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No. 278561

Previous thread: >>>/g/211074

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.

No. 278570

are there ways for me to track my progress besides measuring myself? i will buy a scale eventually, i just dont have one yet so ive been taking my measurements every month. it's effective for tracking but it's soooo slowwwwww and waiting a month to see if there was really any change is kind of discouraging (even though i am losing weight)

No. 278577


No. 278632

Repost from the old thread, I hadn't realized that one had hit 1200 when I posted.

So I've tried to get into running multiple times but gave up after a few times every time because my shins just hurt too goddamn much. I know shin splints are a thing but the pain would always subside after a few minutes so I don't think I got an injury, just weak shins? Is that correctly reasoned? I'm certain I have the right shoes, correct form and always warm up so that can't be the problem.

2nd, if I'm right about my shins being weak, is it a good idea to train them before I try running again? If so how?

No. 278682

I've ballooned up to 217lbs, my mom may have a fucked scale as I do NOT look that heavy. I guess I carry it well? I'm 5'9", trying to get back down to 160. I've quit drinking but the weight stuck around plus baby weight. Today I started logging in an app called "Lose It!" Which sounded hokey, but it's alright. I've been very fit and toned before so I'm confident I can do this again, so long as I don't fucking stress eat and get sick. I'm slated to lose a pound per week if I stick to my calorie goal, plus exercise. I have F cups and my ass and thighs are where my fat accumulates the most. Narrow waist. If any nonnies have some leg and core workouts to recommend I'm always curious.

In other news, my BP is down to 110 over 70 so at least that's under control now. Yeah I wanna get fit and sexy again, but mostly I just want to be strong and healthy. Measurement is going to be accountability, I fucking despise scales as I get far too obsessive.

No. 278792

Nonas I'm so tired of starving myself then binging then starving again then binging and it leading nowhere. I've maintained around 160-165lbs for like a year and a half (I'm 5'3) and I've been actively trying to lose weight the entire time. But I always end up going to both of the extremes and can't seem to stick to a healthy lifestyle that will make me lose weight but also sustain the habits to prevent me from binging and going all out after a few weeks. Whenever I try to restrict to a healthy amount (1500cal a day for example) I always start eating less and less until I'm starving and then I binge. It's such a tough cycle to break.
I really want to try to lose weight normally this time, without going to both of the extremes.

No. 278793

Samefag, has anyone here lost weight without counting calories?

No. 278813

Does anyone know how Samsung health calculates recommended daily intake? I'm sedentary, 5'9", 121lbs and the daily calorie goal the app calculated for me is around 1300 calories. Other calculators give me 1600cals~.

No. 278820

I went vegan and avoided processed food and went from 140 to 120lbs (I'm 5'1"). My favorite snack is buying a bag of 3lbs of raw peanuts and boiling 1/5 of the bag for an hour and a half. It helped me a lot from snacking or wanting chips. Another staple food that helped me was buying vegetable soup cubes and adding carrots, cabbage, anything with good fiber into them and having it for lunch. I hope you don't starve yourself again, nona. Looking up volume eating helped me stayed full while losing weight. The only tedious part was going to the toilet often because of my high fiber intake.

No. 278830

I've been vegan since new years so 7 months or so and I haven't seen a significant loss. But I have a huge appetite and am mostly a junk food vegan kek. I think I will try to eat healthy, avoid processed food and see if I'm able to lose weight that way. If not I will have to count calories. Thanks for sharing your experience!

No. 278853

I've had a very similar issue with restricting and binge eating, and the only time I lost weight healthily was when I wasn't counting calories. I cut out all snacks and stuck to 3 small-ish meals a day. I still recognised what a high-cal vs a low-cal meal looked like from my calorie counting days, so it was easy enough to not overeat if I stayed present and conscious with it. The main thing that helped was staying as busy as possible so I didn't have time to snack and binge. I went from 65kg to 55kg, but since being more depressed again I've gone back up to 59kg, so I'm trying to get back on track. It's so hard to not go to either extreme, but I know it's not sustainable and I don't want to keep yo-yoing like this.

Did you put in that you want to lose weight? Being sedentary whilst having a low bmi and little muscle would give you a slower metabolism, but 1300 definitely sounds too low for maintenance at 5'9".

I was a junk food vegan for a while too, but it just gave me another way to restrict and then inevitably binge. It depends on the person, but just be wary of it. I definitely back >>278820 in saying look up volume eating, I loooove my leafy greens. Ik you've heard it before, but make sure you're getting enough protein.

No. 278931

>but it just gave me another way to restrict and then inevitably binge.
Yeah, I definitely see how this could be a problem. Thank you for sharing.
I think my main issue is eating a lot of non-satiating foods that are packed in calories and relying on that to feel full. Bread is like the main staple of my diet at the moment and I thought I could get away with it, but I guess not kek. Thank you for the advice I will definitely try to pack on the vegetables and protein sources and cut out things like bread as much as possible (Hopefully completely at some point… The more I have it the harder it gets to resist it)

No. 278941

Idk how to stop junk food cravings… I ate McDonald's nearly every day this week and I always crave popcorn and candy. I gained like 10kg in the past year now I'm 150lbs. I don't even know where to start.

No. 278947

Went to visit my relatives recently. "Nonna, you're so skinny!" "Nonny, I hope you're eating."
I don't calorie count or restrict my diet, I'm just a picky eater. I know I should put on more weight to be healthy, though.

Any suggestions on how to put on weight? I'll even hit the gym if I need to

No. 278962

Don’t keep junk food in the house and don’t stop at fast food restaurants.

No. 278964

Protein shakes + gym is nice for bulking
You're not picky about shakes right? It's more a drink than food

No. 278969

I don’t love protein powder or kale/spinach-based shakes, but I can suck it up to bulk.
speaking of protein, I should add that I’m a pescatarian. I’ve considered eating red meat & chicken again to gain weight, is it worth it?

No. 279043

Have any of you (nonnas that lost some weight) had problem with hair loss? I've been to the doc, all my blood exams results are great. Cannot pinpoint exactly to what makes my hair fall off but it can either be 1) that i had covid in March (wasnt that bad, just felt a bit under the weather and sore throat and the hair loss started around 2 months later) OR 2) it could be because I changed my diet to eat healthy (lots of veggies and fruits and sometimes vegetarian meals, compared to before when I used to eat just junk food). I am lucky I have a lot of hair to begin with but I am worried as to when it will stop. If its diet related, does it mean I have to go back to eat junk food? Or maybe cut down on my exercise routine?

No. 279173

how long are you spending on warming up, and then stretching afterwards? if your shins are weak then start running short distances. I always recommend the "couch to 5k" to start running.

To your second point: again, you can train them while running, no need to do extra stuff, just make sure you warm up and stretch

No. 279413

I have an exercise question for nonnas who know anything about gym stuff or muscles. I have a habit of kicking my legs when I'm laying on my stomach. Like, I lay flat and then move my heel towards my bum. Do you think addind ankle weights would reap some sort of benefit? It's already a habit I've had forever and I'll probably be doing it my whole life, if theres a way to take advantage of that I'd be curious to know what ways I could do it

No. 279417

Losing weight and having covid can be tied into the hairloss. You said the hairloss started two months after covid which lines up with a telogen effluvium diagnosis (it happens a few months after the trigger). Weight loss also could be contributing, like I said before. Telogen effluvium should stop after a few months. If it gets too bad, definitely see a derm!

No. 279438

I did 10-15 minutes of walking as a warmup as instructed by the beginners program I used (not C25k specifically but something very similiar), is that not enough?

>I always recommend the "couch to 5k" to start running.

Yeah but that's the thing, I couldn't keep up with such a program whatsoever because my shins hurt, without my shins hurting I'd definitely be able to do that.

No. 279489

>>279417 is right, significant emotional or physical stress can send a wave of your follicles into telogen stage. It should taper off and they’ll come back, I wouldn’t worry.

No. 279623

I posted in one of the fitness threads here a few years ago that I had finally dropped below my plateau of 180lbs (at 5'7). My highest weight at the time was about 210lbs and I was doing so well, going to the gym regularly, eating well, walking an hour to work and home everyday. Then the pandemic hit, I moved into a new apartment with a nightmare creep landlord, got laid off and have a new (unwalkable) job, went on and off antidepressant. Today, I weighed in at about 264 lbs. I'm so devastated and don't know how I got here. I know I had done it before and I know I can do it again, but I feel so lost. My new neighborhood does not feel safe to run in and I can't really get to a gym. I used to love cardio but now I feel like it does nothing for me. How do I start with lifting weights? It feels so jarring for complete total beginners without help. At home work outs?

No. 279633

You could try something new like yoga or pilates? There is so much content online to start working out at home now. Sydney Cummings is great, Caroline Girvan too. If you are interested by yoga, Yoga With Adriene has 30 day challenge. Start slowly and trust yourself. You can do it, you already did. Good luck nonna.

No. 279742

File: 1659708861912.gif (2.19 MB, 600x686, m.gif)

short girls, 5'1-5'3 or so, what do you eat in a typical day, do you skip days of eating? im trying not to be such a piggy. i can eat anywhere from 700 to 1400 calories depending on the day, and my BMR is 1600. im trying to lose more weight but also understand what i may be doing wrong, if i should stick to one big meal a day, etc. i guess id just like some insight into how other nonnies eat daily? thank you!

No. 279745

It depends on how you eat and what you’re eating.
>>vitamin deficiency can cause you to crave micro nutrients causing “hunger cues” to over eat looking for the missing vitamin. So make sure your levels are solid. Magnesium is a common one in women that leads to sugar cravings.
>>drink enough water. Most adults lose up to 40% of their water retention ability by 65. Water is important for losing weight, keeping bloating down, and not being hungry. A lot of people who over eat can confuse dehydration with hunger because they don’t drink enough water.
>>make sure your water contains micro nutrients. If you’re drinking water with the electrolytes and minerals stripped out you’re dehydrating versus rehydrating. You need the minerals to hold on to it.
>>one large meal works better for moids than us. Some women swear by it but small consistent food on macro and micro has better studied outcomes. One large meal puts you at a higher risk of your metabolism crashing, developing type two diabetes, and puts unnecessary stress on the organs. If you’re going to make sure the meal doesn’t contain a high amount of simple carbs and sugar so you don’t get the spike. Keep it balanced and filling.
I’m a grazer. I start with some water and vitamins, eat smaller meals with high nutrients. Eating small portions. Keeps my stomach small so I can only eat so much. It also encourages me to eat a bigger variety. A small bowl of fruit, two boiled eggs, a handful of tortilla cheaps, a small steak and steamed veggies. Yada yada Whole Foods. I don’t know that any of that is helpful, but it’s stuff I take in to account.

No. 279747

aw it truly is helpful! thank you! i have been starting off my mornings with breakfast or omad but i definitely believe this is out of the desire for a quick dopamine spike and due to my early work mornings. ill then fast or feel guilty and have a hefty workout session to burn off the 900 calories i literally kirby consumed in two hours!!! i know breakfast is acceptable for most but as a child i had BED so i think im going to go back to IF and have my first meal later on so I dont think about food so early on. im also going to go back to drinking more water because i stopped and ill definitely get in more electrolytes. i take a multivitamin and one which promotes healthy brain functions but i have heard lots about magnesium being really beneficial.
tl;dr: this did help nonnie. going to purchase magnesium and work on drinking a bottle of water every two hours at least for starters. and ill do a 24 hr fast to reset and hopefully start limiting my sugars. i work at a bakery and have been indulging in our upcoming fall treats a bit too much lately!! no weight gain, if anything i lose a pound here and there but i know i could be much healthier and lose quicker if i was stricter.

No. 279748

samefag but i also quit cigs and vaping and weed last month so im sure not having that oral fixation has been contributing to my hunger, but gum can usually fend it off

No. 279752

I’m glad it was helpful!
For the sugar cravings could you do a big fruit smoothie? I like them and then do an a brown sugar or honey matcha with almond milk unsweetened at home. I also got some vitamin D chocolates with saffron oil since the chocolate gives the dopamine and oxytocin feeling and the saffron helps serotonin production. Because their vitamins though I only take my one or two in the morning and then can’t have any more.
When I stopped smoking I switched to Jerky. I got some really thick tough dehydrated jerkey. It would take me like 40 minutes to chew through a piece. And break into little pieces and just work on it. Sounds weird but it helped a lot and gum wasn’t working. I wish you luck Nona! You got this.
Also cold showers are quick sources of dopamine as unpleasant as they are so if you get in a really low mood. Hot shower for oxytocin like a hug. Cold shower for 2-5 minutes at the end for dopamine.

No. 279969

SW: 162
CW: 150
GW: 125

I'm really disappointed with myself nonnas. Usually, once I see myself creeping towards 140, I start reining things in, but I didn't have a scale for a year and things got out of control. I feel like I have a poor sense of how big I am when I look in the mirror. When I gain weight, I never notice.

I've been running 5 days a week and mixing in some pilates too, but I seem to be stuck at 150. I used to be really into eating healthy, but the pandemic kind of ruined me on that.

I'm really determined to get myself back on track with food! We can do it!

No. 279989

>vitamin D chocolates with saffron oil
Oh nonna could you share where you get your shocky and saffron oil brand, please and thank you!
Also my fucking gerd is so annoying but thankfully I've found chamomile tea to help a lot with soothing but not black liquourie tea, does anyone have any naturalish remedies for stomach acid/heart burn for me to try out?

No. 280024

Maybe I'm late with response, but I did. I was 180 cm/80 kg and went to 65 kg (but my retarded self still managed to get to 78 kg again, although I was pretty successful with keeping my weight and honestly saw mistakes that led me to weight gain, bit I did nothing about it).

Basically, I ate mostly clean foods and tried to restrict myself on sweet stuff. For breakfast, I had porridge or eggs, then for lunch I just drunk some kefir and maybe had a granola bar; for dinner, I just stimmed a bag of frozen veggies with chicken breasts, or ate beans. I made a very big pan of vegetables and grabbed myself a bowl of veggies throughout the evening when I felt like I want to have a snack.

You just need to eat clean foods 2-3 times a day, with no snacks in between, so basically IF. Try to avoid oils, sugar and carbs like pasta. You can have something sweet once in a while. Aldo being somewhat active is great. This way you don't need to count calories, just listen to your body, and stop eating before you feel full.

No. 280026

Trying to lower my sweets intake so I started making smoothies and I can't believe it actually works.

No. 280027

Update, I'm 156lbs now. I haven't been counting calories I just decreased my portion sizes and eat unprocessed food instead of junk. I also take walks at night and make sure I'm getting 6k-10k steps a day. I hope I'll be able to keep this up.

No. 280032

im so proud of u nona. u can keep it up ur strong!!! very happy for u and its also very inspiring

No. 280051

Yes! Here they are. They ship them to me. They also have B12 chocolates that I’ve got everyone IRL hooked on before we go on hikes and stuff haha for the energy boost.
For that it depends on the cause? Mint can help with heartburn and nausea and bloating but it relaxes the band on the top of your stomach so if you have heart burn it can cause more stomach acid to come up. Ginger can soothe heart burn and bloating and nauseous and works an anti-inflammatory. So normally I go ginger over mint. They make chewable ginger tabs or ginger candies to suck on. I used them when I went through a horrible period. Tomatoes and onions should probably be avoided. Make sure you’re getting enough omega 3 to 6’s so priories fruit and nut based oils like olive and avocado over canola and vegetable. Stay upright for at least 30 mins after meals to help it settle. On and if you sleep on your left side sleep on your right. It places your stomach lower which increases the chances of your stomach acid staying in your stomach.
My partner had cancer and has radiation burns that hurt like fuck when they have heart burn and I’ve been making him a tea of chamomile, a little secret ginger, lavender, nettle (an antihistamine), marshmallow root, and local honey and they says it helps too.

No. 280053

Wooooo good job. You got this

No. 280115

File: 1659905017252.gif (1.08 MB, 268x268, puchi puchi.gif)

Thank YOU Nonny! Youre an angel and for all the amazing advice, hope your partner is doing better!

No. 280668

Hi nonnas, I've been doing good with my weight loss goals, as of today I've been put on 10mg of Amitriptyne for my terrible headaches, I know one of the common side effects is weight gain, if I keep up my calorie deficits and gym will I be okay and still be able to lose weight? I'm on such a low dose, I'm hoping…

No. 280669

congrats on your weight loss nona! how much have you lost (if you don't mind me asking) just keep doing what you're doing!

No. 280671

File: 1659996401264.jpg (84.97 KB, 900x610, E7frbsxWUAI3lgB.jpg)


I started at about 69kg and I am down to 63 and my goal is 55kg! You are sweet, good luck too nonna friend!

No. 280677

Nonas what should I do if I really want to start getting more serious about strength training but I'm too socially retarded/scared/whatever to go to a regular gym.
I regularly do typical 'at home' strength training but I know there's a limit for what you can do without professional instructions.
Any equipment you'd recommend to improve at home? Or strategies to not get extremely anxious about going to a gym? Alternative types of sports that train strength but don't involve a regular gym? hlp pls

No. 280727

is it possible to cut successfully on a vegetarian diet? I'm struggling to get enough protein and that is including daily shakes and cottage cheese. somehow I can't manage to get enough protein without overshooting carbs and or fat.

my goal is a 40C/30F/30P split and about 1300 cals daily. I can barely exercise though because I'm fatigued and dizzy a lot so I think something is off
I dont want to go back to chicken corpses but that was the only way I ever got lean in the past. it makes me sad I have to choose between ethics and aesthetics

No. 280728

>is it possible to cut successfully
I read this and got very concerned

No. 280752

sounds like you're buying the wrong type of shakes. very easy to do using whey protein isolate shakes specifically

No. 280774

A lot of the gymbros you see are ego lifting. It’s why they go up in size so fast and weights and it’s also why they injure themselves like dumbasses. Get to know the muscle groups and what exercise targets though and how to activate them to get the most out of every lift. Body building posing might help as it serves to help give you more muscle control awareness (yes there’s a point to it). Learn to listen to those muscles and feel when they’re engaged and close to failure and that’s when you stop. Start with a low weight and 12 reps and then move up reps to 15. Focus on form and function over heavy weights. You’ll get there. After the 15 reps and the consistency then bump weight up by 5-10 pounds and start at 10-12 reps again and work up. Take your time. For machines most gyms can give you a tutorial your first time

No. 280817

Nta but eating too many nuts give me acne and cysts

No. 280859

>>280774 gave really good advice but to add with my experience lifting at home; I bought two adjustable dumbbells and started with some basic compound exercises (at the start I just did shoulder press, floor press, squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts; all feasible with dumbbells).
I started with low weights, watched various videos on proper form for each exercise, and always lift where I can see my reflection to make sure my form is good. After doing this for a while and slowly increasing the weights, I made a more complex weekly program for myself based on youtube videos I watched (though take those with a grain of salt) and what I've read about muscles groups and which exercises target which group.
I'm sure I'll need to go to the gym eventually when I work up to weights that require a rack to lift safely, but this is working really well for me at the moment. Burned some fat, built a bit of muscle and haven't gotten injured.

No. 280875

I usually use egg white protein for the shakes

No. 280898

I spent years starving myself to be skinny. Now I work out consistently and eat. BMI says I'm overweight but I finally have abs and look amazing. Weight training at home is the best. As >>280774 said you don't need to ego lift. I only use adjustable dumbbells. My joints are happy and so I'm. Caroline Girvan's workouts are great if you don't like workout alone.

No. 280906

So I haven't caught up on this thread, but since moving back to Europe from the middle east, I started working out indoors again. It's too humid to do the jogging I secretly hated but did anyway at night before.

I think some posters here don't like her, but I downloaded the Pam app (free version) and like to use her plans as a basis, then customize them as needed. I'm not trying to lose weight but picked the "weight loss" one this week just for more cardio. I like that Pamela (Reif) doesn't talk in the videos, and they are nicely produced, the music doesn't suck either. I don't like to hear music I absolutely love while working out, because it distracts me and I want to "respect" the music, not work out to it. So my ex used to ridicule Pam's music but tbh it's just workout music for me.

Anyway I'm taking a brief breather now. So far I did:
lower ab video (linked)
some silly boss bitch dance video (if things are ever too dumb, i just do squats or mountain climbers)
pilates video (half through - https://youtu.be/enK76XbR9Q0)

after this I will either do a normal ab video or lower abs with ankle weights (https://youtu.be/Gg3W2x0dnDg).And a stretching one focusing on core, arms, and back/shoulders (https://youtu.be/Wdq_pRXwg_8)

Sorry for the long post, I have no-one to tell about my completely mediocre fitness attempts. I am writing my dissertation so this is like the only other thing to which I'm devoting myself right now. I can sperg about this stuff a lot

No. 280908

can you try to train yourself to kick up in the air or lift your thigh a bit? Look up glute videos (straight leg kicks or donkey kicks). usually you aren't lying flat for those but I think there are variations. You should try to use the upper part of your leg and glute though. Then you will get actual benefits. I know what you are talking about because I do it too.

No. 280971

File: 1660162553458.jpeg (9.99 MB, 6480x3924, B9BF93E2-E38B-4ABC-BA15-4FC824…)

I finally have control on my binging, and Ive lost 10lbs! Very exciting. I work on my feet (6 miles a shift usually), and I have been eating more at home.
Also, Ive been drinking more assorted teas!
I went on a hike the other day and it was 2 miles up a side of a mountain. I focused on keeping my pace and made it almost through the trail. (Wasn't really wearing the right shoes for the rockier area)
Heres the view from a boulder I chilled on for a few minutes before heading back.

No. 281000

I'm so proud of you! You've made some difficult changes but I know how good they must make you feel. This view is gorgeous. You deserve a ton of respect!!

No. 281086

> wipes little tears
Thank you nonna coach this means alot! Its been a challenge! Thank you for your support!

No. 281254

Just tried a peloton and WOW! I've been missing out on a lot. Biked 20 miles today. I feel one step closer to my better self!

No. 281259

what is the appeal of the peleton exactly?

No. 281265

I don’t have a peloton, but I used to use a stationary bike when I lived in a very hot and non-bikeable area. It’s pretty nice to be able to bike while watching tv and being in your own home, away from cars ready to run you over or extreme weather. I’d definitely get a peloton if I had money. Having built in classes and guides is just really appealing, but too pricy for me.

No. 281351

that’s amazing nona. what a beautiful view.

can you share some of the things that helped you to stop binging? i’m a week clean (ik that’s not a lot but it is for me, lol) & the freedom from bloat & sluggishness & self-hatred is already so nice.

No. 281354

i love pamela reif. i think she has great music for her videos. like, they’re not songs i’d necessarily listen to outside of a workout but the energy, flow, BPM of the music match so well with your movements and make the workouts fly by.

i’m doing the give me abs plan in her app rn. 5 pam videos back to back is quite a lot! i’m impressed.

No. 281356

That view is unreal, how beautiful!

No. 281365

File: 1660340875340.gif (115.2 KB, 300x400, d5484389f1fb34e83763e144d1fe4a…)

Is 1200kcal net calories good for weight loss? I'm eating close to 2000 and exercising the excess off with an hour of cardio but i feel like I'm losing slower then just eating 1200kcal with no exercise. I also doubt I'm gaining any muscle cause it's just cardio. I just need reassurance to keep going with it because I do want to keep exercising not just for weight lose but because it's good for your health and I enjoy being able to eat more but seeing the scale not moving is starting to trigger me into ED thoughts.

No. 281367

sorry you’re struggling nona. i don’t have advice for the first part of your question but i’d encourage you to set aside your scale. i also have an ed history & i refuse to weigh myself for that reason. scale weight is so fickle anyway, and if i see myself hitting a plateau i panic and binge and it offsets all my progress. as long as you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight. try to take it slow & trust the process

No. 281372

Thank you anon. I get the same thing were seeing my weight not moving really upsets me and leads to me binging. I'll try weighing less frequently and start taking some measurements to see if there are any non-scale changes. I'll try to relax and give it a month or two.

No. 281531

Does anyone know of a super simple calorie logging app where you can just quickly and casually insert the number of calories you consume throughout the day without having to go through the extra process of inputting the exact food you ate as well? I'm not trying to lose weight specifically, I'm in pretty good shape already, it's just that I've found being generally mindful of how much I'm eating helps with my sugar addiction. However, I have dyscalculia and ADHD which makes it very hard to keep track of those things in my head, and my brain hates extra steps and isn't going to stick with the added "work" of searching for and/or manually typing in every single food.

I suppose I could just use the calculator on my phone, but it would be nicer to have something that's actually designed to log and keep track of each day.

No. 281550

That's a huge jump and also too low if you want to keep exercising with any efficiency (ie not starving away the benefits you get from it). Remember you can't lose forever. What's a plateau, anyway? Failing to lose weight, or failing to nourish and strengthen your body? I'm in a similar place and have issues with exercise regimes - I go overboard and start calorie restricting even though I only had intentions of cycling, running, weight lifting, etc. I have faith in us that we can relax and learn to appreciate exercise for the sake of health again, we just need to break the cycle.

No. 281630

I've personally come to the conclusion that calorie counting is for schmucks, and just restricting your diet to healthy foods is the best way to live life. It's so much easier and healthier to avoid all added sugars and most grains, than it is to obsessively count every calorie of every day. It's so hard to get fat off filling protein and salads. After a while, you stop getting the cravings for unhealthy foods too, which I feel like calorie counters have to constantly fight off. And it's so much more flexible when you're eating food and don't know the calorie count.

No. 281634

I've done this too but I feel like it's unrealistic for majority of people and just leads to binges. Some folks just like "unhealthy" food, fatty dishes, bread, pasta, whatever and it's better if they can incorporate them into their diets with moderation instead of abandoning them altogether.

No. 281635

Could some nonnies share the name of natty women who workout and inspire them? I only started working out seriously last year so I have no idea of what's natural or not.

No. 281639

Claire, ignore the haters, that's years of work to put on the mass and definition she has.

No. 281819

Claire who?

No. 281863

Is there any tricks to gaining muscle as a woman? I would do literally anything to be extremely muscular (more muscular than what most would call feminine or good looking for a woman) but i feel as though no matter how hard i work out and take supplements i still gain no real muscle. Also does anyone feel very frustrated by the way female and male muscle gain works? Iv been working out side by side with my cousin who is the same age as me and hes the only one making any progress. I have even had the thought of taking testosterone for this reason, good idea or bad idea?

No. 281880

nonnies what are your experiences with creatine? I feel like it could really help me have more energy, gain muscle and lose fat which are my main issues but I guess I've just never thought to use it before because I used to be naturally a little muscular and figured high volume/ protein/ plant based and going from being sedentary to working out at least a little bit every day would help but i'm just maintaining and going nowhere. I know it's not going to magically fix all my problems but I've heard it's super helpful for women with the same issues, you might hang onto water weight for a week but then it goes away type of thing. Are certain brands better than others, powders better or worse than pills, or is it all pretty effective? I don't want to have to spend a ton on it if I can get away with that but I'd still like to avoid stuff with fillers and get whatever is most effective.

also I'm not sure whether I'd want to "cut" or "bulk" in this instance, I literally just want to lose maybe 5-10lbs and gain lean muscle and a tiny bit of definition. I feel like fitness reddit threads always make such a big deal about cutting vs bulking and it's like i don't care!!! i literally just want to feel healthier and less weak and look a little slimmer without getting sucked into the fitness world and making gym bro jargon take up too much of my life

No. 281903

No tricks, you have to eat A TON. Like seriously uncomfortably lot.
All healthy stuff no processed shit, focus on protein intake, lotsa fish and eggs. But no skipping salads to stuff in more protein, you won't be able to make enough collagen for ligaments.
It takes time to become muscular, but once it starts showing, it goes much faster and you'll be amazed how you look. You just need patience, not hormones

No. 281907

>I do NOT look that heavy
Yes you do.

No. 281909

Anyone know how to keep tailbone length hair under control when exercising? A braid keeps slapping me all over my body like someone beating me with a rope, a bun just unravels itself and laughs at how pathetic the attempt was, and a ponytail just swishes all over my face like there's a horse trying to lower its ass into my eyes

No. 281915

Why does cycling make my pussy hurt so bad? It hurts while im on the bike and makes going to the bathroom and showering painful. I also get a bunch of bruises inbetween my buttcheeks, which don't hurt but they look gross. And before you ask why I was looking at my butthole in the mirror, I was bored.
Anyways, I only ride my bike for transportation so rarely more than 5 miles at a time(like, ride 5 miles to the store and 5 miles back) so it's not from sitting on my bike for too long. Could it be the seat? What can I do to stop this? Pls help

No. 281928

get a seat that curves down away from your pussy

No. 281930

This is exactly how I feel, nonna! I think the lower abs + weight is a bit advanced for me. I substituted another video.

I like how she doesn't talk much and it's just a nicely produced bunch of videos. I picked the full body routine this week! Good luck to you, nonna! I want abs too lol. When I was really into exercising last year, I started eventually seeing encouraging results (without massive diet changes). I had to take a break for a surgery & recovery but now I'm back!

No. 281934

I am freaking out about life and work and considering skipping my workout. But I know it will help me feel better…

I think I'll just switch the plan for today. I was supposed to do arms but I think core and pilates will be a bit more grounding.

No. 281947

File: 1660571225549.jpeg (41.3 KB, 334x500, E59ECEA6-16EC-4877-98AE-F861A9…)

I have found that having two braided buns helps keep them from falling out while exercising. Tighter than the pic related, but something like that.

No. 281960

I just use MFP. When I'm not too interested in logging exact foods, I'll just select pure sugar and mess with the serving amount until it matches the amount of calories I actually ate. That way I can still get the calorie count I want and I additionally won't confuse myself when I'm looking at my history since I'll know I didn't actually eat a half pound of sugar on any particular day lol

No. 281961

Do a high ballerina bun, exactly like this with the same kinds of long hair pins. I do this with my long hair and it does not budge at all. Ignore other tutorials that just show the person using a hair tie, that won't work.


No. 281963

Thank you nonnies, you may have saved my pilates routine from being murdered due to hair frustration

No. 281964

File: 1660577984109.jpg (184.71 KB, 720x689, 20201208_170143.jpg)

>want to be bigger/stronger
>start working out to build muscle
>my favourite pyjama shorts that fit fine two weeks ago are now falling off as I walk
I've shifted to the mirror dimension where bizarro rules apply so workouts work in reverse now

No. 281966

You are just not eating enough

No. 281971

I havent actually changed from my normal way of eating apart from throwing more protein on top of the normal stuff (I'd estimate 1700-2000 calories per day + roughly 80g of protein). I was hoping someone would say it's water weight and the muscle comes after?

No. 281974

What's your tdee? For bulking you should eat 500 calories above it.

No. 281976

Same anon. Up your protein and complex carbs. Give it a few weeks and see if you redistribute. Same thing happened and now I’m filling back out with muscle. Just took longer.

No. 281986

Ok I see where I fucked up now. I wasn't factoring in how many calories I burn commuting to work and it made things higher than my intake

No. 282076

I know in general high protein is good, high carb is bad but what about high fat? How does that affect your body composition?

No. 282090

Fats can be the purest form of energy and satiety.

No. 282161

Honestly I grew up with so much talk of ‘high cholesterol bad’ but I gave up sugar to reduce my acne, and flat out stopped craving it.
My diet would be called high cholesterol/fatty. Eggs every day, fatty stuff like cheese, fish and milk, and minimal sugar. Now I can actually build muscle easier, my hair’s thicker, I’m not skinny fat, and I don’t really gain chub. Meals are more satiating too, and I even feel more energetic. I swear we get taught that we need a huge serving of carbs and minimal fats, but I disagree from experience.
>>282090 this video talks sense.

No. 282221

fuck one-legged glute bridges and fuck mountain climbers. yes i posted this while seething mid-workout

i honestly think this is extremely variable and somewhat unique to the individual and their satiety preferences. i have a theory that people fall into one of 2 camps, either high fat or high carb. a combination of high carb + high fat seems to be bad for everyone because it’s extremely stimulating and can cause food addiction and overeating. but i feel most people thrive either eating HCLF or LCHF. personally i’m in the high carb camp. i can eat sooo much fatty food and never feel satisfied because the volume is so low and it makes my digestion and energy sluggish. i prefer smashing fruit, rice, potatoes, oats, etc. but i feel it’s the inverse for people who do better with low carb - fat is satiating and energizing to them and carbs just leave them hungrier. it’s interesting.

No. 282323

I agree. This type of diet worked for me as a north euro. But then like you said, some people might work better with high carb, it might vary by race and genetics.

No. 282363

how tall are you? you might be cutting too much, maybe try to up your calories. also make sure you're getting enough electrolytes, especially potassium. maybe add tofu to your diet if you don't eat it already, idk but that helped me when i was vegetarian.

No. 282366

I just completed my first ever 10k run, with no breaks, at a pace I'm very happy with. I'm so pleased, about 2 months ago I cod barely run for 5 minutes without being horribly out of breath and need to stop. It's all about consistency, I believe in all of you! We can do it!

No. 282369

proud of you, nonna!

No. 282381

congrats!! this is my goal, i would love to know how you built up to running a 10k - how many times a week did you run and how did you progress past only being able to run for 5 mins?

No. 282382

I have been eating healthy working out consistently for 3 months until about 2 weeks ago. Weather where I live got very humid and hot which made me lose almost all motivation.
I forced myself to visit gyms (I have a gym card that lets me visit multiple gyms in town where I live) but none of them use air conditioning and I was not able to do even half of what I am regularly able to.
I also have no energy when it comes to even easy exercises, started eating a lot (though this could have been pms as i got my period today) and just struggle with motivation.

How do I get back on track? Do I just wait for this weather to end? I feel I am going to lose a lot by then. Anyone else had similar problem before?

No. 282425

Just wait for the weather to end.
Heatstrokes aren't healthy.

No. 282452

is it safe for you to exercise outside when it’s less hot, like early in the morning? the heat’s been killing me too so i’ve been taking walks when it’s still dark & the sun is about to come up. i know not everyone can do that with where they live though. you can also do body weight & cardio exercises inside your residence.

No. 282511

So, I had a really bad day and usually when I feel stressed I lose appettite and ended up fasting for 24h I've eaten since then but when I got up in the morning I felt like I was dying, my heart was beating so fast and I felt weaker than ever. How do people do this willingly, I never want it to happen again

No. 282514

some people just have a higher tolerance for fasting. probably something to do with blood sugar and electrolytes. also most people who do extended fasts have more body fat which makes it easier (the fat is an energy reserve). i don’t think medically unsupervised fasting is healthy or advisable though… i dislike that it’s a popular thing now.

No. 282518

Dumb question, but if I drink egg shakes (with raw eggs, obviously) will I get salmonella and die? I see so many people who drink it but I want to be careful, yk.

No. 282524

I used to put raw eggs in a vegetable shake and I'm still alive to type this

No. 282547

Salmonella comes from contamination on the shell of the egg. If you crack your eggs properly and are using store bought eggs you’re 99% sure going to be fine.

No. 282617

File: 1660909305095.jpeg (340.89 KB, 1168x1729, 88002E2F-2DD8-4150-B318-05F8FF…)

anyone else obsessed with cronometer? i like to input fake days and just play around with the nutrient scores. it’s entertaining to me. picrel

No. 282660

File: 1660936434655.png (597.6 KB, 1280x720, bento-hyouka-15.png)

Hope this fits into the "diet" category, I just need inspiration and advice. I have a 2 week long exam coming up, normally I don't eat throughout the day, but with an exam and having to perform at my best for 9 hours a day, I will have to take some food with me that I can eat in between. Are there any foods that are especially good to eat while having to be mentally and physically on top for the day, something that doesn't make you tired after you ate and it has to be prepared beforehand, there isn't a microwave or kitchen around. Any information, advice, links, stories how you prepare for exams food wise would be very much welcome.

