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No. 263017

Relieve your tension.
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No. 263020

larping tranny get out

No. 263021

Men with womanface on do not belong here.

No. 263022

I'd fuck Tim Curry, yes

No. 263024

people who like the rocky horror picture show are always cringe

No. 263026

How did you even find the other one before this one?

No. 263028

When i was in middle school my crush looked me in the eyes from across the lunchroom and deepthroated a banana and iv never been the same… to this day im still so confused why he would do that, i guess it was some sort of joke but it really fucked with my head and now im into topping men very sadistically (though the sadism part probably came of my own volition) is anyone else able to pinpoint an experience in their childhood that gave them an awakening

No. 263057

no but crush randomly deepthroating a banana sounds hot to me ngl, i must be some sort of a degenerate.

No. 263061

I want to fuck a tranny too. Or a normal faggot. Fuck the gay out of them. To any trannies reading this I'm talking about the 0.5% of trannies who aren't ugly as sin.

No. 263215

I want to beat the shit out of a man

No. 263224

Hello sirs I’m a passing tranny from New Delhi

No. 263227

post bob and vagene

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