314x439, 032E2354-3B0F-4040-BFEC-1A2064…)

I’ve worshipped J Mascis a a musician for years but I saw Dinosaur Jr recently and something awakened in me lmao. Literally cannot get enough of J now, I think it’s his weird mouth kek

No. 229625

What's unconventional about Morrissey? Other than him being an unapologetic asshole

No. 229628

File: 1644432855745.jpg (483.24 KB, 1280x1496, Untitled-1.jpg)

>women are totally attracted to this for real

No. 229634

File: 1644433159063.jpg (686.19 KB, 1392x1005, vanity.jpg)

>trust me, this is what women want!! Not a selfpost at all!!

See more pics of your crush here:

No. 229635

You're fucking obsessed, are you sure you aren't him?

No. 229636

partially that, but also I wasn't sure if he's considered conventionally attractive and I didn't want to get bullied for posting him in the other thread
oof ok maybe you're right kek. still not that far from some moids anons have posted

No. 229637

Ngl I thought he was cute when I watched the documentary

No. 229641

but not serial killers, abusers, and pedos? kek

No. 229642

I fucking hate that trannies like this get to advertise their shit on here and you fucking morons fall for it because "uwu he is twying so hawd to dewansition!" You're so fucking dumb.

No. 229643

Yes. Post your trannies in the MtF thread where they belong.

No. 229646

>you can't post males i dont approve of in the male attraction thread
who made you the horny police

No. 229649

File: 1644434081746.png (114.95 KB, 1852x262, Untitled.png)

He's literally advertising on /lgbt/ at the same time as he does here. You gotta be dumb and blind to fall for this.

No. 229650

File: 1644434225671.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1155, 1644184746489.jpeg)

You're right Anon, we should be allowed to post trannies ITT. Picrel is my crush, I love how cute and feminine he is. It's unconventional so there should be zero rules right?

No. 229651

File: 1644434418732.jpeg (131.94 KB, 640x775, 1644110114862.jpeg)

This is my crush and you can't say anything about it.(shitpost)

No. 229654

Damn, he cute. What a hottie I also think he is very attractive.

No. 229655

good taste anon, anime legs uncle eat your heart out

No. 229656

He is very cute, I just love feminine men with long hair.

No. 229658

File: 1644435426030.jpeg (176.72 KB, 605x960, 1644136606807.jpeg)

Anyone else like older men?

No. 229667

anon this is cringe

No. 229673

nah that's too old

No. 229674

Stop responding to bait

No. 229680

AGPs have revoked their human card. They literally register to me as demons

No. 229694

No. 229704

He looks like a bridge troll in a wig

No. 229705

File: 1644452907299.jpg (46.86 KB, 331x633, 199384b88407a66bd277a856c413e2…)

pretty + small = cute
it's basic math anon

No. 229707


No. 229710

Do you unironically believe incel blackpill propaganda about every single woman exclusively wanting 6'0+ Chads?

No. 229712

jokes on you, i already knew about this. >>228085 there's a difference between an active tranner and a detransitioned guy who has snapped out of it. he obviously has severe mental illness, not surprised he'd pin everything on shit like transgenderism while in the throes of his mental illness. he seems kind of sweet, even while being a troon he seemed kind of alright, albeit an attention whore. at least not threatening women with death or interacting much with them at all really.(tranny-derail)

No. 229720

You forgot "buff as hell", I've seen the pics

No. 229729

File: 1644460139375.jpeg (515.75 KB, 1242x732, 916590EC-7895-4437-B827-251D2C…)


Can we talk about how everyone looks hot as a cowboy? Case in point- Michael Rooker

No. 229730

he looks homeless

No. 229731

File: 1644460379279.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.52 KB, 702x499, 10BFF584-DB19-43AE-B24E-40025F…)

you twink bitches are asking me to unleash my scary jim collection and I don't want to have to do that

No. 229735

File: 1644462164717.gif (2.52 MB, 498x359, darry.gif)

you can put them in your pocket

No. 229770

I'm much more comfortable and into men that are within an inch or two of my height, which means short to average guys for me. And like anon said >>229720 they are usually more buff. I'm really into the stocky/built body type rather than the lanky beanpole type. There is something so incredibly hot about a confident buff shortie who is good with his hands. My biggest turn off about a short guy is when they whine about being short and/or being super insecure about it all the time. Pls gimme the short farmer cowboy mechanic type any day of the week over some 6'+ moid.
I'm sure there are other reasons anons are into shorter men but those are mine.

No. 229800

File: 1644482613226.jpg (152.38 KB, 909x1280, wmoi95mlzuy71.jpg)

He's a cutey even with his nasal-y ass voice

No. 229801

This looks like one of those guys that one anon from a few months ago would roleplay as in discord

No. 229802

he's hilarious but his mouth looks like nikocado avocados asshole

No. 229824

Is this shooped?

No. 229855

Yes, at least what I experienced first hand and see online.

No. 229856

why does this man look prosthetic

No. 229936

File: 1644536803540.gif (5.97 MB, 600x444, alert.gif)

No. 229961

I love Zach AHHHHHHHH I’ve had a crush on him since back in the Hellbenders days.

No. 229970

File: 1644550397104.gif (866.11 KB, 160x210, 658EDA04-902D-4BAB-AACC-854C47…)

He has a sexy physique. His height doesn’t matter anymore because his proportions are top tier. Yum.

No. 229978

File: 1644555153678.gif (447.35 KB, 495x291, busterbuff.gif)

That's him on the right, obviously.

No. 230170

I have wanted to sucker-punch this bastard for the past few threads he's shown up in because he looks like a damn tool, and yet it's this movie that I might check out. I hate it lol.

No. 230177

File: 1644639205528.jpeg (17.85 KB, 624x352, 67260FD6-8D70-4FF9-AFA7-7B0AB5…)

Rewatching some earlier seasons of drag race, god I wanna fuck this smug faggot

No. 230188

File: 1644648763717.jpg (594.29 KB, 1200x1098, EuLiGF3XMAQO65Z.jpg)

late but i would tbh

No. 230284

File: 1644695409639.jpeg (32.28 KB, 534x308, 4ED33CFC-7B92-41C1-8CD4-A33593…)

Idk how unconventional this is but when I was 12, I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. And yes, I knew his character was supposed to be retarded. I told my friends about it a while back and they thought I was weird and I haven’t told anyone since.

No. 230287

No. 230309

Damn didn’t know Violet Chachki posted on lc

No. 230320

I posted it here because I’m pretty ashamed that I lusted over a tard. Even though I’m over it now.

No. 230355

File: 1644722279657.png (171.08 KB, 1544x854, 1605107765852.png)

Omg nonny, I love him so much! I wouldn't consider him unconventional looking though. I'm stealing that pic you posted… Please post more if you have any.
I have to watch Il gattopardo so I can see him and his little gay mustache

No. 230370

File: 1644726837818.jpg (155.07 KB, 1300x860, djanoterence.jpg)

Oh shit, I haven't seen that. I'd consider him unconventional 'cause aside from the spaghetti westerns, he was in those goofy comedy-action films with Bud Spencer. KEK I will totally oblige you, I've got a ton of pics of him (for reference… really).

No. 230374

ntayrt but holy crap i need more of this dude

No. 230415

File: 1644747263005.jpeg (576.02 KB, 1000x667, EF69F2FF-2D0C-4E01-85EC-D8BFB7…)

I want the guys from IASIP to run a train on me

No. 230429

yes but like… season 2 them not season 12 you retard … they look like madame tussauds figures now smh

No. 230433

File: 1644756371569.png (446.77 KB, 546x560, gredgg.PNG)

protect the smile

No. 230435

File: 1644757525659.jpeg (30.7 KB, 400x400, D122E1E8-3DA3-43FF-A449-74A5D2…)

He makes me feel less autistic in comparison
looks best clean shaven, with short hair, and yes, the ushanka is very important

No. 230442

File: 1644765510440.png (6.81 MB, 1242x2688, 2D7248B0-3E8C-456C-A896-04809F…)

I love him too. I really do, Nonita. I have watched all his content and I feel a total degenerate.

Also my tiktok crush, I hate that I couldn’t take better screenshots. He’s so fascinating to me, or might be just that he’s into mesoamerican history.

No. 230443

Charlie and Mac were legit cute in first couple seasons. I remember when I started watching the show when I was a teen, I didn’t get why Dennis was the “hot” one because Mac and Charlie were a lot more attractive imo.

No. 230446

he's hot

No. 230447

nta but his @ is right there

No. 230451

File: 1644769095729.jpg (312.29 KB, 679x1024, terencehill.jpg)

No. 230457

yes anon… he annoys me a little but he's also so interesting and i love his eyes and smile

No. 230458

File: 1644771030971.jpeg (63.86 KB, 443x750, 74B4D759-9297-4209-8EDC-7A6228…)

chill out nonnie, you're not on hall monitor duty

I'm partial to Dennis myself, his brand of delusion and volatility is so hot to me. The other guys are attractive too but Dennis makes me wanna play mind games with him (while letting him think he's the one in control ofc)

No. 230472

File: 1644777153036.png (706.09 KB, 2048x1424, tumblr_5ff9caed572039c69145601…)

>he was in those goofy comedy-action films with Bud Spencer
Nona I adore them lmao, my dad told me he wanted to watch those films so I found a couple and soon I was the one interested in watching them because of how handsome Terence Hill is

No. 230473

He looks like ImAllexx

No. 230506

I want to peg him so badly

No. 230509

File: 1644792510870.gif (7.68 MB, 540x450, tumblr_83d648cc32998739b3e286e…)

he's cuter when he's younger but still would

No. 230510

thank you nonnies my eyes feel enlightened by his good looks

No. 230511

If you liked Fleabag you might enjoy Don Matteo-

No. 230604


I know. My taste is… bad. But at least I’m not into serial killers or nazis. Only weird men with unicorn coffee mugs.

No. 231062

File: 1644884168349.jpg (64.16 KB, 874x525, Untitled.jpg)

i have never found anthony kiedis hotter than his current look

No. 231065

kim is gay but i still want to destroy him and harry both. is there a thread for unconventional fictional husbands??

