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File: 1647311387457.jpeg (173.45 KB, 600x1305, 6F2D2F04-731B-4963-B7CB-E39EC5…)

No. 249630

Find your body type and what suits you best!
>it is not based on weight or height and curves so much as height and bone structure and your limb length and proportions
>Aly Art has some good videos on all the body types
>r/kibbe is a good place to reference and find your body
> if you do post your body, make sure you do not include your face and not include background.
>kibbe body type applies to men as well as women.

please do not accuse anons ITT of being troons or insult their bodies


No. 249632

File: 1647311639084.jpeg (198.5 KB, 992x1447, C0F42A39-7F3A-4EE2-98F6-223CF8…)

Starting off with one of my honorary husbandos. I believe he is a Flaboyant Natural with his dramatic height yet broad presence. He might be Soft Dramatic, I saw him types as that on Pinterest. But I see Flamboyant natural.

Also I myself am a flamboyant natural , I’m mostly attracted to men with this body type, they make me feel a little less broad and manly

No. 249633

File: 1647311725055.jpeg (87.67 KB, 980x1277, 3ABEDDC7-0871-4950-81EF-0F7978…)

Another Flamboyant Natural man #sexy

No. 249636

That’s Clint Eastwood btw. My bf is a flamboyant natural and he’s kinda chubby but everyone thinks he’s really muscular.

No. 249648

Maybe not a particularly relevant question, but what do you imagine are good perfumes or fragrance profiles for each type?

No. 249758

File: 1647354611179.jpeg (23.01 KB, 400x400, 0430CC8E-A724-44FD-B6B8-6F1955…)

Any thoughts on the recent reveals? I kekked when Selena Gomez was revealed to be a TR. it’s caused so much coping on the Kibbe subreddit. People were typing her as dramatic, which really calls into question the general understanding of the system over there

No. 249784

She seems like one of the Natural types to me, or that at least Natural styling suits her more.

No. 249785

File: 1647363704511.gif (1.15 KB, 29x50, chlorox.gif)

damn the "phrenology but for the rest of your skeleton" girls made it to a whole new thread. live your truth queens.

No. 249789

How is it like phrenology, it's mostly tautological assumptions about which clothes look good on which bodies, it's more like MBTI for people who can't dress.

No. 249794

I always thought she was a gamine

No. 250548

Can a FN ever look cutesy?

No. 250554

I don't think so. Unless you're very thin maybe. But I guess it depends on your definition of cutesy, if you're thinking cutesy like a petite Japanese girl in kawaii jfashion then definitely no. Personally I say you should just rock your amazonian woman vibe as a FN.

No. 250559

Yes, but only in a waify or cheerleader-y way. The most girly cutesy thing I could pull off is 80s inspired stuff like loveshackfancy because it kind of has that peppy sorority girl feel to it. I tried on a selkie dress once and literally looked retarded. I imagine actual Lolita would look even worse

No. 250564

>People were typing her as a Dramatic
Makes sense, Romantics and Dramatics are very similar according to Kibbe
Yes, just adjust proportions and think about your visual weight and personal vibes
>rock your amazonian woman vibe as a FN
Most FNs aren't even tall nor muscular, stop saying this

No. 250575

>Romantics and Dramatics are very similar according to Kibbe
Nta but could you elaborate on this? They look like total opposites to me.

No. 250584

As face doesn't count anymore, Kibbe often confuses them because they're both very narrow, and Dramatics sometimes are small as Romantics too which doesn't help

No. 250586

soft dramatics are like giant theatrical romantics i guess

it kinda feels like kibbe uses TR as his favorites dumping ground based more on mood sometimes because he is a TR himself and his wife too, though i get where he is coming from when it comes to selena gomez. the TR has become kinda confusing, but then again there really isn't any other body type i could be since the only other option would be romantic but i don't have the face for that

No. 250587

This is such a lazy and false idea. Lisa from Blackpink is very much cute. Anne Hathway legit is typed as FN who got into a shit load of princess movies.

>>250548 There are many different FNs I would suggest looking at all the celebrities said to be FN. FN can wear pretty cute clothes that really make them in the girly cute range.

No. 250684

File: 1647684479297.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3264x3253, 7D5BF676-9365-4E7B-81BB-D499DE…)

Even though I read quite a bit about kibbe, I still can’t apply the knowladge on myself. Can you type me and explain why you think certain kibbe family works for me? I’m 5’4 (163 cm)

No. 250816

Looks very much Romantic and curvy to me. In the most unscrotesque way, you’ve got a rockin body anon.

No. 250851

idk shit about kibbe but you're beautiful anon, this is an amazing body and i hope you feel ok about it.

No. 250955

File: 1647811662031.jpeg (29.34 KB, 481x581, 5A661940-657F-4A3B-99F5-434169…)

What do you guys think Tillian Pearson is? I see Flamboyant Gamine. He is 6’3” but he looks really boyish and cutesy

No. 250965

Samefag, saw your height! I’d say theatrical romantic, maybe? There’s a sharpness to your bones but you’ve still got soft flesh.

No. 251039

>Flamboyant Gamine
Nah he's way too tall even for a man, I'd said babyfaced Dramatic, he needs more broadness to fall into FN

No. 251042

Thank you. I have been told I don't have kibbe's true hourglass of waspish waist R and TR are supposed to have, the "8" of double curve. Height thing is also confusing, even thought Kibbe tells us how certain types have height limits, he typed Beyonce as R even thought she is 5'6 and Rihanna (5'8) as TR, even synonyms of gamines Audrey (5'7) is above the height "standards".
Thank you nonna, yes I do feel ok about it, just wish I were a little bit taller.

No. 251056

How is everyone FN now? Im actually a tall broad woman, I cant wear the same with some average height chick with slightly broad shoulders. Or I can but I will unironically look like a troon.

No. 251073

Flamboyant Natural is the second most common type, we are thousands of women so it makes sense there are some variations

No. 251074

honestly i see you more as romantic than theatrical romantic, like some light fabric, feminine more frilly styling would suit you better than the dramatic femme fatale aesthetic of tr

No. 251081


I think it's mistyping in general. Someone has square shoulders they don't get types the other ones that have similar shoulders it's automatically FN. I see short people being typed as FN and other types that are straight-up only really a tall type. All of a sudden people are claiming height doesn't matter when it does. If you are fucking short you are probably not FN, you are probably FG or SN.

Height is highly important given how you appear vs how tall you are coming with typing and the long limbs are really not a common thing within short. I am not saying there are no short FNs or taller FG. It's just that people don't know what they are doing. Some reason people see a tall petite female she is either D or FN, when other types exist. If someone is small and round automatic R. People are changing the kibbe rules to basically gamines are practically not even being typed as gamines.

No. 251092

File: 1647886464327.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.55 KB, 385x977, 137ACFB4-380A-4F4B-A715-2AF80B…)

FN is a catchall category because you can technically have curve and width at the same time and true pure Ds are fairly rare since minor to moderate width “balances” height. As an FN myself I feel like I don’t benefit from the system much, at least the ways it’s popularly applied online. I feel like I can pull off a lot of stuff, but most Kibbe people seem to want to shove us in gigantic long billowing sacks and call us better off for it.
Picrel: the amazing, flattering, stylish (online) FN recs at work

No. 251096

Why did you include that pic? This woman has extremely narrow shoulders. She doesn't look broad, just fat.

No. 251102

>I see short people being typed as FN and other types that are straight-up only really a tall type
Only R and G have height restrictions, FN and D do not anymore and they admit short people too, Kibbe changed that recently
>If you are fucking short you are probably not FN
Most women are SN and FN so actually they tend to be on average height, most women in the FN group were average, we also had the tallest women from the whole group but they weren't a lot
>You are probably FG or SN
This is one of the weirdest types, almost as uncommon as D if not weirder
>Some reason people see a tall petite female she is either D or FN, when other types exist
Anon, if you're too tall those are the only types you get, that's just how things work for Kibbe, there are no tall SN, R, G or C
Nta i think anon just posted an example of the "recs" FNs get

No. 251104

You are making the point I am making where FG people and other types like SN are being mistyped because of the change of rule. I don't agree with the change as it seems like he doesn't want to double down on his mistake of mistyping a shit load of people.

Typing should be changed to the average height of that type as characteristic, rather than just giving anyone who has square shoulders FN or D. I find that if a woman is super short, she will not look good in something that is catered towards 5'8+ women. Making anyone who has square shoulders as FN when they probably won't look good in the majority of fashion renders kibbe's whole shit useless.

No. 251109

I don't really get why everyone and their mother is getting typed as SN for having wider shoulders

No. 251113

File: 1647890655666.jpg (137.75 KB, 960x960, hoa9sbj4oms61.jpg)

Kibbe verified Romantic - Christina Ricci, Dramatic - Keira Knightley (D)

No. 251114

You could put these two women in an identical outfit and they'd look the same to me.

No. 251115

>there are no tall SN, R, G or C
what about audrey hepburn and twiggy

No. 251117

is 170 cm tall though

No. 251122

Ikr? I can't tell how kibbe differentiates most bodytypes when there's such minimal difference unless a person is overly curvy or lanky as a model.

No. 251123

File: 1647892146570.jpeg (181.17 KB, 716x1024, 17E64877-37D0-4934-82C4-8BC3BC…)

AYRT, the woman in the pic isn’t an FN. I used it as an example of ugly ass clothing that gets pushed onto FN. like, “that top is tight, it looks rEStRiCtInG!” And “Your skirt is too short, you need to be wearing something LONG and FLOWING” are typical FN ootd critiques, despite neither being against recommendations and FNs being encouraged to wear stretchy tight tops and mini skirts by Kibbe
Picrel: Candice swanepoel (suspected FN) breaking about 1000 online Kibbe rules and maybe 2 actual Kibbe rules, looking good doing it

No. 251124

File: 1647892275674.jpg (174.01 KB, 473x875, 9786976uy.jpg)

like i said before it feels like he goes by vibes alone sometimes like i guess why in pic related christina would give romantic vibes maybe

No. 251130

File: 1647893601857.jpg (42.99 KB, 392x725, fdcd17294aae4cd5e54dd11a0bc0e0…)

Picrel is verified romantic Emma Samms, Candince got no shoulders compared to her kek.
Yes, Enna is quite short but how isn't she frame dominant and at least some sort of Gamine or Natural? What does being a romantic even means?

