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No. 317231

For anything skincare related.

Previous thread >>>/g/225928

No. 317232

File: 1679045716533.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.88 KB, 795x893, Imagepipe_0.jpg)

Spoiler for ugly pic. I tried tons of sunscreen because my skin is super reactive and I get acne easily. I've finally found a simple routine (moisturizer with spf in the morning, cleansing oil, BHA, face oil in the evening) and have my skin under control. My oily skin loves oils for some reason so I am a ball of shine msot days. Now, my question is: should I try to go for less bumpy skin, smaller pores, less shiny skin, and evened out skintone? Now that's it is okay-ish, I find it hard to gauge if I should stop there or if I should add something for a little boost because I feel like everyone around me has drier skin with more wrinkles but literally zero pores and super smooth and even skin. Nonnies am I falling for the skincare psyops?

No. 317244

>Nonnies am I falling for the skincare psyops?
WTF girl, you are and massively so. Your skin is flawless. For your mental health sake, stop looking at anything skincare related

No. 317246

You’re skin is gorgeous nona. Please stop ot at this and be content

No. 317254

File: 1679058390531.jpg (39.95 KB, 550x550, cec9d8724d64df062d7a605e2084aa…)

I've had a terrible skin picking problem for the past decade and have recently been trying to stop. I went without picking for a few weeks and all was good until I had some acne appear and now I'm sitting here with two big red spots on my face because I couldn't resist the urge to pick. All my progress went down the drain. What can I do to stop these urges once and for all nonnies? I'm feeling real desperate. I don't know how to stop.

No. 317274

Okay thanks both of you, my siblings used to tease me about my strawberry nose and then I got acne so my understanding of what good skin is is a bit wack. I'm starting to feel addiction creeping back as I watch more videos and product reviews, which are basically ads, I should stop now, keep doing my routine every day and enjoy my blemish-free skin.

Can't help but think I have some discoloration around my mouth though

I have/had a big nail picking problem and I guess it is similar. I managed twice to stop for a full year and then it came back more viciously than ever, but every time I manage to stop it gets easier to stop again and for longer time periods. So you didn't lose all your progress and your skin always has the capability to heal. What works for me is 1) using creams so there is not a lot to pick at or that if I do pick it will calm down quickly, so for you it could be having a good routine that can manage your acne when it appears and soothes it when you picked.
2)From my understanding a lot of anxious or compulsive behaviors stem from some kind emotional misregulation and you should treat it as such. So legit using meditation techniques like breath awareness when I feel the urge to pick, sometimes bargaining with myself that I will pick my nails in 10 minutes until my bad mood passes, try to be less stressed in general.

Good luck nonnie

No. 317298

Thank you nonnie. I completely understand the nail problem. It plagued me until a year ago when I stopped abruptly out of shame, because I didn't want a friend I was going to meet to see them like that. The urges to bite have gone away so far and have instead been replaced with disgust at the idea, and I hope it stays that way. I'm just waiting for the shame to set in with my skin picking problem as well, I think that's the only thing that's gonna make me stop for real, that shame of having to go outside after a particularly bad picking episode. But it's so hard, especially when it's the only way I've known how to deal with acne ever. I will try breath awareness, now that I think about it it sounds like a pretty good way to manage it. I'm almost jealous of how clear your skin is, now that one side of my face has cleared up I am showing off scars from years of picking kek.

No. 317301

Since you're already using BHA and a cleansing oil I don't think there's anything you can do to make your pores smaller. Double cleansing perhaps? The "bumpiness" (invisible in the pic btw) could be closed comedones. Literally any product in your routine could cause them if you're prone to clogging (aside from the BHA obviously). My skin can't stand silicones and I can only use heavy moisturizers/oils a few times a week. Double cleansing could potentially help here, but it could just be the way your skin is.

No. 317429

For me it helped getting into skincare. Buying fancy nice products and being excited to try them out. Basically getting something positive related to my skin.

No. 327431

File: 1683803998346.jpg (11.73 KB, 454x340, ec9abf6de6f4a500f9baf294224d01…)

Nonitas i need some help i recently fucked up and used a free plum serum i got and after like a week of use i got this stupid cluster of bumps in the corner of my left lip. Its flesh colored at the moment, and it seems to be under my skin, but its starting to get lightly red. It doesnt feel like a pimple. I stopped using my regular moisturizer and the plum serum. Should i also stop using my facial washes while im at it? Also has anyone experienced this before? Im afraid of it becoming worse

No. 327446

Nonas I’m trying to actively make a proper effort to research skincare and appropriately care for my skin. I’m pretty clueless with it all and feel like I don’t know where to start. Recently tried to figure out my actual skin type and it appears I’m OSPW (oily, pigmented, sensitive, wrinkle-prone) but I’m struggling to find more information about what ingredients could be helpful and what sort of things to avoid. I feel my main issue is being acne-prone (which could well be down to my diet/lifestyle which I am also working on currently) but even more than that I struggle with a lot of scarring and pigmentation from past acne. I feel I get easily overwhelmed with all the options and different information, just wondering if any nonas have any experience or information that may help me, specifically with what sort of ingredients to avoid.

No. 327475

Honestly /r/skincareaddiction's wiki is pretty good to get info on ingredients. I think the most useful for me was to create a super basic routine aka cleanser, moisturizer, sun protection. Introduce products SLOWLY like one product every two weeks AT MOST and one by one to make you're not allergic and it doesn't make your pimples worse. These products are the basic foundation of your routine.
Now for the specifics: I would start learning about the skin barrier as you have sensitive skin.(Typically being oily and wrinkle-prone probably means your skin might be dehydrated.) My advice would be to start with a gentle oil cleanser - my skin is oily and sensitive and acne prone and I feel like finding a good oil cleanser was great because oil dissolves oil, and thus could really clean my face without being irritating or striping. Then I would follow with a niacinamide based moisturizer without fancy bells and whistles. It should hydrate your skin well, make it plump and full looking, rather than shiny, and maybe lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Then, finding a good sunscreen would be key to prevent more pigmentation and scarring. For all those products, try to avoid perfume/fragrance if your skin is sensitive.
After all that you can look into the world of actives to treat your specific issues, but you'll have your foundation of tried and true basics to fall back on if you react badly to the actives, and honestly the basic skincare can go a long long way for quite cheap.

No. 327505

Thank you so much nona! So helpful, I will definitely look into more but you’ve helped me so much in understanding where I can start with the basics! I will continue to do my research and hopefully find much better products for my skin, thank you again!

No. 327778

Hey anons, im really bad at skincare as i've been a tomboy type all my life and only used soap and water lol but now I know its time to do something about my skin, I've started icing it in the mornings and I use a serum to massage my face then end with a moisturizer, is this right? Also, I can't seem to get rid of my acne no matter what, i'm guessing it may be because im on the pill but I have to be on it for medical reasons. But I get blackheads and random little bumpy pimples everywhere and even breakouts on certain days. I use benzac every night at 10% strength but it just doesn't seem to help, I got a blood test and other than some vitamin d needed everything else seems okay. What should I do?

No. 327791

As tomboy (I say this because I don't use make-up at all) I first use a soap for my face (I would suggest you a gel soap, is less abrasive than regular soap), then face toner, gel face and then serum. I took reference from Korean face routine but omitted some steps.

Regardless blackheads, if you're on the pill it shouldn't be common. Are you eating well? If you don't have a sweet tooth like me and stay hydrated, it might be possible. But I would check with your gynecologist if is a problem with the pill itself.

No. 328231

File: 1684082251787.jpg (79.46 KB, 1080x537, darkcircles.jpg)

Is there a way to reduce the hollowness of eyes without stuff like botox? Because a) I'm not willing to spend money every 6 or whatever months to keep up and b) I'm scared of needles and don't want them near my eyes, not to mention the risk of blindness.

I have this kind of hollowness like in picrel, plus some blue/purple sprinkled in there. Makes my face so dull and I hate it

No. 328241

Ice for your skin is horrible and soap isn't the right ph for your face. Being a tomboy has nothing to do with your hygiene which you seem to lack to the point of having severe acne.
Go visit a derm.

No. 328245

Go to r/skincareaddiction and do their beginner routine. Cleanser, moisturizer, sun screen and maybe an active(acid/retinoid) is all you really need. For severe acne go to a derm.
Botox is for preventing muscles from moving so wrinkles can't form. Not for hollowness. Under eye filler is used to fill tear throughs, but it's really dangerous. No one reputable is doing under eye filler anymore. Maybe look into laser treatment for discoloration? There's also fat grafting, but it carries similar risks to injections and it's an actual procedure. I've seen some clinics inject fat but then you run into the risk of blindness again and necrosis.
Makeup is your best bet, someone in the makeup thread linked a tutorial on how to disguise tear throughs.

No. 328309

I always have one big horizontal "wrinkle" on my stomach from sitting down with a bad posture, what can I do about it?

No. 328311

I have that too. I think we need to spend less time sitting down

No. 328315

I work in an office so that's easier said than done…

No. 328320

you can stop nitpicking your body. this has to be the most ridiculous worry about a bodily "flaw" I've read to date.

No. 328321

Oh, I thought filler is the same thing as botox, my bad. Is laser treatment safe tho? Looks like most methods are so unsafe lmao.

I saw that make-up trick, but I usually don't use make-up since I can't bother to get up earlier in the morning to do it. Plus, it makes me feel worse that I have to use make-up to cover this thing, I don't want to depend on make-up to get out of the house tbh, I started to feel comfortable with my face pretty recently, kek, that's why I asked for alternatives.

I saw at some point on tiktok this russian girl talking about "fascia" massages and the benefits but idk, it seems so obscure and I'm not sure what to think

No. 328328

Thanks for the complete lack of help! I truly appreciate it.

No. 328400

what are beginner friendly retinols? i was suggested with good molecules but i wanna widen my options first before buying it.

No. 328456

It is common to have a stomach crease; however, you can reduce/minimize the appearance by: staying hydrated, using moisturizer, eating healthy, wearing looser clothing, correcting your posture, and doing abdominal/core exercises such as stomach crunches, sit ups, plank, and leg lifting.

No. 328765

Do any anons know of a serum (or any kind of product really) that fades acne scars, and possibly even fade sun spots (those brown dots)? My current routine is Cerave gentle cleanser OR Neutrogena hydrating gel cleanser (when I'm wearing makeup or lots of sunscreen) and sunblock during the day on most days. At night I use a Cerave Moisturizer. One of my sun spots has faded slightly and I don't know why but I'm happy.

I never exfoliate - could that be why my acne scars and sunspots are stubborn? I also never use toner, serum, essence, or retinol.

Certain brands aren't available in my goofy ahh country, but I don't mind spending the money to import if it truly will work.

I would do Lazer on my face like I used to because that works better than any skincare product, but goddamn, it's too expensive now.

No. 328766

Same anon here.

Has anyone had visible skin results from taking collagen? I hear so many mixed reviews ranging from like "my skin was plumper, less wrinkles, and more healthy after taking collagen for X amount of time" to "I've been taking collagen for X amount of time and see no results".

Collagen is crazy expensive here so it'd be an investment and something I'd have to save for. Is it worth it?

No. 328768

File: 1684244740369.png (392.76 KB, 3000x3000, 6009626121230_CETAPHIL_MOISTUR…)

This moisturizer, after nightly and sometimes daily use, has decreased the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile and almost completely taken away my nasolabial lines. My forehead lines are slightly less noticeable too. I use it with the gentle cleanser and sunblock almost every day. No moisturizer I've used before has had the intense impact this one has had on my face. New holy grail for sure.

No. 328781

Not collagen supplement but I make bone broth and my skin is always so supple the next day after drinking it. Tbh just add gelatine powder to your soups or something, dont waste your money on collagen supplements.

No. 328800

Yeah, you need an acid/active to fade scars and sunspots. Vitamin c and AHAs are usually recommended for that. You could try a gentler acid like lactic to start with. When you buy vitamin c serums, google your options and choose carefuly(i'd check r/skincareaddiction for their recs) because vit c is very unstable and most products with it aren't formulated right, don't work or expire too soon.

No. 328806

Tranexamic acid or mandelic acid.

No. 328947

My chest breaks out really badly and it embarrasses me. I change my bra whenever I go out and don't wear one at home, I shower daily and exfoliate twice a week, but it's persistent. Any tips nonnas?

No. 328976

What do you exfoliate with? Do you moisturize? Are you on bc? Go to a derm.

No. 328995

I took collagen for sports injuries, it's stronger than collagen used for skin elasticity.
It was amazing, my skin literally glowed, it looked younger, people commented. The effects stopped when I stopped taking it as I recovered.

No. 329067

File: 1684351454049.jpg (105.8 KB, 971x1000, 71FIigaUUmL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I use picrel for exfoliating, then use CeraVe's SA lotion for rough and bumpy skin. I'm not on bc.

No. 329073

How's Glossier? I feel like I don't hear about it nearly as often as a few years ago.

No. 329077

Do you wear any jewellery or touch your chest? That was the culprit for me

No. 329082

Oh shit that may be it kek. I have a necklace I wear all the time, but the chain only hangs around my collarbone. Maybe I'll start taking it off more just to see.

No. 329087

It could be hormonal or the scrub.

No. 329170

I don't know the age of the nonnie I replied to, but I'm near my 40's, so serum is something I don't like to skip.

No. 329180

Aah, thank you nonnie! You just put me on. I'm definitely going to look into sport collagen. Which one did you use and for how long? Was it bovine, marine, or another kind of collagen?

No. 329181

Nonnies, I use this website to help me read and understand skincare ingredient lists


It's helped me make better decisions and invest in good skincare that actually works.

No. 329204

Serum is just another step of hydratiom, unless it's an active like vit c. If anon has a good moisturizer it's not necessary.

No. 329291

I honestly don't remember the type, my trainer recommended the supplements and I just bought the one they had in the pharmacy. I remember they were ampoules, with liquid inside (tasted nice). They were quite pricey.
I used them for about a month I think? Until the pack was emptied and my joint injury healed. So not a long time at all, the skin effects came by pretty quickly.

But I don't know if this is ok to drink when you're healthy and for how long can you keep taking it, please ask these things at the pharmacy before you buy it.

No. 329399

I wouldn't actually be that surprised if it did have an effect–it's just that there's almost no money in sponsoring the research of such a thing since it's so widely available and cheap. I just would not understand why it would be any better than something like protein.

No. 329409

I used differin to get rid of mine (which is too harsh for some people so your mileage may vary) and generic unscented lotion. Worked really well. Had a picking problem too so I used hydrocolloid stickers to keep my hands off any blemishes. I have to avoid wearing sweaty clothes close to my skin for long periods (which for me means I have to shower soon after working out and not wear sports bras during the day, I think getting nicer lacy bras actually helped because they don’t hold moisture at all) but otherwise it’s not a problem, I don’t break out anymore and I stopped using differin after a couple years

No. 329435

Sometimes less is more on the body, especially in a sensitive area like the chest where acne is often a reaction to something on the surface of the skin and not so much a hormonal thing. Have you tried not using products for a while?

No. 329610

Could a lovely anon kindly explain why my skin is just now becoming very dry and flaky after months and months of adapalene gel use?
I've been using the same gentle face wash (no actives), the same moisturizer, etc. And I add squalane oil to my moisturizer which does give it a nice boost but then when I wake up in the morning my face is once again dry and flaky. What am I doing wrong? Adapalene gel never made my face this dry even in the first few months, and I have been using it daily for very close to a year; what gives??

No. 329642

They have gone to shit when the reformulated everything, don't even bother. I used to love their old balm dot com, granted it was glorified vaseline, but i swatched it in store and it's not the same at all. A lot of their products have bad reviews on sephora too, mainly people mad at the reformulation.

No. 329666

Maybe it's something internal rather than what you're applying externally?

No. 329832

That's good to know, I had no idea about that. I can't try anything before buying it, we don't have physical stores in my country that sell Glossier. I'm going to stick to Cerave then, their face cream works really well on me but my tube is almost empty now.

No. 330345

Not exactly skincare, but has anyone tried any eyebrow serums? Do they work? I’m seeing so many different ones now (even ABH has their own eyebrow serum) but they just look so gimmicky to me. My brows aren’t really thin as it is, I’d just like them to be somewhat thicker and a bit less sparse.

No. 330346

The only serum you need for that is regular castor oil.

No. 330709

File: 1685005918923.jpeg (11.85 KB, 459x459, 54784927-1-pdpxl.jpeg)

I want to go to my derm to get tretinoin. That'll probably be next year. In the meantime, is it a good idea to start retinol? What % do I start with and which brand? Picrel is the one I'm looking at buying, but idk if it's the right % or how much to use?

I'm planning on doing the sandwich method. Skincare is so fun I love it

No. 330710

pcos nonas, have you found success with birth control for your skin? i was put on it following my diagnosis and it didn’t seem to have either bad or good effects except regulating my periods, but when i read a lot on here about how bad and harmful bc is for women i went off it 3 weeks ago and now my skin has broken out and my hair gets greasy really fast. i haven’t made any skincare routine or diet changes so all i can think is it’s the lack of bc. should i just go back on it or is this something that will correct itself soon maybe?

No. 330711

Oh yeah I mainly brought this for a nasty scar on my body, am very pleased to say that it's doing the job. But then I put it on my face too, you know winter is always hard on my skin.
It will probably break you out a little at first, but it does the job of improving and brightening skin texture, whilst actually feeling moisturising to the skin since the squalane is like sebum.
I know nothing about skincare, but I prefer putting it on my skin without anything else underneath, so it has more contact with the skin. And then a good moisturiser. Would recommend.

No. 330715

Not me but my two female friends got better using birth control. Birth control isn't as bad as you as pcos is, pcos is literally possibly diabetes and obesity causing and if your androgens are high for a while, you'll be stuck with male pattern body hair + balding which isn't fixable. Don't go off of medication again without consulting a doctor, skin issues aren't that important but the actual harms your unregulated pcos will have on your body are quite serious.
I'm a last year med student so I'm not making shit up but I can't give advice online, the only advice I can give is to visit an OBGYN you trust, maybe try a few if you have doubts and make a treatment plan for yourself. Don't believe stuff you read online unless it's a verified paper on pubmed.

No. 330730

thanks nonnie i’ll go back on it and stay on it!

No. 330783

Same. I've tried multiple hormonal bc, they didn't cure my acne but they did help with the PCOS. I feel like stress reduction helped reduce acne more than anything else non-topical. Quit a bad job and stopped working swing-shifts which improved my skin drastically. Started using differin after that and now it's gone. good luck with your battle against bad skin, nonna.

No. 330788

Hope it goes well for you. I'm the anon you're replying to, if you feel unsure please consult a obgyn and make sure you have a doc that you trust. Trusting the treatment you're getting actually plays a big part and I don't want you to feel stressed or think these pills are inherently bad for you because your current doc failed to reassure you. I don't want to give medicals advice online. Btw my two friends who are using pills are both med students themselves.

No. 330816

ntayrt but doesn't birth control cause hair loss tho..

No. 330819

File: 1685051486218.jpeg (28.71 KB, 634x314, IMG_4139.jpeg)

I’m a super fair olive and have been really depressed these past few months and it’s really showing in my under eyes. They’ve turned almost completely blue. I have a lot of surface redness that makes it stand out more too. Are there any vitamins or massages I can do?

No. 330834

A-anon…are you okay?

No. 330857

File: 1685063629170.jpeg (47.39 KB, 600x401, main-qimg-93b39588b714f3e01c13…)

If that's your pic then you have nice thick orbital skin and a very pretty complexion too. Try cold compress on the eyes to help with fluid retention or massage your sinuses if you have congestion (idk maybe you've been crying lots), something like picrel plus staying hydrated (obviously) to prevent the moisture loss creating more hollowness. You have to get on a good regular sleeping schedule to help with the anemic bruised look. Living with depression is hard so just do what you can.
If all else fails I've been told my eyebags are mysterious and edgy lol so you can embrace it if you want.

No. 330866

That’s not me but I do have very similar coloring. I do gua sha a few times a week but it doesn’t help all that much. I’ve had an awful few years and I feel like it’s all coming out under my eyes kek. I went through a break up awhile back and I immediately developed these.
No kek

No. 330868

The good(?) news is you say the change was sudden and recent-ish so hopefully it's just inflammation. I don't know much gua sha but just try this massage you never know, is literally pushing fluid out of your ethmoid sinus to drain it. Could even be seasonal allergies that unfortunately developed during your difficult year.
When you tug on your undereye skin can you see blue or purple veins? Those kinds of eyebag bastards don't go away and it's skin thinning due to age/stress. If not and it's pigmentation you can try aggressive sunscreen regimen and gentle cell turnover promoters like vit c or derm appointment for acid treatment.
Most of all try not to hyperfocus on it every day at least, your body and mind have been through a lot and you don't need more stress.

No. 330869

File: 1685069668554.jpg (105.89 KB, 1200x800, dark-circles-under-eyes.jpg)

Samefag wow sorry for blogpost but this is what I mean by pigmentation as opposed to see through skin. I love you nonna and hope you find a solution.

No. 331092

Can anon rate my daily skincare routine? I don't get acne, only one or two during my period. I have some hyperpigmentation.

>TO Squalane Cleanser

>Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG
>Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution
>Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
>Inkey List's Succinic Acid treatment
then moisturiser and sunscreen.
I like how it's simple and easy and cheap.
Maybe I can replace the Inkey List corrector…

No. 331165

I bought the meme cosrx snail mucin and its actually very nice. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I have combo skin

No. 331182

I have their Bha liquid and I love it, I wanna try the mask so bad!

No. 331326

I've loved everything from cosrx except the aloe sunblock, their old centerline line, and their even older ampoule line; I've been consooming the shit out of cosrx for like 6 or 7 years now I think

No. 331327

*centella, not centerline

No. 331343

How long did it take you to see genuine improvement after using the snail essence? It's on my skincare wishlist, I can't wait to buy it

No. 331344

How important is it to exfoliate and how often? I've seen people saying that it's not actually necessary because our skin turns over by itself.

No. 331345

File: 1685263944158.jpeg (19.62 KB, 500x500, download.jpeg)

Is this good enough to use once a week to exfoliate? I have sensitive skin so would once a week be adequate?

No. 331347

Of course it's not necessary, you don't need to do it at all. You don't need to use any cosmetics at all. Unless you have some condition, your skin is perfectly fine as is.

No. 331414

I found that my skin does a LOT better texture wise if I exfoliate with a textured washcloth and hot water daily. Ive heard so much that physical exfoliation isnt usually good for skin, chemical exfoliation is better and gentler yet more effective. I use stridex sometimes and a lactic acid occassionally at night and def scrub my face with the cloth the morning after. If I only do chemical, its like the dead skin builds up faster due to increased turnover but wont get off my face kek. Blackheads lessen but rough spots, weird texture, wierd sebum plugs big enough to pluck w tweezers seem to increase unless I do a good scrub everyday with a hot wet washcloth.

No. 331452

Nta but I've had the same experience. I do appreciate the nonnie who sternly insisted I not physically exfoliate while I was attempting to repair my skin barrier some months ago. She kept me strong and my skin is much better now. I knew I had a problem on my hands (well, on my face, but you get it) when I put on CeraVe face sunscreen and it burned so bad I had to wipe it off while sitting in my car on vacation kek

No. 331731

The boy I’m dating has stubble and every time we make out it leaves my nose red and normally it’s subtle or just like a cut or two but this past time it left a pretty obvious mark like the skin on the tip of my nose feels rough and is red and I’m not sure what to do about it, does anyone know what products can help alleviate it? Is it safe to put makeup over it to conceal it?

No. 331768

Shave your damn scrote!

No. 331807

I agree with >>331768 honestly. I don't want to put the blame on men by default but when it's irritating your skin and even marking it, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to shave properly? Preventing it is so easy.

If not, any wound healing ointment from the pharmacy from a proper brand (whatever they sell where you are) should probably help. I like hansaplast or bepanthen if you have that. You probably shouldn't put make-up over any open skin at least.

No. 331870

Is he putting anything on to soften his beard?

No. 332005

He was pretty freshly shaven that’s the crazy part, my skin is just so sensitive
>>331807 ty!
>>331870 afaik no, it’s just stubble. Idk how to prevent it in the future

No. 332108

Any "healthy" ways to lighten your skin? Not a drastic change, maybe one or two skin tones lighter as I'm already pale, but my face and hands could use a little bit more paleness. And yes, I'm wearing sunscreen every time I leave the house, I just know nothing about products to get a lighter skin as the beauty standard in my country is to have a tan 365 days a year and you nonnas here know a lot about skincare.

No. 332110

Nothing will give you permanent results unless you are willing to compromise your health. Kojic acid can lighten dark spots, so try that.

No. 332177

Look for products with arbutin in them

No. 332391

Keep using sunscreen religiously. Add a niascinimide serum to your routine and a moisturizer that contains niacinimide (sry for spelling). I recommend the Cetaphil one.

Exfoliate once or twice a week using gentle chemical exfoliants and do your research before using it. Try that blood red peel from The Ordinary and watch Cassandra Bankson's youtube video about it because it's potent as heck.

Never ever use lemon on your face (I've seen people say it lightens the skin) and avoid skin bleaching products as they are damaging in the long run and won't give you a healthy complexion. I might be mistaken, but I think tretinoin somewhat lightens and brightens the skin after about years of use. The 2 ladies I saw looked paler and brighter after 2 years.

No. 332587

What causes those big, deep pimples, the kind that hurts even if you touch the vicinity of it?

I have been mostly pimple-free most of my life but I've been getting a big one on my chin in the same place for several weeks now. I haven't had a haircut and I don't touch my chin freqiently so I'm baffled

No. 332589

Is there any way to minimize really big pores? My skin has that 'dotted' look in my T zone

No. 332596

I wonder about this too. And the large pore area keeps growing

No. 332794

well no one asked for an update but i thought i'd add one anyway just in case anyone ever is in a similar situation: i was >>>/g/312424 on the previous thread, i had painful cystic acne pop up in adulthood that i attempted to treat at home for months with no changes. it actually got worse even as i made my skincare routine basically perfect (no scents, no crazy products, just gentle cleanser, proven topicals and moisturizer). anyway, dr prescribed accutane immediately given how bad it was. it's been 2 months since i started and my acne is GONE. i am only on 20mg. i have zero acne. doesn't matter what i put on my face or if i wash it at all. ZERO. ACNE. NOTHING. i can't believe how quickly it vanished, i have missed multiple days in a row and still not even a single pimple. the relief is overwhelming, i can actually go out and hang out with people without feeling like a freak (anyone else who has/had serious acne knows what i mean lol). my advice: people might disagree and that's fine, but if you have acne like i did, don't fuck around, don't waste time, just get accutane. that shit WORKS.

No. 332800

It's usually hormones.

No. 332801

I take it further and do chemical and physical exfoliation daily on my body. I get so much build up on my back this is the only method that works and my back is so smooth.

No. 332802

Hormones, diet, poor sleep schedule (so, hormones), stress (also hormones), genetics, etc. like all acne. Most of my zits are nodular like these due to multiple factors, it's just how my skin likes to make them.
For me, nodules also take a crazy long time to dissipate if they don't turn to pustules. Once it stops hurting it should slowly shrink down again. This usually happens more quickly for me if I don't touch it.
t. almost healed pizza face

No. 333274

thank you all so much, I will look into all those advices and no, I won't compromise my health, I'm already pale, just want to be slightly paler as I'm stupid and think even paler skin suits me better.

No. 333570

I recently started a job as a cook and being in the hot greasy kitchen all day is making my skin oily as fuck. I always wash as soon as I get home but I'm still getting acne. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Right now my routine is a very basic wash, moisturize and sunscreen.

No. 333597

Buy a pack of cheap baby wipes or if you have the money buy normal face wipes,
and when you have a chance during work, go to the bathroom and wipe your face. Something like picrel.

No. 333599

File: 1686039077038.jpg (83.03 KB, 1080x1082, IMG_20230606_101238.jpg)

I clicked send before attaching the picture, sorry.

No. 333600

Make sure you're using a Moisturizer and sunblock for oily skin that mattifies your skin.

No. 333602

I'm going on a hike and need a sunscreen that won't sting my eyes and that doesn't have any white cast. Do any nonnas have recommendations? Preferably a hydrating one

No. 333618

I use the nivea 50+ one (it comes in a blue and yellow bottle), I don't have any complaints about it

No. 333987

I've been doing the Meredith Duxbury technique to apply my foundation (I use picrel) and adore going full glam every day, but Ive honestly noticed that 1. People are staring at me and not in a nice way and 2. I only get compliments from obnoxious gay men. One guy fucking yelled at me across the road, "slay miss thing" which was just fucking strange and made even more people stare at me. Anyone else experienced a bit of weirdness with regards to their makeup being perceived by the general public?

My daily look is basically how Meredith does her glam looks but I use stronger countour and blush to make my facial structure pop. I always go with a bright red or like a pale nude/beige lippy. When I go out or on vacation I love doing blues, greens, and yellows on my lips. I just love experimenting with makeup. Colour pop and SheGlam are my go-to pallets. I make my own falsies using my cat's hair that I dye and attach to my old eyelash curler rubbers. It's kinda my way of saying fuck capitalism. I've also been loving Trixie Mattels makeup line however it can be a bit difficult to rub off certain products at the end of my day.

No. 333990

>I make my own falsies using my cat's hair that I dye and attach to my old eyelash curler rubbers
first of all, ew. i can't tell if you're trolling. if you aren't, you WILL be getting a visit from mr. pink eye soon. and it probably looks so weird and nothing like actual falsies.

second of all, you're receiving looks because drag queen makeup and full FULL face makeup always looks bad in real life. it just does. its made for extremely specific lighting conditions and angles and cameras.

No. 333992

File: 1686167338622.png (96.25 KB, 215x864, MAM_10391146_SHOP_IMAGE_1.8.pn…)

don't know where you live, but if you are lucky enough to have a Rossmann near you, "sunozon MED Sonnenfluid LSF 50" is the best sunscreen for the face I ever had and I tried a lot. Besides that one, picrel is the best, best sunscreen they have, but it's limited, so mostly out of stock.
If you are living somewhere else without a Rossmann, try sunscreen without perfume and no mineral sunscreens, as those nearly always leave a white cast. And sorry if I couldn't help you because we might live on different sides of the world.

No. 334140

How do you get rid of hyperpigmentation. I use sunscreen when I’m out and manage to consistently reapply if I am out for a long time. I have a good skincare routine it has made my skin soft and plump, how can I elevate this?

No. 334144

isn't hyperpigmentation just leftover scarring from pimples? try addressing any acne issues you have first and the hyperpigmentation will follow

No. 334152

File: 1686232416316.jpeg (204.38 KB, 945x1261, C7D0911C-6C11-4AD7-AA2E-00989F…)

Some of it is from pimples but they are very much faded. The problem is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from eczema that isn’t just dark pimple spots looks like picrel. Mine is just more muted and blends a bit better but dark area is obvious

No. 334156

vitamin C worked really well for me
I think scrubbing can help them go away faster
but as nonna said the most important part is getting rid of the acne

No. 334171

I would like to say thank you to the nona in last thread who casually mentioned DIM supplements, I've been taking them for about 3 weeks and my skin is the clearest it's been in 7 years! Hormonal acne is a bitch, but nona is THE bitch mwah

No. 334880

Which vitamin C do you use? I want to buy one so bad but I keep seeing mixed reviews on every Vit C product lol.

Niacinimide is used to fade scars on the skin and gentle exfoliation once a week should speed things up. Tretinoin is apparently the most effective for scars however I've heard its taken some people a whole year to get over the side effects.

No. 334971

NTA but Ive heard consistently good things about Geek og Gorgeous vitamin C. I would buy it but I have spent too much money this month

No. 335020

File: 1686602787988.jpg (115.23 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20230612_154730.jpg)

Just wanted to say I found AcneFree brand salysilic (sp?) acid/glycolic acid in a spray mister bottle thing, the type that sprays at every angle. Used it on my bacne and unddr my tits as well as back of my legs where I get weird chicken skin bumps nowadays for some reason and its actually clearing up my skin already! I had just bought a toner to transfer into a lil spray bottle to spritz my body cuz summer sweat means awful awful acne for me but this stuff seems to be working fantastically. Its was 10 dollars at the grocery store too so not even too expensive.

No. 335021

Sorry for spoonfeed request but what are dm suppliments?

