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File: 1645285365995.jpeg (124.2 KB, 720x1280, 1644969056054.jpeg)

No. 238607

When will we be going home?

Previous thread: >>235630

No. 238611

That's a lovely picture OP.

No. 238613

File: 1645285651920.jpeg (19.24 KB, 240x240, FAB88738-9583-4F67-913C-8C3DE4…)

We already have one up

No. 238617

based and comfypilled picture. I'm the one drooling in her sleep btw

No. 238619

File: 1645285950308.jpg (6.19 KB, 185x175, 6848fbdc369457c60f14b455409c09…)

d-do you mean the one that is 50 posts away from reaching 1200 or another new one? i didn't see a new one im sorry i just wanted to use this pic another nonnie made i swear a checked

No. 238621

My dumb ass has been trying to get back to 2X for weeks and I just learned that the 404 I kept getting was due to not capitalizing the x in the url

No. 238643

Thread pic is so cute. If you're the anon who always draws the blanket parties in the draw board, thank you for your contributions to our society.

No. 238645

Delete ur post

No. 238646

Oh my god nonnie thanks for using my drawing if i had known i wouldve made it nicer
Thanks i love you

No. 238648

anon regardless you don't create a new thread before the old one hits 1200. cute threadpic tho so I support it

No. 238649

yessss I love your doodles, so cute!!

No. 238653

it's not me but i am her fan too. i'm not sure if she's also the one who made this collage/edit, or if it was another anon. i got the pic from here >>232594 blankie-chan ily

okay thank u for bless

No. 238655

File: 1645288047568.jpg (87.62 KB, 548x548, 1645259024994.jpg)

Reposting my request from the previous thread
there was a twitter thread that went something like "this is what men should be doing instead of arguing on twitter/social media" It was some tiktok vid of a guy doing wood work and creating furniture and the comments were filled with defensive dudes making excuses

No. 238658

nonnie it's perfect ily

No. 238659

Nonnies, does anyone here have experience with Hashimoto's or other thyroid problems? I get that feeling feverish, nauseous and not having an appetite is normal during a flare up? But how long do the flare ups last, how often can they happen and how to relieve them? I was recently diagnosed but I forgot to ask my doc a lot of things and can't contact her again until Monday

No. 238665

File: 1645288391527.jpg (123.91 KB, 1125x1077, 1631400465059.jpg)

I wish I was hetero. I couldn’t bond with my friends over their adoration for moids and in retrospect it feels like I missed out on something. All that romantic teen stuff in media, in my circles etc, just felt subtly awkward and uncomfortable back then, like a long winded "relatable" insider joke I just couldn't get. For some time, I felt like it's a necessity to participate, so I tried to force myself to choose the least awful guy to try to think romantically over, I tried celebrities and I tried guys I knew but it just felt like playing a role.
Now all of it just makes me sad.

No. 238674

File: 1645288734885.jpg (27.3 KB, 608x453, 0f206019473ee2fc21964f485f97ec…)

sorry for the tmi nonas but i'm on my period and just spent around an hour trapped in the bathroom in pure agony passing a bunch of gigantic blood clots… i hate everything

No. 238681

nonna for the next time, as soon as you start feeling light pain, start taking pain meds(paracetamol+ibuprofen works the best to prevent high pain cramps if you take them like that).

No. 238683

i fuckign hate ovulating i'm disgustingly horny 24/7 and nothing will quell it and i'm single and alone and it's been 3 days and i don't know how to lower my libido i wish i didn't have one sometimes i can't get anything done

No. 238689

File: 1645289541680.jpg (202.29 KB, 828x643, 1279b.jpg)

thank you, i really need to remember to take pain meds in advance instead of way too late or not at all (see picrel)

No. 238700

i've been taking so many for mine that i'm pretty sure i have stomach ulcers at this point (gave myself permanent ear ringing too). but without it i can't function. i'm fucked regardless.

No. 238712

im 90% sure i knew the girl in your picrel when i was 12 but i can't quite be sure. i wish it was dated!

No. 238723

I had sex two days ago and as usual love to get my neck and ears thoroughly licked. However I am having a ton of pimples and rash all over my neck, ears and jawline. Was I allergic to this guy's saliva? Or his beard maybe? He focused on my neck for at least one hour in total. I usually have no issues, my ex had a beard but it wasn't a problem. This is so annoying, I am ithy af

No. 238724

File: 1645290844640.jpg (27.08 KB, 474x266, download (10).jpg)

Bad Girls Club still playing !
Come join us and praise Tanisha!

No. 238725


No. 238734

ngl this is truly a disgusting post. sounds like the plot of an x-files monster of the week episode

No. 238737

A full hour of neck licking? The fuck

No. 238747

File: 1645291298091.jpeg (57.19 KB, 750x413, B549F771-E1A6-49C1-8932-406B93…)

Tell me what fabric this is or take the bullet

No. 238749

Every time I see a lolcow cap on tumblr I lose a year off my lifespan

No. 238751

No. 238754

can't make out any details anon.

No. 238755

Are you hooking up with golden retrievers? Lmfao

No. 238758

Today is one of those days where I feel really guilty for being a waste of an existence. I wish I could transfer my life over to someone who would actually make good use of it.

No. 238761

He probably has a filthy (literally) beard

No. 238764

Is anyone keeping track of all the previous draw boards? I hope once /ot/ comes back someone posts all the pics there

No. 238767

I’m having my period today too and it sucks. Forced myself to go to figure drawing and it’s such a pain to stand around

No. 238773

Today is difficult, tomorrow may be better!

No. 238776

people on tumblr post lolcow caps? i thought this site is so ~problematic~ you’re not supposed to admit going on here

No. 238778

this is my fucking theme song when I infight in here

No. 238781

File: 1645292399313.png (555.88 KB, 442x692, infighting.PNG)

thinking about them

No. 238783

should I install windows 11 or does it come with a whole bunch of useless shit? windows keeps pushing me to install it with every boot up

No. 238784

File: 1645292510160.png (298.08 KB, 431x689, veve.PNG)

I love Cece the lizard and lolcow-tan

No. 238785

File: 1645292524968.gif (96.64 KB, 429x270, 1074221zu2gnxk2zr.gif)

Nonnie super appreciate you, this tumblr is a great resource, thank you again

No. 238787

File: 1645292681222.jpg (59.56 KB, 550x560, vtubers.jpg)

wishing all pedophile scrotes a speedy journey

No. 238789

File: 1645292745476.jpg (43.13 KB, 282x480, 1a294088e4b656b7c12039ce7f82af…)


No. 238790

Idk if this is common knowledge and I’m just stupid but WEED. I smoke a few days before I get my period and it makes it less intense, when I was smoking every day for weeks I even stopped getting my period, I don’t remember if it’s the thc or cbd that messes with the hormones.

No. 238792

This is my infighting theme song

No. 238793

Maybe you're an autist, but the discussion moved to the /m/ thread. Other people aren't necessarily interested in some game you played and notice when you keep posting the same character, OMG SHE IS LITERALLY ME. That's why people usually post one subject in moderation or make their own thread to not clog things up. And it's very obvious when someone uses sprites from a game often as reaction images, it almost reaches levels of avatarfagging. See: the komaedafag is easily recognizable and that chick that keeps posting one image of an ugly guy smoking in every thread.

No. 238795

can we do a lil swap colour palettes challenge on the next drawing board?

No. 238797

File: 1645293249615.jpg (29.46 KB, 567x471, bcf11fc80dc0c93adbd9afb0ac79e2…)

Well NTA either but I just bought the game today but I'll be sure to ask for permission and a timeline of when you find things enjoyable and acceptable before I post about it

No. 238798

>one paragraph written on mobile is too much
No wonder a fried zoomer brain has issues with reading comprehension

No. 238800

God you're embarassing, stop.

No. 238803

File: 1645293422812.jpg (46.5 KB, 792x410, 34567890.jpg)

Everytime something gets popular on here, a schizochan like you comes in and says OMG STOP POSTING IT!!!!!! what about YOU stop posting and ruining the fun for everyone else?

No. 238804

I'm sorry my very mild tip toeing post made you go off nonna, I was just pointing out it was A BIT forced to call it ebic lolcow game!1!

No. 238806

File: 1645293508530.jpg (235.42 KB, 1732x1684, 20220219_113920.jpg)

NTA, I hope you have fun with it! The player character was made up in Ame's head and she's schizophrenic, that's the big plot twist.

No. 238807

No one said that lol
>make their own thread to not clog things up
Do I have to remind you the situation we're in? lmao
>the discussion moved to the /m/ thread.
And? People are still free to post whatever the hell they want in this /ot/ nightmare thread. This isn't even an official vent, dumbass or confession thread, so if you don't like it hide the post and go be bitter somewhere else.

No. 238808

i calmed down a bit now but yes it's crap chan. i genuinely want her to die in a severe accident or convince her to kill herself, i'll manifest it hell i'll meet up in real life just to beat the shit out of her. it's one thing if she stuck to one thread but that bitch is EVERYWHERE (and will admit it's her when pointed out so it's not even tinfoil). even in the fucking movie chat of all places, even romanian anon had more restraint. all the years i've been here she's the most obnoxious out of all the autists the others were at least somewhat amusing. i bet she'll be summoned right now, if you're reading this i can guarantee everyone would be happier if you killed yourself. everyone fucking hates you. yes i sound unhinged yes tranny will banny me idc

No. 238809

You sound like you have balls.

No. 238810

I love it when nonnies hit the nail on the head and then the other anon is like
>n-not reading that, ur wrong!!

No. 238811

You're not a scrote, but you sound like a no fun allowed bitter 4chan moid fag anyways

No. 238813

File: 1645293635258.jpg (36.18 KB, 798x644, 1643384106361.jpg)

Is it normal to feel horny when you're on your period? i just woke up from 3 consecutive wet dreams wtf are hormones fucking my brain up? i'm making a conscious effort to forget those dreams, it was with a random ass character i fucking hate, shit was cringe as fuck

No. 238814

File: 1645293665122.gif (5.36 MB, 400x259, Tumblr_l_273050884540786.gif)

No. 238815

File: 1645293696986.jpeg (157.47 KB, 465x833, FF96E209-C308-45B2-864A-80289C…)

Hello look at this funny Amazon review goodbye

No. 238816

kek this is great

No. 238817

nta but ayyy random moid accusation lessgo

No. 238819

well she is really rude, nasty, and keeps calling people subhumans despite people trying to get some sense in her head she's a sociopathic asshole and cow tier but thats just my opinion

No. 238820

Pretty normal, I'm the same

No. 238821

File: 1645293781503.gif (131.46 KB, 640x612, gayshit.gif)

Well I am calling it an Epic Lolcow Game right now just to spite you. What are you going to do about it? Seethe some more? Or say that you were just pretending to be retarded?

No. 238822

No. 238823

File: 1645293929285.jpg (7.14 KB, 275x275, 1533825598944.jpg)

stop posting ugly anime thots

No. 238824

File: 1645293931166.jpg (198.17 KB, 1432x1076, screenshot_190220221903.jpg)

No need to, even the game itself tells you to go touch grass and yee grrr angy stop it gr

No. 238825

File: 1645293948474.gif (5.19 MB, 600x345, ezgif-5-a0aa00fb1f.gif)

No. 238828

Stop replying to yourself lmao, go play your ugly game and stop policing what others can or can't post

No. 238829

File: 1645294014727.png (26.77 KB, 323x411, 1644449794279.png)

Guys I found this game and it's totally lolcow!! There's a board called /st/, that's totally like our /pt/ and doesn't refer to the futaba vtuber discussions right? What do you mean the game is originally in Japanese, whoever wrote this totally browsed /cgl/ for that fat hands reference!

It was writtrn by a tranny moid with a fetish for mentally ill girls? Nah lol this is totally lolcow the game and we need to reclaim it from moids, btw the game says maleoid, how funny is that?

No. 238831

i was at the moviechat, she called anons racist because apparently they were "enjoying racist depictions of black women" and that "they liked when black women humiliated themselves for their enjoyment" i fail to see where's the lie tho

No. 238834

God you're annoying, you're really going this far as to stop people from posting things they like huh. Mento illness luv

No. 238835

Oh I think I know the one. In mtf thread she’s always calling Andrea Dworkin a subhuman who should die just because she’s fat, then turns around and says something like rapists should be forgiven. She always pops up when there is a fat person mentioned and sperges about how they shouldn’t breed, how ugly people shouldn’t breed. How feminists are all subhumans because they’re…fat? Lesbians? Idk.

No. 238836

No. 238837

We will never play your dumb anime game, try advertising to scrotes on 4chan. That's your audience.

No. 238838

Because people like the game and autist-chan becoming associated with it through spamming is a nice way to run it into the ground and get mocked by non-weeb farmers for playing a game where you make a young girl have sex with you and overdose on drugs, kek

No. 238839

in my experience, no, it's harder to find audiobooks than ebooks. I was looking into this recently and one okay site for audiobooks is http://audiobookbay.fi/ there's also https://www.myanonamouse.net/ which I've heard is decent, you have to apply to join via IRC and they have specific dates and times you can apply. I've not tried doing that myself (yet) since I'm still not too familiar with how IRC works.

No. 238842

File: 1645294294272.jpg (93.44 KB, 1140x677, 7909077925709235.jpg)

Anon, the way you're posting this makes me feel like you just don't want others to find out this game because it's your very speshul sekrit thing that don't want others to post because you literally think you're exactly like this mentally ill girl. I honestly feel sad for you, let others find about this game and play it, this autism is too much.

No. 238843

>tries to defend black women
>constantly demeans and verbally abuses black women who doesn't match her aesthetic or psychological taste

It must be looking pretty desperate when you latch onto any insane person's saying just because they're right one third of the time despite being garbage in all others

No. 238844

Is another fake deep Yume Nikki/Omori clone that feels awfully dated?

No. 238845

Tell me you're a twitter zoomer without telling me you're a twitter zoomer. Shayna threads get essays, this isn't it

No. 238847

what's the point though? 2x is dead

No. 238848

She's a fucking bitch and has been posting here in 2016. She used to sperg about how black men are hideous and how she hates being half black because she was obsessed with derailing every thread with her shitty self pitying blog posts.

No. 238849

>reeeeee why can't people do what I want and post what I want when I want to in this free anonymous imageboard reeeeee why cant I minimod what everyone else likes

No. 238851

No, yume nikki and omori are rpgs, this one is a simulation game

No. 238852

Kevin played the game, it's been mainstream for a while
You have the energy of a tween who thinks edge and image board culture are the coolest thing because you just discovered it

No. 238853

based kek, that game looks gross and i thought for a second a trannie was promoting his game here, i hate seeing those shitty sprites too, it has a weird vibe to it
stfu don't associate us with this shit game

No. 238854

You can still post there though

No. 238855

kek sorry nonnie wasn't trying to gross anyone out. I do kinda feel like Bella in Twilight waking up covered with bruises, but it's pimples.

Hell yeah, neck licking is awesome

Could very well be. My ex took good care of his beard, but probably not this last guy. That's nasty and another thing to watch out for in a scrote, fuck

No. 238856

they did a study into men with beards and found almost half of them had traces of fecal matter in them


No. 238857

I don't care about that game one way or the other but it's probably gonna start a trend of retarded weeb or coomer brained moids fetishizing mentally ill lolcows and simping for them everywhere kek

No. 238858

Unironically by bitching about what others can post or not you're getting this game to be discussed and posted more so GOOD JOB NONNY!

No. 238859

NTA but don't project your game obsession autism
Eh, not really. It's edgy but doesn't feel dated imo and yes I get the doki doki lit club ref from the other thread, it's in the same edginess range

No. 238860

Who the fuck is Kevin lmao, is it your scrote name?

No. 238861

>You have the energy of a tween who thinks edge and image board culture are the coolest thing because you just discovered it
That's literally all assumptions, I could assume the same thing about you.

No. 238862

File: 1645294700323.jpg (97.27 KB, 650x650, 1645201748442.jpg)

>reeee anons called me a cringy avatarfag

No. 238865

Then if it's mainstream, why the fuck are you bitching about anons posting it here? You're just being retarded for no reason then.

No. 238866

Alright, so if that game is so "dated" and doesn't fit LC/cgl culture what kind of game would you guys make that would be a good representation of this site?

No. 238867

File: 1645294792381.gif (1.63 MB, 240x240, aaaaaaom.gif)

you're lucky we're all online cause i'm going full cannibal mode now. i'm gonna eat all of you then myself

No. 238868

>constantly demeans and verbally abuses black women who doesn't match her aesthetic or psychological taste
You guys do the same with white women, y'all don't like thots/pickmes, any women who is not a radfem/ aligned and women that pander to men, what's the difference?

No. 238869

How new? It's a mainstream gaming youtuber some nonnas lust for

No. 238870

AYRT, I'm a blackanon and I don't like that bitch because she's a self hating mixed coon who talks down on black people and uses eugenics terminology to demean them and others. You're a boot licking coon if you see nothing wrong with her crazy ass.

No. 238871

post the cece pic pls

No. 238872

File: 1645294884798.jpg (67.88 KB, 900x900, 031834834.jpg)

>reeeeee anons called me out because I'm micromanaging what they can or can't talk about
Only autists do this

No. 238873

ive been here for years and I dont watch gaming content on youtube, so luckily no matter how mainstweam some scrote with a headset is I don't know him

No. 238875

stupid questions representation: what does 2X stand for? like the name ik what it is

No. 238876

2x as in two x chromosomes

No. 238877

It's not dated at all, it pretty much is a representation of how vtubers/streamers act on youtube, twitch and twitter. A twitchthot game if ya will

No. 238878

File: 1645294978200.gif (5.51 MB, 373x498, gigastacy.gif)

am the og "feels a tad forced lad" poster. I left after my post to eat and came back to this. No I won't answer any questions

No. 238879

Lolcow is a random image board for women to trashtalk about shit. The game they're talking about references Japanese shitposting and toxic gossip culture on twitter and image boards, a lot of that culture overlaps with the west because we're all human.
>we are anonymous, we are legion, this game represents us

No. 238880

No. 238882

I don't watch disgusting moids play games and there's like 109374709327342 Kevins in this world. I'm more used to Arthur Morgan being discussed than whoeverthe fuck Kevin is. Seethe.

