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No. 342326

same rules as last time. you can say whatever you want as long as it pertains to romantic or sexual fantasies about other women and isn’t talking about dicks. if its not a fantasy go to the lesbian/bi thread.

No. 342331

Why couldn't you link to the old thread in the op

No. 342337

Forgot sorry, here it is >>>/g/66358

No. 342344

Yayyy thank you for using a matching threadpic to the last one I love you anon

No. 342379

Cheers to a new thread of beautiful degeneracy

No. 342397

File: 1690580693486.jpg (27.36 KB, 564x564, 23e013a15fbf5f7f25c339b57c2211…)

I want to deeply inhale an older women's fur coat and rub my face against it.

No. 342440

No prob, I found it within the thread

No. 342472

I want to go to a lesbian bar and catch the eye of a rich classy older woman who will take me home like a pathetic cat left in the rain and baby me and shower me in gifts and rail me with assorted straps until I pass out from exhaustion (naturally she will bathe me)

No. 342475

speaking of those activities anon, that reminds me I was just thinking I want to strap a handsome woman about 10 years older than me and then after she dozes from exhaustion i clean her up lovingly and kiss her sleeping eyelids and go to sleep spooning her (i want to be big spoon even though she will be taller than me) (i want to spoil and baby an adorable, tall, slightly androgynous woman so bad)

No. 342477

this is obviously 100% fantasy and idek where it came from but I fantasize about being on a close-knit university(?) sports team and a new, shy, tomboyish younger-year player joins the team and somehow when changing/showering as a group she winds up getting teased by the captain for having a "cute pussy" after she saw it when she bent over, and then we all want to see and it and it moves into touching and commenting on it and then eventually to full blown groping and pussy licking on the floor of the locker room where everyone is taking turns making out with her and eating her pussy and leaving hickeys on her body and cooing over her while she's totally overwhelmed and embarrassed (but enjoying it) and we ravish her until she's exhausted from cumming so many times

No. 342478

Eating her pussy isn’t enough. I want to crawl inside of her and melt into her body or something. Do you ever think maybe Freud was on to something?

No. 342534

File: 1690656051743.png (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB, 1638x918, Untitled.png)

I want to be in picrel as one of the rabbit masks and the rest of the masks are also women. I want to please my queen and she can order me to do whatever she wants. Even better if all the women and me are dressed just like picrel but anything works

No. 342540

The whole idea of female arousal makes me so horny. Like a woman's pussy getting wet because she's turned on and it gets engorged with blood, she can feel it throb, lawd. I think it might be because I have trouble getting wet myself and just general arousal problems, but I find it so hot. This is a bit shameful to me but sometimes I get horny when I read about anons on here and other female-ibs talking about their pussies even if it's in context of them getting horny over some dude, but reading about it makes me go crazy. I want my mouth to be attached to a pussy 24/7, fuck. Also, I want to let a woman feel how wet she made me by putting her hands in my underwear and feel her fingers slide in easily all while I'm still wearing all of my clothes- OK FULL STOP

No. 342543

The fucking Barbie movie. I was so wet I thought I'd soak through my jeans. Something about an aggressively pink, ultra-feminine Margot Robbie just gets me. And the feet scene, holy fuck. I owe every footfag in the world an apology.

No. 342588

I want to pull a taller woman down into a kiss by her tie SO bad. Especially if she's not expecting it.

No. 342620

anon this is wild, we have the exact same fantasy

i've also had another one for years where i catch my college roommate masturbating, film her then blackmail her with the film unless she does what i want. she acts so embarrassed but secretly loves it. i also like the idea of making her watch the recording while playing with her pussy & telling her what a naughty, dirty girl she is for enjoying it.

No. 342885

Lately I’ve been fantasizing about fingerfucking a cute soft butch against a wall in the back of a club or something. I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist/into voyeur. The idea of wanting each other so much that you can’t wait is so hot to me. But specifically in this fantasy, we’d lead each other to the back of the room/to a dark corner and make out, before I’d slip my hand down her trousers and start fingering her through her boxers. Just imagining how wet she’d be through them, and her breath in my ear as I bit her neck or something has me losing my mind. We’d carry on like this until it got too hard to hide and we’d fumble our way back to one of our flats to finish our fun. Ideally this would end with me topping her but I’m not too picky, I’m a major switch into all varieties of butch/femme/everything in between so the fantasy also works for me imagining eating a hot femme out from under her dress in the back of a club.

No. 342893

I need her pee in my life

No. 343039

I need to spoil a girl with gifts and fancy lingerie and expensive vodka and whatnot and then peg and make out with her for as long as we can go

No. 343041

anon… peg? or strap. kek

No. 343155

I respect women who love their partners to wear boxers, but i do not understand them. I LOVE panties. I especially love them on masculine, dapper women– taking off a belt and crisply ironed suit pants to reveal cute panties? Exquisite. Absolutely nothing better. I also have a huge thing for touching and playing with a woman through her underwear. Idk how to describe it but the subtle "bump" shape her labia make under the fabric is so sexy it makes my brain explode. I would love to just be able to poke and squish and play with it over the fabric for a ridiculously long time… I guess that's my fantasy.

No. 343166

same, this is really degenerate but i commonly get off to imagining watching a woman pee using one of those asian-style squat toilets. The cute squatting pose and unobstructed view of the act makes me crazy horny. I also fantasize about her letting me pat her dry and feeling the warmth of her genitals through the paper I do not know why i'm like this.

No. 343225

Isnt pegging the same thing as strapping? I swear Ive heard other lesbians say “peg”

No. 343226

I googled it and apparently pegging is specifically a mans ass… idk how I didnt know the difference

No. 343349

you know when pussy hugs a thick dildo and her lips look so plump & stretched, and you can tell she's been at it for a while because her pussy is blushing. which is the main reason i prefer smooth pussy, in fact. you can see the blush.
fuck i'm so hornyyyyyyyyyy

No. 343355

Feel like a degen I apologize in advance. But I wish a female vampire could smell when I'm on my period and sneak into my room to bite me and when I'm afraid of being bitten she offers an alternative and. Well.

No. 343358

Inspired by the current discussion in the lesbo thread.
I really want a woman to shave me. Ass up, face down. Feel the razor sliding over my skin. Feel her spreading and tugging and moving and applying lotion. Submission, embarrassment, arousal, anticipation, a pinch of exhibitionism.

No. 343369

I don't like a full shaved look, but i would love to do a limited version of what you mention to a woman even if just once. You're right, it is super intimate. But I wouldn't know how since I don't do it myself kek.

Dark, wavy or straight pubes are super hot to me. Especially the look of them around down either side of the vulva idk why but that type of hair in that spot is "cute" to me.

No. 343384

I want to make a woman cum so many times in a row she goes incoherent, begging me to keep going and to stop at the same time

No. 343385

i recently developed a thing for shoes/feet. If i got to watch a woman take off a really nice pair of elegant men's dress shoes/socks I'd probably soak through my underwear. Also I saw a shot of two people cuddling with their feet touching and oh god I want to do that too. I know that sounds basic but im a retarded permavirgin so even just that makes me yearn hardcore.

No. 343553

I don't know where this comes from because I don't even have any real feeling in my nipples, but I want to (fake) breastfeed a handsome, dignified woman. Someone who always tries hard to appear cooly professional. I want to cradle her head and pet her short hair and kiss her temples while she sucks on my boob. I know her lips would look adorable latched onto me.

No. 343559

I forgot to mention she would also be about 10-15 years older than me… so cute

No. 343565

I want a woman with a larger than average clit to let me play with it and suck on it.

No. 343579

Read through the last thread and accidentally unlocked a new fantasy that I can't stop thinking about. I was a TIF for years (pre-everything, just short hair and a binder, although came dangerously close to T arc), and even though I have since stopped identifying as such, the "terfy lesbian who fucks a TIF and makes her realize she's a woman" thing has been keeping me up at night. I just think it'd be stupid hot to have a crypto gf who pretends to be supportive, but once we're in bed she can't stop pointing out how feminine my waist is, how wide my hips are, groping my breasts, talking about my pussy while she fingers me, telling me to ditch the stupid larp and be her cute little girlfriend instead, etc. I feel insane. Kill me.

No. 343633

I’m sitting here Monday morning getting nothing done at work, soaking through my panties due to fantasizing. I want her to finger me while looking at it up close and commenting on every tiny way my pussy reacts to what she’s doing. And then after so much teasing I want to cum around her fingers while she praises me. God help me get through this day. Ovulating is the WORST.

No. 343642

fuck you nona i wanted to post the exact same shit itt today too, maybe then i'll finally learn to love and accept myself as a woman
i also think that the typical ftmtf fantasies tifs have are fucking stupid since they involve a chauvinistic moid who only abuses them unlike a terf lesbian who (maybe) would have much better intentions.

No. 343646

I work in recording studios and my biggest fantasy is specifically for an older female composer or musician to catch me during a smoke break, reach into my pants and make me cum while anyone could walk in. Staying clothed is a major part of it, it loses all interest to me if I were to unbutton anything.

damn nonna I'm so insecure about freaking out other women because of mine that I never thought anyone could find it hot. Maybe I'll start dating again

No. 343650

nta but I find the OP's fantasy hot as hell too!

No. 343651

You've committed the grave sin of depriving us from your clit for many months. Years, maybe. It's a terrible offense, anon. You must repent, and there is only one way to get absolution.

No. 343652

The irony is that I can't get anywhere remotely close to orgasm without clit stimulation. The first time someone actually sucked it properly the orgasm struck me by such surprise I threw the pillow across the room.
Tbh having another woman take a long time playing with it in kind of a pussy worship way is a huge turn on I've never admitted to myself.

No. 343655

I am so happy to see that I'm not the only one into this. One of my biggest fantasies is a woman with a large clit telling me to get on my knees and give her head, only opening her trousers a bit instead of removing them Bonus points if she grabs my hair and pumps into my mouth

No. 343656

File: 1691436513645.jpg (55.48 KB, 1280x720, screams in agony.jpg)

nona you're putting extremely impure thoughts in my head thanks. Your fantasy is exactly the same as mine too except the trousers go down to around thigh/knee level and and just face fucks me like your fantasy while my fingers dig into her legs as I try to maintain my balance. Sucking, licking and worshipping is great but even better when she takes charge like I said earlier. Absolutely peak if she's dressed all smart and classy like a suit and we're somewhere nice like a cityscape rooftop or outside her office, where she uses/needs me for a quick 'release' during her smoke/coffee break before getting back to work or clocking off. Aaaaghhh I'm never going to find something like this where I am!

No. 343664

Oh my god anon what have you done to me my fantasy has evolved now tysm

No. 343670

I’m the original anon with the fantasy and my mouth is literally watering that’s so hot. Get back out there you crazy daughter of a gun, there are countless women who want to suck your clit I guarantee it.
in contrast to other anons my top version of this fantasy actually involves a more submissive woman who is shy and gets embarrassed and overwhelmed by me doing nasty (good) things to her clit

No. 343673

I need you guys to collaborate on a smut novel and post it here

No. 343682

not directed at you but your fantasy but i would love to be that for someone i had a tif ex and i don't want to think of her specifically like that anymore because it's kind of creepy but the idea is still really hot to me. i wish she detransed/desisted, she is still to this day the handsomest butch i was ever blessed to see let alone get close with. i think she made me kind of a chaser kek since ever since being with her i've only been attracted to her type most (if not all as a zoomer) of which are tifs wishing you well nonita

No. 343694

Nona you get me…I had heard of the male ones but they gross me out. I mean I don't like men to begin with, but those scenarios are always so misogynistic and self-serving and disrespectful, whereas my imaginary crypto gf would love me so much she'd put up with me being retarded because she knows I just have body issues to work out, which she is more than happy to assist with kek. Although I do think it would be hot if she was kind of manipulative and maybe a little evil, just not in a moid way. It's for a good cause!!

Prayer circle you find what you're looking for, I get why it feels creepy but I personally would be flattered if I knew I contributed to my ex becoming kind of a chaser though kek

No. 343708

You know this thread is getting good when the whole thread starts turning black kek

No. 343756

same i want to make out really slow and gentle with her clit and lips after she cums. not eating out (at least at first) but just straight up frenching kissing her pussy

No. 343757

when I had learned women could have bigger clit than average it drove me nut. Since then I always think about how good it would be to suck on a big clit, making it move between my lips, putting a finger in her vagina to feel her contract and help her to cum harder. My fav fantasy around it at the moment would be an nlog borderline tif who think she is better than other gils because she dress masc and is tall, but hide the fact she almost was never a bottom. She would be on her back and I would get her trousers and underwear down enough for me to see her bush and sun deprived thighs, then snuck my head in between, and start to lick and kiss her most inner thighs until I start to go at her labias. She would be so embarassed because she is not used to it and stare at me the whole time, when I start to suck her clit and get her going, she would thrust her pelvis in my face instinctively. She would even try to grab my hair but would open back her hand before grasping when she would feel her pleasure spiking. I would even slightly press on her lower belly so she could contract her muscles stronger against it.
Same, feel and taste the wetness on the labias, wrap my lips around each millimeter of it, leaving little pecks on her clit

No. 343819

Everyone in these last few posts has managed to terribly turn me on, just knowing some women love bigger clits makes me feel a lot better about letting someone go down on me again.

Also being an ex-tif, in the couple years my hormones took to bounce back I was pretty bashful and awkward. Being confidently feminine now, it'd be so hot to help another detransitioner in that stage love her body and explore her sexuality, reassuring her I know what she's going through and she's no less of a desirable woman.

No. 343838

File: 1691527839815.gif (180.83 KB, 384x408, oh my.gif)

If you saw me delete and repost multiple times to fix things. You didn't. Mono fonts are hard to read… Glad to help KEK. And to expand on that, the second runner up in that fantasy of mine would be the same setting but instead of standing, she's seated. Wearing the same clothes and pretty much mostly clothed, but her pants and panties would be down to her ankles, it looks so good on top of her dress shoes (but heels work too). She'd preferably be seated on a black leather chair or a slightly fuzzy red sofa next to a fireplace of some sort. I thought about how it'd be great if I was eating her out from under a desk in those high rise pricey CEO offices with glass windows that showcases the night city, which is while fantastic, I think it's even better without it. Because I want to be able to look up and see her bush and her face twist slightly in pleasure and all the light grunts and moans coming out of her. Due to the nature of her position she can't comfortably or easily move against me but instead I'm pulling the weight, I would hungrily flick my tongue against her big clit and roughly suck on it in intervals and it would be peak if she has big lips too and I'd be able to feel them rub against mine as her body involuntarily jerks and twitches and my lower face would be soaking wet and slick with pussy juice. My fingers would be digging into her thighs (in my head they're thick enough to have that 'indentation') while she one of her hands clutching the side of my head or pulling my hair, the other clawing at the chair's armrest. Every now and then between the gasping, moaning and wet sounds she'd bark orders at me, telling me to go faster, slower, or do something else. And depending on my performance, she'd either chide me and demean me verbally or praise me like a good girl. If I perform horribly enough, she'd grasp my cheeks, roughly pulling my face up and lean forward-downwards to be face to face with me with pure rage and lust in her eyes before threatening me to do a better job with a ton of insults alongside it before flicking/flinging my head back roughly to her pussy and sternly yelling at me to continue. I can only hope she's okay with me reaching down my pants and masturbating (But most of the time I fantasize that I'm allowed to because kek my own clit would definitely be diamonds at this point too and I'd be itching to touch myself). Usually this is where the fantasy stops but sometimes I would go further and think about how after she climaxes, she'd shove me to the ground and start unbuttoning her shirt and stripping off her clothes (optional, she could be just taking off her pants proper) before tearing off all of mine. And then she'd grab my thigh and force my leg open in a slightly angled towards the ceiling way and start grinding her big hard clit against mine. The friction and motions would send bursts of electricity throughout my body as I get closer and closer to the edge. The room would be completely silent except for moans, grunts, heavy breathing and wet flesh rubbing against one another. Her fingernails would be digging into the flesh of my thigh that she's holding up so hard that it draws some blood, and she'd lean over at some point to claw at one of my boobs with her other free hand while muttering insults at me to herself.

Anyway when she's done she'd just get up, get dressed and get out. At least her perfume smelled really nice too.

Sometimes I pretend that I'm her, I just swap between both of the positions depending on my mood. Unfortunately I am neither tall like her in my fantasy or have a big clit. Feels bad


if it helps to boost your ego even further, I actually like T-clits but honestly any big one would do too.

No. 343841

I want to have like 30 minutes straight to smell and kiss and lick and suck on my crush’s neck. She has suck a gorgeous sexy neck it’s unreal. And it leads right into the hottest jawline ever, all while still being soft and kissable looking. I want to do this so bad I could die of longing.

No. 343842

>Sometimes I pretend that I'm her, I just swap between both of the positions depending on my mood.
Other people do this too?! When I fantasize, I often switch between her and me multiple times even in one sitting, I thought I was the only one.

No. 343846

I'm saving my first time for a really committed relationship and I imagine she would be really experienced and get off to being my first and taking my virginity KEK. Pretty sure I'm dying a virgin though but it's hot to think about how I would be giving my hypothetical first my virginity as a really meaningful "present" this way, or at least it's very meaningful to me. But I'm no stranger to orgasms.

No. 343861

File: 1691542897759.jpg (31.64 KB, 563x415, bdf551bb96f2c9d975508c5a26cf82…)

How do other nonas deal with having fantasies that will never come true? For me that unfortunately applies to all of my fantasies because the type of woman I like is ultra-rare and would never be into me. I realize this is my own problem but it's just how I am and I can't change it.
Do you think that maybe it's better to repress or try to ignore fantasies? Idk if it's possible but I'm thinking I might try. Get into a monk mindset or something? Because for me it's starting to get really, really painful and it only hurts worse the more I fantasize. I know people say "it's unhealthy to deny yourself basic human desires" like intimacy and romantic love, but for those of us for whom those things are not in the cards (for whatever reason), what is the best way to cope? This is a genuine question btw, I really could use some insight.

No. 343892

I don't think repressing your fantasies is the right idea, but I think you should try to explore other fantasies. I get where you're coming from btw. In my default fantasies, I'm a man fucking a woman. It's clearly the result of internalized homophobia and sexism. I want to be dominant, in control, rough and not fall over whenever anyone gives me pleasure (side note: does this happen to other women? it's so annoying)

I don't know about your fantasies, but this is entirely unachievable. It also was making me feel bad about myself. But trying to repress it made it taboo…which got me off more. So it wasn't a good idea. I started trying out other fantasies instead where I'm a woman. It's taken a while and I'm not perfect, but this thread helps a lot. I fully believe you can retrain your brain in this area. I also quit porn a few years prior to starting this.

You could keep your initial fantasies around if they aren't totally unachievable, but it sounds like they're impacting your life and making you feel like shit. Exploring new things can be exciting too! Best of luck to you anon

No. 343949

Nta but I also fall over I think? I become floppy and useless. I just pray other women find it cute but I'm more submissive so it's not as distressing I guess. Good luck nona, I think you gave good advice.

No. 344019

I want to wear a short skirt and knee socks, no underwear, to my friend's house then get drunk. I will "accidentally" expose myself. I'd be extremely embarrassed and she'd call me a tease and start fingering me. I tend to get really wet and we'd just make a mess. She'd fuck me hard and I'd scratch her back and leave a bunch of bite marks. We'd have bloody sex while she makes fun of me for being so desperate and trying to trick her into fucking me. Saying something like, "you could have asked if you wanted me so bad".

No. 344115

Kinda fucked up. Spoilered because blood and injury. I've been imagining a very deliberate scenario where my gf is not really human. Elf, werewolf, vampire, whatever. The important thing is, she has a crazy healing factor. All her wounds close up in minutes, so when she loses her virginity, the hymen just heals back to normal. And she likes it broken, again and again, with my fingers or strap on.
Sometimes I imagine myself in her place. A bunch of girls running a train on me and taking my virginity every time, blood and all, while I moan like a masochistic slut and beg for more.

No. 344290

idk if this is some sort of weird case of internalized homophobia or something and this is kinda fucked up but i fantasize about straight to lesbian conversion, except not in the way that i wish to convert someone else into being a lesbian, but i fantasize about being a straight woman who is kidnapped and made into a lesbian sex slave and converted into a lesbian by that. or i guess i am not exactly a straight woman in my fantasy because part of the fantasy is more about giving in to my lesbian urges so i guess i fantasize about being a closeted lesbian woman then. anyway still problematic i guess.

No. 344294

Girl doesn't that just make you bisexual

No. 344310

how? the fantasy doesn't involve any males or in general about anything about attraction to males, don't be retarded.
"damn i wish a woman forced me to act out my lesbian urges"
"this is about attraction to males obviously"

like sorry for not being the perfect radfem lesbian but to me being lesbian and being attracted to women just still feels like a forbidden thing i am not supposed to be doing like i am a pervert or something but i guess that is not girlbossy enough or whatever

No. 344318

no need to fight, im sure anon just misinterpreted your post after a quick read. I initially thought the same thing but on second read through I understood.

No. 344319

I want to come back from a long day and be cuddled in bed by a woman with a relaxing voice while she fingers me and talks low in my ear… even better if it’s her place and the bed smells like her… I would melt… I’m really craving slow and intimate sex scenarios lately

No. 344320

In my fantasies I can never decide if I want to be dominant or more submissive. Even if I start off fantasizing about being dominated, I’ll end up slipping into fantasizing about dominating her instead, and vice versa. Both are so good, I can’t choose.

No. 344322

Sitting on the leg of an older woman with huge tits and sucking on them while I grind my clit on her leg. Just absolutely going to town like I’m a feral animal.

No. 344339

File: 1691891177016.jpg (49.93 KB, 547x729, the_end.JPG)

This is really dark, so I will spoil all of it, but if I'm being honest with myself this is my biggest most intense fantasy. Just thinking about it gives me such a rush of bliss that it's like nothing else. I've had this fantasy for almost 10 years.
my fantasy is about being in deep, heart-and-soul love with another woman who happens to be just as suicidal as me, and we decide after some happy years together to commit suicide together. In my fantasy we spend the day in bed just cuddling and kissing and gazing at each other, and at some point we have sex, really loving and passionate but also zen sex, and after we're both satisfied and basking in the afterglow we both take an overdose of some drug like heroine or something (idk anything about drugs, but just a drug that feels amazing to take and knocks you out) and as it's hitting we hold each other close and relax until our consciousness fades for the last time. Variations of the end of this fantasy include imagining being found holding each other by someone else afterwards, or me somehow not taking enough and coming back to consciousness to find my partner already gone and kissing her forehead and crying happy/sad tears for just a little while before I take another dose that actually kills me.
As it is right now, I have no plans in real life to kill myself, but if I ever happened to have the luck to fall in love with another passively suicidal woman I'd be as good as dead, kek.

No. 344343

I started having these fantasies about starting a secret office affair with a coworker. she's this kind of nerdy, smart, quiet woman, older than me (30s?) but shy enough to come off as comparatively submissive and inexperienced. in my fantasy, she's into women, insanely horny about it, but too buttoned-up, shy, and repressed to ever make the first move… and maybe seeing me being out in a very casual way has made her a little curious about me. I picture a group of us being sent to a conference out of state where there's nothing else to do but spend the whole day attending conference things and then get shitfaced with coworkers after. we've all spent a little too much time drinking in the hotel dining room after a very long day, and me and a gay male coworker are talking about our life and gay friends and exes. he mentions a friend who left his boyfriend for a woman or something, and he makes a throwaway joke like "I think everyone's a little bit bi, you know?" The Coworker, being super drunk and uncharacteristically outspoken (and maybe having gay sex on the mind after hearing us talk), blurts out something like "I totally agree, I mean… all women are at least a little into other women, right? haha!" (from the sort of girls who usually say these things, this would be annoying, but it's different here.) I protest, "I don't know about that, really." she's insistent: "no, ever since my [ex-boyfriend/ex-husband/whatever] I don't know if I could ever date another guy. I've always gotten along better with women, after all." I say, "you're just a little broken hearted." she says, "no, I'd rather sleep with someone like you than like any guy I could think of." gay coworker laughs this off as silly banter, and I roll with it and teasingly ask: wow, you'd really have forbidden office sex with a coworker, _____? she replies, god yes. direct eye contact. prolonged pause. it was a little too sincere. a little lightheaded after that response, I say I'm getting up to get some water and step away. on my way out, she intercepts me and says, "I am so sorry if I crossed a line, I've been drinking, I'm an idiot." I look directly in her eyes, touch her forearm, and ask: "do you wanna come back to my hotel room?"
I lead her there by the hand after she nods. we are very casual and discreet on the walk over, but I have been absolutely dying, from the second we left the dining room, to suck on every part of her, and my lips have been tingling in anticipation of placing them against willing skin. as soon as we get the door closed, I push her against the wall and just completely let go: pull her close to me by the waist; pass over her waist, chest, back, butt with my hands; kiss her lips, neck, ears, shoulders; suck her tongue; suck her neck. I gently pull her (modest and work-appropriate) skirt up while backing her up against a big armchair, sit her on the edge of it, spread her legs wide, and bury my face in her pussy. I breathe her in and kiss her all over her pussy and thighs and bush and stomach and I'm throbbing by the time I pull her underwear down. I lick and suck her lips and clit completely without reservation, not even trying to play it cool or work up to it slowly, just absolutely lost and hypnotized by her pussy on my face. in this fantasy, she is an absolutely amazing lay with enough moaning and completely involuntary trembling to let me know that she's enjoying it as much as I am, and when she comes, I'm throbbing and dripping and spent along with her. she tells me it was amazing and shyly asks if she can try going down on me. I say, well… okay, but you can stop any time you want if you're not into it, since you don't even know if you really like women and all. she makes me come and it turns her on so much to eat pussy that I have to get her off again. I fuck her with my fingers and mouth at the same time and make her squirt a little. obviously, I lick every drop from every fold of her red and swollen pussy before crawling back up to the pillows.
I wanna make it clear that I'm not some delusional clingy lesbian expecting this to be anything but a one-time fantasy fulfillment for some random straight girl, so I tell her she's free to stay or head back to her room as long as she promises not to tell any of our coworkers, but she tells me it was amazing, she could do this every day for the rest of her life, etc. we both admit that it's been a while since our last relationship and we're really, really horny people, so we make an agreement to have some fun while we're both single. I picture us secretly fucking (and going out on the town and making out in public and having adventures) for the rest of the conference, on the plane, in the office in a private conference room during working hours, in our home city, etc but I'm getting pretty self conscious about the length of this post so I'll stop here
everything about this is a huge departure for me because I've never been into no strings attached sex or secret relationships or straight/questioning women and literally the least attractive thing in the world to me is a woman who isn't out… but I got out of a long relationship last year and I just miss eating pussy so much. so much.

No. 344366

This was oddly touching anon. I think you might like A Bride for Rip van Winkle.

No. 344387

This post made me incredibly sad

No. 344475

I want to slowly pull off a woman's bath robe and kiss her skin as I reveal it. He hair would be a little wet, and her skin would still be a little damp, and she'd smell like soap.

No. 344481

I want a woman to cook for me, maybe help me gain a little weight. actually i'd like to cook for her too.

No. 344488

File: 1691986320139.jpg (Spoiler Image,332.75 KB, 1500x1101, 7QCjtiL.jpg)

I fantasize so much about the one moment before sex where I'm spreading her legs. stock photo illustration included to make this post more journalistic feeling

No. 344589

File: 1692041615787.jpg (38.97 KB, 600x430, 1674826429236603.jpg)

I'm going feral. I need (and with need I mean NEED) a tomboy switch gf with a nice deep voice.
I would run my fingers through her soft short hair, get on my tiptoes to kiss her, cuddle on the couch after a long day, give her a massage.
She would whisper degrading things in my ear while plowing my pussy into the next dimension and immediately go back to her sweet loving self after climax, hugging me and telling me how much she loves me.
I would cuff her wrists behind her back, maybe blindfold her as well, and eat her out until my jaw's sore. I would kiss every inch of her and make her feel good.
I need this and I need it NOW. This is not a drill.

No. 344603

Knew it was heroin before I read that part of your post because I often entertain the same thought in my head as the utmost ideal best scenario situation. I sympathize.

No. 344655

File: 1692066667211.png (273.87 KB, 594x486, 6FD3ACA0-0203-4E64-B148-E3C44C…)

I keep trying to block this thought out, and for good reason. I have wronged this person’s friends, and I think I have wronged her. And, she’s taken. I need to fucking forget. I’ve forgotten for like 10 days at this point but I’m only transferring the addiction so now I’m just trying to tough it out. That’s all I’ll say.

I imagine one day I walk into her apartment and she’s just kind of standing there. I can imagine the exact outfit she’d be wearing. I don’t know why exactly she’d have this on around the house, but maybe she’d just gotten back from an event or something. She’d have on black heeled boots (short ones), pants that cover just the top of the boot, a black belt, and some kind of blouse or tanktop. She’d be angry at me about whatever, telling me she hates me and that I’m a terrible human being, to the point where I’m literally on the floor begging and crying for her to forgive me like an asshole. Then I’d just slowly get up from the floor and stare at her the whole time in silence. Then she’d just fucking grab me, very very forcefully, not even asking for my consent or anything and start making out with me. I don’t even know what we’d do after, but I’d enjoy the foreplay and her girlfriend finding out somehow.

I’m totally sane guys. Totally don’t have a thing for homewrecking and degradation at the same time, which doesn’t even make sense.

No. 344659

Spoiler if the rant ruins your mood
I feel like an asshole. I couldn’t give a shit about her friends because I never really liked them in the first place but what if she gets back and she’s angry at me? And at the same time I don’t want her to fake the fact she likes being around me, just because she’s too scared to hurt my feelings. Sometimes I just want to burn myself with a cigarette butt. It’s been three years, and I shouldn’t care anymore. I’ve just never met anyone like her. I’d hate to let her go, as I’m so lucky to know her, but I know nothing is going to happen if I hold on. I couldn’t live with myself if she hated me. She’s already given me a second chance.

No. 344668

File: 1692075977855.jpeg (289.67 KB, 1536x2048, 65585D69-7B26-4273-844E-5DD170…)

Two hours later and I’m still being horny about her. I wish I could type in all caps. God fucking damm it I need to have rough, hard sex where we rub pussies. This girl is such a loser, it’s unreal, but she turns me on so much. Kill me.

No. 344804

I wanna have casual sex with some bihet and blow her mind and leave her wanting more.
>um… were you interested in calling me back and doing it again sometime, nona? aren't lesbians supposed to be clingy and romantic and prone to u-hauling on the second date?
>oh, I would never dare stand between you and your boyfriend. have a good one!

No. 344806

My biggest fantasy is that one day women will stop treating bisexual women as simultaneously a fetish and an object of disdain. I know it’s very unrealistic though…

No. 344837

not sure why you thought it was appropriate to post about wanting to rp fujoshi dicks out male x male sex in the female fantasies thread, which is about "romantic or sexual fantasies about other women," not about bonding with a friend over gay male porn, but the general IQ of lolcow's userbase has never been high. Go back to containment

No. 344869

Hey, we have the same fantasy! What a coincidence!

No. 344974

>I wanna have casual sex with some bihet
UH-OH the moralnonfags are gonna have a field day with this o- -!
>literally the next post

shut the fuck up we went through this at the last thread

No. 345031

This is a super weird fantasy but… I want to be taken back to the hotel room of a strikingly beautiful cross-dressing woman (idk why she is cross-dressing, it's not important) who has for whatever reason gone the extra mile and stuffed some socks in her slacks. She would sit down on the hotel room chair with her legs apart, slouching down a little, and tell me to get on her lap. We'd make out and she'd breathlessly tell me to grind on her. I'd start grinding on the bulge in her pants made by the socks, which would stimulate her clit inside her pants, and it would feel so good that we can't stop doing it and both wind up cumming from that, still fully dressed but sweaty as hell. I feel like this way of getting off is like the equivalent to mutual pillow-humping kek

No. 345032

i've packed with a sock and it wouldn't work like that, sorry nona. the sock would just slide off and migrate to somewhere else in her pants since it's not attached to anything, and they're also thin unless she'd stuff something into them.
there are packers that are glued to the skin though, they're silicone and they very well could work for that, but would a cross-dressing woman and not a full-on TIF even need them? they are expensive

No. 345033

Gross, the fantasy isn't about a TIF and packers are disgusting and weird as fuck. Recommending a "packer" glued to the SKIN? fucking nasty. Take your trans shit elsewhere, when I posted my fantasy I was not asking for a list of all the weird ass ways TIFs try to glue replica penises to themselves.

No. 345036

well as long as anons keep posting about their creepy hate-fuck fantasies about """""bihets""""" it's probably gonna keep happening. I don't know how to articulate to you that describing wanting to have sex with someone you hate (and strawman directly in the post) and then sneer at them after you fuck them is pretty unsettling. If I hated a group of people that much I would not want my pussy anywhere near them.

No. 345037

i wasn't recommending anything, you just posted about a "bulge created by socks to make an illusion of a moid's dick", that's exactly what a packer is

No. 345038

If you can't comprehend the difference between a wad of socks and a silicone mold of an actual penis, you are too far gone for me to continue to engage with, so I will not. Thanks for ruining the fun though. Typical TIF behavior.

No. 345039

sock packers are packers too, they're very common with teenage TIFs who don't have the money for a silicone dick. "i'm not gay if i'm attracted to trannies!!" moid tier denial

No. 345040

>"i'm not gay if i'm attracted to trannies!!" moid tier denial
what are you even talking about. not only did I never mention trannies, i explicitly said I was not into them and by extension not into their weird penis replicas that you seem to have an inordinate amount of knowledge about.

