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File: 1643050343231.jpg (61.81 KB, 426x640, 7efd805ca517c1e171e9d1e991e676…)

No. 225928

For anything skincare related!
Previous thread: >>>/g/178060

No. 225930

Seconding this. I know everyone recommends Cerave but I personally did not find it moisturizing enough

No. 225970

Cerave never worked for me personally, it just seemed to clog up all my pores like a layer of grease instead of being absorbed into my skin.

No. 225975

Cerave caused me terrible breakouts when I tried it, I've seen many others reporting the same.

No. 225988

File: 1643065551894.jpg (60.97 KB, 540x321, tumblr_676fcd52c428323986a7ee0…)

Just a vent, I've been dealing with irritant contact dermatitis or an allergic reaction on my eyelids for the past two weeks and I cannot figure out what the fuck is causing it. I stopped using all skin care, makeup and even removed my nail polish, but the skin is still scaly and irritated and itchy. Can't have shit in Detroit.

No. 225999

File: 1643071857663.jpg (526.5 KB, 2000x2400, THEO0003F_1.jpg)

Any of you nonnas know how to get rid of red/purple blotches from underneath the skin once an active blemish has gone away? I've googled it and thus far have started using picrel all over the body but am open to recommendations.

No. 226001

Things that might help:

Alpha Arbutin
Licorice Root Extract
Azelaic Acid
Kojic Acid
Tranexamic Acid

No. 226004

Have you tried cerave’s healing ointment? I really wanna use it for slugging

No. 226011

Could be the detergent you use for your pillowcases or even a dust mite allergy

No. 226016

Time is the best product for PIE/PIH, unfortunately. Using AHAs can help and moisturizing helps a ton. https://simpleskincarescience.com/pie-pih-acne-scar-treatment/

No. 226025

File: 1643086258819.png (542.2 KB, 500x668, 1356623141476.png)

>tfw you get acne under your cheekbones and the hyperpigmentation acts as a natural contour

No. 226038

This reminds me of my mom who is obese but always bragged about her cheekbones (they looked good) but turns out they were something like lipedema

No. 226096

amberlynn isnt fat either its just the lipedema

No. 226644

I put on so much weight over the past year. More than I've ever put on before, and now my stomach and tops of thighs are covered in very visible stretch marks. Other than weight loss, what is a good solution for these kinds of stretch marks? What creams, lotions etc work well?

No. 226662

I was in the same situation beginning of 2020 and honestly no creams will fully take them away. Best thing that worked for me was vitamin E straight out of the capsules but I think it just healed them faster: red/purple to white.

No. 226674

Hey that's a good idea, i'll consider that. I don't mind if they become white, i'm just sick of how purple they are, it sucks.

No. 226702

No. 226798

can you use kinesiology tapes as those anti-wrinkle frownies for your forehead? i never used anti-wrinkle patches but they look like tape (not to sound like a cheap ass but tape costs 6 euros for 5 meters so)

No. 226921

Cool advice

No. 226925

Do Vitamin C serums always have to be stored in the fridge? Even if it doesn't say so on the packaging?

No. 226928

Yes, absolutely. Real vit c serums degrade in a matter of months even in proper storage conditions. 6 months is the absolute maximum shelf life, if any brand says different their serum is shit.

No. 226933

That's what I suspected, thank you. I bought one from a brand I'm not familiar with and I was surprised it didn't say it on the packaging, wtf

No. 226935

If you're up for a bit of diy you can make your own (unstable) vit c serum. Lab muffin has a tutorial.

No. 227283

I just had an awful case of sunburn and now that i've gone through the blister stage, my skin also just finished peeling but its left big pink/red marks all over my shoulders and back. What's the best solution for post sunburn skin?

No. 227300

Keep it moisturized, and avoid scrubs. It needs time to heal.

No. 227308

How do you get rid of dark spots from shaving?

No. 227318

Not sure, but exfoliating before shaving could work. You could also try to sugar instead of shave.

No. 227334

Thanks anon. Btw, what do you mean by sugar?

No. 227340

File: 1643565784965.jpg (57.75 KB, 750x350, Sugar-vs-Waxing-750x350.jpg)

sugaring, like making sugar wax

No. 227358

nta but have you (or anyone else itt) ever made that succesfully? I could never get it sticky enough despite trying a whole bunch of times and different recipes.

No. 227370

I could never get it right either, just buy it.

No. 227381

ayrt, yeah, I made some and it works. Besides, if you make 2 cups worth it'll last you a long time, you only need like a golf ball sized blob to get a whole leg, maybe even both. I followed this recipe.

No. 227395

Aloe gel! Godsend for sunburns. I had insane itching after a gnarly one and antihistamines didn't work, aloe was the only relief.

No. 227447

What’s a good lotion (for oily skin) with SPF that I can use as a normal daycream? Both with and without makeup on.

No. 227448

Can someone recommend a good electric cordless razor/shaver that can be used dry and gives a very close shave? No budget restrictions

No. 227621

File: 1643648213944.jpg (27.41 KB, 500x402, 51Cdhr3 WBL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

nonas, i wanna try tret but i have heard that it can dissolve your subcutaneous fat around the eyes because it's anti adipogenic (?). ive looked up online and it seems like a lot of people complain of sudden eye (and sometimes cheek) hollowness. should i not try tret?

No. 227630

nahh not gonna buy it. Not that they sell it here afaik but that defeats the whole purpose of making it at home for basically nothing, may aswell just buy regular wax then or shave

I'll try it, thanks

No. 227684

I got hollow eyes after using tret eye cream for a few years, not recommend. It seems like every 5 years there's the new holy grail of skincare that then turns out to be bad for you in the long run. Honestly I just gave up and do simple cleanse physical exfoliation and moisturize.

No. 227688

It happens to some people, not to most. If it starts to happen stop.

No. 227731

Is a peptide serum beneficial? Any recs in general are appreciated. I currently have vitamin c 21.5% serum, vitamin e oil, and rosehip oil. I do the double cleansing method with hemp oil. I also have rose water.

No. 227749

but why some and not others? lots of ppl love it, is there any medical reason why it can hollow out some people? genetics maybe?

No. 227764

I read a comment by one person who experienced it and took a dna test for unrelated reasons. The test said she was unable to metabolise vitamin A, that could be related. No one knows since it hasn't been studied.

No. 227849

nonas i'm so frustrated. i only started getting into skincare late last year after not giving a shit my entire life and it brought the opposite results that it was supposed to.
basically i have naturally clear skin with occasional pimples and never used any skin products. then i educated myself on sun exposure and how protecting your skin against UV rays and moisturising it is important to prevent early ageing. though my skin is clear it is very dry (especially my mouth area) so this scared me a lot.
i started using sun screen and moistruizing. sun screen in the morning before i leave the house and moistruizing before bed after showering.
well, for the first time in my life my skin went to total shit. i had pimples everywhere, even places where i never got them before (like my cheeks. when i got pimples before they would always be on my nose, chin or in between my eyebrows). it was horrible and ruined my confidence.
only a couple days of quitting any kind of cream and my skin is already clearing up. i'm using a creave cleanser in the shower every day and basically drying out my skin and it's getting rid of all my breakouts.
this sucks so much because i don't want to age badly and i really want to be able to use sunscreen and moisturise without getting pimples. do any of you have a similar experience and do you have any products to recommend? (p.s. sorry for this long-ish post kek)

No. 227853

>this sucks so much because i don't want to age badly
The first thing to address is why you are afraid of aging
It's natural for people to get older and look older
All of the creams and contraptions are there to make you not richer, but poorer in general

No. 227880

I'd say go back to using nothing again, let your skin clear up. Then, if you still want to get into skincare, re-introduce one item at a time and allow yourself to use it for a minimum of 2 weeks before introducing another product. That way you can figure out what product is causing you trouble.

I don't disagree but treating very dry skin as she described having or wearing sunscreen (UV rays can cause cancer after all) isn't unreasonable.

No. 227921

A product broke you out. It's not that dramatic. It could be because you didn't take off the sunscreen well at night (double cleansing is usually recommended), or your skin didn't like something in the sunscreen/moisturizer. It happens, let your skin clear and patch test both creams to see what's the cause. Maybe consider getting a sunscreen that's safe for seborrheic dermatitis, those tend to be more gentle on the skin and formulated with less potential irritants and comedogenic ingredients.

No. 228091

I have started getting a lot of blackheads on my T-zone and also on my chest area… how do you guys deal with these? Help pls

No. 228623

File: 1643980629852.jpg (6.13 KB, 275x183, epaderm.jpg)

I have eczema, which mainly presents as just very dry and sensitive skin on my face. I moisturise constantly with a thick hypoallergenic moisturiser and at night I layer it on and top with an even thicker version of the same moisturiser (picrel). But I still have such dry skin, it feels uncomfortably tight if I haven't moisturised in the last hour. Am I over-moisturising? Do I need to moisturise even more? I know I don't need steroid cream because there's no redness, and you aren't meant to use it on your face anyway. What else can I possibly do? I don't use any other products because of how sensitive it is, and have no problems with pimples or blackheads.

No. 228638

I kinda have something similar to Trichotillomania, but for my face. As in my skin. I have this self loathing that urges me to put my hands on my face and touch anything that picks my interest, and bc of this my skin looks like shit if you stare. I'll start buying some makeup, but what would you nonnies recommend to fix my skin? Diet or treatment, products, whatever. I seriously have no idea about health.

No. 228642

it's called dermatillomania nona, google it and good luck, or maybe someone else can help, i have this to a mild degree i just keep my hands really really clean

No. 228643

i also wouldn't recommend makeup for improving your skin, will just clog pores and make everything worse and more dirty…. stay clean faced for best results i had to stop wearing makeup completely for my skin to heal at all

No. 228650

Umm yeah by looking down results for it, it does resemble my skin a little bit. Though mine is more on the side of my face than in front. Thank you for the info, I'll definitely keep it in mind.

No. 228993

Nonnies, I'm kinda new to the topic of skincare. Are serums a scam or not? I wanted to start using serums with vit C and maybe some hyaluronic acid. I'm still not sold on the idea of applying anything on your face in order to make your skin look younger or better, I mean, isn't the production of colagen stimulated mostly from the inside? Like, the things you eat and drink and your life style in general. Same with how it affects the look of your skin. How is applying anything on the surface of your face supposed to slow the process of aging? I always thought that all the supposed anti-aging serums and creams are a scam made up by multimillion dollar companies bc I've never noticed any difference in the looks of women who spent their money of these cosmetics. Did you honestly noticed any positive effects? I want to know if it's even worth investing my money. I don't want to use retinol, I'm asking just about vitamine serums and hyaluronic acid. But if you have any other recommendations then please tell me what else I should use.

No. 229002

I can't speak on vit c since I really don't know a lot about it but hyaluronic acid isn't really "anti-aging" the way a retinol is. HA helps skin retain moisture and thus can improve the look of fine lines and enlarged pores since it makes the skin more plump. Not all anti-aging products are collagen-based either, for example sunscreen is great and important part of anti-aging efforts, since sun damage is the most controllable aspect of aging skin, though it doesn't "reverse" aging. Im not the most well-versed in serums but I am of the opinion of you are someone with good overall skin (not dry, acne prone, redness, etc) you can probably skip serums since it gets complicated with ensuring you aren't mixing products that don't belong together and can fuck up your skin barrier.

No. 229041

Skin has a natural skin cell turnover rate that slows down considerably as we age. What retinol/tretinoin does is that it speeds up this process. Also hyaluronic acid doesn't have anti-aging properties, it just plumps up the skin

No. 229297

Recently found out my horrible skin problems have been because of Vitamin D deficiency. I feel so stupid, like of course not going outside often would cause skin issues. I'm so retarded when it comes to skincare. Aside from taking my Vit D supplements, are there any products I can work into my routine that might help my skin recover faster? I'm tired of all this excess dry skin causing problems, its made my face look worse than it did when I was a damn teen, and I wash my face more than I ever did back then!

No. 229310

Are humidifiers worth it? I moved to a super dry area and my already dry skin has been suffering. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people letting theirs get moldy and getting sick. How often do they have to get cleaned out?

No. 229313

Just don't let yours get gross? Make sure the one you buy isn't too intricate and weirdly shaped so you can actually reach your hand in and clean all the sides. You should clean it with soap and water about once a week.

No. 229318

Stop washing your face, you probably ruined your moisture barrier.

No. 229336

Only wash your face in the evening to get rid of makeup, sunscreen etc. I just do a gentle dab of water in the morning because oily as fuck. For restoring your moisture barrier I’d recommend only using moisturizer and sunscreen, then just leave it the fuck alone.
Cerave, biossance & la roche posay has really good products.

No. 229507

If you have oily skin, avoid CeraVe moisturizers. I repeat, if you have oily skin, avoid CeraVe moisturizers. Do not be led astray by the siren song of 'non-comedogenic' on the packaging, or the ceramides and niacinamide, or the online reviewers who say it's good for oily skin. That shit broke me out so bad I looked like I was in high school again. I am returning to my beloved watery gel moisturizers and never looking back.

No. 229509

Skincare is individual as fuck, what breaks you out might not break someone else out.

No. 229534

ayrt (thank you, btw)! This might be a dumb question, but is it ok to rub the dead skin cells off with water when they appear? They seem to form quickly, maybe a couple hours after my morning face wash + moisturizing routine and then periodically throughout the day. Or is it better to just fight the urge and get rid of them all in the evening with my gentle cleanser? I've never even heard the concept of a skin barrier before tbqh kek, so I just wanna make sure I know what's up before I go ahead with these little routine changes.

No. 229560

>my beloved watery gel moisturizers
Any reccs?

No. 229577

Nta, but the True Cream Aqua Bomb from belif is literally the best moisturizer I've ever used—it's my holy grail of skincare products. Kind of pricey, but the regular size lasts me a few months and is perfect for my oily skin so I don't mind paying for it. Another alternative that is cheaper and more accessible is Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel. I bought it once and it's similar to the Aqua Bomb but I find it's not as moisturizing so I had to use more product every time I put it on so it ran out quickly. I think it'd be a good one to start with if you want to try a water-based moisturizer though! Easy to find at drug stores, Walmart, Target etc.

No. 229660

File: 1644436103682.jpg (78.16 KB, 1000x1000, 61M6Cais09L._SL1000_.jpg)

Have anyone tried this? Is it good?

No. 229664

How does one resuscitate their natural moisture barrier? I took to many hot showers and now my skin is always dry.

No. 229672

Awful. Just rips out sebaceous filaments and dries out the skin.

No. 229682

My greasy face loves oil products and dry oils for some reason. Anyone know a face sunscreen with an oil-based formula? Would that even be possible considering oil washes out sunscreen?

No. 229695

Any anons here had experience with chemical peels for acne scarring? What was your experience like an did you see any improvement?

No. 230427

Eczema anons, how do you deal with blisters? Do you use hydrocolloid bandages? Some sources say to use them while others say it's terrible and eczema needs to breathe. It's on my right hand so I have to keep washing it but I think that's making it worse

No. 230450

I get very bad eczema on my hands, too. I've never used hydrocolloid bandages, but I've got it pretty much under control by using an eczema friendly soap replacement (Dermol500) whenever I wash my hands, applying a steroid cream (Betnovate) and a thick layer of really greasy moisturiser (Epaderm) with cotton gloves on at night, and moisturising throughout the day with a lighter hand cream (I use the Cerave one). The soap replacement stops it from getting any worse whilst the steroid cream speeds up the healing process. It does really depend how much you have to wash your hands and whether you work with them or not. I definitely think eczema heals better when it can breathe, but if you're working with irritants its probably best to wear gloves or bandages as long as you don't keep them on for too long.

No. 230460

Thank you for such a helpful response! I wash my hands a lot but I will switch to a soap free alternative right away. I think I was being dumb by washing it with soap but I was so worried about getting it infected, especially since I'm getting these little blisters now

No. 230726

File: 1644875098219.png (235.78 KB, 368x469, 1524631727016.png)

After years of clear skin, I've suddenly started breaking out in cysts on cheeks and chin and it's getting worse. Haven't had any change in my lifestyle, nor in my diet. My skincare has also been the same for 6+ months.
At first I thought it was happening because I was using an expired retinol (only 1 month expired though, not a big deal), then I got another one from a new brand, it's even weaker in strength, but it's only getting worse. I have no idea why this is happening.
My skincare routine consists in water based cleanser, niacinamide only on forehead and nose in the morning, HA in the evening, moisturizer, sunscreen, AHA chemical exfoliant 2 times a week and retinol 1-2 times a week. Never had an issue before.
I'm now considering skipping on retinol and the AHA for a couple of weeks, see if it gets any better. Wish me luck, I'll need it. And if you have advice, I'm all ears.

No. 230885

Eliminate all possible triggers and restore your skin barrier, it may be compromised. Do a routine with 0 actives, only cleanser/moisturizer(/sunscreen) with trustworthy products with no irritants like fragrance or alcohol, even if you used to tolerate it as you may have developed allergy. Check your haircare products too. Wait for a couple of weeks to see how it goes.

No. 235400

I bought a vitamin c cream and I've just got home and realised my cleanser has lactic acid in it. Is it alright to use them both in the same routine, or am I gonna fuck up my skin if I do that?

No. 235412

Being a skincare enthusiast most of my teen and adult life and going on BC to suddenly get the clear skin I was chasing all my life regardless of what I put on it made me realize how all my troubles, especially with cysts, were hormonal

Note: not recommending BC but just my perspective that your products aren't necessarily the root cause, and that you may want to seek help in terms of hormonal balances

No. 235487

I am trying to learn about skincare but I feel like youtubers are absolutely overdoing it for subtle product placement and to flash their collections.

Currently I just apply a gentle daily scrub and then night cream, I don't use make up aside BB cream so I feel like that's enough. My only gripe is having sebaceous filaments on my nose (oily T-zone) any advice for that?

No. 236067

I use a chemical exfoliant (AHA or BHA) once or twice a week, focusing on my nose. It doesn't clear them up entirely - I don't think anything can - but it keeps them under control.

No. 236844

File: 1645172454501.jpg (7.89 KB, 141x356, letöltés.jpeg.jpg)

Just wanted to rave about this vitaminc serum, this is the best I've ever used. Others dried out my skin, this one made it glow. I think you can only get it in Europe though not sure

No. 243026

Update, I skipped on retinol and AHA (and also on sunscreen, as I haven't been out in the morning this week and I had an half idea sunscreen might be a culprit for the breakouts - it's not expired, but after the summer heat it's as if the product changed in consistence and doesn't feel the same)… and only a week later my face has cleared up.
Also wanted to correct myself, when I said cysts I actually meant papules, I just learned it's not the same thing.
Anyway, it's time to gradually reintroduce one of those 3 products and finally find the culprit.

No. 243049

File: 1645458545202.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.25 KB, 608x676, 32FD49C9-30AF-471E-96A0-3F4BC0…)

I’m in need of dire help nonas, I’ve got a wedding to attend to in a few weeks and my skin is so fucking angry with me. What’s happening and what can I do? Im sensitive/oily and have a standard routine of cleansing, moisturizer, exfoliating acid and sunscreen.

Kinda looks like picrel, found it on Reddit.

No. 245108

my skin barrier is completely fucked now after steeping stridex pads on my face like a fucking face mask. i still kick myself for it as my pores are super large now and my skin secretes more oil than usual.

No. 245914

I want to lighten my skin tone
Anyone have good product suggestions?

No. 245916

You sure you really want to do that? Any skin lightening/bleaching product just makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays, it's so easy to cause unnecerssary premature aging.

No. 245917

oh shit really?
I'll just wear my usual sunscreen

No. 245928

Looks like allergies. Tried cutting out dairy?

Also diluted acv as a toner removes zits very quickly.

No. 245937

my face gets really oily at work after wearing a mask all day for some reason, do any nonnies have facial wipe rec's for oily skin?

i oil cleanse and am super prone to sf's

also i try to moisturize as much as i can but i still end up a little oily after a long shift.

No. 246010

So idk where to post this.. I've been diagnosed before with pityriasis rosea (it went away on it's own really) and then with vitiligo. But I think my vitiligo might be tinea versicolor because it's kind of annoying and doesn't seem like just white skin. Sometimes it gets itchy, nothing too bad tho. And I also have had problems with flaky scalp no matter what I do.

I think the problems are intertwined and I guess I should go to a dermatologist again, even though last time it didn't help and they just nodded to what I thought I had. Is there an anon with some experience with these annoying but not life ruining skin conditions?
How do I go about getting a dermatologist to not just shrug at me?

No. 246283

File: 1645888076128.jpg (48.17 KB, 640x639, stocksy-txp20a4c87cqj7300-medi…)

Don't know if anyone else in another thread has asked about this before, but what's everyone's thoughts on slugging? I'm tempted to try it next winter when the weather is cold again. I worry that it'll cause my skin to clog really bad.

No. 246344

File: 1645902568153.jpeg (528.82 KB, 1664x2718, E239E597-B098-4911-882A-E95192…)

Nonnies im sorry for this disgusting photo but I noticed these bumps forming recently on my skin. I do face masks (clay) 1-2 times a week and use a chemical exfoliant every other day. Daily I use a green tea cleanser, pacifica moisturizer and a collagen retinol “firming serum” which i dont think does shit. i also started taking a vitamin recently but because three of these products are new i dont really know how to solve this.

I have never had problematic skin before so im a bit lost

No. 246346

Why did you start these products if you never had a problem with your skin before? You could stop one at a time and see what happens, but the vitamin at least should be fine.

No. 246350


Right off the bat, I think you are exfoliating too frequently and it's irritating your skin. What sort of clay masks do you use? If they are also exfoliating you should probably pick one or the other and limit to no more than 3 days a week. Don't exfoliate and use the retinol product in the same routine AKA, if you must, exfoliate in the morning, retinol at night, or if you are exfoliating at night then skip the retinol for that day. Also, make sure you are using sunscreen during the day if you are using retinol. It makes your skin more sensitive to UV. Also, are the three daily products you listed the new ones?

No. 246353

>use a chemical exfoliant every other day.
That's way too often and it's debatable you even need it if you didn't have any skin issues beforehand.

No. 246436


Thank you for the responses! I started the green tea cleanser because I heard a lot of great things about it and I honestly don't think this is the issue. As for the moisturizer, I was looking for something cheaper than my normal range ($40-$50) because I was starting to feel like it was a bit to much. I've been using the moisturizer for a while but it can be a bit greasy and the scent is overbearing so I wonder if that has been affecting my skin.

I started the retinol serum because I have started to get little forehead wrinkles and I'm just trying to prevent aging as I can. Also yes I wear sunscreen when I go out!

The clay masks I use are marketed as detoxifying/helping pull out pores. Though I will definitely cut my chemical exfoliation to 2 times a week or so and see how that works. I will also keep the retinol for night or not within the same routine as I would use it right after exfoliating!

No. 246438

File: 1645930234267.jpg (103.91 KB, 768x574, how-do-you-get-rid-of-stretch-…)

Lately i gained a little weight and recently some red strech marks appeared on my hips. i need some tips to get rid of them pls

No. 246439

They’re generic for the most part, so there’s not much you can do.

No. 246441

I meant *genetic

No. 246448

If it makes you feel better I think stretch marks are beautiful.

No. 246452

They’ll go from red to whiteish in time (which is less noticeable at least on me) but there’s nothing that gets rid of them; they’re scars from your skin tearing.

No. 246489

It's less visible than you think, you shouldn't worry too much even though they're impossible to remove, just as anons said. I have plenty on my thighs, looks pretty awful close up in the mirror but when I looked at pics of me from the beach, they were completely unnoticeable. It doesn't matter, a lot of women have them.

No. 246977

what do you guys think about manuka honey?

No. 246995

honey is the best and most underrated mask/cleanser

No. 247037

You put that stuff on your face?

No. 247038

I remember in high school some of my friend would use raw honey (like from the farmers market) as a skin mask but I was always iffy about it because I don't know how it was processed KEK

No. 247069

Has anyone successfully gotten rid of their chest acne? I’ve been using a 5% benzoyl peroxide body wash (that my dermatologist prescribed me) for several months now but have seen no results.

No. 247070

Accutane, maybe your derm will prescribe it if topical treatments don't work

No. 247108

yeah but high mgo manuka is supposed to be very antibacterial, regular honey less so. idk it has been helping my skin a bit, my skin feels better but fuck does it feel disgusting while on
thanks anon, how do you use it?

No. 247118

correction, i believe it's high umf not mgo

No. 247176

I had horrible acne for the last few months while I was writing my thesis and this month is the first one where i don't have any active painful cysts under my skin, only scarring and uneven skin from previous cysts. A few weeks ago I started using the la roche posay cicaplast baume b5 cream and also changed my cleanser to aha cleanser and I think that did the trick. Or maybe it is gone because I finished my thesis and have less stress? idk

No. 247237

File: 1646283978167.jpg (71.67 KB, 976x392, GFHJGK.JPG)

Alright, which one should I buy to get rid of the hyper-pigmentation on my ass?

No. 247238

I have the 2% hydroquinone dark spot remover. If you want something that will lighten a bit quicker, go for that but be careful with hydroquinone as it can thin your skin out. It will make the spots darker before they get lighter, it's pretty much an acid peel that you dot onto the spots once or twice a day. I've had good results with it. I use it sparingly and I haven't fucked up my skin with it so I would recommend.

No. 247240

Thank you nonny, hopefully it works for me too because this unevenness in my skin tone is driving me crazy.

No. 247290

File: 1646321324047.jpg (77.84 KB, 904x735, 1639085777669.jpg)

Volufiline finally arrived. I'll try it out and report back in 2 weeks/a month.

No. 247340

This is such a dumb question and I apologize but I got some trentinoin cream for my awful skin texture and clogged pores that I'll be applying every 3 days. My skin has already begun flaking like mad from it. I know it's bad to over exfoliate and use chemical exfoliants in tandem with physical ones. I'm not using any scrubs or gloves or anything like that, but I do try to remove what dead flakes remain so as not to clog my pores. My skin feels a bit raw after I scrub away the dead skin but I'm obviously not gonna leave it as is.
My routine:
>Oil cleanser because it picks up/rolls away the dead skin better
>Wash that away with a basic gel cleanser
>Sometimes use a cream exfoliant (PHA) to try to rid the remaining flakes but I know that's probably overkill
>Hyaluronic acid moisturizer
>CeraVe Moisturizing lotion with spf
>While patting my skin dry with a cloth, some very light rubbing for remaining flakes, not sure if this counts as physical exfoliation
Is this ok?

No. 247652

How can I reduce my undereye circles? I got them with puberty and they look very dark since I'm pale. They're caused by hyperpigmentation.

No. 247655

Rock that drug addict look. It can be kind if hot.

No. 247659

I agree it looks hot, also men try to avoid you cause you look mental which is a win in my book.

No. 247678

File: 1646526938167.png (12.01 KB, 111x122, 1645821806967.png)

Got my Laneige hydration-to-go combo/oily skin bag today. Been using a Cosrx low-ph cleanser that my sister's left behind, witch hazel as toner, and Cetaphil moisturizer (I feel like it's too greasy but idk what low-cost moisturizer to get for combo skin). Let's hope it works out and I can get something for my dumb acne scars soon.

No. 247696

File: 1646534345061.jpg (522.68 KB, 1536x2924, 1866129i4B6A68B9F37EE59B.jpg)

Any advice for keratosis pilaris I look like I'm diseased

picrel (not me)

No. 247729

Regular exfoliating, daily moisturizing and using salicylic or glycolic acids (ingredients in acne treatments) should help reduce the appearance of strawberry legs but don't count on it disappearing completely since it's genetic.

No. 247777

File: 1646569692169.jpg (38.42 KB, 800x800, eucerin-urearepair-plus-emolli…)

It works, 2 weeks and they're 90% faded. Afterward you can use it every few day or once to twice a week.

No. 247778

Small rant but I don’t understand why I get so many pimples/acne. I don’t wear makeup and never have yet my if you saw my face you would think I fall asleep with foundation on. I was told that when I grow up it will go away which is a lie at this point. When I work on fading my PIH pimples decide to make an appearance. Its probably the pcos.
I’m trying again with a a bunch of stuff I got recently (salicylic cleanser, a bha serum, niacinamide) and reusing an acne cream that was prescribed to me. I just want my PIH to go away.

No. 247824

I had awful adult acne before and never wore makeup prior. Got so many passive aggressive comments from doctors and beauticians like "you know you really should take better care of your skin". It's so frustrating. Meanwhile the people who sleep with makeup on or do nothing have flawless skin. Hyperpigmentation was the worst.
After trying so many things with no luck I said fuck it, left it alone, and both my scars faded and my acne diminished. I traded it for clogged pores though. With PCOS though of course it may not be so easy.

No. 247837

I have the same problem and I want actual advice, I already have near Pete Davidson eyes so it makes me look ridiculous. I tried drinking even more water than I already do, fixing my sleep schedule and all that and also the Ordinary's caffeine product but nothing has worked.

No. 247922

My two sisters were similar and they both went through Accutane. Said it sucked to be on it because it made their skin super dry but now that they’re done with the course they’re both really happy they did it. Might be worth looking into if nothing else has worked for you.

No. 247999

Anyone have recommendations on a cheap (like $10 or less) solution to ass acne? The skin on my face & the rest of my body is never irritated or breaking out, but for years, my butt looks like a sad battleground, & I'm so sick of it. :C It ruins my confidence. And I'm too embarrassed to ask a doctor about it.(:C)

No. 248002

this is literally me. i skip washes, never change my pillow case, and sleep in makeup and have clear skin outside of just dryness. My skin was actually a lot worse when I used tons of products and was religious about removing makeup

No. 248015

Is this Luna or Shay?

No. 248016

Nope, I'm a 30 year old nobody. I peaked on Livejournal as a teen & I've never seen myself mentioned online anywhere since 2009. Thankfully! kek

No. 248031

The only thing that's ever worked for me is tretinoin but even then it's a recurring issue. I honestly don't think it's actual acne, it doesn't respond to treatments the way the rest of my skin (which is almost always clear, even though I'm acne prone) does.

No. 248049

I wish I found a solution for this as well, ass acne has been a problem for me since I was a teenager and it's literally the only place in my body that gets acne. It's so disgusting and even painful, it's those terrible cystic, infected bumps that bring tears to my eyes if I sit down. I'm too embarrassed about it to visit a dermatologist, I shower and change my underwear each day but it still keeps popping up. I haven't been able to wear swimsuits or short shorts because they're showing my diseased butt to everyone.

No. 248188

Have you tried PanOxyl? It’s fairly inexpensive and available at most stores in the US. It’s a benzoyl peroxide wash. I used to use it on my back and shoulders in the shower and it helped my body acne a lot, although I luckily didn’t suffer from butt acne.

No. 248256

I'm a neet and I sit on my ass alot, is this true for you too? I assumed that's why I get acne, if I'm less sedentary it goes away.
I use diaper cream once a day (nobully), Epaderm maybe twice a day (any eczema emolient should be fine) and salicylic acid to wash my butt and got rid of acne I had for like 8 years

No. 248326

how do i get oily skin

No. 248331

why would you want it?

