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File: 1534795651462.jpg (108.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 92682

Ever wondered why certain clothes don't look as good on you as on another girl with similar stats?

How to find your type:

Aly Art has many videos with very good tips on how each type can dress and style themself to look their best.

No. 92684

File: 1534797275738.jpg (161.45 KB, 600x1305, DI6Ftcu.jpg)

Happy to see a thread on this since I've recently gotten into this topic. Thanks anon!

I find it pretty difficult to find information/celebrity comparisons on these but here is another graphic I found. Not sure how accurate it is though.

No. 92685

Why do we care what a man thinks of catagories our bodies and style? There might be some truth to what he’s saying but I don’t think its possible to catagorize the billions of women on the planet into just a few caragories of beauty.

No. 92687

It has less to do with categorizing beauty (iirc it's explicitly said that it's not a scale of attractiveness) and more with trying to help women how to dress or do make up for their bodies.

Personally, it has helped me a lot to dress more flattering for my body shape.
Of course most women won't fit 100% into one specific category. You can be a combination of two similar types or posses attributes from multiple different types and still benefit from the styling tips.

No. 92690

File: 1534798510646.jpg (62.31 KB, 428x863, 594211849ddc7117626569d3f49728…)

I see it differently: so many young girls and women follow every single modern trend, no matter whether they like it or whether it suits them.
According to this theory you don't need to do that, instead find the things that really suit you personally.

I'm a Dramatic Classic, I will never look cute, I could never wear j-fashion. When I was younger I always thought that I need to were the same things as my friends - even though I looked awful in them.
If something really fits you, then you'll also feel more comfortable and confident.
It's not likes he's telling everybody that they have to wear certain things, rather what cuts or patterns to avoid because they're unflattering for your type.

No. 92691

But what about wearing things because you like them, even if they “don’t suit you”? Fashion is so subjective, life is too short to not wear what you enjoy, even if some random man tells you it’s scientifically unflattering on you for x, y and z reason.

Its cool that it has helped some anons though

No. 92695

I don't have a sense of style, there never was a type of fashion that I really liked and I never had an idea of what to wear. I just want to look good and that's also why I copied others in the past.

No. 92697

You are totally right! Wear what you want to wear because life is too short. If this is your motto - go for it!

But this thread is for women and girls who want to understand forms and lines. People who didn't find their styles yet and are insecure about what is flattering and what is not.

>I was a so-called "fashion victim" and I bought every month new clothes in order to be ~trendy like the stacies in my school and later uni. I never stood out, I didn't feel good in my own skin. At one point I decided to clean up my wardrobe and believe it or not - I threw away clothes in the value of 2000€ which I hoarded in the last 3 years (it was mainly from H&M, Primark, Forever21). I decided to invest in high quality clothes and look for my own indivual style and so I found Kibbe. I get complimented how it fits my personality. I don't look like the typical girls around me without trying too hard if you know what I mean.

No. 92698

I wanted to give a tip to some of you who struggle to find out which Body type you might be.

1) Take the test anon posted in the description >>92682
It is ok if you can't decide between two types because

2) you now have to compare which celebrity looks the most like you body- and face-wise
Here is the list of all body types and some categorized celebrities:

Alexis Smith
Anjelica Huston (as per Kibbe)
Cate Blanchett *
Claire Danes *
Faye Dunaway
Greta Garbo Jamie Lee Curtis *
Joan Crawford
Kate Moss (possible) *
Katharine Hepburn
Kathleen Turner
Keira Knightley (possible) *
Lana Turner
Lauren Bacall
Lena Horne
Louise Brooks (probably)
Maggie Smith
Michelle Dockery *
Olivia Culpo *
Tilda Swinton *

Soft Dramatic
Anita Ekberg *
Anita Morris
Anne Bancroft
Ava Gardner
Barbara Carrera *
Barbra Streisand
Christina Hendricks
Diahann Carroll
Jacqueline de Ribes
Kim Novak *
Mae West
Maria Callas
Marlene Dietrich
Michelle Lee
Raquel Welch *
Rachel Weisz
Sofia Vergara *
Sophia Loren
Valerie Perrine
Rita Hayworth (In the book as TR; verified SD on 5/23/16)

Flamboyant Natural
Anne Hathaway (might have had work done and might not look quite FN)*
Bea Arthur
Blythe Danner * (reassigned from SC in 2016)
Brooke Shields *
Cameron Diaz *
Carly Simon
Charlize Theron *
Christie Brinkley *
Cindy Crawford *
Claudia Schiffer *
Colleen Dewhurst
Eve Arden
Farrah Fawcet
Gwyneth Paltrow
Ingrid Bergman (re-assigned by Kibbe 2014)
Jean Smart *
Jennifer Lawrence *
Julia Roberts *
Katie Holmes * (probably)
Linda Evans
Liv Ullman * (Kibbe 2014)
Lucie Arnaz
Lucille Ball *
Lynda Carter *
Lynn Redgrave
Michelle Obama *
Natalie Dormer *
Nicole Kidman *
Rosalind Russell *
Princess Diana of Wales
Sarah Jessica Parker *
Shirley Maclaine
Vanessa Redgrave
Note: a lot of supermodels are Flamboyant Naturals. *

Ally Sheedy
Ali MacGraw
Angelina Jolie * (Kibbe says she is some kind of Natural)
Carol Burnett
Chris Evert Lloyd
Karen Allen
Liv Tyler *

Soft Natural
Alexa Ray Joel (probably) *
Barbara Hershey *
Betty Grable
Carole Lombard
Chloe Sevigny *
Ellen Barkin *
Goldie Hawn *
Fergie *
Heidi Klum *
Helen Mirren *
Jane Fonda (reassigned by Kibbe)
Joan Blondell *
Judy Collins
Judy Holliday *
Julianne Hough *
Julie Andrews *
Kat Dennings *
Katy Perry *
Kelly McGillis
Kim Basinger
Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil) (maybe) *
Marissa Tomei
Molly Ringwald
Pink (or FN, she might just work out so much, hard to know) *
Rene Zellweger *
Sandra Bullock * (Kibbe said she is probably a SN)
Scarlett Johansson (might have had things done, you can see her straight shape in an earlier movie.) *
Sissy Spacek
Stephanie Powers
Terri Garr

Dramatic Classic
Connie Sellecca *
Diana Rigg
Gena Rowlands
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Katharine Ross
Linda Gray
Maria Shriver
Olivia Munn *
Phylicia Rashad
Polly Bergen
Suzanne Pleshette
Tracy Scoggins

Cybill Shepherd
Diane Sawyer
Ginger Rogers
Isabelle Huppert

Soft Classic
Barbara Walters
Carolina Herrera
Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Oxenberg
Deborah Kerr *
Donna Reed *
Emma Thompson *
Grace Kelly
Jessica Chastain (possible) *
Joan Bennett *
Joan Fontaine
Laura Linney *
Lee Remick
Marion Cotilliard *
Meredith Baxter Birney
Merle Oberon
Meryl Streep
Naomi Watts *
Norma Shearer
Olivia de Haviland
Veronica Lake *

Flamboyant Gamine
Audrey Hepburn
Bonnie Franklin
Debbie Allen
Debra Winger
Glora Vanderbilt *
Jennifer Love Hewitt (probably FG) *
Julie Harris
Kelly Osbourne *
Liliane Montevecchi *
Liza Minelli
Natassia Kinski
Patti LuPone
Penelope Cruz *
Shari Belafonte
Tina Turner
Zooey Deschanel *
Coco Chanel (reassigned by David 8/13/16)

Edith Piaf
Geraldine Chaplin
Heather Locklear
Jean Seberg
Mia Farrow
Pat Benatar
Paulette Goddard
Rosanna Arquette

Soft Gamine
Bette Davis
Betty White
Susan Hayward
Brigitte Bardot (maybe)
Clara Bow
Claudette Colbert
Cyndi Lauper
Debbie Reynolds
Eartha Kitt *
Halle Berry *
Judy Garland
Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil - he said SN or SG) *
Leslie Caron
Linda Ronstadt
Mary Martin
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen *
Natalie Wood (reassigned from SN by Mr. Kibbe 11/8/2014)
Octavia Spencer *
Reese Witherspoon *
Sally Field
Winona Ryder *

Theatrical Romantic
David Kibbe (of course!) *
Donna Mills
Hedy Lamarr
Jaclyn Smith (Kibbe says there is a possibility she may be SD upon further examination—8/13/16)
Jane Seymour
Jean Harlow
Joan Collins
Marilyn McCoo
Mila Kunis *
Morgan Brittany
Morgan Fairchild
Rihanna *
Salma Hayek *
Susan Slavin *
Theda Bara *
Vivien Leigh

Arlene Dahl
Barbara Mandrell *
Bernadette Peters
Beyonce *
Christina Ricci *
Delta Burke *
Dolly Parton
Drew Barrymore *
Elizabeth Taylor
Emma Samms
Gina Lollobrigida
Helena Bonham Carter *
Jean Simmons
Jessica Lange
Kate Winslet *
Marilyn Monroe
Susan Sarandon

No. 92701

I find all this super interesting but I'm finding it hard to pin down which type I personally am. I've never really thought about what shape my shoulders are or how they're sloped or whatever and tbh my face is just a shapeless blob of flesh.

interesting thread anyway though! Maybe I'll try taking a full body photo of myself and really looking at all the stuff mentioned in the test.

No. 92714

File: 1534813501108.jpg (42.68 KB, 403x604, dc.jpg)

Yay, I'm glad we have a thread for this!

I'm a Dramatic Classic which looks so boring to me. Any other DCs here that know how to spruce it up a bit?

No. 92716

File: 1534815479051.jpg (73.08 KB, 564x846, diane-kruger-dc.jpg)

Diane Kruger is my absolute favourite DC because she styles herself classy, edgy and sexy.

I would recommend a mix out of different materials.
For example: classy cotton pants and a see-through lace blouse with a sexy/edgy bustier underneath.
Velvet, leather and lace are really interesting materials for you which can spice up any outfit.

You can also bring edgyness to your outfit through breaking some rules for example holes in your jeans as long as you stay with an overall classic vibe.

No. 92717

File: 1534815901684.jpg (93.57 KB, 564x799, diane-kruger-dc2.jpg)

No. 92718

File: 1534816125095.jpeg (114.3 KB, 634x1187, 7588438C-25DF-43E1-B141-5DDB50…)

Any soft classics here??

No. 92721

I'm a gamine / soft gamine! I really like Aly Art's videos. Her voice/accent is so calming, it's almost like ASMR.

No. 92722

File: 1534821156863.jpg (59.88 KB, 715x406, h19J497.jpg)

Alyart's video was pretty interesting cause I've always gravitated towards gamine style but according to the test I'm a soft classic. I think my face results are all over the place as I have a lot of unbalanced features (sharp nose, round fleshy face, big downturned eyes).

No. 92725

I just did this and I have answers from all of the letters, ugh so Idk how to categorize myself

No. 92729

you guys have got me hooked! i'm pretty sure i'm a soft dramatic, but i wish i could get some second opinions on pics.
narrow yang skeleton with yin flesh and facial features makes a lot of sense for me

No. 92732

I'm soft classic, but I have no idea what would look good. Any suggestions?

No. 92736

File: 1534836943036.png (1.26 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180821-092207.png)

Many "fashionistas" are DC, so looking then up shouldn't be too difficult. I don't know any of the women in this list >>92698 so I simply went with ones Aly suggested:
like another anon already said, Diane Kruger is always super nicely dressed
Olivia Palermo
Victoria Beckham
Nina Dobrev
and Camilla Belle
Your choices can vary from cute to sexyish, as long as it's not too frilly or kitschy.

No. 92738

File: 1534837059093.png (1.09 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180821-092248.png)


No. 92746

>7 E
>5 D
>4 C

Would this be Theatrical Romantic? I've never been able to successfully determine by face/body shape.

No. 92748

Ok your main essence is E which soft/romantic with an an undercurrent of C which is balanced/classic. D adds more softness to your type.

Balanced, with a Yin influence - Soft Classic

You are not Theatrical Romatic because you have no A answers which indicates a slight yang influence. You are soft and balanced overall.

No. 92749

My guess is Soft Classic as well, since most of your answers are Es (very high yin) but there is still some yang influence, so you're probably not a full romantic and a SC instead.

No. 92751

Oh, I understand how it works a lot more now. Thanks anons!

No. 92754

Np anon.
>You are not Theatrical Romatic because you have no A answers which indicates a slight yang influence. You are soft and balanced overall.

I wanted to say that you miss the yang influence completely which is A. TR has a slight influence of A. You are balanced and soft, therefore SC. I feel like I expressed myself badly, I am sorry.

No. 92755

File: 1534856268508.jpg (37.36 KB, 600x570, hm.jpg)

I'm a doomed flamboyant natural lmfao, things that would look best on me is not what I like. And also, my face doesn't match the flamboyant natural description so I guess I'm just fucked

No. 92758

> 13 E
> 1 D
> 2 C

So I guess I'm a romantic? A-line dresses, flower patterns & flowy things that are tucked at the waist tend to look good on me.
I look like a trashbag in oversized sweaters, shirts & boxy things tho

No. 92761

File: 1534858143224.jpg (54.11 KB, 600x600, 0b93aaa6bd8e4c2d9ae30fc735d536…)

Anon FN is like a jackpot since a lot of models ate this type too. You can wear anything that you see on runways and often in shops you find everything for FN. There are softer and harsh faces for this type, so your face is ok and should fit into this range.

May I ask you which style do you prefer?

No. 92762

Kek I mean nearly all models ARE FN and not ATE

No. 92763

You could be either Romantic or Soft Classic.
>But to qualify for SC, your bone structure should be primarily balanced between the extremes of Yin and Yang while your body type and facial features should be more Yin-influenced.
If this is not the case, you are Romantic indeed.

No. 92764

I guess I'm a soft natural? Most of my answers are C, D or B in order of frequency and only 1 A and 1 E answer. Most of the examples given in the video of soft naturals are extremely busty women though, the only SN example close to me is Margot Robbie. My face is fairly yin, bonestructure yan, but yeah very small bust, store all my fat below my belly button (ass, thighs, lower belly), I still end up with an hourglass silhouette because of wide hips+broad shoulders and small waist.

No. 92765

I’m confused cause I was dominant D/E and there wasn’t really a type listed that was for that result. Is this some subtype or one of the others?

No. 92766

E is clearly soft/romantic. D is elusive but overall it adds softness to your appereance. Sometimes you will find yourself between two types if you have many D answers, for example too romantic to be SN but too natural to be TR. In your case I would definetely put you into the Romantic category.

No. 92767

I feel like I'm a mix between Romantic and Classic but there's no category for that.

>1 A

>3 B
>7 C
>2 D
>3 E

On a lot of things I was between two letters, so I think I could have a lot more E's/more romantic, although my body shape does not fit that.


No. 92768

also I'm 5ft10 and I read soft classics are usually about 5ft5?

No. 92770

For me you sound like a Soft Dramatic. Your dramatic essence comes from your height while your softness shows in your body type and face.

Normally you have 1 -3 letters from A to E. But you have 5 letters, which makes it harder. Some you can ignore but it can also be possible that you are a mixture of more than one type.

No. 92771

File: 1534862558689.jpg (200.7 KB, 703x1024, Shakira Boots Ankle Boots cFtM…)

The test said my type is Romantic but I'm pretty tall.
Does anyone know what type Shakira is? people say my body looks like hers.

No. 92772

How tall are you anon? Can you give me your answers?

Shakira has a fleshy/curvy body type and mainly soft facial features. But her bone structure isn't as delicate and round as a Romantic. It is more angular. She reminds me of Scarlett Johannson, so I would guess Shakira is also a Soft Natural

No. 92773

Ofcourse, thanks for your help anon.
I am 177cm, I don't think I have delicate bone structure either. I'm defenitely a pear though because my hips are very wide and shoulders are narrow. My bust is kind of big too but I don't seem to have a narrow waist (but it might look that way in contrast to my hips and bust)

No. 92775

Soft Dramatic
>Fleshy (unless ultrathin), particularly through the bust and hip area.
>Usually have long legs and arms, which can become fleshy in the upper arm and thigh areas without exercise.
>Usually have moderate-sized waist, which can become thick.

No. 92776

File: 1534864382319.jpg (219.53 KB, 1600x900, SD1.jpg)

No. 92781

File: 1534865930356.jpg (97.97 KB, 634x859, 312C6C6F00000578-0-image-m-3_1…)

what would you say chloe moretz is? i look a lot like her body and face-wise.

No. 92784

File: 1534866810472.jpg (38.42 KB, 405x607, chloe-moretz-glamour-5sep16-ge…)

For me Chloe is a Soft Natural. Other sites say that she is a Flamboyant Gamine. I think she looks strange with gaminish clothes but she looks so good with a soft natural styling. I think she was a Flamboyant Gamine when she was a teenager but she transitioned to a natural type as she grew up.

No. 92785

File: 1534866843892.jpg (180.43 KB, 815x1222, chloe-moretz-casual-vans-nyc-0…)

Soft Natural styling

No. 92787

Classic is described as moderately tall - 5'5 to 5'7. But you have to keep in mind that nowadays girls are always getting taller and taller, 5'10 is no longer as super tall and abnormal as it used to be, meaning even if that description doesn't fit 100%, you could still be that type.
I immediately knew I was DC, because everything fit perfectly, only difference is that I'm actually 5'10.
(Maybe the same thing can be said about things like breast size, since now even young teens seem to always get bustier, because of hormones in meat etc…?)

No. 92788

That's true. Some deviations ate possible. For example Kibbe said Audrey Hepburn is a Flamboyant Gamine although she is 5'7 tall. Some argue that she a Dramatic Classic though. But her whole appearance and essence is gaminish. She would look dull with a classic styling.

No. 92797

damn that makes it all more complicated. i'm a different anon and i still think i'm probably a SD but the questions that threw me off the most are vertical line and hands/feet.

for vertical line, i'm 5'11 but people are usually shocked by this and i've been told a few times that they thought i would be short. my torso is long but i look more like a scaled up medium height girl rather than a lanky model. BUT maybe this effect is because my shoulders are really narrow and my "flesh" is soft rather than long and sinewy even when i get buff. it's hard to say how tall/long your bone structure looks aside from any other factors.

and for hands and feet mine are long and narrow but also small for my height in terms of actual size. but they're still much bigger than a petite girl's.

No. 92807

ok thanks, I was thinking not SD since the description I saw said boldly yang with slight yin undercurrent. I have a very feminine and round face, very similar to the romantic on thread pic, but my features themselves are all very proportionate. ugh more confusion haha

No. 92808

You could also be a Soft Natural since we don't have a picture of your body we can only guess. I can't see from the answers if your bones are angular or your face is mainly soft. The more information, the better. You can compare both types SN and SD and see for yourself which fits you better.
The reason I don't think you are a SC is because you are not completely balanced with a soft undercurrent.

Here is the description for SN:
are “Soft Yang with a Yin undercurrent”. They are also halfway between “contrast” and “blended”. Like SDs they are basically angular in bone structure, although this is softened by a fleshy body type and full facial features.

No. 92814

Excuse my incurable autism but i think i figured out why the test/category system as it is doesn't work for males.
because the system is for women, it assumes a default with high yin, and yang features have more "weight."
What I mean by this is, it's expected that even high yang types like D or FN will have one or two yin features, because they're women. It takes more than a couple yin features to bump from D to SD.
On the other side of the spectrum, in order to be R you need to be all yin, even having one or two yang features takes you out of the pure R category and into another category like TR. In other words, you need all yin to qualify for R, but you don't need 100% yang to qualify for D or FN. That means that if men were to take this, a huge spectrum of men would wind up as D or FN, regardless of if they're 100% yang or if they have one or two yin features.
A system for men would need to be the opposite, assume a decent amount of yang and give yin more weight, because even a very feminine man likely has a couple yang features, but in order for a man to look 100% masculine he must be all yang.

This also explains why in the gencrit thread an anon wondered why a troon looked feminine as a guy but manly as a girl. If a man has one or two apparent yin features, like big round eyes or a slender build, he looks like a feminine man because feminine features have more weight for men. But if you put that same man in a dress and try to see him as a woman, you see a "woman" with mostly masculine features and only a few feminine ones.

No. 92815

I agree 100% with you. Aly Art explains this in this video where different types are styled as a Romantic which is extremly high yin. Beautiful models become more harsh-looking, their yang features become more apparent. So if a man is styled as a woman, his manliness will become more apparent

No. 92816

I got

Can anyone kindly chime in on what that would be? I have been trying to figure out my kibbe type on and off for a year or so now and the video was helpful.

No. 92817

According to the test, I'm classic.. I thought I'd be a gamine, but I suppose I'm in the wrong because the only reason I thought I'd be gamine was due to my hair (oops)

I don't think I have a very balanced face though, but that's what the classics are supposed to have.

No. 92819

i got soft gamine. its a neat detailed test. I found it helpful

No. 92820

4 a's
5 b'c
7 c's
Which would land me as a dramatic classic. I guess it has its perks but I have a feminine personality and wish I could style myself more girly without looking like a tranny.
I agree with the concept but this test has made me feel more insecure than inspired to change my wardrobe lol.

No. 92821

Soft gamine.
I do t care how good a peplum might look I’m not wearing that garbage.

No. 92822

File: 1534896948292.jpg (410.17 KB, 1000x500, diane-girly.jpg)

I think Classics can get away with more styles than any other type because they are so balanced.

You would never look like a tranny if you would wear girly clothes. Maybe strange but that's it. And being a specific type doesn't put you in a inescapable form. You can still wear girly clothes but in a way a Dramatic Classic would. This applies to everyone btw. You can wear what you want but add softness/edgyness/classiness.

Here is Diane Kruger in girly dresses but with some edge and classiness.

No. 92823

File: 1534897300466.jpg (198.94 KB, 1200x1600, Jennifer Lopez and Diane Kruge…)

Here is Jennifer Lopez, a Theatrical Romantic, and Diane Kruger a Dramatic Classic.

The dress fits Diane perfect but it looks bad on Jennifer. You see jennifer has curves and she needs more drama in her clothes. This dress is too girly and classic and therefore she doesn't look like herself.

No. 92824

We need more comparisons like this, where people are wearing the exact same dress to show the point.

No. 92825

File: 1534897524079.jpg (120.01 KB, 620x596, angelababy-diane.jpg)

And here you can see a Gamine versus a Classic Dramatic. Diane doesn't look like a tranny but somehow strange.

No. 92827

you rule anon. if you ever feel like doing requests i'd love to see SD vs TR

No. 92828

You have the same problem as the anon above. Is your bone structure narrow/wide/angular? Do you have a lot of muscles/ are you curvy? Are your facial features soft/balance/harsh? How tall are you?
If I would have to guess, I would say Soft Natural or Soft Dramatic.

No. 92829

Is Diane the white girl or no?

No. 92830

I would love to do some requests but it's sometimes hard to find the same dress on different types. But I try my best!

Jennifer Hudson is a SD and Selma Hayek is a TR. TR is smaller, more delicate, sharper bones in the face and body and has shorter arms and legs. SD has longer arms and legs, muscular, the waist is moderate, facial bones are sharp.

This outfit is edgy. It looks better on Jennifer, because Selma needs something softer. Her whole styling is harsh with the severe high ponytail and it makes her older whereas Jennifer looks fresh and cute

No. 92831

File: 1534899484192.jpg (127.67 KB, 371x502, TR-versus-SD2.jpg)

Forget the image sorry

No. 92833

File: 1534900256379.jpg (58.92 KB, 480x719, SD-versus-TR.jpg)

Other example: Anne Hathaway is SD and Selma Hayek is TR. This dress looks better on Anne because it underlines her drama (her height) but on Selma it hides her figure. Selmas drama is in her bone structure which she needs to show and not to hide.

No. 92835

awesome thanks so much! this makes me feel more certain that i am indeed an SD and not a TR.

kibbe typing actually makes me feel more comfortable and less insecure because as an SD i used to be frustrated because a lot of "girly" clothes looked silly and awkward on me, like i was a big woman into dddlg or something lmao, but a lot very masculine clothes made me look chubby and too covered up. now i know exactly where to choose yang things and where to put yin things and why. also my favorite go-to lbd that i bought years ago happens to be the quintessential SD dres: puffy square shoulders, draping and gathering, cinched waist but long vertical line, and lace details to soften the black. i feel clocked.

now i feel like i can do some "riskier" looks without worrying that i'm going to feel embarrassed as soon as i leave the house.

No. 92847

File: 1534910603296.jpg (54.67 KB, 600x600, sc.jpg)

I've never heard of any of this before! I'm intrigued.

c: 8
e: 4
d: 3
a: 1

So, I think I'm Soft Classic? My only "A" is my big nose. I feel so jealous of the gamines! I would love to dress in a more butch/dapper style but it would look so silly on my shape. My style tends to be very feminine (florals, graphic prints, waist-emphasizing), but I think those tall, lean ladies look so badass in suits and more masculine styles. OH well.

No. 92848

a 4
b 1
c 5
d 3
e 3

those are my numbers, not really sure which i am. i'm 5'9 with long legs, pear shaped body if that helps.

i think that i have some understanding of how this works simply because i used to try to wear lolita and look horrible, but switched to gyaru and look great now.

i definitely think there are types of styles/clothes that will never ever look good on some people, and trying to find my way around that has helped me alot!

No. 92855

I am so confused… I got
A 6
B 1
C 5
D 3
E 1

Answer A seems to be the most dominant, since I have quite sharp facial features but I also have lot of C answers… Am I dramatic classic?

No. 92858

Thank you for the response anon! I actually have fairly shit bdd so it's hard for me to give an answer on whether my face is soft or harsh etc because I just don't know, I could just about answer the q's in the video. I'm 5'5, and I have very muscular legs but the rest of me is meh, I'm overweight now which helps nothing. I have a broad chest but not huge boobs, gain weight in my stomach easily and have long thighs in proportion to the rest of me. (Yes I hate myself) Facially I look like if the sceneybopper singer Lights had a baby with a 90s Kate Winslet.

No. 92864

File: 1534936448757.png (14.88 KB, 500x400, download.png)

As I see some of you are confused, I am posting this chart, I scored 40, a soft gamine, while trying to figure out my other results I'd be a TR or SC.
You can convert your scores as:
A, 0 points
B, 1 point
C, 2 points
D, 5 points
E, 4 points

No. 92882

>>92858 you sound like a SN to me because of your soft face (Kate Winslet has a soft face), muscular build, broad shoulders and moderate waist (you said you gain easy weight in your stomach area).
>>92864 This method seems okay but for >>92858 it isn't working since the diagram puts her onto the SC category and her result is too diverse and her description of her build doesn't fit SC at all. But since anon said that she has bdd I am a bit insecure.

>>92848 you have a lot of contrast overall and I would say you are a Gamin although Kibbe says Gamines are smaller than you. Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn are 5'7 but they look smaller, petite. The diagram puts you between G, C and SG. You are high contrast, so no C but SG and G seems alright.

If you were DC then you would have fewer D and E answers. You are too soft to be a DC overall. I would like to know your bone and body structure. The diagram puts you into FG and SN category btw but I feel like you are a bit too balanced for FG.

No. 92887

B: 9
C: 5
D: 2

So, 29 points. Not sure what I am according to >>92864

I think I am closer to Soft Dramatic or FN?

Halp anons

No. 92888

>>92855 Anon here!

I am 5'5 ft. My body type is quite skinny and athletic looking but not muscular. I tend to not gain weight. I think my limbs are on the longer side. I consider myself not "soft" looking at all but I do have average sized breast and hips and my waist is quite small. I think my shoulder are quite prominent part of my body. Overall I think I have quite balanced body?

My face is very yang I think? I have small face, medium sized eyes and full lips but sharp and big nose and chin and high cheekbones.

Hope this helps!

No. 92891

Ok thx these answers are more detailed!
All body types can be underweight, normal or overweight but that don't change their bone structure.
Your bones are yang with wide shoulders, long limbs, athletic build overall but not too muscular. But you still have some curves although you are skinny. You are definitely a Natural, probably a SN. Being SN doesn't mean you are disproportionate but your features are a bit more angular than a Classic. Your E and D answers come from your curves and face (full lips, small head).

No. 92894

I can see by your answers that you are 100% SN. The diagram also puts you clearly to the SN category

No. 92906

Would someone help me? I have done this test over 3 times and it comes back as theatrical romantic. I'm 5'6 but from what I hear TR are short? Can I be 5'6 and be TR?

No. 92907

You are totally fine and fit right in.

No. 92910

No. 92912

A 2
B 2
C 10
D 2

So I'm Classic? Or I guess according to >>92864 I'm Classic Gamine?

No. 92913


Oh, sorry. I misinterpreted the graphic because I am a dumbass. Thank you!

Can SN still be pear shaped? I don't think my features are more ying tho, but maybe I am biased.

No. 92914

You are Classic! Gamines and Classics have the same points but Gamines are high contrast and Classics are balanced. Nearly all of your answers are C's

No. 92916

File: 1534978260666.jpg (54.73 KB, 600x600, soft natural.jpg)

Your answers indicate that you are a Natural leaning towards Soft. I think it is your hips which make you a soft type. The description says you can have irregular facial contours and an angular bone structure which makes you possibly believe that you don't have much yin in you.