No. 345047

How do elder millenials doing the """"sarcasm quotes""" in 2023 even find this website

No. 345056

can we keep it to fantasies and not logistics here thanks
this inspired me and now i basically have a whole roster of scenarios to imagine whenever i need. female athletes with high sex drives who spend a lot of time together and share locker and hotel rooms, what could possibly happen… i had a big erotica addiction so sorry if some of these are coomery
• the cute pussy thing evolves into a whole orgy and there's some playful bullying at the end where the ace player who's known for riding everyone's ass, rides her face as she eats out our exhausted protagonist (I'l call her A). she keeps goading and edging that cute pussy until she feels A spasm one last time and A's rapid, almost hyperventilating breaths and moans on her vulva. Ace player is so turned on she barely grinds into A's face before she comes as well - so hard her vision goes white, and when it returns she sees A's pussy slick pooling and dripping off the locker room bench
• the ladies are training up on flexibility and endurance for a state championship. someone brings up tribbing and scissoring, and now the whole team is doing pair exercises and each woman is trying to out-scissor the other for longer. a popular tactic has been to wrest control of the tempo by locking her legs and using the momentum of the bouncing motion to make sure she's drowning in pleasure too much to recover her own pace (cue a whole scissor/trib competition bracket, if you want more sillyness)
• the captain is graduating next year! the team needs a new captain, and since the top 2 candidates are so neck-and-neck, the captain has decided that whoever lasts longest in her own challenge will be her successor. cue a threesome where one of the positions is the candidates scissoring in a 90° angle (like |_, they're flexible now, whatever) while the captain messes with them both with a vibrator as she presses up against one of them from behind and plays with both their boobs. bonus points if the captain also has a vibrator on her pussy thats linked to the one she's tormenting the candidates with, so their speeds and other settings are the same. bonus bonus points if one of the tech-ier teammates helped set up the whole system and is playing with herself with another linked up vibrator, imagining what could be going on and wishing she was in that challenge instead
• ace player can't get enough of A's dripping wet pussy that twitches at the slightest stimulus. everyone's been playing with her and that only heightened her sensitivity. she almost begs A to let her eat A out, and right after A agrees, crowds A against the nearest wall and drops to her knees until A's slick is running down her jaw and onto her lap and A is trembling, red-faced, barely staying upright and balanced. bonus if ace player scoops up some of the slick that got on her lap and sticks that hand down her pants to get herself off too

No. 345060

Same, I think "succubus who turns women into lesbians" should be something used more often

No. 345074

Love how you didn’t have any response to my point except to hone in on my punctuation and (incorrectly) assume my demographic kek

No. 345341

File: 1692393430612.jpg (67.05 KB, 720x533, 1631567111224.jpg)

Each time I see Lucinda with her natural hair it drive me nut. I have this fantasy of her finishing her spooky bonespo era and going into her fit king era. She would find a career in a loony bin for ED and be a caretaker there ( or whatever the ppl manhandling you there are called ).

I would be a short chubby girl in the ward in terrible need of attention. Would create all type of useless drama.

Lucinda would be wearing tomboyish light sport wear to be able to work, her slim toned body would be tan, her old scars glistening. Her dark curly hair would brush against her cheekbones in a simple shag cut.

I would always try to get her attention by acting frail but be tough in front of the other patients. I would make her shifts miserable by doing everything in the attention whore book, from faking fainting to refusing meds. Each time she would loom over me with her knee bent and hands on hips saying :

" okaih nonna stop beinh a chivkgrn, your an unicirn princess remember "

One day were the patients would be let out to roam around in the facility exterior yard with a few care takers, I would be abnormaly calm. The sun was shining, I was slowly walking through the warm breeze. We finally have to get back in, I don't even protest, just calmely go through the doors, last in line. Luci count us, everything is good. Oh no. She made a mistake. Not wanting to be in trouble with the other workers she let the other patients go into the building calmely, than rush out. She know my fat ass don't have the cardio she has now that she is king of gains. Her eagle eye spot me running toward the yard's back wall, she shout
Lucy is closing in on me, she appear to my right, turn her head to look at me and leap on me like a Ballerina. She let out a short and strong athletic scream. She then savagely pin me to the ground, carefully stoping my noggin' from bouncing on the hard soil. I used the adrenaline left in me to crawl out of under her put I get stuck against a tree. While I try to get back up by using the trunk as support, Lucinda swiftly kabedon me. Towering over my scrawled down body, her bouncy curls hide her face. Like a moment stoped in time, each of us trying to figure out our next move, I see the light breeze making her locks sway against her fit arm, firmly pressed on the tree. A pump was travelling all through her heavily breathing body. As I try to side step she slam her other palm on the tree's bark next to my head. I let out a little squeal. She grunt ounce and sway her hips and lower body to stabilise her footing. I can feel her breathing in my face.

-" your z princess not a chicken remember ? ".
I try to say a thing but I can't make up even a word, her sparkling brown eyes are staring at my face and slowly panning down my body to see if I got hurt. My clothes were a bit torn, and my body all sweaty and red from the action that just went on.
All of a sudden I feel the intense shame from what I put her through during the whole stay, I shield my own body with my arms and tell her :

-" I'm sorry Luci, I should not have put you in such situation, I'm so selfish ".

She look shocked and want to babble out a few words but took back her composure.

-" it's alright Nonna, princess sometime are a bit slefish " .

I let out in a high pitch cry:



She calm a bit down.

-" YOur are jsut in q difficult place and need care and attentiond "

Lucinda got her face a bit closer to mine to hear what I was trying to say.

-" But Luci, you are so confidant and hot. I'm a loser next to you..You are magical and strong…like…like a.."

-" Like a unicorn ? "

-" yeah…would… Would you be my unicorn ? Since I'm your princess… "

-" Whatt ? "

I stucked my cheek against her's and put a hand on her shoulder. She jumped a little, but slowly started sliding her hands down my arms. Her spooky hands grabed the fat on my sides, as she said to me

-" We dont have much time princrdss, what do you want to do ? "

-" just play me like a jazz aman"

Lucinda would jump in 5th gear and kiss me all over and binge on my pussy like its dulce de leche.
But no need to purge,

its carbs free.

Toot toot

No. 345369

this was an experience

No. 345371

Is this a lucinda selfpost? Proof that Lucinda is alive?

No. 345372

new fav post omfg this was wild anon

No. 345383

? I’m not debating you here, I am saying you sound like an overdramatic twitter retard

No. 345385

No. 345774

Last night during sex my partner wrapped her hand around my neck and lightly squeezed (with my consent obviously) and I've never come so hard before. It's hard to articulate why I liked it so much, it's just hot to me to be able to put my trust into her like that, and the slight pain felt good on its own too.

No. 345836

File: 1692657459179.jpeg (90.58 KB, 941x782, IMG_5349.jpeg)

I’m sorry for liking toxic relationships, and I’d never want this irl, but I’d fucking love for a crazy older lady to take interest in me, kidnap me, and keep me hostage in her home as a little pet/plaything. I’d resist like crazy, but she’d be dominating and forceful, and leave me a wreck afterwards. I slowly become attached to this dynamic, and she gives me more freedom as I grow more attached to her. Eventually, we are married, I’ve thrown away my old life, and I’m in love with the kidnapper mommy of my dreams

No. 345850

My fantasy is to have a (work) partner where the relationship starts off rocky but grows more intimate over time as we grow to trust and depend on each other in tense situations. like on house md

No. 345856

Okay, this isnt a fantasy but rather a question pertaining to fantasies. It feels too gross for a different thread.

As a virgin who doesnt watch porn, is eating pussy just something you have to experience in order to fantasize about it? I’ve fantasized about literally every way that me and a girl can possibly have sex except for eating her out. It feels odd because literally every other post on here talks about eating pussy in great detail, but I’ve never really had any enjoyable thoughts about it, let alone heavily detailed ones.

No. 345860

Uh, no. Fellow virgin who only realized I liked women 6 months ago and wanting to lick pussy was one of my first fantasies

No. 345915

>is eating pussy just something you have to experience in order to fantasize about it?
no. i'm also a virgin and don't watch porn, and it's all or most of what i ever think about in a fantasy sometimes i put myself to sleep thinking about it i can't imagine it any other way. i think i have an oral fixation though, and i'm pretty smell oriented so that might be why it's my favorite thing to fantasize about, and i love the way pussy looks most of all. anything else comes kek second if at all as it's not nearly as hot to me

No. 346004

ymmv, it could be a mental block you have, and some women prefer other things to oral

No. 346357

I wish I could see her orgasm face so bad. I feel like it would either be uterus-achingly sexy or goofy as hell, and in either case I want to kiss her all over her face as she climaxes. She cries easily so I bet she'd be all teary-eyed too. And the sounds she'd make… she has such a sexy smooth voice, I just know they would be so incredible… God damn it. I want to be reborn as her lover in my next life.

No. 346360

Lately I've been obsessed at a micro-level with two specific parts of female anatomy and idek why. First one, I think clitoral hoods are so unbelievably sexy. The other one is the fourchette, both of these parts looks so soft and I really want to lick and pull at them with my lips.

side note I just looked up what the term is for this and found out there's such thing as fourchette piercings and I'm wet as hell now imagining playing with one. I think they say they're rare because they're impractical, but whatever just let me have this fantasy kek

No. 346392

What the fuck is a fourchette

No. 346861

I’ve been missing my ex recently… she was a hot bass-playing butch and we had insane chemistry. every time we were together it was electric, even just feeling her fingers on my back was like being struck by lightning. I knew all of her weak spots too and it was so fun teasing her. she stood me up the night we were supposed to hook up and then ghosted me for three days after that unfortunately. but god was she hot.

No. 346935

I need a normally shy top to have incredibly rough sex with me. I need her to strap me from the front so hard and so fast that people in other the room can hear the bed rocking.

No. 346959

I'd like to finger a woman with a cute bush. Women's pubes are the best, even better if she has a happy trail or untrimmed bikini lines. Unironically hate Sex and the City for popularizing waxing.

No. 347032

I just need to be completely submissive to a woman. Be bold and confident while seducing her, maybe slightly dominant at first and then completely focused on her pleasure and only waiting for praise from her, not even taking my clothes off my mommy issues are coming out kek.
Had sex with a girl for the first time recently and she told me I’m great at eating pussy and that she keeps having an orgasm after orgasm. It was so fucking hot, I wish we could do it again. I just want to take care of her.

No. 347042

I am into vestibules myself

No. 347104

I need tits in my mouth. My tits in her mouth. Either way.

No. 347105

Why does this have the beat of a song

No. 347127

So glad other women out there love happy trails and untrimmed bikini lines. I'm naturally hairy because of my race and also PCOS, and for so long I shaved my happy trail and trimmed my bush down to almost nothing. I really love women in their natural state; pits, legs, stomach, pubes, everything. Seeing all that hair just makes me primal, but a lot of my exes waxed everything. I'm so happy my wife is like-minded. Now I get to eat beautiful, hairy, natural pussy all the time, and I also leave my happy trail as it is and don't trim my pubes so much. I've really started digging my body now, can't believe I ever denied myself this confidence because of stupid trends.

No. 347156

This could theoretically go into the lesbian general thread, but I need people to match my energy.

GOD I know rambling about it makes it worse but I’ve learned to accept the fact that this can’t be real. She’s gone offline for good and also has a girlfriend. Whatever. Life happens.
I’ll write whatever comes to mind.
This woman (college age, a year older than me) is in a lot of “cringe” male-dominated fandoms, but it somehow makes her more endearing, especially with how dedicated she is. I wish she would talk about me the same way she does her weird muscular anime crushes. She begged me once to watch a certain series and her pleading turned me on so much. She also does similar quirky things. For example, she told me that she collects yellow clothes. She always admits that what she does is “cringe”, and it just makes her more adorable with how bashful she gets. She’s super fucking talented. She puts so much work into what she draws. I would easily call her the most talented person I know. It’s insane to me how much time she puts into everything, even if she’s having a slow period. She just has this energy about her where she radiates confidence. Most of the jokes she tells make me laugh. She will debate about things a lot, but is also so polite that I’ve only ever seen her actually get angry for a split second (when her sister was being a huge pain in the ass). She has a cute voice. It’s slightly low, kinda tomboyish in its inflection (pretty sure she mostly hangs out with guys irl). She posted a voice note of her reading a chapter of a book and it unironically made me feel horny, especially when she read over a really wordy part or messed up and laughed at herself. I’ve seen pictures of her before, and she’s exactly my type. She has long black hair, usually wears a beanie, is around 5’2 and 130 lbs. God, she’s a bit of a loser, but she’s MY loser that I choose to have an obsessive crush on. I sometimes fantasize that in some other reality where we know each other irl, she snaps and cheats on her girlfriend, or gets so pissed at me that it ends in us fucking somehow. I need to grab her by her weird layered egirl-esque striped shirt thing and strip it off her.

Her name is also extremely hot and sounds like something out of a steamy romance, but it’s extremely rare, so I won’t say it. It’s the feminine form of a name from Greek mythology.

Please help me. Oh god.

No. 347157

> I wish she would talk about me the same way she does her weird muscular anime crushes.
I know this made me sound like a moid. I didn’t realize until after I sent.

No. 347159

I remember an anon training to be a waxer pointed this too. Waxing usually leads to raw uncomfortable looking skin where as a bush/happy trail you just look like a woman

No. 347236

Cute silky/lacy panties with dark hair peeking out the sides when she spreads her legs/bends over. I think i saw someone mention this in the lesbian thread but i'm stealing it and putting it here because im not allowed in there and it's like my biggest turn on. I think maybe it's the contrast of an extremely refined article of clothing vs the visual signs that we're just animals underneath it all? idk.

No. 347248

Oh that was so cute to read anon, since she has a gf it'll stay a fantasy but kek I relate

To keep things on topic, I want to smell a girl who hasn't showered for a full day after spending all the time in bed. She's probably smell like light sweat and just like her. I would cuddle her to death while she tries to playfully get away because she wants to finally clean herself up.

No. 347264

sorry this is super long hopefully someone likes it. my current fantasy is that i work in an office with a very intelligent yet stand-offish woman as ceo. since she's so cold and physically imposing, i find her intimidating to start with. one day she sees one of my male coworkers chatting to me. that makes her see red, so she comes to me and offers me a job as her personal assistant… at a desk secluded from everybody else. cue me working as her cute, cheery PA that reminds her not to overwork herself or stay too late. eventually she starts giving me rides home, saying she's worried about me taking the bus home in the dark. we start spending more time together - when she stays late, she'll call me into her office to "keep her company" aka work companionably in silence. one night we're the only ones left in the office; she gets me to sit on her desk while she shows me something on her laptop. i'm not paying attention since i'm so flustered and trying to look away from the undone top buttons her blouse… she can tell i'm not paying attention and smirks, saying she knows just why i'm here. she pulls me in close and kisses me hard, murmuring about how i'm all hers and she doesn't want anyone else to see me. she gropes my tits through my blouse and gets me to grind on her thigh until i come, shaking. she drives me home, big hand on my thigh the whole time, and kisses me at the door, fingers tangling in my hair and making me feel weak at the knees. after that night she moves my desk into her office. she uses me throughout the day. she has me eat her out under her desk while on phone calls with clients, having to muffle her moans as i make her come. she sits me in her lap and makes me come in her desk chair. not long after she convinces me to quit my job and stay home being her little housewife, she can take care of me anyway. she's rich as hell and while she takes me to fancy work events and flies me around the world, i'm her kept girl for the most part. every day after work she beelines to couch where she eats me out, growling that she missed my pussy and she'll have to take a day off soon where we won't leave the bed…

No. 347299

i just want to hear a woman's sweet sounds

No. 347528

Kek that was me mentioning that in the lesbian thread. Patrician taste, nona.
>I think maybe it's the contrast of an extremely refined article of clothing vs the visual signs that we're just animals underneath it all
YES! That's exactly what makes it so sexy.

No. 347792

I want her to model a variety of underwear for me, from regular cotton underwear, to lingerie, to boy shorts, and then refuse to let me touch her. I want her to torture me by wearing the cutest pair to bed afterwards and kiss me sweetly and affectionately while I have to keep my hands to myself under the covers and try to sleep innocently next to her. And I want her to be fully aware of what she’s doing to me and (badly) trying to feign innocence even though I know she’s enjoying herself immensely.

No. 347952

File: 1694242783330.jpg (31.57 KB, 622x322, sssfsa.JPG)

this is obviously just a fictional fantasy so don't kill me… but I want to put a collar and chain on a submissive androgynous woman who is much taller than me who gets horny when I make her wear it totally naked and gently pull on the chain. I'd reach down and barely stroke her pussy (to tease her) while she's on her knees and make fun of her for getting wet just from me pulling on her collar a little. This would just make her more horny because she's getting off on the humiliation and she eventually winds up putting her butt up in the air and begging me to take care of her like a cat in heat. I'd either eat her out or strap her, and pull a little on the collar whenever she moans too loudly and tell her to have some self respect (which she loves).

No. 347972

Nona this literally my dream. I'm a tall androgynous woman will you marry me?

No. 347984

Oh anon, we shall have a summer wedding.

No. 348001

During my late teens I was at this summer camp, and the one in charge of everything was this blonde farmer in her 40s. She asked if I could help her out with something on the farm, so we went for a walk and got on this farm vehicle where you'd sit right behind each other. She let me drive it and held her arms around my waist with her legs straddled around me so she wouldn't fall off. The longer we drive, the tighter she holds me and I start feeling her kinda pressing up against my back. Then, we drive over this area covered in pebbles/rocks, and I swear she's humping me at this point. And the harder she's pressing up against me, the harder I'm pressed up against the front edge of the seat. But I started pushing back harder to give her stronger pressure, and she didn't react negatively. This went on for quite a long time and when we got off that vehicle I was left so wet and wondering whether I was delusional for thinking she did it on purpose, but looking back, it was so obvious. I want something like that to happen again so bad. Just both of us pretending like nothing is happening.

No. 348263

File: 1694477174413.png (42.6 KB, 621x247, prone.png)

>prone bone her
…huh? Did you mean something else, perhaps?

No. 348268

Anon probably means with a strap.

No. 348327

Did jannies seriously silently remove a post about strap sex? Moid accusations have officially ruined lolcow. I love how straight anons are allowed to talk about deepthroating Adam Driver's toes or whatever but all lesbian sexuality must be strictly Dworkin-approved or else you're a moid!

No. 348374

they didn't specify it was strap sex and not moidshit. also, /fit/izens know about lc and they could be one due to mentioning being muscular.
i reported them but farmhands didn't delete their post instantly so i thought they were a woman, but i guess not.

No. 348533

it’s been so long since the last time i’ve had sex with a woman i quite literally ache to have a girls thighs squeezing around my head for hours.. i’m not into rough sex but i really want a girl to grab my hair by the roots and get off on my face chasing her own pleasure. especially if she’s unshaved i’ve never had a woman give me the honour of eating out her bush, they’ve always been shaved bald or in that awkward prickly stage i’m sad abt that because i love hair it’s so unbelievably sexy i don’t know why maybe it’s about the vulnerability of getting to see a woman in her natural state but i love it

No. 348540

wrong thread

No. 348566


No. 348602

It's mostly psychological imo

No. 348930

I want a woman wearing high heels to stand with her hands braced on a table for balance while I kneel behind her and stick my face up into her crotch and eat her pussy from behind until she cums with her legs shaking almost losing her balance. And then right when she’s still coming down from her orgasm I’d stand up, put on a strap, and fuck her hard until I get my orgasm while licking and biting her ear and dirty talking her. Then after, I’d kneel down and lick her clean before pulling her underwear back up like nothing happened.

No. 348936

I love bush on a girl. I love just sniffing it. I feel like a perv for saying that jfc.

No. 348943

KEK, that was my post that got deleted. Weird 'cause jannies could've checked my post history as I've been here years and I didn't cop a ban for it. I apologise to Saint Dworkin for wanting to strap a woman without explicitly making it clear because some of you rhesus monkeys can't take the five seconds to work it out. I also apologise for feeling good about my body while also digging chubby chicks. May I burn in moidpassing hell for my sins. Praise be to Elsie.

No. 349008

File: 1694952859405.gif (2.02 MB, 498x280, bh187-spongebob.gif)

i read this story from the mabinogion and now im stuck on the fantasy of being some middle welsh lady who is taking a quick piss in the woods, and then a lady knight of an enemy house holds me at knifepoint and exploits me for sex in my vunerable position.
idk whats so addictive abt it except the thought of thinking im entirely alone, suddenly being caught off guard by sensing her presence, but im only able to sense she's there because she puts her sword to my neck…and also my skirt would be already lifted and i wouldn't be allowed to move to pull it down with her sword at my neck and it'd be so humiliating but… damn??…
now that i think about it, the scene where arwen catches aragorn in the lord of the rings movie with her knife might have inspired this knife kink so that's on that

No. 349033

The biggest female fantasy I’ve ever had was ass humping/tribbing or whatever you call it
[spoiler]I want to hump on a woman’s fat ass and rub my erogenous pelvic zone all over her pillowy ass and eventually rub my bare pussy right on her asscheeks. It’s almost like humping a pillow except the pillow is a plump asscheeks of a really sexy woman aaaa [\spoiler]

No. 349044

When a woman is extremely attractive to me it's almost like I wanna swallow her whole, not in a vore way but in a tasting every inches of her body kind of way I want to kiss her from the tips of her fingers and suck on them, lick with strength the back of her hand while kissing it. Wiggle my tongue from the back dimpleS, up her spine to her nape. Nibble on the back of her neck, run my teeth on her ear after licking up to it. Open my jaw fully to lick and suck on the front of her neck. Run my lips on the skin of her breasts, than give little licks and kiss her nipples with my wet lips. I need to ran my teeth on her lower belly and kiss it all over. Let's not even talk about what I would do to her pussy..

No. 349051


Are you the same Nona from the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread? Because I was also there and the opposite of this (being tasted by a pretty girl) is my #1 kink rn

No. 349053

Ugh, same. Down to the body parts order… I'm crazy about it. And I want it done to me so bad too (although I'm embarrassed at the idea of being "known" like this…) For me it's because I'm a little bit of a freak and it's the closest you can get to being perfectly fused to the object of your love. Licking women is my creepy sperg obsession.

No. 349067

idk isn't it pretty normal to want to lick the body of someone you're attracted to? I don't think it's that weird. I've always been fixated on necks this way.

No. 349071

Ok but…this is my fantasy both to give and receive…you have a sexy, sexy brain, nonnique

No. 349103

I'm not but I understand her, although I do like the aspect of using my body on her aswell like nonnie >>349053 say, being fused to the object of your love

thank you nonna, tbh I'm too shy to picture myself receiving like that but that hot to know women are into it. To me there is also a huge texture, shape, scent and taste appeal to it. Smelling and tasting her sweat, fragrance and pussy is mind wrecking

No. 349336

File: 1695154822128.jpg (92.66 KB, 750x750, kyrgyz horseriding.jpg)

i want a strong horsewoman to sweep me off my feet to fuck like wild animals in nature
>conceptualize the fragrance

No. 349338

i'm ashamed of watching tiktok, but lau_ramoso's "german mother" skits arouse me.

No. 349348

God I just want a face full of pussy. I want to feel her thighs squeezed around my head twitch and spasm. I want a gf to love so bad.

No. 349399

I can't decide if I want her to be a sexy doctor or a sexy nurse but either way I want her to straddle me in a hospital bed and cure me of all my problems

No. 349425

File: 1695207414386.jpg (44.73 KB, 473x463, 422fee01227615a52728034831751c…)

>ywn be the beloved companion of a historical Scythian amazon with a dope hat

No. 349505

i want to kiss and kiss and kiss a woman's pussy and inner thighs preferably with her underwear on, not allowed to eat her out and her teasing me by subtly grinding against my face, gently holding me by the hair while i'm knelt down, until she waits long enough to give me the green light and we both lose it and i want to make out and kiss and kiss I WANT TO KISS. her face, hands, arms, chest, back, navel, legs and cunt. everywhere. and i want her to use me to orgasm whichever way she wants with no regard for me but i also want someone to teach me and show me the way things are done and what she likes on me but most of all i just want to use my mouth and feel softness against my lips and tongue and i crave the taste… i'm ovulating and i'm horned up an animal in heat !!!! i have a huge oral fixation it seems. if i even just get kissed i would probably collapse from weakness happiness and pleasure. i'm pissed i can't jill myself right now but oh well

No. 349515

I just want to fucking cuddle, man. I’ve never cuddled anyone in my whole life. I want to lay down with her and hold her close and tangle our feet and kiss her on her head and touch noses. I know I will never get to do this because I have too many unfixable problems. I used to think I’d be okay living without, but the older I get the stronger the cuddling urge grows and now it’s become so painful that it’s hard to cope with. But all I can do is try to cope. I’ve twice in my life (years apart) had dreams where I got to really cuddle up with someone, and I hold those two dreams as treasured experiences. I’ve never felt such peace and happiness. I hope I will have another one some day.

No. 349642

never thought i would find such a highly specific kindred spirit in this thread

No. 349955

I know this is gross but but I want to sniff panties. And I know this is grosser but I want them to have discharge on them. It's good I don't and probably will never have a gf because I would be digging through her laundry like a freak for sure.

No. 350203

this isn’t an irl fantasy, but lately I’ve been fantasizing about my actress crush playing some sort of creature/monster. She’s very tall and lanky with a good facial bone structure to serve as a “blank canvas” for any crazy creature FX. It’s a shame they never use female actresses as creature actors like that, I think it would look cool and awesome. Imagine like a female shape of the water creature or something else cool like that. Why does popular media suck so much to deny me cool female monsters

No. 350460

i wanna elope one day with my wifey!!

agree anon. it would be so cool to see a tall lanky sea nymph or a buff warrior woman or something. i'd love a story about an average woman breaking through the cold exterior of some powerful female creature (yes i'm basic lol)

No. 350468

same, but tbh I honestly like the idea of the revers even more– a cold, closed-off human and a friendly curious creature who doesn't take the hint lol

No. 350800

File: 1696136078700.jpg (70.43 KB, 750x735, LW.jpg)

I want to fuck my older married female boss. Every time I see her she gives me eye contact that had me questioning what was going on in the beginning but now I'm almost certain I know. She always takes my calls, when I said "thanks for calling me back," about something urgent at work while she was on holiday she said softly "of course." She signs things off with an x sometimes which is not cutsomary here like it might be in the UK. I have qualms about sleeping with a married woman. Her scrote sounds like a deadbeat loser but still. Anyway the Christmas party is in November so my fantasy is I will be able to peel off the group and pull her aside and that we will do an Irish goodbye from the party, find a hotel and fuck all night. I want people to speculate at work but never outright say it to me or know for sure. I dream about her all the time. This has been going on for two and a half years but things are only escalating now.

No. 351406

I wanna be Megan the Stallions NEET loser gf. She is literally so fine and I’m good at cooking and cleaning. I would make a perfect loser wife to her girlboss. We could live in Texas and go grocery shopping at HEB once a week and I would make her dinner and keep the house clean and she would give me a kiss and then we’d watch a movie and then cuddle in bed at the end of the day.

No. 352384

File: 1696991067364.jpeg (191.44 KB, 768x512, 736BB5C4-A441-42BD-98E6-D261BF…)

She’s a terrible person but I still want to kiss her boobs through her pajamas. God please cure me of this lust for what I should not want for I am powerless against my subconscious. I am fighting the pink elephant battle and losing.

No. 352387

I really wanna make a tinder dedicated to kissing and eating women out. I can't host but I really really want to feel a woman under me

No. 352388

Um, is that not what tinder is for?

No. 352391

Godspeed based wagie

No. 352550

rooting for you, please update after the christmas party

No. 352558

I can't stop thinking about women with big muscular thighs, i wanna kiss their thighs and then trail up to their hips before eating their pussies, i want their hands gripping my hair while i do
Using plural cuz i'd love to service two women like that at the same time. I need tall ripped women to gently dominate me so bad… Or have one sit me on her lap and coo about how cute I am while playing with my body and kissing me all over. Or be a free-use sub for like five of them idk haha

No. 352655

excellent taste nonna, saw a tallish woman the other day with big quads and thighs walking in front of me for a few minutes and she was so incredibly hot. I want to service one for hours, feeling the thigh's muscles around my face as I would eat her up standing on my knees..

No. 352739

i want to pick up a cute girl and go for summer roadtrips and drive her around. and then i want to park at some secluded place and eat her out in the backseat. she'd be wearing a short skirt and sneakers and socks, and i'd pull down her panties but let her keep the skirt and sneakers on while licking her, preferably from behind with her on all fours. idk why this particular kind of outfit and scenario is so fucking hot to me. i also like to imagine the same thing happening except while on a comfy hike in the woods.

No. 352792

as a very outdoorsy person, I've got the same types of fantasies all the time - the thought of sex in nature drives me crazy. my favourite scenario is imagining I'm on a long, multi-day hike with a girl in a warm summer, and we come across a clear, clean mountain creek/spring. and then just spend all day bathing naked in the water, sunbathing on the rock/gravel bank, and going back and forth between making sweet passionate love and just relaxing and messing around, until the sun sets and we fall asleep to the sound of the rushing water and the crickets. I think a part of it for me is that being far out in nature means you're removed from all the expectations and norms and prying eyes of society - if you're with someone you trust, you can just be your most genuine self.

No. 352838

File: 1697274156563.jpg (77.75 KB, 615x697, 0_guruJPG.jpg)

I have a such an admiration and deep love of women's body, especially things related to our reproductive system. The little lower belly fat most have like picrel is simply adorable. I want so badly to kiss someone there, in the inward curve between the end of the belly and the start of the mont pubis, kissing repeatively, just slowly laying my lips on it. To think I'm making pressure travelling down to her uterus is so hot. Softly circling my finger on her cervix, especially during her period, using my other hand to dig my finger in the curve, moving them slowly to give her something to push against while I suck on her clit. Seeing her lower belly and vagina spasm and contract after cuming… Heaven

No. 352839

>Softly circling my finger on her cervix, especially during her period

Nona are you a troon

No. 352840

>Softly circling my finger on her cervix
what the fuck am I reading

No. 352846

nooo nonnies I just like the texture of it, I'm ESL too so maybe it's the wrong terms, but you kind of feel it more easily when you are on your periods ( at least for mine ) and I find the aspect of soothing a girl during her period so hot

No. 352849

That would make me vomit, nothing soothing about the cervix getting touched on your period

No. 352855

I guess it's soothing to me but I would never irl ever touch another woman's one unless directly ordered kek

No. 352864

Are you confusing the cervix with something else or something..? Because this makes no sense. Cervix is the opening to the uterus and unless your fingers are super long you can't reach it with them alone (it sits at around the depth of 8-14cm) and for most people pressure on it feels very uncomfortable.

No. 352872

I can feel my cervix very easily when I'm on my period, as it's much lower down.

Your English vocabulary is fine, but it is unusual to want the cervix fondled!

No. 352881

Everyone is being really mean to you about this but I understand 100% and have the same fantasies. Idk why people are being so hostile.

No. 352885

Huh? I can always feel my cervix and I don't have gollum fingers. But agree on the touching part, the sensation of circling the cervix is not erogenous and can make me feel a bit nauseous even. But it's her fantasy so whatever (hope she asks the girl before she ever tries actually doing that lol.)

No. 352891

It's just a weird fantasy because rubbing the cervix is either uncomfortable/painful or feels like nothing. Unless I'm really unaware of it being super pleasurable for some women.

No. 352912

Even if you think it’s weird anons don’t have to shit all over her for it and call her a troon etc. It’s a affectionate fantasy about something completely harmless. I’ve shared similar ones before (yes, related to cervix stuff) and never been dogpiled like her, so I don’t know what the fuck is in the water right now. And for the record, I can also testify that touching/pressure on the cervix feels really good to some women.

No. 352984

File: 1697333182320.jpg (129.62 KB, 392x392, IMG_20231015_031710.jpg)

bit long but: i have a huge soft spot for fujoshis
Maybe it's because i'm one, was friends with them irl/online, or because i associate them with a kind of eccentricity/awkwardness that i love.
anyways, i daydream about being close to a perverted fujo who is not shy about sharing her degen fantasies. i picture us cosplaying cute anime boys together and doing all kinds of scenes, getting off to the feel of each other and our respective scenarios for the characters. i imagine her treating me into a proxy of her 2D husband, humiliating me, turning me into a toy for her pleasure.
on the other hand i also love the idea of a pouty, repressed woman who puts up a front of sanctity but is actually a hardcore fujo. id push her buttons and see her melt in embarrassment before kissing her everywhere, smelling her skin, her sweat, eating her out relentlessly, reveling in her expressions of pleasure. for some reason it's even hotter to me if i picture her as an older kissless virgin.
I even get aroused just by pausing to think i read fanfiction/media made by women (the nonna who described this earlier in thread is SO real for it)

No. 352995

I just want a tall lanky woman with very short hair to spoil and baby and fawn over. There is no cuter more adorable type of person in the world. When a woman is tall and androgynous in style but slight and thin and feminine in build it drives me nuts and I just want to hold her.

No. 353019

It's just a weird thing to assume considering most women hate it, especially if on their period when it would hurt more.

No. 353025

File: 1697353773918.png (71.85 KB, 500x375, anonymous-b-but-were-both-boys…)

oh nona, if only our paths had crossed back when I was still a fujo larping as a boy online. Picrel. Though back then I was super repressed about my same sex attraction, and I guess being able to finally admit that to myself shifted my fantasies more towards women.

Now I've grown out of it, and although I still like to dress in nice men's clothing and stuff, pretending to be just like da yaoiz like in the good old days of 2013 just doesn't do it for me anymore.

No. 353110

Yes she’s sooooo weird. Such a big freak! Yucky yuck! Eewww! Weirdo! We get it.
>considering most women hate it,
As we’ve already established, not all women hate it, and you automatically assuming anon is fantasizing about doing it to some unwilling woman who would hate it is 100% your own invention.

No. 353127

i can really relate to your post nona and i think i've posted something similar in one of the fantasy threads before. may we find her someday nonichka…

No. 353224

File: 1697422731072.jpg (33.49 KB, 563x549, 988289208876cffc6c02f22334d761…)

oh Nonna, are you me? I made a similar post about exactly this in some other threads before. I'm in a small niche community and there's another fujo I'm obsessed with, I think about what It would be like to be with her. There's something about being a fujo or neet-adjacent girl that I'm so drawn to, maybe it’s the relatability? My childhood best friend was my first love and she was my first introduction to yaoi so that might be it lol.

No. 353239

it would probably be a little painful regardless of being on my period or not but this sounds so soothing to receive especially when bleeding.