No. 248335

File: 1646774205775.gif (3.45 MB, 498x373, maybe-its-maybelline-born.gif)

No. 248347

i've had both oily and dry in my life and i must say oily has its advantages.

No. 248351

my skin is dry and it makes you not age fast

No. 248354

maybe kojic acid soap

No. 248390

do those peel off masks actually do anything that i cant do with a washcloth?

No. 248396

Sunscreen. Seriously. Test out some sunscreens and you will definitely find one that'll make your face oily, at least while you wear it.

No. 248716

Nonnas with sensitive skin, please recommend me some good sun creams that aren't too expensive.
I tried a neutrogena one recently and it broke me out and made me itch like horrible.

No. 248740

Eucerin Sensitive Protect SPF50, even better if you find the Kids version because it's like half the price for same amount of product. Kids version is a little greasier though but I don't mind because my skin is dry anyway and absorbs it. Used it for years and no reactions though I'm hyper sensitive and dermatitis prone.

No. 248754

I heard that oily skin making you age slower than dry skin is a myth

No. 248783

I set an appointment to see a dermatologist about my cystic acne. I've exhausted all other options at this point so I really hope this works. My mind goes blank when I visit the doctors, so can anynonny please advise me of what kinds of things I should ask or tell the doctor about at my appointment? I already gave them my basic acne history and took pictures of all of my hygiene products in case they need to know what's in them.

No. 248784

I wish I had more derm-specific advice, but whenever I have a specialist appointment I try to keep a notepad of all of my questions/concerns that occur. Like sometimes at 2am you'll remember something that you'll want to bring up, but won't remember exactly what that was come the appointment date. It's super handy to just keep in a purse.

No. 248786

Is definitely a myth, you age just the same, the only difference is that the oil in the skin masks wrinkles better than dry skin.

No. 248824

anons I get this like rash or something skin around my nose/creases and the corners of my eyebrows. it’s red and flaky and it hurts. aquaphor helps it feel better but it just goes away for a couple days and flares up again. what is it?

No. 248883

You could play scientist and determine if it reacts to antifungals over a week.

No. 248934

Reccs for an eye cream with retinol/something to smooth out creases?

No. 248943


No. 248988

File: 1647037150870.jpg (71.8 KB, 936x960, the-ordinary-longer-youthful-t…)

Is "The Ordinary" worth the hype? I want honest opinions about the price/value relation.

No. 248989

I remember trying a product from them, for pigmentation, I remember it hurt my skin and I don’t even have sensitive skin.

No. 248995

Never had a bad experience, but not particularly great either. For affordable brands I like inkey list or good molecules more.

No. 248996

I haven't tried the ones pictured but I used one of their serums that was supposed to reduce redness and meant to be applied before makeup. It did reduce redness but it was sticky and stank and stayed tacky all day. Even foregoing makeup I still couldn't wear it out because it stank. It didn't irritate my skin surprisingly but I spent a few more dollars on a comparable serum which had no scent and a better texture. So I mean I guess it does what it says it does but it was pretty useless for me since it was a temporary uncomfortable stinky relief from redness.

No. 249010

I love the mandelic and glycolic acid. They are amazing and 100% worth it. Hyaluronic acid is really bad very drying. The tiktok famous red peel is overrated and dried my skin out and did nothing for my acne/blackheads. Marine hyaluronics is just ok, I just think there are better hydrating serums out there . The squalene cleanser is just ok. Niacinamide did nothing for me. These are all the ones I’ve tried since the pandemic lol

No. 249013

I tried the retinol serum for around 4 months but it didn't seem to do shit so I gave it up. I feel like the only skin care people really need are hydrating toners and a good facial cream.

No. 249058


No. 249113

File: 1647086941240.jpg (177.69 KB, 540x720, 1564739767717.jpg)

Update: it's only been a week but I'm noticing some pretty awful side effects. My under eye creases seem more prominent, and even worse, the pores on my cheeks are LARGE now. Only after a few days. What the fuck. They're so prominent now.
Volufiline shills, will my pores return to normal if I stop or am I permafucked?

No. 249122

what brand did you buy?

No. 249160

Felt the peeling solution didn't do anything. I liked the rosehip oil but you don't necessarily need this particular brand. Just know Estée Lauder owns majority of the brand now. Dunno if it impacted quality. I haven't bought anything in a year and a half.

No. 249163

The Tosowoong one from yesstyle.

No. 249253

Inexpensive way to deal with bodily acne? Off my spironolactone for insurance reasons for awhile. It's just started to pop back up and at really ugly places like my arm hair follicles. I need a relatively inexpensive fix that doesn't require me to go through a doctor and can deal with savage hormonal back and body acne. Any help would be appreciated

No. 249257

File: 1647134951384.png (2.35 MB, 2096x1296, hood skincare.png)

My time to shine. I'm a hood rat with sensible skin so maybe this works for you.
Buy a big Folgers container which can last you up to a year (depending how much you use it) to scrub in the shower and exfoliate, the caffeine will promote blood flow.
Then if you need to do spot treatment get some random pain killers, they have an active component (which I can't remember right now kek) that when you crush the pill and add a little water it will suck the oil out of your face.
And finally get some cerave cream, is fairly affordable and is suitable for all skin types.
hope any of this helps u nonny.

No. 249268

My cheapskate ass will try at least one of these and report back. Thank you!

No. 249381

I have horrible pores. What do?

No. 249529

Is it worth it to be super strict about sunscreen if I live near Canada where there’s quite low UV exposure? My sister has been extremely regimented about using sunscreen every day even though she barely goes outside unless it’s to drive somewhere and she’s been encouraging me to be the same way because muh skin cancer. No one in our family has a history of cancer but we are extremely light in completion. Idk the convo about sunscreen in the tinfoil thread got me thinking.

No. 249531

In those cases it's rarely about cancer and usually about aging and fear of wrinkles, skin cancer is just an excuse so she doesn't sound vain.
It's autistic to be obsessed with sunscreen in your climate, sure put it on but you'll get wrinkles anyway from the dry skin caused by cold weather. Just live your life and enjoy while having common sense.

No. 250414

Is there any "safe" way to tan? I'm extremely pale- not in a ~uwu i'm such a ghost~ way, I look sickly. For years I've been obsessed with SPF and not getting a second of sun, but I'm thinking of easing up a bit this summer. Maybe starting with 5 minutes of exposure per day.

No. 250416

You can buy fake tan that you apply with a glove, no sun exposure needed. Never tried it tho because I have no idea how to match the body tan with the face

No. 250417

Anon despite what the vampires may say, you NEED sun for your health. You can definitely expose yourself for 30ish minutes a day, just don't do it when sun's at it's highest.

No. 250418

Assuming this was meant for >>250414 but she deleted and reposted, trust me any sickly pale girl should never fake tan. It does not look good no matter how light and natural the fake tan claims to be. And it makes perfect sense a fake tan doesn't look good on women who naturally can't or rarely tan.

No. 250455

I was feeling good about my skin clearing up til I caught sight of myself on camera in natural lighting. Is it normal to have such textured skin in your early twenties?? I don't have wrinkles but my face is covered in these tiny bumps and my skin looks weirdly oily and dull at the same time.
>inb4 fungal acne
It's not itchy and doesn't look at all like fungal acne, just '''texture'''.

No. 250464

I think I have the same issue from tretinoin. Has it gotten better since you stopped?

No. 250512

Are you wearing makeup? Most makeup gives you skin texture in harsh lighting.

No. 250513

I have those tiny bumps as well, on my forehead. I know they're not fungal acne because I did everything that should clear up fungal acne and indeed it doesn't itch either. No idea what it is! I should add though, I don't think it's very noticeable irl so I don t make too big of a deal about it.

No. 250814

not quite skin but this is this most relevant thread. i’m trying to grow my nails after finally escaping food service, but they are so flimsy and weak. they grow weird (outward) so i file them to a nicer shape, but they start to curl under/get wavy when they are even a little long. i don’t mind keeping them on the shorter side but how can keep them from curling? can anyone recommend any strengthening lacquers? also, if i slowly start pushing my cuticles back (i soak and use a wooden stick and sometimes sally hansen cuticle dissolver) will my beds get longer or is that fake news?

No. 250817

Has anyone switched from adapalene to tretinoin (of any strength) and noticed a difference in acne control?

No. 250824

I mentioned this on another thread, but I’ve been taking biotin for years for my shitty weak nails and it’s definitely made an improvement in the overall strength of my nails. Imo a big part in keeping your nails strong is avoiding excessive water, like from doing the dishes or super long baths/showers. I’m more mindful to wear gloves when doing the dishes now. My nails also curl a bit when they get longer, even with all sorts of strengthening treatments/base coats/whatever. I think that’s just the reality of having thin nails unfortunately.

>also, if i slowly start pushing my cuticles back (i soak and use a wooden stick and sometimes sally hansen cuticle dissolver) will my beds get longer or is that fake news?

Tbh this did work for me, I’ve been pushing back and trimming my cuticles since I was a teenager. I have short fingers and my nail bed was almost nonexistent before I started removing my cuticles. Nowadays I usually do it after a shower with a stick and cuticle nipper. A lot of articles online say not to cut your cuticles because it can lead to infection, but I always clean my cuticle nipper and I’ve never had a problem.

No. 250845

How do I moisturize my permadry lips? I apply lipbalm regularly (Labello or Himalaya Herbal lip balm), I also drink enough water but my lips are still dry as the Sahara and sometimes when I smile, the skin just cracks open and starts bleeding

No. 250853

File: 1647766646465.jpg (18.65 KB, 504x548, 10230475_1024x1024.jpg)

Have you tried lanolin? Picrel is what I used when my lips were very dry.

No. 250860

I find that applying vaseline every night helps a lot. It doesn't moisturize but it gives the skin the chance to recover because it's not letting any of the moisture it builds out. Also you may wanna consider getting a better moisturizing lipbalm, I don't know about the Himalaya one but Labello is drying trash. Blistex medical is great for cracked lips.

No. 250895

I'm gonna try these, thanks!!

No. 250931

is there something wrong with me if i do nothing to my skin anymore? For the past month i haven’t even applied mosturizer and i’ve noticed no change in my skin whatsoever. I feel like i’m letting myself go for no longer following my usual skincare routine, but my face hasn’t changed at all since i stopped. i haven’t gotten acne and i’m not feeling dry or anything. should i keep going or am i doing ireversible damage?

No. 251015

File: 1647837526572.jpg (326.8 KB, 3200x3200, 08Moisturizer-Closed_Swatch-Pi…)

Reposting from the dumbassshitttthreadddd

I'm sorry to be retarded here, but even though I dislike Jeffree Star with a passion, I was looking foward his skin care line because he kept advertising that it would be alcohol free. But then, here's the fucking ingredients:

>Propanediol, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Dimethicone, Behenyl Alcohol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Stearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Phytosterols, Titanium Dioxide, Decyl Glucoside, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Polyglyceryl-10 Myristate, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Mica (CI 77019), Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract, Melia Azadirachta Flower Extract, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Phytate, Corallina Officinalis Extract, Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Fragaria Vesca (Strawberry) Fruit Extract, Caprylyl Glycol, Citric Acid, Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae Extract, Coccinia Indica Fruit Extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract, Cystoseira Compressa Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Proline, Serine, Alanine, Tocopherol, Sodium Phosphate, Tin Oxide*, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Sodium Hydroxide

That's a lot of fucking hidden alcohol. Are there better alternatives that have 0 alcohol in them?

No. 251061

Nonny, the only alcohol you should be worried about in skin/haircare products is denatured alcohol (sometimes labelled alcohol denat.). Stearyl and behenyl alcohols are saturated fatty alcohols, so they're really moisturizing ingredients. What I would be more worried about in that ingredients list are all the fruit extracts and citric acid, which might be irritating because of their low pH relative to your skin, and the tin oxide, which is an abrasive.

No. 251065

What the other anon said. When people talk about alcohol in relation with skincare they usually mean denatured alcohol (which could be drying and sensitizing, so you'd want to avoid it). There are alcohols that are good for the skin however, see this link: https://www.intrinsics.net/blog/good-alcohols-for-skin

No. 251067

I have. For me it helped a lot with my acne and made my skin feel smoother. But you may find your skin getting very flaky and sore if you use it every day straight away.

No. 251072

Be careful your lip balm isn’t making the problem worse. Many commercial balms have an ingredient in that basically coats the lip but doesn’t impart any moisture, so once the coating wears off your dry-ass lips are still there.

No. 251077

Use a lip treatment that doesn’t contain any of the acids. (I forget what they’re called off of the top of my head.) they temporarily moisturize but long term eat your lips when you stop using them like Carmax. Go light with exfoliating. An old tooth brush and a little sugar and honey will do fine.
Use a moisturizer after that let it soak in then Vaseline before bed to help seal in the moisture through the night.
How’s your water and blood sugar nonni? That’s a big reason mine get messed up when they do.

No. 251082

The biggest problems with Carmex's ingredients are the camphor, salicylic acid, and menthol, which can cause irritation. I don't see any acids in the original other than the salicylic acid, which is a weird thing to put in a lipbalm because it's normally used for acne.

No. 251083

File: 1647883069214.jpeg (10.11 KB, 416x738, images (16).jpeg)

I have folliculitis on my butt, it doesn't bothered me much but lately I'm becoming very conscious about that… Any tips?

No. 251085

Spoiler this shit anon, ew

No. 251086

so you're just gonna post a butt on here, no spoiler no nothing?

No. 251088

Salicylic acid is just a BHA, so it exfoliates. It’s still probably too harsh for lips, though.

My lips are also perma-chapped and for me it comes down to supplements. I take L-Lysine and fish oil supplements and that gets them in good shape with the help of oil-based lip balms. Neither of those are advertised to help with chapped lips specifically, but lysine is an essential amino that strengthens the skin’s surface barrier and fish oil helps with the skin barrier as well. If I stop taking either one of these my lip health declines quickly.

Both of these can be gotten from a better diet too btw, I just know these are what happen to be missing from my diet. But any missing essential amino acid could mess up your skin.

No. 251090

File: 1647885163229.png (77.46 KB, 728x869, 850943850435-534.png)

I, for one, am proud of you for unashamedly posting your spotted arse nona. Bare it with dignity. I don't know much about folliculitis myself but here, I found a Reddit post for you. Try Chlorhexidine + thick moisturizer and spread it on your butt.

No. 251103

ay nice bootie girlie lmao

No. 251120

It doesn't look bad or disgusting. Visit a derm imo.

No. 251132

Took Accutane when I was a teen, fixed my skin for exactly 1.5 years, then I started getting back light acne that got really bad two and a half years later. Took a second course for four months, didn't continue it because of the joint/back pain. This time acne came back four months later. Right now I'm trying to fix everything by eating well and taking care of my nutritional deficiencies, but since bloodwork is expensive as hell I'm kind of in a blind spot. I have to get my Vit D level up (it's below 11), but to probably absorb Vit D you need magnesium, to probably absorb magnesium you need calcium. I have sufficient calcium, but I haven't tested for mag yet and I want to kill someone because everything is so expensive. My skin looks fine in normal light, but under white hospitalish light you can see all the small pimples beneath my skin. Why can't my skin be normal. And blood tests be affordable. I did cut down on sugar and my period discomfort disappeared and I have zero symptoms now, so.

Only thing that worked for me is Blistex. The blue tube.

Yeah. Adaplene didn't do shit for me. Acretin is really good though. It's not magic, but it puts acne under control and if it's a couple of pimples then it's good. Also really helps with pimple scars. Don't be like me though and remember to put sunscreen if you're going to use it.

You're not doing irreversible damage, kek. There's a common "trope" where people stop putting anything on their face and it becomes instantly clear. I'd say if you have clear skin don't irritate it with unnecessary products, and if you notice drying out put lanolin or any really simple couple-of-ingredients moisturizer. I don't put anything on my face anymore. If I do I get acne. Maybe mineral sunscreen?

No. 251159

That’s it. It’s fine on your skin. On your lips it’s too harsh. It will temporarily while your using the lip balm help. Stop using it after long term use though and your lips will go through a period where they peel and dry out more.

No. 251275

File: 1647954748544.jpg (12.99 KB, 360x360, ImgW.jpg)

First of all, hats off to you for posting your unspoilered butt here, kek. Secondly, you could give a glycolic acid toner a try? Loréal has an allegedly good one that you can find in drugstores

No. 251316

File: 1647977366824.jpg (9.39 KB, 199x254, images.jpg)

2 weeks update:
>target areas: top of the cheekbones, lips, undereyes and nasolabial fold area
>stopped putting volufiline on my cheeks, since the pore enlarging thing made me panic a bit, situation kinda improved
>noticeable improvement on the lips and nasolabial folds, lips expanded in the same way that Polish youtuber's did and nasolabial folds area looks more filled in
>can't see an improvement on undereyes (yet?), maybe a very slight one, hopefully it'll fill in more
>same for cheekbones but that wasn't really an important thing so eh
Overall I would say I'm happy with the results (except for the pore thing), if they're permanent then it was a great deal.
But to be clear, I'm in my mid-20s and my situation wasn't bad, I just noticed the beginning of some hollowing and it's been good enough for that. It's not as dramatic as filler and I don't know how well would it work on seriously hollowed faces/areas, but as far as skincare products go, it's been beneficial for me. Hopefully I'll still get more improvements especially in the undereyes.
If you do decide to try it, I recommend you don't put it on areas where pores tend to get bigger (like T-zone and cheeks).

No. 251317

Has anyone dealt with pih on bacne-prone areas (chest, shoulders, back)? I just bought 20% glycolic acid wipes so I'm going to use that every night and see what happens but I'm very interested to hear if any nonnies have any success stories in fading bacne induced pih and which products helped!

No. 251437

Can anyone reccomend any skincare to help fade laugh lines? Thanks in advance.

No. 251509

Nona right above you is using a good product (volufiline) >>251316
Otherwise repeated microneedling, radiofrequency, laser/Fotona or fillers which can be expensive. It's a tricky area to target topically because you need to rebuild collagen and fat. Products pretty much only help with texture, not the internal structure of the skin. If your issue isn't too extreme then general moisturization can help reduce how severe they look but won't treat the underlying cause.

No. 251611

File: 1648130545238.jpeg (59.49 KB, 726x401, 03E5B00B-227A-49B6-846B-913B8C…)

How to deal with dark, scaly elbows? I moisturise regularly too.

No. 251626

Stop leaning your elbows on tables

No. 251637

What to do about keratosis pilaris, nonnas?

No. 251669

I had it really bad for most of my childhood. On the fronts of my upper thighs, forearms, backs of my upper arms. I got sick of it in highschool and I used a sponge everytime I showered, everyday for months. I also moisturized after. Don't have any bumps on my legs anymore but I still have some on the backs of my upper arms, and some barely visible ones on my forearms. I stopped exfoliating at one point and don't do it anymore, just stopped caring.

No. 251682

could be acanthosis nigricans, test yourself for insulin resistance/prediabetes

No. 251778

I don't know why but it seems like chocolate makes me break out. The past few months it looked like my skin was getting better since I started a skincare routine, but I had a chocolate drink a week or so ago and I have gotten FIVE pimples since. I don't know why this fucking happens to me, I love chocolate but I can't even enjoy it anymore. I also break out right before my period so now I have even more pimples coming up. I fucking hate it because they leave a red mark that lasts for months. It seems like there's nothing I can do to actually get clear up my skin because every month I get a new pimple. Fuck I'm so tired.

No. 251801

Anon, have you ever went to a derm before? The first thing they tell you if you have acne is to avoid chocolates, sweets, refined sugars, and spicy foods. Try to go for darker chocolate, or make your own drink with raw honey and cocoa powder.

No. 251802

Samefag, intended for >>251778

No. 251827

Volufiline anon here, wouldn't recommend it for laugh lines, wrinkles and the likes. In my experience you have to be careful with targeting areas with the serum, because it enlarges pores and creases somehow, even though the box states otherwise. It's a filling product that stimulates the production of fat cells, I'd pick something else to target fine lines.

No. 251834

If I used retinol the night before, can I sunbathe the day after (while wearing sunscreen, of course)? Or should I avoid it?

No. 251841

AVOID you silly goose

No. 251847

alright kek

No. 251966

I don’t suffer with acne or spots in general. But I do get hormonal ones on my chin before and whilst on my period. They leave red marks and my chin is always red. Any advice nonas? What do you put on yours (if you have hormonal spots)

No. 252066

would i need sunscreen if im inside all day and mostly in my room with the window covered? i dont get sunburnt i just want to prevent tanning and wrinkles

No. 252073

Wrinkles are inevitable, anon, I work from home and have an apartment facing away from the sun. It's a part of growing up.

No. 252078

but i still want to slow down the process of aging

No. 252082

No offense anon but wearing sunscreen at home is retarded. Youre giving sunscreen way too much credit.
Do you eat healthy? Do u eat a lot of fruits nd veggies? Are you stress free? Those things will help ageing a lot more than just spf

No. 252088

No, you don't need to. For anti-aging, use a Vitamin C serum in the morning and a retinol serum few times a week at night

No. 252102

I have so many blackheads on my chest nowadays. How should I deal with them??

No. 252121

Bumping my own question. There's some product in my skincare that made my undereye creases deeper for some reason, maybe it's the Ordinary HA, but I'd like an eye cream that could repair the issue, at least partially.

No. 252127

Not really a product recommendation, but keep in mind the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your face. Try not to place any products other than gentle cleansers, eye creams, sunscreen near them. Use tapping motions. Not pulling on the skin. Don’t use tap for makeup lines if you use makeup. I like caffeine face masks or eye patches. The caffeine helps firms the skin. How’s your vitamin levels? Are you getting enough minerals to produce collagen correctly.

No. 252128

What’s your shower routine nonnie? Do you exfoliate? Wash your hair before your body? How often do you work out and do you shower after?

No. 252129

Cutting dairy helped mine a lot, but I have a gene mutation that fucks with me, ph balancing toner that works for your skin, and don’t pick them. After they completely heal I use a little vitamin c to help lighten the skin up but still use sunscreen to make sure I’m not damaging my sensitive skin.

No. 252141

I've usually washed just my hair, face and pits in the shower. Now I've started washing my chest as well but that alone doesn't seem to help. I don't exfoliate that part. I exercise maybe once a week

No. 252142

oops, and yes i do shower after exercise

No. 252156

I would start exfoliating lightly. You can just use coffee grounds or epsom salt. I’d go for salt. Just gently rub into the skin after your body wash. Only do it once or twice a week. Normally in the shower you should wash your hair and condition first. Then face. Then body. Working top to bottom. Your products are going to run down with the soap. So that could attribute to acne and irritation because conditioner is likely to clog pores. Don’t use super harsh soap in the shower though. Just like your face your body has a skin barrier if you fuck it up you’ll get more.
If you changed soap that could do it. Some fragrance make me break out also.

No. 252175

Any suggestions for hyperpigmentation/scarring after picking at the skin? I've struggled with dermatillomania for a long time and have been trying to let my skin heal and recover, but my arms and legs in particular have so many spots on them.

No. 252193

kojic acid soap helps with hyperpigmentation. not sure about scarring though but it might help

No. 252201

How do you feel about dermaneedling?

No. 252259

Ooh, I'll look into that. Never heard of it before.

I dermaneedle my face! So I'd be open to body-specific needling options.

No. 252303

I used it for hyper pigmentation and deep stretch marks and they’re light in color now. I used vitamin c serum and a 1.5 ever 4 to 6 weeks. Then moisturized heavily. After 3-4 months they went from deep purple to same color as everything else so it’s worth a shot.

No. 252458

Have any of you had success drinking spearmint tea to combat hormonal acne? Every month without fail my face is covered in pimples and I don't really want to start taking bc

No. 252468

Are any of you on tret? How long did it take for you to see significant improvement and did you get negative effects in the beginning like orange peel skin etc?

No. 252470

I am! It took me about a month to feel like my acne was under control. May take longer depending on the severity. Within a few months my scarring looked less noticeable.
I had the usual negative effects like purging, and if I used it everyday my face would sting even if I only put water on my face so I had to stick to every other day usage. Personally I didn't get the orange peel skin

No. 252510

Yes. I’m on bc but I also take a spearmint supplement every day. I just didnt like drinking the tea every day. It works, I rarely get hormonal breakouts.

No. 252546

File: 1648594374788.png (220.18 KB, 417x525, Stinky_(Doug)_promo.png)

I have heard bentonite clay is good for your skin. Have any of you ladies tried using it with apple cider vinegar for stinky armpits? I feel like I still stink even right after I shower. I exfoliate often, professionally wax my underarms monthly, use antibacterial soap, and shower daily. I don't want to smell myself anymore, and its worse when the sweat mixes with synthetic fabric.

No. 252548

File: 1648595545538.jpg (91 KB, 1000x1000, 798177_xlarge_5.jpg)

I know exactly how you feel and the only thing that fixed this for me was buying a clinical deodorant. Changed my life, I'd start to smell again like 30 minutes after showering and now I can go 2 days without smelling, even if I forget to reapply after the shower. But it's always good to reapply to keep the freshness, obviously.

No. 252553

Another anon mentioned this in another thread, but applying glycolic acid toner (the one by the Ordinary) completely changed my life. I haven’t worn deodorant since. I apply to my underarms with a cotton round after a shower and I’m stinky pit-free for 24 hours. Give it a try, the stuff is pretty cheap and I can’t praise it enough. I even had my friend smell my underarms (kek) the next day and she didn’t smell anything. Normally my pits smell like onions only a few hours after showering.

No. 252754

File: 1648686364064.jpeg (72.7 KB, 868x1079, 1A325DC7-710A-4314-9F5E-C41336…)

What body wash do you nonnies use? I’ve been using picrel recently and it smells so good I love it.

No. 252757

how strong is the figgy smell? i love figs so much. if it's super figgy i will go out and get this shit now

No. 252762

Thanks ladies!

No. 252771

Honestly, I don’t pick up on the figs. If anything it smells like a very unisex floral/spice scent. It’s actually really hard to describe the scent but that’s the best I could come up with.

No. 252776

File: 1648702717416.jpeg (483.45 KB, 3000x3000, 61f0f2c9-5ea1-45f9-8aa7-f485e4…)

this is my ride or die and the day they stop selling it is the day i have a catastrophic meltdown

No. 253481

Seconding glycolic acid and be sure to use bile soap on the underarm part of your most problematic shirts

No. 253483

File: 1648917368670.png (97.64 KB, 300x300, balea-cremedusche-sensitives9-…)

Basic, cheap Europoor body wash. Smells nice though

No. 253492

File: 1648918601080.png (804.86 KB, 1920x1920, Dove_Go_Fresh_Body_Wash_200ml_…)

got it as a gift so i'm using it up, but i used a orange scented cheap one before this. i even used a chocolate palmolive once, kek. i like to experiment. but sometimes i go for the bland ones that don't have a specific smell, like Bionsen Mizu

No. 253498

File: 1648920855976.png (937.97 KB, 1500x1500, 358240__nature_box__zel_pod_pr…)

I buy Naturebox body wash. It is a very cheap vegan brand. However I only use it on armpits, butt and feet, rest of my body I wash with water only. Gentler to both environment and my skin that way.

No. 253500

I suddenly have repeated spots on my skin despite usually having behaved skin ,is this the dreaded maskne? Any tips? I wash and cleanse it but I'm getting tired of it!

No. 253503

Currently taking 10 mg of Accutane I bought online, going really well. My complexion hasn’t been this clear since pre-puberty. I still have these fucking texture scars tho kms. Should I just get another microneedling session? I’m so tired of my gross face. Yes, I wear sunscreen daily.

No. 253504

hey what spearmint supplement do you use?

No. 253505

where do you live that masks are still mandatory?

No. 253507

Look into spiro.

No. 253513

cases are going back up

No. 253517

I'm using the Paula's choice 2% benzoyl lotion and at first, my skin cleared up a bit, then I ran out of my regular lotion (First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream) and my acne got worse. I don't really get it anywhere other than my chin. Now I'm getting all these ultra deep acne spots and I'm thinking I'm just purging. How do I know if it's irritating my skin?

No. 253600

purging happens with specific types of actives, like BHA, AHA, and retinoids (and sometimes vitamin C). These are all exfoliants of different kinds that promote cell turnover. Acne doesn't come out of nowhere, you can have clear skin with microscopic baby acne ready to bloom (you can literally see it under a microscope). Exfoliants like those listed basically force them to surface faster which is what purging is. If your active is not an exfoliant then you are probably just experiencing irritation.

No. 253602

Yeah, it's a BHA. I decided to only do it 1x a day, but I'm willing to go down to every other day. I am really pleased that it seems to immediately get any little clogged pores out instantly, it just sucks I get these very deep clogged pores that aren't cystic acne but they're so deep that they have only really shown since I've started using this BHA.

No. 253625

File: 1648964932949.jpg (13.53 KB, 275x219, 1637096901331.jpg)

scrotes are posting gore

No. 253641

File: 1648974650222.jpg (228.38 KB, 1077x1075, Screenshot_20220403-102951_Fir…)

I'm usually not someone to rave about products but this shit is damn gold. I used it once overnight and my dehydrated skin loves it

No. 253671


Exactly this. I live in the UK and I work within the council and government sector, even though customers no longer have to, we deal with immigration and travel which means we have a lot of people from all around the world coming to us. We are all advised to keep wearing masks and my manager is literally off with covid right now, and my other coworker's partner has it too and he drives us home. Cases here are really bad right now

No. 253679

File: 1648996413986.gif (3.91 MB, 600x337, 1645833313851.gif)

I'm 24. What are some good anti aging products? I'm worried about around my eyes and my neck.

I recently started using this retinol serum that has 1% retinol in it and a face cream from the same brand that has retinol, vitamin C and E. The brand is called maritime

No. 253700

has anyone here tried Korean skincare routines? the ones with 8-10 steps

No. 253730

File: 1649006904488.jpeg (1.82 MB, 4032x3024, B2E1259D-589B-4B53-9930-A53168…)


No. 253731

Just fucking report it anon. It will get deleted and we can pretend it never happened.

No. 253732

File: 1649006980112.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.41 KB, 400x540, xy.jpg)

are you retarded anon. Sage your shit. unless you're the scrote, in that case

No. 253734

Whatever we can post a few more posts and we won't see it from /g/

No. 253735

Don't bump in the same thread as the gore anon.

No. 253926

File: 1649082464176.gif (941.84 KB, 244x224, F16915E1-1594-4B0E-90F7-71AF90…)

Best foolproof long-lasting non orange self tanner out there for a lazy bitch?

No. 253934

I'm hungry

No. 254120

The sun

No. 254121

I am so, so fucking tired of hormonal acne. It’s much better now, but it’s still there. Puberty is evil for doing this to me. I miss my smooth, crater-less pre-pubescent skin. I hate that even with accutane and spironolactone and spearmint tea and every cerave product in the world, I still get cysts right before my cycle begins. Like clock work. And it ALWAYS scars. It’s an appearance thing, but also just physically disgusting. My body betraying me over and over and over, the feeling of a new cyst growing before it heads. I hate it I want to fucking kill myself.

