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No. 317231

For anything skincare related.

Previous thread >>>/g/225928

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File: 1679045716533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.88 KB, 795x893, Imagepipe_0.jpg)

Spoiler for ugly pic. I tried tons of sunscreen because my skin is super reactive and I get acne easily. I've finally found a simple routine (moisturizer with spf in the morning, cleansing oil, BHA, face oil in the evening) and have my skin under control. My oily skin loves oils for some reason so I am a ball of shine msot days. Now, my question is: should I try to go for less bumpy skin, smaller pores, less shiny skin, and evened out skintone? Now that's it is okay-ish, I find it hard to gauge if I should stop there or if I should add something for a little boost because I feel like everyone around me has drier skin with more wrinkles but literally zero pores and super smooth and even skin. Nonnies am I falling for the skincare psyops?

No. 317244

>Nonnies am I falling for the skincare psyops?
WTF girl, you are and massively so. Your skin is flawless. For your mental health sake, stop looking at anything skincare related

No. 317246

You’re skin is gorgeous nona. Please stop ot at this and be content

No. 317254

File: 1679058390531.jpg (39.95 KB, 550x550, cec9d8724d64df062d7a605e2084aa…)

I've had a terrible skin picking problem for the past decade and have recently been trying to stop. I went without picking for a few weeks and all was good until I had some acne appear and now I'm sitting here with two big red spots on my face because I couldn't resist the urge to pick. All my progress went down the drain. What can I do to stop these urges once and for all nonnies? I'm feeling real desperate. I don't know how to stop.

No. 317274

Okay thanks both of you, my siblings used to tease me about my strawberry nose and then I got acne so my understanding of what good skin is is a bit wack. I'm starting to feel addiction creeping back as I watch more videos and product reviews, which are basically ads, I should stop now, keep doing my routine every day and enjoy my blemish-free skin.

Can't help but think I have some discoloration around my mouth though

I have/had a big nail picking problem and I guess it is similar. I managed twice to stop for a full year and then it came back more viciously than ever, but every time I manage to stop it gets easier to stop again and for longer time periods. So you didn't lose all your progress and your skin always has the capability to heal. What works for me is 1) using creams so there is not a lot to pick at or that if I do pick it will calm down quickly, so for you it could be having a good routine that can manage your acne when it appears and soothes it when you picked.
2)From my understanding a lot of anxious or compulsive behaviors stem from some kind emotional misregulation and you should treat it as such. So legit using meditation techniques like breath awareness when I feel the urge to pick, sometimes bargaining with myself that I will pick my nails in 10 minutes until my bad mood passes, try to be less stressed in general.

Good luck nonnie

No. 317298

Thank you nonnie. I completely understand the nail problem. It plagued me until a year ago when I stopped abruptly out of shame, because I didn't want a friend I was going to meet to see them like that. The urges to bite have gone away so far and have instead been replaced with disgust at the idea, and I hope it stays that way. I'm just waiting for the shame to set in with my skin picking problem as well, I think that's the only thing that's gonna make me stop for real, that shame of having to go outside after a particularly bad picking episode. But it's so hard, especially when it's the only way I've known how to deal with acne ever. I will try breath awareness, now that I think about it it sounds like a pretty good way to manage it. I'm almost jealous of how clear your skin is, now that one side of my face has cleared up I am showing off scars from years of picking kek.

No. 317301

Since you're already using BHA and a cleansing oil I don't think there's anything you can do to make your pores smaller. Double cleansing perhaps? The "bumpiness" (invisible in the pic btw) could be closed comedones. Literally any product in your routine could cause them if you're prone to clogging (aside from the BHA obviously). My skin can't stand silicones and I can only use heavy moisturizers/oils a few times a week. Double cleansing could potentially help here, but it could just be the way your skin is.

No. 317429

For me it helped getting into skincare. Buying fancy nice products and being excited to try them out. Basically getting something positive related to my skin.