No. 335023

This is exactly what I need, my backne has been driving me crazy recently with the hot weather, I love the spray bottle too, thanks nona.

No. 335025

Speaking of backne/assne does anyone know any products that fade spot scars? I have some angry red and bright pink marks on my back from huge pimples last month.

No. 335142

How much are you girls willing and happy to spend on skincare products? I'm pretty obsessed with skincare and I've seen some more costly products that I want to try. Like around $40 which in my country is like 4 decent meals worth lol. So if I can afford it, should I buy some expensive products? Do any anons have recs for skincare that's more costly?

No. 335145

File: 1686639961553.jpg (170.83 KB, 720x2214, DIM.jpg)

Nta but picrel and men can take it too

No. 335152

I basically just go to the cosmetics department and try on a bunch of products on different parts of my face then see how they are the next day. If I get really good results from a product then I’ll go back the next day and buy it. If it’s really expensive I’ll just save for it for a while, but if it’s worth it I’ll buy it. I generally would not buy anything over 100 dollars unless it’s very fancy with a shit ton of really high quality ingredients. I have one face cream that cost 120 dollars for a small tub which is my absolute highest end purchase and I refuse to go higher unless something absolutely blows me away. I’ve used 2 dollar serums and 300 dollar serums had the exact same effects. Most of my skincare products average around 15-20 dollars and I only use 3-4 at most.

I remember they did an ingredient analysis of that laprairie cream that cost 1000 dollars and it was literally ingredients and oils that cost about 20 dollars total to buy raw, with a bunch of silicone inside. Basically dirt cheap crap being sold for 1K. That shit genuinely makes me angry.

If a product has silicone in it I completely avoid it, that’s like the cheapest crappiest most false advertisement ingredient on the market and I actually boycott high end brands that incorporate it because it shows they don’t give a single fuck about improving the customers skin, just giving fake instant wash off results. Fuck any brand that uses silicone in skincare or hair care.

No. 335262

I mostly look at the ingredients, I avoid stuff with silicone, perfume, ingredients made from mineral oil, microplastic, a lot of alcohol and other stuff. I found that many cheap products in my country aren't worse than the expensive stuff and many expensive skincare products have so much perfume in it that I can't use it without getting a headache and having problems to breathe. So most stuff I bought in recent time was around 5€ and I wouldn't spent more than 20€ on one product. Wanted to buy a vitamin c serum recently and can't find anything of use so I decided to make it myself without all the useless ingredients I don't need and I guess I will do that more often in the future except for sunscreen.

I find it so funny when so called skincare influencers advertise a product with silicone in it. Silicone is one of the main ingredients I get pimples from and I normally don't get pimples at all.

No. 335429

Everyone keeps shilling this snail mucin product but it's so offputting. The idea of putting snail body fluids on my face is weird

No. 335436

what website is this from? I better start eating my broccoli

No. 335443

that part doesn't bother me because there are so many weird ingredients that are gross in their raw form. I bought it once and it was just ok, it's an occlusive it's not magic. My friend half-joking said it's literally witchcraft to harvest snail slime lol

No. 335453

File: 1686767270812.jpg (23.85 KB, 468x468, e691cdc433f7e88cef13604f01439a…)

It's my favorite and only product I use you can't make me relinquish the snail trail juice

No. 335466

Apparently it's hydrating and soothing for the skin barrier. It's kinda cool that we can use the snail's natural secretions for the benefit of our skin without hurting them or spending a fortune, or God forbid, putting actual snails on our face.

It's like this one lady who said she ordered a specific moisturiser from China to the US where she lives and it was making her skin better than it had ever been. She had used a few tubs without bothering to look into what it actually was. Turns out it was pure horse fat.

I looked into it and horse "oil" is leftovers of the horse meat industry in Russia. It's a way of using the whole horse to reduce wastage. It's kinda cool but it probably smells bad.

No. 335468

I read on one website that they put the snails together in some kind of dark little "room" or container type thing and let them crawl all over and then collect the slime trails. Apparently snails let off something toxic/poisonous in their slime when they're stressed out so they have to be happy and calm to be used for skin products. It's so interesting

No. 335469

if it's true they have to be happy that makes me feel a little better about buying a jar one time lol

No. 335470

Sorry if I'm doing this wrong. First time trying to embed?? a yt video.

Does anyone else think Martha Stewart is talking bs? I don't doubt she uses all those (overpriced af) products, but 1. Her images in Sports Illustrated are edited and she's wearing makeup, and 2. There no way she hasn't had slight surgical intervention on her face and boobs at least.

No. 335473

There’s no way she hasn’t had a few procedures. Celebrities lie all the time, I didn’t watch the vid but if she says she just used creams or whatever all this time feel free to disregard.

No. 335578

How do I fix my awful stretch mark filled arms? It’s awful, they almost completely fill the inside of my upper arm.

No. 335598

So annoyed and embarrassed with my skin. Halfway through the day my cheeks become red and splotchy and my acme scarring is more noticeable. It looks disgusting and makes me look and feel dirty. Is it rosacea? How do I stop my face from getting red and disgusting looking? Jesus I'm ugly and red

No. 335599

File: 1686834974338.jpg (49.38 KB, 1200x1200, 637183b7930b8_3499320008013.jp…)

Same anon here. Should I get this?

No. 335602

So this is super unconventional but i had awful stretch marks on my inner thighs. I took up pole dancing cuz I wanted to do those bad ss acrobatic flips and stuff. When I got to the point where I held myself w my inner thighs, the friction of skin vs pole slowly thickened the skin where my stretch marks were and made them nearly invisible and feel a lot stronger, not like a callous but just more durable skin. There are holds amd moves too where the inner arms are used. Idk if taking up pole dance is really the most practical way of lessening stretch marks but maybe dry brushing or some other friction introduction could help? It sucks so bad at first it stings and burns but over time the skin gets stronger. I dry brush the backs of my legs, started recently, and feel it does help with firmness but I have fewer stretch marks there to tell if it would help as dramatically as pole dancing did my inner thighs kek

No. 335620

How do I get rid of bacne? No matter what I do it doesnt seem to go away

No. 335677

what the fuck are you me?? I literally have this same issue. I think i get the cheek-redness from my mother though as she has it.

No. 335691

NEED to know the horse fat product

No. 335782

I ate a live snail when I was 2 years old. I am beyond caring. Mizon is my new holy snailgrail

No. 335819

Dude it's so fucking embarrassing but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Nobody in my family has it and I think I developed it after destroying my skin barrier 2 or 3 times over the past few years + I was dehydrated once which affected my skin so bad. Now I use only gentle and fragrance free products, stay moisturized day and night, wear Sunblock, never wear foundation, but the redness HITS.

Last night I drank 1 glass of red wine and my cheeks went red and disgusting so I know alcohol triggers it.

I'm going to treat it like rosacea although idk if it is. >>335691

No. 335820

File: 1686910609188.jpeg (144.79 KB, 1600x813, horse-oil.jpeg)

I don't know the exact one she used. But picrel is the most common one I've seen that has very good reviews

No. 335841

if any of you nonnies have tiny break outs after dermaplaning, use a sheet mask with snail mucin right afterwards. it has worked wonders for me and it's so simple. i tried the same with other sheet masks with hyaluronic acid and green tea but they didn't work the same. maybe this is stupid and this might be common knowledge to you but i didn't know anything about it, i would just apply moisturizer directly KEK

No. 335914

File: 1686936914198.jpg (106.28 KB, 661x1500, DIM.jpg)

the other anon already explained, but I wanted to share the ones I got from Amazon for about $19. Like with many vitamins/medications/etc., remember that vitamin C hinders absorption, so don't take it at the same time as a multivitamin or with orange juice.

No. 335974

I tried this and it made my pee and body odor stink for some reason.

No. 336012

Excessive vitamin c does that, your body just releases it because it doesn't need it. it might even turn your pee bright yellow

No. 336020

I think they mean the DIM made their pee/body smell

No. 336021

Does the DIM make hormonal birth control not work?

No. 336038

That's something you don't want to risk taking the word of online strangers for, ask your gyn

No. 336053

I think I will, thanks. articles online said "yes" "no" and "ask your obgyn" which was oh so helpful lol, I wondered if anyone here who is taking it asked their gyno and could report back. I'll let you all know

No. 336274

I'd love to dip my toes to Korean and Japense skincare, lately I've been bombared on tik tok by some brands, mainly Hada Labo and Beauty of Joseon but I'm really curious if it's a shill or if it really is that good of a skincare. I'd also like y'all opinion on double cleansing.

No. 336284

japanese skincare is superior

No. 336298

NTA, but thanks for the recommendation. I was just looking into buying a daily sunscreen for the summer and got so deep into the rabbithole I was browsing insanely priced korean facecreams, but I'll probably just hit up a Rossman and try this first.

No. 336318

I was using a brand that happened to. It was so nice and unscented and it felt like wearing nothing which I guess it was. I just wear zinc now, I can't trust fru-fru fancy sunscreen moisturizes anymore

No. 336401

any shops you like to order from? I wanted to give japanese skincare a try but I don't know where I should start looking

No. 336430

I started using glycolic acid on my face over a month ago. I expected purging but my face didn't purge at all?? After 6 weeks of that I've incorporated a BHA cleanser in my daily routine (Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser) and after a few days I could see my skin start to purge a little, like some tiny small white heads would pop up here and there. But it's been a week of that and it just… stopped. I thought purging is something that lasts between 2 weeks to 2 months in worse case scenarios? I'd usually wait 6 weeks to see how my skin does before adding something in, but since my skin just stopped doing that, is it safe to add something else in for patch testing? My pores are rather big, so I've been wanting to get niacinamide + zinc into my routine. Btw throughout all of this my skin has been getting clearer and clearer, so I think the acids are doing something

No. 336434

I dabbled in Korean skincare for a while but honestly didn't notice much difference with regular Western skincare.. the biggest difference is the sheer amount of different types of products available but I didn't necessarily get better results.

No. 336447

Same. I think western products are actually designed to give more drastic results because westerners generally have worse skin than Koreans.

For reference I read a blog by an Asian woman who collects and reviews Korean skincare for a living, and must have tried over 1000 products. Her skin still has a lot of trouble with acne and a lot of dark spots/pigmentation then though she uses certain whitening and anti acne serums and creams for weeks if not months at a time. So clearly if they aren’t working for her they likely won’t work for me.

Same with Japanese products, I have had very limited results despite trying dozens of famous products. I used that hada labo whitening serum religiously for 6 months with daily sunscreen too, and all my freckles are still there, not even a tiny bit of difference. I think Korean skincare is a massive racket to be honest. Most Korean celebrities take all kinds of newly developed industry supplements and get all kinds of injections and deep dermal treatments involving lasers and stuff, and I think that’s what gives them good glowy pale skin from within tbh.

The only thing Korean skincare has helped me with is dryness. I break out so easily from creams so using zero oil essences and serums has really helped moisten my skin without any oils or ore blocking ingredients. But apart from that I’ve had no difference in terms of whitening, fine line reduction or firmness.

I think only more harsh treatments like retinols and peels really do anything noticeable tbh.

No. 336448

Even though*
Pore blocking*
Sorry for typos.

No. 336455

Most Japanese skincare sucks, sorry. I really like the novel ideas they come up with and the adorable packaging, but it’s usually all style and no substance I find. Nothing from Japan so far has wowed me and I say this as someone who spent hundreds of dollars on it over the years.

The only thing I like is that they use chemicals and acids more than in Korean skincare, which seems to be way too obsessed with holistic and natural ingredients that really don’t work (yes I’m tired of Korean brands coming out with their 10000th lemon juice/cinnamon extract/yuzu extract products that makes not an iota of difference to the customers skin and are just there to smell nice and make the brand feel homey and cosy) If one day I find a product that blows me away I will apologise to the Japanese cosmetic industry and all it’s fans. Until then, I’m very meh about the whole thing.

No. 336462

It's a widely known fact that Koreans don't really focus much on skincare and just get cosmetic treatments instead. KR/JP sunscreens are nice though.

No. 336511

File: 1687194432684.jpeg (124.92 KB, 1920x1080, 5-1.jpeg)

I'm back. For anyone who was curious, I asked my obgyn if DIM interfered with hormonal birth control and she said no she didn't see any problem with taking the two together. I've got the green light.

No. 336520

I have To commute 3.30hours total a day when going to school, is there anything I can do skincare wise to stop wasting all that precious time ? Thank you :)
Also, if you have any non skincare related ideas of stuff I can do while on the train, I would gladly hear you out :)!
(. :))

No. 336548

If anyone here has ever wondered, if Neutrogena Retinol Boost+ has some significant proportion of retinol,that big rash on my neck says yes (retarded me though that excess sunscreen from my face would be enough)

No. 336585

Ok nonnies, does caffeine fuck with anyone else's skin? Starting to get really suspicious as I love coffee and my lower face keeps getting extremely congested/cystic. At first I thought it was maybe hormones, but I notice it seems to get worse the day after I had, say, an energy drink (which isn't common for me).

No. 336588

I've been drinking coffee for a long time and never stopped so I can't say if it has made me worse or better in any way but literally anything can fuck with your skin so there's no reason caffeine wouldn't. I've read with long term use it inhibits collagen production in your skin and causes premature aging (not that you would have that issue from your occasional energy drink). Energy drinks are also full of random vitamins that might be throwing you out of whack.

No. 336657

Caffeine makes me dry but puffy at the same time, it’s awful

No. 336961

Is tatcha or drunk elephant worth the hype? I recently got a pay raised and wonder if using the moisturizer would be worth it. I know Meghan Markle and Jennifer Anniston both use tatcha and they look amazing for their age so…

No. 337010

Never tried it, but was curious about the ingredients and looked up the moisturisers from Tatcha and I wouldn't use it. Full of silicon, EDTA, fragrances and titanium dioxide. The ingredients from Drunk Elephant look way better, so if you want to treat you to one of those, I would choose that company. And you always have to remember that rich and famous people have a whole team behind them caring for them, so you can't them looking good for their age lead back on one product. Just look at the ingredients before you buy skincare, for example, silicon is hell for me and I will get pimples after just one use.

No. 337141

Nonnies I've been having a pizzaface for 3 weeks now, I tried drinking more water and eating better but it's not working. I also tried the sea salt anti acne cure but it only slightly worked. I'm 20, I thought this was supposed to end after puberty but it came back full throttle. What to do? Preferably home remedies, I don't really want to test out chemical products on already bad skin.

No. 337158

File: 1687483755132.jpg (151.55 KB, 1080x1037, natural.jpg)

There are better explanations out there but picrel. It's not as easy as natural = safe, chemical/synthetic = bad, and using random food on your skin could actually make it worse. If it's really bad just go to a derm. Otherwise get an acne treatment for people with sensitive skin at the pharmacy if you're worried about your skin reacting badly. What do you use to wash your face? It's also important. Did you change something 3 weeks ago?

No. 337159

Wash your pillowcases. Try avoiding sodium lauryl sulfates. Cerave isba great brand

No. 337168

What would glycolic acid do for my skin? I have some CCs and and some sebaceous filaments i'd like to shrink. I'm currently using tretinoin (.05%) currently somewhat inconsistently due to the harshness of it. But I do feel I would benefit using more actives on my face.

No. 337182

Natural remedies DO NOT work for acne at all. I remember when i used to do that shit and it was just a giant waste of time and money. Also, lot of them can be very irritating. There's literally nothing more effective aside from diet changes than a proper acne wash or spot treatment formulated by people who actually know what they are doing rather than putting celery on your face.

No. 337188

the only four things that really work on acne:
retinol (from the strongest tretinoin, which is available on prescription, to retinyl, which has the weakest effect but is also the gentlest),
salicylic acid (BHA acid)- cures acne, helps with scars,
benzoyl peroxide (in Europe on pharmacy cream Acneroxid, strong concentration, kills the bacteria that causes acne, can bleach clothes, it is better to use it topically directly on the pimple), sulfur - pure sulfur, not a compound (just as H2 is not the same as H2O),There are not many sulfur products on the market (probably because they smell like matches), good pharmacist can prepare an ointment. It is powerful disinfectant (viruses, bacterias, mycosis), plus can mitigate scars, even keloids.
Things that helps with acne, but do not have any direct healing effect: strong SPF (UV radiation aggravates acne),
moisturizing cream (preferably hypoallergenic, designed for sensitive skin. I would choose those for atopic skin, or for people suffering from seborrhea),
acids (others, than BHA)- as chemical peeling/toners (do not use on skin that is heavy damaged, it will burn you), the best is azelaic acid, learn about others, some may worsen your skin (glycolic acid, for example, is not good for people with dark skin, it can react with melanin)
Niacinamide, vit.C- among other things, those helps with dark spots after acne, (zinc pca is moisturising agent, btw.)

No. 337277

Coffee makes my cheeks red and disgusting. My pores become huge. It doesn't happen with energy drinks. I've heard that coffee is actually very bad for our skin as it ALLEGEDLY causes our body to stress out which we think is energy, but it's actually our body in stress mode. It's like oxidative stress or something, which damages all our cells incl our skin. Vitamin C, Sunblock, and eating lots of fruit and veg will help

No. 337278

Everything is a chemical, silly anon. Water is a chemical. Just buy the Cerave acne cleanser.

No. 337306

Coffee beans are seeds, and seeds are known to be very inflammatory for our bodies (as well as having a lot of other nasty chemical toxins). There's links to things like alzheimers with lifelong consumption of beans, not just coffee. It could be the caffeine but what >>337277 said is correct. Some people are more sensitive to the toxins in seeds and get horrible health issues from them, and some people don't notice a thing for 40 years and then they suddenly get cancer or some other awful disease. I would cut out the coffee and try a lower sugar energy drink and see if you have the same issues. Sugar is also inflammatory so just fyi.

No. 337329

lol thanks for giving me a sudden irrational fear of seeds. I love seeds, I eat so many seeds! I'll never stop.

No. 337375

File: 1687571621075.jpg (88.69 KB, 1000x1000, frank-body-glycolic-body-scrub…)

I have really fucking bad KP on my legs, and just now I saw some news article rambling about this stuff.

"After selling out five times over and masses of influencers (HAHAHAHAHA) raving about the transformative smoothing and softening effects the frank Glycolic Body Scrub has had on their skin, it’s finally back in stock."

Is this stuff legitimate or no? Any nonnies with KP tried it?

No. 337378

but lmao nonny, we already get a good dose because everything is made with seed oil these days. People have been talking about them more the past few years as research is coming out about their links with inflammation and all the weird shit it does to the body.
Do acids work on your KP? They never worked on mine and I've tried it all. What really helped the most is using those korean exfoliation towels, I think they're called songwol towels. I exfoliate my arms and legs every other day and it's made my KP virtually nonexistent.

No. 337379

Yeah, I use one of those Japanese Italy towels, the extra rough one. As for acids, I've tried most of them, as well, but the best one for me is glycolic. I also got one of those little silicone scrubber pads, the kind with the pointy ends, and it works but if I do it "the wrong way" I end up with scratches everywhere.

No. 337382

Wait, is it really that distinct in regards to coffee? I kind of thought most of the issue was caffeine, and it's hard to believe seed juice would be that inflammatory compared to consuming massive amounts of seeds. I was thinking I just had to switch to decaf, not cut out coffee completely.
Also, is it possible for anti-inflammatories to somewhat circumvent the effects? Sorry if it's a retarded question, kek. I guess I want some feedback in a more skincare context.

No. 337392

I though the seed oils were bad because they’re highly processed from things not suitable for human consumption (like cottonseed oil being turned into crisco or rapeseeds being turned into canola oil), like we couldn’t even eat them in their natural form and they’re only palatable because of the massive amount of processing. And then it’s like oops actually it’s still bad for you but your tummy didn’t get upset when you ate it. I guess soybean oil is supposed to be bad as well and I love to eat some edamame, but still I thought it was a processing issue not an actual seed issue for the most part.

No. 337403

Can anynonna recommend me a sunscreen that is not sticky?

No. 337419

No, they’re all sticky and slimy. There’s a kind of dry powder sunscreen you can buy but I’ve never tried it because I’m too afraid of inhaling zinc and whatever else is in there

No. 337431

My skin will be drier and I get an overall redness in my face and I become anxious from coffee and have diarrhoea, so I don't drink it anymore. It can be the caffeine, but I never tried finding the reason, just skipped the coffee/energy drinks and drink tea and water.

any studies on the seed stuff? Would love to have further reading on it, as I always heard so many good things about linseed and other seeds and that you should eat them to improve your health.

No. 337653

File: 1687742144360.jpg (21.91 KB, 698x698, lrpaquagel.jpg)

Picrel is my favorite sunscreen to apply, it's the least sticky I could find (for now) since it's a moisturizing gel that's also a SPF30 sunscreen. It's a fairly new product, so maybe they'll come out with stronger SPFs later. There's also The Ordinary "Survival" sunscreen, I haven't tried it yet, but it's like a serum so it seems promising (though again the strongest protection available is SPF30, but it's better than applying nothing at all ig). There are also Asian sunscreens that are supposed to be less sticky, but after the false claims of some Korean sunscreens, I'm a bit wary. You can also try sun sprays maybe?

No. 337698

File: 1687768990264.jpg (29.44 KB, 300x656, 7316715_Sunozon-Med-Sonnenflui…)

I'm using picrel at the moment, as it won't give me pimples and it's without perfume. In the winter I use https://www.dm.de/balea-gesichtscreme-niacinamide-lsf-30-p4066447239058.html Both are a little bit sticky, but not as bad as other sunscreens I've tested so far. It's also not a big problem as I will use powder afterwards and only need sunscreen on my face because I wear long clothes year round. Hope other nonnas have more recommendations, as happy as I'm with the sunscreen I use, I love trying new stuff and what I use isn't available in every country.

No. 337731

File: 1687793788771.jpg (197.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_bhaproducts.jpg)

Does anyone have some BHA toners or serums they would recommend? I never used one before and I have been tempted to use glow serum's BHA + AHA strawberry serum but its quite expensive. I might go for the miracle toner instead.

I mainly want to get it to get rid of my spots and acne marks. so far my skincare routine has been:

KOSE Softymo Cleansing Oil with Cerave foam cleanser
Reyena 16 toner
Beauty of Joseon glow serum
Cosrx snail moisturiser
Canmake sunscreen

I have also been using cosrx pimple patch to calm down my spots. So far my skin has been feeling soft and fresh but I still got so many small spots which makes my face feel bumpy.

No. 337791

That is the reason, but seed oils in general are inflammatory, our bodies have not evolved to process the excessive omega-6 they contain as well. Whole seeds themselves contain lectins, which mess with our gut, cause inflammation, etc. Inflammation is basically what unironically causes shit like cancer and heart disease, it messes with our skin, joints, hormones, hair, everyone's body deals with it differently. If any nonnies are interested, please just go to google scholar and search for lectins, poly/mono unsaturated fats, seed oils, etc.

Here is a good article with a lot of paper sources you can read also.

No. 337834

I use cosrx bha once a week and sometimes use cerave salicylic acid at night if I see some pimples coming through, so that they don't grow and disappear quickly. The cosrx one is also great locally when I have the occasional bad hormonal pimple, it will kill it before it gets bad.

No. 337836

File: 1687855581499.png (Spoiler Image,696.24 KB, 1080x1532, milkmobile2_1080x.png)

Thoughts on Jeff Star's new skincare launch? This was the first thing I saw when I went to look at it on his website. Not really a great way to sell/promote skincare when a huge amount of ppl buying it are kids/teens. Anyway… His previous and first skincare launch had very decent ingredients and a lot of skincare people on YouTube seemed to approve of it. Honestly I would buy his products if they shipped to my 3rd world shithole country.

No. 337837

File: 1687855685607.png (Spoiler Image,544.46 KB, 1080x1532, starmilkmobile1_1080x.png)

Same anon here. So this is what the packaging looks like and it's quite pretty and simple which makes me think more thought and money went into the ingredients.

No. 337839

Skincare nonnies, does this nighttime and daytime routine sound good for preventing premature aging and looking healthy? I have dry, sensitive skin prone to redness and dark spots/scars from previous acne and sun damage. I'm 23

Gentle cleanser
Vitamin c serum
Light moisturiser

Hydrating cleanser
Thick Moisturizer containing niacinimide
Cerave retinal resurfacing cream

No. 337857

okay i'm going to try and get the cosrx bha toner for now since I also get hormonal breakouts or when i wear makeup, thank you for your advice

also is there a difference between the Cerave Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Cerave Acne Control Cleanser? or is the saliclic one just the better choice

No. 337862

Wow his face is crazy, I haven’t laid eyes on him in years he got even weirder looking.

No. 337863

He looks old. I feel like with him being a multimillionaire he should look a liiiiiiiitle bit better but maybe I'm just being a judgemental bitch. His skin would look more youthful and plump if he wasn't so stick thin

No. 338088

My skin was almost flawless until I started working out a few days ago. Now I'm starting to look like a teen with several spots on my face at once. I wash with a cleanser immediately after the workout. Do I really have to choose between my face and my body?

No. 338091

He looks more plump to me, but very synthetic. Like a different person.

No. 338095

File: 1688003233481.jpg (304.03 KB, 1440x612, thisbutwithatowel.jpg)

Holy shit. Nonna. NONNA. I got one of those towels yesterday, and I tried it today. Just now. Just got out of the shower.

It was like The Battle of Hastings. I have never seen so much bloodshed… skinshed. Whatever. It was like a ssaurabi (Korean samurai) storming a castle and hunting down every last servant and knight, room by room. My skin's barriers fell like dominoes to this green, foreign foe. Like you, my KP on my arms is all but eradicated. I'm almost inspired to make a character design based on this stupid little scrubby towel, it was that good.

No. 338123

Maybe you should try using the weakest benzoyl peroxide wash you can find after a workout, it's likely caused by bacteria.

No. 338124

I see nothing that needs to be changed anon, looks good.

No. 338138

I searched up the difference and found out that the Acne control cleanser has 2% salicylic acid while the SA one has 0,5%. so yeah i will probably go for the acne control one and if it irritates my skin i will switch to the SA one.

No. 338153

why would you buy from this asshole pervert? don't give him money, you can get everything cheaper elsewhere, especially if you are in less privileged country

No. 338155

Thank you!!

No. 338156

Why is he a perv ass? Don't tell me he's like James Charles and is a pedo

No. 338157

So why do skincare influencers hate Nivea sunscreen so much? I've used the blue Nivea Moisturizing spf50 and it's better than the expensive one I got from overseas. Leaves my face smooth and soft and hydrated and doesn't leave a white cast. Easy to wash off and doesn't pill. And it's the cheapest most effective sunscreen I've used

No. 338158

What's the most expensive skincare product you nonnies own and was it worth the price?

No. 338159

I don't know the outcome, but there were very believable accusations against him that he drugged, tased, and gave a nonconsensual blowjob to a 17yo. And well, a ton of other crap but here's a vid of him using racial slurs liberally (and often against women)

No. 338160

collection of crap here also https://thetab.com/uk/2020/07/23/jeffree-star-controversies-167331
>In a 2010 interview with Red River Noise, Jeffree said a number of ridiculous things. Whether it’s literally admitting to tasing someone because they poured water on him, calling Pink “a fucking dirty lesbian” or calling gay people “fucking annoying”. He decides it’s best to round off the interview nicely though, by saying: “I’m all about business, usually, but of course I like to go out and have fun. The other night I punched a girl and threw drinks everywhere. That’s just what happens if people are going to talk shit.”

Just buy from The Ordinary, don't support this shithead. The Ordinary are starting to expand into other markets now

No. 338181

I started drinking water obsessively (like a mouthful every 15 minutes) and my skin is so soft and plump. Can't believe that was the secret kek.

No. 338185

Eucerin Hyaluron Booster. Woth it. It has a pump that makes a very small drop, half as much as I was getting from Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum and it's enough for the whole face. I use it as a base under makeup, and after chemical peeling, because it does not irritate me. It smells very pleasant, hydratation is great. It comes with a gift- 7ml Anti Pigment Serum, that also spreads like nothing (it has more intense fragrance, but no irritation detected) and erased red spot I'd had on the side of my nose for like years. It's terribly expensive, but I want it!!

Worst expensive products i had was Uriage Hyséac set, six products (gel cleanser, lotion, spf cream, regulator and hydratation cream), that was recomended to me- and it was like throwing money into toilet and flush. I've never had such terrible acne as after that. I swear, it changed some balance in my pores, tooks about three months for my skin to be free of scary large comedomes,dry patches and sores again.

No. 338189

>Why is he a perv ass?
>pic of him in assless chaps
That didn't tip you off right away?

No. 338203

I bought a $80 Neocutis LUMIÈRE eye cream and even repurchased it once because it was good but I was looking for an excuse to stop buying it because the price is too crazy, so when they changed the formula I decided it must be bad now oh well. it's like $100 a bottle now, I can't.

No. 338207

Because they get their recommendations, info and feedback from the same reddit sub, which is a massive circlejerk. If they say something sucks, going against the popular opinion is going to cost you. Younger skincare consumers know very little about the products they consume outside of what's taught by the influencers or maybe tiktok derms, and act like reddit sycophants themselves. When Hyram was popular a few years ago, his fans were like cultists.

No. 338208

I never got it when people said "punchable face" but ever since I watched Hyram, I understood it. He has an annoying, punchable face and his personality is just as annoying. His voice is disgusting. Also, Hyram's skincare line was such a fuck up, he destroyed himself with that shitshow.

No. 338209

Maybe those tiktok girls have a point about their perfect skin secret being water. How many liters roughly do you drink a day?

No. 338235

File: 1688065147132.png (18.19 KB, 279x435, Screenshot 2023-06-29 150007.p…)

It was $41, got it for 35 on sale. It's literally the best sunscreen i've ever used in my life and i will rebuy, idgaf. Dries down beautifully and helps with my oilliness.

No. 338237

I'm not an influencer but I hate Nivea sunscreen because it stinks, leaves a sticky, glowing face behind and one of the main ingredients is alcohol. It's just the same with many reviews, if one main influencer says it's not good most will follow. If the sunscreen works for you, good, keep on using it, I finally found what's working for me and it just doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's your skin and you know the best what works and what not.

No. 338267

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peels twice a week makes a huge difference in smoothing out my skin texture and keeping milia away. I’d say it’s worth the price if bought in bulk during a sale (that’s what I keep telling myself). Nothing else I’ve tried that’s expensive has been worth it and I generally stick to affordable Korean brands.

No. 338271

That sunscreen burns my eyeballs if even a tiny bit comes near my eye, and it reacts badly with anything I try to put over it (makeup or skincare). It's just not for me. But anyone with contact lenses needs to stay away from that one imho. The pain…
I loved that peel too.

No. 338352

I'm lazy about putting sunscreen on. I only put it on if I know I'll be outside for more than an hour but I realize I tend to underestimate the time I spend outside. How do I realistically incorporate sunscreen in my routine? It just seems like a pain in the ass to constantly reapply

No. 338356

My water bottle has like 720 ml and I'm like at 4 of those a day, so around 2880 ml. I drink a bit more if I go outside.
I'm only doing this because of a uti but it's a nice side effect.

No. 338399

Love this stuff too, makes an immediate difference and good to use before a big event. Better to splurge on a product like this with powerful actives and go cheaper on basic cleansers or moisturizers.

No. 338423

I'm shocked. I always felt like my skin was disgusting no matter which products I used. I'm on a trip right now and in the hotel you can pick small packets of skin care products for free for a whole routine. I tried it randomly yesterday and for the first time my skin is completely clean without me having to scratch my face to remove dirt and dead skin with my nails. I hope I can find these products in my country, I'm ready to buy them even if they're crazy expensive.

No. 338443

It sounds like you need to exfoliate once in a while

No. 338466

Hello skincare nonnies, maybe you can help me out. I had jaw surgery 2-3 years ago. I guess for hygienic reasons they put some weird jelly on my face during the surgery. After my surgery my T-zone (specifically forehead and between the eyebrows) has been incredibly oily and i have small little bumps under my skin. I never had this problem before. And i first thought it was an allergic reaction but it isn't going away. I've tried different moisturizers and face masks and oils but nothing is really helping. I drink lots of water, eat healthy and exercise so i know that isn't the problem. Maybe anyone here has any other recommendations? Or is this just who i am now.

