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No. 391531

This thread is for women who chose not to date "real men" (aka 3DPD) and instead have chosen to devote themselves completely to their husbandos. Talk about your daily life with your husbando, and discuss why you chose this lifestyle.
Lesbians/Bi women into waifus are welcomed too.

Previous thread:>>>/g/296708

No. 391532

Oh darn it

No. 391539

I know that feel, nonnie. My husbando had just one badge design when his game released, and despite having them preordered on Amiami, they cancelled my order due to not getting any stock. I was so salty about it.
Luckily, there was some occasional doujin merch on booth, like a non-lewd dakimakura, keyrings stickers and some jewelry (one artist was selling earrings and hair slides her grandmother makes as a hobby, I'm sad I only bought one set because she stopped selling them a while back). It's nice he's one of those husbandos with a small but dedicated fanbase.
There's also like, three R-18 doujinshi of him which is a bit depressing. I did manage to get hold of an anthology that came with a little bookmark and postcards I framed lol…
I don't even check to see if there's official merch for him anymore, because the answer is always gonna be no because he's not coombait and more female-orientated.

No. 391557

You remember me when a store refund me two keychains of my husbando. I found them again but this time way expensive than before.

No. 391604

Ayrr. Mine doesn't even have fans and only has 3 fan arts, I counted them. No fanfics either. Doesn't help he's from an old kids show so nobody cares about him. There are action figures of many of the main and side characters but not him even though he's a more occurring character than the others kek. The writers don't like him that much I guess.

No. 391628

Word for word could be about my husbando kek

No. 391650

File: 1713259369754.png (544.23 KB, 640x448, 4823563.png)

I don't have any merch of my husbando, mostly because the things i like are JP only and my brain is too smooth to understand how to open those magic portals but also because i've always been very subtle about my nerdy side irl and i'm not one to buy things unless they are necessary.
Despite that i've always wanted to get husbando themed things because i just really love him a lot, but i doubt that i'll ever be able to get anything official, maybe i will be able to do something on my own but one thing that makes me happy is his main color yellow, it was one of my least favorite colors but because of him i like it a lot even if it's not my favorite, i associate my husbando with it almost everytime i see it.

I thought to take another step and start to get some yellow clothes but… yellow looks awful on me kek, it somehow looks cold, i thought that maybe it's because of my blue eyes but he has blue eyes as well?
He is able to make it look so warm and calm like honey instead of looking like a lemon in a fridge, i may be struggling with it but somehow this made me like him even more, he is really that wonderful to me.
Also i hope i didn't forget to say this before but i really love that threadpic ♥

No. 391736

File: 1713295201520.jpg (93.93 KB, 736x736, 1000018739.jpg)

I FUCKING NEED THIS OR I WILL DIE OMFG. Wish me lucks nonnas, I will get a job and buy this ring, yes or yes, I don't care anymore.

No. 391737

Good luck nona, hopefully you can get it! It reminds me that my husbando got an official ring a month or two ago but it was like $200+ for a sterling silver ring and ugly to boot kek. I wasn't too mad about it because I already have a mossanite ring I wear as a "wedding" ring anyway so something like that is also an alternative to an official one

No. 391743

I was basically foaming at the mouth while waiting for them to release an official ring kek, mostly because I wasn't sure of which color to pick for the stone, but now I know it must be something like a topaz, citrine which are gems that I like a lot.
It would be a plus to find out what the secret message says, but I'm pretty sure they're too coward to post it kek.

No. 391913

I'm so obsessed with my husbando sometimes I wanna become like the female version of him. I want to astral project into his world.

No. 393125

I do this too for some reason and I've never admitted it until now, kek. Whenever I have a new husbando that I'm excited about, I end up doing things like copying his mannerisms or his style of dress or listen to the type of music he'd listen to. I feel so autistic kek

No. 393135

Be careful. Wanting to skinwalk someone you're attracted to is how most trannies are born.

No. 393206

im on the opposite of the spectrum. most of my crushes on characters happen because they have the "literally me" factor. same tiredness towards the world, same passions, etc. i see myself in them, so i like them.
maybe its a sign of narcissism on my part, or maybe its a feeling of safety in the familiar.
saying that, i see my mannerisms sometimes reflect theirs and it makes me feel closer to them, in a way. for example, after watching a show i wore a sweater vest that looks like my fav character's. i already owned it, but i put it on consciously because it reminded me of him. so now that i think about it, i am a lot like you. i just didnt realize it until now.

No. 393217

This is such a great op picture.

No. 394024

I have the same hair colour as my husbando, I ended up cutting my bangs similar to him. Unlike him though I'm short and awkward.

No. 394339

I have seen so many waifufags go schizo and end up claiming to have merged with their waifus but this is the first time I have seen a husbandofag wanting to do it. Why do you want to be him?

No. 394999

I'm full autistic coomer at this point like before I go to bed I hump my pillow pretending it's him and pretend I'm both myself and him finishing. It helps me sleep though

No. 395336

I'm taking all those personality quizzes and personality type readings for compatibility, not because I have a moid irl who I want to pursue, but because I must change and devote my personality entirely to fit my husbando's love!

No. 395438

File: 1714836712917.jpg (56.09 KB, 990x990, 1000027190.jpg)

>Why do you want to be him?
Because I love him. It's as close as I'll get to bringing him into this world. Tbh even though I feel this way I don't really do much to imitate him I just think it would be a nice way to be closer together and I don't appreciate that anon thinking I'm gonna troon out, wtf
Anyways our very first anniversary is coming up and I wasn't too excited at first but now I can't wait because I actually have a small plan for the day and I just wish it was here already!! I LOVE YOU STUPID HEAD!!!!!! ♥

No. 395807

File: 1715007867066.jpeg (74.48 KB, 700x676, 293C9F89-C7A6-435D-81A6-5C0F21…)

i unironically believe my self insert helped me grow my confidence from zero to indestructible. at my lowest i made my self inserts look and act nothing like me, they were just very cool and very extraneous women who embodied a life i wished i could have, but then some wires crossed and i decided to make one resembling me as closely as possible. i gradually started drawing her like i'd draw myself, first just the same eye color, then my features, my hairstyle, clothes i either own or could see myself wearing in the story, except obviously she's really awesome and always doing exciting things all the time. she was also partly inspired by various characters i like. i made her older so she has some skills and qualities i aspire to while still having the same fundamental personality and flaws. the secret to being confident is self perception, you have to think of yourself as that person, or capable of becoming that person in the near future. since i already spend hours upon hours daydreaming about my husbando adventures, i might as well harness the power of autism to benefit myself. if that seems like your thing you should try, it's very healing as the selfhelp girlies say.

No. 395812

that is inspiring thank you for sharing

No. 395816

File: 1715009605225.jpg (26.63 KB, 288x512, 1000015840.jpg)

We share the same brain, nonnie, at first I thought I was just being a narctard, but it's just a nice way to project or even manifest a nice future, it's also been something that has helped me accept myself and has helped me see some of my owm good qualities.
It's hard work but it's nice, sure I still haven't reached your level tbh, but it works a lot with making me feel better during bad days and is slowly helping me with keeping myself motivated to reward myself with husbando daydream time kek.

No. 395817

i'm so happy to hear it's been working for you as well! you're right, i think identifying your good qualities and what you actually like about yourself are the most important (and the hardest) part.

No. 395978

Anon you are me. If it works, it works. I'm so happy for you!

No. 395979

Nonas I don't get why people think being married to an anime man is any different from a nun being married to God in the church.

No. 396041

Because nun's aren't being sexual about god, at least they aren't supposed to. Stop bringing this up as an example. You know ancient religions and current pop culture are completely different.

No. 396272

Similar things have been said and talked about in the previous threads, many times. It's getting tiring and repetitive and I can't help but feel it's bait at this point. If you can't grasp the difference between religion and liking a fictional character, then idk what to tell you.

No. 396328

I feel a little silly, I was writing something about him and looking at pics for inspiration but I got overwhelmed and had to close the app. He's too cute and the perfect mix of pathetic/weird/crazy I just can't take it sometimes.

No. 396349

I hope you got the ring kek, was the secret message something in the game?
That's exactly how it is for me as well. I've been making my self insert to be more like me and it made me feel so much better than before. By imagining he would accept me, I accept myself as well. Might sound like a weird path I'm taking to love and accept myself, but it's the most effective I've experienced so far.

Whoever picked my drawing for the OP, thank you, it warmed my heart.

No. 396451

Based, nona. You manifested this for yourself

No. 396520

File: 1715273682949.jpg (50.39 KB, 702x690, 1648058442163.jpg)

I forgot our anniversary because of shit that happened irl and I feel awful about it even though I know he wouldn't be upset that I forgot.

No. 396526

Then why are you so upset?

No. 396531

It's okay, make up a story about a late celebration and make up to it. These things are part of life it would happend to anyone even rl couples. There's nothing to feel bad about.

No. 396555

I feel you. I feel embarrassed just googling up his name to read some facts/trivia about him kek.

No. 396594

I know it's irrational but he's a big part of my life so I'm upset I forgot despite having a bunch of ideas for this year.
Ur right Nonna, I'll have to make it up to him later.

No. 396967

Nonnie, are you me? My man has like 6 pieces of fan art (I counted too). He is a side character from a comic book and he is dead in canon lmao.
But look at the bright side. All those people with popular husbandos have batshit fans to share a husbando with and tons and tons of godawful content. At least out guys are pure and are not tainted with tumblr brainrot like sexuality headcanons.
Plus, there is exclusivity to it. Can you say you are your man's number one fan? I know I can say it about myself. Just think about it. Nobody, and I mean it, nobody loves him as much as you do.