No. 254122

I hate it too. You can speed it up by waiting till its 1/2 or 3/4 progressed, Lance it with dermatology tool, then put acne hydrocolloid patch on to suck out the puss. It flattens and then you can do a bha at night until it's not an open sore, then vit E to speed up healing and reduce scarring.

No. 254126

How old are you?

No. 254143

I also have it, and I also have PCOS (assuming that's what you have). Only thing that truly helped for me from within was cutting all sugar and carbs. The medicine is much more effective that way.

No. 254155

ayrt and late reply but I've been using it for weeks now and it's been great for me, thank you so much for the recommendation nonna you really helped my skin!!

No. 254178

File: 1649181187306.gif (277.14 KB, 360x360, 5B9ECBE4-3D2C-4E0A-83B5-CE839A…)

Nona pls

No. 254183

so you are on a very strict keto diet?

No. 254187

File: 1649185033204.gif (9.4 KB, 80x80, ohohoho.gif)

hehehe love u <3(<3)

No. 254188

I am 21.

No. 254202

Honestly it wasn't even that strict, but yeah, basically. Around 40g of net carbs daily was enough for me to see drastic results. Don't forget to eat plenty of greens and also drink a 0 sugar isotonic drink.

No. 254209

Samefag to add that it took me around 1,5~2 months to see results. I was doing it to lose weight and help digestive and insulin problems more than anything else, so I wasn't even expecting my skin to clear up, it was a very positive shock to me.

No. 254227

Yeah I’ll try this, thank you. Do you need to have ovarian cysts to have PCOS? The only sign I really have is moderate cystic acne and I guess a more masculine frame/fat distribution. The texture scars bother me a lot because microneedling and other procedures can only do so much…

No. 254230

Has anyone done microneedling themselves and what did you think?

No. 254232

No, since it's a syndrome it's a series of things. It affects the metabolism a lot, the cysts are just a part of it. For example, if you take BC or even if you had some types of teas, it's possible that you could have "clean" ovaries (like I had in the past), but it doesn't erase the rest of the symptoms. It's extremely common, like 10~30% of the female population have it. If you are seeing a doctor, you may ask for some tests to check if you have, but here are the most common symptons:
>Excess weight
>Excess body hair
>Irregular periods, sometimes even no periods at all
>Thinning hair
>Insulin resistance
>Excess of androgens
>Tiredness, brain fog
>Painful cramps, crotch pain even if not having your period
>Problems with fertility

No. 254246

I have had it done and people around me have said it made a noticeable difference, but it still looks like I had acne.. my goal is for it to be almost difficult to spot. I’m hoping that’s possible because mine aren’t that deep.

No. 254257

I do it about once every other month. I don't have acne scars, I do it to encourage collagen production and maintain a plumped appearance. After the worst of the healing period (1-3 days) where I look like I tried to makeout with Pinhead, my skin is very glowy and has a nice tightened feel to it. I wouldn't say it's worked miracles but I don't have a lot to "fix" in the first place and the effects are cumulative. You have to stick with it if you want the most noticeable benefits. The fact my skin hasn't gotten any worse over the course of about a year now is good enough for me to stick with it. If you want faster results (but will still require multiple sessions) radiofrequency microneedling will speed things up.

No. 254259

radio frequency is too sketchy imo. if it’s done wrong it can really fuck up the fat deposits and muscles in your face. for deep texture scars I would go for subcision with a filler.

No. 254271

File: 1649204240013.jpg (108.59 KB, 1363x732, 64309284832045.jpg)

Like anything you should go with a proven provider who uses an FDA-approved device and knows what they're doing. Proper RF devices are not set to reach the layer of subcutaneous fat to cause volume loss, only the tissue within the epidermis. Ultherapy is another thing though where you hear horror stories about people getting nerve damage and having their face "melt." It's typically only recommended for older women who have severe sagging but at that point I think I'd just invest in a facelift.

No. 254359

File: 1649241256210.jpeg (111.12 KB, 1500x1500, ntbr;skntbk.jpeg)

I bought this a while ago, I have Sebaceous filaments on my nose and I feel sometimes it can be noticeable (probably just for me) and I have tried so many different things. But I bought this and I love it so much. I love using it tmi kinda gross description: but it literally scrapes and pushes sebum and gunk out of my nose pores I have one of those microscope thingies and the before and after looking at my pores is so satisfying.

No. 254536

I heard those were bad for your skin and make the filaments worse over time

No. 254616

I heard that too. But I think if you use it gently and non frequently it is ok!!

No. 255164

How do I get rid of hyperpigmentation on my face?

No. 255313

Vitamin C serum helps lightening them allegedly

No. 255429

Sweet almond oil and rose hip oil as well.

No. 255432

File: 1649533019733.jpg (20.07 KB, 450x450, 714nd yf0nL._AC_SS450_.jpg)

Just bought this along with the toner! I'm so excited, I've used hatomugi sheet masks before and absolutely loved them!

No. 255650

Nonnies, is hypopigmentation permanent? I had a scab that got peeled prematurely, it has been months now but the whiteness hasn't gone away even though it improved a bit (there was hyperpigmentation around the white area). I have a light beige skintone so the white isn't super awful looking but it is noticable. Is there any hope for recovery? Do any products for hypopigmentation exist? The derm I went to was dismissive and told me to come back two years later.

No. 255686

I just want my skin color to be one tone, instead of two or three. area around my eye is hyper-pigmented. this only happens to ethnic diasporas, haven't seen yt people with hyperpigmentation and i can't find a way to clean myself up. This is holding me back

No. 255687

might sound super retarded but i only now just learned that i'm not supposed to use shower gel/body wash on my face kek, so what facial wash cleansing thing would you anons recommend to a newb? also can't really tell what skin type i have in terms of dryness/oilyness etc.

No. 255689

damn i use body wash on my face, need to stop

No. 255694

Your derm might not be off the mark here, I’ve had several scars fade almost entirely after 2-3 years. One of them was a small burn on my arm that I was sure would scar (it looked awful the first year), now it’s almost entirely gone after 3 years. I didn’t do anything special either, just washed and exfoliated like normal in the shower.

No. 255695

File: 1649642662201.jpeg (344.07 KB, 1096x1351, 1257D27C-0288-46DA-AA6E-673DCD…)

It might just fade. I had an accident and stabbed my self in the arm with a broken glass a couple years ago, cut through all the upper layers. The scar was really dark purple and used to hurt in the shower. Now it’s faded so it just glimmers with the scar tissue in the light. Pic related. It’s like 20 times lighter four years later and doesn’t ache anymore. I wouldn’t worry too much Noni

No. 256181

File: 1649853680305.jpeg (47.51 KB, 283x320, BA5E956F-4810-4A62-A772-806452…)

Does anyone know a good solid dupe for Tatcha dewy skin moisturizer? That shit is amazing and makes my skin so nice and glowy but like hell I’ve got the funds to buy it more then once a year

No. 256194

I’d use a gentle oil cleanser. You can get one pretty cheap. It will just gently remove dirt. Not damage your skin barrier. Even if you’re oily oil based cleansers work better.

No. 256292

File: 1649880979283.jpg (55.65 KB, 600x838, Top Banana.jpg)

I'm new to skin care, but I've been looking into it via Lab Muffin. So far I've been using the St Ives Apricot facial scrub once a week and the Anthelios 400 Hydrating Cream SPF50+ Suncream sometimes when I go outside ,but not much, generally speaking. I dermaplane as needed, which is usually once every 1-2 weeks. I'd describe my skin as slightly oily since I sometimes get acne, but not nearly as much as when I was a teenager, and I have lots of clogged pores too. I like my current sun cream so I'll stick to it

Here's what I hope to do and my current understanding of skincare and what I want change with my skin:

>limit aging effects

Currently interested in anti-aging products since I'm 20 and it's probably best to start now rather than later, but ,despite all the benefits of retinols, I don't think I want to try them out yet because of the 'breaking in' period. Taking a vitamin C serum should help with ant-aging, but I'm unsure which one to get. The SkinCuticles ones are out of my price-range and I feel like I want my vit C serum to have a fair bit of clinical evidence to support it, since I'm mostly interested in the supposed collagen-boosting benefits.


Considering switching my cleanser to something lighter so I can do it every day. I usually cleanse in the morning once a week, but I might try doing it once a day instead, so I'll need to switch to a gentle cleanser with hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, ceramides, etc
Is it bad to take a vitamin c with a cleanser with lactic acid? If so, should I get a cleanser with PHA instead of lactic acid?

>limit hyperpigmentation

A vit C serum should help with this

>remove bumps in skin

I'm unsure what to do to control this in all honesty. Any advice?

>helping my pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads

I need to get that extraction tool thing and some antiseptic cream for the blackheads/whiteheads. I might want to get a pore control serum too but I'm unsure what brand to get

No. 256312

i heard the bliss exglowsion moisturizer is a dupe for the tacha dewy skin moistuzer. I haven't tried it yet but I ordered one because I use the tatcha one too

No. 256328

>St Ives Apricot facial scrub
This is a huge meme in the skincare community for how absolutely horrible it is. It got big back in the 90s when all the corporate giants were promoting the idea that we needed to sandpaper our skin off to "unclog pores" when in fact the crushed walnut shells it uses have jagged edges that cause tears in the skin and can lead to long-term damage and a sensitive/damaged skin barrier. There was a lawsuit and everything. It got thrown out because there wasn't enough evidence provided by the people that took Unilever to court but there are still plenty of dermotologists that strongly recommend against using physical exfoliants (chemical exfoliants can cause damage as well but are typically much safer and gentler). You can read the comments on this Reddit thread for a study that does show physical exfoliants inhibit your skin barrier: https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/comments/1uvzu1/is_st_ives_apricot_scrubs_really_that_bad_for_you/
Considering you dermaplane as well I'd be really concerned that your skin barrier is going to get damaged and just lead to more oil production, clogged pores and premature aging.

No. 256403

File: 1649926370444.jpeg (477.84 KB, 1044x1046, 5E696664-01B3-4D1A-81D2-30F9E2…)

Yeah, I only knew recently how hated the St Ives scrub is, so I’m definitely going to switch

> dermaplane…your skin barrier is going to get damaged and just lead to more oil production, clogged pores and premature aging

Damn, I didn’t know that. I just used it to get rid of the hair on my face but I might limit my dermplaning then. Maybe once every 4 weeks

No. 256474

File: 1649966777255.png (160.22 KB, 344x675, 70948932743295.png)

It's okay nona, skincare can be so overwhelming and over the years I've realized simpler tends to be better. I really messed up my skin due to harsh products for a while but thankfully after years of recovery it's pretty stable now. It's frustrating when most of these corporations don't give a crap about results and just want to jump on the next fad ingredient. Dermaplaning once a month should be fine, and to answer your questions about vitamin C, it's a very finicky product. The issue is that most companies don't create shelf-stable vit C because it oxidizes when exposed to air so quickly. I would recommend something like Holy Snails Great White Shark serum (uses a water soluble, shelf stable derivative) or the Vitamin C Superserum from Protocol which uses the purest form of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) in a proprietary airless bottle to protect it.
>Is it bad to take a vitamin c with a cleanser with lactic acid
Since it's a cleanser you're washing off it might be okay, but vitamin c and lactic acid typically don't play well together because acids layered with vit C will destabilize your skin's pH and make the vit C useless before it gets absorbed. To be really safe I'd maybe use a different/gentler cleanser when you're planning to apply your vitamin C afterwards. Also, if you want a product that's great for cleaning pores and absorbing oil Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask is clay-based and sucks extra gunk away like nothing else. Very gentle too. Only use it once a week at most! Give your skin time to stabilize. You can also just buy pure French green clay from somewhere like Mountain Rose Herbs and use that as your mask, it will last you forever and give the same results.

No. 256501

Thank you nonny! I've heard that and was going to check it out after trying out the Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream, which I've also seen as a dupe for it!

No. 256563

my skin is textured but it wasn't this textured last year. Is there a way to get rid of textured skin or some kind of product? help plz

No. 256860

Is it actually necessary to use two different eye creams - one for the morning and one for the night - or have I just bought into the scam? I'm honestly tired of spending money on two eye creams that might do the exact same thing for all I know.

No. 256866

A lot of derms say eye cream itself is unnecessary, it’s basically the same as a face cream but (apparently) formulated to be gentler. Personally I’ve never really seen results from any eye creams and I’ve never had irritation from using face cream around my eyes. I think most people are better off dropping the big bucks on a good serum and a mid tier face cream while skipping eye cream completely. Serums are more concentrated and will actually give you results.

No. 256869

Scam. Just moisturize with a good moisturizer that your skin likes. Unfortunately though this is the kind of thing you figure out by trial and error.

No. 256920

Did anyone try using a silk pillowcase and it helped somehow improve their skin/hair? Or is it all a meme?

No. 256930

I can’t speak about the skin other than I never get those pillow wrinkles anymore, but it’s 100% beneficial for your hair. Using a silk/satin bonnet is even better though, highly recommend it

No. 256932

Scam. They put the same ingredients that they put into any facial moisturizer, it's just a smaller size and you pay more

No. 256940

I keep getting ads for prescription-strength Tretinoin through Nurx. Has anyone tried this? Is it the real stuff?

No. 256953

i haven't tried it but this is common now. yes, it's real. it's just telehealth and they connect you with doctors who write you a script, you'll probably have to do a video call or send pics etc.

No. 256977

What about eye creams formulated to repair fine lines and wrinkles, like Philosophy's anti-wrinkle miracle worker or Olay's eye lifting serum eye cream?

No. 256988

I’ve been using silk/satin pillowcases for years, I definitely think they help reduce frizz and they feel nicer on my skin in general. Like the other anon said, you don’t get those lines on your face after sleeping in one position for a while. After using both the pricier silk and cheaper satin options, I’d say go with the satin. It’s easier to wash (real silk degrades over a long period of machine wash/drying) and it feels a lot cooler than silk imo. Satin is also way cheaper and gives all the same benefits.

I’m the first anon you replied to, I don’t think these are worth it because the concentration of those ingredients are so low. Same with face lotions that say anti-wrinkle or whatever. Instead I’d go with a good retinol serum for fine lines and maybe a caffeine depuffing serum, then follow with a basic moisturizer. Serums are way more concentrated and usually worth the money compared to lotions and eye creams.

No. 257033

I finally got rid of my acne!!!!!!!!! I have dry skin and live in a very dry climate. Here is my guide:

>Wash face in the morning and at night

I was previously only doing it at night because I have very dry skin. But my skin actually does indeed need it in the morning as well. The trick is to not use a foaming cleanser if you have dry skin and just use a cleansing balm - I use Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm as it is very cost effective, but I love the Derma E one more, it just is more expensive and not cost effective since I use this product so much. I'm thinking of trying Neutrogena cleansing balm and the ELF one next.

>Washing makeup sponges religiously

Every single week I do this. I wasn't previously.

Morning Routine
>First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
This is the only option I've found that actually moisturizes my skin in the dry, arid climate I live in.
>Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration Sunscreen 50 SPF
This sunscreen is super moisturizing and affordable. I don't see a difference from expensive brands.

Evening Routine
>Sidmool Volufiline
This definitely makes a difference. You need to keep using it, though. I apply it to my undereyes, cheeks, lips, and mouth area
>Paula's Choice 2% BHA Lotion
This was a game changer. It gave me some DEEP acne at first, but it went away after three weeks and now my face is clear!
>First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
Moisturizer after the exfoliant, of course
If I don't use aquaphor, I will wake up with a dry face. That's how dry it is where I live.

I also sleep on silk pillows. I don't think it affects it that much.

I'm tempted to alternate the BHA with retinol every other day, but I'm not sure it's worth it. My goal is healthy skin. I'm tempted to try other peptides and the like, but I feel like I may have screwed up my skin before by going overboard on that stuff. I am considering adding a vitamin c serum in the morning. Any tips or recommendations are appreciated!

No. 257067

Is it ok to put on two different moisturizers?

No. 257079

File: 1650269448585.jpeg (129.41 KB, 1600x976, 3EF3E348-E871-425A-BB24-79D08B…)

Is there a huge difference between these two? Cosrx blackhead & whithead liquid. Which one is the best?

No. 257082

Ones BHA and one's AHA, most people use them in combination but if you only want to get one, go BHA for acne or AHA for any other skin issues.

No. 257097

can someone recommend a nice basic non-comedogenic moisturizer? i have been using cerave until now but i kinda hate the thick feeling of it and it doesn't really go well with makeup so normally i rely on bb creams and sunscreens for moisturizing during the day. i think a lotion type moisturizer would be the best for me. any suggestions?

No. 257130

Try CeraVe's PM lotion. It's more expensive but the formulation is lighter and it layers well. Their AM moisturizer with SPF 30 is also pretty good. You might also want to try a water-based moisturizer like Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel or Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Gel. I prefer the Mizon but the Neutrogena is easier to find.

No. 257354

I want to buy a cleansing balm, is there anything I should know and can someone recommend me one? Right now I use Simple's gel cleanser which does the job but I've got nothing to cleanse if I wore makeup for the day and Simple leaves me a little dry after it's rinsed off. Is it true you can wash a face with just the balm and water without using soap?

No. 257364

File: 1650334366609.jpg (71.7 KB, 960x501, ezgif-4-fd5de5d363.jpg)

I'm at my wit's end. I had a bad forehead breakout that wouldn't go away so I started tret 0.05 in December. I went through a terrible 4-month purge but it brought a lot of the pimples to a head. I thought I was finally getting to the end of it, but I realized I still have a ton of small bumps on my forehead that look exactly like picrel. They're not coming to a head and I can't even squeeze them. Tret is seemingly not doing anything. Should I move up to 0.1? Stop tret? I'm so done. My skin used to be so smooth.

No. 257366

I like the regular Banila Co balm but I have greasy skin and I don't feel like it would be sufficient at night, I always follow up with a regular foam cleanser. In the mornings though I find that just the balm + water is enough.

No. 257371

Is that the Clean It Zero one, is there a fragrance? What made you buy this one instead of a local drugstore brand?

No. 257374

I had a very similar problem. Use salicylic acid. I use Paula's choice and it cleared it right up.

No. 257377

Thank you girl, you reminded me that I used to use Stridex back when my skin was good. I've been using COSRX BHA for a few months now to no avail, so maybe my skin is yearning for something a bit stronger. In your case, did you also use tretinoin? Do you think I should stop tret while I integrate the salicylic acid?

No. 257383

Looks like fungal acne. Mine got better after using Cosrx snail mucin serum and cream only, besides a cleansing oil and wash. And decreasing sugar while increasing fish oil consumption

Here's the bible of fungal acne, hopefully it helps


No. 257405

Thank you so much, I'll look into it. I've tried putting anti-dandruff shampoo on my forehead one or two times before but I didn't commit to it. It does look fungal when I compare with pictures online. I think I'll cut the tret out and stick to moisturized for a while (unfortunately, snail mucin makes me break out)

No. 257532

Do any nonnies here have any advice for rosacea? I've been trying to find a good face wash that doesn't flare up my skin too much but I still end up looking like a tomato :(

I'm ready to do a multi-step routine if I have to

No. 257558

I heard azelaic acid helps some people

No. 257560

Just use beauty bliss. Cheaper for the same product

No. 257875

Idk if you'll see this but I avoid using ointments except in open-sore scenarios. Ointments are great for immediate moisture, but I have personally found they will then dry the skin out and the cycle repeats. I use oat-based moisturizers: Lush's dream cream is the best, but dermaveen is also very good. You could also try wet-dressings overnight if you think it's bad enough

No. 258103

can you overmoisturize your skin? without my skincare routine i have really dry skin, but adding a moisturizer and spf helped a ton. now i wanted to try adding a serum and tried two different hyaluronic acid serums but they both make me get zits. not like my skin is purging, just one a day or so. stops as soon as i stop using the serum. but i'm confused since hyaluronic acid shouldnt cause acne from what i've read? so is it too much?

No. 258104

I have to preface my question with these details:
>>been using paula's choice bha regularly every night for 1-2 years
>>worked amazing up until these last couple of months
>>ran out of paula's choice bha and decided to use a glycolic acid pad on my face one night because my skin looked sad and congested
>>glycolic acid made my skin brighter, clearer, and smoother than the bha has in the last couple of months
Okay now for the question: should I stop using the bha and switch to a glycolic acid toner instead? Should I slowly phase out the bha and introduce the glycolic acid? How can I go about this? I'm scared of giving up on the bha since it's been so helpful until recently. I just want clear, bright skin. Pls help nonas.

No. 258112

Emulsions (like Cetaphil or LRP Toleriane) or cleansing oils, no fragnance (and especially no essential oils). Also azelaic acid like the other anon said, preferably as 20% cream if you can get it. Some people are inexplicably sensitive to it but over the last decade it was the single product that actually made my skin look better no matter what.

No. 258119

Do you live in a dry, colder climate? Ironically hyaluronic acid can actually cause your skin to become dehydrated again (which can lead to breakouts) because it needs to absorb moisture from your dermis and the environment. In that case you can try applying the serum while your skin is still slightly damp and/or follow up with your moisturizer if you aren't already.

No. 258130

Why does my skin always look really good after I take a nap? I've incorporated it into my skincare routine to just take a nap in the middle of the day because of it but I'd love it if someonw could actually tell me why tf falling asleep makes my skin look clear and glowy

No. 258166

Sleeping boosts blood flow to the skin which gives it a glow. "Beauty sleep" is real

No. 258435

I am 28 and I want to go into skincare routine that’s actually serious.
I have an okay skin, sometimes I get hormonal acne but that’s about it.
I am a cappuccino-skinned latina (don’t know how else to describe my tone) and currently use a purifying soap+tonic+moisturiser with vitamin C and spf 30.
I’ve been reading about retinol, but I can’t afford retinol and a night moisturiser. It’s definitely out of my budget.
Am I still good for now? Should I just forget about it until I can get more stuff or are there changes I can make?

No. 258524

I just use an all purpose moisturizer for both day and night. Maybe you could use your moisturiser for both say and night?

No. 258819

File: 1650892641049.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1125x1567, AA71FBD4-67FC-41C2-BDCC-690319…)

How tf did this ugly fag become the ceo of skincare

No. 258822

The glass elevator: when a man is in a woman-dominated industry he's seen as instantly more skilled and talented, gets more opportunities, when he's usually mediocre. See also: Jeffree Star, James Charles.

No. 258826

This dude also had no actual credentials and his advice should be taken with a grain of salt to any scrolling Nonis.

No. 259436

File: 1651093274055.jpeg (48.37 KB, 1200x630, 21338605-75D5-43B6-971E-CE9C7A…)

This is so fucking good nonnies don’t sleep on it

No. 259438

Did he get kicked out of the LDS community or something? Wtf is this

No. 259451

seconding, this literally fixed my skin and i don't even have dry skin

No. 259465

Has anyone had experience with acne clearing up after using birth control? If so what kind? I've been thinking about going on BC and I'm not sure which option to go with

No. 259514

Does anyone have any recommendations for sunscreen that can be applied over makeup halfway through the day? I was thinking of doing a setting spray or a sunscreen stick, but wasn't sure how effective those would be.

No. 259559

Feel like I'm the only person for whom this didn't work. It did something - like the surface of my skin felt smooth but it didn't feel as hydrated as when I used any regular moisturizer

No. 259583

Don't feel bad, nona. It didn't work for me either.

No. 259599

Biore has some sprayable ones, or at least they did at some point. Also powder!

No. 259631

Zinc in it is kinda drying, it healed inflammation on me nicely but i couldn't use it longterm because of that. The gel version on the other hand did nothing for me.

No. 259637

I have Seborrheic dermatitis and I use a non-Rx shampoo for it. It helps with itching but I still get massive flakes on my head. I also get flakes in my eyebrows and the skin around my hairline and around my ears gets dry and flaky. I'm not sure if I should use a special lotion or if I need to see a derm to fix it.

No. 259765

How do you get sunscreen to stop getting in your eye and burning?? is sunscreen not supposed to be close to your eyes? And it's not that close to my eyes, when I first put it on it doesn't burn my eyes but I guess the sunscreen moves.

No. 259774

What are you using? You should really go to a derm and get a prescription shampoo if its that bad.

No. 259798

Sounds like a greasy formula to me. Try gel formulas or something specifically made for the face. You could also press it down with translucent powder around your eyes once it's absorbed a bit.

No. 260761

I switched from using a goat milk soap bar for washing my face to cetaphil and my face is purging or idk what it is? I have like 5 huge pimples I caved in and tried popping them all

No. 260770

You need to see a dermatologist. I've had the exact same issue for well over a decade and only recently went to a competent dermatologist (as opposed to some retard I saw as a teenager who told me to just not think about it and that it was all in my head lol) and all the stuff that work on me right now is only available with a doctor's note.

No. 260880

File: 1651561549260.png (977.4 KB, 1438x738, Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 08.03…)

It's not that sunny where I live (UK), so I never use sunscreen. I'm also south european so I don't burn unless I stay out in scorching hot sun. But, I do tan easy and have a rosy look before I tan (which shows there is some damage). Even if a light tan isn't that bad for me, darker skin doesn't suit me.

I'm not sunscreen obsessed and I don't want to be one of those weirdos that wear sunscreen when sitting next to a window on a winter day. I also don't like the damaging chemicals in sunscreen.

Does anyone have any sunscreen recs without harmful chemicals, ideally low spf? I found this image online but the amazon review for some of them are really bad.

No. 260882

File: 1651561814545.jpg (81.36 KB, 1000x1000, avene.jpg)

the la roche one didn't work at all for me, i thought it would help with my perioral dermatitis but i felt like it just clogged my pores idk. picrel however works amazing even for pd flareups

No. 260895

if you want mineral and low spf maybe you can try korean mineral sunscreens, they are knocked down for not being too effective compared to western mineral sunscreen, but if you specifically want low spf why not, they certainly will be nicer to wear.

No. 260924

>I don't want to be one of those weirdos that wear sunscreen when sitting next to a window on a winter day
Haha, yeah… you wouldn't want to be one of those weirdos like me

No. 261055

File: 1651612774768.jpg (18.74 KB, 225x500, lrp.jpg)

Anybody got experience with this face wash? (normal to oily T zone, some closed comedons/pimples)

No. 261098

What's the stuff that works for you? I'm in a similar situation but can't travel to see my derm so she can't be sure, off the shelf T-gel seems to work on me but it comes back. Do you know if sebderm can be cured?

No. 261105

nonnies do any of u know a solution for strawberry skin on the legs ? i have a bunch of little dots which i think are ingrown hairs and i'm not very fond of them

No. 261153

File: 1651654467216.jpg (12.76 KB, 352x291, uwuuwuw98939238w.JPG)

god what do you guys do about a fleabite on your face that simply wont heal for some reason. its been weeks and all i do is put anti itch cream on it and leave it alone. i didnt scratch it or anything but its still painfully red pic related

No. 261201

It could be infected. Is it warm to the touch?

No. 261218

Hi I'm the poster in >>257364, just wanted to give an update in case someone else is going through something similar. I stopped tret and started using Stridex (red box) again, and it looks like my forehead is clearing right up.

No. 261865

Anons who exfoliate, do you use both BHA and AHA? Or just one of them?

No. 261868

File: 1651905551183.jpg (85.81 KB, 567x404, Rodial-Super-Acids-Daily-Azela…)

has anyone else tried Rodial's skincare? what do you guys think? i typically don't buy luxury skincare but some of their products are just so fucking good.

(i was a little clowned on for spending so much $$ on it but genuinely some of their products are so good and i have a literal stock of almost 100 much more eonomical and theoretically just as effective products, including prescription azelaic acid, yet some of them are just not as good in terms of formulation and percentages, it feels, as rodial)

No. 261870

probably a dumb question but does the ordinary's glycolic acid toning solution work as an exfoliant? like, do i need an AHA/BHA exfoliant if i already use this?

No. 261887

Glycolic acid IS a (mild) AHA.

No. 261975

nope its mostly just red and swollen atm ive been putting theramycin on it and wait for it to heal

No. 261980

>Rodial - Super Acids Daily Azelaic Acid Serum
>Aqua (water), isoamyl laurate, propylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol denat., stearic acid, sucrose stearate , ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/ vp copolymer, azelaic acid, lactic acid, phenoxyethanol, sodium lactate, cetearyl alcohol, parfum (fragrance), limonene, geraniol, linalool, farnesol, behenyl alcohol, punica granatum (pomegranate) extract, sodium hydroxide, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate, disodium edta, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol, lactobacillus ferment lysate, hydrogenated castor oil, stearyl alcohol, protease, subtilisin, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, limonene, geraniol, linalool, farnesol

I'm sorry nonny, this looks horrible regardless of the price and I also tend to spend more on skincare than I should with my means.

No. 261998

it works for whatever reason though!! that's what i'm saying, for whatever reason, the %s of these ingredients are particular and works well for my skin whereas other stuff does not, for no other discernible reason than that maybe the formulation in terms of the percentages of each ingredient are better for my skin. i know luxury skincare is a meme, but it works, shockingly

No. 262073

So recently I noticed that a part of my face is darker/more tan, right in the place where I (irresponsibly) used benzoylperoxide for a while years ago when I was a dumb teen. So I think the skin has tanned/darkened there because benzoyl increases uv sensitivity. Now the question is: how do I get rid of it? It's been like 5 years since I last used benzoyl so it's not going away on it's own. Should I try scrubbing/exfoliating on a regular basis?

No. 263269

Dropping this here for the anons concerned about nasolabial folds/cheek droopage. I stumbled upon this vid and I like how it approaches these issues as a "structural" one rather than "superficial". It makes sense that if you could repeatedly work out a muscle to increase its size, why wouldn't the same apply to facial muscles? By exercising the zygomatic muscle, you're helping build it's muscle mass, creating fuller cheekbones while lifting your cheeks and reducing sag.

No. 263271

Also promise I'm not a shill but I just wanted to mention this lady also has other vids for hooded eyes and some other stuff. She seems very based.

No. 263276

I started using Bio Oil for stretchmarks I had and I started putting it in my face also for like dry neurodermitis-like patches I had and it actually helps and makes them fade way faster than other remedies. On the stretchmarks I might have to keep using it a bit longer.

No. 263284

I have Seborrheic dermatitis aswell and these things have helped me:
- ketoconazole shampoo everytime I wash my hair for few weeks If I get flareups and then once a week for maintenance
- salisylic scalp serum once a week. (I use system 4 scalp lotion)
- cortisone scalp treatment few times a week
I dont use these all at the same time. Rn using the salisylic scalp serum and I think its the best method anyway since it doesnt require RX where I live. All of these methods helps with itching and flaking.

