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File: 1502398936773.png (180.11 KB, 500x293, me (2).png)

No. 66358

Can we have a thread for lesbian and bi women to discuss their fantasies and desires towards other women? No rules except for no talk about dicks
I never find women my age (20) attractive. It's always older women, usually 30+, especially older butch lesbians. I want an older woman to boss me around

No. 66359

I don't have a type, I like all sorts of women but preferably in my age range and from the same country as me.

My recurring fantasies are both things things that actually happened so I guess they aren't really fantasies, just really good memories? The first one is having a vacation with my gf at a lake and getting slightly drunk going skinny dipping, then having sex on the beach. The second one is having sex in a tent at a music festival. Those are my favorites.

No. 66360

File: 1502400944545.gif (54.3 KB, 342x200, 1493927114942.gif)

i just want to be in a threesome with two other women, tbh. not to mention i have a reoccurring fantasy about being fwb with another woman.

No. 66361

god i wish i could sandwich myself between two other women

No. 66362


Same to be honest - I want a fwb with another girl too. Just getting along, flick some music on with a glass of wine and then spend the evening kissing and eating each other out. Sounds good to me.

But the thing is whenever Ive tried to look for another girl interested (pref online) they're all dodgy or hideous :(

No. 66364

I want to get beat up and molested by a tall, muscular woman. Then I want another tall, muscular woman to hug me and gently nurse my wounds ;w;

No. 66365

lol i'm just under 6' and bodybuild so it pains me that there are other girls who are yearning for that out there

No. 66366

ugh, nice. if you're ever in the South™ and want to beat someone up, hmu ♡♡

No. 66371

God I just want a girlfriend honestly. I've never actually done anything with another girl since my only relationship was long distance. A big part of me just wants to hook up with someone so I could experience it.

No. 66376

I really want to a girl to just eat me out. To go beyond, make me orgasm so loud, gripping the sheets and not even breathing eating me out. I want to eat her out too, just to be able to taste pussy and have her clit on my tongue. Girls are so pretty and I'd love to hear how they orgasm and taste.

Too bad I have a boyfriend, clingy as fuck and don't like the idea of threesomes or open relationships. It's all just a nice little fantasy.

No. 66378

matchmade in heaven

No. 66398

Muscular women are my favorite.

No. 66402

i want a girl to force me to eat her out, grind on my face, make me suck on her tits, etc. but I'd also love to fuck a straight girl with a strap on or something and listen to her moan while i ram into her with it..

thinking about girls is the only thing that can make me cum, really. im attracted to guys but ive never been able to cum to the thought of one.

ive been fantasizing about having sex with another girl since i was 10 or so, and now that im legal ive been getting more desperate about the idea. no romance, just fucking. ive almost joined mff threesomes just so ill have the chance to mess with another girl. but i know itll probably never happen :(

No. 66403

ok this thread and some of the other threads make me think we really need a slutty no strings attached version of the her app

No. 66419

Are you me?
I just wanna be embraced and loved by an older voluptuous woman
Also I read the thing your pic comes from and could honestly relate except for some points (the whole mother thing,i never was clingy)
>tfw it probably will never happen and i'll probably die alone

No. 66422

File: 1502521459891.jpg (14.66 KB, 300x300, ahjeez.jpg)

I found les porn once where Girl 1 just sat there while Girl 2 rubbed her clit all over Girl 1's boob and it was really hot and I can't find anymore porn like that and I wanna try it.

No. 66425

Helping a drunk girl get away from some pushy guy trying to take her home with him then taking advantage of her myself except she's into it so it's not rapey.

I'm also curious as to what it's like to fuck with a strap on.

Meeting a shipwrecked busty alien chick then hiding her in my home and waking up to her trying to breast feed from me because sex-based alien culture and other shenanigans.


No. 66427

Good on paper, but there's literally no way in hell a bunch of creepy trannies wouldn't contaminate it

No. 66428

I'm bisexual and with a man, but I sometimes dream about having a girlfriend. Either androgynous and kind of butch but a total bottom in bed, or small, curvy and soft but aggressive. Short hair, because girls with short hair are A++

I never had a proper relationship with a girl before settling down with my current bf. We have threesomes every so often but I wish I had had a sweet summer fling with a pretty girl just once before I met him.

No. 66432

Strap-on fucked by a older woman 35-45 with huge juicy tits mmmm

No. 66439

I never had a proper relationship with a girl before settling down with my current bf. We have threesomes every so often but I wish I had had a sweet summer fling with a pretty girl just once before I met him

This! Without the threesomes part though. I love and adore my bf and honestly think he is the one for me but I do feel like I completely missed out on a part of my sexuality.

No. 66440

Sweaty gym locker room sex with a bodybuilder type of woman, espically if she's older but still super fit, has always been my go to.

That and going to a strip club with a stack of hundreds and getting fucked up and throwing money everywhere and ending the night by having a all-female orgy with a bunch of trashy but still hot strippers.

Here's some others (that…aren't realistic lmao):

Being a butch billionaire with a trophy wife like Kim Kardashian, and basically being her sugar mama while she's my sex kitten and we're both vers's.

Being the female version of the womanizer rockstar stereotype, fangirls fawning all over me and groupies trying to get with me. Being a sex symbol like that is so hot to me.

I think about these scenarios waaay too much…

No. 66444

Have you talked about it with your bf, anon? I'm the poster you replied to and I feel the same way about my boyfriend, p. sure this is it for me. Even though I know I'll never get the chance to fall in love with a woman, discussing the girls I see when I'm out and about with him lets me indulge my fantasy without feeling like I'm being emotionally unfaithful. He likes seeing me get all melty over someone cute I sat across from on the train or w/e

No. 66499

I have talked about it and he knows im openly bi. He seems fine with me sperging about girls I find cute, but the one time I brought up the idea of a threesome with another girl he was clearly uncomfortable, so I dropped the subject for good. So girls will stay as a fantasy and nothing more for me. Luckily im not a very sexual person in general so its not a huge loss for me as sex is such a tiny part of my life.

No. 66505

Well at least it seems that it's something that won't have too much of an effect on the way you live your life. I don't need sex with other women but I would miss it a lot, even though I obviously prefer my boyfriend

No. 66550

File: 1502834890648.jpg (185.13 KB, 833x833, asking strangers for threesome…)

I just want her to sit on my face while I eat her out vigorously tbh

No. 66602

I don't know what or where this is but why isn't my lesbian ass there

No. 66831

File: 1503279657886.jpeg (72.07 KB, 400x400, B3A7C5EA-E61A-4823-A22A-F41593…)

>tfw you can only really get off to lesbians kissing

Like not even having sex, just watching girls kissing makes me super horny and embarrassed
I can't watch girls kiss on tv around other people because it makes me super nervous and I just have to leave the room

Honestly, I fantasize about kissing girls a lot
I just really want to try it, it seems really nice but I don't know anyone cute and gay enough to try that with

No. 66836

I fucking love butch women.
I'm very feminine and I see so many women complaining about how they can't get an equally feminine girlfriend.
I'm not even that picky. Bring on the shaved head and cargo pants! I definitely enjoy being the "lady" in a relationship with another woman.
The only exception is older ladies, I kind of fantasize about being a side girl to some older, sexy woman in a business suit and heels.

No. 66904

I fantasize about being that older, powerful woman with a cute little sidepiece. But I have to wait another decade and a half because I'm not even 20 yet lol

No. 66906

anon are you me? Lmao can't wait to be a successful bitch with a stunning wife and make straight males talk shit about us

No. 66924

File: 1503427576210.jpg (52.3 KB, 500x282, elnk41rbigq7_500.jpg)

>can't wait to be a successful bitch with a stunning wife and make straight males talk shit about us

S a m e

No. 66937

File: 1503432613578.png (1.01 MB, 930x1330, 551qddl2zo2_1280.png)

>the dream

No. 66945

if this ain't goals right here
I just love the fantasy of a kept partner and being the strong career woman. But in reality I'm pretty emotional fragile so I doubt I could pull of the strong, take no shit type persona I'd love to have. The next best thing would be something like these two

No. 66953

I wish this were real, but unfortunately it's not. However there was a really rich chinese butch woman who was seeking a wife.

No. 66954

File: 1503445073023.jpg (176.94 KB, 736x1097, marie-joseph.jpg)

>tfw no tall, blonde, confident gf that takes advantage of you
Why live

No. 66955

i wish i could even believe it was real for a second. damn muh patriarchy

No. 67001

Literally me. Unfortunately I'm straight.

No. 67677

File: 1505688980523.jpg (304.21 KB, 723x1024, Women1.jpg)

This is the ultimate dream ! Image speaks for itself.

No. 67722

The same as seemingly everyone else being some cute taken care of play thing to an older power lesbian.

For me there's also like knowing that I'm not the only one she's seeing? Like really just being an amusement among many others. And maybe sleeping with another one of her gfs for her amusement sometimes lmao.

My like life fantasies are actually me being not quite a power lesbian but like growing up to be a boring suit in my field (stEM) taking care of my qt still a punk wife who's like a social worker or something, living mostly off my suit money so she can try and save the world.

No. 67724

your life like fantasy is wholesome af anon, I sincerely hope you achieve it

No. 67741

I want to be friends with benefits with a pale girly girl the same height as me and kinda twiggy. She would be a little posh and dress princess-like.

No. 67776

I want a taller bitchy popular girl type to befriend me but then when she finds out i like girls to take advantage of me while outwardly pretending nothing's different.
Honestly just for a tall girl to pin me against a wall!
Also i sorta have a thing for like stern and unapologetic older women, i love getting on their good side and wish they'd take care of me

In general I'm attracted to women that are slightly masculine in either apearance or personality like true feminine housewife tyes just make me feel very gross and mannish lol

No. 67778

>true feminine housewife tyes just make me feel very gross and mannish
same lol. If a woman is pretty she also has to be kind of brusque and stern, if she's pretty AND feminine/girly I would just feel like a bag of potatoes in comparison.

No. 67784

a shy and soft feminine girlfriend is my ideal. i love the idea of her having me to protect her at times when shit gets rough. i just want a cute girl to protect but then to snuggle with me when i need her during my own hard times. bonus if she's taller than me. sappy sap sap

No. 67791

I-i would love a qt short femme guard dog gf anon. (I'm also a very short quasi femme but I'm meek af in most situations)

No. 67819

Hey you just described me. I'm 5'11" so probably taller than you haha.