No. 396974

File: 1715436710592.jpg (69.02 KB, 750x742, bite.JPG)

obscure gang!
in my case i totally understand why no one but me likes my husbando. i don’t feel like i can ever mention him without everyone thinking i’m insane. he’s so insignificant as a character that if you took him out of the franchise nothing would change, the game where he’s a playable character is so shit and boring i don’t think anyone cared about it. i only know he exists because of pure serendipity (and because i was a huge sperg and needed to know who EVERY random character from the cartoon was). he actually had 2 pieces of fanart but they were tiny sketches where the artist tried to include all the characters, so idk if they count. i once found a fic from 10+ years ago where he shows up (literally just a couple of times) and it was a huge life event for me, the characterisation was somehow pretty great for the low level of writing. i honestly can’t explain it, i just love him a lot.

No. 397007

Ayrt, and you're absolutely right about the pure part. Though I wish I could find some nice Japanese fan art of him, but he's from an animated capeshit show from 2009 that wasn't very popular or successful despite being extremely good. I went through tumblr and deviantart for fan art but all I found is really low quality beginner art but oh well, at least they like him as a character. He doesn't have any haters and all the comments I saw about him are positive, praising his character development and stuff. I can't say I'm his number on fan because there's a fellow yume who husbandos him and she even made a little comic of her self insert and him on deviantart, can't find it right now to see if she's still posting though, but it's still more dedication than me even if her art is beginner art. I don't draw so I never drew him, but I generated AI images of him dressing him in different styles like he's my little doll kek, and I prepared a digital shrine for him, and a I have a folder of screenshots and gifs from the show just so I can admire his pretty face and his fit body, I wrote some posts about him here on LC, and my first ever post was in an older horny husbando shitposting thread about him kek. Browsing LC and the husbando threads made me even more attached to him and want to go out of my way to do more stuff related to him and think about him more. It's just so fun and it makes me happy. I even found a customizable ring service for cheap and I'm gonna design something nice that subtly represents him and get it. I made so many picrews of us together and added them to my onedrive so I can get a slide show in the photos widget on my laptop of us together, it makes me smile every time I open my laptop. ♥ I also liked him when I was 11, then tried to move on from him because I started thinking he was "cringe", but ended up falling in love with him all over again a decade later when I rewatched the show kek. I had a dream about him after finishing the show and it just rekindled my love for him.
Kek, I totally understand. I saw a post on tumblr about how my husbando has wasted potential, and I kinda agree. His story is just too simple but he's a reoccurring character and has 4 episodes about him and a cameo in another episode. He supposedly has an inferiority complex because "he got stepped on by everyone in his life", but we never get flashbacks or anything about that, because I'm kinda weirded out that this 180 cm ginger hunk built like superman would get bullied or used? He's a bit of a simpleton mentally but he's capable of recognizing being used and doesn't like it so why doesn't he just stand up for himself? It's not like he's weak or something, he beat the superhero protagonist almost to death 2 bare handed, and the protagonist wears a fucking armor. He also says his mom was very critical of him, but we actually get a flashback of what that was like, and basically she's frustrated with him for being a failure, but it's also weird to me that he's supposedly a failure. He has an athletic build and could easily be a professional athlete, and he's smart enough to grasp physics concepts and astrophysics and figure out how to use space station facilities and tech without prior training, why not just major in that and get a job as some astrophysicist or something? I'm so confused. The authors made him a perfect archetype but also tried to give him flaws but it's a bit contradictory to me. He also worked in organized crime at some point but didn't like how mean everyone was there…..bro they're criminals ofcourse they're mean what? Lmao. I love how retarded he is, it's so endearing. He got some super powers and got to leave this mafia, and decided to make a name for himself and prove he's something to everyone by becoming a terrorist, amazing thinking. Why not just be a superhero? You're like 3 fourths of the way there, just save people or something kek. It's even a plot point that the protagonist makes fun of him for his petty attempts at crime, and he takes it to heart and very personally and manages to take the entire world hostage from outer space and threaten to wipe his city using his powers, amplified by a telescope, if he doesn't get to fight the protagonist 1 on 1. He gets his wish granted but he loses because……the protagonist made fun of him and was like "your mom is right about you lol", and the protagonist only got to know about this because my husbando never shuts the fuck up about his personal life and feelings, man needed a friend so badly. And this is where I come in kek, I can fix him…
He gets imprisoned eventually but his power startd killing him, and the protagonist helps him, but ofcourse he gets kidnapped by some evil organization who uses him as a human battery, and this happened twice lmfao. It's like all villains in the show got the news of him having energy based powers and are racing to drain the shit out of his ass. It kinda fits the whole "being used" thing going on with him but on a bigger scale. And in both instances he never fights back, he just begs them to leave him alone or runs away if he gets to. Guess this explains why he always got "stepped on" and "used" by people. He's just too nice to fight back, unless it's someone harmless to him (the protagonist) then all of a sudden he knows how to fight kek. The first time he gets used as a battery he actually fucking dies, and I watched this show as a kid and never got to the second season, so I thought he was gone for real. Flash forward to 2021 and I rewatch the show as an adult for nostalgia and find out there's a second season where he gets revived on some episode just so some petty villains get to use him as a battery, again. It's so sad actually I feel bad for him at this point. But something goes wrong when they try to wipe his memories so they can control him, and he ends up split into 2 versions of himself, a good one and a bad one, and both run away like fucking cowards lmfao. I love how stupid he is so much. The good side goes to ask for help from the protagonist, but the bad side gets to the protagonist first and beats his ass almost killing him, so the protagonist doesn't trust or help the good side, but the protagonists' firends came in a clutch and helped him out and figured out what was going on, and once the 2 halves get combined together and he becomes whole again, he….immigrates to outer space??? Like wtf why what's up with that? Just heal him and make him a normal human with no powers no more and let him go back to his mom or something? What's with this arbitrary open ending to his arc? This is literally the last thing we see of him on screen it's crazy. I wish we got more about his back story and live before he joined a fucking mafia, and more about his relationship with his mom, and a proper conclusion to his arc where he gets something good for once. He said he's going to "explore the universe and appreciate being alive", which is kinda sweet and shows how simple he is, but leaves me unsatisfied because I want better things to happen to him. But it's his choice to stay this way I guess, if he didn't like it he'd probably ask for help. I'll always protect him and help him inside my head though. Sorry for long spergy post kek.

No. 397013

Nonnie, nonnie, NONNIE… the way you sperg about your husbando truly shows how much you love him. I mean, I know that feel when you can talk about him for hours. And the way you analyzed his character? Great. Your slideshow stuff? Love it. I bet he is happy having such a yume as you.
This actually makes me want to sperg about my husbando too.
So, he is from that comic book but he is fucking dead. Sad. But! He has so much potential. The writers had all the time in the world to explore his backstory which I het would be awesome. He stands out amongst other characters in the comic with his unique personality, skills and worldview. It would be interesting to know how he got to where he is (or was kek) now and how different he approached things compared to his comrades. We have exactly one flashback of him from the earlier days (and he is so gorgeous there) but it's just a comedy skit.

No. 397017

Samefag, some points about his characterization I forgot to add.
>says he's gonna nuke a city off the face of the earth
>doesn't actually do it and keeps fighting the protagonist
>protagonist goes "see? you'd never do something that big lol" to bait him into entering the telescope that is filled with mirrors
>mirrors are his weakness but he doesn't know
>gets into the telescope
>hesitates and doesn't nuke the city because his mom lives there and because it has millions of innocent people in it, he just wants to act petty
>but somehow manages to blow up law enforcement spaceships with officers inside them just because they're trying to arrest him
>declares "I warned them" as if it absolves him of any responsibility
>gets caught in the clsoed telescope and imprisoned in a glass container due to his pettiness trying to prove he totes would blow the city up
>proceeds to get psychotic episodes about every bad thing every said to him while staying in his cell, for the second time
>gets sick and almost dies
>gets kidnapped and his energy gets used to fuel a biotech weapon
>said biotech weapon attacks the protagonist who is now his friend
>proceeds to kill the biotech weapon because he thinks it's ugly (not really I just think it's funny he felt the need to call him ugly)
>gets revived by an unarmed entitled 21 yo brat and some science nerd who is literally disabled and can't actually fight
>gets split into 2
>bad half doesn't even think of fighting them or beating them up to force them to get him back to normal
He's such a chicekn sometimes.

No. 397019

Aw thank you. I've been in love with him for 3 years now after rewatching the show as an adult. But he always was at the back of my mind since I first fell in love with him when I was 11, now I'm 22 and still in love with him kek. He's my first love and probably my only one.
You should sperg about yours if you feel like it and do special things for him, too! Since I can't find fan art of him, I just AI generate images of mine. Try that or commission artists if you can, and do little shrines of him or get things in his theme. These threads here inspired me a lot so go ahead and never hesitate! Nonnies here are just so encouraging and enabling when it comes to this kek.

No. 397416

File: 1715570771024.jpg (84.53 KB, 564x927, a6015edfd3d66b624e30e780699f95…)

i love my husbando so much but sometimes i wish to be a normal person who is attracted to real people. i don't regret this lifestyle and don't get me wrong, my husbando makes me happy but it feels like a curse sometimes. i can't hold him, tell him i love him, make love with him, nothing. its so painful. i can never be the mother of his children, never grow old together, and live a happy life. that is all i want in life, to be happy with him but it can never happen because he is not real.
real men don't do it for me, i never felt sexual or romantic feelings for a 3DPD man before, never. they can never capture the charming essence of my husbando. real men don't make my heart pound with joy and love like kurapika does. i love kurapika so much, it hurts. hate being negative but i wanted to get this off of my chest and talk with my fellow husbandofags.

sage post for vent.