No. 238883

absolutely ZERO fun allowed ever

No. 238884

This infighting is one of the few funny ones lmao

No. 238885

Kill yourself, moid.

No. 238888

Oh, you're that newfag nonnie that people complained about earlier today in the last thread lmao

No. 238889

No. 238890

File: 1645295165246.png (416.52 KB, 623x478, fc0.png)

are these moids with us right now?

No. 238891

Literally who. There's multiple anons replying to you.

No. 238892

NTA, but you know you sound like grumpy old grandmas when you think someone is an infiltrating moid just for posting blown up shitposty looking memes? Why do you guys act like they post gore or porn? How is it possible to be that fragile

No. 238893

It's funny how easily you can spot the teenage posters that want to fit in when you get older.

No. 238895

It happens in ~edgy girl tumblr circles. A lot of them are gender critical weebs and they think posting imageboard caps makes them look cooler, they post stuff from cc too, it's so bizarre. Last time I posted caps of people doing this on lolcow I got accused of selfposting even though I never post/rb this stuff because I'm not a fucking tryhard lol. It's embarrassing to see.

No. 238896

File: 1645295255297.png (251.69 KB, 666x410, moid.png)

Yes I'm looking at one right now

No. 238897

you should know by now farmers like screeching samefag to win arguments

No. 238898

No. 238899


No. 238900

how can you be looking at me when I'm looking at you through your walls?

No. 238901

I thought that anon meant Kevin from the Lori threads

No. 238902

>how funny, teenage posters
I'm sure you're underaged now.

No. 238903

To be fair she has a very looong post story so i'm not aware of the extent of her lunacy, does she hate rap because is an objectively bad genre or she hates it because mainly black people produce it?

No. 238905

The bitter nonny is clearly losing so she's just using every argument in the book to win, from calling others samefaggers to calling them teens, lmao

No. 238906

File: 1645295491523.png (1.05 MB, 960x720, 06. Revolutionary Girl Utena […)

why is everyone fighting stop fighting!

No. 238907

File: 1645295553302.png (2.15 KB, 143x77, 46120cbb-8128-46c1-9544-36db60…)

The best part about avatarfag anon is that she loves posting about this game so much while missing the entire moral of its story and instead went "this is the based lolcow game" and is shitposting full of rage on an online forum and yelling NO U.

No. 238908

You've been screeching to the void for more than half an hour because you don't like anons talking about a game that you yourself said is mainstream… seriously take a break.

No. 238910

Multiple anons are posting this bitch, I'm sure that
aren't even the same person

No. 238914

>let me talk about this game I like!
>I will now proceed to cause a massive infight about my based lolcow game and seem even more annoying to anons
She is a genius!

No. 238916

No u, stop being so bitter

No. 238919

well, am sorry nonnies. Would you raging autists want some of my homemade pumpkin soup as peace offering? I did it this afternoon, good shit

No. 238920

You guys are so unlikeable, i don't know what happened to this site but i'm starting to resent various users recently, its like the exact same type of person i hate most replaced the og anons

No. 238921

it's multiple anons, people like you who think they know who's behind every post are unironically the worst fucking posters of the whole site

No. 238922

For someone like you who is like "omg you're just new to le edge imageboards!!!" you surely sound like someone who just discovered them, OR a 4chan moid that doesn't want other people to play the game. Plus, for someone who is like "THE GAME TELLS YOU TO TOUCH GRASS" you surely lack some grass touching in your life. Sad shit.

No. 238923

Hehe.. hehe hehe.. hehehe!

No. 238924

Idk I think the anon who hates the game won because of all this retarded autism, I definitely won't play it because I didn't know you can prostitute a teenage girl in this

No. 238925

It's the cavin fever. It'll all go back to normal once ot reopens, maybe.

No. 238926

thats why I miss the positivity thread and the mundane shit thread

No. 238927

No. 238931

Holy fuck I laughed.

Girl this is nasty. Also I love it too but…an hour? Does he brush his teeth or was his beard smelly?

No. 238933

>She's the one who comes up with the idea
This is some victim blaming moid bs

No. 238935

Yeah, the game is sus as fuck but i'm supposed to believe is "totes cool and totally not moid pandering garbage"? hell no

No. 238936

Apply yourself, schizo.

No. 238937

File: 1645296261400.png (388.04 KB, 1280x824, THE.iDOLM@STER .Cinderella.Gir…)

I kinda wanna make a nail salon simulator game, a fun, idealized version of course because that shit is tedious as fuck irl

No. 238938

I just want my fucking /ot/ back I'm fucking tired of this shit. I miss /m/ as well. Fuck this shit. I'm tired. Fuck everything.

No. 238939

What is this game? Sorry, I haven't posted in this discussion but it looks like a scrote game…

No. 238940

Will defo not play, ew
No shit stirring nonna, I don't trust your soup

No. 238941

It's a video game.

No. 238942

I feel the same way for the past 3 months here, nonny. This user is usually like this

>calls cartoons/anime and video games scrote/coomer/autist shit and spergs whenever anons post it

>calls anyone a moid or scrote even over the slightest mundane disagreement
>uses a lot of twitterspeak (schizo, take your meds, touch grass, unhinged, ect) over anything that is 2long to read or a typical imageboard post (as if they were lost or trying to force a board culture that wasn't there)
>usually associated with the art salt and celebricows thread for some reason

I wish they'd all fuck off, personally

No. 238943

Scrote game, everyone is a scrote in here feels like.

No. 238944

I'm getting that vibe too anon

No. 238945

It's a game where you play a weed smoking loser moid and you just moved in with your young girlfriend who is mentally unstable and totally depends on you, she wants to become a streamer and you can have sex with her until she says she only craves MC's cock.

No. 238946

File: 1645296387169.gif (1.69 MB, 423x234, 1564729193483.gif)

No. 238948

I hate it when you delete your posts, stahp it

No. 238949

>calls cartoons/anime and video games scrote/coomer/autist shit and spergs whenever anons post it
I'm tired of this too
>usually associated with the art salt and celebricows thread for some reason
I wish these threads were just banned honestly

No. 238950

File: 1645296443995.png (72.81 KB, 1038x615, 8D72598A-4C8C-4A0A-8EBD-154005…)

No ♥

No. 238951

Do you remember cannibal-chan who wanted to eat dead people instead of funerals? I don't remember which ot thread that was but I loved that infight.

No. 238952

KEK, wtf

No. 238953

LOL is that really the premise or are you messing with me? Why are people posting this game on a radfem board?

No. 238954

File: 1645296491525.gif (8.56 KB, 80x80, tumblr_inline_mpl2qzyBM51qz4rg…)

STOP all this fighting

No. 238956

Apparently he's not even real doe
I still wonder why they'd put this in here like hmm moids always have to sneak in some unnecessary sex

No. 238957

Now you're just pretending to be me I guess.

No. 238959

Definitely moids posting here. Anons are getting upset about anons not liking moe anime girl shit but that stuff is really disgusting.

No. 238960

mom come pick me up the multiple personalities are fighting again

No. 238961

one google search away

No. 238962

File: 1645296623804.jpg (289.48 KB, 1366x768, gbb.jpg)

It depends on how you play it, it has a lot of lolcow culture ingrained in it like other anons mentioned before.

No. 238963

kekkk too bad then. I liked the weird pixel art

No. 238965

It makes fun of moids, it's designed to make them suffer

No. 238966

No. 238967

File: 1645296684441.jpg (22.27 KB, 564x269, 0cb462facbe6be61b23d95dbfe398a…)

This is a moid trolling/shitposting, if you retards can't see it already and keep going along with his games shit is going to go down pretty fast

No. 238968

>the anon who complained about the game is an essay autist and scrote for writing a deadpan paragraph
>but also there's too many zoomers with short replies like "meds"
Pick one thing, what's the ideal medium length post?

No. 238969

This, do they think this site only has like 3 different users and that one of them is behind every post they don't like? Fucking retards

No. 238970

File: 1645296715017.jpeg (87.52 KB, 540x542, 83C87574-4994-49B3-AC36-2EBD88…)

Yes because no woman likes cute anime girls, all women must like the same exact things as you

No. 238971

did russia invade ukraine yet?

No. 238972

someone didn't even get the true end yet

No. 238976

This game makes me curious about Japanese lolcows.. any mention on them?

No. 238977

File: 1645296774007.jpg (40.22 KB, 411x574, download (7).jpg)

YES! Those two are lesbians! Based!

No. 238978

by having sex with them?

No. 238979

Nta but normal grown ass women dont like drawn children lookalikes and sexism. Two giant problems in anime and japan. Shocker!

No. 238980

who cares, we're arguing here

No. 238982

I was reminded today I own a friend $20 because I said that by now either James Charles or Jeffree star would be troons. Apparently it's 2022 and both are canceled and neither identify as a woman. I'm actually kinda shook because I at least thought between 2020-2022 that one of then would've used the trans card to rebrand.

No. 238983

You can kill men in this game and she's very vocal about hating them

If /m/ was open and there was a containment thread for this shit no one would be complaining. In the end it's all Admin's fault for being incopetent. I want my normalcy again.

No. 238984

We're not normal.

No. 238985

Yeah, anons like this >>238942 >>238967
are annoying as fuck.

No. 238986

File: 1645296846216.png (568.98 KB, 955x720, UrKXFnC.png)

you are my sweetest love
this love i always wanna hug

No. 238988

There IS an /m/ containment board on /g/. Use that.

No. 238989

File: 1645296860986.jpeg (160.35 KB, 1074x1460, 69B40C46-3DA6-4EFC-85B2-986A3F…)

Normal grown ass women don't post on imageboards retard

No. 238990

Not really no

No. 238992

I'm talking about a TYPE of user not saying someone is a samefag, are you thick?

No. 238993

>drawn children lookalikes and sexism
Point out who posted that and how it's sexist

No. 238994

File: 1645296914968.gif (571.29 KB, 343x269, 08581CA6-DA85-406E-9047-A07222…)

Sorry everyone is being so retarded nonnie, here’s a kiss muah. I think it’s just cabin fever from being locked out of ot and m

No. 238995

It all goes in circles, just let people post whatever ffs

No. 238996

The true end plot twist has been spoiled multiple times in the thread, nice way to make people want to play.

No. 238997

File: 1645296953048.gif (6.5 KB, 90x90, tumblr_marv8vj2Jf1rxsw83.gif)

what we need right now is UNITY

No. 238998

File: 1645296961398.png (208.77 KB, 400x400, yArznEa.png)

true. we like ikemen and bishonen instead

No. 238999

This is a very no fun zone right now. Sad!

No. 239001

What? There's no prostituting teenage girls in this. Ame is in her 20s. Where did you get that from

No. 239002

I like to think there's only 3 of us. Now that's some true psycho thriller

No. 239003

why y'all posting moid shit lmfao what happened to this site

No. 239004

File: 1645297010095.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (11).png)

Board cleared! The space theme was a big success, thank you everyone for contributing and other anon for suggesting the theme, it looks great!

New theme is just to come and leave a prayer for /ot/'s revival. Draw a nun elsie, idk. Come doodle: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 239005

No. 239007

My head hurts from all this retarded infighting

No. 239008

Make your own judgment of the game and who it panders to, kek

No. 239010

File: 1645297066336.gif (1.53 MB, 220x194, 205B7A0B-90F3-450E-B90E-1B5237…)

No. 239011

did i miss something? i thought /ot/ revive would be in like a couple of days… its been so long… i miss unpopular opinions and celebricows, so fucking much

No. 239013

You know when she choses the "sexy streamer" route that's a bad ending, right? Good endings are the ones where she leaves the internet and kills moids.

No. 239014

File: 1645297106625.png (144.85 KB, 211x500, 7668.png)

post the actual lesbian plebs

No. 239015

What happened indeed

No. 239017

good timing i can escape the shitflinging here

No. 239018

File: 1645297116478.jpg (59.64 KB, 736x919, 6b94d583d3e4fcd77749ac86aade30…)

are they done did they leave

No. 239020

>I think it’s just cabin fever from being locked out of ot and m
lol /ot/ is like this all the time

No. 239021

There's a reason why women like stuff like yakuza with hot guys in it and why trannies and males like anime girls who look like literal children

No. 239023

File: 1645297192333.jpeg (156.82 KB, 749x732, 4E903D8F-036A-430E-BD52-8B8479…)

Weeb women who like cute anime girls unite

No. 239024

File: 1645297205890.jpg (782.99 KB, 3537x3335, lesbian.jpg)

I love her

No. 239025

No wonder /vg/ is obsessed

No. 239026

>"Let anons have fun"
REEEEEEEEE DONT POST SHIT I DONT LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 239027

And? It's still fanservice, it's not done in some based subtle way to subvert tropes

No. 239028

Yes but now the rest of the site is being exposed to our autism and they don’t like it

No. 239030

File: 1645297241553.jpg (285.85 KB, 844x1232, 1639937570844.jpg)

Games should have this, with the option of the guys to be either gay (for fujos) or straight with interesting female characters that aren't cardboard cut offs. Then we will have a TRUE 100% natural female gaze genre once and for all

No. 239031

there's a scrote itt, anons are entertaining his autism because of course they would

No. 239032

I'm a woman and I like both Yakuza and cute anime girls. Not every woman likes the same thing, and not every woman who's tastes differ from yours is a scrote or a tranny.

No. 239033

There's like, a drug thread, a neet thread, a sex work thread, and multiple threads that make fun of this type of girl on this website, but suddenly this is all for moids?

No. 239034

what game is this?

No. 239035

>stream speed blue hedgehog
ok but whats with the random sonic reference ? lol

No. 239036

Based. Seeing cute anime girls reminds me of my friend from middle school who loved cute anime girls and hated men

No. 239037

>I'm a woman

No. 239038

A moid DID make the game so…

No. 239039

sorry u have male gaze issues like what u want me to say pick me

No. 239040

File: 1645297361320.jpg (364.36 KB, 1080x1854, IMG_20220219_200225.jpg)

Yes, actually.

No. 239042

The same users attacking me for posting anime are probably the ones shitting on Lolita too. Where do you think you are. Twitter beckies are invading and then calling everyone male and pedos.

No. 239043

You sound like you're emotionally attached to a game and want to defend it, maybe you should think about its themes a bit because anons ITT act like a parody of the game's message kek

No. 239044

And midsommar was made by a moid as well

No. 239045

Midsommar is not a girlpower film are you clinically retarded or something?

No. 239046

Didn’t read anything up thread but I like cute anime girls, esp chuuni characters, I also like hot guys. Don’t erase me.

No. 239048

go back to tiktok

No. 239050

Ngl I love watching nonnies spiral when something they like gets shitposted and they defend it

No. 239051

>There's a reason why women like stuff like yakuza with hot guys in it and why trannies and males like anime girls who look like literal children
Similarly, there's a reason why scrotes love the Yakuza games and women like stuff with cute anime girls in it. If you don't get it that's ok but don't claim to know everything about shit you don't even watch or play.

No. 239052

Going by this video, the game looks like a parody of Twitch culture and the insanity of the modern internet: not a celebration or fetishization of it. Of course hare brained moids will take it that way, but i dont think its the games intention

No. 239053

Mean Girls is directed by a man too

No. 239054

Go back. Liking fictional women because you think they're cute means you're a pickme now. If you dare like anything a man happens to also like you are a pickme. Nonnie, are you using a device that was made by a man right now? That disgusts me, you pickme.

No. 239055

i been here for over 7 years go back to 4chan

No. 239056

lmao it's a site not an essay. sorry youre a pick me

No. 239057

File: 1645297569742.jpg (79.39 KB, 419x640, b79ff746401c974578f3ef09872f79…)

what about her

No. 239058

>Going by this video, the game looks like a parody of Twitch culture and the insanity of the modern internet: not a celebration or fetishization of it.

This. Can't believe a shitty game caused this much controversy though

No. 239059

Fuck off Twitter Becky, stop invading this site with your normalfag tastes

No. 239060

File: 1645297590876.png (699.26 KB, 800x800, 85921F3C-0C8B-4BF9-AF8D-9D250D…)

This. Feels like newfag galore in here. Wait until they find out that this website originated from /cgl/

No. 239061

That anon is definitely retarded, she misses the message of all media she consumes as long as its MEN BAD GIRL BASED, ignoring that the cult trauma bonded the protagonist in midsommar and roped her in because they need more young women to reproduce and will inevitably kill her in the cycle

No. 239062

Okay, and? I don't understand your point. Idgaf about mean girls.

No. 239063

>twitter becky
Projecting. Pick mes confirmed retarded.

No. 239064

File: 1645297612975.jpg (86.74 KB, 658x349, d4dd13e3be096fbb367e11a79b528d…)

I'm gonna keep posting cute images, games I like, anime I like, movies I like, if a moid made it then I'm taking it I don't give a fuck about him or you

No. 239065

If you can't put up with more than a couple of words in one post I suggest you move to tiktok instead

No. 239066

>me about to start another infight
Wtf is wrong with the coquette thread? Why are they calling every thread posters "coquettes"? Are they all newfags? Do they really think the average age here is 18?