No. 67841

i just want a cute gf to talk to and cuddle and play video games with……..

No. 67857

File: 1505997520728.jpg (175.55 KB, 1920x1080, q80rnqq.jpg)

I always have a fantasy which is having someone who is strong, genius and respected by everyone to be my dog and loyal servant for ever

No. 68099

File: 1506230341586.jpg (17.4 KB, 240x236, f951dd474ccae3e5ea47d5e6fe299c…)

A fantasy I have is just making out and eating ice cream at the same time(?) with a qt girl while wearing cosplay
I literally just really want to make out with a girl, but it's hard to find other gay girls around here man

No. 68100

i have fantasies all the time of just being in the shower all soapy or oiled up and getting to push our boobs together and make out… other than that just standard wanting to eat a girl out and have her eat me out etc. im bisexual but fuck i'm so much more attracted to women (especially sexually) than i am to men

No. 68105

thissss I just wanna shower with a qt lol

No. 68334

Shower sex always sounds like a good idea until one of you gets light headed from the hot water

No. 68337

Why do I feel like this thread is full of men?

No. 68338

>tfw you're a dominant bad bitch with a sadistic streak but still live with your parents and only leave the house to buy groceries. tfw you're not even ugly or particularly uneducated, you just have no life.

Who fucking wants that? Definitely not the qt maso, submissive girl who otherwise has her shit in order that I so desperately want.

No. 68420

Right? How u gonna be a bad ass dom bitch for me if u still living w ur parents afraid to go to the grocery store???

No. 68483

Dude, I have no issue with buying groceries. Did I fucking say that? I might be a recluse but I'm not completely non-functional.

No. 68486

Ugh same for the older women part.
I just wish to be some older femme women's wife (not at all into butches) and be loved dearly and love her back. I'm lame.

I also just wish I was abducted by a tall,dominant woman,that would keep me until i can't live without her and turn me 100% lesbian by toying with me every single day until my mind breaks.

No. 68554

I consider myself a pretty dominant woman but good lord what I'd give to have two taller, even more dominant women bully me at the same time. The idea's been in my head ever since I saw a Japanese porn where the two gyaru-looking girls molest a more innocent girl in an elevator. The idea of being sexually assaulted by a man makes me want to vomit, but if it's a couple (or group) of sexy, slutty girls I get so damn hot.

For a more specific fantasy, I'd love to be with a smaller-breasted woman with a fixation on my (very large) breasts. I blame anime at a young age for infecting me but I'd love for a modestly-chested lady to pinch and pull, grab at and bully my boobs whenever she felt like it. I also like the idea of playfully smacking her perky tits in defense.

Lastly, I just want to spend casual time naked around other women. Nothing sexual involved, just being relaxed and nude like in the shower or at a public pool or while doing normal life stuff in a private place.

No. 68556

I-I would be your smaller breasted gf with a fixation on your tiddies anon. I'm a small B cup and not very tall (just shy of 5"3) and sometimes i can get kinda jelly/fascinated by bigger breasts.

I just wanna get in a fight with a big breasted woman about it, and have the heated debate turn into something more kinky (aka slowly submitting to her as she mercilessly teases me physically,makes me suck her breasts,.. until i admit that big breasts are good)

No. 68557

Also agreeing on the last one. Hanging out naked with other girls at some japanese bath house (i'm a weeb) seems super chill and nice.
I'm kinda insecure about my body (i'm at a totally normal weight for an european woman but i wish i was skinnier) so I probably wouldn't be 100% comfy
>tfw no woman to go behind me and catch me by surprise,pull me against her and call me cute just like in my animus

No. 68560


You've got 3 inches on me, but I'm several sizes bustier than you. I love perky, average to small breast. They just sit so nicely on the chest. I just wanna flick the nipples with my fingers.

No. 68565

File: 1507142055202.jpg (8.7 KB, 160x212, 1469576316932.jpg)

That last sentence made me feel all hot in the face, god.
So…how big are you?
I'm ok with having two perky handfuls but I would be lying if I said I never looked at bigger breasts with some kind of envy (and something else).

No. 68572

Somewhat related: I found out that one of my coworkers has a crush on me, and now I've had a full 24 hours of fantasizing about kissing and groping this girl. It's absurd.

No. 68583


I'm an H/I cup depending on the brand. They're big and heavy, maybe a little saggy but they're nice and warm.

No. 68592

Oh my gosh. That's huge. I must look so puny next to you.
I don't mind sag,it's a natural thing.
>tfw i'll never squish my breasts against yours as we cuddle

This thread is starting to make me feel more hot and bothered than it should

No. 68596


I have H cup too, thought they're not that big since I am skinny they only look big on me.

They're seriously fun to play with though like not even in sexual sense I just like squeezing and wobbling them

No. 68621

File: 1507247378596.png (966.95 KB, 750x1334, stoyafml.png)

oh my god you guys.. i'm such a fucking moron.

started talking to this girl on tinder a few days ago and was kind of suspicious at first since she didn't have any info in her bio and the only three photos she had didn't look like someone who existed in my city. i did ask her jokingly if she was real but then kinda got over it until she asked me for my phone number. me, being a desperate potato, of course give her my number, albeit finding it quite dubious. and then she was all like "well i will text you when i feel like meeting up with you" and then suddenly asking me stuff about my experiences and if i was a virgin and whatnot.

at this point i'm thinking "OH BOYE I AM TOTALLY GETTING CATFISHED AM I NOT." i then reverse image searched her profile pic and OF COURSE IT'S STOYA (a pornstar).

anyway, baleeted my tinder after reporting her and now i'm traumatized forever.

No. 68622

Oh man, rookie mistake anon. Hope no trouble comes your way with the phone number etc

No. 68644

Oh my god.
Now you know at least. Man, it could have been a gross rapist (probably was) behind it so it's good you realized.
Fuck catfishers, they're pieces of shit. Toying with someone's feelings is disgusting.

No. 68646

>tfw I watched so much porn as a teen that I now know most popular pornstars by sight and don't get catfished easily
feels, uh…bittersweet, I guess

No. 68649

Just a rule of thumb anon: If the profile pic looks like it was taken and edited by a professional in a professional setting, it's most likely a fake. And even more fake if the person asks for your number right away. That shit is fishy as fuck. NEVER give out your phone number unless you're 100% sure they're real.

No. 68650

>Be a boyish lesbo, not really butch but definitely masculine
>Meet attractive, cute girls all the time but they're all straight and would most likely be disgusted with me if they got to know my sexuality
adding to that I have a huge thing for cute, pretty, feminine girls who are also dominant, just how much more fucked could I be?

No. 68653

marry me anon from that tiny snippet I believe we are a perfect match

No. 68761

I'm in a super committed and great relationship with my bf, as in this is It for us. But I'm bisexual, and all I want and permanently fantasize about is having a side gal, preferably also bisexual and with a straight guy long term. So the two of us can have sleepovers and bitch about men and watch movies and get drunk and then fuck incessantly for hours on end.

I'm also a very femme lady but love punk girls with massive tits and shorter hair who are also still very femme. I just want to listen to Deconstructionist in the bath with my big boobed side gf while making out tbh end my suffering. My bf is a manly dominant guy which I'm also weak at the knees for but he sees my sexuality as valid (THE BASTARD) and would feel my relationship with a girl to be cheating on him for that reason. It's the first relationship I've been in where that's the case and sometimes it really depresses me

No. 68763

Samefag to add that reading this thread makes it much worse. It was kind of impossible most of the time to find independent and level headed cynical hot chicks but this thread is full of hot, intelligent girls who are straight up about how fucked up they are and reading your desires makes me have to go rub one out. My current life is great and I have a stable job and a wonderful partner and a wedding and settling down is on the cards but every night I day dream about taking a few days off work, hitting a club while dressed hot as hell and finding a babe to do minor drugs with and fingerbang for the night

No. 68815

That's funny, I have this fantasy of having a girlfriend who dates a girl on the side. It's not the usual male fantasy of a mff threesome (I have that one too), but of my girlfriend going out alone with a friend of hers and having a date, making out, maybe even developing feelings but still loving me. The biggest difference from yours is that I imagine the other girl being more girly and being more of a close, good friend than a stranger.

Just typing this out feels very weird and I wouldn't tell this to a gf irl. I hope your bf decides to be okay with it one day anon.

No. 68856

I'm the anon you're replying to and it's so strange you said that because most of this comes from having a best friend who feels the exact same as I do but our bfs aren't into us doing that. It would be with a close friend for me but alas life is hard

No. 68857

Are you me, I agree even with having a very committed loving longterm BF. I'm bi but i've never dates a girl, just fooled around. But I'm always so curious about what a relationship with another girl would be like.

No. 68863

well, the BFs don't HAVE to know :^)

No. 68864

Wish there was a way for all of us bi girls with BFs to meet, become close friends and keep the details discreet

No. 68865

well I just wanna have a girl experience. that is my fantasy lols.

i am attracted to girls, i get off to les porn only…but i have never been with a girl. oh except for kissing my best friend in high school but that was just for fun but gee willikers was i wet! and finding the fattest ass at parties so they can twerk on me. the catch is I fuckin hate vaginas they're so ugly but would happily bury my face in a fat ass given the chance. my bff says i'm just in denial. and I'm picky bout girls too so idk if it would happen any time soon. the girl i was interested in uh dropper out of college and has gotten married to some guy (and I can't afford college rn so my girl possibilities are extremely limited) .

i like super femme girls but the occasional butch gets me. but I really prefer girly girls, a close fave is a nice goth bitch as they say.

my #1 fantasy is finding some cute gal who also has an affinity for girls like I do but hasn't been with one either. we smoke hella cones and then get to kissing lol. i'm very impatient and just skip the part of the fantasy where we kiss for hours and then somehow end up scissoring and laughing at each other's 1st eating out experience.

sorry for rambling, i'm super nervous rn typing all this which is probably evident by repeating girl and lol. I've never told anyone (and my bff doesn't count bc she knows me through and through). the farm is, yet again, the only place that knows some of my well kept secrets n problems.