No. 327431

File: 1683803998346.jpg (11.73 KB, 454x340, ec9abf6de6f4a500f9baf294224d01…)

Nonitas i need some help i recently fucked up and used a free plum serum i got and after like a week of use i got this stupid cluster of bumps in the corner of my left lip. Its flesh colored at the moment, and it seems to be under my skin, but its starting to get lightly red. It doesnt feel like a pimple. I stopped using my regular moisturizer and the plum serum. Should i also stop using my facial washes while im at it? Also has anyone experienced this before? Im afraid of it becoming worse

No. 327446

Nonas I’m trying to actively make a proper effort to research skincare and appropriately care for my skin. I’m pretty clueless with it all and feel like I don’t know where to start. Recently tried to figure out my actual skin type and it appears I’m OSPW (oily, pigmented, sensitive, wrinkle-prone) but I’m struggling to find more information about what ingredients could be helpful and what sort of things to avoid. I feel my main issue is being acne-prone (which could well be down to my diet/lifestyle which I am also working on currently) but even more than that I struggle with a lot of scarring and pigmentation from past acne. I feel I get easily overwhelmed with all the options and different information, just wondering if any nonas have any experience or information that may help me, specifically with what sort of ingredients to avoid.

No. 327475

Honestly /r/skincareaddiction's wiki is pretty good to get info on ingredients. I think the most useful for me was to create a super basic routine aka cleanser, moisturizer, sun protection. Introduce products SLOWLY like one product every two weeks AT MOST and one by one to make you're not allergic and it doesn't make your pimples worse. These products are the basic foundation of your routine.
Now for the specifics: I would start learning about the skin barrier as you have sensitive skin.(Typically being oily and wrinkle-prone probably means your skin might be dehydrated.) My advice would be to start with a gentle oil cleanser - my skin is oily and sensitive and acne prone and I feel like finding a good oil cleanser was great because oil dissolves oil, and thus could really clean my face without being irritating or striping. Then I would follow with a niacinamide based moisturizer without fancy bells and whistles. It should hydrate your skin well, make it plump and full looking, rather than shiny, and maybe lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Then, finding a good sunscreen would be key to prevent more pigmentation and scarring. For all those products, try to avoid perfume/fragrance if your skin is sensitive.
After all that you can look into the world of actives to treat your specific issues, but you'll have your foundation of tried and true basics to fall back on if you react badly to the actives, and honestly the basic skincare can go a long long way for quite cheap.

No. 327505

Thank you so much nona! So helpful, I will definitely look into more but you’ve helped me so much in understanding where I can start with the basics! I will continue to do my research and hopefully find much better products for my skin, thank you again!

No. 327778

Hey anons, im really bad at skincare as i've been a tomboy type all my life and only used soap and water lol but now I know its time to do something about my skin, I've started icing it in the mornings and I use a serum to massage my face then end with a moisturizer, is this right? Also, I can't seem to get rid of my acne no matter what, i'm guessing it may be because im on the pill but I have to be on it for medical reasons. But I get blackheads and random little bumpy pimples everywhere and even breakouts on certain days. I use benzac every night at 10% strength but it just doesn't seem to help, I got a blood test and other than some vitamin d needed everything else seems okay. What should I do?

No. 327791

As tomboy (I say this because I don't use make-up at all) I first use a soap for my face (I would suggest you a gel soap, is less abrasive than regular soap), then face toner, gel face and then serum. I took reference from Korean face routine but omitted some steps.

Regardless blackheads, if you're on the pill it shouldn't be common. Are you eating well? If you don't have a sweet tooth like me and stay hydrated, it might be possible. But I would check with your gynecologist if is a problem with the pill itself.

No. 328231

File: 1684082251787.jpg (79.46 KB, 1080x537, darkcircles.jpg)

Is there a way to reduce the hollowness of eyes without stuff like botox? Because a) I'm not willing to spend money every 6 or whatever months to keep up and b) I'm scared of needles and don't want them near my eyes, not to mention the risk of blindness.