No. 338468

have you tried differin? it helped cure my chronic skin congestion/bumpiness/oil (I'm still oily it's just not such a problem anymore)

No. 338472

I do but it seems to never fully work. I assume it's because the products I used until now were cheap garbage. Although I did try some Pixi product very recently and it worked so much that my sebum came back full force to compensate and I started having some painful rather quickly.

No. 338473

I swear by the Nip/Fab glycolic acid extra strength night time pad things. I literally use dish soap and a hot rag to wash my face about half the time, just water some times, and sometimes a real facial cleanser but cheap one after the dish soap kek. Sounds crazy but diluted dish soap clears my acne easily. I guess the antibacterial part is what I need. But anyway, as far as texture goes. The Nip Fab thing is the ONLY product I am willing to spend more than 10 dollars on, that shit works great. I get little clogged pores on my chin so bad I can pluck the seeds out with tweezers. When it gets to that point using the Nip Fab pads at night a couple times a week clears it by 80 percent or so within 2 weeks. And then I stop using it because I am lazy, and dont wanna keep spending money (using up product) if my face is clear kek. Use sunscreen with it, dont skip it. Use a moisturizer too it can be drying.

No. 338961

Same, anon. Innisfree has cute packaging and I get their schtick, but nothing from them helped me years ago and their green tea serum actually broke me out.

No. 339213

ive tried tanning for the first time ever this summer and i LOVE how i look with it (i know how bad the sun is for your skin so ill probably just try tanning drops to maintain it overtime) but i hate how my old white stretch marks are visble now , i used to barely notice them before because i was so pale. i dont mind hip ones those look cool but i hate the boob ones - is there a way to minimize their appearance? i heard bio oil is pretty useless on the old white ones

No. 339215

No, any topical application claiming to improve the appearance of stretch marks is a sham. And bio-oil especially is snake oil.

No. 339222

stretch marks are cool. they're cute. they're always on the softest skin places so they're sensual in a way. I'm convinced people like to see them just not on themselves.
no cure for them, I've heard professional microdermabrasion and similar procedures are the only semi-effective treatment. better off just using a topical tanning cream to cover them if you hate them.

No. 339834

File: 1689096343535.jpg (42.37 KB, 540x540, 20220613_172339_2_540x.jpg)

Nonnas, I need a sunscreen for my body, mainly arms and legs. It has to be SPF50 because I'm pale and have scars, if possible without perfume, and not sticky, because I won't wear it if it's sticky, kek. It also shouldn't leave marks on black clothes. My skin is normal to dry with light keratosis pilaris.

No. 340171

People with kp: does it flare up for you when you're sick with a cold or flu?

No. 340182

File: 1689326363844.jpg (81.03 KB, 675x844, cbd1986f687875db437ad7db69bae5…)

Skincare pro nonnies. Sorry if this is a dumb question but if my skin is dry and sensitive, yet my skin tone is uneven and I have lots of marks from teen acne and some fine lines, and my face gets red when I drink alcohol and spicy foods and lots of sugar. what ingredients should I use? My goal is picrel (not me) and I am determined to reach my goal within the next 5 years. I'm very consistent with skincare, so it's not an issue for me to have a more "complicated" routine to fix my issues, before anyone tells me to just keep things simple.

Atm I just use a gentle face wash and a hydrating foaming face wash for taking off makeup, but I'm buying a makeup removing balm or oil for that. I use Sunblock whenever I know I'm going to be in the sun for longer than 5 minutes and I moisturize religiously.

I specifically want to start doing GENTLE chemical exfoliation once a week and include retinol (already have one picked) and wear Sunblock more often (struggling to find a clear one with no cast and doesn't sting my eyes).

Other than these things, what do I even do? Serums, essences? Toners? Lazer scar removal on my face? Shaving my face with those little razors? Pls help pro nonnettes

No. 340183

Anon, your goal is unrealistic. That photo has been edited. The sides of her nose are barely visible. Real women have pores and lines. You can get skincare advice ITT to improve your skin but you can't look like an edited photo.

No. 340186

Just letting you know that photo has been facetuned to hell and her facial features have been changed.

No. 340192

File: 1689329602422.jpg (25.46 KB, 1000x1000, 8643335.jpg)

I bought Altruist sunscreen this year and it's quite nice. No added perfume, it applies really well, you just need to rub it in properly. Not sticky, and spf 50.

No. 340196

Sometimes its trial and error. Ive realized that it is more important to not skip my routine before bed and to keep it super minimal in the morning. The minute i dont drink a lot of water my skin also becomes horrible again. Usually once or twice a week i do a face mask. However, you will never reach what your picrel has cause it is filtered like crazy like other nonnas said. Getting a red face consuming what you said is normal for a lot of people and you cant get rid of that. You can try the skincare subreddit for more advice if you want to try certain serums and other stuff, but just know that having lines and wrinkles and pores are just part of the human experience.

No. 340363

How the hell do I get rid of Naso labial folds?????? I'm too young for these lines. Is it because i mouth breath when I sleep at night??? I'm actually upset about this. Do I need to Exfoliate with AHA? I'm so sad and upset omg I hate life

No. 340365

expensive facial procedures (think microneedling although I'm not saying that would definitely be the solution) or diet changes seem to work the best, judging by other people. light exfoliation to promote cell turnover and prevent dirt and dead skin from collecting in the fold. hydration to promote plumpness. some people (me) just always have them and I don't think it looks bad unless your face is sagging around them (sorry not to be mean if your face does sag prematurely, mine does too, but it's not considered ideal). I smile a lot and they disappear into smile lines plus I look friendly so that helped me stop worrying about them. I've had excess fat at the corners of my mouth / on my cheeks since I was a little kid so I live with it it's fine. it's better when I sleep a lot and drink a ton of water and don't drink alcohol.

No. 340768

hi nonnies, I need some advice. I've been breaking out like mad, probably far worse than when I was teen. There's quite a few in my eyebrows, but the majority of my acne is on my lower face. A lot of it just keeps on coming back and often in the same spots. I suspect it might be chronically clogged hair follicles and not just a hormone issue. And no I'm not sure if I have PCOS. I'm very hairy, have gotten a lot more weird black hairs and much thicker hair on my lower face (my body hair and peach fuzz is blond/transparent otherwise) in recent years too. I already had my T levels tested and they seemed fine so my doctor refused to refer me to a gyno or hormone specialist.
sorry for not being able to be helpful, but do you side sleep at night?

No. 340771

This is happening to me, my nose and around my mouth are developing far worse acne outbreaks, esp around my period. Trying to combat it isn't fixing it.

No. 340772

File: 1689710808440.jpg (57.12 KB, 540x1000, adapalene.jpg)

Sounds hormonal honestly, hope you can figure that out. Sometimes a little weight loss helps me with hormonal acne, no idea if you have weight to lose though. But anyway, for treating the acne you have I recommend adapalene gel (Differin is the biggest brand name I think, I buy this other brand because it's cheaper they are exactly the same)
clean you face at the end of the day, dry off, apply a pea size amount of gel to your face (you're not trying to slime yourself up like with lotion, it's medicine so just get a little of it all over especially the lower half of your face where you have the problem), follow with a moisturizer because it is drying especially at first. You will be more prone to sunburn while you use it as well, so sunscreen or staying out of the sun is recommended. You can use it as a spot treatment too if you have a bad zit. Cleanse your face in the morning to remove dead skin cells, you can use face wash or just water and a cotton pad, whatever your skin likes but removing the dead skin is important to prevent breakouts even if this is mostly hormonal.
If you are taking biotin supplements be aware they can cause the type of hair breakouts you're describing.

No. 340783

I'll check it out. Tbh, I don't wear sunscreen (I avoid the sun + wear sunglasses and hats constantly) because I'm just so afraid of breaking out. I might have to just accept it and start applying it again.

Also isn't Adapalene just a milder form of Tret with similar benefits? I do actually have some Tret left but my skin is so dry and sensitive that I stopped using it a long time ago.

No. 340785

adapalene is another vitamin A thing like tret yeah. it's not prescription strength and it's mostly for acne unlike tret although they share many similarities. I find it much more gentle than tret but it can cause skin peeling sometimes if you're worried about that. I have used both and the way adapalene gel makes my skin feel is totally different from tret.

No. 340793

Heads up with adapalene, the purge is SO real. And the timeline can be really different than what you see online or in pamphlets.
My personal experience with Differin was that it diminished my acne only slightly for the first two months, and then the next two months were HORRIBLE, I'm talking a constant cycle of deep and large puss filled breakouts all over my lower face for the whole period.
I only stuck with it because I had previously been on prescription adapalene gel as a teen (it was the only thing that actually helped me after going through a slew of dermatologists and expensive treatments) and knew it had at least worked for my skin before. The purging wasn't nearly as bad back then, but I really did not want to find another dermatologist after feeling conned out of my money by so many iver the years. So I stuck with it through the shitty Differin purge.
My skin is clear now and I don't get the same terrible breakouts that I used to approaching my period. Give it a shot, but be really patient with it. And do follow the directions to start gradually.

No. 340796

Samefag from the previous post, but I was on tretinoin for a while some point in the years between my initial experience with adapalene gel and my current use of Differin (it was cheaper than adapalene under my insurance and Differin wasn't OTC yet), but it both massively dried me out in a way that never really went away even after almost a full year of use + it wasn't as effective for my acne as adapalene and now differin have been. I agree with >>340785, it's a very different experience than adapalene gels. I'd consider my OTC and prescription adapalene experiences to be pretty similar, even though the prescription adapalene I was on as a teen was stronger.

No. 340811

yeah tret just isn't as good for acne in my experience

No. 340815

AYRT, did you use the gel or cream form? Part of me has always wondered if the issue was that I was prescribed tretinoin cream while both Differin and the adapalene I was on previously were gel.

No. 340818

have any of you ever seen an improvement to their eye area from an ingredient? Like a vitamin C serum? I accept my flaws in general, but there's a ton of crepeiness around my eyes that makes it hard to apply make-up and I'm in my 20s.

No. 340824

Retinol actually helped with this for me. I use something stronger now, but I saw results even with just Cera Ve's retinol serum

No. 340900

I started using Dermatica about 4 months ago and have noticed some improvements with my tear troughs. My formula is Tretinoin 0.05%, Niacinamide 4% and Azelaic Acid 4%. Started on 0.01% Tretinoid in the first month though, it increases each month.

No. 340963

I posted this in the makeup thread but I got a freckle tattoo and I hate it kek. What will help fade it quite a bit? I have treinoin .05% for night time and im considering the ordinary vitamin c 30% in silicone for daytime. Got phiremoval done so can't use anything or wash my face for 3 days. I'll be able to gage how much it did for me, but they did say 4-6 weeks to see the actual results so…

No. 340998

You won't like this, but expose your face to the sun for as long and often as you can without sunblock to lighten the freckle tattoos. Exfoliating won't help unfortunately. Your best option is to get Lazer tattoo removal. What don't you like about the freckle tattoo you got in particular? Are they too dark?

No. 340999

Can I get a normal GP to prescribe me with tret? Has anyone had experience with that?

I follow a skincare influencer who's name I can't remember right now, who's skin is damn near perfect and looks like a filter. She says it's because she's been on tret for a number of years and she uses copper peptides. I low key want skin that looks like a filter

No. 341009

you can usually get it easily enough from dermatologists, not sure about GPs though

No. 341016

File: 1689857096742.jpeg (190.39 KB, 1280x1280, 64E8C0E1-1B6F-4816-B001-30D192…)

Sorry if wrong place to post but I smoke weed regularly and it’s caused my lips to get darker over time. They used to be a bright pink that I actually used to hate cuz I thought it clashed with my skin tone. Now I realized it was my perfect lip color and I was being dumb.

have any of you that smokes found a routine to keep your lips pink while still smoking? I know the real answer is to stop smoking but I’m not ready yet lol. I recently started doing lip scrubs every time I brush my teeth and putting ACV on my lips for 10 minutes. If anyone has any other proven ways please let me know.

No. 341023

Does this only affect people who aren’t melanin deficient? I’m white as fuck and have been smoking daily for a decade+ and been smoking a lot of joints daily for the past few years. and my lips are still just normal pinkish tone they’ve always been.

No. 341025

It won’t make your skin look like a filter kek, and if you aren’t INSANE about sun protection and drinking water and moisturizing it will just do more harm than good and make your face dry and flakey.

But yes most GPs will prescribe it happily if you have acne and say OTC things aren’t working but that you had acne as a kid and Tretinoin helped (this can be a bold faced lie). But if you say you’ve used it in the past and it helped for a problem you currently are having again they will prescribe it.

No. 341031

Honestly I think so! Tbh I’ve only seen this happen to other black and brown folk so you might be on to something!

No. 341034

Its probably volume loss from pursuing your lips so much, your lips probably arent actually darker, but the skin isnt pulled as tight anymore. If you pull your lip skin tight, are they still darker?

Switch to edibles

No. 341095

File: 1689885924992.jpeg (259.17 KB, 750x527, E8045D1D-2E48-4BC6-8958-2D852E…)

What (affordable) products can I use to get rid of my dark spots from picking my pimples? Also how long will it take for them to disappear?

No. 341096

Vitamin C serum helps! I’ve used some from The Ordinary, (it’s cheap and no-frills), which helped lighten some spots I had from skin picking.

No. 341098

Thank you, I’ll check it out

No. 341103

File: 1689890631770.jpg (96.26 KB, 1280x720, sigh.jpg)

What do you recommend for hyperpigmentation ALL over my body?
In the span of a week, my body broke out in fungal acne(?) not even my doctor knew what it was. It went away but the dark marks are all over. I'm so self conscious because they appeared out of nowhere and I looked diseased as hell.

No. 341138

I feel the freckles are too warm for my skin and a little bigger than they should be. I don't mind exposing my face to the sun, I was considering doing that actually. As far as laser tattoo removal I figured I'll get it done eventually. I was considering doing 2 rounds of phiremoval which is where they inject glycolic acid to the tattoo and that is suppose to eat the ink away and draw out the ink into a scab. Sucks its on my face and I have to work like this kek.

No. 341154

File: 1689915389009.png (142.05 KB, 614x430, Screenshot 2023-07-21 005705.p…)

You have to exfoliate a lot. I like picrel since it doesn't dry out your skin. I'd probably use the accompany sa lotion to help with achieving faster results.

No. 341155

First aid beauty sells a KP body smoothing scrub and also a matching lotion. I use the first aid beauty KP body scrub and the KP lotion that peach and lily has, but the first aid beauty lotion is good too.

No. 341161

Excuse me for my ignorance, but I am not into skincare so idk if it helps with the hyperpigmentation. Will these products work for my issue? It's not bumpy, just looks like hyperpigmentation stains(?) The reviews seem to be for bumpy skin as well.
My skin isn't bumpy, sorry I have no sleep and cannot type.

No. 341171

File: 1689924611662.jpg (7.26 KB, 270x275, 1668585533864.jpg)

Is completely clear skin even a realistic expectation? Acne gets talked about as some teenage problem that should go away, eventually, but I have never met an adult who doesn't have regular pimples, blackheads, etc. I'm in my mid-20s and don't think there's ever been a day when I don't have a couple of pimples on my face. Where, exactly, is the line between normal occasional skin blemish and acne that is a problem that needs to be treated? Is the (unrealistic?) quest for a problem-free, clear skin all just a psyop by big beauty?

No. 341181

i have keratosis pilaris and SA never really worked for me, not even for acne. you can maybe try AHA body toners or lotions, it's a type of chemical exfoliant. another thing that i like to use on my body is glycolic acid, the ordinary has a big bottle of 7% glycolic acid that i like. i wouldn't use it on my face though.
but if it appeared within a week it could be some sort of rash or allergic reaction? not sure if chemical exfoliants would help with that. exfoliating in general might make it worse. i'd really just try to figure this out with my dermatologist first

No. 341200

the products do something they just don't always do what they say and different people respond differently, so in some ways it is a psyop to get you to spend money. there's always the chance your diet, lifestyle, or hormones could completely counteract any results from skincare as well (you could use adapalene or tretanoin and get good results but if you have hormonal cystic acne no skin cream is gonna stop that 100%, because that's an internal issue, if you chain smoke you're gonna have circles under your eyes, if you like midnight snacks and don't wash your face after you eat you will have clogged pores around your mouth, if you're chronically dehydrated your skin will look like shit no matter what, etc etc.)
Actual improvements to skin are much slower than products claim and even if something makes your skin feel/look great the first time you use it, that doesn't mean it will improve your skin over time. My own personal tinfoil, some products are formulated for immediate results so people rave about them after two days of use or so you think your skin only looks good if you have that product (caffeine in eye creams, hyaluronic acid in lotion – these don't have long term benefits but they do give instant visible results.)
Acne takes a while to form and requires a long-term gentle approach to combat. All the medicines for it need to be used in moderation and over a long period of time to see actual results. bombing your skin with salacylic acid or benzoyl peroxide will dry it out and make acne appear smaller immediately after you're done, but if you damage your skin it will just make you look worse. You get better results from using a moderate amount slowly and conditioning the skin slowly, and you also much keep the skin clean and protect it from the sensitizing affects of the product (via moisturizer and sun protection) or else you risk damaging the skin.
There's always the chance your skin is reacting negatively to products and would benefit from ZERO products and just being wiped off with a wet washcloth until your natural skin biome builds up the right microbes and dustmites or whatever (seems like very few people are like that but it's an experiment you could try if you have 6 months where it doesn't matter if you look worse).

No. 341209

Is there something I can do about my butt? It always have dark spots (like hair that have been trapped in the skin and need to be picked out individually) and near my crack I always have small pimples. Im thinking of exfoliating and using a face wash for acne but then again not sure

No. 341210

whats a lip balm that actually works my lips are in the trenches rn those 2018 vsco bitches lied carmex aint shit

No. 341217

Sorry if this is blogpost-y, but I posted here a while ago about having a crater-like pore on my cheek caused by putting powder blush on my bare skin and was looking for help to remedy the appearance of it. I ended up having a relative poke it (along with a bunch of other pimples) with a sanitized needle during an extraction session and after all these years, I was finally able to get a big chunk of gunk out from it and it’s starting to close up. After I saw the results, I thought of getting a micro needling procedure done to help out my skin in general since I have extremely porous skin. Any nonnas that have gotten one done before, is the pain level for it high?

No. 341221

Blistex or Eucerin Aquaphor. Blistex Medplus is my holy grail when my lips are cracked. Aquaphor isn't technically lipbalm but more like an all-purpose healing ointment but it comes in small 45ml tubes and is really nice on the lips ime.

No. 341222

Microneedling causes more like a funny sensation than pain.

No. 341226

I stand by the laneige lip masks, I've been using mine since like 2018 and I'm not even close to finishing and it still works the same. I put some on at night when my lips are dry and in the morning I wake up and wipe away the dead skin. It saves my ass every time.

No. 341407

blistex lip medex is the only shit I've been using for a decade, nothing else works

No. 341686

File: 1690212737423.jpeg (221.06 KB, 5472x3648, IMG_3755.jpeg)

Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I have a question in regards to treatment for raised white scars. Is there a way to actually remove these or minimize their appearance? I have a bunch of visible scars like picrel on my forearms from self-harming as a teen and I am dying to get rid of them. I don’t want to get tattoos there to cover them. Is there any sort of treatment that could minimize the appearance? I know it’ll never be perfect/fully removed but I am so embarrassed of my scars and really want them to be less apparent to strangers.

No. 341698

Those are called hypertrophic scars if you want to google it. There's treatments for them but it's all stuff you can't do at home like lasering or injections. Getting an appointment with a derm would probably be a good starting point.

No. 341755

agreed with eucerin aquaphor, i always have a tin of it handy for more than just lips. i've had a lot of success with the unscented burt's bees (none of the scented ones or the original with peppermint, all of those dried my lips out badly). i have also had success with badger products, especially ones containing cocoa butter. no hate to the anons who love blistex but i hate the basic blistex, it never works for me and is super irritating (probably just a personal sensitivity, not a product defect).

No. 341831

Skipping cleansers in the morning and only using water to move on to moisturizing has improved my dry prone skin. I’ve only been doing this for two days but I can sense it’ll be a game changer.

No. 341841

I've been doing this for like 6 years and my skin has been great. Good decision, I hope it continues to work for you. From one dry anon to another, less really is more.

No. 341943

Had it done years ago. Went for several sessions and honestly I can't recall it hurting at all.

No. 342024

did the same and my skin is very happy with that, I only use water and a reusable makeup remover pad in the morning. I also started to completely avoid the bad kind of alcohol in my skincare products, don't use 20 products at once and use a very mild micellar water to remove mascara and sunscreen at the end of the day. My skin is happy with that and doesn't feel too dry or tight anymore.

No. 342270

Do physical exfoliates really cause small tears in the skin and cause fine lines?

No. 342335

It's the same for me and I haven't found any solution for it and time also doesn't help, kek. If you find something that helps, please share it. But I guess there aren't any products out there that really help except for what nonna >341698 already mentioned.

No. 342413

As long as it is not too aggressive you should be fine.

No. 342482

I have these persistent bumpy blackheads that nothing seems to touch. I've been using a cleanser with salicylic acid and niacinamide for months now, no change. Oil cleansing, no change. Physical exfoliation, no change. I don't use makeup, my moisturizer is non-comedogenic, obviously. How do I get rid of them??

No. 342724

File: 1690801977638.png (1.18 MB, 974x987, ugh.png)

what can I do here? first of all I don't even know what these things are, whiteheads?

No. 342725

I think they're closed comedones

No. 342728

Congested skin. Adapalene gel and a nice moisturizer should help clear that up. Make a point to drink more water in the future to prevent that and if you wear makeup or mineral sunscreen make sure to cleanse properly before bed and sleep on a clean pillowcases.

No. 342739

Nonnas, did anyone here tried dermarolling for acne scars? After clearing my acne my skin is getting to look pretty even toned, so that's good. But the amount of indented scars I have is depressing, at least in my eyes. For reference: I have a rolling and boxcar scars, I think.
I read up on the subject of dermarolling, have even bought a dermaroller and isopropyl alcohol. I'm fine with waiting a bit for any effects. Just want to start doing something to target this while I'm saving up for a laser treatment. Did this actually help anyone here? I'm really worried I will somehow make my situation worse or stab myself in the eye with it kek

No. 342783

>use mild retinol (0.1%) every 3 days
>skin gets irritated, dry and burns when cleansing + moisturizing
>focus on barrier repair
>skin gets better
>try to reintroduce retinol slowly
>back to shit skin barrier
How am I supposed to see results with retinols if such a mild dosis can lead to this, are retinols a joke? My skin is doing good atm last time I touched my retinol was two weeks ago. I don't want to go back to this cycle.

No. 342789

File: 1690853166104.jpg (13.79 KB, 400x300, medium_1647987059.jpeg.jpg)

I'm in a similar situation but I've just barely started retrying the retin-a. I'm so nervous my skin barrier is gonna go to shit again. I really am trying to out the absolute thinnest layer possible and only in problem areas. I read that you should put retin-a cream on so thin that at the first swipe to rub it in, it should be clear. This is ibviously specific to the type of cream I use but it really helped me understand how much I should be using. I hope someone has good advice for this

No. 342846

maybe this will be helpful, but you should apply retinols only on completely dry skin, it shouldn't even be mildly damp because it can increase irritation. you can also try sandwiching your retinol between 2 layers of moisturizer - basically apply your moisturizer first, let it dry down as much as possible, then apply retinol, let it dry and apply another layer of moisturizer as a last step. this might help while your skin is getting used to it.
another thing to consider is what other ingredients you are using in your skincare. retinols/tretinoin already addresses sebum production, blackheads, fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation so you can pretty much drop everything with the exception of cleanser, moisturizer and spf.
also look at whether your other products have hyaluronic acid, because while it is a good ingredient for hydration, it can increase irritation from actives in some people. try looking for HA-free moisturizers that are glycerin based.
for skin barrier repair i really like avene products because they are formulated for acne prone skin and are good to pair with harsh actives. i also really really like anything with high amounts of centella, there are a ton of korean skincare products with it. it helps with irritation and barrier repair.

sometimes retinols just don't work for some people. if that's the case you can look into prescription strength (20%) azelaic acid. it does literally the same things as tretinoin except improving fine lines, and people with certain skin conditions like rosacea tolerate it much better.

No. 343085

How effective is AHA for fading a tan?

No. 343137

The skin going around the base of my nose always looks a bit redder than the rest of my face, yet it never burns or itches or anything. Why is this and how can I fix it?

No. 343149

Has anyone had an in office skin peel before? I have really bad acne scars i'd like to get on top of. I just want to know your experiences.

No. 343230

I am often irritated/dehydrated in that place so I apply vaseline sometimes, you could see if that changes anything. This area is always a bit red for me though because there are veins so they can be pretty noticeable especially if you have fair skin, so I don't think it's anything abnormal. I have one that looks light a red lightning going out of my nostril and there's nothing do to about it so I've just started appreciating it.

No. 343317

The cleanser & moisturizer I use does have HA as an ingredient so it makes sense. I use LRP cicablast b5 as barrier repair and it has helped me. I'll try get HA free moisturizers and start retinol slow like once a week, but I'm still paranoid. Thanks for the tips, anon.
ayrt. I've been using a pea size amount to cover my face and neck. I guess you're supposed to use even less than that. My problem area is my left cheek which looks worse than my right cheek likely due to my sleeping on that side but idk how to fix that habit. The paranoia of your skin going to shit in one moment is the worst I get it.

No. 343335

I’m only 23 but I’m getting a forehead line from raising my eyebrows or being stressed out. When I’m done having sex even I have an extremely prominent line from I guess raising my eyebrows too much?? It’s embarrassing and it’s always there even though I’ve been using retinol and hyaluronic acid for 2 years. I can’t get a prescription for tretinoin, I’ve tried twice my doctor just won’t do it (he’s really being an asshole about it like I literally do have adult acne even if it’s only hormonal) should I get preventative botox??? Possibly after age 25 if not sooner? I’d probably only be able to afford it like once a year or something but I feel like that could help me retrain my muscles idk. I also don’t wear my glasses as often as I should, could squinting contribute to my forehead line?

No. 343354

You’re not immortal. You’re going to age and die eventually. Get over it

No. 343361

You will get wrinklier as you age and you will deal with it
t. 26 year old with fine lines

No. 343374

Start using a 10% argireline at least once a day in your skincare line up if not twice. I had your issue but now my eyebrows don't want to raise at all unless I consciously raise them and I only have it in my morning line up. It's a lot cheaper than botox (especially when you use TO's like I do), safer and has a similar effect.

No. 343376

nta that's interesting I've never heard of argireline. I looked it up on byrdie:
>Argireline is a peptide that affects nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscles can’t adequately contract
that's basically how botox works too but I'm surprised there's an OTC topical for that. does it have the same drawbacks as botox? I tried to look it up and it says there are none but if it actually has muscle-paralyzing effects it seems impossible that there are no risks

No. 343378

File: 1691289046625.jpg (37.53 KB, 428x428, 5444.jpg)

>I’m only 23 but I’m getting a forehead line from raising my eyebrows or being stressed out.
What? that's called having expressions…even literal children have them nona. this reminds me of the anon concerned about having bottom foot lines, I don't get some of you

No. 343388

I don't know why everyone is yelling at you about how you're gonna get old. Same thing happened to me in my 20s and at times I thought the lines were there to stay (prematurely) because I would have them for months. actually I looked pretty rough in general because of long hours at work and mainlining coffee all day and unwinding with alcohol at night, barely sleeping on top of it. When I got a better handle on the stress in my life voila the lines disappeared because I was finally rested and hydrated and relaxed a little. You're probably right about the stress, it causes a ripple effect in your life. Make sure you're drinking enough fluids and try to get help with the stress.
Tretinoin takes long-term consistency and patience and being very dedicated to protecting the skin, if you're not careful it's just traumatic and drying so I wouldn't recommend it if you're stressed right now, don't feel bad you can't get it.

No. 343390

Since it's topical it's a lot safer than botox. And there's nothing documented for risks that I've found, only drawback I've ever seen a complaint about is some skin sagging but I haven't experienced that myself and have used it for three years. I presume that's more of a risk for those who already experience some skin sagging on their face from aging already.

No. 343393

Since I posted I've been trying out 100% aloe vera gel and turns out it does burn a little once it's on so I guess it's real dry there. It looks less red but I have to keep some on most of the day.

No. 343395

Face moisturizer recommendations for a damaged moisture barrier? I wanted to try the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume b5+ in the lotion version but it is a tad expensive. I'm thinking of using eczema cream since I used it in the past but I don't know if it's meant for the face.

No. 343566

how important is moisturizer and is it for everyone? i never really done skincare and luckily my skin feels smooth and i dont get a lot of acne but i worry with getting older even though i have a baby face and i want a face more…alive as i don't go outside much and have dark circles from a mix of things.

i see moisturizer everywhere in everyones routine even the basic 3-step ones. do i really need it if my skin is not dry and feels pretty even, only area where skin is different is my nose as it gets oily sometimes but thats it.

No. 344039

File: 1691693023272.jpg (47.94 KB, 1000x1000, 51I755Vd6uL.jpg)

Any nonnies tried volufiline? Does it really work? Is it safe?

No. 344042

It is safe and does fuck all.

No. 344194

I'm so fucking done with the weather this year. Ever since the winter rolled around, I've had dry lips. Usually when the spring comes around, it disappears.
But the weather has been switching so drastically throughout, and it's been so fucking windy that I am having dry lips again, and it's really uncomfortable.

I have some lip balm but I have the feeling it helps just for like 15-20 minutes until I drink something and have to bring a cup, a glass or bottle to my mouth and remove some of the balm little by little.
I also have some Vaseline at home that I put on in the evening, but same as with the lip balm really.

I need advice nonnas.

No. 344197

File: 1691781357895.jpeg (217.05 KB, 1170x1078, IMG_5445.jpeg)

has anyone tried medik8’s products?

i’m interested in their crystal retinol 3 and c-tetra serum. has anyone tried either of them?

No. 344198

File: 1691781392244.jpeg (163.17 KB, 1170x922, IMG_5447.jpeg)

No. 345934

File: 1692725733000.jpg (20.05 KB, 250x250, a1.jpg)

i have been breaking out in almost cystic-like acne and tiny, clogged pores with no heads to them for the past 3 weeks or so. i have trouble with not picking my skin so now i look like a meth head and its really scary. i've never had such bad skin before, and i don't know what the fuck the root of the issue is.

>started taking biotin a couple of months ago. this could be it?

>bit more dehydrated due to new medication but i've been keeping up with water, and i drink A LOT. i'm very good with this.
>been stress eating more unnatural sugars, processed food and dairy (formerly vegan, would like to transition back but some mental stuff ruined this for a while)
>expensive moisturizers were 2+ years old and i forgot this because im poor right now so i tossed them and im using up some sample moisturizer from paulas choice.
>stopped chemical exfoliating and toning because ran out and im low on money and couldnt repurchase…
>might need new beauty blender
>only wear concealer/moisturizing
foundation 2-4x a week, both are only 2 months old so fairly new.
>could be my sunscreen?!?!!?!
>might need to wash pillow cases again

ugh. so im going to have to fucking figure this all out nonnies…here is my course of action:

i will continue taking my biotin (i dont think this is the root cause) and drink even more water. going to wash my pillow cases today and do it biweekly (i havent in a month tbh) ill cut back/mostly cut out junk foods and dairy for my day to day diet.

need to buy: new moisturizer, toner, chemical exfoliant, beauty blender.

i am very good with my skin routine so this is upsetting :( i wish i didnt pick to make the acne even worse. im panicking now. ill try to remember to update incase it can help other nonnies here…though this is all common sense.(:()

No. 345936

pure lanolin, the nipple ointment nursing mothers use

No. 345995

File: 1692765976727.jpg (188.17 KB, 969x798, Capture.JPG)

I had similar skin to yours, with the tiny clogged pores. It was all hormones for me, lots of factors causing oil production and acne. Pic related helped a lot (even though its post bc pill advice, I still use these tips after a long time), I also take omega 3s with evening primrose oil, and myo-inositol. I'm a bit older than most nonnies and have tried it all, and def recommend investing in nutrition and supplements over expensive topicals. And a bit of simple exercise for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The creams and washes just have to be simple enough to do their job, aka clean moisturize and exfoliate without adding irritation. I use La Roche Posay and CosRx products for that.

