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File: 1651189126313.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x3000, hbz-worst-trends-80s-gettyimag…)

No. 259692

previous thread: >>156715

talk about current or old fashion trends that trigger your gag reflex

No. 259694

File: 1651189240099.jpg (200.54 KB, 1500x1500, halsey-buzz-cut-tiktok-video.j…)

I completely and utterly hate the zoomer/tiktok buzzcut trend. especially when they overcompensate with over the top earrings and eyeliner. Very very few women can pull it off without looking like a tennis ball.

No. 259697

File: 1651190238949.jpg (204.52 KB, 394x512, kaitlyn having trouble on the …)

I hate this stupid ugly ass fashion, kill it with fire.

No. 259698

File: 1651190262691.jpeg (179.94 KB, 1400x1400, kaitlyn.jpeg)

This is also a really ugly shirt

No. 259699

what fashion? that dress?

No. 259700

File: 1651190307961.jpg (87.32 KB, 853x640, 1stmeet.jpg)

you'll all come for me but i am ready.

No. 259701

objectively wrong

No. 259708

Stop shitting up every thread with your Kaitlyn Tiffany schizo vendetta

No. 259710

File: 1651191831427.jpg (49.78 KB, 600x900, image.jpg)

I love this style but I also love women with shaved heads so

I hate how this style of too small ill fitted clothes was popular in the 90s/2000s. It looks like the clothes came from the kids section

No. 259712

I agree, and I was into Lolita when I was a teenager. It really just looks good in photo shoots, IRL it just looks tacky and costume-y 99% of the time.

No. 259715

File: 1651194498790.jpg (78.36 KB, 570x737, il_570xN.690909096_8jxs.jpg)

If I ever have to see a keep calm shirt again

No. 259718

> Very very few women can pull it off
Lies, it looks good on everyone

No. 259729

honestly i've never thought it looks good in photoshoots. it always looks too tacky and costumey. just not into it. the shoes are especially atrocious.

No. 259756

File: 1651213299806.jpg (373.74 KB, 1920x2470, cropped-oorbel-header.jpg)

There was a time it was popular to wear one massive earring with a fake flower, but nothing in the other. It looked so retarded and it all started because of a TV show iirc.
>I completely and utterly hate the zoomer/tiktok buzzcut trend.
Disagreed. It actually feels like progress, because we're made to feel like women's souls are in our hair and that we lose our womanhood when we lose the hair, voluntarily or not.
>especially when they overcompensate with over the top earrings and eyeliner.
I do agree with this, it comes across as insecure and like they perform femininity even harder to make up for the buzzcut. Not that I have a problem with a buzzcut and make-up, but it looked a lot less forced on someone like Annie Lennox.

No. 259823

File: 1651248610317.jpg (55.32 KB, 563x805, 604435ed32e531e36419a0374fd2ad…)

I only like classic lolita and when the dresses are shaped like picrel (not cupcake shaped). I think usual lolita fits look really tacky, espcially sweet dresses. It's literally a style based upon historical clothing bastardization and asian cluelessness about rococo fashion, so it was meant to look like shit from the start

No. 259827

Buzzcuts look good on women or men as long as they have stronger features.

No. 259842

Nta but funny enough I've met a lot of lolita fashion people who have had to distance themselves from the hobby because of pedo baiters and genuine pedophiles lurking around. I feel really bad for these people because they just want to dress like >>259823 and it's being ruined by kink people and troons

No. 259848

How is the most unsexy, frumpy, conservative, skin-covering fashion in existence pedo-baiting? At this point you could call women pedo-bait simply for existing because there's going to be a moid who has a fetish for ANYTHING a woman does or wears or says in existence.

No. 259856

NTA but because of the name and the style is based on what a young girl would wear in the 1800s. I don't think the women who like the style are pedobaiting but I understand why it comes across like it.

No. 259857

I agree it's unsexy but I wouldn't say "frumpy." A huge amount of lolitas are into weird ddlg shit and even for the ones that aren't I will always find it as a whole questionable why a grown woman would want to be covered in bows and stuffed animals and symbols associated with childhood

No. 259859

They are grown women dressing like toddlers. It's called lolita. Trying to say it has nothing to do with pedos is such a cope

No. 259862

This TBH

No. 259865

File: 1651259827381.jpg (53.54 KB, 382x521, f1fc4b17d646d95e1a87010a3f395d…)

It's based on Rococo fashion which adult women dressed in.

No. 259867

>It's called lolita.
If you're referring to the pedo novel, Lolita the fashion came first. I don't even like lolita, it's tacky and ugly but your reasoning for calling it pedo has no basis. Women can't even wear a fashion that's the opposite of male-gaze and still be accused of pedo-pandering. Truly a shit world for women to live in.

No. 259868

>It actually feels like progress, because we're made to feel like women's souls are in our hair and that we lose our womanhood when we lose the hair, voluntarily or not.

ayrt and hm. never actually thought about it like that. you make a good point. I tend to only ever see it on tryhard genderkweers where I live, so maybe it's more a bed bug with the type of people I see with buzzcuts

No. 259869

File: 1651260241505.png (1.5 MB, 768x1024, image0.png)

if you knew anything about the history of lolita you would know its the exact opposite. it started as a street fashion in japan and is a VERY modest fashion. it was a counter-culture created to oppose hypersexualized looks in fashion at the time. young women were mocked in the streets for wearing this fashion. it's quite literally the opposite of everything you speak of. i recommend the book "so pretty/very rotten" to you, or just watch/read "kamikaze girls". it was very common in the tumblr days to put no nsfw/ddlg/sissies in your bio. essentially, lolita fashion is based as fuck.

No. 259870

File: 1651260351412.png (171.78 KB, 293x492, victoriangirl.png)

No, it's clearly based on Victorian children's clothing and doll outfits.

No. 259871

nta but I'm genuinely curious as to how the style became known as lolita given the connotations re: the novel etc

No. 259872

Literally no one gives a fuck about 'empowering' consoomerism cope-chan

No. 259873

>Lolita by Nabokov was published in 1955
>first use of "lolita" to describe the fashion style was in 1987
but lolitas will tell you this is somehow just a coincidence and has no pedophilic undertones

No. 259874

what? no, the fashion has been around since the 1970s, the book was written in the 1950s.

No. 259883

in the book "so pretty/very rotten" they come to a conclusion that no one knows why. it seems that no one can figure out where the term "lolita" in regards to the fashion originated. thats why i usually like to just call it "lolita fashion" vs "lolita" because the fashion bit differentiates it. but normies and men will never really get it.

No. 259885

i don't even wear lolita fashion, just a special interest of mine

No. 259890

You might see them even more during the 2010s revival

No. 259892

not op but I think it only looks good on women with a face like sinead o'conner otherwise they end up looking like that girl idubbz is with.

No. 259893

File: 1651264153258.jpeg (70.75 KB, 640x680, 66B93D45-98F2-4ACA-938D-972D14…)

Menhera fashion. There was a point where I liked it when I was a teenager, and the original message was okay, but it just grew to look so tacky. There’s a reason it died. Also, all of the ‘discord’ on tumblr about it was annoying. Whether or not blood was okay to use was one argument. I think some people did go too far sometimes, I saw one photo of a fakeboy posing with a cpap for a photoshoot. It was just such a weird trend, and the way it devolved into ugly prints and combining fetish wear is what killed it, and killed whatever message it was trying to make too.

