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File: 1651426170019.jpg (300.65 KB, 1140x701, matthew-patrick.jpg)

No. 260491

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Thread pic is MatPat
Last Thread >>249189

No. 260549

File: 1651438430560.jpg (290.75 KB, 1200x729, e0ljhxruuamw5p5.jpg)

Ever since they broke up I couldn't stop thinking about them

No. 260556

You’re so right, Bangalter is my favorite kek

No. 260746

File: 1651517884202.jpg (33.57 KB, 460x627, snack.jpg)

No. 260771

File: 1651524446972.jpeg (69.67 KB, 615x756, Jimmy-Savile-and-Louis-Theroux…)

just louis.. or? where is savile-anon

No. 260772

File: 1651524450153.jpg (242.06 KB, 2909x1939, -methode-times-prod-web-bin-fb…)


No. 260777

>where is savile-anon
Hopefully seeking psychiatric help.

No. 260780

Thirsting after the PBS Eons paleontologist in the newest short video (shorts can't be embedded)
The titties in the tight shirt, the tan, he's cooking and talking about dinos, there's nothing not to love

No. 260798

>(shorts can't be embedded)
Yes they can, just change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="

>just louis.. or?
Yes just Louis

No. 260800

I didn't know, thank you!

No. 260801

File: 1651532579347.jpeg (158.31 KB, 1102x984, 0D746DA0-DA7D-43A3-A8EF-541349…)

still think he’s painfully cute

No. 260814

lmao I can't believe someone else found the professor in this video attractive

No. 260824

File: 1651539914585.jpeg (237.09 KB, 1973x1109, B904F950-A374-49F0-BC2C-240E2B…)

chris morocco. it seems like the guy has that many charms to be able to bag such a beautiful wife

No. 260827

File: 1651540623586.jpeg (98.63 KB, 615x932, 52563D69-3426-4068-BC74-B38133…)

He kind of looks like a skeleton but ive had a crush on him since GoT

No. 260838

File: 1651545658975.jpg (15.26 KB, 320x375, MartinCabello.jpg)

He's pretty good-looking for a schizo

No. 260839

File: 1651545702521.jpg (24.01 KB, 369x495, tuckerhello.jpg)

Begone, demon!

No. 260845

Would you deal with his nonsense.

No. 260851

I've seen him with his wife and he seems to love her a lot, seems to be very caring. I guess that balances out the insanity.

No. 260853

Yeah they are cute together, I hope he treats her well. Even though he's insane, all his delusions are about protecting children and women from sex abuse, which is sweet in a weird way.

No. 260854

doesn't he have autism or something?

No. 260855

He says he does, but I'm pretty sure he's legit schizophrenic.

No. 260918

>just change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="
You just changed my life tysm ♥

No. 260963

File: 1651593292384.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2291x1668, B8D9DC4E-B08E-432F-B8D1-64C075…)

90’s Die from Dir En Grey… there are objectively better looking vkei bandmen but

No. 260965

File: 1651594192318.jpg (48.03 KB, 737x555, Die-die-dir-en-grey-25031167-7…)

Nice taste anon. Personally I think Die is pretty clasically handsome though, but I guess for a vkei look he might be a bit too masculine in the face.

No. 260967

File: 1651595138563.jpeg (78.25 KB, 700x525, 07714514-ADC1-4AC0-9463-3D1ACD…)

The twink from bandersnatch is cute in a weird way

No. 261008

File: 1651600811313.png (5.39 MB, 1612x1832, 32456754.png)

the gang's all here

No. 261014

File: 1651602945536.jpeg (63.73 KB, 1024x577, 089F8197-E7A6-4F00-AEDE-155AA2…)

i’ll never forget skins for soyboy-fying rich. He looked so good at the start of the season

No. 261015

File: 1651603098433.jpg (88.57 KB, 1254x936, blackadders2e6-pointless.jpg)

Young Rowan Atkinson could get it tbh, particularly in Blackadder

No. 261016

File: 1651603127828.jpg (29.14 KB, 299x526, 220ae4ae20b10059a61c4f63ff212d…)

No. 261017

File: 1651603159356.jpg (161.22 KB, 1300x975, mrbean-lede-1300x975.jpg)

kek anon

No. 261018

season 6 was a fucking nightmare in general. making rich a normie was bad enough, remember what they did to frankie too? so shit

No. 261034

Does it hurt knowing you are probably too young for him?

No. 261056

File: 1651613059263.jpg (513.74 KB, 1280x1675, tumblr_mloy1ukrh21r1qgbeo1_128…)

No. 261061

yt is recommending me that video too

No. 261063

File: 1651614569708.jpg (123.44 KB, 820x708, brett.jpg)

I am cringe but I am free

No. 261066

is this philip solos friend because hard agree (sorry idk his name or if he's prominent online somehow)

No. 261067

Brett is everything I usually hate (tattoos, piercings, promiscuity, drinking, and drugs) but for some reason, I can still find him cute. He just carries himself in an unassuming way. Maybe it's gap-moe.

No. 261068

i could maybe be into this if he had a good personality. idk who this person is but if he's on a show of some sort on youtube i will assume he's edgy/misogynistic/gross/mean possibly?

No. 261070

No, he seems really nice, laid-back and down to earth. I've never heard him say anything sexist and I have watched basically all the Brett content. He's a thoughtful person and kind of a hippie. But like the other person said a huge man whore and a druggie

No. 261073

i don't mind druggies too much and i can deal with manwhores. what's his name?

No. 261074

Back off I saw him first

No. 261083

dw i found him. his voice is too deep and they sound too canadian, it turns me off. he's cute though. definitely see the cute qualities. i see that gap-moe thing going on too that the other anon was talking about

No. 261090

kek, gap-moe anon here. I'm glad you understand. I wonder how many Berserk tattoos he has? At least 5 I think. He must really love that series.

No. 261103

File: 1651627116933.jpg (38.02 KB, 340x473, Blackadder.jpg)

Thank God I'm not alone. Him in the Elizabethan ruffle gets me going like nothing else. Holy shit.

No. 261142

File: 1651649946412.jpg (334.25 KB, 1970x1168, randy_savage_young.jpg)

I was doing research on macho man costumes and his main costume designer said he was self confious about his height. I was surprised how such a guy could be self conscious about this. Found some pics of him in his early 20's and what a soft cute face he had.

No. 261144

File: 1651650328011.jpg (286.58 KB, 1506x768, Macho_Man__Savage.jpg)

he had a good body too, especially with the leaner arms. Poor guy just wanted to escape his natural twink state. If I ever have a son I will have to show him macho man before after for a coke and steroid psa.

No. 261145

holy shit. need to flick my mr. bean

No. 261148

oh my god this pedo looks revolting here


No. 261149

File: 1651653927922.jpg (54.41 KB, 500x750, 18809.jpg)

John Cleese

No. 261166

He can always get it

No. 261171

Ugly but I respect you.

No. 261230

he's conventionally attractive

No. 261265

File: 1651695364340.jpg (243.57 KB, 1600x900, 170320155526-neil-gorsuch-hear…)

No. 261272

File: 1651697057315.jpg (57.94 KB, 735x540, xqc24593949.JPG)

He admittedly did look pretty conventional on p*kimane's podcast, but that's because she uses tons of beauty filters
He constantly fluctuates between being a 4 and being a 10 which lands him at average
But my feeling for him are always on an upwards trend…

No. 261273

File: 1651697291284.jpg (11.98 KB, 272x264, download (26).jpg)

>4 or a 10
It's a ten. He's a ten.

No. 261278

I haven’t watched many of his videos but does anyone else get a caveman vibe from him? I don’t know how to describe it but it might be because of his shouting and him repeating words over and over again like at 1:21

No. 261279

Holy shit this dude is annoying. Not even ugly though, but very tiresome to watch.

No. 261280

Yes, it's called ADHD/autism

No. 261281

File: 1651698461780.jpg (111.6 KB, 900x1200, LExQc.jpg)

>He's a ten.
I love him but no rmao
>caveman vibe
That's a fair way to describe his allure but in my eyes he leans more into gained-consciousness-at-age-of-20 territory
He literally behaves like a child

No. 261293

File: 1651700834461.jpeg (103 KB, 469x459, 1BA2778D-0669-4C09-8E3A-AD458A…)

Fuck the Tuck posters because you have slowly converted me

No. 261297

Wow this is the one that finally got me. I guess there's a Tucker picture out there for every type of nona.

No. 261301

Why point that post out when deniro and macron were right above it?

No. 261310

Why pedo?

No. 261315

guessing bc he was in lolita from like 96 or whenever that remake came out

No. 261323

File: 1651706361632.jpeg (214.21 KB, 880x1222, 9098D45D-CA62-4B35-85A0-01FB39…)

I’ve always been embarrassed by this one but I’m ready to admit it

No. 261326

did you know he's gay? he came out recently. never set my gaydar off

No. 261328

File: 1651710801758.jpg (475.63 KB, 2048x1336, gettyimages-115992218-2048x204…)

No. 261337

This was on the front page of Kiwifarms, it made me feel things. Found a clip on yt

No. 261342

I get it nonny. He looks like if Fievel was a human

No. 261357

The mouse!?

. . . I totally see it if that's the case.

No. 261366

File: 1651722472180.jpg (22.15 KB, 562x465, Fievel.jpg)

yes, the mouse kek

No. 261416

File: 1651758104296.jpg (61.63 KB, 640x782, E_zK2jbUYAMqJir.jpg)

Allah forgive me but…. I think the redditor is cute

No. 261430

i saved this too partially bc of the guy. gave me like chubby bo burnham animal lover vibes, into it

No. 261447

lmao. I've been looking for the clip of him saying "Can I please kill you? Please let me kill you" in a creepy voice, but I can't find it.

No. 261452

File: 1651774361579.jpg (361.52 KB, 1025x1280, tumblr_lm8nf1rZkb1qzt8poo1_128…)

Me too, he isn't pretty but there is something familliar about him so I like him, also he looks just like this guy I saw on Will Laren's tumblr (some tumblr artist that anons posted about a while ago), I wanted to sperg about how cute he is but I was ashamed that anons would tell me I have shit taste

No. 261453

Is he just tiny or is that dog fucking huge

No. 261456

File: 1651775473562.jpg (74.91 KB, 540x723, tumblr_lvsl9lDCMt1qzt8poo1_540…)

The dog is huge but possibly the man is also tiny. Here's another picture of the dog becauae it's cute

No. 261473

File: 1651781556400.png (19.99 MB, 6000x2500, 91157ACB-FD83-45C4-87B6-1DDA13…)

Forgive my shitty collage but I can’t be the only one here who finds these young billionaires hot. I know there are Zuccfuckers here. also I feel like young Bill gates vaguely resembles Paul Dano

No. 261475

File: 1651782667312.jpg (30.1 KB, 460x276, download (3).jpg)

Nah I'd kill young Elon. Actually I'd kill all of them except Bill. He deserves to live for his unique ability to jump over a chair from a standing position.

No. 261476

Is their earning potential part of the appeal, or are you attracted solely based on looks/vibes?

No. 261477

Kinda reminds me of Christopher Masterson. Guy who played Francis in malcolm in the middle.

No. 261478

File: 1651783111895.jpg (69.04 KB, 550x600, CHFObX6WwAApetW.jpg)

The only ones I consider hot are Jobs and Gates, but I hate them all. The one I hate the least has got to be Gates, but only because he is my type appearance-wise, especially when he's wearing glasses.

Seriously what was up with this sexy photoset?
>He deserves to live for his unique ability to jump over a chair from a standing position.

No. 261481

Why is he looking at me so seductively s-stop it billy

No. 261483

File: 1651783554170.jpg (43.93 KB, 481x480, download (2).jpg)

No. 261485

I’m always amazed at how hot young Steve Jobs was

No. 261489

ayrt earning potential has nothing to do with it, and has entirely to do with looks. Though Bill Gates being a good person irl from what I hear does help

No. 261492

File: 1651785364156.jpeg (278.48 KB, 800x531, 4FC242C5-D58F-42CC-A772-8E8987…)

unfortunately he didn’t shower, but that won’t stop me since it didn’t stop the richard ramirez fuckers on here, at least jobs wouldn’t knife me during sex (hopefully)

No. 261505

File: 1651788402446.jpeg (130.4 KB, 997x748, 65AC439D-F4AD-49DB-B585-F1D2FD…)

He’s my current autistic obsession. I just wanna go on forest walks with him and listen to him ramble. He’s kind of old now and probably doesn’t have a lot of energy so I just imagine him going down on me all the time…..mmmmm.

No. 261510

yes. i don't even think he's gay. i like him a lot as a person, he's nice on his facebook to everyone and very interactive if you wanna hit him up kek

No. 261513

File: 1651790151102.jpeg (37.05 KB, 510x412, 01655B9C-4F86-4A63-9297-DA6B69…)

I saw that he’s pretty active on fb and thought about leaving a comment but I feel like such a spazz, I’ll just ride out this infatuation, it usually doesn’t last long.

No. 261518

File: 1651790950492.png (567.86 KB, 1280x1050, 3ECB37AC-187A-4E37-94F2-2BBF2C…)

froggy boy cute

No. 261528

File: 1651793989246.jpeg (55.8 KB, 500x367, 1169C9E7-690C-4B52-983D-ABBE8E…)

i (still) hate the french

No. 261530

Why do you think he isn't gay?

No. 261532

that's a femboy
not a redditor…

No. 261546

Who directed this photoshoot??

No. 261548

he wrote in one of his books that he wasn't gay or something, iirc. he seems like he might be, because, you know, he actually gives a shit about the environment and women, but i don't think so.
he's cute for a redditor. he looks like a nice person who likes animals and maybe has some compassion. of course idk if this is true but he has a "nice" face.

No. 261551

File: 1651801385935.jpg (43.9 KB, 401x400, 34283.jpg)

posting in solidarity w poster above
>tfw no soft spoken environmentalist bf
though i do disagree with him on a few things, same with lierre keith

No. 261552

He looks like the creature on his shirt

No. 261553

he's nice and thoughtful and i like his sweater. he looks a little bit like kenny hotz if he wasn't a dick and more attractive than kenny

No. 261556

I didn't mean it as an insult, he really does kind of look like a stoat or whatever that is

No. 261559

File: 1651802612961.jpeg (214.83 KB, 750x1125, 4BAC16F5-BF92-42BD-B189-13B89D…)

Hell yeah. I just discovered him so I haven’t read any of his books yet, I’ve watched a few vids tho. Love that he doesn’t back down at all from TRAs. Lierre is really hot too lol, exactly the kind of woman I’m attracted to.
lol I was gonna say “well ferrets are really cute anyways!”

No. 261560

that pic is so based to the level that it is attractive. he's a good author, definitely worth watching him and reading his books. i just disagree with him on certain things/topics.

No. 261587

File: 1651809005375.jpg (30.46 KB, 545x545, 1626726353350.jpg)

thing is he was physically and sexually abused throughout his life by his own father and cause of that he grew to hate male sexual desire
>Derrick Jensen: My father was extremely violent. My brother has epilepsy from too many frequent blows to the head. He broke my sister’s arm. He beat everyone in the family except me for some reason probably because I was too young. He did something different than a lot of abuse patterns. Some abusers will abuse starting very early. My father’s physical abuse started when somebody in the family reached puberty. He left when I was about 11 years old so I didn’t have that. He sexually abused – raped – my mother, my sister and me.
>Part of my father’s modus operandi—and I recognized this while very young—was that any time any one of us children (or our mother) revealed that something was important to us, one of three things would happen: he might use that thing as a form of payment for cooperation in his sexual abuse (I was interested in the Civil War as a child, and we took long trips to see battlefields, but at what cost?); he might use the promise of this thing to build up hopes so he could watch our faces as he dashed them; or he might simply destroy the thing itself in front of our eyes. I learned to not express my dreams.

so he's celibate by choice

No. 261593

so fucking sad and sick. derrick is so based though to come to the right conclusions and be a force for good in this world, unlike so many men.

No. 261597

Is this an excerpt from one of his books?

No. 261599

File: 1651811855251.png (5.49 MB, 3840x2160, Screenshot from 2021-05-08 14-…)

Guy in the Blue.
Even though he was hotter while buff and pre cum drinking, I kinda like how he looks now. I mean he looks slightly worse now but I've never been into super buff scrotes

No. 261600

Open up TikTok and show me one good looking South Asian guy, I only found 3 accounts, one was 6’9 and daddy ish levels

No. 261601

File: 1651812143293.jpg (90.91 KB, 1280x720, 357357.jpg)

Oh and apperently he eats shit

No. 261602

>Even though he was hotter while buff and pre cum drinking, I kinda like how he looks now. I mean he looks slightly worse now but I've never been into super buff scrotes
excuse me? pre cum drinking? cum drinking?

No. 261603

Why are you not into super buff guys? Just questioning

No. 261604

pre…what drinking? This is the gayest post ITT

also i find gay muscle-y men attractive sometimes but only in jpg..the masculine illusion shatters though when you see them in motion and when they start opening their mouths kek. it can be very jarring!

No. 261607

Idk I just like my man with a lil less muscles.
His name is Connor Murphy he's a youtuber who used to do pranks and was really buff. He started losing his hair, his mind and started to drink coming from other people. I'm not too up on the lore. I saw a video of him on YouTube and reminded me that I used to read his kiwifarms thread. It's been a while though.

No. 261608

File: 1651814177507.jpeg (5.38 KB, 223x226, murphyhair2.jpeg)

Went back to the kiwifarms thread. Apperently he has a girlfriend and the guy next to him Is the dudes cum he drank. I guess he does it for health reasons he claimed at the time he's NOT gay. He also took ayahuasca whatever that is.

