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File: 1658455529441.jpg (88.48 KB, 1200x800, bw-j.jpg)

No. 276988

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

This thread's cover star is cartoon voiced Twitter outlaw Jordan B Peterson.
Previous thread >>260491

No. 277011

File: 1658463888789.jpg (5.58 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Of all the people you choose to open the thread with, that's who you choose?

No. 277023

File: 1658469301859.jpeg (86.01 KB, 1200x900, 7175B185-C816-4B71-9A45-49044C…)

Recently discovered Joe Rogan didn’t always look like an old tomato infused with steroids.

No. 277024

I fucking can't even comprehend him without his egg shaped head and headphones on

No. 277025

I've been rewatching Fear Factor for some reason and damn he was hot when he was young.

No. 277026

His headphones are permanently attached to his head nowadays

No. 277032

he used to look a bit like brendan fraser or whatever you call him. but more human, somehow

No. 277033

His eyes used to look sweet. Definitely not the case anymore.

No. 277034

File: 1658477872152.jpg (32.86 KB, 404x600, ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg)

Getting this out of the way since he makes an appearance every thread kek

No. 277037

Why would you make him the thread pic, I hate you. Go eat a pine cone.

No. 277039

cursed op

No. 277047

File: 1658481805685.jpg (121.24 KB, 1024x789, yk.jpg)

young clifford lane and anthony fauci. i'm not american, btw. i just hear their names online sometimes

No. 277048

>jordan peterson
ew mods pls delete this thread

No. 277055

Considering how you all react, i'd say OP chose the best option to start the thread with.

Reread the description of the thread and stop your sperging.

No. 277065

Exactly. Newfag also needs to learn what sperging actually means.

No. 277068

this, multiple people in these threads hate him and not precisely because he's not conventionally attractive

No. 277087

File: 1658492942617.jpg (61.24 KB, 640x860, yoo.jpg)

balletfagging. young baryshnikov was peak man for me

No. 277090

File: 1658493337171.jpeg (31.71 KB, 236x343, DD77050A-9694-4297-859E-5B6B53…)

my very special somepony

No. 277091

No. 277094

so small… imagine how easy it'd be to hug him… and those arms and legs aah

No. 277104

Yes, he's ugly but there's nothing attractive about him tbh

No. 277109

File: 1658502842578.jpg (412.96 KB, 1881x2214, The Accountant.jpg)

The movie was meh, but he was kind of hot as an autist. Also, the glasses.

No. 277116

File: 1658504541801.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2732x1129, 6C225DCE-86C5-4EE7-A50B-62954B…)


No. 277117

Cyoot! I love seeing men with passionate looking eyes he looks very lustful.

No. 277118

File: 1658504616922.jpeg (602.38 KB, 999x1320, 2E85737D-75FF-41B2-8FF5-D49816…)

You’re so right

No. 277120

File: 1658505125357.jpeg (841.67 KB, 1496x988, C03B49D5-B396-49A6-A05B-7501CE…)

No I am not getting horny over a corny low-budget “comedy” movie. I’m simply appreciating the zombies professionally. Look at the ass of that one on top of the car. Do you see it? Why is it so fat?

No. 277121

grabs him by the waist and slams him into the floor

No. 277130

hot, love his face and hair. seconding the anon who said he has passionate features

No. 277134

File: 1658508620598.png (336.38 KB, 382x406, silicon valley.png)

No. 277137

Omg I love this movie! Lmfao anon

No. 277138

>Why is it so fat?
Corpse bloat obviously

No. 277142

aaahh thank you nonna! my sister said he looks like a psycopath, so this really has brightened up my day!

No. 277143

cute! i really love his nose and mouth. reminds me of a cute french guy i met

No. 277144

File: 1658510819315.jpg (4.7 MB, 2311x3183, nakk.jpg)

the reign of the chessanons is about to begin…
nakamura is pretty cute, in my opinion. i like his beard, hair, face structure, eyes… i got bullied because i said he was pretty atractive

No. 277148

I genuinely want to fuck all of these autistic antisocial arrogant unpersonable chess moids. Nakamura is the most normal one of them

No. 277149

File: 1658512298870.jpg (15.6 KB, 408x230, js.jpg)

me too, nonna. physically, bobby fischer would be the ideal man for me (1,85..) but i really love how cocky karpov looks in every photo there is of him when he was younger…
fun fact! i only got into chess so that my obsession with chess players would be justifiable

No. 277151

File: 1658512595353.jpg (157.55 KB, 1050x550, trump.jpg)

i could've saved him…

No. 277152

>i got bullied because i said he was pretty atractive
wtf! he's not my type but he's clearly pretty decently good looking

nta but i agree so hard on this. bobby fischer is SO HOT. like. i for real rarely find celebrities/people i dont personally know to be attractive. but hes legit so sexy to me, the arrogance just makes him even hotter. i love his face. im the anon who posted >>277134 so i definitely just have a weird thing for this phenotype.

No. 277153

he looks identical to barron trump here kek, i definitely dont understand being into this man of all people even with politics aside

No. 277158

File: 1658514144447.jpg (67.46 KB, 590x478, wishhesmiledatmelikethat.jpg)

i love you nonna, you are literally so based. i said once to my friend that nakamura is hot and she said "ew, no. you know who's hot? magnus carlsen" THE ONE WHO LOOKS LIKE A GODDAMN CAVEMAN.

also, yesssss bobby fischer was tall, arrogant and obsessive. he was so schizo, i want him so baddd. it's a shame he died in such a horrible state. would still fuck, tho

(btw, i am the nonna who posted >>277143)

>>277153 eh, he just is better looking that i expected. i just love smug men, sorry

No. 277167

holy shit KEK who among you likes jordan peterson. My sides. This is why this thread will always be one of my favourites, I'm pathetic yet it always makes me feel better about myself

No. 277172

File: 1658519647404.gif (2.96 MB, 400x471, 53680C22-934C-43EB-9C89-327C32…)

No. 277174

I'm glad I checked Barron's age before I said anything lol

No. 277175

Where are his lips??

No. 277176

gone, girl

No. 277177

fucking dead

No. 277179

File: 1658521824000.jpg (566.62 KB, 1920x2508, Yuri_Gagarin_pillars.jpg)

m-mr gagarin…

No. 277183

File: 1658523207432.jpeg (55.2 KB, 392x604, F7DD41C4-6586-4F7E-B449-DF3132…)


No. 277185

Did he have a nose job at some point? His nose matches Casey's but does not match his comical chin.

No. 277186

File: 1658523404765.jpg (139.47 KB, 887x1390, kar.jpg)

in this thread we post slavs and SLAVS ONLY

No. 277199

File: 1658526470957.jpeg (70.71 KB, 1014x570, 38633D8E-ECF8-4B33-9B60-7C55B8…)

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear, god I just want to ride him.

No. 277200

File: 1658526586941.jpg (2.88 MB, 2104x2160, iykyk.jpg)

who's this?

No. 277204

girl, what is that

No. 277211

File: 1658528732105.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1827, EC5542FB-4669-4B6C-93F2-D0CA3F…)

God he was so cute when he was younger. He’s aged like milk in a hot Floridian car. When I hear his voice I picture someone else kek.

i watched you chaaaaaange into a fat assssss

No. 277214

File: 1658529295987.jpg (16.59 KB, 256x400, goofyaa.jpg)

is this chino moreno. if so, yeah, its a tragedy. i've noticed that latinos tend to get smaller and fatter once they hit around 40. a tragedy, y'know, the achatadito-fication of many hot latinos

No. 277218

OP why did you need to do this to us lol.

Had a huge crush on him when he hosted fear factor, reminded me of Chino Moreno.

Sadly thats the greatest danger of conspiracy theories, they ruin you. Hes a 10/10 here.

My fellow anons, did not expect to see this on here, great taste!

No. 277219

thanks nonna! from what you wrote, you also have supreme taste !

No. 277220

File: 1658530194734.jpeg (18.54 KB, 280x280, e62ac0e5f94f69aa126cc2f181833c…)

Everyone loves to hang onto this singular moment because he actually looked like this most of his young adulthood. Attractive Rogan lasted a year max.

No. 277221

File: 1658530385605.gif (7.46 MB, 498x280, alex-jones-alex-jones-young.gi…)

This fool too. He only looked like that for a very short period of time. Always been a nutjob though.

No. 277222

File: 1658530417222.jpg (5.16 MB, 3300x4125, Neil_Armstrong.jpg)

also, i do not discriminate. i love both sides of the cold war.

No. 277223

Based with kino taste

No. 277224

File: 1658530551545.gif (4.24 MB, 500x367, 36013F2C-6347-49D4-A2D4-5EB70C…)

AYRT-It is Chino. I’ve been in love with his voice since I was a kid. Deftones was my first concert I went to at 13 kek. Looking at photos of him from the 90s brings back first-crush feelings.

No. 277225

ajaj thanks

No. 277226

chad-ified guy fieri. taking me to nu-metal flavortown

No. 277228

Guy wishes he was a cute 90s goffic sad boi Instead of a fat wine county Italian stuck in his hair-band days.

No. 277230

what prompted you to such a visceral response?? did guy kidnapp your family to flavourtown and is helding them hostage or shit like that??

No. 277232

File: 1658531076416.jpeg (432.72 KB, 1016x1178, Hellfest2018Deftones_01_(cropp…)


No. 277234

File: 1658531361877.jpg (46.82 KB, 640x360, manchana.jpg)

im the same anon that this two. i am also spainanon, the one that lurks many threads.
anyways just wanted to hop in with my astronaut kink and hsare that spain's previous science minister is pedro duque, a retired astrounat that NASA fooled into believing that he went to space.
he's also pretty cute! to my standards

No. 277235

>NASA fooled into believing that he went to space
wait wat

No. 277236

File: 1658531621957.jpeg (34.9 KB, 640x427, 5c32a6140f4445fe1f2d9f083bdce7…)


No. 277237

File: 1658531699822.jpg (84.92 KB, 570x791, yeah big schnoz yeah.jpg)

Did some investigating and tbh it seems like it. His nose was thicker when he was younger, unless I'm wrong. I still think he looks cute even with that honker. Tbh he kind of looks like my uncle that died from prostate cancer before he got fat. Very confusing for me.

No. 277239

Well, he certainly looks like his middle name would be Géza here kek

No. 277240

File: 1658532010312.jpg (63.53 KB, 384x480, Pedro_Duque-detail.jpg)

basically, he kept sending emails that said "please send me, i'm ready" everyday to the high charges of NASA and the main decision taking man Charles Bolden thoughit was pretty cute, and partly wanted him to shut the fuck up, because it was kinda annoying
so they made a false operation called STS-95 in the Discovery, because they "thought it was cute that he would live his dream, even if it was fake"

so they dressed him up and gave him a walkie talkie and kept saying weird numbers and words to make it more real (the suit was from Toys R' Us and the walkie-talkie was from Fisher Price, btw)

they said that pedro was "very nervous, but very happy and excited" he even said "wait until my cousins see me!"

funny stuff, uh?

No. 277241

Kek this is why I mentioned YOUNG chino

I only called him fat nona. Are you related to him

No. 277242

link to the source is here elmundotoday.com/2016/05/la-nasa-reconoce-que-hizo-creer-a-pedro-duque-que-viajo-al-espacio/
its in spanish, but you can always use google translate

No. 277243

> fat wine county Italian stuck in his hair-band days.

No. 277245

He is Italian, living in wine country, is fat and hasn’t changed his look in over 20 years. I’m not sure what I said that isn’t literal fact and why you consider it “visceral”

No. 277246

it's just that i wasn't expecting all of them, all at once

No. 277247

KEK fair enough

No. 277248

File: 1658532473441.jpeg (90.79 KB, 750x509, 0E930FA2-65DA-4C47-99BE-4EC154…)

yuri kasparyan of kino. there was a tsoianon last thread, i wonder where she went
you chessfags are onto something…

No. 277250

Yeah… I really enjoy that one pumpkin carving video of his. It's a guilty pleasure.

No. 277251

File: 1658532608542.jpg (99.42 KB, 1000x693, yyyaa.jpg)

thanks, nonna! we know us chessanons are based

No. 277252

File: 1658532704590.jpg (127.48 KB, 630x410, pedroduque.jpg)

omg i remember it… the fact that he left the publuc for two months after NASA said it… kek
but he was cute in the 90s

No. 277258

File: 1658533530789.jpg (144.57 KB, 1050x662, i-kek-everytime.jpg)

didn't it influence him having to leave as minister? like that shit was wild. i still can't believe it

and amerifags think their politics are crazy…

No. 277259

File: 1658533663547.png (668.28 KB, 638x436, sub-buzz-20984-1493843804-1.pn…)

No. 277260

soy jack looking mf

let >>277258 >>277252 >>277240 and >>277234 talk

No. 277263

Didn't expect nonas to start posting Chino Moreno. I'm such a huge Deftones fag, I went to one of their concerts in April, for a guy in his late 40's he still has plenty of energy. Wish I was there to see some of his more messy moments on stage in the late 90's early 00's.

No. 277266

I am also a huge deftones fag and I’ve been mad horny lately so I decided to come here to post about him. I was listening to Diamond Eyes and thinking I would fuck current-chino with a paper bag over his head with a picture of himself when he was younger. His voice is just ugh gag me

No. 277268

File: 1658535537789.jpg (52.06 KB, 1024x683, ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg)

Nonnies in /ot/ are right… he looks like a sped right now but it's kind of cute

No. 277269

File: 1658535884575.jpeg (177.9 KB, 1200x1200, beau-biden_500x500_gettyimages…)

They took the wrong Biden boy. Beau had potential. Hunter looks like the literal coomer meme; balding and all.

No. 277270

Also was April when they toured with Gojira? I am so sad I missed that opportunity.

No. 277271


Glad to know that there are some nonas with good taste. His voice is like ecstasy. Deftones is made for people who are horny 24/7.


Yes! I enjoyed Gojira but I was only really there for Deftones. They put on a great show, sucks that Stef is a bit of a nutjob and has smoked himself to retardation kek

No. 277274

Damn he was cute

No. 277275

my apologies to you nona and whoever is your pic but i thought it was a shopped picture of elliot rodger, i swear there is a picture of him very similar to yours but i cant be arsed to find it right now because i am very tired. sorry again kek just had to put it out there

No. 277277

Thank you for the laughs nonna's!

Mad respect to my chad nonna's with great audio taste!

No. 277278

Holy shit, he literally is Bill Hicks

No. 277283

V cute thank you

No. 277288

File: 1658540657885.jpg (1.25 MB, 2400x1600, jtheatre.jpg)

He's attractive because he isn't afraid to voice his opinion on controversial topics among other things. Think about how cult-like the reaction to Ellen's trooning has been and how JBP still stood by what he said. He's not right about everything by any means but I have to respect him for that.

No. 277292

Listen I'm an edgy autist and even I think Jordan Benzo Peterson is a pathetic cuck. He tells you to clean your room while being a junkie and having an instagram whore of a daughter. He also doesn't know the difference between marxism and postmodernism which is the most basic shit. Watching Zizek wiping the floor with him wasn't even fun because his points are absolutely aimless

No. 277293

File: 1658541453564.gif (3.51 MB, 250x349, B7D2CB9D-F826-4EBF-8E99-2906C4…)

Billie joe armstrong. Too bad he looks like shit now

No. 277301

File: 1658542915953.jpg (70.42 KB, 640x759, 52jzs1zqbms81.jpg)

i've seen him posted a million times already but my lust is new and strong.

No. 277307

File: 1658543904311.jpg (40.27 KB, 670x452, 207546_180213848693124_4013207…)

hamilton morris pre-glasses is so hot to me

No. 277308

There's a thin line between sticking to your guts and looking brave and sticking to your guts and looking arrogant. In certain instances, JP can look like the former but looked at the whole he's more of the latter. Not to mention him being addicted to benzos and clearly not knowing half the shit he gives his opinion on. The icing on this all he cultivated a really annoying fanbase that just serves as a natural repellant for me personally.

No. 277313

There comes a time in every nona's life where she must choose between Beautiful Ben and Juicy Jordan. What do you anons choose?

No. 277316

Agree with these anons. There's nothing admirable or hot about a scrote who keeps saying obviously retarded shit that attracts a misogynistic right-wing male audience because he "isn't afraid to voice his opinion".

No. 277317

Ben is the only answer here

No. 277318

He probably thinks men shouldn't moisturize which is admittedly a pretty obvious flaw. He is kind of old though, and it's never too late to start.

No. 277321

File: 1658545573576.jpeg (286.32 KB, 587x612, 45F70037-4D38-4478-BFE1-C63033…)

Just let us enjoy youthful non-bloated Rogan in peace

No. 277322

File: 1658545909432.jpg (51.04 KB, 800x723, 1pfceefntpsz.jpg)

Tell me you are a dateless virgin without telling me you are a dateless virgin. Get help, you are either a troll either a prey for manipulative men.

No. 277324


Glad to know someone also is into Hamilton pre glasses and Vice

No. 277326

File: 1658546346788.jpg (26.92 KB, 640x403, 5dhobwjy83j81.jpg)

No. 277327

please be bait…

No. 277328

no way… i found my people. i had a dream that i dated him and ever since i've had a crush kek

No. 277329

nothing behind the eyes

No. 277333

Shapiro's personality screams annoying little brother or middle child desperately acting but I'd take him over Jordan P. Looking at >>277301 and >>277326 , Ben can clean up and take care of himself and his clearly undiagnosed autism can be cute in small doses. Jordan P just seems like any random old scrote .

No. 277337

File: 1658550494822.gif (3.56 MB, 498x261, BCE9FF78-17DB-4502-ADB1-1159ED…)

Almost as bad as the Kanye or Pete choice. Why live when you can die instead

No. 277343

File: 1658556977167.jpeg (71.05 KB, 750x924, A171AC38-B1EE-4313-9405-04F07A…)

He’s still hot as an old man imo

No. 277345


No. 277346

File: 1658558404957.jpeg (93.06 KB, 498x1138, CA6038FC-A3C1-450C-BAC9-6FD864…)

I love him even tho he is old. Loved him as Hal out of all his roles.