No. 259894

File: 1651264250628.jpeg (159.17 KB, 1080x1080, 61B720F6-722F-490E-BE8C-0B375C…)


No. 259897

KEK not the fucking CPAP oh my god.
>fuck off grandma you bitch I NEED your CPAP mask for a menhera photoshoot. For the last fucking time my name is RIN, NOT JENNIFER REEE

No. 259904

Sage 4 megasperg

Those godforsaken flower dresses/skirts, especially when they're wrap dresses and are made of that super thin material.. I have nightmares about those things.

Disagree, when they use a limited color palette, no or minimal prints and it's not too OTT accessories wise I think it can look nice. You do need to have a very very feminine face to pull it off though, a lot of the time it can make regular women look like troons solely because it's so over the top girly and the constrast is so stark.

I actually liked this trend lol, I was pretty young when it was popular and I always begged my mom if I could buy a pair but she said it was tacky haha. would still wear it, no shame.

I agree, I actually find it quite sad that the original message got so lost since it's an important subject.

No. 259917

File: 1651269792636.jpeg (130.39 KB, 1400x787, 005.jpeg)

Pastel goth, pastel grunge, and other variants. I just think pastels and black look ugly together and a lot of the prints look tacky, and pastel grunge barely looks grunge at all, it's not grimey enough tbh.

No. 259918

it only looks good if you have good balance between your dome and your jaw. like sinead o'conner has a good balance, while anisa has a bigger jaw compared to her head. a larger head vs. jaw looks bad with bald/buzzcut as well, like an alien head

No. 259919

I like the color palette, but the prints and accessories they use all look so Walmart.

No. 259922

File: 1651271233924.png (65 KB, 440x527, Business_casual_male_&_female.…)

i hate this and idk if i can explain why. maybe it's the khaki. khaki makes me furious.

No. 259923

File: 1651271437611.jpg (648.17 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_m4fk4rYMx21qfvrzvo1_128…)

I hate the killstar, shitty wigs, print heavy pastel goth but pic rel is still iconic.

No. 259927

This was basically my school uniforms and it triggers my fight response. Disgusting khakis and polo shirts

No. 259928

there is some discussion that it was probably named lolita on purpose, because it is an alt fashion and it's meant to be counterculture and fuck with people. like how punk is called punk… cause people were probably calling them punk kids and other things for looking how they did at the time. i guess it could also be like "reclaiming the word" in that case.

No. 259931

File: 1651275141100.jpeg (128.33 KB, 652x762, rockabilly.jpeg)

the combination of heavy tattoos/ piercings, minnie mouse polka dot dresses and big red plastic glasses were just jarring for me

No. 259935

wow I totally forgot about this site until you posted this pic. It's a shame it's so outdated now, some of the new "scenes" would be gold for a site like this

No. 259936

File: 1651278756245.jpeg (93.73 KB, 400x567, BA8F8A5A-B5CE-4056-A32C-1DD5A0…)

Agreed. And I don’t know what it is about rockabilly and pin-up that attracts fatties. But the outfits still look hideous even on skinny people. I think it’s the frumpy outfits, clashing prints, and bad hairstyles.

No. 259937

they conflate being curvy with being morbidly obese. I think it has to do with the flagrant misconception that Marylin Monroe was plus sized, which was heavily recited in the early bodiposi days

No. 259946

God it's so tacky. I never see anyone wear it anymore except for older millennials, and thank god for that. When it comes to dressing historically I think that the less accurate it is to the time period the tackier it looks. Like when you see victory rolls so huge they look like barrels on top of the head. The loud prints, the cheap polyester clothing, are all elements that make it look costumey.

No. 259949

File: 1651290662247.jpg (1.9 MB, 1411x1734, tule.jpg)

This thing Brazilian influencers are trying (succeeding) to make happen.

No. 259954

Rockabilly was cute in theory but was taken up by white trash and cholas that ruined it

No. 259959

File: 1651295700604.jpg (276.38 KB, 930x1632, Screenshot_20220430-001402.jpg)

Kek that bs never fails to amuse me

No. 259978

Those are just the current trends anon.

No. 260007

and fatties

No. 260015

File: 1651317120654.jpg (623.44 KB, 2000x2000, 5waystostylewhitepants.jpg)

I hate white pants, specially combined with autumn/winter colours.

No. 260017

File: 1651317251576.jpg (2.21 MB, 1680x2284, Sydne-Style-shows-how-to-wear-…)

This entire outfit as well.

No. 260021

this isn't relevant fashion at all tho. Why do you hate fashion people stopped wearing in 2015.

No. 260023

>talk about current or old fashion trends that

No. 260031

This is already a thread in the catalog

No. 260069

gooood my mom ended up crafting a shitload of those single earrings with the intention of selling them
but instead of flowers, it's a tiny embroidered pillow with a hole in the middle or the corner.
surprise surprise, she never sold one.

No. 260095

As an inverted triangle these types of clothes are the only ones that look good on me

No. 260132

tartan jackets

No. 260146

thats not a cpap thats just a generic nebulizer mask you can get from amazon for 5 bucks lol, not very edgy

seeing this fashion style did give me a weird flashback to some webcomic that i came across in middle school or high school about a hospital staff or something but it was in this kawaii cutesy guro artstyle, wish i could find it again

No. 260204


the hate i have for those converses is unreal

No. 260269

They age girls so much, they just make every 22 year old look like a frumpy mom at a garden party

No. 265278

There was no such thing as children’s fashion back then as there is now. Girls would wear the same type of clothing as women. The reason why Victorian dolls wore those types of clothing was to replicate what was typical in fashion as the time.

Most hemlines in Lolita range from slightly above the knee to floor-length to fit into to modern tastes.

No. 265290

while you're at it, i also hate the jeans she's wearing. i know i'm the only girl in 2022 who still wears skinny jeans but those mom jeans make me look like a fucking clown

No. 265294

The crotch/fly on those jeans are atrocious. Idk how to describe it but they always look gross to me

No. 265306


The girl in the middle looks cute but the rest look just awful. I hate the wigs especially. I remember buying stuff from lolita brands when I was a teenager and being shocked at how horrible the quality is for how expensive some of that stuff was. The purses were extra terrible.. They look so cheap and bad.

No. 265308

I always liked the 'idea' of rockabilly, but it was always just frumpy girls in ill-fitting Hellbunny dresses and the dudes were always fat and ugly IRL

No. 265317

yes and it filled up and got locked. are you stupid?

No. 265318

I absolutely hate high-rise mom jeans. It's the most unflattering look on me, I look like I'm wearing a fucking diaper and I feel so frumpy. Hate hate hate.

No. 265332

What's ill fitted? The top fits her fine and those are just low rise trousers. Low rise trousers were just the style at the time.

No. 265333

anon that post was made before it got filled up kek. obviously it's filled up now.

No. 265345

I had a top that looked just like this from Armani Exchange and I felt sooo hot in it haha

No. 265527

File: 1653196257877.png (180.16 KB, 276x373, toddlerfashion.PNG)

ive never seen actual children dressed like >>259823 in my entire life
picrel is much more like what children actually wear. i hate it more than anything.