No. 239067

>or straight with interesting female characters that aren't cardboard cut offs
What if I want to self-insert and the female protagonist isn't like me at all? What if I don't want to ship the guys with other female characters?

No. 239068

lmao no you haven't

No. 239069

If you don't give a fuck then why are you posting literal 90s porn games. What a retard.

No. 239071

Yes that’s another incredibly annoying anon. I honestly think that it’s them that’s a scrote who just wants to come here and make us all fling shit at each other

No. 239072

What a fucking waste of a good comfy and cute threadpic, I'm disappointed in all of you.

No. 239073

Noooo anon that means you're a man. A real woman can't possibly like fictional women along with the men too!

No. 239074

>mfw scrotes are in here stirring shit up pretending to be women
Y'all stop taking the bait.

No. 239075

File: 1645297735471.jpeg (74.4 KB, 1280x720, FLFcfe-aMAE65Bg.jpeg)

Actually, can someone recommend some good games with female leads?

No. 239076

Anon that makes no sense, she doesn't care so she's posting whatever she likes

No. 239077

Stop getting mad an imageboard isn't full of normalfags

No. 239078

File: 1645297760656.jpeg (151.07 KB, 1413x1413, B37B81EB-999A-446F-9ABE-3C4AAD…)

Based and same

No. 239079

Samefag because STOP. DELETING. YOUR. FUCKING. POSTS. REEEEEEEEEE yes you typed something retarded, at least I'm glad you realized zoomer. Bitches that's it I'm chimping out

No. 239081

It's fun seeing schizo anon get upset and start deleting her posts, now everyone is accusing each other of being a moid.

No. 239082

Did you even read her post retard

No. 239083

File: 1645297820717.png (5.48 KB, 298x177, lolsorry.png)

I have one right here

No. 239084

Nta but that anime pixel game definitely has coomer scrote gaze. I don't think they were talking about all female fictional characters.

No. 239085

File: 1645297841155.gif (8.63 KB, 117x80, tumblr_na6hpqfblf1r7y61oo1_250…)

gang way coming through

No. 239086

I didn't know it was a porn game I liked the funny image.. How did you know?? Kekk

No. 239087

Why is the mentally ill pick me deleting "her" posts. Smh.

No. 239088

If I could be bothered I'd make a shitty OMG SHE'S LITERALLY ME drawing in paint, kek, this game shitposting was fun

No. 239089

lol what a retard
>artificial wombs to have children
wow, a good idea for once

No. 239090

Way to show you're ignorant and a man.

No. 239091

>everyone who disagrees with me is a scrote
meds now

No. 239092

What she said was "coquette thread is full of zoomer twitterfags" or something idk how that makes her a zoomer

No. 239093

File: 1645297947185.jpg (47.74 KB, 563x398, 9b97842eecacce372b2960e5d5d41d…)

idk who this is but she's a cute

No. 239094

I like sexy anime women and that doesn't make me a scrote. Because of all of this infighting I'm going to like them 10x more now.

No. 239095

She got upset her self-insert game got shat on, kek

No. 239096

Go back, you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 239097

Anons need to learn to not take bait. The infighting is entertaining but the best thing to do is to completely ignore anons shitposting about your interests and likes.

No. 239098

>using the word coquette

No. 239100

That's a different anon, in fact I think it's the anon who hates the game

No. 239102

File: 1645298050489.gif (1.31 MB, 500x281, 130A289A-26A8-4C5E-A6F3-B9BACF…)


No. 239103

if you're serious you're actually mentally handicapped. if you're trolling kill yourself

No. 239104

kek you do you but I dislike the aesthetic, so I give it a pass

No. 239105

What kind of stable, normal woman enjoys looking at childrens cartoons for virgin men? Why are some of you getting upset about Anons on a radfem site calling that out?

No. 239106

File: 1645298111655.jpg (43.23 KB, 563x564, 63ba98d9452460181862fabbaf5e01…)

Best girl Rukia anyone?

No. 239107

File: 1645298112125.jpg (31.68 KB, 474x281, iouguggi0o.jpg)

I will make a thread about this game when /m/ opens up again. Not because I like the game, but so everyone can get autistically mad in that thread.

No. 239108

Some of you have moid brainrot. Moids on the mind so much you're seeing them everywhere.

No. 239109

There's a coquette thread on /snow/, are you new? Or a male

No. 239111

only scrotes get mad about being called scrotes

No. 239112

Way to show you're not ignorant of hentai games yet call me male, why don't you chill out and post some of those repressed ween interests you're lashing out against, I know you've got some spicy images deep in that cracked screen phone of yours

No. 239113

kiwi farms is a click away

No. 239114

File: 1645298217967.jpeg (145.84 KB, 625x836, 9D6369B8-92B4-47B2-9986-D3A48C…)

Would you wash his ass for $420000000000000.69?

No. 239115

Chill out schizo.

No. 239116

>only scrotes get mad about being called scrotes
>only scrotes call others scrotes

No. 239117

I honestly hope you're trolling

No. 239118

What kind of stable, normal woman enjoys looking at Shayna's nudes and nitpicking them?
What kind of stable, normal woman enjoys talking about scrotes 24/7?
What kind of stable, normal woman uses imageboards without knowing their ties to weeb culture?

No. 239119

I'd recommend A Hat in Time but I can't shake off the feelilng that it was made to pander to pedophiles, what do you all think?

No. 239120

File: 1645298268023.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1643262710504.gif)

No. 239121

Why do I feel like the scrotes are the ones calling others scrotes in this thread

No. 239122

Yes that's right my fellow female. There are obviously no moids on here, other females like us are just acting hysterical.

No. 239123

All the scrotes and newfags in this mad getting upset they don't fit in with our imageboard culture. Hilarious

No. 239124

The anon deleting her posts complained about anons who hate weebshit. Anyway, you missed the point because you got angry about your game for hours and kept shitposting, then you go
>I will TRIGGER all these anons with making a thread
Good for you? The ones who don't like the game won't see your bullshit anymore, this is really newfag central.

No. 239125

nta but that's what the "aesthetic" is called, what else is it referred to as?

No. 239126

believing only men watch anime is literally peak moid behavior
>radfem site

No. 239127

>our imageboard culture

No. 239128

This is retarded and untrue. I don't like being called a tranny or a scrote because they're both insults, and I don't like that so many anons here have this definition in their head of what makes a woman and if you don't fit that despite being an actual woman then you must be a scrote.

No. 239129

File: 1645298351863.gif (1.28 MB, 500x377, e0d72c8a86fff1e3c7c5cdc9235f11…)

Scanning for moids. Scanning for moids. No moids found. WHAT THE FUCK?????

No. 239130

I'm genuinely curious, why can't you talk about it in the /m/ containment thread? It's a video game and it seems like a lot of anons are into it, and conversations about in this thread kinda shit it up since this is the /ot/ containment thread.

No. 239131

File: 1645298379374.gif (1.32 MB, 540x304, luluco.gif)

You know what I liked? Space Patrol LuLuco.

No. 239132

File: 1645298382940.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, crying-fake.gif)

No. 239134


No. 239135

File: 1645298428148.jpeg (73.12 KB, 500x733, 88128102-0C8D-4172-99BF-05BA2A…)

Seals when they end up on a public beach and nobody will leave them tf alone

No. 239136

newfag this newfag that scrote this scrote that weeb this weeb that

No. 239137

Imagine browsing /snow/ and having the audacity of calling someone a newfag, my fucking sides

No. 239138

My thoughts exactly

No. 239139

We need sealchan back.

No. 239140

Tbh, the people being so aggressive about anime being for moids are probably falseflagging scrotes

No. 239141

>hating anime is lolcow culture
are you retarded? go back

No. 239142

You say this but people in /ot/ talk about media all the time as well

No. 239143

File: 1645298513120.gif (1.87 MB, 498x313, FCB178BB-217E-47B1-AB4D-4587E8…)

newfag scrote schizo weeb moid male gaze oldfag newfag scrote schiz

No. 239144

File: 1645298541926.jpg (49.96 KB, 735x875, 3145b7ae04305996e173605210444b…)

They hate me because I like idolmaster, what kind of democracy is this

No. 239145

File: 1645298545314.jpg (178.44 KB, 1280x738, tumblr_o9ao7jNfvv1u6vr0ro1_128…)

but anon…

No. 239146

Who is he?

No. 239147

I would never hate you nonnie. They just don't get it. They're not enlightened yet.
but Love Live is better

No. 239148

So do you hate needy streamer overdose or not

No. 239149

Because she got assblasted by anons and her pride got hurt.

No. 239150

People can talk about media in /ot/ but it's not for media. If you want to have conversations about and infodump about media you go to /m/. Simple as.

No. 239151

A woman?? Liking anime?? That has anime women in?? Unheard of. Blasphemous.

No. 239152

meds! schizo newfag moid meds! scrote schizo newfag

No. 239153

Anyone can browse whatever the fuck they want in this website, this is such a weird complaint and you're calling people newfags just to stir up shit and bait

No. 239155

Ironically if she just asked them to move the discussion politely instead of screaming scrote and moid no one would have defended themselves or made 200 replies

No. 239156

You are a retarded poser. If you like idol games, post your full combos or ssr collections kek.

No. 239157

/m/ is closed dumbass
and no one is obligated to use the /m/ thread
let people be

No. 239158

File: 1645298762253.gif (894.99 KB, 498x278, 169053245588.gif)

No. 239159

newfag moid schizo meds

No. 239160

According to this thread if you like it you're a scrote and if you don't you're a scrote

No. 239161

There's a difference between disliking it and getting seriously angry about it.

No. 239164

Read the thread, the original anon said it's a bit cringe and left and the other anon who played the game called the game spammer an autist and that they moved the discussion to the /m/ thread.

No. 239165

File: 1645298820802.png (66.29 KB, 215x234, 569.png)

No. 239166

Jessica Jung's YouTube channel makes me feel poor and lonely

No. 239167

Why are you malding so hard? You don't actually want to talk about needy streamer overdose, you're just a combative tard.

No. 239168

My face when the newfag moid scrote anime weeb when the when new when my face w face when moid scrote weeb when the my weeb when the

No. 239169

No. 239170

File: 1645298929409.gif (622.55 KB, 500x281, 34a970056eee884860f04637ace774…)

Raise your hand if you've been called a moid or newfag today

No. 239171

>the other anon who played the game called the game spammer an autist
Not any of those anons but are you implying that all the different people who post about it are only one person?

No. 239172

shit taste, love live is ugly. idolmaster both looks better and has more variety with characters and music

No. 239173

File: 1645298971192.png (14.6 KB, 1186x128, shit.png)

>Ironically if she just asked them to move the discussion politely instead of screaming scrote and moid no one would have defended themselves or made 200 replies

This lmao, she even said she LIKED and played the game. Unironically the discussion should had ended when the other thread died but she continued to stir shit up.

No. 239174

>You are a retarded poser.
Stop being insufferable holy shit, only you can like NSO, and only you can like idol games, what a retard

No. 239175

Damn right. There is no equal to the lyrical masterpiece called AI LIKE HAMBURGER

No. 239176

Don't you dare insult my wife You (real) or we'll have a problem (after I am done having a date with her) (real) (and spending millions of dollars on the gacha as I am very rich) (real)

No. 239177

i take back what i said in the other thread about missing these threads when ot is back. you have disappointed me today. shame, shame on you.

No. 239180

File: 1645299065856.jpg (134.21 KB, 1080x1080, 6771cc78010cf6a9aed8e59a007938…)

kek I genuinely believe it's one schizo anon

No. 239181

File: 1645299067293.jpeg (16.33 KB, 143x177, 429D8DB9-97C5-4239-8777-01CCFC…)


No. 239182

Nah, I dunno. I think anyone would get angry if they were called tranny or male, since we all hate trannies and males in here.

No. 239183

File: 1645299107800.jpeg (15.65 KB, 244x216, 47E3E350-BC08-4128-A003-8288F3…)

NTA but that was obviously a jokey post. Wtf is even going on in this thread. Do you WANT to infight or are you so autistic you cannot tell jokes?

No. 239184

File: 1645299111957.jpeg (42.7 KB, 275x268, 1645148246325.jpeg)

Y'all are getting mad at animu girls but personally I find the worst offenders of animated scrote coomer pandering to be "sexy" furry girls like Minerva Mink

No. 239185

It really feels like one manic anon obsessively replying to a bunch of posters.

No. 239186

You started this infight lmao

No. 239187

I'd bet my life savings that there are no scrotes invested in this discussion

No. 239188

I'm a medicated schizo irl and I'm tired of having my people sullied as comparison to these retards

No. 239190

Im convinced anyone who keeps pedaling the "normal, stable woman" meme hasn't been close to more than a few women

No. 239191

I have a stray cat friend that likes to come inside and visit or nap for a couple hours a days a few times a week for the past 3 years. He's such a treasure and I'm so thankful for this kitty! We aren't allowed to keep cats in my apartment and my partner is inflexible about that, so for now this is the perfect scenario.

No. 239192

The new Kirby game has this horrible obviously pandering to furries design in it, some leopard or something. I hate it. Stay away from Kirby you degens

No. 239193

I don't play/watch idolmaster or Love Live but I think idolmaster looks better tbh
Plus it has SideM so

No. 239194

I've been here since creation of lc and have literally never been called that despite liking some scrote-targeted stuff.

No. 239195

Agreed, discussion should had ended with "hey don't minimod what others can or can't post" but she continued and continued calling others newfags and scrotes.

No. 239196

everybody is infighting no one will know i have no friends

No. 239197

Who is 'she'

No. 239198

I really don't think you would care this much unless that reply was directed at you, you're shitting up the thread as well

No. 239199

File: 1645299261982.png (101.18 KB, 250x377, furfag shit.png)

Like this? I fully admit I feel a wave of sperging coming up when I see "sexy" furry designs like this… something in me hates it maybe because it's usually put in kids shows shamelessly while at least anime waifus are in shit for obvious teenage/adult otakus.

No. 239200

i dont know who the (c)rap anon everyone is talking about is and at this point im too afraid to ask

No. 239201

The way you worded doesn't seem like a joke to me

No. 239202

You don't think I'm your friend nonnie?????

No. 239203

No. 239204

I haven't played any idolmaster type games before, any recommendations for a newfag, any that have both male and female characters?

No. 239205

NTA means not that anon AKA not the anon you were replying to

No. 239206

She would go on diatribes about how rap is crap in the celebricows thread in /ot/.

No. 239207

there being multiple im@s nonnies makes me feel happy. i could live party with someone from here or see one of you on the sidem event ranks at any time… thrilling

No. 239208

can you all please fucking shut it

No. 239209

No. 239210

Yes, that. It's awful. Some of the newer Pokémon designs are awful too.
Have you tried Genshin nonnie? Not many gacha have both male and female characters in the same game unfortunately

No. 239211

No. 239212

Yall still fightin

No. 239213

No. 239214

Oh the anon that said I was a neanderthal for liking an underground UK rapper who has no sexualized lyrics. She just won't admit she hates people of a certain demographic

No. 239215

Literal zoomer cancer with no content.

No. 239216

The aesthetics are quite nice

No. 239217

prosekai has both. im@s has both men and women, but they're in different branches with occasional crossovers.

No. 239218

Can the next /ot/ containment thread have the same thread pic but edited so that the sign says "NO FUN ALLOWED" and the nonnies screaming at eachother.

No. 239220

See this is what I mean, this fucking poster keeps calling everything "zoomer" "newfag" etc. They read like a 4chan moid that doesn't want their mainstream games being talked here.

No. 239221

Kek, that post called out every single thing anons said about the game yesterday

No. 239223

Did anyone screenshot the last drawings on aggie before they were deleted?

No. 239224

someone needs to draw this

No. 239225

and set nonnies on fire, seems fitting for the current state of this thread

No. 239226

The aesthetics are quite nice

No. 239227

No. 239228

>this poster
Hate to tell you, but you're a schizo. Go play a good MMO like guild wars 2,the mesmer class is fun.

No. 239229

add the retarded pixel art girl gamer too because thats what caused the fire

No. 239230

I'm happy for you nona, that sounds awesome.

>Stay away from Kirby you degens
too bad, there are people who are openly furries working in the Japanese game industry. Like that one furry artist who got hired to redesign an anthro character in the Secret of Mana remake (or whatever the fuck it was)

No. 239231

And she likes shitty pop punk and hideous 2000's aesthetics which look like garbage vomitted on garbage and barely a tier above the crap she always spergs about. I would understand at least if she stuff like 70s rock (no matter how much memed it is) or even 80s new wave but nope.. just the same soulless corporate pedo crap

No. 239232

No thanks, scrote.

No. 239233

File: 1645299666234.webm (4.11 MB, 853x480, reviewbrah depression.webm)

yea y'all chan

No. 239234

Also "based lolcow game"

No. 239236

I don't like Genshin anymore but it has more content than most gacha games. I can't think of many more that are unisex.
I just remembered Project Sekai has both men and women in. It's a rhythm game with a bunch of vocaloid songs in and some of the vocaloids in along with original characters if you're into that.

No. 239237

I like how anons recommend genshin while at the same time raging in their threads about coomerbait and lack of fanservice for women

No. 239238

kek love this

No. 239239

Damn that hits hard

No. 239240

Does the bait taste oishii? You guys keep taking it

No. 239241

You taste oishii

No. 239242

File: 1645299945455.gif (1.96 MB, 498x278, 731a86a4f5.gif)

No. 239243

im@sfags are always so insecure about love live

No. 239244

totemo oishii, yeah

No. 239245

Thanks I missed it among all the infighting.
Everyone needs to take a chillpill.