No. 231108

You're free to post them in the husbandofag thread, if someone shits on your taste ignore her. Don't worry, I and plenty of others don't mind

No. 231202

Nta but after what happened to Cedricfag I'm not so sure

No. 231309

Tbh >>231202 is right, only animu guys are aloud in that thread

No. 231572

File: 1644906340564.jpeg (38.08 KB, 409x613, iu-90.jpeg)

He's so ugly cute I love him

No. 231687

Is that Reece Shearsmith?

No. 231710

Post them in the retarded hornyposting husbando thread here on /g/. I love seeing what unconventional husbandos other nonnas have, we need to balance out the bishie posting.

No. 231713

Post them in the retarded hornyposting husbando thread here on /g/. I love seeing what unconventional husbandos other nonnas have, we need to balance out the bishie posting.

No. 231758

File: 1644933035608.png (1.38 MB, 758x906, louis 14th.png)

i'd smash

No. 231759

File: 1644933158935.jpg (32.48 KB, 422x594, 1643095889274.jpg)

someone like this is unconventional in the day of superman jaw

No. 231900

File: 1644945815384.jpg (149.02 KB, 679x884, Hütz,_Eugene_(crop).jpg)

I've posted him before but I luv irl Nigel Thornberry

No. 232995

File: 1644991373039.jpg (309.8 KB, 764x1080, Screenshot_20220214-043001_You…)

I felt nothing until he put the Ushanka on.

No. 233032

File: 1644999977937.jpg (146.71 KB, 1280x720, MV5BYjdhMWUwYzg.jpg)

He's really cute, the only thing unconventional about him is that he looks ridiculously young. mfer was like 28 in pic related.

Weirdly enough I don't think he aged that well. Like, he still looks young and healthy for his age, but it did something to his features and he looks different. Maybe it's just that baby faces don't age as well as strong features.

No. 233033

Is that jreg?

No. 233044

No you silly nonnie, that's communism.

No. 233885

File: 1645044112446.jpg (107.15 KB, 620x757, mgkpete.jpg)

both of them, i hate it.

No. 233890

File: 1645044379517.jpeg (36.52 KB, 300x533, 91814ef650c7a0d44fafef7599cd82…)

he is hot because he is so.smart and is actually funny but I feel like he is so genuine this world is fucking him up. YouTube is all about political grifting and being fake and it seems he barely makes any money from his career. I feel like he is too smart to be a YouTuber. His intelligence is what makes him attractive

No. 233902

He probably makes at least some money from his YT channel. He might have a steady regular job and pursues his YT channel as a side thing

No. 233911

god this image makes me wanna vom

No. 233917

doesn't seem like it. He lives in a shithole apartment. He seems entirely broke and it can become difficult to get a normal job once you are plastered all over the internet, not to mention people downplay how taxing being an online figure can be especially if you are genuine. He puts all his personality, energy and resources in his skits.

No. 233930

I'll pray for you

No. 233946

We can fix him. I’d do it myself but I’m allergic to mold, definitely couldn’t go anywhere near his apartment without taking damage.
didnt he actually make some decent money on the anti porn onlyfans thing? He’s also taken some sponsorships before, I don’t think he’s hurting for money too terribly bad.

No. 233949

Jreg's fine, his only side gig was his onlyfans before he deleted it right before I could check it out myself god damn it

No. 233983

yea but he rised that for a charity that works against sex trafficking, it wasn't for him actually. You actually don't even make much money from YouTube, but it is a good platform for exposure. You can only make good YouTube bucks if you are a grifter manipulator. I think he is under paid, he makes like 1k on his Patreon while the average tranny political grifter makes like 100k by spreading mindless propaganda. Jreg is awesome and he is not even a right winger, he seems like one of the most genuine lefties out there, but his fanbase is shit and they don't get his points. I don't think he made money on Onlyfans tho.

No. 233987

his what now. I stopped watching him in 2020, did he really have an onlyfans? I remember he used to be uncomfortable with fans sexualising him

No. 233992

he made a video basically fighting against porn and collaborated with a charity to rise money for sex trafficking victims in porn and he made an Onlyfans ironically for a couple of days.

No. 234007

Yeah he was SO uncomfortable with being sexualized that there is leaked onlyfans content of his whole asscrack out there.

No. 234086

pics or it never happened

No. 234194

File: 1645054764023.jpg (114.22 KB, 1280x1920, jc.jpg)

not sure how unconventional he is but i just want this 5'7 man to bump shnozzes with me and talk about films in his funny voice and get tipsy and stupid in front of me

No. 234218

File: 1645055363683.png (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 1186x931, crack jreg.png)

Lo and behold

No. 234224

mmmmmm naughty israelite. I want moreeee

No. 234240


No. 234289

Based schnose bumper, I have many a man I'd like to bump schnoses with

No. 234437

i want to sit on top of him and pick at all of the little blackheads on his back i know theyre there i know he must have a ton of them

No. 234448

>naughty israelite.
well now I feel a little weird posting anymore.

No. 234525

ok jreg

No. 234544

File: 1645064329209.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1146x799, plz dont sexualize jreg.png)

Yeah, I'm jreg and I would like if you stopped sexualizing me

No. 234553

ayrt, wtf based i might have to start watching him again

No. 234558

mmmmmm I like it Jreg, I think it is medium sized, just right.

No. 234586

No. 234621

You lost, friend? It’s the unconvential moid thread for a reason

No. 234841

Somebody gonna have to split those cheeks with wax strips.

No. 237241

File: 1645203669644.jpg (459.18 KB, 1280x1805, tumblr_oojm0lUqvB1umpjmwo3_128…)

i love my wholefoods husbando

No. 237252

File: 1645204284754.gif (1.28 MB, 268x268, Tumblr_l_1400467528699846.gif)

Nonas, for the past few months I have been obsessed with Clancy Brown. It has actually become detrimental to my life. I'm actively trying to date at the moment, but no man can compare. I have a folder on my phone of over 100 confirmed pictures of Clancy Brown. I sometimes listen to podcast episodes with him in them, just to hear his voice.
How do I heal, anons? How do I move on from this?

No. 237255

You do not. I have approximately 262 images/gifs of Steve Howe. You are here forever.

No. 237267

File: 1645204867413.gif (1.14 MB, 400x400, you prob have this one but hav…)

Oh, dear, nonny. Believe it or not, i was once in your shoes. Rewatched Shawshank a bunch of times, watched really shitty movies with him in it, watched gameplays of Detroit having absolutely no interest in the game itself. Clancy used to be fucking smoking hot, I get it. But honestly, he's aged like crap recently, so there's only pining for an old guy who only used to be hot in the 90s left.
If you really want an answer? Usually there comes a point where it really hits you that what you're doing is completely retarded, that you're thirsting over an old scrote who has a wife + kids, is not in your universe at all, so its now time to move on to someone achievable, or just to do something useful with your life. But for now, all you can really do is pine your guts out, since this only happens when you need a positive something to keep you through a tough patch in life (not when most things are going well, usually). So just keep doing it until you just don't feel like it anymore, or your life improves. That's my answer.

No. 237277

NTA but what to do if literally everyone I'm attracted to is unachievable even if they're near my age

No. 237283

File: 1645205635049.gif (1.77 MB, 360x270, tumblr_nrynvhK9eJ1smgxzbo4_400…)

You cope sister, you cope

No. 237285

I used to a crush on his voice, Lex Luther

No. 237289

ayrt - I didn't mean achievable as in "in your league", i meant achievable as in "isn't dead, 40 years your senior or 6000 miles away from you". I'm sure there's someone out there for you that will make you happy.

No. 237292

But all my crushes are either dead, old, gay or aren't real.

No. 237295

File: 1645206111918.gif (6.82 MB, 540x350, Tumblr_l_81134529565429.gif)

Last Night In Soho is the unconventional attraction crossover: Matt Smith and Anya-Taylor Roy!
Man. I haven't seen Matt Smith star anywhere in many years. He looks rougher now, or maybe that's just the gifs color filter.

No. 237306

File: 1645206550080.jpg (416.91 KB, 1024x768, zidane.jpg)



No. 237310

nta but then fix yourself lol

No. 237311

No. 237314

Wait, how the fuck is anya unconventionally attractive? Is looking like a super model regarded as ugly in some countries? kek

No. 237321

No. 237322

Watch her old interviews she was uggo

No. 237326

some people call her ugly cause of her eyes

No. 237336

File: 1645208191425.jpg (96.9 KB, 1280x720, Clancy-Brown.jpg)

Thank you for the gif anon, I think I have that one already but I saved it anyway kek.
>watched really shitty movies with him in it, watched gameplays of Detroit having absolutely no interest in the game itself
We really have walked the same path. I'm glad I'm not alone. Wish he'd been in better/more films when he was younger.
>honestly, he's aged like crap recently
This is the problem nonerina, I still think he's hot. I don't even have an old man thing, this is the first time it's happened to me. I'm befuddled.
>But for now, all you can really do is pine your guts out, since this only happens when you need a positive something to keep you through a tough patch in life
Nail on the head I think. Genuinely, thank you for your aadvice. I plan on getting my life together, and my simping under control.

No. 237520

yeah i think if that many people fawn over you, you're no longer someone who can be considered "unconventionally attractive"

No. 237525

People on the internet will be like "eyes 2 centimeters below the golden ratio? Ugly." And photography warping facial features doesnt help either lol

No. 237529

>reee eyes far apart reeeee
yeah her one "uhnconventional" feature is that, but it isn't considered ugly by anyone, only neotenous, which is still an attractive feature to all moids and some fucked up women.

No. 237532

how does liking neoteny make you a fucked up woman?

No. 237559

idk every time she's posted in celebricows there was debate over her looks, also gets posted in the "women shilled as attractive that you find ugly" thread sometimes

No. 237653

Now I have a sudden craving to watch a western.

They're both so nasty, I can't decide who is nastier. How they've managed to date the likes of Megan Fox and Ariana Grande between them I will never understand.