No. 273853

File: 1657139882384.png (1 MB, 800x947, why.png)

Why is BDSM gear a fashion statement now? The pastel themes really gives off retarded child at amusements park that needs a leash vibes too kek

No. 273859

lolita is children's clothes from the victorian era, not modern. it also is based on the book name, which was popular in japan at the time and the source of the term lolicon (lolita complex) which japan uses to describe pedophilia as a mental condition.

No. 273869

Ngl I like that, where can I cop that toddler dress?

No. 273876

File: 1657146479908.jpeg (101.69 KB, 469x600, 759D8F5B-EAD5-4E6C-913A-255F34…)

Children in the Victorian era would wear the same sort of clothes as adults

No. 273890

Nobody is entirely sure where the name came from given that the sources are 30-40 year old out-of-print magazines written in Japanese, but there is evidence that the style was evolving for some time before it was given the name "lolita". A few theories I've seen about the name involve the meaning being lost in translation (and some cultural attitudes being different), disapproving outsiders giving the fashion a derogatory name, the word simply sounding "cute", ironic use, or some combination thereof, or it could be none of the above. One thing is for certain, the vast majority of modern female wearers are NOT fetishists or find the style in any way sexual. For me and most other lolitas I know, we just like the aesthetic of silly frilly dresses and it's nothing deeper than that.
By no means do you have to like the fashion, but I would like to dissuade you from perpetuating the myth of sexual degeneracy

No. 273893

File: 1657153056317.jpeg (221.85 KB, 750x1133, 04636F17-E64A-4C89-BCEC-22354F…)

To my knowledge, the bdsm gear as a fashion statement started with punks in the 70s and since then it’s kind of been a part of a lot of alternative fashion subcultures. The pastel harnesses are just riding off of that.

No. 273897

NTA but i've never seen children dress like your picrel either, only older women

No. 273921

Old post but yeah what a blast from the past. I'd love to see a contemporary equivalent to yourscenesucks; I'm sure there are anons here who are talented and angry enough to make one.

No. 273991

File: 1657214036743.jpg (213.45 KB, 1000x1000, babydress.jpg)

you've really never seen a child wear a dress like this?

No. 273994

As you picture demostrates, little girls would wear short puffy skirts while women hid their ankles. Lolitas want to look like Victorian dolls, not adult women.

No. 274001

Victorian dolls dressed in contemporary fashions of the time. The reason why the children’s hemlines are short is to allow for movement. The reason why adult women in the Victorian era would wear floor-length hemlines is because ,aside from it being a part of the fashion at the time, women’s legs and thighs were highly sexualised. The reason why modern lolitas wear knee-length skirts (even though contemporary silhouettes in classic lolita tend to lean towards longer hemlines) is to allow for movement and because shorter hemlines look better on shorter women

No. 274003

imagine being so retarded you don't see the differences in these two dresses.

No. 274012

Isn't this just a muumuu?

No. 274050

File: 1657241417941.png (1.46 MB, 1000x1250, 8_1200x.png)

kind of related to this >>265273 but yea
i hate the trend of wearing cute puff sleeve tops or corset tops with just jeans and sneakers. I understand the idea of pairing something that feels more feminine/dressy? with something casual to make it more "wearable" but just slapping it on with jeans and sneakers looks like a mismatch and is unflattering.
also there's a trend of doing the opposite now, "dressing up" athletic wear with blazers and shit. it looks fucking stupid.

No. 274052

File: 1657243012116.jpeg (130.02 KB, 827x1014, 507DA2C1-F198-4CF3-B6A1-6665C0…)

I hate this whole "aesthetic" that is popular among zoomers.

No. 274054

Would not mind having that weird cat in my livingroom though, tbh

No. 274059

It looks like a penecostal girl who's parents won't let her be goth

No. 274060

IMHO if you’re over the age of like 18-19 these are way too juvenile. And I hate being the age police for fashion but it looks so off when totally grown women wear stuff like this.

No. 274061

File: 1657250046092.jpg (456.33 KB, 600x600, sunfloweroveralls.jpg)

I hate how fucking low-effort graphic designers and textile designers have gotten these days. Compare the bland, cheap, unexciting patterns to those of the old days.

No. 274062

I think they’re cute and I would wear one and I’m 21 and I suppose I’m gonna look like an evil stepmom wearing my teenage daughters clothes!!!

No. 274130

Kek imagine thinking this is a witty remark

No. 274277

That's why so many people are into vintage clothing me included.

Clothes made in china are worthless and even dangerous with all the toxics in chemical and dye.

No. 274941

File: 1657674680382.jpeg (16.39 KB, 225x225, 24128B8C-A513-4C99-8E43-B8D2F7…)

I hate when people try to make weird designs with their eyeliner on just regular occasions. Especially when they can’t do it or pull it off. What I hate the most is goth eyeliner with a normal ass outfit. Just looks like a half assed Halloween costume, especially if you can’t do it well, and I’m pretty sure most people can’t. I saw a girl today with it eyeliner on that looked like the picture, it was all scribbly and shit, and she looked so BAD.

No. 274942

Also, same person here. I forgot to add. A few days ago I also saw a girl who drew roses on her face, coming out of her eyeliner unironically. It almost looked like it was made with crayola marker or something. Her outfit was all screwy too, and she was ugly. Looked like sid the sloth with bright red lipstick on.

No. 274947

I blame pandemic-era TikTok's misplaced craving for cringey aughts fashion for making the eyeliner doodles come back into fashion.

No. 274948

I knew a girl who just did really shitty eyeliner and mascara smears on her inner eye area with no defined edge, it looked clumpy and stupid as fuck but she wore it like that every day

No. 274953

I do that sometimes with eyeshadow if I don’t have time. But I wear glasses, so it’s a little hard to tell. But with mascara???? Is that even comfortable tf?

No. 274954

Nevermind, same person here. I read that totally wrong.

No. 274955

jeez you sound fucking boring. i'm sick of seeing boring becky's with winged eyeliner on a daily basis that don't have an ounce of creativity in their bodies to do something interesting with it. in 2022 there is zero reason to wear makeup if you're not even going to be remotely creative with it.

No. 274956

But wasn't eyeliner like OP's pic worn that way in the 80s tho? Most 80s/original goth makeup I see looks similar to that, while the swirly kind was 2000s.

No. 274957

I agree. Ppl are bored so they spend hours on eyeliner, as if eyeliner isn’t already the most frustrating part of makeup. They see these tutorials done by professionals and they try to pull them off but they just CANT. I understand an extra colorful line or maybe even some neon liner if you’re going to a club but if you’re gonna do some clown type shit with hearts and stars and frogs and mushrooms or whatever, you might as well just hire a 6 year old girl with some stencils. Only do it if you know you can, and very very very few people can. Some designs are as tedious as ophthalmology work. What happened to simplicity? Save the patterns for your clothes.

No. 274958

80s are coming back tho. In terms of normal fashion there’s scrunchies, puffed sleeves, and high waisted jeans. I’ve seen the look in the picture.

No. 274960

My point is mostly when people do it badly, or it doesn’t match with their outfit. You can have a different opinion.