No. 239246

File: 1645299987863.png (3.85 KB, 475x82, 23456787654321.png)

lolcow's own screencaps repreSENT

No. 239248

I'm the one who asked for unisex game recs and that >>239215 isnt me, just more bait

No. 239249

What should I eat after being sick?
I had really bad diarrhea and I still feel pretty bad. Feels like I can only eat plain foods right now. Any recommendations?

No. 239251

I miss the consoomer thread

No. 239252

Does anyone else hate it how American character designers make ugly ass dudes but then hot women? Why are they so afraid of hot men?

No. 239253

This thread is disappointing, you guys are disappointing, imagine larping as a manhater only to allow scrotes to post shit like this >>239102 and went totally unnoticed, bunch of retards, you guys suck

No. 239254

Any game with both male and female characters will always have a ratio of 80:20 f:m and malegaze pander to scrote while letting the female playerbase get leftover scraps

No. 239255

Don't worry nonnie I knew that. If you try any of them out let me know what you think! I think Arknights and Granblue are unisex too but I haven't played them yet.

No. 239256

Yeah but genshin is still an awful game to recommend to you. If you want unisex games that are fun, try Arknights or Alchemy Stars or Granblue Fantasy.

No. 239258

Plain white rice and cooked carrot (you can pass the carrots if you don't want) and a ripe banana

No. 239259


No. 239260

I've given a lot of thought to Komaeda's cock, actually. I've been wondering if he'd have white pubes OR if it gets pinker/darker the further down it goes. I read that his healthy hair colour is strawberry blonde so ginger pubes is also a possibility. I think his actual dick probably is about average/slightly above (6.5 inches?) and not especially thick. Balls probably high and tight and bald. Uncircumcised, with a nice bell end that's a pearly blue-pink. You can probably see the blue of his veins on the shaft because he's so pale. I think he probably has a kind of weird upward curve as well, and when erect it leans slightly to the right. Probably a grower. I have a real issue with doujins that either give him a monster cock or a cocktail sausage depending on his role.
Me personally, though, I want to see what that stump do.

No. 239261

Adrian Brody

No. 239263

>i'm such a troll haha funny
kill yourself

No. 239264

File: 1645300232361.gif (2.33 MB, 498x276, love-live-nico.gif)

I don't get the appeal of love live

No. 239265

No. 239266

I've given a lot of thought to Komaeda's cock, actually. I've been wondering if he'd have white pubes OR if it gets pinker/darker the further down it goes. I read that his healthy hair colour is strawberry blonde so ginger pubes is also a possibility. I think his actual dick probably is about average/slightly above (6.5 inches?) and not especially thick. Balls probably high and tight and bald. Uncircumcised, with a nice bell end that's a pearly blue-pink. You can probably see the blue of his veins on the shaft because he's so pale. I think he probably has a kind of weird upward curve as well, and when erect it leans slightly to the right. Probably a grower. I have a real issue with doujins that either give him a monster cock or a cocktail sausage depending on his role.
Me personally, though, I want to see what that stump do.

No. 239267

she's right

No. 239268

they consider the hot ones 'gay' and the ugly ones 'manly' and that's all they care about

No. 239269

Because their shit is marketed at moids and Japanese shit with cute guys in it generally is marketed to women as well
There are plenty of examples of Japanese garbage that is only for scrotes with sexy women and plain, hideous men

No. 239270

Saying that Komaeda has a micropenis is slander. I appreciate your creativity and imagination and it's clear that you've thought about it and paid attention to the source material, but you're fucking wrong.

I have revised my views on both his dick and balls in the last six months:
His balls are probably a bit saggy and dark pink. Proper man balls, but still not hairy. The odd sprouting hair at most. I imagine the skin texture on them to be that of a plucked goose.
As for his shaft, I have reason to believe that he does in fact have a large penis, in contrast to my original vision of a 6.5in length. I think it's probably about 8 inches erect, and not a skinny dick either - nicely girthy. The reason for this is that in-world, other characters find him creepy and repellent despite noting his physical beauty (e.g. Genocider Syo calling him a pretty boy in UDG). It would be just Komaeda's luck for him to have a beautiful, perfect penis but nobody who wants to go near it. Another cruel joke played on him by fate.
I still picture his cock to be a beautiful pearly pink which gets progressively darker towards the tip. Delicate blue veins. Slightly curved upwards in a way that nudges against the g-spot.

I also feel compelled to briefly talk about this headcanon. How the fuck is he going to have freckles on his cock? He's not whipping it out nearly enough to have freckles. I have face freckles, but I don't have any on my vulva because freckles are literally just fashionable sun damage.
Mushroom heads are fucking gross, too. He'd have a nice delicate tip, and though I don't have any solid basis to make that assertion, I just know. I feel it in my pussy.

The only unpleasant thing I realised recently though, when I was writing about the state of his cum as Servant, is that he probably had a lot of smegma at that time. I can't imagine him really washing his cock very often, given his blatant disregard for his body and well-being. That said, I still can't honestly say that I would turn him down.

Don't reply with your personal penis headcanons, I don't want to hear them because I know that I am correct. Inb4 "teehee komaeda has a micropeen", don't fucking try me. I won't sperg harder, it won't be funny, but I will probably get very annoyed IRL and struggle to sleep.
YES I am serious about this. NO I am not autistic

No. 239271

I just checked my bpd ex best friend's twitter and apparently she joined the antivaxx + covid is a conspiracy + haes deathfat crew. She was always a little insane but apparently she's going pro. I'm lucky I got out before it got too bad.

No. 239272

Any cows you miss? /snow/ is turning into /pt/ which is lame because imo, /snow/ had, by far, more milk than the dried up carcasses in /pt/, but that's changing. Anyway, I miss Ginger Bronson and that one sex worker girl that kinda looked like she had down syndrome (I think she's the "daddy's little porkchop" girl). also, anyone remember that one very short lived thread on /snow/ about that black tumblr user who was obsessed with school shootings and bragged about owning big guns? I was kinda disappointed that it was locked though I understand why, but imo tumblr has the best cows

No. 239274

You should reply this copypasta to the scrote itt not me, you retard

No. 239275

thanks nonnies

side note: has anyone else noticed if you sage a post, afterwards the "sage" moves to the name/subject field or the file/youtube field in your browser? its happened across desktop and mobile and sometimes I reload a thread and its sage in all the text fields.

No. 239276

No. 239277

When you think about it, epstein was just another victim of white women’s infinite depravity.

No. 239278

File: 1645300429016.gif (Spoiler Image,513.61 KB, 500x350, B39EE5C3-BA3C-4FB6-9C9A-FA4F84…)

No. 239279

snow is unbrowsable nowadays imo. I liked the Nicole Dollanganger thread

No. 239280

Why do American men think ugly men are manly, is it insecurity and jealousy over beautiful men?
But its weird how American moids never make stuff marketed to women, unlike Japanese moids who will SOMETIMES do it

No. 239281

Y'all see it already or what?

No. 239282

I just wanted to look through threads again since it’s been awhile. It is pretty dead though. I just was irritated by the fact that I couldn’t find it without someone linking it once in a blue moon, so now I know.

No. 239283

Epstein's island belongs to radfems and should be repatriated and colonized exclusively by women

No. 239284

why would you think about male genitalia this much

No. 239285

I already said it earlier in this thread but got ignored >>239140

No. 239286

Oh here comes Mrs. So-Sexy-And-Desirable-By-Many, making a post directed at Armin Arlert (アルミン・アルレルト), who is the 15th and current commander of the Survey Corps, and one of the two deuteragonists of the series. Shut the fuck up. You're probably all fat and ugly in real life with crippling depression that won't save you anymore so that's why you're here on Lolcow, sperging over a fictional character while acting like you're morally superior than him in the first place. Have you taken a look at yourself? Ugly and stinking the whole place up. You probably cackled to yourself while shitting that paragraph up, thinking it's the funniest thing ever and will find a place on that funny Lolcow posts thread. Guess what, you're fucking embarrassing. Armin is literally the 104th Commander of the Survey corps, an excellent soldier, a man capable of understanding empathy and respect towards everyone, a specimen who will save humanity, a god who is sexy like no other and has a bunch of sexy women on his excessive shaft too.. and you? A random nobody who needs to add more lines to her already scarred wrist. Kill yourself and make your parents happy once. Worthless piece of shit. No wonder you're sperging a like that to begin with. Nothing in your life probably makes you happy anymore - and you don't make anyone in your life happy either - so you have to take your disgusting, bitter hatred out on making comments like that directed to THE man himself.

>I promise you will never be uglier than this vaguely man-like creature.

Wow, haha. Total own. Epic. Go kill yourself, retard.

No. 239287

Invalid and incorrect. Thanks to the powers of your antagonistic shitposting and my raging mental illness, I have given this more thought than perhaps any other living person. That makes me the most qualified person on this board to talk about Komaeda's penis. You can post pics of my love and make fun of me, it's fine. You can all pretend to be me and act like I don't shower, and I can laugh and take a joke as well as the next anon, but every sperg has their limits and you know that. I have spent hours imagining the cool, damp skin of his genitals and some nights have almost felt the weight of them resting on my nose and cheeks. There's a lot of meat there, I know it. Just from the weight alone. He's got a beautiful big schmeat. I will not accept this slander and revisionism.
It's canon, Nagito Komaeda has a monster dick. NAGITO KOMAEDA HAS A GORGEOUS PENIS. It's not toxic, except during the UDG arc during which I'm reasonably sure he was a bit crusty and stinky and didn't wash often. But to be fair to him, where is he going to get fresh hooker clothes or wash his laundry on a blimp full of kids in the middle of a civil war? And I bet he comes in his pants more than average, which isn't a flaw, just the sign of a highly sexed man. And he almost certainly fingers himself, maybe even with Junko Enoshima's corpse hand. I can't justify that for him but it's very sexy so it's fine. Personally I'd still bask in the musk and maybe even taste some of the buildup but I'm aware that it's an acquired taste, like stilton or olives, so I'll let you off for that.
Anyway at other points in his life, he's shown to be very clean and tidy. First thing he does after a plane crash? Has a shower under a waterfall. His cabin during SDR2? Immaculate. The one skill he's actually proud of? His ability to clean. Someone even says he would make a good househusband (Mahiru or Mikan, maybe)? Would you ever suggest that a man who was noticeably stinky or had a cheesy dick would be a good househusband? No. I bet all of the characters were actually rightfully getting a little excited about the prospect of a character who 1) is respectful to women and not a stupid scrote; 2) is not as ugly as the average Danganronpa character; 3) is rich as Croesus; 4) can and will clean 5) is actually a pretty nice guy who just has some problems based on his illness and his past trauma; and finally, 6) probably eats pussy like a man starved.

Also, to the anon who keeps posting lazy sprite art of my boy which looks like it should be a transparent PNG but saved in the wrong format (you know, with the ugly chequered grey-and-white background), get your act together. Pretending to be a Komaeda stan is one thing, but shitty aesthetics on your low-effort, low-value, shitty shitposts when using his image is quite another. At least find some pretty, hi-res (and preferably horny) fanart that I haven't seen yet. Try Pixiv.

No. 239288

kek I didn't know about this, awww I wanna give her a hug (also based)

No. 239289

They are all clearly said in jest, anon

No. 239290

no y'all, i sleep

No. 239291

>But its weird how American moids never make stuff marketed to women, unlike Japanese moids who will SOMETIMES do it
You are a delusional weeb who idolizes those Japanese moids

No. 239293

File: 1645300636815.jpg (35.5 KB, 750x742, 1615232495357.jpg)

Is there seriously not a single place on the internet where one can be safe from retarded anime coomers? I can't live like this

No. 239294

I used to enjoy cows back in the day when they were interesting, but the old cows (the ones I followed) are now gone and 90% of the new "cows" are boring as shit. Every boring influencer with the littlest bit of stupidity has a thread on there. It's like with the massive influx of online personalities, the good milk actually became sparse.

No. 239295

I may be straight but this photo is just vile to me

No. 239296

So all the bishonen characters were made by women then? kek

No. 239297

I understand your pain nonnie. Keep your head up and don't let the coomers get to you.

No. 239298

>also, anyone remember that one very short lived thread on /snow/ about that black tumblr user who was obsessed with school shootings and bragged about owning big guns? I was kinda disappointed that it was locked though I understand why, but imo tumblr has the best cows
It turned out it wasn't self posting, it should be unlocked imo.

No. 239299

I hate when I feel myself sobering up from drinking. I was enjoying the buzz asshole

No. 239300

shit bait, you will not ruin the vibe of this thread again

No. 239301

This is an imageboard.

No. 239302

lipstickalley and facebook

No. 239303

I hate men so fucking much, they're worthless cum-machines who have no purpose in this world besides killing and cooming, gross entities cursed to cause chaos and misery with their mere existence, scrotes should feel glad they are unable to feel emotions or shame cause if they could they would kill themselves

No. 239304

Teenie series are made by moids and have hot male actors as well

No. 239305

How was it determined that it wasn't selfposting? Bc iirc she had a harem of simps and the anon who posted their hand as proof was white, but all her simps were white so it could have been one of them. In any case, I still wish it wasn't locked though because it was incredibly entertaining!

No. 239306

Sounds accurate, but also make /ot/ friends or somehow related with 2X because
1. 2X threads used to be on /ot/
2. the complaining on /meta/ about pp/radfem/manhate threads (supposedly) leaking into /ot/ after the board was created contributed to /2X/ being closed down again
3. And after that the entirety /ot/ just turned into vicious manhate by default kek

No. 239308

My og cow that brought me here was Holly Brown. I miss when her threads used to be poppin’. So many cows suck now, I pretty much only visit snow for ftm/mtf now.

No. 239310

how the fuck is >>239281 bait?

No. 239311

I haven't found any American actor to be particularly hot after the 1990s decade, except maybe the Twilight actors. Far less common than in JP and South Korean media tho

No. 239313

why did these threads have to devolve into infighting and bait. the first day or so was so comfy

No. 239314

File: 1645301008618.jpg (27.59 KB, 453x453, 3w1nx5mt5px11.jpg)

This thread is clearly being raided by scrotes right now, are you all retarded?

No. 239315

A man's sole purpose and reason to wake up is to defile; even he knows his semen is vile yet his existence is hellbent on spreading it everywhere, no matter the shit quality of his genes. If you really think about it, this is genetic terrorism and a crime against humanity.

No. 239316

Japan and the US have different beauty standards and different cultures which resulted in different attitudes towards male homosexuality and androgyny
Also of fucking course a beautiful man with feminine qualities looks less manly than an ugly but muscular man

No. 239317

File: 1645301068783.jpeg (52.94 KB, 622x622, 1644956160994.jpeg)

AAAAND there it is. Told y'all those 4chan sounding retards screeching at people obsessively for liking scrote stuff were in fact scrotes themselves. Get prepared for another wave of goreposting by spamming as much of your images in counter attack as possible nonnies

No. 239318

Because the screencaps that had the edit button on them were taken from her blog, it looked like anon was logged into her account but she wasn't. Also she talked shit about lolcow so she clearly doesn't like having a thread.

No. 239319


No. 239320

no, you are. Just shut the fuck up and move on retard, what do you want me to do? Track a fucking imageboard post IP address?

No. 239322

Moids mad their bait didn't get attention will reply to themselves

No. 239323

Yeah, the love live scrote and the hentai game girls scrote are obvious

No. 239324

This. Gonna take a break from this thread and play video games whos with me

No. 239325

File: 1645301154934.gif (2.01 MB, 280x498, nagito-dance-danganronpa-milic…)

there were no obvious scrote posts before someone started sperging about how everyone is a scrote, therefore i assume it's them (you?) samefagging to prove their retarded point

No. 239326

No. 239327

There are masculine yet beautiful men, nonny. The moids US scrotes call peak masculine often look very asymmetrical, old, and strange looking.

No. 239328

You're the one being obvious, scrote

No. 239329

More like your false flags to own the weebs

No. 239330

Yes, and they're samefagging to replies with the same generic 4chan aggressive tone to throw off the scent. This is some intense raid since most of the new posts are obviously from that writing style.

No. 239331

I admire Arminstacies

No. 239332


No. 239333

You fucking idiots, that's what happens when you defend scrote shit, same shit happened at the fujo vs yume thread when a scrote posted literal hentai and of course anons didn't notice until it was too late

No. 239334

you're the only one samefagging. you realize literally no one is falling for it

No. 239335

report and shut up

No. 239338

I'm just gonna assume all of you referencing video games and anime are moids from now on, have fun with your scrotertainment, hope your prostate explodes.

No. 239339

File: 1645301457111.webm (5.44 MB, 480x480, O5CG.webm)

shut the fuck up with your y'all namefagging tier shit

No. 239340

admin should just lock the whole site until things start working again

No. 239341


No. 239342

You really do sound like an assblasted retard who doesn't like when others enjoy what you like. What's wrong with anons here relating to this game, really? And what's wrong with relating it to lolcow when a lot of people tend to relate their interests to one another? Relating it to lolcow is literally the only good thing about this fucking moid game, because otherwise it seems like another piece of media that panders to crazy males. Farmers liking it is not the worst thing in the planet. You really sound like a moid straight from the videogame boards of 4chan that only wants males and trannies liking their very speshul game.

No. 239343

No. 239344

Fuck off scrote

No. 239346

what you bought nonna?

No. 239347

We're linked to on 4chan daily now, so take a guess.