No. 251131

Even in terms of vibes, when she has "sexy" roles she still mostly gives cute vibes. Plus her head to body proportion made me believe she is some sort of Gamine

No. 251133

>I find that if a woman is super short, she will not look good in something that is catered towards 5'8+ women. Making anyone who has square shoulders as FN when they probably won't look good in the majority of fashion renders kibbe's whole shit useless.
That's where you are wrong: he doesn't dress every FN the same way, every one of them gets exclusive recs cause every woman is their own version of their ID, some FNa wore dresses with no shoulders, some wore heavy tuxedos, is not the same
Most people with wide shoulders are Natural, some are not but that's a weird case
Both Twiggy (5'6) and Audrey (5'7) were literally average, that's not tall, we are talking 5'9 and up

No. 251134

File: 1647894419219.jpg (185.28 KB, 1280x955, b07fded80bd35997955ba4e44a51fc…)

People are getting typed mostly as FN and SN by default. If they got hourglass, they can only be Dramatic or Romantic.
Jacqueline de Ribes and Audrey Hepburn wear the same clothes and are even seen together but somehow they are not the same type despite their massive similarities.
They look the same
That is above average height so yes 164cm is average anything above 5'5 is taller than average
Audrey is legit almost 3 inches taller than average woman, lmao

No. 251136

above average yeah but not tall. 170 cm is not tall. where i live 167 is the average height for women so it's just 3 cm taller than the average

No. 251137

AVERAGE woman height worldwide, She is taller than the majority of women in the world which makes her tall.
Only ten countries have an average female height above 166cm average. Either you are from Bosnia, Norway, or the Netherlands.

She is tall

No. 251138

not from any of those countries, more countries have higher female average than that

she is not tall. 180 is actullally tall for a woman

No. 251139

Kibbe talked about Audrey on his group cause a lot of people were asking about her, he said she was at the limit of Gamine, a very weird case, so yeah he acknowledged it, she's slightly taller than average but not too much, not 5'9 tier
>People are getting typed mostly as FN and SN by default.
Because most people are, is just the most common assumption, is like having a common flu but jumping straight to the assumption of being sick with pneumonia, statistically most people will be Natural
>If they got hourglass, they can only be Dramatic or Romantic
Where are you finding these typings? Cause damn, that's not ok at all, r/kibbe?

No. 251140

Can we just agree that tallness is subjective depending on your frame of reference. Kibbe should just specify a height and up instead of the vague term "tall".

No. 251141

File: 1647895460442.jpg (49.68 KB, 620x517, 449f144bf86396f556fa4993338b20…)

Kibbe is not based on your fucking country ffs. Or any country, it is about average body type WORLD WIDE
My criticism is not on her height but the fact her real life friend I mentioned her name, is built the same yet is not a gamine but a soft dramatic. They wear identical outfits their entire lives. Both look good and are around the same height. Their faces are very similar too. That's my point

No. 251142

> it is about average body type WORLD WIDE
not really, it is pretty white system honestly

No. 251143

Even if you used all the white countries, women are far shorter in almost every single white country other than a few European countries like Netherlands.

No. 251145

>Kibbe should just specify a height and up
He did for all types, people just ignored it
>Kibbe is not based on your fucking country ffs. Or any country, it is about average body type WORLD WIDE
NTA but please calm down
>She's built the same yet is not a gamine but a soft dramatic. They wear identical outfits their entire lives. Both look good and are around the same height. Their faces are very similar too.
D and G have some similarities as FG is a mix of lines, D and G have narrowness as their main similarity

No. 251146

They legit have the same body type, look at pictures of them and their fashion.
Kibbe is known to be wrong and taking back his typing for live celebrities. Well Audrey is dead

No. 251149

File: 1647897419357.jpg (981.97 KB, 2160x2160, 20220321_171502.jpg)

>They look the same!
Anon, I'm really not seeing it

No. 251150

Body and you are picking when different stages of life for aging in women.

No. 251151

Samefag, they're kinda similar, but Jacqueline has very defined feature, smaller eyes and a somewhat pointy nose, she looks refined, while Hepburn has big round eyes, softer features and a turned up nose, very different vibes imo

No. 251153

File: 1647897755294.png (421.44 KB, 942x639, 3 3 .PNG)

No. 251154

File: 1647897822480.jpg (88.48 KB, 768x1152, ddf0489e50d58b7f1364dbbcff3b27…)

This is older Audrey Hepburn, she looks slightly different but she still looks softer and not as refined

No. 251158

File: 1647898349472.png (933.94 KB, 622x813, 3 3 3.PNG)

Yes the whole point of types is people in that type are similar enough to each other though. Like Anne Hathway's body does not look like Jennifer Lawerence 100%, they have similarities despite being the same type.
You can't really narrow down it by saying shit about noses and smaller differences when you can see that types are supposed to be similar but not identical. Not all FN are the same 100% they are just similar to others.

No. 251161

Kibbe doesn't really consider the face while typing anymore, I was just saying her face imo looks similar to other Ds, but it doesn't really matter so eh. To be honest, typings can get very tricky and Kibbe sometimes sees things most people (or anyone) won't notice on very similar people, he's just a human so maybe he did make a mistake, I think is agree to disagree.

No. 251162

Kibbe is frustrating because I don't think we can really type people who are dead or he didn't see in person. Kibbe says celebrities lie about heights either being taller or much smaller than given heights.

Kibbe is known for changing rules and taking back typings

No. 251163

File: 1647899034584.jpg (94.83 KB, 736x965, Avedon_1955.jpg)

Dropped pic, she looks marvelous

No. 251165

I'm so proud to be a FN. Everything except for frilly stuff pretty much looks good on us. Well, as long as we're skinny kek.
I feel as long as the 2/3s rule is followed the outfit works.
Her shoulders are extremely broad, but the broadness doesn't extend to her torso or hips.
Dramatics will NOT have an hourglass figure - what are you smoking lol?

No. 251166

I have a very similar body shape to you anon and think romantic probably, I’ve had issues typing myself because of my height though (I’m 5’6) and as you said not having as much of the true waist.

No. 251168

File: 1647900162394.png (857.6 KB, 515x691, 3 3 3.PNG)

Yes they can, legit every type has some parts where a woman has a small waist and shoulders and hips ration is very much making an hourglass.

No. 251170

>167cm is average
>170cm is not tall
Nona what

No. 251184

File: 1647904397877.jpg (38.04 KB, 221x735, mmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

yes? how is being 3 cm taller than that average especially tall, in my context. like someone is not obese just because they're 5 kilos overweight, sure they're overweight but not a hamplanet. like pic related, this woman is overweight but i wouldn't call her fat you get me

170 cm is taller than average but not like dramatic tall like a woman who is 180/5'9

No. 251188


??? I am 175 cm and 5’9. 180 is like 5’11

No. 251190

sorry i didn't remember what 5'9 was

No. 251205

Whaatttttt hold up I always thought Christina Ricci was a gamine?

No. 251208

File: 1647910843904.jpeg (261.51 KB, 600x871, EECA3E74-A823-407D-A48D-1647F8…)

Samefag Ive heard Mila Kunis is also a romantic and they both come off as so cutesy and gamine.

No. 251251

Mila is TR but yeah I agree on more gamine energy, especially on Ricci

No. 251266

Idk if I already posted this, but these are some highlights from the Kibbe group, you require a invitation or something to get in and sometimes it takes forever so might as well post this
>Kibbe doesn't like to type young women (below 40+), he says you should have fun wearing whatever you want, sometimes when I asked something they ignored me because I wasn't really supposed to be there (I was 19 back then)
>There are no subtypes anymore, or at least they're not used as much as they were, just kind of a "spectrum" between drama and softness into the types, when typing me, people told me I was a "natural with notable elongation and a cup-like bust, very dramatic" basically telling me I'm a flamboyant natural
>Kibbe is very annoyed at people/YouTubers confusing people and mudding the waters
>There is a separate men group, but women can't see what is inside as men can't join theirs, for privacy reasons, we got to see a Gamine man tho, he kinda looked like Martin Short
>A lot of women were thirsting after FN men and wondered how they looked, someone even posted that George of the jungle guy kek
>He has to constantly re-explain FN and R to newbies because they keep talking about alyart and merriamstyle
>This being said, he also can stop stressing how "frail" dramatics are, cause apparently newbies thought they were literally just FN 1.0 but nope
>Most women there are older ladies, mostly gen X and boomers, some are millennials and genz tho
>Some years ago a group of newbies registered themselves into the Romantic and Gamine groups, he stepped in and after further examination he sent the 90% of them to the SN group, and the rest to the Classic/FN groups kek
>Your personality, energy, vibes and skintone are going to determinate your aesthetic way more than your ID, there were flowery, girly dramatics, youthful and colorful FNs and monochromatic, modest gamines
>He hasn't typed a single SG irl
>He goes on some hippie, ascended, hypersymbolic shit while talking about IDs, most women there understand what he is saying cause they have been studying kibbe further, but if you're a new you're not going to understand a thing
>Romantics are way less curvy than people think, and FNs can be way, way more curvier than people think
>SDs are almost indistinguishable from regular Ds, same thing with R and TR, he says this is normal cause they're not supposed to vary that much
>small Ds, Rs and Gs are pretty similar
>Kibbe's system is more of a subjective method, is about identity, personal discoveries, "trial and error" and such
>Tho he typed someone in 5 seconds so maybe there's an objective system to an extent
>There are lots, and I mean LOTS of SNs, to the point most members are pretty well versed on how to type them
>As there are lots of SNs cause they're the common type, they're kinda "privileged" by Kibbe, he always hangouts in their group
I'm esl so sorry for any typos i was going to say something about trannies, but those assholes lurk here so I better stfu

No. 251278

File: 1647958454095.jpg (34.37 KB, 450x593, IMG_6125.JPG)

am a soft classic and i want to get this haircut. will it look ok? should i modify it somehow? i know SCs should try to look very 'neat'.