No. 263420

I know this sounds totally schizo but my skin has aged significantly in just 2 years and I'm pretty sure it's from being stuck inside and using my phone too much. Blue light is shown to age you too so it makes sense. I was trying to look up ways to reduce blue light exposure and got a bunch of products thrown at me. I wonder if there's a mask you can use at home when you're browsing? Also saw that some sunscreens work too.
Any experiences or tips for this?

No. 263472

>Blue light is shown to age you too so it makes sense.
I thought that was proven rubbish after the Valkyrae and protective blue light skincare line debacle.

No. 263755

File: 1652499444051.jpeg (567.03 KB, 1211x1710, 378749D7-A49E-4C51-A456-341FBB…)

nonas can anyone figure out what's wrong with my skin? i cant tell if i just have normal texture or if i'm breaking out or my skins reacting to something i'm using.
right now i use https://www.amazon.com/KOSE-SOFTYMO-SPEEDY-FACE-CLEANSING/dp/B003ZX6Q9S as a face wash (usually once a day before bed, not sure if i should start using it in the morning as well?)
For moisturizer I use
https://www.amazon.com/Moisture-Lotion-Toner-Kikumasamune-Women/dp/B00ECQCVK0 once a night and then a small amount of the sake cream moisturizer by the same brand before bed.
in the mornings i usually just wash with hot water.
any advice? i just feel like my skins been looking really irritated

No. 263757

nona I wouldn't post such a full picture but it looks like oil under a light and normal filaments to me? what area is bothering you

No. 263780

Your skin is fine but the piercing looks like it's making your cartilage look sunken in(?) from this angle. You should go to an ENT and get it checked out. I've heard of nose piercings being badly for the noses structure.

No. 263781

Yes, it looks irritated to me.
Could be one of the products you're using, I personally dont ever use cosmetics or makeup so idk.
Also, check if you wash the pillow case often enough (it can cause breakouts if you don't) and what detergent are you using for the pillow case, those can also cause irritation.

No. 263790

no worries, it's been healed for a while and i take good care of it, i think the angle is weird >>263757
honestly, i just worry that it's too textured but i think i'm just brainwashed by society to think any texture on my face is bad. also hopefully the pic isn't revealing enough i may delete it hahaha

thanks nona i use hypoallergenic detergent but i could stand to change my pillowcase more often!!
thanks for advice everyone

No. 263911

Started on bc again, how do I prevent the random acne I get all the time? I use face wash and scrub my face but its not enough I still break out

No. 264029

Ayrt. How often you need to change the pillowcase depends on your hair too. I need to change mine very often because my hair gets greasy very quickly and it's not healthy to wash it every day. So that hair grease will transfer on my pillowcase which will transfer it to my face and it'll react badly.

No. 264078

So my mom asked me to help me to help her in her garden on a scorching hot day and I applied a Western sunscreen (SPF30) on my body and a Korean SPF50 on my face. My body is fine, but my face has fucking burned. Needless to say, never buying Korean sunscreens ever again, but is there something I can put on my face to make the skin heel faster?

No. 264081

I thought Korean/Asian sunscreens were superior to Western ones, that not true?

No. 264082

File: 1652628155697.png (256.38 KB, 360x360, EkolI4SXEAIe-eh.png)

Oof that sucks nonnie… I wonder if the spf is made for specific regions and that's why it didn't work well where you live? Though Koreans are obsessed with staying paler I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't made for full day sunlight use either. Try using something with aloe vera or some milky moisturizers until the skin peels off. And get a big sun hat for next time

No. 264083

They have lighter formulas and feature new chemical filters not used in US sunscreen (but which are also used in Europe), that's all. Indeed last year there was a huge scandal regarding korean sunscreen cause it turned out some manufacturers were taking approved formulas and thinning them out to get more marketable products without changing the SPF rating. For example Purito sunscreen turned out to be only SPF19 instead of 50.

No. 264164

I want to start using Vitamin C. I've heard that these ones are popular and I'm curious about the result from other anons. What Vit C serum do anons here use?
>paulas choice C15 Super Booster Full size 20 ml
>Maelove GLOW MAKER 1.0 fl oz
>Geek and gorgeous C-Glow Regular 30ml
>Timeless skin care- 20% VITAMIN C + E FERULIC ACID SERUM 30ML

No. 264185

you probably sweat on your face. Most japanese/korean sunscreens are not water resistant, that’s how they make them go clear on skin, that’s why you were supposed to be reapplying them like, a lot. Which is why they usually come in small tubes, you were supposed to carry them with you.

Get well soon nonnie, use aloe vera and hope it all works out

No. 264192

>Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum
>Lab Muffin vitamin c serum homemade recipe

I've been making the vitamin c serum for about 3 months now. I feel it works. I did like the Wishtrend one. I used it for a year. It's strong though.

No. 264201

Also was it broad spectrum? You want a sunscreen that protects against UVB and UVA. Some only protect against UVA

No. 264207

from what I understand, asian sunscreens are good for a short commute, european sunscreens are good for a hike or a long day at the beach.

No. 264253

>good for a short commute
So good for nothing then?

No. 265011

File: 1652973927253.jpg (71.95 KB, 580x968, 61RUOP8Yb7S._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

Used picrel last night and woke up with what I think is chemical burn on my eyelid. Top layer of skin is wrecked with lots of tiny dot wounds and it's secreting yellow fluid all day. I'm not worried about how to treat it or anything, but could this be an allergy? First time using a vit C product and first time having such a reacion to a product as a long time skincare user. I don't have any allergies otherwise.

No. 265455

File: 1653158235705.png (73.7 KB, 540x540, Serum2_540x.png)

is there a good dupe/similar product to picrel? unfortunately this brand is unavailable in my country and shipping from amazon is hella expensive.. i just love the niacinamide + calendula combo, both of those work very well on my skin

No. 265457

this sounds like an allergy for sure. I mean I started with a 10% one and never got a bad reaction

No. 265458

Thanks nona, it sure feels like it. Day 3 and skin around both eyes is quite swollen. Skin itself doing much better though. I do wonder which ingredient caused this, surely not vit c itself?

No. 265629

Have you tried the Dr Jart Tiger Grass Cream? That container reminds me of it. Not sure if it’s the same, it has niacinamide and centella leaf. It’s fantastic for redness in my experience. My friend normally has a lot of redness on her face (rosacea I think) and she loves it. Redness is not a big concern for me so I don’t personally use it regularly, but I did get a sample and it evened out my complexion a bit and felt very calming.

No. 265634

File: 1653252793346.jpg (93.74 KB, 1200x628, woman_using_deodorant-1200x628…)


and yes i've tried glycolic acid because i already use that Ordinary toner, but crystal sticks are honestly a lot better. sometimes the glycolic acid dries sort of sticky and if it's right after i've showered and shaved it stings a lot. i literally found my holy grail just by taking some random girl on a random reddit thread's advice and it wasn't even expensive i can't believe i went almost three decades of life never knowing about it. this is the euphoric equivalent to when i discovered period underwear and went fully tampon/ pad-free forever with ease. like it is life-changingggg

No. 265637

What can I do about uneven skintone and dark spots? I'm so close to just covering that shit up with foundation. I want to stay foundation free but lately I've been noticing how bad my skin has become again after recent acne breakouts and it's very demotivating.

No. 265640

Obviously daily UV protection.

Skincare ingredients:
Azelaic acid
Alpha arbutin
Vitamin C
A chemical exfoliator of your choice
Some form of retinol
Tranexamic acid

I have practically see through skin that freckles easily and using these ingredients (I mostly use inkey list and the ordinary because i'm cheap) I have seen a difference in my face and even on the back of my hand that I drop the serums onto before putting on my face, like can see the difference between my two hands in terms of how even the skin tone is and lack of freckles.

No. 265642

are you stupid? those are made out of nearly 100% aluminium. glad it's working for you though.

No. 265649

oh fuck i actually did not know that lol. aluminum-free wasn't my main selling point though because i'm not allergic to it or anything so i think i'm fine with it.

although idk the one i bought is labeled as not containing aluminum and my bf has been using it too and he's allergic to metals like nickel and usually aluminum deodorants, but he has liked it and not had a reaction so far. i guess i should tell him to be careful though (i'm assuming the fact that it says paraben-free but not aluminum-FREE means it's got another natural element with a different aluminum in it? idk i'm not a geologist we've established i'm stupid)

No. 265652

samefag i think it's got "potassium alum" or something along those lines which apparently is a lot better/ a natural alternative for people with aluminum sensitivities

No. 265725

File: 1653297713247.jpg (7.6 KB, 276x183, 8dnmglk38dhnk.jpg)

Glad it works for you nona. I used crystal deodorant for a while but I always found it inconsistent. I also found that I could not just re-apply it without taking a full shower first. Whenever I had a day where it just didn't work I had to go back to regular deodorant till the next day.
Later on I tried a natural deodorant in picrel, it burned my pits off. Back to roll-ons now.

No. 265799

File: 1653330110134.jpeg (Spoiler Image,252.34 KB, 1471x772, 66692D4B-86E5-4E62-834B-04FEDA…)

I feel like you can’t see it very well in this picture, but I have two red patches of skin on my cheeks that I can’t get rid of (on either side of my nose.) I stopped wearing foundation about 10 years ago and that helped some, they aren’t as red as they were, but sometimes they do seem to be worse than others. I use a skincare routine with a lot of moisturizer currently, though it really seems like nothing helps. I’ve never NOT had this on my face and it’s kind of disheartening now that I take skincare more seriously.

No. 265819

It may be that your skin it's just like this and nothing will help; it's how it is for example with couperose skin type. If you're into skincare I'm sure you know that vitamin C, azelaic and lactobionic acid help in these cases but it's possible nothing will ever make it fully go away. I have few red spots on my face ever since I remember, consulted many dermatologists, had a laser treatment and it only got a little bit tamer, so I've made my peace with the fact I'll never have a perfect skin without some coverage.

No. 265959

could it be a mild form of perioral dermatitis? does your skin get dry and flaky where it's red? for me it's triggered by sulfates (sls) and petroleum (lots of moisturizers have petroleum to lock in the moisture, including the cerave ones) and that really freaks my skin out. there are a bunch of other stuff that can trigger it too, maybe look through your ingredients and try eliminating the bad ones?

No. 265967

I've been using topic salicic acid (1%) and honestly I don't see a lot of difference, hell, I don't even feel it doing something to my face

No. 265985

hello anons
i came here looking for some insight on some brands and stuff as i’m a complete n00b when it comes to skincare
i went digging around in the previous threads that i could find on the brands i’m interested in but didn’t really find much…

does anybody have experience with tonymoly, skinfood, etude house and starface? would you mind telling me your thoughts?

i’m interested in tonymoly’s tako line because i have bad blackheads as well as the i’m rice cleanser and mask and lastly their wonder toner
with etude house i’m curious about their wonder pore i remember hearing about it years ago but i don’t know how well it holds up now
as for skinfood i’m trying to see if anything of theirs is good/better alternatives to tonymoly i hear their egg white pore mask (which i’m interested in) is good but nothing else i would like to know if their emulsions or toners are better than etude house or tonymoly as well as if it’s worth getting their peach finishing powder

lastly with starface i’m just interested in the hydrostars with salicylic acid as i hear that’s pretty good at getting rid of a mean pimple which i get every now and then i’m also interested in their body cleanser because embarrassingly enough i have back acne

thanks to anyone who reads this especially if you gave feedback after!

No. 266049

What do I do about scabs and patches of rash-like skin on my legs that don't seem to naturally budge? They've been there for literal months and don't seem to heal.

No. 266140

anyone else try led light therapy? i bought this really cheap mask from shien (video related) idk if it will do anything compared to like the more expensive kinds of masks but i'm currenlty gonna try using it for like 10 mins here and there for my hair and my skin. ( i have hair loss, yipee)

No. 266149

File: 1653459596651.jpg (27.54 KB, 800x800, johnsons.jpg)

I know nothing about skincare but ive been recommended to use baby powder for bacne. Is there something better cause I dont think its working?

No. 266151

You'd probably have more luck with such specific questions by searching brands/products on /r/asianbeauty

No. 266166

I've gone through multiple tubes and bottles of various acids and none had any effect on my skin. Same with years of using niacinamide and only products that target oily skin and nothing has had any impact on my oil overproduction. I've given up and opted to save money, only using a facewash and a simple moisturiser.

No. 266182

i've heard glycolid acid is good for bacne, but idk if it's true

No. 266189

idk if this is a thing, i was worried it would make my acne worse if it was too many chemicals on my skin but my body acne got alot better after doing my laundry with dettol

No. 266252

thank you so much anon!

No. 266273

Didn't this brand get recalled for causing cancer

No. 266279

does anyone know a way of getting rid of natural dark circles/hyperpigmentation on the eye bags and eyelids? help pls

No. 266281

ooh I'll look into it thanks!
Like anti bacterial wash? That makes sense I think someone suggested anti bacterial soap before too. Thanks!
Damn I had no clue. Its still sold here though

No. 266283

First double check if its hyperpigmentation or something else. If you can see veins around your eyelids, its just thin skin and retinol can potentially help.

No. 266287

It's not the brand itself, it's that the main ingredient in most baby powder, talcum, was found to potentially cause cancer. But apparently it's overblown

No. 266302

Have many of you been on accutane? If so I have some questions:
>How old were you when you went on it?
>How long were you on it for?
>How many mgs were you on?
>what was the overall experience like of being on it?
>Was it worth it?

I'm going to be starting it soon after an appointment with my derm. My acne isn't bad but it just has not gone away for nearly 2 years. I'm in my mid 20's and I didn't really have bad acne as a teenager. He said it was hormonal, and it's pretty much exclusively around my jaw and chin. He's also starting me on a low dose given I have a long history of dermatitis and he wants to monitor how that responds to the meds. I'm a bit hesitant for that reason, and also because I've read some anecdotes from people with mild acne like me who came out of the experience a lot worse. Thank you!

No. 266305

>How old were you when you went on it?
Early 20s (30s now so I don't remember timing too well)
>How long were you on it for?
2 rounds so idk a year or two?
>How many mgs were you on?
Sorry sis can't remember
>what was the overall experience like of being on it?
It's harsh and inconvenient but it works, it's hardcore shit. The dry skin wasn't great but has some unexpected benefits (I barely had to wash my hair because there was no oil on my scalp). It was bizarre to go from constant cystic acne to having bulletproof skin that couldn't grow a pimple even if you wanted it to. Like, I could sleep in makeup or use shitty products or use no products at all and it made no difference. That really convinced me that yes, it's medical issue that should be cured with medicine, it's not my hygiene or my pillow or skincare or diet or whatever people think.
>Was it worth it?
100% worth it, best thing I've done for my appearance and confidence. My only regret is not doing it sooner. But to be fair, your acne sounds mild and mine was quite bad so the difference was more dramatic for me, and the side effects may be less worth it for you - the worst side effect I had was a couple of premature lines in my forehead because it was so dry for a long time.

No. 266333

>How old were you when you went on it?
first at 16, 2nd round at 18
>How long were you on it for?
around 2+ years i believe
>How many mgs were you on?
20 mg twice a day i believe
>what was the overall experience like of being on it?
honestly i haven't experienced any side effects other than dryness. and i absolutely loved that my skin went from extremely oily to dry as hell while i was on accutane, i basically didn't even have to wash my hair like ever. however i did have some pretty bad dry patches with flaky skin, especially the corners of my mouth and lips looked terrible. get some super moisturizing lip balm and moisturizer once you're on it
>Was it worth it?
well.. not sure. i was told that it's normal if the acne comes back after the 1st round, but i still have acne to this day (i'm 26 now). granted i stopped getting cystic acne, now i mostly have inflamed breakouts here and there. unfortunately genetic acne cannot really be fixed, you would have to rigorously take care of your skin pretty much forever to keep it under control. obviously everyone will have different outcomes based on overall health, type of acne and genes
my sister is currently on antibiotics for acne so i'm very curious whether that approach works better and more long-term than accutane when it comes to my type of acne

No. 266382

Does anyone have tips on lightening/bleaching skin?

No. 266419

If anyone else has had issues with constant hormonal breakouts that wouldn’t stop even if your skin is relatively clear normally i would highly recommend looking into fixing your hormonal imbalance with supplements. definitely do your research and take precautions, but for me, just taking a combo of DIM with Calcium D-glucarate was a miracle. it completely cleared it up within a few weeks, i only had it on my chin/ right cheek area (which is how i knew it was a hormone imbalance and not frictional, i sleep on either my back or my left side and touch my left side to my hand way more so if anything i should be breaking out on that side) and now half a year later i get a pimple maaaybe once every two months if at all, usually during my period. also i’ve noticed balancing whatever was unbalanced with my hormones fixed other factors with me, like less fatigue, less cravings, period is not as bad, hair sheds a lot less. can’t wait to see how nice i can get my skin to be as soon as i stop being so lazy with my retinol regimen and start dermarolling and drinking green juice again

No. 266433

Do you have PCOS or something like that?

No. 266541

no, I don't have any of the PCOS symptoms. If anything I'd guess something more like PMDD but my periods aren't severe enough to where I'd suspect a disorder. I've had pretty clear skin my whole life too and that recent breakout pattern was more indicative of some kind of hormonal imbalance, but it being immediately cleared up with DIM leads me to believe it wasn't anything major

No. 266974

Could someone recommend me a lip balm, or lip product to replace lip balm? I've tried to stop using it (for months) and had horribly chapped lips all that time, to the point where it actually hurt. Lip balm is the only thing that works but I have to apply it 24/7 because all of them are just made to dry out your lips. If anyone has a (preferably natural) alternative, or a lip balm that actually works please let me know.

No. 266978

I just use my facial moisturizer, works for me

No. 267000

Blistex works well ime.

No. 267005

Pure lanolin helps me the most, sometimes marketed as nipple balm.

No. 267025

Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm. Put it on at night and it should keep your lips hydrated for most of the day. Check Amazon reviews, it's legit. Only thing that worked for me after trying a million different products. Otherwise as >>267005 says lanolin by itself is decent but Qtica has it as 1st ingredient and I found their formula more effective.

No. 267032

It worked well for me too but I got lazy because it took so much time to apply and dry.
I switched to spray-on deodorants and have been liking it so far. If you find yourself slacking, consider spray-on in the future.

No. 267041

Take your meds, anon…

No. 267079

File: 1653927796816.jpg (55.37 KB, 600x400, uvmune.jpg)

Ordered picrel. Is this really the secret of anti aging?
Lmao amerifags are stuck with their shitty zinc oxide sunscreens. They deserve premature aging anyway.

No. 267080

What's the difference between this and zinc oxide sunscreens? Don't non-zinc oxide sunscreens contain carcinogens?

No. 267081

I bought this a while ago. The texture is really nice and it's easy to apply, but it made my skin have a yellow tint. It's not too bad with one layer, but after re-applying a few times in a day when i came home my face looked way too yellow. I don't know if this partly because im very pale or is the formula just like that. It's a shame, otherwise i really like it.

No. 267130

i swear by aquaphor, i live in a really dry desert climate so i use it as a facial occlusive at night and then have a small tube of it for my lips throughout the day. also have a tin of vaseline with aloe for lips that works too. idk something about regular chapsticks/ lip balms always just make my lips worse and more chapped

for minor sperging about a new holy grail product over a week ago? i'm doing fine lol there are vastly more unhinged anons to worry about on this site

No. 267132

File: 1653943740286.jpg (95.53 KB, 890x453, filters.jpg)

Zinc oxide is fine, but US filters are very old school thus US sunscreens are generally worse than european or asian sunscreens.

Mexoryl 400 is the first sun filter to protect skin effectively against ultra-long UVA rays. Ultra-long UVA rays, which measure between 380 and 400 nm, penetrate the epidermis and are the among the primary causes of skin aging.
The only sunscreen in the world that contains Mexoryl 400 is: La Roche Posay Anthelios UVMune 400 SPF50+

No. 267273

Could you please update us on the texture when you receive it? Apparently it's changed to be very runny and yellow-tinted.

No. 267312

File: 1654017361550.jpeg (143.48 KB, 828x895, 119F0060-B0EA-4622-BC5D-634866…)

Should i trust the kylie jenner skincare? I got her foaming wash in a skincare bundle, and i dont know how to feel about it.

No. 267318

I think elf’s cbd lip balm or nyx cannabis lip conditioner are my favorites… efen if they are “weed” themed.
Also. I hope you to light exfoliation on your lips every other week, i notice that helps too. (A simple sugar scrub works for me)

No. 267320

Aquaphor or Dr Haushka lip balm if you don't want petroleum products

No. 267336

I don’t see the point in these celebrity skincare brands, none of them seem particularly revolutionary and the skincare market is already very saturated. Just seems like a moneygrab. The products themselves are probably fine and all, but you can already get the same stuff from other, more established brands rather than paying for some celebrity brand.

No. 267349

Yea, thats what I figured. It was part of a bigger bundle of skincare items I actually wanted. Im going to give it a friend a
who loves all the kardashian shit.
I only buy new products in bundle deals, and it always ends up being a steal. Its my little treat that cost me at most about 100/ year.

No. 267378

Nonas how do you get rid of hyperpigmentation scars on your body. Ive been cursed by having bacne and general scars that wont fade. I heard kojic acid soap helps(?) and i might need some second opinions on this

No. 267739

Poster from >>261218 again for Update Nobody Asked For #2. Turns out my skin is not clearing up. The texture does look better but I'm still getting pimples. It's seriously getting to me. My skin has also gotten super sensitive; almost all products make me itchy around the mouth/chin area now. I don't know what to do, but I will try changing my diet. I've been eating a lot of cheese this year and I know it's an acne trigger for some. I like it so much though, ugh.

No. 267763

Good luck anon! I'm working on my diet and I'm sad to share that I'm one of these people for whom limiting dairy helped a lot, and I miss consuming unreasonable amounts of cheese but that's what's best… but fingers crossed it will turn out that's not the thing for you.

No. 267779

I got this shit too and got a prescription for spironolactone and it cleared right up.

No. 268022

nta but I use this and it is a very runny liquid, no yellow tint

No. 268036

Tyvm nona, might buy this and upgrade my 2019 sunscreen which is probably expired, oops

No. 268080

How long does one have to be outside to get attacked by these ultra-long UVA rays?

No. 268082

Gee I love when people hate me based on where I was born, that's always fun to read when I'm just trying to get some skincare tips

No. 269175

File: 1654773113765.jpg (238.89 KB, 1323x1321, wp-163018003564545096348842213…)

Yesss this was my go-to sunscreen until I couldn't find it on sale anymore, I switched to the Garnier one and I found them to be super similar (both brands are owned my the same parent company, L'oreal) but the Garnier sunscreen is a bit more matte. I'm really happy we're fortunate enough to have amazing and accessible sunscreens and skincare, I don't know where I would be without french pharmacy brands, they're really a godsend. I want to recommend this sunscreen to anyone that has dry or combination skin (I'm not sure how it works on oily).

No. 269219

Is sunscreen really that important if you barely even go outside anyway? I have a tinted moisturizer that has a little spf in it, shouldn’t that be enough just for going out maybe 20 minutes at a time?

No. 269267

do you guys think this is legit? has anyone here done it? I want to try it.

No. 269272

I think at that point you might have to be more worried if you're getting enough vitamin d… unless you have the windows open I guess

No. 269283

It really depends on your skin tone and the intensity of the UV.
I'm super pale (Fitzpatrick 1) and my freckles darken if I spend even 20 minutes in strong direct sunlight so I know I'm getting sun damage.

No. 269292

I do take vitamins and go for walks occasionally

No. 271173

I got sick for a week and stopped using any form of skincare, and surprise surprise my shit cleared right up. I still get occasional pimples, but every time I try to use actives like acids it gets so much worse. I'm just going to stop fucking around with products and only use the occasional spot treatment or sunscreen when I have to be outside.

No. 271235

I'm about to turn 25 and my skin has gone to shit. I have the worst hormonal acne, I don't think anyone would believe that from 0-17 I had clear skin that my schoolmates envied. Then I got hormonal acne, went on birth control and started using tretinoin and my skin was clear up until less than 6 months ago. I stopped using birth control because it sucked and my skin stayed relatively clear for 4 or so years after I stopped. I really don't want to go on it ever again.
Has anyone else experienced bullshit like this? Is it possible that I've suddenly become sensitive to some/one product? I've been using BHA and tretinoin (0.05%) once to twice a week. And yes I don't use them on the same night, and was giving my skin a break from all actives in between. This is so frustrating.

No. 271238

It's not at all unlikely that your skin became more sensitive with age. Have you tried stopping using either BHA or trentoin or even both altogether? And focusing on more moisturizing

No. 271411

File: 1655852855018.jpg (121.19 KB, 736x736, fd72ff94a61bbef0e5a1a12ce32ccd…)

I love doing facial masks and scrubs, my absolute favorite being the rice flour one I just love rice and how it smells, which is great for softening spots or redness.
I just got orange peel powder and tumeric, and I wonder if anyone else here have tried making masks with those? Not necessarily together. Pinterest has a lot of recipes, but I don't know if I can trust them. I for example don't enjoy putting honey on my face, and I wonder if some drops of lemon juice would be harmful, specially considering I already have the orange peel powder.
Thanks in advance!

No. 271421

I’m a redhead and went into the derm for my first skin cancer check. I ended up getting seen by a PA and she saw me for all of 5 minutes. She very halfheartedly checked my scalp, back and legs. I have a mole on my arm that appeared a few years ago but within the last few months has DRASTICALLY changed it’s shape and the border has gotten significantly larger. She took a look at it and told me she isn’t concerned about it because I don’t have a family history of skin cancer. At this point I started feeling a little crazy and I had to ask her to biopsy it. She seemed annoyed but she did biopsy it. I pointed out 5 newer moles that have appeared within the last few years but she didn’t biopsy them and I didn’t want to annoy her. She told me she wasn’t concerned about any of them but didn’t explain why. I even asked her why she wasn’t concerned about one that was on the back of my calf and she said it didn’t concern her because “it’s probably just a sun spot”. I told her that I get severely sunburned just about every summer and she also brushed that off. I told her I was scared that I have more of a risk of getting skin cancer since I’m a red head and she told me “yeah that’s what people say, but it could be a myth. I’m not sure if that’s actually true. It just seems like one of those things people say as if it’s fact.”
I really wish I advocated for myself and asked to be seen by a MD. This PA seemed like she didn’t give a single fuck about any of my skin problems. I’m hoping the one mole she did biopsy doesn’t come back as skin cancer that’s for sure. Has anyone else had experiences like this when being seen by a derm PA?

No. 272158

I just want to rant about what annoying bullshit "purging" is when you have sensitive skin. I am trying to add mandelic acid to my routine because it's supposed to be the gentlest exfoliant out there, and I went from clear skin to like 5 big, angry zits now. I hate that I have to potentially deal with months of hyperpigmentation- and PIE-causing acne before I know if a product hurts or helps me.

No. 272287

Nonas what do you use for a mid-day 'refresh' of your face? I'm very oily and simply cannot go from morning to night without cleaning up my face somehow, and blotting papers only do so much. I always feel a buildup of sebum/oils by afternoon, and I used to use a toner on my face, but it would weirdly make me feel just as oily immediately after. Same with face wipes, they leave the skin feeling weird and I prefer to avoid them due to waste.

No. 273482

i need some help. i got a prescription azelaic acid (20%) to help with my post acne hyperpigmentation but after 2 days of use i think i started purging? i'm not sure what it is, i got a ton of white heads on my cheeks, around the area i most often get irritated. idk what to do.. it's really disheartening after i finally got rid of acne

No. 273483

it's a scientific fact that they don't

No. 273563

Retinol works, though.

No. 273596

that's not true. topical collagen doesn't work, collagen supplements work

No. 273598

Sounds like purging since it's in your usual acne prone areas (because it is, right? Im not sure if i'm not misunderstanding), just stick to it for now, hopefully it calms down soon

No. 273776

File: 1657114689879.png (303.83 KB, 620x636, skincare scam.png)

you're so close to getting it sweeite

'skincare' products (excluding medical prescriptions) are the biggest scam going, why do you think men have better skin. jesus christ

No. 273845

My skin has always been really good but I finally caved and started a "proper" skincare routine in order to maintain it as I'm 25.

I only use a cerave cleanser, sunscreen and then a skin tint + setting spray. And slugging with vaseline at night.

And suddenly my faint smile lines have gone away. Every fine line I had has gone away. I barely had any, but it's like my face is brand new baby smooth. Has a simple cleanser and sunscreen really done this?

No. 273846

Collagen supplements don’t work either

No. 273847

except they don't. men have basketball like texture skin and wrinkles deeper than a canyon after by their mid 20s

No. 273852

they don't. are you willingly ignoring the loads of boys/young men with untreated acne and mid-late twenties with leather for skin.

No. 273855

Where are all these moids with good skin you speak of?

No. 273858

This is so true. I'm an oversentistive autist and I always had problems with applying literally anything on my skin, so zero make up, zero creams/serums/oils whatever, I only washed my face with water every morning and evening and sometimes used pure aloe vera gel and that's it, and my skin has always been nice, as long as I didn't have too much dairy and sugar in my diet. Then I had this short phase when I wanted to be more girly and like other girls and I got a bunch of shit for skin care and I quickly noticed that the more shit I applied on my skin the worse it started to look, even though I followed the perfect skin care routine kek.

No. 273862

autists and being NLOGs, name a more iconic pair

No. 273864

how am I being a NLOG, show me the part

No. 273865

What was your routine? Sounds like you just introduced too much at once. Only use what you need. Most of the time that’s just a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.

No. 273866

except most cleansers ruin your skin's PH if you use them every day and you moisturize your skin from the inside, mostly. I agree abt the sunscreen though

No. 273870

The only reason men have "better skin" than women is because they shave. And shaving exfoliates the skin, aside from getting rid of hair.

No. 273874

Nta but I know a girl who literally is allergic to most types of makeup, it makes her break out. It’s not always a smug NLOG thing, don’t be cunty.

No. 273878

I don't mean to attack you but I genuinely don't understand, does a girl have to be allergic to make up in order not to wear it and openly talk about it or otherwise she's a nlog? Women brag about wearing make up all the time, why is the opposite not ok? I don't look down on women who wear make up, but they often make me angry because they can't acknowledge how their behavior influences the next generation of young girls who condition their skin to some bullshit they don't even need, all for the profit of, mostly, men owning multi billion dollar companies. Not to mention how many make up products contain mica which is a mineral often extracted with the help of child labor in third world countries. Sure there's "no ethical consumption under capitalism", but there are things you literally need like food and clothes, and things you don't need, like make up, and I don't see what's so extreme about minimalizing the harm

No. 273887

No you’re absolutely right that she shouldn’t have to have a reason like being allergic, but a lot of women on this board take immediate offense to another woman talking about not wearing makeup or using much skincare, and call her an NLOG. As if other people’s choices are a personal attack on them.

No. 273891

Considering they post pickme shit like >>273776 can you really blame anons for being suspicious?

No. 273896

Speaking of allergy sperging, that girl 100% had allergies, probbaly food, and the acne is inflammation. Diet having nothing to do with acne is such a bullshit scam to sell topical products that dont work or meds that ruins your health, most acne is caused by allergies and intolerances. Especially diary allergy and celiac disease.