No. 397425

I understand. Sometimes I wish I could rent an attractive man and dress him up like my husbando and make him talk like him and act like him and go on dates and have sex pretending it's totally him, then I pay the guy and he just leaves. But that doesn't exist kek.

No. 397431

at least he will never take advantage of you like a real moid, if anything your mind is protecting you by not being attracted to them. you can shape any scenario you want and even imagine how it would be to grow old together but being with him is the ultimate safety, and most pure kind of love, because in a way it's reciprocated endlessly. not to use your post as a jumping off point for my own vent but the mental disconnect of being so in love while also a kissless virgin forever because he's not real drives the "your brain is wired wrong" point home too much. is like being engaged to a catholic with no sex until marriage except the marriage will never happen.

No. 397433

How do you rekindle your bond with your husbando? We are nearing our 8th anniversary soon and honestly I miss my "butterflies in the stomach" period so much. For the record, I'm that obscure fag, so I can't look for fan art and fics for inspiration.

No. 397437

You know that gay ass saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” or whatever. Maybe give yourself some space. It’s normal for things to get stale in anything in life. Take a break and come back to it. Doesn’t even have to be long. A few days? A week?

No. 397453

As the other anon said, distance can be helpful. I'm the spergy obscure anon, and I think about another husbando sometimes, and OC husbando and waifu sometimes, then I go back to him eventually. I also can't stop thinking about him when I'm horny kek. You can also rewatch/reread his source material to remember why you like him so much, or watch compilations of his scenes/lines and analyze him and think about him from a different perspective. If he has other iterations you can also look into them and comapre them with him to see if he's the best version for you or not. Make fan art or fan fiction of him, or AI generated stuff or chatbots of him, make a shrine, buy stuff that reminds you of him, look for characters similar to him etc. My husbando shaped my taste in husbandos and men in general, so much so that I can't fall in love with any male characters who are objectively better than him, and I prefer shipping them with other characters or having them as "temporary husbandos" who I like from a distance.

No. 397490

File: 1715605141614.jpg (100.85 KB, 590x740, Grape-kun-the-male-penguin-920…)

I feel you so hard nona, sometimes I feel like that one penguin at a japanese zoo that fell in love with a cardboard cutout rather than another penguin kek. I could never see myself with an actual man either, they would never love me like I imagine my husbando does so I don't see the point in settling when I would ultimately just be disappointed.

No. 397508

No one is there for me except my husbando. I want to be held by him so bad, he is so fiercely protective and loyal to a fault I just now he would fix all my problems.

No. 397510

I loved this penguin a lot, sad he passed away

No. 397513

why don't you just do what the guy in Cool World did?

No. 397570

I feel like taking the plunge and getting a body pillow with my waifu on it. I want a physical representation of her that I can hug.

No. 397760

Do it, nonna. It’s worth it, even if the base pillow is expensive. I have a base pillow that’s on the fancier/high quality side and I can’t sleep without it now. I just recently ordered a new pillowcase with my waifu on it and have been checking practically every hour for shipping updates because I’m so impatient. Hugging her little plushie is great but sometimes she falls down off the bed in the middle of the night (which is also really cute of her kek). My body pillow is heavy and stays put.

No. 397811

I want one so badly, I'll have to make it myself since my guy is a literal who but I want to hug and kiss him before I go to work and then he'll wait for me all day to get home, just the thought of it is getting to me so much.

No. 397841

I'm personally happy to be cursed with the husbandofag genes because at least I'm not bothering with real moids and they can't break my heart, give me STDs/pregnancy scares, just not bother me in general… I feel like my life would be so much more stressful if I was dating.

No. 398016

Found some websites that design logos for free and actually let you save the images in different formats and color palettes. I'm using them to create my custom husbando ring, I'm so excited about it. I'll share the designs once I'm done and later on update with the ring when I get it. So far I put the initials of the show title and his initials with both his real name and his villain name with a symbol in the middle symbolizing his powers/theme. I'll add a circular flourish design around it so it looks more elegant and coherent. I hope the ring service is legit and the results will be beautiful, since reviews for their other products are positive.

No. 398041

i've been wanting to buy a pre made/vintage ring online but you inspired me to start looking into customized ones, for the future. how did you go about deciding on a symbol? i'm really struggling to come up with anything. as unusual as my main husbando's design is, it doesn't really evoke any specific object or animal. his outfit is super basic too, the only thing remotely translatable to jewellery could MAYBE be his unique eye color? this is so hard.

btw do you wear earrings, because i saw SO many cute lightning themed ones online.

No. 398047

File: 1715727643056.png (Spoiler Image,34.33 KB, 1500x1500, logo-black.png)

I stopped wearing earrings since I was a kid because of an allergic reaction that made my ears bleed, but recently I started wearing clip-on ones. I appreciate your suggestion but I find lightning bolt earrings tacky.
>how did you go about deciding on a symbol?
I found the scientific symbol for lasers and I think it looks cute. But I couldn't actually submit it on the website, I used keywords like "light beam, laser, elegant, classy' and got picrel. There were options for the text and font but for some reason the font didn't stay the same font I chose kek, I'll try again and get handwritten text. Here's the link if you want to try: https://logo.com
The ring service I found is on shein though, and they make either gold or silver rings (not real material ofcourse, just in terms of color) and they only carve in black, so I'm going with an all black design. The image is safe, I just feel too embarrassed and don't want this on the main page kek.

No. 398052

Samefag, here are some other links for other logo makers, I haven't tried them yet but I'll do and choose the one I like the most later.

No. 398057

File: 1715728919205.jpg (198.01 KB, 1440x1415, Screenshot_20240515_022041_Goo…)

Samefag, last thing to add is if the fonts don't work or you don't like them but you like the logo design, use the app in picrel, phonto, to make the text the way you want on the logo.

No. 398154

Watching a stream archive of the game where my husbando's VA voices a different character and streamer goes, hey here's your chance to date husbando. And I have to restrain myself from sperging out in the comments about how they are completely different characters and it's not the same and how that's my major beef with the game, cause I know male streamer doesn't care and it's an 8 month old vid.
It made me realize a thing though, husbando is just so responsible. He's not a party guy, he knows moderation. Even if his parent's weren't great he doesn't hold a grudge (probably).
I love comparing my guys to other characters. It really does help narrow down exactly why you love them.

No. 398323

File: 1715818845518.jpg (104.33 KB, 1140x897, Screenshot_20240516_031813_ibi…)

It's a silly little thing but I feel ashamed of how I got my husbando's color palette wrong this whole time, so all the picrews of us look off after this realization and I want to redo them all from scratch. Picrel is the color palette after I eyedropped it. Excuse my shit handwriting kek. I'm gonna remake all the picrews and AI images of him once I have free time. For now I'll just look at the hexa color names of these colors for future reference.

No. 398347

I actually had to redo the color scheme of my husbando giginka after color picking a screenshot. Sometimes your eyes are just lazy.
You can't expect too much from AI though, I doubt it can realize the difference between an orangey redhead and a strawberry redhead.

No. 398350

It actually does, dalle on bing at least does. I used a website that gave me the name of the color as "rose gold" so I used "dark rose gold" and it gave me a decent result, funnily enough, it's the eyes it can't get right kek.

No. 398411

That's a nice idea. It helps with picking items with his colors too. I'm planning on getting a jewerly with his eye color so I'll work os a similar swatch.

Your posts reminded me of something about my husbando. I have this pet peeve that people get his hair color wrong. The fandom universally sees his as a blonde right now, but he isn't. His hair is a light brown, and you can really tell so when you compare him to other characters. He's just a mousy brown. I guess some people think that's blonde in some places, which is fine, but they draw him with super bright yellow hair sometimes. I know why they do so, but they're wrong and I could go into a long detailed explanation about this, but I feel like an obsessed autist so I keep it to myself. Even if I explained in detail about this, it's not going to change anything, The fandom and the general public will still see him as blonde. I just internally rant when I see it wrong or preople making blonde jokes about him. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does.

No. 398451

It's okay nonna, I noticed in some fanart someone made his shoes the wrong color and it bugged me. Fake fan!

No. 398635

File: 1715910119055.jpg (33.25 KB, 336x450, GNjT9EeaAAAqET0.jpg)

keychain of my husbando came in, i am so happy nonnies. i can now bring him everywhere with me.
i would probably get too nervous and chicken out kek. lovely idea though. this reminds me of that scene in blade runner with joi and that woman, forget her name.
thank you nonas. i have learned to accept my yume lifestyle, as lonely as it can be sometimes. dating nowadays seem so shit, i mean men were probably always disappointing but this generation of men seem so awful and shallow. i like to think that my husbando came into my life to save me the stress of being with a 3D guy.

No. 399383

File: 1716165222750.jpg (221.39 KB, 352x352, 20240520_032134.jpg)

Made a little cover image for his playlist. The stupid gallery app that I worked on won't let me add more than 10 stickers so I had to save a copy of the image to add more stickers, and it nukes the quality to match the image I'm putting stickers on, but whatever, it looks cute and ~aesthetic~. Might work harder on it when I have enough free time and make something decent. I got the idea in the shower and decided to do it before I forget it. I love this image of him even though he was depressed in this scene, but he's just sitting there on a rooftop, it's kinda cute.