No. 261609

File: 1651814489086.jpg (78.16 KB, 736x414, fb633ea45c612c02f94c4ceb4ed813…)

I'm the exact opposite, I usually prefer them IRL because in pictures they are always posing weird to look bigger and doing some stupid shit like not drinking water to look more shredded. They look better in a more natural context. Picrel is the same guy and he's still pretty buff, but he already looks a bit softer than >>261601

Ayahuasca is a type of indigenous south American drink that was used for religious rituals. It causes hallucinations. Hippies took it for enlightenment, but if you have schizo tendencies as Connor has, it makes everything worse (like any hallucinogens)

No. 261610

All I can look at are the other guy's thighs, god damn.

No. 261612

wait wait wait, so he is drinking OTHER men's cum? that's even worse than what i had assumed. is he gay? is straight and saying this is not gay? what the fuck

No. 261614

He's just your average /fit/izen, they're all weirdly gay, while supposedly straight

No. 261615

closeted gay

No. 261616

He's probably closeted bi/gay, but he's also a literal schizo

No. 261646

How do you know?

No. 261650

she has eyes

No. 261688

File: 1651838956760.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.06 KB, 1034x996, 1644781476728.jpg)

Again how does she knows that the "average /fit/izen, they're all weirdly gay, while supposedly straight".
Does she lurk there?
Is it any fun?

No. 261694

nta but i do lurk there sometimes and it is in fact very gay. I'd argue it's the gayest blue board, because the transbians on /lgbt/ are technically heterosexual

No. 261741

I have spent a lot of time lurking there and I can confirm. They used to have some of the funniest memes and threads, but idk if that’s true anymore. I still like seeing SIR’s New Year comics.

No. 261771

Going offtopic, but that greentext about the guy who weight trains his cat always kills me.

No. 261835

he looks like Julian Casablancas here.

No. 261836

File: 1651888209790.jpg (315.31 KB, 720x1000, 20220506_204812.jpg)

those shitty tattoos…

No. 261838

that knife looks really fucked up.

No. 261839

I was so fucking confused because I thought this was Kenny Hotz, haha. Nice to have a better alternative because Kenny Hotz was one of my unconventional attractions

No. 261841

File: 1651889153628.jpg (123.13 KB, 660x440, Robert_Komodo.jpg)

He might not be unconventional enough, but Robert Irwin so damn cute.

No. 261843

He looks so bad…

No. 261845

File: 1651894079958.jpg (68.4 KB, 720x960, 156168454_130625298.jpg)

I'm sorry but he reminds me of those punching puppets.

No. 261846

I thought that was supposed to be Quentin Tarantino

No. 261847

It's a Rocky punching puppet, kek.

No. 261853

File: 1651896293918.jpeg (125.87 KB, 600x867, F196DDAC-6246-4A67-A2A5-2D8F73…)

balding dead schizo husbando r.d laing

No. 261854


No. 261855

kek glad someone else saw the kenny connection. and yeah kenny is a gross person so i'm glad you found an alt!

No. 261897

God Wes Borland is so perfect, with or without makeup, in a suit, leather jacket, as a caveman (GAAAAAAAAAH), demon from hell or just as himself, I love his weird big eyes and nose, and his perfect body. He's pretty good with the guitar too and he sings better than Fred. I want one copy of him god why

No. 261899

I want to tear his clothes off and rub dirt on him too god nonnies this video fucked me up

No. 261958

His stage costumes are so hot ngl
that's my favorite Black Light Burns song btw

No. 262257

File: 1651964734768.gif (975.8 KB, 245x165, 2E30CAB2-3C08-4696-B2FB-37215B…)

Help. I’m in love with young Al Pacino and I don’t know what to do.

No. 262291

File: 1651973544223.gif (4.12 MB, 640x360, ibxtoycat-toycat.gif)

Despite the gif I have only ever watched his geography videos, he's adorable

No. 262295

Why does he look Indian?

No. 262307

pacino's parents are from sicily, most sicilians are pretty dark.

No. 262313

File: 1651980635594.jpeg (41.01 KB, 852x480, 4E5A5517-41AC-4E49-A5A3-FA0BCE…)

I want this greasy gross vampire man

No. 262323

File: 1651986253734.png (500.52 KB, 640x467, bvtm0cxfwme31(1).png)

Unconventional because he's old but damn he can drum and I've seen Battles live and he was so focused. It was cool

No. 262367

idk who this is but gross

No. 262379

fuck off

No. 262390

looks like a faggot

No. 262467

me too, anon. me too. i love greasy guys and he is a bastard too.

No. 262480

based and laingpilled

No. 262494

File: 1652066114810.jpeg (195.48 KB, 525x406, 7D13295E-42CC-49BA-8575-AE8BFA…)

Okay this is pretty depraved

No. 262495


Same. He's so…big. the worst part is I completely believe everything he's been accused of, and I would be terrified of him if ever in person with him, but yeah, smash

No. 262496

samefag, you get exactly where i'm coming from anon

No. 262497

Ever since someone on /m/ posted that he went to the same high school as Paul Dano I've been thinking about the two of them double-teaming me and I'm extremely ashamed to admit it!

No. 262498

Ok but honestly… if his beard grew in better and he had more flattering glasses? Would.

No. 262540

Lmao I love you nonna

No. 262544

Bump. Be careful anons

No. 262564

5 years ago I would have agreed with you

No. 262570

File: 1652105313570.jpeg (122.31 KB, 1600x900, 3CA194CF-14CC-4228-9B47-817F02…)

i think james woods is so sexy in videodrome especially when he’s fingering his tummy pussy

No. 262659

File: 1652129781346.jpg (28.07 KB, 386x610, CWuBP0lU8AED9Hf.jpg)

No. 262660

File: 1652129904209.jpg (14.22 KB, 320x303, DqNKvVZWsAY_yry.jpg)

No. 262662

File: 1652130016098.jpg (57.31 KB, 400x478, SteveHarvey.jpg)

No. 262686

Idk who this man is but I like his little rap

No. 262688

how does one go through life and never watch anything by louis

No. 262690

File: 1652137305113.jpg (50.04 KB, 960x955, 1610982801108.jpg)

He's hot but I prefer him younger
by not being an anglo

No. 262699

Only one of the best documentarians in existence, nbd really though I do find it funny so many younger people are being introduced to Louis Theroux by a silly rap he did of all things

No. 262713

is that effina’s husband?

No. 262724

File: 1652155644566.jpeg (180.67 KB, 750x1124, 959F6CBC-BF84-44DB-96BC-3D04C0…)

AG Cook is also my Unconventional Crush not because he’s that horrible looking or (to my knowledge) a bad dude, I would just want to casually date him to like lightly make fun of him. Knock him down a peg. I think I feel these things for him because he gives off an Adam Friedland air but less outwardly pathetic.

No. 262731


No. 262757

careful scrolling, gore below. Also KAM.

No. 262761


No. 262814

He's like Paul Dano but less hideous.

No. 262824

OK YES they have the same general aura AG just doesn’t look like an emoji like Paul

No. 262826

Holy shit, Paul Dano really does look like an emoji, doesn't he?

No. 262928

File: 1652222132458.png (874.87 KB, 660x504, jimmy pop.PNG)

cute and repulsive at the same time

No. 262951

He looks like a troon. Adam Friedland is considerably hotter

No. 262976

ntayrt but i just looked up Adam Friedland and he is ugly as hell
same i hate it

No. 262991

I'm so sorry but he looks like a 4chan tranny who thinks long hair is 90% of his transition

No. 263177

File: 1652310486150.jpeg (61.02 KB, 460x528, 2DC1C277-4C49-42E9-B0D0-939304…)

I’ve developed a crush on this goofy, thick eyebrow having, manlet, drill rapper. He’s so charismatic and witty, I can’t help myself.

No. 263182

black-washed england from hetalia

No. 263186

What is a drill rapper? Some kind of construction fag? Why does he look like a cartoon? His gay behavior isn't helping either.

No. 263190

Drill is a style of Uk rap. His whole identity is that he’s a posh man who raps. Its supposed to be ironic.

No. 263318

File: 1652365077077.jpg (131.54 KB, 1440x960, 273675461_1634249650246213_161…)

I think they are both hot help

No. 263327

Lol I swear nobody watches his Minecraft channel. Took me months to even realise he had another one.

No. 263382

File: 1652386578042.gif (325.79 KB, 220x164, Overwatch enjoyer.gif)

Based xqc enjoyers

No. 263401

File: 1652390749926.jpeg (619.73 KB, 2560x2941, D0F10282-DC23-4BCF-A612-042F08…)

Probably going to hell for this one

No. 263402

same, never watched the show but he is very cute

No. 263404

Why? Because he has cerebral palsy?

No. 263456

More the stigma around someone not disabled being attracted to someone that is

No. 263476

File: 1652417898928.jpg (78.24 KB, 750x743, 985bf29687c99205e3c1f49039c2b0…)

He kind of looks like Matthew McConaughey's character in dazed and confused

No. 263501

Idk who this is but he has a cartoony face

No. 263545

File: 1652446632686.jpg (88.99 KB, 1200x600, 6wHb4DHHvcZEgVDg4dUHFT.jpg)

Walt Jr from Breaking Bad. I've always thought he looks a lot like the guy who plays Nightwing in Titans. Which is almost a cartoon character kek

No. 263598

File: 1652457188523.jpg (72.9 KB, 1280x720, download (30).jpg)

Would you say this man is your husbando? Your irlhusbando, even? If so, heh- there's a thread for that.

No. 263617

Aren't they the same person??

No. 263640

Nah. Nightwing is Brendon Thwaites, Walt Jr. is RJ Mitte.

No. 263700

File: 1652476971352.jpg (200.27 KB, 910x551, headphonestuck.jpg)

Hell yeah there is.

No. 263705

File: 1652477612670.jpg (112.63 KB, 1200x750, tucker-1.jpg)

I love him and his memes

No. 263728

Where's Carreyanon, some fag in my work posted a gif of him pointing and saluting and I immediately thought of her

No. 264002

xqcfags always win

No. 264003

Holy shit, that's it. That's the juicer! Am I wrong or is it really big?

No. 264006

File: 1652588153730.png (870.02 KB, 1096x886, owo.png)

Shit quality but damn Ryan took those hits like a champ. He's looking good after training and quitting that vape……………..

No. 264009

File: 1652591599537.gif (497.93 KB, 319x214, my baby.gif)

No. 264010

File: 1652591918842.jpeg (119.91 KB, 640x478, 1582121948870.jpeg)

i just can't get over him

No. 264014

he looks awful now. karma and drugs

No. 264015

File: 1652595466231.gif (2.91 MB, 498x373, mnewsradio-newsradio.gif)

matthew was so cute
he just gets mogged by dave every episode

No. 264017

at least he knew when it was time to drop onion kek

No. 264022

File: 1652598016039.jpeg (62.3 KB, 360x450, 5AAF78B3-F15E-4C61-92F6-4E43DA…)

All I’m asking for is a nerdy awkward billionaire, preferably one that is a recluse like picrel. If you squint hard enough he’s cute.

No. 264031

Was thinking something similar

No. 264126

File: 1652639655894.jpg (443.29 KB, 1500x1006, beastie.boys_.04.1986_03.jpg)

Yes, all of them

No. 264213

Ugh same

No. 264252

File: 1652685380356.jpg (484.75 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20220516-091403_Ins…)

my gigantic autistic burger king foot lettuce man

No. 264270

File: 1652695112110.jpg (1.51 MB, 1350x1748, oi.jpg)

Harry Melling hear me out… It's like looking into the eyes of a crosseyed cat. You don't know at what point will it bite you but you know it will. So weird looking that it's cute and you want to keep him.

adorable but in a younger cousin type of way

No. 264513

Yep, he definitely won over everyone’s hearts with how he hung in there. And to think Matt used to be the cute one.

No. 264593

File: 1652809988108.jpg (37.94 KB, 490x734, patrick.jpg)

I was completely obsessed with him in the 2000s

No. 264594

he looks like a 15 year old boy with autism

No. 264595

File: 1652810312411.jpg (290.42 KB, 1200x1800, MJK_08478_Wes_Anderson_(Openin…)

i know wes anderson is married but there's not a day that passes with me not longing to grab his bony hand and walk/skip all around my neighbourhood…

No. 264596

File: 1652810464313.jpg (64.05 KB, 640x869, mi rei.jpg)

and also paul dano. my obsession with weird white boys is justified, don't worry, i do have a good relationship with my father

No. 264608

Nonnie come join us in the danofagging thread

No. 264611

i already have posted there, but i wanted to talk about more weird looking men other than him

No. 264635

File: 1652815018535.jpg (9.82 KB, 198x254, descarga.jpg)

bonus: rory culkin as euronymous in lords of chaos

No. 264644

Just imagine, if euronymous hadn't decided to wear that stupid crop top back then, we wouldn't have this picture today. God bless

No. 264665

I’ve only ever seen him in Scream 4. I didn’t know he looked like THAT.

No. 264673

what the hell is that thing

No. 264674

i like his hair

No. 264709

He has a small dick unfortunately and is kind of a bum irl

No. 264731

gorgeous face

No. 264752

File: 1652854339225.jpeg (32.34 KB, 428x388, ezgif-3-d364913b72.jpeg)

Thank god he had whatever work he had done because he was even more busted before good grief

No. 264792

I know this post is old but I wanted to say I adored Wes ever since I was a kid listening to Limp Bizkit.Personally don’t find him unconventional but I wanted to share this video where he says he enjoys getting tied up and choked.

No. 264835

File: 1652899801978.jpg (1.01 MB, 2874x1454, early_undertaker_shit_collage.…)

I was looking at some early undertaker matchs and there was something about the natural redhair and outfit that I find rather attractive. The deeper red hues of his hair with the nice curls, the cute eyelid shape and nose. He had nice thighs and ass for a tall guy too. Sadly most gingers really age like shit.
sorry for the shit collage

No. 264836

File: 1652899937027.png (566.02 KB, 537x692, jXN6P3Zldi0NYBRH7hngcbKOsfPFkd…)

a cute pics with a female wrestler

No. 264837

File: 1652900015326.jpg (59.75 KB, 700x700, av55Z2Z_700b.jpg)

a very 90's pic with his grandma

No. 264977

File: 1652964157789.jpeg (49.02 KB, 500x432, 747CE969-099F-4F68-8F1E-BEB141…)

i don’t think this is v unconventional but i like this thread so imma post him here, since mcr is active again my inner gerard way fag has been ascendant

No. 264980

>>264126 would fuck
>>264270 would not fuck
>>264593 would not fuck
>>264595 would not fuck
>>264596 would fuck
>>264635 would fuck
>>264752 … would only fuck for $1b

No. 264987

File: 1652966668841.jpeg (73.21 KB, 719x714, 12B9ED8F-AA2C-4D9F-B2F5-A40F88…)

he’s so cute in that movie, they gave euronymous extremely flattering casting kek

No. 265007

nonny i couldn't finish the movie because i was giggling and twirling my hair and kicking the air and other cartoonishly embarrasing shit. the power mr culking holds over me…

No. 265022

File: 1652975733626.jpeg (46.69 KB, 736x462, BCBBB717-5A6B-4014-9706-5BBD6F…)

This is crazy, I was JUST thinking about him because he’s in under the banner of heaven as a psychotic, misogynistic Mormon, and it made me want to watch LOC again, even though he’s way too hot to play Euronymous. He’s gorgeous, he has such a dreamy, sensitive face

No. 265035

File: 1652978814945.gif (6.01 MB, 510x251, ezgif-3-e49d2a6625.gif)

Aneurin Barnard as Hamish Goames in Barkskins. This hair suits him the best.
I'm generally a big fan of long dark wavy hair on men. I wish men with long hair would also actually wash and care for it and dress nice…

No. 265066

File: 1652992249146.png (751.46 KB, 1612x952, Spalding Gray.png)

There's something about the well-educated east coast WASPish types with their clipped enunciation and hard stares

No. 265067

File: 1652992290731.jpg (73.55 KB, 1280x720, It's a multi purpose shape; a …)

Fig. 2

No. 265159

Holy shit kek

No. 265182

i am so late, sorry but does this guy actually have cerebal palsy?

No. 265186

File: 1653043947001.jpg (150.8 KB, 682x1024, 47_MattBennett_SS_MG_4058-682x…)

The tastes of 13 year old me.

No. 265199

thats not daddy material, thats dad

No. 265200

wait i actually like him- he kinda looks like my female galician teacher i had a crush on tho, so maybe thas why…

No. 265206

File: 1653052618133.png (21.76 KB, 713x172, cp.png)

No. 265220

File: 1653057617635.jpg (769.27 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20220520-093530_You…)

Still embarrassed, but still down stupidly bad for dancey guitar goblin and his ketchup fetish.

No. 265222

File: 1653057684835.jpg (286.01 KB, 1212x800, mitte.jpg)

I'll give him credit, he's the best looking guy with cerebral palsy I have seen, he's really cute, I'm sure the retard fuckers we have here would love him don't get me wrong, I'd still fuck him

No. 265337

File: 1653084285459.jpg (36.69 KB, 650x604, 240150214.jpg.gallery.jpg)

Since others posted Louis Theroux I'll post Rory Stewart

No. 265343

File: 1653084765354.jpg (118.73 KB, 1600x900, skynews-tobias-ellwood-westmin…)

and while i'm on the track of British politics, here's Tobias Ellwood. That photo of him stood up covered in blood after the terror attack is weirdly hot.