No. 251280

Nonnie you look beautiful

No. 251286

What about trannies?

No. 251293

Most people are done growing by 25 though? why no below 40? That seems rather odd

No. 251294

It literally says in that same sentence that it's because they should wear whatever they want and have fun because they are young. And right he is.

No. 251295

Thirsting after the George of the jungle guy as a FN >>249632 is he not? He’s really broad and flamboyant and tall.

No. 251302

That is kind of stupid reason to not allow people in a group? What if that person wants to look good while they are young.

No. 251327

Yeah he is, they sometimes post classic FN actors and models too
He sometimes types women as young as 25-30 (max), but he still encourages them to not feel trapped by their ID and have fun and experiment, in the opposite, older women seek for a more specific, modest style and less experiments

No. 251348

It'll look cool as long as it fits in with your overall look. IIRC Kibbe said to worry about your hair last if you're starting to get into your type and only change it once you have the rest of your image in place.

If you're planning on dressing like Grace Kelly every day though, don't get it.

He does allow people in their 20s in the group. He only refuses outright to type women under 25-ish.

No. 251416

From what I see, romantics are supposed to have )( this sort of waistline and I have >< which means I have yang bones? Does this make me some sort of a Natural?
If you have a longer vertical, maybe SC? I know Classics are supposed to be moderate, but every modern example in on the taller side.
Thank you nonna, what do you think my kibbe ID may be?

No. 251440

File: 1648059339024.jpg (199.06 KB, 965x1200, 27-36-gthumb-gwdata1200-ghdata…)

Any chance you can still be Gamine with big boobs? Literally everything about my appearance fits the type except that im a C cup, ffs i even get compared to audrey tautou face wise semi-constantly.
It seems like such an obvious typing then but then the boobs get in the way.

No. 251441

File: 1648059505514.jpg (82.63 KB, 850x400, quote-my-body-is-far-from-a-wo…)

Jennifer love hewitt has nice boobs and ass, she is officially typed as Flamboyant Gamine, so my guess is yes you can be.

No. 251445

A c cup is the closer to average cup size, gamine styling should suit you. If your bust is more noticeable than you like, could accomodate by wearing darker or solid colored tops, avoid turtleneck and other high neckline tops.

No. 251449

I’m a TR and I don’t have a long waist at all. As long as you’re visibly nipped in at the waist then, if pretty much everything else falls under Romantic, I’d say you fit just fine.

No. 251467

>dramatic femme fatale aesthetic of tr
R and TR are barely different, what you're describing seems too much for any R type

No. 251477

File: 1648071034139.jpg (129.35 KB, 915x659, 3242344.jpg)

by frilly i don't mean like full blown strawberry dress shit but like pic related, first dress being more romantic and second more theatrical romantic

No. 251486

nta but aren't the Old Hollywood celebs typed as TR known for having a femme fatale look and playing those roles? or maybe i'm mixing them up with another type

No. 251491

like what i imagine the difference is that while r and tr are similar, romantics can afford to be more girly and theatrical romantics more edgy/dramatic. like tr can pull edgier looks without looking pretentious, but romantics can pull more feminine looks without looking like auntie trying too hard.

No. 252058

File: 1648361897421.jpeg (61.53 KB, 557x858, 8C5FA129-A5BC-44A0-82F0-FF6640…)

What is Atsushi’s type

No. 252059

File: 1648361920697.jpeg (61.9 KB, 351x925, 14C3BDCD-3633-4719-97A3-13712F…)

No. 252067

Dramatic maybe, I wish I could show these pics to Kibbe, he's very fast to type unusual people

No. 252166

File: 1648412170376.jpeg (489.65 KB, 750x739, 705B6A3E-2814-4AA6-985D-673F8F…)

Flamboyant Natural or dramatic? I do see broadness but my limbs are really long compared to my head. I also find it hard to dress because I only look good in my pajamas.

No. 252177

File: 1648420073403.jpg (84.92 KB, 284x857, hgh.jpg)

what am I?

No. 252180

idk sorry but you have really nice shoulders

No. 252183

You look kind of small, does anyone else see DC?

No. 252188

I think FN. Your body type reminds me of a friend that I'm 100% sure is a FN.


No. 252194

Flamboyant Natural for sure
Dramatic, you look elongated, i drew your figure and it looked kinda like a long vessel

No. 252196

File: 1648431066470.png (337.65 KB, 914x1417, draft.png)

dropped pic, these are just personal observations tho

No. 252224

Some moid posted images of women who have been posted here onto kiwifarms. Not sending a screenshot as to not expose the same women but you should check the thread kiwifarm has on lolcowfarm and ask him to remove your picture if you're one of the women that retarded incel posted and commented on the bodies of.

No. 252228

Thanks for the warning anon but kind of naive to think kiwifags would comply. I'd just warn the women here to be cautious from now on

No. 252232

Is there kibble type for fat women or is this only for the “true” body type under all the fat

No. 252236

>ask him to remove your picture
lmao like he'd do it. He'll just post your dm to laugh at you. Kf's main thing is the autsitc fixation with absolutely not deleting anything ever even if it's the most pointless information on literal nobodies. It has its pros and cons. Btw guy who posted them, I know you're reading this, kill yourself

No. 252240

The later, Kibbe can detect IDs even after surgeries, weight and muscle gain

No. 252260

Barely anyone even replied to it that is so fucking weird lmao. Besides most of those bodies looked actually good. Thank god, nonnies were smart enough to blur their faces out.

No. 252314

You guys are posting pictures on a public website dedicated to reposting other people's public social media posts, remember where you are.

No. 252320

you're right in that we should expect it but influencers and literal whos on an imageboard are different. Like if we started cataloguing pics of half naked redditors from fitness subreddits, for the sole sake of archiving them, that would be weird.
Idk if men and women are inherently different in this or what but it's kind of like how we don't post randos in the attractive people threads, even though there's no rule against it, because it's understood to be creepy and uncomfortable, while it's normal on 4chan

No. 252322

sorry doublepost but
>ask him to remove your picture
do not do this, because it won't work, but especially do not message him from your kf account because then he will definitely publicly associate your picture with your profile. Pretty sus of you to even suggest this tbh

No. 252393

I'm not a kiwifag and never used the website so I apologize. I thought he'd remove if asked because doesn't it have legal consequences?
Posting pictures on a website doesn't mean it's ok for retarded incels to compile, post and comment on them, retard. Also the pictures were all good so it made them seethe and they tried so hard to figure out how users here were feminists or femcels when they looked this good, which further proves how retarded men are.

No. 252396

I'm sorry but you sound like the retard. KF and null are untouchable. After the Christchurch shooting some New Zealand government officials asked null to take the video down and he told them to get fucked.
And no it doesn't make it ok but the entire point is that what you post on the internet is fair game. LC is no different, even if we aren't as bad as KF

No. 252404

So posting nudes of women in other websites without their will isn't illegal? That political video isn't illegal, what they're doing now is. Also there are a lot of underaged posters, what if one of those women was 16 or 17? They could've distributed literal CP at this point.

No. 252425

Nta but KF and Null have way too much power and they have fucked over important figures and their intimacy without repercussions so we are an even easier target for them, we need to watch our backs, is not fair at all and probably illegal but we can't do much

No. 252453

nta but no, it's not illegal. Even if they were actual nudes, which they weren't, anons posted them willingly on a public website, so there's no law against sharing them. That doesn't make it any less gross obviously
>the political video isn't illegal
it actually was illegal in New Zealand, i think for promoting hate/violence/terrorism or something like that. kf is hosted in the us so they couldn't do anything about it

No. 252464

Do you leave your home or car unlocked because theft is not okay? I'm sure you don't. >>252314 is right, LC users should know better than to post their selfies on here considering what goes on on our own /snow/ boards.

>doesn't it have legal consequences?

>Posting pictures on a website doesn't mean it's ok for retarded incels to compile, post and comment on them, retard.
You reek like a newfag

No. 252476

It’s still weird, I mean they’re not even jerk off material, just women standing there.

No. 252492

Why are you telling us it's weird tho lol

No. 252495

nta but probably because it is

No. 252502

I'm not a newfag for telling you those moids could've been distributing cp or porn of unwilling women. A woman can tape herself and give to her bf but when he distributes it without het consent, its illegal. It's also super weird. You saying it's not weird for kiwis to search the whole website and save tens and tens of pictures of women so they can post them to talk about how shocked they're that these women are incels… Are you a kiwifag who got triggered women here find you weird for collecting nonsexual nude pictures to autistically analize on your little website?

No. 252506

Anon are you really this dense? It doesn't matter if it's technically illegal or not, it doesn't matter if it's weird or not, anyone posting their bodies here should've known better because the risk that moids from KF or 4chan would take the pics and laugh at them is very obvious! They don't care if it's legal or not, have you never seen moids spam CP here? You know the actual tragic CP featuring little girls forced to perform sexual acts, not the "well the young woman who voluntarily posted her clothed body here could be 17 therefore it could technically be CP!!". THEY. DON'T. CARE.

>You saying it's not weird

Never said that.
>Are you a kiwifag who got triggered women here find you weird for collecting nonsexual nude pictures to autistically analize on your little website?
You must be retarded if you think the kiwifags are triggered by women they used as laughing stock calling them weird. They're probably laughing even harder now considering someone as dense as you is going well akshually it's weird and illegal!!