I'm not a medical professional so if you take any medication I'd just make sure to cross reference it with any supplements. You don't have to take all of them every day and you can start slow, but I recommend the omega 3s highly.

No. 346002

So my coochie has this incompletely popped zit because my maybe soon-to-be ex-bf likes popping zits a little too much. How can I get rid of it? It’s actually distraughting for me as I’m thinking it’ll remind me of him later, and I just miss not having it there overall.

No. 346003

For reference, it‘s on one of my inner labia.

No. 346008

Just let it heal naturally, I don't think you should be using regular skincare/anti-acne stuff down there.

No. 346037

It’s been there a while due to it healing weird so just I’m concerned with the possibility of being stuck with it. Thanks for your input though

No. 346042

I started taking vitamins and my skin blew up too. b-12 and vitamin d.

No. 346043

I really want to have all of my stick and poke tattoos removed so that I can have clear arms and legs. Only thing stopping me is the cost. Anyone else have this feeling rn?

No. 346053

Maybe cotton swab + tea tree oil? I imagine using typical acne products would fuck up your PH

No. 346055

Bartholin cyst??? Go to a doctor maybe, it could be a std too. Hope you recover safely.

No. 346062

I don't think it's a Bartholin cyst as it's not really in the right spot? It's more along the edge of my inner lip, not besides the opening. and I also doubt that it's an std, it seemed it was one of those oil? bumps that are naturally occurring. Because it's bugged with, it just looks more prominent; not like any std symptoms unless my case is super subtle. But yeah, I'll definitely consider the doctor if it persists / starts causing physical discomfort.

No. 346063

Sounds promising! I'll look into trying that, thanks for the suggestion

No. 346167

hi nonnie! thank you so much for this. i washed my bedsheets/pillow cases (i really dont think this was part of the issue but its better to be proactive anyway) i do take plenty of supplements but just to be safe im cutting down on the b-12 and biotin. i just ran out of my omega-3s yesterday but ill repurchase when i can. i also take myo-d inositol sometimes! especially for periods! currently i take a daily vegan vitamin that does have zinc and so many wonderful things and vitamin d and formerly that omega-3. i invested in some new skincare products and ive been cutting down on sugar/dairy again since i made that post so ill try to check back in. >>345995

No. 346288

i had a chemical burn on my face that turned into a decent size scab that i ended up picking off once it started to harden. i realize that was the dumbest thing i couldve done and now i'm freaking out about scarring.
i put polysporin on it at night and my daily skincare routine is glycolic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and sunscreen, and i do retinol twice a week. is there anything else i can add or change to help prevent it from leaving a nasty scar?

No. 346532

I smoke weed regularly too for about 8 years now and my lips are still the exact same as they've always been, but i usually do bongs, my bf has smoked for a lot longer than me and he prefers joints but his lips are still the same as well (we're both white btw)
You should try microneedling though, i think it can help, at least from the results i've seen on the internet

No. 346569

Do acne scars ever go away?

No. 346593

I don't know of this is the right place to post this but recently I've been developing a lot more peach fuzz, especially on my breasts and my upper arms, but also on my face and I don't know why. But the real issue is that these new hair are "pili multigemini" aka there are multiple hairs growing in the same follicle. I have tried using tweezers to pull them out and it's fascinating because they are so loose inside of the follicle that they come out easily, it doesn't hurt to pull them out. Even if I run the tweezers over the skin sometimes it dislodges the hair and it just falls out. Is it normal? I'm afraid it might be related to an hormone imbalance or something

No. 347287

Anyone else hate hyaluronic acid? I have super dry skin and I started using it hoping it would hydrate my skin, but I feel like it only dries me out more, and when I stopped using it even without a new humectant to replace it in my routine, my skin was slightly less dry than usual. I mixed some honey with some water in a mister and that’s been so much better for me.
Yes through chemical exfoliation but please be safe about it and set a realistic timeframe. Could take months, could take a year, or years.

No. 347344

ugh yes, i have dry combination acne prone skin and hyaluronic acid gives me gives me whiteheads. the only hyaluronic acid i use is in my cleaner, which my skin seems to be fine with since its washed off and not left sitting on my pores. HA also makes my preexisting acne plumper and more noticeable… so ive ditched it and now i use corsx all in one snail cream. its worked wonders on my dry skin.

No. 347346

File: 1693795754966.png (1.67 MB, 1142x744, skincare.PNG)

what's your guys favorite skincare brands?

i haven't tried all their products but so far naturium's products have been really improving my skin. been using their products on a daily basis for over a year and my texture/acne scars have lightened up so much. im really into the whole ~no fragrance, no essential oils~ type of skincare. i recommend the niacinamide + zinc serum to help even skintone/texture and the tranexamic acid serum for PIH.
i've also really liked the Good Molecules products i've tried, they have great toners. i heard good things about their discoloration serum so i'm looking to try that soon.

No. 347387

I like ColourPop. Their stuff is cheap(?), cute, smells nice, and it works.

No. 347672

File: 1694047617046.jpeg (33.09 KB, 315x1000, 0A4D1F4F-A205-4C74-A95E-FAC2BC…)

Finally trying the snail mucin and it makes my skin weird. I did a patch test on my jaw for a few weeks and had an odd reaction at first but after awhile it seemed to get really smooth. I used the cream lotion first and my skin reacted really well to it. I’ve only used it on my full face a few times and my skin feels odd but will it more than likely end up like my test patch? Have any other nonnas had odd reactions to this?

No. 347688

File: 1694056772793.png (465.77 KB, 744x1052, Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 8.20…)

esthetician anon
Hyaluronic is a humectant as you said, which means it allows your moisture barrier to open. Which can allow water to enter your dermis but it also cause you to lose hydration. Which is why you should be putting HA either on wet skin or in conjunction with peptide or another moisturizing component. I recommend picrel, because its a HA but it also has peptides (building blocks of protein for collagen). I honestly don't really recommend HA on its own.

i'm licensed and work in the field so im open for questions nonnies

No. 347692

Wow, wasn’t expecting a response like this. Thank you for the advice

No. 347720

Thank you! I wish more people shilling skincare products would explain this. When HA became popular I tried it and didn’t know all that and my skin felt terrible

No. 347733

Are you allergic to dust mites by any chance? I've read that people with dust mite allergies will often react to snail products.

No. 347743

I got a trial size of the Glow Recipe BHA + PHA toner and the infamous watermelon drops and I hate to admit how much I like them, given how memed that brand is. That combination with sunscreen on top is a perfect makeup primer/morning moisturizer for me, I just hate how pricey the full sizes are. Are there any good Glow Recipe dupes out there? The first product is pretty much a toner with a lot of fruit essences added and the second is some weird gelatinous niacinamide serum. I must admit the formulation and smell are exceedingly nice compared to the rest of my skincare stuff, even though I know my skin doesn't care how things feel and smell.

No. 347752

Shellfish allergies?

No. 347797

File: 1694149157782.png (904.06 KB, 998x1264, Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 9.55…)

this anon again
the closest dupe I could find for the dew drops was picrel (22$ usd). I've tried both the glow recipe products and like them. But honestly investing in a pricier toner is worth it because that 5oz of toner is gonna last you FOREVER. So if i were you id do the serum dupe and just shell out for the glow recipe toner. I work partially in sales and with what's on the market, a pha/bha toner in general is pretty rare.

The inkey list also has a just a PHA toner for like 15. If youre drier id go for the straight PHA from inkey list. If you're more combo/normal go for the glow recipe.

No. 347799

sorry for the double post, I looked harder and found an essence dupe with similar ingredients
for $6


No. 347800

Based estheticianon at it again. Thanks for the recs and advice; the PHA-BHA combo is actually what drew me to that toner in the first place. The essence drops look like a hilariously straightforward dupe, right down to the packaging so I'll give those a try once I'm out of the Glow Recipe ones.

No. 347810

Nannies if you havent tried in-shower lotion, I highly reccomend it. Got a bottle of the Nivea brand for 5 bucks and my skin feels amazing plus I don't have to stand outside of the tub cold to moisturize.

No. 347848

File: 1694192595481.jpeg (123.51 KB, 827x740, IMG_9663.jpeg)


Never forget that acne was meant to be adaptive to protect you from pedo scrotes. Why mimic a contagious infection on the most conspicuous areas of skin? To make them fuck off and leave you alone, and also make you want to isolate yourself, until your prefrontal cortex is fully developed. Cure it, but look back with gratitude at what it represented.

No. 347851

Men rape shaved orangutans, they won't spare a human because she has pimples. TBH

No. 347852

I guess those of us with adult acne are destined to be alone forever and are evolutionary dead ends kek

No. 347918

This is a late as fuck reply but what concentration or version do you use of the Alpha Beta Daily Peels? I am looking at the Extra Strength one since they have the highest ratings out of 5 on sephora (really all of them have high ratings, but my point remains) and with higher strength and maybe using it just twice a week…it may be better to get more bang for your buck is my thinking? What do I have to beware of with this product line in general nonnies

No. 347931

Um actually it's just sebum gathering under the surface of your pores, lunatic

No. 348035

File: 1694319366184.jpeg (87.11 KB, 2000x2000, 3B80334D-9032-44B4-A84C-A8F5AA…)

It’s possible, I have pretty sensitive skin and get vague seasonal allergies. The only thing is that picrel works really nicely on my skin but the serum doesn’t? Sucks cause I only bought the serum because this cream worked well but is too heavy under makeup

No. 348214

One of the anons you replied to here, I use the extra strength. Personally, my skin is not usually sensitive, I very rarely have bad reactions when using different products. I didn’t have any issues using the peel pads. The stuff is definitely strong so I’d recommend not using any other actives on the day that you use the peel (tret or retinol, etc) and using a sunscreen if you go outside later. I like to use it at night a couple times a week but I believe it is safe for daily use too. Always makes my skin and pores feel so cleaned out like I got a good facial. Really recommend it nonnie.

No. 348219

My skin problem is these tiny skin-coloured bumps on my forehead that are so damn stubborn. Aside from the bumps my skin is clear. Any idea what it could be? When I run my fingers over my forehead it feels so rough I hate it. I cleanse my face once a day with the Camomile jelly cleanser from The Body Shop and follow up with a vitamin e moisturiser, same brand. Both products seem to react well with my sensitive skin. Several times I've applied a thin layer of Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant but it just leaves the skin feeling tight. Is it fungal acne maybe? I just don't know, it really baffles me.

No. 348273

uhhh did i just accidentally give my feet an exfoliation or do i have an athlete's foot, i tried to freshen my work shoes by pouring baking soda in them and leaving it over night, at the morning i didn't have enough time to get all the baking soda out so i just left it there and now the skin of my feet is peeling??

No. 348296

Whiteheads are common on the forehead esp if you have bangs or any loose hair that falls over it. You could use benzol peroxide as a mask and a bha/aha moisturizer like the cosrx one and avoid any heavy non-acne conscious moisturizers for awhile in that area.

No. 348314

Might be an allergic rash. I get that when I eat something I'm mildly allergic to/use products I react to etc.

No. 348417

Fuck I just learned what melasma is. I'm late-ish 20s and I just thought this was a birthmark on my cheek because I've had it so long. no bully I started a drugstore skincare routine just about over 2 years ago and have been wearing sunscreen in the not summer months probably for around 1.

No. 348455

File: 1694591973566.jpeg (46.63 KB, 760x760, frownies.jpeg)

Are these any good for fine lines? I want to get them, but they are hella expensive here and I don't want to waste money for nothing.

No. 348563

File: 1694638213736.jpeg (137.82 KB, 309x760, IMG_5628.jpeg)

I’m gonna cry, does anynonna know where I could buy this but have it shipped to the stupid states? I got it in a K beauty skincare box and it lasted forever and was amazing for my sensitive oily skin. My pores were never clearer or smaller, and I never felt tight or dried. It worked well with my routine. I can’t find any site that will ship to me tho RIP. Also same with Berrisom pocket packs or whatever, the milk tone up cream was amazing and I bought it off Amazon once or twice but they stopped selling it on there double RIP…

No. 348601

You can look up the ingredients and narrow down what is helping your pores and look for similar dupes

No. 348706

File: 1694727310192.jpg (50.08 KB, 1500x1500, 11638505-9675023393773417.jpg)

Opinions on this?

No. 348707

I get rosacea flareups and it's been helpful in toning them down

No. 348708

think you'd be better off dermarolling these problem areas with a 0.5mm and then using ordinarys hyaluronic acid after. :)(:))

No. 348709

This is the moisturizer I use. I have very sensitive skin and most stuff irritates it or causes breakouts, but this doesn't so I love it. Sometimes it isn't moisturizing enough for my under eyes, so I sometimes buy a separate eye cream or use vaseline, but otherwise it's good for my dry skin.

No. 348713

My friend let me try her LUSH face oil bar and I finally got one for myself. God damn it makes my face smooth. Shiny though. Haven’t been using it for long so I can’t say if it has any drawbacks. Really soothing to apply.

No. 348723

File: 1694749815064.jpg (20.15 KB, 800x353, altrenotretinoin_1477156.jpg)

So I'm gonna get the 0.05 Altreno lotion next week? What else do you use this with? Should I get more moisturizing essences or a healing ointment?

No. 349408

Anyone know of any reliable overseas pharmacies where I can buy tretinoin? I'm in the US and the only site I know of is out of stock

No. 349730

can't believe this tranny mod banned me for this lmao

No. 349856

File: 1695516408637.jpg (849.24 KB, 1564x1564, Korean moisturisers.jpg)

I'm looking for a new face moisturiser and I was wondering if it's worth buying the Innisfree Jelly cream or should I stick with the Cosrx cream?

I'm already thinking of getting the Cosrx dual Essence so felt like its a good oppotunity to try out Innisfree but at the same time I know the Cosrx cream feels great on my skin and goes well for my makeup. I also found out they sell the mini version locally. I have oily acne-prone skin with dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

No. 349956

esthetician anon

you should go for the innisfree because there's niacinamide which is going to help with oil control (by balanacing the function of the skin barrier) as well as having evening/brightening affect. If you dont have a niacinamide serum in your routine i would highly recommend adding one as well. I like the ordinary one

No. 349958

Nta but the ordinary niacinamide makes me break out (very mildly and superficially but nonetheless) it’s kinda overpowered.

No. 349963

I used it years ago so I have no idea if the formula has improved but it was pretty bad to me as well. It was heavy and gave me acne.

No. 350067

File: 1695732255340.jpg (147.07 KB, 2000x2000, 710vXb8ncAL.jpg)

best type of oil for the oil cleansing/double cleansing method? in 2019 i used jojoba oil but my skin's become dryer (combination type) since then, and a bit more acne-prone due to stress. i have sebaceous filaments on my nose tip and some clogged pores.

picrel is the brand of jojoba oil i used but can't find anywhere near me.

No. 350069

File: 1695736650648.jpeg (18.02 KB, 500x500, soukai_4971710310818.jpeg)

I really like the softymo deep cleansing oil! I tried the speedy version as well but I find it doesn't do as good of a job removing all of my makeup or sunscreen. Plus, the deep version is great for doing an oil massage to get rid of all of the little grits in your nose, it's so satisfying kek

No. 350076

NTA but oooooh I’m buying this rn! I’ve been looking for a new oil cleanser for my two step, coconut oil is ok and smells good but I need More and reading on this sounds like it would be perfect for me. Ty for posting it!

No. 350144

Started using Dr. Gross alpha beta peels today for acne. After how much they cost, I really hope they're effective. Will report back in a few weeks with results.

No. 350153

I purchased SA cerave face wash for dry skin it made my skin smooth the first few days but after pairing it with avene sensitive skin sunscreen my skin has never felt this irritated
What am I doing wrong ?

No. 350182

ntayrt but I own the speedy version and it's the best oil I've ever tried, a real game changer. Not too greasy, cleanses really well without stripping the skin and washes off easily. The speedy version is the most popular one because it doesn't have essential oils in it whilst the deep and normal version do. Just letting you know if it's a concern for you

No. 350199

Ooh ty for the info, nonnabella! I ordered the deep one but it’s very cheap so if I don’t love it I shall try the speedy one. I typically don’t have issues with essential oils even tho my skin is v sensitive but if it doesn’t work for me I’ll give it to my wife who is blessed with that Teflon perfect skin that she could literally wash with dish soap and still be poreless and balanced kek

No. 350622

can I get recommendations for a cheap face oil?
I tried one with sea buckthorn, rosehip hemp, safflower, and hemp (unfortunately with some perfume which I hate). It was just easily available and my skin seemed to like it? It even looked visibly much better as opposed to using a lotion. However, it's now breaking out pretty bad after a few days of use. I don't think squalane works well for me either.

No. 350634

You could try jojoba, it apparently is chemically closest to sebum. I have super sensitive skin so it’s a bit too much for my face but great on my body. I use all of the oils you listed except separately, maybe it’s too much at once or maybe the perfume is an irritant?

No. 350758

I'm 26 and have been using the 1% retinol in squalene by The Ordinary for about 1.5 years mostly for 'anti-ageing' and uneven skin tone purposes. I've been wanting to move up to a higher strength retinol product but I live in the UK and I know there have been some recent restrictions put on retinol products, and Tretinoin is prescription only. Do any UK anons (or anyone in general) have any high % retinol products they recommend? I know some people use subscription services like Skin+Me/Dermatica but it's quite pricey and I don't think there's anyway of getting a specific active ingredient you want.

No. 350781

Nonnie you should look into retinal. It is stronger than retinol, but lighter than tretinoin. The European brand Geek and Gorgeous has a 0.5% Retinal toner, and recently started expanding their market to the UK. Also Avene A-Oxitive Night Peeling Cream has 0.1% retinal.

No. 350803

>slack off on skincare the past few months
>just been using cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and t-ret
>go out and buy some basic products I've used before - hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, glycolic acid
>skin instantly looks 10x better and clearer after one use of each

I feel like t-ret does nothing for me except cause little breakouts and mild dryness whereas AHAs give an immediate boost to my appearance. Is it possible the t-ret is subtly improving my skin over time even if it doesn't look any better that I can tell? I think maybe my forehead lines are less visible but fuck knows, it's annoying that the one product shilled as the ultimate skincare product doesn't seem to work for me. But I'm also too scared to stop using it in case it is truly the holy grail of anti aging and I'd be missing out if I stopped. I might just use it less frequently.

No. 350826

I think retinol made my skin worse. It caused me to break out and left some quite bad acne scarring on my face, and it also thickened my skin which caused it to wrinkle easier.

No. 350836

There’s a lot of factors that you haven’t mentioned regarding tret. How often do you use it? At what concentration? Gel or cream? Are you using the sandwich method? All of those can have an effect on its impact and skin irritation. But I think using some type of chemical exfoliation with tret is essential and too often overlooked. Your skin is turning over more skin cells and if you don’t exfoliate, then that may build up and lead to breakouts and clogged pores.

How long have you been using it? You might be purging if it’s only been a handful of months. See above, re: the different factors that may be impacting your skin.

No. 351782

Yeah unfortunately the rules on this site are kinda wack since I’ve seen users call each other really nasty slurs and have infights that last for almost entire threads with no punishments but if you use emojis or don’t sage that’s an instant ban. You’re not alone in thinking this place can really suck sometimes.

This might be a dumb question, but I’ve been looking for products with honey in them lately because my skin responds very well to it, and none of them say they have honey in the ingredients, but instead “caramel”. Is this the honey I was promised, or is it just caramelized sugar?

No. 351914

File: 1696797578862.jpg (16.28 KB, 698x698, 0523_PDP_KU-11480_ACNE_FRONT_S…)

Need a way to track my skincare routine as I add more actives and various things slowly to it to try to tackle problems, going to start using trello to track it. Has anyone done something like this? Or have any advice?

Unrelatedly, in my country Keihl's is having a 20% off sale and I have been eyeing picrel for about a week but it is brand spanking new. Anybody heard anything good about it from trusted source or even tried it themselves?

No. 351928

I’m the anon who bought this because of your rec and holy shit I love it so fucking much. My skin feels extra soft and extra moisturized after cleansing and it really really cleans it. Thank you a thousand times bc I’d never have found it on my own.

No. 352075

nonnas i’m trying to treat my milia on my chin and sebaceous filaments on my nose, i got suggested (not by a derm) a salicylic acid toner/lotion and a clay mask that contains salicylic acid. I apply the mask twice a week and i try to put the toner p much everyday and meanwhile I got gifted an azelaic acid serum, I was wondering if I can use salicylic acid and azelaic acid together, I don’t want to end up harming my skin due to putting on too much acidic product if that’s even a thing.

I’ve also been wondering how affective salicylic acid is on milia and sebaceous filaments because it’s just making me get pimples, which i understand because i was told it could cause pimples for around two weeks after starting to use and that is just the acid doing it’s job by making my skin puke out all the oil and grease build up but the acne is around my cheeks where i don’t have neither

TLDR does salicylic acid work, is it normal if it causes acne and should i use it with azelaic acid

No. 352425

I would ditch the clay mask, it's just going to dry out the skin (which will then have to produce more sebum, resulting in clogged pores) and the acid will not be very effective in this form. I don't know how potent your lotion is but maybe using it everyday is too much - also I hope you wear sunscreen because acids and sun exposure are a really bad combo. Salicylic acid definitely works, but it can cause irritation and breakouts if you overdo it, like any acid. Personally I would only use an acidic cleanser daily, but not something that'll stay on my skin like a toner or serum. If you start adding azealic acid, depending on how potent it is, start maybe once a week and skip salicylic acid that day. If you started using the salicylic acid products recently, I'd wait a month before using something new so you know exactly what is working and what may cause breakouts.

No. 352494

sooo dandruff isn't supposed to taste like mould, right?

No. 352496

This post was designed with surgical precision to make me gag.

No. 352498

File: 1697062807529.jpg (52.65 KB, 500x502, ohhhhh.JPG)


No. 352499

Sounds like you got some fungus up there. What have you tried to use on it?

No. 352500

only various head and shoulders shampoos so far, i haven't been able to get a derm appointment in almost a year (i didn't know it was this bad though)

No. 352511

Neutrogena t/gel shampoo helped with my dandruff. Smells awful but it might be worth a try.

No. 352633

good god, lay of the head&shoulders. it fucked my scalp up so bad but i was in denial bc it helped with the dandruff, for like, a day

No. 352749

File: 1697209369369.jpeg (72.77 KB, 483x426, IMG_1943.jpeg)

Have any of you used this or any other type of hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation

No. 352750

I have but it didn't get me any results. I eventually stopped because iirc it's a cancer risk with long term usage.

No. 352765

I have to confess my sins. Back when i was a teenager i would also use those online skin peeling kits and honestly, my hyperpigmentation never looked better when i was using them. I stopped using them because i kept seeing things on youtube about risk of infection and irritation. But honestly, i regret listening to online dermatologists. No prescription has ever come close to clearing my acne scars the way questionable skin peels from the internet have. My hyperpigmentation from acne already looks better now that i resumed using them and tbh I will not be listening to any internet people and will continue to trust my gut.

No. 352847

Anons what the fuck
I have chronically chapped lips and for the last week I've been just applying my HA based gel moisturizer, lanolin based ointment and vaseline and it fixed my lips but now I have PIMPLES on my upper lip???? Tiny little white heads just under the surface. This is so disgusting what the actual shit

No. 352870

You clogged the hell out of your skin with vaseline and lanolin.

No. 352890

I didn't know lips could get clogged. Because it's not on the border of my lips it's right in the middle on the actual lip. Weird as hell, I've used this combo in the past and this has never happened.

No. 353217

thanks for the advice, i'll be trying your shampoo, we'll see if it helps with my zombie head issue. i think it smells pretty good though? i don't hate it at all.

No. 353263

I love hydroquinone. I’ve used it in the past to accentuate my ghostly pale skin. I’m into the bimbo vampire look. Pale white skin, long red nails, smoky eyes, sexy black outfits. Anyways it works wonder for lightening everything. Got rid of my freckles.

No. 353266

Does anyone elses skin just work better without putting anything on it?
I got into skin care and used many different things, it just causes pimples and makes my skin look worse.
I use a cloth on my nose in the shower and thats it, its the best my skin has looked.
I want to do all the fun stuff too without pimples :((:()

No. 353300

Does anyone have a red light panel? I just bought one, but I’m wondering if I could have chosen a better device. Mine was fairly cheap, but that alone makes me concerned about the quality and effectiveness

I did red light therapy booths for a while because my gym membership had unlimited access to one. It seemed legit. I had firmer skin everywhere, less pigmentation, and if I was ever breaking out it cleared it up almost immediately

Anyone have suggestions for a really good device? I’m willing to spend a decent amount of money

No. 353310

You're probably allergic to whatever products you bought. If you don't have skin conditions it's probably just best to leave it at toner and moisturizer at night and sunscreen during the day.

No. 353415

Whats the deal with people saying you shouldn't pop a pimple? I used to sort of believe it but honestly pimples go away wayyy faster once you pop them

No. 353424

File: 1697531293575.jpeg (117.78 KB, 828x807, IMG_7201.jpeg)

I started using them yesterday and I am already obsessed, cannot wait to use them again tonight. I’m curious how you found them anon? I’m thinking about cutting them in half to prolong usage before I buy a new box….

Now I’m curious to try the Dr Dennis Gross LED mask since mine is almost completely broken… does anyone have any suggestions for LED masks?

No. 353470

I've been using prescription azelaic acid at 15% concentration in the morning for awhile now and my skin still stings after applying it to clean, dry skin. I wait as long as I can to apply moisturizer (30 mins at least) afterward. I'm wondering if it's too strong, though, since I'm still having this kind of reaction. Do any nonnies have experience with it? Ty in advance

No. 353475

I think it’s just cautionary advice for people prone to picking their skin. If you’re not careful or if you’re compulsive about it you’ll look like a crack addict covered in sores.

No. 353479

Not sure about your skin, but for me, popping pimples leaves a red mark which turns brown, and takes weeks to disappear. Pimple patches are the way to go.

No. 353480

They can leave scarring

Those only ever worked on acne with a clear white head for me, but I usually get the painful under the skin that just turns bright red.

No. 353484

I'll put a hydrocolloid patch on after I extract it, that's what they were designed for anyway (healing wounds) and it really does help it heal faster without scarring. If I put a patch on a zit full of puss it just gets worse/redder/bigger but I tend to get deep acne which is beyond what a patch can affect.

No. 353532

What strength for the pads are you nonnas using? I bought them a few months ago in Extra Strength as they were the only in-stock availability (and during a sale). Never have I used the product (or brand). Came home, felt stupid, didn't open the box. Returned it to the makeup store a week or two later.
Wistfully wished that the Gentle version was the one where I was in the right place right time instead. But didn't care that much and moved on…

No. 353533


No. 353564

I just started using the Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta universal daily peel ones, just a box of five treatments because I wasn’t sure how my skin would handle it too. So far so good, no crazy peeling or dry skin, although my skin has a high tolerance for this kinda stuff after all the products I’ve put it through…. I have some acne scars and large pores, and it’s already made a difference. Now I’m curious to try the extra strength ones. I know some people use them intermittently whenever they have a bad skin day, or use them twice a week only. I think you should try the gentler ones nonna! Perhaps the pack of 5 treatments?

No. 353578

I’ve been using the extra strength ones for a while and had no negative reaction, although my skin isn’t usually very sensitive and I don’t use them every day. Start slow and see how your skin reacts. They’re so pricy I prefer to use them weekly, but that’s just me.

No. 353776

is the recommended amount of sunscreen for the face really two fingers worth or 1/4 tbsp? i'm going to look so greasy with the one i bought.

No. 353908

Swipe one finger of sunscreen on one cheek and swipe the other finger on the other cheek. Blend in all over face, eyelids included, and neck (neck sides and back/nape too. And ears lightly especially the top tips or your ears or wyd!) It will blend in.

If your sunscreen is greasy I think I would change it. There are of course more matte and more greasy ones. Recently I used a Hawaiian Tropics (or whatever that drugstore brand is called) spf 30, chemical iirc, on my face because I ran out of my usual, and it was so greasy. I also used a mineral Coppertone body sunscreen on my face for the same reason, what a mistake looks-wise since the white cast is especially bad there and it didn't really fade away. And I have another sunscreen that is nicer, it is k-beauty, but still not flawless as it has a blue-ish white cast, a mineral sunscreen that makes my face's entire tones look off. The feel was amazing though.
Experiment and buy different spfs till you find what you like.

No. 354347

File: 1698006161659.jpg (163.65 KB, 1440x1440, s-l1600.jpg)

Is picrel safe and does it work? I am contemplating to buy this for hollow under eyes and idk if it will make it worse since I have sensitive skin and I also don't want some illness or severe allergy out of it as it fucks with fat cells hard afaik.

No. 354350

I used it for months on my face and chest and it didn’t do shit for me

No. 354351

I’ve used those pads they don’t really peel the skin because you basically neutralise the acid with the second wipe before it can do anything, it’s actually just the acid then rapid neutralisation that’s supposed to increase collagen under the skin or something, they won’t peel your skin off like a real acid peel will

No. 354365

i know old entry but i hated the cosrx cream it was so sticky and my skin would somehow end up drier and redder after using it. The toner version is way better.

No. 354407

poked my lower eyelid with a scalpel to get rid of a milia (the internet specifically said not to do that). hurt a lot so i think i'll leave the other eye alone. it did work though.

No. 354664

I've done the same to remove a milia on my lower eyelash line, no shame.

No. 355052

File: 1698250401999.jpeg (72.37 KB, 1000x822, IMG_6254.jpeg)

Does anyone here like/use Lancôme products? My rich elderly great aunt often gifts me products because she buys SO many she gets a lot of free shit. I would never buy it myself but…a week ago she gave me legit the large (2.6 oz) size of the Regenerie lift ultra day cream with spf 30, the full size Genefique eye cream AND large size Genefique serum, and their lash booster primer which I love as a base for brow gel. It’s been a week using the skincare in my routine and holy shit, I guess there’s a reason it costs 80$ for 1oz of the day cream. It works so well. I have sensitive skin and it hasn’t irritated me, and though I am “baby faced” for 30, this shit has replumped my skin so much it’s insane. The eye cream is insane, my coworkers legit have asked me if i got fillers or something bc I look so refreshed. I took before and after pics too and I can’t believe the difference. I don’t want to be hooked on skincare at this price point kek but I do wanna say it is worth it. I am very lucky to have an auntie like her, she has no kids and my mom is her favorite niece so by proxy I’m her fav grandniece.

No. 355062

I like their advanced Génifique night cream, but that’s about it. They’ve never really been anything else to me than a company that appeals only to rich old women (which is fine, but not for me) and there are definitely cheaper alternatives.

No. 355069

Kek you’re not wrong, I never would have even considered using them if not for my aunt. She started giving me stuff when I was a teen, the lipsticks etc she would get as free gifts so it has always been on my radar even tho it is def rich old lady makeup and skincare

No. 355360

this is my night skincare routine now
>salicylic acid-sulfur soap
>niacinamide serum
>tanaka face massage with camellia oil
>phyto-retinol night cream

out of all of it, i think the massage has most affected my face/puffiness and lines. another benefit of it was completely getting rid of the sinus headaches that had been plaguing me randomly for a year

No. 356284

File: 1698875763245.png (503.21 KB, 558x658, Settings.png)

Is it okay to be SO put off by picrel? Like this has me kind of disgusted. Why make a limited edition SKINCARE product - I can understand makeup (actually, I know very little about the makeup industry) but I mean makeup packaging, skincare packaging, collabs that are limited edition and change the look of the products are something I understand and it's usually smart for brands to do (see Barbie-themed sets).
But skincare is something you're supposed to get into a routine/regimen of using, probably buying repeatedly for the time to come, because it benefits cells in an organ of your body and should be like, consistently improving the look of things that can be pretty dang serious like dehydration loss of volume and acne scarring and such, chapped bleeding hands when it comes to things other than face care.

Why make an entire skincare product limited edition?

This line acts so dermatology-, chemist- and ingredient-focused and forward (and sells small tubes of their products for upwards of 140$ sadly, but not all of them),
What is going on?

No. 356285

Massage for facial puffiness is so underrated imo.

No. 356372

The internet is over cautionary about not extracting millia yourself. I left one on my cheekbone/undereye area for 2 years because I was concerned about popping it myself due to advice on the net. Got sick of it and decided to steralise a needle, carefully poke a hole in it and squeeze what was inside out of it. Now if I get one as long as it's not too close to the skin under my eye to be done carefully, I always remove them myself and have had no scarring or negetive effects.