No. 92917

Soft Yang with Yin undercurrent. Yin is just a small influence which pushes you towards SN but overall you are Yang, a soft one though.

No. 92918


No. 92919

Your main essnce is Yin because you have many D and E answers and a Yang undercurrent. You seem to be a TR. The diagram says Romantic though. Is your bone structure sharp?

No. 92920

I tried to identify my type, watched multiple videos and yet I have no idea which one am I. I feel like my physical perception it's really distorted, making this really difficult… also drastic changes in weight and ED's just makes it harder.

The woman in the video that OP linked says that your type is the same even if you put on weight, but I don't see how??

No. 92923


Your bone structure never changes due weight. But I get that it is hard to find out if you gained weight. Your shoulders are a good indicator for your structure since you never put on weight there. Some women have wide, broad, angular, round or sharp shoulders. Then look at your limbs which don't change their length after gaining or losing weight.
Also the size of your feet and hand don't change too much and your height stays the same.
Some women can lose a lot of weight but they still have muscles or curves. If they gain weight, they get really lush but with a defined waist line. This is the case for soft types usually. There are also women who gain a lot of weight but they remain straight in figure and gain weight in the waist area. If they lose weight, they look figure-wise like the typical model. This is the case for dryer/dramatic types.

No. 92924

>A 1
>B 4
>C 4
>D 4
>E 3

Am I broken? I cannot figure it out

No. 92925

You could be either TR or SG

No. 92926

Main essence is Yin, so you are overall a soft type. You have some balanced elements in you and a Yang undercurrent. How tall are you? What is your bone structure? Does your face have soft features? Are you muscular/fleshy? Slim waistline?
I don't trust the diagram which puts you into the TR category. SG is also possible and for SC you are too unbalanced

No. 92928

Another clueless anon chiming in with scores.

A = 3
B = 6
C = 6
D = 1
E = 0

Bone structure is narrow and a bit long (I'm 5'7" if it helps), although my hipbones are moderate and my shoulders are very wide. I'm thin but with (I think) moderate body flesh, most of my c's are from there. Big nose, round eyes, average lips, cheekbones are the widest part of my face and stick out.
I can't figure this out for the life of me.

No. 92929

I’m 5’2
My face/cheeks are round, small nose, fullish lips. Definitely fleshier arms and stomach regardless of weight, no hips, straight up and down waist line but broader shoulders, limbs on the shorter side.

No. 92930

that sounds like soft gamine to me just from that description. anyone disagree?

No. 92931

No idea,
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 3
E 4

Most a/b in face, d/e in body.

No. 92933

those answers match soft gamine, but if that seems really incorrect, check out the descriptions for TR and SN.
i find that in order to hone in on your type you have to do the test, AND, read yin/yang descriptions, AND a few videos comparing different types against each other. since we have slightly different perceptions of what is big/small/sharp/long etc, it can be confusing to use the test alone.

also, when you say face and body, there's a few more subcategories to consider
facial bone structure
body bone structure
body "flesh" and curves
facial features

for example, i'm soft dramatic, my facial bone structure is mostly A, body bone structure A, facial features (eyes lips) D, and body flesh D.
if you can differentiate which is which i can give you a better guess

No. 92934

I can smell humblebraggers coming in soon

No. 92952

I think she is a TR because she is very soft (lots of E and D answers) and she lacks some Yang (answer A) to be a SG but she has several B answers which are soft Yang. She is a little bit too dry for R type and too soft for SG type. Definitely leaning towards TR type. But since your results aren't conclusive you can experiment with the three types R, TR and SG and see which fits you best.

I looked this up:
>If your answers are dominant column E and/or column D, with several answers in column A as a secondary force:
>Soft Yin with a slight Yang undercurrent - Theatrical Romantic
Note: To qualify for this theme, your body type (flesh) and your facial features should be Yin-dominant while your bone structure should be slightly Yang-influenced.

>If your answers have nearly an equal mixture of opposite extremes from columns A and E, yet you also have several extra answers in column D:

Combination of opposites, extra Yin - Soft Gamine
>Note: To qualify for this theme, your bone structure should be Yang- dominate while your body type (flesh) should be Yin-dominant. Your facial features should be extremely Yin-dominant.

No. 92953

I am torn between DC and SN since SN is balanced Yang with some Yin and DC is balanced YinYang with some more Yang. Both descriptions fit you somehow but I think SN is right since your face is rather moderate/soft and you are a little bit too unbalanced for DC.

No. 92954

I also came to the same conclusion as you. Lots of contrast with more Yin so she is definitely a Soft Gamine.

No. 92955

My results were

C 11
D 2
E 2
A 1

Is that a soft classic or just a classic?
I'm 172cm/ 5'8, sort of an hourglass, normal weight.

No. 92956

Soft Classic

No. 92966

I need some help with my results… I got weird results, all my Es are on my body… I can't really sort out, I feel "all and nothing"
A 3
B 3
C 3
D 3
E 4

No. 92967

You seem to be either SG or TR. You are too unbalanced to be SC. I think you are leaning more towards TR since your D and E answers are more dominant and your A answers are a secondary force. What do other anons think?

No. 92968

>b: 4
>c: 6
>d: 5

I'm confused about what I could be, since although soft classic seems to match my results I don't really identify with it (or any of these types, thanks to body image issues).

I'm a 5'8 with what I would probably call a broad build - hips and shoulders are larger than average and equally wide, ribcage is broader than average (yay eternally wide-set boobs), and there's a 10" difference between my waist and hips. Weight gain goes to hips, boobs, and waist, but not arms or legs, and even at very low weights I'm still broader than average and similarly proportioned. My hands and feet are kinda long.

I have a diamond face, largish deep-set eyes, and I'm often mistaken for being a teenager despite being 26. My lips are average, my cheeks are kinda chubby, and my nose is slightly aquiline.

I've felt burly and unfeminine my entire life so I'm hoping this will help me feel less like an impostor whenever I try to wear anything that isn't jeans and a tee.

Sorry if I typed too much!

No. 92973

I suspect SN although your answers are dominant C. Your description fits perfectly with the SN type because you are rather broad but soft and a soft face.
>SN is moderately Yang-dominant while your body type and facial features are be Yin-influenced.
I thought about SC but you are too broad.

The diagram says SG which is BS since you need a high contrast and mostly A,D and E answers.

No. 92974

Thank you so much for your help! SN feels more "right" than Classic. Hopefully this will help me fix my appearance! Thanks again.

No. 92975

Ye, I think TR might fit more, since I'm 5'5/5'6 and people always think I'm taller

No. 92992

Can anyone help?

My results are:
E: 5
D: 4
C: 5
B: 2
A: 0
I legitimately don't know which one I am, and I feel like soft gamine fits me kind of well though the results don't reflect that at all.

No. 92993

This topic seemed interesting because I've always struggled with feeling that something was always "off" with the outfits I wore. Its quite frustrating and I really hoped that this test would help to shed some light, but I'm still very much confused lol. I guess it is worth mentioning that my view of my face and body can be quite distorted and at times inconsistent. Even with the visual aids, I found it a bit challenging to pick out traits that were similar to my own. I was wondering if any anons could provide me with some insight as to where I might stand. I just want to wear nice clothes without looking so "wrong".


By Raw Totals (from the test linked in OP):

>Dominant A's - "Dramatic"

By Kibbe Score (using the reference kindly provided by >>92864):
>A:6 = 0
>B:2 = 2
>C:4 = 8
>D:2 = 10
>E:2 = 8

>28 pts - Right in the middle between "Flamboyant Gamine" and "Soft Natural"


>Height: 174 cm/5'8"-5'9"ish~

>Dress Size Range: US 2~4 or UK 6~8
>"Classic" Body Type: Banana
>"Classic" Face Shape: Diamond???

My figure is usually described as being boyish (straight up and down, slightly toned, building muscle seems to require a little less effort??). I am slightly taller than average (if we take the North American average of 5'4" as a reference point) with a bone frame that leans toward the smaller end, but I'm not at all lanky. For the body portion of the test, there was an equal distribution between A and C responses. In short, I'm horizontally "boyish" (narrow and even "banana" proportions) but quite proportional when you look at the "vertical" ratios (ex: leg:torso).

My face is…weird? My results for that section (#10-15; #16 was for hair texture) came back as: 2 A's, 2 D's and 2 E's (so there is some blending???). I feel like my face shape reads as more androgynous (high and prominent zygomatic bone, slightly longer than wide face, slightly larger chin, thin lips) but a number of my features (large and roundish eyes, small mouth, rounded nose, tapered jaw) sort of "softens" things up and makes it more boyish rather than the all out "you could fucking cut diamonds with those cheekbones and that jawline" look that some may associate with androgyny.

If it helps, for anyone here who does cosplay, I tend to suit young male characters best. Generally speaking, I am too masculine for cute young female characters, not sexy enough (lack the proportions and features) for more mature and sexy female characters, and not "sharp" nor masculine enough for older male characters. I don't know if this point helps very much at all tbh.

I had to repost this to make corrections to the English and I apologize for such a long winded post.

No. 92996

File: 1535052779031.jpg (29.64 KB, 300x400, ed2ef4c0094a4722aae3820c700008…)

Probably a SC because you are balanced with Yin influence. You lack a high contrast to be a SG. Your clothing choice should be soft, girly but still classy. Of course some styles that fit SG perfect is also suitable for you as a SC as long as it's not too girly. Classics are very versatile, be happy :)

No. 92997

You have a lot of C responses (which implies a more solid balance between "Yin" and "Yang") and many D's and E's (considered to be "Yin" qualities). If we were to go straight by these numbers, I would agree with >>92996 and say you are "Soft Classic" (balanced with a notable "Yin" influence). Classics seem to be like the "Oval Face" shape of Kibbe's categories, in that because they are so balanced, they are more versatile than those whose type lean' toward either extreme. If you your answers had presented more contrast between "Yin" and "Yang" - for example, if you have a super "Yin" face, body composition, and weight distribution (a lot of D's and E's) to contrast against a more "Yang" bone structure - you may have potentially fallen under "Soft Gamine" but it is impossible to say.

No. 93000

Ok you figured out a lot by yourself already which is good.
The diagram puts you in between FG and SN. You are not FG because you don't have much contrast between Yin and Yang. Your dominant main essence is Yang (A), you're still balanced with a yin undercurrent. This description fits for SN, and SD. I feel like you could have too much drama to be a SN. I can't decide between these two. Maybe an anon can help?

No. 93002

Same anon as >>93000
Only by her description without looking at her answers I would say FN to be honest. Many models fit your description (boyish figure with soft face) and they are usually FN.

No. 93013

Thank you for the help! SN style kind of fits my personality more, so I'd probably lean towards that as well. Maybe I could add touches of DC here and there, or something.

No. 93031

I ended up finding a Kibbe quiz with photo examples, split into two parts. Hope it's helpful for those of you who can't decide.


No. 93049

thanks for the answer. i actually asked my friend and she said that apparently i look shorter than i am which i guess makes sense. looking at the clothes SG style seems exactly to be what i found looks good on me!

No. 93058

I did it but I have no idea how to read the results. Mine are below so i think i scored 45? Sorry I'm having trouble!

a 3
b 4
c 0
d 5
e 4

No. 93064

What the fuck is that part of the video about shoulders? She's literally showing how shoulders look in different poses and saying those in such and such pose are "type x" and those in a different pose are "type y"

What the fuck am I watching

No. 93065

Sorry for doubleposting but she also shows Marilyn Monroe in two different categories for hips. The same woman. In two different categories because the photo looks slightly different

Don't get me wrong, I think it's good to try to find what flatters you but I don't think this particular method has any merit

No. 93114


For some types forms and lines overlap anon. Those aren't exclusive to a certain category. That's the reason why other anons have problems to identify their type because there are just small nuances.

No. 93128

Can someone help me out with this?
I think this means I’m an SG, but just by looking at the celebrity pictures, I look much more like those on the FG list
a: 6
b: 0
c: 1
d: 8
e: 2 (just my height and my hair)

Thanks girls

No. 93138

Based on your results it sounds like theatrical romantic actually, but I could be wrong. I think d means TR for the most part

No. 93139

>If your answers are dominant column E and/or column D, with several answers in column A as a secondary force: Soft Yin with a slight Yang undercurrent - Theatrical Romantic

>If your answers have nearly an equal mixture of opposite extremes from columns A and E, yet you also have several extra answers in column D: Combination of opposites, extra Yin - Soft Gamine

Anon is right you fit the TR category more

No. 93143

File: 1535154485755.jpg (45.78 KB, 860x860, 4af5f76c-7dd7-4951-a6db-fd4e3a…)

I'm not sure what I am…
a:2 b:4 c:4 d:0 e:6
It's apparently soft natural, but I look more gamine examples. Help?

No. 93167

File: 1535171245637.jpg (72.28 KB, 529x529, 17-emma-stone-love.w529.h529.j…)

I would also say SN. But you are definitely no Gamine of any sort because you have no extremes of yin and yang.
Remember that Gamines are not always small and petite. Bridget Batdot is 5'7 and curvy but she has a sharp bone structure. Romantics are also small and delicate but they are overall rounded. TR and SG are very near by and get often confused. SN can also be smallish like Emma Stone. At the first sight you could get her confused with a Gamine because she is cute, girly and rather small in size. But if you look closer you see that she has wider shoulders, her body is more yang but still soft at the same time. If you would put her in Gamine clothing and styling, she would look separate from herself. Emma looks best with natural soft hair, makeup and styling like a typical SN.

No. 93168

File: 1535171263158.jpg (128.02 KB, 600x818, emma-stone-two-piece-pink-and-…)

No. 93169

File: 1535171345637.jpg (49.05 KB, 293x473, reg_634.EmmaStone.mh.062912[1]…)

And here is Emma with a Gamine Styling. Hair is too cutesy forced, same with clothes.

No. 93170

File: 1535171552838.jpg (80.54 KB, 980x1467, emma-stone-s-style-transformat…)

Again with Gamine styling which don't suit her although Emma is smallish, girly and cute. She is a SN after all

No. 93178

I’m a soft classic, which is unfortunate for me because I love goth/edgy styles. Granted, I rarely get to dress in alternative fashion because of work. I’m basically already following the clothing and makeup guidelines for soft classic when I’m working, but does anyone have any ideas on how to incorporate alternative looks if you’re a soft classic? I hate resembling a church mom or 1950s housewife constantly

No. 93186

File: 1535187586694.jpg (894.76 KB, 2690x2113, softclassic666.jpg)

here's what i came up with!

No. 93191

File: 1535191318570.jpg (34.97 KB, 546x690, Farrah.jpg)

According to this I am SN (exact 31 score), for some reason I relate more to FN though. I don't feel like I have that much Yin in me, the only Yin answers I gave were pretty irrelevant like my tiny hands and feet or rounded eyes. I'm not that soft and fleshy and it seems like most SN's are pretty busty, while I'm not, I just have a dramatically large ribcage and a laughably short waist. My body is pretty close to Farrah who was typed as a Flamboyant Natural, plus for some retarded reason people have compared me to Taylor Swift before, so I definitely have some yang and drama in me. Most of my answers were either C or B. I'm so confused!

No. 93198


I keep getting Soft Classic, I think? But I'm 5"2 so that doesn't make sense right, because Soft Classics aren't short? But I don't look short so I'm confused.

Could an kind anon please help me figure this out?

No. 93199

File: 1535200708616.jpg (80.32 KB, 680x1020, Velvet-Trend-7-e1476923342161.…)

If you already found a style you love and which fit your personality, I see no reason to change it. Kibbe is for people who are looking for a style, who ate indecisive and confused with fashion in general.
I really like your style, it has a goth/rock chick vibe to it! If you want to experiment with SC and really want to incorporate it to your style, I would look for softer materials like velvet to combine with your leather jacket. Also softer, more girly cuts for your shirts and dresses in general. Try to incorporate different colours which go well with black and would soften your look like jewel colours. No hard contrasts! I would leave your hair it is since it looks like a signature style and it looks somehow soft yet edgy.

No. 93200

File: 1535200750278.jpg (72.84 KB, 406x610, gv5s68-l-610x610-wendy s-lookb…)

No. 93201

File: 1535200767839.jpg (100.98 KB, 683x1024, f113f80548e86d7d034f43c21b3edd…)

No. 93202

File: 1535200792253.jpg (374.1 KB, 1000x2539, 73ff3167be5cae32be4e32c59857fd…)

No. 93216

thank you for explaining i understood now!

No. 93217

Thanks! This actually makes a lot of sense—I thought I had to be gamine because I’m small with a big head, but gamine styles have always made me look like a weird womanchild.

No. 93221

HALP ME ANONS, what is my kibbe type? I am a bit confused.
Vertical line B
Hands feet D
Shoulders B
Arms legs A

Body flesh:
Shape of body C
Bustline B
Waistline C
Hipline C
Arms thighs B

Facial bones:
Jawline A
Nose A
Cheekbones C

Facial flesh:
Eyes D
Lips D
Flesh on cheekbones B

No. 93239

Please can you post your results from A to E? How tall are you btw?

No. 93241

Your results show that you are indeed a SC. Height is relative and as you already pointed out, people think you look taller than 5'2. Many small women have big heads which make them childlike and look even smaller. It's about forms, lines and proportions, so your appereance is very balanced despite being small.

No. 93242

Looks like a SN to me. Soft yang with yin undercurrent.

No. 93246

oh lol i'm actually nta. that was my attempt at making a goth soft classic look for her. ah well. i guess i still have a lot to learn about it!

No. 93247

Oh no! Lol I thought that was the anon that asked the question. I am sorry! I was confused why she asked in the first place for ideas because the outfits you posted were really cool. I am the one who didn't understand, so don't feel discredited! I love the looks you picked for her btw!

No. 93248

Not exactly Kibbe theory but could I have ethereal essence maybe? My face just looks/feels too off to be a full on natural type. It gets described as alieny/dreamy. Not exactly a natural relaxed face.

No. 93250

File: 1535230972698.jpg (11.27 KB, 180x287, Liberatum Berlin Hosted Grey G…)

Anon the time has come! Ethereal and ingenue fairy doll princesses humblebraggers have arrived kek
This is Kibbe theory and there is no ethereal or ingenue bs and will never be. It's for snowflakes and cows who feel so special and above everyone else. You can't take the test without paying money nor read a coherent text. For all the people who want to know what I am talking about:

You can have a special pretty face and be still a Dramatic, Classic or Natural or whatever. No category is more attractive than others, it is not about beauty! It's about lines and forms. Every type can be styled to look like they are out of this world. Models are nearly all FN or D and they are practically made to make dramatic over the top looks to look good. They are still people and without the proper styling they look just plain like other people.

Lily Cole is FN and no Ethereal Ingenue bs. She looks hideous with clothes this website recommends for this ~ethereal fairy queen type kek but she looks great with FN styling. Also professional pictures and real life are two different things because you can manipulate colours, forms, practical anything in pics

No. 93251

File: 1535231092494.jpg (118.86 KB, 468x910, LilyCole3.jpg)

Lily with uwuu ethereal fairy styling. She looks like a huge baby

No. 93252

File: 1535231240038.jpg (68.88 KB, 600x783, Vogue4.jpg)

She needs drama, contrast and no pastel fairy bs.

No. 93254

I don't think I look more attractive than anyone dafuq, I think I look too ugly and weird to be a SN. If I'd wear SN, I'd look like a literal frumpy autist because my face looks weird and I don't feel like I'm actually yin enough to be a SN. I'm not fleshy and busty like other SN's, I don't have that feminine sexiness.

No. 93255

File: 1535231490717.jpg (14.84 KB, 182x312, 85324922._V13703159_.jpg)

Last picture. Here is Lily in a casual dramatic outfit.

No. 93256

But why did you ask if you were ethereal? Ethereals are apparently from out of this world. Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder and as I said before:there are pretty and not so pretty examples in every category. SNs are a irregular type, which means that weight is not evenly distributed. They can be underweight, normal and overweight. You probably don't weight much and therefore you might feel you have less curves than other SNs. And sexiness is a feeling and not exclusive to a type. Every type can be sexy when styled right.
I have a tip: ask a friend or your family to take the test for you. You stand there, say nothing to them. Other people are far more objective!

No. 93257

>tfw take the test and realize I already dress in the recommended style for my type

No. 93258

No… sadly I don't weigh very little and I still don't have the curves of a SN. Like I said >>93221 my shape is fairly balanced with a small bust and more yang arms and legs. I feel more like a FN in that regard but I'm not tall enough, the only softness I have is in my face, not really my body (small hands and feet aren't exactly gamechanging yin. I asked about Ethereals because my face isn't sexy or natural, it looks 'dreamy and autistic' according to other people, not like a normal human. In SN clothes I look even more autistic because it's so lazy, it makes me look like a small sick child or something.
I don't know anyone who would want to take the test for me sadly, but thank you for suggesting.

No. 93262

It's totally fine if you don't like or fit the type Kibbe gave you. You could just experiment! Try FN and D clothing!

No. 93275

File: 1535253123921.png (14.75 KB, 150x112, 645E02ED-6B34-48A1-AB9F-14A397…)

>subscribed to aly for years
>tried watching this video so many times
>nothing makes sense at all
>too retarded to take the test and I dress like shit

No. 93280

this is all extremely spergy

No. 93289

god i know i love it. i used to read lookism and zetaboards because i love sperging about minute facial permutations but the racist and incel undertones got annoying. finally a wholesome way for me to express my autism

No. 93320

Warning if you do any form of exercise and gain muscle the kibbe test will automatically type you as a natural so you need to make corrections for that.

No. 93322

No. Natural are broader in bone structure and have broader shoulders plus muscles. Dramatics are slim in bone structure but they have broad shoulders and gain no muscles because they are are often ectomorph. For example Romantics are often endomorph and they gain fat plus muscles but muscle gain don't make them broader but more defined.

Fat and muscles never change your bone structure!

No. 93329

Btw most women are SN, SD. Pure types like N, G, C, R and D are rare and the rarest type is D, followed by FN. This thread proves this distribution.

And don't ask me about trans women who will change this distribution for sure. But I don't think you can use this technique for a man's body since all men are a lot more broader than any woman here

No. 93332

File: 1535307509211.jpg (51.4 KB, 736x440, 32bafd8f03653a60b7202f04b541b6…)

did that happen for you? because it's not true in my experience. i used to bodybuild and even at my most buff it was still obvious i had very narrow shoulders, at a skeletal level, even though i had delts. even the muscle texture looked different from yang muscle type. it was never long and sinewy and dry, looked more like a buff version of the "soft flesh" aly art talks about. so i still would've gotten the same type.

here's an example, the two women in the middle have a similar amount of muscle, but the one on the left clearly has wider shoulders. differences in body length, hand size, shape of hips, facial composition etc are also going to be unaffected.

the only way it could effect your type is if you get so super shredded that curves you normally have disappear, so then you would just think of how you look at a more typical bodyfat.

No. 93333

i tried plugging in a few men and it doesn't work. they all end up D or FN, even the "feminine" ones. I explained why here >>92814

the test would have to be inverted and remade for it to work for men.

instead of high estrogen yin on the left and neutral yang on the right, it would have to be high testosterone yang features on the left and more neutral features for yin. Does that make sense?
Yin and yang translate completely differently for the sexes because of hormones among other things. Yin features for men does not mean big boobs and an hourglass figure and yang for women does not mean a tree trunk neck and a caveman brow. There's some overlap of course but the test would need to be designed with men and testosterone features in mind, just like kibbe is based around women and estrogen heavy features.

No. 93334

I agree with you!

No. 93345

Endomorph and exomorph are memes made by housewives, much like Briggs-Myer tests.

No. 93432

Can someone help me out? I can't figure out how to read the results.

Bone structure -

Body Type (Flesh)

Facial Bones

Facial Features



No. 93477

Dramatic Classic

No. 93490

Thank you very much! Time to get reading I suppose.

No. 93493

I have a little bit of trouble because while my answers make me a TR my face alone would be more SG and I am not sure which styling would be the best over all.

No. 93495

According to this, I'm right between Soft Classic and Theatrical Romantic. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to style myself, with this in mind (especially since I really like alt fashion). What do?

No. 93586

Anons, please help me understand my type


No. 93593


Dramatic Classic

No. 93595

going by this chart i got TR, which is theatrical romantic? does anyone have a styles guide?

No. 93603

I just tried it, I find it really difficult for each 'category' to decide what I am. Like even with the example pictures I find it difficult to see the difference for some things and then determine what I fall under.

Also according to that chart I'd be TR (46points) altho according to the video I think I'd be Soft classic (mostly C's with a few d's and e's)

No. 93606

Here anon, Aly Art has alot of videos on the body types. There are time stamps in the comments for the body types so you can skip to them.

No. 93611

If you have mostly C's and then D's and E's, you are definetely Soft Classic. The diagram is mostly off but a good orientation if you can't decide.

No. 93625

Bone structure
1. C
2. C
3. C
4. C / D
5. C
6. C / D
7. C

Body type
8. C
9. C
10. C
11. C
12. C / E

Facial features
13. C / E
14. E
15. E

16. B

So I guess that's - 13C 2E 1B? But that sounds fake. Some of them were hard to say between C and another choice. But I think in those cases, it's still more C?

Anyway, help pls?

No. 93641

I've never disagreed with the results of a test so much. Apparantly I should be a 'Dramatic', but I look nothing, absolutely nothing like any of the examples I have seen of this Kibbe body type. I think the language used makes this harder to parse for certain body types, I'm very short with very narrow bone structure, I'm compelled to pick 'A' answers because those are the ones that address the leanness of my body. I think I am more of a Gamine.

No. 93664

I am tempted to say you're pure Classic type although you have 2Ds and 1B. You could try C and SC styles and see what fits you best.

No. 93665

Can you please tell us your whole results?

No. 93672

My height is 175/176 cm, which seems to automatically put me in dramatic, flamboyant natural or soft dramatic, but I don't really think I'm any of those? Unless I'm just too skinnyfat/chubby-ish (BMI 22-22,5) to see it properly for myself?

No. 93678

You could be any type with this height except a Gamine.

No. 93687

Apparently I'm a Soft Natural, which seems about right. I can' figure out what's supposed to flatter me tho, a quick look through Pinterest only yielded a bunch of "wear turquoise and early 2000s boho chic". Plus a generous serving of mom wear.

No. 93688

File: 1535654420610.jpg (1.14 MB, 1050x1575, chloe-sn.jpg)

Yeah I don't know who put those outfits together on pinterest…it's really dated and ugly.

Look at this list >>92698 and pick a celeb you like in your category. My favorite celeb who represents SN is Chloe Sevigny. She is so stylish and never boring!

No. 93778

I did the test and got

1. Vertical line - C
2. Shoulder shape - C
3. Arms & legs - C
4. Hands & feet - C
5. Shape of body - C
6. Bustline - C
7. Waistline - C/ D
8. Hips - D
9. Arms & thighs - C
10. Jawline - C
11. Nose - E
12. Cheeckbones - C
13. Eyes - C
14. Lips - D
15. Cheeks - C
16. Hair - A

I'm 5'8 (around 172), with 20 bmi, a skinnyfat hourglass shape. I thought this would be Soft Classic, but according to the score of 38 points, this is more of a Soft Gamine? Confusing.

No. 93834

The diagram is off and I would only use it as an orientation if the result makes no sense at all. Your result is clear af, you are 100% SC.

No. 93839

I can't understand which type I am. Can someone help me find out?

A = 3
B = 2
C = 4
D = 6
E = 1

I'm 164cm tall, with hips being narrower than shoulders.


No. 93847

File: 1535765038439.jpg (44.21 KB, 500x500, kibbe1.jpg)

Since it's hard for some people to figure out which type they are and the Kibbe score diagram >>92864 is sometimes off, I decided to google some other methods to determine your body type more precisely.

You look at your results and devide them into Yin, Yang and balanced.

A and B are Yang
C is balanced
D and E are Yin

We take >>93839 as an example:
A = 3
B = 2
C = 4
D = 6
E = 1

Yang=5 (A+B)
Balanced=4 (C)
Yin=7 (D+E)

Now we arrange them from the highest to the lowest points:

This means Yin, which has the highest number (7 points), is the dominant influence. Yang is in the second place (5 points), followed by Balance (4 points)

So because Yin is her main influence, we can clearly say she is somewhere on the right side of this diagram.
Now we look at Yang. Between Yin (7 points) and Yang (5 points) is only a difference of 2 points, which puts her slightly next to the center. If the points were equally large for example, then she would be exactly on the center of this diagram.
Now we look at her Balance (4 points) which determines her energy. She has a moderate to high energy which puts her between G and TR. Since we found out that her main essence is Yin, we can be sure she is a TR.

No. 93849

>>93847 Thank You!! Now I see it clearly, this diagram makes more sense to me

No. 93850

this is really helpful anon. i'm even more positive im an SD now.

No. 93865

Just finished the test!

My answers were b, e, b, c, e, e, e, e, e, b, e, b, b, d, b, a. I think that means I'm a soft natural.

I've always leaned towards styles that would fit someone dramatic or gamine, so I guess that's why I always look like shit in the types of clothes I try on.

This was really fun, and super helpful!