I have this kind of hollowness like in picrel, plus some blue/purple sprinkled in there. Makes my face so dull and I hate it

No. 328241

Ice for your skin is horrible and soap isn't the right ph for your face. Being a tomboy has nothing to do with your hygiene which you seem to lack to the point of having severe acne.
Go visit a derm.

No. 328245

Go to r/skincareaddiction and do their beginner routine. Cleanser, moisturizer, sun screen and maybe an active(acid/retinoid) is all you really need. For severe acne go to a derm.
Botox is for preventing muscles from moving so wrinkles can't form. Not for hollowness. Under eye filler is used to fill tear throughs, but it's really dangerous. No one reputable is doing under eye filler anymore. Maybe look into laser treatment for discoloration? There's also fat grafting, but it carries similar risks to injections and it's an actual procedure. I've seen some clinics inject fat but then you run into the risk of blindness again and necrosis.
Makeup is your best bet, someone in the makeup thread linked a tutorial on how to disguise tear throughs.

No. 328309

I always have one big horizontal "wrinkle" on my stomach from sitting down with a bad posture, what can I do about it?

No. 328311

I have that too. I think we need to spend less time sitting down

No. 328315

I work in an office so that's easier said than done…

No. 328320

you can stop nitpicking your body. this has to be the most ridiculous worry about a bodily "flaw" I've read to date.

No. 328321

Oh, I thought filler is the same thing as botox, my bad. Is laser treatment safe tho? Looks like most methods are so unsafe lmao.

I saw that make-up trick, but I usually don't use make-up since I can't bother to get up earlier in the morning to do it. Plus, it makes me feel worse that I have to use make-up to cover this thing, I don't want to depend on make-up to get out of the house tbh, I started to feel comfortable with my face pretty recently, kek, that's why I asked for alternatives.

I saw at some point on tiktok this russian girl talking about "fascia" massages and the benefits but idk, it seems so obscure and I'm not sure what to think

No. 328328

Thanks for the complete lack of help! I truly appreciate it.

No. 328400

what are beginner friendly retinols? i was suggested with good molecules but i wanna widen my options first before buying it.

No. 328456

It is common to have a stomach crease; however, you can reduce/minimize the appearance by: staying hydrated, using moisturizer, eating healthy, wearing looser clothing, correcting your posture, and doing abdominal/core exercises such as stomach crunches, sit ups, plank, and leg lifting.

No. 328765

Do any anons know of a serum (or any kind of product really) that fades acne scars, and possibly even fade sun spots (those brown dots)? My current routine is Cerave gentle cleanser OR Neutrogena hydrating gel cleanser (when I'm wearing makeup or lots of sunscreen) and sunblock during the day on most days. At night I use a Cerave Moisturizer. One of my sun spots has faded slightly and I don't know why but I'm happy.

I never exfoliate - could that be why my acne scars and sunspots are stubborn? I also never use toner, serum, essence, or retinol.

Certain brands aren't available in my goofy ahh country, but I don't mind spending the money to import if it truly will work.

I would do Lazer on my face like I used to because that works better than any skincare product, but goddamn, it's too expensive now.

No. 328766

Same anon here.

Has anyone had visible skin results from taking collagen? I hear so many mixed reviews ranging from like "my skin was plumper, less wrinkles, and more healthy after taking collagen for X amount of time" to "I've been taking collagen for X amount of time and see no results".

Collagen is crazy expensive here so it'd be an investment and something I'd have to save for. Is it worth it?

No. 328768

File: 1684244740369.png (392.76 KB, 3000x3000, 6009626121230_CETAPHIL_MOISTUR…)

This moisturizer, after nightly and sometimes daily use, has decreased the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile and almost completely taken away my nasolabial lines. My forehead lines are slightly less noticeable too. I use it with the gentle cleanser and sunblock almost every day. No moisturizer I've used before has had the intense impact this one has had on my face. New holy grail for sure.

No. 328781

Not collagen supplement but I make bone broth and my skin is always so supple the next day after drinking it. Tbh just add gelatine powder to your soups or something, dont waste your money on collagen supplements.