No. 282668

I know someone who messed up their metabolism big time from it. personally I think if you couldn’t do it indefinitely don’t do it at all

No. 282683

if i want to cut out sugar so i'll stop craving it, how far do i have to go? dumb question ik but do i need to stop eating fruits or is it just processed sugar i need to avoid? i don't eat candy or anything but i do like flavored greek yogurt or low fat cottage cheese with jam, does that need to go too? am, stupid

No. 282684

some anon posted about a weightlifting routine thing semi recently and i can't find it or remember what it was called reee it seemed so simple and easy to do too.

also re: lifting weights, is it better to focus on certain muscle groups each day vs doing a full body workout? i can't always make it to the gym consistently, sometimes just once or twice a week, so to me it makes more sense to work everything just in case i can't make it any other day that week

No. 282686

Jam is super high in added sugar unless you're buying pure stuff. My rule of thumb: if sugar is one of the first 3 listed ingredients, don't eat it. Fruit in moderation is fine.

No. 282710

I just heard of a study where people scored higher on exams if they have something sugary. Try some orange juice. Good luck on your exams nonna!

No. 282744

> re: lifting weights, is it better to focus on certain muscle groups each day vs doing a full body workout?
Absolutely! Muscles grow in the pause phase, so when you do a group at a time you are giving other groups time to grow. If you do whole body workouts you have to do total pauses and time them right, and overall the first option is just easier and better.

No. 282745

Wait you pause more than you workout lol, yeah whole body is the way to go

No. 282749

Focus on protein, some fat and some carbs.
You can make sandwiches with cheese, eggs, ham, veggies, avocado.
For snacks I’d get nuts, beef jerky, dark chocolate, boiled eggs, cheese sticks.
Don’t eat carbs by itself, always pair it with protein so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar which causes brainfog later.
Good luck!!

No. 282757

i go gym 5x a week, lift heavy and eat a lot of protein. i'm trying to up my calories to break my fear of them. i eat very healthy 90% of the time so it's actually so much food in a day just to hit 1500cal! sugar free protein milk chocolate has been a great help for adding calories and it's delicious but so much fat. however i gotta say it's pretty great pushing myself to eat more, feels like i'm giving my past ED the middle finger, even though i am still kinda scared of gaining weight. i'm tryna be buff tho so fuck it

No. 282777

Eating for muscle growth is hard. I'm supposed to size up for GAA and I'm struggling to actually have the appetite to stuff it down. 2300 calories a day with 150g protein and at this point I physically can't drink any more milk or else it will come out of tear ducts

No. 282814

File: 1661022728993.jpg (116.19 KB, 1114x1606, 1649004697281.jpg)

Any nonnies have a good novice/intermediate weight lifting routine for women? I can find plenty for men, but not many for women. I don't care about having a fat ass (though that would be nice), I want whole body fitness. Seems like most female routines I look up are all glute focused.

I also really want to get back into contortion, but gaining weight over quarantine makes basic poses so much harder.

No. 282823

Nonnas, do you workout and use dumbells during your periods? I keep feeling guilty for not doing any workout everytime I have periods due to heavy bleeding, irls always tell me I shouldnt workout when I am having periods, but idk.

No. 282887

File: 1661057345570.jpg (74.14 KB, 1024x698, Planning-Training-around-your-…)

I do body weight exercises and yoga/Pilates, I've had to just class period weeks as 'recovery' so I book a massage and make sure not to binge eat.
This pic has a good guide to what changes occur during your monthly cycle so don't be hard on yourself for doing what is best for your body.

I'm a huge fan of 'Yoga with Olive' and her gentle flow yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCytq0eygo8

No. 282888

Here's another good youtube video that discusses exercise styles and monthly hormone changes.

No. 282898

very ot but this drawing is coomerish as fuck, what the hell nonna

No. 282934

thank you, nonnas. The bit with carbs paired with protein is very helpful, I will keep that in mind. Guess it's time to find a lunchbox and make a plan for every day of the week, kek.

No. 283043

it's me again, I'm 152.8lbs now. Which is under 70kg which I haven't been in so long. It feels good! My jeans are loose and I feel skinnier. In the past when I would try to lose weight I noticed no difference in my appearance at all but this time around I definitely do. Even my sister said I've lost weight so I got some 3rd person confirmation which felt nice.
Not gonna lie I had a couple setbacks the past 2 weeks since my last post, I binged like 2 times I think. But I managed to stop it before it got out of control and got back on track, hence why I still lost weight.
Will keep coming back for updates as time goes on. Thank you for the support on my last messages. <3

No. 283044

Kek failed my heart spoiler whoops

No. 283063

Hi lovely nonnas,

Really silly question, I use Lose It and calorie count as well as exercise, it calculated I have a 1298 calorie allowance a day and on this I lose however much, however, when I gym and I burn up to 500-600 calories, I'm guessing I should still be eating up to 1298 because I'm guessing without, I'm on a major unhealthy deficit? Have I been a dummy and on the days I've been at 600 deficit, putting my body under struggle?

No. 283065

Yes, you need to eat at least 1298 so take into account what you lose when you exercise and add it. I was doing this (not eating enough calories) and started losing hair because of it.

No. 283066

I'm a hikki but i want to be fit and become a healthy, energetic person, but everytime I try to do some kind of exercise i get excruciatingly exhausted, like I'm going to pass out and I'm not even fat, I'm actually pretty skinny. How can I develop endurance?

No. 283068

If you've been eating unhealthy and not moving around at all, your cholesterol might be up to the sky, that could be one of the reasons you feel exhausted so quickly. Or just because of your sedentary lifestyle. I recommend you just start walking like 30 minutes a day for some time until you feel "good", then start going a bit faster

No. 283093


Oh bless you nonna I hope your hair is a bit happier now, so basically make sure I still eat 1298 calories even if I exercise and have a further deficit?

No. 283117

Just walk as the other anon said and you can take breaks if that means you do it longer. Like an hour walking in the park, walk for __amount of songs and then rest for one song. Repeat. Eventually you'll walk faster and for longer times.

No. 283125

File: 1661189774771.jpeg (280.49 KB, 632x553, E8586EA6-3009-46DD-87D3-93C4E7…)

hey girls! I'm trying to lose fat and gain some muscle after gaining weight from alcohol binges for 2-3 months. Been sober for one and a half months now. Usually whenever I quit drinking (sadly, relapses has happened after 4 months since I started quitting a year back) I drop all the weight in the matter of months because I generally just don't eat very much.

But since I've picked up exercise, I've feel hungry af all the time. It's like I'm hungry but I have no appetite. I don't even have any cravings for any certain foods or WANT to eat foods when I become hungry.

Lifting sisters please send help

>mfw ate to maintenance instead of a deficit again today

No. 283142

where do i even start if i want to lose weight? it's also so confusing and I am scared of ending up with a bad habit, can someone recommend a video or something to guide me in the right direction? pls nonnies I want beach body for this summer kek

No. 283160

It's all about creating healthy habits, you have to remember that just because you're going to have a healthy diet, doesn't mean you will stop once your body looks the way you want it to look like.
Another thing is not worrying about your weight, weighting yourself too much will only stress you and make you unable to lose weight.
So instead of checking out your weight all of the time, measure your body bi-weekly, maybe even wait 4 weeks to measure yourself.
Cardio is your best friend, walk a lot, maybe jog or dance.
Doing weight lifting is important as well, so look for simple exercises that you can do at home or go to a gym to feel more encouraged to workout. I honestly prefer going to the gym tbh.
Just because you skip a day of exercise or eat something "bad" one day doesn't mean everything is ruined, it's hard to keep a balance after all, just don't give up hope and keep doing your exercise routines and eating healthy.
Protein is your best friend, vegetables should be enough for you to basically cover the plate, salad is always good, and most importantly don't you just remove the carbs out of your diet carbs are necessary for your body, just eat them moderately.
If you want to have sweets have either dark chocolate or fruits like melon, pineapple, apples, peaches, a few grapes or blueberries, strawberries, some banana, papaya and such.
Try to eat at least 4 times a day, the ideal would be that you eat 5 times a day though, 3 whole meals and 2 snacks.

No. 283296

File: 1661299905184.png (630.39 KB, 1118x588, diet jelly DIY.png)

More protein, magnesium and high quality vitamins.
With you history of alcohol, you may be low in B1 (Thiamine) which is vital for creating energy production/conversion from your food.
This video goes into greater information about different vitamin deficiency.


In regards to cal deficit when lifting, I do this:
low-cal/sugar-free jelly made with 2 tsp psyllium husk, and a greens powder mix.
Go easy on the psyllium fiber as it can cause constipation but it's essentially 30 cals but nutrient heavy. It's a cheaper version of the asian konjac jelly mixes

No. 283303

File: 1661301461867.png (777.21 KB, 1000x561, recomposition.png)

I like:
Vicky Justiz (lazy girl routine)
The daily student (Good reflections on body image and goal setting)
Erin Stern (gym routines, goals, meal planning)
SusieJTodd (I like seeing someone my size do challenges and her relatable feedback/mindspace)
Rowena Tsai (systems vs. hard goals)
Yoga with Adriene
Move with Nicole (pilates)

Changes are made with small steps and do physical measurements than trusting the scale.

No. 283327

Obligatory newfag warning, just found out about this site today

I notice that swimming gets slept on A LOT in fitness boards. I didn’t exercise a ton cause I got heel spurs, so standing/running for long periods of time hurts like hell. Swimming solves this issue so well, it’s insane. Plus it helps with VO2 maxing, bc it forces you to hold your breath!!! Swimming rules!!!

No. 283335

File: 1661316946342.png (1.08 KB, 226x20, AE2-D-7-GYK-9-PI8-WR0-VE.png)

>Obligatory newfag warning, just found out about this site today
yeah we can tell kek

No. 283349

What's with these retarded newfags lately who think they can bypass lurking to integrate by announcing they're new.

No. 283357

File: 1661327296430.gif (1.4 MB, 250x250, SCake.GIF)

Nooonnnaaaass I don't know what the most efficient way of doing OMAD is.
Should I reach my TDEE or still -500 from it.
What should my one (1) meal contain? Protein>Fibre>Carbs ?
I have scouted the internet and I get a different answer from every source.
I trust you guys though.
plz help m incompetent

No. 283367

File: 1661339495843.jpeg (48.83 KB, 351x873, images (12).jpeg)

If you're trying to lose weight-500
If you're trying to build muscle -200 or TDEE depending on training (lightweights vs. power lifting conditioning)
If you're trying OMAD for the first time do your TDEE and allow yourself 1hr eating window/ 23hr fasting for a week to adjust to it. Or 2/22hr

Focus on protein, green vegetables, berries, probiotic foods and fats. Add additional starchy carbs as required and remember to factor in your menstrual cycle when meal planning so you can calorie budget for comfort foods.
Colorful foods are your best friends and so are homemade salad dressings.
Also start with soup as your first food item as it's easier on the guts when you first start.

No. 283368

Forgot to add: miso soup and bone broth is your friend.
Try to ensure your protein comes from different sources, I like to do eggs, spicy brown rice w/ lentils and mix up my animal protein depending on what my butcher has. Protein powders are good but less processed is better on OMAD as you may become more prone to bloating/ IBS symptoms.

No. 283375

Nta but bone broth makes me feel incredible. I make it at home sometimes with a chicken carcass or hamhocks. It's so delicious, I love making Minestrone with the chicken broth. Yummmm

No. 283381

quinoa is also really high in protein

No. 283414

Don't forget to include a lil treat like a pudding cup or some jello

No. 283415

Has anyone here been able to successfully lose body fat while on an antipsychotic?

I started treatment a couple years ago and I was shocked I gained 20lbs in a year even though my diet hadn't changed. I was going through a really bad time and when I was finally well enough to start rebuilding my life I started to work on getting back my old body. For six months I did hiit, lifted weights and had 1200 calories a day (all in one week). But I didn't see any improvement. I've changed my meds several times to stop the weight gain, and even though I'm not gaining anymore I can't seem to lose the body fat I have now. Maybe I was too impatient, but after eight months of trying I gave up. I've started exercising again two months after I quit but honestly I feel pretty unmotivated because of my previous lack of success. I feel terrible because I was once around 20% bodyfat when I was a bodybuilder and now I'm like this.

My mental state is the best it's ever been thanks to medication and therapy, but I paid such a high price for it I sometimes feel like I'm being punished for getting help.

No. 283433

Hey nonnas its me the hike anon who is binge free! Sorry I didnt reply, but I hope any anons who struggle with binge eating- there is thread in /g/ for just that and also a general ED one!
I just checked in at the docs and it turns out I am down 16 lbs from my first weigh in this summer. Even though I can acknowledge the hard work Ive put in, I struggle to see the change.
I am no where near my goal, but I hope soon I can get the visual validation from my weight loss as well. Im also starting to enroll in a weight loss clinic my insurance covers. So far the BMR Eval shows my bare minimum to he 1843 cals/day, so I'm curious for the diet plan the nutritionist will suggest. Will update!
5’11, sw 293 cw 277

No. 283442

File: 1661384795660.gif (319.28 KB, 220x220, catkith.GIF)

Thank you for your eternal wisdom nona. Sounds neat, yeah it's my first time doing OMAD but I'm used to doing 18/6 hour IF so hopefully that will make it a bit easier.
Sounds a bit questionable but I get where you're going with this. If I'm going to reward my self with something though it's going to be sugar free.

No. 283466

Nonnas help, I don't know how this started but sometimes when I get gassy and it expels my titties just bounce, like the gas is trapped and my chest for some reason just has to bounce to expel it, it's so fucking bizzare and my doc is useless and just laughed at me so I don't even know what to do, I've gained and lost weight and still got this issue and can't find anything online about it at all

No. 283469

I want to try taking a class, should I do yoga or spin? I've never done anything like this before so I'm pretty nervous, share your experiences if you have any plz.

No. 283473

my bf is starting to get annoyed with me sending him my MFP log everyday and talking about dieting in general, so I'm gonna bother u all with it instead. I started 3 weeks ago at 276 and now I'm at 270. I know it's not much (yet) and I'm indescribably disgusted with myself for getting so fucking fat. But all I can do now is try to lose it so here I am. Probably just gonna post my weekly weigh-in results or something idk.

No. 283493

thanks nonnies gonna take a while because I have a very unsupportive mom but I am going to try my best I am tired of feeling sluggish and ugly all the time

No. 283603

Try out both if you can, I think yoga and spin offer pretty different experiences. I tried yoga lessons in the past but realized the slow calm flow of it was not for me. I get distracted by what ppl around me are doing and my own thoughts. Still, it's probably the more accessible option since lessons at gyms and studios are easy to find.
But I've been taking spin for over a month now and it's been great. I've never been able to work out this intensely by myself before but I'm actually getting 40 min of cardio in twice a week! Sometimes hate the music they play (my first class was playing Hanna Montana), but after pedaling for 10 min my mind clears and I get a great sweat. I don't feel that self-conscious either since the studio dimmed the lights and there's really no wrong way to pedal a bike.

No. 283604

File: 1661482144593.png (946.49 KB, 752x756, growwithJo.png)

Big hugs to you nonnie, I was in the same boat a few years ago and the best tool that got me going was wanting to do achieve 15,000 steps a day. I would walk around the block, around the shopping centers and it would get me out of the house and out of her eye-line.
Start with achieving 8,000 for a week straight and then add in beginner/low impact fitness videos.
I love growwithjo and I could do this in my room without making much noise.

I don't know your lived experiences or circumstances but this book really helped me move forward in life as I felt I couldn't even keep a journal safely at home without her finding it and reading it.

It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle Paperback
by Mark Wolynn

No. 283632

Depends on what you like best and/or what your goals are. Between spinning and yoga, I personally prefer spinning but that's partially because the yoga at my gym goes into the spiritual side of it a lot which I don't care for.

No. 283639

File: 1661512073773.png (Spoiler Image,301.13 KB, 1188x264, a.png)

Always remember that someone is on the couch eating garbage and getting fat while you're out there pursuing your weight loss goals.
You've lost fat in the past and you can do it again

No. 283689

I'm really skinnyfat, I have a squishy tummy with fat rolls but I'm boney as fuck everywhere else, with no muscle definition. what would help? cardio? weight lifting? ab workouts? I want my body to look consistent lol. 5'4" 120 lbs btw

No. 283700

hello fellow skinnyfat nonna. for muscle definition you need to do some form of weight training or strengthening exercises like pilates. even just doing body weight exercises is a good start. also I recommend stomach vacuums. I am not consistent with them anymore (why I am a skinnyfat now) but I was, I found them very helpful.

No. 283703

nonna that is a healthy amount of weight to lose in 3 weeks, that's great! sorry your boyfriend doesn't understand, men honestly don't get it. they don't get much lol but they especially don't get women when it comes to dieting and losing weight and the pressure we put on ourselves. don't be so hard on yourself for gaining weight, you're taking all the right steps to become healthier.

No. 283707

do any of you use fitness trackers/smart watches?

I'm not getting them (too expensive) but the new galaxy watches coming out made me think about getting a smart watch. i used to get the non-smart watch fitbit trackers but the two I had stopped working after about a year which bothered me. if I'm dropping money on something it should last a while

No. 283708

Saged because I'm venting/blogposting and inb4 bonerattle but I gained like 5 pounds and it's bumming me out. I've been struggling with a lot in my personal life so it's made it hard to go on my usual walks or do anything fitness related at all, really. I've been stress eating too (when normally stress kills my appetite) so that plus the sitting on my ass all day means I feel flabby and bloated now. I am hoping to get back on track, I don't normally visit this thread but I might start since I find it pretty motivating. Thank you nonnas love you all.

No. 283710

we love you too nonna, don't be so hard on yourself! in the grand scheme of things 5 pounds is nothing. once you're feeling better you'll be back to where you want to be in no time

No. 283711

File: 1661538687085.jpg (10.31 KB, 312x296, fankyou.jpg)

thank you nonnie

No. 283717

i'm worried i'm too old to lose any weight and gain muscle, early 30's are looking bleak

No. 283719

breaking news: the body becomes unable to burn fat and turn energy into muscle once it turns 30! What oh what does the body burn now that it can no longer access fat storage? Scientists are facing a mystery.

No. 283738

Anyone know any lesser strain exercises that can get rid of stomach fat and build muscle? Foot surgery went wrong, it’s extremely painful to run/walk for a while, even cycling is kinda painful. I tried swim a while back, but stopped bc it got too cold

Stomach fat thing is bc I’m pretty thin, but that pouch will not go away. Swim helped a lot with arms/legs, but idk how I can work my core into that

No. 283760


No. 283786

File: 1661561165474.jpeg (24.19 KB, 177x320, AAEB102D-CD9A-45DB-8B88-BE65FD…)

I don't own a galaxy watch but I'm thinking of getting one for my bf maybe next year. But I recently got an apple watch SE myself since it's been sitting in my cart for half a year and I started weightlifting and trying to lose weight.

I used to have an apple watch series 4 back a few years back but I sold it because I felt like having a heavy expensive hunk of metal on my wrist that I barely used because I don't go out and spend all my time in front of my computer was useless.

But now, things are completely different! I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I've been loving it for the past month and a half.

Being able to see the total active calories I've used in a day alongside my exercise is amazing. I never knew I could expend up to 2100 calories a day with weightlifting, walking and existing. The numbers are still estimates, but it's satisfying trying to hit 1800 active calories a day. Filling the rings each day is really fun, it has turned into this tiny game for me.

I don't know anything about the galaxy watches though, so other nonnas might be able to chime in better about their experiences with one if any. I want to know too

No. 283788

do you have an iphone? i'm wondering if there'd be any issues with me using a samsung with it

No. 283789

Why do so many nonnies believe you suddenly turn into a fat old hag once you reach 25? You're worse than most scrotes.

No. 283790

Kek I also forget on occassion how young a lot of the user base here is, guess you and I are a couple of old crones.

No. 283792

I'm 33 and just this past april started seriously working out and doing yoga and eating less, i dont track my weight but i've lost 3 inches around my waist and i can ride my husband all day without getting tired when before my hips cramped after like 5 minutes, this is only after a couple months of moderate effort, so by next year i should be able to braid my hair without my arms hurting. being 30 is great and if you're worried about it you're a dumbass and you need to talk to more old women.

No. 283809

yes, I use an iphone. I don't think apple watches work with phones outside of the apple ecosystem. If you're looking to use a smart watch the way I do with:
>active calorie measurement
>rings/goals per day with dedicated app for progression
>workout intensity/calorie burned/time tracking
The galaxy smartwatch will do you good as well. Last I checked, it can track calories as well. Not to mention,
>better inbuilt workout tracking options (more variety)
>body composition measurements
>the physical ring around the classic version is very satisfying to use
The few drawbacks has to do with the Samsung health app, things like competing with friends is based on what you do in total than a proper evaluation based on your height/weight/sex. But to me even on my apple watch it doesn't matter, I don't have friends who work out. Also some apps are locked only for Samsung phones. But since you have one, it's no issue.

If you don't have a samsung phone, I saw on the XDA forums that you can root and get it working on the watch anyway. Not sure how complicated it is or the ramifications (like if you'll lose out on OS updates)

But huge warning that I have never daily driven a galaxy watch nor does anyone I know have one. Take my research with a grain of salt. But from what I've looked up, the galaxy watch is best in the android smart wear space right now.

No. 283819

You're so sweet nonnie thank you <3
That really made me feel so much better ur an angel

No. 283827

I've lost about 30kg+ consistentlh over a space of 2 years, counting cals and occasionally exercising. I want to lose another 15-20kg but lately I'm pretty fatigued from counting. I don't wanna fall off the horse. Any tips?

No. 283875

round calories by recognizing appropriate portion sizes

No. 284114

Currently 142-ish, want to get to 135, started at 180-ish. Mostly venting, but I'm sooo close to getting to my goal weight and plateauing this close to the finish line is pretty cursed. On one hand it's pretty gratifying to be down to and mataining this weight at all (I weigh less than I did in high school!), but another hand god PLEASE I just want to lose this 5-ish pounds dood. I've been slacking on exercising though, so I know it's just a matter of talking myself into picking up the weights again

No. 284123


umm..congrats on that weight loss! you should be ridiculously proud of that achievement, so be kind to yourself during this final (unnecessary but totally understandable) step. unfortunately, you’re at the most difficult phase in both diet and exercise. the hardest part about starting an exercise routine is starting, and losing the last 10 lbs via diet alone means cutting back your calories even further. if you don’t feel like cutting calories is feasible, exercise could absolutely help, but be careful because it will also make you hungrier, and while it’s really easy to eat 500 calories, you’d have to work at a pretty high intensity for like, an hour to burn off 500 calories. but if you think you can control your appetite while increasing physical activity, you’ll absolutely be able to lose those last few lbs (but don’t get frustrated if it happens slowly). start small, like going for a walk. walking is so underrated, and a 60 min walk around the neighborhood (or 2 walks for 30 min) is really beneficial. i wouldn’t recommend yoga for weight loss unless it’s power or vinyasa (and i say this as a yoga instructor), because gentle yoga is pretty negligible in terms of calories burned. if you’re interested in strength training, you can start with body weight exercises at home. an easy beginner workout could be something like:
-20 jumping jacks
-15 burpees (modified to 1/2 burpee for beginners)
-20 squats
-15 push-ups (modified for beginners)
-5 plank-to-crescent lunge (per side)
-10 plank walks
- 60 sec plank
-30 sec side plank (per side)
-rest 30 sec to 1 minute
——repeat 3-5x

but try not to dwell on a number, or be discouraged by the last few pounds because honestly they’re extremely difficult to lose. focus on what you have achieved, because it’s seriously a huge achievement, and maybe think about beginning a physical activity program for the health benefits as opposed to doing it for weight loss. either way, you’re awesome and you’ve totally got this

No. 284182

File: 1661746204447.gif (1.02 MB, 368x208, 3849cd5d031cc4335dafa450cb923e…)

I've been lifting consistently for a month after like 2 years of maybe showing up to the gym once a month or so, I'm even eating a bunch of protein instead of just pasta. I'm gonna get jacked nonnies

No. 284310

great work!! I've just recently started too and have been going at it for 7 weeks now. My body is definitely looking a slight bit different, especially my arms. My biceps/triceps don't look like bones anymore and there's definition. But am still struggling on the squat form and leg strength.

Am confused on what I should do diet wise though. I'm probably around 24% bf and I've been eating at a 200 calorie deficit for a body recomp. I want to be able to see my abs someday.

But girls, should I do that? Or is losing fat now useless because I don't have enough core definition?

No. 284318

That lady is so graceful

No. 284346


for squat form, make sure you’re pressing through your heels, keep your spine long, and make sure you can still see your toes in front of your knees at the lowest point of your squat. form is more important than reps. once you master it, you can add resistance either in pushing (dumbbells or bars), or pulling (resistance bands).

for core , you’ll start to see definition once you’ve lost enough fat. this isn’t the case with other muscle groups, but abs become visible when you lose fat that covers them, regardless of how often you perform core exercises. however, it’s definitely important to strengthen your core in order to protect your spine and perform other exercises correctly and efficiently

No. 284443

Same anon back from leg day yesterday. I'll try putting more weight on my heels on Thursday. I'm able to squat lower now with some practice but I lean forward and miss activation in my hamstrings and glutes now. My femurs are pretty long for my height and leg length by the way. Any help/tips for keeping the path of the barbell a straight vertical line?

No. 284460

Any anons here with an underactive thyroid? Once you got your thyroid hormones under control did you find it easier to lose weight afterwards? I've just been diagnosed and I'm struggling to lose weight. I'm hoping it'll get easier once my meds are sorted.

No. 284478


how’s your flexibility? i think it’s much easier to correctly perform squats when you’re fairly flexible, so i always recommend increasing stretching and/or yoga (just make sure you stretch after your muscles are warmed up). i also struggle with ankle mobility and found that a couple of weeks of regularly ankle mobility exercises reeeeeally helped with my squats. but really, i think the most important thing is to push through your heels (in yoga, you should always be able to lift your toes when holding chair pose, so i’ll sometimes have clients master a proper chair before squat before moving on to weighted squats bc it helps you figure out where pressure should be on your feet). something i struggle with personally is arching my lower back as opposed to elongating the tailbone which dramatically decreases hamstring activation. not that you do it, but it’s worth a mention. but really, i’d say the most important things to remember are to press through your heels coming up, and drive your hips back going down. keep your chest lifted as much as possible, but don’t let it compromise the position of your hips or knees.

are you asking about a straight line with a barbell in a squat? i don’t think maintaining a straight line is absolutely essential. mine aren’t completely straight and i still greatly benefit from them. but you’ll get closer as your strengthen yourself core and legs. just make sure you’re movement is coming entirely from your lower body..keep your core engaged (i often instruct people to ‘corset’ their core..if you’ve ever seen anyone tighten a corset in a movie, it’s that motion - lower ribs are pulled down, tailbone is elongated, bellybutton pulled in and down. just make sure you’re still breathing). if you’re hinging in the upper body, you’ll use your lower back to lift the barbell rather than your legs. but if you corset your core you should have no problem with barbell squats. just watch for lower back pain..if you feel any at all, go back to weightless squats and focus on form.

god this was such a long description lol. i hope it makes sense. it’s much easier to demonstrate than describe

No. 284499

i’m working towards being a size six again, from a size 10. right now i’m eating in a deficit and working out. i take iron pills but still notice some days that i get extremely dizzy when i stand up, with my vision even going spotty sometimes. does this mean i need more iron or is it possible my calories are too low?

No. 284504

Question: what do you guys think about a naturally very tall/built girl getting muscle? Is it a waste of time? I realize I will never be small and I've been inconfident my entire life so I don't know what to do or if I should lean into it and instead of looking like a skinnyfat blob (I'm a size 4, my hip bones and ribs stick out though).

No. 284533


go for it nonnie, get huge. built women are perfect just don’t fall into the trap of getting orthorexia

No. 284579

Just google pre-running stretches. Many videos exist on yt too that you can follow along. What you need is to do dsone dynamic stretches to wake up and stretch your leg's muscles before you run

No. 284615

File: 1661951513134.png (1.42 MB, 1280x720, dissapoint34.png)

>first time seeing family in over a year, covid/school/life etc all made it impossible before
>so happy and excited
>at front door with beaming smile
>mom answers
>literally first time she's seen her only daughter in ages
>literally first thing out of her mouth, before even saying Hi
>"Wow, you got fat"

No. 284618

Your mom sucks but on the upside, your current weight doesn't have to be permanent! If you're not seeing her for a long time again, you can cause a "wow you look great!" reaction next time you see her.

No. 284624

make sure you’re wearing new and good quality running shoes

No. 284779

You have a shit mom, nonna.
So what you gained weight; you can lose it but shes stuck with her bad personality for life. Bodies fluctuate and MANY people gained weight during the chaos.
Don't make her the reason for change. Dont you dare make her approval a factor in your self worth.
With that being said, its healthy to evaluate the habits that brought you here and how to do better. On your terms and your wants and needs.
She will always look for a flaw and Im sorry you are stuck with a idiot mean mom.

No. 284782

Any recs for good running shoes with nice colors?

No. 284785

Brooks! I have the ghost ones - they aren't the cutest but you could probably find another style with better options? I've had mine a year and they have a place where the fabrics snagged but between wearing them to the gym and on hikes, that's not bad at all.

No. 284803

Im wearing smaller pants to work!!!!!!! Eeep! So happy!

No. 284823

i want to define my waist more but i feel like a lot of ab exercises don't help create that cinched waist look that i want. anyone have any recommendations?

No. 284828

full body workouts that engage my core gave me the best results imo. i really like this video

No. 284898

I fucked up today and ate 300 calories over my daily limit. I felt so gross I spent an hour brisk walking on my treadmill to burn it off. Will this impair my muscle growth? I looked it up online and they said over 30 minutes is too much. Though it's my second cardio session (the first one was 15 minutes on the rowing machine) of the week and likely my last one.

No. 284901

File: 1662118451477.jpg (32.88 KB, 540x500, i-i like u anon.jpg)

I gotcha. I know it won't matter in the long run but I can't help but have the doom mindset that I'm going to start slipping off my diet and everything will go to shit.

Gotta stay off making protein cookies from now on. Thank you nonnie.

I've also started picking up cooking to save money since I eat so much more now, would appreciate recipes and suggestions that are low in calories and high in protein if anyone has any!

No. 284902

One instance of doing something is never going to have visisble results. That's also true for your excess 300 calories. To put it into perspective, you need an excess of 7700 calories to gain 1 kcal. That means 300 calories is about 40 grams (or 0,09 pounds) which is basically nothing. So try not to freak out next time you go a little bit over your limit.

No. 284903

kek sorry I deleted to add the bit about the calories. Anyway don't worry, you're doing good!

No. 284910

Long femur anon here, there are a lot of guides online about how to improve form. For me, I had to externally rotate my lower limbs at the hip joint (wider stance). If you try both in the mirror ("normal" shoulder width apart stance vs corrected stance for long femurs) you'll notice the difference. You may also need to bend your back at a more acute angle compared to others, making it look "incorrect", but it's just what you have to do to balance all of the forces correctly. Have a look at some adjustment videos and try out what feels comfy! I find using chunky heeled trainers/weights for raising my heels useful to achieve correct form too.

No. 284915

File: 1662125215851.jpeg (91.75 KB, 1145x360, 0EDC4088-6F33-441D-B197-CEFF14…)

I lost a Kilo! My nutritionist congratulated me and everything, I swear all of these years pretending I could diet were just a waste of time, I'm so glad I got convinced to do this, now I can finally begin to see the shape of my face, and I honestly can't stop looking at myself in the mirror, I'm so pretty, I can't wait to reach the healthy weight I should be at.

No. 284930

The new semester starts next week and I'm going to go to my university's gym which is apparently a very good facility that offers a ton of classes from yoga to rock climbing. FUCK! Why did it take me so long to take advantage of this??? Especially since I was paying for it as part of my student fees anyway.

Wish me luck nonas, never been to a gym before and I'm kinda nervous.

No. 284980

i use nike running shoes in pink and i like them, they’re very cushioned and protect my knees

No. 284983

Are Hokas worth the money?

No. 285077

Congrats! How long did you take to lose a kilo? I'm struggling myself and not seeing any changes in the scale. But my body fat % is on the low-normal side and I'm also lifting weights so it makes sense.

All the best sis. If it's your first time lifting weights, ask a gym buddy to tag along with you to get you more comfortable with the lifts and etiquette.

No. 285081

nta but your weight going up and down a kg or two is usually due to food volume, water weight, if you had a bm or not. It's not weight loss, just absolutely normal daily fluctuations.

No. 285088

Yep that's right. Though it's been a month plus and my average weight is still the same. I take it as a good sign myself since my lifts are going up. On days when I'm not bloated with water or food, I feel a little bit leaner

No. 285096

I tried fasting but I binged at 3 and I’ve been eating shitty since. How do I stick to my guns with fasting?

No. 285110

Look at pictures of fat celebs. Do you want to become like them?

No. 285323

Treat it like an addiction and know you're gonna go through/are going through withdrawal. Fasting can be a slippery slope though, be careful and don't overdo it.

No. 285341

Or, if you are prone to binging, why not warm up, so to speak? Fast for 6 hours, write a little about how you're feeling. Then next time add 2 hours. So on and so forth? That might feel like less of a challenge and more adapting.

No. 285363

File: 1662314624569.png (809.09 KB, 1080x1114, 1655648075936.png)


Nonnas, I am checking in to say I have hit 62kg- I started at 75 in January and I feel like I can feel my lower belly and waist and difficult parts starting to finally budge? I'm meeting my partner offline in November which is helping me commit to staying healthy and wanting to be at my best as well, it's working well as a "Be very stubborn" fodder even though I know he doesn't care but I do! Is anyone else always last to go lower tummy wise?

No. 285368

So I am currently at 85kg right now, I am trying to get down to around 70-65kg (not any lower because I think I look better with a little more weight).
My biggest problem is I always rely on food for comfort and I tend to "eat for fun" so I would usually gain weight that way. I feel like I should practice mindful eating and not rely on food too much.
I was thinking about doing some light exercises too, I am currently looking for a light but still burning some of my calories. I hope those light cardio exercises will work.

No. 285453

why are you fasting? fasting is just not for everyone. especially if you binge eat

No. 285457

i'm hitting a new level in my fitness journey!
i really got into the habit of working out at home which is exactly what i wanted. i don't think i'd do well at a gym, especially not during winter, so i'm happy with where i'm at, i'd just like heavier weights. why do things have to cost money?
ntm i genuinely enjoy working out as well. discovered madfit through tiktok and her full body videos are really fun. i want to try her more targeted workouts as well

No. 285607

It took me 8 weeks, I workout 5 days of the week and have the diet that my nutritionist gives to me bi weekly.
I mean, I'm happy because I lost a kilo of fat, I'm constantly gaining muscle mass because of my weight training and diet focused on lean proteins.
Right now I'm at 99 kilos, what honestly matters to me is gaining muscle mass and being able to tone my body, specially my arms, Jesus Christ how are my arms so fucking big and flabby? It drives me nuts.

No. 285655

A kilo of fat is great work especially since you're building muscle at the same time!

> how are my arms so fucking big and flabby?

Not a scientist or a professional in any way, but I noticed arms get real big on chubbier girls when they also do weight lifting. My muscle mass on my arms aren't exactly big but boy my triceps look as big as my biceps because of the extra fat hanging about. The muscle really does push them outwards a little more.

Keep at it and in half a year you'll be looking amazing. I'm already seeing changes in my body after 2 months too.