No. 353441

Idk where to put this but, I regularly watch tied up gangbang and double penetration videos. And I heavily fantasize about being brutalized and gangbanged against my will. What is wrong with me? It feels really abnormal like, I would never tell my girl friends I want this to happen to me. All of those videos are very violent and hateful towards the women but I love it? Help(read the OP)

No. 353442

Tbf I went through that myself due to too much hentai/porn before, so you're not alone.
Once you sever yourself from that type of content and the weird glamorization of it (because in those media forms the woman is pretending to enjoy it like it's the best thing since sliced bread, and as if it's the most easy and natural act ever, which it isn't), you slowly move away from fantasizing about having it done to you.
It'll pass, nonna. Especially once you'll come to the realization that IRL sex and porn/hentai is like comparing apples to oranges.

No. 353443

Fucking gross, did you even read the thread description? Lurk more and feel shame

No. 353452

You're pornsick, cut out porn for 3 months then come back

No. 353461

>brutalized and gangbanged against my will
you will have a very hard time finding women who would do that to you, even the fucked-up traumatised bippies are all strict bottoms.

No. 353489

She’s a lost newfag and is not even talking about women. Barf.

No. 354071

why can’t I eat her pussy. I would probably be healed like a biblical miracle if I could eat her pussy. I think it would help me understand the universe. My problem is I do too much thinking and am not able to just eat her pussy.

No. 354095

File: 1697878184340.jpg (34.34 KB, 565x434, mxsxblj844f61.jpg)

i definitely have somnophilia. i want to wake up and a woman is going to town on my pussy. ive heard some couples wake each other up with oral and i NEED that

No. 354097

Same, but I would love to wake up a partner like that. There is something about touching your loved one when they are dreaming, in a perfectly relaxed state that seem so enticing
one of my fantasy is to observe a girl when she is having a wet dream, I know some women can have orgasm while sleeping. I want to put my head between her spread open thighs and see what happen down there, for scientific reasons

No. 354126

Well, I never thought of it before but now I want to do that too. Damn. That’s hot.

No. 354256

old old post but is it caitlin fitzgerald?

No. 354263

you’re so real for this, nonna

No. 354435

>i picture us cosplaying cute anime boys together and doing all kinds of scenes
god this. why is this so sexy? i guess i just think the typical animu boy style looks really good on girls kek.

No. 354518

Nonna this reminded me of my first gf who I would RP yaoi with. In reality I never was a fujoshi but I enjoyed it so much, we even cosplayed 2 male characters from a famous ship.
Nowaday I love to crossplay and take pictures with other female crossplayers, and having girl fawn over your cosplay of their fav

No. 354675

I kinda wish I could goon with a nonette

No. 354681

What the fuck is that it sounds like retarded 4chan speak

No. 354926

>>354518 yes! i'm not too into cosplay but women cosplaying bishies just gets me kek. (especially the angsty kind, like Litchi Hikari Club characters)
anyhow i'm really glad you guys relate

No. 354952

I have a long distance boyfriend but I've started liking a tguy. I dont find my boyfriend attractive and this guy makes me feel something different. I kind of feel like he might like me a little because he tends to playfully tease me. I was watching him look through his camera roll and saw nsfw art of girls, and it kind of awoke something in me that I didnt know i felt about him. I also feel weird because im 20 and hes almost 19, ive never been interested in someone younger than me before. I just needed to get this off my chest, I feel so guilty for having these feelings.

No. 354954

No. 354957

I know i know, I dont really see it that way either but thats not the thing that matters to me. I know i like girls

No. 354963

Wrong thread

No. 354965

fapping together for hours

No. 355176

same but I'd be too embarrassed to bring that upp

No. 355177

wanna do it together

No. 355181

Are you female? Kek

No. 355236

this but not gooning ( its moid tier and we female can cum so many time in one sitting so no need to edge for hours ).I do know some gay nonnas but would never bring that up lol. I find mutual masturbation or phone sex so hot, but maybe because women's breathing and moaning is so exquisite.

No. 355249

ofc and I can prove it
leave contact

No. 355281

Man I just want to tie up an older lady and slowly kiss her all over. Is that too much to ask?

No. 355321

No. 355324

and what's your problem? keep scrolling

No. 355325

No. 355326


No. 355327


No. 355328


No. 355335

My discord username is 0020955

No. 355434

I’m curious about something. Nonnies, are your fantasies mostly about you doing XYZ to a woman, or about a woman doing XYZ to you? For me my fantasies are 90% about pleasuring instead of being pleasured, although I can enjoy fantasies of that type as well, they just don’t pop up as…urgently? kek

No. 355466

For some reason that dumb fanfiction trope of “they’re injured and need to get off, but can’t due to the injury, so you have to help them” has been in my brain. If she was embarrassed to need my help it would be even hotter. I’d ask her how she usually does it which would really embarrass her and make her describe it, and then I’d start off with that but eventually get more passionate until I switch to eating her out and drop any pretense of “just helping.”

No. 355469

Nonna…I want this done to me oh my god. I’m glad there are women like you out there

No. 355470

oh my god, i never thought about this before but now this is all i'll be thinking of. seeing her pussy slowly get more aroused and her breaths getting more harsh and shallow, and she's trying to constrain herself at first but by the end completely lets go.

No. 355483

Same nonna, sexiest would be sitting on the ground, back on a wall or against a sofa, thighs spread open with the injuried one ( probably like broken wrist ) sitting in the same position between the leg of the other. The one doing the work as her head on the shoulder of the injuried one to hear what she say and look what her hand is doing. The closeness is what get me.

No. 355502

Nayrt but I'm also interested, email me and I will add you on discord

No. 355515

Be sure to report back and tell us how many of you are male.

No. 355529

No. 355590

But you don't even have an email attached? kekk

No. 355595


here it is wexwohh@proton.me

I will, nonnalalita

No. 355610

I'll email you when I have time tonight(derailing/this is not a dating site)

No. 355734

Tell me when you sent a mail so I think about checking it(derailing/this is not a dating site)

No. 355768

This thread is not OKCupid

No. 355772

kek omg

No. 355773

I want to hump her upper leg while she’s sitting fully dressed humiliating me about it

No. 355777

Wtf is going on here

No. 355786

Usually I'm on the receiving end but the past few days I've been more focused on giving. Her orgasm in the fantasy lines up with mine IRL even though fantasy-me is totally untouched. Maybe it's just a phase but I'm having fun.
Very nice nonny

No. 355804

I used to think of myself as a complete submissive but I keep thinking about absolutely dominating another girl so much. Like watching her squirm under me while I finger her and making her think her body has finally given up before managing to get another orgasm out of her. Having her sit on my lap afterwards while I play with her hair.

No. 355831

i just want a lanky woman to hold me or i want to hold her… i'm just so enchanted by tall women with long limbs especially if they're delicately built. idk I just think it's so cute and adorable. Coincidentally gibbons are my favorite animals…? I guess long limbs = cute in my mind

No. 355892

I want to caress and kiss her hands all over and hold them against my face. I wish I could just hold and play with them all day.

No. 355893

i know i shouldn’t and i feel kinda dirty but i fantasize about my frenemy and fucking our problems out

No. 355906

this is so wholesome

No. 355960

late to this nonna but holy fuck this is my biggest fantasy too. bonus points if she's a wealthy powerful woman who just feels lonely and longs for that connection, and it makes her go batshit insane over me. i fantasise about her dressing me up in what she wants me to wear. it starts off with me chained up, but to reward me for sustained good behaviour she over time lets me cuddle her on the couch and rest my head on her chest while she works. the kidnapping is hot but the stockholm syndrome kicking in is the best part

No. 356298

I love tall, awkward women. In my next life I hope I get a tall, awkward gf.

No. 356546

Fuck being social. Fuck nanowrimo. Fuck work. Fuck school. Everything is useless until I sit down and watch a movie with her and scissor with her until we both climax after. Think of how amazing that would feel, the wetness of both of our pussies rubbing against each other, the friction, oh my fucking god. I’m tingling.

I think you can tell I’m a virgin by how I wrote this.

No. 356922

I’m sorry I know this is nasty but I have a huge fantasy of putting on the underwear she has been wearing when she’s ovulating (and the underwear is wet with a lot of discharge) and masturbating with them on. I just know the wet feeling of the fabric on my pussy would turn me on so much. Bonus if I have another pair to smell when I’m doing it. it’s honestly like my biggest fantasy lately but I know it’s totally weird and maybe creepy and I am kind of ashamed.

No. 356951

why are anons always apologizing for mundane shit like this kek this is /g/. it's only creepy if you stole them and the lack of consent is a big part of the fantasy but even then who gives a shit??? it's not real. also it's hot and i would do that to a girl/be happy if she did it to me

No. 356971

Ayrt, idk, I guess because I associate underwear stuff with moids and troons… so I felt creepy wanting to wear the underwear if my crush since that sounds like something a troon would coom over. I’m a little relieved to hear you don’t think it’s that bad because I generally have a lot of underwear fantasies I’ve been ashamed of kek

No. 357012

Nah it's very normal imo or at least it makes sense when compared to more bizarre fetishes. Underwear = sexy is a very obvious train of thought it's not owned by moids or troons and you have nothing to be ashamed of. If you think it would help then you should post the other things you thought about.

No. 357025

File: 1699155887282.png (176.92 KB, 712x630, tylur_coldflusevere_712x630.pn…)

I want to care for her when she's sick in bed, I'd get her anything she needs and try to make her as comfortable as possible and make sure she drinks lots of fluids and cuddle her and stroke her hair and kiss her head without caring if I will get sick. But then if I do get sick I also fantasize about her doing the same for me. I have a thing for injury/sickness fantasies, maybe because it kicks my affection instinct into overdrive. I don't have any maternal instinct for children whatsoever, but it seems like I do have it in abundance for lovers… I wonder why

No. 357070

Kind of lame but I think it's so hot when a woman has her nails done and she touches her pussy or another's with her painted nails. I just like the visual of colored nails going inside or caressing. Not extended gel/acrylics though, kek, just short, natural painted nails. It looks pretty to me.

No. 357178

File: 1699226954993.png (113.32 KB, 356x249, espon5a.png)

i want to have access to her football or soccer should i say for the americans jersey right after she's done playing. i'm going insane. I NEEEEED IIIIITTTTTTT

No. 357354

this girl has been flirting with me online constantly and we’ve been roleplaying our fantasies. i wish we knew each other irl so we could make it actually happen

No. 357533

File: 1699424126994.jpg (8.11 KB, 270x186, images.jpg)

>>357025(shitposting/ bait)

No. 357619

Get closer to her and maybe you can meet up

No. 357646

we live in different countries, though she is offering to send me sexy stuff to take pictures in it. i want to take her up on it but i’m a little worried about my address

No. 357875

I want to bury my face in her bush and breath in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

No. 358305

I know its bad to think about her but I had a dream last night where she was wearing a bikini and her tits looked so fat and pretty. Didn’t help that she had just gotten out of the ocean and they were dripping wet. Fuck.

No. 358306

I understand, I also have dreams about someone I shouldn't be dreaming about anymore, it's excruciating. And I hate that i love the dreams. In my case at least, I wish I could just make them stop because they're making it so hard for me to move on when she's in my dreams and my whole soul wants to go to her.

No. 358407

I sent an email

No. 358576

I want to spend an entire day in bed with my crush teasing her and having slow lazy sex. At the start I’d ask her how many orgasms she thinks I’ll give her today and i’d count them up every time she comes. Of course I’d beat her number, and I’d tease her about that and what a nympho she is as we pass by the estimate.

No. 358627

File: 1699906812148.jpeg (92.08 KB, 828x802, 182629983833.jpeg)

i'm ovulating and reading all of these posts is like torture. i want to yell. especially the posts about wanting to smell a woman's underwear - if i was dating someone and found her doing that to my clothes i think it would make me so horny i'd explode

No. 358776

File: 1699994845684.jpg (17.6 KB, 604x604, heurgh.jpg)

i am going to die thinking about small boobs and the way they look outlined by shirts when they're braless. there is probably nothing more erotic to me i feel like i'm going to have a heart attack. oh my fucking god

No. 358827

same i looovvveee small boobs. I think part of it though is that all of my extended family and myself have small boobs so I'm very used to them, and not at all to big ones kek. Sometimes I see someone with really big boobs and wonder how that even works in daily life, kek, it's so foreign to me.

No. 358839

File: 1700016755203.jpeg (105.54 KB, 720x1280, 87A7F5F0-BE8D-4AD4-8DD1-76674C…)

I want to sit in a bathtub with a woman and bathe her. I’d caress every single part of her body until we can’t take it anymore and go fuck.

No. 358980

My dream is to date a woman who is much taller than me but super submissive in bed.

Yesss. I have a similar fantasy, but it involves a shower instead.

No. 359583

I want to eat her pussy right after she wakes up and is still super sleepy and cute. sort of related, i want to know what her warm bedsheets smell like…

No. 359584

I should add, this is an unrealistic fantasy because there is no way I'd ever wake up before another person i sleep like a rock kekkkk

No. 359593

I NEED to grab her by her hips and pull her close up against me, I want to put our hips and bellies in close contact

No. 359605

I feel embarassed and guilty about how flustered this has me, but I recently bisited an esthetician for the first time. After she gave me a facial, the way she applied moisturizer to my lips and stroked my hair for a while while talking to me was so… aaaaah. I'm touch-starved and it was unexpected, and I keep feeling fluttery over it.

No. 359663

I wanna take a shower with a girl. Not bath, a shower. I have a little stool in my shower that I sit on when chronic pain, and I want to sit there, and feel her hands wash my hair, with her longer nails scratching my scalp. I want to do the same to her, help her wash her back because it’s easier when another person does that. I want to shave together, then eat her out seconds after shaving clean so I can taste her even better.

No. 359670

I want her to strap me from behind and feel her hip bones up against my butt and her lips right behind my ear. I’d probably faint of pleasure if she growled a little in my ear in that gorgeous voice.
Usually I have the reverse fantasy, but lately I’ve been craving being the one on the bottom.

No. 359787

I want to get a woman off while she’s on her period

No. 359788

Probably not the first two days though, that might be too messy kek

No. 359789

When I first fully realized I was a lesbian, I was almost always on the bottom, but now I’m almost always on the top. Not sure why this is, especially since I’ve pretty much been fantasizing about a specific person the whole time.

No. 359807

I want to know what she smells like under all the soap and perfume. I really want to catch her right when she wakes up and put my face in her warm neck and smell.

No. 360042

File: 1700455808117.jpeg (23.15 KB, 250x153, 0C290A46-8696-4E54-A35C-0D90D9…)

What is even the point of living if ill never get to fuck her

No. 360089

kind of messed up but i really want a girl to rape me. preferably someone i know like a friend in my sleep or something. i want someone to want me so much that they become fucked up in the head. (wouldn’t want this with a male though.)

another one i’ve been obsessed with lately is the thought of a skinny tomboyish girl with a lot of stamina tribbing on top of me. the though of her hips gyrating while becoming increasingly desperate is so hot to me. there’s something so erotic about women’s hips thrusting in general. i want her to thrust her pussy over and over again in my mouth while she orgasms. i’m thinking of one person specifically with this fantasy too and it kills me because it will never happen. i’ve never wanted someone so bad. so horny i’m basically feeling suicidal at this point

No. 360112

NO for real. I was just about to make an almost identical post kek. I’m ready to throw a tantrum and kill myself about it god damn ittt

No. 360113

Kek samefag but I made this post and didn’t even read >>360089 but
> i’m thinking of one person specifically with this fantasy too and it kills me because it will never happen. i’ve never wanted someone so bad. so horny i’m basically feeling suicidal at this point
I’m in the same damn boat exactly, fml. Life is pain, life is suffering

No. 360257

I spend all day at work fantasizing about having sex with my female manager. I just want her to call. I want her to show up (I work offsite). In the past I’ve always felt a chemistry between us but then the other week she was around and it just seemed very matter of fact friendly but platonic. Don’t know how to make my dreams a reality. Maybe if I have another job lined up one day I can throw a grenade into my employment and tell her I want to fuck her.

No. 360266

File: 1700541612631.jpeg (121.36 KB, 828x971, IMG_8683.jpeg)

Same nona. She fucking hates me. I think she feels hurt and thinks I don’t like her but the opposite is actually true. I can’t chase after her and tell her I’m actually in love with her because there’s a chance she really does hate me because I’m cringe or creepy or whatever the fuck. Anyways I want really rough sex with her and then afterwards to tell her I’ve loved her all along. I feel like crying and throwing up and throwing plates because there’s nothing I can do about any of this FUCK

No. 360276

>I want to be reborn as her lover in my next life.

valid, same nonny

No. 360440

I want to kiss her little belly pooch.

No. 360627

I have fantasies about me being a rich man and her being my cute newlywed housewife. For some reason in my fantasies I’m a little bit of a manlet and my snobby businessman friends make fun of us for her being taller than me, but it doesn’t bother me because I think she’s extra cute that way. But she has a complex about her height, so I make sure to treat her like a princess and tell her how adorable she is. I’d be very proud to have her at my side when we go to fancy corporate events, because with her tall but feminine frame she looks great in a dress. I’d be itching to get home and subtly touching her on her waist in a purposeful way all night, and we’d excuse ourselves early once we couldn’t stand it anymore and have passionate sex over the kitchen counter as soon as we got home. I’d pull her dress up and her underwear down, and she’d already be wet and desperate for me to mount her. And then maybe she’d get pregnant from that night and we’d have a cute baby.

No. 360642

i am once again here to say that i want to kiss and sniff and rub my face against a lady's fully grown bush

No. 360703

you and me both nona

No. 360705

I saw her kiss someone, and the way her nose squished made my breath hitch. I really love her cute big nose, I wish it would squish on MY face. I’d also love to feel her breath through her nose on my face, I’d melt. Ah, fuck my life, I’m so jealous I could die, it hurts so bad anons. I wish I didn’t see her kiss him, I’ll never get it out of my head. Trying not to cry all over myself.

No. 360792

Do you ever feel like your fantasies are counterproductive to your life? i feel like I get too fixated on impossible things that will never happen, and the more I fantasize about them, the more depressed I get that I'll never have that. I'm thinking about trying to wean myself off of fantasizing because it's crushing my soul too much, but idk how to do it since I'm legitimately addicted.

No. 360810

Sometimes nona but I also feel empty and uninspired without any fantasies. On balance I think they help because otherwise life does just feel gray and boring. I think it’s a natural part of being human, especially if you are creative. I know mine are (mostly) impossible, definitely improbable so they take on a supernatural element (another life, going back in time, being someone else etc). Dream on my nonnie, and don’t feel bad about it.

No. 360824

Sorry to hear you've been feeling depressed nonna. I also used to cry a lot over fantasies that wouldn't come true, or at least seemed far away. I think it's important to know the difference between things that are actually impossible and things that just haven't happened yet, like attaining an unattainable person vs being loved in general. Maybe ywnb with that woman in particular, but one day you can be with a different one. Not sure what your hangup is so I'm speaking from personal experience. Bottom line is that it's normal and healthy to want love, affection, sex, and companionship. What you're desiring, at its core, is beautiful. Try to just accept the present moment, including how much it hurts, and find some real things that you already have to be grateful for.

No. 361044

First one: Gynecologist appointmments make me nervous (uncharted territory) so i picture the doctor as a smug older woman who verbally educates me on my anatomy as she brings me to an orgasm. She'd act like it's an innocent explanation while i'm writhing and wetting myself under her
Second one: I really, really want to feel female ejaculation, preferably on my face. I fantasize about a reunion with my first (mutual) crush (nerdy, shorter than me). I want to hold her, the two of us facing a mirror, as i figure out her sensitive spots and note them out loud to embarrass her a little. I want to play with her big, easily gorged clit, until she can clearly see it peeking from under her pubes. I'd finish her off by eating her out, mouth fused to her vulva, not even moving (especially not moving) when she starts to facefuck me without realizing it, before squirting and drowning me. I'd wonder if it's actually urine on me and not care because i want her scent so bad This is the most coherent string of images i can muster. Usually i get so horny it feels like oxygen is leaving my brain and i picture us cannibalizing each other kek

No. 361149

Your doctor fantasy reminds me of when I was on meds that killed my libido and I couldn't cum from masturbation anymore. I'd fantasize about seeing a doctor in her mid-30s for this problem, and she would force me to tell her in detail how I tried and failed to make myself cum, and then she'd lay me down and finger-fuck me to orgasm a few times. Even better if it's an "open floor" with no private rooms, like in physical therapy, so everyone can see the mess she's making of me.

No. 361163

my new neighbor is so beautiful and elegant and i've got the biggest crush imaginable on her. she's like one of the most enigmatic people i've ever encountered. idk how someone who is so interesting and so jarringly my type (that it's almost unbelievable) could even exist much less exist right next to me. it's like i manifested her into my life lmao. i also recently found out she's a lesbian which is crazy since the town i'm from is fairly backwards and homophobic and just not the kind of place you'd expect someone like her to live. we've spoken a few times, only like once or twice. she's very soft spoken and shy so it hasn't gone past more than small talk, or casual hellos, but i keep fantasizing that we'll fall in love. i made her blush and smile the last time we talked and all i can think about is how i want to do it again. i'm down so bad, i've honestly never wanted another person so bad before in my life.

No. 361168

anon you realize you have to just ask her out right, it's fate

No. 361170

i agree with the other anon. do it. you have to…

No. 361171

i agree too, nona please do it! and post updates

No. 361188

Everyone here has been on the same frustrated page as me lately. I don’t know what’s causing it.

No. 361190

I think the absolute sexiest pose a woman can be in is lounging with her hips turned sideways and legs together with the knees tucked up a bit. The way this pose displays her pussy, like just peeking out from between her butt and thighs, is THE sexiest ever and it gets me wet just imagining this one simple pose, every time, like an instant horny switch. Especially if I imagine seeing her pubic hair curling onto her upper thigh…ugh. And I can't lie, the way her feet are cozy together in this pose is so cute that it's definitely part of it.
Is there any particular pose that really gets you guys going, or am I weird for having this specific thing? kek

No. 361192

I didnt realize that was about frenemies whoops

No. 361196

This is weird but I wish there was somehow a way I could eat a woman’s pussy while she’s standing up. Probably not logistical or comfortable, though, if its possible. It’s just the ultimate show of dominance when someone stands up during sex while the other person is literally kneeling on the ground. Like yes, please control me.

No. 361211

no this is normal dont worry

No. 362098

I just can’t stop thinking about clamping down on a woman like a fucking bear trap and having her pussy juice dripping down my chin. Sorry so basic but I’ve never wanted to go down on a woman so bad

No. 362328

I just want to make out with a hot masc woman so bad. Why is there a stereotype that lesbians are all butch because in my experience they're all femmes. I guess I'm part of the problem but fuck I feel like I'm never gonna get with a woman because I'm not attracted to femmes.

No. 362336

iktf anon, tell me about it. i want to be the change i want to see but despite being more androgynous i am definitely more on the feminine side than the masculine and it's not something i can change on an intrinsic level. i won't even care if i get used by a hot masc man i'd probably even love her more for it i just i'm so desperate kek

No. 362588

it's a fantasy ripped straight out of degen moid porn but I want to be hazed/bullied/blackmailed into eating the pussy of some mean girl who teasingly taunts me for loving pussy so much and orders me to say I love doing it, tells me when to put fingers inside, orders me to make her cum etc

No. 362605

ive been dying for a woman with small perky boobies and long labia with a bush

No. 362612

Are you me? That’s my type to a T, just add “short hair” to that description and I go crazy.

No. 362639

Wow, hit me up, I'm your type kek

No. 362648

no hmu first

No. 362834

wow, i'm someone's type?

No. 362895

not sure if it’s ok to ask here, but the recent replies got me curious. what’s your type, nonnies?

personally i like slender girls that don’t wear makeup, i also kind of have a thing for mean girls kek. cute-looking face, masc in personality. seconding that small boobs are awesome.

No. 362908

Taller than me, so 5'7" at least, and darker skin than me, so anywhere from medium brown to blue-black, with natural hair cut short, maybe shaved on the sides, but otherwise hairy and unshaven. Full bush is a must. I want to spread her labia and see how cute and pink she is inside, the contrast with dark skin drives me crazy. Medium-small breasts, visible collar bones, strong biceps, fleshy thighs. I want to eat her out and hold hands over her tummy. Kiss her neck, nibble her earlobes. She runs her fingers up into my afro while we make out, and hugs me tight against her soft, slender body when she fucks me. The other day I fantasized so hard it was like I could see her in my bed. I know she's out there somewhere and I'm willing to wait. I love her already.

No. 362919

File: 1701749158994.jpg (26.99 KB, 800x450, o2.jpg)

My sexual awakening basically. Very feminine face, medium length black hair, rather masculine clothing and mannerisms. My biggest irl crush was very pretty with delicate features and quite low 'bitchy' voice, she didn't wear much makeup and often came to school without it. In terms of the body I have very typical taste, I'm drawn to big boobs etc., but I like the female form in general and I don't pay that much attention to specific body type in real life.

No. 362920

dark hair and dark eyes for sure, I've never had a crush on anyone who didn't have dark hair and eyes. Tall, but slight and thin, but a rugged type of face, long with a prominent nose. (A generic cute ski slope face or insta baddie phenotype does nothing for me, I like faces with quirks, like a gummy smile or unusual nasolabial folds) . Also, short hair for sure. If she looks good with it swept back, that's an extra super bonus. And I like formal/classy dressers, the type who wears nice dress shoes.

No. 362926

Blonde or red hair, blue eyes, either quiet and artistic or outgoing and spontaneous. Has tattoos and creative interests, is intelligent and empathetic, and usually on the curvier side.

No. 362931

i really like it when women are either noticeably taller than me or slightly shorter. i can't choose between tall, lanky women (even better when they're gauche, it's adorable) and chubby women with delicate, fleshy, arms and shoulders. small breasts, puffy nipples, wide, strong thighs and huge ass. moid-tier but i've always adored them. older. intelligent and driven

No. 362995

>tall, lanky women who are gauche
Yessss, my ultimate type.
>small breasts with puffy nipples
YESSSSS they are so cute. puffy nipples make me want to suck on them so bad

One thing that I like is a beautiful neck, which to me means long but sturdy (not too thin). And soft supple skin. One that looks like you could really sink your teeth into it. I also think long torsos are cute.

No. 363005

I love chubby women. Not obese but like overweight or upper end of normal BMI. Soft bellies and thighs make me feral. And shorter than me so I can hold her like a big teddy bear. Dark hair and eyes a plus, natural body hair a huge plus. I love alt or vintage fashion and tattoos/piercings.

spoiler because I'm ashamed of my tranny tier preferences but the chubby goth gf archetype has always been my ideal.

No. 363007

File: 1701793870940.jpeg (30.08 KB, 203x203, IMG_6416.jpeg)

"straight"-ish shaped androgynous edgy women with little boobs i prefer them when they are small enough to be unfit for any bra but not so much those that are flat all the way but they're okay too. and like the other anons i'm also team puffy nips kek and nicely shaped legs and (fore)arms if not just lanky. unshaven everywhere with a hairstyle no longer than like, the jaw at the longest (unless she's a metalhead). MUST have a tall nosebridge and i'm really into women with longer midfaces. dark hair and eyes and similarly the other anon above i've never been attracted to anyone who had (a majority of) lighter features. i don't really like women who require a lot of upkeep, i'm not into like super "clean" delicate and prim people whatsoever not to be a scrote but girlsmell and musk……. i just want to be able to shove my face in her neck or bush and inhale her natural scent, not sterility plus those people happen to be uptight so we're incompatible. speaking of which as for personality i know MBTI is a meme but INFJs and ISTPs are a favorite of mine… OH and nice long hands and fingers.

No. 363021

a weird woman with glasses, long hair, no makeup and no shaving would be the absolute dream (bonus point if she has a bigger chest than my b cup)

No. 363027

I fit all the parameters! Hey nonna.

I have a thing for brunette or dark-haired women in general, unshaven (who doesn't love a nice bush). Preferably shorter than me, but don't really mind. Either pixie cut or nice long hair. I have a thing for tan skin and red lipstick specifically. My mothertongue is Spanish, and I go CRAZY for Sonoran Mexican accents for some reason. I think moles are really cute. Don't really have a breast preference tbh, but I do like a perky butt.

No. 363095

File: 1701825720113.jpeg (465.08 KB, 1156x1643, IMG_1357.jpeg)

Every day I get closer and closer to following her footsteps

Anyone who doesn’t know, this girl has severe life and self issues and she hires a female lesbian sex worker just to have some intimacy and gOD DAMN IT I AM UNDERSTANDING HER MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY I NEED THIS TOO!!!!

No. 363097

Large breasts would be ideal with puffy nipples I don't really have specifics for the body but something shapely and about my height would be nice 5'4 ish. Must have that cute tuft of hair that connects at the end of the vulva and pubic mane, this must be preserved in all women. Hairlessness is genuinely pornrotted, and unhealthy looking (looks like a cancer sufferer). It's so obviously pedofilic and self-hating that it disgusts me to see women uphold pornrot pedo standard, even some lesbians. But on the other side I'd be remiss to say that full on bush is difficult to eat out and maintain for eating out. The dichotomy of bush.

No. 363103

same, I secretly relate to so much of her books. Even the bit about her mom made me say "oh shit, oh gross, but isn't that sort of me too?" iykyk…
But it was the manga equivalent of a hororcow experience though reading the volume where she almost kills herself via damaging her organs permanently form alcoholism, then relapses after such a long recovery in the hospital… I seriously wonder if she is going to make it.

No. 363106

>that cute tuft of hair that connects at the end of the vulva and pubic mane
if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, holy fuck I've always loved that too. The longer piece right above the clit area? (why is this so hard to describe)

No. 363107

Was once told mine was too long and was asked to trim it but my response was basically, wow that’s too bad lol I’m not ever cutting it thanks for eating me out anyway I guess seemed like you managed just fine.

No. 363113

I read the first two of her books and couldn’t keep going because she’s so unbearably miserable. Hope she gets her life together but I also wonder if she’s being incentivized not to with how well her suffering manga sells

No. 363115

It sounds like she was just as much of a mess before she started publishing books, but I agree a job at a farm or even as a clerk at a store would do her better, even if I like her relatable books. Although I seem to recall a section where she says she hopelessly bombs all job interviews like a low-functioning autist, kek. I get the sense that she could be in danger of trooning as gender ideology takes hold in japan as well, since she mentioned questioning her gender in a recent volume. Just what she needs!

No. 363117

I want her to let me straddle her leg and hump it to orgasm while she holds my face and makes out with me the whole time, laughing under her breath at how desperate I am for her

No. 363122

>i picture us cannibalizing each other kek
Like graphically? kek. I sort of get what you mean though, sometimes in the heat of the moment I want her so bad I want to consume her. usually manifests in extreme biting urge

No. 363126

kek, now you've got me imagining her doing some version of this at a job interview

No. 363134

File: 1701852372624.jpg (84.09 KB, 808x1024, helpme.jpg)

There's a really hot woman I saw at a gay bar a little while ago. just oozed confidence, sex and fun. I'm such an awkward shit and not raised in the culture here but she did a performance and then afterwards sorta singled me out a couple of times to get close to me. She touched me and I didn't know what to do so I honestly just sorta froze up looking at her but I'd like to imagine a world where I had more confidence and knew how to reciprocate and just did it and kissed and got closer, ideally held her really beautiful ass like she ended up doing with another girl lmao. I can't stop thinking about it and kinky things I'd love to do with her in bed though it feels so moid-like. Especially cause I looked her up later and it turns out she's actually a stripper by day kekkk. but also I can't pretend the degenerate side of me isn't getting more thoughts from the things she can do… nonnas help, am I becoming a moid? it feels disrespectful to indulge in the fantasies of a stranger but…

No. 363150

nonna it’s fine, you will never be as gross as one of those birth defects

No. 363155

File: 1701864089021.jpeg (198.78 KB, 321x534, F6C49932-495F-496D-957C-5D9FE3…)

Literally when I first read it I was like “maybe I should”. I’m too scared to actually hit on anyone, and none of my dates really go anywhere (I think because I’m too awkward or just haven’t found anyone I’m actually interested in)… I don’t want to use sw path because I hate this system and how it exploits women, of course, but ideally I just want a more experienced woman to break me out of my reservations about having sex ToT(ToT)

No. 363290

God I wish that were me

No. 363291

Besides the body hair part, are you me?

No. 363305

I have a serious thing for thing for dress pants/slacks. i have a fantasy of using a bullet vibe on a women through her pants and staring really hard to see if I can see her orgasm contractions through the fabric.

No. 363307

Even though logically I know I don't have a dick and she doesn't either, I still have the urge to press my hips against her in missionary position, and want her to do it to me. Why??? It's just frustrating because it's impossible to get genital contact while doing that. Fuck 3d space and geometry.

No. 363308

File: 1701927633810.jpg (331.55 KB, 794x732, 1349767876826.jpg)

Speaking of feeling like a moid, lately I've been fantasizing about high school girls. Not like actively grooming them or anything, but I just imagine a scenario where such a girl likes me, what would I do? (please note that this is due to age gap yuri overdose) Would I be able to reject her if I find her attractive? Honestly I have no idea, probably not because I doubt I would go to jail in my country, but on the other hand I would feel extremely paranoid and would wonder if I'm like traumatizing her and shit. Good thing it's just a fantasy, I don't interact with women irl so I'm harmless. Also I try to imagine the sexual aspect of it and it just feels awkward, so probably I'm not a pedophile thank god. I need to lose my V-card already, I don't want to spiral into weird shit out of loneliness and desperation.

No. 363310

Pretty sure that if you're not fat you can trib in missionary easily.

No. 363311

kek not fat, just virgin who can't visualize how that would be possible but I will trust you

No. 363312

File: 1701928221218.png (604.65 KB, 1115x1600, Untitled.png)

Read chapter 19 of Asumi-chan is Interested in Lesbian Brothels to be enlightened. But anyway, I read before a girl that mentioned always getting off like this with her gf and since then I believe it's possible and also incredibly hot.

No. 363314

You just showed me a scrote tier hentai manga page involving prostitution as proof. I thought you were a lesbian sex chad imparting sacred knowledge. Never mind, I do not trust your information after all.