No. 277348

File: 1658559645508.jpeg (288.12 KB, 862x631, 646AAD35-AA3F-4B00-B42F-5531FC…)

i’m going to hell <3

No. 277349

File: 1658560123690.jpeg (902.6 KB, 2001x1170, A19C69E6-A879-4CFC-AE6C-BAB727…)

He’s so sleazy I love it

No. 277352


No. 277361

File: 1658565427510.jpeg (282.95 KB, 808x1200, C299F9D0-A792-44AB-B4FD-89B0CD…)

his skin aged poorly but his good features and bone structure are apparent even then
wish I could watch more of him in his prime, he was hella handsome

No. 277362

Naw, anon, i get it and your feelings towards your crush. He's one of the only men who I wouldn't kill in the androcide.
Please don't use emojis though.

No. 277364

wow he was hot how old is he in this picture?

No. 277369

28, already looked a bit older than that IMO
he really is handsome in a preppy sort of way

No. 277374

File: 1658570106275.jpeg (115.69 KB, 874x1390, DA5CEA09-23BB-4984-B76C-64CBCF…)

He would look so much better right now if he kept his real teeth. Those blinding white toilet chompers look awful, especially since he’s letting everything else go.

No. 277375

File: 1658570923456.jpg (23.31 KB, 644x400, bobb.jpg)

i am always sad at how he ended up… rip daddy fischer

No. 277377

>>277307 >>277324

finally someone else that likes hamilton morris

No. 277392

File: 1658575322293.jpg (20.15 KB, 320x480, charles.jpg)

mommey won't give him thee thrown. pour charles

No. 277407

File: 1658582390252.jpg (76.41 KB, 425x634, bobo.JPG)

ummm I uh uhm

No. 277421


No. 277422

Not this depressed fag

No. 277424

No. 277428

Yeah he can be funny, my sister had a crush on him

No. 277431

File: 1658595536430.jpg (46.6 KB, 519x652, tumblr_6a97da95fbb8c5e9ad288bf…)

Stephen Malkmus was a cute dork back in the 90s.

No. 277435

Him crying about ellens lost tits was some creepy shit tbh. He could sit out on a street corner and pass as a regular ole rambling mentally ill bum at this stage.

No. 277441

nonnie el mundo today is the spanish version of the onion kek

No. 277443


This one's for you Benny nonna's (if you havent already seen it) let me know if he gives you the WAP

No. 277445

mierdaa anónima podríamos haber troleado a todas. por qué me has traicionado

No. 277447

File: 1658601393445.jpg (391.57 KB, 1024x1280, 4x5-jpg-1--data.jpg)

Both of the Sparks brothers at once but I'd only make eye contact with the moustache'd one.

No. 277448

who, twinky hitler? charles chaplin wannabe

No. 277449

File: 1658601754299.gif (3.13 MB, 640x474, sparks-ron-mael (1).gif)

Yep, not sure why he does it for me so much. Part of it is his role as the straight man stoic I'm sure.

No. 277454

Nta but stfu already

No. 277456

what have i done to you

No. 277457

File: 1658605709865.gif (1.98 MB, 640x630, moistcr1tikal-charlie-white.gi…)


No. 277460

File: 1658606238373.gif (64.37 KB, 220x124, ua.gif)


No. 277463

Reminder that he pissed in one of his girlfriend's mouth.

No. 277464

No. 277465

his face is so soft he looks like a ftm kek, i get it though, hes not bad looking im just put off by how feminine his features are

No. 277466

I would have wrecked him back then wow

No. 277467

I hate that I find him so attractive

No. 277468

His worst mistake was growing out his hair. I don't know maybe it would look better on him if he wasn't a midget.
This length wasn't too bad, I guess.

No. 277469

i'm not sure. i kinda like the jesus look now. he was still cute with short hair like >>277457

No. 277470

still would

No. 277471

somehow he looks more masculine to me with the long hair

No. 277474

File: 1658608867844.jpg (9.7 KB, 220x229, guy.jpg)

guy cihi. the actor that james from silent hill 2 is modeled after

No. 277475

File: 1658609143599.jpg (1.32 MB, 2100x2588, biden.jpg)

young joe biden

No. 277477

He's an example of social brainwashing, I see so many men irl who are better looking but media upholds men for their "talents" and women for their looks ergo the bar is very low for men (no hate to those nonna's who like him, im just saying)

No. 277478

Russell was cuter when he had long hair. But yes nonna I agree

No. 277480

File: 1658610537818.jpg (28.73 KB, 624x501, bbyodenkirk.JPG)

Ever since the ripe age of 20
Still love em
The fivehead just means more area to cover with kisses

No. 277482

Nonas, as a Bob Odenkirkfag I always envisioned him as being tall but I just found out he’s 5’9 and I’m not sure what to do with this information

No. 277483

isn't that just average american height? it's not short or anything

No. 277484

that's pretty tall, isn't it?

No. 277486

Huh, he always felt very tall to me.

No. 277488

File: 1658611420613.jpg (15.34 KB, 375x266, bernie.jpg)

oooh shit you're right-

No. 277489

File: 1658611606425.jpg (62.92 KB, 599x400, daniil-dubov.jpg)

the chess fandom is dying!!1! quick dubov pic to save it!!!

No. 277490

idk what it is about that hair that i hate so much. i think it reminds me too much of highschoolers. he would be a lot cuter without that gay hair

No. 277491

File: 1658611773404.jpeg (1013.8 KB, 1127x1009, 3D69EA25-E79C-4D36-9364-E31B5F…)

he’s so cute but he dresses like a complete retard. Le sigh

No. 277493

File: 1658611802057.jpg (15.05 KB, 240x240, Daniil_Dubov_2013.jpg)

i like that hair better than what this abomination was

No. 277494

File: 1658611803527.jpeg (174.19 KB, 1242x1483, 2F0B3870-1072-40FF-A520-646F0D…)

Oh my god me too. It makes me irrationally annoyed that Karley Sciortino from Slutever ended up dating him, and is NOW dating my longtime crush, Zach Woods.
Bitch. [salutes and cries a single tear]

No. 277497

whitewashed prince

No. 277499

I guess I always imagined him as 6’2 or taller, not sure why

No. 277500

Who are the women on the left? They look amazing

No. 277501

>Karley Sciortino from Slutever ended up dating him
theres a sex tape of them out there, its only like a minute long and super weird. she doms him and its so awkward lmao. they didnt seem like a good match at all. i remember in some podcast ep i listened to with him he said his ideal relationship is being allowed to fuck off and disappear for months in a lab somewhere while his gf doesnt care.
zach woods is cute too, i had no idea karley was dating him LMAO. god dammit why is my type the same as hers.

No. 277502

It’s a scene from the 1970 movie “Dorian Gray.” Maybe they’re credited somewhere there.

No. 277504

the ad she posted for her perfect man was pretty funny too and i think it perfectly describes our type

“Busty, blonde 23 y/o girl seeks hot, weird-looking guys / general freaks. Into tall and very thin. Large nose a plus. Between 18 and 30. Preferably deaf. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.”

No. 277507

some of my favourite quotes from the same article she wrote about her relationships

"The first video of Hamilton’s I came across was of him in the Amazon rainforest being ritualistically burned and dosed with the hallucinogenic venom of a tree frog. His shirtless body, which was covered in bug bites and dirt, looked worryingly under-inflated. I want him inside me, I thought."

"Hamilton was possibly the most beautiful person my eyes had ever seen: deep-set eyes, body like a line drawing, deathly pallor, long locks of chestnut-brown hair — and, of course, a big fuck-off nose. His voice alone made you want to fuck him: warped and uncomfortably deep, like a cassette tape that had been left out in the sun too long"

No. 277508

" I hugged him and his body felt like a bag of nails covered in wax."


No. 277509

File: 1658614545979.png (1.76 MB, 1000x1344, HidenariUgaki.png)

As long as he keeps the Majima voice and I don't have to see his face I would

No. 277510

File: 1658614649294.jpg (15.03 KB, 399x399, egg.jpg)

No. 277511

File: 1658614764019.gif (1.72 MB, 512x304, majima manspreading crotch sho…)

Can you believe he voices this?

No. 277512

the hottest characters always have to have the weirdest looking voice actors

No. 277515

File: 1658614898143.gif (2.58 MB, 640x640, jerma.gif)

No. 277516

File: 1658615103163.png (175.2 KB, 463x444, jerma.png)

jerma is conventionally attractive i think, total himbo, but… i agree.

No. 277517

I can because he too is fug

No. 277518

File: 1658615310380.gif (1.96 MB, 640x416, jerma-jeremy.gif)

he's so dumb… such a caveman… i want him so badd-

No. 277519

He looks cute with this hairstyle.

No. 277521

nice filename

No. 277522

i just read it now, kek nonny thank you

No. 277524

and he was a teacher too! hot

No. 277528

That's the most unflattering pic I've seen of this guy. >>277515 looks much better

No. 277530

thats because he cut his hair after the explosion, nonna

No. 277532

kek i find him cutest with longer hair

No. 277535

maybe not conventionally attractive but he is a very normal looking man to me, like someone whod be on a college football team, kinda generic meathead look

No. 277536

nta but his dorito shaped head is what throws me off kek. kind of reminds me of kpoop idols.

No. 277537

i expected to hear every possible description of jerman ever, but not kpoper

No. 277538

everyone in this picture is dressed so well.

No. 277540

c'mon nonny. they dress like drag queens before a reveal.

No. 277541

Hahaha, pretty dang accurate

No. 277549

File: 1658626272168.jpg (16.45 KB, 459x447, a4ddec9f12.jpg)

Keeping the streamer train going.

No. 277551

>23 y/o girl seeks hot, weird-looking guys / general freaks. Into tall and very thin. Large nose a plus. Between 18 and 30. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby
I feel called out
why deaf tho

No. 277556

Would you admit to liking any of your unconventional attractions if not anonymous, either irl or online? For me I'd prefer to keep my attraction to JBP a secret, I know there are other anons who like him though who might think differently. The reason I'd keep it secret is mostly to avoid being painted as right wing or troonphobic.

No. 277559

I'm more ashamed to admit/careful about admitting I like "ugly" men here on lolcow than anywhere else.
In real life, it depends on the man's reputation. Like for example if I found a nazi attractive (though I don't), I wouldn't admit it.

No. 277564

For some reason, I read this as “Joe Francis” at first and I was like “ew why.” But then I saw “Rogan” and I was relieved. And yeah, I do see it, nonnie. At least when he was younger.

No. 277565

Why do all the men in that family (save Harry and even that’s debatable) age like milk? Even Prince George is turning ugly and he’s only 9.

No. 277579

britich genes

No. 277580

File: 1658642014726.jpeg (154.38 KB, 501x501, pp.jpeg)

he was kinda hot back when he was fucked up…

No. 277581

i get it, although his misogyny and addiction to prostitutes and the likelihood of his having sex with his niece prevents me from feeling any kind of attraction to him

No. 277583

big agree

No. 277584

File: 1658644413774.jpg (74.21 KB, 828x782, wow.jpg)

the jerma anons ranting about his hair reminded me of this pic… it's an edit, but still…

No. 277585

File: 1658644558425.gif (3.48 MB, 498x280, need-him.gif)

dumb jerma gif

No. 277586

I'm the from earlier who mentioned only being attracted to Jerma with the longer hair. I cant even begin to tell you how retarded of an effect this edit had on me.
What the fuck, why am I like this? Why am I a hair sperg? I'm not even that attracted to Jerma in the first place, but that pic made me feel like an animal for a minute. I hate long grown out metalhead hair but the hair in that edit is my idea of perfection.

No. 277587

it's because it seems washed, nonna

No. 277588

I wish that were just the case but at this point I've accepted I just can't feel true sexual attraction for men whose hair doesn't meet my oddly specific standards in length and part

No. 277589

not the phat assed man, the reporter. wish i knew who he is

No. 277590

File: 1658645912702.png (722.86 KB, 1121x674, 5466BD0F-C8FC-44DC-B180-BE6D39…)

I hate myself for this one

No. 277591

something about obnoxious rightoid youtubers really gets farmers going huh..

No. 277594

fucking same though

No. 277595

i swear to god its only a matter of time before anons start posting old milo yiannopoulos pics

No. 277615

File: 1658664375971.jpg (337.14 KB, 1983x3000, 88e92aa1b.jpg)

Forsen can easily shift to the conventionally attractive thread if he tried.

No. 277617

Gosling himself is prime "ugly men shilled as attractive" thread material.

No. 277620

Oh nonnie I had already forgotten how weak I am for this idiot. He is exactly my type, especially with his obnoxious facial expressions and his voice. I think he is quite conventional, it's the personality that makes him "unconventional" in LC standards.

No. 277652

As a tooth fetishist I find his teeth hot.

No. 277716

File: 1658700382864.jpg (14.63 KB, 354x318, CChanSonichuCWC.jpg)

No. 277717

I am exactly like you but I adore grown out “metalhead” hair. My dream boy would have hair that reaches his thighs. It’s so gorgeous

No. 277718

File: 1658700731336.jpeg (183.58 KB, 900x1200, 8A479737-6912-4AD8-A19F-01877F…)

i would raise a child with him in an extremely accurate and intricately planned simulation of parenthood

No. 277719

ImAGIne My C0cK

No. 277720

Liquid Chris looks like Paul Dano here

No. 277721

at 0:26

No. 277730

I’ve literally felt the same way and I’ve also had the same thought as >>277720. He really looks like Paul Dano. I found current pics of Liquid Chris and he’s just okay now from what I remember. He became a doctor lol.

No. 277738

I got flustered watching the Chris Chan documentary because I thought he was so cute. Especially when he started singing. I guess it's not surprising that I became a danofag

No. 277744

File: 1658721530990.jpg (40.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ever since watching bcs

No. 277745

File: 1658722270763.jpg (99.12 KB, 901x1024, bnxp9twza8m81.jpg)

God I love Ben so much. He and his wife make a good-looking couple.

No. 277746

I thought this was Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.

No. 277747

I don't talk about it anywhere but here. Also sometimes I tell scrotes on 4chan because it makes them confused and angry.

No. 277749

File: 1658724462845.jpg (91.48 KB, 764x472, tumblr_onuhadpVO61s2mokto1_128…)

Bud Cort, specifically in the early 70s around the MASH/Brewster McCloud/Harold and Maude era. I think he's so adorable. When he cries it's so cute, and his voice is so soothing. He would treat me right.

No. 277758

Nonna get help

No. 277770

File: 1658737461307.jpeg (303.56 KB, 1280x688, CCF6E44C-B205-4AF6-AB48-C29A08…)

God tier taste, nonnie

No. 277772

File: 1658738066784.jpeg (57.99 KB, 631x720, ACE3ECDC-3643-4E02-8C0A-CB0722…)

I've seen his pics as a young man and idk why maybe it's his large intense pretty eyes and his nice lip shape but I wouldn't use the word handsome or cute for him, I'd say he is actually beautiful
picrel is de-aged gus

No. 277773


No. 277774

the BCS/BB universe has a great examples of the types of male attractiveness tbh
lalo is hot
cranston (young) and bob are handsome
gus (young) is beautiful
early seasons jessie was cute/pretty

No. 277778

Nah I tell people all the time. People already see me as a freak centrist because I hold rad fem opinions mixed in with cherry picked right wing opinions. I just don't care anymore. Being honest is way better than trying to fit into a box.

Also, you could just find someone attractive without agreeing with them.

No. 277779

File: 1658741560113.jpeg (171.36 KB, 1080x1440, C0D44724-DAF0-4A2D-840F-6DEDE4…)

I have an unexplainable crush on this man

No. 277789

His voice and demeanor helps

No. 277797

why do all of these pics look like they were generated by DALL-E

No. 277803

He seems 14 years old until he says something, It's weird.

No. 277816

Same get out of my head

No. 277818

Oh they did him so dirty on his wikipedia page

No. 277832

Kek the venn diagram of us Liquid Chris enjoyers and Danofags is a circle

No. 277833

File: 1658763834311.jpeg (111.07 KB, 1486x990, download (13).jpeg)

I hate him.

No. 277842

File: 1658767291544.jpeg (64.81 KB, 740x943, F18FD03B-9A2A-40CA-BEE9-D88DEC…)

No. 277844

He looks so cute! I would like to get to know more about this acfor if that's okay. What is he like? Any good movies with him you'd recommend? Never really seen any "fandom" built around him.

No. 277858

File: 1658772859430.jpeg (24.13 KB, 500x285, 3FB2B5BB-D821-458E-8524-E487A2…)

I feel like he simultaneously has a baby baby and old face. I love it so much, though.

No. 277860

*baby face

No. 277862

Jesus look at his eyes
he's like, mess-era Lohan high

No. 277863

File: 1658774678480.jpeg (65.43 KB, 580x742, 78BEB612-CEA7-430E-8E79-BA8294…)

Weird tooth but cute face, I guess.

No. 277867

Is this a fucking child? Wtf is wrong with you sick fucks?

No. 277869

He was 21 in those pictures.

No. 277870

i think its because he looks severely delayed

No. 277872

File: 1658779587529.jpeg (108.92 KB, 720x490, D89A7D52-E1C9-4643-A9EF-5EC1D8…)

Are you retarded? He looks post-wall.

No. 277873

File: 1658780904825.png (926.21 KB, 742x1026, craiyon_132640_Ben_Shapiro_and…)

Well this was nightmarish

No. 277886

File: 1658785883928.jpeg (21.66 KB, 236x416, 3230F186-D33A-41FD-862C-2F2C6A…)

Richard Ashcroft from The Verve is so munted but hot to me

No. 277907

File: 1658793033020.jpeg (2.66 MB, 2400x1600, AFA02C1F-38C6-4AF4-9DF1-E761EE…)

No. 277912

No. 277916

File: 1658797649565.jpg (97.03 KB, 1200x627, 2014/06/30/d3/dotherightt.8561…)

its crazy knowing he was this guy in do the right thing

No. 277938

If he's not good enough for you nonna I'll make him all mine kthx

No. 277939

Good lord I would.