No. 265346

File: 1653086046531.jpg (68.59 KB, 650x772, chris.jpg)

Especially when he's fat

No. 265356

File: 1653087897300.png (819.28 KB, 1246x513, 1h0292gx0wf51.png)

No. 265362

No. 265379

File: 1653098035649.jpg (44.33 KB, 361x434, d28cs94-6f4118b5-5b01-4891-90f…)


something about the styling and his face is so distinct and cute and also threatening to me, like not quite edgy but kind of reminds me of the bad kids my cousins hung out with that i had crushes on. super y2k fashion that was basic but because it was worn by people with attitude and personality and draw compared to now when everyones a bland overstyled eboy and and spends time doing things in front of their phone to post later as opposed to like smoking weed and pushing their friends into walls in shopping carts. however it was a disgusting horrible era and this band was piggish and worse than most. sage for sperg i wish there was a thread for aesthetic era discussions

No. 265407

File: 1653124988456.png (781.05 KB, 850x447, rory stewart lol.png)

nona I can't even argue with this

For me Rory Stewart will always be associated with when he tweeted picrel taking selfies with 'the man on the street'. It's the thinking man's Miliband's bacon sandwich. (OT but he'd make a great PM, sad that he will never have enough public support)

No. 265409

File: 1653126261551.jpeg (127.88 KB, 1280x720, 0BD7E88B-A0D9-42F6-B9CE-8C23BD…)

Every time I see a thumbnail of him eating I’m just reminded of how bad I want his face between my legs

No. 265410

Imagine getting gangbanged by Chris and all his clones, fuuuuck

No. 265411

>me devoting myself completely to my husbando

No. 265422

File: 1653139397068.png (243.33 KB, 680x709, aaf.png)

>based anons when /w/ says Chris Broad is fat

No. 265426

File: 1653140778759.jpg (21.53 KB, 344x500, bill.jpg)

elon looks like he would call me a slur. but i'd let bill hit it anytime, especially with how he looked in his mugshot-

No. 265427

don't, he married his high school teacher

No. 265471

File: 1653163945540.png (237.39 KB, 514x407, FBAhFXWUYA0_JGB.png)

Every time he's mentioned in a thread, my loins ignite. I hate that I like him so much

No. 265479

he has very sexy teeth and looks great in a black coat. But thats the only time he looks good at.

No. 265493

File: 1653169737863.jpg (56.88 KB, 424x640, young-bill-gates-3.jpg)

I think being a danofag created a downhill spiral for me. Or Bill Gates put something in Office 365 that brainwashed us all into thinking nerds are hot. He looks best in that mugshot though.

No. 265496

File: 1653172677075.jpeg (100.06 KB, 577x775, karl-brandt-7e602820-e6a0-4fdf…)

got a "shameful for their reputation" here

No. 265498

File: 1653174767561.png (375.96 KB, 520x439, sdfs.png)

I need to be spayed like a cat.

No. 265504

File: 1653179976041.png (608.42 KB, 933x606, 5A400EE7-AE4E-48CF-B5B3-414FA0…)

i want to degrade him

No. 265506

File: 1653180098140.jpeg (124.46 KB, 1024x1008, 7962A83A-65DC-4FE5-B9F2-BEEB89…)

No. 265508

oh no, why does he look really good in this… nonnie this is confusing me

No. 265514

Oh god same, wtf is wrong with us

No. 265516

File: 1653189276714.png (742.61 KB, 1240x700, Person-of-Interest-Michael-Eme…)

What a cutie. Somehow re-evoked feelings for Harold.

No. 265522

File: 1653195079660.jpg (31.57 KB, 696x442, martin-shkreli-wu-tang-clan-al…)

i used to have a crush on him omg, i still think he's so smart and unique but lowkey forgot about him after he went to prison. he has some women though who have been obsessed with him for years and it's super cringe when they start fighting each other. but yeah i'll always think he's cute

No. 265523

saw this photo on the front page and instantly knew this was a crush post. I haven’t kept up with what happened to this guy after his 15 minutes of infamy but I like him as well.

No. 265524

File: 1653195369693.jpeg (55.46 KB, 780x520, 0BC27F72-7A36-41A5-817E-70BBDC…)

blocks your path

No. 265526

I had such a huge crush on benjamin linus as a kid, which is really fucking weird but yeah

fuck you for making me hot for a nazi

No. 265530

i liked his chemistry videos and the general dumbass stuff he did online, i loved that he was always reading something or learning something. though he also had the tendency to go full retarded but i found it pretty funny in general but some of it was just stupid. he seems a bit more chill now that he's out, who knows for how long though lol. i'm interested in his prison stories though

No. 265539

File: 1653203559764.jpg (178.25 KB, 800x1034, Steve_Jobs_in_1972_Pegasus_(re…)

Steve Jobs is just attractive, period. Maybe I'm biased. 80% of my crushes are half Lebanese or Jewish.

No. 265585

File: 1653229898785.gif (1.78 MB, 500x302, 5c195818c394f5d955df51fbf0f8f2…)

i am putting him here only for his 'shameful reputation' maybe also for being creepy/weird with all the allegations and stuff. but hearing him mentioned in the johnny depp/amber heard case as reignited the adoration i have for him when he was younger. he was soooooo hot and attractive playing james dean he looked just like him and he has the most perfect angular face and jaw. god nonnies this gif….

No. 265587

File: 1653231967700.jpeg (22.95 KB, 326x500, 41779665-F4DA-4E66-978C-2DFCAF…)

Him and Ben Shapiro just seem like such wimpy annoying dorks and it makes me feel a certain type of way.

No. 265594

File: 1653236230059.jpg (78.72 KB, 786x900, DkpReu9V4AA8EP3.jpg)


I am so attracted to Ben Shapiro and I don't know why. Like more than any other celebrity or whatever in the past. Something about him is so sexy, especially that cute smug little smile he makes. Maybe it's because he is so fixated on purity and sanctity of marriage. I want to tie him up and force him to do bad things.

No. 265618

File: 1653241668153.png (2.24 MB, 1710x856, ck.png)

I want him to pick me up and atg squat me

No. 265653

File: 1653259979672.jpeg (210.7 KB, 883x883, BDBBE3C4-854A-46D0-B8EE-30C837…)

Been watching the Kids In The Hall reboot. He was cute in the 80s but he’s strangely sexy as a grandpa.

No. 265747

i watched unorthodox twice just because i tjought yanky, moishe and the german guy were atractive. especially moishe. i don't feel guilty at all.

No. 265754

File: 1653315366520.jpg (1.08 MB, 1800x2520, jimmy yang.jpg)

Some say his hair and glasses make him look like a dork. I think he's quite beautiful and I love his slight accent. I have watched Love Hard twice now because I have a crush on him, despite it being an absolutely stupid and creepy movie.

No. 265755

File: 1653315458056.jpg (108.09 KB, 1080x1080, Drama.jpg)

tbh, i would hatefuck keemstar

No. 265760

Stop selfposting, baldstar.

No. 265764

I think he’s cute too! I’m hesitant to post Asian men because of how unhinged the hot guy thread became, this one is a lot more chill.
Try therapy instead, he’s repulsive

No. 265767

What happened in that thread, anon? I don't post here often, must have missed it. When you say "unhinged" it sounds like it could go one of two ways - the k-pop Asian fetishists or the opposite, those who really don't find Asian men attractive.

No. 265768

It was in some of the attractive men you want to fuck threads, kpop men would be posted and anons were losing their minds calling them ugly plastic girly boys. It went on for awhile and was very annoying.

No. 265791

kpoops bring up this event like it's their own personal holocaust, will you ever stop seething? Kpoops have been banished from 109 websites and they still think they're the victims.

No. 265864

File: 1653342102323.jpeg (115.03 KB, 640x883, tumblr_82abc524f154d6c3de2e47a…)

if i had one wish it'd be to handcuff lennon to the bed n ride him, relentlessly choking and slapping him

No. 265878

File: 1653344102733.jpg (339.34 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

i thought he was cute in freaks and geeks too

No. 265885

File: 1653346110404.gif (5.12 MB, 640x546, ponce-poncefleur.gif)

frenchanons, am i the only one who has a crush on Ponce?

No. 265892

File: 1653347259445.gif (8.53 MB, 494x498, zerator-zera.gif)

i don't but he's charming!
i have my own french streamer crush tho… his raspy voice..

No. 265915

Based taste

No. 265939

File: 1653373547334.jpg (147.87 KB, 1047x1059, misohungrie.jpg)

Not sure if any other anons were randomly recommended this guys videos like I was, but I feel kinda of weird for for finding him cute. Not sure if it's his voice, his content, or maybe it being my weird type. Some of his expressions border on soiboi though.


No. 265943

File: 1653374220674.jpeg (80.93 KB, 754x314, A85E6849-3A9E-44C7-9792-CA9422…)

I want him to hunt me

No. 265962

File: 1653381569722.gif (5.2 MB, 540x304, realandtrue.gif)

He's been posted to hell and back by now, but I find him especially hot in this movie. All bloody and whatnot.

No. 265964

No way… the ugly guy with the glasses!? I hope you mean the other guy, though he's in a tacky getup.

No. 265969

File: 1653384706596.jpg (42.33 KB, 800x450, cover1.jpg)

nayrt but this is literally the unconventional male attractions thread nona
this one is especially bad though, i'll admit…

No. 265971

doesn’t that doughball have his own thread?

No. 265972

You're right, I'm sorry. He just looks very ugly and dirty in the gif, but we all have our demons.

No. 265997

Dano has his own fucking thread go there I hate seeing him dammit

No. 265999

God yeah, he's really fucking cute

No. 266033

File: 1653413537452.jpg (93.38 KB, 750x500, https___hypebeast.com_image_20…)

He followed me on twitter and replied to my message, cute. He's been shitty with his girlfriends though, not cute.

No. 266072

I still need to watch this movie.

No. 266073

File: 1653424196470.gif (3.53 MB, 498x281, seider-reverse-hit.gif)

i have a dumb crush on mo seider, the hockey player. it may be related to the fact that the first video i watched about him was one where he took another player down with just a hit and he kinda- grabbed the opponents stick- wich is pretty cool and kinda atractive?? idk. i also find him cute in germany colors.
this crush is pretty weird bc i don't watch hockey, but he awakened something within me… a want for a tall hockey-golden retriever boy-man… i don't know…

No. 266075

what did he say?

No. 266079

File: 1653424922224.jpg (278.85 KB, 719x890, original.jpg)

the twink from maneskin… aughhh nonnas i am sorry

No. 266081

File: 1653425493136.jpg (45.31 KB, 696x696, fele-martinez-in-tesis.jpg)

sorry if this is very specific. i just watched thesis by amenabar and chema had be thinking thoughts… fele martinez was pretty in the 90s but now looks a bit run down. i think he's hot-

No. 266088

File: 1653426954357.jpeg (121.22 KB, 600x950, 57127795-6E47-4B4A-B48C-C219D9…)

since people were discussing lords of chaos rory culkin above. i actually think euronymous was a bit cute

No. 266089

File: 1653427827189.gif (1.29 MB, 640x410, napoleon-dynamite-kip.gif)

Need to sit on his face

No. 266090

File: 1653427851311.jpg (77.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 266103

I talked to him very briefly a few times, iirc the first thing I said was something like I was sorry about the vilification he was getting to which he said "thanks bae", he also said his anxiety/depression sucked and sent me javascript resources at one point. I know that's not like the pinnacle of great conversations but I'm extremely nervous about talking to him so I was surprised he said anything.
But his ex gf said that at one point after he convinced her to move in with him he did weird shit like only let her in the apartment at certain hours, so she'd have to walk around for ages (and she moved to New York from some other place so it was all in an unfamiliar city). And then in prison he had a relationship with a journalist, who became super obsessed with him (she's writing a book about him rn and she froze her eggs so they could have kids when he got out) - now that he's free the first thing he did was go on Bumble and just doesn't give a shit about her. Not sure if he sucks in that regard or is just too autistic to get how people's feelings work.

No. 266144

File: 1653456289795.jpeg (141.59 KB, 620x440, C2FC8D40-5873-41C4-A0DF-5E5481…)

Odenkirk anons unite (pls come back)

No. 266145

File: 1653456738733.png (493.68 KB, 564x778, 5A7C7C40-C278-44A1-B9CE-9E6A89…)

extremely based

just learned my other husbando was into being beaten via some tabloid book so i’m winning here

No. 266147

File: 1653458594878.jpg (146.92 KB, 1280x696, MV5BNTA5YTRiNTgtOWZjYS00ZDQ2LW…)

he looks awful now but the skinny with glasses and long hair is doing it for me

No. 266152

File: 1653460974863.jpeg (46.16 KB, 455x290, BCF65B37-407E-4AE5-9221-CD1B0A…)

he was such a bratty little twerp in the early 00s, too bad he looks like a bloated corpse 20 years later

No. 266153

Legit thought this was Paul Dano

No. 266154

me too anon but who is this

No. 266155

Craig Nicholls, lead singer of the The Vines

he was diagnosed an aspie years later which explains his on stage tantrums and possibly why I found him so attractive

No. 266156

he’s so cute here

No. 266170

yeah he looks like nick mullen

No. 266176


he's conventional but igy

No. 266177

I actually thought this was Damon Albarn unyassified but only in this pic. Anyway, he was very cute.

No. 266181

is this Rich from Skins?

No. 266186

#he looks exactly like my boyfriend… sweet jesus#

No. 266312

File: 1653553064346.jpg (79.12 KB, 1149x644, james-1.jpg)

I think his tism makes him very endearing. I wouldn't mind talking to him about medieval stuff and attending renaissance fairs and would love to play dnd games together.
I'm saddened he doesn't have any socials to lurk.

No. 266316

File: 1653555902007.jpg (17.62 KB, 259x390, 12700582.jpg)

Any wrestler with long hair tbh, especially early Edge and Christian.
John Morrison was one of my first wrestling crushes kek

No. 266325

File: 1653565440592.jpg (2.14 MB, 2560x3836, mac-demarco-sonny-mccartney2.j…)

Damn he almost looks like Mac DeMarco
(I am not attracted to him, he looks like he has Asperger's)

No. 266345

File: 1653576492594.jpg (95.96 KB, 1200x808, 1200px-Slavoj_Žižek_2015.jpg)

i know he eats the pussy like a madman

No. 266349

Ew. He looks like the sound he'd make when eating pussy would be "HUBUBUBUBUBU HUBUBUBUBU HUBBUBUBUBSHSHSUBHSUBHS"

No. 266352

he marries model-children and would not care about female pleasure in the slightest. agree with him on some shit and he's a useful voice but i have no reason to believe he'd be a considerate lover

No. 266365

oh god i love him. idc about his weird tooth gap, i¡d marry him in an instant.

No. 266366

yeah. i think part of that atractiveness is because big men hitting eachother at great speeds is nice

No. 266367

File: 1653582904793.jpg (100.69 KB, 806x1158, alex-turner-2009.jpg)

i miss when he looked like a budding teen lesbian. wish he still had this haircut; 2009 was a golden year

No. 266379

He looks awful in that pic but I like his music, he’s super cute in this video

No. 266380

File: 1653591882277.png (117.36 KB, 1588x223, jism.png)

>he looks like he has Asperger's

No. 266385

No. 266400


No. 266442

File: 1653616622009.jpg (274.07 KB, 1500x1000, fletcher.jpg)

rip to andy fletcher

No. 266444

not to be lame or anything, but i've started to get into hockey (having zero interest previously) and idk why but there seems to be strange density of attractive men/handsome faces in hockey compared to other sports - like so many of them are legitimately hot

No. 266445

File: 1653620069140.png (344.83 KB, 580x611, Morgan Tremaine Cliff.PNG)

No. 266449

File: 1653624578886.jpg (21.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


No. 266454

File: 1653630127449.jpeg (827.7 KB, 3590x2159, 53A31CD2-0B0C-4D4B-84B1-88129D…)

Sam Neill in possession

No. 266464

with all due respect, you're blind. he looks nothing like nick mullen

No. 266586

he has insane energy in almost all his pictures, it's hot

No. 266619

File: 1653723537947.jpg (98.59 KB, 807x660, ant.jpg)

I want him. I know I shouldn't but I just do.

No. 266648

No. 266723

if you’re a 17 yr old girl he wants you

No. 266742

File: 1653771042603.jpg (139.48 KB, 1075x917, 1650577832788.jpg)

No. 266747

pretty sure this is conventional though I can see lots of people getting turned off by the hair

No. 266767

A lot of people should just stay home then, since they can't brave the jungle

No. 266816

yep he is conventional as fuck. wrong thread

No. 266817

File: 1653813842833.jpg (142.87 KB, 720x905, 820a0085fb23fc32bc0c60887de1cd…)

Don't tell me you wouldn't.

No. 266821

he's the most basic looking male ever LMAO what is this

No. 266824

I wouldn't. He always had that weird fish gape stare.

No. 266836

Only unconventional because he's crazy in real life?
I just like the types of characters he usually plays. Watching Mission Impossible 2 when I was 12 was one of those first, wow this guy is hot moments.

No. 266854

he’s a closet homo scientologist war criminal hollywood narcissist but i enjoy that he’s one of the last few real movie stars that exist now

No. 266859

File: 1653833155228.jpg (19.17 KB, 1024x576, ocr.jpg)

ngl Fred Benson from stranger things season 4 was cute before they immediately killed him off ,though his actor doesn't look as good irl

No. 266866

Tom Cruise is a war criminal?

No. 266870

same lol
There's a lot of pretty men in that sport. I went to a game earlier this year where we were sat behind the team's bench so I could see them up close and observe them. Like I was at the zoo or something.