No. 93873

I'm a soft classic but I absolutely hate everything about the suggested styling so I'm just going to nope out of there. Not only do I find it ugly, it requires far too much upkeep (makeup, hairstyling) to look good even if I liked it. I have no interest in looking mature and polished, I'm gonna stick to t-shirts and jeans.

No. 93874

i mostly just use it as a guide for what shapes and proportions to look for if i ever have to shop for a dressy event or office job, not for daily wear

No. 93875

Yeah I guess it's to be considered for special events or interviews you're right.
But as for what is flattering for your body type, well that shouldn't be difficult to figure out with something less complex.

No. 93888

fuck I love her, thanks anon

No. 94270

File: 1536177550702.gif (901.2 KB, 500x228, ABtwP3k.gif)

What am i?
I cant tell if im TR or SG or maybe even something completely different.
I got these answers from the quiz

1: c/d
2: a
3: d
4: e
5: a
6: e
7: e
1) e
2) b
8: d
9: c
10: d
11: d
12: a/d
Bt) ecto/meso (a) (b,c)
13: d/e
14: d
15: d
16: d/e

a: 4
b: 2
c: 3
d: 9
e: 6

6 yang
3 balance
15 yin

No. 94293

I found it pretty white centric.

I hope the white women who use this program find their peace.

No. 94294

What's white centric about Kibbe? It's about women of all skin colours, heights and forms. But I have to agree that it's harder for women of colour to compare to the all white women face chart >>92682
You are welcome to contribute a face chart for women of colour here! We can help you if you have any questions anon!

No. 94299

Are you retarded or just really bitter about something

No. 94302

It is pretty white centric. What's wrong with saying that?

No. 94303

lmao I'm white and I agree and I was thinking about how black women would find all their face type using this kibbe thing cos the references are all white women. Some people are so sensitive.

No. 94305

I think it is good that you pointed that out, so we can work on making Kibbe's system better.
I have some examples for you already: Halle Berry is TR, although some other sites say she is SG. She doesn't fit SG at all in my opinion because in comparisons to other SGs she is a lot more womanly. Does it make sense? Jennifer Hudson is a SD, Ciara is a FN and Lupita Nyongo is a FG.

No. 94425

Can someone help me figure out what I am? I got SC but on the other chart I got something totally different?



No. 95324

Hey! So, I took the David Kibbe body type test and I still find it difficult to understand. I first thought I was SD bc I’m 5’7-5’8 at most and I look very tall but I do have some curves. I also have wide shoulders and I do feel that my sketelon is on the wide side, so I thought I was Soft Natural, but they are supposed to shorter (be part of their Yin side) so I thought since A n B answers I might Be FN, even though I have hips and all. I 70kg and not as thin as the models shown, so maybe I confuse softness with excess weight? I don’t know lol

No. 95357

i'm thinking FN based on what i can gather about your bone structure. also welcome to lolcow

No. 95363

I also don't really seem to understand it well (or any kind of stuff like that, to this day I still don't know my face shape). My results were
A 3
B 5
C 1
D 4
D 3
Most likely not all of them are accurate, but it should be something like that. I'm very short, and despite being a bit underweight (4'11 and 85-90lbs) I don't really look that skinny, I'm more on the "skinnyfat" side. I have wide shoulders and hips, no waist at all and also am flat (basically I'm built like a fridge). My face is said to be kinda delicate though (even though I don't really agree with it)

No. 95364

Just took it and have no idea what I am

I ended up doing the test at work when I was bored and wrote it on a piece of paper. Ended up throwing it away but I’m pretty sure these were my results

No. 98117

soo I just took the test, my answers were:

vertical line - b
shoulders - b
arms/legs - b
hand/feet - a
bodyshape - b
torso/bustline - b
waist - e
hips - d
flesh on body - c
jaw - d
nose - e
cheek bones - d
eyes - d
lips - d
flesh on cheeks - d
hair - a

a = 2
b = 5
c = 1
d = 6
e = 2

Yin = 8
Yang = 7
Balance = 1

So,am I SN or TR?
Can someone help me?

No. 98236

i have the body of a romantic with the face of a soft classic. I think I could be a soft clasic all over if I didnt have H cup breasts. I also have violin hips. Can anyone help me ?

No. 101041

I figured out I'm a classic! I'm glad I found this because now I can start dressing better and up my looks c:

No. 101055

There was a thread for this on MPA a few months ago when I was still active there and I remember taking the quiz and got theatrical romantic.

No. 101114

Are you by any chance overweight? That can skew results and make your type "softer" than if you were at a "normal" weight

No. 101121


I am slightly overweight but even when I was at a normal healthy weight, I had huge breasts…

No. 101126

Late but if you’re short you’re probably gamine, and very likely not dramatic at all. You’re overcompensating yang answers because you feel like your lines are manly but you describe yourself as “narrow,” and dramatic is broader. Retake the test and try to be more objective.

No. 101127

Maybe you are a soft classic then, or theatrical romantic

No. 101142

Is it possible to be a mix between soft gamine and soft classical?

No. 101153

A: 1
B: 2
C: 4
D: 8
E: 1

I can't figure out what this means, and Aly didn't mention anything like me in her video.

I'm tallish (173cm but usually mistaken for shorter) with broad shoulders, wide hips (~0.72 WHR regardless of weight), long legs, long hands (19.5cm), big feet (US 11), a small but soft waist, average boobs (usually a D cup regardless of weight), and a rounded diamond face with a round nose, slightly full lips, soft cheeks, and roundish almond eyes. I gain weight pretty evenly, I always look slightly soft no matter how much weight I lose, and when I eat healthily my BMI sits around 22.5 (it's currently down to 19 due to an illness, and I look super weird). My hair is soft and slightly wavy (2a), and although the strands themselves are fine, I have a lot of them, so it looks fairly thick.

I'm not soft enough to be a romantic, but I'm too soft to be any of the others. Maybe I'll try again when I've gained my weight back - I really need a new wardrobe.

No. 101179

It's stupid that the body and faces are lumped into a category. I think it makes more sense to separate face types and body types.

No. 117495

Sorry for necroing, but I want to know if all inverted triangles are necessarily some kind of naturals. Can't find other people discussing that, because shoulder to hips ratio isn't always mentioned in the bodies explanation.

No. 117575

I got


I’m 5’4, body kind of like Britney Spears but longer limbs, and a face like Emma Roberts and Jessica Chastain. I found the test kind of hard bc I have really thin arms but fleshy thighs so putting the thighs and arms in one question led me to pick D.

I also took this test below and got a 67 but there’s no category for anything in the 60s strangely enough

Can anyone help? I’m certain that I’m not a natural because I can’t pull off any of the natural looks and actually require some styling to look good.

No. 117599

I’m a soft classic and in need of good winter coats and layers. Originally from the islands, so most of my wardrobe consists of light, flowy fabrics… I’m also on the thin side, so easily cold.

Plz help

No. 117620

I'd go with Flamboyant Gamine since it's the closest to 67.

No. 117623

Is this useful for chubby woman with apple body type?
I tried the test but it doesn't make much sense to me. I think I got Romantic (not quite sure if of any subtype), but it doesn't exactly seem helpful to me… Maybe I don't know enough about the typology…

No. 117632

This is stupid and I don't see commonalities between many of the same subtypes

No. 117633

This is hell for people with body dysmorphia

No. 117637

Another soft classic here. Those type of dresses (classic and a bit flowy) do suit me, the advice is kind of right but at the same time it doesn't match my personality at all. It's like everyone has to be some soft prim posh lady just because you have a certain body type.

No. 117650

how am i supposed to relate to all these beautiful women. i don't look like any of them lmao

No. 117651

File: 1561653562075.jpg (139.08 KB, 1280x1167, tumblr_ptg9121SJD1v8ntgio1_128…)

I am 100% classic (unfortunately, cute styles don't suit me at all) face-wise, but my body definitely isn't classic at all? I have large breast, small waist, normal-sized hips, I'm tallish (5'8.5, so two inches above average in my country) and I have long limbs. What body type is it? How should I even dress? Please help kind anons.

No. 117655

Sounds like a type of natural

No. 117663

Based on my ABCDE answers though, I’m a dramatic classic except I’m short (5’4) and FG seems very opposite of DC to me.

No. 117664

You just verbalized what I never could about why this whole thing makes no sense to me. I want to understand but something just doesn't add up here and this is totally it.
Is there some way to interpret "soft and flowy" into your personal style without compromising your personality? How can soft classic traits be represented, other than the typical image? Kind of rhetorically spitballing ideas here

No. 117716

Now when I'm putting together clothes and shopping I will keep some of the advice in mind, and combine it with "edgier" pieces. It's gonna be fun to see if the outfits will improve or not.
Kibbe is something to experiment with but not take religiously because then everyone will just end up looking like some old 1980s lady.

No. 117734

1. e
2. b
3. a
4. e
5. c
6. b
7. b
8. b
9. c
10. c
11. c
12 c
13. e
14. c
15. b
16. d

a. 1
b. 5
c. 6
d. 1
e. 3

Not sure how to interpret this. I have a square face, but big eyes, prominent aquiline round nose, and small round lips. I have square shoulders, broader than my hips, but I'm still built like a pear (while simultaneously having little to no waist because I have a short torso). I have a weird body type. My arms are long and thin, my finger tips reach past my thighs. Thighs are wide, and calves are muscular. People tell me I look simultaneously petite and really tall (5'7) at the same time in my pictures, that I could go either way, but I'm neither. I'm 5'3, which is average. This test was hard to answer.

No. 117745

File: 1561765887480.jpg (44.83 KB, 452x677, 287810.jpg)

Anyone knows what body type Miley Cyrus has?

No. 117759

RAw vegan

No. 117817

I got
>A: 5
>B: 7
>C: 3
>D: 1
>E: 0

Which would be flamboyant natural? But score is 18 which is beetween natural and soft dramatic. My body is mostly A and B, the only D is big breasts which look kinda weird on me. Face is B and C. Also I dont look taller than I am but I am a kinda tall, 175 cm/5'9"

No. 117830

File: 1561852934236.jpg (78.3 KB, 628x942, 2ed7abdf93c33d9cdd7385fe5f7401…)

Some people think she's a Flamboyant Gamine. But I completely disagree because she looks very bad with gamine short hair and styling. She fits more into the category Soft Natural. She looks the best when her hair is natural and kinda undone but at the same time a little bit softness.

No. 117831

File: 1561853045248.jpg (55.37 KB, 600x752, 67751addaf33b6d8f8a3f053a092f4…)

Here's Miley with a gamine hair cut. It's not ugly but it looks unnatural and separate from her.

No. 117839

I bothered to do this only to find out I am mostly C and D and she doesn't even say what D is in the video, only the comments.
C is classic and D is theatrical romantic. I checked the video about clothing and again she skimmed over theatrical dramatic at the end of the video, and didn't say anything useful about classical (other than it is common irl but not many celebrities with this type, which is true)

So, that was useless. Youtube seems to be a bunch of amateur teachers who sound as if they have authority but don't really know what they're talking about.

No. 117845

Can anyone help me out please? These were my results:

BONE: e, d, d, c
BODY: c, c, b, b, d
FACE: e, c, c, a, d, d, d

A: 1
B: 2
C: 5
D: 6
E: 2

So from the video I would say soft classic? But that doesn't really seem like me. I'm short at 5'3 and have soft facial features. Nothing really that strikes "fierce" or "yang". I think my body is in the middle of ying/yang with slightly more yang. I'm not curvy but not to the point of looking "boyish" though my limbs tend to be on the fleshy side (especially arms and calves).

No. 117854

she looks so pretty in this photo

No. 117868

1. c
2. d
3. c
4. a/d i have very delicate feminine hands and feet but they're on a larger scale and not small so idk, a combo of both? my fingers are long and my foot size is a size 9
5. d
6. b
7. d
8. e
9. d
10. e
11. e
12. d
13. c
14. d
15. e
16. a

A: 2
B: 1
C: 3
D: 6
E: 4

so theatrical romantic? most of mine were e/d but only got 2 A (1 a if 4. doesn't count). my bone structure is yang and my body type, face and flesh is yin. or am I just whatever D is (she never really explained just D?)

No. 117870

I've read/watched so much stuff on Kibbe typing and I still don't know what I am because I have such a warped sense of self, eugh.

I don't think inverted triangles are inherently naturals. Broad shoulders and narrow hips are both yang, so they could also be the yang element needed for dramatic classic/flamboyant gamine.

Check out Aly Art and Merriam Style's videos for ideas. I've attached a video explaining coats for each body type to help get you started.

It's equally useful for anyone. Merriam Style has videos on Kibbe typing for plus-size women if you're interested in learning more.

Merriam Style has some videos using regular people as examples instead of celebrities.

You could be a soft natural, or some kind of gamine.

You sound like you could be a flamboyant natural, but if you aren't sure then you could try some different types of outfit and see what you think suits you the most.

You could also be theatrical romantic, or soft gamine.

Lots of D answers implies theatrical romantic. One or two A/B answers in a sea of D/E can probably be ignored, since there aren't really any people who fit each type perfectly.

No. 117874

Thank you anon!! It really helps getting a second opinion!

No. 117876

Anyone got suggestions for casual Dramatic Classic outfits? The ones put together on Pinterest all look suitable for 40 year old business women, and I'm a late twenties SAHM.

No. 117878

File: 1561920917420.png (56.54 KB, 640x448, 60baf3911a1bea8d04cdd462a03b0c…)

How important is your height in kibbe? According to this chart my height would automatically eliminate all but three types but two of them are definitely not it. And I'm not convinced of the remaining one either.

No. 117893

File: 1561929916457.jpg (349.96 KB, 816x916, kibbe-dramatic-classic-style-m…)

I have the same problem, I've done at least a dozen of those tests and always get dramatic classic, I even look rather similar in face and body to diane kruger who's always used as the prime example, but I'm 178cm and it usually says DC is below 170cm…? What else could I be?

Seconding this. I'm only a uni student, there's no way I would want or could afford to dress like some top ceo lol

No. 117896

Thank you for your input anon. I guess I’m theatrical romantic but I’ve read somewhere they’re supposed to be really short. I’m kinda tall (170 cm). They’re also supposed to have a very feminine face https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/seasonalcolor/kibbe-s-theatrical-romantic-t1988.html

I agree my body looks theatrical romantic (small boned, tapered, feminine, small waist, fleshy) but my face looks like a lot like Audrey Hepburn. I think she’s flamboyant gamine.

Do face and body have to correlate?

No. 117897

My dramatic classic friend generally wore tight fitting clothing, usually a tshirt and jeans. Jeans were cropped at ankle length. Her coats/outerwear usually went up to her knees, I think she wore like a parka in the winter which isn't super expensive designer stuff.

No. 117898

I'm 21 and I agree that none of this is wearable. I think what helps the most for me is just avoiding frilly or trendy stuff, going for more 'minimalist' pieces, and using Pinterest for inspiration. I don't look up Dramatic Classic though because it tends to be a waste of time.

No. 117903

Anyone else hate their type? I just wanna be a cute gamine but i'm definitely a soft dramatic.

No. 117993

Whatever Bella Thorne is. I wish I had her body

No. 118124

I’m fairly certain I’m a Dramatic. I was uneasy about taking the advice because I’ve always tried to soften/conceal features I don’t like. Like my sharp jawline or my prominent nose.

I decided to get a super sleek/angular pixie cut. I’ve tried to focus on dressing myself with a vertical line in mind too, but it is a little more challenging for me. Random people approach me and compliment me most times I go out. Both men and women. Which I have never experienced before. At first I thought maybe I looked gay or something, but my friends told me it’s because I’m pulling off something most women don’t feel like they can get away with.

Yes I would love to look like Scarlet Johansson and style myself with long loose curls, feminine dresses, etc. But I’m not that kind of beauty. Doing something that suits me has made me feel way less insecure.

No. 118126

I’ve started limiting my color scheme in my overall wardrobe so I can swing more monochromatic outfits. If I want to bring in interesting color or something I’ll do that primarily with accessories and shoes. I also follow the geometric pattern only rule.

The right t-shirt + jeans has become my go-to though honestly. It might be sort of boring but it looks good.

No. 118138

IMO vertical line is more important than height. If you're 5'7 with a large head, you'll look shorter than a 5'7 person with a small head. Instead of using the actual heights, see the chart as a list of vertical lines going from longest to shortest.

No. 118193

So I think I've determined that I'm a Soft Classic. Do any anons know of any idols (or any well-known Asians in general) who have this body type? Not to be all 'muh representation' but I have a hard time visualizing how things will look on me when watching Kibbe videos because Aly Art tends to use white models who won't really look like me even if we have the same Kibbe type. I think it'd be a bit easier for me to understand my type more if I saw how it looked on another Asian woman. If anyone has any ideas or examples I would really appreciate it!

No. 118200

Hi anon I'm Asian too and was wondering the same thing! I found this blog post which has a small list of Asian celebrities.
I personally also tested as soft classic but unfortunately there arent many there listed.. and even among those there arent many pictures of them in "realistic modern fashion" I could find. Eg Maggie Chung was popular in the 90s and 00s.. so I can only find her in very old fashioned or over the top clothing. Sometimes I think I might just be a soft gamine or smth just bc I cant relate to any soft classics lol

No. 118219

Bless you, anon

No. 118380

This. It's important how tall you appear. If we look for example at Bridget Bardot, she looks very small and petite although she is 170cm tall (5'7). She's a Soft Gamine btw. This chart is meant for proportions and your overall appearance and shouldn't be taken too serious.

No. 118833

File: 1562810011568.jpg (307.34 KB, 1280x1920, pearshaped.jpg)

what kibbe type is Lily Rose Depp? she has a similar body to mine – skinny top half and bottom heavy lower half, particularly the very thick legs.

No. 118866

She has that lolita look, so she's definitely some sort of Gamine. It's not only about her body type but her overall essence. Even if you have the same body type as her, you might be a completely different Kibbe type.

No. 118950

Seconding some kinda gamine, especially her head size and facial vibe.

No. 119066

a: 1
b: 4
c: 5
d: 4
e: 4

i'm like all over the classic category …. i'm 5'3 and usually got compared to old hollywood stas before i shaved my head and started wearing more masculine clothes. my body looks fucking great in like cinched waist and soft materials, but i fucking hate looking femme

am i still a classic or did i read it wrong???

No. 119101

You could be either Soft Classic or Theatrical Romantic. Your main essence is yin with D and E being most of your answers. Then C which is balanced and very few yang answers (A and B). I think you're a Theatrical Romantic overall which matches your description about what fits you the best look-wise.

No. 119181

File: 1563147164004.jpeg (60.68 KB, 794x993, 49372683-7B45-4522-819C-64FCC3…)

>compared to old hollywood stars
Sounds like theatrical romantic or classic to me

No. 119382

Kibbe seems a bit faulty but I took this quiz: https://13perfectshapes.wordpress.com/13ps-kibbe-quiz-female-version/

and got Theatrical Romantic. Then I saw this https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/seasonalcolor/kibbe-s-theatrical-romantic-t1988.html and I think it describes me very well, even down to the "bedroom eyes." Yeah I know this is a blogpost…just wanted to share.

No. 119383


Oh fuck I forgot to sage. Sorry guys.

No. 119388

Oh no this is so, so bitchy of me, but I saw that theatrical romantic profile pic and thought "yep, this is the type of person interested in kibbe."

No. 119402


i took the test a couple times, and yeah it's always classic. i even looked at some old family photos because i often get told i look like my grandmother and my mother a lot, and although my mother is more natural than my grandmother, is still a good blend.
yeah tru

No. 119430

If you look like Grace Kelly you’re definitely the epitome of soft classic

No. 119448

I took the quiz and it kind of makes sense, but I don't think I've "got it" all the way. I'm pretty sure it guessed correctly though.

I got soft gamine, and I kind of fit the bill facially and height wise, but I have a body shape that's kinda tricky to dress. My bmi is 19 and I look okay just in my underwear, but in heels I look chunky, boyish and wide on top with really tiny feet and in a lot of clothing cinched at the waist I end up looking kinda tubby, skinny jeans make me look like a tired mom who's given up. My body shape is more or less banana with b cups and straight hips but my widest part is my thighs which makes wearing flats look weird.
Any ideas on how to dress? When I wear things that aren't teenager clothes or loose and casual, and when I want to look grown up, I always look like a tubby auntie instead.

No. 119485

Soft Gamine is basically a small hourglass with soft curves and sharper bones and a lolita vibe. Your description of yourself doesn't fit Soft Gamine at all. I would like to see your answers, your height and how tall you appear (you can be tall but appear small due to proportions), and bone structure. Just based on your description you could be a Soft Natural who are broad and with a feminine/soft face (see Scarlett Johansson).

No. 119568

I unintentionally finally figured out my type! I ordered a whole bunch of clothes, with a few 'risk' pieces that I wouldn't normally go for and didn't think would look good on me, but wanted to try anyway and damn turns out that exactly those pieces look fantastic on me. So I basically did a reverse search and after narrowing it down to a few types that fit my height, I figured out what type would wear those clothes and now it makes totally sense!

No. 119571

Im basically a soft Gamine true and trough, but my style tends to lean a bit on the edgier side and soft gamines tend to be very girly-fied

Should i just stick to the silloutte in general and do my own thing with colors and styles?

No. 119574

File: 1563482431561.jpg (43.67 KB, 600x600, fa6fb0362a63fed9cedcca192b95d2…)

If edgy styles suit you more than girly styles, then you might be a Flamboyant Gamine. Of course you can always spice up and make individual changes on your clothes. Kibbe just gives suggestions which you can follow but you don't need to.

No. 119578

File: 1563485715690.jpg (340.17 KB, 700x700, body-type-workouts-700x700_0.j…)

I got Soft Gamine, then Gamine once and a bunch of times the answers didn't result in anything (there was no category for my score).
My body shape is a rectangle with a tiny bit of waist definition, I'm 163cm tall. Like the lady on the far right in pic related, but with slightly thicker thighs than hers (my widest point) and sort of more "compact" since I'm guessing I'm shorter. I'm a size XS for tops and S for trousers, and most tops seem to be a bit long on me or would look better if cut slightly shorter.
I really don't know what to make of this.

No. 119580

Can your post your answers please (A B C D E)? Because the picture you posted shows a woman on the right who is a Natural. You could be a Gamine though. These Kibbe sites use a mathematical formulas which can be hit or miss. I use this image >>93847 to narrow down possible types.

No. 119584

these are just terrible, anon

No. 119585

What kind of hairstyles would look good on a dramatic classic? I feel like nothing really suits me and I get bored of my hair easily?

No. 119587

I'm pretty sure I'm a gamine but I'm also skelly, on the tall side (about 5'8"), and I have terrible skin. I cut my hair into a pixie cut earlier this year and it's generally flattering but awful for my confidence because I feel like a manly version of Audrey Hepburn, especially in my work scrubs. What length should I grow my hair out to? I know short cuts are generally flattering on gamines but I look like shit atm

No. 119613

Sure anon, and thanks. I would've posted before but I didn't want to ask for too much.

3 A
2 B
5 C
2 D
4 E

It's also possible that I'm accidentally fibbing the answers because I can't tell what some choices are supposed to mean/look like.

No. 119625

Kek that comes up if I google edgy cute outfits. I don't find the clothes terrible but on the right girl they look fabulous I think

Here we have it. C stands for balance which makes up the most of your answers. Gamines have no or very few C answers since their type consists of opposites like a lot of A and D/E answers. In your case: C, then E, A, B/D. Overall you have a little more yin than yang in you which means that your type is approximately in the middle of this scale >>93847 leaning more towards yin. I think you are a Theatrical Romantic which makes a lot of sense since Soft Gamines have a lot of in common with TR.
If someone has another idea, I'm glad to hear it.

No. 119631

I've been thinking about this and holy shit anon, you're absolutely right! Thank you so much! I never really considered TR because I always thought you need to be more "voluptuous" to qualify, but Gamine clothes always looked a bit wrong too. Romantics to me were always associated with Kim K/Marilyn types so I never even considered them.

No. 119650

No problem anon!

Are you sure that you're a Gamine? I mean it's more prevalent how you appear (proportions) and people are getting taller with each generation, so Gamines can be over 5'5 but your description doesn't fit Gamines. Short hair should look cute and sophisticated on you and not manly. Can you give me your answers please?

No. 119689

Any Flamboyant Naturals here? Everything recommended for FN is so boho chic and the last thing I want to look like is a gypsy ffs

No. 119690

Nearly all 90s supermodels are Flamboyant Naturals, so you may find inspiration there.

No. 119693

File: 1563618089604.jpg (37.96 KB, 650x975, d111fc65a7b85d902c9fb84f7deb53…)

FN doesn't have to be boho at all! Look at attached: long, one color block, unconstructed pieces, no waist emphasize, textures, chunky jewelry (earrings). The only FN 'requirement' it doesn't meet is the open neckline but the rest makes up for it imo.

No. 119694

File: 1563618934700.jpg (582.81 KB, 1000x1333, SAVE_20190720_123527.jpg)

Attached: Long vertical line, unconstructed garment, open neckline, chunky jewelry, unconstructed bag with blunt edges

No. 119701

File: 1563628171965.jpg (294.96 KB, 999x700, Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-stre…)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a Flamboyant Natural and she has a great street style! Very cool and chic at the same time

No. 119703

File: 1563634285475.png (1.05 MB, 713x967, dchair.png)

Hello, fellow dramatic classic! I just watched Aly Art's video on hairstyles for different body types, and this is what she says:

>Sculpted, sleek, blunt or slightly layered, moderate length. Asymmetry is good.

>Avoid ornate or lavish hair, wild hair, boyish hair, overly layered styles, and very symmetrical styles.

Pic is the style I'm currently considering, which was actually taken from that video.

No. 119726

This was really hard to do because I'm not really good at analyzing myself, but I really want to try dressing for my body type… My answers threw me off a little, though, because of the even B and E count. I think my score means I'm soft natural? Would love a second opinion!

A: 1
B: 5
C: 4
D: 1
E: 5

bone: C, D, B, A
body: E, E, E, E, B
face: B, B, B, C, E, C, C, B

No. 119743

File: 1563675302721.jpg (54.73 KB, 600x600, softnatural.jpg)

The large, even B and E amount does mean you're most likely a soft natural!

No. 119759

I feel stuck between having to choose to dress for my body and dress as I genuinely like.

No. 119761

Kibbe is for people who are kind of lost in the big fashion world and who haven't found their style yet. If you've found your style and you feel good, then forget about Kibbe. Life's too short honestly. You can still incorporate a few Kibbe elements if you want to. Do what you want anon.

No. 119781

find a happy medium. unlike what >>119761 says, there's much more joy in finding something that makes you look and feel amazing, rather than just one or the other.

No. 119862

File: 1563809766506.jpg (203.55 KB, 1000x1500, kirsten.jpg)

I'd appreciate some help, since I need to buy a new wardrobe and don't know where to start!

I assumed I was a dramatic classic, but after taking the test I'm not so sure. I got:

>A: 1

>B: 3
>C: 5
>D: 3
>E: 2

I'm wondering if I messed up by thinking about different features in too isolated of a way, instead of comparing them to each other, but I really struggle to think about my body in an objective way.

I'm 5'8" but I look a little bit shorter, and although I have broad shoulders and ribs I also have wide hips, so I guess it could balance out? I'm a bit pear shaped (my top half is a dress size smaller than my bottom half) but I look pretty balanced overall. I have wide, fleshy cheekbones (think Kirsten Dunst but with a narrower jaw), average lips, an average nose, and slightly upturned, roundish eyes. Something about the way I look makes me look like a teenager despite being in my late twenties, but I think it's just how rounded my face is. The A score was for my hands and feet so I don't know how relevant it is in the grand scheme of things.

Am I overthinking things because I hate my body? Maybe. Am I going to overthink my overthinking? Also maybe…

No. 119870

>A: 1
>B: 3
>C: 5
>D: 3
>E: 2

I think you forgot to answer 2 more questions. Overall there are 16 points and you have 14 and those missing points can make a difference.

No. 119876

File: 1563819960670.jpg (285.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190722-202426.jpg)

I always wondered why Aly Art considers herself a Soft Gamine. Maybe I'm blind but I think a natural styling with tousled long hair and a shirt plus jeans fit her very well and make her look more youthful whereas gamine styling looks off and makes her look older.

No. 119878

File: 1563819984640.jpg (481.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190722-202623.jpg)

No. 119886

I agree, it makes her look older.

I'm pretty sure Aly Art isn't by far as knowledgeable in Kibbe as she makes it seems. A lot of what she says in her video's can be traced back word for word to a website/forum thread on Kibbe. I came across it a while ago while doing more research on Kibbe.

No. 119887

I took the quiz and it says I'm classic. One of the first things it points out is the fact makeup doesn't really suit us well and our beauty comes out when we have less. I definitely get this. I can't wear makeup because my features are too fucking exemplified, it looks too odd.

No. 119890

File: 1563831602333.jpg (311.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190722-233942.jpg)

Oh I think you mean tapatalk, right? I noticed that too. Sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and decide which type you are without any help. Aly has a cute face but Gamine hair brings out her harsh features which weren't apparent when she had long tousled hair. Unfortunately a lot of women with cute faces get their hair cut short because hair stylists think that they all will look like Mia Farrow or Audrey Tautou who are Gamines in fact. Then they end up looking like Scarlett Johansson.