No. 277941

Kevin is a pretty average looking dude,seems a bit unfitting.Unless he’s done something I’m unaware of.

No. 277943

File: 1658812939441.jpeg (125.84 KB, 584x873, 0268A37F-0945-4CDC-A2EA-8784D6…)

I think Mike Patton is attractive in general,but there’s something about old Mike (especially when he has double-braids) that’s really hot to me.

No. 277944

File: 1658813393857.jpg (53.96 KB, 371x506, Giancarlo_Esposito_1998.jpg)

You got me looking up older pics of him now and damn, would

No. 277948

File: 1658815583546.jpeg (148.84 KB, 750x937, DDE4DB0A-9D70-4FDD-B236-61D362…)

I don’t know if he’s been posted yet but David Harbour is one handsome step-dad

No. 277955

File: 1658818527217.jpeg (140.21 KB, 1200x1200, 5F0F35D5-2365-4C1F-99A7-82795C…)

Kevin can do no wrong, I meant unconventional as in he's not considered a heartthrob

No. 277958

He probably has some genetic disease that makes him looks like a child and you're creepy as fuck.

No. 277960

Bait harder moid

No. 277964

Agreed, I wish he was less cgi in the latest season

No. 277990

File: 1658833925561.jpg (221.26 KB, 1600x1200, better-call-saul.jpg)

dont forget the wardrobe god i love suits so much
fuck i love lalo too

No. 277993

he’s beautiful! he looks like a male vlada roslyakova

No. 278005

i thought this was joshua weissman or whatever his name is kek

No. 278038

I've admitted mine to Mads Mikkelsen and some UK comedians… and jokingly Tucker Carlson.

No. 278074

File: 1658869871161.gif (6.8 MB, 633x633, d1a778c133cda8f27b03bb3eb0450e…)

I'm a sucker for Hopper, particularly his heavier look as well as in uniform.

No. 278076

eugh spoiler that shit

No. 278077

>if they don't look like k-pop stars, they're ugly

No. 278078

i never mentioned kpoop

No. 278100

YES i love lumberjack looking mf, the moustache is such a good look

No. 278103

Aw yea, that's good.

No. 278104

NTA but it has nothing to do with that, he’s just ugly lol

No. 278115

Anon do you know where you are

No. 278117

Tbf the gif looks kind of grosser compared to everything else posted. It looks like someone's sweaty obese dad. idk fat dirty men repulse me on a whole different level.

No. 278124

File: 1658890629347.jpg (99.94 KB, 586x1334, justajealousguy.jpg)


>young elvis presley

>young john lennon
>young morrissey

No. 278125


I wish I can break Kevin Parker’s heart so he can write a whole album about me kek

No. 278130

Hatefuck John Lennon
Marry (and divorce) Moz
Kill Elvis (ugley pedo)

No. 278135

File: 1658899506760.jpg (104.9 KB, 1008x1052, Nick-Offerman-Ron-Swanson.jpg)

I'm so sorry.

No. 278136

This is the correct answer

No. 278151

File: 1658910269832.jpeg (437.23 KB, 1500x1000, image (1).jpeg)

From a purely current looks point, he's kind of cute

No. 278154

Lalo is soooooooooo hot.
Everything about him oozes sex appeal

No. 278175

KEK I did not know who this was and thought he was v handsome so imagine my shock finding out he’s one of Trump’s spawns

No. 278179

We got handjob scenes for Walt and Hank but not even one little bit of sloppy toppy for the hottest man in the franchise. There is no justice

No. 278220

File: 1658933031535.jpg (53.8 KB, 500x617, e3e9f9b9fcb61efe3d26ef129277c0…)

i want to go back in time to tie him up and beat the shit out of him and make him cry. and maybe afterwards there'd be a whole radiohead album about it. he's palpably obnoxious just by looking at pictures of him and it arouses both anger and horniness in me. even as a dried up piece of jerky old gollum man. voice of an angel though. i love annoying looking bird boned shorties. i'm getting really into radiohead can you tell.

No. 278227

He needs chapstick

No. 278228

marry lennon (he's the best looking of the three when he was skinny)
fuck elvis (for the clout and also his voice is sexy)
kill morrissey (for obvious reasons)

No. 278233

Marry Lennon (as he'll be assassinated and then I can be a wealthy widow)
Fuck Elvis (because he's hot but I also don't want to stick around to see him get fat)
Kill Morrissey (because his music is the worst of the three)

No. 278250

marry lennon
fuck morisssy
kill elvis

i don't care much about any of them i just wanted to play the game

No. 278257

He left his wife when she got cancer, so yeah i'd say the beatings are justified

No. 278265

damn it anon i forgot all about that shit. now i can stop feeling cringe about my vivid physical abuse fantasies involving him. what a fucking loser.

No. 278307

And started dating a young model
All men is the same

No. 278327

Funny how three people chose Lennon when he (supposedly) beat his first wife. Then again, if Yoko Ono proved anything, he can be tamed into a house husband.

No. 278331

John Lennon had crazy yellow fever and was a piece of shit to his eldest son, that's most of what I know about him from my limited knowledge kek. I'd still pick him over Elvis though, pretty sure I'd fuck John (even if it was only to get to Paul), marry problematic bi Morrissey (I could have saved him) and kill Elvis.

No. 278334

File: 1658976778389.jpg (110.59 KB, 495x660, Franz_Kafka_thumb-c.jpg)

Any fellow Kafka nonnies out here?

No. 278337

File: 1658979164704.png (315.81 KB, 400x574, 58CC79C1-A466-470F-A1C9-20B2C7…)


No. 278341

File: 1658981188205.jpg (204.25 KB, 1321x991, GettyImages-56456595-dcbcbf4ae…)

hell yeah

No. 278343

File: 1658982025307.jpeg (56.37 KB, 780x499, E9DD66B5-F4B7-4BEF-848B-A685E1…)

he’s as “bisexual” as freddie mercury or george micheal was, he’s obviously gay and had a long term relationship with a rough blue collar guy. and a thing for johnny marr ofc. still the most tolerable of the three because at his heart he’s just a bitchy gay guy. lennon and elvis just had oedipus complexes that manifested in different ways (john wanted a mommy, elvis just wanted pure virgin teen girls he never actually fucked just hung around with)
more women need to get on the yoko/courtney/wallis simpson grind. this is why women hate meghan markle because she managed to turn a literal prince into her submissive husband

some men are beyond saving tho, like richard ramirez, but i think i could’ve fixed pic related if i fed really hard into his abandonment issues

No. 278345

Morrissey also seems like he'd be the best to marry since he's known to have had a couple of gal pals at least. Not saying that he's a saint, but it's a better track record than the other two.

No. 278346

“gal pals”

girl, those are faghags.
and it depends what you like in a man. i mean, if i was a position of power i would def have lennon as my male mistress. just as a symbol of power, but i could never live with mr heroin mommy issues

No. 278364

File: 1658997286258.jpg (704.32 KB, 1362x1848, Franz_Kafka_1917.jpg)

hands off my husband

No. 278394

Agreed. He at least passes off for decent looking, which is more I can say for his dad and brother.

No. 278395

>fucked his niece

Wait what?

No. 278398

i would not admit to being an ezrafag irl, sometimes i don’t even admit it here

No. 278405

Damn, think of all the songs he could have wrote for you.

No. 278443

File: 1659031340819.gif (3.16 MB, 500x500, D0ED926D-99CA-4DED-A8AE-73E159…)

No. 278464

File: 1659044112495.jpg (75.5 KB, 980x653, britishbfs.jpg)

would you really choose john over paul?

No. 278471

File: 1659046013542.gif (1.64 MB, 500x306, 9CA194FC-A15A-443C-AC8F-0B7655…)

George Harrison in A Hard's Day Night

No. 278472

Yes. Paul is extremely normal for a male musician born in the 40s, but that’s a low bar. I need a man who’s batshit crazy but only sometimes

No. 278476

as long as you dumbasses remember he rapes little girls

No. 278482

File: 1659049234069.jpeg (493.78 KB, 3000x2004, 106798364-1605643956212-gettyi…)

Put me in his shark tank

No. 278483

Nasty little chipmunk man and subterranean demon

No. 278497

hahahaha ure killing me

No. 278498

File: 1659053143119.jpg (291.11 KB, 1080x1440, p8949978_b1t_v9_aa.jpg)


No. 278500

File: 1659054905593.jpg (74.8 KB, 471x750, ef76331f22db2323fdb083407509ad…)

I am so attracted to men from the lost generation that it's actually driving me insane

No. 278504


No. 278507

i found Q really hot when i was 12

No. 278509

File: 1659059763475.gif (3.15 MB, 498x350, Kieran Culkin.gif)

i feel so gross about this one but he's so hot

No. 278512

File: 1659060652176.jpg (132 KB, 570x729, o-VINCENT-KARTHEISER-YOUNG-570…)

I thought this was Vincent Kartheiser at first

No. 278515


i just looked him up, he aged poorly but he looks so cute in your picrel

they have the same sad puppy eyes and air of patheticness about them. weirdly hot

No. 278524

He's the Qtest for sure

No. 278535

same, I'm pretty embarassed about it. Same with my attraction to Joseph Quinn. If someone knew about this irl I would die, I actually hate the part of myself that thinks these men are attractive

No. 278545

is that kramer from seinfeld

No. 278546

File: 1659092524933.jpeg (34.9 KB, 735x414, 230DEEE1-FC6C-426F-A5DA-4D54F3…)

he looks extremely washed out and old now, I would argue he only looked super cute in this pic

No. 278547

File: 1659095103917.jpeg (210.89 KB, 709x632, 89EB1F07-5E82-45B1-9547-00799B…)

his hair is perfect

No. 278548

Not my type but i agree he used to be really cute and the hair was gorgeous. Too bad he literally turned into a monster, i don't know how Hila is so accepting of it, she's making him too comfortable with his situation.

He also got dumber and dumber as years passed, he's now a caricature of a woke stupid liberal. I hate him (although i feel for him for the Trisha situation, this cow is worse than him).

No. 278549

We really have to start putting men down when they decide to let themselves go

No. 278592

should've used the past tense
he doesn't look good anymore unfortunately. He had a lot of potential aesthetically

No. 278593

Was also a lot funnier back then

No. 278594

File: 1659110626724.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x2209, judas.jpg)

I started TWD weeks ago since the last season got announced and I wanted to catch up to it. This unwashed man makes me go FERAL. Everything about his character is so fucking attractive to me, it's not fair

No. 278597

File: 1659111986498.png (732.62 KB, 649x751, ZliYVRN.png)

You should play Death Stranding just for the webcam hijinks alone.

No. 278601

File: 1659112861753.jpeg (291.29 KB, 1020x574, goingtohellforthis.jpeg)

>shameful for their reputation

Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer Putin wants to exchange for Brittney Griner (the WNBA player). He's nicknamed "The Merchant of Death" and he inspired Nic Cage's character in Lord of War but he's totally my type

No. 278615

File: 1659117438522.gif (Spoiler Image,7.08 MB, 540x450, steve harington.gif)

i used to think he looks like a retard. idk what happened but the latest season had me panting whenever he was on screen.

No. 278623

is this from st or some video game? he looks better like this, as a video game character or whatever this is

No. 278670

File: 1659130793954.jpg (44.69 KB, 440x603, COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Een_rok…)

I sometimes go to human tooth sharpening page on Wikipedia just to look at this picture

No. 278671

I can't figure out if he a total ass or sweetheart

No. 278672

looks like an older version of armie hammer

No. 278674

File: 1659131402448.jpeg (88.98 KB, 1100x825, victor-07cf8c5de9f0d473a552c85…)

I'm on several watchlists now thanks nonnie he's hot

No. 278678

File: 1659132891590.jpg (410.73 KB, 2048x2048, c3cdf96eb20eea07e84f5a74769d85…)

breathes heavily
I would do unspeakable things just to resurrect this man and have him whisper disgusting, naughty things in my ear.

No. 278690

i can see the appeal, anon. he wouldn't be out of place in a zelda game

No. 278694

Mr. Takagi won't be joining us for the rest of his life.

No. 278709

KEK I would too Nona he looks kinda freaky in the best way

No. 278711

Yeah, he was pretty hot. Poor Hila.
He's only attractive when he's like this.
Nta but it's from the show it's just a super nice quality gif.

No. 278716

Q is hot

No. 278717

File: 1659146859207.jpg (189.31 KB, 2000x1000, tom.jpg)

But is it Kieran you like, or Roman? Picrel really belongs in the "attractive men you want to fuck" thread but as long as we're talking Succession I want Tom and Roman to fight to the death to be my bf.

No. 278726

That line, in my ear, while he has one hand on my throat and the other in my panties. Perfection.

No. 278758

They're so cute and funny to me, but especially Q

No. 278761

File: 1659171821302.jpg (5.25 MB, 2400x3000, MV5BOTAwNzE4NzAyMV5BMl5BanBnXk…)


No. 278773

Agreed, he’s just got some laid back good pussy eater vibes

No. 278774

>marry Morrisey
>fuck Lennon
>kill Elvis (ugly ass pedo bulldog motherfucker)

No. 278775

Hopper is so ugly and gross

No. 278776

I love his pouty face

No. 278778

File: 1659181585548.jpeg (32.79 KB, 550x732, 23974805-CC6C-4259-9337-D3AA74…)

I thought the thread pic was young Christopher Lee. Speaking if Christopher Lee, he was always old looking but that rat phenotype always got the fattest most heaving dicks in the world

No. 278779

File: 1659181706078.jpeg (363.34 KB, 1083x1373, F22CAC79-FAE7-48E5-B4FA-B5496B…)

Him young. He looks like such a baby here

No. 278780

File: 1659181830884.jpeg (536.2 KB, 843x921, 7D845937-A96C-4E00-9DE7-C86B44…)


No. 278806

He looks like a. Baby

No. 278822

File: 1659204175371.gif (5.3 MB, 640x470, lf;baeqjh.gif)

Same^2. Adding onto Joseph Quinn… why is he SO cute as Eddie and borderline goblin IRL? His styling on the show makes me doki-doki so hard, why is it difficult to be cute out of character???

Forgive my horny sperg, nonnas

No. 278827

nonnie this thread is intended for horny sperging

No. 278834

File: 1659209333495.png (174.15 KB, 1200x799, EyQEeoeUcAUubWT.png)

i'd absolutely destroy these fucking losers in a van dp.

No. 278835

i want ryan to take me from behind and i'll gobble down on matt's rod

No. 278847

File: 1659215645148.jpg (16.66 KB, 220x548, hal.JPG)

loved Hal too
he is cute

No. 278854

File: 1659217496059.jpeg (112.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

RIP - He ain't dead yet but his looks long are

No. 278858

File: 1659219113801.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2280x2303, gat0-006-gates-corbis-42-17934…)

>wanna see my floppy disk, nonnie?

No. 278859

Gimme Joe and Murr.

No. 278860

Hnnng… jump over a chair for me… from standing position!!!!!!

No. 278862

extremely based
young steve mogs him!!!

No. 278864

Ben was really wasted by becoming who he is. Imagine nonnas, he could have been a relatively laid back dorky boyfriend but NO. He had to be Ben lib-slayer Shapiro for some reason

He looks like his skin is stretched over his face as part of an alien disguise to look human. Have they rescued those minors he ran away with yet or has he eaten them?

Based. I'm obsessed with vintage jock types, I can't explain it.

No. 278876

No. 278882

Jobs was a fag that died of AIDS

No. 278883

No. 278886

File: 1659228959605.jpg (316.65 KB, 1060x1600, 268dc610a955000956f95adec3329f…)

Appreciating vintage jocks is a sign of patrician taste and requires no explanation.

No. 278887

What a fucking nerd. Look how his voice cracks when he gets angry, oooo so scary. I want to beat him up.
Not only does he have a handsome face nice hair but he also has a nice ass

No. 278892

Thanks to the JBP posting in these threads I was reminded of Jordan today as I was pouring a bowl of cereal and saw a large raisin. Still find him charming in a kind of ridiculous way, though.

No. 278895

File: 1659234789683.jpeg (82.64 KB, 997x621, 2A9741BE-F201-4810-AA83-6340DE…)

good. they should’ve had hardcore gay sex together (only when pre wall)

No. 278896

File: 1659235309177.jpeg (27.92 KB, 417x333, 01E7D4EE-25A7-4DB1-AF3A-CDD0EC…)

Ah, yes. I watched Horror of Dracula for the plot

No. 278900

File: 1659237256256.png (297.29 KB, 680x478, he spots you from across the b…)

I can't be the only one here who would pick Walter over Hal

No. 278923

Get help.

No. 278926

>Not only does he have a handsome face nice hair but he also has a nice ass
want to straddle him

No. 278927

File: 1659258337538.jpeg (67.47 KB, 1200x841, 5589c09f2acae7b7188b46fc.jpeg)

I liked him in Seinfeld

No. 278929

Once again I'm posting Tommy Johansson

No. 278939

omfg lol at your caption, that clip of him is so cringe though but he's so awkwardly endearing I can't help but love him

No. 278951

dump him.

No. 278954

Ugh yes

No. 278973

File: 1659290621917.jpeg (227.71 KB, 375x683, D308002E-1910-4265-948F-CAC7B4…)

Nonnies i cant.. i want to suckle his fat inbred man titties kiss his gout bloated stomach and bully him pls!!

No. 278976

You'll probably get salmonella coming into contact with that uncooked chicken

No. 278993

He was so cute.

No. 278997

File: 1659307131393.jpeg (84.04 KB, 661x900, DjTAzOoXgAE25Jx.jpeg)

My kryptonite will always be dorky ass .com bubble billionaires

No. 278999

KEK. Who’s that?