No. 285792

finally went down to 149 after being stuck at 150 for so long

No. 286341

File: 1662612624887.jpg (11.14 KB, 190x350, aedc0019-4b6a-4d6b-a983-4d5fa7…)

HOW do I get rid of this lower belly bump?? It's sticks out as much as my butt and breasts! I have a low BMI, I'm fit, I don't have fat to lose, so whyyyyyy. Only time it disappears is when I'm underweight and dehydrated. How do other women manage to have a completely flat stomach like it's no big deal? All summer long I only see crop tops and flat stomachs. It's so unfair reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
In all seriousness it does make me sad to think that I literally can't gain any weight ever. I have the waist definition of a 12 yo boy and any fat goes directly to my lower stomach. Fuck that. I love the rest of my body but this, I find it very ugly. If I was curvier it would stick out so much less.

Rant over, what can I do to help this? I only do full body workouts (swimming mostly,push ups and I've been working my way up to pull ups). Can targeted abdominal work help me with this? Is it a diet thing? Wear shapewear? Should I just suck it up (literally)?

No. 286345

i'm so confused. why did you scribble out areas? is this you? why didn't you do your boobs too, you look shirtless? middle and lower ab targeting exercise should help btw

No. 286367

haha looking back on it it is confusing. It's a regular picture of me taken by a friend in the street and I scribbled and blurred over it because I'm paranoid about posting pictures on LC. I do have a shirt on(it's a crop top), it's just doesn't look that way when putting it in grayscale because it looks the same as my skin color.

Mmh I guess I need some specific ab exercises. Do you know a good routine/progression path? I was always very confused by ab exercises because they either feel like nothing, hurt like hell, or can't enable you to track your progress.

No. 286378

nta but could you post a side profile in a mirror so I could better see how your tummy looks? Preferably in tight fitting clothes, a sports bra is A-OK. Feel free to blur the background and crop out from mid boob section and shoop out any recognisable parts of your body (birth marks, moles, scars, tattoos if any etc)

From the image it looks like your lower belly sticks out more, so unlike this >>286345 anon I'd go for upper core exercises as well to balance out the side profile. But can't say for sure without a good idea of where you're at atm

But for exercise routines, I personally do these twice a week:
> lying leg raise for lower abs 3x15
> cable crunch or decline crunch 3x15 for upper abs
> cable twist 3x15 for obliques
If you have access to a pull up bar you can do hanging leg raises instead of lying ones.

No. 286395

I've been experimenting with new exercise equipment. Guys, holy crap, see the treadmill? Absolute shit. It's so big and dangerous idk why people use them. The only thing I like about them is that there's enough space for a few people to use it at the same time but honestly I prefer a wall mounted wheel that I can run on by myself. It's a bit noisy at night but it's more convenient than those large plastic balls you get inside to exercise without being able to escape behind the couch

No. 286397

thats your uterus, some women just have more prominent womb pouches

No. 286404

No it's not, anon just holds fat there. Losing weight won't help but lowering her overall body fat % will.

No. 286508

As i lay here with the sleepiest cat on my belly, I realized the weight of my cat* is how much Ive lost since June… 20 pounds.
Now, ill hold my cat all day every day, no matter what, but i am proud though! For the consistency Ive kept to for this loss.
**please dont make fun of my cat, hes a big but healthy boy. He's not joining the diet thread kek… he wears a safety harness for medium dogs when we go outside

No. 286942

Anon deleted the original post but this article is interesting, I never knew the "tube of toothpaste" thing. That being said, I think the bump is feminine and cute, although as someone with that build I know how annoying it can be. I look like I have a bigger gut than I do if I wear a shorter shirt with anything but high-waisted pants. I lost a bunch of weight over like 2 weeks bc of meds a while ago and it did pretty much go away but that was not healthy as I was eating like half a meal per day (I am better now). I suggest what nonna said about lower ab exercises and try to embrace your anatomy as much as you can.

No. 286944

Samefag but I forgot to add that I've never carried a baby.

No. 287107

Has anyone here worked with a dietician for help with bingeing/emotional eating? I've seen two therapists specifically to work on this issue and neither have helped. The first told me I'd have to go raw vegan to get things under control and the second turned out to be a "health at every size" type that was utterly useless. I always assumed this was a brain problem rather than an actual food problem but now idk and think maybe I should talk to a nutrition expert.

No. 287113

File: 1662852693237.jpg (42.61 KB, 650x650, 2_552_38.jpg)

I got a petite cheap rowing machine (20$) at a thrift store, but I have no idea how to add resistance to it. It feels fine to pull - it's the type with the bars - though more in a light resistance cardio way. It has a knob on the sides, but I haven't been able to budge them.

Any ideas? I'm somewhat desperate cuz I really wanted to hit a few muscle groups that are normally hard for me to hit.

Picrel is sort of similar, it's just mine is all blue with a wave pattern on it and is absent from the internet.

No. 287165

Never had issues with binging or emotional eating myself but I always thought that these problems are a brain thing and not food as well. It makes sense that the first one told you to change your diet because you consulted a dietician instead of a therapist about your mental issues. Binging/emotional are a side effect of other issues or stresses you have. Find new ways to cope with your problems instead of eating and you should be looking for a therapist that specialises in eating disorders instead

No. 287168

Nutrient deficiencies can give you cravings but I don’t think there’s any deficiency that makes you overeat only when you’re feeling emotional.

No. 287173

Try to find an instruction manual online?

No. 287186

There is none; the model has 0 history of ever even existing on the internet, it's that obscure.

Maybe I should try oiling the knobs or something.

No. 287286

File: 1662906733111.jpeg (121.16 KB, 754x761, 7C8E1E80-97FC-4E73-8A46-A02FB4…)

I’ve been consistently eating at a calorie deficit, going to the gym and I haven’t binged in a week which is huge for me! I’ve developed a terrible cycle of going crazy on junk food if I eat just one bad thing but I’ve held back. I feel much better mentally as well and I hope to start seeing some changes in the coming weeks so long as I’m consistent. These threads really help keep me on track and I hope all you lovely nonas keep on working/achieving your fitness goals!

No. 287291

Keep the momentum going. Its ok if you end up having an “off day”, just remember to start the next with a clean slate!

No. 287708

File: 1663076684467.jpeg (204.02 KB, 1050x1400, 48ADA042-B055-4FBF-981C-059E51…)

ok i’ve failed at weight loss because i keep binge eating RIP

but on the plus side i’ve gotten into an actual jogging habit now. after years of telling myself i would never be a runner and being terrified of exercising outside i’m actually falling in love with running. i’ve started venturing out on to public trails & am doing 35-40 mins at a time a few days a week. i know that’s nothing crazy or super impressive but i’m really proud of myself for overcoming the mental block.

No. 287713

recovered from bulimia (or at least in remission) since this past december and now i'm finally going to get back into HIIT and yoga

ahh wish me luck nonas

No. 287717

Don't give up and keep jogging

No. 287731

File: 1663085085469.png (173.53 KB, 1719x973, Capture.PNG)

I fucked up today. Binged and basically undid all I did yesterday. Not the end of the world but does anyone have any idea why I suddenly get so hungry on random days? I have more logs from few weeks before the start of the spreadsheet and some of those weeks I'd have 2 days instead of just one where I'd overeat.

Is it a sign that my body fat percentage is too low? But I don't think I'm that lean. Scale said 19% body fat percentage. It's definitely not very accurate but I can see in the mirror that I'm around the 19 to 20% range visually.

Or is it because I'm close to my period?

No. 287742

You need 200 more calories a day on your period in passive energy normally so it could be that.
Are you dehydrated those days or not eating breakfast? Are you working out hard the day before? Getting enough protein? How’s your iron?

No. 287746

went 2 the gym for the first time in over a year, can't wait to get shredded

No. 287774

Oh, wait, I oiled it up really nice and now it's awesome!! I'm not really sure how many muscle groups this type of rower hits, but it feels very good to use.

No. 287855

File: 1663127556048.png (283.81 KB, 1125x3113, nutrition.png)

> You need 200 more calories a day on your period in passive energy normally so it could be that.
I had no idea! I'm not on my period right now but it should be here tomorrow.

> Are you dehydrated those days or not eating breakfast?

I drink enough water and I don't eat breakfast. I noticed for myself that I can't stick to my diet when I eat breakfast. On days I mess up it's because I ate too early like yesterday. It's like my body gets hungry every 3 hours from when I eat my meals!

I stick to 3 meals a day from noon on wards.

> Are you working out hard the day before?

I work out on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. But on my off days I do take a walk here and there if I feel like it. I definitely get hungrier on the days I work out. But the hardest is when I'm not working out, my TDEE without exercise is only 1400.

> Getting enough protein? How's your iron?

I eat a TON of protein to help myself feel fuller during the times that I can eat. It looks like I'm not eating enough iron according to myfitnesspal. I need to start buying some broccoli, spinach and tofu.

Speaking of calorie counting apps, myfitnesspal is removing their bar code scanner for free users on October 1st. Does anyone have a good alternative to it and your experiences? I'm considering MyMacros+ because it's a one time payment of $5 and I heard the database was quite large as well.

That's great! The rowing machine should mainly hit your back iirc?

No. 287858

i started working out again around late june as a way to stop being a depressed slob and also to lose the weight i gained, i was about 221 lbs.
as of today i am 192 lbs. my goal is to be around 115-120 lbs

No. 287872

File: 1663131736684.jpg (36.3 KB, 480x562, Foxy brown.jpg)

We can do it! I'm in the same goal range and have been slowly getting my headspace right.
Post your inspo or fav meal

No. 288090

i stopped taking a daily multivitamin and my sleep got worse. i must be deficient in something but what?

all these are in the vitamin, anyone know which one affects sleep?:
-vitamin c
-vitamin b2

No. 288094

you can't just google this? anons itt aren't going to be a more reliable source than google in that regard.

No. 288105

File: 1663167249672.jpg (323.05 KB, 1200x1600, 202107151519185487225.jpg)

thanks nona, i'm wishing you the best and believe we can do it!
as for my inspo, its actually because about a year ago I had purchased a dress that I really liked… and it didn't fit me. I was pretty sad about it and let it sit in my closet for a year. I'm hoping that maybe another 15 lbs down I should be able to fit.

No. 288106

i search google and it says all of them help with sleep, but that cant be right can it? am i deficient in all of them?

No. 288109

can you give me a rough sample of your daily diet?

No. 288113

i usually skip breakfast and eat sandwiches mainly out of convenience. but i also eat fish, chicken and rice. red meat maybe, biweekly.
i definitely do not eat enough vegetables, rarely eat fruit besides when they're in juices or on special occasions. water and tea for drinks, otherwise. tbh my diet is really bad ngl so maybe i am deficient in everything.

if i get bloodwork done, will it give me the vitamins i'm deficient in? last time i got it (a year ago) the doctor only said i was vitamin d deficient.

No. 288116

being deficient in vitamin D is relatively common; I would consider using a supplement. Because you said you don't eat many fresh fruits and vegetables it might be that you are lacking vitamin C. I wouldn't expect it to disrupt your sleep, but it is vital for your immune system. It aids in the healing of wounds as well. You may notice your gums are bleeding more easily too.

Since you mentioned eating fish, chicken, and red meat I would say it's safe to assume that your levels of copper, biotin, zinc, and vitamin B2 aren't low unless you have issues with absorption. You can also request your doctor to look at your bloodwork more in depth regarding deficiencies. Despite you claiming your diet is poor, I would say most likely you aren't deficient in as much as you would believe. Your body is able to store certain vitamins in the liver and utilize them when necessary.

I would suggest eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, leaner meats, and calcium sources. Exercising regularly, even if it is a simple walk, will also help regulate, manage, and promote healthy sleep. Another idea is to add melatonin, which you can take 30 minutes before your bedtime. If you are not wanting to take anymore supplements, you can enrich your diet with foods containing melatonin. Examples are nuts, eggs, and fish.

I hope you can figure out the issue without stressing too much. Relax before you sleep!>>288113

No. 288353

There's only one way to answer this, and that is to get your body's mineral levels tested. There are loads of companies that will do this for you, usually they require a small lock of hair and you can get some very thorough info. I did this for myself about 3 years ago and found out I had alarmingly high calcium and was severely deficient in magnesium. So I could then adjust my diet and take supplements I actually needed. Otherwise you're wasting your time and money, literally shooting in the dark hoping you're doing the right thing. Work smarter not harder anon.

No. 288470

nonnies please help

I’m 166 or 5’6 and like 122lb (55kg). I’ve been lifting for a year and I have some glute gains considering I was literally a pancake before but my waist is still very wide so I tried to go on a deficit to lose a bit of weight around my torso to harden everything up. Currently consuming abt 1400 my TDEE is meant to be 1800 roughly and im losing my ass w minimal abdominal results (there’s some results just V V slowly). How the fuck am I meant to properly recomp to build my ass whilst also shrinking my torso? I know to try build my arms/chest/shoulders to support the illusion of an hourglass but all my progress is being lost bcs of this damn deficit but I still want to lean out while maintaining mass.. I find it so difficult to get enough protein within 1400 and now myfitnesspal is suggesting 1200?? At my wits end

No. 288486

Somewhat same boat here but I'm 155cm/5ft and 48kg but I'm a newbie lifter so recomping has been a lot easier. The diet side has been a pain in the ass though because of my height and weight. Getting enough protein hasn't been a problem for me and I've been regularly hitting 90 grams at about 1400 calories.

Lean protein like chicken breast and lean minced beef are the way to go. I usually cut up 120g of chicken breast into small bits then mix it with a tablespoon of oyster sauce and then add two eggs onto it with garlic and onions to give it some taste. Makes 2 servings of 290 calories each with 35 grams of protein.

The other way to make you hit your protein goals very easily is protein powder. I've been making protein microwave cakes and pancakes. I'm planning on buying some unflavored protein powder next week to add to pasta sauce or ramen broth.

No. 288543

i wouldn’t suggest cutting down to 1200, that’s too low for almost anyone who works out & it’ll make it really hard to hit your protein goals. i’d stay at 1400 and possibly up the protein. for your weight try to hit 100 grams per day. it’s not easy but it’s definitely doable. in a deficit it’s SUPER important to keep your protein high so you lose fat instead of lean muscle. & if you’re concerned about losing your ass, keep hitting the glute workouts. hip thrusts, glute bridges, donkey kicks, etc. ab workouts probably won’t do much tbh, if you’re squatting you’re working your core just doing that.

here are some things you can eat to hit your protein goal (i’m vegan so these are all plant-based): seitan, extra firm tofu, pea protein powder, pb2, soy milk, nutritional yeast, lentils, ezekiel bread, quinoa, no cow protein bars, edamame.
try to keep your dietary fat relatively low to make room for more protein.

good luck nona!

No. 288544

sage to add upon further reflection i think your deficit might be too big - if you exercise 3-5 days a week your TDEE is probably closer to 2000 than 1800. maybe up your calories to 1600. your weight is already pretty low so it’s not like you need to shed pounds. if you up your calories you won’t lose your progress as much.

No. 288546

File: 1663333208009.jpeg (992.49 KB, 1170x1461, B52BD042-E5DE-4EAE-B8FA-563CD9…)

Is this kind of body even possible or is it just genetics, like how does one become skinny enough to look striking? I’m quite skinny but I still don’t look striking or model esque in clothes and I’m having similar problems to above nonnie when I cut I lose my ass and it’s a slow and painful process, but this chick is somehow lean with an ass and has abs too? Is it recomp?

No. 288549

plastic surgery and filters most likely… some people do genetically just have a bigger ass but if the ass looks suspiciously too big relative to the thighs it’s probably PS. nonnie please don’t compare yourself to anyone or anything you see on instagram. i always assume most things on the internet are fake. for my own sanity.

No. 288551

File: 1663333968139.jpg (632.34 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20220916-071346_Chr…)

Looks shooped

No. 288554

File: 1663335556766.png (5.94 MB, 1170x2532, F83A7147-B942-45B6-96A5-5232A1…)

>> 288549

I’ve seen this chick on tiktok and while it’s certainly possible to edit vids there’s always some sort of warping but that isn’t visible and she’s 18 so I don’t assume it’s excessive work done. Sure there’s some shooping but otherwise she genuinely is this lean (there’s gym vids and she does have an ass, picrel)and abs and im just wondering if she’s just lucked out or if it’s possible to get that lean through diet/exercise

No. 288560

That ass looks unnatural towards the bottom. It's giving uncanny valley vibes. I feel like there is a pun here but alas I cannot think of one

No. 288561

that is 100% plastic surgery

No. 288563

This does look more realistic but it's kinda weird that there's no (visible) muscle tone on her butt.

No. 288585

Her lack of thigh definition is sus to me. I've only ever seen women with defined thighs who have a butt like that (unless it's ps or one of those push up yoga pants).

No. 288603

can I get recs for a HIIT video series that starts extremely easy (maybe with short videos). I want to train up my endurance and strength, especially in my very weak lower body. I do have a 10 + 20 pound weight though I don't want to rely on them.

I've tried normal ones but I always get tripped up because I get halfway through videos and struggle with substantiating the sense of progression.

No. 288608

Is google sheets better to track calories than a fitness app, or do both steal your data anyways?

No. 288610

Use iOS Health App

No. 288614

Google does, any app from the google play store most likely does. There's calorie trackers (or simple note apps) in open source/privacy appstores though, it's just a bit extra work to install such appstore on your phone. I use Aurora store.

No. 288630

Google deletes things in drives that are private that go against terms of service such as TERF content that was only available to the author. Meaning a Google employee had to delete it and it wasn’t randomly reported. They also magically have found manifestos in private accounts before court orders appeared. Do not use Google

No. 288686

so I was doing the leg press today and I could feel one of my left hamstring muscles move across another muscle or my bone? It's really uncomfortable and it hurts under high load. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you stop it?

No. 288737

File: 1663594234250.png (363.1 KB, 573x442, yessss.png)


Nonnas, I am checking in to say I am down to 61kg, I've fallen in love again with green tea and any time I have even a little chocolate I can taste the sugar and it's GROSS. Dark chocolate all the way! Youtube ab exercises are HURTING and BURNING but I feel stronger. With overtime at work I'm only doing 2 or 3 gym sessions a week, however, the protein and fat more than carbs in my meals, is sustaining me and I am dropping pounds slowly.

No. 288740

I believe you but source?

No. 288767

i really want to fix my posture/wide shoulders. i had really good posture until high school, and now i feel like i just have this hump, as well as a forward neck/head and also just a lot of excess fat between my shoulder blades.
does anyone have a video/exercises/stretches i can do daily to help fix this? with actual results

No. 288772

File: 1663603287436.jpeg (746.23 KB, 2048x2560, F82245BB-CCE9-4DB0-9CEB-2A3336…)

Try this book. You can find it for free on Z Library

No. 288782

Yes. Bare female has great deep stretching and yoga. Always feel much loser and less sore after really commuting she has longer videos posted on specific openers for hips and shoulders.
And I like a lot of the stretches and self popping from spinecare decompression and chiropractor care. Both of them are on YouTube. Stretch everyday pushing yourself to go a little deeper and it will get easier as you go. I also like to take a medicine ball and lay it between my shoulder blade and lay out like a cross and breathe till my shoulders relax and release finally after being hunched at my desk.

No. 288783

File: 1663605120525.jpg (49.21 KB, 500x406, 5c9902b9b0b203878144187775f0ba…)

With the inflation going on, do you guys have any favorite cheap meals to make? I am not too into chicken either. Sometimes I just marinade cucumber kimchi and call it a day, but i know that's just silly.

No. 288790

Instant rice noodle soups. Radishes. Carrots. Egg. Ginger paste. Garlic. Onion. Green onion I grow in the window. Makes a great easy soup lunch in like 20 minutes. The rice noodle packages are normally 20-89 cents. Get the bags of veggies and store them properly and each lunch is only a dollar or two. Can add precooked meat if you want but you don’t need too.
Can make chickpea, tuna, or chicken salad. All the same idea then pair with rice or bread depending on area or cost.
Big batches and freezing like chili or stews.
Whole chickens near me are cheaper than packs of chicken thighs. I think it’s because you have to reorgan but a 5.5 lb chicken has like 3-4 lbs of good meat. So three dollars and a little extra work. Though I know you said you don’t like chicken.
Buy your rice in bulk. 20 lb bags. None of that baby 1 lb a time stuff it’s a waste of money.
Egg fried rice. Rice is cheap. Soy sauce. Frozen veggie mix. Green onion, some more of that ginger paste, and egg.
Focus on carbs, protein, veg. Rice and potatoes are my preferred. Don’t buy prepackaged fries. Make your own. It will save you money if you compare volume and cost.
Look at the meat sales. Cook what’s on sale.

No. 288950

Any pre workout powders to recommend? I work on my feet all day but want to hit the gym after, and looking for some pep in my step.

No. 288995

File: 1663658827038.jpg (41.43 KB, 564x703, body inspo.jpg)

Attention by Faction Labs if you live Australia.
I use this in the morning, work my nurse shift and still have energy for gym afterwards

No. 289043

Any recs for a burger? Theres so many options its daunting

No. 289060

File: 1663688896704.jpg (395.37 KB, 1080x2023, noods.jpg)

Rice noodles have a lot of simple carbs tho, no? I actually am not sure because I've seen conflicting information. I guess if you're loading it up with veg and protein it's not a big deal but just something to keep in mind. Of course it depends on which noodles you are using and if they have been fried in oil first (like Top Ramen) but I'm not too sure. I'd love if any nonnies can weigh in. (Heh) I recently bought picrel (pic not mine), I have yet to try them though. Do you think it's a gimmick?

No. 289061

Samefag but ooof I just realized the serving size is actually 2 per pack. Eek

No. 289067

I can’t consume gluten. So my only carbs large carbs are rice and potatoes. The noodles in your post are wheat noodles. Not rice. Rice depending on the type can be a complex carb. White rice and white rice noodles normally aren’t because they’ve been bleached to contain less shit. I typically lay out my meals with some type of rice or potato, a protein, and a veg to keep them balanced. I can’t eat 90% of the shit that makes up most peoples diets.

No. 289070

I bought this from costco and have been eating it at work. It literally tastes like noodles in soy sauce. It really needs some vegetables to go along with it imo.

No. 289094

File: 1663698958934.jpg (497.64 KB, 2048x1454, 1648963481958.jpg)

has anyone here successfully beat severe fatigue issues? Was it beefing up their amount of exercise? Cutting certain things out of their diet?

Basically the second I wake up I feel like hell, I feel like fainting through the entire day, I look like death. The one day I felt well, I looked way better so I know I am not imagining things. And yeah I've seen the doctor, found minor deficiencies but nothing really changed.

I've been doing minor things–running a tiny bit, doing weight lifting, walking maybe around 5 hours a week, yoga, etc.
Intense exercise is hard because I have extremely bad lung capacity + asthma and basically my lungs and chest are on fire for probably a day after any time I work out, so I'm trying to slowly add more and more.

I am now about 22 bmi and this is the skinniest I've ever been (yes I was a fat baby, fight me). I am very, very slowly losing weight but it's hard to find motivation because it's hard to believe it'd make that big of a difference. I just feel so awful and losing weight didn't help.

No. 289101

Look up the Levine protocol exercise program. It was developed for kids but works well in deconditioned/fatigued adults. You really should push your drs to find a cause though because it could be something serious if you are that off feeling every day.

No. 289102

File: 1663701220726.gif (555.9 KB, 500x278, 1660694258377.gif)

Follow up. Idk what changed but I've lost a few cm on my waist, chest and hips. It's noticeable enough that a dress that was a bit tight on me now fits a little better. It's not much but it's something.

No. 289110

i want a peleton bike so badly even though they're probably overpriced. do any nonnies have one?

No. 289112

File: 1663705458517.jpg (28.38 KB, 640x480, FB_IMG_1636461028278.jpg)

I'm the Aus nona and I'll have a look tonight as I'm familiar with the ingredients and different types

No. 289114

Uh, are they really all that or are they just a gimmick?
Oh, thanks for the recommendation! Seems like what I've been looking for.

No. 289118

thank you nonna! I really appreciate you!

No. 289150

File: 1663719766607.gif (412.46 KB, 400x452, 7e05759481fa150d06c259c8d81b97…)

i need something quick to eat/prepare and high protein that i can shove in my face very early before work. i do not like breakfast burritos or overnight oats. i am a competent baker. anyone have any suggestions?

No. 289160

File: 1663722275744.jpeg (135.99 KB, 1081x1500, FF401E83-D059-446F-8BE2-139202…)

Maybe this is too close to overnight oats for you, but I like keto granola and plain yogurt. I’m not keto but keto granola has lots of nuts (which I feel like keep me full longer than oats or whatever) and usually isn’t that sweet, which is my main complaint about regular granola.

No. 289176

Crude but you can make your own protein bars.
>> Take a pan and put a layer of nut butter or your choice, a layer of cornflakes, a flakes of nut butter, then top with unsweet dark chocolate melted in a layer over that. Place in freezer. Cut frozen bars into individuals so their easy to grab out.

No. 289201

>wheat noodles. not rice.
I didn't say they were rice noodles. Sorry about your gluten allergy tho nonna.

Some of the reviews are loke, OMG SO DELICIOUS THE SAUCEEEE!!1 Kek
I was gonna try cooking them in some chicken bone broth with chicken breast bits and broccoli or maybe brussels sprouts and idk, corn? Maybe beat & mix an egg in egg drop soup style (picrel). Side note; egg drop soup is super easy to make! If you boil chicken bones left over from a rotisserie chicken or whatever it is truly god-tier.

No. 289256

ohh i have seen this done with yogurt too, i might try it. also thinking about doing little muffin pan frittatas, but im worried the eggs will get slimy when reheated (i have sensory problems with eggs often, it's why i hate breakfast burritos)

No. 289268

You can make protein pancakes and freeze them too. Take the batter and freeze it in a ice cube tray. Throw two in a pan with the lid on so they cook right. Flip once. Lid back on. Regular pancakes. Less work. Freezing and reheating makes the texture weird if you precook pancakes.
I’m the same way with eggs. I’m very sensitive to the texture so I tried to figure out ways around them.

No. 289388

I have exited the obese BMI range and am back to overweight. This is giving me a lot of motivation to continue as most of my life I thought I could never lose weight.

No. 289401

File: 1663804301072.png (4.47 MB, 1916x2136, Endurance focus.png)

I checked it out and you can buy Attention by faction labs in the US. Both through amazon and the faction labs website.
I recommend candied grape or raspberry (the orange-passion fruit and peach flavours taste like arse)
Other good options are: Ghost 'Gamer' & MAN Sports 'Brainbridge'

Theres also a few youtube reviews of each, flavour comparisons and break down of key ingredients.

No. 289473

took me a few months of restricting calories to 1,400-1,500 a day but I went down from 160lbs to 140, and trying to lose 10-20 more pounds before I stop
the only problem is once I hit 140 it's like the weight loss stopped but I don't want to starve myself and feel like crap all day from hunger
what do I do? stay at like 1,400 deficit and exercise most days of the week?

No. 289529

No. 289653

File: 1663887261128.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1098, 9B34E5C1-1E2A-43C2-84F2-EEB1F5…)

body looks exactly like picrel of random ig girl and I have no idea how to reduce the width of my waist bcs every time I diet I lose muscle mass even when hitting my protein intake and my stomach just stays bloated and huge so I look like a famine survivor w skinny ass limbs and a huge abdomen abt to a log tbh

No. 289659

Her waist looks fine and probably yours does too. Sometimes you can't just go beyond your natural self anon

No. 289663

Her body is good and yours probably is and this is just some passing body dysmorphia. Delete instagram and wear clothes you feel nice in. It helps.

No. 289676

Her stomach and figure are great imo

No. 289678

File: 1663891848974.jpeg (194.31 KB, 1125x1383, B117FD0C-5DAE-4354-88FF-494D0E…)

even though Ive lost 20 pounds this summer I am still feeling like a failure. Tomorrow I have an appointment for a dietician/weightloss clinic, and I am worried Im going to be turned away because I have a long term history with binging. I havent binged in months (besides the one night I scarfed down a whole bag of cherries) so I hope that helps show my dedication to improvement.
One of the programs offered is a shake fast situation that merges with food and the other is a nutrition plan solely on food.
Guess Ill find out but a part of me feels like Ill never reach my goal

No. 289684

Delete instagram. Best thing i ever did tbh.
Also dont worry about a tapered waist. Its just catering to the male gaze. What makes a waist more tapered or not is genes and proportions. Longer torsos usually have more curve because there is more space between the hips and the last rib. You cant lengthen your spine. And wearing a waste trainer is just letting the patriarchy win. Find happiness from within and all else falls in line. Good luck with your body image issues nona. That shit sucks.

No. 289720

I started running again after a year of not doing so, and it turns out I can run 5km all the way with a decent minute per km. The thing is, I can't keep constant pace all the way through. Think I need to do more interval training instead of trying to hit a milestone with every run.

No. 289739

You just hold your weight/fat in your torso, it can suck but that girl looks great plus you will always have nice slender legs and arms.

No. 289744

File: 1663920033166.png (43.11 KB, 239x203, ramen.PNG)

I have a body similar to picrel as well but with a bit more muscle mass. Like other anons said, delete instagram and/or stop comparing yourself to other people. Her body looks great and I'm sure yours does as well.

> my stomach just stays bloated and huge

This is part and parcel of having a longer torso and genetics. I have a long torso compared to my shins, my body looks a little whack. Another thing I noticed was that since I started incorporating ab workouts and getting some ab definition, my stomach always looks bloated or 'fat' now normally. When I had no muscle mass it was completely flat. It's normal, keep doing you. I'm also working my arms and shoulders with more reps so my body will look more proportionate. But I'm lucky that my body mostly stores fat in my legs so I don't look like a block with limbs. Not sure what to feel since I lost my thigh gap though

No. 289750


Can you recomp with a body like that? Like she looks great and I’m pretty happy w my body overall but I just want a hard abdomen, should I up my cals and lift heavier?

No. 289797

You may want to try going a week eating at maintenance. If it's been a few months of eating at a deficit, your body might have adapted to the deficit and isn't burning as many calories as before. You could try resetting your metabolism by having a maintenance break. Try upping your calories by 100 every few days till you hit maintenance. Be sure to monitor your weight, if you start consistently gaining weight, cut down again to find your true maintenance calories.

No. 289805

File: 1663947547342.png (157.29 KB, 628x576, a.png)

I'm this anon here >>287731 and posting an image of myself here terrifies me but I don't know anyone else to ask. I've been trying to cut calories to get down to around 18% body fat but I binged to maintenance last week and this week I've binged over it. It's getting ridiculously hard to stay on track and I'm honestly not sure if it's because I've gotten lean to the point of my body being hungry 24/7. But looking at myself in the mirror, I don't think so???

My goal was to cut till I could see abs but I don't think I have enough muscle to see them even if I get any leaner. I only started with a body recomp with a small deficit a little over 2 months ago after all. I need to bulk to get bigger but I'm terrified of the prospect of getting fat, I used to be overweight for a majority of my life till my late teens early 20s. So I wanted to ask if it's easier to cut at a high body fat percentage or is it going to be hell all over like this? Am I just weak? I feel awful.

For stats I'm 5ft and 105lbs

No. 289808

I don't think I know enough to answer your question, but anon you look great!

No. 289813

Your body is beautiful no homo
You need protein, greek yoghurt and a workout plan to build muscle. If it’s for aesthetics your body is already goals

No. 289814

thank you! I originally wanted to attach a 'before' photo as well that had about 4lbs of extra fat but I really don't want more pictures of myself floating on lolcow right now lol. I'm actually sort of satisfied with how I look but from the way my hunger signals are acting right now, it's demanding me to eat over 2000 calories a day and that's more than my maintenance so it's worrying. I'm DEATHLY afraid of getting fat when I'm struggling to stick to my diet right now.

For other nonas wondering what I'm eating daily, I go with 3 high protein meals that are satiating, but I either die at breakfast or dinner, depending on how long it's been since my last meal.

No. 289817

i think you look good anon. if you binge or get hungry easily, your body is probably trying to tell you something. trying to suppress your impulses will probably only make the binging more frequent

No. 289827

trying to snack less bad food, any idea for healthy snacks? i am mostly just cutting pieces of veggies with my foods and also eating fruits but i know myself and i know it's enough to stop my cravings for sweets

No. 289830


suggestions for workouts to help get rid of my pooch? i'm 5'8 and fluctuate between 115-120 lbs and the rest of me is pretty skinny (besides a weird double chin kinda thing i have too) but i've had this cursed tummy chub my entire life it feels like. i want to have a flat stomach with maybe light abs. also are there any exercise-related ways to get rid of that chin flab i mentioned? my face and neck are thin but there's like a band of fat under my jaw above my neck. it makes my side profile really ugly and gives me a double chin if i look any lower than straight ahead.

No. 289833

> suggestions for workouts to help get rid of my pooch?
Sadly spot reduction doesn't work. But at your height and weight, you're already incredibly thin and shouldn't have much fat hanging anywhere at all. Are you sure your belly is fat? Could it be bloat from water retention or loose skin if you've lost weight before? Otherwise it's just unlucky genetics. Doing some progressively overloaded core exercises 4x a week can help give your stomach better definition however. I noticed with muscle on my legs (where I keep all my fat) they're more shapely than saggy. I lost my thigh gap but they're looking much better now. Other body part exercises can help fill out the rest of your body in a nice way to balance out your thicker abdomen.

> there's like a band of fat under my jaw above my neck.

Do you happen to have an underbite or an overbite? It might be causing the skin and fat to scrunch up right under your chin because it's weird that it's only there and it doesn't go down to your neck as well

No. 289861

Kvarg yogurt is my go to or I just get fage and add some my protein flavour drops, I also make chia pudding with the flavour drops. I have a super sweet tooth and I find these really satisfy my appetite for sweet things.

No. 289949

i like making snack plates with a few whole wheat crackers, pecans or walnuts and berries.
baby carrots and hummus, cucumber and cream cheese, seaweed sheets or puffs and apples with almond butter are also good

No. 289951

do you have a flat stomach when you wake up?

No. 289962

I know this might not be what you want to hear but as a fellow pooch-haver, embrace it. It's beautiful and feminine. Plus >>289830 this.

No. 289978

would exercising more frequently help with my metabolism? I was mostly sedentary while losing those 20lbs because of an injury but now it's healing and I can work out

No. 290014

File: 1664026171297.jpg (43.84 KB, 945x960, inspo.jpg)

Anons, is it possible to get a body like pic related without going to the gym? Or can I do exercises at home by myself? I'm tired of being chubby and ugly. I can't change my face but I can at least try to change my body/health. If I have to sign up to the gym, will there be someone there to guide me on what sort of exercise I should start with or do I need to hire a personal trainer for that? On another note, I'm currently starting to jog again but I can only jog without stopping for 5 minutes tops. I'm not sure how to breathe properly during running. Truthfully, I just want a nice body to cosplay my fav characters huhu…

No. 290016

>is it possible to get a body like pic related without going to the gym?

No. 290018

absolutely not, this kind of body requires very heavy lifting, strict diet and a consistent gym schedule. She also might be on 'roids since she has very blocky abs for a woman.

where I live almost every gym offer like one free personal trainer session when u sign up. if u sign up for a gym, u should probably hire personal trainer to help you get started with form and diet.

No. 290019


Ok thanks anon. Welp, time to look for a good gym.


Yea, I thought so. Thanks so much anon. Kinda nervous about signing up for a gym membership. I don't like being around people when I exercise (hence the jogging) but I really want nice abs and toned arms.

No. 290020

u can do it anon! I know it feels very intimidating at first but I promise after few months you'll start to relax and get so much dopamine from it!

No. 290023

File: 1664029549783.gif (39.18 KB, 97x159, D40E6570-D699-4436-9FA9-382E51…)

Hey nonnas! So Im one of the fatty anons and I have my official diet plan/ workout plan started! This one is led by team of nutritionist,therapist, doc, and trainer. (Im a binger but working on it strongly. )
Since they gave me a comprehensive plan, I was wondering if any of yall would like to see the program? I got really lucky to get in this program and i understand not all of us have the ability to get professional guidance.
If yall wanna see it, I will retype it and share.
Im excited and it turns out it is a requirement for me to do group therapy for binge eating , so i feel confident that i can stick to it.
Anywho, love to all the anons! Stick to it ladies, we are strong women!

