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No. 369903

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations.

Previous threads:

No. 370033

What do you guys think of triple barrel hair wavers? I know they're just hair crimpers but how do they compare to just using a curling iron?

No. 370663

Wish I could wear retro fashion without coming off as weird

No. 370672

You're just not based enough for it.

No. 371196

Boar bristle brush PSA: pretty much all of the cheap, widely available brushes, even the ones advertised as having "100% boar bristles" actually have mostly nylon bristles cut to resemble boar bristles, with only a small amount of real boar. I suspect it's because nylon is cheaper and bristles made of it do a better job of detangling hair than ones made of boar (if it feels more like you're grooming a horse's mane than pulling something rigid through your hair, then you probably have the genuine article). Cheap boar bristle brushes also have terrible build quality and shed a lot, so you really have to read reviews and be willing to pay more to not get scammed if 100% boar is what you want. It's like that here in burgerland, not sure about other places.

No. 371210

is it possible to further lighten hair I already darkened? I had a faded red color then dyed it black. I’ve washed it and it’s been a couple months now and it’s lightened but I want it to be even lighter without bleaching it. Do I just keep washing more often? Use purple shampoo? How do I get more of the black dye out?

No. 371213

Next time i cut my hair i want to try this for fun, i felt like a kid watching "science experiments" when i saw this video, the woman in it seems so chill and nice so i want to check her other videos too in the future
>inb4 promo
i'm just shy about the fact that i watch cosmetics/aesthetics stuff to talk about it with friends, but i still wanted to share this

No. 371225

Have you tried color oops?

No. 371312

No. Does it work on hair that’s been dyed for months?

No. 371352

As long as its not semi permanent hair dye or plant dyes color remover should work

No. 371379

File: 1704532174777.jpg (97.73 KB, 736x981, new style.jpg)

So I really want to dye my hair but I've gotten stuck on whether I want a flattering color or something funky regardless of being flattering. I have light medium skin, with olive yellow undertones. I kinda look sickly green a lot of the time. My natural hair is deep dark brown and I have brown eyes. I was thinking of something lie pic rel but it would probably make me look even more sallow. In the past, I had jet black hair that looked harsh and awful. Literally drained all of the color from my face. Green, magenta and purple were my best colors imo.

No. 371382

Also to add I had warm burgundy hair and a brighter, wine burgundy color before and the wine shade really washed me out.

No. 371385

I'd stick with flattering. I have olive undertones too and I've noticed wearing the wrong colors can make me look extremely sick rather than just being kinda 'meh'. It's such a tricky undertone to get right and it kinda sucks the joy out of doing something funky when it makes you look awful kek. Maybe try pink or purple hair?

No. 371390

Yeah, you describe it perfectly. Off colors don't just look bad, it goes straight to jaundiced. I never used to care, and I've had all of the colors of the rainbow but I think I want to look healthy for once kek. Pink and purple are good ideas, but I don't want to bleach my hair. It's finally long and somewhat healthy.

No. 371408

it should, it’ll turn to a red color. It smells very bad though.

No. 371594

Try using one of the hair color filters in apps. I was gonna go blond but figured dark brown looked better using those softwares and went with brown instead. You can't guess how it looks unless you can photoshop a color or try a wig and even then it's hard to get that exact tone with dye.

No. 371760

File: 1704632599675.jpeg (642.39 KB, 1200x1598, IMG_5583.jpeg)

What hair color is this?

No. 371762

No. 371766

Strawberry blonde or copper, hard to tell with the lighting

No. 371794

Sageblog but I dye my hair with that color. It doesn't get brighter like that, but it gives you a cool cooper reddish brown. I have your same skin tone, except I don't look sickly green.

I would use an app to change your hair color, but remember that the color changes with natural or artificial color, so the result might vary in that sense as well.

Good luck.

No. 371803

Warm hazelnut blond

No. 371837

anyone ever gotten their hair straight permed before? i just got it done and idk if i like it (i had curly hair before)

No. 371842

I did a keratin treatment before, if that counts. The results were lovely but it didn't last long.

No. 371917

I have fairly curly haor I have been working on (for years) keeping healthy and growing it out. Its in pretty good shape. I flat ironed it for the first time in maybe 2 years the other day, because I botched my at home layers trim and wanted to even it out which is easier on straight hair. Fixed the layers and had long straight hair for a couple days. I washed it and then used a deep conditioner. But after washing and conditioning it, it dries with straight ends. Ive never had this happen before, and I used to straighten my hair quite frequently in a past life. It doesnt seem damaged,no splits or weakness. Washed it again and same thing! What is happening? Like someone used a curling iron but left the last 6 inches out of the iron so it's straight.

No. 372365

My scalp is CONSTANTLY itchy. I can’t take it anymore. I’ll scratch until my scalp bleeds.
Only washing it fixes it but I can’t wash it that often. It’s thick and curly so it becomes like sticks if I wash it more than twice a week.

I’ve tried changing shampoos, idk what to do. I do get dandruff but it’s not that bad, I think it’s a normal amount. I think the itching started around a year ago?

Has anyone had this problem? What can I do?

No. 372369

I have an itchy scalp and the only thing that's been able to reduce the itching is using clarifying shampoos with tea tree oil. Ngl, it's extremely drying and it's kind of tough to find one that isn't drying. Any kind of antifungal should help, but i've also heard that shampoos with salicylic acid can help too.

No. 372370

Not the same nona but my scalp itches like fuck after using shampoo bars for six months.

I use anti-psoriasis shampoo, but is there any permanent fix? I used to be able to go without washing my hair for a week if I could get away with it (I do not do this anymore), but now I have to wash every other day!

No. 372389

lame answer but you could consider seeing a dermatologist, if it's that severe you might have a skin condition that would need medical help. There are several issues that can cause intense itching and they'd benefit most from prescription products rather than cosmetic/OTC products

No. 372411


I second with>>372389. Everyone else has good recommendations but don't try a bunch of random things on your scalp if it might actually be something requiring medication.

I have seborrheic dermatitis and it took me forever to recognize what it was. My face usually has small patches so I never thought it could get worse than that. During a really intense stressful time of my life I had an intense sb breakout and all of a sudden my scalp was the same. It scabbed and itched like fucking crazy, it was also embarrassing shedding everywhere. I tried so many products and absolutely nothing help and some just made it worse. I'm not entirely sure what helped my scalp return to normal but a pharmacist gave me steroid cream for my face and after 2 weeks of using it my scalp seemed to clear too. SB is a fungal thing technically, so maybe my face was a trigger. See a dermatologist!!

No. 372416

File: 1704883784033.jpg (157.8 KB, 1600x1600, vbO1iLf.jpg)

I shampoo my hair twice a session, 3 times a week and while it's shampooed I use a wide teeth comb like picrel to scratch my scalp. I had the same problem and replacing just using my fingers with combs helped me a lot especially when I wash it twice. Don't comb your hair or anything, mine gets super tangled when I comb it while shampooed, but I stick this in my hair and scratch my scalp, take it out and move it to the next part and so on. This got rid of the itch completely for me. Hope this helps, sorry if this was common knowledge that everyone does.

No. 372426

File: 1704895296701.jpg (80.72 KB, 477x669, thick-hair-styles-priyanka-cho…)

My hair looks like this in color and appearance. It's very straight, I have to wash it twice a week. What hairstyle should I get? This one I have right now looks so ugly, I wanna change it

No. 372428

My face shape is oval btw

No. 372453

Get a shampoo with ketoconazole from the pharmacy. I think it's called Oronazol in Europe and Nizoral in the US. Follow the instructions and don't over use it. It's an antifungal and anti dandruff. I had the same issue as you and it's the only thing that has ever worked for me.

No. 372454

I always wonder how people get this kind of hair. No frizz. Do you have to style it or use products?

No. 372499

It's styling, products and straightening (probably chemical).

No. 372501

I now have too many early onset white hairs to ignore and decided to dye my hair. I won’t go lighter because I’m still recovering from years of bleach damage. I could do something as close as possible as my real hair colour (ashy medium brown) but I feel like that’s not the most flattering for me. However I’ve got no idea what would suit me and quizzes and apps all suck. Please help an idiot out with some recommendations (pale skin, neutral undertones, dark hazel eyes).

No. 372531

Any specifics on what you don't like about it? You can consider getting some layers cut in, getting bangs, or getting highlights to make the color more multidimensional.
some people just have straight hair too, I don't use any special products and mine naturally hangs directly down. It can look limp or flat like that, I sleep with my hair rolled in a bun so it gets some subtle waves during the day.

No. 372632

File: 1704971144191.jpg (54.76 KB, 600x800, fd2477f6b07619ea331670ad74aecc…)

Is split dyed hair hard to maintain?

No. 372647

File: 1704984222480.jpg (76.07 KB, 800x800, GettyImages-2696383-0c353bdb6c…)

Any ideas on how to modernise hair that has this kind of texture and colour, but not as puffy. I feel as though it makes me look old and retarded.
Tried doing the no poo method in hopes that it would get rid of the frizz, but it just made it look oily and gave me ringlet curls (another autistic look that I don't want).

No. 372657

Depends. If one side is light and the other is a color prone to bleeding (like some pinks or reds can be awful for that) it's hard to keep them seperate, but if you check the reviews of the dye you're using before hand it should be okay.

No. 372670

Good to know.

I my self have bleached blonde hair to begin with and I'm thinking about dyeing half of it black or brown, so I guess that wouldn't be too tough to maintain?

No. 372929

What haircut should I get if I want to look more mature/hide my babyface? I have a big forehead and full cheeks. I can't get bangs because my face is already pretty short and bangs just shortens it even more.

No. 372935

File: 1705067435077.jpeg (825.48 KB, 1125x1281, IMG_6908.jpeg)

I have the same kind of issue kek I have a super long butterfly cut now but I used to swear by my Scully season 3-4 bob cut. It worked really well for my very rounded heart shaped face and works nicely for true round as well imo. It blows out gorgeous but looks nice natural texture too if you’re wavy/curly! I had it this length and also a few inches longer than this in this style. Am actually considering going back bc it’s so nice and also very easy. Always looks chic.

No. 373176


Nonna, box black is so hard to get out. Please go with a brown first before a black, if you change your mind you can dye over it with another color (red, purple) to refresh it but you're stuck with black for years, BUT ymmv.

No. 373223

what kind of products? I tried three products this far and none of them worked for me.

No. 373430

I just got this, will see how it works. I also got a shower filter because the water is very hard where I live and this started when I moved place. If it doesn’t fix it I’ll go to the derm. My mom gave me some steroid cream for another issue right on my hairline which fixed it immediately and it hasn’t come back (and nothing else worked for weeks). So I can try that too

No. 373450

I would be careful with steroids. Only use them if a doctor prescribes and even then be extra careful Steroid dependency and the aftermath is horrible. Good luck with ketoconazole! It took a few weeks to fix my dandruff and keep itchiness at bay. It completely fixed my scalp over the course of a couple of years.

No. 373597

File: 1705317645499.jpg (29.69 KB, 600x400, im-fucking-going-insane.jpg)

Apologies for potential a-log.
Nonnas, please tell me if there is a way to fix this male baldness pattern type of shit.
I had this type of empty space since forever, which is inherited from my father. At least he still has hair in his 50's and last year got his first grey hair so I don't worry as much for now.
I fucking hate my hair to the point of wanting to go bald but oh wait, this shit string grows at the speed of a snail so I will look like an oompa loompa for the next 3 - 5 years. And I got the worst of all worlds - curly, frizzy, fine and almost non-existent volume hair. I met more grandmas with healthier hair than mine and I'm 24 for fuck's sake, my hair looks like a fucking broom with no shape.
I tried castor and rosemary oil everytime I'm about to wash my hair to see almost no results for almost a year. Doesn't help that my iron levels are fine when I do the treatment for a month and afterwards it goes back to abysmal levels.
Is kms a good solution kek?

No. 373598

Do you wear a lot of ponytails?

No. 373599

I don't and last time I dyed my hair was in September 2022 with some semipermanent stuff. I also hate that I was too cautious with coloring my hair, only for it to be just as horrible.

No. 373600

Anon, do you have PCOS? Cause this sounds like a hormonal thing. Taking antiandrogens medicine helped me a lot in that regard.

No. 373606

I was suspecting that, but the doctors I went to told me that I can't have such issues because my periods are regular so no treatment for me in that regard, unless I smuggle something from the pharmacy kek.