No. 266881

File: 1653845438984.jpg (62.65 KB, 720x887, SlippinJimmy.JPG)


No. 266887

Looks hella gay

No. 266895

real in what way? like genuine? i don't get that impression

No. 266907

This photo of him was posted a number of times in these threads, but still appreciate
I am drooling when watching Mr Show

No. 266910

File: 1653857289510.jpg (170.47 KB, 785x1017, IMG_20220529_234551.jpg)

Yes, he was cute

No. 266913

File: 1653858461851.png (343.84 KB, 658x370, 91ba907b.png)

i adore his passion and i am so curious about his personal life tho i understand why he's very private (dg fans are obnoxious)
also the fact that he seems like such a quiet sweetheart beyond dg lyrics and loves cats makes me even more attracted to him

No. 266914

how is he unconventional????? the mass public has been thirsting for tom cruise since he debuted

No. 266918

nta but
>weird, or shameful for their reputation.

No. 266919


No. 266930

What to do you do when you have a permanent crush on one of these people? Like since 2015 lol when I was in my late teens. I have a boyfriend and I'm not an ugly NEET with no life, but this retard is so special to me it's sad

No. 266934

………….. why does young elon musk look like elliot rodgers.

No. 266941

Like who

No. 266944


No. 266946

moid moment

No. 266949

fuck you whore(male)

No. 266953

im attracted to an indie game dev. i dont want to post him here because i would feel weird. he just looks like a normal nerdy guy but i love his art and music so much.

No. 266957

Eric Barone, Portable Moose, Toby Fox?

No. 266966

File: 1653870833148.png (13.31 KB, 300x300, yanderedev-image-2540511089.pn…)

I gotchu

No. 266989

File: 1653880078704.jpg (41.15 KB, 640x425, lt4ur5lvu6y11.jpg)

I saw Gojira live recently and it's reawakened my crush on Joe. He's so handsome and seems like such a kind, genuine guy.

Not shameful at all or even unconventional imo but the other thread is way too brutal lol

No. 266990

File: 1653880144561.jpg (57.78 KB, 680x453, 969471c7e242954d8449dfee450edb…)

Especially when he had the extra long hair. I've always had a weak spot for long hair metal dudes

No. 266996

Because he's a psycho nutcase cult leader. God I hate the new thread title so much, the old one was better

No. 267009

Agreed. They were also more unhinged and wild and I kinda liked that.

No. 267011

It just struck me how much he looks like David Byrne.

No. 267012

File: 1653890491163.jpg (56.97 KB, 640x640, d7b84db59ecc84d33e26277f1e1714…)

I have a thing for spaced out eyes

No. 267013

File: 1653890631639.png (1.33 MB, 964x1300, MikeStoklasa.png)

No. 267015

I would.

No. 267026

Ik this is the unconventional attractions thread but jesus christ dude

No. 267029


No. 267036

No. 267043

You suffer forever.

No. 267063

File: 1653922005848.jpg (805.02 KB, 1500x997, felipe-gonzalez.jpg)

this may be too specific, but i love spanish scoialist ex-president felipe gonzalez.
he looks like a frog in some pics, but i do not care.
He also deeply cared about his family, wich is also nice

Beware, btw, i'm gonna post more spanish politicians that i like in an aesthetic sense

No. 267064

File: 1653922178490.jpg (51.28 KB, 800x658, nuñez-feijoó.jpg)

nuñez feijó. this man was literally peak man when he was younger.

No. 267065

File: 1653922805907.jpg (27.76 KB, 800x471, gabriel-rufián.jpg)

Gabriel Rufián. I love his smile and i am shocked he's 40

No. 267066

File: 1653922876924.jpg (19.93 KB, 279x329, Miguel_Vila.jpg)

Miguel Vila. I like his hair and the fact that he cares about women

No. 267067

oh…twinks with longs noses…
i like him

No. 267078

File: 1653927536321.jpeg (202.63 KB, 1368x2048, FTO36jlWQAMKkRu.jpeg)

any other mcr anons think present day gerard is just as sexy as young gerard or am I insane

No. 267082

i think he's cuter now, more huggable… but everyday i remember the fact that he has a vomit fetish, so it cancels out any atraction

No. 267083

VOMIT fetish???? I knew he had a piss fetish but when did it come out that he had a vomit fetish? I guess a scrote is a scrote no matter what but smh gerard

No. 267086

I thought this was Michael Jackson with blood on his face

No. 267092

it's bc of the pale face dark hand combo

No. 267096

File: 1653934994695.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, niko-cry.gif)

yeah he's handsome enough for the conventional attractions thread. just commenting though to say that body hair is so fucking sexy



No. 267103

Nona come to Texas there are a lot of white and Hispanic guys with this phenotype

No. 267109

God he’s so based

No. 267110

File: 1653939653675.jpeg (239.19 KB, 1000x666, E794539C-B5E3-4CB9-ACA5-977081…)

knowing about his anachan struggles and rampant coke/alcohol addiction during danger days ruined the appeal for me but he was so yummy… hesitant alien was another good era for gerard. he’s kind of a jack black-esque hobbit now but i don’t think he’s lost his charm

No. 267112

do you find this unconventionally attractive too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 267113

This is really disgusting, I was kinda shit posting, like I don't find Nick's face ugly or anything. But then you have to post actual shit. Like seriously, really fucked up of you. I never wanted to see that shit again, yet here you go posting it.
Delete this now.Nonnie.

No. 267114

kek nta but I am so sorry but your reply made me laugh so much

No. 267115

Now my day is ruined

No. 267116

Nta but I thought anyone familiar with nick would've already knew about his nudes lol

No. 267117

NTA, but I'm sorry. I really didn't think posting a cute faced gross male would cause a nonnie to take it THIS far.
It's uncalled for honestly. Like why? Why do this to us? All because I think he's kinda cute? You don't have to post that. I don't feel so good after seeing that again. I blocked it out the first time.
I'm sorry your day is ruined Nonnie, mines is as well. I didn't think I'd come back to that kinda thing today.

No. 267119

anon I am in a weird mood so for some reason your replies are making me laugh so hard. I am so sorry for posting that pic but I cant stop laughing

No. 267120

Is his butthole not cute to you?

No. 267121

It's like looking into the eye of hell.

No. 267122

No. 267124

oh god nonna is it gabe newell

No. 267125

Ok that triggered my gag reflex

No. 267136

File: 1653944816824.jpeg (59.57 KB, 960x540, Chess-player-Daniil-Dubov-lost…)

He has good angles (picrel), but overall he's weird looking. And yes, a huge nose.

No. 267140

He's cute, he reminds a lot of a friend of mine I used to have a huge crush on. I love huge noses.

No. 267141

Why does this happen. Wat.

No. 267146

KEK nona, i was so tempted to reply with more but i don’t want to derail the thread with his disgustingly vile naked body of all peoples. but it is hilarious. i love reading the replies in his old thread when his only fans content was leaked on there

No. 267151

I find anal sex disgusting, gay or not

No. 267153

Seeing this stresses me out so much. It's likes it's illegal. My eyes fog up and I start to feel lightheaded.
There's something so dark and deep about this. It says a lot about society that you'd post this to ruin so many nonnies day. Everytime I close my eyes I see that flaming butthole and I have flashbacks to the first time I saw it.
Wow Nonnie. Just wow.

No. 267155

File: 1653954740622.jpg (112.5 KB, 1200x1200, lesnar.jpg)

Is he unconventional or conventional? I think he's ugly but ugly hot. Like a swollen spoiled slim jim.

No. 267158

unconventional and just regular ugly

No. 267159

He reminds me of a perfectly baked turkey and I just wanna lick his skin.

No. 267160

Look at the pleasure in his eyes he is loving it, it's okay

No. 267184

File: 1653963432119.jpeg (641.5 KB, 1041x1600, 525EE29B-8AB6-4F91-B34C-26881E…)

David Gilmour was really cute in the seventies but for whatever reason I really like when he looked like a busted gas station attendant

No. 267190

Nonna I just started watching this season, I did not expect to see this here but it makes me smile. I sometimes get teary watching because it's sad to see them so lonely.

No. 267193

No. 267299

anon I am so sorry, you are so cute and your replies have made me laugh so much.

No. 267330

I love you anon

No. 267347


No. 267428

everytime I see him I only think about that "comming for you boy" fuck up.

No. 267462


No. 267482

lmao no
you wouldn't know who this guy is unless you're deep into indie games

No. 267492

File: 1654092542685.png (984.63 KB, 618x908, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.0…)

now it goes without saying that i would fuck tim heidecker even in his current old age, picrel is a pretty favourable pic but its more about the experience now, however-

No. 267494

File: 1654092646214.png (615.42 KB, 800x566, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.1…)

-i would literally unflinchingly kill someone to be able to fuck young tim heidecker. absolute bestial sexual magnetism

No. 267514

I understand you

No. 267556

File: 1654114725372.jpg (51.27 KB, 707x812, IMG_20220527_012052_869.jpg)


No. 267557

Is Pete considered an unconventional attraction? He's so hot, love him to death

No. 267564

Tig ol bitties

No. 267566

Those tiddies are illegal hot.

No. 267572

Dunno if this counts as unconventional but I'm ashamed because I just saw this qt in a YouTube ad I skipped and quickly search for the Grammarly YouTube channel just to find hi again.

No. 267573

I think this moid is so cute. He's so dorky, has big eyes and cute fangs

No. 267585

grammarly guy annoys the fuck out of me. he is cute the first time you see him but youtube has a way of making sure you hear his speech 13 times an hour that really makes him intolerable. Sorry to him but god damn

No. 267586

He has cave man face, I think he’s ugly.

No. 267588

kek I actually have uBlock, thankfully this is the first time I see him

No. 267589

not my type but i love his fangs! so cute

No. 267594

File: 1654125209217.gif (982.26 KB, 500x309, 10011f7fd543922f8fbe878ce883f9…)

He is here, I think he is hot as fuck, tall, pretty face and big dick, what more can one ask for

No. 267598

Don't forget the long black hair! So fucking hot

No. 267632

I would suckle

No. 267633

I swear to god if it's Phil fucking Fish…

No. 267639

File: 1654139033478.jpg (76.55 KB, 748x755, IMG_4307.JPG)

god forgive me for crushing on some youtube letsplayer

No. 267649

File: 1654143863104.jpeg (77.57 KB, 539x662, 3A8BD2D0-5B82-480B-9957-61D6D4…)

Same feeling but with Ryan after the Creator Clash! Seeing them both get beat did something to me and I got into watching all their vlogs

No. 267693

oh 100%, ryan's been looking SO good lately. i recommend the mail videos if you want more to watch!

No. 267795

That only makes it hotter, Would dress up as a 'classic teacher' and do it if he asked.

No. 267798

File: 1654224980206.jpg (215.71 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

where my baldnonas at

No. 267820

No. 267921

he's cute! who is he?

No. 267925

File: 1654291129772.png (727.53 KB, 1093x783, 6e8a3c0448a8bdc9f0e8c4235a5074…)

Nta, Matt Watson from Supermega both him and Ryan are absolute cuties!

No. 267926

thank you, nonna!
god i love this breed of men

No. 267937

nooooooOOOOOOO nonny don't get with a man who'd fantasize about

No. 267938

shit sorry.
fantasize about going to the same class as your kid

No. 267946

File: 1654295352082.jpg (40.12 KB, 564x1022, download (12).jpg)

I wanted to post him the conventional thread, but I know that at least one anon would get mad at me for posting him

No. 267947

File: 1654295439562.jpg (38.54 KB, 498x840, James Phelps.jpg)

also his brother is cute

No. 267952

File: 1654296039695.jpg (39.21 KB, 750x1099, download (13).jpg)

No. 267953

File: 1654296140902.jpg (79.45 KB, 812x1200, download (14).jpg)

No. 267982

saw them live recently, too! He's so handsome close up, plus all of them are crazy talented.

No. 268050

File: 1654351399147.jpg (237.36 KB, 1070x1070, tumblr_879f21113ec3073dba47e73…)

Some nonnies posted their hockey crushes upthread but both Mo and nolan patrick are conventionally attractive. Post your actual shameful crushes, I'll start with Patty Laine. I even liked his goat beard kek

No. 268053

File: 1654354243490.png (575.6 KB, 453x680, jeanmichel.png)

I like the bassist, he's always jumping around and having fun with a smile on his face, I find him very charismatic. I will be seeing them next month too, I can't wait

No. 268054

File: 1654354699441.jpg (1.11 MB, 1536x2068, o-NIKOLA-TESLA-facebook.jpg)

>Tesla was a lifelong bachelor, who had once explained that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities. He once said in earlier years that he felt he could never be worthy enough for a woman, considering women superior in every way.

he's perfect…

No. 268056

>“This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior. The modern woman, who anticipates in merely superficial phenomena the advancement of her sex, is but a surface symptom of something deeper and more potent fermenting in the bosom of the race. It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority, but in the awakening of the intellect of women. But the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose. Women will ignore precedent and startle civilization with their progress.”

No. 268066

File: 1654357624201.png (556.41 KB, 763x744, joel vargskelethor.png)

i love him.

No. 268076

Noooooo anon whyyyy

No. 268084

He looks so cartoony in that, like the expression on his face

No. 268086

Steve Buscemi. Specifically Steve Buscemi from Reservoir Dogs as Mr. Pink.

No. 268088

File: 1654365927389.jpeg (117.44 KB, 750x302, F12F391D-CCFD-4B2C-9252-9F9658…)

why not? i was charmed before i even knew what he looked like because of his humor style and speech and like many others i like his laugh… i think he is so cute sorry nonas… plus i am biased since i like swedes in general anyway kek
i agree also the caption of that image was this, so sort of similar to what you said

No. 268089

Prof. Robert Sapolsky like 11 years ago in the lectures uploaded by Stanford. He’s so intelligent and well-spoken ||and I think his long pseudo hippy hair and beard is hot||

No. 268091

he's a tranny supporter though and in his lectures he's deep into the tranny brain bs

No. 268092

I saw the thumbnail of one lecture where he mentioned ‘brain gender’ so I just ignored it and pretend it doesn’t exist

No. 268097

File: 1654368388293.jpg (62.77 KB, 1024x512, Porter-Robinson.jpg)

i may have gone insane, but isn't porter robinson kinda cute? now he looks like the third lost member of 100 gecs or laura les in another dimension where he didn't transition

No. 268102

File: 1654370240254.jpg (46.93 KB, 434x600, moritz-seider-2020-34.jpg)

ok nonnie, i get your crush as odd as it is
but, is mo seider… really conventionally atractive, tho?

No. 268103

File: 1654370828997.gif (7.17 MB, 540x304, ezgif-5-fddde87267.gif)

he's got a super sweet face + great hair, and all the tumblrinas love him kek he's totally conventional imo

No. 268104

yeahh, i see that.he has a weird mouth, tho

No. 268111

File: 1654375144743.jpeg (298.5 KB, 1080x1350, 16650A9F-EB69-408B-8CA8-6801FB…)

i used to read gothic victorian romantic novels alot as as a teen and they look exactly how i would picture the male romantic interest to look like in my head

No. 268112

average english gentlemen with a dark past on a brönte novel

No. 268117

i thought tumblerinas were only into weird looking guys like cumberbatch or that cartoon triangle

No. 268123

naw, now they are mostly going after twinky men and butches. it's not like 2015 anymore, nonna

No. 268125

good grief there are two of them?

No. 268127

like >>268123 it's not 2015 anymore but the hockey boys i see tumblrinas thirst after are either the frat chad types or the twinky cute guys

No. 268128

tomás jalamet and thomas chahamlet

No. 268129

i like that. tho i wish tumblrinas were as unhinged as nonnies in this thread talking about the men they like

No. 268135

File: 1654384393021.jpg (26.59 KB, 468x273, Ilya-Bryzgalov.jpg)

Why you heff to be mad? Iz only game

No. 268136

I want to talk about the universe with him.

No. 268139

Me too! I like a man who gets excited about going to cosmonaut school.

No. 268145

File: 1654391426536.jpg (95.57 KB, 640x846, lupin.jpg)

>hasn't commented on jkr terf drama

good boy

No. 268166

File: 1654404390163.jpeg (196.09 KB, 451x401, 0D3D7BCF-1BC2-467B-9A4A-CBAD42…)

i’m losing it nonnies

No. 268172

File: 1654405889598.jpeg (294.18 KB, 950x1187, 0B32E783-76BA-410B-9E82-943979…)

I want this trashy goofy motherfucker from viagra boys to pour beer on my ass and slurp it up then I can take a nap upon his tattooed beer belly

No. 268173

File: 1654406056504.jpeg (191.94 KB, 1600x1067, 7D1441C7-5F4F-46A7-BABE-DBBDF9…)

There’s no way he smells good or even acceptable but damn

No. 268174

No. 268179

they’re twins!
@samuelhine and his brother nicholas.
the brother is with the glasses. he’s also the better looking one but can’t find more pictures of him because he is private

No. 268189

he's super cute

No. 268199

I would give him everything he wants or needs

No. 268212

i don't think the one with glasses is the better looking one of the two.
i like the one in the left, he looks less maulnourished

No. 268214

File: 1654422059897.jpeg (47.45 KB, 960x540, 0BF951CD-706D-41B9-B239-831E96…)

guess this is the place to post him kek

No. 268222

Kek I love him

No. 268241


No. 268242

pretty conventional i think

No. 268313

Ahh I just watched the interview that line is from and he’s so cute
That body is wack

No. 268315

yeh but anons in the conventional attractions thread be barking at me for posting him

No. 268319


No. 268370

I need his cock

No. 268419

File: 1654480384410.gif (4.45 MB, 540x250, tumblr_0320a9ab257a52995ab9a36…)

jk simmons is always hot but he's especially hot as fletcher

No. 268420

weirdly hot

No. 268421

lol me too

No. 268435

File: 1654493128581.jpg (71.79 KB, 628x709, original.jpg)

I guess I'll never grow out of my tattooed frontman phase.

