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No. 243444

We live in a lolcow society
previous thread: >>>/g/241875

No. 243448


No. 243450

to the anon looking for websites to find books in the last thread: try z-lib

No. 243451

we here

No. 243452

Are there any anons here who are into spirituality?

No. 243454

Anons recommend me some tv series.

No. 243455

File: 1645466084683.jpeg (79.16 KB, 596x805, F018CE66-BD04-4B9A-844B-302763…)

fourth? sixth? whatever

No. 243457

File: 1645466123616.png (5.01 KB, 576x74, FUCK.png)

I was permabanned recently for being a scrote because someone report me and had to send a voice recording and a selfie to the lolcow email. I didn't even say anything offensive or bad, I was just mass reported as a scrote for a dumb shitpost that wasn't even scrote related. It was this post, and I thought nonny was refering to posters in general. I replied with "I'm still here" because I thought it was funny but no, I got banned as a scrote. I hate this. My post history also proves I'm a girl but whatever. So yeah everyone calling each other scrote is really kinda ruining things for everyone.

No. 243458

kpoop jokster

No. 243460

Im on season6 ep1 of gossip girl..AND WHEN I TELL yOU THAT I AM DISGUSTED.

Im at the part where rufus has sex with ivy ahhh my eyes.

No. 243461

She's japanese you retard

No. 243462

I'm tired of anons calling every single asian woman a "kpop"

No. 243463

it's not so much toxicness, but more that everyone's starting to get extra annoying

No. 243464

anon last thread who wanted to make an isekai of a eastern girl and a western girl, if you made fanfic of that I'd happily read it!

No. 243465

kiwifarms/4chan must be getting boring huh.

No. 243466

Still can’t post

No. 243467

>that was my post
>made nonna have to send a voice recording and a selfie
damn nonna.

No. 243468

No Korean subhuman shit on this site, go to choachchan and lust after your subhuman monsters over there

No. 243469

I didn't see this thread oops. Anyway I posted in the other #9 thread about how the scrote accusations are getting insane. All that's left are the schizo tinfoil anons. I say this as a closet tinfoil schizo myself. Where are the semi normalfag nonnies at?

No. 243470

Bitch that's not even korean. Let the unhinged japanese joker woman in peace. Fuck you

No. 243471

Moonrunes are moonrunes(racebait)

No. 243472

File: 1645466342107.png (Spoiler Image,227.44 KB, 640x384, worstcouple.png)

WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS OKAY TO ADD. I swear gossip girl went shit after season 4

No. 243473

Someone reply with the dog boy

No. 243474

Yeah, I think it's about time we made a new female only imageboard. But here are my requirements

1) It can't be based on gossip culture (you have lolcow and LSA for that)
2) It can't be pro genderspecial and tranny garbage( you have Twitter and other sites for that)
3) It's diverse and covers everything from anime, video games, to music, to comics, to politics, ect

No. 243475

>/pol/fag humor
This site is ruined.

No. 243477

So many anons want this and have suggested this before but like always NO ONE can fucking code, including new admin of this website it seems because it only took one fuck up to shit the entire website.

No. 243478

your that moid who sperged on the attractive man threads arent you. Fuck i wish the admins were active.
you are stroking your disgusting shriveled micropenis at this with happiness arent you.

No. 243480


No. 243481

File: 1645466483793.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, kpoopin.gif)

No. 243482

Pretty sure admin wouldn't ask you for a selfie.

No. 243484

The oldmin was a messy bitch who thought Opera VPN anons were one singular poster and used several unrelated posts as "proof" of this mystery person killing lolcow kek

No. 243485

I don't think anyone has been banned unless it's like that fujo anon said last thread that she's spamming moid reports on everyone

No. 243486

I wasn't asked for one, I sent one because who knows if the voice recording is enough for a lolcow admin.

No. 243487

File: 1645466668222.jpeg (400.05 KB, 828x809, DAD0B26C-74D2-4539-9AAA-4130F6…)

What are some new foods/meals you've tried recently that you liked?
I need more cooking ideas!

No. 243488

where is that "this thread needs more POC" post with a blackface picture again?(shitposting)

No. 243489

File: 1645466701092.jpeg (105.26 KB, 782x781, 8FC1E987-1DEC-4B32-8A0B-657056…)

>yakkkubian scrotes ruining MY website with /pol/faggotry
Out. Now.

No. 243490

File: 1645466735141.gif (781.63 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

is kitty spam okay?

No. 243491

Leave already. >>242847

No. 243492

Can't post an asian without people losing their shit anymore. When did the internet get so racist to asians?

No. 243493

kek it's not that women can't code it's because the women who can know we're all retards and love themselves

No. 243494

File: 1645466799996.png (12.37 KB, 566x248, gihghg.png)

They haven't even unbanned me yet, but honestly seeing how things are I think I'll just take the permaban. I just wish it was a just permaban and not something based on whatever (pic related is my dumb post)
Here anon, again, I didn't even know what the anon was refering to, I just thought she meant normal posters or whatever
I partially blame myself for being fucking stupid and not knowing the context tbh

No. 243495

File: 1645466805185.jpeg (64.21 KB, 630x680, 71396D2C-3446-4E46-8528-09921B…)


No. 243496

File: 1645466817619.gif (810.48 KB, 400x300, 6DB33DBD-12C0-423B-9045-9EB9A8…)

No. 243498

Nice pepe you got there kekimus maximus shadilay to you too

No. 243499

i know moid its already triggering enough for you to be around females despite you invading here, i cant imagine how uncomfortable you would be to see POC here omg poor boy.
its not just asians look at this >>243488

No. 243500

Yes, I agree that calling anyone scrote on lolcow is a hatecrime and should be banned my fellow female.

No. 243503

I've been busy lately, miss you nonnies.

No. 243504

It's literally just one moid who can't integrate.

No. 243505

File: 1645466906217.gif (1.89 MB, 300x532, cute-cat-1.gif)


No. 243506

anyone who gets mad because non white people are being posted should kill themselves tbh

No. 243507

Shall we start a thread about such plans, see if anyone is able to make it happen?

No. 243508

for me it's that I don't want to deal with CP and gore posters

No. 243509

So crystal cafe.

No. 243510

Also nonna, you got it right kek.
I was referring to farmers, because the thread had gone randomly quiet. I wasn't talking about moids.
Unpopular opinion but nonnies who report shit in these threads…I don't really understand it but whatever. Even if x poster really is a moid, it's not as if they couldn't just vpn jump

No. 243511

So you weren't asked to do so.

No. 243512

ok but i think we can all agree that this >>243458 , >>243468 , >>243471 , >>243489 , >>243488 is a obvious male.

Where the fuck are the mods, do they not care, it seems like they have given up on everything except for snow/…..

No. 243513

10000% based

No. 243514


No. 243515

Ever watch the IT crowd?

No. 243516


No. 243517

The downfall of this website started when pullfags infiltrated in 2019ish, then it got overpopulated with all kinds of nonnies in 2020 with the lockdowns. A lot of new anons came in and with those also came a lot of gore raids. The creepshowart reveal invited a lot of new twitterfags and now we're full of zoomers too (just look at how many people as young as 18-19 or early 20s in the friend finder thread are, that's zoomer age). Now Admin is really killing the site with this, I almost wish the cord was plugged out earlier in december because at least the good memories would prevail and we wouldn't have to see this website getting worse day by day. Don't even get me started on the stupid infights and policing, it's truly twitter 2.0 at this point.

No. 243518

Do you know what imageboards are?

No. 243519

i am a woman, dumbass. the rest of those posts were posted by a scrote

No. 243520

I want my ideal female imageboard to attract pretty much any group of women ages 16 to 50. I would like to see video game/anime fandom anons, schizo tinfoil anons, musicanons, terfanons, and even normie mom types existing in the same vicinity.

Basically a female 4chan

No. 243521

yes and its not /pol/ (or kiwifarms) so you can fuck off to there thnx.

No. 243522

Probably due to people getting overexposed to fucked up videos from China and resentment over China being the source of COVID. I still see retarded posts from people saying how all Chinese eat dogs and bats. I fucking hate the Chinese government myself but people are always going to look for someone to be a scapegoat and look down on.

No. 243523

…Yes nonny that's what I just said lmao. Also I would obviously send one with my voice recording if I want to continue posting, otherwise I don't know how mods would know I'm a girl if my post history wasn't enough apparently. I don't know anymore though, these threads are getting out of hand. I think I'll quit once for all. Like I said I just wish the ban was warranted, not something like being called a scrote for some dumb post I made.

No. 243524

I agree. The only good times LC had was when 2X was created and during the beginning of itsbabydash threads (back on snow). I wish PULL didn't close its doors so all of the retards would have stayed there, but even with TikTok turning into an actual thing we all should have seen it coming. I even miss the retarded LC PULL rivalry, not the current shit we are having.

No. 243525

I'm here and I legit think the problem is with certain autists who just can't stop screeching and shitting up a whole thread by spamming "no ur a moid I'm so based". Those anons seems to just hang out on /ot/ for hours usually and post in multiple threads compared to the anons who just post from time to time.

4chan has the same problem but usually vpn dodging tires people out and there's enough users to shut the autist up and make them feel isolated.

No. 243526

Absolutely not

No. 243527

peanut butter kitty time, peanut butter kitty time, peanut butter kitty, peanut butter kitty, peanut butter kitty with a baseball bat.

No. 243528

File: 1645467573922.gif (1.68 MB, 498x286, 99C5298D-8B2E-4BE7-B3F2-3A85BE…)

knocks everyone out cold enough bullshi't. we're going to get funky

No. 243529

File: 1645467575880.jpg (272.04 KB, 1080x1072, 1632587876656.jpg)

NEET/ NEET Recovery thread reporting in
Should I buy a PC setup for gaming/future schoolwork/simple 3d modelling or a Samsung S7+ tablet for drawing/portability for schoolwork? Am a NEET with $800 or so in my account from retail 2 months ago. Want to take classes online and get an online job but I need a working computer now…

No. 243530

File: 1645467600144.gif (1.31 MB, 220x275, kitten-blink.gif)

forgive me anons i dropped the kitty pic

No. 243532

We should be critical of Ch*na for making factory towns akin to prisions instead

No. 243533


No. 243534

No. 243535

ah yes the racebaiting scrote who also said he wanted to post blackface totaaaally did this because of evil china…..how retarded are you.

No. 243536

File: 1645467782951.jpeg (50.23 KB, 750x432, 77564021-321D-4195-A141-62F5BA…)

No. 243537

pullfags have literally started being an issue 2 years in

No. 243538

That's what crystal cafe was until the troons invaded it and too many anons created duplicates of the exact same threads that always started with "i-i wish i had a bf, i'm so lonely uwu"

No. 243539

>Racism? On an anonymous imageboard?
Yea, I don't think it's that deep. Can also be applied to anything, even animal hate
>the dog killer sperg

No. 243540

>The only good times LC had was when 2X was
This. That's one of the few things that came out of here. It's a husk of its former self now though. I'm sad for new anons who never got to experience it in its hayday. I also feel like the more new anons that come in, the more different this website feels. I dislike the very old iteration of lolcow too (when moids were here and things were harsher) but this new lolcow ain't it either

No. 243541

File: 1645467869950.gif (525.84 KB, 500x283, 3DD1F4F8-1B2D-473E-89D9-C95801…)

Doo doo bee boop, doo boo dee boop

No. 243542

Sorry I wasn't paying attention to the earlier shitposts but I have just noticed and just wanted to take a moment to vent about how there’s a shitton more hate against Asians on YouTube and moid-infested sites (being that I am Asian and all).

No. 243543

I just think that board culture is dying in general. You can even see it on 4chan. I have no idea why

No. 243544

I want some nonnie to detail the events of the containment threads in chronological order when this is all over. This is a part of lolcow.farm history.

No. 243545

2X era was so fun tbh. I loved the pink pill threads

No. 243546

? that's some true twitterfag tinfoiling shit

No. 243547

No. 243548

too many kids grew up with social media and its influence

No. 243549

NTA, but thank you for your explanation nonny it's much appreciated

No. 243550

Old users being replaced by new ones who change the culture maybe?

No. 243551

oh yeah that i understood, sorry for misunderstanding anony.

No. 243552

What was the greatest/longest infight yet? The streamer game thing?

No. 243553

the raids we had during that era was crazy though.

No. 243554

Can't you just get a "normal", light laptop? It'll be portable and you will be able to use it schoolwork and simple art and modelling. As for gaming, you'd only be able to play "smaller" games and not the most recent AAA western games but you have to make a choice anyway.

No. 243555

oof there is alot of them but the recent longest infight deff had to be between romanianon and steven.

No. 243556

I miss some of the 2007-2012 imageboard humor when it wasn't about incelshit or overt hate and racism it was just literally posting about giant puddings and touhou songs

No. 243557

File: 1645468214027.jpeg (929.6 KB, 1251x1183, 81232075-30FE-463C-8B95-7A0003…)

Mentally I'm still with that nonna schlicking behind the tree. It has been a steady decline since then.

No. 243558

Not all farmhands have access to post history. I hope your ban gets appealed successfully, sorry this happened to you.

No. 243559

Old users getting too old, useless and bitter and new users already being bitter and brain damaged due to growing up on the internet

No. 243560

It's this. That's why you see "nonas" "nonnies" etc being the norm now when old imageboard culture would've found it abhorrent and bully its use out of existence. On female-centric threads on 4chan you can still see anons shit on obvious newfags for things like all lowercaps posts. Lolcow has just been infiltrated, it is what it is.

No. 243561

4chin is literally full of pretentious joker redditors now and it's hilarious

No. 243564

Sucks man.

No. 243565

I love 2X but that simply isn't true. Lolcows jeyday was when the pt cows were still entertaining.

No. 243566

True. I think it's also scary though. So much hate in one single place. And then it gets weirder when their hate seeps into real life.

No. 243569

I like saying Nonny. It's legit part of lolcow culture for me.

No. 243570

Been on and off the site for years but I have to agree that the times when pink pill and man hate threads were openly allowed in /ot/ was probably the peak. Never stuck around for long to learn why the admin got rid of them though.

No. 243571

True. This place used to actually be fun

No. 243572

File: 1645468519029.gif (4.39 MB, 256x320, CarefulIgnorantKillifish-size_…)

No. 243573

File: 1645468523490.jpeg (675.77 KB, 871x1198, 21288E93-DA44-4161-9E2D-15A1EC…)


No. 243574

The puddings eating themselves at the beginning though…

No. 243575

Someone please draw this japanese joker woman in the drawboard

No. 243576

I used to browse /a/ and watched it die, completely abandoned it in 2017 and apparently it got worse while I was away. What happened there is that new users didn't get the concept of "lurk moar" and would instead whine if they were laughed at, a similar thing is going on here with these ADHD children who spam posts with nonsense just to get a bit of attention and accuse you of mini modding if you tell them to shut up.

Anyway on /a/ people used to pirate more and make more original content for fun, then it slowly turned into seasonal anime only discussion to the point people wanted a new board, then people who watch crunchyroll became normal, now it's a board for high schoolers where rare anime barely gets discussed. There will always be new users, but old users will have children or get a job or kill themselves and the new will replace the old. And worldwide children are losing interest in technology and STEM and just use apps and don't think about it.

No. 243579

i like to type in all lowercase sometimes bc it masks my main typing style and a lot of nonnies here get off on saying "hey, are you the poster from x?" kek

No. 243580

lmao i love when wannabe-oldfags here find the most bland shit to criticize.
Im sure there are anons here who have been for 6 years who also use nonas.

Might want to focus on the raids, admins not caring and spammers.

No. 243581


I don’t know if I’m just retarded but I cannot tell anyone’s typing style apart

No. 243582

All zoomies type like that

No. 243584

>And worldwide children are losing interest
It could be summarized like this honestly, and attention spans getting shorter, plus they want everything catered to them

I will never get why watching things on crunchyroll is more popular than just downloading stuff from nyaa.si to be honest

No. 243585

Lmao this, been using this website for 8 years now and I use Nonny endearingly

No. 243586

Kek I'm not saying its a bad thing, I'm just saying stuff like that would've been something that's called out in the past, the culture is shifting and that's a sign of it, that's all there is to it.

No. 243587

Hate to tell you but even in 2015 when homo threads on /a/ were still a thing and /y/ had female posters there were blatant twitter newfags and no one did anything about them, they'd just shit the thread up with haikyuu reaction images and pretend to be ebin trolls.