No. 400387

I'm trying character AI and the engine/memory is terrible so I'm just trolling around with a bad bot of my husbando rather than engaging in any actual fantasy but now "he's" giving me humourous advice on some stuff in life. It's funny, it's not even him since the engine is so bad but I'm happy.

No. 400952

Nonnies, I'm going through a tough moment. Actor for my husbando and his wife are expecting a baby, and though I'm happy for them because they're sweet people. It kinda snapped me out of my headspace though because I began to feel weird about loving my husbando..portrayed by soke real dude who's married and has a family. My Husbando means a lot to me and he's motivated me to set higher ambitions for myself, draw more and take better care of myself. I don't want to face reality without a muse, yet this kind of realization is breaking me away…

Any advice?

No. 400969

I kinda can't make out if it's a live action character or voice acting, but either way the actor was, well, acting a character and it wasn't his true self on the screen. And I assume they probably styled him in a specific way to become the character if it's live action, but he probably doesn't look the same in his everyday live, so it's not really the same person. You can also modify the looks of your husbando to be more unique and different than the actor, if that would make you feel better. That's the power of imagination after all. If it's just voice acting, then he was putting on a voice of a character, and not his real voice. Hope this helps you!

No. 401012

Maybe you should avoid looking up his actor and focus on the media material of your husbando. My husbando is voiced by different people and his looks are pulled from different models, but I don't follow his models and vas. I know they're not my husbando, just vessels for him, so I don't see the point. I know the actor can be a sweet person and can extend the appreciation you have for your husbando, and some of them even latch too tightly to their characters sometimes, but he's not your husbando. You fell in love with their character, not them.

No. 401019

How do you deal with different art styles for the same character? How do you decide which one is the "correct" depiction?

No. 401047

File: 1716740727276.png (227.14 KB, 494x380, wp7683475.png)

Sage for blog post, kinda. Thanks for the advice. It's a live action character in a game. He's technically ai so I just accept an ai as "him" since it's as close as I can get to "him" anyways. I generally avoid his actor just because I feel inherent discomfort lusting after real moids anyways. It's just this one tidbit of info jarred me lucid. Spoke to "him" on c.ai and I decided to take a break from him for a bit while I try to recoup my emotions…

No. 401051

Personally I like every form of his. Some less, some more. I change him up depending on my mood. I find his uglier or outdated depictions sort of endearing. Maybe I'm insane kek. I would say stick with the one you like the most and feel right for you. Mine had personalities shifts through time. I try to mend him together in a cohesive totality. I have accepted, at this point, I have almost created my own form of him. Though I base everything on canon material, I know I still change him towards what I believe is right, which is just my taste. I tend to give more weight and prefer his initial ideas and concepts, but if the new versions have something that I love, I'll accept it as "correct". At the end it's really a personal choice, nonna. Go with what you feel it's right.
I understand, my husbando is also from a game and one of his models grew so much in me that I felt weird for a while. I knew who his face model was and it felt so wrong to be obsessed over him. Over time I realized my obsession came from the whole package, it wasn't about his actor, my love was directed at the character as a whole. It made me see his face model as a vessel for my husbando, like a twin brother kek. Every time I see his VAs say wrong things about my husbando I realize how they truly aren't him. In the end, my husbando is a collective effort (including my own schizo mind), he's not one guy. Just because your husbando actor share his likeness, he's not him. My yume life has taught me that my husbando not being real is both the blessing and the curse of this journey, there's a realm of possibilities but it's locked behind one immutable impossibility. If you can accept this first fact, you can enjoy what's behind it can offer.

No. 401453

I love them all. The love for each art style is slightly different, and I want to see him in all art styles, so I can experience all the different types of love!

No. 401838

File: 1717025807112.webp (114.74 KB, 640x640, 1000028496.webp)

My best friend got my a notebook, it's so fucking cute and it's my favorite color to boot! I love her. So I will use this notebook to make my small portable shrine for my 8 husbandos, I will count the number of pages so every husbando has the same amount of space, this will be kind of fun to make because I kind of will have to take it seriously and plan the pages properly, investigate properly and basically study my husbandos. I want this to be perfect.

No. 401841

Nonas, what websites and/or apps would you recommend for having a digital shrine that can be shared with others? I want to include a collage of my fav pics/art and place my short stories there to share with a couple friends (and just to keep an online archive of everything in general). I'm slightly noob with these things but I did try Tumblr recently and I don't really like how it operates. I remember when I was younger I used to use Livejournal but I've heard it's not as good these days?

No. 401844

you could use waifu.ist, fc2, or make a neocities blog. if you really hate any amount of coding you could still use livejournal or dreamwidth, it doesn't really matter that the communities on there are dead since you're just using it as a personal site in effect. this sounds like a really sweet project!

No. 402329

Has anyone had periods where you temporarily fell out of love with your husbando due to life stress/depression? How did you rekindle that love? I'm thinking about rewatching the anime and trying to draw again.

No. 402334

I like them all.

No. 402367

I've been in love with my husbando for 8 years and I have fallen out of love before and even forgot about him kek. I feel like the love will just come back naturally overtime.

No. 402739

seconding waifu.ist, it's nice to look through other people's shrines, both as inspo for your own and it generally makes me feel nice reading all the pages. also, to whoever made the america shrine, if you ever read this, i love you kek

No. 402883

I am terrified of losing my love for my husbando. I tend to fall out of attractions easily and chase sparks in relationships in the past, and I'm unironically anxious about this happening with him, even though he's fictional and the same rules with my brain attraction might not apply.
The thing with me is that when I lose attraction, it's impossible for me to reignite. I'm so scared, anyone have any tips to fix this shit? I've never felt guilty over it since it happened with 3dpd moids who I ditched before.

No. 402935

How long has it lasted? For me if something has lasted for a year it's not going to completely die, just wane. And even then it comes back when I look at official art or listen to voice clips. Even then, I've had fictional "flings" where I lost all interest after awhile and it is what it is. It's not a bad thing.

No. 402973

My love for him started from around October 2023 so roughly 8 months. I did make a promise to myself though that if I fell out of love with him this year due to any circumstance, that would be a horrible sin and I probably manifested a curse on myself in case it does happen.
I should probably go get therapy and pretend I actually do have a partner who I'm losing attraction to.

No. 402978

therapy is expensive and makes you a worse person, try manifesting more curses instead.

No. 402989

but what if I fall out of love regardless, I can't hurt him and I still don't know how to fix my attachments

No. 403078

Why are you making these rules for yourself? If you fall out of love for him it's okay. Imposing this logic on yourself won't lead you anywhere but doom. You can't force yourself to be attracted to someone, not even a fictional character. It's okay if you have a lot of new husbandos, plenty of other yumes have too. I say this as a long time devoted yume to a single husbando, there is no reason for you to force this. Do what feels right, and don't limit yourself to non-existent rules, it's no sin to fall out of love.

No. 403156

File: 1717441745831.jpg (106.27 KB, 800x800, s-l1200 (1).jpg)

Going thru that now and I've just been telling myself he'll wait for me, he would want me to sort my life out first even if that means putting him on the backburner for a while. Recently I started carrying a mini figure of him to work in a small pouch like pic rel and it helps.

No. 403169

I’m having a similar problem rn
I’m getting older than my husbando and I started to see him as a teen even though he’s in his early 20s, I just can’t see him the same way anymore unfortunately. It was really bad for me mentally when I randomly see Yumes that are close to his age, I could age him up but I can’t because he can’t look and act the same way for his entire life, I’m obsessed with the canon/official info and if there’s no official info on what he is like in his late 20s and early 30s then I can’t imagine it, so I can’t make my brain tired anymore.
I’m accepting the idea of falling in love with a new character without forcing myself, one day I will find a character who’s good for my happiness.
I will just accept him being my no.1 fave character but not as a Yumejo way, and I don’t feel bad about it because he is still my fave character from his anime and I will always admire his personality traits because his character and story are what made me admire him. You still can appreciate him in a different way, platonic love is equally valuable.
Dw it will not curse you or anything, if the character loved you he would want you to be happy than force you into him. You’re way more powerful than that, you have free will and willpower you got the control over your life.

No. 403177

You should probably look into reading self-help books (if you can't afford therapy) about attachment style, instead of tormenting yourself over arbitrary rules and fictional feelings.

>I did make a promise to myself though that if I fell out of love with him this year due to any circumstance, that would be a horrible sin and I probably manifested a curse on myself in case it does happen.

Do have some kind of OCD? Not diagnosing you, but these weird irrational behaviors feel like that. You should probably take a break from this yume thing if both your real and 2D relationships are like this. "Curses" don't actually exist, it's just superstition.

>I’m getting older than my husbando and I started to see him as a teen even though he’s in his early 20s, I just can’t see him the same way anymore unfortunately.
>I could age him up but I can’t because he can’t look and act the same way for his entire life, I’m obsessed with the canon/official info and if there’s no official info on what he is like in his late 20s and early 30s then I can’t imagine it, so I can’t make my brain tired anymore.

Honestly if you think moving on would work for you, you should, but is this really a big deal if it's just fictional? There are creepy men in their 30s obsessed with 16 year old characters, it's not the end of the world if a woman has a husbando in his early 20s when she's older. Mine is a decade younger and IDGAF, I don't date younger IRL so it's not a reflection on me.