No. 356379

File: 1698937737586.jpg (40.83 KB, 1018x1005, Screenshot_20231102_110853_Pho…)

Any cheap brands that turned into a holy grail? I've tried so many moisturizers over the years and it's hard to find one that doesn't leave me dry, leave an oil layer, dry tacky, or just generally have something wrong. I've found some combos where if I do one product and another it works fine, but basically only thing that's worked out for me is eucarin in the big bottle. I just use it for facial moisturizers and it works great. One thing has lasted me maybe a year, and I have a little travel bottle I filled with it for my purse for on the go. One of my few holy grails

No. 356405

File: 1698949172710.png (113.15 KB, 496x335, A342EAEC-6E0F-401A-A560-D51710…)

Any recommendations for getting rid of frown lines without Botox? Mine are still there even when I rest.

No. 356426

Dermarolling with a .5 - 1 mm roller or tretinoin. I used tretinoin for a while but preferred dermarolling

No. 356429

This might be me coping, idk, but ok…I've posted about bad acne for a while and I realized the problem might have actually been a b5 deficiency. I started taking it and within a few days my skin got as clear as it has been in many months. I don't think it'd help most people but I'm very hopeful. My face no longer hurts.

No. 356432

Are you a troon?

No. 356439

Not every pic anons use are of themself.

No. 356440

I’m retarted but not retarted enough to post myself on this site

No. 356475

I inherited a genetic issue from my dad that makes me break out if I eat dairy. And I eat dairy all the time, so you can guess what my face looks like. I've tried a bunch of prescription and non-prescription creams and gels for acne, I'm even on a high dose of spironolactone, and I still have adult acne. I can't deny it anymore, I inherited the cheese curse.

No. 356543

I have it too, if you can get a2 dairy that might be tolerable. I tolerate a2 milk, but break out horribly from a1

No. 356750

The skin on my face tends to get really dry and irritated during cold weather, and today it started flaking around my mouth and near my hairline. Does anyone have recommendations for products to stop/prevent this? I think I used to buy the full of grace serum from lush but I would try anything that would help.

No. 357087

Can relate. I use a really hydrating toner, paired with aquaphor. Good luck, having dry skin during the winter really sucks.

No. 357535

Any recommendations for good eye gels? I don’t have hyperpigmentation or puffiness I just like the feeling of them kek

No. 357542

Does anyone have suggestions for natural or drugstore treatments for healed hypertrophic self-harm scars?

No. 357557

Lanolin is the best for dry skin. Its very thick so you have to pat it in, but it makes your skin so soft and removes any dryness. Which makes sense as its sheep sebum, so its the closest thing you can get to our natural sebum. I slather it on rather thickly at night and I wake up with the best skin ever, and I struggle with dryness and eczema year round.

No. 357815

Nta but I came to ask the exact same thing so thanks!

No. 358537

Massaging them regularly with any oil to break down the scar tissues, and vitamin c serum daily. I like the Rohto CC although you have to use it daily for a few weeks before seeing any results

No. 358742

File: 1699983271275.jpeg (477.25 KB, 2918x801, IMG_9058.jpeg)

Sorry for my huge forehead but how long does something like this take to heal, and will it leave a scar? I’m really dreading going to work tomorrow with this cut and the unavoidable questions people will have. I’m so damn embarrassed. Right now I just have a ton of bandages on it, an anon recommended aloe but I don’t have that atm, anything else that I can do to heal it quickly and make sure it won’t scar? And I’m guessing I can’t minimize this in time for tomorrow lol?

No. 358749

Light application of neosporin, don't pick at it. You could also try a hydrocolloid strip, they promote faster wound healing and help prevent scarring.

You could give yourself bangs or wear a headscarf. Or just tell people your cat jumped off your headboard while you were sleeping and scratched you and it's embarrassing but it's not like you were gonna call out sick because of it (I would do this one, the reaction is generally "yeah that would be stupid to call off for" and they appreciate you coming in even though you're embarrassed).

No. 358752

Lanolin is a holy grail for me. I bought a stick version made for nursing mothers on their boobs on Amazon this week for my chapped lips and it’s amazing. Started dabbing it under my eyes and I love how moist it makes my skin feel. Just patch test it first bc I read some people may be sensitive to it.

No. 358753

Buy micropore tape and AD cream which is available in near all chemists.
>smear a thin layer of AD cream on the scar, be careful not to place any cream on the surrounding skin if you can.
>place the micropore tape over the scar, making sure there isn't any wrinkles.
>Replace said tape and smear the cream again when the tape begins to fall off. You can shower with the tape on.

No. 358769

Thanks anons for the advice! I had some hydrocolloid patches and that’s what I’m using, also didnt think someone would remeber me from that thread, But yeah I just have to be honest. Thanks !!

No. 358841

i've had two hard under-the-skin bumps on my face for years. one of them makes a popping sound when i squeeze it but nothing has ever came out. when i first got them, derms gave them a steroid shot 3 times over the course of a year but nothing happened. has anyone ever had anything like this?

No. 358849

I’m gonna get downboated, but stick a sterilised needle with a very small point in there and squeeze out whatever is in there, it’s the only way. Dermarolling also sometimes opens up stubborn bumps.

No. 358854

I remembered because it was funny (sorry lol) and I had a similar thing happen to me.
Make sure they’re not the pimple patches with tea tree oil or medicine in them, that stuff is for treating/drying puss-filled pimples and can make wounds worse in my experience (not sure if science backs me up there but that shit irritates open wounds on me)

No. 358856

What did the derm say it was? Milia? Cyst?

No. 358869

Has anyone developed an allergy to benzoyl peroxide? I used to slather that shit on my face when my acne was bad and it worked great for years. One day it started making my entire face swell and I can’t use it anymore- Ive tried various brands. My only suspicion is that I overused it somehow

No. 358885

Anon I have the same issue, I have one on my cheek that's not noticeable unless I puff my cheek on that side. I've had it for about three years. Mine has never made a popping noise though it does go kinda concave if I squeeze it. I was once able to puncture it with a sterilized needle and squeeze a ton of sebum out (estimating like half of what was in it before I couldn't squeeze any more), but I tried again recently and was only able to squeeze a little out and a few tiny pin pricks of blood. Not sure if I didn't go deep enough that time? I'm considering seeing a dermatologist because I don't want what's in there to turn hard and leave a bigass scar when it eventually has to be removed.

No. 358911

Nonnas with dark circles, are there any products that actually help? I got a mix of vascular and pigmented, no eye bags. I am starting to believe all products for dark circles are bullshit.

No. 358977

Any recommendations for a genuinely non comedogenic sunscreen? I have very visible sebaceous filaments all over my face and it’s my sunscreen that always seems to clog them

No. 358988

File: 1700088249388.png (59.71 KB, 500x500, 00075609199165_C1N1_0_NA_conve…)

if you haven't already, try using a mineral sunscreen, the zinc oxide helps regulate oil production. i have very oily skin and use the olay regenerist mineral sunscreen, mostly because i have darker skin and it dosen't leave a white cast. no greasy feel either. i've been using it for a few years now and it's been really good to me, i'll keep using it until the bitter end

No. 359029

Super late reply but thanks for the recommendation, i'm going to go for the innisfree even though the packaging has sadly changed. I do have a Niacinamide serum, Good Molecule dark spot serum, though i just ran out of it. I will probably go for Topical Faded serum or alternative cheap Niacinamide serum.

Do you have dry skin? I heard from others that those types of moisturisers are more suited for oily skin

No. 359030

File: 1700099813367.jpg (264.6 KB, 2560x2560, 81omOaIslpL.jpg)

What are anons experience with Cerave?

No. 359033

I used both the daytime facial moisturizer (spf 15-30) and the night time facial moisturizer in high school pretty much everyday. I only used a moderate amount as I really didn’t need that much since I already live in a decently humid/warm climate and my skin isn’t naturally too dry or oily. It made my skin feel soft and it looked fine, but the daytime one was a solid white color so I had to make sure it was applied evenly so it didn’t leave any odd white streak. It never made me breakout with acne, but overtime my skin didn’t react that well to the daytime one when I increased the spf level. I eventually stopped using that stuff altogether and moved on to other products.

>tl;dr decent moisturizer so long as the spf level isn’t too high

No. 359034

I like CeraVe's PM moisturizer and have repurchased it many times as it's been my go-to for 2-3 years. It's a nice feel, unlike their AM spf moisturizer which is a miss in so many ways and I never continued with more than one bottle of it (if I even finished that. I think I gave it away to a coworker). However I don't think PM is even suitable for me anymore as I think it may be for more quite oily skin.
I'm more suited to "for dry skin" products even though my skin has been assessed as "normal" before. It's just not cost-effective to be a dry/normal skin haver and use 8 (or sometimes 9) pumps of a moisturizer on my face and neck. In fact I've started using a different moisturizer for my neck and dec, and the CeraVe PM limited to my face only, which cuts the number of pumps down to 4 at the max.
If you're oily faced try it and maybe you'll find you need way less pumps and it's enough, then it's probably a better pick for you cost-wise if you also really like the feel and ingredients.

No. 359036

I have very mixed skin which is a dehydrated oily on some sides and "normal" on some.

Oily dehydrated skin is different from regular oily so it's a struggle finding some that will hydrate me but also won't lead to pore clogging.

I'll try it out, since, i was eyeing that pm moisturizer. Hopefully it doesn't leave me feeling either dry or clogged like most moisturizers do.

No. 359039

What do you call blackheads that are underneath the skin and look like tiny bumps? Apparently they're either blackheads or nodules, but they have no color so I can't tell.
Not to be a blogposter but I have them all over my cheeks and I'm not sure what to use (benzoyle peroxide doesn't work and neither does washing + moistuziring every day). I live in Luxembourg so I can't easily get by any of those super magical american skincare products either, kek

No. 359042

Are they sebaceous filaments? Those are commonly confused for blackheads, but they are normal and just something pretty much everyone has to some degree. you can clean them out from time to time if they really bother you.
I found this helpful:

No. 359129

Their sa soap bar and body lotion are staples for me for treating kp. Makes my skin so soft. I don't really care much for their foaming face cleanser tbh.

No. 359130

sometimes dark circles are just genetic and as a result of having hollows under the eyes. I used to use all kinds of products before i realised this and just stopped using eye creams altogether.

No. 359634

Looking up stuff on incidecoder and is it best to avoid anything with irritating and comedogenic ingredients or just stuff that is listed icky? What if the icky stuff is at the very bottom of the list?

No. 359635

Can you get adapalene gel in luxembourg? I think you can, but might need a prescription. If you started applying that at night under a moisturizer and gently exfoliating in the morning (just a gentle facewash wash or water with a cloth to remove dead skin) if would clear up the skin congestion you're describing over time.
I'm a little confused by what you're describing since they can't be blackheads if they're colorless but it doesn't really matter what kind of acne it is, adapalene works very well. Use sun protection during the day if you're outside much, it will make your skin more prone to sunburn.

No. 359638

It depends on your skin and how it reacts to products. A comedogenic ingredient might cause acne for one person but not another. I avoid anything irritating because I have sensitive skin, but I generally don’t get acne so hydrating products with some comedogenic ingredients are fine for me. I recommend avoiding all of the ingredients listed as icky, but not all of the icky ingredients are equally bad and the majority of skincare and makeup products include those ingredients without necessarily causing problems for the women who use them, so if a product works well for you then it’s ok to use it, it might be worth the trade off. I strongly recommend avoiding anything with fragrance though.

No. 359660

Thank you anon! I have soft and sensitive combination skin (and pcos) and I mainly get acne on my T-zone (nose pimples are rare but it's constantly full of blackheads), around my mouth sometimes (from toothpaste?), cheeks and under my chin and ears. I generally stay away from products with lots of icky oils (makes my face itch), fragrance, plain alcohol, limonene and linalool. I'd love to have a completely clean face from eyebrows down but maybe that's difficult with pcos. I guess avoiding irritating and comedogenic products that are left on the face for a long time could help

No. 359680

File: 1700338240676.jpg (49.11 KB, 721x721, shopping.jpeg.jpg)

I bought some cerave resurfacing retinol serum today and I was wondering if it's ok for me to mix it with my moisturiser before I apply it on my face? The moisturiser is a hyrolauric acid moisturiser if that helps

No. 359683

Yes, that should be fine and a lot of people do it. My favorite way to introduce retinol though is to do the "sandwich" method where you put moisturizer on the sensitive areas of your face (around eyes, mouth, side of nose, etc.) and then apply your retinol and then finally finish it off with moisturizer all over.

No. 359685

Ayrt will that do anything to how effective it is?

No. 359688

Nta— yes it will just make the effects less strong which is a better way to introduce it to your skin if you’re new to retinol, you’ll probably see less severe peeling

No. 359695

Gosh I hope I don't peel too bad

No. 359697

You ARE supposed to put moisturizer on top of retinol.

No. 359709

Yeah but applying moisturizer after a retinol serum is different from mixing them and then applying

No. 359719

Ayrt I know that but I'm talking about putting some moisturiser in my hand and applying the serum to moisturiser, mixing it together, and then putting the mix on my face. It's a pretty common way to apply serums but I wanted to check with this one because I've never used retinol

No. 360280

Anons what is your opinion on dimethicone, I've noticed that almost all skincare ingredients who claim to be non-comodogenic have dimethicone in it.

No. 360281

Any anon here tried diy dermaplanning? Is it worth it or is it not.

No. 360293

File: 1700556874076.jpeg (225.43 KB, 2326x2560, 05F5CB03-13F8-4D42-B941-0CB1DD…)

I can only speak for myself but it was absolutely not worth it for me. I'm not particularly acne prone but it broke me out. I was very careful and clean about it, I tried a couple more times in case it was a fluke. Irritations and bumps every time. Disappointing. If it's getting rid of peach fuzz you're after, I've had much better luck with this little device from Amazon.

No. 360298

Love it, it really helps exfoliate my dry skin and the lack of peach fuzz makes a nice smooth surface for skincare and makeup. It's just really quick and easy, and cheap as fuck too. Gotta be careful not to cut yourself though.

No. 360311

Anons do skin whitening creams help with fading scars or keloid or not.

No. 360312

The duality of lolcow.

No. 360316

I have oily sensitive skin, and I really like Cerave because their products are straight up, clean, fragrance free and simple.
>Hydrating facial cleanser
use daily as a second cleanser, it's very good for sensitive skin.
>foaming hydrating cleanser
I guess if you like the feel of squeaky clean skin you'd prefer that one, or if you don't double cleanse. The foam makes it stronger and a bit more stripping.
>hydrating foaming oil
had a sample and enjoyed using it, but i wouldn't repurchase since it's not a 'true' oil cleanser as it foams directly when you put it on. you won't get that deep cleanse that oil usually gives but it is hydrating.
>og moisutrizing cream
is too thick for me, but I use it on my lips, if i'm very dry around the nose or on the body. it's a cracked elbow/feet savior.
>lighter daily moisturizing cream
use it everyday, simple, the pump is practical and it penetrates the skin quickly. I used to have tingling and redness when I first started using it but either my skin adapted to it or my skin barrier got stronger but I don't experience that anymore. A lot of people go through that too with cerave products so keep that in mind.
>blemish control gel
started using this one recently at night and I love it, although I wish the gel would penetrate the skin quicker. I use it as a spot treatment and may use it on the chin and nose once a week for sebaceous filaments and blackheads, it's really effective.

No. 360358

Anyone have experience with IPL treatments? I keep seeing mixed opinions, some saying it was great and others saying it made the problem worse.
In the past year, I’ve noticed more sun spots on my cheeks. I’ve always had 1, but now there’s a bunch of other smaller ones that have appeared. I use sunscreen and have tried lightening skincare, but they don’t budge. I think part of it is genetic because I’m olive-skinned and my mom has melasma.

No. 360388

I know exactly what you're talking about and I get them too. I usually get them if I'm eating too much sugar, I stopped eating sugar and they all went away. I think aha is also supposed to help

No. 360465

Any recommendations for fading really dark body pigmentation? I have marks all over my legs because I pick and it takes forever for them to fade compared to my face.

No. 360505

vitamin c, aloe, exfoliate regularly, moisturize as often as possible and protect from the sun. fading those spots is gonna take some time even with good care

No. 360535

does anyone have recommendations for toners that help calm down redness? i have rosacea and sensitive dry skin

No. 360560

toners as a class of products are honestly kinda bad for rosacea, at least in my experience. too many humectants and propylene glycol from plant extracts trigger the fuck out of my skin. nonetheless i'd recommend paula's choice advanced replenishing toner (bluish bottle) or enriched calming (red bottle) if you're really dry. or geek & gorgeous liquid hydration if you're in europe, this one is actually calming since it has non-trivial amount of panthenol in it.

No. 360612

Just use cucumber juice

No. 360673

Has anyone here taken metformin? I recently ordered some for weight loss and having high blood sugar from my antipsychotic meds. But I’m wondering if it’ll be good for my skin or do damage?

No. 360676

Where are you ordering metformin?? I thought that was only available through prescription. Also I've heard it helps if you have hormonal acne caused by PCOS

No. 360743

I’ve heard that too! I ordered mine through agelessrx. It was easy but it’s taking ages to ship

No. 360816

Has anyone tried volufiline? I ordered some a month ago and have been using it once a day on my lips and in my eye hollows. I was really shocked bc after one month my eye hollows were actually filling up and noticeably plumper. I’m going to keep it up for at least 6 months. I hope they continue plumping up. I was skeptical but it’s truly made a difference.
Is there any known downside to this product? From what I’ve read it just increases fat growth wherever it’s applied. I’m wondering if it’s permanent or if this will be a regular purchase for like, ever lol

No. 360827

I used it for months and didn’t see a single bit of difference, I think it only works if your body has a specific gene or something that responds to it. It seems to work well on Asians and people with puffier faces, but I have very little fat on my face and found it did absolutely nothing despite the price and purity.

No. 360836

I think you’re right. If you don’t have much fat to build off of, it’s not going to create new fat cells magically. You have to have some volume in your face for it to work. Iirc it builds off of already existing fat cells

No. 360839

I haven't but my lips look like wrinkled granny lips after I had a terrible cold that left them scabbed and bleeding for weeks, it's been years and they never recovered. Could volufiline help with that? I don't want to get bigger lips just those deep lines gone

No. 360841

I have a pretty chubby baby face and it still didn't work. I had lost fat under my eyes and volufiline did nothing.

No. 360851

File: 1700827506268.jpg (286.98 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231124_130539_Gal…)

Anons i Justin opened up this expensive Neogen vitamin C serum i bought and…it's this color.

Is still effective or okay.

In so fucking upset.

No. 360852

Autocorrevt I mean to ask.

I mean does it still look effective?

No. 360853

It might still be okay albeit less effective, but that is looking very oxidised. I would ask for a swap/refund personally.

No. 360897

File: 1700856044950.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2282, Yesstyleblackfriday.png)

Is it worth shopping for Korean skincare during Black Friday this weekend or is it better to hold back from buying anything?

I've been wanting to get the skin1004 cream which is currently discounted at 24% but i saw a on a price history on Stylevana that the price has been even cheaper during september and october.

No. 360914

Maybe. Depends on the products and discount. Yesstyle is an okay site I've had fine experiences with but your post makes me remember I bought from Olive Young global site for the first time recently (just 4 sunscreens, restocking what I already use and they are all small items) and got hit with ~21 dollars in customs when it actually showed up the other day. Never again

No. 360921

Yeah this is why I avoided ordering from Olive Young, even the shipping is quite expensive for me. I ordered for the first time on Stylevana and it took a good 5 weeks for a "ship within 24 hours" order to come, 4 weeks for it to be shipped out and a week to arrive.

No. 361071

File: 1700923976103.jpg (41.29 KB, 600x600, EE-ROSE-WATER-190ML.jpg)

I was gifted a bottle of plain rose water today. Never really thought about using rose water before, does anyone use it on their skin? What are your opinions?

No. 361075

Is this cosmetic grade or edible? I use rose water for middle eastern puddings and tea

No. 361076

It's just a weak rose in water extract, tea basically, it's nice but doesn't do a lot.

No. 361090

Depends on your skin, mine is mixed and had a ton of acne all my life but after 3-4 years of quitting long skincare routines and aggressive products that'd keep me in a cycle of purging/breaking out, rose water being the only thing I use (with a cleanser once or twice a week) got me acne-free and less oily.
YMMV, some skins react really badly/not at all.

No. 361153

I used rose water to try and help with redness in my face, it did nothing.

No. 361345

I like 100% rose water because it's simple and soothing for my sensitive skin. Supposedly it has vitamin c. It's versatile. Can be used as a toner, after shave, hair refresh,etc. I think it's a nice treat in a basic skincare routine because of its aromatic quality. Given you like rose scented things ofc. Even if it didn't do anything else, it's very pleasant. My skin likes it and seems to benefit from it.

No. 361557

File: 1701146721266.jpeg (201.8 KB, 1420x904, 680550EE-39FD-40F1-B1AD-B40A5B…)

I cannot for the life of me find out what this textured spot on my chin is supposed to be. My skin is mostly ok but this thing just randomly showed up like 4 years ago and has been there since. I really don’t need that extra texture it adds to my chin which I already dislike because it has an ass on it. Does anyone know what this is at all and if there’s anything i can do to make it go away?

No. 361579

Nonas it took me 4 months to figure it out but I FINALLY realised that switching from generic to name brand adhd meds has been what caused me to develop annoying and painful hormonal pattern acne.

No. 362046

I get these bumps on my face, but I don't think they're pimples because they aren't red or super visible unless I look closely and they don't hurt when I touch them them. If I squeeze them, white stuff (I'm assuming sebum) comes out. It bothers me because whenever I wash my face, I can feel the bumps. Is this some form of acne or something else? How can I stop them from forming? They usually come up in clusters on my cheek or around my chin.

No. 362100


Do you oil cleanse, nona? It sounds to me like you have prominent sebaceous filaments. I get them in clusters on my chin. Oil cleansing has helped me, if I do it regularly the oil plugs come out and my skin is less textured.

No. 362123

Yes, I think that’s what it is! I just added oil cleansing to my routine recently so hopefully they’ll go away. What oil cleanser do you use?

No. 362500

I have this recurring cyst pimple by my eyebrow and it’s so annoying, It keeps coming back and I cannot get rid of it no matter what I do, neosporin.

No. 362516


It may be that the cyst sac is still in the skin. At this point,it's best to see a dermatologist to get it removed.

No. 362518

idk anon, it's kinda hard to see on your picture. A cluster of closed comedones maaaaaybe? But if I'm looking at the right spot and that's your biggest skin problem you've got basically perfect skin and nothing to worry about. Like literally no one notices that in their daily interactions with you, no one purposely looks as someone's chin and a tiny bit of skin-colored texture doesn't catch anyone's eye.

No. 362760

It's hard to tell by the picture but I have something that looks similar on my nose and one on my chin, they just popped up a few years ago and never went away. I suspect those are cysts, you should see a derm if you want to get rid of it.

No. 362879

Hey anons how stable are acids. Like let's just say I bought lactic acid 6-9 months ago and only used it a couple of times. Is it still effective?

No. 363253

File: 1701898430555.png (899.96 KB, 1292x1278, Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 21.31…)

can someone help me understand which ingredient in this moisturizer makes my skin issue really effective? it's pretty much become my holy grail for my seborrheic dermatitis/flaky dry skin but im not sure which ingredient in it is the 'driving force', for lack of a better term, that helps with it if that makes sense? unless im grossly misunderstanding how this is helping me?

No. 363298

I'm confused, I go to get 'overnight skin peels' at my local clinic and it costs $150 (Aud) a session and all she does is rub the gel into my face for 10 minutes. Can I buy whatever product they use online? Wouldn't it be cheaper to do overnight peels at home? Any anons with experience/advice would be greatly appreciated

No. 363317

it's most likely the lactic acids fighting the yeasts that cause the sb as well as shea butter, oils and ceramide acting as moisturising agents.

No. 363325

Bakuchiol is anti fungal.

No. 363376

thank you both so much

No. 363458

I have the exact same skin issue as you and it's getting out of hand these days because of stress even with the creams my dermatologist told me to use, so thanks for the indirect rec. I see that this brand is available in my country, I'll look it up.

No. 363495

i have this fuckass pimple that popped like this week and its been days now that it keeps filling up with pus, popping and then filling up again. ive been using tea tree oil, facial washes with salicylic acid and some hot compresses, leaving it alone but it keeps filling up and its like a single open wound on my cheek whenever it pops.

No. 363496

i never heard of this product before. but what what helped rid my seb derm (face and scalp) was a 10% sulfur soap bar

No. 363499

have you tried acne patches yet?

No. 363541

ive never tried those before. do you have any recommendations?

No. 363580

I hate to recommend picking but you have to extract it properly and then disinfect it and cover it with a bandage like cloth tape or hydrocolloid overnight to let it start healing. If you put a hydrocolloid sticker on an open pimple that still has puss inside what will happen is it will get more gross because it’s festering under there or your skin will start healing/growing around the sebum blockage and it will just come to the surface again later when the sebum builds up again. In my experience.

No. 363611

ayrt - i also use ketoconazole shampoo and sebamed scalp balancing shampoo. best of luck to you anon!
thats really interesting, this is the first time i hear about this, could you recommend a brand and how you use it? thank you!

No. 363623

ntayrt but if it's hydrocolloid patches I've found Peach Slices brand to have the most in the package for the least cost

No. 363628

the mighty patch pimple patches are my favorite ones I've tried. actually stick on all night instead of falling off and they reduce pimples quite a lot

No. 363634

I use these products too and usually they work but now it's not as effective and I don't know if it's because of the sudden change of temperature two months ago or because of stress from work and personal things going on. It's a bit less terrible now than last month because I don't have scabs on my eyelids anymore but I never changed the shampoo I use or how often I use it so that's weird. I'll try to make an order at Sephora for that brand and see how it goes.

No. 363640

what really helps me with using that cream or a laroche posay one (for skin irritation and dryness) right after the shower (on my hairline, i use it regularly in my skincare routine as well) and i feel like it makes a difference but i also get fluctuations. i think stress and hormones (maybe? i notice a difference before my period but it might be coincidence too) really mess me up.
obviously you dont have to do the way i do, but i hope it helps you like it does me

No. 363643

File: 1702066307361.jpeg (41.36 KB, 720x415, IMG_1423.jpeg)

How do I get rid of these? I wash with CeraVe acne control cleanser, and it has stopped new ones from growing, but it hasn’t gotten rid of the ones already there. Do I have to use blackhead strips?

No. 363644

they don't go away ime, maybe try a chemical exfoliant like AHA or BHA for blackheads

No. 363647

use an oil cleanser anon, nothing works better for me to get rid of grits and reduce the look of the pores on my nose than using oil cleansers

No. 363774

does gua sha really work? or should i look into fillers lol
(im 24)

No. 364251

Has anyone tried the brand Mesoestetic?

No. 364287

hey this might be a dumb question, but is it normal for moisturizer and lip balm to kind of make your skin feel like it's burning?

No. 364290

Lipbalm sometimes has irritating ingredients to make your lips plumper but if it's both your lipbalm and moisturizer that's not good.

No. 364340

File: 1702233747168.jpeg (285.21 KB, 1200x1061, IMG_2403.jpeg)

facial gua sha does not work, it’s a scam. This picture is an example of how skin looks after ACTUAL gua sha is done, it’s supposed to be applied with extreme force and it’s incredibly painful. It’s Chinese medicine, and it has many uses but “sculpting the face” is not one of them. Some people keep their gua sha in the freezer or fridge so it serves to de-puff their face when rubbed across the skin, but that’s all it does. I strongly advise against filler though because it makes people look disgusting.

No. 364372

How is this supposed to help? Legit asking. I've watched chiropractor videos before (because I'm a chiro stan) and they sometimes use a gua sha on the body for muscle knots but nothing as extreme as this

No. 364377

Relaxing tight muscles isnt a myth tho, a lot can be changed facially by reducing tension, which rubbing a rock on your face can do.

No. 364417

It doesn’t do anything

No. 365355

File: 1702555350865.png (63.16 KB, 300x300, Sudocrem-300x300.png)

Do you guys think diaper cream (specifically sudocrem) would be a good base for face masks? It's a soft cream with soothing properties and zinc (good for acne) and ok for sensitive skin. It has mild antiseptic properties too. I had an idea to possibly mix in drops of serum or the kind of clay powder they use for making face masks

No. 365356

No it does it’s just temporary.

No. 365358

omg no way I don't think so? I use it sometimes on spots

No. 365359

I've used zinc cream to take away redness and reduce zits overnight, it works

No. 365368

Ayrt I have also used it on spots overnight before and I noticed that when I do this the spot doesn't have a mark that stays after spot is gone (and if it does, it's pale and clear clears somewhat quickly). A while back with a painful spot I applied diaper cream and it was almost immediately less red and sore. It does seem to have an overall positive effect on skin if you use it on its own as a mask occasionally (personal anecdote)

No. 365386

Anyone have advice for red spots left behind after acne? I think it's called post-irritation erythema. I've gotten my acne about 90% under control but I get the odd pimple from time to time and it always leaves a mark behind.
seeing this unearthed my negative memory of how my mother used to do "cupping" which looked horrifying both during and after. it made me so worried as a kid to see her with red welts all over her body

No. 365398

I have this problem too. People say to use tretoin (it's a retinoid). I recently started using normal retinol which is supposed to help but it takes weeks to kick in apparently but I'm already showing signs of improvement with those scars

No. 365536

Any good serum recommendations for rosacea?

No. 365540

I was considering starting tret but I saw someone say that it's only good for post-irritation hyperpigmentation (brown spots), not post-irritation erythema (red spots), so I hesitated. Mine are definitely red. I don't really want to take the plunge unless I'm confident that it'll help with this in particular since it's such a big commitment. I don't have signs of aging and my acne is mild, so those aren't huge draws for me, I just want the red spots to go away
I have a granactive retinoid cream that I'm still using, but I'm not into it because it absorbs slowly and I don't feel like I get any real benefit out of it besides maybe lackluster moisturizing. This one is marketed as anti-aging exclusively and not related to acne, so I'm not really the target consumer but I got it for free

No. 365576

any fellow dermatillomania nonnas have recs for gentle products that help heal your skin after picking? i go to therapy for it + trich but it's not helping me much when i'm stressed and neglect the strategies and exercises. i've tried hydrocolloid patches a bunch but they run out immediately and i also feel like they stick to my skin too hard and make it peel when i remove them

No. 365750

that's not normal, sounds like you're allergic to something

No. 365799

Things with azeleic acid should help. Mirvaso is prescription strength and available online through telehealth for cheaper than through many insurance.

No. 365958

File: 1702779151638.png (323.04 KB, 5000x5000, nizy.png)

have any of you had any experience using nizoral (ketoconazole) on your face for (hormonal) acne? i have been using tretinoin 0.025% for over a year now and my acne is 75% gone. i was alternating tret and short contact therapy with benzoyl peroxide for the past few months but it hasn't helped as much as i hoped so i thought i'd give nizoral a try. i read this study https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31599059/ (use anna's archive if you can't access it) and the results were somewhat promising although they used a topical cream instead of short contact therapy.
my biggest issue with BP was that my skin is too sensitive to use it frequently. the study mentions that a big benefit of ketoconazole is that it's much gentler than traditional acne treatments.

No. 365959

Nizoral is an antifungal treatment, wouldn't this help fungal acne instead of hormonal acne?

No. 365960

File: 1702779970971.png (141.95 KB, 947x637, study.png)

it is more known for treating fungal acne but it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-androgen properties. the study i linked specifically focused on women with mild hormonal acne (referred to as adult female acne in the study)

No. 366002

if you can tolerate tretinoin at that percentage have you considered bumping up the strength? Personally I did notice a difference when I used .05% up from .025%

No. 366113

how long were you using .025% before you upped it? when i started using tret, i read that there was a study that indicated that higher concentrations gives you quicker results but the results are the same after a year(?) of consistently using any concentration. i can't find the study now so idk anymore..
i also just opened a new tube of my .025% last month so im not in a rush to up the concentration. but i'm open to it if it has a chance of helping, it's just my skin seems to barely tolerate an extra active. i have to take an off day every week. its for this reason i have a vitamin c serum, and a 5% aha treatment rotting in my cabinet… it seems impossible to fit these in my routine since im still having breakouts.