No. 373607

File: 1705323463716.jpg (149.73 KB, 1300x866, aga.jpg)

I'm cursed with AGA myself, if your hairline looks like the left it looks great, I'd kill for mine to look like that, it looks similar to picrel ob both sides now and it's not slowing down
how old are you? my honest advice is to go to a good endocrinologist, get ALL the hormonal shit tested, androgens, DHT, thyroid hormones, iron, vit D and if the doc confirms it's AGA your best bet is going to be spiro+minox especially. If it's PCOS it won't nearly as bad as with AGA.
for myself idk if there's anything I can do to undo the damage, I just want my hair not to fall so much and for that fucking pattern to not advance more. I'm mid 30s and the hairloss skyrocketed in the last 3 years, my hairline wasn't that bad in 2019 and I still had a lot of hair.
go to another doc, my endocrinologist specifically told me you can have regular periods, hell, your ovaries can even look fine (no cysts) but your body can still act like you have PCOS, you need to take some blood tests
best case scenario is u only got some vitamin deficiencies/gut issues that can be fixed via diet/supplements

No. 373611

I have this and whenever I use bioxcin or other hair loss shampoos it lessens and gets worse whenever I'm off them and I'm stressed. Idk why it happens, I don't have any other hormonal stuff and all my blood tests are ok. Maybe it's just genetic. You can try minoxidil like >>373607 said if yours isn't caused by a health issue

No. 373614

I had way worse hair falling at ages 7 - 10 so idk what it is at this point. I remember it being from stress and calcium deficiency. When I was 14 - 16 I used to fry my hair since I hated my curls and that's when my hair was slightly healthy so this frying contributed to it but it's been around 7 years since I touched a hair straightener.
>go to another doc
I have been to 4 docs in the past year and they all told me "welcome to women's world" when I told them about my severe period pain (all women btw). They rarely give birth control or other hormonal treatments and they generally steer away from giving hormonal medicine to unmarried and childless women in my country.

No. 373647

Ntayrt but I am having that hairline as the pic you posted, although there is still some hair on the sides it will be a matter of time before it progresses to that state. I am trying to do something about it but it's difficult to see a specialist where I'm from (Canada). For now I am on topical minoxidil but it's not doing much.

No. 373648

If its always been like that, thats just your hairline, and nothing short of hair transplant will change that. Welcome to the fucked up hairline club sis, learn to love a middle part.

No. 373659

Yeah I’ve read a lot about that, not gonna risk it, the eczema like shit on my face wasn’t going away tho so it was worth it considering it didn’t come back.

No. 373663

Ayrt, and the doctors you went are literally bullshitting you. I fucking hate how dismissive they are of women's health. I had to go to many, many doctors before one would take me seriously. blog but one time one doctor even laughed at me saying they could tell I had PCOS because I was full of acne and body hair. Never went back
My periods are regular 90% of the time (and when they aren't, it's because of external stuff like meds) and I am a poster child for PCOS. If you can, get a better doctor. Many doctors, especially older ones, think PCOS is a womb-only thing, when it's actually a metabolic syndrome. Exactly what this anon said >>373607

I wish more people used the Stein-Leventhal Syndrome name for PCOS because then it's not misleading as if it's a uterus thing only, it affects your whole body.

No. 373783

File: 1705387260281.jpg (1.19 MB, 2232x3968, simple goth makeup look.jpg)

where can I get a pair of black clip in bangs? I'd like for them to be thick and straight, like the bangs the girl in the pic has. synthetic hair is fine as well. most the ones I find when searching seem to be too thin to achieve this look.

No. 373866

I want too fucking DIE when I see 50+ yr old women with a full head of hair, it's so unfair it makes me cry.

>I have been to 4 docs in the past year and they all told me "welcome to women's world" when I told them about my severe period pain (all women btw).
jfc I never realized how lucky I was that the docs I've been to were decent and actually took time to explain me shit, I'm so sorry to hear that,it fucking sucks, to me it was the opposite: my derm tried to put be on b/c when I was 21 but I declined
can't you pay out of pocket and have labs done? It's possible here and quite cheap (eastern europe) but I know it can be hell for USA/Canada anons
both those hairlines are normal and there is NOTHING wrong with them
Seconding ketoconazole, I had folliculitis and it was the only thing that kept it at bay until I got to a derm
it fucks up your entire body,brain and mood, it SUCKS
I'd recommend japanese brands since I know the quality is good

No. 374018

>my derm tried to put be on b/c when I was 21
One doc I went to long ago tried to put me on b/c at 12, but I thank my mom for declining it since my retarded ass would take the b/c kek. Those 4 docs I mentioned did explain me shit, but it was a more of "well, it's normal, deal with it and suck it up" type of thing.

No. 374026

You might have pcos if they tried to put you on bc. I hope you didn't refuse treatment because pcos can cause insuline resistance and diabetes if left untreated.

No. 374035

BC wouldn't have treated the PCOS though, it'd just make symptoms like acne more manageable. PCOS is a metabolic disorder.

No. 374075

this was more than 10 years ago, I was rec'd because of acne, took for few days, felt like absolute shit than threw them away, not to mention it gave me some cysts in that short span of time
I have PCOS without the cysts, the acne thankfully went away on its own about 1-1.5 years later, I was really lucky.
I really don't want to take b/c unless as last resort for AGA.

No. 374146

Has anyone here experienced hair loss at the center area of the hairline?
My hair is very long and it's always been thick and voluminous, except over the past year or so I've noticed that it's been thinning specifically in the area right at the center front of my hair. It's only really noticeable when my hair is tied back, there's just way more of my scalp visible there than there used to be. I kind of ignored it up until my friend mentioned it and told me she noticed that my hair in the front and up top had become a lot thinner.
The thing is, I'm in my mid 20s, healthy weight, varied diet, not particularly more stressed than a few years back and no hormonal birth control or irregularities that I know of. Hair loss doesn't run in my family at all. I wear my hair down most of the time so I don't think it could be traction alopecia or anything either. I never dyed it or used heat on it. My friend recommended a dermatologist who helped her but that's going to cost me way more money than I can spend right now, and Google isn't helping much so I'm hoping to get some nonnas perspective.

No. 375610

File: 1706203126278.jpg (58.93 KB, 799x191, maxine.jpg)

i want to dye my hair blue or something crazy like that, but i'm afraid it'll get all over my nice baseball caps, like it does with towels.

No. 375624

File: 1706208606310.jpg (224.95 KB, 2560x2560, 71ThycOKnSL.jpg)

I'm the OP. My hair is like this naturally. I only use shampoo and conditioner (sometimes). It's straight and whenever I finish a shower I brush it so it won't get tangled. It's a LITTLE bit frizzy, only at the top. But it's not that noticable. It used to be curlier when I was younger but around puberty it changed shape, same happened with my sisters. I use picrel.
It looks good the first days but it can look flat sometimes. I'd like it to be a bit more wavy. Do you have any more advice to make it wavy aside from using a flat iron? I'll use your advice with the bun. Also I'm not sure what hairstyle I want. I'm thinking of getting curtain bags. And thanks for the suggestions!

No. 375628

Yes, that’s female pattern baldness. It will progress unless you’re one of the lucky majority that responds to treatment. First line treatment is a prescription for spironolactone and over the counter minoxidil liquid or foam. You should start now because it will only get worse the longer you wait.

No. 375648

>You should start now because it will only get worse the longer you wait.
Can confirm. I wish I took my hairloss more seriously 5 years ago when I started noticing it instead of trying to "deny" it for so long.

No. 375706

Any tips for hair that tangles easily? I have a lot of hair even if it's very thin and it's kinda annoying how even a gentle breeze can tangle it.
Sorry if it's a retarded question but i don't know a lot about these things and i don't trust guides or that sort of stuff because they seem like useless promos.
I have very straight hair that goes past my back, maybe the lenght is what troubles it too, but i like it

No. 375710

The length is the biggest contributor, I can't keep my hair that long and tangle free even with products/regular trims/no damage. Best thing for detangling are sprays imo, something like Revlon Uniq Ten in One treatment, Schwarzkopf BonaCure Mosture Kick or L'oreal Elvive Detangler.

No. 375735

File: 1706282960570.png (203.15 KB, 630x630, baby johnson detangling.png)

I have long hair like yours and when I get my hair tangled I try to brush it with picrel with a wide tooth comb to then use my hair brush, from the tangle to the tip, slowly and trying to not pressing hard. When the tangle is gone, I use a scrunchie to keep my hair in order.

Hope that helps.

No. 375736

This is also a good technique.

No. 375772

Nonnies does anyone have any experience with the Dyson Airstrait? I bought it because I like my hair straight (it’s naturally kinda straight but I have a lot of it and has a lot of volume and I don’t like that) and was drawn in by the idea of straightening with minimal damage. it’s max temperature is 140C (285F). I have a week or so to return it and while im very happy with the results im still super paranoid about heat damage (i do use good heat protectants though) would my hair get really damaged if i used it at 110C (230F) ~3 times a week? Not every week though

No. 375974

I dyed my hair black can I make it go back to brown?

No. 375975

If you used permanent dye, get Color Oops or any of the similar color removers on the market. It works really well, but you absolutely have to rub it thoroughly into your hair and rinse while rubbing for at least 30 minutes. It reverses the dyeing process but the dye molecules are removed by mechanical agitation. Meaning - follow the instructions and really rinse the shit out of your hair.

No. 375987

I know some people will probably say not to or say it doesn't work but when I was in high school I used box black hair dye and hated it lol. The method I used was crushing vitamin c tablets and mixing it with head and shoulders shampoo and then I would sit out in the sun for an hour. I did this once a week for a month and it lightened from black to a darkish burgundy color (?) not sure why cause I never previously dyed it but it was something at least.

No. 376006

This is very drying and damaging to hair, while color removers don't use any ingredients that are actually lightening/bleaching.

No. 376020

Your hair turned red because you bleached it. The dye you used was probably a purple based black.

No. 376034

Meh…I didn't notice any damage at the time, my hair is super thick and curly and back then I straightened twice a week.

My hair wasn't bleached or dyed before using the black box dye but my hair is a dark blonde color if that could be the case

No. 376100

Nonna…vitamin c (l-ascorbic acid) and sunlight is the bleach I'm talking about.

No. 376112

I see the nonnies above were talking about female pattern baldness but has anyone had experience with stress-induced hair loss/telogen effluvium? I lost 5.5kg between mid-september and december and noticed about a month ago my hair was falling out A LOT, and its now really thin all throughout especially my temples+hairline. Does anyone know how long until the shedding stops?

No. 376119

Are you sure your weight loss didn't mess with your nutrition, hormones or thyroid?

No. 376151

>I'd recommend japanese brands
sorry late reply but would you mind suggesting a few brands or some sites where I can buy japanese brands? aside from etsy and amazon I'm not even sure where else I should be looking

No. 376163

am i supposed to air dry or blow dry for best results with a volumizing spray on damp hair?

No. 376216

Kek okay sorry for my retardedness

No. 376761

Another thinning receding hairline anon checking in. My hair has always been frizzy and brittle, I could live with that but I'm in my 30's now and the thinning has made it look absolutely hideous. I can't use minoxidil since I can only find it in ethanol where I live, and while it worked really well for hair growth, it eventually irritated my scalp to a degree where it looked like psoriasis and obviously undid all the progress. Hormones are all normal, it could be low iron since my ferritin is on the lower end but honestly I'm not sure I have a lot of hope of fixing it.

Anyway, I use volumizing mousse and hair fibers, and shade my scalp a bit which works alright. I keep my hair pretty short so it'll at least fluff up. I was wondering though if you guys know any ways to style slightly longer hair that might work instead of just accepting a grandma cut forever? I think stuff like braid crowns could look pretty nice with my face shape, I have a wide jaw too (fml) so to balance it out I want to keep most of the volume above my ears if that makes sense. But my temples honestly look so bald, I don't know how to make it work or what other styles could be worth trying. Pls post any styling advice you have nonnas I'm desperate.

No. 376774

File: 1706807676062.png (209.81 KB, 352x373, ichikami.png)

I have thick bangs that have randomly been really prone to being greasy for the past year and if I shower in the morning it becomes greasy in the evening. No shampoo and conditioner helps here in the states and I saw that Asian hair care is good quality. I believe I'm going to try ichikami oil control shampoo unless a nonna has better suggestions. My hair is very straight with ever so slightly waves. As well as I believe it's coming from my scalp since it's most greasy there then what touches my forehead.

No. 376811

Do you use dry shampoo before it gets greasy? It's a big help

No. 377339

I'm going to wash my hair and do the ACV rinse after applying the following oils and leaving it to rest for 1h:
Will my hair smell weird after washing it? We'll find out soon! Seriously, I hope these worked well, I'm not using them for perfume because they smell vile for some reason. I read they were all good for treating hair so I gave it a go just to not throw them into the trash. Do nonas use any specific oils in their hair that aren't olive, cocnut or shea butter? I'm not fond of almond oil for this purpose for example.

No. 377565

How did your hair turn out nonna? I´m using store bought oils, one from Fable & Mane and one from Yves Rocher (eurofags probably know).
I finally tried the porosity water glass test today but I´m not sure? At first the hair stayed on the surface for probabyl 5 minutes until I pushed it under the surface and then it very slowly sunk. So is it low or high porosity kek I have no curls btw.