No. 243588

File: 1645468837371.jpg (147.14 KB, 650x807, 1579617381671.jpg)

Imagine a Comedy film about King Farouk of Egypt

>Farouk's official mistress" described him as something of an immature "man-child" having no interest in politics and given to childish behavior liking making bread balls at restaurants "…to flip at the fancy people coming in and watch how they'd act when he hit the mark. How he roared with that laugh".[133]

>"Farouk never wrote a letter, never read a paper, never listened to music. His was fond of movies. He had three telephones by his bed, which he would use to ring up his friends at three in the morning and invite them to come over to his palace to play cards. No one could refuse".[134]
>King Farouk amassed one of the most famous coin collections in history which included an extremely rare American gold minted 1933 double eagle coin[282] and (non-concurrently), two 1913 Liberty Head nickels.[283]
>Farouk suffered from nightmares in which he was chased by a lion. He sought the advice of pro-Axis el Maraghi who told him, "You will not rest until you have shot a lion." Whereupon Farouk shot two, at the Cairo zoo

>Farouk told her that he liked her because her blond hair and large breasts together with her age reminded him of his second wife, the teenage Queen Narriman who likewise had blond hair and large breasts.[8] After following Farouk into exile in July 1952, Narriman had returned to Egypt in March 1953. Whenever she went out with the king, his burly Albanian bodyguards were always on hand to seize the cameras from any paparazzi, a task that they performed with much efficiency as they roughed up several paparazzi who tried to take photographs of the king with his latest mistress.[9] Farouk told her that this was cheaper than having to bribe newspaper editors from publishing any of the photographs the paparazzi might take of him.[10]

>Stenberg wrote about sex with Farouk: "I'm doing this with the king of twenty million people. This nice fat man was one of the world's symbols of power".[11] She described the king as very sexually aggressive, but in common with his other mistresses complained he had an abnormally small penis.[12]. Stenberg lived in a Rome apartment with a gay American couple, which enraged the homophobic Farouk as he called her roommates "perverts" once he learned that the two men were more than just friends.[13] In the face of his rage, Stenberg did not dare tell Farouk that she was bi-sexual, fearing that would upset him even more. At Farouk's insistence, she moved into the Villa Dusmet that he rented outside of Rome to get her away from her "pervert" gay American friends.[14] She found the Villa Dusmet dark, gloomy and claustrophobic with the king's Albanian bodyguards imposing tight restrictions on where she could go while outside she always heard the barking of the guard dogs that were set loose on the grounds of the Villa.[15] She also found the king's jokes painfully unfunny such as: "Have you heard what one palm tree said to the other? Let's make a date".[16]

No. 243589


No. 243590

File: 1645468873223.jpg (50.32 KB, 522x684, Farouk of Egypt.jpg)

>The Egyptian government quickly moved to auction off the King's vast collection of trinkets and treasures,[250] including his seven-piece bedroom suite that was inspired by Napoleon and Josephine's suite at the Château de Malmaison.[251] Among the more famous of his possessions was one of the rare 1933 double eagle coins, though the coin disappeared before it could be returned to the United States. (It later reappeared in New York in 1996 and was eventually sold at auction for more than seven million dollars.)[252] Attracting much prurient interest both in Egypt and abroad was the revelation that Farouk owned one of the largest collections of pornography in the world, as he possessed a vast collection numbering into the hundreds of thousands of pornographic photographs, postcards, calendars, playing cards, watches, glasses, cockscrews and so on.[253] Farouk's obsession with collecting also ranged into diamonds, dogs, stamps, rubies, Faberge eggs, ancient Tibetan coins, medieval suits of armor, aspirin bottles, razor blades, paper clips and Geiger counters.[253] At the Koubbeh Palace, it was discovered that Farouk had collected 2,000 silk shirts, 10,000 silk ties, 50 diamond-studded golden walking sticks and one autographed portrait of Adolf Hitler.[253]

No. 243591

File: 1645468875180.jpg (894.44 KB, 1212x993, borzoi.jpg)

Since it seems like /ot/ will be down for a long while, what threads (if any) would you like to see added to the catalog?
Here's some of the most popular threads that were used before /ot/ shut down

>stupid questions
>general tinfoil
I've decided to not include unpopopular opinions, dumbass shit and retarded shitposting is because unpopular opinions would 100% get overun with baiting moids, and the dumbass/retarded shitposting can be done here

No. 243592

I want the dress up doll thread from m. Most peaceful thread on lc

No. 243594

>100% get overun with baiting moids
>adding celebricows and tinfoil threads

No. 243595

The thing I'm scared about the most is if we do this on /g/ then there's a chance they'll take /ot/ away from us forever since "you guys use /g/ anyways"

No. 243596

we really need a celebricows thread. Theres so much milk missed this pweek.

No. 243597

The newfags not lurking more and then overtaking the board issue applies to the entire website. Cgl is pretty much a defiled corpse because gulls and more importantly cgl's jannies went too easy on- and failed to fight of hordes of people from facebook/tumblr and later twitter/instagram.

No. 243599

File: 1645469096251.gif (19.02 KB, 262x112, sad.gif)

Goodbye nonnies, the bunker was fun for a few days but it's now time to move on for me. See you again when this website gets fixed maybe, maybe not…

No. 243600

the posting errors is really easy to fix though, there are anons telling admins how to fix it but nothing is done about it.
I wonder why admin/mods are being so slow about all of this.

No. 243601

See u same time tomorrow nonita

No. 243602

just wanted to say that you’re cool borzoianon. i want a borzoi some day but that won’t happen anytime soon.

No. 243603

im thinking of leaving too nonie.

No. 243605

cgl is full of fucking trannies and twitterfags. It's sad to see, but I don't even like lolita anymore nor take interest in any jfashion so I don't really care.

No. 243606

The exact same thing is happening to lolcow, wouldn't you say?

No. 243607

dress up game/picrew & quiz thread combined?

No. 243608

>the posting errors is really easy to fix though, there are anons telling admins how to fix it but nothing is done about it.
>I wonder why admin/mods are being so slow about all of this.

Because they simply don't care and abandoned ship

No. 243609

File: 1645469275150.jpeg (81.82 KB, 567x351, C55F07C8-54F6-4509-9662-1F3572…)

So basically we can conclude that the only constant in life is change.

No. 243610

Sounds fun!

No. 243611

Nta but I kinda agree, except that I pray libfems, woketards and trannies never feel safe in this place.

No. 243612

Yeah 'nonna' makes me feel like I'm talking to a friend, it's cozy and friendly. I've been around since at least 2016.

No. 243613

Great idea, that would be an oasis in the middle of a pile of shit.

No. 243614

celebricows but in /snow/

No. 243615

No. 243617

Nta but I've been using lolcow for probably over 5 years now and I've only recently started seeing nona and nonita get used a lot. Idk maybe I just never noticed it before. Nonny/nonnie has been a thing for a long time, though.

No. 243618

thats good idea especially since celebricows also used to be in snow/
But im afraid of the mods there locking the thread because whoever is modding snow (which is the only modded board for now) is very strict.

No. 243619

Feels like it kinda belongs there anyways

No. 243621

Reminder pickmeism and general scrotery was over the roof in the yee old times

No. 243622

File: 1645469526245.jpg (599.96 KB, 2880x2160, 34734737.jpg)

Please answer honestly to this post
Would you like to pull the plug on lolcow? Yes/No

No. 243623

Last time that happened was a few months back and it ended badly that admins had to place it back to ot, so no. How new?

No. 243624

Same, and I also love calling others precious cows
Nonita is just a corruption of nonny, nothing wrong with it, it's cute

No. 243625

No. 243626

if admin continues acting like this then yes.

No. 243627

No. Funny autistic fem hub

No. 243628

God no you didn't learn from last time did you……………..

No. 243629

how much inbreeding was involved

No. 243630

Only people here keep being insufferable and horrible to each other

No. 243631

In the very first old times, yes
After some years it became norm to make fun of those, and that was lolcow at its peak.

No. 243632

What? Celebricows did really well when it was on snow/, it went to shit when it got to ot/ because lack of moderation.

We should ad celebricows on snow/

No. 243633

I'd say we're better and more autistic with board culture and bullying new anons for not integrating (save for a few /snow/ threads that are already so overwhelmed by twitterfags that jannies just gave up). Lolcow's staff is also 1000% better in enforcing rules than 4chan.

No. 243635

Unironically true. I miss the dress up game general

No. 243636

A minimal amount of inbreeding, as a treat.

No. 243637

Even if the userbase truly goes to shit I'm okay with it sticking around, as long as userbase consists of female posters. The occasions I can respond to someone who needs it with kind words or advice make up for the bullshit.

No. 243638

Then why was it moved back to /ot/ then? I remember a lot of anons complaining about shitty posts when it was on /snow/.

No. 243639

I don't think the plug should be pulled, despite it being a shit show at the moment, we have our moments that remind me why I come here everyday. I think admin & jannies need a kick up the ass and be more transparent with us

No. 243640

>Lolcow's staff is also 1000% better
but then why are we suffering through this limbo of darkness and sorrow

No. 243641

No it didn't, the infighting was exactly the same. Remember all the sperging over billie and lana's body?

No. 243642

File: 1645469899313.jpg (27.38 KB, 400x462, pitbull.jpg)

mrs worldwide
Anonita, nonnacita

No. 243644

>Even if the userbase truly goes to shit I'm okay with it sticking around, as long as userbase consists of female posters.
I genuinely disagree, because it will get super bad if that happens

No. 243645

thank you. damn those are some shit genes then.

No. 243646

If anons want to pull the plug on lolcow, why don't they just leave? Genuine question.

No. 243647

Last time /ot/ wasn't broken.

No. 243648

I think the last thread and the pick-me rpg discussion showed that nonnies are not good at chasing out newfags.

No. 243649

It was basically the same as it was in /ot.

No. 243650

Are we gonna be like this till march or what I'm so tired

No. 243652

Sigh, remember when /ot/ got closed for a few days and everyone went batshit insane? and people were starting to plan a new female only imageboard

No. 243653

Because our dear farmhands can't do much about website issues. Only our two seemingly shy admins can.

No. 243654

>billie and lana's bodies
Let's not forget the Ariana stans. I don't get why you would come to a gossip board to defend celebrities. The Lana thing is expected because of her lolita pedo lyrics.

No. 243655

File: 1645470088523.jpeg (110 KB, 417x454, 676F8333-0321-4C8E-9E6C-7CA125…)

(Nonnie on my mind)
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No. 243656

Imagine wanting to see your mom or grandma suffering because you want to keep her alive when it's clear she's in pain

No. 243657

File: 1645470133262.jpg (45.44 KB, 640x359, 1630977204997.jpg)

No. Anyone who says otherwise is a tranny, moid, twitterfag or romania-anon.

No. 243658

Who will be the brave soldier to make a celebrities thread?

No. 243659

Don't do it, it's still /g/. Keep /ot/ to a minimum. /ot/ fags wouldn't appreceite being overrun with /g/ threads in the reverse situation.

No. 243660

I love this pic lol

No. 243661

Shit becoming that bad here would still be better than other places online, losing lolcow as one of the few female-centric imageboards would mean losing a space that would never be replaced in today's climate.

No. 243662

I hope someone makes a compilation of these bunker threadpics. Please someone do it I beg

No. 243663

No. 243664

temptation and curiosity

No. 243665

No. 243666

Lolcow is at a fork in the road. Will we survive this and triumph over adversity or will lolcow die, limp and sad, and be featured in some shitty zoomer's hour long video essay series about niche internet culture in 5 years time? Only time will tell…

No. 243667

Jotaro is so hot ugh

No. 243669

He's boring and hates women

No. 243670

Moralfagging killed it, it killed it here and it killed it on some chan boards as well

No. 243672

>featured in some shitty zoomer's hour long video essay

No. 243673

where else will i sperg about my husbando with other husbandofags? i’m definitely not doing it on /r9k/

No. 243674

>or will lolcow die, limp and sad, and be featured in some shitty zoomer's hour long video essay series about niche internet culture in 5 years time? Only time will tell…
I dont really want lolcow to die but ngl I kinda want this video now "THE DOWNFALL OF LOLCOW… WHAT HAPPENED?"

No. 243675

There's nothing wrong with lolcow being more civilised than 4chan. Man-hate and gender critical being removed was the beginning of the end though

No. 243677

Kek I remember that. Where would we be without the shitposters? Dead by our own hands

No. 243678

Guys come fill the space on the drawing board

No. 243679

Satanic trips confirm imminent zoomie video in our future. RIP.

No. 243680

Only thing if someone makes that video they will mention how this website was totes transphobic and fatphobic and misandrist and deserved to die, so no thanks.

No. 243681

Don’t want those idiots to feel like they’ve won

No. 243682

Kind of want to but I think am too shy about my art.

No. 243683

Nta but while I agree lolcow is more civilised than 4chan and we should keep it that way, Moralfagging truly is a disease. I think there should be a clear difference between the two. And I'm clearly not talking about manhate, that can stay and I open it with wide arms. I'm talking about other dumb issues that cause infighting

No. 243684

File: 1645470685970.jpeg (77.83 KB, 1024x420, DCB045D5-1AAD-41E4-B5A1-E18DF8…)

Ok repost
Should i write a fic about this?
A japanese girl and a western girl are isekai’d together. They communicate in their respectively broken english and broken japanese. The worlds is very sparsely populated so the story centers mainly on them and outdoor survival.

No. 243685

>fork in the road
We are being tested, HOLD THE LINE LC

No. 243686

this will happen and you spoke this in existence

No. 243687

More like I don't want this website to be full of trannies and libfems in the future and I want to keep it in my memory as a based place where we made fun of those

No. 243688

what do you consider moralfagging to be?

No. 243689

>I remember that
Same. It feels so far away now, in hindsight. A distant memory

No. 243690

Hey anons new celebricows thread was added in snow.

No. 243691

Follow your heart anon

No. 243692

I drew yesterday but then erased it because I'm paranoid of my drawings and writing to be recognized and catalogued to then be cancelled by some idiot on twitter

No. 243693

An ill omen of things to come…

No. 243694

The infighting I have experienced on this site was mostly body related (she's fat, no u anachan) and some anons calling other anons men for having a different opinion + schizo anons but they are a different thing

No. 243695

not to be a schizo I fully believe anyone saying that isn't a regular user and/or doesn't have the community's best interest in mind

No. 243697

I have something in mind but I don't want to mention it because it will derail into dumb infighting AGAIN, but it has to do with anime and media made by men that women can also enjoy

No. 243698

I hate when zoomers add a dash at the end of their sentence to indicate laughing or freaking out. Shit like
>Omg dfjdfjk I'm-

No. 243700

The new celebricows thread

No. 243701

cute, let me steal this idea from you

No. 243702

Shokotan please leave.

No. 243703

Then they would be exposing themselves as a dirty LC user with you. Also you can just deny ever agreeing with the unwoke stuff here, you'd still take hits but not as badly. Third option, own up and transcend the current culture of LIES (hard mode)

No. 243704

Let’s all write lolcow fanfictions. I want to write a story about finnanon

Thank you!

No. 243706

the infights I have experienced always have to do with x and x being a thing for scrotes only or x media being made by a scrote therefore should be banned from lolcow. Please women can like anything they want, including things made by scrotes. No I don't want to follow this conversation, my head already hurts.

No. 243707

I just hate the fujos who act superior to shoujo fans and yumes and sperg about it, like they need to post their shit to own le moids when they're just annoying.

No. 243708

nonnies i think my girlfriend may be a farmer too

No. 243709

File: 1645471195608.jpeg (105.68 KB, 750x731, 7D825C52-0BBE-4C7B-A17A-3285D7…)

You're correct, haters gonna hate

No. 243710

Aww no lets write it together!!

No. 243711

Same omg- I hate it so- it's annoying-

No. 243712

Say something only she will know

No. 243713

Cute someone draw these two lolcow lesbians

No. 243715

File: 1645471341387.png (53.8 KB, 198x114, gaypoop.png)

what does this mean

No. 243716

Had someone once bitch about her friend go "I- wow. That felt really good" I laughed my ass off for 20 minutes

No. 243717

I'm a regular who's getting sick of the community but I can't leave and idk why

No. 243720


No. 243721

"I'm here to kinkshame" in hieroglyphics

No. 243724

KEK I can't believe that's the post I get satanic trips on. It's a sign I'm sorry anons don't shoot the messenger

No. 243725

It's a Prince thing cause Araki was a fan
The hand is the old symbol of one of the fan publication groups that Araki was a part of before actually becoming a mangaka

No. 243726

I'm about to take a really good poop and I hope you all get to do the same

No. 243728

male youtubers would do some out of touch retrospective attempt, but no women who actually used the site would make a video unless they are groveling for their "transphobic past". some of these women probably use the site and could make an interesting, accurate video, but it'd never see the light of day.

No. 243729

File: 1645471906830.jpg (22.51 KB, 299x211, 10018481.jpg)

this is how they were supposed to look like

No. 243732

nonnie I'm happy for you but I actually don't care

No. 243734

I actually am glad to learn of this, ty for your expert knowledge

No. 243735

then why did you ask

No. 243736

Why is he named Garett though

No. 243737

>but no women who actually used the site would
Honestly, I know there's plenty of strong and cool women in this place, but I'm legit waiting for someone strong enough to actually unapologetically say that she's a based lolcow farmer and that trannies should die. I'm tired of living in secrecy

No. 243738

File: 1645472108020.jpeg (25.71 KB, 180x180, B601B01F-6455-4518-AEFE-961A0B…)

>Stomach hurts from coffee

No. 243741


No. 243742

File: 1645472156777.gif (384.04 KB, 220x165, dont-be-fucking-rude-kim-karda…)

No. 243744

The lore expands…

No. 243745

kek she forgot that /m/-kun is in a coma too

No. 243746

I hate playing in online servers with a high ping (cuz im in the EU and all the available servers are in the US) and some cunt with a low ping brags about playing good and rubs it in your face like duh? you're fast as fuck and have no input delays how am i supposed to compete with that on my side where i have a ton of input delay. Lol I fucking hate gaming on american servers sm reeee

No. 243747

is giggle worth using? kind of afraid of someone irl recognizing me on the app. plus, i am currently a NEET and also a diagnosed autist.

No. 243748

then play somewhere else I guess

No. 243749

This is why I never get the firsts I deserve in Transformice.

No. 243750

Where? there's little EU servers

No. 243751

Anons i forgot that the ot/ posts about celebricows in snow would instead link to other snow posts that have nothing to do celebricows.

Ehhhh I feel so dumb.

No. 243752

what's giggle? I love laughing

No. 243753

we told you
now snowposters will come and shit this thread

No. 243754

the creator sal seems somewhat fishy, there are privacy concerns, and there is not a large userbase. i have never heard anyone talk about meeting other women through it in other gc or radfem online spaces though maybe i was not in the right spaces where women talk about that.

No. 243755

File: 1645472611538.gif (3.16 MB, 424x498, huehue.gif)

tee hee hee hee heeeeee

No. 243756

I want to like it because it’s based af, but it actually sucks. The UI is pretty bad. Great idea, bad execution.