No. 279003

His nipples are already stifftened for your pleasture, nona. Go at him.

No. 279004

is this bezos??

No. 279005

Jeff Bezos kek

No. 279007

No way omfg

No. 279008

File: 1659310395092.jpeg (167.62 KB, 1508x1122, DjSro83UYAE-S6d.jpeg)

Here he is with his friends

No. 279009

THey are in the order of effort they put into the costume

No. 279010

whadda hell !

No. 279011

Also in order of fruitiness

No. 279012

So what is the one on the left supposed to be?

No. 279013

I still don't know wtf he's supposed to be

No. 279014

A beet!

No. 279017

"Squish that cat" man is so fucking hot, and the fact that he seems to love cats and care about animals (unlike many vets I've had the displeasure of meeting) makes him even hotter

No. 279019

grapes kid did a great job on his costume

No. 279020

He was really hot with the beard and square glasses. Too bad he only had that for one episode.
Also >filename

No. 279022

Face the wall anon

No. 279024

really simping over a picture of his nerd ass when he was a kid.. the shotacons are really fucking creepy

No. 279025

I don't get it, did he do something shitty or something?

No. 279034

Even the unconventional attraction thread can take so much.

No. 279038

I just know if Walt was an actual person he'd be transphobic as fuck and get really condescending to troons about "basic biology". That and a hundred other things make him a certified hottie

No. 279044

File: 1659328216029.jpeg (133.86 KB, 900x900, FFGNb25XsAEF0uI.jpeg)


it's roman specifically i think, which i'm ashamed of because he's such a scumbag i feel guilty that i want him KEK.

i want to eat him though. this fanart is so good

No. 279046

File: 1659330861380.jpeg (44.64 KB, 434x565, 0806FB52-5770-4554-BED8-82BE15…)

which one of you is urinal pilled his artwork is absolute shit but he looked so hot when he was young

No. 279047

No one has said a word about his looks in this picture you freak

No. 279066

File: 1659346802847.jpeg (182.39 KB, 1400x1400, 2A51DC1B-C6FF-4C05-9247-804208…)

Not a Disney adult but I’d ride him

No. 279070

File: 1659357225206.jpg (95.21 KB, 736x961, mike-stipe-rem.jpg)

If only I had a time machine

No. 279151

Kek I understand. Do you think he'll ever have good sex in the show nona?

No. 279157

File: 1659401168334.gif (8.23 MB, 540x400, IMG_3648.gif)

Glad to see other anons who feel similarly.

I agree his actor looks like a goblin and something about him screams MOID to me, but when he plays Eddie I am absolutely dead.

My vibe is literally dying and I'm only half way through this season. Fuck.

No. 279163

File: 1659405061335.png (128.02 KB, 640x360, whore.png)

honestly idk…i really hope he is able to have sex without being a degenerate necro freak in s4. but no ones ever a winner in succession, so i am doubtful

btw nona, how do you feel about nick braun as greg? he's hot in a weird way

No. 279164

File: 1659405352879.jpeg (293.79 KB, 578x938, EA74A1A3-997C-40E4-9933-7589E8…)

Not the actor, just the character

No. 279178

this is def conventional attraction nonna (and I agree about the character only, he is so bland without his costume)

No. 279184

Oh my god I love Eddie so much. My ovaries burst in that scene with him and Christie(?) outdoors. The moment where he revealed himself to be a gentle and kind soul.

No. 279189

File: 1659418938326.jpeg (71.58 KB, 1027x610, 4876865F-BD29-4F05-8CA1-C5267B…)

I’ve always joked about Theo Von and his mullet and said he looks like a Squidbilly or a possum. But today I saw videos of him when he was apparently on Road Rules back in 2002 and it did something for me

No. 279212

On the one hand, Hal is a sweetheart, on the other hand, Walt has the whole bad boy thing goin’ on. It’s a hard choice

No. 279214

File: 1659437638238.jpg (5.77 KB, 266x189, gd.jpg)

Why do men age like milk

No. 279215

File: 1659437730334.jpg (111.44 KB, 800x1168, Gerard-Depardieu-et-Catherine-…)

No. 279216

File: 1659437789145.jpg (13.34 KB, 235x296, 2cd7d18a2e4fe5382dd06e5c57ad10…)

No. 279228

this man pissed on himself on a plane

No. 279234

File: 1659454566280.jpg (49.54 KB, 475x480, 39f687f5f1072524b5d2536405c63a…)

Young Mike Stoklasa

No. 279252

I would love to dom him

No. 279253

you guys seriously want to hear that high pitched whine in a sexual setting? his voice is so offputting

No. 279254

the french have always been sick

No. 279256

AGREE but girl I'd fuck CURRENT Mike Stoklasa too!

No. 279260

File: 1659468611541.jpeg (51.36 KB, 500x499, 50965C02-B351-44EB-AA45-3C51E1…)

Well, I found your post intriguing so I googled “young Mike Stoklasa” and um EXCUSE ME

No. 279261

Male aging is unfortunate, he looks good in these old ones

No. 279266

File: 1659469829248.jpg (75.9 KB, 540x540, tumblr_e05f47b3ac6440666d8e447…)

There is no other explanation for my weird fixation on this ugly midget aside from ovulation but holy shit is the ovulation horniness getting to me. I'd let him hit it and I'd let him hit it badly. He could have a micropenis for all I care. He could nut in .05 seconds. I'd still fuck him and you know what, fuck it, I'd thank him for it too. please just kill me just end my suffering

No. 279276

File: 1659471717712.gif (404.43 KB, 500x281, youre done.gif)

No. 279285

File: 1659473386893.gif (Spoiler Image,446.9 KB, 332x274, BTtWHXB.gif)

Thank you anon. I welcome the bullet wholeheartedly.
as an aside, I can't stop staring at this blurry-ass gif of this manlet removing his suit jacket. I'm telling you there are worms eating large holes in my brain right now. Why is this shitty gif doing me in.

No. 279290

he truly does look like a possessed minaturized tilda swinton. he has 0 sex appeal or even nerd/geek appeal especially given how he abandoned his ex for another woman while she was suffering with cancer. sad that even the fugly nerdlets can't be trusted

No. 279293

File: 1659474971230.jpg (116.18 KB, 750x1024, 9b45fd1c727780d42f19db5a918623…)

I know he abandoned his wife when she had cancer and that he's old and gross and washed up and that he has a childbride and that he's the proto-incel, I get it. I still want to fuck him though. The fact that he's a piece of shit also kind of adds to it. Kms.

No. 279302

File: 1659478826618.jpeg (20.79 KB, 236x365, 18401AEE-FD1A-4216-924A-57478F…)

I wanted to fuck him so badly back in the day

No. 279310

nonnie,we’re really stretching here.

No. 279314

Same but then I found out he’s a walking STD lol

No. 279315

I was just exaggerating for comedic effect anonita but the age gap thing is still scummy, y'know, considering. But you know scrotes.

No. 279317

He’s a sweetie

No. 279320

Oh damn he’s charming as hell lol I’d fall hook line and sinker for that irl

No. 279322

Peter Steele's lost brother

No. 279324

You have cancer

No. 279326

File: 1659487547452.gif (1.96 MB, 330x321, 930DF03D-BFCB-4EB0-9CE9-3E94DE…)

I’m in love with him so I’d fuck him

No. 279329

imagine how cute he'd be if he was athletic and shaved the neckbeard. but then he wouldn't be in this thread I suppose.

No. 279330

nah he would still be in this thread for being a racist

No. 279334

File: 1659491998818.jpg (166.66 KB, 1200x900, JS29622046.jpg)


No. 279335

File: 1659492185095.png (306.67 KB, 720x404, roman is pretty tom agrees.png)

I'm not attracted to Greg or Nick Braun especially after his character hooked up with Dasha's kek but I know a lot of Tom/Greg shippers think he's hot. He started out a lot more likeable to me but in more of a potential friend way than a hot way. If Roman fucks anyone I want it to be Gerri but I dunno if I can realistically see it

No. 279340

File: 1659494238133.gif (6.94 MB, 472x352, 742cc123e52b5d8e674f71a614560f…)

What I'd kill for Mike to take care of himself the way Jay did.

No. 279341

i want to peg him til he cries.

No. 279342

I actually need Limmy to approve of me, laugh at my jokes, and want to run me through. This is at the pinnacle of my Maslowe's heirachy.

No. 279359

File: 1659515786903.gif (30.77 KB, 296x216, tumblr_5f4211de2cec569ef97a1a7…)

Same anon. Mike is very handsome. Got a wicked wit. He just needs to loose a bit of weight and he'd be perfect Daddy material.

No. 279362

File: 1659516490862.jpeg (51.4 KB, 648x926, B6C5DFBF-388E-4299-8F5B-78397E…)

No. 279377

This is not unconventional everyone and their extended family gets turned on by Theroux

No. 279378

File: 1659523256505.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.28 KB, 640x349, gallery-1477063056-louistherou…)

Damn, he's actually kinda got a nice body

No. 279380

File: 1659524830115.jpeg (75.99 KB, 982x726, 205DD48B-80B9-456F-A244-56911E…)

John hurt my beloved

No. 279382

No they don’t, you’re just mentally ill. We would crucify you on the conventional thread

No. 279386

The guy went on national television like 2 years ago where they talked about the fact he is a national sex icon. Idk if you're from the UK, but he's always ranked in those tabloid "Top 100 sexiest men" articles.

No. 279397

ah so it's by bri'ish standards, that explains it

No. 279402

If ‘hottest british man’ is a thing, does being the tallest midget also get you on National TV?

No. 279420

No. 279482

I agree, but we all know that real life standards don't apply here, just look at the aggressive reactions you got when you suggested that he might be considered attractive by a lot of women lmao

No. 279492

nonna wth I literally just watched this movie yesterday. I bet our periods are in sync too

No. 279506

NTA but I feel like those "sexiest man" type of magazines aren't really accurate, remember when fucking John Legend of all people was on one of the U.S. ones kek.

No. 279509

File: 1659574223644.jpeg (314.91 KB, 1200x1199, EHmTDtJXUAAA63P.jpeg)

No. 279512

Well, I just put a gag in his mouth then.

No. 279516

I had no idea he was short nona lmao
I'm still shamelessly into him, evem in his current pruned form.

No. 279520

this is bait but that's not how gout works

No. 279523

Blake Shelton too lol they literally do not mean anything

No. 279525

File: 1659594456551.gif (2.72 MB, 540x262, FCA91A24-ECAD-44D4-86BC-48E26B…)

noel fielding from the mighty boost (right)

No. 279526

crazy how julian is only 5 years older than noel but has always looked so much older. still julian was cuter imo esp if he was thin

No. 279530

I like both but Julian a tad bit more. I especially like the Zooniverse era if you go just by their Mighty Boosh days.

No. 279547

File: 1659613916462.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.34 KB, 684x1132, 22012DC4-5546-4874-B23B-110E00…)

he is not hiding, he is with me

No. 279558

nonny don't you think it's time to find a new husbando

No. 279560

File: 1659618638397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.71 KB, 464x473, 3EA10364-F5DD-412F-BF05-3DE459…)

i can’t i am just destined to suffer

No. 279563

File: 1659619487933.jpg (29.65 KB, 612x395, gettyimages-3096905-612x612.jp…)

When I found out he played Joseph Merrick in The Elephant Man, ah, what a film.

No. 279570

that jacket is just awful

No. 279576

File: 1659629801883.png (1.16 MB, 807x880, EaFSvAaWsAMcByo.png)

forsenfagging again

No. 279577

File: 1659629921070.gif (2.28 MB, 498x280, qtplwzvhsld81.gif)

i seem to have a thing for a lot of streamers. maybe its just too easy to get parasocial and attached

No. 279578

Hopefully you’re talking about the woman?

No. 279599

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though I think a more seasoned taste would be Julian.

No. 279653

File: 1659648652316.jpg (78.86 KB, 640x438, joe-keery-gq-september-2021-05…)

F u c k I want him

No. 279660

I love him so much he aged like fine wine to me. Miss when nerdy guys were just socially awkward guys into niche hobbies instead of troons and porn addicts. Born too late to steal the virginity of peak ugly-cute nerds, why live.

No. 279661

File: 1659650863714.jpg (116.54 KB, 1024x1524, James_Rolfe,_AVGN,_Chiller_The…)

Ah fug forgot picture

No. 279662

File: 1659651227211.png (1.41 MB, 949x1037, Accursed_Farms.png)

Another one is Ross. He looks like he's part of a death metal band that takes meth and eats babies but instead he's another cute dork that makes youtube videos where he roleplays as Freeman from Half Life and talks about weird games.

No. 279668

is he autistic by any chance? The wide forehead and short midface combination with the wide-set eyes bonus really gave it away.

No. 279676

I doubt so, he's pretty normal and probably one of the least unhinged gamers on youtube, he just looks weird https://youtu.be/LnkqdMS1LkE

No. 279681

>looks death metal
>roleplays freeman

No. 279686

File: 1659662603486.gif (618.14 KB, 444x236, 1659282831247292.gif)

Sad that he used to be more proactive back in the day. Nowadays, he's resigned to babysitting his spastic autist haven of a chat.

No. 279690

File: 1659667170541.png (1.28 MB, 1200x707, finger.png)

He probably smells old but that's fine

No. 279692


No. 279693

>I love him so much he aged like fine wine to me
Last time I saw him, he looked like shit though due to the receding hairline, "where did the hair go?" indeed. It's a shame but with appropriate styling he can look decent. But despite that, I still like his eyes and his smile is still adorable. He also loves his cat and seems to be a good husband and father which gives him bonus points. I don't like lusting after his current self out of respect for his wife, who is very lucky, wasn't she a fan of his and that's how they met?
James was so fucking hot back in the day though.
>Miss when nerdy guys were just socially awkward guys into niche hobbies instead of troons and porn addicts. Born too late to steal the virginity of peak ugly-cute nerds, why live.
I feel this. Watching the Atari Porn episode, when he said
>imagine if you're just sitting around, minding your own business, then all of a sudden, some naked chick breaks and starts humping the crap outta ya
How I wished to make the AVGN's dream come true, I was very horny for him then

No. 279697

File: 1659670069266.jpg (88.25 KB, 850x510, lawdaddy.jpg)

I am so incredibly horny for saul goodamn

No. 279698

File: 1659670368470.jpeg (242.6 KB, 1330x1331, image.jpeg)

Hopper anon here again, can't stop won't stop

No. 279699

There are several Saul lovers here, welcome home nonnie

No. 279701

Anon, anon, anon, WHY. The man tardrages at fucking video games.

No. 279702

File: 1659677857841.jpg (86.16 KB, 702x1080, jeffkun.jpg)

I would've murdered someone for the chance to marry this shy man.

No. 279703

File: 1659678092040.jpg (199.5 KB, 900x923, 07_19_space.neil_.opener.jpg)

Hell yeah.

No. 279705

Here anon, pretend you are Joan Rivers in this segment.

No. 279707

Holy shit I just watched that doc on them like a week ago. (Grew up listening to them but never knew who they were.) I'm surprised you go for the mustachio'd one and not the hot one!

No. 279708

This is me with men from the 18th century.

No. 279709

I bet he, too, had a hot ass.

No. 279710

File: 1659680113972.gif (955.36 KB, 300x223, 21769491.gif)

Go watch him in "I, Claudius". (He plays Caligula, not a troon, lol.)

No. 279711

Don't stop.

No. 279713

nonnie I don't think you know anything about the AVGN

No. 279715

File: 1659683711932.gif (4.39 MB, 520x293, download.gif)

he's so cute

No. 279728

File: 1659695968829.jpg (117.65 KB, 1321x1321, selfie-Edited-1.jpg)

To finalize the hornyposting for videogame nerds LGR made me understand why chubby chasers exist.

It's a character, when he's doing gameplays with his friend he's super chill, he has such a relaxing voice. Scott the woz unironically rages at videogames, he's a cute autist too. Man, why are nerdy boys so cute and how do i meet one that's not pornsick and on the verge of trooning.

No. 279737

File: 1659703370385.jpeg (249.13 KB, 750x657, 6389A507-5509-426A-A3FC-D46312…)

mm his flappy old man body so hawt,,,,,, hehe bitebitekissmwah

No. 279754

Cool, based, didn't know he was shy

No. 279756

File: 1659719263189.png (686.38 KB, 1200x628, breaking-bad-walt-jesse-saul-g…)

i dreamt about sucking bob odenkirks dick last night what is wrong with me guys

No. 279762

File: 1659722118856.jpeg (54.19 KB, 720x887, AD0C82E0-7D52-40FD-8F59-1D9BB5…)

Nothing. He was a cutie when he was younger and he’s still low-key cute now.

No. 279763


No. 279766

File: 1659722689772.jpg (Spoiler Image,364.14 KB, 1154x1200, 1996rankin10.jpg)

I want to roll him between my palms to shape him into a ball like playdough and slip him into my pocket for safekeeping. I've gone full blorbo mode.

No. 279769

Yeah, that's why he wore the sunglasses.

No. 279774

the sexual tension here is strong, thanks anon. and i have to say that me and joan are the only women who would ever flirt with him on live tv

No. 279785

File: 1659733762865.jpeg (116.06 KB, 1400x788, Fielder.jpeg)

i know for a fact that I'm not the only one who wants to fuck him

No. 279786

samefag, i guess that goes without saying because a lot of people like awkward men, but i felt the least ashamed saying it here ♥

No. 279790


apparently he has a foot fetish,, id send him feet pics for free

No. 279791

wait where did you get this information….