No. 377707

Pick an oil based on your hair type. My hair is super thin and fine and using olive, coconut or shea makes my hair super greasy and brittle, so I stick to thin oils like jojoba or argan. If you've got thicker, dry hair, then go for thicker oils. Imo doing a regular oil treatment that suits your hair is the most important thing, mixing different oils won't change your results too much but it can be fun to make your little concoction.
The porosity water test is not reliable. Go from your own experience : if your hair takes a lot of time to dry, to get fully wet, and doesn't seem to take moisture in easily, it's probably low po. If you're the opposite, and your hair tend to absorb moisture, but then gets frizzy and dry after some time, you may be high po. If you've bleached your hair, treat it as high po too. There's also medium porosity which is normal, balanced hair, so maybe you don't even have to ask yourself that question. Also be careful of yves rocher oils, they're advertised as jojoba, argan, etc., but they're all mostly scented sunflower seed oil. You'd better go with a 100% pure oil that you can find in a pharmacy, some are not even that expensive, or if you're broke just buy sunflower oil at the supermarket but don't get scammed

No. 377993

This may be a retarded question but is there any way to preserve curly hair overnight? I’ve just gotten started with curly hair and I take aprox 20 minutes to deal with it plus air drying, which is hours long. I wish I could do this at night and have my hair be beautiful in the morning but it wakes up like a mess.

No. 378012

I find sleeping in a silk bonnet helps with frizziness, and in the morning I'll spray some water/leave in conditioner mix to refresh it. But honestly I've just started planning my washes on the mornings I want my hair to look the best kek. Maybe try blow dryer with diffuser to cut down on drying time?

No. 378060

The human head weighs about 10 pounds. Unfortunately for us curly hair nonas we're stuck with perpetual hinderings to our hair when we sleep. I use a silk bonnet like the nona above me mentioned but it doesn't completely save your curls. You will need to wet your hair a little bit and refresh the curls. Much less time consuming though.

No. 380171

File: 1708213206573.jpg (170.1 KB, 1200x732, s-l1200.jpg)

I was just gifted this, does anyone have any good video demonstrations and/or product reccos?
This is my first endeavor into haircare and styling.

No. 380280

Any nonnies have suggestions for good hairstyles when you have to wear glasses? I’m starting to feel dated with my side part and straightening my hair but I was told that bangs + glasses can be an overkill combo. Though I could also go back to having a bob I guess.

No. 380337

What sort of shape are your glasses frames? My suggestions are dependent on the shape of the frames as well as the shape of your face.

No. 380346

Any anons here struggle with oily scalps? For context, I have straight Asian hair and my scalp are quite oily after a day of not washing my hair. My bangs and the top of my head tend to be super greasy, I've tried using shampoos for oily scalp and it does somewhat remedy the problem but overall the oiliness is still here. Do you guys have any solution to fix this problem?

No. 380388

It probably sounds obvious but have you tried using dry shampoo? I struggle with an oily scalp too and I have to wash it every other day unfortunately.

No. 380396

File: 1708315194905.gif (1.89 MB, 268x201, IMG_0437.gif)

Nonnas I just made and did a henna gloss mask for my natural ginger hair and it turned out SO GOOD?! All I did was add about 1/4 cup maybe 1/3 of a very basic organic conditioner (my hair is big n long) with a little dash of a nice leave-in treatment and left it on freshly washed, damp hair for 3 hours. I did a lil cheeky blowout and I could cry at the softness and shine. My hair is normally pretty coarse but it looks like a 90s hair product commercial rn. The color is really nice too, I bet it would be pretty as a color wash glaze over blonde hair.

No. 380415

Ive tried using dried shampoo a lil while ago but tbqh I don’t wanna rely on them too much

No. 381613

File: 1708873328190.jpg (48.3 KB, 564x844, a8d9ee61d29ded4a8f03451bdd0de2…)

I got a haircut that's similar to picrel; my problem is that I can't style it to save my life. It also turned out a little too short but I'll just suck it up and wear a cap until it grows out. What should I do to make it look nice once the length is where I'd like it to be? I know close to nothing about styling and the like; I do have a jar of styling clay, which the barber told me is a good way to get more texture.

No. 381618

I think just brushing it and leaving it to its nature is enough. But if you wanna go fancy, hair clips seem like a good option for this style if you have bangs, either put them on one side and clip them, or split them in half and clip each to one side. I think headbands and hair bandannas would look super cute on it as well, so would colorful and jewelryed up bobby pins.

No. 381619

I have really flat and straight hair, so I unfortunately can't just go the usual moid route and let it stay as it is when I get out of the shower. I should've mentioned that I'm masc and not a whole lot into accessorising beyond jewellery, though, whoops. I still really like your ideas, thank you!

No. 381625

No problem! I hope you find a style that fits you. Try googling images of pixie haircuts to see the different styling options.

No. 381626

Maybe let it grow out a bit and then get more of a textured cut and it might be easier to style. I dont have straight hair so I’m sorry if that’s something that doesn’t work kek
I have wavy hair and if I don’t get a textured cut, it just lays flat and lifeless. Getting it textured makes it easier to have that “effortless” style.

No. 381629

Got the same cut and am also masc most of the time. My hair at this length is also straight.
I just scrunch some curl gel in while it's specifically halfway dry and it gives it more body. Smells good too. Scrunching in mousse later when it's almost or fully dry I find gives it even more fluffiness. The label says to do it wet but this works for me.

No. 381632

I was thinking of extra texture or layers, good call.
That answers my question excellently, thank you. Do you comb it when blow-drying? I need to do that for my fringe anyway because of a cowlick.

No. 381720

I've been growing out my hair for 6 years and it's down to my hips, besides my bangs. I don't think it looks good because my hair isn't thick, but I also am worried about getting it cut and hating the result. I'm not sure what I could do to make it look better besides hair extensions for volume. I've tried layered cuts in the past but it's not great for my hair type since it's so fine and straight it kind of just makes my hair look damaged.

No. 383281

Update: After a few weeks of using this my hair feels sooo much more fluffier and soft it's insane. I leave the shampoo scrubbed in my hair for about 6-7 minutes and it lasts around 3-ish days plus washing my bangs in the sink before it gets noticeably greasy.My bangs get very voluminous plus with the nonna suggestion with dry shampoo it can last a 9-5. I heavily recommend if you're looking for a cheap but high quality option and have straight hair that's struggling with grease. It's Ichikami smoothing shampoo and conditioner 480 ml set costs around 24 us dollars.

No. 383293

After washing my hair, I stopped brushing it around two months ago. It's a common tip, but I always thought my hair needed to be brushed after showering. The hair is so much better, most times it's straight and soft. Before, it used to have days where it was a mess. I hope by continuing this I can grow my hair very long and not have as much breakage. I'm excited for it.

No. 383704

Can anyone recommend a dye that actually covers up grey hairs? I started getting my first grey hairs immediately after having a baby and it is starting to bother me. I tried some box dyes from Walgreens but they didn't actually cover up the grey hair at all (despite what the box says). Any advice?

No. 384341

My hair has developed some kind of sticky film on it and I'm bordering on panicking. It's been like this for a week, I woke up some day last week and my hair was sticky. I was really confused but I assumed I just didn't wash out the shampoo and conditioner enough so I tried to wash my hair extra good that night but when I ran my hand through or over top of my hair there was this rubbery sound, like a fucking tire. I was SO confused, there was like a film on my hair making it feel all rubbery. I spent like an hour in the shower before getting out because I gave up. The next morning it was okay, still not as soft as my hair used to be but I was just thankful it wasn't sticky to touch. But again in the shower it felt rubbery. Then I chalked it up to maybe it having to do something with my hair dryer, because coincidentally the day my hair was sticky was ths day I started to use a hair dryer to dry my hair instead of letting it air dry. I'm afraid to stop using the hair dryer because I'm afraid of my hair going back to the sticky state, it's as though drying my hair with heat combats it. I also really want my hair to go back to normal, though. What do I do?? I'll be thankful for any information on what's going on with my hair.

No. 384351

Try applying diluted vinegar, leaving it for like 5 minutes and then rinsing out. Might be hard water, that makes my hair waxy.

No. 384359

I'll try nona, thanks for the suggestion.

No. 384664

Well, I fell for the rosemary oil trend, at least it was cheap I guess.

No. 384673

Nonnies help I'm balding at my hairline, it looks so disgusting. You can even see it in pictures taken from far away, I'm going to the doctor soon but does anyone else have experience with this?

No. 384681

You need to go to an endocrinologist, maybe you have hormonal issues.

No. 384689

I didnt know it was being advertised as a hair growth option for people with alopecia, thats kind of weird to me because it seems like trying to scam people with a condition like that and i only ever heard rosemary makes your hair a bit shinier or something

No. 384698

I wish I knew. I've shed so much hair last year. I went on minoxidil again and fixed my iron deficiency and now I don't shed so much whenever I brush my hair. Don't know if it was the minoxidil or fixing my iron levels.

No. 384795

What features make someone look particularly bad as a blonde?

No. 384796

Almost everyone looks bad blonde, even natural blondes usually look better with a different color

No. 384797

The wrong shade, most commonly it’s cool toned women going for a warm golden or vice versa. Also weird and subjective anecdote but I find people with darker eyes look nicer with blonde hair.

No. 384801

I completely disagree. Light eyes are better for blonde hair. Dark eyes can appear beady with blonde hair. Maybe balayage could work.

No. 384804

I think my subconscious reasoning is that light eyes pop more with dark hair, and dark eyes take the focus with lighter hair. I’ve never thought they look beady with lighter hair, that sounds like more of a size related thing.

No. 384824

I accidently put too much castor oil on my scalp and now I have to wash my hair again

No. 385120

My hair is breaking off around my hairline and at the nape of my neck, now I just have random 10cm strands of hair around my face when I put it up. Is there a way to prevent this? My hair is healthy otherwise, never dyed and I don't use heat tools.

No. 385139

Maybe try sleeping with a silk scarf or bonnet every other night?

No. 385169

Is sulfate free shampoo really that bad? I feel like nothing else can really clean my scalp like sulfate-containing shampoo can.

No. 385188

If there's any other low porosity curlygirlies in here, I ABSOLUTELY MUST TELL YOU… amodimethicone is a FUCKING GOD SEND. My hair's seriously the softest and shiniest it's ever been, and any frizz I do get now is way more minimized than what I was getting before. Can't recommend it enough. I've also taken to putting argan oil in my hair every night and any time I have to slick back my hair into a bun, which also helps a ton.

No. 385189

Not sure if I'm misunderstanding your question, but I don't recall hearing anything bad about sulfate free shampoos besides them not cleaning that great. Sulfate shampoos on the other hand can be really stripping. I think it's best to find a shampoo that either doesn't contain a lot (lower on the ingredient list) or just limit your sulfate shampoo usage to maybe once every week/two weeks/month depending on how much build up you get.

No. 385191

Sulfates are totally fine if you don't have hair that's prone to being dry.

No. 385204

Check if your hair needs moisture or protein. Seconding >>385139 except I'd advise you to sleep with a bonnet or silk scarf every night until your hair goes back to normal.

No. 387702

Has anyone here ever gone to drybar? Or gotten a blowout? I don’t really know what to expect but I want to get one before a really important day, I’m shit at styling my hair but have stupidly had a wolf cut off and on for the past year and a half even though that needs so much styling. I just want to make a good impression, I have unruly wavy white girl hair.

No. 388278

There are lots of videos out there on how to style curly hair right after washing it, but what am I supposed to do with it the next day? I don't want to wash my hair every day, is there a way to keep it cute so I can let it hang loose?

No. 388749

I thought rosemary oil was a meme but I started using it after shampooing (no conditioner) and towel drying and my hair has never been happier. I have naturally oily fine hair that’s prone to break but it’s like shiny strong doll hair now and the oiliness is way down.

No. 388756

File: 1712069115827.jpg (60.27 KB, 564x1128, cb56f3b969369a4886172b97e6b3bb…)

Any nonnies with very long hair? I want to grow out mine and I want it to reach my mid thigh, by now it grazes my butt and I don't understand why it won't grow more….I take care of it, frequent masks, I only use conditioner on my ends and never on my scalp, I use a scalp massager and I avoid the blow drier. I have 1a hair on the greasy scalp side, it's very resistant to treatments (I dye it bimonthly, it's not super healthy but it looks nice and feels heavy and smooth).
I don't use straighteners/curlers, I barely wash it but only my bangs grow out, not the rest…please help a failed princess achieve her long hair dreams, which is to have braids like picrel…..

No. 388757

Do you take vitamins?

No. 388758

I take B and D supplements, should I try biotin and keratine?

No. 388778

No. 388779

You might have reached your terminal hair lenght

No. 388820

hair is dead protein so i make sure it has less chance of breakage by eating the right foods like eggs/fruit/meat/veg (calorie (protein) restriction will thin the hair so i don't diet), and then put it up into protective styles as i wait for it to grow half an inch every month (the fastest hair will grow is 6"/15cm a year so it's just a waiting game + breakage prevention). before washing i brush it with olive oil so it passes through the brush without catching, i use conditioning masks and hair oil so it remains smooth and doesn't tangle. and if i blowdry i use protective spray and the coldest/luke warm setting. it's at the top of my thigh now and continuing to grow well. according to chemical and physical behavior of human hair by clarence r. robbins, hair generally grows to a max of 3ft. i also read that dyes may contribute to weakening hair and causing hair splits (when the hair splits as far as 4cm up from the end) leading to breakage, but it would not affect the anagen phase (hair growth).