No. 239348

File: 1645301564216.jpeg (46 KB, 326x433, 565F7165-C29E-470D-A137-AABA70…)

I was so female-socialised that when I was 13, I would Google about how to give blowjobs and until I was 15-16, my sense of sexuality revolved around pleasing men and not myself

No. 239349

this, i hope anyone who likes that shit here commits sudoku, shit taste and scrote bait
keep posting your anime tits, you worthless XY

No. 239350

>she is still seething and coping because a random stranger on the internet bullied her
Just post whatever you want lmao

No. 239351

File: 1645301598662.jpg (135.06 KB, 625x848, 3fd2db1e7ceff1dda5f5123523c51c…)

You guys can stay here arguing on a broken website or come to crystal cafe where it's actually comfy

No. 239353

no, fuck off

No. 239354

File: 1645301637837.gif (30.03 KB, 220x220, drawing-pusheen.gif)

No. 239355

>crystal cafe
A place full of trannies? no thanks.

No. 239356

No. 239358

Everyone infighting and calling each other scrotes, no thanks.

No. 239359

You missed the whole point. The anon was called an autist for posting the game and images from it too much, it's not a problem that it's a coomer game for moids.

No. 239360

The things scrotes make marketed towards women in America is often coomer propoganda to normalize gross shit, this especially applies for shows, movies and books marketed towards teen girls and college aged women, everything is just bizarrely sexual for no reason

No. 239362

I preferred the kpop raid to this tbh nonnies

No. 239363

Wait I'm a bit slow on the lore. So the people who called others scrotes are scrotes and they are also scrotes?

No. 239365

Most of that are just moids samefagging, you know.

No. 239366

yes, I'm sick of it.

No. 239367

I don't like this pic despite finding it kinda funny. It's because the original Gigachad is supposed to be a ridiculous exaggeration of what moids think women see as the perfect man, a parody of an ideal that is impossible to achieve. This woman is actually attractive and doesn't look goofy like Gigachad at all

No. 239368

Loverdose by Diesel! I'm new to perfume in general but I really love Black Opium by YSL and I'm trying out different perfumes that are within the same kind of family. I also purchased Lolita Lempicka Mon Premier and I'm v v excite. no consoomer bully pls these were splurges and treats for me

No. 239369

I preffer the dog boy being posted too

No. 239371

isn't seeing this kind of shit after aggressive retarded infighting you only see on 4chan (and not the usual catty farmer type of fights, not insulting btw) not suspicious to you?

No. 239372

And the other infighting anon was called an autist for minimodding what others can and can't post despite she herself liking her shitty game.

No. 239373

I don't like the pic either, it just looks like thirstposting made by a male.

No. 239374

go back

No. 239375

I wish I was fluent enough in English to sperg about my husbando('s dick) like this

No. 239376

*suspicious, not not suspicious

No. 239377

Imagine easing a needle or two into a man's piss slit and then hammering it into his urethra. God, men deserve the best.

No. 239379

The things scrotes make marketed towards women in Japan is often lolicon propoganda to normalize submissive women shit, this especially applies for shows, movies and books marketed towards middle school age girls and boys, everything is just bizarrely sexual for no reason

No. 239380

Kpopfags PLEASE post dog boy and funny ironic "crying" girl. I never thought I'd say this but… I miss you weirdos…

No. 239382

File: 1645302035496.jpg (47.34 KB, 485x632, c63b2558ea5d3afa910c69b427b7d6…)

Anons any chance we could have a celebricows thread on snow? There's a lotta of milk with the kanye shit going on.

No. 239383

Yes, either that or the moids were influenced by female-made characters or trends in female-oriented media to make characters that appeal to women.

No. 239384

I hate men so fucking much, they're worthless cum-machines who have no purpose in this world besides killing and cooming, gross entities cursed to cause chaos and misery with their mere existence, scrotes should feel glad they are unable to feel emotions or shame cause if they could they would kill themselves. Being a scrote is shameful and anti-natura, they're broken

No. 239385

File: 1645302096492.jpg (60.4 KB, 420x540, Tumblr_l_43429339283536.jpg)

Let's do it

No. 239386

File: 1645302125724.gif (2.11 MB, 371x498, 2839939293.gif)

This is what happens when you lock retards in a bunker

No. 239387

This, and most of the actors hired are ugly as shit. The vast majority of American scrote celebrities are horrendously unattractive and uninteresting. I've never been a yellow fever fag but south korean celebrities and japanese animu bois are much preferable than the ugly as shit american cartoon or oldfag actor

No. 239388

Yes. I'm glad she took my suggestion and closed /ot/ unintentionally

No. 239389

File: 1645302157769.jpg (75.54 KB, 615x610, kill yourself.jpg)

No. 239390

Nice, I love Lolita Lempicka but I've worn it so much that now it gives me a massive headache sadly

No. 239391

Which is unlike American moids who won't try to pander to women at all because they think it's gay

No. 239392

Posting top tier kpop

No. 239393

File: 1645302201724.jpg (68.51 KB, 720x710, WHOS TAHT CHICK WHOS THAT CHIC…)

where im at

No. 239394

I just don't get why weaboos (yes, actual weaboos, not anime fans in general) get so defensive and start talking how Japanese media is superior to western media. That's high school level cringe.

No. 239395

File: 1645302276652.gif (1.11 MB, 340x317, descarga.gif)


No. 239396

File: 1645302280687.jpg (Spoiler Image,1002.63 KB, 1965x2301, Bristol-Stool-Chart.jpg)

Tag yourself I'm type 4

No. 239397

Post komaeda

No. 239398

not a kpopfag but i already posted one, scroll up

No. 239399

File: 1645302337627.png (20.74 KB, 274x344, IMG_20220220_042127.png)

Just a drawing room reminder to try and keep your drawings to 3 layers (there's a layer limit) and to try not to take up too much space (palm size is good) so all anons get to draw! Pic featuring a saiki doodle I really love, you drew his energy perfectly anon!

No. 239400

File: 1645302357751.png (349.97 KB, 755x742, imagen_2022-02-19_142559.png)

Everyone let's just post dumb cats and ignore everything else. Join me!

No. 239401

File: 1645302393307.png (137.43 KB, 400x400, imagen_2022-02-19_142614.png)

No. 239402

>that's what happens when you defend scrote shit, same shit happened at the fujo vs yume thread
Who defended "scrote shit" in that thread? link to it

No. 239403

File: 1645302410667.jpg (36.09 KB, 1032x774, 91796224_2874289442657806_7846…)

oooh yeh, catposting party

No. 239404

I have bunny poop

No. 239405

No. 239406

Cats are such a meme. H8 em

No. 239407

File: 1645302446955.png (184.77 KB, 605x497, imagen_2022-02-19_142729.png)

No. 239408

The most pitifully amusing thing about moid raids is how they always peter out after an hour or so because their chronic masturbation schedule prevents them from doing anything in life to any degree of consistency

Just ignore and their monkey brain will have them bored and back to their pornhub tab within minutes

No. 239409

>Stay away from Kirby you degens
Surprisingly, Kirby fandom has always been filled with unironic degenerates.

No. 239411

Why is there a tradwife thread on /g/? Disgusting >>>/g/212315

No. 239412

File: 1645302467392.gif (590.91 KB, 220x220, sof-cat-cute.gif)


No. 239413

File: 1645302480884.png (211.35 KB, 474x474, imagen_2022-02-19_142740.png)

No. 239414

No. 239415

File: 1645302504733.png (63.38 KB, 243x207, imagen_2022-02-19_142827.png)

No. 239416

Fujo schizos were saying how anything straight women like is basically like coomer hentai when I was there a month ago, kek

No. 239417

File: 1645302528040.png (474.62 KB, 800x800, imagen_2022-02-19_142849.png)

No. 239418

File: 1645302542349.gif (5.29 MB, 175x219, tumblr_53cea6e102b72bd04427dee…)

You don't mean that nonnie, you don't actually think that. I AM GASLIGHTING YOU

No. 239419

File: 1645302559759.jpg (15.97 KB, 360x299, bb740b43dd4e18fa5ce11ed3531690…)

No. 239421

Eaten up with guilt, shame, fears and insecurities and obtaining, if he's lucky, a barely perceptible physical feeling, the male is, nonetheless, obsessed with screwing; he'll swim a river of snot, wade nostril-deep through a mile of vomit, if he thinks there'll be a friendly pussy awaiting him. He'll screw a woman he despises, any snaggle-toothed hag, and, further, pay for the opportunity. Why? Relieving physical tension isn't the answer, as masturbation suffices for that. It's not ego satisfaction; that doesn't explain screwing corpses and babies.

No. 239422

File: 1645302582832.png (144.06 KB, 520x520, imagen_2022-02-19_142901.png)

No. 239423

File: 1645302593575.jpg (42.23 KB, 600x319, lolrus (2).jpg)

Oldfag who still prefers lolrus to lolcats

No. 239424

File: 1645302619419.png (177.82 KB, 480x472, imagen_2022-02-19_143021.png)

No. 239425

I’m not trying to racebait I just need some clarification nonnies
Why are Latinos considered such in the US and not considered to be Native American? I see people talk about how a lot of Latinos are mixed with Spanish but are they not just Native/European? Sorry if this is mega stupid.

No. 239426

File: 1645302657014.png (308.69 KB, 500x666, imagen_2022-02-19_143033.png)

when two nonnies infight

No. 239427

stop spamming cat pics and answer my question kek you’re no fun

No. 239429

File: 1645302690688.png (1.26 MB, 1407x700, unknown-2.png)

What if you're wrong and you're actually getting mocked by a woman or girl for being so invested in these topics? That would be embarassing

No. 239430

File: 1645302719628.png (53.94 KB, 225x225, imagen_2022-02-19_143108.png)

No. 239431

File: 1645302722875.jpg (23.25 KB, 400x468, 0a52fff2e83a1ecf66201f1c74b593…)

No. 239432

Sad part it wasn't always like this, men (the wealthy ones anyways) used to love dressing up and showing off their attractiveness by the wigs and clothes they could afford. Men only started believing attractiveness at all was a gay or feminine thing until porn sickness hit the mainstream. I theorize this is actually related to why they have such sexlessness issues, pornsickness and being too stubborn to make themselves look good

No. 239433

British dub of Urusei Yatsura is the best out there kek

No. 239434

This unironically. Also women who like dumb questionable weebshit exist just saying

No. 239435

There's a lot of racism from Latinos towards 'indios' so it's common for that part to be brushed off

No. 239436

Because native american refers to natives of the north american continent not mesoamerica

No. 239437

File: 1645302817760.png (309.05 KB, 720x484, imagen_2022-02-19_143301.png)

No. 239438

Too bad Lum is an awful pick-me that wants the attention of a coomer moid. Rumiko's other heroines are better.

No. 239439

dumb bait

No. 239440

why is there a tradwife thread on /g/ I’m scared hold me

No. 239441

File: 1645302974175.jpg (46.5 KB, 712x534, 172159579101477.jpg)

Cat spam brings nonas together.

No. 239442

File: 1645302989250.png (945.46 KB, 1200x1200, imagen_2022-02-19_143627.png)

Not all of it, just look how much cute kirby shit there is

No. 239443

File: 1645302988989.gif (3 MB, 540x303, konata.gif)

No. 239445

>woman or girl

No. 239446

File: 1645303034894.png (233.95 KB, 398x498, imagen_2022-02-19_143716.png)

Because lolcow isnt a hivemind and I guess it was made a long time ago. Back to cat posting

No. 239447

it being a textboard right now is pretty comfy imo, but there aren't many active husbandofags in there


I think a better one would be an very photoshopped pic of a model with a cartoonishly tiny waist and cartoonishly massive boobs, as well as an extremely photoshopped face with "perfect" features that is so fake and weird looking it doesn't look attractive but makes you laugh. That would be my ideal "gigastacy" to use as a reaction pic.

No. 239448

File: 1645303073348.jpg (58.24 KB, 735x773, 02929bae3c3fe522c44dfb6779029b…)

No. 239449

Bitch you just commited emoji crime, delete

No. 239450

File: 1645303094104.jpg (64.97 KB, 552x717, 20fef1bcce2a7514bfa1f6bc9845fc…)

No. 239452

Latinos is a nationality, not a race. Latinos from Mexico for example are mixed with spanish but mostly indio blood, indios and natives are not the same nor live in the same areas

No. 239453

dni if you think fiction = reality

No. 239454

>I think a better one would be an very photoshopped pic of a model with a cartoonishly tiny waist and cartoonishly massive boobs, as well as an extremely photoshopped face with "perfect" features that is so fake and weird looking it doesn't look attractive but makes you laugh. That would be my ideal "gigastacy" to use as a reaction pic.
Ewwwwwww I hate bimbofication shit. Fuck off with that fetishy shit

No. 239455

baby nooooooooooooo

No. 239457

File: 1645303216858.jpg (67.85 KB, 564x745, 4345a78c101600b89b10a6db1e3cbb…)

Honestly I just got it from SCUM manifesto

No. 239458

File: 1645303224895.jpg (137.43 KB, 1092x1200, En1F8evWEAA6ncS.jpg)

This, everyone is so autistic nowadays

No. 239459

:( okay I’m done with this I need the nannies to come and ban the cat spammer(:()

No. 239460

He sneezed in the FRISKIES EXTRA GRAVY

No. 239461

Me too, like, we get it, you love bishies and hate western video game protagonists, you don't need to post paragraphs about it all the time

No. 239462

Depends on the topic

No. 239463

>What's wrong with men
literally everything

No. 239464

you need a ban too

No. 239465

Sorry for my incredibly late reply but I remember watching ValkyrieAurora's videos about Nier and other Japanese games before she shut down her channel out of nowhere (it's back up again, though inactive). I haven't caught up with her since then. Had no idea she was milky and is into the vtuber scene. I looked her up on the lolcow search engine but there are hardly results. Could you share more about her? Only if you don't mind, of course.

No. 239466

File: 1645303327439.jpg (160.72 KB, 700x502, 60802088_p0.jpg)

Not the merch, I mean specifically the more fujo-ish character focused parts of the fandom.

No. 239468

anons from the drawing board, you're amazing and i love your art.

No. 239469

Look up the definition of a paragraph and sentence count, retard.

No. 239470

What's wrong with fujos? also cute pic

No. 239471

File: 1645303418805.jpg (15.55 KB, 575x562, 4b6f34052b184c459057b0829d071b…)

mfw anons reply to moid bait and not post cat pics

No. 239472

File: 1645303420334.gif (1.83 MB, 357x200, 4.gif)

this could be us nonabonas

No. 239473

nonnies a hellicopter just crashed on miami beach, caught on camera

No. 239474

File: 1645303430661.png (759.8 KB, 750x750, 1644698549394.png)

Agreed. I also love bishies, but anons have to be literally retarded to think one country with huge social issues has better media than the whole rest of the world.

No. 239475

File: 1645303432890.png (273.29 KB, 433x500, imagen_2022-02-19_144354.png)

Reported for male

No. 239476

i hate bishies tho, they all look like women what's the point?

No. 239477


No. 239478

File: 1645303515055.jpg (39.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

See this is why I think the girls posting about that pixel art videogame and other anime girls weren't scrotes but this one surely is.

No. 239479

meanwhile I just ignore all the bullshit, reply to good posts unrelated to the shitstorm, and report the obvious raid posts, then move on
lmaoing @ scrotes

No. 239480

he just revealed himself

No. 239481


im checkin rn
(kill me if i fell for it)

No. 239482

the rings that were posted in the last thread are kinda cool, but are they comfortable?

No. 239483

Depends on the kind of fujo.
>the based kind:
>sexualizes men for her own pleasure
>the shitty kind:
>screeches about women and straight relationships, makes degenerate scat/vomit/mpreg art

No. 239484


No. 239485

File: 1645303624483.png (1.87 MB, 1504x1530, valentinesmetasusie.png)

Oh, I don't explicitly hate fujos or anything like that. I'm not too good with words, I just meant I tend to see more weirder things in the more character-fanning parts of the fandom which is a good thing
>also cute pic
Thank you, despite how people feel about them, I ship them quite a lot.

No. 239486

is this real

No. 239487

I saw this beautiful dress in a dream and for the first time I actually have the materials on hand to make it. I lowkey I feel like a schizo but I’m gonna try and make it. Wish me luck nonnas

No. 239488

File: 1645303710987.jpg (28.17 KB, 563x470, le chat.jpg)

sometimes i would like to give every one of you a hug and a kiss

No. 239489

I can't find it, link to any source?

No. 239490

is the pentagon in miami beach

No. 239491

Pan's Catbryinth.

No. 239492

File: 1645303768697.gif (396.07 KB, 220x220, dancing-cat-swag.gif)

No. 239493

File: 1645303798017.gif (350.56 KB, 498x318, chewing.gif)

No. 239494

why does that matter?

No. 239495

and what's so interesting about an helicopter crashing?

No. 239496


No. 239497

kek i love you dumdums, mwah

No. 239498

Nta, but i looked up "miami beach" on google and it's all over the news section of google search.

No. 239499

bad joke nonna

No. 239500

i dont think ive ever seen one crash before

No. 239501

They go kaboom

No. 239504

is that real???

No. 239505

File: 1645303959523.png (162.74 KB, 600x600, imagen_2022-02-19_145242.png)

No. 239506

I saw the pixel game shit as standard image board hazing that happens to newfags
>lol you're an autist for posting about your new obsession so obviously

But inevitably posters change and sites become shittier and people want to be edgy for the sake of being edgy and anonymous.

No. 239507

File: 1645303989874.png (974.09 KB, 1200x900, imagen_2022-02-19_145308.png)

No. 239508


No. 239509


No. 239510

this just reminded me of when i went to watch the movie in the theatre by myself and after the showing a german girl came up to me and we talked about the film but i didn't get her contact info smh. a potential friend slipped away

No. 239511


No. 239512

File: 1645304087344.jpg (4.4 MB, 1608x2028, 6470394_so.jpg)

I'm really sorry that this is almost an hour late, I was sleeping, anyway please join!