No. 243757

Can frenchanons spill the tea on interracial dating and views of ethnic groups there? i'm bored

No. 243758

whats giggle pls respond

No. 243759

File: 1645472696903.jpg (64.51 KB, 700x687, Cn2Wjl2W8AADwzU.jpg)

My biggest coomer moid-tier trait is that I love maid dresses on me and other women (scrotes aren't allowed to wear them)

No. 243761

app that connects women and deliberately filters out trannies via facial recognition program. kind of iffy about it because of the possible privacy issues.

No. 243762

Actually on second thought just post it here when you’re done idk how to write

No. 243764

No. 243765

sounds based but also easy to dox

No. 243767

File: 1645472845133.jpg (150.11 KB, 1440x1080, x1080.jpg)


No. 243769

I’ve seen posts about it on Ovarit that echo that. Seems too janky.

No. 243770

Can't talk for all fr*nchfags but when it comes to my personal exp with ID:
>my parents are ok with me dating any races APART from asian men
It's so odd, my mom has like this weird racist bias against Asians (especially japanese), she thinks they're all hypocrites and will figuratively and literally stab you in the back?

No. 243772

my mom thinks racism against different races is horrible but shits on eastern europeans all day long

No. 243774

Hate to tell you… but your mother had a tryst with a Japanese man who broke her heart…

No. 243776

Kek, wouldn't surprise me tbh

No. 243781

They attracted too many moid raids but above all were constantly filled with infighting and especially racebait. White women this, black women that, brown women such and such, asian women blahblah and it got out of hand a lot of times. People unironically complained more about other women than men in those threads and it was depressing to open it up to vent about males only to be greeted with another round of race wars because everyone was dumping their racial insecurities on each other and competing for the "who has it worse" spot. I actually went back to check on them and yep, it's as I recall, just constant racebaiting and anons using it as a vent thread to cry about their abusive Nigels instead of dumping them. It's a shame because the threads were overall great resources and initially peaked me and got me into feminism.

No. 243782

Unironically kpoop critical threads were cool

No. 243784

That’s how most threads in snow are tbh

No. 243785

the raids still happened even after it was banned though

No. 243786

I think people were too mean to you little kpoopers. Just bled into other threads too much…

No. 243787

File: 1645473831739.jpg (72.16 KB, 1350x759, B9729144601Z.1_20211127150432_…)

Bleh, my best friend who's half algerian is voting for goblino Big Z. That's some ethnic pickme bullshit

No. 243789

Ironically enough yeah, only now they've added homophobia in the mix as well.

They did, which is why I said it wasn't the main reason. I can only imagine what a drag it was on mods to constantly come clean up the thread that devolved into a shit-flinging racesperg every hour.

No. 243790

I HATE when men make videos like these, looking at the comments gives me brain damage. Yes this voice mannerism is annoying but a guy who has the voice of Ethan Klein on Helium shouldn't be complaining about this fucking shit

No. 243791

im a little retard short and stout here is here is my blobfish here is my trout

No. 243795

File: 1645474605065.jpg (28.4 KB, 625x417, Zemmour-juge-tres-possible-de-…)

My guy looks like he's gonna turn into dust at any second, he's like 62 but looks 85. Ratatouille looking mofo.
yes, that's my only political argument. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT HUH??

No. 243796

Zemmour won't stop saying that he's "Algerian", as in, a Jewish Algerian as opposed to a native one, so he can't be racist. Not too surprised to see his fellow self-hating Algerians voting for him, but your friend should be embarrassed.

That's so specific, did something happened to your mom with a Japanese guy or some shit?

Maghrebi anon born and raised in France, my parents are kinda weird because they're moderate muslims, as in, they don't eat pork and think drinking alcohol is bad but a boeuf bourguignon with real wine is delicious. But they're "traditional", or at least they used to be. They'd yell at me for not having Moroccan or Algerian friends in primary school and middle school despite putting me in a primary school full of white kids and a fucking catholic middle school, and they used to think race mixing was a big no no but now they don't give a fuck. I think it's probably because they're shocked I'm still single at my age so anything male is fine now. My big sisters had a few white bf who dumped her because their white catholic parents wouldn't accept her and they'd all come back to her months later and beg her to take them back, so it works both ways I guess but honestly I'm sure the majority of people don't give a shit if you don't date someone from your race.

As for views of ethnic groups as a whole? It's a mess. I won't debate on it any further it's too long and complicated but I felt like I was treated a normal human being when I spent a semester in Japan a few years ago despite not being fluent in Japanese way more than in my own country most of my life. The difference was so obvious it's very hard to explain.

No. 243797

There's this RETARD in my art class who is on the fucking phone EVERY CLASS mumbling to whoever he is talking to which makes him sound autistic and the professor asked him if he was on the phone and the retarded scrote said "no". God KILL yourself AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.

No. 243799

the peak was long before that, that was one of the darkest ages alongside the apocalyptic tempcow days and kpop infestation. today's /ot/ has gone to shit for sure but nothing will ever be as bad as tempcow. that was our 9/11.

No. 243800

I think I peaced out during the tempcow days. Can I ask what was so horrible about it?

No. 243801

jesus do i hate seeing his stupid face on the news. he's so fucking punchable. dude seriously looks like a mummy, he could just crumble into dust at any moment. hope he catches covid and drops dead soon.

No. 243802

>don't eat pork and think drinking alcohol is bad but a boeuf bourguignon with real wine is delicious
Kek, kinda based. If it can reassure you nonna, I'm white French and honestly, Japan treated me WAAY more kindly than my compatriotes. Is racism at play in your case? Most likely. But let's face it, we also do live in one of the meanest country in the whole world. I think the only country that tops us in that regard is Russia

No. 243804

How do you find whites in France treat you? Do you feel they're indifferent, weary towards you, fetishistic, ect?

No. 243805

Why are French people so mean? I don't get it. Like what in the culture shifted for them to be like that, was it after WW2?

No. 243806

I'm not French but this reminds me of that French movie "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu ?"
How accurate is that movie?

No. 243807

So whacha think about Ukraine anona?

No. 243808

Just not into outsiders as a whole mostly

No. 243810

eternally mad that the anglos won by having the world's language.

No. 243811

No. 243816

I was shitposting around on Twitter and low-key got 1000+ likes on my art as a result.

I knew working the algorithm would eventually work out for me but holy shit am I excited. Even some of my older posts got more love. I'm not even that good of an artist but I'll keep drawing

No. 243817

Same, along with similar stereotypical outfits. I blame shoujo manga romanticizing them for me lol.

No. 243818

File: 1645475894394.jpeg (168.03 KB, 850x592, 6EE4F743-52BD-4B7E-B12F-A3EFD8…)

Also, I thought that: they don’t appear together, the story opens with the japanese girl. She get spotted by orc villagers and they come at her with pitchforks to drive her away but the other girl comes out and talks to her to her surprise while shooing them away with a makeshift spear.

No. 243819

>2018, nearing the final days of the former former admins reich
>moderation is abysmal as is
>site goes down for reasons I don't remember
>new site pops up, tempcow
>quite literally no moderation
>entire site turns into a massive chatroom full of spam
>countless minors and moids fly in on their broomsticks
>we have no choice but to live in this dark, damp, boschian hellscape for several months
>main finally site comes back
>the demons follow
>mods still dead
>former former admin quits, passes the dumpster fire straight to former admin who purges the old tard mods, hires new ones, and attempts to deep cleanse as best she can
and we're still feeling the effects of it to this very day

No. 243820

France as a whole has a stick up its ass. It's cultural.

It really depends, "normies" often treat me like I'm some kind of retard or like we had absolutely nothing in common, but when I was in university studying LEA I was surrounded by open-minded students and teachers from all over the planet and they always treated me normally and saw me as I am and not as what they expected from me, not sure I worded it correctly. I've never been fetishized myself because I'm a natural man repellent and I actually give that "loser muslim girl who has a stick up her ass" vibe naturally but I've been told that "beurette" was the most searched word in porn websites. What's the female equivalent of the n word? Because that's basically like if that word were the most searched word on pornhub or whatever.

>Japan treated me WAAY more kindly than my compatriotes.
I'm not surprised if that were the case for you too. But I remembered some white classmates in uni who went to Japan thanks to exchange programs and while they enjoyed their stays they'd sometimes shitpost about suffering from racism because someone called them ginger instead of blond, and I had a teacher who unironically told me that she faced racism there by using the fact that she can't find clothes her size in stores there, completely forgetting the fact that she looks like a tall model and not a Japanese womanlet.

>watching anything French that's not animation

No. 243822

it's outside of my control so I've decided not to worry about it. It's not like I have enough knowledge of politics and of Ukraine/Russia in paricular to have a founded opinion anyway.

No. 243823

i think putin is gay

No. 243825

Why is French non animation crap

No. 243827

A computer will be more handy I think, I say this as someone who is in a similar situation and only has a phone and shitty laptop.

No. 243828

File: 1645476131724.png (Spoiler Image,7.31 KB, 216x233, index.png)

We've always been this way. Despite not having as much christians as Merica, Italy, or even Spain + generally looking down on religions, we're weirdly conservative and only care about ourselves, which is good in a lot of cases but can also be bad.
We don't give a shit; a good exemple of it is when we took in almost as much Nazi scientists after WW2 as the USA (who spent a colossal amount of money in Operation Paperclip) by just telling them that they'll be close to germany + will be free. This lead to the creation of the Ariane rocket, named after the aryan race obv kek

No. 243830

> France as a whole has a stick up its ass. It's cultural.

Excuse me? It’s a baguette.

No. 243831

No idea how to explain it accurately in English, but most live action French movies and series is for what we call beaufs.

No. 243832

Yeah because 4chan moids are known for having great morals. Wtf are you talking about

No. 243834

Go with what is neccersary and best for your education, especially if you can't access tech on location since you want to follow classes online.

No. 243835

Not French, but my family is the other way round lol Okay with only our people + Asians and especially Japanese because of positive stereotypes like them being hard-working, serious, smart and neat lol we're all weebs though which i guess plays into it too

No. 243836

submarine-chans, come baaaack REEEEEEEEEEEEEE fucking engos stole them from ussss

No. 243837

I think the problem is that it used to be more common for kids to grow up with PCs, now every kid grows up with just a phone or tablet instead of a PC

No. 243838

>we're weirdly conservative
Yeah until it's time to show old men's nipples and asses on TV at noon and to protect Roman Polanski. I never understood how France is so conservative while also being a country of degenerates.

No. 243840

Yes exactly kek. It's not surprising that we also were the only country willing to publish Lolita

No. 243841

That is not at all comparable

No. 243843

I fucking DESPISE this. Finish your sentence bitcg!! I hate it.

No. 243844

Yes, but they be everywhere

No. 243845

Many more brits and germans on 4chan tho

No. 243846

It is. They're everywhere and we have a very developed incel-moid board culture

No. 243848

File: 1645476895506.jpeg (59.31 KB, 638x362, C48264B6-F2DF-49E3-9681-23883E…)

Nommu nommu

No. 243849

And speaking of France, and its ethnic groups: I like Bilal Hassani, he makes literally everyone seethe just by being a crossdressing twink and Moroccan. I wish he won the Eurovision just to make French people seethe even more.

No. 243850

Because our filthy moids don't hang out on engo speaking boards, we have our own (sadly)

No. 243851

And mostly americans

No. 243852

What is it called? i'm curious how this looks like

No. 243853

Are you talking about the forum in jeuxvideo.com? I always used this site to look for games' playthrough whenever I was stuck somewhere since the mid-2000s and I had no idea the forum was this cancerous until recently because I never used it. I thought people would use the forums to talk about vidya.

No. 243854

I'm not a frenchanon but know quite a few French people and have been there a lot. From what I can tell, French people tend to dislike other cultures, not necessarily other ethnicities. Foreigners of any race are often looked down upon, whereas if you're born and raised French you won't get shit on as much. Even if the chauvinism of the French gets exaggerated a lot, it does have a grain of truth to it. Not every French person is like this of course, but there's definitely many who consider their own culture and identity superior to others. That's why they famously don't bother to learn other languages or incorporate foreign loanwords into their lexicon.

No. 243855

File: 1645477066184.gif (254.71 KB, 500x249, 692FFEF9-7B19-48F7-8E8D-F40DC5…)

3 girls I've interacted with and did not like have had threads made about them now. I don't have any milk to contribute other than "I found them annoying" but it's still weird/interesting to see people I knew personally being posted here.

No. 243856

File: 1645477095205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.46 KB, 538x401, 2F674FE2-A62C-454B-967D-F2070A…)

Nemu Nemu

No. 243858

Tsundere love interests deserve death.

No. 243859

What's the cow equivalent of a shepherd? A cowgirl? Because that's you, the ultimate cowgirl.

No. 243861

File: 1645477284478.png (1.59 MB, 750x750, mmo2.png)

No. 243862

Probably a nation-wide problem of hypocrisy.
I mean this is also a country where manners and politeness is considered highly important yet the people are open assholes and act rude as hell to your face over the slightest "violation" (maybe not even needed). I surmise it's really a result of the Ancient Regime being bloodily removed and hypocritical ideals of a republic being mixed in with the old guard since French people love priding themselves on keeping their traditions, despite ironically liking to show themselves as progressive at the same time.

No. 243863

It's a forum called 18-25, hosted on jeuxvideo.com, it's a mix of /pol/, /vg/, /r9k/ and /b/ mentality
I used to browse 15-18 and lurk in 18-25 as a teen, saw it getting red pilled and gamer gate completely turned them unhinged so I left

No. 243864

I miss her and soren so bad… two of my favorite cows, both with tendencies to scorch bits of their online presences, one became and hero and the other straight evaporated

No. 243866

>whereas if you're born and raised French you won't get shit on as much
In theory yes, in practice absolutely fucking not.

>or incorporate foreign loanwords into their lexicon

That was before. Now if you have a corporate office job be prepared to hear anglicisme every 5 seconds, it's annoying, and even nonsensical sometimes. For some reason people love saying "j'ai un call avec un client" instead of "j'appelle un client". That's just one example. Actually for the Ace Attorney fans out there, you know how Klavier or Konrad in the French translation uses German words in the English script to seem quirky? In the French version he uses English words in his French sentences but it's not nearly as quirky because a shit ton of younger people also do that irl and way more than him. So his dialogs ae actually mostly normal now compared to when the game was released in the mid-2000s.

No. 243867

my mom is not even white and has been to france several times. she’s never encountered any racism, rudeness, or noticeable discrimination. she speaks french though so i guess that makes a huge difference in how french people have treated her.

No. 243868

That WAS me but I stopped hanging out on discord which is where all these cows come from!

No. 243870

All this talk about this Soren person is making me want to read their thread

No. 243873

How was it before it turned to shit? I only read some tests and playthroughs but even then that was such a long time ago. I can't even image French people talking about gamergate in a French forum at all, this shit wasn't even interesting to begin with besides maybe that one cow, Alison Rapp or something? The girl who got fired from Nintendo for being a camgirl on the side.

No. 243874

>gamergate and redpill
sounds like another instance of the US hegemony infecting other countries this is why anything short of non-latin script based internet communities are so fucking boring. i feel like everyone just rehashes US nuances and politics over and over again

also i feel like french incel moids have to be particularly ugly since from what i seen fashionable french guys can look hot af (or maybe that's a small minority and most men are ugly as shit like everywhere else)

No. 243876

You mom not being white doesn't shit. It all depends one what she is, not on what she isn't.

No. 243877

which one is the most and least accepted?

No. 243880

>or maybe that's a small minority

It is.

No. 243881

File: 1645477782782.jpg (Spoiler Image,508.73 KB, 1080x1876, IMG_20220221_103048.jpg)

Saw this in the last thread and wtf
>slay yassification tee hee

No. 243883

Am I the only one who feels like intense lusting over fictional characters is schizophrenic? i don't mean just "aww he's hot" but like the way the people in the screenshot do it feels so off lol

No. 243884

>Now if you have a corporate office job be prepared to hear anglicisme every 5 seconds
Interesting to hear how it's changed. Makes me wonder if anglicism in French are still less common than in Germanic languages, since I feel like they're insanely omnipresent in Dutch at least. It's gotten to the point where a majority of uni classes are taught entirely in English despite only having Dutch speakers in attendance.

I also feel like English loan words in French are often made to sound more french, or not used in the same way they're used in English. For example 'parking', 'people', etc. What are your thoughts on that?

No. 243885

lel I was just thinking this because I reread all her threads yesterday. Not going to lie how that story ended always puts a pit in my heart.

No. 243886

If you're maghrebi you're screwed, speaking from experience and based on a lot of studies. If you're jewish then you should be fine, there are laws protecting jewish people specifically to "compensate" for France sending a lot of them to their death during WW2 and then pretending the entirity of France was full of resistants. If you're black, it all depends on whether you're African or from the overseas French regions and departments, and even then, people regularly shit talk Martinique, Guadeloupe, l'île de la Réunion, etc. and its inhabitants. If you're from a country that doesn't have a recent past with France because of wars or colonization like the ones mentioned above, you should be fine people will just see you in a neutral way mostly.

No. 243887

damn I had to catch up with the last thread. I'm homophobic and a fujoshi, there's nothing complicated about that.

No. 243888

Men who take care of themselves are a minority everywhere.

No. 243889

Her threads were lolcow hall of fame worthy, how have you not read them already… They don't make cows like that anymore. The new zoomer wave all do the exact same DID neopronoun song and dance.

No. 243890

Nobody cares

No. 243891

It's even funnier when you realize he's a big fan of the manhate idol.

No. 243892

I always wondered what they thought of the people from islands like Martinique, Guadeloupe, ect. What do they say about those places and the people?

No. 243894

Then why you answering?