No. 388896

REEE I have a cowlick on the highet point of the back of my head making it look like I have a bald spot and my hair sticks out weirdly. My hair also dont hold heat shaping for shit so no point in trying to hide it with a straightener either. Wtf do I do

No. 388920

You can put a bit of eyeshadow on the skin to help it look less like a bald spot. I've battled cowlicks for years, there's no solving it I feel.

No. 388946

you need to shape it while it's wet

No. 388952

When you wash your hair aim the hot water on the cowlick and massage the spot deeply to work out the cowlick. I used to have a weird, flat hair pattern at the crown until I learned that trick. Then when it's wet I like to use a wide tooth comb to gently comb it out nicely. You can also try to put a barrette in it while wet until dry to keep the hair in place.

No. 388961

This anon >>388779 is probably right. It's just like how the hair in your eyebrows/armpits/crotch only grows to a certain length. The hair grows for an amount of time (for the hair on your head it's several years) and then it stops growing and after a few weeks to a few months, it falls out and gets replaced by a new hair. The rate of growth and the amount of time your hair grows is mostly genetic. If you're taking good care of it and it's noticeably not growing any longer, it's because it can't.

No. 390366

For the nonas with short-med hair, do you not get jealous of women with longer hair or wish you could have longer hair? I'm doanting my mid-thigh length hair on friday and I'm curious about the whole having "short" hair experience. This is such a 'tism question I feel like this is only place where I can ask this kek sorry

No. 390370

Most people don’t want to hear this, but hair length is 100% genetic. My hair is well past my butt and I have a shit diet and am vegetarian yet it still consistently grows longer and longer. I don’t take any vitamins or anything either, I just wash it once a week and that’s all I do

No. 390379

Honestly I do sometimes, yeah. My hair is short, thick and curly. Max length is just above my shoulders, even if I don't cut it for years it stays the same. it rarely even gets long enough to put in a ponytail. I think long, straight hair is really feminine and pretty and I've always wished I could grow it longer. But on the other hand, short bobs or pixie cuts suit my face much better and I know not everyone can pull that off. Plus I'm more free to experiment with cuts and colors because I don't have any emotional attachment to my hair's length, and if my hair was the same texture but waist-length taking care of it would take so many hours kek

No. 390408

No, probably because I was already used to having long hair for most of my life (parents wouldn't allow me to cut it for religious reasons) that I ended up hating having it. It also took hours to comb.

No. 391609

I feel like having curly hair is so limiting sometimes. Are there any other cuts besides, bob, lob or unflattering pixie cuts? I like the low maintenance of curly hair but I do feel like there needs to be more options. Sometimes I do feel like a troon walking around because low maintenance to me means not trying and having extremely frizzy hair. I kinda want to straighten it without heat or at least make the curls more manageable without a shit ton of product (I can’t afford more hair products or expensive curly specialist cuts). Ugh what should I do, nonnies?
I have the same hair, nonnie. Every time I try growing it out I think it looks like garbage so I cut it off.

No. 391616

>curly hair
>low maintenance
on what planet

No. 391619

slightly older nonnas, when did you start going gray and how do you manage the new texture? i’m 29 and otherwise aging well enough that every liquor store owner looks at me like i’m a fed but i’ve noticed in the last ~6 months or so that i’m getting a LOT of grays. i don’t really mind but it’s also not a trait that runs in my family (my dad is in his 60s and only started graying a few years ago) so i’m a little worried there’s some underlying health issue y’know? if it makes a difference i am also in recovery from a 15 year long restrictive ed and have had a huge amount of new hair growth now that i’m not constantly malnourished so i’m wondering if it’s related to that. tbh though it looks kinda cute, for whatever reason it is concentrated heavily around my face so i have a pretty significant silver chunk in my bangs that is frankly a little bit of a Look if you ask me

also though my hair texture is wavy/curly and i’ve noticed the gray hairs don’t really match the texture of the rest of my hair when i do my curl routine and idk how to integrate it better

No. 391620

fr when i started embracing my curls my hair routine went from wash -> air dry to a multi-step routine + diffusing lmao i’ve never been higher maintenance in my life

that being said i’ve found that the cut that works best for me without having to do my whole hair routine (but still looks good when i do) falls about an inch below my collar bone with medium-length layers on top, hitting between my earlobes to about an inch below my jaw. it gives me decent movement and volume while still allowing for more elaborate updos and air dries pretty long with waves and a few ringlets (for reference, when i diffuse at this length the shrinkage ends up leaving my hair around shoulder length)

of course this is all dependent on hair texture, density, and curl type. i have very very fine hair, medium density, low porosity, with big s-waves and loose-to-medium ringlets depending on what part of my head you’re looking at, so if you have a drastically different hair type take this with a grain of salt! if you are ever interested in doing a more elaborate styling routine though i have found some really lovely budget products i swear by that i’d be happy to yap about as someone who has spent most of her life refusing to do anything more than air-dry with no product

No. 391659

Your hair type sounds very similar to mine and I have given up on styling products because most of them are way too heavy, so I'm interested in hearing about the ones that work for you. I've found that using a hair/scalp oil (homemade, super autistic quasi-ayurvedic recipe) the night before I wash my hair and using a ton of conditioner helps a little with frizziness, but my go-to method is a TINY amount of argan oil smoothed over the fly-aways.

No. 391662

I started getting greys in my early twenties as my mom did. I think it has to do with genetics.
My hair is a combo of ringlets and S-waves too while the back of my head has a slight wave but very straight overall. It’s thick, heavy and like nonnie >>391659
mentioned hair products specifically with conditioning makes my hair super heavy from lack of porosity. The products I currently use is a hair gel applied after a wash. The haircut you have is similar to mine as well.

No. 391865

File: 1713348850588.png (29.97 KB, 180x102, 14.png)

What results can I expect if I mix MM Vampire Red with volume 20 developer? It's going to be my first time going for an unnatural color like this and I don't want to go overboard and fry my hair but I also don't want to end up with a burgundy brown instead of a more vivid color. My natural hair color is roughly like picrel. I've only used box dyes before.

No. 391944

File: 1713376166605.webp (47.18 KB, 500x500, Short-Dark-Red-Hair.webp)

are you bleaching beforehand? if you do you'll get that neon red (speaking from experience, i used vampire red on bleach yellow hair all through high school kek) but if you put it on your natural color it will end up closer to picrel, maybe slightly brighter since that's a fairly light brown. Also you don't need to mix developer into it, that won't do anything. manic panic is actually pretty kind to your hair and I've never felt any damage after using it, it's the bleach that'll fry you if you use a high volume or leave it on too long.

No. 391956

I get a lot of compliments on my hair color, and my natural hair is darker than your picrel. Since my hair hasn't been dyed before I just bought schwartzkopf Vintage Red and slapped it on my hair and it lightened about a level or two and my hair is now a dark burgundy that looks EXTREMELY red in direct light. I use vampire red in my conditioner and it helps maintain how vibrant it is. If your hair is the color of picrel, you could prob get away with slapping a bright red permanent dye on that bad boy, and it will look even more red than my hair.

No. 391976

Sorry if I'm being dumb, but did you mean Manic Panic Vampire Red? Don't mix that with a developer. The developer will just dilute it, it's a direct dye not meant to be activated.

No. 392064

File: 1713421335038.png (808.83 KB, 764x425, estymety.PNG)

I fucked up cutting my own hair, and I had to go to a hair salon which I never do. Ended up with a haircut like in picrel but with short bangs. I hate it, and I feel like my whole identity is in shambles now kek. I don't even want to outside now, partly because how short the hair is and partly because styling this haircut is such a pain in the ass. With long hair you can just brush it and go, but with this cut I have to straighten it and use hair wax to look decent. Bought some hair vitamins in the hopes of making my hair grow faster, doubt they will work though lol.

No. 392066

I once asked for a short hairstyle that went down to my chin all around (I had a pic) and ended up with a style similar to your pic, I was so devastated. I didn't want to look in the mirror at all for weeks.
>styling this haircut is such a pain in the ass. With long hair you can just brush it and go
As someone who's had both waist length and super short hair I always tell women short hair is harder and takes more work, but people don't believe me and still make the mistake of cutting it short because they think it's "easier". No you HAVE to style it every day or it's gonna look like shit, you also lose the natural femininity that comes with long hair so people treat you worse if you don't look put together at all times. Women just don't get away with rolling out of bed and having a badly combed over bald spot like men do. Long hair I could just leave in a braid for days and people would compliment me on how cute it looked, or like you said brush for 1 min and then it looked great. After my bad haircut I decided to grow my hair really long so I didn't cut it for years, I'll never get a short hair cut again.

No. 392069

File: 1713423240182.jpg (36.3 KB, 700x550, aryvGv7_700b.jpg)

Nonnas, I have a face like picrel and I know it's awful. I've been thinking if I maybe style myself a little better I might not feel like such an ugly duckling. Right now I have a fringe and long plain hair that I pin up or braid sometimes, and I'm not sure if it makes my nose stick out more. Are there any hairstyles anyone could recommend that might minimise my giant honker? Thanks nonas.

No. 392078

AYRT, god this is all so true. I want to cover all the mirrors in my house and hide. And I'm also noticing the different treatment, I used to be cute-ish and ppl were mostly nice to me, now I get weird looks for looking like an aunt. Feels like I've aged 10 years.

No. 392089

Thank you anons, I'm very new to this stuff. In this case I think I'll use a low volume developer to lift my hair and when it's done apply Manic Panic.
I did that once before and the end result was a burgundy brown like picrel >>391944 and I wanna go brighter this time. I use a natural no poo shampoo and I only have to wash my hair once a week thanks to it so I think the dye will not wash out too quick.

No. 392232

File: 1713488898813.jpg (39.21 KB, 567x614, bae41894b5e89f04e733b002923951…)

weird, I have a hairstyle like this and get complimented on it constantly, even though i just do it by blindly clipping away at it with thinning shears kek. Maybe it's because I don't have the "middle aged mom" highlights and just stick with my natural mousey brown color. I guess also my glasses give it a different vibe. I'm ugly so I used to never get compliments on anything, but since cutting my hair a couple years back, people are always telling me how cute my hair style is.

Anyway, why don't you try styling it like this? I think it can look cute and retro.

No. 392233

I feel like bangs will emphasize the nose in general, especially blunt thick bangs. Just pin your bang up and see if you like yourself better that way. Having nice, healthy hair is what's most important in my opinion and can elevate your look. Adding volume and curls can also help make the face and its features a bit smaller, but honestly you can't totally detract from your nose. The best way would be to act like Rossy de Palma, that is not giving a fuck and feeling yourself as if you were a painting. She did wear bangs and looked cool either way, so embrace your witchself and go all out with whatever style makes you happy.

No. 392267

nta this is a really cute hairstyle, I had a pixie cut from mid teens to early twenties and whilst I'm trying to grow my hair right now to as long as I can get this is tempting me to cut it back again

No. 392278

Same experience. Ever since I cut my hair short (and myself too so they're not perfect, but my hair is curly so I can get away with it), I keep getting compliments from girls. When I don't want to style it, I wear hair bands and other accessories and it works out. The constant trimming to keep the shape is annoying though.

No. 392320

nta but I have a fairly chunky nose. I recently got some subtle, airy side bangs and I feel like it actually makes my nose look less prominent compared to when I had a completely bare forehead. I think it's because of the volume, most of my forehead is still visible and instead of sitting flat, there's some airiness where my bangs are sticking out a bit. This way, there's some added dimension that balances out my nose. It sticks out less because it's not the only point of forward projection on my face anymore.
That being said I do also have a fairly strong jaw/chin, maybe if you have a receded chin airy bangs would make the lack of volume in the lower half of your face more obvious, idk. Of course, either way >>392069 should wear whatever she likes, I used to have blunt thick bangs years ago and even though they weren't flattering my face I loved them a lot.

No. 392322

Some people just look better with short hair. It's more work styling but if you trim your own hair between appointments it's not that bad. My mom keeps nagging me to visit the hairstylist but since I've moved to America I haven't found anyone that can do a good job on my curly hair. Last appointment I booked was going to cost me a total of $300. It's insane and I'm cutting my own hair again.

No. 393651

File: 1714092822308.jpg (29.36 KB, 320x427, 43234542.jpg)

I hate the sleek, clean, defined curls trend. Lately I've been giving myself picrel (but bigger) with the blowdryer and I love it. It's so soft and fluffy and I'm addicted to playing with it. I don't need to stress about humidity because it's already ruined. Don't need to sleep in a cap to protect it. I just tie it back whenever I need to leave the house and I'm done.