No. 252526

nta no one said it's not weird or okat just that it's not illegal and that it's a consequence of posting your pictures publicly, especially to this site. the cp argument is dumb for several reasons and I'm sure you know that

No. 252550

File: 1648595772106.jpeg (45.79 KB, 414x612, D4DE51BB-13C2-420D-8E6C-CD6AC5…)

Is Edward furlong a gamine?

No. 252578

Can someone at least point out, we are not humble bragging. I legit just want advice on my body type because I felt I looked weird my whole life. And some reason a scrote took all our pictures on here without context to shame us or something? Like what the fuck…

No. 252593

Eh they're jealous. The scrotes who post on kiwi are unattractive, fat and autistic so when they see attractive thin women who probably have easier time dating, finding friends, etc. They get jealous like any incel gets jealous of a woman or thinks women live life on easy mode. Their femcel theory of this website being filled with unloveable women and the reason they're feminists being their ugliness also got proven wrong so they're doubly confused and upset.
See >>252492 asks why it's weird.

No. 252805

Can you drop a link to it so I can check how severe things are? At least tell me what search words to use.

No. 252811

Just look for the LC thread on kiwifarms, it’s one of the last posts. They aren’t really discussing the pics, just trying to explain why we’re tots the same as 4chan.

No. 252812

Because they're coping incels who are upset we don't hate men because we are too ugly to get with them, kek.

No. 252816

I have no idea how that place works or where to find last posts. From what you say sounds my hatred for men is valid.

No. 252860

File: 1648746756497.jpeg (762.46 KB, 1611x1059, 95135453-570C-4800-B39C-CF148A…)

I just googled “kiwi farms lolcow.farm “ I’ve used the site before but it is hard to navigate. This is pretty much all they said.

No. 252861

File: 1648746801043.jpeg (900.95 KB, 1580x1500, 93CB59F4-E5BE-4242-A6E0-E4D3DB…)

No. 252863

>they look normal
>psst no way the must be fatties posting other women's bodies
kek the projection. not surprising since only fatties would dedicate an entire board to seething at other slightly fatter fatties

No. 252864

File: 1648747068037.jpeg (205 KB, 930x602, 7052D01A-5D23-44FB-94DD-6CE3C5…)

This is >>252224 who posted 14 pictures from the previous body type thread. Besides who cares if some kiwi farms people call us average or say we’re humblebragging. All of this pales in comparison to the anon in the last thread who was accused of being a troon

No. 252903

Isn't this user a mentally ill faggot?
Women here are above average while incels are below average mentally and physically. That anon was thought to be a tranny because her room was very messy and her outfit didn't fit kibbe ruling rules while also being a bit inappropriate/alt(?). Her body wasn't masculine and no one thought she was a male because of her body, a tranny would wish to look like her.

No. 252922

some anons literally called her masculine though

No. 252926

Masculine features =\= male
but I do agree anons said she could be male based on her bone structure.

No. 252928

I'd still argue the fattest and anachanest farmers are still leaps and bounds more sane than the average Kiwi.
They are unattractive too and I would not have sex with them.

No. 252953

Ah hell nah stop lying to save face, anons called her a tranny, told her she had "horsey" male legs and an upper waist too big for a woman

No. 252958

File: 1648766551889.png (23.68 KB, 1241x327, troon.PNG)

>Her body wasn't masculine and no one thought she was a male
That's not true nonna.

No. 252960

alot of the tradthots who join this site because of the mtf threads start calling any woman who is not small petite or curvy a man.

No. 252990

not to sound snobbish but I think they got ricci completely wrong. She is obviously gamine. her height, the shape of her head (and the size, it's slightly larger for her body) and the way she looks in boysih styles just screams gamine. even her cheeks/profile.

No. 252991

File: 1648777217235.jpeg (695.82 KB, 3024x4032, shittyartanon.jpeg)

I can never figure out what my Kibbe type is, so I traced an image of myself and am posting it here. I'm 170 cm tall/weigh 58.9 kg, and have a pretty rectangular body (I've tried losing and gaining weight, this is always my shape). Measurements are around 34/27/37. I'm thinking that I might look better if I lose a little weight, maybe I could have a more elegant look. What do you all think as far as my Kibbe type?

No. 253004

Tbfh this affected me up a bit because my ribcage is 28 inches and my waist is 23 inches (bust is 35, hips 35 though I don't think that measurement comes from the front of my hips, it's my ass unfortunately, and my shoulders are 35 inches). I understand my figure is awful according to lc standards, but it does make me wonder how one could fix this. I am guessing rib removal or possibly corseting. Fortunately fat transfer can be done to the hips so I can make that look less troonlike and I have the money for it. I consider LC more representative than comments I get irl on my figure because at least people here won't sugarcoat.

No. 253019

Girl stop lmao you have a tiny waist anyone would kill for, nobody who lives in reality thinks your figure is 'awful'

No. 253036

>stop lying to save face
>anons said she could be male based on her bone structure.
Yes that's exactly what I said no?

No. 253051

File: 1648795184786.png (39.88 KB, 1692x418, 89e2.png)

>no one thought she was a male because of her body
It's crazy to me that this has been lied about like twice, as if we can't all look at the thread. Even as it was happening in that same thread, some anons tried to deny it. Why?
Some posters here just call women trannies for no good reason. One accused her of wearing a corset, so I know a good chunk of it is literal delusion and/or jealousy

No. 253085

Just because some anons did doesn't mean everyone else did, retard.

No. 253093

Sorry i quoted you by mistake
Then why are you angry if you did nothing wrong? also there were like 2 people trying to defend anon, most were shitting on her you can scroll up and see by yourself

No. 253096

File: 1648807788021.jpg (120.26 KB, 750x903, windowselfie.jpg)

What would my kibbe type be? Sorry for the bad quality, hopefully you can still judge without my calves and feet. I live alone so I had to take a mirror selfie except I don't have a floor-length mirror so I had to use my window. I'm 174 cm (5'8) for reference. Does my height make me automatically a dramatic? When I gain a little weight it gives me a soft pear shape so I think I have more yin than yang - or does being think and tall automatically make me yang?

No. 253097

thin and tall, shit

No. 253104

Girl we just had a whole conversation about anons being posted on KF, do you just not care you're going to be added to the lot for KF scrotes to critize?

No. 253110

nta but its' not like anons are recognizable in those pictures, it could be anyone

No. 253115

Me again - thank you for the concern nonna but I don't care what scrotes think. I really just want to know my kibbe type so I can stop wasting money on clothes that look meh. I go to the beach like this all the time. And it's not like I have any tattoos that could id me

No. 253153

this photo does not seem usable because your body is angled, put your phone across your room and use the timer or take a video to grab a frame to post, better your whole body. maybe soft dramatic?

No. 253226

thanks, I think you are right. I hate the style recommendations for this type tho.

No. 253269

File: 1648844880453.jpeg (415.08 KB, 838x1271, 12761911-D841-44B0-9177-04B925…)

I am a flamboyant Natural and I would like style recommendations that don’t look like they belong to a 50 year old mom.

No. 253289

Your problem is that you look at pictures/moodboards made for the target demographic (aka 50 y/o moms) instead of taking the description of your type (say loose fitted or intricate detailing or whatever) and applying that to clothes you see at the store to see if they fit that description. I guarantee if you go into Zara or whatever store with clothes you like and keep in mind the suggestions for FN you'll find clothes you like that are intended for someone your age.

No. 253290

Not the best pic for typing but my bet is ether on D or DC

No. 253292

Girl stop complaining, most models are FN, you can rock all the modern styles

No. 253388

Didn't AnOnimous doxx himself and has a video of his overweight ass wanking in a wheelchair? Kiwifags have been doxxed and so far all are fat and ugly. They have no room to ree because anons look normal and they want to believe that we criticizes scrotes because we are ugly, they cant take the truth that we're normies. They need the fantasy to cope.

No. 253390

Irony is Kiwifarms is closer to 4chan since it has more scrotes.

No. 254089

What are the body types of some cows
(I think she is a soft natural)
>Eugenia Cooney
>amber lynn reid
>Erin Painter
>Trisha Paytas

No. 254671

>Amberlynn Reid
SOFT? At a point it's difficult to tell what her bone structure and weight distribution is because she has so much of it. Both men and women look similar when you get to a certain size beyond the bounds of being able to perceive the natural differences/weight distribution of the skeletal frame. Best way to determine it is to consider what the looked light in her Casey era, since she weighed the least then.

No. 254676

FUCK, DUCK duck fuck, I wanna suck on Selma Hayek's fucking large Mexicans tits

No. 254677

All horrible womxn(gb2twitter)

No. 254710

No. 254770

I know that face isn't used anymore but what is the difference between the face of a soft classic and a soft natural?

No. 255449

I hate being FN I’m overweight and I look like a big matronly beast, not like a skinny model

No. 255450

You can always lose weight. That's the comforting thing. Maybe it will take a while but the option is always there. Someone short can't just decide to become tall. I'm sure you look fine nonna.

No. 255452

I’m trying to right now and it’s just so disheartening to put on cute clothes and looks so angular and not have an ass just a fat board. Thank you nonners

No. 255453

It will get better, trust me. Once you get into the slim range everything will look more proportional. As another FN I find I look the worst in the middle stage of losing weight. Another option is creating an illusion of curves by building muscle, with a program like strong curves. I wish you luck nonna!

No. 255454

File: 1649538230743.jpeg (1.08 MB, 985x1860, 99099ED5-236E-458F-A402-5C2524…)

What is Lean Beef Patty? Classic?

No. 255546

No. 255550

She's Type Gorgeous Please Protect Me

No. 255558

ot but what sneakers are those that she's wearing? they're cute. they're not vans or keds, right?