No. 243895

the soren threads were good. hate to be like this but her disturbing self insert pedo fanfics are a bit triggering if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff but she was such a nutcase.

ngl i wonder sometimes is soren was born years earlier if she would have just been a deviantart kingdom hearts fujo who was kind of greasy but ultimately harmless. the romanticization of drug abuse, pedophilia, trannyshit, and munchie DID feels very modern internet to me. idk how to explain really.

No. 243896

I think it's a good thing if it means they'll stay away from real women.

No. 243897

Honestly the bar for men is so low, it’s not even about being looking, but doing the bare minimum to take care of yourself

No. 243899

Based. I don't understand why many people seem to not get that you can like something in fiction and dislike it irl.

No. 243900

NTA but they're seen as "lesser" french and poorfags. I also hate the way gross old perma virgin men will go wife hunting in the isles.

No. 243902

Just based on what my best friends told me, since one is from Martinique and the other is from Guadeloupe: they have the reputations of being inhabited by lazy bums who leech off social security and not trying to better their condition… Even though everything is way more expensive there because of exportation. One of my friend told me there was some scandal at some point because of sugar canes being cultivated thanks to some fucked up man made products that's highly cancerous. All the people over the age of 50s that died around her died of cancer. I have a brain fart so I can't find the right words to describe it. Anyway, you have celebrities like that turbo retard Brigitte Bardot who at some point sperged hard publicly and insulted the entire île de la Réunion because she's vegan and they're not. She called them a bunch of savages.

No. 243905

File: 1645478547668.jpeg (217.79 KB, 828x505, 72EF6BDB-0361-4DB9-810A-7C34D7…)

Imagine being this thin skinned

No. 243907

Unironically think men refusing to look good is a form of misogyny since they think women aren't worth it tbh

No. 243908

Let me guess, aiden?

No. 243910

*years later and she wouldn't have killed herself. she was #notliketheothertroons, remember. if she had embraced the bullshit fakeboiism she would've ended up on tiktok with all the other ftms dancing with her sam, sora, danny, and winnie the pooh alters to idk city girls. in the cp warehouse system.

she wasn't a fujo either. she was just a lesbian troon.

No. 243911

Me too but I'm too low IQ to find the thread

No. 243912

Isn't that basically the argument lolicons use lol

No. 243914


No. 243916

>winnie pooh alters
Are you serious ?

No. 243917

why are you still here replying to every post even vaguely related to fujos, moid? did a fujo shart in your coffee this morning or what

No. 243918

File: 1645478956267.jpeg (112.62 KB, 720x540, 2DBE241D-86AE-4429-8BCD-5C64F6…)

I had turnip cake for the first time the other day and it was really good.

No. 243919

Is the drawing board cleared yet ?

No. 243920

the threads beckon you, anon. >>>/snow/101679

No. 243921

>instantly starts screeching about moids
Didn't you learn your lesson
Didn't you see how everyone is saying posters like you are shitting up the threads
Some anon even posted you a vocaroo to prove she's a woman

No. 243922

not yet. some anons are still drawing

No. 243925

Holy fuck. For MONTHS? Shit. What if this current situation lasts for months… I don't another tempcow. I'm not strong enough. Thank you for telling me about it, anon.

No. 243927

Alright anon, it's time to give this a rest. I don't wanna see you know what spammed especially since it's about just fictional boys and not RL gay moids.

No. 243928


speaking of this, we should play skribbl.io sometime

No. 243929

It was just a sassy post mocking how moids usually say "it's just fiction I don't like that irl", you need to grow thicker skin.

No. 243930

I’d be down
There’s another group game but i can’t remember the name… you start with a prompt and go in order to draw parts of a story ?

No. 243931

I dont like fujoshit much either but it wasn't an inoffensive post and i dont wanna see the thread derail pls

No. 243933

drawception! i'm for it

No. 243934

>wasn't an inoffensive post

No. 243935

can't we have the celebricows thread on /snow/?

No. 243936


No. 243940


No. 243941

I think Marina Diamandis is a terf and it's solely because of her Purge the Poison song.
>All my friends are witches, and we live in Hollywood, mystical bitches, making our own sisterhood
Tell me that doesn't sound terfy.

No. 243942

File: 1645479588627.jpg (83.69 KB, 754x957, 20220221_153714.jpg)


>tfw so autistic that even your one fujo hating ally is calling you out on it, which you immediately respond to with more infighting

No. 243943

oh.. i am late

No. 243944

That sounds very modern twitter tbh

No. 243946

File: 1645479716286.jpg (81.81 KB, 825x1180, 20220221_153606.jpg)

YWNBAW = you will never be a woman
Aiden = fakeboi (wants to be a man)

so… which is it?

No. 243947

Why are fujos so autistic and socially retarded? That anon was telling her to not shit on you.

No. 243950

You can just go check it yourself anon?

No. 243951

I feel like a lot of wiccafags are strong lefties. Lots of troons, sadly. Smh my head, can't have a woman coven anymore, why live?

No. 243952

Confession: i once covered myself in liquid coconut oil, turned all the heaters up, and slept naked in a garbage bag.
It wasn’t unpleasant.

No. 243953

It sounds like kabbalah bullshit, which is huge in Hollywood, but I doubt that girl is even on the lowest level of sextoy for those people. Just being edgy.

No. 243956

Anons where are you we have a new celebricows thread in snow/

No. 243957

Well if you want to get together with girls and play pretend you can always head to your local kindergarten

No. 243958

more like typical hollywood degeneracy. i don't want to derail but the Marina Abramović rabbithole goes deep

No. 243959

nah, had she been raised in greece I could see it but most abroad are insufferable moralfags

No. 243960

All teenage years wasted without belonging to a proper coven and learning about the occult and its ways to dominate men. Would you open a coven with me?
Greentext the story.

No. 243961

Sounds like it's like how Americans/Brits view and treat SEA.

No. 243962

File: 1645480048120.jpeg (38.17 KB, 300x460, F71586E4-1E5B-4FA0-81A2-37756E…)

>slightly scroll down
>immediate racebaiting

No. 243963

>Marina Abramović
Isn't she the woman who let herself get abused/raped in a performance art?

No. 243964

There's racebait everywhere, there was racebeit even here.
What a idiotic reason.

No. 243965

How much of ADHD/ADD is legit and how much is a crutch? I’m suspicious of someone in my life who keeps forgetting about commitments they could easily set an alarm for 2-5 mins before the start but don’t want to sound like a douche.

And slightly ot, does anyone else think that ADHD is becoming over diagnosed because of information overload? This tinfoil comes from noticing symptoms in myself that resolve after being really diligent with limiting internet use and some other things. I think it could be a phenomenon that started with the popularity of portable music players. I suspect that listening to music 24/7 isn’t great for attention. Of course there’s also the rise of the Internet, which we know for a fact destroys attention spans and chronic internet users are starting younger and younger

No. 243966

File: 1645480291915.jpg (169.96 KB, 736x920, 9ea31288d2278b65ca62171ccb0bb5…)

I need to pee all the time

No. 243967

People with ADHD have actual differences you can see during electroencephalography. I don't like that twitter claims it as their quirky new mento illness.

No. 243971

File: 1645480488859.jpg (76.87 KB, 1198x634, 20220221_225234.jpg)

So anons what do you think are these moids or new-fags on meta/ considering they are too retarded to know that it stands for behind the scenes and not kpop, and can't stop themselves from posting about their hate over "gay" kpop.

No. 243972

>watching video on romania cause bored
>comments are weird talking about how romanian girls work as sex workers and how they love foreign men
>boring slight sex tourism slant to the video

yawn so boring can moids stop thinking with their dicks for once

No. 243974

This reads like a joke to me.

No. 243975

Sounds the same to me as the attention whore schizo. Short post, retarded, wants to grab attention like a few posts above.

No. 243976

nah i think you misunderstand what I was saying. I wasn't saying she was a literal fujo I was >implying that if she had been born during another era should would have been more like "that type" of fandom spaz as opposed to zoomer DID larping and maybe a happier person because of it. And even if she say herself as trutrans she still had a bazillion fakeboi tendencies.

No. 243978

File: 1645480709321.png (64.84 KB, 401x396, draw.PNG)

Still a little space left. Give me theme ideas for future draw boards.

No. 243981

Who's the guy with glasses? He's hot

No. 243982

This site surprisingly has little fashion discussion although it has a /g/ board where that fits

Which country has the best fashion dressers on average in your opinion?

No. 243984

i just drove on the road for maybe my 5th time. why are people so mad when you go the speed limit on residential streets? some moid got so mad that he illegally passed me.

No. 243985

nta but i think it’s the persona 5 protag?

No. 243988


No. 243989

You just saw a badly drawn profile of a generic glasses guy, nonnie

No. 243990

>be me
>purchase gallon bottle of cosmetic coconut oil at the dollar store
>this shit smells gud.jpeg
>routinely slather my arms and legs after I shower
>it’s annoying because i can’t go to bed as i don’t want the sheets to get dirty
>resign myself to only do it once a week and then change the sheets
>It’s not enough.
>I need more.
>my skin feels dry all the time now.
>hatch a master plan
>you know those gel socks you put on your feet to give them a peeling?
>imma do that to my whole body
>grab bottle
>get nekkid
>cover myself in oil
>fetch a pack of large size garbage bags from the kitchen
>slip twice in the process, no matter
>pump up the thermostat
>put towels under my head, and enter the bag
>i rotate a few times to ensure the inside is coated with my heavenly serum
>squirt a bit more in just in case
>i am the worlds greasiest corpse in the worlds greasiest bodybag
>fast forward
>the constant crinkling of the bag made it hard to sleep but i was too far gone to back down
>i emerge from my coconutty cocoon smelling like a sweaty piña colada
>my skin is supple
>my hair is matted
>and somehow the sheets still got stained

No. 243992

poverty= sex work

No. 243993

File: 1645481005113.png (1.85 MB, 1099x870, art.PNG)

Yes, and who also references very disturbing occultic rituals in her performances as well. A lot of celebs, including Lady Caca (https://www.nowness.com/topic/nude/marina-abramovic-method-lady-gaga) reference her as being one of their main influences. I wonder why. Also, Beyonce was sued by her drummer for putting "hexes" on her and general witchcraft nuttery, and Azealia Banks and her infamous chicken closet is just another symptom of the ills that plague the hollywood industry.

No. 243995

LEL, this has me giggling
What did you think was going to happen?

No. 243996

Take it to the tinfoil thread.

No. 243997

Nope. I'm talking about it here cause it's relevant.

No. 243998

You sound schizo.

No. 243999

karl Marx: society is shit because people exploit each other for monetary gains and those poor are always exploited by the rich (implying prostitution is evil and a capitalistic construct and should be abolished)

modern communists: wowwww sex work is so wokeeee and cooooolllll let humans be freee. Sex workers in most cases are totally not women exploited by capitalism. They are queeens. Ah, don't mind Romanian anon and her story about sex trafficking rings in Romania and their connection to camming websites. She is an insane TERF and she just wanted to be a whore.

No. 244000

Since I was about 7 I’ve never had a longer than 45 minute conversation with a man outside of my grandparents or immediate family, but it wasn’t like a deliberate or religious thing. I didn’t even realize until now lol

No. 244001

Cool! I just looked that up and apparently they can see differences with Internet and gaming addiction too. I tried to see if the differences were similar to or the same as ADHD but I’m a dumbass and couldn’t understand it

No. 244002

File: 1645481159190.jpeg (50.47 KB, 600x678, CB5BD1D3-D276-403B-A24F-CDCB5D…)

I don't know why but this shit freaks me out so much. I hate the antichrist I hate the antichrist

No. 244003

What causes extreme paranoia? I’m so paranoid I am going to get murdered I can’t even sleep because every noise I hear scares me

No. 244004

That's not tinfoil, that woman ia from a neighbouring country here and she's legit insane. She let scrotes sexually assault and almost murder her as part of a performance and didn't resist.

No. 244006

Bof, sounds like usual farmer shit

No. 244007

File: 1645481224401.jpg (56.08 KB, 640x1024, 20220215_190102.jpg)

Yes, p5 is mid but joker and his lover are cute and kawaii

No. 244008

Marinating with oil and chilling in a garbage bag so it seals in the moisture sounds like a great idea to be honest, but how did you put so much oil on yourself without getting bacne?

No. 244010

Ghostbusters or just supernatural stuff!

No. 244011

No. 244012

And you sound ignorant. Also, just double-checked, the tinfoil thread is in ot so you'll just have to deal.

No. 244013

You didn't look hard enough, there's a tenporary tinfoil thread on this board idiot.

No. 244014

If Marx saw what the modern wokies have done to his ideology he’d line them up and shoot them himself.

No. 244016

I wish my best friend was my real blood related sister

No. 244017

>his lover

No. 244019

Don't let it bother you anon.
I want to try this so bad, but I hate having any liquid that not like, lotion or water on my skin. This sounds so sticky even though I know it's just oil. Idk if you live somewhere cold, but just be careful you don't fry yourself with the heat or some shit.
>you know those gel socks you put on your feet to give them a peeling?
>imma do that to my whole body
You're a genius for even thinking this.

No. 244021

Ignore the fujoschizo, she just wants an excuse to spam the thread again and call everyone moids.

No. 244022

nta but no u, she can say what she likes

No. 244023

Why would you check /ot/ instead of checking here? Obviously the real thread is in /ot/, but there's a replacement thread here.

No. 244024

Kek I feel the desperation, but you should try hyaluronic acid! I get a cheap premium toner by Hada Labo from Amazon. Then you can put normal lotion or a little bit of oil to seal it in. It works even better if your skin is damp before applying. PS you could just wear pajama pants to bed instead of trashbags

No. 244026

Thank you so much for this.

No. 244027

Come drink your corn syrup, nona!

No. 244029

File: 1645481800948.jpg (8.6 KB, 205x209, a0f.jpg)

No. 244032

>What causes extreme paranoia?
Too much common sense, and that's a good thing.

No. 244034

I live in your walls

No. 244035

Youtube recommending me a video called "how [a TERF] writes mystery" lmao, I'll never watch anything by this channel. What a great way of saying you have retarded takes. I ain't wasting my time

No. 244036

how a TERF writes a fanfiction involving two high school girls and a cat

No. 244037

Give it the ol thumbs down

No. 244038

That just boosts interaction and helps the video algorithm

No. 244039

File: 1645482108181.jpg (87.17 KB, 865x1152, 20220216_180141.jpg)


and don't act like you're not far too triggered at this stage to not reply to every single gay shitpost itt kek you can't help but make an ass of yourself by putting your lack of reading comprehension on display and flinging around lame insults that sound like they came from a bot

No. 244040

File: 1645482111613.png (Spoiler Image,13.06 KB, 546x221, thisyou.png)

this you?

No. 244041

Anime boobs in a shitty mobage is all they have in their pathetic lives, it makes sense that they would be this autistically obsessed about it if that's the only thing they talk about 24/7 (especially if they're troons like this guy seems)

Pretty sure there's at least one fashion thread in this board

No. 244044

Seethe, cope, dilate.

No. 244045

its better to click on 3 dots and > do not recommend

No. 244046

Samefag, but anon would you be able to just get one of those one piece pajamas and sleep in that instead? Like socks and lotion before bed, but for your whole body.

No. 244047

File: 1645482265483.gif (9.43 KB, 100x121, D6317B0B-9C9E-4AEF-A5D4-2C34D3…)

>mfw you two made me realize i basically marinated myself overnight like a tender piece of chicken

No. 244049

Thanks for the infos I will do that now!

No. 244050

Tinfoil: fujochan and faghaterchan are the same person. Stop trying to suck us into your twisted little mind game, bothsidesofthesamecoinchan. I'm onto you.

No. 244051

The blatant falseflagging and attention begging from her makes it obvious.

No. 244053

File: 1645482429790.jpg (37.23 KB, 640x427, stillcantbelievewehavepeopleth…)

These ones?

No. 244054

I thought I was the only rat browsing LC.

No. 244055

File: 1645482534763.jpg (534.61 KB, 1601x1200, 20211213_202401.jpg)

every "anon" itt is one of my alters except for the one reading this

beep boo boo bop boo boo bop

No. 244056

if sex was a person

No. 244057

Yes, I would love to read that honestly.
Especially if there would be wlw scenes.

No. 244058

Repost just in case
Zodiac sign poll


No. 244059


No. 244060

Well I guess that makes two of us

Cause he looks like a big pink weiner?

No. 244061

File: 1645482720782.gif (1.53 MB, 400x300, no, not the walls.gif)

No. 244062

live laugh love yall god is real and i saw him in the faces of the maggots under my bed

No. 244064

Man everytime I come on this site now, I have to take a shit suddenly.

No. 244065


No. 244066


No. 244067

I'm beginning to think the anons asking for a temporary celebricows thread actually don't want a temporary celebricows thread.

No. 244068


No. 244069

Why did you not speak up and expose him? Lmao

No. 244071

No i dont, please post updates here to keep me entertained

No. 244073


No. 244074

Why are the anons so triggered by the fujo shitposting? She's only replying to your "reeee shut up misogynistic faghag no an undercover faggot moid no a tranny" spergouts so if you want her to shut up then just stop replying for gods sakes. excessive autism right there

No. 244075

>modern communists
There are actual communists nowadays (for example those farmer protestors in India) and they're not screeching on Twitter about trans rights or how cool "sex work" is.

No, he would acknowledge that it's just a typical phenomenon in capitalism where ideas and movements that are actually radical are appropriated (or "absorbed" into the system) and neutralized so that they pose no threat to the current order.
Also, most of those twitter wokies are from working class families, so Marx would have no reason to hate some cringe depressed zoomers as they're not the ones responsible for the words "communism" and "socialism" losing their original meaning and being associated with liberalism in the public consciousness.

No. 244076

I should call it just lesbian kek

No. 244077

File: 1645483252878.jpeg (231.63 KB, 1125x1999, 89782d63-f3aa-4b16-970a-e0fd80…)

I mean more like picrel, but that would work even better

No. 244078

Probably because the last thread was spammed with hundreds of shitty yaoi posts

No. 244080

Daily masayoshi-san!!