No. 279793

lol wow that explains the weird music montage foot scene from bcs

No. 279796

its all over twitter. also the 29th account he used to follow on instagram was a foot fetish account lmao

No. 279797

File: 1659736333403.jpg (51.06 KB, 335x525, tumblr_ad0e8686dd6fb8444088d5d…)

Idk what's wrong with me, I'm not usually attracted to super old scrotes but I watched kingdom of heaven recently and saladin was kind of hot to me

No. 279806

File: 1659738428377.png (162.08 KB, 828x1692, FZaJyl6WQAEzBII.png)

im the dream nonna and my ex had a foot fetish and it was so hot so this has only made me hornier fuck

No. 279807

also not my screenshot/not a scrote stolen from twitter

No. 279809

ayrt i dont have a foot fetish and kinda find it weird and generally this is weirdo scrote behavior but this makes me like him even more lmao

No. 279815

File: 1659749523571.png (564.25 KB, 433x663, Screenshot 2022-08-05 213029.p…)

I know this feeling anon. I usually prefer an elf king type but after seeing Kayvan Novak in What We Do In The Shadows I have decided that 'ancient middle eastern warlord' is my absolute type

No. 279828

File: 1659753876249.jpg (65.35 KB, 351x351, dexterhappy.jpg)

AYRT, I completely believe you would too, anon.

No. 279837

File: 1659758414306.jpg (578.69 KB, 1089x800, c9a3ef3f2e76205d3ac54552bb962b…)

hear me out

No. 279838

File: 1659758753598.jpeg (762.72 KB, 1467x1999, CF83AF98-8183-4AC9-BD46-038A94…)

This guy

No. 279839

File: 1659758788971.jpeg (37.9 KB, 306x508, 041F47B3-D22E-4B46-B3B8-E86430…)

his brother is even hotter desu

No. 279841

File: 1659759945372.jpeg (78.71 KB, 427x640, 00E3FF4F-3C4C-46AB-B7F6-AB0872…)

girl he looks like this orangutan

No. 279843

File: 1659762204894.jpeg (86.5 KB, 755x675, 44AA8DF2-18D1-4374-9283-351001…)

he would enslave every other numale goober ITT and that’s all that matters

No. 279844

i'm kinda partial to jimmy

No. 279857

No. 279859

Ew what the fuck

No. 279864

File: 1659773178663.jpeg (236.1 KB, 1438x1678, 750FC323-910B-482B-B405-54C868…)

he is not “unconventional” per se, but i am reluctant to post in the other thread because i do not want to * him as he is a pretty wholesome family man and has a respectable wife.

No. 279865

Kek me too

No. 279867

Low E opinion.

No. 279871

File: 1659776835616.png (140.09 KB, 500x500, 5-a27ef2cf11.png)

No. 279879

he's hot

No. 279888

Same kek. I have no idea but I even love his tired, strained voice. I want to stroke his soft bald head

No. 279895

Man hit the wall so fucking hard

No. 279900

Are you Russian, anon?

No. 279901

You'd need a way bigger razor than that little thing

No. 279905

File: 1659802343990.png (3.08 MB, 1600x897, sandwich.PNG)

I want to be in the middle of Cleese/Palin sandwiche where Cleese is topping both of us

No. 279916

File: 1659808619654.jpg (33.31 KB, 1200x667, James-Franco-1200by667.jpg)

I am just glad he is too irrelevant to work with now…
What does being Russian has to do with this?

No. 279924

File: 1659813058006.jpg (116.84 KB, 609x900, writer-albert-camus-french-sch…)

I know he's the favorite philosopher of reddit men but I'd smash regardless.

No. 279926

aww yeah me too. he was very cute in the 60s

No. 279972

nta but the men look quite Chechen

No. 279977

File: 1659840895040.png (434.99 KB, 589x474, mama mia.png)

NTAYRT but I had such a huge crush on young adult Dexter when I was a child especially in the ego trip movie. I feel like I can admit that here. I liked him almost as much as I liked Double D from Ed Edd n Eddy (the original 2D husbando)

No. 279987

File: 1659846215117.jpg (Spoiler Image,749.4 KB, 1079x1242, Screenshot_20220807-142208_Red…)

Nonnies…… I've hated this man, hated him for the longest time. Everything about him grates at me. His voice, his demeanour, his smugness. I hate him significantly more than any other man on the internet. But I had a sex dream about him last night and its sticking with me. He was a tender lover, we had sex in a pool. I'm so filled with shame over how much I enjoyed it. What have I become.

No. 279990

File: 1659847789377.jpg (42.59 KB, 405x600, d350365505408b7f0bbe8a93b77cbc…)

we must imagine nonny happy

No. 279993

Did he bring his katana in the pool?

No. 280000

hmmm, I should rewatch that movie… now that I think about it he reminds me of the AVGN somewhat.

No. 280008

File: 1659856671347.gif (8.11 MB, 528x698, BFF7F25B-58E0-40ED-9294-888FD5…)

if i could impregnate men he would be my first choice
and my second choice

No. 280038

im the russian Francofag and i assure you, we hate chenchen men even more than our own scrotes. they are the worst, extremely aggressive and rapey, on top of that they are full of themselves and ugly. they are obsessed with killing animals and beating the shit out of women, no wonder since they are predominantly Muslim.

No. 280056

File: 1659885211833.jpg (51.92 KB, 608x608, 220729_vod_steve_zissou_viktor…)

want him

No. 280057

File: 1659885354710.jpeg (56.9 KB, 494x745, DA6F50AF-33C9-42D4-8846-644048…)


No. 280058

File: 1659886070006.jpeg (130.49 KB, 634x1024, A25DA507-EBC0-430B-9225-CBD4C9…)

Kieran Culkin is so sexy. He’s like if David tennant and and Eddie furlong before he destroyed himself were mushed together

No. 280059

this is legit the ugliest, most repulsive looking man ever, ever, ever posted in any of these threads

No. 280061

i agree, i loved him in succession. i dont know if i would go as far as to say he's unconventionaly attractive. being bellow 170cm is his biggest problem

No. 280070

File: 1659889071970.jpg (32.9 KB, 640x448, fbi-ulbricht.jpg)

No. 280073

File: 1659889308435.jpg (257.51 KB, 1469x2076, 2442242456.jpg)

No. 280075

nta but his eyes look weirdly smushed together, so i think he belongs here

No. 280079

When he was younger he def was a bit ugly like in igby goes down, he’s gotten more handsome with age

No. 280088

File: 1659897935243.jpg (112.96 KB, 830x830, meeks.jpg)

young adult dexter reminds me of meeks from dead poets society kek (who i also find cute)

>>279987 who?

No. 280089

he looks like an amish who became addicted to crack, nonna. what do you see in him…

No. 280090

i don't really like his almost mustache. but if he shaved it he'd look nice. shame he now looks like a neckbeard and is fat

No. 280091

File: 1659898216901.jpg (27.22 KB, 564x566, 6cf08fa7a958fd6f91ae95c8c7d26e…)

i love his talking voice and the way he sings too tbh i needed to post this and leave it be because i keep looking at concerts help

No. 280092

File: 1659898256035.jpg (15.33 KB, 220x330, gayman.jpg)

neil gaiman. ah- wish this gayman would get in my falafel…

No. 280094

File: 1659898570996.jpg (21.16 KB, 399x399, miqs.jpg)

i'm meeks anon. i really like your redead, nonny! who is he?

No. 280097

File: 1659899245219.jpg (32.41 KB, 318x480, 50d0ba09e989608778de259b72abdd…)

it's danny elfman from oingo boingo!

No. 280101

File: 1659900000233.jpg (96.96 KB, 900x900, brad.jpg)


brad taste in music looks like a reanimated corpse and i love him

No. 280104

i wish i could find a moid that looks and acts like him, ive liked him ever since i watched scott pilgrim lmao

No. 280116

File: 1659905053789.jpg (88.17 KB, 853x459, macauli macauli macauli culkin…)

wait he was the gay in scott pilgrim?
i'm sorry, i thought there where only 2 culkins, rory and macauly. i'm shocked there's a third, he looks exactly like macauly (but cuter)

No. 280131

Kek I can't unsee the AVGN thing now. There may or may not have been some Dexter and Mandark shippers working on that movie

No. 280135

why are so many of us (myself included) attracted to nerds??

No. 280136

File: 1659915673642.jpg (723.36 KB, 1200x799, carl-sagan.jpg)

spaceboy, show me the stars…

No. 280137

It’s a young Ben Shapiro, nonnie

No. 280138

I thought that was oscar isaac, am I blind nonnas

No. 280139

nonna, have you ever seen ben shapiro??

No. 280140

File: 1659915820593.png (362.47 KB, 640x480, nice.png)

They're smart, they're sensitive, they scratch some kind of itch for anons like me who enjoy moid humiliation. What's not to love?

No. 280141

hehe you're right.

No. 280142

File: 1659916119462.jpg (43.87 KB, 888x1053, nakamura.jpg)

i am legend… i am chessanon
i wanna keep posting fischer and karpov but i don't want to annoy everyon. anyways, here's hikaru

No. 280143

I thought this was Robert Pattinson lol

No. 280144

he's not?!

No. 280150

post more qt chess players pls

No. 280151

File: 1659918036659.jpg (81.94 KB, 332x460, johan cruyff.jpg)


No. 280152

File: 1659918093521.png (38.9 KB, 228x300, karr.png)

ooh i will!

No. 280155

File: 1659918863932.jpg (14.79 KB, 236x348, bobbaa.jpg)

i wish i could travel back in time and save him… from himself…

he was just so cocky and mean and had snark and a lot of ego. i hate him, but i love him, and i would marry him
he was also 1'85, so damn…

No. 280157

AYRT, thanks for reminding me that I want to fuck Dwight Schrute
I have never been able to find a clear answer myself, but I have a preference for smart men, and I love that nerds are pathetic and meek and I want to use them as sex toys. They appeal to my sadistic side.
Thanks for sharing him, nonny! This is one of the cutest nerds I've ever seen.

No. 280162

haha yeah nonna, i think nerds are adorable, too. i really dig when they have short dark hair, buck teeth and glasses. i also like dwight, but only the british version.

>>280155 feeling blessed bc there's a new cashier in the store i frequent who looks just like him but with darker hair and braces

No. 280199

In my very personal opinion, a nerd is not complete without his glasses. Nerds without glasses are cute too but usually I'm not very attracted to them. I also have a preference for certain kinds of glasses, it's an obsession that reaches autistic levels.
I hate The Office US, but I haven't watched the original either. I just know that Dwight activates something in my brain that makes me wanna tie him up. (Don't watch the video if you don't feel like seeing Dwight belly)

No. 280212

i have a similar thing for nerds with asthma and/or allergies. theres just something about being pathetic both as a person and physically. this guy told me he has asthma one time and something went off in my brain that made me like him more kek

No. 280239

File: 1659924017284.gif (7.53 MB, 540x450, 620EB797-51AF-48A6-B879-651BBF…)

what happened to the lennonfags here <\3
he was really ethnic looking for a homebred eastern european jew, hot though

No. 280385

fuck yes I just love physically weak men so much, I wonder what made us associate shit like asthmatic nerds with sexual attractiveness

No. 280509

File: 1659931689671.jpeg (136.01 KB, 661x985, 4475EDC9-3CF9-41F6-AA79-A0C3F6…)

I would

No. 280522

probably you are either a more dominant (or secretly sadist) person or you like that you know he is too weak to beat you up

No. 280523

It's both tbh

No. 280526

File: 1659950678554.jpg (39.99 KB, 615x408, 0_The-Beatles-hold-a-news-pres…)

i'm here nonette

No. 280528

im the other anon and yeah pretty much lmao

No. 280552

File: 1659973337666.jpg (550.66 KB, 1500x2149, pabliño.jpg)


No. 280553

File: 1659973442737.jpg (180.21 KB, 1960x1470, alexito.jpg)

and sito miñanco

No. 280556


No. 280559

i know… i like bad fat men… i am sorry

No. 280561

File: 1659974966150.jpg (347.34 KB, 1200x1500, 1996rankin49.jpg)

Yorkeposting again and I don't think I'm sorry this time. Ugly little runt. I love him.

No. 280562

he is so goddamn ugly… i want him inside of me…

No. 280566

File: 1659975194221.jpg (146.03 KB, 874x1000, 1996rankin09.jpg)

You get it ♥

No. 280569

File: 1659975454304.jpg (10.85 KB, 235x232, agugabuga.jpg)

carefull with the emoji there, nonna!
thanks. posting more of fischer because i am literally obsessed

No. 280571

File: 1659975853941.png (972.76 KB, 693x907, f77537ee1ad7fc2313e1a00c47c51e…)

I relate so much Anon, my revelation was Tywin in GOT. So old oh my god.
But… He's extremely tall, has piercing blue eyes, a gorgeous strong voice, an insane charismatic presence, is intelligent with a sharpened political sense of strategy. You could see he had ego but not in the "megalomaniac with illusions of grandeur" kind of way, he was still grounded in reality and mostly wise. You could also feel his soft side sometimes, mainly with Arya, he didn't show it explicitly but the fact that he knew she wasn't a peasant and did nothing about it, not causing harm unnecessarily to a child, made him even hotter to me.

Basically everything about him screams intimidating powerful man, and i'm attracted to that.

No. 280583

the cum jacket-

No. 280585

ouh he was so cute when he was younger… i'd love him with glasses in the top right

No. 280586

they remind me of that trans swimmer…

No. 280621

That's because there is literally no physical difference between them, but back them a man in a bathing suit simply was a man in a bathing suit.

No. 280627

I really loved his character on the show too but when I looked up the actor and seen he's dating a woman 22 years younger than him I got turned off so quickly
His previous gf was 34 years younger too.

No. 280638

The ♥ emoji is allowed, newfag

No. 280639

File: 1659987275081.jpeg (118.43 KB, 1200x1200, 5F3443CC-A9B7-4CD1-AAA9-4D0800…)

I hate all the Try Guys, but I hate Zach the most because he also turns me on. Usually I feel no shame or negative feelings towards my unconventional attractions, but god I hate him so much. Looking at him makes my blood boil, but I also want to fuck him so badly, I hate it. I can feel my face getting red. I want to tie him up and torture him and inflict so much pain upon him. I want to make him cry. Literal weak beta soyboy stereotype, he’s so stupid. Fuck him.

No. 280640

Eww i didn't know that, disgusting but not surprising. I only liked his character anyway, striped of the setting of GoT and specific characters traits of Tywin, he's nothing but a fucking grandpa.

No. 280641

If it makes you guys feel better, Tywin in the books really loved and was devoted to his age-appropriate wife. I think she might have even been a bit older than him. The quotes about their relationship are sweet and sad.
>Lord Tywin seldom spoke of his wife, but Tyrion had heard his uncles talk of the love between them. In those days, his father had been Aerys's Hand, and many people said that Lord Tywin Lannister ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but Lady Joanna ruled Lord Tywin.
>Only Lady Joanna truly knows the man beneath the armor, and all his smiles belong to her and her alone. I do avow that I have even observed her make him laugh, not once, but on three separate occasions!
>With her death, Grand Maester Pycelle observes, the joy went out of Tywin Lannister, yet still he persisted in his duty.
>He was not the same man after she died, Imp. The best part of him died with her.

No. 280663

>tfw you will never have a moid love you like that because IRL they really ain't shit

So beautiful… Although his love for his wife was not as explicitly talked about in the show, it was still palpable to me, with how much he hated Tyrion's guts, associating him with her death. I found it beautiful how the pain of losing her never left him, and transformed into this hatred for his son.

No. 280667

thanks for reminding me nonnie(2:09:57)

No. 280688

they can be adorkable passionate guys or annoying incel cunts born for femdom-correction. It's the best of both worlds.

No. 280694

File: 1660007448284.jpg (63.55 KB, 461x594, a4b18824578e1cfebdc7b913327c75…)

No. 280695

File: 1660007461348.gif (3.21 MB, 540x360, ezgif-4-2a9d387121.gif)


No. 280701

I watched a bunch of MST3K the night I lost my virginity and while I didn't have any dirty thoughts about him it did feel like he was there in spirit cause he kept popping into my fuckin head.

No. 280703

File: 1660011958720.jpg (24.09 KB, 239x359, 5hrrcxsed3i41.jpg)

Kek he was just trying to get you to focus on what was really important: circulating the mf tapes!

No. 280708

File: 1660015415866.jpg (60.3 KB, 702x459, how you doin nona.jpg)

Between Jordan and Ben who do you think is the wildest in bed?

No. 280709

Jordan is old and a druggie. He'd find an evolutionary psychological reason not to go down on you.

Ben has a fast little mouth and adores his wife. You can tell he def eats coochie.

No. 280711

Yeah, I'm a JBP girl at heart but I agree with you kek. Ben seems like a man who works hard and isn't afraid to play even harder.

No. 280714

File: 1660018487759.jpeg (244.01 KB, 1080x1353, C419F185-06FA-4CD5-AFFB-A05521…)

did you forget this? kek.

No. 280715

He’s obviously being hyperbolic here, no one should have a leaky faucet vagina dripping on the floor. Funny because even here I see anons saying any vaginal wetness is an infection or disease.

No. 280717

File: 1660019654238.jpg (141.16 KB, 620x466, mst3k_landmarks_invaders_from_…)

Back with the forbidden long-haired Joel.

No. 280720

Ben for sure

No. 280721

I mean he’s technically not wrong. He’s being purposefully literal to rile people up.

No. 280733


No. 280736

You motherfucker. I'm reading Michael Palin's diaries right now and he mentioned how he was at lunch with Cleese, who told him that he suspected Graham Chapman was attracted to him all these years.

No. 280738

KEK I used to desperately want to fuck Jerma but found him gross with long hair because he obviously did not take care of it. He could pull it off in theory but seems incapable of actually putting it into practice.

No. 280739


No. 280748

No. 280750

File: 1660032548765.jpg (144.21 KB, 1280x937, by Douglas Kirkland (1978).jpg)

Umm young John Travolta…

No. 280782

Him being a TRA and advocater of lolicon is such a turn off though.