No. 273912

Most women exfoliate and most men have awful skin

No. 273928

A lot of cakey foundation can make anyone’s skin texture look unappealing and honestly most guys have pretty dry wrinkled skin since they don’t tend to moisturize or wear spf. But yes most skincare is scammy and preys on stupid insecurity or trends. IMO all you need is a sunscreen, basic moisturizer, and face wash. Whenever I use anything else even if it’s universally liked it fucks my skin up and I hate it.

No. 273944

uhh no they don't. i've seen a lot of women posting here that they don't wear makeup and no one seems to have an issue with it. just saying "i don't like to wear makeup, it makes me feel uncomfortable" =/= lying about the state of men's skin to be a scrotal hypeman

No. 273965

>i've seen a lot of women posting here that they don't wear makeup and no one seems to have an issue with it.
NTA but on /ot/ it usually resulted in infighting.

No. 274006

There were anons shitting on women for not wearing makeup and being nonfeminine in MTF on snow too. There’s definitely some anons who get very offended by women not slathering themselves in face paint.

No. 274065

File: 1657253853792.jpg (22.77 KB, 480x480, WhatsAppImage2022-05-24at6.06.…)

Has any other Europoor tried this? I got really happy when I saw it, Balea usually has great products for ridiculously good prices

No. 274078

File: 1657261197507.jpeg (189.31 KB, 1125x723, A8BCB424-B6C1-4A77-9D57-A85D15…)

I want to get an umbrella/parasol for when I’m out for long periods of time on super sunny days, do you think a cheap one would be fine or should I invest in a dedicated UV-blocking umbrella?

No. 274080

Very interested in the replies on this. I always just use a regular rain umbrella, if there's a better option I'd like to know about it

No. 274092

Can you somehow thicken skin?

No. 274115

No but I heared good things about it so far

No. 274142


No. 274508

This is so stupid. I used my epilator on my bikini line yesterday instead of shaving it and it burned like hell (I usually only use my epilator on my legs and never have problems). This morning I woke up with several thin, long line-shaped scabs on my bikini line and extremely red, irritated skin, like in the fold between crotch and leg/thigh if that makes sense? I'm going to the beach next weekend and it shows in my bathing suit so I really need the scabs and redness to be gone by then. What can I do to make it heal asap?

No. 274549

Have you tried using a cold compress? You might also want to try the la roche posay cicaplast baum (it all but completely erased the red itchy patches on the inside of my elbow; I do have to say that it broke me out on my face so you might want to be cautious).

No. 274555

You can use a healing ointment, i reccomend “country salve” with the goldenseal and myrrh. I use it for many things, but its awesome for the bikini area. Also a good salve for burns etc. dont pick at it nonna, and try not to wear any fabrics that would rub farther

No. 274560

File: 1657489028282.jpeg (636.5 KB, 1079x1232, BE547C78-CA5C-4986-8E16-7D6FD8…)

Any nonnys here have perioral dermatitis? And what’s worked for you? Started getting it a few months ago and got prescribed antibiotic cream but the issue is it clears up but then not even a week later it flares up again. Cut out vitamin c in skincare, chemical spf, sulphates and makeup. Switched to just using cetaphil cleanser which I only use once a day and a light moisturiser. Next step is probably oral antibiotics but is there anything else I can try just to expand the time between flare ups?

No. 274566

late af but the lines are still there; your skin is just hydrated which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

No. 274599

>started a skincare routine at 25
you're ngmi

No. 274601

Don’t be such a doomer nonny, as long as you don’t have significant skin damage by that age you should be fine.

No. 274609

it's just funny when people say didn't need a routine until they turned 25 because they "have good skin". well yeah that's called being under 25.

No. 274618

People who put so much importance on a skincare routine are fools who'd rather attempt to buy themselves into good skin instead of putting in actual hard work through consistent excersise and a healthy diet.

If you lead a genuinely healthy lifestyle and use sunscreen you're good.

No. 274621

There are some specific fixes that can be made through topical products but it really does boil down to this.

No. 274627

it's ideal to have both. why do you think people can't have a routine AND eat healthily/exercise? on the other hand, almost every "i don't need skincare because i just have good skin and live well lol" person i have encountered has VASTLY overstated how supposedly good their skin is

No. 274640

NTA, I know some people who have perfect skin and do close to literal nothing but there's plenty of people who are just not so genetically blessed, doesn't mean they're not trying hard enough

No. 274743

Yah I figured, I hope it lasts though.

I never needed it, I still probably don’t but I want to age well so I started now

Oh I’m a health and fitness freak to the point where it’s obnoxious and that’s probably what’s carried me this far

No. 274748

File: 1657585513184.jpeg (125.98 KB, 1500x1500, 6CE160E3-85F5-4B66-8CEE-D50632…)

can the famous nivea cream break you out if you use it on your face? it has such a heavy consistency compared to all these moisturisers you typically buy, i'm worried about it clogging my pores, even though women have been using it since the 1910s…

No. 274750

I remember a friend using this all over but she had the driest face and pimples so idk, test it out some on the underside of your jaw or something?

No. 274767

I used to! I switched to fluoride-free toothpaste, this was number one for me. Theodent or Apagard Premio are just as good as fluoride and Toms of Maine flouride-free is a good cheaper option. Cetaphil cleanser was still too harsh for me during a flare up; I used angels on bare skin from Lush and/or Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser. Barrier repair products helped IMO; Dermalogica’s ultracalming barrier repair and Krave great barrier relief serum worked well. Cetaphil is a good moisturizer. If it’s really bad, don’t use anything on it. Let it calm down and start introducing things back slowly. Don’t use ACV like the Internet recommends. Metronidazole helps with the redness but doesn’t actually make it go away so I wouldn’t bother if they give you that. I would also recommend very strictly avoiding any topical or nasal steroids, so they don’t accidentally transfer to your face.

I also think Cica products might work well, but that whole trend blew up after my perioral dermatitis was under control so idk. I would probably go with Dr. Jart if you did try it, because I’ve definitely gotten some shady Korean cica products before.

No. 274825

Good moisturizers for bonedry skin?

No. 274827

This shit >>274748
I love putting it all over my face like a mask

No. 274830

it doesn't feel gross? how do people deal with moisturizers? i do it but i am wincing all of the time. having anything on my face is agonizing

No. 274854


i had it, but I've mostly gotten rid of it. what i did was stop doing anything to the area for about a month, and only let water touch it. this is pretty rough in the beginning but you can reintroduce light products after a while. i started using sulfur soap on it which was very helpful as well, before reintroducing the rest of my routine (tretinoin) i also switched toothpaste to get a sls free one (ingredient that foams). good luck

No. 274890

File: 1657654115782.png (556.19 KB, 499x497, 1600869874302.png)

I am desperate. I stopped wearing foundation as the pandemic hit and while my skin is clear, I have the shittiest texture and redness. I use hyaluronic acid serum, mossa moisturizers, use a face washing gel and the occasional sheet mask and chemical peel mitt, spf 50 of course.
Is there something I could use daily that would smoothen me out a bit without being an actual foundation or a cc cream, I am kinda thinking some gel, lotion, cream idk. I know my pores just are big, they have been bigger but I have also hollowed out a lot during the pandemic so I just look so tired and shit rn, and foundation also looks and feels nasty, but I understand that texture is just something I have, no primer or gel will take it away fully, buuuuuut yeah. Thank you to anynonny who got through this word vomit!

No. 274952

whenever i had anything more than 2 or 3 steps in my skincare, it would either break me out to shit or leave me with weird texture… or both. now i just cleanse every day with micellar water and a round (i don't even use cleanse wash) or double cleanse with a makeup remover wash if i'm wearing makeup that day, then tone with a round, and last moisturiser. before i put on makeup i just put on my moisturiser and then a good amount of face primer around my t zone mostly. doing this actually makes my foundation look the way it's supposed to, ie look like it's my skin.

No. 275009

File: 1657710840136.png (1.72 MB, 1844x1762, tigergrass.PNG)

I don't know what can help with texture but green-tinted creams can help a lot with redness. I see picrel recommended everywhere for that, but I'm using Avène Antirougeurs SPF which is just slightly greenish but it's enough as prep before BB cream; so you can look into things like that, maybe it will help.

No. 275029

I'm not gonna start using foundation again but I could just get a pore filling primer to try on its own now that I think of it, thanks nona
oh shit I've seen this one before but totally forgot what it was called thanks! I don't have that much redness, mostly on my cheeks sometimes but wouldn't hurt to try this one, thank you!

No. 275036

what can i do about fine lines? i have a prominent forehead wrinkle and idk what to do about it. i moisturize daily and use aha twice a week

No. 275043

dermapen/dermaroll? alternatively, laser. tretinoin if you already haven't tried it, etc

No. 275057

File: 1657735502615.jpg (40.17 KB, 800x800, -the-ordinary-retinol-02-in-sq…)

I know that The Ordinary's 0.2% retinoid in squaline degrades way too fast and is practically useless after 3 months, but is it a decent way to introduce your skin to retinoids cheaply? I'm thinking about applying it every 5 days and use an exfoliant the day before I apply the retinol (I exfoliate twice a week using the bioderma sebium cleanser)
Here's what I was thinking of:
>1st step: Apply moisturiser, then apply 1 drop of the retinoid on my forehead, then apply another layer of moisturiser
>2nd step: Apply moisturiser, then apply 2 drops of the retinoid to the whole of my face , then apply another layer of moisturiser
>3rd step: Apply 1 drop of the retinoid to my whole face with dry skin, then apply a layer of moisturiser
I'm planning to do this over the course of 6 weeks

No. 275058

I haven't used the ordinary's retinol but I wouldn't recommend using any exfoliant while your skin adjusts to the retinol.

No. 275060

I used Ursa Major Golden Hour cream when I started retinol. Oil cleanser at night, just rinsed my face in cool water in the morning, used rose hip oil when my skin felt extra dry. I was using prescription retinol, but I was really happy with my routine and felt that it worked well to keep my skin calm during adjustment. Best of luck to you!

No. 275065

update: got a primer and this shit blurring!! gonna order the dr. jart thing later, I am so pleased haha

No. 275070

That's great! What primer did you choose?

No. 275076

Retinol and microcurrent

No. 275084

Angel veil by nyx actually, feels and looks pretty good

No. 275150

File: 1657764223914.png (481.64 KB, 778x463, dr jart.PNG)

i saw some of you talking about the dr jart green cream and i bought this rescue kit (it has the cream) while it was on clearance. what if any of the products within are good, if you guys have used the dr. jart cica tiger grass red reducing line?

No. 275178

i got a sample of their fucking $100 exfoliating cream and it was really good shit and i was pissed that i liked it. didnt buy the tube though, im not paying $100 for sand

No. 275179

So I went out, bought it and tried it and unexpectedly it worked? I say unexpectedly because it doesn't contain any actives, only emollients and occlusives so I didn't think it'd do anything but my skin feels soft

No. 275357

Has anyone had experiences with isotretinoin? I already saw five different dermatologists to get medication because I suffer from hormonal acne and they all refused to prescribe me acne medication because I'm not on hormonal birth control. I personally find this to be extremely discriminatory and am so angry about it. I guess me suffering from painful acne isn't as important as a non existential fetus. I am not dating any men and stopped taking hormonal birth control pills three years ago because they caused me severe depression and weight gain (I have tried several different pills). I don't know what to do anymore. Skin care doesn't really do much because the acne starts below the skin and huge painful bumps keep forming that stay there for weeks. My cheeks and chin are already scarred. Idk what to do anymore.

No. 275362

I got the cream as per anon's recommendation, just a small jar but I will definitely come do a little review! That set looks so nice, hope it works out for you

No. 275364

Looking forward your review nonna! I'm considering it myself

No. 275372

File: 1657885582270.jpg (78.47 KB, 1024x459, enlarged-pores-tips-1200px-wid…)

Wtf do I do to HUGE pores? Is it true you can't shrink them after they have enlargened? My forehead is the worst, since as a kid I never washed my hair and my greasy bangs were on my forehead 247 enlarging the pores to the size they are now. Those and my cheek pores have even gone bigger as I age

No. 275381

i've been on isotretinoin twice and it was definitely worth it, i finished my last course about 5 years ago and my skin has been nearly perfect since. i went from painful, deep acne to not having any zits, ever. for me the only side effect was that my scalp basically stopped producing oil so i didn't have to wash my hair at all kek. i was on a pretty low dose though, which might also be the reason i had to go for another round after my first one.

i have never been on hormonal birth control and it was an issue for the first doctor i saw. however, i went to a private doc which was more expensive but she totally understood me and didn't force me to go on the pill. she did write me a prescription for them (i guess just to follow the correct protocol) but that's it. i would suggest you see another doctor but if that also doesn't work, you could just get the prescription for the pill but never actually take them.

No. 275430

Does anyone have any product recommendations for dry, sensitive, acne prone skin? I've cleared up alot of my acne with just vanicream and benzoyl peroxide but I still get a couple spots, closed comedomes and scarring. Differin just gave me a lot of scarring but I haven't tried much else

I think some of it is hormonal too, anyone have tips for that besides take birth control or spiro?

No. 276008

File: 1658091596017.webm (910.74 KB, 694x700, 2813-1l2q1f4.webm)

I am a dumbass. Pray for me nonas
>try 0.2% retinol solution for the first time
>absent-mindedly put to drops on my face and try to spread it evenly and thinly
>put a fuckton on moisturiser on face to dilute it
>look at the ingredients of moisturiser
>first ingredient is 'purified water'
>fuck fuck fuck fuck
>cleanse face trying to get rid of the retinoid, despite cleansing face yesterday
>rinse face with water
>paste on moisturiser

No. 276013

anon, you'll be fine. retinol is not that strong, it won't reach super crazy levels with a little bit of water based moisturizer, it's not like it's .1% tretinoin

No. 276016

Go to a dermatologist and try a topical antibiotic.

No. 276442

File: 1658218952884.jpg (182.97 KB, 1600x1335, depositphotos_225717734-stock-…)

How do I cope with sunscreen's long setting time and/or greasiness?

Sunscreen is the best anti aging product, but it has a setting time of 15 minutes which is really annoying bcs if I want to go like do groceries I have to take 20 minutes to prepare instead of 5 mins. I know that sunscreen immediately activates so waiting isn't really necessary but I have to apply translucent powder on top of my sunscreen because otherwise it's a sensory hell with all the grease (I think I'm more sensitive to it than average) and I don't want to look like I've got vaseline on my face.

I'm currently using the altruist spf 30 and use the recommended amount (1/2 teaspoon for face + neck). I got this sunscreen because I'm poor (I'm 18 and my mum doesn't like financing my skincare), it has a very high PPD (PPD 39) and according to reviews isn't very greasy but it is for me.

I've been searching for an affordable sunscreen that isn't so greasy but from what I read it seems like all of them are if you use the recommended amount. And the youtubers/tiktokkers that claim their sunscreen isn't greasy look greasy 24/7 imo kek (the only ppl who don't look greasy wear makeup so I assume they also use a translucent powder).

I live in the Netherlands.

No. 276445

mineral sunscreen doesn't have a setting time

No. 276447

Yeah, I went on it twice. It cleared up my acne for 1.5 years afterwards but would not last and eventually I'd get acne again. During the first course, the only side effect I got was dry lips. The second course though was a bit worse: I started pain in my joints and my hair got very dry, and I ended up also getting KP in my arms for some reason. My skin cleared up for almost a year after that, then I started getting acne again. There are some people who go on 6 courses, but I'm not sure if I'd want to take accutane again knowing its potential to harm your body.
The thing that eventually cleared up my skin is lowering my refined sugar intake to an extreme minimum, and eating almost no bread. I kept experimenting with my diet until I knew what foods triggered acne. There's a ton of research on the gut-skin-brain axis, you know. I get breakout like every two months when I eat something that triggers my skin by accident but even then the break out is minimal and it's a Normal People Breakout.
To be honest since it sounds a bit extreme in your case I'd say to just ask around for a derm who has prescribed to accutane to patients without BC and take one course. Facebook groups in your area might be helpful for that if you don't know anyone in real life. It might work for you after only one course, or it might not work but still, you'll get Normal People Acne which is semi-controllable.
Your dose depends on your weight, mostly. They multiply your weight by the cumulative dose, which is 120 or 150. So if you were to weigh 110 lbs, you'll need about 5 (but they make it usually 6) months of 40 mg daily of accutane. If you're having too many side effects they'll lower your dose (to 20 mg, for example) and you'll have to take it for ten months instead, but it's the same cumulative dose in the end.

No. 276448

File: 1658223844133.jpg (98.22 KB, 1200x1500, 71MMay-YeTL._SL1500_.jpg)

Try Bullfrog Quick Gel if you can get it shipped to you. It's a clear gel that dries fast. I used it growing up and it's extremely superior to lotion and spray sunscreens.

No. 276455

Do you have oily skin, anon? I have oily skin, and I find that it takes a long time for it to absorb lotion and certain, oiler sunscreens. Your skin can only soak up so much oil at once.

No. 276460

File: 1658229383631.jpg (67.31 KB, 500x514, sohotrn.jpg)

i have a oil-prone skin, that i keep under control with a simple facial wash 2 times a day and sudocrem.
but when the summer comes my skin gets completely ruined, all thick and bumpy, with awful breakouts. whenever i exfoliate it gets immediately better but the next day i wake up even worse, with even more pimples. i wash my face with water a couple times during the day to remove the grease and sweat, and use my normal facial wash twice a day. i switched to a matefying mosturizer, but to no effect.
any advice would be appreciated.

No. 276507

Many people think that being oily means you have to avoid oils but using oils topically can help. It's best to stick to non-comedogenic oils to avoid breakouts. Sunflower seed oil is a very inexpensive option that I love.

Getting a lot of breakouts can also be a sign of sensitive skin, so avoid unnessessary perfumes and other irritants on the face.

I also noticed relief from exfoliating so eventually I started using a lactic acid face wash with no perfume and a gentle pH of 4,5. The results aren't as immediate but over time is smooths out the skin and helps with clogged pores. You might want to check if the exfoliation you're doing rn is too rough or the pH of your facewash too high.

Ofc diet and hormones affect breakouts but when it comes to skincare the biggest thing for me personally was switching to the exfoliating face wash I mentioned and using oil as a serum always after washing and overnight.

The video also has some good insight on other possibly useful ingredients.

No. 276549

What brand of face wash do you use? Gonna look into one myself. Or it is in vidrel?

No. 276658

According to google it seems like the setting time for mineral sunscreen is 15 minutes

I live in the Netherlands so it has high shipping costs :/

Nope, I have dry skin because I use tretinoin.

No. 276683

Don't know if you're still suffering with this nona, but Neutrogena T-gel shampoo gets rid of my seborrheic dermatitis every time it pops up. I initially had it so bad that my entire scalp was covered in flakes, but after using t-gel I've never had it get to that level again. I'll get flare ups once every other month, but it's gone in like 2-3 washes with that stuff. Only reason I don't use it regularly is because I don't like the smell lmao.

No. 276724

Ok so, shaving is very painful for me and I don't know if it's because of keratosis pilaris or something else. Here's my routine:
>every 4-5 days during summer I shave the stubble on my legs
>my skin is currently not dry and is nicely smooth
>I do it in the shower and use one of those venus glide sensitive razors
>let skin dry naturally and apply body lotion 5 minutes after
The hair follicles eventually become these little red dots (inflammation) and burn, maybe it's because of KP and me having strong black hair.

No. 276891

Lacto Line so you probably can't find it where you live sadly. If you find a simple gentle wash you could google it and check if it's similar, I've heard that many brands have something similar.

No. 276926

File: 1658429675086.jpg (517.71 KB, 1933x1934, aztec-secret-healing-clay-revi…)

Can I use just generic bentonite clay powder instead of Atztec Secret? Or does it have some extra speshul ingredients? The label says it's just 100% bentonite clay.

No. 276933

It's just marketing, you can use any other.

No. 276934

Thank you my sweet nonita!

No. 276950

Its good you don’t use it super often anyway nona. I remember reading on the label that it isn’t intended for long-term use (although idk what would happen if you did)- although I agree that it’s super helpful for seborrheic dermatitis flareups!

No. 276971

What do you use to fade spots on face? I had hand foot month disease, don't fucking laugh, adults can get it too Should I just stick to cerave and thick ointmemt and just introduce serum as my skin calms down, it's still very dry, red and patchy. Hyaluronic acid serum I already have, that shouldn't be bad either right?

No. 276977

Never even heard of those things but thank you! There's a months long waiting list for any dermatologists near me so I can't just go there but then again, the spots aren't too bad, more like what you might get from an angry pimple. Gonna use mild stuff until the redness subsides though, this is just very frustrating as I finally had gotten my skin in a nice condition and boom, have some scabbing (not too many but even one is too much imo)

No. 276981

Will do, thank you anon!

No. 277054

File: 1658484355526.jpg (34.15 KB, 344x467, 4529db22b1777d785444eacda7fe08…)

More of a vent than anything else but if any of you anons have similar experience, found something that magically worked or just see something I've maybe missed I'd appreciate ANY advice.
I'm 30 and since the beginning of puberty I can probably count on one hand times my face was clear for more than 1 week. It's not extreme acne but there always are a few pimples, bigger or smaller. Things I've done since:
- went to multiple dermatologists - it was never enough for any of them to consider any long term treatment, got some topical drying lotion but it didn't solve anything and barely helped with existing issues
- went to multiple cosmetologists, no improvements
- implemented skincare routine; over the years i've tried simple ones and complex; expensive and cheap, different kinds of peelings, serums creams, tried doing nothing at all for some time; its slightly better with simple routine but never actually really good
- clean my face carefully 2-3 times a day, taking my time and using dedicated products
- regularly and often change my sheets
- took care of the diet, I can go for weeks eating no gluten, sugar, lactose and any processed food at all, also went through multiple tests to determine any potential intolerances but nothing came up
I'm at loss here. So many times I just want to never go out when it gets worse. Not a single person I know has it as bad as me, even if sometimes I see some imperfections on somebody it's nowhere close to what I'm dealing with NON STOP. It makes me so insecure to even interact with people, to go to places, to enjoy my life. Yes, I know it sounds dramatic but anyone who dealt with something similar can relate I'm sure. It's so upseting anons… if theres anything anyone can offer I'd love to hear it, but i'm glad to get it all off my chest too.

No. 277064

maybe you’ve heard this before but have you ever checked yourself if you have PCOS or unbalanced hormones? that’s something that causes acne in adults. I went to the gynecologyst and she send me to get some blood and urine tests. I had high testosterone which means increased sebum and she gave me these supplements to take. It made a big difference but I still get bumps on my forehead and ocasional pimples. I don’t know what more I can do, I’ve also gone through the stages you’ve said, cutting out dairy trying every skincare posible etc. It’s like having acne is a personal failure and a sign you are lazy and it hurts, but in truth it’s all hormonal and expenisve creams can’t do shit to change your skin. Trying to find the perfect combo, the perfect solution is a big waste of money and a moral responsability placed on you.

No. 277069

>It's not extreme acne but there always are a few pimples, bigger or smaller.
To me that sounds normal by that description alone? A lot of people still get a pimple or two even when they're 50, they just hide it as good as they can or use filters, I see a few skin blemishes on most people IRL unless they use concealer and powder. I guess another thing to consider is: where do they pop up, T-zone or cheeks? Do you have bangs that cover the sides of your face, do you wear glasses all day?

No. 277071

Unfortunately no one suggested hormone testing before I started contraception and now since I'm on it it's pointless, but I was thinking it could be it… really sounds like last possibility left, too bad it's the one that seems unfixable really.
>It’s like having acne is a personal failure and a sign you are lazy and it hurts
That's exactly the feeling I'm having. No one usually says this kind of thing to my face but when you keep hearing advices like "maybe wash your face better" when you already do everything I've listed it feels like others perceive you as what you said, dirty and lazy. It sucks going out almost every day with this in my head. But I'm glad someone understands, and that even though it's not perfect still, something worked for you; maybe i'll be in a place to try it someday too.
Unfortunately they tend to be red, painful and swollen, I've tried many ways of covering them with make up but it's never enough, I'd reapply concealer and powder multiple times a day and they were still visibly red and there; so now I've kinda given up, just using pimple patches if it's really bad and BB cream. It tends to be T zone indeed but excess sebum situation happening there (if it's not hormonal like other anon suggests) would probably be fixed with everything I've tried so far skincare-wise? I don't know. I've changed the way I look (bangs, glasses, so on) so many times in these years I don't think these are connected tbh but definitely a good thing to watch out for. Thank you for trying to help nonna

No. 277077

I’m not on any hormone treatment, what the doctor gave me is basically a bunch of B vitamins and mio-inositol, you don’t need prescription for it, so maybe it won’t affect your contraception medication. The gynecologist just told me which tests to take and then consult an endocrinologist and she gave me this thing I take , which is basically some powder you put water over and then drink it, so like a vitamin C . Maybe check in with her, not with a dermatologist that can only give you exterior treatment. She didn’t want to put me on birth control so it’s not some “serious” treatment either, I get it from the farmacy. idk a doctor could tell you how it works better than me good luck

No. 277080

Oh, I misunderstood; In that case I'll definitely ask next time there's an opportunity, thank you for clarifying! This feels like hope

No. 277114

Are there any MLM skincare brands that are actually good? Not trying to join the cult but some popped up on my radar and figure I'd ask here

No. 277127

If I have the typical anachan premature smile lines, is it worth trying retinol or just waiting to see if lifestyle changes might improve their appearance? I'm still in my early twenties and while I'm not a true spoop I am still pretty underweight, vitamin D deficient, and prone to stress, which I'm aware exarcebates skin aging but I'm hoping it's somewhat temporary.

No. 277136

I am so fucking sad and done with my ass, it's not even a nice ass (square and flat) even though i try to work out and lift weights to get it more shaped but i've been dealing with butt acne for the longest time. nothing helps, i exfoliate it regularly but not too much, i apply benzol creams and even used retinoids for a while and nothing stops them. i'm changing my panties twice a day, shower after working out, change my bedding often, tend to sleep naked and all my panties are breathable fabrics or cotton. i'm going to a derma next week but i'm scared that they won't be able to do anything nonnies.. if anyone here had ass boils too and got a rid of them PLEASE let me know. my ass is my biggest insecurity anyway and looking worse than shay from behind is humiliating.

No. 277150

My sweet nonna, what if you take vitamins and eat vegetables? Plenty of them.

No. 277156

Do you use public toilets a lot? And do you clean your toilet regularly?

No. 277162

I've heard people say Head N Shoulders was great for their bacne, kind of a weird solution but hey… you never know.

No. 277173

Probably the zinc in it?

No. 277208

butt acne isnt usually actual acne, its clogged/inflamed hair follicles, could be a fungal thing too. derm should help, let us know what they suggest!

No. 277388

unfortunately I can’t help with the smile lines but go get some vitamin D pills! they work so well and help with so many things, they won’t fix the smile lines but energy levels, immune system etc

No. 277648

File: 1658680578939.png (225.68 KB, 1088x866, peaceout.png)

has anyone tried this peace out retinol stick? I've never used any retinol product so i wouldn't have a tolerance to a higher percentage product. But I wanted to know if anyone else is familiar with it

No. 277669

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought you're supposed to avoid application of retinol around the eyes because the skin there is thin (thus susceptible to more damage?)

No. 277677

Also, retinol too close to the eye can cause eye dryness. I've read people having to use eyedrops after they used retinol too often on the under eyes.

No. 277678

Looks like a bandwagon product the company released just to throw the words "retinol" and "peptide" on a product.

I'd watch the YouTuber NoBSbeauty's guide to retinols and get a good grasp of what makes a product effective.

No. 277840

OMG that's what's happening to me!!!!! Thank you nonna! Some older woman on youtube said she puts it around her eyes and has for the past 20+ years so I stupidly thought it would be ok for me too.

No. 278035

Is it normal for topical tretinoin (not iso) to cause depression and weight gain?

No. 278048

File: 1658857571317.png (474.14 KB, 625x419, bloaty.png)

I had an alcoholic bloat face for years and stopped drinking weekly about two years ago, I very rarely drink now, picrel. Good: I've lost weight and my face is slimmer (surprise: I have a jawline kek). Bad: I look fucking OLD. My face looks dull and hollow in general, and especially my nasolabial folds got crazy deep. They suddenly are even there when I'm not smiling or anything, like smile lines but more intense. I'm really considering filler but actually, I don't want them… Is there anything that might make my face more plump - skincare, esthetic treatments, anything?

No. 278052

Do I need to use face wash AND cleanser, or am I supposed to just pick one? I don't wear makeup and my skin is normal

No. 278056

Check if you're hydrating yourself enough. Do you drink less liquids in total now that you don't drink alcohol?

No. 278060

You just used two words that describe the same thing.

No. 278061

Just pick one, actually to me they're the same, unless you're talking about toner?

Anyway, if you never even wear makeup you don't need to strip your skin of its moisture. I'd suggest you wash your face only once a day, unless you have other things to strip off of your face (products that would need you to wash it two times a day; SPF cream because its heavier than your typical moisturizer, retinol/tretinoin or any other form of acids because you don't want it to stay on your face too much). If you don't use any of that, just wash your face once a day and you're good.

No. 278062

No topical creams can accomplish that, they can only moisturize your skin but there will not be any noticeable changes. There's really nothing you can do to get rid of the nasolabial folds other than filler. Filler lasts about a year then it has to be refreshed.

No. 278063

retinols, especially tretinoin are small enough that they don't stay on your face but instead get absorbed into the skin so that part of your statement doesn't apply

No. 278064

I use a cream cleanser once a day. It actually leaves me skin very hydrated, soft, and clean, but I figured I'd ask here just incase it's better to use both for whatever reason. Thank you nonna!

I'm new to the whole skincare thing and in my country cleansers and face wash are marketed as two different things

No. 278075

Personally I think it's mostly marketing BS but supposedly cleansers are more hydrating.

No. 278082

Not possible
anon that's just called aging. you had a bloated face for years and some extra weight. it's normal that you have lines now. don't get filler because it doesn't work for nasolabial folds and it doesn't actually dissolve. it will just make you look bloated again, especially after a few sessions.

No. 278121

File: 1658888491410.jpeg (448.86 KB, 1575x2055, 6DEF4819-927D-4E91-A77D-5E3239…)

Does anyone know what these tiiiiiny white bumps are ? They’re not Millia and they’re only on one of my cheeks. They’re got after I shower with hot water. But come back in a few days. I can’t seem to Google them

No. 278128

Looks familiar. I had this when I had excess sebum production due to hormones. Oil cleansing without water until you feel "grits" (they talk about it a lot on reddit) helps along with AHA and BHA.