No. 239513

"Latin American" is not a race, and it's more complicated than a nationality. It's a linguistic (Spanish/Portuguese), cultural and geographical category iirc. You could be 100% Amerindian or 100% Caucasian/European, or even 100% African and still be a Latin American because you were born and raised in Latin America. Racial classifications in the US are retarded. But most Latin Americans are mixed race. It would be even stupider to call Latinos "Native Americans" as in the original race that inhabited the Americas before contact with Europeans.

No. 239514

File: 1645304163028.jpg (181.06 KB, 1037x2048, 101817378_997111937357603_7828…)

they see me rolls, and they cannot help but hating.

No. 239515

hes just vibing fr fr on god

No. 239516

Hey Nonnas, homemade pizza bagel (lots of freshly grated cheese, sauce, and pepperoni) or spicy chicken breast with a salad topped with lots of fresh vegetables (and freshly grated cheese of course)? Which sounds good?

No. 239517

>but are they not just Native/European
Wouldn't that be the same as "mixed race"?

No. 239520

homemade pizza

No. 239521

File: 1645304404431.gif (3.42 KB, 62x62, ezgif-6-2e237b34973b.gif)


No. 239522

That's the fucking point. It should be a grotesque parody of what scrotes think the ideal womam is.

No. 239523

I have a very bizarre, subconscious fascination with 9/11 that I had since I was a kid so I guess thats why I tend to be interested in anything disaster related, especially related to aviation lol. It's fucked up I know sorry

No. 239524

They all left

No. 239526

File: 1645304535251.jpg (688.34 KB, 2560x1920, 91N2uUBujHL._RI_.jpg)

>especially related to aviation lol
omg nonna do you watch mayday/air disasters? i was obsessed last year

No. 239527

File: 1645304568369.jpg (1.14 MB, 2205x1453, hyenas vs cat.jpg)

No. 239530

This is scary, nona. I hope the kitty is okay.

No. 239532

It feels very weird working at a school and occasionally seeing 9/11 stories written by zoomers that weren’t even alive in 2001

No. 239534

Good luck nona

No. 239535

I have not but thank you you so much for giving me something to do on this boring Saturday afternoon!

No. 239536

I’m a virgin

No. 239537

chihayafuru is ending in 3 chapters

No. 239539

No. 239540

Anyone else getting error messages every time they post? Think they're the same as the ones on /ot/. I'm worried nonnas.

No. 239541

File: 1645304896068.jpg (444.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220219-210749_Chr…)

No. 239543


No. 239545

yes, everybody has been getting them since the other boards went down.

No. 239546

File: 1645304948480.gif (817.56 KB, 616x640, mima-perfect-blue.gif)

Where have you been

No. 239547

Everyone is getting error messages when they post.

No. 239549


Do you think war escalated by the Ukraine/Russia/US situation is gonna happen soon? YES OR NO, and please explain your reasoning down below!

No. 239550

"They" were the regular anons that shit these boards up.

No. 239551

No because they always say the same shit about countries that are enemies of NATO/the US.

No. 239552

How many marks is this question?

No. 239553

I'm still here(scrote)

No. 239554

Because…they're not native american. Mayan/aztec and white descent has nothing to do with real native americans who lived where America is

No. 239555

File: 1645305147620.jpg (71.79 KB, 700x468, hey you you're finally awake.j…)

No. 239556

why did NATO even continue to exist after the soviet union fell?

No. 239557

That's exactly what men want tho….

No. 239558

Why would it matter? You westerners didn't care last time anyway, or during the yugoslav wars which were even closer to central europe. NATO and american soldiers didn't do anything back then, the locals had to resolve it.

No. 239559

pickme vibes ngl

No. 239560

There are Native Americans in Mexico too

No. 239561

nonnies can you imagine the pain and devastation if /g/ hadn't survived the event? If we were looking at day 6 with no way to communicate at all? I would have gotten so much work done, KEK

No. 239562

i gotta do my fucking taxes ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck1!!!!!!

No. 239563

they didnt step in because the western world wanted yugoslavia to fall apart and instigated it

No. 239564

Damn, you're pathetic if a shitposting board affects your life.

No. 239565

The containment threads would have been in snow or pt instead.

No. 239566

I know that, but most of them are not.

No. 239567


No. 239568

No. 239569

There's a lot of native american people in Northern Mexico, no need to get upset

No. 239570

>real native americans who lived where America is
Another case of a burger thinking "America" refers to the U.S. of A.

No. 239571

Samefag but imagine the containment threads in snow instead. Imagine how much more chaotic this situation would be since, let's be real, snow is populated with a lot of kiwiscrotes who should kill themselves so there'd probably be gore spamming.

No. 239572

>not Native American

No. 239573

Fine, the USA is Good America and what you have can be Bad America

No. 239574

Nta, but most of the time when people say "America" they are talking about the U.S.

No. 239575

No, it just seem completely useless to me because we all know where this goes, but then again I'm also not really educated on Russian/NATO autism.

No. 239576

it does though. we're called american therefore this is america.

No. 239578

I'm not amerimut and call the USA amuhrica

No. 239579

It's a scrote, don't reply to him. Report him instead.

To keep asserting their power obviously.

No. 239580

You're bad at English.

Uh those are not Native Americans. That's why they're called Mayans.

No. 239581

>The Hyena Man

No. 239583

Everyday they are getting closer and closer to that point, but idk about soon.
Reasons why I think it is likely to happen
>Putin want dat Ukrainian grain
>Ukraine former Russia proper
>Kievan Rus history
>Wanting to restore USSR glory after his spergy essays
>Not being comfortable with NATO bases so close
>Putin is still seething that he lost puppet president
>Both sides are creating reasons to retaliate constantly
>14k have already died
>Biden has already been humiliated with Afghanistan and he wants to be reelected
>Military Industrial Complex must go on

Reasons why I think it won't happen
>Wars suck
>Will hurt Russia economically for at least a while and already has low gdp
>Europe is dependent on Russian gas and recently got a new pipeline
>NATO hasn't intervened the other times (or poorly)
>Most NATO countries aren't gearing up for war

No. 239584

File: 1645305937692.gif (1.47 MB, 400x400, cat-vs-bear.gif)

sorry, pls accept this cat pwning a bear

No. 239586

same. i wish i was born in europe though. many things i would never have to worry about

No. 239587

Why is it always the least educated euros who always throw the burger card when they never even know what they're talking about kek. It's like their entire personality

No. 239588

i'll sit on your face, it'll change your mind

No. 239589

File: 1645306028824.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, ignore male posters.png)

remember nonnies

No. 239590

Same. They're not very good looking either typically.

No. 239591

If you were nicer I'd let you braid my leg hair but you're not ready for that conversion

No. 239592

No. 239593

Are you trying to call us male because you don't know how to speak english? Really?

No. 239594

I'm American and I always thought "American" meant anyone from the entire content of America, but when I went on the internet everyone else in the world meant "from the USA" when they said "American" so I started using it that way.

No. 239595

Now THIS is actual scrote posting.

No. 239596

File: 1645306119621.png (56.39 KB, 389x669, Screen-Shot-2018-12-18-at-5.38…)

I hate how fat and stupid american women are(shitposting, samefagging, baiting, etc)

No. 239597

>Uh those are not Native Americans. That's why they're called Mayans
Are you retarded? Central and South American indigenous tribes are native to the Americas therefore they're Native Americans. Do you think US natives don't have their own tribal names?

No. 239598

where tf did you grow up that you believed that?

No. 239599

File: 1645306153237.png (98.8 KB, 1435x1387, american moid.png)

American moids are retarded

No. 239600

No. 239601

Now the crazy euro bitches are sperging out. Now I know who shits up these threads and calls everyone with a different opinion than them men. Yawn.

No. 239602

las glotonas goblinas

No. 239604

>Unlikeable autists are unlikeable.
what a surprise
i want all moids like this and their crunchy retarded genes to die even if irl i live with an adhd male and i dont hate him, actually. I think that what makes autistic males to be so retarded is being jobless. Once they have a job is not as bad. take this as a vent post

No. 239605

I'm shipping you two

No. 239606

I am a US Native, dumbass. Are you white? You're really uneducated. Mesoamerican tribes are not the same as US tribes and are not Native American. That's why there are other words for them. No one who refers to Mayan and Aztecs are calling them Native Americans. I just know your dumb ass is white.

No. 239607

Kek, wew

No. 239608

File: 1645306387405.jpg (50.47 KB, 384x766, 131ae7fc6dd73699d1bc8ef31c78c5…)

No. 239609

Nta, yes "Native American" technically could be anyone who is native to the continent but the term "Native American" was created as a politically correct alternative to "Indian" for the tribes in North America, so it is typically used that way.

No. 239611

this image reminded me that i'm hungry

No. 239612

so ferocious

No. 239613

Don't respond to that anon. They didn't have anything to back up their argument so they just wanted to play semantics. White people shit.

No. 239614

The Club Penguin Iceberg tipping conspiracy predicts burgers' fate to tip their own country over

No. 239615

No. 239616

File: 1645306536618.jpg (37.63 KB, 612x408, me.jpg)

No. 239617

File: 1645306562831.jpg (48.52 KB, 612x599, istockphoto-681885898-612x612.…)

have a random stockphoto I found while looking for cats

No. 239619

The irony is that you don't have anything to back up your argument other than
>hurr durr you're white
I'm mestizo, idiot.

No. 239620

File: 1645306672893.jpg (178.01 KB, 1024x1024, 891d0aade8d1f3dab66c35029150c0…)

No. 239621

No. 239622

File: 1645306730980.jpg (36.22 KB, 504x612, istockphoto-959454630-612x612.…)

samefag, this cat is going places

No. 239623

Nah, I told you that's why they refer to your people with other words but you're too uneducated to read my post. No one thinks you're Native American, hilarious you want to larp as us though. Be comfortable in your own skin.

No. 239624

File: 1645306771382.jpg (11.69 KB, 280x335, 58fa08746c66a2d3a40c676fb2d216…)

No. 239627

Literally what

No. 239628


No. 239629

It's 1000000% real nonna, the cat is named Lint the Grey and trained for like, 4 full years to reach nirvana swagger

No. 239631

File: 1645307049119.jpg (503.21 KB, 508x716, Tumblr_l_110936357811196.jpg)

>my kink is your dick in shreds
i love French women

No. 239634

"Nobody calls you that" then why have I heard a lot of people, even US Natives, include indigenous Central and South Americans in the label Native American? Your don't have an actual argument other than that.

No. 239635

women who are against kink culture are extremely based and very cool.

No. 239636

This must be racebait

No. 239638

File: 1645307258493.jpg (23.13 KB, 444x361, facebook-craze-bread-on-cats-h…)

i miss the "putting bread on your cat's head" meme. let's bring it back.

No. 239639

idk sounds like twitterfag bs

No. 239640

Models starve themselves. Reported for bait.

No. 239641


No. 239642

Nonnie was just saying that whenever we see a male post we should report. Which is what I will do with your post.

No. 239643

kekk, i love you retard

No. 239645

>I think women are-
Wrong. Male. Reported.

No. 239646

>Wrong. Male. Reported.
Wrong. Misgendering. Reported.

No. 239647

File: 1645307731353.jpg (243 KB, 2121x1414, GettyImages-1183822926.jpg)

No. 239648

File: 1645307739137.jpg (114.09 KB, 1128x520, story_of_stockphoto_cat.jpg)

No. 239649

File: 1645307750929.webm (6.1 MB, 640x360, 1645212175346.webm)

This, I prefer asian women.

No. 239650

No one cares

No. 239651

Nonn*e is a forbiden word. Reported for illegal redtext usage.

No. 239653

File: 1645307799996.jpg (53.08 KB, 1200x650, funny-cat-quotes-HC-long.jpg)

No. 239654


No. 239656

File: 1645307842065.jpg (104.09 KB, 980x1307, img.jpg)

No. 239657

File: 1645307871982.jpeg (120.24 KB, 910x1700, 5E8BBCD0-8CC7-4ED4-8BC4-AF898D…)

No. 239658

ptdr en plus devant un sex shop, queen shit.

No. 239661

File: 1645307920317.gif (3.1 MB, 498x310, 3700839cws5j2gj7m.gif)

The bait is so obvious I just don't even know what to think about the nonnies responding.

No. 239663

AB is shitposting on LSA on a daily basis, I just know it. I can see her posting here too but it's not as likely as LSA.

No. 239664

File: 1645307992455.jpg (60.52 KB, 650x1061, photos-proves-how-silly-cats-c…)

No. 239665

Wrong. Bait reverse psychological mind games. Reported

No. 239666

what about the whole angelina jolie sock puppet saga

No. 239668

it depends, fiction isnt bad but many mentally ill retards give themselves brain damage with fiction (if they were socially competent and normie enought they would do drugs. But autists are autistic even for self-desctruction) and become very umplesant to be around at best and a danger to others at worst. See: moids, trannies, aidens. I agree that clearly not every fujotard or husbandoposters are the same level than them, and some "problematic" ships arent the end of all. But autistic pornstickness is very real and dangerous.

No. 239669

i swear she browses lolcow.

No. 239671

kek based nonna

No. 239673

Good look nonna. Im a writer and sometimes i dreamed some scenarios that ended using latter. Its a nice and strange feeling

No. 239674

Same it's like connecting with your soul or something.

No. 239675

stop doing this you aren't supposed to bring those here

No. 239676

no lol but peoples living conditions are going to get worse anyways

No. 239677

Ignoring the current retardation, here's something new
So my dad was drunk and rambling and he said some actually interesting stuff that I think anons could also find interesting. He was talking about how (historically I guess) in his culture the tradition would be that the children of 2 siblings eg. a son and a daughter would be "ranked" or regarded differently. Meaning the children of the daughter would always outrank the children of the son (not sure if in a line of succession or just inheritance-wise or what exactly he meant) as the children of the daughter would be seen as direct continuations of the bloodline or whatever, and with the son's children they wouldn't be as important as the others because they didn't come directly from a female in the family. So for about 10 seconds I found it kind of based because they put the woman before the man in this situation, but that fell apart because I'm sure it was only like this because it is certain that the children actually came from the woman, but with the man there would always be some kind of doubt around it, which just seems like a strange way to judge the mother of the man's children (although I suppose her kids would then also be ranked high in her own family). And also because after this my dad clarified that the woman herself wouldn't be in any position of power, but say her son would then be the next heir. I don't really know, maybe I'm thinking too hard about some outdated practice in a culture full of lots of other misogynistic traditions, but what do you nonas think?

No. 239678

Ill never date hitler

No. 239679

Haha I bet you don't even have cool, detailed dreams and I bet you have aphantasia.

No. 239680

Nta but please fill me in. What did she do?

No. 239681

i wanna know too!

No. 239682

Pretend to be other people on social media and talk shit about brad pitt and his new wife while defending herself. How do people not know about this? She's psychotic and ugly.

No. 239683

Oh my god nonnies!

One day, I lost contact with a penpal I had in 2015. I met her off of her blog site and talked to her when I was a very (naive) teenage girl haha. Her blog was so informational and helpful so I loved hearing anything she had to write because I thought she was so intelligent. Then one day all of her activity ceased and her blog disappeared (she stopped updating the domain) after a last post talking about her scary experiences in another country (because scummy men often targeted her) so I wondered where she was for all these years. I checked her email I used to write to with an email search website a nonny linked to here and I found that she's still active on another website. I won't contact her to bug her about anything but it does feel really nice to know she's safe and happy.

No. 239685

Nonnie you're dumbbbbb

No. 239686

haha no i had to stop dreaming because the dream people kept coming after me when i wasn't dreaming

No. 239687

you make me sad, learn lucid dreaming or something

No. 239688

This looks like a red light street, Pattaya to be specific

No. 239689

If you stopped dreaming and the dream people come for you when you don't dream… why did you let them catch you…

No. 239690

>Ignoring the current retardation, here's something new
>So my dad

No. 239691

Shut the fuck up, asshole. I care

No. 239692

He's dead

No. 239694

Since this thread is active, does anyone know the name of this youtuber who talked about DeviantArt Drama she was involved in and would use Full Metal Alchemist images as reaction images? It was the best, perfect background noise for drawing.

No. 239695

ot had a vent thread too

No. 239696

you make me mad, i had to unlearn lucid dreaming
they didn't catch me because i wouldn't let them and they couldn't come for me any more after i put my sand in my third eye

No. 239697

it just adds to current retardation

No. 239698

>i had to unlearn lucid dreaming
why did you have to? lucid dreaming sounds pretty cool to me

No. 239699

Thoughts on meta / facebook?? I feel like it wasn't discussed enough before

No. 239701

The demons came for her.

No. 239702

Hope you guys saw the pretty moon tonight!

No. 239703

>eddy bruhback

No. 239705

its midday but i will look later

No. 239706

I think angelina is based and i support whatever crazy shit she does. She's fun i love her.