No. 290030

Yes I would love to hear about the program! That's very kind of you to offer to share. Even if you don't type up the whole thing, I wish you the best of luck with your health goals and binge eating recovery. I'm very proud of you for seeking help and going into this with such high motivations.

No. 290032

Would love to hear about the nutrition and how to stop binge eating. Please share! You're an angel for such a thing. Much love

No. 290062

Ok! I will type it up Sunday/Monday!

No. 290147

File: 1664076342333.jpg (107.18 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20220924-201923_Fir…)

I replied to you above already but I literally remembered this & thought of you when I woke up this morning kek. Anterior pelvic tilt can cause the lower tummy to jut out. You can correct it with stretches and exercises (google it bc unfortunately I don't know that info). Really sucks because I definitely have anterior pelvic tilt & for a long time I thought it was normal and healthy and honestly? sexy. But I can tell I need to do something about it because my lower back hurts when I lie face-up and do leg raises. My back scrunches up like a damn accordion. I also have the dreaded pooch but when I stand sideways in the mirror and tilt my pelvis so that it's straight my pooch goes down significantly (I am thin FYI which is relevant). Maybe some other more knowledgeable nonnies can give some advice in this regard?

No. 290159

>do you happen to have an underbite or overbite?
oh my god nona thank you so much i think this is it. i thought i'd be doomed to chin lipo if there wasn't some weird neck/jaw excercise i'd never heard of but this makes way more sense. i always knew i needed braces for a tooth gap i have but i never thought my overbite would effect anything like that until i read your comment and looked in the mirror with my jaw in a more "normal" position and it vanished. seriously thank you so much. would braces fix this? sorry if that's a dumb question and ot

no and i've always had it, since before i hit puberty i think. i've always been pretty thin too so it's not like loose skin from losing weight.

bless your heart nona you're sweet. i'm tall and gangly, my arms and legs are thin, but all my excess fat bunches up in my pooch and it makes me feel like an orangutan. i need to lighten up on myself cause if i saw somebody with my exact same body i'd think it was cute and she looked nice but i hate it on me.

i will look into this too, tysm! i've kinda always slouched because i'm tall, would having shitty posture be how this sort of thing starts?

so far i am thinking of doing a bunch of core excercises that focus on the mid/lower abs, and some stuff focusing on glutes too because i'm tired of having an ass so flat it's concave. thank you nonas for helping me out

No. 290182

File: 1664098876038.jpeg (266.13 KB, 640x480, 8058D4D3-52AA-4AC5-B680-8AE177…)

It should improve your facial structure by quite a bit. You should go for it first and see if it helps. It's also possible that your jaw requires additional surgery to be corrected but since it vanished when you tried moving your jaw forwards(? I assume), braces alone should fix it!

Flat leg raises are great, I prefer them more than hanging leg raises

No. 290188

Need me a boy with anterior pelvic tilt fr

No. 290194

Nta but same, and I found that core exercises are the most helpful in fixing it. Focus on your lower abdomen especially! Also try and notice the habit of pushing out your butt even when you're in a neutral position and try tucking it back in
>my lower back hurts when I lie face-up and do leg raises
Gosh same. Cannot even do sit ups or my tailbone ends up digging into the floor

No. 290204

Not a person with anterior pelvic tilt but when I do flat leg raises I put both of my hands on my lower back where my kidneys are. I noticed it helps me keep my ass off of the floor, forces me to focus on my lower core, keeps me stable and stops me from sliding forwards. It might help you two make it more comfortable!

No. 290213

I'm building up muscle but I cannot for the life of me lose w8, and no I don't have a glandular problem I just can't resist sweets I don't think I can go a day without chocolate or buttery sugar crap.i can't eat in moderation because once it's in my mouth I get possessed

No. 290215

I have a huge sugar tooth too. Not sure if you're on the America sugar butter tier of 700kcal sugar loaded frappes from starbucks but for me it took a bit to adjust my palette to less sweetened versions of food. They're still sweet and instead of using them as snacks they're my main dishes so I'll still hit my sugar cravings.

> low calorie maple syrup on french toast or protein pancakes or flat out pouring it into my oatmeal

> using stevia instead of sugar when I bake
> unsweetened peanut butter bread but with stevia sprinkled on top of it

Diet coke is a great option for cravings as well.
> inb4 "they taste different and the texture is bad hurrrdurrr"
I did a blindfolded taste test between regular coke and diet coke and was blown away by how similar they tasted. They're pretty close now compared to how diet soda started years back.

I don't recommend drinking way too much diet soda though, I almost got addicted to it once.

No. 290223

Don't buy sweet things, switch to fruits, after some time your mind and palate will adjust.

No. 290233

>unsweetened peanut butter bread
Anon, I need this recipe now

No. 290239

Thank you guise I work at a store and we get a free meal and the cheap stuff is crap and I face temptation everyday. I will eat moar fruits.

No. 290246

File: 1664124563046.png (463.53 KB, 600x1000, BF6B6554-26B1-4AD9-BABA-92B2C5…)

oh no! it's nothing that complex, it makes for a quick bite before any exercise in the mornings for me. Just a regular slice of bread and unsalted peanut butter over it, sprinkled with stevia on the top to amp the sweetness. It comes out at 90-120 cal per slice depending on how much peanut butter you use so it's not very good calorie wise.

HOWEVER I just saw Will Tennyson's video about low calorie meal hacks and one of them was cabbage bread?? https://youtu.be/ZXZMqN3ONII
I just calculated how many calories both slices would have (if Will followed the grams exact correctly), and it's coming up at 140 calories for both slices combined. Not too much different from bread I get at the store here but it's a good zero carb option!

No. 290248

File: 1664125564468.jpeg (14.17 KB, 224x224, 5ABB8D5E-BB0C-49E3-9E96-AA0FC4…)

I was hoping it was some kind of bread made with peanut butter rather than pb on bread, RIP me. The cabbage bread is really interesting though. I really like various black bean and other vegetable based patties and I also love carbs, but hamburger buns are such a boring form of bread that it seems like a waste to eat them. This might be a good alternative!

No. 290250

you could have sleep issues, look into getting a sleep study. sleep apnea is a common cause for fatigue.

No. 290254

File: 1664127350179.gif (86.76 KB, 298x278, 6225C829-D7A7-4FDC-9194-C7116D…)

oops, sorry for the disappointment nona. Haven you tried protein cookies? I made some with peanut butter the other time. I would definitely not recommend it if you're trying to lose fat though.

> 2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla or chocolate works)
> 1 large egg
> 150 grams of peanut butter (the creamy kind)
> 1/3 cup of stevia
> (optional) crushed up chocolate for chocolate bits
mix everything together in a bowl and treat it like dough, roll into balls and flatten on a baking sheet and bake at 180 degrees celsius for 15? minutes or until the edges of the cookies are brown.

should yield 8 cookies at 75 cal per cookie (I do 12 because 8 servings made each cookie massive)

They tasted really sweet and good but when they get stale it kind of tastes like you're eating peanut butter…

For the peanut butter bread idea… You could use the cabbage recipe but mix in peanut butter powder. It might actually work but since I haven't tried it, it could taste far from peanut butter.

BIG WARNING: Since peanut butter is being used, expect calories to rocket and volume to not be as big as you'd like them to be

No. 290265

this might be a hard ask, but is there something that's low-carb, crunchy, doesn't have too high of an AGE content (theoretically unhealthy compounds that come from cooking things, especially those with fats, at high heat or very dry conditions)?

I realize my #1 issue is that I just want something salty and low calorie sometime but I can only ever find chips.
Also I'm open to something I make myself, preferably that I can store.

No. 290287

Roasted/dry seaweed maybe? Not sure about AGE content though but I've only heard good things about it, that it's healthy, that it's super food, yadda-yadda.

No. 290288

Ntayrt but be careful not to eat too much. I'm a dried seaweed enjoyer and I will go fucking HAM on it but apparently eating too much (think like 10 packs a day, sounds like a lot but fuck it's easy to lose yourself with dried seaweed not even joking) you can give yourself thyroid problems because of all the iodine iirc. But it is absolutely addicting and delicious and etc.

No. 290294

yeah a lot of people drink most of their calories in sugary beverages. diabetic-chan here, i've tried pretty much every diet/low carb option there is for drinks. diet soda is great and a lot tastes kinda different than their normal variants but it's not toxic sludge like a lot of people like to say it is for some reason. my favorite kind of drink ever that's also low carb/cal is stuff like crystal light and mio, flavor additives for water. good luck nona u can still have yummy drinks

idk if it counts as crunchy but honestly meat is one of very few foods that has incredibly low/sometimes even no carbs. turkey is my favorite

No. 290323

File: 1664150659779.png (746.67 KB, 1223x550, yes.PNG)

Question for fellow poor constitution nonnies–is it best to just focus on cardio I can do a lot of even if it isn't really a whole body exercise? When I run I usually have an asthma attack and my chest hurts for days after, but I found I can use something like picrel which I found at the thrift store for 15$ for half an hour at a time, even breaking a sweat. I even felt physically like my body had woken up–which never happens after I jog, walk, etc. Not sure if I'm imagining things or if it's a good way for me to build up endurance without wrecking my body.

No. 290335

ladies!! The retype for the diet plan has been completed!
It is a few pages long, how should i post it? Page by page, or is there a better way?

No. 290391

How many pages is it? If it's not too many you could dump them here. Not the biggest fan of file upload/download websites myself

No. 290410

Diet soda IS toxic sludge in the sense that artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer and hormone disruption.

No. 290440

Page by page seems fine to me!

No. 290456

Any excersise is better than none, but if you can peddle at a desk then consider trying to take walks too. It's always better to be not sitting. Yoga/stretching or swimming comes to mind too as low impact excersises that might work with your condition aswell.

No. 290481

That's what I mean though. I walk around an hour a day on average and have for many, many months but I always feel exhausted and like fainting when I do. When I use the desk cycle I feel energized afterwards.
But yeah I'll try some more yoga.

No. 290484

I'm skinny fat so I was focusing on weight training. I recently reached a point where nothing was working so I'm doing more intense work outs
Finally my body shape is looking more than adorable and tight. HOWEVER I had to throw my scale away because I'm gaining weight. Which is healthy but it messes with me mentally

So instead I just measure my waist and body and just look in the mirror. I always tell myself muscle weighs more than fat and to keep going. But damn, no more scale for me

No. 290493

Fellow skinnyfat hoping to live healthier here. After reading this I'm wondering (in general), how much weight should I expect to gain when building muscle? Like is there a percentage of my current weight that I can add on?

No. 290496


It's not really a weight thing but a density thing. So someone who's 135 but fit/lean is going to look way different than an untoned 135. I noticed it myself when I compare my body to girls who don't have anger issues and find themselves doing pushups to avoid breaking personal belongings.

No. 290497


Forgot to say that muscle and fat weigh the same. 1:1 people just say muscle weighs more because muscular/lean people are usually heavier than they look

No. 290500

nta, but as a person who was skinnyfat almost all my life and then went skinnyfat -> chubby -> somewhat fit (still working on it) - it is not about how many kilos/pounds you will gain but how it will look.

For example 55 kg/120 pounds on average female height looks much "skinnier" if person has built some muscle.

No. 290512

File: 1664221029914.png (678.02 KB, 1834x1360, ADCE7652-7643-41C0-AE0C-900696…)

Ok! Posting each page; hope thats ok! Page 1
Not proofread or anything i gotta migraine

No. 290514

File: 1664221077426.png (321.47 KB, 1806x1344, 46BB98A9-12B5-4F76-945C-A90271…)

Part 2

No. 290516

File: 1664221214070.png (406.45 KB, 1844x1380, 3CC8F801-5428-4BA2-BC49-8839B8…)

Part 3

No. 290519

File: 1664221317283.png (219.18 KB, 1804x1350, 1A28501A-3732-4FA2-9E8A-525A23…)

And the last one. Hope this helps! Its the start of a 6 month program, and so my plan will adapt as needed.

No. 290527

>eat every 2,5 to 3 hours

No. 290530

File: 1664225875923.gif (862.07 KB, 400x400, 5275D83C-BF86-4CB3-BDB6-78F9E5…)

Ahh i knew I had typos but hey, shit happens. Yall get the idea

No. 290552

File: 1664231353308.gif (1.05 MB, 350x240, 5f7d4db89656e36be010003258b899…)

I want to start dedicating days to working out different body parts, legs, arms and back, core etc. Because I always hear you should to give muscles a rest But I only plan on working out every other day so 3-4 times a weeks which would mean I'd only work out a specific body part once per week which doesn't seem like enough to actually make a difference. Should I just do full body workouts every other day instead? Would one day between be enough rest. I wouldn't be anything crazy because I can only do home workouts but I want to add in kettlebells I have that are a few kg plus 30-60 of cardio.

No. 290569

Thank you so so much for sharing! I especially appreciate the list of meal options. This is very helpful and I'm thankful that you took the time to type this out and share with us, just from the kindness of your heart. Good luck meeting your goals! I am cheering for you.

No. 290583

Your welcome anon, Im so happy it could help!

No. 290599

Thank you for the slides! They're very well structured too

> eat in a general interval of 2.5 to 3 hours

is this a good idea to do when my ghrelin/leptin/insulin levels are fucked right now? I was (somewhat) satisfied with my weight so I went off my deficit and started eating according to my hunger signals and ended up eating 3000 calories on average for 3 days. I think my ghrelin/leptin/insulin levels are fucked right now and I'm doing 18 hour fasts in order to fix it.

Any nonas able to weigh in on this?

I do an upper/lower split 4 times a week which is working a lot better than 1 body part per day. Here's my routine:

> LOWER #1

Squats 4x5
Hip thrusts 3x10
Leg press 3x15
Leg curl 2x15
Lunges 3x15 (15 each leg)
Calf raise 3x10
Ab wheel 2x10
Cable twist 2x15
Hanging leg raise 2x15

> UPPER #2

Bench press 4x8
Machine chest press 3x15
Machine lat pull down 3x12
Seated cable row 3x12
Skullcrushers 3x10
Overhead press 3x6
Lat raises 3x15

> LOWER #2

Deadlift 3x5
Squat 3x8
Leg curl 3x15
Leg extension 3x12
Reverse hyper 3x15
Hip abductor (glutes) 3x10
Ab wheel 2x10
Hanging leg raise 3x15
Cable twist 2x15

> UPPER #2

Assisted pull ups 3x6
Incline dumbbell bench press 4x8
Bent over row 3x10
Reverse fly machine 2x30
Pec deck machine 2x30
Lat raises 3x15
Bicep curl 3x10
It's a high volume hypertrophy workout that takes about 1.5 hours to do. I'm getting pretty neat results so far! You can replace the exercises that you don't have access to with the dumbbell equivalent. Kettlebells are also great to replace some of these workouts with.

No. 290683

File: 1664283350358.jpg (54.61 KB, 636x358, md5720ovapq21.jpg)

Anyone else with extremely noisy joints? I'm not even 30 but every movement I make when warming up or stretching sounds like crushing crystals. I do not feel any pain, but even others have noted how loud the cracking was, I can crack my neck while sitting like every 10 minutes. Is this something I should be concerned about?

No. 290698

File: 1664286461672.jpg (15.09 KB, 480x480, JUST.jpg)

I've been feeling a bit frumpy nonnas, is there anything you recommend for me to tone up? I'm a bit of a pearchan and I'm worried I'll end up fat if I don't make an effort sooner rather than later.
> bust: 35"
> waist: 28"
> hip: 40"
> weight: 143lbs
> height: 5'2

No. 290703

Try some kind of weight training and do some cardio? Your goal is pretty vague

No. 290745

i'm tired of being fat nonnas can anyone recommend some good stuff for weight loss? i'm also a former smoker so i'm incredibly out of shape. currently 5'8" 230lbs, my goal weight is 180

No. 290760

The only truly "good stuff" is cutting back calorie intake and adding some kind of regular form of exercize, there's no magic pill, only people that want to make a quick buck. Don't make the mistake of cutting out a lot of calories for a drastic diet, because it's very hard not to quit it early on, instead make sure you don't drink your calories (soda, coffee with more cream than water), eat slightly smaller portions and choose a type of movement you enjoy and won't kill your joints.

No. 290770

First and foremost listen to this anon. What might be helpful is that you have a good eating and sleeping rythm, try to eat regularly and not right before sleep, try to get to bed at the same time as it reduces stress etc, which can affect the body in many different ways including our metabolism. Like that anon said no need to overdo it with working out but even beginning with taking a walk every day will help adjust your body to be more fit in general. Don’t expect any wonders though, progress may be slow but rewarding if you’re getting used to it. There has been a lot of research lately that shows how incredibly important it is for overall health to keep the cardiovascular system in good shape.

No. 290794

Thank anon! Spliting it just between upper and lower body sounds like a good idea rather than a bunch of smaller targets.

No. 291037

File: 1664385423726.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 1651948842980.jpg)

nonnas ive been pretty overweight my entire life im 18 now and i dont wanna stay like this forever and the older i get the harder itll be
ive started eating ~1300-1500 cals per day and doing cardio and calisthenics im also eating super high protein so around 115g per day
a lot of turkey and chicken and protein shakes, i love chicken though so im not complaining just wish me luck nonnas

No. 291185

You got this anon!

No. 291211

This is only tangentially related to fitness, but I was wondering how many workout clothes anons have. I never really bought them because I'm not very active and I would just wear some random shorts I had from middle/high school. Now that I'm starting to get back into running and exercise, I wonder how much to have? I have:
>1 supportive sports bra, 2 sporty, light support bras, and 1 weird cotton-y sports bra I only wear for body weight exercises
>3 sweat wicking tshirts
>2 hoodies for 10 to 15 celsius weather
>4 training leggings
>2 basketballshorts

No. 291220

So many girls at the gym wear those ultra tight shorts that basically mould to their skin, why? Are they comfy? They make your ass look amazing and it makes me want to buy a pair but are they worth it? Are there any brands that are good?

No. 291266

File: 1664431721938.png (50.26 KB, 612x792, ea496f_ea671bfda78c4b80870f87a…)

>for squat form, make sure you’re pressing through your heels
The weight should be balanced over mid-foot.
Why is everyone doing a bunch of meme bullshit that definitely doesn't even work? This stuff wouldn't even work for men and they have like 100x the testosterone. Translation: if you took steroids, this shit still wouldn't work.

It's so simple and so easy. Just do a novice linear progression program like pic rel. 3x a week
Add weight to every working set, every time. Watch your lifts at least double. Might have to switch 3 sets of 5 to 5 sets of 3, most of this stuff is written for men and women do better on triples than fives.

No. 291273

>zero accessories
with this routine you're going to end up with a shitty powerlifter body lmao

No. 291292

>thinks you're need accessories as a novice
Do you even lift? Accessories come in as an intermediate+.

No. 291300

Probably because a lot of anons don't have access to/don't want to go to the gym and home videos are better than nothing. They'll still get results just no where near the level you'd get with weights, which might not even be their goal.

No. 291304

tbh i don't wear them at the gym, only home, but i think they're really comfy. i am definitely aware of how they might bring attention to me in public though, but that's the case with any sort of gymwear being worn out of the gym (leggings/sports bras included). you kinda have to decide if you wanna make the sacrifice

No. 291315

I want to eat clean and become more muscular. I used to workout every day and have a lean body, but I probably wasn’t actually “muscular” because I was underweight. I stayed very lean and small for a long time, then I couldn’t deal with the constant tiredness and hunger and quit it all. I couldn’t stop eating for months (and sitting on my ass). I felt like a black hole for food. Anyway, I gained about 10 lbs, and now I’m back into fitness. I try to eat clean, but I get massive cravings all the time, especially for meat. I’m not sure if I should gain, maintain, or lose. Part of me wants to get back down to where I was even though it was kind of miserable. I don’t carry weight well and had my sis-in-law and friend say I looked fat when I was 120 lbs. Counting macros has helped with hunger. I was protein starved without realizing it. Any advice on macros btw? I can’t pin down numbers because they vary so wildly. Protein recommendations are between 40-140 (depending where I look online). It’s so confusing.

No. 291318

If they're comfy I might just buy a pair to wear at home then, I don't have the gall to wear them out lol. They're just so eye-catching, it makes me feel scrotey so I just stare at the ceiling TVs constantly.

No. 291319

honestly idg how girls are going to the gym in shorts and sports bras. it's insane to me that you'd choose to be trapped in a gym with lecherous creeps in a place filled to the brim with floor to ceiling mirrors and you choose to wear skin tight shorts and a sports bra ONLY. it's so weird. like ok for working out with you or your friends or only around women but strange men in public while working out in a closed space?? very odd choice to me. i'm sorry to say this but it screams "attention". just wear a loose shirt or loose tank at the least

No. 291340

Men are going to be creepy whatever women wear, so who the fuck cares if one wants to wear just a sports bra and tight shorts or a loose tshirt and baggy sweats?

No. 291341

I think anons just saying she doesn't know why you'd want even more creepy attention on you while you're trying to work out. Of course men will be creepy no matter what but let's not pretend they'll be as creepy to a woman wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts as they would to a woman wearing a sports bra and tight shorts.

No. 291343

Sure, but I think those women are probably too busy trying to work out and just ignore the men.

No. 291344

(Nta)Ok but last night, it was the the first time I worked out in a while. I went later because I dont like people and I picked a treadmill away from everyone. This dude -5 minutes in to my warm up-gets off the stationary bike rows ahead, and stares at me. I keep my eyes away and I can see him in the mirror beeline straight to the treadmill next to me. I turned my metal up and increased the speed and intensity and I watched him in the mirror, he was trying to stare me down into a convo. Like damn let a fattie sweat without you sweat’n her or idk workout harder and dont treat the gym like a dating pool! I was wearing a plain tee and sports leggings but im about to make a shirt that says FUCK OFF

No. 291349

Fair enough anon, like I said,men will be creepy no many what but do you think you'd get the same type of attention or even more in a sports bra and shorts? Genuinely asking.

No. 291364

aren't leggings considered revealing because they're skin tight?
In any case, I wonder what would happen if women just started filming men acting like that. They certainly deserve it tbh.

No. 291394

They are thicker leggings by Adidas, but i could have shown up in cotton sweatpants too and got the same reaction.

No. 291454

Any women-only gyms in your area? Sorry you have to deal with that shit.

No. 291488

I noticed my clothes weren't fitting me as well a couple months ago so I started eating less and I feel better already. Weirdly don't want to weigh myself because I feel like it would discourage me? I know it will say I lost at least 10lbs but I don't want to be sad if it's less, I know myself I lose motivation too easily. All I know is that by how I feel I have at least 25 more to go because I want my sweaters to be loose again

No. 291491

it's okay not to weigh yourself, there's way too many daily fluctuations and numbers don't accurately represent what is in your body. There's also water retention during the week of your period. It's especially bad if you're the sort that gets obsessive over the numbers. Fitting in clothes is a much better way to go about it.

No. 291524

Not weighing yourself is so good for your mental health good for you nona best of luck!

No. 292341

Does anyone have any resources or videos for getting into weighlifting with dumbells? I've been practicing on my own for a while now, but I'd like some pointers.

No. 292367

Could you be a bit more specific? What build are you going for? Lifting for bulk or lean? Is it for form that you care? Just youtube if it's the last one there are a ton of videos and just having a mirror in your room will be all you need to ensure proper form when lifting so you have gains and not damages.

No. 292420

File: 1664931657643.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.24 KB, 508x508, E06C45D3-8797-4A6F-8413-01BA54…)

Any tips for getting rid of this pregnant/beerbelly? I’m a lazy fuck but I want to get rid of this but I can’t seem to push myself to do it. What are some basic things I can do? Or some kind of regime/schedule? I live in a rural area so I can’t do much outside or drive to a far away gym (broke too lol)? Any help and criticism is appreciated

No. 292426

I'm lazy too. Here's my go to for slow but steady weight management:
Walking half an hour a day, or playing music and dancing for a few songs if I don't feel like going outside.
Fasting until 4pm one day a week.

No. 292441

You just need to cut your calories and then you can pretty much sit on your ass whole day doing nothing. If you start loosing weight, it will go off of your belly too, but idk it's sometimes difficult and belly fay will be the last one to go. Although a beer belly is more unusual in women, so check your hormones too.

No. 292446

File: 1664950609262.jpg (12.36 KB, 275x274, 1651427917454.jpg)

I've successfully managed to lose some more weight after plateauing a bit!! I've been chubby since I was a kid and now I'm at my lowest, around 22 bmi. I still feel extremely unhealthy and exhausted all the time, 0 improvements there - also I look worse than I did when I was chubby, kek - which demotivated me greatly for many months, but I ended up keeping it together and inching forward. This might not be very happy, though I'm very impressed that I was able to beat my demoralization.

No. 292493

It’s just my liver trying to escape lol, i’ve got advanced fatty liver. So, i need to restrict my calorie intake, to like 1300. Would adding exercise to that speed up weight loss? Honestly I’ve no idea how to start

No. 292495

>rural area
You can't just go for a walk or a run outside?

No. 292501

Nta but you should probably ask a doctor on how to proceed than here. You have a liver condition that probably only a few anons have

No. 292504

I visit the liver doctor but they’re not very helpful, they tell me to lose weight, eat a mediterranean diet, etc. Just annoying. I guess i want to know exactly how to force myself to eat well and work out, my laziness always ends up winning.

No. 292507

holy shit anon, you need to be really careful and lose weight. what do you mean advanced? do you have cirrhosis???

No. 292511

Read Losing Your Pounds of Pain by Doreen Virtue. She argues that "laziness" towards taking care of your own body is actually a form of self harm fueled by trauma and poor self esteem. I'm sorry that your health is in such a bad state and that doctors haven't helped you. You're doing the right thing by stepping up for yourself and taking your life into your own hands. I hope that you'll find the support you need.

No. 292514

It’s a lot easier to lose weight by cutting calories than by exercise. If you jog an hour straight you’ll only burn 400 calories. Walking an hour only takes 200. Would you rather go walk for an hour or not eat that 1 cup of rice with your dinner? That being said, you should still exercise. Good for your cardiovascular health and increases your resting metabolism. Also that kind of abdominal fat is really dangerous and is gonna kill you soon if you don’t change.

No. 292518

Could you get a referral to a dietician? They'll help you figure out a meal plan based on your liver and weight loss. In the meantime, try to be more active, like going on long walks, doing some simple bodyweight exercises from youtube videos, etc. Wrt diet, because you said you were lazy, maybe you can make some healthy one pot meals? I do that on a weekend or a weekday evening and it makes eating for the week a little easier. Good luck, anon.

No. 292519

For me what’s helped is been having complete control of what food is in my house: not a lot of food, all of it heathy and none of it particularly delicious. If food isn’t good you will be much less motivated to eat it for fun/to cure boredom. I go to get treats pretty frequently (up to every other day) but I only buy one so there’s not more coming home with me, and I have to bike 40 mins to an hour to get to the store that sells them, so that ensures I’m only eating one if I really want it.

No. 292560

nonna my tired brain read the last line as "farting until 4pm" KEK

No. 292592

File: 1665029870250.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2987x3024, A0A2FDFE-4AE1-4698-8681-D4A99E…)

Diet plan nonna with an update, down to 270 already. Plan has been moderately easy to stick to. I find my hunger satisfied. My workouts have been harder to get through, but I am trying to find more efficient ways to knock out my muscle training.
it also really helps that my bf will make me a delicious meal that fits the plan/ also made 200 cal trail mix snack packs for me too
I find my self with the impulse to ruin it for myself now and then, but so far so good. Ive officially lost 30 pounds since June, but I think the most vital change I have made its not punishing myself or neglecting my needs. I used to “diet” and binge with such a warped idea on food growing up.
Any who, all the love to the nonnas, and keep striving for a healthier you!

No. 292596

File: 1665033154379.png (269.87 KB, 756x493, awe.png)

grats nonna!! that's amazing progress in 5 months. Also, what are in those snack packs?

No. 292612

I had a baby two months ago and reached 200lbs. I am now 155lbs but I have been surviving off junk food. The only reason I am not gaining is probably because I'm too busy or exhausted to eat more than one meal a day.I want to reach my goal of 120 lbs. I really dont want to be fat anymore, but it is so hard for me to find the motivation to exercise or eat right. My husband bought me a bike and I ride around the neighborhood in the early morning before my baby wakes up. I am in the worst shape of my life but I have been reading this thread and I want to get better.

No. 292710

It is peanuts, almonds, pistachios and a “golden berry mix of dried berries”. all nuts are either dry roasted or raw. He made a large amount and then weighed out 200 cal packs and has them ready to go in the pantry! Hope this helps

No. 292763

Uhhh, is it something between the insulin-hormone hypothesis causing it, or no? I believe there was a study showing diet soda does spike insulin which might cause some issues but I wasn't aware there might be some other more linear hormone disruption going on.

No. 292766

You should probably get out of the mindset that advice from your doctors is "annoying". What helped me when I was feeling stuck in limbo before staring my ~fitness journey was to do the bare minimum at first. Take a 5 minute walk. Do 5 sit-ups or whatever exercise you want to focus on. 1% effort is better than 0%. But you must mentally prepare and accept that you will have to increase effort incrementally & work for this. In your case it's especially important as it appears you have a liver disfunction.

This is good advice imon particularly the suggestion to begin cooking for yourself (if you don't already). There are stupid-simple recipes all over the internet. Eat a fuckload of vegetables because the fiber will help keep you satiated. Unless this is prohibited by your doctor(s), idk anything about liver issues.

Nonnie is lazy, she's not gonna read a book or go for 30+ minute walks. Not yet.

One last thought for liver nonna: you will likely see a change in your body pretty soon after making some changes to your diet, and once this happens it will likely be a huge motivator.

No. 292788

>If you jog an hour straight you’ll only burn 400 calories.
That's very incorrect, running burns a lot more calories than this anon is suggesting. The average 150lb person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile, so running for an hour at a steady, reasonable will burn around 700. For the record, I'm 126lbs, 168cm, and I run for over an hour sometimes burning just under 800 calories. I regularly run 5ks in just under 30 minutes and burn around 360 calories. So running (or any kind of cardio) is a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with a lower calorie diet when aiming to lose weight.

No. 292849

Diet anon here>>292592
You replied to me but i have never said my doctors are annoying? What?

No. 292864

Hello, anons, I am looking to start working out at a gym, but I am wondering what is realistically needed for a gym wardrobe. Is 3 outfits sufficient? I am planning on starting 3 days a week (cardio only at first).

No. 292870

3 outfits sounds good, it makes sense to match it to the number of days a week you will be working out in between laundry days. So if you wash your clothes once a week, then you're fine.

No. 292872

Okay, cool. I wasn't sure if it is better to get more. I just don't want to spend a bunch of money on stuff if I don't have to. Thank you!

No. 292886

Running is different from jogging. You don’t jog a 5k in less than 30 minutes.

No. 292918

File: 1665181943437.gif (1.58 MB, 384x288, 9FD8ED0D-2D29-4BF8-8B50-CD6445…)

for me the objectification makes me the horniest, like basically going deeper than “call me a slut!” but actually use me like a doll and do everything u can to me. Yes a doll kink.

No. 292930

… wrong thread, anon

No. 292932

Yo someone get this haunted doll with a fetish out my gym

No. 292935

Nooo i wish you had your mother helping you, like looking after a newborn, mostly alone, must be so tiring. Wish i could cook you good meals and help you out fr

No. 292936

File: 1665187223128.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1926, 08BFF3D4-A18D-4B41-ADC7-C33525…)

picrel fitfluencer gives good advice, doesn’t do what I eat in a day crap and has a truly fucking amazing physique but she’s only been lifting since end of 2020 and was rlly skinny then. natty or juice nonnies? she’s only like 19 too but either way physique goals god damn

No. 292958

An obvious mistake nonnie, my bad!

No. 292979

Seems natty, she’s probably doing a linear progression program which can give you a lot of gains in a year+.

No. 292985

Get a cupcake tray, grease it with butter, then fill it with eggs, ham & cheese. Store in fridge & heat up in morning. Eggies.

No. 293037

capped shoulders and dry bumpy discoloured chest skin, id say shes juicing

No. 293071

Does anyone have a basic stretch program or advice for a very stiff individual? I think the max I can spread my legs before they start getting tight and uncomfortable is a little over 90 degrees. Sex positions are hard because I can't pull my legs outstretched up to my shoulders without extreme discomfort. Even my knees would be bending slightly in that position. Any ideas? And also are there also other stretches I can do that's good for my body? how beneficial is being flexible for the average person's day to day life and what are the health benefits?

No. 293218

Certainly not an expert, I've done some stretch routines based on videos I found online for hips and such in the past, and it did actually help and I could feel the improvement. I think mostly anything works for those who are couch potatoes otherwise, I have no idea about advanced methods or physicap therapy level of professional trainings.
But you describing not being able to lift your legs to your shoulders completely stretched straight sounds… completely normal for the human body? Unless I'm imagining something wrong. Maybe ask your boyfriend to do something else but imitate porn and folding women into pretzels. I'm sure there are plenty of health benefits, for me the motivation is just not losing most of my range of mobility to a sitting workstyle.

No. 293220

File: 1665323253308.png (25.72 KB, 400x373, position-2-shoulder-holder.png)

Thank you nonna, I'll start doing hip and leg routines! How long were you stretching before you felt improvements? Just curious to know the rough progress timeline.

> But you describing not being able to lift your legs to your shoulders completely stretched straight sounds… completely normal for the human body?

Ah wait, you're right. I was under the impression that you COULD do such a thing. But basically I am struggling to do picrel for longer than 5 minutes, maybe my bf is too tall? He's only 15-20cm taller than me though

No. 293221

tell your bf to stop watching porn lmao does he think the average woman is a contortionist?

No. 293242

File: 1665336775037.jpeg (101.99 KB, 728x709, CD3E4753-AAFC-455E-AEAA-46B871…)

Based on some formulas, the ideal weight for my height (tall) is 150 lb. Starting weight was 175. All of my weight is on my thighs/butt, which I know is healthier than visceral fat but it makes my body pretty extreme looking, so that’s what I wanted to fix. Tried to eat less, moved to a new place where I bike to work. Went down to 155 but have struggled to do the last 5. Have also only gone down half to one pant size which was a bit of a bummer. But yesterday I realized that my thighs have gone from mostly fat to mostly muscle. I’m simultaneously proud of myself and put out because that means there’s not much more I can change on them.

No. 293244

>going out of your way to stretch for sex positions
Damn anon I hope he's worth the trouble. The flexibility you mentioned is pretty normal afaik.

No. 293245

just popping into the thread to say that it’s ansolutely NORMAL to not be comfortable in that position for over 5 minutes

No. 293305

Why? Honestly I am not very flexible at all and don't have any issues doing this position. I don't think this is a crazy porn position eithe, literally almost missionairy. The only times we couldn't do it was when I was pregnant, do you all maybe have too much belly in the way? Ofc that would prevent this from being comfortable cause your belly would get squished. Has nothing to do with flexibility tho.

No. 293511

>Can't pull legs to shoulders without extreme discomfort
Maybe your hamstrings are tight nonna!

No. 293644

File: 1665549968346.jpeg (393.97 KB, 1267x1920, D1478A6B-BDA0-4273-B810-04C476…)

How is it that i cant do proper lunge? Why is there a disconnect with that specific part of my workout?

No. 293844

Bumping so someone can help. Is it a stabilizing issue? Is it weak legs? Am i dumb?

No. 293873

I doubt I can help you but you gotta be more specific. What is the problem specifically?

No. 293876

I have a hard time dropping down so low to the ground like the videos show, and I never feel balanced but wobbly.