No. 278132

File: 1658897870991.png (Spoiler Image,79.85 KB, 335x392, skin pic.png)

Any ideas for me? My pores have become more clogged over years despite washing and then skin grew over them. Despite how they look, they aren't ice pick scars. Tried retinoids but they only made my skin peel, didn't smooth the surface or unclog. AHA and BHA didn't do a thing. Based on what other anons say I'm beginning to think it might be yeast related, but I read fungal acne is red and itchy, which this isn't.
Spoilered because my skin is disgusting kek

No. 278150

>don't get filler because it doesn't work for nasolabial folds
Bullshit, I got filler as soon as I started to develop nasolabial folds and it has worked to prevent them for the past 4 years (I had them done twice in 4 years). Maybe it doesn't work when you already have really deep ones, but if you start early enough before they are super pronounced fillers can absolutely help you prevent folds from appearing/deepening. I also got fillers in my tear throughs and they never reappeared.

No. 278177

I don’t understand if I’m exfoliating correctly. I use a few drops of mandelic acid about every three or so days before I put on my moisturizer (I use TO niacinamide + zinc on the other days). My skin isn’t dry, but it always has little peeling pieces, especially under my eyes. I thought chemical exfoliation would make it so I didn’t have to physically exfoliate, but instead it’s making me need to do it. I try to be super gentle removing the skin under my eyes, but I don’t think it’s normal for them to be like that in the first place. I don’t think it’s pilling because I notice it the most after cleansing, like they are flat thin pieces of skin peeling off that kind of get rolled into balls, but some need more than just gentle rubbing to remove. What’s going on?

No. 278187

I was thinking more about the long term outlook. Sagging, pillowface, blocked lymph nodes, swelling, inflation, filler forming lumps and bumps over time etc. Undereye filler in particular has many, many, many side effects that don't show until 10 years down the line.

No. 278202

The peeling that happens with retinoids/retinol goes away eventually. I used to have those flesh-colored bumps all over my forehead and they went away with retinol use. Not a doctor though. Can you see your doctor for this?

No. 278204

Did you use the AHA and BHA long enough? It seems like accumulated dead skin cells, so exfoliation should work in theory, although I'm no expert

No. 278231

I've been using the retinoids for more than half a year now and I still peel. How long did it take for you?
I moved and never got a new derm but while this was happening she said it was clogged pores. An online doctor referred to them as lesions and had no idea what they were. With both I started low strength tretinoin but got no results
I was using both in my skincare routine for a long time. I can't remember exactly but at least a year?? I used Cosrx AHA/BHA every time I cleansed. Before that, Paula's Choice resurfacing foam for a long while too. Nothing.

No. 278456

I disagree. I use adapalene every night (which is even gentler than tret), sometimes in the morning if i don't wear makeup or go in the sun i try not washing my face because it can be too agressive and i have sensitive skin, i just put a bit of moisturizer. Throughout the day i can feel my skin being increasingly itchy and irritated from adapalene. I realized because of this that i have to wash it off in the morning.

No. 278983

Why am I so veiny? I'm in my early 20s and already have a lot of spider veins and visible blue veins on my chest and legs. I have some capillaries visible on my face too. What causes this, other than being very pale? And what can I do about it?

No. 278994

get a tan

No. 279039

I got veiny after starting birth control…

No. 279103

I am old - 35 - and need help because I know nothing about skin care. I’m sorry for blogging but here’s what I do and please help me know what to do better

I wash my face every night with neutrogena oil free wash (rinsed with water), then a wipe down with micellar water, and then put on spascriptions retinal facial serum and natural chemist vit c and collagen facial serum (both from tj max, I have no idea what I’m doing), differin gel and dml moisturizing lotion - so a mix of what my dermatologist told me to do at 16 and stuff I found on sale. once a week I use a face scrub from rite aid that’s some vaguely ‘fancy’ (for a pharmacy) brand that I got because it doesn’t test on animals. I keep out of the sun religiously, use spf when I don’t, and take collagen and vitamin d supplements.

I get complements for looking younger and think I look okay besides my nasolabial folds, which aren’t great but I started getting deeper ones at 24 and am never going to get filler so idk what to do about those. I have pretty dry skin with very occasional zits.

I am looking at buying some stuff from the ordinary but am so useless and literally have no idea what I should get.

No. 279384

lots of people look actually not that great with a tan, when they are not already born that way imo

No. 279395

It sounds like your routine is working well for you. What advice are you looking for? I don't see what needs improving.

No. 279424

honestly my shit from tj max is running out and I need to know what to buy to replace it because I can't find the same shit on amazon. lol

No. 279487

you're not old. that's the only thing that's wrong about your post. keep doing what you're doing

No. 279548

How do i know which products to buy for my type of skin? Also whats the average routine like? I use a cleanser and then use a cream for hydration but i am not sure if it's right, my face is very oily and filled by very ugly, very noticeable blackheads and sebaceous filaments and i get very red and painful pimples. I wanna start having a healthier skincare routine since it makes me very depressed and insecure but i don't know where to start, i tried going to a dermatologist but they are all busy. Last time that i went they told me "lol it's genetics sorry good luck next time fam". Please help i haven't taken a photo since christmas, it breaks my heart to tell my mother i don't feel comfortable with photos.

No. 279550

I have similar skin and can't afford to see a dermatologist kek. Decided to try Differin. It's not for everyone and apparently takes serious commitment, but you might want to do some research into it since you can just buy it at the drugstore.

No. 279551

Whats your experience with it? Never heard of it, but sounds interesting.

No. 279602

Is there anything that will help closed comedones? I rarely get actual acne with irritation, it's just closed comedones that take over 6 months for me to get out.

No. 279607

it's a weaker retinoid, it's alright. comes with purging like tretinoin but obviously if you're buying OTC it's much weaker, plus it's weaker in general than tretinoin. there isn't much evidence at this time of it preventing wrinkles like tretinoin has but it's still decent for acne. you need to be committed though in the same capacity as you would with tretinoin because you will purge

No. 279739

Anyone else here with such sensitive skin that you think you won’t ever be able to even dare try retinoids or tret? I can’t even use glycolic acid. I think I will just have to hope my sunscreen use is enough and will have to accept whatever lines come.

No. 279813

A few questions nonas:

Does applying collagen and elastin topically (I've been using mirta de perales a few weeks) have any skin benefits? How about supplements?

I almost never get acne in general, even on my face, with the exception of fairly regular breakouts on my butt. Washing it with CeraVe SA cleanser and exfoliating helps a bit, but I am wondering if there's something better for that specifically. Any tips on how to prevent it?

If I started using tret, are there any places on your face or body where it absolutely should not be applied? I've heard that it can mess up your tear ducts or something when applied to your eyelids or undereye area.

I have a minor case of (what I think is) keratosis pilaris on my stomach area. Is there anything that can be done to minimize it?

Thank you to anyone taking time to share your advice <3

No. 279824

I've had very limited experience with tret (just insanely irritating to me) so I'll skip that part.

Collagen products can be moisturizing but the best thing to do not just for skin but joints and connective tissue health is eating collagen rich foods and then, less importantly, are supplements. I've discussed this a lot with my best friend who has a masters in chem and dietetics, she says in plain English that although you can't absorb collagen whole when you eat it, your body breaks it down into usable nutrients to rebuild its own collagen.

I've used alpha skincare AHA lotion applied thick and left on like a mask for an hour or two for keratosis pilaris, along with hydrating with hada labo watery lotion in the huge pink bottle. A Korean bath towel also is good for exfoliating. But some of my KP on my legs was stopped when I stopped using any lotion on it (besides hada labo). I think it was clogging my pores.

No. 279860

Took collagen supplements for a knee injury and oh my god my skin glowed! Silky, shiny, smooth
Seriously, it's amazing. I eat healthy and my skin is spotless, but the supplements still made a notable difference for the better. Worth every penny imo

No. 279870

File: 1659776707623.jpg (87.58 KB, 1044x1528, a8fe754278b905a4c46f18eeccf569…)

Has anyone used this moisturizer? Is it any good?

No. 279873

File: 1659777483117.jpeg (51.11 KB, 332x737, powerprime.jpeg)

This plus a nice bb cream/tinted moisturizer or sun screen gives my oily big pore face a fighting chance in hot weather.

No. 279877

File: 1659778374574.gif (876 B, 150x20, hateblinkie3.gif)

Hey nonnnies, thought id respond now that ive been to the derm and got medicine for it.
i have what they call chronic Folliculitis.. so my hairs inflame often especially when shaved anywhere on my body. also i have boils deep deep in my skin forming, and when summer starts my thighs rub together and i got an insanely inflamed cyst there that lasted a week or more. just because i plucked a hair from my thighs.
i will be trying to get my insurance to pay for laser hair removal as i am getting so fucking much discoloration, pain and uncomfortableness in general from it.
I do use public toilets but I disinfect them always or hover pee. Also because of you I am cleaning my toilet seat more often, thank you!
ive used that for regular hair issues before and it didnt help. i do supplement zinc though!
nonnie, my sweet nonnie. you were right it is chronic inflammation that ill have to live with. for the nonnies with the same issue that arent able to go to the derm ill tell you exactly what they told me to do.
first i got an antibiotic tincture that i apply to the active areas all over my body once a day with a clean small make up brush soaked in the fluid. they mixed chloramphenicol 1% and 2-propanol v/v (alcohol) and put it into a dark glass bottle.
also i got told to use a shower glove, those exfoliating kinds, and she recommended me two pricy products that i bought because holy shit i hate my ass.
first is Kerapil "Dermo regulating care" which is a cream against ingrown hairs.
second is Biretix by cantabria labs whicch is just a exfolitating cream u rinse off. she told me if it dont work i should go back in 3 months and then we can try accutane since apparently it helps a lot against this type of shit.
also she told me to try and limit the amount of lactose i intake.
osorry for insane butt acne sperg and details but if i can help 1 nonnie out there with this information ill be very happy

No. 279956

hi nonnies, does anyone know how i can deal with my skin flaking when i use benzoyl peroxide? i use a 10% just as a spot treatment like 3-4 times a week over moisturizer, but i always end up with flaky patches where i put it. should i reduce the use/get a lower concentration or is this normal for benzoyl peroxide? or should i do gentle physical exfoliation like with a konjac sponge or something to get the dead skin off? it's so annoying because bp does clear my skin but no matter how much i moisturize it always gets flaky and i have to rub the dead skin off

No. 279957

You could try putting a cream or ointment with lanolin on top to heal the skin.

No. 279995

Seconding the lanolin advice, it helped me with my tretinoin flaking

No. 280540

Wanted to try this primer but it seems very unavailable/no longer sold in the UK. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Can't keep oil off of my face for more than an hour.

No. 280805

Not at all, if your skin is not dry why would you waste money on it? You're really lucky though, even with retinol to not need any moisturizing.

No. 280886

Update: ended up buying it, and guys, this shit's GOLD. It smoothed out my skin like nothing else. I actually bought it as a slightly cheaper substitute for the Vitamin E Klairs mask that I love, because I saw they had similar ingredients. I realize it must be the centella asiatica that has this smoothing effect

No. 280931

Anons who swim regularly, what does your skincare routine look like? How do you protect your skin from the chlorine in the water?

No. 281090

File: 1660221984762.jpg (102.13 KB, 1112x841, c28817b3c7b8639b62fe7748524508…)

do you pale companions know of a good sunscreen to put around the eyes? every time i put spf around my eye area it ended up melting into my eyes and irritating them. i tried grocery store brands, nivea, neutrogena and shiseido also. i wear sunglasses and hats now.
i got some freckles on my eyelid like picrel and i would like to get rid of them, but i don't know what product i could safely apply to that area. anynonny have advice for getting rid of freckles on and around my eyes?

No. 281096

No. 281307

What benefit is there really to having a multi-step skincare regimen? Diet, hydration, sleep, and stress levels seem to have a profound effect on the skin's appearance, so keeping those in order while maintaining a basic regimen that includes moisturizing, sun protection, and maybe specialized treatment for acne/hyperpigmentation/etc should take care of most skin concerns. However, it's hard to deny that layering lots of hydrating products and using certain active ingredients also creates the appearance of glossy, 'healthy' skin, though finding the right combination of products for your skintype is costly and time-consuming. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like I'm receiving mixed messages about the benefits of 'crazy' skincare regimens and it's really overwhelming, especially when it all feels like a great big ploy to take advantage of women's insecurities by marketing pricey products as the solution to aging.

No. 281538

I don't use cosmetics at all and I doubt they do shit, but as far as I've seen it gives people a relaxing ritual. A way of pampering yourself. That seems like a benefit.

No. 281549

File: 1660369174703.jpg (26.07 KB, 800x800, images.jpeg.jpg)

Nta I use Hawaiian Tropic and it works fine

No. 281561

Agreed, my skin looks great and I've never used more than 3 steps

No. 281584

Is prickly pear seed oil worth getting and has anyone used it for their skin before?

No. 281595

Meaningless contribution but I love their sunscreens, they smell SO GOOD and have these little sparkles making the skin looks beautiful. And definitely works well, I bike in full sun every day to work and don't look tanned at all.
Having tried various oils in the past I've never seen any difference in their effects. They're all good as a final step of the skin care to "lock" the moisture, but squalane is still better.

No. 281626

I would highly suggest watching this video on sunscreens.


Basically, if you want a good sunscreen, you're going to need to get it from a country other than the US, because their classifications are much stricter. In the US, getting UVA protection is a gamble. Your best bet would be Neutrogena, but I personally import La Roche Posay's Invisible Fluid so that I know I'm getting quality.

This probably doesn't protect you much against UVA. Definitely look into it.

No. 281682

Good to know, thank you nonnie. ♥

No. 281713

File: 1660437218829.jpg (82.97 KB, 1000x1215, Hawaiian_Tropic_SilkHydrationW…)

Nta but it has Avobenzone in it, it definitely protects against UV rays, both UVA and UVB.

I used the 50 spf moisturizer one as pictured. Sunscreen can really dry out your face and titanium dioxide irritates my skin, so this is a great product for me. It is retarded that people shill Supergoop when it has the exact same actives and is at least 3x the cost considering how little sunscreen you get in each bottle.

No. 281715

File: 1660437293673.png (263.81 KB, 610x587, pasted image 0.png)

Samefag, for reference I included a table of active ingredient comparisons.

No. 281746

do any of you have any advice for clearing pih on your back? my back is the worst it's ever been and i hate it. i don't see myself wearing ANYTHING that shows my back for a very long time because of this and i just want to not be insecure about it again.

No. 281806

Maybe make a batch of vitamin C serum every week that you use all over it. Making it yourself will keep it cheap and fresh so you can use a lot. Putting the Ordinary’s glycolic acid into a spray bottle and spraying it on the area can also help. And of course make sure you have acne under control so there isn’t any new PIH forming, like making sure you wash your back thoroughly after using your conditioner and maybe using a benzoyl peroxide wash on it. Another thing is make sure it’s actually PIH. I get tinea versicolor (a fungus) on my back and it looks a lot like acne scars. It goes away easily if I wash my back with anti-fungal dandruff shampoo.

No. 281828

Will my no-rinse cleanser get in the way of my night time face spray? I have a misceller charcoal water cleanser that you don't have to rinse. I use it every evening but now I have a new face spray and I'm wondering if the cleanser will create a barrier that my spray cant get past

No. 281866

there's a spectrum of rays to protect against, and avobenzone only covers some of the spectrum. I don't trust any US brands because they've been tested and proven to be trash


No. 281939

I used to use the salicylic acid cerave facial cleanser morning and night, cerave moisturizer, and then the paula's choice bha exfoliate at night followed by the mario badescu night time aha moisturizer. I was using so many acids on my face kek no wonder my skin was looking like leather and was dry as fuck. I stopped using everything I was using, got some differin gel, vanicream cleanser and moisturizer and my skin has never looked better. My skin texture is so fucking SMOOTH. I am definitely still purging from the differin, but funny enough at the same time I have the best skin I've probably ever had kekkkk. I can't tell if the differin is taking care of those tiny premature lines or if the switch to a hydrating cleanser and the squalane moisturizer is doing it, but they're not there anymore. Just wanted to share a goofy skincare journey.

No. 281950

taking vitamin c supplements regularly > using vitamin c serum on your face

No. 281990

NTA but what sunscreens do you use/recommend? I'm looking to get one and I have oily/acne prone skin and all the sunscreen talk is overwhelming, I don't even know where to start kek

No. 282010

File: 1660589225606.jpg (61.15 KB, 1500x1500, 61u3MQN1UaS._SL1500_.jpg)

NTA but thank you for linking that video. I went through that lady's blog and decided to settle on trying out picrel since I don't want to deal with the hassle of finding EU/AU formulations of sunscreens available in the US. It seems like Bondi Sands has good reviews, should be ok for my skin type (oily and acne prone), no difference in formulations, plus the price point is good at only $13 and readily available at many stores. I was looking at the la roche-posay one from her recommendation list originally but because of price and formulation differences, I think bondi sands is a much better option.

I still want to know though, does anyone else have experience using this specific sunscreen?

No. 282043

I seem to get a bad allergic reaction to any chemical sunscreen except octinoxate. If it contains any other chemical actives, I can’t use it anywhere near my face without my eyes getting completely BTFO.

No. 282151

could anyone help me with a routine? i got a $125 gift card on sephora so it would be great if the products were on there.
i have dry skin with whiteheads/skin colored bumps on my tzone, and redness/flakiness on my nose. right now i use the paulas choice bha twice a week at night, i use cerave moisturizer, i use sunscreen in the morning, and i wash my face with glossier's milky jelly

No. 282160

Are you an oily dry combination? Or just dry?

No. 282173

I’m not sure- I believe I’m dry tho

No. 282174

File: 1660666037670.jpeg (395.89 KB, 1200x2208, FFC5BE35-1BE9-4FDD-998B-2E6ECA…)

this is my skin if anyone has any advice especially about my expression line!

No. 282175

delete this you are way too recognizable for this website

No. 282176

You have nice skin nonna

No. 282356

Your link says nothing about avobenzone and whether it sufficiently projects against UVA, it only is stating that SPF strength is often misleading. Your precious EWG website also lists a product from Hawaiian Tropic that has the same active ingredients as the other sunscreen I showed:

Seems like you really lack reading comprehension, anon. You might want to retake an English class or two. You remind me of those idiots that think parabens = cancer because tumors were found to contain parabens inside them.

No. 282365

Your skin looks good!

No. 282376

Your skin looks good but nonna I sincerely hope you wiped the metadata before posting this. It's not safe for a woman to post her face on a site that's frequently under sieged from insane people

No. 282444

Does anyone have a good chemical exfoliant recommendation for armpits? I used to use the Paula choice bha exfoliant but it’s a bit pricey and I rather use it for my face. I just get smelly armpits and I hate it, no matter how much I clean. I’m also a sweater

No. 282470

I heard glycolic acid works wonders for armpits! Get some cheap glycolic wipes.

No. 282494

The Ordinary’s glycolic acid.

No. 282495

Seconding >>282494
However, it does not prevent sweating.

No. 282606

Any one try Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream? Is it worth it or just okay? My friend recommended me it.

No. 282608

Can anyone recommend me a cruelty free product for dehydrated skin (which preferably is also suited for acne prone people) please?

No. 282610

File: 1660904402737.jpg (34.09 KB, 757x237, t3756635678545.JPG)

I don't see much magic in it but it looks like it can't do much harm to skin.

No. 282613

i have really sensitive, combination skin and for the most part am okay with flareups but does anyone have skin that goes red whenever? i dont mean like when youre drunk or after picking it, i mean red after yawning or smiling. its starting to really make me super embarrassed idk what to do

No. 282638

It just sounds like a lot of blood rushing to your face, is it high blood pressure?

No. 282649

if you have reactive, dry skin, then use it, otherwise apply only on areas that need protection because it's really heavy and oily. dry elbows, knuckles, your nose when it's runny, whatever, but it will clog your pores to hell if used daily as a face cream

No. 282680

i dont have any issues with my blood pressure from what i know. i also have perioral dermatitis if that means anything. my face just gets super red

No. 282736

Thank you for looking it up! Good to know it won't harm the skin.
That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for confirming.

No. 283220

is there a thread for teeth? i wanna find the best whitening pen and i dont really trust amazon reviews

No. 283241

There is one but its 6 years old and dead
Dental thread that's more recent / a bit more active

Bump it because I wanna know too kek

No. 283271

How do you guys reconcile your need for vitamin D with your prevention of sun damage?

No. 283290

Vit d Supplements

No. 283291


No. 283302

anyone else notices your skin gets dry when you're anxious/stressed? it's like as if it weakens my skin barrier. i feel like shit, i look like shit

No. 283341

Yes my skin looks awful the worse I feel. If I eat junk food or don’t sleep right I immediately see it on my face

No. 283365

I use the 1% retinol serum from The Ordinary and it says to 'apply after water-based serum'
I also always put a water-based moisturizer on top and nothing bad ever happened? Am I dumb?

No. 283391

not bioavailable. just because the bottle says it contains 500% DV doesn't mean you absorb that

only get a few minutes a day when its not peak hours.

No. 284288

File: 1661787433668.jpg (88.95 KB, 1500x1500, 619LhHSBBpL._SL1500_.jpg)

This is THE facial sunscreen I haven't had a sunburn all summer. It's so powerful but light

No. 284321

Is it really? Doesn’t this old lady shit stink and cost entirely too much?

No. 284325

Anons, what's the most viscous daycream you know of? No idea what it is, because I understand absolutely nothing about skincare and just do trial and error, but I feel like those that are really thick are those that actually absorb into my skin, while ever other one I can wipe off in the morning again. Bonus points if it has centella asiatica no benefits or anything, i just like the smell lol.

No. 284327

File: 1661798893874.jpg (92 KB, 455x425, 1656441783435.jpg)

I tried retinol for the first time and I think I added too much accidently, even though I diluted it with moisturiser. I know it’s supposed to get worse before it gets better but I just want it to stop. my skin has been breaking out for the past 3 days because of the retinol and my acne has never been this bad before. I don't know what to do about it but I’ve been exfoliating my skin every day with a Salicylic Acid exfoliant and hope that it’ll cause them to go but idk

No. 284330

doubleposting but should I continue applying retinol whilst there's still acne on my face, stop exfoliating and just brunt through it by still using it once a week? or should I just wait for my face to calm down?

No. 284344

nonnie omg stop exfoliating pls that is likely causing some skin irritation. since you're just starting the retinol, I would recommend avoiding any other topicals like salicylic acid until your skin gets "retinized." unfortunately when starting retinol some purging is to be expected it sucks but the results are worth it if you can stick with it.

No. 284354

People like you are why skincare actives used to be prescription-only. Retinoids, a class of products that include retinols, do not work the way most other skincare products do. Roughly speaking, they affect your skin cells' growth rates, which means they affect your skin at a much deeper level than topical skin products. Your skin needs time to adjust to this fuckery and will be extra angry at you until it does, so slapping on harsh treatments in high concentrations because some blogger told you it was good against acne despite your skin doing its best to tell you to fuck off is just about the dumbest thing you could do.

No. 284355

you can use any moisturizer you like and then slather vaseline on top

No. 284369

No no no anon stop using salcylic aid and all exfoliants. If you have sensitive skin you're supposed to slowly introduce retinol, first starting maybe twice a week and then increasing from there. You may have a period of purging but this is obviously caused by too much irritation. Let your skin calm down before using any more products or introducing anything to your routine.

No. 284397

speaking of retinol lol I finally got my .1% tretinoin delivered today! it took forever to get here and it's been super hot so I'm praying it's still effective since I know this shit is sensitive to heat.

No. 284423

File: 1661843390289.jpg (4.71 KB, 225x225, boop.jpg)

I've been trying to repair my skin barrier after over-using Tretinoin, will The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution undo all my progress if I use it once every 2 weeks or so? I've Googled for the answer to this but I want to double check with any nonnies who are knowledgeable.

No. 284431

does no one have a product they can recommend? Please, I am desperate

No. 284434

Geek & gorgeous Stress less, or are you looking for a moisturizer or what exactly?

No. 284436

You need to stay away from things like that when repairing your moisture barrier. When derms say keep it simple, they mean it. Focus on the bare minimum with actives only being in your SPF.

No. 284439

Thank you miss nonnie

No. 284449

I would avoid. don't risk it nona. get a night cream with ceramides in it to help repair your skin barrier. be patient and you'll get there!

No. 284514

File: 1661895154315.jpeg (928.44 KB, 3701x2381, 7D529D69-3E5D-4AEC-9CDE-B2AEA7…)

fuck cerave this cream is my new best friend

No. 284527

Does anyone else struggle with very textured flaky dry, dehydrated skin with lots of bumps, CCs, and acne that feels like paper to the touch yet looks shiny and like an orange peel since they were very young? My skin is just disgusting and I can't even wear make-up.

Pretty much everything I've tried in the past years has broken me out.
Cerave burns my skin, so does cetaphil.
Stuff like >>284514 breaks me out.
Vaseline gets me too.
And yes I've tried many things. I am so fed up of spending needless money on just trying to find a BASIC LOTION. Also, yes, I spot test, I only use one thing at a time.

I have no idea what to do. I desperately want to start actives.

No. 284547

Are there sunscreens that are at least 50 spf and aren't greasy at all? I got 2 sunscreens because I heard they weren't greasy and they ended up being greasy on me. I have the holy hydration face cream from ELF and its hydrating, not greasy at all but it's only 30 spf so I want something similar to it.

No. 284577

I have really sensitive skin too and had the same reaction to Cerave and Cetaphil. The only moisturizer I have found that agrees with my skin is the Ordinary’s.

No. 284587

Are you sure you don't have fungal acne?

No. 284588

Korean sunscreens or maybe Elta md.

No. 284595

any reason? how long have you used it for? I'm seeing this pop up on social media and it just stinks of marketing

No. 284597

Hmmmm, actually did use it for a while and it didn't sting. This was 2 years ago so I might misremember, but I might try it again.
I'd be surprised if I didn't have several kinds of acne. The way my skin looks is just…whew.

No. 284609

>have off-and-on psoriasis since childhood
>manageable, expect it each winter and it is under control
>suffer with moderate acne for 4 years
>also get it under some control, at the very least become comfortable with myself having it
>begin to get eczema
For what?! Does it really need to be EVERHTHING? Is this my punishment for breaking up with a dude who had eczema? He got my acne and I get his shit? (Obvious jokes, but it it did happen like that)
I feared it was scabies for a minute but the clear tiny blister on my palm today is a giveaway. Thank god but also fuck.

Not looking for particular advice since I can explore topicals on my own, just venting. But also if anyone has any dietary advice I'm open, since I know diet helped my acne a ton.

No. 284747

I don’t know if this belongs here, but every so often I get a patch of red dots under my chin, it’s not a rash, completely flat. I think they tend to appear around when I have my period. I can’t figure out what they are online, at best sources online say they’re from injury but that doesn’t apply to me.

No. 284750

I'm seeing some other anons itt who had the same awful reaction acne wise to CeraVe, and I just wanted to share that it may be the niacinamide in some of their products.

I finally figured it out after a shitty reaction to TO Niacinamide serum that was nearly identical to what happened to my skin while using CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer.

No. 284752

>it looks like it can't do much harm to skin.
>olive oil
>2 ingredients which can cause a severe allergic reaction
I beg to differ
nonnie are you out of your mind? if your skin barrier is fucked up the last thing you need to do is EXFOLIATE it even more wtf, especially that tO solution which can burn your face
You need emolient and hydrating shit, NO ACTIVES!!!!!

No. 284758

AYRT, I mentioned fungal acne because the treatment and the cause is MUCH different to other types of acne. The cause is yeast overgrowth and 90% of skincare just feeds it more.

No. 284762

How are you supposed to figure out products that work for you if you don't want to waste a ton of money on buying a bunch of bottles that you'll only use once?

No. 284764

Can anyone recommend a good moisturizer (active free) to use while on Differin? I got the differin branded moisturizer and I think it's making my acne even worse, it's super greasy and I'm already super oily.

No. 284774

I'm picky about smells and it smells like nothing

No. 284781

One of those anons here, I think it might be this and this is AFTER I have also tried niacinamide serum from TO separately. It didn’t make me break out or burn my skin, but it made my pores appear larger and my skin appear saggier around my nose, maybe due to a slightly inflammatory effect. It didn’t seem to have any positives for me.

No. 284783

I think that’s the only way. I hate it too, but it’s the only way I’ve been able to find skin and hair stuff that works for me. What makes me feel better is using the stuff that doesn’t work for my face on my body. My body skin is much less sensitive, so it can handle products that otherwise irritate my face.

No. 284784

I get that too when I have been resting my chin on my hand

No. 284796

I've always liked the classic Clinique Dramatically Different gel moisturizer. It gives enough hydration and my sensitive but acne prone skin tolerates it well. If you want something even lighter, Sebamed Care Gel is a nice basic option with minimal ingredients. I don't think this could break anyone out. It's very lightweight though, it might not be hydrating enough on its own.
NTA but TO's Niacinamide and Zinc didn't work for me either. It clogged my pores pretty badly.

No. 284797

it's super mild perioral dermatitis. i get that sometimes when my skin is a bit irritated from showering too hot or wearing a mask. just continue your skincare as usual. it doesn't bother me anymore. but beware if it gets worse

No. 284800

>TO's Niacinamide and Zinc didn't work for me either.
I felt like must be crazy because all I hear about it (and niacinamide in general) are good things and how it can’t have any kind of purging effect or anything like that. People talk about it like it’s a wonder ingredient and something you can’t really go wrong with, so I was disappointed.

No. 284807

Can someone possibly explain why I'm getting clogged pores?

Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid (Paula's Choice for either I use)
(Gold Bond Eczema 2% Colloidal Oatmeal)
(Hawaiian Tropic 50 SPF Broad Spectrum UV Moisturizing Ribbons)

The Inkey List Retinol or Pixie 5% Glycolic Acid
Gold Bond Eczema 2% Colloidal Oatmeal

I wash my face with The Inkey List Oat Balm in the morning and at night. I don't wear face makeup, only eye makeup.

No. 284816

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you’re putting 10 things on your face every day.

No. 284820


day routine is fine but pls stop putting so much stuff on at night. when i had a 5 step night routine my skin looked the worst. i use one cream now, sometimes nothing at all to just let my skin be. works wonders.

No. 284841

3 products for morning and 4 at night, how is this too much? What should I stop using?

No. 284844

File: 1662077706955.png (27.17 KB, 107x128, 1655158152666.png)

Maybe look into stores that have good return policies. Also, if you live in the US….well, I have a very dumb strategy. I have something called the "carepass" from CVS, it's 5$. You get a 10$ off anything coupon every month you can apply to any order + free shipping on certain products. And occasionally CVS sends you 40% off 1 item coupons.

CVS overprices products somewhat so I don't get multiple stuff at a time, but basically I buy one thing using the 40% off coupon each time I get one and I usually save $$$.

Is this dumb? IDK.

No. 284845

and yeah some of the stuff has free shipping even below 10$, as long as you have the pass.

No. 284894

well yeah dumbass don't use it if you are allergic to those ingredients, does it really need saying?