No. 255562

don't ponder too much, go with your gut or ask your friends what vibe you give off. what's your personality? try to eliminate the ones that are obviously not you and think about the ones that could fit, how would you incorporate them into your wardrobe? are those elements already there?

No. 255567

I just read about this for the first time and it seems pretty easy to me? Like you probably already know if you're yin or yang leaning and from there it's just objectively looking at your body. Or imagine how you'd look into the clothes for every type and you can probably imagine which ones would look awkward on you and which looks right. You could try such clothes on at the store if you have to.

No. 255631

nta but what if i don't fit in any of these?

No. 255842

File: 1649706117223.jpg (26.31 KB, 600x400, 54e844cf18c5b_-_sev-the-breakf…)

Can any scholar of kibbe tell me why Allison suits the style on the left so much more than on the right?

No. 255854

ally sheedy is a natural, looks better in looser looks than ones with a clean outline. after makeover is more of a style that fits classics. single photos don't always portray things well, her body language and the shot itself are different in each pic. https://www.reddit.com/r/Kibbe/comments/pvad1r/ally_sheedy_n_appreciation/

No. 255857

these are fairly broad categories, are you taking it too literally or are you a mix? take a step back and start with asking yourself whether yin or yang elements suit or appeal to you more. you could start with balanced, elegant or formal elements and think if you prefer to add more yin or yang elements.

No. 255861

Tyvm. That explains why she pulls off the baggy look so well, 'cause I imagine most people would look frumpy in her outfit. One last question - is Aly Art's advice legit?

No. 255922

You look shortish so I would say flamboyant gamine

No. 255925

really? I feel like her legs and small head make her look super tall. But I'm shit at this so idk kek

No. 255928

>is Aly Art's advice legit?
No, at all
Her proportions are the longest I've seen itt, also lots of types are short too not just gamine and romantic

No. 255976

File: 1649758580475.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, E114DEB2-4BF9-46FA-9A30-91F62C…)

I’m just stocky, I’ve been told I look short from far away, oddly. I think I have sort of the same build as Alexandria Dadario, (goals)she is FN.

No. 256981

File: 1650219940495.jpg (162.25 KB, 309x1000, img_20220417_200858.jpg)

What type do you think I am anons? I feel like it's really hard to find things that look good on me, I feel like nothing fits me. I'm 164 cm and 53 kg (it was 50 kg not so long ago but it was still hard to find clothes that look good on me). Also my face is very neotenous.
btw please recommend exercises to make my ass and thighs smaller kek, or just more in shape, I don't even have to lose weight, just be more toned

No. 256990

Soft classic? I'm like 10cm shorter but we have the exact same shape, and that's how I type myself.

No. 256999

You're very pretty and slim nona. You don't have to tone anything, just exercise for health.

No. 257007

I'm considering giving up on Kibbe. I don't fit into any of the categories. For example - I have disproportionately long narrow arms, but my legs are muscular and moderate in length. My hands are also long but my feet are average. My shoulders are broad and my waist and torso are narrow. I look terrible in baggy clothes but I think I'm some type of natural. Maybe flamboyant gamine but I don't look small (I'm 5ft5).

No. 257010

you have a really nice figure nona! the best way to get toned (ie build muscle) is to lift weights

No. 257073

Post your body on Reddit, you can draw over it and make the background white or do whatever you can to censor or post it here if you’d like (if you don’t mind some fat kiwitard saving it)

No. 257091

soft classic i think

No. 257102

His nudes are out? Where can they be found? I always imagined him as a 6'5 hot rich Jewish lawyer.

No. 257161

You sound like a textbook Flamboyant Gamine

No. 257279

I wonder if it's possible to figure out kibbe type through the process of elimination. This is what I know:
>cannot pull off extra straight, smooth, or slicked backed hair styles at all, results in a potato head look
>can't pull of straight cut clothing either, also too uncomfortable in stiff fabrics but also look ridiculous in flowy fabrics, sensual looks, etc.
>in terms of 'vibes', usually perceived as "innocent/sensitive/looking shy/scared/sad all the time" (even though I'm not always like that), described as 'cute' when it comes to compliments
i guess that would fall into the ingenue essence type but none of the recommended clothing appeals to me in the slightest
>all gamine clothing looks too clownish and tight, natural styled clothes are too large and I hate the patterns, vibes associated with those are also complete opposite from mine (same goes for the other types too really but mostly these)
Honestly literal pjs and hoodies feel like the only things that work lol, and I can't tell how long/short/wide my own body parts are below the neck, even looking at pics of other women's bodies I can barely notice any differences between them.

No. 257387

SN or SC. you primarily sound like you could be an SN with shorter proportions just make sure youre following modern recs not the ugly shit from 2010

No. 258531

I think I have a gamine essence but not entirely, it’s just what my style leans more into. I don’t know my essence but I like how tomboy and nerdy a lot of gamine style recs are

No. 259085

File: 1650971632198.jpeg (26.83 KB, 430x594, E60DC9CC-B8E3-4FE8-B8EA-E640DF…)

Brendan Fraser (FN) looks kinda off with short hair that is swept back. Still one of the most beautiful men ever, just not his look because as >>255854 says naturals look better in looser looks, he is an ideal wild sexy man

No. 259086

File: 1650971670120.jpeg (79.93 KB, 625x775, AA5A933D-04AB-4631-BA50-94CA0D…)

Vs him with long wavy hair

No. 259087

Also I’m still sort of confused on essence what kind of essence does he have?
>Ingenue? Himbo vibe???
>Romantic? Sexy and slightly feminine??

No. 259101

File: 1650977957145.jpg (52.16 KB, 800x1011, for_my_barber.jpg)

what would you call this haircut though?

No. 259106

It’s still face framing

No. 259107

Okay, but I mean what do you call this haicut? Like literally. Pls I have to know. Not trying to argue with you.

No. 259113

File: 1650984475248.jpeg (432.59 KB, 648x786, 49C1CF0E-891D-44F1-AF48-A30947…)

Are you the lesbian from the Brendan Fraser thread? 90s curtain haircut

No. 259118

Thank you! yes

No. 259133

>lesbian from the brendan frasier thread
>getting his haircut
>skinwalking her platonic husbando
May I say based???????

No. 259755

File: 1651212954250.png (6.71 MB, 2154x3244, e9kz14gq98271.png)

which kibbe type can pull off an outfit like this?

No. 260626

I used to think I was a Dramatic but according to my bf I'm more Dramatic Classic/Soft Classic. Wtf am I:
>tall and look it but not karlie kloss tall
>broad shoulders, long legs, short arms
>underweight with prominent bones but still somehow don't look spoopy
>fairly muscular but not hefty or fleshy
>mannish face that I'm told looks 'exotic' or 'modelesque' by people trying to be nice to me, most makeup trends make me look like a fucking troon
>only comfortable in literal menswear and no makeup or foppish adam ant skinwalking with dramatic goth makeup
>body looks good in cutesy styles but face always looks off
>tend to prefer structured over excessively drapey fits but really like oversized tops and big outerwear
>dressing 'sexy' makes me look like lady dimitrescu's anemic cousin

No. 260641

The impression is TR due to small details like the ruffle at the bottom, and the shape of the neckline.

No. 260646

File: 1651485376780.jpeg (13 KB, 177x284, 9A15A81F-0737-4D78-9267-D8FB25…)

I know Gamines are the ones who get told they look best with short hair but I think romantics are also hot with short hair. Picrel is Fairuza Balk

No. 260648

File: 1651485431460.jpeg (30.17 KB, 319x480, 2EDFE4CF-C388-466A-9F57-21C872…)

Helena Bonham Carter, another romantic

No. 260649

Maybe it’s because romantics are small too? I remember when I cut my hair I was hoping it would look like >>260648 I’m FN and I looked like a man

No. 260735

Any yin type could look really good in this (SC, SN, SG, R, TR) maybe DC or FG as well.

I’m R and I really liked short hair on me. I think the reason it’s given as advice for gamines is because of how much it pulls their whole look together. Like twiggy or Liza Minnelli or Audrey Hepburn would lose their star power if they’d grown their hair out, but Elizabeth Taylor (for example) didn’t need her short hair for her image to work.

Sounds like D or maaaaaybe FN to me. Maybe watch films with differently typed celebrities and see who you resonate with

No. 260791

File: 1651527952978.jpg (10.75 KB, 250x250, twiggy.jpg)

Sorry nonnies, I know it's hard without any photos of me, but what haircut would you recommend for a TR with a soft square face?
I wouldn't say I'm baby faced but I get told I look youthful sometimes and some people typed me as soft gamine when they only saw my face. I also hear that I look sad and/or serious when my face is relaxed
>naturally straight/wavy hair depending on the day
>look older (matronly?) and plain with straight bangs
>look younger without bangs but imo it doesn't look good and makes my face wider
>looked best (imo) with side bangs with half of my forehead showing but they're impossible to keep up with and turn into straight bangs eventually
>shorter hair (like shoulder lenght) looks more flattering on me (I've been growing out my hair but I decided to cut it soon because I kind of drown in it)
I struggled with hair all my life because I'm awful at styling it and don't want to spend hours every morning to get ready
I've got a similar face shape to Twiggy but a bit wider, hope this doesn't come across as pretentious but my face has the same outline and I couldn't find other similar pictures

No. 260832

File: 1651543599578.jpg (97.02 KB, 879x581, do_dont.jpg)

Confused anon here, turns out I really was a D this whole time and I've been having the worst style moment of my life trying to force myself into baggy shit and soft glam/'''natural''' makeup just because that's what's currently in fashion. So much of what works for me, like tight pants, darker makeup, sharply arched eyebrows, pointed toes on shoes, tailored fits, etc. just isn't in right now, and in trying to avoid looking dated I went the completely wrong direction for my body type and general vibe. What really confirmed it for me is that Classic-styled outfits like the one on the left (which I unfortunately have several variations of in my closet) just make me look tired and frumpy, but adding sharper, structured elements like in the Dramatic version on the right suddenly makes the same outfit look much more stylish and put-together on me.