No. 68884

>gee willikers was i wet!
I wish you the best but really hope I never meet you, you type like an old sissy

No. 68887

Yeah seriously anon sounds like one of those
30+ autogynephile tranny mtf lesbians

No. 68898

>hates vagina
>wants to scissor.

Sorry, most women don't want to scissor with a nu-vagina.

No. 68915

What part about no men do you understand? Fuck off and go back to tumblr where people will validate your AGP delusions

No. 69197

File: 1508276508892.png (401.52 KB, 665x527, 233300.png)

>no tall gf that wants you to sit in her lap in public
I'm mad at my life

No. 69201

I'm into much older, strong, and assertive butch lesbians. I love broad shoulders, some muscles as long as they're balanced with a good amount of fat. I'm into tall women, at least 5'8

No. 69210

ew lol no, it's just awkward typing. I can't really explain it, but me + nervousness = stupid talking.

understandable tbh, I just want to know what it feels like. then again bumping pubic bones isn't all that appealing.

No. 69218

Lately I can only get off if I'm imagining myself with a woman. I'm married to a man and he knows I'm bi (he is too) but we're completely monogamous. I'd never cheat, but fuck, I can't get beautiful women out of my head.

No. 69219

Why are women so attractive and beautiful? No matter how i try to think about men/how I find some attractive, in the end I just want another woman in my life and I always marvel at their beauty at some point.
>tfw watching OuAT
>one of the dudes is hot as fuck
>but one of the girls is a babe
>"gosh this one is cute too"
>"and this one has such pretty eyes!"
Do you ever have moments where you think "fuck i'm gay"?

No. 69248

i want to be taken care of by an older woman

No. 69306

>tfw it may never happen to me ever
I just want to be loved and protected by an older woman (other than my mother,that is)

No. 69308

I used Google translate and it said "I want a suggar mommy"

No. 69324

i want to get bossed around by bully girls mostly bc i got bullied by these two girls in high school. some of it was kinda hot tbh.

No. 69354

Nope. I want her to legit love me and I want to really love her.
If she's rich that's nice but I would feel bad about mooching someone unless she was ok with "taking care of me" financially (and even then i would still do some kind of work!)

No. 69642

i get super wet when i think about getting soft dom'd by a curvy brown girl with big titties and a fat ass.

No. 69647

pretty much the exact scenario I default to lol.

No. 69649

File: 1509152853369.png (Spoiler Image, 373.64 KB, 680x383, IMG_6123.PNG)

You wouldn't mind beating uo a smol azn girl would you

No. 69650

I've always liked girly girls and have had some pretty good success thotting about. Problem is that I might be good at getting some of what I want but I want to go lewder. Always kind of secretly wanted to go to an s&m club and/or pay a girl to do kinky shit

No. 69652

>>69647 >>69642
bonus points for me if she's like in her 30s or 40s. the thought of being borderline taken advantage of by a hot curvy femme, shoving her juicy titties in my face, eating each other pussies out at the same time… it's not a crazy fantasy in terms of being unrealistic so I hope it pans out one of these days.

No. 69653

damn literally same

No. 69655

one of my fantasies involve a group of cute girls stepping on me, sitting on my back so I can't get up, spitting on my head, etc. Nothing sexual like touching genitals but just them beating the ever living shit out of me.

I used to get bullied alot when I was a kid and sometimes when I bully a cow on here I get kind of turned on when I find something humiliating about them. I think I like blackmailing people too…I want to make it a small hobby and get paid for it but I don't think anyone will bite since I am not very cute or attractive.

No. 69671

File: 1509207246989.png (19.91 KB, 240x251, IMG_1380.PNG)

I get that. Kinda go a bit more in the sexual direction though. I actually stayed in a really shitty abusive relationship for a long time only because the sex was so degrading and violent

No. 69698

I’m a bi woman in a LT hetero relationship and often fantasise about oral with a woman, even though it doesn’t do much for me IRL. Idk why but it gets me so much more excited when it’s G/G…

No. 69756

Before I met my boyfriend, I fantasized about women, too. Just on being the receiver. I didn't have a man to fantasize about, and it was easier to imagine an anonymous woman for me. Now I just playback things we've done together.

No. 69780

i like the idea of being with an older, tall, muscular butch girl who doesn't shaves but has a pretty and cute face. and when we fuck she takes off her binder/sports bra and has huge breasts for me to suck on. i wouldn't mind. i like the smell of boob sweat lol, so


No. 69783

When it comes to everything else I always fantasise about my boyfriend. It's literally just that specific fantasy: a woman going down on me. Not replaying memories of times when it's actually happened either, weirdly, just anon woman.

Sage for boyfriend-related blogpost

No. 69839

My ex dated one of my acquaintances after we broke up (long story but he cheated on me with her, she didn't know about it) and he gaslighted her a lot. She's gay, "stopped" being gay while being with him and now she's realised he was manipulating her.

Thing is, i've always had a bit of a crush on her (im bi). I would never go for it because of the whole ex thing but i fantasise a lot about being with her. She's small, cute, and a nice person. My god I just want to cuddle with her and have a night together.

No. 69841

File: 1509646749388.gif (2.77 MB, 268x400, 878787.gif)

I want a small pretty feminine girl to dominate the fuck out of me.

No. 69842

pretty curvy girl next door type you always thought was straight grabs your wrist one day and kisses you hard right there and then is a good fantasy.

No. 69844

is 5'3 small enough for you bb?
>tfw can only dom in roleplay because i'm too spaghetti in real life and like to get it instead
doesn't help i look a bit younger and have a "younger" voice which would make anything dirty i say sound cute or hilarious.

No. 69847

anything shorter than me is small enough and I'm 5'5" lel
I'm also imagining dirty talk in like a squeaky chipmunk voice now and it's killing me tbh

No. 69879

im 5'2 and very femme but i flip between dom and sub. im good either way. iv got pretty big breasts so no matter the type i always want someone with a small chest. either a tall buff butch/punk type or someone smaller than me to dom/protect

No. 69900

File: 1509766251802.gif (171.22 KB, 500x375, dancing.gif)

I once talked to this girl who had a fetish for eye gouging and it did kind of get me hot when she was describing how she wanted to see me squirm in pain while she pressed her nails into my sockets and pulled my eyes out but it was such a weird thing to tell a person that I stopped talking to her since.

Personally, I like seeing videos of girls puke or dry heave. Sometimes I wish a girl would vomit peach juice (my favorite) in my mouth but that's unhealthy and people say it's gross so whatever.

Sometimes I have dreams where there's this really attractive girl and she's my best friend and she and I go around a little town beating people up and then we go on the outskirts to a motel to hide in and she locks me in it and lets me suck her and then we cuddle and eat candy.
I don't recognize her IRL and the scenario isn't from anything I've read or seen so I always assume it's me from an alternate world or something, haha.

No. 69957

It's not something that can become a reality (yet) but I've always found cyborg women in fiction extremely attractive. It's embarrassing, actually

No. 69969

File: 1510027247440.jpg (47.03 KB, 209x208, 20431679_1060819077383356_6820…)

I wish I could find someone like you. It's kinda hard to find cute girls who are into weird stuff that aren't edgelords about it.

No. 69970

I like butch/semi butch lesbians who are sensitive and quiet. Tall ones have a special place in my heart. Basically the opposite of me but with the same interests. But there's this messed up part of me that likes violent women and I blame Haute Tension for that.


don't marry the other anon marry me instead

No. 69972

damn I wish I would have dreams about beating the shit out of people with a hot girl and then fucking her. adding that to the "if I ever successfully lucid dream" list.

No. 69979

File: 1510071210615.webm (Spoiler Image, 632.85 KB, 1020x550, thiqq.webm)

I'm a simple girl I just wanna suck a thick girl's tiddies and eat her out til she cries

No. 69980

Me too anon. I wish I could find a THICC lesbian gf that would be into that and ANR.

No. 70003

this is so basic but i really want to have sex with a lesbian cop who has a ponytail but has very big muscles. that is so hot to me. i get hot thinking about my dream bulky lesbian cop gf horny after a day of work and takes her uniform off, ready to fuck my shy femme self with her strapon.

No. 70004

ugh thats a fantasy of mine too anon

No. 70017

File: 1510164995422.jpg (59.89 KB, 764x512, 1494137586168.jpg)

>tfw she comes home while you're cooking
>pretends sniff and asks if you've been doing drugs
>grabs you by the hair and handcuffs you, passionately kissing you to make sure you're not hiding "drugs" in your mouth
>puts the stove on low
>bends you over and gives you the "full-body search"
>"Are you attempting to resist, citizen? Don't make me take out my baton (strap-on) to suppress you!"
>pounds your pussy while she's pressing her huge, sweaty boobs on yours while grabbing yours with her strong, yet soft hands, lightly pressing her nails into your skin
>after she's done, she goes "I think that's enough of that. Don't let me catch you with any 'drugs' on you next time or I'll really give it to you!"
>resumes cooking for you while you're laying on the bed in ecstasy
>mfw it will never happen to me

No. 70020

I think you turned me lesbian anon. Your story was fantastic!

No. 70021

File: 1510186196973.jpeg (14.8 KB, 201x232, 1493273806228.jpeg)

h-holy shit

No. 70028

There were actually no drugs?
Fantasy ruined :(

No. 70044

File: 1510248636668.jpg (32.29 KB, 525x483, 16298637_10208429716801387_914…)

Nice one, anon

No. 70465

i just love the idea of having a best friend with benefits. someone to casually be slutty with on the side or something but still be a good friend who's just down to hang out….

No. 70497

File: 1511274870238.jpg (62.99 KB, 610x455, 10938fn2980rhsk2-9.jpg)

god yes. i always loved the idea of being fwb with another woman. someone who will always return your booty calls or is just down to cuddle and makeout on some nights. ….sigh

No. 70498

This would be really nice, especially given because I'm fucked up over some trauma and can't overcome the mental hurdle of being in a "serious relationship" right now - the idea makes me panic. I just want something nice, casual, no srs bsns labels.