No. 284919

thank you

No. 284923

Thanks for the recommendations anon! I appreciate you and will look into those. Have a lovely day

No. 285131

Question anons, what can help fix a chewed up skin texture? It just looks extremely bad in certain lighting. And I'm not imagining things, one time I stood next to my friend in a very spooky public bathroom and I looked like death and she looked…smooth. I couldn't understand how haggard and fucked up I looked.

She has never used any skincare nor make-up and people have been surprised to learn she doesn't wear make-up before.

No. 285198

File: 1662240379571.jpg (146.13 KB, 1600x1600, nip-fab-glycolic-fix-extreme-n…)

Glycolic acid helps to smoothen my skin whenever it's getting flakey. I use the everyday Nip+Fab glycolic fix pads, but they do some with a higher concentration of acid if you need something more extreme. Besides that, there's always acid peels.

No. 285332

Late answer but I’m currently on differin and it’s what saved my face from becoming a dried up cracking mess. I also noticed the viral shit about the cosrx stuff but the benefits of snail mucin is very real.

No. 285850

Nonnies, I’ve been struggling for years to determine what my undertones are and where I land on the Fitzpatrick scale. Sephora/Ulta employees have been of no help, and the online quizzes have all provided different answers.

- My skin is not quite ghost white but still very pale. It gets scorched when exposed to the sun but never blisters or peels. It also doesn’t tan. I have a few freckles/moles in random spots on my body. I guess I would be considered “fair” as opposed to “light?” Or does “fair” only apply to extremely pale people, like redheads?
- My natural hair color was dirty blonde growing up but has since darkened to an ash brown (with red and golden blonde streaks?). Very odd.
- My eyes are technically hazel (light brown around the pupils, followed by gold, light green, and dark green. They appear medium brown from a distance, however.
- My veins are blue and purple.
- Olive green makes my skin glow. I also look nice in pastel pink, pastel blue, jewel tone blue, pastel purple, and black. White looks better than off-white.
- Silver jewelry looks better than gold.

I think I might be cool-toned or neutral and maybe a Type II? I wish that I had figured this all out when I was younger, but better late than never, I suppose.

No. 285967

you seem to be cool toned and probably type II (just my opinion). You do not seem neutral. Wait until you hear of the colour analysis thing with seasons etc. kek. That is harder to find out

No. 285972

everything makes me break out too and I have acne and dehydrated skin (with some dry flaky parts) too and I tried since a week mangobutter and it doesn't make me break out and it makes my skin look more healthy. I am overall very pleased with this. It moisturizes my skin well too and makes applying make up easier (my skin is literally so soft and smooth to touch). Vaseline etc. made me break out really bad too and almost gave up too

No. 285998

You're mentioning a mix of cool and warm colours. Like olive green is warm, pastels can be either and jewel tones are cool. So you'll have to pay better attention to the temperature of a color when you try it on. Blue and purple veins and silver jewelry however indicates cool toned. The colour of your hair is meaningless because you're not necessarily born with a colour that fits you best.

No. 286376

can't olive green be also a cold tone? I saw some shirts, which were said to be an olive tone but it seemed more cold toned than warm

No. 286455

I'm taking Accutane for the first time. My mom would never let me take it as a teen / young adult. I'm really hopeful it will get rid of my moderate acne (which is probably hormonal and genetic - my mother's side of the family has some bad skin).

I haven't noticed too many side effects yet. Some dry nose and dry lips. I'm on the third/fourth week of pills. Any warnings or advice? I'm a little upset that I got some deep cysts again during my period (which was really bad this time), because for a couple weeks I noticed things clearing up. But I was prepared for my skin to get worse before getting better.

I'm wearing 50+ sunscreen and using lip balm with sunscreen as well. Drinking a lot of water. So that much I know.

No. 286457

By the way, I had a single milia (?) that wouldn't go away. I knew enough not to pick at it. I read that glycolic acid could help and bought some pads similar to these. After five uses, I woke up and the milia was gone. So I can recommend glycolic acid for things like that.

Just follow the instructions, some pads have you rinse with water after using them. A long time ago, I won some kind of "dual pad" peel kit in an online giveaway. You used one pad, waited a couple minutes, and then neutralized with the second kind of pad. I think it was called Alpha/Beta daily peel. If I had money to throw away, I'd probably get those again, but the cheaper ones are just fine.

No. 286459

No. 286493

My sister had issues refilling the prescription once and instead of being really on top of it, she took some time getting it sorted out. I don’t remember how long it was (couple months?) but it ended up being long enough that she learned she had to re-do the entire course even though she was mostly done before. Don’t do that.

No. 286520

Hey anon! I finished up accutane this April/May and overall it was a good experience. I dunno what dosage you're taking, but I went from 30mg for about a month then jumped to 50mg. Some things to look out for:
- Ditch your current cleansers, exfoliants, actives, etc. Your skin will not be able to tolerate them and make it worse if you do. Get super gentle cleansers, like the squalane cleanser from The Ordinary if they are available in your region.
- Your whole body WILL dry out, externally and internally. Use a gentle soap for everything and moisturize everything.
- Use an occlusive, like Vaseline, before sleeping. Otherwise your face will be super dry and tight.
- My scalp would get very flakey and itchy during my dose increase, but stopped once I got used to the new dosage. To better it, I would only use conditioner to clean my hair. Don't itch your scalp as that'll make it worse.
- Speaking of scalps, my hair was super nice and dry for at least 4 days. Shampoos dried my hair/scalp out too much so I would use a clarifying conditioner to clean it, maybe once or twice a week.
- Get lubricating eye drops because your eyes will be super super dry. It sucked.
- Get a good lip balm too and use it liberally. Otherwise I found my lips start to bleed and crack.
- Not everyone gets this, but I hurt my back during accutane and it exacerbated it a lot. If you find that you are getting any muscle/bone aches, take glucosamine and omega 3s. It didn't take away my pain, but it dulled it at least 60%.
- My injuries/wounds healed a lot slower than when I wasn't and that was very annoying (see above). I was also exhausted most of the time, so try to have a solid sleep schedule and try to exercise lightly.

My skin after accutane is very very nice and I haven't had the big, nasty cysts that I used to have preaccutane. However, I do get small pimples that go away after a day or two, which is still better than what I had before. My skin gets worse if you don't have a good cleanser, especially if you're wearing sunscreen. (I went on vacation in a very hot sunny place and wore sunscreen everywhere. I only had the squalane cleanser and I kept breaking out. Funnily, I washed my face with shampoo and it cleared it up pretty well.)
I think that's everything but if you have any questions or concerns, just reply to me here! I'm on this site way too much, ha. Best of luck, anon!

No. 286526

Thanks so much. I am deliberately doing this in Europe because I am living here (I hope more or less permanently but who knows) but I also didn't want to be subjected to the pregnancy test obsession in the US. My dermatologist here just informed me that I can't get pregnant on this medication and I said, "no risk of that, don't worry." And that was it. But I will make sure not to have any gaps in the treatment for any reason - good to know that you'd have to start again!

Wow, you're my angel, I really appreciate this! I'm on 20mg right now and have a follow-up with my dermatologist tomorrow. I have been really tired but my schedule has been insane (taking care of an elderly dog + work + dissertation). I also got covid, which made me sleep constantly.
- Thanks for the reminder about cleansers. I occasionally use a sulfur cleanser but can stop. I got this cleanser for my face, it's supposed to be for extremely sensitive skin: https://www.dm.de/balea-med-reinigungsmilch-ultra-sensitive-p4058172879975.html I have something more intensely moisturizing if I need it later; I can't remember the name but it's also for very sensitive skin.
- I can see I should prepare by switching over my shower gel and stuff. I have short hair and exercise so I do usually wash my hair at least every other day, but I'll just keep an eye on how it's feeling for now.
- I stocked up on unscented Vaseline-based lotion for my body.

- did you need anything special for your undereye area?
- what lip balm was best for you? I'm finding that anything I put on just seems to disappear after a short time. This is the biggest side effect so far. And dry eyes, I got a better contact solution.

No. 286531

NTA but lanolin is the best for really chapped lips. You could probably use small amounts on your face too.

No. 286556

>did you need anything special for your undereye area?
Personally, no. My undereye area wasn't specifically dry or crepey, thankfully. I just made sure to moisturize a lot and put vaseline there too before bed.
>what lip balm was best for you? I'm finding that anything I put on just seems to disappear after a short time. This is the biggest side effect so far. And dry eyes, I got a better contact solution.
Like >>286531 said, I heard lanolin was the best for lips but I didn't use it because I'm vegan (Inb4 someone says accutane isn't, blah blah). I used this brand called Hurraw and it was decent enough but definitely accutane dried my lips out anyway. I truly think vaseline is a godsend on accutane since it helps to lock in moisture which is what your lips need!
I also forgot, but make sure to wear sunscreen if you're going outside for long periods of time or if your workspace faces a large window. Thankfully it was winter when I was on accutane, but the times I went outside without accutane I got burnt. Not very fun.

No. 286557

Do you eat dairy? Cause id cut that out before accutane, since acne is most often inflammation due to an allergic reaction

No. 286614

yesssss fellow snail mucus chan. i love gooping this stuff on my face, makes my cheeks baby soft.

No. 286615

File: 1662689797409.gif (80.46 KB, 100x100, 1E5E9ABA-43F9-4E92-B79F-F4B2AC…)


No. 286626

Goddamn it I put a mask on this afternoon and the rough patches on my face were soothed. Now they're all rough again.

No. 286631

I'm a lactose-intolerant vegetarian and have been vegan in the past. My current intake of dairy is limited to occasional aged cheese and whatever is used in baked goods. I still got acne as a vegan. It's clearly a bad mixture of genes from my grandfather, who had rosacea & bad skin, and hormonal issues. I have endometriosis, too - the deep infiltrating kind.

The decision to try accutane wasn't one I personally made lightly. I was/am worried about the side effects. But how long should I suffer with embarrassing, painful blemishes that lead to scarring? I should have done this ages ago - as it is, I have spent so much money on things that never worked. There are people with much worse acne than I have (my poor cousin, male, has a face of deep pitted scars from his). So I appreciate suggestions about diet, but when I say I have tried almost everything, I have. Including hormonal birth control, which I never wanted to be on. Not trying to be overly defensive and maybe accutane won't work either, but special diets for acne and endometriosis have been recommended to me before. Also exercise. Also getting pregnant (ffs no). I used to be seriously anachan as a teen/young adult and then had a couple years of healthy-ish veganism. I exercise regularly.

I'm being a superspergy witch now but I had years and years of being blamed for my bad skin by relatives who just assumed I was doing something wrong. My mother gave me Proactiv again last year - even she, with her own inherited skin mess, cannot accept that this shit doesn't work for people with shitty genetic tendencies. As it is, I had to set aside a fund for treating the scars after this course of treatment. Thankfully I'm neither a man nor as close as my mother and aunts are to the likely genetic source. But at some point, it's time to try extreme measures instead of living day after day with problems that never really subside.

No. 286642

You will likely need to add some sort of exfoliant to your routine and use it for a while. And keep up with moisturizing , obvs

No. 287230

Is there anything that makes stretch marks fade when they are still red? Would AHA or retinol work?

No. 287379

Nonnies who have had in office treatments for acne scars (lasers, micro needling, peels etc), what was your experience with recovery time? I have a public facing job so I can’t show up to work with a red or bruised face, and also can’t afford to take time off

No. 287388


No. 287550

Bumpety bump

No. 287619

I’ve done a decent amount of laser treatments. Latest one was micro needling for scars and it was very red the first day but much more manageable the following days. Still noticeable but if you wear a sensitive skin friendly foundation it should be fine. Ideally I’d recommend getting an appointment on a Friday afternoon tho.

No. 288215

Nonners what do you use for night time moisture? I heard many good things about LRP's cicaplant baume but unfortunately it contains shea butter which my acne-prone skin does not tolerate. Vaseline is way too occlusive as well.

No. 288235

I use the vanicream moisturizer with two-three drops of The Ordinary's squalane. Squalane is a life saver ime, I wake up and my face is smooth and so nicely moisturized. There is squalane in the vanicream moisturizer btw but I find that the extra drops give it that extra 'oomph'.

No. 288288

I use mango butter. Shea butter and vaseline made me break out very badly but the mango butter doesn't

No. 288384

What exactly does The Ordinary mean by "Protective maintenance"? My first assumption was related to anti-aging but apparently that's not the case.

No. 288416

File: 1663285083007.jpg (54.63 KB, 1000x1000, 3606000512238.jpg)

thoughts on cerave's foaming acne cream cleanser?

No. 288420

Suffered from acne since I was a tween, & started breaking out really bad on my cheeks in uni. Didn’t have clear skin for years, my cheeks were constantly covered in either cystic pimples and/or leftover dark spots. Adjusted my skincare routine last spring and started using this cleanser. It has literally saved my life. Haven’t had lumpy leopard cheeks in ages & this summer my skin was the clearest it’s been since I was a kid. I would recommend pairing this with the retinol serum too, that also helped me out a lot. Not sure of your skin situation but that’s my story.

No. 288695

File: 1663575202044.jpg (33.82 KB, 930x930, Aquasource_Hyalu_Plump_Gel_50m…)

Got a tester of picrel and felt Heaven. I have a turbo skin autism, everything is always too harsh for me, but this one felt so nice.
Anyways, asking for a budget moisturizer that doesn't feel like fucking mayo on your face, bc I'm a europoor and spending 50€ on a pack of cream.

No. 288729

File: 1663591589127.jpg (62.87 KB, 697x879, 5f28812ef184b.jpg)

Idk if you have a store called "Action" (drugstore) in your country but I bought this cheap moisturizer from there and it works great for my dry skin. It's heavy though so a little goes a long way.

No. 288739

Can anyone recommend me a cruelty free retinol serum/cream (whatever, I am not that picky), please?

No. 288756

this one isn't bad for <3 euro kek

No. 288762

Are there any eyebrow growth serums that actually work that anons can recommend? I’m fairly flexible except I’m not super rich and don’t wanna be shelling out 50+ bucks every few months

No. 289016

Have you tried castor oil? It's pretty cheap, you can find some that come with mascara wands for applying to eyebrows.
Thank you anons for this recommendation >>285198 and this info share >>286457, I got rid of the milia on my forehead!

No. 289330

What's the most moisturizing sleeping mask you guys ever used? My skin is parched

No. 289544

finally got rid of most of my acne but i am left with blackheads and orange sking and i have no idea what to do, i already do a basic skincare routine

No. 289613

I used Vaseline to really lock in my moisturiser overnight. Really lay it on thick! Just bare in mind that this will transfer to PJs, bedding and hair so is quite messy.

What’s your routine? The texture issues I had only really started to go away when I began using a retinol.

No. 289656

File: 1663887717496.jpeg (424.36 KB, 1139x926, 63C79CD3-03F2-4C0B-A444-E7EDB5…)

does anyone know how to get rid of denie Morgan folds like picrel? i take antihistamines etc etc but I’ve always had them, considering laser surgery now (I have allergic shiners too)

No. 289661

Literally normal everyone has those

No. 289665

>whats your routine
Cleaner then moisturizer i honestly dont know if its correct, so i am looking for reccomendations too

No. 289677

I have these, in a lot of people it's just a natural ethnic trait in Africans and some Europeans.

No. 289736

has anyone developed (mild) rosacea after using tretinoin? i used to use tret religiously in my early 20's but i've fallen out of routine as of the last year. now i can't get back on the band wagon without disrupting my skincare barrier if i try to use it every second day after months of using it 2x a week. i had no issues using 0.05% strength when i was younger but i'm thinking of asking for a weaker script and making twice a week my end-game. has anyone with rosacea had much success using tretinoin or should i give up?
side note: i don't recommend neutrogena's chemical sunscreen to people with sensitive skin! i used their anti breakout spf30+ sunscreen two days ago and my skin is still irritated.

No. 289737

that woman has beautiful eyes and i bet you do too. i notice that mine develop when my skin is dehydrated or i'm sleep deprived.

No. 289753

File: 1663931063165.jpeg (187.24 KB, 1242x1429, 0023D65F-10A3-48B3-88A8-CCA396…)

Look at introducing a BHA into your routine. They go deep into pores and will help lift away blackheads. You might find you’ll “purge” for a couple weeks where any blackheads or zits beneath the surface come up. This might help the texture issues in the long run. Remember to use a sunscreen too as chemical exfoliants can increase photosensitivity.
I recommend The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2% but I’ve heard great things about Paula’s Choice, The Inkey List and CosRx too.

No. 289760

any items ya'll can recommend for dark marks? im losing hope from acne scars

No. 289829

thank you def gonna check!! how do i use it? cleaner, BHA(i assume only once a week?) then moisturizer and then sunscreen when i go out? sorry i am super dumb about this stuff i dont really use make up or other products other than stuff to help me clear my pizza face

No. 289883

Use this in the evening. Use only once or twice a week and gradually build up if you feel you need to, so you don't irritate your skin. Cleanser > BHA > Moisturiser. Good luck!

No. 289937

I just bought the Sunday Riley acne treatment kit which has the A+ high-dose retinol serum (6.5%) in it. I’ve been using their Luna face oil (1%) nightly with no issues for maybe three weeks and I used the La-Roche Posay retinol B3 serum before that which I thought was stronger but apparently is only 0.3%, so. What should I expect? Was 1% enough to build up a tolerance? I have sensitive skin so I don’t think I’ll put any more actives over it like they suggest, maybe a ceramide moisturizer or a cica night mask and call it a night

No. 290055

I think neem oil might be working well for my recent bad skin explosion.
Maybe my acne issues was mostly a bacterial issues after all rather than a hormonal one like I thought. Weird bumps everywhere, CCs, etc. My skin looked completely chewed up in certain lighting. It's starting to look so much better!! Even the very odd small bumps around the corner of my eyes are fading.
I expect it to go wrong sometime but here's to hoping it improves. I know neem oil is a weird choice, but after trying a lot of basic lotions, tretinoin, acne meds, etc., I've failed to find something that doesn't sting or break me out.

No. 292340

I've been using the La Roche Posay sunscreen for a while and I have noticed my face looks more yellow but I haven't tanned. Does anyone know why this happens? My face is now noticeably more orange than the rest of my body.

No. 292385

i’ve just started using tretinoin cream to help with some fine lines and it’s been good but i feel like my pores around my nose and check area are looking rly haggard and almost droopy. I took a break from tret and started niacinimide and slugging with a nivea crème which has stopped the irritation but my pores still look like… inflamed. any recommendations for patches of orange peel skin?

No. 292455

some reviews for this sunscreen mentioned it being yellow tinted, though I don't know if this was caused by reformulation or something else

No. 292469

File: 1664964725620.png (247.47 KB, 361x831, avene.png)

i usually check reddit comments on certain things and run all them through cosdna, sezia, and another app on my phone with the ingredient lists. if it's clear on both then i will consider it along each other so one item v the other, but also some ingredients fuck me up. i cannot handle witch hazel, niacinamide, snail, or fragrance. im not sure why for witch hazel because others it works amazingly, snail is due to a problem with dust allergy, niac due to fermentation and fungal i think, perfume is just shit for the skin. When I buy a product I go to checkout fully then try coupons so whichever is the cheapest wins.
try this? Hydrocolloid bandages from Walgreens/cvs/walmart cut up are the same shit as pimple patches but heal way faster if you leave them on for 16-24 hours. its also cheaper since a box of 10 costs $2.5 or $4 depending on place. my bad acne leaves dark marks for 1-4 months but ive been doing this for a month with great results.

Have any anons used avene? I have been using pic related for a month and while I think it helped heal my face from the blue bottle la roche I was using I dont think its cleaning my face enough. Im getting white heads when previously it was pretty rare. Also any super gentle recommendations on moisturizer? I gave up using IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum cause I noticed the moisture it gave couldn't justify the clogged pores that went away when I stopped using it. I dont even care if its a bit pricy but something with a basic ingredient list without the stuff listed above. I swear I'm about to just try my Cerave moisturizing cream on my face cause I'm tired of looking. I know my face cant handle coconut or shea butter, nothing to do with oats either.

No. 292470

I used Avene's cleansing product once, also since it passed some websites that analyze cosmetic products for ingredients that may cause acne.
It was for sensitive skin and didn't make my skin dry, oily or cause irritation like many other products. So I recommend Avene as a brand.

Nowadays my skin is clearer, maybe since I'm 22 years old nown, not 20. I also eat pretty healthy, fast sometimes, and drink lots of liquid.

No. 292492


No. 292539

Sorry this is not technically the right thread and we may have a more suitable one, but this is on my mind and I will forget if I don’t ask now so want to ask: do you anons rec any teeth whitening products? Not ones like the gum shield thingies? Something like those pens maybe?

No. 292587

cant believe i still have acne at 22 despite everything ive tried

these are supposed to be the best years of my life and i look disgusting

if it doesnt clear up soon idk what im going to do but i can go on like this.

No. 292616

What have you tried so far?

No. 292728

I decided to ditch the avene the past 2 days for my body wash which has stopped the acne on my chest. My skins been healing with less white heads. I can't eat out or fast food cause of food allergies but I should drink a lot more water. If it keeps healing well I'll follow up with the wash I use. Really don't know why avene would give me issues when its listed as such a safe choice.

No. 292744

Anons, do you think the following ingredients:

Water, Niacinamide, Glycerin, Acetyl Glucosamine, Pentylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Amodimethicone

seem ok for sensitive skin? It's for a very new product that comes in a massive container for 10$ so I was thinking of trying it out. It seems like the ingredients do check out on skincarisma so it seems too good to be true.

No. 292745

looks safe as long as your skin likes niacinamide

No. 292923

i am on a tranny dose of spironolactone (200 mg). i take zinc, magnesium, turmeric, fish oil supplements daily. ive tried epiduo, clindamycin, tret, benzoyl peroxide, BHAs, AHAs, the list goes on…

only thing i havent tried is non dairy/zero carb and accutane. i am losing hope.

No. 292974

I'm only 25. I've been around 100 lbs my whole life and I'm of average height. My skin in my stomach area is starting to get cellulite and to me it looks like it is starting to sag even though my stomach has always been toned since I was young. I feel like there's nothing I can do about, but if there is, I'd love to know what can be done. I'm still "skinny" but christ, I don't feel like it. It makes me so depressed. Would laser treatments help? Is there a routine I can follow to help it out?

No. 292977

exercise. you can also use shea butter and laser does tighten your skin but idk if it's necessary really. i would just suggest exercise. you can have cellulite at any age. literally i had it on my thighs when i was like 10

No. 293027

Can I dermaroll then use retinol?

No. 293059

Got that moisturizer because of this post and I concur, shit's magic. My skin got rather dry after starting a retinol treatment and this helps a lot with the annoying fine lines and flaky skin.

No. 293088

Is it good for sensitive akin? I break out easily when I use moisturizers, especially those with panthenol.

No. 293096

I have incredibly dry skin which crys out for thick oily masques and creams, but can’t use any kind of cream or lotion, even oil free forumulas, as it gives me painful deep subdermal cystic acne.

Japanese watery essences and hyaluronic acid mists have been a lifesaver.

No. 293106

Should I 3ven bother using AHA if I'm already using a retinoid?

No. 293158

File: 1665279976519.jpg (15.58 KB, 256x275, 1663121490191.jpg)

WOW. Ok. So. It got here and the formulation looks pretty different. Like, there's even corn starch in there for some reason and added fatty alcohols (olivate I think?). At least they added panthenol too, but it's a bit of a let down because I was looking for something fungal acne safe because I am not 100% sure whether or not I have it.
Seems like that would be too chaotic for your skin. You should maybe just either cycle or add another, less rough beneficial ingredient to your routine.

No. 293168

A few months back I got a new skin care routine and my skin looks the worst it's ever been. I don't wear makeup but I have been using some as practice. (very sparingly)
I only have a night routine and it goes in the this order: ponds cold cream, cerave foaming facial cleanser, differin adapaline gel .1 %, cerave moisturizing cream.
Help me nonnas I cannot bare this any longer!!!

No. 293180

File: 1665293379124.jpg (101.46 KB, 1500x1500, 61po4x7e1RL.jpg)

Hi friend, this is an old post but I wanted to respond anyways because I was searching for an answer to this question for a long time, so hopefully you or someone who needs it will see this. Mine was pretty bad, but it's cleared up a lot since I've started this routine, and I'm still optimizing my routine as well to see if I can one day clear it completely. Using Hibiclens soap (picrel) twice a day helped me a ton. I started using it only once a day after it cleared up a lot, because this stuff will dry your skin out badly. Be sure to get a foaming bottle for this stuff as it is liquid. After that I use a benzoyl peroxide cream on any specific spots that are giving me trouble, and every 2 or 3 days I use glycolic acid, a chemical exfoliant. I still get spots down there but they are usually small and I can make them go away within a few days. Sitting a lot makes it worse, and if my butt gets sweaty when working out or something (GROSS sorry) I always make sure to clean off as quickly as possible because sweat really triggers breakouts. Hope this can help someone out, it fucking sucks and it's embarrassing to have ass-ne.

No. 293190

I'm going to take a wild guess and say your skin doesn't like Cerave products or the Ponds cream or the Differin. What do you mean by worst though? Dry, red and sensitive? Acne, closed comedones and breakouts?

No. 293207

I ordered one of those silicone face brushes that vibrate, I'm looking forward to receiving it and trying it because my skin always feels disgusting unless I use products that you have to use once a week at most. It works very well on a friend of mine so I hope it'll work on me too.

No. 293216

Constant acne and breakouts, I can't imagine why it would be the differin since it's a retnoid.

No. 293219

it's probably the cerave, I had similar issues with it (gave me cystic acne lol) and I kept on using it not suspecting a thing bc everyone loved it lmao. Try a face wash without sls

No. 293224

Just the cleanser or the cleanser and moisturizer? And if sls is causing this do you have any recommendations for cleansers?

No. 293225

This is interesting, I started using duac (acne cream) and Cerave at the same time and I thought the duac was making my acne worse. At first I thought it was getting worse in a “purge” type way. I’ve stuck it out and plan to do the full 6 weeks using it like recommended after my doctor said duac doesn’t cause purging like that. I’m going to swap out the cerave back to face wash that I know agrees with my skin and see if that helps so thanks anon.

No. 293329

vitamin c and sunscreen. maybe it's a placebo and i'm just improving cause i've been really good with my skin care routine over the past three months but sunscreen (incorporated maybe a month ago) seems to be making so much difference for fading my dark marks. i used to just wear sunscreen if i was out for a while when the uv index was above 3 but now i wear it every morning no matter what and reapply before going out.
i'm so sorry nonna :( are you still taking any of those actives you've tried? i've heard that spironolactone works well in conjunction with another active, i personally was on birth control and tretinoin at one point and that helped me a lot but my hormonal acne wasn't too severe. my mental state and skin picking definitely made it a lot worse than it needed to be, and improving my skin helped me so much.
i've never taken accutane but your acne seems to be having such an emotional toll on you that i think you should really consider it, especially if it's possible that a single course of it can eliminate you needing to be on such a high dose of spiro for the foreseeable future. there is also winlevi that is a new topical anti-androgen but it is also very expensive. i hope things improve for you, big hugs.

No. 293371

I'm stuck between dr Brenner vitamin c or selling out the big bucks for skin ceutical. I would love a vitamin c to incorporate to my routine.

No. 293443

Anons, my chin and lower jaw in general is going absolutely insane with cystic acne and I am confused. The only thing I used there in particular is tretinoin. What should I do? I've had acne for over a decade but this is easily the worst it's ever looked.

No. 293477

not sure how accurate this is, but my dermatologist mentioned chronic acne around the jaw and chin is a sign of hormone imbalance for women.

No. 293483

I watch this youtube channel called Doctorly and one of the dermatologists has lists of products he recommends and skin ceutical's vitamin C was on the list so I'd go for that one. Here's the list if you're interested! https://shopmy.us/collections/1328

No. 293510

Did you just start the tret? Maybe you're in the purge phase if so.

No. 293514


i assume you use a tret creme? or are you taking the pills? i went through a gazillion cremes before switching to another derma who put me on isotretinoin/accutane pills. only thing that helped bc at some point my acne couldn't be helped anymore with outside remedies.

No. 293519

I had the same issue with terrible cystic acne localized on my chin and it was definitely a hormonal issue. My dermatologist prescribed spironolactone and that kept it under control. I am also using tretinoin and have been for years but I never experienced a purging phase from it.

No. 293593

Cream–I didn't realize there were pill form. I honestly heard about accutane drying out the skin and that's a bit too shocking for me considering I've had horrific skin flakes since I was 10 and I think it'd be disastrous if I got even dryer skin.
Yeah, I am starting to think so…I actually think I might be having estrogen dominance considering a few changes to my lifestyle/diet that I found out can contribute to it–I think I started getting particularly terrible hair growth as well. I will talk to my doctor about it. Sigh. I hope lifelong damage hasn't been caused.

No. 293611

have any anons tried light mask treatments?
i do think my skin clears up when i take more walks in a week and im not sure if its the destress aspect, slight sweat, or sun rays, but being on a treadmill does not have the same effect.

No. 293886

Nonnas, I need advice. I'm "old" (in my 30s) and I never had a skincare routine cause I always hated the smell and feeling of every single beauty product I used. Still, I think it's time I start something and wonder if you have recommendations on books and websites about skincare, like the basics, what do I do about dry skin, how can I support my skin to look better, etc, so I can read up on it and decide what I need and want. The only thing I'm doing for my skin at the moment is avoiding the sun, not wearing make-up (always too dark or smells horrible) and not smoking, but I want to do more and keep my good skin for another few years, kek.

No. 293892

nonnys who have dark eye circles, have you successfully lightened them naturally with some cream or diet change or something? I've always had dark eye circles since I was a teen and I've always had horrid sleeping patterns. I'm starting to live healthier and wondering if I can fix that

No. 293924

File: 1665704480477.jpeg (288.53 KB, 828x999, F0EF4D0A-E2A3-4E78-9E01-D4E813…)

I bought picrel at the recommendation of a friend to help with shaving bumps. It’s fragrance free so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use a little of my normal body wash with it so I can still smell how I like to. Would that completely cancel it out if I mixed it with my other body wash (the hey humans brand if it matters)

No. 293947

File: 1665712513795.jpg (77.27 KB, 1200x800, what-is-a-blackhead.jpg)

I want something that will help with blackheads on my nose as well as blemishes. It's very prominent on the sides of my nose. I've been using charcoal nose strips but it's still not enough to completely cleanse every stubborn blackhead. What should I use? I've been looking into salicylic acid and other BHA chemical exfoliatants but reading about all this is very overwhelming. I have a dry, sensitive skin type and rarely get acne or pimples.

No. 293950

Fifty shades of snail blog has a black head treatment that many people swear by. I also heard oil cleansing to be good.

No. 293952

Just got The Ordinary's lactic acid 10%. Wish me luck nonnies.
I also want to know. My blackheads are very deep to the point where pore strips don't even work on them

No. 293953

File: 1665713261394.jpg (83.96 KB, 1200x600, porevacuum-1573008346.jpg)

A pore vacuum might work? But you have to be careful with those because if you use them too long you can bruise your face.