No. 363315

Itsuki Kuro is a woman and that manga is good.
>I thought you were a lesbian sex chad imparting sacred knowledge
No, unfortunately I'm a permavirgin. But missionary tribbing does look easy and pleasurable.

No. 363328

lesbian sex chad here to confirm that this is in fact possible. i don’t think chubby women could do it easily though, plus you can’t have bad stamina if you want to get off that way. total normal fantasy by the way - when you’re making out with a girl on top of her it’s really easy to go from just making out with her to humping each other through your clothes. once you remove the clothes, well, that’s the intuitive way it progresses. it just happens.

No. 363428

Honestly fucking same with the mom part. Of course I’m not sexually attracted to my mom, but I am very attracted to the idea of being cared for the way a mother cares for her child. Tbh I don’t think I have a mommy kink more than I just want a very affectionate wife who will hold and comfort me in a maternal way

No. 363599

I’m about to sound like a massive creep, but here it goes. I have a fantasy of being able to pause time so I can get up close and stare at and gently kiss every millimeter of her face. She’s so beautiful that I want infinite time to appreciate her like a work of art.

No. 363630

Want a shorter lady to pull my tie and kiss me when I least expect it.

No. 363707

women's hip bones are so fucking beautiful

No. 363708

Im a virgin and is strapping from the front possible please tell me its possible please please please

No. 363710

Previous virgin here, why wouldn’t it be???

No. 363711

Idk, overthinking

No. 363721

File: 1702095666007.jpg (64.92 KB, 542x737, 1b122ed9efb6e9cd604f0bc6400d9f…)

It's messed up, but I fantasize about a closeted bully sexually harassing me. She would tease me about how pathetic I am for enjoying being touched by someone who is cruel to me and pretend she was doing it because it's fun to embarrass me, but the truth is she is secretly in love with me.

No. 363741

Would've been hotter if the art wasn't moe moe kyun.

No. 363806

Nona, this happened to me. She didn't seriously bully me though. She was this confident and pretty mean girl who occasionally mocked me and joked about how i was 'perverted' to embarrass me. She'd alternate between really catty and kind behavior, with occasional flirty remarks. I was a little overwhelmed by it all but i still have wet dreams about her kek. One thing i get about gay moids is their obsession with homophobic bullies. I fantasize about eating her out while she calls me a hopeless dyke, i would probably come from just that in the right circumstances

No. 364013

carmillaesque fantasy about some arrogant noble woman and a vampire who is obsessed with her, the noble woman knows that the vampire really wants to fuck her but can't enter her room because she hasn't been invited in but just stalks at the window while the noble woman flaunts her body and pussy to the vampire and laughing while the vampire seethes that she can't get to the noble lady. then some day some maid or something accidentally let's the vampire in and that night the noble woman again begins her teasing until the vampire actually gets in and fucks her while telling the noble woman that she was asking for it by always teasing her with her body etc and it becomes a nightly routine

No. 364121

I want to strap her and hear all the cute sounds she'd make. her voice is so unbelievably beautiful just when she talks that I can't even imagine how sexy she'd sound during sex. Or even leading up to it, if it got more sultry. fuck.

No. 364125

wow. well that's hot and now I wish i was talented enough to draw it as a comic kek

No. 364903

Pretty tame but I fantasise about going to a club someplace no one knows me and having a one night stand with a girl. We don't meet again, but the memory stays in my mind even as I forget her name and the sound of her laugh

No. 364986

I want her to write her name on various parts of my body before she goes down on me until I’m squirming and crying KEK

No. 365006

Kek I tried this with my ex gf and couldnt get close enough. Might be because I am bigger than her and not flexible at all. So maybe it depends on the women.

No. 365008

I actually had this mean girl bully come real close to me a couple of times. I thought she was trying to pull the "help the lesbian is harrassing me" move that other girls had done and quickly moved away. Later I heard she had locked some other girl in the bathroom and tried to force her to kiss.

No. 365152

why are there so many trannies in this thread? it's like an especially unhinged meta complaints post. this is not /tttt/, return from whence you came

this doesn't sound like a fantasy, it sounds like you're having consistent panic attacks over it kek. get off the internet for a bit

No. 365236

my boyfriends mom is so cute hehehehehehe

No. 365297

She is so beautiful it hurts. Not just her face, but everything from her wrists, her shoulders, her feet, her toes, her hips, her knees, really and truly everything, is so perfect. When I saw her for the first time it was like a lightning bolt shot through my body. I've never felt anything like it before. I guess that's what love at first sight means. Every other person in the world pales completely in comparison to her, no one comes even close. Even the most beautiful or handsome people don't appeal to me even 40% as much as she does. And she can never be mine. And I need to forget about her. But how do I do that when she is so special?

No. 365302

It's a porn-y meme but also a real thing. I had this mean girl who used to pick on me in late middle school, sometimes it verged on flirtation and she later came out as bi. And not "bi," mainly dates women bi.

No. 365311

Lesbian with a hormonal issue (and thus certain body parts growing the way ftms tend to do), I have done this but I can't imagine a normal woman with a normal sized clit being able to do this. Just the way you would have to angle your hips doesn't make sense, maybe if you're super thin…? We're talking in missionary, right? Not tribbing?

No. 365312

Recurring fantasies of a stronger woman taking me in and making me hers and knowing I have nowhere to go
What if I was a vampire and she was a vampire hunter who made sure that humans didn't fear vampires anymore and she filed my teeth down to be like human teeth so I just look like a sickly human and I don't have the sharpness required to bite anymore, I need to plead with her to provide me with blood
Or someone like Adora, with me being like Catra
Probably rooted in trauma but I seem to just be obsessed with the idea of a charismatic, outgoing, well-liked, and strong woman taking in my ontologically evil self and showing them I'm not a threat anymore so they aren't afraid of me but still see me weirdly so I depend on her entirely for my positive social treatment and she gets off on how much I like being spoiled by her when I was originally someone who was meant to be a threat and would lash out

No. 365333

tribbing in a missionary position yes, tribbing is just the act of mutually grinding the vulva/clitoris, not the position itself. my clit is normal sized, i am very thin though (underweight) and flexible so that’s probably a factor. tribbing with one person on top and facing diagonally is the easiest way i think, especially if the person lying down uses something to prop up their hips higher.

No. 365374

not trying to sexualize your medical disorder but god that’s my ultimate fantasy

No. 365426

comphet document discoverer type of post.

No. 365427

Notice how everyone else ignored her? She’s tagging 1,200 posts because she’s looking for an infight, and you’re giving it to her. Shh.

No. 365477

i notice a lot of lesbians are into the idea of an older/stronger/taller/etc woman dominating them but is anybody else into the inverse where its a more short or small woman doing this to them? i like the idea of surprising and overwhelming a woman by being really dominant when she doesn't expect this from me because of how i look. i wanna go feral…

No. 365511

kek i was just thinking this the other day. everyone wants the older taller gf and i hear nothing about wanting a younger shorter gf. doomed to fail, the lot of us

No. 365512

I'm not super tall myself, but I have fantasies about both dominating and being dominated by a shorter woman, I can't be the only one kek

No. 365519

Kind of. I’ve been on the top recently in my fantasies.

No. 365533

Do I indulge in my dirty thoughts about her? Oh my god, she’ll never love me and will probably never be my friend. Ugh.

No. 365534

Shes kind of weird and cringe too but some parts of it make her hot in a weird way, it’s hard to explain

No. 365601

I want her to touch me so bad. I feel like a cat in heat, I wish I could put my butt up in the air and present my pussy to her like I’m begging to be touched. She could do whatever she wanted to me. Even better if she’s fully clothed, maybe even formally dressed, while I’m naked presenting myself to her with my face buried in shame. It would be so hot if she said nothing, but maybe laughed, and decided to be extremely slow, teasing me with small touches, putting her face close enough so that I can feel her warm breath on my ass as she watches me squirm and beg to feel her warm mouth, just to show me that she’s looking down on me in amusement and pity.

I’m at work and this is all I can think about. This is what she does to my head… I am mentally and physically at her mercy.

No. 365619

i relate to this kek. i’m so far gone that even her weirdness and grossness is kinda hot.

No. 365643

Wish someone felt this way about me. I also love weird girls, I'm drawn to the ones who are a bit offputting in some way. It's never that I'm simultaneously repulsed and turned on, but that I want to accept her for everything that she is.

No. 365699

My dumbest fantasy that I keep coming back to is that I want her to breathe on my face. I am so attracted to her nose (it's a perfect mix of masculinely handsome and cutely feminine) that merely the thought of the warm air exiting her nostrils and hitting my face makes me dopey with happiness. What is wrong with me anons.

No. 365704

kek same there's something appealing about being the only one that's really vulnerable in that situation

No. 365705

Was thinking about this yesterday

No. 365706

kek no way, I was certain I was the only one with this fantasy. Are you perchance also someone who is super into noses? For me, a sexy nose (for me that means long with a slight bump) nose is the #1 thing that makes me attracted to someone.

No. 365713

I want to fall asleep with my face in the crook of her neck.

No. 365722

File: 1702696898233.jpeg (292.76 KB, 1200x675, C5C323CE-E885-4B73-B0DB-33FAFB…)

Please god im just need to be her service top and spoil her and eat her out please GOD

No. 365774

one of my biggest go-to fantasy scenarios is mutually fingering each other while looking into each other's eyes. I had a dream about it once and now I'm obsessed with it.
I know a lot of women (especially same-sex attracted women) don't like a lot of penetration, but I LOVE it so much and I hope one day I find a gf who loves penetration as much as I do. I'd also love to have a collection of dildos to use with her. I'd love to try out a bunch and see which one would be her favorite… I feel like a weirdo for being so ravenously into penetration kek but it's just how i'm built i guess

No. 365808

fuck i love those skinny dorky white girls so much with the colorful hair and pronouns and larping as anime characters godddd i know its cringe and immature but something about that look just makes me crazy like yes i will be the yandere bishie of your dreams if you'll let me bbygrl. and i'll even respect your pronouns i swear. grown women who are like this are gods special angels desu they are a blessing never lose your cringe weirdgirl swag. yes i know they are like this bc of the mental illness and chronic tiktok/tumblr useage and are all awful annoying genderhavers but i would never want her to change a thing shes perfect the way she is.

No. 365852

I’m noticing a pattern. Not trying to make this Tinder but I swear so many people in this thread describes someone like me as their type. I’m not even like, that conventionally attractive (but those are moid standards I guess).

>Small boobs

>Full bush
>Awkward/niche interests
>Long nose with a slight bump at the end
>Dark eyes
Apparently I’m attractive? Because all these things are usually the opposite to how scrotes want women.
They want “big honking double z milkers ooga booga” and a brazilian butt lift, completely shaved and waxed everywhere, extroverted with no interests other than maybe sports and makeup, short height, tiny fake plastic noses, and blue eyes.
I guess its another reason that I’m glad to be a lesbian.

No. 365895

I kinda look like that too but irl like zero women are interested in me kek.

No. 365969

Honestly I'm so attracted to women like this. Probably the only reason I like women it's because I'm secretly a huge narc and want to fuck girls like myself. Let's have a clone threesome.

No. 365974

yeah idk why but my taste in women is polar opposite of the male gaze ideal. Men don't appreciate women who have handsome features but for some reason a ton of ssa women are crazy about handsome women. God damn i love handsome women. I wish more women with handsome features would just lean into it instead of trying to fit themselves into a doll aesthetic

No. 365979

I was just thinking about this. if more handsome women embraced it instead of trying to fit straight men’s standards, I’d probably be lesbian instead of bi. I’d probably have no reason to be attracted to men anymore, the only reason I am occasionally is because I like “masculine” presentation too, and more men present like that. but I think handsome women are hotter. something I’ve realised is that bisexual women and lesbians have a wider appreciation of women’s beauty than men do. the straight man’s idea of an attractive women is so limited. I’m glad I can see the sexiness they can’t, there’s so much more than that.

No. 365981

>for some reason a ton of ssa women are crazy about handsome women
I think this is just how homosexuality manifests in humans. I don't think it's due to society telling women that they should be attracted to masculinity, nor I think it's that they are actually slightly bisexual. Lots of gay men are also attracted to feminine men. It's just how it works, and I think it makes sense to me because there is no way that a woman would feel attraction to other women exactly in the same way that men feel attraction to women, since their brains aren't exposed to high levels of androgens the way men are specially during puberty. Same thing with gay men and their attraction compared to het women.

No. 365984

>Lots of gay men are also attracted to feminine men.
hmmm, call me retarded, but I somehow never made this connection before that a lot of female and male homosexuals like it when same sex individuals present like what is typical of the opposite sex. of course that isn't true for a lot of them either, think traditional butches who only like femmes, and the gays who like muscle daddies, so idk what's really going on.

No. 365987

Cringe but I'm obsessed with the idea of a woman who is obsessed with me. Like creepy in my bushes type vibe. I'd act like it creeps me out but in reality I'd be dying for her to make out with me and finger me while rambling about how meant to be we are. Idk I just want a woman who wants to live in my skin and is so crazy about me people urge me to get a restraining order and my refusal to do so proves to her I love her too (true). Maybe it's because I have communication issues kek

No. 365988

kek i'm your opposite. I want a woman who shows me no affection but lets me obsess over her

No. 365990

ehh, I don’t think there is anything that biologically induces attraction to a specific gender in humans. if it were just about androgens vs estrogens, most people would be some degree of bisexual, plus women with PCOS would be hella gay. also there are definitely lesbians who only like femmes. the idea just doesn’t make sense to me, anyway, what kind of gene or receptor could trigger an attraction to specifically shaped genitals?

No. 365994

Hormones are a very complex system in your body and stuff like testosterone exposure can change how the brain structure develops physically before adulthood. So yeah, if you have a hormonal imbalance during adulthood it's unlikely that it will change your brain itself besides emotional behavior. This is why I believe you are already born with homosexual attraction, it just takes puberty to make one realize that.

No. 365995

ntayrt, but I feel like this theory falls apart when you consider bi people who experience cycling (myself included in this). I'll have months/years where I'm only into one sex, and vice versa, with no health changes. A lot of people who subscribe to the "born this way" theory don't believe in this though, and I sort of get it because it sounds too crazy to be true unless you've gone through it, but it's definitely a thing. I've spent so, SO much time wracking my brain trying to come up with a theory as to why my attraction switches, and I just can't come up with anything. There's got to be something even more complex going on.

No. 365996

Ehh you say this but I wonder how serious you are.

No. 365998

sage for sperging, but surely children/teens can have PCOS? and of course it can change your brain but my point is how would the brain have a mechanism to ensure opposite sex attraction? androgens affect the brain in a way that causes you to be aggressive, reduce empathy and increase spatial awareness etc, but gay men don’t have less T and I doubt they did during puberty, and they still have these androgenised behaviours.

anyway my main thing is that I think homosexual attraction is inherently interruptive of gender stereotypes in society, so people attracted to the same gender are more likely to appreciate those traits. but there are lesbians who only like femininity, and lesbians who only like masculinity on women. if it was supposedly the lack of testosterone causing this, you’d think they’d be attracted to men too. but sorry for dragging on. it is an interesting topic though.

No. 365999

why…? I have zero reason to lie. I get extremely uncomfortable when people show me affection and I actually enjoy one-sided crushes and parasocial crushes due to this. I secretly have a ton of affection inside me though which is why I like the fantasy i mentioned

No. 366003

But you never become 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual during these cycles. Also if you're suddenly really into someone of the other sex during these cycles you usually break out of it, so I think for bisexuals which sex they are attracted to at the moment is due to their everyday experiences. The thing is you never truly stop being bisexual, hence you "cycle", because that's something biological of you.

The best we have about homosexual attraction in females at the moment is that pre-natal androgenization seems to have a role in it, so even if you were androgenized in your teens it likely won't have any effect on your sexual orientation.

No. 366004

Huh. Well I just say that because I'm highly emotionally unavailable and all the people around me rightfully hate that of me, and it's just weird that you want to be in a relationship with someone like that.

No. 366005

>But you never become 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual during these cycles
….. haha yeah, that would be weird as fuck… definitely not…kill me

No. 366006

kek in my fantasy she doesn't even let me be in a relationship with her

No. 366007

I can definitely find the appeal if it was a yuri manga or something, but irl I find it hard to believe that there would be someone actually into it in the long term, you know? I feel like if you were actually in that situation it would put you through a lot of emotional stress. But what do I know, you kinda sound like a huge M and I'm not into S/M shit so maybe I just can't understand.

No. 366008

well, that's why it's a fantasy anon. It's not that realistic and probably would never work out irl. also I have both dominant and submissive fantasies, it really just depends on my mood

No. 366009

there are so many bogus studies like this that I wonder how people still believe them kek. how would androgens make a foetus gay? and why would pre-natal exposure have more impact than pubertal since sexual desire increases then? just doesn’t make sense. didn’t they also try to say males have one finger longer than another due to pre-natal testosterone and lesbian women were more likely to have that too? It ended up being unreliable and the results couldn’t be replicated.

and that still would mean women with PCOS would give birth to more lesbian children and that would be a pretty demonstrable phenomenon. and once again would probably make most people some degree of bisexual, not straight, and it wouldn’t explain how occasionally some people’s sexualities change.

No. 366014

Prenatal exposure could have more impact on brain development but like anything mental health or brain function related, homosexuality is probably caused by a mixture or genetic and environmental factors combined.

No. 366020

I want to wear a strap and have her ride me cowgirl style. God she'd be so beautiful. Imagine if she bent down to kiss me or even just put her face close to mine. I love her so much, I wish I could enter an alternate universe where things were different and I could be with her.

No. 366022

Tall, yet physically slight women remind me of those skinny pine trees. So graceful and beautiful. Ever since I was young I would create OCs who had exactly this body type kek. Looking back my favorite OC as a kid/teen was exactly my type (tall, slight, dark hair, long face, cross dressed) but I hadn’t realized I was into women yet. Weird how these things slip by you for so long.

No. 366040

I don't know about that. I like feminine women for example. I know many gays who like masculine men. I think it depends on the individual, because every person has a different preference.

No. 366102

sigh. it seems like it’s only cute to be slight if you’re tall. I’m scrawny as fuck with lanky limbs and present more masc but I’m straight up short, which sucks because a lot of women prefer people taller than them or at least larger in some way. even the lesbians that like shorter women seem to like curvy ones.

No. 366112

Anon not to be mean but there’s probably a grand total of 3 of us posting in this thread all the time, so the tastes are going to be skewed just due to sample size. Basing your analysis of your dating chances off of 3 mentally ill imageboard using women doesn’t make a lot of sense kek

No. 366115

I mean I’ve noticed this IRL too. short and skinny is not most women’s type. it’s cool though, because luckily there’s more than type to attraction. sorry if it came across like I was whining kek.
funnily enough my ideal girl is probably an imageboard loser like myself so I wouldn’t say this thread is necessarily the least accurate place to assess my dating chances (lol)

No. 366123

I'm a tall woman who eithers wants to cuddle a short woman or a woman who is taller than I am (173cm) I like being either the little spoon or big spoon.

No. 366126

I’m retarded because I’m short (164cm) and like taller women but I always want to be the big spoon kek. And when I hug people I like to be the one with their arms on top. I’ve got a friend who will literally bend down so I can do that lollll. I think I’m the human equivalent of a little dog that thinks it’s big.

No. 366132

No. 366156

Haha true. I kinda resent women who only date taller women because it's so fucking heterobrain. I never in my life had a height preference, I even find short petite women to be cute as fuck, but I guess some women are truly picky about height. I look exactly like you describe and I'm average height, but my exgf would always mention she wished I was taller. Like holy fuck go date a tranny if you want a 6' female in a non-nord country fucking hell.

No. 366178

When I see specific female artists who's work is focused on women, it make me want to slowly make love to them so badly. I want to rub my whole body on their, feel each others breath on our respective neck, I feel it's the only way I could truly share and understand the deep meaning of their work

No. 366183

oh god nonna I know one just like that she never took T and is thin yet even in male attire you can clock her by her hips, but her shoulders are not narrow. Last time I saw her at con she was so bubbly, would hug me and be rather touchy-feely. I want to rail her so badly, put my hands on the front of her shoulder, getting a good grip to thrust my hips against her ass, bent over so I can press my whole body on hers. I also know that she has a high libido which make me even more ravenous

No. 366221

File: 1702869179197.jpeg (84.18 KB, 480x585, IMG_0018.jpeg)

omg I thought I was the only one that gets turned on knowing someone has a high sex drive. funnily enough I also like a TiF (why are they all the hotties nonas…), she’s a pervy fujo and I’m absolutely certain she has the dirtiest nastiest thoughts FUCK. she’s such a weirdo so I bet she has some stupid kinks. I saw her hornypost memes on an alt account about masturbating a lot and getting head and i almost cried. it was something like poking fun of the face you make when you get oral sex and I was so unhappy that people have gotten to see it and I haven’t. (I bet one is that pretty girl that’s always up in her comment section… urgh.) she has the tism (got diagnosed like a year ago) and sometimes makes funny faces, I bet she’d have such a cute squirmy face when you go down on her. anyway I’m kind of retarded because comprehending the fact she’s a sex-haver and is probably having lots of stupid college sex despite being such a loser (a really hot loser) drives me insane and makes me angry as fuck but also kinda horny. she’s straight up kind of a whore. like I bet people just listen to her talk and don’t give a fuck about what she’s saying but just smile and laugh because they totally just wanna get in her pants and I get it.

anyway mine is thin too but kind of the inverse, very narrow hips but also tiny shoulders, but tall (5’10). I think her frame is so beautiful. her tummy is really tight and sexy and her hipbones jut out in such a hot way, I can’t imagine how good she must look with her boxers pulled down. I want to bury my mouth in her vulva while she’s standing up with her legs apart leaning on a desk or something with her hand in my hair. I wanted her to get off T before it ruins her beauty but my brain short circuited after I learned about the tranny clit thing and now I can’t stop imagining how her enlarged clit would feel in my mouth and me sucking on it. I bet she’d be really sensitive. she also flushes really easily, not in an ugly, angry red way - just the apple of her cheeks go pink - just from being warm even. so I bet if she gets worked up her face and neck go so pink. I really want to see it. she probably tries not to moan to seem more masculine but gets all whiny and breathy and high pitched when she’s close. and nonnies I swear she’s so beautiful I’m not even just saying that, like whatever you’re imagining it’s not even close.

gonna sperg about her looks now because I love her and have no friends haha. she’s both handsome and cute at the same time. her face is heart-shaped and long and elegant. her jaw is sharp but delicate and narrow. she usually has some degree of brown hair, I’ve seen anything from gingerish light brown to dark brown on her - but right now it’s black. it’s really dense, wavy-curly, shoulder length and messy. sometimes she wears those rectangular glasses nerdy moids do. her skin has hardly seen the sun and is sort of luminously pale kek. her eyes are pretty and dark, and they’re really deep and gently smouldering. like they turn you to mush. her eyelashes are really pretty and long, they sweep downward and give her a hazy sort of sweet look when she’s smiling. she’s quite narrow and lanky - her legs are really long - and wears masculine attire. her hands are so pretty, slender and long and soft. oh and she’s Italian by the way. she’s gotten quite a few people comparing her to Dazai from bungou kek, she hates it (never watched it) but she really does look like him honestly. but with lighter hair she looks a little goro akechi-ish to me (plus the hairstyle is closer) so maybe she just has anime boy looks.

she pulls these trans-hating straight girls despite being a freak weirdo (in a funny way, and I’m exaggerating). they turn into pick-mes for her and everything. sigh. I don’t think she quite comprehends how hot she is either. she definitely attracts some lesbian girls who only put up with the trans shit because she looks that good.

heck if I’m here I’m going to rant about the weird fetishises she’s triggered in me. sorry. (is this blogposting…?) I was one of the anons the other day who said I’m really attracted to any weirdness but also kind of grossness when I really like a girl. the weirdness makes sense to me because weirdness is almost vulnerable and also just very… real. but the grossness thing is definitely because I’m so fucking mentally ill about my obsessions for people. Like I literally can’t just be heavily attracted to people in normal way. I know my hot loser TiF crush has had some month long shut-in depression phases (like me!) and she definitely was not practising proper hygiene during some of these times. but the idea of her unkempt stringy hair and accumulated body odour I KNOW IM SO GROSS I’M SORRY is very hot to me. I’m so curious as to what it smells like? especially her vulva. I don’t really know what it is specifically that is attracting me with this but I guess I’ve always had a thing for smells. I always instinctively want to shove my face in someone’s armpit when we’re cuddling. I remember an anon here talking about having a period blood fetish and I sort of had a eureka moment like “oh, I guess I, as a woman, can also have weird fetishes for women like moids do! I mean not that that specifically turns me on but that kind of unlocked some weird suppression thing I had going on.” but then I thought about my TiFfy love’s period blood and now the fetish has developed. Sigh. i want to smell it and potentially taste it and maybe get it on my fingers?? Also the idea of period sex feels so intimate and vulnerable honestly and I’d want to show her love during that time. I feel like maybe she’d feel particularly sensitive about it because she’s trans kek. I just want to love her as a woman. kind of related, but I’ve never had a thing for boobs, like I was never attracted to them. I’ve always seen them as kind of neutral, chests with fat stored in them that get needlessly sexualised. probably in part because I come from an african family and in the house topless female family members around me were just considered normal (although to be fair my family are quite small chested anyway, I’m flat kek). but when I realised Tiffychan had breasts it really intrigued and perturbed me because I was kind of ignorant to the whole transitioning thing and thought that since she had started at a young age she wouldn’t have boobs. I started to fixate on how soft they look. like… they look so soft. I’m not sure if she binds or it’s a matter of her weight fluctuating and the clothes she wears, I think it might be the latter two. when she’s extremely skinny they almost disappear. but regardless, all the times I’ve seen the outline of her breasts through fabric she never has had a bra on and they look so. fucking. soft. I’ve never wanted to touch boobs more in my life, I don’t know what it is about them. I now have an established non-sexual attraction to boobs, a sensual attraction specifically, especially hers. sensual attraction is so strong for me in general. just to glide my fingers along the curvature of her waist, gently caress her ribs, and cup her soft breasts and glide my fingers across her nipples watching them harden when I softly pinch them. she can pass as so masculine but she sometimes looks so soft and vulnerable… she has these pretty legs and really soft skin. again I know I’m so retarded for this but in the end she’s a fujo who probably gets off on the idea of being a guy who’s fucked by another guy and the idea of that haunts me a little. the thought of an undeserving moid defiling her pretty body with his hands all over her is so upsetting to me. I feel depressed now. but to be honest, in a dumb moidy cuck kinda way it also turns me on to think of her enjoying sex with a man. I’ve masturbated to the thought, while sobbing a little. like, she likes men so much she wanted to be one, kms.

anyway, last fetish/turn on. I want her to be so pervy and fucked up that she gets uncontrollably horny and sexually assaults me. she’s definitely stronger than me (she’s a string bean but so am I and shorter, plus no steroids…) so she could definitely pin me face down and force her fingers inside of me. she’d be desperately fingering me hard while so shamelessly getting off on it, humping my leg not so subtly, moaning. oh and she’d flip me around and suck on my vulva, licking my labia and watching me squirm while gripping her pretty fingers on my thigh, nails digging into my skin and leaving pink marks. I want her to latch onto my clit and aggressively make out with my pussy, hard, getting stickiness on her face. she’d look me straight in the eyes with this cockiness and do that thing that drives me crazy - it’s like she knows how to put sex into her eyes and gazes it into you. it’s so seductive in a cocky way and it makes me so horny, how does one go from loser to so confident? I wonder if she even realises that she’s doing it. it’d be like she was taunting me. and telling me how much I like this, teasing me about how wet and shaky I am because I’ve been wanting this for so long. I can get off in 5 minutes just thinking about her while masturbating so I’d probably last like 1 minute and be mortified with embarrassment but still so aroused. and then she’d grind her hips down and rub her big clit against mine. hnng. I bet her body would look so sexy on top of me. help.

sorry for the long post nonas, I ended up typing for over an hour. but getting that out felt good, thank you for being the audience to my frustration kek. sorry if I broke some kind of rule I was unaware of, I’ve never made a post this long before on here.

No. 366296

This is one of the main types I'm interested in (I am taken by the other type right now, a cute short curvy woman). I have been feral for such women in the past.
But we're out here, I promise.

No. 366302

10/10 post. absolutely unhinged and horny. we need more deranged lesbian posting like this.

No. 366345

Nona how do you deal with knowing no one may ever obsess over you to the extent you do other people like this?

No. 366372

I’m glad someone appreciates it haha. I was on no sleep and passed out immediately after writing it. felt ashamed of myself when I woke up but if you think it brought something to the thread I thank you nona.
what do you mean, this is absolutely a completely normal and sane level of being attracted to someone. kek no I admit I can be a little insane about people, but funnily enough now that you mention it, I only seem to attract the obsessive types actually. luckily it’s mostly obsessive women and not men, but it’s fucked up some friendships.

No. 366390

lord what a reply,
I love to know another women as high sex drive too.
Your like a super freak and you sound pretty hot too nonna, wonderful blogpost.
I think there is something extremely hot about period sex, the vulnerable aspect on the end of the one who is offering, the stickiness of the blood…also tribbing must feel so strange but the idea of it make me ravenous

No. 366459

>felt ashamed of myself when I woke up but if you think it brought something to the thread I thank you nona.
i honestly believe this thread and posts like yours have done way more good for my sexuality than other lesbian threads or spaces because this is (mostly) focused on just women unashamedly posting about their fantasies while everywhere else it's just nitpicking about the implications and politics of our sexualities, infighting, etc. i love to see women express their attraction towards other women even in deranged ways because it's way more refreshing than anything else

No. 366519

Yeah I kind dislike all the judgement and infighting here. Les/bi, butch/femme, weeb or not, we all get shamed for our sexualities, as do straight women. I also feel ashamed of the way Im attracted women sometimes and it helps to know Im not the only one. The horny really brings us together. Beautiful.

No. 366585

kek wait it's reassuring to know someone views boobs the same way I do, I thought in order to like a woman's body you had to do it similar to a man's pov.

No. 366689

I always used to think "dirty talk" was cringe, but imagining it in her voice low in my ear as she teases me with her fingers or a toy… I'd come instantly

No. 366763

File: 1703094181968.jpg (104.64 KB, 540x438, 7777777777777777.jpg)

dirty talk is nothing, i have this fantasy/need to cringe retard cutesy talk to a woman i want it so badly. it's embarrassing, it's stupid, but i just wanna tease a girl and tell how cute her boobsy boobs are, i want to snuggle her buttsy butt-butt and kiss her puss-puss while she cringes and squeals at me to stop while giggling and secretly liking it. i'm frothing at my mouth thinking about it but at the same time i know i will never experience this because holy hell i will neverbe able to actually take part in such embarrassing behavior, oh my god. i will die unwhole.

No. 366765

marry me

No. 366787


No. 366859

a few months ago I saw this girl at the bus station who was wearing a cropped button up shirt with high rise pants, and there was a little triangle of exposed skin where you could see that she had a slight happy trail of dark hair and I felt like such a perv for noticing, but it was so attractive to me… I hope one day I get to have a cool, laid back, taller gf who lets me mindlessly pet her body hair…

No. 366865

I fantasize about living in a world where she didn't make the life choices she did, is a better person, and that we are together. I like to imagine waking up in bed next to her and brushing the hair out of her face as she sleeps in the morning sunlight.

No. 367129

I feel like such a gross coomer but I saw a pic on here of some e-girl wearing that popular black latex bikini/midsection/underwear lingerie and a vision of my crush wearing it popped into my head and it was so hot. Lingerie usually doesn't even interest me but this one would be kind of sexy ngl. I think she'd look just a little silly in it because she so lanky but that is part of the appeal tbh, plus she has really sexy hips that she usually hides so the contrast to her usual look would be insane.

Sort of unrelated, but does anyone ever get the urge to draw sexy female figures? I do, but I never actually do it because it feels/is objectifying and we rightly shit on moids for the same thing. I finally figured out why I was so obsessed with this male anime artist in high school (before I realized I liked women) because he was known for drawing tall lanky women. I always felt guilty looking at his work though because he had other stuff that was explicit femdom porn. i understand i'm basically a personalityfag at this point because i'm always talking about lanky women kek, i'm sorry i just think they're gorgeous…

No. 367133

>but does anyone ever get the urge to draw sexy female figures?
Yes and I do because ultimately I'm attracted to other women.
I hate this rhetoric on here that lesbians and bi women shouldn't be sexually attracted to women, or we shouldn't express it. (Not saying you're perpetuating this, nona. I mean anons who call other anons men.)
Personally my gf and I are horny for each other and it's awesome.

No. 367192

I want to see her shaking in pleasure

No. 367215

No, not really, i just really like her voice

No. 367219

I wanna draw something so bad but im scared of it looking like someone i know irl and freaking out

No. 367224

Theres a scene in a book Im writing where the main character’s girlfriend gets back to the hotel they’re at and they start vigorously making out and then the gf pulls out a strap she bought and a bottle of vodka and then they start having loud obnoxious missionary sex to the point where the neighbor can hear it. Whenever I read it I get turned on. It’s especially sexy when you consider that the gf was shy and overly polite through the whole thing and now she’s absolutely railing the mc. Also they get super drunk and probably fuck like five more times but I don’t show that.

No. 367249

Are you going to publish it? What is the plot?

No. 367254

I get that urge so often, I just use a whiteboard so I can erase it. I love to draw women so much
>Also they get super drunk and probably fuck like five more times but I don’t show that.


No. 367268

I want a cute mean shortie to dominate me and tell me what to do and turn me into a mess. I’m 5’9 never wished i was shorter but always had something for short women

No. 367311

As a short woman with fantasies of (play)bullying a taller woman in bed… I hope one day I find a gf like this.

No. 367324

Rather not say unfortunately given what kind of site this is

No. 367329

Sorry if this sounded suspicious or like I was writing about something taboo, I just meant that I wouldn’t reveal any details because I do plan on publishing and I dont want people knowing I post here. Doubt it will become public enough to where that would be an issue, but still.