No. 328800

Yeah, you need an acid/active to fade scars and sunspots. Vitamin c and AHAs are usually recommended for that. You could try a gentler acid like lactic to start with. When you buy vitamin c serums, google your options and choose carefuly(i'd check r/skincareaddiction for their recs) because vit c is very unstable and most products with it aren't formulated right, don't work or expire too soon.

No. 328806

Tranexamic acid or mandelic acid.

No. 328947

My chest breaks out really badly and it embarrasses me. I change my bra whenever I go out and don't wear one at home, I shower daily and exfoliate twice a week, but it's persistent. Any tips nonnas?

No. 328976

What do you exfoliate with? Do you moisturize? Are you on bc? Go to a derm.

No. 328995

I took collagen for sports injuries, it's stronger than collagen used for skin elasticity.
It was amazing, my skin literally glowed, it looked younger, people commented. The effects stopped when I stopped taking it as I recovered.

No. 329067

File: 1684351454049.jpg (105.8 KB, 971x1000, 71FIigaUUmL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I use picrel for exfoliating, then use CeraVe's SA lotion for rough and bumpy skin. I'm not on bc.

No. 329073

How's Glossier? I feel like I don't hear about it nearly as often as a few years ago.

No. 329077

Do you wear any jewellery or touch your chest? That was the culprit for me

No. 329082

Oh shit that may be it kek. I have a necklace I wear all the time, but the chain only hangs around my collarbone. Maybe I'll start taking it off more just to see.

No. 329087

It could be hormonal or the scrub.

No. 329170

I don't know the age of the nonnie I replied to, but I'm near my 40's, so serum is something I don't like to skip.

No. 329180

Aah, thank you nonnie! You just put me on. I'm definitely going to look into sport collagen. Which one did you use and for how long? Was it bovine, marine, or another kind of collagen?

No. 329181

Nonnies, I use this website to help me read and understand skincare ingredient lists


It's helped me make better decisions and invest in good skincare that actually works.

No. 329204

Serum is just another step of hydratiom, unless it's an active like vit c. If anon has a good moisturizer it's not necessary.

No. 329291

I honestly don't remember the type, my trainer recommended the supplements and I just bought the one they had in the pharmacy. I remember they were ampoules, with liquid inside (tasted nice). They were quite pricey.
I used them for about a month I think? Until the pack was emptied and my joint injury healed. So not a long time at all, the skin effects came by pretty quickly.

But I don't know if this is ok to drink when you're healthy and for how long can you keep taking it, please ask these things at the pharmacy before you buy it.

No. 329399

I wouldn't actually be that surprised if it did have an effect–it's just that there's almost no money in sponsoring the research of such a thing since it's so widely available and cheap. I just would not understand why it would be any better than something like protein.

No. 329409

I used differin to get rid of mine (which is too harsh for some people so your mileage may vary) and generic unscented lotion. Worked really well. Had a picking problem too so I used hydrocolloid stickers to keep my hands off any blemishes. I have to avoid wearing sweaty clothes close to my skin for long periods (which for me means I have to shower soon after working out and not wear sports bras during the day, I think getting nicer lacy bras actually helped because they don’t hold moisture at all) but otherwise it’s not a problem, I don’t break out anymore and I stopped using differin after a couple years

No. 329435

Sometimes less is more on the body, especially in a sensitive area like the chest where acne is often a reaction to something on the surface of the skin and not so much a hormonal thing. Have you tried not using products for a while?

No. 329610

Could a lovely anon kindly explain why my skin is just now becoming very dry and flaky after months and months of adapalene gel use?
I've been using the same gentle face wash (no actives), the same moisturizer, etc. And I add squalane oil to my moisturizer which does give it a nice boost but then when I wake up in the morning my face is once again dry and flaky. What am I doing wrong? Adapalene gel never made my face this dry even in the first few months, and I have been using it daily for very close to a year; what gives??

No. 329642

They have gone to shit when the reformulated everything, don't even bother. I used to love their old balm dot com, granted it was glorified vaseline, but i swatched it in store and it's not the same at all. A lot of their products have bad reviews on sephora too, mainly people mad at the reformulation.