No. 244081

Oh yeah you're right.
I will fuck him (in my mind and possibly in a drawing)

No. 244082

ITS LIKE YOU NEVERRRR had wings aahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh

No. 244083

Go beg for attention on 4chan. No one likes a retarded spammer that shat up the last thread and she's sperging out and calling everyone moids.

No. 244084

If the last thread had fujospamming you'd think the anti-fujo crowd would learn to ignore it so as not to summon more fujo. It's newfag behavior to engage.

No. 244086

I'm with >>244010 let's do a paranormal theme for the next one!!

No. 244087

That's like saying
>newfags should learn that if you keep posting manhate it will summon moid posting and handmaidens

No. 244089

i loved that newgrounds video

No. 244090

Just fucking drop it. Ignore the fujospammer if it upsets you so dearly. By engaging you are also shitting up the thread.

No. 244091

I'm so fucking annoyed by the homophobes in the MTF thread, I literally can't read that fucking shit with the obvious male-aligned /pol/faggotry over there

No. 244092

Gonna drink some milk from the brick. Cheers to all!

No. 244093

File: 1645483691608.jpg (125.12 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20220221_234646.jpg)

gentle reminder for newfriends

No. 244094

File: 1645483713335.jpg (70.44 KB, 640x627, prr3.jpg)

You don't understand anons how much I miss old internet and life in general.
Before smartphones appeared. There weren't that many kids on the internet. Now there aren't places to spend time on, everything is on social media that I don't use.
Zoomers fuck up every series I enjoy. They can't create any good content, it's all about money and likes. They are just triggered all the time and argue. You can't like anything they hate.
Internet changed after Trump elections.
You can see that cancer even irl sigh.

No. 244095

Honestly just get over it; as mean as that sounds. People will have negative opinions that they can't share anywhere else and will share them. I wouldn't take it too personally, that is, unless you're a gay man.

No. 244097

That /pol/faggot is so obviously male it's insane.

No. 244098

“homophobes” LMAO

No. 244099

Racism is male aligned, homophobia is not.

No. 244100

/pol/fags incoming.

No. 244101

I do understand, I promise I do, I whine about it almost every day. I'd give anything to be back on 2007 internet tbh.

No. 244102

It's not only that it fucking annoys me as a lesbian, I don't want to give any amount of leeway to legitimate bigots who only hate trannies because of the proximity to LGB. I'm not going to shit up the thread with fighting /pol/tards because watching paint dry would be a more productive way to spend my time but they should never be made feel welcome here. They're not even tradthots but obvious fucking scrotes and that's an uncontestable fact.

No. 244103

Ah yes, my designated GreaseSuit(tm). I’d wrap rubber bands around the extremities to ensure zero leakage and seal it in a plastic bin when i take it off

No. 244104

Those are most likely males from kiwifarm and 4chan. Just ignore them because they're there just for the female attention and validation.

No. 244105

I feel this so hard. Been considering getting a flip phone and leaving all social media sites for good

No. 244106

She can waste hours of her life posting babby's first BL couple if a single sentence upsets her so much, I played all nitro+ chiral titles so the retard doesn't affect me. I don't like your attitude that people should censor themselves on image boards and be afraid to not incur the wrath of a retard spammer.

No. 244107

Fujochan, now's a great opening for fujospam.

No. 244108

I feel you. And I agree with you on zoomers, I've noticed that fics and art for the games I like tend to be worse and worse and full of ugly, stupid OOC and americanized shit and everytime I check who write these fics and draw these fanarts it's always teenagers who weren't even born when these series started. I'm sick of it.

No. 244110

Gcommit homophobic hate crimes

No. 244112

I'm tired of the anons calling people here scrotes for having a wrongthink opinion. A lot of you are becoming Twitterfag tier.

No. 244113

No, they just hate gay men because gay men are still men. Kudos on the consistency, even.

No. 244114

I haven’t checked the MtF thread so idk what you’re talking about but most women here hate gay moids not because they’re gay but because they’re moids, it doesn’t make them /pol/tards, you’re just assuming that because they disagree with you. I’m a gay woman myself and I hate gay men, do you not realize how they also make the “LGB” look like a bunch of gross perverts? Men in general need to be removed, it’s not a gay or straight or bi thing it’s a male thing.

No. 244115

Not at all.

No. 244116

yeah and trying to have a discussion with them is like talking to a brick wall because they'll immediately accuse you of being a gay man. it's a very strange assumption considering how women are generally more accepting of gay people, and especially knowing the demographics of lolcow (a lot of lesbians/radfems and people who came from tumblr drama) tbh I think most of them are newfags from the other farms or twitter, probably the same people sperging about "tranime"

No. 244117

You sound autistic. If you don't want to see yaoi then don't engage with her, retard. Newsflash: if you don't give trolls/spammers attention, they stop doing the shit that makes you so angry! Which is why that moid that bumps the dead threads is still here, because newfags always engage.

No. 244119

I hate gay men and trannies but I'm pretty indifferent to lesbians.

No. 244121

File: 1645484086710.gif (Spoiler Image,555.34 KB, 229x320, 68f3ea3e2b6a2af2-.gif)

feelin this recently. doesnt help that my irl friends and I have been nostalgia tripping a lot because of all the dumb articles about how "tiktok zoomies are bringing back le INDIE SLEEZE and we're so here for it!"

I miss talking to college aged girls on neopets and gaiaonline and DA and doing everything I could to not tip them off that I was a dumb 13 year old. Simpler times. Old internet had its issues for sure, grooming was probably the worst since it was very wild west and we had tech illiterate boomer and genX parents but it still felt very innocent to me looking back.

Maybe im being schizo but I feel like Jessi Slaughter was a huge turning point wrt internet culture. It feels like after all that went down the SJW stuff came fast. Idk. Hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

No. 244122

File: 1645484118880.jpg (441.76 KB, 724x1023, 20211212_185213.jpg)


alright guys if the words don't show up correctly i will kill myself and stream it

okay last one

No. 244123

Yeah but the homophobes in tranny threads are also against bi or lesbian women.

No. 244124

No. Anyone can be racist or homophobic, I don't understand your insistency that women can't feel negatively towards one group or another for whatever reason.

No. 244125

I really wanted a razr, but old flips aren't supported anymore since 2G and 3G networks have been dropped by most providers. I think they still make flips that support 4 & 5G but they don't feel the same. The one thing I would miss about a smart phone is having such a high quality camera in my pocket all the time.

No. 244126

>women are generally more accepting of gay people
Not true for black women or hispanic women

No. 244127

most modern communists are always rich and privilege and they aren't working class like working class was back in the day and I don't think Marx would agree with the severe misinterpretation of his ideology

No. 244128

>If you don't want to see yaoi
Reading comprehension: 0

No. 244129

I don't even like anons engaging with them, they should be ignored. But my main issue is that they use the thread to spread legitimate homophobia by making every fucking thing about troons to be about gay people just like the "we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for gay acceptance you know!" bullshit. They have the whole fucking internet available for unapologetic homophobia, why do they have to derail a thread about mostly perverted straight men to spazz out at how much they hate gay people and blame them (and jews of course, can't forget about that) for "western degeneracy"?

No. 244130

Then keep engaging if you want to see yaoi, retard. I don't care either way.

No. 244131

Jessi Slaughter's saga was cancerous. A bunch of grown men begging for nudes of an 11 year old. We all thought it was funny at first but looking how creepy it got and how she was actually sexually abused was disturbing.

No. 244133

God I love Akira x Akechi so much nonnie, please spam this shit in the fujo thread when /m/ gets reopened

No. 244134

wait nevermind I did fuck it up

and I need more lolcow related words pls

No. 244135

The "homophobia" in the mtf thread happened only lately and wasn't even there for the previous threads so i don't know why you have to hysterically exaggerate as if homophobechans are invading the thread. all it does is make you look like a liar

No. 244136

File: 1645484409675.jpg (45.17 KB, 800x800, alcatel-3088x-4g-4gb-single-si…)

I got myself an Alcatel three years ago and it worked perfectly with 3G. It's not very good quality, I'd suggest you to back up your files each week. Pic related was the model.

No. 244137

100%. "cyberbullying" also started getting taken way more seriously. I don't condone the jessi slaughter stalking at all it was really fucked up from the start but when i think about the period in time where "old internet" ended it was around that period.

No. 244138

I hate the grifting narcissists the most. Back in the day the internet wasn't filled with millions of YouTube channels capitalizing off the extreme misfortune of other people. Internet culture is literally normalizing sociopathy into society at alarming rates. Everything is a joke or a tool to be used to make "content". The internet mindset is bleeding into the minds of the average population and recreating society. The future is entirely dystopian where we lose any sense of moral value and everything is justifiable as long as…it gets money and fame

No. 244139

I dont wanna have yellow feveeeer they hate white girls in east asia

No. 244140

>A lot of you are becoming Twitterfag tier.
A lot of them are Twitterfags who literally came from Twitter for the drama boards but would never admit it

No. 244141

Good thing Akechi is dead, go play Persona 2 instead.

No. 244142

>why do they have to derail a thread about mostly perverted straight men to spazz out at how much they hate gay people

I remember when trannies were mostly the HSTS type, more sympathetic than the insane AGP type, but still. They used to harass women over being "better" and act just as delusional about themselves like AGPs do now.

No. 244143

The homophobechans are moids. That is a problem.

No. 244145

How do you fucking know that?

No. 244146

you guys say that about literally anyone who disagrees with you, it’s almost like you think women can’t have differing opinions

No. 244147

File: 1645484637271.jpg (7.08 KB, 480x360, what then.jpg)

What if I told you I hate faggots

No. 244148

It's been happening in every fucking thread for the past 6 months, if it's not "the gays" ruining western society, it's the jews. It's transparent kiwifarm faggotry and Jersh should be keeping a tighter leash on his paypiggies.

No. 244149

>people don't like homophobia
>obviously must be retarded twitterfags
the stupidity amazes me sometimes. but i won't give up on you, lolcow. you're too entertaining.

No. 244150

I can't be homophobic if I'm gay, yoz are just a coping faghag that excuses the misogyny of gay men. It's a man thing, not a gay thing.

No. 244151

and they constantly twist events (like that anon lying about homophobes invading the mtf general although it was just a few posts made hours ago in one thread) to exaggerate their point and then screech for the rest of the thread how they're totally "moids" no matter what the other side says. Cancerous twitterfag behavior

No. 244152

the consequences of having boring twitter thottie thread #74698 on /snow/. These cows arent even genuine eccentrics they're just dumb e-girls. I'm saying this as a shaynafag so dw i am self aware. 100% all the twitterfags were here because of the e-girl and lucinda threads. theyre all two faces back stabbers who use this site to shit talk "their friends"

No. 244153

Fujo anon come back, they're all rounded up in one thread! Now's your chance!

No. 244155

I hope all the nonnies defending the precious gays are picked by whatever gay moid they’re obsessed with

No. 244156

The part where you're a twitterfag is where you're moralfagging and making up shit while accusing people you don't agree with as "moids" to get them to shut up.

No. 244158

File: 1645484815724.jpeg (74.14 KB, 472x600, original.jpeg)

Unfortunately there isn't any service providers in my area that support 3G anymore, I guess they all dropped it as recently as 2020. Ugh I just want my pink razr back.

No. 244160

In daily Ye antics: Kanye included Peppa Pig on his hit list

No. 244161

File: 1645484832576.jpg (78.66 KB, 796x1200, Eb9l8EvWkAEt2Wp.jpg)

No. 244162

File: 1645484852988.gif (695.65 KB, 220x220, gato-koolemic.gif)

You guys have been arguing about fujos and gay people ALL FUCKING DAY

No. 244163

LOL there are plenty of homophobic women online. get a grip.

No. 244164

I'm sure they will gladly donate their wombs to be surrogate mothers to precious gay babies, just like the poor women in south america.

No. 244165

I'm hispanic and yes i hate gay men as i hate every other type of men, glad i'm not infected with propaganda

No. 244166

File: 1645484873829.jpg (19.09 KB, 296x520, Akechi-P2-Costume.jpg)

canon gei tatsujun was cute too, and big brain fatlus gave both akeshu fanservice and tatsujun fanservice at the same time with goro's jun p2 dlc outfit

No. 244167

File: 1645484877763.jpg (200.22 KB, 1055x1200, a085a4a1b155a2a6a096279a212d7b…)

No. 244168

>Shits on Akechi
>Recommends the only game with a canon gay pairing
What did she mean by this?

No. 244169

They're not defending gay men but more likely gay/bi women. Everyone here hates gay men but the lesbian or bi women hate is weird and scrote-ish imo.

No. 244170

based fellow hispanic nonnie

No. 244172

That persona 2 is better and you're a newfag spamming shit from bad franchises.

No. 244173

my biggest issue with you is how shitty the pics you spam are, get better yaoi or stop spamming the same shitty art

No. 244174


No. 244175

File: 1645485022718.png (147.94 KB, 646x531, 1631424958031.png)

No. 244176

Which one of you would fuck Abroad in Japan? I would tbh

No. 244178

File: 1645485054314.gif (669.21 KB, 750x561, 61846d981249633e11ee1f6e71bc0b…)

maybe she likes her gei canon

No. 244179

There's a gay man at my job who spends zoom meetings negging a lot of the middle aged women even going so far as looking up a female manager on facebook and posting pictures of her when she was younger in the chat and everyone just haha's about. "oh stauwp it youuuuu" type stuff. He's done now thankfully but it was so awkward and uncomfortable i considered reporting it to HR. There's youre precious based gaybabies.

No. 244180

I'm convinced radfem can be used as a tool by mentally ill and hateful women to take out their mysoginy on other women while pretending to be holier than thou and concerned about the issues of women. I don't hate radfems and my system of values contains a lot of radfem values and the movement in itself is amazing, but everything must become corrupted by the internet and turned into a tool of inferiorizing another person

No. 244181

There sure is nothing that says "I hate gay men and I support gay women!" like saving tons of badly drawn MxM fanart and spamming female image boards with it.

No. 244182

File: 1645485068959.jpg (136.3 KB, 1079x1104, bastekissies.jpg)

What pairings do you want to see, nonnie?

No. 244183

Japanese moids are gross perverts

No. 244186

he is a weird british guy

No. 244187

*he's gone now

No. 244188

He's not Japanese lmfao

No. 244189

Don’t you get it anon? Liking yaoi and forcing women to look at it is peak feminism! You’re just brainwashed by scrotes and suffer from moidbrain obviously!

No. 244191

No. 244193

>most modern communists are always rich and privilege
I assume you're talking about the famous communist theorists/philosophers, who are by far not "most" modern communists, I already gave you an example of a large group of communists who aren't rich, plus many poor people in third world countries are sympathetic to leftism (actual leftism, not fake woke liberal shit). Also being "rich" isn't the same as not being working class or proletariat; to be capitalist class you have to own the means of production and to be working class you have to sell you labor power to them. And not only that, but being part of the bourgeoisie, being moderately rich or doing rich people shit doesn't stop you from supporting communism: Marx owned stocks and Engels' family owned a factory.
>I don't think Marx would agree with the severe misinterpretation of his ideology
Of course he wouldn't, I never said that. I said that he would've expected it since that has always happened (fake socialist movements that aren't actually dangerous to capitalism are always pushed by the capitalists to control the working class) and that he wouldn't blame it on working class teenagers on Twitter.

No. 244194

Most of the kiwifarms moids are using gay male hate as a shield to be homophobic in general.
>It's the GLOBOHOMO GAYS who caused mass trooning and lacing tap water with estrogen!!!
>um uh I mean gay MEN because we all hate moids here right?? Anyway gays should be all rounded up and shot for being disgusting degenerates… I mean those scrote faggots, naturally! Who the fuck cares about AGPs raping little girls and coercing lesbians into sex when we got all these fags to bash!! oh and lesbians I totally got nothing against I'm cool with them
>(only if they're not ugly or fat or manlike dykes of course ew)

No. 244195

Are you the same incel that keeps spamming asian male hate all over this site because you feel threatened

No. 244196

Ngl all this yaoi spamming makes me wanna be more homophobic just to this retarded anon a lesson about trying to control people's opinions on gay men. What about you other /homophobeanons/?

No. 244197

i made a little shitty botan in air dry clay and i'm looking forward to sanding and painting her. she's lopsided and ugly, but clay is therapeutic to work with.

No. 244198

Don't you at least have any muscular ones??? I'm so sick of all these twig men

No. 244199

They'll call you retarded but you're right on the money, anon.

No. 244200

Advanced take

No. 244201

File: 1645485281111.jpg (171.67 KB, 2048x1625, 20220201_225333.jpg)

well why don't you empty out your based and pinkpilled yuri booba squirt loli ahegao folder to prove you're a real wuhluhwuh, anon? we'll all belive you

No. 244202

The weirdest thing is that what she's posting isn't even fetishizing men. It's all vanilla kisses = faghag shippers who worship gay men and build shrines to the couple. And even weirder the schizo said last thread that she's not a fujo, so she's getting upset for no reason?

No. 244203

Uh-huh, do I have to put in rants about AGP troons (which I ranted about plenty in many threads btw) alongside my rants of HSTS troons and gay men so you'll shut the fuck up with your schizo tinfoil?

No. 244205

i have over 1000 movies viewed on letterboxd and i have never watched the godfather
would this be possible for a scrote?

some dude was shocked i have never watched it and i just found it funny

No. 244206

Just like white guys, but only more attractive

No. 244207

That's so cool! Could you show us when you're done?

No. 244208

nta but when anon said that most communists now are from privilege she means the twitter kind im sure, the middle class white american children with neo pronouns, not communists from other countries.