No. 293962

Not the other anon but when you do a lunge, try making sure that your leg that's forward is moved out pretty forward. It helped for me with stability and I felt my hamstrings and glutes activating better. What do you feel like is being worked when you try to do a lunge? It helps to record yourself from the side profile to see where you're going wrong and to compare with the proper form videos.

No. 293986


make sure your hips are squared/level and then go into the lunge, always keep your front knee over your front ankle

No. 294137

I didnt lose any weight this week: i wanna cry. Ive been on a guided diet and have done so good. I dont understand my plateau

No. 294148

But did you check your measurements? Maybe you didn't lose weight but you lost centimeters somewhere.

No. 294150

You are absolutely right, so I will start measuring moving forward. The scale is not the only way to measure progress. Must! Remember! That!

No. 294158

File: 1665855959252.jpeg (32.36 KB, 640x534, 5FC90C22-D0AD-4A46-9FCC-0C1F42…)

I'm on a tiny bulk of a 200 cal surplus and I'm wondering if the amount of fat I eat is too low. The amount of carbs I get from eating oatmeal, potato and fruits as snacks is gigantic. I've been having only lean meat too. Looked up how much fat someone my weight should be eating and I'm in a healthy range but am not sure

No. 294166


Fellow crunchy nonna here, I'm twenty-eight and I've been crunchy jointed for a while. Unless you feel any pains, I think you're okay. I have to have noise on when I work out because I hate the sound I make!

No. 294183

File: 1665866509225.gif (1.84 MB, 480x270, NokWbOf.gif)

Buff nonnies, what do you wish you knew when you started out working out?

No. 294196

And remember that sometimes you may even gain weight, but that doesn't mean you're getting fat, it means you're gaining muscle if you're working out.

No. 294846

File: 1666210397841.jpg (149.14 KB, 1200x1000, Fd3Op2nXEAEXg_U.jpg)

Hi nonnies, I've been doing amazingly this year, but I really want the next 2 weeks of both my diet and fitness to be REALLY focused before I go on a date I have waited 2 years to go on. My body is looking toned and great, I'm just letting bloat reduce and I used to have fupa (it's just some extra tummy now) and I want to give my ass some serious glute burn. I work three very heavy work days and gym three times a week and do dumbells at home and I'm incorporating Youtube workouts in. Please throw me your motivations and tips! I'm about to go on a three day birthday trip with friends so I won't go mad but I won't say no to cake for their three birthdays either. I want to stay on track, however and not have much alcohol.

No. 294881

nonnas sorry for the dumbass question but are you losing weight if you’re going to the bathroom (not #1) everyday? like for me its like you’re having excess food so it goes that way. so if ur going to the bathroom a lot it means youre not losing weight since the body has to remove a lot of waste product.
once again sorry for the dumbass question, it’s because i’ve lost a ton of weight before because i was in a really stressful time and i rarely went to the bathroom, but now that im losing weight again, the frequency has gone up and its worrying me. idk.

No. 294885

Am I understanding you correctly? You're shitting more often and you're worried this means you're not losing weight/you have plateaued?
No, Anon, you are shitting more often because you're eating more fiber and are less stressed out. Probably drinking more water, too. If anything pooping more means you will weigh less simply because your bowels are empty. Also you absolutely should be pooping at least once everyday, tf? That's a healthy and normal amount.

No. 294900

>99.99% of how someone's body responds to different types of exercise is dependent on genetics (some people can get decent muscle definition just by doing shit like pilates and rock climbing casually for a few months, others need to weightlift for years on end)
>if you're weightlifting, you should only need 5-7 exercises with 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps per workout
>compound movements (deadlifts, squats, bench press, etc.) first, then accessory movements
>never neglect cardio
>walking long distances is the best form of cardio
>hiit is bullshit
>focus on form before adding weight
>eat 0.8-1 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight
>if your main goal is to gain muscle, you have to eat diligently and expect the number on the scale to go up at least a little bit
>creatine WILL make you bloat like a motherfucker around your period, prepare accordingly if you choose to take it
>never ever EVER hire a crossfitter or powerlifter as a personal trainer, they are fucking insane and will push you to do things that will lead to injury no matter how much training and credentialing they've gone through (athletes' personal biases based on their sport of choice impact the advice they give to others more frequently than we think); one of my buddies ruptured a disc in his spine and his retarded juiced up trainer who competes in crossfit on a national level recommended he go to a chiropractor instead of getting x-rays and doing physical therapy

No. 294923

>Also you absolutely should be pooping at least once everyday
I keep hearing people say this, but I don't and didn't poop this often even as a kid and I'm perfectly healthy and of average weight. How tf are you all pooping so much? Do you just eat more??

No. 294941

Nta, It's all about the fiber, nonnie, if you eat more vegetables you will need to poop more often because you will be consuming more fiber, even if you thought you were healthy, you were constipated back then.
My nutritionist told me that you're supposed to poop at least twice a day because you're supposed to do it after you eat, and if you eat 3 whole meals with at least a cup of vegetables, and 2 snacks which are probably fruits, you should be pooping at least 3 times a day, plus they shouldn't take too much time off your schedule because when you eat enough fiber everything moves smoothly and you don't have to sit there for an hour.

No. 294968

How long have you been lifting nonna? Any thoughts on bulk and cuts? Is eating at a very slight surplus for lean gains comparable to bulk/cut if you're familiar with it? Women don't gain much size in general so I don't know how much bulk/cut really helps for us

No. 294971

Don't overthink the pooping. It's fine to poop less often. I think it's probably not ideal? But doctors will even tell you it doesn't have to be every day. Luckily I usually do every morning. When I was younger I had to a lot throughout the day because I had very bad panic attacks that caused diarrhea.
As long as you are exercising, drinking water, and eating moderately healthy then you're fine.

No. 295002

I've been going to the gym consistently for about 4 years now and lifting for 2.5. Like many women, I was intimidated by free weights and spent the first part of my fitness journey solely relying on cardio machines. I was also set back a bit by the fact that I was severely underweight when I first started working out due to leaving an abusive relationship and using starvation as a coping mechanism, meniscus inflammation caused by an injury due to poor squat form, and gym closures at the start of the pandemic, so I'm only starting to see massive differences in muscle mass now.

I'm currently doing a lean bulk until mid-February. I would say eating in a slight surplus is an excellent starting point for accumulating muscle mass. Focus more on consuming protein, healthy complex carbs, and fiber (so the increase in protein in your diet doesn't cause constipation or gas, which many people experience) than calories in and out. If you're not vegan or vegetarian, note that animal proteins like eggs, dairy, meat, and fish will be better for building lean mass than plant protein due to the quantity and type of muslce-repairing amino acids they contain, including leucine. I don't feel comfortable providing much more advice on bulk/cut cycles for women, but as general food for thought, men have a much easier time losing fat and gaining muscle than women thanks to testosterone. Female bodybuilders frequently lose hair and their periods while aggressively cutting for competitions, and as hobbyists and regular people just trying to stay fit, it should never get to that point for us. Be careful and consult with a nutritionist or personal trainer if needed.

No. 295007

Thanks for the tips! I'm sorry to hear about the relationship and it's nice to hear that you're seeing good progress right now. And wow it fucking sucks to lose weight as a female, especially if you're short. Men have it good in fitness.

Am on a lean bulk of 200-300 surplus myself but I'm going to end it mid-November, I'm looking like I'm about to go over 25% body fat when I compare myself to those chart photos. I'm not too interested in getting so lean that I'd lose my period, I just don't want to get flabby. Been eating a lot of chicken breast and eggs personally because fish and beef is pricier. The sulfur farts are the absolute worst

No. 295008

Also I forgot to add on, but as a question for other nonnas here too, if you're on creatine (or not, I don't think it matters too much) and on birth control pills, does the water bloating that comes with periods happen when you're bleeding? iirc the bleeding when you're on BC isn't actually your period. Does the water bloating happen another time? Same with PMSing and mood swings

No. 295010

File: 1666289962114.gif (2.11 MB, 320x240, monkey soup.gif)

Hi nonnas, I weighed in at 82kg before the summer, and I weighed myself this morning and came in at 69kg. I'm super proud of myself and slowly on the path to becoming the stacey of my dreams after breaking up with my boyfriend.

No. 295188

Why is hiit bullshit? Isn't it good for you to get your heart rate up high regularly?

No. 295302

File: 1666439874792.jpeg (14.53 KB, 261x120, B1F40DD6-774A-48BE-9178-2E8B83…)

Starting day one of sobriety from caffeine. It doesn’t benefit me in any way but I like intaking it anyway. It makes me shaky, anxious, panicky, and my thoughts are jumbled. Here goes

No. 295303

Haha! This gif is fantastic! The little monkey man definitely enjoys his soup! We lived on soup back during the shortages. Will show the hubby. Haha! xx

No. 295323

What exercises should I do if I'm quad dominant, want to strengthen my glutes, and only have one dumbbell? I've been doing glute bridges since I can't cheat and engage my quads. Squats are out right now until I strengthen my weak ass specifically.

No. 295324

have you tried hip thrusts? It's very similar to glute bridges but it might have a wider range of motion. Otherwise getting at least one one resistance band would open up so many more exercise options!

No. 295325

Try doing bodyweight exercises that activate the glutes, like clamshells, donkey kicks, etc. Thankfully there are tons of videos for that.

No. 295370

I want to start going to gym and focus on overall fitness and strength so I'm not a gross, weak, mess when I'm 60. There's a gym in my city that I want to join, but I'm a complete and genuine social retard and cannot for the life of me just be normal in social settings. I literally can't explain just how weird and abnormal I react to other humans and I cannot control it no matter how much I try to change. How much social interaction actually happens in gyms, more specifically "upper class" expensive gyms? Do any anons have experience being socially retarded in a gym setting? Will it make me feel more social anxiety if I go to a gym to meet my fitness goals?

No. 295387

Coming to terms with the fact I can't be as lean as I'd want to. I like having low bf% for aesthetic reasons but it seems like my body just can't function properly when I dip below a certain number. Sucks to suck.

No. 295461

File: 1666523560810.jpg (100.77 KB, 1575x795, 9cdc74_4676325.jpg)

I don't want to shit up the confession thread.
So to the nonna who can only go to the gym on the weekends, but wants to do bodyweight stuff the rest of the week
she has a video series on working out during the pandemic with lots of bodyweight tips and stuff you can do around the house
>Malin Malle
Female calisthenics athlete with a YouTube channel with lots of ideas, she also used to send free workout plans via email, not sure if she still does that
the dude has an eating disorder, so don't follow his eating advice, but the videos you can workout along with are decent and there are so many videos, you are bound to find stuff that you can do around the home (or in the playground kek)
DON'T do any Chloe Ting or Blogilates (though I don't think she's as bad as in the past anymore?) shit. You know the genre of fitness just to appeal to scrotes, which doesn't even actually work. She didn't end up looking like that by doing some shit she read about in a Teen Cosmo magazine 10 years ago. And if you actually want to gain muscle or strength, you have to look at people who are you know, actually strong and/or muscular. You don't have to want to look like them exactly, you won't suddenly wake up like them after doing one of their workouts or following their tips, but at least you know it works. I don't buy the whole "everybody is different!" feelgood bullcrap either. If it works for no one but the content creator, they are fucking bullshitting.
Also I'm sorry to say, but training your lower body without weights is near impossible. Yeah there are sissy squats, pistol squats, things like that, but it's never going to be the same as the squat, deadlift, barbell hipthrust etc. Even people big into calisthenics, who win competitions, can admit it, so don't start an infight over this. So if you can only go to the gym once a week, make sure to (also) train your lower body that day. If you really cannot go to the gym (and probably can't afford a home gym either), do squats while holding heavy shit, buy resistance bands, but you have to understand how strong your lower body is.
Especially glutes. Glutes and traps are equally ridiculously strong and because of that they need heavy loads. For traps farmer's carries can be easily done at home, but the gold standard are power shrugs and rackpulls. Do the powershrugs and dunk on all the scrotes for having a scrote, because they literally are scared to do that exercise because of that lel. For glutes barbell hipthrust is the gold standard, the bridge is it's smaller little sibling. So I guess good go find the heaviest thing you can put in your lap and good luck. Oh and you probably have glute amnesia if you're quad dominant and you should probably reestablish your relationship with your glutes with some resistance bands, do some clamshells and all that good stuff. Apologize to them in the mirror for sitting all day and ask them for forgiveness.

No. 295464

File: 1666524878149.jpg (514.07 KB, 1031x2340, Screenshot_20221023_133408.jpg)

I'll probably sound like a retarded shill but I really recommend ano s who are starting out to sign up to the GainsByBrains mailing list. The chic basically sends out weekly (home) workout schedules and you can also find all of her videos on her channel. Idk maybe it's help someone.

No. 295465

File: 1666525047352.png (649.4 KB, 800x800, 22f.png)

Also I feel like I need to write a manifesto about gym confidence at some point, but it's important. I dislike how the Stacy counterpart to the Chad is always about appealing to scrotes, instead of just doing whatever the fuck you want and being unhinged. BE UNHINGED, BE CRINGE, BE FREE. You're going to the gym for you, not for everyone else there. Most people don't give a shit and if they do, they're probably the dyel scrotes and wannabe instabaddies and they will shut up in a year when you come in FUCKING JACKED. Meanwhile the only progress they will have made, is their follower count. Just wear a sweater around your waist if you're worried about scrotes staring at the booty. Don't shave your pits if you really want them to fuck off. Don't be afraid of moving away from the machines and instead to the free weights. Don't be a Starting Strength retard either who just preaches muh minimalism, because that comes from a place of cowardice too and is just ANTI FUN. Sometimes it's fun to do the Viking Press, landmine or Z press and guess what, it can actually increase your OHP like crazy, but people cuck themselves out of greatness because they're too fucking scared or they just want to believe that they will never ever get imbalances, injuries or bad habits when they do the same exercises over and over and over for years. If you just let go of the fear of being cringe, you will MAKE IT and achieve greatness.
Looks like another one of those women in the same line as Chloe Ting, doubt it works.

No. 295478

>Be Cringe
>Be Free
Okay, but hear me out. I go to gym not just for myself, but to humbly show off and be aesthetic. I record myself for my IG reels, and talk to other gym rats. I can't afford to be cringe, I have status and network to maintain. Being Jacked is nice, but I feel even nicer attracting people
and networking, I even got a better job through my gym acquaintance. (and occasional quality dick, mhm yeah)

No. 295480

Okay, my cringe got me free tips from the strongest woman in the state and comradery with women who are actually serious about their sport, but you can have your limp noodles

No. 295488

the way you typed this sounds scrote-like for some reason

No. 295490

It really doesn't. Unless you mean the post below that, which I totally agree.

No. 295491

Probably because you're not used to women actually just wanting to get as big as possible, actually wanting to turn into the Hulk, mogging all the scrotes and wanting to make sure that other women make it. Instead of spending their entire lives trying to be small and not taking up too much space, not being too offensive or loud. Also I had too much preworkout.

No. 295493

No. 295494

even worse, it's a gains goblin

No. 295501

I don't know a single shred of context for the walls of text that came here but I appreciate them and I'm more motivated for leg day tomorrow

No. 295503

Oh I'm >>>/ot/1381633 and >>>/ot/1381833 it started to turn into a Q&A and I didn't want to further shit up the confessions thread, so I took it to here. Good luck with leg day tomorrow! You're going to kill it!

No. 295528

I love you, weightsperg-chan. We really need a female-only /fit/ type board somewhere.

Piggybacking off her unhinged stacy energy, what sports are good for channeling pent-up tard rage? I already rock climb, but that shit's expensive and I live nowhere near real rock so I'm looking to jump ship.

No. 295529

File: 1666542378164.gif (853.28 KB, 220x340, hit_the_bag.gif)

I'm NOT >>295464
>what sports are good for channeling pent-up tard rage?
Combat sports. You get to legally hit scrotes and they get shit for it if they hit too hard back kek. Plus it also feels good to just go hard on the bag and release all your anger.

No. 295547

It's the autism

No. 295548

>DON'T do any Chloe Ting or Blogilates
Mild disagree, only because if beginners are too scared to go to the gym, these youtubers are a decent starting point in their fitness journey. But yes, I agree, that once they become more proficient and confident, there are much better youtubers out there.

No. 295550

Even for beginners there's better shit out there than ever going on THAT side of fitness YouTube. It's just the most popular and shilled in female fitness spaces because of how the bodygoals are very scrote pandery or kinda ana-chan like and the only muscle they care about gaining is abs and glutes.

No. 295551

samefag like there are actual weightlifters and powerlifters making whole ass guides for bodyweight movements to get ready for the gym. You really don't have to run around in circles doing Chloe Ting shit and inevitably making no progress.

No. 295552

Last one, the one I referred to in >>295461

No. 295557

What are you go-to bulking recipes? I know how to cook and I'm pretty well-versed in nutrition, but when it comes to meal-prepping large portions of macronutrient-dense meals all I know how to make are labour-intensive stews and shit that I get tired of after several meals because it's too unctious or strongly flavoured. The one recipe in this vein that's never let me down is Japanese chicken curry, though I am getting tired of eating chicken all the damn time.

No. 295580

Ah I see Nonnie, you are consumed by /fit/ness autism

No. 295586

Again, I'm NOT >>295464 and that would've never happened if female fitness spaces were actually sane. Especially back in the day, it were all just anachans, or only about ass training, all the programs that were shilled were ass training or practically yoga. Everyone whining about being afraid they'll turn into the Hulk, so they stick to cable donkey kicks they saw on Instagram while starving themselves. Saying that women shouldn't do xyz, talking about toning, tips straight from a 2010 Teen Cosmo magazine etc. Blatantly anti-science, not caring about whether something works, but only caring whether everything is feminine-coded and still appealing to scrotes. Best you could find recommended was maybe "strong curves", which is still bullshit and overly neglects upperbody. I suspect that things haven't gotten much better and people will still shill glorified yoga in underwear as some sort of female equivalent of calisthenics, as if women just can't do calisthenics and "that's for the boys you silly goose". Female content and program creators who were actually serious and didn't just workout their butt/abs and didn't just prance around in their underwear, got barely any fucking attention. Or even people actually falling over themselves a couple years ago to act like Gal Gadot got buff for wonder woman.
The only sane women ONLINE into fitness I did find via /fit/ and other scrote infested places and I'm not ashamed of it. It's better to be consumed by this, than by the obsession of trying to be as small and inoffensive as possible. Apparently it's breaking some sort of girl code to actually want progress and not use retarded language like "toning" and to actually dare to eat at a surplus. Women's fitness does need a massive revamp and a female-only /fit/ type board would be a good start like another Nonna said.

No. 295592

Your speaking to my soul. This covert idea that women only do fitness to appeal to scrotes or to hang out with friends bothers me so much. Why isn't there more stuff out there for women who want to push themselves past that?

No. 295596

Yeah, I agree with you but not all women think like you or me. Most women just want to be slim and fit enough and those Chloe Ting videos can be a good gateway to better principled programs. As long as women get started somehow somewhere and follow some bodyweight meme video to get them fit, who cares? I just think that it's reductive of you to point out those videos as useless because they're not for women, since they're usually told they should never lift weights because they'll become ""manly"", which is bs. Not everyone can be confident to go hit the weights or know the "right" people like megsquats. That's it.

No. 295598

Okay and I assume if someone reads my posts after seeing the retarded images, that they are willing to accept some advice other than the basic shit you can get in 99% of female fitness spaces. If you want more in life and have other goals besides anachan with abs, that is your sign and me handing other creators on a silver platter. I don't view fucking around with that crap as a start of a fitness journey, like as an example the post that keeps being tagged as me is abysmal. Only one rest day a week? Doing retarded HIIT nearly every single day, frying your CNS as a noob, with at the end guaranteed to have nothing to show for it. I can't say a positive word about that. Okay yeah the "Busy Bee" one isn't as retarded, but it's not like she put any warnings up.

No. 295601

samefag btw I'm not angry at you or that Nonna or whatever. I just think it's more likely they'll burn themselves out, get frustrated with the lack of results, quit with fitness and never look back, understandably. Since most of that side of YT is following a wildly different program than they shill and set unrealistic expectations. I'm not going to condone that shit and will openly shit on it.

No. 295661

Thank you nonna, I managed to deadlift with proper form at a decent weight for the first time today, I actually felt it in my legs! Squat form is getting better but still struggling, I'll get there eventually…

> The only sane women ONLINE into fitness I did find via /fit/ and other scrote infested places and I'm not ashamed of it.

I'm too spergy to actually try to interact with people or the rare woman there outside of lurking, would love a /fit/ style board for us girls honestly. I've only been comfortable speaking on this board so far.

> Why isn't there more stuff out there for women who want to push themselves past that?
THIS. I've been looking into fitness transformations via bulk/cuts for girls online and there's really not much at all compared to men. I want to have a realistic expectation to how big I can get and I want to get AS BIG AS POSSIBLE. I want absolutely blown up shoulders and back, almost roid tier but that's likely never going to happen. Which makes the
> "if I lift heavy weights I'll get bulky and huge!!"
all the more laughable

No. 295668

Nonacitas I wanna get fit! Im slightly underweight. My arms and legs are decently toned and nothing flaps around. I'm doing cardio through long walks regularly. But I feel like my core muscles are very weak, so thats gonna be my main focus. Also I'm having problems eating regularly, that was my reason why I told myself not to workout because I thought I should focus on gaining weight first. But that may be bullshit. I wish you all luck on your fitness journey!

No. 295669

File: 1666595888149.jpg (60.45 KB, 791x785, she_knows_something.jpg)

>I want to have a realistic expectation to how big I can get and I want to get AS BIG AS POSSIBLE. I want absolutely blown up shoulders and back, almost roid tier but that's likely never going to happen.
Yeah I think we literally still have no idea what the natty limit is for women. There are women who are pretty big as a side effect from powerlifting and weightlifting, but the bodybuilders already avoid training some muscles like the plague because of aesthetics. There aren't many women you can look to, who are trying to get as big as possible, who aren't secretly on anavar or some shit like that and who are actually training their whole body. Currently I'm stuck with calisthenics and doing strongwoman shit to supplement it after suddenly losing 25lbs due to random health shit and a surgery and all that, but even at my peak I don't think I hit the natty limit yet.

I followed a retarded scrote incel's program which is specifically about looking like you roid, without roiding and it actually worked surprisingly well. Instead of focusing on bench, he would focus on OHP and I got some good tips from his book. Like if you get stuck at the bottom, do Z press as a secondary, if you get stuck at the top, do pin press. I kept progressing steadily, despite doing concurrent periodization instead of linear. Meanwhile those doing minimalism and linear periodization would get long ass plateaus, because every added kg to OHP feels insane, in comparison to other lifts and they refused to do something else or tweak anything so they could get over that plateau. Or they'd force it and end up injuring themselves. Yeah I'll go do my silly shit. Sometimes I tinfoil that he's secretly a TiF and that's why it's working kek.

Same thing with traps. Powerlifters and bodybuilders are both wrong. Yeah deadlifts are great and do grow your traps, but they're usually the strongest muscle in your posterior chain, together with your glutes and they can benefit from a heavier load than you hands can handle. The bodybuilders can shove their slow and controlled shrugs up their asses, since it's all related to protecting the scrote of the scrote, unironically. Rackpulls and powershrugs is where it's at and Olympic weightlifters have some good movements too, which nobody thinks about like the snatch grip deadlift. And Crossfitters don't think, so their bad form and doing Olympic movements as fast as possible don't count! I repeat myself a lot, I know, but it's insane how much these things are slept on. Overhead shrugs work your shoulders concentrically, but are mainly a trap builder and injury preventer, it prevents impingement.

It's not like I neglected my grip. Besides still walking around with a grip training ring all day, you can do deadhangs, table curls, armwrestling with a resistance band etc. Like if you want big forearms, you should be looking at armwrestlers, their forearms are units. They KNOW something. Plus the funny side effect is that if a scrote does ever ask you to arm wrestle, you've been training for this, he hasn't and he's going to fail.

No. 295673

>shill glorified yoga in underwear as some sort of female equivalent of calisthenics
Lot of women are so out of shape that yoga is already a lot for them when they start. I was one of them two years ago. Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises are just too much. Now I follow Caroline Girvan's videos at home because a membership to a fitness is too expansive. Yoga is great too just to relax. This video does amazing things to my back.

No. 295681

I'm not completely against yoga, but you can already see the difference. She calls it what it is, has actually good form from what I can tell for yoga and is obviously not just trying to attract scrote viewers. I can see how it is relaxing and nice, but it's not really resistance training. There is some hardcore yoga out there for sure, I'm aware of that, but most what people recommend is basically just stretching and not exercise in the traditional sense. It's a warm-up, or cool-down. Unless you're literally progressing from being bedridden, I don't really see how such minimal movements already make an amazing difference. I don't get to be ever really sedentary though thanks to the gym of life, cycling and walking is the cheapest form of transport, vidrel.
Also Caroline Girvan falls in the category of fitness influencers who are showing you something which she herself very likely doesn't do. Yeah you see her doing it in the videos, but she didn't get that body by doing that, so keep that in mind for your expectations. Her size is VERY achievable, don't get me wrong, but I don't trust fitness influencers with such cut abs year round. I compare it to Malin Malle, an actual athlete who won calisthenics championships and even she is regularly seen without clear cut hard abs. Following women who actually show that eb and flow, how hormones affect your body, is also just good for my sanity at least. I'm not just trying to hate for the the sake of being a hater, just trying to warn.
Of course you can get some progress with Caroline's videos in the beginning, because anything will give you something in the noob gains phase and it's better than Chloe Ting or just plain yoga. There's some good stuff she posts. However at some point you're going to have to upgrade AGAIN, when you notice things slowing down a lot. Also Blogilates, Chloe Ting and Caroline Grivan all have the most annoying fanbases which will tear you apart for even mentioning that her RDL form is a bit iffy.

No. 295688

Luckily, I always had to walk at least 5K every day for years, so I never was that out of shape. But my friends who did 30 days of yoga with Adrienne were trashed after some videos and they are very normal and average women. I also see it every time I have to run with them. They struggle a lot. The average woman is extremely out of shape. I'm not saying that yoga is always the best, but it can be a great starting point for some of us and an amazing tool to relax and stretch.

With that in mind, you can understand why calisthenics look a little bit terrifying. I tried with a male friend and it was just too difficult. It made me feel like shit and my shoulders weren't happy at all. And as you said or another nonna, good content made by women for beginners is difficult to find because those women aren't popular, so working out more seriously look even more daunting.

>Also Blogilates, Chloe Ting and Caroline Grivan all have the most annoying fanbases

I do understand why some people are so intense. Following those workouts helped them for real so they feel like every criticism is personal. It's a little bit cultish.

>I don't trust fitness influencers with such cut abs year round.

Enlighten me nonna! I can see the upper part of my abs but not the lower part. I always have a little bit of fat on my lower stomach, even when I was underweight. So are some women just build different or is it a low level of body fat? Dehydration? What's going on?

No. 295691

File: 1666607721588.png (255.27 KB, 509x512, bench presses the weight.png)

> Currently I'm stuck with calisthenics and doing strongwoman shit to supplement it after suddenly losing 25lbs due to random health shit and a surgery and all that, but even at my peak I don't think I hit the natty limit yet.
Sorry to hear about that and hope you recover soon! A question since you're doing strongwoman stuff now, is your goal mainly bodybuilding or is it strength? I've seen some huge powerlifting women in the gym but I'm most interested in bodybuilding and can imagine that they're not AS big without the extra fat over their muscles. Have you experienced bulk/cuts? I remember looking up experiences from women doing it and it boiled down to:
> "aha there was a small difference, not that much lol"
which isn't very motivating. Would it be better to bulk for a long period of time? Especially for a noob? I was planning to try bulking for 10 weeks and then cutting but that's like what? A little over an extra kg of lean muscle mass if I'm lucky at best? But at the same time I might be going past 25% bf and that isn't fun.

> Instead of focusing on bench, he would focus on OHP

Oh no the bench is my favourite lift. I guess I'll be swapping out incline bench on my second upper day for OHP so I'll be doing it twice a week instead of once. Thoughts on lat raises? I've been doing them twice a week in hopes that they'll get bigger. I think they are a slight bit beefier now but honestly they only look big when my arm is raised. Guess it'll take me years to break out of just looking like I do sports. But about the bench and chest for women, does pecs really matter? I always thought they were less important because we have… something blocking them. I kept at it though because it's so fun lol

> Rackpulls and powershrugs is where it's at and Olympic weightlifters have some good movements too, which nobody thinks about like the snatch grip deadlift.

Ironically my traps are probably the most obviously bigger part of my body right now. Maybe I have good genetics lmao (cope and prayers here). Since you've pointed that out, it's definitely coming from snatch gripping when I deadlift. They're actually a bit uneven because I tried a mixed grip for way over a month and I need to fix that.

> Plus the funny side effect is that if a scrote does ever ask you to arm wrestle, you've been training for this, he hasn't and he's going to fail.

OH man I should try practicing right now. Unlikely that I'll ever meet a scrote to armwrestle because I'm a basement dwelling loser but it's a fun thought.
> inb4 they got easy on me or outright refuse because I'm a 'small feminine lady'

No. 295708

>So are some women just build different or is it a low level of body fat? Dehydration? What's going on?
Part of it is of course genetics and how you store fat. I have the same issue where the upper part shows faster than the lower part. Low bodyfat percentage also plays a role and many influencers go so low that they lose their period, but don't talk about it for years. Dehydration before a photoshoot is standard. Many also take fatburners or anavar, which makes it easier to keep it hard cut year round. Even athletes have times of the year when they look fluffier or bloated and that's normal. So if someone never fluctuates, that can be a sign they're doing something unhealthy. Personally I decided to go for chunky powerlifter/strongwoman abs, make them big enough so they still show through a healthy layer of fat. The skinny abs look is just not healthy longterm and difficult to maintain constantly.
>is your goal mainly bodybuilding or is it strength?
Yes kek. Imo increasing strength increases your bodybuilding potential. I still have hypertrophy and strength days. I never truly focus on just one goal and it works for me.
>can imagine that they're not AS big without the extra fat over their muscles. Have you experienced bulk/cuts?
Even powerlifters tend to do bulks and cuts, because there are weight categories kek. Yeah you do lose size when you cut, not just because of fat, but also because of depleting glycogen stores in your muscles. It's not that dramatic though. The moment you stop cutting, your muscles fill up again. Or you can prevent some size loss with creatine.
>Would it be better to bulk for a long period of time? Especially for a noob? I was planning to try bulking for 10 weeks and then cutting but that's like what? A little over an extra kg of lean muscle mass if I'm lucky at best? But at the same time I might be going past 25% bf and that isn't fun.
When I did competitive martial arts I had to do pretty short bulk and cutting cycles and while I did progress and was always quite aesthetic, I made the most progress strength and sizewise by bulking for like half a year at least and just dealing with the fluffiness. You can do mini-cuts in between when your bf% really starts to bother you, but this shit is generally really personal and about what YOU'RE comfortable with.
>Thoughts on lat raises?
They're fine. Be mindful you're doing external rotation and not too much internal rotation though. More an accessory.
>But about the bench and chest for women, does pecs really matter? I always thought they were less important because we have… something blocking them. I kept at it though because it's so fun lol
That was my exact reasoning for not prioritizing it. In the end my delt progress is easily visible through shirts. I did start to work my upperchest more, because I have a tendency to look bony there and would like pec cleavage. I've also found that my OHP focus period has nice carry-over to bench.
>inb4 they got easy on me or outright refuse because I'm a 'small feminine lady'
I've worked as a "wannabe Patrick Bateman scrotes" wrangler and it came in surprisingly handy to gain authority over them. They only understand one language.

No. 295832

do you guys follow darebee’s exercises? i use some of them but im scared because my friend told me those r not as effective as other types of exercises (effective as in helping with health, which i focus on along with toning, etc)

No. 295839

I try to workout for at least an hour and half per session but everytime I go I get nauseated within 10 mins and have to stop. I've tried to eat less or not at all but even with just water moving around in my stomach makes me feel ill. I hate throwing up so I try to avoid it at all cost so the moment I feel sick I need to leave which seems weak stomached to me but I can't focus on anything else. I'm starting to feel like working out is not for me if I'm going feel bad like this every time I go…

No. 295880

>I followed a retarded scrote incel's program
Can you post the program?

No. 295926

Maybe your just going in too hard, when I overload myself i get nauseous too. How long do you rest between sets? Or if your doing cardio, how high are you pushing your heartrate?

>I hate throwing up so I try to avoid it

Good, nobody should have to throw up during training

No. 295973

could u pls share the program

No. 295982

You are probably anemic. The sick feeling is because you’re using your muscles when you exercise especially your leg muscles, and it draws blood away from your stomach. This can cause cramps, nausea and vomiting because your stomach isn’t getting enough blood + oxygen supply. If you don’t have enough haemoglobin in your blood, this sick feeling will hit you harder and a lot quicker.

Back when my iron levels were good, I would barely ever get sick from exercise, maybe only once the whole time when I went too hard. When I started becoming anemic, I was almost vomiting anytime I did more than 20 mins on the elliptical.

No. 296027

could be you need to eat before you work out (2-3 hours before). that has been the solution for me. it was dehydration sometimes that made me feel nauseous. honestly need more details to know whats going on, you're kinda vague. you shouldn't be throwing up from a workout, I wouldn't work out either if it literally made me want to hurl.

No. 296058

I'm on new antidepressants and have 0 energy to exercise. I'm also weak and have no stamina. I can only do something easy and quick. I actually quite like the jumprope. There are plenty of fake-sounding articles how jumprope improves literally everything. Can someone share something from experience? I guess it mostly works as a cardio workout. I'm 54 kg 167 cm. I'd like to have more stamina, because everything tires me.

No. 296060

File: 1666777817800.jpg (7.49 MB, 8720x2528, Naturally_Enhanced_collection.…)

I had to condense 259 pages of autism into one image. So if you recognize me based on being a fan of this retarded program, please just don't. It's more about understanding how to program things for yourself and what works for yourself, your genetics, your goals, your training history, past injuries etc., rather than a strict program to follow. It's NOT a beginner's program and it's specifically about trying to look like you're roiding without actually roiding and getting as strong as possible in various lifts (not just the big 3). If you want to do actual bodybuilding competitions (female bodybuilders have to neglect things like traps etc.) or powerlifting, this might not be for you. For intermediate+ powerlifters I instead recommend the Cube method https://blackironbeast.com/cube/calculator. You can check whether you're an intermediate at https://symmetricstrength.com/. If you're not an intermediate yet, I recommend Candito Linear (for free online, just Google it). So now on to the actual program
Intensity day
>1) Main press
>2) Secondary press
>3) Optional Triceps
>4) Shoulder Isolation
>5) Deadlift/squat
>6) Upperback/traps
>7) Forearms
>8) Optional Forearms
>9) Posterior chain isolation
Volume day
>1) Main press
>2) Secondary press
>3) Triceps
>4) Triceps
>5) Shoulder Isolation
>6) Deadlift/squat
>7) Upperback
>8) Traps
>9) Traps isolation
>12)Posterior chain isolation
Exercise selection

>DB farmer's walk
>trap bar farmer's walk
>trap bar deadlift
>barbell/trap bar/DB shrug
>Lilly shrug
>Barbell/DB/cable upright row (be careful tho)
>incline front raise
>calf raise shrug
>overhead shrug
>snatch grip deadlift
>highpull/power upright row
>power shrug/clean/snatch
>DB/kettlebell snatch
Upper back
>Pendlay/T-bar/DB/chest-supported/seal/Kroc/inverted/machine/cable/plate row
>rack pull
>block pull
>wide grip pull up/lat pulldown
>Seated/floor/standing OHP
>Z press
>Overhead Pin press
>Viking press
>behind the neck press (don't do this if you don't have the mobility for it)
>push press (optionally behind the neck if you can safely do it)
>clean and press
>DB shoulder press
>One arm shoulder press
>Circus/landmine/block press
Accessory shoulders
>crucifix holds
>DB/cable/band (power) side raises
>rear delt raise
>reverse pec deck
>front/plate raise
Extra press
>Incline barbell/db bench press (close grip vs wide grip)
>Neutral grip db press (feels easier on my rotator cuffs imo)
>close grip floor press
>(weighted) dips
>flat/overhead/incline/decline/floor/elbows-out extensions
>triceps pushdown
Lower body
>zercher/box/front squat
>conventional/sumo/deficit/stiff-legged/Romanian deadlift
>barbell or band good morning
Accessory lower
>Glute bridge/barbell hipthrust
>(reverse) Hyperextension
>(reverse) lunge
>sled pull
>Hammer/neutral/reverse/supine/pin/partial preacher/towel/table/(plate) wrist curl
>towel/finger pullup
>half rep chinups/neutral
>hanging off bar
>plate pinch
>hex DB hold
>one arm deadlift
>putting your hand in a bag of rice or sand and trying to open your hand multiple times
>side pressure training with a band
>barbell holds
>forearm leveraging
Lots of options, you can pick and choose, you don't ever have to get bored. He also talks about neck training, but that's probably not relevant to any of you and you're free to ignore it, but a strong neck is useful in grappling sports. The rest of the mini at home workout with the bands, is still important to do and dare I say not optional. Though unlike scrotes, doubt you'd be retarded about shit like that, they are more likely to be afraid of homework(outs).

