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No. 347532

I'm approaching my 30s and came out of a long-term relationship a year ago. For the past decade I've jumped from relationship to relationship, meeting all my exes organically, either at work or school. I want to start dating again but being a recovering alcoholic means meeting people through social outings is hard. I work remotely so thats another channel cut off. I don't have too many friends who can introduce me. It seems like the only option left is to use the dating apps but I don't want to.

Has anyone faced this hurdle and bit the bullet?
I've heard too many horror stories from friends and I don't want to ignore my gut and principles but at the same time I want to date so I can settle down.(redundant thread)

No. 347534

You really think anyone on this entire site knows anything about this, you've already dated once and more times, just do it again. And you're too young to be settling down anyway, you're not even 30.

No. 347573

I've never used dating apps and I found someone I really like, trust, and respect without them via college. It's much easier to fall in love with someone and check out their vibes organically in real life than through these apps. I know some people have found their life's love through these apps (including a lesbian podcaster I know) so I don't want to knock them.

No. 347590

Who the fuck keeps making entire separate threads for things that belong in pre-existing threads

No. 347628

I'm guessing either really desperate people or newfags/summerfags.

No. 347630

Use the catalog. >>>/g/248328

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