No. 274964

show me bad examples of people doing what you describe. if it's just "i don't like it because it's not what i consider normal" then that's just a matter of taste, not skill…

No. 274970

File: 1657682596119.png (Spoiler Image,97.25 KB, 800x634, Pioneer_plaque.svg.png)

this is sending me

why that template?

No. 274973

i support ugly make up made by ugly and unskilled people because it challenges the patriarchal beauty ideas

No. 274980

Kek. This is the depop aesthetic. I think it's meant to look original and unique but it all looks the same with the same 5 brands being in rotation. It's like committing to being an edgy emo teen but only a fifth of the way with random vintage japanese pieces. It doesn't make any fucking sense and will be another "wtf were we thinking" moment as bad as early 2000s fashion.

Funny enough, I make a profit off the dumbfuck teens who buy this garbage on Depop so the longer this trend lives, the better for me. I think it's been dying down though. Seems like a spoiled LA kid who's terminally online type of thing and desperate upper class east coast children who are trying to emulate them.

No. 274981

Upper middle class* definitely not the upper class. Mb.

No. 274986

File: 1657694777688.gif (955.11 KB, 300x162, 1541753092946.gif)

You're wrong anon

No. 275005

File: 1657709498230.png (1.32 MB, 1085x950, eyeliner.png)

It legit looked like the eye makeup in picrel, slightly edited for accuracy

No. 275012

File: 1657711766510.jpeg (473.12 KB, 640x1138, E7E95619-8DBA-4469-A30B-F3ED8E…)

No. 275165

File: 1657772618959.jpg (88.15 KB, 1571x2000, 17147773pa_14_r.jpg)

the boots are one thing but everything that's just a regular shoe with a split toe looks dumb as fuck

No. 275167

Yup. Ugly.

No. 275185

No. 275192

>n 2022 there is zero reason to wear makeup if you're not even going to be remotely creative with it
Are you in fucking high school? Most jobs require women to wear flattering and "basic" makeup

No. 275245

I'm sorry, where do you live so that I can avoid it?
Maybe I'm just a privileged North American but nothing from customer service to an office gig REQUIRED makeup. In fact no one has ever mentioned my bare face to me.

Being hot does help with job searching, but I'm a solid 5 with clear physical "flaws" and acne and it has not impeded my working life. I was even fat, ugly, and masc when I got my very first job. Customers would literally call me sir kek.

No. 275261

File: 1657824123976.jpeg (161.76 KB, 1124x1460, 69E56136-9491-47A7-AC09-AE3F84…)

Everything is square toed now and it straight looks like duck feet I hate it

No. 275267

You're 100% right it looks stupid, as much as they want to force it as regular day wear it's just an ugly jfashion costume. Frumpy, all the prints look retarded. If you wear this shit in public you're either a hambeast or a pick me with insecurity issues.
Having said that almost all of jfashion is ugly as hell. Nobody can pull it off including the Japanese.

No. 275268

Loved this style when I was in middle school which is the only acceptable age to find this "good looking". Now it just looks cringe to me esp. when I see the fat western women with glasses or genderspecials wearing it. Cringe.

No. 275272

>or a pick me with insecurity issues
I don't like lolita styles either but I swear pickme has no meaning anymore, why would someone trying to get male attention get involved with a female-only subculture that involves wearing weird frumpy unsexy doll dresses? Men have always thought lolita looks hideous

No. 275273

Being masc is different since people basically expected you to not wear makeup, if you're pretty feminine but don't wear makeup you'll get hounded with "you look tired/sick" type stuff. I've had employers straight up act confused because "there's nothing on your face"

No. 275277

This. The entire point of lolita is to wear fashion that empowers you by covering up and not appealing to the male gaze. It is all about self femininity for nobody but yourself.
Pickme should be redtexted at this point. I feel like newfags use it to integrate but just fail miserably

No. 275311

I've also been feminine since around 2018 and still have had no issues with employment, having worked two different jobs since then. The only comment I got was "You're wearing makeup, huh" when I wore it badly once to cover up rough acne kek. I stopped shortly afterwards.

Maybe I've just lucked out. Women look great without makeup and I know it's annoying to reapply, so it sucks you guys feel forced into it.
I'll continue as I am in hopes to contribute to further normalization of the female face. Maybe future women won't have this experience.

No. 275350

Maybe it's a weird expectation of certain women? I'm considered "attractive" by a lot of people and get questioned if people don't feel like I put enough effort into my appearance whether it comes to clothes, dieting, gym, makeup and hair, etc. Meanwhile it seems like unattractive women could wear or do whatever they want and no one cares

No. 275368

>it seems like unattractive women could wear or do whatever they want and no one cares
Topkek, couldn't be further from the truth.

No. 275382

Depends who you ask I suppose. Most people I know often talk about how being average or below average essentially makes them invisible which imo is more favorable than to have people expect you to maintain your appearance 24/7. You can read a lot of posts online about people who have weight fluctuations and take note that fat and out of shape people are invisible where as fit people with naturally attractive feature have everyone and their mom giving them "advice"

No. 275383

If you get advice to fix your appearance, you're very unattractive. People will tell unattractive people they look good and need to fix just x y and z but that never gets told to actual attractive men or women. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 275419

never heard of this. like ever. being attractive almost always results in ppl never giving you advice on your looks unless you ask for it. not trying to humble brag, but i did work in the fashion world and walked for valentino (many years ago) and i’ve never received advice unless it was from my supervisor, (and that’s his job)

when i got chubby for a year or two after having twins, i got advice left and right. the advice immediately stopped after i lost the weight. I have to agree with >>275383

No. 275423

if you are attractive with a good body, you can wear a trashcan and people will love your uniqueness.

No. 275448

Average privilege is never being sexually harassed or stalked and also never being bullied, it seems.
By this logic I (the no makeup anon) am attractive, which just isn't true. I don't get advice nor do I get fully ignored, just the right amount of positive attention but not overwhelmingly so.

It really must be cultural if anons have such wildly different experiences. Or maybe it's precedent?
When model anon gained weight, people compared her to her pre-baby self. When makeup anon went bare face people compared her to her made up self. If you're always bare or bmi 22 or something, there is no previous standard for comparison.

No. 275479

i wouldn’t say that average or ugly looking women don’t get stalked or sexually harassed. i’ve heard so many horror stories about how men actually go after women like that because they know no one will believe them. scrotes that get off on fear and pain are in it for just that, the person doesn’t even have to be beautiful

No. 275511

They go after shy/timid, glasses-wearing, dorky looking women because they think they are easier targets. It's expectedly predatory behaviour from males.

Anon I've never worn makeup before either, and my manager/friends/family/aqaintences - literally no one - has ever mentioned my lack of it before either. I think comparison has to explain it; with nothing to compare it to, most people don't recognise if a woman is wearing make up or not.

No. 279800

File: 1659736659622.jpg (160.67 KB, 556x879, torn jeans.jpg)

ripped up jeans. I get the appeal of jeans looking somewhat distressed or heaving a hole here and there but I've seen jeans with so many holes that there's more holes than fabric and just like.. what's even the point, it looks so stupid

No. 279802

File: 1659737228769.png (685.2 KB, 1300x685, but why.png)

slightly unrelated but here's some other ones I found.. do people actually wear this shit

No. 279803

the jhong lmao

No. 279805

Tbh I still don't get the appeal of jeans looking lightly distressed.