No. 70508

File: 1511294119962.gif (5.66 MB, 262x350, pls.gif)

Same as OP, want to be in a relationship with an older woman. Someone interesting and intellectual and just sexy. No games. Lots of wine, amazing sex, a nice house. Also it would be hot if we were in public and people confused us as niece and aunt.

No. 70524

Do you think I have any chance of finding a (mainly) dom gf into a small girl like me into the whole "kawaii" aesthetic? And taller than me? (5"4)
Maybe I'm being too demanding? I just want to be loved and love back

No. 70540

Was about to say that describes me but I'm 5'2 lol

No. 70597

I mean I wanna try having sex with a girl but I can never imagine me being in a relationship with one

No. 70702

File: 1511568898815.jpg (249.15 KB, 1024x768, 26.jpg)

Tbh I crave for a small cute girl, I would love to cuddle with her, gossip, talk about everything, spoil her and shower her with attention, but at the same time I wish she had a strong personality and isn't completely passive … I just want to have someone I can unconditionally love and bake cakes with.

Problem is, most girls ,my type, who I met are straight or into butches.Even thought I'm quite tomboy at heart at the same time am quite femme looking and love cute things which doesn't exactly suit me (bit tall 5'8 )…

Off topic, but even thought I'm only into quite girly girls, P!nk somehow was my sexual awakening (pic related)

No. 70743

File: 1511633899163.jpg (196.93 KB, 1200x1560, lex_2016_02_ce_pr_001-1200x156…)

I'm small, feminine and into tall, feminine looking but kinda tomboyish girls (especially if they're into sport and/or gym). I'm also sweet with my girlfriends but not in a passive way, and I like to cuddle and gossip.
Don't worry anon, we exist and you'll meet the right one for you :)

No. 70746

Oh my this is my dream as well except i want to be the older woman. Kinda dumb when im only 18 but eh. Time goes fast.

No. 70771

bi anon here. my fantasy is to lose my virginity to a hot and classy woman who can dominate me.

No. 70813

I want to be lovingly molested by a business woman in her thirties and then kidnapped by her and kept tied up in her bedroom as she breaks down my will to resist more and more until I love her back.

No. 70814

5"3 grill into cute things as well as pretty girly. But I'm a dorkular nerd that has garbage taste in anime and game.
I wish for a taller girlfriend that would be just like you actually.

No. 70825

I'm so confused i've identified as a lesbian ever since i was 16 and came out (aka 7 years now) but i still occasionally have fantasies about men even though i would never ever touch a dick or want a relationship with one in real life.
I'm scared i might be "bi" and now i'm feeling disgusting (especially since the lesbian group i'm in shame bis like crazy,call them shit,sluts,scum,say they deserve to die,…).

Idk if it's the good thread but yeah.
To stay on topic, lately i keep daydreaming about an older woman molesting me in the train i take when i come home (it's so crowded no one would notice her hand sliding up my skirt),and/or kidnapping me to make me hers

No. 70827

kill yourself.

No. 70833

i want a woman to finger fuck me from behind as she pulls my hair. or work a large toy into me and stroke my hair and tell me i can take it

No. 70834

I think you need a new group to hang out with

No. 70896

File: 1511911744364.jpg (176.48 KB, 882x1024, 1182657.jpg)

Ah well anon, when you are a dominant middle aged woman looking for someone to fuck, you can call me.

Pic related, so obsessed with her recently. Just want her to wrap those legs around my face.

No. 70897

>tfw changed my entire look, personality, and sexual preferences just to fuck girls I like
I sort of feel shitty because it's like I'm deceiving them but at the same time it's cool that girls actually want to fuck me for once.

Dunno if this is off topic so for fantasy: I want to have hate sex really bad.

No. 70898

Fuck me I wrote sage in the wrong field

No. 70905

Pretty sure that's just normal behavior, especially if it's just casual sex. You really shouldn't worry about it.

No. 70953

File: 1512080505650.png (30.36 KB, 381x205, 8784155121.png)


>I'm small, feminine and into tall, feminine looking but kinda tomboyish girls (especially if they're into sport and/or gym)

>mfw that's 100% me
>And that's why a lot of people thought I was a lesbian
>Even though I am not
>But wish I was

sorry to OT, so I am saging, but so many emotions

No. 70987

File: 1512163164442.png (162.44 KB, 825x510, 1483804101844.png)

I know most people think emily is a meme and a butterface but i think she's hot and i want to be her minority sex slave having her force me to eat her out while she edges me would be a dream

No. 70992

She was an qt before she went full edge and became racist.

No. 71002

File: 1512205301023.jpg (127.15 KB, 735x490, 2016_12_06-Pistachio-Girl16273…)

yeah it sucks she went off the deep end.But idk theirs still something pretty hot about her.

No. 71015

File: 1512236260153.jpg (144.31 KB, 960x598, CQVBlXwWIAAYumJ.jpg)

I really love amazon, buff women I blame my preference after reading and getting into Robert Crumb's comics. I guess that i'm bisexual? Some guys are cute, but I've always thought women are alot cuter, especially butch/masculine types

No. 71021

File: 1512240234445.jpeg (224.77 KB, 1280x1380, 1FCCA830-6923-4038-BD1B-E859B6…)

Older, androgynous women are absolute 10/10

Only slightly older, though. I wouldn’t mind if their personalities ranged from androgynous to feminine, but I find traditionally masculine women (and guys) kind of off putting.

I fantasize about someone taller and more mature looking than I am. Higher, sharper cheekbones, but not too harsh with a very womanly figure. Someone that’s really predatory. Suffocating me with her soft skin, teasing, biting, forcing me to get her off, forcing herself onto me, the whole shebang.

I… passively pictured midnight in the back of my mind when typing this out. I think that says more about me than I want it to.

There are also times when I just think about cuddling in a bed and getting off with in the softest, most delicate way possible. This is usually the route my gf take on the rare occasion we’re both in the mood. Barely touching our most sensitive parts and never getting close enough. It’s almost always under in literal tears and it’s amazing.

No. 71027

File: 1512246709191.jpg (147.27 KB, 564x1040, 4L1D1w3v1xmo1.jpg)

i love older women so much i almost wish i was older already so i could have a chance with them

No. 71065

File: 1512330137225.jpg (166.73 KB, 667x1000, ruthie-henshall-olivier-awards…)

Same, anon. I worry that I'll be alone until I'm at least 30 because I won't be able to meet anyone I'm attracted to.

No. 71074

I didn't realize I was bi until I started hanging out w/ a radfem friend and was exposed to butch women. Now all I want is for an Alison Bechdel type to carry me off to her Vermont home in the woods and let me watch her chop wood and wear open-collared button down shirts.

(Typed out, this kind of sounds like a parody, but it's 100% not. Kind-hearted, strong-armed butch gf where)

No. 71081

Slutty bi anon who would loooove any type of woman to eat out and mutually eat me out, fingerfuck until kingdom come and we both lie in bed in ecstasy. Too bad in long term hetero relationship even though he’s down to watch me get down with the get down with another female. I miss having a gf sometimes….

No. 71087

I feel like everyone posting is 18 or below and has the personality of Laineybot "Liek i loooove girls! Yes i never dated one and i have a boyfriend but im SOO GAY!"

So cringy

No. 71088

I feel so inadequate trying to date other women. I think women have higher standards for partners.

Other lesbians near me all seem to have great jobs, interesting hobbies, totally independent…
Meanwhile I'm a complete loser, so I don't bother trying to date. I'm working on improving myself but it's lonely in the meanwhile.

I wish I were straight, I feel like most men don't really care about those things as long as you're cute and nice.

No. 71092


same, I'm usually pretty confident but other lesbians make me feel so insecure and shitty about my entire self

No. 71173

I feel this too. I'm kind of afraid to reach out and try dating women because they seem so much more put together. add the fact that I'm still in the closet/ 0 experience, and i feel kinda hopeless

No. 71212

are you me, anon? :'(

No. 71370

Anon are you me?

I had a relationship with a woman a long time ago but it never got sexual. Sometimes I think I just missed the chance to be with a femme girl even tho I have the opportunity to have a fwb relationship with a girl buuuut where I live is so conservative it's hard to find a girl that would be accepting, and I don't even want to imagine the dirty looks we would get.

My only hope is that I'm going to pass this fantasy but I've been dreaming with this for a good +10 years ;_;

Also I fantasize a lot about having a long distance friend who we can talk about makeup, lowkey misandry and womanly stuff and also where we can both send nudes, do some sexting and masturbate together via skype. Is that too much to ask?

No. 71411

File: 1513078398487.jpg (53.79 KB, 599x793, 9e9c4b36b24361336e154--haruka-…)

All I want to do is be a prince for someone (lmao) and get fawned over
I'm a huge sucker for that rare trope in anime, it's fascinating

Same, girls scare the shit out of me

No. 71438

i just want a thicc friend who likes to have sex with me but we're actually good friends that talk about guys but also have sex and grope each other idk idk idk

No. 71461

I'd love a gf like you anon.
I remember making the observation that bi girls prefer masculine women and bi men prefer feminine men, I'm okay with both.
A masculine woman who is like a prince is the ultimate catch. She has all the best parts of a man without losing the whole woman. Sensitive, sensual and cool, all that good stuff.
I just need to become more confident and social to meet these girls..

No. 71462

File: 1513131860099.png (565.49 KB, 500x750, fuckmehardonegai.png)

damn anon, prince-like type girls are amazing, i wish i could get that kind of gf or to be prince for someone (but I'm too smol and too girly fuck)

No. 71467

File: 1513139622719.png (1.26 MB, 800x900, 1513077040664.png)

Bless your heart anon, I'm sure you're a qt and could be my princess anyday
I'm the same way tho, I wish I was more confident so I could talk to other girls face to face and not die from anxiety

Yesss, prince-like type girls are my weakness
>the file name tho
Good to know I'm surrounded by ultra gay anons

No. 71499

File: 1513241119510.png (17.06 KB, 211x208, CWxGrKAUEAAflxm.png)

>tfw a cute friend (who's also gay) threatens to fight you with their tongue

Is my fantasy going to come true?

No. 71618

I think I'm a lesbian. I don't know how to deal. I dated girls in high school but my father would constantly make fun of me and told me it was a phase.

I'm mid-twenties now. Pretty sure I'm gay. But idk why I'm only coming to terms with this now.