No. 268443

File: 1654497086755.jpeg (90.05 KB, 1280x720, 6A7F1669-51B9-4F7B-BCCA-3FDB76…)

anybody watch soft white underbelly on youtube? mark laita is my newest internet crush, he gives me major daddy energy.

No. 268444

I do!! I'm fascinated with his videos

No. 268448


No. 268487

i think its bc of the wrinkles

No. 268491

I like his veiny arms. He is hot but he exploits people and is awful, especially to CSA victims.

No. 268517

i like his chest. veiny arms are a no-no for me

No. 268527

God i posted him in a thread a long time ago and felt so alone, thank you for getting it anon

No. 268537

he's so hot here
I don't understand a word, but that voice is hnnng


No. 268546

Hate him with a passion. He comes off as insufferable and condescending, especially towards that inbred family and csa victims as the other anon said.

No. 268547

File: 1654539370566.jpeg (228.76 KB, 1200x1200, 68017C3A-C175-44C2-B04D-7969FB…)

No. 268566

File: 1654542351958.jpg (5.79 KB, 196x257, macron wife.jpg)

sorry sis, he's taken

No. 268581

oh god nonnies i just realised daniil dubov nonny and the one that posted nikocado ass are probably the same person

No. 268586

File: 1654546923199.jpg (31.5 KB, 432x612, fuckme.jpg)

Kurt Nilsen haunts my wet dreams here and there. I fell in love with him on World Idol when i was 8 and he never let me go. He had blond eyelashes and my 8yeraold self thought they were neat kek

No. 268587

don't worry, i get you anon

No. 268590

he has weird gums, but i get it. i also have a thing for really pale guys with blonde hair. i love his lashes, or lack of them lol

No. 268592

for me it was gaute from the first edition of idol 2003. i dont even want to look him up and save a picture of him to post on here because i am so ashamed, and i have never even thought of him in a sexual manner, i just feel so much shame…
i like blonde eyelashes too and body hair but on women. like arms, stomach etc.

No. 268598

File: 1654552988278.png (620.53 KB, 598x697, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 2.56…)

they are literally so hot to me but ONLY with trashy nasty mullet shag wigs. is there something wrong with me mentally or is this like a universal thing for some men

No. 268607

Men always look better with long hair

No. 268609

Nta but sort of disagree unless it's thick hair, if it's thinner it always ends up stringy and greasy looking (like cr1t1ckal, he actually looked better with short hair)

No. 268614

what hair length and style looks good on someone depends on their face shape. both before hairstyles look too groomed and awkward, especially with how big their foreheads look. longer hair frames their faces better.

No. 268624

Sleazecore Billy is insanely hot, mullets and facial hair are not my thing but they are perfection on him

No. 268625

File: 1654560689806.jpg (97.16 KB, 1200x800, 643511694.0.jpg)

would smash

No. 268642

that guy on the bottom i thought was sort of cute but only when he smiled, because he somehow looked 10 years older when he didnt. never seen anything like it.
and yeah i want to see a real mullet revival or better yet long hair on men resurgence, weed out the hairlets.

(doubleposting sorry. i forgot to reply to the post initially)

No. 268668

File: 1654573495664.jpg (274.71 KB, 1200x1757, Murray_-S4.jpg)

I love Murray so much I can even find the actor's Fleabag character attractive

No. 268670

Fuck, me too. Smug asshole.

No. 268671

File: 1654577253681.jpg (21.8 KB, 300x300, MU8SspQ.jpg)

Yeah he was a Nazi sympathizer and member of BUF (British Union of Fascists) but it was more because he was obsessed with Germany/German culture for some reason and by extension became a major Wehraboo, but he wasn't antisemitic (apparently). Sadly he only has a few good pictures from when he was young/young-ish such as picrel, the others are kind of a turn off

No. 268717

File: 1654600751644.jpeg (5.95 KB, 225x225, descarga.jpeg)

If he wasn't such a jerk and a weirdo he could actually pull, his desperation and delusion are so hilarious tho

No. 268790

Got this in my recommended. He’s cute even though he has the Joe Locke phenotype that a lot of British guys have

No. 268792

>joe locke phenotype

No. 268801

if it wasn't bc of his buttchin, i'd think he's handsome

No. 268802

i would agree if he wasn’t also a nonce

No. 268806

who is he?

No. 268810

File: 1654629487879.jpg (76.97 KB, 768x1152, MG_9879-768x1152.jpg)

Preston from genleman's gazette - he seems to be very sweet and cute, his style is charming and he is passionate for the things he likes - also I find his jawline and eyes shape attractive
Such an old school nice and neat nerdy type guy
Othee then being nerdy looking and stuff, what makes him unconventional, is that he has cerebral palsy

No. 268811

File: 1654629612912.jpg (392.42 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20220608_000418_com…)

Usually he is clean shaven, but I think this occasional scruffy look is hot

No. 268832

i watch that channel and agree, super cute honestly men just need to be autistically obsessed with anything other than video games and porn to be charming to me

No. 268856

File: 1654643796486.jpeg (802.39 KB, 828x882, 8A36E8E9-D0DB-4732-910B-071E9F…)

Every since Chronicle

No. 268858

Actual cancer patient.

No. 268869

damn he hit the wall at 100 mph

No. 268873


No. 268877

No idea who this is but he looks like a TiF

No. 268879

File: 1654651086648.jpeg (165.62 KB, 870x1110, style-feed-article-slow-thai-m…)

From interviews I've seen he seems like a really chill guy. I personally think he's handsome but I have been side eyed for saying that before lmao

No. 268890

At least get him in an outfit where he doesn't look like he's just gone through his daily chemo treatment

No. 268891

You literally could have choice a better picture of him but it goes to show that the makeup department and shoop was working over time on his undereyes.

No. 268893

File: 1654655132390.jpeg (557.96 KB, 828x823, 1AEE2798-CC83-4478-A1D4-6C9045…)

The corpse look is apart of the appeal, I do agree it’s better hidden in movies and photo shoots. I like them though

No. 268899

Yes. I want to ride him in Plinkett's armchair.

No. 268923

File: 1654668237770.jpg (165.43 KB, 810x1114, nikolatesla.jpg)

Holy based. Actually I was just watching a video on him earlier and when his picture popped up I had an epiphany that I found him attractive kek. I had no idea about his views on women though.

No. 268968

>"I loved that pigeon as a man loves a woman, and she loved me. As long as I had her, there was a purpose to my life."

He had a weird thing with a pigeon too.

No. 268984

File: 1654693343106.jpg (55.33 KB, 850x827, FDT7NKwX0AIavdA.jpg)

I need a manlet.

No. 268986

Only a womanlet would write these words.

No. 268996

why wasn't i born a pidgeon…

No. 268998

File: 1654699108221.png (463.23 KB, 1460x1600, TeslaPikachu-70808647.png)

You know, pigeons are incredibly kind and loving birds and they can imprint on humans as mates. That dove/pigeon probably felt mutually towards him as a husband, weirdly enough. Tesla was always quite awkward around people, especially women, so having a bird unconditionally love him as a reward for his selfless act of fixing its wing probably kept him from completely killing himself later in life. I just hope he didn't make out with the pigeon on its beak or something.
Anyway I was going to save art I once saw of Tesla and his pigeon and post it but I found something much better picrel

No. 269004

this picture definitely makes me agree with you. he's hot, too.

No. 269034

Lmao @ that pic and also “I just hope he didn't make out with the pigeon on its beak or something” is a sentence I never expected to read

No. 269035

He has gayface to me, is he gay?

No. 269085

File: 1654729981499.gif (868.26 KB, 500x540, PrestigiousShoddyGeese-size_re…)

if guys can rock them, mullets looks super good. Especially on guys with thicker hair and nicely rounded curls.

No. 269092

File: 1654737452211.jpeg (54.34 KB, 1170x780, Ezra-Miller-picture.jpeg)

I think Ezra Miller is super hot. Idc he's a tranny

No. 269096

what about you know..everything else he's done

No. 269108

>t. kidnapped girl

No. 269120

Jawlines like this are so weird and gross

No. 269161

File: 1654764033537.jpg (348.76 KB, 1800x1801, 19nba-klay-1-mediumSquareAt3X.…)

I nneed him badlyy

No. 269377

File: 1654823491240.jpg (55.54 KB, 630x804, anthony-carrigan-as-noho-hank-…)

I love him

No. 269378

Love this bald man

No. 269388

idk him but full-on alopecia mr. clean chads over sad patchy male pattern balding hairlets any day

No. 269405

File: 1654832803786.jpg (53.06 KB, 1200x675, Di4qxUJXgAA1eOv.jpg)

young alex jones was a fucking full course meal

No. 269417

File: 1654837715383.jpeg (111.18 KB, 949x628, 01A7BD7D-2881-4488-ACDB-EAEC95…)

I hate to admit that I had a crush on leafy

No. 269419

me too nonnie, his laugh is cute too

No. 269477

File: 1654861991096.jpeg (195.43 KB, 517x386, 34890104-BA97-4C09-9DC4-4E2065…)


No. 269478

Who is this?

No. 269480

Bill Lumbergh from Office Space

No. 269484

His nerdy style is kinda hot ngl.

No. 269492

tbh Michael Bolton is nerdier (and hotter imo).

No. 269534

He was. Why did he have to get fat?

No. 269535

It was wrong what they did to him. His nudes were surprisingly cute too.

No. 269624

File: 1654900799250.jpg (35.8 KB, 468x524, article-2020732-0D1FC5CD000005…)

I thought that was anders breivik

No. 269702

is that the british teacher from community

No. 269703

he has weird eyes and ugly beard. would not fuck

No. 269705

He's so fucking ugly.

No. 269707

i am a hybristophiliac, sadly, but even i have standards

No. 269725

i see the john oliver resemblance tbf

No. 269997

File: 1655065168812.jpg (134.01 KB, 1920x1080, New-Era-Caps-in-Unorthodox-Epi…)

i'm moist for moishe

No. 270006

File: 1655066531361.png (258.97 KB, 700x525, 625d8e693958c2001823e342.png)

just finished the new stranger things and i think finn wolfhard is so cute. i'm the same age as him before anyone calls me a creep

No. 270007

File: 1655066696853.jpg (35.41 KB, 399x399, nJf7vDHI_400x400.jpg)


No. 270008

Am I the only one who was blown away by how cute Will became? Even with the horrible bowl cut.

No. 270010

will is too gay looking to find cute idk

No. 270013

File: 1655067594385.jpg (353.31 KB, 2048x2048, timothee-chalamet-mustache-opi…)

i feel ashamed that this is my favorite look of his

No. 270016

I always fall for the gay ones. Help me before I become a gayyden

No. 270018

if you want a man like that, just go to a drug rehabilitation centre lmao

No. 270021

God his jaw and chin structure makes me so irrationally angry. He looks like a webtoon character.

No. 270024

File: 1655074393384.jpg (38.83 KB, 360x450, Daddy Floop.jpg)

It's Big Daddy Floop for me. He's got style, he's got great hair, he's my height and that's really what I prefer with men. Look at this picrel, the look in his eyes?? He's literally giving bedroom eyes and I'm just like, yes Floop, yes. Take me into your lab and do what you will with me.

No. 270025

No. 270026

File: 1655074927741.jpg (72.12 KB, 1200x773, 5cf4297a6a8830cf4f799cd28ad90e…)

this guy from the hunger games

No. 270028

I hate seeing his face, especially since my sister teases me and says we're twins.

No. 270030

File: 1655076268949.jpg (75.97 KB, 640x480, 1535767533270.jpg)

He's such a sexy unhinged sperglord I'd do anything for him. If he was still alive I'd shoot my shot. We'd travel together in his filthy hobo car and be our true autismo selves completely free from Society. When he's doing fine I'll be his submissive daughter and when he's having a tism meltdown I'll be his caring mother.

No. 270032

his character in romy and michele ONLY

No. 270033

i wish i could unread this

No. 270034

Alan Cumming is so fucking cute it's legit sickening

No. 270041

File: 1655078634756.jpg (15.75 KB, 486x600, He's cummings.jpg)

Floopfags 4 lyfe

No. 270044

>take me into your lab and do what you will with me
turn you into a toe?

No. 270048

File: 1655080711006.png (240.41 KB, 470x364, Floop Loops.png)

I'm down if he's down

No. 270071

You like the gay pirate with scurvy look?

No. 270073

If you saw the jackoff video you would not have written this

No. 270076

File: 1655097533845.jpeg (234.6 KB, 1422x750, AAAAQVnZdN4lpXPdTLORw6QHcxMmOe…)

Dacre is a really good actor because he nailed playing Billy but is kind of a little bitch irl kek the hair/makeup department went above and beyond with making him insanely hot. Don't care for his character Eddie but Joe Quinn is pretty cute even though he's terribly awkward. He has thick thighs too which is hot.

No. 270077

File: 1655097838561.jpg (4.43 MB, 2728x3467, Bob_Odenkirk_(43602730951)_(cr…)

bob odenkirk

No. 270078

File: 1655098027008.jpg (102.28 KB, 634x789, 28266776-8308433-image-a-12_15…)

Nonny you're trippin, Yanky was way cuter
KEK this is one of the truest statements I've read on this site

No. 270093

i started developing a weird crush on him when i watched BCS

No. 270100

he looks like he laughs in french here hon hon hon
he is still so fine… he’s the only gaymoid who has successfully evaded twinkdeath

No. 270103

File: 1655110320369.png (841.46 KB, 750x912, 5k2v3ut1z9v21.png)

shaggy 2 dope from insane clown posse is so hot to me in a trashy trailer park way. id definitely let him fuck me at the gathering and i am very ashamed of it.

No. 270107

We all know men age like milk but on top of that, what happened here? He vaguely looks like his younger self now like he could be a distant uncle.

No. 270110

As an oldfag, 90% of my ex classmates look like their own distant uncle now.

No. 270112

File: 1655117289084.jpg (116.27 KB, 750x756, 6d904e70c16ef968dcb1c9a2a7d58f…)

No. 270113

love of my life

No. 270114

I pity you both

No. 270116

yeah you're right… also, when he cried, he awakened something within me… god why isn't there any unorthodox fanfiction…

No. 270149

File: 1655139134854.jpg (24.06 KB, 540x513, tumblr_mkn7jaLdAF1raqb18o1_540…)

whoop whoop jugalette sister I agree

you just reminded me i used to have a crush on jamie madrox

No. 270174

that's the face structure of a god, jesus

No. 270178

File: 1655150650457.png (51.65 KB, 200x200, 4B3817CC-219E-4AED-AD2E-FDC687…)

OT: Why tf am I so attracted to the chin strap/goatee kind of beard? I'd fuck Abe Lincoln at this point

No. 270179

The Shaggy influence.

No. 270180

I am very attracted to Shaggy. You cracked the code.

No. 270185

File: 1655156042188.jpg (100.46 KB, 673x800, mw145883.jpg)

No. 270193

File: 1655161014714.jpg (81.11 KB, 1600x900, MV5BMDNhOWIzYzMtNjU1YS00MmNjLT…)

No. 270194

File: 1655161043558.gif (6.38 MB, 265x371, 80e10789706608f9beec508a9ce07c…)

No. 270195

File: 1655161083681.jpg (62.58 KB, 650x450, tobiasmenzies.jpg)

No. 270197

File: 1655161315307.jpg (65.84 KB, 700x1000, 660220954-f66c596d6b89097bb092…)

He's got a cute little smile and nice cheekbones. It's always a pleasant surprise to see him randomly in big budget movies, like the other day on 007. I love his teeth. The hunk from Outlander did nothing to me.

No. 270199

>that's the face structure of a god
kek it looks normal anon

No. 270203

Is this marcus aurelius or something

No. 270210

nta but it's Tobias Menzies playing Brutus in Rome. I wouldn't say he's unconventional but maybe that's just me being British

No. 270242

File: 1655187114706.jpg (1000.81 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20220614-011029_Twi…)

AJ Dillon, RB of the Green Bay packers. His quads only, rest can go. I want them to crush me, and I hate muscular men.

No. 270275

Yeah that chinstrap is there on purpose lol he doesn’t have a defined jaw.

No. 270314

File: 1655233862708.jpeg (100.38 KB, 452x372, C1810184-5776-457F-A0C7-288F61…)

anons this is young darkviper but he looks like a gnome now.. men age like milk kek

No. 270316

why though? because of the hoards of 14 year old
buys that never grew up and still worship him? because he aged kind of badly?

No. 270335

nta but he's an absolutely vile misogynist, that may be why.

No. 270337

File: 1655243812942.jpg (47.61 KB, 533x800, download (17).jpg)

oh yeah I forgot about that

No. 270353

bc he is a huge homo

No. 270354

File: 1655250121440.jpg (43.88 KB, 468x703, Ewald-Heinz-Esau-sexy-nazi-sol…)

I think he is very conventional but I figured he might still fit better in this thread

No. 270355

File: 1655250165320.jpg (496.3 KB, 635x1024, Ewald-Heinz-Esau-sexy-nazi-sol…)

No. 270365

File: 1655263054947.png (776.62 KB, 1152x648, vxnniqo738841.png)

young Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad) my fucking god his tired eyes and his voice do you see the vision

No. 270367

Absolutely see it

No. 270370

File: 1655266165611.jpg (90.05 KB, 1024x768, impractical.jpg)

nonnies, hear me out…

No. 270371

All but Murray. He gives me the creeps. Sal with the lights off. Q and Joe I’d ride once.