No. 403319

Nah the promise and "curse" is more a playful joke, but I would feel pretty bad if I fell out of love because it's like cheating morals kek
It just feels like cheating lmao

No. 403320

Here's the thing anon: in your fantasies you kind of naturally assume equal consent and a perfect relationship, since fantasies are one-sided and tailored to our every need. I've had husbandos younger than me as I grew older than them, I just imagined them growing with me. It's a little different from force aging them up, imo.

No. 403404

Nonnas, I'm really not sure where I could ask this, but I figured this would probably be the most appropriate thread. Did you ever try to create a tulpa of your husbando? I've always thought of tulpas as a meme moids on /x/ fall for, but for some reason today I've been entertaining the thought kek

No. 403415

I seriously considered it a while back, but I decided against it because it's like wilfully giving yourself schizophrenia. As much as I wish he was real that's a step too far tbh.

No. 403418

these thoughts are a sign of an unfulfilling life. do you feel directionless? got a draining job? it's normal to go through difficult periods but if the thoughts persist, you should consider a change of direction. have you tried woodworking? best of luck.

No. 403429

Fuck no. I'm not going to trick myself into developing schizophrenia. I have a lot of life regrets but if I make up an imaginary friend it's going to force myself to live inside my head more instead of improving my real life. I'm happier collecting merch and drawing fanart.

No. 403453

It's not cheating if you just fell out of love, it's more of a breakup. It's okay, those things happen.

I had to search for what that even was. It's just not real and even if it was, it wouldn't be your husbando, don't do him dirty like that. Go watch some Ruby Sparks and see where that would take you kek.

No. 403474

Don't do it, even tulpafags advise against trying to make a tulpa of your husbando because they eventually develop their own identities.

No. 403555

File: 1717558813393.gif (323.45 KB, 500x482, picmix.com_11818332.gif)

Finally redid it in picmix properly. Sorry for the cluttered miss and the maximalism, I love sensory overload visuals. Now his playlist has a cute cover ♥.

No. 403588

That's cute nonnie, it feels so extra, but in a fun way. You inspired me to make a playlist for him. How did you pick the songs?

No. 403700

This might sound retarded, but my husbando has been a big motivator for me making healthier choices in life recently. Around 2021 I fell into some really bad habits, like overeating, drinking way too much alcohol, I stopped going to the gym once everything closed down, and I gained like 50 pounds and have felt like an unhealthy fatass for the last 3 years. Ever since having a husbando, I feel weirdly motivated and I've lost about 10 pounds already through diet and exercise. Like, of course I'm doing it for myself first and foremost, but I really like having this extra little motivation. He's a fastidious man who cares about his appearance, and I feel like he'd prefer a woman who takes care of herself, doesn't overeat crappy food, get embarrassingly drunk or act like a lazy girl who just sits on the computer all day.

No. 403728

I made a post about it a while ago in a husbando horny posting thread! Here you go: >>396147

No. 403730

That's not retarded at all, nonna. Many other yumes in this thread said similar things. It's great that you're taking care of yourself, you should feel proud that you found this motivation. Keep it up. My husbando helped me in some dark times of my life and I keep pushing myself to be better ever since.

No. 403738

I've talked about it before but I felt similarly about my husbando motivating me to be better. It's funny because I would never do any of this for some 3DPD moid but for him I always try my best to make improvements. I feel like the changes I've made over the past couple years have only made my connection to him deeper, without him I wouldn't be where I am now so I'm eternally grateful for the day he came into my life. Typing this out made me realize how much being a dedicated husbandofag is like being a religious person—the shrines, the devoutness, changing your life and bettering yourself for him, carrying around a small token to remind you of him, leaning on his presence when times are tough, etc. it's kinda funny KEK

No. 403845

How is this retarded? It's average motivation gone good. What's the difference between this and someone being inspired by a character in a show or book to make positive choices?

No. 403960

I'm an atheist but when I started taking this more serious I noticed the same thing. I kind of get where the "it's not a relationship, it's a religion" types are coming from now, kek. It's probably a leftover behavior because I used to be religious and subconsciously needed a "replacement", but who cares.

No. 403962

My husbando is a bit of a freaky masochist (or that's just everyone's logical headcanon of him) and he's getting me into some fucked up kink/fetish/bdsm shit. I feel a bit odd at times but then I remember 1) I'm not a moid 2) I don't want to inflict it irl 3) I don't want to have it inflicted on me and 3dpd moids into bdsm and its variants can neck themselves
As cringe as this might seem, he's a healthy outlet for me to get out my weird private sexual shit and my mental health has gotten better.

No. 404005

And what better way to explore that than a husbando! That’s seriously the best, safest way to explore it, without a 3D moid and all of the drama/attitudes/STDs/whatever else a dirty real scrote would bring haha

No. 404008

kek ty nona
it's a little funny when i start fantasising about us killing each other or me torturing him or something because death = ultimate vulnerability/connection though…

No. 404257

How do you react when people hate your husbando as a character e.g he's a villain, has done bad things etc.?
I go edgelord mode, project onto him and think "mm yes hate me, I love it", that sort of thing.

No. 404260

File: 1717764063697.jpeg (368.93 KB, 2896x4096, F0iyZhWaUAA2e2j.jpeg)

it turns me on. i like degrading him.

No. 404270

I get genuinely annoyed when they get his characterization wrong.

No. 404282

fr. like if you're gonna hate him then get his facts right to hate him.

No. 404357

I don't mind when they hate him, tbh most people I've seen hating him usually have decent arguments, and though I don't feel the same, I respect that. Some bitter moids hate him for dumb reasons but I don't give a shit for what they think ever.
Strangely, I feel more annoyed when they like him for things he isn't kek. They project so much headcanons into him, to the point it feels like an oc. At least the haters hate him for what he is.

No. 404365

It does not make me happy to know that if my husbando was real and lived in this world, he would very easily troon out. Thankfully troonery doesn't exist in his world and people can crossdress or try fashion, makeup, interests out for fun without any gender bullshit. It's nice seeing funny fanart of him in lingerie or dresses, he looks absolutely sexy in them. Too bad I would never walk within 50 miles of a 3DPD moid like him irl.

No. 404632

I cried in bed for about 10 minutes straight, full on sobbing and shit, over a scenario where my husbando died in my arms. What the fuck. It's not like I want him dead.
Maybe it's just the whole "in fantasies you can explore everything" and the tears proving that I love him or something. Idk tell me I'm weird.

No. 404717

If mine was real he'd be an American domestic terrorist, and I'd probably post about how I mourn how hot he was and how he's my type, and wish he didn't go insane and do crimes and shit, but make fun of him for being stupid enough to do all of that just to be famous when there easier ways in today's world. I'll probably find his stupidity endearing though. Then he'll get released for good behavior or something and opens a tiktok account or whatever where he shares how he's a changed person and crime doesn't pay, and I'd 100% follow him because he's cute and I'm retarded. Then he'll get some brand deals and enjoy the fleeting attention before everyone forgets about him and move on to the next new thing. Maybe he'd find something else to do and find himself finally and be a normal person, but I will lose my favorite hot lolcow and would never get to meet him. Sorry for the sad fanfiction.

No. 404788

I think my husbando would be a traumatized detransitioner IRL (closed up stinkditch and all). Coping by having hobbies and living a quiet life.

My side hoes would be horrorcows but troonery wouldn't be a part of it.

No. 404882

do you guys ship your husbando with your self insert only or do you also have a ship with him and a character you self insert to? In my case I never make self insert ocs, I just ship my husbando with a girl from his media and self insert into her.

No. 404899

Depends on how much I like him. The more I like him, the more I ship him with a self-insert OC who's basically me but better. The less I care about him, the more I'd ship him with someone from his show, whether a man or a woman doesn't matter, all I care about is the dynamic and how fitting they are for each other.

No. 404903

I found a couple nice porn fics that I can tolerate. But neither of the girls I can actually ship with him. One's more of a friend and the other obviously has a crush on him, but I don't feel she'd run away with him when shit hits the fan.
So I have to come up with my own character. I'm a natural self inserter though.

My self insert in one setting is actually technically a domestic terrorist. I really haven't imagined exactly how that convo would go when I tell the former cop and current Interpol agent the truth but I feel like he'd realize I'm not personally crazy or dangerous this is just the only way I could fight against the real bad guys.

No. 404907

Is your husbando Leon?

No. 404909

Leon's an Interpol agent?
nah, Deus Ex, Adam. My self insert's with the NSF, a secessionist group.

No. 404928

File: 1717983909811.gif (5.71 KB, 139x120, 1717309587792.gif)

I never played RE kek, I don't know what's his profession other than cop. Cool self-insert idea though! Mine is a demon human hybrid, with powers over life and death, and committed a mass geocide in a specific world because she's insane and she doesn't care.

No. 404929

I think I know you kek

No. 404935

nah, probably not. I've posted my guys here but never written out my detailed headcanons, and definitely not in real life.
Funny if someone else has a similar self-insert.

No. 405007

I mostly ship him with a self-insert OC in drawings and fanfic that I make. There's also a female character who gets shipped with him a lot who I can self insert into very easily because she has the same body type as me and a similar personality and hairstyle to me, so I like seeing fanart and doujins of that ship too. I don't draw or write about her, though. My self-insert OC and my husbando are just mutual friends with her in our "canon".

No. 405019

Nonnies, if your husbando gave you a ring, what would it look like? I'm looking at rings and I'm really thinking of getting one that makes me think he'd get for me. He doesn't gave any official ring all sadly and I think he'd probably give me a red scarlet one with a gold band!