No. 119902

I did this in the middle of the night so I'm impressed I only forgot to answer 2! Here are how my answers look when they actually add up to the correct number:

>A: 1

>B: 3
>C: 6
>D: 3
>E: 3

No. 119979

File: 1563975364156.jpg (18.2 KB, 300x300, 18141e1b259196bd458c9619e6e46d…)

No. 120004

Since I've discovered the Kibbe system I've been looking at other people and how their style matches their type. Ever since I feel like that as long as the outfit is well styled and accesorized most people seem to look just fine without taking how blunt or sharp their shoulders or w/e are in consideration.

I've been thinking and (this might be a bad comparison and only make sense in my head) but I feel like it's similiar to how in the early days of modern make-up people would accentuate blue eyes with blue mascara or eyeliner, now a make-up artist would do that with some warm reddish color to off-set the blue. I've been thinking that Kibbe's mindset in how it wants perfect ~~harmony~~ instead of contrast might be a little outdated. It is only a theory after all and nothing set in stone.

I could be wrong of course but what do you think?

No. 120008

I think it's got the right idea but it's incredibly flawed.

No. 120011

Of course the system isn't perfect and outdated to some degree. It's the same with face shapes. Oval is ideal and all the other face shapes are flawed and need to achieve harmony. A lot of models have square faces and it's very pretty. Round faces are very youthful and long faces remind me of elves from Lord of the Rings.

No. 120019

i totally disagree with you. this is mostly for people who either don't know how to dress, or feel something is "off". there are some things i will never look good in no matter how much i want to, so finding things i do look good in, and trying to get as close as i can to the look i like makes me feel tons better than just wearing what i like and not feeling like i look great.

No. 120033

Thank you, anon!

No. 120063

Any resources for soft classic that dont look like im attending a 50s themed Halloween party

No. 120071

This is fun and all but it's pretty hard to get into.
I think I'm a soft dramatic with
6: A
4: E
2: B
2: C
2: D

No. 120073

Is there a kibbe anything that doesn't look outdated and ugly?

No. 120165

File: 1564174165471.jpg (111.3 KB, 300x454, jalba1.jpg)

I agree you're Soft Dramatic.

Kibbe is from the 80s so the outfits in the book are truely outdated. The outfit ideas you find on Pinterest are by random people with different tastes which you probably find ugly/conservative/whatever.

So I suggest that you start your own Pinterest collection. Look for celebrities who are the same type as you. Here's the list >>92698
Look for their street style and pin each pic you like. My favorite Soft Classic are Alycia Vikander and Jessica Alba. They have great street styles.

No. 120282



This a small channel that focuses on the "18 ethereals" - personal styles created by a Polish stylist that in part are made to consider and compliment the Kibbe typology.

Here is the blog of the stylist herself. She has articles on Kibbe alone as well.

No. 120283

" Since writing the book, Kibbe has changed his views many times and now completely strays from being true to his book and refuses to pay attention to the body (including height) first and foremost. "


No. 120285

NTA but I've stumbled upon ethereals before and they seem even more unreliable than Kibbe. Half of them are typical styles for women and the other half is some made-up bullshit. Congrats to the author for finding a creative way to market herself.

No. 120287


Kek. Don't get me wrong, criticism is always good. But the author has no leg to stand on with her new invented TyPeS.
She ONLY takes very good looking women as examples who must be Ingenue or Ethereal in her opinion when in reality she's just distracted by their beauty. If those beautiful women get older (or styled ugly), it's apparent that they are not Ingenue or Ethereal but any other generic type and they are just styled properly and are very pretty. Good looking people tend to look better than others, so here's that. Plus she only shows them in gowns on the red carpet. Sure they look fabulous and elven-like but so do Romantics, Gamines, Naturals, Classics and Dramatics when styled properly. She never shows street style examples because literally everyone would look ridiculous and try hard with uwu-Ethereal-Ingenue clothes which are actually intended to wear at a special occasions. That's a special snow flake syndrome right here.

No. 120288

File: 1564313917526.jpg (7.46 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20190728_13320451…)

Here's a prime example. On the left it looks good because it is a special occasion (photoshoot), good light and photoshop. On the right you see how it actually looks like in reality on a generic occasion. People will look at you and not because you are a EthEreaL Goddess but an embarrassing try hard.

No. 120292

Reminded that personal style =/= body type.

You can embody any personal style and look good if you wear the right lines. Style guides like the Ethereals are just that - guides that help you create a mental frame of different style profiles if you're confused and can't conceptualize aesthetics. If you want a controlled lab test that will reveal your personal style like blood type you won't find what you're looking for. Your input if what matters.

No. 120300

Is there any non formal way to dress regarding Kibbe body types? Whenever I search for my (theatrical romantic) type, all of the results seem like something a middle aged woman would wear to a southern cotillion. Pants are nowhere to be found.

No. 120301

Forgot to sage, sorry for newfaggotry

No. 120308

File: 1564337562791.jpg (9.32 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20190728_20070781…)

Did you read the thread at all? Choose some Theatrical Romantics here >>92698 and then look up their street style and pin everything you like on them on Pinterest. If you want to wear jeans/trousers, they need to be high waisted. Your whole outfit should be more on the romantic side but with a little bit edgyness either achieved through a specific clothing piece or accessories or hair. You'll see what I mean.

No. 120310

>On the left it looks good
Not really tbh
Also here's the thing about the right and left comparison, we don't see a bottom part of the left side, and her hair is styled differently in both comparisons. I feel like she might actually have looked decent in public if you saw her in the left outfit, given her skirt probably wasn't as short and her hair had some volume to it.

No. 120327

I guess you don't know spergchan but she literally looks like that: short skirts, always flat grandma hair, extravagant accessories and clothing but nothing really fits her type.

No. 120517

I don't think that's the way to go about that? Just because xyz celeb is xyz type doesn't mean they dress after it.

Imo stop looking at ugly old fashioned examples so much and just look at a garment and go down a mental checklist of your types "requirements". Surely it isn't that hard to tell if a garment is "intricate" or not, "loose fitting" or not, "symmetrical" or not, etc.

No. 120524

File: 1564596486033.jpg (63.23 KB, 728x546, brie-larson-captain-marvel.jpg)

What type would y'all say Brie Larson is? Asking because she's the celebrity I look most similar to.

No. 120535

File: 1564605221247.jpg (109.19 KB, 640x960, gettyimages-1131900306.jpg)

Dramatic Classic

No. 120552

File: 1564615031140.jpg (52.79 KB, 379x700, Audrey-Tautou-at-Economic-and-…)

So I took a quiz to figure out my type and I got classic. However I definitely feel like my features depart from that greatly and that I might be either a gamine (or one of the subtypes) or a soft natural–wich are on two different ends.

I've been told that I look similar to Audrey Tatou when it comes to facial features (and commonly classified as a flamboyant gamine). Have all of the exaggerated facial features that fall into the celebrity examples I have seen. Still I feel like I lack the boyish/stick frame that most gamines would fall into, and have more broad shoulders and bigger and and feet like a natural type might. However my face doesn't really look similar to most natural types (except maybe Selena Gomez). Honestly think I'm doing something wrong here.

No. 120583

Please post your answers here and how tall you are/appear.

No. 120628

Alright. My vertical line is more yin (like my head size makes up 1/6 of my body) but I'm 5'5"/165 cm. Anyway I took an online quiz originally but took a handwritten one just now. The results:

>A: 0

>B: 4
>C: 5
>D: 2
>E: 4


My results still put me in the realm of classic.

No. 120635

I seriously don't know how anyone finds their "type". it's way too fucking complicated.

No. 120668

You're either Soft Natural or Soft Classic. You have too many C and no A answers to be considered a Gamine. Thanks to your description of yourself I'm sure you're a Soft Natural.

No. 120680

Thank you, anon for trying to help me out. I’m gonna be trying to get more clothes in a soft natural style from now and see from there.

No. 120981

File: 1565030844720.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, pic1.png)

Does anyone here know Merriam Style? She's just like Aly Art teaching Kibbe body types. She has some good videos but she's really really bad at typing people. She typed herself a Soft Gamine but looks horrible in Gamine clothing and hairstyles. I think she has a lot more yang than yin. She reminds me of Rooney Mara who is a pure dramatic.

No. 121006

i wouldn't take advice from someone who styles themselves like this, yeesh.

No. 121018

Im Soft Romantic. Anyone knows how rare this type is? I can barely find much pins for this one.

No. 121022

maybe my internet history is affecting this, but does anyone else get results for r/femininenotfeminist when they google anything to do with kibbe types? ick. It's a pretty obscure red pill subreddit so it's interesting that it's so high up in the google results. I got the same results in incognito mode.

Was going to post this in the handmaiden thread in /ot/ but it's been locked.

No. 121023

yep, i was trying to find kibbe stuff on reddit and that subreddit always comes up. it reeks of so much internalised misogyny its gross as fuck. these women must be insecure as all hell to feel like they have to fit in a mould just so they can feel validated by men

No. 121031

I've been getting it aswell. I think kibbe-related content is just fairly scarce so that's why it shows up?

No. 121045

The kibbe thing is really targeted at older or otherwise trad women who don't know anything about fashion. The subs are like that bc those are the people making those pinterest boards and shit people follow.

No. 121048

There's no such as Soft Romantic in the Kibbe system. You're either Romantic or Theatrical Romantic.

No. 121053

They have Kibbe related threads or whatever you call them on Reddit. I also found them when I was looking for forums to post pictures in so people would help type me. I even considered making a throwaway account and post there but it's just too cringe to have my face on something called Feminine Not Feminist.

No. 121089

I heard some people use Soft Romantic and I have been using this system for 2 years now. Strange.

Well, I am just a Romantic then.

No. 121117

i'm confused on how to read my kibbe's type–and i know a lot of other anons have posted the same thing in here so i apologize, but could anyone help me read this?

my results are

i'm confused on which is my more dominant column, b or c…

No. 121230

This is awesome, anon. Embracing your traits like that seems like it would be so liberating. I’m on the other extreme of height and am trying to figure out how to embrace that without looking like a dumb kid.

No. 121242

That's tricky indeed. You have 6 points in the yin category and 6 points in the yang category. Is your skeleton wide or more balanced? How tall are you? Do people guess your height right? Would you say that your facial features are balanced or more yin or more yang?

No. 121268

David Kibbe is active on facebook and has said that a lot of his book is out of date now. A lot of the advice in this thread is not at all what he would give, especially in relation to the quiz. If anyone's interested I can post some recent things from him.

Just read the descriptions for all the types and see what resonates anon.

You probably have very delicate features, so you can pull off soft, small scale details. If you have curves, show those off in a classy way as well.

No. 121276

Please do post recent stuff from him!

No. 121281

File: 1565466190852.jpg (142.18 KB, 584x960, kibbe.jpg)

I found his website, kek

No. 121288

I'm definitely a little more wide, broader shoulders and hips but a very defined waist, like a hardcore hourglass (you couldn't tell I was pregnant until you saw the front of me with how I carry weight). I'm 5' 5", people tend to guess that I'm 5' 6" - 5' 7" though. My facial features are pretty balanced all except my cheekbones which tend to be a lot more noticeable when I don't have a lot of weight on.

No. 121294

File: 1565486111217.jpg (840.41 KB, 1080x6480, kibbe.jpg)

Some current fashions, ladies! Feast your eyes!

No. 121295

File: 1565486223699.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190810-181721.png)

No. 121296

File: 1565486547450.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x9720, kibbe2.jpg)

I'm poking fun but tbh some of these are really nice looks. Here's some pics of him and his wife from fb.

No. 121298

File: 1565486856784.png (Spoiler Image,948.95 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190810-182740.png)

How cute, his muse is his wife. He has a whole page dedicated to her; http://davidkibbe.co/muse/

Edit- is this creepy or no? Spoilered for off-topic pic

No. 121306

Nah, not creepy. I'm kind of in love with how stupid his website looks tbh.

No. 121313

Where do people even find these clothes? Did they raid a thriftstore? I swear if these people went into any old-lady fashion store and bought any outfit right off the manequin they'd look better.

No. 121322

Wow, this website looks exactly how I imagined a website designed by a boomer to look lmao.

No. 121327

>caring about these entirely fucking white pictures


No. 121328

>people look better during a photoshoot with good lighting and photoshop than they do irl

did you really need a weird sexist website to tell you that

No. 121329

File: 1565541585821.png (1.98 MB, 1528x901, mcdonalds.png)

Graphic Design Is His Passion

Seriously though, does he have any new modern advice? I'd love to read it.

No. 121339

I gotta admit Black Kibbe Types function completely differently

Also, why does the Strictly Kibbe FB group says this group is for nonmen only? What does that mean? Why not women?

No. 121345

You're either Dramatic Classic or Soft Natural. Your body is the perfect description of a Soft Natural body whereas your face is Dramatic Classic. Experiment with these two mentioned types and see what fits you best. Here's a good video: when the face doesn't match the body. Merriam is pretty bad at typing people (don't recommend her service) but she has a few really informative videos.

No. 121347

I love Kibbe but this is plain ugly kekkk. Overall he's a theorist and no stylist like Rachel Zoe. She'll style you perfectly but can't tell you why it fits you and Kibbe can tell you why it looks good on you while he can't style you properly. It's a matter of taste and Zeitgeist I think.

No. 121354

No troons allowed. If you say it’s for women, it will end up with loud men in dresses hurling abuse because it doesn’t pertain to them specifically.

No. 121357

It's the opposite, it's signalling to troons and nbs that they are welcome because they don't id as male.

No. 121360

Obnoxious. We are always allowed to be inclusive arent we? Also, isnt it impossible for a troon to be a Romantic type, ever?

No. 121361

File: 1565602789013.jpeg (55.89 KB, 554x554, 04BF894D-4E9F-4F30-AA2C-C24799…)

Ah damn. They ruin everything.

Romantic type is basically the opposite of a man, so yes, it’s impossble.

No. 121461

I finally took this test and I'm a Theatrical Romantic (6 Ds, 1E, 3 Bs, 2 Cs, 4 As).

In every day life, I hardly ever wear feminine styles and always lean towards more boyish, shapeless silhouettes. However, whenever I've worn outfits similar to what is suggested for TRs, I've felt shy but good about myself.

I guess I now have to take the plunge into looking for some more feminine pieces that are suitable for every day wear. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I don't really want to look like I'm going to a dinner party or to work when I'm just out for the day.

No. 121602

No. 121603

No. 121607

File: 1565871165936.jpg (79.21 KB, 620x429, kim-audrey.jpg)

Had to post this because sometimes a few anons ask the purpose of Kibbe. Even if you are the curviest /sexiest woman on earth (not saying Kim is the sexiest but this is how media portraits her), you can look broad and manly in the wrong lines (except you wanted to achieve this on purpose for whatever reason). The Kibbe system isn't perfect but it's damn right about types and lines. You can wear what you want but it's up to you whether you want to stand out positive or negative.

No. 121674

Elyssas guides are somewhat helpful with Kibbe, but she always goes on on about how much of a Soft Gamine she is - but I just don't see her as one since there is nothing Soft Gamine about her. I think she mistyped herself. What do you think, anons?

No. 121711

I think it's quite funny that Ellysas, Ally and Merriam typed themselves as Soft Gamines but no-one really fits the type. They act like experts but can't get their own type right.
Ally could be a Gamine but she looks like an old Lady with Gamine clothes. She looks fabulous in a shirt, jeans and a natural styling. Merriam is delusional because she can't get Kibbe facts straight and takes money from people to type them. She has a typical natural face which is nowhere near Gamine. Even if her body was Gamine, she would be probably a Flamboyant Gamine. She is nowhere near soft. And Elyssas is delusional about her type too. She's so cute and petite kek. She lacks sharpness in her skeleton plus she looks bad in Gamine clothes/styling. She looks like a grown woman who wants to be a teenager again. They all look horrible and I wouldn't take any fashion advice from them, although they have good and informative videos from time to time.

No. 121775

Agree, Merriam looks so pretty with long hair and more natural type styling. Soft gamine looks odd on her. She looks more like a dramatic classic to me.

The kibbe system itself makes a lot of sense, problem is that the test isn’t specific or clear enough. A lot of people have very different views on what broad shoulders or a sharp vs blunt nose looks like. If there was a universal version with verified image examples there wouldn’t be as many misconceptions.

No. 121780

File: 1566079745551.jpg (26.38 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

That's because everybody (including farmers) wants to be an uwu cute gamine.
I'm a dramatic classic and my kibbe choices are basically blouses and trenchcoats in the white, grey or black - and of course nobody wants that shit, so they lie to themselves.

>Ally looks like an old lady with gamine clothes

Just a couple years back she looked really pretty in a cool way (pic), now she looks boring and tryhard. In her videos it's not that bad, but if you check her instagram and see full body pics…

No. 121782


My favorite video about finding your Kibbe type. Very simplified and avoids the confusing descriptions of the quiz. Basically, you find which parts of your body are yin, yang or balanced and compare your results to the descriptions of the types.

No. 121785

Really? I'm gamine and I hate the outfit recommendations. Hard to shop for tailored things in general in this fast fashion world…

No. 121787

she isnt gamine? i dont follow this stuff but her face is pretty feminine and neotonous, isn't that what gamine is?

No. 121800

Gamine is a just a mixture of opposites. Yin (feminine D and E) and yang (masculine A and B) characteristics. It really has nothing to do with looking young or feminine. No body type is cuter or prettier than any other, they’re just a collection of lines for you to work with.

Aly Art often says that gamines look like “teenage girls” or “little girls”. Disagree. You can be any type and look youthful (Miranda Kerr is flamboyant natural and she looks very young imo).

No. 121801

Aly is kinda full of shit half the time tbh.

However the "vibe" of a gamine is defined as animated and boyish, so it's definitely a youthful type. Not cuter or prettier than other types as you said, but the proportions (large head compared to body, making you look petite regardless of height) make the silhouette read young. Miranda Kerr has a very youthful face but if you saw her body with the face blurred you wouldn't have any doubts that she's a grown woman. A gamine can often be mistaken for a much younger person due to the proportions. Unless your face and body are extremely different types, I'd probably just dress for my body type rather than muddy the waters with my face.

I do agree the opposites thing is the most important part of the type, though.

No. 121803

File: 1566119348806.jpg (100.08 KB, 700x700, Mohito-summer-2014.jpg)

I have a dress that always attracts compliments. People always remark I look good every time they see me in it even if I've worn it before. It's never happened with other clothes. Could someone more knowledgeable in Kibbe help me figure out what lines these are? I would be very grateful.

pic related - dress on the right

No. 121804

Aly doesn't look like a bobble headed kid, she looks like a small granny. She isn't really petite either, just very short.
Everybody always seems to think "I'm short and therefore I must be a gamine" which simply isn't true, there's more to it than just height.

No. 121806

I'm theatrical romantic and I stg all the suggestions are overtly "sexy" and vaguely 1950s.

No. 121807

I am ultra confused by this test.
Can anyone help me figuring it out? My answers are;

I read somewhere that TR should fit me, and yes, my body looks good in it, but I feel like it ages tremendously my face, I end up looking like a young girl with her mom's body. It's very confusing. I also thought it might be because I have a bit of weight on me, I don't know.

No. 121821

I need to get a new schoolbag so I decided to check bag recommendations for FN. Big mistake, they're all hideous?! I can see past colors and patterns, it's just that those shapeless bags take me right back to 2008.

No. 121831

I didn't say any of that though. She isn't gamine imo either, but to say gamine isn't a youthful type is wrong.

No. 121864

File: 1566217975661.jpg (316.26 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190819-135026.jpg)

That is a typical gamine line

If I hold my hands over Aly's face, I see a gamine body. In combination with her face it doesn't look this way anymore but like a grandma. She also hides her real features on her videos for example showing only the front of her face. I had to see through 8 videos until she showed her profile finally. She also creates a rounder outline for her thin lips to fit the Soft Gamine type better. She does have many yang features and I don't know why she sees herself as a soft type. She could be a Flamboyant Gamine. This type needs drama and Aly looks really great with wild long tousled hair and clothes a la Gwen Stefani who is a Flamboyant Gamine too. FG are very diverse and don't need to look necessarily young/cute/boyish.

No. 121871

File: 1566226402845.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x2000, Olivia-looks.jpg)

>I'm a dramatic classic and my kibbe choices are basically blouses and trenchcoats in the white, grey or black - and of course nobody wants that shit, so they lie to themselves.

I don't know which video it was but Classics tend to be more flexible than any other type since they are balanced. You can borrow certain elements from other types and it would look fabulous. Also dramatic and classical elements are in your DNA, so whatever you wear, you will never look cheap and boring.

No. 121883

Classic is the best one imo, so many options and you have to try hard to look bad.

No. 121884

I'm a student, I can't wear fur coats and stilettos worth several hundred euros like some influencer or actress… It's definitely difficult, I can't just throw on a simply sundress or a cute shirt like you other types can, it always needs to be something elegant - which I don't really like.

No. 121885

(faux)furcoats and stilettos aren't exclusive to a higher pricerange..

No. 121888

if you want cheap but elegant clothing you should get into thrifting

No. 121889

I wasn't talking about the price, I meant that it would look weird af if somebody of my age and my profession would run around looking like that.

No. 121891

File: 1566247252585.jpg (359.55 KB, 1080x1620, Style-Icon-Olivia-Palermo-The-…)

This was just an example. Of course Classics can wear more casual outfits. They just have to be symmetrical and nicely fitted. No washed-out materials.

No. 121892


There's no fucking way Ellysas and Merriam are SG. This makes me so paranoid that I'm mistyping myself too if I have any kind of latent body dysmorphia since I do like the idea of the kawaii uwu SG.

Aly, I can see why she sees herself as gamine, but not SG. All types are going to look like "grandmas" eventually anyway but I think she's riding the gamine thing too hard. She looks ridiculous in all the bold eyeglasses in her videos recently. I agree she looks more herself in longer, "natural" hair and I think her features are too moderate/average to be gamine.

No. 121893

“kawaii uwu SG” that is so embarrassing anon. being a soft gamine definitely doesn’t automatically mean you’re cute like that.

No. 121906

File: 1566264645403.jpg (74.58 KB, 224x407, Cindy.jpg)


This anon >>121780 was totally right.
>That's because everybody (including farmers) wants to be an uwu cute gamine.
Some women struggle to grow up and live in a bubble where they are still young and cute. Yes, you are probably young and cute but not like a teenager anymore. More like a young woman with curves and edges and lots of character.
Quite honestly I don't mind if they all want to be Soft Gamines because reasonable women will look even better next to them. They can have all the pink frilly uwu kawaii dresses on this world but they will look like huge babies or like trannies.

No. 121912

File: 1566277042486.png (2.65 MB, 1174x1800, image_2019_08_20T04_51_50_822Z…)

a = 5
c = 8
b = 2
e = 1
Dramatic Classic?
People I look very similar to kendall, same height weight and measurements.

No. 121913

File: 1566277192803.jpg (23.58 KB, 398x500, gracekelly.jpg)

Some tips about determining your type until I get around to posting some exercises DK posted on FB:
-height is a factor. If you're over 5'7", you must be a D or N, but if you are short you can be any type.
-clothing has no type. Anyone can wear anything if it's styled correctly
-R is always soft and fleshy unless underweight. They have very small bones. Think Marilyn Monroe
-TR is R with added narrowness/sharpness. They will never ever have wide shoulders and may or may not be curvy. Think Vivien Leigh.
-SG has both more sharpness and more roundness than TR. It is slightly broader than TR. Bette Davis is the iconic SG.
-SN is the widest boned of the yin types. She may have a stereotypically gamine personality and can express that, but she should still stick to SN lines.
-all of those types above are petite with some natural curves and softness. no exceptions.
-a cohesive outfit always looks better than a boring one, regardless of whether it fits your "type". Because of this, it's easy to trick yourself into believing you are something you're not.

I used to delude myself into thinking I was a kawaii uwu SG too, lol. I look so much nicer now that I've embraced my actual type and coloring. I used to look like a gawky teenager but now I literally turn heads walking down the street.

This is true. For an example of how SC can dress casually, I love Grace Kelly. Kibbe calls her the quintessential classic and she looks gorgeous in casual clothes.

No. 121914

Every time i see this thread i give this test another go, just to find that half of the time no answer fits me so i choose C as a placeholder and just end up being a classic with no classic features.
I can't figure out this shit and i hate this bullshit test.

Also to me emma watson looks waaaaaay more dramatic than gamine.

No. 121917

you need to be more objective about your looks.

No. 121923

File: 1566302747955.png (217.82 KB, 1024x233, 2019_04_08_q15.png)

Try this test. It has some illustrations and makes it easier to determine your type


No. 121928


Thanks anon, I know the women you're referring to (look like trannies because frills don't suit them, but look amazing in more adult clothing) but I like frills as well and I'm terrified I look like a tranny too and am blind to it lol.

I am trying to grow up more and find more "adult" ways to wear SG-lite clothing so I don't look like a looney autist/tranny lolita

No. 121929


What is your type now and what does coloring have to do with Kibbe?

No. 121932

Could someone help me figure out my type, please? Here are my answers. A: 3
C: 1
D: 4
E: 7
I'm 4'9" and people often guess correctly or on the shorter end of height. I have broadish shoulder and a large bust but my hips are straight and my waist is relatively straight (its only slightly cinched in?)

I think I might be a TR but I'm not too sure.

No. 121934

File: 1566319387042.png (37.1 KB, 837x408, kibbe.png)

What's interesting is, according to this chart there's no type for a yang face, yin flesh, and yang bones. Likewise, no way to have a balanced face but yin flesh. etc etc.

I think people that don't fit any types don't fit them because of this?

No. 121935

No. 121938

This finally put some light into my doubts. Apparently, I have yang bones with balanced flesh and yin face. Let's say I'd just put myself between SN and SD.
This season will be fun doing some shopping, with these guidelines.

No. 121940

Does anyone know where to find example outfits that aren't old fashioned/suitable for your aunt?

No. 121944

Why? I would have thought people would wanna be Classics, they're basically "perfect".

No. 121945

Just because your face is symmetrical and your body proportionate doesn't mean you're attractive.
I'm DC and have way edgier/harder features than I would like to have.
I wish I was gamine or romantic, something soft, and could dress cute and simply, all my option are way too dressy, even the casual ones >>121891.

No. 121949

I'm confused. Could someone help?

body bones: CEDE
body flesh: BEABC
facial bones: ABB
facial flesh: DDD

2 A
4 B
2 C
4 D
3 E

what would that make me?
I'm between 5'2 and 5'3.

No. 121951

Answer ''E'' looks off…her jaw looks quite sharp. Ginnifer Goodwin has an answer E jawline. Not sure how reliable this version is tbh

I think you are TR as well, you don't have enough opposite answers to be gamine or Cs to be classic. Mila Kunis is a verified TR and her waist and hips are fairly straight, too. She looks great in TR lines. But then again, I've seen people say that she's actually SN, but she does not have a Natural skeleton. Maybe try on a dress with TR lines?

No. 121953

File: 1566332036933.jpg (225.42 KB, 1033x793, SMOLBEAN.jpg)

I dunno anon, she has a pretty petite build and a large head in relation to her body. I'd wager she is somewhere between gamine and soft gamine.

No. 121958

Overall bone structure: CCCB
Flesh on the body: BCCDC
Facial features: CACCCD
1 A
2 B
10 C
2 D
Judging by those answers I must be dramatic classic (or only classic?), but I'm 5'10 and DC are only moderately tall…?

No. 121960

Hmm NTA but I hadn't seen full body pics before, definitely really petite with a big head. I kinda think it's mostly her hair color that makes her look bad. That blonde doesn't look good on her.

No. 121961

I might be off base here but I got curious and checked the test with your results. 5'10 is quite tall for a Classic and the logic of C answers that "x if proportional to the rest of my body" means that it's appropriately big for 5'10. By your description I imagine you as tall but with more waist definition. Might be worth a shot to check out Soft Dramatic even if it goes against the answers.

It really depends whether height matters or not for Kibbe types. Different people claim different things.

No. 121962

I was saying to dress for the body type not face (if your face and body are really different types) earlier but now… I have to reconsider. Maybe the "vibe" has to come from the face (colors, prints, detailing, etc) and the actual silhouette cuts have to come from the body shape?


No. 121963

I took a test and got soft gamine. I'm pretty confident with that answer, since one of the upthread images has Winona Ryder in that category and I've been told I look like her.

I also like and already wear a lot of the reccomended clothing, like skater skirts and small dresses.

No. 121966

I'm tall, but I don't have a lot of things the average tall woman has (I mean that I have a different body type than the average model): my legs aren't very long, just average for my height, I have big feet and hands, but they also don't look as long and spindly as many other tall women's.
I probably have wider hips (around as wide as my shoulders), my waist is my thinnest point, my chest is medium, but on the other hand I'm also naturally a bit on the more muscular side and my facial features are a bit too strong. I wouldn't really see myself as soft…?

No. 121967

I'm SC. Coloring is something he talks about in the book and in person with people who consult with him. If you wear colors that aren't nice on you, you won't look as good. For example I used to wear a lot of bright pastels, but they washed me out and made me look tired.

You only need to look at bone structure and flesh for determining type.