No. 270372

File: 1655266431982.jpeg (1.71 MB, 4176x2784, AE07FB60-9888-498D-BD3F-C243A1…)

I’d take one for the team. He’s annoying like a little boy but if both his eyes worked right, I don’t think he’d be that bad looking.

No. 270391

might kill myself because i will never fuck young tim heidecker. ive had enough of this gay earth

No. 270411

would let him romanize this pussy any day

No. 270412

punk wheezer

No. 270431

marry Q
fuck joe, sal can watch
kill murr

No. 270432

weak mr. clean looking ass mf

No. 270435

File: 1655310845610.jpg (108.06 KB, 1067x1600, 5gynAhk.jpg)

he was so hot in wolf hall. why did he make cromwell so attractive

No. 270436

File: 1655310981671.jpeg (36.76 KB, 768x432, B0B113AA-6C96-4E4F-8B3E-5A79CB…)

>mfw I had a crush on Ron Livingston’s character in that movie when I was younger

Still would tbh

No. 270437

Isn't that Thomas More and not Cromwell?

No. 270439

File: 1655311924504.jpg (191.08 KB, 700x350, qiilQWq.jpg)

no he's crommy
more (right) was also featured in the show though

No. 270440

i had a crush on him in band of brothers

No. 270461

File: 1655328351529.jpeg (98.05 KB, 1024x683, F2B8A174-63BD-44DF-88A6-4E5776…)

I know this fucker was insane in bed when he was younger

No. 270492

File: 1655345493158.jpg (64.89 KB, 900x900, American-Greed_-James-McGill-_…)

No. 270503

Dang Jordan Peterson looks hobo af these days

No. 270506

Fuck you now I can't unsee it lol

No. 270522

File: 1655375071964.png (1.28 MB, 920x755, 30354121686329-jeremy-donaldso…)

guilty as charged

No. 270523

File: 1655375413484.jpeg (31.18 KB, 499x615, 13D76D6E-D1C4-43C6-BE86-F26980…)

He would have had tumblr by the throat if he was born 10-15 years later

No. 270524

Not with balding

No. 270525

File: 1655375555237.jpeg (37.36 KB, 640x480, B0BD74F1-513F-4FCC-9657-307606…)

No. 270554

File: 1655388278392.jpg (207.84 KB, 1300x943, john-malkovich-l-uomo-nella-ma…)

No. 270555

File: 1655388327801.jpg (66.75 KB, 720x540, malkovich.jpg)

No. 270564

File: 1655390394048.jpeg (204.53 KB, 900x1200, 55F59F5D-FFDD-48D2-BB34-F10821…)

I love him even though I know I’d never be able to fix him. Had a medieval themed sex dream about him last night and I can’t stop thinking about it

No. 270565

i thought this was david dobrik at first kek

No. 270567

fucking same

No. 270569

imagining a David Dobrik medieval sex dream made me feel less ashamed about the Mullen one kek thanks nonitas

No. 270585

why are his nails so shiny

No. 270608

I feel like he has a penis implant because of his obsession with phallic shaped objects and very obvious steroid cycle.

No. 270610

chicken tendies

No. 270613

File: 1655414127214.gif (2.28 MB, 400x432, tumblr_096bc84da6102bcfa3e2d20…)

No. 270737

File: 1655497070046.jpg (839.68 KB, 1920x1080, Band.Of.Brothers.E07.The.Break…)

noice. went from office space to BoB.

No. 270760

please post more hot nazis

No. 270771

chuck from gossip girl and a literal possum

No. 270798

File: 1655536502402.png (106.41 KB, 500x248, f0ae6a7e-3fad-4c06-9839-93d264…)

I want him in the worst ways possible

No. 270817

File: 1655546941219.jpg (245.07 KB, 1080x1080, hontra.jpg)

Still would

No. 270821

File: 1655549337899.jpeg (110.37 KB, 640x425, E49FC7E5-362A-426E-98D0-656D52…)

No. 270822


No. 270824

Why? You mean the character or the actor? If the actor, yeah, he has (had?) a great ass

No. 270836

File: 1655557094784.jpg (16.21 KB, 603x300, 24818_u9pvfk.jpg)

Please tell me he's not gay

No. 270838

These are not unconventional imo

No. 270839

File: 1655557564021.png (600.81 KB, 1000x928, image-asset.png)

No. 270841

I sort of agree, but the ones who aren't Ron Livingston would definitely be called unconventional in the other thread.

No. 270843

isn't he obsessed with thai trannies? lol

No. 270846

File: 1655559395002.jpg (105.12 KB, 1200x675, TR0ZS58_asset_mezzanine_16x9_O…)

I don't know, I just saw him in the husbandoposting thread.
Well, that's a shame. I guess I'll stick to thirsting over this other older Japanese man.

No. 270848

File: 1655560123502.jpeg (22.8 KB, 254x264, 46D5ED10-3C99-4350-A740-E0A892…)

No. 270851

a pedophile?

No. 270852

File: 1655561521314.jpeg (110.47 KB, 788x681, E9C6F25E-C0BF-4110-9FEC-23F267…)

is that the littlefinger actor? always found him extremely attractive

No. 270857

File: 1655563702076.jpeg (82.17 KB, 440x661, 738855D2-B776-465E-8D32-0209FC…)

his face is peeerfect for me
(posting here cause old)

No. 270858

File: 1655563828789.gif (658.04 KB, 266x199, 9D67EF6A-B12A-46D5-91D7-FBD132…)

No. 270860

susumu hirasawa's sim city album was inspired by thailand and malaysia, the cover features a tranny and their voices are also featured in a few of his songs. pretty sure there's a few interviews where he talks about ladyboys inspiring him. i don't care, but since you're worried about his sexuality…

No. 270864

>ladyboys inspiring him
Yeah I'm sure they "inspire" him. Perv.

No. 270868

File: 1655569299031.jpeg (76.79 KB, 487x403, 527571DD-9576-4C47-8D6B-73C95E…)

I am perhaps not over him yet, and yes I still want him even in his current old man state. Derrick-kun pls hold my hand n let me touch ur hair :’((:’()

No. 270874

I call dibs on Q

No. 270891

i'm praying for you. he isn't the worst you could do for an object of lust, but good god.

No. 270892

nta but john malkovich is a strange dude and kind of looks strange as well, so it's understandable that they'd post him here

No. 270897

File: 1655579702142.jpeg (55.58 KB, 721x541, 71918377-090E-4036-8140-0BCA74…)

…do you know where you are?

No. 270898

Post them

No. 270900

kek anon but i kinda want to see too

No. 270907

File: 1655585739716.jpeg (288.61 KB, 880x1320, download (11).jpeg)

feel like pure shit just want him back but I guess this statue is okay

No. 270913

Fuck why didn't I see this post earlier.
They're so cute and they make me laugh. Q is (or was) a supreme cutie. I find Joe strangely hot but he has a wife so that's what makes me feel a little guilty about it kek. And Sal is also sort of cute to me. They have so many female fans lmao

No. 270914

finally someone else that wants to fuck him. i love how dissapointed he is in everything lol

No. 270915

love that you chose the hideous statue version of him. i couldn't even tell who it was

No. 270924

File: 1655593115426.jpeg (48.92 KB, 266x275, 1624967885416.jpeg)

I only posted the hideous statue because it's new. You must not be familiar with my work.

No. 270925

File: 1655594934483.jpg (49.36 KB, 470x706, Bane_TDKR3 (1).jpg)

No. 270941

File: 1655606823647.jpg (35.71 KB, 329x500, 8229387-L.jpg)

I'm a rightwinger and I have no idea how to feel about this one

No. 270942

admitting you’re disabled

No. 270944

look where you are anon

No. 270958

love how the file name says “L” because you certainly took an L on this one nonnie

No. 270977

I don't think I should post them, but he took a pic of his butthole for whatever reason and it's completely pink and hairless. His dick is clean-shaven and cute too. If you google leafy nudes you can find them easily

No. 271001

File: 1655641490035.jpg (98.14 KB, 500x684, joachim_peiper_young.jpg)

No. 271045

File: 1655663878903.jpg (147.86 KB, 1440x1427, 14f3d3ae4646c069577bdbd380f84c…)

Found out about the existence of Eddie Redmayne through >>1231576 pic. Looks cute even though he looks like a lesbian in pic rel

No. 271049

File: 1655664726340.jpg (101.01 KB, 300x400, nickparrott.jpg)

if only you knew how bad things truly are

No. 271072

I prefer him in female costume tbh, my "still" was directed at whatever surgeries he had that kinda botched him
I struggle between thinking he's attractive and thinking he looks like a granny or a foot

No. 271078

everything you wrote under the spoiler made me laugh for some reason kek

No. 271089

He ironically looked more manly when he was younger.

No. 271124

I was just gonna post him kek. Eddie's an absolute cutie and super endearing in interviews. Love that ginger granny man

No. 271133

File: 1655691437032.jpg (552.72 KB, 2400x1800, SnowdenApp-TopArt-JA1G2W.jpg)

is this unconventional kek

No. 271146

i love how you did not mention murr at all

No. 271147

Apparently Joe and his wife are getting divorced, which is why he left the show this year

No. 271148

>posting snowden when you could've posted swartz
bad taste

No. 271149

File: 1655704409189.webm (543.74 KB, 640x1138, VID_20220619_065317_242.webm)

No. 271151

File: 1655707131744.jpeg (954.85 KB, 1227x1443, 1394A918-9273-40A3-8017-94CE1A…)

I’m currently unemployed, so I’m just going to post Barney across multiple threads.

No. 271152

File: 1655707326061.jpeg (122.08 KB, 1540x1137, F5902D08-FC3A-48F6-827A-7EEA43…)

Samefag. Why did gen have to troon out? I’m such a sucker for musicians and addicts.

No. 271153

the legendary epstein-chan is back?

No. 271155

I get it, he's a big guy

No. 271158


No. 271176

Oh hell yeah I've always simped for him, his voice is so relaxing too

No. 271208

File: 1655746121094.jpg (295.25 KB, 1739x1440, Putin-portrait-photography.jpg)


He's all old and bloated now but this era Putin really did it for me. I know I'm depraved.

No. 271261

File: 1655768135067.jpeg (141.96 KB, 900x767, 3EA16A95-882B-4941-912C-12BCAD…)

lord help me

No. 271271

damn, I didn't know that. At least they seem to be on good terms.
there's just nothing I could say about him kek

No. 271295

File: 1655797812658.jpeg (248.38 KB, 1125x926, 40A26C41-A4E7-4513-9E20-B54CC6…)

da threesome?

No. 271297

File: 1655798654087.jpeg (26.11 KB, 400x333, 91253D10-FFB0-4660-AD53-E69DA2…)

is this detox the drag queen’s straight twin brother?

No. 271301

kek anon
really cute, great taste

No. 271304

File: 1655801906431.webm (605.42 KB, 406x720, i-want-my-daddy-shorts-ytshort…)

youtuber from Matt & Abby. I'm too scared to post in the conventional thread.

I'm with you, I love the way he talks and the fact that he did the right thing makes him so much hotter.

No. 271312

Tragedy for our times tbh

No. 271314

Sincere question anon, are you faceblind?

No. 271316

LATE but i loved him too hes so much hotter than that other chick magnet dude

No. 271317

KEK anon da vinky?

No. 271336

File: 1655821258544.jpg (79.35 KB, 1024x683, GettyImages-1241367676.jpg)

No. 271343

how old is he?

No. 271399

Something about his lips looks like he wrapped his lips around a curling iron that was set on hottest setting.

No. 271400

File: 1655848917309.jpg (12 KB, 332x212, Sad VR.jpg)


No. 271405

My dream man

No. 271409

No. 271415

thirsting over mr lawrence again

No. 271424

File: 1655859440767.jpg (2.44 MB, 3000x2001, 5c5e1722-0855-4297-a3af-8e4793…)

5' 5" with acne and ugly dreads, but I still like him. Maybe because he was the least douchey sb pro who's visited my area.

No. 271425

Nonny you're a fucking degenerate. Now I'm thinking about him too, and that thing someone posted in a previous thread about him getting shy when you, a young woman, flirt with him, an older man

No. 271437

File: 1655867141907.jpeg (89.42 KB, 467x700, F5AF2591-1BB0-4F23-887D-433275…)

Cavetwink bf

No. 271440

File: 1655867478954.jpg (82.27 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_9655c5c80b669b35b9268dd…)

my sister

No. 271487

File: 1655885846746.jpeg (48.8 KB, 495x619, A5FAE5E7-FB83-4D1F-8179-F54613…)

I can’t lie to myself anymore.

No. 271488

their heads look like dildos

No. 271494

File: 1655889684498.jpg (37.17 KB, 570x795, il_570xN.914679102_gwyv.jpg)

Do you use troll dolls as dildo anon?

No. 271523

Not unconventional at all but neither is OP, what's she smoking to think Matthew Patrick is unconventional

No. 271525

My sister matched with one of them on Tinder and has been leaving his messages on delivered for a while now

No. 271532

File: 1655906409554.jpg (77.93 KB, 500x676, MV5BMWU0ZTU2MTMtNGUxYi00ZDcxLW…)

There is something about him… I like how mild-mannered he is in the show.

No. 271547

File: 1655909023477.jpg (154.39 KB, 800x1200, Joseph-qunnn01eddit.jpg)

Nonas I am shocked there's been no proper Eddie Munson appreciation in this thread yet. He's so fucking cute. His scene in the forest with Chrissy in the first episode made me swoon

No. 271551

I didn’t post any of those but the nonnies in the attractive men you want to fuck thread are VERY strict, it’s just boring generically attractive/uncustomized avatar type guys and if anything other then that gets posted everyone freaks out.

No. 271555

Some of those are unconventional because of things they've done. Read the OP.

No. 271570

Sucks. Dropped him after 5 years of being a viewer cause of the gamba shit

No. 271573

File: 1655916765335.jpg (106.08 KB, 347x574, IMG_2022195059.jpg)


No. 271588

File: 1655920124115.gif (3.29 MB, 498x277, 9B249C00-2BCB-498A-BD38-B29B69…)

omg nona i was just thinking this. i have just spoken about the actor for eddie out of costume to my friends and called him ugly kek now i feel bad because in motion he honestly does not look as bad as he does in pictures. hes got nice eyes and a cute endearing smile, but like everyone else i definitely prefer him with the long hair/mullet. was devastated to find out it was just yet another wig. and that he is actually british. maybe thats why my reaction to him out of costume was so visceral…
hopefully this season inspires yet another 80s revival wherein people grow their hair out in this style more often because i am sick of the fade haircuts everyone has these days…
imo he looks i prefer him to that 001 guy but only in his eddie munson garb.
also i agree about him and chrissy they were so cute i wish they would have at least been friends…

No. 271596

wow, thread?

No. 271614

nta i too am an enjoyer and I'm starting to enjoy the actor as well even if he's a little bald. Cute and funny while still seemingly attainable, no? And Eddie is very charming.

No. 271635

File: 1655934100985.jpg (149.91 KB, 703x937, ah-jay.jpg)

dammit I love the thought of teasing this sexually desperate ugly and boring indian

No. 271649

File: 1655940760736.jpg (17.21 KB, 400x400, n0HCCEvo_400x400.jpg)

all my friends think he's ugly but everytime i hear him talk i want him to whisper dirty talk to me. His red hair are so bright and cute, his smile is so rare but so precious and his neck is so strong, he's the perfect mix between cute and manly.

No. 271653

he looks like a corgi

No. 271655

Looks like a kid

No. 271656

File: 1655947590912.jpg (72.04 KB, 666x1000, R.jpg)

He looks 16 and 40 at the same time. Not my thing, but I get it nonnie. He has classically handsome "dad" features, but a small boyish face. Unfortunately his forehead and ginger are a throw-off, imo. Maybe greaser hair, pic rel, and vintage clubmaster glasses might work for this man.

No. 271659

Is this dude Polish? He looks uncannily like this ginger Pole I used to know and it's creeping me out.

No. 271670

File: 1655954632440.png (1.4 MB, 730x1294, gurph.png)

I'm suffering from ovulation horniness and I want this ginger fridge

No. 271671

for some reason this gives me ben shapiro vibes

No. 271695

Yeah his Twitter is frequently filled with ladyboys. Within the couple months I followed his feed, he had dinner or lunch with at least two ladyboys. Had pictures of them sitting across them at a restaurant.

No. 271710

he's a french leftist don't worry

No. 271753

omg I totally forgot about jedward lmao

No. 271755

File: 1655991478997.jpeg (15.54 KB, 266x190, 406E943B-6439-4C54-B201-767081…)

just popping back in the thread to say that I would still fuck the clown from Terrifier (an objectively bad film) if given the opportunity

No. 271756

Nah terrifier is a great bad film

No. 271766

I’m afraid to post this to in the conventional attractions thread but I need to make my attraction and appreciate for MatPat present

No. 271767

No. 271768

What do you see in him?

No. 271772

As someone who would fuck pretty much every single masked slasher villain, I support you in your murderous clown desire.

No. 271774

I support you sis. I personally would fuck Pinhead from Hellraiser.

No. 271779

I'm more of a 001 girl myself but 10/10 would smoke my first joint with and get railed in the back of Eddie's van. In character he's handsome in a weird but endearing guy-next-door way. Love him. Hope they don't kill him off. He looks great playing his guitar in the new teaser.

No. 271781

Based. He is pretty handsome. Plus he does give you ultimate pleasure (along with ultimate pain).