I've been thinking about the self-described "soft butch" chick who hit on me last summer. And the cute girl in the harlequin clown costume who tried to pick me up at the club on Halloween. And it all begins to make sense.

No. 71664

File: 1513541283901.jpg (102.88 KB, 736x1012, cdd647db1b376d7ba17f72eb55ef5a…)

I'm usually more into femmes but w-wouldn't mind a tall and auntie-like Moira gf.

No. 71835

I'd like to be in a threesome with two other women but sort of in a weird way
One would be preferable an older woman to boss me and another woman around, make us put on a show for hee, tie us together, etc

No. 71868

I just want a big soft fat gf to spoil with baked goods and tease while I grab her belly and fuck her with my feeldo. Then we'll kiss and I'll fall asleep on top of her and smell her strawberry shampoo. I'm short and skinny so I'm really into the size difference. I also fantasize about having a girl eating me out under my petticoats while I'm standing and doing something else.

I lost my virginity to a cute girl with a big belly but she was really embarrassed about it so I didn't make it a focus or tease her. Still dream about when I put my entire head between her tits though.

I miss her…

No. 71874

I wanna get some massage oil and oil me and another girl up and then slide around together

No. 71876

I'd like to try wax play. Either giving or receiving. Just imagine dripping hot wax on your girlfriend's breasts

No. 71884

i get off to the thought of women who are a lot stronger, bigger, more powerful than me who very easily could hurt me if they wanted to but decide to surrender themselves to me instead. i'm quite petite/weak/shy so i love that sort of reversal where i'd be the one expected to be in control

No. 71885

File: 1513918842009.jpg (43.72 KB, 992x558, IMG_0412.jpg)

The sex scene from cable girls turned me on so much, mostly because most of the women on the show are my type
pale, feminine face,naturally curvy bodys (like actual curvy not chubby), short hair, especially if it's dark and wavy, and when they wear old fashioned dresses and skirts and such

I don't mean to sound like a splurge or anything but yeah

No. 71912

My fantasy is just being with a hot butch woman that likes me.

Being an awkward skinny fem lesbian in the south east USA is hard.

No. 71918

I wanna try tribadism/scissoring but I doubt I'd actually get off from it since I've always had trouble getting off and it takes a very strong vibrator and like ~45 minutes for me to orgasm. Sucks that our most sensitive organ is so tiny. The thought of actually rubbing my vulva against another woman's is pretty hot though

No. 71919

All this minus the feeldoe part. They're too phallic looking for me and it weirds me out

No. 71949

I just want to restrain my gf so she stops with her wandering hands and make she gag on something so she keeps quiet. Then do as I please and leave some nail marks behind.

No. 72060

I wanna be spanked. But lightly

No. 72102

this is not a thought i had before, but now i'll forever have the wistful dream of being on the other end of this fml

No. 77064

tfw just want a sweet girl to dance with in a field and cuddle with and then make love to in a beach house in the early hours of the morning… want a girl I love to wash my hair and cover each others skin in kisses all wet and warm from a shower… want to be so so close to another girl n never let her go

I miss my ex ladies

No. 77078

There's an older lady at work and she's very friendly with me despite not talking much with others, she's very deadpan and always makes me laugh, I feel like a stupid 7th grader having a crush on a teacher. Wish I knew any 1)girls my age that 2)like girls I guess. but alas!

No. 79579

File: 1524101135544.jpg (358.57 KB, 801x1200, 1506278935301.jpg)

I know this is impossible, but a big daydream of mine is being the lone heiress to a huge fortune and living alone in a giant mansion in the British countryside, spending my days drinking tea and reading books when I suddenly decide to get a live-in maid (in my daydream it is Victorian England). She's some poor orphan girl who's clumsy and bad at cleaning but is a wonderful chef. We spend our days together in my huge mansion and I teach her to read and write in my big library full of old books and we go on long walks together. And then one day she has a nightmare and asks to share my bed, and we end up kissing, and she confesses her love for me and we make love passionately throughout the night. We live together forever as a couple, no longer as a maid and mistress, and adopt a bunch of cats.

That's my dream.

No. 79580

File: 1524102824486.gif (1.89 MB, 500x265, tumblr_nnrsdjKAo61qzcy2po2_500…)

I'd love to be your live-in maid, anon

No. 79582

holy shit…I can't decide if I wanna be the heiress or the maid in this scenario…

No. 79585

Just watch The Handmaiden and you'll have your fantasy right before your eyes.

No. 79592

or, if you're more of a book person, read fingersmith

No. 79610

Watch Fingersmith, it had a similar plot!

No. 79637

I'm a butch woman with a femme girlfriend and I sometimes fantasize about other butch women, like my ex. One day, I hope to convince my girlfriend to have a threesome.

Fingersmith is amazing.

No. 79639

>One day, I hope to convince my girlfriend to have a threesome.

Glad to know you're just as bad as men.

No. 79643

File: 1524147570865.png (194.48 KB, 273x400, CDBDD227-5959-4357-B14A-0ADE07…)

I’m in happy relationship but I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous of my ex-gf’s new relationship. She is one of my best friends though we didn’t work as a couple so that’s why I know the situation

My ex is submissive, cute girl who blushes easily. Her new partner is succesful career oriented power lesbian in her 40s. Their relationship is based on true sugarmama/sugarbaby dynamic. Mama gives her luxurious gifts like cosmetics or weekends. In return her sub helps her relax after long week in business world.

No. 79644

Living the dream

No. 79651

Because only men like threesomes?

No. 79662

Oh fuck I feel so embarassed to admit this about a game character but she makes me so fucking hot, shes perfect.

No. 79674

How did a submissive, cute girl find a power lesbian? I feel like no lesbians want someone who looks super young. If they are into femmes, it's more womanly looking femmes, which I've given up on becoming.

No. 79799

File: 1524264515960.png (679.19 KB, 1010x768, kyuuchan.png)

Another fantasy of mine (I'm the victorian maid anon) is basically to be the girlfriend of Yagyuu Kyuubei (from Gintama). She's the ideal gf:
>super strong, could totally pick me up and throw me around
>genius swordswoman
>educated, intelligent
>loves her gf, would do anything for her
>hot butch but secretly sensitive and shy
>really rich
>female samurai

I could go on and on…

No. 79826

Tae is that you?

No. 79878

File: 1524343931480.png (2.97 MB, 1242x1920, kyuutae.png)

I'd willingly be Otae if it means I get to date Kyuubei

No. 79932

File: 1524404263374.gif (554.18 KB, 320x213, giphy.gif)

I'm ashamed as fuck to say this but I have a huge crush on my female physics professor, she's just so gorgeous, so mature, so smart, super nice and supportive, really passionate about the field and women in STEM. I go red in the face every time she talks to me, I don't think I've ever felt so strongly for a woman before ever. I'm a sucker for dark features on women and men, she reminds me of carmen sandiego.

I'm sure i'm just bi curious cliche college meme but I do think about her with lust she has a deep womanly voice, is confident, bodacious and tan skin unff, she's a Mrs though of course.

No. 80119

I really want to dominate a dominant girl. I'm too insecure to even get undressed in front of another girl so I wouldn't be able to let her have her way with me. I would want to please her and make her feel good, focus completely on her. I'm afraid I could never find a girl like that though. All the girls I've met always say "but I want you to feel good too!" thing is I don't want to feel good, the closest I can get to feeling good is by making you feel good.

No. 80120

File: 1524530547050.jpg (51.98 KB, 448x500, 1524501312755.jpg)

I would kill for a relationship like that. But I don't know any power lesbians who would want to take care of a lazy 18 year old neet like me.

No. 80165

I really want a girl to writhe on top of me, against me. Something about the rhythm of two girls in tandem… unf.

No. 80212

File: 1524572464701.jpg (14.41 KB, 275x275, 1513457326602.jpg)

I had a dream a few nights ago. I don't remember everything but I had a rich qt gf with long blonde hair, small boobs and slim with a good ass. We ran to each other, held each others faces and made out.
Ever since that dream i've been thinking about it everyday and jeez i want a qt gf.

mfw i woke up next to my bf and not qt gf from dream

No. 80223

Why don't you break up with your bf then.

No. 80255

That's silly. Just turn him into your dream qt gf.

No. 80303

They met at online dating site

No. 80309

File: 1524603297447.jpg (219.64 KB, 768x575, IMG_0811.JPG)

Im so tired of being a lesbo neet with all these dumb dresses, decor etc and nobody to share it with. I just want a qt gf to have fun with, i have so many vast fanfasies from drive in movies where we're wildly making out in the front seat and spend the rest of the movie fixing each others lipsticks and idk sharing a joint y'know to going to the local botanical garden for a relaxing lunch picnic with homemade everything. There is ofc the times where i think about the lingerie i can finally use and the lingerie my gf would use (and i would also love to buy for her bc dreams) and im not gonna lie aesthetics turn me on, im not even selective about style but when people are put together and look beautiful my heart screams. Being able to straddle her with no anxiety cause she adores me and i do her and just exhanching touches and kisses etc idk im a romantic at heart i guess but im also an anxious tech shut in but fuuuuuck me there are so many pretty women out there but personality and looks fuck my fag ass up some more with this thread plz
(Ngl a big fantasy is some smart authorative girl take interest in me and basically infiltrate my social life to get in with me and just capture me in her little web so i can just be an infatuated shut in)

No. 80781

holy shit, are you me? I don't think I've ever related to a post on lolcow so much.

too bad I'm ugly and can't date you. I hope you find a qt soon, anon.

No. 80943

File: 1524756806407.jpg (73.06 KB, 640x1149, 3fBzKMd_d.jpg)

id be butch if I wasn't bi, used to be ftm but never transitioned

broke up with the last guy for being an idiot who didn't care about what I had to say, pretended to understand and never asked questions, and have now sworn off men

need someone I can debate feminism and thereby strengthen rhetoric with and also get swole with.. specifically an older butch or gnc bi chick like me, was actually looking to have casual sex with a butch/stud but craigslist personals is down lol

my fantasies aren't super sexual I guess

No. 80994

if you're on the east coast hmu, we're the same but i'm the tiny lesbo hikikomori. i just want someone cute who also shares my interests to cuddle and maybe kiss and feel me up

No. 93107

Any bi anons in het relationships missing pussy and being with girls in general?