No. 121968

File: 1566343161353.png (974.32 KB, 910x756, metamorphasis.png)

Beautiful transformation

No. 121976

her hair sucks in both pics and I think she looks way better in soft colors tbh.

No. 121985

She looks younger and happier in the after pic but Kibbe's taste is sooooo 80s kek.

Apparently SG, G and FG look good in unnatural and vivid hair colours. So theoretically she should look good with this light blonde colour. I'm indecisive if it fits her or not. Her mousy brown hair she had a little while ago was way worse imo.

Yes DC

TR I agrew

Probably FG. You have very little balanced features and lots of contrast.

Yes you're leaning more towards DC according to your answers. Your height isn't a problem if people guess your height right. It's more about proportions. Also DC is the tallest among all Classic types.

No. 121987


Thank you link anon. I honestly will just tell someone else to do the test on me because maybe you guys are right and i'm not being objective.

I'll give you some examples:
>My eyes are VERY round, droopy, small, and slightly widely spaced. No option fits this, not even vaguely. All wide set options are for narrow eyes, all round eye options are for big/upturned/close set eyes.

>Because of my fat distribution my flesh feels very different in my upper and lower body, so all flesh questions have either no answer or are all over the place.

>The waistline question jumps from "slightly defined" to "very small" with no in-between, normal, defined waistline. Like ???.

There were other things too but i can't remember right now.

No. 122005

>My eyes are VERY round, droopy, small, and slightly widely spaced. No option fits this, not even vaguely. All wide set options are for narrow eyes, all round eye options are for big/upturned/close set eyes.
Yeah I see your problem here. I would opt for answer D in this case.

>Because of my fat distribution my flesh feels very different in my upper and lower body, so all flesh questions have either no answer or are all over the place.

There is just one question of your overall body shape and the other questions are more specific. I would leave this question out and at the end of the test I would estimate the significance of this particular answer. You can post your answers here and we'll take a look.

>The waistline question jumps from "slightly defined" to "very small" with no in-between, normal, defined waistline. Like ???.

This is answer C. Balanced and normal.

No. 122012


Thank you to you both! Now to find some casual outfit examples that aren't dated…

No. 122073

What vid is this?

No. 122081

No. 122104

Overall Bone Structure: BBBC
Flesh on Body: BBBBD
Facial Features: EEBACBB

A - 1
B - 10
C - 2
D - 1
E - 2

I feel like I'm definitely more of a Soft Natural than just straight Natural since my hips are full but not hourglass full and I have some boobs – but not much – and my facial features aren't sharply angular, nor are they extremely soft and round. My upper arms and thighs are soft despite my always having been thin. My overall face shape is slightly long but not horsey; hands and feet are just moderate, if slightly wide.
I've always looked best in longer, flowy tops / coats over fitted bottoms; dresses that are fitted at the waist but still flowy and end either at my knee or mid-calf flatter my shape the best.

No. 122106

Samefag but I should've mentioned I'm 5'3" since height seems to come into play as well.

No. 122120

Are you sure you answered the questions correctly? What you're describing and what your answers say are different.

No. 122130

that's a good question — taking the quiz when sleep deprived at 2 am probably wasn't the smartest move. i think i'll retake it sometime this afternoon and report back.

No. 122151

Could somebody help me determine what I am? I'm 5'6 if that helps
Vertical line B
Hands feet A
Shoulders D
Arms legs A

Body flesh:
Shape of body D
Bustline E
Waistline E
Hipline D
Arms thighs E

Facial bones:
Jawline E
Nose C
Cheekbones D

Facial flesh:
Eyes B
Lips D
Flesh on cheekbones E

No. 122162

Theatrical Romantic

No. 122170

I have nothing to contribute but a compliment, I found out about Kibbe and the seasonal color analysis through LC and both have helped my style a lot. I was never big on fashion to begin with but now I at least know how to make solid choices.

The only testing insecurity I have is that I'm a 5'6 gamine – many say it's impossible to be a gamine above 5'5. I know myself and my clothing fit well enough to override that rule, though

No. 122185

5'6 isn't too bad. it also depends if you have a shorter profile or not. the "rule" is more for girls who are way above average height.

No. 122192

File: 1566786616913.png (167.98 KB, 1106x942, Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.2…)

I literally have no idea where I fall on the scale.
I don't have the patience to pause the YouTube video every 5 seconds and go back to examples I may have missed, so I took this quiz: https://cozyrebekah.com/2019/04/12/kibbe-body-type-test/

I am 5'3" for reference.

No. 122200

Ugh that's difficult. I would say SG since you have some contrast (5 yang - 3 balanced - 6 yin) leaning more towards soft. If someone has another interpretation than post it here please.

No. 122852

This might be a dumb question, but can one be a gamine type without having a large head?
I’m not tall (rather short actually) but my head isn’t big which means I have a medium/slightly longer vertical line. My test answers come back for gamine/flamboyant gamine.

No. 122855

>My test answers come back for gamine/flamboyant gamine
Seems right to me. FG are taller/have a longer vertical line than G or SG.

No. 122878

According to this:
My bone structure is soft classic
Body flesh is theatrical romantic
and my face is theatrical romantic

my chest is just so.. weird? my shoulders and chest aren't wide or anything but the go up really high if that makes sense, it makes my neck look short and I have that weird armpit fat pocket despite being fairly slim, anyone else have this problem?

No. 122929

I read somewhere that you have to dress for your face when your body and face don't match in kibbe category.

No. 122973

Is it okay to compromise on one key element for your kibbe type if you stick to the other key elements?

No. 123784

yes. for example, if you are a soft gamine and say you don't like waist emphasis, you don't need to wear it as long as you stick to enough SG key elements like a high/contrasting neckline, fitted cuffs, small details and so on. You don't need to wear 100% of the recommendations all the time to look good, I'd say.

No. 123961

File: 1569191351438.jpg (24.22 KB, 131x554, IMG_1139.jpg)

Trying to figure out my type. I have big tits and a very defined waist but I'm 5'7 with broad shoulders and short arms. I'm leaning towards soft dramatic.

No. 123970

Soft dramatics look tall and they have long limbs. You look softer plus your limbs are shorter. By just looking at your picture I would say that you're probably a Romantic/Theatrical Romantic/Soft Natural. I am not sure since I don't see your shoulders and face. Your waist isn't very defined btw, it's moderate to your hips.

No. 123974

Anon you have an amazing body.

No. 124009

Seconding. I'm a little jelly.

>broad shoulders

Hahahahah, no. That's me. Might drop a pic later.

No. 124034

You probably won't see this, but for any anons who have answers that are hard to interpret, try having your mom or a female friend take it for you.

You look like a soft or flamboyant natural to me. I don't see soft dramatic or romantic at all.

No. 124036

No way she's Flamboyant Natural. FN are yang dominant, squarish, angular, tendency to muscular, long limbs. I see none of that.

Stunning body anon, damn.

No. 124161

File: 1569467351862.jpg (940.17 KB, 1536x2363, o-WONDER-WOMAN-facebook.jpg)

I was definitely leaning towards SN out of the two, but FN can have curves. Look at Lynda Carter. Her bones look blunt and wide to me and she seems like someone who would build muscle really easily if she wanted to.

No. 124179

FNs look tall and have long legs and arms whereas >>123961 has shorter limbs and looks way smaller and softer. This anon >>124036 is 100% right. FN has more Yang than Yin. Stop spreading bs.

No. 124199

File: 1569536312591.png (1.2 MB, 440x950, front.png)

Dropped pic.

What do you guys think I am? I have an unfortunate body. I don't know how to dress for it, or the diet I should be eating to have a more flattering figure.

pulled back t shirt with rolled sleeves n' pajama workout shorts bc I don't own any clothes other than pants and sweaters

No. 124202

How tall are you? I am guessing 5'5 -5'6. In my opinion you have a little bit more yang tahn yin but you're overall very balanced. If your face is also balanced, then I would guess Dramatic Classic.

No. 124204

Thanks for your opinion, anon. I'm 5'3. I look like a bootleg Grace Kelly. >>119181

I don't think it's allowed, but if it is, I'd post a pic of my face.

No. 124206

Please never post a photo of your face or identifiable part on any kind of image board anon

No. 124207

I'd just link to it on a host site like imgur and delete the pic after a while. I've posted my face on 4chan before.

No. 124220

Well, now that’s just plain retarded. You do you tho.

No. 124222

>don't add anything constructive
typical farmer

No. 124226

to be safe you really shouldn't do that

if you insist on getting your type determined on the internet by random kibbe, post your face on the seasonal color tapatalk. Personally I think you might be better off by getting some help in determining your type from a friend or sister or something, or going to the stores and trying on different types of kibbe clothing. Any help you're getting online is from enthusiasts who don't nessercarily know more than you do

No. 124234

>to be safe you really shouldn't do that
I don't post my face anywhere else on the internet; people would be damned to try to find me and dox me elsewhere. I don't post my face on threads where I've given any personal information. It's usually on /soc/ or cosplay threads where I drop a pic with a one sentence caption, and leave.

>a friend or sister or something

I'm an only child and social isolate. Even if I wasn't, I don't think someone would watch a half hour of Kibbe body types on YouTube to determine mine for me. I'm on a thread dedicated to it, it's less of a pain.

>Any help you're getting online is from enthusiasts who don't necessarily know more than you do

These people don't know me, so they're going to have an unbiased view, usually. They'll better at it than me trying to determine it myself, because I see myself differently than others do.

No. 124255

File: 1569614236107.jpg (284.94 KB, 1022x1023, P0.jpg)

I have this dress and it's probably my #1 clothing item that looks best on me. Thoughts on what kibbe type this dress could "belong" to?

No. 124268


Imo this dress has some contrasting elements. Some are from the Gamine family, the others are from yang types like Dramatic or Natural

Gamine family elements
>cuffed at the wrists
>high neckline
>waist definition
>heavy print on contrasting flowing fabric

>long unbroken silhouette
>no color blocks
>loose tailoring

Which part of the dress do you think flatters you? Its long lines and relaxed fabric or that it frames you with the waist emphasis, buttons and cuffs? If it's the first I would say Soft Natural, if it's the second I would say Soft Gamine.

No. 124289

Can classics have long arms, hands and feet? I honestly don't know what the hell am I.
I'm between flamboyant gamine or classic but body dysmorphia and weight fluctuations makes it pretty hard

No. 124291

I think Dramatic Classics can have some A answers in their skeleton, as long as Cs are still in the majority.

You're a gamine if you have extremes of yin and yang, with few or no C answers. If your skeleton and flesh are all mixed and C answers are not in the majority, you can't be a classic.

I'd recommend trying on clothing recommendations, since DC and FG lines are pretty different.

No. 124307

File: 1569722800998.jpeg (291.92 KB, 1280x1920, 70E0100E-59BD-4CC6-A66C-25B744…)

I think I resemble Phoebe Waller-Bridge a lot (unfortunately)

Would you say she’s a Dramatic?

No. 124316

It's definitely the long lines and relaxed fabric. The neckline I wear buttoned down because I feel it looks "constricted" otherwise.

I've done some more research and I definitely think I'm a natural type now! This helped a lot, thanks for taking the time to analyze it for me!

No. 124323

Can you change kibbe categories by losing/gaining weight or muscle?

No. 124325

No, you stay forever in one category - no matter your weight or muscle mass, if you're an adult. But if you're teeanger you can be at first a Gamine and after puberty a Classic for example.

No. 124326

You're most likely a Dramatic Classic since they appear a little bit taller than C or SC. Although you're small (5'3), you still have a tall vertical line. If your face looks like Grace Kelly, who is a pure Classic, then this will also push you into the DC/C category.

No. 124349

Thanks, everyone! I'm definitely a soft natural, which wasn't something I had even considered before. I was stuck on the fact that (probably since I'm a light-skinned Mexican) I get a lot of comparisons to Selma Hayek and Sofia Vergara, so I thought I could only be in the TR or SD category.

No. 124365

File: 1569783090778.jpg (86.59 KB, 587x729, faRPwID.jpg)

What type would you say Mia Khalifa is? I wanna know bc my face looks quite a bit like hers and so does my body but my hips are a bit wider.

No. 124378

Why is every body type thread filled with humblebraggers

No. 124418

I think she's in the romantic category

No. 124419

Inscure people are less likely to talk about their body I suppose.

No. 124421

File: 1569864251339.jpg (83.48 KB, 960x960, mia-khalifa-10.jpg)

Her shoulders are wide and her face is quite yang. She looks strange with romantic clothes. Her fake breasts make it harder to determine her type just as Kim Kardashian. Both are Soft Naturals btw and they really try to look softer with their plastic curves but they can't change that skeleton.

No. 124422

File: 1569864319912.png (668.5 KB, 900x1317, 280531e5ab7f5a88856c4ce7ef9c7d…)

No. 124424

oops sorry.

I have to wonder though, can Kim K even be categorized considering how botched her body is?

No. 124427

does anyone else have this weird combo with the face that doesnt match the body? i have this. it looks so weird. does that change your kibbe type?

No. 124433

Good question. Aly has made a video about Kim and how plastic surgery impacts your type. Kim is naturally a Soft Natural but wanted to look glamorous like a Romantic/Theatrical Romantic and that's why she got surgery. She looks great in Soft Natural styling and clothes but since she botched herself, nothing really looks right on her anymore.

Yes some women have the same problem. According to Kibbe the body is more important. Mia wears a wrong line though and therefore she looks quite strange here >>124422
She looks good here >>124365 because she's posing in a certain way that we assume she has a romantic body type. I would love to see that outfit without photoshop and posing honestly.

No. 124434

Eh people react to insecurity in different ways. Some avoid body stuff all together some come to lolcow and insist they look like "porn stars but better"

No. 124435

File: 1569893550698.jpeg (4.01 KB, 120x120, download.jpeg)

A lot of this discussion including the op chart just seems like mumbo jumbo to me.
I don't have a nice body, but I also genuinely believe I'd get nothing out of this thread by staying around to try to define it by these strange descriptors and terms. Just another floater on /g/ for me.

No. 124438

File: 1569899370220.jpg (120.13 KB, 601x452, Kim Kardashian in the image 1.…)

Just try it. We are here to help you. Now I sound like a guru kek

No. 124444

Damn, never realized how huge Kim's shoulders are.

No. 124448

File: 1569922733312.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1400x1816, Kim_K_2007.jpg)


Here are some photos of Kim from 2007, looks like she is mostly pre-PS

No. 124471

Did Aly Art put herself amongst celebs in threadpic? lmfao

No. 124473

File: 1569959239476.png (1.33 MB, 1344x756, Merriam.png)

I love Merriam's content but she is frumpy (especially for a stylist). Is this really Soft Gamine?

No. 124486

I barely understand kibbe but even an idiot like me can tell she is not a gamine

No. 124496

if kibbe is so foolproof why does every kibbe guru recommended on this thread look so drab and boring? >>124473 and and aly art are just normal women to me, i would never peg them as fashion/style experts experts on first glance.

No. 124504

Because these women always struggled with fashion anyway with or without Kibbe. They thought if they will be fashion gurus and learn everything from Kibbe then they will be style queens. They just have no talent or the eye to see certain forms and colors and how they really affect someone's type. We already discussed a little bit here >>121711 here >>121892 and here >>121775 and all three fashion gurus think that they are Soft Gamines kek. I also wouldn't take any style advice from them.

No. 124516

What do you think which Kibbe type she is?

No. 124528


My bet is on soft natural

No. 124534

I'm the anon who made the post. I honestly don't know. She just looks sharp and yang to me. I don't see where the softness would come from.

No. 124536

But even Kibbe himself looks like a dweeb and seems to have poor taste in fashion. I don’t think it’s a matter of women just using the system wrong.

No. 124538

Outside of the Kibbe system there are some universal rules like if you have wide shoulder, don't emphasize them but make em appear softer with falling silhouettes like oversized pullovers. He just categorized bodies and applied certain rules which already existed. I think his system is legit but he has no taste indeed. He's stuck in the 80s and it's horrible to look at his styling tips for women.

No. 124539

If I only look at Merriams body and not her face, then I feel like I look at a Dramatic Classic. She looks very balanced but has a bit of yang in her. Her shoulders aren't too wide or soft, her hips and waistline seem also moderate. Gamines consists of high contrast which she doesn't have in her body.

Now her face is mostly yang. There is no softness except for the eyes which are big but this doesn't qualify her for the Gamine category. Her face is Dramatic imo.

If I look at the two pictures on the right, then imo she looks better with the blazer which gives her more yang and sharpness. She looks like a grandmother with soft clothes.

Imo she's probably a Dramatic Classic although her face isn't so balanced. I can't imagine her wearing clothes a la Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton. Maybe she should try pure Dramatic lines though because she looks kind of boring and frumpy.

No. 124546

it looks like she uses white pencil on her waterline and forces her eyes open

wannabe gamine

No. 124568

hey im confused about my results. i'm 5'7", overweight, 36 inch chest, 28 inch waist, 40 inch hips. but i have hip dips and some angularity to my body? a weird ass mix of a face too.

results (aly art's video):

bone structure: 1B, 2C, 3C, 4B

body type: 5D, 6D, 7E, 8D

flesh: 9E

face: 10B, 11B, 12B, 13C, 14D

flesh of cheekbones: 15C

hair: 16A

overall: 1A, 5B, 4C, 4D, 2E

sorry for the ramble but i am confused. i could see myself as a flamboyant gamine, dramatic classic, or even soft natural? any suggestions?

No. 124580

Soft natural for sure! (B-Dominance in skeleton and facial bones, with yin flesh). But since I can’t see your body, maybe try the type’s clothing recommendations and see which look best on you. If you’re a soft natural, flamboyant gamine will look quite separate from you.

Judging from your answers, I’m pretty sure you’re neither DC nor FG, as you have no sharpness, but bluntness in your body.

No. 124582

I took the test twice. First time leaned more towaards flamboyant gamine due to having primarily e's and b's as a close second.

These were the results for the second time:

Vertical line: e
Shoulders: b
arms & legs: b
hand & feet c
overall body shape: b
bustline: b
Waist: b
Flesh on upper body: e
Jawline flesh: e
Nose flesh: b
Cheekbones: e
shape of eyes: c
lips: d
flesh cheekbones: e
Hair: b

I can't believe I got soft natural this time around. A part of me feels it doesn't fully fit as my hips are on the slimmer side and my shoulders could possibly be a bit too broad to fit. The description of soft natural does sound like it could fit me to some extent though since I do have a yang type skeleton, yin face and have quite a bit of flesh on me despite being 101 lbs at 5ft 1.

No. 124593

File: 1570102009511.png (230.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20191003-132356.png)

Holy fucking shit, what kind of phrenology-like borferline-eugenics madness is this thread?

Are you the same women that object to men rating us on a scale from 1-10? Because this is far far worse.

No. 124594

lmao shut up pearl-clutcher you're missing the whole point

No. 124596

>shut up
Shutting me up
>you're missing the whole point
Calling me ignorant

Wow, I've never seen such a condensed attempt at shaming before.

No. 124600

Nah it's just farmers here who rather say insulting one-liners instead of actual arguments

Anyway I agree. This is some r/trurateme shit. I don't see why attractive people can't just be attractive and people have to play crazy mind games for something as petty as looks

No. 124603

Wtf you talking about? It doesn't say anything about your personality or attractiveness, it's about dressing for your bodytype. Did you even made an effort to understand what was this thread about? Aka shape balance rather than actual beauty? Go learn some arts.

No. 124606

Just let them be told how to dress by a gaudy scrot from the 80s in peace anon they will look like shit anyway

No. 124610

If you don't agree with the Kibbe system you're very welcome to leave this thread or present your opinion substantianed with arguments.

But >>124593 is just about on the same level as >>124594 and are both equally useless

No. 124611

On Reddit truerateme you must rate people from 1 to 10. It's simply superficial and about attentiveness.
This here is Kibbe. All types are beautiful and no one is rating anyone here, just saying what bodyshape they have like apple, hourglass and so on except in this case we have 13 body types. Some women need help in order to know which line fit them the best.

Everyone here who thinks we are rating people's attractiveness is either a man or just dumb.

No. 124617

Quick and condensed shaming is all your post deserved since you obviously made no attempt to understand what this thread is about and just opened a quick reply to be annoying. The entire point of the Kibbe system is to NOT judge, rate or compare which bodies are better than others since all of them have unique features and beauty. It's about being the best version of yourself and also helps train your practical perception of aesthetics like understanding visual weight, harmony and interaction of elements - skills useful and applicable to other creative areas of life.

If this is enough for you, you along with >>124600 and >>124606 can go back to the ruined radfem Pink Pill thread and project your deep seated issues with beauty and appearance over there where it's warranted.

No. 124619

…You really think figuring out which types of clothing looks good on us is comparable, and even /worse/ than men rating women's looks using numbers?

No. 124805

So I took the test and got this:

but I'm 5'9" and an extreme pear shape with no titties so I feel like romantic isn't necessarily what people picture when they look at me. Also I look like a tank in a frilly dress. What am I doing wrong?

No. 124821

It’s all about the bones. What are the answers for your bone structure, including facial bones, shoulders, vertical line etc.?
What answers did you get for the flesh categories?

No. 124826

On the body part I got all Es except vertical line (b), arm and leg length (c) and boobs (a)
On the face part I got Mostly Ds except cheekbones (b) and hair (a). I also had my friend fill it out while looking at me to control for bias and the answers were similar (she put my eyes at e and my boobs at b but the others were the same)

No. 124831

I think you might be a Theatrical Romantic! Don’t worry about the stereotypes anon, not all romantics are busty or have a large head, and if you don’t like frills on you, that’s fine. There are many other Romantic elements like waist emphasis or glamorous hair that will probably look amazing on you.

No. 124845

Based on this, I think SD. Yang bones and yin flesh. You could also try looking at the celebrities in each category and seeing where you feel you belong.

No. 124863

How is she an sd if she only has 2 a answers and a majority of yin answers? Asking because i'm an sd and all of my bone answers are a, and the same amount of flesh answers split evenly between d and e.

I think that anon is definitely one of the yin leaning types, but i don't know a lot about the differences between those types.

No. 124871

SD has mostly A answers and few D/E answers. This anon >>124831 is right with her tipping. She >>124805 is definitely a TR because she has mostly D/E answers and few A answers.

If your answers are evenly split between yin (D/E) and yang (A/B), then you have a high contrast which means you're most likely a gamine. Can't be sure 100% without your answers.

No. 124872

Are you sure you're looking at how your flesh hangs on your bones and not confusing it with body fat?

No. 124873

Dumb question, but how can you differentiate it?
Ntayrt but I can't determine my type since I'm a bit overweight

No. 124874

i made that post: >>124863
i checked my answers again and there were 7 As and 6 D/Es and the rest Cs. So yeah, they're not split equally, there's a slight A majority.

i also love flamboyant gamine clothes but i look like an old woman dressed in toddler clothes when i wear them. there's really no way i'm a gamine lol

No. 124875

File: 1570543822759.png (7.47 KB, 419x86, trheight.png)

Kibbe himself said you can't be over tall and a TR. The tallest official TR is 5'7", and Kibbe said he thinks she isn't actually even that tall.

No. 124876

My ansers were 9C, 2B, 2A, 3D and no E's.
So, classic obviously, altough I feel between DC and pure C.
I was thinking I could be N before, but don't think I am "heavy" enough. I have wider shoulders than hips, but my chest is proportional to my hips, and even if I feel insecure about having big shoulders people often say they don't notice them straight obviously when looking at me.
Tbh, Kibbe for me is better when I think of the 5 basic types, the inbetween ones difficult it all, specially when you first hear of it.
So my tip is to first analyze what you're not according to the descriptions of the main types.

No. 124881

So you probably have like 3C and 3D and 3E (6D/E) - 7A which isn't really qualifying a a Gamine indeed. SD is the right choice for sure.

Height is relative for Kibbe. There are for examples Gamines who are 5'7 (Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bardot, both are Kibbe confirmed) and taller 5'10 (Zendaya) although Kibbe states that Gamines can't be 5'6 and taller. Women are getting taller and taller plus it's more about the vertical line. We should ask anon >>124805 how tall she appears. Do people think she's smaller or taller than her actual height?

No. 124882

> Women are getting taller
meaning women are getting more yang dominant

Height in kibbe is relative to some extent, but that doesn't mean that someone who's significantly taller or shorter than X type (Like Zendaya) can still be that type.

No. 124884

Yeah, Zendaya is more of an exception. I have the feeling that a lot of farmers here want to be Gamine so badly although they are pretty tall. Tall Romantics and Gamines are very rare and the likelihood to be a one of these exceptions isn't really given. There's a very small possibility though that anon is a tall TR instead of SD.

No. 124889

ot but I honestly don't see the appeal in gamine, they look so kid-ish it almost looks wrong. If I could choose my kibbe type it'd be a romantic for being very feminine or a classic for being perfectly in proportion or maybe one of the tallest types just for the sake of being tall.

No. 124891

Why I always read this? Why would someone choose deliberately to be small? There is nothing more beautiful and striking than a tall person, even more a woman lmao. I would kill to be 170 at least instead of being like everyone else around me

No. 124892

> Why would someone choose deliberately to be small?

i almost trooned out because of my body. i hate standing out. i don't wanna be the tall sexy woman, especially as a software engineer. my looks don't match my personality at all. i wouldn't mind being just tall honestly, i just don't wanna be tall and sexy.

can't wait to get a breast reduction tbh

No. 124895

File: 1570564669668.jpg (22.23 KB, 640x360, 3028721.jpg-r_640_360-f_jpg-q_…)

Soft Gamine here, i think the wannabe gamine-ism is so funny, because i always wanted to be a dramatic or classic, if i could i would look just like kaya scodelario.

Gamines most of the time will look childish and dweeby, its hard to actually look nice.
Even hard to pull off chic or edgy styles without looking like a teen.

No. 124897

i'm a pure romantic and have always wanted to look like kaya lol

No. 124898

Lots of farmers are pressured into looking youthful and petite forever, but it soon lose its charm when they realize you can't stay a lolita child forever and that most gamines are at risk of growing old worse than taller types.

No. 124899

Kibbe has said elsewhere that he thinks all celebrities exagerate their height. So in his opinion if a celeb says she's 5'7 she's probably about 5'5.
If you don't identify with SD you could check out FN (since a lot of people confuse bluntness with softness, I've heard of FNs thinking they're more yin than they are) or FG again (since a lot of people have a really inaccurate idea of FG and just go super twee)

No. 124901

I don't get the obsession with gamine as if gamine is the only type that can age good. The Romantic types also have features that age good but yet no one wants to be a romantic and rather would have childish/lolita features than womanly features. I'm assuming this is the influence of anime and porn?

No. 124902

Many anons want to be smol for some reason. Maybe anime influence, maybe obsession with weight in general.

No. 124904

>childish/lolita features

lol gamine isn't childlike, just short.
girls want to be SG becuase SG are soft smol beans with heart shaped faces.

No. 124910

Technically, being shorter will make you gain weight worse, 5kgs show different on a small frame than on a tall one.

Most "trending" weeb style suit gamines more, so yeah, probably anime influence.

No. 124914

I … think so? I was at like 110 lbs in high school and I seem to have the type of body type that never gains weight in the torso and never loses it in the limbs. even at that weight my thighs still touched and my arms were still chubby… does that count as flesh then?

I put my vertical line as B, nobody has ever accused me of looking shorter than I am lol.

No. 124955

I'm pretty sure flesh isn't about where or how much you do(n't) gain weight, but how tight ('taut') the skin's around the bones. Check the thread's image, the skin of the women on the left (yin) is very full, not at all tight, the bones don't show up underneath the skin. The more it progresses to the right (yang) the more tight the skin sits around the bones; cheekbones, jawline, nose, muscles around the mouth become more pronounced, you can visibly see them sit underneath the skin.

If I'm wrong, by all means correct me, but this is how I understand what kibbe means by flesh

No. 124969

I'm a romantic with a heart shaped face and prominent cheekbones and a short height. Im just saying its possible for romantic type too except romantic is more sensual so idgi

No. 125073

How common is it to not have a matching body and face? I think mine don't match but if it's rare for the body and face not to match I'm probably wrong lol

No. 125089

Oh geez, I'm literally the stereotype of a Romantic. I wish I was a gamine a lot of the time because I want to be cute and I hate the way men treat me

No. 125096

Wow this totally made that concept click for me, thanks anon

No. 125269

I'm this anon >>124289 I finally realized I'm a flamboyant gamine after seeing some Lady Gaga's photos, even tho she is so small and I'm 1.65 cm (5'5)
I had a hard time accepting it and i'm still kinda sad about it. I just wanted to be an elegant classic.

No. 125295


If it makes you feel any better, men will treat you like garbage regardless of body type.

I think I'm a classic…

No. 125354

I think I am confused please help me anons

>a 3

>b 2
>c 3
>d 4
>e 4

I'm trying to figure out my type but it's weird because I've gained some weight I'm hoping to lose soon. I'm 1.69m in height, 61 kilos in weight. my hips and thighs are giant, my upper arms fleshy, my lower legs stick thin. I used to be underweight (it was my normal) and my lower legs looked always weirdly skinny. I also have a short torso and long legs and arms. Arms so long that buying clothing is usually very annoying because while I'm mostly European medium-size, the arms on that size always run small.