No. 238050

File: 1645242831557.jpeg (118.83 KB, 851x960, FL40AhZX0AkPRBS.jpeg)

A treat for the Jim Carrey anon(s)

No. 238209

File: 1645257908444.jpeg (143.3 KB, 679x1024, EEF68BBA-B3F2-49CE-B52D-6191DD…)

thank you nona ♥︎

No. 238244

File: 1645261878904.png (1.87 MB, 1175x856, DA034360-212F-4373-A722-BF28B6…)

Are we ready for season 6, odenkirk anons?

No. 238246


No. 238247


No. 238261

I find both young and old Jim Carrey attractive but something about young Jim Carrey seems wonderful
I don't find him all that funny tbh, I just like him cause he's a tall, dark, skinny man with a good face I'm into that

No. 238267

I’m vibrating with energy, can’t believe it’s only two more months till I see all my faves again.

No. 238320

Bro wtf HOW did he turn from a perfectly normal and even attractive man into a horse mouthed agp smirk meth-addict looking ""woman""

No. 238336

his jack nicholson is terrifying

No. 238346

I have talked about this, no matter how beautiful or feminine we thank a male is, any attempt at him trying to become a woman will fail miserably, male beauty is distinct and removed on a biological from female beauty

No. 238357

File: 1645268971715.jpg (204.64 KB, 961x1107, FKcWpOwX0AIWY_6.jpg)

absolutely, just look at hunter schafer. he's pretty enough to pull of the twink look like picrel, could've very easily pulled off an androgynous look successfully too, but he does not pass as a woman. no matter how beautiful (as I've heard others call him) he is within the sphere of male, once he attempts to cross over into presenting as a woman he fails and is instantly clockable next to any actual woman.

No. 238364

File: 1645269224804.jpg (26.37 KB, 490x300, 499d489217f69720b814c935cd523b…)

Hunter is such a waste, cause I feel he's one of the few males who could pull off both the cute twink and the buff masc look, kinda like chris hemsworth,
he was basically set to be good looking but instead he choose to attempt this shallow parody of womanhood

No. 238372

File: 1645269612862.jpg (526.01 KB, 1856x2784, 916e8ac78245541f847532dc9567a5…)

I would love to see a buff hunter as I agree, like hemsworth, I imagine he could pull off the look too! I honestly believe his calling was to be androgynous and twinkish though, with the long blonde hair. he could've helped break gender stereotypes but instead he chose to perpetuate them. sad.

No. 238376

holy shit what a waste

No. 238384

This so much

No. 238390

He's only 23 and the estrogen and hormone blocker help reduce some aging but he still can't pull off the cute andro twink for long
plus his face is very naturally masculine
(strong nose, defined jaw and large brow ridge)

If he's like this with estrogen and hormone blockers then there's no telling what his features would be like if he grew up never talking them

No. 238409

he has the björn andresen look but instead of aging gracefully hell end up always chasing the agp delusions and probably become a grotesque plastic surgery addict or fat like jazz lol

No. 238428

Well, to Jazz's credit he does look like an actual woman. But that is just because of the medical abuse he was subjected to

No. 238464

Jazz is just a beyond depressing case, he's a surgical experiment, he can never became male as his body is just ruined and psychologically with the way he was raised but he can't be a woman either
his parents and the doctors really should be sent to prison

No. 238469

Honestly, that whole show is pure body horror to me.

No. 238503

File: 1645277397005.jpg (38.03 KB, 992x558, 190110_ntl_jazz_jennings_1253_…)

I feel so sorry for him or her. He's on the level of abuse of someone being kept in a bunker and raped by their parents, but because of trans agenda nobody sees anything wrong with it. His parents are so fucking insane they convinced their child he's another gender and have been pumping him with dangerous hormones and medications since his childhood. Your personality and the way you see yourself and the world is formed by your parents. He's been brainwashed since his childhood and his entire life will be suffering due to what his parents have done to him and the entire world thinks it is normal. If he grew up in a normal family I doubt he would have trooned out. Fucked up world we live in and it fucks me up so badly people think there's nothing wrong with this sort of thing. It should be illegal! Trooning your child should be illegal.

No. 238507

i'd like to continue the jazz discussion because i want to sperg about how abusive his family is towards him on the show but i think we're derailing. do you want to talk on the /m/ thread or /ot/ thread about this anon?

No. 238581

> do you want to talk on the /m/ thread or /ot/ thread about this anon?
oh, sweet baby….

No. 238599

File: 1645284737559.jpg (208.13 KB, 1000x1000, townes van zandt.jpg)

No. 238628

File: 1645286793961.jpeg (113.69 KB, 874x1140, DAD3C85A-2719-4B51-9056-D504A7…)

young jim carrey was jim carrey before jim carrey met fame. anyone who's yet to experience that level of stardom would seem approachable by comparison kek

he has done great photoshoots throughout his career including ones like picrel with significant tonal shift from his goofiness, I love the range

take with this what you will, i heard he holds true to the tall lanky guy stereotype and is "endowed". and his dexterity has to be good for something

No. 238691

He looks so gorgeous here, any more pics of him like

No. 238695

He's supposedly a real asshole in real life.

No. 238958

File: 1645296524150.jpeg (149.43 KB, 765x1000, F59EB5A8-128A-4201-8F26-982CF1…)

He was apparently nicer before fame, drugs and whatever mental problems he's got fried his brain. Nowadays? Yeah, at least 80% asshole. Whether he's one or not I would let him fuck my own brains out, I have no dignity and don't care if I get herpes

this one is from the same set. his fansite has a gallery section. don't want to clog up the thread too much longer. happy viewing nona!

No. 239919

Wait so besides witty (and sometimes insightful) commentary on internet culture this autist has some convictions?

Anyway would like to have a thresome with >>232995 and anarkiddie.

No. 239996

I used to autistically rewatch the mask on vcr every day from age 3 up until like 6. I think jim carrey is my first entry into true love. I now have a bf who is super goofy and I think its all due to my obsession with jim.

No. 240029

aww anon I'm so happy for you.

let me know where can I find a jim carrey esque boyfriend who's both similar in looks and personality without being too old and having abusive narcissistic undertones because i too would like to reconcile my spergery

No. 240089

I want his schizophrenic ass to fuck me wildly as The Mask. You know damn well he fucks fast and hard. Just bulldoze me jim

No. 240298

File: 1645335368796.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

I hate this board so fucking much

No. 240503

File: 1645339276537.jpg (66.77 KB, 800x600, öj45.jpg)

Sorry, nonnas

No. 240510

meh, like clockwork. we've been waiting for you.

No. 240513

Fuck you hating ass bitch. Go sniff harry styles asshole or something

No. 240519

I dislike him as well

No. 240527

Who is that? Dan Harmon?

No. 240534

Start posting people you like instead of uselessly bitching then.

No. 240540

File: 1645340214624.jpg (269.14 KB, 1500x1500, ffb58b38bb48fdb3814d9ce1493451…)

Young Henry Rollins

No. 240541

File: 1645340219149.jpeg (51 KB, 372x249, FB340209-131F-46E7-B6B6-3A40DC…)

the amount of thirst in here is unparalleled and chaotic!

as the main propagandist, i apologize. i am sure you have all felt the same as me, restless, sad, and broken by this highly isolating time in our lives. and the temporary board closures don't help. with hope there will soon be a light at the end of the tunnel, please uncurse us rubbery man

No. 240545

Ok now you're the retard. He hates women and is a psychotic manchild.

No. 240582

File: 1645341255136.jpg (18.92 KB, 400x290, henry-rollins-snd.jpg)

>fit, strong and well read
How is he a manchild ?

No. 240584

you don't know much about him but you would fuck him…? how does that work

No. 240585

You know what, If young Jim Carrey shaved his head and dressed like a punk, then I'd find him hot
but as a normie, not so much

No. 240588

closest you get to heroin chic carrey
not shaved head though

No. 240593

>well read
>hates women
>talks about fucking strippers in his book
>cries when people talk about it for some reason
>bullies children as a grown man
>not a manchild

No. 240600

You know what, I would, any more goth/alt Jim Carrey recommendations
I like his aesthetic and routine rather then his personality

No. 240603

Then calm down next time instead of roasting people for their tastes.

No. 240628

File: 1645342844466.jpeg (518.5 KB, 1500x2250, 8524C5F1-BEFF-4228-81DB-D9CF46…)

that's the only one I can think where he goes super edgy, except maybe the portions of the number 23 where he's in the fingerling getup (picrel)

he also was a bit edgy in the latter half of once bitten given that his character is transforming into a vampire

No. 240629

once bitten

No. 240633

File: 1645343064418.gif (1.87 MB, 650x650, tp_Blanche-Devereaux.gif)

okay now that pic is hot(where's it from) I always felt Jim had this hidden intensity under him
like he could really do some damage if he wanted too

No. 240636

the number 23, it's his "alter ego" detective character. that movie is fucking whacked

there's also the insufferable 2017 existential phase, which was a weird, manic phase of a year. "there is no me" lives rent free in my swampy depersonalized brain

No. 240651

>"there is no me" lives rent free in my swampy depersonalized brain
Ooh nonnie, tell me more about it w/ video/interview examples. It's how I feel ATM, generally too, but especially ATM

No. 240667

following the filming of the movie man on the moon when he got too deep into the character, he claims he lost his sense of identity, which allowed him to act like a total menace on the set of that movie. this was divulged years later in a documentary called jim and andy

when promoting said docu in 2017 he would go off on tangents about how he's just a character in his own life and how existence is meaningless. in a rather crude way. i find it cringeworthy and i also feel it to my core.

it's really hard to tell whether it's actual depersonalization or just acting up for promotions, but there's been rumors he's bipolar or cluster b for years. people thought he was going to kill himself like robin williams back then

No. 240671

the messy tiff interview
a little more levelheaded here but goes off a few times

No. 240672

Thank you nonnie
>but there's been rumors he's bipolar or cluster b for years
You mean it's not been confirmed?!