No. 329666

Maybe it's something internal rather than what you're applying externally?

No. 329832

That's good to know, I had no idea about that. I can't try anything before buying it, we don't have physical stores in my country that sell Glossier. I'm going to stick to Cerave then, their face cream works really well on me but my tube is almost empty now.

No. 330345

Not exactly skincare, but has anyone tried any eyebrow serums? Do they work? I’m seeing so many different ones now (even ABH has their own eyebrow serum) but they just look so gimmicky to me. My brows aren’t really thin as it is, I’d just like them to be somewhat thicker and a bit less sparse.

No. 330346

The only serum you need for that is regular castor oil.

No. 330709

File: 1685005918923.jpeg (11.85 KB, 459x459, 54784927-1-pdpxl.jpeg)

I want to go to my derm to get tretinoin. That'll probably be next year. In the meantime, is it a good idea to start retinol? What % do I start with and which brand? Picrel is the one I'm looking at buying, but idk if it's the right % or how much to use?

I'm planning on doing the sandwich method. Skincare is so fun I love it

No. 330710

pcos nonas, have you found success with birth control for your skin? i was put on it following my diagnosis and it didn’t seem to have either bad or good effects except regulating my periods, but when i read a lot on here about how bad and harmful bc is for women i went off it 3 weeks ago and now my skin has broken out and my hair gets greasy really fast. i haven’t made any skincare routine or diet changes so all i can think is it’s the lack of bc. should i just go back on it or is this something that will correct itself soon maybe?

No. 330711

Oh yeah I mainly brought this for a nasty scar on my body, am very pleased to say that it's doing the job. But then I put it on my face too, you know winter is always hard on my skin.
It will probably break you out a little at first, but it does the job of improving and brightening skin texture, whilst actually feeling moisturising to the skin since the squalane is like sebum.
I know nothing about skincare, but I prefer putting it on my skin without anything else underneath, so it has more contact with the skin. And then a good moisturiser. Would recommend.

No. 330715

Not me but my two female friends got better using birth control. Birth control isn't as bad as you as pcos is, pcos is literally possibly diabetes and obesity causing and if your androgens are high for a while, you'll be stuck with male pattern body hair + balding which isn't fixable. Don't go off of medication again without consulting a doctor, skin issues aren't that important but the actual harms your unregulated pcos will have on your body are quite serious.
I'm a last year med student so I'm not making shit up but I can't give advice online, the only advice I can give is to visit an OBGYN you trust, maybe try a few if you have doubts and make a treatment plan for yourself. Don't believe stuff you read online unless it's a verified paper on pubmed.

No. 330730

thanks nonnie i’ll go back on it and stay on it!

No. 330783

Same. I've tried multiple hormonal bc, they didn't cure my acne but they did help with the PCOS. I feel like stress reduction helped reduce acne more than anything else non-topical. Quit a bad job and stopped working swing-shifts which improved my skin drastically. Started using differin after that and now it's gone. good luck with your battle against bad skin, nonna.

No. 330788

Hope it goes well for you. I'm the anon you're replying to, if you feel unsure please consult a obgyn and make sure you have a doc that you trust. Trusting the treatment you're getting actually plays a big part and I don't want you to feel stressed or think these pills are inherently bad for you because your current doc failed to reassure you. I don't want to give medicals advice online. Btw my two friends who are using pills are both med students themselves.

No. 330816

ntayrt but doesn't birth control cause hair loss tho..

No. 330819

File: 1685051486218.jpeg (28.71 KB, 634x314, IMG_4139.jpeg)

I’m a super fair olive and have been really depressed these past few months and it’s really showing in my under eyes. They’ve turned almost completely blue. I have a lot of surface redness that makes it stand out more too. Are there any vitamins or massages I can do?

No. 330834

A-anon…are you okay?