No. 296069

Walking is the best way to build back stamina. Install a free step-counter on your phone. Go on a walk and listen to your body, don't force yourself too much. See how many steps you did. You should target 3'000 steps per day. Add five-ten minutes of walk every day to reach 3'000 steps. You can go up to 7'000 steps a day, after that there aren't any health benefits. 10'000 steps a day is a meme. If you have enough energy, you can try walking faster to build more stamina. Jumprope is great too if you like it. Everything is good as long as you do it at least 20 minutes per day and if it leaves you a little bit out of breath. Good luck.

I still can't believe you exist nonna.

No. 296072

holy fuck that wording is some scrote shit.

No. 296076

>I followed a retarded scrote incel's program
>Can you post the program?
>holy fuck that wording is some scrote shit.
I literally warned about it. Calm down. If you mean my wording, this is me after code switching and sadly enough there's no female only /fit/ board.

No. 296093

I didn't mean it as an attack to you (or even the program itself), I should've clarified that my bad. I was just taken back by the wording.

No. 296094

>259 pages of autism into one image
I read the whole thing because I'm too curious for my own good and holy fuck. People who are into fitness don't share the same plane of existence as the rest of us. There is almost a religious side to it. It's crazy how something as simple as moving can be made so complicated.

No. 296097

File: 1666793391231.jpg (100.95 KB, 1024x711, Heart-rate-training-zone-table…)

Is there any way for you to incorporate more exercise into your commute? This could mean cycling or walking to regular appointments. I personally ride a kick scooter to work, which is easy to transport on the train and about twice as fast as walking. This usually lifts my mood and I arrive completely relaxed and since it's just the way I get to work I do it even if the weather is bad and I don't feel like it.
Latching onto a preexisting habits is the easiest way to stay consistent and building stamina is all about consistently doing light to medium intensity exercise. Jump rope probably pushes your heart rate way too high, which is very inefficient for building endurance.

No. 296098

File: 1666793911990.png (399.19 KB, 680x850, aa1.png)

>There is almost a religious side to it
ohohoho Nonna, you have no idea. "Making it" is the fitness version of theosis or enlightenment. Dead athletes, influencers, bodybuilders etc are held up like meme saints. We have a liturgical calendar with January being the most dreaded month. I could keep going with the comparison. I never managed to really believe in god, but making it? Yes.
>It's crazy how something as simple as moving can be made so complicated.
yeah you can study about in university too? Sports kinesiology and all that, pretty important for athletes. Orthopedic surgeons and hospital physiotherapists tend to be gymbros too.

No. 296101

File: 1666794823879.jpg (74.3 KB, 681x628, gains goblin.jpg)

samefag and the dreaded gains goblin is satan

No. 296117

>yeah you can study about in university too?
That's what I'm doing and holy fuck, influencers are making working out, eating and sleeping look like the most complicated things in the universe. No hate to the nonnies who want to reach their full potential, you are doing amazing, and I love your dedication. But the average Jane is lost, and it breaks my heart.

No. 296128

File: 1666805401204.jpg (198.4 KB, 1502x737, arrested_for_steroids.jpg)

It seems to be much worse nowadays than before too. Afaik when it comes to eating it's just about calories in vs calories out, all macros have their function, get enough protein when you're trying to gain muscle (try to make sure you get full range of amino acids throughout the day or in total per week), get all your vitamins and minerals, don't really need special supplements unless prescribed by your doctor etc. Women's "fitness" (quotation marks because it has often bordered on proana shit) always had retarded starvation diets and men's fitness had always weird monotonous diets, but nowadays there seems to be a new one every week. Or influencers showing off their fresh off the press BBL while shilling laxative tea and supplements. Other influencers shilling a program while being on PED's and people don't notice it, because they assume you have to be jacked out of your mind and huge to be on PED's (picrel).

No. 296158

File: 1666818300875.jpeg (36.48 KB, 700x510, EdelSjQ.jpeg)

>being on PED's and people don't notice it, because they assume you have to be jacked out of your mind and huge to be on PED's (picrel)
What kind of fresh hell is this? I'm glad I deleted instagram years ago. But still, I hate seeing this picture. My shoulders have absolutely no definition. I have abs but I don't even care. I want big and strong beautiful shoulders.

No. 296218

File: 1666849586747.png (209.85 KB, 502x300, Kristin-Pope-stretching-300x30…)

Nonna, you can still get big shoulders! Women and men take PED's for different reasons, that was my main point. Men use them to get as big as possible, but with the female fitness influencers on Instagram the epidemic is related to fat burners, anavar and steroids to get to a super low bodyfat percentage and stay that way year round. They're usually not necessarily huge, but you can tell they're probably not getting their period. Main issue with that is that you can't be sure at that point whether what they're shilling actually works, or that it's helped by the PED's they're taking or whether they just got surgery. The women getting arrested for possession of steroids or who are caught with steroids in their fridge while filming their "what I eat in a day" video, really aren't huge, but that's because they don't want to be.
You can still get huge shoulders while natty, but the online space is a minefield. Picrel is ex-Olympic lifter Kristin Pope, now she does bodybuilding competitions and is ironically enough smaller than before and probably started roiding like everyone else since she's doing IFBB pro. Oh and she got implants and more plastic surgery, always sad to see.

No. 296221

File: 1666850942506.jpg (55.49 KB, 432x382, Jen_Thompson.jpg)

samefag, here is Jen Thompson, one of the best bench pressers, 43 year old mother. Most fitness influencers would hate to look like this, because the popular look is about just looking "toned" (meaningless word), abs and plastic surgery

No. 296227

So I work 4 days on/4 days off and I have plenty of time for the gym on my days off but no time at all on my work days. Are there any weights programs that can be done (or modified to be done) several days in a row with no rest days? I'm a beginner and don't have any particular fitness goals aside from establishing a consistent habit of exercising, so it can be machines or dumbbells or just low intensity in general. Or maybe at my level it's fine to just not worry about resting?

No. 296228

When I was a teen whenever I would try starting an exercise routine (usually following pilates YouTube videos) my period would stop coming so I always dropped the exercising and my period would come back. In my adult years I just took up walking instead but now I started biking to work (like an hour every day) and my period isn't coming again. Why does this happen? I've read it can vanish from intense sports activity but what I'm doing isn't that intense

No. 296229

yeah that isn't normal, you should go see a doctor about that.
>no rest days
you grow and repair during the rest days, everyone needs rest days. If you can do full body resistance training two times a week with 1 or 2 rest days in between, that is good enough. Or you can do upper-lower-upper-lower, so there's at least some potential for resting. It's okay to do low intensity cardio 4 days in a row.

No. 296230

Thank you for translating and filtering this autism for us nonna

No. 296233

Goals like fr imagine if she asked you to see the manager
I hope i can pick my future kids up from school looking like this tf

No. 296234

Karen's rise up. Got to get big and strong, so scrotes hiding their misogyny behind "white women xyz" or "Karens xyz" have to quake in their boots.

No. 296237

Based asf, im a gen z girl and i really love talking to older women, i love how much more self assured they are, genuinely most of the kindest people i know are ‘karens’ and karen aged. Scrotes want us divided.

No. 296240

ayrt I'm in between genz and millennial and I've had the same experience. While I've done serious martial arts, I also took over from the regular instructor to give kickfit classes for the normies and the "Karens" were always the most fanatic and motivated about it. The strongest and biggest woman I know is Karen aged. They're built different.

No. 296241

has karen just become synonymous with middle aged woman at this point?

No. 296243

middle aged woman the speaker doesn't like, yes

No. 296244

Yeah, because misogynist scrotes use it as a thinly veiled excuse to be openly misogynistic and not get shit for it. It has lost its meaning a long time ago. Like mothers upset about that Canadian teacher would be called "Karens".

No. 296416

i'm not sure if there's a general fitness thread where this might fit better, if there is let me know. but i've decided that i'm going to try to start a regular workout routine. there are two reasons for this: 1st, because i'm getting a tattoo removed, and exercise speeds up the fading. 2nd, because i have wide hips but am skinny fat so my butt looks weirdly small in proportion to my hips. so far i've been doing 3 sets of 15 reps of these exercises every day: glute bridges, donkey kicks, jumping squats, and clamshells. i also ordered a jump rope that's arriving today that i plan to use for cardio. my questions are: are these exercises enough for me to eventually see a difference? i usually take small breaks between sets and don't feel too tired or sore after which makes me worry that it's not doing anything. what are other exercises that will build up your butt? also looking through the thread it seems like everyone wants to be strong, don't judge me for exercising just because i'm vain kek

No. 296546

Muscle growth, no matter what muscle group it is, comes from progressive overload (more reps or more resistance). There's a limit to how many reps you can add before it starts becoming junk volume and useless. Getting some resistance bands will help up the difficulty of your workouts. If you've just started and aren't experiencing any DOMS, the exercises right now might not be challenging enough for you. You can up the difficulty by lowering the tempo, adding pauses and focusing on the mind muscle connection

No. 296551

The glutes are an incredibly strong muscle which need a lot of stimulus to grow, the heavier the better. Just because you're not training for strength, doesn't mean just doing jumping squats and air glute bridges is going to do much. You still need to do exercises with more resistance over time to have hypertrophy, just like everyone else. There's also no point to more than ~70 reps per week per muscle group, at that point you're reaching cardio rep levels and you need to actually increase resistance.

No. 296558

I was reading this research paper on body composition during a deficit.


> The aim of this study was to compare changes in body composition, strength, and power during a weekly body weight (BW) loss of 0.7% slow reduction (SR) vs. 1.4% fast reduction (FR).

> Women gained LBM during the intervention, whereas
men did not (1.8% ± 0.4% vs. 0.0% ± 0.7%, respectively, p < .01). In men, LBM was gained during the intervention in SR (1.7% ± 0.4%, p < .01), whereas men in FR tended to reduce LBM (–2.0% ± 1.0%, p = .1), with a signigcant difference between groups (p < .01). There were no signigcant differences between women in SR and FR in any of the body-composition variables.

Does this mean that women can preserve muscle mass and even gain it despite a bigger deficit over men during a mini-cut? Or am I being retarded and reading the study wrongly? Also worth noting that the study was performed on athletes, so I don't know how much it would apply to the average woman.

No. 296561

I think that indeed because the study was done on athletes, that you shouldn't assume that the average Jane without a team doing everything for her and calculating the optimal conditions and having lots of experience and all that, will just GAIN muscle during a cut. However this does seem to be in line with what I read before about there not being much difference between mini cut or longer cut when it comes to PRESERVING muscle mass and also lines up with my own experiences. I think you can even argue it's better to go for mini cuts, because that means you'll spend more overall time in gaining phases, so that is what I usually go for.

No. 296564

> I think you can even argue it's better to go for mini cuts, because that means you'll spend more overall time in gaining phases, so that is what I usually go for.
This was what I was thinking of too. But a 1.4% fast reduction would roughly calculate to an 800 deficit for me which is too much imo. I'll go with 500kcal on top of additional cardio 3 times a week.

Other studies I was looking at had to do with birth control pills and muscle gain.

> Oral contraceptive use impaired lean mass gains in young women after RET and was associated with lower DHEA, DHEAS, and IGF-1 and higher cortisol. The diminished lean mass gain may be related to the effect of OCs on anabolic and catabolic hormone levels or the androgenicity of progestin that may bind to androgen receptors and inhibit its function.

> After the training period, quadriceps mCSA (OC: 11.0 ± 6.0% vs. non-OC: 9.2 ± 5.0%, p = 0.001), type II fCSA (OC: 19.9 ± 7.9% vs. non-OC: 16.6 ± 7.2%, p = 0.05), muscle strength (knee extension, knee flexion and 5RM, p < 0.001), and functional power (CMJ, AP, p < 0.001) were significantly increased with no significant difference between the groups. However, a tendency toward a greater increase in fat-free mass (FFM) in the OC group was observed (OC: 3.7 ± 3.8% vs. non-OC: 2.7 ± 3.5%, p = 0.08).
Note that the above tested second generation oral contraceptives


> tldr a lot of conflicting studies

> sample sizes are usually not large enough to have something conclusive

A shame that these studies are not publicly available and have to be requested from the authors. Any nonnas here on the pill as well and also looking for gains? What are your experiences?

No. 296565

I did gain more muscle when I went off of BC, but even on BC my T levels were smack dab in the middle of normal. My cortisol was higher though, which did probably have an impact.

No. 296648

File: 1667087243023.jpg (1.86 MB, 2560x1600, Rei.jpg)

I finally took the courage to take swimming lessons. I used to think I was too old to begin, however, it doesn't matter anymore. I wanna lose weight, so I'll go on a diet too to improve the results. Wish me luck, nonnas!

No. 296681

Never responded to this, but I wouldn't know because I've never been on BC. For me, I've noticed I bloat a bit more the week before my period and any swelling I experience goes down midway through my period.
>Extremely short bouts of hightened heart rate over repeated periods of time = cortisol spikes, mitochondrial cell damage, blood sugar fuckery, messed up sleep schedule, etc. (especially bad if you have PCOS, diabetes, etc.)
>Weird ass unnatural movements like lunging and jumping frequently seen in HIIT workouts can seriously damage your joints, especially if you're new to fitness
>HIIT fitness programs (Orange Theory, F45, etc.) are typically overpriced

LISS cardio like walking, swimming and cycling at a steady, comfortabe pace is much better for heart health and fat loss. It's also more sustainable. You rarely see someone older than 50 or 60 in a guided HIIT class for a reason. If you want to do HIIT, limit yourself to 90 minutes a week and make it fun and self-paced.

No. 296721

File: 1667134678964.jpg (2.07 MB, 3652x2000, Cardiac_output.jpg)

nta even in sports HIIT is overrated and only recommended (by good sane coaches who haven't bought into too many memes) generally in a sports specific way, leading up to the competition. Even for plyometrics, they don't recommend lunges, but rather double leg bounds and that's for athletes. Seeing the dangerous HIIT and circuit training shit that is often shilled to even non-athletes is concerning. Though there are just as many retarded sports coaches nowadays, which is why I ended up having to program my own conditioning. Picrel some autistic screenshots from Joel Jamieson's book (he trained Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson), relatively sane enough, meanwhile what Cris Cyborg's coach makes her do is legit horrifying at times. I also see some programs, targeted towards beginner women, recommending HIIT nearly every day, barely any rest days, retarded dangerous movements. If you point it out, you just get labeled a hater, even though it's objectively a bad idea and just unnecessary. Even after 'retiring', my heartrate is still in the low 50's due to general resistance training, incline walks and cycling

No. 296772

Just started a 6 days/week workout program and IT IS SO INTENSE. The workouts absolutely destroy me, but in the best way. My body is changing pretty quickly and I'm so excited for how I'm going to look after two months of this! I have yet to do today's workout and I'm honestly so tired, I'm dreading it. Nonas, please give me strength to finish my workout today!!

No. 296834

Nobody responded lmao but happy to report back that the workout was successful!

No. 296838

hey nonnie, it's great that you've remained so dedicated and diligent to your workout routine! You're doing amazing!

No. 296877

nonnies, please help me! my hunger is out of fucking control, i eat around 1600 a day and im literally ravenous. that’s around my TDEE and previously on a cut i was consuming around 1400 but i lost my ass and it wasn’t sustainable so obv just increase slowly right? fucking wrong. 1600 is nowhere near enough for me to feel satiated… it’s not like i restrict either, i have ice cream, chocolate, small treats pretty frequently and i eat as healthy as possible. but i never feel satiated, I’ve tried everything including upping protein (which never makes me feel full, only carbs do) eating bigger breakfasts (makes me more hungry). is this extreme hunger a result of my previous restriction? i can’t keep doing this im literally starving after i eat nice balanced meals and snacks too. 1600 literally seems like too less

No. 296878

Your metabolism can shoot up when you get out of a deficit, so it's possible that your TDEE is a bit higher than you think it is atm. What's your fiber intake like? Upping that can help a lot with feeling satiated. Could you have any deficiencies?

No. 296910

This happened to me when I tried going on a 300 cal deficit for 2 months. I ended up giving up and going right into a bulk when I couldn't take it anymore, even maintenance at 1800 didn't make me feel satiated. Now I eat at 2000 a day and even then I still feel hungry on half of the days and have to restrict myself in order to not overeat. I know my TDEE is not higher unlike what >>296878 said because I have gained weight in these two months. For me I've found a way at staying full by finding a combination of food that's filling for me and cutting out food that basically goes right through my system, white rice especially. I eat a heavy breakfast, have a light lunch, then a small snack, and then a big dinner. But my body could also finally be getting the signal that I'm not on a deficit anymore tbh. I talked to a friend about it and they basically said that the next time I go on a cut I HAVE to take maintenance breaks (usually last almost as long as you were cutting) and stick to it no matter what, because if you give in and just eat, you'll overeat and eat yourself back to where you started. Your body will adjust eventually. Not sure if this advice really works.

Are you also working out? You need to factor in that to your TDEE if not

No. 296920

thanks for the responses. so basically i need to continually up the ante so i keep feeling sore and developing muscle? i was planning on getting some resistance bands/weights to use anyway so i think that should be good for that. if anyone else has had a successful experience trying to grow their ass i would like to know what other people do, a lot of the workout plans floating around pinterest and such don't look like they would work to me but maybe i'm wrong.

No. 296926

I honestly have no idea if my ass is any bigger. My bf says it is but it also could be because I'm trying to gain weight right now lol but yes, up the ante until you feel sore. Especially when you start out.

A few notes:
> Soreness is not a good indicator of how effective a work out is
But since you've just started and haven't experienced DOMS at all, you SHOULD be looking for the soreness, especially if it lasts till the next day. It will go away in 1-3 weeks. Keep going at the work outs even when you're sore.
> When you first try out your bands, try them for 15 reps. Keep going up in resistance until you find one where you physically are not able to do more than 15 reps or fail under that
Try to find the resistance that lets you complete 15 reps or your given choice of reps within 2-3 reps of failure. Going to failure each time isn't the greatest for recovery, but also make sure you're not undertraining yourself.
> Keep your workouts to 3-4x a week max
You're only going to be training your glutes and muscles need at least a day of recovery before getting worked out again.
> Up reps and resistance every week or so
When you first start out, you can go up in resistance fairly quick, the legs are the strongest part of the human body. You should be able to increase reps and resistance quickly at first. I usually go by going from 10 reps to 15 and then upping the weight and restarting back to 10.
> Eat more protein
1g per lb of bodyweight is what people usually go by because it's the easiest to follow/understand. The reality is more complicated than that but just eat more lean meat and eggs, make sure you're getting enough protein
Muscle recovery happens when you're asleep. So go get those 8-9 hours per night. Don't skimp on sleep.

As for workout plans just for glutes, I honestly have no idea. I just do hip thrusts alongside my regular barbell squats or the hip abductor machine. I guess for you the equivalent could be doing resistance band lunges/weighted bulgarian split squats, weighted hip thrusts, resistance band side steps and you should also be able to do romanian or stiff legged deadlifts with the resistance bands. You can do a combination of these a few times a week. 3 exercises per work out should be enough. Just work almost to failure each time.

No. 296929

I hate to break it to you, but ass size isn't like a slider on a video game where if you work out, it's like the slider gets set to "large". You need to gain weight and work out and even then, it's no guarantee because of fat distribution. Imo, the best look is toned on smaller butts. The reason I say that is because it looks weird to me when I see those overly tight, muscly butts that have no fat on them and you can tell that person was flat before due to the shape. Of course, each to their own - aesthetic wise, I like muscular with a bit of fat over the feminine areas and only the abs are overworked. I can't stand the ridiculous knotty butt and thunder thighs that look unnatural.

No. 296931

I'm >>296929 and I would say my ass is toned, but it's always been noticeably where I gain all my weight so I have no idea if it is bigger because I work it out or not.

No. 296940

lol i know, i have a naturally big butt and wide hips but as i've lost weight my butt has gone away. so i'm pretty sure if i gain weight while working out that specific area i should see muscle growth, right? i'm not worried about it because my natural shape already tends towards a big butt. also you're allowed to have your preferences but i disagree and i think it looks nice, what some anonymous stranger thinks looks good is pretty much irrelevant to me.

No. 296951

Thank you sweet nonnie!

No. 297003

I'm 5'5, had a starting weight of 220 lbs, and this morning I woke up at 177 lbs. I still can't believe it, even though I'm still obviously fat I'm significantly slimmer than before. I'm also starting to like my looks more these days.

No. 297007

this anon here, i'm happy to report the dress fits me now!!!
my chest is still kinda tight, but it closes now and i'm very thrilled about it

No. 297028

File: 1667283469006.png (12.58 KB, 1024x648, Ratio-1024x648.png)

NTA, but just want to share my personal experience with glutes. I had a period when I focused heavily on barbell hipthrust, I would regularly do 30% more on the hipthrust than on the deadlift. I haven't done a hipthrust in years by now. I even dropped 25 lbs involuntarily way too fast. I lost a lot of size, but guess what I didn't lose? The massive fucking bubblebutt, curved like the Fibonacci sequence, nobody I'm attracted to gives a shit about I think samesex attracted women don't like big butts, or at least not on butches?. I think you would have to get to unhealthy bodyfat levels for a woman to get the "knotty butt" look the other nonna is talking about in the first place. Oh and well trained glutes keep your back healthy and means you will be able to kick harder (in case any scrote ever starts trouble with you, you'd be very good at kicking him in the scrote and sprinting in the other direction, ever seen the lower body of sprinters), so don't let yourself be discouraged.

No. 297084

You girls are doing amazing!! Keep up the hard work and dedication. It's going to take a few months for me to see any noticeable differences but I look forward to celebrating here too

No. 297085

After lying in bed all day except for work sometimes for many months I just had the lightest most lazy workout for 30 minutes. And I feel absolutely dead kek. But in a good way. I hope I keep it up I feel amazing. I hope I'm going to be so cool and fit as the nonnies here in the thread soon!

No. 297148

I know the results on the Chloe Ting aren’t necessarily real, but would they be an ok starting place to try and get into building some fitness? I’m thinking if I can get a routine going at home I can build up something before going to a gym but I’m curious whether it would be effective

No. 297342

File: 1667446504842.jpeg (72.54 KB, 480x640, 287AD56E-EDBB-4A86-913B-B3BD67…)

I have lost 40 pounds of fat!
15 in the past month (guided weight loss clinic)
My habits are changing, and so are my tastebuds. Its sort of alien still. But looking at the photo of fats i feel proud

No. 297795

File: 1667663904630.jpg (9.26 KB, 173x216, i will never smile again.jpg)

this >>296910 anon here. Help, I thought I was doing well with hitting my surplus comfortably without hunger but I overate at a buffet yesterday and now I'm hungry ALL the time again? I regret starting to work out, I've never been full or satiated unless I eat over 3000 calories. Before this I was probably eating 1200-1400 a day without batting an eye or outright undereating on some days because I just never felt like eating. Am I cursed to be hungry forever now?

No. 298393

File: 1668028968806.jpg (279.09 KB, 1564x1564, 9doggj2ql2k51.jpg)

maybe the nonnies in this thread will be able to help - I have horribly sloped shoulders and an overdeveloped trapezius muscle similar to picrel. I do ballet and have found that the shape of my shoulders ruin the overall effect when I am dancing. It really upsets me. does anyone know how I can fix my posture so I can look more graceful? I hate this slope in my shoulders it makes me look manly.

No. 298396

if it really looks like picrel i would say develop your deltoids more to balance it, actually.

No. 298425

Hope you dont mind the kboo tier advice nonna! I had the same problems with my shoulders because of years of slouching and I was able to correct it with proper posture and these stretches! Most of the time when you have issues where muscles look a bit out of proportion it usually can be fixed with stretching the muscle out so it can lay more flat

No. 298428

thank you nonnington!

No. 298440

kbeauty standards make me so much better about my shoulders ngl

No. 298441

Wasting calories on my moms shitty cooking really, really upsets me. She just tried to feed me these horribly overcooked, unseasoned crab cakes that she bought from a Kroger and undercooked green beans and brussel sprouts with the hard stumps not cut off. Like what the absolute fuck? You get mad at me for not wanting to eat and then when you try to “feed” me you give me donkey shit ass food that you put absolutely zero effort into making? Legitimately what is wrong with you

No. 298461

What at-home beginners workouts would you guys recommend? Preferably no HIIT. I'm anemic and HIIT just completely fucks me up

No. 298476

why don't you help her with some of the food prep if it's that bad

No. 298481

I'd recommend Monikafit, she puts out these simple and really beginner-friendly exercises that you should check out. On the other hand, have you ever tried yoga?

No. 298482

Then cook yourself, you big baby.

No. 298963

Hi nonas I wanted to join this thread and watch all you guys reach your goals while keeping myself in check of course. Apologies for any typos or weird formatting.

>60 kg/132 lbs

>170 cm/5"7 ft
>Currently sedenetary and I eat normally, My figure is average with a chubbier lower body.

My goal is to lean out, tone up and basically get shredded. I want a limber and skinny body so my goal is around 55 kg/120 lbs but I will be focusing more on physique/size and less on scale numbers. May record my measurements later.

Won't post my ideal body type as it is embarrassingly unrealistic, but I will keep it in mind nevertheless to motivate myself in staying on track while knowing that I won't ever look like that.

I have created a playlist and a diet plan (although it's nothing strict, just typical whole foods, veggies, little to no sugar, etc.)

Good luck to all of you nonnies, I wish you all full success and satisfaction!

No. 298965

Sorry for lack of details, almost forgot to mention:

>1 hour workouts 6 days a week

>30 minute walks everyday
>A mixture of pilates and weight training to build more muscle definition and lean out
>Less fatty foods in diet and intermittent fasting
>Will log through simple apps like Calory

Will update biweekly with weigh in updates and possibly measurement updates! Hope I put enough info

No. 299004

>too short for to reach the bars for the lat pull down

Nonas please….i just wanna grow my lats and lose back fat. Is a barbell row a good alternative?

No. 299031

Time to grow up and cook for yourself

No. 299400

assisted pull ups would be closest to lat pulldowns if your gym has one

No. 299529

>SW: 202lbs
>CW: 199
>GW: 120lbs (ideally), 140lbs (realistically)

I have been changing the way I eat for a few weeks now and have already lost 3lbs. I seem to be losing at a rate of 1lb a week, which is slow and steady. I am eating 1600 calories a day whilst also maintaining a ratio of 40:30:30 of Carbs: Fats: Protein.
I have yet to start working out as I am still trying to fix a health issue.

I'm aiming to get to a healthy weight, although ideally I'd like to be on the skinnier end. And I do want to start training to improve my cardio fitness as well as my overall strength.

Good luck to everyone and I hope we can keep each other going!

No. 299580

Coming in to wish you all the best.
I have my own little goals as well.
I’m thin-ish but getting sloppy due to my lack of exercise. Im aiming to strength train and tone up my stomach and waist. Aerobics worked well for me but I want to focus more on building arm strength because I have weak wrists and poor stamina. I want to work out in the morning for an energy boost and to also not rot away in bed all morning.
I workout at home preferably. I have a hula hoop , jump rope and two 8-pound weights. I hope I can stay consistent… I usually have 1 good week before stopping and starting again..

No. 300136

I'm still at it! Feeling a lot better already. I have more energy and am less depressed. Good luck to all of you

No. 300749

Not weight-loss directly, but anyway. What the he'll is going on? For the records, I'm 181 cm and 77 kg. I've been eating like a fucking pig for the last 6 months. And no weight gain at all. I'm talking junk food where day, lots of sugar, take out every other day. And no physical activity at all. What? How is this happening? I'm sure I eat like 3000 cals everyday (don'ttrakc calories). I hope it's not cancer because I don't have any other way to explain it.
On other hand, maybe I should go on a diet, with the way things go, I might loose some without cutting out too much and going jogging every other day.

No. 300775

Has anyone done the Fast800? My doctor has recommended it to me to see if it helps with my PCOS/Insulin resistance cycle. It's only going to be for a month (Starting after my next period) and I'm seeing a dietitian to build a meal plan. Most of my weight is on my waist line and I know my job stress isn't helping.

tldr:800 cal, doctor & dietitian monitored, low-impact exercise (Yoga & Pilates)

No. 300822

Got covid a couple of weeks ago and I've been eating nothing but garbage and not moving. Gained 3 lbs. So frustrating because I felt like I was on the right track (lost 8), but now I'm afraid I'm not going to have the motivation to lose the 20 I was trying for.

No. 300840

I lost about 6 pounds the past month in a half! I'm not really sure how but I'm fitting into smaller clothing.
It should pass, been there and it's always just a matter of time. Also don't be afraid of just slamming down high-satiety, relatively low calorie foods.

No. 300842

Today I destroyed my healthy eating diet and 6x a week exercise by ordering Popeyes. I got the 16 piece family special because I was hungry in the moment and it was an impulse buy.
I have SOOOOO much food leftover. And I guess I'll just have to eat the remaining food for the rest of the week because I hate letting food go to waste, even if it's fatty, greasy, no nutrition, fast food. It'll last me the whole week kek.

No. 300849

Is it possible to get thinner looking arms with exercise? I’m comfortble in this weight but I’m build top heavy. I have large breasts and wide shoulders.
It makes me self conscious. I’m a tall woman and I build muscle easily.

No. 300850

yes I have the same body, except I guess my boobs aren't huge. C cup. My arms are fat and the only thing that helps is regular exercise

No. 300852

maybe you have a parasite

No. 300904

Oh shit, you just reminded me about that. I have dogs so I can contract parasites through them, but last time I forgot to take my medicine for this shit. The parasites might be the reason, kek, thanks nonna.

No. 301102

I have been going to bootcamp 3 days a week and religiously tracking calories since early August and still not losing weight. My body scan has barely changed too. I can at least fit into some old clothes i was too fat for, but I'm getting really fed up of no measurable progress.

Can hormone problems cause this? I literally have no idea what I am doing wrong.

No. 301111

I would say free weights. I had a similar situation and lifting (push and pull exercises) helped tone then so that while they stayed a similar size there was more definition and less loose skin. It's made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. Since we don't lose weight in one specific spot unfortunately there's no way to target losing weight directly on your arms. Like >>300850 said though, exercise is good for maintenance. Something like a mix of cardio and strength training would be good.

No. 301116

I have but I was doing it on my own without medical supervision. I did not notice any change in my weight at all. But you have medical professionals helping you so it should be better. Just a heads up if you use the granola recipe in the books for that program, it will feel like eating pencil shavings.

No. 301124

besides hypothyroidism, perhaps you need to cut more calories, i.e. a larger deficit

No. 301125

is it worth it to get a personal trainer or go to some type of class?
i have a stationary bike at home so i just do cardio, but i have some stubborn fatty areas that would probably be helped with building muscle there, but i have no idea what i'm doing and if i have proper form.
i was thinking of getting a personal trainer just to make a routine for me and watching for my form until i get the hang of things? but idek if that's really how it works/if it'd be worth it?
i was thinking i could also go to classes that have some type of resistance exercising in them, like pilates or something but idk how much that'd actually help??
i'm lost

No. 301134

I'd try out the classes. Be consistent with them though. if you have wrong form the instructor will usually come to you and help. You can also ask questions too if you need help or aren't sure about something. That's what I've been doing. I feel more knowledgeable about certain kinds of exercise and weight training as well.

No. 301145

Thanks for the recipe heads up and I think most of the meals I'll be making will be coming from the CSIRO Healthy Gut book. It seems to be a lot of fermented foods, bone broth and protein at every meal.

No. 301189

File: 1669563222749.jpg (12.95 KB, 500x281, crying.jpg)

I really hope you're right. I just looked up why I'm so goddamn hungry earlier and saw one person echo the same on reddit. Despite it being a month of eating over 2300 calories a day I'm still hungry. Is this what you experienced as well? How long did it take to pass? I was just wondering to myself that maybe my current weightlifting program has too much volume and that might be triggering my insatiable hunger.

I've gained 4kg since I started lifting 4 months ago and I can feel my pants starting to fit a little tighter and love handles spawning out of nowhere. I'm pretty distraught all the time now lol

No. 301227

Still doing the workout! Workouts that made my muscles sore in the beginning are now way easier for me. Also it’s almost normal for me to exercise now. Very glad I’m keeping up this time

No. 301235

You say no measurable progress but you are fitting into old clothes. Have you tried taking body measurements like bust, waist and hips? Because clearly you are getting smaller. Body scans aren't the most accurate thing anyway.

No. 301240

Nta but why wouldn't a body scan be accurate? I thought since it would be like a photograph of the fat on top of the muscle then it would be very accurate

No. 301284

File: 1669624172392.jpg (428.88 KB, 750x748, 1665542661373.jpg)

i was doing some routines i found on youtube and i stopped midway through it because it made my back hurt. Is there something i should be aware of to not hurt my back while excercising? or is it normal that it hurts a little due to me being almost sedentary?

No. 301295

Slight discomfort doesn't have to mean anything, but pain is not good. Make sure your form is correct

No. 301297

i was doing ab related excercises, should i have put more pressure on my stomach instead of my back? dunno how to explain it

No. 301301

Does anyone else use Fitbit premium? I bought a new one (Sense) early this year and didn’t realize I got a free 6 months of the premium service, activate at any time before the first year was up. I just activated it a month ago and I really like the range of at home workouts they offer! I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and ride horses at my job but on the off days I really enjoy changing things up with random HIIT or Pilates or whatever I feel like. If anyone is considering getting a Fitbit, the free premium trial really sweetens the pot. Also unrelated but I want to regain the upper body strength I used to have from being a swimmer in high school but can’t seem to without actually swimming. Does any nonna have any good routines/advice?

No. 301304

Do any nonnas rollerblade? I got back into it during the pandemic (have a hockey dad, always been on skates of some kind) and it’s…the most fun. I live in a nice residential suburb with great sidewalks and side streets that are often quite empty and it is such a blast to put in my airpods and zoom around. Also lots of cool paved nature trails near me that i take my blades to for maximum hill fun and enjoying the beautiful scenery esp in summer and fall. I think having the tism as well actually makes it more enjoyable lmfao the bonus is it’s a lot easier on the joints than running for cardio and is quite easy to burn mega calories while doing it.