No. 366607

sorry if this question has been asked before but what products are best for dry, clog prone and sensitive skin? i've never had acne before and throughout my life i've used several skincare products. the ones that worked best for me were probably clean and clear exfoliating cleanser along with the cream cleanser and simple moisturiser but i've heard very negative things about clean and clear. i don't speak polish but i'm currently using polish products. if any nonas could fill me in one whether these products are good, i'd be very thankful.
for the oil cleanser and i hope i spell all these right it's from bielenda, carbo detox biały węgiel płyn micelarny, my cream cleanser is ultra hydrating face cleansing cream with duo aqua-porine and trehalose, my toner is super power mezo tonic moisturising tonic, all those three are from bielenda, the moisturiser i use is from ziala, krem ogórek cera tíusta might say tlusta, cant tell mieszana normalna. i'm guessing the normalna might mean it's for normal skin but i don't speak polish. i will mention that the moisturiser does make my skin feel a bit drier. i saw a website that lets you copy and paste all the ingredients of the product and tells you whether or not they're suitable for your skin but i can't remember the name. i'm totally clueless about most skincare so i'd really appreciate any input i can get about this.

No. 366616

The site is INCIDecoder

No. 366641

File: 1703029740630.png (222.79 KB, 706x706, fhgdfhkg.png)


Can anyone explain the science of how/if this works? Worth the money?

No. 366645

I don't think its worth a try even for a tenth of that price, nonny. The reviews are hosted on their own company site so are untrustworthy, the influencers are untrustworthy, no real scientific merit or depiction of what the device does. If you want korean style glow the best thing is some CosRx products and a facial from an aesthetician trained in their style, which is unfortunately rare outside of asia, but there can be some decent substitutes.

No. 366853

hi nonnies, I got some puara d'or argan oil from the store (supposedly 100% with no fragrance added) and it smells very minty for some reason. is this normal? I feel like throwing it out, tbh.

No. 367174

Anyone have any recommendations for rosacea? My face flushes completely all the time

No. 367187

Nah, that's okay. As long as it doesn't smell "goaty" (as in, like, stinky animal, earthy, whatever), you're okay.

No. 367746

What causes deep, painful under the skin acne that's so deep you can't squeeze it out? I have those a lot on my back and it sucks.

No. 368731

Snail mucin and vitamin c are ingredients that helped me Nona. I have bad derm and trich too and these faded the scarring and appearance.

No. 368732

Hormonal acne

No. 368935

CBD has worked wonders for my skin, it helped to get rid of redness and swelling as well as actual spots.

No. 368971


DIM or diindolylmethane supplements got rid of my hormonal acne

No. 369695

Does anyone here have psoriasis on their eyelid(s)? I've tried so many products (medicated and regular creams), and nothing seems to be effective in keeping the flakes away. I feel like there's no point in using steroidal cream and potentially getting whatever serious sight issues if it just gets flaky again after 2~3 days of using it. Sometimes it keeps the itchiness away, sometimes it doesn't. A Sephora worker recommended this Skinfix Triple Lipid Boost cream to me, but it's pretty expensive for such a small amount, and it just felt like she was trying to make a sale. I'm seeing that it's a bit of a viral item too. Have any of you nonnies with psoriasis tried it and had luck with it, or another product?

No. 369721

What vitamin c serum do you use? Trying to find something stable, but affordable.

No. 369891

File: 1703906971907.jpeg (14.82 KB, 450x450, 7814F1D2-2814-4AEB-98E8-3A6EC5…)

This one. It's only $10! It does have a weird smell—like old orange juice mixed with Elmer's glue. It worked great for me though and definitely outperforms a lot of the overhyped vitamin c products

No. 370046

hi! weird question today but can I get some pictures or links about someone turning their really terrible skin around presumably someone that isn't super young?
I have so many layers of skin issues right now…orange peel like texture, cysts, inflamed scars, dehydration/dryness, etc…and on top of that I can't even tell what skincare breaks me out because my entire face is a war zone.

No. 370050

It really sounds like you need to just see an irl dermatologist, it could be some kind of infection or hormonal issue. But out of curiosity, what do you use right now?

No. 370063

Get tested for food allergies too

No. 370341

Ntayrt but I get headaches from the DIM supplement I tried. I took it for many days but the headaches persisted. Should I try another brand or am I doomed?

No. 370955

I have very thin fair skin and have always had fine forehead wrinkles (like since i was a kid) but I really want to get rid of them and prevent them from getting worse.

I've been considering getting botox/filler or something but I'm not sure how to go about it or how expensive it is or perhaps if there's some good tightening skincare I could get? Pls halp

No. 370988

NTA I used to take DIM. Not sure how long you were on it, but for me it took about a week for the headaches to subside. However, if I skipped just a single day, I would have a headache taking it again.
Spearmint supplements can also work for hormonal acne. However, I stopped taking it because it gave me intense hunger and I had to pee all the time. Apparently it’s got a similar effect to spironolactone.

No. 370995

I would recommend trying some more high end, active plumping type products. I have had insanely noticeable results with the Lancôme Génifique and Regenerie lines, as well as Roc brand which is lower mid price and can be bought in drugstores (I like their retinol capsules and serum, and the hydration capsules) and Aprilskin carrot serum for extra hydration and added clearing bonus (it pulls water to the skin better than ANYTHING, there is noticeably less plumpness if I stop using it for a week) maybe their calendula masks as well. Hydration inside your body is also your friend, as well as making sure you consume enough carbs! Filler is a last resort imo, esp if you’re under 35 and don’t have any drastic lines/sagging.

No. 371114

does anyone have advice for reducing redness around the sides of my nose / above my mouth? around the smile line area i guess.

while this is also a sensitive part of my face where i sometimes see peeling, the slight redness is there no matter what. i’ve been using tretinoin 0.025% for seven months and have an otherwise very simple routine. i recently started using azelaic acid for my acne scarring but don’t think this has had any effect on the redness, at least not so far.

my skin has otherwise been looking good so it annoys me, and i end up wearing concealer there when i otherwise wouldn’t need to.

No. 371247


Might be worth exploring whether it’s perioral dermatitis. If it is, get on the metronidazole gel/cream.

No. 371458

File: 1704556409341.png (1.04 MB, 1024x1024, masque-bar-pretty-animalz-nour…)

I heard castor oil might be helpful with dark undereyes + fine lines, but I don't really know what would be the most effective way, what do you guys think?
>option 1; apply oil, leave on for 20 minutes or so, wash off, apply eye cream/moisturizer
>option 2; apply oil first, eye cream/moisturizer on top
>option 3; eye cream/moisturizer first, then oil on top

No. 371507

it does look a bit like the pictures i’m seeing online, although maybe a milder form. i’m going to cut back the tretinoin to 2-3 nights per week from 4 for now and see if that changes things at all

No. 371524

micellar water has worked surprisingly well for me, I sort of assumed it was a meme. Sensitive skin has never been happier and I haven't even broken out on my period so far since switching to washing with it.

No. 371634


Good move - it can be aggravated by tretinoin. If you’re an amerifag I guess accessing topical antibiotics might not be feasible, but there are other over the counter options like azelaic acid which can also work for some other skin concerns that you might have been seeking to solve with tret, so could be a win-win. Good luck!
I’m currently trying azelaic acid for rosacea - too early to call properly yet but it seems to be helping. Fingers crossed.

No. 371745

File: 1704624744237.jpeg (302.43 KB, 768x768, Skincare_Slugging_infographic.…)

I just began "slugging" for the first time in my life. As in, after cleaning and moisturizing my face, I put a thin layer of vaseline on it before going to bed. Wow, this is great for dry skin! I don't need to moisturize in the morning like I used to.
I used to buy into all this scaremongering about vaseline and "non-organic" products but it actually protects the skin. And it's cheap. Fuck you expensive eco brands I'm a slug now.

No. 371849

I've always wondered, doesn't it get all over your pillow and sheets? I always try to moisturize lightly before bed because otherwise I wind up feeling like I'm spreading it everywhere

No. 371856

It's not a problem for me but I mostly sleep on my back.

No. 371864

I'm surprised at how many people seem to do so, I do full 360s in my sleep so there is no one position that I sleep in

No. 371896

nta but I always do my skincare a few hours before bed so that the products have time to sink in instead of being smeared all over my pillow

No. 371903

This would break me out like fuck

No. 371924

is there any way to get rid of baby/face fat?

im a normal/healthy weight but my face is 'fuller' if that makes sense. it makes me look much younger than people expect which isnt the worst thing in the world but i want to look like someone whos 25, not some shitty bloated 18 year old.

No. 371928

No, there's nothing you can do to change the general fullness of your face with any home skincare method. No offense but that's a stupid thing to want. If you legitimately are bloated maybe avoid high sodium foods and don't drink alcohol.

No. 372066

just do a face massage nightly with your hands. i find it very soothing and notice that my skin looks better since i started doing it. this is the one i use (at 9 min).

No. 372068

For me niacinamide has been a game changer for redness and acne scars. Definitely look into it.
I also didn't initially buy it outright as a serum, but the ingredient was in one of my sunscreens, and I noticed the sunscreen was lightening my complexion/getting rid of redness/scars. Then I tried it as a serum with higher concentration and it's been great.

No. 372070

It may be annoying now but honestly, learn to love it. As you get older, that babyface will keep you looking younger. Take a Google online and see for yourself: generally, the leaner the face, the more it ages you. Too lean and you start looking gaunt or unhealthy. If your face seems extremely puffy in comparison to the rest of your body and you are at a healthy weight, like another Nona said, it could be bloat from sodium/alcohol. Stay hydrated and see how that helps.

No. 372084

Not skincare but some hairstyles can make your face shape look a little slimmer. I have big cheeks and my hair is cut with some short layers curved inward around my cheeks and some long ones framing the sides of my face, so it gives the illusion of more of a V-shape than an O-shape. I don't think it makes me look older but it definitely implies a different curve.

No. 372737

I'm dealing with lamictal / lamotrigane increased acne, and it's making me self conscious. Has anyone managed to find a solution to bad zits around your mouth and chin? That's where it seems to be the worst and it's making me look hideous and like I have herpes bumps or something. I want to be able to wear foundation and lipstick again without feeling like a pig, my skin is oily/combo and nothing has seemed to work, the meds contribute to it.

I may ask my psych to put me on spironolactone if it persists and no topical solution works

No. 372831

File: 1705032896323.png (164.87 KB, 347x494, Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 11.1…)

so far this has worked for me. Aside from the occasional shedding, I have yet to receive whiteheads or blackheads as often as I did before. Hormonal acne is still a thing but the pimples subside after a few days. Only downside is the slow action for hyperpigmentation. Fortunately I got a new cream for that, 20% clarifying Azealic acid. Hopefully this works for me

No. 372863

I have a LOT of spiderveins on my upper thighs but I am fairly thin and walk about 3-4 miles a day and lift weights about 3 times a week so I would assume my circulation and overall health is okay. Is there anything else that causes them? Anything nonnies have done to treat them?

No. 373140

Lol wat anyone can get them. It's just genetics girlie.

No. 373147

Are you very light toned? I kinda thought this was normal for people with fair skin honestly, I knew someone who was super pale and had webs of veins in all sorts of places
I hear exercising also makes veins look larger

No. 373312

I thought that exercise helped to prevent them tbh.
I am pasty, that explains it. What a bummer!
thanks nonnas

No. 373431

I’ve had a lot of chocolate this week and my skin looks really good. I’ve always thought the sugar would fuck my skin up. But it looks soft and bright and clear lol. Can chocolate affect it positively?

No. 373434

slugging with Vaseline works better for me than anything I’ve ever tried. cheap, one ingredient, doesn’t cause breakouts. wake up looking newborn.

No. 373442

I have no fucking idea what the link is but ive noticed that the day after I have dark chocolate are usually days where my skin is really clear and well beahved

No. 373454

Maybe they cancel each other out

No. 373654

Should I even bother using retinal (geek&gorgeous 5%) if it fucks up skin barrier pretty badly?

I can deal with purging but it damages my skin barrier, I end up having a hard time fixing it

No. 373904

File: 1705431505557.png (184.43 KB, 1065x647, lotions.png)

could i get a recommendation for any inexpensive, hydrating, non-sticky body lotion that is easy to get in the US? ideally with no frills but i don't mind fragrance if the lotion doesn't irritate my eczema. i'm finishing up lotion i got from the dollar tree so i'm really open to anything that meets the criteria. i looked at pages of lotions on walmart but pretty much all of the ones i remember liking in the past have recent 1 star reviews saying they ruined the formula. i don't want to purchase a lotion that has been ruined by corporate greed. seems like walmart has fucked all of their generics recently which is a shame.

No. 373916

File: 1705434109424.jpg (49.76 KB, 480x480, Very-dry-hands-in-winter_480x4…)

Would Vaseline help my cracked dry as fuck skin on my hands? I always get cuts during the dry winter months.

No. 373926

yes, vaseline/petroleum jelly is a great occlusive. i like to moisturize and vaseline my hands then put on gloves (literally any gloves, i like the plastic food prep gloves from walmart) to deep moisturize them when my dermatitis is bad.

No. 373952

retinal is pretty mild, what do you mean by it damages your skin barrier?

No. 373954

Check out baby lotion. I use Cerave's baby lotion, mostly for my face though, and it might be my favorite moisturizer formula that I've tried. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all.

No. 374301

The skin becomes sensitive (burns slightly) to products I usually use without issues and I break out due to that

No. 374302

Retinol is known to do that, Nona. A good option is to mix the retinol product with a mild moisturizer of yours when you apply it

No. 374309

File: 1705603999587.jpg (128.34 KB, 735x800, 5222095-03b3ada6ae0e31d6fed1ae…)

So I'm on tretinoin and I usually shave my mustache with an eyebrow shaver. Last night I think I went to hard and ended up harming my face. It feels red and painful to touch. I didn't even get all the hair I wanted to remove. What should i do aside from more moisturizing?

No. 374313

A lot of people like to use aloe vera for wounds, maybe that could help. In general just try to leave it alone as much as possible, you could use tret everywhere except that region

No. 374944

O'Keeffe's working hand cream did wonders for me when I lived in cold as fuck places.

No. 375339

File: 1706047663986.jpg (89.6 KB, 640x791, catmask.JPG)

What treatments have anons had before? I’ve cleared up most of my acne with tret but still get occasional breakouts and closed comedones. I have lots of acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. I want to get maybe a peel or Hydra facial. I’ve read some horror stories about some treatments and it worries me though

No. 375398

I thought tret would fix the closed comodones? I use the BHA toner after cleansing on days I don't use the tret

No. 375407

I finally bought vitamin c powder and bicarb soda to make my own vit c serum. This way I can make a fresh batch every week and now it hasn't degraded. So excited!!!

No. 375449

I wish that was the case for my skin, but nope. How often do you apply tret?

No. 375495

I started using it once a week, and now I use it every other day. I use this >>348723

No. 375708

I used to be on Adapalene after having bad acne as a teen, and it kept me clear. Switched to tret after a long period off Adapalene, breaking out a lot, just because tret was cheaper, and it did clear me up but never as smoothly as the adapalene did. So i went back to the adapalene (gel type), and I'm fully clear again. Sometimes one thing just agrees with your skin more than the other even though they allegedly do similar things. I suspect the issue may have been with the cream formulation of the tret as opposed to the gel of the adapalene.

No. 375716

File: 1706273048451.jpg (91.4 KB, 736x981, 497fcb0dbede638dc12c6b9ec013f8…)

I've been using this 0,1% retinal for almost 3 years now and I still get acne around my period.
Should I just stop using it? I don't think it's doing anything for me.
Has anyone ever gotten any results with retinol/al? I don't have access to tretinoin ir adapalene.

No. 375720

It doesn't work because you're treating hormonal acne with a topical.. your skincells aren't the problem.

No. 375750

File: 1706289413541.jpg (44.75 KB, 632x768, IMG_6091_7bf42b5b-7359-4400-87…)

Has anyone used these? Any opinions? I was given a box of them from my mum who was mailed them by accident

No. 375775

Does anyone have good Niacinamide recs? I was using The Ordinary and La Roche but as soon as I put it on my skin would get a little red (it wouldn’t get itchy or sting or anything). they were both 10% and I feel like that’s what’s irritating my skin. Anyone know of a lower % brand but it still does its job? Thanks :)(emote)

No. 375797

File: 1706305336440.jpeg (60.73 KB, 750x833, IMG_9169.jpeg)


The Ordinary niacinimide did a number on me too so I switched to picrel for my cleanser instead and I find that suits me well.

No. 376045

File: 1706405837664.jpeg (990.24 KB, 1170x1297, IMG_0622.jpeg)

I look like I have buccal fat removal because of my gaunt face and I hate it. How the fuck do I gain facial fat? Do I have to get fillers? My face only looks normal when I have a body like Shayna’s current weight (no I am not kidding). I’m terrified of aging because I think it’s only going to get worse.
I see a lot of discussion about Sephora kids and I’m worried that my skincare hobby in my teens has fucked up my face. I’m in my mid 20s now and started using tretinoin in college (and a prescribed spot treatment) when I went to see a dermatologist about my acne. Is the tretinoin contributing to facial fat loss? Sometimes I use differin when I run out of tretinoin as well.

No. 376046

Samefag, I know people will tell me to gain weight but I am a currently at a normal weight. The only time my face doesn’t look chiseled and has some fat on it is when I’m actually fat. When I get older I expect to gain weight but is being thin now with no facial fat in my 20s going to age me drastically? Would it do anything to gain weight now and be fat just so I have some fat on my face?

No. 376047

You can't selectively gain or lose facial fat.

No. 376050

>Is the tretinoin contributing to facial fat loss?
No that was debunked. It does not have any effect on fat.

No. 376551

File: 1706669035698.jpg (61.28 KB, 1024x1024, Neutrogena-Age-Shield-Face-Lot…)

Got this today since it was half off. I'm kind of worried it's too much spf and googled about it to find that they can do the opposite of protecting against UV? I don't use anything else so it'll be the only thing I use, so should I be using something else with it? I'm not worried about the wrinkles part of sunscreen just want it to at least do the bare minimum.

No. 376580

I saw improvement in my general acne using differin, but my hormonal acne around my period actually got worse.

No. 376617

There's no such thing as too much spf, I think what you're refering to is that study that showed that people who wore very high spf were more careless, spent more time in the direct sun without re applying because they felt they were protected, and ended up getting sunburns. So if you don't sunbath there's nothing to worry about. I'd just use an oil or balm cleanser to make sure you clean the sunscreen off thorougly at the end of the day, since it can clog your pores, and some moisturize as sunscreen tend to be drying too.

No. 376724

File: 1706769376561.jpg (55.95 KB, 788x836, Ziip Halo.jpg)

So I recently bought and have been using the Ziip Halo microcurrent device, and I've been pleased by the results I've had over the past few weeks. However after doing some more in depth research I'm starting to feel I may have may have made a mistake buying it.

There is some telling evidence that microcurrent treatments kill facial fat. Now naturally and unfortunately I already have little facial fat, so I'm not sure how much I could potentially ruin my face. I don't have any wrinkles and mainly bought it as a preventitive measure to add to my skincare routine.

Do any other anons have any experiences using this device or having microcurrent facials? Are my concerns valid?

It doesn't help that the model of the device is new and hasn't been out for even a year for people to come out with any bad experiences.

No. 376747

try giving yourself lymph massages, Perry Nicholson's lymph flow on youtube is a good routine

No. 376755

I’m not sure if this is the right thread but I can’t find a more appropriate one.
Has anyone here ever tried bleaching their body hair? I don’t like removing my leg hair but I’ve noticed a lot of people staring at my legs and giving me foul looks at the pool. I’m not exceptionally hairy but I do have very pale skin and dark hair so it stands out a lot, and I’d like to make it a bit less visible.
>inb4 grow thicker skin
I know, I know.

No. 376767

Thank you! That was primarily what I was worried about. I've been putting it on twice a day and using micellar water at night. It's not really sunny at all but it makes me feel like I'm looking after myself kek. I'm definitely buying a more sunscreen oriented moisturizer I've seen on these threads after I finish the 88 ml.
I'm stubborn and I don't like shaving my leg hair but I have gotten looks too. I recommend Sally Hansen airbrush legs (it's water resistant) she also has a bleach you can use or there's jolen creme bleach that's more tame. I'd be careful if it's your first time because it can end up being pretty irritating for short hair and that isn't much fun in the water.

No. 376785

Any product recommendations for oily but very dehydrated skin? I'm mostly looking at Asian lotions (toners) and maybe serums or moisturisers, I'm interested in the Naturie Hatomugi one since it's a cheap and trusted drugstore product but after looking at the ingredients list I want something stronger than just slightly fancy water with plant extracts when I'm already spraying myself with plain water. Whatever I get will be layered with Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium lotion and I'm trying to avoid HA because it always feels tacky and makes my problem worse because I'm struggling to get enough H2O in my skin as it is.

No. 376799

Moisturizers with 5% urea are amazing. My HG is Korean brand Zeroid but it's a bit expensive, there are drugstore brands. Side note, were you applying HA to wet skin before? It didn't work for me until I read about that being necessary.

No. 376802

Same anon as before, I looked at ingredients for your Hado Labo and found it has Ascorbic Acid, aka vitamin C which is an active. I think it would help your skin to give it a break from that, just use a healing cream with urea and a gentle cleanser with no acids until you're balanced out. The oiliness will go away when your skin isn't overcompensating for being stripped of its natural barrier.

No. 376804

I haven't researched urea much, I'll look into it. And yeah I try to put it on damp skin but still get that feeling, I think my water quality is an issue and it's aggressively dry where I live

No. 376812

I love the Hada Labo lotion! I've had good results with the COSRX snail mucin essence and etude soon jung cream. Both have a pretty watery texture and don't leave me feeling oily.

No. 376844

I have something on my face about half the size of a penny that isn't super visible from the surface aside from looking like some mild bruising, but on touch feels like a large blister. I suspect it's a cyst, but filled with blood? It doesn't hurt, and it's located on my cheek where I previously had a normal pimple that already popped and drained in its own. Seeing a dermo to get it popped isn't an option for me since I'm uninsured in the USA. Should I try pricking it with a needle myself? It's been there for 2 weeks now without going away, and hot compresses aren't doing anything for it.

No. 378580

File: 1707650224851.jpg (377.67 KB, 1534x738, 2024-02-11 13_19_17.794 0200.j…)

Could this possibly be fungal acne? It's not going away with ahas and bhas, feels like it sometimes gets worse when I use those. Saving money so not going to a dermatologist just yet

No. 378586

Try washing with an anti dandruff shampoo instead of soap. The zinc in them is good for fungal acne. My dermatologist prescribed me a really strong one, but head and shoulders should work fine if unlike me you haven't been struggling with major bacne for years

No. 378587

I already use that as my shampoo so I could give it a shot with a light hand and then buy ketoconazole cream

No. 378619

doesn't look like fungal acne
aha and bha can dry your skin even mre and cause a reaction, stop using it if it makes it worse

No. 378622

Doesn’t look like fungal acne, it just looks irritated. Like the other said AHA and BHA are irritating you shouldn’t use them on inflamed, broken or irritated skin or they will aggravate it. Try putting a hydrocolloid sticker on any open/raw blemishes and then using an anti-acne retinoid like adapalene followed by a strong moisturizer with shea butter. Cleanse with micellar water and cotton pads morning and night to remove shedding dead skin cells caused by the adapalene. Use a mineral sunblock in the daytime to prevent sun damage from retinoid making your skin sensitive.
Just my amateur routine that worked for me. Always treat your skin gently and don’t do too much, even with adapalene start slowly and take breaks if it makes your skin mad. An angry red inflamed face is not better than a mildly pimply face and it will lead to more aggressive signs of aging if you are always stressing your skin with peels etc. and damaging it.

No. 378901

I don't use aha/bha daily, don't worry. My skin is just very sensitive and the air gets super dry in the apartment when I can't be arsed to fill the humidifier. Thanks for the tips

No. 379812

File: 1708082605248.png (469.95 KB, 640x910, qjrc43xzyea91.png)

Does anyone know what causes the hair to grow in coils underneath the skin? And how to get rid of it? I used to only have them on my legs and didn't mind much because I don't shave my legs or wear anything showing my legs. But recently they've started appearing on my arms and I absolutely hate it. It's so sudden too. I don't get it. I feel horrible

No. 379814

I’ve started getting weird whitehead raised type things under my tits. My boobs are small and I don’t sweat under there at all really so I don’t think it’s that, Whats also really weird is it seems to be the blocked hair follicles or something. I noticed that I’m growing like 3-4 tiny faint hairs out of each follicle but only under my breasts, nowhere else on my body. I think it’s called pili multigemini. This only started happening the last few months and it’s freaking me out.

No. 379819

I feel like some physical exfoliation and moisturizer would fix that pretty quick. Just a guess, I haven't had that exact issue. If I have a lot of shallow ingrown hairs, scrubbing my skin fixes it. Moisturizing also helps prevent ingrown hairs. Maybe your skin is dry because of winter weather and that's why it's happening now. Too much dry dead skin preventing the hair from coming out like it should.

No. 379897

Dry skin and lack of exfoliation. Hair that grows in coils like that is usually softer and lighter so it tends to curl in instead of growing out like normal. You can get these if you epilate or wax, and the cure is glycolic acid and physical exfoliation.

No. 379986

it is a symptom of scurvy as well

No. 380173

Thanks for the advice guys. I'm pretty lazy and forget to moisturize most of the time, so it makes sense now.
I'll overdose on the vit c too lol

No. 380193

File: 1708226815881.jpeg (381.5 KB, 728x563, D323F4AB-D7E7-4195-A342-B53119…)

rate my shit nonnalitachiquitas. i have blue power

No. 380277

The quality of the photo is kind of low but can you list the products and what they do?

No. 380880

File: 1708544122304.jpeg (98.98 KB, 941x691, EFF2C012-C0B5-4813-896A-AEAA2C…)

What spa treatments are known for radically reducing hyperpigmentation? I feel like my current treat and azelaic acid is too slow

No. 380881

Looks pretty normal, affordable too

What’s the blue cream in the left?

No. 380885

File: 1708545369906.png (387.4 KB, 584x362, 1.png)

Piton pls

No. 380897

What has helped those with acne and oily skin? Preferably organic methods if possible

No. 380908

Eating a lot of cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. DIM supplements. The usual water/sleep/avoid alcohol and sugar. Mine is hormonal though.
Non organic: adapalene.

No. 380911

Mine is hormonal too, so birth control.

No. 381001

I'm getting married and three months and I want to improve my skin and my fiancé's. I'm thinking about starting a retinol treatment? more for acne than wrinkles. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good retinol? I heard good things about the Dermalogica one but it's $90 for 1 oz. Also curious if oil cleansers are legit? My fiancé wears make-up daily and I think a lot of her acne comes from that.
Also does cutting sugar out of diet really work in anyone's experience? That would be a last resort

No. 381348



>Disorders in ancient Rome. Acne (Acne vulgaris) is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin characterized by comedones, papules, and pustules; usually associated with seborrhea. Cysts and modules may develop and scarring is common. Roman physicians recommended a combination of ointments containing sulphur, and salicylic acid to treat acne. salicylic acid was obtained from the bark of a willow tree (Salix purpurea). The bark Was ground into a fine powder and mixed with hydrous wool fat (lanolin) to form an ointment. Patients were advised to wash the skin thoroughly but gently and keep their hands away from sites of lesions They should also reduce sun exposure and the use of cosmetics

and let me tell you right now, I started using sulfur/salicylic acid soap on my acne breakout because of this article and a few days later it was completely gone. red marks still there of course but the pimples were GONE!!

No. 381351

Retinol takes a long time for your skin to adjust to, could take longer than three months. I didn’t see the results I wanted for a year. It changes the way your skin sheds cells which is a slow process. Also there’s peeling and purging which could make you look worse for a while.

No. 381352

Why did you need to read an article about ancient rome? salicylic acid is commonly prescribed for acne even today. Works for a lot of people (personally I hate it and it makes my skin red and inflamed after a week or two but that’s just me)

No. 381360

the sulfur is the key ingredient imo. i used salicylic acid on its own prior because of how widely its touted already, and it really did nothing to help

actually i used both also for my seb dermatitis on my scalp and it helped to relieve the symptoms

No. 381369


No. 381396

asking because you seem to know a lot: is just applying only a sulfur ointment with polyethylene glycol to problematic skin for a few days/weeks fine? my skin freaks out at everything and I've failed to find a good facial lotion.

No. 381403

How can you differentiate the between actual handmade products and Chinese crap on Etsy even the price at this point doesn’t guarantee it’s not a fake.

Or maybe I should just go to my local apothecary and get a dry brush. Thoughts appreciated.

No. 381432

Idk if it's the right thread but I need help nonnas, 1 year ago I burned myself badly with boiled water on my leg, in 2 spots, I still have a darker spot. I'm still using some silicone gel thing on it daily but I'm deeply concerned it won't fade more.
Is there any treatment or anything else I could use? Idc how expensive it is, I just want this shit as faded as possible, I'm aware the burn was bad enough not to fade permanently but it's pretty big and my skin is fair, so it's visible.

No. 381492

honestly i don't apply ointment i just use a soap bar with sulfur in it, wash my face once a day in the morning.
i dont recommend prolonged exposure to sulfur because it does really dry out your skin, so once the acne recedes, limit the use of the sulfur soap to once or twice a week/as needed.

but ointment will definitely work for spot treatment, if you feel a zit coming up, it dries out the spot right away. but for me i just use the soap bar, does the same thing.

i like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Revitale-Advanced-Salicylic-Sulphur-Treatment/dp/B07L37F1RT

No. 381904

I got a whitehead on the bottom of my lower lip that I thought was ready to pop but absolutely wasn't. Ended up scraping off some of my lip skin in my failed attempts. Looks like I've been stung by a bee or have a sore on my lip. It's a longshot but is there a quick way to make the redness/swelling go down by tonight? I have to meet some friends later.

No. 381916

I had shitty, pimply, itchy skin until I tried out eliminating all non fungal acne/malassezia-safe haircare and skincare products and now my skin is clear. Years of this with no solution and it really was this easy. Stridex barely helped, and when I stopped using it every day, I’d break out again. Every moisturizer, oil, hair product broke me out. If you’ve been struggling with the same problem, maybe try only fungal-acne safe products. I tried to wash with Nizoral/ketoconazole washes for a while, but they didn’t help because the products I was applying afterwards would feed the fungus . This helped me understand a lot. https://simpleskincarescience.com/pityrosporum-folliculitis-treatment-malassezia-cure/

No. 381926

Why is the skin on my chest and back so bad but my face is totally fine? I know it's not shampoo residue because I always rinse properly.

No. 381933

Sometimes it just be like that. I used to have minimal acne on my face but horrible backne. Now both are gone, without ever changing my skincare, diet or meds.

No. 382167

File: 1709166401614.jpeg (50.96 KB, 480x360, IMG_9323.jpeg)

This is a Vent Thread crossover: rosacea is - and I am not being hyperbolic - ruining my quality of life. As of relatively recently I have the kind that looks like acne and it’s so fucking itchy right now. I simply do not want to be perceived until it clears up but it’s been like 3 months so far and I’m losing hope at this point.

No. 382244

What's the difference between using a facial moisturizer with SPF in the formula vs using a moisturizer and SPF as seperate products?

No. 382378

The main difference is you have to know how to layer them based on what kind of sunblock it is. If it's a physical spf like zinc/titanium it's supposed to go on OVER the moisturizer. If it's a chemical spf it needs to go on first to soak into your skin.

No. 382463

Sounds hype nona, I'm not into bars of soap though, is there any liquid pump soap with these ingredients out there?

Nah you're going to need to back that up with a source. Everybody reputable says SPF is the last step of your skincare routine. This includes chemical SPF (which is often the main one they talk about). If you go on to do a makeup look on top of that, of course it's not your last step anymore. But we're talking about skincare (moisturizer)

No. 382856

I completely destroyed my skin barrier.
Biggest reason is just washing my face with water for weeks due to depression, causing it to get all gross and rough, and then ordering 10 new korean skin care items, trying them all at once and immediately dropping them again because I have zero patience. Now I can't even handle my old trusted products anymore and even the most lame, basically just water, suitable for baby skin stuff is making me itch horribly. On top of that I have really bad pollen allergy now, and the redness, heat and itchiness is spreading from my eye area all the way down my cheeks. I have no idea what to use anymore, anonitas… My skin was never bad to begin with but trying tons of stuff to make it even prettier, now made me look like shit.