No. 330857

File: 1685063629170.jpeg (47.39 KB, 600x401, main-qimg-93b39588b714f3e01c13…)

If that's your pic then you have nice thick orbital skin and a very pretty complexion too. Try cold compress on the eyes to help with fluid retention or massage your sinuses if you have congestion (idk maybe you've been crying lots), something like picrel plus staying hydrated (obviously) to prevent the moisture loss creating more hollowness. You have to get on a good regular sleeping schedule to help with the anemic bruised look. Living with depression is hard so just do what you can.
If all else fails I've been told my eyebags are mysterious and edgy lol so you can embrace it if you want.

No. 330866

That’s not me but I do have very similar coloring. I do gua sha a few times a week but it doesn’t help all that much. I’ve had an awful few years and I feel like it’s all coming out under my eyes kek. I went through a break up awhile back and I immediately developed these.
No kek

No. 330868

The good(?) news is you say the change was sudden and recent-ish so hopefully it's just inflammation. I don't know much gua sha but just try this massage you never know, is literally pushing fluid out of your ethmoid sinus to drain it. Could even be seasonal allergies that unfortunately developed during your difficult year.
When you tug on your undereye skin can you see blue or purple veins? Those kinds of eyebag bastards don't go away and it's skin thinning due to age/stress. If not and it's pigmentation you can try aggressive sunscreen regimen and gentle cell turnover promoters like vit c or derm appointment for acid treatment.
Most of all try not to hyperfocus on it every day at least, your body and mind have been through a lot and you don't need more stress.

No. 330869

File: 1685069668554.jpg (105.89 KB, 1200x800, dark-circles-under-eyes.jpg)

Samefag wow sorry for blogpost but this is what I mean by pigmentation as opposed to see through skin. I love you nonna and hope you find a solution.

No. 331092

Can anon rate my daily skincare routine? I don't get acne, only one or two during my period. I have some hyperpigmentation.

>TO Squalane Cleanser

>Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG
>Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution
>Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
>Inkey List's Succinic Acid treatment
then moisturiser and sunscreen.
I like how it's simple and easy and cheap.
Maybe I can replace the Inkey List corrector…

No. 331165

I bought the meme cosrx snail mucin and its actually very nice. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I have combo skin

No. 331182

I have their Bha liquid and I love it, I wanna try the mask so bad!

No. 331326

I've loved everything from cosrx except the aloe sunblock, their old centerline line, and their even older ampoule line; I've been consooming the shit out of cosrx for like 6 or 7 years now I think

No. 331327

*centella, not centerline

No. 331343

How long did it take you to see genuine improvement after using the snail essence? It's on my skincare wishlist, I can't wait to buy it

No. 331344

How important is it to exfoliate and how often? I've seen people saying that it's not actually necessary because our skin turns over by itself.

No. 331345

File: 1685263944158.jpeg (19.62 KB, 500x500, download.jpeg)

Is this good enough to use once a week to exfoliate? I have sensitive skin so would once a week be adequate?

No. 331347

Of course it's not necessary, you don't need to do it at all. You don't need to use any cosmetics at all. Unless you have some condition, your skin is perfectly fine as is.

No. 331414

I found that my skin does a LOT better texture wise if I exfoliate with a textured washcloth and hot water daily. Ive heard so much that physical exfoliation isnt usually good for skin, chemical exfoliation is better and gentler yet more effective. I use stridex sometimes and a lactic acid occassionally at night and def scrub my face with the cloth the morning after. If I only do chemical, its like the dead skin builds up faster due to increased turnover but wont get off my face kek. Blackheads lessen but rough spots, weird texture, wierd sebum plugs big enough to pluck w tweezers seem to increase unless I do a good scrub everyday with a hot wet washcloth.

No. 331452

Nta but I've had the same experience. I do appreciate the nonnie who sternly insisted I not physically exfoliate while I was attempting to repair my skin barrier some months ago. She kept me strong and my skin is much better now. I knew I had a problem on my hands (well, on my face, but you get it) when I put on CeraVe face sunscreen and it burned so bad I had to wipe it off while sitting in my car on vacation kek

No. 331731

The boy I’m dating has stubble and every time we make out it leaves my nose red and normally it’s subtle or just like a cut or two but this past time it left a pretty obvious mark like the skin on the tip of my nose feels rough and is red and I’m not sure what to do about it, does anyone know what products can help alleviate it? Is it safe to put makeup over it to conceal it?