No. 279946

God I'm sick of not being able to buy demin shorts that aren't distressed. The only ones I've found this year are longer and clearly meant for middle-aged women

No. 279948

the first page alone has more normal shorts than distressed ones. and longer shorts are the trend right now nonna, they're meant for everyone.

No. 311218

File: 1675410565311.jpeg (55.29 KB, 495x619, 4634164A-CE5E-470C-9886-BD0E1D…)

Absolutely hate the whole Matilda djerf Bella hadid street style thing infecting influencers today. I’m sick and tired of these weird ass outfits that everyone is trying to convince me is good street style. Everyone looks like a cracked out hobo or a romulan with these oversized jackets. It’s getting ridiculous

No. 311253

Who the hell is Matilda Djerf and why is she famous? I keep hearing that name and seeing her photo, and people on tt are talking and talking about her being 'goals' but she just seems like another basic white girl.

No. 311290

I hate it because the whole idea of it is "I'm so skinny and hot that I can pull off this fugly fit". Meaning very, very few can dress like that. That's the whole point. To top it off, in your example we have the "I'm super skinny but look at me walking down the street shoving carbs in my face!"

No. 311291

File: 1675458516882.jpg (251.45 KB, 1242x1541, 9ecd33b084cd3b401c4b118d2ff10e…)

>Matilda Djerf
Her style is basic but I appreciate some of the more masculine, oversized fits that have no regard for the traditional hourglass silhouette. Millennials were hell bent on always having a portion of your outfit be super tight, meanwhile these new trends allow women to dress in looser, comfortable clothes and still be stylish.

No. 311293

It's just the Annie Hall look, kek

No. 311301

File: 1675464794478.png (95.32 KB, 240x336, Screenshot 2023-02-03 175008.p…)

This design 100% only works on boots, i feel like the other designs are just trying to milk the popularity of the tabi design.

I've been seeing random articles where they are trying to make these panties a thing. I remember in the 2010s era where they tried and failed. A lot of these publications forget that most women aren't skinny like Hadid so we would be walking around with our asschecks out look ratchet as fuck.

No. 311332

Although the panties outside look isn’t catching on, those god awful mini uggs Bella is wearing are. The bleached brows, everyone looking sweaty… I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss the 2010s. At least some of them looked clean.

No. 311683

>The tranny on the left


No. 326190

File: 1683460353478.jpg (72.21 KB, 600x600, 7b130e396fad5e89da764b92acf68e…)

I hate tiny backpacks, it's the tiny straps. I think I had one once and when I walked it kept bouncing against my back, the straps were very uncomfortable whenever I put something slightly heavy inside of it. And the worst is how they ususally come in hideous colors and patterns.

No. 326323

Just lose weight so you’ll fit inside the cute shorts ?

No. 326329

You are a shit troll.

No. 326426

File: 1683512925273.jpg (93.16 KB, 580x580, m_6424cc989464f316349b229d.jpg)

i hate the demonia fur platform boots, especially the colorful ones. i don't know if it's just because they're hideous or because i see every single "alt" or "baddie" zoomer with them on. this is why i prefer vintage demonias, they were still shit quality but they at least had better designs. now they're more focused on making rave designs like these and their ugly knee-high holographic buckle platforms that went viral a few years ago. zoomers can't style them either, I've seen one wearing them with a sweater and blue skinny jeans.

No. 326427

File: 1683513198382.jpg (10.26 KB, 300x300, s_605858a88be9132a03af87be.jpg)

samefag, i love fur boots but there's something so hideous about that specific demonia design. i own similar boots to picrel and they're far more practical and less obnoxious looking, at least in my opinion

No. 326439

this are some stacy ass boots anon

No. 326675

It's probably the fact that the shoes look incredibly cartoony and have exaggerated proportions that are throwing you off, i think that's also my issue with demonias. They aren't really made to be worn outside a club or special event which is probably why the quality has never improved over the years. They are also a quick and easy way to seem more fashionable and edgy than you actually are.

No. 326873

those type of demonias existed already almost 20 years ago

No. 326886

Woah woah woah. Wait.

These are amazing. How would these be styled? I'm assuming with a skirt or dress? How would one wear these with pants? omg

No. 326893

These remind me of the type of shoes Disney Channel would clumsily dress their actresses in the 2010s. Trashy

No. 326989

not in the neon colours. I think it’s mostly because those types of dollskill type rave platforms have become so popular in recent years and I’m sick of them. I think if I saw a black pair in a demonia catalogue 20 years ago id think they were fine.

No. 326998

have you ever heard about cybergoth fashion

No. 326999

File: 1683656957071.jpg (66.75 KB, 640x960, 99e78f393ae0a65e544d6c38d0b461…)

No. 329322

File: 1684443595029.png (793.54 KB, 683x1024, 773C0DB7-5EFA-4D20-9A49-5C57CC…)

Patterned overalls. It’s always the gendies who wear these for some reason.

No. 329327

File: 1684445453266.jpg (76.9 KB, 736x1104, 5b81e8d5a7769674d90847389fdcd9…)

Clean girl aesthetic both because it seems boring like a modern version of clothing but also still seems to lean towards expensive bland pieces. There isn't any individuality to it since it's mostly white, tan, black, gray color schemes. I think I also hate it due to it being a clothing version of minimalism yet still showing off rich girl things, consumerism, excessive "self care" that leans into "that girl" which is an unattainable for most women due to time/money.

No. 329328

Random but I hate the tight slicked back hair hairdo in that pic. It makes every woman who wears it have a massive man jaw. Thanks Hailey Bieber /s

No. 329331

Maybe I should try that then. I hate my jawline.

No. 329347

File: 1684450092766.jpg (39.19 KB, 837x1146, aritzia model.JPG)

I hate this trend. I cannot imagine specifically picking out a beige item of clothing let alone having a wardrobe full of complementary beiges, tans and ivories. I get the appeal of having a cohesive minimalist wardrobe but I think I would feel like a dystopian YA novel character. I also have an irrational hatred for slicked back ponytails, bodysuits and strappy square toe heels kek

No. 329348

It’s just the Kim K effect. Kim actually said herself that she didn’t like this style (her real style is much more colorful, busy and gaudy) and that Kanye would basically force her to wear minimalist beige white and tan outfits everyday.

No. 329361

File: 1684454531571.jpg (79.31 KB, 800x800, S2e8bdf9281e1401aa09f567659af4…)

I hate this brimless fuckboy hat

No. 329443

Agree so much. There isn't a single human on earth who looks remotely good in these things. It's like an oversized Jewish hat thingy. Looks so dumb and pretentiously-hipster.

No. 329445

All I see is…

No. 329461

Fuck Kanye.

No. 329857

File: 1684675071950.jpg (102.91 KB, 1080x650, Screenshot_20230521_141907_Gal…)

"kidcore" is an absolute monstrosity. red flag if you're an adult and you're running around in this shit. absolute genderspecial kweer pedo behaviour.

No. 329863

File: 1684676629129.jpeg (545.15 KB, 2300x2128, 74BB69C0-48E6-4EC8-9F06-E008DC…)

The first 2 are okay. Third one is yikes.