I thought I was TR but I think they have shorter arms and legs? pls help me anons

No. 125355

forgot the most confusing part: I've always had a small waist, it like dips in pretty much, but I have a belly? like from head on I'm hourglass-shaped but from the side I have quite a bit of belly fat.

No. 125400

If you can have someone else do the test for you, because it sounds like you're super confused and possibly aren't analyzing yourself well. Or post a picture here or on that tapatalk group so others can help you.

No. 125405

>TRs have shorter arms and legs

Not necessarily, TRs can get their sharpness from anywhere in the skeleton. Many have long arms and legs. Pure romantics can’t have long arms and legs, because it’s a yang characteristic and their skeleton is all yin.

No. 125429

this test is kinda dumb when you look at fashion models. they should all be gamines but they're liks 6 ft tall lmao

No. 125433

gamines have big heads in comparison to their bodies, how do tall models have that? Most models are (flamboyant) natural

No. 125442

Is it possible to be theatrical romantic and have a large head?

No. 125461

Yes. The thing is no one is a pure type because we are all individuals and some deviations are normal.

No. 125463

Of course. A large head is a yin characteristic, anyway (because it creates a short vertical line). Salma Hayek is a TR and her head is large.

No. 125489

>young-looking cuteish face
>developed, tall body
Fuck, I hate how mismatched I look, and I can't even find my type, I always get classic, but I'm taller than classic type (5'8). If I pick clothes to match my face type I look weird because of my body, and when I dress very "classy" I look so, so awkward.

No. 125502

5'8 isn't too tall for a classic. Keep in mind that women get taller and taller. Also you're probably a soft classic if you're having a cute soft face. Look at Leighton Meester or Jessica Alba. Both have cute faces but they are soft classics. You need to go for balanced cuts with a soft touch. Maybe add some gamine or romantic elements in your classic style

No. 125546

I have this issue although I'm not as tall (5'6").
What that anon says sounds about right. I find myself having to balance mature styles with cute elements, but if I go too far one way I look either too old or too young lmao.

For example I like wearing cuter shoes like oxfords instead of heels. Or I buy dress pants and skirts with button embellishments. Or just something like a peter pan collar on a blouse, or one small bow on some flats.

No. 125874

File: 1571808850561.jpg (91.16 KB, 736x736, e832aca4c9b698f144c8c7ded55a43…)

I'm a dramatic classic.
I like edgier type of clothing and look very well in gamine-esque type clothing as long as it is clean cut. The more makeup I put on, the shittier I look. Too much jewelry or big pieces definitely look wierd on me. I look more put together with hair that is cleaned up or somewhat elegant styles or simple pretty styles.
Pretty much, imo, as long as it looks clean cut (less is more or simplified is more most of the time) I'm good.
In the end, I'm just a subtype of classic so as long as I don't stray from that I'm pretty okay.
Before I took the test I thought I'd be a flamboyant gamine for sure if not a soft gamine. It has made me realize I look more…"refined" or like a little lady or some kind of adult child compared to gamine. I dress how I want though.

If anybody cares and wants, I can post a collage of some outfits that work and don't work for me.

No. 125876

do it! I'm not a DC myself but I'm interested in seeing a more youthful take (assuming you're not middle aged given you're on an image board) on kibbe in general.

No. 125883

File: 1571815749828.jpg (Spoiler Image,645.85 KB, 589x2027, pt2019_10_22_22_30_38_mh157180…)

For sure.
I mainly wanted to know my Kibbe thing so I can experiment more. It's fun figuring why certain things work or not. I hope everyone just has fun and doesn't take this stuff toooo seriously or becomes frustrated.
Obviously, I don't take it serious where I'm matching all the office clothing under dramatic classic on pinterest. That's just not for me.
I like dressing up and am always experimenting and open to suggestions. Even though my makeup is better on the simple side, I still play with that too.
These are just some clearer photos of this spring/summer where you can see most of the outfits. I desaturated and spoilered the collage just to help keep it on the down low. I'll kind of run through them with my opinion (left-right, top-bottom):

1. It's hard to see, but it's a collared dress in a sheer material. The collar is sharp with some very small studs. The top part looks great on me and helps make my face look nice. If the fabric was heavier and more fitted, it would work better. No loud shoes or socks. Overall a pass.
2. The stripes of the top clash with me and the velvet and mesh material is too soft for me. The neckline is the saving grace. If the outfit gets louder, it won't work. Only extremely simple accessories work and clean, simple makeup.
3. I can pass in this type of gamine dress, but the print doesn't particularly do much for me. The collar is round and would look better if sharp (but round Peter Pan collars are my weakness). Again, I can't let this get louder as the print is already enough as are the rounded sleeves. Would be better tailored.
4-5. Simple and sweet with more solid material that hugs my body without being overly sensual really works. Like this, I can add makeup or accessories that don't surpass my essence, but can be a little more bold.
6. The skirt's line is too long for me. It is too loud. The simple cut works. The top is fitted, the collar is higher, the material is solid. This top always works for me dressed up or down. The heaviness of the fabric in this outfit supports my bone structure.
7. Too yin for my yang. The heaviness of the fabrics and simplicity saves me.
8. It is simple and clean. I like to wear a bra that has bows that peak out through the straps of this top. That is already too much if not enough on top. The material is heavy and supports my bone structure. The shoes are patent leather, pretty loud.
9. I'm wearing a collared shirt under the sweater. I think it is a gamine/classic look. I pass well with this look. The skirt print is pretty animated. I can't let this get louder. For example, no printed stockings would work for me with this or flamboyant jewelry. It would have to be very subtle.
10-12. Doesn't work for me. 10 is too flowy, unconstructed, loud, and long. Its so bad jfc. 11 I can get away with by trying to give the illusion of tailoring with folds and tucks, but its too much. I still wear this outfit though because I enjoy it. 12 suddenly makes my yang show in a not so flattering way so I'm very careful with this dress and what I add on. I like it, but it isn't my best look either.
13. I can pass with the neckline, the simplicity, and yang-supporting heaviness of the fabric, but it is too unconstructed for me to positively stand out.
14. I can get away with the same as I can with 11, but moreso because it is much more toned down and simple. Very casual and decent. My makeup can be clean and bolder.
15. Doesn't quite work. The thigh high socks with that skirt seem too much. Shorter socks would be better next time. Also, that shirt is actually not fitted and kind of kills the look too.

So yeah, no trenchcoat in my closet. Just nice, plain coats. I don't own a pencil skirt either.

Can anybody help with more dramatic classic hair by the way-like very long styles? I've just been looking at Demi Moore (she seems like an older, more yangy me).

No. 125884

Am I a Soft Classic or am I too unbalanced?

>A: 1

>B: 4
>C: 4
>D: 4
>E: 3

Skeleton: 5'8", broad shoulders, longish limbs, wide but defined waist, wide hips, long hands and feet

Flesh: average flesh on limbs, vaguely hourglass figure (38-30-41)

Face: wide cheekbones, rounded nose, rounded almond eyes, rounded jaw, moderate nose and lips, soft cheeks. I actually look a lot like the Romantic example in the OP pic except with a smaller chin and wider cheekbones.

The women on my dad's side of the family are all Romantics, but the women on my mother's side are all Naturals, and I've seemingly inherited a random mix from either side. Help would be appreciated!

No. 125890

Who the fuck is Kibbe?

No. 125901

From what you have described, you 100% sound like a Soft Natural!

No. 125902

5 and 6 are my favourites on you! (interestingly enough I'm normally not fond of thigh highs for the risk of looking weeby but you can pull them off well!)

No. 125904

sorry for reviving a dead post put omg, I'm a dramatic classic and "cute & romantic" was my worst fashion phase. I never understood why I looked so… weird. this comparison sums it up perfectly.

the test only confirmed what I knew about myself and my own wardrobe. thankfully, I learned very early to ask "would I like this on me" instead of "do I like this" and/or "do I like person x's look".

the fact that the test pretty much confirmed what I learned by carefully observing how fashion works for different people shows that it's pretty useful for people who don't have the right eye or don't want to invest a lot of time into figuring out aesthetics.

No. 125908

I tried two different tests, on the first (from OP's linked video) I got mostly Ds but she doesn't say what Ds mean? I also got 4 natural and 4 for romantic. but honestly some of them were just guesses even when I used pics of myself.

I got
A - 2
B - 4
C - 1
D - 5
E - 4

I got 5 Ds and 4 Es so….. theatrical romantic? or could I be flamboyant natural because I got 4 Bs and 2 As? but I could be a soft natural with my mostly Bs with several Ds (5!) and 4 Es.

the second test I got completely different results though

A - 1
B - 3
C - 5
D - 4
E - 1

Idk why there is such disparity in the number of Cs from test to test. I'm so confused!

all I know is I'm way more yin than yang

No. 125909

Thank you! I'll look into that.

No. 125912

could you help me too, please?
I got on one test
A - 2
B - 4
C - 1
D - 5
E - 4

and on another
A - 1
B - 3
C - 5
D - 4
E - 1

I'm 5'3, very broad shoulders, average limbs, small bust but wide, widish hips and smallish waist (smaller than bust and hips), with narrow/long hands and feet

I'm more soft and fleshy than average, round/softly wide I'd say

I think I have wide fleshy cheeks, rounded softly wide nose, closer together or evenly spaced eyes, moderate or even slightly rounded average fullness

I'm so confused tbh but I think I may be romantic, maybe theatrical romantic. any help much appreciated!

No. 125917

File: 1571859816332.jpg (1.05 MB, 3264x3264, xjQXUJF.jpg)

Not sure if it's confirmed, but D is basically a "sharper" yin. Kind of like B is a "soft" yang. Nonetheless, it's not really its own category. D answers are usually Theatrical Romantic elements.

You also sound like a Soft Natural to me, if your description is accurate! TRs won't have many B answers (since they have a Dramatic undercurrent, not a Natural), and on both tests you had quite a few.
If you are unsure, maybe try this: put your hair into a romantic hairstyle or try on romantic jewelry like on the images on the left (make sure everything is small, rounded and neat)
Soft natural hair and jewelry like on the right (more tousled, chunkier but still soft and slightly rounded).
Romantic lines will bring out your blunt angles if you're SN, and it'll be a bit too delicate for you. SN lines on a R are slightly overpowering.

No. 125926


What type of classic is this? Soft or dramatic?

No. 125957


No. 125958

thanks for the info, I'll give the styles a try!

No. 125974

File: 1571930256374.jpg (144.62 KB, 570x558, image.jpg)

I need help figuring out my type anons, I've done the quiz several times and it's always D-dominant with a mixture of other random things.

A - 2 (lip shape is on the thinner side, but very small and not straight, so this could be a C, and my hipline is straight and narrow with violin hips, but my thighs are big and my widest point so I didn't know what to put)

B - 2 (wide bustline/not overly full, strongly textured hair)

c - 3 (moderate length of limbs, symmetrical/even shoulders, moderate waistline)

d - 6 (look slightly smallish, delicate hands, delicate hourglass, soft and slightly chubby flesh on my thighs and upper arms, slightly rounded cheekbones, soft and fleshy cheeks)

e - 3 (rounded, delicate jawline, rounded/softly wide nose, very round and large eyes)

No. 125990

Either Soft Classic or Theatrical Romantic. You have both balanced and Yin elements in your bones. Try to see if you look boring in SC elements, TRs usually require more detail and Classics look best with less detail.

No. 126027

File: 1571979710518.gif (1.6 MB, 260x195, 1566757344985.gif)

Thanks anon! I was having trouble deciding on soft classic, theatrical romantic and soft gamine but I felt like soft gamine was always a bit too twee with too many random details and TR didn't match my overall appearance (I don't give off a "sexy" vibe at all and am not very voluptuous), too much detail and frills made me look like a fruitcake even on my own wedding, so SC is a possibility.

I also wear glasses and have shoulder-length hair, and one issue I have is that they always make me look kind of busy and frumpy. My hair is also naturally unruly and frizzes up easily which looks bad. That means I'm probably SC, no ?

Also one more question - are there any easy hairdos I could do for a SC? It feels like a death sentence because I'm naturally clumsy and frumpy and really don't know how to groom myself or pick jewellery so it makes sense that I never look good…

No. 126058

File: 1572030985663.jpg (3.71 MB, 4224x5632, IMG_20191025_144519.jpg)

my answers are all over the place, so maybe people who can't seem to find their type will find this helpful:

5'2" 105 lbs
bone structure - AAAAA
flesh - CACCA
facial features - DEDCED

i'm totally lost and would appreciate some help
i'm leaning towards gamine but i have a lot of moderate answers, i could be wrong though

No. 126059

File: 1572031075683.jpg (493.53 KB, 980x2212, IMG_20191025_151721.jpg)

here's a cropped photo, just realized the last one is distracting

No. 126061

File: 1572034038388.jpg (106.38 KB, 613x920, y6GEJ08.jpg)

No problem! If tousled and slightly messy hair looks really frumpy on you then you're probably a classic. Naturals can pull off that kind of hair and it won't even look messy on them.

I think Kate Middleton often wears great SC hairstyles, they're simple and neat. As for jewelry - make sure it's not too fussy, Classics look their best when their accessories are understated and not super chunky or delicate.

No. 126062

thanks for the input! i did notice i have a lot of classic responses for face and flesh but i have narrow and sharp bones so that's throwing me off

No. 126065

You're a gamine or soft gamine

No. 126066

girl, delete this! Don't show your real face on lolcow wtf

No. 126068

fr delete this before someone starts making fun of your fucked up fillers for the love of god this can’t be real

No. 126069

apparently it's too late to delete the post, ah well
also i dont have fillers i just look like that :(

No. 126070

Hey anon, I think you look super cute and striking and quite cool/different if it helps

No. 126071

thank u, ur sweet
first time on lolcow i feel like a fool

No. 126072

I see Flamboyant Gamine.

No. 126073

I don’t think you’re weird-looking at all! Your face is definitely very yin, and the outline/shape of your hair already suits you quite well, because it has some rounded shapes.

No. 126074

Try to report in order to get it removed. It's a kind of doxxing yourself which is against the rules of lolcow

No. 126075

thanks for the advice everyone
now i need to be brave enough to dress gamine

No. 126077

>now i need to be brave enough to dress gamine
Seeing as you felt the need to post multiple shots of yourself, that shouldn't be a problem at all. Also "I look so weird [sad emoji]" totally doesn't seem like fishing for compliments…
I hope to god that's really you and not just photos a troll stole from some poor girl.

No. 126079

sorry, didnt think i was coming across that way. i liked the thread and how brutally honest everyone is here so i thought it would be good to get to opinions here rather than reddit or a kibbe forum
it actually is me and im genuinely weird looking, someone even said i have botched face fillers. im not conventionally attractive and i know it and am cool with it, just makes this kibbe thing more confusing

No. 126085

it's ok anon. you need to understand that this isn't like reddit or a forum where everyone posts selfies as the norm. no one is allowed or encouraged to post selfies so anons thought you were seeking attention.

No. 126096

They're not gonna do it, always have to follow the rules for free.
t. requested my double posts to be deleted within the 30 min limit since i couldn't delete it myself

Anyways I don't see what the big deal is there was a baldy qt posting here/larping as her and now we got a qt asian posting who may or may not be a larp.

No. 126110

this is cringy, anon.

No. 126144

You can post a selfie. It's just extremely stupid to associate your identity with this site and allow people to nitpick your perfectly ok face.

No. 126148

File: 1572175194936.jpg (638.64 KB, 1070x2886, IMG_20191027_121418.jpg)

Anons I need help. Trying to glow up as I just turned 19.

Am I dramatic, FG, FN (maybe N?) I can't tell and some stuff from these categories look fine on me, but I can't tell when I look the best.

No. 126150

To add more details :

I have a super hard time answering the bone structure/body flesh part of the test.

My answers for face are : 3A 3E 1B

No. 126156

Vertical line B, maybe A (can’t see your head)
Shoulders are A
Arms & Legs A
Hands & Feet A
Shape A
Bust A (maybe c?)
Waist A
Hips C, I think?
Flesh A

I think you are a Dramatic, not a Natural because your bones are narrow and all Natural have wider bones. Where do your answers for your face come from? Which are for the bones category and which for the flesh?

No. 126159

Jawline : E
Eyes :E
Nose :E
Lips :A
Cheekbones (bone) :A
Cheekbones(flesh) :A
Hair : B but could have been E (very curly hair)

I am 5'5". I thought I was FG because of my face and too short for dramatic, but I did the test with a friend and she thinks I am natural but I don't see it too much.

No. 126160

File: 1572188554744.jpg (170.28 KB, 980x1517, DC.jpg)

In my opinion you look balanced but with a little bit more Yang. For example your hands are answer B and your waist and breasts are answer A which give you the Yang undercurrent. Your arms, legs and your whole body seem pretty balanced though. Naturals have more muscle mass than you have. Olivia Palermo's body reminds me of yours.

No. 126161

Oh I forgot to tell you the type: it's Dramatic Classic

No. 126378

Can you be flamboyant natural but not be muscular? I think I meet all the requirements for fn except for muscular. I'm chubby though (bmi 23ish) so I'm not sure if I just can't see it below the excess fat or really don't have that trait.

No. 126410

it might be that you're a soft natural
when you work out, do you gain a lot of definition easily?

No. 126418

I kind of ruled soft natural out because I'm a bit taller than sn (5'8) and my boobs are smaller than sn woman seem to have going by comparison pictures

No. 126419

samefag forgot to add, idk about the gaining muscle thing.

No. 126434

Definitely, in my opinion. I don't think any kind of Natural necessarily has to be muscular. It's just one single characteristic, anyway.

No. 126605

I am 5'1 idk what my Body type is please help me. Thank you so much. Here are my result

1. E
2. D
3. C
4. E

5. C
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. D

10. D
11. C
12. D
13. D
14. E
15. E
16. B


No. 126777

So, why's madonna a romantic? She's ugly as hell or am i not getting it?
none of those celebrity representations of the types are accurate imo

No. 126785

File: 1573033949481.jpg (92.8 KB, 700x700, Yard-Press-35-700x700 copy.jpg)

Is there a guide for short hair for the body types? I'm a (D)C. Got my hair cut 3 months ago (pic related) and I'm about to revisit my hairdresser. I think I intuitively picked the right style because I got lots of compliments from women and men (didn't expect the latter), but I'd still like some guidance.

All I could find was style advice for long hair.

No. 126788

what does beauty/ugliness have to do with kibbe?

No. 126789

I've never seen a guide specifically for short hair. For how niche kibbe is, I doubt there's any.

No. 126794

lmao you brainlet romantic doesn't mean pretty it means someone who is curvy and petite

No. 126800

So I'm reading this thread from the beginning and tinfoil but some of these posts in the beginning (I'm not far in) sound like Alyart
I love your channel girl

No. 126802

File: 1573057434110.jpg (30.34 KB, 300x400, how2.jpg)


Yeah I'm not seeing how Madonna is curvy
Her face is also made of a lot of harsh, wide turns instead of pillowy softness. Does kibbe think she looks like Debbie harry or something?

No. 126803

File: 1573057457385.jpg (26.55 KB, 500x765, how.jpg)

No. 126804

File: 1573057547726.jpg (103.55 KB, 640x1124, debbie-harry-on-stage-1970s-17…)

Debbie Harry for comparison (since they look pretty similar but two different types)

No. 126805

tried taking the test for fun and got sc. im not sure what this means really, like what kinda clothing would fit for me?

No. 126810

alyart has a whole range of video's on clothing for the types, check the comments for timestamps for SC

No. 126813

This shape is literally me and I don’t even know what my kibbe is but most people say that I have curves and an hourglass figure. So I guess romantic?

No. 126834

>gee why would the most feminine type be typically the prettiest
pls, stop insulting me and think before you post.
Madonna's masculine.

No. 126835

File: 1573085952276.jpg (40.1 KB, 497x750, madonna-young.jpg)

Kibbe has nothing to do with how beautiful you are. Every type is beautiful in fact in its own way.
And Madonna is definetely a Romantic because her features are very rounded, small and soft. You can see this especially when she was younger. Nowadays she's too muscular, too thin and she butched her face with plastic surgery. Her face looks harsh indeed and it doesn't suit her at all.

No. 126836

That's how a lot of celebrities are sadly. There's no in-between anymore, if you're thin you have to be super thin if you're curvy you have to be super curvy if you're muscular you have to be super muscular and so on. Everyone just wants the extreme look and nothing is flattering anymore

As for kibbe it does unnecessarily overcomplicate things and doesn't really help with finding flattering outfits because there's such a diverse range of body types and even if a few people are the same "type" not a lot of things will look good on them

No. 126838

5'3" and ~130 lbs
A 4
B 0
C 6
D 3
E 3

According to these results in very unnatural right? (Dramatic classic I think???)

No. 126853

So only hyper feminity is beautiful?

No. 126857

high yin =/= feminine beauty
most models and actresses are dramatics or naturalsp

No. 126859

you deserve to be insulted because you are a brainlet. romantic body type doesn't mean that someone is pretty automatically, deal with it retard.

No. 126864

Kibbe taught me to embrace my features instead of working against them. When I was younger, I tried to hide my yang influence behind cute feminine clothing, not realizing that the contrast highlighted my harsher features. I thought that wearing minimalist, classic clothes would make me look manly and old, but it's the exact opposite. It suits me.

Madonna changed her appearance to reflect the opposite of her natural type which makes her look kinda off.

No. 126891

File: 1573171784115.jpg (115.41 KB, 720x900, voa.jpg)

So, what's her type?
Somewhat joking, but also my body is very close so I'm wondering.

No. 126892

classic kek

No. 126901

kek anon, my sides

No. 126919

aren't her boobs too small to be classic? I mean they don't exactly seem in proportion with the rest of her body

No. 126922

Small boobs and tiny dicks are the true classic greek ideals.

No. 126926

I used to try and dress gamine when I'm a soft natural. Anyone as retarded as me?

No. 126937

>Anyone as retarded as me?
Yes, her name is Brittany Venti!

No. 126945

dam anon, that's a harsh (and true) dig

No. 127021

File: 1573377779523.jpg (103.18 KB, 864x1213, 6,w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg)

I noticed something very interesting lately: mostly Naturals tend to go under the knife to achieve a Romantic body type. Of course other types do it too but if I look at botched plastic surgeries, the amount of women who are SN,N,FN is overwhelming like Kim Kardashian, Mia Khalifa, Iggy Azalea, Katy Price, Kylie Jenner… There's also this Youtuber I forgot about and damn she looks busted with her 24 years. She made her breast, ass and face to look more curvy like Beyonce who is a Romantic. She looked so cute before ps and ugly mismatched styling

No. 127022

File: 1573377803074.jpg (60.5 KB, 720x720, e0eb7bd06c6abc15641fda62c3f88b…)


No. 127029

I bet that's because naturals are most average. And not average like perfectly balanced average like classics are. just average.. Every other type has something that makes them stand out (romantics are sexy, gamines look childlike etc), naturals are pretty much defined by the lack of something that stands out.

No offence I'm a natural myself but it's unfortunate.

No. 127031

but supposedly a lot of super models are naturals, so that should count for something, right?

No. 127038

Naturals can pull off gorgeous boho styles though, which can look really pretty, especially if you go with a forest elf kind of vibe.

I'm a soft classic and it's really annoying because nobody cares about soft classics and all the tips that exist are so vague. Like, the only thing people can agree on is that Marion Cotillard is one, the rest of the recommendations are always the same as soft gamine and too twee.

No. 127430

Ok insult me if you think this will lead to anywhere?? I am still of opinion that there are few ugly women who have ying features. Madonna used to look like such an angel.

No. 127483

nta but kibbe has nothing to do with beauty so why is this even a discussion?

No. 127602

Is Ariana Grande a Flamboyant Gamine that got surgery to become a soft gamine?

No. 127603

File: 1574057232835.jpg (58.08 KB, 500x333, arianagrandecollar.jpg)

I think she's an Ingenue Theatrical Romantic bc her natural face and body don't qualify for Gamine at all. Gamines can wear short hair very well, especially with a lot of contrast. Ariana looks best with long and natural/soft looking hair colors (balayage etcetera. She also has close set eyes which a lot TRs have. With all that plastic surgery she's pushing herself more into the SG category for sure. But she's still looking best with TR clothes and she's loosing her chic and looks like a nun with high collars which is typically a Gamine's best friend. It makes Ariana just dull, she needs her sexy TR clothes with a youthful touch to look good.

No. 127611

>Looks good with long hair
Uhhh, her hair looks dead, especially the highlights in the photo you posted. I think she'd look really nice shoulder length and her naturally curly hair. She could pull off the feathery baby bangs well with shoulder length hair, it didn't look too well when she tried a few years ago.

No. 127614

I agree, anything natural looks good on her. Long hair looks good on her too but in this picture I wanted to point out her outfit and not her hair. Her hair looks fried most of the times because she has curls but she decides to kill her curls with bleach and heat.

No. 127691

odd question but what kibbe type do you think luna slater is?
i was scrolling her thread. she's had a lot of looks but i can't see one that i think looks good and natural on her.

No. 127694


No. 127759

the quality of the hair is not the point of the discussion, the length is.

No. 127784

File: 1574324785976.jpg (102.59 KB, 727x1280, 6943111a331a870b126fdd9fed0ef3…)

So I am a soft natural, and I want to start buying clothes by my type; however when I look up for inspo on Pinterest or Google, all of the recommendations are so ugly and dated

Does anyone here, especially fellow SN, have any kind of wardrobe inspo? I really like this type of Japanese casual business fashion, would this work for SN?

Also I don't know if this is relevant at all but I am pear shaped.

No. 127786

Yes business Japanese fashion is a great inspo indeed for SN and SC because the trend at the moment is soft, relaxed, flowy with waist emphasis. Asymmentrical styles with no frills/details look better on SN and symmetrical styles look better on SC but that's just a side note bc it's pretty hard to find something that's suitable for your type and fits your personality and style.

No. 127822

File: 1574349337029.jpg (530.99 KB, 1333x954, Kim in Natural lines.jpg)


I believe it's because these women have a preference for turbo-sexual looks that clash with Natural body types. Naturals have their own charm but it comes alive in relaxed lines that are most commonly used in casual and more modest styles.

Meanwhile these girls want the Fashion Nova look of skintight skimpy outfits, tons of makeup and intricate hair. Naturals look awkward in those styles because of their blunt bones and might even sometimes look like men in drag due to their wider shoulders. So they opt for fillers and surgery to try and achieve a body that compliments the styling they want.

Vogue knows what they're doing imo and they always style Kim very nicely. She looks really beautiful in their photos and you can't even see her corrections. But we know Kim will never choose to dress this way. She likes chic, glam and slickness.

No. 127825

Tuna is like 5'11 tall I doubt she is romantic even though she does look shorter in pictures.

No. 127827

She's 5'11??? Wtf she looks max 5'5. And bc all of that fat it's very hard to guess what type she is. Her hips look big and soft and her shoulders are rather rounded and narrow. She's def no Gamine and Classic. Her height fits more into the Dramatic and Natural category but the softness of her body confuses me. I can't see her bone structure correctly. Is there a picture where she's thinner/normal weight?

No. 127831

no offence but that 2nd outfit is beyond hideous. the 1st one is cute but who knows how it would actually look like when she's just moving about doing normal people things instead of in a single very posed and dynamic snap-shot.

No. 127832

File: 1574370192905.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.17 KB, 600x900, kim-kardashian-mtv-vmas-2016.j…)

And yet she still looks better in rags than in her own style that makes her look like something out of RCDart's portfolio

No. 127835

i mean does she tho? i think she's beyond saving due to all the procedures tbh, but i don't see this black dress as worse that the 1st white outfit. trashy, def, but like it's not terrible. should've chosen one of her nude bodysuit outfits kek

No. 127848

File: 1574397294531.jpeg (181.01 KB, 960x1403, 5ad0c5791e000008087b16ea.jpeg)

she looks ridiculous because she got too much plastic surgery and she looks derelict in that photo and has lost her mind being married to a psycho. kim looked great in her princess hoe shit before she was driven insane by celebrity induced bdd and a pornsick husband.

No. 127868

>1st try with aly art’s video:
2a, 4b, 2c, 1d, 6e.
>2nd try with quiz:
1a, 3b, 5c, 1d, 6e.

Nani the fuck?

No. 127887

she was always insane and always dressed shit but looked better only in her keeping up with the kardashians debut (2007-2009 and that era only which is only 2 years)

No. 127906

File: 1574457772128.jpg (232.36 KB, 451x576, 1574445030472.jpg)

What type is she? SN?

No. 127907

buff hot I believe

No. 127938

you have to be insane to be a celebrity or want to. she definitely got a lot more insane being married to kanye and after the crazy levels of fame hit her. we've seen her take a serious decline after shacking up with this hideously narcissistic porn addict that fucking admits proudly that he wants to fuck her sisters/jerks off to them.

No. 127957

I honestly believe Kim K can't be categorized as a Kibbe type. They're categories for natural bodies, Kim has changed her body with PS beyond anything a woman can/is likely to be naturally born with.