No. 367549

there's the hottest 20 something grey-haired butch at my workplace and I want to go down on her so badly… it'll stay fantasy (unless…) because I shouldn't shit where I eat but it's very refreshing to hang out with a fellow butchy lesbian my age-range who isn't caught up in gender shit.

No. 367574

I want a Japanese bf, but not one of those perverted city slickers from Tokyo. I like those rural Japanese men who wear overalls, are more manly and don’t care about fashion or technology much. I wish I had a rural Japanese farmer or fisherman husbando. I want to find a man who lost everything in the 2011 earthquake and give him a family and fresh start in life with me.

No. 367615

Nona this is a thread for lesbian fantasies.

No. 367681

fuck off(infighting)

No. 367683

i fantasize about a dominant femme coming home from a long day at work. She takes a shower with vintage suede scented bodywash and seducing me with nothing but dirty, worn sneakers on. The muddier, the better. Then, she’d fuck me senseless on our bed with previously clean sheets, all while staining the bed with our cum, sweat and mud.

No. 367699

I have a dream that I'll reconnect with the butch teacher I had in school that I had a massive crush on. Maybe I'll be passing through the area my school was in and we randomly encounter each other in a bar and we both get tipsy and decide to leave and make my old fantasies real. Bonus points if she gives me some corporeal punishment but then rubs the pain out afterwards and fingers me as a reward for taking it well.

No. 367700

Oh shit sorry I didn’t realize kek. I’ll see myself out.

No. 368738

Sometimes I think about living out somewhere remote and growing fruits and vegetables like what those tacky cottagecore girls in 2020 wanted. We would live a simple life away from a lot of modern shit (but not all of it of course, not to like Amish levels anyway). I know the idea is kind of unappealing irl though. Still, I want peace and quiet and I want to dedicate myself fully to a woman and this feels like the most natural way to fantasize about it. I’ve been doomscrolling a lot today and its getting on my nerves.

No. 368791

i was at work and this woman who looked to be in her 60s winked at me, i'm 80% sure it was sexual, she wasn't that old to be a jolly old lady winking. she was silent not overly nice or anything, just winked and smirked while i was taking her payment. i swear to god she being sultry.
so ~2 years ago i discovered this sheep shearing channel "right choice shearing," which is ran by married lesbians and it ignited a similar fantasy of being a lesbian rancher

No. 368951

What a dumb ban

No. 368970

My crush’s sister just said to the groupchat that my crush beat her at checkers and then this other guy was like “she would totally beat me at checkers” and it unironically made me horny for some fucking reason. Idk, just the thought of her beating me at something petty like that turns me on. I need to be put down. I am thinking like a scrote.

No. 369480

I don't think so nonnie. Whenever the hot female boss of the company I work with shows up in our meetings, I fantasise endlessly about her completely eviscerating me with her arguments. The way she debates everyone's points makes everyone in the room want to be railed by her.

No. 369885

I had a dream where I was at her house and we went to the movies with a bunch of people and I forgot who they were. Anyway so I’m sitting next to her there and I put my head on her shoulder and she’s like “okay, but just for a minute” and then I like slowly make my way towards laying on her boob and then after like 20 seconds of my head being on her chest she’s like “y’know you can’t really do that right?” (She’s taken irl). Then I stopped and I woke up.

It almost felt real, as if we were stuck in the same dream, ofc that’s not real though so it couldn’t have been. It was lucid too. Why do my good dreams always cut off? Ugh

No. 370451

I want to work in a desk job where shes my boss and wed be having an affair and at one point she would invite me into her office while shes on the second day of her period and shed lean her back against the desk or maybe shed be sitting in a chair and id eat her throbbing pussy out with blood dripping down my face and her legs while she grabs me by the scalp as if forcing me in

No. 370452

I feel like people are beginning to recognize my typing style and i dont like it

No. 370532

can I be her, also please don't stop posting if your other posts are this hot lol

No. 370534

I had this weird nighmare/sleep paralysis thing where I was having a dream, realised it was a dream and woke up paralysed, then fall back asleep. During one of the dreams I woke up next to my ex, tried to start kissing her and her face turned into a distorted monster like thing. Still tried to have sex, but woke up.

>tfw so horny try to fuck sleep paralysis demons

No. 370632

maybe this weird but I find armpit hair on certain women kinda hot. I don’t like men’s armpit hair (or body hair in general) hence why it’s odd kek. I have this fantasy of a sweaty woman playing sports (something like football or basketball or something) in a sports bra and tracksuit bottoms - it would show off her toned stomach and when she lifts her arms you’d see her armpit hair. Why am I like this lol. She’d be all sweaty and kinda muddy and her hair would be tousled and sticking to her forehead. I would see her at some event and my knees buckle a bit. Would probably be ashamed at how aroused I feel by just having a conversation with her and hope to god she doesn’t realise… I want to have rough sex with this imaginary woman. Sigh.

No. 370634

God I forgot this is so important - she would have an extremely distracting and lickable happy trail.

No. 371086

bless you nona… I have a thing for feminine women with dark armpit hair (but it has to be dark and unkept, not little stubbles) that I kind of… discover. you can't see it through her clothes but it's there when I take it off, like it's just for my display.

No. 371228

I’m a penetration junkie (both receiving & giving) and I’m so turned on by the idea of strap-on sex, but done in a way that isn’t just imitating a man jackhammering. Like doing it reallllyy slow, pressing deep and holding it at just the right spots, ever so slightly rocking to stimulate the perfect spots, and doing this for a long time, through multiple orgasms. Ugh I want it so bad. Nothing is more comforting to me than deep, slow penetration, it’s like being wrapped in a hot blanket of bliss with your brain all fuzzy and heart full of love. I want to do this with the woman I’m infatuated with while cuddling with as much skin contact as possible. and I know it’s not good for you but I so want to sleep like this, like not take it out at the end and just fall asleep that way

No. 371274

those strapless strap-ons would probably work good for you! I find them very intimate and perfect for the slow penetration you like (going too fast makes it slip out). I particularly found the end of the wearer too wide and couldn't fathom it inside of me but I'd like to try it again one day. I have also wondered what would be like to kinda relax or nap with a comfy toy inside.

No. 371368

I wish there was a female-only internet because I have the urge to post nudes of myself only for other women. Imagining moids using my pictures to get off makes me mad, but imagining a woman doing it instead really turns me on. So lately I'm actually really mad that I can't take pictures and restrict viewing access to only women kek. Am i a degenerate?

No. 371369

I wish this too, I’ll never post nudes online for this reason though

No. 371370

My perfect gf has hairy pits and a happy trail I can kiss downwards until I get close to her clit and I just mouth around it until I plant a huge wet lick with my whole tongue and I can just ruffle her lil trail of hair between my fingers while I eat her out

No. 371371

Not a degenerate I wish this existed to. Which is why I only sent pics to other girls personally through DMs and private messages kek

No. 371722

nonnies I feel like such a moid for admitting this but I recently started seeing a gold star lesbian and she agreed to let me strap her, which she’s never tried before, and I’m so excited I feel like I’m going to take her virginity in kind of a fucked up way and make her mine

No. 371733

Unspeakably Jealous

No. 371776

No this is hot. I'm also a gold star and I often fantasize about finding a woman I'd like enough to let strap me but I always worried it was gross kek

No. 371795

Meanwhile she's already had Stacy's fist womb-deep but sure, enjoy your "virgin" nonna.(gross bait)

No. 371992

I mean this got banned for bait but it’s right in my mind too. Do nonas still have the idea that penetrative sex = real sex / taking your “virginity”?

No. 371996

A lot of bisexuals and non goldstar lesbians do. Whenever I see some gold star saying she prefers to date other gold stars there's always someone sperging about purity culture and treating women who had sex with men as inferior even nobody said any of that. Women with heterosexual pasts often continue to have heteronormative ideas on sex and virginity even when they're dating women. And gold stars get shat on for so much as using the phrase "gold star," because it's somehow shaming people who aren't virgins, even though gold star =/= virgin and lesbian sex is sex regardless of whether penetration occurs.

No. 372048

could you keep this retarded shit at the already ruined lesbian thread and keep this place fun and non-fighty

No. 372118

it could just be a kind of fucked up fantasy, like I said. I understand how the fantasy is “heteronormative,” but I’m not too concerned about that because I’m still fucking another woman regardless. I don’t actually consider her virgin, if it matters

anyways, I’m seeing her tonight. wish me luck nonnies!

No. 372119

Don't worry nona, this is a thread for self-indulgent hornyposting, not a thread for arguing about the sociopolitical implications of problematic lesbian sex. Have fun and good luck!

No. 372123


No. 372198

I'm so lonely and touch starved, I just want to lay my head on her bare chest above her breasts and feel her warm skin and heartbeat. I've got dumb and unexplainable problems that prevent me from ever having a gf, and it's hard for me to imagine living the rest of my life never having this sort of soul-nourishing skin contact. Very occasionally, like every couple of months, I'll have a dream where I get to touch my crush in some way, and I can ride on the high of one of those dreams for a whole week, sometimes. I love them so much, I wish I could make them happen more often.

No. 372254

I can’t do this anymore

No. 372256

I consider myself a giver rather than a receiver and the idea of being dominated often repulsed me, but for some reason lately I've considered it when I reach my ideal musculature.
It's probably something weird and psychological, but once I'm secure in my physique I wouldn't mind if my girlfriend wanted to domme me a little bit. Even with strap.
Never a moid, but a cute woman yes.
Maybe it's my AAP acting up but whatever!

No. 372264

scene: it's winter two women go to sauna and for whatever reason they can't fuck each other but just keep getting hornier and hornier looking at each other's bodies and feeling the sauna heat tingling their pussies. they keep lamenting about how horny they are and how they want to fuck but can't, other woman has to go outside and take some snow and press it against her pussy to calm herself down but the sensation just makes it worse and she's hornier than ever.

No. 372271

I love this nona

No. 372272

Ultimate finnish fantasy kek

No. 372324

unbelievably fucking hot.

No. 372335

Same, nona. I used to hate the idea of being dominated, but once I hit my stride with bodybuilding and got my dream body, the confidence changed me and how I view sex. When I met my wife, I was so turned on by her softness and the size difference between us. I still take the lead most of the time, but she's dominated me in ways I never thought I'd allow to happen. When she strapped me the first time, I think I met God when I came. There's just something so intensely hot about the fact that I could use my strength and size to flip the script and ravish her at any given moment, but I don't. She's got this intense power in how she looks at me, this "don't you fucking try it" look. I'm rambling here and my mind's wandering… but yeah, AAP's a helluva drug.

No. 372378

I want to fucking kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss her tummy so badly I'm going insane. Especially if she's a little full or bloated, I would find it really cute for some reason. I'm not a feeder or anything, I like thin women, it's just that thin people look especially cute when full since you can clearly see they are. In my head this didn't sound weird but now upon writing it out I recognize it sounds weird. I also like stretch marks a lot, it's cute to see the evidence left behind from her growing up strong and healthy.

No. 372379

why is it AAP to want to be jacked? Women have muscles too, being muscular isn't a male thing.

No. 372381

Aww this is so cute. I hope I find a woman who likes stretch marks like you do because I feel insecure about having a lot of them that it looks ugly or that it would feel weird for her to go down on me because of the texture irregularity

No. 372384

me too, nonita. Me too… GOD! I’m 5’7 ish and all my previous partners have been significantly smaller than me, and it definitely did something to me. I like being bigger and in control, it makes my dumb monkey brain go crazy.

Anyway. I recently started seeing my now girlfriend AND GOD. THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. I think I died and saw god when I saw her for the first time. She’s 6’2, and naturally muscular… She’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen in my life and for some reason it’s like a flip switched in my brain. Like, yeah, I want her to throw me like a rag doll and do whatever she wants with me. I used to think I was like, “untoppable”, like I loved being the dominant one too much to ever even consider not. The last few times we had sex my heart was beating out my chest because I was so… just absolutely loosing it over the fact she had so much leverage over me. I think I weigh like, half of her (not being an Ana chan i swear I have a chronic disease) and she kept man handling me (gently, of course, god I’m so wrecked for this woman) into what position like, was needed. At one point she physically like, picked me up and dragged down to her face my by my waist during oral and I think that alone made me come in like 30 seconds. Anyways. Yeah.

I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy the size thing the other way around. It’s really exciting and also makes me want to explode.

No. 372385

I’m the opposite of this kek, I’m short and I almost exclusively fantasize about taking the lead with a shy woman much taller than me. I wouldn’t mind the reverse, but it’s not nearly as exciting to me. Like yes let me baby you and comfort you and overwhelm you pleasure, you adorable long-limbed thing. Perhaps related my favorite animal is a gibbon because they are so cute with their long arms to me. Kek.

No. 372435

I’ve always hated the idea of brothels because they’re a product of moids objectification of women but I was watching something and was suddenly inspired. I have now envisioned this fantasy in an older time period of a high-reputation brothel full of beautiful women and dancers in bright clothing (I picture them as traditional of some sort), with sweet-smelling perfume and soft skin and hair, all lovely and welcoming. They would take a liking to me and I would be surrounded by maybe 4 or 5 women. One would hold my head and stroke my hair, telling me how pretty I look while another gently goes down on my vulva, perhaps with other hands touching me everywhere else. I’d like to know the feeling of multiple hands/tongues caressing my vulva at once, it sounds so overstimulating and I would be a moaning mess. I have a scene in my mind of a woman taking off her robe, it slowly falling off her shoulder and revealing her breasts which she would let me cup and fondle before positioning her hips directly in front of my face, asking me to suck on her already swollen clitoris. It would be heaven… Maybe because of the time period this would be all hush hush since women were meant to only have sex with men, but secretly the women there all liked other women and rumour has it they provide “special attention” if a lady decides to grace the brothel with a visit.

No. 372437

Would go/10. Tbh I wish lesbian brothels existed because it's the only way I would be able to lose my v-card. Sometimes I wonder if the gay elite super rich women have secret VIP lesbian brothels but it's very unlikely since they can get any woman they want in the first place and I feel like most gay women are not that into just having sex without the emotional connection.

No. 372439

Kek I tried looking up if lesbian brothels were a thing when I was 19 because I thought it was the only way I would lose my v-card too. Still haven't

No. 372440

Samefag as in I would be one of the workers. The only one I saw allowed tranny male clients though which, disgusting and against the whole point

No. 372444

i've had that kind of fantasy, kind of like gentlewomen's club where rich butches in suits gather to smoke cigars and drink whiskey and there's escorts working there sitting naked on their laps etc

also a rich woman sex toy tupperware party fantasy about women gathering at the party hostess's home where she shows and demonstrates different sex toys on some girl kek like she'll show how they can please their own girls with the toys and are welcome to try them on her too and then they can buy whichever toys they like

No. 372446

File: 1704902314276.jpg (157.38 KB, 1200x627, TupperwareOG.jpg)

double post part of the fantasy is that they are these old timey women gathered in a nice old timey living room, sipping tea while they watch the hostess using different vibrators, straps, whatever on the model girl

No. 372447

When envisioning this "older time period" I imagined something like from a Korean period drama. Do I fucking have yellow fever.

No. 372448

Kek don’t worry, what inspired the fantasy was based on Imperial China, so I was thinking of more East Asian setting anyway.

No. 372466

Fuck that actually sounds sweet. I would never go to an heterosexual brothel because it's full of trafficking though.

No. 372477

Sorry I deleted, didn't wanna get into arguments. It's not my proudest moment. I wasn't really educated about these things back then and was much more liberal leaning. Not liberal enough to have sex with an escort, there was always a niggling doubt about the power dynamic and why these women were in these situations. But yeah, it was still very sweet and intimate to talk to a woman like that. I wish there were lesbian clubs where I could go in my best suits and pay a classy woman to have a drink and a chat with me. I really like the idea of paying a woman well, taking care of her, buying her gifts. Not even in a sexual way necessarily, I just wanna be an old timey gentlewoman.

No. 372478

There are lesbian dating services in Japan that, as far as reported, don't involve sex and it's just having a date with a woman. IIRC a lot of closeted married women use these services. Also the women giving the dating service aren't forced into it and often it's like a part time job to them, which makes sense since the demand is tiny. If I remember the place I will post it but I'm not home rn.

No. 372492

Nta but this sounds so nice. I would sign up to go on dates with lonely closeted married women and make them feel special for free.

No. 372545

oh my god are you me. i have the same fantasy except it's a powerful woman introducing her gf/'pet' (i don't have a better word for the dynamic lol) to her also powerful, mild-mannered, distinguished friends. older women in flapper style. they'd play with her; use toys on her, casually talking with each other as her (repressed) moans fill the room. the gf is obviously a self-insert, so i imagine myself eating out her friends while they praise me. the gf would look at her lover, vying for approval, a sign of pride on her face as she's tormented by mildly amused women. i sometimes go a little further with the 'object' aspect of it, imagining the self-insert being discussed like she's some shiny new toy, available to be taken home for more fun behind closed doors.
i have this theory that this was inspired by being stuck in older women's groups when i was younger. i was bored to death and a little creeped out by their constant talk abt appearance/wife goals, describing each other's bodies.. but it is hot if you bend it a little

No. 372563

all i want in life is a wife that will let me eat her out over her panties for a minute before she leaves for work every morning

No. 372577

I wish vampires were real so she could suck by blood until I pass out

No. 372581

Me too that would be so fun I honestly wouldn't mind dying that way if she held me real gentle kek

No. 372582

I'm obsessed with the fantasy of neck kissing. Me on her, her on me, it doesn't matter. When I think about it I get so excited I become light-headed and have to stop.

No. 372589

I think I have a voice fetish. One of the most important things to me about a partner would be what kind of voice they have. That's why I think dating apps sounds kind of useless to me… Pictures are fine, but I want a voice recording!
There's a famous woman with a really sexy voice (a bit on the low end of normal and smooth as butter), and just imagining the what it would sound like if she spoke in my ear is enough to get me immediately horny.
Is anyone else like this about voices?

No. 372605

I love neck kissing too, it’s sensual and I never have a fantasy that doesn’t involve it. I like the idea of kissing the body in general - I’m so touch starved so I think about it all the time, someone holding me while we’re naked embracing in bed and taking her time working her way down and kissing the space under my jaw and chin, across my collarbones, ribs, hip bones, inner thighs, just savouring my body. I want to do this to someone else too, I like someone right now and honestly she has a really nice body, I want to take in every inch of it and love her.
I also imagine having a close friend I’m physically affectionate with but we’re secretly very attracted to each other, one night we’re lounging in bed sleepily cuddling and she kisses my cheek, I kiss her’s back, then she decides to kiss my neck first just once which gives me butterflies, then I panic as she does it more and more before she frantically tries to kiss the parts hidden under clothes, peeling the collar of my shirt down. I just crave that moment where you desperately want someone and can’t hold it back anymore. Making eye contact and for the first time seeing that blatant lust in her eyes that she can no longer suppress. There’s those few seconds where no one is saying anything but you both know. Everything feels oppressively hot, it’s like your entire body is aroused.
I definitely have a thing for voices. Phone calls feel embarrassingly intimate to me (the ones where you’re just chatting with a friend while you’re both relaxing on the sofa or in bed) just the soft low-toned voice right in your ear, there always feels like there’s a bit of sexual tension there for some reason, at least in my head kek. Whenever I crush on someone with a nice voice and they call me all relaxed and sleepy I honestly always get wet without fail. It gives me the worst butterflies and it gets me a little flustered.

No. 372607

I totally get you anon. I remember my first gay awakening was listening to a vocaroo of a woman moaning and getting off herself. It was the hottest audio I've ever heard and I wish I still had it to this day. My crush also has a voice similar to what you describe and I feel so guilty whenever I fantasize about her whispering in my ear while being intimate. Her voice is just so sexy.

No. 372651

I want her to hold me down and strap me really deep and bite me with her perfect teeth. God I love her teeth.
It’s inadvertent but I realized every time I start ovulating I have fantasies like this. Ugh it’s hard to be an animal

No. 372786

Embarrassed by this but I constantly fantasize about being the domestic wifey of an older, super busy, exhausted CEO-type woman. Like I want to keep our house clean and cook meals for her so when she stumbles through the door after a long day, a delicious meal is hot and ready for her to replenish herself. In my daydream, she appreciates and respects me so much and works hard to make sure we're happy and treats me so kindly. We would shower together every night and she would start massaging my shoulders and telling me she wants to take care of me as well as I take care of her and then eat me out. I just want to pack her lunch and leave cute notes with stickers and make sure she takes her briefcase or whatever when she goes to work and have crazy sex at night. She'd take me to holiday parties and everyone would go omg so this is the famous anon!! I feel like it's a bit gross to basically have a lesbo tradwife fantasy but I would be so happy doting on my perfect wife who dotes on me in return. Plus I like cleaning and cooking, and in my fantasy she thinks my autism about organizing things by color and size is cute kek

No. 372824

Thinking about her voice immediately turns me on. It’s kinda low and always sounds a little tired, idk how to describe it. She sent me an audio recording of her awkwardly reading a chapter of a book while taking a bath once and its so fucking sexy for no reason, even when she messed up and misread a word or something. I need to get over this, she’s taken.

No. 372830

Why did she send you an audio recording of that if she's already taken

No. 372846

There’s a baker who works at the cafe I go to all the time. We have talked a few times. She is tall, maybe 6’1 and willowy with the most beautiful face. She is really quiet and unassuming, maybe about 20? She is so far out of my league but I fantasize about approaching her and offering her money to sleep with me and spend the night. And I can fund her apartment or college education so she no longer needs to post thirst traps on depop.

No. 372849

The celebrity sent you that? What?

No. 372860

no, i am OP and ayrt is not me. Although I wish kekkkkk, please M^^^^e S^^^h^ send me a voice clip of you reading a book i won't masturbate to it i swear

No. 373005

any nonas keep fantasizing over a girl but she's got "they" in her bio so it frustrates you?

No. 373114

Pronouns would kill my desire for her immediately. Godspeed to you.

No. 373143

I want to suck on her clitoral hood. Clitoral hoods are so cute.

No. 373254

My wife is away on a work trip and we’ve been sexting/having phone sex every night she’s been gone and I’m like horny just anticipating her calling tonight ugh she comes home tomorrow and all I wanna do is put her on the kitchen island and eat her out exactly how she likes it, super teasing and messy alternating back and forth between making out with her pussy and just giving her clit and inner lips and vaginal entrance the barest licks. Would have to pause in between, edge her and kiss her pretty lips and suck on her nipples slow, flick one with my tongue and give the other side attention with my fingers because it makes her drip. I want to feel her thighs around my ears trembling and hear her little raspy moans and the way she says my name like she’s almost huffy with me for making her feel so good when she’s my little tough cookie UGH I am just a whirlwind of horn kek she’s really really good at sending sexy pics and videos they’re like high art erotica I swear to GODDDDDD I have been sitting in a puddle of my own wetness for like two hours because of something she texted me before her work stuff started

No. 373256

Your wife is so lucky

No. 373309

I wanna be you so bad

No. 373310

Now that you say it, that is odd

Not a celeb, my friend i have a thing for but can’t have

No. 373390

I just got off to this fantasy that's super porny. Basically it's pussy gloryholes for classy working women to unwind after a hard day at work. An office lady sits down and I'm able to see her pussy below where I'm laying down. I proceed to eat out her sweaty slightly stinky pussy and gulp down her juices as I'm close to getting her off. Then when she is coming I stop to take a good look at her cute pussy opening up and twitching, having it drool all over me. I know this makes me seem like a porn addict but fuck I got horny again just typing this.

No. 373568

File: 1705300651699.jpeg (37.08 KB, 800x800, bf96983b-20bc-49a4-af47-fb12d8…)

This is going to sound retarded and I apologize ahead of time, but I want her to wear cat ears and act like a cat in heat so I can come in and "help" her by pleasuring her with my strap-on. I also have stupid fantasies of being able to get her pregnant and getting to rub her belly and watch her boobs change and pamper her. I think I have a breeding fetish unfortunately. Nothing turns me on the same way as fantasies like this. I'm sorry feminism, I'm sorry women.
it also feels ridiculous because the woman i fantasize about is like a head and a half taller than me, I am a shrimp compared to her. I'm like a reincarnated anglerfish male

No. 373579

This post smells male. Womens vaginas don’t work that way or produce that much pussy juice that you would be able to ‘gulp it down’ nor do our pussies produce that much lubrication that it could trickle down and drool onto people kek.

No. 373595

Are you a furry?

No. 373616

so fucking what

No. 373617

My ex literally soaked herself. Just because you're dry as fuck doesn't mean it cannot happen.

No. 373619

I find acting like an animal retarded, but I do like stuff like muzzles and animal ears. Sad 95% of people into that are trannies

No. 373621

Damn Ben Shapiro’s wife lurks here?

No. 373626

I love when heterosexual women come to this thread and bless us with their infinite knowledge.

No. 373639

women could be pouring sand from our pussies in reality it doesn't matter this is a fantasy thread for fantasies

No. 373641

If that's the case I'm ashamed to confess that I would like to know what it feels to get eaten out by a catgirl with the sandpaper tongue. I feel that it obviously might not feel good for prolonged cunni, but I bet it's amazing for a quickie that destroys your pussy but also gives you a strong as fuck orgasm due to the pain it might inflict.

No. 373642

I don’t mean like meowing or something, Christ. Just like, putting her butt up and wiggling or something like that.

No. 373644

I’m sorry your partner is so bad in bed, anon.

No. 373649

>and act like a cat in heat

No. 373660

I’m sorry I didn’t describe every action in my sexual fantasy step by step anon. My sincere mistake.

No. 373693

Monster girls are so hot. I like vampires the best but I’ve been on a werewolf kick lately. A woman who’s in the beginning process of transforming into a beast, she’s pushing me away and begging me not to come near, because she’s afraid she’ll hurt me, but I assure her that she’s not a monster and I’m not afraid of her. I’m not into the full werewolf form unless it’s humanoid, but fuuuck imagining her sharp claws digging into my back, she bites my shoulder, resisting the urge to rip me to shreds, just enjoying the taste of my flesh. Her urge to mate with me is strong, she’s extremely aggressive while giving me cunnilingus. She doesn’t bite on my clit hard enough to hurt, but the pressure from her sharp teeth is obvious. I love women who can murder me, but they know their limits and just okay rough with me?

No. 373706

The spoiler kek

No. 373707

Vampires have a sexy aesthetic but personally I can’t deal with the fact they’d be so cold to touch. But I really want to get my blood sucked out by a sexy female vampire, ever since someone mentioned it itt a week or so ago I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to die that way

No. 373726

She could kill me and it’d still be hot.

No. 373753

I want to make a long ass post like this but I’m not sure I wanna put in the effort

No. 373763

Is anyone else just resigned to living off of fantasies? I’m not sure what my problem is, but I just can’t picture ever having a relationship irl, it feels like a totally alien experience. I have fantasies I enjoy greatly about moments of closeness, cuddling, and of course sex, but I just feel like I could never handle all the rest of the complexities of a real relationship, the day to day stuff is uninteresting to me, and I’m not sure I’d even want to live with someone else full time. It’s like I crave the rewards of a relationship but don’t want to put in the legwork. Maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine ever finding someone I truly connect with, idk.

No. 373770

this is so advanced

yess my heart longs for monstergirl f/f. i really like your description, i guess my ideal monster girl would be some creature with different forms (human, semi-monster etc). she'd have a kind of seal keeping her true nature at bay. she struggles to maintain a normal appearance/behavior when aroused, so foreplay would basically be a teasing game where she gets progressively more unhinged and agitated, before she inevitably turns monstruous and mindlessly fucks me

No. 373861

I know it's been mentioned before, but I wish so badly there was a women-only locked community where women could post thirst trap selfies/hornypost freely. I would post thirst traps somewhere if it was guaranteed only other women would see, but it's impossible so I suppose it will stay a fantasy…I also like to imagine some sort of gated lesbian sex commune where you can just have sex wherever you want. In reality I love monogamy but I've always also had lesbian orgy/exhibitionism fantasies for years now.

No. 374030

i want a woman to shotgun cigarette smoke into my mouth and tease me into making out with her

No. 374051

me too anon me too

No. 374074

This sounded hot af until I remembered I would die from it cuz asthma.

No. 374199

I have baby fever but only for they hypothetical baby of the woman I have a crush on. I know her baby would be so fucking cute. Little sleepy downturned eyes and cute squishy corners of the mouth just like her. I've seen pictures of her as a baby and toddler and ohhhh my god she was adorable. I just know her baby would be so cute, anons. If it was her daughter, even I (as a normally childfree individual) would parent and dote on her. Plus my crush would be so cute as a mom too. Why am I so mentally ill about this kek, it's so pathetic but I can't help it.

No. 374284


No. 374288

Does it help the fantasy if she's also a trained paramedic kek

No. 374307

I just want three of her fingers inside me and she can feel me around her and stuff. I can't even do two, it hurts when I try to do it myself, but I'd try to withstand the pain for any woman whose fingers I want inside me kekkk I find it hot especially if she's gentle and tries to comfort me as I adjust to it

No. 374308

Why is this creepy, but straight women who daydream about seeing their bf’s baby and him becoming a father are cute and normal?

No. 374327

No. 374396

One of my friends is so beautiful, I wish I had never seen her naked because all I can think about is sucking her nipples. She is very straight and out of my league so it would never happen but I have this fantasy where she feels bad for me and lets me play with her chest, then gets turned on and curious and lets me eat her out

No. 374569

I just want to cuddle her. Lay in bed with her all day and just be lazy and close. But none of it will never happen.

No. 374681

>I think I have a breeding fetish unfortunately
I 100% do and when I'm super horny I get very turned on by thick women and imagine I have a dick and can get them pregnant. Not a troon I swear I just have futa brainrot.

No. 374710

Futa is gross porn term. Do you just mean you imagine yourself with a dick, or are you actually getting off to scrote hentai?

No. 374725

I imagine myself with a dick in this very fantasy I talked about, but I do masturbate to futa sometimes. btw you would be surprised by the amount of weeb bisexual women into it.

No. 374729

I want to be deeply and crazily in love with someone, the kind of love that makes you feel like the rest of the world is shut out. Spending too much time together because we’re both a little obsessed with each other. And spending hours making love, staring deeply into each other’s eyes, caressing her. I desire an intense intimacy that I recognise might be a bit too close for some, but I hope I meet another woman who also wants to emotionally entwine with me, haha

No. 374730

I hope you find that too sweet nonna. It's literally magical

No. 374738

I hate that I like it but I also think futa is the hottest thing. Which relates to my fantasy. I wish I had a dick so bad. I want to hold a woman and make love to her like that

No. 374741

I really want to make a pillow princess out of a smaller masc woman who's all dainty when the clothes are off. Her soft feminine voice would be everything. I'd edge her for hours but if she's into overstimulation I'd work with that too. Just want her to be mine, all mine.

No. 374744

I always felt bad because when I had a gf and we had phone sex I could only get off if I imagined I was fucking her with a dick. It's definitely some weird semi-AAP shit for me, but sometimes when I get off to futa porn I also self-insert as the female.

No. 374759

>when I get off to futa porn,
>I also think futa is the hottest thing
I swear to god this is literally making me wretch. Go outside and stop frying your brains with internet hentai drawn by pornsick moids to jack off to. If I found out a girl I was seeing got off to futa porn I would ghost her and pretend we never met, holy fuck.

No. 374763

I always want to do this too but I think I'm broken in some way because I always somehow imagine it like I'm a ghost or something and she's not actually looking at me or touching me because if I imagine that I feel gross. I want to be a friendly ghost that takes care of her and loves her but is never perceived.

No. 374769

Same. It’s shitting up the thread and grossing me out.

No. 374770

File: 1705815600710.jpg (1.92 MB, 1080x855, Tumblr_l_2421618634156.jpg)

I want to make a handsome stoic butch lose her composure by kissing and teasing her until she's all flustered and blushy

No. 374774

Thought I was the only one. I was about to check out of this thread and take a months long break from visiting again because shit like this always crops up eventually

No. 374776

>btw you would be surprised by the amount of weeb bisexual women into it [futa]
would we? would we really.

No. 374856

I want an older woman to bend me over a desk and spank me. I want her to make me count the spanks, and if I miss one, she'll start all over again from one. I want her to reward me with her fingers after the spanking is over, and then I want her to massage the pain out of my butt afterwards

No. 374859

Bisexuals taking another L

No. 374909

meeeeeee I want to do that + just general rubbing myself all over a gf, faces nuzzling, shoving my fave into her neck as i straddle her, briefly rubbing our sides together whenever we cross paths in like the kitchen, etc just constant lowkey touching like how cats scent people

No. 374919

File: 1705868064037.png (425.57 KB, 1265x1983, IMG_2922.png)

I need to be absolutely ravaged by a butch girl. I’m not talking about tomboys, I’m talking about women who you need to take a second look at because she looks so masculine but on closer inspection, she’s definitely female. I’m also butch, but I need her to pick me up and throw me around like a rag doll

No. 374952

I think women with long toes are cute. I saw an article about women getting plastic surgery to shorten their toes and realized this about myself. Long toes are the cutest. I guess I do like feet.

No. 374969

File: 1705880605461.webm (3.43 MB, 576x1024, 5g2tVYKLlx088isffXeo01041200es…)


No. 374981

Too bad this cosplayer is het as fuck. At least she's not disgusted by the idea of being a thirst trap for other women though.

No. 375001

I'm not going to lie if she had a big old dick this would be the first woman I've ever been attracted to(read the rules of the thread)

No. 375020

I've only ever had a crush on one woman, and it was so intense that even after falling out with her a long time ago, she's still the only person I fantasize about. I wish I could be normal and move on like other people do, but no other woman interests me the way she did. I wonder if I will be fantasizing about her for the rest of my life?

No. 375059

Is that the 6ft4 hapa girl, Karina Coser? She’s gorgeous.

No. 375130

I have this fantasy that I'd never act out on because meaningless sex always haunts me in the end and I regret it BUT I've been thinking about a very chill (vanilla) threesome. I think having two women would snap me out of service top behavior (the alternate is I'd be just very happy with two to service) and allow myself to try new things. I picture it with us laughing and talking clearly about our desires. My only experience with threesomes was when I shared a female friend with a male one and it was very stupid because his presence on the other side turned me off but gladly I did nothing but kiss her and suck on her body. So I think about getting that right, being with two women I'm attracted to.