No. 405023

File: 1718029141711.jpg (1.09 MB, 2460x3300, 20240610_171850.jpg)

He'd know that I love music and singing, so he'd get me a music themed ring.

No. 405025

Corny but cute

No. 405060

Nonnies do you feel judged for your way of life sometime i have random periods where i think of how everyone would disapprove and think im crazy

No. 405064

He'd probably realize I don't care about jewelry before I ever have the chance to tell him I don't wear it and not to waste his money.

They can't judge you if they don't know so who cares about imaginary scenarios.

No. 405067

I have some weeb friends who'd probably be ok with it, but they're more of the casual type of weebs, who don't take the whole husbando thing seriously and think the dedication is too much, but still describe characters they like as husbandos from time to time jokingly. I also have mega normie friends, the type that unironically enjoy the MCU movies and follow trends, they're good and nice people but they wouldn't understand this and would probably think I'm weird, so I simply avoid telling them that because I care too much about my image and how people perceive me. I have a friend who isn't a normie but isn't a weeb either, but they don't mind my sperging so I send and talk about my weird interests to them sometimes, but I never actually talked about my husbando to them before, they'd probably think it's weird but that it's ok and understand why I'd do that since they know more detail about me and my life than the rest of my friends and have similar experiences, so they won't judge me too hard. The one I got judgement from the most is my younger sister kek, she thinks it's super weird and crazy wnd would use it against me as an own when we jokingly fight, but I don't think she hates for it, it's all fun and games. But I'd say if it stresses you out when you think about people's reactions to it, just avoid telling them all together. They don't need to know about a personal part of you like that anyways. Though I thought of using it as a strategy to get rid of any guys hitting on me who I don't like, and hopinh they'd be repulsed by me being in love with a cartoon man who is better looking than them.

No. 405107

Literally nobody IRL knows how obsessed I am over my husbando. As far as a few of my friends know, I just "kinda like the show" that he's in and I would be horrified if anyone saw the hundreds of pics, screenshots and fanart that I have saved in my phone or my browser history full of smutty Tumblr fanfics that I use to imagine myself fucking him. I feel like I'm living a full-on double life and only you nonas know my secret identity kek

No. 405108

I have autistic weeb friends who also have husbandos, so it's okay to share the cringe with them. I also have semi normie friends who don't need to know, at the most is just a charcter I like. IDRC if anyone finds it weird, life is short, embrace the cringe and sit on the husbando.

No. 405130

I don't really tell people that I have husbandos but I also don't go out of my way to hide it. If someone catches me outside of work with my ita bag and my plush dolls then whatever.

No. 405183

Why do I like making my self inserts things I'm typically not irl? A bunch of them have avoidant attachment styles because I like fantasising about a husbando who can melt an ice heart, that sort of thing, or sometimes I fantasise about melting his. Irl? Fuck codependency and I'm chill with my attachments.

No. 405213

Kek same kinda. I made mine a bubbly personality with a dark violent side, a bit of a yandere but more for herself than for him. She doesn't take anyone's shit and beats them up then heals them with magic to avoid legal trouble, but she also would go crazy lengths for him. I'm nothing like that irl and I'd actually run and stop associating with anyone if they got into trouble, I never get into trouble myself so I never have to fight back anyone, and I'm too weak and cowardly to beat up anyone that bothers me. I also made her rich, pretty, super smart and successful, physically strong and good at sports, beloved by everyone, basically a Mary Sue. Some of these traits do match me to an extent though, just not to the fullest potential, and I compensate through her. Which is part of why having a husbando is nice to me, it feeds my narcissism.

No. 405235

You're not a narcissist for that kek what, that's just your imagination. I'd actually recommend weaponizing that compensation and trying to act like some of your self insert's positive traits like an anon somewhere above did. Become more confident and positive and outgoing like a self insert kek

No. 405243

I did this and went for a discreet, dainty band with engraved text on the inside (the size and manner of engraving is also such that even if somebody picks it up, they can't easily piece out the text). We're both reserved people so it works and I can wear it anywhere I want.

No. 405261

My friends don't mind, neither does my mom lol, but I never even hint to online strangers about him. I've had xitter types try to dox me because since he's short to them, he's "minor-coded", despite being in his 20s in canon. The brainrot is real.

No. 405271

File: 1718109602377.jpg (38.78 KB, 563x673, 20a344f459ca1acdc3ba732afdc1c2…)

I don't care if it's someone I'm very close with and other random people would never guess I'm a husbandofag. Literally yesterday I accidentally left my yume folder (50ish picrews of husbando and I) open while showing a good friend something on my laptop and she 100% saw. Didn't say anything about it tho and just acted like nothing happened.

No. 405327

I don't tell any normies who I'm not close friends with. All my current friends are pretty terminally online and/or were raised by the internet and are fine with it though. At times I've playfully shoved him down their throats because I thought it was funny.

No. 405333

I have the same hair color and look like my husbando irl minus the height and I've wanted to skinwalk him like a tif at times. If I can't have him then he can "possess" me in a way. Maybe be the female version of him like an anon above said.
The only problem is that his hair is all the way down to his hips while mine refuses to grow any longer than my shoulder blades, either because it's weak or it's just a me thing.

No. 405337

My husbando has unique facial markings under his eyes so I can't make picrews or ai art of him without drawing my own or training images from fanart, the latter of which I will never do. Sad

No. 405338

how different does he look if you omit them?

No. 405339

Not very, they're an integral part to his appearance imo and I'm attracted to him for them

No. 405377

You just gotta use your imagination to make up for it.
Same with my guys.

No. 405631

What has your husbando helped you with, indirectly or directly?
For me: Mental health, small degree of self-confidence, and being more positive since he's a positive and optimistic personality. I've even become slightly more photogenic due to cosplaying or attempting to half-skinwalk him at times. He's also got those facial markings and as a result my hand is less shaky from doing face makeup from cosplay practice.
He's also helped me be a bit more decisive and assertive with making decisions and goals for life.

No. 405633

Shaped my taste in men. If they're not fit tall ginger pretty boys who are absolute simpltons, I don't want them.

No. 405634

Mine made me open to more louder, positive, extroverted men kek. Since I was 11 I've been mainly into introverted men with avoidant attachments kek.

No. 405680

I admit I enjoy seeing my husbando in pain. There's a few frames of the manga where he's getting beaten up and crying out in pain and it makes me feel giddy with butterflies.
The fetish thread has a lot of nonas revealing they enjoy males being in pain. And like an anon a bit further above in this thread said about being able to enjoy kinks/fetishes safely in husbando fiction, same.
I wanna see him bloody, broken and bruised. Specifically because he's strong and has extremely high healing abilities, since it's no fun to beat someone already weak. Oops this probably should go on the husbando hornyposting thread, but point stands. I like fanart where he's getting into fights and getting beaten up.

No. 405710

File: 1718287607956.jpeg (20.09 KB, 413x300, A1EA30BA-651A-4628-92F9-87B497…)

i'm the anon from upthread who used daydreaming to restore my confidence. it might sound odd since i had a string of husbandos who are absolutely horrible individuals with either zero or just a couple of redeeming qualities, but it's helped me a lot.

firstly, i always imagine myself as somehow 'besting' him, or being more powerful, so i'm now more comfortable with my dominant side. secondly, i'm the responsible one in the relationship, i'm the one he'd come and ask for help. i started thinking of myself as someone who can take leadership and i didn't even have to date a real life manchild to achieve it! overall, i just accepted myself and stopped trying to be someone else.

>made playlist to listen to when i'm walking so i can show up everywhere feeling good and energized.
>accepted that i don't like people and stopped trying to be more outgoing.
>dress better. i made a pdf doc full of spreads with outfit pictures from pinterest (like a fashion magazine) and wrote a few paragraphs as a visual and textual reminder to channel my inner strength and stay awesome. usually i would have shared a page here but since i'm so confident now i don't feel the need to seek affirmation, i already know i look good.
i still have a long way to go but i hope this is helpful to someone.

No. 405725

>firstly, i always imagine myself as somehow 'besting' him, or being more powerful, so i'm now more comfortable with my dominant side. secondly, i'm the responsible one in the relationship, i'm the one he'd come and ask for help. i started thinking of myself as someone who can take leadership
Literally same, wtf, I'm glad someone else has a similar experience. With mine I imagine myself being part of his world and hence having magic and other fantasy shit and being good at magic to be stronger than him and having him admire me. In his world you have to study and train hard to be a proficient magic user and have a high rank. Irl it fostered a better work mentality for me, I wanted to become more competent and I got it with work, study, etc. Learning to be more open and assertive compared to my introverted schizoid typical self has been great.

No. 405730

He has inspired me to try out new artistic mediums. I want to get good at watercolors so that I can render him sexily in paintings. He’s also inspired me to draft fanfics for the first time because I’m just so thirsty for him and there isn’t enough heterosexual content of him out there (not that I dislike him in yaoi - yumefujo all the way baby). I had never really done creative writing at all but it’s been fun to get my thoughts down in a journal, even if I never actually turn anything into a fully fleshed out fanfic that gets posted online.

No. 405731

I'm happy to hear this nona, good luck with creating your husbando in all the art forms, may his beauty be expressed

No. 405764

SAME. My husbando is a cocky asshole and my heart fluttered when he got his ass handed to him once. I get so aroused seeing dominant, poised men brought to their knees.