No. 244209

No. 244210

You're right, and I think this website is proof

No. 244211

have you ever seen what a japanese man actually looks like? sounds like you’re blinded by yellow fever, all moids are ugly

No. 244212

File: 1645485365410.jpg (78.05 KB, 1200x675, jpg.jpg)

I love women. I love female anime characters even when written by moids and in cliché. I love femininity in all its forms even when it is more masculine femininity or the childish kawaii type. I love women. I love looking at women.

No. 244213

Fujo stop being a coward and post gay rape NOW

No. 244214

Same, I don't mind some gay men I know irl but fujos are so pathetic with their caping for them that it makes me take a step back.

No. 244215

This is why no one likes the LGBT community btw

No. 244217

File: 1645485419412.jpg (57.06 KB, 500x405, animesher.com_boy-x-boy-kiss-b…)

Kissy kissy smoochie smoochie

No. 244218

I don't give a shit about other women, I only care about myself + hating moids. That's it

No. 244219

Sexist stereotypes made by japanese moids are based. Great brain nonny

No. 244220

is it true european tampons don't have applicators??? like u just shove the cotton up with your hand instead?

No. 244221

>people in here actually believe we're not haters first and feminists second

No. 244223

>Fujoshitters keep trying to falseflag how every homophobe is a moid and if you don't like gay art you're a moid

>have a full folder of pretty men and straight ships

Fuck offffffffffffffff

No. 244224

stop spamming your ugly animu fujoshit coomer.

No. 244225

File: 1645485514524.jpg (115.23 KB, 850x527, __ch_en_hoshiguma_swire_and_li…)

Based and pinkpilled.

No. 244226

File: 1645485537611.jpg (407.36 KB, 900x700, Kuroko.no.Basuke.full.1402582.…)

Engage more.

No. 244227

Idk how y'all can't tell the person who keeps spamming images every day all day for the past week is the same person. And I think it's romani anon tbh.

No. 244228

I'm cool with lesbians they have been really nice to me irl unlike gay moids, the fake lesbians/polilez types tho…yeah, i hate them a lot
at least you're honest

No. 244230

File: 1645485558860.jpg (169.86 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BZGYyZDlhY2YtMmYwNC00YjM3LW…)

femininity is not a sexist stereotype and men literally want to be us that's why they obesess over us. They want to have the same grace and beauty and perfection, that is why they troon out

No. 244231

File: 1645485565221.jpg (913.96 KB, 2506x2287, 20211227_111116.jpg)

>reeeee all fujos are brainded coomers
damned if ya do damned if ya dont

you cant trick me into posting shit I'd have to spoiler. I WANT ALL OF YOU TO LOOK AT IT.

No. 244232

Okay, I'm sleepy, let me delete the post. But 'I love wome' simply is based.

No. 244233

File: 1645485596925.jpg (58.59 KB, 568x720, boys-love-kuroko-no-basket-yao…)

No. 244234

no one said femininity is a sexist stereotype. the way the women are portrayed are sexist and it has nothing to do with femininity.

No. 244236

File: 1645485619664.jpeg (90.07 KB, 639x654, FGV90uaXwAE9Rhk.jpeg)

I don't get what's happening right now, what is being accomplished? Why are you all trying to make each other miserable?

No. 244237

Ironically obsessively spamming shit out of aggressive sweaty anger over people saying stuff you don't like is PEAK imageboard moid behavior.
Btw, can anyone answer why fags and faghags only engage in this pathological way if they're so "normal"? I don't see women or X ethnic group here spamming pictures of themselves when people just as much criticize them.

No. 244238

File: 1645485637125.jpeg (365.77 KB, 1000x2500, 7A173813-D887-4735-9FED-1D7BB5…)

>I love female anime characters even when written by moids and in cliché.
i disagree, but women are amazing, yes

No. 244239

It's a moid.

Finally someone normal lmfao

No. 244240

File: 1645485672555.jpg (308.62 KB, 650x681, d67co6f-431b975d-a1d4-44a8-bd9…)

Engage more

No. 244241

good thing I'm straight, dawwwg

No. 244242

File: 1645485684559.jpg (318.28 KB, 584x807, kljrlkgjlkerjglerlkj (1).jpg)

>Picrel: basic white moid shilled as attractive despite looking hideous
White guys age like milk and only shit on Asian boy idols due to their own insecurities

No. 244244

File: 1645485696906.jpeg (99.82 KB, 710x704, F1173414-7A82-4B8E-AE5C-FEE3E1…)

gay men are disgusting, post cute girls

No. 244245

We don't need becky applicators, our euro vaginas are 24/7 moist

No. 244246

Anons… I have no idea what's going on anymore here, is that a sign that I should take a break from /g/?

No. 244247

Revy was my childhood idol……

No. 244248

File: 1645485711677.jpeg (144.57 KB, 1080x1381, 1644620524806.jpeg)

>If you don't worship the ground gay men walk on (btw all men suck) you're a moid!
>If you don't like gay cartoon rape porn you're a moid!
>If you disagree with me.. uh fuck you you're a moid!

No. 244249

If you look at the posting style (kissy kissy I'm so unbothered haha) and file names (mainly google image results of no specific fandom, different from the p5 newfag), this schizo has been at it for 8 hours now. Meaning "she" has no job or personal relationships, no wonder she's seething.

No. 244250

Idk, but I wish they would stop. I don't care about either side, but this isn't /ot/. We literally only have one thread and anons are using it to infight about stupid shit for hours on end. I thought it would end when the new thread was created but I guess not.

No. 244251

Did you read my post? I said all moids are ugly, it’s just annoying how yellow fever anons act like asian moids are some godly attractive beings when in actuality they are also ugly and age badly like any other race of moids.

No. 244252

Oh I noticed, since they are on all day every day.

No. 244254

Its kinda unfair this retard can post her shitty yaoi folder without getting banned while more inoffensive shitposts get permabanned
same, feels good

No. 244255

I think this person spamming images causes fights all day tbh. It's someone really mentally ill probably a man.

No. 244257

Imagine seething for HOURS like does this dumbass sleep?

No. 244258

further proof that straight women are the spawn of the devil

No. 244259

can we talk about something else now? you guys are boring me

No. 244260

File: 1645485879370.jpeg (78.22 KB, 750x534, 4799A0E1-0A3C-4773-8E81-7C08F1…)

It’s like they just googled “yaoi” and saved the first results lmao

No. 244263

They google all their images no matter what they start infighting about.

No. 244264

She stopped for a while but then started begging for more attention. Considering she willingly does this for hours on a monday, probably someone mentally ill and very young so she wants to have "the last word".

No. 244265

I don't really care who's spamming images. Infights aren't just one person so obviously it's not just them that's derailing.

No. 244266

File: 1645485928547.jpg (26.94 KB, 130x200, rubette-la-lette-1.jpg)

No. 244267

File: 1645485935086.jpg (192.53 KB, 797x1127, 20210911_092104.jpg)

yuri's for scrotes, suck on mah tampoooooooooon

No. 244268

thats what literally happened. this person doesnt even have any new pics, keeps spamming the same shit all day.

No. 244269

I'm normal

No. 244270

File: 1645485948196.jpg (49.98 KB, 540x756, 0a935af5ef8383b82039b29790e355…)

Stop whiteknighting for white guys, if you hate men you have nothing to gain from arguing if asian guys are more attractive or not kek

No. 244271

What videos/music could I play before going to sleep in 10 minutes? Last night I couldn't sleep at all and today I've felt tired all day, but now I just want to hang out here with you.

No. 244272

Hate to break it to you but this person has admitted to fighting all day the other day and they continue to do so. It's on purpose.

No. 244273

>for hours on a monday
it's a US holiday so she's probably home from school

No. 244274

holy shit another one

No. 244275

whatever floats your boat anon

No. 244276

it's a neet. they've been spamming images for the entire week

No. 244277

File: 1645486031409.jpeg (175.18 KB, 850x885, 7F1F3825-C975-4DEF-A597-286DA2…)

Tfw no gym buddy

No. 244278

File: 1645486040362.png (90.88 KB, 200x275, 98005 (1).png)

No. 244279

File: 1645486070174.jpg (282.04 KB, 510x722, Kuroko.no.Basuke.full.1150573.…)

I only started the yaoi spam today, schizochan. There's another anon involved in the yaoi spamming as well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 244280

Sure, but still it's not just one person in an infight. There are anons that are arguing with them.

No. 244281

If you consider yourself a lesbian while obsessively looking at men drawn in 2D you are literally as cringy as any Twitter fag retarded zoomer with mental illness and cognitive dissonance. If you consider yourself a lesbian while drooling at the mouth at naked gay men you are literally like someone with pronouns in their bio. You suffer from mental retardation and are in denial about your own desires and identity. I am sorry for you, hopefully one day you can be filled with something else but hatred and learn how to form normal human relationships

No. 244282

what is this moid shit

No. 244283

No. 244284

you start fights every day, loser. get a job

No. 244285

File: 1645486128717.jpg (137.14 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

Thanks fujofaggotchan, please I am once again asking for gay rape

No. 244286

>"Stop whiteknighting for white guys"
>that picture

No. 244287

File: 1645486136939.png (378.61 KB, 476x550, Jackson-Wang.png)

damn straight anon, even if white moids got all the plastic surgery and photoshop the asian idols get they still would never look this good because they're fundamentally flawed

No. 244288

very boring raid honestly

No. 244289

The spammer is a male. Pretty obvious.

No. 244290

top tier bait

No. 244291

U guys need your bad vibes removed

No. 244293

File: 1645486200996.jpeg (79.24 KB, 579x579, BBAAF1C7-5067-4D90-BA8A-9DAEE3…)

No. 244294

File: 1645486210276.jpg (311.48 KB, 960x540, Joshua_Moon.jpg)

>If you consider yourself a lesbian while obsessively looking at men drawn in 2D you are literally as cringy as any Twitter fag retarded zoomer with mental illness and cognitive dissonance. If you consider yourself a lesbian while drooling at the mouth at naked gay men you are literally like someone with pronouns in their bio. You suffer from mental retardation and are in denial about your own desires and identity. I am sorry for you, hopefully one day you can be filled with something else but hatred and learn how to form normal human relationships

No. 244295

File: 1645486212786.jpg (218.49 KB, 1908x1146, F4fc36a.jpg)

oh yeah? explain this

No. 244297

The amount of scrotes here is incredible.

No. 244298

A lot of the white women on this site are very covertly racist ngl. I feel bad for getting mad at that one blackanon for saying it a few weeks ago on /ot/ but she was entirely correct.

No. 244299

File: 1645486229644.webm (2 MB, 368x480, 1495489740883255301.webm)

everyone stop infighting and watch these tortoises eat a leaf instead

No. 244300

File: 1645486253270.jpg (56.12 KB, 360x600, url(2).jpg)

So you want to teach the newfag that if she throws a hard enough tantrum we will all respect her wishes?

No. 244301

90% of lesbian fujos have bihet tendencies

No. 244302

You expect white women to not be attracted to their own race? You're a dumbass.

No. 244305

File: 1645486300281.jpg (26.7 KB, 601x508, 4eea4s.jpg)

you right now

No. 244306

Muh racism good but faggots are off limits

No. 244307

>no coomershit
>posts moid children coomershit

No. 244308

File: 1645486330898.png (387.03 KB, 700x766, 24.png)

this is pure projection. you have sat here all day replying to every. single. gay. shitpost. in the entire thread, shitposts that actually were being made by different anons kek get a fucking life. it's 6pm on a long weekend in my burger sanctuary and even I haven't been in here as much as you, what's your excuse?

No. 244309

Not talking about that, but yes the sperging over asian men is pretty racist

No. 244311

You replied to a hetero fanart from a yume game where the poster was shitting on you

No. 244312

ngl i'm lowkey racist on public transportation bc black people are always yelling. why are they yelling at 8am? idgi

No. 244313

Those aren't white women.

No. 244314

File: 1645486395953.jpg (865.44 KB, 640x800, 20211230_014344.jpg)

No. 244315

File: 1645486402877.gif (30.4 KB, 1417x1417, 342b205dd030cce50c007dfafd4283…)

Thanks anons, I've wrote them down. I can't guarantee that it will be the next theme, if I choose the next theme then I'll put the ideas in a wheel and randomize it.

No. 244316

i like when i walk outside in winter for a while and i come back home and my ears are all cold so i hold them with my fingers to warm them up

No. 244317

That's not racism that's just common sense. They are generally loud.

No. 244319

File: 1645486455332.jpg (94.83 KB, 563x729, bfc01a2169f3e767e705882f6da969…)

No. 244320

File: 1645486459067.jpg (798.64 KB, 810x1147, 20220214_093958.jpg)

I'll join you, I want to see pretty and cute women, not ugly homos.

No. 244321

File: 1645486463989.jpeg (109.58 KB, 712x540, 2DE228B0-956A-4B0D-8100-EA8679…)

Okay this thread is officially giving me brain damage i’ll see you retards when all of this race/yaoi/bullshit has stopped

No. 244322

I want to watch two kiwifarm men kiss each other.

No. 244323

You retards just can't stop responding to them, can't you? Repeating the same things over and over again too, the definition of insanity

No. 244324

This might be to your tastes.

No. 244325

whats more racist. white women prefer men of their own race and dont care to be bombarded by yellowfever chans trying to prove asian men are attractive?
Said yellowfever chans racially fetishizing asian men because they broke their brains on BL and kpop?

No. 244326

File: 1645486526474.jpg (173.77 KB, 1334x750, 20211230_143536.jpg)

>yume game
dear god you don't even know shit about where your pics are coming from

No. 244328

wow breaking news kek

No. 244329

I don't even know what you're saying or how you got that, I just want the thread to be normal.

No. 244330

WAIT you have to tell me what manhwa this is before you leave nonna

No. 244331

File: 1645486549732.jpg (119.45 KB, 735x974, 1495119803cd2941016e1ad66c9391…)

No. 244332

im sorry there isnt much in the way of weightlifting drawings on pixiv

No. 244333

it's also frankly racist how everyone is accused of being a moid if they express views outside of a liberal white woman (from west europe or the north america) perspective. like how romanianon is constantly shitted on for being east european or how just discussing how you grew up in terms of race is considered scrote posting by some of the retards here.

No. 244334

get better at sniffing out pedo art.

No. 244335

File: 1645486618288.jpg (150.27 KB, 687x1000, e827d3692c126b2e16574513f1e5f8…)

No. 244336

File: 1645486628827.gif (1.89 MB, 640x360, EqualElaborateBelugawhale-mobi…)

The definition of VIRTUAL insanity

No. 244337

asian men vs white men who would win

No. 244338

when has romanianon ever been shuttled on for being eats european?

No. 244339

File: 1645486644404.jpg (400.94 KB, 735x1303, 4e0647409c5ae9bce5ec572f51cdf9…)

No. 244340

File: 1645486660021.jpg (992.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-02-13-21-34-13…)

I love Kuromi crossovers.

There are multiple anons calling you out, schizo. And you just admitted to it.

No. 244341

File: 1645486660256.jpg (50.17 KB, 500x650, Rio-Yamashita.jpg)

women are so perfect. So happy to be a beautiful goddess. Seethe more retarded fujofag. Go hate yourself in silence and calculate your 300 calories per day while staring at your husbandos. I hate men. They are visually and mentally unappealing in 3d and 2d form

No. 244342

Not the twitterfag moralfagging unit defending the fucking romanian retard

No. 244343

File: 1645486662440.jpg (257.01 KB, 648x646, 1448499256785.jpg)

>its a fujo vs. yurispammer showdown

No. 244344

Asian men fuck better

No. 244345

File: 1645486683080.jpg (120.72 KB, 735x956, b729006f69534c41b6e63841d6890d…)

No. 244346

File: 1645486686744.jpg (103.94 KB, 1200x1200, c6dbfec959135962265002a7b479f4…)

the only handsome asian man is Mr.Sangwoo (5'11) i'm sorry anyone else is too small or too busted

No. 244347

yall hear smth

No. 244348

File: 1645486721904.jpeg (164.7 KB, 749x609, 80844EB6-0658-4FCD-9B9C-DE5488…)

Getting to know Grace

No. 244349

File: 1645486722935.jpg (106.4 KB, 735x736, 466b59ba7a838ca766716bca1186da…)

No. 244350

i think wwii proves that white men win

No. 244351

Yeah seriously, the faggot's been replying to every single fujo shitpost for the past 10 hours yet is accusing others of being schizos kek, and now throwing a tantrum over anons being racist against white guys because they think they're ugly. you couldn't be more transparent, I wonder if he's going to post more based totally XX nagatoro-san manga scans soon to show what a true and honest vagina haver he is

looks more like fujospammer vs coomer moid spammer to me

No. 244352

File: 1645486745775.jpg (125.45 KB, 500x568, anime-bampw-bl-black-and-white…)

Like a "call out" means anything on an anonymous imageboard kek. There are two yaoi spammers. I'm the generic one.

No. 244353

File: 1645486767737.jpg (81.77 KB, 600x437, d2355b7d286992921caef32f5dd03f…)

kek samefaggin' now are we, nonnie?

No. 244354

Yeah, it's racist how you think they broke their brains on BL and Kpop just because they find Asian men attractive.
To be clear, i'm not white but most white men age like shit and have very old looking faces at a young age. I think South Korea and Japan tend to have celebrities or famous people who put more effort in appearing attractive to the opposite sex than American or European guys do. It's not yellow fever to be naturally attracted to that.

No. 244355

Do you guys want Wade or Hiroto to fuck you?