I love my boyfriend but this week I had two dreams this week about two very good friends of mine. One is in a relationship and I was consoling her after some bad time she had in her job. We don't have much physical contact IRL, just some hugs when we greet or say goodbye with each other, but in this dream I kept hugging her and saying that everything is going to be ok, just being supportive. Then we went to a bar to gossip and drink so she could feel better, but then she leaned over me and put her head in my lap, smelled my crotch and then immediately get up looking into my eyes and told me "anon, let's go to my house" and then we had passionate sex. was a lot like >>68761 describes

No. 93108

Samefag but did you have something with your bff or not? and how did you both had this conversation? Just thinking about talking one of my female friends about this just give me the chills, I don't want to fuck up a friendship and be seem as the freak lol

No. 93508

i'm in the exact same spot, anon, except i'm trying to figure out whether i'm truly bi or am mistaking trauma bonding for true attraction
used to identify as ftm, now would consider myself butch if i was sure i'm gay, settled on just calling myself gnc for now. sexual/romantic identity labels are confusing when trauma at the hands of men comes into play. i'd offer to toss you my discord handle so we could see if we'd be compatible as friends but i'm not sure if you'd be interested and this site is overrun by male larpers and lurkers anyways

No. 93512

doubleposting but have you heard of the term 'service top'? you might identify with the definition of it, in its various nuances and types. i'm definitely a service top myself, but i play it off like i'm a confident rugged butch-esque type rather than it being a matter of insecurity and low key dysphoria about my body.
a lot of gay and bi girls are probably service tops for similar reasons to you, and i'm sure if you communicated your reasons for not wanting the sex to be fully reciprocal, a decent partner would be pretty understanding
something that i feel is important to mention, though, is that for more gnc or butch tops/dominant women, things like dysphoria about genitals or our bodies, or preferring to be the one in control, or the one giving pleasure may come into play with regards to the reason we prefer to top in a sexual dynamic. so while one girl may love the role reversal aspect of you topping her for a change, another might be uncomfortable or insecure with it. not trying to discourage you at all, just stressing the importance of healthy communication if you decide to pursue this fantasy. best of luck to you, anon!

No. 93562

File: 1535524126347.jpg (123.73 KB, 2048x1152, badass_waifu.jpg)

Really wish I could have some badass gf in a badass situation, something like Noir, Gunsmith Cats or surviving an apocalypse together. Generally just us being some gun-toting babes, taking out any intruders and then cuddling in the fortress we made.
I guess in this currently normal world, I can find a doomsday prepper chick who loves to join me at firing ranges to practice our marksmanship and going out camping.

No. 93573

File: 1535542655290.png (325.98 KB, 370x600, Char_profile_meredith.png)

I always imagine an older, power hungry and ruthless-to-everyone-but-me corporate agent to dom me but then she'd get attached to me and we'd have a nice and affectionate relationship with lots of love and cuddles. I'd still be sort of a social outcast and vagabond in a way, but she'd be the one that would keep from drifting away too much while I'd provide an alternative way of looking at things and reveal a softer side of her personality. We'd complement each other.

She'd still be a dom and she would be extremely possessive of me and I'd, of course, enjoy it but pretend to protest.

I guess, power struggle is my thing.

Looks aren't really important to me, as long as she's not obese.

And this is a fantasy, but in reality, I'd like a girlfriend that likes to cuddle and is a homebody & introvert. Bonus points if she's into nerdy stuff.

No. 99739

File: 1540911857608.jpg (29.56 KB, 559x539, debilman.jpg)

Reviving the thread because I have an actual question. I always hear smaller lesbians saying they're into tall, muscular girls, they'd like to be crushed, handled etc. but how many tall, muscular girls have the fantasy of domming small girls? Are they even into that at all? (Trannies don't count of course)
I've always wondered that. What are tall, fit girls into?
Re-reading my post almost made me laugh, but there's no way to ask this question without sounding weird

No. 99744

I mean, I'm on the big side of average (not "tall" but taller than most women I know) and I'm a domme. I have a preference for very short chubby girls.
Not really into serious sadism, but tossing a cute girl around and tying her up and teasing her would be the dream.

No. 99920

I'm a tomboyish woman and I keep getting massive crushes on cute, petite weeb aesthetic girls to the point I have dreams about them. All of them are either straight or not into tomboys and I feel like a massive creep. Murder me right the fuck now.

No. 100033

File: 1541238483400.png (354.1 KB, 789x833, nu9phX1.png)

still applies

No. 100037

File: 1541240628211.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.52 KB, 1900x1187, 1446089930220.jpg)

>tfw no punk gf to blow smoke in my face and domme me

No. 100050

What's wrong with recent posts? What makes them sound inauthentic to you?
Or are you just paranoid?

No. 100051

She's gorgeous.

I have a fantasy about my best friend and I getting high then talking about life until we end up kissing and playing with each other in the most loving and intimate way possible. No kinks, just making love to a woman I love.

No. 100061

my first girlfriend and i were like that. it was amazing.

No. 100064

I know you posted this a long time ago, but I feel the same way. I'm in a pretty new relationship with a guy but starting to miss girls /a lot/, especially whenever I see pictures of one girl I hooked up with (and caught feelings for) in the beginning of the year ugh. ;_;

No. 100066

I just want to find a gf irl. Where are the ladies? I don't dare to go to lgbt groups because everyone is gender special now.

No. 100067

Lesbian bars are nice, just avoid the butches (unless you're into them) and the chances of finding someone who's not only looking for a hookup are higher during afternoon/early evening rather than late evening/night. I wouldn't bother with dating apps, they're flooded with troons, genderspecials and unicorn hunters

No. 100068

Oh, and fake profiles of men pretending to be women, too

No. 100069

Oh wish there were lesbians bars in my area. There are only "queer" bars. Maybe I should go anyway. I just don't want to end up with getting hit on by TIMs and seeing a real female cutie just to find out her pronouns are he/they.

No. 100070

may i know why to avoid the butches?

No. 100071

nta, they are not my type but thought it was weird advice too.

No. 100075

Nta but I guess butches are more likely to be gender special and >>100066 want to avoid them ?

No. 100097

I think they mean butches are more likely to just want a hookup?

No. 100099

Most butches are literal fuckboys. I'm why, most of them act too sexually aggressive and hyper masculine

No. 100102

File: 1541304437934.jpg (105.64 KB, 960x960, Lesbo Alignment.jpg)

If this was part of a real tabletop rpg it would be called World of Dykeness

No. 100120

Butches (not the tomboys, but the full-on butches) are more likely to be pump&dumps and anon said she's looking for a relationship. Plus I find many of them to have some kind of internalized misogyny, as >>100099 said

No. 104592

good taste anon
>tfw no snuu snuu

No. 106618

I want a girlfriend with a big dick.

No. 106650

eh ive actually met much more femmes with internalized mysoginy then butches. You're right about the pump & dump though

No. 107027

Late reply but,
I’m tall, really wouldn’t mind a cute girl to dom.

My dream is to find a tall femme though and we could show off and wear heals together and be badass. I want everyone to look so I can show off my beautiful tall wife. I wish I had someone to spoil. I can dream.

No. 107084

File: 1548950326772.jpg (11.99 KB, 180x216, 17098352_341786516215689_18570…)

My go-to fantasy:
>having a tall, cute, muscular tomboy/butch gf, bonus points if nice hips and thighs + C cup or above (so bigger and stronger than me)
>having her ravaging me - with and without a strap
>then wearing the strap myself to pound her from behind, grabbing on her hips, enjoying her flustered moans, and making her suck her own taste off the dildo when we're done
>then having her fall asleep on my chest as I gently stroke her short hair and kiss the top of her head
I'm living for the moment I'm gonna do it irl. Literal heaven.

No. 107287

File: 1549177001563.jpg (27.21 KB, 825x464, carrie-anne-moss-jessica-jones…)

some of my favourite fantasies are super basic and non-sexual because I'm an inexperienced and insecure bitch who only dabbled in one side of her sexuality all her life. Yep, I feel the shame

one of them is just bringing my girlfriend to events for the first time proudly and outing us as girlfriends sooner or later and enjoying that "tension" leading up to it and after the reveal. I know it's not sexual but to me it is as a fantasy. Just appearing normal and casual and all the while telepathically announcing to everyone: yes, I love her and we have lots of SEX with two sets of boobies and pussies and girl butts ;) (and a relationship with two monthly periods), get on OUR level.

No. 107306

I feel you, anon
My fantasies involving women stop at making out because that’s as far as I went and I don’t have enough background info for sex stuff.
Basically because of my limited experience I can’t get detailed semi-realistic fantasy, so my half-assed shit doesn’t even matter, because I still can’t get off properly.

No. 107307

I'm into older feminist women, the kind with short grey hair and sensible shoes. Had a dream about Julie Bindel last night.

No. 107354

I have a weird specific fantasy where I want to go down on one of those twitch streamer girls while she's live. I don't want to do it to any specific girl, though preferably someone who can actually play so I can mess with her ability to play well.

No. 107360

File: 1549251469271.jpg (22.32 KB, 421x421, IMG_20181208_220831.jpg)

Jesus lawfully femmes can dom me anytime.. a feminine woman yet with a big aura, assertive and dominant who pushes me to do better in life until I get to her level and I'm finally worth of her company and love. I'm just a dumb dyke who was raised as a boy in an all male household and it's still uncomfortable with femininity despite wanting to look pretty and soft but too scared of it so I end up looking and acting the only way I know: the masculine way.
I want my fantasy femme to dress me up in pretty dresses and put makeup on me, and then she takes me out in public while I feel extremely embarrassed but she showers me with love and affection, she holds my hand continuously, hugs me while I hide my face in her long and beautiful hair and reassures me that I look pretty.

Pic related is the dream gf

No. 107365

great choice, anon and relatable

No. 107368

just a tiny bit princely but I love raising someone's hand to my lips and kissing it boldly just about anywhere sometimes. makes me feel so bold and happy. your hand is mine to smoosh now

No. 107398

File: 1549305929494.jpg (149.96 KB, 1280x1265, bda6c43b462bfd11e583be2532255e…)

That's nice, anon. A girl I dated used to do that, and she kept eye contact meanwhile. She had very intense green eyes, and that simple gesture alone made me melt every time.