No. 240673

he's an Unconventional Male Attractions regular

No. 240679

imagine sitting in this hellscape long enough to know who is regular and who is not

No. 240680

he sounds kind of based here

No. 240685

i don't need to imagine, i live it nonna

No. 240692

>you mean it's not been confirmed?!
afaik he's publicly diagnosed with depression only though some have described him as manic depressive

the likelihood of a boomer scrote like him actually getting effective diagnosis and treatment is a moot point though. the older you get and the longer they're left untreated? mood and personality disorders irreversibly rot your brain.

me a 25 year old in college purgatory, never imagining I would agree with a stupid actor moid who shouldn't even be complaining about life as he festers in his pile of cash. hey, proof fame can't buy you happiness, right? cant fix your trauma. still, he's been rich for 30+ years, share some of that sweet money with the rest of us

No. 240696

>the older you get and the longer they're left untreated? mood and personality disorders irreversibly rot your brain.
Me in 20 years despite all my medication, therapy and diagnoses

No. 240719

same, but I'm currently off my meds. I'm a complete scatterbrain. it's like every emotion I have now aims to overwhelm me and everything I do is hastily thrust together at the last minute. there's no joy in anything…

whether you're crying in a ferarri or on a bus, you'll still be crying. much as i fantasized about a rich and loved existence, it'd never cure a broken brain. you could have everything you wanted, the trauma will never fully disappear. that's the beauty in it all, even no matter how egotistical these moids get you can tell they're deeply disturbed people whose money can't fully conceal how broken they are. that's why they're clowns for everyone else's amusement. tbf I really don't care that much about crazy mans money, I just want him to fuck me and I can deal with the consequences. and a more pitiful admission I'd just love to admit how it feels to live life as a highly dissociative person and see what response it warrants. he'd probably say something like "you're a retard nona"

No. 240722

fuck I want my mentally ill moid to love only me

No. 240728

good to know we are equally possessive, if only I weren't so pinkpilled not to trust scrotes to allow me to fantasize for five seconds about something good without everything in said fantasy going horrifically fucking wrong

No. 240752

atm I'm going absolutely unhinged from the longing and lust causing maladaptive daydreaming and I want to KMS. Maybe it's better that you are aware enough not to get consumed by that shit

No. 241128

Oh I had a cope for awhile there, now it's just trying to replace it with something healthier. it wasn't able to stop me. I have scars piled on top of scars. I am faceapp nona. I'm the one who made thousands of weird ass morphs. I do love what I made but I'm also disgusted by it. The morphs are closely tied to the confrontation of me finding my features uglier and uglier, the consequence of using others' faces, my withering flower of idle worship. the maladaptive part came when my photorealistic parasites invaded my headspace (and never left). i think jim would wanna kill me for using his face to create morphs, see it as a disproportionate usage of his visage. He's a narcissist. It's my fear of him that gutted and disemboweled me. It wasn't my obsession guiding it alone, it became necessity and having picked one face, it just so happened the owner of the face was a skitzy rich lunatic whose reputation precedes him. Like I still love the guy but he terrifies me. My worst nightmare is him finding out who I am for this reason. There's a deeper meaning than just him in the end entrenched into it. isn't it awful when you sink time into a project for it to backfire? you develop a rhythm for it, you feel for it, and then you're disgusted by it? I cannot love without fear. I succeeded in making something more real out of an app that promotes falsity. I wanted to inverse the process. I could've aimed to promote the opposite of yassification, but peoples preoccupation with artificiality will always win out. If I'd just shut my mouth, laid back, and coped normally, I probably wouldn't be like this or even rationalizing it. I wish the pandemic never happened so I wouldn't be like this. Now I realize I can't go back, though it's not all in vain.

There was obviously a statement beneath my suffering about how I as a young woman am corrupted to loathe my own appearance. Technology can replicate a convincing looking fake person better than your local med spa can botch a real one. What even is reality? Did we not all read the Uglies series in middle school and vow that this planet shouldn't become an ominous dystopia? Did we not say that we were better than this? It's better to be ugly or normal and memorable than a vacuous clone. Social media benefitted humanity so it could be robbed by greed, vanity and capital. I realized I'm not above nor below the internet fabric, the corruption poisoned me down to my vein. It comes down to learning to coexist with it and not graduate to the higher order. So again, what the fuck even is reality in this covid crippled remnant of what our world used to be?

Few people know the duress my miscarriage of technology caused me. I haven't even told my therapist or anyone irl. My demons used to taunt me without a face. Now they have one. That fiend's face sure is tangible for something that doesn't exist. Then again, if you ask, I don't either. I come back, but I was never here.

No. 242702

File: 1645450662266.jpg (67.48 KB, 900x900, SC.jpg)

I think he has a nice voice

No. 243107

File: 1645459794065.png (494.46 KB, 633x740, 4A92D614-AD7E-4336-BC68-36CB85…)

alphabet man is my current obsession. i don’t watch alot of his porn but have listened to his interviews on other people’s podcast. the juxtaposition between how he performs and how he is off camera is so attractive to me. he came across really soft spoken in his interview with jay taylor and apparently he went to cosmetology and fashion school before getting into porn. all these are effeminate attributes but he is pretty dominating in the porn he makes. i love a guy who seems gay but is pretty much straight.

No. 243248

this scrote is a rapist fyi

No. 243497

Just saw your post, I love you carreychan and I wish you good luck in your Jim Carrey banging extravaganza from the bottom of my heart. Your post made me feel so much better
>I want to invade my thoughts, I wanna die in Kyoto

No. 243723

nonnies pls recommend movies with dafoe

No. 243775

the lighthouse

No. 243778

my favourite dafoe is him in to live and die in l.a., he's supremely sexy in that one. streets of fire, light sleeper, mississippi burning, existenz and siberia for old dafoe

No. 243798

File: 1645474755723.jpg (36.42 KB, 750x422, 10d.jpg)

Not sure if this counts as unconventional but I really want to fuck picrel. Not the actor Charlie Day mind you, but the character from IASIP. Feels shameful because he's completely unhinged and legitimately retarded. He also looks like he always smells of skin grease and nasty morning breath.
I just find him insanely cute.

No. 243803

File: 1645475153763.jpg (1.1 MB, 1208x1174, Tumblr_l_52313877660735.jpg)

I agree, anon-chan…..it's hilarious how in the recent seasons he ends up being the sanest one of the gang

No. 243824


No. 243871

I love men with voices like this, nasally and sort of adolescent. It’s very disarming and solidifies my theory that I am going to always be cougarpilled. (I’m 21) I still like these kinds of cutesy voices

No. 243882

You mean the one doing the interview or the voice actor? Bc neither seem young lol.

No. 243901

Saul Goodman sweats sex appeal

No. 243904

She's talking about the voice.

No. 243954

File: 1645479862907.jpeg (8.38 KB, 299x169, Unknown.jpeg)

Jason Schwartzman as Louis XVI, I want to guide him through the shy inept autistic fumbling consumption of an arranged marriage so badly.

No. 243979

I had weird feelings for him when I was 12 watching this on the family tv. The memories…

No. 244052

ugh ffs they keep letting me down..so far the only allegation I could find that is with proof was he posted a work he did with this one female adult actress on free sites without her permission, it was basically out of spite after she ignored his texts.


No. 244111

File: 1645483965120.jpg (18.25 KB, 250x369, roger.jpg)

This ugly creature, looking at him makes me feel so horny idk why, he's even hotter in motion

No. 244120

Thank you nona, I feel like I'm on the verge of dying right now, and I don't know who I can even tell. I think the only thing that's keeping me alive is hope it will get better. This place is imperfect but it's one of the few I felt safe talking about my issues in.

the ability to see the dark recesses of peoples minds makes a crazy woman feel less crazy.

No. 244235

File: 1645485618486.png (1.96 MB, 1334x750, C094E6D6-8D54-4C6C-B7D1-11AE5F…)

i sometimes wish i was terminally online back when contrapoints was proto-contrapoints and nykytyne. he appears at 1:30 onwards https://youtu.be/FX19qip7Ym4

No. 244296

File: 1645486213092.png (2.66 MB, 1334x750, D5B7DD0B-0698-4EEF-8AED-74C8BE…)

sorry for samefagging but i just want to dedicate a toast to this “once was” beautiful man! 2:10 https://youtu.be/TC2FO0bDSEw

No. 244356

ugh he looks like my violent ex and it ruined pink floyd for me

No. 244513

I'm so sorry you went through that, also, I hope someday you can go back to listen to them

No. 244603

File: 1645488933465.gif (434.09 KB, 250x172, tumblr_oo31195hbE1umpjmwo2_250…)

He's made hotter by his music

No. 244891

File: 1645494085814.jpeg (386.64 KB, 2000x2546, 0886E34C-DA12-40B7-9954-D2978F…)

I am ashamed but I’m so attracted to his personality

No. 244926

File: 1645495398971.jpg (126.61 KB, 2048x1365, daeb080b2d17e64979add284f9ccfe…)

i have issues

No. 244975

File: 1645497167331.jpeg (385.66 KB, 828x626, FC6F33BB-E7B9-493C-9C55-08690E…)

In light of recent events… my weird attraction to this fuck has resurfaced.

No. 245067

go to russia and try and win his heart kek

No. 245100

File: 1645506005242.jpg (312.52 KB, 830x736, 6010584c2cc1c.jpg)

You reminded me over how people were talking about one of his supposed daughters all over russian Instagram few years ago

No. 245102

interesting how she's not confirmed to be his daughter, they look quite a bit similar that I'd believe it though.

No. 245111

She is from a rich family and is in the most prestigious university in the city so I am not going to be surprised if she's actually his daughter

No. 245112

He’s probably beat u lol

No. 245115

Are you black ?
almost everyone I know that actually likes him has been a black woman for some reason ?

No. 245128

File: 1645508741150.jpg (115.13 KB, 795x1024, JasonSchwartzman.jpg)

luv this manlet

No. 245152

that’s what i noticed too. did black women started liking him after that viral interaction of him flirting with saweetie? i’m guessing that’s where it all started

No. 245154

It's the Chris Evans thing, he's a white guy that's "cool" and acknowledges his privilege but isn't some overly woke soyboy who bashes white people and quotes bell hooks, everyone hates that type of guy

No. 245156

samefag the fact is that most rappers are disrespectful towards all women but especially dark-skinned bw in particular, so any rapper(black or white) that does the bare minimum and not disrespect black women, they they are considered woke king

No. 245161

File: 1645512052844.jpg (922.25 KB, 2012x1891, BQ5rdQY.jpg)

One of my only 3D crushes. Charlie is so freaking adorable. He's perfect.
>tfw he will never obsessively stalk you and put vitamins in your shampoo out of undying love

No. 245163

Same. I'm not into deep voices. Give me those dorky-sounding boys.