No. 393713

this looks really cute.

No. 394519

File: 1714412467406.jpeg (343.81 KB, 1229x824, FDFDC23C-AC3D-49BB-B6D5-453E29…)

Nonnies what do you think of “natural” blonde highlights like this? I have long darkish-brown hair and I was thinking of getting something like this done for the spring/summer, but it would be expensive, so I wanna be sure it’ll suit me. However, I’m not sure about the vibe it gives off. I’m from the southern US and there’s a certain style here of white women (like myself) dying their hair blonde, like the “southern belle” style that I don’t really like. I’m a bit masc and mostly date other women if that helps describe the image I want to reflect

No. 394520

anon I also live in the south and 100% associate these highlights with the vineyard vines white claw sorority girl type tbh. but of course it all depends on the rest of your style, I'm sure it will look good irl and people won't make that association if you don't dress like that

No. 394523

I really like highlights but don't think they're worth it for the price tbh.

No. 394525

what is everyone's go-to hairstyles? I've grown my hair out so I want to do cute things with it but not spend an hour braiding every day or anything egregiously time-consuming. For reference, I have straight hair with a very open wave but I'm curious about all kinds of hair types.

No. 394531

I have a bob so I just wear it loose. Can't do much with shortish hair. It's naturally wavy and tousled so there's some textural interest.

No. 394549

Yeah that’s exactly the vibe I was worried about kek
I know it’s so expensive… I’ll have to think about this some more

No. 394567

My hair is naturally dark brown, but I recently natural highlights that are brassy yellow next to my natural color. I like having lighter hair, but warm tones aren't flattering on me.
Should I try a blue toner in attempt to make the highlights cooler (example: Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss, Vanilla Lights)? Or would it be better to dye my whole head a cool brown shade to cover everything (Any product recommendations)?
The answer is probably obvious but I'm clueless about hair, any advice would help so I don't look totally awful on vacation

No. 394582

I have 1c/2a thick hair (shoulder length) and I wear a low ponytail daily because anything else makes my head look massive

No. 394620

Late but I have knee-length hair and I don't do any weird gimmick stuff. I just use a lot of conditioner, sleep with a cap, and keep it tied up in a bun most of the time. I'm inclined to say that you should probably not dye it so much?
sadly although my hair is very long, my whole family has genetically thin hair and low hair count so although I'd also love braids like picrel, my hair isn't thick enough even for one of her braids…

No. 394663

File: 1714459624402.jpg (272.46 KB, 1440x1800, 376819519_18386611699050891_61…)

How long is too long? I've been growing my hair out of laziness, now it's almost at my waist. I thought about letting it grow longer and selling it. But I can't help but feel like it's too long. It's not nearly as long as picrel, but that's how I feel like. I usually braid it or tie it up, but sometimes I let it loose and I feel weirded out by it. What would you say it's the limit for long hair?

No. 394668

waist length is perfect imo, if you sit on it it's too long

No. 394671

I love long hair nonita and regretted cutting my waist length hair to a fuck ass bob kek. But I agree with >>394668 I have a friend that has really long hair, I think it’s almost to the back of her knees but it grows to a point the end strands look stringy since it isn’t a straight across cut. I think it can go into little house on the prairie/amish looking after it gets longer than that. Also, nona do you have thick hair or bit on the thinner side?

No. 394672

When I need to move it out of the way to use the toilet, no joke
For me hip is perfect, with classic being the absolute longest I'm willing to get to. I've had it down to my fingertips before and that was a whole ass workout, it was so inconvenient and it didn't look great.
>I think it’s almost to the back of her knees but it grows to a point the end strands look stringy since it isn’t a straight across cut
This makes a huge difference too, it's night and day when you have stringy hair that just grew through neglect and when you have a nice haircut.
>I love long hair nonita and regretted cutting my waist length hair
Also I really relate to this, I went to a bougie salon like a couple of weeks ago and the guy cut my hair wayyyyy too short and very uneven, it's gonna take several years to grow out, I'm so bummed

No. 394674

yeah I always thought about it, I would be afraid of getting my hair stuck in my pants, if that makes any sense.
Wow, that's surprisingly long, my poor ass is thinking she could sell that for a lot kek. My hair is thick, I have to cut it in layers otherwise it's going to look too full and blocky, it's one of the reasons that it makes me feel like cousin itt sometimes.
>move it out of the way to use the toilet
My biggest fear atm is that, how is the shower? Does it feel heavy when it's all wet?

No. 394690

Many hairdressers just half-ass anything short. I have asked for a variety of short haircuts in my life and every time ended up looking like this until not even a couple years ago.

It's cringe but I'm a high twintail supremacist. From the ages of 12 to 23 anytime my hair was long enough I tied it in twintails. I have thick curly hair which needs to be layered a lot, so they look quite big and fluffy without teasing, and somehow it happens to be the most flattering hairstyle on me (along with the shoulder length 70s nonsense shag that I currently have because I started an agriculture job and wanted something easier to maintain… I showed up with my stupid twintails on the first day of work though)

It keeps your head cool in summer and you can lay down without being bothered by a ponytail, it also weighs a lot less so no headaches, and you don't need a fuckton of bobby pins to keep your top layers from escaping the tie, it all stays put all day long. I had to style my bangs every day though which could be a downside for someone else but I have to do it with every other hairstyle anyway due to my hair texture, so it didn't change much. Minimal hassle for maximal swag. The only real problem is that men consider twintails to be a sexual thing and a shady guy tried to scout me to do porn once. Shayna wishes she was me

No. 394719

File: 1714490032803.png (323.19 KB, 650x812, half-up-fishtail-accent-braids…)

>It's cringe but I'm a high twintail supremacist
Nonnie that is actually so nice, i also love high twintails but they don't fit me at all, i wish it was more popular though and i hope that the loser moid who had no brain is rotting.

I have a looot of straight long hair and my fringe is naturally bobby for some reason. I mostly keep a hairstyle like picrel and sometimes i avoid curling my hair just for safety, i like when they are wavy but it's not like they last much either.
I like it because it keeps my hair out of my way without wearing ponytails or braids for a whole day, somehow i get to feel too cold and get headaches when i do that.

No. 394830

File: 1714530510459.jpg (67.63 KB, 474x710, Lavender-Balayage-Bob.jpg)

is early 30s too old to have a fun hair color? i was thinking of getting a lavender balayage like pic related, keeping my dark roots intact for a more natural lived in look instead of an all over anime appearance that comes with pastel colors. it's either this or chocolate balayage, can't decide.

No. 394832

Looks cute, i saw 2 old ladies in Germany with pastel pink hair, i think you'll be okay.

No. 394846

Nonna I firmly believe that as long as your hair is healthy and well maintained you can have any color at any supposedly more mature age. My mom says 30s are just spillover late 20s anyway so have fun bb

No. 394856

It was an asymmetrical bob for a long time, but then I went to a new hairstylist and told her to do whatever she wanted and ended up with a short shag that really flattered me, so I'm planning on sticking with that for a while.
I avoided bangs for such a long time because I guess I associated them with my cringe preteen years but they actually do a lot for my face.

No. 394868

Dark brown looks so pretty with purple. If you're afraid to go straight for the balayage maybe do a few highlights to see if you like it ?

I want to dye my hair again too, but I am seeing my first gray hairs so I want to enjoy my natural color while it's still even. semi/demi permanent dyes are tempting but I don't want to stain everything or end up with pigment sticking to the tips. The reviews are always so mixed and unreliable.

No. 394886


Isn’t too old. Carry it with pride.

The thing with vivids that I learned the hard way was maintenance was a bitch and pricey. If you live in a place with harder water, be sure to get a shower filter and get the right color preservation products (i.e; color depositing mask, dry shampoo as you won’t want to wash as much).

No. 394959

File: 1714596776098.jpg (51.11 KB, 597x1042, Sweet Serenity.jpg)

aww I love high twin tails especially with the right outfit. I stopped wearing them when I got older but I may have to bring them back- they can look really cool with flowier fabrics, almost magical rather than just juvenile.
This style is so pretty! Reminds me of a siren lady or something.

No. 395014

>My biggest fear atm is that, how is the shower? Does it feel heavy when it's all wet?
Yes, super heavy, I had to hold my neck down intentionally, also took like 2 days to dry completely.

No. 395065

I haven't had a natural colour in a decade and we're probably the same age. Bet you''d look great in it, fun colours really add a nice spice to brown hair. Hair with roots like that is very comfortable to keep. If I was to do a colour like this I'd mix a drop of Directions 'Plum' into a conditioner and slap that on once a week after shampoo, cheap and easy. With bleached hair just remember to use leave-in conditioners too.

No. 395221

I am having a really hard time with hair products. Idk when they changed but most of them are now giving me a weird reaction when in contact with hot water or sweat when they didn't used to. I get red itchy skin with little bumps, they disappear after I wash it all away but it's really annoying because this happens even in contact with sweat! And a live in a very hot country, I can't just stop sweating kek, it's making me so mad I am fucking paying money for that poison and idk what to do or where to ask. I looked up on the internet and couldn't find anything that helps me and I feel like I'm going crazy. What component could be causing it? Will I have to completely ditch conditioners and combing creams? I don't think I can survive that.

I wanted to wear my hair like that for the longest time but I've been bullied for having a big hair and it looking "unkept" despite me actually spending time and money caring for it (and all these hair products suck so much and smell weird), it did shit to my confidence when it comes to my hair. I'm trying to resist the urge to cut it short again because it is so frustrating taking care of it, I really want to grow it long, but God I am so tired of the time consuming perfect little curls, especially when my hair is a freaking mess with different types of curls mixed with straight hair… I might just go "fuck it" and wear it like that, this is what freedom looks like, I can legit "wake up like that".

No. 395225

Hairdressers just don't know how to cut short hair, I've yet to meet one who can do it properly. I had to learn how to cut mine at home so I don't end up with the Karen special. I used to get unintentional bowl cuts as a kid because they especially failed at cutting thick hair with lots of volume.

What one anon said about some people suiting a certain length is also real. I love long princess hair but I've had short hair since my mid teens because long hair looks terrible on me. It grows into an unkempt mane of Indian hair that's painful to brush through and impossible to style because it's so heavy, so it just ends up being messy Hagrid hair with no volume on top and too much volume below the chin. It makes me look dowdy and matronly whereas short hair on me is cute, playful and flattering.

No. 395230

I have the same kind of thick, heavy (but healthy) hair, though I'm not Indian. I wore it long, to my waist until around 25, then I had someone cut it into an Audrey Hepburn-style pixie. It's so much more flattering for me than long hair (though I also don't regret having long hair).

You need to find the right person to cut it and then never leave that person. That's all i can recommend. idk I think short hair on me looks much cuter than long hair. I did have to change how I posed for pics though, just needed to understand how my profile looked if that makes any sense. I think I was so used to draping my hair around my face that I didn't really know how to pose in the right way for my profile.

No. 395260

(Posted this in stupid questions thread because I forgot about /g)
I need advice and recommendations for what to do with my hair, it’s been a long time since I’ve had more then a trim. It’s down to the top of my butt and my appearance is an olive toned Jill (pixielocks). My only preference is that it be long enough for me to put up in a ponytail.
I’m looking for hairstyle and color recommendations, I have no idea what Im looking for when I google and everything I find looks the same, and treatment suggestions to keep an eye out for. Money is no object so throw whatever suggestions/recommendations.

What would you all have done if you could do anything to your hair?

No. 395308

I have a similar thing with my hair. Had it to my lower back till I was 23, then cut it into a short bob. I always worried short hair would make my round face look even fatter, but it turned out my doughy face actually needed the definition from short hair. I keep it around chin-length to just past my shoulders these days.

No. 395788

I’m so over sulphate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. Most people do not need that shit. Used regular ass tresemme and my hair has never looked and felt better and is significantly less knotty. And it’s way cheaper. I’m convinced most shit you see on social media is expensive shit that works terribly so you just end up spending more to mitigate it.

No. 395795

Thank you for saying it tbh I had the same experience, and I thought my hair was “difficult”. There’s nothing wrong with shampoo that actually fucking lathers.

No. 395796

SLS free products were only helpful for curly and maybe wavy hair to begin with aka not most people

No. 395825

After severe bacne from silicone conditioner I stay far away from silicone. Sulfates I don't care about, I just check that it's perfume free and correct pH.

No. 396000

Yeah I first tried them cause I have wavy hair, but honestly it just makes it less manageable, and it looks SO dull. I can see why curly hair might like it but not for me.

No. 396482

i used to have incredibly thick hair. my circumference used to be 5 inches, now its slightly over 4. i noticed the thinning around my crown a few months ago and only decided to measure today.
my living situation is so fucking stressful and its so infuriating because no one takes me seriously and i was told i was imaging my hair loss. its insane how much damage has been done to my mental health and my body in the last 7 months. i just want to be happy again nonnies

No. 396615

What caused it?