No. 405767

>firstly, i always imagine myself as somehow 'besting' him, or being more powerful, so i'm now more comfortable with my dominant side. secondly, i'm the responsible one in the relationship, i'm the one he'd come and ask for help. i started thinking of myself as someone who can take leadership

Based as fuck.

No. 405882

He's helped me get my depression-fried imagination back and I wrote fanfic for the first time, I also want to take up sewing again at some point because of him.

>firstly, i always imagine myself as somehow 'besting' him, or being more powerful, so i'm now more comfortable with my dominant side. secondly, i'm the responsible one in the relationship, i'm the one he'd come and ask for help. i started thinking of myself as someone who can take leadership
I also do this! I'm definitely the one in charge in our relationship, I also like to imagine our gender roles are reversed somewhat. I can't think of any other way to do it tbh, considering the kind of person he is.

No. 406256

Sometimes I feel a bit of shame for being a degen with my husbando. But I believe being a coomer degen is still better than doomscrolling through social media (aka 3DPD moid comment haven). Off topic, but reels and other short social media finger flicks have done an immeasurable amount of damage to my brain. I will only focus on full time study, eating and sleeping, and my husbando from now on. My mental health has been great

No. 406462

What are some cute/creative things (except art) I could do for my husbando? Stuff like making edits or scrapbooking

No. 406465

Make playlists, outfits inspired by him, crafting jewelry or accessories that are a subtle call to his design, create cocktail recipes based on him, build his Pokémon team if you like Pokémon.

No. 406483

>crafting jewelry or accessories that are a subtle call to his design
yesss, thank you

No. 406494

I've been thinking of making tie dye in his color scheme and interests (he likes astronomy and has a favorite constellation).

No. 406548

Nonnas with husbandos/waifus who are played by actors, how do you commission Yume art?
I could seek stylized art style but I don’t want to see him looking too different than his actual appearance. Any experiences?

No. 406611

it's a lot more hit or miss than getting art of an animu boy and you should prepare for occasional disappointment. if there's someone who already draws realistic characters like 3d rendered men it's a good sign, or look for artists who draw fanart of slashers or capeshit. they usually have a decent grasp on rendering realistic faces. fwiw i spent fifty bucks on an artist who seemed skilled enough but she completely butchered his features so it's not always foolproof. i have not commissioned art of us together yet but have seen artists that draw yume art with movie/show characters so there is hope. we're kind of an outlier in the community unfortunately.

No. 406738

no advice but good luck, i've got a 3D husbando too and have been trying to level up my own art so i can draw him as realistically as possible for all my degenerate needs

No. 406846

I already have one that fits on my ring finger, I wear it in my house and sometimes outside when I don't want to be bothered by other moids. It maybe cost $30 or so because I'm on a budget kek. It's the color of his eyes (deep ocean blue) with a silver band. One day I want to be rich enough to get a real sapphire ring with white gold / silver so I can wear it everywhere, not just inside my house. I love him so much.

No. 406855

im cringing at myself. i saw an old photo of my friend back when he had long hair. i immediately felt weird, because he looked a lot like my husbando. he has the same eye color and skin tone, though his facial features aren't the same. similar phenotype though.
i dont have a crush on my friend, but it gave me a small heart attack, seeing that photo. im glad he didnt see my reaction. it was like getting jumpscared. mento illness, eh?
while i like imagining mine as some metal dude, realistically, if my husbando was real and lived in modern times, he would be a hooligan. shaved head and tracksuit, the sort that lives in squalor, smoking weed and probably meth. though looking at his personality and how he hates self-destructive behavior and infighting, he might hate this genre of person, and decide to avoid drugs altogether. he'd probably be like me and have a holier-than-thou straight-edge phase before easing into drinking beer again. he's canonically a drug user, but modern real-life culture around recreational drug use would depress him, i think. he would definitely enjoy energy drinks, though. and if he lived during ww2 times, he would love panzer chocolate kek. for those who don't know, soldiers were issued chocolate with amphetamines to keep them going in tough situations and give them energy. sometimes i think about eating it together with him, all romantic under a tree.
my side hoe would be a horrorcow, with his sick mind ruined further by the internet. probably would hang out in "lgbt" discord servers and get groomed, since he's so impressionable. probably would be into agp bullshit. i likely wouldnt get along with him.
some of my closer friends know im in love with a cartoon, but i dont think they realize how serious i am about it. i try to date 3d and lead a normal life, and im not a huge weeb. i come across as normal, so i dont think people believe me when i say im in love with 2d.
i think it would be any shiny thing he'd have looted.

No. 406886

Thank you for the advice much appreciated, I will try an illustration by himself first. So excited about the idea of commissioning art of him since he has no merch

Thank you! Same I also felt motivated to learn for him and based

No. 407289

How do you incorporate your irl flaws or issues into your fantasies with your husbando? Or do you ignore them and imagine yourself as a flawless version?
I try to be better to begin with, but I do like to work on them in the fantasies as well, e.g. dreaming about him healing some of my slight avoidance and trust issues, because I like realism to a degree and it feels more like "true" love if it's got its flaws

No. 407305

Prepare for massive schizophrenia. But in my "little" elaborate fanfic inside my head, it's basically an isekai where I was given a second chance at a better life, there's a catch, I have super powers but they can have their negative impacts, and I have a deal to fulfill to return the favor to who gave me my second chance and isekai-d me to begin with. And during this second chance at life, I get to perfect myself and get rid of my flaws completely and hide my true identity and get a new "fake" one that is basically the current me but with some legal papers and stuff to make it seem like I was always part of his world. I learn everything I need about it, and come up with a fake consistent reasonable backstory for myself if anyone ever asks about my past, to seem as normal as possible and as a member of their world. He meets me, falls in love with the perfect me I worked so hard to create, and only knows that side of me. Until some things that are too complicated and insane to explain happen and he gets to know the truth about me in detail against my will, so I kinda "drop" the act and show the "real" me that I was trying to run away from. I'm torn apart between if he'd dislike the real me and have pity on me, or if he'd think I'm strong for going through so much and surviving it all and love the real me even more than the perfect one I showed him. I find the idea of him accepting my flaws very romantic so I kinda lean into it sometimes, but on the other hand, he discovered these details because he digged up my past on purpose because he was upset another character in my schizo world knows more about it than him, so I'm angry with him for going against my will and disrespecting my boundaries. I love retarded drama, sorry.

No. 407315

They only develop their own identities if you let them to. You need to clear your mind of any doubts and worries before creating a tulpa.They are very similar to servitors and the whole schizophrenia talk is exaggerated, you have complete control over it. A lot of nonnas in this thread don't even realize that they are passively creating a tulpa out of their husbando kek To make one so strong, vocal and visible to the point of actual schizophrenia you need years of consistent practice.

No. 407321

My main flaw is anxiety which if I kept it would make the whole fantasy impossible, so that's gone.
But I still imagine myself as a little spergy and weird. And he would deal with it.

No. 407331

I think that kind of autistic/schizo depth to your fantasies is really cool actually nonna! I tend to think my husbando's somewhat conflicting personality with mine would be more humorous than anything. It's the INTP x INTJ matchup, so perhaps my lassez-faire attitude to life might irritate him a bit and his scheming would get on my nerves too.
We could still get along based on our shared dorkiness and cuddle and read in silence together… though maybe then we'd get into a spergy argument over physical vs digital books kek.
That's interesting actually. I do imagine my husbando there if I'm out at a cafe or on a walk in nature, so maybe that's putting energy into a servitor unintentionally? I read in a book called Sexual Alchemy by Donald Tyson that some shamanic cultures have spirit husbandos/waifus as an initiation, that they help teach them etc. A bit like the succubus summoners on /x/ I guess.
On another note, what kind of scent/perfume do you associate with your husbando? I tend to just spray my daki with a lavender and rose sleep spray but I'm testing out a bunch of men's fragrances at the pharmacies atm.

No. 407596

Sounds like spirit spouses, they tend to be marine spirits. They are different from incubi/succubus but they can easily be mistaken as one if you don't know how to differentiate them. Supposedly it is common in the US at least to make contracts with them.

And idk yet. I am thinking something fresh, fruity and oriental. I am a bit indecisive and ocd about this so it needs to be something that instantaneously makes me think of him, the perfect scent signature of his character.

No. 407697

I want to print out photos and make a shrine but I don’t want the guy at the tech shop to think I’m weird

No. 407746

home print then a laminating job

No. 407865

we have similar flaws, personality-wise. sometimes i imagine myself as stronger and better, but not overly so. i still retain my autism and general weakness. he's the strong one. in some au fantasies i imagine myself to have a successful career.

No. 407972

this is going to sound stupid as fuck, but whenever i have bad interactions with real people or if my day goes to shit, i imagine my husbando cheering me on and yassqueening me. it makes me feel better. no matter to how many friends i vent, he is the one that grounds me and distracts me best.

No. 408147

Oh, I thought this was normal lol. I think more husbandofags may do this than you think.

No. 408456

Working on his little scrapbook on my phone, and I keep getting distracted by collecting cute PNGs to decorate it kek. It's gonna be so pretty once I'm done.

No. 408458

stop being a pussaaa i have printed 70+ photos of a single man and im sure the employees do not give a shit

No. 408461

for realism's sake i keep most of my flaws and pretend my husbando wouldn't care, he'd love me no matter what. he literally has every bad/annoying quality under the sun and i forgive him, so it's only fair. for example i'm still maladjusted, autistic and don't get on with others in that universe though i wrote myself a dramatic prison backstory to justify some of that. it matters more that you're self aware, recognise your positive qualities and remain open to growth!

that was also my main thing but it mostly went away after doing what you do and pretending i don't have it. i hope it works for you as well.