No. 261856

Can a SN be flat-chested?

No. 261955

Yeah, boobs don’t really matter I’m a FN I thought I was SN because of my huge boobs and fleshy thighs. I didn’t consider FN til I was describing my limbs and such. Any type can be curvy too, Doja Cat and Jennifer Love Hewitt are Flamoboyant Gamines, and they’re very voluptuous.

No. 261956

I think I have a gamine essence but it might just be my style. I like bold, playful style and I can’t pull off short hair but I like boyish clothes. I have large eyes, straight across eyebrows, wide flat cheekbones, my lips are plump and big but they are kind of smirky looking too. I have a round/short diamond face shape.

No. 261971

kek, i wondered about this myself recently, i checked out kibbe-typed celebs and it seemed to me being stacked is the main criterium for SN for him.

No. 262041

yes I’m an SN and flat

No. 262387

how can i distract everyone from my face if i’m ugly? i’m a classic type so it’s the exact opposite of what i’m supposed to do. i would be curious to hear advice for other types too.

No. 262388

Big breasts, no makeup needed

No. 262396

Keep yourself well groomed and clean, as this anon said >>262388 ether make accent on your breasts or legs, it will distract people.

No. 262401

pretty sure that's a moid if it's first thought is big boobs. sorry but the only people who're distracted by big boobs while talking to you are staight moids and wlw. People generally look at your face when talking to you anyway.

No. 262430

Fuck off zoomer

No. 262457

I wish

No. 262490

File: 1652063041950.jpeg (92.35 KB, 750x500, F9F03594-B123-49A2-B04B-8313F3…)

Charlie Manson is a gamine.

No. 262512

What is the actual difference between SN and FN even then? Also is it just me or do people often get typed SN by others automatically, even if it doesn't really fit? Are there gnc/butch kibbe recommendations? Or anyone who has written about that? I'd honestly want to learn how to dress myself properly and develop a sense of style.

No. 262561

FN are taller and not that stocky

No. 262575

Curtain bangs are still popular right now and might work well for you. Keep the length above your collarbone and try for layers so you can get movement and volume. Avoid a full on shag though, it’ll probably clash with the rest of your look.

Goldie Hawn is flat chested. Iirc the SN clients kibbe has had recently weren’t notably busty either. He allegedly doesn’t consider bust size when it comes to type, only the overall silhouette.

SN are more curvy, FN are elongated. SN can’t be over about 5’6”, FN can be any height. The main difference in clothing for them is that SN outfits need to show off your waist and generally follow the contours of your body more closely. FNs are usually told to look for things that form a T shaped silhouette I think.
He doesn’t give any suggestions for butch women, but he actually wrote a style guide for men using the types. I’m sure you could find it by searching Reddit or something.

No. 262605

File: 1652118428758.jpg (76.19 KB, 512x568, this_is_me.jpg)

Thank you for answering! I think I'm FN rather than SN then. Some people elsewhere guessed I might be SN, but I'm a bit too tall and I'm not curvy (in the sense of flesh) at all. The only yin I have is in my lips and hands (both E), the rest are all B and A answers. While I'm stocky and perceive myself as very broad, the first thing other people notice is how I look way taller irl than I actually am due to tiny head and long limbs. I think it's possibly why I gravitated towards dressing gnc in the first place, besides being a sperg. I'll try to make do with what styleguides I can find for men I guess.

No. 262935

samefag I ordered some summer clothes which seemed FNish to me in soft summer colors. I really hope I can get my shit together and find some style that suits me. My hair should be okay since anons said Fraser's FN too and I already copy his hair. Idk what else I can do to fix my shit.

No. 263084

Oversized blazers will also look good on you, basically you can get away with currently oversize style very well. I suggest looking into your colouring as well so you choose flattering clothes and make up.

No. 263092

I don't wear make-up and I feel like too oversized stuff makes me look like a teenage boy drowning in clothes. It might look good on feminine FN's, but not on me kek. My colouring is soft summer afaik, which seems to align with FN.

No. 263094

Update : I am losing weight+body recomp and building muscles, I feel like I can pull off way more things now.

Also what type do you guys think is best for pulling off an emo look? Gamines?

No. 263173

>what type do you guys think is best for pulling off an emo look?
Probably FG, D and DC.

No. 263191

I think I'm closest to classic or natural, but I'm 5'0", is it possible?

No. 263198

File: 1652318826555.jpeg (7.11 MB, 4096x3276, 16AE8EE7-05CD-4748-B121-21CF49…)

It’s fine if you don’t like oversized things. They’re not required or anything. The real keys for FNs from what I understand are avoiding things that are super structured OR small scale and delicate. You also want to emphasize your height/elongation and shoulders. Also, remember that FNs are not inherently wide or masculine or anything. There are a ton of gorgeous FNs out there and they can pull off lots of different styles. Pic related is a girl from Reddit whose outfits I thought were really cute and flattering.

Anyone who’s skinny tbh

No. 263255

File: 1652335415982.jpg (408.29 KB, 1464x822, Natural.jpg)

Yeah it seems a difficult balance to keep for FN's, but I've gotten some monochromatic stuff with varying textures (but not shiny), because that supposedly works well. No busy patterns, casual, just keep it simple stupid. Picrel, the recommendations Kibbe has for Natural scrotes.
>Also, remember that FNs are not inherently wide or masculine or anything. There are a ton of gorgeous FNs out there and they can pull off lots of different styles.
Yeah I know there are lots of beautiful feminine FN's, but I'm NOT one of them kek. The moment I wear anything feminine, I look like an AGP. I have to keep my hair short, can't wear make-up, everything has to be a masculine cut, one wrong move and I look like Honter. My facial features are already very strong and overwhelming, anything added looks trashy/tranny-ish. So feminine styles or anything are really really out of the question for me personally. I used to think I'm maybe intersex with how fucking bad it is, the only feminine things about me are hands, feet and lips, the rest is really cursed. I've got linebacker shoulders and a barrel ribcage, I measured it actually and it's in between what is normal for women and scrotes, I just don't fit anywhere. I managed to make it look a little bit less drastic by gaining muscle, which helped fill in my bonestructure a bit more, but I've got serious upperback width. People would unironically ask me whether I'm a TiM or have some sort of illness when I would wear women's clothes only and had longer hair. I have to wear very masculine things so it emphasizes my feminine features by contrast. Despite the wideness, me looking taller than I am is still the first thing people mention, due to the tiny head and long limbs. I'm great for sports and physical activity, but I'm not pretty to look at or gracious in any way shape or form. At least with short hair and masculine clothes, the comments range from "teenage boy" to "looking like a model", instead of being compared to TiM's. I really never fucking want that again and I can never unsee it.

No. 263277

You sound mistyped, how tall are you and what is your height? Are you normal weight?

No. 263300

Yes, there is no lowest height limit, but I will still suggest looking into R or TR as well

No. 263305

It's not about the type, for as long as I can remember, any women's clothing makes me look like a troon. Make-up makes me look like a troon. Women's clothing is shaped trapezoid, so everything is too tight in the upperback/arms and extremely loose in the waist. It looks comical, which is partially why I started wearing men's clothes. I'm 5"6 but people guess I'm 5"9 due to long limbs and tiny head and I'm described as being built like a shit brick house, no matter whether I'm overweight, underweight or normal weight. The inverted triangle is caused by my bonestructure. I'm not a "fresh and sensual" SN with curves and soft flesh everyone tries to type everyone as. I'm an inverted triangle with a flat broad chest (stays fairly flat no matter my weight), long dangly limbs which fairly easily gain muscle. Don't gain fat on hips, just thighs. Some tiny hands and feet don't change all that and doesn't suddenly mean I have a fuck ton of "yin" to the point it's SN. Since face doesn't count, my lips shouldn't even matter, but they're definitely countered by my big sharp schnoz, masculine eyes and big ass square jaw. Trying to look feminine in any way shape or form just puts all the attention on how mannish everything is.

No. 263311

From your description you sound like a DC check out their style recommendations. DC can have broad shoulders and weight gain pattern is mostly in their legs.

No. 263494

Tbh you just sound like you have self esteem issues. Kibbe and restricting yourself to a masculine aesthetic because of inane reasons won't help

No. 263695

File: 1652476273918.jpg (105.28 KB, 736x736, 9cec13cac0d593a9c86ab9a5e3f2bf…)

Im also closest to FN and like masculine clothing. Some stuff I found suits me:
>thick, stiff fabrics
>a bit oversized dress shirt with slim/straight pants, shirt tucked in, (makes my big upper body look nice)
>blazers unbuttoned, highest buttons in shirts open
>big patterns, as long as color is not too bright
>leather that is not shiny, one of my favorite clothes is big brown leather jacket
>having messy/fluffy hair softens caveman features a bit

No. 263699

File: 1652476783642.jpg (50.18 KB, 557x679, 916615f902652a805150197b9e9574…)

No. 263707

WHo is this and what is this kind of style called? Thank you

No. 263734

Nta and I don't know who the guy is but this is just like business casual. Any nice slacks with a buttondown.

No. 263759

which kibbe types are more likely to gain weight in the thighs/ass/face even at a low weight?