What really makes me want to vomit is shit like this.

No. 329865

I saw this girl wearing jeans that had one giant hole going through the entire thing on each leg, both starting at her thigh. It looked so trashy. Just wear shorts at that point.

No. 329867

The rainbow cloud top just reads as quirky old lady art teacher to me lol

No. 329884

Third one is quirky and artsy, first two are hardcore tardcore.

No. 329927

ayrt, this is more the kind of thing I mean - the other pic is just the first thing that came up when I searched kek

No. 330166

white gym shoes
ugly and i hate it

No. 330174

File: 1684810030671.jpg (116.13 KB, 1600x900, c7b404854c282e38d12b7ab2b63888…)

Tell me you're from the midwest without telling me you're from the midwest lol it takes one to clock one, love you nonna

No. 330177

lol what is this bullshit map I'm from the west coast and say sneakers. Is this about a specific type of them or something?

No. 330180

What are white gym shoes

No. 330181

It’s an ancient Chinese style hat. Jews living in Asia and Russia probably copied it.

No. 331745

File: 1685370241768.png (755.97 KB, 1400x1400, hms.png)

joined a fashion discord a while ago and got a taste of the average aspiring scrote streetwear designer, whose concepts will either turn out to be a t-shirt with a random graphic on it or a black hoodie with planet kosmos, random arabic and a half naked anime girl. or worse, a novelty tee which will see three wears before being thrown out. picrel was apparently the cutting edge in street fashion a couple months ago, truly astounding art.

No. 331750

i used to lurk /fa/ and its good to see these guys haven't changed one bit in all these years

No. 331966

i feel personally attacked but i agree because modern take on it is kinda shitty, as most of late 90s/early 00s revivals are nowadays. i like beiges, olives and darker browns for summer in linen or cotton with minimalistic cuts similar to stuff i saw in magazines from 1998-2000/1 and myself dress like that though what you posted is totally soulless and boring. square toed shoes can be cute and they are nicer on my feet, just don't get shitty extremely wide ones because they look terrible on everyone

No. 332578

File: 1685683557632.jpg (304.93 KB, 2294x2400, 20230601_222331-COLLAGE.jpg)

Very exaggerated Babydoll dress with puffer sleeves and no waist definition just look terrible in my eyes. I don't think this style looks good on any body type.

No. 332599

Agree. I don’t see anyone wearing these outside of Instagram, no celebs or anything. I think Selkie and influencers just try to convince people it’s popular/fashionable to get them to waste money

No. 332600

File: 1685697588244.jpeg (234.22 KB, 1079x1413, IMG_1325.jpeg)

First one is just a girl in a blue graphic tee, there are so many better examples and that one only looks bad bc you put it next to the others. Here’s a better one for ye

No. 333349

glad to see I'm not the only one. I generally dislike shapeless dresses with poofy sleeves and making them so short just makes them look silly. the models looks like they are drowning in them and the way their long legs peaks out looks comical

No. 333351

They don't look good on any adults because the silhouette was originally for children, thus the name.

No. 333352

These are so fucking ugly. I saw a lady wearing onea few months ago and she looked so strange next to everyone else wearing flattering, normal clothing. I hate these dresses so much

No. 333353

File: 1685956220824.jpeg (9.73 KB, 177x285, download (1).jpeg)

I once saw a lady wearing shorts that showed her bum. It was at the grocery store. You can have the nicest bum in the world but you will always look like trailer trash and an attention seeking whore in these. It's so tacky and ugly. Just be normal and cover your ass please.

No. 333467

agree, it's just unsettling more than anything kek. i feel the same way about leggings sometimes, when they're too sheer and you can literally see the person's underwear or when they have an insane wedgie and you can see the shape of their entire bumcrack and you wonder how on earth they're comfortable walking around like that

No. 333655

Children don't like them either. I remember being forced into dresses like that and then getting yelled at all freaking day for bending over wrong and sitting wrong and running wrong. I assume women who voluntarily hobble themselves with garbage like this had wonderful childhoods and I'm envious.

No. 334567

You sound fat.

No. 334642

nta but it's usually fat girls who dress like that

No. 337538

File: 1687673597059.jpg (497.27 KB, 2880x2880, 20230624_231045-COLLAGE.jpg)

Not sure if I should spoiler this annoyingly intricate "monokini" with the realistic customer photo.
Amazon has so many poor fashion choices available.

No. 337539

File: 1687673686974.jpg (72.42 KB, 1200x1200, SKIMS-SWIM-SW-MKN-0012-TB-GUN_…)

Woop, found another monokini from Skims which is a company Kim K owns.

No. 337548

File: 1687683626104.jpg (122.98 KB, 768x1024, 1433167799368.jpg)

Pastel sweet is harder to pull off casually, but classic and gothic looks can work for decent outfits that don't look too costumey. Sucks that this fashion attracts mentally ill enbies, fatty-chans, and troons like flies. And a lot of them over do it with the make up and wigs which doesn't help.

Brands did sell quality purses at some point but recently they've been shit. They are simply not worth purchasing anymore.

No. 337550

picrel looks costumey

No. 337551

I want her carnally but it does look customer nona.

No. 337552

if I saw this girl walk past me in the library I would 100% stare and then look around to see if I could spot the neon wigs of other attendees from the convention behind the bookcases

No. 337557

File: 1687686188078.jpeg (51.43 KB, 615x410, EDD1B5E2-E783-42B4-B995-7300DD…)

It’s pretty

Sorry about your autism nona

>I want her carnally

No. 337610

i didn't know correctly identifying costumes in public was a symptom of autism

No. 337619

Starring is considered rude anon LMAO

No. 337657

File: 1687743974803.jpeg (110.1 KB, 675x1200, CA8EDC25-BFC9-4C1E-807C-E8D56C…)

Ugly zoomer fashion that looks like this

No. 337685

File: 1687763525170.jpg (93.98 KB, 970x546, KITTEN-HEELS-nm.jpg)

Kitten heels make your feet look comically big and are neither here nor there. You either wear a heel, or you wear a flat, this just mixes the discomfort of the former with the blandless of the latter.

No. 337686

I hate pointy heels they look so silly

No. 337687

genderbent L

No. 337692

It's pretty ugly but the only difference I see from what weebs dressed in 10 or 15 years ago are the sneakers. Oversized sweaters with pleated school girl skirts have been a jfashion staple for ages haven't they?

No. 337694

the legwarmers could be a little more buched up over the sneakers though rn it looks a little goofy but otheriwse its quite cute

No. 337713

File: 1687782051081.jpeg (35.44 KB, 554x554, 7393948382.jpeg)

These are especially heinous, but it's the only thing I can wear if heels are mandatory because I'm too tall.

No. 337714

there is no too tall for heels, well, maybe if you are 2,50m, but if not, just wear the heels you like

No. 337715

I don't like being tall though, and I hate drawing attention to myself.

No. 337718

I know how you feel as I've felt that way many times before. When wearing the heels I own, I'm 1,90m and I don't care anymore, but I live somewhere with tall people, so it's easier for me getting away with it and I think that tall women are as beautiful as small women or "normal" height women. And to be honest, it's fun towering over men.