No. 280784

What the fuck? Source? I mean, it's not hard to believe that a famous person is a TRA, but I had no idea he had defended lolishit

No. 280791

TRA shit: https://twitter.com/neilhimself/status/1308361841215668224
Lolicon: https://journal.neilgaiman.com/2008/12/why-defend-freedom-of-icky-speech.html
Curious how he's so ardent to defend free speech when it comes to kiddy porn but has shown no support for TERF's freedom of speech.
He admonishes lolicon haters that "if you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost", but he won't stand up for speech he doesn't like (such as Rowling's) himself.

No. 280793

I'm stunned that nobody has written about him defending lolicon. That kind of shit would ruin anyone else's career.

No. 280794

File: 1660061883959.jpg (346.33 KB, 1336x2048, gettyimages-71859699-2048x2048…)

Two of my favorite goofy nerds in one thread? Dreams coming true

No. 280804

File: 1660068636729.jpg (41.25 KB, 500x500, artworks-000491601159-0omyud-t…)

This pretty boy. The eyes, the cheekbones… those kissable lips. How magnificent does he look in his horrible retribution video with the evening sun on his beautiful face.

And no, I'm not a hybristophiliac. What he did was unspeakable, but I can still appreciate his beauty.
What a cruel, twisted world this is.

No. 280806

he's also a polytard that chases much younger side pieces

No. 280810

this is a fucking troll right

No. 280813

Absolutely not. Considering this thread is about unconventionally attractive men, I thought it would be a fitting place to confess my deviant adoration for his looks.

No. 280814

he probably couldn't get laid largely due to the fact that he looks like a huge flamer, and then obviously his personality. never seen a faggier looking male in my life frankly

No. 280816

He has a bit of an ftm look to him

No. 280822

He couldn't get laid because he never approached a single girl in his life, not even one, except the few times when he threw his Starbucks latte on them. He expected the girls to throw themselves at him instead but they didn't even know that he existed.

No. 280834

I think he even had a female friend/acquaintance who clearly liked him, but he of course didn’t reciprocate. He probably expected her to completely throw herself at him, like you said, and he probably didn’t count her since he seemed obsessed with hot blondes. Another case of “inceldom” where they only count 10/10 women who don’t do 100% of the pursuing.

No. 280842

File: 1660078318099.png (179.36 KB, 308x469, elliot only kv .png)

kek anon i posted him here around the same time last year. i still maintain that he was retarded ( i think his dad said that he may have had aspergers and i dont doubt that considering well, his interests ) but i still feel something towards him probably because i am also wasian and of a similar mix. but yeah he's a fag and has a hideous side profile i recommend you look it up

No. 280853

>hideous side profile
Pics? I looked it up and couldn’t see any

No. 280856

Moids are so fucking autistic and retarded I swear

No. 280876

File: 1660100311831.jpeg (137.87 KB, 686x946, 1B2D8387-D819-4D0F-A153-6F634D…)

No. 280882

File: 1660107547057.jpeg (57.88 KB, 1000x1365, 5A53F3DB-7EA4-436D-9B5B-DDC75C…)

picrel is lq sorry!!! i cant find this specific one in better quality, but it makes me feel like a rabid dog. i think he’s autistic because he’s so weird in interviews but either way i want to fuck him

i love u jeremy strong

No. 280883

i'm wasted and want to make babies with null

No. 280890

Love Joel! I really thought the show got funnier with Mike as the host, but Joel always seemed so wholesome and fun. Nice taste nonnie.

No. 280893

nope nonna you are a hybristophiliac. I used to be one too when i was a teenager but i got over it and now i can't apprecitae the looks of people like this. They are ugly to me because their soul is ugly and i can finnally see it in their decieving looks. I think you need to work on yourself more. He has an ultrapunchable mug.

No. 280902

I know how his profile looks like, still not bad enough to deterr me.

I believe that's actually one of Stallone's daughters hugging him there, but not blonde, so not good enough for him.

Is there a source for this?

No. 280904

he has dicksucking lips I didn't even think those were naturally possible without botox

No. 280909

jfc I hate when people call big lips that

No. 280910


No. 280912

I think he looks okay, he's not unattractive. But the things he's done and his personality is disgusting.

No. 280919

definitely the type that makes me want to 'fix' him

No. 280920

Same, cocksucker lips has a better ring to it

No. 280929

File: 1660138454181.jpg (60.74 KB, 540x540, tumblr_2ceaa8e34e7392bc8ac0e41…)


No. 280937

Should have just went gay. Tons of gay men would be throwing themselves at him.

No. 280939

yeah …………….

No. 280946

only men can have dick sucking lips, women just have big lips

he looks a little FAS i find it cute

No. 280948

Based, I love Limmy too

No. 280955

elliot was hot

No. 280956

kek limmy is so funny

No. 280984

his aksent makes me wheat

No. 280997

File: 1660173111170.jpeg (118.33 KB, 640x512, A6F2743F-FF6C-497A-B740-48EF65…)

Anyone else? I watched the original Ghost Hunters every day in middle school and had a big crush on these two, especially Steve. They were always getting up to some wacky hijinks compared to the more serious Jay and Grant.

No. 281015

File: 1660180100575.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2140x1296, B9FC761C-328E-4E12-AD2E-AF9725…)

Otto Dix, but only because of his catfish self portraits. He knew how to exaggerate his sexy features and downplay his incel jaw. It adds a dashing nasty-gentleman persona to his mediocrely attractive but characteristic, memorable features. Like a stuck-up slut. Reminds me of very professional gay men working white-collar jobs that are the cock hungriest whores in their private lives but in a violently heterosexual manner. I want to replace the stick up his ass with my fingers, and I’ve always been fascinated by white boys who have inexplicably fat lips.

No. 281019


No. 281021

Just googled photos of him, he was more attractive than in his self-portraits kek

No. 281028

File: 1660188433913.jpg (20.95 KB, 373x380, joe.jpg)

he was even kind of cute in newsradio (1998ish) fuck he aged horribly

No. 281029

>inexplicably fat lips.

No. 281031

File: 1660191085867.jpg (846.73 KB, 2000x2998, travis.jpg)

i was like damn - his body type, trashy hair and little mustache do something to me he looks like he would pull you away from an event and fuck you in a public bathroom or parked car

No. 281046

he's so fucking cute and funny

No. 281048

samefag but im foaming at the mouth i need him

No. 281079

So many people are attracted to him (me included) I'm starting to think he's in some bizarre way conventional actually lmao

No. 281097

Anything slightly bigger than “papercut” is impressive in white boy standards!

No. 281124

I thought this was Ezra from pretty little liars at first

No. 281154

File: 1660253635018.jpg (19.05 KB, 236x354, serj.jpg)

I want him to scream into my pussy

No. 281156

s(creaming) at this, nonna

No. 281158

File: 1660254991557.jpg (54.47 KB, 564x1026, alekhine.jpg)

all the chessanons forget the blueprint for hot GM's: Alekhine

No. 281160

I thought this was Ezra from kidnapping children at first

No. 281161

So incredibly based

No. 281162

Young Michael Palin was extremely hot

No. 281164

File: 1660258248701.png (144.64 KB, 375x281, 8307D624-3359-4363-A182-115846…)

No. 281166

seconded. i only watched the flying circus bc of him. worth it

No. 281168

File: 1660262408881.gif (4.35 MB, 317x295, eric_idle.gif)

For me, it's Eric

No. 281169

File: 1660262762869.png (693.17 KB, 1280x720, knn0nrhzpg0wcu2cqv83.png)

No. 281172

honestly, all of monthy python members were cute when they were younger. the 70s were a peak in atractive english men

No. 281174

File: 1660264720336.jpg (73.61 KB, 564x702, 7f145244c02da06ea268e22fff5057…)

>the 70s were a peak in atractive english men
It was in part due to long hair being fashionable

No. 281243

NTA but I agree 100% with the long hair

No. 281246

Imagine being Malcolm and screaming at him, pushing him up against walls and making him feel really uncomfortable

No. 281247

File: 1660273190475.jpg (32.71 KB, 564x424, 7fd639958621521d96438316e4ffdd…)

idk, he is made to be dommed, I want to break him

No. 281248

File: 1660273502914.png (899.54 KB, 756x742, 33224454335454.PNG)

he has the cutest, softest looking belly, Im such a creep for him

No. 281266

holy fuck anon I knew of his games but i'd never seen what he looked like before, tysm

No. 281270

he makes me uncomfortable…

No. 281280

File: 1660295667741.jpg (80.54 KB, 736x977, ers.jpg)

i am not a very big fan of alekhine, but goddamn the man was hot

No. 281281

File: 1660296008524.jpg (349.78 KB, 888x1301, gris.jpg)

all GM nonnies, i raise you: young alexander grischuk

No. 281286

Lol I didn’t realize his stomach looked like that. He’s so skelly I thought it’d just be his ribs or something like that. It’s cute!

No. 281295

Do men have piggy bellies no matter what?

No. 281341

File: 1660331957423.jpeg (153.15 KB, 866x1015, C8E8D92C-2E9D-48B4-82F8-139F38…)

Dennis Cleveland Stewart (Craterface from Grease) kind of looks cute in pic rel. maybe he would’ve been better if he had a more pathetic personality

No. 281345

No. 281366

File: 1660341719350.jpg (27.24 KB, 500x750, tths.jpg)

was he posted already?
i think he's cute and handsome in a nerdy way

No. 281374

Is that lemon demon or whatever his name is? I thinking just a few days ago about how cute he was after seeing what he looked like for the first time.

No. 281400

Neil Cicierega

No. 281427

yes he is! he's got a face you have to get accostumed to to find atractive, in my opinion

No. 281472

File: 1660350061374.jpg (145.61 KB, 1000x600, url(88).jpg)

I've decided Jeffrey Combs is the sexiest man alive

No. 281482

Is it worth it watching this movie just for him? He's insanely hot

No. 281534

File: 1660360478434.jpg (38.46 KB, 482x542, hhhhhh.JPG)

NEED black books dylan moran

No. 281544

i've had a thing for irish accents since i was a teenager thanks to his character on that show

No. 281574

File: 1660376601789.gif (632.22 KB, 300x225, d2ewav0-e92658f7-3c39-4275-aab…)

Though if you really want to enjoy him at his best, watch Star Trek Deep Space 9. He's a complete delight in it

No. 281575

patrician taste. Met him IRL once, he's massive

No. 281576

File: 1660376772616.jpeg (83.63 KB, 720x983, mike-stoklasa-58819d732624a.jp…)

Mike, I could make you a very happy man I promise

No. 281607

File: 1660390802579.png (247.25 KB, 644x444, JKqiKoV5fWCvUFlV_vpeM_zlZBRJC6…)

That was never an option, he was always destined to be a depressed schlub. Look at pics of him young, its like Jack Nicholson in the Shining pretending to be a normal man.

No. 281608

>double chin
>at an average weight
doomed from the start

No. 281616

File: 1660395093159.jpg (245.64 KB, 767x1023, Tumblr_l_33779335102008.jpg)

I mean yeah, Raimi is cute

No. 281624

File: 1660398825526.jpg (146.89 KB, 637x800, 1996rankin07.jpg)

One piddly little yorkepost before I start my shift. I WILL be thinking about him. also great photoshoot I've been feasting on it for a few weeks now.

No. 281632

File: 1660403153320.jpg (37.08 KB, 471x450, arin.jpg)

I always thought arin hanson was kinda cute when I was younger…

No. 281680

File: 1660421130670.png (983.8 KB, 574x837, jaw.png)

He's so hot

No. 281703

yeah he was, too bad he was always a gross coomer

No. 281728

This guy is just NLOG Pete Davidson

No. 281730

File: 1660444147354.jpeg (59.26 KB, 748x448, 1133F0A6-CD34-4F48-9BF2-D9ABD0…)

This used to be my all time favorite show as a little kid. I felt no attraction to Steve until rewatching recently realizing that he is just my type. Steve will always be my fav host. I think he still looks cute…

No. 281761

More like adam driver. I don’t think this guy is on the same level of bpd manwhore

No. 281764

You say that but have you seen his biceps

No. 281765

Thank you nonnie I posted Steve at the end of the last thread and I was waiting for someone to chime in, kek. Still love him

No. 281776

Would’ve been better if he didn’t die of AIDS

No. 281792

anon this is getting a little weird.. I strangely approve kek

No. 281815

Youtubers who make stupid inventions are hot. If a man is willing to make legs for snakes… think about what he'd do for you.

No. 281855

Ayrt and late, but oh my God

No. 281871

lol amazing

No. 281892

nona how can you say this so casually. you lived my dream

No. 281914

Honestly I can say it casually because I've got some kind of weird thing about never actually wanting to meet famous people. Weirds me out. I prefer it remains in theory!

No. 281959

File: 1660575265520.jpg (129.88 KB, 1280x725, tumblr_og7akt9ZfV1vfz7jgo2_128…)

Thanks to the nona that mentioned the show Flowers, I know have a crush on this old dude. I think it's the eyebrows. They're so sharp.

No. 281967

AYRT, sorry nonny I didn't see your reply until today. I ought to watch Star Trek one of these days, after all there must be several good reasons why it has always had such a large female fanbase

No. 281970

Seconding this response, he was fantastic in DS9. Star Trek is absolutely worth getting into overall.

No. 282058

File: 1660604393783.jpeg (68.19 KB, 1050x591, E1FE33E1-4344-4A60-854F-A64E3F…)

i feel like he’s submissive

No. 282060

pardon the incoming autism here lol but I have thought about this at length and I feel like he's either exceptionally submissive because he's such a control freak he likes to not be in control when it comes to sex or he's actually a secret dom because he likes control that much. could go either way really. I'd love to find out tbh.

No. 282071

File: 1660607848353.jpeg (95.87 KB, 749x499, D41A0658-06EB-44CB-A625-6C2043…)

in the most recent episode of the rehearsal he mentions that he has a tendency to let his partner make the decisions to avoid conflict and i want to believe nathan is submissive but he is such a mystery that either could be true

No. 282074

Some of Jordan's videos are a bit hard for me to watch because I disagree with what he's saying (like the content on masculinity and climate change) but I find it so hot seeing him and Ben have the discussion in vidrel. I didn't come into these threads as a Ben Believer but I might be leaving them as one.

No. 282075

A nona in the fakeboi thread said that Ben Shapiro is a TiF and I can't unsee it now.

No. 282082

File: 1660611268650.jpg (32.98 KB, 640x453, image.jpg)

Okay grandpa Limmy let's go!! To all Limmy lovers up in here, do you prefer him during the Limmy's show years or during his octogenerian twitch streaming dad years? Or both? Tbh I can't make up my mind, Limmy's good either way.

No. 282083

Whenever I hear this, it just makes me wonder what Ben’s dick is like.

No. 282085

I think Ben and Jordan would have different kinds of dicks, maybe Jordan would be longer but thinner and Ben would be shorter and thicker. But it's confidence and passion that will make a difference.

No. 282087

File: 1660613531422.gif (812.03 KB, 640x358, limmy-smile.gif)

Any Limmy tbh

No. 282088

I prefer him as he got older tbh, so twitch streamer limmy all the way. Plus he shows off the guns a lot

No. 282091

i hate you for making me think about this

No. 282099

File: 1660619566169.jpg (46.17 KB, 704x396, lede_1600x900.jpg)

I've been watching a lot of Vice YouTube videos pretty much exclusively for Taji. He's awkward in a way that reminds me of Nathan Fielder and I wont him.

No. 282112

Ben’s sounds so cute and perfect.

No. 282115

i want him so bad i'm going to have a meltdown

No. 282118

hot. hope it's true

No. 282128

File: 1660644157291.jpg (133.46 KB, 1074x1074, Jim Henson (1961).jpg)

He was pretty cute.

No. 282133

He was into a lot of strange, esoteric spiritual shit too. Makes him all the cuter in my books.

No. 282154

aaa that does make him even cuter.

No. 282155

File: 1660659453411.png (594.5 KB, 800x977, jim henson.png)

based taste
>into a lot of strange, esoteric spiritual shit

No. 282157

File: 1660659702544.jpeg (117.03 KB, 591x857, 7F5679F9-ED8F-4E28-96F8-A45B26…)

posted the one on the left before in an older thread but i cannot stress this enough. i don’t get enough out of sex with men to give it to them but these two were SO sexy in the 90s…they could do whatever to me idc.

No. 282166

My favorite part of this interview is when he cries about Mikhaila getting hate online meanwhile he lobs it at any woman that doesn't fit into his standard of what a woman should look or act like lol

No. 282257

AYRT, and you are so right I forgot about that. nonna you could probably bully him into being submissive if he isn't already, don't let your dreams die.

No. 282300

I think it’s really funny he has a foot fetish because for some unexplained reason his feet make me horny (that image reminded me of that kek). I don’t have a foot fetish so I think it may just be some sort of foot fetishist voodoo being placed on me, yes I am ashamed of admitting this.

No. 282324

…you want to fuck carrot top?

No. 282360

File: 1660758347347.jpeg (49.4 KB, 720x469, 4FBAEF47-B696-4B73-9C09-341175…)

that is so disrespectful. ween makes really good music and they used to be sexy, some might say they still are, although most wouldn’t. maybe carrot top is sexy too, i don’t know a lot about the guy.

No. 282531

File: 1660858932387.jpeg (83.07 KB, 682x1024, F045FFDF-0A2F-48F0-A895-C0DBE4…)

He gives off asexual vibes now but I can fix him

No. 282536

Oh you’re vile

No. 282540

Most people that meet him in person say he’s nice. I think people fail to recognize that Slim Shady was a literal character and he did it to get infamous.

No. 282544

You know, now that you say it, he does seem asexual. Maybe whatever cocktail they have him on lowered his libido.

No. 282548

Damn nonnas I'm so horny for Dwight today, he's such an arrogant nerd, I want to destroy his ego and beat him up. The way he says 'idiot' is so nerdy and snooty it drives me wild.
I despise Jim, but I must admit I derived sexual pleasure from many of the pranks he pulled on Dwight. I love seeing him being humiliated.

No. 282555

File: 1660872877491.jpeg (115.61 KB, 1196x854, 82E38CD6-7FAC-4CCD-9640-6829B0…)

Please god.