No. 375220

I remember reading a fantasy in this thread (I think it was the old one) where someone said they wanted to help a girl with a broken arm masturbate/get off, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Like imagine you’re talking to your gf, maybe you’re only a few months into the relationship, and she asks you to do that all embarassed and shit. I would go insane.

No. 375276

I feel the same way, nonna. I would likely never do it irl but an only woman threesome would be like sexual heaven. I’m definitely big on giving so having two women I’m attracted to that I could pleasure would be so hot I just want to go back and forth between kissing them both on the lips, between licking their pussies and teasing with my fingers while they sit or lay side by side and edging both women until they’re all soaked and sensitive and desperate to cum helppppp just a normal Tuesday kek

No. 375379

I want to lay down with no pants on and watch her sniff and press her nose and mouth onto my pussy and huff it. sorry. i often have fantasies about doing that to her and i only just realized how hot it would be the other way around too

No. 375395

I sometimes wonder this. It’s only been three years but I feel like I’ve passed the event horizon at this point.

No. 375396

>event horizon
fucking kek anon. That's seriously what it feels like, though. Like there's no way back out of this. I hate it so much. Other than her, there is no woman who appeals to me the way she did. I fell for her so hard I stopped being interested in men, too. It's like she re-wired my brain, and even long after she's gone, I'm still stuck chasing only her in my mind.

No. 375490

Back to dump my horny ideas here again lol. The first one is inspired by something in the bisexual thread. I also get crushes on people I know in fandom spaces but have never really shared fanfiction with anyone, tbh I grew out of reading it. But someone brought up how sharing it is a little intimate, especially finding out you’re into the same thing… I think it would be kinda hot if the girl I’m into sent me some really dirty smut. I also really enjoy the idea of discovering someone’s fetishises and them being all embarrassed about it. Or exchanging kinks and realising you have the same ones.

Second one sounds like some dumb made up coomer shit but I stumbled across someone describing it and liked the idea. Apparently it’s called a “sexfight” and the concept seems to be some sort of lesbian sex wrestling thing where you compete to make the other orgasm first (or give the other the most orgasms?). I’ve always thought wrestling was pretty erotic and when it comes to dominant or submissive dynamics the idea of being forced into submission is way hotter. Need to find someone to do this with me kek, or perhaps a couple women and we could have a tournament (I wish).
Nona are you me? I also have this fantasy. I was actually going to mention this here the other day and was too embarrassed about it, but I really like the smell of pussy.
Ntayrt but weirdly enough something like this happened to me. Ever since I realised I liked her my interest in men has completely vanished.
Anyway that’s me. Can you tell I’m ovulating?

No. 375679

I'm generally opposed to bringing more children into the world the way that it is, but if it was possible and easy for two women to have children of their own (no third party) then it would be super hard to resist. I want to have cute babies with another woman. I love the thought that she wants me to have her child and she would take care of me during the whole ordeal. It would be challenging, but I would do it for her. I want to make my imaginary wifey happy…
idk where this came from, because I'm bisexual but the thought of marrying let alone carrying a moid's child makes me want to be sick

No. 375682

I'm the same way, I'm bisexual but would never carry a moid's baby, but if it was a woman I was in love with I might. But really, I usually fantasize about being in the opposite role and pampering her while she's pregnant and feeling her tummy.

No. 375727

Pubic hair is so fucking sexy. I’m really having a moment. all day at work I have been daydreaming about visualizations of beautiful pubic hair-framed pussy. I want to play with it. It’s so cute when it grows long enough to form into cowlicks. I love when you can see it peeking out from between her legs from behind. I reiterate I want to play with it. and gently pull on it. smell it. It’s so sexy.

No. 375752

oh god this is a big one for me as well. I often fantasize about feeling her pubes grind on me from behind and ticking my pussy until she gets rougher and wilder so she’s basically just slamming into my ass humping me and just getting lost in the the primal dirty feel of it when finally I’m begging for more so she flips me over an eats me out.

No. 375755

I have a thing for small “saggy” breasts. Idk why. I think they look elegant and pretty.

No. 375757

I appreciate you nonna

No. 375769

You just made a lot of days I think ♥

No. 375771

I do too, I think it looks more natural and mature than wearing a bra and having cleavage 24/7.

No. 375924

I wish she'd let me suck on her clit. Lately i've been fantasizing about her having a clit hood piercing and my mouth won't stop watering. I want to play with it with my tongue and listen to her moan with her hand on my head. fuck.

No. 375976

I wanna get shipwrecked on some remote island with a woman I don’t know who doesn’t speak any language in common with me and we have to survive together and eventually we build a livable habitat and thrive and learn to enjoy life on the island in its simplicity and hardships. We teach each other our mother tongues and grow even closer, bonding over shared experiences as we are able to communicate better. Then we fall in love and the tension rises slowly over the course of weeks, maybe even months, until one night around our fire we can’t contain ourselves anymore and nobody knows who makes the first move but we just pounce. And then we make passionate love in our sick tree house and fuck all over the island since we are the only two people there, and we don’t want to get rescued because we have good immune systems and aren’t retards who get injured kek I really want to eat her out under a waterfall in this scenario, like just see her in all her natural glory, glowing with island life and arousal as this marvel of nature pounds down around us why am I like this

No. 375991

I have a fantasy like this kek, less an island and more the wilderness, I especially like the idea of seeing a woman in her natural state, unshaved and all, how she smells, also the wildness of some tousled hair and a little rough unkemptness that I don’t usually get to see in women. There’s some part of me that is extremely attracted to this raw “humanness”, and the idea of us giving into our primal desires.

No. 375995

I’ve got a dumb variation of this kek, it’s about me and my crush who belong to the same group in prehistoric times and there’s no solidified taboos against lesbian sex yet in this society so we are very close and have sex all the time as older teenagers. This is where the fantasy gets retarded, but then I fantasize that there is still an expectation in this early society to pair up with a male and have a family with him, and both of us wind up having to do that and aren’t able to be so close anymore. But then many years down the line, one of each of our children wind up falling in love with each other so it’s like our legacy of love lives on kek. If it’s two girls it’s cute because it’s like us all over again, if it’s a boy and a girl it’s cute because that means we get grandkids with both of our genes in them

No. 375999

File: 1706383739925.jpeg (79.15 KB, 750x600, IMG_2265.jpeg)

>eat her out under a waterfall
im sorry but all i can picture is picrel

No. 376002

TA and yes, you get it. That raw and wild woman we really don’t get to see/be in modern society esp if you have a normie type job. Would love to see her face shining with pride after she successfully caught a big fish or managed to build/craft something useful. The romance and drama and fresh salt air of it all makes it so sexy.

Kekkk maybe I mean behind a waterfall instead

I love this variation a lot, I’ve thought about it primitive type stuff as well. Clan of the Cave Bear but lesbians kek

No. 376070

wanted to be in a nice fantasy the other night for comfort so I was daydreaming about being the bright young masc student on the arm of some gorgeous lesbian older lydia tar type woman who’s famous at the art I do, her beloved protégé, everyone whispering about us etc… then I wound up accidentally imagining that her equally accomplished masc ex was at the function and I got so jealous I pulled her into the bathroom to start a dumb fight and accidentally made myself sad in real life, lol. Obviously I love drama too much. But I guess maybe I would need to get her attention by going to my knees, pushing her LBD up and begging her to let me eat her pussy to show my devotion while she at first pushes me off and argues because we’re at an event, and then succumbs to the temptation after I keeping frantically kissing and sucking her thighs and clit through her lingerie

No. 376072

My fantasies just make me depressed because I want everything to go back to how it was. I can't kick her out of my heart. She was the only one for me.

No. 376077

Trust me, you'll get over it even before you realize it.

No. 376081

I wish that was true

No. 376193

I love her nose so much, to an abnormal degree. I wish I could freeze time so I could touch and rub all the facets of her nose and maybe also kiss it without it being weird. It’s so perfect.

No. 376211

ughuguihuhguh I want to lick her stretch marks so bad why are they so sexy

No. 376302

Since my dreams are the only place my fantasies can come true, I wish I could make myself have more dreams about her. I usually get one every few months and they make me so incredibly giddy and happy for like an entire week after.

No. 376328

Having a crush on a socially stunted weeby woman is so hard. I think she's flirting with me in her own autistic way, she's always comparing us to those goofy little shipping blob memes and telling me I look pretty. She keeps joking about how we should cosplay as one of her favorite anime couples and God help me I think I'd do it. She's so beautiful and soft, she smells so nice too, she uses this glitter body spray and so she looks all glittery and cute on top of it all. She told me she's never been with a woman aside from E-dating and it's been making my brain short circuit to imagine teaching her how to have sex with a woman. I think she'd be so cute if I went down on her, she gets nervous easily even though she's super spergy and talkative most of the time and likes to talk tough. She cut her hair recently into a little bob and I want to run my fingers through it so badly. She doesn't know how to braid her hair so I braided it one day and so I know it's soft. She's so pretty and sweet and when she starts rambling about her interests I think her passion is so endearing. I feel bad because I zone out and think about kissing her instead of listening to what she's talking about. She got this lip gloss I recommended to her and now every time I use it I think about how we use the same one. I keep trying to move on because I found out she has pronouns via social media stalking but every time we talk I just feel crazy, I want her so bad. She bought this dress the other day because I told her the color is nice on her and was all shy asking me if I liked how it looked on her and now I'm back to fantasizing about her. I know I should move on, but instead I just keep thinking I could fix her.

No. 376334

Have you tried dropping extremely obvious hints? I was gonna say come on to her but sounds risky like she might freak out on you ? Idk maybe I'm projecting trust issues kek

No. 376341

I'm trying so hard not to come off creepy especially because she's never dated a woman irl and I also have trust issues kek. I'd be so sad if I made her uncomfortable. But it's so hard not to kiss her, I wish I could tell if she wants me to. I keep having dreams about her and every time I tell her, she says she's glad to hear it and promises to try and visit me again the next night to make sure all my dreams are pleasant, I can't cope. It's like my fantasies are haunting me in my sleep. I had a dream last night we fucked on the farm in Stardew Valley, obviously I can't tell her that so I just told her I had a dream we were farming in Stardew and she said we should play it together. Kek.

No. 376347

The air crackled with nervous energy as you and your friend sit cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by colorful fabric scraps and sewing needles. You are attempting to make your first cosplay together, characters from her favorite anime. Your conversations usually danced around anime characters and the latest episodes, but today, you felt something more intimate in the air. Your friend, oblivious to your inner turmoil, hummed excitedly, meticulously stitching her costume.

Every stolen glance sent your heart into a frenzy. Her hair, recently cut into a charming bob, framed her face endearingly. The glitter from her body spray shimmered under the lamplight, making her resemble a magical creature from one of her animes.

"You look beautiful." you said softly, interrupting her rambling about the convention you were planning to attend together. Shit. The words tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop them. "I mean, not that you don't always…" you trailed off, feeling your face burn.

She blushed, a shy smile playing on her lips. She turns her wrist towards you, her glitter spray catching the light. "Thank you… I got this because you said it would look nice."

"It suits you." How could you explain yourself? The longing to confess your feelings, the terror of ruining your friendship, the self-doubt whispering that you weren't good enough for her.

She holds up a fabric swatch. "This would look amazing paired with your eye color! What do you think?" Her obliviousness, usually endearing, now felt almost painful.

"Sure," you nod. You watch her hands move skillfully, her fingers delicately handling the materials. Every so often, she pushes a strand of her bobbed hair behind her ear, a habit that you've grown fondly accustomed to. The simplicity of the moment, sitting together amidst the chaos of fabric and threads, felt like a snapshot of something more profound.

"Are you okay? You seem… distant." Her voice pulls you from your reverie, her concern evident in her gentle tone.

You muster a small smile. "Yeah, just thinking about how fun the convention will be."

She half-smiles at that, and you wonder if she senses the unspoken words hanging between you. The room feels smaller, the silence louder.

"I'm glad we're doing this together," she says softly, her gaze lingering on you for a moment longer than usual.

"Me too. I always admire how passionate you are about the things you love." You said, feeling a warmth spread through you. "It's one of the many things I find beautiful about you."

Her eyes widened, lips parting in surprise. A flush crept up her neck, painting her cheeks pink. You can't read her expression; it's a mix of surprise, confusion, maybe… fear? Your heart races, a sinking feeling in your stomach.

"I find you beautiful too," she murmured, her voice barely a whisper.

No. 376354

NTA but I'm speechless. I have no idea what to feel after reading this, wtaf anon, kek.

No. 376360

Go for it nona, I believe in you. You can fix her.

No. 376371

I can’t believe you made a fanfic excerpt out of this. You have too much time nona. You could have washed some dishes

No. 376376

File: 1706582862130.jpg (75.3 KB, 500x424, 8786798679.jpg)

>the example you gave to a woman on how she could spend her time better involves sending her to the kitchen

No. 376391

she's such a bad person but fuck she's so sexy it's not fair. My brain knows she deserves nothing but karma but my pussy says it wishes I was giving love nibbles to every inch of her perfect body. particularly her jaw line, I have never seen a woman with a sexier jaw line in my life. I need to bite it. I'll be driving to work zoning out thinking about kissing and licking her all over like an animal. I tried fighting it for a long time because of my morals but my pussy's will was stronger than my mind's. I am depressed all the time due to feeling guilty about this kek I am so pathetic it's not even funny

No. 376400

>she's always comparing us to those goofy little shipping blob memes
You are so strong. This would filter me.

No. 376540

kek is it the ship dynamics one? what tropes did she give you?

No. 376541

I’m telling her to do that because I spend too much time on lolcow instead of washing dishes kek.

No. 376561

i'm so painfully uncool and ugly but I wish so bad I was cool and that a woman I like would think i was cool and view me sexually and romantically. People have always treated me like a retard kid and the thought that the only way someone would like me is if they found that endearing makes me want to throw up. so that's why I will never have a relationship and be stuck with my little fantasies of sweeping women off their feet forever

No. 376564

Was gonna repost one of them and got too embarrassed even though she's the one who sends them, it was one of those dark and brooding x sunshine kek. Honestly this post >>365808 has done wonders for letting me accept my overwhelming attraction to her. I want to be her Shadow the Hedgehog. Life is so fucking hard.
Thank you. I am taking this under advisement.
Maybe this is obvious and you've already considered it, but have you thought of going to the gym? It might help with your confidence and women seeing you as cool instead of cute.

No. 376570

something about the view of a pussy from behind activates my primal instincts to plant my face betwixt her cheeks so firmly that i suffocate

No. 376596

This is adorable and she's absolutely flirting. Go for it, hold her hand, tell her, so you don't regret it later
It has the same effect on me but i also want to pinch/grab it (softly)

No. 376654

Last anon you replied to, I have considered that but only vaguely. There are no gyms around me so I’d have to do it at home, and im notoriously terrible at copying proper form so I’m afraid I’d hurt myself accidentally by lifting heavy things repetitively with improper form. I would really look a lot better with arm/shoulder muscles specifically since I am a bit bottom-heavy, but I’ve never been a sporty person and feel so out of my depth when I try to workout. Maybe I just need to do it in front of a mirror so I can better check my positions. Is that a thing? Kek.

No. 376689

The weights rooms in gyms have walls that are covered in mirrors specifically so you can self check your form so you're not tripping. Good luck nonna

No. 376696

i'm so horny rn I JUST WANT TO HEAR A WOMAN'S SWEET MOANS OF PLEASURE god i wish i had a gf who would record me some for me to keep even better if it's on physical media, something about that just adds to the vulnerability and intimacy, i don't know…

No. 376697

it's day 128979436 of this nonsense nonas. It is so confusing to emotionally hate someone as a person but still be incredibly attracted to them physically. It's actually breaking my brain.

No. 376733

I sometimes think about eating a cute nun out—licking and licking, drinking her pussy juice—while hidden under the the table while she sits on a chair reciting the bible or some shit in front of other people.

She'd try to hold back her moans, biting her lip while she reads the passages. But it doesn't work as the people in front of her seems to know what's up but would rather not say anything.

Needless to say I'm going to hell kek. My Catholic grandma would be so ashamed of me.

No. 376749

Ever since I first made her come sucking on her nipples, I’ve been obsessed with it. I never met someone else who was able to orgasm from nipple stim until her, and being able to do it for someone else is so hot and so satisfying?? Like…she just whines and gets so flushed and moves her hips involuntarily because she’s so turned on by what I’m doing, and then when I use a fingertip to tease her she’s always SOAKED. It’s my favorite way to give her multiple orgasms and I wanna do it tonight also getting her super wet so her underwear is soaked through is my other current obsession hngggg

No. 376885

my body wants to have sex with her so bad but it’s impossible, someone put me out of my misery, I’ve wanted her so bad for an entire year now and I’m going crazy thinking of all the ways I want her to touch me and all the ways I want to touch her. I would probably sacrifice a limb to be placed in a reality where we even just have a one night stand.

No. 376916

I want a woman smaller than me fuck me missionary with a strap on so I can kinda hold her and have her face in my boobs.

No. 376929

I want a shortstack gf

No. 376958

I wish I could just live in my fantasy world with my fantasy wife and never come back to reality. My fantasies were the only thing keeping me going and they got ruined so I just want to stop existing in real life and have my memory wiped and then get transported into the fantasies I had in the past before everything went so painfully wrong.

No. 376996


No. 377323

excuse my paranoia, i know there is no way you noticed it but i promise that i didn't read this when i went to ask for more proper synonyms in the stupid questions thread

I thought i lost interest in women but i was struck by something degenerate so this is just a fantasy.
I would like the idea of two twin sisters with soft natural/cute style wanting to be together with me.
I'm not into poly relationships or incest so i have no idea, maybe i went insane.
Also sorry for blogpost, i used to have a crush on a friend of mine but once i met her sister she seemed to be the one having a crush on me but i didn't feel anything romantic towards her so it was a bit awkward. Maybe that's why i'm a bit into it, i'm too insecure to get close to women now.

No. 377872

day 128979442. I'm still mad at her for having the audacity to be so horrible to people while also being so sexy. I think I understand hatefucking now. Not like in any moidy violent way but more like i would tell her what a bad person she is the whole time i'm getting her to climax while crying (not her crying, she has no soul, I'm the one crying).

No. 377873

I want to lay down semi-clothed on the bed while she is standing at the foot. I would pull my underwear to one side to show her how much I want her. I fantasize about the look on her face and the way her pupils would dilate as she realizes what I'm asking for. I want her to run her beautiful hands gently over my legs and inner thighs while I squirm and wait for her head to dip between my thighs.

No. 378005

I love women with short hair cuts, I'm always daydreaming about kissing and stroking the the nape of her neck, and also the wisps of hair at her temples (and little "sideburn" tufts, ugh. Those are my favorite, idk why, they make me rabid)

No. 378041

Her face is so perfect I could stare at just a photo of it for an hour straight if I had the time. Running my eyes over her features feels as pleasurable as eating a delicious meal. My brain buzzes when I look at her. It’s like god crafted her specifically to align to my tastes, her image fits like a puzzle piece in my brain. I understand love at first sight now. Sadly it is an impossible love.

No. 378052

I work with her. We were walking out a shift one day and she looked at me like she wanted me to hug her. I didn’t but I wish I did. I can’t stop thinking about the look she gave me and her body language. I want to take her aside and fuck her in her car in the carpark outside work. She has the most beautiful brown hair and bright eyes and perfect athletic body. She’s about 5’5 to my 5’10. She’s still in college and I’ve long since graduated. Her inexperience is a turn on.

No. 378053

Why is it an impossible love anon?

No. 378109

Because I am extremely ugly and she is straight and also I am not even acquaintances with her and she’s 10 years older than me.

No. 378205

I want to strap her deeply and suck on her beautiful small breasts while she leans her head back and moans. I think if I heard her moan I would cum instantly even with no sexual stimulation, her voice is so sexy it would short circuit my brain. I think about this all day and make a mess of my underwear trying to concentrate at work while my uterus aches.

No. 378388

I want a woman to order me to keep my mouth open and grab me by the scalp so she can rut her pussy on my face

No. 378427

I would kiss another degen weeb/fandom woman on the mouth and let her do terrible things to me. I want her to use me to fulfill her repressed desires she developed from years of being too online, and vice versa, all of the insane sex stuff she read about in her doujins and on Tumblr. I want her to do the cringe possessive yandere larp where she spits in my mouth and holds my throat and threatens me if I look anywhere else. We would be cringe but so crazy for each other. Dressing up as each other's husbandos or waifus, vampires, and meidos. I would take photos of her in cosplay, but she would look so cool and beautiful that I would beg her to let me eat her out. Feeling the warmth of the shape and softness of each other's bodies under all of it. We would cosplay as a "problematic" and "toxic" ship and take pictures in suggestive poses and get turned on from the sexual tension, then have insane sex. Pretending to only be close nerdy friends to everyone else around us. Sneaking little kisses (with tongue) in some art museum or bookstore. I would sit in her lap and snuggle close to her while she plays some awful gachashit or rhythm game on her phone. After we have sex, we would play co-op games and cuddle. I want to draw the scenes she writes about in her fanfics and dust off her figure collection…

No. 378849

I want to have a tall gf with a dainty physique that I surprise by picking her up. No reason in particular, it’s definitely not because my face would be buried in her tummy and my arms under her cute butt while she lets out a surprised yelp.

No. 378947

File: 1707786014425.jpeg (45.17 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg)

Having a rival and finally releasing the pent-up sexual tension after months of bickering

No. 378948

Being a spoiled trophy wife of a horny and loving old butch.

No. 378951

God that’s my fucking dream. I’d even take a butch or a futch

No. 378968

This post has been haunting me. I need this so badly it's not even funny. I cannot stop thinking about my imaginary toxic cosplay gf.

No. 379021

I need this.

No. 379036

I feel like a degenerate admitting this but I think ”decorative”(?) butt plugs are kind of cute. There’s something so adorable to me about something cute and shiny peeking out from between her cheeks. I like to imagine gently pushing one in while she’s really embarrassed and then making her part her own cheek to shyly show it off to me.

No. 379037

This is part of my rich old rancher woman wife fantasy… she would hire me to help care for the horses on her estate, she takes a liking to me immediately and she’s a very rough around the edges woman who lives in cowboy boots ugh I should write that novel tbh

No. 379042

the discussion in the vagina thread made me fantasize about watching a woman have a wet dream and sleep orgasm… I bet if you watched her pussy you’d be able to see it pulsing. And (I know this is wrong so don’t come at me but) I wish I could start licking her a bit to help her along.

No. 379121

Hot, and not wrong if she's your gf and you have a discussion beforehand

No. 379126

This thread has really helped me immensely to accept my sexuality, and I wish there was some other anonymous place like this on the internet where SSA anons can share fantasies and talk about them… with how the site seems to be slowing to a stop now, it makes me want to open like, an anonymous ask blog un tumblr where people can submit fantasies just like in this thread. I wish it didn't have to be tumblr, but tbh I can't think of any other alternatives.

No. 379130

No way I have that same fantasy as well, damn.

No. 379176

This might be stupid, but I've always been a little enchanted by women in fandom who go absolutely insane over their favorite characters and shipping. I guess I've always wished I could be the object of that kind of obsessive love/lust, even (and especially) when it's fucked up, like those women who are into seeing their favs get beat up or fall sick. Over the years I guess this has morphed into wanting to make content that appeals to these kinds of women. I'd love to see women use my work as fodder to get off on, whether through art or fanfic etc. I don't write self inserts so it's not about seeing my Mary Sue get pursued, I just want a strange woman in her mid 20s/30s to get unhealthily obsessed with something I've written and create horny fanworks for it.
You get me

No. 379336

I want a cocky androgynous woman who is super horny to bend over right in front of me with her pants down and hands braced on the wall and tell me (command me) to use my fingers and explore the shape of the inside of her vagina. She’d let me just feel and explore her insides for a little bit (I would be in awe) but eventually she’d get impatient and teach me how to finger fuck her in just the right spot just the way she likes it until she’s panting and her sweaty hands are slipping on the wall. Please. I know I can’t have this irl God but please send me a dream, I am desperate.

No. 379348

>I wish I could start licking her a bit to help her along.
something about the coyness of the phrasing here is so insanely hot that this is my new fantasy

No. 379427

I want her to strap me slowly in missionary and kiss me until I can’t breathe. I want to get light-headed.

No. 379930

I want to be sitting at my desk focusing hard on some bullshit assignment and have my gf come up behind me and start putting her hands under my clothes and it kind of annoys me because I'm trying to focus but the more she fondles me the better it feels and the less I care. She's so gentle yet forceful like "you've been working on that for hours now, come take a break" but I'm stubbornly working anyway so she just does as she pleases and eventually tears my attention away.
A personal cow of mine is someone who writes dozens of thousands of words of depraved erotic fanfic about a streamer, and it's started to make me fantasize about being a streamer and a woman or even a few women obsessively psychoanalyzing me and writing deranged sexual stories about me. I'd do kind of weird but not really things to bait them or reference their fanfic.

No. 380242

I want to have fun with a strapless strapon with my fantasy crush. I want to wear it and hold one of her legs up as i fuck her, and I also want to ride her cowgirl style while she wears it so i can rock back on it and stimulate her inside while looking down at her cute face. I also wouldn't turn her down if she wanted to do me doggy style. Something about only being able to hear her moans and heavy breathing without being able to see really turns me on.
I know a lot of people give strapless strapons bad reviews, but I think the concept has potential maybe with a few minor tweaks to the internal shape. I like clit stimulation as much as the next girl but for my wiring, internal stimulation is what does it for me so I'd like to see more options available.

No. 380387

my ex-situationship (let me live) sent me a photo of her sick in bed, like it’s only half her face, but she’s all flushed. makes me think of the things we did. What the fuck

No. 380534

I want to kiss her cute little boobs. I love small boobs on tall women so much, especially if she’s like 10+ years older than me. I fantasize about going to bed with her, casually topless.

No. 380923

I've stopped being able to fantasize because I suddenly realized that the women i'm fantasizing about would be absolutely disgusted by me, even just getting close to my face would be revolting for them. It honestly feels disrespectful to them to fantasize about them. I wish voluntary chemical castration was a thing, I would do it in a second and it actually frustrates me that it's not possible.

No. 380930

File: 1708567098789.jpg (117.41 KB, 2048x1462, ayumeghost.jpg)

i can't even imagine being with a normal woman, like day-to-day relationship stuff. i need a woman like me who will talk about stupid online shit with me and we'll probably both be too nervous to kiss each other, let alone have sex. then i'll find out she uses reddit secretly and i'll have to murder her

No. 380950

Loser weeb nonas need to stop posting here, you're making me too hopeful of finding someone like that irl but istg you don't exist in my area aaaaghh

No. 380980

It can happen anon! All of my relationships have been with loser weebs I’ve been friends with online and were lucky to live close to. Maybe I’m just online too much but I feel like this is way easier than nonas act like it is, I could never use something as inorganic as dating apps especially when the women usually have nothing in common with me.

No. 380990

File: 1708580121599.png (1.15 MB, 2048x1400, IMG_6582.png)

A nona posted this image and I’ve been going crazy since. I want to imagine her in a cute suit like this, and I would be wearing the prettiest white dress. We would get married and kiss and I would throw the bouquet and everything… and then after the wedding we would have sex in a fancy hotel. Not trying to be trad but I fantasize about saving my virginity just for her to take it after the wedding. I find it hot waiting for her reaction to my body and knowing we can finally have each other after so long. I would want to wear lingerie to impress her too. since I was young I’ve dreamed of my own wedding dress. This is my favourite lovelive ship as well

No. 381004

I want to take care of a slightly stinky neet femcel nerdy fujo coomer. I want to wipe the crumbs off her bed and pet her head and cook nutritious meals for her and cuddle. I wish loser women were more represented in general, I find them so cute and I love people who are just themselves.
Bonus points if she’s weird about being attracted to me, like secretly smelling my clothes or being kind of obsessive. Also the idea of a woman masturbating to the idea of me drives me crazy. Sigh I feel so lonely

No. 381008

Kekkkk I imagine the same thing, I'm a kissless virgin with my tongue and nipples pierced I don't want to be with anyone until I'm 100% sure about her and the thought of surprising her in bed and her being like ????? would be so funny. I hope she gets whiplash about me being dead serious and not lying

No. 381044

I just want a woman to tie me up. I want to be completely helpless and at her mercy.

No. 381052

I know this is retarded but I want to fix a misogynistic NLOG. At first she would only hook up with me so she could brag at her guy friends, but the sex would be so good she would come back for more. She would think she is being a player and roll her eyes at me speaking and be passive aggressive but the sex would be really intense and passionate. Staring at each others eyes while grinding our bodies together and making each other moan by eating out. We would start getting to know each other and it would turn out we have similar humour, shared interests and we would still be crazy horny for each other. She would start to hang out with other women with me as well and learn how she isnt the only woman with a personality, this would make her change her ways. We would live happily together.

No. 381081

kek I wish I could manifest a gf like you. Makes me sound like a huge slob, ik.

No. 381092

My clit is really sensitive that it almost hurts to touch. I just want her to tease me and go progressively faster rubbing my clit while I'm squirming and we're both giggling. I want her to test how sensitive it is to the touch of her tongue PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

No. 381415

this is so real… I have a matching fantasy where I'm having a wet dream and keep trying to find relief while asleep but end up waking myself from my movements, just to find out I've been grinding my pussy into her hand and that it woke her up too and she's been watching me for a bit, about to pounce and make me cum as I'm still dazed from sleepiness

No. 381433

I want to die as she holds me to her chest and speaks to me comfortingly, so I get to feel her breathing and warmth and her soothing voice reverberating in my body as I leave. Thinking of this is the only thing that calms me down and brings me peace

No. 381445

I WANT TO LICK SOME PUSSY NOW(learn2integrate, do not use all caps)

No. 381496

I want to pull down the waistband of her sweatpants and lick her hip bones

No. 381545

Ever since my wife and I became mothers we've became more… animalistic? Maybe the wrong word to use, but there's a lot more possessive overtones to our interactions now, I've noticed. Sure, we still do the romantic thing, that's not changed. But when things get spicy her eyes go so fucking crazy and dark when she tells me I'm hers. There's this edge to it, like she really means it now; that she'd strike me down with just one look if I so much as considered straying. She's this absolute goddess. Just… absolutely glowing and full of love but also insanely protective. She's just… fuck!!! When we weren't having sex she (somewhat jokingly) told me I can't even relieve myself because my sexual energy is hers and hers alone. That she actually enjoyed seeing me so pent-up, my heart nearly beat ouf of my chest hearing her talk like that. It's like it's unlocked this primitive part of my brain: pure monkey brain. I want to kill for her, for our family. I want to come home soaked in the blood of an enemy and let her strap me down for being such a good protector. This probably sounds really unhinged. I promise I'm not crazy, just sleep deprived and horny.

No. 381570

I'm sorry but the whole concept of the clitoris is cute. A little button of pleasure that hides away between a woman's legs and is only revealed if she opens them for you. Why is that so cute.

No. 381577

A vision that really gets me off is imagining a tall, elegant woman who looks amazing in men's formal attire, probably has a vintage men's hair style (I am such a fucking sucker for that, I wish women wore hair styles like this in IRL), and could sweep any woman off her feet with one look, who underneath all of that has lacy, feminine women's underwear on under her clothes. I imagine her undressing for me slowly and teasingly, and the whole time she knows exactly how hot she is and what she's doing to me.

No. 381578

Her teeth are so cute, I want her to bite me with them. The harder the better. Her whole mouth is hypnotizing to me.

No. 381681

I (anxious, shy, quiet) dream about hooking up with her (big, tall, butch, confident, flirty, outgoing) and surprising her by taking control right from the start, directing the action completely, kissing her all over, exploring her body with my hands and topping her before she has a chance to even think about it and making her cum in my mouth and leaving her weak in the knees and speechless with pleasure.

No. 381683

I want to watch her suck on my nipples so bad. Sometimes I even fantasize about lactating and breastfeeding her for real. I know, fucked up. The funny thing is, I don't even have any feeling in my nipples so it's 100% about the visual for me. And getting to hold her head to my chest. I'd like to kiss her forehead too. what is wrong with me anons. what is wrong with me.

No. 381704

Sounds hot I think about that too but me as the one sucking tits

No. 381725

I want to breastfeed a woman and be breastfed by her so bad. I want us to get addicted to drinking each other's milk every day

No. 381743

God anon thats hot. I want to have a woman want me like this. I do like being more active one but would be fun to have it other way around.

No. 381770

I would like a platonic life partner as an aroace.

No. 381774


No. 381778

Shaming is unkind.

No. 381779

I know it's cringe but I want to be some sort of feral pet she finds in the woods. I would bite her and she would have to finger me to calm me down and spend time socializing me to behave and integrate into society. But she would also like it when I bite her and let me do it as a reward. Maybe she can put a leash on me and pull when I am being difficult. I swear I'm not a furry just autistic.

No. 381780

File: 1708969043081.jpg (127.57 KB, 654x409, 1g676.jpg)


No. 381781

that just means being a friend

No. 381815

>be walking through the forest
>what’s that sound?
>Woah, a feral woman covered in leaves and dirt
>uh oh she’s snarling at me and her teeth look sharp. She seems aggressive…
>what should I do??
>I know.
>Finger her to calm her down

No. 381856

No. 381870

I wanna be a cute but feral cat girl who is lost and abandoned then be found by a beautiful woman who is soft but mature. Then be adopted and taken care by her like I am her little hurt kitten. She also fucks me every night

No. 381878

i feel gross posting this but i wish i could take a bath with my older actress crush. we dont have sex but were so close and her hands are all over me. she washes my hair and theres all this warm soft lighting

No. 381880

I used to have the same fantasy about my older actress crush only it was the shower and we definitely fucked in there

No. 381889

you seem to have a healthier approach to sexuality then me kek. shower doesnt really do it for me. what i like is the implied vulnerability not nessecarily the water itself. its almost like pre-sexual

No. 381998

I often imagine a woman; someone I'm "acquainted" with, a visually striking girl, bold makeup, red lips, winged eyeliner, piercings, promiscuously dressed. Tomboyish in nature, yet sultry and flirty, a bit mischievous. Obvious domme. She teases me and intentionally prods at me with her words, trying to fluster me, aware that I'm begrudgingly aroused and enjoying the attention despite acting annoyed. She's aware that I'm "heterosexual" and "don't swing for that team" but she still initiates a lot of oddly homoerotic/homoromantic interactions with me. She'll tuck my hair behind my ears, lingering touches, endearingly caress my cheek. Subtle exchanges of domestic intimacy, like sharing lipstick, braiding each other's hair, casually changing clothes around one another like we used to do at sleepovers. It's not weird because we're both girls, right? She takes pride in knowing how easy it is for her to affect me like this, I'll blush and avoid eye contact, all the while she smirks smugly, as if to ask "What's wrong? Does this turn you on?"