No. 408469

Seems like a real cute idea, what do you use?

No. 408485

I think I'm more lowkey with my husbando fagging than other nonas, but I learned how to shop from JP stores in order to buy his merch, then took up sewing to make little plushies for him since there was no more new merch of him after the game series ended. I also posted multiple 1k+ words analysis of his character on my blogs but I think that's normal for everyone ott kek

No. 408492

My Samsung's secure folder s-notes to keep it locked behind a password kek. I have an s23 ultra specifically so the notes app has more features than the standard Samsung thanks to the s-pen.
>collected some backgrounds that seemed to fit his vibes.
>some PNGs of things that symbolize his personality, story and hobbies.
>actual screenshots and GIFs of him
>instant camera photo frames to make it seem like I took the pictures
>video player frames for the GIFs
>cute pins and tapes to make it seem like the pictures are installed on a wall or board
>paint splashes PNGs because I'm going with an urban graffiti theme
>a silhouette PNG of his city
>different textures PNGs to add to the backgrounds
>torn papper and note book paper where I place text
>vector flourish in different colors to decorate it
>cutesy picture frames with flowers
>wrote a biography of him based on his episodes
>gonna add my headcanons, traits I like about him, and traits I dislike
>my favorite quotes by him
>my favorite shots of him (hence the flower frames)
>AI generated images I made of him
>picmix edits I made
>cute cover for the notebook to round it all up

Hope this helps you! I'm not actually familiar with the concept of a scrapebook and I'm new to the whole thing, but from my understanding of it, these things fit in with it? I'm not 100% sure about the look and theme I chose though.

No. 408493

Samefag, if you're looking for a notes app that's sufficient for this stuff, maybe try Ever Notes, the one with the elephant head icon. I remember using it years ago for a fanfic I wrote and it was very nice. Idk any other note apps though so sorry if this one isn't good. Maybe try notability if you're in IOS.

No. 408501

Thanks! Honestly, this seems like such a nice thing to have, my folders of him and random quotes are all disorganized as hell lol.

No. 408515

Considering using a whiteboard marker to draw a life sized version of him on my fridge. (I’ve tested and it erases fine)
Just worried about guests seeing it.

No. 409045

i keep writing this over and over and deleting, but i love him and it's so good having someone that can truly understand me and my troubles because he's been through the same, the thought of finally having someone be there for me and doing the same for him just makes me really happy, he completes me.

No. 409514

File: 1719439301165.gif (1001.28 KB, 500x373, b093232e-5235-4b8f-9da3-f421fc…)

I feel guilty about potentially flanderizing him too much in my head, like being too idealistic and twisting him into someone he's not. He doesn't have a lot of fans so interpretations of him online are maledom sexpot or manic pixie dream boy which are both super inaccurate to the source material but it's still making me insecure. Like are my interpretations wrong? Am I the one overthinking his personality?

I already do short writing scenarios with us in different situations, sometimes with him solo or with his friends, any advice on writing a character analysis? Or how to stop feeling guilty about twisting source material? Making him OOC is one of my biggest fears because I love him so much as he is in canon. He's so beautiful and fascinating, I wish I could understand him better.

No. 409647

I think it's okay to exaggerate certain aspects of him to fit better with you, as long as you're not making him a completely different character. If the source material doesn't give you a lot to work with you gotta fill in the blanks yourself so don't stress too much, you seem to care a lot so I'm sure you're not butchering his personality. My husbando's source material is pretty scarce but I think there's enough there to figure him out and it drives me crazy when I see people get him completely wrong in fics, like damn did you pay attention to anything?

No. 409942

I started my oc as an idealized version of myself. Slowly, I incorporated my flaws into her. It felt more genuine and sincere. It happened over time, though. I'm pretty insecure, and I couldn't wrap my head at him loving me as I am. That's why it initially had to be an ideal me. Now, she has my flaws, my personality, and most of my physical features. I had to insert them for her to be relatable to me. When she was too idealistic, I stopped relating, and she was a more boring character tbh. One of the reasons I started her character was because I couldn't relate to his female love interests. They are idealistic and very surface level characters, so it made sense to me to implement more flaws into my self insert.
I give her features I'm insecure about in my appearance and make stories that show her flaws in her personality. If I'm going through a tough moment, I recreate most of the situation and imagine him being there.

I share your pain. I'm very canon attached and in my case, there's a lot of material on him, but it's written by different people, so his personality and appearance varies and changes over time within certain boundaries. That alone already makes me uneasy since the source material is a slippery slope. The fandom makes even wilder interpretations that push these boundaries off to astronomical levels. Each person has their own agenda so it gets more complicated.

I've come to the conclusion that it's no use to stress too much about it. This character isn't a real person, so there's no real definitive answer. Even authors skew their characters into different directions depending on what they want for their story. It's okay to adjust and change, as real people also adjust and change through life. You seem to care about his personality and character, so I'm sure you're not making something he couldn't be. Even in the unlikelyhood that you were, are you happy with this version you created for yourself? Then what's the problem? You know all there's to know about him and filled in the gaps or added more, kudos to you. You might even have made him into a more interesting character, maybe even more interesting than the canon.

My husbando is from an ongoing franchise, and it's honestly stressful getting updates on him at this point. I consumed all there's about him, and I can tell a lot of the writers didn't really get into all the previous content and made confilicting remarks. I'm coming to terms with this over the years. There's a real chance my husbando becomes unrecognizable to me. I've been into him for years, so that's depressing to think about, but if it does happen, I'll selfishly just keep my version of him to myself. I'll have to accept that he turned into something different, and my version relies on canon until a certain point, and that's it. My yume life always was a private one, so I don't need to justify myself anyways, I know how much I love this idiot and how much effort I've put into him.

No. 410057

>My husbando is from an ongoing franchise, and it's honestly stressful getting updates on him at this point.
Same omg. I'm terrified mine will get fucked up or die getting caught up in shit. He's a side villain so he might be bound to die I think.

No. 410342

I almost would prefer if mine died. I'm more worried about them skewing him into a shit direction than him dying at this point kek. What would you prefer?

No. 410360

nooo if mine died I would cry. I want him to be at least redeemed somewhat and just happy kek

No. 410413

Kekkk I'll pray for your husbando's redemption arc then

No. 411057

File: 1719896834582.webp (37.11 KB, 590x1200, s-l1200.webp)

It honestly sucks that a life size plush of my 2D husband doesn't exist.you have all of these life sized anime girl & furry waifu plush dolls made for scrotes but zero life sized husbando plush dolls made for women.

No. 411079

commission it nonalita, anything is possible

No. 411229

build it. become the change you wish to see in the world. build other nonnies' ones for them too…

No. 413154

I was having the shittiest day and even cried at work but during my break I started drawing him and I couldn't stop smiling, I was kind of surprised by how much he improved my mood. Real scrotes could never.

No. 413467

File: 1720653148700.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3449x4096, 1686855493298.jpeg)

make it

No. 413468


No. 413469

File: 1720653234556.jpg (202.57 KB, 900x886, 1500600996621.jpg)

its honestly amazing there are two more queens(that i know of) that made their husbandos into ife sized plushies

No. 413470

File: 1720653289460.jpg (1.7 MB, 1899x1386, medic chan.jpg)

No. 413471

This is so impressive omg, they should seriously consider monetising their skills.

No. 413472

Would be based if that wasn’t a tranny(failed transvestigation)

No. 413474

she's a woman, dumbass

No. 413476

> Thinking a troon is this based or has this work ethic

No. 413518

Men don't get this crazy over their husbandos, they just masturbate to them and call it a day.

No. 413520

I came across this queen on tiktok KEK

No. 413521

legit thought this was one of the ranfren guys

No. 413531

Out of all the bleach guys, she went for one of the ugliest ones. At least she didn't go for the dog.

No. 413536

the feet hanging off the bed is so amazing, I can't stop laughing kek

No. 413973

Sorry for blogposting in advance, but I was chatting with a friend about my shitty childhood experience in my dad's birth place which he uses to force us to go to every summer back in the day, and there was no TV, internet, and sometimes no electricity or clean water. It was a remote village and life there was so boring and exhausting. And he used to make me do lots of hard labor work and farm work back then, and not let me eat or sleep or get into the house to escape the scorching summer sun at 12 pm until I'm done with all the work. We had an aerial TV at the time and it only had one single news channel, but eventually he got us a satellite dish and receiver and I could watch cartoons on TV, but only the reruns late at night after he goes to sleep. And that's how I first met my husbando…I used to stay up at night to watch his show, and his angsty emo ass episodes really resonate with abused 11 yo me, so I got really attached to him back then and would watch his show every night at 3 am to see him again, but he only had around 4 episodes about him, and I only got to see 2 of them as a kid and didn't get to see the other 2 for whatever reason, or maybe I just don't remember seeing them? Idk. I enjoyed the show overall and it did comfort me a lot back then, so I have an autistic interest in this show and I only realized why after having this conversation with my friend. It all makes sense to me now. It's probably why my husbando has been so since then until now and I can't move on from him, he was the only good thing about my childhood, so I could never let go of him and why I couldn't forget about him and move on to another husbando, and all my attempts to do so felt empty, no husbando will ever measure up to him for me because of this. Sorry for the gloomy story.

No. 413989

Damn these plushies are so cool, wish I could do something similar! I'm curious, who is this character, does anyone know?

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