No. 271783

nonna you awakened something in me

No. 271784

File: 1656001521501.gif (111.84 KB, 500x372, 150b7f126bfbc11e6641337a774e16…)

ok my girl and i were discussing this tonight actually and we think he would be a satisfying yet uncanny lover. like the sex would feel good but hed be weirdly calculated about it. also he definitely eats pussy with skill and grace but again hed definitely be weirdly choreographed about it. agree with the other anon that he probably has a penile implant.

literally who i came in the thread to post about. idk what the fuck is wrong with me but i want him so bad. i imagine he has a slightly below average sized cock but idc. im especially attracted to him when hes a little fatter. this lust instantly dissolves when i see him out of character though he seems like a really deeply annoying guy

No. 271786

File: 1656002008235.webm (1.13 MB, 576x720, joseph quinn.webm)

sorry about the tiktok edit but
sisters, what do you think of this…

No. 271793

He looks pretty cute in this style of clothing and hair too, what movie or show is it from?

No. 271810

the name of the series is dickensian (2015-2016) but i heard he is gay in it so yeah. i do agree that he looks so good in this period drama style with his hair and all really suits him

No. 271815

File: 1656014828532.png (339.92 KB, 588x436, frenchie.PNG)

idk if this is conventional or unconventional but him on the show especially, though the actor is attractive to me. excluding the history of being a hitman, his character wants to be soft and nice and has a sad childhood

No. 271822

No. 271824

He's adorable

No. 271833

File: 1656023779795.jpg (52.02 KB, 930x930, 960.jpg)


No. 271851

Oh honey no.

No. 271854

File: 1656034146830.jpg (120.45 KB, 1200x1200, f.jpg)


No. 271855


No. 271856

God me too nona. I got tricked into watching Hellraiser (it's shit) just because I thought he was hot. I think I've talked about it in the thread before, but the version of him in Cabin in the Woods is also sexy.

No. 271863

No. 271865

File: 1656037591110.gif (2.96 MB, 540x350, tumblr_35af93b2f8c627f90071380…)

Dacre is actually gorgeous, that's just a horrendous picture of him.
>Madam, nothing here is personal.
I want him to emotionlessly dismiss me like that. Ot, but I hope the show gets a second series eventually.

No. 271867

god I want to fuck him so bad

No. 271871

you guys realize every young woman thinks this way and so tons of young women are likely hitting on him, right? like, even the loseriest of old uggos who have the tiniest bit of fame have really attractive young women hitting on them

No. 271872

wow anon you're a genius

No. 271873

just saying, the idea that older niche famous men don't have young girls at conventions hitting on them is very unlikely

No. 271888

best looking of LFI for sure

No. 271889

matpat is pretty conventionally attractive imo. like, he's not a 10/10 but he's quite handsome by conventional standards.

No. 271896

I just posted these 2 in here, >>271295, is there some sort of da vinky sexual awakening happening omfg

No. 271902

File: 1656062780107.jpg (63.96 KB, 500x634, original-1.jpg)

Is bill skaarsgard unconvential? I think he is, I never was interested in him before but recently I watched him in a movie where he looked extremely similar to my bf and now I'm looking for his other movies

No. 271932

File: 1656083639058.jpeg (72.04 KB, 750x750, EC76041B-3FEF-4F97-A74D-D40915…)

i see people say finn wolfhard is ugly now or looks like a frog but i personally love his jewish nose…he’s so cute to me, plus i like male anachans

No. 271936

Isn't he what most young women find attractive (similar vibe to chlamydia Tim)?
Perhaps I'm out of touch with what women like.

No. 271938

File: 1656091500929.jpg (67.07 KB, 1278x720, photo_une_2_nnoman_cadoret_1.j…)

don't forget David Guiraud

No. 271945

He's not what I'm typically into but I agree. I think he's quite beautiful actually

No. 271948

File: 1656099241880.jpeg (33.13 KB, 600x804, 4083CD57-6E43-4639-8808-06CEB4…)

he looks like a page boy

No. 271967

He reminds me of Jim Morrison for some reason, I think it's the hair and angular face. He's cute.

No. 271970

File: 1656118685290.jpeg (404.38 KB, 2048x1536, FV5nYEZX0AAkv0b.jpeg)

Throwback for the girlies

No. 271972

what's your point? it's an ego trip for them every time

No. 271973

the whole band can get it but the lead singers deep voice and fluffy hair awakens something in my hoohaw

No. 271988

The part where he compares his husky to a hot blonde kills me every time.

No. 271993

Ngl but the dream sequence only attracted me more to him.

No. 271994

Yo I thought I was the only one. He also was in a filmed version of "Twelfth Night" and he gets kissed full on the lips by another dude and it… well it was interesting to watch, to say the least.

No. 271995

Why did this make me laugh like a retard, I know exactly what you mean. I wish I could cheer him up by sperging about seaplanes or something

No. 271996

Oh my fucking god. Thank you. God Tucker looks so stereotypically Californian it kills me.

No. 272037

File: 1656169479818.jpg (38.04 KB, 500x678, e8949ca36ee04d5f55bf629938a584…)

Based dannyfucker anon again

No. 272078

klimt portrait looking-ass motherfucker. jk, he's very beautiful.

No. 272081

File: 1656198612606.jpg (71.75 KB, 599x399, kill mee.jpg)

i was searching information about school schootings and ended up investigating the shooting in Perm University in russia and oh god i feel so fucking revolted at the fact that i find the shooter cute in a pathetic way. he was ugly as fuck before with that fat and long hair, but in this pic from his court hearing (or something like that, idk) i think he's kinda cute, with the skinny pale skin malnourished depressed semi-long hair look. shit, i don't even care that he doesn't have a leg. i like how he looks. I WANNA KILL MYSELF AGGHH

pic related, its timur mansurov, the shooter

No. 272084

looks and sounds like Varg.

No. 272085

not really. he doesn't really look like varg and he isn't a white supremacist/nazi. he's just a weirdo who wanted to shoot up his university, he said so himself

No. 272087

his face reminds me of young Varg at the trial a lot.
>he's just a weirdo who wanted to shoot up his university
so a sociopathic murderer like Varg

No. 272104

File: 1656208107249.gif (18.49 MB, 466x398, 55CFB02A-8CFA-4524-9915-EF0810…)

i was watching one of his older videos and i couldn’t help making this autistic gif

No. 272105

>letting his dog lick his lips
Good fucking lord. At first I could understand a little bit but then he had to let his dog slobber on his mouth. Why'd you even leave that part in kek.

No. 272109

Grossest shit I've seen today

No. 272110

File: 1656209040521.gif (4.89 MB, 580x486, 0F3F8E66-A600-4ABF-9A13-B64151…)

Been watching a lot of him after not catching up for a while and I forgot how cute he is.He just has this big,dumb dog energy that’s appealing to me and he seems like a cool dude outside of YouTube.

No. 272115

kek I was too lazy, sorry for hurting your eyes nonnas

No. 272197

File: 1656262340118.gif (4.39 MB, 540x338, kurt.gif)

i am not crazy about him but i thought he looked sort of cute here. autistic but i like it.
i never found him attractive anywhere else in fact i thought he was repulsive looking in the past and at the release of this movie two years back kek. well i was charmed by both his awkward demeanor reminiscent of and directly referencing elliot rodger, which i have posted here before actually kek along with the matching physique minus the chest hair
im sorry everynona

No. 272206

i don't wanna say i could fix him, but i want to believe i could

No. 272208

this thread is top tier with the grossest gifs imaginable, i love it

No. 272216

File: 1656275730993.jpg (69.69 KB, 564x711, 0433f0a07f34a67b8fee79553d277a…)

Help me.

No. 272218

I'm only attracted to him in this film

No. 272250

True, they have no texture or shape

No. 272290

File: 1656324010274.jpg (21.66 KB, 644x362, 1638870046327.jpg)

jim morrison was fugly though kek

No. 272353

File: 1656369811643.png (449 KB, 590x885, CFFE60C3-3E26-4BA9-9496-2D261F…)

he looked a lot better than wolfhard from the side through, wolfhard has that anemic receding chin and big nose

No. 272354

File: 1656370304640.png (2.09 MB, 940x1228, AC111ABD-A21B-4358-92FF-88A7D4…)

haven’t seen this show and don’t plan to, but damn

No. 272357

the show was ok, i sat through the entire thing for this sexy ass priest

No. 272368

File: 1656379611086.jpg (212.69 KB, 675x475, getonmylevel.jpg)

Was reading through the old threads, saw a post by an anon who likes Clancy Brown, talking about how many images she had saved of him. Then another anon chimed in with her 262 images of Steve Howe. So I checked my folder.

No. 272378

File: 1656383999214.jpg (76.93 KB, 800x621, Noel-Gallagher-2021-Mr-Porter-…)

he's an asshole but ive always thought Noel was the hotter Gallagher brother

No. 272380

I have 827 Steve Howes now. I don't know why or what to do with them, really, but it feels nice. I don't know how people can get to 1,000+

No. 272381

File: 1656389116451.jpg (1.08 MB, 1000x1000, zztuck.jpg)

'Cause I'm that loser who shooped him onto album covers. I have like 200+ album covers with him on it, lol. Also godspeed on your collection. I hope your surpass me.

No. 272407

yesss! Good music

No. 272421

Kek I'm the Clancyanon. Honoured to be included in this picture. Hopefully one day I can reach your lofty 1k+ heights.

No. 272427

File: 1656426500063.jpg (60.13 KB, 625x477, oh shit carnivale is actually …)

Other Clancyanon here, I remember you, kek. Not to be weird, but I was going to reply to the original post wondering how your mental health is, you sounded like you were going through it. Since you're here though, i hope you're doing better about your thirst-levels. Haven't "finished" carnivale yet but looks like a good show

No. 272462

File: 1656451381425.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.67 KB, 500x281, tumblr_pktu48tMhe1ulp6g8_500.j…)

for a sec I thought this was imallexx. I might be going faceblind. Also, Alex was kindof cute when he was younger, now he's ugly

No. 272463

File: 1656452500844.jpg (25.38 KB, 1024x576, musica-conciertos_musica-eurov…)

salvador sobral, but only when he had cancer. i'm sorry, but i liked how depressing he looked.

No. 272465

File: 1656452698097.png (222.75 KB, 640x360, f me pls.png)

also, lee kurtan mucklowe from "this country". i just love skinny tall twinks who look like they are at the brink of death

No. 272466

he has a pig snout and the haircut of a dying plebian ancestor during the medieval times

No. 272467

>she doesn't like medieval chic

No. 272469

File: 1656455490081.gif (210.9 KB, 220x220, help-gareth.gif)

my sister told me he looks like a gulag prisioner… she's right… but still

pic related, it's gareth from the office uk

No. 272471

there was one ep from uk office where gareth came into the office in bike clothes…. literally my sexual awakening

No. 272474

ugh, you get it, nonna

No. 272487

He looks like a mass shooter. Amazing terrible taste nona, I love you

No. 272490

File: 1656468121189.jpg (41.37 KB, 349x512, 35194_artist.jpg)

Tommy Johansson from Majestica. When I first discovered their album A Christmas Carol I thought he had an incredible voice (the album also became one of my favorites), so imagine my reaction when I saw him for the first time. Not exactly what I imagined, but surprisingly I wasn't disappointed either kek
He has a cute face and beautiful hair, his voice is amazing, and he's 34 years old. 10 years ago he was fatter, but he's still chubby, and I like him this way. He has officially replaced my old metal crush

No. 272508

This is the camaraderie I come to this thread for.

No. 272531

oh my god, he's so cute. i love his hair

No. 272537

if he lost a bit of that chub in his face + has a tight body underbeath that he'd be hot

No. 272541

this guy looks exactly like my primary to middle school bestfriend ( female ) its a little frightening. like they could be twins

No. 272542

i feel like we've all had a middle school female bestfriend who looks like this

No. 272544

I was the middle school female best friend

No. 272546

well i had a crush on her somewhat so what does this mean for us here

No. 272547

kek, it's true

No. 272550

File: 1656510167706.jpeg (520.96 KB, 828x859, 7DDE1A22-835F-4176-887B-12D97E…)

Austin Abrams is my boyfriend in my head

No. 272607

File: 1656532347956.jpg (413.69 KB, 1200x1212, b2ap3_amp_unnamed-4.jpg)

His hair looks better in other photos though. He's also tall, as you can see in this photo where he's with the other Sabaton members
looking at some of his band's videos and photos, I think he might be trying to lose weight tbh
lmao true

No. 272621

File: 1656536732208.jpg (2.54 MB, 3944x2272, wrapp.jpg)

yes you're right. he does look like one. but that won't stop my obsession, nonny. love you too
-feat pixelart i made of gareth on paint

No. 272629

damn, this is cool

No. 272633

thank you, nonna!

No. 272636

he's sooooo cute in this movie holy shit

No. 272645

File: 1656550628865.jpg (55.48 KB, 734x486, boy I sure do hope he turns ou…)

>wondering how your mental health is
Well I'm still in this thread.

Jk I'm doing better nona, thank you for asking and for remembering me! My obsession with Clancy Brown faded to a peaceful appreciation. I actually started watching Carnivale this week, really digging it so far.

No. 272685

>other chick magnet dude
Something about him always rubbed me the wrong way; I looked up Avan's Twitter years ago and he's a bit of a womanizing toolbag. Not sure what it looks like or what he's up to now.
Supposedly he's 30, born in '91, but I remember reading his Wikipedia (and other related acting/fan sites) years ago stating he was 44.

No. 272688

holy based… his voice is so nice too

No. 272690

… Bob the builder?

No. 272699

I once had a dream I kissed him on the cheek after he gave me a Christmas card. I like Mike better though.

lol, It's Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

No. 272710

File: 1656585130964.jpeg (104.97 KB, 916x1198, IanCurtis.jpeg)

I really love Ian Curtis. There's something Kafkaesque and so tragic about his appearance for me + beautiful sad eyes. Idk weather he's ugly but he was mentally ill moid who mistreated his wife, so I think he belongs to this thread.
I could have fixed him
I'm glad I'm not alone. It was unsettling to find him somewhat attractive. I think it's mostly the god-awful haircut that makes him look so unattractive and ridiculous. He's cute in his own way unlike toad-face dwight in us version lol
I could have fixed him too

No. 272713

gareth anon here. i also love ian curtis! we really are sisters from another misters

No. 272734

File: 1656596707156.jpg (16.89 KB, 320x240, Joel-Hodgson.jpg)

Gonna sperg a little bit lol I'm so glad there are nonas who appreciate this qt too. I honestly think he's still pretty cute as an old man (but in a more fatherly way). Young Joel Hodgson was something else, though. I love both him and Mike, but Joel's goofy humor felt more wholesome and natural and I really loved his dynamic with the bots as a fatherly figure to them which, in my opinion, worked out great for Mike's seasons. God, I love MST3K. I used to be a big "Mike seasons only" gal as a kid but now that I'm an adult I have a newfound love and appreciation for Joel. Ugh, I want to sperg so much harder but I will refrain. I will never hold hands with a young Joel Hodgson UGH the absolute tragedy. Smh..

No. 272735

File: 1656596782539.jpg (99.18 KB, 1200x900, stephen-hawking-on-october-10-…)

anyways, i win. stephen hawking when he was younger will always be cute in my honest deranged opinion

No. 272744

why must i be cursed with a sexual attraction to nerds

No. 272746

There is a lot, and i mean A LOT of people with this face. I have 3 friends that look exactly the same, with this hair.

No. 272770

File: 1656613418719.jpg (28.73 KB, 449x520, fd72922a9a3116081cd7c34bd0e275…)

One of his better pictures, he was actually a great person irl (even wrote an anti rape song back when it wasn't cool). RIP Bradley, this pudgy manlet will always have my heart.

He's cute

No. 272784

I love the rumors about him and and his wife going to sex parties as well as them getting down on the wheelchair together in front of random employees

No. 272787

File: 1656618748580.jpeg (68.7 KB, 590x738, 8731774B-249C-4D65-8E07-A590B2…)

He has such an odd look and used to be a hardcore druggie but he’s kind of attractive

No. 272819

File: 1656628255109.jpg (80.64 KB, 800x600, Babyteeth_800e.jpg)

I have watched Babyteeth 3 times solely because of this character. If we can just ignore the weird age gap decision in the movie: I want him so bad. He is so musty but I want to grab his rats tail and punch him around a little bit.

No. 272831


Fuck I wanna suck young Clancy off so bad god help me.

No. 272955

File: 1656707243703.jpeg (251.4 KB, 1125x1584, B67BEE0A-057A-4EB2-BFB8-A153B2…)

I feel like he would be stern but fair in the bedroom I can’t contain my lust for Jason Bateman

No. 272965

File: 1656709980767.jpeg (395.35 KB, 750x904, AF8DA7E6-3A3B-4280-9C59-2F30D6…)

Oh FUCK yeah

No. 272966

His personality is so hot

No. 272974

File: 1656713698447.jpeg (94.6 KB, 1200x750, ajedrez-bobby-fischer.jpeg)

i want to do moves that are prohibited by the chess confederation on my favourite freaky grandmaster, bobby fucking fischer. the pure unaltered autism in this man, i would do anything to get that schizo dick.

No. 272993

File: 1656719479227.jpeg (44.65 KB, 640x802, 9e7999f4975c4213bbbff9f168a555…)

>insert mandatory 'all men with autism are inherently sexy' copypasta

No. 273008

Oh wow. I thought I was the only one here who knew what MST3K was. Anon, what's your opinion on the reboot? (Personally I hate it, I loved the Midwestern humor of the old show.)

No. 273009

File: 1656731846766.jpg (531.59 KB, 1000x1000, drf.jpg)

(Also samefag >>273008 but I legit have a crush on Dr. F., he's surprisingly muscular. Also has great legs.)