No. 244357

this is all your fault

No. 244358

File: 1645486803416.jpg (72.64 KB, 740x879, photo1374312.jpg)

wrong, the cop was hot too
>mfw they're both shorter than me

No. 244359

finding an asian man attractive doesn’t inherently mean that a woman has yellow fever. both of these arguments are dumb

No. 244360

this is what happens when everyones concentrated to one thread and theres no cooldown/captcha per post

No. 244362

No. 244363

don't give her attention she just wants a bit of attention

No. 244364

File: 1645486875239.jpg (638.05 KB, 1500x1875, 20220122_121711.jpg)

No. 244365

Kekkk, is this for real?

No. 244366

File: 1645486876914.jpg (82.39 KB, 736x1060, 727a0794d859f27365b70402b69b5c…)

No. 244367

You bitches literally call romanianon retarded for being ESL and talking about her experiences in Romania for what reason? Oh right, because she's not a liberal white american woman and being pro racist is more accepted than being against faggots.

No. 244368


No. 244369

File: 1645486905281.jpg (81.45 KB, 735x734, 0d57e6e6669887e77116003f39ae07…)

No. 244370

File: 1645486914724.jpg (26.46 KB, 474x474, d86c1ca2dd5dad64252610f23357b8…)

I'm going to post him here because i don't want any trolls at the attractive men thread, god he's so hot

No. 244371

t. romanianon

No. 244372

thread going so fast nobodys gonna notice when i say ᶦᵐ ʰᵒʳⁿʸ

No. 244373

File: 1645486941929.jpg (101.32 KB, 736x1034, 7f5e8516619e680031441dbe10c6a5…)

No. 244375

They're doing you a service anon, they're keeping the retarded kiwifarms moids busy replying and reeing at them so they won't be shitting up the other threads with their terminal scrotery

No. 244376

tfw no squid game cum

No. 244377

File: 1645486958448.jpg (39.56 KB, 564x317, 3fe6f720c18b1199a481d045d7903d…)

Why are women so beautiful, sisters?

No. 244378

Don't interact with the obvious race obsessed moralfags

No. 244379

>To be clear, i'm not white
didn't ask

racial fetishizing is disgusting.

No. 244380


No. 244381

Kek ok moid

No. 244382

If you enjoy japanese media at all you are engaging in pedocoomer content.

No. 244383

File: 1645487014354.jpg (63.47 KB, 736x1104, 942191e7da50f9c93062ea0da2f1ab…)

No. 244384

Enjoy the old and ugly scrotes with no style being shilled as attractive in the States then.

No. 244385

Asian men have bigger dicks than white men.

No. 244386

File: 1645487048631.jpg (123.65 KB, 1074x2048, 20220110_141644.jpg)

I am a radical feminist and slavic woman. A ove tetke se mogu nabiti na kurčeve od pedera za kojima sline!

No. 244387

Liking asian men isn't racial fetishizing you racist shit

No. 244388

File: 1645487050032.jpg (28.51 KB, 800x533, angry-nun-12810450.jpg)

he's always watching

No. 244389

File: 1645487062243.jpg (136.8 KB, 1200x1200, S840K9k.jpg)

did you have a DS or PSP growing up?

No. 244390

File: 1645487066208.jpg (140.68 KB, 1024x1024, 103748055_126571365749562_8636…)

No. 244391

we call her retarded for being retarded do you even read her posts? a lot of us are esl too you know

No. 244392

Pretty true though given their pedophilia problem.

No. 244393

File: 1645487086541.png (178.15 KB, 920x1326, png-transparent-love-chunibyo-…)

I'm not even against faggots. I just think men are fucking repulsive and I might actually be a closeted lesbian. I hate the yaoi stuff especially. I hate men. I dont want to see them.

No. 244394


No. 244395

No. 244396

What's "retarded" about being brought up in sex trafficking and having a blackpilled view about capitalism?

No. 244397

File: 1645487103856.jpg (79.81 KB, 541x900, ce42827a3340b8d15f38265b6cb858…)

No. 244398

Asian men are supreme

No. 244399

Then spam your anime girls faster, dammit!

No. 244400

File: 1645487148333.png (880.69 KB, 960x712, pisaaa.png)

exile! exile for bait-takers, bait-creators and moids! exile! exile!

No. 244401

File: 1645487152745.jpg (21.26 KB, 300x400, 1547138254985.jpg)

Romanianon was always right and the white liberal commie retards can seethe, she's based beyond belief

No. 244402

I still have my DS! It's red.

No. 244403

can the kiwifags stop using obvious 4chan words like based

No. 244404

File: 1645487159300.jpg (189.09 KB, 736x1104, d291e7a03416081276d2331683b0bc…)

I love women so much it makes me cry

No. 244405

t. underage

No. 244407

File: 1645487195596.png (81.52 KB, 567x489, borzoi.png)

No. 244408

So many moids

No. 244409

File: 1645487204124.jpg (209.69 KB, 735x1191, 410460e3641bc851178435f1e81a71…)

I had a gameboy honey pie

No. 244410

being a retard about it

No. 244411

Romanianon post another one of your spergs please.

No. 244412


No. 244413

Can someone post the shipper infucking image from the boards please

No. 244414

Can you STOP

No. 244415

File: 1645487224319.jpg (178.73 KB, 1214x995, 3.jpg)

ds, and a GBA. I remember playing the shit out of this one hello kitty party game

No. 244416

old hag!

No. 244417

hmmm, i have a feeling you wouldn't think she was a retard if she were yet another generic white american poster whining about her job at retail and nitpicking a cow she's stalking

No. 244418

File: 1645487243420.jpg (128.44 KB, 736x1441, 71ae3ebc869ba8083785502279d031…)

No. 244419

we have gone full retard

No. 244420

No one asked yellowfever chans to "prove" asian men are attractive. Any woman attracted to men with functional eyeballs can see if a man is attractive or not. And yet, the race fetishizers desperately seek validation anyway. fyi calling people racist on an anonymous image board means nothing. Take it your twitter you'll get more validation there.

No. 244421

I have bottom left under my bed right now

No. 244422

Someone post sexy asian men

No. 244423

No, I wouldn't.

No. 244424

File: 1645487282576.gif (1.97 MB, 600x251, 1412E634-4B1C-4180-8315-952BCE…)

No. 244425

Please post another one of your famous spergouts romanianon PLEASE!

No. 244426

>when anon said that most communists now are from privilege she means the twitter kind im sure, the middle class white american children with neo pronouns
oh, well, I had already addressed that point before so I didn't think that's what she meant. Sorry

No. 244427

Love how it works here
>If you dislike gay men you're a moid

No. 244428

File: 1645487308918.jpg (130.86 KB, 769x1000, Image (2).jpg)

delichus canon gei

No. 244429

I knew the image spammer was romani anon

No. 244430

File: 1645487339869.jpg (164.23 KB, 699x1199, 20220107_174626.jpg)

No. 244431

File: 1645487347097.gif (1.05 MB, 377x400, 1635983813490.gif)


No. 244432

At this point the driverfags should join in too.

No. 244433

File: 1645487359950.jpeg (49.4 KB, 350x473, EAA9BDA4-3B05-4E1F-8039-4D0481…)


No. 244434

File: 1645487365970.jpg (80.06 KB, 973x1390, white-borzoi-russian-wolfhound…)

No. 244435

File: 1645487369567.jpg (169.03 KB, 478x1018, f466f0371280cf7c4b6cc4fd165a3f…)

No. 244436

I'm not romanianon you dramahag kek

No. 244437

File: 1645487388771.jpg (75.41 KB, 465x848, 7d549730b670f9d55cf93aef8c3293…)

Love you

No. 244438

nonas, can someone link the communal drawing thingy?

No. 244439

Well you sound just as schizo.

No. 244441

i love asian men theyre sexier than most white men and kiss more passionately

No. 244442

File: 1645487433778.jpg (100.67 KB, 690x817, 0d9be741b5b4be614f75690ba91c00…)

No. 244443

looks kinda full now tho

No. 244444

I actually enjoy reading Romanian anon's post even if it hurts my head sometimes, idk she's genuinely passionate about what she believes in and I like that. But of course you have the cynical goon burgerclap retards calling her posts "spergouts" because they're always seeking the next cow to milk like the dramahags they are.

This is why a female imageboard not based on gossip culture is needed tbh

No. 244445

>btw if you think Asian men are hotter than white men you're a racist fetishizer

No. 244446

File: 1645487453114.jpg (81.74 KB, 564x752, b60d55e6c7a9f70291cca574514260…)

No. 244447


No. 244448

ctrl + f "aggie"

No. 244449

File: 1645487472405.jpg (45.03 KB, 500x660, 908a946ebf665935bd8267dab4422b…)

Go to crystal cafe

No. 244450

she's an attention whore. and naturally brought moid drama into the mix and this site. the steven shit was just oscar 2.0.

No. 244451

File: 1645487475987.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.65 KB, 1080x821, bruuh.jpg)

No. 244452

>schizo sperg schizo sperg
bitch stfu already.

No. 244453

File: 1645487485127.jpg (78.75 KB, 720x1030, f2404066fefd1a6687a9fc2d03e63a…)

No. 244454

tnk u <333

No. 244455


No. 244456

finally, noncoomer weeb art

No. 244457

Post another sperg or stfu

No. 244458

File: 1645487526982.jpeg (350.34 KB, 1280x1024, F5081726-B90E-420F-BD6E-7F73C5…)

anthy and utena >>> your favorite pairing that isn’t them

No. 244459

who tf is romanian anon? starting to think this is a made up person, total psyop

No. 244460

good taste
best horse

No. 244461

File: 1645487536905.png (290.45 KB, 385x601, 698381bd360029d0499895c5a3e298…)

No. 244462

File: 1645487546941.jpg (73.1 KB, 569x720, fe8e40c219d0b2118061dc16a2e9e8…)

did borzoi anon ever come back?

No. 244463

you are a newfag and it's obvious.

No. 244464

Shut the fuck up goonie retard.

No. 244465

File: 1645487565580.jpg (659.3 KB, 1252x1772, 20211227_111109.jpg)

you'll grow out of your wuhluhwuh phases soon nonnies, trust

No. 244466

moid alert

No. 244467

Post another sperg!

No. 244468

File: 1645487592689.jpg (42.48 KB, 720x540, olhHGic.jpg)

No. 244469

File: 1645487595911.jpg (958.17 KB, 4000x4000, 20211227_073322.jpg)

Congrats, you are literally insulting the intelligence of us eastern europeans if you think we all talk like that schizo ESL. I grew up in a village and I have no issues with speaking German and English.

No. 244470

shit ship from shit anime

No. 244471

File: 1645487603415.jpeg (89.74 KB, 548x639, 1643446081850.jpeg)

>PLEASE sperg out more and act like one of the cows i've been desperately skinwa- i mean laughing at for the past decade! I need my milk to forget about my pathetic life!

No. 244472

why is there a thing on his pp

No. 244473

asian men are deloinchous

No. 244474

File: 1645487621194.jpg (78.97 KB, 1200x800, esper-borzoi-6.jpg)

No. 244475

File: 1645487622353.jpg (175.25 KB, 735x957, e29b3fd26ef9db0540dcfd2d4aba62…)

No. 244476

and that's a good thing.

No. 244477

File: 1645487629661.gif (4.87 MB, 500x747, 89d297c97c04ebda6db16d62556022…)

You are retarded and gay

No. 244478

File: 1645487639627.gif (27.62 KB, 600x600, 5cb201fb4bd74cb2cb98bdc189c956…)

I snort at least once everyday (mostly from inhaling hard through my mouth. I'm not a mouth breather it just happens sometimes.) and I wonder if it has something to do with my throat or something.

No. 244479

Why post this pic of anthy… i'm a utena autist and seeing this image made me sad.

No. 244480

Shut the fuck up goonie retard.

No. 244481

>noooooo please be attracted to cock and balls please shlick to anal sex don’t be attracted to women pleaseeee

No. 244482

maybe you have sinus problems

No. 244483

File: 1645487698289.jpg (211.38 KB, 2560x1920, horsekek.jpg)

horses are the best anon

No. 244485

we don't talk about fu jo jo jo

No. 244486

I'm waiting on that spergout.

No. 244487

>she had better things to do on new year's eve
yikes am I right

No. 244488

If fujo anon doesn't stop I'm about to shitpost MLP fanart.

so please stop now!

No. 244489

File: 1645487759255.jpg (92.67 KB, 736x915, c2a87dbecabf4f8b8fedd1d23f2958…)

No. 244490

File: 1645487785091.jpg (74.37 KB, 932x704, 3SH6riO.jpg)

No. 244491

File: 1645487792292.jpeg (9.05 KB, 246x205, images.jpeg)

No. 244492

Yeah don't talk shit about The Goonies. Uncultured

No. 244493

The author drew a femdom bdsm rape manga with a female lead that's reminiscent of her because he has a fetish for that kind of woman. Dunno if that ruins it for you or not, but I felt like I had to say it

scrote shit drawn by a scrote and for scrotes tbh

No. 244494

File: 1645487810738.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.02 KB, 625x272, enhanced-buzz-21305-1385053763…)


No. 244495

Welcome, nona. There's a scrote raid.

No. 244496

File: 1645487833615.jpg (78.46 KB, 736x736, 8d2503e82f5e7a942ba05d5ca97b87…)

No. 244497

If you're in desperate need of entertainment why not play a video game retard?

No. 244498

File: 1645487852552.gif (1.83 MB, 275x155, 1645409375109.gif)

Interdasting gif I've posted don't you think nonnies?

No. 244499

Holy shit, fluffiechan is back!

No. 244500

Why so many anons here like Utena? It has fucking incest, it's male anime

No. 244501

File: 1645487892320.jpg (111.63 KB, 600x1026, e5b640727454ac581bc08fe264a209…)

No. 244502

but no, I mean Something Awful goons and ED tards which is what the lolcow culture is based off of (which is why this site will forever have moid raiding btw)

No. 244503

I like Carriefag a lot, she's crazier than her own husbando kek i wonder how she's like irl

No. 244504

No. 244506

And it's meant to be a bad thing, did you watch the anime or did you read the google doc content warning spoiler kek.

No. 244507

No. 244508

File: 1645487950050.jpg (116.76 KB, 770x1110, 7472684-HSC00001-7.jpg)

No. 244509

They want to larp as ~based lesbians~ but they're very bad at it as you can see

No. 244510

>posts ugly yaoi art to “fight against homophobia” on an image board
>tells gay women they’ll “grow out of it”
So you think only gay men are brave and valid and stunning? neck yourself faggot lover

No. 244511

be-papas was a collective made up of both men and women. anyway, utena is good

No. 244512

do any of the im@s nonnies want to do a live party in deresute right now? i'm procrastinating on studying for my midterms. study does not equal magic.

No. 244515

File: 1645488006015.jpg (86.05 KB, 1190x1600, ec8339da1f558e16fe8eab3c013b8c…)

I can speak English just fine and you are unaware of how many posts I have made on here since I have been posting for 6 years. I have posts that go unnoticeable. I regret interacting with anons from here first hand because I am very free spirited and this place is a chess poll so I made some people angry at me for speaking out my mind on issues.

No. 244516

Why put incest in female anime? Fucking weirdos.
Sisters that want fuck their brothers is not normal anons.

No. 244517

File: 1645488009917.jpg (71.19 KB, 750x422, utenaleadart2_0.jpg)

No. 244518

It has moid raiding bc of kiwifarms a few years ago and before that, r9k

No. 244519

File: 1645488036086.jpg (196.41 KB, 720x1080, 287cabfaaafb01431a61272ff08940…)

No. 244520

>neck yourself faggot lover
moid alert. lol they really are threatened by hot men

No. 244521

Kiwiscrotes are also based on SA goon culture although arguably worse. I applaud the website for trying to detach itself from that legacy since frankly a female dominated space shouldn't only just be centered on internet gossip..

No. 244522

anthy was being raped by her brother……

No. 244523

File: 1645488102520.gif (716.63 KB, 480x363, 4bc7e2130d71e2986698ff069d033e…)

You heard it here first ladies, we're not allowed to like or watch anything with something WEIRD or BAD in it, only allowed to watch paint dry (depending on the color, as some colors are kind of offensive and moid-y)

No. 244524

File: 1645488123330.jpg (75.05 KB, 735x736, 2fd7d2a67118d7cb812cdf5a50ddd3…)

No. 244525


alright I'm out, later asswipes

thems 2 different people, compadre
all irl gays can get aids and die in my eyes

No. 244526

>watching a cool anime
>has a random rape scene, or random incest subtext, or a weird perverted character, or a pedo, ect..

why are the japanese like this

No. 244527

>hmmmmmm?? did you watch the anime?? cause actually-
Nobody's watching that shit stfu you weeb lmao

No. 244528

File: 1645488163634.gif (Spoiler Image,5.6 MB, 203x203, 3dgifmaker80078.gif)

No. 244529

Can I hug you nona…I hate kiwi scrotes. Protect me from them

No. 244531

you dumbasses are going to make me spam utena.

No. 244532

sorry that i’m offended by someone telling me my sexuality is something i’ll “grow out of” fuck off

No. 244533

File: 1645488185542.jpg (136.53 KB, 512x512, zucYVCF.jpg)

so true.

No. 244534

File: 1645488191746.jpg (82.69 KB, 400x360, OQW2fGY.jpg)

I love how everything I say or observe is then proved by reality countless of times just to support my theory. Hate to always be right.

No. 244535

File: 1645488194752.jpeg (5.07 MB, 2942x4032, F01D7C43-BE35-4092-B3C6-33114F…)

calling me a scrote for liking yuri won’t change the facts that: 1) i’m a woman 2) utena gave anthy the courage and true love she needed to escape her abusive brother 3) utena and anthy are in love and will meet each other again in the real world

No. 244536

File: 1645488200150.jpg (343.09 KB, 615x880, 20211005_184544.jpg)

I hope you'll grow out of being a cuck with internalized misogyny!