No. 245240

File: 1645520519405.jpg (26.47 KB, 960x540, 274538513_10224905817904885_27…)

unshaven macron…

No. 245281

File: 1645526299687.png (5.66 MB, 3264x3264, nipz.png)

lennonchan checking in

No. 245306

not with you on the adolescent-sounding part but male nasally voices are so hot.

No. 245363

I really like thread pic, I've been crushing on this dude he's cute, hoping his dick is as veiny as his hand

No. 245394

File: 1645538323068.jpg (76.88 KB, 600x600, Wham-City-Spit-web.jpg)

still want to get passed around like a joint by these 3

No. 245407

>get passed around like a joint

No. 245424

that’s depressing

No. 245429

I will stop WW3 by seducing Putin.

No. 245433

>the other guys are so ugly that the manlet is the the most attractive of the three

No. 245440

do it bby we believe in you

No. 245481

Please kill him like a black widow, everyone is sick of his shit.

No. 245482

File: 1645546744184.png (3.75 MB, 2880x1544, Screen-Shot-2016-05-14-at-10.5…)

Ngl Alan was cute in his unhinged artist shtick

No. 245525

his best character by far

No. 245558

get help wtf

No. 245560

i want to peg him fr

No. 245562

fuck off newfag, wcc is a staple in these threads

No. 245573

File: 1645570920428.jpeg (172.98 KB, 1200x675, FMOPFEzaUAAyrko.jpeg)

what I wanna know is how Oppenheimer anon feels about this casting

No. 245576

File: 1645571880730.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1500x1000, 6DFB0DFA-F622-4644-80B3-E3EA27…)

Both of em tbh

No. 245586

File: 1645573312551.jpg (143.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

bbno$ is objectively super hot imo, but I prefer this duo. It's the cougar fetish for me.

No. 245597

File: 1645574336383.gif (2.95 MB, 540x331, tumblr_pxbvyjyyb31s2z1bro3_r1_…)


No. 245601

File: 1645577001497.jpg (311.01 KB, 1200x1805, 1200px-MGMT_Fun_Fun_Fun_Fest.j…)

i dont think hes really unconventional but i am afraid to post him in the conventional thread because the anons are mean

No. 245604

I agree. I’ve been a long time fan and always thought he was cute. Especially with the long curly hair like that. A lot of boys my age would have hairstyles like him and I’d swoon.

No. 245607

andrew vanwyngarden?? objectively hot

No. 245611

anon i dont judge ppls tastes in here but john lennon was an utter piece of shit on top of being really ugly… why him

No. 245613

File: 1645580421573.jpg (175.92 KB, 724x1026, 4369fee1f9a7c9872db933800ba5a4…)

god yes especially in his prime… he was a gorgeous thing, the type of man that ancient poems were written about

but i didnt want to post him in the other thread bc anons there have called literal models ugly. i would feel bad if they insulted this lovely boy

No. 245618

File: 1645581500824.png (156.14 KB, 375x507, hes_very_sexy_to_me.png)

i want him to do unspeakable things to me

No. 245620

Ugh is that Rasputin

No. 245624

File: 1645582523300.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1710x2224, F31EAF5F-29B9-42C5-AEEC-DAB2F7…)

Now I wish he was in a ren faire. We must protect him from anons bullying him!!

No. 245628

I thought it was Alan Moore for a second

No. 245640

the scrote on the right…isn’t he poppy’s abuser

No. 245661

Is there a thread like this but like, for characters? i don't want to get ratio'd

No. 245665

No, just use the regular husbando threads, you'll survive

No. 245668

People have posted some weird in the retarded hornyposting thread, we are not super judgmental there.

No. 245669

Which one? It's not Tits Sinclair for sure. Doesn't look like Ghostemane either but IDK

No. 245670

God, the moment I've seen the trailer of this shit movie I FUCKING KNEW either tumblr or lolcow will want to fuck him. I'm so done

No. 245692

No. 245696

Real talk, I'm starting to think you guys say this just to set up these anons to get dragged because that's what happens almost all the time and is kinda sad

No. 245761

When? I rarely ever see that in the retarded hornyposting thread. The most recent one I can remember was someone saying Bruno is ugly, and before that some people complaining about Spamton after there were a bunch of posts for him, but that's all that comes to mind.

No. 245766

File: 1645652640485.jpeg (143.82 KB, 465x407, 2CCDB8B9-E2DB-466A-B4E0-114BF9…)

I think about him all the time anons…

No. 245769

File: 1645653787316.jpeg (141.15 KB, 555x640, DADA55D3-7617-4888-8BDC-773DE6…)

Nope! He’s a producer named Y2K

No. 245773

>Someone posts Bruno
>Gets dragged several replies
>Spamtom gets posted
>Gets dragged too
>Also Nemu accusations that went several replies
>Some dude called Cedric gets posted
>Gets dragged several replies at the husbando thread, same shit at the hornypost cause he's "old" or something?
>Also Nemu accusations cause why not

No. 245774

His videos are so cool, but not something i'd binge. His channel is like alt-ver of Dhar Mann (or whatever his name is), if Dhar had a medical degree and cared about people. kek

No. 245776

did spamton really get dragged? I only noticed the postive posts, they actually convinced me to play the game and now I'm a spamtonfag too

No. 245777

kek so true

No. 245778

doctor bernard my beloved….

No. 245780

excellent taste, are you a fellow hypochondriac anon

No. 245783

NTA but yes, last time someone hornyposted about Spamton was in the last thread maybe, ever since a couple of people went "REEEEEE make your own containment thread!!1" no one has posted him again.

No. 245788

good. undertale/deltarune fags are annoying af

No. 245791

File: 1645663891430.png (1.61 MB, 1140x909, frankie and sheriff joe.png)

I have always been attracted to Frankie Muniz ever since he was Malcolm in the Middle. Turns out he's a republican but that only means he'd dunk on gendies with me. Based Frankie.

No. 245794

oh that's cringe, I'll post him myself next time i come accross some good art

No. 245797

So bizzare he looks the same face but pasted onto an adult body. Apparently he suffered from multiple head injuries and has some memory loss because of it

No. 245799

A warped Jesse Pinkman

No. 245800

Rumour has it both fucked Bryan Cranston

No. 245802

File: 1645671364803.jpg (156.29 KB, 750x906, bQsfECz.jpg)

during my broadway phase i had an intense crush on Mike Faist from dear evan hanson

No. 245804

He’s so cute

No. 245824

googled him and that’s the only photo he looks attractive in…he’s charming in motion tho

No. 245830

I never really got his appeal until I saw the gif of him smoking in the last thread. It did something to me.

No. 245832

File: 1645685833182.png (537.31 KB, 793x793, A40E47D9-586F-4A16-A337-366405…)

everyone i’ve mentioned it to thinks i’m insane but i find pete davidson pretty handsome.

No. 245835

I don’t think he’s as hideous as most anons say, but I don’t think he’s attractive enough to get with the women he’s been with. He’s average at best. He’s tall and (subjectively) funny so maybe that’s his appeal.

No. 245836

I thought all that Cedric stuff happened on another board? Did it get deleted because I never saw that at all.
I remember only seeing like two people say anything. Maybe I also just don’t notice the mean posts. Whatever, screw those people, come post weird husbandos with me. I’ll always defend you nonnas. And if you still don’t feel comfortable posting them there, please come post them on fujochan.org!

No. 245838

Don't you dare vote for him

No. 245847

he could almost look okish if he stuck with this styling and not the unwashed methhead corpse look he's being doing in recent years

No. 245848

I usually find men in this thread super fugly but this guy's seriously cute. He gets a lot of hate though, does he have a bad past or some serious controversies?

No. 245849

He's a BPD suicide-baiter, gross coomer, and cheated on one of his girlfriends. And he doesn't look as good as that pic anymore.

No. 245854

File: 1645709008054.jpg (137.18 KB, 960x960, desert vacation.jpg)

im not taking any questions at this time

No. 245857

other than his trouty lips I kind of get it, i just wish he'd stop looking so greasy all the time

No. 245920

File: 1645741752253.png (7.28 MB, 2048x1536, 5807E096-D4E5-4408-9357-E5F025…)

No. 245967

File: 1645765279952.jpeg (265.41 KB, 1908x1146, E2DDF3CB-0B95-49D0-9FB3-806A18…)

Dear Leader was kinda cute but now that he lost weight, he looks like a thumb

No. 246023

File: 1645798208535.jpg (1.03 MB, 1162x1549, pasty drug addict.jpg)

that's bc he usually looks like this

No. 246025

he actually looks really cute in this pic

No. 246218

File: 1645867153108.jpeg (39.48 KB, 468x655, D068CFEE-EB59-46FB-9243-3B42F6…)

I’ve been watching lots of old Jackass clips since the new movie came out and holy fuck I’m feening for young Johnny Knoxville. I miss this breed of dumb punky what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda guys.

No. 246220

File: 1645867277093.jpeg (Spoiler Image,117.74 KB, 1110x828, A7F2E9BD-6A77-4CC7-AC24-F9C7C8…)

No. 246223

there's something about him

No. 246225

Anon please he is extremely attractive and better looking than 90% of the dudes in the attractive thread

No. 246237

when he smiles reminds me of blad baby. its so offputting because of his character.

No. 246238

OOh, ooh is there a nice collection of those clips on Youtube, or must I go somewhere else? I want to hop on this nostalgic trip too.