No. 273010

Ntayrt but I saw Dr Forrester and came running. Both of them are cute and the reboot stinks. At least 3 mst3k fans here now!

No. 273011

File: 1656732498585.gif (2.11 MB, 370x250, GivingNervousHydatidtapeworm-s…)

>I saw Dr Forrester and came running
>Both of them are cute and the reboot stinks
>At least 3 mst3k fans here now!

No. 273013

File: 1656734193036.jpg (657.85 KB, 2037x1439, FVvASX8VsAAWKdD.jpg)

his little earring is so cute, idk why but he's hotter in ss3 compare to the previous seasons. hope him and kimiko survive this season

No. 273065

Chessanons I'm so turned on by Ding Liren's absolute autism.

No. 273073

chess players are just atractive in my opinion. period

No. 273109

you know most autistic men aren't actually interested in sex? and if they are, they're probably so bad in bed considering they can't understand non-verbal cues

No. 273111

I love you, nonna. Frenchie is something else.

No. 273127

it's a joke, nonna. a funny saying. a humorous quip.

No. 273128

File: 1656791883981.jpg (847.14 KB, 3500x2280, wa.jpg)

uggghh skinny nerds with glasses just hit different, nonna. piggybacking in a previous man of mine, i present you wes anderson when he was younger and had glasses and short hair.

No. 273131

He's cute now I'm going to watch it just for him.

No. 273134

Man, speaking of autistic…

No. 273155

File: 1656802831288.jpg (54.34 KB, 426x600, actor-lukas-haas-384119_large.…)

Young Lukas Haas was so cute. His mouse-ish features were so lovely.

No. 273162

File: 1656804090877.jpg (37.01 KB, 500x274, c55a5800900736264e2ea44fa46c75…)

Watched Gatsby from 1974 and Nick in that version is such an unconvential cutie

No. 273164

nonas, I feel the same, he isn't my usual type, but I would take him right away or maybe Kimiko, I'm not so sure about that, kek. That being said, only if Karl Urban isn't available, but I don't know if he would count as unconventional attractive.

No. 273165

File: 1656805636767.jpg (62.46 KB, 940x627, e05028953ec89bd1947c70b097d62b…)

Karl Urban is hot as fuck! As a trekkie I'm easily swept up by him since he also played Bones. Laz Alonso would be a commendable option too.

Also Domhnall Gleeson, especially as a Weasley brother.

No. 273169

File: 1656808334853.png (78.25 KB, 1280x286, e25173cc671b4865b7ab6634d7aafe…)


"kafkaesque"… does that explain why i think kafka is adorable

No. 273174

Is that Sam Waterston? He’s so hot, loved him on Law & Order.

No. 273181

Holy shit he is cute… Exactly my type. Gonna have to watch UK office now just so I can continue to look at him

No. 273191

every day i think about how someone other than me once posted my unconventional attraction in a long-dead edition of these threads and i will never know who she is and i cry a little inside

No. 273194

File: 1656828046926.jpg (62.76 KB, 1080x1080, 7702c9a6007a9a0aa293c6fbe91068…)

john maus when he was younger. i still like him now but back in the day he was so damn hot

No. 273196

File: 1656830034222.jpg (5.04 MB, 2848x4288, MV5BY2M5Y2ZjNmItMDQ4Yy00OTFlLT…)


No. 273204

File: 1656832974680.jpg (277.82 KB, 1080x1350, moesleaze.jpg)

he looks so cute to me in this picture, i just want to eat him. RIP

No. 273207

File: 1656834737986.jpg (75.47 KB, 1200x630, e005b6b0-eb49-4bf1-bfd2-bb927d…)

Listening to Master of Puppets on repeat rn rip, I hope he gets some more scenes in s5 like Billy did post-death
They both look so good with long hair

No. 273212

File: 1656838841461.gif (2.93 MB, 540x340, begging.gif)

Like some anons here, I'm more attracted to them when they're in character. This just shows me men online need to stfu with the cringe incel act and get jobs so they can buy multiple wigs that suit their facial features and not be fat. Then learn how to style themselves and accessorize. It's so ezpz but they can't even do that.
>and that he is actually British.
I felt that way when I found out Dacre is actually Australian. Both devastating to me.
>Hope they don't kill him off.
Nona, how are you?
>sorry about the tiktok edit
Don't apologize, anon, I enjoy them myself. Although I mainly watch them on IG.

No. 273213

Samefagging, but I found an artist that is selling keychains of both Billy and Eddie and I'm tempted to get them, but the part of me that has been reading the consoom threads since the first one is telling me NO!. Just pain.

No. 273217

File: 1656840775359.gif (2.09 MB, 540x400, rockin out.gif)

i am ashamed to say that i am more than two ( let's keep it at that… ) of the posts you replied to here. i did not realize how much i posted about him. sickening.
>get jobs so they can buy multiple wigs that suit their facial features
exactly. or grow out their hair given the right texture/that they are not balding. i really hope this current ST hype inspires moids to grow out their hair cute or otherwise handsome ones anyway… the way it did 80s revival starting from 2017 i think it was… i am sick of the fade haircuts or zoomer broccoli everybody keeps getting, it looks awful.
well, what do they look like anon ? i think buying some merchandise here and there is fine if it is very few and doesnt take over your life ( i.e hoarding ). like the way people buy little trinkets to attach to their keychains, its all the same to me.

ps: as it turns out, joseph quinn was actually really playing the guitar in this scene. cool !

also sorry to the nonas who are sick of seeing things about this show, my sincerest apologies…

No. 273220

File: 1656841846915.jpg (Spoiler Image,283.58 KB, 1300x1387, kitseyransom.jpg)

hnggg that gif of him playing his guitar. I wish we could've gotten the chance to see him play it more. Wtf Duffag brothers. KEK anon, that just shows you're dedicated. I respect it.
>i really hope this current ST hype inspires moids to grow out their hair
I think I saw a moid on TT that looked like the brown version of him, kind of, but the hair really fit him. I wish I remembered his username.
>i am sick of the fade haircuts or zoomer broccoli everybody keeps getting, it looks awful.
God, same. I'm not even sure who exactly started that anyway. You can just tell most of them would look better with longer/fluffier hair.
But thank you for that, nonny. I guess one or two keychains wouldn't hurt. Picrel is what they look like.. They are limited so I feel kind of stressed kek. I wish there was a Billy one too.
>joseph quinn was actually really playing the guitar in this scene.
That makes him.. even more hot..

No. 273227


No. 273229

the only thing i could find is a tumblr blog wich appears to have posted it first in 2016

No. 273234

Who is he nonna? Maybe it was me.

No. 273235

Dacre looks aggressively Australian lol.

No. 273280

they posted a gif so that we wouldn't hear the naur

No. 273282

I thought this was Winona Ryder….

No. 273284

File: 1656872040928.jpg (47.06 KB, 420x378, erasmo.jpg)

i wish i am not alone. i was researching about the real life events that inspired ASOIAF and began to research stuff about the war of the roses so that my theories about the book ending would be grounded in reality
to shorten the story, i made myself have a crush on richard the third, henry the seventh and most notably erasmus of rotterdam. i have many more historical crushes (like william the conqueror and philip the second of spain) but those three are my weirdest.

pic related, its erasmus. i love his face

No. 273285

File: 1656872768420.jpg (63.53 KB, 564x889, harry.jpg)

need me a freak like this

No. 273286

Kek, his pics looks so naughty out of context.

No. 273288

I read somewhere once that a lot of women thought this about Houdini and liked to see him because it was hot kek

No. 273289

What a slut he was

No. 273290

File: 1656873907729.jpg (49.44 KB, 564x775, 140aea4807c8b6675c9695795a4ae4…)

The early 20th century was very accommodating of the female gaze.

No. 273296

File: 1656875185934.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.69 KB, 402x1024, damn houdini.jpg)

samefagging one more time to say this made me kek because I can see someone being like 'You can't call Houdini a slut!!!' similarly to that anon who said you can't lewd Napoleon. But we all can see. spoilered for butt cheek

No. 273297

Clearly it was very necessary to photograph him nearly nude in a time when people wore modest clothing even to go bathing.

No. 273298

just when i thought i had enough historical husbandos

No. 273300

Honestly what the fuck was he thinking? It's just as >>273297 said, he was definitely a slut by the standards of that era. No wonder women liked going to his shows, kek

No. 273301

File: 1656876328231.jpg (44.82 KB, 640x920, strappy.jpg)

tbf men did wear some slutty little bathing costumes back then.

No. 273302

I like it.
We should bring back this fashion.

No. 273306

These drawings are adorable. If they are cheap and you have the money I don't see the problem in indulging in a little bit of consoomption. I'm the 001 anon. Hope you are two are ok after the finale lol

No. 273316

File: 1656881610210.webm (6.78 MB, 720x1280, Less than a week away from the…)

>as it turns out, joseph quinn was actually really playing the guitar in this scene. cool !
I hope we get some BTS clips

I'd say go for it nonna, these are so cute!

No. 273321

File: 1656882960387.jpeg (35.52 KB, 554x554, 0B835E5B-64BE-496D-9545-996300…)

Dev Patel is so adorable

No. 273331

File: 1656888595318.png (70.05 KB, 1048x531, guitariste .png)

so cute… i mean the puppy of course haha…
here is where i got my information from anons. i was worried i made it up and made you all believe something that wasnt true but fortunately it was thank god, from multiple sources not just picrelated.
i hope we get to see him play the guitar one more time, or even just the BTS of the master of puppets scene like you said.

No. 273332

damn it thanks anyways nonna

No. 273333

you're welcome love. it's a part time hobby of mine,actually, investigating hot nazis

No. 273335

File: 1656889612667.jpg (424.13 KB, 1024x1024, goooodddd whyyyy.jpg)

messed around with this person does not exist. got a cute boy.
cry because he will never be real

No. 273337

File: 1656889760499.jpg (149.02 KB, 1338x752, carolina durante.jpg)

sorry for spainfagging. but the band carolina durante is so hot to me. i don't even like their music, but oh lord, they are so cute and i want to date all of them

No. 273339

File: 1656890242545.png (568.85 KB, 1024x683, wo.png)

i haven't seen the latest season yet, but this dude looks hot. why are yall sleeping on him??

nonnas please don't spoil me, i'm still in the second season

No. 273341

he was posted a few times in the conventional thread actually and in the husbando thread

No. 273366

Apart of me thinks he’s gonna come back as some upside down zombie-thing

Also why is everybody on TikTok suddenly shaming people for liking Billy for being racist while simping for 001

No. 273367

I used to have a huge crush on him in middle school but the newest season did Mike so dirty that I don’t feel it anymore

No. 273375

File: 1656911632460.jpg (31.39 KB, 346x346, welp.jpg)

>Hope you are two are ok after the finale lol
I don't think I'll ever be able to fully recover, nona.
>Yeah, I'm pretty good.
And just like that I'm ready to indulge into his armpits.
>Also why is everybody on TikTok suddenly shaming people for liking Billy for being racist while simping for 001
kek bet most of the ones preaching on there simp for irl white men with online edgy pasts on the low.

No. 273381

He could pick up pins with his eyelashes. Think of what else he could do.

No. 273384

>His arms
>His smile
>His cute eyes
>His whole cute theatric demeanor
>His shaggy hair
>His taste in music

No. 273393

All of these things, I've just finished the season and I'm joining Eddie admirers club. I especially love how he's so cool but also a total nerd, the dungeon master theatric deliveries make me swoon. And he's such a sweet and caring person to everyone, despite looking like a rough, edgy guy. it was pretty obvious he would die though because if he made it out of upside down he'd still be jailed for murder unfortunately, we got robbed anons

No. 273428

File: 1656945646898.jpg (58.05 KB, 485x617, whhyyy.jpg)

more spainfagging. salvador puig antich. i don't like catalonians, especially independists, but he hits diffrent auuughhh why am i like this

No. 273454

File: 1656952214266.jpg (165.32 KB, 1280x720, wawi.jpg)

the dude behind merzebow was pretty cute when he was younger

No. 273469

Big agree

No. 273484

File: 1656957363457.jpg (389.66 KB, 2400x1599, Philip-Manshaus.jpg)

why am i like this

No. 273528

that is exactly what I'm feeling, Urban playing Bones, well, we are both attracted to the same guy. Laz Alonso is nice, I'm still more into the big headed white guys, lol.

No. 273529

File: 1656975571874.png (630.77 KB, 1280x688, tumblr_560d2eaa67e098dbc874619…)

Joe Gilgun, I don't know why, but I find him very attractive

No. 273534

He murdered his stepsister, you madman

No. 273540

File: 1656984766980.png (221.42 KB, 330x412, 9B78AB0B-E516-4994-8515-AB08AC…)

I don’t know what it is about him.. he plays the asshole subtly abusive characters so well, his voice, everything just sends me into feral horny mode and I imagine doing something cringe like writing 10 page long letters and putting my scent on it like some kind of psychotic stalker.. he’d somehow be totally into it and fly out to see me (kek yeah right)

No. 273543

i think it's different when you consider the context and that they were revolting against francoist spain. also i get it.

No. 273547

File: 1656989610453.jpg (636.12 KB, 1400x786, walt48.jpg)

Hottest character on Breaking Bad

No. 273552

No. 273576

File: 1657012576348.jpeg (70.71 KB, 1014x570, 4BBCA90E-56D1-47E4-9B1A-761E71…)

he’s so ugly. I desire him carnally

No. 273580

who who who is he

No. 273583

Jeremy Allen White

No. 273599

he looks like if a rooster was person

No. 273602

File: 1657023985504.jpg (7.5 MB, 3224x4195, Malcolm-x_colorized_photo.jpg)

he was kinda hot

No. 273603

looks like a butch woman to me

No. 273605

He'd be straight up conventionally attractive if he didn't go into non-sequiturs 27/7.

No. 273607

File: 1657025918096.png (64.2 KB, 266x189, p8kqt0gevci21.png)

I like X, but the Minecraft rivalry with Forsen sold me on Forsen though. At least he's understandable in the 3 minutes of talking he does in a 6 hour stream.

No. 273608

10 years ago I would have agreed with you. Was also funnier then.

No. 273609

File: 1657026787535.gif (2.57 MB, 220x212, 53453534543.gif)

No. 273613

Jimbo had a pretty round and not bony face though

No. 273620

File: 1657035201687.jpg (55.64 KB, 500x323, 1_blunt-3363619469.jpg)

All of them, but Sen (middle one) has my heart. He is just so cute I can't help myself.

No. 273644

Lmao I totally get it

No. 273748

File: 1657108186320.gif (553.67 KB, 250x188, tumblr_mifvnclCSk1qjszfuo1_250…)

No. 273828

File: 1657132919237.jpg (100.58 KB, 736x981, download (11).jpg)

I saw a clip of Adept streaming and X came in randomly for a hug and I thought it was so cute. I also think it's cute how he ruffles her hair when he sees her. I'm sure he must be a handful to be around, but I thought those moments were so cute and sweet… god i really wish that were me

No. 273834

File: 1657134845868.png (163.54 KB, 891x827, qkXhygA-1049368813.png)

Same I wanna squish him and tease him

No. 273857

god i want to fuck him so bad

No. 273871

>bare white walls

No. 273895

isn't he a Derp supporter

No. 273901

Kek nonny have you been sexting him again?

No. 273915

i've never heard him say "derp" before to be honest, so i don't know

No. 273937

File: 1657174451962.jpeg (131.3 KB, 500x750, 7A33C324-17C3-4F76-8D8E-BF30C3…)

Chad Ginsburg of Camp Kill Yourself

No. 273939

He had potential. Sad.

No. 273943

anon means johnny depp

No. 273967

File: 1657198966902.jpg (16.45 KB, 459x447, a4ddec9f12.jpg)

No. 274044

File: 1657236443834.jpg (93.89 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

No. 274088

File: 1657268975339.jpeg (56.45 KB, 1240x744, 7133790C-2C4D-415A-A335-B5AE01…)

When I look at this picture of young BoJo I oscillate between being repulsed by him and wanting to have sex with him. I don’t know what’s wrong with me so don’t ask.

No. 274091

Don’t feel bad… fucker has so many kids by different women so obviously there is something there

No. 274097

File: 1657275368065.jpg (110 KB, 1218x1106, tucker.jpg)

Oh no Tucker-sisters..

No. 274100

> really attractive young women hitting on them
Bombshell 20 year olds are not paying to go to a convention just to hit on a SpongeBob supporting cast voice actor

No. 274103

lol not american but it's funny how liberal/leftist men are always going on about how white women are the problem for voting 50% conservative or whatever and then you turn around and conservatives hate them too for voting 50% liberal kek, like they're literally as balanced as you can expect in a democracy and get hate for it?? why do these men feel the need to isolate liberal/conservative white women in particular, it's so stupid.. i mean i know why but still lol

No. 274105

there are some really pretty girls who attend cons and i wouldn't say they'd necessarily have an obsession with him specifically, but think he's nerdy and attainable with fame so they might hit on him

No. 274118

File: 1657283180878.jpg (90.38 KB, 564x827, d8bd1a5832a7076d8be3d511ac2549…)

don't like benedict but dr strange was so hot in multiverse of madness. i didn't find him hot in the 1st movie but him in this 2nd movie? damn, like when he turned around and flipped his cape.

No. 274122

I think it's just mommy issues on a national level. Men have never regretted a decision more than when they gave women the right to vote and work.

No. 274123

File: 1657285484999.gif (7.41 MB, 674x450, 87777.gif)

I still have the same taste as 16 yo me. Here's hoping he has a bigger role in season 5.