No. 396671

File: 1715324634886.gif (167.39 KB, 220x164, giygas.gif)

Same anon, I finally got to do it and it went well. The color is vibrant and my hair didn't get damaged but I'm disappointed with how pink it looks. Vampire red was out of stock so I used vampire kiss and it's waaaaay more pink than what I was going for… I really don't like pink on me and I still have one and a half dye boxes left. I literally just have magenta hair now, I'm really not happy with the results.

No. 396686

File: 1715338912460.jpg (49.52 KB, 564x796, 48dbce16ea5b2bc641b56a0f708edb…)

I hate that cute hairstyles like twin tails/braids, space buns etc. are so sexualized. I just can tell when I'm wearing them that I get more looks and weird encounters. I let my hair grow to be able to try different styles but I haven't been able to go outside with fun hairdos without feeling self-conscious. Also, anyone remember that golden period where youtube hair tutorials where all the rage and everyone was rocking unique hairstyles? Fishtail braids, dutch braids, waterfall braids, that gaga bun, half updos, the poof… Luxy Hair taught me everything, I was so jealous of her hair

No. 396692

Same thing happened to me nonna it was a combo of insane stress and taking supplements I shouldn’t (pre workout). Try peppermint oil mixed with a good carrier like avocado oil and massage your scalp a few times a week if you can’t afford the pricier grow back supps. It works better than minoxidil. I’m sorry nonna it fucking hurts so bad to lose what you feel is your crowning glory, I feel the same I’m still growing mine back.

No. 396693

Samefag, also make sure you really scrub your head well with shampoo my follicles were blocked too for a bit, it helps stimulate and get the pep oil in there. I use a wooden wide/fine double end comb to really get in there when my hair has conditioner on or is damp. UV protector spray too, to help your scalp regrow new hair. Sorry to sperg at you, this issue is just very near and dear to my heart. I cut like 4 inches off my super long hair also and wear it mostly in protective or down styles to aid the growth.

No. 396695

as someone with AGA I just wanna say that if you have a head full of hair LET IT GROW, try fun hairstyles and hair accessories. I would fucking kill to have my old hair , so many things I never tried and now I regret it. It started to get really bad just after I learned how to frenchbraid and do fancy braided hairstyles.
no limit as long as it's healthy and no split ends.

No. 396727

File: 1715354753110.jpg (1.29 MB, 3200x2400, Apply-Conditioner-to-Your-Hair…)

When you girls say that you get backne from conditioner, is it because you have long hair? Back acne has never been a problem to me even though my skin is sensitive because I have short hair. But I do notice some blemishes appearing from time to time on my forehead (I have bangs). I just am curious if there's a correlation between longer hair and acne caused by conditioner

No. 397121

File: 1715483936133.jpeg (120.16 KB, 1000x1000, cd1878b5-bf3a-41e7-8a1f-6c938a…)

Do you use oil for your hair? I've tried in the past but it makes mine feel so heavy, I tend to stick to shampoo and conditioner only

No. 397218

Yeah, but not Moroccan oil. It sucks. I have never met a single Moroccan who uses it idk why our nationality is in the name. Buy real argan oil, nothing makes your hair softer (pure argan oil stinks though fyi)

No. 397221

I stopped having bacne by avoiding anything with mineral oil or liquid paraffin in the ingredients list.

No. 397222

I oil my hair whenever it's dirty so it's a prewash treatment.
Moroccan oil is not even an arab company, it's an israeli company kek I wouldn't give them a cent.

No. 397325

I tried products from them years ago , worst stuff ever honestly, that famous oil is full of silicones and made my hair stringy and dry
>Israeli company
never ever, I'm gonna bash my friend for using this shit, she's a normalfag that doesn't understand haircare and swears by their shit oil

No. 397335

What hair oil would you recommend for thin dry hair?

No. 397504

File: 1715609648057.webp (228.29 KB, 1920x1440, IMG_1365.webp)

I just got my hair highlighted and I think I hate it. It’s chunky with big blonde streaks at the front right next to my natural hair color which is super dark. Will washing my hair help the disparity in color? Please help anons.
I’m working with something like picrel but just image a bright blonde streak at the front of your bangs and then brown right next to it.
This has me considering whether I need to change my hair stylist because I feel like her style is so dated compared to other hair people. My family has been going to her for a long time and she gives me a friends & family discount so I feel really guilty trying to find someone else.

No. 397509

I don't know about dye, but you should definitely switch hairdressers. There are just some things that older ones can't do and there's nothing to feel guilty about. I didn't want to find a new one, so I continued to go to the one my mother introduced me to as a child but when I went in to get a pixie cut instead of a simple trim one day she gave me the karen look and I decided that I could never go back kek

No. 397527

This pic is so cute though

No. 397539

Pure extra virgin olive oil

No. 397555

Chunky highlights are pretty popular with everything y2k being trendy so I wouldn't worry about it too much. But you could put some kind of dark blonde toner over your hair to make the bright parts look less stark, I did that because I had an ombre done that I thought was too drastic and now I love my hair color.

No. 397557

You can't make bleached hair darker by washing it. You can only put toner over it to make it darker, but make sure to only put it on the bleached bits because otherwise you will still have the same color difference, just a couple shades darker. You should probably go to a different hair salon and maybe have them fix it. I don't go to hair dressers anymore, I have never once gotten what I asked for and I think that 99% of them are just incompetent.

No. 397572

File: 1715625007768.jpg (108.62 KB, 1100x800, hairoil.jpg)

Just like anything else it's a trial and error thing. The very first hair oil that I tried was Hairmed 01, but no matter how I used it, it still felt too heavy and made my hair stringy. The next one I got was Schwarzkopf Rose oil, and it works great for my hair.

No. 397593

File: 1715630451789.jpeg (447.89 KB, 1522x1878, IMG_1373.jpeg)

Okay to follow this up, is there any way that I can make my hair less brassy or do I have to go back to the salon and have it dyed? I feel like one of the biggest issues is that the blonde is way too warm-toned and it doesn’t match my skin because I have a pink undertone. Should I have just dyed my hair altogether? It’s hard to explain but I feel like my natural hair color (the brown) doesn’t really suit my skintone either even though it’s my natural color.
I can’t reply to everyone’s comments rn but I appreciate all of your advice and will personally thank all of you later.

No. 397594

File: 1715630645140.jpeg (629.43 KB, 1252x1668, IMG_1367.jpeg)

I realize that this picture isn’t that bad so I’ll show the streaky highlights for those of you who are gonna say “it’s not that bad!!!!” Regardless the coloring isn’t flattering on me at all and I need to do something about it.

No. 397604

File: 1715632811730.jpg (15.32 KB, 236x354, d854f6464293253a9d9ac8f5a5c298…)

Maybe using a shampoo for gray hairs will tame the brassy tones? maybe you could dye it at home with henna to achieve a warm light brown color

No. 397610

File: 1715633559791.png (3.55 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1379.png)

Thanks anon. I was thinking something more cool toned like picrel. I’m technically a soft summer color season so cool and muted are
what looks good on me. I’m a walking disaster and don’t trust myself to dye my hair on my own so I think I will probably have to shell out another $200 dollars for this.

No. 397611

you're seriously willing to drop two hundred dollars to pay someone to help you achieve the most boring, easy shade of brown possible? pick up some box dye and slap it on, it's not like you're bleaching it yourself.

No. 397613

Ayrt damn, I thought you were a spring because your natural brown hair strands look kinda auburn, I'm a soft summer too and that pic is my natural hair color, ashy shades are really the only thing that suits us, I can personally attest to that after so many horrible dye jobs

No. 397623

Yes unfortunately because I have too many horror stories of trying to do my hair and fucking it up completely
I thought I was a soft summer but idk. Maybe I am a spring. Is there a good color that could work for soft summer AND a light spring? Aside from going blonde because blonde does not suit me at all.

No. 397722

I think this could probably be improved by just a purple conditioner. I think the highlights themselves aren't badly placed they're just very yellow.

No. 398271

Can someone tell me what this brush does and if it actually differs from a regular brush? She says she's using this curl brush to define her curls but all I'm seeing it a regular brush being dragged through her hair with tension and it looks like it straightens her hair before she molds it with her hands. I have the exact same hair type she's describing (goes straight when brushed wet but dries frizzy and wavy)

No. 398733

File: 1715930758288.jpg (189.86 KB, 463x625, 6a9221e5-3d98-4dc7-b325-1e377a…)

Don't know why but this hairstyle… Half up half down pony with hair in the front always gets me compliments and I never gets compliments. If somebody was deseperate this is the hair I'd recommend lol

No. 398811

Do you wear hair extensions for this? I know the girl in the pic is most likely in a wig, but it would take my entire head of hair to make up half of her ponytail. Whenever I try this sort of style I give up and take it out before I leave. Feeling a bit hopeless with thin, long hair

No. 399010

File: 1716062985933.jpeg (48.18 KB, 400x400, IMG_9838.jpeg)

I am so mad at myself, I shaved my head last year and decided to grow my natural hair color out for her first time since middle school but I already caved and dyed it an unnatural black color, I’m so pissed off. I wanna look like pic rel

No. 399011

I did the same thing in 2018! I didn’t actually commit to grow it out until 2021, it took that long. Just enjoy it for now.

No. 399018

File: 1716066276218.jpg (50.3 KB, 660x809, catpraying.jpg)

thank you goddess for these signs so that I don't fall into my own temptations and dye my hair black (again)

No. 399438

Dumb question, but where do you nonas draw the line between a "Karen" haircut and a masc short haircut?

No. 399446

Also how do I find a short, tomboyish hairstyle that doesn't make me look 14 (I'm 20)

No. 399457

"karen" haircut is an asymmetrical wedge bob with a very strong angle and cropped in the back, usually with a balayage. pixie cuts that are too long on top or too asymmetrical also have that same vibe. The key is to not cut the back too short, see 90s sexyman hairstyles

No. 399461

File: 1716209422346.jpg (111.74 KB, 735x971, 429081751_1434810820576653_910…)

Does that include these?

No. 399462

File: 1716209468554.jpg (49.59 KB, 517x412, 429641618_380105474650774_2419…)

No. 399471

This is my hairstyle except the bangs are a bit shorter and I get compliments on it constantly. Idc if it’s a “””””karen””””” haircut, people can go lick shit, it looks great on me and lots of other women

No. 399473

i'm morrocan and i use it, it really is some of the best products i have owned. Argan oil does not hydrate your hair, it's an oil. It does not replace a shampoo or a curl defining cream.

Let me break few misconceptions

> Oil can not hydrate or moisturize your hair, because it does not contain any water

> Silicones are not bad for most hair either, most shampoos can remove them, they create a protective shield on surface of the hair.

They are an anti humectant so they retain hairs moisture while creating a barrier to external moisture finally, they also are friction reducer- will prevent breakage from brushing, and blow dry brushing

> If you have curly hair, always make sure to remove entirely creams, or oil you put on your scalp because it clogs it and will impair hair growth

No. 399475

Is there a hairstyle that’s short on top/around the face but long in the back that doesn’t look like a mullet?

No. 399476

File: 1716214874780.png (1.53 MB, 1200x1500, pasted image 0.png)


like picrel nonna?

No. 399478

File: 1716215049414.png (298.26 KB, 602x628, cringe.png)

Do you have any tips for styling it? I have never done anything with my hair besides washing and brushing it, though it's extremely thin and the hairstylist recommended using volume powder. Picrel from the fakeboi alignment chart is how I often look kek

No. 399479

File: 1716215293169.png (172.22 KB, 247x431, Capture d'écran 2024-05-20 161…)


like picrel nonna?>>399475

No. 399483

File: 1716217039498.jpeg (96.46 KB, 707x766, 0088CB41-8663-4287-B392-93214B…)

Sure, I used to not do anything to my hair either, but I realized just a couple of minutes with a purposefully angled hair dryer can make a huge difference in the amount of lift. Picrel is a traced pic of my hair, I keep it a bit longer on top so that I can get a rounded look, I used to put a little mouse in it but eventually realized my hair doesn’t really need it as long as I blow dry it in the right way. I don’t do anything fancy, I usually just take one hand and hold the little sideburn pieces down to the side of my face (so they don’t get blown the wrong direction) and then on medium to high heat, blast the rest of my hair directly upwards (for bangs, upwards and sideways) for a while so the roots dry facing up-ish which gives the hair the lift I’m looking for. Then I blast downwards for just a half second or so to make sure pieces don’t stick out at weird angles/make sure everything is laying approximately the same direction.

Also, I realized I like this hair cut better with a tiny eency weency bit of extra length at the back of the neck, which you can see in picrel. I think it makes it look more fun and youthful. just imo

No. 399484

Thank you!

No. 399485

Yes, this is perfect, thank you, ily

No. 399568

File: 1716251428693.jpg (124.09 KB, 567x1021, 1000050403.jpg)

I want to get hair extensions for a month long trip I'm taking in October. My hair has failed to grow fast enough and I really want a long layered haircut to go with them. Im not cut at putting on clip ons and I honestly just want stomething that will stay there and look decent while I'm traveling. Are microlink extensions any good for this? How do they do with up-do's? How much do they usually cost and how do I even look for a stylist that does them? (How can I tell if they're good?)