No. 263782

Thank you. I find this style in women incredible hot kek

No. 263785

I'll check it out. I kinda automatically feel resistance because I don't feel classic in any way, but the weightgain patterns match, I feel safest in my suits at work and face could fit. It might seem like I hate my squarish face or sharp and big features, but I also wouldn't want to get and never considered surgery, because they are balanced in its own way, any change would make everything off-balance.
See how you feel after everyone tinfoiling since puberty that you're an AGP troon or have an endocrine disorder, which might be possible because I managed to grow 4cm as an adult. I'm also really annoyed that masculine is seen as an insult and whenever I try to talk about these things, people think they're being assuring by going "but you can still be feminine!" no it's just annoying. It reminds me of hairdresses who will cry and take it personally when I want to keep my hair short. I'm trying to embrace myself with the masculine broad frame and lack of tits I got, I don't need to be memed into thinking it's still uwu feminine. There's nothing wrong with natural female masculinity. It's also not just about a masculine aesthetic, I need men's clothes, because my shape isn't found in the women's section. The women's section has clothes shaped like a trapezoid, a triangle, with lots of room for boobage, but no room for shoulders, meanwhile I'm a flat inverted triangle. I don't like oversized shit from the women's section either, because it still follows the trapezoid rule. The sleeves will hang over my hands (I don't need an arigato grande moment), meanwhile my shoulders will still be bursting at the seams. When you try a size up, it's like only the waist gets bigger and everything else stays the same size. I can't even find anything at the women's section which will at least fit the shoulders and then could take it to the tailor to get the length right, because it just doesn't exist (anymore?). Vintage/secondhand clothing doesn't seem to have this problems as much, women used to be allowed to have shoulders apparently. I'm also not a purse person, never have been, so I actually need proper pockets.
Thanks for the tips!
>a bit oversized dress shirt with slim/straight pants, shirt tucked in, (makes my big upper body look nice)
I like the look too sometimes, but do you never feel like it makes arms look scrawny when they're short sleeved? I don't think I can get my bis and tris big enough to fill it in.

No. 264106

File: 1652635016221.png (1020.67 KB, 1394x657, liza.PNG)

If you are below 5'7 (168~cm) then you might be a gamine too. Audrey Hepburn is one despite being taller than average. People often give FN to everyone but it is overtyped.
There is a shitload of gamines that look taller than they are. I get gamine's heights wrong all the time.

Anytime someone mentions they don't look good in FN clothing I think of FG who look great in oversized clothing and don't look amazing in typical FN dresses. Liza Minnelli looks at her in a dress vs a suit.
You compare Liza to an FN and you can see a very clear difference.

No. 264107

>do you never feel like it makes arms look scrawny when they're short sleeved?
Yeah I actually prefer ones with long sleeves, or wear a jacket or cardigan on top of short sleeved ones. I live in a cold country so I almost never have to expose my noodle arms.

Also true, people should stop forcing femininity on those that do not feel comfortable with it. This is one reason we see so much young women trooning these days.

No. 264125

File: 1652639592269.jpeg (128.54 KB, 764x967, D98860FB-07DF-490E-857B-0B79BA…)

what kibbe type would you say i am? my guess is some kind of classic, though i’m still holding on to a sliver of hope that i‘m a natural. i’m 5’4 or 162 cm (around average height here)

No. 264133

File: 1652641360572.jpeg (50.64 KB, 400x600, 70DA4102-E0C7-4CE1-838F-3130E6…)

You look a little bit smaller than your height, I’d say soft gamine

No. 264481

Sorry if this is stupid (came from the stupid questions thread kek) but is it possible to figure out your base type by measurements (height, bust, waist, hips), how fleshy you are and proportions? I mean without any pictures (I'm slightly paranoid someone might recognize my clothes or be turned to scrote jerking material, that's why). I'm 163 cm and my measurements are 34-27-40, I am quite soft especially in the face (big round eyes, chubby cheeks, wide nose, thick lips and quite youthful, though I'm only 19 so that's not very odd lol. From the side I have a quite prominent nose though, think Turkish nose). I do have quite boney/angular shoulders, and pretty thin arms (especially my lower arms) compared to the rest of my body. The clothes that suit me best are either formfitting or very loose (I usually go for a tight tank top+baggy pants or a figure-hugging dress). My hair suits my face best when it has a bit of wave to it, I always curl my bangs under and sleep with a twisted bun. Super tight (slicked back or parted) styles look weird on me, but I don't know if that's because it doesn't suit my personal style much or because its too tight/geometric for my face. Again, sorry if this is dumb but I can't figure it out for the life of me, I think I'm a romantic but I have some gamine characteristics as well (I look shorter than I am, thin arms, short-ish).

No. 264870

It's hard to see overall balance from text without a pic. Look into FG recommendations and see if it works for you.

No. 264886

File: 1652919430754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 452.67 KB, 480x1036, FED3BF49-FBCA-4AB6-A130-DD1F4F…)

What is he nonas?
His head seems big and his shoulders are a little bit sloped so FG?

No. 272452

Im a soft gamine, but shirt collars make me look terrible while v necks really elevate my looks. Is this normal?

No. 272457

What Kibbe types generally look good or possibly better with their hair pulled back?

No. 272575

Classics are usually best looking in sleek looks. I’m a FN and I NEVER wear my hair down, i just have such a small head, so maybe gamines and romantics too.

No. 272580

>soft natural
More like neanderthal and hobbit lol don't kid yourselves

No. 272590

so true bestie now post body

No. 272591

Most hot women in Hollywood are soft naturals like scarjo and Sydney sweeney.

No. 272598

interesting how you conveniently left out FN you're probably one yourself

No. 272602

Ok moid

No. 272626

I can never seem to figure out what I am.
Bone: D=2, C=1, A=1
Flesh: D=2, C=2, A=1
Face: D=5, A=1, E=1(huge eyes)

Big eyes usually point at a gamine but I have barely any A answers and no B..

No. 272634

File: 1656542040289.png (95.65 KB, 321x333, dfssfsdfsfs.png)

I don't look good with like super sleek hair but some strands like picrel looks amazing on me and I've had people tell me that my hair looks better pulled back. Is that normal for a Gamine? I look a lot younger/cuter with short hair.

No. 272642

Yeah gamines look best with short hair. Man I wish I knew it wasn’t for me when I chopped my hair off

No. 272643

They just have an overall boyishly cute vibe.

No. 272655

I don't know what type I am but it's possibly one of the yin leaning types since I have a "soft"/rounded look, look bad in sleek styles and am short. But I feel my 'essence' is closer to Dramatic which is the complete opposite..what do?

No. 272662

so are you a mix? have you looked into gamine styling?

No. 272682

I guess it's more like my personality or vibe just doesn't match my appearance. I would've almost liked gamine styling but the suggested prints and patterns are too gaudy/over-the-top for my taste.

No. 272686

audrey hepburn was also a gamine, are her looks up your alley?

No. 272695

well that's probably because your eyes are about the last feature to determine what type you are.. some even disregard face entirely

No. 273148

ntayrt but have you looked into essence? you sound very similar to me and i have primarily dramatic and classic essence to my face (which is kinda sharp and pointy looking) so patterns don't look great on me either.

what looks good on me, maybe it'll help you:
- short hair, you can try a long bob. short hair makes me look younger/youthful personally
- gamine cuts like mini skirts, slightly cropped pants, constructed types of tops
- basic french girl style
- everything of the above in simple colors, you can colorblock but extreme patterns like marimekko will overwhelm the face
- simple makeup, if i wear prominent eyeliner i look best with noticeable lipstickto balance the look (not a gamine thing, but more 'classic' essence)

No. 274759

File: 1657588696990.jpeg (165.77 KB, 693x1024, D26EF7AE-7A01-4CD0-89D8-D3751F…)

Does anyone else feel like the Kibbe Reddit is low key stupid like they call anyone with shoulders a soft natural. They don’t even consider length or anything. I think the girl who plays Starlight is an obvious gamine, but people on Reddit were saying she’s too tall (5’6”) but how come Emma Watson is a gamine at 5’6” and what about Audrey Hepburn? Her shoulders aren’t even wide, people on Reddit think any width up there is maculine yang swimmer body

No. 283425

Can someone help me determine my type? My answers to the Kibbe test are
Bone Structure: 1C 2B 3A 4A
Body Flesh: 5D 6C 7E 8D 9A
Facial Features: 10B 11A 12C 13D 14D 15B 16C

No. 283472

I tried analyzing it for so many years but i still cannot tell the difference between most kibbe types if my life depended on it, like when it comes to images of the body types itself (not the idea/concept). The extreme examples I can figure out, like I can tell Beyonce's a Romantic and Tilda is a Dramatic but for 90% of bodies not much. I feel like I have the body equivalent to face blindness lol.

It's also trickier when sometimes people say "oh this type can also have [tons of traits associated with a completely different type] too" so how do they even tell the difference at that point? I mostly see this when people point out that SN has a lot of variety and how apparently sometimes women with that type get mixed up with SG and SC, but if they're that similar then what even makes them distinct? At least to me I thought SG was more petite and kind of bobbleheaded while SN was more average sized with bigger chests comparatively and SC was inbetween but some people elsewhere claim that SN can also have those exact traits too so idk. Even besides those some of the confirmed examples of other types don't make sense to me (like selena gomez being TR..where? she looks like a kid playing dress up). I still probably won't bother anyway because I can't stand any of the recommended clothes, they're either too ugly and outdated or too impractical.

No. 283477

Kibbe sperging is so fascinating to me, it’s like your astrology

No. 283479

I thought I should get into it because I want to clean out my wardrobe and thought it would be an easy thing to help me decide on which clothes to keep. But I can’t even really understand what type I am and it seems like no one else knows what’s going on either.

No. 283499

> it seems like no one else knows what’s going on either.
Sage for rant & tinfoil but I'm honestly convinced a big part of this "system" is some sort of scam, at least nowadays. All approved "resources" are either nebulous and useless or straight-up contradictory. Selena Gomez being typed as TR by Kibbe himself was the nail in the coffin to me. It really felt like he was insulting our intelligence with that kek.