No. 382865

There isn't enough SPF in a moisturizer with SPF as byproduct. You really need quite a lot of it for it to be effective.

No. 382881

I looked into it, it seems like there's a family owned brand called dermaharmony based in Maine that has a liquid soap version with sulfur/salicylic acid
give it a try for sure!

No. 382883

ah but I just realized that's castile soap, so you'll need to dilute the liquid soap before application.

No. 383078

File: 1709581801955.jpg (160.02 KB, 1000x1000, lush-herbalism-face-and-body-c…)

I hate the smell and texture of this so much but it is one of the ONLY things that helps my skin when I get blind spots and period spots, it is amazing

No. 383148

File: 1709597990466.jpeg (168.95 KB, 750x730, IMG_9352.jpeg)

Anyone fuck with LED face masks? I’m looking for honest reviews that aren’t sponcon: specifically red light for reducing inflammation but I’ll take whatever you can offer me. Mildly intrigued by Koanna which seems to be the most powerful/versatile that isn’t thousands of dollars…

No. 383170

Seconding this. I have a red light mask but I’m pretty sure it’s cheap Chinese crap that doesn’t even work

No. 383174

I haven't but I found this, https://www.spandidos-publications.com/10.3892/ijmm.2014.2030 . I am not a supporter for anti aging skin products but it can also, as you said, assist with reducing inflammation. You need specific wavelengths of red which is 600-700nm and it's super pricey. You're better off spending that money on maybe a better diet or products with centella asiatica, colloidal oatmeal, allantoin, or aloe vera to assist inflammation.

No. 383177

I own one from la parfait cosmetics that i got for a steep discount from tj maxx. There were practically no reviews online, just people talking about their physical spa locations. I've been using it for 2 weeks only the red setting and so far i have seen in difference in my older hyperpigmentation scars, so i am very pleased with it. It does meet the required light waves too. Ideally i would have bought the a more flexible mask like the current body or omnilux which are the ones that get shilled the most, but they are popular for a reason. This post is made by someone who had reviewed a ton of masks on the market, it's very detailed and informative. https://goalstogetglowing.com/2021/01/17/led-face-mask-research/

No. 383195

If you can figure out what ingredient(s) work for you in that product, you can find a different product with the same ingredient(s) that smells better

No. 383657

I actually use a lamp (40$) which I recommend more unless you want a spa experience because it's good for the whole body. this is more subjective but it feels…comforting. I think my skin does look more radiant overall though it really doesn't do anything for my active acne, it seems to be a bit helpful for my older wounds.

No. 383774

stop absorbing men's opinions on celebrities and their alleged plastic surgery habits. accept your looks and do not get any fillers or become obese just to achieve the current preference among moids which is 3D moeblob face.

No. 384524

be real with me nonners, how long should I continue using a product to see whether or not I'm purging from it? it's a light lotion with azaelic acid in it. I've had really bad acne for years and tbh I have never found something that doesn't break me out. accutane failed.

No. 384534

Been using sulfacetamide sodium 10% and topical clindamycin phosphate 1%, prescribed by my derm because literally no other acne product does anything for my horrible skin. I tried using an expensive moisturizer I have and it just made me start developing acne again… Does anyone have a brand of moisturizer they recommend?? I have sensitive skin so I'd prefer nothing too heavy or oily

No. 384540

I LOVE the smell and texture of herbalism I'm not even kidding

No. 384541

Really need some recommendations for a body and face wash/scrub that really deep cleans. Been really depressed for the last year at least and have hardly been showering and really just want to feel deeply clean and scrubbed without damaging my skin. I don’t have any sensitivities or allergies but I also don’t shop online so I’m really hoping for something I can pick up at like target. Also any recommendations for a good shampoo/
conditioner as my scalp is suffering as well. Feeling defeated in general and my current grossness isn’t very encouraging to not feel worse about life. Any response is appreciated nonas, thank you. (I have started reading the thread but am a bit overwhelmed by all the info and really need to shower soon please help!)

No. 384543

Same. Anything that smells planty and herby/earthy always smells good imo

No. 384546

Same anon I really didn’t want to admit but my depressing lack of hygiene has also recently led me to get a half dollar sized spot of impetigo on my face. I feel so gross and ashamed and want to give up. It’s been over three weeks and is barely starting to go away. I did all the recommended treatment (a round of antibiotics, I try to never touch it, bactoban, muciporin,) my friend gave me an astringent to try and I’m not sure if that is what’s helping or if it’s just finally healing on it’s own. Hard to say. Anyone else have experience with impetigo? I feel so gross and embarrassed.

No. 384555

I use lush's happy skin scrub for my face. I have sensitive skin, so I avoid harsher cleansers, but it works well for me! for my body, I use a bar of african black soap, which you should be able to find at target. while not a scrub, I really recommend picking up jojoba oil, which you can usually find at the grocery store. it can be used on skin and hair for moisturization, and it's even antibacterial and amazing for sensitive skin. it'll make your face look oily while it's absorbed though, so I use it at night after I shower on my face and the ends of my hair

No. 384563

Maybe this isn't the advice you want to hear but instead of looking for one product that gives a very "deep clean," maybe try to promise yourself to shower more often. Cleanliness is about a lot of small steps, not one big thing that will work all at once. Buy a nice loofah for the shower and a good smelling shower gel and shampoo, and dedicate yourself to at least be depressed in a warm shower. I know sometimes it can be very difficult, but just keep it in your mind "if I'm going to lie down and be blue I may as well lie down in the shower." Even just being in the warm steamy water may improve your mood. When you're feeling down, use products with scents that you enjoy, it will make showering feel like more of a reward to do. Plus it's engaging to go into a drug store aisle and smell all the different products to see which one you'd like best.
Try to contact a doctor for a round of antibiotics if possible. It may look gnarly now, but most cases of impetigo will go away without scarring. Don't be embarrassed, these things happen to everyone. You'll look better again in no time.

No. 384598

Thank you for the advice. I tell myself I’m going to shower more frequently every time I do actually shower, only to let myself somehow go even longer. I’m not looking specifically for a single product but I am going to be out of soap pretty soon and was thinking about getting something with maybe more scrub. It takes a lot of scrubbing for the water the not run off me brown or grey. (I know, I know please don’t judge) I know bathing more frequently would also help as well. But since it takes me a bit to use up a whole product I want something niceish.

No. 384600

Ayrt, I’m curious about the African black soap and am going to look into it in a minute actually. I’ve also heard good things about jojoba oil as well so may also look into that.

No. 384606

You don't need a "deep cleaner", you're not an old stained pan that needs vigirous scrubbing to get clean again. Any random body and face wash will do the trick. Just pick something up that looks or smells nice so you'll be more likely to use it.

No. 384665

File: 1710242872951.jpeg (110.73 KB, 500x648, 5B511D6F-068A-427E-A581-3FB405…)

This is a more of a general beauty question, do you guys have lists of what products to use when and how? Like planning the most optimal routine?

No. 384667

>Balanced cleansing foam twice daily (or thrice if I eat a greasy meal midday)
>Toner 3 times a week
>Moisturizer in the morning and the evening
>Clay mask every fortnight (I dot some clay onto pimples or impurities overnight if they arise)
>Carbon laser peel every 2 months
>Daily sunscreen use
>Pour paraffin wax into gloves and sleep with them on 5-6 times a week
>No makeup besides kohl eyeliner
Skincare is all about creating a routine that benefits you as an individual. I always recommend that people try to get products that work for them, if you don't have any that you've tried ask your mum or other members of your family what works for them. Chances are you'll have a similar skin type to them. Stay away from products that list alcohol at the top of the ingredient list. Generally, good skin is reflective of health so even if you use great products, if you don't take care of your body and mind your skin will still look sallow. If you have the means, look into receiving regular facial treatments at nearby spas, and try to make them into a habit. Beautiful skin will always be in vogue, so it's an investment that's worth it just to get a chance at the halo effect.

No. 384967

Well that’s not very helpful. Certainly anon knows how to clean herself and seemed to be looking for soap/product recommendations.

No. 386171

File: 1710850739889.jpg (111.09 KB, 500x331, ice-cubes-tea.jpg)

Usually I avoid skincare hacks and homemade remedies, but this one had such nice effects on my skin that I wanted to share and see if anyone ever tried it.

Green tea ice cubes : just boil green tea for a few minutes and let it steep and cool down until you can put the extract in an ice cube tray. I would use loose tea leaves since tea bags often have harmful chemicals in them, and green tea because it's higher in antioxidants (matcha has even more if you can afford it). When needed, take one cube out and either directly rub it on your face or let it melt and use the cold tea on your face as a toner. Using ice cubes directly on the face can be irritating and drying, so I'd at least put a tissue around it and not overdo it. Let is sit/dry for at least 5 minutes, then clean your face and do your usual routine.

The immediate effects are a feeling of a tighter, more supple skin, depuffing, less visible pores. The cold feeling is also nice to wake yourself up in the morning.
What truly impressed me were the long term effects : after using this hack for two weeks, my skin looks so much brighter and less discolored, tighter and smoother. Most of all, I had a hormonal breakout just before that and it helped heal my acne much quicker.

The ice (helping blood circulation) and tea (antioxidants, minerals, antibacterial properties) combo just works well and now that I searched it up I realize that a lot of people have been swearing by that technique for a while, especially for treating acne/acne scars and dull skin.

No. 386178

I will try this because my skin needs it but mainly because I want to feel like a druid

No. 386300

has anyone tried the ordinary's retinal yet? i've been using the wishtrend retinal night cream but am considering switching to the ordinary after it's empty

No. 386324

Does anyone else break out on just one side of their face? I only break out on my right side in the same spots each time. What do?

No. 386325

Maybe you always sleep on that side? Could be bacteria from your pillow case, in which case I recommend changing it more frequently

No. 386584

File: 1711042119480.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.05 KB, 667x609, 25B31978-5E37-4DC5-AFBB-717CC0…)

At this point I'm really desperate, everything I've done doesn't seem to work. I've tried accutane in the past and 3 months ago went to the derm and he told me to use a 0.05% tretinoin. Even had a skincare routine with salicylic acid, and la roche posay's effaclar duo (+) for the anti marks etc but it's not affecting it at all, at best my skin calms down for a bit and there's no new pimples but these red marks just don't leave. The derm told me to not eat eggs and coffee and I've avoided it since, most of my diet is homemade food with occasionally ordering out, I just don't know what to do.

No. 386737

File: 1711120017834.jpeg (191.24 KB, 593x364, CC4A7B5D-F075-4630-BB40-DC4D1C…)

I got my full legs waxed professionally 10 days ago. For the next few days they were fine just slightly red and irritated as my skin is sensitive. Then these bumps appeared and are itchy as fuck. They are only on the back of my thighs and top part of front thighs weirdly. Wtf is this? I followed post-wax care instructions as told. This is so embarrassing help

No. 386745

Waxing is very aggressive to skin, I would recommend you try another method of hair removal. Those are pores that are irritated or slightly infected. I used to wax at 14-15 and I have some scars from that timebecause my pores would get infected with the aftercare cream.

No. 386750

Dammit, waxing is bad, shaving is bad, hair removal creams are bad, life is so hard nonas

No. 386751

You can try electric clippers to trim the hair very short, and one could suggest to stop at that, it looks good from two feet away, also that way there is no skin irritation which can be caused by chemical creams and blades

No. 386756

It’s like your body is trying to tell you something…

No. 386766

ntayrt but not all of us have the courage to go unshaven/unplucked. i know female body hair is the natural state and i wish we lived in a society where it’s universally accepted, but this just isn’t the case and probably never will be thanks to a century of propaganda. great for you if you’re able to not care what people think, but some of us feel more comfortable not having it because it means you’re not at risk of unwanted/negative social reactions.

No. 386769

That’s fine and all but I’ll just say I haven’t shaved for 9 years and never once has anyone ever commented on it. I was expecting negative reactions and I genuinely didn’t even get any. I literally never think about my leg hair anymore and it’s awesome. My skin is so much better now too, before I would always get that ugly red dotty pores look when I’d remove it and it was so scratchy when it would try to grow back. I was surprised to learn leg hair is actually soft when it’s fully grown out. You can do whatever you want though

No. 386779

Anon Islam has had rules for maintaining body hair for men and women forever, it's not just "a century of propoganda"

No. 386786

>talking like being unshaven is some revolutionary thing

As typical the men don’t bother and the women nag at each other for the smallest of rule infractions

No. 386791

pointing out the exceptions doesn’t dispute the fact that modern society LARGELY expects women to be hairless like legs, pits etc. i don’t care that there’s fringe movements that push for it to be accepted, irl it’s still frowned upon. go outside nonas

No. 386795

Check if you have pcos

No. 386960

What causes dark inner thighs? I’m not overweight but I have PCOS and Google told me it could be Acanthosis nigricans. But maybe it’s just the pigmentation of my skin because it’s always been this way even pre-puberty. It’s knocking my confidence, is there any way to lighten the skin there safely or do I just accept having a dark inner thigh/coochie area?

No. 386968

Besides taking things like Metformin for the insulin resistance which is linked to acanthosis you could try safe skin-lightening products that have tranexamic acid or maybe kojic acid.

No. 386971

Does active carbon work or what? Would it be better to include it in my diet?

No. 386973

If you have gut/heavy metal issues then maybe but even that's debatable. I doubt it would clear acne more effectively than just getting rid of triggers and topicals

No. 386975

Thanks, I should try both ways and see if any of them is worth it

No. 387070

Any recs for a good vitamin C serum? Melano CC just clogs my pores these days

No. 387186

I’ve been prescribed soolantra cream for rosacea - started using it yesterday. Any nonnies got experience with it and encouraging things to share? Really hoping that within a few weeks I won’t have a face like a smacked arse…

No. 387188

Geek & Gorgeous has a good one

No. 387203

>Pour paraffin wax
Interesting, nonnie… can anyone speak more on this?

No. 387208

nta but supposedly it moisturizes your hands and can even alleviate eczema and arthritis

No. 387258

I got prescribed this a few months ago and nothing happened. No demodex die-off and no (I guess it makes sense?) improvement of my rosacea. Bummed about it because that shit is expensive.
Let me know if it ended up working for you, nonnie.

No. 387498

Super frustrated because I got my skin clear and then drank at a wedding and broke out terribly again. This confirms once and for all for me that alcohol is my worst trigger– unless I drink one specific alcohol, I always break out a few days later in rashes across my body, terribly dry and itchy facial skin, and acne for weeks. It's happened very obviously three times now so I guess now I just have to be that no-drink no-fun loser at special occassions.

No. 387499

Try prescription adapalene gel if you've only tried tretinoin, it's literally the only thing that keeps me clear, and DRASTICALLY so. Even Differin, which should hypothetically be the same thing, does not work for me. Worth a shot, and the cost of it seems to have gone down significantly in recent months.

No. 387599

I just can't find an SPF that works for me and it's not crazy expensive. French skincare is the most accesible to me so I use Avene Baby but it's making me oily.

No. 388042

skincare nonas, i need your advice. No matter what kind of product I use, my face remains dry. I even bought this $70 facial moisturizer cream and it didn't do jack shit.

I'm currently using a cetaphil cleanser and a cerave facial lotion since my skin is pretty sensitive. Any suggestions? Should I switch to Korean products?

No. 388045

Beyond skincare products, are you also drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier? I had similar issues where I was drinking plenty, and using expensive hydating products, and I'd still end up flaky. It wasn't until I started running a humidifier on high any time I could be around it that I finally resolved my horribly dry skin.
As for heavy moisturizers for sensitive skin, I use Face Reality's cran-peptide cream, it's the only thing that's worked for me trying to upgrade to a heavier, higher-quality moisturizer from Cera Ve/Cetaphil products. And on nights where I'm excessively dry, I also use Laneige's water sleep mask on top of my moisturizer.

No. 388047

Samefag, in case you do try the Face Reality cran peptide cream:
This is more of a night lotion, or for days you're not wearing makeup, because it IS heavy and will pill under foundation (I use a Cera Ve oil-free lotion and a moisturizing foundation/sunscreen during the day). It also will seem like it doesn't "rub in", but just spread it evenly over your skin and it'l soak in on its own in a few minutes.

No. 388067

I drink a decent amount of water, but I don't have a humidifier. I never thought that could help with dry skin. I'll check it out. The cran-peptide cream seems to have decent reviews as well. Thanks anon!

No. 388068

NP, I hope it helps! Keeping my fingers crossed for you nonna.

No. 388070

Put glycerin on a wet or damp face and put a thick cream based lotion on top. Basically just a humectant on damp face + occlusive over it to prevent water evaporation.

No. 388072

Adding to this, if nonna has sensitive skin and has a hard time finding a heavy cream that works for her then Aquaphor is a good humectant to use. It's noncomedogenic as well if that's a concern for you.
Just don't do this ("this" being sluggin in general) too often if you struggle with acne as although the products used won't necessarily clog pores on their own, it can trap other unwanted things in and inadverdently cause breakouts that way.

No. 388116

hi nonnies, what's a good all-around fragranceless body lotion with some extra "benefits"? the closest I've found is gold bond's recovery lotion, but the scent is a bit annoying and it has a few odd ingredients. I just notice my skin isn't doing so well (with old wounds, flakey dryness, etc).

No. 388128

hey nonna, I have dry skin too and I unironically enjoyed the CeraVe body lotion (the blue one with a pump). I also like the Bioderma Atoderm gel/baume, the baume is quite thick and really good during winter.
Idk what you mean by extra "benefits" but the 2 I mentioned left my skin so silky and really save me during dry winter or when my body skin is acting up

No. 388165

I second cerve, except i use the SA cream in the tub.

No. 388168

My skin was so clear for a week and now I’m purging again. Two weeks out since my last period. Should I increase my usage of tret? I went from once a week to twice a week and now I’m thinking abut using it every other day.

No. 388204

Does lancing a pimple with a needle help with getting gunk out? Especially if you use the pimple stickers?

No. 388240

Usually I look for the clogged pore and carefully poke a hole in the blockage. I find that needles are pretty dull, I have super fine tipped tweezers that I use (technically they’re for lab work). Zit stickers really only extract fluid so if the stuff in your zit is actually thick or hardened at all like it can be, the sticker isn’t gonna do much.

No. 388267

File: 1711815965955.jpeg (452 KB, 1170x828, IMG_6476.jpeg)

Not sure if this is the right thread but I need somewhere to shill the Phillips OneBlade immediately. This has completely changed shaving for me. I am someone who gets razor burn and general irritation/ingrown hairs so easily. Unless I wax or individually pluck I can’t do hair removal anywhere, it doesn’t matter what I try. I truly have tried every shaving “hack” out there, nothing works because I just have extremely sensitive skin.
This thing though? I’ve been shaving dry before I shower with absolutely 0 irritation or ingrown hairs ever. It’s $40, unsure how often the blades need replacing but however much it ends up costing monthly I think it’s worth it.

No. 388270

I've been considering getting one for a while, have you used it to trim public hair? Tiktok reviews say it works fine for that too, but im somewhat sceptical kek

No. 388271

Have y'all had any luck using spironolactone for clearing up body acne? I've had it on my shoulders, back, and breasts since I was a teenager and it hasn't cleared up (mid twenties now). I've been on Doxycycline on and off since 2021 but it hasn't done anything, and I feel like the spironolactane (which I've been on since the end of January) isn't doing anything either. Will I just need to wait for months to see an improvement? I would really like to just finally get rid of it instead of feeling gross everytime I look down in the shower.

No. 388272

NTA but I use my bfs OneBlade to shave my pubic hair (with a different blade ofc lmao). My pubic mound area is very sensitive, and I get ingrown hairs if I bring a razor too close to it, and OneBlade is not an exception to that rule. It’s good for trimming the mound hair shorter though with the blade guard thing or whatever it’s called. Please note though that OneBlade will leave a stubble, it’s not a shaver.

No. 388274

No experience with that stuff, but what else have you tried?

No. 388277

Thanks nonnie! Not worried about the stubble because I mostly just want it for trimming. The replacement blades are really expensive though, how often are you supposed to get new ones??

No. 388290

Doxy cleared me up (but only while I was on it), spironolactone did nothing while giving me severe depression.

No. 388316

NTA but I usually replace it every 3 or 4 months, they're good for a long time as long as you keep it clean and dry. It's a really great product overall.

No. 388332

I'm convinced then kek I didn't buy the 360 model though, I got the regular oneblade one because that was the cheapest one I could buy in my country (40€ vs 70€, is the only difference the movable head? anyway the price jump didn't look justified). I'll let you guys know when it arrives!

No. 388993

File: 1712170544021.webp (278.17 KB, 1097x1088, 4_Facial_Patches.jpeg)

I noticed that I tend to frown in my sleep, and I have a discount code for Frownies. Has anyone ever used them? Do they actually work?
I just looked through the ingredients expecting some kind of turbotretinoin since they claim they can CURE wrinkles and not only prevent them, but no, they're literally just stickers. How tf is a sticker supposed to clear out existing lines? Is it a scam?

No. 389002

It'll temporarilyy lessen the appearance of wrinkles, but it's nothing drastic or long lasting.

No. 389004

Afaik stuff like this prevents your skin from moving therefore it "prevents" wrinkles, or like the other anon said, it's only temporary

No. 389010

I hate using body lotion because it makes me feel all gross, humid, and sticky. I currently use Cetaphil's daily lotion– is there any lotion that won't make me feel like this? It doesn't matter if it's not crazy hydrating, I figure some is better than none.

No. 389120

You could try a straight up body oil. It will be way more uncomfortable at first but after you let it soak in for 10 minutes or so you won't have the same tacky film sitting on your skin that lotion can give you because an oil doesn't have all the emollients and occlusive additives and can be absorbed more fully by your skin.

No. 389141

That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, thanks a million. I had no idea this product existed.

No. 389363

hi nonnas, honestly I've been having really severe dry lips and I'm not really sure what to do. they're flaky, painful, look very wrinkly, etc.

I can put on balm and then lanolin, and it won't be enough. I drink a lot of water and it certainly isn't enough either.

No. 389378

What balm are you using?

No. 389404

hm, depends but at the moment I have nivea lip care. I have also tried my regular lotion (gold bond pure moisture) and cerave's healing ointment.

No. 389978

File: 1712620432493.png (435.21 KB, 756x1076, Screen Shot 2024-04-08 at 4.51…)

esthetician anon
try mixing sugar with olive oil and use as scrub, when done you can either wipe or lick it off even, to get the flaking off. then put a hyaluronic acid on wet lips followed by an occlusive (vaseline lip balm, aquaphor, or fancy lip mask)
I also have been really loving the olehenricksen peptide lip balm. I try alot of different balms for my job and it has changed the game for me. so rich and hydrating. also helped with the lines in my lips. it has the most amazing texture and the peptides plump your lips over time. I also have very dry, flaky, bleedy painful lips when i don't use it. the strawberry smells and tastes really good,(picrel) the chocolate one smells too plastic like for me but you might like it if you're a chocolate lover. i think the original is a light citrus scent

I also have tried lanolin in the part and while it's a great hydrator when used sparingly; over use makes your lips even more dry in my experience.

No. 390121

Make sure you get checked for iron deficiency, this was one of my symptoms

No. 390133

File: 1712694535583.jpg (91.55 KB, 896x744, cosrx.JPG)

Nonnies, I have a question. I tried a new cleanser and it made my skin breakout. I got 3 new pimples (I think they're called pustules?) on my face. Then I read some comments that it's normal for the skin to breakout so it gets cleaner (I guess? lol)
I have normal/a bit oily skin; I get a pimple here usually on my chin or my cheeks) and there but I never really had a problem with it. Other than that, my skin feels normal; not tight or dry or oily.

So my question is, should I continue to use it? Is it a good sign that my skin broke out? Does this mean it gets cleaner in the long run? I barely used it so I don't want to throw it

picrel is the one I used

No. 390139

The only time it's "okay" that your skin breaks out is when it's "purging", and that happens when you use actives such as AHA/BHA/eetinols etc, a cleanser shouldn't do that if it has no actives

No. 390152

I recently started a prescription of azelaic acid, and have been applying it in the morning every other day. I already use adapalene gel every night.
My dermatologist told me to just follow my gut when it comes to tapering into using AzA daily, but I'm not sure what a good metric is, and I'm scared as I've had harsh breakouts from stronger prescriptions like tretinoin before.
So let me ask you nonnas your opinion– when would be best to increase the frequency? When my skin stops feeling tight at the end of the day I use it? Or when it stops being super itchy/stingy on application?
It's done wonders for my rosacea just in the past week of using it, and I haven't noticed any visual negative reactions– my skin is actually more clear and less inflamed despite the feelings of tightness/irritation. So it's hard to judge, unlike when I started adapalene and it was obvious.

No. 390156

The other nonnie is correct, but this cleanser has BHA in it so some purging might make sense. Whether it's actually a purge or not depends on what the breakout looks like– is it mostly whiteheads? Is it in areas you usually get breakouts? Both of these symptoms are indicative that your skin is "cleaning out". The turnover on these new pimples should also be quick, they shouldn't be stubborn.
If it's deeper cysts that don't come to a head, and in areas you don't normally breakout, you should stop using this product.

No. 390295

If it's done wonders without any negative effects, I wouldn't rush it. You've only been using this product for a week, in my opinion it's too early for your skin to adapt. You have rosacea, so you definitely don't want to mess your skin barrier now, and if it feels stingy it means you're still sensitive to it. You don't necessarily need more, but yea if you want to put it on more frequently at some point do it very gradually : add one more application/week and wait at least two weeks to be safe and see how your skin reacts, if needed add more.

No. 390302

Is it safe to use azealic and salicylic acid over a large surface area part of your body like your back? I’m a little scared of it going into my bloodstream through the skin

No. 390324

I think this is one of of those questions you need to take to an actual dermo

No. 390342

Thanks for the response! That sounds reasonable, I'll stick with that.

No. 390409

DAE find a proper purge to be really satisfying? I used to get really deep cystic acne, so these little whiteheads that resolve super quickly and allegedly clean out my skin are a relief in comparison.

No. 390691

The amount found in topical products is not enough to poison you.

No. 390891

Reporting back to say youve changed my life kek

No. 390955

oh, thank you for the tips and recs! surprised to hear lanolin can be counterintuitive.
unlikely unless the blood test I had months ago was wrong.

No. 391334


Thank you guys for your answers! I wanted to reply sooner but I forgot it every time kek

>is it mostly whiteheads? Is it in areas you usually get breakouts?

yes and yes, they came off quiet easily and nothing else happened. I didn't get any new ones and like I said, aside from the ones I got, my skin feels fine.

No. 394496

My new AHA BHA exfoliator peel doesn't tingle/burn when I use it. Is that a sign it isn't working?

I'm a skincare noob but all the reviews say AHA BHA peels tingle. I'm a regular retinol user (except for the days I use this since you're not supposed to use them together) so maybe I have a tolerance for slightly harsh products?

No. 394497

File: 1714404144228.jpg (15.83 KB, 600x600, prd-front-818240-600x600.jpg)

Samefag, sorry I dropped my pic. This is the one I'm using. Also I noticed my skin doesn't "frost" (flake up or peel)

No. 394748

anyone take liquid chlorophyll for skin benefits?

No. 394770

What are the skin benefits?

No. 394777

I don't mean to be catty but aren't you just not eating enough leafy greens if supplementing makes a difference?

No. 394804

I need help. The past two weeks I've been developing this unsightly peeling effect. There's been no changes in my routine. I tend to get dehydrated quite often, so I'm trying to drink more water. I've also been having some breakdowns here and there and maybe it's because I rub away my tears too roughly? And I've also been trying to scrape away all the deadskin with an eyebrow razor, which semi-helps. What else can I do, nona's? I do use a mild retinol (2% granactive from the ordinary), which I'm sure is part of it too.

No. 395421

File: 1714826916319.jpg (17.33 KB, 177x500, bioderma-cicabio-creme-reparat…)

so I realized the cream I was using to help my pimples heal…. is giving me pimples
i'm such an airhead sometimes

No. 395423

Late reply but this happens to me and I use adapalene gel every night. I just add squalane oil to my night moisturizer and then tap the dry areas with vaseline and it clears up in a day or two after that. It might be due to the change in temperature and air quality in the place you live in.

No. 395491

Is it possible to have a ‘purge’ but with blackheads/sebaceous filaments? I have visible ones literally covering my face and I’ve been using a PHA recently and I feel like they’ve gotten worse. Most of the time they’re just flat but I’ve noticed a lot of them easily popping out recently. I feel so ugly but is this a good sign? I’m tired of having my face completely covered

No. 395566

NTA, not a skin benefit but I hear it will make your sweat odor nonexistent.

No. 395999

Nonnas with facial redness! What products or supplements have helped you calm it down? Preferably no aha or bha products pls

No. 396009

If you mean actual rosacea-like redness, the redness goes down with keeping the moisture up. Niacinamide and squalane are pretty good.

No. 396081

OK this is a retarded request but my left foot is really wrinkled due to having had tinea pedis on it years ago
It looks like it has aged, like it's 10 years older than my right foot
Is there any way to make it less wrinkly? I think it's not that noticeable but it bothers me
Is it possible that moisturizing removes the fine lines?

No. 396098

Any nonnas using products with kojic acid? It should remove dark spots and even out your skin tone, so I wonder if any of you have experiences with it and could recommend some good products.

No. 396103

I've tried both of the common topicals for it, soolantra (aka ivermectin) and azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is the only thing that made any difference– and a substantial one at that, it's the first time I've been red-free in a decade. Really depends on the person though and you'll likely have to try various treatments before finding what works for you as rosacea is not a well understood condition. I know several others who AA did not work at all for who had similar success instead with Ivermectin or other treatments. Best of luck.

No. 396123

If you think you have rosacea zinc has been a lifesaver for me. Stop using chemical sunscreens and switch to mineral. Wear it every day, even if you don’t go outside. I like the green hero cosmetics one. Diaper rash cream helps a lot too. The Aquaphor one was too heavy on my face but I’ve been using Triple Paste recently and it works great.

No. 396210

For the record, i've never used a very strong kojic acid, but i've used products containing the ingredient. My reasoning is because there are too many fake kojic acids online and i couldn't take the risk.
>Peace out dark spot serum
Horrible texture, never dries down, barely got any results.
>Topicals faded serum
I used a mini and did see some fading to my hyperpigmentation, but it's not my favourite product since i prefer aha/bhas. Some people have had insane results from it though, it's worth trying. It does stink, but i think people online are exaggerating about the smell, you get used to after a while. It has a very good texture, not too oily.
>Tranexamic Topical Acid
I've only used this a handful of times, so i can't say anything meaningful about it. It doesn't have an overly offensive smell, seems to have good reviews.

No. 396224


i've used them before. lots of fake products out there, so do your homework and make sure to buy from a reputable source. i've used kojic acid soaps with success, the only thing i should mention is that you shouldn't go in thinking you'll change into a whole new person with it (aka bleaching), because kojic acid in of itself cannot lighten you past your natural complexion. it just lightens you to what you are genetically predetermined to have sans a sun tan, dark spots, melasma, and so on. use sunscreen and be gentle with it, it can be irritating if used with a heavy hand.

No. 396225

File: 1715139279063.jpg (41.07 KB, 405x600, sku70095_img1.jpg)

is there anything like picrel but in a clear gel formula?

No. 396232

benzoyl peroxide spot treatments.

No. 396270

I don't think it's something as severe as rosacea but it is redder than usual. I'll try your suggestions, thanks

No. 396306

Thank you for sharing your experiences, will have a closer look at the last two products you mentioned.

I did a little research and read a lot about fake products, that's why I came here. Using kojic acid isn't very common in my country as most people enjoy having a tan. I'm not interested in bleaching, I just want my face to match the rest of my body and get rid of some dark spots, so kojic acid sounds like something I should try. Which kojic acid soap brand did you use?