No. 331768

Shave your damn scrote!

No. 331807

I agree with >>331768 honestly. I don't want to put the blame on men by default but when it's irritating your skin and even marking it, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to shave properly? Preventing it is so easy.

If not, any wound healing ointment from the pharmacy from a proper brand (whatever they sell where you are) should probably help. I like hansaplast or bepanthen if you have that. You probably shouldn't put make-up over any open skin at least.

No. 331870

Is he putting anything on to soften his beard?

No. 332005

He was pretty freshly shaven that’s the crazy part, my skin is just so sensitive
>>331807 ty!
>>331870 afaik no, it’s just stubble. Idk how to prevent it in the future

No. 332108

Any "healthy" ways to lighten your skin? Not a drastic change, maybe one or two skin tones lighter as I'm already pale, but my face and hands could use a little bit more paleness. And yes, I'm wearing sunscreen every time I leave the house, I just know nothing about products to get a lighter skin as the beauty standard in my country is to have a tan 365 days a year and you nonnas here know a lot about skincare.

No. 332110

Nothing will give you permanent results unless you are willing to compromise your health. Kojic acid can lighten dark spots, so try that.

No. 332177

Look for products with arbutin in them

No. 332391

Keep using sunscreen religiously. Add a niascinimide serum to your routine and a moisturizer that contains niacinimide (sry for spelling). I recommend the Cetaphil one.

Exfoliate once or twice a week using gentle chemical exfoliants and do your research before using it. Try that blood red peel from The Ordinary and watch Cassandra Bankson's youtube video about it because it's potent as heck.

Never ever use lemon on your face (I've seen people say it lightens the skin) and avoid skin bleaching products as they are damaging in the long run and won't give you a healthy complexion. I might be mistaken, but I think tretinoin somewhat lightens and brightens the skin after about years of use. The 2 ladies I saw looked paler and brighter after 2 years.

No. 332587

What causes those big, deep pimples, the kind that hurts even if you touch the vicinity of it?

I have been mostly pimple-free most of my life but I've been getting a big one on my chin in the same place for several weeks now. I haven't had a haircut and I don't touch my chin freqiently so I'm baffled

No. 332589

Is there any way to minimize really big pores? My skin has that 'dotted' look in my T zone

No. 332596

I wonder about this too. And the large pore area keeps growing

No. 332794

well no one asked for an update but i thought i'd add one anyway just in case anyone ever is in a similar situation: i was >>>/g/312424 on the previous thread, i had painful cystic acne pop up in adulthood that i attempted to treat at home for months with no changes. it actually got worse even as i made my skincare routine basically perfect (no scents, no crazy products, just gentle cleanser, proven topicals and moisturizer). anyway, dr prescribed accutane immediately given how bad it was. it's been 2 months since i started and my acne is GONE. i am only on 20mg. i have zero acne. doesn't matter what i put on my face or if i wash it at all. ZERO. ACNE. NOTHING. i can't believe how quickly it vanished, i have missed multiple days in a row and still not even a single pimple. the relief is overwhelming, i can actually go out and hang out with people without feeling like a freak (anyone else who has/had serious acne knows what i mean lol). my advice: people might disagree and that's fine, but if you have acne like i did, don't fuck around, don't waste time, just get accutane. that shit WORKS.

No. 332800

It's usually hormones.

No. 332801

I take it further and do chemical and physical exfoliation daily on my body. I get so much build up on my back this is the only method that works and my back is so smooth.

No. 332802

Hormones, diet, poor sleep schedule (so, hormones), stress (also hormones), genetics, etc. like all acne. Most of my zits are nodular like these due to multiple factors, it's just how my skin likes to make them.
For me, nodules also take a crazy long time to dissipate if they don't turn to pustules. Once it stops hurting it should slowly shrink down again. This usually happens more quickly for me if I don't touch it.
t. almost healed pizza face

No. 333274

thank you all so much, I will look into all those advices and no, I won't compromise my health, I'm already pale, just want to be slightly paler as I'm stupid and think even paler skin suits me better.