Pic related is the haircut I want with them.

No. 399570

Forgot to add. I've never had hair extensions professionally done so I have 0 idea about any of this. I'll take all the help and advice I can get.

No. 401535

File: 1716918718490.jpeg (272.23 KB, 1600x800, blog-09-16-20-hair-level-chart…)

I naturally have medium/dark-ish brown hair (closest to 5 on picrel) that I have since dyed really dark brown that almost resembled black when fresh. The color has since faded and the last time I dyed my hair was October. I tried to lighten my hair with the strongest at-home bleach but the color didn't lift at all. (I only did a test strip)
I'm assuming this means I can't bleach hair at home? Do hair dressers have stronger stuff that would be able to lift the color? I'm currently in a hair crisis but I am thinking of a light brown color that wouldn't be possible without bleaching.

No. 401538

Post what you used to bleach your hair.

No. 401541

File: 1716921252849.png (244.32 KB, 512x512, icon-512-512-true-e1666d543e9d…)

Just picked the first package that promised "up to 9 levels of lift" kek

No. 401558

Is it lame to have a balayage these days? I have brown hair and want to add some blond to it to lighten it up for the summer.

No. 401606

Don’t use box bleach kits, just straight up powder bleach in a tub and liquid peroxide.

No. 401607

So I usually bleach my hair to a #60 bleach blonde with classic bleach mix, but last time I tried bleaching my hair, the smell of the bleach seemed 10x more potent than usual. It actually got to the point I couldn’t breathe and every time I inhaled it was like being gassed literally. Even my roommate who sometimes helps me was like ‘that doesn’t smell good…maybe you should rinse it off’ I checked the peroxide and I think it might have been left open for a few months or something. The bleach powder was new and fine. Is this expected when using old or expired liquid peroxide? Honestly I’m used to regular bleaching smells but this was like atomic smelling and nearly killed me.

No. 401996

File: 1717091404782.png (1.34 MB, 1024x2539, 104137_2da27045.png)

Does anyone have any experience using cassia? It's also known as senna or colorless henna (although it's not the same plant as henna). You can't dye your hair with it but it works well as a hair treatment for volume and softness, and if your hair is very light it may give you golden highlights. I'm thinking about buying some but pic related is almost 13€ for only 100 grams, it's not that cheap.
I think the only problem with a balayage is that you'll need to maintain it with specific products or even going back to the salon every other week to get it touched up so it doesn't look fried. If you live in the northern hemisphere your hair tips may become very dry on summer.
It doesn't sound like that product was in proper conditions at all, nona. Would you consider using other methods to lighten your hair that don't involve conventional bleach? I know most of them could take you up to a month to get actual results but maybe that's good. A lot of women lighten their hair in a two or three week span, taking some time to moisturize deeply the hair before applying any chemicals again.

No. 402661

File: 1717310336883.jpg (918.54 KB, 2699x1647, 20240602_072752.jpg)

Do these lighter hairs in my hair look like gray hair? I've never noticed them before. I did used to have a balayage and cut off the bleached part of my hair a year ago, and sometimes notice random bleached light brown hairs sometimes, but these hairs are light from the tip. I'm 24 and feel stressed out often, but I've been under stress for my entire adult life and never noticed hair like this before. Am I being retarded and it's just a remnant of bleached hair?

No. 402668

I will proceed to do witchcraft on you

No. 402711

It's leftover bleached strands, grey hairs grow from the root.

No. 402890

File: 1717373146700.jpg (60.23 KB, 679x679, a63cd151736af96ef4412af0212874…)

Bought this on a whim because I saw a girl with insanely shitty hair get amazing results using it. My hair has very high porosity and it's thick, so that's the best profile to use it by the reviews I saw. Hopefully it will work

No. 404858

File: 1717966571813.jpg (88.52 KB, 640x480, hair.jpg)

Is a haircut like this destined to fail if you have thick hair? I love this cut but I've only seen women with relatively thin hair having it

No. 404883

I have thick hair and had this haircut before no problem.

No. 404885

Thank you for answering anon, I'm glad. Maybe now I'll get the courage to try it myself

No. 404902

How did it go, anon?

No. 404920

Sorry anon, since I bought it directly from Japan I'm still waiting for it to arrive lol

No. 404931

i have thick hair and have almost this exact cut. it looked very cute and fluffy.

No. 405492

My hair is naturally a dirty blonde colour but this past year it's changed, the midlengths and ends now have noticeable red/orange tinge that I don't like. Is there a way to make it go back to how it was before without bleaching my hair? Also what even causes this and how can I prevent it?

No. 405520

Is it a gradual shift and the ends are the worst? That's what I get and I'm 99,5% sure it's the sun naturally bleaching the hair, there's no other way I can explain the hair lightening up towards the end and going brassy. Toner and silver shampoo help taking the orange tinge out but I find the upkeep + expenses a hassle.

No. 405586

I always think this haircut is for anachans who’ve starved themselves so much their hair started falling out and they had to cut it to hide the uneven length and bald patches

No. 405613

I've heard of sun damage before but I thought that only applied to you if it caused the ends of your hair to be crusty… but maybe I'll try a product like that then, thanks nona

No. 405614

Anyone know a brand of hair dye that actually covers up grey hair? I started to get the first few due to a lot of stress and every brand I tried doesn't seem to work despite saying it covers greys on the box.

No. 405618

I have thick curly hair and this looked really dumb on me(It stuck out) and grew out into a bowl cut. I love short hair but I am cursed to look like Krusty the Clown with it

No. 405994

File: 1718369776147.jpg (64.37 KB, 564x700, e4c348ea8f876c01cb4fd4f1545eb7…)

I've been trying out curtain bangs inspired by korean hairstyles lately and am learning to style them. I clean them everyday, blow dry then put on a hair roller, wait and fix with some hairspray, then brush it with a comb with some more hairspray to separate the strands. I really like the airy/wispy look like picrel, but even if I can kinda achieve it with styling it clumps almost as soon as I go out and I have to fix them nonstop. Does anyone have a tip to keep the wispy look ? Should I just always have a brush with me and brush them out often, change the cut, or find a better hairspray?

No. 406174

File: 1718444273979.jpg (189.62 KB, 789x1063, 1000001415.jpg)

anyone has experience with underlayers? is it worth the hassle, and risk of ending up with a mess

No. 406182

If you are very careful (if you’re doing it yourself I assume) it can be soooooo fucking cool. I used to do it as a teenager back in the Stone Age (2012 kek) just make sure to separate the hair sections really well and use a ratting comb pointy end to help sectioning for nice clean parting. I usually did it with my natural hair as the top color but you can obv do any two or more colors. What’s the combo you’re thinking of nonna?

No. 406201

hairspray is a necessary evil when it comes to bangs but it’s really hard to find brands that do the job without making your hair look clumpy or crispy. What kind are you using? My bangs aren’t as wispy as they used to be, but when they were I used hairitage hair spray, but it was always super hard to find stocked in stores. If you don’t have a good hairspray I’d say stop using so much of it. Wispy bangs especially are supposed to blow around and be a little chic, it’ll look unnatural and weird if they’re stuff and sticky. I was also a fan of dry shampoo (again hairitage brand, there might be better ones this is just one I like which I’ve always used), I’d flip my hair upside down and spray it on my hairline from a distance. It gave me a wind blown wispy sort of look that I could easily piece out jnto something really cute. Also did the job of holding things relatively in place without being sticky and clumpy. It’s a really delicate balance. Though, with all of this, bangs really are just the devil. Especially when you first get them, you’ll always be fiddling with them and worrying about them. wispy bangs are the worst, too. one gust of wind and you’re over. I wish you luck and fortitude anon.

No. 406393

as long as you properly section your hair and put up the unused section it should work out fine.

No. 407890

File: 1718963086772.jpg (182.39 KB, 1080x1080, 1-bob-to-waist-butt-white-blon…)

What extensions should I use for my bleached blonde hair?
My hair is really damaged from bleach and I had keratin ones in the past. Besides clip ons cause i cant install myself. I can't cope with having short hair the way people would treat me actually nicely and like a person when I had long blonde extensions is something I need . Idk what to do honestly

No. 407905

I'd get a buzzcut and a wig

No. 407906

i see your point but i could not. plus the uncomfortable wig feeling

No. 408277

File: 1719094456286.jpeg (121.86 KB, 529x640, IMG_1432.jpeg)

im at a loss of what to do with my thick, curly/wavy hair. i was bleaching and straightening for a while which looked best on me but obviously damaged it terribly. its to my armpits now and ive been growing out the brunette/using no heat for a while but even with products and styling i still feel i could look better sometimes and its all my hair

would it be possible to achieve this look with clip in extensions or tape ins? what kind is best? that way i can maybe keep my hair natural but add some length. ive considered wigs but im terrible at applying them. and ive used clip in/tape in extensions before and straightened my hair but it doesnt hold against humidity or rain and its so damaging. though it did elevate my appearance quite a bit. i hate to be so vain i just wish to be more presentable

No. 408358

File: 1719122624216.gif (5.07 MB, 540x409, IMG_3769.gif)

I have very healthy waist long hair but I actually prefer chin/shoulder length hair. I especially love bobs. I’ve had bobs in the past and loved every moment of my bob experiences. I also have a vintage leaning style and long hair makes me look too modern. The only reason Im hesitant to cut it again is because I constantly get complimented on my long hair and I’m incredibly desperate for validation kek

No. 408368

I was the same until recently, but once my hair reached my butt crack I was forced to trim the length simply because of the weight, the con of having very thick hair. It's mid back length now

No. 408435

File: 1719153928021.jpg (365.37 KB, 1667x931, E0977697.jpg)

Maybe you can try a faux bob? (there's hundreds of other tutorials I just went with the simplest examples) So that way if you change your mind you can unravel the hair. Or if it doesn't have to be waist length levels of long, maybe Veronica Lake type of hairstyles? depending on which time period you're into.

No. 408436

File: 1719154016716.jpg (141.23 KB, 694x948, Download209787.jpg)

Samefag, some long vintage styles

No. 408452

I think you should try shorter hair at least once in your life if you've never had it! feeling happy with your own hair feels a lot better than having other people be happy with your hair, and you know you've got the genes to grow it back out when you change your mind. I've always had waist length hair and went up to a few inches past my shoulders for the first time and I love how cute my braids and ponytails look now. but then, I'm still working up the bravery to go all the way to bob length and Chappell Roan music videos make me wanna grow it back out so maybe don't listen to me.
I genuinely cannot imagine this working for more than 2 minutes before falling out from the weight of the hair but I'm definitely going to give it a shot.

No. 408455

samefag I'm a dumbass and missed the "had short hair in the past" part but I still think you should try it again

No. 408470

Sometimes I feel like having long hair is such a curse because people will inevitably tell once you get a drastic haircut that you looked better before. I went from waist length to a bob once because my hair was shitty and bleach damaged and people still commented they couldn't understand why I did that. These days though I really like having long hair, it's just fun to braid or put in different updos when I'm bored.

No. 408581

This hairstyle is hard to pull off unless you have perfect delicate pointy features

No. 408704

i dunno, the only pointy feature on veronica is her nose but otherwise her face is ovalish, shouldn't be that difficult.

No. 408822

Up until now I thought the hairstyle in the very first clip only exists in 90s manga. Now that I know it's possible, I kindly request a tutorial. I am absolutely retarded with hairstyling and the most complex thing I manage is a high ponytail. When I put hairclips in my hair, they never stay in place. Please give a step by step description.

No. 408847

File: 1719273953787.jpg (36.27 KB, 848x480, Last Cinderella ep06 (848x480 …)

Nonna this is very easy you can absolutely do this! I've done it by accident before (the tiny sheer bangs part) it doesn't suit my face but I think it's a really cute look. Just start by cutting the tiniest amount of bangs like literally taking just a few hairs especially if you have thick hair. You're just cutting like baby hairs essentially. Do it about mid eyebrow length and you can trim more if you want after. Then part your hair all to one side and pull the bang pieces out, stick a clip in it you're done
Ryoko shinohara has her hair in that exact style in the drama Last Cinderella, for some reason I can't find a good pic of it but it's worn that way several times in the movie

No. 409230

how can i make my hair grow faster? i used to dye it a lot, but this year i started to take care of it. although it looks waaay better and healthier than before, the growth is really slow. my dream would be to have it around my waist, but it has been kinda stucked on the same lenght for almost 2 years now. any advice nonas?

No. 409233

What's your current routine?

No. 409249

Your hair is either breaking off/getting cut faster than it grows or you've reached your natural max length. Everyone has a natural max length.

No. 409512

File: 1719438966616.jpg (92.98 KB, 534x1000, 81BvizkCMrL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

How colorfast is the Casting Creme Gloss range ? I have virgin hair and I'm interested in the deeper brown shades. But I'm worried about the color bleeding everywhere like semi-permanents. I'm especially worried about getting dye all over my forehead and my clothes when I sweat. I have a physical job and summers are hot.