No. 293955

File: 1665716179312.jpg (41.43 KB, 1000x1000, Pyunkang-Yul-_-Cotton-Pad.jpg)

Recently I started using an aha/bha toner in the evenings and I use these very thin 1/3 cotton pads (pic rel) that take very little product to get soaked. I just on a whim started to soak them a little in the toner and just lay it on my nose like a sheet mask and after about 3 to 5 mins I take it off and I found it sort of dissolves the blackheads. There wasn't a very significant immediate effect but after doing it for a couple weeks the pores in my nose are less visible and I only see one or two blackheads now. I assume because the toner was sitting on my nose for a while it had more time to work as opposed to just swiping across the surface like I usually do. The toner I use is from the same brand as the cotton pads, pyunkang yul, and it is very mild on my skin. Alot of bha aha toners burn my skin but not this one.

No. 293976

I don't recommend this, it's a gimmick gadget that's no different from squeezing them out

No. 294109

I need help, I picked at a bumpy blackhead that's right under my nose and a big pimple formed. I accidentally popped it a little with my nail and some puss came out and I wiped it and the sac came off and now theres a wound with a white dot in the middle and a little bit of liquid is on it and idk what to do about it, should I just leave it? idk much about skincare.

No. 294110

Tap it gently with a clean piece of paper / cotton pad; you can put some cold water on it to help reducing inflammation. Make sure it stays clean after, don't touch it if you don't have to.
If you have a niacinamide product, you can apply it topically there, it also can help with healing; otherwise wait until it gets try and the scab forms and then moisturize it well, even multiple times a day if needed.

No. 294229


pop it if it’s ready again and add a pimple patch! if you don’t have a patch, just leave it alone

No. 294318

Has someone of you a recommendation for a sun screen I could use daily? It needs to be at least 30+ (I would prefer 50), without fragrance and it would be nice if it wouldn't leave a shiny, oily appearance behind.

No. 294429

File: 1665994621629.png (146.54 KB, 1000x1000, Bild_2022-10-17_101635195.png)

I use the cosrx aloe sun screen daily and it's my favorite so far, i recommend it to everyone.
(fyi I have dry skin)

No. 294434

thank you, I also have dry skin and that one sounds nice, is now on my list to buy next month, kek

No. 294459

I have constant fucking blackheads, whiteheads, blind pimples you name it
I have oily sensitive skin and keratosis pilaris which means my pores can get clogged with sebum or keratin and I have a lot of texture on my face because of it

I've tried salycilic acid, I've tried oil cleansing, I've tried physical and chemical exfoliators

I just seems to get clogged pores and spots no matter what. I drink loads of water and exercise and have a good diet and clean my glasses and pillowcases and hair regularly so I don't know what's going on.

Currently I am using cerave hydrating cleanser and giving my face a gentle exfoliation with my false nails as I lather the cleanser. It scrapes away the keratin bumps and bursts any little pimples threatening to form. It's working ok for now (I could just be having a clear skin week tho). But I'm annoyed that it's only this stupid clawing-at-ny-face technique that seems to work.

Any tips?

No. 294634

File: 1666096964691.jpeg (95.51 KB, 611x600, 9AF6EDF1-706F-4548-96BE-6F838A…)

Hi nona! Our skin types are quite similar so I wanted to share some products that might help you as well. Both of these contain Mandelic acid, which is very gentle compared to most AHAs and I feel has improved not only the overall texture of my skin but even the amount of sebum it produces

The first is picrel which is my holy grail right now. The Mandelic acid unity exfoliant toner by Youth to The People. It combines different types of chemical exfoliants which I love because it penetrates really well. My blackheads and KP in particular have improved amazingly once I introduced this. One word of warning is that it does have a very earthy/herb like smell, it dissipated once I put it on but keep that in mind.

2nd option is a bit more cost effective and is actually a serum like texture if you’re not looking for a toner. It’s the Mandelic acid 10% + HA by the Ordinary. Truthfully I don’t like much from this brand but this one surprised my in a pleasant way. The texture is actually sort of oily but soaks in quickly. What I like to do because of the texture is massage it and work out some sebaceous filiments I have. That technique might help with your keratin bumps

I’m pretty autistic about skincare so sorry for the long winded answer, I hope these maybe help!

No. 294637

File: 1666097445940.jpg (15.6 KB, 550x550, mizon_hyaluronic_acid_100_seru…)

nonnies, should I get the picrel? I'm slowly recovering from a severe acne break out, caused by internal health issues. I'm not using anything aside from an oil cleanser and a moisturizer, and so far my skin is slowly but steadily getting better. Still pretty tired and kinda saggy. I'm not usually into anything outside of mentioned (like serums/acids/toners/etc), but my fave shop is having -20% on all rn and it caught my eye. Also, would be grateful for any acne/post acne recs for 25y.os/ "I-fucked-up-my-face-in-my-neet-years" women.

No. 294652


Thank you nonny!!!! TToTT

That mandelic acid super food exfoliator sounds promising, I'll give it a try!

Yeah I don't like the ordinary either, had nothing but bad reactions from their products… The joy of having oily AND sensitive skin(TToTT)

No. 294680

it can cause intracranial hypertension (which is a side effect of oral retinoids) so make of that what you will

No. 294939

File: 1666267497477.jpeg (Spoiler Image,188.11 KB, 750x886, 6EB54A29-E614-4054-8037-0FB5AA…)

nonnies, I’m at my wits end. what the fuck is going on with my torso? ive been diagnosed with CARP (Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis) and I’m taking minocycline for it and I’ve seen no effect at all. i suspect the weird dots are keratosis pilarisis but ive never seen anyone have it on their torso like me. to top it all off, there’s the weird hyperpigmentation that makes me look dirty and velvety (could be Acanthosis nigricans) but my derm said nothing about it. ive got the pregnancy hormone line and I’m not pregnant? and if it’s AN , I’m already lean and not obese and everything ive read is about losing weight. I’m suspecting it’s hormonal or something at this point. please help nonnies how do I clear this up it looks atrocious and nothing helps

No. 294942

Honestly, the very first thing I noticed was that you're skinny - so you got that going for you. For the hyper pigmentation, maybe you could find a lotion that has vit c in it or find any face serum and mix a few drops into your lotion. And I've heard some acids can help with KP, like Glycolic Acid (if memory serves me right). Maybe you could look into that and see if it helps after a couple of weeks of consistent use.

No. 295226

File: 1666389544046.jpg (329.9 KB, 800x680, 1654206385741.jpg)

Nonnies, I'm having the worst breakout of my life. My entire lower face is covered with cysts as well as a variety of other pimples (which is rare for me)…it's SO bad that I looked up acne on google and my acne is worst than all the pictures I found. I've been using tretinoin but I am starting to suspect it isn't "purging" that's causing the issue. What do I do?

No. 295690

File: 1666606890809.jpg (61.81 KB, 500x500, 94295855.jpg)

Nice surprice this morning, my niacinamide bottle is finally finished. Goodbye useless crap, years of using it hoping that one day it will finally help my oily skin and big ass pores just to face disappointment every day. Time to save my money and live with plain old moisturiser and nothing.

No. 295784

File: 1666641764746.jpg (254.74 KB, 1200x630, 20-08w4-Tonymoly-VUS-1200x630.…)

Is this brand good?? I want to try some of their products.

No. 295788

I've tried the panda moisturizer and rose face mask from your pic and they're both just okay. I think the appeal is mostly the cute packaging

No. 295795

I think some ethnic people just have skin like that tbh. Do you shave your stomach hair or anything? Different races have different skin textures and pigmentation issues and it’s just normal for them. For instance, I’m white and my skin is extremely thin and I get broken capillaries in my face easily. My best friend is South East Asian and has the opposite of me, but she gets facial melasma and velvety patches on her knees and armpits which I don’t get. My black and mixed race friends struggle with their own issues like hyperpigmentation spots, thickening and vitiligo patches. There’s also other skin conditions that are more prevalent among some races. For instance, Rosacea is most common among whites and northeast Asians. Acanthosis nigiricans is most prevalent among Hispanics and blacks etc.

No. 295796

For actual skincare they’re pretty blah. Really only worth it for the cut packaging and nice scents.

No. 295799

Agree, this seems like much ado about nothing. Real human bodies don’t look like Instagram filters and tinted face creams.

No. 295803

Yep. It’s a shame people think perfectly normal things like a bit of pigmentation or keratosis pillaris are some kind of malignant skin condition that must be immediately slathered with 50 different chemicals. Nobody has perfectly even and smooth skin, way too much social media shit making women think they are freaks.

No. 295869

File: 1666677195658.jpg (44.61 KB, 589x1122, 51kE 37eR8L.jpg)

I recommend this so so much. I've tried, I was this anon
And it felt like it was actually giving me purged cystic acne I had never seen before. Within 3 days of switching to this which I use on my body my face was happier. It's been healing ever since the post with only 1-3 super minor white heads on my jaw. My skin hates everything but this is a god send. Now I just need a sunscreen/moisturizer that wont flip out the progress I made.

No. 295938

Have you tried Accutane, Anon? That's helped a lot of people with oily skin

No. 296049

I have not, I can only really use anything that's over the counter. I've heard some very nasty things on the side effects of accutane, have you or anyone else used it for oily skin? Doesn't sound like something that would be prescribed for anything other than more severe cases of acne

No. 296264

I really need help, I am developing smile lines at 22, I have noticed that I have small, disconnected wrinkles around my mouth area and IDK how to deal with them.
for BG information I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't have a healthy diet and I don't have a stable sleeping schedule, I am iron deficient with very low iron stores, low b12, low D and not great overall health.
I'm on supplements for iron, D3, and b12. I also take soft gel Vitamin E, and Cystine supplements for my hair because I lost ~1/3 of my hair recently because of stress and bad internal health.
I'm overweight but I started going to the gym regularly and I'm trying to look after my health.
would the changes I'm doing be sufficient to help with my smile lines or would I need to do more? would it be topical treatment, or do I have to get something more invasive done?
I'd really want to get rid of these I'm trying to leave the ugly loser lifestyle and enjoy my youth.

No. 296293

Smile lines are normal. Just focus on your health and wellbeing and stop obsessing over mundane shit that won't even matter to you in 5-10 years time

No. 296384

File: 1666919892416.png (484.28 KB, 822x760, Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 10.1…)

i know this post is old but i desperately want to try this. i've been considering getting fillers in my nasolabial folds and my lips because i have very prominent laugh lines/downturned mouth that gives me a permanent, severe resting bitch face. but if this works, then it could save me about $500. has anyone else tried it?

No. 296398


I really wanna try this! I have a tonic pupil so always closing one eye in sunlight is giving me crows feet on one eye. is there a good specific brand?

No. 296713

I have congested pores but I use the Cerave salicylic acid cleanser. Am I missing something? I have medium to dry skin so I'm not sure why I have them. Is there some sort of other product I need? I know some people use pore strips but I heard they don't actually really help.

No. 296714

Cleanser is not enough to help, it doesn't even stay on your skin much so actives don't have time to work. Better to have some basic cleanser and then a serum or a cream with an active ingredient. Or at least a mask

No. 296752

does anyone know what retinoids are available otc in the uk? visiting for a while, i have a pretty decent supply of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide for now but i was shocked to find out it seems like most things are prescription here.

No. 296847

any nonas have any experience with russian skincare like Natura Siberica? are they any good? I'm dying to try some russian products because they use such old school natural ingredients but I'm hesitant to buy something that doesn't work

No. 296868

The secret to great Russian skin is their diet of fish. I don't know anything about skincare brands sorry but I recommend upping your intake of either fish oil or just fish in general its done wonders for my skin in the past. Sage for unhelpful and unsolicited advice.

No. 296885

There's a huge community of people who are REALLY into haircare in my country and they love natura siberica; from skincare cleaning gel and it worked well too, I think it's worth a try

No. 296962

I haven't although I am planning on starting it next year. My brother has been on it though, he didn't get any nasty side effects (although he may have been lucky), and his skin was clear for like 5 years. He did relapse but he is going to go back on it. Sometimes people need two courses. As for whether they will prescribe it I have no idea anon sorry.

No. 297004

Question, nonnies, have you noticed caffeine messing with your skin? I've been having a lot more of it lately and my skin is dryer, rougher, and flakier than ever…I look like it's been a year since I've had any water even though I make sure to have plenty. It's mostly because I love the taste of coffee and I'm wondering if I should switch to decaf.

No. 297043

File: 1667293644837.jpeg (14.99 KB, 600x600, images.jpeg)

I'm considering buying picrel. But it is a bit pricey so I wanted to ask first if anyone has any ideas about the brand shiseido. I recently bought their sunscreen and absolutely love it. I have mixed to oily skin but thought a bit richer moisturizer for the night would be good. Also I bought Paula's choice 2%bha and use it for two weeks now but dont see any changes is that normal?

Your lifestyle changes can definitely have an impact on your smile lines. When I weighted more my smile lines were much deeper. Stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet can make your skin look worse at the moment. Check if you have habits where you move your face a certain way that gives you wrinkles. I had forehead lines and that was because I frowned a lot of time. I stopped doing that and my lines are gone. Sorry for esl english

No. 297047

I've used Natura Siberica hair products but it didn't really do much for me. Haven't bought from them since

No. 297055

I know it worked for some of my friends, but i didn't work for me. The thing i 100% recommend from russia is haircare, the herbal ones are the extremely best. (eg from Elfa Pharm, 7-oil shampoo with Avocado and Shi).
Admittedly as a person who has lived in russia, our haircare is amazing but skincare-wise we usually would just buy all of the Korean skincare before it was popular. A lot of koreans would travel to Russia just to buy their products for a lot cheaper.

No. 297080

I’m pretty sure I got a sample of this (or a similar one) a while ago. It’s definitely very rich. All their products are great, they’re just way too expensive unless you have a lot of money to blow on skincare. The only things worth shelling out big bucks for are serums imo, because they tend to be more concentrated and make the most difference. Moisturizers and face washes tend to be more interchangeable (in my experience).

No. 297082

File: 1667316333190.png (396.58 KB, 822x760, Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 12.2…)

opinions on lush skincare? i started using picrel at the same time as i started a new medication and sunscreen and my cheeks have been breaking out worse than ever. i guess it could also be related to wearing a mask. but yeah my cheeks look like they have a rash of pimples on them so something fucky is going on, and after reading a bit i think the lush lotion is to blame and i might be having a reaction to the essential oils or something. i stopped it last night and am currently only doing cerave hydrating facial cleanser at night and supergoop daily moisturizer for sunscreen in the morning. if my acne doesnt go away i'll change sunscreens then cleanser i guess. i'm really hoping it's the skincare and not my medication because i don't want to have to go back off medication kek

No. 297095

I don't like it, their lotions and masks always make me break out. I can use their angels on bare skin scrub without breaking out but I don't like using exfoliants that much. Sounds like you started a lot of new products at once but I'd still be willing to bet it was the lush stuff. All cerave products are great if you're prone to breakouts, neutrogena sensitive skin and clinique even better. Those three never let me down.

No. 297103

they’re shitty to gc ppl for brownie points so i wouldn’t touch them w a ten foot pole. thankfully their stuff is mediocre at best so i’m not missing out on anything.

No. 297110

I don’t get the obsession with this brand, I’ve used some of their soaps/lotions and none of them were very good. Weird fragrances and lackluster formulas. The body lotion I tried felt worse than cheapo drug store formulas. I’m not surprised it broke you out, I’ve heard that before from other people. One of their conditioners worked well with my hair, but it’s insanely pricy for the amount of product and for what it does. I’m guessing the hype comes from them shilling everything as “handmade” but their products just aren’t worth it.

No. 297128

I'm not surprised, Lush stores give off a 2016 tumblr vibe

No. 297228

I was on accutane (Roaccutane in the UK) when I was maybe 16/17 and it actually changed my life for the better which sounds really vain, but I used to have mad oily and spotty skin and since using accutane my skin has been completely different. People in my life would comment on how much more confident I seemed since my skin started clearing up (friends and family knew I was taking it). I still get an occasional breakout and it can sometimes get oily but nothing like how it used to be. I didn’t have any terrible side effects either, my lips and scalp just ended up being quite dry (I used to set an alarm for 3am to apply more lip balm, otherwise I’d wake up with really dry sore lips). Obviously everyone has different experiences, but I’d personally recommend it!

No. 297660

kek, no one commented but I figured I'd update. I've been without caffeine for 5 days now after probably two years of escalating coffee drinking and my skin is looking better than it has in a very long time. I am in shock over something so innocuous was fucking up my skin so badly.

No. 297661

In what ways did your skin get better?

No. 297873

its probably annoyingly overstated but you can keep drinking coffee as long as you drink more water, as it is a diuretic (makes you pee). I'm back on my water intake and I've learned to take 10 big sips at a time and it helps me finish water faster. Idk I like to chug instead of sip lol. But if it helps to quit im proud of you!
I just started tret, day 4 and my skin is really itchy and the corner of my lips are a little raw, what can I use to make it feel better? I'm going to skip it tonight.

No. 297886

Idk nonny, I was drinking massive amounts of water + making sure I got extra electrolytes. After I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee my acne pretty much stopped appearing. I had been seeing new cysts + pimples on my face, especially my jaw + chin every day for so long and it's been a few days now and not one new one has appeared and my skin is much more clear. Could dehydration have been causing my cysts?
What I just said, plus just having a glow/suppleness again. It's not perfect but it's better.
I also read up on other peoples' experiences and apparently it wasn't uncommon for some people to just have the best skin off of caffeine + there's possible research on it interfering with collagen synthesis.

No. 297891

Maybe it was the dairy?

No. 297893

interesting! well too much caffeine can also increase your cortisol levels too, which for me creates those cyst pimples. Sleep might also factor in? But yeah we really don't know how much caffeine affects our body. Can I ask if you drank dairy with it?

I'm intrigued but I love coffee so much, and I had cystic acne for most of high school and now its manageable. I kind of gave up on the idea of having perfect skin lol but I might try it at some point. Did you feel like crap quitting or no?

No. 297896

Did you go fully no caffeine or just no coffee? My skin isn't great and I've been considering quitting coffee for a while for health reasons, but I'm also a barista so it's hard to resist.

No. 298003

I drink pure black coffee only.
As far as I know; I still am drinking decaf coffee so I'm sure there's trace amounts of caffeine (supposedly it's like 99% decaf). I recommend maybe looking up other people's experiences too if you need the extra push. My own theory is that caffeine just affects people differently so it's easy for some people to handwave potential negative effects.
No dairy. I mostly quit it months ago.
Also, caffeine never had any effect whatsoever on my energy levels–maybe at most I'd feel weird a awhile afterwards if I had a ton. I'm a very exhausted person pretty much 24/7 and it's a part of why I'm trying to check all my bases.
I can tell that maybe I was slightly dehydrated in spite of the extra water + electrolytes so maybe I feel 5% better?

No. 298035

Interesting experience anon, years ago I quit dairy for about 6 months and caffeine for about a month and I didn’t notice any skin changes (really missed coffee though kek). Maybe I didn’t give it long enough.

No. 298047

I've read about caffeine and dairy causing acne before on simpleskinscarescience. According to this website the connection between dairy and acne seems to be correlational though. But when I increased my dairy intake from little to multiple liters of milk a week I noticed a steep increase in acne and it returned to normal when I stopped drinking that much milk.

>Firstly, the caffeine levels of coffee negatively impact the body’s hormonal stress response by increasing levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). (52) This is bad because stress is linked to acne. (53)

>Secondly, remember all that info above about how excess insulin is bad for acne? Well guess what else messes with insulin? Coffee. (54)
>Thirdly, coffee can interfere with iron absorption and sometimes contains mycotoxins. (55, 56) Two things that could cause systemic inflammation and worsen acne.

>dairy is bad for acne because it has natural (and sometimes synthetic) growth hormones and anabolic steroids. These increase serum insulin levels and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which have been linked to the pathology of acne.

(no screencaps because my printscreen button is broken, don't ban me jannies please)

No. 298052

I have a skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. There is not much out there for 'curing' it, and sites etc. normally just say to lose weight. The thing is, I am a healthy BMI, and I definitely don't have diabetes, which can also cause this condition. I do however have PCOS which can cause insulin resistance, which in turn can cause Acanthosis Nigricans. I've tried following a keto diet to see if this helps. Maybe I haven't given enough time for visible results, but I really do feel hopeless and kind of alone in this problem and I'm scared I'll never be able to get rid of it because PCOS can't be treated per say. I went to my GP recently and she didn't seem to have even heard of it before…I felt as though I was educating her. She recommended a dermatologist but what can they do in terms of mitigating the problem? They could only try to lessen the appearance. I suppose I could accept only being able to lessen it, but my determined ass wants to believe I can completely get rid of it. I have it on the back of my neck, armpits and groin. I can honestly cope with it in my armpits and back of neck as these places aren't normally visible unless I'm wearing my hair up which I rarely do, and who tf is analysing your armpits. The groin part is the where my issue with it lies because it's just…embarrassing? It makes me feel disgusting like the skin looks 'dirty' and discoloured compared to the rest of my skin. I'd like to know if anyone here experiences this and/or potentially knows how to treat this because doctors have been useless. I have read up on tretinoin cream being potentially good for lightening the skin, but again this is really only managing the problem. Maybe I'm in the wrong thread.

No. 298094

Damn anon, really sorry you’re going through that. I have another condition that is similarly associated with being overweight/diabetes (while also having a healthy BMI/no diabetes) and it was so frustrating to get any medical professionals to take it seriously. Unfortunately you need to keep insisting for them to do anything, pressure them that is a huge quality of life issue for you and affecting your mental state. The only thing that made doctors take my issues seriously is when I said something was affecting my sex life, then they were pretty quick to try to find me a solution or change my medication (it really sucks but it’s true). You could try saying it’s affecting your confidence in the bedroom and you might get a better diagnosis/treatment. Since you said you also have PCOS, it could just be a hormonal issue. I think you’d be better off getting the root cause treated rather than trying to lighten your skin with tret. Best of luck to you.

No. 298108

I suggest you go to an endocrinologist

No. 298155

So you know you have PCOS, you know it's behind your issues, yet you go to your GP and expect them to know what to do? For treating hormonal imbalances you need to visit an endocrinologist and your ob-gyn.

No. 298159

thank you for sharing anon, gives me a bit of hope. did you get it through a GP or elsewhere? I tried to figure out how to seek dermatological help in the UK and only hit dead ends. the GP doesn't accept skin issues and dermo clinics seem to only do facials/injections/PS.

No. 298162

Thankyou, I will seek out an endocrinologist
Lmao why are you being so rude? I went to my GP telling her it was 99.99% because of my PCOS, she agreed and recommended a DERM not an endocrinologist. I didn’t argue or request one because I lack confidence and didn’t want to be a ‘drain’ on the system here because I felt my problem wasn’t imminently threatening. She did test my bloods and I’m waiting on results but if they say it comes back ‘normal’ I have no clue what I’m going to do. I already feel embarrassed having taken up an appointment for my problem, now I feel as though I can’t bother them anymore.

No. 298163

Also samefag but where I’m at, you have to get a referral from your GP to get an appointment with an endocrinologist or ob/gyn unless you go private, which I can’t afford.

No. 298202

nta but that's actually what happened to me and I was more forthright. I asked for a hormone specialist and she ended up just throwing me at an infamous derm clinic even after I insisted. I would recommend maybe checking what primary doctors are covered by your insurance + checking to see what reviews of them say online and seeing if you can get a second opinion. That's what I'm doing at the moment. I did find someone who admitted there is a "protocol" to rule out other issues first which sucks but she seems open to working with me. She did find out I have an infection–which I was surprised by.

No. 298218

> I already feel embarrassed having taken up an appointment for my problem, now I feel as though I can’t bother them anymore.
Stop being a pussy about your health. Doctors (hypothetically) exist to help you.

No. 298251

And yet many of them don't even if you ask them to

No. 298257

That’s strange, I went through my GP. It was a long process at the time because they said that they wouldn’t offer Roaccutane unless I had tried X amount of alternatives. So I had tried a bunch of topical prescriptions and different kinds of tablets, and when they all stopped working then the GP referred me to a derm who started the process of trying roaccutane. I had to be on birth control and take a monthly pregnancy test in hospital while I was on the tablets, but that wasn’t really an issue since I was young.
Unless things are different on mainland UK (I’m from NI), I don’t understand why your GP wouldn’t be the go-to for this kind of thing since it’s dealing with prescriptions etc

No. 298259

Do any UK nonnies have any recs for a good moisturiser that will save my skin from the winter blues? I was using The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturising Factors but it’s not doing the job as well as it used to.

No. 298263

Illiyoon ceramide ato concentrate cream is the only moisturizer that has kept my dry skin actually soft and hydrated during winter.

No. 298358

I love picrel so much. Just need a tiny bit. Wish they sold refills

No. 298507

ayrt, this arrived yesterday and I’m already obsessed. My skin has never felt so soft, I feel like I’ve been cheated out of smoothness my whole life. Thank you kind nona!

No. 298527

Im glad to hear it works for you as well! It has been such a saving grace for me so I feel obligated to recommend it

No. 298551

My friend gave me a few Mario Badescu products that she tried but broke her out, I tried each of them for a couple weeks but they also broke me out. Tried to get my boyfriend to at least use up the face wash so we weren't being wasteful but when even he didn't like it I just threw it all in the trash kek. That rose water witch hazel toner was some of the most heinous shit I've ever put on my face, would not recommend

No. 298563

I know it's cheap but I use the Vitamin E moisturiser from Superdrug. It's pretty good at it's job

No. 298567

fuck I wish this were cruelty free

No. 298568

the only thing I've ever used for MB was the aha botanical body soap and it helped clear up my backne. never used any of their other products tho

No. 298692

The vit E line is actually underrated. I buy my mother products from it because they're the only ones that don't cause her to break out in an itchy rash.

No. 298782

File: 1668193670854.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1245, 166114BF-A9D5-4E2F-8E2A-83AE51…)

Has anyone tried the Chanel Le Lift series? Thoughts?

No. 298801

Luxe skincare is a scam.

No. 298802

My experience with Chanel makeup and skincare products is horrible. They're cheap and hike up the price because they can do so by using their name. I wouldn't give my money to them if I were you.

Western ones are anyway. Nothing wrong with spending big on Sulwhasoo products.

No. 298805

I actually bought chanel makeup products for my mother and she loves it. I apply it for her and it goes on like a dream but honestly I help my mom take care of her skin and she looks good for her age too. I have one product for myself which is the chanel balm it's like a Highlighter and I actually really like it. The packaging makes me feel good. I will say though it is expensive, so it's a treat. I'm sure there are products that work the same, like Estee lauder products but in a lower price point.

No. 298816

Packaging is good but the products are shit. Your mother probably isn't a good source as standards for makeup has greatly increased since even just 10 years ago.

No. 299746

File: 1668641477743.jpg (157.46 KB, 1000x1000, s.jpg)

I guess this question goes here? I have dry lips and no matter how much lip balm I apply it doesn't help (I currently use a lip balm from the body shop).
Would it help if I switched over to Vaseline? I have also seen some places sell honey bee wax lip balm which tbh sounds interesting but it also kinda sounds like snake oil. Does anyone have any experience with it?

No. 299748

File: 1668642769641.jpeg (355.91 KB, 1836x3264, 0375777A-E766-49EC-AF05-13DA0E…)

Can anyone tell me about dermarolling or dermastamping? I'm desperate to get rid of pigmentation around my mouth (pic rel is off Reddit and is similar but not mine, I'm POC) that won't go away with topicals but I really can't afford clinic treatments. This is the last thing I can think of that I haven't tried but my research told me DIY pens get blunt after a few uses and is hard to sterilize. I'm desperate.
Why would it be snake oil? Beeswax is one of many kinds of waxes/fats that will keep in any existing moisture on your lips.
Vaseline is really effective in my experience, I used to use a regular tub of it for my lips each night but I personally wasn't comfortable with putting petroleum products near my mouth.

No. 299765

if you use a toothpaste that has sulfates make sure to wipe your mouth after you brush your teeth. they dry the skin out and an occlusive lip balm can lock them in and keep your lips dry. other than that vaseline is good but it's also an occlusive so it just locks whatever's on your lips in. you'd have to drink water before applying it if you want to use it

No. 299774

I had the same problem. If you have super dry lips than waxy or petroleum products aren’t going to work, all they do is lock in moisture and if you don’t have any moisture to begin with your lips will still be dry. You need some kind of hyaluronic acid based lip product to actually put moisture back into the lip skin. They used to sell some kind of liquid lip hydrator in my country made for extremely dry lips, but I don’t think you can get it anymore. I’m on my last roller of the stuff.

No. 299777

what is the most simple, idiot-proof way use retinol? I'm mainly tapping it onto my giant forehead wrinkle at night after a shower, slathering Cerave on it and the rest of my face once it's dry, and no serums or boosters or anything else, just spf the next day. I don't think I'm getting much out of it but I don't want a 9 step routine. im super prone to acne and don't want to fuck anything else up further.nis there a lazy woman's way or will I have to put in more effort for results?

No. 299783

i have a derminator 2 and definitely recommend it since you can replace your needle cartridges and it makes smooth pricks along the skin without microtears. definitely look into it if you haven't yet. also would recommend rohto melano cc vitamin c essence if you don't already have a vit c serum to treat your hyperpigmentation.

No. 299817

You're doing it right, it just takes a long time for it to give visible results.

No. 299823

Thanks for the advice, anons. I'll look into all the stuff you have mentioned

No. 300226

lactose intolerance breaks me out but i can not fully quit dairy forever. if anybody has a birthday i crave cake. and they won't order dairy free. there are pills which make digestion issues go away but they don't do anything for the acne. do you know of any that would help that?

No. 300227

Okay, I hope melano CC works for me. The only other vit C I tried was from TO and I haaated it for how oily it felt. When do needles on a dermapen need replacing? I heard some people say they go blunt immediately but to be honest I'd be making one cartridge last as long as I can make it.

No. 300253

Hope you'll like the melano. I tried it after a few other anons recommended it on here and in comparison to my prior product (Dr Brenner's Skinceutical dupe) I felt the CC was more effective. As far as needle longevity, from what I recall you can probably do 3-4 uses but after that the needles tend to go blunt. Even if you're on a budget, I wouldn't push it. Owndoc (the company that made the derminator 2) sells dermastamps for $9+ depending on many mm's and needles you want. They also sell a disinfectant powder if you're looking to reuse needles for a couple of bucks. I love Owndoc (promise I'm not a shill) but the only downside for me is that they're located in Romania, so shipping can take a good week or more. That may not be a problem for you depending on where you live, but if you're far that just means you'll have to practice some patience till your items to arrive. Again, highly recommend you check them out, esp as an information resource because they've conducted plenty of studies on the subject and have a wealth of information in their site.
>TO Vit C
I have one of their squalene retinols. It's oily too and doesn't seem to do shit lol