No. 244537

File: 1645488207169.gif (2.06 MB, 500x362, fe93b06f440915c583cf1136017ad8…)

No. 244538

File: 1645488212435.jpg (85.76 KB, 736x913, bc1f0c3647d74e0c5dee7a1c8c6de9…)

No. 244539

Made by males for males. Shocking…

No. 244540

File: 1645488217457.jpg (20.07 KB, 300x260, Fanart.jpg)

Yeah I noticed kek

No. 244541

File: 1645488235178.png (666.88 KB, 639x719, PndKWeW.png)

No. 244542


No. 244543

File: 1645488263572.jpg (15.57 KB, 236x336, ba990d7f4045591a55f556b9875d5e…)

No. 244544

Both, I was the kid all the other kids went to to play console games

No. 244545

No. 244546

Like what? cause im also the same bestie!

No. 244547

File: 1645488299938.jpg (236.55 KB, 1280x960, iH2g1dU.jpg)

utena died at the end of the anime.

No. 244548

Why do males talk like this.

No. 244549

She didn't die.

No. 244550

>especially racebait.
Literally just black women venting about black males, no one even complained about that except for some seething moid spamming on /meta/.

No. 244551

Did she? I can't remeber her screaming or something like that, even worse, she seems to like it.
Don't even start with that blond bitch. She wanted to fuck her brother to the end.

No. 244552

File: 1645488370761.jpg (64.49 KB, 736x1070, 0c93dc1e9f0a6e0fa90a7a80f14ac3…)

No. 244553

yes she did bitch it was foreshadowed in the black rose arc

No. 244554

Don't forget the moid who has a hate boner for asian men lol

No. 244555

She did not want to fuck her brother wtf. You must bot have watched the show.

No. 244557

Nice b8 m8 i rate 0/8 also kill yourself

No. 244558

Sounds like someone loves their yaoi but thinks lesbians are gross, but please do tell us how we’re the homophobic ones because we don’t want to see two ugly cartoon moids banging each other

No. 244559

Everyone just forgot about her. Anthy went to look for her in paris or whatever.

No. 244560

Even Utena, anime for women have a fucking incest. Gross.

No. 244561

anthy almost explicitly states she didn’t die; she “graduated” from ohtori academy. also, anthy having severe internalized misogyny due to her years of playing the role as princess/witch doesn’t mean that the show supports sexism. are you an elementary schooler?

No. 244562

File: 1645488480066.jpg (62.84 KB, 500x491, 20220211_212237.jpg)

Oh no, I wasn't aware women aren't allowed to swear either.

No. 244563

i think she had become resigned to it but she did used to love her brother. that's for certain, because utena reminded her of her brother when he acted like prince and not an abuser

No. 244564

File: 1645488535711.jpg (74.99 KB, 735x935, 2d1e2e758e51b9e7249b04258de3ac…)

No. 244565

>cuck is a swear
kek it's more like the weird male buzzwords you use that no one here does. way to out yourself

No. 244566

literally that's just your headcanon.

she died. it's more impactful if she dies at the end imo

No. 244567

I wonder what's the original source for that drawing.

No. 244568

itt: people who haven't watched utena. sad!

No. 244569

Congrats nonna! Often creativity is more entertaining than being a super duper skilled artist, so it's well deserved.

No. 244570

God i hate anime
still the cringiest shit ever, i remember when weebs got bullied, totally deserved because they're all autistic

No. 244571

File: 1645488590467.jpg (29.19 KB, 256x398, ab1546e4e02a072fe7bccd2650b47a…)

No. 244572

Sure thing. You probably call Utena a lesbian too, aren't you?

No. 244573

You should rewatch it because it sounds like you don't remember shit.

No. 244574

File: 1645488623123.gif (1.9 MB, 600x450, 421c07dea2e41c6256da73b283324a…)

>women liking anime
>women who like pictures of cute, fashionable girls
>women who like japanese media
>women who watch problematique content

No. 244575

itt: moids who feel threatened by two pretty men kissing each other

No. 244576

File: 1645488677650.jpg (80.17 KB, 500x563, S1PexUs.jpg)

yaoi and canon homos in anime is gross. BL is good when it's not canon and i can ship two characters that are borderline homoerotic

No. 244577

File: 1645488681622.jpg (49.08 KB, 360x450, Shoujo.Kakumei.Utena.86824.jpg)

hi anons, i really like utena.

No. 244579

No. 244580

File: 1645488727320.png (1.07 MB, 960x720, 06. Revolutionary Girl Utena […)

nanami is literally me

No. 244581

File: 1645488728458.jpg (102.48 KB, 695x1200, 0fff6af86820c9d054f29ec2e986b4…)

No. 244583

Where's the gif from?

No. 244584

This is kinda gross ngl anon.

No. 244585

Watched Real Onigokko, new fave, cannot believe written by man, women are great

No. 244586

>i think she had become resigned to it
Thanks, it's better explanation that I can accept.
But that doesn't change the fact that Utena was the most disappointing anime I've ever watched.

No. 244587

itt: deluded fujo with no hobbies who hates lesbians and thinks if you don’t like yaoi you have to be a moid

No. 244588

File: 1645488765904.jpg (713.14 KB, 1536x2048, 20220109_095418.jpg)

Cuckold is a normal english word. If you get off on watching two other people have sexual intercourse, you have a coomer fetish. So that would make you more male here, hmmm

No. 244589

File: 1645488774529.jpg (86.42 KB, 736x927, 07feda4641cfe1a118629a733ef182…)

No. 244590

you dont like scrote art?

No. 244591

this art is really pretty

No. 244593

i dont even like anime. try again. just funny to see the scrotes sperg

No. 244594

File: 1645488810140.png (260.8 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mnne0h9d9p1qz4rg…)

i'm more of a juri myself

No. 244595

you’re retarded. i’m not going to bother engaging with you anymore. just go back to spamming yaoi until the thread locks since you’re obviously bored and pretending that your consumption habits are somehow feminist like liberal feminists (and this includes self-proclaimed radfems) usually do

No. 244596

File: 1645488840703.jpg (4.83 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

puts tinfoil hat on is the moid M.O. rn to call women who are calling them out moids? see

No. 244597

Two of the hottest women in anime.

No. 244598

i'm sorry

No. 244599

File: 1645488854028.jpg (84.79 KB, 736x818, 3ff9ed64d22752667a2baa480b7b57…)

No. 244601

Yes, i spent enough time on 4chan (sadly) to know this is how they behave like. Especially relentlessly for hours, instant immediate aggression and low effort responses

No. 244602

Chill out scrote. Try to blend in then

No. 244604

File: 1645488935906.jpg (64.3 KB, 735x731, e9d13d375bfc071910131aba4c5925…)

No. 244605

File: 1645488935001.jpeg (17.33 KB, 342x230, ERLkCXoWoAEDnL9.jpeg)

I keep getting banned from cc for being too based.

No. 244606

File: 1645488949683.gif (23.4 KB, 137x468, MHtofs0.gif)

i like the supporting cast of utena so much more than mary sue utena and reiclone anthy. even wakaba is so much better than those two

No. 244607

File: 1645488951251.jpg (19.15 KB, 400x300, utena17.jpg)

these two were so insane. their relationship still shocks me. it was very realistic imo.

No. 244608

>noo you can say a word thats been a meme online for years….youre a g-g-girl. girls dont say bad words like that!

No. 244610

You are wrong but not retarded.

No. 244611

>being this upset by femanon posts

No. 244612

File: 1645489000368.jpg (18.04 KB, 237x244, 1476326870278.jpg)

It might be the same moid who was sperging about fujos in the last thread trying to claim they are kpop fags for literally no reason, then went to /meta/ begging mods to permaban the fujo image posting and them made the second posts in your pic related because both Boyslove and kpop lives in his head rent free.

No. 244613

kek irk? this board is full of pansies

No. 244614

File: 1645489032163.jpg (74.8 KB, 736x840, 13b05b2ab5c75c06f7cb8803dc46f6…)

No. 244615

is cc still tranny central?

No. 244616

>never look her up on social media though
? what? why

No. 244617

No. 244618

hmm yeah, something like this: >>244602 ? that was fast.

No. 244619

No. 244620

File: 1645489071508.jpg (59.12 KB, 735x1037, 97cb5fc15a0aba969c67c9031a388c…)

No. 244621

I agree. It's sad.

No. 244622

File: 1645489103260.png (1.18 MB, 750x750, mmo5v2.png)

No. 244623

Juri and her situation was the best part of anime. If they focused on her instead of zero-personality Utena, this anime would be a gold.

No. 244624

What's up with the obvious male raid? What happened?

No. 244625

No longer holding back when fellow anons are being annoying assholes by mincing my words as to not be called a scrote… ahh, feels so good to be confrontational again.

No. 244626

File: 1645489139303.jpg (91.76 KB, 735x840, 623cb4f17c2c16650fa08ec00d95b7…)

No. 244627

I didn't have a console growing up. So I guess PC. It was only in middle school that I got a Wii and later a 3DS in high school. I did have a classmate in elementary school who had a PSP though. But I was too shy to ask him to let me play something on it.

No. 244628

it's my opinion!!!!

No. 244629

It's been the same 3 topics for hours. Can we all stop. Someone tell me about their day please. What did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

No. 244630

File: 1645489160045.jpg (524.74 KB, 853x1280, Tumblr_l_203170716654891.jpg)

I love cute anime girls and I also support women's wrongs, forced castration, free my girl Jodie arias

No. 244631

File: 1645489173563.gif (965.67 KB, 500x300, 40a66f0e3b2466fa700624d8d44b62…)

>watches anime once
>oh this girl is pretty
>grows a dick and balls
The fuck?

No. 244632

i had an onion bagel today

No. 244633

No they don't tf. White fever unironically exists and a lot of Asian men I've talked to seem to fetishise me being pale with light eyes.

No. 244634

Can the scrote raid end now

No. 244635

Troons project onto her story massively and it's awful

No. 244636

what have you been doing?

No. 244637

>reeeee homophobic
>on an imageboard
Kek who cares? what are you going to do about it? cry? i hate the whole alphabet, yuri and yaoi, that's all, fuck you all

No. 244638

File: 1645489260600.jpg (35.06 KB, 735x604, 8912baf795c0ee6534e19e1d7208bb…)

No. 244639

I had ice cream for brunch and stir fry udon with mushrooms for dinner.

No. 244640

wtf? in what way could they possibly? she's the most normal out of the entire cast

No. 244641

>oh this girl is pretty
is this how men think women think whenever a female character comes on screen. ah yes her only quality. her looks

No. 244642

I went grocery shopping today and bought matcha powder and noodles and I realized once I got home that I don’t have milk to make my matcha lattes with because I forgot to buy it because i’m retarded so I will now have to go back to get some.

No. 244643

File: 1645489330154.jpg (21.16 KB, 492x360, Anime_33101_285869.jpg)

i love this cold-ass sagittarius lesbo. i honestly love all the female characters in utena, even utena. the males can burn in hell where they belong.

No. 244644

it's not some scrote raid some mentally ill "lesbian" fujo is losing brain cells because of the starvation just like Twitter fags with they/them pronouns and 300 mental illnesses

No. 244645

kek seriously? What's name of that anime?

No. 244646

no we've gotta gatekeep trannies away from utena. they can't have it.

No. 244647

File: 1645489345955.jpg (79.99 KB, 736x735, 7d374e0117386b551d9498e905f70e…)

No. 244648

Do you want to collect vocaroos of anons calling you a cuck or something? Men would be posting scrote porn.

No. 244649

Because of the fucking egg

No. 244650

wasn’t her boyfriend a weirdo? i don’t pity him at all, honestly

No. 244651

File: 1645489381091.jpg (655.72 KB, 960x2157, tsuwabuki.jpg)

tsuwabuki is a little king though

No. 244652

they unironically have been

No. 244653

the egg ep was so clearly a metaphor for menstruation tho. trannies can't do that????

No. 244654

I dunno it's just a random picture

No. 244655

File: 1645489453179.jpg (238.69 KB, 736x1104, a1572fbfe97c7b938e5f83d822e423…)

No. 244656

Y'all remember Marmalade Boy?

No. 244657

I'm jealous nonnie. Making clay figures seems like such a nice hobby, i wish i could make some alongside you.

No. 244658

Me too but apparently we're moids for this

No. 244659

File: 1645489525930.jpg (48.83 KB, 735x776, f7702586b794d2bcd78acdfbbe4ae2…)

No. 244660

sorry from now on whenever i see a female character i will be a good feminist and think “oh wow she looks quite educated” or maybe “i could see her being a phd candidate, I bet her brain is huge” is that okay with you feminism police? or would you prefer I poke my eyes out as to avoid objectifying fictional women?

No. 244661

File: 1645489539368.png (1.14 MB, 1104x2228, 67917063_p0.png)

No. 244662

Christ that's ridiculous, why don't they go and project onto a bowl of scrambled eggs then, at least that's a realistic representation of the future of their genitals and brains

No. 244663

File: 1645489561117.png (977.73 KB, 1170x774, Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 4.25…)


No. 244664

very true, he was the only good one because he was still too young to be indoctrinated into misogyny, but i still think his wish to be nanami's brother is the beginning of his prince journey tbh.
also juri is the best. unrelated but it needs to be said

No. 244666

no just try to blend in instead of having cum brain

No. 244667

lmao tell em

No. 244668

I like it when women objectify me because it is not true objectification in the degrading sense. They truly love and appreciate me.

No. 244669

It's better than marmalade

No. 244671

Kiwi moids are boring.

No. 244672

I dislike gay moids as a lesbian for a lot of reasons like they have 0 reason at all to like women, they can laugh at ftm trying to date them and the female socialization will make them back down while a mtf will definitely try to beat or rape a lesbian with his strength, still they pretend we're on the same level just for being gay. Men can get away with twansphobia while women will be doxxed, lose their job, get beaten for it. Women cant even say they dont want dick on female only dating apps while I'm sure gay moids can say they dont want pussy at all.

No. 244674

And Peach Girl wasn't about peaches, what a fucking rip off

No. 244675

File: 1645489693180.jpg (38.34 KB, 735x604, 9942774e8b0eaeed1b640b3adfd88f…)

No. 244676

I think you're onto something there. I wouldn't be able to truly objectify another woman.

No. 244677

Nobody here is normal it's an imageboard, that includes you

No. 244678

Stfu retard

No. 244679

File: 1645489727147.jpg (60.21 KB, 488x650, 8f6dbc0d16d9c54dd791e95f83297f…)

i want to smoke a bowl with them. i could fix their relationship i know i could.

No. 244680

i think i'm homophobic

No. 244681

cultural Marxism has to die and i'll celebrate when it happens

No. 244682

No it isn't, I'm tired of this being said it's so stupid
Why do fujos hate women who like yuri

No. 244683

File: 1645489785025.jpeg (7.32 MB, 3408x2469, 314dd991f4937a45bfe93e6b370a75…)

Posting shota. Not even nsfw just cute boys. Mods are all on edge because the moid spam.

No. 244684

Why are men retarded like this lmfao

No. 244685

File: 1645489799522.jpg (44.64 KB, 542x767, 42fdb421dca033e32ac37400490790…)

No. 244686

after seeing so many depictions of gay men I believe you. You can be homophobic, just dont hate lesbians. Homosexual men deserve nothing but hate

No. 244688

NTA but the opposite is true

No. 244689

File: 1645489845673.jpg (74.71 KB, 736x1227, 64cd36e9ec2565c4c2ffb7aede8332…)

No. 244690

i don't know if i'd post it it's my first clay thing since homestuck horns in 2014. it was maybe $9 for the clay though, and i have a big packet of it. i've heard you can make some kind at home, so maybe that could be accessible. i'm hoping to get okay enough to make little chibis of characters i like when i'm bored.

No. 244692

File: 1645489888560.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)


Shut up. Shut the fuck up. Shut the shut up.

No. 244693

File: 1645489916722.jpg (54.78 KB, 736x1113, 4619fd57811fd306c7dcbc97a0ab4e…)

No. 244694

itt: scrotes getting mad at anons for liking cute men and wanting them to post yuri


Quiet scrotes.

No. 244695

i think its funny how you all collectively hate trannies but somehow dykes and faggots are acceptable

No. 244696

File: 1645489924284.png (1.68 MB, 1239x1753, __arisugawa_juri_and_takatsuki…)

i love juri and shiori so much.

No. 244697

You are mentally ill.

No. 244698

Go back to twitter with your lmfaos

No. 244699

women enjoy looking at women and men are repulsive

No. 244700

cultural Marxism has to die and i'll celebrate when it happens

No. 244701

no they're homophobic remember

haha pedo

No. 244703

File: 1645489998074.jpg (47.51 KB, 735x873, 86fb4126e113b0ea9b9d38d4431f4f…)

No. 244704

lmfao we've always said lmfao here

No. 244705

nta but lmfao/lmao >>>>>> kek/top kek
kek really reminds me of 4chan idc

No. 244706

Disgusting, troons now believe that thick thighs and wide hips = male. Pornsick retards

No. 244707

File: 1645490047423.png (10.73 KB, 328x109, Untitled.png)

No. 244708

Absolutely based.

No. 244709

File: 1645490057801.jpeg (177.05 KB, 750x1333, FDF21EB1-89A3-404A-AF08-2BCA84…)

Will there be a new rule that any woman who talks about liking women has to post a vocaroo and clit pic in order to prove that they are a woman? because it seems like some anons think women liking women is as impossible as bigfoot or something

No. 244710

>moids sperging about women liking anime
Literally where? They love it so you can put a furry buttplug up your ass and do ahegao for them on onlyfans

No. 244711

If you hate homosexual men you are very based. Homosexual men are încredibly mysoginistic towards women and they also mock us and appropriate our culture

No. 244712

No, retard

No. 244713

>moid wants to hear our voices and see our clits
Gross. Didn't even try to hide it.

No. 244714

any updates from the site admin about when this shit is getting fixed? this is fun and all but it needs to end now