No. 246278

No. 246287

File: 1645888314728.jpg (131.72 KB, 1600x900, skynews-volodymyr-zelenskiy_56…)

I want to protect him from Russia

No. 246318

File: 1645896115113.jpg (391.41 KB, 1800x1800, 25zelensky2-mediumSquareAt3X.j…)

Lmao I thought I was alone with this! I usually hate patriotic scrotes but he's got balls of steel. He also has intense eyes and I found the fact that he wore leisure wear to an official presidential declaration sort of…endearing?? Idk haha

No. 246319

File: 1645896147110.jpeg (267.08 KB, 567x765, 95C0E1C3-380D-4FE5-9ADD-B7567B…)

nonny I…

No. 246324

File: 1645896830363.jpeg (25.24 KB, 179x282, 31B75494-740B-403F-8CBC-169F05…)

I can fix him

No. 246326

Anon he looks like a foot

No. 246330

Unfortunately he was severely autistic to the point where he couldn't even touch another human body without disposable gloves on.

No. 246339

damn did you steal his upper lip nonnie? kek
don’t ruin it for me I love to imagine that he was a brad pls nonnie let me indulge without knowing he was a freak

No. 246348

File: 1645902986079.jpeg (768.56 KB, 828x824, 291D5EE7-0D86-4B06-B77D-C06456…)

not bad for a moid

No. 246361

Lol sorry nonna I was in a bad mood. The other autist you posted is super cute though, I would. Men with dark hair are just so.. Ahh

No. 246366

Based taste nonnas, his bravery is inspiring. Imagine knowing that the entire force of the Russian army was coming to kill you specifically and still standing your ground.

No. 246370

File: 1645909135355.jpg (50.38 KB, 615x409, 1_MAIN-Johnny-Knoxville.jpg)

him and steve-o are both really hot.
made even better by the fact everyone says they're wonderful, kind people despite their cRaZy personas.

No. 246382

File: 1645911171995.jpeg (28.11 KB, 297x445, BA201ADB-8873-48A6-A223-6D8EE1…)

Ayrt, was going to include steve-o but couldn’t find any good pictures of the two of them together. If I had a time machine would go back 20 years and be a Jackass groupie just long enough to fuck those two and Pontius but I’d make them take a shower first kek It’s also reassuring that in the day and age of calling people out on their shit from years gone by I haven’t heard any of their names come up once.

No. 246401

File: 1645914717560.jpg (130.56 KB, 620x388, stephen-hendry.jpg)

There's currently some snooker tournament on tv here and it reminded me of how hot Stephen Hendry when was in his younger days. There's something very female gazey about snooker.

No. 246404

File: 1645916323100.jpg (22.57 KB, 400x600, 2b8d07eb8357fa7d6ed95fe3cd2c47…)

Poor Bam. His pelvic tattoo made me feel things as a pre-teen. He had such a great body.

No. 246420

File: 1645920437416.jpg (471.14 KB, 1125x1396, ant5.jpg)

personally i believe he belongs in the conventionally attractive thread but he's old and dead so i'll bring him here instead

No. 246427

File: 1645923172128.jpeg (34.58 KB, 421x315, A177E13B-D19C-4D00-8844-FF3E76…)

I had such a crush on him as a teenager. This pic especially awakens my inner femdom.

No. 246432

Wonder what that tattoo looks like now….

No. 246435

File: 1645927551638.jpg (41.23 KB, 640x426, 7ed694404b0630779bf77550fdeb5e…)

Young Steven Spielberg. hes genuinely so cute and endearing to me, ive been watching a lot of his older interviews lately.

No. 246440

ive literally started watching servant of the people because of him. he’s such a manlet too and it’s so fucking cute

No. 246451

now i dont feel weird about thirsting on him lol

No. 246458

File: 1645947580742.jpeg (17.12 KB, 640x360, 517FA681-7224-4A52-8277-0CCCCC…)

>ynw have a qt masochist bf who lets you tie him to a giant target, paint a bullseye on his bare torso, shoot him with a paintball gun and then clean him up and kiss him on all his bruises
What’s the point of going on

No. 246459

File: 1645949466511.jpg (100.93 KB, 640x932, ratty ass mf.jpg)

I'm sorry nonnies but he looks like assad

No. 246461

File: 1645949744320.jpg (325.93 KB, 1280x959, 150222-zelensky-m.jpg)

No he does not, how dare you

No. 246464

OT but he kinda looks like my ex who was also a manlet comedian, now I’m trying to imagine him leading his home country through a war with Putin
he wouldn’t last five minutes lol

No. 246479

I love how there are currently anons all over the site complaining about men lusting for Ukrainian women right now while you're in here doing the same to their president. Shame.

No. 246480

>men lusting after using ukranian women as war slaves or desperate mail order wives
>women saying a president is kind of cute
Not the same thing. Ukrainian women is the most searched category in porn sites not because scrotes are looking for rape footage. That's how vile they are.

No. 246481

Nonas are admiring a charismatic leader showing incredible bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. Most of the posters here are impressed by him taking a stand and want to protect him from Russia and see him survive the war.
Scrotes are looking up porn of Ukrainian women because they observe the entire world from the little hole at the end of their penis and they cannot process any information without porn as a point of reference. The best of them want to see how hot Ukrainian women are (and by extension whether they should feel any sympathy for them), but most of them are looking for real or re-enacted footage of Ukrainian women being raped by Russian soldiers or being taken advantage of as refugees (which I can guarantee numerous porn studios are filming and editing videos of right now).
I know you’re retarded but even a child could recognise the disparity in the two things you’re comparing.

No. 246482

File: 1645957495556.jpg (186.8 KB, 1280x958, 290923.jpg)

Hottest man alive rn

No. 246484

This exactly

No. 246487

respectfully, you have a case of terminal retardation

No. 246503

File: 1645966762171.jpeg (246.88 KB, 1170x1320, 9A946CFD-F482-41F2-BC6E-D8E854…)

i’m sorry

No. 246505

Are…you serious? Are you actually comparing men looking for real life rape footage and hoping to take advantage of women in a shitty situation to women just admiring a man? I can guarantee none of the women posting Zelenskyy have plans to rape him, meanwhile the men searching for Ukrainian women porn want to 100% do just that. You seriously have mental damage if you think these two things can even be compared. This is either bait or you are a male who thinks men are oppressed and totally get raped by women “like all the time”.

No. 246514

Stop shilling troons on here.

No. 246515

File: 1645971529435.jpeg (40.89 KB, 650x439, alexei-navalny.jpeg)

y'all are on the wrong train

No. 246520

File: 1645975061240.jpeg (479.69 KB, 785x1096, B3CD898A-35B7-4DD1-8154-BCB06E…)

I’m sorry

No. 246521

Fess up anons, which one of you is this autistic bitch desperately simping over Null?


No. 246528

its not me but I do unironically think null is cute

No. 246545

bam OTOH morphed into an ugly cunt with an even uglier personality, i always hated him tbh

No. 246575

Same. I kinda feel bad for him because Ryan’s death must have really taken a toll, but at the same time if even Steve-o’s dumbass can get clean then he really has no excuse. He’s morphing into Phil but without any of the life skills or employable qualities.

No. 246577

File: 1645998564524.jpg (20.24 KB, 646x404, 646x404.jpg)

i love him

No. 246601

File: 1646000253268.jpg (50.9 KB, 577x507, 1dream-2f.jpg)

not to get too OT but i genuinely feel like this is an excuse. bam is a fucking manbaby who blames all his problems on things beyond himself and refuses to take responsibility for his addictions and horrid way he treats friends and family.

No. 246613

bam has been wronged repeatedly. we can talk about this elsewhere but the bam situation is infuriating and his suit has merit. steve-o is an asshole and a shitty friend, though bam is not the best person. he's also not hot but whatever. surprised you guys aren't posting ville valo

No. 246615

Can you guys take it somewhere else all this addiction talk is a real boner killer

No. 246621

the junkie shit comes with the territory of the thread. the industry is full of cokeheads

No. 246623

File: 1646008100844.jpg (92.48 KB, 653x519, 2019052801321622673.jpg)

He was so smooth

No. 246626

File: 1646009139969.jpg (42 KB, 306x501, 19983142-7595535-Pablo_Tarazag…)

hot as fuck

No. 246628

that isn’t a man anon… kekkk

No. 246630

you sure? he has an adams apple

No. 246631

I'm pretty sure that's a dude anon

No. 246632

he assaulted a woman when he was breaking into a house anon…..

No. 246635

Why do you think i posted him here? I'm not exactly praising his moral compass

No. 246637

he looks kind of like christian bale

No. 246644

Also another ex performer has something to say about him from her experience, Yhivi or something.
On less serious note, general ally facade from him.

No. 246656

yikes…found it https://purplehairgawdess.tumblr.com/post/177537998724/i-never-want-to-hear-about-james-deen-being/amp
I’m not familiar with the protocols of shooting a bdsm scene in porn but if they continued shooting the other 2 parts after yhivi being shooken up and with no communication from owen than that’s really shitty.

No. 246657

File: 1646025186287.jpg (924.79 KB, 1548x1024, keith-flint-the-prodigy-firest…)

keith flint in the 90s was so fucking sexy. this man ate pussy like a maniac. RIP

No. 246661

File: 1646026042179.jpeg (63.52 KB, 721x739, 37672A5B-8219-4EDC-985C-097D41…)

she is hotter now after finding out her boyfriend is a trans man

No. 246680

>posting a man who does domination aka abuse porn
Get therapy. He looks like a faggot and probably gets off of abusing women rather than enjoying being with them, like all fags.

No. 246681

Holy shit, what an autist. Null is cute but at least keep the parasocial bullshit to yourself girl, damn.

No. 246686

granted he started his career doing extreme bdsm under a kink site but ever since he became independent he regularly worked with female directors and his recent stuff his pretty vanilla too. if he really is what you say he is, i wonder why his dominatrix wife, who has a masters degree, is still with him for about 11 years?

No. 246687

Nice so he basically is dating a horsegirl. Also makes more sense he invited Maddy to meet up with him and his boyfriend after the show, two (almost) straight relationships.

No. 246689

File: 1646046197050.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

>"b-b-but how can he be a degenerate kinkster if he's married to a degenerate kinkster and works in a filthy female-degrading industry with pornsick pickmes hmm?"
Go back to reddit.

No. 246694

So you're defending a man who made a career out of abusing women and now abuses women under handmaiden directors?