No. 127958

Sexy Mama

No. 128009

I don't know whether this post should go in the fashion thread or here, but does anyone know any Theatrical Romantic style-inspiration that isn't your typical dressing for the office schtick? All the pins on Pinterest show mature office lady wear and I just want to dress my age which is early 20s. I don't have a professional job yet so Pinterest is useless.

No. 128010

same anon but just wanted to add that I've been wearing mini skirts, sweaters, dress shirts and vests, combat boots and thigh high socks. Does that suit TRs or is that more for Classics?

No. 128014

Combat boots are for neither romantics nor classics

No. 128026

What type Would Kaya Scodelario's adult body fit into?

No. 128034

Soft Dramatic

No. 128114

I took Aly Art's test but I'm a dumbass and still can't figure it out lol

>A 4

>B 2
>C 6
>D 3
>E 1
I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs. According to the video my body type is more classic, I think?

No. 128122

Leaning more towards Dramatic Classic

No. 128150

8 bs, 9 cs, 3 ds.
I'm somewhat tall - 5'6", have very little tit-wise and most noticeably my midsection is very straight (no waist really).

I'm thinking classic/soft classic?

No. 128153

you are probably some kind of natural.

No. 128185

Can you be some sort of classic even if you aren't tall? Or is there another category that fits a shorter type better?

No. 128188

You can definitely be a classic and be short. iirc it only matters if you are tall (at a certain height you can only be D, SD or FN) but if you are short, you can be any type.

No. 128216

Has anyone actually found their style and enjoy wearing it after finding out their type according to this color-blind man?

No. 128219

I'm a romantic and he just told me what my mother had been telling me for years: wear things that accentuate your waist

No. 128244

this isn’t really about finding your style tho

No. 128252

File: 1575042687545.jpg (124.03 KB, 634x952, cute-dc.jpg)

Kibbe's taste is shit indeed, like he's stuck in the 80's. But keep in mind that it's all about the lines. His theory is legit and I have to say it helped me a lot. You can have any style you want but you have to consider that certain cuts and lines don't flatter you. For example you can be a Dramatic Classic but you could dress in a cute way and it would look great if the lines fit you. You can a Romantic and dress in a cool, edgy way but you have to consider the right lines again.

No. 128285

I definitely want to look edgy but I’m a TR >>128009 >>128010
>>125883 honestly love your style anon I’d definitely would dress like outfits 3-8 and 11-13
Any tips?

What type are combat boots and edgy look for?

No. 128409

Wow this is extremely interesting and insightful. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together and write this up! I would love to see more real-world applications and critiques like this, I'm doubtful but is there somewhere with more of these well-thought-out examples?

No. 128437

nta but I think combat boots work really well for Flamboyant Natural. "Edgy" is probably the easiest look to achieve for FG or FN, maybe even SG.

No. 128681

I tried dressing like I should according to my type; it wasn't making me happy. It's so different from my personal taste/style. And yes, I could adapt some things here and there, incorporate some elements of my taste into my kibbe type but it was never truly what I really wanted to wear.

So now I wear what I really want to again and I feel much better and honestly? I look fine.

No. 130312

"Extreme, soft Yin - Romantic"

I think surely I must have gotten it wrong… but I do look a bit like those celebrities I suppose… I don't know which type I'd be otherwise. The chart thing and combo answer thing would lean me towards "soft gamine", but that only seems even less accurate.

I guess I'll look at the styles that work for these types and see if there's any overlap! This is interesting to consider though, thanks for this thread.

No. 130452

File: 1578321247817.png (164.33 KB, 1116x940, Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 9.33…)

Took cozyrebekah's quiz. Soft Natural (SN) or Natural (N)?

No. 130455

Have you seen pictures of cozyrebekah, anon? First of all, she's like 17 or something, second, she dresses like a wine aunt in her 40s. I wouldn't touch any of her advice.

No. 130462

I hadn't, but I was under the impression that all kibbe tests are the same, and I didn't want to wade through a ton of YouTube videos to figure out my type.

No. 130467

I started following more the advise for my bodytype (TR) and honestly my outfits look better now when I compare them to old pictures of me. I like to dress in edgy alt style too but I started going for more feminine cuts, materials and lines and they do work better for me. >>128216

No. 130474

File: 1578352854622.jpg (169.87 KB, 662x884, polak_zwyciezyl_w_grze_o_tron.…)

>tfw find out that I'm a soft classic and my best look is pretty much "polished ballerina"
>I'm actually a sloppy bitch who doesn't know anything about haircare or how to do my eyebrows, I dress like gutter trash and am scatterbrained as fuck
>I'm also a dark autumn and look terrible in light colours
pls help a sloppy bitch anons, I don't want to die ugly.

No. 130475

Look up jerianie on Instagram. She has a lot of autumnal colour palette and is a soft classic imo

No. 130476

Perfect, thank you so much anon!

No. 130547

Does anybody know of some dramatic classics on Instagram or YouTube?

No. 130588

I did this goddamn thing and it said I’m mostly D, there’s no result for this because apparently it corresponds to something called Ingenue which this dude doesn’t think any adult woman should dress like? Fuck me

No. 131872

File: 1580691560597.gif (424.3 KB, 119x152, tumblr_69c1d32178fa86ae5aedd41…)

I can't figure this out. I'm not going to post my test results here because I have tried the test so many times and the results are always so different there's no point in mentioning them so I'm just going to describe my case. I'm 5' 3" and really slim, I don't gain weight easily and people often think I'm younger than I actually am, I always have trouble finding clothes that suit me, everything is too big or baggy, I need to look for really petite clothes and shopping is hard, especially because I have an hourglass figure and my thighs and butt area are thicker than the rest of my body, so I'm kind of disproportionate on that regard. My arms, hands and ankles are kinda long and frail, I'm a chestlet and my shoulders are sharp and broad, my eyes are small and almond-shaped, my facial features are pretty androgynous except for my lips and nose, this is the main reason I look like shit on heavy makeup because my facial features are way too sharp, my head is smaller compared to my shoulders and my bone structure is sharp. Sorry for my shitty english btw

No. 132814

Wow thats a lot of drama going on anon, but as you said you're very petite so i think you're a (pretty obvious) FG. Enjoy the edgy outfits, they would suit your androgyne face a lot.

No. 132825

Can Anybody Help Me? I have a lot of D in my flesh and face, but none in my bones. I am 5'6 if that helps

Bone: BECE
Flesh: DCDDB

No. 132829

Does anyone know of any instagrammers or youtubers that are soft natural with a winter skin tone? Most soft natural inspiration i see is warm toned/very autumn.

No. 132836

File: 1581674431042.jpg (5.48 KB, 185x273, images.jpg)

>Tfw you're a pure Romantic but have super broad and angular shoulders so you look fucking weird and off

This is going to sound retarded as Romantic is literally the most femenine body type next the Ingenue but isn't there a more masculine/androgynous take on this style? i don't mind waist enfasis and soft clothes but the overall aesthetic it's just too ~*superfemme and glamorous*~, please help.

There's people trying to make Ingenue happen but i just saw the pinterest tag and damn, Ingenue styling looks literally ddlg-like.

No. 132846


Honestly, my biggest issue with people who try to make ingenue happen is that the constantly try to put lupita nyong'o as an ingenue, and then say ingenues shouldn't wear plunging necklines, when lupita loves deep v's and they love her back.

No. 132854

Idk does Nyong'o look good on those dresses? i haven't see her honestly, we should compare different looks (i'm inclined to think Ingenuefags are just contradicting themselves as always)

No. 132857

File: 1581715254855.jpg (19.39 KB, 293x418, 350241163.jpg)

Lupita as an "ingenue"

No. 132858

File: 1581715293709.jpg (97.78 KB, 620x478, Lupita-Nyong’o-In-Prada-Oscars…)

Lupita not following ingenue rules at all

No. 132865

unrelated but she has stunning skin

No. 132868

Imo she looks better on Ingenue styling, maybe is that blue dress, it kinda hides her waistline.

Also is Ethereal a thing or just a meme? people seem to define it as "dramatic, but rounder and with longer lines. Femenine, but not sexy or playful" but idk, most of them are just fusions or extremes, i struggle to see it as an actual type specially when is used for otherwise plain looking people to believe they have a ~*special kibbe type.

No. 132874

It looks so stiff on her. That fabric was not her friend.

No. 132884

Ingenuine and Ethereal types are for snowflakes who think they don't fit into the Kibbe categories because look so SpEcIaL like a cute beautiful doll nymph uwu. Ingenuine and Ethereal clothing is literally over the top cute/flowy dresses and meant to be worn on special occasions and not on daily basis like weebs or troons.

No. 132890

Most of kibbe involves people to use it as an excuse to humblebrag, a lot of women don't even fit their kibbe type the diagnosed themselves with because they often overexaggerate the size of their hips/boobs and softness of their features. Imo just seems like a waste of time since no one follows it anyway and will just wear jeans and blouses or workout clothes everywhere

No. 132905

If you /really/ have broad or strongly defined shoulders, you're not a Romantic, but a Soft Natural. Or if you're tall, Flamboyant Natural.

D is for Theatrical Romantic, Ingenue isn't even a part of kibbe


No. 132912

File: 1581883236210.jpg (61.21 KB, 515x815, 413c256cd93372f7747be79350f424…)

Thanks for answering i neeed help with this honestly.
>If you /really/ have broad or strongly defined shoulders, you're not a Romantic, but a Soft Natural.

Idk those are just my shoulders anon, that's why it look so off: i have next to no yang on my body, my bone structure is soft, i'm not broad, muscular or sharp at all and everything is fleshy but the only areas that for some reason have so much drama going on are my shoulders and arms. It looks like somebody pasted dramatic-looking shoulders/arms on Marylin Monroe, kinda like a hourglass shaped figure.

I wish i was SN actually, they have structure to their faces but mine is literally shapeless, it looks like pic related.

No. 132916

Here my measurements:


No. 132928

File: 1581902415284.jpeg (Spoiler Image,227.13 KB, 750x1334, 2E5E6D86-7F6C-4DA4-969E-C921CA…)

what’s my Kibbe type? Pic related is me

No. 132929

You look kinda like me but with small shoulders (i'm this anon >>132836), very soft adn slim, i think you're a Romantic.

No. 132938

slimness has nothing to do with kibbe

No. 132950

I always thought I was a soft classic but I’m notoriously bad at sellf-answering quizzes and tests.

No. 132951

What's your height? Do you have a better, front facing picture?

No. 132953

I'd say one of the classic types. Maybe soft, if your face isn't super dramatic or mature looking, because the dress is kinda soft and it looks good on you.

She looks too tall and not fleshy enough to be a romantic, and she would have a more exaggerated hourglass shape from this angle and in this pose.

No. 132957

File: 1581952715599.jpeg (671.29 KB, 1667x1097, 51EC8E03-91EE-4460-BF02-FC11A0…)

I’m 5’7”. With heels I’m 6’0”.
My face looks like pic related except with a narrower and sharper nose.

No. 132959

what's my type? i have no pictures but my measurements are 32-27-38. my waist is very pronounced but i have high hips and long legs (i'm 5'8), my body is quite soft but i have quite a long face and sharp angles (high cheekbones, sharp nose - but have quite big lips). i think i'm in the middle of them all but haven't been able to figure it out

No. 132960

You can't get an accurate reading with someone else's picture anon.

But I agree you're not romantic, too tall.

No. 132961

dramatic or soft dramatic perhaps? What are your test results?

No. 132969

1C ??
3C?? (my arms are short for my height but legs are way longer in proportion)
16A/B?? (i have extremely straight and soft but thick hair)

No. 132975

How so? A natural and a classic dont have the same wide to their body, bones or muscles, maybe i translated that wrong

No. 132980

I've gotten pretty even numbers in a lot of categories, so I'm having a hard time figuring out where I fall. Maybe flamboyant gamine?

My totals added up to A:4, B:4, C:3, D:1, and E:4

And these were my specifics.
1.B, 2.C, 3.A, 4.D, 5.C, 6.B, 7.C, 8.B, 9.A, 10.E, 11.E, 12.A, 13.E, 14.E, 15.B, 16.A

No. 133015

yes it does. slimness is a huge part of your body's yin or yang structure. slim doesn't mean skinny in this context.
that's basically correct width instead of wide is a better word to use.

No. 133020

I think you're a dramatic. That's really tall and you probably have a really sharp bone structure.
Maybe SD? It doesn't sound like FN. You tall women have it easy though, just look at the celebs and descriptions for FN, SD, and D and pick what seems most accurate.

No. 133026

Is this soft dramatic? I'm 5'11 but most of my height is from my torso and i have a big head so i don't look as tall

Overall bone structure
Face Features

No. 133064

File: 1582131169985.jpg (38.4 KB, 500x666, Katie-McGrath-Hairstyle.jpg)

What kibbe type is Katie McGrath? I don't know why, but she looked so great in Merlin, but the styling on Supergirl is a bit too harsh(idk if that is the right word) for her.

No. 133065

File: 1582131605391.jpg (38.76 KB, 392x541, lena-black-white-leaf-print-sh…)


For reference, I just don't feel like this works on her. I don't know what kibbe type it would work for, but she isn't it.

No. 133075

>Wearing a heavily patterned button up chiffon blouse and a solid brown button up dress
It's not her kibbe that made her look bad it's the fact she was styled by a child

No. 133094

My guess is that she's a Soft Dramatic. She's similar to Rachel Weisz. Both look unkempt in Natural styling, Dramatic Classic styles look to boring and severe like a secretary on them. They need drama with a soft touch to shine.

No. 133095

File: 1582169631866.jpg (116.92 KB, 420x318, unnamed.jpg)

No. 133268

Does anyone into jfashion have any recs for what would suit a romantic? There honestly needs to be more romantic styling videos out there in general.

No. 133271

File: 1582506635662.png (348.35 KB, 500x498, original.png)

Most jfashion should look good on a Romantic as long as you follow the respective romantic lines,which are soft and fitted, my guess would be cult party with waist emphasis.

No. 133276

lolita looks really bad on romantics because it hides your figure, same with mori girl. but any style that works with your figure is good!

No. 133279

File: 1582519225634.jpg (343.15 KB, 1000x1500, TK-2013-09-014-009-001-Harajuk…)

I'm the anon here >>133271, I was about to say Lolita but then I noticed the whole style was more Soft Gamine/Ingenue leaning than anything and a Romantic would look ddlg-like in that style without a really specific tailoring, my bet on Cult Party might not be the best but honestly Jfashion is way too Gamine-inspired to give it a Romatic turn on a succesful way imo, maybe something like this? (I know it's too busy-looking but it's what I found)

No. 133296

Hate to say it, but that looks like a carnival's clown costume. With most j-fashion in general you're going to really stand out. If you wanna dress like that, why would you even bother with kibbe? No one's gonna notice that the clothing you're wearing fits your body type really well when all they're going to see is a weird girl dressed in a weird outfit.

No. 133299

I can't figure out my type for the life of me, judging by the results I'm either romantic or theatrical romantic


No. 133303

>that looks like a carnival's clown costume uuugh
>No one's gonna notice that the clothing you're wearing fits your body type when all they're going to see is a weird girl dressed in a weird outfit.
You know this style is obviously for a special occasion (fashion/weeb meetings) and isn't suppoded to be used daily as a normal wear, right? c'mon anon

No. 133311

No. There's a girl at my uni who comes in in a complete lolita outfit + parasol everyday. I used to hang with two fully decked out goths back in HS. Some people do wear costume-y/j-fashion or otherwise highly alternative fashion on the daily, so I see no reason to assume this wasn't the case if it's not specifically mentioned otherwise. Especially considering the weebish userbase of this website anyway.

No. 133321

she's asking about jfash anyway fuck off.

No. 133324

Is it possible to have a different face type from your body? I have a soft natural body but my face is leaning mostly towards a more romantic face because i have very fleshy/chubby cheeks, smaller and more delicate features so picking out clothes is kinda hard for me.

No. 133325

face doesn't really matter. if your body is SN, you're SN. we're all women after all so it's not uncommon for any type to have "delicate" features. There are plenty Dramatics and Flamboyant Naturals with delicate and soft face, it's all about the body's structure.

No. 133326

I'm the anon from >>133268
I also thought more jfash would fall under Gamine territory but decided to ask out of curiosity. Thank you >>133371 and >>133276 for your replies regardless.

No. 133329

Sorry for being a pain in the ass but could somebody help me with these measurements? It's kinda confusing, maybe i should be more specific

No. 133334

Somewhere upthread it says that you should dress more for your face, if your face doesn't match your body. I figure this is true, as a SD with a purely A/C face, I can get away with a lot more dramatic styling options like angular jewellery and geometric patterns, short androgynous hair, more dramatic leaning colour schemes and minimalistic clothes (as long as they fit my curves)

No. 133337

File: 1582608885677.jpg (60.6 KB, 640x640, 1548391274540.jpg)

I think you can make lolita coords that fit the recs for romantics without too much effort (pic related). Larme would be really easy to make work too, since it's basically normie fashion. You shouldn't worry too much though anon. Wear clothes in the styles you like. If you feel they really really don't flatter you, just change the way you put your outfits together.

Kibbe says you should dress for your body, there are other systems that use basically the same category names that say you should dress for your face.

No. 133347

Hi guys, i'm TR and i have sharp shoulders, the problem is that i want to highlight them but almost all styling tips i found just recommended me to hide them with lost of frills and soft fabrics but i know that's going to look terrible. Any tips?

No. 133357

your pic isn't really lolita, that's why.

No. 133361

Does anyone have some good examples of formal dresses for soft naturals? I typically lean heavily peasant style dresses (the ultimate dress for soft natural fantasy nerds) but I don't think I can get away with that at a wedding with a white collar dress code.

No. 133365

File: 1582650707114.jpeg (96.24 KB, 645x484, Victorian Maiden Lace-Up Royal…)

lmao what? Nayrt but not all lolita is sugary sweet AP.
Brands like Atelier Pierrot, Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden all make a lot of lolita clothes that will flatter a romantic type just fine. I don't get the idea that lolita isn't form-fitting either. The majority of lolita dresses outside of sweet have form-fitting bodices that show off the waist.

No. 133378

lol no, >>133337 is ega.

No. 134940

I've been into Kibbe type (active on this thread, too) for a few years and I have to say the Truth is Beauty system makes more sense to me. Ethereal and Ingenue being said as "special snowflake" classifications doesn't make much sense to me because it seems like this is more of your issue with your fear of women using this against other women to humblebrag. I don't understand with Kibbe, that face type is taken in account with body types, and that Gamine somehow is appropriate yet Ingenue doesn't exist. Gamine refers to a boyish and impish quality, so why would it describe all women with youthful characteristics? There are some women who look youthful but girly at the same time, instead of boyish. I guess the argument could be made that teenage girls look Gamine, but many of them fit into the Ingenue category as well. How is that adult females who used to be girlish at a point in our lives, the classification doesn't exist yet somehow the classification of boyishness can exist throughout our lives?
Ethereal to me is just someone who's face looks like its drifting off and creates a "fairy" look.

No. 134946

EGA is just another subset of lolita, no one even calls it EGA anymore because its irrelevant

No. 134966


I love truth is beauty a million times better

It seems much more accurate.

1. You go by your face, not really your body, and the photos explaining why are really interesting

2. It shows combinations of the different identities with proper examples and no kibbe tackiness.

No. 134972

What are some good references about truth is beauty? Never heard of it.

No. 134978

>replies to something from a month ago with incorrect information

Nice job, anon.

No. 134979

Hey girls ! What do you think is Sanne Vloet kibbe body type ?(namefag)

No. 135130

flamboyant natural

don't enter your name next time

No. 135345

File: 1585699046477.jpg (72.42 KB, 640x640, IMG_6062.JPG)

Where can I take the face and body tests?

No. 135387

File: 1585760100714.jpg (614.33 KB, 1280x1085, IMG_2143.JPG)

What kind of skirts look nice on dramatic classics?

No. 135803

File: 1586103330939.jpg (210.85 KB, 633x1024, Francisco-de-Zurbarán-Santa-Ca…)

Hey guys, I need your help, what kibbe type is this girl in the painting ?

No. 135804

you can't tell that from a painting (of all things) that doesn't show her body

why would you want to know a painted girl's kibbe type?

No. 136039

I need help, my results are:

Bone Structure: 1C 2C 3C 4D
Flesh: 5D 6E 7E 8E 9E
Facial Features: 10E 11E 12E 13C 14D 15D

C 4
D 4
E 7

I don't know if i'm a romantic, theatrical romantic or soft classic.

No. 136046

File: 1586303305064.jpg (63.91 KB, 564x940, caa4ba8eea471eaa87a7e70db59471…)

if helps, I was browsing pinterest and this model has a really close body to mine.
I am more fat at the moment, with a more poreminent belly and my boobs are larger than hers and don't change with my weight.

No. 136051

Idk, im not a professional but i think you're a soft natural, by your description i think we have the same body type anon! I definitely have a bigger chest and a little more prominent stomach like you. Hope this helps!

No. 136513

I'm so confused. What am I?





When I took the test it said soft classic, then I took it again and it said theatrical romantic.
I'm also pear shaped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136567

Since this thread has attracted literal redditors can we safely assume kibbe theory is gay and flawed?

No. 136918

File: 1587157066952.png (1.22 MB, 1188x710, 11111.png)

Someone please could be so kind to explain why Alyart defines Gamines as being "equal from shoulders to hips" (a rectangle shape) and "equally proportioned everywhere"? isn't that literally classic? why there would be two types basically representing the same proportions? I thought Gamines were a random mix of ying and yang and that is why they usually look somewhat strange (like Tina Turner and her super legs with non-existent torso), but every time Alyart shows her rectangle-like body as a "sample" of Gamine I cannot help but see a boring shape with nothing going on, neither Yin nor Yang, what's up? Not even mentioning her pinterest board for FG/SG literally consists mostly of classic models wearing the typical korean-like classic clothes that you get in the instagram feed: many classical suits and simple sets, a lot of physical balance, there is nothing proportionally "abnormal". Gamines are allegedly a very strange body type in the population, yet all of this clothing seems like the type any normie could wear. Aly, "*~Colorful and quirky~*" classical clothes are still classical clothes, it's all about the lines and those lines are proportionated aka classic.
Even Kibbe gave up on this long time ago, just stick to your lines and you will be ok.

No. 136978

File: 1587246493348.jpg (64.05 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.929423061_5mx9.jpg)

The only valid Ingenues are babies, they're very small, rounded and cute, they're the most femenine human form and that's why "ingenue" clothes, like frills and soft fabrics fit them so much: they literaly have no shape, they're just a blob.

No. 137338

>they're the most feminine human form
anon…you might want to rethink this.

No. 137770

I mean "femenine" in the sense of roundness/softness, women are generally the softest human form of course but babies are totally and absolutely rounded with no yang at all (sharpness/height/width, even Romantics have more yang compared to them since they're adults). Ingenue it's a meme and no adult can pull it off without looking laughable at best and very questionable at worst, babies/kids are the extreme opposite of yang features, being the ones "ingenue" clothes are actually designed for, not some weird womanchild who wants to be an uwu little loli. Sorry for my autism tho.

No. 142870

File: 1593251575278.jpg (1.44 MB, 1500x1060, jacquemus-fall-winter-2019-202…)

Soooo with Kibbe, can someone explain to me why catwalk models look fantastic in almost anything? Even though they should be limited to only a few yang types because of their heights. Do you just get a pass on Kibbe when you're tall skinny af? Or do I just not see what lines look "seperate" on them?

No. 142871

>just be yourself, sis

No. 142876

That’s because those clothes are designed specifically for them. Put those clothes on anyone else‘S bodytype and they would look like shit

No. 142886

Well what's their body type? It's probably the type that just goes with anything.

No. 142891

idk kibbe is about the lines right? all of the clothes on this picture are minimalistic, straight and elongated thus matching the bodies of these models

No. 142895

Basically if you are tall and slim with an average face your life is on easy mode. That's it. Even if your face is ugly you can get away with being ~*unique*~

No. 142897

The women are hot, and kibbe is about finding your best lines; doesn't mean you'll look bad in other ones. But I'm pretty sure this has to do with the camera lighting or something like that, if you met them irl it might look strange. Also >>142891

No. 142898

>no big boobs and no big ass
>easy mode
lmao tall skinny women are treated like lepers by society unless they’re in the 99+ percentile of facial attractiveness. It’s true that there are other tall skinny women who can become a model if they have a “unique” face, but that’s only if their legs are much longer than their torso (leglets are a no go), and they still can’t get dates (unless they make enough money to get a golddigger bf who will take all their money and give it to a short plastic bimbo Stacy).

No. 142900

File: 1593287439359.gif (2.58 MB, 400x298, IMG_8787.GIF)

I don't really believe in kibbe body types. I look like a 13 year old that has to do a job interview whenever I 'dress my body type' since I'm a 5'1 dramatic classic. I don't even like dressing like a dramatic classic

No. 142906

File: 1593290001436.jpeg (78.31 KB, 1201x840, A203AC20-B2B3-4545-A6BD-150C63…)

Height is also a factor. So maybe you have wrong one, might be a gamine.

No. 142912

I did the test and it said I was dramatic classic overall

No. 142916

I'm pretty sure Kibbe himself has said the quiz isn't great, and it's more based on photos or inperson appointments. He has a facebook group so if you're down you could look into that? And he himself seemed pretty strict on the importance of height, I believe plus 5'1" is noticeably shorter.

No. 142932

you can't be dramatic classic at 5'1

No. 142944

yes, you can. the chart is inaccurate.

No. 142945

how the fuck is 5'1 midget dramatic

No. 142953

I'm not taking the chart into account, when you're 5'1 you simply don't have a dramatic bone in your body.

Not to mention the fact that anon saying she looks like shit in DC clothing is a big pointer of her not being DC.

No. 142966

My shoulders are so board that I have to buy men's shirts….

No. 142967

File: 1593382513447.jpeg (93.59 KB, 1280x720, C7FAC775-4465-4C94-A494-420EF2…)

Just be yourself, sis!
(And by “be yourself” I mean “you better be 10/10 in every single other regard or rich enough to turn yourself into a sillicone monstrosity/attract a golddigger bf or be willing to become trans and fuck gay dudes, or you’re going straight to the spinster club”

No. 142971

If you're tall or at least average it's kinda hot tbh.

No. 143003

…said no guy ever, sadly :(

No. 143005

not true, some men are more into strong / model like body types than petite uwu pear shape. There's probably more of the latter but it's not like the broad shoulder admirers don't exist at all.

No. 143015

i hate my shoulders too anon
saw a video on youtube where a guy said "if she can't put her arms in front and have her elbows touch, that's a man" and mine don't touch, it's like an inch and a bit of space. it was a stupid video and i know im not a man lmao but it just made me extra insecure about my body. sadly nothing we can do about it, no shoulder reduction surgeries for us

No. 143016

What does this mean. I think you need to work on your flexibility anon

No. 143018

I thought I look like the classic woman in the OP. I made the test and it turns out I'm really a pure classic.

No. 143019

i mean putting your arms out and hands together palms up. keeping my arms straight, my elbows don't touch. unless this is normal and other girls can't do it but idk

No. 143020

Those men like women with stunning faces (and money). Of course there are men who have atypical tastes and there are men who don't care about body as much, but the high fashion model body type is sadly considered extremely unattractive by 99.9% of men. Obese women are considered more attractive than us. Even a lot of actual fashion models complain about how hard it is to find a boyfriend, it's an aesthetic that other women like. Notice how fashion model IG comment sections (of regular girls, not superstars) are the most men-barren place on the net.

What the fuck kind of video was that?

No. 143021

That is pure "2/10 pointy knees" incel shit. Enjoy being skinny anon

No. 143023

Mine dont touch either

No. 143025

oh i know it's a silly thing to complain about and pretty inconsequential. i've just had a big insecurity about my shoulders being broad my whole life so it's a dumb thing i saw that added to it.
this makes me think it's probably normal for them not to touch completely anyways, i think the guy probably thinks girls can only have very tiny shoulders or something
sorry for the insecurities derail

No. 143027

> a guy said "if she can't put her arms in front and have her elbows touch, that's a man"
I tried and managed, tbh I thought I'd fail just because I have scoliosis. What weird tests men come up with!

No. 143030

why does it matter so much what men think of your body anyway? I mean, I get wanting to look attractive to the gender you're attracted to, at the same time you're allowing them to have too much control over you and your self-esteem if how your body looks is only or first and foremost about looking good for guys and not for yourself.

No. 143031

Bernadette Banner what are you doing here?

No. 143032

Googled her and all that came up was some dress maker? Is her back lopsided too?

No. 143035

Yes she’s a very skinny dressmaker who’s popular on youtube has severe scoliosis.

No. 143040

Get therapy.

No. 143044

File: 1593461918119.jpg (26.04 KB, 501x498, 1593334714355.jpg)

>Obese women are considered more attractive than us

No. 143046

Yeah I'm a bit touchy about it all. I probably really do need therapy.

Obese women are actually really popular for some reason. REALLY popular I guess guys prioritize huge boobs and ass over everything else?
Although to be honest I think even transwomen have more fans than we do.

No. 143055

>Obese women are actually really popular for some reason. REALLY popular
No. What the fuck?

No. 143064

I can guarantee this brain-damaged anachan thinks normal BMI is obese.