No. 396334

File: 1715193645263.jpg (71.55 KB, 1600x1600, 61L9I+xSsBL.jpg)


oh my bad i'm sorry i scrolled thru your post and missed the part about the fake products thing kek. so pic related is what i use. loads of fakes online so the best bet is to get it directly from their american website, kojie san (dot) com and type it altogether when you search for it. don't get it off of like ebay or amazon because it's very easy for scammers to sell shit in those channels. this is me assuming you're from burgerland like me. back to the website: it'll list their soaps and creams/lotions as well. i've used the orange soaps before with success, as long as you use sunscreen with it of course. i highly recommend starting out with relatively exfoliated skin prior to this. meaning, at the bare minimum, a lotion for your face and body that contains chemical exfoliants, such as amlactin, to really buff those built up dead skins away. that way, the soap can then really work its magic. you also have to let it sit on your skin while you're in the shower for 1-3 minutes before rinsing so that the actives can do their thing. when i did this it made me so pale and extremely even all over, with no pimples or imperfections, i mean it was like using a stupid phone filter all over me. i wanna use it again before summer properly arrives because i've got tan lines and duskiness i wanna buff away.

No. 396335


whoops i meant kojiesanusa(dot)com

No. 396372

thank you, nonna, I'm from Europe, so getting it from their official website isn't an option, but I found some Asian supermarkets that seem to sell the original soap and not fakes like Amazon and will order there. I use sunscreen daily and especially if I use products that make my skin more sensitive. Really hope I will get the results you got, I'm mostly okay with how my skin looks, but would be nice to match my face colour with the rest of my body.

No. 396396

Been using this religiously for months and it did nothing sadly. I even made sure it was legit .

No. 396402


your welcome!


its possible that you've got a lot of dead skin that needed to be slouched off first before using the kojic acid soap. how i did this was using chemical peels all over (you can buy big bottles of lactic acid for cheap that you can then dilute with distilled water) and using other exfoliating products, such as aha lotions, microfiber towels, and using retin-a like a couple of times per week at night to quicken the skin shedding process. i did this for at least a month or so before using kojie san. like the soap by itself DOES exfoliates, but you get a bigger bang for your buck if you start with a clean state with your skin by pre-exfoliating it, if that makes sense. all good if ultimately you don't want to give it another try, there's other products to try out there anyway so no biggie, but yeah the soap did delivered on its promise for me so i wanted to hype it up kek.

No. 396420

File: 1715219366829.jpeg (28.67 KB, 600x800, IMG_1074.jpeg)

Do any of y’all have a good under eye cream recommendation, I previously use this one from Glossier before, but I can’t find it on their website anymore.

I have naturally hooded and deep set eyes, so I do have natural eye bags under it, and I would like to reduce the dark circles under them

No. 396677

NTA but I'm an european who used to use this around 2014 or so. You can still get this from ebay. Search "kojie san soap" and look for the UK sellers.

No. 396725

File: 1715354477906.jpg (60.88 KB, 2000x1050, image-3224706460.jpg)

Ever since learning some lip balms actually make your lips drier I haven't worn any but like, please, I need recommendations because my lips need it. Help, is eos good? What are some good lip balms and moisturizers?

No. 396734

This nona is correct, kojic acid can’t reach the melanocytes if there’s a lot of dry or dead skin on the surface layer. With hyperpigmentation, there’s often a lot of dead skin that further darkens the appearance.

No. 396782

No. 396794

Why not just use vaseline?

No. 396797

Eos is the worst offender lol, if you aren't allergic get 100% lanolin. Frequently sold as nipple ointment for nursing mothers. If a baby can eat it, you know its safe.

No. 396800

Stay away from any lipbalm that contains stuff like mint or any essential oils. They make your lips dry as hell. vaseline is still the best lipbalm imo.

No. 396809

Don't use eos they will chap your shit up. Don't use vaseline by itself, rub some of your moisturizer on your lips at night then slap some vaseline on top. Ever since I've been doing that I have been waking up with some quenched lips. For on the go use I like the squeezable rosebud salve or (plain) morrocan magic. I love a good oily, slippery lip balm.

No. 396810

Vaseline is not a moisturizer

No. 396828

anon EOS are terrible don't do it. Rose salve and aquaphor are my favorites. Also using the laniege lip mask before bed always makes my lips baby soft

No. 396921

OK so after 4 months of acne breakout my skin has FINALLY CLEARED and I am SO HAPPY

No. 396922

No. 396937

>it is an occlusive
Exactly. It's an occlusive so it doesn't moisturize, it locks and seals in moisture. It also doesn't absorb that much into the skin (because it's an occlusive) so it's only making the top layer of your lips feel as if they're better. If you want to use Vaseline, it's way better to use it overnight while you sleep and with a hydrating product underneath of the Vaseline. You can even literally just put water on your lips and then Vaseline on top.

No. 396938

Samefag, most products that are just straight oil or wax are going to be occlusives so all of this goes for beeswax too. This is why it's important to use water based products first (which is why you msy see people use hyaluronic acid on their lips) when you moisturize, plain occlusive will only lock in as much moisture as you already have.

No. 396940

File: 1715426061267.jpg (35.44 KB, 900x600, best-types-0f-moisturisers-lan…)

the problem with dry skin often isn't that the skin doesn't have water (everyone drinks water) but that the water evaporates from the skin, therefore occlusives are moisturizer
especially true for lips since the skin is less thick there ; I use only vaseline and it fixed my lips
Besides beeswax is also an emollient : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36999457/
yes, occlusives are moisturizers, yes, they can fix your dry lips
don't correct people if it's to be wrong

No. 396942

>everyone drinks water
Not true, many people do not drink enough.
>therefore occlusives are moisturizer
Idk if you're ESL or something but no, moisturizing and sealing in moisture are not the same. It's two different things and if you're interested in moisturizing your skin it's important to know the distinction.
>don't correct people if it's to be wrong
Take your own advice, I never corrected anyone. Anon asked why OP may not want to use Vaseline and I responded, you are the one trying to correct me and being wrong.

No. 396943

It's literally being listed as a certain type of moisturizer everywhere you'll see nona… Because you decided "locking moisture" and "adding moisture" don't both have moisturizing effects on your skin doesn't mean your retarded definition has to fit everything

No. 396948

>your retarded definition
It's not my definition, it's literally just what the products are. I said that you can use Vaseline to help you moisturize, just that it's not an actual moisturizer itself. Like I said, if someone is interested in making their skin better (which they are because this is the SKINCARE thread) then it's important to know how products work and differences like that. Idk why this is offending you so bad, especially when you're just repeating info I already said so you clearly agree with me. You are trying to start an infight for no reason, I don't get it and this is so dumb

No. 396951

because the fact you are confusing "humectant" and "moisturizer" is triggering me like seriously this is retarded and it's the second time you're making this mistake so please stop. thanks!

No. 396953

W/E has to be bait at this point

No. 396954

I'm not making any mistakes. If someone explaining how products affect your skin and the best way to use them in the skincare thread makes you mad then this clearly isn't the thread for you. Don't correct people if it's to be wrong.

No. 397031

vaseline-chan at it again, my pores weep at the thought. kudos to you if your skin isn't full of comedones from it.

No. 397050

That anon is a known personalityfag? Is that why they were acting like that?

No. 397053

>on your lips

No. 397065

There's skin around your lips though anon. That's why people get mouth pimples and whiteheads and such.

No. 397081

Yes it's important to use correct terminology, but this could have been easily avoided if you just clarified the difference between hydration (adding/drawing water in) and moisturization (retaining water/preventing evaporation) instead of acting like some sperg gatekeeper.
I just use a mix of glycerin+water and put some kind of occlusive on top. It doesn't have a great mouthfeel/texture but you'll be going to sleep anyways.

No. 397187

File: 1715511164923.png (105.19 KB, 1437x260, screenshoy.png)

>this could have been easily avoided if you just clarified the difference between hydration (adding/drawing water in) and moisturization (retaining water/preventing evaporation)
that's literally what I'm explaining over and over
>the poster correcting you by making a mistake isn't actually wrong, it's you who's a gatekeeper because you didn't explain well enough
fkin kek

No. 397223

some months ago someone was shilling vaseline on the lips the same way. I suspect she is also the person who hates sunscreen, they have a similar typing pattern but it might be tinfoil.

No. 397244

Oh wow. I hope she's at least getting paid for promoting Vaseline.

No. 398049

Anyone have any good recommendations for facial moisturizing sprays? I get some dry skin on my chin sometimes. I have tried Aquaphor on it overnight, which helps a bit. Looking for an alternative to a rose water facial spray I use as it may be dehydrating??? For reference, i have an oily forehead/nose, clogged pore cheeks, and then clogged pores on my chin as well. Ive been using cheap razors to shave my face but I think I should switch to waxing as my face is getting a lot of breakouts :((:()

No. 398059

Anything with fragrance in it is drying because of the alcohol. If your rose water spray has it then it might be exacerbate the issue. Instead use regular fragrance free moisturizers like a good quality aloe vera one or the cerave one with ceramides that help restore skin, and seal it in with Vaseline or something similar, or use 2 different moisturizers on the spot, like the hydrogena gel (the fragrance free one, not the water one that smells like shampoo) then a thicker cream moisturizer like the cerave one I mentioned or a bioderma one. These are the brands that worked for my skin and I have combination skin with oil and acne and dry patches.

No. 398060

File: 1715729225590.gif (40.12 KB, 220x251, 1715635547984.gif)

Nonnies… help. I've been struggling with bacne for a hot minute and nothing seems to help. I have tried tea tree oil spray, salicylic acid bar soaps, panoxyl, exfoliating gloves, conditioning/washing hair first, changing detergent, frequently changing bedsheets… it's freakin worse now. I have a feeling it might be hormone-related since it tends to get worse when I'm stressed. Do any of you have any other suggestions? Or is my only option right now to see a derm…

No. 398063

the ordinary glycolic acid decanted into a mist bottle, sprayed over problem area after shower every other day (let dry fully then moisturize). got rid of my KP and bacne. lotion with lactic acid also helps if acne is from dead skin, maybe you're wearing too tight bras or tshirts. if it's hormonal idk nonna, maybe you can try salicylic acid lotion instead of soap because it stays on the skin longer. basically try things that go past the skin barrier to cleanse out things that might clog your pores.

No. 398123

Seeing a derm seems like the best option right now, idk what else you could do.

No. 398125

Dr bronners liquid castile soap every day in the shower

No. 398264

I've been washing my back with neutrogena salycilic acic cleanser, and using erythromycin daily plus taking zinc supplements and i've noticed improvements in my backne
there treatments will usually require at least seeing a GP

No. 398265

Is it possible for small atrophic acne scars to go away on their own? Has anyone ever noticed that they had a small atrophy that lessened with time?

I have three atrophic scars, two of them are barely visible but I'd still like to see them go away without having to go through micro needling or something

No. 398266

Just go see a derm to safe yourself more experimenting, I wish someone had told me to go see a fucking derm instead of trying tens of drugstore remedies.

No. 398307

i'm sorry this is stressing you out. just my opinion, but if it's worse when you're stressed then it's hormone related. drink 2 cups of spearmint tea daily (just the herbal teabag brewed in water) and prioritise your peace of mind above everything. and go to your gp / dermatologist to get a professional opinion.

No. 398456

I just wanted to echo this advice. I had really bad bacne and keratosis pilaris for years until I sprayed this stuff.

No. 398903

File: 1716005532727.jpg (27.67 KB, 564x558, f66163816cf6e381115dc6d261f876…)

ayrt, I bought the ordinary ga and amlactin lotion as soon as you replied. I've been using it daily since and I'm already noticing a reduction. Bless you.

No. 398938

File: 1716035452328.jpg (1008.27 KB, 1845x1929, 1000045972.jpg)

I always have acne in the exact same little zone on my left cheek. I also have discolored skin and a bit of scarring there because of it. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? It's only on that side of my face. Maybe I need to try sleeping on a different type of fabric? And yes I wash my pillow cases frequently.

No. 398940

Use differin on it and sun protection. You should also look into a different fabric probably, yeah. I would also suspect my pillow if I was you.

No. 398954

Do you habitually touch your face? Or maybe something else habitual like a hairdryer held on that side, a hair product that touches your face on only that side because you have a side part, a driving habit, sun exposure through the window, etc. If it’s not your pillow it’s probably something you do all the time only to that side

No. 399913

Any tips on stopping skin picking? I pick my arms and legs and I want to stop for good

No. 400302

Has anybody had microchannelling done before? I got it done yesterday, my face was on fire afterwards. Now my face is very dry and crusty. I can't wait for the final results! It's really expensive for one round, but i got a good package that gives me 3 rounds of it along with 3 rounds of mild acid peels. My skin already looks better after the first peel. I am finally closer to getting my dream non-acne scar ridden skin!

No. 400310

I kind of have to shake myself, like reel back and take stock and tell myself to stop it. I don’t know another way. It’s not very helpful I’m sorry you just have to stop hurting yourself. Wash off and do something else.

No. 400329

I know anons shit on fake nails all the time but
1. wear fake nails (something like olive & June [the nails that come in a pink circular package because they are thick as hell and thick nails work the best to stop picking])
2. while you are slightly handicapped from the fake nails, pay attention to how many times you go to pick
3. when you realize you can't pick very well, tell yourself you will go 15 minutes without picking (you can even set a timer)
4. Focus on something else
5. Once you notice the time is up or the timer goes off, notice how you feel and what your brain is telling you, if you are still feeling the urge to pick
6. Made it through without picking? Or went to pick but only sort of poked and rubbed because of the nails and then stopped? Good, see if you can go another 15 minutes without picking
7. Make sure to reward yourself for impressive milestones, like say every hour you refrain from picking or you go to pick but then realize what you are doing and redirect yourself, you get to eat your favorite snack or something

Also, AVOID areas that trigger picking sessions, or if you have to go there do something different to stop yourself. Like if the bathroom is a trigger then use the restroom with your hands in the air, keep your eyes closed until you have to wash hands and exit.

Throw away your picking tools, or put them somewhere you will forget.

A very important part is to catch yourself when you start slipping into the picking state of mind. I can identify my picking state of mind pretty easily and so it's pretty easy to stop (if I lean into a mirror and start maladaptive daydreaming I know I will end up with a sore, bloody face.)

No. 400361

Yeah, I've tried this mind exercise of ignoring that my arms exist (I pick them the most) and installed an app that helps with addictions (my longest streak was six days) but I've still a long way to go to stopping completely. Thanks for the advice, nonnas

No. 401553

I'm addicted to smelling my hair (I think it soothes me because I do it mostly when I'm stressed or when I'm thinking) but it's giving me pimples
How the hell do I stop doing it? I just have this awful urge to do it

No. 402642

Kek sorry this is a really late reply but basically you get a pair of latex gloves a size bigger than your hand, so I usually wear small gloves but for this I'll use medium. Pour the paraffin into the gloves (a little bit more than half-way full) one at a time and let them sit for a moment to harden a bit, then fit your hands into the gloves and keep them still so the wax stiffens around the hand and your hand is "stuck" in the glove. It takes a bit of practice to get the action right or else it could be a bit messy, so do it over a bowl with other wax in it so you don't waste any that comes out. Someone told me in passing once that even if your face is lovely, your hands will always give away your age. I read once that an empress famed for her youthful beauty prepared gloves filled with waxes, perfumes, and oils to wear to bed and that's where I got the idea from. Paraffin wax is very good at keeping moisture in, so when you sleep with the wax-gloves the next morning when you wake up your hands are silky smooth and well moisturized. The only real downside is that if you're one to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, the gloves will make it harder to do so. Other things you can do to keep your hands looking youthful is to never do housework barehanded. Always use those big rubber cleaning gloves when you're doing your chores. Especially when chemicals are involved, or when you are washing dishes.

No. 403084

I don't know what you guys will think, but I'm convinced atrophic scarring can go away on its own and the whole "atrophic scarring is PERMANENT" is a psyop from dermatology clinics to get us to spend our money on treatments
So far I've only found one (flawed) study to support this https://www.jaadinternational.org/article/S2666-3287(23)00079-2/fulltext

But imo, given how BAD I picked at my skin as a teen and the fact the only atrophic scars I see on my skin are from blemishes less than 2 years old, I think my skin probably healed my atrophic scarring
Also, some (very small) atrophic residue I noticed on my skin did go away completely
So I'm kind of hopeful the few small scars I have will go away, I'm convinced skin keeps remodeling itself and superficial atrophy can become unnoticeable

Doctors often tell us shit is permanent but in reality there's little research on the subject to support these claims, I already had a doctor tell me a certain nail defect I had was going to be permanent and it went away with further antifungal treatment

No. 403089

How old are you?

No. 403096

No. 403140

I've been researching and apparently there even are some treatment developing that can remove scars (retinoids)

No. 403170

File: 1717445061638.png (29.73 KB, 260x269, nasolabial folds.png)

I have a problem with redness, picrel is the pattern. I have accepted that my cheeks and clown nose are probably due to my genes (please do not reproduce with pink piggies.) but it's the part around my nostrils that confuses me. The redness on my cheeks and nose are the typical red shade which contrasts with my warm undertone, but the part around my nostrils has a color that is more peachy and blended with my skin color. So I presume they are not the same kind of redness, but then, what the hell is that and how do I get rid of it ? It makes my nasolabial folds look far deeper than they are and the non-red skin above my mouth looks like a white mustache next to it and it just destroys my looks. It's my only real insecurity, and I can't be seen without BB cream and concealer because of it. I actually stopped wearing make-up entirely for 6 or 7 months at some point, but there was no significant improvement in regards to redness. Nothing seems to change no matter what I use so my current routine (has been for the past 2 years or so) is just CeraVe night and day face creams, cleanser, and I started using the retinol serum last week, since I am having my very first fine lines. In truth my skin is the best it's ever been since I simplified my routine to just this, but only the redness isn't changing. I want to try Cicapair, but it's too expensive for me and apparently the sun protection is a scam.

No. 403173

perioral dermatitis?

No. 403184

Nonna please look for a doctor. You might have lupus. Not to scare you, but it might be the cause, who knows, it's better if you go get it checked though. The butterfly pattern you drew on that face is very reminiscent of it, it's the most known characteristic of it actually. Try to be in the shade as much as possible and wear sunscreen.

No. 403190

Cicapair is crap, don't bother. You might have rosacea or beginnings of it (the cool red parts).
Perioral dermatits is connected with itching and little liquid-filled pustules. If anon doesn't get any of those I think it could be discoloration created by too much dead skin in that area, I got that a lot in my hormonal acne days. Would explain the difference in color.
Lupus rash clasically spares nasolabial folds I think

No. 403199

>Lupus rash clasically spares nasolabial folds I think
It might depend. It wouldn't be too bad to get it checked just in case

No. 403206

File: 1717453542289.jpg (26.38 KB, 500x282, house-lupus.jpg)

I second what other nonnas say, high chances it's rosacea but I'd get tested for lupus just in case.

No. 403210

Other relevant information

>No itching, dry patches or pimples

>no swelling
>not patchy, doesn't look like a rash
>When I wake up, my nose and cheeks are just slightly pink, normal looking
>nasolabial fold area is permanently the same peachy color though
>no sun sensitivity, body tans easily
>had frequent eczema as a child, stopped completely in my teens
>my teenage acne was not super strong

My gut is not the healthiest and it does/did affect my skin but I have a diet for that. I'm not ruling out early rosacea but the most probable thing is that I just have thin shitty reactive skin, I was mostly hoping that the nasolabial folds part was a different and fixable problem.

No. 403481

How can I remove my own moles? I am going to go to the derm soon so I will make sure to get them checked for cancer, but if they're just cosmetic flaws I don't think insurance will cover their removal.

No. 403483

I don't know if you're still struggling with this, but for me, using the basic Dove bar body soap keeps my body acne under control the best.

No. 403925

Ever since I switched to just cleansing my face with a Dove beauty bar, I haven't had a blemish and my skin feels so much softer. It's weird I've tried so many different face washes and moisturizers and skincare routines but the thing that worked for me was that little white bar of soap and Ponds cold cream.

No. 403953

don't, you'll get a bad scar

No. 403954

Starting roaccutane and fuck I'm not looking forward to it. Or needing monthly blood tests with my dermatologist

No. 403972

What skin tyoe are you?

No. 404234

I'd say my skin type is normal. It gets dry in the winters and oily in the summers. I used to struggle with oily skin type and cystic acne when I was a teenager and during that time I started to use anti-acne face cleansers. Even after I stopped getting cystic acne, I continued with the same type of cleansers and I think I ended up fucking my skin over in doing so, I feel like constantly putting chemicals on your face is just asking for trouble and can actually just cause worse skin issues. I started cleansing with a Dove bar when I ran out of my normal skin cleanser and I immediately noticed a difference, so much that I switched to Dove completely and I haven't bought anti-acne cleanser in nearly 6 months. I usually wash my face three times a day, once when I wake up, once in the middle of the day usually when I get home from work, and then once at night before bed. The cold cream really helps me too because I use it in place of more expensive moisturizers but to me it feels better on my skin and my skin ends up looking better too. Besides those two products, the only other skincare product I have now is a tub of bentonite clay to use as a face mask once a week.

No. 404562

Never done skincare in my life and my skin is looking worse for ware. The women in my family never had a skin routine either so no hope in asking them.. so, I want to get started. What would you nonnas recommend? Do's and don'ts? And affordable?

No. 404564

File: 1717853780704.webp (51.19 KB, 1080x1080, boj.webp)

Been thinking of buying the beauty of joseon glow serum, have any nonnas used it? I have combination skin, mostly hormonal and fungal acne and hyperpigmentation around my eyes and lip area, would it help with that? I've heard women online hailing it as some sort of skincare holy grail, so it got me interested in trying it

No. 404585

It depends on your skin type and your specific problems nonnie, so I would recommend to read some articles or watch youtube videos to learn what ingredients you want to look for and which ones you should avoid. The most basic products you need are cleanser and moisturizer, also a product to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week - I use mugwort enzyme powder by ISNtree, for example (it's used as a mask as well and it's not too harsh). If you want, you can also get a toner and/or a serum for your specific problem and/or for extra moisture or calming effect if you have dry or sensitive skin. If you want to use sunscreen and if you use makeup (I mean foundation) get a cleansing balm (you have to use a regular cleanser after it). When you'll know what ingredients you need, you can search for products that have them and run the ingredient lists through skincare analyzers like https://incidecoder.com/decode-inci and/or https://www.skincarisma.com/ingredient-analyzer which will make it clearer whether or not it's safe to use this product and if it's good for you and won't aggravate the issues you have. Btw, the higher the percentage of an ingredient in a product, the higher it'll be on the list. If it's very low on the list, the amount of it is insignificant.

What I use, just for example: I have a combination skin that's more on a dry side, it's sensitive and has redness, it might be couperosis or mild rosacea, sometimes I'd also get a bit of acne. I usually look for gentle products that won't be too harsh or drying and that contain niacinamide, allantoin, ceramides, centella asiatica, licorice root extract, willow bark extract, and so on - not necessarily everything at once, they're good for repairing your skin barrier, dealing with redness and inflammation, etc. I also sometimes use azelaic acid serum (good for acne and rosacea). I can't afford expensive skincare so the price also matters to me. The specific products I usually use are Heimish Matcha Biome Amino Acne Cleansing Foam and Pyunkang Yul ACNE Cream. Cleansing foams last for a pretty long time because you don't need much and that's why I like them. Btw, you can always find pictures that show what amount of specific product you need. The sunscreen I'm currently using is B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Real Sun Screen, it's not expensive at all and I like it.

I recommend to carefully read about a product application and how different ingredients/products go together because some of them make good pairings while others should be used separately (for example one in the morning, another one in the evening, or on different days). Better not use acids after exfoliation because it can irritate your skin. Don't use AHA BHA in the morning before going out in the sun unless you use sunscreen. Better avoid products that contain perfume because it can be irritating to your skin. Don't use harsh physical exfoliants when you have acne. Always use moisturizer after cleanser or exfoliant. If you have oily skin, don't try to overdry it. If your skin is dry, it's not necessary to cleanse it in the morning (unless you use some kind of sleeping mask that has to be washed off), you can just wash it with water and use toner, cream/gel etc.

No. 404610

You can always lurk these threads too, just ctrl+f for words that match your situation. I.e., search for stuff like "affordable" or if you struggle with dry skin "dry skin," etc.. I found these threads to be really helpful just skimming through and reading reviews and suggestions and everything. Also I hope this comment doesn't come off mean kek I just wanted to point you in a direction for research.

No. 404614

I'm not big into skin care so I just do the bare minimum. My skin tends to be dry and isn't as oily anymore now that I'm older, so I just use some Cerave cleanser + cerave moisturiser every day/at night/after showering + Garnier sunscreen if I'm going out. That's the basics I guess?
I also started using The Ordinary's retinol in squalene at night and it's made my skin so soft and has completely killed any acne. That's the only "fancy" thing I do.

No. 404620

I used it years ago when it wasn't the most known thing and I remember thinking "this should be a more popular item". It's pretty good as a do-everything universal serum when you have a bit of every skin issue or your skin is just "ugly" but you're not sure why. Basically if you don't know what direction to take, this is the solution. I ended up not repurchasing because I already had niacinamide elsewhere and wanted to cut costs but I'm considering buying it again.

It will definitely not hurt you and you might see some improvement since it's the swiss knife of skincare, but if you have strong and specific issues, it might be overall better to use products with a more specific action rather than this general skin-bettering potion.

No. 404642

Snake oil. Its an average hyaluronic serum at best. Did absolutely nothing for any pigmentation on my face. Topicals don't do anything imo, Ive even tried high dose arbutin and kojic acid and nada. Only hydroquinone and medications will solve pigmentation imo.

No. 404671

Starting accutane today, any tips?

No. 404698

Be vigilant with moisturizer and lip balm, they aren't kidding about dryness. It will suck every bit of moisture out of your skin. On the bright side, it actually fucking works and you won't have to wash your hair anywhere near as often.

No. 405562

When I was a kid I used to always scratch my ass crack. It was so bad that sometimes I would scratch until it gets all bloody and 'clean'.
Anyways, a few years ago I finally looked at the horrors that I've committed and the area is kind of scarred, there are some dark spots here and there but I think the darkness is mainly hyperpigmentation because it follows along the rest of my ass.
The skin feels rough though almost like it's waiting to be peeled off and every now and then I'd find peelings in my pants. I still have to make a concious effort not to scratch it and I've gotten a bit better at it and I don't know what I should use to let it heal. Please help.

No. 405571

Do you have worms?

No. 405572

KEK! props for such an original skincare question. go to a doctor.

No. 405580

Try using vitamin c for the hyperpigmentation
>It was so bad that sometimes I would scratch until it gets all bloody and 'clean'.
Do you have OCD?

No. 405643

I don't think so?
I'm too embarrassed to ever talk about this to anyone so I'll try to do something about it myself first and if it doesn't work I'll find a doctor far from where I live
I don't know. It's not the only thing that I've obsessively picked on/scratched until it scarred so from a quick google search maybe I do. Thanks though I'll try that.

No. 405670

are you sure you don't have some kind of disease like lichen planus

No. 405735

The good thing is atleast it isn’t your face or parts of your body that is visible

No. 405828

If your insurance will cover it/if it's available in your area, I'd def recommend telehealth! I get kinda nervous going to the doctor (especially if it's about something embarrassing) and I've found discussing it in the comfort of my own home is a lot more doable.

No. 405932

Is there anyway to permanently reduce or end my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? I already use Trent and sunscreen on a daily basis and my dark marks takes forever to fade

No. 405936

I was doing great on retinol, skin clear, then I broke out like crazy again– deep congestion and cysts all over my face. So I scaled back my product use for about a week and slowly reintroduced things as my skin got loss irritated. It seemed to start to dissipate for a bit before my face broke out 2x as bad, but now it's all whiteheads. Is this current phase a purge again?

No. 405947

There are few options, vitamin C which is a bit of a hit or miss, differin which is safe as long as you use it correctly, i.e. once a week or every 3 days with minimal contact with sunlight after using it and applying it for only 1 hour then washing it off, or the safest option that is kojic acid, which kills the bursted melanocytes that cause the hyperpigmentation to begin with. Take this advice with a grain of salt as I'm not a dermatologist or a doctor, just a biology nerd.

No. 405949

It could be purging yes, but it could also be an allergic or sensitivity reaction to one or more of the products, or because you mixed 2 or more products that you shouldn't mix together. Anything harsh and exfoliating shouldn't be used with another harsh and exfoliating thing. So for example, avoid vitam c or salicylic acid with retinol, as in don't apply them together at the same routine or even on the same day, use hydrating and moisturizing products along with either one instead. I also saw some pharmacist claim it's better to wash your face, pat it dry, moisturize it for around 5 minutes before adding your retinol, washinh the retinol off, then re-moisturizing after 5 minutes. Sounds like too much work imo but it could reduce the harsh effects of retinol. Also make sure to use a low concentration one if you aren't already, to get less side effects overall. Be gentle on your skin and patient. Another factor could be diet or/and hormones. But from what I know, white heads mean an allergy to a product.

No. 406227

Very enlightening, thank you! There was a lot of itchiness and weeping involved when I first broke out again now that I think about it, so you may be right.

No. 406569

File: 1718563553162.jpg (252.82 KB, 1355x1536, frownies-configuration-1355x15…)

I'm just learning about frownies/smoothies/wrinkles-schminkles and similar products today. I'm obsessed, they look so stupid when people completely plaster their face in them. What's the mechanism that they're supposed to work by? Is it just a sticker to hold your skin still, an exfoliant that takes off dead skin and makes the wrinkle less apparent, or is it an occlusive that helps lock in moisture? Or all of the above? Tere must be a gimmick here. I read about people using medical tape for similar results, that seems like a recipe for irritated skin. I'd be willing to listen to anyone sperg about it.

No. 406585

>Is it just a sticker to hold your skin still
As far as I know, yeah. That’s all. It holds your skin in place while you sleep. Most people make facial expressions like scrunching or furrow/raise their eyebrows when they sleep, so it’s used to prevent that. I’ve woken up with expression lines on my forehead after sleeping but they usually go away (idk if that’ll change when I’m older). Anyways I don’t see myself using these because it seems expensive to keep buying loads of frownies and from what I’ve heard the result is temporary. You’re going to move your face around when you’re awake anyway, unless you get botox, but if you have botox it’s pointless to get frownies.

No. 406852


I'm the old nonna that posted on the over-30's wishing I had used frownies in my 30's. Kek at the pic of the girl using them all over her forehead. I only have one wrinkle so I only use one triangle between my eyes so a box lasts me a long time. I do wish I had done something about it earlier, like when I first noticed it forming maybe I could have prevented it getting worse. It's too late for my face so basically I will use them for a night or two before some event where I want to look nicer, it definitely does make my worry line less deep temporarily… until the weight of the world descends once again upon my brow. I'm too chicken and cheap for Botox. I zap my face with a foreo bear every day so I feel like I do enough. But imo frownies can be pretty good, I sometimes pair it with that very watery Ordinary serum that is supposed to help "gently paralyze" your face muscles.

No. 406859

File: 1718648447877.jpg (102.86 KB, 1500x1500, gel under eye mask.jpg)

Haha your post was literally the first time I was hearing about them. I haven't bought any because I'm seriously not convinced they're worth it. It just seems like it must be a gimmick (I'm thinking on the level of the way HA makes you look better while it's on you but doesn't actually change your skin or moisturize in any way, or the way vitamin c in eye cream makes your skin brighter but can't combat dark circles…. you know, I just like to know how things work, it doesn't mean they are bad or useless but I need to look underneath the marketing especially since I live in the US and they can basically straight up lie on beauty products here).
Yesterday I tried putting a chilled eye mask (picrel) that I already had on my eleven lines and the before and after was even better than the Frownies before and afters photos in the reviews on amazon so I guess there's really something to wearing a targeted mask to reduce the appearance of lines there, at least temporarily.

No. 406876

yeah but like the other things you said those patches dont actually remove wrinkles, they just add hydration to the area temporarily and the silicone or hydrogel flattens the wrinkles for a few hours too.

btw dark circles are a sign something is wrong with you internally most of the time, either anemia, sinus problems or some other deifiency. only rarely are dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation, like some italian, spanish and arab people naturally have darker color skin around the eyes

No. 406882

Oh I know I just had never thought to use them there for that purpose and I gave it a try, I’m not trying to shill the cheap ass eye patches. I agree with what you’re saying / you’re agreeing with me

No. 406890


Yeah so many of these things are temporary, I'm like Cinderella's coach over here, turning into a pumpkin at the end of the night. D