No. 239708

Sorry, but who's eddy bruhback? I just saw the vid in my recommended and clicked on it

No. 239709

File: 1645309704139.jpg (138.98 KB, 600x755, 3328c40afa6f9c511b169d57a61198…)

He's so fucking ugly and looks retarded. Everyone circlejerking over wittle babies uwu eye looking wonky remind me of the Kpopfags who see a grown ass 29 year old man and talk about how "he is teething" to find some deeper meaning of their scrote while ignoring the fact that he probably stinks and has brown stairs in his underwear. It's literally the same. The panel of him sniffing a hand is like that one dog fucker woman who touched her vagina and was making men sniff it as "perfume" around the mall. All the people trying to come up with some deep meaning of Ogata's character are really laughable, they simply cannot grasp the fact that his character sucks and the most generic shit ever. Women who are into ugly moids like this really show me that heterosexuality is a disease and the only cure is to kill the straights. The only good looking one was literally only Sugimoto before he got brain damage

No. 239710

i don't wanna watch all that but isn't meta going to be just a commercialized VR chat? i feel like it's gonna suck donkey balls but i also think it's not going to happen unless some tech company drops a VR headset akin to the iphone making all the consoomers wanna have one. rn it just feels like facebook is trying to jump the gun on it

No. 239711

Should I gaslight my fwb who is in love with me just for fun? I'm already pretending to be mad at him for being stupid (not super angry at him tbh, but midly annoyed)

No. 239712

It kind of makes sense for the reason you stated, paternity tests are a recent iventions after all. Are you jewish or something? This reminds me of how everyone tells me whether kids are jewish or not depends on their mother and not their father, unlike muslims, except islam is just a religion and not an ethnicity at all.

No. 239713

What are you doin girl

No. 239714

the real opinion of cows thread was on ot right? well i wish troons here would stick to bring milk to the mtf/personal cows thread for their petty vendettas agaisnt other troons, because at least that is funny and is usefull autism. But no, as perverse autists need to taunt everything becuase that is the fetish after all. Well, sometimes i see some troons posted there and i think how suicide seems inevitable for such specimens, even if they never trooned out. Its kinda sad.

No. 239715

Context: he was playing pokemon legends for me on discord for more than a week but then when we finally were at the end of the game his cousin was like "LETS STREAM IT TOGETHER" and so he ditched me and they streamed it on twitch with like…….. 9 viewers max kek

No. 239716

File: 1645310096176.jpg (36.14 KB, 550x413, gentlemen-prefer-blondes-jane-…)


No. 239717

Don't bring more troons to /ot/ please

No. 239718

I meant why are you hooking up with a total loser? The discord and twitch shit makes this even worse than I thought. You're with a child.

No. 239719

>why did you have to?
you can only have so many conversations with people not there before you're forced into the eternal self-hug

No. 239720

>but we’re not ready for that conversation
Ngl this sounds like either a woman using twitterspeak ironically or a moid pretending to ‘speak like a woman’, which would translate here as ‘speaking like a twitterfag’

No. 239721

File: 1645310262719.jpg (32.09 KB, 809x612, image0 (1).jpg)

This is some Evangelion tier shit, what are you saying? Did you drink the human instrumentality juice?

No. 239722

the context made me lose interest in you and this situation completely

No. 239724

I think it was just some retarded euro guy mad that some anons called euro women ugly. Notice how no one cared about the american image bait lol

No. 239725

I noticed that anons hooking up are always hooking up with fucked up men who are terminally online. I always lose interest any time they mention their temporary moid.

No. 239727

on some level i may have taken a deep dive into myself and went so deep that i saw myself as an apple being used to tempt the most beautiful woman to ever grace this earth much to the dismay of the snakes but on the other hand i may have just dreamed dreams so lucid the lucidity of reality paled in comparison and i feared a strait-jacket would be the only hugs for me in the foreseeable future

No. 239728

Please go back "lol".
Not only was the leg braiding an obvious joke but the amerimut bait post got as much attention, what are you talking about

No. 239729

What are you mad about. No one responded to it except to laugh at it.

No. 239730

Do you think that maybe earth resembles the apple as well, with the core and everything? And since we are all made from the same materials as the earth, we are also all apples of eden down to our very base existence?

No. 239731

it's pretty grim, don't get why any anon would actually bring attention to it here and not feel an ounce of shame

No. 239732

Are you the Euro male who keeps sperging about Euro women lmfao

No. 239733

>No one responded to it except to laugh at it
? Yes, and what is it called nonna? It's called attention.

No. 239734

File: 1645310867930.jpg (29.44 KB, 576x573, 1582337135617.jpg)

is this copypasta

No. 239735

Yes it got replies. Good job for having eyes? Are you retarded?

No. 239737

are you really mad that no one responded to your bait except to laugh at it. weak

No. 239738

Good job for not understanding what attention means, are you retarded?

No. 239739

Relax schizo. Stop ruining the vibe.

No. 239740

File: 1645311046944.jpg (331.09 KB, 1800x1800, rgrgrg.jpg)

I love masturbating with this

No. 239741

I'm not jewish, but it doesn't surprise me that there would be similarities with this sort of belief

No. 239742

Hey, I have one of those but I can't seem to find what works for me. What attachment do you prefer?

No. 239743

>stop ruining the vibe
nta but the vibe was ruined since this thread started

No. 239744

"lol" has been used here for years tho

No. 239745

Why the fuck can't people contain their autism and not shit up threads with petty arguments? They always have to have the last word and it's so unbelievably pathetic. Report the offtopic spergery and move the fuck on. Even when someone has already corrected the bad opinion, more dogpile. What's the point? I do not give a fraction of a fuck about your nigel, favorite anime, or areolas. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

No. 239746

Really the head is the apple, and the brain is the core. The rest of us are the roots- we literally stem from the brain in the form of nerves, and everything builds on top of that. But we are just walking apples and roots. Each human represents the human race. We all have original sin. The apple of eden was man, eaten by man. Existence is and was always an ouroboros and time was and is never linear.

No. 239747

you're ruining the vibe "schizo"

No. 239749

newfag moid schizo meds

No. 239750

>tfw just got here
>from my pov, the vibe is intact
lol i don't know what's going on

No. 239751

the earth is more like an onion and we are not apples of eden more like apple carcasses in a forgotten orchard

No. 239752

>offtopic spergery
Anon this thread is literally a free for all

No. 239753

Nta but you're sperging at people because they said no one cared about your reaction image earlier which no one did. It literally got zero replies that were negative but you've been sperging about euroopean women all day. How are you not banned yet

No. 239754

What vibe?

No. 239755

Of course we are now the forgotten shells of apples in the forgotten orchard (earth as opposed to the promised paradise of eden) but we were once full, healthy apples until we were served up to ourselves and consumed.

No. 239756

Why can’t anons just like stuff without trying to make it out to be ackshully super based like a bunch of anti-swerf libfem thots

No. 239757

yeah, everyone here uses lol? it just reads like a stupid newfag moid to me

No. 239758

theyre already here, this thread is full of maleposting

No. 239759

It’s not “tradwife”, having a family is something a lot of adults do

No. 239761

I'm the one who started it autist, the nonnie you replied to isn't me and stop minimodding on a /ot/ replacement thread and threatening ban, no one gives a shit

No. 239762

i think that euro poster is just upset still

No. 239764

File: 1645311360139.png (10.47 KB, 160x240, ugoihhio.png)

This one directly on my clit. Shit goes hard, feels amazing really

No. 239765

I know, I'm using this as the placeholder vent thread.

No. 239766

Stop infighting and learn how to read.

No. 239767

I'm not even the one who posted the picture, I'm just fucking tired of this infighting

No. 239768

Dude, how do you not feel numb when doing that? Is it just me?

No. 239769

no we are not some forgotten shell of apples, we are the same apples in the same garden but we are not in the tree and no one remembers the garden

No. 239770

Then there's no offtopic spergery

No. 239772

It doesn't feel numb at all, I've tried other vibrating dildos before and I've never felt anything at all with them. This one feels super good in comparison

No. 239773

You know what, now that I think about it, maybe in a past life you were just an apple eaten by a pretty girl

No. 239775

I'm not talking about this thread, retard-chan. I have no idea what the fuck is happening in here right now.

No. 239776

File: 1645311699984.png (1.02 MB, 1934x548, 60875.png)

No. 239777

File: 1645311787138.jpg (18.7 KB, 183x212, SAVE_20220208_192838.jpg)

Yes, someone posted that on the husbando rate thread

No. 239778

oh so many girls have eaten me, you should know since you're one of them too

No. 239779

Why do men think it's okay to show off their chest hair

No. 239782

Stfu minimod nobody cares about your worthless lust for power on an image board. Kys.

No. 239783

I still can't get over how low test these guys are

No. 239784

Isn't left guy the bf of that nail polish youtuber girl?

No. 239787

Last time he ghosted me claiming he forgot he had plans, yesterday he said his plans for the weekend were canceled then says he's busy that night, so he agrees today. Hasn't sent me a message all day after we were both really excited to see each other when talking yesterday. I know some people have busy social lives but for fucks sake. "Muh adhd" really makes you forget about the girl you were trying to bang? It was a fun thought while it lasted…

No. 239788

File: 1645312369815.jpg (314.67 KB, 1020x736, 1644452420173.jpg)

All the lights are off in my new house from the 70s with and I'm alone locked in my room in total darkness because I only have a shower curtain taped over the huge windows and I keep hearing random cracks from the walls. Please just be my cat scampering around until my family comes back in 10 minutes aaaa

No. 239789

post this in the driverfag thread >>>/g/237287

No. 239790

File: 1645312409316.jpg (49.1 KB, 500x644, FB_IMG_1489166208809.jpg)

How I'm currently feeling

No. 239791

If your house is from the 70s I would think that it would make random creaking noises all the time, no? Don't worry anon I'm sure it's nothing.

No. 239792

File: 1645312491514.jpg (28.69 KB, 501x501, raisu neko.jpg)

you're gonna be fine, nonny! don't worry, you're safe. take a rice gato. your pic made me giggle

No. 239793

It's the spiders nonna, they're talking to you

No. 239794

Oh anon you're a genius, I'll delete and repost.

No. 239796

File: 1645312942331.png (109.12 KB, 292x183, EPU73b6U8AAJ-Su.png)

It's the end of the week and I still haven't heard back from my drug test reeeeeeeee do I have a job or not?? I've been stressed for over a week now because I didn't know this place would drug screen and I smoke weed but they gave such a good offer whyyyyyyy. Pray for me I need this job to move out of this shitty apartment.

No. 239797

I don't understand why any job would fire someone over smoking marijuana. Fucking lame. I hope you keep the job nona.

No. 239799

chill bitter-chan

No. 239800

I live in one of those states in the US that is surrounded by legal states yet treats cannabis like it's crack. Kill meeee. Ty for the support.

No. 239801

File: 1645313765590.jpeg (114.03 KB, 1014x670, 0640E0FC-CB73-450F-90BA-0D6FFE…)

Two galaxies, but the blue one’s light is tweaked by the red one’s gravity.

No. 239802

File: 1645313830141.png (357.63 KB, 349x439, drawing.PNG)

I love the little astronaut rats and cheese monsters, especially the one that's looking up at Planet Lolcow.

No. 239805

Recently all I've been hungry for has been greek yogurt. I know I can't just eat greek yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but boy is it tempting.

No. 239807

>this is a doll, not a man

No. 239809

File: 1645314489849.png (171.23 KB, 566x419, NOT A MAN.png)

Mmmh… food for thought

No. 239810

Ye sorry nonny I fucked my picture cropping in my first post

No. 239811

File: 1645314572842.jpeg (79.62 KB, 728x574, C82EC1BC-DA73-428C-AABC-1827AE…)

Goodnight retards

No. 239812

I want /ot/ back. I want to see more moodboards from the anon in the Shitpost thread. I know it's not admin's fault, but this fucking sucks.

No. 239813

File: 1645314734947.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.88 KB, 1054x1070, 546541218.jpg)

I hope this helps.

No. 239814

File: 1645314757362.jpg (73.69 KB, 736x733, gn.jpg)

Goodnight aspie ♥

No. 239815

Good night, nonnie!!

No. 239816

File: 1645314894432.jpeg (59.01 KB, 500x666, E1C107D4-FE2E-43F1-A763-0B6614…)

I cant stop thinking about 2x kun

No. 239819


No. 239822

File: 1645315271929.jpg (805.83 KB, 3024x4032, e9z33u46pbc51.jpg)

I feel you

No. 239825

File: 1645315701913.jpeg (133.24 KB, 1080x1063, AD98E124-02A7-40F9-B94A-2AE181…)

This thread

No. 239826

File: 1645315744698.jpg (32.01 KB, 750x735, moewdy partner.jpg)

I just want you guys to see this cat

No. 239827

I cant sleep im fascinated with these clips

No. 239829

File: 1645316062269.jpg (219.95 KB, 1300x866, 13354767-grand-journal-cabine-…)

Whew nothing was wrong except creepy 65+ mph wind and I got to enjoy my dinner. The living room has stupid floor to ceiling windows and a deck anyone can come walk up, idk how someone's supposed to feel safe.
One minute you're drawing devil-tan and the next you're in a pitch black bedroom hearing wind that sounds suspiciously like breathing.

No. 239830

File: 1645316142400.jpg (18.22 KB, 360x360, 360_F_343901123_M1SXrJIr4E0u75…)


No. 239832

This is an autistic interpretation of social interaction

No. 239835

It's been fun, Aster, but uh hng nyeh.

No. 239836

someone draw this on the drawboard pls

No. 239837

What are the best ways of subtley pissing off the tra/libfem crowd?

No. 239840

File: 1645316723376.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.88 KB, 560x1106, 20211103_145020.jpg)

is the cringe pixel weeb game anon gone yet?

No. 239842

Who is this cute little homunculus?

No. 239843

Nonnie Nonnie Nonnie Nonnie

No. 239844

Kek what does it even mean

No. 239846

There were multiple of those earlier

No. 239848

File: 1645317180605.jpg (31.79 KB, 800x672, man-peeping-over-white-border-…)

Happy the spiders didn't get you
>The living room has stupid floor to ceiling windows and a deck anyone can come walk up, idk how someone's supposed to feel safe.
I have a creepy alone at home story but I didn't want to post before since you were spooked already; I have stupid huge sliding glass windows at home with electric blinds, I often do not close one of them entirely, since my cat often asks to go out at night. One time I was alone at home, on my couch while watching tv, when I saw the outdoor's motion sensor light turning on from under the blinder gap. I thought it was my cat since she was out at the time, so like a dumbass I kneeled and peeked under the blind and I see a fucking drunk guy in my garden pissing? I went to my room and call my dad to come shoo the guy away because I was scared to do it myself, but when my dad arrived the drunk fuck was gone. Now I have a phobia of peeking somewhere and seeing some fag just looking at me

No. 239853

Mention how you hate porn and weeb coomer shit

No. 239855

File: 1645317927681.jpg (930.72 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (10).jpg)

Board cleared. Here's the pic from our last theme (which was to leave a prayer for /ot/). I really love this board and the goddess and nun Elsie, just beautiful.
New theme is apocalypse/post apocalyptic. Zombie cows, the barren wasteland that is /ot/ and /meta/, survivors of the war that wiped out half of Lolcow, and other things like that! It feels very fitting for the current situation of this site.

No. 239856

quote jk rowling

No. 239858

this one came out really nice, lots of drawing filled up the space

No. 239859

kek really good one, probably my fav so far

No. 239861

I hate everything

No. 239862

i'm on my period too, but i just feel like i have anemia rn. also feel like throwing up

No. 239864

Yo I always get horny too. Mine just started today and I have cramps rn

No. 239865



No. 239866

I love that cute anime girl with the wings

No. 239867

I hate it too, esp considering my ovaries ache like crazy, so I'm horny, but don't feel like having sex at the same time because of pain
Anyway goodnight spergs!

No. 239868

Yeah but look at that Gary with a booty.

No. 239871

Please someone skilled draw this guillotine beheading a man and the killer is Lolcow-tan

No. 239872

Anons give me advice please. I have a minor thing for someone I'm in a Discord server with, I don't want to pursue anything with them though. I just enjoy the feeling of having a crush and embracing it a bit before getting myself to move on. I would really like to talk to them in a server VC but how do I initiate this without it being too obvious? I've never called with them before, though I know how they sound. It'd be fun to actually talk.

No. 239873

File: 1645318562673.png (8.75 KB, 245x168, leave layer.PNG)

Reminder that if you're just going to the board to take a peek at the drawings, it helps to "leave" your layer that is automatically created when you enter the website. Picrel is how to leave a layer. This helps reserve space for anons that want to draw so we won't hit the layer limit so fast. You can also delete your blank layer, but be careful to not delete anyone else's. If you do delete someone's later, just hit the undo button and it should bring it back

No. 239874

How often do people call on that server? Maybe go in the call when they're in or ask the whole group if they want to call and secretly hope your crush will join

No. 239875

i want to spank him

No. 239879

second life did it better

No. 239880

This is amazing. Next thread pic pls

No. 239882

>helicopters just shooting the men kek

No. 239889

I keep ordering food kek.

No. 239893

>I just know your dumb ass is white.
No you retard it's more likely to be a non-American, particularly a Latin American. Language barrier.

No. 239895

Stupid questions:
1) Is it possible to get ill due to vitamins?
2) Is it possible to get ill because of eating too many large meals?

No. 239901

Yes, if the vitamins are fat soluable (I guess also if they're water soluable too but fat soluable vitamins are more dangerous).
And yes.

No. 239903

1) Yes, especially fat-soluble vitamins are very dangerous in big doses. Water soluble vitamins you will just pee them off your body.
2) You will feel bad but you won't die. Just lay down and rest.

No. 239904

1) Yes, you can give yourself organ damage if you overdose for a long period of time.
2) Large meals? As in several main dishes? Unless you eat a stomach-ripping amount, you just get fat and get everything that comes with being fat.

No. 239906

nothing will ever work out for me because of the socio economical situation I was born in and because of my childhood trauma.