No. 107429

Asami was gorgeous. Too bad she had the personality of a cardboard box.

No. 107454

File: 1549375741904.jpg (51.92 KB, 750x738, cute.jpg)

I'm really into cute butch girls. I was at autozone and this butch girl who worked there scanned my check engine light in my car and printed out a paper with codes on it and she explained to me what all the codes meant. She was so cute and flirty. I wish I had a butch gf to fix my car and treat me like a princess.

No. 107455

File: 1549376327971.jpg (41.85 KB, 640x743, 4d67ab4a124dc17fd34e2eba30cbea…)

My behavior gets very butch around girls even though I'm visually femme. I have a pathetic fantasy where a butch girl and me try to 'out prince' each other and I make her blush.

No. 107463

File: 1549391381464.png (560.89 KB, 584x550, 47753307523512.png)

Same. I love the ones who have a shapely/feminine body and a cute face, the contrast between androgynous clothing and haircut and natural womanly features is so attractive.

No. 107559

>t. Andrew Dobson

No. 107878

i want a gf but only a masculine, butch girl. all the women in my area who fit that description are fucking poly. dating apps are depressing.

No. 108074

oh my god, who is this

No. 108099

Katy O'Brian, she was in the show Z Nation

No. 108110

God this is so hot.

Anyways not really a fantasy, i have zero sexual experience at all at 22, but i can only get off to mainly watching vids of camgirls masturbating, with all the focus mainly being on the clit. To answer the thread I love the idea of being all oiled up and rubbing myself against another women and being fingered till orgasm, despite the fact that i currently can't even fit a bobby pin in my vagina. Too bad i'll likely die a kissless virgin.

No. 108253

I want a buff girl (like nice muscles, like samantha wright) short and genki to beat me up and throw me down. just make me beg while being all sweet and nice. I got lucky and married my dream girl

No. 108260

I realized I'm probably a lesbian and I feel like I discovered too late but how do I meet girls? I also want to try sex with a girl for the first time.
I'm not 21 so bars are hard.

No. 108264

>too late
>under 21

Anon, you're fine. Download Her. I've talked to some nice girls on there. Watch out for AGPs though. Tinder might be worth a look as well.

No. 108325

File: 1550263925030.jpg (36.54 KB, 539x412, 1gioj8.jpg)

Ah I share so many feelings with those that are in committed relationships, I have a husband and I know he's the one for me, but prior to him I've only expressed and had attraction to women.
I had a hard time dating tho because as a 4'5 tiny ass woman (not a midget btw) the only people who were ever interested in me were women who were significantly younger than myself. (usually 5+ years younger or underage) and I have 0 interest in dating with a huge age gap.
I've always wanted an older tiny (like 5'-5'5) creative punky gf with dark hair and tits to use me as she pleases (sexually) or a taller buff domme protective gf.
Had a crush on a small punky artist with dark hair in high school, but she always had an on and off again relationship with her cheating gf.
We've stayed friends and she only became single after I began dating my husband so I could never make that happen. I'm sad that I've never been with a woman but I also feel like that's something that would've never happened anyways.

No. 108335

Anon, thats fucking cute.

No. 108341

File: 1550277451871.jpg (278.4 KB, 1080x1567, IMG_20190216_013702.jpg)

>not a midget

No. 108342

That doesn't mean she's a midget…and if you had to google it, you don't know what you're talking about. Why are tall girls so negative like this, it just screams insecurity.

No. 108344

Yeah, I'm insecure about not being 135cm

No. 108345

yeah we can tell. do you not know what a midget is? you sound sheltered

No. 108347

Clearly which is why you brought it up and made a big deal about it. Who cares dude seriously

No. 108348

thank you! I just wish more girls had found it cute back in the day
There are a lot of differences between a midget and just being small, it isn't as simple as just being less than 4'10.

No. 108349

This is so childish and unnecessary. C'mon anon, are you 12?

No. 108832

This is a really interesting thread. I just want a deep friendship with a female, so much that even having sex with her is an expression of love (idk how to describe what I would feel with a boy, like romantic/erotic/frantic kind of love) I think being with another girl would be just so pure.

No. 108833

I’m not gay btw. If I had sex with her it would be intimate the way washing your friend’s back would be, not erotic arousal.

No. 108835

you sound like a troon/male with the whole ~uwu girl on girl is the purest love~. Just sayin'

No. 108864

this sounds so creepy.

No. 108867

This reads as someone who's read too much yuri

No. 108881

Why would you have sex with her if you weren't aroused? You just want to toungefuck her cos she's your friend and you're doing her a favour? Do the hot and sticky parts of sex freak you out? Good luck losing your virginity

No. 108885

I recently met a girl who is my ideal, like full of the kind of features you didn't even know you were into until you see them and you're hooked. I think she was into me too, but I was too subtle and now she's my boss and has a boyfriend. I'd fuck him too but like. Damn I want to make her my queen.

No. 108918

File: 1550826117182.jpeg (26.47 KB, 462x664, D4034280-C3FD-490B-933F-877F05…)

Stop shitting the thread larper

No. 108919

I have such a crush on my manic pixie dream girl friend even though I would never persue it but it's so nice imagining walking through autumn leaves, holding hands and sharing a latte and a joint while we talk about whatever niche filmmaker she's obsessed with that week. We could draw each other naked and spoon as we talk about so many male artists were assholes. I'd go vegan for her.

No. 108921

>I'd go vegan for her
damn anon. now that's serious

No. 108965

ignore my sperging and possibly blogposty but back in high school my best friend and I both discovered we were bi through each other and had a fwb thing. ever since we had a ending of friendship, I haven't been with girls. sometimes i feel like i just wouldn't ever have that connection without any other girl like i did with her. i still wish her the best and think about her every once in a while. god i miss her.

No. 109005

File: 1550934824710.jpg (71.73 KB, 960x960, 26231123_1608325895918730_8063…)

This so much. When she has night shift she would tuck me in bed before leaving, and since I won't let her go she would rip off my panties and finger me. She would be fully clothed with the uniform on and I'd be naked. I'd come in less than 5 minutes, lose my grip on her realizing I'm really tired, and she would kiss me on the forehead before leaving for work.

No. 109170

I want a taller, butch girl to kabedon me and tilt my head up to look into her, and she says something like "Not so tough now, huh?" and run her thumb over my lower lip. (im generall p stoic/scary looking. I WANNA BE CONSIDERED CUTE BY A TALL BUTCH GIRL!!)

No. 109198

Damn… well I guess I do always come off kind of masculine? So it probably feels unnatural when I think of myself as a girl.
Whew I'm glad I admitted this anonymously then. I think I do come off creepy irl too.
Just to know her body better? I don't have a sex drive from years of antidepressants like I don't even get wet or masturbate. It's like letting me "know" her… yaeh writing this is super creepy I'm so glad this was anonymous I really thought others would agree.
I'm not larping! I think I've just been repressing my femininity all my life so when I do wear makeup or girl clothes it freaks me out. So I have fantasies about getting close to a girl. idk, lmao, this was creepy. I feel sorry for myself sometimes because it feels like I was never allowed to be a girl, cause my mom would call me a whore for wearing a dress and make me feel self conscious… so i use male pronouns online but i guess one day i'd like to have a bf to be girly for.

No. 109236

I am bisexual and would love to have a wife, a proper normie marriage to a loving well-adjusted beautiful woman.
I want her to be bi too so that we sometimes can have threesomes with some hot guy, dominate the shit out of him and ruin his idea of what a mff threesome should be like kek

No. 140683

God. There is this beautiful soft butch girl and she was with me at a special time in my life and she told me about her losing her virginity at a sleepover at her girlfriend's house in true teen lesbian fashion and I wish it was me. God, it just does it for me and I don't know why because I don't think about her in any other scenario but this one. I haven't had my first sexual experience with a woman yet and I feel so stunted. I just wish she could have been single when we met, we flirted but she was committed to her girlfriend. I also refused to commit to my first "girlfriend" and dumped her and all I do is push away other women and I just need another woman so badly. It's never going to happen, girls.

No. 140771

File: 1590966071129.jpg (189.26 KB, 1000x850, 1559740658243.jpg)

wonder how many of the replies in this thread are ugly men larping

No. 140782

Yo, this shit is wild.

You all put the fetishes you're ashamed of/not ashamed of to shame.

How come I don't remember this thread at all? Damn

No. 144317

This fucked me up.

>out prince each other
This also fucked me up.

No. 144324

I want a cute and girly shorter/smaller girlfriend to watch dumb cartoons and act stupid with. I'd romance the hell out of her (from painting her portrait to making dinner for her), later become the main breadwinner so she can chase her passions, and then we'd retire to a hobby farm. Also would top her regularly.

And maybe this is just me being an inexperienced lesser gay (bisexual KHV) but the idea of having coordinating fashion styles sounds cool. But tbh anyone that expresses themselves through their fashion choices is really cute to me (admittedly the woman I have feels for atm dresses very opposite to my style).

Is this even attainable though? Are many femmes/does searching for another feminine woman to sweep them off their feet?

No. 144326

I have a best friend who I love, she’s smart, clever, responsible and cool as hell. So, sometimes I have this dumb Bi fantasy in which I’m living with her and the flavor of the week fantasy man that I’m into, it would be just the three of us living wholesome days full of cooking, visiting museums, going to the beach, sending off each other so we can go to our respective works and going back home to cuddle while watching some show or movie.

No. 144341

I'm a short femme and I'd love to get swept of my feet by another femme! Coordinating outfits with my gf sounds like a dream tbh. So don't give up anon, we're out here.

No. 144360

I just want a cute socially awkward tomboy/butch to gently dom and feed tendies.

No. 144365

Practicing heterosexual, but I have a reoccurring fantasy of drawing the flirty attention of a well dressed, professional femme business woman (30-40). It ends with a playful night in a hotel room; two glasses of wine, white girl dancing turns into a sensual waltz, and she leads me to the bed.