No. 409523

File: 1719441738750.jpeg (2.38 MB, 5667x3778, IMG_1922.jpeg)

how do i get my bangs to stay in the style of top left and bottom? it always ends up flat and to the side like in pic 2, no matter what i do. i know i have a cowlick and widows peak but there must be some way to get the style to stay?

my routine:
blow dry front pieces from side to side and then flatten with a brush and point blow dryer to tip (my attempt to get the hair to stay forward)
then i spray it with some kenra hairspray.

No. 409552

I use a hair roller after showering, while my hair is still wet and leave it to dry. It makes the roots stay in the position I want.

No. 409585

Nonnys, i have a sort of squarish round jaw and soft features. Tiny nose, big almond eyes, medium lips. No sharp edges at all and i want to look sharper. Is that even possible with a haircut? If not, what hairstyles would compliment soft feminine features.
I have had pixies and long hair all the way to my arse. I just have medium length hair with slight long bang from last two haircuts. The current look makes my jaw appear super square and wide and i dont like that. My face shape completely changes when i put my hair up. So badly that when i grew my pixie cut long enough to slap in a ponytail, my coworkers didnt recognize me lmfao.
Anyways, some advice would be nice.

No. 409975

File: 1719549737872.webp (27.36 KB, 1280x720, Shiseido_TsubakiShampooConditi…)

Anybody have success finding shampoo and conditioners without heavy fragrance that aren't crunchie hippie brands? I use the basic red Tsubaki set and it makes my hair soft but the smell always makes my migraines worse. High end brands like Oribe seem to be even more offensively smelly than cheap Pantene or Herbal Essences so I don't know where to start searching. Yes I have tried opening and smelling bottles at the pharmacy before.

No. 409987

have you tried smelling medicated shampoos?(anti dandruff etc) they have a scent but tend to be a lot less perfumed than the standard "lady" shampoo

No. 410066

File: 1719590023911.jpeg (91.79 KB, 500x500, IMG_1512.jpeg)

nonnas i need help so bad. please. nobody replied to my hair post and i cant even go on reddit because i cant get enough karma bullshit for advice. ive hated my hair since i was a little and its making me obsessive lately.

naturally my hair is a dark brown and looks like this. however i assume from bleaching it again and straightening it more (i think its more so the straightening without a heat protectant when i forgot one on a week long vacation that really fried the fuck out of my hair because even with bleaching or highlights i still maintained a decent amount of curl)

its not stringy but just frizzy and so dead and dry on the ends. i even cut a bunch off and it wasnt enough. i havent been touching it with any heat or bleach and im just at a loss.

id really like to dye it all a lighter brown and trim more and wear some curly clip in extensions until it grows out. does this sound like a good idea? i love it straight and i love the blonde on me i just feel like i need to take a new route. i can still straighten it sometimes but i just want to feel pretty in my natural hair and not have it in a frizzy low bun that makes me look fucking homeless. i cry so much over it. and im not good with wigs and theyd be awful in the heat. if i ever want blonde i figure i can just try out a wig in cooler weather but i dont think the bleach damage is worth it anymore.

my hairdresser is also out until september so im just at a loss. do i find a new one for now?

tldr my naturally brown curly shoulder hair length has been drier with less curls lately and i have stopped heat and bleach (the bleach is grown out i have about 2-3 inches of fresh hair regrowth) i look homeless so im thinking to trim, dye an all light brown, and grow it out…probably need to see a hairdresser

No. 410071

If Japanese brands work well, maybe Shiseido super mild shampoo+conditioner? It has very low fragrance and is unisex

No. 410136

Anon I don't think you need to panic like this is some super horrible problem unique to you, bleach damage is incredibly common. You shouldn't have trouble finding info on reddit if you just search key words.

I have the same issue except my hair isn't curly. I'm going to dye it back to my natural colour, keep getting trims, wait til it grows out. Not much else for it. Go see a different hairdresser, who tf wants to wait months for a haircut out of loyalty to a stylist?? And I don't think you need extensions or a wig unless you're cutting your hair ridiculously short. Maybe you should use olaplex too (I cbf but it supposedly works).

No. 410667

File: 1719777467612.png (4.74 MB, 1240x2520, UHMMM.png)

Anons idk what to fucking do. I literally showed the hairdresser the above picture, and I ended up leaving looking like a slightly redder version of the below one.
We both admitted it wasn't what I was looking for, but since I'm 1. awkward, 2. it is a really good color and it admittedly DOES look good on me. But as the evening went on the more I hate it because it's not what I wanted.
Is there anything I can do on my own (other than emailing the salon)? I'm kinda freaking out atm and considering going ham on it with head & shoulders and hoping for the best.

No. 410671

Doesn't red hair fade more quickly than others since it's a large molecule or whatever? Maybe give it a little time to see how it'll fade into

No. 410673

It's probably not gonna fade to that color up top unless you started with something very light brown to begin with. If you started blonde or brown it's just gonna fade to a kind of orangey color or brown again. Just rock the red, you don't always get what you want 100% and if it looks good you should just enjoy what life throws at you

No. 410675

I guess, I just hope it fades into something decent…
But the issue is that I _HATE_ it. The more I see it every time I pass by a mirror the more unhappy I am with it.

No. 410686

File: 1719781970851.jpeg (47.69 KB, 736x552, IMG_4511.jpeg)

I can’t get a single hairdresser to give me straight flat bangs like picrel. They always make mine look super voluminous and wispy and curtain-bang-ish which is simply not what I’m going for. But bangs are bit of a rare sight in my country so maybe that’s why

No. 410691

File: 1719782668758.jpeg (141.99 KB, 736x1296, IMG_4512.jpeg)

Samefag, this is the result I usually get and I’m not happy with it at all. I’m not into the messy casual french girl look or whatever it’s called but they just don’t get it. Sigh.

No. 410694

this is the easiest style to cut on your own, just watch some youtube videos

No. 410696

Last time I checked these YouTube tutorials all end up looking like the type of bangs I do not want kek (>>410691)

No. 410698

File: 1719784140051.jpg (28.76 KB, 460x345, v4-460px-Cut-Your-Own-Bangs-St…)

it's scary the first time, but get some hairdresser's scissors and do it yourself. you'll need them anyways since keeping these bangs means trimming them every few weeks. the bangs in your picture are a staple in jfashion but if you ask a hairdresser for it outside of japan they'll assume you want either thin bangs or the super wide zooey deschanel fringe.
make an even n-shaped part like picrel. if they're too wispy, add more hair into the top of the part (from further back on your head). also if your hair isn't stick-straight it may just need some styling tbh

No. 410700

Thank you nonny this was very helpful

No. 410701

then you didn't even try kek

No. 411013

If you nonnies hate dealing with hair, please get dreads. It's literally the best decision I ever made. My maintenance is so low, no more straightening, curling, and spending 40 minutes to an hour in the morning getting my hair ready. I also tried the curly girl method (2B curls) and it ate up hours of my time.

No. 411143

I thought dreads needed a lot of maintenance to stay healthy and clean?

No. 411157

They require root touchups every 3 months or so (how often you go in for touchups depends on if you want them looking extremely neat at the root or if you are okay with the roots growing out a bit) and they do need a deep vinegar cleanse once a year. Obviously, you shower as normal with them provided you have a clarifying shampoo (you don't use conditioner or it creates buildup).

To me, this is so much easier than my old routine. You already are saving so much time in terms of not needing to style your hair daily. If I tried to wear my hair naturally in the past, the curly girl "routine" after I'd wash my hair took hours to complete when I didn't have dreadlocks. For me, it wasn't worth wasting a whole weekend (okay, I'm exaggerating a little, it would take about a whole day at least since my hair does NOT dry. It takes 7-10 hours to dry on average when I used the curly girl method). If you learn to do root maintenance yourself, it's nice because them you also don't need to pay someone to do your maintenance for you. I guess the only other consideration is that you'll want silk pillowcases at least to avoid lint buildup.

if you work out, you can spray your scalp with a mild vinegar/distilled water mix to keep your scalp fresh. I've never had to do that since I don't sweat that much in general.

Again, it's all about perspective. If you like your hair the way it is and it looks neat, that's obviously the easiest method of all. I just find it far easier to have dreadlocks than to have to style my hair to avoid it looking frizzy.

No. 411534

File: 1720066318752.jpg (70.03 KB, 736x981, .jpg)

Does anyone have product recommendations for texturizing short, straight, thick hair? Right now I'm looking into texturizing sprays and sea salt sprays but I wonder if there's any specific product that anyone has had a good experience with. I'd prefer products that can be bought in person rather than online to prevent any shipping problems.

No. 411544

I’m not a fan of white people dreads

No. 411546

Me neither. Not trying to bait but it makes them look moist, damp and mildewy.

No. 413939

Going to try out the $$$ hipster salon with the "gender-affirming" hairdressers because at least these ladies aren't a million years old and seem to know how to do cute short hair on women, unlike my bitchass ex-hairdresser who no matter what I told her kept giving me the same basic bitch blunt bob and leaving the entire back an inch longer than the front because of supposed "cowlicks". At least she was cheap. If I don't get the 90's boyband cut of my dreams then I'm buzzing it all off. Wish me luck.

No. 413945

It really isn't that hard to find a regular salon staffed by young people who know the latest trends lol.

No. 413947

Maybe not where you are, but it is hard when you live in a very conservative area. Pretty much every salon around here only seems to do balayages and Mormon influencer curls, even and especially the ones staffed by younger women.

No. 413956

File: 1720768646862.jpeg (356.67 KB, 1200x1500, IMG_5693.jpeg)

Bob appreciation

No. 413963

Hairdressers can be very close minded. I go to a vintage hairdresser because my style is very vintage leaning. She usually does an amazing job but she’s quite misogynistic. One time I wanted to try out a trendy zoomer look and showed her a picture. She then went on a rant about how I looked much prettier than the trashy girl on the reference photo and gave me Brigitte Bardot bangs instead kek. I hate Bardot bangs.

No. 414037

Aren't "trendy zoomer looks" basically vintage mullets, wolfcuts and the like anyhow now?
It might be me being old now but I don't see a lot of difference between what zoomers' hairstyles look like and pictures of what rock stars and people on old pictures or retro tv footage looked like in the 80s.

No. 414044

My hairdresser is mainly doing older vintage looks nonny. Like full on granny. Think of the ones depicted on this thread cover, Priscilla beehives and 20s flapper bobs. I didn’t even know that the 80s were considered vintage now kek. I assumed zoomers took their hairspo from anime and final fantasy but now that you mention it, could be rockstars too!

No. 414047

Kek the last time I went to the hairdresser they were all simping for criminals they'd heard about on true crime podcasts. I wish I was joking.

No. 414068

How do you even find a hairdresser like this?

No. 414099

I absolutely hate hairdressers
Not surprising since most hairdressers are trailer trash

No. 414118

I'm gonna go insane, I haven't changed anything to my hair routine but for the past few weeks it's been getting bad. It started feeling waxy/sticky, heavy and gross at the back after washing, now it's spread to more of the lengths and almost the whole back of my head. It's so embarrassing that I have to tie my hair all the time, when I usually have nice, thick wavy hair with sort of ringlets at the ends. Now it looks all dull and disgusting. I asked for help at a beauty store and they gave me a light, natural, silicone-free shampoo I've been making the switch to but it's getting even worse. Tried putting on less shampoo, more, rinsing abundantly, it's not changing. Anyone ever had this happen?

No. 414122

Sounds like build up, did something about your water change? Like did you move recently perhaps or removed a water filter from your shower head?

No. 414124

Have you done a clarifying shampoo?

No. 414126

I moved here about 7 months ago and though the water is known to be hard here, this only started about a month ago.
I've thought about it, not sure which one to pick. I kinda put the shampoo budget I had in the new gentle one I was suggested, but I'm open to ideas. My hair is the classic oily roots/dry ends type

No. 414231

I’ve been seeing her since I was a teenager. I was lucky enough to just happen to live near her. Used to walk past her store daily on my way to school. It’s super random because we live on the German country side kek. She’s pretty well known in the pin up scene here therefore she has clients from all over Germany who drive long routes to see her. She told me she established her reputation by working behind the scenes of photoshoots for retro brands and stuff like that

No. 414355

Me again, it was a success! I could tell the person I booked with was a little nervous that I wanted to go really short, but she was patient and attentive and gave me exactly what I wanted. Plus she blended the back nicer than my nigel's barber does with his hair, kek.

No. 414417

File: 1720919234780.gif (1.26 MB, 200x200, Baby elephant drinking.gif)

my hair's become a lot more frizzy recently, even though I don't think I'm doing anything differently?
is it the shampoo I'm using? I've tried applying vinegar to my hair, my mum tells me that helps, but it hasn't.

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Do you live in a hot area? I notice my hair gets more frizzy when it's humid and hot

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