No. 282574

Is it just cause you like their music or are you a real weirdo?

No. 282695

File: 1660961221132.jpeg (105.79 KB, 1000x664, CZh3AGeWIAA-KFO.jpg-large.jpeg)

Young Kristian Anttila could've done anything he wanted to me

No. 282697

Ezra Driver

No. 282720

Thought the exact same thing lmao

No. 282742

lmaoooo true though

No. 282743

Nailed it kek

No. 282758

No. 282787

File: 1661006335890.jpeg (12.19 KB, 201x251, 1.jpeg)

LMFAO I considered adding an "inb4 he looks like Adam Driver"

No. 282809

File: 1661018757241.gif (353.94 KB, 112x112, 6535-pepelick.gif)

Mmmmmmmmm nice and sexy, still prefer driver though

No. 282896

File: 1661067118364.jpg (108.43 KB, 634x728, roald.jpg)

young roald dahl

No. 282912

Thought thats Elvis for a moment

No. 282913

nta but i thought it was hugh grant kek

No. 282929

he looks like a morph between every attractive british male celeb

No. 282936

File: 1661102276742.jpg (255.88 KB, 1175x1762, 62bb2e4aa0505.image.jpg)

I know he's posted every other day but damn his weight loss did him wonders

No. 282954

Lol, I had the biggest crush on Lancelot when I was a kid.

No. 283058

File: 1661163281260.jpeg (104.36 KB, 720x960, C4799D07-8C46-4941-A96C-243C9B…)

He isn’t unconventional but I know how you guys are. Anyway I want Kyle Jenners bodyguard he’s fine

No. 283095

No I mean I could see why he’d ugly but the blue eyes and curly light hair make him look ethereal. And he sort of reminds me of a cherub. I don’t like him but I could see why one might

No. 283097

File: 1661176381756.jpeg (37.09 KB, 493x770, 318E688F-40CE-4E6B-A96B-CD32E3…)

Ooh I like him he’s got such a sexy nerd vibe

No. 283099

He would still be cute if he ate right and took care of himself. Also if he had a better personality. Even now I find his face cute.

No. 283103

File: 1661178497777.jpg (9.93 KB, 215x300, smile!.jpg)

nonna, if you like famous authors when they were young, just look up young hemingway lol

No. 283111

Maybe she prefers Roald Dahl's contribution to literature

No. 283196


No. 283200

File: 1661244378621.jpg (167.04 KB, 1024x729, 30442804333_c89293dec6_b.jpg)

Tito was cute, even though he was a shameless whore
At least he promoted equality and women getting higher work positions

No. 283216

Is that a nazi

No. 283224

>Josip Broz (Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic: Јосип Броз, pronounced [jǒsip brôːz]; 7 May 1892 – 4 May 1980), commonly known as Tito (/ˈtiːtoʊ/;[2] Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic: Тито, pronounced [tîto]), was a Yugoslav communist revolutionary and statesman, serving in various positions from 1943 until his death in 1980.[3] During World War II, he was the leader of the Yugoslav Partisans, often regarded as the most effective resistance movement in German-occupied Europe.[4] He also served as the president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 14 January 1953[1] until his death on 4 May 1980.

No. 283230

That's the literal opposite of a nazi

No. 283233

File: 1661269869877.jpg (51.18 KB, 841x683, 841full-bob-odenkirk.jpg)

Last night I had a dream I had sex with Bob Odenkirk. He was doing a meet and greet in a mall and he let me come back to his place, which was the basement of the mall. I'm not even a huge fan of BCS or have ever been into him but now that's changed

No. 283236

Nonita I had a recent dream about me and him working in a big office together, shagging him and then the whole office avoiding me for my terrible taste in men
Even my dreams are self aware

No. 283237

Ayrt don't let your dream co-workers shame you nona he's sexy

No. 283249

he reminds me too much of alec badwin… hot

No. 283250

finally someone accepts that old commies where hot. that's what i'm talking about

No. 283322

Your right. That's who Alec Baldwin should have aged into instead of that alcoholic bloat he got.

No. 283404

File: 1661365843400.jpeg (71.73 KB, 600x799, 67C3C433-28CD-4EED-A805-D733E4…)

nonnie….I wish he wasn’t so disgusting, he was a qt, rip

No. 283422

Even when he was young he had moobs. Damn. Just one look at that face and you can tell he had that one way ticket to jowl city from the start.

No. 283427

Post more. I want to hear more about domming Dwight from The Office

No. 283432

File: 1661378670583.jpeg (68.42 KB, 765x900, 47E8D923-F70B-4EC9-A505-961F97…)

I've never been as attracted to somebody as I am to Matt Berry as a vampire

No. 283459

Or Matt Berry in general. Great voice, funny comedian, and pretty good musician.

No. 283467

File: 1661400170299.jpg (57.33 KB, 980x653, 1520009816-screen-shot-2018-03…)

I find him so hot in The Crown, I feel bad for the traumatized GOT nonnies even though I don't watch the show though kek

No. 283471

File: 1661401290408.jpeg (193.19 KB, 573x501, F2D3D0BD-ABB0-4830-BC28-2B4EC1…)

Yes Nonna he's so damn fine I once had a dream of getting him all flustered in a hot tub

No. 283481

File: 1661410292014.gif (990.29 KB, 500x264, UlD5.gif)

Kek i used to have a mini-crush on his 11th Doctor. I am glad I saw the series with him ongoing, it was an amazing experience.
Tbh i don't think he looks bad in the new GoT show, i love the armor.

No. 283489

This MV made me finally realize my taste in men, tall, skinny, kinda weird, long hair optional. Too bad guys like this are exceedingly rare and if the few that exist are just plain nutjob.

No. 283497

File: 1661425987468.gif (316.81 KB, 320x237, Tumblr_l_205560919337548.gif)

Nonna…thanks for a time stamp. Now that moment, that will go down into a big Elfman moan compilation

No. 283560

File: 1661461530294.jpg (316.2 KB, 591x886, 1996rankin06.jpg)

I'm still on my Radiohead listening journey. I can't get over how badly Radiohead jumped the shark. Like they just woke up in the early 2000's and they just magically lost the ability to make good music. The thing that drives me crazy is the more I hear about how much of a dick Thom Yorke is, I want to fuck him that much more. Except all the infidelity and leaving his cancer-stricken wife. He will be bubbling and burning in hell for that. He looks like a tard in this picture, I love it so much.

No. 283563

He’s actually a fun character and the wig in got 2: electro boogaloo is cool af in my opinion. Reminds me of the elves from lord of the rings. Like >>283481 said the armor is cool af.

No. 283569

File: 1661467116879.jpg (49.48 KB, 634x881, phil.jpg)

i still think real life philip was more handsome… i get how elizabeth fell for his germanic charms

No. 283570

File: 1661467320002.jpg (4.36 KB, 225x225, kirch.jpg)

he's ugly and looks like a rat in every pic you post of him, but i can understand the appeal of completely deranged and honestly evil men, since i got a dumb ass crush on bobby fischer

anyways, kirchner was hot and if i could get back in time, i'd fix him and fuck him (not necessarily in that order)

No. 283577

File: 1661468886481.jpg (37.93 KB, 800x500, 947fa4aaa2031aae3e91fe36270b91…)

Edward norton. Especially in fightclub. Something about his tired sunken eyes, how he looks like a "beta" male cuck next to brad pitt. The pathetic, dazed gaze he gives the camera. He seems like a kicked dog and i always get turned on by an underdog, i dont know if thats cliche or unique but also i dont care. As a side not i dont find brad pitt sexy at all. I get nervous saying that. I feel like im coming off as an edgelord to other women who find him attractive. I have never simped for any man especially not celebrity men but i would let ed norton use me like a wet napkin. If anyone knows any dirt on him id love the receipts because honestly id like to kill this fire for him. Kek im so sorry for the blog post… im stressed and just trying to occupy my brain.

No. 283579

Brad Pitt isn't hot and he's overrated I agree

No. 283580

Brad Pitt also smells like moldy cabbage and like he rolled in cigarettes

No. 283581

File: 1661469437115.jpeg (102.5 KB, 900x675, 0294E55F-A0EE-4B00-9A7C-D10A4B…)

Happy birthday to one half of my tag team fantasy

No. 283582

Haha! Ed norton anon here. Im glad im not alone in that thought. "…mouldy cabbage and like he rolled in cigarettes." Im dying nona!

No. 283583

Lefty or righty? Both? How many people are in this TT fantasy?

No. 283584

Apologies for not being specific about this fantasy; I’ll take both in this picture, please. Just them and me. No one else.

No. 283585

Which one.. I don't know which one is worse… probably the one who looks like a rapist (you decide)

No. 283586

NTA but Tim Burton and Danny Elfman are the antithesis of rapist

No. 283587

File: 1661471202369.jpg (16.25 KB, 236x351, 1928cf55d2b4732c94f871e3550059…)

Don't know if he's suited to be here considering his co-stars looks, but Brian Quinn has been a long time favourite of mine. In more recent seasons they've done him really dirty with the short hair, but he's gonna be 50 in a few years so I get it. He's such a typical retarded moid as well always talking in Podcasts about women/ex gfs (WSY contex, I'm not sitting through TESD kek) but it arguably adds more to his gross appeal. He's just some fat retard nerd who loves cats and pussy

No. 283588

File: 1661471688330.jpeg (34.22 KB, 500x375, 550EE498-9614-42D9-9582-CBBED6…)

Jeremy Renner in Dahmer though. Is there a name for fluffy haired, glasses wearing, unhindged or weird men? The Riddler did it for me too and by god I need more.

No. 283589

wasp nerds. geeks

No. 283590

Oh I didn't even recognize old Elfman anyway I'd sexually abuse the guy on the left maybe

No. 283592

>I'd sexually abuse Tim Burton maybe
Never change LC. I can’t believe this site is free lol

No. 283594

Holy crap this video is so cool thank you for sharing nonny. If you like tall, skinny, kind of weird men maybe check out The Garden? Idk if you're into their style of music, but they're also tall and gangly and sometimes wear face paint too.

No. 283595

so how big do we think each one is? despite being freaks, they’ve pulled really attractive women

No. 283598

File: 1661474937252.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1146, C8385FBF-8F88-45E6-A37A-EE893A…)

Oh this fucker is hung no doubt kek

No. 283601

Damn that’s a 70 year old man. Good for him.

No. 283602

Basically the comic version of Kick Ass?

No. 283605

Jesus he was so hot when he looked like this. When he was clean shaven and younger he was also very cute.
>Don't know if he's suited to be here considering his co-stars look
He and the others have been posted in this thread and in the previous one. Anyway, I've never listened to those podcasts so i don't know what he's like when he talks about his exes, I just know that he's depressed, geeky and loves cats which automatically makes him cuter. I agree, it's a shame what happened to his hair.

No. 283607

File: 1661482828805.jpg (35.95 KB, 564x317, e60c4044ff27fcc5f0f191a80e5561…)

he's so hot

No. 283609

File: 1661483348716.jpg (23.9 KB, 564x423, b354ab6016b4056d35d0073550dd2f…)

i just love watching the vids where he showed his face
idek why i find him so cute

No. 283613

i agree he's attractive, however
>If anyone knows any dirt on him id love the receipts
i heard he dated a teenage actress once but i forgot the exact details about it, it was mentioned in an old celebricows thread. i think he played her love interest too in some movie.

No. 283615

File: 1661486244308.png (692.76 KB, 540x960, tumblr_b8c2672634d0755dac66713…)

Hung he is or not he looks like a fucking expert (literally). Besides the man himself said his favorite food is his gf's pussy. A real gentleman like that is rare.
And the one whose body looks like that at 69 is even rarer.

No. 283618

File: 1661490423789.jpeg (72.97 KB, 1170x262, D5B7E2C1-EE1B-457B-943A-63EDE2…)

What a king

No. 283625

File: 1661501701443.jpeg (28.77 KB, 220x293, B68672F4-9D04-4A1E-90CA-50EF1A…)

very nice

No. 283631

i thought he looked pathetically endearing in a slightly cute way in "keeping the faith". hated most of that movie for subjecting me to looking at that rat zoolander guy having sex as if he was in any way sexy at all.

No. 283636

You're welcome! I've checked those guys and they are not really my type (too young looking) but they do have the vibe lol.
For another example, 1970s Klaus Blasquiz (the Rasputin looking singer) in vidrel is perfect.

No. 283654

Ugh same. Though I might be worse than you because I'm strictly attracted to the character and not necessary the actor, I was attracted to him in the book too. His pathetic behavior won me over, and I didn't know if I wanted to help him or make his life worse, kek.
I never liked Brad Pitt either, but the homoerotic tension was really good.
I read so much fight club narrator x Tyler fanfic as a teenager, where Edward Norton's character gets abused in horrible ways, good times.

No. 283657

File: 1661522583226.jpg (409.88 KB, 1200x747, badia.jpg)

juan antonio badía from the leyendas legendarias podcast is the only mexican man i love/respect.

No. 283666

File: 1661526233541.jpg (47.47 KB, 440x296, philii.jpg)

this is getting ridiculous…

No. 283672

File: 1661528119777.gif (1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

Recent events have inspired this post once again.

No. 283673

Null, don't you have a livestream starting soon?

No. 283674

lol I knew someone would say this, you can post serial killers and actual nazis all day but Null still is the most shameful/contentious post to make. I will be watching the stream tho.

No. 283681

I'll be watching with you, nonnie.

No. 283682

Well to be fair, nazis are dead so they can't be selfposting. Same with serial killers. Anyway I tried watching the livestream but he sounds like a big fat baby… voice cracks and fatboy voice…

No. 283685

I think his voice and his laugh are adorable.

No. 283686

That's nice, I believe you.

No. 283693

I love him so much

No. 283697

he looks like Schmidt from New Girl lol still hot tho not hating nonnie

No. 283701

File: 1661537112723.jpg (62.05 KB, 540x658, tumblr_d3080b18b54063a73d10a58…)

i was already attracted to ryan but the boxing match totally awakened something in me

No. 283704

File: 1661537358475.jpg (173.16 KB, 625x960, 3182354-4232773939-nintc.jpg)

how has noone posted sly yet??

No. 283724

I seriously have the hots for Simon Pegg. Loved him on Hot Fuzz, his hair, his accent, how he had a permanent frown. I know that nowadays he's balding and is aging like all British men do, but I find him so hot, bet he's short too, you could lift him with one arm.

No. 283733

ot maybe, but are those scars on his bicep or what is that? Also, damn he got fit.

No. 283753

might be im not sure? might be stretch marks that look raised because they're ontop of the vein?

No. 283780

He sexy

No. 283784

File: 1661560269408.jpg (24.17 KB, 450x450, jo558_3m.jpg)

ossan from ossans love hong kong manly looking middle aged asian men with nicely styled hair, suits, and facial hair in general i wish it wasnt like this i need to find more men of this type to look at

No. 283828

I’d say he’s conventional. I had a massive thing for him in the Rocky/Rambo movies. Look up The Italian Stallion for a treat nonnie

No. 283837

File: 1661601271758.jpeg (22.06 KB, 528x400, mitsuru-fukikoshi-d242371d-0b5…)

If you know you know.

No. 283841

Yeah, definitely conventional imo

No. 283852

God damn

No. 283867

who is this? qt

No. 283869

File: 1661617771227.jpeg (111.86 KB, 733x882, 1CD7E447-CAEE-46FB-BC21-7438B6…)

never thought i would develop an attraction to this man. why is he hot?

No. 283872

i don't know

No. 283878

Jack Stauber

No. 283890

ohh, his music is annoying but i didn't know he was so cute

No. 283932

File: 1661633972907.gif (2.48 MB, 420x393, Tumblr_l_214844872355778.gif)

Gotta love all the Elfgirls out there for knowing the lore
You're the best

No. 283944

Wait is that the guy from cold fish? If so I kinda get it. A little

No. 283945

File: 1661638933912.png (652.54 KB, 779x450, commentary booboo child.png)

I hate how adorable I find this twink twat, AugieRFC. Certain angles make him look like the nightstalker's son ffs.

Purely physical attraction. He's a commentary leech edgelord who's ego needs a strong backhand.

No. 283951

eh you know I think I understand this one, adorkable but has the kind of voice and delivery that make you want to sit on his face until hw shuts the fuck up.

No. 283952

File: 1661644673561.jpg (18.85 KB, 250x353, paco-de-lucia.jpg)

he had a dumb ass haircut but oh god, those fast fingers and weird outfits and the whole aura he gave off…

No. 283954

I went to his concert, saw him perform live. A very fond memory

No. 283976

No. 283994

File: 1661665436102.gif (1.73 MB, 500x331, CFABBC7F-5BC5-4F3A-8D67-62D72F…)

Rambo era Stallone is when he physically/visually peaked imo. One of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen. Fell in love with Rambo as a character. I want to fix him.

No. 284007

it's Ka-chan!

No. 284016

Didn't this guy say something like "I'd rather be a pedophile than a woman"? I would find the screenshot but KF is down.

No. 284026

File: 1661685262174.gif (2.99 MB, 540x310, tumblr_pul4kiKWGS1rqsnxoo8_540…)

Anton Chigurh
Anyone? Please? Am I completely
fucked in the head?

No. 284058

You mean Javier Bardem or the character himself? Cause that hair is completely hopeless. He borderline looks like a tranny at times.

No. 284066

File: 1661703660519.jpg (53.43 KB, 594x427, Esdai8qXAAA3ccl.jpg)

Fisher had no swag compared to Kasparov.

No. 284069

File: 1661703807035.jpg (22.71 KB, 310x457, DLUrnmAXUAAP8O3.jpg)

No. 284071

File: 1661704077740.jpg (29.82 KB, 415x600, Javier-Bardem-4.jpg)

He was extremely hot.

No. 284072

He is not.

No. 284078

>i only got into chess so that my obsession with chess players would be justifiable
I hate women like you. A mans profession has nothing to do with his personality/worth. You probably have no skills so you think being good at something makes people superior…
Chess players are literal manchildren and most of them think women are retarded.
Grow up nonna.