No one can accurately type you except for Kibbe himself (and only in person for multiple thousands of dollars). There are no proper guidelines on how to type yourself, all the ones on Youtube are apparently wrong and misrepresentative. There are no approved guidelines on how to dress. Literally none. They just tell you to wear whatever the fuck you want. You tell them you're a SN and ask what might look good on this body type, and they literally reply with "idk figure it out". "Lines" as they are often called are not a thing. So what is the purpose of al this? To feed his pockets?
Not to mention how cult-like those Facebook groups are. Like you're not allowed to question anything or they'll kick you out lmao

No. 284254

I especially love when someone asks what sort of clothes fit certain type and the answer always is
>clothes don't have a type! wear anything just accomodate your lines!
and right after you leave your suggestion
>oh no no no no no, this will look awful on your broad shoulders and will restrict your fridge body!

No. 296074

I'm new to the Kibbe archetypes and did the quiz yesterday. My results were all over the place with my bone structure being 1B, 2A, 3C and 4D which messed up a lot for me. For body flesh I was overwhelmingly D answers and facial features mostly B. I had a few A's and C's in facial features as well, some C's and one E (bust) for body flesh, and ended up with the conclusion that I should be Gamine due to the very even mix of D and B. Except I am 5'8" and an hourglass with a tiny waist… which might point to Theatrical Dramatic, except I'm not petite. I have big facial features (jaw, nose, eyes, brows) accompanying my small slender hands and feet, I have sharp narrow shoulders that stay that way whether I gain weight or not. I always have big boobs and a waspish waist. My hips are sharp and if I lose weight the bones jut out and I frequently get stuck on door handles and similar because they poke out of my body. (Same with elbows when skinny.) If I understand it correctly I have a lot of Lush Yin to me with a few Petite Yin details offset by a lot of Soft Yang and a bit of Sharp Yang. Could I still be a TD or a Gamine, or can anyone help me figure out which direction I should head in?

No. 296091

Based on your height, if you stick 100% to Kibbe's theory (not everyone does), you can only possible be natural, flamboyant natural, dramatic or soft dramatic.

Theatrical dramatic isn't a type, did you mean Theatrical romantic? Have you looked at soft dramatic? It fits your height and it was the romantic/yin undercurrent you speak of.

Personally I think the theory isn't perfect and some people just don't fit any of the categories well (which makes sense, doesn't it, there's billions of people and 13 categories, with that many people there's bound to be outliers) or you're mistyping yourself. It's not easy to look at yourself objectively and you're not seeing the same thing in the mirror as people around you do.

No. 296095

Thank you so much!
Yes, I meant Theatrical Romantic, I'm sorry.
I looked a bit closer at the types and like you said Soft Dramatic might be more me. While I am a curvy hourglass I come off as "pointy" in my limbs, and my joints are very skinny and angular. My ex once said "your body is so soft… but you're so SHARP" after leaning into my chest and getting poked by one of my shoulderblades, and I think that's a rather good description. Soft but sharp.
I have very small hands, and I'm very hourglass-shaped as previously mentioned, but other than that Soft Dramatic seems to fit me well and some deviation seems to be allowed.

Thanks again!

No. 303589

File: 1670793748234.png (5.71 MB, 1946x3000, 91jl0e2emtw41.png)

Why is all the Dramatic outfit inspiration/advice so…expensive? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to cut about in heavyweight wools and couture dresses but I'm a uni student on a budget. Picrel is a particularly egregious example. It feels like the other types get much more wearable suggestions, but Ds get runway looks and that's it.

No. 303612

Some of these examples look too heavy for a D. Anyways, Ds are treated as old, stock up ladies by the kibbe community so they "assign" them these styles, they cannot even imagine a young dramatic wearing light stuff

No. 303615

casual style ideas for soft dramatics?

No. 303618

File: 1670808300327.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1193, 8AA42CA5-CB16-4D0E-BAB6-17CA05…)

I have no idea what Kibbe I am (tried to do the test but it was too long and I got bored)

All I know is I have a typical ‘hourglass’ body with wide hips and big boobs but people tell me I suit baggy, edgy and tomboyish clothing like pic rel the most, and I also agree, which is confusing. This makes me think I must have some ‘yang’ or butch energy about me but I don’t really feel like I do.

No. 303636

File: 1670818459692.jpg (124.71 KB, 1000x1000, xuhvr1msnms61.jpg)

Body measurements don't matter that much with Kibbe's system, and he himself said the test isn't that useful if it's your first introduction to his system. The terms 'flesh' and 'frame' are confusing: flesh determines how much your fat/muscle influences your shape and frame how much your bone structure does. However, the way your body looks on its own is less important than how it makes clothes look. You can be a conventional hourglass by measurements but still be a Dramatic or a Flamboyant Natural, even though those are the 'yang' types. In picrel, both right and left are hourglass-shaped but Shirley Maclaine (Flamboyant Natural) on the right has much more prominent hipbones than Elizabeth Taylor (Romantic) on the left. Kibbe uses some loaded terms for certain body types but the point of his system is to find what clothes make you look and feel your best, not to shove your body into a category. If you suit boxy, boyish looks with lots of fabric, you may be a Flamboyant Natural. Florence Welch, Nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, and Sarah Jessica Parker are all FN, so there's a lot of variation and femininity in that type even if it's maligned in Kibbe communities.

No. 303663

probably like billie eilish
she's so curvy but suits the bratty butch look much better than the marilyn monroe styling

No. 303743

nta but there's something i don't get, if FNs have so much variety (to the point where somehow even short women get typed with it?) then what exactly makes a FN a FN? what makes it different from the other types? even in that pic they look the same except for the waist

No. 303750

How long and broad your limbs look compared to your head. I'm FN but I'm only 5'5"and I don't look like a model or any of the usual examples, I'm sort of curvy and I don't look that good in formfitting clothes, I look a little too angular. My favorite thing to wear is cargo shorts/pants and baggy tee shirts. I also have really long hair so I don't think I look too masculine. It doesn't look bumpy on me because my broad straight shoulders make it hang off well, I hope. Naturals are the most common body type too

No. 303942

Is there any reason why that is? I mean I find her face and vibe slightly masculine but also very feminine.

No. 304490

Any ideas for more masculine styles for TRs?

No. 304661

File: 1671390224342.jpg (299.52 KB, 1578x852, for_nonna.jpg)

Nonna I have no fucking clue about Kibbe myself and I wouldn't consider this all really masc, but this is what others have said is some masc stuff for romantics. In general the recommendations kibbe gives for women don't go well with gnc stuff. I ended up reading the recommendations for men with the same type I have and trying to adapt them to me.

No. 304921

I know all this is pseudoscientific, but there is something alluring about kibbe, for the same reason 4seasons, dyt, mbti, and enneagram is popular.

No. 307648

Im 5'6

No. 307649

all of those things make you sound autistic if you talk about them but mbti won't also make you look cool and hot!

No. 307656

I wouldn't call kibbe pseudoscience, it doesn't presents itself as science at all, it's just analysis of the persons physical apperance. I dislike how it prescribes styles for each type tho, instead of just general kinds of cuts.

No. 315143

File: 1677881800909.jpg (54.97 KB, 736x736, Canadian Hairless-Sphynx-cloth…)

okay, so I got into kibbe, specifically reading r/kibbe. I admit I don't really understand what accommodating for 'petite' and 'curve' means exactly, but reading over it and the recommended solutions for them, I think I'm a SG. I find Kibbe more useful if you read about how to accommodate to balance,vertical,width etc and deciding if you need to accommodate them, rather than individually looking at each type's description and sussing out whether or not you fit it

No. 315289

File: 1677965798459.jpg (142.4 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20230304-133301_Sam…)

If anyone has a moment and would like to help, can you confirm my Kibbe type?

My answers:
A 1
B 0
C 5
D 6
E 1
If I'm understanding picrel, I am SG. I am 5'0" (is my weight needed? A lot of the Kibbe page says to disregard weight but if it's relevant I will reveal).
I wish I could post a photo my body here, but hell no kek. Thanks for reading!

No. 315291

Ehh I don't think so because you have a (nearly) even mixture of C and D, picrel doesn't mention C.

No. 315292

also samefag I think it's better to go by description/pictures of the types and comparing to yourself because the test values every answer equally even though some aren't as important as others.

No. 315293

File: 1677966735165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 981.82 KB, 2134x1520, Ariat.jpg)

Double post but I look good with short hair. I can't really describe my style- I wear a lot of oversized t-shirts and boots with leggings or skinny jeans. I think I have a playful and youthful style- for example these are my most recent purchase, which imo are playful as hell (I don't live in a southern state, I feel that is relevant because cowboy boots are not the norm here) because of the wideness of the shaft- reminds me of rainboots which are whimsical and fun imo. Plssss pls plssss no boolie I can't take it I will cry real tears

No. 315296

Ah, I see thank you for your input. To clarify- I should look for the type that is evenly c & d correct? I don't see that mixture on the test site linked in the OP, which makes me even more confused.

No. 315306

You're right, a result that matches with yours doesn't exist, but like I said the test is flawed.

No. 315307

Yeah I've been trying to take other kibbe tests since I first posted and my variation of answers isn't anywhere that I've seen so far. Oh well. Thanks again nonnington

No. 320779

Sorry if it's a dumb question. I'm not sure if I'm Soft Natural or Flamboyant Natural (I got SN on the test but after looking at clothes, celebrities etc. examples I'm a bit confused). Can I wear clothes for both types, since they're both Natural anyway? (until I figure my type out)

No. 320788

since they're both for naturals you should be fine. outfits catering to whether you're soft or dramatic should theoretically look slightly better on you but not a big deal.

No. 331593

File: 1685315714609.png (689.89 KB, 1080x1620, veronica-lake-49-sc-v0-lv4o10k…)

i just realized veronica lake is 4'9 but still typed as a SC…yet people claim SCs (and classics in general) can't be short. i guess they give veronica a pass since she looks taller at a first glance and wears heels? i thought she was a TR, her bone structure seems delicate and her vibe suits it.

No. 331598

File: 1685316602115.jpg (59.31 KB, 750x742, reeeeeeeee.jpg)

>mfw I see what we had before 1950s bullet bras ruined everything

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