No. 301308

Sounds fun! I have always wanted to try but the streets here are too fucked anyways, i would fall and break a teeth

No. 301312

This is a bit of a sperg but why oh why are all pilate places all about the spirit and soul and not just about sweating and working hard on your body? I know I could do pilates at home relatively easy but there's something to going elsewhere to train which I appreciate. Also recommend Sean Vigue online for pilates and body weight workouts.

No. 301314

File: 1669643856230.jpeg (5.13 MB, 4032x3024, 5856FF14-2CD0-42FA-AB3B-D4D7BB…)

If you ever do want to try/find a place to do so, you can buy mold to fit mouthguards online! I wear mine every time just bc I’m paranoid about ruining the teeth my parents were generous enough to get me braces for lmao. These are my favorite skates right now, I buy street invader wheels from a great skate shop online. I have a pair of Aeon Bladies for when I wanna do tricks/go to a skate park but mainly I just like zooming and going on trails! I have too many pairs of Impala blades simply bc I’m a whore for the aesthetics kek

No. 301369

I haven't but only because I assumed a combo of scale and body scan would show progress. Kinda wish I had now

No. 301389

Recovered ana-chan who gained some weight from injury healing time and am now trying to exchange body fat for muscle and lose some weight without being unhealthy. I am not to the point I had to get new clothes, but the loose comfortable fits I prefer have turned snug. Now that I'm finally in the clear to safely exercise, I'm going to start with 20 minutes of light exercise every damn day and ramp up my strength and stamina to get back to my previous fit state. I am NOT going to "fast" or purge. I am NOT going to hide and be mean to myself. I am going to avoid triggers based on unhealthy skelly societal beauty standards by keeping social media use to a minimum despite my urge to seek thinspo. I guess I will try to do a weekly report/involvement here for accountability/support/discussion because I don't want to bother the friends I have been really gross around in the past before I accepted I had a problem (calling my skelly body fat, talking about food like a lunatic, etc).

My biggest obstacle besides ED is weather, I need to get used to winter hiking since I prefer outdoor fitness and refuse to use the gyms I can afford anymore because men. In the mean time I have adjustable dumbbells and body weight exercises at home. Luckily my nutrition is on lock and my recent bloodwork was great so I have a simple road ahead as long as I can cope with my ED triggers.

No. 301465

oooh you got me looking at used skates online…

No. 301470

File: 1669717632170.jpeg (45.14 KB, 720x713, 1652714090311.jpeg)

I always feel like the ugliest mf at the gym. I feel every other girl has a cute fit that compliments their figure meanwhile I'm crawling in looking mismatched, un-aesthetic, and red-faced. I know gym isn't about that. I'm making good progress which I'm proud of, better than I ever did with solely cardio. This feeling is very hard to shake off though. Any nonas know this feeling, or how to resolve it? I'm starting to think I'm just not cut out to look good like that.

No. 301473

I'm built like a box while most women at the gym I see, even fat ones, have more "feminine" curves. It really sucked at first and I felt bad about it but one I started gaining actual muscle I stopped giving a shit lol

No. 301474

File: 1669723052835.jpeg (237.08 KB, 1125x1276, D2A7DE8C-35B4-4BB8-A8FA-8A589A…)

Allow me to tempt you even further hehe blading even just cruising at moderate pace is a great body toner/muscle builder! I got rid of the last bit of non-muscle squish on my thighs with it, picrel

No. 301476

i love your shorts, those lizards are very rad

No. 301478

I haven’t worked out in a while myself since my gym closed, but it’s true that I did feel more motivated when I had some cute gym clothes rather than old mismatched t-shirts. Check when your favorite brands are having sales and get some workout sets. You can always wear them other places too. It’s worth it to have some nice clothes that you feel confident in.

No. 301484

Thank u!!! They are awesome, I got them from Gecko Hawaii https://geckohawaii.com/ as well as some very loud pants and cool crop tees. I’m obsessed with like an 80s tomboy kind of vibe in the summer. Bonus, they are mesh lined like swim trunks and water resistant, and they have deep pockets!!! Sorry to derail with non fitness talk kek

No. 301590

Thanks! Any good brands you'd recommend? I usually just get hand-me-downs and second hand items, moreso for sustainability than a lack of funds. I'm in Aus if that helps.

No. 301597

Anon, I love your skates! I wanted to buy them. They really get that balance of rollerblading durability and that rollerskating look. I got into skating in 2020, learning the basics, hurt my ass more times than I can count. I stopped afterwards because urban planning and men. The streets are super fucked, and the nice indoor skate-friendly places aren’t close by. And I sometimes get anxious because men will yell at you/swerve at you with their cars or motorcycles as a “”””joke”””” and I always think I’ll lose my balance and give myself a concussion or something. Wish I could get back to it somehow, my rollerskates are collecting dust.

No. 301616

>men will swerve at you with their cars
UGH I HATE MEN WHY DO THEY RUIN EVERYTHING!!!I have not had that happen shockingly(!) but have had a few village workers doing road/pipe work pretend like they were going to grab me as I zoomed past. I always flip around and give them double birds tho, as if they could ever catch me. I’m too fast! Suck it, scrotes!! Re the durability + style, that’s exactly what I love so much about Impalas. I was really looking for blades that reminded me of the ones I had as a kid in the 90s and they hit that sweet spot. The wheels they come with r garbo tho so I replace them immediately. Street Invader wheels are the business!!! Really good grip and shock absorption on the road, can withstand a lot of small debris. They come in lots of fun colors too. I hope you’re able to pick your skating back up someday, nonna!

No. 301653

By body scan I thought they meant those body comp machines, which have large margins of error. If they meant something else I take that bit back

No. 301771

Yeah its a body comp machine, nothing professional. It's called InBody

No. 301788

Anyone on bc who currently trying to loose weight? How does the progress look like to you.

When i first got my implant, i noticed i was gaining so much weigh so fast but even though I was working out and being active i was still gaining. I gave up and now stopped gaining weight so i want to try to loose some, but i want a realistic view of how slow the progress might be. Is 5lb in two weeks possible?

No. 301906

nona just wanted to say im proud of you for choosing recovery and sticking with it. im kind of in the same boat except im in the beginning stages of recovery which feels… terrifying to say the least. i used to equate exercise with losing weight but now i do it as a way to feel empowered during the day. swear to god i get such a mental high after an ab workout or even with something simple like low-intensity cardio. wishing you the best of luck on your fitness journey <3

No. 302203

File: 1670126846211.jpg (27.09 KB, 550x468, 2514a28065e375f91119e858e3d5d9…)

Do you have any favorite follow along vids for back flexibility? I can still do bridges no problem, but I'd like to be able to do picrel again. It'd be great if it weren't anything too rigorous, as I wanna stretch everyday to get into the habit again, and it never seems to stick if I do it with rest periods.

No. 302204

How do I work on my arm muscles? I'm pretty weak and use 5 pound dumbells doing different reps but there comes a point where I can't even lift the dumbells over my head. It's a lot quicker to haapen with 8 pound dumbells too. The next day I don't feel sore at all in my arms and it makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

No. 302244

That depends on what parts of your arms you're trying to work and make sure you keep going until you're almost at failure. If you have to do crazy amount of reps to hit failure you need to up the weight. You generally don't want to exceed 30 reps. 8-15 is what people usually do for arm workouts like bicep curls. Be sure to eat enough protein everyday.

> but there comes a point where I can't even lift the dumbells over my head

What exercise are you doing where you're trying to get the dumbbells over your head that isn't the overhead press? I definitely can't lift the dumbbells I use for dumbbell OHP with just my arms alone, I have to put them on my knees and kick them upwards to get into position

> The next day I don't feel sore at all in my arms

Are you past the initial DOMS phase? If you're not you're not pushing yourself hard enough. If you are, that's normal. I don't really feel sore in my upper body the next day anymore, usually only my legs.

No. 302266

Yoga helps too, focused work on shoulders, chest, core and back will help your arm workouts. Dont over do it. If you wanna go lower in weights add a few more reps, and of you go up in weights, start with less reps.

No. 302459

File: 1670250833985.jpg (84.94 KB, 1200x607, chocolate-whey-protein-powder-…)

Can nonnies recommend their favorite protein powder? Preferably vegan ones because I'm lactose intolerant. I'm trying the Orgain chocolate one right now… it's fine. My friend gave me the Alani Nu munchies one and I looove it but I don't want to deal with taking lactaid every time I wanna drink it (which is nearly everyday).

No. 302462

File: 1670252132133.jpg (395.04 KB, 1675x2513, 853e6598aaba61ee1d7b164d1f560b…)

I love rollerblading!! I'm not very good at it though kek. I learned as a kid but got back into it last year. I haven't had much opportunity to skate though. There's a park near me but I wish I had a really really big wide space to skate. There is a place I know of, but it's a train ride away and my skates and protective gear is so heavy…

My friend loves running and constantly tries to get me to run but the only cardio I will do is walking or skating. I hate running kek. Walking is enjoyable, but skating is exhilarating. It's not even the speed you can get (I'm too pussy to go too fast), I just love the feeling of it more. They do skate nights in my city and one day I'd like to join! It looks really fun, and with a huge group of skaters, pretty safe.

I wanna learn to rollerskate too, so I can get these. They don't come in my size though so fuck me I guess kek.

No. 302474

Consider egg white power! It's a good source of animal protein without lactose.

No. 302481

I love the natural vanilla MyProtein power. I mix it with yogurt and every morning I look forward to eating my cereal with it.

No. 302490

Not a brand recommendation but I like plain pea protein powder. You can add whatever flavors to make your drink of choice and the texture is different from the horrible texture of whey protein powder.

No. 302500

The concept of Flaneurz is cool but the skates are really only good for cruising around in.

I'd still like some though, for when I want to skate in town. I'd probably die if I took them to the skate park though!

No. 302504

I usually do several different kinds such as shoulder press, arm press, straight back arm press, bicep curls, elbow clicks, shoulder raises, tricep pulldowns/ or kickbacks, etc. I don't do all of these at once but I'll pick a few and do them. If I use an 8 pound dumbell compared to the usual 5 I use lately, my arms get exhausted very fast and I feel like my form starts to suffer a lot so I switch them back to 5 pound.

I'm not totally sure on the DOMS phase. I never feel sore on my arms after a workout anymore. Even if I do a majority of arm workouts that day. I've been working out since may if that's what you mean

I actually started pilates and the first two or three times we used 3 pound weights and my arm actually were sore the next day or two. Haven't felt it though again though.

No. 302505

I absolutely love rollerblading!! I decided to get rollerskates though after my rollerblades broke down and I definitely regret it. I have pretty good balance but it was way better on the blades than the skates. I can't go as fast or turn as well on the quad skates. I fell down several times on the quads and got hurt, nothing serious though, just my ego kek.

No. 302506

I have never eaten as healthy as I do now (zero processed sugar, gluten and dairy) and I also exercise (long walks + cardio, not daily though), yet I still gain weight…
This is hopeless.

No. 302513

Eating healthy doesn't automatically mean you're in a caloric deficit.

No. 302516

of course, it is such common knowledge that I didn't bother to write it down.

No. 302520

I wasn't trying to be catty and I'm still not but if you've already identified the cause of your weight gain, what's the problem?

No. 302521

… what are you even talking about?
of course I'm on calorie deficit for a long time now, but I don't lose weight. And I don't want to eat less than 1400.

No. 302522

Nta, but nonna you are not breaking the laws of physics. If you were eating at a calorie deficit, you would lose weight.

No. 302524

I know anon, and that's why it's making me frustrated. How this is even possible?
Although I have severe thyroid hormonal fluctuations. I gained weight quickly when it started, and now, two years later, I still have thyroid problems. My only hope is to lose weight once my thyroid has calmed down, but it could take years.

No. 302526

It's not, that's what I'm saying. You are simply consuming more calories than you burn. If you have a thyroid disorder, that would slow down your metabolism by 100-200 calories max. It would slow down weightloss but not stop it. How do you track calories? Do you know your tdee/bmr? Are you sure you are eating 1400 calories? How long have you been doing this?

No. 302554

Walking is good and not something to change, but you may possibly want to move away from doing other cardio for a bit. 4 weeks or even for a number of months. In those weeks or months, try this:
Go on a bulk and lift weights. 200-800 calories more a day than what you eat now, the exact amount will depend on you, but you can do this gradually. Hit your protein target everyday, and lift weights. Look for resources online about this (training for muscle building) so you can be sure your form is correct, as well as your plans for progression (Don't life weights everyday. That's not necessary AT ALL and you'll end up overtraining).
Muscle building is an essential building block to a faster metabolism, so this will likely help you. Look for resources online about this if you don't believe this random nonnie. Being in calorie deficit for a long enough time, your body will adapt, become used to it like "guess we're just only ever eating this amount of food now", and slow its metabolism to a crawl.

Then maybe in a month or three's time you can gradually bring your caloric deficit back, more and more, and you'll be losing more fat and weight but surely eating more than 1400 cals if everything went right.

No. 302557

>your body will adapt, become used to it like "guess we're just only ever eating this amount of food now", and slow its metabolism to a crawl.
lol stoppp this is such a fat person excuse. Anon is probably not weighing her food or forgetting about sauce calories or some shit, not entering ~starvation mode~ like my fat coworker says to justify resorting to fat burners because she has never managed to restrict intake a day in her life.

No. 302578

are you on the higher-end dose for an antidepressant/antipsychotic?

No. 302582

Exactly, if starvation mode worked like this anorexics wouldnt exist

No. 302584

Spiru-tein. It’s spirulina and pea protein mainly, but legit is the best tasting and best for blending I have ever had. My mom used to give it to us as kids, it’s got a bunch of vitamins in as well. I like to use the vanilla flavor as a base and then add other things like geeek yogurt or PB2 powder and fruit etc in my Ninja pro for really tasty shakes. The powder itself is 14g of protein so that’s why I add the extra stuff if I want something 20g or higher, but it works and tastes great with just milk or nut milk in a shaker cup for a post workout quick protein. The banana flavor is also really good, and the chocolate.

No. 302596

I'm not your fat coworker and I didn't say she was entering starvation mode. Slowing down to a crawl I'm saying colloquially and it is probably with some cardio-only clueless people spinning their wheels in the dirt…and then unrelatedly we have the words you've put in my mouth. I recommended her lifting. Recomposition her body. Restricting calories again when she has lifted for a bit and she can start restricting from a place higher than 1400. She could be full of shit and actually be guzzling sauce calories! Or she could be an honest nona who isn't optimizing the signals she's sending to her body with choosing appropriate movement for her goals and she could find herself needing to eat at 1200 tops in the near future to see the weight she wants shed off, and then 1000 tops.

No. 302599

I don't know about thyroid issues, if that's something you think is causing your weight issues that's something you'll have to take up with your doctor. But outside medical issues, it's not possible to not lose weight when consistently in a deficit. If your thyroid is not the issue, you're either fooling yourself or making a miscalculation somewhere.

No. 302609

Either you’re miscounting calories and eating more than 1400/day or your body needs less than 1400/day to maintain the lifestyle you’re living right now.

No. 302619

Have you tried looking at your macros? I had a similar issue but once I sorted those out the weight started to come off. Also gluten and dairy aren't inherently unhealthy unless you have an intolerance.

No. 302705

Try pilates. It'll raise your BMR by building lean muscle without making you look bulky + it's fun

No. 303215

i lost 25kg (well, gained some bc of stress and holiday lol but im going back to IF) and I walk at least 10k steps several times a week, yet my legs still have those fat deposits next to my kneecaps. its genuinely upsetting I feel like i cant do anything right

No. 303232

You're not doing anything wrong, you can't control where you lose the fat (unfortunately) so don't be too hard on yourself.

No. 303665

File: 1670846048558.jpg (6.79 KB, 228x234, 6bf8b2b2f200cd67fddc966c9dc023…)

I'm considering just dropping my calorie deficit and starting to eat at maintenance now. I've tried it multiple times, tried to be consistent with it and with the gym but I'm not seeing the results I wanted.
I was trying to do a cut (1500 cal at 5ft tall 138lbs) while lifting weights but it feels like fucking shit and extremely slow.
This is with tracking calories and being consistent, I still see fuck all weight loss, maybe it's because I'm putting on muscle at the same time but honestly maybe I'm just scared of being fat/fluffy for a little while while putting on muscle. I'm already chubby. I really need to let go of my obsession with aesthetics right now and just focus on progressing my lifts and cardio - eating 1500 is fucking miserable and I would feel exhausted half the time going to the gym. It was getting to the point where I would start to cut out certain necessary (healthy) things in my diet to fit muh calories. I don't think that was a good idea for me personally.

I'm gonna put it to 1700-1800 which is my maintenance according to TDEE, and aim for 150g protein a day. This should be more than enough room for me to mess around with healthy high-protein food a little bit without feeling like I have to cut shit out. I guess that's what they call a "body recomp" but idk and don't really care, I just want to be consistent and want to see and feel myself getting visibly muscular. I'm sick of getting bored of the gym because I associate it with lack of progress and a repetitive deficit diet. I don't want to be stuck at the same weight of shoulder press for 2 weeks because muh calories. It all sucks. I'm already fat so I might as well eat this protein, be consistent and put on some muscle and maybe it will help me lose the fat later on. I hate being short too, we have fuck all calories to mess with anyway.

No. 304245

nonnas I've just been going to the gym for two weeks,..tomorrow at the gym I will be doing romanian deadlifts x rows…pls pray for me

No. 304324

is anyone else planning to do yoga with adriene's new "30 day challenge" in january?

No. 304387

Are you sure your maintenance is 1700-1800? I'm your height too but lighter than you and my TDEE is closer to 1900-2000. I work out lift 4 times a week and walk 10-13k steps a day.

As for losing weight at our height, it's miserable I get you. I did a 1500 deficit awhile back and it just left me feeling hungry and exhausted all the time. I gave up and went on a bulk like you are right now and am cutting again but at 1300-1400.

Somehow it's a lot more manageable this time and I can feel and see the weight going down (granted it's only been 2 weeks and I've lost almost 2lbs but still lol) Go on that bulk and you can try again next time! When you do try again I highly recommend high volume foods like cauliflower rice and zoodles. I started having caffeine throughout the day too which helps SO much with hunger pangs. Low cal ice cream is a life saver as well.

All the best nonna you can do it! For others, weightloss is a marathon but for us it's a cross country race

No. 304388

also to add on, shoulder press is the one lifts that takes me forever to progress on. I had progress for the first 4 months but since then, I've plateaued hard. Same with lat pulldowns and assisted pull ups. Just keep in mind that as women our upper body just aren't that strong naturally and it's normal to take months to see rep or weight to go up. And if it makes you feel any better, my shoulders are more defined now and I can see my front delts pretty clearly when I do a bicep flex, even though this entire time I've been pressing the same weight and reps!

No. 304392

Nta if you fail at the bottom, do z press, if you fail at the top, do pin press. It's not just because of being a woman, in general OHP is more difficult to progress with than other lifts. I have had better progress and often have a higher OHP PR than even men who lift. You just have to troubleshoot, find out what is lagging behind, work on that and then return to standard OHP.

No. 304428

File: 1671287486599.jpg (466.13 KB, 1440x1800, FPiKV0lX0AAjjVa.jpg)

Hi nona, yes I am. I've tried the past few years but always dropped off around day 3 or 4… then picked it back up again and got through it in around two months, a few times I've dropped it altogether though unfortunately. but this year I really want to do it day by day! I love when I get into the habit of yoga, so I'm determined to push through this time. have you done it before?

No. 304526

yeah, i got into yoga this summer when i sustained a running injury. i started off with her Move challenge but have never done a course while it was coming out, so i'm looking forward to it!

will be rooting for you anon!

No. 304543

I lost 8 pounds from that intermittent fasting thing in around 2 months, granted I don't exercise that much so my process is quite slow but I'm glad that I found a diet that works for me.
I don't rush my process, because the last time I did I gained back my weight in a few months. Adjusting my diet and eating habits is what I'm looking for in the long run. I know it's going to benefit me more than racing to drop a few pounds, learning nothing, and gaining it back very quickly. I hope I got to my ideal weight by the end of 2023.

No. 304627

I have very slowly over several months lost 20 pounds by reining in my binge eating. I’m not that happy though because I feel like I don’t look any different, but when really thinking about I guess I am able to pull my belt a little tighter. I just hate exercising but I really need to get into it if I want to stop looking gross, there was this really great photo set of people who all stayed relatively the same weight but had replaced fat with muscle and they looked great, it was such a good example of why fixating on numbers isn’t really the best.

No. 304685

Thanks for your advice nonna, and kek you are so right about it being a cross country race for us. I think my maintenance is somewhere between 1800-2000 but it's slightly different on each TDEE calculator I use, which is a bit confusing tbh. Can you recommend the most accurate one or are they all the same? I figured I can stay pretty content with 1700 and see if I need to adjust from there.

No. 304800

> I think my maintenance is somewhere between 1800-2000 but it's slightly different on each TDEE calculator I use
This is pretty normal. No TDEE calculator is 100% accurate. Hell, even calorie counting isn't accurate either since everyone digests food differently. The label might say 200kcal, but you might actually get 190kcal out of it from energy used to digest said food or vice versa. Calories are based on estimates (they also already subtract how much the average person will expend burning said food from the total on the label). Same with the calorie burn estimates provided on treadmills, etc. That's not to say that calorie counting is useless however, but it's just that you will never truly know and you should account for that.

As for how I figured out my maintenance, I just ate at 2300 for 8 weeks and my weight went up by 2-3lbs. I did some backwards math (1lb of fat is roughly 3500kcal) and figured my TDEE is probably 1900-2000ish. Honestly not the best way to figure it out and I'll have to properly try a 2000kcal diet for a longer period of time to tell for sure, but next time when I'm done with my stubborn stomach fat. I've heard of other 5ft women who are maintaining at 2300kcal and that's a dream for me lol but their lives are so full of activity, like cardio or kickboxing/climbing almost every other day.

If you're working well with 1700kcal, stick to it! It's possible that you MIGHT be at a very small deficit and your scale number won't budge because you're building muscle at the same time if you're still within the noob gains phase.

No. 304872

File: 1671492997015.png (3.61 MB, 2048x1150, ducc.png)

nonnies, I might try low carb and fasting. It's just I've felt like shit for so long and it's really dumb because I workout, quit pretty much all my comfort foods, and even have visible muscles yet it's like I feel no different than when I was obese aside from fainting less. Back in college I had a wonky diet, sometimes going without eating as a consequence of being and there were 3 or so days where I actually felt alive. Energy! My dark circles were gone too. The dormmate that made fun of me for looking like I haven't slept in a 100 years immediately noticed and said I looked amazing without me even saying anything on those days. I don't know what happened but I feel like I need to try something.
Hope it goes well, I'm really not looking forward to it. Sigh.

No. 305096

I took a picture of me in January this year of me in a bra and undies then I took one earlier today.ive been lifting weights and I barely even changed. :/ really not motivating. The only thing that's changed is I guess I don't have an armpit fat fold. And like as much of a pooch but my silhouette looks the same just an unfortunate upside down triangle ass bitch am i.

No. 305111

If you’re trying to build muscle mass then you generally won’t see results unless you strictly alter your diet in conjunction with regular lifting, it’s why gymfag moids are so autistically obsessed with bulking/cutting/protein based diets etc etc. It takes a lot of effort and time and work to start actually showing muscle. I know guys who go to the gym and lift regularly but barely show any muscle because they don’t eat right.
Women also tend to build muscle slower and less visibly than men too. Most of the muscle girls you see on social media are all steroid addicts which gives women unrealistic standards.

No. 305154

File: 1672063987538.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 640x856, pic.png)

Fuck the anas it's time to eat and lift

No. 305156

File: 1672064732371.jpg (422.76 KB, 4032x3024, 20221225_184829.jpg)

I look something like this and I regret not stopping myself earlier. I weigh 160lbs and was very comfortable at 130 previously. I know I can do it again, I just have to…actually commit.

No. 305166

Is this supposed to be inspirational? Its pretty gross tbh

No. 305168

It's a realistic mix of someone who's a little chubby (and below 5'4" ok) but works out consistently

No. 305175

Not cute

No. 305183

I wish I looked good bulky I have such unfortunate distribution the only way I look good is when I’m scrawny this is why I miss being 14 sometimes, like I didn’t care about what I ate or do any exercise and yet i looked so skinny. I hate being an adult sometimes actually I hate it all the time I feel lost.

No. 305184

I disagree.

No. 305188

Anons who do intermittent fasting, do you do it every day? Or just certain days of the week? And how soon did you start seeing results?

No. 305193

Is it possible to tone up visibly in one month?

No. 305376

No. 305385

Unless you're on steroids or have very fortunate genetics, no. The average is 3 months

No. 305435

goal for 2023 is to hit the same as my bodyweight for bench press

No. 305436

(samefag) (for 5 reps)

No. 305449

I do it every day (out of cooking laziness mostly) and I don't think it's the cure-all people say it is. What results are you looking for? weightloss? increased energy?

For me my energy improved in 4-5 days. That part is nice.

It has never made me lose weight on its own. I am more than capable of eating an excess of calories in a 2-6 hr window.

No. 305474

I do it everyday as it works with my shift work but you still need to watch what you eat. It's pretty easy for me as I meal prep but without meal prepping I would binge eat when I got home/broke fast.

No. 305503

I'm going to do it too! My friends gifted me a new mat. Hopefully the new one is comfy for the knees.
I will be rooting for the nonnies who do it too. Here is the video if other nonnies are interested. I highly recommend it.

No. 305538

Can anyone recommend good food on a budget to burn fat fast? I read through some forums or articles that recommend stuff that just doesn't work with a student budget in mind.

No. 305565

Lentils, nonna. Low in fat, high fiber and protein. Easy to make and only require veggies. You can make very simple vegan lentil curries or lentil soups for cheap. You gonna fart tho.

No. 305590

Protein like eggs, tuna, tofu (personally I went heavy on the tofu because calcium requirements and aversion to dairy). Cabbage is probably the best vegetable for the $$, it keeps well, it's good prepared multiple ways, it's filling. Regular oatmeal is super cheap, ditto big bag of potatoes.

In my opinion you should budget for some kind of spices/aromatics (salt, cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, whatever your cuisine requires) or you will go insane from lack of flavor. A jar of curry paste goes a long way for one person and it's cheap. A bottle of soy sauce will not break the bank (be really cheap and get some packets from a takeout place if you have to.) Those little cheap-ass cans of Embasa/La-Costeña/Herdez salsa are actually good. Miso paste goes a long way. A $2 bottle of lemon juice can be a soup or salad garnish for weeks.

Once you have your staple food groups you mix and match to make meals. It's easier to track calories if you eat the same food all the time, especially for a short while, but if this is a long-term diet (longer than a month or two) change it up sometimes to make sure you're getting your full variety of nutrients and minerals and don't give yourself a kidney stone or something.

I would make things like curries, simple miso soups, poached eggs in tomato sauce, potato and egg burritos, lazy "stir fries", dressed up tuna on cabbage leaf, hot oats topped with a fried egg and a drizzle of soy sauce…etc.

No. 305608

hello nonas, im seeking some advice on how to begin building muscle / toning up without getting so obsessive about the diet/dieting portion. im a complete newbie so apologies if i sound like a complete dumbass.

i feel like a majority of fitness gurus border anachan behavior with the tracking, monotonous routines, calories, etc. and i dont want to find myself back in that realm at all.

currently im eating intuitively combined with intermittent fasting and ive maintained a healthy weight for quite some time now since recovering. i guess my fears are becoming overly bulky because im not tracking my intake but i know its probably just an irrational thought. i try to keep my food choices relatively clean. high protein, moderate carb + fat.

any advice is appreciated and sending love to all <3

No. 305617

File: 1672364405324.jpg (39.82 KB, 480x360, deleteallburgers.jpg)

ok, nonnies, I've been doing slightly low carb (40g) + intermittent fasting and I felt like shit even after having some salmon and greens. I felt very sickly, weak, very painful eyes/head. hours later in the car I had a kombucha and my conditioned improved dramatically to my usual sluggishness.

then it hit me–this feeling has happened to me a lot over the years. carbs never really made me feel good either normally, but it really made me wonder.
is my body extremely dependent on carbs? or is this feeling more in line with blood sugar issues? sorry about the dumb questions, it's just my body is all over the place.

No. 305618

Are you getting enough electrolytes? I know for a fact I shouldn't be eating carbs (insulin problems), but I feel sluggish, tired and weirdly achy if I forget my electrolytes. As soon as I start taking it again, I feel renovated. You could buy it powdered, pills or a Powerade with no sugar added

No. 305619

Thank you guys so much! Wrote this down on my shopping list. I can't thank you enough.

No. 305622

Yeah, I was trying to be mindful of that. I had some electrolytes. It's totally possible I got the ratios off and I plan to experiment in the future. But if they were off, why would kombucha fix it? Lol my brain is too tiny for this.

No. 305625

this is based off my person experience so take it with a grain of salt but my body reacts poorly to low-carb in that range (40g-50g). I get really low energy like you're describing, headache, generally feeling like shit. Any carb food would suddenly change everything. It's like 40-50g is not low enough for me to go into ketosis and not high enough for my body to be happy with the amount of carbs it's getting. It was like the hell-zone for me. I had to keep it below 30 to get the low-carb energy boost people talk about (I'm not sure what your goal is or if you want to go that low though.) or just eat a normal amount.

No. 305673

To me it sounds like your overthinking things a bit, at the base level building muscle is pretty simple: the exercises need to get harder as you get better and you need enough rest to fully recover between trainings.

Everything beyond that is just trying to optimize as much as possible. But as long as you follow the basic principles you'll get there.

If your diet is good, which is sound like it is, theres no reason to change things as you start strength training. From experience exercise increases your appetite, so there's a good chance you'll adjust the way you eat to match your level of exertion.

This might just be me, but I'd look into finding a sport that you'd like to do. Just training to look good has never managed to motivate me for more than a few weeks and being this focused on appearance feels miserable aswell.

No. 305737

Tbh that does make sense.
I want to test the low carb energy boost thing. I feel terrible in general; losing weight (I grew up obese), eating healthier, working out, etc, had 0 effect on my energy levels and it's a last resort thing more than something I really believe in. I'll gradually lower my carb intake from now to get there instead of shocking my system, though.

No. 305835

I would like to lose weight but I also found that I can easily eat the same amount of calories on a fasting day as if I was not fasting and it sort of defeats the purpose. Also the lack of energy on the fasting days is killing me, I'm like a zombie. Thinking about doing a low carb diet now

No. 305954

An introduction to Adrienne's 30-day yoga journey and an article on how to do it if you are pregnant. Let's start the year in a good mood my lovely nonnies.


No. 305998

File: 1672622709093.jpeg (19.35 KB, 612x408, greens.jpeg)

Eat less processed food and more fresh vegetables. I don't need to lose weight but I do need to get stronger. I really want to have more energy and lower inflammation/pain.
>How I'll do it
Finding easy dependable recipes to rotate, committing to a block of pilates exercise classes regularly. walking and cycling more. taking regular computer breaks to stretch.
>How to hold myself accountable
I will check back here regularly. Also I paid for the classes up front so I will be more motivated to get my money's worth. I have set strength goals for myself (I have joint issues so they are very "gentle" goals to most but a big challenge for me.) Food-wise I am going to track in cronometer to see how balanced my meals are.

wondering does anyone here have food sensory issues/autism? I am vegan and I do like healthy foods in general but I am still fussy with them and can get very easily put off a certain food if it "betrays" me (has an unexpectedly mushy texture or weird taste). I'm really trying to eat more vegetables and fruit but find the texture so offensive sometimes. The only safe ones are potatoes, peppers, peas and onions for me right now, which is very limited. Processed foods and carbs are more consistent unfortunately. I wish I wasn't like this.

No. 306022

I hate daily weight fluctuations. Mine are as drastic as 7 pounds.
I eat veg n I cut down on red meat. Is there anything I can do to reduce the bloating?

No. 306029

can anyone with POTS/high heart rate tell me which exercises work for you? i really want to have a workout routine bc i think it's a good mental health outlet but my heart rate spikes like crazy if i do anything more intense than yoga and it freaks me out lmao

No. 306062

Also anon have you had any blood work done. Could be something there that is affecting your energy levels?

No. 306076

File: 1672685912557.jpg (8.03 KB, 275x275, 1658344082077.jpg)

did several months ago and I corrected an iron, zinc, and D deficiency. I wish the doctor tested for more deficiencies!

anyway, well, if it means anything, yesterday was probably one of the best days I've had in months. I felt almost…refreshed? Moving slowly, keeping the lights on the entire day, slamming down sea salt, and eating extremely simply seems to help. I'll have to test it though.

No. 306097

really proud of myself for losing 50 lbs and getting out of an obese bmi last year. my goal now is to lose some more weight and not be overweight anymore, so i can maintain a normal bmi & work on being toned and fit

No. 306246

i don't understand nutrition at all and it's really hit me like a brick now that i'm trying to do things "properly" for the first time. I'm 175cm/5'9 and 53kg. I'm using a privacy focused meal logging app to help me gauge what my habits are like and how i can improve them; i allowed it to automatically generate a "calorie budget" (you cannot run the stupid app without a budget/goal) and it wants me to eat 1300kcal a day but that feels absurd?! i feel like i'd be starving if i only ate that much - maybe because i don't eat animal products except eggs? i've only been logging my meals for 2 days now and it looks like i average at least 1800.

i'm not trying to lose weight, but i'm trying to improve my diet as i spent like 2 years post-covid in a restrictive living situation where i was rarely able to cook. i want to make sure i'm getting enough protein and iron and that my decisions are informed. i'm into yoga and running and i feel like adjusting my approach to "restrict" would be generally detrimental. is my approach wrong?

sorry for rambling - most of my close friends have issues with disordered eating but i still wanted to air these thoughts

No. 306250

File: 1672788622381.png (Spoiler Image,858.68 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230103-232417.png)

Chika anon here, I hope this is okay, have any other nonnas gone from having quite a lot of tummy to less, and then have gone through the stage where the rest of your body is toning up before your stomach? I have these stretch marks that are only obvious in light like this, and I'm noticing they're less obvious than before but that for now until I get a little tighter in the lower region, I look like this. Trying to not lose motivation and also trying to remind myself that this is okay and that I looked like cottage cheese here two stone before though. I want to keep motivated.

I have stretch marks elsewhere but I always, always notice these and the changing texture of my tummy first.

No. 306255

1800 sounds like a reasonable amount to maintain at. I’m underweight af and maintain on more than 1300 without exercising more than the occasional 30 minute walk in the neighborhood so if you’re not trying to lose weight then 1300 is definitely too low.

No. 306256

1800 for 5'9" is still very low unless you have literally zero activity and you sit all the time.

No. 306258

I plugged your numbers into a calculator and I suspect you are looking at your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate = number of calories your body uses just staying alive, pumping your blood and breathing, that sort of thing.).

Look on the app for your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure*). Should be like 1650 if you spend most of your day sitting, 1800-1900 if you are slightly active, and over 2000 if you actually do workouts or sports often.

No. 306262

File: 1672804126558.jpg (21.94 KB, 236x415, 2394721491.jpg)

For the new year, one thing I wanted to work on was eating less processed/packaged food (protein bars, skinny pop, basically whatever I can get at a convenience store that fits my macros), I want to get into meal prepping but it seems really overwhelming, I want to eat more veggies and lean proteins, like those pretty plates you see on fitness instagrams, where should I start? Is there a website or app that can give me a shopping list for the week?

No. 306268

>like those pretty plates you see on fitness instagrams
Man, anon, come the fuck on. Just fucking eat food that tastes good, not "looks amazing". Meal prepping isn't even that hard, it's called "come up with 3+ meals, go to the grocery store, buy the ingredients, and use them when you need to." I just made fuckin' egg-fried rice tonight 'cause I had eggs leftover from when I baked cookies. You can use ingredients from one thing and cook them into another. Ex. buy two sweet potatoes, salmon and sweet potato one night, then a different meal to mix things up, then chicken + other sweet potato. I have a small stomach, so those "protein + veg" meals usually carry over to lunch the next day. Honestly, don't even worry about meal prepping and fitness instagram foods and shit. Chances are they're made by idiots who don't care how the food tastes, just that it's healthy and "looks good." Care more about the quality of your ingredients.