No. 246695

im just refuting what you said about him not enjoying being around women when that term applies to probably your ideal of a “classic” heterosexual male who the only thing that bonds them to women are their masculine sense of duty and or religious obligation. it was just now revealed to me that owen gray is a borderline rapist but men that you call fags clearly enjoys being around women because they often deal with them in vulnerable communal settings, they are familiar with female social dynamics and it sounds like you can’t deal with men finding out what women really are and what they really enjoy and would prefer their men to to work really far away and come home once or twice fortnight so they wont see your “ugly” side.

No. 246698

The person you're replying to isn't me. I'm the anon that called him a fag and not only is he a fag but one that rapes women and gets pleasure from it. You're now literally shilling a rapist and saying he's soft and nice and that's why we thought he was a faggot when the real reason why I did so was how he clearly derived pleasure from harming women and video taping his antics. Also no, it's not borderline rapist, its an actual rapist.

No. 246701

Nta but james deen had a long term porn star partner, he worked with female directors.. in fact after over a dozen women outed him for a myriad of assaults both on set and in his personal life.. a female director was ready to still hire him. The loyalty is sickening. These things you're listing off here are meaningless. They don't demonstrate anything.

And I'm saying this as someone who went through an owen gray phase and had to leave it behind just like my deen phase. After a while you learn that 'well he has a gf and he has women around who like him' is just you fooling yourself. Look at stoya and the happy act she kept up for years with that scumrag.

No. 246702

File: 1646051774377.jpg (21.12 KB, 597x559, 1580297147780.jpg)

>his dominatrix wife, who has a masters degree,

No. 246704

>“what women really are“
>“borderline rapist“
>contrived assumptions about womens’ ideals
Can’t you sperg about your crush at a bathhouse or something? Why do you need to use this thread at all?

No. 246707

he doesn't at all, he kinda looks like James Dean Bradfield

No. 246720

>he really is what you say he is, i wonder why his dominatrix wife, who has a masters degree, is still with him for about 11 years?
some women will defend their men (not even just their partners but male friends too) over their female victims, i've seen it irl and on the news. it's not surprising a woman who's into bdsm is one of them

No. 246729

File: 1646055390660.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1624028418019.jpeg)

Judging all women ITT who watch porn where women are abused by disgusting scrote porn-stars and porn studios so hard right now. You gross coomers.

No. 246731

Same. Serisouly how the fuck can you do that.

No. 246741

I wish there was a thread on him. His blogposts about Stoya are absolutely unhinged.

No. 246743

Based. It's because they hate women and can't stand seeing or reading about a man actually be intimate with a woman in a loving manner so they seek out abusive material. They probably also tell themselves he totally wouldn't be like that with them and would be so uwu and understanding that we would mistake him as gay because he's just that loving!

No. 246778

I agree with you now but as someone who grew up watching it and did for almost a decade before quitting, I don't think that those anons hate women as >>246743 said, it's possible to just like porn and not think about it more deeply especially if you grew up watching it, or surrounded by "sex positive" pro porn propaganda. it becomes so normal for you that you don't realize it's abusive

No. 246784

NTA but hey that woman was just collateral has nothing to do with sexism and misogyny he just wanted that bitch to move out of the way because he’s deranged kek

No. 246818

File: 1646073448649.png (688.25 KB, 984x876, Screenshot (31).png)

You have to be real down bad to develop a crush on a creepy pornstar or a tranny invader/stalker

No. 246832

yes i am the anon who has unhinged crushes on men like ow*en gray i know that these obsessions are unhealthy that’s why i posted in the unconventional thread hoping to get shamed and schooled by the nonnies here who are disillusioned by men.

i shouldn’t have dismissed the allegations as borderline rape and i shouldn’t have let the context of the professional setting outweigh abused women’s voices because that’s what these abusers want me to think and i pity the women in the industry who have to deal with these sort of gaslighting on the regular.

thanks especially the one who brought up about james deen because i read a really good article and was enlightened. I wasn’t a porn watcher until fairly recently when i stumbled upon a a libfem softcore arthouse porn site and that’s where my brainrot towards ow*n started. i found myself in a dilemma after finding out that he had did extreme bdsm scenes and that sort of challenges with the image that i had projected on him.

i guess the problem with me is that these men who teeter around being an “ally” and also abuser intrigues me. It provokes me to think lot about them which then led me into becoming obsessed.

No. 246838

File: 1646082268960.jpg (54.69 KB, 765x567, grimace.jpg)

You sound underaged or schizophrenic

No. 246841

nta but you sound retarded, anon's post makes sense

No. 246890

You are totally that anon, anyway go post your psycho killer crush now

No. 246912

File: 1646093390082.jpeg (63.88 KB, 465x508, E0929313-EA5D-466C-B2E8-A5E142…)

i almost didn’t share this because some of the men in this thread are not ugly. shameful for their reputation? maybe. this man’s name is gibby haynes, he’s the vocalist for the band butthole surfers, and he is all of the above. shameful, creepy, gross, ugly, all of it. he’s repulsive and used to do crazy shit when he would perform. would i fuck him? possibly, i would definitely be reluctant though. he’s old now anyway. i know…i’m deranged.

No. 246913

On mobile homepage I thought this was Harry styles edit pic.

No. 246914

File: 1646094020222.jpeg (177.7 KB, 1080x1920, 24690DAF-145B-4294-B79A-46E7A6…)

KEK. ngl i actually think harry styles is ugly. not just saying this to be edgy or different or whatever, the man seriously makes me dryer than the sahara desert. can’t stand him.

No. 246916

Anon I like him, not a Stan or anything but god that photo makes me want to cry. Why must he do that?

No. 246919

aw wait i’m sorry :( okay…i could actually tolerate him for a while. there was a time when i could see a photo and think to myself “okay i understand the attraction others have for him” and then he shared that photo with the world. idek what he was going for. but then again, my idea of what an attractive male looks like is distorted, obviously.(:()

No. 246922

"I am a master of playing people who are filled with self loathing and who compensate for it"

No. 246930

pls nona tell us what he has done to be labeled as repulsive by you, for i am curious to ask, but not inquisitive enough to google

No. 246940

okay so before the band was formed he published a magazine with his friend that featured photos of nasty diseases. some of the live shows would have a screen behind the band that played footage of penis reconstructive surgery and other stuff that nobody really wants to see. sometimes he would be fully naked on stage. there’s rumors that the band would have people fucking on stage while they performed, but nobody knows for sure. just an overall disturbing dude. this isn’t really “repulsive” but they also would light shit on fire and shoot guns, although someone claimed that they weren’t real bullets. the band members did a bunch of acid and drank a ton which kinda explains the live performances. on top of all that, he’s just straight up ugly in most of the photos i’ve seen of him taken after the 1980s. here’s an interview to demonstrate just how crazy the guy is, but it’s almost endearing to me?? i’ve been celibate for two years btw so i’m kinda losing it.

No. 246956

"Did you know the first locks were made out of wood? hoo your feet are cold"

No. 246968

Ntayr but he seems fucking stupid, understandable that you're ashamed
Ot but he reminds me of a weird combination of Al Yankovic and Tim Curry

No. 246971

File: 1646120911988.jpeg (972.09 KB, 1230x1482, FC30D47E-73F8-4A26-8B7E-E273FB…)

oh yeah absolutely. i was going to try to defend my attraction but i can’t think of anything. kinda reminds me of how some of the tumblr girls want to bang slasher movie villains.

No. 246976

For all the Zelenskyyfags, here's him speaking english in servant of the people. https://twitter.com/adam_trun/status/1498330342696136705

No. 247013

File: 1646154907765.jpg (56.93 KB, 720x461, last-looks-movie-charlie-hunna…)

mel is looking so good lately

No. 247017

File: 1646155605146.jpeg (475.48 KB, 828x1098, 34D00105-B873-4176-94D5-4C6FA0…)

I have a crush on Paul Dano and I just know that I’m probably gonna find his Riddler in the new Batman movie hot.

No. 247022

No. 247066

File: 1646172803097.jpg (262.1 KB, 1140x700, youtube-community-guidelines-s…)

kek I came here to post him. I've seen some farmers say he's ugly but some others say he's hot. He looks especially good with long hair imo. There's no nostalgia factor for me because I've only known about him for maybe about 2 years, I just find him attractive and I don't even care that he's a manlet I'm a womanlet myself so I feel like I have no place to judge kek, and at 5' I'd be okay with a 5'6 man, I'd rather have a man that height than a tall guy who towers over me

No. 247073

he was so cute when younger him aging like warm milk is karma for being machevellian and not showering
most embarrassing post on this thread because of the twitterspeak and unironically being obsessed with a porn star, a male one at that
based anons
damn are you gonna tell me he beat his wife next?

No. 247077

something about him disgusts me

No. 247078

File: 1646180546716.jpg (7.4 KB, 212x237, download.jpg)

the fucking irony of you lusting after a woman-abuser and then insulting other anons for liking a pornstar

No. 247079

a pornstar who is also a woman abuser?

No. 247085

john lennon

No. 247086

no i’m saying that literally lusting after a pornstar who makes his living abusing women on camera is much worse than lennon lmao. and lennon was fuckable while whoever owen gray is has the most disgusting tattoos

No. 247093

Anons moralfagging itt (of all places) will never not be hilarious
>w-well he likes to beat women but yours abuses women, you should feel ashamed

No. 247095

File: 1646186656767.gif (4.55 MB, 340x317, E4EC0D67-1521-4C31-8335-BA7F17…)

you might as well own it, this thread is full of degeneracy one way or the other, that's why it's the shame thread

No. 247099

yeah they both suck

yeah except no one is owning it, that retard is looking down on other women while lusting after john lennon

No. 247101

if someone gets hatred for their taste can't they just learn to ignore it instead of responding to it? it only furthers the infighting to retaliate

why has there been such an uptick in infighting

No. 247102


No. 247103

Pro tip: Don't start shit if you don't want infights, specially if you like to dish it out but can't take it

No. 247104

No. 247106

i don't think he can pull off long hair tbh, his looks too stringy and greasy especially when super long

No. 247109

File: 1646194127023.jpeg (208.73 KB, 1312x1193, 79692CF1-A826-4A7A-B58B-FE94AA…)

thanks i am going to steal all of his fits from that movie

No. 247126

His face

No. 247129

he is too much of a potato face. i would rather fuck his wife

No. 247133

File: 1646213306775.jpeg (594.21 KB, 1125x1118, 90538934-F7B8-4786-AF19-BD4E4D…)

I think he’s conventional but I don’t want to get my ass beat by the nonnas in the attractive men thread so i’m posting him here because he’s kind of weird looking

No. 247148

Can anons include the names of who they're posting, in case any of us birth a new unconventional attraction and want to go find more? Pls and thx

No. 247178

I thought that was Ron Perlman for a sec.