I am murderous and suicidal. I am afraid I will commit murder then kill myself. There is no hope, no salvation. I have put in so much effort to live a normal life and to solve my issues. I was never rewarded for my efforrs. Never paid. Nothing paid off. Why shouldn't I take the life of other and make that person suffer when there is so much suffering In this world and I was given suffering without doing anything wrong. I want to slash the throat of a rich and ugly scrote I want to stab him hundreds of times in anger. He is a pig, he truthfully brings nothing good to the world but greed.

I am in terrible pain, both mentally and physically and I could never afford getting treatment. I don't need the empathetic words of sociopaths that only perform empathy to make themselves feel better. I was never rewarded for my art, beauty, ideas, intelligence, efforts. I have always lived in misery. My mother killed herself being unable to afford electricity. I had to prostitute myself since 18 to afford medications and basic necessities. I have to live with a father that sexually abuses me. I have no support system. My body is in pain. I have very ppwerful eds and I am becoming unable to open my mouth or walk. I am 23 and my father sexually molests me in this house. I am tired of all the fake people in my life that pretended to care. Nobody ever cared. I literally had to put up an entire ass performance to.make them give me a crumb of empathy. All my problems could be solved if I had money but I will never have it. I dont want to be homeless again.

I want to.murder my dad and kill myself. At the mental hospital theyre gonna put me in a moldy room and rape me again. Im in so much pain and my entire life has been suffering and pleasing other people

No. 239908

Best radish?

No. 239909

go to sleep romania anon. You did so well yesterday, what happened?

No. 239913

What movie pissed you off today anon?

No. 239914

Based honestly

No. 239916

In contrary, I saw Night of the Comet and witnessed the clear superiority of retarded good endings.

No. 239918

The little red/pink ones that grow in the ground like carrots

No. 239921

say literally anything

No. 239926

act happy and satisfied with your life

No. 239927

Does anyone else think the scrote accusations are getting out of hand? It feels like the part in the zombie movie where there's few of us left and we've all lost our minds, and we're accusing each other of having the virus, essentially cannibalising each other.

No. 239929

No. 239932

Some anons don’t know how to finish an argument or express disagreement

No. 239935

Personally I’m enjoying the unhingeness. Idk it numbs the pain while we wait.

No. 239937

do we even know we are gonna have a new admin? this place feels like there's no admin and that the previous admin has ran off with the money

No. 239942

Quality, name, and purity of the metal I guess. Some people are allergic to cheap metals too. Buying gold is a mediocre investment, but an investment nonetheless if you want to buy gold jewelry anyway.

No. 239944

File: 1645323582771.jpeg (32.46 KB, 502x431, 3F8559F0-160B-45FC-B17C-AAE705…)

Vent: I had an eating disorder relapse/BPD meltdown last year due to guilt over my sexuality (mainly that I was bi but hadn’t fucked any men and felt judged by my friends because of it, got aggressive with them and they blocked me). Now nearly a year later I’m being pressured to attend an ED unit because I’m not really getting better. My BMI hasn’t been over 15 since August/September (it’s up from 13 though) and I’m afraid of gaining weight due to sexuality problems and dysmorphia. I only eat about 2 types of food. How do I start to force myself to recover?

No. 239945

I definitely agree on the diamond point. My dad buys a lot of jewelry for some stupid ass reason and tells me "well, you're going to inherit all of this one day!!" You fucking idiot, if you're gonna buy jewelry for me to have in the future, buy just plain, actual gold. Fuck gemstones and fuck diamonds especially. The only stone I'd pay for because I genuinely like it is alexandrite.

No. 239946

Investment and resale value are why people buy luxury goods. No one wants knock off bullshit at the end of the day.

No. 239947

Yes, just check the /meta/ thread. Both old admin and new admin have made posts this month.

No. 239948

something i learned from a jeweler is to never buy a brand name diamond ring for some basic design, there's absolutely no point bc the price of the stone will be marked up simply because it's labelled cartier or tiffany.

No. 239951

Best would be to order something custom from a jeweler I imagine.

No. 239953

File: 1645323984380.jpg (318.82 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20220219-175730.jpg)

What do you think of men that post things like this

No. 239954

Male equivalent of an nlog, probably thinks guys who treat their gfs well are simps

No. 239956


No. 239958

File: 1645324157672.png (156.77 KB, 249x275, 1613623638477.png)

No. 239965

New copypasta

No. 239966

File: 1645324612681.gif (499.06 KB, 500x282, amen.gif)

No. 239967

File: 1645324687700.png (324.72 KB, 700x686, 1643162446676.png)

No. 239969

File: 1645324814778.jpeg (49.5 KB, 600x362, 1617732122292.jpeg)

nonny cant hear you shes dead

No. 239970

smh you just know this retard is gonna shoot up a school someday because he convinced himself talking to girls is not the way to get a girlfriend

No. 239971

File: 1645325044997.jpg (134.7 KB, 750x750, Tumblr_l_198552463326028.jpg)

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence It's snowing wildly in February We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Correct the eyesight I'm begging for you please give me

No. 239975

Thnx for the No Fear Shakespeare version

No. 239976

File: 1645325240837.jpg (46.9 KB, 600x400, kingfisher i bow.jpg)

No. 239977

i can hear that nibba, my ears aaaaahhh

No. 239978

upper statement is retarded and typical, bottom statement is good as I would prefer moids actually working and concentrating on themselves instead of endlessly obsessing over women and sex.

No. 239979

What the FUCK is this birds PROBlem

No. 239980

File: 1645325501801.jpg (90.42 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_390070069800261.jpg)

No. 239984

File: 1645325702594.jpeg (138.18 KB, 334x336, FF6BBABF-1EB5-4EC1-8E0C-8AE309…)

No. 239985

File: 1645325761143.gif (33.21 KB, 88x78, tumblr_lro62a3jVC1qapbyt540.gi…)

No. 239987

Just hold me tight and lay by my side…I'd love to fall asleep next to you

No. 239989

I'm drunk and tired but I can't sleep

No. 239990

Please lay down next to me nona..

No. 239992

they keep me going

No. 239994

File: 1645326755711.gif (14.2 MB, 640x616, sad-cat.gif)

My perfume isn't getting here today I guess…

No. 239995

Who else keeps instinctively clicking /ot/

No. 239998

AHH finally moved into poop town!

No. 239999

omg nonnie.. i will hug my potato plushie for you too

No. 240000

Nani?!?! meme but with nonny

No. 240001

celebricow nonnies. whats he thinkin right now?

No. 240002

fuck you for posting this i havent thought about this video in years.

No. 240003


No. 240005

File: 1645327774910.png (76.87 KB, 340x234, Christine.png)

No. 240007


No. 240008

rats along his back

No. 240009

File: 1645328023337.png (436.25 KB, 908x565, 1594253838127.png)

وقد أرسلت مروحيات وسفن إلى المنطقة للمساعدة في عمليات البحث وإطفاء النيران والتحقيق في سبب اندلاع الحريق، ‍‍✈️‍‍(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240010

私はあなたたちに警告した。あなたたち不実な司会者、悪魔のような管理人、そしてクソ管理人たちに警告した。私が次にこのLLCORに来るときには、平穏が戻っていると。 しかし、otはどこだ、mはどこだ、我々はまだこのpgetspoから抜け出せず、2月の厳しい雪が降り注ぐこの地獄で、我々は無力で、慰めはなく、あなたは何をするのか、あなたは何もしない、何もしていない、私はここにいた、1週間ここにいた、あなたは何を見た、全く何もしなかった、あなたは役に立たない、無意味であるあなたはそれよりも最悪だあなたはさらに最悪である。私たちを傷つけた あなたが私を傷つけた 理解できない ALSMOT 静寂しかないから泣くのよ 家に帰りたい 何もかもが普通であって欲しい 私の穴の開いた世界が始まるように感じるの

No. 240012

I am finally moving out of the US hell yeah!! Amerifat no more

No. 240013

我警告过你们,我希望你们这些背信弃义的管理员和魔鬼般的看门人,还有你们这些该死的管理员,我警告过你们,我下次出现在Lolcor的时候,就会恢复正常。 农场,但Ot在哪里,M在哪里,我们仍然被困在这个Pgetspo中,在这个地狱中,Befruary的严酷的雪正在下雨,我们是无助的,没有安慰者,你做什么,你什么都不做,什么都没做,我一直在这里,已经一个星期了,我一直在这里,你做了什么,我看到什么都没有,你是无用的,你是无用的,你比这更糟糕,你甚至是最糟糕的。你伤害了我们,你伤害了我,我不明白,我哭了,因为除了沉默什么都没有,我只想回家,我想让一切都恢复正常,我只觉得我的世界正在消失。我甚至在这段时间后又回来了,但还是什么都没有,求求你,求求你,求求你,求求你救救我们,求求你,求求你写个小说,我求求你了,Nonny

No. 240014


No. 240016


No. 240018


No. 240019

I had to watch it so now you all should suffer

No. 240020

File: 1645328232548.jpg (84.34 KB, 736x920, 4b51962080e4a20feaccb75527db57…)

I am mostly happy but then something slightly bad, sad or frustrating will happen and then I'll just start having intrusive thoughts about suicide ideation again for hours. What kind of mental illness is this? Legit asking. It wasn't like this when I was younger.

No. 240021

File: 1645328242754.png (612.67 KB, 535x755, timbs.png)

No. 240022

this offbrand pewdiepie is so cringe holy shit

No. 240023

I was also recommended this and I hope I never have to meet someone like this man in my life

No. 240024

the comments are pure cancer

No. 240025

New husbando dropped?

No. 240026

jsyk /g/ actually has a mental illness thread. You'd be better off posting there because this thread is 99% shitposts now

No. 240027

мне надо отлить

No. 240030

Oh, I was using it as a stand in for the stupid questions thread, but I guess you're right

No. 240031

File: 1645328485900.jpeg (Spoiler Image,294.95 KB, 568x577, F1F140F8-3ABE-4019-997E-50BEDB…)

My biggest fantasy since I was a teen is Going into the LOL Hatsune Miku world and stay in there forever so I don’t have to worry about anything ever again, I could just spend the rest of the eternity playing with Miku and Rabbit Miku, we would count the stars and cook together, then nap, we could explore the digital world together and we would always be happy

No. 240033

ick, the foreigners are awake/got to log off now

No. 240034

File: 1645328686749.png (557.16 KB, 540x960, imagen_2022-02-19_214447.png)

My biggest fantasy was living in the pokemon world and sometimes I wonder if I off myself, can I still go to that world?

No. 240035

Same, nonnie, same.

No. 240037

File: 1645328778974.jpg (46.23 KB, 628x942, g9t98we7783g.jpg)

New komaeda dropped

No. 240042

ouchy, i understood dat

No. 240043

File: 1645328933062.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1080, sasuke.png)

Do nonnies like this

No. 240044

…its a kid

No. 240046

As a kid I would stare at emo anime girl drawings just like this for hours on end. Thank you for this nostalgia trip anon.

No. 240047

File: 1645329073428.jpg (35.82 KB, 705x631, lnhihni.jpg)

What about this one then idk who it is though

No. 240050

>it’s a kid
no, it’s a drawing

No. 240052

sometimes i get the urge to shitpost in the husbando thread by posting characters like the snowman but then i remember that thread is a holy place to me

No. 240055

File: 1645329457153.jpeg (13.07 KB, 236x297, 20200753114.jpeg)

You mean bondage?
I do like it, but just as a fantasy thing. I wouldn't do it irl

No. 240056

File: 1645329482523.png (109.67 KB, 350x385, drawing.PNG)

Come draw! Theme is still apocalypse/post apocalyptic

No. 240057

i find the look of the red rope on men very beautiful

No. 240058

Is it my fault that he’s stuck like this in the multiverse while i slowly rot away its cruel

No. 240059

File: 1645329673374.jpg (112.09 KB, 736x1253, 91b1d188a2cd6db33d17816f68e25b…)

Same, it's very striking

No. 240060

i swear you gk nonas have the best taste

No. 240062

I-I could be rabbit Miku for you, nonnie.

No. 240064

File: 1645329930591.jpg (40.88 KB, 540x513, IMG_20220116_005319_882.jpg)

Aw thanks, nona! join us

No. 240065

Is this what men think when they look at little anime girls kek

No. 240066

>gwen stefani song
Are you nonamerican? Cuz gwen stefani is the most american shit ever. Also euros were on all day causing fights but finally went to bed.

No. 240067

Where to nona?

No. 240069

No, men looking at anime little girls think about any children that they’ve known.

No. 240071

You never had a crush on any Naruto character when you were 12? Come on, it's not the same at all. Your take is very much a twitter take

No. 240072

File: 1645330368388.png (51.21 KB, 175x131, hamtaro.png)

If I play some old internet animations and cringe vids on cytube tonight would anyone be interested?? I'm bored

No. 240074

True. Then they cope with the "drawing" excuse.

Not really. And drawn men like ikemen aren't usually drawn like children, unlike every anime girl ever since japan is very sexist and has major pedophilia problems.

No. 240075


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 240076

I'd join and watch whilst drawing nona!

No. 240077

why not irl? Legit question

No. 240080

facts are not twitter takes nonny

No. 240081

If you stream from YouTube, I'm down (I don't wanna figure out the greasemonkey thing for gdrive)

No. 240082

Yeah, it'll be all youtube videos. Give me a minute and I'll queue them up

No. 240084

File: 1645330675428.jpg (41.91 KB, 735x719, b3c2a64f34ff52d25fa39c6663b818…)

He's schizoing out again, someone please just make a thread on snow already

No. 240085

Sorry for offending everyone for posting Sasuke it was just a joke (found the pic on google)

No. 240087

I can't believe you have to apologize for a dumb anime pic. This isn't twitter

No. 240088

No. 240090

I fantasised about this too!!
It's a weird bittersweet nostalgic song to me. It's very special.

No. 240091

nonny what….

No. 240093

I think many different small things.
It seems a bit of a hassle to do, I think I'd give up midway trying to tie a dude up. It has some safety risks that I don't think I'm willing to take. Although I like to see men in submissive positions and situations in fantasy, am not very dominant IRL so I'd either feel bad/worried or I'd just miss having him doing more stuff to me than I doing things to a tied up dude. Also I must admit that I prefer seeing submissive men being unwillingly submissive to other men, so that would be just a fantasy thing cause I don't wanna see some weird grey gay rape irl

No. 240094

You got 3 minutes, non. I can only tolerate polish cow so much kek

No. 240095

You don’t get it, nonnie, anon needs to make an apology video of 20:30 minutes on YouTube, monetized of course, and anon has to promise to donate the money to a CSA support group.

No. 240096

no one even responded to your post hardly. wym

No. 240097

File: 1645331048547.bmp (439.16 KB, 418x358, brockobama.bmp)


Cringe vids starting right away, get in here

No. 240098

Am I too sensitive if seeing a shooter where you shoot Pokémon genuinely disturbs and saddens me?

No. 240099

No they're kind of like animals. It means you're normal!

No. 240100

Le huggles and glomps my saviour!~

No. 240101

Nah, pokemon weren't made for that kind of thing at all. Putting them in such a violent setting is understandably disturbing.

No. 240104

If you had DID how many alters would you have?

No. 240105

but miku ends up cannibalizing the rabbit

No. 240107

Reminds me of when I was a kid and there was this weird newgroundsish game of a school shooter killing pokemon, but mostly Pikachu. I got really disturbed and sad as well, thankfully it didn't stop me from enjoying pokemon

No. 240108

I think only one, my OCs are too different from me to the point that most of them like things that I don’t like or outright hate. But if OCs count even if I don’t relate to them, around 40+ alters.

No. 240109

Literally no one was talking about sasuke. Go back to twitter. Sorry no one replied to your post

No. 240110

I'd have fictives and factives and my fictives would both be my ocs and characters from animes and tv shows. My oc fictives would have DID and also have alters. I would also have alters that are just completely made up and they all fight for control over my body and I switch mid sentence and change accents and sometimes species. I'd have a cat alter.

No. 240112

I'm not that anon, I already apologized…

No. 240113

Then who are you referring to? Many anons here have husbandos

No. 240114

I remember a game like that but it was with hello kitty and it traumatized me for a while

No. 240115

I think I'd probably have a Walter White alter, a Jesse Pinkman alter (they are gay married in my mind palace) and an alter that is an elm tree (trees are living so they can be in your head) and I would have an alter that is my own husbando, another alter that is my other husbando, I would also read the daily obituaries and choose alters from that as well.

No. 240118

I'm tired of living

No. 240119

Couldn't tell with your schizo post that's why I asked. Why are you so salty. It's common on this site for anons to have husbandos I don't think anyone said anything bad about your Sasuke post.

No. 240120

Yesterday an unknown woman took pictures of my house. No one knows why or who she was. Should I be concerned? I'm trying to keep calm. Please help

No. 240121

Let's fill this gay thread

No. 240123

Tomorrow will be a week after the /ot/ apocalypse

No. 240125

You can't read which is why you think anons were mad about naruto when no one said anything about about the show

No. 240126

I'm the one who posted Sasuke idk who the other anon is

No. 240127

Pls respond

No. 240128

Oh sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you with the twitter zoomer.

No. 240129

Anons were like "Sasuke I'd a child don't find him hot"
Wtf happened to this thread

No. 240130

can you calm down alrdy fr

No. 240131

Did you come back from earlier when you infighted about the gamer girl game?

No. 240132

Personally if I found Sasuke tied up like that I'd rape him.

No. 240134

Unironically based

No. 240135

u guys r beyond odd. its a moody cartoon kid. take a moment to mull over that fact.

No. 240136

No. 240137

Will this thread end up in infighting? Let's find out

No. 240139

I'm not even the anon who said he was a kid.

No. 240141

He's fictional