No. 143065

>Obese women are considered more attractive than us
>Obese women are actually really popular for some reason. REALLY popular
I don't know where you got your facts from but please enlighten us with what you think an obese woman looks like

No. 143120

You tell ‘em, anachan.

No. 143126

could larmekei (or just cute looking j-fashion) and Lolita fashion work with a soft gamine body type?

No. 143137

J-fashion is literally made for soft gamines so you go anon!

No. 143406

File: 1593978473058.png (347.98 KB, 500x424, IMG_9083.PNG)

How come mori-kei looks good on asian girls , who are usually gamines, despite the fact that it's centred around being vey baggy, with no waist emphasis

No. 143410

the lines are still petite and broken-up with delicate details and lots of softness and often combine fitted elements with oversized ones

No. 143411

and also the oversizedness and natural elements emphasize the delicateness of the person wearing it through contrast. wearing a contrasting kibbe type isn't always bad, it just exaggerates your natural features in ways that you may not desire if you don't understand kibbe lines.

No. 143576

Any Classics here? Despite being balanced I don't find Classics online whether be info or pictures often

No. 143584

File: 1594220148982.jpg (62.79 KB, 700x840, AFblouse1.jpg)

Are these blouses/ Axes femme blouses well-suited for a soft gamine?

No. 143585

File: 1594220170525.jpg (102.96 KB, 700x840, AFblouse5.jpg)

No. 143586

File: 1594220364347.jpg (46.42 KB, 700x840, AFblouse3.jpg)

No. 143959

Might be a stupid question but is it possible to be a soft gamine with big boobs? All the body examples of the type have relatively small chests, and I qualify for most of soft gamine features except the chest. I'm wondering if it might impact the kind of clothes I'd wear to suit the type

No. 143977

I don't see why not, almost nobody fits into one type 100%. It does affect the clothes in that you want to wear stuff that flatters a larger chest, but the general vibe, colours and materials would still be the same.
Stuff like the axes femme blouses in >>143584, >>143585 and >>143586 might be hard, though. Especially the last two seem like they'd look like shit on a large chest, so keep an eye out for garments giving the matronly 'boob curtain' effect.

No. 144007

>Hmmm hella cute
>Search Google for image
>Find site
>Now $100k in debt to the Yakuza

Thanks anon.jpg

No. 144019

File: 1594681442050.jpg (16.25 KB, 450x243, buffalo_66.jpg)

> A - 1
> B - 3
> C - 1
> D - 1
> E - 11
> 5'5", 133lbs

So, the quiz says I'd be a romantic. Except I have tiny tits, huge pointy nose, small lips. This would be a dealbreaker, right? So what does that mean?

Pic related, closest to my body (body only) I've ever seen, except the tits kek

Shitty picture bc shitty movie

No. 144039

File: 1594717156316.gif (1 MB, 498x310, tenor.gif)

Anons, can you suggest a good store for romantic type…!

No. 144062

File: 1594739752095.png (302.36 KB, 546x893, 5edd116e2d7bd636324919b2_Kibbe…)

I got soft classic on a test I took and thought the picture they put for it seemed nice so looked up how I should style myself and I hate it. Why is every single celeb with that body type an old lady? I don't want to dress like that! Fuck kibbe, I wish I was a gamine.

No. 144063

That's how I felt too.
But I don't think the ideas of a dude in the 1980s should be followed religiously. You need to wear things that fit your personality and environment. The tips about a balanced classic look with some softer elements is something to keep in mind though.

No. 144068

File: 1594744922507.jpg (46.97 KB, 639x960, 98e048bab1336c2cba43967a5f2f63…)

Height is always a big problem since you have to get clothes tailored, the taller you are, the easier it is to exemplify your bodyline.

No. 144075

Pretty little thing is a pretty good place to start for an updated aesthetic. They have stuff that shows off your waist and some off shoulder stuff too. It's more of an insta baddie style overall so you may have to dig a little.

No. 144123

Something I’ve noticed
A lot of short cows are soft gamine or flamboyant gamine and try to style themselves theatrical romantic and look ridiculous.
A lot of tall cows are flamboyant natural and try to style themselves soft gamine, they wind up looking equally ridiculous.

No. 144124

Also, the test is not an accurate way to find your type. Most people have confirmation bias and type themselves more yin than they are.
The height limits are strict. If you are over 5’5” you are not theatrical romantic, romantic, or soft gamine. Honestly 5’4” is really the limit for those types.
If your over 5’6” you can’t be soft natural or soft classic
If your over 5’7” you are either soft dramatic, dramatic, or flamboyant natural. That’s it. Even if you think you look shorter, height=yang and needs to be accommodated.
There are no exceptions to the height limits.
I score romantic on the test but am theatrical romantic. Almost everyone scores more yin than they are. And a lot of the celebrity examples are bs, for instance Kim k gets typed theatrical romantic but is an obvious soft natural.

No. 144148

How do you know whether you're D, DC, or FG ? I'm thin, 5'5", with a narrow-ish ribcage but balanced torso, but really long and skinny arms and legs. I'm definitely one of these types but it's really hard to tell whether I'm yang-dominant or balance-dominant or mix-dominant.

Please help cause I have to change my wardrobe soon, my clothes are all 7+ yo and most are falling apart

No. 144163

If you are here now then you are probably a smelly leftist pigwhore as hairy as a Turk who hates herself, all females, and all males. You are the nigger trash animals that ruin countries. You are the worthless suffragettes that should have their heads caved in by monkeys for your disgusting behavior towards your own kin and your nations. Real talk means having all of your children taken away from you while you are put in gulags for betraying mankind itself .(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 144169

Im a soft gamine, any tips on how to dress/the best stores?

No. 144174

Decided to try this but man, why is there no online test with automatic results lol

I have no idea what I am because overall I got an even amount of A and B, with some C and one D.

A-6, B-6, C-2, D-1

Skeleton is the same amount of B & C.
Flesh is mostly A.
Face is mostly B, with some A and D.

I know I'm more on the muscular side, short-is 5"3 and all but I feel like this test basically told me I'm really really masculine?

No. 144219

Would you describe your body as perfectly balanced and symmetrical, or more a mix up of contrasting features?

No. 144221

File: 1594850365180.jpg (495.87 KB, 829x2583, 8eNTpzZ.jpg)

Here is me in my fully naked glory, picture taken from just below the breasts. I feel like I look very gangly in movements, with my arms and legs starting to look very long compared to the rest of me. But I don't see a mixture of opposites.

No. 144222

Forgot to put it under spoilers. Am a naked dumbass.

No. 144235

Looks yang-dominant to me but honestly I think you could pull off most looks except for the really yin/hourglassy ones.

No. 144237

No. 144256


No. 144265

So you're thinking dramatic? I agree that rn I can wear most things, but I am interested in my Kibbe type for when I gain weight (everything in belly & back ugh) where the difference between my skinny arms and legs and swollen midsection become grotesque

Lmao anons are thirsty

No. 144275

So I complained earlier about being a soft classic and decided to re-do the test here:
and actually taking pictures of myself and I just feel more confused about the results I got.

Bone Structure:

Body Flesh:
E or C
Facial Features:

I got 4 E's and C's so I'm not sure I even have a body type.
I'm not as brave as the madlass above so I'm not posting my nudes to lolcow, but the best description I can give of my body is "chubby prepubescent boy", 0 curves unless underweight enough to have a waist, small head, even hips and shoulders. Not feminine enough to look good, too feminine to troon out.

No. 144277

Flamboyant Gamines can have long limbs. Describe your face maybe? Are your features dramatic or mixed?

No. 144278

File: 1594897157516.jpg (437.54 KB, 1234x1022, fgbodies.jpg)

Examples of flamboyant gamine body type. Sorry for a sloppily made collage

No. 144280

i tried the kibbe thing the other day and it was confusing, and gave me very unrelatable examples, both for styling and examples of body types…
how am i supposed to relate to really skinny and/or fit white celebs with straight hair? is microanalyzing my body really that useful to dress as a commoner?
and all the examples of clothes were old lady clothes, or shit everyone stopped wearing in 2010. not to mention i'd look like shit in those because they accentuate parts of my body that aren't exactly flattering.
i feel like this is for a few people and definitely not for all. shoutout to everyone this theory has actually helped, though.

No. 144283

I recounted and saw 5 D's which is theatrical romantic, but that looks like a complete opposite of my body since I don't have defined curves at any weight. The last option for a lot of opposite yin and yang's is gamine but they tend to have larger heads so idk. Any help?

No. 144284

Thanks for the help anon, my face is oval,I have big eyes, thick eyebrows, a straight nose and very thin lips. So mostly yang features but with big eyes and no sharp cheekbones so overall it's pretty soft I'd say.

FG was my first choice but people IRL think I am 5cm/2" taller than I really am, and a cropped leg doesn't really suit me imo (makes it wider at the calf) , I prefer elongating my legs.

No. 144285

>but people IRL think I am 5cm/2" taller than I really am
>and a cropped leg doesn't really suit me imo (makes it wider at the calf)

IMO it doesn't really matter. The overall impression is more important. I'm Gamine and don't fit into descriptions 100%; for example, I can't wear cropped pants as well because I have cankles (unfortunate genetics).
I don't insist on you being an FG of course. Alternatively you can be Dramatic classic, I think. I guess it's easier to figure out by thinking on what type of clothes, prints, accessories etc. suit you the best instead of focusing solely on body type.

No. 144289

File: 1594915273171.jpg (420.76 KB, 1125x2000, pic.jpg)

Just found out about Kibbe and am a little confused what my body type. Per Aly Art's test (answers: body - DBDEDBCDD face - EEEECDB) I fall into soft natural, but the recommended outfits online seem to make me look like a grandma. I guess my other potential body type would be some gamine since my head is pretty large, but small patterns seem pretty horrid on me. 5'5", measurements are 35-25-37 with 29.5-ish inseam.

No. 144298

what does the skin and hair of the women in the examples have to do with anything though? It's about the shape of their bodies and the clothes they wear on it.

You need to look past the styles or trends you see in the example pictures and just take the requirements of what your garments "should" be for your type and apply it to your clothes.

Let's say you're a FN and you now think you can only wear boho. But that's not true. Instead of staring at boho FN moodboards you can simply take FN requirements for clothing (long vertical line, unconstructed, relaxed, oversized details etc.) and apply it to any piece of clothing. Does this piece of clothing create a long vertical line, is it relaxed and unconstruced?

See I don't get questions like this >>143584 for example. An SG blouse should have (among other things) small, feminine details and a high neckline. Surely you can look at this blouse and see that it has small, feminine details and a high neckline, therefore well-suited for a soft gamine. (And similiarly not for FN)

Stop staring at shitty pinterest boards. You're not limited to whatever style some random user who might or might now understand kibbe well has pinned to their board.

Remember that kibbe is not about the styles you see on example pictures, it's about the lines of the clothes.

No. 144302

What's going on with your legs anon…? Knees pointing outward, feet pointing inwards?

No. 144305

yeah this is a really weird stance, what is happening

No. 144307

If the doors weren't there for reference you don't look as short, i. e. your head doesn't seem that large and you are kind of "broad" in the shoulders and hips. I have no idea about Kibbe and how that would qualify your type though.

No. 144309

Samefag, I misread your post and actually soft natural seems about right, but maybe you lean toward natural because your broadness seems more due to bone structure than fleshiness?
Natural style examples look less grandmotherly, I agree.

No. 144314

Yeah my knees/leg are super odd, I think I'm unfortunately pigeon-toed. Usually I try to distract from my legs as a result, but for this pic I wanted to make sure people could actually see what I looked like.

Thanks for the feedback, and definitely will look at more natural stylings! I agree that I seem less short in the pic, was mostly basing the bodyline answer off people's estimates for my height irl.

No. 144315

Soft natural imo as well, also iirc there are ways to fix your leg posture so might wanna look into that.

No. 144518


I'm so confused!

No. 144522

potentionally dramatic classic, however I wouldn't rule out the possibility that you answered a lot of questions wrong. It can be a bit difficult to assess yourself.

No. 144570

The results I got were:
And I have no clue what these results mean. I feel like I have a very oddly shaped body.

No. 144574

I looked at this page for my test results and it was accurate, but nothing matches with your answers really well. The closest things are soft gamine or theatrical romantic I guess? Do any of those look right to you?

No. 144578

Thanks for responding :-)
I think theatrical romantic is what I'm closest to, though it doesn't fit entirely. My more masculine aspects (tall, large hands and feet, etc.) kind of contradict it.

No. 144587

The spinster club is comfy. We have a garden, good books, and its quiet. We do what we want when we want.

No. 145086

Do SG shirts really need a high neckline? or are they optional?

No. 145140

File: 1595768397132.jpg (63.72 KB, 500x635, IMG_9519.JPG)

I don't think Im bothered to tousle my hair everyday, nor do I think I look good with short hair (I used to have short hair 3 or 4 years ago without bangs and I don't think I look particularly nice with it). What are some alternative hair styles for SGs with very thick hair with curls near the end? Can I keep my hair slightly past collarbone length but tie some of my hair up? (Sorta like pic rel but without all the braids and curls)

No. 145143

Have you even tried reading anything about kibbe and SG for yourself at all?

No. 145763

I feel like,although my body is SG, my face isn't. For my face, I got:

No. 145765

can an fn wear this and look fine? rip

No. 145794

A yin blouse like this should look "seperate" on a broad, yangleaning FN frame. It's a very delicate, feminine blouse with small feminine details (like the buttons, the frills and the tiny bow). FN benefits from less delicate, unconstructed pieces and details should be larger. So if you want to go strictly by Kibbe rules, then the answer's no.

No. 145890

File: 1596228514438.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3264x2448, 35906512-28EF-43DC-96F0-AEDCE7…)

How can I style this tunic in a way that suits a SG. I bought it because of it’s very animated and feminine detail, however, I’ve been having trouble styling it since the hem reaches my crotch area, so it’s too short to be worn as a dress (so it has to be worn with trousers) but too long to be worn as a shirt and it gives me no waist emphasis, as a result, I look rather fat if I tuck it in or leave it untucked. What ways can I style this to make this tunic work? Should I have it altered so that it’s shorter?

No. 145891

File: 1596228560598.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3264x2448, 1926E71F-40C2-45A1-B803-0697AA…)

More detailed photo

No. 145893

No waist emphasis? It’s a tunic.

No. 145895

wear it with tight jeans

No. 145923

>no waist emphasis
>sits at crotch

Don't buy a tunic if you don't want it to work like a tunic lol? The only way you can probably style this, other than as a tunic, is to tuck it in with your bottoms pulled up higher than your natural waist.

No. 147116

File: 1597082236501.jpg (107.42 KB, 640x797, best dressed.jpg)

What kibbe type is best dressed/ Ashely? I'm getting theatrical romantic/ flamboyant gamine/ gamine vibes from her

No. 147122

This video has its issues and I do find her a little annoying with the pandering, but I'm glad more women can learn about and talk about kibbe and find it helpful to develop their style!

No. 147127

history of body typing systems video and their progression and changes.

No. 147136

Anybody an overweight soft classic? It was kind of funny looking at what kind of clothes are meant for me and seeing that I generally already wear that except I don’t define my waist much because of my gunt lol.

No. 147197

I appreciate your grasp on the english language fellow Ausanon

No. 147953

this is like my 5th time trying this, i got an equal amount of c and d, and i’m 5”9. reading conflicting things about height so what do you guys think?

No. 148006

File: 1597738332258.jpg (47.64 KB, 564x522, 08fd055581a2865e9c6fab7dd640f2…)

Any other flamboyant naturals here? most of the clothes suggested for this body look way too business and boujie. Any sort of casual outfit ideas?

No. 148019

File: 1597745252693.jpg (81.34 KB, 563x705, 4ea07814cad54a10244cfb03da48a2…)

Yes I'm FN aswell! Imo FN is easy for casual looks (I wouldn't even know where to start with a businesslook). For example a casual loose summer dress, especially in cotton or other slightly heavier fabrics is great. Or mom jeans with a relaxed open blouse, or in the winter with a chunky sweater and a long coat and a long scarf. A lot of what's in fashion right now fits natural types really well. Just avoid those really frilly dresses and tops with tiny prints. I think pic related is pretty good too: chunky, textured sweater with a big turtle neck. The pants aren't tight. sharp or very tailored but more relaxed aswell. Fabrics are natural. No sharp lines in the sneakers. The belt could technically be bigger for FN standards I guess. I'm no expert though!

No. 148020

Samefag, but I noticed that a lot of example pictures for FN are terribly ugly, outdated and aimed at older woman I guess. I really try to look at a piece of clothing and think: does this dress or top or whatever meet the recommendations for FN in terms of shape/fabric/silhouette/lines/details? It's so easy to get stuck in those example pics and think that's all you can wear.

No. 148398

Part two of Tiffany's series on kibbe, the four youtubers and her got typed by cozyrebekah and discuss how they feel about their results and the system as a whole. Ash Tanya and Daily Larisa (the Black and mixed race yters) really liked it, vs. Tiffany and the other two yters who thought it was like a fun buzzfeed quiz but wouldn't change how they dress. The system being developed by a man was a criticism from them.

The episode also talks a bit about body positivity vs. neutrality which was a good addition too. Acceptance is more realistic than positivity for women who struggle with body image.

No. 148429

The gal with the gunt should avoid pants that fit like that

No. 149163

Should I dye my hair and eyebrows a similar colour oto my skin? I'm a SG and I've always found myself constantly trying to play down the roundness of my face because I don't think it looks since, such as by wearing rectangular glasses with slightly rounded edges and keeping my hair at shoulder length, since I feel like short hair will make my face too rounded as well as my hair being a dry, frizzy mess kek

I want to lessen the contrast between my skin and hair.I'm either a +1 or +2 in terms of contrast, as my skin is olive, with my hair and eyes being very,very dark brown to the point of looking borderline black. Aly talked about women with ying, rounded faces being able to pull off having hair that is a similar colour as the skin in vid related, but I was wondering whether or not a SG would have the roundness to pull it off, since my eyes are moderately sized, lips are slightly small to average and my nose is a bit wide, and is sorta like the next pic, but aside from that, my face is pretty round and fleshy

No. 149164

File: 1598520863098.jpg (79.44 KB, 632x441, IMG_9933.JPG)

No. 149170

>my face is pretty round and fleshy
My guess would be yes

No. 149308

File: 1598604243106.jpg (55.5 KB, 740x987, 740full-matthew-clavane.jpg)

Can your face help you decide between types? I can't tell if I am D, DC or FG and my face looks like an uglier, more feminine, thinner-lipped and less square-jawed Matthew Clavane.

I am clearly yang-dominant but trying to really narrow it down is hard. >:(

No. 149331

How tall are you? D can be very tall and FG is quite short. DC isn't very tall either. Your height could help ruling one if not two out.

No. 149346

do you ladies think aly art's styling actually fits her? she seems separate from her quirky clothes and bob in videos.

No. 149369

165cm, I don't think it helps rule out any.

No. 149372

honestly can't tell because she cakes on so much makeup, it's obvious she draws on her mouth much larger than it is, plus keeps her eyes very wide open. really distracting. and the blonde looks awful

No. 149382

I think her clothing style looks a bit… frumpy? on her.

No. 149387

She typed herself wrong like so many wannabe soft gamines, so no she does not look good.

No. 149438

for sure I think her hair does not fit on her. She's cut it too short and straight

No. 149819

It's so weird because I think her eye for style on other people isn't that bad but she does not look cute at all. Her hair is particularly bad, but her makeup and clothes aren't great on her either. I think she dresses like an FG or a particularly funky SN, not SG at all. That might be for the best tho, I agree with >>149387 that she's probably not an SG anyway.

No. 150039

What would you say her body type actually is then? she's 5'3, so she's probably still in the gamine range

No. 150044

File: 1599131731538.jpg (106.86 KB, 500x711, collage2.jpg)

Is it possible that I may have mistyped myself as soft gamine? I'm 5'1 and sorta assumed I was a soft gamine since I got SC on the test, I do match the description of SG to an extent (since I have fairly round features, though that may be confirmation bias since I lack the curves or hourglass figure associated with SG) and I look quite skinny fat even when almost underweight.

I did the cozy rebekah test again, so here are my results

Bone structure
1. E
2. C
3. D
4. C

5. A
6. A or C (I wouldn't describe my breasts as taut. My beasts are small, but are in proportion to the rest of my body since my shoulders and hips are narrow/ roughly the same size)
7. C
8. A
9. E (only my thighs are fleshy, my upper arms are moderate and only vaguely fleshy)

Facial features
10. E
11. B or E (my nose is fairly wide, but it looks more rounded rather than blunt)
12. C or D or E (I legitimately can't tell, but I know for certainty my cheekbones aren't A or B)
13. D
14. C

No. 150084

File: 1599147863524.jpg (132.27 KB, 844x844, b26f8640b33e0d12e60527d2e9ca16…)

her full body looks like this, just a reminder for people.

No. 150166

merriam style talks about in some of her vids about there being a list of stores that sell clothing for each body type on her website, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. Does anyone have the list?

No. 150174

Imo the problem is gamine is not a good style for people that don't have an animated personality. You can still use the lines from it if your body shape is petite/head is huge but if your actual vibe isn't whimsical then the wild patterns, the contrasting colors etc are gonna look frumpy and weird. Smae goes for most of these styles tbh, if you don't embody that vibe then your dramatic clothing will look stupid too.

No. 150176

her head is gigantic, looks like a type of gamine to me.

No. 150216

I mean only gamines have the "whimsical" vibe or whatever, so basically everyone should dress for her type. But we already know.

No. 150288

tbh I think she could be a skinny romantic

No. 150327

Since when does big head = gamine

No. 150385

File: 1599415052087.jpg (23.11 KB, 410x539, twiggy.jpg)

Are flamboyant gamines and gamines naturally skinny looking when underweight/ regular weight? All the pictures I've seen of fg and g show that they never look skinnyfat ,even without exercising

No. 150389

Skinnyfat is when you have EXCESS fat despite normal BMI, NOT when you're skinny and don't have much muscles underneath for God's sake

No. 150399

How do you think that works, brainiac? Skinny fat people have a higher fat percentage than they do muscle mass, which is usually caused by eating little and doing no exercise. So while they are skinny, they are 'fat' because their muscles aren't being used. Yeah, you're right in that they have relatively normal BMIs, but this is skewed by their lack of muscle. If they had excess fat on top of an average amount of muscle, they would just be plain fat or job, hence why when most fatties lose weight through diet and exercise, they look more firm than an already skinny person would do.

No. 150673

I'm really confused regarding my body type. Before looking at a pic of myself while taking the test, I typed myself as SG, but ,now long at a photo whilst doing the test, I got soft dramatic… but I'm 5'1

My results were this;
Bone Structure of the Body: BDADADAA

Facial Bones:

Flesh on body

Facial features:

Am I flamboyant gamine or something? or should I dress like a soft dramatic despite being 5'1?

No. 151168

Was David Kibbe, when saying that Gamines are usually rare, only referring to white people only? I always see women who are 5'3 or under that aren't R or N being typed as gamines, but wouldn't that make most Asian women, which certainty aren't rare, gamines? The average height for women in Asian countries is 5'2 .Are all short women who don't have curves gamines?

No. 151172

He definitely did not account for anyone but white people.

No. 151176

>only referring to white people only?
It seems likely to me he was referring to the target demographic for selling his book. Which was presumably (white) American women. It makes no sense to say that there's a lot of gamines when he (to my knowledge) wasn't selling the book anywhere in Asia.

No. 151189

Answering your second question at the end. I'd say that, yes, if you're short and you lack curves, you're probably either G, FG, or SG

No. 151190

Do you think it's easier to get away with dressing not your type when you're skinny and attractive? Like it's not as noticeable? I've come to realize that a bunch of fashion influencers I follow don't dress according to their kibbe type but I still think they look really good (most of the time).

No. 151192

yeah skinny and facially pretty people can get away with most stuff. you'd have to have particularly bad fashion sense or proportions to look truly shitty in the "wrong" clothes.

No. 151198

Some of the recommendations, imo, are for women over a certain age, often with children- kibbe said himself that young women are meant to experiment and have fun. You see stuff about FN and D having to wear long lines– but a 20 yo model will look great in a miniskirt, no doubts about it.
Once you get really into the system, it's easy to think you're meant to follow it religiously, but … it's just a theory among hundreds. There's lots of ways to look great, especially if your body is fit. Plus the personalities associated to literal body types are a bit retarded, but he had to give it a special twist.

No. 151303

If you're short and not curvy, you could still be a SC or SN very easily and it's not impossible for petite women to be any type. There are max heights but no minimum heights for any type (allegedly).

Yeah, obviously. If you're skinny and hot you can wear almost anything.

No. 151602

I got
B: 3
C: 2
D: 6
and E:1

so confused what that makes me

No. 151736

I am not sure if I am a dramatic classic, soft dramatic, or soft classic. I am 5'6 so all of those are options.

Bone: Aace
Flesh: Aaddb
Face: Cecddcd

No. 152075

Is it possible to be a TR at 169cm?
Bone: CCDD
Flesh: DDDED

Please help anons my body dysmorphia won't let this drop

No. 152262

File: 1600779221761.png (1.94 MB, 1006x1595, kibbb.png)

Would someone be kind enough to type me? I've spent hours reading descriptions and watching videos and still can't figure it out. I'm 175cm (5 ft 9 in). My best guess is SD?
(also my cat says hi)

No. 152281

I'm not seeing a yang skeleton, I wouldn't type you as a dramatic.

No. 152283

Kek at the kitty looking up at you all curious

No. 152317

That's what I thought too, my test came out as TR but then I found out it's a meme in the Kibbe community that everyone gets TR at first because that's what everyone wants to be. And also that being 5'9 means you're automatically some kind of dramatic

Took all my strength not to bend down and pet her lol

No. 152354

SD for sure. length+narrowness+curves

No. 152362

Thanks anon! I'll do some more reading but I'm 90% set on SD now

No. 152367

File: 1600863772088.jpg (816.31 KB, 1925x3622, Snapchat-1335030459.jpg)

Trying to figure out my type but I'm just getting more confused, would be really grateful for another opinion?

No. 152370

i'd say soft classic, just because you don't look short enough to be a romantic
t. don't know shit about kibbe

No. 152398

The height thing is mostly irrelevant imo. It's more about your proportions, how tall you look out of context, when nobody is standing near you and no object that indicates relative scale is around you. I do think you look tall but soft so SD does make sense. At first the contrast between the dark tights nude upper body and the lighting threw me off.

No. 156513

Can someone type Jennie Kim?
I am Caucasian and more haggard/exaggerated than her in the face obviously, but we have markedly similar colouring and facial proportions/face shape, and I definitely look better in the kind of hairstyles she tends towards, so I'm curious!

No. 156518

She is probably a flamboyant gamine

No. 156539

File: 1603605693112.jpg (71.08 KB, 736x736, 0418f7c83e8d22871d88d68531e517…)

I'd say she's a soft gamine

No. 156544

It'd be better to type yourself than base your type on someone else's. Even minor differences can change your type. I agree she's a type of gamine though.

No. 159048


That's for all women who are taller than 5'9: You are limited to Dramatic, Soft Dramatic, or Flamboyant Natural. Always.

It doesn't matter how uwu cute you are, you are tall which means your body is yang dominant. There are no tall Gamines. It doesn't matter if people are taller in country.

Still, you can dress how you want. I love seeing Koreaboos, Weebs and other giraffes who look like giant retarded uwu babies kek

No. 160452

File: 1605807539123.png (2.15 MB, 906x1458, Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 17.36…)

What is Megan? Is it just me or does she look a bit weird in this dress. Why is that?

No. 160459

I don't know what type she is, but I'd say she looks weird cuz pink ruffles and girly aesthetic clash against her sexy mature look

No. 160465

I've seen her typed as dramatic classic a lot.

No. 160509

File: 1605838192072.jpg (91.77 KB, 547x420, FaceApp_1604615964624.jpg)

I'm jealous of these selfposters bodies. I look like pic related

No. 160627

i did this test https://13perfectshapes.wordpress.com/13ps-kibbe-quiz-female-version/ and got a score of 77, which is one point above dramatic classic but not enough for gamine, is there something in the middle of these or should i just round down to dramatic classic and look at that?

No. 161539

I'm a tr who notoriously gets mistaken for sg at first because I have a babyface, it's a shitty combination because when I dress in a typical tr manner it looks out of place but when I go for sg I look like a ddlg degenerate cosplaying a child
the only thing Ik flatters me is clothes that fit well around my waist but idk what else i can do
wish i could wear fg, sd or even d lines honestly

No. 161544

Queen PT is that you??

No. 161553

is it possible to be TR with small to medium breasts?

No. 161569

File: 1606623208078.jpg (19.65 KB, 512x512, 1578278779174.jpg)

I did this test and I got 140 so it's between theatrical romantic and romantic. No idea what that means. People tell me I have childish face and I'm not sure if neoteny even fits into that type? So I don't know if I did this test right kek
also ,I have zero fashion sense and I feel like I don't look good in anything

No. 161570

Took this test and got a score of 87. One point below gamine and 11 points above dramatic classic. I took another test before and I got TR. I'm not really sure if I'm near gamine because I don't have a babyface. In fact, I'd say I have an old face. I always get mistaken for looking older than my age.