My best friend growing up had her sexual awakening with girls after we had grown apart. To this day I wonder if I'd had ended up with a man had I explored more when I was younger. I learned later two gal crushes of mine were into pussy. Sometimes I think about running into one at a bar and being "bullied" in the bathroom, drunkenly groped and teased.

Currently with my male SO for the long haul. I have no interest in non-monogamous sex or an open relationship, but he is okay with me having a one-night stand with a woman for the experience. Not on the active lookout for a hookup, though. It's on the bucket list.

No. 144366


No. 144369

Seconding >>144341 , I'd love that. I'm into fashion and I've always wanted a gf to coord outfits with.

No. 144373

>tfw you will never be a happy dumb 1950s housewife packing her wife cute lunches to take to work, waiting by the door for her to come home so you can “relieve the stress” of her hard day at work. she reads the evening newspaper like nothing’s even happening until she cums and then asks you why the table isn’t set for dinner already, don’t you just sit around taking care of the house while she does the hard work?
why live

No. 144376

This just made me realise I want to be a breadwinner for a qt.314 housewife.

No. 144382

Kinda similar. I really wanna dom a cool 40-50 year old bussinesswoman. Her coming from work w/ her pencil skirt and blazer… sad that I'm a 19 year old college girl who won't be able to meet someone like that.

No. 144384

sounds very penislike

No. 144404

oooof i think my vag just shriveled up, but you do you

No. 144413

Aw, you both give me hope then!
May we all find gfs to be fashion icons with.

No. 145121

I just wanna be fwb with a girl.
I am very submissive and I dream of being dominated by a girl </3 It's just all so soft and all. I am bisexual, and I can't be romantic towards a woman, but I just feel soooo sexually attracted to them. It's almost annoying because I don't know how to discuss it with a girl without being shy about it.

No. 145154

Why is it soft to be dominated and why can't you be romantic with a woman?

No. 145181

because that's actually a man.

No. 145197

this probably comes from the fact that i get really turned on when i have a full bladder but i kind of want to watch a girl in her underwear piss herself, especially if she's trying really hard not to. This is like my biggest fantasy, but i feel like a creep, fml.

No. 145229

Hope this is the right thread to ask - anyone know any good sites to read original lesbian erotica? I grit my teeth and browse Literotica but I've already pretty much read everything decent there. I'd love suggestions for specific writers too, especially actual lesbian writers. I love sub/dom stuff best but I'm happy to read anything well-written.

No. 145257

Is it considered a female fantasy to just really want a girlfriend? I'm bisexual and very attracted physically and romantically to women, but I'm high femme and have mostly dated men. I've gone on dates with women but nothing's particularly blossomed bc they've been from Tinder, and you know how that goes. It's easier to find men and it just falls into place, but I crave feminine companionship and a relationship with a woman, both sexually and romantically. I want soft dates and kisses and jokes and tender moments and understanding that men are incapable of providing or understanding. It's just hard to find naturally, and I want it so bad. There was a beautiful girl that left me her phone number on a napkin at work once, but my coworker threw it away by accident… my hopes and dreams died that day. The life we could have had together is my fantasy kek.

No. 145262

File: 1595869686539.jpg (56 KB, 650x651, 0140.jpg)

I love how Mediterranean (especially Greek) women look, they age like fine wine and look more majestic and beautiful the older they get. Even if some of the richer ones get plastic surgery and start looking a bit too lizardy, they carry it a lot better than Northern Europeans or Anglos imo.
I just was an older, olive-skinned mommy gf.

No. 145287

Me too anon, fuck tinder.

No. 145442

Are you okay with alternate universe fanfic that makes sense even if you don't know the fandom?

No. 145465

Same anon. I miss the softness of woman’s touch

No. 145466

Can’t we just make it by lolcow/Discord invite only?

No. 145478

Do you have a writer/fic in mind? As long as it's AU and I can read their work without knowing anything, sure, lay it on me.

No. 145531

Im a tall boyish woman and would like a butch to be "bros" with and have a lot of sex. She could be shorter than me and I could bully her of it and she could bully me of my big tits I try to hide and grope them.

Also more feminine girl who is confident and a bit demanding. More submissive in bed but does me in the butt with a strap on (i know this sounds like a male im not ;_;)

No. 145627

No. 145699

>mfw no cute FWB girl to have on booty call and have sex with whenever I'm horny
I'm really just not down for a relationship right now but I want to have sex. If you go on a dating site with "women looking for women" as your option it's just gross couples looking for a woman to fulfill their threesome MFF fantasies, not that I'm really interested in having one night stands with strangers to begin with. I just want a friend I can also fuck with no strings attached.

No. 147713

Similar, I want to be sexually abused by older businesswoman, wearing one of there two-set office outfits. Bonus points for working in the same company.

No. 147764

this is so late but i’m a bi fashion-loving femme and you honestly sound like my dream partner

No. 147793

honestly, a taller clean cut (pant suits, blouse with pants) butch who will accept all my cooking and art.she doesn't care for any pets except hens for a possible farm house later. she's fine with or would enjoy bending me over to do me with a strap on and i try eating her out later.

No. 147797

>find tall girl
>she was bullied/mocked by scrotes for being tall or "looking manly" because of it (she isnt manly, just tall)
>i confront her, tell her she's the prettiest person ive ever seen
>she kisses me
>i start dating this tall-ass girl and show her to all my friends
>she rides my face daily

I'm a vanilla ass bitch so this is my only fantasy.

No. 147834

Im a tall fem and I dream about a power couple. Both successful, respected and confident boss bitches. Lifting each other up in life while completely fuck each other up in bed. Allies in the streets but enemies in sheets.

No. 148546

I fantasize about working in an office with an older, conservative married woman who is closeted.
One day, she realises she can't repress her sexuality anymore and starts having a secret affair with me (I'm also closeted).
She's a massive top who dommes the hell out of me and we sometimes secretly do it in the office

No. 148612

File: 1598187100534.gif (952.04 KB, 330x238, ovXUL.gif)

No. 148876

I dream of a tall, rich lesbian couple who (unknown to each other) are both secretly sleeping with me
They both argue/are suspicious of eachother's interactions with me, despite both being guilty
In the end, I become a throuple with them and I'm their cute sub

No. 148919

File: 1598391676345.jpeg (113.15 KB, 1287x1930, 2CD9E0FF-BAA6-482E-BCA2-36250D…)

My best friend of years hates men but is also the kind of girls that says ‘hahaha too bad I like dick too much otherwise I’d be a lesbian :P’ and it kills me inside. I could never say that I want to spend the rest of my life with her because she’d spin it into ‘zomg rite bestiessss are soulmatessss’. But I love her anons. I’ve loved her for eight years.

No. 148950

Where did you meet?
What made you fall in love?

No. 148959

Online. She contacted me first, complimented me etc, I don’t really want to be specific. I’m grateful for her persistent friendliness when I wasn’t really paying attention because I couldn’t imagine my trajectory without her. She showed me that so much was possible and it was a special connection I hadn’t had nor will I ever have again. She’s consistently been the only reason I’ve ever held on, and the reason why I became less afraid of growing older or living. When I thought I had to fit in such a rigid box because I thought “the one” would be a man and I had to be perfect for them, she was the only one who comforted me in my neurosis and loved me unconditionally. Ive notoriously been really hard on myself and I’ve always felt like a product with a shelf life, restricting myself/ always pushing myself and it made me really miserable. We nursed each other in really sick periods of our lives. I started to realize that I couldn’t image a future with anyone else but her, and that there isn’t a single man that could ever measure up. I think I will always be sad in the back of my mind that I’m a girl and she will never view me the way I see her. While I’m lucky she’s extremely disillusioned I do fear the day she actually meets a man she wants to love because I feel very expendable. I feel so stupid.

No. 148961

Anon…I'm so sorry.
I went through the same thing for most of college, although it wasn't as long as you. Maybe you already realize this, but you're probably going to end up heartbroken and have to get over her someday, and it's going to hurt. Let me give you my early sympathies.
You should still treasure her friendship. If you can stand to remain friends with her after what I described above, it may even outlive either of your romantic relationships, and that's incredibly valuable.

No. 149078

Shit… my thoughts are with you, Anon.
The online friend element always adds an extra dynamic stuff.
Have you ever met offline or are you too far?
It sounds like either way, you have a really deep connection towards her.
As >>148961 says, you should value that connection but try to move on
Are you active in any lesbian/bi spaces or Discords?

No. 149093

File: 1598481050449.jpeg (50.32 KB, 510x525, 1584946193724.jpeg)

shit anon, are you me ? my best friend of 10 years still makes my heart race when I'm close to her. She is ridiculousely smart and beautiful and straight, and it's been just awful because I'm 99 pourcent that we could have been a really great and solid couple. My heart has been repairing slowly but I will never forget it I guess…

No. 152074

I want to have a cute flatmate who I sometimes spend my free time with.
We'll sit in our kitchen and talk while we cook. I'll sit on the kitchen counter and she'll kiss me
Or we'll sometimes sit in our living room and watch movies together while she holds me.
Sometimes we'll even have sex, despite both having boyfriends.
Neither of us will ever admit we want to be together but we will always be silently pining for one another

No. 152076

you just wrote the perfect fanfic plot

No. 152080

File: 1600630481872.gif (353.88 KB, 220x163, tenor (2).gif)

My dream girlfriend would be tall (preferably 5'10+) and muscular, with sharp cheekbones, short dark hair and have either warm brown or hazel eyes that really pop in the sunlight. She'd have an alternative fashion sense and wear tank tops that show off her biceps and those punk-y plaid trousers. Her voice would be deep and husky and she'd play the guitar in an indie rock band.

No. 152166

If it can't be real life, somebody should write it out

No. 152175

I want a woman to hold me and tell me that I'm worthy of love and am not the repulsive monster I see myself as. She'll say that even if I'm big and act distant and happy being alone, I can relax around her and allow myself to be cared for. I won't need to worry about proving myself when we're together.

No. 152199

anon i went through this exact thing a while ago and unfortunately i agree with >>148961 – confessed my feelings and they weren't reciprocated. we tried to stay friends after but she started avoiding me and things fell apart from there. Haven't spoken in almost 2 years now and it still hurts like fucking crazy. My sympathies with you.

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