No. 306271

I thought this too and I did meal prepping for a short period but what I found was that eating 4-5 day old food made me literally gag. Some people seem to love it though? Idk.

No. 306294

thanks nonas, i appreciate the info

No. 306325

does anyone have any advice for someone who wants to start eating fish but has been vegan for years, ie. favourite healthy ways to cook/prepare it? I grew up pescetarian but cut out fish before I even started cooking for myself and the idea of it is uncomfortable, I don't even know where to start

No. 306424

Posting for accountability here. I had recovered from my ED pre-pandemic and was finally at a healthy weight but when the pandemic hit, I slid the opposite direction and started binge eating and gained a lot of weight because of that. Right now, I'm trying to lose that weight and be more fit and active and it's honestly a bit of a struggle doing that without becoming an ana-chan again (and staying clean from drugs as well). I might use this thread to chronicle my progress like the others, hope I make it!

No. 306425

Any tips for an intermittent fasting first timer? I'm doing 14:10 (10 hour eating window) in order to deal with chronic bloating and drop some weight. I've only been doing it for 5 days so far but my stomach has never felt better, however how soon can I expect to see weight loss? (I'm 5'4 and maybe like 118lbs)

No. 306451

You’re already the ideal weight though.
Anyway… depends on what you’re eating.

No. 306452

I would start with pan cooked scallops. Also try a light broth soup with ginger and miso and pieces of pan-seared fish (salmon or something not too flaky).

No. 306472

Never if you aren't actually eating less.

No. 306554

SW: 135
CW: 125
GW: 110

i actually am into bodybuilding, but i want to get leaner so my results show more. i'd like to get even more visible abs and for my waist to go from 27 inches to 25. i don't mind my weight as much, i just want to be leaner and more muscular but id like to think being 110lbs will look good on me too, unless i get a ton of dense muscle. it's hard for me to eat enough protein because i eat so much junk, when i complete a cut cycle i accidentally ruin it by eating how id id before

No. 306575

I'm the anon from before, and I think you guys are right, meal prepping is probably overhyped and just cooking meals when I can is probably a great step for me in and of itself, I just legitimately haven't eaten "real" homecooked food in years so I didn't know what I was talking about.

No. 306583

I’m 3 days in to Intermittent Fasting 16:8. My psychiatrist recommended it to help lose weight and stop my late night binges.
I’m finding these first few days ok. I do get the late night hunger pains but I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier and ignore it. I’m feeling tired during the day but I’m sure that’s from this drastic change in diet and hopefully will adjust soon? Good luck nona we can do this. :)

No. 306619

I lost weight, got fit, but I now have the body of Andressa Soares

No. 306625

You can buy salmon that's been cut into filets. Then put a filet on a piece of aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil, add salt and pepper and a slice of lemon. Cover the salmon with the sides of the foil, it should be completely covered so it doesn't dry out in the oven.
Put into a pre-heated oven (200 Celcius/~400 Farenheit) and cook for about 20 minutes. To check if it's ready, open the foil and see if it flakes easily with a fork.

No. 306637

is this meant to be a bad thing or…? kek

No. 306641

File: 1673033439988.png (691.15 KB, 580x684, 3.png)

Meaning you can be slim but still boxy as heck with a large waist and huge legs.

No. 306647

She looks good body-wise

No. 306659

boxy? large waist? anaon get your eyes checked. she's thick but not box.

No. 306867

File: 1673137024830.jpeg (153.18 KB, 828x834, 39E03D91-893E-487E-B174-811481…)

Nonnas its me! I am back to proudly announce I am down 51 lbs in 6 months. I will keep going and prepare my self for my hottest summer yet! I just might lose 100 pounds in 12 months.
Tonight im eating a fat kid meal, but thats because Im getting over the flu and i feel very weak… hoping the surplus of will help me get out of bed soon. (A surplus compared to 1300 cals a day)
The other day i thrifted a MEDIUM sweater and wow… life changing nonnas.

No. 306869

File: 1673137968845.gif (739.61 KB, 275x250, 1611444373525.gif)

Way to fuckin go!!

No. 306870

Thank you ! love you!

No. 306876

thanks for the support nona!! I'm finding the late night hunger easier to manage as long as I have a peppermint tea handy kek

No. 306902

File: 1673152284598.jpg (63.82 KB, 500x440, 1666108870493211.jpg)

I'll throw down some advice for you as I've done meal prepping for a few years now.
I'm a nurse who normally works AM & PM shifts with fortnightly night/on-call weekends.

1. Figure out what you want to improve on most
-More veg? More protein? Less starchy carbs? Lower cal portions? More fiber?

2. What is it about cooking that you don't enjoy? Be honest with yourself
-waste of time, to tired from work, irregular shift work, don't enjoy cooking, don't like the clean up aspect.

3. Accept that there will always be a component of your meal you need to make fresh.
-Would you prefer to cook a steak whilst knowing you have vegetable soup & kale/coleslaw ready to go in the fridge
-Prep crunchy salad items and reheat slow-cooked chipotle beef

4. Less moisture = less slime
-You'll be prepping things 'whole' until time of your meal. Tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, capsicum etc. I divide my vegetables in to separate 'meal' containers so I keep all my 'calories' for the day together.

5. Accept that you will eat out or get take-away at some point.
-Reflect on your choice and does it stem from a positive, neutral or negative place. i.e Celebrating a event, limited time between shifts & you just want to go home to sleep asap or I can't be bothered to.

6. Accept that meal prepping may not be for you and there are plenty of excellent meal services to try. I did MyMuscleChef for 6 months during a really stressful period because I didn't have the brain space to do anything with food and I knew that I would turn to take-away & binging on junk food.

7. https://www.eatthismuch.com/
Great website that does meal planning for you if your happy to be given recipes to cook and enjoy cooking. The youtube site goes into better detail about meal prep problems and I've found a lot of good recipes from them

No. 307020

I’m a recovering Ana-Chan and I’ve been working on muscle strength, but I messed up my metabolism really bad. It was at 14 and I’m 21 now, but I gained a lot of weight during the recovery. I’m 5’8 and 154 now, opposed to the Ana-Chan days of 80 pounds.

I lift weights every other day to gain back lost muscle, full body, but whenever I eat it seems to just go straight to my belly and I look pregnant. I’m not overweight by any means, it’s only my stomach. And I am gaining muscle bc I’m stronger, but how do I get rid of the stomach fat?

No. 307023

I don't know anything about building back lost muscle (never had that problem) but to get your core tighter you could add an aerobic exercise (running, swimming, biking, sports, with emphasis on form). Pick something you enjoy that adds pleasure to your life, don't want get into anachan mindset about it.
I wish rollerblading would get trendy again, I need more roller rinks lol

No. 307024

(samefag replying again) oh and just in case you haven't fully integrated it into your reality during recovery: it is normal for your belly to become larger after eating. that's just the food.

ironically only thin people even notice their stomach growing after a meal lol

No. 307028

I have some too because I gave birth 2 years ago maybe dermarolling will work? Thered also tattoo artists that will color over your stretch marks the color of your skin, i havent looked into it because that sounds expensive, I wanna try it after i lose some more weight. Yours don't look that bad BTW, if you can only see them in super bright lighting, they're probably fine.

No. 307061

I really don't like exercise, I signed up to the gym and went a few times and really didn't like it. I like walking and hiking I suppose.
Anyway, question is, how can I lose weight effectively on a diet without exercise? I don't mind calorie deficiencies but im very sensitive to lack of food, vegan diets, shake diets etc. I get very panicky and moody. How can I lose weight via food with exercise being limited to walking half an hour a day? Sorry if this is a toxic question, im just trying to be realistic to myself.

No. 307065

You don't need exercise to lose weight, and you don't need to cut out any foods. All you need for weight loss is a calorie deficit. Calculate your TDEE, see how many calories you need to cut for weight loss (I find 200-300 the most sustainable, albeit slow) and track your calories.

No. 307067

Do body weight exercises in your room nonna its better to include some form of exercise so your muscles grow and can start speeding up your metabolism. If you do only a calorie deficit you’re just gonna be skinnyfat and your body will have a hard time having a stable metabolic rate to go with it after you plateau. Even if you aren’t doing intense workouts, some situps in your bedroom can make you lose weight like crazy if you keep a good high heart rate.

No. 307080

Eat a lot of protein and fat, like animal fat, not seed oils. Like fatty cuts of meat. And reduce carbs. That will keep you satiated and the lack of carbs means less insulin which means less fat storaging.

No. 307104

File: 1673279799590.png (489.66 KB, 1319x728, Untitled.png)

I hate the gym too maybe you can try something like this while watching movies or shows

No. 307254

it's electrolytes if you are having headache 100%.

i used to get stock/boullion cubes to put in hot water to drink when this would happen. having a bunch of salt will stop the headache (warning it can also cause you to have to poop)

No. 307260

File: 1673356633367.png (Spoiler Image,936.15 KB, 804x552, 2.png)

Something different, I'm no longer anorexic and feel better 79 lbs up to 130

No. 307263

YESSSSSSSS HONEY BEE! Way to go! Besides the physical change, hows your mental change? (If you want to) it would be great to hear the benefits emotionally and physically you are finding at a healthier weight!
Im so happy for you!

No. 307281

Congrats on the recovery but posting skelly to recovered pictures is cow lite behavior nonna. Delete your old body checks if you really want to be free.

No. 307290

Nta but shes allowed to celebrate her gains just as much as the obese to healthy before/afters. Shes not body checking; shes sharing her success.

No. 307296

She's not bodychecking now no, but she's posting old bodychecks. It's common knowledge in ED circles not to post old bodycheck no matter the context.

No. 307303

There's nothing wrong with her posting her before and after.
>It's common knowledge in ED circles
Too bad this isn't an ED circle and it's a spoilered photo. If some ana-chan gets triggered by it then that's on them, don't be such a crab in a bucket.

No. 307307

I don't care about other anas getting triggered. Whatever man, it's not healthy.

No. 307477

Nonnie, just wanted to say that your squat described was super useful! Especially the part about toes and doing the chair pose! Thank you!

No. 307520

How's 2023 treating you all? I finally dropped below 55kg after being stuck in the 56 - 57 range for months. Seeing that number appear on the scales has motivated me so much. My goal is to get just under 54kg, and now that I've finally hit a stride of consistency with my diet it seems achievable. GOOD LUCK to all you beautiful ladies, whatever your fitness goals are. It's going to be a great year!

No. 307629

Nonnas. What am I doing wrong, enlighten me please. I've been stuck at 60 kgs for a half year now and am unable to go below that. I've started making greater efforts recently and still the scale shows the same weight.

I've been doing intermittent fasting for a month, in the first two weeks only fasting every second day for 16 hours, then transitioned to fasting every single day for 16 hours. My hope was that leaving breakfast completely (I used to have slices of bread with salami, cheese and cucumber on them with coffee, now I only have a cup of black tea) would be enough calorie deficit to drop at least 0.5 kgs in a month but no.

For exercise, I usually walk every other day for an hour, which burns around 150-200 calories if my pedometer app is to be believed. I also do high interval training but because my stamina is shit, I can only do 5-10 minute sessions a few times a week.

Other then not having breakfast, I haven't really changed my diet, but it wasn't that bad to begin with, I don't snack at all, don't like chips or most sweets and don't drink fruit juices or sodas at all. I do sometimes have cravings for chocolate and drink beer a couple times a week but within the non-fasting timeframe.

Am I simply not doing enough? Should I exercise more and for a longer time? Or could my birth control causing me not to lose weight?

No. 307630

To clarify, my goal weight would be around 55-56 kgs

No. 307635

Calculate your TDEE, then count how much you eat. Probably you don't eat in deficit. Not counting calories works for some people (it does for me), but some people just can't eat under maintenance that way. If you don't want to count calories anyway, try OMAD or reducing carbs and processed foods in your diet. Probably you eat a lot of ready-made shit or cook with shit ton of carbs and fats.
Try eating boiled or raw vegetables, salads without ridiculous dressings and simply cooked lean meat.

No. 307638

Ditch the beer

No. 307641

Walking does not burn that many calories and a few beers a week can absolutely put you at maintenance instead of a deficit. I would count calories and religiously track everything for a month, just to figure out where you're going wrong. Then slowly transition to intuitive eating. Also, IF won't magically make you lose weight if you eat/drink too much during the eating window.

No. 307642

samefag, count oils and butter when cooking, dressings, toppings, coffee creamer, everything.

No. 307673

How do I lose weight while still drinking a lot of alcohol semi-daily?
inb4 you should stop drinking, I know I have a drinking problem that should be addressed (I'm functional though) but I'm currently just not equipped to actually fix this. Pretty ashamed of it but that's the situation rn.
So obviously I realize that I should avoid high calorie drinks like beer in favor of more low calorie booze, but is there anything I should keep in mind beyond that? I'm at a healthy weight now but just want to lose 10 pounds or so.

No. 307686

Eat less…

No. 307690

Anon no, dieting and drinking is the worst combination ever. Don't start a diet until you get your drinking under control.

No. 307692

Obviously you should try to fix the drinking as soon as possible, but instead of losing weight, I think it'd be better to focus on staying healthy, as in getting all your nutrients and stuff and exercising, maybe there are healthy foods that will help you control the craving for alcohol.

No. 307693

your priorities are so skewed kek. If you manage to actually kick your drinking problem those 10 pounds will come right off, speaking from experience. Vodka will be lower calorie than beer but may also raise your tolerance and cause you to consume even more alcohol than you are right now

No. 307697

Nona please don't drink and diet. You need plenty of healthy food to counter the harsher effects from alcohol. If you want to lose weight without altering your food intake, focus on foods that will fill you up and keep you feeling full throughout the day. High fiber foods like oats and veggies are great for this (veggies have a high water content too!) Fermented foods like miso and sauerkraut are also good for liver health and usually have lots of micronutrients, so they'll support your liver while it's detoxing for you. Please just stay safe nona.

No. 307702

Yeah I know you're right and fixing the drinking should be a higher priority, but it also feels way more difficult than losing a few pounds so I figured there was no harm in trying to achieve the "easier" goal while working on a way to kick the drinking. Alcohol has been my main coping mechanism in dealing with some pretty bad social and general anxiety for years, so I'm hoping that once I'm able to start therapy for that I'll have an easier time going without. I'm also hoping that maybe once I lose a little weight and gain a little muscle tone that'll help motivate me to drink less in order to not ruin my progress.

Thank you both for the advice, I'll focus on my health and make sure to eat plenty of fiber. I also didn't know fermented foods were beneficial to liver health so I'll definitely make miso soup a staple.

No. 307703

File: 1673644055425.gif (79.5 KB, 423x300, 3007051f37f78e05003dfc027c148e…)

Does anyone want to keep each other accountable for like a week or two? 1200 calories and maybe like 30 min/1 hour of exercise? I've been comfort eating out of sadness and looking like a bloated mess isn't exactly helping my mood. If not I'll do it alone and update.

Cute drawing, literally how I feel right now.

No. 307704

Miso soup is so good! I pad mine out by cooking oats or rice in the dashi stock and sprinkle the soup with nori or furikake after I dissolve the miso, works well for whenh I want a full meal instead of a separate soup and supper. Super excited to hear about your healthy adventures nona!

No. 307705

Any advice on how to ditch junk food? For some time I worked a very physically active job, and even if I lost some weight this way, I ate pizza, lasagna and all sort of pastries every day. Now it really hard for me to stick to clean eating. I enjoy eating more vegs, lean meat and healthy fats but I regularly crave all sort of junk. Guess it's all the fatty stuff cause I'm crazy about cheese and fatty meat.

No. 307710

Set aside one night a week/fortnight and make the cheesy meaty meal of your dreams. You don't have to cut out junk food entirely, just cut down on it and indulge every now and then so you aren't focused on cravings.

No. 307717

I don't know how healthy this method is but I just work the junk food calories into my overall daily calorie goal. Usually that means no snacks/breakfast or a small dinner.

No. 307785

There is never going to be the perfect time to ditch an addiction. It will always be hard, and if you wait until you "feel" ready you will be waiting for eternity.

No. 307844

Fatty meats arent unhealthy, the female body needs fats to produce hormones. Hormones are made with cholesterol. No wonder you struggle with binging on unhealthy fast food as a result, add fatty cuts back into your diet.

The lean fat free diet being healthy is a reminant fron the 70's and has been debunked over and over again. You dont get fat fron eating fat, fat keeps you satiated. Seed oils are unhealthy, fat is not.

No. 307866

I've finally figured out one of my major barriers to losing weight is stress/emotional eating. I was losing weight consistently for months, but right now there's a few constant stressors in my life and I find it so hard not to overeat. I don't keep junk food around, but i'll even stress eat an apple. Which is to say, I'm no longer gaining weight while I'm stressed, but no longer losing weight. Do nonnie's have any advice?

No. 307905

NTA but I'm looking to cut out seed oils - would lard be a better alternative to this? I've read that it's actually healthier than vegetable oils/seed oils etc. It also seems to be a lot cheaper and it's just straight up animal fat. I don't know where lard gets its bad reputation from either.

No. 307913

Modern lard has usually been highly processed as well, not ideal. If you can get pure, raw fat and render it yourself, thats ok. But be aware that pork is usually fed very poorly and so its fat is usually of poor quality as well, so unless you know the pigs have had a good life i'd stick to ruminant fat.

But eating whole fatty cuts like entrecôte and lamb chops, fatty fish etc is best.

No. 307968

Lost about ~35 lbs since middle of August til now. Been on Ozempic/Monjaro (prediabetic) except for about a month due to issues w insurance/supply chain. Also for about has long been going to the gym 2-3 times a week w 2 times being w a personal trainer. I basically have no appetite so I try to force myself to drink a protein shake mixed w yogurt/fruits, fish. Anyone else taking anti diabetic medication wanna share their experiences? Or have questions

No. 307993

Absolutely. They are my favourite brand of sneakers

No. 308118


Reporting in at 59kg but in need of advice: I'm feeling in a slump after a month of being sick and away from gym and my lower stomach (fupa) feels flabby, how can I get myself back on track after Christmas? Cheers nonnies, I'm desperate!

No. 308123

Extra virgin olive oil is probably the healthiest option

No. 308138


I may look into derma rolling, thank you nonna, for a while when nobody replied I felt guilty I had posted a photo so thank you, they looked worse when I was bigger so they might look less the more I lose.

No. 308161

Nonnies, recommend women youtubers who do upper body/arm strength videos? I can't stand the ass obsession and I'd prefer to be inspired by a woman than follow along with men workout videos.

No. 308191

Does anyone have experience losing weight while breastfeeding? I gained 70 lbs while pregnant (I had a pre-eclampsia and retained a ton of water idk how much) I lost 40 lbs in 2 months but now I’m plateaued. I have 30 more lbs to lose before I hit my pre-pregnancy weight but I’m breastfeeding. Every time I start cutting my intake at all my supply starts dropping.. the only way I can maintain it is by eating 2-3 meals a day. I am consuming at maintenance and do weight lifting 2-3x a week and cardio 1-2x. I can tell my body is recomping a lot as well because I’m definitely losing fat and gaining muscle but at my lower weight I was all muscle… and I’m not losing weight. Any advice?

No. 308201

Congrats nonna! What's your diet/workout routine?

No. 308204

File: 1673855619909.jpeg (70.63 KB, 933x621, 1606325689468.jpeg)

As a vegetarian, should I be taking B6 or B12 supplements year round? I take vitamin D in Winter and try to get my minerals from food and drinks. When I try to search for information on that I get vague ad ridden articles. And while on the subjects of supplements, does anyone have any experience with iodine? I know it's a meme among fitfags but I saw it recommended to vegetarians as well.

No. 308205

Idk about B6 (not educated on that), but I would definitely say take B12. I'm an ex-vegetarian who took no supplements like B12 and iron and I feel as if my memory has really suffered because of it.

No. 308216

What was your highest weight and how did you start going about losing it?

No. 308247

agreed with the other anon, take some B12 for sure. I had a massive deficiency a year ago that left me with some nerve damage (severe anemia apparently affects your nerves after a while; I learned that the hard way) and I'm still having to take prescribed supplements to return to recommended levels. I thought I'd be fine since I eat lots of eggs and my also vegetarian parents have no issues.
I'd also recommend taking iron when you're on your period, especially if you have a heavy flow (doctor told me not to take it daily since unlike vitamins minerals your body doesn't use will accumulate and possibly damage your liver).

No. 309689

I’m reading a book (sadly not available in English) where the author argues the reason for an increase in obesity, auto-immune disorders and a lot of other health related issues in this day and age is due to eating too often and eating too much ultra-processed food, which negatively impacts our gut microbiome. It has inspired me to reattempt intermittent fasting and I’m excited to sperg about it. I’m currently feeling it out, trying to find a pattern that works best for me. I’ve done OMAD for the past few days and taking note of how I feel.

I already enjoy cooking and I make most of my meals from scratch, but I indulge way too often in chips, chocolate, cookies and so on, and have been guilty of constantly gracing on food. My goal is to lose a bit of fat that I gained during xmas season, but I’m also exited about the health benefits of fasting. I’m within the healthy BMI range, so I’m trying not to obsess too much over counting calories and micro/macro nutrients yet, but I make sure that when I break fast I eat enough and try to include a lot of fiber and also fat to stay satiated longer. I have a sedentary job and only do light exercise, but I might pay more attention to nutritional value if I decide to increase my work-out intensity. So far I’ve noticed I have more energy and initiative, I feel happier and calmer, I’ve slept better for the past few days, and I also have some low grade rosacea which interestingly seems to improve during fasting. It’s also a perk that I can buy less food and instead focus more on the quality of ingredients. And I used to spend a lot of mental capacity on thinking about what to eat all the time. I’m trying to not be too strict with myself and turn fasting into another pattern of obsessive thinking, and in the end it might be that OMAD is not for me, but it’s an interesting experiment. Whether I'll stick with it or not, I definitely think it’s a good rule to utilize your sleep time as a way of fasting, so for instance not eating between 6pm and 6am = 12 hour fast. Even if it’s not long enough to make your body eat it’s own fat reserves, it’s healthy for your gut to catch a break from cleaning out food, and there’s been research that shows eating in the late hours can make you burn less calories and feel more hungry.

The only disadvantage to fasting I’ve noticed so far is that I get very sleepy once I eat (I usually break fast around dinner), but that was also the case when I ate “normally”. I’ll try to pay attention to see if there are any particular foods that make me more sleepy than others, but at the end of the day I wanna keep my diet as varied as possible, just cutting out ultra-processed food as much as I can. Sorry for the long blog-post! If any other anons have experience with intermittent fasting/OMAD I'm excited to hear about your experiences and what your thoughts on it are.

No. 309710

File: 1674236457496.jpg (15.53 KB, 392x491, 41jCAJH46AL._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

Gym day was awesome I feel so motivated. I'm conflicted on whether I should go more than twice a week.. I'm on this machine's weightloss program for about 30 minutes, pushing as hard as I can. It usually says I did around 4,2 kilometres at the end (2,6 miles?). Not sure if I'm doing too little. I occasionally do weights on my legs too but I'm more into getting the heart pumping.

No. 309716

Nonnies I need some help! I recently gained a LOT of weight. I never weighed this much before. I want to blame it on starting two different antipsychotics that slow metabolism, and also 8 months ago starting a desk job from home. Before the desk job, I don't drive so I'd walk literally everywhere. Now I have no reason to leave the house.. I started seeing a nutritionist because I was terrified of the sudden weight gain. She basically said "just walk 20 minutes a day and you'll drop weight." I'm kind of annoyed because she didn't give me much advice, she said she's more focused on how I feel and the vitamins I'm taking in and not my weight. Well bitch I'm focused on my weight. I have bad joints cause I have EDS,but I do enjoy elliptical and weights and those are low impact for me. Basically my question is, is 20 minutes a day really all that is needed to drop sudden weight gain from inactivity? I'm a super busy person, I work full time, I write books, and I have a decently popular online shop as well. Thanks for any advice!!

No. 309719

Drop that nutritionist and fine yourself one who will give you an eating plan. No, 20 minutes a day will do very little for you and you're likely going to eat back those calories. You need to start with your diet, it's 80% of the work when it comes to losing weight.

No. 309738

I have some questions! How did you go about getting prescribed? And have you had any negative side effects?

No. 310112

Since you said this I immediately went to a dietician in a different clinic who had an opening, she made a meal plan for me and it's high protein, she gave me tabs to test my urine to see if I go into ketosis this week, sticking to this plan and am hopeful!!! That last doctor was not for me… Idk how you can be a nutritionist and say sudden rapid weight gain is not a problem.

No. 310115

I ballooned several dozen pounds during lockdown (140-ish to 180) and I really want to lose it but I'm kind of at a loss how I should go about it. I have a long history of eating disorders and calorie counting makes me feel like I'm anachan larping again. My LDR is coming to visit me this summer and I want to be in better shape when I meet her but nothing works long term, even imagining her looking at me with a disgusted face. Anyone know what can give me a push forward?

No. 310140

I made a post about intermittent fasting a couple of days ago, or time-restricted eating, but would like to recommend it again. I think if you are prone to disordered eating there is always an inherent risk to any “diet”, fasting included, but fasting has also helped a lot of over-weight people and there are many documented health benefits to fasting. I have tried intermittent fasting in the past, but was simultaneously restricting calories and it made me feel weak and depressed. I recently wanted to try it again and I’m in a better state of mind now. I don’t count calories at all, but limit my eating window and focus on the quality of the food. I eat protein, fat and lots of fiber, and make sure to eat until I’m happy and satisfied. I think of time-restricted eating in terms of a lifestyle change and not dieting. The main benefit to me is reduced cravings. Fasting took me out of the brain fog you can get when you have constant glucose in your blood (as I’ve understood). I had no idea how much of my mood issues was related to eating too frequently. I personally have issues with self-control and eating several moderate sized meals a day and staying within a caloric budget was always stressful to me and ironically, eating too often can give you more cravings and unstable blood sugar levels contrary to popular belief.

Time-restricted eating can lower your risk of chronic low-grade inflammation, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Some believe it’s a more “natural” way of eating. If you think about it food hasn’t been so freely available to humans for most of history. You don’t need to do hardcore fasting like 18:6 or OMAD to benefit from it. If you skip your evening meal and breakfast, you will already benefit from it health-wise, and it might also help you with losing weight. Good luck with your weight loss!

No. 310141

Damn anon, nice work being so proactive! Good luck with the next few months, I'm sure you'll be able to get back to a weight you're comfortable with if you're this motivated.

No. 310152

File: 1674576406895.gif (52.11 KB, 122x153, butterflies.gif)

I've lost ~5 pounds so far! I still have a long way to go but I'm just happy that what I'm doing works.

No. 310174

I would suggest going to a nutritionist who specializes in EDs and talking to a therapist if possible. It's not something you should navigate on your own IMO. I'm sure you are aware how quickly it can spiral out of control.
I know different things work for different people, but 1) the science on the benefits of fasting is not concrete, right now it's just a bunch of theories with some results but no definitive proof and 2) recommending fasting and skipping meals to a former anachan is dangerous and stupid.

No. 310187

Nta , but as a woman recovering and working with an ED specialized nutritionist, I can confirm its the way to go. Ive been taught to eat more often- smaller amounts-. Im the anon who posted the plan in Oct. Down 58 lbs and going without starving. You gotta rev your metabolism, not let it run on fumes.

No. 310215

How do I deal with just not enjoying food? I'm a bit overweight because I tend to reach for junk out of convenience and because it's semi tolerable to me. I've tried keeping junk out of the house but then my brain just goes "starve :)" because I get nauseous when I force myself to eat something I'm not specifically in the mood for. It also doesn't help that most food textures gross me out even if it's something that tastes good. I tried drinking more protein drinks but I got so sick of them.

No. 310246

This is something I've heard in therapy for my ED so it might not apply perfectly but you could give it a shot. Food is supposed to give you nourishment and provide your body with everything it needs. It should facilitate a healthy life, but it shouldn't be the main focus. You should view it as "fuel" first, and be okay with eating meals that are good for you, but you don't enjoy them. Regular people often eat what they don't like and they don't make a fuss about it. Basically, suck it up, not every meal has to be great, sometimes you just need to get calories in.

No. 310317

I am not losing weight and it's making me very upset but I can deadlift 65lbs now so that's something. I remember just a few months ago when I struggled with 35lbs and my grip would give out easily but now 35lbs feels like nothing.

No. 310388

what's your daily protein intake

No. 310438

File: 1674797675178.gif (1.08 MB, 358x360, 1642321446848.gif)

I've been a lazy NEET who never worked out in my life until 3 months ago. I do it 3 times a week, and I can see abs forming and my lower body looks tight and kind of defined for the first time ever. Not trying to brag, I'm just surprised that I could achieve that without going to the gym, just my treadmill, hand weights and Youtube videos. I'm so happy to not be embarrassed and skinnyfat anymore. I feel so good after a workout, soaked in sweat then having a nice shower. Appearance aside, using your body feels really good, it just feels right.

Besides laziness, what made me unmotivated to work out before was seeing that the average gym goer still doesn't really look "in shape". I see people online, and people I know in real life, always going to the gym with all the cool machines, hiking, running. These people made me think that you had to be like those perfectionist fitness people to reach a good shape. I don't know what the hell they're doing when they're working out for years and their butt still looks like a pudding?

No. 310439

Tell me the videos you are watching, I can't afford going to the gym and if I could I would never want to work out in the gym near me with all those muslim scrotes.
Did you change the way you eat? Also, it's good that you are proud of yourself, keep that up.

No. 310441

growingannanas on Youtube is my queen, I usually do vid rel with 9 lb weights but her other videos are great too. On the treadmill I don't jog, but sprint. I quit calorie counting and just eat high protein foods so I stay full. Very little carbs. At this point eating bread and pizza and stuff just makes me feel heavy and tired the next day, so its not worth it. And pre-workout powder helps so much even though it makes my hands itchy. Thanks for the encouragement.

Indeed nonny if gyms were scrote-free, I'd go too.

No. 310448

Would it be weird to go to the gym just for using the elliptical trainer for an hour? My goal is weight loss

No. 310459

No, because that's why they have elliptical trainers for. And you will slowly start to want to do more stuff than just that, you could stretch for a few minutes before jumping on the elliptical trainer as well, then you could do some light yoga and such. Honestly, going to the gym is the best thing ever.

No. 310463

Is protein powder necessary to see results? I used to work out everyday for a month and I never saw any difference.

No. 310472

Is it just me or most TDEE/macro calculators are completely inaccurate? I'm 5 feet, 115 lbs and most of them are telling me to eat around 150g of protein a day. What the actual fuck? There's no way my body would use all of that for muscle building/repair. Bullshit.

No. 310481

Those calculators Are incorrect. I found my accurate results by going in to a weightloss clinic. They weighed me, measured, and then made me lay down with a tube in my mouth and they gaged my breathing for 5 or so minutes before calculating the BMR. It was at least 600 cals off from the online calcs

No. 310484

Damn. So were the online calculators overestimating by 600 calories? If so, that's fucked.

No. 310517

Nonnie a month is absolutely nothing when it comes to working out, most people only start seeing a difference after 3 months.
Protein powder is only necesary if you're having issues reaching 1.6g*kg. I'm lazy as fuck when it comes to cooking so I'd rather drink a shake and write off 40g of protein in 5 minutes instead of worrying about all my meals' macros.

No. 310565

File: 1674924284738.jpeg (74.24 KB, 484x495, 7A26C080-6DFA-4772-9745-B6C258…)

im looking to lose my last 20 lbs., maybe a tiny bit more, within the next three months. i think this is realistic but i want to make sure im doing things right. i’ve definitely been having too much carbs lately and a sugary item once a day, and although im still losing (just slower now) because of my calorie deficit, i do want to save the sugar and simple carbs for special occasions and be more active. i’m short so i really dont eat a lot of calories, but i just want to make sure the calories im eating really count for being good for my body. aside from the sugary item and some carbs, i do tend to eat pretty healthy and primarily plant-based. i cook a lot and rarely snack.

i waitress 3x a week and walk sometimes but id like to start doing 90 minutes of exercise daily so i can be consistent and make it a habit. 30 minutes of yoga, 30 of cardio and 30 of a dedicated workout to an area of my body.

on top of this im going to try more intermittent fasting again, and more veggies. i wonder if i should up my protein intake too?

will these changes give me results? i know this is a stupid question but i want to make sure im making changes i can stick to that will help me with my goal but not discourage me!

more veggies, 90 minutes of exercise daily, and less sugar/simple carbs. oh more tea too.

today is day one of these changes and ill try to remember to update with my progress.

No. 310582

They usually say a good rule of thumb is 2g of protein for each kilogram. So for you it'd be about 104g most.

No. 310587

Definitely not as much as I need. I aim for at least 100g but I think I'll usually get around half of that or so. I usually have a protein shake to get a minimum of 25g, sometimes 2 (one in the morning and one as an after work/pre dinner snack). I'm trying to up it but it just feels hard trying to find easy and consistent ways to integrate it into my diet. I live with family so fridge space is limited and dinner can be finicky so my only easy constants are protein shakes and high protein snacks.

I'm not overweight but I've definitely gained weight over the past several years and I'd just like to lose it and go back to my previous weight.

No. 310595

Any advice for overcoming a plateau? Should i carry on as normal or up my exercise? I'm currently eating at a large deficit and don't want to go under it but i'm wondering if this will shift eventually if i'm consistent and patient.

No. 310600

also going through a plateau - 8 days so far of the exact same weight despite quite a large deficit. starting yesterday I've increased calories to maintenance and upped my fibre + water intake for a couple of days. it can only be water weight so patience is best but I'm not patient unfortunately kek and that same number on the scale is driving me crazy

No. 310601

This is so dumb! Ive lost a lot of weight these past few months and as conceited as this is my butt is SO CUTE AND BOUNCY and its fun to try on old clothes. Its not a scale victory but my buns are CUTE

No. 310618

Just be patient, as long as you are in a deficit you're fine and don't need to change anything.

No. 310647

Lots of people work out really suboptimally. They just go to the gym to be at the gym, they don't try hard where it matters, most don't have a routine or concrete goals.

No. 310746

File: 1675065739519.gif (33.26 KB, 220x250, bugs-bunny-wiggling.gif)

Get active, get myself moving everyday, force myself to be productive, maybe eventually recover my strength to where it was when I did ballet
bodyweight exercise app + 20 minutes of yoga every day
>current state
Recovering anachan with an extremely sedentary lifestyle that's draining every bit of energy and motivation out of me. I just want to build strength and not feel like shit. Today I did a short upper body circuit and deep stretch yoga. Turns out I can't do a single pushup of any kind kek. I'm a lot weaker than I thought, I'm usually the one hauling groceries and lifting heavy stuff around the house so I assumed I had some amount of upper body strength but I guess not.

No. 310747

Any ex-amberlynn chans have advice on how to drop the first lot of really heavy weight?

No. 310749

At that weight dropping snacks, eliminating soda or making your portions smaller will make you lose weight. Any little change matters. But you should calculate your bmr/tdee to see how many calories you burn for maintenance and how many you're supposed to eat for weightloss.

No. 310845

I’ve been fasting, like 24hours at least once every 2 weeks sometimes I do 48hr ones but oh my lord I’ve already lost 3lbs, I’ve been working out but it hasn’t done anything cause I eat a lot. It’s only been a month im 15 lbs overweight. It’s all downhill from here, I hope, what do anons think about zoeunlimited?