No. 337724

I would love to wear heels, but that's impossible with my huge feet. It's size 43 and my feet are pretty broad so I have trouble squizying in anything besides men's sneakers. Real tall girl problems here.

No. 337729

>>337685 those would look hideous even with a taller heel.

No. 337730

File: 1687792702830.gif (55.52 KB, 550x682, clipcruella21.gif)

i honestly like the comically big feet look it makes me think of cruella devil

No. 337744

I can't walk in heels so I like kitten heels, plus I've been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan for years and she wore kitten heels a lot so I have a soft spot for them.
These just have an uncomfortably long toe. If they were much shorter I would personally find them very cute.

No. 337778

File: 1687813152646.jpg (97.23 KB, 736x1104, 5f524af69f194805fccc03f741fe0e…)

All the hate lolita gets reminds me that i hate business casual attire and the people behind the look. Business casual is constantly shilled as the ONLY way women are allowed to dress. It's a look that reminds of grown women who take themselves so fucking seriously, who are on a mission to prove to the world how mature and grown they are. They have no hobbies, no interests and are completely dead inside. To them it's a sin to enjoy anything that isn't strictly adult and serious, you can't even enjoy one disney film, you have to scramble to say that you only watched the little mermaid because you are supervising your niece or something. They hate on you if you don't drink alcohol and call you boring, side eye you if you say you only work for money and don't aspire to torture yourself getting promotions that will never be granted. You can't do a single thing out of line in front of these people, even just wearing something in a flashy color regardless of how normie it is can be seen as scandalous. Of course these people in general rely on drugs and other substances because they have completely deprived themselves of joy in order to be the perfect adult they think society wants them to be. Literally the ultimate sheeple costume, i don't care if it's cringe to say that.

No. 337780

You're seriously projecting

No. 337782

some people have jobs

No. 337783

Fresh pasta!! but real talk, why are all Lolitas unhinged social outcasts like this? I think half the repulsion I feel towards the look is the fact it’s associated with… this type of behavior.

No. 337786

I hate business casual because it's too casual and so it looks ugly to me. I want people (both men and women) to wear something more elegant and formal but I guess no one thinks it looks good now so it's not gonna happen.

No. 337802

At least they don't look like circus clowns.

No. 337803

Also. It's a well-known fact that people who dress seriously, are taken seriously. They get respect than some girl wearing a huge ruffled dress.

No. 337806

You're wearing clothes designed for women by men either way.

No. 337807

You're right, we should all be nudists

No. 337811

I'd have so much respect for a woman who goes everyday to work in full lolita outfit.

No. 337813

NTA but
>calling other people unhinged social outcasts on LC


No. 337814

I hope you’re not the starting autist

No. 337815

File: 1687832592911.jpg (75.14 KB, 768x1152, hmgoepprod.jpg)

I hate how most long skirts have a massive thigh-high slit in them. I find it uncomfortable to wear and walk around in because I'm scared of accidentally showing my underwear, and why wouldn't I just wear a short skirt at that point? I'm also kind of sick of the trendy slim pencil skirts tbh
The unhinged ones writing manifestos about evil normies are the loudest and most visible. There's definitely sane lolitas but they're just normal people who wear weird clothes so you don't really notice them online.

No. 337820

what so we're supposed to read the schizo rant and not kek at it for being unhinged? this place is boring

No. 337823

which jobs even allow that

No. 337824

Business casual is awesome because it easy and since I'm lazy about fashion, I can still put together an outfit that looks presentable. It's awesome. Business casual is a female version of T shirt and jeans, except it looks decent.

No. 337833

these are hideous due to pointy toe and i wish these 00s long square or snip toe kitten heel mules came back instead… they are cute

No. 337850

File: 1687862854192.jpg (94.39 KB, 1035x1200, enfnts-terribles-blokette-16-e…)

this atrocity

No. 337855

It looks like something a little girl would wear if her parents dragged her to a Patriot's game

No. 337860

If a someone showed up to my job in a lolita costume I would assume she was some kid that snuck in and call security.

No. 337904

>show your underwear
How long is your underwear anon kek

No. 337969

File: 1687956915546.jpg (76.56 KB, 736x736, 77a5bcca60b14dc6f07ccb6594e277…)

Fishnet crew socks are/were one of the dumbest recent trends

No. 337976

i fucking hate blokettes

No. 337992

i love this it looks fun and silly, only part i don't like is the bows, could have gone with either the ones in the braids or around the neck but not both. they match the skirt in a way

No. 338005

I hate the combo of heavy fabrics in the socks and shirt and the shiny light fabric in the skirt. It looks bad.
And why doesn't she have a slip to wear under that skirt?

No. 338007

this kind of gothic lolita takes its main inspiration from Victorian England

No. 338051

This is classic not gothic.

No. 338503

File: 1688241996857.png (1.51 MB, 828x1288, 311db2dc3802b75d7c993f08dcaed9…)

No. 338504

they looked nice when the trousers and shoes were also black… preferably platform oxfords
t. black trousers and black platform oxfords wearer

No. 338509

would have looked ok ish with a tennis skirt

No. 338562

those 90s club kid ugly ass leg warmers ruin the outfit
it would look cute with a low waist belt and taller combat boots

No. 338565

i think this is ugly because of the stark contrast that the jeans and white sneakers create. With creepers/oxford shoes and black jeans/skirts it can look cute

No. 338572

File: 1688309237135.jpg (140.34 KB, 1432x535, Untitled.jpg)

i buy a lot of stuff off dollskill so i'm using them to vent

1. crop tops. istg this is just a ploy to sell us less fabric for the same price. and anyway they only look good on people with short torsos, otherwise your shape gets thrown off. this isn't just a dk thing, everything is croptops now. they look extra stupid if they're a jacket and barely go down past your tits

2. anything with a ton of cutouts. so unflattering on literally everyone.

3. square-shaped heels. like specifically the type in picrel where it's skinny and goes down into a big block shape. ugly

4. fucking mesh tops or skirts, another tinfoil where i feel like they're trying to sell less material at the same price. a lot of them have beautiful designs but they're just see-through.

No. 338580

File: 1688312255481.jpg (125.44 KB, 1000x1500, fashion.jpg)

This one. I've seen so many girls wear it, with a chain handle bag and a sweater around the shoulders. There were so many horrible fashion trends in the past but that looks even worse than the denim-on-denim trend.

No. 338593

This looks like underwear.

No. 338594

Yeah that looks like underwear a granny would wear to not feel cold.

No. 338603

Oh my god I remember when a trashy girl in my high school came in school with shorts even smaller than that, legit stripper heels and a top with a very open back that showed her bra straps. Oh, 2013.

No. 338607

I hate that everything is cropped now too. Fuck off with that shit, I don't want to show my waist area to anyone to be stared at by creeps and perverts. Really male gaze-y fashion choice, as with the cutout stuff in your post. Anything bodycon is pandering to perverts too.
Same with mesh anything, the only thing they're good for is hiding your self-harm scars if you're that self-conscious about them.

No. 338658

I hate crop tops so much, I have big boobs and that is not a brag, they are saggy, so if I wore one of those the whole neighbourhood would see them kek. And it seems it is the only kind of women's top that stores want to sell

No. 338661

without the buttons this would be a normal gym fit but inappropriate for anywhere else. with the buttons it's totally incomprehensible.