The lingering touches graduate to something more erotic, she'll start making more blunt innuendos, run a hand up my thigh, etc. After a few weeks of basking in the burgeoning sexual tension, she'll come onto me when she finally gets me alone, putting me in a vulnerable and erotic position; pinned up against a wall, leaning over me on a bed, finally making it clear it's time for her to take what she wants, and that she's going to get it whether I like it or not (and I do, we both know I do.)

I freak out, act a bit defensive, continue to say that I can't do something like this. It's out of character, I'm not into girls, I'm currently talking to a guy, etc. She'll continue advancing until I inevitably acquiesce and submit to her, a slave to my own sexual urges, in spite of all the taboo. As she eats me out, I can't help but moan and whimper a bit, involuntarily reacting to what she's doing, and she'll both tease and praise me, encouraging me to relax… to let go of all the nervousness, all my inhibitions, to abandon all my reservations. "Take your panties off for me… atta girl." She gets me to finally embrace it: I'm having sex with a girl and it's the best sex I've ever had, I can't help but melt under her touches, and I can finally drop the facade, and stop pretending like this is something I've been wanting and fantasizing about my entire life. Tinges of shame being swallowed by lust. She'll endearingly kiss the insides of my thighs, trace the outsides with her fingers: "Aw, that's it… it feels good, doesn't it? such a good girl for me… Just relax… let me take care of you."

It becomes the first of many hushed exchanges, where publicly, I still continue to assert that I'm straight. She's the only one that knows about my urges, my wants, how desperately I crave intimacy with another girl, and how guys just won't satiate my needs like she can. We're "just friends" that have explored each other's bodies and know how they taste. Just friends that shower together, fall asleep in the embrace of the other's arms, idly running fingers through the other's hair as their head rests on the other's chest. Just "girls being girls."

>t. a Catholic raised repressed bisexual

No. 382025

my fantasies about her hurt so bad because of what happened but I can't stop them from coming to me, she's the only woman I've ever wanted and I have no one to replace her with in my mind.

No. 382027

I'm so turned on by big clits, especially if it gets aroused enough to slightly poke out past the labia… I want to play with a pussy like that so bad, I could touch it and suck on it for hours. I guess having a big clit like that is rare and my dreams about big clits may forever remain unfulfilled.

No. 382071

I need to be held close and fingered while she kisses my neck. Or will die. I need her pretty fingers inside me NOW.

No. 382150

File: 1709161468901.gif (773.39 KB, 220x275, IMG_4489.gif)

That the most shapely fingers I’ve ever lusted after belong to the most unobtainable woman I’ve ever loved is driving me mad… I NEED them knuckle-deep..
Hope we both get fingered nona

No. 382153

I honestly don’t I’m extremely mentally ill about it kek. but imagining being crammed into a small space with her as the water streams flow over every inch of her face and body was simply too much for me to resist. I used to take long baths with a nice smelling bath bomb and just imagine pressing our bodies close together and making out sloppily and eventually she’d prop her foot up on the shelf part of the shower and I’d get down and eat her out with a heavenly view of her pussy from below. Anyway

No. 382603

I want to pat her cute little butt.

No. 382610

Same, I love how they look aesthetically too. Mine is pretty small but I've fantasized about tribbing with a girl with a big clit too. Or using a vibrator and teasing her with it if she was particularly sensitive.

No. 382616

she's so unique looking yet beautiful I feel like she should have children for the sake of the world. I've never seen another woman that looks anything like her. Perfect androgynous beauty with unique features, too. I'm apparently unhinged so I often fantasize about her starting a family with some faceless moid. I like imagining her pregnant belly, I think it would look so perfect and beautiful on her. I used to think I didn't have reproduction/breeding fantasies, but then I realized I do, it's just about other women and not myself. I know I am a creep, you don't have to tell me.

No. 382619

ugh, you get it. I also have a small clit, I wonder if it's a condition caused by envy, kek. All I know is that looking at the photos women post of their big clits on reddit (i know, put me in jail) is the 1 and only thing that actually makes me soak through my underwear without even touching myself, a phenomenon which I used to think was just an exaggerated myth.

No. 382638

I want a big clit woman to mog my tiny one with hers and make me lick it. Especially hot if she is smaller/more feminine than me.

No. 382646

I have a reverse beauty and the beast fantasy. Deep down I want a woman to save me from myself and my girlboss ambitions/attitude and help me learn to love. I want her to domesticate me like one would a stray cat. I also would like a woman who has a somewhat different figure from me (I am small pale and curvy), we will talk about our insecurities and make each other feel better about them. I want to kiss her soft thighs, feet and tummy. I also really love blonde/brunette pubes. I want to hand feed her pastries and rub her full tummy afterwards. I love when women wear tight clothing and their flesh juts out a bit. I also love long labias/meaty pussies. I'm done.

No. 382851

i'm such a touchy feely person who needs physical touch to stay alive and i'm so touch starved currently. i promise i don't have anything of a foot fetish but i really want to be lying down while a girl is standing over me talking about something and i raise my legs to put my feet on her boobs. not even sexually or anything.

No. 382852

I want to hug our girl and feel our breasts touch

No. 382858

I want her to be jealous and embarrassed as I keep wearing apologies for the words but slutty, skanky clothes around polite company and her friends and family and seeing them all mildly judge her for being with me. While we are around her friends, I want to reveal to her I'm not wearing anything under my tiny dress and she keeps having to put her hand on my crotch to hide it whenever my legs spread a little and I subtly try to rub my pussy on her hand to which she would pinch my pussy harshly which would make me even more aroused and she'd realize I'm feeling way too turned on to particpate in conversation and I'm red in the face and ears and I might ruin the seat cover so she quickly excuses herself and me and takes me to the restroom, harshly pulls my dress up and immediately starts fucking me with her fingers and berates me a little (only playfully, she isn't angry) and rubs my clit. She kisses me sweetly after I am done, fixes my hair, my clothes, and pats my pussy dry, I cling to her the whole night afterwards. Man. This was so embarrassing to type out but I had to get it out

No. 382859

I lowkey have a foot fetish so if a woman did this with me I'd probably like it KEK

No. 382860

I want her to bring me out to a fancy restaurant, enjoy a nice meal and wine and fine conversation. Except the entire time, I'll be all squirmy and she'll be gently laughing at me because she made me wear a dress with a really high slit and no underwear.

No. 382933

I want to help clean a girl in the shower with just my hands. Get her boobs butt stomach and legs all soapy. Maybe she's a bit shy at first but asked me for help because we're close and she has a broken arm or something that keeps her from doing it herself. It doesn't turn explicitly sexual but the tension is palpable and we both leave the situation turned on. We both think about it for a long time afterwards, wondering if the other is thinking about it too. Also on this note I think eating a girl out in the shower is hot in theory but shower sex is too awkward, too much water gets in your eyes depending on the layout of it.

No. 383049

Want to take control of someone, and have her spread her legs wide and explain to me what she likes about her pussy … The way it looks, the way it feels, the pleasure it brings her, the pleasure it brings me … Then I want to watch her as she touches her pretty pussy to a climax.

No. 383073


No. 383075

I want a woman to use my hand to finger herself. I don't move my hands at all, I just watch all flustered while she makes my hand finger her. Idk why this is so amazing to me.

No. 383232

I have this fantasy of a woman tempting me to give in to my desires and be a sinner based on my religious background and she basically just "corrupts" me

No. 383267

my most deranged, elaborate (and perhaps retarded) fantasy is what i call "house of women". basically this scenario is about this huge mansion owned by some seriously rich woman that is filled with horny women who basically spend the days fucking each other.

every morning they're woken up with moaning sounds coming from loud speakers, and then they'll go ahead and roam the mansion and the yard with different kind of swimming pools, hanging out areas etc where they just have huge orgies while the mansion owner watches them from her tower.

there would be different kind of areas like a resting area for those who don't feel like having orgies that day in this like rainforest themed swimming pool area with plants and miniature waterfalls etc and there is huge windows where others can still watch them resting and swimming and sunbathing.
main pool area is just a long pool with sunbeds on the sides, newcomers can walk to the pool while the women laying in the sunbeds hungrily stare at the new girls before swarming them.

there would be different kind of theme days, like some days there would be strapping orgies with some women's turn being the ones who get strapped and those who do the strapping, some days would focus on anal and then there would be pussy licking girls who's job that day is to lick as many pussies and satisfy as women as she can.

once in a while the owner would choose one of the girls to spend some time with, like she gets to have sex with the owner and sleep next to her in her bed and have personal attention from the mistress.

there is lot of other details too like this is really elaborate fantasy that i've spend years building in my head.

No. 383292

I swear you’ve read my diary back and forth because I had the exact same fantasy!??!

No. 383383

File: 1709700239967.png (1.19 MB, 600x800, image.png)

I need her like you wouldn’t believe.

No. 383385

i need her so bad it hurts

No. 383405

you and me both sisters…

No. 383522

this is so fun lol. i love intricate and detailed internal fantasy like this

No. 383546

File: 1709811309331.jpeg (133.67 KB, 639x1000, IMG_4656.jpeg)

you’d get a kick out this book then anon. some of them are really out there even for me.

No. 383781

>first set of spoilers
I want to manifest that

No. 384048

I want whatever Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe had in The Lighthouse with another dysfunctional woman. To be cooped up in a shack in the middle of nowhere with only each other and the shitty weather for company, steadily going mad from the isolation and our increased reliance on drinking ourselves stupid every night to bear it all. We'd be screaming in each other's faces about the lobster, only to collapse against each other's shoulders in delirious laughter. Our eyes would meet as we hovered millileters away from a kiss, then the spark of recognition would light and we'd be at each other's throats again. We would never speak of it in the daytime, but at night when the wind howled against the shutters of our piece of shit cabin we'd find ourselves in each other's arms again. I'm aware this is an even stupider spin on the typical fujo yaoi reenactment fantasy but I don't even care.

No. 384085

Need to hump on someone's thigh and get it all damp and slick. Like a sexy snail leaving a trail

No. 384091

I love this nona

No. 384142

Months ago, i accidentally discovered that when other women try and seduce my woman, i would feel immensely turned on. I love watching them try to flirt and get with my lady, and watch her try and humor them. Then, she walks back to me and sits on my lap as a gesture of rejection, telling me how I’m the only one who she has the hots for. I guess this isn’t very kinky but it happened irl and I was soaked

No. 384313

There is this girl I'm crushing on (it's mutual) and I just want her to casually invite me to take a bath with her. Then she would sit in front of me in the bathtub and hold my hands. She would place my hands on her tummy and from there I would slowly move them to her boobs, thighs, and eventually her pussy. I want to get her off as I bury my face on her neck and smell her, lightly biting on it as she cums. I have no idea why this is so sexy to me, I've had the same fantasy for 3 weeks straight and think about it when I'm in class and get fucking horny and just space out for several minutes. I'm a fucking pervert.

No. 384348

I have tons of fantasies about female athletes. So here's my go-to fantasy:

I'm in a long term relationship with a pro athlete. She's cool and charismatic in games and she's a tough intimidating competitor. But when she's not competing, she's a big nerd and an autist about sports and games and rules. She says corny things like "life is about dreaming big and working hard and holding friends and family close." And she actually believes that stuff with zero irony.

After every practice and every game, she is exhausted, in pain from lingering injuries, and horny. And it's my job to make her comfortable, help her relax, feed her, and fuck her. We have to try different positions depending on what injuries are flaring up. At work she's stoic and grimaces through the pain, but at home she complains about every little thing. I give her expensive CBD products that help with the pain a lot. Most nights she lays on her back while I eat her out for an hour. Then I have to put her to bed at a reasonable time so she can wake up and do it all over again.

This whole routine is very sleepy and domestic, but I have to work out and be in peak condition. Once or twice a year, she'll have time off and fly me to some resort. And she'll focus all her energy on fucking. And she has way more energy than the average person. I've got to be in really good shape to keep up with her in bed during those periodic vacations.

She's a tomboy and a heartthrob. Her female fans fantasize about her being aggressive. But I know she's actually a whiny autistic princess with beautiful muscles.

On a related note… someone should make a thread where we can post hot pro athlete women

No. 384361

I'm imagining my crush saying this about me.

No. 384369

Maybe I'm your crush anon.

No. 384377

Kekkkk live flirting in the female fantasies thread get it nonnas

No. 384392

How did you manage to describe my life as a boxer so perfectly? Well, I wasn't a heartthrob with female fans (a gal can dream) but I'm an autist about combat sports and their history, unironically repeat motivational quotes and am a whiny bitch about my injuries when at home. Would also love to see a thread for female athletes.

No. 384535

This isn't really super sexual but it is intimate. I want a woman pick what I'm wearing for the day, maybe do my makeup (sorry, I feel a little insecure without it), brush my hair, dress me, take me on a date of her choosing, and take me in the shower when we get home and wash me off. I wouldn't want this all the time or even often, but it would feel nice.
I want to go clothes shopping but not necessarily to buy anything, but rather to dress each other up. I want to pick the clothes that I think would look nice and take it seriously, I'd like her to seriously pick what she likes for me, too, but it would probably be a little embarrassing to wear what she likes if it's not the kind of thing I wear often. I'd pick a shirt or pants that are made of a really thin, sheer material, so I could see her bra or panties when she tries it on, and feel her up when she shows me her wearing it. Maybe she'd pick a skirt she knows is too short and run her hand up my leg and feel me up a little, but not go any further than that.
I want a woman to run her fingers through my hair while I eat her out. Kind of like a scalp massage, or like she's petting me.

No. 384577

God the last part is driving me crazy, I almost purr like a cat when getting scalp massages. It feels that fucking good, if a girl did that to me I'd die.

No. 384614

I think I need her pussy in my mouth to feel sane, I’ve never wanted someone this badly. Sometimes I wonder if she visits this site and has ever read the fantasies I’ve typed thinking about her… she would never know.

No. 385086

I like to imagine that it's late night and I'm on a bus coming home after class/work. When I arrive my imaginary gf welcomes me wearing her pyjamas and we hug. It's very cold outside but the heating of our apartment is on and I find her so warm and soft. She must have showered recently because her hair smells of shampoo and there's also a lingering aroma of moisturizer when I put my face close to her neck. Her pyjamas have been used for a couple of nights prior to this one and the fabric is softened by use and it retains a mild smell of her sweat that I love too. I change clothes and we warm up some leftovers to eat as dinner all cuddle up on the sofa. She tells me about the mystery game she has been playing and after we finish our meal she gets back in the game while resting her back on my chest and her head on my shoulder. I kiss gently her hair while she plays and makes the funniest jokes about the characters and the storyline. I'm very tired but she makes me laugh so much.

No. 385101

So sweet and wholesome, nonna.

No. 385144

File: 1710469206452.jpeg (176.66 KB, 927x618, BF78D14D-869A-4F3B-9D12-CE92D9…)

I fantasize about having an orgy in one of those (sex segregated of course) public bathhouses. I think I heard there are some Korean style bathhouses being opened in like California and other places like that, I wish one would open near me. Not that I think my fantasy would actually happen of course I’m not retarded. But I think I have a thing for just the concept of those places. I’d never admit this outside of anonymity though because it’s probably every woman’s worst nightmare to hear that there could be a woman there that is sexually excited in a place like that. Although to be honest in real life I’d probably be too nervous to even be horny kek.

No. 385153

I’m so fucking jealous of moids’ dicks. I want to bury my clit inside a warm contracting pussy but it’s physically impossible reeeeeeeeeee it’s so maddening to me, when I imagine the what it would feel like, my clit literally aches I want it so bad. I also would want her to be able to do it to me so I could watch her face melt in pleasure. It’s not like I even want something the size of a dick even, I just wish clits were a little longer… grrrrr I always make myself mad if I think about this too long

No. 385157

Apply T gel on your clit only for several months and report back with the results.

No. 385161

Seek help, Tiffany.

No. 385162

I get you nona, it's a curse. I feel like that intimate connection would be so nice.

No. 385163

This made me laugh kek
Mad scientist amongst us

No. 385165

There are a bunch in Cali that have been around for ages and they're primarily filled with old women lol. I get what you mean though, the lesbian equivalent of gay saunas would be cool.

No. 385214

You’re lying if you say you’ve never wanted to do it, dear baiter.

No. 385223

File: 1710511358421.jpeg (68.69 KB, 720x959, A4A820DC-E51A-4A82-84FC-FA6764…)

I have a hyper-specific fantasy of a tall shy androgynous woman with a short men’s hairstyle wearing cute, girly clothes and loungewear. I imagine her in a cute sundress, we’re standing on a balcony outside on a sunny but windy day and the breeze is making her dress and strands of her hair flutter. I’d get down and lift up the hem of her sun dress, she wouldn’t be wearing any underwear, and I’d start eating har pussy while she tries to stay upright and contain her sounds.
Another situation I fantasize about is her wearing super fluffy cute pajamas, like the ones that have hoods with little animal ears and shit, she’d be lounging on the couch and I’d be on top of her licking her neck and sliding my hands under her pajamas. She’s let out the cutest little sounds and I’d hold her hands that get lost in her fluffy sleeves.
Ugh this imaginary woman is so cute, I wish I could manifest her into reality.

No. 385344

I'm very retarded, I was at a restaurant today and they had a golf competition playing on the TVs, and I was thinking how boring it is to watch until I started imagining the actress I have a crush on playing a female professional golfer and then I got totally zoned out from the conversation at the table staring at the TV and overlaying her onto everything kek. She's so lanky with a serious face, she'd make a sexy champion golfer. The moids all look super lame in their khakis and polos but I think she'd pull it off. I would want to be her assistant or whatever the fuck the person is who hangs around and hands them golf clubs. Anyway, I said I was retarded, so no bullying me for lusting about golf.

No. 385397

Same but imagining women playing billiards

No. 385445

I need her to pin me down with her hips. She could sit on me, press her hips into me in missionary, anything, I just want to feel the weight of her hips on me. yes I’m ovulating

No. 385463

inspired by lesbian thread stinky woman fantasies, it would be nice to have a gf who does physical labor. she would come home from work all sweaty stinky and dirty from the work, her body aching and tired from the day but i would be waiting for her and kiss her and cuddle her and lead her to bed and eat her sweaty pussy out. after we're done she would be so tired and out of energy, i would massage her tired body and take care of her until she falls a sleep. while she's taking a nap i would put away her dirty work clothes and fix her something to eat for when she wakes up and rest of the evening we would be cuddling and taking it easy, the next day she goes to work relaxed and recharged and happy to know that when she comes home i will be taking care of her needs again.

No. 385468

I've been thinking of rehab-ing houses with this anon ever since I read it >>>/ot/1926800

No. 385589

I want to cradle her head to my chest and kiss her all over her temples and ears and top of her head and pet her hair and hum her song because she is so adorable it activates a caring energy in me I didn’t even think I had.
it’s hard never having been interested in anyone your whole life and then finally you discover the only person you’ve ever fallen for and you can’t have them… I basically just live by coping via fantasies, but they almost make me lonelier, which makes me develop more fantasies, which then make me even lonelier… oh, it hurts. I love her so much.

No. 385618

I want to be with a very popular woman and to support and stand behind her in her every endeavor. I want to be the plain background supporting character but that she only has eyes for me, everyone wondering why she's even with me in the first place and what does she even see in me? I only ask that she is fully loyal and faithful to me because I would already be doing the same for her, I'm all-in. Kinda like that "behind every successful man is a strong woman" thing but behind my successful woman is a quiet plain jane, kek.

No. 385658

File: 1710677192029.jpg (58.05 KB, 736x423, 1000021007.jpg)

I want to be roughhousing and have her hold me down by my wrists, tease me as I struggle. I want to be spooning watching TV or whatever as one of her hands slides down my pants and the other around my throat. Also picrel would be nice. I spend so much time daydreaming about my fake gf…

No. 385670

I want to have a girlfriend who loves me and then kill myself violently and have her think about me forever until she dies and she sees my spirit everywhere she goes and the days are quiet and shit fuck me

No. 385710

Do you have a source for the screenshot, anon? I love reading this kind of raw, visceral lesbianism.

No. 385711

I hate BPDs so fucking much.

No. 385755

Sorry anon, looks like it's just from some YA book. It's The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin

No. 385867

nothing sexier on earth than cool androgynous woman pussy it makes me insane to imagine such a handsome woman with a beautiful feminine pussy under all her clothes (especially men's formal wear…) idk its the contrast(?) that gets me like I guess this is absolutely a fetish because it's the only thing I think about these days it sucks sooooo bad that there are almost no non-gendie androgynous women who dress suave and not like autistic wannabe punks/goths you know what I mean. anyway I guess I'll live via fantasies for the rest of my life.

No. 385877

I don’t have bpd I was just mad

No. 385879

My fantasy reeks of savior complex but in theory I'd love a stereotypical trailer trash white girl who's only ever been with men, who has no manners, is homophobic, and is currently nowhere in life, having dropped out of high school, now prostituting herself for money and couch surfing. I want us to meet and develop an unlikely friendship because I'm put together and has a future and she is the opposite, and I want her to slowly realize she has only ever felt true love towards me but is too shy to act upon it. But we eventually develop into a relationship and I get to help her put her life together, helping her finish high school and get a job. It's a bit fucked but I also want her to be pregnant when she meets me but it isn't visible at first, and when she confesses it to me we act like it's our baby and when she births her we get to raise her as our daughter.

No. 385890

Kekkk are you a fixer-upper butch? This feels like one of those reddit posts where women talk about financially supporting their bum boyfriends where you're the gf and she's the boyfriend

No. 385899

Posts like these reassure me that there really is someone for everyone.

No. 385921

if this was an accidental pregnancy fic I'd read it NGL

No. 385941

Not my thing but this would make a fun story, you should write a book.

No. 386335

sexual attraction is so fucking retarded like at least with het attraction it’s like “yeah well they’re acting stupid because they’re following their urge to procreate” but when I’m this worked up over a woman I can never have even years after I first saw her it’s like what is the POINT of this you know like why must I live through this constant torture of wanting to touch her and not being able to when it’s objectively like totally pointless for survival anyway, like at its simplest I’m an animal experiencing high stress levels over something that doesn’t and couldn’t affect my survival or genetic legacy at all to the point it’s detrimental to my ability to function like JUST MAKE IT STOPPP make the pining stop I can’t take it anymore. Ok I’m done.

No. 386352

That's hot. I'm trying to be your fake gf.

No. 386397

File: 1710944607365.png (69.56 KB, 271x153, fe8dfeb3b820a9b149e00516ed7df7…)

i have no irl examples but seeing off-shoulders jackets with visible bras like this makes me go feral, i've seen it twice but this is my clearest memory of it.
I'm not one who obsesses over breasts but they'd look so nice on women that aren't busty, god i want to bury my face in the middle of it.

No. 386398

I have a fantasy of having a gf who is a professional backup dancer or athlete or performer of some kind and maybe our relationship is secret so it doesn’t hurt her career. But anyway she turns out to be submissive in bed and is embarrassed that she seems to like a little butthole stimulation and I find it cute and like to tease her about it in the moment. One day I ask her to wear one of those cute and tacky rhinestone butt plugs under her clothes one day while she dances/plays/performs on a day when I am in the audience and she agrees after a little convincing. On that day her performance seems totally unhampered, and if anything she seems even more passionate than usual, and I watch her closely as she uses her long legs perfectly, all while imagining where that glittering rhinestone is underneath her clothes. Afterwards, she always looks a little flushed from exertion, but this time she seems even more flushed than usual. I take her into the bathroom and pull down her bottoms (and her silky underwear which is designed not to show under her outfit) and find that she’s soaking wet and aroused already just from being in front of people wearing the butt plug while I was watching. I would run my fingers over her pussy and tease her about how wet she is, before pulling up her clothes again, giving her cute small toned butt a squeeze, and telling her I’ll take care of her when we get home.

No. 386407

i've actually had a similar fantasy, but about a woman who is into medieval reenacting and who likes to reenact as a knight doing tournaments at festivals and so on. i'd be in the audience while she is doing jousting, thinking about how she's wearing the plug under her armor, imagining how it feels like while she is riding and battling others.

No. 386485

Ugh I like her so much that it's making me crave hearing her call me pet names which I normally find retarded. If she called me baby I think I'd melt on the spot. I just want to be with her always, I want to cook with her and sleep next to her and watch TV with her and drive with her next to me putting on her shitty music so I can tell her it's lame and we can banter about it. I want her so bad I fantasize about it every night to calm down enough to fall asleep. Damn. I really like her.

No. 386490

File: 1710982172197.jpg (22.36 KB, 444x366, 1273627997700.jpg)

This is actually so cute. I hope you can make all of this come true.

No. 386556

I’m so obsessed with vaginas… they’re so beautiful and interesting and amazing. I fantasize about watching a woman masturbate with a dildo that suctions to the floor or wall. The motion and visual is so sexy. I also want to use toys on a woman, either with my hands so I can watch close up or via strap so I can hold her. I’ve heard most other women don’t like penetrative sex/masturbation though, which is a huge bummer for me because I have a huge thing for it (both for myself and partner). It makes me kind of sad that other women apparently don’t feel as much pleasure from penetration as I do, because it’s an amazing feeling. It makes me wonder why there’s such a huge difference in how it feels for different women.

No. 386563

I think strap-ons are ugly, but intimate. I don't know if it exists, but I'd love one that stimulates the wearer's clit when she thrusts. I like that it let's you have both hands free. I like the way tits jiggle when she's wearing the strap. I want to lay on my back and have her hold my hands, because I like handholding during sex, but also so I can't cover my face or mouth. And I want her to stare at me as I react to taking it for her. It's a really overwhelming sort of feeling, so I have to be in the mood for something intense, but it's so good to be a little rough once in a while.

No. 386592

File: 1711044386351.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.59 KB, 360x158, 6AquRJVsiS5rUP3bSG4KEra57fhXTD…)

>I'd love one that stimulates the wearer's clit when she thrusts
I have the non vibrating version of this and it sits right at my clit and feels really nice when pushing it in someone. Not to mention it stimulating the inside while thrusting. I didn't realise they had a vibrating version until now…
Now I can't stop thinking of myself using this on the woman I'm into slow and steady then surprising her by turning the vibe on and thrusting my hips into hers harder and pushing our bodies against each other so we feel the stimulations together until we climax together (maybe a few times)

No. 386611

Wow, does it actually work? Does it stay in? Do you finish when you're wearing it? This is even better than I was hoping for because it sits inside you, too. It's so frustrating yet hot at the same time, having this dumb piece of plastic in between us, but being able to cum together is unparalleled.
I can only imagine using it and not knowing it vibrates, the shock melting into overwhelming pleasure.

Somewhat related, but I love remote control vibrators. I want either of us to lose a bet and wear one to a bar and watch the alcohol and toy soften her up. I want her to grind her pussy on the edge of her seat, so subtle that you wouldn't notice unless you knew.

No. 386627

Same same same so much.

No. 386635

My fantasy to think about before going to bed is falling asleep hugged while I play with my fingers on her lower back, slowly drawing infinite spirals on her warm skin. With my other hand I would gently caress her neck and run my fingers through her dark hair, the smell of which I unrealistically compare to the scent of fresh blueberries. We are in a big comfy double bed and there's a storm outside. We hear the constant sound of the rain against the windows and the pavement. The dim light of the bedroom is only enough for me to perceive the silhouette of her body by my side under the covers. I enjoy this little peaceful moment but,at the same time, I'm almost unable to wait to wake up in the morning next to her.

No. 386650

nta but i had one of these n it works better with a harness or like, panties that support it, cus the vibrator part is heavy n will make it prone to slipping down

No. 386665

I love repressed women so much it's a little disgusting. I have this really old (like decade old) fantasy about being in a convent (works w/ any environment, but i like all female settings) with some strict, super-prudish superior. I'd make her go slowly insane, pushing her buttons, flirting 'innocently'. Observing her reactions, her blushing and anxious giggling as i rub my knee against hers or find excuses to be close to her. She'd become aggressive and preachy, chastizing me and calling me a temptress. I'd make a point of resisting, exasperating her as she becomes more explicit and painfully horny in her insults. She'd punish me for this but it'd be an excuse to give back some love, pinning me down as she watches me come, biting my flesh. She'd quarantine me because of the threat i posed to morality, only to devour me better and let out all her rage and desire.
Nowadays this fantasy is a little different. I really just want to make a nerdy cringe woman (think, horse girl/fujo type) orgasm so hard her mind goes blank. Massaging her, flirting but in a princely way. Showering her in small attentions, reveling in the glimpses of her rich inner world. Smiling at her embarrassment because she knows i've guessed she's a kind of pervert. Hear her voice go weird, stifling a laugh because she talked about something that arouses her, thinking she's slick. Mentally noting it so i can use it in dirty talk. Or get off to the idea she masturbates to this. The sillier/weirder the better. I picture her hiding her face and trying to tame her breathing as i eat her out and try toys on her. How she'd buckle under my mouth, my hands and whatever tools i'd use. I'd get to finally see her eyes as she climaxes for me, a pure look of want in them. I'd love it if it was spectacular, like female ejaculation or loud moans she can't control. Wish i was more evocative but i'm sleepy and it's quite simple, i want to ruin a shy woman.

No. 386671

This is so sexy. I want to get married now

No. 386676

I act like a progressive but in reality I dream of being a tradwife, slave to a woman. I think about my ex sometimes and dream about having kids with her (in a fantasy world were women can get each other pregnant) and staying at home and raising our kids while she’s out there, working. I dream about her coming home, angry since work was frustrating, and taking that anger out on me and my body. I can’t stop thinking about her biting my nipples and tugging on them and hitting me.
I have this other (more degenerate) fantasy were I’m a slave and she owns a plantation and I become her maid and we fall for each other. It’s so shameful and disgusting but it turns me on like crazy. My ex would’ve never done raceplay with me so this fantasy will always remain a fantasy.
I really miss my ex. We used to have sex everywhere. I was a total whore for her, an obedient sex slave. I remember having sex with her in the toilets at a restaurant; a woman knocked on the cubicle trying to work out if it was free to use and we were both so embarrassed we just left and ran past her. It was embarrassing but so hot. I remember her fingering me while I was pushed up against the door; her dad was on the other side of the door and she was talking to him casually while I was trying not to moan. She would fuck me while her mom was inches away from us or while I was on the phone with a friend. It was shameless and crazy but I loved it.
I miss her and I want to do all of this all over again. I know I’m disgusting.

No. 386682

I want to straddle her. SO bad. Whenever she sits languidly on a chair leaning back, legs slightly spread I desperately want to climb on top of her and gyrate on her through her clothes. The thought of unzipping someones jeans and pulling them down a little to see her pussy poking out, aroused fucking turns me on so much. Oh and can I say how unfair the outline of a pubic mound is through boxers? It’s so tantalising and I want to put my lips on it and mouth on her clit through her underwear. So embarrassing how wet I get around her, if only she knew kek.
You are disgusting but I’m the same when I’m into someone nona. I know people speak about sex as if men are the only ones unable to control themselves but I’ve fucked in places and at times I really have shouldn’t when I’m really needy over someone.

No. 386698

This was like me fantasizing about being a mail order bride for a white woman and disappearing into thin air out of nowhere never to be seen again just to be some woman's live-in bangmaid sex slave in some shitty apartment halfway across the globe

No. 386717

the regular kind definitely needs a harness or something so I'll assume the vibe would too. I've tried without but it's too unsteady and you end up worrying too much about it slipping, especially when first entering her. No need for something heavy-duty, I've got one cheap harness and once it's secure it's great. I like keeping it in until afterwards so we can kiss more body to body but I don't need to take it out to cum as someone who tends to struggle on her own. Tbh the psychological effect of watching a women cum from my work on her means I usually end up cumming when she does or right after even if she's just holding me in through it (with some mild grinding). Obviously I can't feel inside her in that moment but knowing we're both filled with the same toy and feeling her cum under me just deletes my mind for that moment of bliss. I find the front part that goes around your pubic bone also has the perfect shape to rest and grind against (for me at least) so you get really nice internal feeling from the internal part and also some clit stimulation from that. If your partner is someone who shakes when she cums you get to almost feel it inside and it's wonderful. Her moving at all moves it a bit inside you.
It's hard to describe the actual inside feeling but with the way thrusting works it I think feels most similar to when someone is curling their fingers into you since it's more front and back side/wall action than in and out which I really quite enjoy. I'm personally someone who prefers being ground into instead of being thrusted in ironically so my side of the toy is perfect.

No. 386722

God damn I’ve only ever heard negative things about those, but despite that, I always thought I would like them and from your description it honestly sounds perfect for me just like I thought, I just know I’d love it. So jealous!!!!

No. 386780

i have some sort of knight syndrome that i want to defend my woman from some annoying pushy male. like the guy tries to hit on my girl but i make sure he knows she's with me and there's nothing his sorry dick ass can do about it.

like this kind of thing has happened before, i am a petite woman but i wish i was taller and more muscular so i act like it, once i was on a date with a woman and some guy grabbed her and tried to take her away but i pushed him away and this 6 feet dude was yelling and spitting at my face but i stood my ground i protected my girl, this is cringe, this is shit, but i liked the feeling that i kept the fucker away from what's mine, my woman. fuck off moids. also once i slept with a girl that had a boyfriend and he was so fucked up over it but honestly? i was awful but i don't regret it. he was shit anyway, his gf told me everything, i took care of her and all he could do is weep and whine.

i fantasize about being the girl knight/gentleman who shows that moids arent shit.