No. 333570

I recently started a job as a cook and being in the hot greasy kitchen all day is making my skin oily as fuck. I always wash as soon as I get home but I'm still getting acne. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Right now my routine is a very basic wash, moisturize and sunscreen.

No. 333597

Buy a pack of cheap baby wipes or if you have the money buy normal face wipes,
and when you have a chance during work, go to the bathroom and wipe your face. Something like picrel.

No. 333599

File: 1686039077038.jpg (83.03 KB, 1080x1082, IMG_20230606_101238.jpg)

I clicked send before attaching the picture, sorry.

No. 333600

Make sure you're using a Moisturizer and sunblock for oily skin that mattifies your skin.

No. 333602

I'm going on a hike and need a sunscreen that won't sting my eyes and that doesn't have any white cast. Do any nonnas have recommendations? Preferably a hydrating one

No. 333618

I use the nivea 50+ one (it comes in a blue and yellow bottle), I don't have any complaints about it

No. 333987

I've been doing the Meredith Duxbury technique to apply my foundation (I use picrel) and adore going full glam every day, but Ive honestly noticed that 1. People are staring at me and not in a nice way and 2. I only get compliments from obnoxious gay men. One guy fucking yelled at me across the road, "slay miss thing" which was just fucking strange and made even more people stare at me. Anyone else experienced a bit of weirdness with regards to their makeup being perceived by the general public?

My daily look is basically how Meredith does her glam looks but I use stronger countour and blush to make my facial structure pop. I always go with a bright red or like a pale nude/beige lippy. When I go out or on vacation I love doing blues, greens, and yellows on my lips. I just love experimenting with makeup. Colour pop and SheGlam are my go-to pallets. I make my own falsies using my cat's hair that I dye and attach to my old eyelash curler rubbers. It's kinda my way of saying fuck capitalism. I've also been loving Trixie Mattels makeup line however it can be a bit difficult to rub off certain products at the end of my day.

No. 333990

>I make my own falsies using my cat's hair that I dye and attach to my old eyelash curler rubbers
first of all, ew. i can't tell if you're trolling. if you aren't, you WILL be getting a visit from mr. pink eye soon. and it probably looks so weird and nothing like actual falsies.

second of all, you're receiving looks because drag queen makeup and full FULL face makeup always looks bad in real life. it just does. its made for extremely specific lighting conditions and angles and cameras.

No. 333992

File: 1686167338622.png (96.25 KB, 215x864, MAM_10391146_SHOP_IMAGE_1.8.pn…)

don't know where you live, but if you are lucky enough to have a Rossmann near you, "sunozon MED Sonnenfluid LSF 50" is the best sunscreen for the face I ever had and I tried a lot. Besides that one, picrel is the best, best sunscreen they have, but it's limited, so mostly out of stock.
If you are living somewhere else without a Rossmann, try sunscreen without perfume and no mineral sunscreens, as those nearly always leave a white cast. And sorry if I couldn't help you because we might live on different sides of the world.

No. 334140

How do you get rid of hyperpigmentation. I use sunscreen when I’m out and manage to consistently reapply if I am out for a long time. I have a good skincare routine it has made my skin soft and plump, how can I elevate this?

No. 334144

isn't hyperpigmentation just leftover scarring from pimples? try addressing any acne issues you have first and the hyperpigmentation will follow

No. 334152

File: 1686232416316.jpeg (204.38 KB, 945x1261, C7D0911C-6C11-4AD7-AA2E-00989F…)

Some of it is from pimples but they are very much faded. The problem is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from eczema that isn’t just dark pimple spots looks like picrel. Mine is just more muted and blends a bit better but dark area is obvious

No. 334156

vitamin C worked really well for me
I think scrubbing can help them go away faster
but as nonna said the most important part is getting rid of the acne

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