No. 247181

File: 1646248944101.jpg (54.06 KB, 500x700, e101d42ce502c32b87ba49822f9c67…)

All I see is a less acne-stricken older Michael Reeves tbh.

No. 247188

This man pissed inside a woman's mouth, without even telling her and continued on and came. Also bragged about this many times and told it in a ton of details.
Never go for ugly men with limp oily long hair, they're all incels.
Greasy and limp because he's a coomer who doesn't wash up. He also sounds like he's faking a deep voice.

No. 247192

>This man pissed inside a woman's mouth

No. 247197

File: 1646261191431.jpg (59.53 KB, 640x450, steve arrives for our date.jpg)


No. 247198

he looks like what the zoomers would say “de-yassified david bowie”.

the longest crush i had on a celebrity was 4 years

No. 247199

NTA but he uploaded a gaming video back when he was a gaming youtuber wherein the entire video was him recounting the story of taking a girl home from a club and then pissing in her mouth as a big hee hee ha ha joke. Gross as fuck but that's what I would expect from a man that got his start playing video games and telling poopy butthole piss cum fart jokes.

No. 247203

fucking great band

No. 247204

File: 1646263714349.jpg (550.16 KB, 1280x850, tumblr_plcku4nkdu1tp6d1qo3_128…)

If the zoomers said that I would beat them up, Steve Howe is just as bit yassified as Bowie
Yes I love them, possibly my favorite, plenty of husbandos to choose from

No. 247206

File: 1646265652790.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.91 KB, 540x666, CD931883-6312-46A4-A676-A15DBB…)

I hate myself so much for finding this shit hot

No. 247218

File: 1646273918924.jpg (171.5 KB, 1007x1007, 00-holding-ysl-seattle.jpg)

Yves Saint Laurent

I absolutely love this very particular look of a man, extremely of the late 60s-mid 70s

No. 247221

he covered for gabriel matzneff, a child rapist

No. 247223

No. 247225

File: 1646277141447.png (3.13 MB, 1334x750, DAA10465-CB8F-4086-8325-927B06…)

oh nonnie, did you know that we now have a modern incarnation of him? In terms of looks and the fact that they’re both fashion designers (not yet at the same calibre though) rocha’s new designer charles de vilmorin

No. 247226

File: 1646277206635.jpg (31.74 KB, 564x846, Tamino.jpg)

he's so cuteaaaa

No. 247252

File: 1646294470762.jpeg (43.39 KB, 675x454, D0F0AD63-2858-4BFB-8ABA-23175D…)

Knoxville-chan back again, have any anons itt watched A Dirty Shame? I feel like it could possibly sate me but if it’s cringe it won’t do shit.

No. 247315

File: 1646340198839.jpeg (421.98 KB, 750x930, 183FB336-4703-4E33-922B-BAA6C6…)

look at my ugly handsome 3d pig husbando nonnies I’m so sorry I keep relapsing into this ugly fuck’s grasp

No. 247318

absolutely not you know this guy's got hepatitis d-z fermenting on that dick

No. 247319

kek you’re right. he’s just absolutely rancid looking and his personality is equally frustrating. he’s like a beautiful trainwreck waiting to happen, i’m deeply attracted to men who are almost on the brink of fail

No. 247323

You should fantasize about giving him the most insane fuck that mind breaks him and leaves him contemplating suicide.

No. 247326

Based anon, I loved Jackass growing up and seeing him goof around. What's better than a guy who can make you laugh? My husbando is also partially inspired by him.

No. 247328

No. 247363

he's a punter and it's inexcusable. his keychain sized head looks like a shrinky-dink pasted onto his actual orc body. he needs to stop working out, it looks so bizarre

No. 247585

File: 1646498508439.jpeg (102.41 KB, 800x774, Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROP_…)

No. 247586

That's the reason they're searching for Ukrainian women on porn sites? Jesus I thought they were just looking for porn studios based in or featuring Ukrainian women. I'm honestly sickened but not surprised.

Exactly this. Thank you for putting into words nona.

They're MtF

No. 247688

File: 1646531679924.jpeg (130.51 KB, 828x816, E5xUVgNXIAYXIiu.jpeg)

Forgive me Lord

No. 247690

… that was 100% me not you lol

No. 247692

Is this the wet rat from maneskin?

No. 247693

No it was me

No. 247697

It was not

No. 247698

It’s one of them

No. 247708

Please stop pretending to be me I am sick of it

No. 247718

K third party

No. 247719

File: 1646546935869.jpeg (44.9 KB, 499x334, 26E1F2CC-AF17-43AE-95EB-C44BC1…)

disappointing you posted post wall version of him

No. 247744

File: 1646555560921.png (181.54 KB, 500x374, tumblr_850c8fb4c99d32f6c34812d…)

I think Sam Hyde is so hot. I love him, I wish I could be his gf even if he is 13 years my senior.

No. 247759

Nvm, did some digging and looks like that won't matter to him lol

No. 247927


Oh man, he looks like a combination of Andrew Ridgeley and Jacob Elordi

No. 247929

he loves underage girls

No. 247943

File: 1646610992722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.54 KB, 574x485, ADEAB771-D231-4AF7-B691-9DF815…)

Thank you nona, glad to find company in such a dark place. It’s funny because he’s the complete opposite of what I’m usually into, he’s an inbred mountain man with a history of drug problems and no good taste, and yet I just can’t stop thinking about him. I think it’s a weird combo of seeing him vulnerable and getting injured on camera and his strange unrelenting charm. That video of him drunk off his ass and flirting with Beyonce at the MTV movie awards gives me butterflies kek.

No. 247977

File: 1646618229599.jpg (189.37 KB, 800x1143, norwegian fuck.jpg)

No. 248001

File: 1646630603334.gif (4.34 MB, 200x233, 200w.gif)

No. 248003

Double post but I watched the original for keks and he totally protects the lady in the blue wig at 00:37. Based Techno Viking

No. 248011

File: 1646633784707.jpg (240.75 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20220307-011546_Ins…)

Those eyes…

No. 248017

File: 1646635972660.jpg (13.75 KB, 236x324, dd2c37cedc3c6befe7e769e089c7aa…)

No. 248039

Yes, I'd vibe with him

No. 248050

File: 1646653687257.jpeg (451.11 KB, 828x958, 936AA432-7BD7-45AF-90A9-B082D1…)

I’ve had a crush on him for years

No. 248054

Is this a real human being or a haunted wax figure?

No. 248059

File: 1646656554116.jpg (67.48 KB, 1280x720, PORTADA_Articulo_Obesidad (1).…)

Apparently he has somewhat of a following so maybe this isn't as strange as it seems

No. 248060

File: 1646656812655.gif (3.97 MB, 480x480, 05672B40-37B0-4A73-8A4D-31A2F2…)

The things I want this man to do to me eugh

No. 248084

File: 1646670558882.jpg (150.53 KB, 800x600, 9k=(1).jpg)

Nigel Ng is actually pretty cute and he's rather buff but I am ashamed to admit I have a crush on a stand-up comedian known for acting like a stereotypical Asian uncle.

No. 248090

File: 1646671582915.png (1.38 MB, 1494x1410, sub-buzz-3912-1562865763-1.png)

why am i so into him

No. 248094

I used to like him until he revealed himself to be a ccp shill

No. 248111

sage for ot, what did he do?

No. 248127

File: 1646680835568.jpg (9.78 KB, 214x317, keithy poo.jpg)

based, I loved him as a kid
"I've always had this thing inside of me that, when I'm done, I'll kill myself, I swear to god that's not suicidal - It's definitely a positive thing" rip

No. 248130

File: 1646681188192.jpg (131.62 KB, 1000x750, willem dafoe.jpg)

For me its Willem Dafoe in Antichrist

No. 248136

Mike Chen made a video criticizing the CCP and Nigel took it upon himself to criticize him, apologize to his mainland fans and deletes his collab video with Mike. He’s a fkin CCP shill, a dumb one too.

No. 248140

ooh looks interesting

the fact that i find even current day dafoe attractive (and everyone knows) is giving me a crisis tbh

No. 248142

it's okay, know you're not alone
we are far more numerous than you'd think

maybe it helps that he's always had a weird face but he has also aged better than a lot of hollywood scrotes in their 60s who look like trash and probably has a decent surgeon idk kek

No. 248154

isnt it true that his dick was like too big so they needed to use a prosthetic dick for that one scene? (never saw the film, it sounds horrible. my ex told me about it)

No. 248167

Lars von Trier has talked multiple times about the size of dafoes big ding a ling

No. 248179

File: 1646694323321.jpg (32.82 KB, 473x389, dafoee.jpg)

They used a man with a smaller penis, because Willems was too big, just makes me like him more though

No. 248206

File: 1646704630857.jpg (78.43 KB, 821x539, gettyimages-592309028.jpg.jpg)

I was really into the Sex Pistols when I was 17-18 and honestly I still think they're cute. Even the ex-bassist Glen was qt. I don't listen to them that much now, but I was feeling nostalgic after reading Steve Jones' memoir and was thinking about how they (especially Sid) were probably somewhat formative of my taste in men which is so unfortunate.

No. 248219

the sunglasses stay ON during sex

No. 248240

This is so specific you're basically doxing yourself. Like I know who you are now.

No. 248244

Nta but how is that post specific at all

No. 248262

>That video of him drunk off his ass and flirting with Beyonce
They also presented together at the MTV movie awards a few years later. I would actually kill to know what he whispered to her just before they announced the nominees. TW for a Justin Timberlake jumpscare at the very start.

No. 248270