No. 386783

This sort of thing is insanely hot to me, sometimes I fantasize about a woman who is protective and maybe a little bit possessive of me making it clear I'm hers. It's just so hot.

No. 386852

god damn her jawline is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen, long but thin with sexy bulge of masseter muscle right at the end, I want to bite into that part specifically, gnaw on it like a dog or something I’m telling you it’s crazy sexy and so unique I’ve never seen another woman with such a stunning jawline god damn itttttttttt I want to BITE.

No. 386866

your fantasy inspired a small story fantasy for me, about this really repressed woman working in a church or something, some religious place and she's just constantly horny for other women and tries so hard to repress it and usually succeeds until she runs into the new woman in town, who is this cliche biker butch handywoman who is at the church like, fixing their fence or roof or something i don't know. the repressed woman sees her working in the summer heat, wearing a tank top and blue jeans and she just gets so obsessed with this butch woman, she lusts her and hates her.
they have to spend time together since the butch is around fixing things, she's the one to go to in the small town they live in, she'll always be running into her at gas station where she's with her motorcycle etc. the woman sometimes berates the butch, about her "lifestyle" and so on but the butch obviously knows this repressed lady is just really into her. she just can't stay away from her. some time they are alone, they are arguing about sexuality issues and the butch mocks the woman about how obsessed she is about her, the repressed lady gets really flustered, the butch leans in on her and the repressed lady tells her to go away. the butch does, she starts walking away but this pisses off the repressed woman so much, she yells at her like where are you going, the butch just says "you told me to leave so" and leaves. the repressed woman is just so disappointed and angry, also angry at herself about wanting this butch lady to come onto her.

later repressed lady starts resolving her issues, and she goes to visit the butch lady and is honest about how she wants her and can't stop thinking about her how she just really wants to fuck her. the butch lady is like, who the fuck do you think you are just barging in here demanding sex, like in this mocking way not angrily. the repressed lady gets so pissy and flustered about it, but finally the butch just kisses her and finally gives the repressed woman what she wants. she'll just be this shy, horny mess of a wet kitten melting with the pleasure of just finally giving in for her lust and finally having another woman touch her and make her feel so much pleasure. she's so into the butch 's body, feeling her muscular arms and back with her short black hair with bangs hanging over her, her breasts pressing against her own when she pins her down. she just finally takes her and fucks her and makes love to her and she finally gets this release after years and years and years of running away from herself and this moment when she finally gives in.

she'll feel guilty about having an affair with a woman for some time, like her repression wont go away just like that but slowly with time she gets more comfortable and happy and grateful she listened to her feelings and let her body feel the pleasure it's been aching for.

No. 386900

you know what i've been thinking about this dumb scenario the whole day so i'm just gonna go ahead and write continuation:

after their first night together, the repressed woman wakes up next to the butch and gets all embarrassed about what she has done. she hastily dresses and tries to sneak away, but the butch wakes up and asks where she is going. the woman makes up some excuse and leaves.

she is so devastated she actually calls in sick the next day and just stays home. she feels so guilty but still can't help but think about their night together and how it made her feel and how now she just wants it more than ever. she goes to take a shower but something's wrong with it idk, when she hears someone at the door. with just wearing the bathrobe she goes to the door and the butch is there, the woman forgot some of her things at her place and she comes to return it.
they talk a little and then the repressed woman says that there's something wrong with the shower, so the butch comes in and fixes it.

the butch asks if the woman is all right, and how she feels about their night together. they talk some shit let's get to the funny part anyway they start making out, the woman's bathrobe falling open, the butch kneels down and starts licking her pussy. the woman is leaning against a wall and moaning, and then notices they're right in front of full length mirror where she sees herself like this, the butch kneeling down still wearing her boots and her jeans ass sticking out, eating her out and her moaning with pleasure, she literally has to face herself for what she is and she feels so embarrassed and horny and just has to give in, again.

later they would start experimenting, with toys and so on and the repressed woman would finally get to eat the butch out and she would be so horny about it she would be moaning into the butch's pussy the whole time she was licking her.

No. 386901

please excuse me because I have a very high fever but wouldn’t it be nice if you were like a little miniature person 2in big and also didn’t have to breath and she could insert you into her vagina and you could just stay in there all day it would be so cozy and you could feel her muscles moving around you

No. 386941

No. 387031

I also want to chew her like a piece of bubble gum does anyone know what I mean

No. 387067

No. 387068

Samefag but if she doesn’t think about me like this she doesn’t love me.

No. 387076

>only sex dream I ever had was about my ex bff a year after she and I stopped talking to each other, the orgasm was so intense I woke up
>fast forward 5 years to present day
>had a dream last night where I randomly met her at a mall, she was looking beautiful with short hair and a bright red top
>We say hi to each other, she's smiling, I kiss her on the lips, it feels so right, we hold hands, I feel like we have a silent agreement that we're going to date from now on
>I have to go somewhere else in my dream so we split
>I'm happy we'll see eachother later
That was pretty fucking sad

No. 387179

I’d like to kneed at her like a cat, or suck at her like a leech

No. 387331

I want to save a hypereligious, homophobic woman from her shitty, orgasmless marriage with a pos male via the power of pussy eating.

No. 387555

I want to watch her face as she cums. I want to see her orgasm face. I want to make her orgasm. I want her.

No. 387655

Want to play wrestle in bed with a girl who wears a baggy t-shirt and panties and accidentally end up making out.

No. 387931

tbh I wouldn't mind having a fujo gf, I could larp her fave ships with her. As long as she doesn't actually troon out.

No. 387941

Isn't this vore…?

No. 387945

I want to drink her breastmilk while she fingers me

No. 387946

I want to drink her breastmilk while she fingers me

No. 387959

Technically the first one was unbirthing.

No. 387970

Goofing around with a friend that turns into kissing and sex is such a big fantasy of mine

No. 387978

No it wasn’t!!!!! The second one was metaphorical, like, “I like her so much I want to eat her up” and the first one has nothing to do with birth i would be a fully grown adult just shrunk down and I’d get to hang out in there for a day or something. I can’t be the only one that think it would be nice. I’d probably take a bunch of naps all day because it would be cozy.

No. 388034

File: 1711670211379.jpg (22.56 KB, 300x235, 1000031324.jpg)

me too, anon. I don't care necessarily if there's actual lactation or not tho, I just want to suckle and have her soothe-talk and pet me all over. mommy stuff is my most embarrassing ~kink~ but at least I'm not wanting to rp as a baby or something.

No. 388060

she's such a horrible person, but my stupid body still wants hers so bad that I can't stop my fantasies. I want to cum really hard around her fingers, and have her keep going right after, I'm the type who can cum almost endless times consecutively. I want her to draw them out of me just by massaging me inside, each one coming easier than the last.

No. 388061

samefag…. after i'm too tired to go on, I want her to clean me with her mouth and then kiss me messily. Please.
I want her so bad even though I shouldn't, why couldn't it have been ANYONE else.

No. 388089

File: 1711729223418.jpg (82.61 KB, 616x720, 1000005980.jpg)

im rly inexperienced n always wearing guy clothes, big pants n a zip up hoodie, have short hair, never wear makeup. keep fantasizing abt my older gf w experience dressing me up like a doll, putting makeup on me, making me wear revealing clothes that make me uncomfortable and then laughting at me. i get used to that and start dressing like a slut just for her even though my lack of confidence and boyish mannerisms look out of place with that attire. keep thinking abt my mean gf groping me in a rly tight dress that im rly uncomfortable in(learn2integrate)

No. 388126

Why live if I can’t be fingered by her

No. 388139

overusing abbreviations won't make you a woman

No. 388144

samefag, animal sex drives are actually insane because I wasn't even really joking when i said this kek. try explaining that to an asexual being. you know. like what the fuck kind of havoc does sexual attraction have on the brain? it's so crazy, you can tell why animals keep being made, because once an animal gets old enough it's like I Have To Fuck or I'll Die I Swear I Can't Live Without Someone Else's Pussy Dude and it makes no sense to think about objectively plus also i could not make a baby with her even if I COULD have sex with her so that is even more ridiculous. I don't even like kids but if it was her baby I would love it very much. See? more insanity nonsense caused by sex drive. it's like you know none of this makes logical sense but I can't reason with my body to stop screaming "I'm suffering! Oh! Oh! The Suffering! It Hurts!" over literally nothing. This is so dumb I can't believe I have to live like this.

No. 388156

File: 1711761159851.jpeg (155.71 KB, 850x850, IMG_8455.jpeg)

This thread is about passionate lesbian fantasies — no one wants to read your borderline homophobic, Richard Dawkins-induced neuroses — so post some or gtfo

No. 388159

paying the fantasy tax: wish I were eating pussy right now. okay, with that out of the way, can you please explain the context of this picture and if the butch (or guy) is supposed to be covered in fur from the neck down or something.

No. 388160

fuck yeah farcille

No. 388163

ayrt, why are you being so aggressive towards me? How am I homophobic? If this is infight bait I guess I'm falling for it because wtf, really uncalled for. I was luterally posting about wanting to fuck a woman so badly that it hurts me and you're like "shut the fuck up about that and looks at anime women kissing like a real lesbo, homophobe"

No. 388166

I honestly want to be in a codependent, insane relationship with a woman who desires me so much we would both ruin our lives for the other. I'm drunk so sorry if this is retarded, I just want to have sex with a woman who loves me so much it is scary, like we can't physically be close enough. We would have daily marathon sex and we are so absorbed in each other that other people feel like they're intruding just by talking to us. I want a woman who understands me so much we don't even have to talk, and I want to worship her and give myself to her completely. I just want that like cosmic all-consuming obsession with a woman, I want a soulmate and I want to kiss her inner thighs and bite her neck and ugh I'm so sick of being single

No. 388171

same, anon. same.

No. 388172

I want a woman to call me degrading names and then mock me and laugh at me for getting super turned on because of it

No. 388173

Is this too much to ask for

No. 388180

I can't stop thinking about her. In the evenings and night my head just swims with constant fantasies about her to the point it feels all-consuming. I've been trying to stop the fantasies for a really long time now, but I just don't seem to be capable of stopping them because I have nothing to replace them with. I'm not interested in anybody else. It's been long enough that I should be able to. Why can other people move on and find other people to fall for, and I can't? It's so painful that I struggle to enjoy anything in my life these days.

No. 388181

>>sexual attraction is so fucking retarded like at least with het attraction
>implying lesbian attraction is retarded
>>also i could not make a baby with her even if I COULD have sex with her so that is even more ridiculous
>implying only procreative (heterosexual) sex is worthwhile
This is where you were homophobic.
Of course I empathise with you. I have anguished over my homosexuality, and doubtless many anons itt have too. But this is precisely why posting about this pain in a thread where women are affirming their attraction to other women is not only off-topic (see the last sentence in OP), it is inconsiderate. We’re here to celebrate our desire, not condemn it as some genetic defect.
I wasn’t trying to cause an infight and I’m sorry if gtfo was too harsh; but there are more appropriate threads for you to post in if you think your own fantasies are ‘retarded’


No. 388182

I don't think homosexual attraction is bad at all, just that my situation of debilitating pining like an animal in heat (biological function of animal heat is to reproduce) for a person I cannot reproduce with is so goofy of my body.
sorry that I feel a different way from you, but thinking about things from an evolutionary perspective is what i was trained in, and I ponder about many aspects of life from this perspective. If you hate it, that's fine, you don't have to think the same way as me.

If you think my post is that off topic and homophobic then report it to farmhands instead of shitting up the thread with minimodding(derailing)

No. 388230

There have been a few posts that I see and think "damn did I post this?" but this one especially. All consuming unhealthy love where we're dead to the world and only need each other, that's the dream.

No. 388245

So they’re allowed to call my post homophobic but if I respond, it’s derailing and I’m the only one banned? I just have to sit quiet and take that? Farmhands are retarded. Inb4 take it to meta (no)(Continued sperging)

No. 388251

I want to lick her entire fucking body from head to toe, oh my god. I especially want to lick the part of the pelvis where the hip bones meet the lower belly/pubic area, I just have the blinding instinct to hold her hips (god, her fucking hips) steady in front of me and kneel in front of her to put my mouth on that area and just lick and bite.

No. 388252

Wait!!!! and also the alternative fantasy is to do this while she’s laying down on the bed and she gets wet enough just from this that I finger her to orgasm all while mouthing at her hips. God that would be perfect.

No. 388297

This is the ultimate fantasy. All the others are just sidebars and distractions.
That said I want this also but it should be homophobic bullying from a hot butch girl who's using my mouth while I'm on my knees. Calling me a pussy-obsessed dyke, using a fistful of my hair to control my head, etc. It's important that she's got a teasing, mocking tone and laughing and smiling through it all too

No. 388349

was watching a praying mantis eat a male yesterday and it make me start thinking i would like to hold a woman's hair for her while she eats someone

No. 388411

I have this reoccurring fantasy of having a stone gf and I have to find creative ways to get her off since she doesn't like being touched directly. She's really muscular and loves having her back touched so I get her to lay on her belly and I straddle her thighs and just spend forever rubbing, scratching, and kissing her back and talking dirty to her until she's really close. Then I give her a vibe and she uses it to get herself off while I keep loving up on her back and shoulders. I get really turned on too so I start grinding my clit against the back of her thigh and we both manage to cum at the same time. I don't let her up though, I stay on her and worship her back really gently until she drifts off to sleep.

No. 388524

File: 1711939784671.jpg (65.39 KB, 732x593, babydeer.JPG)

I love gangly women so much. Gangly-ness is so cute to me. It sort of reminds me of those newborn horses or deer. That sounds insulting but I mean it with love and admiration. My crush has the cutest gangly arms, they are so long and awkwardly adorable, I want to wrap her up and hold her and kiss her on her cheeks.

No. 388527

File: 1711940248071.jpg (86.54 KB, 616x822, 61b6b735da002e49d206cf37134358…)


Gangly girls with freckles are my weakness. Oh to have a willowy, lanky girl with a million freckles to cover in a million kisses.

No. 388685

File: 1712022120919.jpg (317.8 KB, 1400x1868, bg3.jpg)

I want to suddenly pin my closeted crush up against the wall when we have a moment alone, as our friends chat cluelessly outside. I'll lean in slowly then, giving her the chance to resist, but she won't, because she wants it too. we kiss and I slide my hand up her shirt, and she'll shiver, but then I pull away, realizing how carried away I've gotten. we walk back out into the other room and pretend like nothing happened, but she's still blushing

No. 388726

sometimes i daydream about rescuing my online bestie from her terrible overbearing family by letting her marry me for a green card. we would move in together and she would eventually fall in love with me for real. she would also make the first move to avoid any unfortunate implications as well as to circumvent my own emotional constipation and cowardice. god i need her so bad. she's the perfect woman. i've tried so many apps but no one else does it for me. why must she be so far away. i need to pick her up and drag her here immediately

No. 388949

I want a woman who is shy in bed and when she gets embarrassed and tries to hide her face I want to give her lots and lots of kisses on the side of her face and coo about how cute she is (yes maybe this would be annoying in real life but let me be annoying in my fantasies)

But on the flip side it would be just as hot to have a woman who is unashamedly horny and tries to seduce me into ravashing her by turning me on with her body…

No. 389119

Women with long legs wearing belts. Why is it so hot.

No. 389121

I want to bathe a giggling drunk girl with a sponge after she pees herself. Then I clothe her and tuck her into bed and rub her through her pad until she sleeps.

No. 389137

I'll be her nona

No. 389229

i’m not homophobic (maybe just some internalized homophobia towards myself) but the rest of the criteria applies, especially sexual shame and how flustered i get looking at other women and being only attracted to them even though i’m a bible thumper…

my ultimate fantasy is a cute girl noticing me at church and we end up being friends and realize we have gay feelings for each other and explore each other’s bodies after being so pent up, hyper religious and sexually repressed. and just embrace and accept each other and enjoy our secret. i feel so guilty about it i even feel gross and moidy typing it… it’s what i ache for, it’s all i want. it can only play out that way. hopefully it really happens someday and i get a reason to make my exodus.

No. 389231

It doesn't sound like a gross fantasy to me, or moidlike at all. I think you sound very sincere and I hope you find what you're looking for.

No. 389236

when i'm ovulating i get so desperate to be stimulated inside that it feels like i'm going crazy. I want her to let me use her hand and her fingers to satisfy myself while she looks down on me with a judging smile. I'd clutch her hand tight against my pussy and grind into her palm hard, trying to stimulate my clit and get her fingers inside to poke at me deeper, more, spreading my legs wider trying to let them sink in as deep as possible until i finally cum after working myself up enough to get off just from what little stimulation I managed to get from fucking myself on her sadistically motionless fingers. After that she'd kneel over my face and make me lick her until her clit is nice and sensitive and engorged.

No. 389289

File: 1712330304694.jpg (30.97 KB, 736x680, 1000022992.jpg)

I'm not into feet but I can't stop thinking about putting on/taking off her shoes for her. She shouldn't have to lift a finger, even for the smallest things. I would worship her, if only she would let me. I want to give her the best orgasms of her life, I want her to think of only me, I want her to straddle me and choke me out.

No. 389318

I need to put my tongue on her pussy. Why is it that when SSA women see a woman’s genitals there’s the seemingly natural instinct to put your mouth on them more than anything else. Or maybe it’s just me. Like sure I could touch it, but really I mostly want my mouth on it like I’m starving.

No. 389413

I want to have really intense sex with another woman who wants to kill herself. I just feel like I'd be able to see into her soul and connect more deeply than any other type of person. There would be some sort of intrinsic understanding of each other and I feel like it would lead to really intense and unrestrained intimacy. Maybe because it's one of the things I always, always have to hide to absolutely everyone so revealing it feels exhilarating and freeing and doing it with someone else would probably make me totally manic. We'd both want to die but our bodies are still here for now and I'd lick every inch of her.

No. 389467

my ultimate fantasy is a combination of this and >>388166 this

No. 389624

File: 1712488617956.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_1817.jpeg)

Time to write the most long winded post ever

I am actually going insane, like I’ve been so horny this past week. I need my mouth on her pussy 24/7. It’s never gonna happen, kill me.

I have a part time job and yesterday I was stocking body wash and shampoo and shit and just doing that made me horny as hell inside because (I’ve said this in the thread before so sorry if this sounds familiar) I wanna bathe her and feel ever part of her body and then suck on her clit until she comes. I am going insane like she likes weezer (awful i know) but like weezer reminds me of her so like some weezer music makes me kinda horny idk especially some shit on pinkerton even tho some of it is creepy as hell. Idk anymore I’m gonna go jump off a bridge probably. I’ve had a cough and PMS for like the past week so I’ve just been depressed as fuck and marinating in my horniness. It’s not healthy. I want her to see my fucked up pathetic state and get turned on. Also she sent me a video of her reading a book in the bathtub once and the way she enunciates certain words gets me going. Like towards the end of it she says the word “certainty” in her soft low register of a voice and I need to feel her breath on my face on god. I know that we’ll never have sex but I’d let her ruin me. She can take advantage of me all she wants. I don’t care. I need us to stay up all night talking about random shit and then out of nowhere she just kisses me. I want to taste her period blood. I need to eat her out and then work my way up to her neck and give her a hickey. I need us to destroy each other. Just fucking destroy each other. I need to be a productive member of society so I am getting it all out here. I need to feel the coldness of her wet pussy on my face. I need us to have sex and I need to hear her say “oh fuck…” under her breath. I’d be turned on even if she was fucking killing me. Somebody put me down. She can put me down if she wants to.

No. 389656

Everything about this is so hot and relatable. Hope you get her nona (and I honestly don't think it's a longshot because who sends platonic friends they have no interest in videos of themselves in the bath?)

No. 389698

It was an audio clip, and she sent it to multiple people I just pretended it was only me when I typed it because I’m horny and want to feel special kek

No. 389814

I really love gnc women with "feminine" or "curvy" bodies… I know that it's a point of insecurity for some, and that being flat and tall is idealized to look more masculine or androgynous but I don't think that matters. I think the way she carries and styles herself is what would be more attractive to me. It's just hot and I love the contrast. Like the thought of fit thighs and nice hips and breasts paired with a stereotypical effortless boyish style makes my brain short circuit. I love the natural shape of women's bodies so much.

No. 389836

Wish I was her, goddamn.

No. 389914

Sorry for long post in advance. I want a pathetic gf who kidnaps me because she's so obsessed with me and wants to keep me shielded from the outside world. She's a loser like, can't talk to anyone, her room's a mess with old dishes piled up, all she wears are hoodies and dark clothes. She's skinny from not eating enough because she spends all her money on stuff for me: snacks she knows I like, outfits she wants to dress me up in, cute hair clips and candles and other things to make my room in her tiny apartment feel more homey. She's so pathetic I start to sympathize with her because it's obvious she's 1) lonely and 2) incapable of hurting me physically because she's so obsessed with me. She likes when I talk, she could honestly listen forever as she stares at me with her big brown eyes. She gets turned on so easily by stuff I do, if I wear one of the short skirts she buys me and she gets a glimpse of my underwear she's breathing heavily and palming her crotch over her 2016 Forever 21 jeggings, telling me to keep modeling for her. She'd have all these ideas about my ~purity at the start though, doesn't want to besmirch me with her disgusting desires because I'm too perfect for her, so at the start I just sit in the room she's chained me up in and have to listen to her moaning as her $5 vibe buzzes loudly in the next room over. I imagine she writes all this crazy shit about me, I find her journal at one point and she's so embarrassed by her dirty fantasies (she'd probably be into it if I'm mean to her about it too). Really she just wants to serve me and she'd do anything for me. When we start having sex she doesn't care if she cums, she just stares at me the whole time, eyes wide and a little creepy because she can't believe she's got me underneath her. She'd eat me out for hours if she could and it's not a totally selfless act. I'm not sure whether to make her have a shitty part time job at a grocery store (that way she can hurry home after her shifts, smile so wide because she knows I'm at home 'waiting' - read: kidnapped - for her to come back) OR to have her work from home (that really ups the anti of her being an asocial loser who never leaves her apartment apart from groceries). I love this pathetic gf I've created, I would let her whine and hump her hand as she watched me read a book anyday.

No. 389928

I'm so bitter and miserable and purposefully alone… but deep down I need a saint of a woman to force me out of my hysterics and cure me with her discipline and love. I need a simple girl to put me in my place no matter how much I cry and resist. I'm too proud to ever admit to this in real life though.

No. 389940

I fit your ideal lol. Although I’m not creepy and pathetic to the extent that you described. Yet.

No. 389945

let me know if you ever want company and she wants a second captive kek, we could give her a threesome that blows her loser creep mind and fries it so she's eternally devoted to us

No. 389948

You guys can't keep saying things like this it's making me feel too emboldened to stay pathetic and insane kek. Although I once had a gf who said I should never fix whatever is wrong with me so maybe there are more SSA women with a fetish for maladjusted women than I think

No. 389949

I know this deranged so you don’t have to tell me. But fact that other people have had her mouth on their clit, or got to taste her pussy is obscenely evil. I sound like one of those retarded virginity obsessed moids but suddenly I understand why it gets to them so much. I wish I could just pretend no one’s ever gotten intimate with her. It’s so aaaargh unfair… that I want her this badly and that right now she could be fucking someone and they get to have her. That I’ve been pining while someone else gets to see her face when she cums. That someone else gets to see her naked while I’m imagining it. I feel ashamed about the thoughts I have about her when I’m this sexually frustrated, and I know I don’t have the right to be but I’m secretly possessive of her. It’s wrong but it makes me feel a little violent. Sometimes I imagine being a prehistoric human fighting to the death to win her love (lol). This post was inspired by her oral herpes…

No. 389963

File: 1712615971409.jpeg (22.61 KB, 236x277, D6398C91-11B4-4004-8AEE-F5623F…)

I’m honestly so grateful for this thread. I felt like shit for a little while but it’s good to know that other lesbians are just as deranged and horny as me.

No. 389966

I had a dream where liking girls was just seen as the norm. I didn’t realise how nice it might be. Being flirted with in normal public settings, friends gushing about the girls they have crushes on instead of gross moids confessing to someone and just thinking “does she like me” instead of “does she like girls”. Idk, would be nice for it to just be “normal”.

No. 389985

Don't admit that ma'am.

No. 389998

It was a half joke. I’m just obsessive as hell but there’s not much more to it, kek.

No. 390000

I wonder why everyone seems to assume everyone using this thread is a lesbian(derailing/infighting)

No. 390001

about a year ago I had a series of dreams about the woman I was one-sidedly in love with. One where we were high school classmates sneaking kisses between classes, one where we were sitting next to each other on a couch with our heads really close together and high sexual tension like we were about to kiss, and a follow up dream later where we were making out and fingering each other on that same couch. They all felt so real. My favorite was the first one, because of how sparkling and mischievous her dark eyes looked, and the innocence of a youthful experience I never got to have. After each of these dreams, I felt glowy and high for days.
A lot of things happened since then, and I've been really depressed and scared that I'll never fall for anyone again. I don't even care if it's reciprocated or not, I just want to feel that way about someone again. Before her I never felt that way about anyone before in my whole life and I'm in my mid 20s already. Falling for her was so out of the blue and she was too unique. I had no idea what I was missing out of my life until that part of me bloomed for the first time. I almost wish I was never awakened to it because living without it is so dim and sad now.

No. 390068

Really like these two

No. 390252

File: 1712730481121.jpg (106.49 KB, 736x1095, 1000023635.jpg)

I want to trib while we're both menstruating, I want our blood to mix together even though I feel so shit on my period and orgasms make it worse but it would be so hot

No. 390263

No one cares about your male attraction(derailing/infighting)

No. 390265

This reads like a yaoi plot with all the pronouns replaced but it's better than any yaoi ever could be

No. 390279

Wasn’t asking anyone to. But to assume all the things you read itt are from “fellow lesbians” is odd imo when it’s obviously not going to be accurate to assume the only people posting here are lesbians. That’s all I meant

No. 390305

Actually meant to include this one as the second one
I'm dumb

No. 390420

parting her ass cheeks to get a better view of her pussy and then burying my face in it from behind hhhnnnggg butt and pussy anatomy is just so glorious, the most perfect shape that exists on this earth

No. 390459

Would you prefer people said WLW or sapphics instead kek

No. 390496

I’m sorry anon, I’m not going to give you the infight you so desperately crave

No. 390666

Every time I see somebody use this to exit an argument I think it's kind of funny. Like you have to imagine a seething mass on the other side of a message that takes 30 seconds to type kek. Just ignore trolls if you think they're trolls, retard(derailing/infighting)

No. 390678

Oh anon, have a cup of warm tea and I promise you'll feel better.

No. 390694

I just want to be bullied into submission. Or not even bullied actually, I would probably do it willingly. I have a lot of dormant masochistic tendencies and would probably get off on a hot butch/masc woman ordering me around and making me indulge all of her whims like a loyal lapdog. I think about this a lot. When I was a kid I used to be weirdly into the dark-haired mean girl characters on tv and in middle school I would let my friend (that I had somewhat of a crush on tbh) boss me around all the time without even realizing it. Like I must have been destined to turn out this way idk. I just need it so bad

No. 390706

My girlfriend has the most gorgeous body and I just want to worship her all day. She has the perfect breasts and stomach and hips and I just wanna fondle and kiss her all over for hours. I love her sweet noises when I give her attention and the way she pets my head and grips my hair and UGGHHH I want her so badly damn it!!

No. 390722

I want her to lay back in bed and tease & play with her pussy all while she maintains eye contact with me (i'd be sitting facing the bed she's on). She has such sexy fingers, I want to see her use them to make herself feel good. I want to hear her breathing change as she becomes more and more aroused. And just before she has an orgasm from touching herself, I want to tell her to stop. I'd tell her to show me her fully-aroused pussy, unobstructed, and she'd squirm, battling the urge to finish but enjoying my eyes trained on her most private area.

No. 390724

I'm the same way and it's kind of embarrassing because I'm also sort of proud/vocally in denial about it. Like I would always "put up a fight" when my mean girl bff would boss me around but I secretly enjoyed it and just didn't know how to deal with it.

No. 390741

Anons who want stalker gfs, I love you. My irl sex life is healthy and normal but all my fantasies are of fucked up women who want to take advantage of me.
My guiltiest one rn is a military camp's doctor/ob-gyn who notices how tight and nervous I am during my procedure and offers to help me relax. She's very professional and stern about it, but I can tell she's secretly enjoying herself, especially when she thinks I'm not looking. Later I find out that she does this for lots of women and feel strangely betrayed.

No. 390793

What do y'all think of really tall women? Would love to be in bed with a lady over 6 feet. Whenever I see pictures of them or in a blue moon irl a girl that tall I think of the sheer power and strength that must come with being that tall and big. Think about her wrapping her legs around me and feeling protected. Is that weird? Do I have a giantess fetish?

No. 390863

I think this is because all my gfs have been emotionally unavailable as fuck, but I'm dying for a woman who is extremely possessive of me to the point of being inappropriate and unhealthy, like just smothering me with attention and affection even if it seems like I'm not interested. Maybe all the talk of kidnapping and stalking is getting to me kek, I've just always been the one who's more invested in my relationships and the thought of meeting a woman who treats me like she wants to keep me locked in her house forever is so ridiculously hot to me.

No. 390974

Sounds like a troon thing

No. 391188

This will never happen, nor will I attempt this because it’s fucking creepy, but goddamn.

I have a one sided crush on a friend that’s dating a different woman and sometimes I wish that she would notice my attraction to her somehow and then call me out on it through a phone call. I’d get really panicky when she catches me. She’d then proceed to ask me about all my dirty fantasies and I’d relay them to her and she’d be really into it based on the tone of her voice but denying it somewhat. Asking me if I’m a top or bottom, if I like oral, how much I masturbate, where my fantasies take place, et cetera. Eventually she’d crack and we’d fuck. I’d be super desperate and touch starved and she’d be really fucking turned on by it.

No. 391193


No. 391194

No. 391199

Leave happy couples alone, bishit.(infighting)

No. 391201

NTA but kekkkk wtf are you even talking about bishit-chan, there’s nothing about bisexuality in that post

No. 391313

I love women with questionable hygiene (ie. not showering for a week when she's staying inside). If i could, i'd taunt one lightly about it, slowly ramping it up until i offer to help her with BO. We'd bath together and i'd hold her gently while scrubbing her. I wouldn't talk, letting the heavy silence do the work of rising the tension between us. It'd be as heavy as the droplets forming everywhere around us (i like scalding hot baths). She'd start squirming and i'd have to hold her in place. Lovingly foaming up soap on her thighs, her belly, her neck, avoiding her breasts but compensating with insistent caresses. Idk if we'd have sex in the bath (likely not), i've only imagined the build-up and faux innocence of it. I have a couple friends like that so ig they inspired me kek

No. 391346

File: 1713135504968.jpg (542.41 KB, 773x900, Cleopatra-waterhouse.jpg)

I actually love you lescel-chan i hope you find a nice bi girl someday

ok this is really cringe but i have this fantasy where im an oracle and this noble woman comes to see me about some issue but I get really obsessed with her. She has such beautiful dark pink lips and downturned dark eyes,bronze sunkissed skin with freckles, an athletic figure, and this palpable desperation. I try to pay attention to what she is asking, but i just want that desperation to be for me. I tell her that ill have to do a ritual for her and she will have to stay in the temple for at least a week. She's mad about this since she needs to get back home, but doesnt argue with me since she needs me to do divination for her. I take her to the ritual baths, but i pour in a small amount of a love potion -something so subtle shell hardly notice.
It's lit by candles, we have incense going and the warm lighting hits her face in a very tender way. I tell her to close her eyes, undress, and ill lead her into the bath. as she does, I see her body is so perfect slightly thick and strong but still has this curvy elegance, but i just hold myself back for now. i hold both of her hands and lead her backwards into the baths. Once we are waist-deep the love potion starts working on her. I go through the motions of the cleansing ritual, but really im just teasing her. I take the annointing oil and start by lightly running my fingers along her cheek. I get a bit closer but she cant tell since she still has her eyes closed. my face is right next to her neck and I really want to bite it but i refrain, instead i lightly annoint her neck and collarbones and slowwly go down to her chest. shes now getting visibly turned on. I almost grab her boobs but have to force myself to hold back so quickly I put her hands on my shoulders and then wash her with soap to finish the bath. I grab both of her hands and lead her out backwards then tell her to open her eyes. The dress i was wearing was a thin white fabric which is now completely soaked and see-through. She is trying so hard to not look down at my body and its cute how red her face gets.
While shes at the temple I keep putting small amounts of the love potion into her food, drinks, on her bed, her clothes, until she's completely desperate for me. she has completely forgot why she's there in the first place. During the days anytime i pass her, she stares at me with this burning intensity. she thinks i dont notice, but i do and i know what shes thinking about. during the nights i do some magic to make her have wet dreams of me and i look through the crack in her door to see her sleeping calm face. one night i stealthily walk near her room and look through the crack of her door. under her covers i see her awake masturbating and trying not to moan. I watch her squirm a little more because im a creep, but then i make a noise and she sees me. At this point she's like an animal, but just barely holding it together. She nervously asks what im doing and tries to make excuses but i go in her room and lock the door. she grabs me against the wall and kisses my neck, then puts her hand on my lower back and pulls me toward her with this animal strength. im worried i might have used too much of the potion but she kisses me and roughly grabs my boobs and i realized i used the perfect amount. She puts me on her bed and rips off my dress starts kissing me everywhere while she slowly moves her hands to my thighs and then parts my legs. then i feel her mouth on my pussy she eats me out and i have to put my hand on my mouth to keep quiet so no one else hears, but with the other i grab her hair and squeeze her head with my thighs. we take turns eating eachother out and she stays there forever completely enamored.
sorry how embarrasing i didnt mean to type all that out but ngl its hot as hell sorry not sorry

No. 391347

>i hold both of her hands and lead her backwards into the baths. Once we are waist-deep the love potion starts working on her.
On her but not on you? PLOT HOLE

No. 391439

I wanna trade places with her 4’11 girlfriend sometimes. I will never feel what its like to be shorter than her. I’m so sad.