>Nakamura is the most normal one of them

Ding Liren is the only normal chess player.

No. 284093

nta but how did you get all of that from a single sentence kek

No. 284094

File: 1661707419300.jpeg (60.85 KB, 577x519, 07EDC691-806F-407C-95AC-516901…)

okay i purposely used a photo where he doesn’t look his best but he was hot when he was young. i still find him attractive, ig i just like funny guys.

No. 284098

File: 1661707795981.png (31.75 KB, 592x414, ad pro chomo.png)

Oh dang, direct quote lol the deleted tweet for context might make him look a little better. Online communities do treat pedos better than women. Scrolling his Twitter makes me >>283951 i want to bond with him over certain controversial topic but have his sharp tongue inside me when I'm not in the mood to listen

No. 284108

File: 1661711408035.jpg (29 KB, 680x432, 20220828_202849.jpg)

Gonna watch this show because I am curious about how this actor is doing. Cute!

No. 284116

File: 1661713461414.jpg (77.11 KB, 564x845, ug.jpg)

>You probably have no skills so you think being good at something makes people superior…
stop psychoanalyzing me just because i said i wanted to fuck fischer, jesus christ nonna.

No. 284117

File: 1661713639488.jpg (8.52 KB, 236x187, kandk.jpg)

eh, i personally belive that in the hot GM scale there's Fischer>Karpov>Nakamura>Kasparov>Dubov>Grischuk>Everyone else

No. 284120

your post went from incel seethe to based. you are based.

that's a very nice photo

No. 284122

File: 1661714351013.jpeg (138.43 KB, 1280x876, 916A096C-6663-4AD8-937D-80527B…)

Welp. Guess I Im going to watch Jamón Jamón now.

No. 284139

File: 1661723050279.jpg (232.29 KB, 1261x1080, Screenshot_20220828-164021_Gal…)

he is sooo cute. It's a shame I kinda get lowkey misogynist vibes from him, especially in newer videos. He's mentally retarded tho so I give him a pass in my mind.
they are both so fucking hot its unbearable. ryan has been my biggest celeb crush for years

No. 284144

Maybe I sound like a prude but I wish the whole Oneyplays crew would tone down the edge nowadays. They’ll punctuate an actual funny bit with some unnecessary type of -ist and it’s just started to get stale. I feel like a majority of their most popular bits aren’t even the craziest shit they say anyways.

No. 284145

File: 1661728108438.jpeg (94.71 KB, 1024x768, 9DF0A44B-74B7-4E61-97E2-D8FAE5…)

Nonnies I get to see him two months from today I can’t handle it

No. 284146

Didn't he just go through a bad breakup? That might explain it. I love him and the other boys.

No. 284147

they used to be wayyy edgier before around 2018, but it was obviously a product of the Newgrounds culture. It was always fucked up, but it didn't feel like they meant it. Nowadays they've toned it back, so when they say shit it feels more genuine and less well intentioned.

Plus Zach is genuinely a republican I think or at least used to be. I think he was one of the ppl who was Republican-lite but became more centrist during Trump. (i have no sources for this just speculation based on his twitter and sleepycabin shit).

Chris I honestly would say seemed more liberal during his days with the Game Grumps despite being edgier, but it seems hes become more bitter and redpilled over time. He's a cutie and I would defend him to my grave, but sometimes the way he talks about women bothers me.

No. 284149

you posted this while i was typing my other reply and yeah I was gonna say this too. His genuine bitter attitude might just be cuz he and his gf broke up like less than a year ago.

Whatever she's a fucking groomer anyways she was like mid-late 20s when she started talking to an underaged LSMark and they started dating immediately after he turned 18. I'm not trying to hate on other women cuz I genuinely loved her and her art before but that shit makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 284155

File: 1661735931734.jpg (30.33 KB, 345x500, Rushhour3prem14.jpg)


I present: Hiroyuki Sanada

No. 284167

File: 1661739516712.jpg (65.9 KB, 598x900, f9d049cbc43cab8e1327c23a8bfa1b…)

ayrt and lord nonny you get it. i went to look him up and wow (although i like his hair a bit shorter)i feel like a scrote with yellow fever lmao i'm sorry i love this type of man send more if you have them

No. 284173

File: 1661742513098.png (469.91 KB, 480x480, andrew koji.png)

loooved him and pic in bullet train

No. 284175

Dunno about Zach being Republican. There's an old video where he debated Jontron (who's an actual Republican or at least leans to the right) and its clear he holds more liberal views and supported Bernie during the elections though I know this site likes to claim that Bernie was just an excuse for MAGA-lite bros to have moral high ground but most of the stuff he says are something Republicans and RWers would genuinely cringe at.

No. 284176

Young Time had so much potential

No. 284180

I thought I was the only one… I'm not a big fan of his voice but he looks so adorable. I want to cuddle him while we talk about tranny lolcows

No. 284183

Since Kiwi Farms went down, I wonder if Josh's statements have made the women here who have a crush on him swoon even more… "The mob has already planned subsequent targets. Should we stay down, they will then attack 'gender critical' communities - especially those ran by and for women. No place can exist online which allows criticism of their fetishistic lifestyle, and nothing would excite them more than this power and domination struggle being inflicted on a female space instead." I don't even like the guy but I respect shit like that.

No. 284184

File: 1661746445892.jpg (123.93 KB, 960x730, Jerry_Jerry_serious.jpg)

For me it was Jerry.

No. 284186

File: 1661747176605.jpg (29.04 KB, 500x335, tumblr_mavvqlUt2U1r9p706o1_500…)

Dude you NEED to watch some Kurosawa movies with Toshiro Mifune in 'em. Especially "The Bad Sleep Well" and "Stray Dog". Stray Dog is great 'cause there's a scene where Mifune is wearing a suit and gets rained on so it clings to his body.

No. 284187

Lucky bitch

No. 284191

>I thought I was the only one…
he gets posted in these threads all the time wdym, almost too much tbh.

No. 284197

>implying any of that shit is sincere
>implying a trad right-wing scrote like him gives a fuck about women

No. 284204

Nonnas keep posting shit tier men like Null and Tucker despite both being doughy fuck ugly fucks who would scream at you in public for making eye contact with another guy. These girls need to stop deluding themselves into thinking that they can be ‘one of the good ones’ because these types never see you as anything more than a bang maid.

No. 284215

File: 1661760200686.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1628x2043, A96BF409-9F6B-4FAD-85A8-EBFD77…)

I agree with Jim Lacey, that chest and those arms are so sexy

No. 284216

Well people have been speculating about a secret TERF gf being behind a lot of these statements, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the simp nonnas from lolcow.farm shot her shot at some point. I think it could be genuine if he was peaked by a woman.

No. 284219

Oh wow he's so sexy

No. 284221

File: 1661761554804.gif (7.77 MB, 540x340, tumblr_492055c4969278d7c3f7913…)

Both. There's this appeal of withdrawn psychopathic killer who would treat you good cos you're the only person he cares about and finds comfort in, yk, and the god-awful haircut only adds to it. I'm ashamed cos I really find it cute and sort of innocent (?). It legitimately looks like how a poor mother would do her child's hair at home. And it looks so soft to me. Thus the contrast with merciless homicides and grand delusions of being the agent of fate or whatever.
Thank you, nonnies. His prime shape

No. 284224

He was so hot in Re-Animator when he was crawling on the floor and shit.

No. 284234

File: 1661772236022.jpeg (309.53 KB, 1999x1125, 73C1C5FB-EAD8-4104-963E-56FA85…)

Laszlo and Nandor need to run a train on me

No. 284238

File: 1661773277776.jpeg (703.08 KB, 800x1000, 07C090B6-6E5E-43AF-BE01-66D6B8…)

I just want to smell it

No. 284239

File: 1661773720847.gif (1.61 MB, 500x267, 64BBC8A8-A435-4330-9737-17E258…)

Nah he was peak masculinity. Someone find me the gif where it pans to his bulge.

No. 284241

Damn he's hot here. What is this from?

No. 284242

Jamon Jamon, from 1992. In this shot it pans down to his beautiful bulge in a pair of lavender panties and it will live in your head rent-free when you see it.

No. 284245

anon you nasty nasty

No. 284262

Thanks anon, gonna see if I can watch it this week.

No. 284271

Do not shame me for my needs

No. 284292

Oh no, anon! Don’t misunderstand me; I wrote that with nothing but awe

No. 284294

File: 1661789335359.jpg (60.47 KB, 569x800, EpYa1tXW8AAQLD6.jpg)

God I want to fuck Limmy so bad. Has anyone read any of his books? If so, how were they and would you recommend, y/n?

No. 284386

Whoa total brendan vibes

No. 284387

he looks like a brunette ross lynch

No. 284390

Omfg those quads

No. 284395

File: 1661822438211.jpg (33.9 KB, 335x376, LdPbQyneWAq473sxJKjwmvnhq7Q8Ce…)

same, anon. he was so sexy in earlier trailer park boys i love men that are built like this

No. 284453

File: 1661866602439.png (389.62 KB, 409x682, hasan pikeeeeeeer.png)

i can't be the only one, can i?
please tell me i'm not the only one
he's scum but he's a ballsy beast. and i found his dramatized irish accent alluring

there was an episode early in the series where julian was seeing a woman who turned out to be a grifter (cinnamon roll head iirc) and i was so fucking jealous

No. 284455

hard agree!!!

No. 284458

File: 1661869096406.jpg (123.01 KB, 437x604, 1661869103.jpg)

I liked him in Doctor Who.

No. 284461

He's objectively a disgusting rapist and his only time he was redeemable looks-wise was 12 years ago

No. 284510

File: 1661894556520.png (405.59 KB, 566x761, sam youngling.png)

holy shit the difference

and i only knew about his domestic terrorist shtick. after browsing his threads i now know about his grooming 15-16 year olds, cuckold fetish, abuse of every kind, proud cheating, dildo collection, tranny fucking and a visit from the FBI. i hope this shit comes back to light

No. 284519

File: 1661897245536.jpg (95.88 KB, 474x902, kerry_von_erish.jpg)

I'm extremely ashamed because of how sad his life was but I find him strangely attractive. The long face and large chest is exceptional

No. 284521

File: 1661897377851.jpg (60.08 KB, 474x356, th (1).jpg)

the strabism too, I don't even like moid irl but he was cute and looked kind

No. 284522

File: 1661897975927.jpeg (539.71 KB, 1418x2048, tumblr_78f9703085d31d7b6bab4ed…)

I can't get over him

No. 284546

no way that's sam hyde what the hell

No. 284556

Once upon a time he was cute. Then something got to him. He was either a creep and the e-fame allowed him to indulge in it or the audience he attracted made him into one.

No. 284561

not my type but he actually looks human which is an improvement

No. 284565

No. 284585

File: 1661926061700.png (1.43 MB, 1600x900, thosedamnglasses.png)

I swear to god, every time he puts on those damn glasses…

No. 284590

Wow, I almost find him attractive

No. 284592

File: 1661930005914.jpg (85.87 KB, 402x402, Mark-Zuckerberg-507402-1-402.j…)

For me it's young Mark. All curly-haired Jewish boys look so good when they're young but they age terribly

No. 284612

File: 1661951169025.png (358.81 KB, 601x486, perfection.png)

coworker of mine.
insanely nice and good person - changed how i view arabs after being /pol/brained for so long
idk why but he makes me horny asf. and im not the one to get rattled that easily.. ugh
whats wrong with me nonnas?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 284614

File: 1661951469006.jpg (979.44 KB, 4096x2731, 20220825_194552.jpg)

Danny Elfman's performance at Coachella 2022 ruined a whole generation of women (for good)

No. 284627

looks like an andrew tate cosplay

No. 284630


No. 284631

File: 1661955951270.jpg (61.18 KB, 800x450, timburton.jpg)

someone casually posted a pic of him with elfman, but it's not enough… i want to bully young tim burton, he just looks so pathetic and weird and nerdy….

No. 284635

File: 1661956662277.jpg (434.98 KB, 2000x1333, andrewtate.jpg)

I don't care what you think, he's my type.


No. 284637

more bearable than the 'wash your penis' guy.

No. 284639

How the hell is your type "human trafficker" ? I hope you mean physically; in that case, why can't you just stan Pitbull?

No. 284640

File: 1661960138216.jpg (106.75 KB, 1280x720, pitty.jpg)

i agree. mr worlwide would never belittle us

No. 284641

Nta but this made me giggle thanks

No. 284642

Gay porn vibes.

No. 284644

I stan pitbull too, in fact i was about to add him to the thread.
I love his voice so much. I bald spicy men in suits is my fixation.
I'd add young Justin Timberlake too, but he's conventional.

No. 284647

keep him locked in your basement and off the internet and i can respect it. anything less, shame.

No. 284649

File: 1661963701627.gif (4.59 MB, 498x247, staring-matt-smith.gif)


No. 284654

Even ignoring the abhorrent personality, he's bald, a chinlet and has no defining features that make his face stand out. You really need to get your shit together nonnie.

No. 284657

I have no idea who this dude is but he looks like a GTA loading screen on this pic.

No. 284658

Well duh, this is unconventional male attractions threads, that's the point.

No. 284665

File: 1661972601548.jpg (211.78 KB, 1600x1200, xJgQESb.jpg)

Kitboga. Even without the glasses I think he's sorta cute in a weird way, I don't know why. He's funny and good at what he does, I guess that helps.

No. 284667

I love Edna. She's the cutest

No. 284671

Dale, nonnie.

No. 284672

You're going to love this then…

No. 284673

File: 1661976560896.jpeg (221.78 KB, 1249x1125, F377E3EB-C419-4EA2-B0F0-5ABBFF…)

British nonas will know

No. 284674

i do. he's just so strange and quirky and oddly charming…

No. 284675

spot onn

No. 284678

File: 1661977995332.jpg (54.23 KB, 1000x563, intro-1595874652.jpg)

I thought that's Andy Samberg for a second

No. 284680

i'm not british so i'm just guessing…
alcoholic mr bean?

No. 284681

Shockingly closer than you think

No. 284700

File: 1661990681413.jpeg (133.46 KB, 900x900, E110C25E-C6B0-4B78-869E-27002B…)

is it just me or are these immature manlet/skinny streamers who only screech into the camera doing something for me like xqc and this guy??

No. 284705

I've heard someone use that same joke on Pitbull, but Tate is a good fit too. Those guys are practically the same phenotype.

No. 284706

File: 1661995253399.jpg (25.71 KB, 360x450, Psychicpebbles-Face.jpg)

Thought that was Psychicpebbles for a while.

No. 284711

HoaxHotel is hotter.

No. 284713

Kek I’m currently watching The Crown and appreciating the Phillip posting

No. 284723

An anon said Tate looks like someone drew Pitbull from memory and I can't stop thinking about that.

No. 284730

File: 1662014041972.gif (1.41 MB, 640x332, kiss-on-forehead-claire-foy.gi…)

Hope you are enjoying it nonny!

No. 284741

nonna nooOO

No. 284745

File: 1662027210235.png (336.45 KB, 742x681, oh nona.png)

Maybe Clueless Morgan could do it for you?

No. 284766

File: 1662048510561.jpg (15.69 KB, 474x474, 07c229212adc377916bb7c4a241cac…)

Kek was about to post this and saw the file already exists

No. 284815

File: 1662064171707.jpg (21.85 KB, 286x358, happy-anniversary.jpg)

it has been 50 years… bobby fischer owns my heart…

No. 284831

This dudes actually cute. Who is that?

No. 284832

kai cenat on youtube, nonnie

No. 284833

Aw same. He definitely seems like he’s be sweet but has misogynist tendencies. He used to be cuter when he was younger.there’s some things his ex girlfriend has posted that makes me think he wasn’t a great partner but she sounds kinda weird herself

No. 284834

File: 1662073990188.jpeg (180.62 KB, 842x1280, CE86517F-81C4-4D2B-88AB-A22450…)

Look at the way this fat-lipped white boy is looking, he’s so good-looking in a corny way but I like it!

No. 284838

me too nonnaa. my heart just beats so fast whenever i see him. i believe i've fallen in love… i hope i can get a man who is EXACTLY like him, without the bad stuff, of course.

No. 284839

File: 1662075012594.jpeg (21.83 KB, 220x311, 1A6510DF-70AA-469B-8C39-5597F8…)

Richard Feynman. I’d even allow him to talk about quantum electrodynamics while I’m sucking his dick.

No. 284859

He's got a full head on his head

No. 284865

No. 284867

He needs a big head to hold in all that quantum mechanical knowledge. Jokes and weird attraction aside, Feynman was a one-in-a-million Nobel laureate in that he wasn’t a total autist. His books are phenomenal, as he explains difficult concepts in ways that non-physicists can understand. He also testified in front of congress roasting the people who forced the Challenger launch despite NASA engineers’ warnings.

No. 284911

File: 1662123366800.jpg (503.42 KB, 1200x1823, jan.jpg)

it pains me to see the chessanons forget jan timman… i want a pretty 70s chess bf

No. 284924

File: 1662130805659.jpg (1.75 MB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

He's getting a little crusty, but Matt Berninger anyone? Such tall husky dad vibes. Love the potato nose. He strikes me as a bit covertly cocky/pretentious but that makes me love him even more.

No. 284928

Okay I apologize.

No. 284931

File: 1662135462450.jpg (68.33 KB, 546x756, 494ef6a182763631a7f8ec6b9b608d…)

more fischerposting

No. 284932

>a little crusty
>a little
each day I become more embarrassed of being a straight woman.

No. 284938

we are legend… we are fischer fuckers…

No. 284939

can't post pics rn, but buddy holly

No. 284956

AYRT– he does have a big head. no apologies necessary. I am just justifying the Megamind similarity. kek

No. 284961

>my heart just beats so fast whenever i see him. i believe i've fallen in love…
you sound like a 12 year old