No. 338863

I usually find trends fun and cute and harmless, however the micro-mini skirt trend is weird and problematic as all fuck

No. 338899

File: 1688482510959.jpg (845.3 KB, 2901x2222, collage~2.jpg)

I hate that everything is crop tops too, and it has been that way 5 years. Forever21/H&M/Hot Topic (and mall stores in general) are all focusing on younger and younger demographics - 10-13 year old girls that don't have developed bodies yet, I've even seen 7/8 year olds in crop tops. It's less fabric for the same price, and it feels edgy compared to a tee, but it looks so wrong on these young kids (don't know the age of the models in the photo, they were posted on Etsy).

No. 338901

I really believe it’s a cost cutting measure under the guise of fashion. It’s not even cheap as in slutty it’s literally cheap as in a ripoff.

No. 338931

I would say, it saves around 35 cm of fabric in length, lets say the shirt would normally be 65 cm, that would mean instead of 2 shirts with 130 cm fabric length you can make 4 shirts with just 120 cm fabric length. (Yes, I ignored the fabric width.) So, yes, you save a lot, as the optimal fabric consumption actually works even more precise than what I calculated here. I've noticed it mostly with sleeve length and trouser length, it all got shorter over time, just to be able to produce more for the same price.

No. 338969

Yeah. I like some cropped things like boleros or a crop sweater over a high waist bottom, but walking into a mall or large clothing store and seeing sooo many crop shirts - more crop tops than full length sometimes - is jarring and makes me feel like there must be a profitable reason for it because not that many people even want to wear it all the time. Cheap.

No. 338971

A girl I know shows up at work dressed in lolita and she's mid thirties. Its honestly v strange to see a woman that old trying to emulate a child. She's maybe clocked in just at 5 feet in terms of height. I've wondered if she has some sort of disorder.

No. 338974

I don’t dress in Lolita clothes so I can’t speak from experience but I didn’t think it was a childish emulation thing at this point, just a very specific alt fashion. Dunno if I want to contribute to a debate about this just saying. I don’t see it in real life much, when I do see it I guess internet exposure to it makes me not read much into why the person wears it, like it’s semi normalized for me.

No. 338994

the first pic looks straight out of a human trafficking website, just very unsettling.

No. 338998

The white or black girl?

No. 339000

i don't think lolita is childish, but i do think it's the female equivalent of steampunk and pretty dorky to wear casually even if i think a lot of the outfits are pretty. those are costumes, or street fashion. not stuff you wear every day.

No. 339002

i was talking only about the white one at first but it now looks like both are unsettling, and it's like they were forced to smile (who needs to force people to smile to sell clothes? you can just crop out the faces entirely)

No. 339007

The BDSM choker American girls wore made me depressed kek. I'm a Europoor. Was it as popular as social media made out? The Obama girls wore them…

No. 339013

Where do you work that she could wear lolita? Does she wear the pink frilly kind >>259700 or darker colors like >>337548?

No. 339015

I don't wear lolita but I don't think lolitas try to emulate children. I just see it as a very feminine style. I think you're conflating femininity with children if it looks childish to you.

No. 339020

> a woman that old trying to emulate a child
Let me preface this by saying I think Lolita is a hideous custome-y "fashion" so I'm not an offended jfasion weeb but this is simply untrue. It's inspired by what adult women dressed in in the victorian era and modern fashion for little kids doesn't even bear a vague resemblance to lolita in the slightest.

No. 339030

File: 1688564408668.jpg (72.58 KB, 449x649, 82d1e8f90f1540b0272f24f82a7e9a…)

>It's inspired by what adult women dressed in in the victorian era and
be real now. victorian women weren't styled like that, the kids were. and the whole kawaii/cuteness culture where lolita fashion originated basically comes from school girls writing in childish and cutesy way at school with other big influence being alice in wonderland, a story about a girl child. it is a style inspired by childishness and childhood, deal with it.

No. 339031

File: 1688564582174.jpeg (308.56 KB, 586x568, ottsweet1_zps20faef36.jpeg)

stuffed animals, unicorns, cartoon ponies, childish imagery and props and colors is everywhere in the fashion.

No. 339033

File: 1688565408423.png (2.14 MB, 1585x579, victorianclothes.png)

and honestly, there isn't anything inherently bad about the fashion being inspired by childhood and childishness, really, it doesn't have to have any sinister meaning behind it, but i am just saying acting as if it's the adult women's clothes that inspired the style and not the little girls who wear outfits that could pass as modern lolita fits with their dress lenght, styling etc is ridiculous and sounds like a cope. like why take inspiration from the adult women and end up with a style that looks exactly what the kids from that era wear, kek.

No. 339034

and still literally no child dresses remotely like that

No. 339035

so? are you gonna claim that stuffed animals, those colors, patterns etc aren't childish? what is mature about bunnies candy castles and merry-go-around ponies?

No. 339041

colors? no. rest? yes. But I still don't think they're trying to emulate kids because kids do. not. dress. like that. People can like things that are cute and traditionall associated with kids (or thematically I'd say most of those things are for toddlers) It's like saying an adult who watches kids cartoons (plenty of those out there) is trying to emulate a kid. If someone genuinely tried to emulate being a kid they wouldn't do it through lolita. Some women just like childish cute stuff, it's not that deep.

I don't even know why I'm defending tacky ugly lolita outfits kek this'll be the last of me regarding this discussion.

No. 339049

NTAYRT but plenty of little kids absolutely do wear all pastel and glitter and ribbons and cartoon animals and shit like that, and it’s not about it being accurate to how children look, it’s about it playing on cultural concepts of what is childlike (mary janes, giant contacts, pigtails, pink, ribbons, candy, baby animals, everything super cutesy). There’s a reason lolitas get tons of comments about it looking childlike and it’s because basically every normie instantly recognizes it as a hyperexaggerated costume of childlike symbols.

No. 339082

I thought lolita were trying to emulate dolls and maybe old school little girl dresses (which is related to doll dresses)

No. 339109

File: 1688615312849.jpg (141.4 KB, 768x1024, 20190306_100658-768x1024.jpg)

yeah like obviously everyone understands that no kids dress like that but you gotta be autistic to claim that especially those pastel lolita fits do not emulate kids or childhood in any way because no actual kids dresses like that. emulating something or dressing up as something doesn't mean you have to literally look like it, like this lady obviously is dressed as a snake even if real snakes don't have limbs, wear shoes or skirts kek.

No. 339127

she wears darker stuff and I'm not trying to get too specific so I'll just say we work in an office setting with a tech focus

No. 339129

Nta and I know you said it was your last reply, but have you glanced at a kids clothing section? Do you not have siblings? Kids absolutely do dress like that. There's still glitter and ponies and pastel prints on little girl clothing at gymboree, target, Walmart, old navy, etc. That's never not gonna be a thing. I can understand lolitas being defensive because their hobby gets so much flack, but at the same time the denial itt is too much. While gothic may not be as ott, sweet and even classic to some degree have prints that look like babies r us threw up onto the fabric. I know you're not one of them, but it's really weird how this community displays such a strong detachment from reality. Like they're wearing these big, costumes looking outfits and corkscrew curls and then get mad when people liken them to children or even stare. Like what???

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